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GET SET FOR EUROSATORY The largest international land, defence & security show hits Paris on 16-20 June


DEFENCE AEROSPACE SHOWCASE An insight into this summer’s Farnborough International Airshow



Final phase of UK presence in Afghanistan

First F-16 arrives in Iraq

The Ministry of Defence has announced that the UK military logistics headquarters in Afghanistan has changed command for the final time. The new command team at Joint Force Support (Afghanistan) (JFSp(A)) is to oversee the return of UK troops and equipments still deployed in the country, while sustaining force numbers of around 5,000 personnel. Once the mission is complete, approximately 5,000 standard 20-foot shipping containers worth of materiel, including 400 tonnes of ammunition, plus 3,400 vehicles and major equipment, including 50 aircraft, will have been redeployed. This process began in October 2012. Brigadier Martin Moore, the outgoing commander of JFSp(A), said: “The figures stand for themselves, and I am exceptionally

proud of the way that all personnel have contributed to the redeployment effort. “However, it has not solely been about redeployment. There are a lot of people that we are responsible for supporting, and it has been the mission of JFSp(A) to ensure that these people are adequately resourced, from food to gymnasium equipment, ammunition to internet booths; all are vital to sustain a military force on operations.” The new commander, Brigadier Darrell Amison, said: “We will continue to make sure that the force remains supported, as well as being able to conduct their jobs safely and to the usual high standard READ MORE: of UK armed forces.”


BAE signs six design contracts for Type 26 ship The defence and security specialist BAE systems has announced design contracts for the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, a next generation surface warship which will join the Royal Navy fleet. The six contracts cover: the ship’s air weapons handling system; propulsion shaftlines; an electric propulsion motor and drive system; heating, ventilation and low voltage electrical equipment; integrated navigation and bridge systems; and fixed firefighting systems. BAE System’s Geoff Searle said: “By the 2030s, the Type 26 will be the backbone of UK’s surface fleet and a strong industrial base is essential to sustaining this naval capability. Our partners and suppliers play a key role in this, as we work together to further develop the detailed design of the ship’s systems and equipment to enable us to deliver 13 highly capable, affordable and


The Iraqi Air Force has taken delivery of the first of 36 F-16 fighter jets being built by Lockheed Martin. The company plans to produce one Iraqi F-16 a month, with the first two scheduled to be flown to Iraq later this year. Another three or four will be ferried to the country before the end of 2014. Lukman Faily, Iraq’s ambassador to the United States, said that the delivery sends “a clear sign to the world and the region that a stable and strong Iraq in a partnership of choice with the United States is what we are after.” Iraq’s national security adviser, Falih Al-Fayyadh, said the F-16 will be “a weapon in the hands of all the people” that would help to defend the new republic. “To have the Iraqi people and the U.S stand side by side to fight this terrorism, there are no words to describe it,” he said.


supportable Type 26 ships for the Royal Navy. With UK suppliers expected to account for around 80 per cent of this significant programme, Type 26 will support thousands of skilled UK jobs in BAE Systems and across the whole supply chain. We look forward to welcoming more suppliers into the Type 26 team in the coming months.”


Royal Navy warship deployed to Baltic Sea A recent military exercise has seen a Royal Navy warship sent to the Baltic Sea in an effort to reassure the UK’s Eastern European allies. The deployment follows escalations in the tension between Russia and Ukraine. HMS Montrose, a Type 23 frigate, was sent as part of a two-week long security exercise. Exercise Baltops will test the maritime capabilities of Baltic countries and allied nations. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “The situation in Ukraine continues to be of great concern to the international community and it is right that Nato members

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and partners publicly demonstrate our commitment to the collective security of our Nato allies. Military personnel from the US, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Norway will participate. “The UK continues to play a central role in providing reassurance to our allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Our contribution to these exercises builds on other action we have taken, including the deployment of RAF Typhoons to the Nato air policing mission in the READ MORE: Baltic states.”

NATO mission focuses on Al-Qaida NATO is to lead a training mission in Afghanistan in 2015 which will involve around 12,000 soldiers in total, roughly two thirds of whom will be American, a senior United States military official has said. The official also said that 1,800 Americans are to stage counter-terror operations in the country. He said that the US would like nations with well-trained special forces like Britain or Australia to co-operate. Discussing the counter-terror mission, the official said that the goal is to maintain pressure on Al-Qaida and its affiliates to prevent attacks in the West. This follows an announcement by President Obama that the US military present in the country would be cut to 9,800 from the beginning of 2015. The continued presence of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan after the end of 2014 depends on the country signing a security agreement with America that would set a legal basis.




Eurosatory 2014


THE DEFENCE INDUSTRY LANDS IN PARIS Eurosatory 2014, taking place on 16-20 June in Paris, will help visitors to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving defence industry, with cutting-edge technologies on display Founded in 1967 on the Satory plateau in Versailles, Eurosatory is currently the largest international land and air-land defence and security exhibition. Held once every two years, in 2012 the exhibition welcomed over 53,480 professional visitors, from 130 countries who came to meet the 1,432 exhibitors from 53 countries, under the keen eye of 684 accredited journalists, from all five continents. Initially dedicated to defence issues, Eurosatory has gradually opened up to the realm of security as most exhibitors produce systems for both sectors. While the contexts of use differ greatly between defence and security, there is real technological continuum between the products. This can clearly be seen from a review of the techniques used in the two fields: unmanned vehicles, surveillance cameras, all-terrain vehicles, communication means, flak jackets, emergency medicine in crisis situations, etc. SECURITY SOLUTIONS Eurosatory strives to present the entire international offering and the whole Land Defence & Security industry and supply chain,

from raw materials to finished products. The exhibition will endeavour again to cover the full spectrum of Defence and Security equipment in all price groups,from new, complex and high-ticket advanced technology systems, to more affordable and tried-and-tested solutions, that particular countries prefer. Eurosatory aims to maintain and develop the exhibition’s security section, which is actually linked to the defence domain through technology. This growing focus on security also brings new visitors either from Government departments seeking to equip emergency response forces, or from the private sector, scouting for solutions for people and assets security. For new exhibitors, a “Discovery Village”

will be set up for very small businesses taking part for the first time in Eurosatory. Featuring 6m² fully-fitted stands, it is an opportunity to discover and benefit from all exhibition’s features and audience at the lowest cost. STAYING UP TO SPEED The defence and security sectors are changing rapidly worldwide. While some countries are reducing their defence expenditure, others are increasing it considerably. Security overall is gaining in importance everywhere, with consistent development in homeland security and growing investments by companies operating in industry, transport, leisure, etc. Eurosatory closely monitors these changes and invites new categories of defence and security buyers to each exhibition. South-East Asia and Latin America are the markets of the future, without a doubt. And new industrial players have also joined the community. Industrial manufacturers make a point of unveiling their latest products at the event. !

ory Eurosat to strives entire the present nal offering tio interna e whole Land and th e & Security Defenc stry and Indu chain supply



Eurosatory 2014


The six Land Operations Forum conferences will address very concrete technical topics of interest to ground force deployment " The future equipment and technologies of the world’s armed and security forces can thus be discovered. At Eurosatory 2012, 400 new products yet to be presented at an exhibition were on display. It is also the venue for meetings with engineers, manufacturers, political decision-makers and specialist journalists from all over the world. Such dialogue is possible at Eurosatory only. The authorities are convinced too, since 152 official delegations from all over the globe, i.e. 672 top-level VIPs including 12 Ministers, 10 Secretaries of State, 20 Chiefs of Staff and 18 national armaments directors attended the last event. AIR-LAND Air-land has long been a key focus at the exhibition. In 2012, there were over 70 tactical UAVs, almost all air-defence systems, several helicopter manufacturers and all the equipment used by airborne troops and security forces. In 2014, the ALAT (French Army Air Corps) has selected Eurosatory to celebrate its 60th anniversary. International Army Aviation delegations from numerous countries will be invited for the occasion and will spend several days at the event. Being a land and air-land exhibition, Eurosatory presents both complete systems available from prime manufacturers and their component sub-assemblies – such as weapon systems, engines,

gearboxes and C4ISR systems – provided by equipment manufacturers. Simulation, including every dimension of armed forces training, preparation and evaluation, is also greatly represented with more than 200 exhibitors in 2012. DISCUSSING KEY TOPICS On the discussion side, Eurosatory is developing its conferences. In particular it will be holding the SIMDEF seminar on “Simulation, a means to preserve operational potential” organized by ADIS, the European Club for Countertrade & Offset (ECCO) symposium on trade with Turkey and the Land Operations Forum. Eurosatory 2014 will also feature an extensive cycle of short specific conferences, focusing on visitor and exhibitor concerns. These highly international conferences last less than two hours and punctuate the five-day exhibition programme. Given by operational, industrial, media and expert speakers, as well as high authority representatives, they are classified into three categories: Eurosatory conferences, Exhibitor conferences and “Do business with” conferences. Among the Eurosatory conferences, we can already highlight the SIMDEF 2014 simulation seminar on “Simulation – a means of safeguarding operational potential” organised by ADIS Group. This theme will be addressed both through a cycle of conferences involving exhibitors from the sector, and

live demonstrations at various stands. 2014 will the introduction of Eurosatory TV, broadcast on a network of 18 digital indoor screens which will ensure a dynamic and flexible means of broadcasting information throughout the exhibition. The network will comprise four giant state-of-the-art indoor LED screens, two of which will be in excess of 20 square metres in size and 14 branded LCD POD screens which will be strategically placed in all of the key restaurant, cafe and dwell points throughout the exhibition halls. Serving the show as the core medium for the broadcast of up-to-the-minute information, Eurosatory TV will display a select and focused mixture of breaking show news, results from the conference and seminar timetable, interviews of company leaders, live demonstrations teaser and all major events on the show. In addition to the organiser and generic show content produced by Aero3A, there will be limited availability for a select number of exhibitors to enhance their presence at the show by utilising the bespoke airtime packages provided by Limited Space Events. All commercial airtime packages will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. SHARING STRATEGIES The eighth ECCO symposium (European Club for Countertrade & Offset) will also be held at Eurosatory. This international !



EVENT PREVIEW on simulation and training and the key issues in this area. The nature of conflicts and situations confronting the armed forces has changed, and simulation is an economical solution in line with budget reductions. Today simulation technologies offer training conditions identical to reality, at lower cost. Another cluster will look at civil security and emergency response. In the face of an increasingly broad spectrum of threats, providers of partial or integrated solutions are gathered in a single location, to present specific or global responses to the security forces, governments, non-governmental bodies and industry, as well as the transportation sector and organisers of leisure activities. Visitors to Eurosatory will be able to meet key players in this domain, networking with high-level decision makers from governemtns and NGOs. Other technology niches will look at: CBRNe; UAVs and UGBs; critical infrastructures and sensitive facilities protection; embedded electronics; and measurements, tests and testing centres.

Eurosatory 2014


ion, Simulat every g includinsion of dimen s training force armed greatly is ed with t n e s e r rep an 200 h t e r o m rs exhibito

" organisation boasting 70 members of 16 different nationalities works to promote the knowledge and experience of firms involved in offsets and countertrade. At Eurosatory 2014, the emphasis will be placed on trade with Turkey. As usual, the six Land Operations Forum conferences will address very concrete technical topics of interest to ground force deployment. The Exhibitor conferences provide a dedicated arena for exhibitors to present their products or systems. And the “Do Business With” conferences, also organised by the exhibitors, allow them to highlight their industrial strategy and their purchasing policies and standards to attract subcontractors. In addition to the conferences, Eurosatory offers a range of business-development services. “Strategy consulting” and

“One-to-One Business Meetings” (organised this year by the Paris Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie) are major levers. The aim is to help very small, small and medium-sized firms develop their business abroad, wherever they are based, either by obtaining geopolitical information via the Think Thanks village, or by meeting with experts from their target countries. Pre-scheduled appointments with international prime contractors are also highly productive. TECHNOLOGIES Exhibitors positioned on particular technology niches can gather into clusters to improve their visibility and be more easily identified by visitors (highlighted signs), with dedicated conference area set aside. These technology clusters prove highly useful for visitors. Among the clusters will be one focusing

THE RUN UP TO THE EVENT To briefly review the exhibition preparations, the marketing is going very well. Over 95 per cent of space is already sold and more than 1,286 exhibitors were registered as of 20 March 2014. However, it is still early days to draw conclusions. The forthcoming event looks set to be highly international with two thirds of exhibitors coming from abroad and representatives of new countries like Japan and Argentina. With three months still to go, 54 countries are already registered. As for visitors, the registration rate is very promising and much higher than in previous years, but we must remain cautious. The number of official delegations should nonetheless increase significantly and include a high proportion of authorities interested in security. Talking of figures, it has to be said that with 70 per cent of international exhibitors, over 53,000 professional visitors and 68,000 square metres of net stand surface area (figures certified in 2012 by OJS, a recognised independent organisation in Europe), Eurosatory is by far “The World Leading Defence & Security Event”. We look forward to seeking you at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre from 16 to 20 June 2014. # FURTHER INFORMATION








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Many design engineers working in the field of motion control are familiar with slotless motor designs, but may wonder if they significantly improve machine performance. In this article, Infranor looks at the benefits of slotted motors and their applications Slotless motors offer more torque per frame size, produce more power, run smoother and achieve higher speeds than their slotted counter parts. Following is a closer look at the technology, plus realistic tips on evaluating whether or not your application could benefit from slotless motor. SLOTTED SERVOMOTOR CONSTRUCTION A traditional slotted brushless servomotor has a stator made of stamped metal sections called laminations that are stacked to form teeth. Wire is wrapped around these; when current flows in the wire, an electromagnet is created in the stator. Permanent magnets are fixed to the rotor. As in slotted motors the permanent magnets in slotless servomotors are fixed to the rotor. However a slotless stator is built without teeth. Motor windings are wrapped around a temporary mould and then encapsulated to keep them in place. Eliminating the teeth yields many benefits. BENEFITS OF SLOTLESS MOTORS Higher Torque: A slotless motor’s redesigned stator allows the rotor to be significantly larger, because torque increases proportionally to rotor diameter. Torque from a given slotless motor is significantly higher than that from a similarly sized traditional slotted motor. Due to the absence of teeth, the area available for windings is also greater – which

further increases torque. More specifically torque at a given speed can be increased by up to 25 per cent compared to a slotted motor. Higher Speed: As the magnets pass by the teeth in a slotted motor, a change or modulation in the magnetic flux is created. Which in turn induces voltage in the surface of magnets (e=dø/dt) these magnets are conductive so a current flows in them. These Eddy currents increase exponentially with speed and create heat in the magnets, which in turn diminishes their strength. As slotless motors have no teeth they can achieve speeds in excess of 32.000 rpm. Higher Power: Power is calculated by multiplying torque by speed. Because a slottless motor outputs both higher speeds and torques, it can produce more than twice the power of a slotted motor of the same size. Smoother motion: As the magnets on a slotted motor’s rotor move past the stators iron teeth, they are magnetically attracted. This creates a torque disturbance known as cogging. As there are no teeth in a slottless motor, cogging is eliminated – yielding a smoother motion. Easier Tuning: Motors with larger rotor inertias can be easier and simpler to tune. If the load becomes momentarily decoupled from the motor (a common phenomenon,) the servo loop is less likely to become unstable if motor inertia is high relative

Applications using a mixture of motor technologies available from Infranor Frameless

- Land & Sea Based Gun Systems - Surveillance Radar & Masts - Under Water Cranes

AC Brushless

- Positioning Turrets/Towers - Motion Platforms/ Bases - Aircraft Pilot Controls

DC Brushed

- Vehicle Ventilation, ELLS - Missile system Platforms - Ordinance Storage

DC Brushed

- All Munitions Feeds - Aircraft Pay Load Management Systems


- Guidance Systems

to the load. In fact, precise servo tuning and filtering, which can be difficult to achieve, may not be required with a slottless motor. Better Stiffness: A rotor with a larger diameter has greater stiffness because torque increases with rotor diameter and a higher torque motor responds faster to any displacement from the commanded position. The torque displacement curve is steeper. Higher efficiency: All of the above traits boost the efficiency by up to 25 per cent over slotted motors. APPLICATION BENEFITS FOR SLOTLESS MOTORS Higher torque is beneficial for most applications and is often the first thing an engineer seeks when choosing a motor. More torque usually means higher acceleration and greater machine output. Additional torque also means that a smaller motor may be used, which can save money (if the motor is part of a moving component, a smaller motor also weighs less and requires less energy to move.) A motor that can run fast may be the obvious choice for high speed applications such as centrifuges. But faster speeds can also help reduce overall machine cost and help increase machine output. If the machine’s mechanics can handle higher speeds a faster move time is possible. If gear reduction can be selected to optimise torque at higher speed a smaller motor can be used, therefore saving money and weight. Additional power may also eliminate costly secondary mechanics that can shorten machine life and escalate maintenance. The Xtrafors Prime series is just one of the many exciting ranges of servomotors that are designed and manufactured in Europe and available from any of the global Infranor sales and Engineering teams. # FURTHER INFORMATION E-mail:



QUALITY DESIGN • QUALITY MATERIALS • cast standard (UK government endorsed)

Blunt Trauma Protection Tested and certified to uk government (CAST) standard

Solo Shields Bespoke specification available

Scorpion Interlock Shields Public Order Batons


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Farnborough Airshow


THE EVENT OF CHOICE FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY Farnborough International Airshow 2014, which takes place on 14-19 July in Farnborough, provides an opportunity to keep up to date with market trends and new technologies By the close of the Farnborough International Airshow in 2012, the event saw US$72 billion of confirmed orders and commitments covering a total 758 of aircraft. Over the course of the five trade days, over 109,000 visitors attended the show’s 1,500 exhibitors. From main frame manufacturers to specialist products the Farnborough International Airshow still remains the leading trade event on the aerospace calendar. Once again, the 2012 show saw a catalogue of high-profile firsts. Most significantly, there was the announcement of £120 million investment in the aerospace industry by the British Government. Announced at the show by Secretary of State of Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable, MP, and further endorsed by Prime Minister, David Cameron who opened the show, the investment, is a significant step to maintaining the UK’s market position as number one in Europe and second only the US globally. Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s brainchild for commercial space travel also chose FIA2012 to make its European debut of

Spaceship 2 and announce ‘LauncherOne’, its new air-launched rocket specifically designed to deliver small satellites into orbit. And, for the first time in Airshow history, Boeing Commercial Airplanes participated in the flying display, showcasing its Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the show.

80 per cent of those surveyed considered FIA essential to their businesses. In planning for 2014, FIA organisers Farnborough International Ltd (FIL) continue to improve and develop features that allow visitors and exhibitors alike even better networking opportunities. This has seen the development of dedicated zones in Space, Intelligent Systems (previously the unmanned systems showcase) and innovation, a targeted conference programme, a Meet-the-Buyer event, and Civil and Military Delegations programmes. The show is now 95 per cent sold with confirmed participation from all the major commercial and defence manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Finmeccanica, GKN, Lockheed Martin and Rolls-Royce. !

Over t en 80 per ctors of visi er consid ough bor the Farn ational Intern ssential e Airshowtheir to ses busines

INNOVATION So why does the industry choose the Farnborough International Airshow? Quite simply, it’s the meeting place for the aerospace industry. No other event allows visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to meet new and potential business partners, colleagues and existing business customers. Furthermore it allows the industry to keep up to date with market trends, new products and innovations. In a survey of visitors to the 2012 show, over




More Than Just A Monitor


The Only Field – Upgradable Transport Monitor

That You Can Change as Needs & Technologies Evolve

Ultrasound, video laryngoscope & new algorithms are the first of many new capabilities to be introduced*

Easy & intuitive data collection & sharing; soon to incorporate user configurable summary record of care & the newly adopted joint TCCC card* Tempus Pro:

• Has the longest battery life (over 10 3/4 hours monitoring all parameters)**; • Is the most compact; • Is the most durable & rugged vital signs monitor available.

Call us now for more information: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 362400 or e-mail: TP A 0214 Tempus Pro and More Than Just a Monitor are trademarks of Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd © Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd 2014. * Pending FDA & CE Mark ** Default display brightness, ECG, SpO2, ETCO2, IP x 2, temp x 2 and NIBP every 15 minutes. Subject to conditions of storage and use, times are approximate.

EVENT PREVIEW " EXHIBITORS Key highlights over the last few months include new international pavilion participation from Tunisia, Norway and Malaysia; Gulfstream returning to the show after a two show absence; and a number of exhibitors increasing their exhibition space including GE and Irkut. Additionally, the Space Zone has further expanded to accommodate additional exhibitors and FIL has negotiated a number of multi-show deals with exhibitors including Thales, Martin Baker and Boeing further reflecting the strength of the international showcase. The flying display is naturally another fundamental reason why FIA remains so popular. Located at the Farnborough Aerodrome in Hampshire, the site is long steeped in aviation history from the first powered flight by Samuel Cody in 1908 to the testing site for the Hawker Hurricane. Home to the show since 1948, the airfield sits on a natural amphitheatre and the hospitality chalets are built on its terraces

along the run-way allowing perfect viewing of the air display. It’s the perfect venue for mainframe manufactures to display their latest in military and commercial hardware. PROMOTING THE INDUSTRY So while the Farnborough International Airshow continues to be highly regarded and every effort is made to facilitate business for exhibitors and visitors at the show, airshow organisers, FIL are aware of new competitors in its wings. As champions for the UK aerospace industry and central to showcasing British expertise to an international audience, FIL understands the importance of maintaining FIA’s leading position. As such, the event specialists have embarked on an ambitious site development programme that will see the construction of permanent A Row chalets and a purpose built exhibition hall – delivering a much awaited departure from temporary structures familiar to the show. The permanent chalet buildings on A Row will be fit

No vent other e isitors v allows itors the b i and exhrtunity to oppo ew and meet n business al potenti ners and part ers custom

for purpose, offering greater benefits to customers including reduced fit-out costs, on-site parking and permanent mains power, water and waste facilities. FIL has already been awarded £2.5 million in funding from Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership allowing FIL to push forward with the A Row Chalet project. Groundwork, started in August and construction is due to be completed by May 2014 allowing plenty of contingency and fit-out time for the impending 2014 Farnborough International Airshow. FIL are currently bidding for funding which on top of its own capital expenditure will see the construction of the permanent exhibition facility.

Farnborough Airshow


REGISTERING The Farnborough International Airshow will take place from 14-19 July 2014. Exhibition space is still available if organisations are still interested in participating at the show and trade visitor passes are on sale with an opportunity to win a Breitling Watch. # FURTHER INFORMATION



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A truly portable under vehicle inspection and surveillance system VISOR is an under vehicle inspection and surveillance system that does not compromise on performance. VISOR’s high quality digital colour cameras ensure that the composite underside image is clear and detailed. Because the cameras are angled operators can ‘see around’ objects to find threat items. Portable VISOR models can be transported in the trunk of a car and deployed in a few minutes by one person Permanent VISOR systems do not require excavations or drains as the camera unit is fixed to the road surface. All VISOR systems are strong enough to be driven-over by trucks. VISOR’s proprietary software stitches the images from each camera into a single composite of the underside in about one second, keeping all of the image data. The intuitive interface allows operators to

review each underside in detail, zoom into any part of the image without loss of image quality, compare two images of the same vehicle as well as check vehicle registrations. VISOR systems are available in standard P and S models for mixed vehicle types, C compact model for light vehicles and R model for rail vehicles. FURTHER INFORMATION Tel: +44 (0)125 746 4000


The publishers accept no responsibility for errors or omissions in this free service 3M UK Arinc Basistech BCS, The Chartered Institute Belcom Cables Blockn Mesh UK Broden Media Cobham Antenna Coges Cognitec Systems Cross Match Technologies DMS Protective Equipment E92 Plus Frontier Pitts Getac Guava International Guidance Software Harquebus Heald Helyx Sis Hesco HID Global



58 50 38 24 IBC 15 54 42 64 BC IFC 74 26 32 55 IFC 18 60, 62 30, 32 60 28 20

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6 72, 73 40, 41 34 60 76 4 78 70 44 12 48 36 66 68 17 46 57 52 8 22

Cable excellence engineered through quality Professionalism in providing cables for demanding environments and applications is Belcoms business. Our experience extends across many industries and we are adept at migrating the best cable solutions to apply to specific demands ranging from production processes to asset protection systems. As applications for recognised data transmission protocols migrate into more demanding areas of industry, so the demands on the performance of the cables increases. Belcom have over 21 years of trading experience designing, producing, stocking and distributing electronic cables for use in challenging areas. Within the Belcom team there is over a 100 years combined experience in this field and we are still dealing with new applications every week, they can range from concept to solution and production or simply selecting from our stock an appropriate cable to do the job. For further information contact us on 01279 871150 or visit us at


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Is this VIP Mia Clark?

How many people are here? Is it too crowded in this area? FaceVACS-VideoScan uses premier face recognition technology to detect and identify persons of interest in real time while computing demographic and behavioral data, supporting security staff and operations management. Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for facial image database search, real-time video screening and analytics, border control, and biometric photo capturing.

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