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DSEI 2013

Industry professionals gather at the leading defence and security exhibition



The event for key players in state security EVENT PREVIEW


Sharing lessons learned from the last 12 years in Afghanistan and Iraq

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DSEI 2013

Industry professionals gather at the leading defence and security exhibition



The event for key players in state security EVENT PREVIEW


Sharing lessons learned from the last 12 years in Afghanistan and Iraq



US DETERMINED TO TAKE ACTION ON CHEMICAL WEAPONS USE IN SYRIA Noises coming from the US suggest that the country and its allies will not stand by and watch the Syrian regime launch what it suspects to be chemical weapons attacks on its citizens and the rebel opposition. According the US Secretary of State John Kelly, almost 1500 people were killed near the capital city of Damascus on Aug 21. As we go to press, congress is expected to rubber stamp a military response. The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has denied involvement and said the rebels were responsible. But Stephen Johnson, a former British Army chemical warfare expert who is now a forensic expert at Cranfield University said if the estimate of a 50‑litre payload was correct, only the Syrian government could have achieved such a large volume of production. Read more on page 7. This issue of Defence Business carries an extensive preview to the 2013 DSEI event - the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition that brings together the entire industry to source the latest equipment and systems and develop international relationships. The show, organised by Clarion Events, is held at the Docklands ExCel and will feature an extensive programme or seminars and workshops, along with the largest gathering of military products and equipment seen in one place. Over 1500 exhibitors for all over the world will be demonstrating their military wares. Read all about DSEI on page 21. Danny Wright

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UK and East Asia to collaborate on defence equipment; Syria latest, Russia and China conclude joint counter terror exercises; US to sell Apache helicopters to Indonesia in $500m deal; British and Portugese marines train together; government and defence companies join forces on cyber sercurity


Milipol Paris, the international event for key players in the internal State security sector, will open its doors from 19 to 22 November 2013 for four days of exhibitions, meetings and debates about public and industrial security

21 DSEI 2013 PREVIEW DSEI 2013, internationally established as the leading exhibition for land, sea and air applications of defence and security equipment and services, will take place at ExCeL London, 10-13 September 2013. The biennial event is the world’s principal fully integrated defence and security showcase, featuring specialist zones dedicated to land, sea, air and security, alongside exclusive waterborne demonstrations in the dockyard adjoining the venue


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UK and North East Asia to collaborate on defence equipment

US evidence of Syrian chemical weapon use could force action

Philip Dunne, the Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, has visited North East Asia to review growing equipment cooperation relationships with both Japan and the Republic of Korea. During his recent visit to Japan, Dunne met with his opposite number in the Japanese Ministry of Defence, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Akira Sato. The two countries have signed a Letter of Arrangement for the first collaborative project to be undertaken under the Defence Equipment Cooperation Framework. This project, expected to be the first of many, will see personnel from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory working alongside their Japanese counterparts in the Technical Research and Development Institute (TRDI). The two partners will assess chemical and biological protective suits with a view to developing the latest impermeable materials which can also be used for the battlefield. Dunne said: “While small in scale, our work with the TRDI is the first step of what will become a strong relationship between our defence and security industries and a flourishing partnership between the READ MORE: UK and Japan.”

The United States is considering launching a punitive strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, blamed by the US for a chemical weapons attack on August 21 in a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Just before press, the US has said a sarin gas attack killed 1,429 people, including more than 400 children, based on its own intelligence reports. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which collects information from a network of antigovernment activists in Syria, said it has been compiling a list of the names of the dead and that its toll has reached 502. President Barack Obama has won backing from key US political figures on his plans for a military strike Key Republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor both voiced their support for military action. Obama said a “limited” strike was needed to degrade President Bashar al-Assad’s capabilities in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack. President Vladimir Putin has warned that military action without UN approval would be ‘an aggression’. The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has denied involvement and said the rebels were responsible. A senior Syrian official said on September 1st that both the Syrian army and its ally Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group, would strike back in the event of a US led offensive by first hitting American warships now in the Mediterranean Sea. And in the Damascus neighbourhoods of Kfar Sousseh, Malki and Mezze, the military was moving into vacant apartments, say residents. Many of the apartments’ owners had evacuated the city over the course of the more than two-year-old conflict. The UN has now confirmed that more than two million Syrians are now refugees. Since the uprising against President Assad began in March 2011, more than 100,000 people are


RUSI new Senior Vice‑President named The Council of the Royal United Services Institute has named General (Retd) David H Petraeus as Senior Vice President. This honorary role was created by RUSI’s trustees and advisory council in recognition of General Petraeus’ long association with the Institute and his contribution to the study, development and implementation of defence and international security concepts in operations in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Earlier this year, General Petraeus was conferred RUSI’s Chesney Gold Medal for his lifetime service to the field of security studies and operations. In accepting the new role, General Petraeus said: “I have enjoyed a wonderful, intellectually stimulating relationship with RUSI for over twenty-five years, and I am thus very grateful to the Institute for this new opportunity to further that relationship as RUSI continues its important contributions to a host of on-going debates about defence and security issues.” General Petraeus served for 37 years in the US military, including as commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as commander of the US Central Command. Following retirement from the military in August 2011, he served as the Director of the CIA until November 2012.

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thought to have died. Prime Minister David Cameron, who lost a parliamentary vote on military intervention in Syria, told the BBC it was “the worst refugee crisis of this century”. He called for aid agencies to receive more funding and for pressure to be put “on both sides in the conflict to improve access so aid workers can get to those who most need help”. The New York Times has reported that a new study of images apparently from the Syrian attack concludes that the rockets delivering toxic sarin gas to neighbourhoods around Damascus held up to 50 times more nerve agent than previously estimated, which could solve the mystery of why there were so many more victims than in previous chemical attacks. Stephen Johnson, a former British Army chemical warfare expert who is now a forensic expert at Cranfield University, at Shrivenham, said if the estimate of a 50-liter payload was correct, only the Syrian government could have achieved such a large volume of production. “That’s a fairly substantial amount to produce yourself and beyond the opposition in its wildest dreams,” he said. Suggestions that the Syrian rebels seized or secretly obtained such amounts, Mr. Johnson added, lacked credibility. “It’s more supportive of the argument that it was the READ MORE: government,” he said.


Russia and China conclude joint counter terror exercises Russia and China have concluded a round of large-scale counter-terror exercises on 15 August, codenamed “Peace Mission 2013,” at the Chebarkul military training area in the Chelyabinsk region. The exercises lasted 20 days and involved 1,500 ground and air forces and over 250 pieces of military hardware, including 20 airplanes and helicopters. From the Chinese armed forces, about 600 personnel, as well as tanks, light reconnaissance vehicles, 120-mm self-propelled howitzers, 152-mm self-propelled guns, JH-7A fighter-bombers

and helicopters participated in the drill. Li Shuyin, a researcher with the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said: “The two neighbours’ common security environment faces challenges, especially from terrorists. “As two responsible powers, their armies must constantly improve their combat capability to deal with growing both traditional and also nontraditional READ MORE: security threats.”



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British and Portuguese marines train together

US to sell Apache helicopters to Indonesia in $500m deal

Marines from the UK and Portugal have taken part in a training exercise on HMS Bulwark to share knowledge of amphibious operations. The 38 Portuguese marines received a demonstration of the equipment used by the ship’s Royal Marines assault squadron as it sailed from Lisbon, including the ‘rapid beach profiling system’ used by the Amphibious Beach Unit. The marines were also given an insight into the work of 3 Commando Brigade on HMS Bulwark. The training session culminated in a troop beach assault by 2 landing craft. The exercise formed part of Cougar 13, an annual deployment to the Mediterranean and Gulf region. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Maltby, the officer in command of 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, said: “It was clear that the Portuguese marines, drawn from several different units, thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained a good understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures that both 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines and HMS Bulwark employ when landing embarked military forces on a beach. It is hoped that we can work with the Portuguese marines at some point in the future to better understand their amphibious capability and equipment and exchange ideas about developing READ MORE: joint procedures.”

The US has agreed for the first time to sell new AH-64E Apache attack helicopters to Indonesia, in a deal worth $500m (£320m), including radar, training and maintenance. Indonesia will purchase eight new Apache helicopters, made by Boeing. The deal was announced during a visit by US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel, who is on a tour of South East Asia, to Jakarta. “Providing Indonesia these world‑class helicopters is an example of our commitment

to help build Indonesia’s military capability,” he said in a statement. The deal will help Indonesia respond to “a range of contingencies including counter-piracy operations and maritime awareness”, it said. The US has recently stepped up its diplomatic efforts in East Asia in order to establish a strong READ MORE: presence there.



Stirling to host Armed Forces Day 2014

Government and defence companies join forces on cyber security

The city of Stirling in Scotland has been announced as the host of next year’s Armed Forces Day. The national event will be held on 28 June 2014, enabling the local community to lead the nation in honouring UK Armed Forces personnel past and present. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “I know that Stirling, with its strong historic military links with the Army and the Royal Air Force, will mount a spectacular celebration of our military and lead the rest of the United Kingdom in honouring our Armed Forces personnel past and present.”


RAF appoints first female Air Vice-Marshal Elaine West has become the first woman to be promoted to Air Vice-Marshal within the RAF. West will take up the role of Director of Projects and Programme Delivery at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. She will lead the way in programming and delivering multi-million-pound infrastructure projects to support military training, improve defence capability and oversee

The UK Government and a group of Britain’s leading defence and security companies have established an new partnership to bolster the security of the UK against cyber attack through action within the defence industry. The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) aims to meet the emerging threat to the UK defence supply chain by increasing awareness of cyber risks; sharing threat intelligence and; defining risk-driven approaches to applying cyber security standards. The partnership includes the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Ministry Of Defence (MOD) and nine companies – BAE Systems, BT, Cassidian, CGI, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, Selex ES and Thales UK. Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Philip Dunne, said: “I’m absolutely delighted by the level of commitment shown by the participating companies in helping us to build our national resilience against cyber attack, and I look forward to more of our key contractors coming on board.

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“This is a clear demonstration that government and industry can work together – sharing information, experience and expertise –to make sure we do everything we can to protect these critical networks, ensuring that the business of Defence is robustly protected.” Vic Leverett, DCPP Chair, commented: “This is an issue which demands a concerted and coordinated approach between government and industry and the DCPP is a critical component of this. Collaboration between industries and with Government has been first class, reflecting the joint commitment to succeed with our 2013 objectives. The whole is proving to be significantly better than the sum of the parts.” Paul Everitt, chief executive of ADS commented: “The UK defence industry is one of the UK’s leading high technology sectors, developing capability to protect and enhance the performance of our armed forces. The formation of the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership is an important collaboration between industry and Government designed to protect READ MORE: valuable intellectual





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Controlling a large area where high-valuable equipment is deployed all over the site is not an easy task, and it usually requires investing a great amount of money to keep the facility well-protected

Solarpack is a multinational integrated management company focusing on electricity generation projects in the field of solar photovoltaic energy. The company specialises in the development, financing, construction, operation and management of these projects. For one of the most important solar plants in the west of Spain, Solarpack is protecting its perimeter of 41 acres with an intelligent analytics solution from Valenciabased company CCTV Center, combining FLIR thermal-imaging cameras and Aimetis Symphony™ powerful analytics software. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Solarpack is continuously investigating new security solutions to have a pragmatic security system to protect its installations, considering the complexity that involves a solar plant. In this project, the challenge was saving investment and maintenance costs, as well as improving the security system towards a more effective and reliable solution, offering automatic notification of alerts and events. Quick search and review of video images was also an essential requirement. Tests made with other security systems lead Solarpack to determine that thermal-imaging cameras were the best solution, in particular FLIR thermal-imaging cameras. It was then that Solarpack contacted CCTV Center, FLIR’s official distributor and integrator in Spain. SUPERIOR QUALITY CCTV Center presented a solution combining FLIR thermal-imaging camera and Aimetis Symphony analytics software: award-winning intelligent video surveillance software offering a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management and analytics,

system integration and alarm management. The superior-quality images from the FLIR thermal‑imaging cameras, with Aimetis Symphony analytics, were a great solution for the whole system. The end user had a previous experience in projects with thermal-imaging cameras and a good image quality was the main requirement. Due to the high contrast of their images, thermal-imaging cameras are especially recommended for analytics and perimeter applications. Thermal-imaging cameras can detect a human target at a distance of up to 2,000m and produce clear and crisp images in total darkness, light fog and rain, where colour CCTV cameras cannot. Thermal-imaging cameras provide an ideal solution for 24/7 surveillance, saving costs in IR illuminators or other additional illumination system. GREAT SOLUTION For the perimeter protection of this solar plant, 21 FLIR F-Series thermal-imaging cameras with a resolution of 320x240 pixels are installed on 2-3m poles, along a wired fence. The F-Series is fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks. The F-Series provides high-contrast imagery optimised to get the most out of video analytics software. Digital detail enhancement

ensures clear, properly contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions. The thermal imaging cameras work with an intruder detection system, both are connected to a central station alarm. All the cameras are integrated with Aimetis Symphony software so they can be controlled from a server PC placed at a remote workstation.

“Integrating the FLIR F-Series cameras with Aimetis software was a great solution,” said Pablo Campos, project head at CCTV Center. “We used FLIR thermal-imaging cameras before with Aimetis Symphony and the FLIR F-Series are included in the list of compatible devices. Once calibrated, analytics performance is outstanding.” TARGET DETECTION Aimetis Symphony software is configured with a virtual fence. When an intruder crosses the virtual line, determined by the operator, an alarm is triggered, which is sent to the CSA. The operator receives the signal, connects with the Aimetis Symphony client and checks to verify if it’s a false alarm or a real threat. The system can distinguish between humans and animals. When the system identifies the target as a human, it will start tracking the target. The software doesn’t trigger an alarm unless the target crosses the virtual line configured by the operator. If the system identifies a target as an animal or unknown object, it will not send an alarm, even when it crosses the virtual fence. This is because “animals” are considered authorised intruders in the system. The quality of the thermalimaging cameras and the reliability of the analytics makes it possible to make this distinction, resulting in a drop in false alarms. COST-SAVINGS Before the new installation, 10-15 security guards were hired to protect the premises. Now there are no guards at the access to the solar park. Everything can now be managed from a remote workstation by up to two operators. “The new installation is saving money and is more effective than a team of security guards viewing daylight cameras that can’t display images at night or in bad weather. The use of thermal-imaging technology saves costs of deploying and keeping an illuminating system running. Also, less electricity is consumed using thermal-imaging cameras instead of other solutions, and maintenance costs are low as well,” concludes Pablo Campos. L FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +32 (0)3665 5100



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Connections are based on a rich data set: mutual contacts, calls, SMS, MMS, email messages, chats, application messages, Bluetooth devices, locations and more Understand preferred communication methods and relationship strengths Visualize the communication directions, pinpointing bidirectional and unidirectional communication Discover if suspects were at the same place at the same time by viewing locations on a single map Save work in progress for future use and share your findings with other investigators

UFED Link Analysis helps develop the leads you need! Š 2013 Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD, All rights reserved



Milipol Paris 2013


Milipol Paris, the international event for key players in the internal State security sector, will open its doors from 19 to 22 November 2013 for four days of exhibitions, meetings and debates about public and industrial security This year Milipol Paris will again offer a wide, diverse range of technological innovations and equipment for personal and property security. The show covers some 18 business sectors and among the exhibition you will find a complete range of solutions, developments and services enabling States to protect their populations. Milipol Paris 2013 will welcome some 1,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and is expecting 30,000 visitors. THE MAJOR RISK AREA The dedicated Major Risk area, which covers technological, industrial, natural, health and major risks, will again bring together the concerned private and public players. They will present their innovations in this constantly‑evolving field which integrates all the activities linked to Major Risks such as prevention, protection, surveillance, detection, identification, analysis and intervention. Following the success in 2011, the Business Meetings, which helped optimise meetings between exhibitors and purchasers, will again be offered by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the European Commission. These meetings enable companies to establish an initial, solid contact with companies in their sector from around the world.

The contacts have purchaser or seller profiles and will be attending Milipol Paris 2013 as either exhibitors or visitors. “Thanks to Milipol Paris, State and regional authority security services as well as companies can discover products and services that boast the highest level of technological innovation and are adapted to suit their needs. The extensive, diverse range of equipment and products exhibited reflects the plethora of trades in the security, antiterrorism, forensic investigation, local public security, civil defence and even road safety sectors,” explains Rémi Thuau, prefect and newly‑appointed President of Milipol trade shows. EUROPEAN COMMISSION RESEARCH The European Commission will hold a conference and an exhibition during which it will present the results of decisive security research projects carried out by the European Union. It has specifically chosen the international venue of Milipol Paris 2013 to announce the launch of its “Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Challenge” research project which will start in early 2014. For the European Commission, Milipol also represents an opportunity to express its opinion on the advanced principles of European industrial security policies as well as on the way it manages both ethical and social issues. It will also report on the international outlook for security at large events. This year, Milipol Paris will be held in conjunction with the Cartes trade show, the leading international event for secure payment, identification and mobility solutions. This means that visitors to Milipol Paris also receive access to Cartes. MILIPOL HISTORY From 1970 to 2013, international economies and security have been evolving very rapidly. The creation of Milipol replied to a growing demand for information and matchmaking in the field of internal security, before developing into the areas of civil defence and major risks. At the end of the ‘70s, various French manufacturers supplying police equipment were worried that they had limited commercial contacts at an international level. Contrary to the Aeronautics and Defence sectors, the Interior Security sector did not have a promotion and communications platform that matched its importance in

France. As a result, the idea of organising a specific international exhibition took hold. EXPOL (EXposition POLice), the first private initiative, showed the way. In 1984, the International Milipol Committee came into existence as an association whose goal was the promotion of security technology and equipment. That same year, the first international Milipol Show was organised in Paris as the principal information and public-relations tool, open widely to professionals in the field of security, including manufacturers, end-users, buyers and exhibitors of all nationalities. The quasi-confidential field of police, civil and military security equipment, virtually unknown to the general public until that time, was thus brought to light. FROM STATE SECURITY TO CIVIL PROTECTION While the subsiding cold war still held centre stage, security services were already at work in the wings, fighting against such growing menaces as criminality, drugs, organised crime, terrorism, industrial and economic espionage. They expressed their latest requirements and needs for equipment, while investigating all the technologies available. The Milipol Show evolved within this climate of expectation and demand. It broadened out to include the field of security which encompasses private and public communities, that of industry and business, the protection of populations, and internal State security. Held annually during the ‘80s, the Milipol Paris Show found its current rhythm as of 1991, the year in which the biennial scheduling was adopted. In 1995, it acquired new dimensions of considerable importance. As it was now held under the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior, the Milipol Paris Show became an official event, along the same lines as the international Eurosatory exhibitions for land armament, Euronaval for naval equipment and the Paris-Le Bourget Aeronautics-Aerospace Exhibition. Today, the international Milipol Trade Show is recognised for as a result of its professionalism and the quality of its exhibitors and visitors attending from around the world, all from the various security sectors. L FURTHER INFORMATION



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Many design engineers working in the field of motion control are familiar with slotless motor designs, but may wonder if these specialised motors significantly improve machine performance. In many cases, they can…

Slotless motors offer more torque per frame size, produce more power, run smoother and achieve higher speeds than their slotted counterparts. This is a closer look at the technology, plus realistic tips on evaluating whether or not your application could benefit from a slotless motor. SLOTTED SERVOMOTOR CONSTRUCTION A traditional slotted brushless servomotor has a stator made of stamped metal sections called laminations that are stacked to form teeth. Wire is wrapped around these; when current flows in the wire, an electromagnet is created in the stator. Permanent magnets are fixed to the rotor. As in slotted motors, the permanent magnets in slotless servomotors are fixed to the rotor. However, a slotless stator is built without teeth. Motor windings are wrapped around a temporary mould and then encapsulated to keep them in place. Eliminating the teeth yields many benefits. BENEFITS OF SLOTLESS MOTORS Higher torque: a slotless motor’s redesigned stator allows the rotor to be significantly larger because torque increases proportionally to rotor diameter. Torque from a given slotless motor is significantly higher than that from a similarly sized traditional slotted motor. Due

to the absence of teeth, the area available for windings is also greater – which further increases torque. More specifically, torque at a given speed can be increased by up to 25 per cent compared to a slotted motor. Higher speed: as the magnets pass by the teeth in a slotted motor, a change or modulation in the magnetic flux is created. This in turn induces voltage in the surface of magnets (e=dø/dt). These magnets are conductive so a current flows in them. These Eddy currents increase exponentially with speed and create heat in the magnets, which in turn diminishes their strength. As slotless

unstable if motor inertia is high, relative to the load. In fact, precise servo tuning and filtering, which can be difficult to achieve, may not be required with a slottless motor. Better stiffness: a rotor with a larger diameter has greater stiffness because torque increases with rotor diameter and a higher torque motor responds faster to any displacement from the commanded position. The torque displacement curve is steeper. Higher efficiency: All of the above traits boost the efficiency by up to 25 per cent over that of slotted motors.

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A MIXTURE OF MOTOR TECHNOLOGIES Some applications (systems, drives and motors) and their application experience using a mixture of motor technologies available from Infranor: Frameless – land and sea-based gun systems; surveillance radar and masts; underwater cranes. AC brushless – positioning turrets/towers; motion platforms/bases; aircraft pilot controls. DC brushed – vehicle ventilation; ELLS; missile system platforms; ordinance storage. DC brushed – all munitions feeds; aircraft payload management systems. Encoders – guidance systems. APPLICATION BENEFITS Higher torque is beneficial for most applications and is often the first thing an engineer seeks when choosing a motor. More torque usually means higher acceleration and greater machine output. Additional torque also means that a smaller motor may be used, which can save money (if the motor is part of a moving component, a smaller motor also weighs less and requires less energy to move.) A motor that can run fast may be the obvious choice for high-speed applications, such as centrifuges. But faster speeds can

Slotless motors offer more torque per frame size, produce more power, run smoother and achieve higher speeds than their slotted counterparts motors have no teeth they can achieve speeds in excess of 32,000 rpm. Higher power: power is calculated by multiplying torque by speed. Because a slottless motor outputs both higher speeds and torques, it can produce more than twice the power of a slotted motor of the same size. Smoother motion: as the magnets on a slotted motor’s rotor move past the stators iron teeth, they are magnetically attracted. This creates a torque disturbance known as cogging. As there are no teeth in a slottless motor, cogging is eliminated – yielding a smoother motion. Easier tuning: motors with larger rotor inertias can be easier and simpler to tune. If the load becomes momentarily decoupled from the motor (a common phenomenon), the servo loop is less likely to become

also help reduce overall machine cost and help increase machine output. If the machine’s mechanics can handle higher speeds a faster move time is possible. If gear reduction can be selected to optimise torque at higher speed a smaller motor can be used, therefore saving money and weight. Additional power may also eliminate costly secondary mechanics that can shorten machine life and escalate maintenance. The Xtrafors Prime series is just one of the many exciting ranges of servomotors that are designed and manufactured in Europe and available from any of the global Infranor sales and engineering teams. L FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 (0) 208 1442152



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WORLD DEFENCE EQUIPMENT SHOWCASE RETURNS TO THE EXCEL DSEI, internationally established as the leading exhibition for land, sea and air applications of defence and security equipment and services, will take place at ExCeL London, 10-13 September 2013. The biennial event is the world’s principal fully integrated defence and security showcase, featuring specialist zones dedicated to land, sea, air and security, alongside exclusive waterborne demonstrations in the dockyard adjoining the venue Organised by Clarion Events, the last DSEI was held in 2011 and introduced 1,391 exhibiting companies, representing 46 countries including 30 national pavilions, to 28,440 international visitors and 1,070 global VIPs. AN EXHIBITION EVOLUTION A new development for DSEI 2013, the show’s structure has evolved to further facilitate networking opportunities. This has been achieved by co-locating associated products and technologies in six themed zones: the Land Capability Zone; Naval Zone; Air Zone; Security & Special Forces Zone; Unmanned Systems Showcase; and the Medical & Disaster Relief Zone. This, in conjunction with an enhanced seminar programme, has motivated a record influx of first-time exhibitor registrations. INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATION In order to further build on the success of DSEI 2011, the event’s organisers have broadened its international focus to fully engage with the growth regions of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The show continues to acknowledge the on-going importance of established western markets and is delighted to welcome back pavilions from traditional stalwarts such as Canada, France, Poland, Germany, the UK and the USA. However, an unprecedented effort has been made over the past 18 months to engage with newly emerging economies, action which has resulted in the participation of a record 40 international pavilions. E




Protect Your Information at the Highest Level. Based on the award-winning UK CATAPAN® family of government grade encryption devices, L-3 TRL’s new CATAPAN Global solutions provide the international market with the highest level of security available. Designed specifically to enable secure communication over public networks, CATAPAN Global has the flexibility of incorporating an integrated key management solution to provide governments with a sovereign capability. Our latest encryption offerings include the Enterprise-CATAPAN Global device, designed for high-bandwidth strategic deployment with 1 and 10 Gbps throughput on one platform, and the very small form factor Mini-CATAPAN Global device, ideal for tactical deployment with 100 Mbps duplex throughput. To see our CATAPAN Global solutions firsthand, please visit us at DSEI 2013, Stand S7-330, or learn more at TRL Technology

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DSEI exhibitors

 Nations making their debut this year include Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan, evidence of the importance that these key growth regions place on DSEI. India, a previous exhibitor, is increasing its presence significantly, mounting both public and private sector pavilions. Other newcomers include Chile, which will be joining Brazil in representing Latin American growth markets, while the UAE is the latest addition to the list of Middle Eastern nations at the event.

to launch a new electronic sensor at DSEI. The company intend to use the show’s interactive environment to run a series of live demonstrations to reveal the product’s exceptional performance in terms of bandwidth, size, weight and power. THE LATEST DEMONSTRATION OF LAND SYSTEMS CAPABILITY DSEI has long been recognised as a world leading forum for the land systems sector and this pattern of growth continues. Responding to increased demand, the Land Capability Zone has been expanded significantly for 2013 to accommodate 75 exhibitors. Overall, an impressive total of 25 military vehicle OEMs will be exhibiting a diversity of capabilities around the halls, the line-up includes BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Iveco, JCB, Land Rover, Lockheed Martin, Nexter, Oshkosh, Rheinmetall, Renault and Supacat. Some of these companies will be displaying in the static vehicle park alongside such major players as Selex and Thales and specialist niche companies such as Faun Trackway. The land systems dimension to DSEI also spans the spectrum of products, equipment and systems involved in the operation, support and upgrading of vehicle platforms. Innovation is always very much in evidence and visitors can anticipate a diverse mix of product launches across the show floor. E

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INNOVATION ABOUNDS A record number of innovative exhibitors are expected to attend the show, featuring a comprehensive range of new products, set to surpass historically high expectations. Isoclima, part of the FININD Group based is Este, will introduce its latest, patentpending, Anti-Stone Protection (ASP) product. The magnetically-fixed device is easily removable and replaceable, even in hostile operating conditions and has been engineered to effectively protect ballistic windows from stone and rock damage. Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense will showcase the new MPLC Tactical Line Charge. This lightweight, portable, rocket‑launched explosive line charge system is unique in providing a precise, portable mine-clearing capability at the small tactical unit level. Meanwhile, Communications Audit is set

3M 3Sdl Ltd 3T Rpd Ltd 4Secure A & M Defence & Marine Services Ltd A Billitz Nfg. Gesmbh. Internationale Spedition Ae Petsche A/C 135 Åac Microtec Ab Connectors Ltd Ab Precision (Poole) Limited Abeillon S.a. Abimde Abimde Absl Power Solutions Ltd Acd Shelter Techniek Acgb Acmat Active Electronics Plc Adder Technology Adimec Ads Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd Advanced Composites Group Advanced Defense Systems Inc Advanced Embedded Solutions Ltd Advanced Handling Advanced Integration Technology Adws Global Limited Aerco Ltd Aero Sekur Ltd Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd Aerojet Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd Aerostar International, Inc. Aerovironment, Inc. Agenzie Spaziale Italiana Agility Fairs And Events Agp Europe Gmbh Agustawestland Agy Aiad Aim Composites Ltd Aim Infrarot-Module Gmbh Aimpoint Ab Air & Marine Products Air Covers Ltd Airborn International Ltd. Airborne Surveillance Airborne Systems Airborne Technologies Gmbh Airboss-Defense Aish Technologies Aitech Rugged Group Inc Aitor - Pielcu S.l. Akers Krutbruk Protection Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Alaska Structures Alcoa Defense Allan Webb Allen-Vanguard Allied Defense Industries Allison Transmission Alloy Surfaces Company, Inc. Alpha Composites Alr Services Alta Industries Altera Altran Praxis Alucast Ltd Am General, Llc



TOUGHENED GLASS “Armourdillo� glass has been developed to offer maximum protection to service personnel, their forward looking optical system and camera whilst giving minimal distortion to the image. The glass has been developed to allow for Chemical strengthening, which whilst making the outer surface of the glass very strong, does not distort the flatness and parallelism of the optically polished window or Head Up Display Combiner. Applications:

Typical uses for the Optical component are: HUD Combiners, windows for land

HUD Combiner Optics

vehicles and airborne UAV and other military aircraft Optronic systems.

Marine Surveillance Avionic Turrets

Components are custom made to specific drawing requirements to upgrade

Land Forces

current standard optical glass systems and to be incorporated into new designs. Unique optical glass PX4

Prototypes made to specific requirements can be made and supplied for trials within 3 weeks.

Toughened Optical Window Refractive index 1.52 Tested to ASTM



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DSEI 2013  SEA POWER A record number of ships (subject to operational requirements) have confirmed their presence at Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) between September 10 and 13. The vessels will dock alongside the ExCeL arena and form a significant element of the strongest maritime proposition the event has ever offered. DSEI organiser, Clarion Events, has been working closely with its international partners across the globe to secure a diverse and extensive flotilla within the Greenwich Docks complex. The impressive roster of vessels include: the German Braunschweig Class Corvette, FGS Magdeburg; the Dutch Holland Class Corvette, HNMLS Groningen; HSwMS Vinga and Ulvon - two Swedish MCMVs which have been very recently updated; and the Republic of Korea Navy Ship Dae-Jo-Young, which is a KDX-2 class Destroyer and the Logistic Support ship, Whacheon. Meanwhile the Royal Navy plans to despatch a Type 23 Frigate and a River Class OPV. In order for visitors to get the most out of this unique fleet, specially

conducted tours, organised through the show’s Ships Visits Bureau, will be staged, offering arranged government, military and industry representatives a valuable opportunity to view the latest developments in naval ship design and equipment. The international nature of DSEI’s naval proposition is also evident from the breadth of nationalities to be found in the shipyards exhibiting this year. For the first time the likes of Cammell Laird, Lurssen, ThyssenKrupp, Damen, Daewoo and Hyundai Heavy Industries will be present, in addition to Asmar, Mazagon Dock, Babcock and BAE among others. An enlarged US Maritime Pavilion will also feature, in conjunction with an inclusive showcase of prime contractors and niche suppliers displaying the latest technological developments, following its inaugural success in 2011. The event will also offer an extended programme of live waterborne demonstrations to demonstrate the cutting-edge maritime equipment on display. The programme will include the first public demonstrations of several RIBs, E

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DSEI exhibitors Am3d A/S Ametek Aerospace & Defense Amicell Amphenol Fiber Systems International Amplifier Technology Ltd Amsafe Amz-Kutno Sp. Z.o.o. Analyticsready Pty Ltd Anritsu Emea Ansmann Energy Antenna Products Apex Industries Api Europe Api Technologies Apm Hexseal Aqua International Ventures Limited Ara - Antenna Research Associates, Inc Arab Defence Journal Arcus Co. Ares Aeroespacial E Defesa Ltda. Arex D.o.o. Armada International Armadillo Merino Armament Technology Armatec Survivability Corp Armour Works Armoured Project Vehicles Armscor Armtrac Ltd Army Recognition Arsenal 2000 Jsco. Ascom (Switzerland) Ltd Aselsan Ashfield Extrusion Limited Asian Defence Journal Asian Military Review Associated British Ports Association Of Old Crows Association Of The Us Army (Ausa) Astronics Dme Corporation Astrum Astute Electronics Astute Electronics Ati Defense Atk Atkins Atlantic Alliance Of Aerospace & Defence Associations (Atlantic Alliance) Atlas Elektronik Atn Corp. Atom Training International Audionation Austrian Defence & Security Industry Group Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Autodesk Ltd. Autoflug Gmbh Autonomous Surface Vehicles Auvsi Avaana Software & Services Pvt Ltd Avec Chem S.r.o. Aviation Week Group Avionics Interface Technologies Avon Inflatables Limited Avon Protection Awe Plc Aws Electronics Group Ltd Axon Cable Sas Aydin Displays, Inc. B.e. Meyers B.o.i.s. -Filtry, Spol.s.r.o. Babcock Babcock International Group Bae Systems



DSEI 2013



DSEI exhibitors

Following from its success in 2011, the Innovation Challenge returns to uncover the next product to make an impact in the defence and security industry  Force Protection Craft, Blue Force Tracking systems and unmanned MCM surface and subsurface vessels. “The record number of ships and unprecedented strength of the Naval Zone at this year’s event is indicative of the general growth the show has undergone in the last two years”, said DSEI Event Director Duncan Reid. “There can be no doubt that the naval proposal has been significantly strengthened, building upon its success in 2011. It represents yet another progression in the structured development of the show, which will ensure that 2013 will be the most successful DSEI to date”. Confirming the Royal Navy’s support for DSEI, Navy Command Headquarters (NCHQ) said that: “The Royal Navy’s significant presence at this year’s DSEI demonstrates its long-term commitment to supporting and promoting UK Industry. On all four days of the exhibition a team of senior Naval figures, including the First Sea Lord, will discuss

current and future capabilities and how these will ensure the Royal Navy continues to be a first-class, battle-winning force.” FLYING HIGH The air component at DSEI will address the frontline operational requirements relevant to the aerospace sector. This will be reflected by the show’s most substantial air display, with an outdoor exhibition area featuring the latest aerospace capabilities such as the Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft. Industry has responded to these innovations with an exceptional level of support and involvement. Exhibiting companies in this sector range from renowned prime contractors such as BAE Systems, GE Aviation, Raytheon and Rolls-Royce through to an eclectic mix of niche providers. Current operational platforms and rotary elements such as the Merlin and Wildcat will feature alongside a range of conceptual designs from innovative manufacturers. E

Bae Systems Balseal Engineering Barco Nv Barkley Plastics Ltd Barrett Europe Ltd Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc Barrus E. P. Ltd Barum & Dewar Ltd Bates Footwear Battlefield Sim Battlespace Publications Bauer Kompressoren Gmbh Bbi Detection Ltd Bcb International Bdec Limited / British Security Beagle Technology Group Beat Systems Ltd Beechwood Equipment Bench Grade Brands Ltd Benchmade Knife Co. Benelli Armi Spa. Bental Industries Ltd Beretta Bernd-Richter-Gmbh Beth El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Bfi Optilas Bharat Earth Movers Limited (Beml) Bharat Electronics Limited (Bel) Bi Engineering Bioquell Uk Ltd Bit Tradition Gmbh Bitwise Group Blazepoint Blucher Blue Bear Systems Research Bluecher Uk Ltd Bluedrop Performance Learning Bmt Defence Services Bofors Test Center Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems Border Precision Ltd Bore Tech, Inc. Bosch Rexroth Bosch Rexroth Bv The Drive & Control Company (Hydraudyne Systems & Engineering Bv) (Rexroth Hydraudy Bose Corporation Bradley Doublelock Ltd Bren-Tronics Brightstar Technology Co., Ltd Brimar Ltd Britannia 2000 British Institute Of Technology And E-Commerce Britten-Norman Broady Flow Control Limited Brownell Limited Bruker Daltonics Ltd. Brunswick Commercial Government Products Bryer, Shelley, John Amor, Greenwood Bsc Filters Limited Bullet Proofing Technology (Pty) Ltd Bumar Sp. Z O.o. Bus Solutions Ltd C Brandauer & Co Ltd Cp Cases / Amazon Cases Caa Tactical Cadsi Cae Camelbak Products Canadian Association Of Defence And Security Industries (Cadsi)



More Than Just A Monitor - Now CE Marked & FDA 510k Cleared TM


The smallest, lightest and most rugged fully-featured pre-hospital vital signs monitor that is CE marked and FDA 510k cleared to market. More than just a monitor, Tempus Pro is small enough to hold in one hand yet sophisticated enough to use throughout the enroute care system, from transportation to the ICU. It has all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor including: 3/5 Lead ECG; 12-Lead diagnostic ECG; impedance respiration; Masimo Set® SpO2; NIBP; integrated capnometry; contact temperature and invasive pressure. Tempus Pro is over 2 lbs lighter than similar transport monitors, offers a multi-mode display, 10-hour battery life, is NVG-friendly and has a dedicated tactical switch.

A combination of interface elements including a glove-friendly touch screen and dedicated function keys mean Tempus Pro is uniquely intuitive and easy to use, enabling you to input data, manage settings and reconfigure the display easily. Tempus Pro leverages over 10 years of data collection and sharing expertise. Changing outcomes is achievable through RDT’s unique, rich trauma record interface, perfected to build from far forward transportation use back to the CSH and into the long term record of care.

Call us now for more information: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 362400 or e-mail: TP A 0613 2 Tempus Pro and More Than Just a Monitor are trademarks of Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd © Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd 2013.

DSEI 2013 police forces, security services, The NATO and other military e n o Z Air forces worldwide. a ture Meanwhile x-ray will fea seminar imaging specialists d e Scanna will feature dedicat e offering r t two new portable x-ray a n e th bate o e imaging enhancements. d d e inform ffecting the Scanwedge is a fully portable 10kg system issues a ace supply which is lightweight, p aeros ain rugged, battery-powered, ch

 The Air Zone will also feature a dedicated seminar theatre offering informed debate on contemporary issues affecting the aerospace supply chain. Presentations from senior members of the UK’s Royal Air Force in conjunction with participation from key international stakeholders, such as the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM), are illustrative of the breadth of high-level engagement already confirmed.

SECURITY SPOTLIGHT Building on the success of the dedicated focus area at DSEI 2011, this year’s event will see security given even greater prominence. New features include a cyber security pavilion and a seminar theatre sponsored by Cassidian. The latter will host a series of presentations by eminent speakers from leading security organisations, such as Selex ES, alongside a broad range of fellow exhibitors. Guartel Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, metal, mine, wire detectors and specialist electro-optical search equipment will exhibit a range of products currently in service with

wireless (or cabled if required), no interface box, and now incorporates new super high resolution CCD imaging, while the CR35 is a lighter weight x-ray image plate processor with in-built mini-screen.

MEDICAL & DISASTER RELIEF The on-going innovation in military healthcare has seen a significant decrease in the number of preventable deaths occurring in modern conflict. This is reflected by the rising demand for medical personnel within the armed forces and these vital developments will be highlighted within the dedicated DSEI Medical & Disaster Relief Zone. The zone will showcase the latest equipment from a diverse range of new exhibitors including Lifesaver Systems, RDT and Safe Patient Systems. Prometheus Medical, a E



DSEI exhibitors Canvas And Tent Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd Capita Resourcing Cargotec Uk Ltd Carinex Ltd. Carl Zeiss Optronics (Pty) Ltd Carmenta Caterpillar Defence Products Cbc - Companhia Brasileira De Cartuchos Cbrn Hungary Cbrne World Cbsbutler Cco Creative Consulting Gmbh Ce Niehoff & Co Ltd Cejay Engineering Celab Cellcrypt Ltd Centerprise International Ceramtec-Etec Gmbh Chemring Countermeasures Chemring Countermeasures Ltd. Chemring Defence Chemring Detection Systems Chemring Energetic Devices Chemring Energetics Uk Ltd Chemring Eod Ltd Chemring Group Chemring Ordnance, Inc. Chemring Prime Contracts Chess Dynamics Limited Chronos Technology Ltd Cilas Cinch Ltd City Carbon Solutions Clark Masts Systems Cleeve Technology Clement Clark Communications Clip-Lok Simpak Gbe Uk C-Mac Microtechnology Cobham Plc Cochrane Steel Products (Pty) Ltd Codan (Uk) Limited Coges/Eurosatory Cohort Cojot Oy Colt Canada Comex Electronics Communications Audit Uk Ltd Composhield A/S Compusult Limited Computer Optics, Inc. Comrod Communications Comtronic Gmbh Concept East Condor Non-Lethal Technologies Cone Drive Gearing Solutions Consolite Technology Contour Electronics Ltd Control Express Cook Defence Systems Ltd Cooneen Watts And Stone Coorstek Technical Ceramics Amor Products Copybook Solutions Ltd Cotesi Uk Cotsworld Plastics Counter Terror Business Coverity Cox Powertrain Limited Cqc Limited Cranfield University Crfs Ltd Crimson Trace Cristanini Csi Norway




Ring Sights has been in the business of design and manufacture of the finest quality optical equipment since 1976. Nearly forty years on and with highly skilled leadership, dedicated teams of

expert staff and a massive amount of investment, the company now offers state of the art production facilities and are the world leaders in research, design and manufacture of unit power sights for the military.

Ring Sights Defence Group Ltd +44 (0)8700 422260

DSEI 2013

Building on the success of the dedicated focus area at DSEI 2011, this year’s event will see security given even greater prominence. New features include a cyber security pavilion and a seminar theatre sponsored by Cassidian  market leader, will display a selection of its products, including the Team-8 Stretcher, recently purchased by the UK MOD. Also featured will be the company’s Prometheus’ ChitoGauze XR Pro, which is designed to assist in the immediate control of major haemorrhage by facilitating local clot formation when packed into a wound. Physio-Control will highlight its innovative approach to CPR solutions, including Monitor/Defibrillators, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), 12-lead ECG Devices, Data Solutions and CPR devices. The company’s TrueCPR Coaching Device optimises the quality and performance of manual CPR by providing simple, accurate feedback to rescuers in both real time and after the event. The medical and disaster relief seminar programme will focus on current key topics including: NATO co-operation; adopted best practices from Afghanistan and CBRN defence; keeping the military

fit; successful rehabilitation; pre-hospital care; and key innovations derived from recent military research. This leading forum for the discussion and demonstration of advancing military medical technologies will be crucial in highlighting the beneficial cross-over potential these developments could offer civilian practice. UNMANNED SYSTEMS SHOWCASE Following the award-winning success of the inaugural Unmanned Systems Showcase in 2011, a series of stakeholders, including the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), have increased their support for DSEI 2013. The result is a much larger Unmanned Systems Showcase which covers more than 2,000m² of floor space. Examples of exhibitors this year include Northrop Grumman who will exhibit the new Cutlass platform and Recon Robotics, who will be demonstrating the new Throwbot XT. E



DSEI exhibitors Cst – Computer Simulation Technology Cst A/S Cta International Cubic Defense Applications Cummins Engine Company Ltd. Cunning Running Software Ltd Curtiss-Wright Controls Cymat Technologies Ltd. Czechinvest Czechtrade Dael Telecom Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co,, Ltd. Daimler Ag Daniel Defense Inc Daniel Technologies Ltd Danish Group Dantherm Data Device Corporation Dataman Programmers Ltd Dat-Con D.o.o. Datong Plc Datron World Communications David Brown Gear Systems Ltd David Clark Company Inc. Dc-Supply A/S Deenside Deep Vision Inc. Defcon 5 S.r.l. Defence Exhibition Organisation Defence Export Promotion Organization (Depo) Defence Global Publication Defence Management Journal Defence Research And Development Organisation (Drdo) Defence Support Group Defencor Corporation Defense News Media Group Defense Systems Defense Update Defensys Dell Delphi Connection Systems Denel (Pty) Ltd Department Of Trade & Investment (South Africa) Deschamps Mat Systems Deutsch Uk Dew Engineering & Development Ltd. Dhl International (Uk) Limited Dhs International Ltd Diagnosys Systems Limited Diamond Aircraft Industries Dicom,Spol. S.r.o. Diehl Bgt Defence Gmbh & Co. Kg Diehl Defence Holding Diehl Defence Land Systems Gmbh Dillon Aero Disti Corporation Dixon-Bate Ltd Dms Technologies Dormet Dörfliger Metallwaren Ag Draegerwerk Ag & Co. Kgaa Drakensburg Truck Manufactures (Pty) Ltd Dreampact Limited Drehtainer Drs Technologies Drumgrange Limited Drurys Engineering Limited Dsa Exhibition And Conference Sdn Bhd Dsei Show Daily Dsg Technolgy As Dsm Dyneema




Written by defence consultant Andrew Simpson

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DSEI 2013 is set to take place against a very challenging back‑drop for the defence industry. On the one hand, the boom in equipment sales resulting from operations in Afghanistan has ended, and the emphasis has now switched to engineering a relatively graceful exit, with, in the UK’s case, much UOR equipment being returned to the core equipment programme On the other hand, opportunities still exist, even in a relatively slow market, if suppliers are willing both to understand the evolving needs of the customer, and to invest in likely solutions to those needs. This is not a strategy without risks but, hitherto, Iveco Defence Vehicles has proved very adept at anticipating the direction of customer requirements and developing new vehicle families or new variants to meet them. This is very much the focus of the company’s stand at DSEI this year, taking the opportunity to demonstrate what can be achieved by exploiting existing vehicle families, or their drive trains, to develop new cost-effective solutions. SUPERAV The first example of this is the 8 x 8 amphibious SUPERAV which is being displayed in the UK for the first time. Prior to starting



development, Iveco’s market analysis had identified the growing need for a genuinely amphibious, well protected and highly mobile vehicle to support littoral operations. Although other vehicles on the market had made some attempt at meeting this target, the competition tended to fall victim to one of the several design compromises inherent in the design of amphibious vehicles. Either they were overly costly, or their swimming capability was compromised, meaning that amphibiosity could only be achieved with a minimum payload or without adequate armour, Iveco’s challenge was to avoid these and other pitfalls,

producing a truly amphibious vehicle with class leading protection and payload at an affordable price. The fact that Iveco’s engineers achieved this goal is remarkable, and the fact that the programme went from drawing board to prototype in 18 months is ground-breaking. The rapid development was made possible by basing the design on the well proven Centauro engine and driveline and focusing development effort on the hull. Further key design decisions followed: in order to reduce weight, armour was brought in board, protecting the crew cell rather than the complete hull surface,

Iveco would ll ea welcom rested te those ins on Stand u to visit 30 at DSEI N8-1 3 in 201 ber Septem

Protected Trakker EPLS mounting a Faun Trackway Dispensing System

LMV as supplied to Austria

with most of the stowage being provided outside the protected area. This of itself saved some 20 per cent of operational weight, allowing protection, ergonomics and amphibiosity to be maximised. The resultant crew cell incorporates all the lessons learned from designing protected vehicles for recent conflicts and is surprisingly spacious. In addition to the excellent tactical mobility derived from its proven driveline, SUPERAV can swim in Sea State 3 and beyond, and variants are capable of carriage in a C130. SUPERAV is particularly well adapted for operations, being able to carry an additional 4.8 tonnes over and above its amphibious limit of 24 tonnes. This outstanding design flexibility allows the development of many variants, including Personnel Carrier, Infantry Combat Vehicle, Anti Tank Guided Weapon Carrier, Mortar Carrier, Recovery Vehicle, Ambulance, Engineer Support Vehicle and Command Post, depending on specific to customer requirements. LIGHT MULTIROLE VEHICLE A second area of interest, at the lighter end

of the market, is the development work which has been undertaken on the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV). Already a very popular vehicle, with some 4,000 vehicles sold to 10 countries, Iveco Defence Vehicles has continued to invest heavily in evolving the LMV design in the light of advances in technology and feedback from users. One of the principal advances has come in the shape of a redesign of the crew cell roof, replacing the existing modular structure with a one piece hard top. This has given the crew cell greater inherent rigidity and so obviated the need for several of the internal roll bars previously found in the vehicle. Other development has focused on increasing protection, particularly against IEDs, on improving fightability and ergonomics, and on increasing the vehicle’s GVW. This latter aim has been a response to user feedback requesting more payload and more protection and it has been met with a pragmatic and innovative twin-track approach. On the one hand, the vehicle’s kerb weight has been reduced through redesign of, for example, the seating system (these seats are now suspended from the vehicle roof to maximise protection) and radio racking. On the other, the axles, braking system, frame and steering have been uprated to allow the vehicle to operate at a higher operational weight. This approach has seen the available payload jump by some 60%, whilst still providing higher levels of protection. Two new variants are on display which illustrate the latest innovations being introduced into the range and demonstrate how the company’s continuing investment in the vehicle ensures that the flexibility of the vehicle design is fully exploited to meet evolving needs. The first is an NBC Reconnaissance variant, fitted out with COLPRO, its own analysis unit and the ability to mark out contaminated areas. This is an employment to which the light and highly mobile LMV is particularly well suited, and which is becoming of increasing relevance as instability increases among states with stocks of chemical and biological weapons.

The Trakker 10x8 bridge carrier developed with WFEL for Switzerland

The second variant has a fully digitized CAN based electronic vehicle architecture which is simpler but significantly more powerful than its predecessor, improving control of the vehicle sub-systems and facilitating data and power management. It provides an open architecture onto which mission systems can be fitted, and removes the need for complex and potentially unreliable wiring looms. For users who have worked with older variants of the LMV, the developments shown in the vehicles on display provide an interesting view into the art of the possible.

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TRAKKER The final group of vehicles on display belongs to the COTS Trakker family whose versatility is seen here in four examples. On stand N8-130 can be seen the Medium Protected Vehicle (MPV) configured as a Casualty Treatment Unit. Based on a modified Trakker 4 x 4 chassis, MPV is designed to provide protected working space for specialist applications. Other roles include communications, command and control and route clearance.  Three further applications can be seen on the Land Static Display Area. The first is a 10 x 8 vehicle designed in conjunction with WFEL for a bridge launching application for the Swiss army, augmenting their existing 800 strong Trakker logistic fleet; The second unit exploits the development undertaken for the UK’s Self Loading Dump Truck (Protected) (SLDT(P)), a UOR currently deployed on operations. In this case, the vehicle is configured as an Enhanced Pallet Loading System (EPLS), again fitted with the class leading ballistic steel cab fitted to SLDT(P). The unit on display is carrying Faun’s trackway dispenser unit.  The third vehicle, a protected 4 x 4 Trakker fuel tanker, demonstrates the ability of even the lighter Trakker units to combine crew survivability with a high usable payload. Iveco Defence Vehicles is looking forward to an interesting and informative DSEI, and would welcome all those interested to visit us on Stand N8-130.L FURTHER INFORMATION Email:

SUPERAV seen here with a 25mm remote weapon station



Ready to meet

the world’s most flexible infrared cameras? Thermal imager combined with IP camera electronics



Imagine the invisible The high resolution Raven-640 is the smallest thermal infrared camera in the world fitted with a 640 x 512 detector. The analog video-out interface makes it an easy plug-and-play system. Thanks to excellent image quality and small configuration the Raven-640 is designed for instant, accurate and cost effective integration into most complex security and night vision applications. The outdoor camera version Meerkat-Fix consists of fixed mounted cameras with a fixed field of view, and even for more situational awareness, with zoom lenses. The Meerkat-Fix features H.264 video compression and optional ONVIF. -

DSE1 2013



DSEI exhibitors

d DSEI an nts e New Ev ted a ea have cr r electronic fo pavilion anies which comp olved in are inv ence and the def urity sec

 NATIONAL ELECTRONICS WEEK PAVILION As the synergies between electronic manufacturing and the defence industry have become increasingly apparent and important, DSEI and New Events have created a pavilion dedicated to electronic manufacturing companies which are heavily involved with the defence and security industry. “By grouping a range of leading companies within the National Electronics Week Pavilion, there is no doubt that there will be excellent networking opportunities across the supply chain, as well as the ability to see new technologies first-hand on the show floor”, said Duncan Reid, DSEI Event Director. Companies exhibiting within the pavilion this year include; Arrival Electronics, Apacer, Challenger Solutions, Charcroft, Charcroft Manufacturing and Gaia Converter. The latter, a leading manufacturer of modular power components, will be displaying its extensive range of power conversion and other related products designed for demanding military and aerospace applications.

AOC ELECTRONIC WARFARE PAVILION The EW Pavilion is supported by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), an Electronic Warfare/ Information Operations (EW/IO) association which promotes electromagnetic spectrum operations and related military, civilian and commercial applications. The pavilion showcases electronic warfare capabilities in a dedicated area, providing a rare opportunity for those in the global EW sector to network and engage with key stakeholders and suppliers. Companies and associations set to exhibit include Association of Old Crows, Amplifier Technology, JED, Smith Myers, Comint Consulting and Communication Audit. Following its success at DSEI 2011, Communications Audit will return this year to launch the Future Wideband EW Sensor for multi-role Electronic Support missions. The company intends to use the show’s interactive environment to run a series of live demonstrations to reveal the CA7851 Wideband EW Sensor’s exceptional performance in terms of bandwidth, size, E

Dspnor As Dssi Dst Control Dupont International Operations Dynamic Air Engineering Inc. Dynasystems Ltd Dytecna Ltd Eads Eaglepicher Technologies Easat Antennas Ltd Eaton Coporation Eberspacher Uk Ltd Ecolog International Fze Edak Ag Edgar Brothers Edm Edsl (Exchem Defence Systems Ltd.) Eezing Egad Ego Zlin, Spol. S R.o. Eid S.a. Elbit Systems Electrothermal Engineering Ltd Elektrobit Oyj Elite Arms Elite Automotive Systems Ltd Ellis Pharma Ltd Elma Electronic Elmo Motion Control Ltd Elmon State Supplies And Representations Elno Em. Tronic D.o.o. Embraer Defesa E Segurança Emercom Emerson Network Power Connectivity Emgepron-Empresa Gerencial De Projetos Navais Ems Global Tracking Ems Manufacturing Ltd Energetics Technology Ltd Energizer Holdings, Inc. Englands Specialist Safety Equipment English Braids Ensign-Bickford Enso-D D.o.o. Enterprise Control Systems Ltd Entre Marketing Ltd Envitia Eomax Corporation Era A.s. Esa Technology Transfer Programme Esc Baz Esk Ceramics Gmbh & Co. Kg Esri Esroe Ltd. Ess (Eye Safety Systems, Inc) Estaleiro Eisa Alagoas S/A Esterline Esterline Control Systems Esterline Defense Technologies Esterline Racal Acoustics Etienne Lacroix Etlg Ltd. (Inertial Aerosystems Uk) Eurenco (Groupe Snpe) Eurofarad Euronaval Euroquartz Eurosatory 2012 Eurovinil S.p.a. Evpu Defence Ew Simulation Technology Ltd Ewa Government Systems, Inc. Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd




Experts in our chosen field Radnor Range is a leading independent and secure testing, evaluation and training facility with core competencies focused around weapons, ordnance, munitions and explosives. Located on the Welsh borders, Radnor’s unique topography, subject matter expertise and capability offer plenty of scope. Whether you’re looking for fully instrumented testing to standard or bespoke protocols, makeup and breakdown of ammunition for evaluation – including prototype manufacture of new formulations – or realistic security training scenarios, you’ll find it at Radnor.

T: +44 (0)1544 267441 F: +44 (0)1544 267431 E:

Radnor is an approved UK MoD supplier.


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A number of electronics exhibitors will also feature across the show floor among a record number of more than 40 international pavillions, marking significant development for DSEI 2013  weight and power. Designed to counter the challenges presented by complex modern signals, the product covers 20MHz to 6GHz with a 100MHz real-time analysis bandwidth for prosecuting multiple simultaneous unknown and un-characterised transmitters. A SHOWCASE FOR ELECTRONIC INNOVATION In addition, a number of electronics exhibitors will also feature across the show floor among a record number of more than 40 international pavilions, marking a significant development for DSEI 2013. Cassidian, Cherming, the Defence Support Group (DSG), Lockheed Martin, Marshall Aerospace and Defence, Saab AB, Selex ES and Teledyne Defence are all confirmed for September in conjunction with a number of other electronics specialists. Elektrobit (EB), a leading military and radio communications solutions specialist, will showcase a comprehensive range of products at DSEI including services for wireless and wire-line Tactical Communications, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence. An example is the innovative Tactical Wireless IP Network communication system, recently delivered to the Finnish Defence Forces. The product delivery consists of tactical router and radio head units, enabling the formation of effective Mobile ad hoc Networks

(MANETs) regardless of conditions. Meanwhile Trackwise will be showcasing the world’s largest multi-layer flexible printed circuit board at this year’s event, Zettlex UK will be launching a new miniaturized range of encoder sensors for precision measurement in harsh environments, and first-time exhibitor Durabook will showcase a number of established products as well as conducting a series of product launches. “The technological innovation featured by electronics specialists within the dedicated electronic capability pavilions and across the show floor, is symptomatic of the cutting-edge products set to be showcased throughout the ExCeL at DSEI 2013” said Duncan Reid. “This year’s event is ready to set a new benchmark – with at least 30,000 visitors from across the globe expected to be attracted by over 40 international pavilions, 1,400 exhibitors and six dedicated seminar theatres – making it the seminal defence and security event of the year.” THE INNOVATION CHALLENGE Following from its success in 2011, the Innovation Challenge returns to uncover the next product to make an impact in the defence and security industry. All entries will be forwarded to expert judges Jonathan Byrne, Head of Centre for Defence Enterprise (part of MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Dstl), Heather E

Expal Expedition Equipment Explora Security Explorer Cases By Gt Line Expo3 Exhibits Group Exponent Extraordinary Editions Extron Electronics Europe F.c. Lane Electronics Limited Falck Schmidt Defence Systems Falcon Pcb Group Farnborough International Faun Mv Ltd (Trackway Division) Fendercare Fenland Leisure Products Ltd. Ferranti Technologies Fhf-Gmbh Fibracon Fibreco Finmeccanica Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.a. Firetrace Aerospace Fischer Connectors Ltd Fischer Panda Uk Limited Fixmo Fixmo Inc. Fk Logistic Flame Enterprises Inc Flir Systems Ltd. Floatograph Technologies, Llc Flowserve Flow Control Fluor Corporation Fms Enterprises Migun Ltd. Fmv T&E Force Development Services Ltd Force Protection Forcit Oy Forecast International Formax Uk Ltd Forsvars- Og Sikkerhetsindustriens Forening (Fsi) Fox Knives - Oreste Frati Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd French Army Fuchs Electronics (Pty) Ltd Fuchs Lubricants Uk Plc Fw Cables Fxm G W Martin & Co G4s Secure Solutions Gallay Ltd Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited. (Grse) Garrettcom Europe Ltd. Ge Aviation Gecko Head Gear Gematronics General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems General Dynamics Canada General Dynamics Electric Boat General Dynamics European Land Systems General Dynamics Itronix Europe General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada General Dynamics Uk Genesis 3 Engineering Gentex Corporation Geopack Gerber Legendary Blades German Meeting Point Getac Technology Corp Giatech Limited Gicat



Trusted by the best in the world for the most demanding environments in the world



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Amputees in Action

Amputees in Action, the UK’s largest provider of fully trained amputee actors for casualty simulations as well as film and television work, will be demonstrating their capabilities in the Medical and Disaster Relief Zone at DSEI 2013  Goldstraw, Head of Technology Delivery (MOD Defence Equipment & Support and a member of the Dstl Executive team) and Capt Graham RN (Senior Military Adviser, Dstl). A shortlist of six will be asked to present for 10 minutes on stage at DSEI. The judges will then present the DSEI Innovation Award 2013 to the product they think will make the biggest impact on defence and security. The winners will also receive £500 in cash and a 9sqm stand at DSEI 2015. AMPUTEES IN ACTION Amputees in Action, the UK’s largest provider of fully trained amputee actors for casualty simulations as well as film and television work, will be demonstrating their capabilities in the Medical and Disaster Relief Zone at DSEI 2013.

This Zone is a new feature for DSEI. Since 2001, the introduction of highly focused combat training courses and sustained innovations in military healthcare have led to a significant decrease in preventable battlefield deaths and the new Zone has been designed to highlight those advances. Through its long association with the military, Amputees in Action has played an important part in the process, helping to train military medics to deal with combat trauma. The agency’s highly trained amputee actors supported by make-up and special effects artists are able to bring such a level of graphic realism to any exercise that the trainees become desensitised to the shock of the battlefield reality and essential techniques and procedures become instinctive. E

Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions Gkn Aerospace Services Glagio Do Brasil Ltda Glenair Global Armour Limited Global Marine Systems, Ltd. Global Media Applications Ltd Global Seating Systems Llc Glock Gmbh Go Science Ltd. Goa Shipyard Limited (Gsl) Gooch & Housego Goodrich Goodridge Goriziane S.p.a. Gpv International A/S Grayson Thermal Systems Grc Ltd Green Hills Software Griffon Hoverwork Grintek Ewation (Pty) Ltd Gsmk Cryptophone Guartel Technologies Ltd Guide Infrared Gus Gmbh & Co. Kg Gwp Protective Hadleigh Castings Ltd Hagenuk Marinekommunikation Hal Communications Corp. Hamilton Hall Hardigg Uk Ltd Harmonic Drive Ag Harmonic Drive Uk Ltd. Harmonic Limited Harrington Generators International Ltd Harris Corporation Harting Ltd Hawkmoor Ltd Hdt Engineered Technologies Heason Technology Ltd. Heckler & Koch Heinen & Hopman Engineering Bv Helidecks Training Solutions Ltd Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd Hempel Special Metals Hepburn Engineering Inc. Hepburn Engineering Inc. Hgh Systemes Infrarouges High Density Devices High Impact Technology Highland Integrated Surveillance Systems Inc. (Hiss, Inc.) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Hal) Hirtenberger Defence Systems Gmbh Hitek-Nology Solutions Ltd Holmes Circuit Design Homeland Security Today Honda Cable Assemblies Horsebridge Network Systems Ltd Horstman Defence Systems Hov Pod Hovercraft Hs-Composite Aps Ht Holsters Huber+Suhner Ag Hughes Humiseal Hungarian Investment And Trade Agency Hutchinson Defence & Security Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Ltd Hypertac Ibd Deisenroth Engineering Icore International Limited Idex



IED Clearance




MineWolf Systems offers purpose-built mechanical solutions to address a wide range of operational requirements; guaranteeing clients in the military, commercial and humanitarian sectors the right tool for the right task

Micro MineWolf (MW50) with tiller attachment

The Swiss company MineWolf Systems is a leading provider of technologies and services to counter the threats from landmines and other explosive devices. The company’s core product is a range of vehicles which can be equipped with multipurpose tools for clearing explosive devices safely, quickly and cost-effectively. OUTSTANDING TRACK RECORD MineWolf products are built in Germany to the highest engineering standards and are fully supported from the MineWolf team in the field. The products have an outstanding track record with the armed forces, humanitarian and commercial organisations, having cleared millions of square metres of contaminated land in over 30 conflict and post-conflict countries since 2004. The MineWolf (MW370) is the largest platform used in 14 countries. It is robust enough to withstand blasts from anti-tank mines and ideal for demining large areas, clearing up to 30,000 sq metres per day. The



equally robust and efficient Medium MineWolf (MW330) can be both remote-controlled and operator driven and is transportable in a 40ft container or a C130 plane. The Mini MineWolf (MW240) is a highly versatile remote-controlled vehicle used by more than 21 customers in 17 countries, including both the British and German armies in Afghanistan. It can be fitted with a flail or tiller for mine clearance; a robotic arm with tools to clear IEDs and a dozer blade, bucket or forklift for other engineering tasks. The Micro MineWolf (MW50), launched this year, is the company’s smallest platform: compact and remote-controlled, it is designed to operate in rugged, hard-to-access environments and be portable by 4x4 pick-up or helicopter. It also comes with a range of multipurpose attachments for various humanitarian or military applications. COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES MineWolf Systems prides itself on its comprehensive global support services. All

customers have access to technical support and MineWolf trainers and technicians advise, maintain and operate the machines to keep them fully operational wherever they are deployed around the globe. A recent contract in Turkey for a customer in the oil industry required a short-term full project management service to mechanically clear seismic survey lines. Other clients with longer planning commitments for demining prefer long-term service support arrangements. The company is always adaptable to the wishes of its wide customer base: from simply providing ad hoc support upon request to managing larger scale support projects in compliance with commercial industry standards or military requirements. L


DSEI 2013  On stand N8 399 at DSEI 2013, the Amputees in Action team will be demonstrating just how authentic their battlefield casualty simulations can be. John Pickup, managing director, commented: “We are all very much looking forward to DSEI 2013.We work extensively with military organisations and this event will give us the opportunity to demonstrate to a wider international audience the genuinely shocking levels of realism that we can create.” ECRIN SYSTEMS Ecrin Systems is proud to announce ONYX jumps on 4th Generation Intel Core i7 (code name Haswell). COM Express Internal architecture allows ONYX excellent support to successive evolutions of multi-Core Intel processors. Without changing anything inside the box, simply substitute the CPU

GP-GPU performance, and; a better voltage regulator that allows new sleep modes and energy-saving for UVS mission computers BHARAT ELECTRONICS Bharat Electronics is a Government of India enterprise under MOD, set up in Bangalore in the year 1954. It specialises in the development and manufacture of professional-grade electronic equipment, systems and components. BEL has achieved progressive self-reliance in the areas of design and manufacture of equipment for Defence Communications, Electronic Warfare Systems, Radars & Sonars, Opto-Electronics, C4I Systems, Turnkey Solutions, Tank Electronics, Meteorology, Space Electronics, Civil Aviation, Medicare, Solar Photovoltaic based Systems and the Electronic Components. The company has pioneered India’s first

Ecrin Systems ONYX

module, and ONYX stays at the forefront of performance and technology. Enhancements that directly benefit users of ONYX include graphic performance improvement by 25 per cent for the same power consumption; a hardware encoding video accelerator (Intel Quick Sync Video) which acquires new features like image stabilization, while still favoring speed to image quality; AMD E6760 GP-GPU companion remains a key option in SWaP apps that must provide high definition digital and analog Video processing functions on direct image raw; a new AVX2 floating point instruction set for signal and image processing that will further expand the scope and applications achievable by ONYX to SRI, Radar, Sonar, electronic warfare, situation awareness and detection/tracking; Increased parallel processing through an integrated i-GPU better bill than Ivy Bridge which supports Open CL 1.2 to be usable as an entry-level

Electronic Voting Machine manufactured through automatic assembly facility. BEL has grown into a multi-product, multi‑unit company comprising nine integrated ISO 9001/9002 certified manufacturing units in India. Over the years, the company also provides turnkey systems solutions and Contract Manufacturing services on ‘Build to Print’ and ‘Build to Spec’ basis. PAXSCOUT SDP Launching at DSEI this year is the brand new PaxScout SDP (Standoff Detect and Protect) vehicle from Nav-Comm and Digital Barriers, integrating scanning and detection sensors onto a wireless video surveillance and communications platform. This vehicle sets a new standard for vehicle-borne capability in its market, combining a range of world-class technologies, integrated into a single solution for the very first time. The PaxScout SDP is equipped with E



DSEI exhibitors Idg Europe Ab Ifs Defence Igence Software Igt Industries Ltd Ihs Ihs Jane’s Immi Imperial Armour Cc Imtech Marine & Offshore Indal Technologies A Business Unit Of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control (Uk) Limited Indian Military Review Industrial Electronic Wiring Infrared Security Solutions Ltd Innodisk Corporation Innovative Technology Projects Ltd Inquisitive Systems Insitu, Inc.* Insitu, Inc.* Institute Of Marine Engineering, Science And Technology Institute Of Metal Sciences Instro Precision Instrument Control Sweden Integral Memory Intelagard Intelligent Energy Intercomp Company International Custom Products International Safety Products Ltd Intersec Intertek Inventory Locator Service Invisio Communications A/S Inzpire Ltd Iomniscient Pty Ltd Ipl Ir Solutions Intl Ltd Iridium Communications Inc Irobot Corporation, Division Of Computer Optics Isat Ltd Isic A/S Isocom Isotherm Technologies Inc. Ispas As Israel Military Industries Israel Weapon Industries Is-Rayfast Ltd Isrs Istec Services Itt Defence Limited Itw Nexus Europe Iveco Ltd Iw Microwave Products Division Ixblue J & S Franklin Ltd J + S Ltd Jabil Defense And Aerospace Jabil Defense And Aerospace (Jdas) Jakusz Szb Jaltek Systems Limited Jam Recruitment James Dawson James Fisher Marine Services Ltd Jankel Armouring Limited Japti Jara Jbt Aerotech Jcb Jdr Marine Cables Jeep Government And Military Sales Jenoptik | Defense & Civil Systems




t See us a

13 DSEiE2xc0el, London

t. 9-12 Sep Stand N3-486 : AIR zone e: Stand S9-493 n o z L A NAV

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New Sustainable fuel developed for field cooking











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Bloodhound SCC

 50-metre standoff CBRNE laser sniffing, terahertz detection for weapons and IEDs concealed under clothing, and facial recognition for real-time matching against watch lists. All of these technologies have been integrated onto the TVI wireless surveillance platform, which can stream live, near zero-latency video across bandwidths of less than 10kbps. TVI is already widely deployed by military and law enforcement organisations. PaxScout SDP 4x4s are fully armoured to B4 or B6 level and carry up to six operators, each equipped with TVI wireless body-worn video streaming. The vehicles operate in pairs, sharing data and communication capacity, and supporting a wide range of flexible concepts of operation. The vehicles can transmit video and other data to other field operators and command and control centres, over cellular, tactical and satcom networks. All of the technology deployed on the PaxScout SDP is completely safe: neither the laser or terahertz systems produce any harmful emissions. The first PaxScout SDP vehicles have already been acquired for operational deployment into theatre in 2013, and will be dispatched to some of the world’s most challenging and hostile locations and situations. These vehicles will offer their operators an entirely new level of standoff protection and advanced surveillance capability.

back half is built with metallic framework and panels to resemble an aircraft. Weighing over seven tonnes, the supersonic car’s engines produce more than 135,000 horsepower - six times more than the total power of a Formula 1 starting grid. The show car will be featured in the tri‑service area at DSEI, where visitors will be able to see the very best in UK engineering and learn first-hand about the vehicle’s record-breaking capabilities. Since the project first launched in 2008, the Bloodhound Team has been gearing up to break the existing world land speed record and reach 1,000 mph, faster than the speed of sound. On Wednesday 11 September, Tony Parraman, Bloodhound Project Team’s Head of Sponsor Liaison, will deliver an informative presentation, providing an overview of the project and highlighting the importance of a flexible and responsive supply chain.

The und Bloodhogines SCC’s enore than m produce orsepower – h 135,000times more six ormula than a f car one

THE NEED FOR SPEED Bloodhound SSC’s jet and rocket powered car designed to travel at 1,000 mph will be featured at DSEI. Blending the latest automotive and aircraft technology, the Bloodhound is composed partly like a racing car using carbon fibre monocoque, while the

NONLETHAL TECHNOLOGIES NonLethal Technologies manufactures a wide range of non-lethal riot and crowd control equipment for military and law enforcement applications. The product range includes smoke grenades and projectiles, CS and CN irritant smoke grenades and projectiles, impact munitions, defensive aerosol sprays, specialty munitions, and other crowd management and pyrotechnic devices. The new Ironfist Weapon System will be seen at DSEi for the first time. This 38mm weapon system provides rapid engagement of less lethal firepower, tactical mobility, controlled munitions deployment, reduced risk of personnel injuries in crowd confrontations – all critical factors in effectively controlling a crowd. E

Jenrick It Limited Jiangsu High Hope Int’l Group Nanjing Motion Garments Co. Ltd John Deere Ltd John Deere Ltd Jon Philips (G2+G3) Jordan Electronic Logistics Support Jels Junghans Microtec Gmbh Kaddb Investment Group Kaercher Futuretech Kahles Gmbh Kaliber Ltd Kaman Precision Products Kamenskvolokno Jsc Katadyn Products Kec Limited Kelvin Hughes Ltd Kembrey Wiring Systems Kenard Engineering Kent Modular Electronics Limited (Kme) Kent Periscopes Kes Power And Light Ltd Kidde Graviner Kigre Inc. Kilgore Flares Company Llc Kinneir Dufort Knowles Acoustics Kolon Industries, Inc Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Konstrukta-Lndustry As Kontron Uk Ltd Kp Special Projects Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Kvh Industries Kvichak Marine L-3 Communications Land Rover Lanode Limited Laser Prototypes (Europe) Ltd Laser Shot Lauterbach Ltd Lemax S.r.o. Lemo (Uk) Less Lethal Africa Le-Tehnika D.o.o. Liberty Arms Lifesaver Defence Systems Ltd Lightning Aerospace Ltd Lincad Ltd Lind Electronics Line-X Protective Coatings Ltd Link Microtek Linwave Technology Ltd Lista Ag Lloyd’s Register Lobo Marketing Lockheed Martin Loggers Bv Lola Group Lola Group Lorica Systems Uk Ltd. Losberger Rds Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ltd Ls Design Uk Ltd Lubawa Sa Luxcom Technologies Lvt Lwrc International Llc Lxe Uk Ltd Lyra (Private) Limited Mactaggart Scott & Company Limited Magellan Aerospace Magna Parva



DSEI 2013 AFCEA/Cityforum Conference: Global Cyber Security – Monday 9 September Cityforum and AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) have teamed up to bring together very distinguished experts from around the world to look at the threats and challenges posed by cyber-threats to national defence, our economies and society itself.  This round table will provide an opportunity for the public and private sectors, civilians and military, to take a holistic look at the cyber‑challenges facing us and how we can work together to confront them. In an increasingly interlinked and interdependent world, it is virtually impossible to separate threats to national security from those to the wider economy and society.  Indeed with most critical national infrastructure held privately, it is those private sector operators who are in the front line from cyber-attacks.  However, the wider commercial community is not immune.  According to UK government figures, some 87 per cent of small businesses and 93 per cent of large organisations suffered a cyber-security breach last year. This round table will look from different national and alliance perspectives at both the military and civil aspects of cyber security and how they can be dovetailed to provide the most efficient and effective response to cyber-threats. The respective roles of the state and private sector will also be examined. The threat is multifaceted and constantly evolving and it is important to our security that the response is both comprehensive and agile. Military cyber-security is clearly essential. However, even within the military domain absolute security cannot be guaranteed.  The recent US Defense Science Board report ‘Resilient military systems and the advanced cyber threat’ found that it was impossible for even the Pentagon to secure its systems.  This certainly provides much food for thought for military, security and industry leaders.  The agenda also focuses on the role of the military in assisting the civil power. However, it is not only military threats that we face – the threats to our economy are increasing and they put our prosperity at risk through the loss of intellectual property from cyber-espionage and other criminal activities.  This conference will look for answers to the issues that confront us in an agenda with leading cyber security figures from the military, security, political, industrial and academic sectors.  A single 36 bbl Ironfist can deploy over 250 CS mini-grenades into a crowd within seconds. GOVERNMENT GRADE ENCRYPTION Gloucestershire-based defence manufacturer L-3 TRL is launching its new Capatan Global High Grade encryption solutions at the show. Based on the award-winning UK Capatan family of government grade encryption devices, the new Global variants feature identical security functions as their UK counterparts, operating at the highest encryption standards available. Designed specifically for the international market, Capatan Global has the flexibility of incorporating an integrated key management solution to provide international governments with a sovereign capability. The capability to generate network authentication keys gives only trusted persons access to user networks, ensuring the highest possible level of information security. “Our CATAPAN range of products is the result of over a decade of research and development in the field of High Grade encryption and information security,” said Adrian Cunningham, vice president of L-3 TRL’s National Security Division.

ZIP SUSTAINABLE COOKING FUEL On show in the UK for the first time, Zip’s formulation is made from naturallyderived, fully sustainable biofuel. The product, which can be used to heat water for drinking and cooking ration packs in all weather conditions, has won the 2013 Soldier Technology Award for Best Power and Energy Product. Zip Military Cooking Fuel has also been endorsed by explorer, chief scout and TV presenter Bear Grylls. Zip Military Cooking Fuel has been designed to be a highly efficient, safer alternative to more traditional options such as hexamine, gas and alcohol gels. It is non-toxic and poses little threat to humans or animals. The fuel burns cleanly, with a high calorific value compared to other cooking fuels and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With a quick and easy to light ignition wrapper, the product is odourless, waterproof and convenient to carry. Powerful and long-burning, one individually-wrapped cube (weighing 25g) is sufficient to boil a 500ml cup of water in 8 minutes. Additionally, Zip Military Cooking Fuel is classified as nonhazardous and can therefore be transported by air and dropped by parachute. E



DSEI exhibitors Magnomatics Limited Magnum Makina Ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu Man Group - C/O Wrekin Circuits Ltd Manroy Engineering Limited Mapyx Limited Marioff Corporation Oy Maritime Guard Group Maritime International Marl International Limited Marl International Limited Marlborough Communications Limited Marotta Controls, Inc. Marshall Land Systems Martec Ltd Martek Power Mascot As Mass Mass Matt Black Systems Maxeler Technologies Ltd Maxord Ballistics Limited Maycast - Nokes Precision Engineering Mazagon Dock Limited (Mdl) Mbda Mcgeoch Technology Mecar S.a. Medmira Inc. Meggitt Plc Memoright Corporation Mentor Graphics Limited Meopta Systems, S.r.o. Meprolight Merc Engineering Merlin Diesel Systems Ltd Mesit Pristroje, S.r.o. Metalgalante Metalite Aviation Lighting Metalite Aviation Lighting Microcare Europe Microflown Avisa Micromet Ati India Pvt Ltd Microsystemes Microwave Marketing Ltd Midland Aerospace Mil Power Ltd Milaero Electronics Atlantic Inc. Mildef Technology Group Milectria Miles Industrial Electronics Milipol Ltd. Milsim Fx International Milspares Ltd Minewolf Systems Ag Ministry Of Defence - International Material Relations Ministry Of Economic Affairs Ministry Of Industry & Trade Mira Ltd Mira Ltd Miranda Sp Z O.o. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani) Miska D.o.o. Missiles & Space Batteries Ltd Mku Private Limited Mmg Publishing Limited Mmi Outdoor Mod Armcom CommunicationTechnical Co. Ltd. Mod Arzenal Electromechanical Co. Mod Currus Combat Vehicles Co. Ltd. Mod Defence Contracts Bulletin Mod Ei Co. Ltd.



Visit us at stand N4-350


DSEI 2013  ALBERGO SUSTAINABLE SHELTERS For homeless and people in general who need a temporary housing, Albergo Sustainable Shelters has developed a single-family housing module that respects the environment, has thermo-acoustic comfort, durability and is easy to transport and store. Each unit with an internal area of 22.5m2 can accommodate a family of up to six people comfortably, with private bathroom and kitchen. The Albergo shelters utilise plates made of recycled tetra-pak which are treated and have thermal and acoustic insulation. The plates combined with articulated steel profiles bring mobility and versatility to the shelter. The combination of these materials with an innovative design allows four Albergo shelters, when closed, to occupy the same space of just a 20ft ordinary container. In addition to its six beds, it has a kitchen with sink, a countertop, refrigerator, electric stove, a kit comprising basic and personal hygiene items, bottled water, pans, bathroom with hot shower, table and chairs for dining. Thus, the design of the shelter allows the accommodation of a family in each unit, which brings dignity and continuity of

family routines shaken by the loss of their homes, avoiding thereby transferring to schools and/or public arenas and the direct and indistinct contact with strangers. HANDHELD GPS JAMMER Chronos Technology has announced the release of the CTL-3520 handheld GPS Jamming Detector and Locator System. Aimed specifically at detecting GPS jammers hidden in vehicles, the unit can pinpoint even the weakest jammer and identify the vehicle in which the jammer is hidden, even in a busy multi-storey car park. Other applications include detecting vehicles with jammers at ports, fleet depots, airport car parks and taxi ranks. Easy to use, the CTL-3520 device was recently tested by representatives of Law Enforcement and Security Agencies in screened rooms at the MIRA test facility in Warwickshire and successfully identified hidden jammers both in vehicles and people’s pockets. The CTL-3520 was developed from research undertaken by the University of Bath and is a significant commercial outcome of the SENTINEL research project which was E Chronos GPS Jammer

DSEI Rising Stars Reception: Friday 13 September Defence is a partnership between those on the front line and those in UK industry who supply, feed, and support them. DSEI is aimed at strengthening that partnership from the boardroom to the front line. It is an increasingly high-tech partnership, demanding a skilled and motivated workforce in uniform and on the shop floor to deliver outstanding results. The UK answers that need by developing its own highly skilled work force for the future. The defence industry employs around 300,000 people in the UK, with 25,000 graduates and 3,000 apprentices refreshing that work force in the last year alone. Military attendance will be programmed by the training commands and is free to attend up to the event. A special programme for those attending will be on offer culminating in a Rising Stars Reception at 12.00 on 13th September. The reception will also host an exclusive high level panel session addressing the future of the defence industry. With the global Defence and Security industry on show, DSEI 2013 offers an unrivalled opportunity for those joining the industry to see at first hand the vibrant and exciting technologically advanced business they have joined.



DSEI exhibitors Moench Mogema Defence Moh-9 Armour Ceramics Molecular Products Ltd Molex Deutschland Gmbh Moog Components Group Mors (Ministry Of Defence R. Of Slovenia) Motec Gmbh Motorsport Industry Association Mpe Ltd Mpi Aviation Limited Ms Instruments Plc Ms&T Magazine Msecure Msi-Defence Systems Ltd Mtl Group Mtu Friedrichshafen Multi-Contact (Uk) Ltd Musthane Mwh Mydata Automation Ltd Nacre As Nammo Namsa Nar Group Ltd Natek Power Systems Ab Naval Postgraduate School Navantia Navistar Defense Navy League Of The United States Nbc-Sys Ndi Ndia/Ntsa Neat Ned Deck Marine Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. Neways Defence Electronics Nexter Group Ngt2 Nic Instruments Nicomatic Nidv - Neth. Ind. For Def. & Sec. Night Vision Optics Sa (Pty) Ltd T/A Megaray Nightforce Optics Inc Nightsearcher Ltd Nivisys Industries Llc Nobles Manufacturing Inc. Non Intrusive Inspection Technology Noptel Oy Norma Mpm Bv Northrop Grumman Nova Electric Novitex Fashon Np Aerospace Ltd Nsi Bvba Nuclear Engineering Services Oakley Obr Centrum Techniki Morskiej Obzerv Odu Connector Systems Odvest 110 (Pty) Ltd Officine Fonderie Patrone Spa Offset India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ois Advanced Technology Pvt Ltd Oldbury Uk Ltd Olympia Triumph International Limited Omnipol A.s. Omp Engineering O’neil & Associates Ontario International Trade Branch Ontario, Canada International Trade Branch Open Season Ltd Opgal



PLRF The Rangefinder + Legacy Continues

PLRF25C Pocket Laser Range Finder + + + + + +

Smallest MIL-SPEC rangefinder available Best performance/weight ratio 1-Button-Operation Fits into pocket Rugged, waterproof, no moving parts Bluetooth compatible

Vectronix AG | Switzerland |

DSEI 2013 Army Gala Boxing Event: Thursday 12 September Major General Paul Jacques, President of the British Army Boxing Association, along with many senior officers, would be delighted to welcome you to a gala boxing event on 12th September 2013. This fabulous event offers an evening of boxing, military ceremony and pageant in support of our military heroes and is set in the art deco splendour of Troxy in the east end of London, close to DESI and central London. The event will raise funds for The British Legion’s Battle Back Centre and the Team Army Sports Foundation, both of which are critically important to the morale, operational success and long term welfare of our soldiers. In addition to the high calibre boxing, an auction event will be held with a number of exclusive and exciting prizes offered by the sports and charities we support. Individual places are £250 + vat and tables start at £2,500 + vat for an all-inclusive package of dinner, drinks and entertainment.    Full details are on the website at or and contact Annabelle on or +44 (0)7941 253 867 to reserve your table.  part‑funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Commenting on the unit Prof. Charles Curry said “Previous jamming detecting products have been unable to identify which vehicle is hosting the jammer. This has been a particular limitation and a major challenge for people wishing to protect critical infrastructure if faced with GPS jamming emanating from a nearby vehicle. Most websites currently selling GPS jammers maintain that the operating distance of a jammer is just a few meters. This is simply not true. We have tested GPS jammers in controlled trials and their range is easily 250/300 meters which makes specific vehicle identification extremely difficult, particularly in a multi-storey car park.” He continued “The CTL-3520 solves this problem and can pick out one vehicle in a thousand which has the jammer installed.” NIGHT VISION Qioptiq designs and manufactures infra‑red and image intensified night vision equipment. More than 60,000 individual night sights have been supplied to over

56 different countries for a wide range of defence, police, border security, coastguard and search and rescue applications. A range of world leading weapon sights are produced for a wide variety of platforms including individual assault weapons, light support weapons, crew-served weapons, anti‑tank/anti-materiel weapons and specialised sniper application. Using the latest image intensifying and uncooled thermal imaging technology Qioptiq offers fully qualified ruggedised military sighting solutions. Qioptiq delivers a fully integrated support service that totally satisfies the customers’ needs. The product range is supported by user and maintenance training services, maintenance facilities, technical advice and in-service support. CILAS SIGHT SYSTEMS Specialist in lasers and optronics technologies, CILAS has delivered SLD 500 high technology surveillance equipment to NATO forces and Middle-East countries since 2006. It pin points E Cilas Sight Systems



DSEI exhibitors Optical Cable Corporation Optical Filters Opticoelectron Group Jsc Optix Co. Optokon, A.s. Optromech Orbit International Corp Ordinance Factory Board (Ofb) Oritest Spol. S R.o. Osborn Metals Osg Oshkosh Defense Oshkosh Defense Osprea Logistics Osprea Logistics Otm Servo Mechanism Ltd Ovik Group Ovik Group Owr Gmbh Oxley Group Limited Oztiryakiler Madeni Esya San. Ve Tic. A.s. P.i. Castings Ltd Pakistan Ordnance Factories Palantir Technologies Panasonic Computer Products Europe Pandect Precision Components Panhard General Defense Paradigm Communication Systems Paragon Rapid Technologies Paramount Panels Uk Parker Hannifin Ltd Parkinson Harness Technology Parmley Technologies Ltd Parsec (Pty) Ltd Patria Pearson Engineering Ltd Pei-Genesis Uk Ltd Peli Products (Uk) Ltd Per Vices Corporation Peredovaya Tekstilshchitsa Permali Gloucester Ltd Persides Petards Joyce-Loebl Ltd Pewag Schneeketten Gmbh & Co Kg Phaedrus Systems Phoenicia America Israel Photonic Security Systems Photonis Nightvision Pierce Munitions, Llc. Pimco Sp. Z.o.o Plansee Metall Gmbh Thermal Management Plasan Sasa Plextek Ltd Ploughshare Innovations Ploughshare Innovations Ltd Point Blank Body Armor Polamco Polaris Defense Policske Strojirny A.s. Polyformes Ltd Pontoon Works Portsmouth Aviation Ltd Powerstax Plc Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd Pp Electrical Systems Ltd Ppg Aerospace Ppm Ltd Prelco Prestolite Electric Ltd Primetake Prismtech Ltd Private Mobile Networks Ltd Proengin



DSEI 2013  optical scopes used by observers, spotters or snipers and also optronic sight systems from potential threats. With day and night capability the SLD 500 is adapted to urban and battlefield situations. Automatically scanning its panoramic environment, its remote broadcast unit allows 24-hours recording of the situation. It can be connected to additional sensors, such as acoustic detectors, thermal cameras, ground radars. CILAS has recently developed the SLD 500 LR with higher identification capabilities, and is currently is developping a portable version of optical scope detector, the SLD Scout, for the surveillance and the security of dismounted soldiers or in urban warfare. The SLD Scout has a compact design, a high autonomy and a lightweight for handheld use. NSI’S NEW IP68 WATERPROOF TRACKBALLS A whole new trackball range, the ‘Scroll & Roll’ range is available in 8 different variants from NSI. The IP68 waterproof uses the latest generation of laser trackballs with a removable top ring for easy cleaning, decontamination and maintenance – ensuring continued optimum performance and operation under the harshest of conditions. The use of stainless steel for the various parts ensures the best resistance in salty or greasy environments. Due to its outstanding sealing and industrial robustness, these trackball units are one of the best suited pointing devices for all harsh or hostile environments, indoor and outdoor.

Scroll and roll trackpad range from NSI

The Scroll & Roll range is available with 38 mm (type MTSX38) in a compact design or with large 50 mm (type LTSX50) laser trackball. Both panel mount types are available with studs or with holes (for countersunk M4 screw). Furthermore you can choose either a blank or matt blackened carrier plate. A silicone sponge gasket is included with the module to ensure adequate sealing into the customers’ panel or console and a cover plate on the rear side protects the components. This series is directly plug compatible to PS/2 or USB ports and offers very straight forward mounting and integration. E

RUSI Future Maritime Operations Conference 2013: Monday 9 September In December 2012 General Sir David Richards as the United Kingdom’s Chief of the Defence Staff said in his annual lecture at the Royal United Services Institute, ‘The Royal Navy will continue to grow in importance. As our carrier capability comes into service it will be a key part of our diplomatic, humanitarian and military strategy ...... This is its raison d’être. But I know it will be used for much more.’ RUSI’s 2013 Future Maritime Operations Conference will open on Monday 9 September at the ExCeL Exhibition and Convention Centre. The Conference is being held in association with the Royal Navy and will precede the DSEI Exhibition. It will look to a future of responses to crises and other contingencies and also to preventive, precautionary and pre-emptive uses of navies.  As we face an uncertain global future it will consider the uses of the maritime forces of nations with expeditionary maritime capability and vision across the spectrum of roles. The matter of European maritime contributions in this respect will be addressed.  The UK’s particular refocusing on responses to contingencies, the Joint Expeditionary Force and the Response Force Task Group will be an important conclusion to the first day.  On the second day after the opening of the DSEI Exhibition, there will be a final session on future maritime capability requirements. The conference is RUSI’s flagship annual maritime event and is a major fixture in the international maritime calendar. Produced in partnership with the Royal Navy, attended by a number of Ministers and other senior government officials, supported extensively by international navies and other key maritime stakeholders, the conference regularly attracts a full house in excess of 200 participants. Visit for registration instructions.



DSEI exhibitors Progress Partners Advertising, S.r.o. Project Support Vehicles Gmbh & Co Projects Unlimited Inc. Protechnic Ltd Pulse Electronics Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. Pyser - Sgi Limited Qinetiq Qioptiq Ltd Quickseries Publishing Inc Quintec Associates Limited R.a. Rodriguez (Uk) Ltd Radiall Radio Tactics Radiotechnika Marketing Sp. Z O. O. Radixon Ltd Radmor S.a. Radnor Range Ltd Raf Association Rafael Raft Systems Ltd Ram Mounting Systems Rangemaster Precision Arms Rapid Mobile (Pty) Ltd Raven Research Raytech Vertriebs Gmbh Raytheon Recon International Recon Robotics Remington Arms Company Inc Remploy Frontline Renault Trucks Defense Renishaw Plc Renk Ag Renown Engineering Reson Offshore Resqmax/Rescue Solutions International, Inc. Reutech Communications Reutech Radar Systems(Pty) Ltd Revision Eyewear Rfd Beaufort Ltd Rgb Spectrum Rheinmetall Ag Corporate Sector Defence Rhinotech Computer Co., Ltd Ricardo Special Vehicles Riflecraft Limited Righton Ltd Robertson Fuel Systems, L.l.c. Robosynthesis Ltd Rockford Components Ltd Rockwell Collins Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh Roke Manor Research Ltd Roketsan Rolatube Technology Ltd Rollon S.r.l. Rolls-Royce Romtehnica Roxel Rrc Power Solutions Gmbh Rsd (A Division Of Dcd-Dorbyl (Pty) Ltd) Rsdecon Ruag Ruag Aerospace Ruag Ammotec Ag (A Subsidiary Of Ruag Holding Switzerland) Ruag Defence Rubb Buildings Ltd Rud Chains Ruger Firearms Rugged Systems Runcore Co., Ltd Runflat International



Whitby & Co are proud to be exhibiting at DSEI for the first time in 2013 on Stand N7-375, showing the best in premium quality field accessories.

Leatherman Multi-Tools

This year sees the launch of Leatherman’s (One Hand Tool). OHT is a world first in that it is the only multi-tool specifically designed to be capable of operation entirely one handed, something more and more multi-tool users are demanding. The ‘OHT’ lines up alongside the ‘MUT’ (Military Utility Tool) and the ‘MUT EOD’ which are hardcore tools for use and abuse by troops at the sharp end of combat, as well as the lifesaving ‘Z-Rex’ tool and the combat/EMT tool, the ‘Raptor’. Buoyed by their successes in the civilian market, Geigerrig have designed a new military specific range of packs that incorporates the patented, award winning Pressurised Hydration Engine, a game changer in personal on the move. Very simply, the hydration engine replaces the current ‘suck system’ of hydration bladders with a pressurised feed that gives the user the ability to take on higher levels of hydration during high exertion activities, and to hygienically share the water supply with a friend, colleague or K9 search dog. Also it enables the user to immediately irrigate wounds with gently pressurised clean water and to utilise field sourced water without the need for purification or sterilisation. Further enhancing Whitby’s military product line-up are Inova’s Tactical ‘T Series’ hand held LED flashlights. Incorporating CQB strobe mode and premium quality solid aluminium billet construction, the ‘T Series’ are worthy of further examination by those who need reliable, high output lighting in critical situations. Also having their debut this year are Steripen’s Tactical range of water purifiers using UV rays to purify water without the need for chemicals, allowing personnel in the field to safely utilise stagnant and stream water sources without illness. Buck Knives range of CSAR and Combat Knives will also be showcased for the first time in the UK. Whitby’s will be displaying new models like the ‘Vantage Force Pro’ and the ‘TOPS/Buck CSAR Responder’.

Buck Knives

Geigerrig Hydration Engines

Nite Ize’s storage and load lashing solutions will be on display with innovative products like the ‘S-Biner’ and ‘Knot Bone Bungee – Safe and Adjustable Bungee’, also the ‘Gear Tie’ range and the ‘Cam Jam’ paracord tightening system. Princeton Tec’s Military Helmet Light Range will be showcased and is headed up by the ‘Charge Pro’ which despite it’s powerful 55 Lumens weighs in at only 47 grams and has a burn time of 22 hours. E-mail: Telephone: 01539 721032 Fax: 01539 729573

DSEI 2013  LIGHTWEIGHT BOMB SUITS United Shield will launch its latest TITANIA Lightweight Bomb Suit at the DSEI show. TITANIA is a full spec bomb suit including blast plates, cooling suit and a variety of communications options. The total weight is 24 kgs, significantly lighter than any other similar product. TITANIA joins the broad stable of EOD/ IEDD protective garments produced by United Shield these include: Olympia Bomb Suit, Silesia Advance Search Suit, Franconia Mine Clearance Suit, Arcadia Mine Clearance Vest and Saxonia Search and Seek Suit. HRH SPYNEL In April, HGH Infrared Systems, a global provider of 360 degree thermal imaging systems, announced the debut of its new high resolution system for Wide Area Surveillance. The new camera, the Spynel-S, features a new look and a longer detection range, displaying panoramic thermal images with an impressive resolution up to 30 Mpix. Associated with Cyclope advanced motion detection software, it provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats, in the whole surroundings, up to the horizon. “Spynel-S is the latest innovation from our R&D department, to significantly enhance the detection range of 360-degree thermal cameras for situational awareness applications” said Thierry Campos, CEO of HGH Infrared Systems. “It represents an exciting step beyond in passive panoramic surveillance”. The Spynel-S comes to the market at an opportune time as HGH has a high demand for long range passive automatic threat detection system, especially in the maritime market. With a large mid-wave infrared focal plane array, Spynel-S exhibits high performance, especially in warm and humid regions. Working night and day, with a visual image of the whole panorama, the Spynel-S detects and tracks unlimited movements over several kilometers in all types of weather. To fulfill all passive surveillance requirements for air, land and maritime applications, 3 different Spinel-S variations are available, with different vertical fields-of-view (5°, 10° and 20°). It will give early intrusion alert of targets, such as crawling men, small wooden boats, RIBs, UAVs, stealth aircrafts. Any human trespassing within 100 square-km area around the sensor will be spotted and tracked on Cyclope display. SERT SPACE HEATERS SERT’s space heaters GAC 1000 and GAC 2000 are designed to heat and ventilate tents or other accommodations. They can be connected to the SERT Mobile Field Utilities in order to insure the perfect temperature. They also enable to keep various equipment frost free in winter kit applications (thermic isolated cover for water collapsible



DSEI exhibitors

HGH Spynel

tanks and winter gallery for trailers). Very durable in stainless steel and aluminum, they are easy to operate and have been specially engineered to work in extreme environment conditions (-32°C to +49°C). The power of the GAC 1000 is 25 kW with an air flow as high as 1000 m³/h at 80°C. It is equipped with one air suction and one hot air outlet. The power of the GAC 2000 is 42 kW with an air flow as high as 2000 m³/h at 80°C. It is equipped with one air suction and one hot air outlet (GAC 2000 S1) or two air suctions and two hot air outlets (GAC 2000 S2). All these space heaters are heated by the new high efficiency SERT’s multi liquid fuel burner. ROHDE & SCHWARTZ TACTICAL RADIO Rohde & Schwarz will conduct a live demonstration of the R&S SDTR software defined tactical radio on its stand (South Hall, booth S2-240). The R&S SDTR is the first member of a new generation of software defined radios. Launched in December 2012, it has been optimized for use in vehicles and semimobile applications. The R&S SDTR, together with the secure, network enabled, high data rate R&S HDR waveform family, is fully IP-capable and can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing IP networks. It uses an open platform based on the software communications architecture (SCA) standard. Both standardised and proprietary waveforms can be ported to the radio, which enables interoperability with allied forces as required during missions. The now available external control unit provides user-friendly configuration, and can be used to control the radio even over long distances. Rohde & Schwarz will also showcase integrated radiocommunications and radiomonitoring systems for all classes of maritime platforms. At DSEi in London, the company will be presenting itself as a single source of integrated solutions for secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation, once again proving its E

Russian Technologies State Corporation Rutter Inc. Rvision, Inc. S&T Daewoo S. Macneillie & Son Limited S. Macneillie & Son Limited Saab Sacil S.r.l. Sae International Saft Sagaert Sagem Défense Securité Saic Sail Labs Technology Ag Sako Ltd Salzgitter Maschinenbau Ag Samel-90 Plc Sapa Profiles Uk Sarsen Technology Sascal Displays Savox Communications Oy Scanfiber Composites A/S Scanna Msc Ltd Schleifring Systems Ltd Schleifring Und Apparatebau Gmbh Schott Ag Schroff Schroth Safety Products Gmbh Scot Seats Marine Scott Safety Scottish Development International Scotty Group Austria Gmbh Scs Sea (Group) Ltd Seabotix Inc Seaweather Aviation Secubit Security Cleared Seebyte Sekai Electronics Inc. Select Cables Selex Elsag Selex Galileo Selex Galileo Selex Sistemi Integrati Semitronics Corp. Sensonor Technologies As Sepson Ab Sert Severnoye Db  Jsc Sgl Technologies Shelhurst Components (Pty) Ltd Shellcast Foundries Inc. Shephard Group Shield Technologies Corporation Shoghi Communications Short Bark Industries, Inc. Sibat – Israel Ministry Of Defense Sig Sauer Silent Sentinel Ltd Simmel Difesa S.p.a. Singapore Technologies Kinetics Sinus Electronic Gmbh Skb Europe Bv Skydex Technologies, Inc. Sky-Futures Small Arms Defense Journal Smith Myers Smiths Detection Smt Developments Ltd Snap-On Tools Socitec Uk Ltd Sofex Jordan



In a Matter of National Security – You shouldn’t compromise RAPTOR RXi Countersurveillance Receiver

 Sophisticated signal logging tools easily identify new signals  Optional “Rectrix Software” long term monitoring and storage  Fine resolution 3kHz scanning for superior noise floor and signal analysis  Optional “Rostrum Software” delivers retrospective reporting  Sweeps 26GHz in less than 4 seconds  Remote operation by means of Ethernet  Built-in auto switching antenna system

Active pinpoint direction finding with Probe Antenna

15”touch screen with display of multiple windows

To learn more, visit A




Optional Accessory Case

Join us at DSEi 10 - 13 September 2013 ExCel, London Stand N10-450


DSEI 2013



DSEI exhibitors

Rohde & Schwarz Tactical Radio

 position as a leader in this market segment. Radiocommunications for airborne platforms is represented by the R&S MR6000A software defined UHF/VHF airborne transceiver, which is deployed in applications such as sthe European A400M military transport aircraft. The R&S MR6000A is the only radio of its kind to meet both military and civil avionics standards. In the area of test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz will use integrated frequency hopping to demonstrate an economical, laboratory-based measurement and evaluation of an airborne transceiver. NEW VANEAXIAL FAN FROM AMETEK A new ROTRON vaneaxial fan designed for high performance cooling with powerful airflow has been introduced by AMETEK Aerospace & Defense .The MAXIAX 9.25 can develop the necessary pressure to deliver 707-944 litres per second (L/s) [1500 to 2000 cubic feet per minute (cfm)] against a system impedance of 0.99-1.5 kilo Pascals (kPa) [4 to 6 inches of water gauge (iwg)]. This performance makes the MAXIAX well suited for applications including centralised forced air electronics cooling in aircraft, forced air delivery in semiconductor processing equipment, air circulation in environmental control systems and as a heat exchanger cooling fan.

Rotron brushless DC motors

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is a world leader in Rotron brushless DC motors, blowers and pumps for aerospace, military, mass-transit, medical and computer applications. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than US$3 billion.

PARSEC ULTRA-HIGH BANDWIDTH South African electronics group Parsec has announced its latest VF360 module to provide an ultra-high bandwidth platform to both the military and non-military markets. In flying combat missions pilots often remain below the radar to avoid detection. But although their on-board subsystems are mostly located “below decks”, so to speak, the advanced gadgetry of defence electronics has no reason to remain incognito. Tobie van Loggerenberg, Parsec business development director, says: “Ours is a 3U VPX module that is ideal for computation and bandwidth intensive applications, like radar, networking, SIGINT, EW, SDR and video. We designed the VF360 to operate as a payload module with system controller capability. It is available in both air-cooled and conduction cooled versions.” The VF360 prototype has recently been completed and Van Loggerenberg confirmed that Parsec is now busy with a first production order recently obtained. “This is an FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) carrier that would be sought typically by OEMs or system integrators for use in a wide range of I/O requirements,” explains Van Loggerenberg. “However, we find that our customers either approach us for a specific solution, or to design and build a platform with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) items, or they simply purchase the module as is.” DURABOOK TA10 With unbeatable performance, DURABOOK introduces TA10, a 10.4” fully-rugged tablet PC at DSEi 2013. Designed to keep key systems running during critical missions, its robust design not only can withstand salt fog and a drop of 5 feet, it is also rated IP 65 and MIL-STD 461F level 2 for aircraft and aerospace applications. Each charge to the dual hot swappable Super High Capacity batteries can keep TA10 going for over 12 hours on the field. Encased in aluminum magnesium alloy and equipped with DURABOOK’s own Stealth Mode technology, TA10 offers enhanced security for agents in covert operations ( E

Soff Sofradir Sonardyne International Ltd Sos Hyperlite Soucy International Inc. South African Aerospace Maritime And Defence Industries Association (Amd) South Midlands Communications Sp Guide Publications Pvt Ltd Spacemetric Ltd Spafax International Limited Speakerbus Spectracom Spinner Gmbh Sprung Instant Structures Ltd Srctec Sri International Sarnoff Ssr Engineering Ssz Camouflage Technology Ltd. Staco Systems Star Defense Systems Ltd Starter Groupe Dld Statek Corporation Staubli Steatite Steiner Optik Steyr Motors Gmbh Stidd Systems Inc Stoeger Silah San A.s. Stone Foundries Stonehaven Engineering Ltd Stop-Choc Stork Special Products Bv Stran Technologies Strategic Engineering Recruitment Limited Streamlight, Inc. Streit Middle East Fze Sts Defence Ltd Stuart Canvas Products Sula Systems Ltd Supacat Supacat Supply 999 Ltd Surefire Surface Technology International Limited Survitec Group Survival One Svos Swiss Lounge Switchblade International Syko Gesellschaft Fur Leistungselektronik Mbh Synectics Surveillance Technology System Engineering Telemetry Process Cc Systematic Systemware Europe T & G Elektro As Taco Antenna Tactical Electronics Tata Steel Tcherno More Tdk-Lambda Te Connectivity/Tyco Electronics Team Australia Tecnovia Group Bv Teijin Aramid Gmbh Tek Military Seating Tekmast Teknoflex Teleanalys Ab Teledyne Defence Telephonics Corporation Teleplan Globe




Push-Up Lightweight Portable Masts Pneumatic Telescopic Masts 5m-30m Composite Masts 6-21M

South Midlands Communications


Base Station Repeaters Turnkey Radio Projects Project Management

South Midlands Communications in the UK have been established for over 50 years, and currently supply government organisations worldwide with radio communications systems and equipment. These include encrypted two-way digital radio, HF BALUNS/TRANSFORMERS microwave communication intercept systems, and have recently Splitters & Combiners supplied over 30,000 terminals for anti-terrorist protection in Matching Transformers up to 100kW the Middle East.


Come visit us at DSEI 2013 on the 10 - 13 September 2013 The world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition . - Stand N8-370


Mobile NVIS Antennas Tactical And Transportable Fixed Base Station Steerable Microwave Systems Positioners & Controllers

Tel: +44 (0)23 8024 6200 Fax: +44 (0)23 8024 6206 Email: South Midlands Communications Ltd SM House, School Close, Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 4BY, ENGLAND

DSEI 2013  With enhanced brightness, TA10 provides exceptional LCD display under glaring sunlight. TA10’s Night Vision Mode display is compatible with NVIS Type I Class A for soldiers engaging in skirmish or night missions. Using TA10’s unique Quick Release mode, the device HDD can be released in less than 5 seconds in emergency situations for maximum data protection and portability without fear of enemy interception. Its light weight (2.3 kg / 5.07 lb) and easy-grip surface are optimal for gloved fingers and the Resistive Multi-Touch screen is shock and scratch resistant. TA10 is designed to meet the reliability and data collection requirements of military applications and comes with customizable modules. INNODISK SHOWS OFF NANOSSD The main feature of Innodisk’s stand will be the world’s first industrial-embedded SATA SSD – nanoSSD. This tiny microSSD has dimensions of 16x20x2mm and a weight of only 1.5g. Not just small and lightweight, nanoSSD features SATA III support and the performance to compliment it, with read/write speeds of 480/175 MB/s, respectively. With capacities ranging from 4 to 64 GB and both x86 and ARM compatibility, nanoSSD can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications where a small form-factor and high transfer rates are important, including industrial mobile devices, embedded systems, tablets, highend smart phones and Ultrabooks. Alongside nanoSSD, Innodisk will show its new line of SATA III products as well as its existing lineup of flash storage solutions that are fully compliant with the industrialembedded industry’s needs, including: thermal sensor implementation, -40°C to 85°C wide operation range, shock-resistance and military (MIL-STD-810F/G) compliant quick erase standards. There will be live demonstrations of anti-vibration, water‑proofing, and conformal coating features.



DSEI exhibitors

Durabook TA10

Those interested in knowing more about the latest in industrial-embedded storage technology, Innodisk will be holding lectures on nanoSSD, SATA III and Innodisk’s wear level visualization software – iSMART. RF SAFESTOP FROM E2V e2v will be showcasing its new RF Safe‑Stop™ technology, with the ability to stop vehicle engines at a distance of up to 50m. RF Safe-Stop™ can immobilise a variety of motor vehicles and small boats, causing the engine to shut down, typically in less than one second, with a non-destructive effect. e2v has conducted extensive testing and signal conditioning to ensure that the RF field falls within international guidelines, making it human-safe. The RF Safe-Stop™ technology can be customised to suit a range of security applications. Andy Wood, Product Manager at e2v commented, “We are delighted to be offering this new RF technology, which is enabled by e2v’s world leading design and manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to working with new and existing customers to build an RF Safe-Stop™ solution to suit their security needs.” The company is a market leader in high power RF generators, with over 50 years’ experience designing and manufacturing critical technology components that break new boundaries in medical, industrial, defence and security applications. SABTECH POWERNET Sabtech, an established leader in the design, manufacture and support of tactical data communications solutions for military and government agencies, will display Airborne Tactical Data Systems (ATDS) serial data communications over a network with its new PowerNet ATDS Bridge System. ATDS is used in equipment that supports Tactical Digital Information Link-A (TADIL-A) or its NATO designation, Link-11. The PowerNet Bridge provides a transparent hardware and protocol conversion that allows Data E

Tellumat (Pty) Ltd Tencate Advanced Armour Terma A/S Terma A/S Terra Nova Shoes Textron Systems Thales Tharsus The Helicopter Show The Manufacturer The Panic Room Company Thermacore Europe Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Thiya D.o.o. Thomas Jacks Thorax Lp Equipment (Pty) Ltd Thrustmaster Thruvision Ltd Thuraya Telecommunications Company Tms Support Solutions Limited Tmv Ltd Tno Tods Defence Ltd Top Aces/Discovery Air Topcon Europe Positioning Bv Tower Solutions Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd Tp Shipping As Tracerco Track24 Ltd Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Uk Tridan Engineering Ltd Trijicon, Inc. Trilogy Communications Limited Tritech Group Triteq Trival Antene D.o.o. Truck-Lite Co. Inc. Trw Conekt Tti Inc Tubitak - Sage Tuv Sud Product Service Ltd Tyco Fire Protection Products Typhoon International Ltd Tyron Flat Tyre Protection U.s. Army Peo Soldier U.s. Commercial Service / U.s. Embassy U.s. Department Of Commerce Otexa Uk Automotive Products Uk Mod De&S Uk Mod International Defence Training Ukrf Ullman Dynamics Ultra Electronics Ultralife Corporation Umoe Mandal As Unatsolar Undersecretariat For Defence Industries United Shield International Limited Unitemp Limited Universal Engineering Ur Group Urc Systems, Spol. S R.o. Us Ordnance Used Equipment Surplus & Storage Ltd Usni Proceedings Valcolm Manufacturing Group Inc. Van Halteren Metaal Vector Developments Ltd. Vectronix Veletrhy Brno Velodyne Vemotion Interactive Ltd





SureView Systems to showcase Immix PSIM solution at DSEI SureView Systems is an international security surveillance software company who will be exhibiting at DSEI on Stand N6-125 (10-13 September, ExCel London). SureView develops and offers Immix®, a video-based PSIM software platform for corporate command and control centres. SureView Immix currently protects more than 10,000 customer locations across the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. SureView Immix® ties together alarms and events from many sources, including video, video analytics, industry-standard receivers, access control systems, GPS lone worker and building management systems, from different manufacturers and presents them to the operator or agent in a single, simple web-browser based interface. All alarm events and operator actions are audited and the operating agents are provided

with a highly efficient interface that includes scripts (SOPs), interactive maps, live video, audio and two-way site control. Mobile devices are also supported to bring real-time events into the hands of security managers and guards. Immix natively supports over 300 different video and security equipment from all major manufacturers. The deployment as a secured cloud or private-server install means that there is nothing to install on operator PCs. This makes the installation fast and simple and provides for a very quick ROI. FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 1792 485600

Immix CC for Command Centres ®

Integrates Video Access Control Alarms Audio GPS Built for your command centre, designed for the Cloud.

Visit us at the DSEI show Booth N6-125 •



No Power No Mission The modern defence industry’s dependency on electrical power is more now than ever before. Shelhurst Components recognised this dramatic increase in demand for electrical power on military vehicles in 2003 and started developing EMI-compliant Prestolite Electric power packs designed to customer’s requirements. Shelhurst is the agent in South Africa for the world-renowned Prestolite brand of heavy-duty alternators and starters, utilised to develop its 400 amp/600 amp PPP ITAR-free vehicle kits. Shelhurst recently developed and launched with Prestolite Electric a 600 amp 28Vlt Brushless EMI-compliant ITAR‑free alternator, utilising

the latest hairpin technology to provide high output and cool windings for maximum life. The AB210R delivers exceptional output per pound and is 35 per cent shorter and 29 per cent lighter than its nearest competitor. It offers CAN-BUS capability and is compliant to MIL-STD-461E. Shelhurst and its technical partner Elinem Engineering can provide design capability, fabricate and supply prototypes and manufacture a complete PPP solution for your vehicle . Discuss your electrical power solution at DSEI, ExCel London, 10-13 September - Hall 3, South African Pavilion, Stand 110. FURTHER INFORMATION

DSEI 2013  Terminal Set (DTS), Tactical Data System (TDS) and cryptographic equipment to communicate over a network without modification to either end. Moving the ATDS link to a network architecture eliminates cable length limitations and allows for implementation of redundant paths through the network fabric, greatly improving the survivability of the interface. LIND ELECTRONICS The Lind Dual USB Output DC/DC power adapter is designed to simultaneously power and recharge 2 USB devices such as mobile phones, Mp3 players or portable printers that recharge through a USB connection. The device provides up to 5 watts of continuous power for connected USB devices. it can be used with a BB-2590 rechargeable battery or a Ba‑5590 non-rechargeable  battery. The Dual USB Output DC/DC power adapter can also be powered from a 24 volt NaTO Slave socket. This adapter comes equipped with different input cables that can be used with a BB-2590 or Ba‑5590 military battery, a NaTO Slave socket, or a cigarette lighter input cable. The Lind Dual USB Output DC/DC power adapter converts power drawn from the input power source to the appropriate Dc voltage required by the connected USB devices. Special safety circuitry protects sensitive devices. The adapter circuitry is potted in an aluminum extrusion for durability and epoxy sealed to protect against moisture and humidity. MAPLINK PRO FOR ANDROID Envitia will display MapLink Pro 7.5, a software development toolkit for high performance mapping applications. This release provides a major enhancement to the visualisation capabilities of MapLink Pro through the use of OpenGL and delivers the first release of MapLink Pro for Android. “This is a very exciting release that pushes the envelope of visualisation performance and now extends these capabilities into the mobile and embedded hardware domains” says Matthew Wood, Product Manager, Envitia. “With the release of MapLink Pro for Android developers and systems integrators have the opportunity to put on-demand geospatial information in the hands of the mobile user.” MapLink Pro 7.5 release also features a new high performance drawing surface which utilises OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.0 and newer on both Windows and Linux. This release significantly boosts performance for graphic intensive applications. The use of OpenGL can also simplify software development and improve productivity. MapLink Pro for Android delivers the Core MapLink Pro API for Android devices. Providing developers with the tools to build



DSEI exhibitors

Lind Dual USB Output DC/PC power adaptor

and deploy high performance visualisation and situational awareness applications on the Android operating system. Capabilities include: Multi-threaded map display for smooth, responsive applications; High performance visualisation of vector and raster maps and overlays along with live data feeds; access to query the underlying geometry and attributes stored within maps, and; support for domain specific APP6A / 2525B symbology. MapLink Pro for Android ships with an extensive developer guide, sample code and sample Android applications. It has also been released for Embedded Linux. GAIA CONVERTER Gaia Converter, a leading manufacturer of modular power components, will be exhibiting at this year’s DSEI – the world’s leading defence and security exhibition. Gaia will be displaying its extensive range of power conversion and other related products specifically designed for demanding military and aerospace applications. Gaia offers DC/DC converters ranging from 4W to 200W and AC/DC power conversion modules for applications spanning 35W to 350W. The company’s system architecture modules coupled with a broad range of filters, limiters, pre-regulators and hold-up devices help simplify designs in the defence, aerospace and security sector and enable engineers to complete their designs more quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring full compliance with prevailing standards. Amongst the modules on display will be the recently introduced MGDM‑200 DC/DC converter. These high density, high efficiency modules (86% to 90% typ.) employ a patented fixed switching topology to provide wide input voltage ranges of either 9V to 45V or 16V to 80V and output power up to 200W. Numerous integrated protection features and an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C underline the MGDM-200’s credentials for the most challenging military and aerospace applications and operating environments. Gaia Converter’s high density MGDM DC/DC modules are compliant with military standards and achieve efficiency levels up to 90 per cent. L

Verebus Engineering Verint Systems Ltd Viasat Vicor Uk Victorinox Viking Arms Ltd. Viking Modular Solutions Virtual Marine Technology Vit Security Group Ltd Vital Seating & Systems Limited Vitavox Vocality International Ltd Von Roll Management Ag Vt Miltope W. L. Gore And Associates Ltd Wamco Inc War Of 1812 Commemorative Warn Industries Wartsila Finland Water Gen Waukesha Foundry, Inc. Wb Electronics Weatherhaven Global Solutions Ltd Webasto Ag, Global Comfort Solutions Weibel Scientific A/S Wessex Advanced Switching Products Ltd West Wales Uav Centre Westek Technology Ltd Westley Engineering Ltd Westwire Harnessing Ltd Wew Westerwälder Eisenwerk Gmbh Wfel Limited Wfs Defense Wh Brennan Ltd Wibe Telescopic Masts Wiley X Europe Llc Will-Burt Company Wincanton Plc Winkelmann (United Kingdom) Ltd Winmate Wirtschaftskammer Österreich Wolfestone Translation World Defence Systems Wrekin Circuits Wt Tactical Xcel Power Systems Ltd Xenics Xjtag Xpect Software Xsmg World Yakupoglu Yugoimport Sdpr Zero Cases Uk Ltd Zettlex Ltd Zeveta Ammunition A.s. Zheijiang Chaoling China Ware Valve Co., Ltd Zhendre Z-Medica Corporation Zuken Ltd Zyvex Technologies, Inc.

FURTHER INFORMATION DSEI 2013 takes place at the ExCeL, London on 10-13 September. Visit for more details





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Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) range of military hangars, relocatable buildings, temporary hangars, storage warehouses, aircraft shelters and sunshades is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world Rubb provides robust, reliable and field-maintainable, engineered, fabric military structures to support defence requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Rubb’s military hangars, shelters, warehouses, sunshades and workshops are fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles. The EFASS range of military buildings is available in three spans, with various door options to accommodate fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft and land vehicle maintenance. All structures pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport. With a proven track record, clients include the UK, US, UAE and Canadian forces. Rubb has the ideal solution and expertise to meet your military and defence application requirements. Complete EFASS range of military structures packs into 20ft ISO shipping containers; components can be unpacked, constructed, dismantled and repacked by military personnel; structures can be quickly built without additional mechanical plant; fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles; state-of-the-art hangar doors available, including heli-door, trident and roller shutter options; multiple spans: 11.1m (36ft), 20.4m (67ft), 25m (82ft); innovative roof-mounted crane provides optimal operational capability; withstands wind and snow loads to UK Defence Standards: VE41.6m per second (wind

speed); 100kg per m² (snow load); fabric is fire retardant and can be easily repaired; and client support from Rubb technicians – from quotation to installation and beyond. Rubb originally started making engineered

suit changing circumstances; and over 30 years’ experience and expertise in the field. Rubb provides a well-engineered steel or aluminium frame and a PVC-coated polyester fabric cover, which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight-fitting shell. Variations on the design include provisions for alternative materials, such as steel cladding. Rubb structures are available in single spans of 3m (10ft) to more than 79m (260ft), by any length. Standard module lengths vary from 3m (10ft) to 5m (16ft). Multi-span options are also available to cater for even bigger facilities. Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. The company has developed substantial structures that can be moved about on wheels or rails or even lifted around a job site in fully erected form. It offers a strong commitment to code and standards compliance. Customers’ needs are paramount: from quotation to installation, project completion and beyond. Visit Rubb at DSEI, 10-13 September, ExCeL London, on Stand S4-133. L

Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. The company has developed substantial structures that can be moved about on wheels or rails or even lifted around a job site in fully erected form fabric structures in Norway in 1968 and has gone on to become a world leader in the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of fabric building solutions. The company has engineering facilities in the UK, Norway, US, China and Poland. The Rubb Group manufactures prefabricated, portable structures, relocatable buildings, shelters, hangars and custom facilities to suit individual client requirements. Rubb provides temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions for a wide range of sectors, including military, aviation, environmental, general industry, sport, bulk storage, ports, marine, construction, energy, architectural and emergency relief. The advantages are: bespoke designs and flexibility to suit client needs; minimal foundation requirements; quick delivery and erection time; extendable and relocatable to

FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 191 482 2211



Manufacturer of  Servo  Drives,  Servo  Motors,  Systems  &  Bespoke   Engineering          +44(0)208  1442152



Many design engineers working in the field of motion control are familiar with slotless motor designs, but may wonder if these specialised motors significantly improve machine performance. In many cases, they can…

Slotless motors offer more torque per frame size, produce more power, run smoother and achieve higher speeds than their slotted counterparts. This is a closer look at the technology, plus realistic tips on evaluating whether or not your application could benefit from a slotless motor. SLOTTED SERVOMOTOR CONSTRUCTION A traditional slotted brushless servomotor has a stator made of stamped metal sections called laminations that are stacked to form teeth. Wire is wrapped around these; when current flows in the wire, an electromagnet is created in the stator. Permanent magnets are fixed to the rotor. As in slotted motors, the permanent magnets in slotless servomotors are fixed to the rotor. However, a slotless stator is built without teeth. Motor windings are wrapped around a temporary mould and then encapsulated to keep them in place. Eliminating the teeth yields many benefits. BENEFITS OF SLOTLESS MOTORS Higher torque: a slotless motor’s redesigned stator allows the rotor to be significantly larger because torque increases proportionally to rotor diameter. Torque from a given slotless motor is significantly higher than that from a similarly sized traditional slotted motor. Due

to the absence of teeth, the area available for windings is also greater – which further increases torque. More specifically, torque at a given speed can be increased by up to 25 per cent compared to a slotted motor. Higher speed: as the magnets pass by the teeth in a slotted motor, a change or modulation in the magnetic flux is created. This in turn induces voltage in the surface of magnets (e=dø/dt). These magnets are conductive so a current flows in them. These Eddy currents increase exponentially with speed and create heat in the magnets, which in turn diminishes their strength. As slotless

unstable if motor inertia is high, relative to the load. In fact, precise servo tuning and filtering, which can be difficult to achieve, may not be required with a slottless motor. Better stiffness: a rotor with a larger diameter has greater stiffness because torque increases with rotor diameter and a higher torque motor responds faster to any displacement from the commanded position. The torque displacement curve is steeper. Higher efficiency: All of the above traits boost the efficiency by up to 25 per cent over that of slotted motors.

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A MIXTURE OF MOTOR TECHNOLOGIES Some applications (systems, drives and motors) and their application experience using a mixture of motor technologies available from Infranor: Frameless – land and sea-based gun systems; surveillance radar and masts; underwater cranes. AC brushless – positioning turrets/towers; motion platforms/bases; aircraft pilot controls. DC brushed – vehicle ventilation; ELLS; missile system platforms; ordinance storage. DC brushed – all munitions feeds; aircraft payload management systems. Encoders – guidance systems. APPLICATION BENEFITS Higher torque is beneficial for most applications and is often the first thing an engineer seeks when choosing a motor. More torque usually means higher acceleration and greater machine output. Additional torque also means that a smaller motor may be used, which can save money (if the motor is part of a moving component, a smaller motor also weighs less and requires less energy to move.) A motor that can run fast may be the obvious choice for high-speed applications, such as centrifuges. But faster speeds can

Slotless motors offer more torque per frame size, produce more power, run smoother and achieve higher speeds than their slotted counterparts motors have no teeth they can achieve speeds in excess of 32,000 rpm. Higher power: power is calculated by multiplying torque by speed. Because a slottless motor outputs both higher speeds and torques, it can produce more than twice the power of a slotted motor of the same size. Smoother motion: as the magnets on a slotted motor’s rotor move past the stators iron teeth, they are magnetically attracted. This creates a torque disturbance known as cogging. As there are no teeth in a slottless motor, cogging is eliminated – yielding a smoother motion. Easier tuning: motors with larger rotor inertias can be easier and simpler to tune. If the load becomes momentarily decoupled from the motor (a common phenomenon), the servo loop is less likely to become

also help reduce overall machine cost and help increase machine output. If the machine’s mechanics can handle higher speeds a faster move time is possible. If gear reduction can be selected to optimise torque at higher speed a smaller motor can be used, therefore saving money and weight. Additional power may also eliminate costly secondary mechanics that can shorten machine life and escalate maintenance. The Xtrafors Prime series is just one of the many exciting ranges of servomotors that are designed and manufactured in Europe and available from any of the global Infranor sales and engineering teams. L FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 (0) 208 1442152





The latest cutting edge and innovative equipment, techniques, technology and training in one dedicated forum Meet with over 70 UK & International suppliers Attend the internationally renowned 2-day conference Learn from the world leading military, humanitarian and emergency medical healthcare professionals Discover new technologies & strategies to save lives and improve patient care


Network with 2000+ peers from across the world to share best practice View brand new products and solutions from leading manufacturers Gain CPD accreditation to further your career

FREE ENTRY to the Conference and Exhibition for Serving Military/Armed Forces. Register today at

t. +44 (0) 20 7384 7797



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Trauma Innovation 2014


Trauma Innovation 2014 is the only international forum focused on connecting innovators, suppliers and end users from the military, humanitarian and emergency medical healthcare sectors to promote awareness and dialogue about the latest cutting-edge equipment, techniques, technology and training

Clarion Defence & Security (organisers of DSEI: the world-leading defence and security event; Counter Terror Expo; and Forensics Europe Expo) is delighted to announce the return of Trauma Innovation. Taking place on 15-16 January 2014, at a brand new venue in Olympia, London, there are exciting plans to expand on the successful 2013 event. The event will connect over 70 international exhibitors with over 2,000 trauma and emergency medical professionals in a fully CPD/CME-certified keynote conference, show floor workshops, training forums, and live product demonstrations, while being supported by all the leading trauma organisations and associations within the field. Bill Knight, director of federal sales at Verathon Medical, said: “I have never had the distinct pleasure of enjoying an event so impeccably well-managed and coordinated, down to the smallest details. Most impressive. You are to be congratulated.” 2013 VISITOR STATISTICS Feedback from the 2013 post-show visitor survey has been released in the 2014 sales brochure, and provides further evidence of Trauma Innovation’s position as the “must attend” event for military, humanitarian and emergency medical healthcare professionals. Visitor statistics from the previous year’s event show that 84 per cent of attendees rated their experience as good/very good/excellent, 79 per cent went on to say that the internationally acclaimed speakers

during the 2013 conference were good/very good/excellent, while 66 per cent of attendees had direct decision-making ability and purchasing authority. Philip Hunter, event director of Trauma Innovation at Clarion Events, was keen to focus on how 2014 will help trauma-related equipment suppliers reach their target audiences within the next few months. “Following the rising demand to attend the event, we are delighted to announce Trauma Innovation’s move to Olympia Exhibition Centre in London,” said Philip Hunter. “Any supplier of trauma-related products, equipment or services is welcome to give myself or a member of the Trauma Innovation team a call or email to discuss how our new extensive marketing and PR campaign can help you meet senior buyers, influencers and decision-makers in 2014.” The 2014 event has been designed with intent to promote collaborative communication

and open discussion about new innovations and developments in areas such as eICU, regenerative medicine, fire and rescue, emergency response, pre-hospital care/care in transit, blood, resuscitation, skill sets needed within NGO organisations, and veteran care. A primary focus at Trauma Innovation 2014 will be to share lessons learned during the last 12 years in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the future developments that will be necessary post full withdrawal. The event will focus on the training and simulation needed to keep skill sets fresh in-between deployments and how technology and research & development will help in dealing with evolving threat. SECTORS ATTENDING IN 2014 The 2014 event will welcome military, humanitarian and emergency healthcare practitioners from within the following sectors: A&E/ER doctor; anaesthetist; chief medical officer; combat medical technician; consultant emergency; emergency medical; technical/combat medical; technician medical doctor; flight paramedic; HART units; Hazmat units; head of training; humanitarian charities/ disaster relief; medic; medical advisor; medical logistics and planning; medical officer; MOD procurement; neurologist; NHS ambulance services; emergency nurse; oral and maxillofacial; orthopaedic surgeon; pain specialist; paramedic; private ambulance services; procurement directors/managers; radiologist; serving military/armed forces; surgeon; territorial army; trauma nurse; trauma surgeon. Visitors who would like to obtain a free ticket to the event should register today at: Companies interested in growing their business in 2014 should visit to download the sales brochure. To book your stand at the event, contact Richard Gayle at Clarion Events. L FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 20 7384 7836



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How do you monitor LTE, 3G and 2G in one system? What are you missing from smartphone content? How can you modify end to end communications? What do you use to monitor 100GbE networks?

CMM - Metrology Services & Products n CMM Test Item measurement reports (measurement volume of co-ordinate measuring machine: – 90 cm x 150 cm x 90 cm) n CMM Turn Key projects, dimensional & SPC Member of data reports n CMM Reverse Engineering development data n CMM Batch & First Article inspection report n CMM Training & support n CMM Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories

26 Tyne Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1SA Tel: +44 (0) 1767 680300 - Fax: +44 (0) 1767 680400 E-mail: Web:

Telesoft delivers highly scalable 10, 40 and 100GbE and SDH/SONET network monitoring and intercept systems, and technologies, for strategic and tactical deployments. Typical applications include, Lawful Intercept, Cyber Intelligence and Defence, Network Survey, Visualisation, Record and Playback. Speak to us to understand how we can address your monitoring requirements, including options to rapidly adapt and customise our platforms to your specific needs.

Live demos on stand N7-193 Telesoft Technologies Ltd, Observatory House, Stour Park, Blandford, DT11 9LQ, UK t. +44 (0) 1258 480880 f. +44 (0) 1258 486598 e.


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Counter Terror Expo is your route to meet over 9,500 counter terrorism, law enforcement and corporate security end users in one secure environment.

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