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1 • OCT- NOV 2017

Flange Drilling Machines

Fiber Lasers


Flanging Machines

Pipe Master Facing Lathes

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Band Saws

Plate Rolls

Press Brakes

Plate Drilling Machines

Dishing Presses


385 North 700 West North Salt Lake Utah 84054

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Editor’s Corner Liberty Helps Us Stand For Who We Are, Americans “Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble.” John Madden “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” Peter Marshall

We are all part of a very special team, the human race.We are all a very special part of a very exclusive, private club, our nation the USA. Our nation, the USA allows us to breathe freedom, it allows us to eat wisdom, and it washes us daily with the hands of opportunity. Our club makes us proud and we root for our citizens who work hard every day and help us stand for our heritage. Some of the many freedoms we have are the rights to believe what we want, say what we want, and to be what ever we want. In fact our very own constitution allows us to stand for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s out there we just have to pursue it. The joy of being an American is the joy of freedom and opportunity. We have inherited freedom, justice and opportunity from the deeds, and commitments, even the spilled blood of the Americans who came before us, and those who continue to serve our country today. We did not earn this inheritance. Our nation is a nation of wealth and power, of freedom and opportunity, and it was handed to us, it was entrusted to us. Our debt is to stand tall and walk the walk and do the deeds our predecessors knew we would fight for. American democracy makes a wager on its citizens. The deal is simple with freedom comes obligation, with liberty comes duty. If that deal is not kept, democracy is threatened. Lincoln said at Gettysburg: “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.” He spoke of a new birth of freedom so that government of, by and for the people would not perish, but would always stand tall. We all must continually learn to exercise our God given freedom and we must teach our young to stand by the words we live by: the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the other grand documents of American history. In closing I encourage you to be proud of your heritage and to respect the many tangible gifts we have been entrusted with. Thank you and God bless our troops!

Kim Carpenter


This Month’s West Coast Cover, Western Sintering; Components Engineered To Perfection With State Of The Art Processes, To The Highest Of Customers’ Expectations!

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OCT - NOV 2017

Long Products – a sampling of what we offer Carbon Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Tube

• • • • • •

• 304 SQUARE TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 12"SQ X .500W • 304 RECTANGLE TUBE – 1/2" X 1" X .065W THRU 12"SQ X 8" X .500W • 304 ROUND TUBE – 1/2"OD X .065W THRU 6.0"D X .375W • AVAILABLE IN MILL FINISH AND 180 GRIT POLISHED

CF1018 ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 6" CF1018 SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" CF1018 FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 3-1/2" X 6" CF1045 ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 6" CF1144 STRESSPROOF ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 4-1/2" CF12L14 ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 6"

Alloy Steel Bar • • • •

CF4140ANN ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 4-1/2" CF8620ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/8" THRU 4-3/4" CF4140HT ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 3-1/2" HR4140ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/2" THRU 24"

Aluminum Bar

Carbon Steel Tube • ERW STEEL TUBE – 1/2"OD X .049W THRU 6"0D X .188W • ORN STEEL TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 4"SQ X .120W • STRUCT STEEL TUBE – 1-1/2"SQ THRU 6"SQ X .250W (INCLUDING RECTANGLES)

Stainless Steel Bar • • • • •

303, 304L, 316L, 17-4 ROUNDS – 1/8" THRU 12" 304L, 316L PLATE CUT FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 1/2" X 8" 303, 304L, 316L ROLLED BAR – 1/4" X 3/4" THRU 1-1/2" X 2" 304L, 316L ANGLES – 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" THRU 4" X 4" X 1/2" 304L, 316L CHANNELS – 2" X 1" X 1/8" THRU 6" X 4" X 3/8"

• 6061 EXTR & CF ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 12" • 6061 EXTR SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" • 6061 EXTR RECTANGLES – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 4" X 8" • 6061, 6063 EXTR ANGLES, CHANNELS, BEAMS • 2024 CF ROUNDS – 3/8" THRU 4"

Tube & Pipe • 6061, 6063 EXTR SQUARE TUBE – 3/4"SQ X .065W THRU 8"SQ X .500W • 6061, 6063 EXTR RECTANGLE TUBE – 3/4" X 1-1/2" THRU 2" X 8" X .250W • 6061 EXTR ROUND TUBE – 1/2" X .125W THRU 8"OD X .250W • 6061 EXTR PIPE – 1/2" SCH40 THRU 8" SCH80


Carbon & Alloy Plate We routinely stock: • Carbon from general purpose to structural, PVQ and improved machining grades. • Alloy in construction, case hardening, PVQ, aircraft quality and abrasion resisting grades. Plate processing: Oxy-fuel Cutting Plasma Cutting Shearing

performed, even for services of our extended fabrication network. We screen and audit all of our sources.

Ryerson simplifies customer manufacturing and procurement. From one-of-a-kind components to parts in production quantities, our one-stop shopping reduces overall costs and streamlines operations.

Increase Flexibility Test new designs and prototypes without tying up machines or employees. We know fabrication and materials and recommend the best for customer applications.

Lower Production Costs Trim outsourcing handling costs and inspection points. Eliminate scrap handling costs and inspection points. Minimize capital expenditures. Our ready-to-assemble parts reduce customer work-in-process inventory.

Meet Demand Fluctuations Eliminate bottlenecks. Avoid capacity overloads. Eliminate capital tied up in underutilized equipment. We help customers focus on core competencies and meet processing requirements.

Aluminum Plate We routinely stock: • Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate • Standard thicknesses to 16” • Widths to 60.5” • Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288” • Diamond Tread plate

Consolidate Supplier Base Save transportation and administrative costs. We’re responsible for all work

Plate processing: Sawing Band Saw Cutting Shearing Cutting to Length

Stainless Plate We routinely stock: • All standard grades • Plate up to 4” thick • Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide • Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thickness Plate processing: Plasma Cutting Sawing Shearing Cutting to Length Precision Leveling

Portland: 6330 Basin Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 503-247-2300 Local | 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Seattle: 600 SW 10th Street, Renton, WA 98057 206-624-2300 Local | 800-562-9067 Toll Free Boise: 6759 S. Supplyway, Boise, ID 83716 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Spokane: 207 N. Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99202 LocalCOAST | 800-541-6365 Toll Free A Z509-535-1582 MANUFACTURING WEST • 5 • Feb / Mar 2017 2

Announcements & Releases Oregon Manufacturing Awards Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from some of the most exciting manufacturing organizations in the state. Program includes a discussion with manufacturing CEO’s and presentation of the Manufacturing Company of the Year Awards. Event Information When: Friday, November 3rd | 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Where: Sentinel Hotel | 614 SW 11th Ave. | 4th Floor | Portland OR 97205 Learn from the companies who are shaping the economy’s future and supporting the backbone of the place we call home. Before the award ceremony, hear from esteemed panelists who have helped shape the industry.

and the entire bottom hem was ripped and shredded. I took it to the vendor and they offered to cut off the loose strings for me and thought I was crazy for even asking for a new shirt that was actually sewn correctly. I ordered a headboard and was told it would be one week till delivery and I also asked them to email me a receipt. It took 3 weeks, 5 phone calls and not one return call to get the answer that they have no idea when the headboard will ship and that their system doesn’t allow them to send receipts. All of these experiences in just one day left me questioning how our world even functions anymore? Have we just accepted that we don’t get what we pay for, that below average quality is acceptable, and that customer service and on-time delivery just doesn’t really matter? Well, it matters to me. Does it matter to you?

The Albina Ordering Experience

Well, guess what? We are investing in you. When we make improvements to our business, we ask ourselves if it will add VALUE to our partners YOU. Here are some examples of recent advances we have made to give you a fantastic ALBINA EXPERIENCE:

I recently ordered a comforter that was to include one comforter and two pillow shams. I only received the comforter and no shams.They couldn’t just send me the shams, because they were supposed to come in a set...clearly. I had to return the original comforter at my own expense and reorder. I ordered a t-shirt for my daughters cross country team. I received the shirt

Everyone says your call is important, so why do you always get VM? We value your initial phone call so much that last month we invested in and installed a new state of the art VOIP phone system to field your calls. This phone system allows us to redirect phone calls to our cell phones when necessary so calls are rarely missed.


6 • OCT - NOV 2017

Announcements Continued

Albina Co., Inc.

You need your quote WHEN? Our typical quote return is 48 hours. If you have a specific date that you need the response by, please list it on the request. We always strive to meet or beat the date requested, in some cases we have even returned the quote the day of the request - just let us know. Your peace of mind via Confirmation Every order that we enter to our system has a corresponding order confirmation that is emailed to you for your review and records.


What’s my status? With our state of the art scheduling software we are able to provide you real time status updates as requests are made. Show me... We have installed a new camera system in our shop with 2 Megapixel cameras. These cameras offer Albina management high quality images of our production process right from our desks. We both value efficiency and quality and these cameras will allow management to better service your needs by providing real time data on what phase your job is at in our shop. When will I get it? When an order is shipped, our shipping manager sends you tracking information of the shipment (when this information is available) so you know exactly where the order is once it leaves our facility. We want you to be part of the experience that we provide at albina co., Inc. We want to be your “go to” steel bender. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and it will be an experience worth having. For more information on albina and there expert customer service contact them at: 503-692-6010, Www.Albinaco.Com








New Doosan Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Center Features ATC Doosan Machine Tools presents the new PUMA V8300 Vertical Turning Center with an automatic tool changer (ATC).The PUMAV8300 is a new generation 15-inch class vertical turning center with a larger work zone, increased rigidity and enhanced user convenience. It is available in right or left hand versions. The PUMAV8300 offers the largest work zone in its class, with a maximum turning diameter of 830mm (32.7“), a maximum work height of 750mm (30”) and a swing-over-saddle of 740mm (29“). The adoption of a standard 37kW (50hp) high power spindle motor and a column integral-type box guide structure ensures heavy duty, stable, dependable turning performance.The high-reliability, servo-driven turret maintains high accuracy during long-term machining. The PUMA V8300 has a maximum spindle speed of 2000 rpm and maximum torque of 2592 Nm (1912 ft-lbs).






Located in Tualatin, OR.

CALL (503) 692-6010


7 • OCT- NOV 2017


3305 Edison Way Fremont, CA 94538

PH: 510-249-1000 FX: 510-249-9265

Largest Inventory In Northern CA & NV New - Used - Service - Training -Financing - Applications

features and benefits our aerospace, automotive and energy customers were asking for,” states Jim Shiner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Doosan Machine Tools America. “These characteristics make the PUMA V8300 particularly well suited for any operation with the need to cut tough materials swiftly and efficiently.” For more information on the PUMA V8300 or any other Doosan machine tool, please visit www.doosanmachinetools. com or call 973-618-2500

Air Force Awards Boeing $600 Million Contract To Modify Air Force One Jets

The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $600 million contract to The Boeing Co. for early design work on the next Air Force One jets for the presidential fleet.

Showroom Open Monday - Friday From 8am To 5pm Announcements Continued The PUMA V8300 comes with an optional 12 station ATC magazine, a feature not usually found on turning centers in this class. The ATC supports Capto C6 tooling and is available for all 12 stations of the turret. The tools remain safely out of the way when not in use, providing superior tool management and much easier maintenance. The PUMA V8300 Series is designed with a slanted bed and an improved flushing function for unhindered chip disposal, and expanded coolant system features a 290 liter (77 gallon) tank. It also has an ergonomically designed operation panel that swivels and is height-adjustable and movable for enhanced user convenience. “We set out to design a new vertical turning center with the A Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST 2


OCT - NOV 2017

According to a statement from the U.S. Air Force, the contract covers design of the communication system, electrical power upgrades, medical facility, executive interior and defense systems on the two 747-8 aircraft the service recently bought from Boeing for future use as Air Force One. These aircraft will replace the two aging Boeing 747-200 presidential support aircraft. “Following the award of the contract to purchase two commercial 747-8 aircraft, this contract award is the next major step forward toward ensuring an overall affordable program,” said Maj. Gen. Duke Richardson, Presidential Airlift Recapitalization program executive officer.

Announcements ContinIn December, President Trump criticized Boeing for “out of control” costs on the Air Force One 747 replacement program, saying the effort should be cancelled. But Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg cozied up to and even praised Trump for several initiatives and his focus on getting good prices for defense contracts. Boeing has been on a roll lately. The company recently was selected by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center for a $95 million contract to upgrade F-15 jet radars. In addition, Boeing has raised its forecast for new airplane demand, projecting the need for 41,030 new airplanes over the next 20 years valued at $6.1 trillion dollars. Source: By Daniel McCoy – Reporter, Wichita Business Journal

National Tooling and Machining Association / Precision Metalforming Association Statement on Tax Reform Framework Dave Tilstone, President of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), and Roy Hardy, President of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), representing more than 2,500 manufacturers across the United States, issued the following statement today on efforts to reform the U.S. tax code: An overhaul of our tax code is long overdue and we applaud efforts underway to take on this important issue. Manufacturers are encouraged by the initial tax reform framework introduced yesterday by the White House and Congressional leaders. Our members need a simplified and stabilized code that lessens the burden placed on smaller businesses and allows U.S. companies to become globally competitive.

Cimatron is now part of 3D Systems THINGS ARE GETTING BIGGER AND BETTER As one of the early pioneers developing CAD/CAM software for manufacturing, Cimatron will continue its 33 year legacy going forward as part of 3D Systems. Look forward to new opportunities for


For more information go to: | lowering rates – it is about simplifying the code, making it globally competitive, and creating certainty around provisions that are important for small and medium sized businesses seeking to invest in the future of their companies. We support provisions in the framework introduced yesterday such as maintaining the Research and Development Tax Credit and immediate business expensing. These provisions will allow our companies to have more resources to grow and expand their workforce.

We look forward to continuing to work with the tax-writing committees in Congress to The current tax code results in small and medium provide information on ways to improve the tax code so that our members can grow their sized manufacturers paying a disproportionate businesses, hire more workers and ensure that U.S. manufacturing continues to be a leading share of taxes. NTMA and PMA support, and economic driver for this country. have long called for, lowering the tax rate for pass-through businesses. Approximately 70% of The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and the National Tooling and Machining our membership is comprised of pass through Association (NTMA)’s combined “OneVoice” federal government advocacy program represents businesses who are currently paying taxes at the more than 2,500 metalworking companies and is designed to promote U.S. government highest individual 39.6% income rate. policies that will ensure a strong manufacturing sector in the United States. For additional However, tax reform is more than just about information, please visit A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •


OCT - NOV 2017

“You can do it Elon!” one person shouted from the crowd, to more applause. Musk envisions a rocket that’s around 30 feet wide and 350 feet tall, capable of a launch weight of 4,400 tons. Upon liftoff, the rocket would fall away and navigate itself back to a refueling station, while the ship would continue on to its destination.

United Performance Metals’ newly expanded inventory now includes stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Prodec®, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, cobalt chrome moly, titanium, aluminum, and alloy steel. FIRSTCUT+® Processing Services include slitting, shearing, cut-to-length, leveling, edging, laser gauge measurement, sawing, precision cold saw cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, precision blanks, boring, trepanning, chamfering & facing, deburring, first stage machining, heat treating and ultra-sonic testing which support a variety of industries including aerospace, fastener, medical, power generation, oil and gas, semiconductor and many others. For more information, call 888.282.3292 or visit











This rocket, which Musk dubbed the BFR, for “Big F---ing Rocket,” could have commercial applications here on Earth, by taking several hundred passengers on a hair-raising flight to the farthest corner of the planet in around 30 minutes, achieving a maximum speed of 16,700 mph. By Luke Stangel

Dyson to Make ‘Radical’ Electric Car


Musk Lays Out Plans To Launch Two Rockets To Mars By 2022 Tesla Inc Elon Musk laid out ambitious plans to launch a pair of cargo rockets destined for Mars by the year 2022 via his other big venture, SpaceX. He said construction on the first rocket would start in the next nine months. “I feel fairly confident we can complete the ship and be ready for launch in about five years,” Musk said at the International Astronautical Congress conference in Australia. “Five years seems like a long time to me.” The mission’s goal would be to confirm water resources and identify any hazards. Water would be key to eventually manufacturing new rocket fuel for return trips to Earth, Musk said. Robots would place power, mining and life support infrastructure on the surface in preparation for future missions. The Earth and Mars line up every two years, giving SpaceX a new shot at landing rockets on the Red Planet in 2024. That year, Musk would like to send four rockets to the planet, including the company’s first manned mission to Mars.Working with robots, astronauts would set up a solar-powered rocket fuel plant and continue building out the base for future expansion, he said. Astronauts would start with one ship, “then multiple ships, then start building out the city, then making the city bigger,” Musk said, to applause. “Then, over time, terraforming Mars and really making it a nice place to be.” A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

10 • OCT - NOV 2017

Dyson Ltd., best-known as a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, hand driers and air filters, will build an electric car by 2020, founder James Dyson said last month. The company is investing one billion pounds ($1.34 billion) to develop the car, plus the same sum to create solid-state batteries to power it, Dyson said. These investments will dwarf money the company is spending on research and development for its vacuums and air filters. Dyson is joining a crowded field, with manufacturers from Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG to Toyota Motor Corp. and Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. all competing to popularize electric vehicles. While most of these companies are using lithium-ion batteries in their current models, Dyson

said its car would use solid-state batteries that are smaller, more efficient, easier to charge and potentially easier to recycle. Toyota is also working on solid-state batteries and said earlier this year it hopes to have them in electric vehicles by the early 2020s. Dyson said his electric car would be “radically different” than those being designed by other car makers, including Tesla. “There’s no point doing something that looks like everyone else’s,” he said. “It is not a sports car and not a very cheap car.” He said he hopes the vehicle will be just the first of a line of electric vehicles from Dyson and predicted that within a few years electric cars would be the largest source of revenue for the company, eclipsing its existing products.

Weiler E80 is being built for us in Mausdorf, Germany.

It gives us the ability to turn large, extremely precise work pieces (up to ø31.5” x 177”), German DIN 8605 toolroom accuracy, Accurate German Dyson has been investing in battery technology for several years. In “Parat” 4-Way Toolpost, and its ‘At-machine programming’ is very efficient October 2015, it bought a startup called Sakti3 for $90 million. The in short-run, high-mix manufacturing that we are known for.” He adds, “ Ann Arbor, Michigan-based firm had claimed major breakthroughs in the design of solid-state batteries. But these were disputed by other battery The Weiler E 80 offers a high level of efficiency for turning through to researchers, and in April Dyson said it was abandoning its agreement milling operations. to license Sakti3’s patented battery technology from the University of Michigan, which had spun out the company. Dyson said the company already has 400 engineers dedicated to its car project, which has been working in secret for the past two-and-a-half years. In the past year, the company has made a number of prominent hires from Aston Martin and Tesla. Dyson employs about 4,000 in the U.K. The founder said Dyson was going public with its project now -- even though it does not expect to be able to deliver a car to its first customers until 2020 or early 2021 -- because secrecy around the project was constraining its ability to do deals with auto parts suppliers for the new car and also hampering recruiting. One of the biggest impediments to electric car adoption has been the lack of charging infrastructure, and some manufacturers including Tesla are building station networks. But Dyson said his company did not have enough money to build its own charging network as well as the cars and the batteries. While design work for Dyson’s car will be at Hullavington Airfield, a former training site for Britain’s Royal Air Force in Wiltshire, England, battery and car manufacturing facilities will likely be in Asia, the company said. Dyson currently makes products in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. By Jeremy Kahn

Cogitic Expands Its Capabilities with New Machine Tools Cogitic, a Colorado-based engineering and manufacturing company specializing in complex geometry components, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its capabilities with the acquisition of 2 new superior machine tools, a Weiler E80 SL2 High-precision Bed lathe and a DMG DMU 50. JonathanVeteto, co-founder and owner with brother JaredVeteto, says, “The

He continued, “The DMG DMU 50 that is being shipped to us will increase our 5-axis production capability, and it offers a new machine to work on smaller work pieces than our current DMC 125 FD. In essence, it provides a ‘starter’ 5-axis platform for training, before moving up to the DMC 125 FD.” Cogitic has continued to rely The Cogitic team has a goal of moving to a 1 control manufacturing plant, centered on the Siemens 840D control, and both new machines come standard with this control. Cogitic produces parts for cannot-fail applications, including dynamic seals, fittings, hydraulics, and valves, largely manufactured for defense/ government contractors. As such, they recognize the need to utilize stateof-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes. Jonathan says, “We continue to be very satisfied with the superior machine tools and service we get from DMG Mori Triad in Colorado.”

To learn more about how Cogitic (CAGE: 3UED3) can support your complex geometry components, visit or call them at 719-473-8844. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

11 • OCT- NOV 2017

Fresh Off Its Nasdaq Listing, Arcimoto Finds A New Plant In Eugene Western precision Products, Inc., has been in the machining business for over 30 years. As a second generation familyowned business, we make it a priority to listen to our customers in order to provide the best ser vice exper ience. WPP employs state-ofthe-art precision CNC machines. We offer support of prototypes through production. Contact us today:

5 Axis Mill/Turning

21101 SW 115th Ave.
 Tualatin, Oregon 97062 

We Offer Personalized Service

Phone: (503) 786-8923
 Fax: (503) 786-5042

Fresh off landing a Nasdaq listing, Eugene electric vehicle maker Arcimoto Inc. has signed a lease for a new manufacturing plant and expects to be delivering its first vehicles before the end of the year. The company announced it has signed on for a 30,000-square-foot facility inWest Eugene.Though the company currently has about 25 employees, the new plant could employ up to 250 people. There were no further details about the location, but the plant is apparently in a city enterprise zone, which will grant the company some tax abatements in the coming years. Arcimoto will take control of the facility on Oct. 1 and plans to start moving in throughout the month. It should be up and running by November and able to deliver its first vehicles — the Arcimoto SRK Series — to its first customers before year’s end. “With the opening of our first U.S. facility, we will be able to deliver the first Arcimoto SRK electric vehicles to our Signature Series customers in 2017 and prepare for full scale production in 2018,” said Mark Frohnmayer, president and founder of Arcimoto, in the release. “We are very excited to begin building their new rides.” In addition to announcing the new facility, Arcimoto has also beefed up its executive ranks with two new hires.The company has made directorTerry Becker its Chief Operating Officer, while Patrick Wiest is now Materials Director.By Jon Bell – Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal

Raytheon To Supply Projectors For BAE-Built F-22 Digital Head-Up Displays Raytheon has been chosen to deliver projectors for digital head-up displays that BAE Systems will install aboard the U.S. Air Force‘s F-22 Raptor aircraft. ExecutiveBiz reports. The Digital Light Engine head-up displays (HUDs) will replace traditional analog displays on the fighter aircraft and help pilots gain situational awareness, Raytheon says. Lockheed Martin awarded BAE a contract in January to modernize F-22 HUDs for the Air Force.

503-557-4689, INFO@GROVTECMACHINING.COM 12 12•• OCT OCT -- NOV NOV 2017 2017


Reg Jonas, manager of optical design at Raytheon’s ELCAN Optical Technologies business in Midland, Ontario, said the company’s projectors feature a modular design that would not require changes to existing HUD optics or aircraft mechanical interfaces. Raytheon is scheduled to begin delivery of DLE projectors in early 2018.


13 • OCT- NOV 2017

Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing, Inc.

503.557.9407 √ Multi-Axis CNC Swiss Turning √ CNC Swiss Micro & Miniature Machining CNC Swiss Miniature Machining

Serving The Manufacturing industry since 1995

CNC Swiss turning

Send your online RFQ to get started!

CNC Swiss Micro Machining


46 • March / Apr 2016



Aluminum Steel Stainless Brass Copper Ornamental

Sheet/Plate Production Cutting Shim/Bar Tube/Pipe Precision Channel Sawing Angle Shearing Beam Perf./Expand. 818-729-3333,

So-Cal’s Source For All Your

Metal Needs Next Day Delivery - No Minimum - Open Saturdays

STOP BY TODAY! Los Angeles | Orange County | San Diego | Inland Empire A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

14 •

Airbus has hit a market-share milestone in the backyard of the Boeing Co. , with the European manufacturer announcing it has reached 1,500 Airbus aircraft now in active service in North America. The company says in a press release on its website that the milestone was achieved with the delivery earlier this month of an A321 narrow-body jet to American Airlines. The new record for in-service Airbus aircraft in the region comes 40 years after the company delivered its first aircraft to a North American operator, U.S.-based Eastern Airlines. It has since gone on to amass more than 2,000 orders with 25 airlines and leasing companies in North America.

Leading the Way in Precision Machining part sizes .005” to 1” diam. with 7 axis A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

Airbus Hits Record 1,500 Planes In North American Fleet

OCT - NOV 2017

The total North American market is estimated to include around 7,000 passenger jets.

Google Is Buying HTC’s Smartphone Expertise For $1.1 Billion Google announced that it was spending $1.1 billion to hire a team of engineers from the smar tphone business of the struggling Ta i w a n e s e manufacturer HTC in a bid to bring more hardware expertise to its own mobile technology operations. HTC said many of its estimated 2,000 employees affected by the deal were already working with the search giant on smartphones. Google leaned on HTC to manufacture its first Pixel smartphone, which was released last year, and is working with the company to produce the next version of the phone, which is expected to be announced Oct. 4. Bringing on the team from HTC is a sign that Google is doubling down on plans to produce its own hardware. Company executives have said it is important to tightly couple its artificial intelligence software, like the voice-controlled Google Assistant, with a range of devices. Apple has followed a similar strategy for years, and that has provided the iPhone maker with an easier path when adding features, such as augmented reality functions, since it designs nearly all of the internal parts of its phone.

The two sides did not disclose how many engineers and other key employees would head to Google as part of the deal. But Peter Shen, HTC’s chief financial officer, said the remaining company would still have more than 2,000 research and design staffers, down from about 4,000. As part of the agreement, Google will also secure a nonexclusive licensing deal for some of HTC’s intellectual property. HTC said it would continue to make its own smartphones — including a new premium model — although it planned to streamline its handset portfolio. By acquiring the HTC engineering group that had already been working with the company, Google secured hardware talent without taking on expensive assets, like manufacturing facilities. The deal marks a reversal for Google.The company abandoned its plans to own a smartphone manufacturer when it sold Motorola to China’s Lenovo Group for $2.9 billion in 2014, less than three years after acquiring the handset business for $12.5 billion. But Google, which makes the Android operating system for smartphones, retained many of Motorola’s patents — an important asset to fend off potential intellectual property lawsuits from Apple. As the Android software world has become dominated by Samsung Electronics, Google has wanted more say in the manufacturing of the phones that use its operating system. Currently, most of Google’s smartphone software runs on devices manufactured by companies like

Samsung and LG Electronics, and Google has only a limited say in what those companies produce. With the introduction of the first Pixel smartphone last year, Google said it was creating the smartphone it had always intended to build. Google took control of the entire development process of the device, from the industrial design to the procurement of components.The Pixel received positive reviews, but it hasn’t made much of a dent in the smartphone market. HTC was an early leader in smartphones. But it has struggled against more popular competitors while trying to fend off pressure from low-end Chinese manufacturers. Its decline is another indication of the challenges facing many smartphone manufacturers, who are struggling to make profits while competing against Apple and Samsung. Operating losses piled up at HTC in recent years, forcing it to slash research and marketing spending, exacerbating the challenge of keeping pace with the bigger companies. HTC said it would continue with its virtual-reality business centered around its Vive VR headsets. Google and HTC have a long history of working together. HTC sold the first smartphone to run Android software, in 2008, and it produced Google’s first-generation Nexus smartphone — the predecessor to the Pixel. vThe transaction is scheduled to close, pending regulatory approval, in early 2018. By Daisuke Wakabayashi – The New York Times A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

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OCT - NOV 2017

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Sacramento Adopts Program To Pilot New Technologies Sacramento’s City Council last month approved a program to test new technologies that could boost local government’s efficiency. The council voted unanimously to appropriate $125,000 for the City Hall Tech Program to vet emerging technologies and possibly use them for city purposes, according to a city staff report. Some of those purposes could include testing a local civic technology startup’s product, collecting data to help address the needs of constituents or reducing permitting times or costs for local businesses. Ash Roughani, staff aide for the Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, said it’s still to be determined which new technologies will be given a test run by the city under the program. “We’re really trying to think about how we actually solve problems in the city, and we’re trying to do more things on a pilot basis, implementing pilot projects to actually get some data that tell us whether we want to move to full implementation of a particular solution,” Roughani said. “The key to any of that is really identifying the right problems that we want to solve. There are many opportunities in the city to improve operations, to improve quality of life for residents.” The program funds would be used solely for testing technologies. Those deemed to be potentially useful to improving efficiency would go through the city’s procurement process. The City Hall Tech Program fits with the city’s Demonstration Partnership Policy, passed in April by the City Council, allowing Sacramento to consider partnering with nonprofits, businesses or governmental agencies to evaluate and identify innovative approaches for services, operations and infrastructure.

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Ultimately, city officials hope such tech-based initiatives will lead to important technology partnerships, likeRegister the $100today: million partnership the city announced in June for Verizon Communications Inc. to provide free Wi-Fi to 27 city parks and use city conduit for fiber optic development. By Victor A. Patton – Reporter, Sacramento Business Journal Nov SW 2017.indd 104

10/2/17 8:59 AM

Strategic Issues Conference is set for Dec 7 & 8 CMTA has joined seven major groups to host the Strategic Issues Conference in Napa California on December 7 and 8 at the Embassy Suites. The goal of the Strategic Issues Conference is to increase awareness of state and national issues, and to advance economic growth efforts among business leaders from all sectors of the economy. Invited speakers include:Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, State Treasurer John Chiang,Gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, California State legislators Your attendance will support the business community’s efforts for economic growth and contribute to powerful policy discussions. Register at: A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

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Polydrop Co-Founder Volha Hrechka Has A Passion For Product Development Volha Hrechka spent 10 years in hospitality management before founding PolyDrop, a chemical company specializing in coatings that conduct electricity. Hrechka, 33, says during her senior year at the University of Washington she studied clean technology, and that triggered her interest in lightweight solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries. She formed PolyDrop in 2013 as an chemical engineering student and began manufacturing the lightweight conductive polymer additive for coatings. At what point during your work at UW, did you start to realize that this can become even bigger? So the chemical engineering department at UW started this entrepreneurship program, and we were the first team to go through this one-year senior design project where they introduced projects to students and we can take a whole year to see if the project has commercialization potential. And as we were going through a year, I started taking classes at the business school, and I realized that it’s something, that our technology actually has a huge commercialization potential as well as that I am very interested in the business part of a company in general. How do you approach workforce development?We’re a speciality chemical company, so I realized early on that material science in Seattle, or clean tech energy, is not very well developed. And we had a hard time finding talent here. So what I decided is to invest a lot of my time in building that ecosystem in Seattle where I’m a part of a technical advisory board for Clean Energy Institute. One of their ideas and goals is to build this clean tech ecosystem in Seattle, which will bring workforce, as well develop that kind of entrepreneurship with university scholars as well as industry folks. So there were no ecosystems. We’re A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

18 •

OCT - NOV 2017

trying to build it right now. The reason why I invest in the workforce, in internships and high schools, I believe it’s very important for young entrepreneurs or young adults to have that experience. And education is important, but the most important part is to actually have a real-life education. At PolyDrop, they can come in and they change roles. During threeto four-month internships, they can see where they fit better. And sometimes during our internships they actually realize that they want to do something different. What we do the best at PolyDrop is we try to invest in them as much as we can and try to be role models for them. Where did the nickname “Tornado” come from? It’s from my team. My mentors call me hardworking, and my team says I’m like a tornado. If I have a goal and if we need to do something really fast, or we just talked to our customer because we are truly dedicated to earn our customer trust, I move fast. So if customer called us on Monday and we need to deliver an order by Wednesday because they count on us, I am a tornado at this point. And I can stay over 24 hours, pull all-nighters, in order to get it done. And that’s what my team calls me. They know that I have probably the most passion for this company, but they also know that if I have a goal, it will get done very fast. What’s the one thing that keeps you up at night? Developing new products. I truly believe in clean energy, good and clean and safe products. I want to innovate more to develop new, environmentally friendly products and implement them into tires or into plastics, into coatings, into elastomers. I have passion for product development. And that’s what we do the best at Polydrop, we develop products for customers. Source: Ryan Lambert Puget Sound Business Journal

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Tomahawk Vs. LRASM: Raytheon Gets $119M For Anti-Ship Missile Just three years ago, the Navy faced the Russian and Chinese fleets with just one aging, short-range anti-ship missile, the Harpoon. Today, it’s successfully test-fired at least four very different missile types and may actually need to narrow down. There’s the converted SM-6 anti-aircraft missile as the lightest, fastest option and the Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile as the middleweight. Then we have two monster missiles with 1,000-pound warheads competing for the heavyweight slot: Lockheed’s new LongRange Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), and Raytheon’s Tomahawk – a venerable missile that’s about to get a major upgrade. Since 1991, Tomahawks have been/ presidents’ first resort for precisely striking stationary targets on land. What they’ve lacked was the capability to precisely strike moving targets at sea, a much harder problem. A short-lived Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile (TASM) variant was withdrawn from service in the 1990s because the Navy wasn’t sure it would consistently hit the right ship. Since then, however, Moore’s Law has helped lead to immensely improved electronics. Raytheon has invested millions of its own money in a more sophisticated anti-ship seeker, built around a new highpowered and versatile “multi-function modular processor” it aims to use on other missiles as well.

Fahey Machinery Co. Inc. 17605 SW 65th Ave. Lake Oswego, OR 97035

The plan is to install the new seeker on a still to-be-determined fraction of the 4,000-plus Block IV Tomahawks – the latest model – as they come back to Raytheon’s Tucson factory for their regularly scheduled mid-life checkup.The missiles are meant to last 30 years, he explained, and bringing them back in for maintenance and upgrades at the 15-year mark was always part of the plan. The oldest Block IV missiles, built in 2004, were already scheduled to come in for overhaul next year, when they’ll all get new radios and navigation hardware. Incumbency is Tomahawk’s great advantage in its competition with LRASM. The US and Royal navies have bought more than 10,000 Tomahawks since the missile entered service in 1984. They’re battletested, and they can launch from both ships and submarines. Upgrading the proven Tomahawk from land-attack-only to anti-ship is less costly and risky than buying a new missile like LRASM. But incumbency is a double-edged sword. Underneath all the upgrades, Tomahawk’s basic technology was designed in the early 1980s. LRASM, by contrast, derives from the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), which had its first flight test in 1999.That makes the JASSM/ LRASM family almost 20 years younger. Sure, Raytheon can update Tomahawk’s electronics, and the new processor will allow the missile to download frequent software updates iPhone-style, Sprinkle said. That’s all crucial for a precision weapon. But Raytheon can’t do much about theTomahawk’s basic shape, which is not designed for stealth the way JASM and LRASM are. In an era of increasingly sophisticated anti-missile systems that can jam, decoy or shoot down incoming weapons, that matters. How much? That’s classified.By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

19 •

OCT - NOV 2017

Mitsubishi Aircraft Usa Leases Big Moses Lake Facility As MRJ Program Ramps Up Mitsubishi Aircraft USA has leased a 50,000-square-foot building in Moses Lake as it ramps up flight tests aimed at getting its new regional jet certified to fly passengers.

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The Japanese jet maker rented the property Sept. 1 and has been gradually moving in. Mitsubishi leased the property from ASPI Group, a private real estate holding company based in Renton, said Kim Foster, ASPI Group’s corporate counsel. PANTONE Process Black PC R:35 G:31 B:32 C:70 M:67 Y:64 K:74

50% PANTONE Process Black PC R:145 G:143 B:143 C:45 M:38 Y:38 K:3

30% PANTONE Process Black PC R:189 G:188 B:188 C:26 M:21 Y:22 K:0

PANTONE 364 PC R:43 G:117 B:58 C:84 M:31 Y:100 K:19

“They’re going to use the facility to support their program to get their new jet FAA certified,” Foster said.

PANTONE Yellow PC R:255 G:238 B:0 C:3 M:0 Y:96 K:0

The building, part of a larger 200,000 square foot complex known as Commerce Park, features a warehouse, logistics areas, loading docks and small offices.

Precision Precision Ceramic Ceramic Machining Machining

Z Mfg.1/4 pg.3.2015.OUTLINES.indd 1

• Alumina • Alumina MgPSZ & YTZP •• Zirconia’s Zirconia’s MgPSZ & YTZP •• Silicon SiliconNitride Nitride • Sialon Sialon • Silicon SiliconCarbide Carbide • Aluminum Aluminum Nitride Nitride •• Boron BoronNitride Nitride • Sapphire • Sapphire

The property is owned by the ASPI Group’s wholly owned development subsidiary, NorthMarket American Foreign Trade Zone Industries LLC. 3D-Printing Revenues Expected To

Skyrocket By 2020 Mitsubishi joins other tenants that include: Coca-Cola, Parker Hannifin,

3/23/15 6:33 AM

Southern Wine and Spirits, Inland Empire Distribution Systems, and WeHash.

The Japanese jet maker, which is developing the MRJ regional jet with Since Sincebetween 70 and 90 seats, is performing flight testing and certification 1984 1984work using four airplanes at Moses Lake under contract with Seattle-

• Forsterite • Forsterite • Machinable Ceramics (MACOR) • Machinable Ceramics [MACOR] • Mullite • Mullite • Ferrite • Ferrite • Quartz • Quartz • Zirconia Toughened Alumina [ZTA]Alumina (ZTA) • Zirconia Toughened

845 Research Drive, Woodland Park, CO 80863 • Ph: (719) 687-0888 Fax: (719) 687-0889

based AeroTec.

Some 400 aerospace engineers, pilots and managers are working on the Moses Lake program. ASPI Group is the largest private landowner and industrial developer at the Grant County International Airport industrial complex in Moses Lake.

For the first time since it rolled out the aircraft from a hangar in the spring, the Stratolaunch company started the aircraft’s six Pratt &Whitney The additive manufacturing industry is poised for a boom between now turbofan engines, billionaire founder Paul Allen announced on Twitter. and 2020, according to International Data Corp.

The building features a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, 24-foot The value of the worldwide market for 3D printing is expected to jump interior heights, and rail access. to $35.4 billion by 2020, more than double the $15.9 billion forecast for the end of 2016, IDC data shows. The special fire suppression system, known as a penet system, offers companies protection from burst, frozen or leaky pipes that can damage The compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020 is 24.1%, ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System sensitive electronic components and parts and other inventory stored ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systemthe IDC said.


20 • OCT - NOV 2017

“While 3D printers and

in a warehouse by keeping water out of the sprinklers until there is an actual fire.

Approved Supplier For:

Grant County International Airport, a former B-52 bomber base now owned and operated by the Port of Moses Lake, boasts the longest civilian airport runway in the U.S. at 14,500 feet. Source: By Andrew McIntosh – StaffWriter, Puget Sound Business Journal

Bayer Crop Science Opens West Sacramento Lab Space To Entrepreneurs

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Bayer AG’s Crop Science division will open up a collaborative laboratory space at its campus in West Sacramento to help local efforts to incubate technology startups. The space that Bayer will offer will be a socalled wet laboratory space. Such facilities are often necessary for research in fields ranging from agriculture and genetics to pharmacy and medicine, and there is little of it available in the Sacramento region other than at University of California Davis and in companies’ private facilities, said Dushyant Pathak, associate vice chancellor for technology management at UC Davis. The new Bayer CoLaboratory will be about 3,000 square feet, enough space for up to 10 researchers, said Jonathan Margolis, site manager for Bayer Crop Science in West Sacramento. He anticipates that will be large enough to host three companies at a time, the first of which will move in at the end of this year. The space will also have offices, conference rooms and video conferencing. “It will be relatively standard, but very high quality,” Margolis said. Bayer is a German-based, multinational

Specializing in Phosphate and Solid Film/Dry Film Coatings

A2Z_Metalworker_NW-EPP.indd 1 (928) 636-0130 • pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural company. Its Crop Science division’s West Sacramento facility conducts research into biologic controls, which are seen as the future for combating agricultural pests because they pose fewer health and environmental risks than chemical pesticides. The Bayer campus in West Sacramento includes an office, multiple testing labs and manufacturing areas in a 160,000-square-foot main building. The company also has a separate lab, greenhouses and 5 acres of test fields nearby in the same office park. Wet lab space is rare in part because it is expensive to set up and maintain.The Bayer CoLaboratory will have infrastructure including chemical safety hoods; chemical storage cabinets; disposal equipment for chemicals and biological waste, which requires numerous environmental permits; and several extremely cold freezers, Margolis said. This will be Bayer’s third CoLaboratory worldwide. In San Francisco’s Mission Bay district, the company has a colaboratory for startups focused on biotechnology and bio-pharmacueticals. In Berlin, Bayer has a colaboratory for pharmaceutical research. By Mark Anderson – StaffWriter, Sacramento Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

21 • OCT- NOV 2017

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Billionaire Paul Allen Fires Up The Boeing 747 Engines On His Giant Stratolaunch Satellite Launcher Billionaire Paul Allen’s Stratolaunc h team fired up the six jet engines on his giant aircraft in Mojave, Califor nia, for the first time over the weekend, successfully completing a series of tests. Allen announced the news with excitement on his personal Twitter account, while Stratolaunch CEO Jean Floyd announced the milestone on Stratolaunch’s website, saying “our aircraft is one step closer to providing convenient, reliable, and routine access to low Earth orbit.” “We hit another important milestone this week by completing the first phase of engine testing. For the first time, we started the aircraft’s six Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines,” Floyd said. “In these initial tests, each of the engines operated as expected.” Stratolaunch said it will continue testing the aircraft’s 747 engines at A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 22 •

OCT - NOV 2017

higher power levels and varying configurations over the next few months, “culminating to the start of taxi tests.” Pratt and Whitney is an affiliate of United Technologies. Before firing up the aircraft’s engines, Stratolaunch said its workers completed fuel testing, testing all six fuel tanks to ensure they operated properly. Each of the six fuel tanks were filled independently to ensure proper operation of fuel mechanisms and to validate that the fuel tanks were actually properly sealed, the company said. In addition to fuel testing, the company said it also started testing the aircraft’s flight-control system. “So far we have exercised the full limits of motion and rate of deflection of control surfaces on the wing and stabilizers,” Floyd said on Paul Allen’s website. Testing of the airplane’s electrical, pneumatic, and fire detection systems was also completed successfully before the engines were fired. “It has been a busy, exciting, and productive several months since the aircraft left the hangar in Mojave, California, for the first time and began ground and flight line testing,” Floyd said. Source: By Andrew McIntosh, Puget Sound Business Journal

Northrop Grumman Nears $7Bn Orbital Deal Defense giant N o r t h r o p Grumman is close to acquiring rival Orbital ATK for more than $7bn, the latest in a series of large industrial deals in America, people briefed about the deal said.

Orbital, which is also based in Virginia, has a market value of $6.3bn plus a net debt of about $1.5bn. Meanwhile, Northrop has an enterprise value of about $52bn, including $7bn in debt.


The exact terms of the deal could not be determined but a person close to negotiations said that Orbital’s equity would be valued at more than $7bn.


An acquisition would come weeks after United Technologies agreed to acquire Rockwell Collins for $30bn, in the latest sign of greater consolidation in the aerospace sector. Earlier this year Rockwell bought B/E Aerospace, which is specialised in cabin interior systems for aircrafts such as seats, galleys and lavatories, for $8.6bn and French aero-engine maker Safran acquired French aerospace equipment maker Zodiac for €8.7bn including debt. Northrop has recently increased its full-year earnings outlook for a second time this year as it said that strong aerospace system sales helped it deliver upbeat second quarter revenue.


In July the the company boosted its earnings outlook to a range of $12.10 to $12.40 a share, up from $11.80 to $12.10 a share previously - lifting its earnings guidance for the second time. For the first time since it rolled out the aircraft from a hangar in the spring, the Stratolaunch company started the aircraft’s six Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines, billionaire founder Paul Allen announced on Twitter.


US defence companies have enjoyed a rally in equity markets since Donald Trump was elected president in November last year. Part of the strong performance comes on the back of industry hopes of increased defence spending by the Republican administration under the former property developer. A deal would also come as tensions between the US and North Korea have been rising, following Pyongyang’s continued military threats to America’s allies in the region. Source: By James Fontanella-Khan in New York – Financial Times

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The Eastside is known for ultrasound technology. Goodwin is a longtime veteran of the space.

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Redmond-Based Miniaturized Ultrasound Company Pulls In Another $35M Redmond-based EchoNous has pulled in $35 million to turn its mini-bladder ultrasound technology into a more universal tool for nurses and to help roll out a parallel technology. The latest investment is from New York City-based investment firm KKR, which builds on its $35 million investment in the company in 2015.This latest round brings EchoNous’ funding to date to $70 million. Through its Signostics subsidiary, EchoNous released its bladder ultrasound technology about a year ago and has shipped out “several hundred” devices to hospitals around the country, EchoNous CEO Kevin Goodwin said. The Uscan device scans the bladder and uses computer vision (a subcategory of artificial intelligence) to reproduce a 3-D image that allows medical staff to measure the level of the bladder with more accuracy than conventional bladder scanners, especially on obese or other hard-to-scan patients, Goodwin said. The next round of investment from KKR will allow him to get the Uscan into more hospitals while adding a vein-finding capability to the product. “By attaching that to Uscan,” he said, “all the sudden it goes from being only a bladder tool to becoming the ultimate nursing tool.” EchoNous is also working on a “major new artificial intelligence-driven ultrasound project” separate from the Uscan that Goodwin says he is not yet ready to talk about. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

24 • OCT - NOV 2017

Ultrasound technology has its roots at the University of Washington, which transferred it to Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) in 1974.ATL went on to be a leader in ultrasound and spun out SonoSite in 1998. By Coral Garnick – StaffWriter, Puget Sound Business Journal

BAE Systems Engineers Develop Novel Technology to Protect Pilots from the Dangers of Laser Attacks BAE Systems engineers have developed a low cost, lightweight, flexible system that can block dangerous laser light, protecting pilots and flight crew from hostile attacks. Using a novel approach, the technique is selective in the way it prevents laser transmission, meaning a high level of natural light can still pass through the canopy with minimal colour distortion. As a result, pilots are protected from dangerous laser incidents with no deterioration in vision. Laser attacks targeting pilots and air crews are becoming a major concern. Most reported attacks took place during take-off and landing, or on hovering police helicopters, and are carried out using cheap, highpowered handheld devices that are readily available on the internet.The attacks can distract pilots and flight crew, obscure instruments and dials, and cause short-lived ‘flash’ blindness or even permanent eye damage. BAE Systems Executive Scientist, Dr Leslie Laycock said: “Lasers operate at specific wavelengths. A series of successful laboratory trials have proven our method is effective against a wide range of laser wavelengths.We have been able to achieve a visible light transmission in excess of 70%, which means that our system allows the majority of the light through while providing protection without the need for heavily tinted industrial goggles.This allows pilots to more effectively see instruments and their surroundings, whilst simultaneously blocking the dangerous laser light.” VBAE Systems Research Engineer, Daniel Black said: “Having seen laser attacks on pilots reported in the news, I have spent a number of years working to find an effective solution to combat this problem. Ideas are often spawned in unlikely places; this idea was conceived whilst on holiday watching a 3D film. Rather than watching the film I looked at the way 3D glasses form an image by blocking light. I then started to piece together a way of creating a very specific filter that is capable of blocking harmful laser light while maintaining excellent visibility.” As technology advances, the wavelength of proliferated lasers may change. Due to the adaptability of this technology, pilots will continue to be protected as the film can simply be upgraded and selectively tuned to combat new laser threats.The next phase of development will see experimentation and commercialisation within the public sector.

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in 3 minutes with a full automatic adjust for bar diameter. The maximum bar length is up to 60” depending on spindle length. This loader features a magazine capacity of 30 linear inches for lights-out unattended running. The Rebel automatically adjusts pusher force for bar size and has accurate positioning without a mechanical stop. It also features spindle liner storage on rear of the stand, and standard X axial shift device with Z optional. All electric operation, no shop air is required. Big on features, small on price.

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polyurethane quick change channels with hydrodynamic bar support via high volume oil flow into channels. The Mitsubishi motion control is dependable, user friendly, and features a 36 part program memory storage for quick changeovers. Standard equipment also includes: Swiss headstock synchronization device, telescoping front nose, dual anti-vibration devices, automatic remnant retraction with a self-centering gripper, and a custom lathe cable. The Patriot is a lot of feeder for a little money. Visit us at WESTEC 2017 in Booth 1451 and get more information on how your Productivity Partner can help your bottom line.

Bar Feeding. It’s What We Do.

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Western Sintering Company Inc. (WSC) Is The West Coast’s Leading Powder Metallurgy Sintering Company! You won’t find many companies around that do whatWestern Sintering Company (WSC) specializes in! They are in the business of pressing powdered metal of many variations together using compaction with up to 200-ton presses to make highly precision parts to their customers specifications and they are very good at it! After compacting the part in a near finished shape, the parts go through a slow controlled heating process called sintering. Powder metallurgy is the process of blending fine powdered materials, pressing them into a desired shape or form (compacting), and then heating the compressed material in a controlled atmosphere to bond the material (sintering). This process is very cost effective and is a very efficient way to mass produce large quantities of parts in very short amount of time. The four basic steps of the powder metallurgy processare; P o w d e r Manufacture, Powder Blending, Compacting, and Sintering. Compacting is generally performed at room temperature, and the elevated-temperature process of sintering is usually conducted at atmospheric pressure. Optional secondary processing often follows to obtain special properties or enhanced precision.The use of powder metal technology bypasses the need to produce the resulting products by metal removal processes, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. WSC Maintains Precision and Control Controlled Atmosphere Sintering is the process of forming a solid mass of material by heat and/or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. The study of sintering in metallurgy powder-related processes is known as powder metallurgy. An example of sintering can be observed when ice cubes in a glass of water adhere to each other. Sintering happens naturally in mineral deposits or as a manufacturing process used with metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials. The atoms in the materials diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing the particles together and creating one solid piece.The sintering temperature does not have to reach the melting point of the material A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

26 • OCT - NOV 2017

being sintered and thus the pressed component maintains its shape during sintering. WSC uses controlled atmosphere in their process.They Utilize furnaces that are electric for heat and use hydrogen and nitrogen as a protective atmosphere in the sintering of the compacted powder metal parts. The Nitrogen acts as a cover gas and the Hydrogen acts as an oxide reducer for the parts being sintered. One analogy for these two sintering atmosphere gases is to think of the Nitrogen as Water and the Hydrogen as Soap in helping to keep the pressed powder metal parts clean of oxidation while going through the sintering process.The formula is approximately 80% Nitrogen and 20% Hydrogen. Through higher tech state of the art processes not found in many of their competitors WSC can increase the 80% Nitrogen 20% Hydrogen process to 100% Hydrogen to enable the stainless steel parts to achieve the highest corrosion resistance that will protect the parts from the worst environments such as salt environments that can be very corrosive. The knowledge and the capabilities of WSC garner them the premier status of a metal manufacturer taking their customers’ stainless steel parts to a higher level of conformity with the addition of a higher level of corrosion resistance. Early Days For Western Sintering Western Sintering’s founder, John Rector, grew up in a college town in Illinois. He earned his machine shop merit badge with the machine shop instructor at the University of Illinois. The instructor then invited 5 Boy Scouts to return on Saturdays if they wanted to learn more. The only one to accept the offer was Johnny Rector. This scout earned a college degree in Machine Shop Technology, for free, before he could drive a car. At age 26 he was leading a dozen tool and die makers at the DuPont plant in Kansas City. They made tools to form 16mm cannon cartridges for the war. He received his first promotion because he could compute square roots in his head. DuPont sent him out to the “Manhattan Project”, a secret weapons plant in the Eastern Washington desert. He arrived on his Harley Davidson. Here, he designed the process to sinter aluminumboron, which was control rod material for the historic B Reactor. It was the sintering process that captured his attention. Rather than

machine parts, he could just press powder into shapes and sinter them. Western Sintering became his life work.The facility moved from the family basement to 28 acres, and expanded from one building to three. Today WSC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified powder metal manufacturing company that specializes in part sourcing options out of powder metal. Located in Richland, Washington, Western Sintering provides highly engineered solutions out of ferrous and copper based materials. Alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel silver (white brass) and bronze and a lot more. At the helm of this sturdy ship is Jeff Wood President, with over 35 years of tenure and Dave Morasch with over 22 years, both men were trained by the best experts at WSC, founder John’s relations Mike and Bob Rector. John’s nephew Mike Rector worked closely with Jeff Wood starting in 1982 when he was fresh out of machinist school and he trained Jeff to achieve the status of Chief Tool and Die Maker for the company. In 1990 Jeff went back to school for a higher level of education and he attained his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Washington State University in 2000. He credits his wife and kids for their support. In 2008 Jeff was promoted to President. Mike Rector also worked closely with Dave Morasch when he came aboard in 1996, as a graduate from the University of Idaho. Dave worked as an intern while working for his Industrial Technology degree and under Mike’s supervision became the press operations Production Manager. In 2011 he became the Vice President of the company. With Jeff and Dave running the business the WSC of today remains strong and maintains a great growth pattern for tomorrow. The WSC business model remains one of automation and repeatable processes with precision parts being tooled to perfection, maintaining tight tolerances, and focusing on customer satisfaction with on time delivery. WSC has improved their service by adding another 200 ton compacting press and in addition they have procured a new 17 zone sintering furnace, which allows for 17 individual heating zones of controlled temperature sintering. This furnace affords them complete control of the heating and cooling process and has increased their production capacity by 75%. This extra capacity allows them to sinter more parts and helps to expand throughput to get their customers a higher

volume of parts for their production needs with a dramatically decreased lead-time. Having 3 highly functional sintering furnaces has allowedWSC to be of greater service and value to all of their customers with an almost no waiting time to sinter process high production. Throughput has been greatly increased to offer more flexibility to all of their customers thus adding to theWSC competitive advantage, higher precision components, better lead times, and just a better quality component! They have also acquired a steam treat furnace that is a secondary process that imparts an oxide layer on the parts to protect them from corrosion. So after pressing your parts to a perfect mold and sintering them to complete parts this secondary process seals the part with a gray oxide layer of coating through the steam process and protects them from corroding. Resin impregnation has also been added to the Western Sintering arsenal. The internal porosity of components can be sealed prior to plating / coating and the effects of out- gassing where porosity may be common are eliminated. This key process is also a solution to aid in secondary machining, the sealed internal porosity creates a continuous cut for the machine tools improving machinability and cutting tool life. In summary resin impregnation is used to seal a PM parts’ open porosity by saturating that porosity with monomer for a clean sealed surface, in turn this clean surface metal is free to be machined easier and or plated and coated without fear of outgassing. These added processes have enhanced the Western Sintering value proposition to their new and existing customers. Western Sintering maintains a work force of 17 full time and long time employees highly trained in the powder metal process. They continue to add new customers that need their processes that only precision powdered metal technology can support and sustain. Through world class customer Ser vice, exper t eng ineer ing service, In house pressing, sintering, secondary processing, bar coding, ISO certification, and certified PM Technologists on staff, there is no reason to go any where else!

For more information on Western Sintering Inc. WSC contact Dave Morasch at 509-375-3096, A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

27 • OCT- NOV 2017

Amazon And Microsoft Join Tech Firms Pledging $300M To Trump’s Computer Science Push

Toyota Picks Up LiDAR System From Stealth Portola Valley Startup

Amazon and Microsoft are j o i n i n g a p r i vat e - s e c t o r commitment to provide more than $300 million to fund K-12 STEM education programs. The funding from multiple major technology companies will be added to $200 million in Education Department grants the Trump administration earmarked Monday for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) instruction. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook Tuesday pledged $50 million each to the nationwide effort, with Lockheed Martin adding $25 million, Accenture more than $10 million, General Motors and Pluralsight $10 million each, and private individuals and foundations $3 million. Quicken Loans promised to provide the financial resources needed to provide computer science training for the more than 15,000 students in the Detroit public school system. The goal of the five-year investment is to expand the number of students in the computer science education pipeline and close the skills gap for computing jobs, according to the Internet Association, a trade group that represents leading global internet companies on matters of public policy. Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson said it will take millions of lines of code to direct a spaceship to Mars, and if Americans are to land on the red planet by 2023, “it’s going to be because of computer sciences, and we want to get our youth involved in that,” Click on Detroit reported. The memorandum President Trump signed Monday directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to prioritize funding for STEM programs that encourage women and minorities to learn coding and other computer skills, with an emphasis on early education. During a panel discussion in Detroit Tuesday, Ivanka Trump said there is a major diversity problem in the technology industry, and that “collectively, we need to come together and solve that,” the Detroit Free Press reported. She cited statistics that the percentage of women in the computer science workforce actually declined from 35.3 percent in 1990 to 22.2 percent in 2016, although women represent 47 percent of the overall U.S. workforce

Portola Valley-based LiDAR startup Luminar has landed its first major customer, and now says its sensors will be embedded inside self-driving cars under development at the Toyota Research Institute, Recode reports. It’s a major win for the secretive, five-year-old startup, which emerged from stealth in April. Luminar says its sensors are able to map a live, three-dimensional picture of the world up to 650 feet away, which the company claims is 10 times the range of competing LiDAR sensors, like those made by Morgan Hill-based Velodyne. Silicon Valley is ground zero for self-driving car research, with dozens of large, well-funded teams racing to build the world’s first production-ready, fully autonomous vehicle. LiDAR sensors act as the self-driving car’s “eyes,” using rooftop-mounted lasers that shoot beams of light around the car, building a map of every object around it. Separate, onboard computers act as the car’s “brain,” interpreting the LiDAR data to make driving decisions. The company has raised an estimated $36 million in venture funding to date. CEO Austin Russell is in his early 20s, and dropped out of Stanford University’s physics program at the age of 17 to take a $100,000 fellowship under investor Peter Thiel.

“We have to do better. We’re going to do better,” she said, noting that computer education was a “priority for the administration as we think about pathways to jobs.”

Luminar would like to dethrone Velodyne, which launched in 2007 and has raised an estimated $150 million in funding. Velodyne’s sensors are found in more than two dozen selfdriving car projects.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LinkedIn reported that there will be 1 million more computer science-based jobs in the next 10 years than there are people qualified to fill them, resulting in a potential loss of $500 billion in salaries. By Anne Stych

The challenge for Luminar andVelodyne remains affordability. LiDAR systems currently cost several thousand dollars each, and are made in small batches for specific research projects. In the near future, they’ll be manufactured at production


28 • OCT - NOV 2017

volume, ideally for far less than $1,000 each. Russell was a child prodigy, who worked as a software consultant at the age of 10, according to a 2014 interview posted to YouTube. As a child, he hacked a Nintendo DS and turned it into a working cell phone. At 15, he built a holographic keyboard.By Luke Stangel – Contributing writer

Madrona, Microsoft, Kemper Push To Make Bellevue The Self-Driving Car Capital Of The World Bellevue real estate developer Kemper Freeman, Madrona Venture Group Founder and Managing Director Tom Alberg an d repres entatives from companies including Microsoft, Google, ReachNow and Uber met last month to discuss ways to make the region — specifically Bellevue — a leader in autonomous vehicles. Bellevue was built as a car city and its infrastructure is better equipped for self-driving cars than Seattle. Bellevue is set up to manipulate traffic lights remotely, for example, meaning self-driving cars could sync with that system instead of having to develop technology that could determine the color of the lights, Alberg said. “We’re working on putting together a coalition of interested partners and companies in the area to help develop an agenda including autonomous, as well as electric, as well as shared (vehicles),” Alberg said. There are few details about the


719.473.8844 5061 N. 30th Street

5061 N 30thSprings, Street CO Colorado Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Cogitic is a Colorado-based engineering and manufacturing company specializing in complex geometry components, produced from difficult-tomachine materials, for critical applications.

Manufacturers Of: Manufacturing For Critical √ Dynamic Seals √ Fittings & Hydraulics Applications √ Valves & Components √ Tube & Hatch Components

• Full five-axis machining up to 60” x 72” and horizontal turning up to 18” x 60” • In-house processes: welding, brazing, grinding, hydrostatic, temperature, and thermal shock testing, and ultrasonic stress relieving. • Material Capabilities: Nickel alloys, Cobalt alloys, Invar®, Copper alloys, Corrosionresistant steels, alloy steels, engineered plastics, and glass/ceramics.

work the coalition is planning, but setting up the Puget Sound region as a destination for the development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology would almost certainly be a boon to the economy. The self-driving car market is expected to be a $42 billion business by 2025, Boston Consulting Group predicted. Self-driving cars would bring skilled jobs to Bellevue and could help alleviate the region’s traffic problems. Bringing together Bellevue’s top real estate developer with the region’s biggest transportation technology companies and investors could help self-driving cars advance more quickly in the city. Madrona is already an investor in companies developing technology for autonomous vehicles, including Bellevue radar technology startup Echodyne and self-driving car data startup Mighty AI. By Ashley Stewart and Casey Coombs – Puget Sound Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •


29 • OCT- NOV 2017

25 • AUG - SEPT 2017

13-C-0110 for engineering services in support of the Gray Eagle aircraft system. Work will be performed in Poway, California, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 28, 2017. Fiscal 2018 research, development, test and evaluation funds in the amount of $1 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama is the contracting activity. Sustainable-Takisaki JV3, Fife, Washington, has been awarded an $8,184,765 firm-fixed-price contract to repair hangar Bldg. 3041 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord,Washington. Bids were solicited via the Internet with two received. Work will be performed in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, with an estimated completion date of April 5, 2019. Fiscal 2017 operations and maintenance (Army) funds in the amount of $8,184,765 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle, Washington, is the contracting activity (W912DW-17-C-0020). Lockheed Martin Corp. Space Systems Company, Sunnyvale, California, has been awarded a $132,201,882 fixed-price, incentive firm modification (P00108) for Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) contractor logistics support. The modification is to exercise the option period for operations and sustainment and factory infrastructure support services for the SBIRS. Work will be performed in Sunnyvale, California; Azusa, California; Boulder, Colorado; Aurora, Colorado; and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2018. No funds are being obligated at time of award. The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, is the contracting activity (FA8810-13-C-0002).

DoD Contracts Vigor Works LLC, Clackamas, Oregon, has been awarded a $979,794,011 firm-fixed-price contract for Maneuver Support Vessel (Light). Bids were solicited via the Internet with five received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 28, 2027. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Warren, Michigan, is the contracting activity (W56HZB-17-D-0086). General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, California, has been awarded a $163,212,869 modification (P00119) to contract W58RGZ13-C-0109 for MQ-1C Gray Eagle extended range supplemental production hardware.Work will be performed in Poway, California, with an estimated completion date of July 31, 2020. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity. FLIR Surveillance Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon, has been awarded a $74,728,207 firm-fixed-price contract to procure a fleet of new sensor systems. One bid was solicited with one bid received. Work will be performed in Wilsonville, Oregon, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 13, 2018. Fiscal 2017 other procurement (Army) funds in the amount of $74,728,207 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity (W9113M-17-F-0007). General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, California, has been awarded a $54,972,496 modification (P00098) to contract W58RGZA2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

30 • OCT - NOV 2017

Boeing Co., Seattle, Washington, has been awarded a sole-source $43,800,000 firm-fixed-price modification (P00067) to previously awarded contract to provide support equipment in support of production aircraft. The contract modification provides aircraft support equipment for McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas; Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma; and Pease Air National Guard Base, New Hampshire. Work will be performed in Seattle, Washington, and is expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2019. Fiscal 2015 procurement funds in the amount of $20,126,774; and 2016 procurement funds in the amount of $23,673,225 are being obligated at the time of award. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity (FA8625-11-C-6600). Lockheed Martin Aculight Corp., Bothell, Washington, has been awarded a cost reimbursement type contract with a contract ceiling of $26,320,260 for laser advancements for next-generation compact environments. This contract will provide for the research and development of high-energy laser technologies. This contract award is the result of a competitive acquisition and six offers were received. Work will be performed in Bothell, Washington, and is expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2022. Fiscal 2017 research, development, test, and evaluation funds in the amount of $2,000,000 will be obligated at time of award. Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, is the contracting activity (FA9451-17-C-0052).

Physical Optics Corp.,* Torrance, Califor nia, is being awarded a $21,859,491 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G data transfer units for the Navy. Work will be performed in Torrance, California, and is expected to be completed in August 2022. Fiscal 2015, 2016 and 2017 aircraft procurement (Navy); and fiscal 2017 research, test, development and evaluation (Navy) funds in the amount of $21,859,491are being obligated at the time of award, $7,269,396 of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-5. This contract combines purchases for the Navy (93 percent); and government of Australia (7 percent), under the Foreign Military Sales Program. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity (N00019-17-C-0078). Tompco Inc.,* Seabeck, Washington, is being awarded a $14,962,480 firmfixed-price contract for construction of a Regional Ship Maintenance Facility at the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. The work to be perfor med provides for the construction of a low-rise, steel-framed and blast-hardened regional ship maintenance facility. The facility will include ship repair, storage, administrative, classroom, and light industrial areas. . Work will be performed in Silverdale, Washington, and is expected to be completed by January 2020. Fiscal 2016 military construction (Navy) contract funds in the amount of $14,962,480 are obligated on this award, of which $4,461,855 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Northwest, Silverdale, Washington, is the contracting activity (N44255-17-C-8002). Arete Associates, Northbridge, California is being awarded a $13,951,515 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the Expendable Data Ex-filtration (EDEX) Technology program. Work will be performed in Arlington Virginia (80

percent); and Longmont, Colorado (20 percent), and work is expected to be completed Sept. 15, 2022. Fiscal 2017 research, development, rest and evaluation (Navy) funding in the amount of $25,000 will be obligated at the time of award. Funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured under Office of Naval Research long range broad agency announcement (BAA) N00014-17-S-B001, dated Sept. 28, 2016. Since proposals will be received throughout the year under the long range BAA, the number of proposals received in response to the solicitation unknown. The Office of Naval Research, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity. (N00014-l 7-C-7053) Neural Analytics Inc.,* Los Angeles, California, was awarded a $9,990,947 firm-fixed-price contract to develop a prototype point of injury device to measure and monitor physiological parameters relevant to moderate-severe traumatic brain injury. Bids were solicited via the Internet with nine received. Work will be performed in Los Angeles, California; and Columbus, Georgia, with an estimated completion date of March 26, 2019. Fiscal 2016 research, development, test and evaluation funds in the amount of $9,990,947 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, Fort Detrick, Maryland, is the contracting activity (W81XWH-17-C-0245). A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

31 • OCT- NOV 2017

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Is Tech Squeezing Out Seattle Artists? Not This Sculptor, Whose Work Fits Into New Urban Landscape There’s plenty of talk about what Seattle’s seemingly allenveloping technology industry is doing to affordability, diversity and the culture of the place, and whether it’s putting the squeeze on artists who still hope to live and work in the city. But in the rush to say that artists are being priced out of the growing “new” Seattle, are we dismissing the possibility that the builders of a “pricier” city might actually commission more art? For one sculptor in particular, the growing city is providing a pedestal for her sought-after works. Julie Speidel has been a Pacific Northwest artist for more than 40 years. Her sculptures can be found in galleries and public spaces as well as on corporate campuses across the country. Her father Bill Speidel A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

32 • OCT - NOV 2017

is called “one of the last of a few genuine old-time Seattle characters” on the website for the city’s Underground Tour, which he founded. And now, another signature building taking shape in the city’s skyline — and to be occupied by a tech company — will be home to Speidel’s next large work of art. F5 Networks, the Seattle-based infrastructure and security technology company, is moving to the skyscraper previously known as The Mark, at 801 5th Ave. On the corner of 5th and Columbia Street, a 14-foot-tall bronze sculpture by Speidel will be anchored beneath the 44-story angular glass building now known as F5 Tower. “I think that the wonderful thing about human beings is that we’re creative, in both [art and tech], and there’s a wonderful marriage when you can put it together,” said Speidel, who started as a jewelry maker in the 1970s. “To have the piece … be on the corner in a front of a building that is just very beautiful … it speaks to our city. There’s all kinds of growth, and this is a good part of it. I think the building is a real honoring of creativity and being entrepreneurial and I think all of us in this are entrepreneurial.” Steve Pollard is a former ship builder and engineer who has been at Machinists since 1988. In referencing his long history helping Speidel’s concepts become reality, Pollard figured he first worked with her on a piece 20 years ago. “I know how to form compound curves in ships, so I just brought that technology, that experience into this thing,” he said. When not working on giant pieces of art for tech buildings, Pollard has his hand in a number of objects which might otherwise draw interest from tech-minded folks. During GeekWire’s visit, he mentioned, among other things, building part of the shock absorber that goes into an aircraft carrier deck in order to snag a jet’s tailhook, or arresting gear. But standing over a curvy, 4- or 5-foot wide cardboard-and-wood model that Speidel put together on Vashon Island, where she lives and has her studio, Pollard

said the first thing he did was to stare at it and ask, “What is this?” He then asked, “Where do you put your tape measure on this? How do you communicate — how do you tell somebody how to form something? How do you line it up?”

Machinists Inc. From single parts to complete manufacturing systems, MI is your global 24-hour-a-day problem solver.


Another giant Speidel work called “Coppice Gate,” which is at the corporate headquarters of American Greetings outside of Cleveland, was also created at Machinists. “Compared to this one, that one was basically simple,” Pollard said. Talking in tech and math and engineering terms that would probably impress workers at the giant tech company where Speidel’s art will live, Pollard presented a dizzying walk-through of the processes he uses to find flat surfaces and straight lines in a work of art that appears to have none. In the case of this piece, he said said he attempted to tackle the project initially with stereolithography. “I took a couple of hundred photographs and uploaded them and I got a beautiful three-dimensional scan of the forklift forks that I had it on. So that didn’t work,” he joked. “Then we took these over to our inspection lab and we used a coordinate-measuring machine and I tried to get, essentially, the geometry of each one of the corners. I wanted a spline curve in three-dimensional space for this corner, this corner, this corner and this corner, all in true relationship to themselves. That worked, somewhat, because it’s a piece of cardboard.” Pollard, who thinks he put about 500 hours into the project, ultimately ended up drawing what he wanted to see on the floor of his garage — a move he mimicked with chalk on the floor of the



Call us about your project or for more information about our services. 206 / 763 0990, 800 / 244 4130 P. O. Box 80505, Seattle 98108

Machinists shop this week. The mapping of X-Y-Z points led to the creation of hundreds and hundreds of planes — the term used when referring to surface area in sculpture. All of it informed how much material would need to be purchased and what types of cuts and internal framework would be required. The finished piece will have plenty of character. Standing upright at 14-feet tall and nearly 14-feet wide, the bronze sculpture of intercepting ovals weighs almost 3,000 pounds. Propped on its side at the Machinists, workers Steve Belfrage and David Gaut, both skilled welders/fabricators from Speidel’s Vashon studio, applied ammonium sulfide to give the bronze its necessary patina. Speidel said she chose bronze, which she calls a very noble metal, because she said it seemed most appropriate for the new space, where it will be surrounded by mirrored glass. When designing the pieces for Amazon — which are meant to pay homage to the erratic rocks left behind by a receding glacier 14,000 years ago — the finish on the artwork was chosen to play off the color in the Doppler building and reflect that color. With more tech towers potentially rising and more people coming to gridlocked Seattle, perhaps it will make sense to have a Speidel sculpture on every corner. By Kurt Schlosser A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

33 • OCT- NOV 2017

Are you ready to implement or upgrade your Quality Management System to the new ISO 9001:2015 or AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Standard, AS9110C or AS9120B? Special Packages available, take advantage of 20 plus years experience implementing and auditing quality management systems for commercial and aerospace companies! Bretta Kelly, President and Owner of BMSC, LLC has proven, copy written templates for ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015, AS9110C / ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B / ISO 9001:2015 Standards with more than 30 companies upgraded and certified with zero to one finding results to date in their upgrade audits! Packages Available: Complete Electronic QMS System/Templates and 4 hours consulting – Manual, Policy, Required Procedures, example Flow charts for some processes, internal audit program, management review program (including forms), competency / training program, objectives training template, preventive action training and how to document a corrective action training PowerPoint’s - $3,500 Complete Electronic QMS System/Templates and online webinar of how to complete – Manual, Policy, Required Procedures, example Flow charts for some processes, internal audit program, management review program (including forms), competency / training program, objectives training template, preventive action training and how to document a corrective action training PowerPoint’s - $2,500 Do you need Quality Management System Software? Bretta Kelly is also President of CIS WWSG, LLC and is now offering the $3,500 Templates for FREE with purchase of CIS Software! CIS Software costs $5,000 upfront (one time) and $385/month license and server fees for UNLIMITED users, request a demo today! Testimonial from BMSC Clients featured in the A2Z Manufacturing Magazine who have taken advantage of the BMSC Templates for successful upgrades: Bretta, I wanted to email you and let you know that because of the help of yourself and Debbie we completed our audit to the new revision with no findings! :) We very much appreciate all of the help that you both did for us and will recommend your company to anyone looking to get certified. Your system really makes it easy for companies like ours to stay organized and compliant to the guidelines. Kristie McKee, Gibbs Precision Machine 34 • OCT - NOV 2017 36 • July / Aug 2017


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Toshiba Sells Chip Unit To Bain-Led Consortium For $18Bn Toshiba has signed a deal to sell its memory chip business for $17.7bn to a consortium led by Bain Capital. The signing comes at the end of a fraught, eightmonth bidding war that has rattled corporate Japan by jeopardising the future of one of its biggest conglomerates and shining a light on the weakening ties between government and big companies that had long underpinned the Japan Inc model. Under the terms of the deal, Bain Capital will create a special-purpose vehicle called Pangea to buy Toshiba Memory Corporation. Japan-based companies will hold more than 50 per cent of the common stock in Pangea, while US investors will not acquire any common stock or voting rights in the memory business. SK Hynix will be “firewalled” from accessing Toshiba’s proprietary information and will not be allowed to own more than 15 per cent of the voting rights in Pangea or Toshiba Memory Corporation for 10 years. Toshiba expects the closing of the deal to take place by end-March 2018, but that is subject to securing antitrust approvals and approvals in respect of national security. By Peter Wells in Tokyo – Financial Times

Ford To Develop Self-Driving Cars For Lyft, As Alliances In The Sector Heat Up Ford Motor Co. will develop self-driving vehicles for San Francisco-based Lyft Inc., the two companies said this week, in an alliance that will jointly design software for Ford’s cars to communicate directly with Lyft’s ridehailing app. The new partnership is another example of a large automaker teaming up with a smaller, tech-based company to advance in the race to bring fully autonomous vehicles to market. Lyft also partnered with General Motors, while its much bigger rival, Uber Technologies Inc., has strategic relationships with German auto giant Daimler and Toyota.


36 • OCT - NOV 2017

In mid-September it was reported that Lyft has held talks Alphabet Inc.) for an investment of around $1 billion. Automakers like Ford, GM, and Honda Motor Co.,Tesla and others are all testing or developing their own autonomous vehicle technologies.

Last month, a secret alliance between Waymo and tech giant Intel Corp. to develop self-driving technology was revealed to have been in place since 2009. “Last month, new Ford Chief Executive Jim Hackett said his company was evaluating how it could deploy fully autonomous vehicles within the next four years. The Dearborn, Mich., company aims to have vehicles with no steering wheels or pedals and no need for a human driver,” the Wall Street Journal reports.”And Ford plans to invest $1 billion over the next five years into Argo AI, an artificial intelligence company, in which it acquired a majority stake in February.” Source: Riley McDermid , San Francisco Business Times

Portland Water-Monitoring Startup Nabs $750K Grant It sounds like SweetSense Inc., the Po r t l a n d s t a r t u p that makes remote monitoring systems to improve basic health infrastructure services in developing countries, could be hitting its stride. The company just won a nearly $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, but that’s only part of the story, according to CEO Evan Thomas, who developed SweetSense’s technology at Portland State University and founded the company in 2012.


“Following five years of research and development, pilot projects, and foundation support, SweetSense has reached a tipping point with our recent National Science Foundation Award, $2 million in additional contracts for water monitoring services, and strategic partnerships with many of the leading players in the sector,” Thomas said in a news release.


SweetSense’s low-cost remote sensors monitor things like water filters and pumps, then process the data through the cloud and make it available through browsers.The goal is to provide managers who are often hundreds of miles away insight that can help them keep infrastructure performing at a high level, a big challenge in developing countries.


A recent article from the USAID publication Global Waters highlighted SweetSense’s role in a big public-private project in Kenya. Catholic Relief Services, a partner in that project, said technology like SweetSense’s “can help address (the) issue of sustainability and ... projects should use this preventative method to promote a lasting impact.” SweetSense’s NSF grant, running two years beginning Sept. 1, is about taking the technology to the next level with machine learning statistical tools that “enable prediction and preemptive response to water point failures,” the company said. GET Y OU

us at

3 H 272 BOOT STEC Visit






us at




The company said it is also engaged in a $2 million investment round, aiming to developing a “sensor-as-a-service recurring revenue model with potential to reach more than 50 million people in the next five years.” By Pete Danko – Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal


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Precious Metals Plating Co., Inc Specializing in Aerospace, Military, Electronic & Medical Since 1957

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Portland Cleaning Products Company Bets On The Microbiome

new concept.

The obvious question for Aunt Fannie’s Inc. is whether it can find space on store shelves for another green housekeeping brand. But an even better way of thinking about it might be whether there’s space in the consumer brain for a whole

In a category rife with products that are sold variously as sustainable, earth-friendly, eco-friendly, natural, nontoxic, aromatherapeutic, plantbased, plant-derived, bio-based and biodegradable, the Portland-based company founded by Mat Franken is betting on the microbiome. A recent investment round of $2.5 million suggests it’s a promising play, and an eminent figure in the category thinks Aunt Fannie’s could be the next step in green cleaning and pest control. “It reminds me of when we got started,” said Monica Nassif, founder of the Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s brands and an adviser to and backer of Aunt Fannie’s. “We were so far ahead in reinventing the category.” Her brands were acquired in 2008 by consumer products giant SC Johnson. Mrs. Meyer’s today stands with Seventh Generation and Method as category leaders and targets for Aunt Fannie’s. Health was the inspiration for Franken, but not in a vague make-theworld-better way, at least not at the start. This was personal. Franken’s son ran into a series of issues as a toddler — reflux, severe eczema, then asthma. As these maladies unfolded, the family eliminated food allergens and processed foods, leading to some improvement. But then came vitiligo, a disease that causes the patchy loss of skin color. About the same time, Franken’s sister was diagnosed with severe Lyme disease and moved in with the family. “Her physician set was different from my son’s,” Franken said, “but they were both coming home with the message that we needed to get chemicals out of the house for them to heal.” That led Franken, a portfolio manager and investor at the time, to begin experimenting at home with a fruit-fly trap that didn’t rely on chemicals. His concoction became a real product in 2014, he said, when a Whole Foods buyer agreed to carry it at some stores. FlyPunch! has since given rise to a range of cleaning products. Along the way, the Aunt Fannie’s message has broadened from familiar green concepts, like natural and nontoxic, to the microbiome. As a headline on the company’s website declares, “Microbiomic is the new ‘Natural.’” By Pete Danko – Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal


38 • OCT - NOV 2017

Orbital ATKTo Help Military Develop Hypersonic Propulsion For Aircraft And Missiles

of sound.

Aviation propulsion experts at Orbital ATK are helping U.S. government researchers develop a full-scale reusable propulsion system for future hypersonic aircraft and missiles that can fly 5 times the speed

Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), announced a $21.4 million contract to ATK for the Advanced Full Range Engine (AFRE) program. This project seeks to develop and ground-demonstrate a full-scale, reusable turbine-based combinedcycle (TBCC) propulsion system for future hypersonic aircraft. TBCC combines a turbine engine for low-speed operations with a ramjet/ scramjet for high-speed operations via a common inlet and nozzle.

Reliable hypersonic propulsion technology will be necessary for future generations of high-speed manned and unmanned military aircraft, as well as for next-generation anti-ship missiles and other smart munitions, DARPA officials say. Hypersonic propulsions may enable military aircraft and missiles to fly from long ranges with short response times compared to current military systems. Developing hypersonic aircraft and missile propulsion confronts engineers with two difficult challenges, DARPA researchers say. First, the top speed of traditional jet-turbine engines maxes out at roughly Mach 2.5. Second, hypersonic engines such as scramjets cannot provide effective thrust at speeds much below Mach 3.5. An air-breathing hypersonic vehicle developed today would use disposable rockets for one-time boosts up to operating speed, which limits the vehicles’s usefulness, experts say. The DARPA AFRE program seeks to combine the best available commercially available technologies in jet turbine engines and ramjet/ scramjet technologies. By John Keller A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

39 • OCT- NOV 2017

to 16,760, while only increasing their global workforce 2.4 percent to 153,485.


Besides On, an even bigger name in sportswear has recently opened up its Portland performance lab and unveiled its new Portland offices, as it likely seeks exNike employees to fill many open positions.


Portland’s footwear and apparel cluster is also growing with the rise of more homegrown startups.



HBM 110






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These 7 Footwear And Apparel Firms Lead The Pack In Portland Change is afoot in Portland’s deeply enmeshed established footwear and apparel industry cluster. It comes on the heels of changing retail patterns, ongoing product innovations and an unnerving round of layoffs this year by reigning heavyweight champion of the industry in Portland. Nike’s massive headquarters expansion in Beaverton is still on course, but newcomers to the scene are happy to scoop up any design and marketing talent that the footwear giant no longer requires.

However, shifting opportunities and challenges are affecting small players just as much as big ones. Looking ahead for his industry, Daniel Clancey, founder and CEO of Homeschool Outerwear (No. 26) sees a “difficult retail outlook and increased manufacturing costs (that) continue to present challenges.” By Brandon Sawyer – Research Director, Portland Business Journal

Nvidia Shares Tumble After Rumors Tesla Picks Intel Shares of Nvidia Corp. took a fresh hit on news that that one of its most prominent customers, Tesla, was thinking about replacing the infotainment chips in its cars with ones made by Intel Corp. Tesla currently relies on Nvidia chips to power the large, touchscreen infotainment systems in all of its cars. Its newest car, the Model 3, has no instrument cluster — the speedometer, battery meter, navigation, entertainment and other data all flows through a single 15-inch screen mounted above the center console. Nvidia chips also power Tesla’s Autopilot 2 system, which is capable of some autonomous driving functions.

“The announcement of some large-scale Nike layoffs are offset by the continued growth and positive changes we see being made from other brands and retailers in the Portland market,” writes Britt Olsen, director of marketing, at On (No. 11), a Swiss running shoe designer that made Portland their North American headquarters in 2014.

But that could be changing. Palo Alto-based Tesla is quietly developing its own, in-house autonomous driving chip, CNBC reported last week. The company is thinking about adopting Intel infotainment chips in future cars, Bloomberg reports, unnamed sources.

Over the last year in fact, footwear and apparel firms have grown their metro-area workforce 21.7 percent

“Tesla’s policy is to always decline to


40 • OCT - NOV 2017

comment on speculation,” the launcher has been in development for 15 years, delayed by the company told reporters. difficulty developing indigenous cryogenic rocket technology for the upper stage, to eliminate the need for Russian engines. A sucAutomotive sales still cessful orbital mission will advance India’s domestic space-launch represent a relatively small capacity significantly. slice of Nvidia’s sales: $142 million in itsformost China, too, is awaiting an important first-flight launch its recent quarter, or about 6 ambitious space program. In April, a Long March 7 is scheduled percent of total to launch the Tianzhou 1 cargo carrier from Hainan Islandrevenue. to the ButTiangong investors 2aremini-space hopeful that the millions of self-driving the station. The unmanned vehiclecars willonadd horizon will adopt Nvidia’s chips. Intel is also focused on autonomous another piece to the infrastructure China’s human-spaceflight driving for futurewill growth. organization need to operate its planned space station, now

set for completion in 2022, with the ability to deliver pressurTesla plans to have more than half a million self-driving electric cars on ized and unpressurized supplies and equipment and to refuel the the road by this time next year. orbiting outpost. Source: Frank Morring, Jr. | Aviation Week & Space Technology

Palo Alto Startup Teams With Mattel On Augmented Reality With Hot Manufacturing in Racing U.S. Expands atWheels Fastest Pace in Two Years

Tangible Play Inc., the Palo Alto startup that American manufacturblends the real and digital ing expanded in Deworlds for kids with its cember at the fastest line of games, rolled pace two reout a in new oneyears, Thursday flecting firmer output that updates a children’s and the biggest pickup favorite — Hot Wheels. in orders growth since Ex-Google engineers Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler August 2009.think their latest digital edutainment offering, called MindRacers, will be their biggest The product Instituteyet. for Supply Management said that its index increased to 54.7, the fourth straight advance, from 53.2 a month earlier.The “Everything we do is in about taking things that called kids enjoy doing Readings in the real median forecast a Bloomberg survey for 53.8. world, like50building blocks or playing withmeasure cars,” Sharma told the Business above indicate growth. The ISM’s of orders surged 7.2 Journal. “Every kid at some point spends hours playing with toy and points, while its gauge of prices paid for materials climbedcars to the other vehicles.” highest level since June 2011. MiindRacers comes with a “fleet” of six HotWheels cars that players launch Thea jump bookings, including strongest pace ofinstantly export orders down small in track into a hole belowthe an iPad, where they appear since 2014, in will keep Players factories on throw solid footing this racing onMay the screen fullhelp throttle. then cards onearly the track year as business confidence improves. Plant managers responded with various powers to boost their speed or slow down an opponent. to the brighter outlook by adding to staff at the fastest pace since middle of 2015, accordingoftochildhood the ISM’simaginations report. “Hotthe Wheels inspired generations in the past,” Sharma told the SiliconValley Business Journal. “Now thanks to computers andAdditional AI, we are hiring bringing cars to life on an iPad.” andthese the pickup in inflation at the producer level help explain the Federal Reserve’s decision last month to raise interest rates. As with all of the Osmo offerings since Tangible Play launched in 2013, MindRacers is designed to combine fun and learning. The ISM’s index of prices paid climbed to 65.5 from a November 54.5. “Thisreading is our of 10th game and the most popular one taught about coding,” Sharma said. “Our games are used in 2,500 schools and by about 400,000 families.” The group’s gauge of new orders increased to 60.2 last month after 53 in November. The measure of orders for overseas customers to games 56 in December from 52. All rose Osmo until last month were built for Apple’s iPads and the Cupertino company sells them at 2,500 stores. Tangible Play launched a newA game pad in forexport the iPhone last month, opening ability to play rebound markets has helped give up an the added boost to U.S. deceleration the past couple years. while onfactories the move.following By Cromwell Schubarthover – TechFlash Editor, Silicon

Domestic companies have also made progress getting inventories more in line withMaking demandPrecision   and there are earlyParts   signsSince   corporate Machined   1974  investment is   beginning to firm.  

To be sure, a rally in the dollar since the presidential election risks   restraining overseas sales of U.S.-made goods.

               Howard  Precision  Machined  Products    

Production, Jobs

Davenport and CNC Machines Prototype to Production ISM’s production increased Up gauge to 3.00”ofDiameters

The to 60.3, the highest since November 2014, from 56 a month earlier.


A measure of factory employment picked up to 53.1 in December from 52.3 the prior month. The national payrolls report due Friday from the Labor Department is projected to show about 180,000 jobs were added in December, in line with the monthly average in 2016, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey. “Employment is pretty strong throughout the country, and that’s certainly true for manufacturing,” Bradley Holcomb, chairman of the ISM factory survey, said on a conference call with reporters. Consumer confidence helped lift demand in the second half of last year, particularly after the election when “momentum built on itself,” he said.

776 West Honda Park Drive, Bluffdale, Utah 84065

The ISM report also showed gauges of factory inventories shrank at a faster801-619-9850 pace in December from a month earlier. Source: Bloomberg Business 41 41• •OCTJan NOV / Feb2017 2017

A22Z Z Manufacturing MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •• A Rocky Mountain

warehouse or placing a particular chip on a circuit board.They can’t sort through a big pile of stuff, or accomplish more complex tasks. Inside Amazon’s massive distribution centers — where sorting through stuff is the primary task — armies of humans still do most of the work.


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In The Future, Warehouse Robots Will Learn On Their Own

picking things up, one after another after another.

The robot was perched over a bin filled with random objects, from a box of instant oatmeal to a small toy shark.This two-armed automaton did not recognize any of this stuff, but that did not matter. It reached into the pile and started

“It figures out the best way to grab each object, right from the middle of the clutter,” said Jeff Mahler, one of the researchers developing the robot inside a lab at the University of California, Berkeley. For the typical human, that is an easy task. For a robot, it is a remarkable talent — something that could drive significant changes inside some of the world’s biggest businesses and further shift the market for human labor. Today, robots play important roles inside retail giants like Amazon and manufacturing companies like Foxconn. But these machines are programmed for very specific tasks, like moving a particular type of container across a A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

42 • OCT - NOV 2017

The Berkeley robot was all the more remarkable because it could grab stuff it had never seen before. Mahler and the rest of the Berkeley team trained the machine by showing it hundreds of purely digital objects, and after that training, it could pick up items that weren’t represented in its digital data set. “We’re learning from simulated models and then applying that to real work,” said Ken Goldberg, the Berkeley professor who oversees the university’s automation lab. The robot was far from perfect, and it could be several years before it is seen outside research labs. Though it was equipped with a suction cup or a parallel gripper — a kind of two-fingered hand — it could reliably handle only so many items. And it could not switch between the cup and the gripper on the fly. But the techniques used to train it represented a fundamental shift in robotics research, a shift that could overhaul not just Amazon’s warehouses but entire industries. Rather than trying to program behavior into their robot — a painstaking task — Mahler and his team gave it a way of learning tasks on its own. Researchers at places like Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon University, Google and OpenAI — the artificial intelligence lab founded by Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk — are developing similar techniques, and many believe that such machine learning will ultimately allow robots to master a much wider array of tasks, including manufacturing. “This can extend to tasks of assembly and more complex operations,” said Juan Aparicio, head of advanced manufacturing automation at Siemens, which is helping to fund the research at Berkeley. “That is the road map.” Physically, the Berkeley robot was nothing new. Mahler and his team were using existing hardware, including two robotic arms from the Swiss multinational ABB and a camera that captured depth. What was different was the software. It demonstrated a new use for what are called neural networks. Loosely based on the network of neurons in the human brain, a neural network is a complex algorithm that can learn tasks by analyzing vast amounts of data. By looking for patterns in thousands of dog photos, for instance, a neural network can learn to recognize a dog. Over the past five years, these algorithms have radically changed the way the internet’s largest companies build their online services, accelerating the development of everything from image and speech recognition to internet search. But they can also accelerate the development of robotics. The Berkeley team began by scouring the internet for CAD models, short for computer-aided design. These are digital representations of physical objects. Engineers, physicists and designers build them when running experiments or creating new products. Using these models, Mahler and his team generated many more digital objects, eventually building a database of more than seven million items.Then they simulated

the physics of each item, showing the precise point where a robotic arm should pick it up.

“Picking an object up is the first thing you want a manipulator robot to do,” said Stefanie Tellex, a professor at Brown. “A lot of more sophisticated behavior begins with that. If you can’t pick it up, game over.”

That was a large task, but the process was mostly automated. When the team fed these models into a neural network, it learned to identify a similar point on potentially any digital object with any shape. And when the team plugged this neural network into the two-armed robot, it could do the same with physical objects.

The research demonstrated how a task learned in the digital world can be transferred to the physical. Since the camera on Berkeley’s robot could see depth, it captured three-dimensional images that were not unlike the CAD models the team uses to train its neural network.

When facing a single everyday object with cylindrical or at least partly planar surfaces — like a spatula, a stapler, a cylindrical container of Froot Loops or even a tube of toothpaste — it could typically pick it up, with success rates often above 90 percent. But percentages dropped with more complex shapes, like the toy shark.

Other researchers are developing ways for robots to learn directly from physical experience. For example, at Google, using an algorithmic technique called reinforcement learning, robots are training themselves to open doors through extreme trial and error. But this kind of physical training is both time consuming and expensive. Digital training is more efficient.

What’s more, when the team built simulated piles of random objects and fed those into the neural network, it could learn to lift items from physical piles, too. Researchers at Brown University and Northeastern are exploring similar research, and the hope is that this kind of work can be combined with other methods.

VFor this reason, some organizations are hoping to train robots using complex virtual worlds — digital recreations of our physical environment. If a system can train itself to navigate a car racing game like Grand Theft Auto, the thinking goes, it can navigate real roads.

Like Siemens and the Toyota Research Institute, Amazon is helping to fund the work at Berkeley, and it has an acute need for this kind of robot. For the past three years, the company has run a contest in which researchers seek to solve the “pick and place” problem. But the promise of machinelearning methods like the one used at Berkeley is that they can eventually extend to so many other areas, including manufacturing and home robotics.

This is still largely theory. But at places like Berkeley and Northeastern, researchers are showing that digital learning can indeed make the leap into the real world. “This is a challenge,” said Rob Platt, a professor at Northeastern. “But it’s a challenge we’re dealing with.” Source: By Cade Metz – The New York Times A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

43 • OCT- NOV 2017

on Tesla IP if there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the usage and implementation. Lucid has partnered with Samsung SDI to co-develop the battery cells that will ultimately make their way into Lucid battery packs. All battery cells degrade over time due to a variety of factors like depth of discharge or environmental conditions, to name a few, so the universal goal is to minimize potential degradation. Samsung SDI will be the primary production partner, but Lucid is also working with a couple other prominent suppliers. Lucid will assemble the battery packs in-house. There are currently three prominent DC fast-charging standards throughout the world (China is working on a fourth), including Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers that were born out of necessity given how immature charging standards and networks were back then. “Tesla took a leading role, it was the vanguard really, in creating a fast-charging network, and is to be applauded for that,” Rawlinson adds.


92 • Nov/Dec 2014

How Lucid Motors Plans to Build the Next Generation of Electric Vehicles

November SW 2014.indd 92

10/13/14 4:52 PM

Silicon Valley-based electric car start-up Lucid Motors formally exited stealth mode in December of last year when it unveiled its new Lucid Air, a svelte all-electric luxury sedan that will be capable of traveling 400 miles on a single charge and have 1,000 combined horsepower between two AC induction motors. Those are the specs that the company is targeting for the higher-end configurations; the $60,000 (before federal tax credit) base model will be a single-motor version that can go 240 miles before needing to charge. Rawlinson was crucial in the development of the Model S and is named as an inventor on many of Tesla’s patents for its sedan. Meanwhile, Tesla famously open-sourced its patents in 2014, vowing not to initiate any patent lawsuits against other companies using its technology “in good faith.” Given Rawlinson’s familiarity with the intellectual property and the apparent ability to use it, I wondered if Lucid was using any of Tesla’s patents. Rawlinson says Lucid is using exactly zero of Tesla’s patents for a couple of reasons. First, Lucid is looking to develop even better EV technology on its own, in which case it simply doesn’t needTesla’s IP. Second, it’s not clear what constitutes “good faith” from Tesla’s perspective, and it would be unwise and risky to build a product based A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

44 • OCT - NOV 2017

It’s worth clarifying that Lucid is not planning on spending $700 million upfront, which would be reckless. Instead, the manufacturing facility will have three phases, the first of which is expected to cost $240 million.That should allow the company to ramp up to producing about 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles per year, with production commencing in 2019. Only after all three stages are completed (expected around 2022 if all goes well) will the total investment reach $700 million. At that point, the factory should have annual production capacity of 130,000 vehicles. Lucid is currently working to secure its Series D financing round; once the funding is secured, then Lucid will break ground in the Grand Canyon state.

The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon Quality – The Crucial Safety Net By Stephen Hannemann My how things have changed with the quality systems in companies that supply the modern United States manufacturing juggernaut. When I started my career in manufacturing more than 50 years ago, the man on the bench or the machine was responsible for the product or component produced. Cursory dimensions were taken as the part was produced at each op before proceeding to the next setup. These were proud craftsmen running manual machines – mills, lathes, jig borers, surface grinders and more. The parts were then checked with varying levels of sophistication depending upon the requirements. This was either performed by the person who produced the part or an inspection technician on a surface plate with dial indicators, a height gauge, a sine plate or an optical comparator. Today in the modern shops those mills, lathes and related equipment, if they can be found at all, are off in a dark corner collecting dust. Does that mean critical components were crude back then? Not at all! I can remember looking over a stand-out mentor’s shoulder while he used gauge pins to inspect an injection molded part – a gyro component for a torpedo guidance system molded to a total tolerance of .0003”. Remember the average human hair is .003”. In the early 1980s CNC machines made their appearance, closely followed with new terms – Just in Time (JIT), Supply Chain Management, and Lean Manufacturing. Processes and procedures were instituted so we could compete with the government-incented trend to manufacture offshore. By 1985 ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was the new buzzword. This was a quality system designed in the UK so a company could do business internationally. The Economy of Quality Quality comprises the accuracy systems, procedures, and technology that keep our fast paced supply chains running. Nothing is more costly than having a line down because of a bad component – not only for the manufacturer, but the part supplier as well. I cringe when I hear a supplier say with pride, “We never let a bad part get to the customer, we catch

them in final inspection!” Well that may be good, but that is the most costly time to catch errors. It means the system is flawed. In-process quality measures are not in place. Over the past 25 years, process quality systems and documentation, as well as remarkable technology development, have enabled suppliers to achieve nearly 100% quality ratings. CMM’s, CNC machines with touch probe technology and tool wear alarms, vision scanning and process control procedures have enabled manufacturers to receive incoming components directly to their assembly lines. The photographs showing two pieces of inspection equipment, compliments of Pacific Swiss and Manufacturing in Clackamas, OR, are an integral part of their quality system. We have all seen an optical comparator. They have been around since the mid-1920s, but still play an important role in measuring critical dimensions, contours, and features, including thread forms and knurl quality on micro machined parts. The modern vision scanner plays an upgraded role in the QC of Pacific Swiss machined components from maximum diameters of 1 1/4” down to .010” and even smaller to tolerances of +/-.0003”. It is a programmable, noncontact auto recognition system for verifying contours and critical features. These are the investments vendors of all venues are making to ensure our U.S. manufacturing remains competitive in the global manufacturing market. SMH Inc. is proud to represent Pacific Swiss. For information about all services represented by SMH Inc. visit: or call Stephen Hannemann at 425.501.7342. SMH Inc. – “The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon” A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

45 • OCT- NOV 2017

5 Founding Principles Of TVT Die Casting: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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At Long Last, Laser Weapons Are Nearing Deployment

ballistic missiles, mortars, and rockets.

Once the stuff of science fiction, U.S. military laser weapons now are considered the future successors to missiles and gun systems to protect military forces from enemy boats, unmanned aircraft,

From the mythical burning mirrors of ancient Greek inventor Archimedes to the Martian death rays of H.G. Wells to Flash Gordon’s raygun to Capt. Kirk’s phaser, humans have been fascinated by the possible use of light beams as weapons for at least two millennia. But it was not until the invention of the laser in 1960 that the true potential of that concept led to serious research programs, which led quickly to major size, weight, and power (SWaP) limitations. Laser is short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In the decades that followed the construction of the first laser prototype at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, Calif., numerous types of lasers have been developed, based on a variety of power sources and light generation materials, for a wide breadth of applications ranging from barcode scanners to cutting and welding in manufacturing, light shows, DNA sequencing, optical communications, laser printers, and surgery. One of the first potential laser weapons involved using laser beams as “dazzlers” to blind opponents temporarily. Still, the narrow gap between temporary and permanent blinding led an early ban on that aspect under the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, issued by the United Nations in 1995. Many governments, however, have used loopholes in the Protocol - or simply ignored it - to develop blinding lasers. The first real laser weapon was the U.S. Air Force/Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser (ABL), a megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) mounted A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

46 • OCT - NOV 2017

inside a modified Boeing 747-400F jumbo jet. Designed to shoot down tactical ballistic missiles during their boost phase, it first was test-fired at an airborne target in January 2010 and soon after intercepted three test missiles, destroying two of them. While the ABL’s chemical laser was “magnificently efficient,” its size and pricetag were unacceptable, points out Paul Shattuck, director of directed energy systems at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale, Calif. “The advent of fiber lasers has allowed us to reduce SWaP to the point where a system can be carried on military platforms on the move - land, air, and sea.” Laser weapons today Today’s enabling technologies for laser weapons are leading to demonstration of 50-to-100-kilowatt lasers that can fit on a majority of existing military platforms, Shattuck says.The 60-kilowatt Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI) laser, for example, was designed to go into the Mobile High Energy Laser (HEL) vehicle.” The Army’s goal is to fit an entire laser weapons system - laser, beam controller, power system. and thermal management - onto today’s military trucks, from tactical vehicles, such as the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) to smaller combat vehicles such as the Stryker. In March 2017, SMDC announced completion of acceptance testing on the Lockheed Martin 60-kilowatt Spectrally Combined High Power Solid State Fiber Laser, which had demonstrated a sustained power of 57.5-kilowatt for a duration of 200 seconds with good beam quality. It was the first successful demonstration of a highpower fiber laser at that power level for defense applications. Army officials say the tests exceeded the contract threshold for success and, with the addition of three more channels planned before delivery, power will exceed the 60-kilowatt program objective. The laser will be integrated with the HELMTT and used in test environments relevant to warfighting applications. The Navy has been testing a new generation of SWaP-improved laser weapons. A 2011 demonstration by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) saw a destroyer-mounted laser defeat several small boat threats. The following year, ONR’s Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

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downed several unmanned aircraft during naval exercises. “Laser weapons are powerful, affordable and will play a vital role in the future of naval combat operations,” retired Navy Rear Adm. Matthew L. Klunder, then chief of naval research, said at the time. “We ran this particular weapon, a prototype, through some extremely tough paces and it locked on and destroyed the targets we designated with near-instantaneous lethality.” ONR describes LaWS as a low-power prototype never intended to be a deployed weapon, but the Naval Sea Systems Command took it when ONR had completed its tests, upgraded it - including linking its targeting system to radar tracks from an MK15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon System - installed the resulting 30-kilowatt, solid-state XN-1 laser on the USS Ponce, deployed in the Persian Gulf, and, following some on-board tests, declared it operational. Navy officials now hope to test a 150-kilowatt-class laser by 2018, with a deployment goal of 2020. “As the Navy continues to develop laser weapons, there may come a time when they can fully subsume the role currently provided by shortand medium-range interceptor missiles and gun systems. Until such a time as the tactics and capabilities of our laser weapons are proven for the longer term, laser weapons will continue to complement existing weaponry on currently fielded platforms,” Yingling adds. “Additionally, laser weapons have the potential to augment maritime domain awareness, improving the overall capabilities of our afloat platforms even when not using them for a high energy laser engagement.” The Navy’s program executive office for integrated warfare systems (PEO IWS) is working with industry to develop and field a laser weapon system for installation onboard a late-model Arleigh Burkeclass destroyer in the shortest time possible through a full and open competition, says a spokeswoman for Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). “The Surface Navy Laser Weapon System, Increment 1, will

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leverage mature technology to deliver a new laser weapon capability to the fleet, which will consist of a HEL, along with a Counter-ISR dazzling capability.” The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is drafting a Directed Energy Roadmap to identify those areas where lasers could play a role in the future of warfare. That will include looking at threats, development plans, and concepts of operations, evaluating the current state-of-the-art in laser technology and assessing the advancements necessary to meet service and warfighter needs, Heithold said in an interview with the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) prior to the Spring 2017 Directed Energy & Next-Generation Munitions Conference. “The study will identify those areas of development that could be consolidated, as well those that need to be expanded. Finally, for the various mission areas, it will identify the technical maturity levels at which transition to the acquisition process is appropriate. The potential to field operational directed energy weapons is exciting and the Department plans to continue to making investments in this area, [although] the overall programmatic organization of the Department’s laser development is still TBD,” Heithold said. Lockheed Martin’s Aberle says much work remains to be done before lasers become truly battle-ready. But even then, and for the foreseeable future, he does not see lasers as being a military “holy grail,” completely replacing kinetic weapons. “There are conditions where you would like to have the ability to make sure the laser beam can propagate appropriately through whatever environmental conditions it faces, with turbulence being a significant one.That is a technology in which we are investing significantly to assess how effective an adaptive optics system can measure that turbulence and what the phase front of the laser looks like. We also are assessing what technologies can be leveraged out of astronomical systems to apply to an HEL,” Aberle explains. “There are certain targets lasers will affect appropriately in the constraints of the battlefield, others that are more challenging. We view laser weapons as complementary to kinetic systems, one where a commander in the field is able to determine which weapon will be most effective in the environment in which they are fighting.”BY J.R. Wilson A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311

Nickel Alloys Fry Steel_____________800-423-6651 Marzee Inc.___________602-269-5801

Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 MATERIAL Cobalt Alloys Aluminum Summit Machine Tool______ 800-654-3262 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Swift Tool Co, Inc.________800-562-0900 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Copper Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Parts Washing Bralco______________602-722-3324 Gosiger______________937-586-5067 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Robotics & Automatics Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 Ganesh Machinery______818-349-9166 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Sawing Machines Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Sequoia Brass & Copper____800-362-5255 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Sunshine Metals_________ 760-579-8327 Electrical Steels Aluminum Extrusions Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 Aluminum Precision_______ 805-889-7569 High Temperature Alloys North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Armor:Commercial Performance Machine Tools___ 510-249-1000 Laser Cut Material Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 206-818-6813 Service Steel___________ 503-224-9500 Lead Armor: Military Grade Saw Replacement Parts Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Machine Ready Blanks

Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016

Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Service Steel___________ 503-224-9500 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 SawBlade.com__________800--240-2932 Brass Material Sales Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Saws Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____503-620-9031 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439

Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883

Turning Centers

Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311

Sub Spindle Lathes

CNC-PROS____________ 602-344-9753 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Sunshine Metals_________ 760-579-8327

Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292

Used Wire EDM Machines Current EDM, Inc. _________612-840-0037

Bronze Metals: Bar & Plate Coastal Metals_ _ ________ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665 Desert EDM___________ 480-816-6300 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601

Business insurance solutions for the precision manufacturing industry 1-877-373-6879


52 • OCT - NOV 2017

United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Plate: Wear and Structural Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883 Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Precision Ground Flat DIX Metals____________714-677-0788 Sheet & Coil Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601 Stainless Steel & Steel Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324 DIX Metals____________714-677-0788

Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665 Gorilla Metals Inc._______ 855-516-3825 Industrial Metal Supply Co.__ 818-729-3333 Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Ryerson Corporation_____ 425-204-2601 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Titanium Rod, Bar, & Wire Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292

Tool Steel DIX Metals____________714-677-0788 Industrial Metal Supply Co.__ 818-729-3333 CNC MASTERCAM TRAINING METROLOGY PRODUCTS Perceptron____________714-595-6040

Laser & Fiber Laser Machines

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Revolution Machine Tools_____ 385-355-0316 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Shearing Machines North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 Fab - Line Machinery_______ 206-972-6215 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 NEW MACHINERY FABRICATION Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____800-952-0151 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 Band & Cut Off Saws Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 North-South Machinery______253-333-2439 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 CNC Turret Punches Muratec_____________ 949-466-8255 Drill Lines

Magnetic Drills/Cutters Icon Machine Tool, Inc. ______360-434-8844 Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 North-South Machinery______ 253-333-2439 Material Handling Systems Revolution Machine Tools_____ 385-355-0316 Hydmech Sawing Solutions___ 714-620-5560 Sign & Graphic Cutting Solutions Metal Marking Systems Tooling Kwik Mark Inc__________ 815-363-8268 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 Scout Systems_ _________253-329-2460 Toolnet Intl___________ 602-244-0870 Notchers PROG. SYSTEMS Welding Equipment Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Factory Automation/Logistics Plasma/Gas Cutting Tools/Systems Rocky Mountain Saw Blades___ 303-761-3000 North-South Machinery______253-333-2439 PALLET SYSTEMS Fab - Line Machinery______ 206-972-6215 CAD/CAM Software, CAD Manual & Automatic Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Applied CAx___________ 503-962-0287 Pallet Systems Plate Bending & Rolls Automatics & Machinery Co.__303-990-6190 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 MRP Software Manual Lift Off Pallet Jorgensen Machine Tools____ 800-952-0151 SigmaTEK____________ 513-595-2022 Systems Power Tools Nesting Software Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 SigmaNEST___________ 513-595-2022 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 Software, Solid Modeling Presses Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 Delcam Software________ 877-DELCAM1 Bixby Machine Tool Supply___509-534-1208 Shipping Solutions PROTOTYPE MACHINERY Press Brakes Perry Pallet Co._________ 360-366-5239 Santa Cruz Electronics______ 831-479-5444 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031

Wood Pallets

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Fab - Line Machinery______ 206-972-6215 Perry Pallet Co._________ 360-366-5239 Cold Saws/Saws Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 PRECISION TOOLHOLDING Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.__ _503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 PRODUCTS Hydmech Sawing Solutions____714-620-5560 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 Tooling Hardware Insertion Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Toolnet Intl___________ 602-244-0870 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Punches Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.__ 763-682--3122 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-903 Iron Workers Tooling Systems

REPAIR CNC-PROS____________ 602-344-9753 Bar Feeder Repair Edge Technologies_______ 562-243-4659 ROBOTICS Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 LMI Machinery Inc._______ 866-437-7315

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Toolnet Intl___________ 602-244-0870 Robotic Part Loading Systems Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.__ 763-682--3122 Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 PRODUCTIVITY Jorgensen Machine Tools_____800-952-0151 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 ROUTERS Rolling Machines Productivity Tools and Systems Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 10457_IMS_BC_8up_front_shells.pdf


11:48:58 AM




Marc JOSH PPerry ERRY Sales Manager

Phone: (360)366-5239 Email: Web:

 Serve your pallet, crate & lumber needs  Heat-Treat (HT) for export shipment

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM


53 • OCT- NOV 2017

Global Leader in Garnet Abrasives

Andy Wells n

Regional Sales Manager


Sales Manager

B A R T O N I NTERNATIONAL sales: 800.741.7756 cell: 253.988.5934 email: web:

Cimatron________ 248-596-9700 ext. 237


Ph: +1 724 696 4340 x3437 Direct: +1 724 213 7290 Cell: +1 724 309 1940


101 Bilby Rd, Building #2 Hackettstown, NJ 07840


Delcam______________877-335-2261 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc._____ 503-620-9031

Fire Protection Systems

Rotarex North America_____ 480-689-8756 Sherpa Design__________ 503-771-3570 Flow International_________ 909-620-5707

NDT III Consulting Services


King Machine Inc._________ 509-435-6741

Level III NDT Svcs_________602-578-8109 Machine Toolworks________ 800-426-2052

Band & Cut-Off Saws

Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900


Waterjet & Blast Abrasives,


Spindle Rebuilding/Repair


AS9100 Registration Great Western Registrar_____ 623-580-1881 Business Appraisal Exit Strategies Group______ 707-292-2750 Custom Packaging/Shipping Supplies Alliance Packaging_______ 206-445-5898-

Engineering/Mechanical Design Sherpa Design__________503-771-3570 Facility Expansion/ Campbell Corp__________800-997-9996 Financial Services

Spindle Sales New

Waterjet Bricks Barton International_______ 800-741-7756

GMN USA LLC___________800-686-1679


Drills, End Mills, Boring Bars

US Carbide Tool_________ 480-775-3812 Custom Tools

LeGrand_____________ 888-668-6818

Waterjet Hoppers

Setco _______________714-222-6523 Barton International_______ 800-741-7756 TRAINING Six Sigma Training

GMA Garnet Group ________ 832-243-9300 Waterjet Replacement Parts

Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Barton International_______ 800-741-7756 dtiEXACT______________ 360-866-1337

Great Western Registrar______623-580-1881 EDM Performance________ 800-336-2946

The Buyers Guide Reaches Over 14,000 Decision Makers In The West Coast Region WA, OR, & CA!

Lean and NADCAP Consulting

Lean Engineering

GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 WIRE MANAGEMENT

LeGrand_____________ 888-668-6818 Data Communications

ISO / AS9100 Certification


BMSC_______________602-445-9400 BMSC_______________ 602-445-9400 LeGrand_____________ 888-668-6818

Level III NDT Svcs________ 602-578-8109 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642

Productivity Training

Supply Chain Assessments

Scout Systems_ _________253-329-2460

Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642



EDM Network_ __________480-836-1782


Jorgensen Machine Tools_____ 800-952-0151

Applied CAx___________ 503-962-0287 K.D. Capital Equipt________480-922-1674 Cimatron________248-596-9700 ext. 237 North Western Machinery_____206-583-2333 Solid Products__________ 480-206-0330 Performance Machine Tools ___ 510-760-9518 ZACHMAN MachineRY INC. ____ 602-908-3447

54 •


C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.___503-691-0955 GMA Garnet Group ________ 832-243-9300

EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Campbell Corp__________ 800-997-9996 LeGrand_____________ 888-668-6818


Legrand, North America 3555 Kettering Blvd. Moraine, OH 45439

Perry Pallet Co._________360-366-5239

Quick Turn Financial______ 415-608-5692 Level III NDT Svcs_________602-578-8109

Mechanical Design

Setco _______________714-222-6523

Intech Funding_________ 800-553-9208 Campbell Corp__________ 800-997-9996

Management Systems Training

P: 888.668.6818 C: 937.479.5381

US Carbide Tool_________ 480-775-3812


Machine Tool Rebuilding


C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.___503-691-0955 Barton International_______800-741-7756 GMN USA LLC___________800-686-1679 GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300

ISO Consulting/Registration

New Construction


OCT - NOV 2017


Perry Pallet Co._________ 360-366-5239

Just Added:

What you get: FREE PR and 6 Categories with your company name and Phone # Only $260 For A Full Year! Call Now For More Information!


Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes JEFF TOMSON

CELL: 360.202.7342

P.O. Box 80505


7600 5th Ave. S. • Seattle. WA 98108


Fax 206.763.8709

The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon



AATC________________ 602-268-1467


EDM: Dialectric Systems Cogitic_______________719-473-8844 Dolphin Investment Castings___ 602-272-6747 /Filtration NW Rapid Mfg._________ 503-434-85577 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 CHEMICAL ETCHING Ebbco Inc_____________ 586-716-5151 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 3D Scanning PMA Photometals_________480-773-3239 EDM: Drilling Small Hole NW Rapid Mfg.__________ 503-434-8557 PAS Technologies_________480-487-1906 Layke Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 CUTTING Precision Casting Repair______801-972-2345 SLS (Selctive Laser Sintering) EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Bar & Plate Cutting Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 ASSEMBLIES AZ Tool Steel____________877-795-1600 Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 Brazing: Dip Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 SW Waterjet & Laser________480-306-7748 Stevens Tool & Die_________503-682-3185 BENDING Brazing: Vacuum EDM: Wire Mandrel Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 DIE CASTING Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 BROACHING SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 Bending Solutions, Inc.______360-651-2443 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Ponderosa Ind____ _______303-298-1801 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 DIES Speciality Bending Specialty Steel Services______801-539-8252 Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Tool & Dies Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 CABLE ASSEMBLIES Micropulse West Inc.________480-966-2300 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 Stevens Tool & Die_________503-682-3185 DEBURRING Structrual Bending CASTING ELECTRO MECHANICAL Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Sub-Assembly Builds EDGING Tube and Pipe Bending 3D Printing Proto & Production

Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628

Investment Casting-Precision

United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Cascade Systems Technology__ 503-640-5733

55 55


    

Abrasives/Superabrasives Cutting Tools Indexable Tooling Precision Measuring Tools Workholding

1237 S. Shamrock Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 Ph: (626) 303-5680 Fax: (626) 303-1752

Providing metal working solutions since 1990!

Coating Technologies_____ _623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries_______ 480-968-1930 Polishing Arizona Hard Chrome______ 602-278-8671 ENGINEERING/DESIGN

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878

Tube & Pipe Bending Fabrication


Valley Machine Shop, Inc.____ 425-207-5951


Powder Coating

Aero Tech MFG__________ 801-891-2740 Cascade Systems Technology___503-640-5733 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 CLS Fabrication Inc_______ 800-426-0721 Hexatron Engineering_______801-363-8010 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________206-762-2117 Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Sandblasting Lambie Engineering________509-868-3100 SMH Inc LLC___________ 360-341-2226 EZ-ACCESS_____________ 800-258-8503 Byington Steel Treating, Inc.___ 408-727-6630

Shot Peen Architectural Forming & Fabrication Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Arizona Finishing_________ 602-438-4443 Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 PAS Technologies________ 480-487-1906 Silk Screening Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Forming & Fabrication Fabrication: Sheet Metal Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 AEI Fabrication__________480-733-6594 Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 FIXTURING Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906

Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386 Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386 GASKETS CLS Fabrication Inc________800-426-0721 Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Titanium Coating Services_____ 562-548-2550 3-D Plastics, Inc._________ 503-720-0572 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Medium & Large Galvanizing: Hot Dip

Gillaspie MFG___________360-921-3973 AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 TMM Precision __________ 800-448-9448 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Glass Bead Clean Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 CLS Fabrication Inc_______ 800-426-0721 Byington Steel Treating, Inc.____ 408-727-6630 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Group Mfg Serv_________ 480-966-3952 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____425-207-5951 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Liquid Painting Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Fabrication: Custom Metal

QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________206-762-2117

Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740

GRINDING AZ Tool Steel___________ 877-795-1600 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966 ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175 Cogitic_______________719-473-8844

Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 MESCO______________ 626-303-5680

AEI Fabrication__________480-733-6594 SMH Inc LLC___________ 360-341-2226 MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Solid Form Fabrication_____ 503-435-1400 PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Ron Grob Co___________ 970-667-5320 Passivation Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595


• 56 •

OCT - NOV 2017

Shawn Carlin

Superior Grinding_________801-487-9700 Industrial Precision Grinding___310-352-4700 TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 PAS Technologies_________480-487-1906 Superior Grinding_________801-487-9700

Grinding, Blanchard


MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864

Howard Precision Machine____ 801-619-9850


Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700

MESCO______________ 626-303-5680 PAS Technologies_________480-487-1906

AZ Tool Steel____________877-795-1600 TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____425-207-5951 Grinding: Tool & Cutter Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___805-583-9966 HYDRAULIC REPAIR Diversified Metal Services_____801-972-6093 Superior Grinding_________888-487-9701 Arizona Hard Chrome_______602-278-8671 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 Swift Tool Co, Inc.________800-562-0900 INJECTION MOLDS GUN DRILLING Industrial Precision Grinding___310-352-4700 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 Sun Grinding___________602-238-9595 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 Superior Grinding_________801-487-9700


INJECTION MOLDING Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634

TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 Byington Steel Treating_____408-727-6630 LASER CUTTING Controlled Thermal Tech_____602-272-3714 CLS Fabrication Inc________800-426-0721 Grinding, Centerless Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___805-583-9966 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864 SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 Sun Grinding___________602-238-9595 PAS Technologies_________480-487-1906 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Phoenix Heat Treating______602-258-7751 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___805-583-9966 Thermal-Vac Technology_____714-997-2601 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Grinding, Double Disc

Industrial Precision Grinding___310-352-4700


Laser Cutting: 3D

Sun Grinding___________602-238-9595 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100 LEVELING Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Arizona Hard Chrome_______602-278-8671 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 MACHINING Grinding: OD

Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 MESCO_______________626-303-5680

NW Metalcraft Industries_____888-280-7080 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Sunshine Metals__________714-225-4972 Treske Precision Machining ____503-625-2821 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Machining: 5-Axis Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__360-735-3763 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021

Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___805-583-9966 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 Heat Treating/Aerospace Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __253-395-7381 Precision Tech___________801-285-7288 Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________928-636-2115

Treske Precision Machining ____503-625-2821

Sun Grinding___________602-238-9595 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 Cascade Engineering Tech ___ 503-266-1300

AATC________________ 602-268-1467

Superior Grinding_________801-487-9700 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 Central Valley Machine_____ 435-752-0934

Al Hirth Machining, Inc. ______661-294-0644

Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Machining: Aerospace

Grinding: Surface

Large Capacity Drop Bottom

Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778

Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381

Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___805-583-9966


Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422

Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115

ChemResearch___________602-253-4175 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689

dtiEXACT______________ 360-866-1337


• 57 • OCT - NOV 2017


• 57 •

OCT - NOV 2017

Savage Machining Inc.______ 805-584-8047 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866

Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700

Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Machining: CNC Milling

Layke Inc._____________602-272-2654 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. ______661-294-0644 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117

Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Machining: Production Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Strom Manufacturing_______503-447-1021 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344

Central Valley Machine_____ 435-752-0934

Sunshine Metals__________714-225-4972

Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778 Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs._ 360-735-3763 Western Precision Products, Inc.__ 503-786-8923 Treske Precision Machining ____503-625-2821 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____425-207-5951 Machining: Ceramics Advanced Faustson______________ 303-420-7422 O’Keefe Ceramics_________ 719-687-0888 Western Precision Products, Inc._ 503-786-8923 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866 Machining: Large Machining: Horizontal Boring Gillaspie MFG___________ 360-921-3973 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Machining: Proto-R & D Howard Precision Machined Prod._ 801-619-9850 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. ______ 661-294-0644 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. _ 253-395-7381 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Cogitic_______________719-473-8844 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654 Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____425-207-5951 Central Valley Machine______435-752-0934 NW Metalcraft Industries_____ 888-280-7080 Machining: Medical Newport Tool.___________ 801-295-7411 Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644

Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821

Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117

Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Cogitic_______________ 719-473-8844 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__360-735-3763 dtiEXACT______________ 360-866-1337 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866 Grovtec US, Inc. __________503-557-4689 Howard Precision Machined Prod._ 801-619-9850 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700

Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 Newport Tool.___________ 801-295-7411 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700

Strom Manufacturing_______503-447-1021

Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Industrial Machine Svcs______503-240-0878 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386 Flex-Pro Manufacturing._____ 623-466-6866 Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 Rickard Engineering _______ 866-845-8838 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Machining: Shaft Turning Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 Savage Machining Inc.______ 805-584-8047 Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342


• 58 •

OCT - NOV 2017


• 58 • OCT - NOV 2017

Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Custom Airplane to Marine Polishing Machining: Swiss Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________928-636-2115 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294 Personal Collectables Polishing dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 MANUFACTURING VALUE ADDED Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Contract Manufacturing Production Polishing Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 AEI Fabrication__________480-733-6594 Ron Grob Co___________ 970-667-5320 METALIZING Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 Western Precision Products, Inc._ 503-786-8923 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 MOLDING: RUBBER Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Machining: Turning Molds: Plastic Injection Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 Plastic Injection Molding_____509-531-2634 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________928-636-2115 Cogitic_______________ 719-473-8844 MOLDS dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__ 360-735-3763 Flex-Pro Manufacturing._____ 623-466-6866 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Larkin Precision Machine____ 831-438-2700 Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 Layke Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700 Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 NW Metalcraft Industries_____888-280-7080 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Savage Machining Inc._____ 805-584-8047 Rickard Engineering _______866-845-8838 SMH Inc LLC___________ 360-341-2226 Strom Manufacturing______ 503-447-1021 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Valley Machine Shop, Inc.____ 425-207-5951 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Western Precision Products, Inc._ 503-786-8923 Western Precision Products, Inc.__ 503-786-8923 Machining: Ultra Precision Industrial Manufacturing Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Machining: Turning With Live Tooling

Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 Turnkey Product Services

3-D Plastics, Inc.__________503-720-0572 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Mold Making 3-D Plastics, Inc.__________503-720-0572 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 PLATING ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410

Aero Tech MFG__________ 801-891-2740 Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 Advanced Mold Technology___ 714-990-0144 PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 Anodizing Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Molds: High Volume Class 100 PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Advanced Mold Technology____714-990-0144 Bright Tin Molds: Fast Turn Prototype and Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Bridge Molds Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Advanced Mold Technology____714-990-0144 Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271 Molds: Expertise in Overmold and Chem Film Insert Molding Advanced Mold Technology____714-990-0144

PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906


Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311

Surface Mount & Thru Hole


Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054

EPSI________________ 714-519-9423


Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930

Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 PLATING


Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 PAS Technologies_________480-487-1906

Coating Technologies_______623-581-2648

Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__ 360-735-3763

Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714

Machining: Turning Large


Passivation, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Hard Chrome, Silver, & Tin Plating. 206-947-4052 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 59 • OCT - NOV 2017

Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Coating: Black Oxide Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410

Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657

Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Metro Metals Northwest _____ 503-819-1284 Bin Service PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Precious Metal Plating Co._____800-481-6271 Hard Chrome Savon Plating, Inc_________602-252-4311 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Coating: Dry Film Lube

Excess Material Handling Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Arizona Hard Chrome______ 602-278-8671 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 Tin Plating PAS Technologies_________ 480-487-1906 Full Service Scrap Management NAD CAP & Boeing Approved Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome Precious Metal Plating Co._____800-481-6271 Processes Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Scrap Metal Prrocessing Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Nickel-Bright Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 PLASMA CUTTING Waste Metal Management Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Gold Tech Industries_______ 480-968-1930 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-772-0387 G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 Calbag Metals Company _____253-283-8657 Copper

Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410


Wood Products

Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Perry Pallet Co.__________360-366-5239 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 REPAIR Pacific Tool, Inc_________ 425-882-1970 Tin / Zinc Plate TFC Plating____________ 503-771-0969 CNC-PROS_____________ 602-344-9753 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Electro-Polishing ROLLING ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 EPSI_______________ 714-519-9423 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 SANDBLASTING PROCESSING: METAL TFC Plating____________ 503-771-0969 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Byington Steel Treating, Inc.____ 408-727-6630

Savon Plating, Inc________ 602-252-4311 Chemical Embrittlement Relief Production Sawing EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 LA Specialties___________602-269-7612 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966 Titanium Nitride (TiN) Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 SEWING PROTOTYPES Electroless Nickel Titanium Coating Services____ 562-548-2550 Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689 Cascade Systems Technology__ 503-640-5733 ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN) SHEARING NW Rapid Mfg._________ 503-434-8557 Titanium Coating Services____ 562-548-2550 United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 PUNCHING Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) SIGNAGE & DISPLAYS Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Titanium Coating Services____ 562-548-2550 AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098 CLS Fabrication Inc________800-426-0721 Passivation Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271 SILICONE Group Manufacturing Serv___ 480-966-3952 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 3-D Plastics, Inc.__________ 503-720-0572 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 SINTERING TFC Plating____________ 503-771-0969 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Western Sintering_________ 509-375-3096 Gold TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 RECYCLING MATERIALS SLITTING ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 Silver Plating EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 EPSI_______________ 714-519-9423


• 60 • OCT - NOV 2017

Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Plastics, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin


Benjamin Johnson ASNT Level III #210316 602-578-8109

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

ASNT, NAS 410, ASME Nadcap, ASTM, RT, UT, MT, PT

Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838

Level III NDT Consulting Services, LLC

Micro-Machining Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838

Training, Certifications, Nadcap Approvals, Responsible Level III, Aerospace, Petrol Chemical

WELDING Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services_____ 801-539-8252 SPRINGS

PAS Technologies________ 480-487-1906 Cogitic______________ 719-473-8844 Stress Relieving Testing Custom Metal Fabrication____ 503-788-5701 Cogitic_______________719-473-8844 G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 Thermal Shock Testing Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776

Ace Wire & Spring Form______412-458-4830


SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113


SPRINGS: CUSTOM Extension/Compression/ Coil Ace Wire & Spring Form______412-458-4830 STAMPING PRECISION AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973

Controlled Thermal Tech ____ 602-272-3714 TOOL & DIE DESIGN Newport Tool.___________801-295-7411 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 TOOL Cutting & Grinding Powerhaus Precision______ 480-225-8845

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 PAS Technologies________ 480-487-1906

Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Weld Metal Works________ 503-788-5701 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069

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NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080


Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878

Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878

NADCAP Welding and Services

SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113

Lambie Engineering______509-868-3100 Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778


Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 Level III NDT Svcs________ 602-578-8109

SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 Stamping:Flat Forming

Newport Tool.___________801-295-7411

Robotic Welding

Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443

Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973


NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080


SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113

Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628

Welding: Precision G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069

Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973

Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503

NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080

EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878

Stamping: Light

SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113


Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778

Stamping: Production/

Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117

Welding: MIG-TIG


Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069

Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038

dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776


Marzee Inc.___________ 602-269-5801 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503

Cascade Systems Technology__ 503-640-5733

Milco Waterjet__________ 714-373-0098 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878

Columbia Manufacturing Svcs._ 360-735-3763

Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838

TESTING Non-Destructive Testing


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SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 Ace Wire & Spring Form_____ 412-458-4830 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 61 • OCT - NOV 2017

Index of Advertisers 3D-Plastics...38,55 AATC...55 Accutech Machine, inc...59 Ace Wire & Spring Form...60 Aeroform, Inc...58 Aero Tech Manufacturing...56 Albina Co, Inc...7,55 Alpha Precision Machining...57 Application Specialties Inc...48 Arizona Finishing...57 Arizona Hard Chrome...59 Asko Group...59 ATI...58 Bar-S...56 Barton International...32,54 Bending Solutions...61 Bixby Machine Tool Supply...50 BMSC...34,48 Bralco...52 Byington Steel Treating...57 C & M Precision Spindle, Inc...52 Calbag Recycling...60 Campbell Corp...51 Cascade Engineering Tech...58 Castrol...63 Chemtool...18,48 Cimatron...9,53 Clings...60,64 CLS Fabrication Inc...56 Coast Aluminum...43,49 Coastal Metals...6,49 Coating Technologies...22,56 Cogitic...29,61 Columbia Mfg. Services...57 Controlled Thermal Tech...59 Current EDM, Inc....52 Cycle Time Solutions...50 Desert EDM...39,48 Desert Machine Sales...48 Dix Metals...30 Doosan...17 dtiEXACT...37,55 EDM Network...31,48 EDM Performance..48,49 Edge Technologies...25,49,52 Ellison Technologies...17,48 EPSI...58 Evans Precision...61 Exit Startagies..51 EZ-ACCESS...59 Fahey Machinery...19,49-51 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

62 • OCT - NOV 2017

Faustson...56 Flex-Pro...42,56 Flow...48,49,54 Foresight Finishing...58 Frontier Tecchni-Kote...21,55 Fry Steel...50 Ganesh...49 Gillaspie...58 Global EDM Supply...49 GMA Garnet Group...20,50 GMN...24,50 Gold Tech...57 Gosiger...50,51 Group Manufacturing...56 Grovtec...12,55 Hangsterfers...48,50 Horizon Carbide...50 Howard Precision Mach. Prod...41,60 Hurco...3 Industrial Machine Services...58 Industrial Metal Supply Co....14,53 Industrial Precision Grinding...60 KD Capital...52 King Machine...53 Kloeckner Metals-Temtco...30,49 Larkin Precision...59 Layke Inc...58 Layke Tactical...58 Leadtek...60 LeGrand...22,54 Level III NDT Consulting SVC...61 Machine and Fabrication LLC...23,59 Machinists Inc....33,55 Mario Pinto...50 MESCO...56 MET-TEK Inc...56 Methods Machine Tools Inc...49 Metro Metals Northwest, Inc...58 Micropulse West...57 Midaco Corporation...50 Milco...60 Mountain View Machining...57 Newport Tool...61 North-South Machinery...15,48 Northwestern Machinery...51 Okeefe Ceramics...20, 55 ONA EDM USA...53 Optical Gaging Products Inc...51 Pacific Swiss...14,61 PAS Technologies...56 Performance Machine Tools...8,52

Perry Pallet...53 Phoenix Heat Treat...57 Pinnacle Precision...57 Portland Precision...58 Precious Metals Plating...38,61 Precision Die & Stamping...56 Real Axis Machining...58 RevolutionMachine Tools...2,50 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...53 Rosco Precision Machinery...3,48 Rotarex...54 Royal products...36,49 Ryerson...5,48 S.L. Fusco...63 Selway Machine Tool Co...48,50 Sentry Insurance...52 Setco Spindles & Slides...53 SigmaTEK...52 SMH Inc LLC...45,55 Specialty Steel...56 Spring Works Utah...56 Star Metal Fluids...49 Steel Services Grinding...57 Strom Manufacturing...55 Summit Machine Tool...40,48 Sun Grinding...56 Superior Grinding...55 Sustaining Edge...51 Swift Tool...16,35,49 Teton...58 TFC Plating...57 Thermal-Vac...58 Titanium Coating Services...41,60 Toolnet...53 Tool Technology...53 Trusty Cook...48 TVT Die Casting...46-47,55 United Perferformance Metal...10,52 US Carbide...54 US Shop Tools...13,52 Valley Machine Shop...56 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc...49 Weiser Engineering...57 Western Precision Products...12,55 Western Sintering...1,26,27,36,55 Wrico Stamping...55 Zachman Machinery....53 Zeiss Metrology...48

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the technoLogy inside

the RIght LIne of PRoducts • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technoLogy InsIde.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

S.L. Fusco’s three locations: 2102 Adams Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 1 510 895 9000 Serving Northern California & Northern Nevada

1966 Via Arado Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 1 310 868 1010 Serving Southern California

2530 Southport Way, Ste. D National City, CA 91950 1 619 477 7733 Serving Southern California A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

63 • OCT- NOV 2017

A2Z Manufacturing West Coast 1538 E. La Vieve Lane Tempe, AZ 85284

PRECISION CNC TUBE BENDING AND FABRICATING Custom precision tube bending diameters ranging from .250” to 2.50” inches in diameter. Cling’s Aerospace can provide internal and external end finishing including: beading, flaring and swaging. Our material capabilities include aluminum, stainless steel and chromoly. With a combined 75 years of tube bending experience we can not only meet, but exceed all your tube bending requirements to become your premier tube bending provider.

730 W. 22nd Street | Tempe, AZ 85282 | 480-968-1778 (Ext. 100) | CAPABILITIES: TUBE BENDING | 5 AXIS MACHINING | WIRE EDM | WELDING 64 • OCT - NOV 2017 CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001 and AS9100 | NADCAP Welding Accredited | ITAR Compliant


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