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Vol. 19, No. 2 Mar/Apr 2013

Southwest Edition (AZ, NV, and NM)

API Services, an ISO9001 Certified Company, Can Repair and Calibrate ALL Of Your Machines. Period. No Other Calls Needed.

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products IT’S WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

THE RIGHT LINE OF PRODUCTS • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants

the technoLogy inside

• Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

Discover why only Castrol Industrial has THE TECHNOLOGY INSIDE.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

Maxum Petroleum l l 1 800 894 7773 Serving Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada

1974 Bucktail Lane • Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • A Z METALWORKER • 17 • Sept/Oct 2012 2

Editors Corner “Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.” Anne Frank Anne Frank never had the opportunity to have a real job. She was a GermanJewish teenager who was forced to go into hiding during the Holocaust, and she died when she was 15. Anne wanted to grow up to be a writer. She never had the chance, but she wanted to live after her death through her writing. She has. Her diary tells how millions lived, spoke, ate, and slept through the Holocaust, and it has appeared in more than 50 different editions and more that 18 million copies were sold worldwide. I love my job! I have the opportunity every month to visit manufacturing entities, mostly small businesses in many areas west of the Mississippi. I am always inspired and amazed at how great these businesses are, and I derive great pleasure in writing about these companies. But I am not alone in my satisfaction with my career. In fact, forty-seven percent of Americans are completely satisfied with their jobs, according to a recent Gallup poll.Another 42 percent are somewhat satisfied.You put that together -- you’ve only got about one out of 10 Americans who are working, that say they’re dissatisfied. 25 years ago, only 28 percent were completely satisfied with their jobs. (I dare say, given the number of people who lost their jobs during the economic downturn, we are probably just happy to be gainfully employed!) Gallup pollsters broke down satisfaction into 13 separate categories and asked people whether they were completely satisfied with those parts of their jobs. It turns out the thing that Americans are least satisfied with are on-the-job stress -- at 29 percent. What workers are most happy with? According to the poll:The physical safety of workplace conditions, and intangible things like coworkers - and interestingly, their bosses. It’s funny, my own two children, each with less than 2 years of employment in their respective careers, both share experiences with their colleagues, and this is one of the primary reasons they are happy at their jobs. Another finding I haven’t read about, but see with both of their employers, is a concerted effort by their companies to provide continuous training opportunities for their employees. I find this such a positive sign in the companies my children are employed by. And it’s a good thing we are satisfied with our professional lives. Even as stock prices rise, unemployment drops and overall recovery takes hold, more U.S. workers than ever are planning to delay retirement, according to a 2012 report from The Conference Board. Better health and life expectancy have, quite apart from the recession-related jump of recent years, pushed retirement age steadily higher since the 1990s. People expect to live longer and fuller past age 65—and need more wealth to do so. Currently, 16% of those ages 65 and older are employed, versus 10% in 1985. Many of our readers are employed or impacted by manufacturing in the United States.And lately, there is some very positive news. After decades of outsourcing, companies such as Apple, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Co., Oracle and Whirlpool are making more goods in the U.S. again. Cheap energy, the weak dollar, steady wages and proximity to U.S. customers and suppliers are attracting some of the business. I hope that this trend continues in the future. I hope that your 2013 is starting out well. May it be a year of great things, and a continually improving economy. And, of course, God Bless our Troops!

Linda Daly Publisher A2Z METALWORKER

4 • Mar/Apr 2013

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E-Z setup Machine 4 sides

Horizontal Edition

Repeat (max profit)

The EC-400 | 4 axes with twin pallets | Affordable Haas price. A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

Announcements & Releases Arizona CNC Adds New Sales Engineer Arizona CNC is pleased to announce the recent addition of Michael Biesk as Sales Engineer. Michael has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. For the past 9 years he’s been serving the tooling needs of customers right here in Arizona. “We really value Michael’s experience with the local shops. In fact he was highly recommended to us by several of our customers.” says Greg Whelan, President of Arizona CNC. “His professionalism, honesty and integrity are just a few of the reasons that we are happy to have him on our team.” Michael says, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to support my customers with the prestigious lines of equipment represented by Arizona CNC. I am looking forward to helping them improve their productivity and competitiveness with the most advanced machine tools in the industry today.” You can contact Michael Biesk at 602-677-7318, or email him at To learn more about Arizona CNC, visit their website at

Hexatron Engineering Company Celebrates 31 Years In Business Hexatron Engineering Company is celebrating its 31st year in business. This engineering, design, and manufacturing company was founded by CyWilliams, a degreed mechanical engineer. He has built his company and reputation on its expert design capabilities. The U.S. Air Force has contracted with Hexatron Engineering many times to reverse engineer parts and manufacture spares at a much more economical cost then previously possible. For the 25 years, Hexatron Engineering has been a licensee of Boeing Aircraft Company and has been manufacturing the aircrew seats used on the DC 9 and DC 10 Cabin Attendant and Crew Seats. Designing and building prototype machinery such as labor-saving automation and unique handling equipment is another aspect of Hexatron’s capabilities. Cy says that if you use aluminum molds you should explore the possibility of HEXALITE, a proprietary treatment that could save you in both material and labor costs. This treatment makes it so nothing sticks to the surface of the aluminum part(s). The company diversified by expanding into the field of Sport-Aviation engines and they are currently producing the HEXADYNE AVIATION P60.This is an air-cooled sport plane engine that is incredibly efficient, lightweight and powerful. For more information on this superior engineering, design and manufacturing company, contact them at 801-363-8010 or visit their website at

FAIST GreenTek Celebrates 2 Years in The USA FAIST GreenTek, an ISO9001:2008 certified company, is pleased to celebrate its second year of operations in the United States. The A2Z METALWORKER

6 • March/Apr 2013

US division, located in a 50,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona offers the following capabilities: • Sheet Metal Stamping • CNC Laser Cutting/CNC Bending/ Punching • Laser, Wire and Spot Welding (Robotic Welding available) • Powdercoating • Painting (20’ x 35’ booth) • Silk screening • Robotic Gasketing The company, in business since 1978, today has 24 factories located throughout the world. Its US operations produces parts from prototype to production for Industrial and Emission Controls. The company was awarded “Best In Class Supplier” by Honeywell in 2011. Dan Franklin, US Director of Operations, says, “In our 35 years in business, FAIST has never lost a customer. We serve a number of Tier customers in the automotive, alternative energy, electronics, telecom, and industrial industries, offering mechanical design and production of componets and assemblies .Today, we are ramped up to take on new customers in the US with the latest in technology from TRUMPF Laser cutting, punching, and bending machines to robotic welders. We also offer in-house powercoating, painting, and silk screening.” For more information or to tour this state of the art factory, contact Dan Franklin at 602-633-0707 or visit

Arizona CNC Welcomes You to Their Omax Day on March 20th and to Their Open House on March 21st and 22nd! Arizona CNC invites its customers and friends to their Open House, scheduled for March 21st and 22nd.The Open House will showcase their premier lines, including OKUMA,OMAX, and TSUGAMI, and others. There will be technical presentations on both days, and a delicious lunch will be served. Prior to the Open House, those interested in learning more about the OMAX waterjet equipment are welcome to attend OMAX Day on March 20th. Please call 480-615-6353 to register for both events.

KD Capital Equipment LLC Expands with New Facility! KD Capital Equipment, LLC, is excited to announce the opening of their new 30,000+ square foot facility based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Our company has experienced tremendous growth in both gross sales and staff over the past several years and our projections of even further growth over the next 5 years facilitated the need for larger premises” says Managing Member Michael Treger.

He continued, “Having twice the office space combined with the expansive problemfacility free drilling showroomconsistently and storage nowat high penetration rates. incorporated into KD Capital’s daily operations,The willnew without us with unique question geometry make combined one of the the country’s buyers and edge new flutestrongest shape provides a cutting shape effective clearance of the chip, re-marketers of for CNC, Metal Fabrication even at increased penetration rates. and Plastics Machinery and Equipment! This will enable us to have a larger staging Low cutting forces provide fewer problems area to perform with weakequipment fixturing, thininspections, walled components testing, refurbishment and repairs as and loads on the cutting edge. well as providing for proper cleaning Thesecure drill comes in lengths 3-8xD as standard. facilities and storage. KD Capital is nationally recognized as a premier used Sandvik Coromant is a world-leading machinery supplier dealer ofand has tools representatives cutting and tooling systems throughoutfor thethe United States, andand is metalworkingCanada industry represented 130 be countries. 25 at state-ofMexico. The companyin can reached the art Productivity Centers located (480)-922-1674 or visit them on the webaround the world provide customers and staff with at:


continuous training in tooling solutions and

methods to increase LLC productivity. KD Capital Equipment |7918Sandvik Coromant is part of the Tooling business area E.McClain Drive. | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 of the Sandvik Group. For more information contact: Email:

AbsoluteTurning & Machine, Inc. adds 6th Citizen Machine D av i d O l ve r a Jo i n s and Upgrades Makino asPartMaker Senior Process Software to Support Development it Engineer

(602)258-7300 258-7300 tel (602) tel

Absolute Turning

Makino has expanded its titanium process research and development & recent Macaddition hine, ofInc. group with the David Olvera. Joining Makino as a recently senior process developmentadded engineer,aOlvera brings with him extensive knowledge and experience titanium processing. new CitizeninL720E Type IX to its machine line

up, and also upgraded to PartMaker 2013 with

“The addition of Olvera to the titanium research and development Advanced Surface Machining and PartMaker group solidifies our position as an international knowledge leader in Modeling to support the Larson, new advanced titanium process engineering,” says Mark Makino’smachine. titanium R&D manager. “His robust academic background will be a key asset in Absolute first withandfive Petermann cam Swiss machines ouropened objectiveinto1999 research analyze the machining of titanium, the and soon added two Citizen CNC Swiss keeping up with effects within the cutting zone and our machines ability to develop new processes for staying the highestonlevel productivity and efficiency.” demand and topof of the technology curve. In the years

and control software. A world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, Makino provides a wide range of high-precision metal-cutting and EDM machinery, CA. including horizontal machining centers,Oxnard, vertical machining centers, HaasTec 2013, 5-axis machining centers, graphite machining centers, andscheduled wire and for April 9 Ram EDMs. Our flexible automation solutions provide through 12, reduced from 8 labor am to 5 pm daily, costs and increased throughput in a varietywill of production volumes and include machine demos, factory designs. With Makino engineering services, we offer industry-leading tours, a catered lunch, and more. expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries. For more information, call 1-800-552-3288 or visit

that followed Absolute has become Southern Arizona’s leader in high OlveraCNC received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from precision Swiss turning.

Visitors to HaasTec 2013 will see the latest Haas CNC technology up close and in great detail, with 19 machines on display, including the new UMC-750 universal machining center designed for 5-sided (3+2) and full 5-axis machining.

Pachuca Institute of Technology in Pachuca, Mexico. He also holds a master’s degree in manufacturing systems from the Monterrey Institute With the increase in demand and the complexity of high precision Swiss of Technology. Olvera is currently working on his PhD in mechanical ChemResearch Becomes IMAGE Member Registration for HaasTec 2013 is free. Simply visit turned products, PartMaker software was added in 2010. “We saw engineering, design and manufacturing through the of the the continued commitment to implement best practices throughout the JulyUniversity 11, 2012 – ChemResearch’s organization pays off again by becoming IMAGE certified. Less than 200 employers in the nation and click on the HaasTec 2013 banner. Guests who register by April 1 need not only toCountry speed up programming, but also handle more Basque nearour Bilbao, Spain. have partnered and been recognized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE)

and more complex parts that became almost impossible to program by has been published on a variety of topics titanium hand,” saysOlvera Owner/President Michael McCaul. “We related added to Advanced process engineering such as ball nose helical milling of titanium Surface Machining and PartMaker Modeling to deal with some ofalloys, the analysis of a tool-tip’s radial stiffness on turn-milling centers, and the more intense programming, allowing us to create solid models from prediction of tool stiffness for machine tools. In addition to his academic standard three-view drawings”. morewith information theirplatforms website background, Olvera hasFor worked a variety ofvisit machine at or call 520-624-5628.

will receive a limited-edition Haas cap at the open house.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to certify their hiring practices, reduce fraud and ensure they employ a legal workforce. ChemResearch and four other AZ employers were each certified as “IMAGE” or “ICE Mutual Agreement Between Government and Employers” partners during a ceremony Wednesday. IMAGE is a voluntary program that allows private industry to partner with ICE to reduce unauthorized employment and the use of fraudulent identity documents.

ChemResearch Becomes IMAGE Member Announcements Continued Page 10

C h e •m7R• eMarch/Apr s e a r c h2012 ’s c o n t i n u e d commitment to implement best practices throughout the organization pays off again by becoming IMAGE certified. Less than 200 employers in the nation have partnered and been recognized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations

“Our IMAGE partnerships enable us to A2Z METALWORKER recognize the highest level of employment integrity and foster best hiring practices,” said Matt Allen, special agent in charge of HSI in Arizona. “When employers make a commitment to hire and maintain a lawful workforce, it’s good for their business and it’s good for the community.”

Haas Automation to Host HaasTec Open House at SoCal Facility in April

Undocumented workers create vulnerabilities in today’s marketplace by presenting false documents to gain employment, completing applications for fraudulent benefits, and stealing identities of legal United States workers. To combat this, ICE initiated the IMAGE program in 2006.

As part of the company’s 30th Anniversary celebration, Haas Automation, Inc. – America’s leading machine tool builder – will host an open house at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in

As part of the IMAGE program, ICE provides private companies with education and training on proper hiring procedures, including use of employment screening tools such as E-Verify. IMAGE certified companies also undergo an audit of their I-9 forms to ensure current employees are eligible to work in the United States.

Announcements Continued Page 10

Arizona employers interested in learning more about IMAGE membership may call the ICE IMAGE coordinator in Phoenix at (602) 407-6155 or visit To watch ABC 15’s story on the subject, click here. A2Z METALWORKER Founded in 1959, ChemResearch is a NADCAP certified, ITAR registered single-source metal

• 7 • March/Apr 2013


TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT ARIZONA CNC offers a wide range of top quality, new and used equipment, in all sizes, capabilities and prices. When it comes to machine tools or accessories to enhance your productivity, you can count on getting the right solution for the right price, without compromise.

EXPERIENCED APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING Time Studies, Programming Services, Training, Turnkey Projects, Automation If you are looking for a partner to help solve your machining challenges and optimize your cycle times turn to our applications engineering department. You benefit from the knowledge and experience that comes with people who work full time solving tough problems for various companies every day. Whether it’s evaluating your parts to help you make your machine selection, training the people in your facility to maximize your productivity or providing you a full turnkey system we are committed to your success.

PROFESSIONAL SALES ENGINEERS RELIABLE SERVICE SUPPORT Local, Responsive, Factory Certified Your emergency is our emergency. So don’t panic. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, call Arizona CNC. You will get a quick response from an expert, factory certified service engineer. On-site or over the phone, AZCNC's team of expert service personnel can solve problems fast-usually within hours. Your uptime is our goal. Keep in mind time spent preventing problems can save you the unwanted costs of having to fix them later. AZCNC offers preventive maintenance programs to help you avoid unexpected downtime through managed care of your equipment. Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1235 S. 48th St, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85281

Knowledgeable, Experienced Our goal is to provide you with the right solution and improve your profitability. The cheapest machine on the market is seldom the best value or the most cost effective. Our sales engineers are trained professionals with the ability to recognize and apply the appropriate manufacturing process for your needs. Their understanding of processes as well as product enables them to find the most efficient machine tool for your application. Our sales staff also can present you with the financing options that make your machine tool purchases more affordable.

Product Lines 480-615-6353 • Fax: 480-615-6352

LOCAL FACILITY We are proud to be a 100% locally owned and operated company and our mission has always been to be the supplier of choice to Arizona’s manufacturing companies – the ones determined to find a better way to compete in this world’s economy. We offer everything from parts to production-ready systems. And we do so with a friendly, personal touch, too often missing in today’s click-and-order environment. Call us with your manufacturing challenges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can provide!

OKUMA World class manufacturer of high technology CNC turning centers, machining centers and cylindrical grinders.

TSUGAMI Swiss-style automatics, turning machines and machining centers known worldwide for their superior design and construction.

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS The leader in Engraving, Cutting & Marking Systems.

OMAX Industry leading Waterjet machines.


HARDINGE Editorial Contact:

Hardinge is the leader in providing Paula Ameigh highly reliable turning, Director, Marketing & Customerunmatched Services milling, grinding and workholding solutions 607-378-4232 in the industry for more than 100 years. Products include:

• HARDINGE, manual lathes to high-performance, SuperFor Immediate Precision multi-tasking CNC lathes,Release: world’s largest manufacturer of precision collets and workholding systems. • BRIDGEPORT, manual knee mills to high-performance vertical An Hardinge and horizontal multi-tasking CNC machining centers. Distri • KELLENBERGER, precision CNC universal grinding machines for OD, face and ID grinding. ELMIRA, NY: Hardinge Inc. (www.hardin announce alliance with machines Arizona CNC E • TSCHUDIN, compact, high precisionanCNC grinding have exclusive and support respo for low or high-volume ODwill production CNCsales grinding. products in Arizona and portions of Neva • HAUSER, multi-axis precision jig grinding for complex period of the next few months they will profiles. Hardinge distributor and service support grou

“We are honored to be working with this cal will sell and support our products.” said Rick serving job shops and manufacturers in th



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. www



tal lme



Announcements & Releases Continued (HSI) to certify their hiring practices, reduce fraud and ensure they employ a legal workforce. ChemResearch and four other AZ employers were each certified as “IMAGE” or “ICE Mutual Agreement Between Government and Employers” partners during a ceremony last month. IMAGE is a voluntary program that allows private industry to partner with ICE to reduce unauthorized employment and the use of fraudulent identity documents. “Our IMAGE partnerships enable us to recognize the highest level of employment integrity and foster best hiring practices,” said Matt Allen, special agent in charge of HSI in Arizona. Founded in 1959, ChemResearch is a NADCAP certified, ITAR registered single-source metal finishing provider for the aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, automotive and commercial industries. The company’s 55,000 square foot facility in Phoenix serves multiple regional machine shops as well as OEMs such as Boeing, BAE, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Goodrich, Parker Aerospace, Bell Helicopter, Rolls Royce and Space X.

CNC Performance Training at Ellison The next CNC Performance Training session at Ellison Machinery Company will be held on Wednesday March 27th with a return to the popular topic “Maximizing Productivity withYour Haas Renishaw Probes”. Machinists are invited to meet at theTempe, AZ showroom for A2Z METALWORKER

10 • Mar/Apr 2013

a presentation and discussion led by Jason Floor, Applications Engineer. Each CNC Performance Training session is inspired by the issues and questions most frequently presented to the Ellison team of service technicians and application engineers. The bite-sized, 1 ½ - 2 hr sessions focus on improving the skillset of the machinist on a specific topic related to your CNC machines. Please join us for our upcoming sessions of CNC Performance Training. Advance registration is preferred as group size will be limited. All sessions will begin at 3:30PM. March 27th: Maximizing Productivity withYour Haas Renishaw Probes May 29th: Introduction to Feeds and Speeds Calculation CNC Performance Training is held at the Ellison Machinery showroom at 1610 S. Priest Drive #101, Tempe, AZ. To register and for more information call (480)968-5335 or visit www.

Lindel Engineering Celebrates 26 Years in Business and Announces New General Manager Tom Ferrara, General Manager, joined Lindel Engineering in Announcements Continued Page 12


QUICK TURN SMART 200 TURNING CENTER Turn Parts With a Bar Feeder and Rotary Parts Accumulator for Unattended Operation

A TWIN-SPINDLE, MULTI-TASKING TURNING CENTER with a standard option gantry loader creates a Done-in-OneÂŽ automation cell.

A VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER can achieve greater spindle utilization with a two-pallet changer.

A COMPACT, FULL 5-AXIS VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER offers high yields and takes up less floor space.

A HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER can operate 24/7 when integrated with a modular, pre-engineered PALLETECH System.


OUR NETWORK OF REGIONAL TECHNOLOGY CENTERS can help you achieve the next level of productivity.

BY OFFERING THE BROADEST RANGE of innovative machine tools and automation strategies on the market, all backed by the industry’s most comprehensive support network, we can maximize your productivity and profitability like no one else can. To learn more about Mazak’s total approach to your success, visit one of our eight North American Technology Centers or visit WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM.

MAZAK CORPORATION 8025 Production Drive, Florence, KY 41042 (859) 342-1700 WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM

OUR NORTH AMERICAN PARTS CENTER achieves 97% same-day delivery on all part orders.

OUR SPINDLE REBUILD FACILITY stocks more than 200 rebuilt spindles to minimize machine downtime.

Facebook TTwitter YouTube Committed to productivity-enhancing connectivity, Mazak supports the MTConnect open communications protocol to simplify the monitoring and management of its production systems. Currently, 36 Mazak customers are using or implementing the protocol to improve the utilization of their manufacturing equipment.

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 

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#(    ) &(/ (#/) $*1) 4"+)

For All Your Grinding Needs!

We have the largest centerless grinder in the state!

Blanchard - Our 60 inch chuck will cut stock quickly and allows us to grind parts up to 72” diagonally.

Mattison - 32” wide and 168” long

capacity. If it is one part or 100 parts at a time, we can do the job!

Sun Grinding, formerly known as BK Grinding, has been in the Phoenix fabrication industry for over 14 years. We are the leading surface grinding shop in Arizona. Family owned and operated. / 522 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Announcements & Releases Continued September 2012. He brings a strong background in sales, quality management and overall business management. He is a former tool and die shop owner. We are excited about the new opportunities which have opened up with new sales and clients since Tom has joined Lindel. He’s an asset and well respected by our team. Lindel Engineering is celebrating its 26th year of business this year and is in search of new challenging production run opportunities. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and ISO 9001:2008 Registered. We have multiple CNC mills and lathes and a manual machining department in our 10,000 sq ft facility located near Tucson International Airport. We’ve recently upgraded programming software and added live tooling and 5th axis machining capabilities. For more information contact or call 520-792-3160

Mesa Machinery, LLC., a full line distributor of Metal Fabrication Machinery moves into new office/showroom Mesa Machinery, LLC., a long time distributor of sheet metal and structural fabrication equipment in Arizona, has moved into their new office/showroom in Gilbert, Arizona The company has been in business since 1985 serving Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso and Las Vegas and offers solutions to metal fabricators with quality lines such as Piranha, Ermak, Timesavers, Hyd-Mech, A2Z METALWORKER

12 • Mar/Apr 2013

Hypertherm, Retro Systems Plasma, Norlok and many others. The new location at 1440 W. Houston Ave Suite 1 in Gilbert will have machines in stock as well as parts and consumables. For more information, call 480-545-0275 or visit us at

Howell Precision Joins ATMA (ArizonaTooling and Machining Association) Howell Precision Sheet Metal, the leader in the Southwest US with state of the art laser cutting equipment, steps up their involvement in the industry by joining the ATMA (Arizona Tooling and Machining Association). With over 20 years experience operating a precision metal shop and management of multimillion-dollar contracts, Rob brought his dream to reality through Howell Precision Sheet Metal in 2011.The company is named after Rob’s grandfather’s business, Howell Precision, which Bud Howell ran in Northern California. Grandpa (Bud) taught Rob Howell (Owner) the trade and he mentored him, so his business is so named in his honor. Howell Precision also serves their customers with machined components and fabricated assemblies, welding, and tube bending. One new addition to the Howell arsenal is the Haas SL-20 Lathe with Announcements Continued Page 14


The Makino PS-Series has additional capabilities you simply won’t find on your current VMCs. Like spindle speed, power and torque to handle aggressive cuts in tough materials that reduce cycle times. In other words, everything you need to make more parts faster and at a lower cost. Because when you make what matters, that’s the kind of performance that really counts. See all the ways the PS-Series expands your capabilities. MAKINO.COM/PS

WHEN YOU MAKE WHAT MATTERS For more information on all Makino products in Arizona, contact David Gundersen at 602-228-0347 or

Proudly Serving Arizona Since 1989

• Aluminum • Stainless • Copper • Brass Processing Capabilities

A spindle repair facility is planned to be added before the end of 2013. This new Matsuura Technical Center will also house the USA headquarters for Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation, Japan.

Custom Blanking Slitting Precision Plate Sawing Shearing Precision Bar Saw Cutting Thermal Flattening Double-Disk Grinding Blanchard Grinding

Bralco Metals

929 E. Jackson St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 p: 602-252-1918 f: 602-252-7813

Effective April 1, 2013, Matsuura Machinery USA will become the master importer of Matsuura machining centers in USA. Through locally appointed dealers Matsuura USA will market and support existing and future users of Matsuura equipment. Matsuura Machinery USA’s new 40,000 sq.ft. facility, located at 325 Randolph Ave., St.Paul, MN 55102, will open in the first quarter of 2013, and will include a large showroom and demonstration area, conference and training rooms, storage for machines, accessories and spare parts, administrative, service and engineering application support.

Shapes Coil Sheet Plate Rod & Bar Custom Extrusions

Daily Deliveries to Phoenix, Tucson, and Surrounding Areas Local In-House Coil Processing AS9120 / ISO9001 Certified Approved Supplier of Major Aerospace OEMs

Local Sales, Processing, Inventory & Support Announcements & Releases Continued full CNC capability. Call Howell Precision today to get a competitive quote: (623) 582-4776 Also; Check out Howell Precision’s great video on their website:

Matsuura Machinery USA Is Looking For New Dealers! Almost ten thousand (10,000) Matsuura machining centers have been installed to date in USA the result of the forty years partnership between Matsuura Machinery Corporation, Japan, and Methods Machine Tools, Inc., USA

Existing, as well as future end users of Matsuura machining centers, may rest assured that, as in the past, they will receive timely and professional marketing and field support. Dealers interested to represent Matsuura machining centers in their territory as of April 1, 2013, are invited to contact John Schwartz, President of Matsuura Machinery USA, phone: 651-484-9698. URL: http://

United Performance Metals Welcomes Kathy Esquerra to the West Coast United Performance M e t a l s we l c o m e s seasoned professional, Kathy Esquerra to its west coast location. Ms. Esquer ra has accepted the position of Regional Account Manager for United Performance Metals. She will be representing UPM in Northern California, Central California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Bringing 18 years of experience in the metals industry encompassing quality assurance, both inside and outside sales and customer Announcements Continued Page 16


14 • Mar/Apr 2013

Doosan Infracore Financing available through Doosan

Global Finance


Adams Machinery is Celebrating 47 years as Your Hometown Machine45 Tool Dealer Serving Celebrating Years Arizona and New Mexico.

as Your Hometown Machine Tool Dealer 21st Year Under the Ownership of Serving Arizona and New Mexico. Richard Short!

215 South Rockford DriveDrive • Tempe, AZ AZ 215 South Rockford • Tempe, 480-968-3711 480-968-3711

Announcements & Releases Continued service in flat roll, bar, sheet, plate, tube, and pipe in stainless, nickel, aluminum, carbon and titanium, the addition of Ms. Esquerra will continue to strengthen United Performance Metals’ presence on the West Coast. United Performance Metals is a leading supplier of specialty stainless steel and high temperature alloys. In business since 1982, United Performance Metals has experience serving the needs of customers in diverse markets including aerospace, aircraft, automotive, medical, food service, house-wares, petro-chemical and many others. United Performance Metals is one of more than a dozen companies that comprise O’Neal Industries (, the U.S.A.’s largest family-owned group of metals service centers. For more information on United Performance Metals visit us at, call us at 1.888.282.3292 or email

SURFCAM User Group Meeting at Ellison Surfcam, Inc. is pleased to announce its Southwest Regional SURFCAM Users Group Meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 20th from 10am – 2pm at the Ellison Machinery Company showroom, 1610 S. Priest Drive #101 in Tempe, AZ. This is a FREE event and is hosted in co-operation with Ellison A2Z METALWORKER

16 • March/Apr 2013

Machinery Company. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn all about the latest features and functionality in SURFCAM 6 as well as see LIVE machining demonstrations on a Haas vertical machining center cutting in Titanium and Aluminum at record speeds and feeds. A complimentary lunch will be served. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today! Please RSVP by calling 1-800-787-3927 or email us at info@surfware. com

CNC Machine Tool Builder Okuma and Target Chip Ganassi Racing Renew Sponsorship CNC machine tool manufacturer Okuma America Corporation and Target Chip Ganassi Racing, Inc. have renewed their multi-year sponsorship agreement for the No. 9 and No. 10 Indy cars driven by Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti in the IZOD IndyCar Series and for the No. 01 Daytona Prototype driven by Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. The Indianapolis-based Chip Ganassi Racing teams utilize Okuma CNC machine tools and technology in their machine shop to produce parts and equipment that have contributed to 15 championships and more than 125 wins across Indy car and sports car racing. Okuma President and COO, Jim King, noted, “Okuma produces high Announcements Continued Page 18

With Hurco 5-axis machine tools, it’s simple. Literally. When machinists ists have the flexibility to program in conversational or NC, 5-axis suddenly enly moves from a costly undertaking to a profitable solution. Think 5-axis axis is too complicated or expensive for your operation? Let us show you how Hurco makes 5-axis make sense. >> HURCO.COM/5 -A XIS MACHINING CENTERS





Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice. | 480.775.6462


• 17 • March/Apr 2013

comprehensive range of modelling techniques available in a single CAD program. In particular, the combination of quick and easy direct modelling options, together with powerful and flexible surface modelling, makes PowerSHAPE the perfect choice for design for manufacture, especially when converting product designs into tooling designs. PowerSHAPE Pro combines these extensive CAD tools with point-cloud and triangle modelling, including tools for the live import, repair and editing of point-cloud data from laser scanners. Having all the different technologies in the same package reduces the need to transfer data between multiple programs and so streamlines the whole product development process. The broad set of functionality makes PowerSHAPE Pro ideal for the reengineering of existing products into improved designs or for creating personalised items, such as medical devices for individual patients or sports equipment for a particular athlete. For further information on Delcam’s PowerSHAPE software, please contact: e-mail:

AT P M T S , G a n e s h Machinery will be introducing fully automatic robotic machine tending system Announcements & Releases Continued precision, premium CNC machine tools used in a variety of industries. It’s only natural that we partner with a winning team like Chip Ganassi Racing, Inc. Their desire to improve performance by leveraging top-quality personnel and equipment parallels our business philosophy and we hope to help them win races and championships.” For more information, visit

Delcam improves PowerSHAPE solid modelling and point cloud tools Delcam has launched the 2013 R2 versions of its PowerSHAPE CAD software family with new tools and enhancements for solid modelling and for manipulating point clouds. The two sets of developments will speed the production of designs ready for manufacturing, whether starting from imported CAD data or from scanned data. PowerSHAPE combines solid, surface, wireframe and direct modelling to provide the most A2Z METALWORKER

18 • Mar/Apr 2013

In keeping with the PMTS show theme of “Machining Technology,” Ganesh will show you how to meet tomorrow’s needs today by unveiling the new multitasking machines with robotic machine tending system on the main PMTS -2013 show floor Booth# 263. Ganesh Cyclone Series with fully robotic system new machine models Announcements Continued Page 20

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One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at

To access the GF AgieCharmilles mobile website, download a QR code app and scan this image.

Tel. (800) 282-1336

Methods to Improve Your Business Performance “Sustaining Edge Solutions provides excellent customer service. Our management system has resulted in financial gains for the entire organization.” Richard Gomez, V.P. Quality MedAire International

We are a full service leading provider: • • • • • •

ISO 9001:2008 Quality System ISO 13485 Medical Devices Operational Assessments Six Sigma Improvement Lean Manufacturing ITAR Compliance

The remarkable success of our ISO 9001 and 14001 EMS registration is due to the superb organization and training that Sustaining Edge Solutions provided to us. We highly recommend their services to any organization – large or small – that is seeking comprehensive consultative support for implementing an effective operational and environmental management system.” Olaf Koester, President/CEO SOLON Corporation

• • • • • •

AS9100C:2009 Aerospace ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Systems Training Web-Based ELearning Process Based Internal Auditing Performance Measurement

Sustaining Edge Solutions gave us the direction we needed to implement our new AS9100 Aviation, Space and Defense Business Management System. They were professional, affordable and always on call when we needed them. I would personally recommend them to anyone looking to step up to the next level in their business." Rocky Hettinger, President Hawkeye Precision, Inc.

AZTC Aerospace, Aviation, Defense and Manufacturing Requirements Day Date.and.Location:.Thursday,.March.14,.2013.Scottsdale,.Arizona Sustaining. Edge. Solutions. is. a. sponsor,. presenter. and. exhibitor. at. this. important. event. for. the. aerospace,

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us at888-572-9642 Contact usVisit toll free •

Contact us toll free 888-572-9642 • Celebrating our 10th year! (2002-2012) Celebrating our 10th year! (2002-2012)

Announcements & Releases Continued are well-suited for those who are thinking about how to remain competitive by both getting the job done in one handling and having ample tooling flexibility to have multiple jobs setup on the machines at one time.

Vertical Machining Center: VFM-4024 Express massive meehanite machine construction 13,228 lbs machine. Mitsubishi M720 CNC Control offers high speed buffered look-ahead and 64 bit processorspeed. Ganesh also builds full 5-axis versions of their VFM’s series.

Cyclone-32 GT: A dedicated pneumatic part loading system will demonstrate high speed, small part loading capability on the Ganesh Cyclone-32GT 3-axis precision heavy duty gang tool lathe. The load system provides a low cost solution for small component manufacturers.

See machines under power, live demo at PMTS 2013 booth # 263 & ask our application department how you can improve your process. For more info please visit or call 1-888-542-6374.

CYCLONE 52-TTMY: The Ganesh standard robotic machine tending system will be integrated to a Ganesh Cyclone-52 TTMY. The robotic system is a fully automatic, compact solution that utilizes a Yaskawa Motoman robot, and a flexible part infeed / outfeed system that can be easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of parts and be installed in the matter of hours. CYCLONE 32-CS: The 7-axis machine with 27-tools and 11-live tools will also be cutting demos showing the unique capabilities that it has to offer for 1.375” (36mm) bar diameter sliding headstock CNC lathe without a guide bushing. A 10-HP Mitsubishi spindle motor drives the powerful 6,000-RPM spindle. Both the main and sub spindle use 32mm Traub A-32 collets for easy part transfer and complete “done-in-one” machining efficiency, including all radial, end-working, and Y-axis live tooling work on both the front and backside of the part. A2Z METALWORKER

20 • Mar/Apr 2013

Methods Introduces FANUC Wire EDM Series Featuring Significant Upgrades Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, automation and accessories has announced they have introduced the new FANUC RoboCut-CiA Series including the C400iA and C600iAWire EDMs. These EDM machines include several important upgrades including the new FANUC 31iWB Control which is loaded with new features for improved accuracy and finish, especially in hightaper 4-Axis cutting. ( region/21/products/1/5) The Ai Pulse Control II now offers better straightness and faster cutting speeds for both roughing and finishing in interrupted cuts. And the worldrenowned FANUC Auto-Threader offers enhanced reliability, including when threading soft wire while submerged and in the cutting gap. Announcements Continued Page 22





Join us for the 2013 Join us for the OPEN HOUSE HOUSE OPEN HOUSE 2013 MARCH 21st & 22nd

nd st st nd H OPEN 21 stMARCH & 22 MARCH 21 & From 10:00 am until 3:00 pm 21 & 22 HOUSE

00 am until 3:00 pmstam until from from 10:00 3:0010:00 pm am until MARCH 21 & 22 nd See thefrom latest technology from est technology

See from the 10:00latest am untiltechnology 3:00 pm the latest See from techno

• OKUMA CNC milling and turning A cnc milling and See the latest technology •turning OKUMA cnc milling and • turning OKUMA cnc milling from and • OMAX / MAXIEM waterjet AX / MAXIEM• waterjet • OMAX / MAXIEM wat OMAX / MAXIEM waterjet OKUMA• cnc milling and turning • TSUGAMI swissturning • OMAX• / TSUGAMI MAXIEM waterjet UGAMI swissturning swissturning • TSUGAMI swisstur • FRYER CNC • TSUGAMI swissturning machines RYER cnc machines • FRYER cnc machi • FRYER cnc machines • FRYER cnc machines • ATS workholding ATS workholding • ATS workholdin • ATS workholding • ATS workholding • ISCAR tooling • ISCAR tooling • ISCAR tooling • ISCAR• tooling ISCAR


Technical presentations including: Multifunction Turning, High Speed Machining, Hard Milling, Set Up Reduction, High Efficiency Milling Visit our website Visit our website www.arizon Visit our website

Visit our website Call 480–615–6353 to register to attend. Lunch will be provided both days.

offer your business.

BARRY METALS Company Recycling services for the entire State of Arizona Barry Metals Company is a scrap metal recycling company. Our main interest is in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals with special interest in nickel alloys, titanium and stainless. We service machine shops, factories and peddler accounts.

The company was started by Howie and his father Namon Basuk. The name “Barry” comes from a brother and a son who died from leukemia at the age of 17 (1977). The company Barry Metals was founded in 1988 in honor of Barry.


3014 N. 30th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Announcements & Releases Continued “The C400iA and C600iA lines provide our EDM customers with the latest in proven FANUC technology with major upgrades to optimize productivity,” said Mr. Stephen Bond, National Sales Manager for FANUC RoboDrill, RoboCut & EDM Products, Methods Machine Tools, Inc. The new FANUC Wire EDM Series also features several new control enhancements designed to reduce overall operational costs by monitoring electrical component usage for minimizing power consumption. Costs are further reduced with the new “Eco Mode” which reduces wire consumption up to 30%. And the PCD power supply has been upgraded to allow for more efficient burning in difficult–to-cut materials such as CBN and some carbon fibers. Also, cutting technology is available for machining complex, detailed graphite electrodes up to 6 inches thick with a super fine finish. Significant upgrades have been made to RoboCut Link i cut monitor software that is standard on RoboCut machines for monitoring and operating the machine remotely. A new, extremely userfriendly interface is now available for Apple iPad’s and other remote smart devices. For more information, please contact Mr. Steve Bond, National Sales Manager, RoboDrill, RoboCut and EDM Products, 65 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776, TEL: (978) 443-5388, FAX: (978) 440-9405, Email: or visit their website at

3D Printing Event at Ellison Learn how to harness the power of 3D printing at the Ellison Machinery Company showroom on Wednesday, April 10th with special guest Paul Spoliansky, Regional Channel Manager at 3D Systems. This informative seminar will highlight the time & cost saving benefits 3D printing can A2Z METALWORKER

22 • March/Apr 2013

3D Systems products and services are used to rapidly design, communicate, prototype or produce real functional parts, empowering customers to create and produce with confidence. Discover for yourself why 3D Systems is a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions. This event will be held from 10AM – 2PM on Wednesday, April 10th at the Ellison Machinery Company showroom located at 1610 S. Priest Drive #101, Tempe, AZ 85281 To register, please call Ellison Machinery Co. (480) 968-5335 or visit us online

Solar Manufacturing Selected By Mid-Atlantic Commercial HeatTreater For New Furnace Purchase Solar Manufacturing is pleased to announce the sale of a Model HFL-5748-2EQ vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace to a commercial heat treating company located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Although this customer has several competitive brand furnaces within their facility, they chose a Solar Manufacturing furnace as their new addition due to its innovative, energyefficient design and Solar’s reliable aftermarket support. The external gas cooling system incorporates a 150 HP blower motor and supporting heat exchanger for rapid cooling of the work load at 2 Bar gas pressures. Furnace control and operation is accomplished via a SolarVacTM 5000 Computerized Instrument Package incorporating a touch screen panel and Wonderware software for ease of operation. ABOUT SOLAR MANUFACTURING Solar Manufactur ing designs and manufactures all types of vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zone and spare parts for various vacuum furnace brands. To learn more about Solar Manufacturing’s diverse product line and services, contact Pete Reh, VP of Sales, at 267-384-5040 x 509 or Additional information can be found on our web site –




AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

With QualiChem’s Boeing-Approved Fluids, Your Productivity Will Take Flight. XTREME CUT 290 XTREME CUT 250C XTREME COOL 365C XTREME COOL 335 Star Metal Fluids, LLC A Distributor of QualiChem Products

1.800.367.9966 Find what you need and order online:

Approval No.: BAC5008 PSD 6-128

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar • Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050.

department library. They include the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) that connects dismounted soldiers to the network, the Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW) that seamlessly transports large amounts of data and the legacy SINCGARS waveform for communication with existing radios. Using the PRC-155’s two-channel capability, soldiers operating on any one of these waveforms on one channel, can interconnect with soldiers using another waveform on the second channel. With the MUOS capability in the PRC-155, a network of soldiers can be interconnected with others in a far distant location. The MUOS waveform, based on the communications interface found in commercial cellular networks, will deliver high-speed voice and data communications and 10-times greater capacity than the military’s current Ultra High Frequency (UHF) satellite communications system. With a smar tphone-like flow of information, the upgraded PRC-155 radios will allow soldiers to access the MUOS communications system wherever they are deployed, on foot or from land vehicles, ships, submarines and aircraft.

Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.

For more information, visit www.

U.S. Army Orders MUOS Upgrade for AN/PRC-155 Manpack Radios from General Dynamics The U.S. Army ordered kits in December to upgrade 100 Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (HMS) AN/PRC-155 two-channel Manpack radios to enable them to communicate with the military’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite communications system. This MUOS channel upgrade, comprising a field-replaceable power amplifier and supporting software, will allow secure voice and data communication with the MUOS system. The order is valued at $5 million; the kits will be delivered in the fall of 2013. “By upgrading fielded PRC-155 radios, the Army will greatly enhance soldier effectiveness by providing a tenfold increase in SATCOM capacity for secure, over-the-horizon military communications,” said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems. “MUOS access on the two-channel PRC155 will also allow current Army networks to be bridged and extended far beyond their current reach.” The two-channel PRC-155 Manpack radio also runs the essential waveforms from the defense A2Z METALWORKER

24 • Mar/Apr 2013

Lockheed looks to human spaceflight for diversification Lockheed Martin Space Systems plans to expand its role in human spaceflight, building on its position as a leader in robotic spaceflight. “We’re looking across human spaceflight for what other things can we do to bring our processes, people and experience in to level-load a facility better so that our costs are lower, so that we’re more effective and efficient in what we do,” said Jim Crocker, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager for civil space.

ALMAR TOOLS, INC A leader in the custom tool manufacturing industry and CNC tool sharpening Manufacture of special end mills, form cutters, step drills, and step reamers Manufacture of special shapes and contours on the cutting edge of technology Dedicated in complex solid carbide form cutters with a prompt delivery Quotes returned same day with PDF drawing

Visit the TOOL BUILDER and see how easy it is to get a paperless quote

Distributors, please contact us for more information Phone: 503.255.2763 | Fax: 503.255.5720

MSCI Study Shows Impact of 2.5 Million American Metals Industry Jobs A recent study commissioned by the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) shows the economic contributions made by the metal production and distribution industry in 2012 are a dynamic part of the U.S. economy, accounting for more than $552 billion or over 3.5% of the nation’s gross domestic product. MSCI President and CEO M. Robert Weidner,III, pointed to the results as validation for the industry and the much -needed jobs it provides. “Our industry and our members play an important role in our country’s economy,”he said. “We need both local and national elected leaders to pay attention to the issues and needs of the metals industry for it to remain viable and for industry executives to have the confidence to reinvest in and grow their companies. The future strength of our country depends on it.”

lie — these are desperately needed jobs and economic stimulation. It’s vital that our elected leadership listen to their constituents and act in the best interest of the country and its people.” The study results are accessible online in an interactive format and allow the user to dissect the data by congressional district. These gauges provide a dashboard that allows members to show their elected leaders exactly how their business impacts their local communities, their state and the national economy. About MSCI

The study, conducted by John Dunham and Associates, also found that metal producers and service centers directly or indirectly employ nearly 2.5 million Americans. These workers will earn approximately $151.4 billion in wages and benefits. Members of the industry and their employees pay about $64.5 billion in federal, state and local taxes.

Founded in 1909, the Metals Service Center Institute, based in Rolling Meadows, Ill., has over 400 members operating from more than 1,500 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and throughout the world.Together MSCI members constitute the largest single group of metals purchasers in North America, amounting each year to more than 55 million tons of steel, aluminum, and other metals, with about 300,000 manufacturers and fabricators as customers. MSCI’s membership also includes almost all ferrous and non-ferrous industrial metals producers in North America. Service centers inventory, process and distribute metals to manufacturing intermediaries and original equipment manufacturers.

“One of the reasons we commissioned the study is to be able to see exactly what the metals industry means to the economy, on both a local and national scale,” explained Weidner. “The numbers don’t

For more information, visit Like us on Facebook at Metals Service Center Institute, follow us on Twitter @MSCITweets, and connect with us on LinkedIn at Metals Service Center Institute. A2Z METALWORKER

• 25 • Mar/Apr 2013

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Proud subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd. • Osaka, Japan Corporate and Midwest: 815-943-9111 Regional Offices: Corporate and Midwest • 1301 W. Diggins • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 9111 • F: 815 943 5370 • 103A Kingsbridge Drive • Carrollton, GA 30117 • P: 770 830 7751 • F: 770 830 7752 California:Southeast 714-348-6017 Ohio • 1821 Yankee Road • Middletown, OH 45044 • P: 513 217 7840 • F: 513 217 7846 California • P: 714 348 6017 Repair Service: 815-943-0120 Repair Service: 650 Chippewa, Suite 1 • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 0120 • F: 815 943 0921

Packings-Hydraulics Packings-Hydraulics Bearing Grease Bearing


Announcements Continued US Solar Projects Will Eclipse Wind This Year, Says Duke

with travels up to 150” x 50” (3810mm x 1270mm). These American made systems reduce spindle downtime to part loading and fixture change-over virtually all The U.S. will addrelated more solar power in 2013 than wind energy foradapting the firsttotime as wind types of machining projects slump and centers. cheap panels spur demand for photovoltaic systems, according to the head of Duke Energy Corp.’s renewable-energy development unit. MIDACO Automatic Pallet Systems, such as the A30SD to be displayed, are easily installed on Theright U.S.side mayorinstall 3 gigawatts to 4 gigawatts windofturbines thisexisting year, and solar projects the the left side or sometimes bothofsides a new or machine center will probably exceed saida Gregory Duke Energy ThejobU.S. to reduce floor space.that, Once pallet orWolf, load president of parts isofcomplete, the Renewables. next pallet or is added 13.1 into gigawatts of windinpower last year, beating natural gas for the first time. transferred the machine seconds. U.S. MIDACO wind projects have come a near-standstill year on uncertainty over the fate Visit at IMTS 2012,toBooth S-9347 andthis WWW.MIDACO-CORP.COM to of seea federal tax credit thatSPINDLE was set toRUNNING! expire Dec. 31. Wolf your anticipates more solar distributor projects going how to KEEP YOUR Contact local authorized or into operation in 2013 than wind farms after panel prices fell more than 60 percent in the MIDACO at 847.593.8420. last two years.

Delcam to launch new milling options in FeatureCAM at IMTS

“We really ramped up our solar in 2010,” said Wolf. “Today most of the projects are half or less of the now the than2013 then.” Duke of Renewables’ portfolio of renewable-energy projects Delcam willcost launch release its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software on exceeds 1.7 gigawatts. booth E-3222 at the IMTS exhibition to be held in Chicago from 10th to 15th September. This will offer a new series of options for three-axis milling and enhancements in five-axis The production credit, whichinprovides 2.2 cents a kilowatt-hour for electricity from wind machining, plus tax improvements the turning and mill-turn modules. farms, was extended for a year on Jan. 1. With little information about whether it would be 12• 26 • July/Aug 2012 • Mar/Apr 2013


renewed, developers to complete wind FeatureCAM was theraced world’s first featurefarms by the end of last year and didn’t based programming software when it wasplan new 1995. Constant development launched since then has ensured that the system has retained its leadership in programming The U.S. installed about 3.2 gigawatts of solar speed last and year easeand of may use, reach while3.9 an gigawatts increasedthis power rangeaccording of strategies has been addedby toBloomberg. provide year, to data compiled more panels efficient giving greater Cheap andtoolpaths lower construction costs have productivity a wider range that of machines. been aided byonpolicy support “has been a little more consistent and long-term,”Wolf said. The main change to the 2013 FeatureCAM Duke invested than the its $500 million target product familymore has been introduction of in renewable last year, functionality. and more than three levels ofenergy 3D machining $2.5 billion to3D date, Wolf said.single-surface The largest U.S. FeatureMILL Lite offers utility owner by market into longmachining with a basic value range enters of strategies term power purchase agreements forproduct wind and and so provides an introductory solar plants thatmoving have “an attractive profile in for companies into 3D machining terms risktime. and returns,” Wolf said. for theoffirst FeatureMILL 3DAerospace, MX provides Aviation, a greater 2nd Annual number of strategies, including spiral Defense and Manufacturing finishing, flowline finishing and rotary Requirements Day machining, support for multiple-surface

macmembers hining and feature For of theautomated aerospace and defense recognition. It is aimed at companies with community, the Arizona Technology Council conventional machine tools and those that (AZTC) and the Arizona Commerce Authority are machining softer materials. (ACA) are offering a major opportunity for you to connect with potential new partners For furtherThe information, please contact: this March. second annual Requirements -Peter Dickin, MarketingAerospace, Manager Aviation Direct & Conference for Arizona’s phone: 0121 683 1081, e-mail: marketing@ Defense Community on Thursday, March 14 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas.

Aero Tech Manufacturing, For defense contractors, the event will be your chance to take the spotlight as you2008 explain Inc. Achieves ISO9001: your needs with subcontractors. For smaller Certification

manufacturers and service providers, you will be able to Manufacturing, present and talkindirectly with A&D Aero Tech business since decision-makers to learn how to best meet their 1967, is pleased to announce that it sucrequirements. cessfully certified to ISO9001: 2008. The scope of the company’s certifications are for The Arizona Chapter of the Society of fabrication and finishing of sheet metal and Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the light structural steel products.The Registrar Arizona Tooling & Machining Association Company, Inc., was the certifying auditor. (ATMA) are also partners in this event. The Conference consist of presentations, The company,will based in North Salt Lake, UT, a keynote speaker and cocktail offers the following capabilities:reception and expo for networking. • Full Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Details •Date: Full Liquid AndMarch Powder Finishing Thursday, 14,Coat 2013 •Time: U.L. 508 Industrial Control Panels 12:30pm - 6:30pm •Location: Total Turnkey Fabrication Assembly Scottsdale HiltonAnd Resort & Villas 6333 North Scottsdale Rd For more information Scottsdale, AZ 85250 contact Aero Tech at (801) Cost to292-0493 Attend: or visit their website at: AZTC, SME or ATMA Member, $40 Non-Member, $60

Representatives from Signal 88 Security selected the three finalists based upon 500word essays submitted at www.signal88. com/OperationAmericanDream. They were chosen for their desire to open their own businesses. A public, online vote will determine which finalist will receive a $500 prize and will become a semi-finalist, with the chance to win the Grand Prize: $5,000 in start-up money to launch their business. The prize money doubles to $10,000 if the winning veteran chooses to open a Signal 88 Security franchise. According to a May 2011 study from the Small Business Association Office of Advocacy, veterans are at least 45 percent more likely to take the plunge into entrepreneurship than people with no active-duty military experience. “Signal 88 Security is a top employer of military veterans,” said Reed Nyffeler, CEO and co-founder of Signal 88 Security. “We were named on the G.I. Jobs list in 2012 among the top 10 percent of the nation’s franchises that are doing the most to recruit military veterans.” In 2007 data from the U.S. Census Bureau – the most recent statistics available on the subject – veterans owned 2.4 million businesses, or 9 percent of all businesses nationwide, generating $1.2 trillion in receipts and employing nearly 5.8 million people.

Educators Looking To Community Colleges To Fill The STEM Gap The Chronicle of Higher Education reports, “As concerns grow over impending work-force shortages in science and technology fields, educators are looking to community colleges to fill the gap.” About “half of Americans with bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering attended community colleges at some point, and almost a third of those with master’s degrees did so, according to the National Academies.” However, “many more people who start out at two-year colleges, intending to transfer, lose confidence and drop out. Four-year colleges are increasingly working to plug leaks in the pipeline.”

Military Veterans Compete for Entrepreneurial Boost:Voting is Now Open for Operation American Dream Military veterans with entrepreneurial dreams compete for start-up money to open their own business through Signal 88 Security’s contest, Operation American Dream: From Battlefield to Boss. The first round of monthly finalists can now be seen online at Voting for this round will continue through the end of February. A2Z METALWORKER

28 • March/Apr 2013

“Veterans possess many of the traits needed in entrepreneurism,” said Nyffeler. “Their leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills are secondto-none, in my experience.” There is still time for interested veterans to apply. The next deadline for submitting an essay and video to be considered among the next round of monthly winners is Feb. 15, 2013. Subsequent deadlines are on the 15th of each month, with the final deadline on May 15, 2013. To lear n more about Operation American Dream: From Battlefield to Boss, visit

We help you put all the pieces together. We know metal working inside and out. Since 1996 we have been more than a distributor of metal working equipment and supplies. We’re your single source for custom solutions to all your metal working needs: equipment, supplies and inventory supply control. Bench and Pedestal Wheel Arbor Bushings

We assist you in many facets of your business to ensure you produce the highest quality products, the most economical solutions and the best service in your industry. ARBOR BUSHINGS WHEEL DIAMETER

WHEEL CENTER HOLE 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8"

5”, 6", 7” 1" 8"





12" X 1”

• technical solutions • development • automation • equipment • supplies • inventory control

1" 1-1/4"

12” X 2”







We’re Colorado’s only Yellow Coat Elite Sandvik certified dealer!

For complete information on all of our products and services call us today and we’ll be happy to send you a catalog that will detail products and supplies specific to your needs.

We’ve got you covered. Logon to

4575 S. Navajo • Englewood, Colorado 80110 Call us! We can help...

800-321-3195 A2Z METALWORKER

• 29 • March/Apr 2013

“ They truly


small business.”

Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Up Again In February The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation released the February 2013 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry (MCIEFI). Designed to collect leadership data, the index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as reported by key executives from the $725 billion equipment finance sector. Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is up for the third consecutive month at 58.7, an increase from the January index of 54.2, reflecting industry participants’ increasing optimism despite a wary eye on economic conditions and government management of fiscal policies. When asked about the outlook for the future, MCI survey respondent Anthony Cracchiolo, President and Chief Executive Officer,Vendor Services, U.S. Bank Equipment Finance, said, “The industry continues to look stable and positioned on solid footing for future growth. The replacement economy is well under way. However, expansion of the markets is still questionable.The next several months will tell the story for 2013 and answer the question of whether 2013 will see moderate or significant growth. In either case, the equipment finance industry will be on the leading edge of the overall economy.” The overall MCI-EFI is 58.7, up from the January index of 54.2. When asked to assess their business conditions over the next four months, 20% of executives responding said they believe business conditions will A2Z METALWORKER

30 • Mar/Apr 2013

improve over the next four months, up from 6.1% in January. 77.1% of respondents believe business conditions will remain the same over the next four months, down from 87.9% in January. 20% of survey respondents believe demand for leases and loans to fund capital expenditures (capex) will increase over the next four months, an increase from 12.1% in January. 77.1% believe demand will “remain the same” during the same four-month time period, up from 75.8% the previous month. 22.9% of executives expect more access to capital to fund equipment acquisitions over the next four months, up from 18.2% in January. 77.1% of survey respondents indicate they expect the “same” access to capital to fund business, a decrease from 85.3% the previous month. When asked, 22.9% of the executives reported they expect to hire more employees over the next four months, down from 24.2% in January. 65.7% expect no change in headcount over the next four months, down from 69.7% last month. 11.4% expect fewer employees, up from 6.1% of respondents who expected fewer employees in January. 85.7% of the leadership evaluates the current economy as “fair,” down from 87.9% last month. 11.4% rate it as “poor,” down from 12.1% in January. 22.9% of survey respondents believe that U.S. economic conditions will get “better” over the next six months, up from 6.1% in January. 74.3% of survey respondents indicate they believe the U.S. economy will “stay the same” over the next six months, down from 84.8% in January.



YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE SWISS MADE QUALITY Tornos Swiss ST 26 for turned parts up to 26 mm. Amazingly affordable Swiss Made quality. Now it pays to invest in high performance and productivity with the new Swiss ST 26. Two totally independent tool systems provide balanced operations, 7 linear axes, 2 C-axes and conversion to a guide-bush-less machine in only 30 minutes. The Swiss ST 26 is equipped with the most powerful and dynamic spindle and counter spindle ever built for this class of machine, allowing extreme machining capabilities. Choose from three turnkey equipment packs: “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Medical”. Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT;


Machine Tool Repair, Regardless of the Builder, Nearly 100% 24 Hour Response, Machine Tool Calibration, Cell Moves...All From 1 Company, API Services, ISO9001 Certified

As a precision manufacturing shop supporting critical, tight tolerance parts for your customers, is your on-time delivery and profitability adversely impacted due to downtime (capacity) of your equipment? Imagine an environment where your precision machine tools work almost all the time...where you schedule preventive maintenance proactively, where on the occasional times a machine goes down, regardless of the brand of the machine, you have one company to call? And that company gets someone out to work on your machine generally same day or guaranteed next day? Imagine that same company doing all of your machine tool calibration, and even coordinating complete cell moves within your facility or to a new one?

This is what you get with API Services. Cornel Loghin and Ray Beauregard Jr. met several years ago when they both worked for a prominent machine tool dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the course of their years, both learned how to service a variety of machines, including manual and CNC. Both credit their previous boss, Bill Ankrom, with requiring each and every member of the service team to become expert in both the controls and the mechanicals of many different machines. Bill recognized the value of a superior service organization. Ray and Cornel left their employers in 2005 to start a company called R&C Service Solutions. Ray says, “We knew that there was a need in the marketplace for a highly skilled machine tool service company. R&C was formed to serve as a one-stop shop for machine shops’ machine tool servicing needs. Customers wouldn’t have to call several different machine tool dealers, depending upon which machine went down or needed preventive maintenance. They could get it all through R&C.” A2Z METALWORKER

32 • Mar/Apr 2013

Their vision was r ight on target. “Ray and I went to visit 13 machine shops just as we launched the business, and we got 13 customers immediately for ser vice and/ or preventive m a i n t e n a n c e ,” Cornel said. Ray and Cor nel aren’t your average Service Engineers for precision m a c h i n e t o o l s. While they gained a g reat deal of knowledge from their previous employer, both also credit their fathers for helping them to learn the industry. Ray Sr., Ray’s father was an experienced machinist and manager with years working for such companies as Garrett/Airesearch, Allied Signal, Honeywell, and Develco, and finally retiring permanently in 2011. Cornel was raised in Romania, coming to the United States as a teenager, and in Romania, Cornel’s father Stefan was a journeyman machinist. So you could say, it was in Ray and Cornel’s blood. In fact, they can fix a machine tool from any builder, and 90-95% of the time this requires no intervention from the machine tool builder. Over the next several years, R&C experienced double-digit growth nearly every year. The two admit it has always been difficult finding the right talent to add to their organization, and they have done so slowly and carefully. In 2011, Ray and Cornel determined that they should expand R&C’s services to include machine tool calibration. They investigated a number of calibration manufacturers, and determined that Automated Precision Inc. (API)’s products best fit their needs. Since 1987, API Services has been developing measurement devices that are small, compact, and ready to be used where they are needed most: on the shop floor. API Services is the inventor and original patent holder on the first Laser Tracker Systems. Ray and Cornel invited API Services to Phoenix to demonstrate their products. API Services

Operations Manager, Art Kietlinski came for the demonstration. Over dinner that evening, he told Ray and Cornel that they shouldn’t buy API Service’s calibration equipment. Instead, they should become a part of API Services business. Ray and Cornel were proud of the successful business they were building, and initially weren’t receptive to Art’s suggestion. But over ongoing discussions over the next several months, and their introduction to Ron Hicks, President of API Services, the two companies came to terms. In March of 2012, API Services purchased R&C Service Solutions.Today R&C Service Solutions, Inc. is operating as API Services: Southwest Division and it supports customers in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Southern California. While API Services is renowned for calibration throughout the machine tool world, it is now the fastest growing segment of API Services - Southwest Division’s business. Ray says that his division provides the following services and capabilities for customers in the Southwest United States:

1) Calibration - API Services uses their XD 6D laser system to capture all 6 degrees of freedom in an axis measurement, linear error, horizontal and vertical straightness, pitch, yaw and roll. They use the API Swivel Check for rotary calibration and the API Ballbar and Spindle Analyzer for machine evaluations. API Services is also a solutions provider for Fanuc, Siemens, and Fagor CNC controls with expert capabilities with volumetric calibrations using API’s (Automated Precision Inc.) state of the art equipment. API Services recognizes that the proper alignment of a machine and its ability to execute its functions correctly directly impacts the quality of the product and the efficiency of the operation. 2) Machine preventive maintenance and machine tool repair - with 5 local Service Engineers on-staff, API Services Southwest offers 77 cumulative years of machine tool service experience, and on average the Service Engineers each have 19 years of experience (their newest entry level employee is not computed in the equation). 3) Urgent Service - Rapid response service is available for customers’ emergencies 4) Unique Service - this includes cell relocations within a facility and even across the United States

5) API Services Calibration Equipment sales - for those customers who opt to do their own in-house calibration, they can purchase state-of-the art calibration equipment through API Ser vices -Southwest Division. This includes Laser Tracker, Portable CMM, and Machine tool calibration products. API Services brought some additional value added benefits to the former R&C Service Solutions Company. It brought ISO9001 Certification as well as the prestigious A2LA Certification (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation). It also extended the customer base to include such industry giants as Hill Air Force Base,Triumph, ATK, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Spirit Aerospace, and Northrop Grumman, to name a few. Today, API Services: Southwest is looking for outstanding individuals to join their team. They are accepting resumes for Applications Engineers and for Sales professionals. Visit to submit your resume. For immediate machine tool service, call 877-207-3813. Continued Next Page A2Z METALWORKER

• 33 • Mar/Apr 2013

Customers Rave about API ServicesSouthwest Division! “When it comes to X5 Manufacturing’s yearly machine preventive maintenance (PM), service issues or general questions about quick internal fixes, we have always relied on one company, and that’s been API Services. Ray and Cornel have always gone above and beyond when it comes to keeping our machines up and running. They have continually kept their commitments and have been honest and forthright about all the issues, good or bad, when it comes to fixing our equipment.” Geno, X5 Manufacturing “API Services is a one stop shop for us! Whatever our needs are, from preventive maintenance, to repair, to calibration, API Services handles it in a prompt professional manner. We value their service!” Chuck, Genuine Machine Products “API Ser vices performs flawless, nondisruptive service and preventive maintenance to Fortner Aerospace Manufacturing.The API Services team is quick to offer a variety of fixes to keep our machines up and the spindles turning. Their professionalism and quality of work are superior in the industry.” Tony, Fortner Aerospace, SAG Group “It is with great pleasure that I recommend API Services Southwest Division. I have been managing facilities in the Aerospace Machining Industry for over 26 years. During that time, I have evaluated and utilized many providers of advanced measurement systems, none of which stand out in a more positive fashion than API Services. We have been working with API Services for nearly a decade and have enjoyed customer service at the highest levels. Also, when R&C Services merged with API Services, the transition was seamless, and we experienced no delay or decrease in services. API Services is well rounded in their abilities/offerings, stands behind the quality of their work, and is very flexible in addressing our needs. On top of that, they are discreet, ethical, and trustworthy – a true business partner. When you do business with API Services it is like absorbing a new resource into your organization versus the traditional buyer/ seller relationship. Our strategic alliance has proven invaluable and we look forward to having a strong relationship for many years to come.” Ross, Noranco A2Z METALWORKER

34 • Mar/Apr 2013

“Ray and Cornell’s team at API Services have performed all our annual machine PM’s, calibrations and repairs for many years. They are honest, dependable and you can always be sure the jobs are being done correctly every time. They have, without a doubt, made a big difference in spindle uptime, part quality and machine value.” Terry, Premier Precision “I am writing to recommend the services of API Services. Since 2008, they have provided us with outstanding CNC machinery annual maintenance and repair. Upon the merger in 2012 of R&C and API Services, this broadened their capability to include machine tool calibration in their portfolio and has enabled us to consolidate all of our machinery maintenance under one roof. Their knowledge, capability, attention to detail, professionalism as well as their ability to expand towards the changing needs of us as their customer positions Aero Design & Manufacturing to have our equipment running at peak condition with minimal downtime. We value our relationship and look forward to our future together.” Pete, Aero Design & Manufacturing “API Services has been maintaining our equipment for several years now. They provide an invaluable service to our day-to-day operation by keeping our machines in running order. If a breakdown occurs with a machine tool, a phone call to API Services nets quick response from them with accurate diagnosis and repair of the equipment. With API Services, we experience minimal downtime allowing us to manufacture and deliver products to our customers on-time.” Kevin, Powill Mfg. & Engineering “API Services has been an integral part of Zircon Precision Product’s preventive maintenance program for many years. They have not only helped with PMs (Preventive Maintenance), but when our machines do need repair, they respond quickly and get us up and running again, usually within a couple of hours.” Bruce, Zircon Precision Products

SCRAP IS AN ASSET! Your choice of a recycling partner impacts your bottom line.

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Integrity. Innovation. Consolidated Resources has been providing customized, full service recycling programs for industry in Arizona for over 20 years.

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FAA moves closer to widespread US drone flights with plan for 6 test sites across the country A future in which unmanned drones are as common in U.S. skies as helicopters and airliners has moved a step closer to reality with a government request for proposals to create six drone test sites around the country. The Federal Aviation Administration made the request last month, kicking off what is anticipated to be an intense competition between states hoping to win one of the sites. The FAA also posted online a draft plan for protecting people’s privacy from the eyes in the sky. The plan would require each test site to follow federal and state laws and make a privacy policy publicly available. Privacy advocates worry that a proliferation of drones will lead to a “surveillance society” in which the movements of Americans are routinely monitored, tracked, recorded and scrutinized by the authorities. The military has come to rely heavily on drones overseas. Now there is tremendous demand to use A2Z METALWORKER

36 • March/Apr 2013

drones in the U.S. for all kinds of tasks that are too dirty, dull or dangerous for manned aircraft. Drones, which range from the size of a hummingbird to the high-flying Global Hawks that weigh about 15,000 pounds without fuel, also are often cheaper than manned aircraft. The biggest market is expected to be state and local police departments. Industry experts predict the takeoff of a multibillion-dollar market for civilian drones as soon as the FAA completes regulations to make sure they don’t pose a safety hazard to other aircraft. Potential civilian users are as varied as the drones themselves. Power companies want them to monitor transmission lines. Farmers want to fly them over fields to detect which crops need water. Ranchers want them to count cows. Film companies want to use drones to help make movies. Journalists are exploring drones’ newsgathering potential. The FAA plans to begin integrating drones starting with small aircraft weighing less than about 55 pounds. The agency forecasts an estimated 10,000 civilian drones will be in use in the U.S. within five years. The FAA is required by a law enacted a year ago to develop sites where civilian and military drones can be tested in preparation for integration into U.S. airspace that’s currently limited to manned aircraft. The law also requires that the FAA allow drones wide access to U.S. airspace by 2015, but the agency is behind schedule on that. The test sites are planned to evaluate what requirements are needed to ensure the drones don’t collide with planes or endanger people or property on the ground. Remotely controlled drones don’t have a pilot who can see other aircraft the way an onboard plane or helicopter pilot can.

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Laser 3-5 Axis - Multi Process Plasma - Waterjet Shears - Punching - Bending - Forming - Automated Welding - Surface Prep & Finishing - CAD & CAM Software - Offline Programming and much more. FLAT SHEET & TUBE LASER


TruLaser, powered by CO2 or Fiber resonators, offers the highest cutting speeds, cut quality, and reliability in envelopes from 5' x 10' to large plates, along with flexible automation. TruLaser Tube offers fully automated laser processing of tubes up to 10 inches in diameter.


Double your "green light" time with Trumpf punching technology! TruPunch machines feature hydraulic or electric punching heads with the highest hits per minute in the industry. The perfect combination! TRUMPF's TruMatic laser/punch combination machine offers all advantages of punching and laser technologies on one machine.


For more information, call



The most productive plate machine on the market. KINETIC Cutting Systems offers plasma & oxy fuel cutting, beveling, and machining centers. The combination machine offers up to 50HP spindle for drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering, and more on one machine. Let us run a time study and prove it!


TRUMPF's TruBend Precision press brakes bend it right the first time. From 18 to 353 tons, hydraulic or electric, TruBend brakes achieve high speed, high accuracy, and ease of use.


Haeusler is the world leader in metal forming machines with more than 3000 machines installed worldwide in 70 countries! Haeusler offer's three and four roll plate bending machines in capacities up to 16" thick. The new CNC control eliminates the need for experienced operators with features like 3D machine visualization & automatic bend calculations.


Eliminate timely secondary finishing operations with Lissmac de-burring technology. Lissmac machines remove dross and oxide layers from the edge of the parts, as well as de-burr holes in one continuous pass. Whether you're a laser shop, steel service center, or OEM, Lissmac has the right machine for you.

For over 40 years, Voortman has been producing machines for the steel processing industry. These include plate, beam, and angle: saws, punches, multi-axis drilling, coping, blasting, and even painting lines. Voortman's newest 8 axis coping machine raises the bar for plasma coping machines!



PHONE: 855-898-7867

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn through TRUMPF's "technology seminars". During your visit you will: tour the 375,000 sq. ft. production and assembly facility in Farmington, CT, live demonstrations of laser, punch, & press brake machines, & learn about Synco lean manufacturing.




• 37 • March/Apr 2013


A New Look For Bell Helicopter With cuts in defense spending on the horizon, CEO John Garrison is jump-starting commercial business. With its in-house Starbucks, flat-screen monitors on the walls, and flexible meet/relax areas bathed in natural light, the new, open-plan Lawrence D. Bell Employee Center is an outward sign of the changes John Garrison has been bringing to Fort Worth-based Bell Helicopter. The president and CEO of Bell, which produces military and commercial vertical-lift aircraft, says he decided the 1950s-era headquarters campus needed a makeover. He came to this realization after a young engineer prospect, who ultimately decided to go elsewhere, told him Bell’s facilities reminded him “of a high school he was glad he didn’t have to go to.�

Liven up your business with full�color graphics  from Fry Media. Cover your counters, walls,  windows and floors with our wide selection of  premium vinyl media and laminates suited for  any type of surface. Let Fry Media give your  business a media makeover! Contact us today  for a free quote!




The employee center and a second building—headquarters offices currently under construction—come as part of a wider, $250 million push Garrison has been making to modernize Bell’s systems, processes, and facilities. At the same time, he’s also pushing to increase the commercial portion of the company’s business in an era when U.S. defense expenditures are likely to shrink. The energetic Garrison, 52, was named president and chief executive in August 2009, after a period in which the company saw six CEOs come and go in nine years. Bell, in the words of spokesmanWilliam Schroeder, “was struggling for a while, and needed to reinvigorate the way it did business.� Three years later, Garrison is drawing praise from people such as Fred Buttrell, CEO of Med-Trans and its parent, Air Medical Group Holdings. They are Bell’s largest commercial customer, with 170 Bell helicopters in a nationwide fleet of air ambulances. Buttrell says he had grown tired of Bell overcharging for parts. Instead of “jacking prices� every year, as had been done in the past, Garrison began stressing supply-chain management and quality-control methods known as Six Sigma. And he passed the benefits on to customers, Buttrell says.“A customer is always going to have issues, but with John, I get a sense he’s going to do the right thing,� Buttrell says. Referring to Bell’s Providence, R.I.-based parent company, he adds, “When Textron made John Garrison president of Bell, it was one of the best moves they ever made.� Bell’sV-22 Osprey multi-task military aircraft, a joint project with Boeing being produced primarily for the U.S. Marine Corps, has ramped up production and will peak in 2014. Bell and Boeing have contracts to deliver 40 V-22s in fiscal 2013, and 37 in fiscal ’14. Bell’s other military mainstay is the H-1 attack helicopter.

GRINDING SPECIALISTS CNC • Profiles • OD, ID, Centerless • Threads • Exotic Materials • Aerospace Tolerances 2821 West Willetta Street • Phoenix, AZ 85009 (P) 602-353-8088 (F) 602-353-8035 A2Z METALWORKER


38 • March/Apr 2013

“BeIl isn’t going to be just a military company,� he says. “We’re going to grow our commercial business. If you think about the history of Bell, it has always had a balanced portfolio. It’s really going back to the heritage of the company.� While Garrison expects to extend the existing military contracts after 2014, he concedes that any extensions are likely to be accomplished in an environment of dwindling Pentagon budgets. Military budgets will be cut, he says, while the commercial market is tied to global economic growth. At the same time, “the market has moved to Europe,� he says, and Bell stands as No. 3 in the world in commercial helicopter production.








Introducing the totally revamped Mitsubishi EDM line. At Mitsubishi EDM, competition keeps us on our toes—and yields game-changing results. Our latest wire EDM line is one such accomplishment. Sure to electrify the market with never-before-seen design improvements, the new line features non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, improved auto-threading in deeper submerged-cutting applications and more—all backed by the reliable, expert support our customers expect.

Learn more at or call 562-690-7616.


• 39 • March/Apr 2013

When Larry made the decision that, aside from Off Road Racing, he wanted a career in manufacturing, and that it should include more industries than the racecar (recreational vehicle) industry, he approached RPM Industries’ owner Paul Terry about buying RPM Industries. Larry says that from its inception nearly 4 years ago, RPM has been diversified in the customers and industries it serves. They support customers in the recreational sports industry, as well as aerospace, commercial, medical and alternative energy industries. Larry’s purchase of RPM Industries went through in October of last year, and Paul transitioned from owner to manager at the company, and he continues to support the company’s sales efforts. All RPM employees remained through the ownership change.

Race Car Driver and Machine Shop Owner Knows The Importance of Speed and Reliability, And That is Why He Buys Okuma Machine Tools Racecar drivers know the importance of performance, durability and reliability.These are a few of the key attributes that increase the probability that they will emerge from a race a winner. Larry Foddrill, owner of RPM industries, is a champion Off-Road racer. He has won awards at the prestigious Champion Off Road Racing (CORR) competitions as well as the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing, and the SCORE events, just to name a few. He just returned from the Paris-Dakar, an endurance off-road race that originated in 1978. In the past, it started in Paris, France and ended in Dakar, Senegal (Africa). Due to political and other reasons, it has been held in South America since 2009. Dakar 2013 started in Lima, Peru, goes through Argentina, and finished in Santiago, Chile, 14 days later. Larry competes in Off Road Racing all around the world.

“When I race”, Larry says, “ It all comes down to being well prepared. You must have the right execution for the day. I am running RPM Industries like I would an Off Road Race. I want the best equipment, the best team, and I want to win. Okuma gives us a competitive advantage and helps to make RPM a winning combination.” In the few short months since Larry purchased RPM, the company has made some major capital investments. They purchased their first lathe, an Okuma Genos L300-M. Larry says the GENOS L-Series machine is an affordable, multi-function lathe that has abundant variations for high productivity and a user-friendly design that allows us to manufacture complex parts very quickly at an affordable price.

Larry was raised in an Off Road racecar family. He says that people joke that he wasn’t born in a hospital, as is typical of most babies entering the world...instead he was born in a racecar! Larry’s father Danny and his mother Cathy own a fabrication shop, called Foddrill Motorsports ( company builds racecars and fabricates spares and replacement parts for racecars. Larry spent many years in his parents’ business, and learned much about manufacturing. He also learned to love the Okuma machine tool brand. Larry says, “Though Foddrill Motor sports was predominantly a fabrication shop, my parents did purchase one machine, the Okuma ES-L lathe.We used a lot of heavy-duty tool steel for our parts, and the Okuma machined the tool steel really well. The Okumas are just really durable. I think the types of steel we were cutting would tear up many other machines. It is at this time I became a fan of the Okuma machine tools.”

RPM most recently purchased the Okuma M560. Larry says it is now their fastest Vertical Machining Center. The M560’s highly rigid, thermally stable construction allows this vertical machining center to machine intricate components at very high speeds and still hold the tight tolerances that our customers require.

Foddrill Motor sports outsourced their machining requirements to a half a dozen machine shops in the Phoenix metroplex. One of their superior suppliers was RPM Industries, a small machine shop in Deer Valley. Larry says, “RPM always did a great job for us. Their machine tools, nearly all Okumas, were best in class, as were their employees. With the Okuma Vertical Machining Centers, they were always able to machine our parts quickly and expertly. And they were just good people.”

The team at RPM Industries did evaluate several other machines prior to purchasing the Okuma M560. Machinist Randy says, “We stayed with the Okuma because we knew there would be no learning curve, as we’re very experienced in the Okumas. But just after we purchased the new machine, we were awarded a


40 • March/Apr 2013

contract for parts that will run for the next 6 months. These parts are close tolerance, and we never could have run the job as fast and as well if we didn’t have the new Okuma.” The team at RPM are particularly pleased with a number of the new features that the Okuma M560 offers.With its high-powered spindle and a max speed of 12,000, it offers 50% improvement in speed versus their older machines that have 8000 RPM spindle speeds. Randy says that the higher speed makes them more competitive in their pricing to their customers, because they can make the parts, very fast. He says that this machine ‘allows us to really push the tools to the limit’. RPM Industries is pleased with Okuma’s newest CNC control as well. It is an extremely powerful PC based unit that is very user friendly, utilizing touch screen capability and it has a familiar, easy to use interface that the operators love. The control, called OSP P200M, uses conventional G code programming for machine operation but it can also be used as a PC and connected to the shop’s network just like any standard PC using the Microsoft WINDOWS™ operating system. High Speed Ethernet capabilities enable instant communication to the local network as well as access to online resources available on the Internet if so desired. The USB ports can be used to plug in memory sticks or to attach any other USB device such as a bar code reader or a digital measuring device.The OSP P200M, provides unmatched power, speed, flexibility and ease of use. While RPM Industries clearly prefers the Okuma to other machine tool lines, they say that it is the support they receive from Arizona CNC, the local Okuma dealer, which keeps them coming back to Okuma. Larry says, “The machines are so reliable and durable, but when we have an occasional issue, it is critical that Arizona CNC supports us immediately. We’re a small shop, and one machine down would have a huge impact on our business.” Larry recounts a recent experience that demonstrates Arizona CNC’s superior service. He says, “When we purchased the Okuma M560, we never imagined it wouldn’t fit through our door. Well it didn’t and so the Arizona CNC dismantled the machine, we got it into the shop, and then they put it back together!” For more information on the Okuma machine tool line, call Arizona CNC at 480-615-6353 or visit their website at Contact RPM Industries for your precision machining requirements.You can reach them at 623-780-4993. A2Z METALWORKER

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generally is found the LCOEfar.ofTypically, solar PV water technology is inpredicted springs to andbecreeks in the mountains lower than average retail and foothills while valley bottoms electricity prices by the 2017. are dry.   Currently, solar power accounts for 14% 526 E. Juanita Ave. Ste 1 Ph 480-353-2950 •Fax 480-353-2954 Since the beginning of grazing in of the global renewable capacity, but this 3832  Mesa, AZ 85204 W.  Nevada, ranchers have developed Ph 602-688-8003 •Fax 602-688-8007 is just the start. It is the fastest growing Van Buren St.                             Ph  (602) 688­8003  wells and diverted springs or creeks renewable power source in the world, • to provide water for livestock. the Phoenix, AZ  85009                                Fax (602) 688­8007  eclipsing (no pun intended) windIn and AZ METALS is pleased to announce our ONE STOP SHOPPING 21st ranchers are replacing, tidal century, power, with a compound annual    revamping and adding to old water CUT TO SIZE * NO MINIMUM CHARGE * DELIVERY or PICK UP growth rate (CAGR) of 56.4% over the ATTENTION MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR  delivery systems. past five years. If solar power continues   to grow at such a rate, the global solar Willow Creek Ranch owners Russell ALUMINUM--STAINLESS—CARBON STEEL—BRASS—COPPER AZ METALS is pleased to announce our ONE STOP SHOPPING  PV installed capacity will reach 362,842 and David Fitzwater have installed five MW by 2020. CUT TO SIZE * NO MINIMUM CHARGE * DELIVERY or PICK UP  TOOL STEEL—ALLOY STEEL—BEARING BRONZE—SPECIALTY energy efficient watering facilities on   their landnand s public Te private xtro e callotments ures PRODUCTS—SPRING STEEL, EXOTIC ALLOYS, SHIM STOCK near Eureka in a collaborative effort ALUMINUM­­STAINLESS—CARBON STEEL—BRASS—COPPER  Canadian Army’s TAPV THREADED ROD, BAR & SAFETY GRATING with the Bureau of Land Management TOOL STEEL—ALLOY STEEL—BEARING BRONZE—SPECIALTY  and NRCS. program contract

PRODUCTS—SPRING STEEL, EXOTIC ALLOYS, SHIM STOCK  ADDED VALUE SERVICES: SHEARING, SAW CUTTING, LIGHT THREADED ROD, BAR & SAFETY GRATING  The panel pumping plants, new The solar Canadian Government has selected   pipeline, and water storage tanks and Textron Systems Canada as the prime FABRICATION, HOLE PUNCHING, NOTCHING, BENDING, ON SITE troughs have provided the Fitzwaters contractor for the country’s Tactical ADDED VALUE SERVICES: SHEARING, SAW CUTTING, LIGHT  WELDING (MIG/TIG/ARC) with and effective livestock Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program. FABRICATION, HOLE PUNCHING, NOTCHING, BENDING, ON SITE WELDING  an efficient watering system. The TAPV contract is worth C$603.4m (MIG/TIG/ARC)  *ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, CASH, CHECK**TERMS AVAILABLE WITH CREDIT APPROVAL* under which Textron, along with Textron   “Solar energy hasSystems eliminated our gas bill, Marine & Land and Rheinmetall *ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, CASH, CHECK*  while giving the ability to fresh, Canada, willusmanufacture andhave supply a WE LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU! *TERMS AVAILABLE WITH CREDIT APPROVAL*  dependable every day,” said Russell total of 500water vehicles. OWNERS DOUG Fitzwater.   & JILL CONE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF As a prime contractor, the company will Solar Power Makes Ranching inCosts NevadatoMore Profitable Solar Energy Generation Compete with Fossil Solar pumpsoverall consistTAPV of a program submersible also deliver and THE SALES STAFF THAT CAN QUOTE YOUR REQUIREMENTS:  pump designed to use solar energy, configuration management; it will serve asa Fuels by 2017 Agriculture in Nevada is dominated by DOUG CONE­ PRESIDENT  pump controller, and mounted solar design authority for change management by Timon Singh the livestock industry because desert and BROCK DUNLOP­ SHOP MGR/SALES  panels. initial costs are high, and alsoAlthough coordinate vehicle integration mountain rangelands dominate the state’s the lowerbymaintenance costs of solar BRIAN PAZ­ SALES  activities Canadian subcontractors. Despite recent clashes between the US and Chinese solar industries, it seems that the entire solar power landscape. pumps make them more economical than   sector is prospering. As stated in a new report from GlobalData, with the ever-increasing number of windmills or generators. Solar pumps are The TAPV team primarily comprises solar power installations, the cost of energy generation isSince falling. In fact, it do is falling so quickly that   rangelands not have the water ideal for low pressure and low flow uses of Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada, the report predicts that by 2017 it’ll be cheaper than generating traditional fuels. or the power soils tofrom produce cropsfossil or other WE LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU!  like livestock water Rheinmetall Canadasystems. and Engineering abundant vegetation, ranchers use livestock The report, which is called OWNERS  DOUG & JILL CONE  “Grid Parity for Wind and Solar Power – Future Outlook and Impact Office Deisenroth Canada (EODC). to harvest some of the vegetation and   Solar pumps are designed based on the Analysis”, shows that the global solar PV capacity increased by 100% between 2009 and 2011. This convert it into a saleable product: meat. water of livestocksuch andasthe energy   However, figure is expected soar asincreasing both China the US parityranchers within the few to years. Otherneeds local companies Michelin, with meattoprices at aand slower ratereach than grid inflation, arenext looking reduce required to pump Evraz the water. If America, livestock General Kinetics, North   their rapidly inflating input costs. It is amazing to think how far the global solar industry has come in just a few years. Despite China being thewater world’s leader in PVinput cell production, the report thatAccording it will be the reaches grid Pumping is one of those costs that ranchers canstates control. to US Jimthat Gatzke, district parity first. Domestic solar PV technology is expected to reach grid parity for some PV projects in conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Caliente, improving water systems 2014, while can most regions in country are expected to reach gridand parity in alignment with average on the range eliminate fuelthecosts associated with water hauling generator-powered pumps as electricity prices in the residential sector by 2017. China isn’t far behind and is set to transform well as increase access to feed. their domestic national grid in similar ways. They are expected to reach grid parity in most regions by 2015-2016. With the increased costs of fuels, many ranchers are looking to renewable energy to send water to

the troughs. However, the key part of the report concerns the Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE). This is the pricepowered at whichpumps electricity must be generated from renewable a specific source accountsolar for the cost in of the the “Solar are becoming the preferred methodtobecause energy energy-generating system. Over the next few years, the LCOE for solar PV will continue to decrease desert is more consistent than the wind,” said Gatzke. due to declining capital costs and increasing capacity factor. All of this combined with no fuel costs, low andthemaintenance costs to mention fuelwater costs)sources mean that Wateroperations is commonly limiting factor on (not Nevada rangelandsever-increasing since distancesfossil between are A22ZZ METALWORKER METALWORKER •• A

42 •• July/Aug March/Apr 2013 34 2012

use range Ontario in the winter, the Gear, solar SEDthe Systems, Drive and pump be designed on the solar Mobilewill Climate Controlbased are expected to energy available in Textron the winter, taking into participate in the TAPV supply account such as shortahead. day length chain, asfactors the program moves and low sun angle. Designed to replace the Canadian Army’s The U.S.fleet Department Agriculture existing of armoredofpatrol vehicles offers financial incentives for installing (APV) and Coyote reconnaissance vehicles, solar pumps will that defray deferthe the army initial the TAPV ensureorthat cost. For information, contact your local remains capable of effective training, USDA Natural Resources Conservation supporting domestic operations and Service office. Offices can be found online sustaining deployed forces as part of the Canada First Defense Strategy.


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.. . Processing isisnow ningg. Jet Processing JetJet Processing now i c c nn u u o o The Same Great Services nAnnounces Premier Precision Group Premier Precision Group - under AAnnn

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The $353.2m Lot 7 contract covers rockets supplies to the US Army and Marine Corps (USMC), as well as the Singapore, Jordan and Italian armies. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control precision fires vice president Scott Arnold said the company focused on ensuring that the soldiers were fully equipped with the most effective, affordable and dependable weapon system. Featuring a global positioning system (GPS) with inertial measurement unit guidance and a 200lb unitary warhead, the GMLRS is an all-weather, rapidly deployable, long-range rocket designed for precise destruction of ground targets, located at a distance of up to 70km with minimal collateral damage. “The weapon can be fired from M270A1 MLRS and the M142 highmobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) against both personnel and vehicles in the battlefield.” Enclosed in a multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) launch pod, the weapon can be fired from M270A1 MLRS and the M142 high-mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) against both personnel and vehicles in the battlefield. The GMLRS rockets have achieved a combat reliability rate of 98%, and more than 2,300 rounds were fired by the army, USMC and UK Armed Forces during coalition operations. Lockheed is currently developing an upgraded GMLRS variant, dubbed GMLRS+, which has a range of 120km and a scalable-effects warhead.

Automakers Using More Aluminum To Replace Heavier Steel Bloomberg News reported, “Carmakers from Ford Motor Co. to Audi AG (NSU) and Jaguar Land Rover Plc are using record amounts of aluminum to replace heavier steel, providing relief to producers of the metal confronting excess supplies and depressed prices.”

Lab LabServices Services

Corrosion Resistance Corrosion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Coating Weight Coating Weight Coefficient of Friction Coefficient of Friction Solution Analysis Solution Analysis Millipore Inspection Millipore Inspection

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract modification for delivery of additional guided multiple launch rocket system (GMLRS) Unitary rockets to the US Army and Marine Corps. Valued at $197m, the award represents an option under the original GMLRS Production Lot 7 contract secured by the company in July 2012 and brings the total contract value to $550.8m.




Hundreds of Date/Time Combos DEC-27-2004 12-27-2004 SERIALIZE Dec 27 04 DATE CODE 12/27/04 361-04 L: 00011 1 13:34:00 RIA 21:34 SE


Additional GMLRS rockets ordered by US Army from Lockheed

44 • March/Apr 2013

Gayle Berry, a London-based analyst at Barclays, said aluminum “content in vehicles is rising about 5 percent a year and growth will accelerate in the next decade as drivers seek improved fuel economy and lower emissions.” Bloomberg News noted, “North American applications of aluminum in cars may jump 66 percent by 2025 to at least 3.7 million tons.”



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B/E Aerospace Announces Awards Initially Valued at $250 Million B/E Aerospace, Inc. announced that they have been awarded four major aircraft cabin interior programs. The first of these is a lie-flat business class seating program to outfit a major international airline’s new-buy Boeing 787 fleet. In addition, B/E Aerospace will provide retrofit LED lighting for this same airline’s Boeing 737, 767 and 777 aircraft. The second is a full cabin interior retrofit program to outfit a major global airline’s long haul aircraft with lie-flat business class seating, Pinnacle® main cabin seating, and LED lighting. The third award includes a business class seating program, a Pinnacle® main cabin seating program and a comprehensive food and beverage preparation and storage equipment program to outfit new-buy widebody aircraft for a major Chinese airline. Finally, B/E Aerospace has won a Pinnacle® main cabin seating program and a comprehensive food and beverage preparation and storage equipment program to outfit a Russian airline’s new-buy 737 and A320 aircraft. These awards are valued at approximately $250 million. “Our multiple awards announcement highlights our continued focus on being the most innovative aircraft cabin interior supplier in the industry and further solidifies our position as the market leader for aircraft cabin interiors. These awards underscore our leadership in A2Z METALWORKER

46 • March/Apr 2013

LED lighting systems, premium class seating and Pinnacle® main cabin seating as well as food and beverage preparation and storage equipment,” commented Amin J. Khoury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of B/E Aerospace.






“Our premium class seating awards solidify our market leadership position as the leading supplier of full-flat premium class seating designed for exceptional passenger comfort, enhanced living space and luxurious amenities. The Pinnacle® awards further highlight the success of our Pinnacle® main cabin seating. The Pinnacle® seating platform has now captured awards to equip more than 1,800 new or existing aircraft. These awards are valued at approximately $1 billion and are for both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft,” concluded Mr. Khoury.

Researchers Develop ‘Superomniphobic’ Material That Repels All Fluids Wired reported, “Working with a team at the University of Michigan,” Chemical engineer Dr. Anish Tuteja has “developed a new coating for material that will repel both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids of just about any kind. They’re calling it superomniphobic.” To create the coating, the researchers take “a polymer solution and applies an electric field to it. By tuning the concentration of the polymer solution, they can change how the solution breaks up into microscopic droplets.”The “droplets are then deposited on the surface, and Tuteja says they can coat any material.”


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GE Brings Engine Work Back As Boeing Co. pays a price for having farmed out crucial parts on its new Dreamliner, General Electric Co.’s GE aviation division is busy bringing work on its engines back in-house. In late December, GE Aviation agreed to buy Italian parts supplier Avio for $4.4 billion. That comes alongside the acquisition of a three-dimensional printing company, a joint-venture with a component casting company in Montana and another venture to secure access to a key raw material—silicon carbide, which is used to make high-tech ceramic parts. This year, GE plans to open a pair of parts factories in Mississippi and Alabama and soon will announce the location of a third. GE hopes to protect its engine technology and speed development by doing more work itself. Above, a Boeing 787 airplane with a GE engine. The strategy is aimed at safeguarding a key source of the industrial conglomerate’s sales. Aircraft engines account for about half of GE’s $211 billion order backlog, and the company can’t afford missteps as it gets ready to roll out new designs to power the next generation of commercial jetliners. By doing more of the work itself, GE hopes to protect its technology, speed up development and secure supplies of needed components. The move is a turnabout for a company that helped pioneer soup-to-nuts U.S. manufacturing and then switched gears to help pioneer industrial outsourcing. GE now plans to replicate its new vertically integrated approach across its businesses from gas turbines to medical imaging devices to subsea oil wells. Over the decades, big companies have cycled through different approaches on how much manufacturing to do themselves—sometimes bulking up on acquisitions to own everything from raw materials to final product, and other times slimming down by disposing of anything seen as outside the core. The trend shifted toward bringing work back in-house in recent years and gained steam after events like flooding in Thailand and the tsunami in Japan made clear that multinational companies’ supply lines had grown too long and fragile. Boeing learned a tough lesson when developing its 787 Dreamliner. To pare costs, the aerospace company relied heavily on outside suppliers for crucial components including wings and parts of the fuselage. But as cost overruns and delays dogged the project, Boeing partly reversed course, purchasing several struggling suppliers that make parts for the aircraft, including major portions of the 787’s fuselage.The fleet A2Z METALWORKER

48 • March/Apr 2013

has been grounded following concerns about overheating and a fire in lithium-ion batteries made by an outside supplier, though safety officials have yet to find a cause.

We would like to keep that in-house,” said Ms. Athans. “If we invest in helping to teach a supplier, we lose our flexibility to compete against them and get it somewhere else.”

Boeing says it has learned lessons from its 787 sourcing strategy but the current electronic troubles are unrelated. “We’ve always acquired batteries through our supply chain,” a spokesman said in an email.

Precision Castparts wouldn’t comment on its customer’s activities. Alcoa said it is under contract with GE to supply the parts.

GE makes everything from power turbines to oil-well equipment to business loans. But these days, few of its products are more important than aircraft engines. The company has orders to deliver 15,000 new engines to customers between now and 2020. That compares with the 25,000 GE engines currently in use.

Last year, GE Aviation bought Morris Technologies, an additive manufacturing company outside Cincinnati. GE will use Morris’s 3-D printing machines to make the guts of the fuel nozzle on its Leap engines. The equivalent part used in existing engines is made by an outside supplier that brazes together 21 tiny pieces.

The market is extremely competitive, with United Technologies Corp. unit Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce battling for positions on new aircraft with promises of better fuel savings with more power and thrust.

GE is also bringing more work in-house for its existing engines. In January, GE announced a joint-venture with supplier SeaCast Inc. of Butte, Mont., to boost its ability to produce tubes, ducts and small structural castings for engines.

GE will be delivering more than 4,000 engines a year over the next two years amid swelling orders for its GE90 and GEnx, as well as the CFM56 engine that it makes with France’s Safran. By 2016, it will be delivering its newest Leap engine, which is offered on Boeing’s next-generation 737 and Airbus’ upgraded A320neo—more fuel-efficient versions of the world’s workhorse jets. The new engines come with new engineering problems. To reduce fuel consumption, GE is seeking to run the engines hotter so less cooling air is required. That led GE to redesign the high-pressure turbine blade used in the area of the engine where the temperatures are so hot that metals would melt. Nowadays, GE relies on Precision Castparts Corp. and a unit of Alcoa Inc. to produce the high-pressure turbine blades in its current engine lineup. But for the Leap engine, GE also plans to cast the parts itself at its facility in Dayton, Ohio. “Keeping that turbine blade cool is definitely a competitive advantage.

The deal to acquire Italian supplier Avio represents the biggest move GE has made yet to bring a supplier under its hood. Two-thirds of Avio’s aviation business is with GE making components for the GE90 and GEnx engines, as well as for helicopters and other products.

Housing Rebound Expected To Have Broad Impact On Economy Bloomberg News reports that the housing rebound “is broadening to other parts of the US economy and will likely lend impetus to growth through 2013 and beyond.” Increased home prices “are lifting household wealth and boosting the purchasing power of consumers” while declining “mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures are buttressing bank balance sheets, giving them greater leeway to lend. And rising property-tax revenue is fortifying the finances of state and local governments, alleviating pressure on them to cut budgets.” A2Z METALWORKER

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Part Density.

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First Solar Acquires 50 MWAC Macho Springs Project from Element Power Solar First Solar, Inc. and Element Power Solar announced that First Solar has acquired the 50-megawattAC (MW) Macho Springs Solar project that Element Power Solar has developed in Luna County, N.M.When complete, it will be the state’s largest solar power project. The photovoltaic (PV) solar project is expected to be completed in 2014, providing up to 400 construction jobs, and producing enough clean, renewable energy to power over 18,000 homes while displacing 40,000 tons of CO2 per year—the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars off the road. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The Macho Springs Solar project is located on land leased from the New Mexico State Land Office, and electricity from the facility will be purchased by El Paso Electric under a power purchase agreement that is subject to regulatory approvals, expected in the first half of 2013. “We’re very excited to continue our work in New Mexico, increasing the state’s utility-scale solar generation capacity,” said Dana Diller, First Solar Vice President of U.S. Business Development. “Element Power is pleased to once again work with the State of New Mexico, Luna County, the town of Deming and El Paso Electric to bring renewable energy and economic development to the region. The sale of Macho Springs Solar to First Solar is the result of a strong working relationship that draws on each company’s strengths,” said Raimund Grube, COO of Element Power. “We look forward to working with First Solar on this very important renewable energy project that will benefit all El Paso Electric customers,” said Tom Shockley, El Paso Electric Chief Executive Officer. “We also want to thank Element Power Solar for its dedication and commitment to bringing this project to fruition.” The Macho Springs project was the result of a Request for Proposal (RFP) by El Paso Electric to include additional electric peaking resources in its current energy mix.

Embraer Chooses Avionics for New E-Jets

Part Number: G12146D221M

Learn more at 1(858)-505-0432 A2Z METALWORKER 50 • March/Apr 2013

Embraer has opted to retain Honeywell as the avionics supplier for its second-generation E-Jets, the Brazilian airframe maker announced last month, ending speculation that it might switch to another supplier as a result of “teething” troubles it experienced following entry-into-service of the current E-Jet line. Under the terms of the contract, Honeywell will supply its Primus Epic 2 avionics system, featuring four 13-inch-by-10-inch landscape displays, more robust

processing capacity with a new Intel i7 processor in several of the circuit boards and “possibly” touch-screen multipurpose control display units (MCDUs). The selection marks the second major contract award for systems on the proposed new E-Jets, scheduled for industrial launch this year and service introduction in 2018. Late last month Embraer chose Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G Geared Turbofan to power the airplanes. Speaking with AIN, Embraer Commercial Aviation COO Luis Carlos Affonso noted that the company did seriously consider offers from Garmin and Rockwell Collins, but that the design “maturity” of the Epic 2, its commonality with the current Epic system in today’s E-Jets and its technical advances tipped the competition in favor of Honeywell. “The main issue [with the current system] was really maturity more than reliability, all the software being developed and so forth,” said Affonso. “This time, in sticking with the incumbent, we believe it will be very good for the maturity.” Not an entirely new system, the Epic 2 borrows much of its architecture from today’s Epic, explained Affonso. “The architecture, with the boxes and so forth, the data buses and all those things that took us lots of time to develop, all these are the same,” he noted. Scheduled for service introduction in 2018, the second-generation E-Jets will also benefit from a new flight management system (FMS)

that Embraer plans to first integrate into the current-generation airplanes by 2015, said Affonso. “The next-generation FMS will have several addition functionalities,” he stressed. “I believe the current FMS is quite reliable, but the new one will have some important functions such as the cost index.” The cost index feature—a system now used on new larger airplanes but new to regional jets—helps pilots choose the most economical altitude or thrust, for example, for a particular mission. Affonso also described the new FMS as “key” to equipping the E-Jets with the technology needed for the program to convert the current ground-based radar system to a satellite system known as NextGen. “This next-generation FMS is, of course, capable of interacting with and allowing for flight planning and navigation and performance capabilities associated with this new air traffic management scenario,” he explained. As it does in the current family of E-Jets, Embraer will offer head-up displays with the new system, but it hasn’t yet chosen the supplier. Rockwell Collins supplies the head-up displays in today’s airplanes. Affonso said that in the next three or four months Embraer would likely make “several” announcements of major supplier contracts, such as those governing the fly-by-wire system, the APU electric system and the air management system. “Others will be selected a little down the road,” said Affonso. The design does not call for the use of a lithium-ion battery, he added. A2Z METALWORKER

• 51 • March/Apr 2013

Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining Company Announces ISO9001/AS9100 Rev. C Certification! There are a whole host of reasons why Pure-Logic is so successful. But two primary factors stand out. First, they are more versatile than many precision-manufacturing shops you will encounter. Not only do they regularly help their customers take a product from concept to production, they offer internal fabrication, tooling, design consultation, precision machining, welding (AWS &TACOM certified), and assembly. Pure-Logic is so talented that they have designed and built their own complete products, from surgical tables to intricately designed ornate benches that are art pieces suitable for parks, zoos, and the like. The second primary reason Pure-Logic is so successful (and that they weathered the 2008 downturn with minimal impact) is that they are extremely diversified in the products they build and the industries they serve.Their customers span the bio-pharmaceutical, medical, military, defense, aerospace, commercial and semiconductor industries. By design, they have a relatively small base of customers. This enables them to understand their customers’ requirements at a very deep level, and facilitates Pure-Logic’s Engineering assistance to create a better product. Some Background Mike Hughes, founder and owner of the company, was trained as a boiler technician / fuel specialist on aircraft carriers while in the Navy. It is this experience that sparked his fascination with aircraft, he says. After the Navy, Mike moved to San Diego where he spent ten years employed by aerospace and defense manufacturers, learning the craft of precision machining and fabrication. Mike says that one of the most memorable experiences he had was the opportunity to work on an experimental project to extend the life of the F/A-18 Hornet, a twin-engine supersonic, all-weather carrier-capable fighter jet, designed to dogfight and attack ground targets. The experimental project was an undisputable success and led to what is now known as the Center Barrel Replacement Plus. The program is designed to allow the replacement of the center fuselage section of F/A-18 A through D model Hornet aircraft, saving both time and millions of dollars in costs related to replacing aircraft. Another memorable experience was his experience in converting fleet aircraft into demo equipped F/A 18’s for the U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels. Base closures in San Diego forced Mike to move to Phoenix, Arizona, where he sought employment. With his strong background on the job and with formal schooling in San Diego, Mike was easily able to attain employment. At his job at Stolper Fabralloy, now a division of the Triumph Group, a unique opportunity presented itself for Mike. Stolpher Fabralloy was fabricating an engine cover for one of their customers, with a particular finish. The problem was that airborne metallic particulates that resulted from the finish were damaging his employer’s CNC machinery.The company and Mike reached a mutual agreement that led to his starting up a business to process these problematic parts. A2Z METALWORKER

52 • March/Apr 2013

About Pure-Logic Mike launched Pure-Logic in 1996 with his first customer also his employer. He rented a 1400 square foot facility inTempe, Arizona, and his first purchase order was for $1400. For the next 2.5 years, Mike worked at Stolpher Fabralloy during the day, from 6 am until 3 or 4 pm, and worked at Pure-Logic in the evenings and weekends. Mike credits his training in the Navy for affording him the stamina to keep up this grueling schedule over the course of more than 2 years. One of Pure-Logic’s earliest customers was a medical device company that manufactures and sells laboratory products for the concentration and storage of adult stem cell products.Today the term ‘cell therapy’ is used to include stem and progenitor cells derived from a wide variety of tissue sources, including adult peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue and placental tissue. Stem cells have been shown to be useful in the treatment of more than 80 different diseases and to regenerate cartilage, bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, blood vessels, and even nervous tissue. This customer came to Pure-Logic from a referral by another local machine shop, LAI Southwest (now LAI International). Mike was asked to design weld fixtures and build 2 prototypes (rack assemblies) for their umbilical cord blood cryopreservative system stem cell product. Mike and his crew had to build these 2 prototypes in 2 weeks. The prototypes, now production bioarchive rack assemblies, are one of the products Pure-Logic makes today, 14 years later. In fact, Pure-Logic is the single source supplier of the product that ships internationally. This same medical device company came to Pure-Logic nearly 13 years ago, with the challenge of building tight tolerance canister cartridges precisely and consistently. Pure-Logic built the tooling and established the processes to meet their customer’s requirements. Today, PureLogic is the exclusive manufacturer of the cartridges and they ship the end product

to the customer in quantities of 100 in packaging that they designed for the customer. Mike credits this medical device customer with affording him the opportunity to make Pure-Logic a full time business prepped for aggressive growth. He left his current employer in 1998 and moved the business into a 10,000 square foot facility. Today, the company resides in an expanded facility, at 15,000 square feet, and Mike made long-term employee Bob Jurgens (with 11 years of tenure), a partner in the firm. The company is dock to stock with a number of their customers, and for those who utilize report cards, Pure-Logic is an ‘A’ student.The company values its employees, and in turn, valuable employees remain loyal to the company. Bob says, “Aside from a few new employees that we’ve hired with growth in this past year, most employees have more than 5 years of tenure with the company. Pure-Logic also values its suppliers, and in particular thanks Reliance Metal Center for supporting them in the early years when they experienced financial difficulties. A venture to design and market a proprietary low cost surgical table influenced this difficult period. This eventually led to Mike’s decision to re-focus the company’s direction on their core competency of providing manufacturing services to O.E.M.’s in various industries. Mike is proud that after this difficult time in the early 2000s, his company made every supplier whole. Early last year, Mike asked Bob and key employee James Sorrell (Quality Assurance Coordinator) to research the quality standard that most closely aligned with the way Pure-Logic did business. James and Bob both agreed the ISO9001/AS9100 international standard was perfectly suited for the way their company did business. The two contacted 3 different certification companies, and interviewed them all. Mike also was involved in the interview process. “I worked at 2 companies in my past that went through the certification process. In my experience, it was ‘smoke and mirrors’. The resulting manual didn’t represent the way my previous employers did business, and once the certification was done, we went back to doing business the way we had always done it. I didn’t want this for Pure-Logic. I wanted an experience that every employee was involved in, and the end result wouldn’t be just certification. It would impact our business with positive improvements in our processes.” The team unanimously selected BMSC for their consultant. Bob says, “Our decision was based on 3 main factors 1) Price 2) Flexibility 3) Style and Comfort level with the consultant. Bretta Kelly, founder of BMSC, offered a fair price, and her offering was very versatile. You could buy BMSC’s services in packages, and the other companies didn’t offer this flexibility.” James continued, “Bretta’s system was user friendly.We wanted a process that was seamless and natural to how we functioned as a business before certification.” He continued, “Bretta didn’t try to change us, and she didn’t try to sell us a ‘one size fits all’ package. In fact, she built the system around the way we do business. Bretta and BMSC were outstanding to work with!” Bob says, “As Bretta and her colleague Debbie consulted us, there were a few areas that emerged as areas that we could improve on. BMSC helped us to achieve these process efficiencies.” Bob, Mike and James all agree that their certification, which they passed with flying colors in December of last year, was a very positive experience, and that they made the right choice with BMSC. Pure-Logic’s growth plan focuses on enhancing its existing relationships with current A2Z METALWORKER

• 53 • March/Apr 2013

customers and on the strategic development of new customer s. Mike says, “Our recent success in establishing a production line for the manufacture of Blood Pumps used in Heart and Lung Machines, has proven beneficial. The intense consultation and research invested towards understanding the customers product needs provided us an opportunity to succeed on this project and continue working with our customer in evaluating refinements to the manufacturing process. With this approach we hope to grow steadily and sustain a diverse customer base which will also include Renewable Energy companies”. Hear from Pure-Logic’s customers “Pure-Logic was referred to us by another supplier a few years ago. They build welded assemblies for us. Our work requires ITAR Registration and military competence. That is exactly Pure-Logic’s forte, and that is why they are our ‘Go To guys’. Pure-Logic is unique in that they are very skilled at looking at incomplete/ inaccurate prints and cleaning them up. This instinct is not common with other shops. I can give them complex projects and I know that they have the engineering/design talent to build the product perfectly. We are delighted that Pure-Logic recently certified to the ISO9001/ AS9100 standard. Though they were doing the quality work before certifying, this just makes my job easier from an audit and paperwork standpoint.

excellent feedback and callout potential manufacturing issues prior to production builds. They are available to support companies with machining, bending, welding and other services. Pure-Logic is also competitive in their pricing and they provide realistic, on-time service and delivery --they won’t commit to a timeframe they can’t meet.” Jim, Strategic Sourcing Manager,Aerospace and Defense Contractor “We’ve been using Pure-Logic for more than 10 years now.They make a lot of bent metal fabricated parts and assemblies. We don’t go to any other suppliers for these parts because Pure-Logic has all the equipment in-house, from tube benders to laser cutters, literally all of the equipment needed to make our parts. They are much more than a fabricator. We view them as a design partner, and frequently we brainstorm new concepts with them.They are a collaboration partner, and this is such a bonus for us. Parts we get from Pure-Logic is always done right, and their pricing is very competitive. Sometimes we push them very hard with rush jobs, and they do a good job in meeting our rush schedules. Pure-Logic is outstanding.” Dan, Owner, Industrial Automation Manufacturer “Our company has been utilizing Pure-Logic’s services for more than a decade now. They build very complex sub-assemblies for our medical devices. We don’t have another supplier who does what Pure-Logics does for us. They do the welding, machining, final inspection and test, but they also coordinate with external suppliers for the special processing. We view them as a mini-contract supplier for us. Because of their quality and on-time record, Pure-Logic is dock to stock.

I envy Pure-Logic because not only are they expert in military and defense, but they have diversified into so many other industries, including medical and bio-pharmaceutical. They are well positioned to grow with their strength in so many industries.

Perhaps what is most outstanding about Pure-Logic is that they always come up with creative solutions to help to keep our costs down. We trust them. Mike came to me and told me that our tooling was old and was creating more scrap than should occur. He said if we made some new tooling, we could reduce the piece price dramatically. This is the kind of collaboration we do with Pure-Logic. They are a partner, not a supplier.” Kim, Senior Director Global Supply Chain, Medical Device Manufacturer

If you need high quality expert weldments for aerospace or medical, Pure-Logic is an excellent vendor. In fact, I don’t think that PureLogic, with all of its capabilities, really has any direct competition in the Phoenix market.” Ray, Manager New Product Introduction, Aerospace Manufacturer

For more information on Pure-Logic, a Veteran-Owned, MinorityOwned, ISO9001/AS9100, ITAR Registered Machine and Fabrication shop, contact them at (480) 892-9395 or visit their website at

“We have been using Pure-Logic for a number of years now; from welded assemblies to Research and Development builds. Pure-Logic is extremely thorough and has an excellent customer service team. One of Pure-Logic’s strengths is in their design capabilities. They provide

To learn more about ISO9001/AS9100 certification that is designed to fit your business, is cost-effective, and results in positive process improvements for your company, call Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC at (602) 445-9400 or visit their website at


54 • March/Apr 2013

Hear What Customers Say About BMSC Bretta Kelly’s ISO9001/ AS9100 Template And Systems With BMSC You Can Get Ready To Be Certified In As Little As One Month’s Time For $3,500. “Amazing and Grateful are the words that describe Landmark’s experience through ISO 9001 / AS9100 C certification. Working with Bretta, using her BMSC program templates enabled us to take an 27 year old company, under new ownership (as of April 2010), and implement a complete business system in two and half months with very little consulting time. Easy to read and follow Landmark passed our final compliance audit, and were ISO 9001 / AS9100 C registered with ease. Keeping things simple and precise, made implementation super easy to follow; highly recommend!”

Colleen Walski, Landmark Precision Manufacturing

“We updated and simplified our Management System from AS9100B to AS9100C in less than one month with the help of Bretta Kelly from BMSC, LLC. Bretta’s templates / programs simplify how to manage an AS9100C system, by allowing a company to write a system around how they already do business. We were able to reduce our documents and simplify our programs without making any changes to how we conduct our business. We strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade or simplify their management system to contact Bretta Kelly today.”

Lumi Krolik – Quality Manager, Jimmy Buchanan – VP / Director of Brettaholding holdingLandmark’s Gold Tech Industry’s Bretta AS9100 Operations AS9100 Certification from Great Western Powill Manufacturing & Engineering Certification from Great Western Registrar,LLC LLC Registrar,

602.445.9400 • • ISO/AS9100 Consulting 



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BAE Systems Delivers More AWD Blocks

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BART is a convenient, economical, and completely portable system for removing spent waterjet abrasives from your holding tank – while your waterjet equipment keeps running.

““II can’t say enough good things about the BART. We run 24/7. I can’t afford downtime. BART lets me remove sand from the tank without shutting down my waterjet. It’s a walk in the park.” Lloyd Sharp Concorde Manufacturing and Fabrication Nogales, Arizona

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480­545­0275  A2Z METALWORKER

56 • Mar/Apr 2013

A further two Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) blocks manufactured by BAE Systems have been shipped to Adelaide making the total number of blocks delivered nine since the first block was delivered in August 2011.With this shipment, BAE Systems has completed work on all AWD Ship 1 and Ship 2 blocks that have been contracted to complete. BAE Systems Director Maritime Bill Saltzer said the company’s AWD Project Team had again demonstrated their capability to deliver a quality product on schedule. Both blocks 415 and 111 were accepted by AWD lead shipbuilder ASC following inspections at the Williamstown shipyard prior to shipment to Adelaide. “I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in the production of these blocks for the tremendous success they have achieved in both quality and productivity on this project. I would also like to thank our customer, ASC, for working with us in close co-operation throughout the process of planning, fabricating and inspection of the blocks. “Our production performance has improved drastically since we began this project. This clearly demonstrates that investment in capability development can be challenging at first, but it pays significant dividends over time as long as you can continue to apply that capability on current and future projects.” Mr Saltzer said there had been many improvements implemented in a number of shipbuilding processes which have contributed to the excellent performance BAE Systems was now achieving on the AWD project. “For this project in particular, our focus has been on improving processes for work planning and preparation, welding quality, and dimensional control. We have also worked closely with ASC to make the The best brand’s, the best service, the best prices.  inspection and acceptance process more effective and efficient for both parties. This has significantly reduced the amount of rework for ships 2 Your one stop shop for Metal Fabrication Equipment.  and 3 and improved our ability to deliver on time. “Not long ago, the Piranha Ironworkers  company was facing criticism regarding our performance on the AWD program. All that has been put behind us and our focus now is on the Ermak Press Brakes and Shears  present performance and securing more work for the future,” he said. Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders 

Raytheon Hosts EventTo Get Students Interested PemSerter Hardware Insertion  In Engineering         Retro Systems Plasma 

The Arizona Daily Star reported on “Engineering Is Awesome” held at ff Sta On              Hyd­Mech Saws  Raytheon Missile Systems’ airport plant. The “event, part of National ech T e vic Ser Engineers Week, is one of Raytheon’s latest efforts to get kids excited       Tigerstop Measuring Systems  about” STEM.                            Norlok Clinching and Fastening 

“Seniors and juniors from about a dozen schools in the region took part in a variety of hands-onFMB Saws  demonstrations of engineering principles at work behind the walls480­545­0275  of Raytheon’s sprawling plant adjacent to Tucson International Airport.” Participants “moved around in teams, listening  to Raytheon engineers talk about their careers and hopping from one high-tech demo to another.”


Looking for speed…power…precision…quick setups…conversational programming, all in a rugged, budget-beating VMC? Whatever you need, look for Doosan’s Mynx or DNM to have it. Looking for speed…power…precision…quick setups…conversational programming, all in a Mynx – models 5400, 6500 or 7500 rugged, budget-beating VMC? Whatever you need, look for Doosan’s Mynx or DNM to have it.

• For parts up to 60 x 30 x 24.6 inches motors from6500 20 toor 407500 HP and speeds to 12,000 rpm Mynx – models 5400, • Spindle 40 up andto50 Plusinches Dual Contact Spindle parts 60with x 30Big x 24.6 • •ForCAT Rapid Traverse Rate 1,181 ipm • •Spindle motors from 20 to 40 HP and speeds to 12,000 rpm CAT 40 and 50 with Big Plus650 DualorContact – models 400, 500, 750 Spindle • DNM Rapid Traverse Rate 1,181 ipm • • For parts up to 85 x 30 x 25.6 inches motors 15650 to 30orHP and speeds to 15,000 rpm DNM – models 400,from 500, 750 • Spindle CAT 40 taper with Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle parts up to 85 x 30 x 25.6 inches • •ForRapid Rate 15 1,889 ipm motors from to 30 HP and speeds to 15,000 rpm • •Spindle Traverse • CAT 40 taper with Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle • Rapid Traverse Rate 1,889 ipm

And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs. And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs.




Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500 215 South Rockford Drive Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A ChapinAZ Road Elk Grove Village, IL 60007Tempe, Tel: 847-437-1010 Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500 Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue 480-968-3711 Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330 Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010 Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330 YOUR HOMETOWN MACHINE TOOL DEALER SERVING ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO SINCE 1967.

Unmanned aircraft could give flight to Arizona economy Arizona has profited greatly from war technology over the course of its history. World War I brought Egyptian cotton farming and tire production to Arizona and hatched the city of Goodyear. World War II brought airfields and pilot training that begot Luke Air Force Base, the Thunderbird School of Global Management and the state’s defense, aviation and aerospace sectors. Now, the state’s top economic developers and technology leaders want Arizona to be a hub for the newest and controversial generation of U.S. fighting arsenal: unmanned aircraft systems. A t stake is a share of what could be more than 23,000 jobs and more than $1.6 billion in spending and salaries for Arizona companies as they develop a new segment of the state’s aerospace industry and boost business for those already doing industry work here. The state also will have to figure out what incentives and potential tax help to offer to defense, aerospace and technology companies should it land one of the much-coveted federal test sites for unmanned aerial vehicles. But there are potential fights on that front, as privacy advocates worry about having UAVs in domestic airspace and critics decry the country’s use of drone strikes overseas.

laser cutting welding forming tube bending

The Arizona Commerce Authority, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and other Arizona business interests are competing with 35 other states to land one of a half-dozen federal test sites for UAVs. Commerce Authority CEO Sandra Watson, whose group is spearheading the bid, said Arizona would reap enormous economic benefits if selected by the Federal Aviation Administration.





623.582.4776 A2Z METALWORKER

58 • March/Apr 2013

Watson said that would include more dedicated research for Arizona universities, “more aviation industry contractors bringing their research and flight test to the range sites, and more of an incentive for the aviation industry to utilize Arizona to develop and test prototypes, ultimately leading to more companies creating more jobs for Arizonans. “And we know the potential for job creation is significant in this sector,” she added. Watson cites industry estimates that more than 23,000 UAV-related jobs could be created in the U.S. with wages totaling more than $1.6 billion during the next 15 years. Arizona currently has the fifth-largest defense sector among the states, with more than 39,000 industry workers plus 31,000 employed by the Pentagon in military or civilian positions here, according to ACA data. Tabbing sites The FAA will name the six test sites later this year as it looks for ways to integrate UAVs into the domestic aviation hierarchy. The sites will include UAV testing and research, and plot how and where they will

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drones to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border and has plans to increase that practice.

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry has listed attracting the drone test site as one of its top priorities this year. Chamber spokesman Garrick Taylor said the business group is not yet considering specific tax breaks for the UAV industry, but wants to make sure there are no encroachment issues around potential locations that might scare federal site selectors.

On the manufacturing side, Boeing Co. has some drone construction in Mesa. Another major UAV contractor, Northrop Grumman Corp., has plants in California and operations in Sierra Vista. Raytheon Co. is doing UAV work in Tucson, according to U.S. Defense Department contract announcements.

The U.S. Marine Corps has some drone operations at its air station in Yuma. Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista is home to U.S. Army intelligence operations and is a training ground for UAVs pilots. In addition, the U.S. Border Patrol uses

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operate throughout commercial and general aviation corridors.

While Watson and the ACA are leading state efforts to get more airspace approved to operate various unmanned systems, the state already has an active testing community and the vehicles have logged more than 33,000 flight hours in Arizona airspace in recent years.

Special Processes 

Being home to drone manufacturing or near California operations could be a boost for Arizona in the FAA site selection process, particularly given the Boeing and Northrop plants, as well as those of San Diego-based General Atomics, which manufactures the Predator drone. The increased U.S. military and intelligence reliance on drones and their growth is not without controversy. The U.S. has used Predators and other drones to go after suspected al-Qaida and Taliban adversaries in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. But those same groups say the drone attacks also may have killed as many as 1,000 civilians,

Submit a quote request at:

prompting protests from those three countries and global human rights groups. Domestically, civil libertarians from both ends of the political spectrum worry about privacy issues and government surveillance from domestic drones. Legislation has been proposed at the federal and state levels regarding domestic drones, aimed at safeguarding privacy and constitutional rights against warrantless searches. Privacy concerns led the FAA to delay its UAV test site selection temporarily last year. While there are state and federal concerns about the technology flying through U.S. skies, Arizona officials are pushing for a concerted effort to land the FAA sites. Broome said he wants to see the state’s congressional delegation — which in the past has been faulted for not bringing home federal investments — lobby hard for the UAV test site. “Our congressional delegation has to be more cohesive and coordinated in protecting the defense industry,” Broome said. A2Z METALWORKER

• 59 • March/Apr 2013

companies in the January Business Conditions Report,” said William E. Gaskin, PMA president. The report samples 131 U.S. and Canadian metalforming companies.

(480) 968-1930 ISO9001:2008/AS9100 Rev C ITAR Registered

Plating & Metal Finishing: • Gold • Silver • Copper • Bright Nickel • Electroless Nickel • Sulfamate Nickel • Matte Tin • Tin/Lead 60/40 • Chemfilm • Passivation • Polishing • Chrome We Are a Precious Metal Plating Facility covering the Southwest specializing in Gold and other plating.

Metalformers Expect Business Spike Metalforming companies expect a spike in business conditions in the coming three months, according to the January 2013 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report. According to data in the January report, 32% of metalformers expect economic activity to improve in the coming three months. That’s a significant improvement from the December 2012 report, when only 22% said the same thing. The January report also shoed that: * 50% of metalformers expect activity will be unchanged in the coming three months, from 49% who said so in the December report * 18% expect activity will decline in the next three months, for an improvement from 29% who said so in December Metalformers also generally see incoming orders to strengthen in the next three months: * 44% of metalformers expect more orders, from 33% who said so in December 2012 * 31% expect no change, from 39% in December * 25% expect fewer orders, from 28% in December “The January uptick in the ISM manufacturing index into the “growth” range, continued expectations of modest growth in the automotive sector for 2013, along with a strengthening housing/construction market support the modest optimism expressed by PMA member A2Z METALWORKER

60 • March/Apr 2013

Manufacturing Jobs -WhatYou Need (andWant) to Know According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Jobs in Manufacturing increased by 180,000 in 2012. “In December, manufacturing employment rose by 25,000, with small gains in a number of component industries. In 2012, factory employment increased by 180,000; most of the growth occurred during the first quarter.” “In December, the average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls edged up by 0.1 hour to 34.5 hours. The manufacturing workweek edged up by 0.1 hour to 40.7 hours, and factory overtime was unchanged at 3.3 hours.” While there are signs that manufacturing employment gains have slowed down in the second half, those were connected to the economic uncertainties tied to the presidential election, fiscal cliff and global economic slowdown. Two of these three special causes are now behind us. As the graph above shows, manufacturing is the place to look for employment gains. The softness in manufacturing employment in the last half of 2012 belies the demand that our industry will have for talented workers going forward. As the BLS workweek hours indicate, manufacturing currently is using overtime to meet its needs. Given demographic trends, current lean staffing, and the push to reshore production, any economic upturn at all will be strongly bullish for employment prospects in Manufacturing in 2013. Improvements in housing markets are already visible and a 15+ million auto sales forecast are two indicators that suggest if you want to find a well paying job in 2013, precision machining (advanced manufacturing) is a great place to apply.

Looking to Expand? 2 Buildings For Lease Where? Conveniently located off I-17 and Buckeye How big? 2 shops: 6000 sq ft and 4000 sq ft. (10,000 sq ft) Zoning? C-3 Outside Area? 2100 sq ft.canopy area & 4200 sq. ft.fenced yard Power? 400amp 240v 3ph electric & 200amp 240v 1ph electric Gas? Natural gas Inside Features? 13’ ceilings, block walls, office A/C, shop exhaust and swamp coolers, compressed air Alarms? security alarm; smoke/fire alarm How much? $5,900/mo. Who do I call? Contact: Acorn Gas. 602-437-4660;

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Raytheon Warhead Completes Test Flight, Pentagon Says Raytheon Co.’s latest interceptor warhead intended to protect the U.S. from intercontinental ballistic missiles successfully completed an initial flight test to determine whether a guidance flaw has been fixed, according to the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer. The launch wasn’t designed to destroy a dummy target representing an enemy missile headed to the U.S. Instead, its goal was to verify that a remedy had been found for a classified flaw in the warhead’s guidance system discovered after such an intercept test failed in December 2010. “The test was a very important step forward as we move toward a return to intercept,” Frank Kendall, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, said in an e-mailed statement. He said the Pentagon “will assess the very large amount of data we received” and use that to prepare for the next intercept test.

1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM and California that hasn’t successfully destroyed a target since December 2008.The system managed by Chicago-based Boeing Co. is intended to protect the U.S., including Hawaii, from a small number of missiles fired from Iran or North Korea. “This test is particularly timely in light of recent threats from North Korean leaders of upcoming long-range rocket and nuclear weapons tests aimed at the United States,” Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said. Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who heads the committee, agreed with Kendall that the initial test was a step forward. Intercepting Target Confirmation that the guidance system’s flaw has been fixed would permit the first effort to intercept a test target since the failure in 2010. Richard Lehner, spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, said in an e-mail that it “may be weeks before we can assess performance.” Lehner said an intercept test may occur sometime in April to June.

The “kill vehicle” made by Waltham, Massachusetts-based Raytheon is a 120-pound (54-kilogram) spacecraft about the length of a broomstick. It looks like a telescope mounted on a pack of propane cylinders. It is supposed to pick out a target amid decoys and debris and destroy it by smashing into it high speed.The warhead is launched off a missile made by Orbital Sciences Corp.

Raytheon’s standing as the sole source for the warhead may be in jeopardy. Under a mandate from Congress in the fiscal 2013 defense authorization bill, the Missile Defense Agency will study whether to open the next version of the weapon to competition.

Iran, North Korea It’s part of a $35 billion system of ground-based interceptors in Alaska

The Missile Defense Agency made progress last year as it redesigned and tested components of the warhead, which costs $30 million apiece, “and


62 • March/Apr 2013

established more stringent” requirements for parts and manufacturing, Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon’s director of operational testing, said in his annual report this month. ‘Important Step’ The test over the weekend was an important diagnostic assessment, Cristina Chaplain of the Government Accountability Office, who manages the watchdog agency’s oversight of missile defense, said in an e-mail. The next flight test will be crucial in determining whether the agency lets Raytheon resume production of the new warhead, which has been on hold since January 2011, Chaplain said. “Rigorous non-intercept flight tests are important in proving the effectiveness and operational capability of ballistic missile defense weapons and their various components,”Wes Kremer, Raytheon Missile Systems vice president of air and missile Defense Systems said in a statement.

3-D printing tested as way to build Moon station There are many building materials on Earth, but the moon only offers fine-grained lunar soil. However, that might be perfect for a 3-D printing process to build lunar habitats. Enrico Dini, inventor of the large-format 3-D printer D-Shape, is working with the European Space Agency and Foster + Partners using a simulated lunar soil to test the concept. “Our current printer builds at a rate of around two meters per hour. Our next-generation design should attain 3.5 meters per hour, completing an entire building in a week,” Dini said.

Embry-Riddle Offering The First Degree In Commercial Space Operations At the Federal Aviation Administration’s Commercial Space Transportation Conference, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University announced plans to launch an undergraduate degree in Commercial Space Operations this fall at its Daytona Beach campus, the first of its kind in the US. According to the article, “officials said the timing was right for a specialized program” with companies like SpaceX launching cargo to the ISS and Virgin Galactic and XCOR preparing for suborbital tourist flights. The university’s board of trustees still need to approve the program, but “Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana and Space Florida President Frank DiBello are among those who have submitted letters of support.” Degrees like this one are needed because as companies “scramble to supplement NASA’s role in space, they will need professionals educated in regulations and certifications required from the FAA and NASA before they’re approved, to paraphrase ‘Star Trek,’ to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and civilizations.” The new program “is expected to have 15 students the first year, according to Lance Erickson, the Embry-Riddle professor of applied aviation sciences who created the degree with two students after receiving a grant from NASA.

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We’ve got what you need to get “IT” done! • Specialty Stainless & High Temperature Alloys • In-house leveling, shearing, laser cutting, slitting & edging • Experienced sales staff • Online ordering Stainless Steel: Nickel Alloys:


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A Virtual Program For ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 Rev. C, And ISO 14001

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 No travel expenses, No other fees!  Save Your Company Thousands Annually (Minimum savings: $2,000 & up to $50,000 annually) Save Top Management Valuable Time  AGS has been a Registrar since 1993 Serving More Than 4000 Customers Worldwide


AGS is accredited by the American International Accreditation Organization, Bureau of Accredited Registrars (AIAO-BAR) an indePM Page 1pendent, not-for-profit

Factory Orders Up Moderately In December The AP reports, “For the year, total factory orders rose 3 percent to $5.66 trillion. This reflected a slowing in the manufacturing sector following an 11.8 percent rise in orders in 2011. Demand for investment goods fell 0.3 percent to $759.4 billion. For December, orders for commercial airplanes rose 10.1 percent and demand for military aircraft jumped 56.4 percent. Orders for motor vehicles and parts dropped 1.2 percent. Demand for machinery fell 1.1 percent but orders for computers and other electronic products rose 4.1 percent.” Bloomberg News reports, “Factory orders excluding the volatile CUSTOM transportation categoryHEAT increasedTREATING 0.2 percent in December after falling 0.2 percent the previous month. Demand minus military hardware advanced 0.3 percent. The jump in bookings for durable goods was paced a 12.2 percent increase in construction equipment and a 6.4 percent gain for computers.”

Eclipse Reveals More Details of New E550 VLJ Eclipse Aerospace has revealed more details of its $2.695 million Eclipse 550 twinjet to AIN. CEO Mason Holland said that, while the 550 will continue to use the same airframe and engines as the EA500, there will be several cockpit, cabin and system changes. Avionics upgrades to the Innovative Solutions & Support flight deck include synthetic and enhanced vision, sharper displays, a separate avionics standby display unit, dual integrated flight management systems 36 • Nov/Dec 2012 • 64 • March/Apr 2013


and autothrottles. TheRelentless new interior package for the passenger cabin Bell’s new 525 moves into initial features higher-grade piped leathers, finished carpets, more robust production

table and cupholder attachments, better hand rails, a new one-piece cabin headlinerhas that improves aesthetics, portable and Bell Helicopter entered the production phase of server, the firstiPad protoBluetooth connectivity andaa“super-medium”-class new intercom system for pilot-passenger type of the 525 Relentless, product and the communications. New aircraft will also be fitted with anti-lock brakes. company’s boldest move to reclaim share in the commercial market.

Holland said Eclipse recently concluded fatigue testing that should The company started releasing digital design models to suppliers eliminate the current 10-year/10,000-hour/10,000-cycle airframe after completing a preliminary design phase on 26 June. That allife limit. “We’ve validated to 20,000 cycles or more than 40 years of lowed suppliers of certain components, such as a tail rotor assembly normal use,” he told AIN. Eclipse plans to add three company-owned actuator, a main rotor gearbox carrier development part and the service centers in the U.S. this year, bringing the total number to six accessory gearbox, to enter production, says Larry Thimmesch, (five company-owned and one independent). Holland expects the first Bell’s vice president of commercial programs. 550 to come off the line in July.

Bell announced the Relentless program in February, finally taking Power-One Enters Into Strategic AllianceWith the wraps off what had been internally known as Project Magellan. Panasonic Aimed at the oil and gas, corporate and VIP transportation, and parapublic and emergency medical services markets, the 525 is Power-One, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of renewable energy Bell’s biggest commercial helicopter and the beginning of an entire and energy-efficient power conversion and management solutions, series of medium- and heavy-lift helicopters. and Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC), a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic and solutions, Bell has not released its internal deadline for theproducts 525’s critical design announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance review, but it must come before the prototype begins assembly in to develop, produce and market energy storage systems for the the second quarter of 2013 at the company’s Xworx facility. residential and non-residential markets worldwide combining PowerOne inverters with Panasonic lithium-ion batteries and systems. In the meantime, Bell has activated a 525 systems integration lab comprised of aagreement, main rotorthetest rig, avionics test bench, rotor As part of the companies will leverage theirtail respective test rig and two flight control systems test benches. research and development and sales and marketing resources for joint

product and market development around the world. Initial efforts Bell heldonitsdeveloping first interim type boardand meeting with willhas focus the certification residential, commercial utility-scale, the FAA. Although it is the first such commercial helicopter to grid-connected, energy storage systems business in Europe andbe the certificated, it has benefitted having conversations with U.S. as well Bell as thesays non-residential segment in Japan. Additionally, the the FAA for have several years overtothe requirements to certify the flycompanies committed develop the large-scale commercial by-wire controls of what inverter was thenbusiness called the BA609 tiltrotor. and utility photovoltaic in Japan.

“Wenow, are thrilled to be aligned with such an innovative company and For the company has chosen to downplay its performance house-hold brand as Panasonic,” said Dr. Alex Levran, claims for the 525. It has released only the minimum valuePresident, for the Renewablerange Energy Solutions at Power-One. “Energy storage helicopter’s - 400nm. Thimmesch says he wants to keep the resourcesfocused will greatly increase adoption, sustainability company on making the the aircraft as gooduseas and possible, rather of renewable energy systems throughout the world than meeting a particular specification. The company alsoinhashomes, not businesses, and in large utility plants. Panasonic’s strengths lie launched a sales drive on behalf of the aircraft prior to first flight,in theonly development, andorder sale of products home and released anproduction unquantified from oil andlike gastheir transporenergy management tation service PHI. systems (HEMS) and lithium-ion battery cells, which are vital for power storage systems. Combining Panasonic’s expertise in battery andSales battery Increase storage with our US Automakers In advanced Chinainverter For technology should prove to be an unbeatable combination.”


Energy storage systems have been garnering a lot of attention lately The Newstoreports, “The disputeinbetween Japan and China for Detroit their ability reduce investment equipment through power over islandand territory continued last month benefit US automakers. leveling the reduction of peak power to consumption in large scale Ford Motor energy Co. sales jumpedas 48 percent October, and General renewable systems well as for in their use as backup power Motors Co. sales increased 14 percent in China, the automakers saidIt supplies in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies. Monday.” China and Japan “are jostling over islands in the East China is estimated that the size of the global market for energy storage Sea, whichwill Japan nationalized in September but alsoinare claimed by systems exceed $11 billion by 2020, mainly Europe, North China. The hostility has where broughtrenewable on calls toenergy boycotttechnology Japanese goods America, and Japan, is now including automobiles in China.” being adopted.

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Now ISO9001:2008 Certified Through Consultant BMSC Parker Fasteners is a new company. Not even a year old yet.Yet, what they have accomplished to date is nothing short of amazing. First, they grew their customer base from 5 during their first month of operation to more than 50 today. Their early customers and equipment came from an acquisition of Fastech Ltd, which Robert Parker purchased last year. He renamed the company Parker Fasteners and moved it to Goodyear, Arizona. Today, the company occupies 17,500sq. feet of space. Second, Parker Fasteners immediately developed a marketing and sales strategy. Robert hired Terrance Dillon and Jeff Shriner, both who were colleagues of his from another fastener company in the Valley. They launched a website, developed marketing collateral, and 3.5 months after opening for business, they made their debut at the National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas. Robert says that the show really helped to gain exposure for Parker Fasteners. Third, they successfully certified to the International ISO9001:2008 standard. Four months after opening for business, Robert tasked Terrance with researching ISO certification. Robert says, “I talked with a half dozen consultants, and invited them to our facility to discuss ISO certification. Not one called me back or scheduled time to tour our facility. Then, one day Robert was at a machine shop with an owner he knew well. When the discussion of ISO certification came up, Robert’s friend said that he had recently prepared for certification with BMSC Consultant Bretta Kelly. He highly recommended Bretta.”Terrance continued, “We emailed Bretta, heard back from her immediately, and she was at our facility in days. We hired her immediately.” That was in October, and Parker Fasteners successfully certified in early February of this year. Robert says, “Our experience with Bretta was outstanding. She is so knowledgeable about certification, and she was always available for us. Bretta is incredibly smart and very customer focused.” While Parker Fasteners is a new company, its owner and nearly all employees are journeymen headermen, defined as an operator of a machine for forging metal to manufacture fasteners. At Parker Fasteners that means manufacturing diameters as small as #0 and as large as 5/8” up to 12” in length from just about any metal. Robert is a 2nd generation headerman, learning under the tutelage of his father from the age of 9. Today, Robert has 30 years of experience in the trade. Terrance says that Robert’s reputation in the industry is what has facilitated the rapid expansion and new customers. Jeff says, “Robert works 7 days a week in the shop. He is most comfortable at his passion, working in the shop to insure the highest quality product leaves the facility. He leaves the office/sales/finance and marketing functions to Terrance and a small team. In fact, Robert is currently working on a patent pending project with Fastenal -- he is just that good.” Parker Fasteners has a team that produces all tooling in-house in a temperature-controlled environment. Many of Parker Fasteners joined Robert in his new company, leaving their previous fastener company.Terrance says, “Our team has immense trust and loyalty in Robert.This helped us to ramp up our new company very quickly.” To learn more about ISO Certification from an industry expert, contact Bretta Kelly of BMSC at 602.445.9400 or visit For superior fasteners made competitively, here in the United States, contact Parker Fasteners at 623.925.5998 or visit A2Z METALWORKER

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Ford, Daimler, Nissan For m Fuel-Cell Partnership Ford Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co. and Daimler AG announced an agreement develop a common automobile fuel cell system, which is expected to lead the launch of the world’s first mass-market fuel-cell vehicles by 2017.The car makers said “they will collaborate on a global program across three continents in an effort to signal to suppliers, policymakers and the industry the seriousness of developing an emission-free technology.” Bloomberg News reports, “The companies plan over time to build a combined 100,000 vehicles powered by the technology,Thomas Weber, Daimler’s head of research and development, said”. The automakers “will invest equal amounts in the project to create fuel-cell stacks and systems, they said in a joint statement, without giving details.” According to Bloomberg News, “The technology would be a shift from the companies’ battery-powered models already on the market, such as Nissan’s Leaf and versions of Daimler’s two-seat Smart city car.”

California Company Developing Airship That Can Fly Like A Plane, Float Like A Balloon


    

 

 


CNC Supervisor/Foreman  Base Pay: $50,000 - $60,000 /Year  Employee Type: Full-Time  Industry: Manufacturing  Manages Others: Yes  Job Type: Management  Experience: At least 5 years  Location: Tucson, AZ A leading archery manufacturer in Tucson, Arizona is looking to add a seasoned CNC Leader/Foreman to our manufacturing plant. Applicants who have experience improving efficiency, while motivating workers, are highly desirable. Applicants should be solid front line Leader responsible for overseeing all management functions for a 25+ person division. Key skill sets include; assigning work, managing attendance and time off, scheduling production and manpower, employment decisions (hiring, disciplining, firing) and managing the department budgets. Additional key skill sets; experience with horizontal machining centers, safety, vendor management, routine maintenance of equipment, managing a workforce. Archery knowledge is a huge plus.

We Are Also Looking For Experienced CNC Operators

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Discovery News reports, “Montabello, Calif.-based Aeros is working on a rigid airship that can fly like a plane and float like a balloon. If realized, the 500-foot-long Aeroscraft would greatly alter the way cargo is shipped.” The airship “is designed to take off vertically and cruise at up to 130 miles an hour at an altitude of 12,000 feet. It will be able to travel thousands of miles on a single tank of fuel, carrying 66 tons of cargo - that’s three times the capacity of a C-130 and half that of the C-5, the largest military aircraft flown by the” US. “The Aeroscraft could serve both military and humanitarian efforts, delivering extremely heavy loads to areas without transportation infrastructure, such as roads, train tracks or airports.” “The airship has propellers that rotate 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs and landings and onboard computers to control the multiple systems needed to maneuver the craft. The biggest challenge for engineers is making sure the airship will be able to withstand high winds and other types of weather extremes”, aerospace engineer Munir Jojo-Verge said.

Report: Ending Currency Manipulation Could Restore Lost Manufacturing Jobs IndustryWeek reported, “The US could create from 620,000 to 1.3 million manufacturing jobs by eliminating currency manipulation and taking a series of coordinated policy steps, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute.” According to the EPI “report, the US could reduce its trade deficit by $190 billion to $400 billion over three years by ending currency manipulation. This action would reduce the national unemployment rate by between 1.0 and 2.1%.” The “report called currency manipulation ‘one of the most important causes of growing US trade deficits, and of unemployment and slow economic growth in the United States and Europe.’”



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Local Machining Cuts Your Costs Cut your machining and transportation costs by using IPE Aerospace, an Arizona company. IPE Aerospace can machine high-tolerance components and provide limited run production parts. High Tolerance CNC Milling CNC Lathe Work CMM Technology Rapid Turnaround Local Arizona Company One Source Responsibility IPE Aerospace can simplify and shorten production cycles and produce precision machined components for your needs. Contact us today or visit our website.


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DoD to Support Advanced Manufacturing Projects The Pentagon is poised to launch two White House-backed manufacturing initiatives that officials hope will spur advanced capabilities to revolutionize weapon development and also have commercial applications. In the end, DoD wants to “create centers of excellence in manufacturing around the country with loading docks that can provide the products that the military needs to perform future missions,” said Brett Lambert, deputy assistant secretary for manufacturing and industrial base policy.


“We believe this is so important to the department for what we need to do in U.S. manufacturing for our A2Z Metalworker own goods and services that we have committed to do two [new projects] this year,” Lambert said.

1/3 page square - 5 3/8 x 5 3/8"

Here is how it works: DoD plans to stand up two institutes comprising top manufacturing companies and research universities. Using a mix of federal and private funding — at least a dollar-to-dollar match — these consortiums will stand up manufacturing plants that will focus on a certain type of technology. Federal officials are narrowing the areas of focus for each institution. “My criteria in this area is … defense has to be catalyst for a market need,” Lambert said. “Once we are able to form these institutes, then DoD in essence becomes the customer, not the provider of funds.” Possible DoD topic areas involve advanced electro-optics, lightweight composites, bio-manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. In addition to the two DoD institutes, the Energy Department will stand up an institute as well. “The idea is these are things that we need for the department, but also benefit the overall U.S. economy,” Lambert said. “That’s why we’re doing it in this collaborative environment with the rest of the U.S. A2Z METALWORKER

68 • March/Apr 2013

government.” Pentagon officials are reviewing a handful of topics with other government agencies, including NASA and the Energy Department, to make sure there is no duplication of effort. DoD expects to select its two topics within the next 30 days. After that, the Pentagon will solicit bids, with contract awards likely in the fall, Lambert said. “My criteria from DoD is that whatever we invest in has to have a loading dock,” Lambert said. “We’re building factories and we’re building the capability for industry and academia and the government to come together to solve common needs.Then at the end of the day, things come out of the factory that we can use.” To date, one institute has already been funded using manufacturing dollars from different federal departments and agencies. “Our challenge and our task [at DoD] has been to maximize and leverage the funds that are available across the department from different agencies, from different services, and combine those funds so we get much more bang for our buck,” Lambert said. Also, the winning bidders, at minimum, have to match the amount of money the government puts toward the project. DoD plans to use this same practice in funding the two new initiatives. “The goal is for these [institutes] to be self sustaining and allow us to become a customer,” he said. Lambert said industry benefits from the intellectual property and capital that is developed in these institutes. “Everyone has to bring something to the table,” he said. “Things that are developed and designed in these organizations are retained by the institute and licensed to participants of the institute.”

The institutions are also a way to keep the U.S. manufacturing workforce sharp during an era of decline in defense spending, according to Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council at the White House. “They basically make the case that we can do things bigger together when you have several companies working with universities in a capacity where there is greater scale, and you are using a facility as essentially like a teaching hospital,” Sperling said during a Feb. 13 conference call with reporters. “So when there are developments in technology and research, you have a capacity to share them with smaller businesses, smaller manufacturers.” The White House has created a $1 billion legislative proposal for 15 of these institutes. “This sounds like an actual industrial policy, an actual emphasis on using advanced manufacturing and an emphasis on R&D,” said Steven Grundman, a fellow at the Atlantic Council and a former Pentagon industrial policy official. U.S. President Barack Obama announced the new DoD and Energy Department institutes in his State of the Union address, while touting the success of a DoD-backed institute in Youngstown, Ohio, that has made 3-D printing advancements over the past year. “A once-shuttered warehouse is now a state-of-the art lab where new workers are mastering the 3-D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything,” Obama said. “There’s no reason this can’t happen in other towns.”

TCI Machine-Ready Blanks Can Help. Increase throughput by 25% or more with TCI Machine-Ready Blanks. With one P.O., eliminate grinding / squaring operations and outside processing. Use the time you save for more productive use of your CNC equipment – adding to your bottom line. • Ready to load directly into your CNC machining centers • Guaranteed tolerances as close as +/-.0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” flatness, squareness and parallelism – deburred and cleaned • Aluminum, stainless, alloy steels and more • ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered Call today, or visit us on the Web to request a quote.

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3-D printing, the ability to make virtually anything using a special printer, is considered revolutionary for manufacturing. For the military, it could mean a ship at sea not having to carry spare parts. Instead a 3-D printer could make parts needed for onboard repairs. Using $45 million in pooled funds from a number of federal agencies, DoD helped stand up the institute in Ohio last year. “This is something that the Defense Department thinks is critical for them, but it obviously has broader applications for efficient, flexible manufacturing that could really be revolutionary,” Sperling said. The Pentagon received 13 proposals for consortiums looking to get in


ISO 9001 & AS 9100

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on the 3-D printing initiative. Even though one was selected, companies and universities not selected have since joined the effort, Lambert said. In all, more than 80 major companies and universities are participating in the Youngs-town project, Lambert said.“This is the future,” he said. “We’re going to come up with two more of these in other areas that I think also will represent the future, not just for the department, but for U.S. manufacturing overall.” The Obama administration wants to continue expanding the creation of these types of institutes.“One of our hopes is that once more people see these and see them working and their success, that there will be more congressional demand to have more of them in different regions in the country,” Sperling said. A2Z METALWORKER

• 69 • March/Apr 2013

Hydro Beats Nuclear and Coal, Beats Oil and Gas, Review Finds Researchers have reviewed the economic, social and environmental impact of hydro, coal, oil, gas and nuclear power. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but of these conventional electricity generation technologies, hydroelectric power appears to be the most sustainable and acceptable environmentally and economically. Nuclear and coal run a close second place but oil or gas-fired power stations are revealed to be the worst choice when considering the various factors overall. ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards:

ISO 9001 • AS 9100 • ISO 14001 The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems.

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ISM: Manufacturing Grew More Than Forecast In January Bloomberg News reported, “Manufacturing in the US expanded more than forecast in January, reaching a nine-month high and showing the industry is starting to improve. The Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index climbed to 53.1 last month from December’s 50.2, the Tempe, Arizona-based group’s report showed.” The AP reported, “The ISM report showed that 13 of the 18 industries surveyed had an increase in activity last month. They included manufacturers of plastics and rubber, textiles, furniture, printing, and apparel. Four industries reported contraction: minerals, computers and electronics, wood and chemicals. The survey’s new orders index returned to growth, rising to 53.3 in January from 49.7 in December.”

DOE,Treasury Announce Tax Credits For Energy Efficient Manufacturing The Business Journal reports, “Federal agencies are offering $150 million in tax credits for energy efficient manufacturing projects.” The US Treasury and the Department of Energy “have announced $150 million in energy manufacturing tax credits for clean energy and energy efficiency manufacturing projects in the US.” The Business Journal notes, “The Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit was first established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to increase investment in domestic, clean energy and efficient manufacturing facilities.” A2Z METALWORKER

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Giorgio Locatelli of the University of Lincoln and Mauro Mancini of Milan Polytechnic explain that the research literature has offered several studies of the economics of power plants but these are commonly based on cash flow considerations whereas sustainability factors, such as environmental and social considerations have moved higher up the agenda when investment in this area of technology is considered. Writing in the International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, the team explains that as worldwide demand for electricity grows, new power plants must be built. However, the “green” options of solar, wind, tidal and other newer forms of electricity generation simply cannot maintain pace with demand. “Worldwide population growth combined with growing electricity demand requires the construction of more power plants,” the team says. Carbon emissions, environmental pollution, energy security, ever-changing fossil fuel prices and supply, as well as the societal impact of power plant location must now be considered as part of the multitude of considerations in building new infrastructure. Moreover, investors must now consider sustainability. The team has considered various factors: fuel supply security, environmental impact, public acceptance, volatility of fuel price, risk of severe accident and emergency planning zone (EPZ) consideration -- in assessing each classification of power generation. Each factor carries a certain weight in their calculations of which power source is most sustainable overall. These factors are in the broad sense beyond the control of investor or users. Given that many regions do not have the potential to use hydroelectric power generation, nuclear and coal-fired power plants are the next obvious choice, but each has many pros and many cons.The next stage in their research will be to provide a balanced review of each of these with a view to offering a possibly definitive answer on sustainability of power generation.

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Sandvik Coromant Sparks Dialog with New Trend Report Recently, the global tool manufacturing and knowledge sharing company decided to take a closer look at the macro trends influencing the future of the manufacturing industry. Through an extensive study, the company identified four areas of special interest: Rapid urbanization, sustainability, new advanced materials and new technologies. “Traditionally the manufacturing industry has been conservative in exploring new opportunities. Now, the situation is different. Simply put, the world is moving at a much faster pace than before. In order to develop future solutions and meet customer demands, industry leaders have to be perceptive and forward thinking”, says Kevin Lorch, Marketing Manager Innovation at Sandvik Coromant. It was decided early on that the result of the study should be shared with the rest of the industry. The reason for sharing came out of an industry need for a more general discussion relating to the common challenges of the future. “While many companies perform market and trend research for internal use, we decided that the result of the survey could be used to spark a dialog about the future of manufacturing and the attitudes in the industry toward new challenges”, Kevin Lorch explains. “With the release of the trend report, we hope to spread a dialogue about A2Z METALWORKER

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the future across the manufacturing industry. No matter if it relates to products and productivity solutions or competence and labor needs; insights and knowledge about our constantly changing world are important keys to the future success of the manufacturing industry”, Kevin Lorch concludes.

US Army completes installation of 4.465MW solar power system The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has completed installation of a 4.465MW solar power system atWhite Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, US. Developed as part of the energy savings performance contract (ESPC), awarded and managed by Army Engineering and Support Center, the system is designed to provide the army with guaranteed energy savings of 35,358MW annually, as well as lowering its energy consumption by 10%. Huntsville Center Energy Division chief Michael Norton said the new system represented the service’s largest solar project to date. “ESPC projects provide energy efficient equipment resulting in a lower utility consumption. Lower utility consumption reduces the DOD utility bills and assists in meeting federal mandates,” Norton said. Huntsville Center ESPC program manager Will Irby said the ESPC concept was a first for the army and also lowered the project cost by $6.1m. As well as energy savings contractor (ESCO) Siemens, the project was also supported byTexas Solar Power Company, which supported project construction, inverter manufacturer SatConTechnology, and Solaria, the solar modules and tracking systems supplier. The project is owned by Bostonia Group through the ESA agreement, while construction of the $16.5m system began in July 2012 and was completed in December that year.

Pentagon Officials Pledge Better Communication With Industry A silver lining to the coming defense downturn might be improved government-industry communications, said a senior Pentagon official. Communication broke down over the past decade when the defense budget grew by double-digit percentages annually, and there was no real incentive for contractors and Pentagon buyers to talk, said Brett Lambert, deputy assistant secretary of defense for manufacturing and industrial-base policy. While the money was flowing and business was good, the Pentagon dealt with troubled programs by throwing more money at them, he said.

When the spigot went dry, a cash-strapped Defense Department and a cash-dependent defense industrial base found each other speaking different languages. “I came [into office] in 2009 with clear guidance … to figure out why there was this perception that there was a lack of communication with industry,” Lambert said Feb. 20 at a forum on government-industry relations hosted by the Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

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“A study of four previous downturns, most notably those after World War II and the Cold War, showed that the Pentagon missed the mark on every occasion in how it engaged its suppliers in preparation for austerity, Lambert said.


“We got it wrong in every case … for a variety of reasons,” he said. “What ultimately came out of that effort is that we need to engage industry up front. … Ours is the only business in the world where the closer you get to awarding a contract, the less you talk to the person you’re going to award it to. Nobody would build a house like that, but we build defense systems like that.” Lambert, urged on by his boss, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Frank Kendall, has established several new policies to spur dialogue between government and industry. They include education of Pentagon officials on how industry works and communicating the private sector’s concerns and suggestions. Industry input and considerations will also be a top priority when Pentagon officials are making decision regarding programs, he said.

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Lambert has authorized a study of the “breadth and depth of the our industrial base, in some cases down to the tenth tier, to look at key points of vulnerability.” The study is focused on indentifying “niche providers,” or sole-suppliers of critical products and material. “In those cases we will intervene … to stabilize production runs,” Lambert said. There is $30 million available for “very targeted investments to keep those companies alive, to invest in them for next-generation technologies and to hopefully bring down the overall cost of systems.We have to stop solving million-dollar problems with billion-dollar solutions.” Future defense budgets will likely reflect an increased reliance on fasttrack procurement efforts such as the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force and Network Integration Evaluation programs. Similar endeavors, which suspend labyrinthine acquisition regulations to fulfill combat troops’ urgent needs, have resulted in the mine resistant ambush protected vehicle and to some extent unmanned aerial vehicles. “The success of rapid equipping efforts really drives home the need for acquisition reform,” said William Greenwalt, vice president of acquisition policy for the Aerospace Industries Association. He held Lambert’s position from 2006 to 2009. Rapid acquisitions are possible by the “authority Congress has given the [Defense] Department to essentially wave all the rules to do rapid acquisition. We have that authority, we have other transaction authority, which, by the way, brought us UAVs 20 years ago.”

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Solar Airship to Deliver Medical Supplies To Remotest Areas on Earth By Ben Schiller

The Solar Ship is designed to shorten the distance between doctors and patients in the developing world, where poor infrastructure often means that remote sick people don’t stand a chance. Not long ago, the idea of building a solar-powered air-blimp to deliver things to remote places would have seemed a bit nuts. And, probably, it still is a bit nuts. But solar-driven air travel actually has credibility these days. Solar Impulse, a well-funded project based in Switzerland, has already flown a plane day and night using just the sun. It’s scheduled to go West Coast to East Coast this summer, and, eventually, around the world.

What is more, Jay Godsall, the prime-mover behind the Solar Ship--his dream since he was 16 years old--is highly motivated, has lived and worked in Africa, and knows how much remote communities need vital supplies, including vaccines. A lot of places are still beyond the range of helicopters, or bush doctors, or basic infrastructure, he says. And, fuel is often unavailable, expensive, or poor quality--making conventional air travel onerous, dangerous, or both. Godsall’s Toronto-based company has built three prototypes of the Solar Ship so far. Essentially, it is a bulky version of the Impulse: a lightweight fuselage with wheels, attached to a blimp filled with helium, covered with hundreds of solar tiles.The iteration they’re working on now will be 65 by 65 feet, and about 30 feet tall. Godsall says it’ll weigh about 1,200 pounds, and be able to carry about 1,100 pounds.That’s enough for a stretcher with a heavy man on it, or a lot of vaccines. Godsall reckons the Solar Ship could double the number of places where flying doctors can get to. As an example, he mentions communities not far from Hell-Ville, a tourist destination on the tip of Madagascar. Because of poor roads, he says, it can take three days to reach people not more than 20 miles away, leaving communities cut-off and exposed. “I caught four different infectious diseases there myself,” he says. “If you could give communities access to health care, it would make a huge difference to their lives, because a lot of them are reeling. It’s one of the poorest places in the world.” “You could take a helicopter. But the problem is maintenance and repair. During the rainy season, from January to March, the road does not reliably link and you cannot get fuel and parts easily. Even the ships don’t stop because there’s so little buying clout in the area. With a helicopter, you have 14,000 metal parts smashing against each other, and it’s held aloft only by money. Run out of fuel, and you’re stranded.” Solar Ship is currently raising money on Indiegogo (not very successfully, though Godsall says the pitch has led to offline donations).This summer, the plan is to do further testing in remote Northern Canada, delivering


74 • March/Apr 2013

supplies to aboriginal communities.Then, all being well, the Solar Ship will move to Africa in 2014. Godsall says the most likely route will be from Cape Town, in South Africa, to Bujumbura, Burundi, a journey of more than 2,500 miles. That way, the service can take in many underserved places in Zambia, eastern Congo, and Tanzania.

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He promises the eventual aircraft will be robust enough to get home in cloudy, rainy weather, and against strong headwinds. “If Solar Impulse can fly all night, we can go to a few local communities,” he says. “We think this machine is going to be really valuable for lots of people.”


Obama Ready to Propose $1.5 Trillion Plan: McDonough President Barack Obama is ready to work with Republicans to avoid automatic budget cuts that could cripple U.S. defense and programs vital to the middle class,White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said.


The president has a plan to reduce the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and Obama will insist that the changes happen in a “balanced way,” which includes revenue increases, McDonough said on ABC’s “This Week” program, one of three appearances he made on the Sunday morning news shows. “This is not an ideological effort,” McDonough said. “This should not be a social-science experiment. This should be a question where we ask ourselves, ‘What is most important to the economy? What is most important to the middle-class families of this country?’” The U.S. economy stalled during the last three months of 2012, marking the worst quarter since the recession ended three and a half years ago, as defense spending tumbled by the most since 1972. Without action by Congress, the federal government is poised next month to begin the first round of $1 trillion in across-the-board budget cuts set to occur over the next nine years, adding another potential drag to the economy. Republicans stood firm in opposing any plan that relies on revenue to close the budget gaps. With no budget from the Senate and few specific details from the president about spending cuts, it looks like the automatic reductions will take place, Representative Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, said on “This Week.” Tax Loopholes House Republicans oppose raising revenue through closing tax loopholes because that wouldn’t do much to close the deficit, Ryan said. At the same time, it would make comprehensive tax reform, which is essential to improving the economy, much harder to do later, he said. “We want to prevent a debt crisis from hurting those who are the most vulnerable in society, from giving us a European- like economy,” said Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican. “In order to do that, you’ve got to get the debt and deficit under control, and you’ve got to grow the economy.” Senate Democrats have proposed delaying the automatic spending reductions by 10 months, offering an alternative $110 billion plan that would cut defense spending, end direct aid payments to farmers and

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set a minimum income-tax rate on top earners. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the automatic cutbacks could subtract 0.6 percent from the gross domestic product’s growth this year, enough to eliminate 750,000 jobs. Immigration, Hagel On immigration, McDonough defended a draft White House proposal, details of which were published Saturday in USA Today, that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status to stay in the country and eventually become citizens. Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who has been working on a bipartisan immigration plan with seven other senators, told USA Today that the draft was “halfbaked” and “dead on arrival” in Congress. The Obama administration is talking to all the parties involved and is anxious to see a congressional proposal it could work with, McDonough said. On another topic of concern -- the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense -- Senator John McCain, a senior member of the Armed Services Committee who opposes his former Senate colleague’s confirmation to the Pentagon post, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republicans shouldn’t hold up the nomination any longer, even though the Nebraska Republican’s positions are “far to the left” of the mainstream. To contact the reporter on this story: Jeff Plungis in Washington at A2Z METALWORKER

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accepted by regulatory agencies, which utilities can count toward their annual efficiency goals. The Energy Management Platform combines Honeywell’s best-selling Wi-Fi thermostat and Akuacom utility management software with Opower’s interactive, cloud-based application to give homeowners the ability to view and adjust energy use from anywhere via smartphone or the Web.The app offers tips and coaching to help increase efficiency and deliver long-term savings. Honeywell and Opower are currently testing the platform in a trial with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), one of the largest utilities in the U.S., serving customers in northern and central California. As part of the trial, Honeywell and Opower are recruiting participants and installing more than 500 free thermostats to validate energy savings. The goal is to gauge customer acceptance of and experience with the technology. The program is also intended to confirm the savings that are realistic for customers in PG&E’s diverse service area against the hypothesis that the thermostat and app will help save up to 5 percent of whole-house electricity and gas use. So far, customers find the technology accessible and intuitive, and use it to actively manage comfort and consumption.

Raytheon, Chemring Group developing naval capability to defend against surface targets

Honeywell And Opower Technolog ies Link Utilities And Homeowners To Trim Consumption, Stabilize Power Grid Honeywell and Opower introduced new technology that will help utilities attract more homeowners to voluntary programs that curb the demand for electricity, and help create a stable and effective energy grid without new power plants.

The Energy Management Platform drives program participation by giving homeowners the latest tools to easily balance comfort, convenience and cost. It also merges demand response and energyefficiency programs for utilities — traditionally separate activities — to streamline deployment and management, and boost overall results. This is the first technology to provide utilities with both auditable peak and permanent load reduction. According to a 2012 E Source survey of more than half of the demand response programs in the U.S., the average participation rate for residential customers is 13 percent. Honeywell and Opower expect the new platform to drive rates to at least 20 percent, a more than 50 percent increase, due to consumer-friendly features like mobile access to energy information and control. This would provide an additional 220 megawatts of peak shed capacity just to the utilities surveyed, equivalent to the output of more than four gas-fired peaking plants. In addition, the platform uses proven measurement techniques to deliver ongoing, verifiable energy savings every day — savings widely A2Z METALWORKER

76 • March/Apr 2013

Raytheon and Chemring have agreed to develop a naval capability to defend against surface targets, for use on ships ranging in size from small patrol boats to large combatants. “This initiative combines Chemring’s innovative multi-mission launcher, CENTURION®, with a variety of Raytheon’s combat-tested missiles to provide a sea-based, inside-the-horizon defensive system,” said Rick Nelson, vice president of Raytheon Missile Systems’ Naval and Area Mission Defense product line. “Our Raytheon-Chemring team will combine a multifunction decoy and missile launcher with world-class missiles and existing ship systems to provide a new mission capability to meet our customers’ specific self-defense needs.” Currently in the integration engineering phase, live-fire testing of the new mission defense system is scheduled for mid-2013. Testing is expected to include at least two different missiles in order to establish a multi-mission capacity against maneuvering surface threats such as fast inshore attack craft. The solution to counter fast inshore attack craft consists of a variety of Raytheon missiles with ranges matched to the intended target. The missiles will be fired from the Chemring CENTURION launcher, with initial target detection, tracking and identification provided by the ship’s sensors. “Our shared goal is to generate a low-cost, effective and versatile solution to increase naval platform protection,” said Mark Papworth, chief executive of Chemring Group. “Thanks to a layered-defense approach capitalizing on the versatility of the CENTURION launcher and Raytheon’s missiles, users will have a multi-mission capability using a single-launch platform.”






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Boeing Preps Redesign to Get 787 Flying Again

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Boeing Co. is proposing a series of battery design changes that it believes would minimize the risks of fire on its 787 Dreamliners and allow the grounded jets to fly again while it continues searching for a longerterm fix, say government and industry officials briefed on the matter. Simon Constable and Jon Ostrower looks at Boeing’s efforts to get its 787 back in the air, and Sara Murray discuss Sen. John McCain’s awkward in Chuck Hagel’s Defense nomination. Photo: Getty Images. The company is looking at increasing the separation between cells in the lithium-ion batteries to reduce the potential hazards from heat or fire spreading within the batteries and adding enhanced heat-sensors, these officials said. Boeing also is considering ways to keep cells more rigid, preventing them from shifting under certain conditions and interfering with electronics. The goal would be a new, safer battery that Boeing could propose for the 50 Dreamliners currently grounded around the world, and on future deliveries, the people said. Any changes would require approval from U.S. and Japanese regulators now investigating two incidents last month in which the batteries burned on 787s owned by Japanese airlines. It is not yet clear whether officials would accept a long-term fix that doesn’t address the root cause of those incidents. In their discussions with Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration officials have stressed that interim fixes must improve warning time when batteries malfunction and more-effectively mitigate the dangers of any part of the system going haywire, according to people familiar with the discussions. The FAA didn’t have any immediate comment. The FAA also is considering a request from Boeing to allow it to conduct test flights using its own Dreamliners and last month approved a single shuttle flight from Texas to Washington state for one plane. The agency is expected to approve the series of test flights shortly, according to people familiar with the issue. Boeing and GS Yuasa Corp., the Japanese company that makes the batteries, declined to comment on possible design changes. A Boeing spokesman said it has “hundreds of engineering and technical experts who are working around the clock with the sole focus of resolving the issue and returning the 787 fleet to flight status. Everyone is working to get to the answer as quickly as possible and good progress is being made.” If Boeing were able to get approval for interim solutions, it would alleviate some of the uncertainty hanging over its flagship product. Boeing has staked much of its financial future on the Dreamliner,

which it first delivered in late 2011 after 3½ years of costly delays and complications. The company has continued manufacturing the planes since the FAA’s grounding order on Jan. 16, but it has been unable to deliver them to customers, who generally pay most of the airplane’s price—which lists around $200 million—on delivery. Boeing could also owe existing and future operators penalties as long as the planes are grounded. Technical details of potential changes to the two lithium-ion batteries on each 787 haven’t yet been finished or approved by regulators, and they still need to be verified by laboratory and flight tests, officials briefed on the matter said. One person familiar with the deliberations said “discussions remain fluid” and proposed designs keep shifting. Eight carriers around the globe with grounded 787s are receiving regular briefings from Boeing, but airline and industry officials describe varying timelines and somewhat different versions of potential design changes. According to some officials familiar with the discussions, Boeing has said it hopes to have new batteries ready to ship to airlines as early as the end of the month. Under a bestcase scenario, according to one airline official, that could mean resumption of passenger flights in March.


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The proposed changes would retain Boeing and GSYuasa’s underlying lithium-ion battery technology, say several industry officials. Possible changes include an enhanced covering—dubbed by some as “a containment box”—with the goal of keeping flames or chemicals inside the battery in case of overheating or other problems. In addition, Boeing has told some airline officials it is looking at ways to better protect the power packs from moisture, according to industry officials. The Dreamliner is the first passenger jet to make such extensive use of lithium-ion batteries, which have long been known to be potentially volatile in some circumstances. Previous Boeing jets used nickel-cadmium batteries, which are comparatively bigger and heavier. Echoing the company’s public statements, officials familiar with the briefings to Boeing customers say the company remains committed to using lithium-ion batteries.

GD to provide MUOS upgrade for US Army AN/ PRC-155 radios General Dynamics C4 Systems has received a contract from the US Army to upgrade the fielded AN/PRC-155 two-channel Manpack radios, to enable communications with the military’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite comms network. Under the $5m contract, around 100 existing PRC-155 radios will have upgrades such as a field-replaceable power amplifier and supporting software. General Dynamics C4 Systems president Chris Marzilli said: “By upgrading fielded PRC-155 radios, the army will greatly enhance soldier effectiveness by providing a tenfold increase in SATCOM capacity for secure, over-the-horizon military communications.




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“MUOS access on the two-channel PRC-155 will also allow current army networks to be bridged and extended far beyond their current reach.” “By upgrading fielded PRC-155 radios, the army will greatly enhance soldier effectiveness by providing a tenfold increase in SATCOM capacity for secure, over-the-horizon military communications.” The upgrades will allow secure voice and data communication with the MUOS system for on-orbit testing. In addition, the two-channel PRC-155 Manpack radio runs the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) and Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW), as well as the legacy SINCGARS waveform to allow soldiers to remain interconnected on the battlefield. The SRW connects dismounted soldiers to the network, while the WNW transports huge amounts of data for communication and SINCGARS enables connectivity with existing radios. On integration of the MUOS capability in the PRC-155, a network of soldiers can be interconnected with others wherever they are deployed, on foot or from land vehicles, ships, submarines and aircraft. Capable of providing ten times greater capacity than the military’s current Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) satellite communications system, the MUOS waveform has been designed based on the commercial cellular network communications interface to deliver high-speed voice and data communications. Deliveries under the contract will be carried out towards the end of 2013. A2Z METALWORKER

• 79 • March/Apr 2013

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2012 Best Year Ever for Haas Automation Haas Automation, Inc., of Oxnard, California, reports that 2012 was the best year in the company’s 30-year history, with revenues exceeding $967 million – an increase of 11.5 percent over 2011 – and CNC machine tool production exceeding 13,300 units, an increase of 5 percent. The 2012 numbers reinforce Haas Automation’s position as the world’s leading CNC machine tool builder. Sales of Haas CNC machine tools remained strong throughout 2012, with December yielding a near-record 1512 units sold. Total sales for the year exceeded 13,000 machines – an increase of 6 percent over 2011 – and the company shipped a total of 13,324 units worldwide, with more than half going to international markets. “It was an incredible year,” stated Haas General Manager Bob Murray, “Our best year ever. And we owe a lot to our international customers.We will continue A2Z METALWORKER

80 • Mar/Apr 2013


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investing in our growing international markets to ensure that all Haas customers receive the high-quality products and world-class service they deserve.” All Haas products are built in the company’s 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Southern California.They are distributed worldwide through a global network of Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) that provide the industry’s best sales, service and support. Currently, there are more than 170 HFOs in more than 50 countries worldwide, with more planned for the future. “Our growing HFO network allows us to provide Haas customers around the world with local access to Haas products, sales assistance, replacement parts, and factorytrained service personnel,” continued Mr. Murray. “This commitment to serving our customers is one of the driving forces behind Haas Automation’s global success.” For more information about Haas Automation and Haas products, call 800-331-6746, or visit

Lockheed Mar tin joins Sier ra Nevada’s Dream Chaser team Lockheed Martin has joined Sierra Nevada Corp.’s Dream Chaser team, officials announced last month. The aerospace giant has two contracts with Sierra Nevada for safety certification and construction work, according to Mark Sirangelo, Sierra Nevada’s executive vice president and chairman of its space systems division. The companies did not disclose the value of the contracts. Sirangelo called the contracts the “beginning of a very exciting and a very expansive relationship where Lockheed Martin has joined our Dream Chaser team as an exclusive partner to help in the certification, which is how do we get this vehicle really fit to fly safely?” Jim Crocker, vice president and general



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manager for civil space at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., said the Sierra Nevada partnership will leverage Lockheed Martin’s expertise in human spaceflight and composite aerospace structures.

crew program, vying to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA is turning to the private sector for human transportation to low Earth orbit after the retirement of the space shuttle.

Lockheed Mar tin will assemble the composite structure for the first spacebound Dream Chaser vehicle at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The company will use composites developed for the F-22 and F-35 fighter planes, Crocker said.

The Dream Chaser would launch atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, carry up to seven astronauts to the space station, and return to Earth to a landing on Kennedy Space Center’s shuttle runway.

Lockheed Martin built space shuttle external tanks at the Michoud plant, and now the company uses the facility to manufacture pressure vessels for NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which the space agency is developing for exploration of deep space. “We believe this is the beginning of a tremendous relationship that will benefit both companies in a significant way,” Sirangelo said. Sierra Nevada is developing the Dream Chaser spacecraft under NASA’s commercial

NASA and Sierra Nevada have a $212.5 million agreement - running through May 2014 - for the company’s Louisville, Colo., space systems division to continue developing and testing the Dream Chaser. Two previous agreements provided $125 million in federal funding to go toward the Dream Chaser program. The space agency also has a $10 million contract with Sierra Nevada to begin the process of ensuring the Dream Chaser meets stringent safety requirements for astronauts. Sierra Nevada’s chief competitors in the

commercial crew business - Boeing Co. and SpaceX - each received agreements from NASA in August twice as valuable as Sierra Nevada’s award. Boeing, SpaceX and Sierra Nevada are working on their own crewed spacecraft under a NASA-administered competition. The space agency will ultimately select at least one of the companies for final demonstrations and operational astronaut missions. Boeing and SpaceX’s spacecraft are capsule designs, while Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser resembles a mini-space shuttle. NASA expects at least one of the commercial crew partners will provide operational crew transport services by 2017. First Solar will construct the Macho Springs facility using its advanced thin-film PV modules. First Solar PV systems have the smallest carbon footprint and shortest energy payback time of any PV technology on the market today. A2Z METALWORKER

• 81 • Mar/Apr 2013

A Model For CompetingWith Talent - Arizona’s Precision Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program (AzPMAP) Few would argue with the notation that companies, regions, and even countries should compete on their ability to innovate and create new products and services that meet the needs the customers effectively and efficiently. To have to compete for the intellectual talent as a primary determinant of success or failure is a lose lose situation for everyone. Recognizing the critical importance of ensuring a more sustainable and predictable supply of skilled and competent employees, the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association (ATMA) has partnered with the Arizona Commerce Authority, the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County,The Maricopa Community Colleges, and the National Tooling and Machining Association in the development of Arizona Precision Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program (AzPMAP). AzPMAP is a comprehensive workforce development support program, designed and implemented to fill and retain the metalworking and manufacturing skilled workforce pipeline, by upgrading and standardizing regional training sites into world class centers of excellence. The Apprenticeship Program’s goal is to ensure a continual additional supply of very qualified Certified Machinists and CNC Programmer and Setup Milling and Turning workers. Although the program requires significant commitment on the part of both the apprentice and the sponsoring employers, the benefits derived are well documented.There are 20 apprentices in the program working in companies throughout the Greater Phoenix area and attending classes that will lead to certification. The program continues to accept applications from job seekers interested in the aerospace manufacturing industry. For more information, contact: Maxine Jones, AzPMAP Project Coordinator Employer Engagement,, 602-723-8191; www. (you can submit applications through the website)

Hear From A New AzPMAP Apprentice As a middle-aged man making a career change, I’m not the typical apprentice in AZPMAP. However, that also gives me a little bit of perspective that younger participants may not have yet, and it gives me broader reasons to appreciate the benefits of apprenticeship. Working in IT in the 1990s, I had a front-row seat to the dot-com bubble. Living in Phoenix in the 2000s, I got to see one of the largest housing bubble markets up close and personal. So when I began to read news articles about the rising costs of a college degree, and students taking on tens of thousands of dollars in loans, and still not being able to find jobs upon graduation, it seemed familiar. At the same time, manufacturers lament a lack of skilled labor. Enticed by easy student loans -- or at A2Z METALWORKER

82 • Mar/Apr 2013

least, loans that seem easy until it’s time to pay them off -- students are not necessarily going into the fields where they are most needed. This leaves an essential segment of the American economy starved for talent. I believe that apprenticeship offers a much-needed alternative to the traditional degree programs that are currently failing to match many students with jobs -- and many jobs with workers. AZPMAP is leading the way in reviving this time-tested career path. Besides the obvious cost benefits of combining work and education, a hands-on program naturally appeals to individuals who have an urge to create and contribute. Most of us have had the experience of sitting in a classroom, wondering, “Will I ever use this?” In an apprenticeship program, that question never goes unanswered for long! Hardly a day goes by when I don’t find myself thinking, “Only a few months ago, I didn’t know how to do this.” There’s no shortage of opportunities to apply new information. It works the other way too. No matter how good the teacher, no one individual knows everything. On the job, I encounter many ‘teachers’ with a variety of specialties and a wealth of experience. I’m happy to say, most of them are very willing to share that knowledge. The handy tips and tricks I learn are not just useful in and of themselves, they provide a context that makes classroom material easier to absorb. New information usually relates to something I’ve already seen or heard at work. The close ties between work and classroom give companies an opportunity to create the kind of workers they need the most. The AZPMAP program requires a certain number of hours in many different areas of machining, designed to create well-rounded journeymen. It also gives everyone a chance to find the best fit for an apprentice’s talents, and to teach and learn standard procedures that would not be part of a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Since the program is only beginning, I can’t say I’ve found my best fit yet. I still have a lot left to learn, and a lot of experience to gather. No matter what niche I eventually find, I don’t expect that process to end. Apprenticeship teaches education as a continuous habit rather than as a means to an end. I suspect that students who come to a manufacturing career through apprenticeship will become particularly valuable employees for that reason: Every day is another chance to learn something new, and to apply the skills learned the day before. Constant improvement in skills, and long-term investment by manufacturing firms is the opposite of the get-rich-quick thinking that drives bubbles. Personally, I’m finding it an engaging and economical way to learn a new trade. As an Arizonan, I’m also proud that my state and its industries are supporting a form of education that promotes steady growth in skills and productivity, exactly where it is needed.

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984.


MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 3614 E. Southern Avenue #1

Albuquerque, N.M. 87113

El Paso, TX. 79936

Phoenix, AZ. 85040

Tel: (505) 345-8389 Email:

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TVT DIE CASTING Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. Quality, Reliability and Service

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly. ITAR Registered

800 280 2278

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Feel like a fish out of water? We can help. Service matters! IT Support Hardware Sales Web Design and Hosting Custom Software Development

www gartmantechnical com 602 788 8121 | sales@gartmantechnical com A2Z METALWORKER

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From factory floor, Obama sells plan to boost American manufacturing President Obama recently called on Congress to help create “global centers” of high-tech jobs across the nation as part of a larger economic plan he says will spur American manufacturing and expand the middle class. After touring the Linamar auto parts factory here, Obama told a crowd of workers and customers that the Canadian company’s decision to open the facility is part of a migration of jobs to the U.S. that the federal government should try to support. “Ford is bringing jobs back from Mexico. Intel is opening its most advanced plant here in the United States,” Obama said in a speech on the factory floor. “So we’re seeing this trend of what we call insourcing.” The president’s trip to North Carolina was the first stop of a three-day tour to sell some of the proposals outlined in his State of the Union speech. The address touched on a broad range of subjects, including climate change, Medicare reform and gun control. But his post-speech tour was aimed at promoting his newly repackaged economic plan, which Obama said was the core of his effort to revitalize the middle class after years of falling wages and a rising cost of living. Obama’s proposals were a familiar mix of tax reforms, credits and grants aimed at luring companies to the U.S., investing in technology and training, and supporting communities facing the loss of a major employer. The president said the Linamar plant, which makes large parts ‘all for trucks equipment, a good story to tell.” GE in’and onconstruction aviation deal “had with China The company relocated to the Asheville site after a Volvo plant closed in 2010, laying off more 200 workers. At a General Electric flightthan simulator here, theLinamar visibilityhashassince beenhired set 160 people and has plans to expand, Obama said. at near zero to mimic thick rain and clouds. But a video console near the pilot shows a vivid picture of nearby mountains precise enough to The more foreign companies would do the allowpresident a plane tosuggested take off orthat land despite the conditions. same if Congress acted on his plans to support a “renaissance” in American manufacturing. The government shouldnext-generation help by investing The system is one of several highly valuable in manufacturing institutes that foster innovation help local technologies that GE has developed — and that the and company has passed along to Chinasuch as part of a jointheventure communities attract businesses, said. with the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Obama is asking Congress to approve $1 billion to create 15 such Access thewill world’s second-largest is critical nearly centers,toand use existing money toeconomy forge ahead on threeforinstitutes any global company.approval, Yet this often comes at alast cost: the transfer of the without Congress’ he announced month. very technologies that leading business officials — including GE chief executive Jeffrey headswould an Obama panelby An overhaul of theImmelt, federalwho tax code also administration help, Obama said, on U.S. jobs and competitiveness — cite as essential to the United lowering the overall tax rate for corporations and offering incentives States’ economic future. Theto“synthetic vision” system,wants for example, for those who bring plants the U.S. The president to lower could be worth millions of dollars to airlines, which could significantly the corporate tax rate for manufacturers to 25%, and expand and make reduce coststax from weather-related permanent credits for researchdelays. and development. GE, like other companies, must weigh which technologies should be Obama pitched many of the ideas last year, as he geared up for his brought to joint ventures with China and how to protect them from reelection campaign, but they quickly stalled in the divided Congress. being stolen or misused. These decisions face virtually any executive House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) shot down the idea of raising trying to develop a presence in the country — from the most the minimum wage, one of the central tenets of the president’s plan sophisticated technology firms, which worry about software piracy, to to help and expand the middle class. old-line industrial equipment makers, which have seen knockoffs of their products pop up soon after making deals with Chinese partners. Boehner argued that raising employers’ costs won’t cause them to hire Under the agreement with AVIC, GE avionics will be on board a new more people, but would instead to do the opposite. Chinese commercial airliner that is likely to become a rival to aircraft produced by U.S.-based Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. The potential competition with Boeing, coming at a time when the United States

The Robar™ Companies 21438 N. 7th Ave, Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 581-2648 Fax (623) 582-0059 Like us on Facebook:

THE ULTIMATE GUN FINISH For all your custom firearm requirements Cessna jet will have sturdier battery than Boeing While Boeing and federal safety regulators ponder why flames and hot electrolytes shot out of lithium ion batteries on the company’s flagship 787, prompting a grounding order that’s now in its third week, business jet-maker Cessna is testing a new design for such batteries -- one that can contain a worst-case explosion within an armored box. The new battery for Cessna’s Citation jets is scheduled to fly within months and to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration this year. A video shows what happened when engineers disabled all the battery’s protective systems, overcharged it and then deliberately ignited the hot chemicals: Nothing more than a few wisps of smoke puffed out of the battery box. “You are basically intentionally creating a fire that will simulate a thermal event within an individual cell, then you have to contain that within the battery enclosure,” said Ron Nowlin, vice president of aerospace systems at EaglePicher Technologies of Joplin, Mo., which designed and built the battery. Cessna, based in Wichita, Kan., declined to confirm information from

industry sources that it will use the EaglePicher battery, saying only that “any future lithium ion battery usage” will be vetted by a thorough FAA certification process. Cessna adopted the beefed-up battery design after being burned once before by the lithium ion technology. Nowlin said the battery-certification process with the FAA, starting from scratch, typically takes 18 months. How Boeing and Cessna took different paths to testing and certification is partly a matter of timing. The FAA has mandated that any aircraft using high-capacity lithium ion main batteries -- whether built by Boeing, Cessna, or any other manufacturer -- must satisfy certain “special conditions.” To do so, the manufacturers and the FAA agree in advance exactly what tests will satisfy them that all possible dangers from overheating are prevented. EaglePicher’s key test -- proving that a battery explosion is contained within the box -- is one such certification test pre-agreed as satisfying the FAA’s conditions. A2Z METALWORKER

• 85 • Mar/Apr 2013

Honeywell Introduces New Vehicle Mount Computer for ImprovedWorkplace Productivity

ISO Management

Made Simple

i :VIS

New clients include:

PRO Precision

Get started today at

Honeywell introduces the Thor VM2, its tenth generation vehiclemount computer (VMC) that provides the mobile workforce with unprecedented flexibility and productivity. Featuring a larger 9.7 inch XGA display screen, the Thor VM2 builds off the successful Thor VM1, utilizing breakthrough mobile technology to create immediate time savings and protection against unplanned disruptions in the supply chain. Equipped with a field-replaceable front panel, the Thor VM2 integrates the two most damage-prone device components, the keyboard and touchscreen, into a user-replaceable part. As a result, users can repair the most common forms of vehicle-mount computer malfunctions on the go, reducing maintenance cost and spare parts capital cost. The Quick Mount Smart Dock maximizes user efficiency by allowing users to swap out the VM2 in less than 10 seconds to accommodate vehicle failures without dropping an active work session or to reallocate computers as work load shifts. For example, supply chain workers can undock the VM2 from one forklift and dock it on a second vehicle without missing a single transaction

Half of small businesses never update their online search, directory listings

TOP QUALITY CUSTOMER REVIEWS FOR OVER 3,500 BAND SAWS is all about great reviews that are 100% customer-generated. This way, you always know what bandsaw is right for you and your business!

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In a poll of more than 350 small businesses, ConstantContact’s SinglePlatform division found that nearly half have never updated their online listings, making it hard for customers to find them and providing inaccurate information. Most small businesses (85%) know the importance of being found on major search engines, apps and directory sites. Over three-quarters (78%) believe it is through these channels that they gain new customers However, despite knowing the importance of providing consumers with their business information, SinglePlatform’s poll also reveals that 49% have never updated their online or mobile listings. Just as worrying is that half of businesses have seen business listings that are inaccurate. So why aren’t businesses keeping their online information up to date? For 70% it’s a case of not having the time to manage and maintain their listings. “We know that small businesses are both time- and resource-starved, limiting their ability to update listings on every major site and app,” said Cerilli. That’s where services such as SinglePlatform and UBL come in. They enable businesses to update listings from one place, ensuring that the information consumers discover online, and via mobile, is the most up to date.

New Levels in the Extended Manufacturing Enterprise. AeroDef Manufacturing 2013. The challenges facing Aerospace and Defense manufacturers have never been greater. What’s needed is a new way of thinking and greater collaboration to find integrated solutions that can increase producibility and affordability. AeroDef Manufacturing is the one event that’s truly representative of the whole scope of the extended manufacturing enterprise – the one event that positions you for the future. Aim higher in 2013. Visit or call 800.733.4763. CONFERENCE AND EXPOSITION | MARCH 19-21, 2013 | LONG BEACH (CA) CONVENTION CENTER AERODEFEVENT.COM | SME.ORG PRODUCED BY





Oshkosh introduces L-ATV utility variant for JLTV program


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Go Ahead - Like Us Online! Vol. 1, No. 4 Aug/Sept 2011

Oshkosh Defense has introduced its light combat tactical all-terrain vehicle (L-ATV) utility variant for the US Army and Marine Corps multi-billion dollar Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. The newly introduced L-ATV utility ver sion addresses the JLTV requirement for a two-seat cargo vehicle, while the L-ATV base variant fulfils the four-seat multi-purpose vehicle needs.

Vol. 4, No. 4 July/Aug 2011

Northern California, Oregon and Washington Edition

Colorado, Utah and Idaho Edition

CM Manufacturing, a Montana-based Job Shop, Expands Its Capabilities

Both versions feature common crew protection and advanced automotive systems, as well as the patented Oshkosh TAK-4i intelligent independent suspension system to offer enhanced levels of protection and off-road performance in a light vehicle.

with The Mazak Integrex®

Oshkosh Defense Joint and Marine Corps Programs vice president and general manager John Bryant said the advanced equipment was necessary to safeguard lives of soldiers and completing missions keeping in view the landscapes and threats of future battlefields.

Heating up World Class Manufacturing with Perfect Parts!

  TheThere licensed technologies offer novel approachesfor for you readingtothe Are So Many Reasons sequence of bases, or letters, in a single DNA molecule as it is Contact us for passed through a nanopore. The team has demonstrated proofof-concept, and is in the midst of making a third generation reader molecule that provides better discrimination between the DNA bases. The licensing agreement with Roche will help translate these discoveries into a commercial instrument.

Laser Calibration and Ball Bar Service

The DNA Transistor technology, developed by IBM Research, slows and controls the movement of the DNA molecule as it threads through a microscopic nanopore in a silicon chip, while Courier Graphics the newly licensed DNA reading technology can decode the Ad bases of the DNA molecule as it passes through. Both technologies are Machine centered on semiconductor-based ° Verify Accuracy nanopores, whic h have advantages over protein-based ° Comply with ISO Standards nanopores in terms of control, robustness, scalability, and ° Restore Machine Accuracy manufacturability.

° Predict Machine Maintenance Improve Part Quality and Reduce Enterprises Scrap The °deal was brokered by Arizona Technology

(AzTE), the exclusive intellectual property management and technology transfer organization of Arizona State University, and includes sponsored research funding that will help Lindsay’s For All Brands of CNC Machines team move the technology towards commercialization.

And It All Means $ Savings! Call Jeff at 480-615-6353

ASU was the only university to receive more than one award. A2Z METALWORKER


73 2011 73 •• Sept/Oct Nov/Dec 2011

“The Oshkosh L-ATV utility variant is the most technologically advanced, most mature JLTV solution for warfighters to complete transport missions on those battlefields,” Bryant said. With more than 5,100lb payload capacity, the vehicle has been designed to offer mobility for containers, pallets and break bulk cargo in a broad spectrum of operating environments and threat levels. “The Oshkosh L-ATV utility variant is the most technologically advanced, most mature JLTV solution for warfighters to complete transport missions on those battlefields.” The vehicle can also be outfitted as a carrier to transport standard shelters for communications systems, onboard electronics and other functions. Oshkosh has successfully accomplished its JLTV design understanding review with the government and is scheduled to hand over 22 vehicle prototypes this summer as part of the $56.4m engineering, manufacturing and development (EMD) contract received in August 2012. A rigorous quality-assurance system, called LEAN processes, is used by the company together with an efficient supply chain to deliver economical L-ATVs that address or exceed JLTV requirements. The JLTV program is aimed at replacing the current fleet of ageing and outdated high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV) of the US Army and Marine Corps, which have served in combat for more than 25 years.


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Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Equipment and Services


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Patrick Ellison President

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Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Ellis Ganesh Machinery______888-542-6374 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach _ 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Savage Machine Tools __ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery ___ 602-470-0334 TSM Machinery ______ 602-233-3757 CNC Drill/ Tapping Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet_____480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Savage Machine Tools __ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery ___ 602-470-0334 CNC Punching Centers Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach _ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales _____ 480-545-0275 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 North-South Machinery __602-391-4696 Tornos USA ________951-695-0342 Tornquist Machinery ___ 602-470-0334 EDM EDM Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Patrick Ellison President

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Patrick Ellison President

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M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Patrick Ellison President

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D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 Global EDM Supply___ 480-836-8330 Makino __________602-228-0347 Methods West ______ 602-437-2220 North-South Machinery __602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 TSM Machinery ______602-233-3757 EDM Filtration Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 Ebbco Inc _________800-809-3901 EDM: Dielectric Systems/ Filtration Ebbco Inc_________800-809-3901 Extractors Crozier Machine Tool __ 310-329-3187 Gauging Equipment Osborn Products_____ 623-587-0335 Gear Machinery CNC Machinery Sales ___602-244-1507 ELECTRICAL Equip Hookup & Disconnect Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Lighting Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Relocation: Electrical Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Service Upgrades Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 ENGRAVING MACHINES Innovative Cutting Systems__480-557-7999 GRINDING Grinding Filtration Ebbco Inc _________800-809-3901

Grinding Machines ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ___ 480-615-6353 DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery __ 602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Grinding Machines, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Grinding Machines, Rotary Aircraft Brake DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Grinding Machines, Tool Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462



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Tornquist Machinery __ 602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, Tool Punch & Die DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Honing Machines Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Magnetic Drills/Cutters ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Manual Lathes & Mills ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 CNC Machinery Sales __ 602-244-1507 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Haas Factory Outlet __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S. L. Fusco, Inc. _____ 480-753-5000 TSM Machinery _____ 602-233-3757 Sawing Machines ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711

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CNC Punching Centers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Gantry Systems, CNC ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Iron Workers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutting/Proc. Center ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Laser Marking Machines Innovative Cutting Systems _480-557-7999 Kwik Mark Inc ________ 815-363-8268 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275

Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Pipe & Tube Benders/ Notchers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Plate Roll Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 Press Brakes ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Punch Presses Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Shearing Machines ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales ___ 602-368-8542

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JEFF TRIMBLE SALES ENGINEER BUSINESS: 602-431-8300 3614 E. SOUTHERN AVE. #1 FAX: 602-431-8301 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 CELL: 602-399-0346


526 E Juanita Ave Suite 8 Mesa, AZ 85204


BUSINESS: 602-431-8300 3614 E. SOUTHERN AVE. #1 FAX: 602-431-8301 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 CELL: 602-350-6738

D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Metrology Instruments Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Optical Comparators Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 INSPECTION EQUIP Coordinate Measuring Mach. Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177

Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Turret Press Murata _________ 704-972-4469 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems Flow International ____ 800-446-3569 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Flow Waterjet _______ 714-393-3783 Flow Waterjet _______ 415-828-3569 Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 Omax Corp. ________ 800-838-0343 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Waterjet Accessories Barton International __ 800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow_________480-507-8074 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860

Tollfree: 866-319-3719 Office:480-214-3719 Fax: 480-214-3954


Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 SPC Data Acquis.Equip. D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Repair & Certification Washington Calibration__ 480-820-0506 Video Measuring systems Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Integrated Systems Inc __ 928-649-9600 USED MACHINERY ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 EDM Network _______ 480-836-1782 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Innovative Cutting Systems _480-557-7999 K D Capital ________ 480-922-1674

Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Moore Tool & Equipment _602-455-8904 R. Jorgenson Company __ 800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales ___602-368-8542 Savage Machine Tools __480-275-8630 TSM Machinery ______ 602-233-3757 ACCESSORIES Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Abrasives Barton International __ 800-741-7756 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Aqueous Degreasers Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Abrasive Systems KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Adhesives S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Air Blast Cabinets, Blast Rooms Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Air Compressors Airtek ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Drying Systems Airtek ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Filtration Equipment Innovative Cutting Systems _480-557-7999 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Ellison Machinery Company

PATRICK ELLISON President 1610 S. Priest Dr., Suite 101 Tempe, Arizona 85281 Telephone: Cell: Fax: Email:


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480-968-5877 480-298-9782 480-968-0522

BRALCO METALS 929 E. Jackson Street Phoenix. Arizona 85034 (602) 252-1918 (800) 544-8052 Fax: (602) 252-7813 Cell: (602) 722-3324



CERTIFIED BY DNV 1509001:2008_



Kevin Randall

Outside Sales Representative

AS9120:2002 -

Innovative Tool Sales Manufacturers Representatives

Rick Berry President

755 East Debra Lane Anaheim, CA 92805

Office: (714) 780-0730 Fax: (714) 780-0735 Cell: (714) 580-7795

Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Ball Screws Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Band Saw/ Blades ___ 800-240-2932 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 Roentgen USA ______ 847-787-0135 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 _______ 877-501-7297 Wayco Sales Inc _____ 562-927-3469 Bar Feeders Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Edge Technologies ____ 562-597-7824 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Bar Feeder Accessories Edge Technologies ____ 562-597-7824 Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 Blast Abrasives Barton International __ 800-741-7756 Cabinets, Custom Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Chemicals: Ultrasonic Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899

Chip p Management Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ___ 480-968-5335 Chip Removal Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ___ 480-968-5335 Chuck Jaws Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Chucks Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Industrial Workholding _ 714--935-9686 InnovativeTool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960 CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 Cleaners: Ultrasonic Larry Arroues & Assoc __602-938-0603 Pro- Ultrasonics ______602-938-0603 CompressedAir Piping Systems Airtek ___________ 480-966-5267 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Coolant Systems Blaser______________801-722-4095 DCM Tech _________800-533-5339 Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Star Metal Fluids _____ 800-367-9966

Cutting Fluids & Oils (Coolants) Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____800-894-7773 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Houghton _________602-625-1407 Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Maxum Petroleum ____602-278-8877 Pioneer Distributing Co. _602-278-2693 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966 Cutting Tools Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Micro 100 _________480-495-1454 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Sandvik Coromant ____480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant ____602-628-4242 Seco Tools Inc _______248-528-5960 Cutoff Tools Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Deburring Equipment S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Digital Readout Units Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery _____480-775-6462 Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Magnum Precision Mach _602-431-8300 Door Opening Systems: Automatic Midaco Corporation ____ 847-593-8420

Larry Arroues and Associates, L.L.C. 6714 West Utopia Road • Glendale, AZ 85308 Office: 602-938-0603 • Cell: 623-444-0430

Distributor of Pro Ultrasonics High performance ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Dust Collectors Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Factory Automation and Logistics Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Fasteners Parker Fasteners _____ 623-925-598 Filtration Equip. Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____800-894-7773 Ebbco Inc _________800-809-3901 Maxum Petroleum ____602-278-8877 Qualichem, Inc. ______480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 EDM Materials & Supplies Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____800-894-7773 D & R Machinery _____480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 EDM Performance acc's __800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply ____480-836-8330 Qualichem Inc _______480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966

Automatic Barfeeds Of All Types A2Z METALWORKER

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An ISO 9001 Company

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  

EDM Fluids Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Pioneer Distributing Co. _ 602-278-2693 EDM Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network _______ 480-836-1782 EDM Performance ____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Filtration -Grind Wheels & Belts S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders Midaco Corporation ____ 847-593-8420

Mobile: 480‐320‐0308 

Industrial Automation IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446 Industrial Controls IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446 Industrial Electronics IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446 Lubricants / Systems Canyon State Oil _____ 800-894-7773 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Houghton _________ 602-625-1407 Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 Pioneer Distributing Co. _ 602-278-2693 Star Metal Fluids _____ 800-367-9966 Machine Tool Accessories Industrial Workholding __714--935-9686 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil ________800-894-7773 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Houghton _________ 602-625-1407 5thAXIS FIXTURES

Innovative solutions for all 3, 4, and 5 axis machines.

Mathew Evans Director of Sales and Marketing

7140 Engineer Rd. San Diego, CA 92111


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Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 M Production Tool Co _______ 800-266-3253 Qualichem, Inc _________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids ________ 800-367-9966 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Magnetic Particle Ins Equip. DCM Tech ___________ 800-533-5339 Micro Blasters: Comco Larry Arroues & Assoc __ 602-938-0603 Mist Collectors Production Tool Co _______ 800-266-3253 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Motors Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Pallet Systems Adams Machinery _______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery________ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery _______ 480-968-5335 Parts Washing Equipment Blaser______________801-722-4095 Production Tool Co _______ 800-266-3253 Qualichem, Inc _________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids ________ 800-367-9966 Resolvers Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Sensors ________480-455-1446 IEC Supply LLC LLC________

Solvents & Degreasing Agents Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil ________ 800-894-7773 Houghton __________602-625-1407 Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 Petroferm Inc. ________317-371-8899 Pioneer Distributing Co. _ 602-278-2693 Qualichem, Inc _________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids ________ 800-367-9966 Solvents: Vapor degreasing Petroferm Inc. ________317-371-8899 Solvents:Hand Wipe Petroferm Inc. ________317-371-8899

Bar / Plate 24 Hour Delivery

Delivering Alloy Solutions to the World.

Contact Us for Your Local Representative

Nickel Cobalt. Titanium. Stainless.


Patricia Negoro 800.337.3766 x 148 Santa Fe Springs, CA

Solvents: Mil PRF 680 Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Spindles Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 Setco Spindles & Slides_____ 866-362-0699 Stainless Weld Discoloration Removal Larry Arroues & Assoc __ 602-938-0603 Steel Service Center Ryerson ____________ 602-455-3374 Vacuum Pumps &Workholding Airtek _____________ 480-966-5267 Industrial Workholding ____714--935-9686 Vibratory Equipment Adams Machinery _______ 480-968-3711 Production Tool Co _______ 800-266-3253 Vises and Vise Jaws 5th Axis Fixtures _____ 858-505-0432 Arizona CNC Equip _______ 480-615-6353 Desert EDM Sales _______ 480-816-6300 Industrial Workholding ____714--935-9686 Waterjet Abrasives Barton International ___800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Waterjet Replacement Parts Barton International ___800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Work Holding 5th Axis Fixtures _____ 858-505-0432 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Industrial Workholding __714--935-9686 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730

Serving Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

(800) 543-1566 FAX (513) 242-8988

FIXTURING 5th Axis Fixtures _____858-505-0432 Industrial Workholding _ 714--935-9686 Fixturing Designs 5th Axis Fixtures _____858-505-0432 HARDWARE MATERIAL Alloys: High Temperature Aerodyne Alloys_____ 860-289-3820 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Alloys: Specialty Aerodyne Alloys_____ 860-289-3820 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Aluminum AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply ____ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum ____ 877-977-6061 Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Fry Steel Company ___ 800-423-6651 MarZee Inc. _______ 602-269-5801 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Tolleson Steel ______ 623-936-3325 Tube Service Company _ 602-267-9865 Aluminum Extrusions Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum ____ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Armor:Commercial Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883

Armor:Military Grade Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Bar: Large Diameter Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Brass AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel Company ____ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 State Industrial Prod ___ 602-275-0990 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Bronze AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 State Industrial Prod ___ 602-275-0990 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Carbon AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Fry Steel Company ____ 800-423-6651 Cast Iron Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Castings Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Ceramics MarZee Inc. ________ 602-269-5801 Chrome Rod Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562

Cobalt United Performance Metals 888-282-3292 Copper Apache Steel Company __602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply _____602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 CPM Powder Metal Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Drill Rod Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Extrusions TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Lead Ind. Metal Supply _____602-454-1500 Material Sales Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 Metals Advanced Metal Sales___623-434-8343 Apache Steel Company __602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel ______480-784-1600 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Ind. Metal Supply _____602-454-1500 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990


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TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Tolleson Steel _______623-936-3325 Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Tube Service Company __602-267-9865 TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Metals-Bar & Plate Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys _ 800-337-3766 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Tolleson Steel _______623-936-3325 TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 Metals-Strip, Wire & Bar TW Metals _________800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 Mold Steel Apache Steel Company __602-323-2200 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600


Nickel Alloys Apache Steel Company __602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Fry Steel Company ____ 800-423-6651 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 MarZee Inc. ________ 602-269-5801 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Ulbrich of California ___800-237-2888 United Performance Metals 888-282-3292 Plate: Wear and Structural Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Pre-Honed Tube Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Precision Ground Flat Stock Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Recyclable Metals Barry Metals________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc. 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC __________ 623-937-0385 SA Recycling ________ 602-463-8791 Recycling: Carbide Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 Rubber MarZee Inc. _______ 602-269-5801 Scrap Metal Recycling Barry Metals________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc. 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC __________ 623-937-0385 SA Recycling ________ 602-463-8791 Stainless Steel Apache Steel Company _ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum ____ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Fry Steel Company ___ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply ____ 602-454-1500

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MarZee Inc. _______ 602-269-5801 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals 888-282-3292 Steel Advanced Metal Sales___623-434-8343 Apache Steel Company _ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel Company ___ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply ____ 602-454-1500 MarZee Inc. _______ 602-269-5801 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Temtco Steel ________ 480-389-2883 Tolleson Steel ______ 623-936-3325 Tube Service Company _ 602-267-9865 United Performance Metals 888-282-3292 Steel Coil-sheet Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals 888-282-3292 Steel Service Centers Advanced Metal Sales___623-434-8343 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Structurals Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Titanium Aerodyne Alloys ______ 800-237-2888

AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Haynes Intl _______ 619-449-1584 MarZee Inc. ________602-269-5801 Supra Alloys, Inc _____805-388-2138 Ulbrich of California ___800-237-2888 Titanium:Rod, Bar & Wire Supra Alloys, Inc _____805-388-2138 Titanium:Sheet & Plate Supra Alloys, Inc _____805-388-2138 Tool Steel Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Tubing & Pipe AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Haynes Intl _______ 619-449-1584 Ind. Metal Supply _____602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Supra Alloys, Inc _____805-388-2138 Tube Service Company __602-267-9865 Tubing: Titanium & Hastelloy Haynes Intl _______ 619-449-1584 Supra Alloys, Inc _____805-388-2138 GASES Cylinder Storage/Microbulk Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151


Inserts, Indexable Horizon Carbide _____ 480-968-0957 Marshall Tool & Supply _ 602-269-6295 30 Years Experience Sandvik Coromant ___ 480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant ___ 602-628-4242 MIKE SMITH 602-397-4008 Inserts, PCD/CBN Horizon Carbide _____ 480-968-0957 Purification Units Cutting tting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Marshall Tool & Supply _ 602-269-6295 (CO2 and Hydrogen) Arizona Machine Tool Service, Loose Abrasive Grains Eclipse CarbideAMTS _______ 480-214-3719 Opening a new chapter in my life, after 30 years, 22 in Arizona as Machinery Sales Inc. ______480-753-5000 S. L. Fusco, Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151 Helical Solutions Co. Senior Service Engineer, servicing_____866-543-5422 Bridgeport, Cincinnati, Hardinge, Okamoto, Reamers & Drills, PCD and many others, CNC andCarbide Manual ______480-968-0957 Machine Tools, I will continue to provide service Welding and Cutting Horizon and repair to Arizona, Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151 Thank you Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Thread Mills TOOLING Mike Smith Sandvik Coromant ____480-233-0997 Almar Tools, Inc. _____ 503-255-2763 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Boring Bars Cutting Tools: Custom Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Almar Tools, Inc. _____503-255-2763 Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Tooling Columns Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Seco Tools Inc. _______ 248-528-5960 Horizon Carbide ______480-968-0957 Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Tooling: Cutting Tools CusDrills Carbide tom Almar Tools, Inc. _____503-255-2763 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 B & T Tool & Engineering ___ 602-267-1481 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Tooling Systems Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Moore Tool & Equipment _602-455-8904 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Sandvik Coromant ____480-233-0997 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Helical Solutions _____ 866-543-5422 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 End Mills Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 METAL DISTRIBUTORS Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Helical Solutions _____866-543-5422 Western States Metals __ 801-978-0562 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 PALLET SYSTEMS Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Cutting Tools Manual & Automatic Pallet Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Almar Tools, Inc. _____503-255-2763 Systems S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Midaco Corporation _____ 847-593-8420 Sandvik Coromant ____480-233-0997 Manual Lift Off Pallet Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Systems

Rob Schwister

Relationship Manager 480.905.2407

ROBOTICS Robotic Part Loading Systems Midaco Corporation _____847-593-8420 PROG. SYSTEMS CAD/CAM Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Delcam __________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam _______ 602-502-9654 TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Software, Inv. Control Delcam __________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam _______ 602-502-9654 Software, NC Programming Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Delcam __________ 877 335 2261 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Feature Cam _______ 602-502-9654 TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Software, Servicing Delcam __________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam _______ 602-502-9654 TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Tooling Systems Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330

Form Tools Midaco Corporation _____ 847-593-8420 B & T Tool & Engineering 602-267-1481 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Horizon Carbide ______480-968-0957 Midaco Corporation _____ 847-593-8420


• 97 • Mar/Apr 2013

REPAIR/DESIGN Bar Feeder Repair Edge Technologies ____ 562-597-7824 Machine Tool Design/ Engineering Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Machine Tool Rebuilding API Services ________ 757-223-4157 A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 DM Machine Repair ____ 480-709-1450 EDM Network _______ 480-836-1782 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 Setco-Pope Spindles ____ 866-362-0699 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Machine Retrofitting/CNC Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 Machinery Moving Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Machine Repair Parts/Filters Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Maint/Repair Services A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 DM Machine Repair ____ 480-709-1450 D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 State Industrial Prod ___ 602-275-0990 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Mold Repairs B&B Tool ________ 520-397-0436 Stamping Repairs B&B Tool. ________ 520-397-0436 Prev. Maint Programs A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 DM Machine Repair ____ 480-709-1450 D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 A2Z METALWORKER


The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Repair -Hydraulic A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Repair - Portable A&J Ind Mch. Repair ___ 602-550-1339 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Spindle Rebuilding API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Setco-Pope Spindles ____ 866-362-0699 GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 Tool Repair, Coating, Treatment Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 MACHINERY REPAIR PARTS Belts All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Metric O-Rings All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 SERVICES Banks Alerus Bank & Trust ____ 480-905-2407 Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Business Consulting BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Quick Turn Financial ___ 480-385-1220 Calibration Services Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Calibration: Repair & Certify MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Washington Calibration__480-820-0506 Cash Flow Management Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 CNC Laser Calibration MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 Computer/Web Services Gartman Technical Services _602-788-8121

98 • Mar/Apr 2013

Consulting BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Advanced Custom Screens 800-992-7936 Quality Advisory Services __602-910-1510 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Contract Inspection Advanced Coordinate Tech _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Contract Programming Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 CNC Training Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 Design Services Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech __ 623-780-4137 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 Financial Services Alerus Bank & Trust ____ 480-905-2407 Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Quick Turn Financial ___480-385-1738 SBG Capital _______ 480-897-4988 Heavyhaul IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Insurance Services HUB Intl __________ 602-749-4190 Leavitt Group ______ 602-264-0566 ISO/AS9100 Consulting BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 IT/ Network Support Gartman Technical Services _ 602-788-8121 Leasing and Financing Alerus Bank & Trust ____ 480-905-2407 Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Quick Turn Financial ___ 480-385-1220 Lean Manufacturing BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Sustaining Edge Solutions___888-572-9642 Manufacturers Rep Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Rigging/Machinery Moving IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Recycling Barry Metals________ 602-484-7186

Consolidated Resources Inc. 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC ___________623-937-0385 SA Recycling _________602-463-8791 Reverse Engineering BMSC ____________480-445-9400 Advanced Coordinate Tech __ 623-780-4137 Datum Inspection ____ 602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 Rigging IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Schools, Custom Training AZPMAP __________ 602-723-8191 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 Quality Advisory Services ___602-910-1510 Services: Network Support Shop Floor Automations___ 877-611-5825 Supplier Auditing BMSC ____________480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Systems Integration Ellison Machinery ______ 480-968-5877 Testing, Metallurgical Metals Eng & Testing Lab. __ 602-272-4571 ARTL _____________ 602-374-3770 Trade Show Booth Design Fry Fabricators _______ 602-454-0701 Transportation IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Lynden Intl. ________ 602-252-2911 Transportation:Air/Freight/ Ground IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Lynden Intl. ________ 602-252-2911 Working Capital, Credit Lines Bank of Arizona _______480-642-2876 Quick Turn Financial ____480-385-1220 SBG Capital ________ 480-897-4988 SHOP FLOOR AUTOMATION USB Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Scheduling Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Serial Port Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Software:CNC Networking Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 RS232 Cabling Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Virtual CNC Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

ASSEMBLY CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Lindel Engineering ______520-792-3160 Morsch Machine ________480-961-7673 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 Cable/Harness Assembly Bar-S Machine ______ 928-636-2115 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Clean Room Assembly Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 L&W Fluid ________ 602-323-2560

BENDING Castings: Production Advanced Metal Sales____623-434-8343 AATC_____________602-268-1467 Fry Fabrications ________ 602-454-0701 May Foundry & Machine __801-531-8931 Castings: Repair BRAZING Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 COATING Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Brazing: Vacuum Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 BROACHING Apache Gear, Inc _______ 623-934-7144 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Ayers Gear & Mach ______ 623-934-6913 LA Specialties _________602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 CARBURIZING Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Perma-Finish ________ 602-278-1733 CASTINGS Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 AATC______________602-268-1467 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 May Foundry & Machine __ 801-531-8931 Coating: Black Oxide Castings: Prototype Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 AATC______________602-268-1467 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 May Foundry & Machine __ 801-531-8931 Louie's Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530

Coating: Chem Film AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 Certified Inspection ______ 602-267-0661 Collins Metal Finishing ____ 602-275-3117 Gold Tech Industries _____ _480-968-1930 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 LA Specialties _________ 602-269-7612


• 99 • Mar/Apr 2013

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. DAVID MORENO BUSINESS: 915-856-7900 12025 ROJAS DR. SUITE A FAX: 915-857-4700 EL PASO, TX. 79936 CELL: 915-892-0797


Lynch Brothers Mfg ______602-267-7575 602-267-7575 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting _602-256-0260 Treffers Precision _______602-744-2636 LAI International ______ 602-304-1160 The Metal Man ________800-448-9448 Sav-On Plating_________ 602-252-4311 Coating: Dry Film Lube Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 Jet Products __________623-869-6749 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting _602-256-0260


Coating: Nickel/Teflon Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Coating: NP3 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Louie's Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Powder Coating Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 CUTTING Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 ____800-240-2932 Echols Saw & Supply ____ 602-278-3918 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 LAI International ______ 602-304-1160 The Metal Man _______ 800-448-9448 Bandsaw Cutting ____800-240-2932

100 • Mar/Apr 2013

Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 CNC Router Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Laser APMI____________ 480-668-0024 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707 Fine Line Laser Cutting __ 602-863-3196 Taycar Enterprises ___ 505-265-2121 Tube Laser Cutting Tube Service Company __602-267-9865 DIE CASTING TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278

Die Casting/Aluminum & Zinc TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278 DIES Arizona Wire & Tool ______480-813-1002 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Precision Die & Stamp'g___ 480-967-2038 EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole Arizona Wire Specialists ___ 480-829-6530 Critical Cut ________ 480-785-1316 EDM Tech __________ 602-278-6666 LAI International _____602-304-1160 LAYKE, Inc.__________ 602-272-2654 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Sun Tech __________480-921-1665 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) EDM Tech __________ 602-278-6666 LAI International _____602-304-1160


Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

Your Manufacturing Solutions Partner

Precision CNC Machining

Geno Forman

President Tel: 602.454.7385 Fax: 602.454.7389 Cell: 480.710.8420 Email:

Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly

3342 E. Wier Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85040 NADCAP Approved Facility


3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777





Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777




Micro-Tronics, Inc _______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West ________ 480-966-2300 Quality Mold _________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech _________ 480-921-1665 Tooling Molds West ______ 480-921-9939 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration Ebbco Inc __________ 800-809-3901 EDM: Wire 3D Machine LLC _____ 480-239-8254 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Arizona Wire Specialists ___ 480-829-6530 Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Critical Cut ________ 480-785-1316 EDM Tech ___________ 602-278-6666 LAI International _____ 602-304-1160 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______ 602-437-8995

Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Micr PGI______________505-884-5782 Powill Manufactuing____623-780-4100 Quality Mold_________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech __________480-921-1665 Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Whitley Machine_______ 602-323-5550 Wright Prototype _______541-619-2760 Graphite Services Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 ENGINEERING/ PROGRAMMING Exactitude Precision _____ 602-316-6957 Hexatron Engineering _____801-363-8010 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 ENGINES Sport Plane Hexatron Engineering _____801-363-8010 FABRICATION Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___ 602-243-4329 Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 APMI ______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal ______ 303-427-6419


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777




AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Bell Steel___________ 480-833-5538 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 CAID Industries ________520-294-3126 CAL Precision Inc. _____951-273-9901 CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Continental Machining ___ 800-777-2483 CygnetStamping & Fab ____818-240-7574 Creedbilt Inc __________623-939-8119 Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Group Manufacturing Serv _ 480-966-3952 Howell Precision _______ 623-582-4776 Nelson Engineering ______602-273-7114 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 Phoenix Metalcraft _____ 602-279-4810 Plastic Eng.___________480-491-8100 Precision Casting Repair___ 800-622-2404 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Scriven Precision_______ 480-961-9775 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448

Craig Roth Tolles Steel _______ 623-936-3325 Tolleson President/C.O.O. Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine _______ 602-323-5550 Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc. A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly Wrico _____________ 480-892-7800 3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Fabrication: Certified Mobile Phone: (602)243-4329 (602)370-5777 PVB Fabrications ____ Cell: 520-623-3529






Aluminum (Medium & Large) Craig Roth Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 President/C.O.O. Fabrication: Spring &Custom Manufacturing Co.,Inc. Metal A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly 3325 East Wier Avenue Arrow Sheet Metal _______303-427-6419 Phoenix, Arizona 85040 CygnetStamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Phone: (602)243-4329 (602)370-5777 Fine Line Fabricating ____Cell:602-863-3506 Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Fabrication: Medium & Large APMI______________480-668-0024




• 101 • Mar/Apr 2013




Precision Die Cutting

Arrow Sheet Metal ______ 303-427-6419 Bell Steel___________ 480-833-5538 CAL Precision Inc. ____ 951-273-9901 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Howell Precision _______ 623-582-4776 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 Fabrication: Mining PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Fabrication: Rebuild/ Large Bell Steel___________ 480-833-5538 Empire Precision Mach. __ 480-633-4580 Fabrication: Sheet Metal ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171


APM APMI______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal ______ 303-427-6419 Bell Steel___________ 480-833-5538 Capital Stainless ____ 480-967-0016 CygnetStamping & Fab ___ 818-240-7574 Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Howell Precision _______ 623-582-4776 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 Phoenix Metalcraft ___ 602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 FASTENERS 6 LOBE Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 Sockets Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 Tamper Resistant Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 FINISHING AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947

102 • Mar/Apr 2013

Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Perma-Finish ________ 602-278-1733 Phoenix Heat Treating____ 602-258-7751 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278 Finishing: One Stop Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 FINISH OPS-CLEANING Cleaning: AF 5333 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray Aerospace Testing _ 623-842-3030 Dry Film Lubrication Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Electro-Polishing Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 Glass Bead Clean Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671

Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 Gun Drilling ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 Gun Finishing Louie’s Gun Finishing ____ 602-257-0530 Passivation Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 Coating Technologies ___ _623-581-2648

Shawn Carlin

FORGINGS R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 Forgings: Titanium R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 FOUNDRY AATC _____________ 602-268-1467 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749 x117 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 L A Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 Semiray ____________ 602-275-1917 Polishing Arizona Hard Chrome _____ 602-278-8671 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 Powder Coating AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 Faist Greentek LLC_______ 602-633-0707 Sand Blasting A2Z Sandblasting _______ 602-716-5566 Byington Steel Treating ____ 408-727-6630 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 Southwest Powder Coating __ 602-272-0878 STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Stripping Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 Semiray ____________ 602-275-1917 Southwest Powder Coating __ 602-272-0878 FIXTURES Exactitude Precision ______ 602-316-6957 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467

May Foundry & Machine _ 801-531-8931 GEAR CUTTING Apache Gear, Inc ______ 623-934-7144 Ayers Gear & Machine ___ 623-934-6913 GLASS BEAD A2Z Sandblasting ______ 602-716-5566 Lone Arrow _________ 480-507-8074 GRINDING Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Lindel Engineering _____ 520-792-3160 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing ____ 623-780-4100 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding ___ 800-662-0126 Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613

Grinding, Blanchard Steel Services Grinding ____800-662-0126 Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding _______888-487-9701 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Grinding, CNC/Contour Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Superior Grinding _______888-487-9701 Grinding: Centerless Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks __________623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 Shaw Precision _______ 480-785-4925 Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding _______888-487-9701 Grinding… Cylindrical Grindworks __________623-582-5767 Grinding… Double Disc Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Grinding: ID/OD Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks __________623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320

Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 Grinding:Mattison Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Grinding: OD Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 Grinding: Precision Tool US Carbide Tool LLC _____ 480-755-3812 Grinding: Surface Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 Quality Mold_________ 480-892-5480

11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029


• 103 • Mar/Apr 2013

Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Grinding: Tool & Cutter B & T Tool & Engineering ___ 602-267-1481 CTE ____________ 800-783-2400 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 GUNDRILLING Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 HEAT TREATING Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Controlled Thermal Tech'y__ 602-272-3714 L A Specialties _________602-269-7612 Phoenix Heat Treating____ 602-258-7751 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Heat Treating/ Aerospace Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630


HeatTreating/ISO9001/AS9100 INDUSTRIAL SEALINGS Gaskets:Manufacturing Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Cupps Ind Supply _____ 602-269-2301 Industrial Sealings Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/ Cupps Ind Supply _____ 602-269-2301 Aluminum HeatTreating Packing Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Cupps Ind Supply _____ 602-269-2301 HONING/LAPPING INSPECTION Grindworks __________623-582-5767 Calibration LAYKE, Inc.__________ 602-272-2654 Advanced Coordinate Tech __623-780-4137 Road Machinery ________520-623-8681 Washington Calibration __ 480-820-0506 Inspection, First Article National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Advanced Coordinate Tech __623-780-4137 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Datum Inspection _______602-997-1340 Phoenix Grinding _______602-437-8401 Klontech Measure Sol ____480-626-8131 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 Total Quality Systems ____ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services IDENTIFICATION Advanced Coordinate Tech __623-780-4137 Labels & Bar Code Arizona Wire & Tool _____480-813-1002 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Challenger Aerospace____ 480-894-0802 Tool / PartMarking (Laser) Datum Inspection _______602-997-1340 Ace Laser____________ 480-924-3232 Klontech Measure Sol_____480-626-8131 B & T Tool & Engineering ___ 602-267-1481 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 Sustaining Edge Solutions _ 888-572-9642 Silk Screen Total Quality Systems ____ 480-377-6422 Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Inspection Services (NDT) Faist Greentek LLC_______602-633-0707 Jet Processing ______623-869-6749 x117 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749

104 • Mar/Apr 2013

Semiray Aero. Testing _____ 602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Inspection Services, Welding Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 ISO Consultant BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc _________623-939-4412 Quality Advisory Services __ 602-910-1510 Quality Training Consultants__ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. ABS Quality Evaluations __ 281-673-2843 American Global Standards _ 617-838-4648 BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc _________623-939-4412 Orion Registrar ________303-645-4017 Great Western Registrar ____623-580-1881 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Quality Training Consultants__ 928-284-0856


104 Sept/Oct


Cassavant Machining __602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace _____ 480-894-0802 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 L&W Machine Co _____602-323-2560 Micropulse West ________480-966-2300 Pro Precision _________602-353-0022 Tooling Molds West ______480-921-9939 Machining: 5 Axis 5th Axis Fixtures _____ 858-505-0432 Cassavant Machining __602-437-4005 Clings Mfg ________ 480-968-1778 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng ___520-889-8325 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Industrial Tool Die & Eng 520-745-8771 Lindel Engineering ______520-792-3160 Metalcraft Inc._________480-967-4889 Morsch Machine________ 480-961-7673 St. Vrain Manufacturing____303-702-1529 Uni-Tek ____________602-272-2601 Machining: Aerospace AATC_____________602-268-1467 IRON STITCHING Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 MACHINING Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Machining: 3D 3D Machine LLC ____ 480-239-8254 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969

ISO Registrar ABS Quality Evaluations __ 281-673-2843 American Global Standards 617-838-4648 Great Western Registrar __ 623-580-1881 Orion Registrar _______ 303-645-4017 Liquid Penetrant Certified Inspection Service _602-267-0661 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray ____________602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 MAG Particle Certified Inspection Service __ 602-267-066 Jet Products____ _____623-869-6749 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Process Improvement/ Audit BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Quality Training Consultants _ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions _ 888-572-9642 X-Ray Certified Inspection Service _ 602-267-066 Semiray ___________602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868

BBackerworks Mfg _____ 505-342-2943 CAL Precision Inc. _____ 951-273-9901 Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace _____480-894-0802 Cling’s Manufacturing _____480-968-1778 Continental Machining __ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Machining __623-581-6200 Excaliber ____________623-878-6800 Foresight Technologies ____480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine ___480-892-4730 Hexatron Engineering _____ 801-363-8010 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng ___520-889-8325 HK Machining ________602-278-6704 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 JB's Precision _________623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 KLK Ind. ____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co _____ 602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc.___________602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering ______ 520-792-3160 Matrix Machine ________480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc. _________480-967-4889 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995 Morsch Machine ________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering ______ 602-273-7114 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products ________623-587-0335 PGI ____________ 505-884-5782 Powill Manufacturing ___ 623-780-4100 Pro Precision__________602-353-0022

Pure-Logic Industries _____480-892-9395 R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 Service & Sales _______ 480-968-9084 Satowfi ____________480-374-5706 Southwest Swiss Precision __602-438-4670 St. Vrain Manufacturing____303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 Trepanning Specialties ___ 562-633-8110 Uni-Tek ____________602-272-2601

Machining: Contract Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Aero Design & Mfg ______602-437-8080 AERO Spring & Mfg Co ____602-243-4329 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool______ 480-813-1002 Banner Machine, Inc _____ 602-437-4984 CAL Precision Inc. ____ 951-273-9901 Evans Precision Machining __623-581-6200 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Gilbert Precision Machine ___480-892-4730 Group Mfg Serv.________480-966-3952 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Hexatron Engineering_____ 801-363-8010 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 A Z METALWORKER • 105 • Mar/Apr 2013 2

Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc. __________ 480-833-7305 KLK Ind. ___________ 602-267-1331 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Stellar Machining & Fab 480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing ___ 623-582-2261 TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278 Machining: CNC 3D Machine LLC ____ 480-239-8254 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Arcas Machine Inc ____480-632-9414 Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool______480-813-1002 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 CAL Precision Inc. ____951-273-9901 Challenger Aerospace___ _ 480-894-0802 Cling’s Manufacturing______480-968-1778 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Machining __ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Howard PMP _______801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc. __________ 480-833-7305 JB's Precision ________ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc. _________ 602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering _____ 520-792-3160 Metalcraft Inc.________ 480-967-4889 Matrix Machine _______ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West ______ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Morsch Machine _______480-961-7673 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 A2Z METALWORKER

Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products_______ 623-587-0335 PGI______________505-884-5782 PMBC ____________602-431-8131 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Pro Precision ________ 602-353-0022 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 Quality Mold _______480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Satowfi ____________480-374-5706 Siro Machining ________480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ___303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab_ 480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing____623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Toolcraft of Phoenix ___623-435-5405 Uni-Tek ____________602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg _________480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool ______480-507-4620 Wire-Tech___________480-966-1591 X5 Manufacturing____ ___602-454-7385 Machining Composites Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Machining: Large Backerworks Mfg ____505-342-2943 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach. __480-633-4580 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 KLK Ind.____________ 602-267-1331 Mach: CNC Turning 3D Machine LLC_______480-239-8254 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 AzMark ____________480-926-8969 Bar-S Machine ______ 928-636-2115 Cassavant Machining __ 602-437-4005 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Exactitude Precision _____ 602-316-6957 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __520-889-8325

106 • Mar/Apr 2013

JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Morsch Machine_______ 480-961-7673 New Hope Machine ______520-825-7830 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products ______ 623-587-0335 PGI _____________505-884-5782 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 RPM Industries ________623-780-4993 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ___ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab_ 480-961-3075 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Uni-Tek ____________602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg ________ 480-966-7376 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 Machining Plastic Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Machining Precision 3D Machine LLC _____ 480-239-8254 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 AATC_____________602-268-1467 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 AzMark __________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc _______ 480-892-7304 CAL Precision Inc. ____ 951-273-9901 Cassavant Machining __ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace ____ 480-894-0802 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Mach’g _ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies ____ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision , Inc. ____ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 JB’s Precision ______ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______623-587--0253 Jemelco, Inc.________480-804-9541

Jet Products _______ 623-869-6749 JWB Manufacturing______ 480-967-4600 LAYKE, Inc. ________ 602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering ______ 520-792-3160 Lynch Brothers Mfg ______ 602-267-7575 Matrix Machine ______ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West ________ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc _____ 602-437-8995 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering ___ 602-273-7114 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 PGI ______________505-884-5782 Powill Mfg ___________ 623-780-4100 Pro Precision _________ 602-353-0022 Quality Mold _______ 480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco _____ 602-278-7700 RMSS______________623-780-5904 RPM Industries ________ 623-780-4993 Satowfi ____________ 480-374-5706 Service & Sales ______ 480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 St. Vrain Manufacturing____ 303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing ____ 623-582-2261 Sun Tech _________ 480-921-1665 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg.__ _480-998-2005 Tolleson Steel _______ 623-936-3325 Toolcraft of Phoenix ___ 623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West ______ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix ________ 480-844-0165 Uni-Tek ____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg __________ 480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool ______ 480-507-4620 Weiser/Mile High Precision __ 303-280-2778 Wire-Tech _________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Prototype A A T C _____________602-268-1467 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 AMT-America _________602-443-1403 Anewco ____________520-751-1222 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Backerworks Mfg _____ 505-342-2943 Bar-S Machine ______ 928-636-2115 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 CAL Precision Inc. ____ 951-273-9901

Continental Machining __800-777-2483 800-777-2483 Evans Precision ______623-581-6200 Exactitude Precision ______602-316-6957 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ____480-464-0150 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co _____602-323-2560 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Nichols Precision _____480-804-0593 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 PGI_______________505-884-5782 Pro Precision_________602-353-00220 R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 RMSS ___________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Siro Machining ________480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg __________480-966-7376 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Quick Turn HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 Machining: Milling 3D Machine LLC ______480-239-8254 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222

Bar Machine ______928-636-2115 928-636-2115 Bar-S Challenger Aerospace _____480-894-0802 Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-1778 Exactitude Precision _____ 602-316-6957 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Morsch Machine _______ 480-961-7673 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Wright Prototype _______541-619-2760 Machining: Semiconductor Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 KLK Ind. ___________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 Satowfi____________ 480-374-5706 Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 Machining: Swiss Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Bar-S Machine ______928-636-2115 Cassavant Machining __ 602-437-4005 Howard PMP _______801-808-4106 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 Southwest Swiss Precision _ 602-438-4670 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg.____480-998-2005 Machining: Ultra-Precision Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 Southwest Swiss Precision _ 602-438-4670 Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Machining: Turning: Automatic Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 American Prec.Mach __ 602-269-6298 Ayers Gear & Mach ____ 623-934-6913 AzMark __________ 480-926-8969 Challenger Aerospace___ 480-894-0802 Evans Precision Mach’g __ 623-581-6200 JB’s Precision Ind _____ 623-581-9088 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 LAYKE, Inc. ________ 602-272-2654 Matrix Machine ______ 480-966-4451 Micro-Tronics, Inc _____ 602-437-8995

RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 R PGI_______________505-884-5782 MACHINING: LASER Laser Cutting Ace Laser____________ 480-924-3232 Faist Greentek LLC_______602-633-0707 Fine Line Laser Cutting__ 602-863-3196 Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 LAI International ______ 602-304-1160 Precision Metal Products _408-699-5037 Taycar Enterprises ____ 505-265-2121 The Metal Man _______ 800-448-9448 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448 Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting:Rotary Axis K-zell Metals, Inc. ____602-232-5882 Laser Engraving & Etching Ace Laser____________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 Laser Marking Ace Laser____________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 Faist Greentek LLC_______602-633-0707 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 MANUFACTURING Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 APMI __ ___________480-668-0024 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Exactitude Precision ______602-316-6957 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 Glover Precision, Inc. ____480-464-0150 Group Manufacturing Serv _ 480-966-3952 KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 PMBC ____________602-431-8131 PVB Fabrications _____520-623-3529 Precision Metal Products _408-699-5037 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 Scriven Precision ______ 480-961-9775 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Mfg: PhotoChemical Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 Etching Fabrication Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493

METAL FORMING Creedbilt Inc _______623-939-8119 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448 Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 METAL STAMPING High Production Precision Stamping Precision Die & Stamping __ 480-967-2038 METALIZING Accuwright Industries ____480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 MOLDING: RUBBER Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 MOLDS PMBC ___________ 602-431-8131 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Quality Mold ________480-892-5480 Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Molds: Construction JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Molds: Plastic Injection Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Molds: Rubber Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 Molds: Steel Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 PAINTING AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231 Abrasive Blasting AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231 Painting& Blast Booths AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947


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Mike Gudin President Office: 480.306.7748 Cell: 480-383-9288 Fax: 480.306.7769

451 E. Juanita Ave. Suite #14 Mesa, AZ 85204

Dennis Reynolds

PH 602-863-3196 17464 N. 25th Ave. Ste B1 Phoenix, AZ 85023

Faist Greentek LLC______ 602-633-0707 STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231 Phosphate Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Powder Coating AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 East Valley Powdercoat ___ 480-215-2461 LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Perma-Finish ________ 602-278-1733 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 Wet Paint/CARC AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Sandblast/Automated STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231 Screenprinting & Pad Printing AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231

Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 Sav-On Plating________ 602-252-4311 Anodizing ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Brass Plating Sav-On Plating________ 602-252-4311 Bronze Plating Sav-On Plating________ 602-252-4311 Copper Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Electroless Nickel Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Embrittlement Relief EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Plating EPSI______________714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing _____ 480-921-0000 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Hard Chrome Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 Nickel/ Chrome/Palladium Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Sav-On Plating________ 602-252-4311 Silver Plating EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Tin: Matte Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Tin / Zinc Plate Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 POLISHING Gold Tech Industries_____480-968-1930

PLATING Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Precious Metal Plating____ 800-481-6271 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 A Z METALWORKER • 108 • Mar/Apr 2013 2

L A Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 PRODUCT DESIGN Design and Modeling Bar-S Machine _____ 928-636-2115 PRECISION FLAT STOCK Tri-Matrix __________480-844-0165 PROCESSING: CHEMICAL LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 PRODUCTION Challenger Aerospace ____ 480-894-0802 Louie's Black Oxide _____602-257-0530 Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 PUNCHING Group Manufacturing Serv _480-966-3952 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Phoenix Metalcraft ___ 602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Stellar Machining & Fab 480-961-3075 WC Machine & Tool_ ____ 480-507-4620 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 SPINNING: Metal Metal Spinning Solutions __480-899-0939 SPLINES Apache Gear, Inc ______623-934-7144 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Empire Precision Mach. __ 480-633-4580

Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___480-503-1283 Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Precision Die & Stamping __480-967-2038 Scriven Precision ______480-961-9775 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine ______602-323-5550 Wrico ____________480-892-7800 Precision Metal Forming SPRINGWORKS Utah ____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Aerospace Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Bending Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Stamping Design Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ___ 801-298-0113 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Stamping Flat Forming Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ___ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light SPRINGS Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Flat and Wire Springs Stamping: Precision AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 SPRINGWORKS Utah ____ 801-298-0113 Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Tri-Matrix __________480-844-0165 Pacific Metal Stampings___ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ___ 801-298-0113 STAMPING TAPPING AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___480-503-1283 CygnetStamping & Fab ___ 818-240-7574 Harschco LLC _______602-617-7514

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E.D.M. Specialists Precision Machining

Matthew Carlson Sales Manager

SUN TECH Since 1980

(602) 455-9575. Fax (602) 455-0166. Cell (623) 203-9619 1700 N. 22nd Ave .• Phoenix, AZ. 85009

1930 E. 3rd St., #13 Tempe, AZ 85281

THERMAL SPRAY Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Controlled Thermal Tech'y___602-272-3714 Empire Precision Mach. __ 480-633-4580 THREADING Thread Grinding Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Shaw Precision _______ 480-785-4925 Thread Rolling Ron Grob Co. ________ 970-667-5320 Shaw Precision _______ 480-785-4925 TOOL & DIE 3D Machine LLC _____ 480-239-8254 Arizona Wire & Tool ______480-813-1002 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Whitley Machine ______ 602-323-5550 Wrico ____________ 480-892-7800 TOOLING Frontier Metal Stamping ___303-458-5129 Siro Machining ________480-512-1467 US Carbide Tool LLC ______480-755-3812 Tooling: Jig & Fixture Building New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830

(480) 921-1665 Cell: (480) 215-7144

6532 W Flint St. Ste. 1 Chandler, AZ 85226

TREPANNING Trepanning Specialties ___562-633-8110 562-633-8110

TESTING Testing: Flow / Target Semiray Aero. Testing ____ 623-842-3030 Testing: Non-Dest/ Pressure Jet Products __________623-869-6749 Semiray Aero. Testing ____ 623-842-3030

& ENG.

Waterjet, High Press. Cutting TUBING Harschco LLC ________602-617-7514 Assembly Formed Tubing Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Service & Sales _______ 480-968-9084 LAI International _____ 602-304-1160 Formed Tubing WASHERS AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___ 602-243-4329 AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 WIRE FORMS Cling’s Manufacturing____480-968-1778 Large Diam. Pipe & Tubing AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 Trepanning Specialties ___562-633-8110 Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 SPRINGWORKS Utah _____ 801-298-0113 Tube Bending /Fabrication Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-1778 WELDING Howell Precision ________623-582-4776 ACME Metal Works ______ 480-926-4171 K-zell Metals, Inc. ___ 602-232-5882 APMI ____________ 480-668-0024 Service & Sales _____ 480-968-9084 Arrow Sheet Metal _______ 303-427-6419 WATER PURIF/ RECYC. AzMark ___________480-926-8969 USFilter _________ 760-525-9930 Bell Steel____________ 480-833-5538 WATERJET CUTTING BID Machine, Inc ______480-892-7304 Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys 800-237-2888 CAL Precision Inc. _____ 951-273-9901 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Continental Machining __ 800-777-2483 Flow International ____ 800-446-3569 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Empire Precision Mach. ___ 480-633-4580 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Faist Greentek LLC_______ 602-633-0707 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Group Mfg. Serv ______480-966-3952 LAI International ______ 602-304-1160 Howell Precision ________ 623-582-4776 MarZee Inc. ________602-269-5801 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 K-zell Metals, Inc. ____ 602-232-5882 Southwest Waterjet ____480-306-7748 Lynch Brothers Mfg ______ 602-267-7575 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Precision Casting Repair ___800-622-2404 Taycar Enterprises ____505-265-2121 Precision Metalworks ___ 602-455-9575 Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 Precision Metal Products _ 408-699-5037 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Pure-Logic Industries _____ 480-892-9395 Whitley Machine ____ 602-323-5550 PVB Fabrications _____ 520-623-3529 Quality Mold _________480-892-5480 Waterjet,3D 3 - 5 AXIS Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Scriven Precision ______ 480-961-9775 LAI International _____ 602-304-1160 State Industrial Prod ____602-275-0990 Stellar Machining & Fab _ 480-961-3075 Waterjet, Multi head LAI International _____ 602-304-1160 Taycar Enterprises ____ 505-265-2121 Whitley Machine ____ 602-323-5550 Val-Tech Mfg __________ 480-966-7376

Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Welding: Aerospace Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arrow Sheet Metal _______303-427-6419 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 CAL Precision Inc. _____951-273-9901 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Welding: Alum. Med & Lg Arrow Sheet Metal _______303-427-6419 CAL Precision Inc. _____951-273-9901 Continental Machining __800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach. __ 480-633-4580 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Welding: Enclosures Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Welding: Design CAL Precision Inc. _____951-273-9901 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Welding: Inspection SVC Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Welding: Orbital L&W Fluid ________ 602-323-2560 Welding: Spot Nelson Engineering _____ 602-273-7114 Welding: Tig Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining __800-777-2483 Cutting Edge Mfg ______ 480-609-7233 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075


• 109 • Mar/Apr 2013

3D Machine .............................99 5th Axis Fixtures.........................50,94 A&J Indus. Mch Repair...............46,97 AATC....................................................100 ABS Quality Evaluations...............70,102 Absolute Machining & Turning.......106 ACC Machinery............................7,43,90 Accuwright..........................................102 Ace Laser.............................................100 ACME Metal Works..........................108 Adams Mach.....................15,57,90,112 Advanced Coord Tech.......................91 Advanced Metal Sales........................96 Advanced Precision............................97 AeroDef................................................87 Aero Spring & Mfg ...........................101 Aero Tech ..........................................106 Aerodyne Alloys..................................95 AgieCharmilles....................................19 Airtek....................................................94 AIT....................................................29,91 Alerus Bank & Trust ......................30,97 All World Machinery Supply........26,97 Almar Tools...................................25,93 American Aerospace....................... 100 American Auctioneers Group ..........16 American Global Standards........64,98 AMT-America....................................104 AMTS....................................................97 Anewco..............................................104 Apache Gear......................................102 Apache Steel .......................................94 AP Industrial ......................................109 API Services ..........................1,32-34,49 APMI .....................................................99 Arcas Machine Inc. ...........................105 Arizona Finishing..............................103 Arizona Hard Chrome .....................103 Arizona Wire Spec .............................99 Arizona Wire Tool............................109 Arrow Sheet Metal...........................102 ARTL .....................................................99 Auer Precision...................................102 Ayers Gear & Mach ............................99 AZ CNC...8,9,21,47,61,67,88,90,93,95 AZMARK ....................................100,108 AZ Metals.......................................42,94 AZPMAP............................................ 100 AZ Tool Steel.......................................95 B&B Tool .............................................96 B & T Tool & Engr..............................94 Backerworks Mfg.............................106 .......................86 Bank of Arizona..................................95 Barry Metals..................................22,95 Bar-S Machine Inc ..............................99 Barton International ....................56,91 Bell Steel ............................................101 BID Machine, Inc ..............................101 Blaser....................................................95 Blue Streak Grinding .................38,102 BMSC ...........................................55,101 Bolt’s Metallizing, Inc ......................105 Bralco Metals ...........................14,93,94 Byington Steel Treating ..................103 CAID .................................................. 100 Cal Precision......................................105 Canyon State Oil...................................2 Cassavant Machining.......................107 Castrol....................................................2 Certified Inspection Services ...........99 CGS Technologies, Inc. .................. 101 Challenger Aerospace .....................104 ChemResearch ...........................18,103 CIS.........................................................99 Cling’s Manufacturing .....................101 CNC Machinery ..................................92 Coast Aluminum.................................94 Coastal Metals...............................10,95 Coating Tech...............................89,100 Collins Metal Finishing ................... 100 Consolidated Resources Inc........36,97 A2Z METALWORKER

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Continental Machining....................105 Controlled Thermal..........................103 Creedbilt Inc.......................................106 Critical Cut..........................................100 Crozier Machine Tool.........................92 Cupps Industrial Supply....................105 Cutting Tool Consultants....................92 CTE..........................................................93 Cygnet Stamping & Fab....................108 D & R Mchy..........................17,76,77,90, DCM Tech...................................74,92 Datum Inspection.........................103 Delcam...........................................101 Desert EDM Sales........................... 93 Diehl Steel....................................... 95 DM Machine Repair ........................97 East Valley Laser Inc .....................105 East Valley Powdercoat................108 Ebbco Inc. ........................................91 Echols Saw & Supply......................90 Eclipse Carbide ............................... 92 Edge Technologies......................... 93 EDM Network..............................3,94 EDM Perform Access...................... 95 EDM Tech........................................ 63 Ellison Machinery ....571,80,81,90,92 Empire Precision Mach. ...............106 EPSI. ...............................................108 Evans Precision Mach’g................102 Exactitude .....................................104 Excaliber Precision .......................100 Fadal CNC................................... 62,91 Faist GreenTek..............................104 Fine Line Fabricating Inc..............102 Fine Line Laser Cutting ................108 Foresight Finishing.......................108 Flow Corp........................................90 Foresight Technologies ...............100 Frontier Metal Stamping .............108 Fry Fabrications .........................38,99 Fry Steel Co.....................................94 Ganesh Machinery.....................27,92 Gartman Tech Services ...........84,109 Geiger Electric Inc ...........................91 Gilbert Metal Stamping..................99 Gilbert Precision Machine............106 Gladhill Assoc...........................78,104 Global EDM Supply ........................ 93 Glover Precision, Inc.....................104 GMN USA......................................... 93 Gold Tech Industries ...............60,104 Great Western ................................97 Grindworks ...................................100 Group Manufacturing .................. 101 HK Machining ...............................105 Hangsterfers ...................................94 Harschco ......................................103 Haynes Intl ......................................94 Helical Solutions..............................97 Helm Precision................................ 52 Hexatron Engineering..................105 Hi-Tech Machining & Welding.... 101 Horizon Carbide .............................99 Houghton........................................ 93 Howard PMP .................................104 Howell Precision .....................58,100 HUB Intl ............................................97 IEC Supply LLC................................ 93 Ind. Metal Supply ......................73,95 Ind.Tool Die ..................................104 Ind. Workholding Solution ........... 96 Infinisys ................................. 100,104 Innovative Cutting Tools ............... 93 Innovative Cutting Solutions.......108 Innovative Tool Sales ..................... 93 Integrated Systems Inc ................109 IPE Aerospace ................................. 68 IRH ...................................................99 ISMG ................................................89 IVIS..............................................86,99 ITDE ...............................................104 Jan’s Inc..........................................105 J B’s Prec Ind..................................104 JD Ellen LLC....................................105 Jemelco Inc.......................................97 J.K. Tool.............................................92

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Jorgenson ........... .......................43,92 JWB Manufacturing .......................103 K D Capital .......................................90 Kerley Corp ......................................92 KLK..................................................105 Klontech Indus. Sales .................90,96 KMT Waterjet .................................. 91 K-Zell Metals, Inc. .....................75,101 Kwik Mark Inc.............................44,91 L&W Machine Co. .........................104 LA Specialties ........................... 66,104 LAI International............................102 Larry Arroues ...................................93 Layke Inc ........................................100 Leavitt Group ................................... 97 Lindel Engineering ........................105 Lone Arrow ......................................93 Louie’s Black Oxide ............... 101,103 Louie’s Gun Finishing....................103 Lynch Brothers...............................103 Lynden Intl. ......................................99 Machinery Sales.............................. 92 Magnum Precision ..11,83,,90-93,100 Makino ........................................13,90 Marshall Tool & Supply ..................96 MarZee ................................58,94,102 Matrix Machine ....................... 99,100 Maxum Petroleum .......................2,95 May Foundry..................................102 MC Machinery ............................31,93 Mesa Machinery .........................56,92 Metalcraft Inc.................................104 Metal Finishing Systems .................29 Metal Processing Intl.....................106 Metal Spinning .........................50,101 Metals Eng & Testing Labs ............. 97 Methods West ................................,92 Micro-Tronics ................................100 Micro 100....................................79,95 Micropulse West .............................99 Midaco Corp ....................................96 Milne................................................. 97 MMR LLC..........................................99 Moore Tool & Equip .......................92 Morsch Machine..............................99 MTLC ...........................................48,99 Muratec ............................................93 NP3 ...................................................85 National Grinding & Mfg. .............102 Nelson Engineering.......................101 New Hope Machine ......................100 Nichols Precision ...........................106 Noranco.....................................44,101 North-South ................................39,93 OGP................................................... 91 Omax Corp..................................61,90 Orion Registrar ..............................104 Osborn Products ................... 100,102 Pacific Metal Stampings................108 Parker Fasteners ...................... 65,102 Perfection Industrial Finishing .....107 Perma-Finish... ...............................103 Petroferm .........................................93 PGI...................................................104 Phoenix Grinding...........................100 Phoenix Heat Treat .......................103 Phoenix Metalcraft ........................108 Phoenix Small Tool .........................96 Pioneer Distributing Co. ...............100 Powill Mfg ......................................103 Praxair Distribution .........................96 Precious Metal Plating. .................104 Precision Casting Repair ...............100 Precision Die & Stamping...............99 Precision Industrial Painting.........100 Precision Metalworks ...................109 Precision Metal Products..............109 Premier Precision .....................66,101 Prime Axis ................................ 28,100 Pro Precision ..................................102 PSE Archery.......................................66 Pure-Logic Industries...........52-54,109 PVB Fabrications.............................100 Quality Advisory...............................93 Qualichem, Inc..................................94 Quality Improvement Consulting ...98 Quality Mold....................................102

Quick Turn Financial.........................98 R&D Specialty Manco.....................105 RMSS.................................................107 Road Machinery...............................108 Robar...................................................87 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...... .....91 Roentgen USA....................................91 Ron Grob..........................................105 RPM Industries.....................40-41,105 Ryerson .............................................96 S&S Machinery Sales ........................92 SA Recycling......................................96 S L Fusco............................................94 Samuel, Son & Co..................24,94,95 Sandvik Coromant...................... 92,98 Satowfi ............................................105 Sav-On Plating.................................107 Savage Machine ...............................91 ........................ 103,111 SBG Capital........................................96 Scriven Precision Fab. ......................99 Seco Tools.........................................96 Semiray .....................................59,105 Service & Sales............................... 109 Setco Spindles & Slides ...................95 Shaw Precision Grind’g ..................101 Shop Floor Automations .................97 Southwest Powder .........................103 Siro Machining................................108 Solar Atmospheres ...........................99 Southwest Spindle Service ..............96 Southwest Swiss Precision ............105 Southwest Waterjet .......................108 SPRINGWORKS Utah..................... 109 St Vrain ............................................106 Star Metal Fluids......... 23,91,92,96,97 Starrett ..............................................91 State Technology..............................94 Steel Services Grind’g...............78,100 Stellar Machining & Fab Inc.......... 104 Sterling Fabrication Technology ...37,91 Sun Grinding .............................12,102 Sun Tech......................................... 109 Superior Grinding...........................103 Supra Alloys, Inc ...............................96 Sustaining Edge Solutions ......... 20,96 Swisstech Tooling & Mfg...............107 TAYCAR ...........................................102 TCI Precision Metals.................. ,69,94 TMM Precision..........................99,102 T.S.M. Mach. .............................. 27,90 Team Industrial Services..........72,103 TechMark ........................................102 Tech Mold .........................................61 Temtco Steel.....................................94 The Metal Man..........................99,102 The Werks C&C ................................95 Tipco Punch ................................... 109 TMI (GibbsCAM) ...............................97 Tolleson Steel ...................................94 Toolcraft of Phoenix.......................105 Tooling Molds West.......................105 Tornquist Machinery........................91 Total Filtration Services ...................93 Total Quality Sys...............................94 Tornos ..........................................31,91 Trepanning Specialties...................107 Tri-Matrix Mach ..............................101 Trio Tool............................................93 Trusty-Cook ................................ 45,92 Tube Service .....................................94 TVT Die Casting ........................84,102 TW Metals .........................................95 U S Shop Tools ........................... 35,93 Ulbrich of CA............................... 51,94 United Performance Metals ...... 63,94 Uni-Tek ........................................... 104 Universal Laser Systems...................74 US Carbide Tools........................... 109 Val-Tech Mfg ...................................101 Washington Cal. ......................103 Wayco Sales Inc ................................91 WC Machine & Tool.......................101 Weiser/Mile High Precision ...........102 Western States Metal.......................97 Whitley Machine ......................102 Widia ...............................................101 Wire-Tech........................................101 Wrico ..........................................73,101 Wright Prototype .......................... 100 X5.....................................................101

We’ve got flex appeal


M42 Band Saw Blade Prices

Discounts for ordering 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 blades. WIDTH

1/4” & !/2”








4'-6" 5'-0" 5'-6" 6'-0" 6'-6" 7'-0" 7'-6" 8'-0" 8'-6" 9'-0" 9'-6" 10'-0" 10'-6" 11'-0" 11'-6" 12'-0" 12'-6" 13'-0" 13'-6" 14'-0" 14'-6" 15'-0" 15'-6" 16'-0" 16'-6" 17'-0" 17'-6" 18'-0" 18'-6" 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22’-6” 23’-0”

$15.19 $16.17 $17.14 $18.11 $19.09 $20.06 $21.03 $22.00 $22.98 $23.95 $24.92 $25.89 $26.87 $27.84 $28.81 $29.79 $30.76 $31.73 $32.70 $33.68 $34.65 $35.62 $36.59 $37.57 $38.54 $39.51 $40.49 $41.46 $42.43 $43.40 $44.38 $45.35 $46.32 $47.29 $48.27 $49.24 $50.21 $51.19

$16.26 $17.35 $18.44 $19.53 $20.62 $21.71 $22.80 $23.89 $24.99 $26.08 $27.17 $28.26 $29.35 $30.44 $31.53 $32.62 $33.71 $34.80 $35.89 $36.99 $38.08 $39.17 $40.26 $41.35 $42.44 $43.53 $44.62 $45.71 $46.80 $47.89 $48.99 $50.08 $51.17 $52.26 $53.35 $54.44 $55.53 $56.62

$17.73 $18.99 $20.24 $21.49 $22.75 $24.00 $25.26 $26.51 $27.77 $29.02 $30.28 $31.53 $32.79 $34.04 $35.29 $36.55 $37.80 $39.06 $40.31 $41.57 $42.82 $44.08 $45.33 $46.59 $47.84 $49.09 $50.35 $51.60 $52.86 $54.11 $55.37 $56.62 $57.88 $59.13 $60.39 $61.64 $62.89 $64.15

$19.69 $21.17 $22.64 $24.11 $25.59 $27.06 $28.53 $30.00 $31.48 $32.95 $34.42 $35.89 $37.37 $38.84 $40.31 $41.79 $43.26 $44.73 $46.20 $47.68 $49.15 $50.62 $52.09 $53.57 $55.04 $56.51 $57.99 $59.46 $60.93 $62.40 $63.88 $65.35 $66.82 $68.29 $69.77 $71.24 $72.71 $74.19

15’-6” 16’-0” 16’-6” 17’-0” 17’-6” 18’-0” 18’-6” 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22'-6" 23'-0" 23'-6" 24'-0" 24'-6" 25'-0" 25'-6" 26'-0" 26'-6" 27'-0" 27'-6" 28'-0" 28'-6" 29'-0" 29'-6" 30'-0" 30’-6” 31’-0” 31'-6" 32'-0" 32'-6" 33'-0" 33'-6" 34'-0"

$63.80 $65.62 $67.45 $69.28 $71.10 $72.93 $74.76 $76.59 $78.41 $80.24 $82.07 $83.90 $85.72 $87.55 $89.38 $91.20 $93.03 $94.86 $96.69 $98.51 $100.34 $102.17 $104.00 $105.82 $107.65 $109.48 $111.30 $113.13 $114.96 $116.79 $118.61 $120.44 $122.27 $124.10 $125.92 $127.75 $129.58 $131.40

$92.71 $95.47 $98.22 $100.97 $103.73 $106.48 $109.24 $111.99 $114.75 $117.50 $120.26 $123.01 $125.77 $128.52 $131.27 $134.03 $136.78 $139.54 $142.29 $145.05 $147.80 $150.56 $153.31 $156.07 $158.82 $161.57 $164.33 $167.08 $169.84 $172.59 $175.35 $178.10 $180.86 $183.61 $186.37 $189.12 $191.87 $194.63

$113.76 $117.10 $120.45 $123.80 $127.14 $130.49 $133.83 $137.18 $140.52 $143.87 $147.21 $150.56 $153.90 $157.25 $160.60 $163.94 $167.29 $170.63 $173.98 $177.32 $180.67 $184.01 $187.36 $190.70 $194.05 $197.40 $200.74 $204.09 $207.43 $210.78 $214.12 $217.47 $220.81 $224.16 $227.50 $230.85 $234.20 $237.54

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A2Z Metalworker Magazine SW Edition  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...

A2Z Metalworker Magazine SW Edition  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...