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Media Information The government has pledged to invest more than £14bn into education The education system in the UK has undergone significant changes in recent years. Different operating models, such as academisation or free schools, have given schools greater powers to run more independently Business Informat and free from local authority control. But whichever model is used, all ion for Edu cation D ecision M akers schools have the same fundamental goals - to offer the best possible education for pupils. And today, a greater focus has been placed on levelling out the playing field, so that children from disadavantaged TAL COMPUKING TING backgrounds or poorer areas are given the same possibilities as their wealthier peers, and that those with special educational needs or disabilities are not held back from achieving their academic goals.   There is a huge expectation on schools to provide an outstanding education against a backdrop of shrinking budgets, rising pupils numbers, and teacher recruitment and retention issues. However the government is attempting to address these issues, and Boris Johnson has pledged to invest more than £14bn in to the sector over the next three years.   To help schools with essential purchasing decisions and for advice on more efficient practices, Education Business magazine provides a unique bridge between schools and those that supply them. The magazine, and its accompanying website, helps head teachers and other decision-makers find out about the latest goods, services, and innovative technologies available, as well gain best-practice advice from other head teachers and industry experts. What’s more, the latest news and analysis helps schools stay up-to-date on legislation changes and budget allocations. www.ed




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British Educational Suppliers Association

TARGETED UK-WIDE DISTRIBUTION EB Magazine features a controlled circulation to top level educators headteachers, school business managers, department heads and local education authorities. Wider exposure is achieved through educationbusinessuk. net and through the digital editions. As well as being a member of the BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association), EB supports high profile exhibitions including The Education Show and BETT learning technology event. EB’s coverage of these is always timed for maximum impact. Our policy ensures that our advertisers are seen at the right time by the right people - education decision makers.

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Topical contributions are regularly carried from Government Ministers, Education Analysts, Conference Speakers and Industry Experts on a wide range of subjects that are of specific interest to those in education.

Written by Jackie

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