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PROZONE SPORTS CUSTOMER HANDBOOK Includes getting started, company contacts, products user guides, step-by-step service, procedures, troubleshooting information

“At it is our vision to deliver insights to those committed to enhancing performance. We endeavour through our passion, expertise and innovation to support our customers in making better informed decisions.� Barry McNeill, Managing Director.


Chapter 1: About Us

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Main Contacts Your Account Manager About Us: Frequently Asked Questions


Chapter 2: Getting Started

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The Installation Process Stadium Installation Software Installation & Training Prozone Online Applications Compatibility Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions


Chapter 3: The Products

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Chapter 4: Game Capture & Delivery

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Requesting a Game What Happens With My Game Request? Game Capture for Post-Match Analysis Game Capture for Scouting Requests Additional Match Day Information Game Processing Procedure Prozone Eventing Process & MATCHVIEWER Output Prozone Tracking Process & PROZONE3 Output

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Game Changes Procedure Game Download Procedure Game Capture & Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions


Chapter 5: Customer Services

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Product Support Performance Analysis Centre Training & Education Services Customer Services: Frequently Asked Questions


Chapter 6: Product Development


Chapter 7: Accounts & Finance



about us Established in the UK in 1998, Prozone have been pioneering the use of performance analysis in football for over a decade and in that time we’ve worked with some of the leading coaches in the world of sport. We now have offices in the USA, Spain, UAE, India and Japan and offer the world’s leading performance analysis service. From the flexibility offered by our real-time, self-coding analysis products to the depth and accessibility of information delivered by our comprehensive post-match and opposition analysis services, we’re constantly breaking new ground and setting the standard for what can be achieved with objective and reliable performance insights.

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1 Over the last 10 years Prozone has built up a reputation as the most respected and reliable performance analysis service in world football by consistently providing insightful and objective performance analysis services. We have an unrivalled passion and knowledge of the performance analysis industry. As pioneers in our field, we’ve got over a decade of experience providing world-class services to some of the world’s leading football clubs, leagues and associations, ensuring that our clients get the most accurate and relevant performance analysis insights available.


Prozone Sports: Delivering Performance Insights

Head Office: Prozone Sports Ltd 3 Craven Court Millshaw Leeds LS11 8BN UK T: +44 (0) 113 244 9296 E: W: Page 5

YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER We are aware of the importance and significance of your investment in your Prozone service, and for this reason we endeavour to provide advice, assistance and expertise to ensure you maximise the benefits of the service in every way possible. As part of Prozone’s support infrastructure, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager.

What you can expect from your Account Manager: 1.



Knowledge & Experience: All of our dedicated Account Managers have vast industry-specific experience having worked on the front line of professional football in a Performance Analysis capacity. For this reason, they have first-class working knowledge of our product range, performance analysis strategies and the football industry as a whole. Consultancy: With their specific expertise, our Account Managers are at hand to provide a bespoke and tailored consultancy service to advise on effective usage of the Prozone products and services to ensure the club gain the maximum competitive advantage possible.


Discretion: Prozone are aware of the importance of confidentiality and discretion in new and existing relationships. Your Account Manager will ensure all information provided to them is kept strictly confidential.


Development: Your Account Manager will work closely with you to help identify any emerging needs, capture product development ideas, and assess how best Prozone can meet your requirements.


Passion: The dedication, enthusiasm and passion of our Account Managers will ensure you get the best out your Prozone service.

Support: Our Account Managers are there to support, guide and ultimately ensure you are happy with the service and products delivered. Your Account Manager may often be the main point of contact between you and Prozone, however, they are backed by strong team ensuring efficient delivery of quality customer service.

Please refer to your service schedule for contact details of your dedicated Account Manager.

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ABOUT US: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Which teams are Prozone currently working with?

How much will it cost if‌.?

Our client list is available from your Account Manager, please contact them directly.

A price breakdown of your Prozone service can be viewed in your service schedule. Should you wish to add additional services or games to your pre-agreed schedule please contact your Account Manager for information on any potential associated costs.

Can we advertise a job vacancy on your website? Yes. Please email with full details, including the club, the position, job description and application deadline.

Who do I contact for‌? For maximum efficiency, please refer to our main contacts flow diagram (see page 7) for clear direction on how and who to contact for your specific enquiry.

Can you give me the telephone number for the analyst at X club? An updated analyst contacts list is sent out at the start of each season. For our most recent contact list please email or contact our head office on +44 (0) 113 244 9296.

We are expanding our performance analysis department; can you recommend a good analyst? Prozone continually recruit for internal work experience and internship positions and, therefore, have access to a large pool of potential new recruits within the performance analysis industry. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

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THE INSTALLATION PROCESS PROZONE3 STADIUM INSTALLATION The stadium installation process applies to PROZONE3 customers only. This process is implemented in two phases; preparation and installation.

Phase 1: Preparation

Key: SDSL- internet connection, OB- outside broadcast

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Key: SDSL- internet connection, OB- outside broadcast NB. Timescales for installations outside of the UK may vary depending on specific customs and excise regulations. If you have any queries regarding the stadium installation process please contact our Operations Team on +44 113 213 5021 or email

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SOFTWARE INSTALLATION & TRAINING System Specification Requirements Before the installation process is initiated please ensure you have the required minimum systems specification as detailed below Computer Minimum Specification: Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 or Above Processor RAM Storage Screen

Pentium 4 1 Ghz equivalent 1 Gb 20 GB free disk space Capable of 1024 x 768 display

Computer Recommended Specification: Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 (32 Bit Professional) Processor RAM Storage Screen

Core i3 2 Ghz equivalent or higher 2 Gb or higher 200 GB free disk space Capable of 1024 x 768 display

If you have any queries regarding system specification requirements please contact our Support Team on +44 (0)113 213 5011 or email

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Software Installation Initially you will be guided by our team through your software Installation phase. Simply by providing answers to the few questions below successful integration will be achieved. For each computer: 1.

What operating system and technology are you working with? (i.e. Windows 7, 32 Bit) Please refer to the system requirements list to ensure your operating system is compatible with the Prozone systems.


Are you named as an ‘Administrator’ on your computer? If not you should raise this point with your own I.T department prior to software installation.


If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, is User Account Control (UAC) turned off? Please contact your I.T department to ensure this is the case before software installation commences.


Can you run the Prozone remote software client hosted on the support page? Http://

If you cannot run this software then you may have a firewall enabled, again please contact your I.T department to ensure this is disabled before software installation commences. Once you have answered these questions and provided the information to Prozone via, a software installation date will be set and the process outlined in the following diagram can commence.

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Prozone Software Installation Process

Key: UAC- User account control

Initial Training Upon successful installation of your software we will endeavour to conduct product training within seven days*. This will ensure familiarity with your newly installed software and enable you to become Prozone ready.

* Dependant upon agreement with your Account Manager

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PROZONE ONLINE APPLICATIONS COMPATIBILITY In order to ensure our online applications such as PORTAL, DASHBOARD, PROFILE and RECRUITER can be installed smoothly, please check our compatibility information below. Operating Systems (OS)

Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac

Android (e.g. Samsung GT)

iOS (e.g. iPad)


Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

Not Compatible


Fully Compatible

Video Not Compatible

Video Not Compatible

Not Compatible


Fully Compatible

Video Not Compatible

Video Not Compatible

Not Compatible


Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

Not Compatible

Minimum System / Software Requirements

Adobe FLASH Player

Windows MediaPlayer (Windows Only)

Connection Speed




No Minimum



Video Only

2Mbps Minimum for Video



Video Only

2Mbps Minimum for Video




1mb Minimum

Note: Prozone DESKTOP install is required on a Windows OS

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What is my username and password for X?

Prozone can not be installed natively on an Apple Mac. However, if you install Windows via Bootcamp, VMWareFusion or Parallels, the software can be installed on this partition. For more information please contact our Support Team at

As part of your Prozone activation stage, you will be provided with your login details for all products via email. A reminder will be sent at the start of each season; changes to login details can be made at this point if required. If at any point this information is misplaced please contact our Support Team at and request a reminder.

What if our pitch dimensions change from season to season? Please inform our Operations Team at of any changes to your pitch dimensions prior to the season commencing. Failure to do so will affect the accuracy of the physical data delivered in your final product. Where and when will my initial training take place? We aim to conduct all initial training within 7 days of sign up. Ideally training would be held at the Prozone HQ. This is, however, negotiable depending upon your location and availability and will be arranged by your dedicated Account Manager.

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Can I use the Prozone software on more than one computer? Yes. Prior to your software installation phase please advise our Support Team on how many computers you require the Prozone system to operate on. You must answer the installation preparation questions as stated in the section ‘Software Installation’ (Pg. 12) for each computer before installation can commence.



PROZONE3 Please click HERE to view our comprehensive PROZONE3 user guide.

PROZONE3 is the industry’s leading player tracking system and provides a unique physical, technical and tactical coaching tool using multiple cameras installed within a stadium. The data capture system incorporates 8-12 digital IP cameras strategically positioned throughout the stadium. Our patented tracking process is then used to produce comprehensive positional and physical information allowing you to objectively analyse every aspect of the game, on and off the ball, on a team, unit, and individual basis. Independently validated, the PROZONE3 represents the most precise player tracking system available in the industry. The information is presented through interactive distribution maps, 2D animation and video clips. This interactive presentation makes this wealth of performance information easy to understand and simple to navigate.

We know that each of our clients need different things from PROZONE3. So you can choose how your performance information is displayed. You can change player thresholds, check player ratings and view video and performance statistics for any period of the game. You can also interrogate and benchmark every aspect of the performance data available through PROZONE3 via our associated applications such as DASHBOARD and TREND. It is our belief that PROZONE3 is best used interactively where possible, but we also appreciate the need for printable reports. Teams can therefore use PROZONE3’s own generic reports, including our unique player ratings tool, or you can customise your own reports that fit the needs of coaching and management staff.

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THE PRODUCTS MATCHVIEWER Please click HERE to view our comprehensive MATCHVIEWER user guide.

Prozone MATCHVIEWER is Prozone’s most accessible, affordable and widely used product. It is the world’s leading opposition scouting and post-match analysis system providing technical, tactical and video analysis all from a single camera source. MATCHVIEWER has continually been developed alongside leading coaches and managers who require performance analysis at away games (where PROZONE3 analysis is not possible) and for scouting opponents. It is now used for reflection and preparation at all levels within football from academy level to 1st team and throughout many professional, amateur and college/university teams. Providing the ability to view in-depth and interactive distribution maps, statistical tables and visual representations from just one camera source; MATCHVIEWER is now an essential part of the modern coaching cycle. It allows immediate video access to every single ‘event’ in the game (e.g. shots, passes, crosses, set pieces) and allows you to look at performance data and visual representations

Page 16

(e.g. pass maps) on a team, unit, and individual basis. Although best used interactively, MATCHVIEWER has a report generation function enabling you to create printable generic and custom reports to suit the needs of your coaching and management team. MATCHVIEWER links seamlessly with the Prozone TREND to offer a more in-depth and time-phased analysis of key performance variables. Data and video can be imported into Prozone TREND to generate an invaluable database of performance information to allow for more thorough seasonal trend analysis. We understand that ‘real-time’ analysis along with post-match analysis, are key components of the coaching process. So to assist with the transition between these, Prozone has enabled MATCHVIEWER to work alongside many other in-game applications including SportsCode, Athletic Logic and Coaching Data.

THE PRODUCTS TREND Please click HERE to view our comprehensive TREND user guide.

Prozone TREND is your comprehensive analysis database that allows you to store all your PROZONE3 and MATCHVIEWER data and video in one place. This highly searchable system enables you to easily view and extract data and video across multiple games to continually monitor and assess performance trends. TREND facilitates in-depth analysis of physical, tactical and technical data on an individual, positional, and team level from a single game, multiple games or across an entire season. This allows you to make better informed decisions when creating benchmarks and setting specific performance goals and targets. Once a library of stored games has been built up, TREND provides the perfect opportunity of benchmarking specific team, positional, and player performances against own team, opponent and league averages.

TREND offers customisable options including exportable performance reports. Every report is user-defined: from the matches selected to the type of data required. TREND provides a number of print-ready reports, and it also allows users to customise and generate bespoke reports based on the specified performance data. Data searches can also be exported into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or saved as ‘Prozone playlists’ that can be viewed at any time. For full flexibility, measurement units can also be changed in line with your team’s preferences (e.g. m/s into km/hr). Compatibility with other Prozone products (as well as applications such as SportsCode and Polar) means that video clips and data created in the single game analysis of PROZONE3 and MATCHVIEWER can be transferred, saved and analysed in one place.

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THE PRODUCTS DASHBOARD Please click HERE to view our comprehensive DASHBOARD user guide.

DASHBOARD presents a secure online snapshot of your team’s performance, highlighting the key physical and technical performance indicators. We’ve identified these key performance indicators through academic research and by working closely with leading professionals in the game. DASHBOARD insights are stored on a secure online web page enabling your selected coaching and management staff to get an important overview of team performance from anywhere in the world at any time convenient to them. DASHBOARD can help with improved understanding, faster and more accurate communication of performance trends across the club, and a much greater engagement with players. The simple and accessible design of DASHBOARD means that trends in performance are clearly highlighted, giving coaching and management staff the high-level information they need to drive additional analysis and inform coaching strategy.

Page 18

All of your team’s technical and physical data from each game can be benchmarked against your own past performances, those of your opponents and league averages. This allows you to see how your team is performing in relation to specific performance targets, how you compare against your opponents, and which areas are in need of deeper analysis and more work on the training pitch. DASHBOARD trends are user-defined, so you can choose the time frame over which your team’s performance is analysed. This means you can choose to look at trends across the last 5 games, the last 10 games, or across a whole season. As with all Prozone products, security and confidentiality are of paramount importance. So online access is password protected to guarantee the confidentiality of performance data.

THE PRODUCTS RECRUITER Please click HERE to view our comprehensive RECRUITER user guide.

Prozone RECRUITER is an innovative online solution which allows teams to make objective and better informed decisions on player trading through the use of accurate performance data. With Directors, Managers and Scouts becoming more diligent and accountable with regards to the recruitment of new players, RECRUITER allows users to identify, profile, benchmark and evaluate potential transfer targets through the integration of objective data, advanced analysis, video, and biographical career data. RECRUITER supplements the intuition and expertise of scouts and managers whilst keeping their activity 100% confidential. For existing Prozone customers, the analysis language is consistent with their existing data, thereby enabling users to asses the performance of their existing assets against potential acquisitions. Moreover, users are able to benchmark possible transfer targets against other players and league averages to assess how players may perform and adapt to the demands of new leagues.

Performance information is available on players from 6000 games analysed every season throughout Europe, North America and Latin America. Our extensive coverage of the key leagues provides the user with the most advanced player trading software package, giving instant access to the largest performance analysis database of players available. The objective performance data is brought to life through RECRUITER’s variety of user generated searches and easy-touse modelling techniques. The interactive interface allows you to combine the advanced analysis function with the video and biographical information to give you a deeper understanding of how a player may fit into your team. Online access is password protected to guarantee 100% client confidentiality with regards to their individual transfer activity at all times.

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THE PRODUCTS MATCHINSIGHT Please click HERE to view our comprehensive MATCHINSIGHT user guide.

MATCHINSIGHT is our self-coding performance analysis system and is available as a software licence. It allows you to analyse performances recorded from a single camera source enabling coaches and analysts to code the specific aspects of performance footage themselves, and produce reliable technical and tactical performance data. MATCHINSIGHT can be used to analyse any invasion sport (e.g. football, rugby and field hockey) and there is no limit to the number of games, training or performances that can be coded. For this reason this software licence provides a very flexible and affordable performance analysis solution for teams at all levels of the game. Its cost-effectiveness and flexibility means that MATCHINSIGHT can be used at all levels at a club right the way through from the academy and reserves to the first team. This allows for a consistency of analysis and performance benchmarking across all playing levels.

Page 20

Once the software has been purchased under licence, MATCHINSIGHT users can code an unlimited number of games and store that data for objective post match analysis, scouting reports and training feedback; ultimately helping to shape the coaching strategy for the team. The MATCHINSIGHT self-coding procedure provides you with a MATCHVIEWER output, providing the ability to analyse your team’s performance in detail through the use of interactive distribution maps, statistical tables and visual representations. It also allows immediate video access to every coded event in the game and allows you to look at performance data and visual representations (e.g. pass maps) on a team, unit, and individual basis. Please see the MATCHVIEWER section for further information on the benefits of this product and the comprehensive user manual.

THE PRODUCTS DESKTOP Please click HERE to view our comprehensive DESKTOPT user guide.

DESKTOP is our launch platform for our full suite of performance analysis services. It is a complimentary addition to your Prozone analysis systems and allows you speedy access to any of the Prozone products from a single desktop application. The DESKTOP application facilitates the navigation process and the simultaneous use of your Prozone analysis services. It provides increased synergy between our products ensuring that your performance analysis can be executed with maximum efficiency.

The simple setup makes the archiving of games more straightforward as it allows your game archives to be structured to meet the needs of your club. Together with direct access to each of the Prozone products, DESKTOP also provides immediate access to our customer services facility. Product user guides, frequently asked questions and direct customer service and product support is available via this single application.

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REQUESTING A GAME To ensure all of your game requests are captured effectively all customers must follow our simple request procedure as detailed below. Email at least 3 days in advance to the game being played. If the game to be processed has already been played please allow at least 48 hours notice for processing. Please include the following in the email: • • • •

Fixture Date Competition Venue

• • • •

Kick-off time Video provision details MATCHVIEWER/PROZONE3 Stadium (for any PZ3)

You will receive a confirmation email of your request. If accepted, details of your request will be reiterated within this email. Please check that all details are correct. Notify Prozone via email should any of the details change following your initial request or if you have any queries regarding it. Please contact our Operations team on +44 (0)113 213 5020 or email should you have any queries regarding our request procedure.

Page 22


Game request received

MV Post Match

MV Scouting

Video only

Prozone log request


Has the game been played?


Has the game already been processed?


Do we have the footage and tem sheets?

Game delivered


Schedule with processing team (inc Kick Off time if PZ3 request)

1. External providers 2. PZ3 cameras and/or multieye OB feed 3. Sent from customer 4. Satilite feed 5. Compiling team sheets internally


Waiting on information sources


PZ3 Post Match

Game processed

Wait on processing team to process

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GAME CAPTURE FOR POST-MATCH ANALYSIS Although the majority of procedures on match day are routinely completed behind the scenes by Prozone, there are a number of actions we require the club to complete to allow us to begin processing your game as efficiently as possible. The following section will take you through the capture process, what is required from the club on a match day and how to provide these items to Prozone.

Game Capture for PROZONE3 Following the 8 camera installation for PROZONE3 customers, the cameras are configured and pre-set to capture the games automatically. The recorded footage is captured onto your server and is remotely accessed by Prozone immediately after each game.

The PROZONE3 capture process

Page 24

Camera Coverage With an 8 camera installation, Prozone can guarantee 100% pitch coverage. This ensures that all on and off the ball events are captured via the PROZONE3 system.

• 8 SONY digital Cameras positioned at all 4 corners of the stadium • Remote control via wireless IP technology • No intervention on match day is required

Page 25

Outside Broadcast (OB) feed for PROZONE3 & MATCHVIEWER Prozone must receive an outside broadcast (OB) feed of your game as soon as possible after the final whistle in order to populate the integral video component within our post-match analysis products (PROZONE3/MATCHVIEWER). An OB feed is the main video footage of your game and is often provided by

your main stadium camera man or media department. Provision of this game footage to Prozone is the club’s responsibility. For your convenience Prozone have three simple methods, depending on your facilities, that you can employ to ensure efficient delivery of your OB feed.

All three of these options require you to follow the following procedure initially:

Page 26

captured OB feed to Prozone The following three methods can then be employed to deliver the captured OB feed to Prozone: 1 Provide Outside Broadcast (OB) feed to your stadium server This is the most efficient way to provide Prozone with your game footage. During our current standard stadium installation process an OB feed is located and connected to your stadium server. This allows Prozone to remotely access the footage of the game immediately after the final whistle, therefore reducing the amount of club input during the capture process. It is the club’s responsibility to ensure that this OB feed is connected to the server prior to each game and to inform Prozone that this method is being adopted. 2 Insert a DVD of the game into your server after the game This method allows Prozone to remotely access your game video even if your OB feed is not connected directly to your server initially. By inserting a DVD copy of the game into your server immediately after the final whistle, Prozone can remotely access and download the footage. Again, it is the club’s responsibility to provide the DVD to the server and inform Prozone that this method is being adopted. 3 Provide a DVD to Prozone via courier This option should be adopted if you cannot for any reason provide the footage via the methods explained in options 1 and 2. As soon as possible after the final whistle, a DVD of the game should be provided to a pre-arranged courier for immediate delivery to the Prozone headquarters. It is the responsibility of the club to provide this DVD and inform Prozone that this method is being adopted. Given this information, it is the responsibility of Prozone to pre-arrange the courier delivery service.

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GAME CAPTURE FOR SCOUTING REQUESTS Prozone aim to cover and process as many games as possible within the leagues we operate in order to provide a comprehensive scouting service to our clients. For this reason, the majority of scout game requests can be carried out and delivered to you by Prozone without further action from our

customers. If however, you have requested a scout game that has not yet been processed or is not scheduled to be processed, you may be required to provide Prozone with a copy of the video footage for the specific game requested. You can do this is in two different ways:

1. Upload via File Transport Protocol (FTP) If for some reason you are unable to use our PORTAL upload, you can use our online FTP site. We suggest using ‘Filezilla’ software for this option. For detailed instructions on how to use our FTP site please click HERE. 2. Send a DVD copy If it is not possible to upload your footage via our PORTAL facility, a DVD copy of the game would need to be provided either via courier or post. Once the DVD is received, Prozone will digitize and convert the footage so it is compatible with our products. Please send all DVDs to our main office address for the attention of our Scouting Services: Prozone Sports Ltd. 3 Craven Court, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 8BN

Page 28

OB Video Capture Requirements Whether the game to be processed is for post-match or scouting purposes the video capture requirements are identical. The game video we receive can vary significantly both due to the positioning and field of view of the camera and the quality

of the output. The quality of the video we receive can have a considerable affect on the accuracy, quality and efficiency of the final product. For this reason we ask that you follow our guidelines and adhere to the recommended video capture requirements outlined below.

Camera Location Height from pitch • A minimum of 7.5m above pitch level • Optimum height is between 15-20m Distance from pitch • A minimum of 2m from touchline • Optimum distance is 5m Location • Centrally located on the half way line Field of view • A suitable level of zoom to clearly show players and pitch markings to aid in identification of event locations

Video Output A minimum of 7.5m above pitch level The quality of the video output is also of significant importance. If the quality is poor with regards to pixilation and view of action then coding errors may be much more prevalent and the game delivery time extended considerably. Consequently, the accuracy and efficiency of delivery of your final

product is reduced. The video examples below should help to demonstrate what successful and unsuccessful video capture looks like, and therefore give you an understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable video for processing.

Page 29

Successful Video Capture Examples:

Page 30

Excellent camera field of view

Very good camera field of view

Good camera field of view

Adequate camera field of view

Unacceptable Video Capture Examples:

Camera zoomed out- player ID issues

Camera at pitch level- event location issues

Camera not central- player ID and event location issues

Poor video quality- player ID issues

Page 31

ADDITIONAL MATCH DAY INFORMATION In addition to successful video capture, Prozone also require some additional information relating to the specific match. By providing this information immediately after the final whistle, you can ensure maximum quality and accuracy of your final product. It also increases the efficiency of the processing of your game and ultimately reduces your game delivery times. For your convenience, we have set up an electronic information form allowing you to easy and quickly provide us with the additional information we require. Simply complete the form and email to us at All of the following information should be provided via our match day information form: • • • • • • • • •

Competition name Team names Game date Venue Player names and numbers Substitute names and times Goal scorers and goal times Booking and dismissal times Starting formation

The simple match day form will be emailed to you at the start of each season. Please contact our Operations Team at to request a new form.

Page 32

GAME PROCESSING PROCEDURE All game production is delivered by our production partners, Venture Axis, who have been managing global game production services for Prozone since 2006. Through a unique working relationship Prozone and Venture Axis work closely to maintain the efficiency and accuracy of your final product. Each game we receive is put through a strict quality control procedure to ensure a top quality output.

Game Processing Procedure Preparation, Production & Delivery 1. IP Stadia Capture

IP camera configurations tested and checked 24 hours before each game. Check recording status immediately before kick off Full control of IP stadia capture and transfer on match days.

2. Video Acquisition

Management of courier services from stadia. Management of OB satellite capture.

3. Logistics

Logistical handling of all DVDs and storage media received at Prozone.

4. Video Formatting

DVD digitisation process prior to data transfer

5. Data Transfer (via Akamai)

Electronic data transfer of tracking videos from stadia and Prozone HQ. Electronic data transfer of OB videos from stadia and Prozone HQ.

6. Operations Management

Management of processing workloads, staffing requirements, and I.T infrastructure.

7. Pre-production Setup

Sourcing and validation of game result information. Collation and validation of team sheet information. Calibration of tracking cameras from stadia. Selection of players/teams/competitions/venues within Manager4 production software.

Page 33

EVENTING PROCESS AND MATCHVIEWER OUTPUT Prozone have developed proprietary software for notating football matches remotely using on-screen video. The subsequent interpretation software (Prozone MATCHVIEWER) is primarily used for post match analysis and scouting forthcoming opponents.

Remote Video Notation Prozone employ a sequential coding process when notating matches remotely using on-screen video. Prozone were the first company to implement sequential processing ensuring that all output data is automatically derived through an objective logic. In other words, our observers do not make subjective decisions on

the relative success of player actions; rather the software calculates the output via an algorithm. Therefore, if player A passes the ball at time 1.0, and player B (from the same team) receives the ball at time 2.0, and no other events occur between times 1.0 -2.0, this will be coded as a successful pass for player A and the team.

The video is fed through the coding interface when one or more observers proceed to notate the match by entering 3 inputs (see Figure 1.1 for an illustration of this production flow): 1. MATCH EVENT 2. PLAYER ID 3. PITCH POSITION [of the action] When notating player actions and match events, the Prozone notation process uses 55 event classifications (including Cross, Pass, Touch, Block, Tackle etc ). These events have become established as credible and objective through working alongside leading coaches and specialists throughout the professional football industry.

Page 34

Sequential Coding Process

Page 35

MATCHVIEWER Data Output The 55 Prozone event classifications are merely the coding input during the notation process. Through the sequential process and algorithms embedded within our notation system; 252 data outputs (and literally thousands of other derivatives) are automatically and objectively produced.

Typical Data Output from a Single Game MATCHVIEWER Reliability & Quality Control Once the event notation process is complete, a thorough four phase quality control (QC) procedure is applied to ensure data accuracy and reliability. Each production team is responsible for checking their respective match event inputs (home and away teams), within our production environment against the Outside Broadcast (OB) video. At this point the data output within the interpretation MATCHVIEWER software is checked by 2 additional specialist QC teams, and any errors corrected before a final check is completed by a third senior QC team.

Page 36

Events Validation Prozone is the only performance analysis business to have independently validated our notation systems and subsequent data output within leading international scientific journals. Specifically, Prozone’s eventing notation system has been

validated for the repeatability and reliability of time-coded event data (i.e. event, player and pitch position). Subsequently our data output can be used with confidence to deliver objective and precise insights on both team and individual player performance.

“Prozone’s MatchViewer system is reliable when operated by observers that have undergone the recommended quantity of enduser training” Bradley, P., O’Donoghue, P.G., Wooster, B. and Tordoff, P. (2007). The reliability of Prozone MatchViewer: a video-based technical performance analysis system, International Journal of Performance Analysis of Sport, 7 (3), pp. 117-129.

PROZONE TRACKING PROCESS AND PROZONE3 OUTPUT Prozone’s post match tracking solution use a proprietary image capture process for tracking the movements of players on a football pitch. Our patented system employs image processing algorithms calibrated to the exact pitch dimensions to measure positional data to a high degree of accuracy. Stadium Capture Prozone’s tracking solution requires a stadium installation consisting of an array of 8-10 Sony digital IP cameras fixed at stadium roof level in a strategic position, connected together on their own network via fibre optic and CAT5e cable. All cameras are recorded simultaneously at 10Hz to a single server with dedicated video capture software. In addition, the OB (Outside Broadcast) feed is converted into digital format and subsequently recorded onto the capture server. Tracking Methodology Post match player tracking is conducted via semi-automatic image processing with manual player ID. Each video is tracked independently determining image co-ordinates and continuous trajectories for each player every 1/10th second. Once tracking has completed, the output from all 8-10 cameras is automatically combined to produce a single dataset. The image co-ordinates are converted into world pitch co-ordinates via a calibration process and proprietary algorithm that eliminates vision distortion and non-2dimensional playing surfaces.

PROZONE3 Data Output Following stadium capture and post production, Prozone applies a proprietary software program to synergise player tracking data with the notated match events data (the events outputs in PROZONE3 are derived in exactly the same way as Prozone MATCHVIEWER). In the professional market, the information is then presented to the customer through our PROZONE3 interpretation software. PROZONE3 Reliability & Quality Control Following initial processing, a thorough five phase quality control (QC) procedure is applied to ensure data accuracy. The QC process replicates the four eventing QC phases previously described, plus an additional QC stage in the production environment to check: i) player tracking against all cameras, and ii) match events against all available cameras. The final QC stage involves checking the data output in our Prozone3 interpretation software, before being compiled and distributed. Tracking Validation Prozone’s post match player tracking methodology is the only system to have been independently validated by leading academics and practitioners. Consequently Prozone’s post match methodology represents the most accurate and repeatable player tracking system available in the industry.

“Prozone serves as a highly accurate system for quantifying match-related displacement velocities in soccer” Di Salvo, V., Collins, A., McNeil, B. and Cardinale, M. (2006). Validation of Prozone: A new video-based performance analysis system. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 6 (1), pp. 108-119

Page 37

Events Validation (Continued) Once your game is complete you will receive a text message and an email to inform you that it is ready for download (our recommended download procedures are outlined in the following section). 12. Data Delivery

Population of compile files into relevant section within Prozone game storage server. Cropping (start and end of half) of corresponding video files. Syncing (to kick off points) of video files Importing of data into Prozone HQ SQL database. Establishment of network video links within Prozone ‘Master TREND’ software platform.

13. Customer Alerts

Management of integrated SMS service to notify customers when games are complete.

14. Leeds based QC

Random independent QC of approx 25% of PZ3 and MV output Direct feedback to training team.

15. Reporting

Maintenance and management of online game status reporting system. Submission of weekly production reports to Prozone.

16. Training

Continual training: Constantly evaluate, monitor and improve performance of game production staff.

GAME CHANGES PROCEDURE Due to the subjective nature of many events within a football game, it may be apparent that on occasions you wish to change a coded event based on your individual club definitions. Furthermore, although the Prozone MATCHVIEWER and PROZONE3 systems have been independently validated, they have been proven to be 99% accurate which does leave a small margin for error. With between 2300 and 2500 events in every game, this 1% may equate to 25 coding errors. Although this is not always the case we do have a procedure through which you can quickly get these changes amended within your product. Please send an email detailing the specific time and type of event that needs changing along with the player/players involved to To guarantee a same day turnaround on these changes please send your request within 3 hours of receiving your completed game. Any amendments are usually made and your updated game returned to you within 1 hour of the changes request being received.

Page 38

Game Download Procedure Once you have received your text message and email informing you that your game is complete, you are able to begin the download process. In the final stages of processing we create a ‘game folder’. This game folder holds the synchronized video, team badges, positions

file and most importantly a ‘compile file’. This compile file is what holds all of your performance information and it is this that enables you to open up your game in the final product (PROZONE3/ MATCHVIWER) via our DESKTOP application. Everything from the video to the compile file can be downloaded simultaneously via our online game download facility, Prozone PORTAL

PORTAL Prozone PORTAL provides you with secure online access to a large section of our game archive. Both your post-match and scouting games can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connection. To access our online PORTAL application please click HERE.

Post-Match Games By logging into your secure post-match section on PORTAL you can quickly access and download the files you require to open up your PROZONE3 or MATCHVIEWER game. The badges, positions and compile files, or the ‘data files’, for your post-match game can be swiftly downloaded and synchronised with your match day footage. You can also opt to download your game folder with the embedded video if required. The length of your post-match game download procedure will depend on your local internet connection and which specific files you are downloading. Download times will be considerably longer if you opt to include the embedded video.

Page 39

Game Download Procedure (Continued) Scouting Games With access to our extensive archive of processed MATCHVIEWER games, PORTAL is the best place to search, preview and download your games for your scouting needs. Linked to your club’s account, the PORTAL uses credits directly from your contracted scouting allowance, and if you don’t currently have a scouting allowance with Prozone, you can download and pay on a per-match basis. PORTAL therefore allows you to access your scout games without going through the game request procedure; making it quicker and easier to access your scouting games on a regular basis. As with the post-match download procedure, you can opt whether to download the data files only to synchronise with

your existing video, or download the whole game folder with embedded video. Again, download speeds are affected depending on the amount that is being downloaded from the PORTAL. While the online PORTAL provides access to a wide range of our MATCHVIEWER games, it does not allow you to view our more extensive offline archive. If you can’t locate a specific game on PORTAL please refer back to the initial game request procedure <P23>. If the game is stored in our offline archive we can make it available to your club for download, alternatively we can proceed with the game capture and processing procedures (as described in the previous sections).

Please note: if you exceed your scouting quota, additional game will automatically be added to your monthly invoice.

PORTAL System Requirements In order for PORTAL to work optimally, Prozone request you ensure the following considerations are taken into account: 1. Prozone recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as the most compatible browsers for using PORTAL 2. Please add the PORTAL url ( to your browser’s allowed sites within the pop-up blocker settings. Please click HERE for our comprehensive PORTAL user guide.

Page 40


My game did not fully download from PORTAL, what do I do?

Check with your Account Manager regarding the cost of this service (if any). Request this service by emailing

Try using a different PORTAL download method (http or ftp) to download the game. Alternatively, contact the Prozone Support Team at or 0113 213 5011.

I cannot download a game from PORTAL due to technical difficulties, what do I do?

When will my game be ready?

Contact our Prozone Support Team at or +44 (0)113 213 5011. An alternative method of receiving your game is via our FTP server. These ad hoc requests can be made by emailing Can I get a fixture processed? Email ensuring you include the fixture details, processing type (MATCHVIEWER/PROZONE3), and how you will be supplying the match footage.

Email who can advise on the estimated time of completion of a particular fixture that is being processed. What if I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t complete the online match day form? Prozone will use best endeavours to source and procure the relevant information required through online resources. This may, however, impact on the accuracy of your final product, so it is essential that the online procedure is carried out to ensure maximum quality, efficiency and accuracy. How long does it take to download a game from PORTAL?

Can I get the video only from a processed game? Check with your Account Manager regarding the cost of this service (if any). Request this service by emailing My video or compile files are not working, what do I do? Ensure the 0.wmv and 1.wmv videos are present in the \Videos folder and the .cmp compile is present. Alternatively, contact the Prozone Support Team at or +44 (0)113 213 5011.

Download speeds are dependant upon a number of factors and for this reason download speeds can vary. On average, a 1.5GB video file will take 100 minutes to download using a 2Mbps internet connection. How much storage space will I need to store a full seasons worth of Prozone games? Storage requirements will depend on the amount of games you have processed, post-match and scouting. Each game, however, will be no larger than 2GB. It is possible to store Prozone games on an external hard drive.

A game that has been processed is not available on PORTAL, what do I do? Email who can diagnose the issue.

Page 41



Prozone have a dedicated customer support team with over 27 years of customer service experience. Our global customer service department has three specific areas of focus; Product Support, the Performance Analysis Centre, and Training and Education. This enables us to provide unrivalled, tailored customer support to all our clients internationally.

PRODUCT SUPPORT When working with Prozoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique technology, we are aware that our customers may need a little help or guidance occasionally; at Prozone our dedicated support team are continuously striving to provide a world-class service. You can expect a patient and comprehensive approach from all of our team when dealing with each product-related enquiry. Whether it is a product functionality, troubleshooting, or general navigation enquiry, our Product Support Team will be able to assist efficiently with their

Page 42

vast expertise and understanding of all of our products. Furthermore we are able to deliver advice on how to best utilise our products to be as effective as possible for your specific needs. We value your custom and our highly skilled technicians intend to exceed your expectations Our product support process, outlined in the following diagram, has been structured to ensure you receive the best care from our response team.

Product Support Process

Key: UAC- User account control For any product-related enquiries, or in the unlikely event that you need assistance due to a product fault, our Product Support Team can be reached by telephone on +44 (0)113 213 5011 or via email on

Page 43

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS CENTRE Prozoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Performance Analysis Centre provides industry leading performance analysis service and support through the provision of valuable performance insights. With over 20 years of industryspecific experience, the Performance Analysis Centre offers generic and bespoke analysis to our clients to assist them in

gaining that much sought after distinct performance advantage. Alongside our analyst support structure we aim to proactively drive insightful and applied research activity within professional performance analysis, working alongside industry practitioners, academics, clubs and institutions.

What can the Performance Analysis Centre provide for you?

Page 44

Effective Performance Analysis Performance research emphasises the importance of ‘knowledge of performance’ and ‘knowledge of results’ within the coaching process for one simple reason; if you don’t know how your team performed in their last game, how do you know where your strengths are to exploit and your weaknesses to improve for your next game? This is why feedback and evaluation has become a fundamental part of the coaching process.

Prozone in the Coaching Process 1. PERFORMANCE 2. FEEDBACK 3. EVALUATION 4. PREPARATION

Subjective opinion and coach intuition forms a large proportion of knowledge of performance; however statistical information and performance data assists in providing a deeper understanding and a more tangible measure of performance. It is this measurable characteristic and factual knowledge

of performance that makes the Prozone performance data such a powerful coaching tool. It allows you to understand performance demands on the field of play and from this create realistic benchmarks, goals and targets on a team, unit or individual basis.

Page 45

Effective Performance Analysis (Continued) Continual monitoring of the data will assist in highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and performance trends of your team or opposition, enabling better informed decisions to be made both on the field of play and on the training ground.

Maximising Performance Gains

Access to performance data is now so widespread that just having the information is no longer enough to offer competitive advantage; effective usage and a deep understanding are what makes the difference in modern coaching. For assistance and advice on effective performance analysis methods please contact our Performance Analysis Centre at or +44 (0)113 213 5024

Page 46

Research Advisory Group Academic research has always been an important part of our commitment to performance analysis, making use of and extending the body of knowledge that exists and continually informing best practice. For this reason, we have formed key research partnerships with a number of leading academic institutions. In collaboration with our research partnerships, and as part of our continued commitment to sports performance research we have established a Research Advisory Group. This advisory group exists to bring together industry leading practitioners, academics, and other members of the sports science community with an interest in applied research to coordinate studies and

further knowledge through collaborative research activity. This important investment in academic development and scientific performance will ultimately supplement the enhancement of existing technologies and inform best practice through topical, in-depth academic research. Research proposals are regularly reviewed by the group to seek opportunities to contribute to, and collaborate on, innovative and skilled research. The review procedure helps to focus and inform the future direction of performance analysis research. The purpose, significance, and ultimate industry value of each proposed project will form the basis of discussion during the review process.

If you are interested in the use of Prozone data as part of an academic research project then please contact Research proposals will be reviewed by the Prozone Research Advisory Group at their next meeting.

Page 47

TRAINING & EDUCATION SERVICES Product Training As part of your initial software installation process you will receive training on each of the products used at your club. Please refer to the software installation process section for information on initial training timescales for each product. As our products are constantly being enhanced in line with

industry demand, repeated regular training updates would be advised to ensure you get the best out of your Prozone products. For this reason, each month we host catch up training events. Should you wish to be involved in any of these be sure to contact or call

Education and Accreditation We are currently delivering a range of Performance Analysis courses from industry starters to practising professionals. These unique “Industry real” courses come with a qualification and we’re looking to offer Career Pathway Development (CPD) points for

Page 48

these very soon to further enhance the careers of the participants. Current course offerings can be viewed on our website, for further information please email

CUSTOMER SERVICES: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Product Support What is my username and password for X? As part of your Prozone activation stage, you will be provided with your login details for all products via email. A reminder will be sent at the start of each season; changes to login details can be made at this point if required. If at any point this information is misplaced please contact our Support Team at and request a reminder. How do I upload/download to and from my FTP page? Filezilla is the preferred software for uploading and downloading files from your FTP page. Please click HERE for further information on how to use the Filezilla software. What video formats can I use in the Prozone products? 3 video formats are compatible with the Prozone product; WMV, Mpeg2 and AVI. My video or compile files are not working, what do I do? Ensure the 0.wmv and 1.wmv videos are present in the \Videos folder and the .cmp compile is present. Alternatively, contact the Prozone Support Team at or call +44 (0)113 213 5011. Can you specify the event definitions and product logic? For details regarding the product logic regarding please contact and request our most recent Event Definitions Document. Where in the product can I findâ&#x20AC;Ś? For product navigation advice please contact our Support Team on +44 (0)113 213 5011 or email

Page 49

CUSTOMER SERVICES: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Performance Analysis Centre When are the monthly benchmarks made available? Your league specific monthly benchmarks are sent to you via email within a week of the last game of the month being played. Along with the documents, you will receive your unique club ID number for that month. Please contact for more information on benchmarking. Do you have data/video on this player/team? Our online PORTAL application provides a good indication of our game archive. Should you need further assistance on a specific data/ video search please email How do I access the goals library? All goals for your league are stored on our FTP site and are ready to download at anytime. You will be provided with a unique password allowing you to gain access to all goals scored and conceded for any team in your league. For instructions on how to use our FTP download site please click HERE. Is this in our contract or chargeable? The Performance Analysis Centre provides generic services to all clients as part of their service schedule. Our bespoke services may incur an additional charge. Please contact our team directly at or call +44 (0) 113 2449296 for further information. Can you send me a specific report template? Yes. Please contact stating the specific report template required. Any updated templates will be sent out to you automatically for you convenience. Please save these templates to ensure you are always using our most up to date version for each available report.

Page 50

CUSTOMER SERVICES: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Training and Education Services What training courses are scheduled for this season? All current course offerings can be viewed on our website Do I need to pay for the product training and refresher courses, and if so what are the costs? In the first instance, please contact your dedicated Account Manager. Do I need to pay for the educational training courses, and if so what are the costs? Yes a cost is associated with these courses. For latest information please contact How do I book a place on an educational training course? Please email stating the course and the date you wish to attend and they will confirm you place. Where are the training courses held? All product training and refresher courses are usually held at the Leeds HQ. Educational training courses are held externally. Please refer to our website or email for further details. Can I get a qualification through the training courses? Prozone offer an award- based scheme that is industry-recognised. This process is currently being validated with a view to offering Career Pathway Development (CPD) points. For more information on this please email

Page 51



Prozone product development specialise in the design and delivery of innovative, engaging and industry-leading sports performance analysis products that embrace current technologies. It is important to us that these products are in-line with current trends in the world of sports performance analysis, and that they provide our customers with the best functionality possible.

If you have any suggestions on how our current product range can be improved, please contact your dedicated Account Manager with specific details.

Page 52



Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept bank transfers/cheques/cash/credit card/paypal.

We accept all major credit cards except Diners club and international maestro, these do incur a 3% charge and all payments are taken in GBP.

How can I obtain a copy invoice/credit note? You can request a copy invoice or credit note by either telephone +44 (0)113 213 5010 or e-mail

Are there any restrictions if I choose to pay by Paypal? We can only accept small payments of under ÂŁ200 per transaction.

Who do I contact if I have an invoice query? Should you have an invoice query, you can contact finance via telephone on +44 (0)113 213 5010 or e-mail

For any other queries relating to finance or accounts please contact our Accounts Team on +44 (0)113 2449296 or email

What is your VAT number and company registration number? Our VAT number is 664 8872 80 and our registration number is 03265628 Do we need to provide an order number? Ideally we would prefer to receive an order number, but this is entirely up to your company procedures. Please contact your finance to check if they require us to provide this information. How can I obtain your terms and conditions? Our terms and conditions can be obtained by either telephone +44 (0)113 213 5010 or e-mail How can I obtain a copy of the contract? A copy of your contract can be obtained by either telephone +44 (0)113 213 5010 or e-mail

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INDEX A academic research, 47 account manager, 6 accounts and finance, 53 accreditation, 48 analyst contacts, 7 analyst support, 44 apple macs, 14 C camera coverage, 25 career pathway development, 48 changes procedure, 38 client list, 7 coding errors, 38 consultancy, 6 contacts, 5 customer support services, 42, 49 D DASHBOARD, 18 DESKTOP, 21 development, 6 E education, 48 eventing process, 34 F file transport protocol, 28 filezilla, 28 G game capture, 22, 24, 28, 41 game download procedure, 39 game processing procedure, 33 game requests, 22 goals video library, 44 I installation, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 invoices, 53 L login details, 14

Page 54

M match day protocol, 32 MATCHINSIGHT, 20 MATCHVIEWER, 16 monthly benchmarks, 44 O online applications, 11 outside broadcast feed, 26 P payment, 53 performance analysis centre, 44 pitch dimensions, 14 PORTAL, 28, 39, product development, 52 product logic, 49 product support, 42 PROZONE3, 15 R RECRUITER, 19 registration number, 53 reliability & quality control, 34, 37, 38 research advisory group, 47 research partnerships, 47 research proposals, 47 S scouting requests, 28 software installation, 10 stadium installation, 8 storage, 41 system specification, 10 T tracking process, 37 training, 12, 48 TREND, 17 V validation, 39, 41 vat number, 53 video capture requirements, 29

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