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Vol. 19, No. 4 July/Aug 2013

Southwest Edition (AZ, NV, and NM)

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products IT’S WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the technoLogy inside

THE RIGHT LINE OF PRODUCTS • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

Discover why only Castrol Industrial has THE TECHNOLOGY INSIDE.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

Canyon State Oil / / 1 800 894 7773 Maxum Petroleum l l 1 800 894 7773

Serving Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada

Serving Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada

Achieve more...

One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at

To access the GF AgieCharmilles mobile website, download a QR code app and scan this image.

Tel. (800) 282-1336

Editors Corner “I do believe in simplicity. It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest thinks he must attend to in a day; how singular an affair he thinks he must omit.When the mathematician would solve a difficult problem, he first frees the equation of all encumbrances, and reduces it to its simplest terms. So simplify the problem of life, distinguish the necessary and the real. Probe the earth to see where your main roots run. ”

Henry David Thoreau A couple of my daughter’s friends have been capitalizing on the Phoenix housing market plummet, as prices are just now slowing rising again. Alyssa purchased her own house, and is really taking pleasure in household ownership. But when I asked her if she was interested in entering the rental market, as those friends were doing, she was emphatic in her answer. “No.”When I asked her why, she told me that she likes to keep life simple. Owning a home, while rewarding, entails hassles when things break, installations don’t work, etc. Alyssa said her one home was enough for her. She didn’t need more houses, or contractors, or services in her life. It made me think about my life, and what I could do to simplify. What does simplifying mean? Different things to different people, but for me it translates into downsizing my life. Figuring out what is really important, and letting some of the other stuff go. Have a small, but comfortable home. Less clutter, more space to move, breathe, and do the things you really care about doing. This also has the side benefit of less time spent cleaning.

Cover Precision.Manufacturing.Is.The.World’s. Leading.Provider.of.Military.Shelter. Systems

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Learn to live with less. Buy less, savor quality more, and save more. Don’t procrastinate. Do what you say you are going to do, and get it done. Spend less time on television, movies, video games, and technology. It affects your life more than you think. Not only are these activities time consuming, but if you are addicted to the news, you can’t help but be affected by all the negativity. Say ‘yes’ less. Over extending yourself complicates your life. Learn to tell others no when you don’t want to or just can’t do something. “No, that’s not going to work for me.” Not only does it free up time for yourself and your family, it makes you feel empowered in your decisions. Read more. Create time for solitude, quiet and relaxation. Spend more time on your hobbies. Perhaps one of the best outcomes of simplifying is stress reduction. If your needs are simplified, your expenses go down, and your financial situation improves.You naturally are less stressed when your day to day worries don’t include the overriding fear associated with debt. Maslow’s hierarchy says that our basic needs, including our biological, physiological and safety needs -must be satisfied before we can move to the highest level of needs, that of self-actualization. If you feel you are doing too much or pre-occupied with acquiring more than you need, explore simplicity. I am. And as always, God Bless our Troops.

Linda Daly Publisher A2Z METALWORKER

4 • July/Aug 2013

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Single setup Machine 5 sides Repeat (max profit)

Universal Edition

The UMC-750 | 3+2 machining | Affordable Haas price. A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

Announcements & Releases ACT Adds New Arizona Regional Sales Manager ACT is pleased to announce that Sam Callander has joined the team in Arizona, as our new Regional Sales Manager. Sam has a BS from St. Cloud State University and, before joining ACT, he worked in the calibration field.

Specialty products for the government, such as T321 stainless steel jet engine testing assemblies, to a square tubing 48 foot “self erecting” Christmas tree framework for Nieman-Marcus San Fransisco are two extremes on the spectrum of capability at Allfab Engineering Co., Inc.

We welcome Sam to his new position. For more information on the measurement equipment we represent, please contact our offices in Tempe, AZ at 480-921-3370 or Denver, CO at 303-371-6818.

Infinisys Announces Move To New Facility Infinisys Manufacturing, an ISO9001/AS9100 Revision C certified manufacturing company that provides precision machined products, is pleased to announce that it has relocated to a new facility. The new facility, at ~ 14,000 square feet, effectively more than doubles its space. Branko Jozanov, partner with Admir Ahmetovic, says, “We’ve grown over the past 7 years, acquiring new equipment, and expanding our team. Today, we operate 2 shifts.” Branko and Admir welcome current and new customers to visit their new facility, located at 4814 South 33rd Street,Phoenix, AZ, 85040. Their phone number (602) 276-2276 and email remain the same. (

Allfab Engineering, A Veteran Owned Sheet Metal And Welding Company, Emerges From Ashes Better Than Ever! For over 38 years, Allfab Engineering has been offering precision metal fabrication in stainless steel, aluminum and structurals. In 2008, the company burned down to ashes. Lori Jones, partner of the company with Ralph Arredondo and Terry Cory, says, “We didn’t think we could recover from this disaster. But we kept the business open with reduced capabilities, and with outsourcing to other shops.” The partners made the decision to invest in a new state-of-the-art facility. It took nearly 2 years, and today Allfab Engineering occupies 10,800 square feet in 3 buildings. They offer shearing, punching,laser, press brake and welding to their customers. Founded in 1973 with its roots in industrial sheet metal and precision welded light structurals, Allfab Engineering has grown stronger in its capabilities, equipment, and size throughout the years. Producing assemblies in precision sheet metal and precision welded structurals from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and exotics, Allfab A2Z METALWORKER

6 •July/Aug 2013

gains an edge through its diverse capability to produce a variety of products from select materials.

For more information on this sheet metal and welding company, contact them at 602-437-0497 or visit their website at

Southwest Tool & Die Services Celebrates 14 Years In Business Ruben Rodriguez has owned Southwest Tool & Die Services for 14 years now, though his tool and die making career began 35 years ago. Ruben says, “We make jigs, fixtures, dies, stampings, molds, machine tools, cutting tools (milling cutters and form tools), gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes. Our die capabilities span Bend dies, Notching dies, Punching dies, Cutting dies, and we also offer industrial tool repair and rebuild services for our customers.” For more information on Southwest Tool & Die Services, a successful Minority Owned Small Business, contact them at 480-317-9366 or email Ruben at

Exactitude Welcomes New Shop Manager Exactitude LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Nick McLean to their company as Shop Manager. Nick is an East Valley Institute (EVIT) graduate, completed an Internship with Honeywell, and was a Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) award winner. Prior to joining Exactitude, Nick worked for multiple precision machine shops around the Valley and has been in the industry for 14 years. His experiences include CNC Programming, Quoting, Supervision and Engineering. Founded by Joseph Koenig, Exactitude is a precision machining company in Mesa which has the ability to do quick turn, low quantity machining jobs as well as welding, precision grinding, fabrication work and light assembly. The company serves the Aerospace, SemiConductor, Electronics, Commercial and Die/Mold industries. The company also has a comprehensive understanding of prototyping, jig & fixture work & short run production machining. Joe says, “A unique competency we practice is specializing in engineering related services to help customers review projects and drive out costs while maintaining design intent and end product

function. Our business has full CAD/ CAM capabilities and our company problemand free diverse.” drilling at high philosophyconsistently is to be dynamic penetration rates.

For more information, contact Exactitude The new unique geometry combined with at 602-316-6957. the new flute shape provides a cutting edge

shape for effective clearance of the chip,

at increased penetration rates. Bartoneven Adds a BART® Tip Hopper to its Abrasive Low cutting forces provide fewer problems withTool weak fixturing, thin walled components Removal Accessories and loads on the cutting edge.

Barton International, the leading supplier The drill comes in lengths 3-8xD as standard. of garnet abrasives and consumables for waterjet cutting announces the Sandviksystems, Coromant is a world-leading supplier of cutting tools and tooling systems addition of a Tip Hopper to the Barton for the metalworking industry Abrasive Removal Tool (BART®) productand is offering. represented in 130 countries. 25 state-of-


the art Productivity Centers located around the world provide customers and staff with Designed to be placed next to a waterjet continuous training in tooling solutions and cutting table, the to selfincrease dumping BART® methods productivity. Sandvik Tip HopperCoromant serves as a disposal vessel for area is part of the Tooling business of theabrasive. Sandvik Group. For more information waste garnet During abrasive contact: Email: removal, overflow water is returned to the

waterjet table. The ¾ cubic yard BART® Tip Hopper D includes av i d aOliner l vetor simplify a Jo i n s the dumping of waste garnet from hopper.

Makino as Senior Process Development Engineer Introduced in 2010, BART®

Makino has expanded its titanium process research and development is aaddition convenient, group with the recent of David Olvera. Joining Makino as a p o r tengineer, a b l eOlvera brings with him extensive senior process development knowledge and experience titanium processing. systeminfor removing waste abrasive from

a waterjet cutting table. With removal

“The addition of Olvera to the titanium research and development rates greater than 2,000 pounds an hour, group solidifies our position as an international knowledge leader in BART® is titanium used in process waterjet shops nationwide. engineering,” says Mark Larson, Makino’s titanium R&D manager. “His robust academic background will be a key asset in our objective to research analyzee-mail the machining titanium, the Visit forand details, us at of info@barton. effects800-741-7756. within the cutting zone and our ability to develop new processes com, or phone for the highest level of productivity and efficiency.”

WrightOlvera Prototype Celebrates 1.5 Years in received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from of Technology in Pachuca, Mexico. He also holds a ArizonaPachuca andInstitute 17 Years in Oregon!

master’s degree in manufacturing systems from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. currently working on hisfounded PhD in mechanical 17 years ago, Robert Olvera ‘Bob’ isand Denise Wright Wright engineering, design and manufacturing through the University of the Prototype Basque in Albany, Oregon. From its inception, the company Country near Bilbao, Spain.

was a high quality manufacturer of precision components with the experienceOlvera and capability to workonwith the most exotic of tomaterials. has been published a variety of topics related titanium process engineering such as ball nose helical milling of titanium alloys,

analysis a tool-tip’sin radial turn-milling centers, the Denise says, “We ofspecialize thestiffness designonand production of aandwide prediction of tool stiffness for machine tools. In addition to his academic variety of close tolerance parts and assemblies. We couple our background, Olvera has worked with a variety of machine platforms experience with the latest technology in equipment and software with the goal to exceed our customers expectations.”

Just over a year and a half ago, the company expanded their business with a machine shop in Peoria, Arizona. Bob says, “We saw an opportunity to expand our business with a 2nd location. Business is very good at our flagship location in Oregon, and we are establishing our reputation in the Arizona market.”

(602)258-7300 258-7300 tel (602) tel and control software. A world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, Makino provides a wide range of high-precision metal-cutting and EDM machinery, The company is expanding their equipment in Arizona, and just including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, recently purchased Haas VF-2YT Vertical 5-axis machining centers,agraphite machining centers,Machining and wire andCenter and a Haas OM-2A Office Mill. Ram EDMs. Our flexible automation solutions provide reduced labor costs and increased throughput in a variety of production volumes and designs. Withinformation Makino engineering services, we offer industry-leading For more on Wright Prototype, call them at 541 924-1203 expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries. or visit their website at For more information, call 1-800-552-3288 or visit

New Double Column Machining Center from Okuma Okuma America Corporation unveils their newest double column machining center, the MCR-A5CII. With its multiple heads, the MCR-A5CII can now machine all five sides of a part from a single set-up. With this machine it takes only 2-3 set-ups to accomplish the same tasks that require 5-6 set-ups on a vertical machining center. This reduction in set-up time saves end users time and money, and also minimizes chances for costly errors. The MCR-A5CII double column machining center delivers true Announcements Continued Page 10 5-sided machining in a compact footprint. The solid2012 double column A Z METALWORKER • 7 • March/Apr construction ensures greater rigidity and closer tolerances, making this machine well-suited for the efficient machining of general parts and rapid die/mold jobs. 2

Features of the MCR-A5CII double column machining center include: Announcements Continued Page 10 A2Z METALWORKER

• 7 •July/Aug 2013


TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT ARIZONA CNC offers a wide range of top quality, new and used equipment, in all sizes, capabilities and prices. When it comes to machine tools or accessories to enhance your productivity, you can count on getting the right solution for the right price, without compromise.

EXPERIENCED APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING Time Studies, Programming Services, Training, Turnkey Projects, Automation If you are looking for a partner to help solve your machining challenges and optimize your cycle times turn to our applications engineering department. You benefit from the knowledge and experience that comes with people who work full time solving tough problems for various companies every day. Whether it’s evaluating your parts to help you make your machine selection, training the people in your facility to maximize your productivity or providing you a full turnkey system we are committed to your success.

PROFESSIONAL SALES ENGINEERS RELIABLE SERVICE SUPPORT Local, Responsive, Factory Certified Your emergency is our emergency. So don’t panic. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, call Arizona CNC. You will get a quick response from an expert, factory certified service engineer. On-site or over the phone, AZCNC's team of expert service personnel can solve problems fast-usually within hours. Your uptime is our goal. Keep in mind time spent preventing problems can save you the unwanted costs of having to fix them later. AZCNC offers preventive maintenance programs to help you avoid unexpected downtime through managed care of your equipment. Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1235 S. 48th St, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85281

Knowledgeable, Experienced Our goal is to provide you with the right solution and improve your profitability. The cheapest machine on the market is seldom the best value or the most cost effective. Our sales engineers are trained professionals with the ability to recognize and apply the appropriate manufacturing process for your needs. Their understanding of processes as well as product enables them to find the most efficient machine tool for your application. Our sales staff also can present you with the financing options that make your machine tool purchases more affordable.

Product Lines 480-615-6353 • Fax: 480-615-6352

LOCAL FACILITY We are proud to be a 100% locally owned and operated company and our mission has always been to be the supplier of choice to Arizona’s manufacturing companies – the ones determined to find a better way to compete in this world’s economy. We offer everything from parts to production-ready systems. And we do so with a friendly, personal touch, too often missing in today’s click-and-order environment. Call us with your manufacturing challenges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can provide!

OKUMA World class manufacturer of high technology CNC turning centers, machining centers and cylindrical grinders.

TSUGAMI Swiss-style automatics, turning machines and machining centers known worldwide for their superior design and construction.

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS The leader in Engraving, Cutting & Marking Systems.

OMAX Industry leading Waterjet machines.


HARDINGE Editorial Contact:

Hardinge is the leader in providing Paula Ameigh highly reliable turning, Director, Marketing & Customerunmatched Services milling, grinding and workholding solutions 607-378-4232 in the industry for more than 100 years. Products include:

• HARDINGE, manual lathes to high-performance, SuperFor Immediate Precision multi-tasking CNC lathes,Release: world’s largest manufacturer of precision collets and workholding systems. • BRIDGEPORT, manual knee mills to high-performance vertical Ann Hardinge and horizontal multi-tasking CNC machining centers. Distribu • KELLENBERGER, precision CNC universal grinding machines for OD, face and ID grinding. ELMIRA, NY: Hardinge Inc. (www.hardinge announce alliance with machines Arizona CNC Equ • TSCHUDIN, compact, high precisionanCNC grinding will have exclusive sales and for low or high-volume OD production CNC grinding. support respons products in Arizona and portions of Nevada • HAUSER, multi-axis precision jig grinding for complex period of the next few months they will re profiles. Hardinge distributor and service support group.

“We are honored to be working with this calibe will sell and support our products.” said Rick S serving job shops and manufacturers in the r service and applications people to assist in

Announcements & Releases Continued • Improved productivity with higher machining capacity than its predecessor, the MCR-A5C • High accuracy and dimensional stability • Highly rigid ram-type spindle head • THINC® OSP P300 CNC control for easy operation • Compact auto loading/unloading attachments for 5-axis machining • Compact footprint The MCR-A5CII comes standardly equipped with Okuma’s ThermoFriendly Concept, which stabilizes thermal deformation and therefore shortens warm-up times and reduces the need for dimensional correction during production. Learn more about the MCR-A5CII double column machining center in our blog post at For more information on machine specifications, visit http://www.

Las Cruces Machine, Mfg. & Engineering, Inc. Certifies To ISO9001/AS91000 Revision C with the Help of BMSC! Las Cruces Machine, Mfg. & Engineering, Inc., a Certified Woman Owned Business, is pleased to announce that they recently certified to ISO9001/AS9100. Kari Mitchell, co-owner of the company, says, ““Our location in the southwest and proximity to North America’s largest maquiladora market A Z METALWORKER 2

10 • July/Aug 2013

creates an exceptional value both in lead time and cost without sacrificing quality. We service a wide range of manufactures delivering engineered components to California, Phoenix,Texas, and Juarez, Mexico.” The company, nearly 4 decades old, is a DDTC (Department of Defense Trade and Commerce) partner, and manufactures weaponry for defense contractors. The company utilized the services of well known BMSC, an ISO Consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Kari says, “BMSC was so beneficial to us -- and the results show -- with zero findings!” Contact Las Cruces Machine, Mfg. & Engineering at 575-526-1411. You can reach BMSC at (602) 445-9400 or visit their website at

Marshall Tool and Supply Expands with New Facility! Marshall Tool and Supply is pleased to announce that they have moved to a new facility. Barry Powell, Arizona Branch Manager for the company for the past 3.5 years, says, “Our new office at 3625 E. Atlanta in Phoenix was selected to allow us to better serve the entire metalworking community. We did a brand new build out of an existing facility, and Announcements Continued Page 12

At Star CNC, we’re continually reinventing the idea of perfection. From Aerospace Advancements To Medical Breakthroughs, The Smallest Part Can Make A World Of Difference. When it comes to manufacturing medical and aerospace parts, progress demands increasingly stringent requirements during each phase of machining and finishing. No detail is insignificant…no short-cuts allowed. Innovative production methods competitive.

That’s the thinking behind Star CNC’s newest machine – Introducing the ST-38… its revolutionary triple-turret design is specifically developed for larger diameter components (up to 38mm). It features an opposed twin-turret tool post to dramatically reduce machining time, and an exclusive third back-working turret for independent machining of front and rear ends for further savings. The result: flawless precision with optimal productivity, precisely when it’s needed.

We understand it’s not just a part, it’s a part of life. Star CNC…Continually raising our own bar. Whether you need Precision, Productivity, or Versatility, the winning choice is STAR.


MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984.


MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ 3614 E. Southern Avenue #1 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ 3614 E. Southern Avenue #1

Albuquerque, N.M. 87113

El Paso, TX. 79936 El Paso, TX. 79936

Phoenix, AZ. 85040 Phoenix, AZ. 85040

Tel: (505) 345­8389 Email:

Tel: (915) 856­7900 Tel: (915) 856­7900 Email: Email:

Tel: 602 431­8300 Tel: 602 431­8300 Email: Email:

For All Your Grinding Needs!

We have the largest centerless grinder in the state!

Blanchard - Our 60 inch chuck will cut stock quickly and allows us to grind parts up to 72” diagonally.

Mattison - 32” wide and 168” long

capacity. If it is one part or 100 parts at a time, we can do the job!

Sun Grinding, formerly known as BK Grinding, has been in the Phoenix fabrication industry for over 14 years. We are the leading surface grinding shop in Arizona. Family owned and operated. / 522 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Announcements & Releases Continued we are here to continue to serve you, as we have for the last 25 years, but even better, in fact we are very excited to announce that Barry has accepted the newly created position of Field Sales Manager and that we are welcoming back a trusted and longtime valley friend, Ron Neumueller as Branch Manager for Phoenix!” Marshall Tool invites its customers, new and old, to come by and see our new facility. They will be planning an open house when the weather cools off in the Fall so stay tuned. New location same phone number 602-269-6295.

Sterling Fabrication Te c h n o l o g y O p e n s Dallas Showroom Sterling Fabrication Technology opened its 5,000+ sq. ft. showroom in Dallas, TX. The state-of-the-art showroom features Laser, Plasma, and Waterjet cutting, as well as press brake forming, and finishing equipment all under power. Conveniently located near Love Field Airport, the facility is perfect for efficient same-day visits to see the latest manufacturing technology. Sterling’s showroom will feature leading manufacturers like TRUMPF, Hypertherm, Haeusler, Lissmac and Virtek. In addition to machinery, Sterling also offers offline programming demonstrations to take A Z METALWORKER 2

12 • July/Aug 2013

your part drawing to a finished part. We have dedicated applications engineers to answer all of your questions and help identify the technology that best fits your fabrication needs. If you cannot visit in person, Sterling also offers personalized virtual demonstrations via the Internet through which you can view the machines in action and ask questions in a 1-on-1 setting. “We recognize the importance of our customer’s time and the inconvenience of long travel, so we have created a showroom that brings the technology to our customers. The showroom is conveniently located within five minutes of the airport and contains more technology under one roof than you will find anywhere else in the Southwest,” says Sterling Fabrication Technology President, Clay Kehrer. “Our customers are our first priority, and we want to show them what this technology can do for their business. With this showroom, we’ve accomplished our goal of offering our customers a convenient and state-of-the-art location to see machine tools in action and evaluate which machines are the best fit for their businesses.” The Grand Opening is scheduled for July. 17th through the 19th. To make a reservation, please contact Sterling at 1(855) 898-7867 or If you cannot attend the Grand Opening, personalized 1-on-1 showroom and online demonstrations are available by appointment at your convenience! Announcements Continued Page 14


The Makino PS-Series has additional capabilities you simply won’t find on your current VMCs. Like spindle speed, power and torque to handle aggressive cuts in tough materials that reduce cycle times. In other words, everything you need to make more parts faster and at a lower cost. Because when you make what matters, that’s the kind of performance that really counts. See all the ways the PS-Series expands your capabilities. MAKINO.COM/PS

WHEN YOU MAKE WHAT MATTERS For more information on all Makino products in Arizona, contact David Gundersen at 602-228-0347 or

Proudly Serving Arizona Since 1989

• Aluminum • Stainless • Copper • Brass Processing Capabilities Custom Blanking Slitting Precision Plate Sawing Shearing Precision Bar Saw Cutting Thermal Flattening Double-Disk Grinding Blanchard Grinding

Bralco Metals

929 E. Jackson St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 p: 602-252-1918 f: 602-252-7813

Shapes Coil Sheet Plate Rod & Bar Custom Extrusions

Daily Deliveries to Phoenix, Tucson, and Surrounding Areas Local In-House Coil Processing AS9120 / ISO9001 Certified Approved Supplier of Major Aerospace OEMs

Local Sales, Processing, Inventory & Support Announcements & Releases Continued

Sandvik Coromant continues the dialogue on industrial trends June 19th marks the world premiere of the second Sandvik Coromant trend film “A look ahead at hyperspecialization and the talent mismatch.” In 2013, Sandvik Coromant launched a dialogue with the manufacturing industry focusing on macro trends affecting the future of manufacturing. This was supported by a trend report and a video highlighting the effects of urbanization, sustainability, new materials and new technology. This time the industry leader takes a look at competence-related trends, such as the upcoming skills gap and talent mismatch. These trends indicate that the world may lack up to 85 million A2Z METALWORKER

14 • July/Aug 2013

skilled workers by the year 2020. Other topics include hyperspecialization and the way we will educate people in the future. “When it comes to the trends of the manufacturing industry, market leaders have a responsibility to be perceptive and forward thinking. We are a knowledge company. Competence and R&D are part of our main cornerstones. That is why it is imperative to us that there is a dialogue in the industry on how to meet future demands on competence and skills,” says Klas Forsström President, Sandvik Coromant. The talent mismatch With the baby boom generation going into retirement and taking their knowledge with them we are faced with a number of new challenges. This also means that knowledge and skills will become a much more scarce resource in the future. Despite the fact that we are facing the largest new generation group ever, there is a problem. Their profile is not very well matched with the competence needs of the industry. This will force companies to change the way they construct their work. It will also change the way we think about education. The age of hyperspecialization In the future manufacturers will not be able to have all competencies in-house.This opens up new ways of working and cooperating. Previously, outsourcing was done as a matter of cost. In the future outsourcing will be a means to access required skills.Work as such will be constructed differently by distributing it to specialists around the world and then bringing it back together again for delivery. “It is very much an orchestrated network where specific project managers will coordinate a set of experts just like a conductor leads the way in a philharmonic orchestra. This way of working opens up for new partnerships and cooperation between manufacturers, tool makers, machine makers, universities and research centers,” Forsström explains. Learning on demand In order to meet the needs of skilled specialists, universities and education institutions as we know them need to change Announcements Continued Page 16


Doosan Infracore Doosan Infracore

Financing available through Doosan Global Finance Financing available throug Financing available through Doosan Global Finance BLOHM JUNG BLOHM EWAG MÄGERLE JUNG MIKROSA EWAG SCHAUDT MÄGERLE STUDER MIKROSA WALTER SCHAUDT SERVICE STUDER WALTER SERVICE



Celebrating 45 Years as Your Hometown Machine Tool Dealer Serving Arizona and New Mexico.

Adams Machinery Celebrating 48 years 215 South Rockfordis45 Drive • Tempe, AZ as Celebrating Years Your Hometown Machine45 Tool Dealer ServingCeleb Celebrating Years 480-968-3711 as Your Hometown ToolasDealer ArizonaMachine and New Mexico. Hometo as Your Hometown Machine ToolYour Dealer

Serving and the New Mexico.Serving 22ndArizona Year Under Ownership of Ariz Serving Arizona and New Mexico. Richard Short!

215 South Rockford Drive • Tempe, AZ 215 215 South Rockford DriveDrive • Tempe, AZSouth 215 480-968-3711 South Rockford • Tempe, AZ Ro 4 480-968-3711 480-968-3711

Announcements & Releases Continued their way of working. In the future there is a much greater need for learning on demand in terms of providing the right training, to the right people, at the right place and at the right time. We are moving from linear learning to modular learning. Continued dialogue The current trends present threats as well as opportunities. Companies who figure out how to take advantage of new ways of working enabled by new technologies will have a significant advantage in the future. “We will continue the dialogue about the future of the manufacturing industry and share important knowledge on new trends and challenges”, Forström concludes. The trend video is available at:

Delcam launches free CAM for SolidWorks Delcam has launched a free version of its Gold-Certified D e l c a m f o r S o l i d Wo r k s integrated CAM system for SolidWorks. Delcam for SolidWorks XPRESS provides the essential 2D milling and drilling functionality available in Delcam for SolidWorks. It can be downloaded free of charge from www. A2Z METALWORKER

16 •July/Aug 2013

Delcam for SolidWorks XPRESS is intended mainly as an introductory level program for users that are new to computer-aided machining. However, it will also be useful for companies, such as design studios, that only need to program simpler CNC machines or those that wish to experiment with 2D machining before investing in a full 3D software package. Users will be able to generate NC code for feature-rich 2D parts quickly and easily with the unique ‘feature-from-feature’ technology inside Delcam for SolidWorks. The software is, of course, fully compatible with the latest version of SolidWorks. Delcam for SolidWorks XPRESS is fully integrated into the SolidWorks environment, in exactly the same way as the full Delcam for SolidWorks software, so that the program looks and behaves like SolidWorks. Similarly, it offers the same full associativity with SolidWorks so that any changes in the CAD model are reflected automatically in the toolpaths. The XPRESS version provides the same high level of automation as the full program. The software automatically selects the appropriate tooling for the project, allocates the appropriate feeds and speeds to all the toolpaths, and orders the various roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations into the most efficient sequence. Delcam for SolidWorks combines the benefits associated with Announcements Continued Page 18


• 17 •July/Aug 2013

any size parts. Partners Moses and Alex learned the trade in Chicago many decades ago, and moved to Phoenix 21 years ago to start their own business. Today, Phoenix Metal Finishing and Polishing supports customers in the aerospace, s e m i c o n d u c t o r, c o m m e r c i a l , construction, automotive, antique restoration, architectural, and fabrication industries. To learn more about how Phoenix Metal Finishing and Polishing can help you, call them at 602-233-2220.

Solar Manufacturing Launches Podcast Series Solar Manufactur ing recently launched a new bimonthly podcast series in cooperation with Industrial Heating called “Vacuum Heat Treat Minute”. The topics will concentrate on providing helpful tips and new knowledge to vacuum furnace owners and users.

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Delcam’s PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems. It is based on Delcam’s proven machining algorithms that are already used by more than 40,000 customers around the world. The software offers PowerMILL’s exceptional speed of toolpath calculation, plus the advanced strategies for high-speed and five-axis machining, to ensure increased productivity, maximum tool life and immaculate surface finish, even when cutting the hardest, most challenging materials. For further information on Delcam for SolidWorks, please contact: e-mail:;

Phoenix Metal Finishing and Polishing Celebrates 21 Years in Business! Phoenix Metal Finishing and Polishing thanks its loyal customers for 21 years serving them. The company offers finishing services, including grinding, buffing and deburring and their polishing services include high mirror #8 and brushing #4. They can polish and finish nearly all metals, and A2Z METALWORKER

18 • July/Aug 2013

The podcasts feature Solar Atmospheres, CEO,William R. Jones and Solar Manufacturing president, Jim Nagy. Mr. Nagy explains, “Solar Manufacturing is dedicated to educating owners on how to best care for their vacuum furnace and keep it running smoothly for years to come. Between our engineering expertise and the feedback we receive from our sister company, commercial heat treater Solar Atmospheres, we are intimately familiar with the challenges and best practices for getting the most out of your furnace investment. We are excited to have this new venue for sharing these lessons learned.” The debut edition covers “The Advantages of Processing Titanium in Vacuum Furnaces” and the second explores “Responding Effectively To Utility Loss: Power/Gas/Water”. The podcasts are available free of Announcements Continued Page 20

of Inverters NO PARAMETERS! NO RANDOM CHANGING! NO DRIFTING! STABLE AS A ROCK!! • Over 30 years of being the staple for Fadal spindle drives. • One inverter fits all machines. • Tuning is a snap. Instructions are written on the cover. • No parameters to fool with...EVER!! • All connectors are completely compatible and cover 25 years of machines. • Inverter mounts in existing location of old inverter. No fuss, no muss. • 208-388-3462 1582 E Bramble Ln • Meridian ID, 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM


Find Us on the Web


Announcements & Releases Continued charge and can be accessed through the Industrial Heating website at or the Solar Manufacturing website at If you would like to be alerted when the next podcast is posted, please email your request to Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures all types of vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zone and spare parts for various vacuum furnace brands. To learn more about Solar Manufacturing’s diverse product line and services, contact Pete Reh, VP of Sales, at 267-384-5040 x 509 or pkr@ Additional information can be found on our web site –

New Plate Mill Allows Diehl Steel to Custom Machine Large Footprint Steel Block

products that are machined to toolmaker tolerances. The result is a flat, squared and parallel final block that saves time and increases productivity. For more;Phone: (513) 242-8900

United Performance Metals Empowers Military Veterans through the Get Skills to Work Program A coalition which includes The Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and the Manufacturing Institute are partnering resources to adopt a collaborative and strategic approach to veteran employment. United Performance Metals joins their efforts by offering classroom assistance and job opportunities to military veterans.

Diehl Steel has installed a new plate mill that allows the company to custom machine steel material up to 30 inches wide by 50 inches long by 12 inches in height. Diehl can now machine larger sizes of tool steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, carbon steel, powder metal product and stainless steel to customer’s exact specifications and tolerances.

Get Skills to Work was developed to address the high demand for skilled workers to fill U.S. manufacturing jobs. With the knowledge that 600,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs are available without skilled workers to fill them, nearly 1 million veterans are unemployed, and 1 million men and women will be returning from service over the next five years, Get Skills to Work aims to help prepare and place veterans in the jobs needed to power advanced manufacturing in the U.S.

With a 20 inch cutting head, the new plate mill eliminates the ridges that occur when cutting with smaller diameter cutters. The new plate mill is capable of producing Diehl’s Accu-Square™ steel

A monthly education course being held at Cincinnati State provides Just-In-Time training customized to manufacturing careers. United


20 • July/Aug 2013

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What’s Getting in Your Way?

I am so tired of ghting technology

I can’t afford downtime

I can’t keep shipping money with each part

Hurco Can Help Hurco gets rid of all of the stuff that gets in between you and making chips.


THE VIDEO premiere

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D&R MACHINERY | | 480.775.6462 Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice.

BARRY METALS Company Recycling services for the entire State of Arizona Barry Metals Company is a scrap metal recycling company. Our main interest is in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals with special interest in nickel alloys, titanium and stainless. We service machine shops, factories and peddler accounts.

The company was started by Howie and his father Namon Basuk. The name “Barry” comes from a brother and a son who died from leukemia at the age of 17 (1977). The company Barry Metals was founded in 1988 in honor of Barry.


3014 N. 30th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Announcements & Releases Continued Performance Metals will support the program by offering classroom assistance and by identifying employment opportunities for individuals who have earned certification through the program. Through the combined efforts of the coalition, United Performance Metals can help prepare and place veterans in the jobs needed to power advanced manufacturing in the U.S. Visit to find out more. For more information on United Performance Metals visit us at, call us at 1.888.282.3292 or email

Mazak Honored for Investment in Manufacturing Campus In recognition of the expansions of its North American Headquarters campus in Florence, Kentucky, Mazak Corporation received the Cincinnati USA Partnership for Economic Development’s Growth Award during the Commercial Real Estate Developers Power Breakfast event held on May 2, 2013 in downtown Cincinnati. The award is presented to companies that attract and retain businesses, jobs and capital investments in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as continue to grow and expand within the local area. With three core business structures established in 1996, Mazak began in Florence with three facilities: a manufacturing factory, its National Technology Center and its National Customer Service and Support Center. Over the years, Mazak has expanded all three of these facilities and has since added two more facilities at the campus for a total of five buildings. These expansions started in 2009 with adding 50,000 square feet to the manufacturing factory. A2Z METALWORKER

22 •July/Aug 2013

Additionally, the company’s Spindle Rebuild Department located in the manufacturing area moved into this new space to expand its operational capacity. Also at this time, Mazak invested $9 million in advanced manufacturing equipment that helped grow the company’s machining capacity for large casted machine tool components. As the manufacturing industry started to recover from the recession in late 2010, capital investments in machine tools rose significantly as U.S. companies used a more competitive U.S. dollar to export more. Some companies began reshoring work to the U.S. and purchased new high technology machinery to increase their competitiveness. As customer demand surged, Mazak quickly stepped up its production. In 2011, it acquired its fourth building, which measures 33,000 square feet.Then shortly after, the company added its fifth building, a 65,000-square-foot leased facility that now houses the Spindle Rebuild Department and provides storage for sheet metal and other large production parts. In the past three years, Mazak Corporation has hired 300 people and added a two-story office area to the manufacturing factory building. Mazak is currently involved in a major expansion to its manufacturing factory. The preparation work for expanding the building and a required access road was begun this year, and by spring of 2014, the total addition of 200,000 square feet will be completed. This expansion will boost Mazak’s production capacity to between 170 and 200 machines per month. The National Technology Center & Center for Multi-Tasking and Manufacturing Excellence in Kentucky is the hub for Mazak’s eight Regional Technology Centers and, as such, enhances Mazak’s customer support capabilities throughout North America. Mazak also continuously invests in its regional customer service and support facilities and recently opened a new larger Southwest Regional Technology Center in the Houston area as well as expanded its Midwest Regional Technology Center in the Chicago area.

agencies or organizations.This mandatory cost-share increases after the third annual renewal, up to a maximum two-thirds of the center’s budget for year five and beyond. Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar

• Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.

New Manufacturing Extension Centers Planned for Arizona and Rhode Island The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program has awarded cooperative agreements to the Arizona Commerce Authority and the University of Rhode Island Research Foundation to serve the small and mid-size manufacturers in their respective states.

Arizona is home to more than 4,300 manufacturers, 95 percent of which have fewer than 100 employees, and only 29 employ more than 500 people. Among the state’s top manufactured goods are computer and electronic equipment, electronic components, transportation equipment (space vehicles, helicopters, turbine engines, guided missiles) and chemicals. The NIST award provides $1 million, which is half of the center’s operating budget for the first year. MEP centers are public-private partnerships with annual funding from a mix of sources, including a portion from NIST MEP, industry support through fees for service, and some from nonfederal A Z METALWORKER 2

24 • July/Aug 2013

As a public-private partnership, MEP delivers a high return on investment to taxpayers. For every one dollar of federal investment, the MEP generates nearly $20 in new sales growth and $20 in new client investment. This translates into $2.5 billion in new sales annually. For every $2,100 of federal investment, MEP creates or retains one manufacturing job.

Commerce Dept. launches initiative, touts Mesa firm Using Able Engineering’s expansive new Mesa facility as a backdrop, U.S. Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank unveiled a national initiative that will assist cities trying to attract or expand manufacturing opportunities.

The Investing in Manufactur ing Communities Partnership aims to shake up how federal dollars are used for economicdevelopment efforts, forgoing targeted incentives for specific companies in favor of pushing cities to create investmentfriendly environments through workforce training, infrastructure and innovation. Blank chose to introduce the program at a Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport facility because the airport’s surrounding community has “leveraged the resources of the public sector, private firms and educational institutions to achieve a successful model of economic development” since the 1993 closure of Williams Air Force Base, according to a Commerce Department statement. Able, which provides services to reduce aircraft-operating costs, moved into its new building last month. Blank also met with southeast Valley community, business and education leaders who brought her up to speed on Gateway’s transformation. “The first thing they said is, ‘We had a

strategic plan. We had a sense of what do we have here and what do we need to get further, and we’ve implemented that,’” she said. “The second thing they said is, ‘Every investment we brought in leveraged what was already here.’” The U.S. government was an important partner, too, Blank said. “There was a number of ways in which the feds put money into this after the base closed and really helped them make some of the infrastructure changes they needed to make,” she said. “So, (the new initiative is about) that type of partnership.” President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2014 budget asks for $113million to fund the IMCP, with each of the five to six cities chosen for assistance receiving up to $25million. Cities’ strategic economic-development plans, which must center on “creating an environment primed to attract investment,” will guide the selection process. Though the initiative identifies desired elements for those plans -specialized research centers; technology-driven business incubators; community-college work-training programs; public-works projects related to infrastructure or energy efficiency; export-promotion plans, and integrated supply chains -- Blank stressed that the right formula will vary based on the city. “For some, it will be physical infrastructure. For some, it will be workforce development. For some, it might be tech transfer and innovation lab work of some sort,” she said. “We want to be in partnership helping the communities doing what they have

determined is best for them.” Communities this year will be eligible for $200,000 grants to launch public-private partnerships, the importance of which Mesa Mayor Scott Smith pointed out while touting Able as the type of manufacturing presence American cities should be pursuing. Able is “an incredible organization, which has an unbelievable future, helped to a large extent by the building you’re standing in right now,” he said. “That’s why we at the city of Mesa and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority were more than willing to make this $20million investment. That’s not a small amount of money. “We think the citizens of not only Mesa but the East Valley deserve this kind of economic growth and this kind of economic opportunity,” he added.

E c o n o my : A r i z o n a ranks 18th in terms of tech jobs TechAmerica Foundation released its annual Cyberstates report looking at high-tech jobs and pay in U.S. states. Here’s how Arizona and other Western states ranked nationally. A2Z METALWORKER

• 25 • July/Aug 2013

SCRAP IS AN ASSET! Your choice of a recycling partner impacts your bottom line.

• Aluminum • Nickel • Stainless • Copper • Brass • Titanium • Aerospace Alloys • Steel / Iron

Integrity. Innovation. Consolidated Resources has been providing customized, full service recycling programs for industry in Arizona for over 20 years.

• Plastic

Contact Holly or Kerry today to discuss your recycling needs.

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• Glass

• Wood • Certified Destruction Holly Sterling and Kerry Vance

Proudly Representing & Supporting Our Industry Board Member Arizona Tooling & Machining Association

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Board Member Arizona Recycling Coalition

Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level In Five Years The Washington Times reports, “Consumer confidence soared to a five-year high this month as an improving job market and double-digit gains in home prices lifted consumer spirits, according to a survey released last month.” Bloomberg News reports that the Conference Board’s consumer sentiment index rose to 76.2 in May, which exceeded “all estimates in a Bloomberg survey of economists” and was the highest since February 2008. Bloomberg News reports that the increase in housing values and stock prices are “boosting household finances.” Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected the index to come in at 71.2 in May, up from 69.0 in April. Conference Board director of economic indicators Lynn Franco said regarding the results, “Back-to-back monthly gains suggest that consumer confidence is on the mend and may be regaining the traction it lost due to the fiscal cliff, payroll-tax hike, and sequester.”

U.S. Navy Details Amphibious Ship Mods Required For F-35 The U.S. Navy has identified “several specific initiatives on the flight deck” of landing helicopter dock (LHD) amphibious assault ships the service says the vessels will need to accommodate the F-35. Adm. Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations, acknowledged Wasp-class ship modifications have been designed for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) vertical lift-and-takeoff variants. Navy officials say the modifications “are intended to offset the increased stresses associated with A2Z METALWORKER

26 •July/Aug 2013

JSF exhaust. The exhaust patterns and flight characteristics of the F-35 required the shielding, relocation and removal of vulnerable systems that could sustain damage during flight operations, such as antennas, life rafts, life rails, safety nets and JP-5 fuel stations.” The Navy says, “The unique heat signature of the F-35 has required reinforcement of the flight deck to alleviate stresses from the heat of the jet, as well as modifying the flight deck coating to reduce erosion caused by jet exhaust associated with increased thrust. Specific system modifications that are unique to F-35 will also require the installation of new voltage regulators and rectifiers. Expanded mission capabilities of the F-35 have also required enhanced munitions throughput and systems capabilities to facilitate increased ordnance delivery and aircraft associated support equipment.” Some of the modifications include relocating or shielding features such as the Phalanx close-in-weapon system and Rolling Airframe Missile and NATO Sea Sparrow missile launchers, and protecting fueling stations.

B o e i n g To D i v e r s i f y Engineering Base Boeing said it will establish new engineering design centers in Washington state, South Carolina, and California to diversify its engineering base. Boeing said this should reduce risk of disruption if one site needs to shut down for whatever reason. Boeing spokesperson Doug Alder said the centers would have to compete for work.

Advanced Auto Electronics Expected To See Growth In Safety Features The Los Angeles Times reports on the growing market for “advanced automotive electronics – everything from driver assistance programs to new kinds of visual displays” expected to “jump to $240 billion by 2020,” according to IHS Inc.’s IMS Research. Kelley Blue Book’s Jack Nerad said that “some of the more exciting developments will be vehicle-to-vehicle communications as an added safety feature.”

We help you put all the pieces together. We know metal working inside and out. Since 1996 we have been more than a distributor of metal working equipment and supplies. We’re your single source for custom solutions to all your metal working needs: equipment, supplies and inventory supply control. Bench and Pedestal Wheel Arbor Bushings

We assist you in many facets of your business to ensure you produce the highest quality products, the most economical solutions and the best service in your industry. ARBOR BUSHINGS WHEEL DIAMETER

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We’re Colorado’s only Yellow Coat Elite Sandvik certified dealer!

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For over 50 years Nelson Engineering Co. has manufactured high precision sheet metal and machined products. We are NADCAP and ISO9001/AS9100 certified. ANNOUNCING NEW METAL SPINNING CAPABILITIES WITH UP TO 60” BLANKS We specialize in sheet metal and cast valves, heat shields, flow sensors, brackets and other precision hardware.

Phone: 602-273-7114 • Website: A2Z METALWORKER

28 •July/Aug 2013

The Seattle Times reports how Boeing uses “new robot painting machines” that can paint 777 wings “with perfect quality” in 24 minutes compared to the 4.5 hours it takes a team of people. Jason Clark, director of 777 manufacturing, told reporters how the system can also be used for the 777X wing, which the article takes as an “encouraging” sign of how the 777X work will be done in the area. The article notes that “as Boeing raises its production rates to unprecedented heights and at the same time chases ever-increasing efficiency, more automation is the direction it wants to take.”

Ford: SUVs, Crossovers Will Drive Growth The Detroit Free Press reports, “A decade ago an SUV meant a big, body-on-frame vehicle that could tow a trailer over a dirt road. Today, automakers think of utilities as small, sometimes-luxury vehicles that replace large or midsize cars.” The Press reports, “Global sales of utility vehicles now account for 13 million sales a year, or 18% of the worldwide market. That is 35% more than in 2005.” To meet “growing global demand, Ford is stepping up exports and building more of its utilities in emerging markets such as China and Russia. Ford exports one of every four Explorers it makes and plans to offer it in 27 countries by 2017,” Erich Merkle, Ford analyst said.

Engineers Working To Make Rocket Launches Quicker, Safer Florida Today reported Deb Huleatt is “leading an effort to reduce the time it takes to prep United Launch Alliance Atlas and Delta rockets for launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. At the same time, Huleatt must maintain safety and reliability in an unforgiving business — one in which the law of unintended consequences often rules.” Huleatt and other researchers “are examining each and every aspect of Atlas and Delta launch preparations, looking for duplicative tests and inspections that could safely be eliminated; ways to lessen weather-related work stoppages in the ‘Lightning Capital of theWorld’; and methods for doing critical launch preparations more effectively.”

SME Launches Online Resource Featuring InDepth Educational Manufacturing Content ThomasNet News reported, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has released Knowledge Edge, a new online resource featuring in-depth educational manufacturing content.The subscription service has information available in multimedia formats, including e-books, technical papers, videos, and thousands of entries in an industryvalidated manufacturing knowledge database. Knowledge Edge, part of Tooling U-SME, is a resource for educational institutions, including colleges and high schools, and manufacturing industries ranging from aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, to contract manufacturing, among others. SME director of professional development Jeannine Kunz said,“Knowledge Edge relies on SME members, longstanding industry professionals, and SME’s trusted manufacturer customer base to provide a reliable source of manufacturing information online.”

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Toll Free: (877) 240-2462 A2Z METALWORKER

• 29 •July/Aug 2013

Superior Parts and Sub-Assemblies, From Prototype to Production

“These weapons are not playthings. A lightsaber is a dangerous and destructive instrument, a powerful blade that can strike down an opponent—or a friend, if you’re not careful.” Luke Skywalker to his students JD Ellen Manufacturing takes tremendous pride in the support they provide to their customers. Actually, they have built their business on that very concept. One of the biggest successes and a driving force to their growth has been, of all things, the lightsaber business. A few years back a potential customer came knocking on the door of JD Ellen Manufacturing. While they had moments of hesitation, they proceeded to work with this customer on the prototype for a toy lightsaber.As a result of the support in the development of prototypes and perfecting the manufacturing process, they have become the single source of manufacturing for this customer. They currently produce over 20,000 subassemblies a year covering 20 different models of lightsabers! David Lewellen, co-founder of JD Ellen with his brother Jacob, says, “Manufacturing is an adventure, not a job. That is why we love to work with customers as they are designing a product from the ground up.”The two brothers say they’ve worked with their customers to take a half dozen prototype products to production, and their customers really appreciate their ‘out of box’ thinking and design support for better ease of manufacturing. Machining is in the Lewellen family’s blood. Father, David Lewellen Sr., founded a machine shop in Rockford, Illinois more than a quarter of a century ago. Prior to selling his business in 1996, it had grown to an 80-man machine shop. David Sr. retired to Arizona, but soon grew tired of not working. He encouraged his sons David and Jacob to open a small shop that he could participate in the initial startup.That was 7 years A2Z METALWORKER

30 • July/Aug 2013

ago, and while the team always envisioned keeping the business small (3-4 machines), from the onset it grew rather quickly. Jake says, “We’ve seen double digit growth every year since we opened for business, and we now own 16 machines. Bryan Johnson, Business Manager for Ellison Machinery Company for the past 3.5 years says, “These guys are doing things the right way. From the beginning, they have managed their growth, not too fast, so that they can always take excellent care of their customer’s needs, while manufacturing superior products. Also, they are extremely financially solvent; in fact they owe nothing on any of their machines.” The company, ISO 9001 Certified and ITAR Registered for the past few years, has grown from 1 bay to 3 bays, and plans to purchase the building this year. Jake says, “We’ll knock out walls to maximize the use of our space. Still, in tight quarters, we maximize the manufacturing that occurs by running 24 hours a day, 5.5 days per week.” From the onset, JD Ellen Manufacturing supported customers in the gun industry. David says that the weapons industry comprises a large share of their business today, at about 60%, and the rest of their customers span the commercial and aerospace industry. Jake says, “We do anything from toys to weapons for our customers!” JD Ellen specializes in machining, while also taking advantage of technology such as in-house wire EDM capabilities and 3D printing. Jake says, “Our 3D printer is invaluable for our customers’ prototypes, as it provides an excellent way to

quickly get a product into their hands. It helps them to see the aesthetics and ergonomics of their concept product.” From the time Jacob and David opened their business, they have been strong believers in the Haas machines. David says, “There is no competition to the Haas for us.Why spend 3X on a machine, when the more economical Haas machines will do it for us?” Jake says, “We’ll look at the DMG/Mori Seiki brands down the road if we see a demand from our customers in machining with exotic metals. It’s just not needed now.” Jake says, “We really like the Haas machines for their ease of use.We’ve also seen a focus on the increased quality and rigidity of the product lines over the years. We appreciate that their focus in the last years has been to improve their machine tool product line, from safety, to maintenance, to ease of use, rather than making new models.” David and Jake value the support they receive from Ellison Machinery Co. LLC, the Haas Factory Outlet providing sales and service support in Arizona and southern Nevada. David says, “They have an excellent service team to support their customers. We had a monitor go blank recently, and we had a Service Technician here within 2 hours! Ellison service and support exceeds our expectations and is the basis for the partnership that has grown between our companies.” Jake says, “The Ellison service team is made up of extremely knowledgeable technicians that bring the company’s dedication to their customers with them on every call. Danny White, one of their Service Technicians, is outstanding.When he comes out to support us, he always takes the time to teach us something new. He has helped us so much. In

fact, Danny should get a raise!” JD Ellen Manufacturing’s latest upgrades to their Haas machine tool line included a Haas VF-4, with a 10,000-RPM spindle and the addition of an ST-20SSY lathe with live tooling capabilities. The addition of the live tooling allows them to complete more parts with reduced setups and reduced operations, while also reducing the risk of error by part handling. JD Ellen has a true partnership with Bryan Johnson, their Ellison Machinery Business Manager. David says, “Bryan comes out to see us on a regular basis, and he is always proactively supporting us. It seems that whenever we are thinking about a new machine, Bryan senses it and is on our doorstep at just the right time. This partnership began years ago, even before Bryan’s arrival, when Patrick Ellison, now President of Ellison Machinery Co, was our business manager. This type of continuity is extremely important to us as we continue to grow in the right direction.” For more information on JD Ellen Manufacturing, particularly if you are looking for support for your prototype to production, contact them at 623-587-0253 or visit To learn more about Haas Automation CNC machine tools, 3D printing and other products and services Ellison provides, contact Ellison Machinery Co. LLC at 480-968-5335 or visit


• 31 •July/Aug 2013

“ They truly


small business.”

BAE to continue support for US Army’s COSMIC contract

A wide range of engineering and technical services, including the development and integration of electronic systems for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, have been provided by the company under COSMIC indefinit-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract since October 2006. FWC is responsible for development of the army’s space and missile defence doctrine and concepts, evaluation of requirements, and vertical integration of doctrine, organisations, training, materiel, personnel, and facilities activities across ballistic missile defence systems elements. Additional responsibilities include the management of high-performance computer centres, threat scenario design, command and control engineering, as well as advanced concept technology demonstration programs.

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract extension to continue the provision of support services for the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command’s (SMDC) Future Warfare Center (FWC).

Amid Big F-35 Deal, P&W Sees Challenges

Covering supply of research, engineering, and technical services, the $85m contract modification has been awarded as part of the agency’s Concepts and Operations for Space and Missile Defense Integration Capabilities (COSMIC) program.

The low-rate initial production (LRIP) contract with the US military includes 35 jet engines — 32 for installation and three spares — as well as sustainment, support and spare parts. The engines will power 22 of the F-35As for the US Air Force, three of the jump-jet F-35Bs for the Marine Corps and seven F-35C carrier variants for the Navy. Through the first four LRIPs, Pratt has delivered 98 engines to the F-35 program.

Services provided under the contract will be used for development and understanding of missile defence methods and technologies.

Since the delivery of the first production representative engine, costs on the F-135 have dropped by 40 percent. Those cost savings are also seen in the contract for LRIP-5, which saw a 6 percent drop in cost from LRIP-4. A series of decisions to push F-35 purchases to the right has halved expected F-135 sales since 2009. Combined with the end of production


32 • July/Aug 2013

Pratt &Whitney has signed a $1 billion contract for the fifth batch of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter engines and expects to sign a sixth contract shortly, according to the company’s head of military engines.

on the F-119 and slowed sales on the F-117 and F-100 engines, the company is facing a production gap. To help bridge that gap, Pratt is looking for ways to use existing engine designs for new platforms.

M a c h i n e To o l s . c o m launches new platform with comprehensive machine model database The right machine. The right tooling. The right programming. A magical combination that can decrease production time, increase output and add directly to a healthy bottom line. Many shops rely on their regular vendors to suggest a solution, sometimes ending up with what the vendor wants to sell, rather than what the shop needs. The alternative has been a hit or miss internet search that might (or might not) provide a better idea. was founded in 1999 to aggregate machine and tooling offerings from many different sellers to give shops instant access to a huge world-wide market with many choices. With the June 2013 launch of the New, founder Stuart Carlin has realized his dream of not only helping visitors find and buy machines and tooling, but also helping them assess their own needs. The new site features a model database that currently has over 150,000 machine and tooling models. And the staff is busy researching and adding more constantly. “This is the only on-line model database in the world anywhere near this scope,” said Carlin. “The idea was to give buyers a powerful tool to find the right machine model from the right country and then help them buy that machine.” The model database includes machine and tooling specs, manufacturer

1974 Bucktail Lane • Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • information, for-sales listings, distributors and sales offices for new machines, and service and repair listings, all on the same page for each model. Plans are in the works to add sales history and manuals to the model database as well. The redesign includes a new mobile site, and an iPhone/ iPad app, with an Android app on the way. “Mobile is the future,” said Carlin. “We’re making it easy to find machines, tooling, and service from wherever people are and on whatever device they are using.”

Google Acquires Company That Makes Flying Wind Turbines Popular Science reported that following Makani Power’s “first fully autonomous flight of a kite power system,” Google has acquired the company. The company “generates power through wind turbines attached to robotic kites” and “claims that the system generates more energy than conventional turbines and costs less to build.” • 31 • May/June r2013 33 • July/Aug 2013


Made in North America AccurPress from 25 ton to 3,000 ton AccurPress options includes CNC Control up to 6-axis, Hydraulic Clamping, Sheet Followers, Robotic Automation, Sheet Supports, Horn Extensions. AccurShears from 10 gauge to 1” capacity AccurShear options include CNC front gauge, ball transfer in table, hold down pressure control, light curtain guarding, conveyor stacker system & more. Financing Available. Flexible payment structures that traditional banks may not be able to provide Local support for your AccurPress & AccurShear

800-460-9014 4221 E. Raymond St. #100 Phoenix, AZ 85040

Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Gains Again in June The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (the Foundation) released the June 2013 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry (MCI-EFI). Designed to collect leadership data, the index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as reported by key executives from the $725 billion equipment finance sector. Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is 57.3, an increase from the May index of 56.7, reflecting industry participants’ increasing optimism despite continued moderate growth of business investment in equipment. When asked about the outlook for the future, MCI survey respondent Thomas Jaschik, President, BB&T Equipment Finance, said, “Demand for equipment leases has increased significantly over the last 60 days. Whether this is a seasonal factor or an indicator of an improving economy is subject to debate. If demand continues throughout the summer than perhaps we can give the nod to an improving economy.” June 2013 Survey Results: The overall MCI-EFI is 57.3, an increase from the May index of 56.7. When asked to assess their business conditions over the next four months, 19.4% of executives responding said they believe business conditions will improve over the next four months, up from 9.7% in May. 71% of respondents believe business conditions will remain the same over the next four months, down from 87.1% in May. 9.7% believe business conditions will worsen, up from 3.2% the previous A2Z METALWORKER

34 •July/Aug 2013

month. 19.4% of survey respondents believe demand for leases and loans to fund capital expenditures (capex) will increase over the next four months, up from 12.9% in May. 71% believe demand will “remain the same” during the same four-month time period, down from 80.6% the previous month. 9.7% believe demand will decline, up from 6.5% in May. 19.4% of executives expect more access to capital to fund equipment acquisitions over the next four months, down from 25.8% in May. 80.6% of survey respondents indicate they expect the “same” access to capital to fund business, an increase from 74.2% the previous month. No one expects “less” access to capital, unchanged from May. When asked, 29% of the executives reported they expect to hire more employees over the next four months, an increase from 19.4% in May. 67.7% expect no change in headcount over the next four months, down from 71% last month. 3.2% expect fewer employees, down from 9.7% of respondents who expected fewer employees in May. 90.3% of the leadership evaluates the current U.S. economy as “fair,” unchanged from last month. 9.7% rate it as “poor,” also unchanged from May. 22.6% of survey respondents believe that U.S. economic conditions will get “better” over the next six months, a decrease from 32.3% in May. 71% of survey respondents indicate they believe the U.S. economy will “stay the same” over the next six months, an increase from 64.5% in May. 6.5% believe economic conditions in the U.S.

New MV Series Wire EDM Faster Cutting Speeds Up to 45% reduction in Wire and Filter Cost Improved threading in tall parts and submereged threading and re-threading through the gap at wire break Cyclindrical Drive Technology with the Optical Drive System(Fibre-Optic Communication) MAC Funding available. Flexible payment structures that traditional banks may not be able to provide

Starting at $99,900.00 (MV1200S - #MVS-0159 & #MVS-0160)

800-460-9014 4221 E. Raymond St. #100 Phoenix, AZ 85040

will worsen over the next six months, an increase from 3.2% who believed so last month. In June, 25.8% of respondents indicate they believe their company will increase spending on business development activities during the next six months, unchanged from May. 74.2% believe there will be “no change” in business development spending, and no one believes there will be a decrease in spending, both also unchanged from May.

contributing to strong performance for the equipment finance industry during the remainder of 2013 and into 2014.” Russell Nelson, President, CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

North-South Hosts Gala Open House For Their Customers!

June 2013 MCI Survey Comments from Industry Executive Leadership: Bank, Middle Ticket “The industry outlook is trending in a positive direction. However, the recent data reflects a single month and isn’t yet indicative of a larger trend. While we are currently in a positive environment, U.S. Bank is well positioned to capitalize on the current market conditions.” Anthony Cracchiolo, President and CEO,Vendor Services, U.S. Bank Equipment Finance “Continued market uncertainty and volatility in the U.S. and abroad, mixed economic and industry results, and consideration by the Fed to reduce its stimulus program and increase interest rates are challenging customers on the timing of future capex replacement and/or expansion. Numerous industry segments experiencing modest to robust sales growth and replenished cash reserves during the past 18 months are moving forward with capex plans, A2Z METALWORKER

• 35 •July/Aug 2013


36 •July/Aug 2013


• 37 •July/Aug 2013

“Nelson Engineering is absolutely amazing! I met them, trained them on my templates to prepare for certification to ISO9001/AS9100 Revision C. The next call I received a few months later was that they were ready for the audit. And then, they passed certification with ‘0’ findings!” Bretta Kelly, Owner BMSC, Preparing More than 100 Companies for Certification. to get ISO 9001/ AS9100 certified.Though our current customers weren’t requiring it since they have years of experience working with us, we knew that if we wanted to expand our customer base, particularly in the aerospace industry, it was a must.” “But”, he continued, “We additionally wanted to go through the certification process in order to streamline our quality process - we simply had too many procedures.”

For over 50 years, Nelson Engineering Co. has manufactured high precision sheet metal and machined products for the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, medical and commercial industries. John Anglin, president of the company for the past 3 years, says, “We have experienced significant growth year over year for last several years. Our team goes through a strategic planning process each year, and our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, andThreats) Analysis revealed that we needed to streamline our processes and invest in capital improvements in order to sustain this kind of growth.” The company has been busy doing just that over the past three years.They installed a superior Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to integrate internal and external management of information across the organization. They acquired a metal spinning company, formerly Metal Spinning Solutions, in order to grow their in-house metal spinning capabilities. They have upgraded their machine tool capabilities, the latest providing them with 5th axis machining and live tooling. And perhaps one of the most important upgrades was their recent certification to ISO9001/AS9100 Revision C. John says, “About a year ago we made the decision


38 •July/Aug 2013

Kevin Lowe, Chief Inspector for Nelson Engineering, added, “Every time we had an audit, we would write a new procedure. Prior to ISO/AS9100 certification, we had 48 procedures.Today, we have 6. And we’ve gone from 5 binders to 2. Bretta adds that Kevin was so thorough that they added flowcharts that weren’t in her templates. “Nelson Engineering helped me to make a process improvement in my templates”, she said. John didn’t interview a number of ISO/AS9100 consultants. “We just picked BMSC, founded and owned by Bretta Kelly. I saw articles in the Metalworker each issue, and there were so many satisfied customers. I know these companies through industry associations, and since they recommended BMSC, I made the decision to go with Bretta.” BMSC offers a range of services for those preparing to certify to ISO/AS9100. The most cost effective package is her template package, which allows the company to receive training on the templates, and then they run with it. For those needing more hand holding, Bretta offers more consulting to support the customer. John says, “We initially purchased the templates, and we decided we’d see how far we could get before needing Bretta’s onsite support. Bretta says, “Kevin emailed me a couple of times after they bought the templates with a few questions. A few months later, when I received his call, I thought he was ready to bring me in. He wasn’t, though, he had completed the entire documented system on his own with no consulting help. He was calling to say that Nelson was ready for the audit. And they were, as they passed the audit with ‘0’ findings!” Kevin says, “Bretta’s system is extremely streamlined and concise.” Both Kevin and John agree that her knowledge of the certification process coupled with her personable and professional approach, made it very easy to work with her.They were also pleased that the ISO9001/AS9100 Revision C certification reduced the work required for the NADCAP approval process. John says it entailed 3 days of audits versus the 4 days required before they were certified. For more information on preparing for ISO9001/AS9100 Revision C certification, contact Bretta Kelly at BMSC (602) 445-9400 or visit the website ( To learn more about Nelson Engineering’s capabilities, contact them at (602) 273-7114 or visit their website (









Ph: 480-615-6353 • Fax: 480-615-6352

Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1235 S. 48th St, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85281 A Z METALWORKER • 39 •July/Aug 2013 2

GD NASSCO to Construct Product Tankers for American Petroleum Tankers

Gladhill Associates International


ISO 9001/14001 RABQSA Certified Online/ Public Lead Auditor Courses Public - In-House/Customized Courses AS9100 RABQSA & AS9110 RABQSA Accredited Lead Auditor *ISO 9001 /*ISO 14001 / *ISO 9100 *ISO/TS 16949 /*OHSAS 18001 & *ISO 17025 Internal Auditing (* Denotes On-Line and Public Courses Available)

Certified Online Training! Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation Documentation - Management Overviews ISO/AS Software Modules

For more information call: 623.939.4412 or visit:

gg.... Jet Processing isisnow n Processing JetJet Processing now n i i c nnc u u o o Announces The Same Great Services n Premier PremierPrecision PrecisionGroup Group - under AAnnn

new Ownership - Noranco --Special Processing -Special Processing

Chemical ChemicalProcessing Processing

Anodize Anodize Conversion Coating Conversion Coating Passivation Passivation 2660 W. Quail Ave,Phoenix, AZ 85027 Painting Painting Dry Film lubricants Dry Film lubricants 623-869-6749 Teflon Coating Teflon Coating

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Assembly Assembly


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623.780.8830 623.780.8830(fax) (fax) •

Construction of the first tanker is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2014, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015, continuing through 2016.The four-ship APT contract will add up to approximately 800 jobs at NASSCO during construction and more than 165 seagoing union jobs during the operation of the vessels. The 610-foot-long tankers are a new “ECO” design that offers improved fuel efficiency and incorporates the latest environmental protection features, including a Ballast Water Treatment System. All of the ECOclass tankers will be constructed at the NASSCO shipyard in San Diego. This contract builds upon the strong relationship NASSCO and APT developed during the construction of five State-class product carriers from 2007 to 2010. The construction and operation of the new vessels are aligned with the Jones Act, which requires that ships carrying cargo between U.S. ports be built in U.S. shipyards.

N A S A Pa r t n e r s with Made-InSpace to Create First Space Bound 3D Printer NASA has officially partnered with Made in Space to develop a printer for space. The goal is to launch the first ever 3D printer in space next year, allowing devices and parts to be manufactured in a zero-gravity environment. Officially called the 3D Printing in Zero-G Experiment, the project will result in a custom 3D printer made specifically for the space agency. The goal is to one day allow space missions to be almost self-sufficient. The 3D printer will allow parts to be manufactured in space and it will also facilitate the creation of tools needed to repair damaged space craft, and to resupply materials that are used up during the course of the missions. One example is the various projects currently in place to put humans on Mars – sending a resupply of consumable items to the planet would take quite a while, making 3D printing a better option.

Lab LabServices Services

Corrosion Resistance Corrosion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Coating Weight Coating Weight Coefficient of Friction Coefficient of Friction Solution Analysis Solution Analysis Millipore Inspection Millipore Inspection

General Dynamics NASSCO announced that it has entered into a contract with an affiliate of American Petroleum Tankers (APT), a company majority owned by funds managed by Blackstone on behalf of its investors, for the design and construction of four 50,000 deadweight ton LNG-conversion-ready product carriers with a 330,000 barrel cargo capacity. The contract includes options to build four additional ships.

40 •July/Aug 2013

Made in Space’s CEO Aaron Kemmer said: “The 3D printing experiment with NASA is a step towards the future. The ability to 3D print parts and tools on-demand greatly increases the reliability and safety of space missions while also dropping the cost by orders of magnitude.The first printers will start by building test coupons, and will then build a broad range of parts, such as tools and science equipment.”



YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE SWISS MADE QUALITY Tornos Swiss ST 26 for turned parts up to 26 mm. Amazingly affordable Swiss Made quality. Now it pays to invest in high performance and productivity with the new Swiss ST 26. Two totally independent tool systems provide balanced operations, 7 linear axes, 2 C-axes and conversion to a guide-bush-less machine in only 30 minutes. The Swiss ST 26 is equipped with the most powerful and dynamic spindle and counter spindle ever built for this class of machine, allowing extreme machining capabilities. Choose from three turnkey equipment packs: “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Medical”. Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT;






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ALL RESIN REGEN DONE IN HOUSE, NO COUPONS!    ALL RESIN REGEN DONE IN HOUSE, NO COUPONS! ALL RESIN REGEN DONE IN HOUSE, NO COUPONS!  LOCAL PICK UP AND DELIVERY $20 TOTAL    AND DELIVERY $20 TOTAL LOCAL PICK UP   DESERT EDM Sales   16524 E Laser Dr #5 DESERT EDM Sales DESERT EDM Sales E Laser Dr #5 Fountain Hills, AZ16524 85268 16524 E Laser Dr #5 *Fountain Hills, 866-287-1378 AZ 85268 Tel: 480-816-6300 Toll-Free: Tel: 480-816-6300 * Toll-Free: 866-287-1378 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 


4+ $110 each $125

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ALMAR TOOLS, INC A leader in the custom tool manufacturing industry and CNC tool sharpening Manufacture of special end mills, form cutters, step drills, and step reamers Manufacture of special shapes and contours on the cutting edge of technology Dedicated in complex solid carbide form cutters with a prompt delivery Quotes returned same day with PDF drawing

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Foreign manufacturers bringing jobs to U.S. For decades, U.S. manufacturers fled the country for China to drive down labor costs, then shipped products halfway around the world to sell to Americans, costing the U.S. millions of jobs. Now, some foreign manufacturers are turning that offshoring trend on its head. In 2011, British-based Rolls-Royce began making engine parts in Virginia and shipping them to jet engine factories in Europe and Asia.That same year, Germany-based Siemens started making power-plant turbines in Charlotte, N.C., shipping them mostly to Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Remarkably, the long-jilted U.S. is becoming a manufacturing hotbed for dozens of foreign companies in aerospace, energy, chemicals and other sectors. Many want to be closer to customers in the world’s No. 1 market. Others are taking advantage of blossoming U.S. assets such as low energy costs, a relatively healthy economy, highly productive workers and a cheap dollar. From 2007 to 2012, foreign investment in U.S. manufacturing totaled $493 billion, compared with $270 billion the previous six years, according to the Organization for International Investment. Foreign manufacturers aren’t the only ones waking up to the benefits of making things in the U.S. Since 2010, more than 200 companies, mostly U.S.-based, have brought back production to the states.That phenomenon, known as onshoring, has created about 50,000 factory jobs, reported the Reshoring Initiative, an industry coalition. By 2020, onshoring could generate a few million U.S. manufacturing jobs, including hundreds of thousands at foreign companies, Sirkin said.

That could be a boon for U.S. workers. Foreign manufacturers pay U.S. employees 14 percent more than the industry average, OFII figures show. Faced with rising demand from airlines worldwide, Rolls-Royce opted to build a factory in Virginia to make jet engine discs and ship them across the Atlantic Ocean rather than expand plants in the United Kingdom. One reason is to be closer to customers in the Southeast. Boeing began constructing its 787 Dreamliners in Charleston, S.C., in 2011 and Airbus is building its first U.S. assembly plant in Mobile, Ala. Executives of those companies “can see that you’re making quality parts in super-modern facilities with the best working practices,” said William Powers, chief financial officer of Rolls-Royce North America. While automation is part of the story, the Southeast also offered Rolls-Royce a flexible work environment. InVirginia and other Southern right-to-work states where union representation is low, factory employees typically can both set up and operate a machine, as well as run multiple machines. By contrast, in Europe, collective bargaining agreements often limit workers to single, repetitive tasks that increase labor costs. Partly as a result, from 2005 to 2010, worker productivity increased much faster in the U.S. than in western Europe. Also contributing to faster U.S. productivity gains: The country was hit harder by low-cost Asian competition, forcing companies to cut waste and do more with fewer employees. Add the fact that U.S. wages have largely stabilized over the past few years while China’s have risen sharply— and U.S. workers are now a better bargain for multinational companies such as Rolls-Royce. A2Z METALWORKER

• 43 •July/Aug 2013

Business Conditions Report: May 2013 According to the May 2013 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report, metalforming companies anticipate steady business conditions during the next three months. Conducted monthly, the report is an economic indicator for manufacturing, sampling 110 metalforming companies in the United States and Canada.


Your Calibration Experts • Physical and dimensional metrology • Calibration and resurfacing of granite surface plates…our specialty! • Certified ISO Quality System since 1996 • More than 40 years in business NEW CUSTOMERS: MENTION THIS AD FOR A 10% DISCOUNT OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER!

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GRINDING SPECIALISTS CNC • Profiles • OD, ID, Centerless • Threads • Exotic Materials • Aerospace Tolerances 2821 West Willetta Street • Phoenix, AZ 85009 (P) 602-353-8088 (F) 602-353-8035 A2Z METALWORKER

44 •July/Aug 2013

The May report shows that 63% of participants predict that economic activity will remain unchanged during the next three months (up from 56% in April), 23% believe that activity will improve (down from 28% in April) and 14% forecast that activity will decline (compared to 16% in April). Metalforming companies expect little change in incoming orders during the next three months, with 34% anticipating an increase in orders (down from 37% in April), 47% predicting no change (compared to 42% last month) and 19% expecting a decrease in orders (down from 21% in April). Average daily shipping levels increased in May. Forty-one percent of participants report that shipping levels are above levels of three months ago (up from 34% in April), 41% report that shipping levels are the same as three months ago (compared to 44% in April), and 18% report a decrease in shipping levels (down from 22% in April). The percentage of metalforming companies with a portion of their workforce on short time or layoff dipped to 11% in May, down from 14% in April. The May figure is similar to one year ago, when 10% of metalformers reported workers on short time or layoff. “Suppliers of metal parts and assemblies experienced modest gains in orders during the first quarter of 2013, but suffered a 6% decrease in shipments compared to March 2012,” said William E. Gaskin, PMA president. “The automotive market is the sector with the strongest shipments, but most other markets have leveled off or declined somewhat from levels consistent with 2012. Expectations for the balance of the year rest on whether Congress and the President are able to address the critical budget and tax issues faced by all manufacturers. Congress and the President need to set aside their partisan differences and take action to ensure that the manufacturing sector continues to grow.” The monthly Business Conditions Report has been conducted by PMA since 1979. Full report results are available at public/business_reports/pdf/BCREP.pdf. PMA is the full-service trade association representing the $113-billion metalforming industry of North America—the industry that creates precision metal products using stamping, fabricating, spinning, slide forming and roll forming technologies, and other value-added processes. Its nearly 900 member companies also include suppliers of equipment, materials and services to the industry. PMA leads innovative member companies toward superior competitiveness and profitability through advocacy, networking, statistics, the PMA Educational Foundation, FABTECH and METALFORM tradeshows, and MetalForming and Fabricating Product News magazines.

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• 45 •July/Aug 2013

Let Our Robots Lower Your Welding Costs! Robotic welding cells to meet your manufacturing needs. !

Researchers From US, Other NationsTurn Cement Into Metal Using Lasers The Atlantic reports, “A collective of researchers from the US, Finland, Germany, and Japan, working with the US Department of Energy, has developed a way to make metal out of the straw of the contemporary world: cement. The process they discovered, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, transforms liquid cement into a kind of glass-metal fusion that is exceptionally good at conducting heat and electricity. The resulting hybrid, the scientists say, can be used as a semiconductor in electronics: it offers good conductivity, low energy loss in magnetic fields, better resistance to corrosion than traditional metal, less brittleness than traditional glass, and fluidity for ease of processing and molding.”

GenCorp’s Aerojet: Rocketdyne deal to save U.S. $1 bln


Aerojet Rocketdyne, the new company formed after GenCorp Inc’s acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, said it has promised the U.S. government $1 billion in savings over the next decade as a result of the deal, with an additional $2 billion in savings possible in later phases of the merger.

K-ZELL METALS (602) 232-5882 /

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Aerojet Rocketdyne President Warren Boley told Reuters that the new company, a wholly owned unit of GenCorp, expected to double its revenues over the next five years from a current combined estimate of $1.7 billion. He said the company was also looking at other business opportunities, and would soon sign a memorandum of understanding on a “significant strategic relationship” with Israel Military Industries that could evolve into a joint venture in the future.

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46 •July/Aug 2013

Gold Tech Industries, an ISO:9001/AS9100 Rev. C, Precision Plating and Metal Finishing Company, Is Now Fully NADCAP Accredited! Gold Tech Industries knows that to continue to service their customers, they must embrace continuous improvement. In 2011, they achieved ISO:9001/AS9100 Revision C certification, then in 2012, NADCAP accreditation for three of their special processes. This year, they took the next step to achieve NADCAP accreditation on all 10 of their special processes. This ITAR registered company is preparing to celebrate its 30th year in business and is a recognized leader in precision plating and metal finishing applications for the aerospace, defense, automotive, commercial, telecommunications, and semiconductor industries.Their customers are located throughout the world, and they include Boeing, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman. The team at Gold Tech that spearheaded the rigorous NADCAP accreditation includes: Brett Malacky, Project Manager; Julie Flickinger, Quality Manager; Mark Duschek, Environmental Compliance Manager; and Daren Hess, Technical Process Manager. Mark says, “We knew the accreditation to 10 processes was going to be a challenge, as we had been through it just over a year ago for 3 processes. It was, indeed, more than 3-fold the effort, but we are so excited that we can now offer these accredited processes for all of our customers.” Brett added, “We know that our customers, the Prime Contractors and their supply chains, had made NADCAP accreditation a requirement, and we achieved the accreditation as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and superior customer service.” The company built its reputation on superior product quality, cycle time, and customer satisfaction. This position in the industry has, in part, resulted from the company’s ability and willingness to respond to challenging proposals involving exotic base materials, unique design configurations, and intricate plating and masking requirements. Brett says, “We successfully accomplish these challenges because of the expertise of our staff, and our management team has a combined 171 years of tenure with the company.” Gold Tech’s NADCAP Accredited Metal Finishing & Plating Processes GoldTech Industries’ Aerospace Division works with the following substrates: Aluminum, Copper, Mu Metal, Steel Alloys, Beryllium Copper, Hastelloy, Nickel Alloys, Silver, Brass, Invar, Kovar, Tellurium Copper, Inconel, Monel, and Stainless Steel. Processes Include: • • • • • • • • • •

Bright Nickel: QQ-N-290, AMS 2403, AMS 2423 Chemfilm (Alodine): MIL-C-5541, MIL-C-81706, MIL-DTL-5541, MIL-DTL-14072 Copper: MIL-C-14550, ASTM B734, AMS 2418 Electroless Nickel: MIL-C-26074, AMS-C-26074, AMS 2404, ASTM B733 Gold: ASTM B488, AMS 2422, MIL-DTL-45204 Passivation: AMS-QQ-P-35, ASTM A967, AMS 2700 Silver: QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, AMS 2410, AMS 2412 Sulfamate Nickel: MIL-P-27418, AMS 2424 Tin: MIL-T-10727, ASTM B545 (matte and bright) Tin-Lead: MIL-P-81728, AMS-P-81728

Daren says, “This past year we added ‘bright tin’ to our list of processes.We offered matte tin in the past, but a number of customers were requesting the bright tin finish, so we accommodated their requirements.” Gold Tech offers an extensive on-site analytical lab and is proud of its commitment to ensuring environmental compliance and safety in their day-to-day operations.


20 •

May/June 2013

For more information, contact Gold Tech Industries today at 480-968-1930 or visit goldtechind. com. A2Z METALWORKER

• 47 •July/Aug 2013

NASA’s Biggest Rocket Yet Aims for 2017 Test Flight NASA’s largest rocket yet, a vehicle under development called the Space Launc h System (SLS), is on track for its first test flight in 2017.

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““II can’t say enough good things about the BART. We run 24/7. I can’t afford downtime. BART lets me remove sand from the tank without shutting down my waterjet. It’s a walk in the park.” Lloyd Sharp Concorde Manufacturing and Fabrication Nogales, Arizona

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48 •July/Aug 2013

 

 

The rocket is designed to carry astronauts farther into the solarsystem than ever before. Meanwhile, NASA plans to leave travel to low-Earth orbit to commercial space companies, which are developing private space taxis to take over the job vacated by the retired space shuttle. “We started working on Space Launch System concepts 10 years ago,” said former astronaut David Leestma, a veteran of three space shuttle missions, who now heads the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “We want to take NASA well beyond the space station. The SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built, and it will be safe, affordable and sustainable.” The new super-rocket will be able to boost 143 tons (130 metric tons) to orbit using many existing components in its construction. The main liquid-fueled engines are leftovers from the shuttle program, as are the giant solid rocket boosters that will flank the rocket. Only the core, or central structure, will be completely new. The solid rocket boosters are being readied by Alliant Techsystems (ATK).They need to be adapted for use on the SLS, and the changes are “right on budget and on schedule for a 2017 unmanned test fight,” said Don Sauvageau, who works at the engine design firm. “Affordability is a big factor, and these will be 30 percent cheaper than they were for the shuttle,” he said. Atop the giant booster will be NASA’s Orion capsule. Orion is slated for a test flight with the Atlas V rocket in 2014, during which the heat shield and re-entry systems will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere at speeds similar to a lunar return. NASA hopes to have Orion ready for a crewed flight by 2021. The lifting ability of the SLS will allow the rocket to deliver payloads to a position called L2 (a stable orbit beyond the moon), perform an asteroid mission, or even fly an unmanned sample return from the moons of Mars. It would also allow NASA to send probes directly to planets like Jupiter without the lengthy gravity-assist swings by Venus and Earth as have been undertaken for missions launched by less powerful rockets. Transit times to the giant planet would be cut down to about three years. The test flight in 2017 is planned to go beyond lunar orbit, with the upper stage of the booster powered by derivatives of Pratt & Whitney/ Rocketdyne’s J2 engines, which date back to the Apollo program.



Looking for speed…power…precision…quick setups…conversational programming, all in a rugged, budget-beating VMC? Whatever you need, look for Doosan’s Mynx or DNM to have it. Looking for speed…power…precision…quick setups…conversational programming, all in a Mynx – models 5400, 6500 or 7500 rugged, budget-beating VMC? Whatever you need, look for Doosan’s Mynx or DNM to have it.

• For parts up to 60 x 30 x 24.6 inches motors from6500 20 toor 407500 HP and speeds to 12,000 rpm Mynx – models 5400, • Spindle 40 up andto50 Plusinches Dual Contact Spindle parts 60with x 30Big x 24.6 • •ForCAT Rapid Traverse Rate 1,181 ipm • •Spindle motors from 20 to 40 HP and speeds to 12,000 rpm CAT 40 and 50 with Big Plus650 DualorContact – models 400, 500, 750 Spindle • DNM Traverse • •Rapid For parts up Rate to 851,181 x 30 xipm 25.6 inches Spindle motors from 15 to and speeds to 15,000 rpm DNM • – models 400, 500, 65030orHP750 40 up taper with BigxPlus Contact Spindle parts to 85 x 30 25.6Dual inches • •ForCAT Rapid Traverse Rate 1,889 ipm • •Spindle motors from 15 to 30 HP and speeds to 15,000 rpm • CAT 40 taper with Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle • Rapid Traverse Rate 1,889 ipm

And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs. And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs.




Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500 215 South Rockford Drive Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A ChapinAZ Road Elk Grove Village, IL 60007Tempe, Tel: 847-437-1010 Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500 Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue 480-968-3711 Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330 Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010 Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330 YOUR HOMETOWN MACHINE TOOL DEALER SERVING ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO SINCE 1967.


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General Dynamics to Deliver U.S. Army’s Newest Tactical Ground Station Intelligence System The U.S. Army awarded a contract to General Dynamics C4 Systems for 10 vehicle-mounted Tactical Ground Station (TGS) Lot D systems with an option for 11 additional systems.The TGS system is part of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A), the Army’s primary deployed system for posting, processing and distributing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information in real time to intelligence analysts and commanders. The order is valued at $31.5 million with all options exercised. The first of the new TGS systems is scheduled for delivery during the third quarter of 2013.

(480) 968-1930 ISO9001:2008/AS9100 Rev C ITAR Registered

Plating & Metal Finishing:

DCGS-A provides Army analysts with access to more than 600 data sources and allows rapid collaboration through shared data access. The General Dynamics-built TGS-Lot D systems allow analysts to comb through millions of classified and unclassified records within minutes, providing commanders with status updates on persons of interest and imminent threats such as improvised explosive devices.

• Gold • Silver • Copper • Bright Nickel • Electroless Nickel • Sulfamate Nickel • Matte Tin • Tin/Lead 60/40 • Chemfilm • Passivation • Polishing • Chrome

TGS systems have been widely deployed to forward operating bases worldwide, providing U.S. military and coalition soldiers with critical force protection intelligence that saves lives at the tactical edge.

We Are a Precious Metal Plating Facility covering the Southwest specializing in Gold and other plating.

The TGS Lot D procurement followed a full-and-open competition and includes TGS vehicle system integration, training materials, field service and support. The new TGS systems will deliver superior information processing capability, secure network communications and collaboration with other intelligence resources worldwide. More information about General Dynamics’ expertise in these mission critical systems is available at

like 1 (lk) v. liked, lik·ing, likes 1. To find pleasant or attractive; enjoy.

Like Is A Very Strong Word!

Go Ahead - Like Us Online! Vol. 1, No. 4 Aug/Sept 2011

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Northern California, Oregon and Washington Edition

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CM Manufacturing, a Montana-based Job Shop, Expands Its Capabilities with The Mazak Integrex®

Heating up World Class Manufacturing with Perfect Parts!


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The licensed technologies offer novel approaches for reading the sequence of bases, or letters, in a single DNA molecule as it is

Boeing Raises Twenty-Year Commercial Jet Forecast Bloomberg News reports Boeing “raised its 20-year forecast for commercial jet demand by 3.8 percent as air traffic outstrips global economic growth and airlines refresh their fleets with $4.8 trillion in new planes.” Randy Tinseth, marketing vice president for commercial airplanes at Boeing, said he did not see a “bubble” in the market even as the company considers raising production rates. However, Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with the Teal Group, warned inexpensive financing and oil prices could change these numbers. Meanwhile, Howard Rubel, an analyst with Jefferies LLC, predicted that Boeing and Airbus would continue to dominate the market as new entrants are just starting to come to the market. The AP reports that speaking ahead of the Bourget international air show in Paris, Tinseth, “said rising oil prices are forcing carriers to think harder about efficiency, and that means smaller planes that burn less fuel.” That “also means design changes, streamlined air traffic control and improved navigation to shave miles (kilometers) off each flight.” The AP notes, “The demand for fuel efficiency has eaten away at orders for the wide-body long haul carriers that are major profit-drivers for Boeing and Airbus, the world’s two biggest aircraft manufacturers.”


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Brian Iannantuono (480) 703-4489 /

After a lengthy battle with low energy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and just being beaten down by life’s stresses, a friend recommended Visalus. I started with the Core Kit in early March 2013 that includes the How I felt 40 days into the incredible Vi-pak vitamins. This product changed my before Visalus 90-day challenge life nearly immediately! I suddenly have more energy, motivation and no longer require anti-depressant medication. In addition, with minimal effort I’ve lost 10 lbs. and sleep better than I have in years without sleep aids! I have gained the desire and motivation to exercise every chance I get instead of feeling that I have to. This product CHANGED MY LIFE so much that I felt obligated to become a promoter and help others that wish to CHANGE THEIR LIFE as well. I feel the need to pay-it-forward and assist people that want to be the best they can be. Take the 90-day challenge, it comes with a 90-day Money-Back Results Guarantee, but you won’t need it because your going to get RESULTS! You really don’t know how bad you feel until you feel GOOD! EMPLOYERS: Is your staff growing before your eyes without hiring anyone? A leaner, energetic and healthier staff is more productive and presentable staff that will miss less time due to illness. Please contact me and we can organize a challenge party that could give your staff the incentive to be the best they can be. There’s just nothing better than feeling good, releasing positive energy and getting noticed!

at the earliest, and even then with a temporary upper stage adapted from the Delta IV.

Household Wealth Beginning To Rise Again New data shows American household wealth rebounding in recent months, with the Wall Street Journal reporting a new Federal Reserve study found the net worth of US households rose 4.5 percent in the first quarter of 2013 to $70.35 trillion – the highest level since at least 2007. USA Today reports, “That topped the previous peak of $68 trillion in the third quarter of 2007, just before the recession began. In the January-March quarter, gains in stocks and mutual funds accounted for about half the nation’s $3 trillion increase in wealth. Rising home prices made up about one-fourth. The rest came from higher pension fund reserves, greater ownership of cars and other goods and lower debts.” The NewYork Times reports, “The implosion of the housing sector, and the stock market tumble in 2008 and early 2009 took a huge toll on the net worth of American families. Between 2007 and 2008, household net worth dropped by nearly $13 trillion, a decline of nearly 20 percent.” The Times notes, “The Federal Reserve report also showed that Americans continued to reduce debt levels and strengthen their personal balance sheets. Household borrowing sank by an annual rate of 0.6 percent in the first quarter of 2013.”

Delcam expands North American support team Lockheed Martin Orion capsule completes 227227 structural testing Lockheed Martin’s Orion spacecraft has finished structural testing and is structurally prepared for its first launch in September, 2014. The capsule was tested to 110% of expected loads from such traumatic events as launch, separation and re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. “The static loads campaign is our best method of testing to verify what works on paper will work in space,” says Charlie Lundquist, NASA’s Orion crew and service module manager. “This is how we validate our design.” Small cracks discovered in 2012 after limited structural testing raised concerns about the design of the Lockheed spacecraft.Though Lockheed repaired the damage and expressed confidence in its solution, the formal completion of structural tests is a relief to both the company and NASA. Orion is scheduled for a first flight in September, 2014, atop a Boeing Delta IV launch vehicle. Though not capable of reaching the velocity necessary to escape Earth’s gravity well using the Delta IV, NASA projects the capsule will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere with 84% of the energy required for a lunar flight. Orion will enter orbit propelled by the Space Launch System, a Space Shuttle-derived series of solid rocket motors capable of boosting such payloads as far as the Moon and even Mars. SLS will not fly until 2017 A2Z METALWORKER

52 •July/Aug 2013

Delcam is pleased to announce a further expansion of its North American support resources with the addition of Mike Hillier and Rob Kobielski to the post-sales support team. The appointment follows a record year for Delcam in North America in 2012, with sales of software and maintenance up by more than 25% over 2011, and further growth expected this year. Before joining Delcam, Rob was a Secondary School Technological Studies teacher with Kincardine District Secondary School. During his four-year tenure, he taught numerous courses in manufacturing, construction and technological design. Outside of regular school hours, Rob was the faculty advisor and coach to Kincardine & District Secondary School’s world finalist robotics team. Prior to teaching, Rob worked in manufacturing industry for six years as a CNC machinist and mould designer with specialized skills in CAD, CAM and CNC. Mike has worked for the last thirteen years as a general machinist with leading companies in the plastics-manufacturing and systemsintegration industries. Mike’s experience working in one of the largest tool and die areas in the world has enabled him to become highly proficient with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining and PowerSHAPE CAD software for tooling design. Mike also has a teaching background with St. Clair College as a motorcycle instructor. If you are interested in finding out more about career opportunities available with Delcam, please go to

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ONE EVERYTHING COMPANY. YOU NEED. When it comes to abrasive waterjet machining, OMAX Corporation has everything you need. We understand that in today’s challenging marketplace, you need a partner that can provide the comprehensive solutions you need to be productive and stay competitive. OMAX is a single-source provider of the industry’s most innovative abrasive waterjet technology. With the OMAX and MAXIEM lines of waterjet equipment, we offer a complete range of capabilities from industry standard to high performance. When it comes to waterjets, OMAX is the only partner you need.

OMAX offers a complete line of high performance waterjet technology with cutting envelope sizes ranging from 2' x 2' to 13' 4" x 46' 8".

The MAXIEM line of affordable waterjet solutions includes machines with cutting envelope sizes ranging from 2' 6" x 2' 6" to 13' 4" x 53' 4".

Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 480-615-6353 WWW.OMAX.COM 1.800.838.0343


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4 companies explain their moves to Phoenix The Greater Phoenix Economic Council hosted a forum last month at its downtown Phoenix office to feature companies that it helped bring to the Valley.

In the past three years, GPEC worked with more than 100 companies to expand or relocate to the greater Phoenix region, and this fiscal year has helped more than 30 companies come to the area, said Barry Broome, GPEC’s president and CEO.

• New-York based ZocDoc opened a Scottsdale office three months ago to reach a West Coast audience for its free website and application that allows patients to find a nearby doctor or dentist.

Keith Diekmann, Dalsin’s operations manager, said the incentives provided to companies to move to the Valley are mainly for large companies. Dalsin has 180 employees, with 42 jobs here, and couldn’t qualify for the incentives.“It would be nice to have incentives for smaller businesses,” Diekmann said.

• Dalsin Industries Inc., a family-owned custom sheet metal fabrication company based in Bloomington, Minn., opened a west Phoenix regional manufacturing facility in December because the state is close to California, has a multitude of direct flights and is close to subcontractors and vendors the company works with.

The three companies who moved here also liked the existing empty buildings that are generally move-in ready. GPEC keeps a list of the large, vacant properties in the area to provide to companies, Broome said.

• Silent-Aire, a Canadian custom HVAC and data center cooling systems manufacturer, opened a Gilbert manufacturing facility in April. The company chose the state for its mild winters, proximity to SiliconValley and it’s only a three-hour direct flight to Edmonton. • Stealth Software, a Dutch software development company, announced in February it was opening its U.S. headquarters in the Phoenix area, but is still choosing a site. These four growing companies say the area’s highly-skilled workforce, low cost of living, and general business climate were among the factors why company CEOs chose the state.

ZocDoc has 10,000 square feet in Scottsdale, and has plans to have 600 local employees and move to a bigger office. Dalsin leased a 75,000-square-foot building to hold its large machines, and has plans for future expansion. The plan is for 150 local employees. Silent-Aire moved into an existing 50,000-square-foot building to double its manufacturing capacity and put the company into a position for future growth. About 100-150 employees are expected in the new few years. Stealth Software has plans to hire 200 people and wants to help put Arizona on the global map.“We want to help push Arizona into a high degree of excellence to be recognized around the world,” said Marty Schwarzkopf, who works in business development. A2Z METALWORKER

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Raytheon books Paveway™ II contract

The best brand’s, the best service, the best prices.  Your one stop shop for Metal Fabrication Equipment.  Piranha Ironworkers  Ermak Press Brakes and Shears  Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders  PemSerter Hardware Insertion          Retro Systems Plasma  ff




ta nS

             Hyd­Mech Saws 

vic Ser


                          Norlok Clinching and Fastening  FMB Saws 


laser cutting welding forming The best brand’s, the best service, the best prices.  tube bending Your one stop shop for Metal Fabrication Equipment.  Piranha Ironworkers  Ermak Press Brakes and Shears Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders  PemSerter Hardware Insertion 

       Retro Systems Plasma  ff





             Hyd­Mech Saws 

v Ser

     Tigerstop Measuring Systems 


                          Norlok Clinching and Fastening 







56 •July/Aug 2013

Your one stop shop for Metal Fabrication Equipment. 

Raytheon continues to evolve Paveway™ to meet the needs of the U.S. armed forces asPiranha Ironworkers  well as allied nations. The Raytheon Paveway™ family offers precision guidance kits compatible across a broad Ermak Press Brakes and Shears  spectrum of warheads. Enhanced versions of Paveway™ include Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System guidance capabilities. Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders  These combine the precision and flexibility of traditional laser-guided PemSerter Hardware Insertion  weapons with the all-weather capability of GPS guidance, resulting in a weapon that decreases the required sortie count and weapons inventory         Retro Systems Plasma  while simultaneously increasing the mission success rate. f f Sta vic Ser

     Tigerstop Measuring Systems 

ta nS

Raytheon Company booked a $106 million contract for its combatproven Paveway™ II family of precision-guided munitions.The company was awarded the direct commercial sale from an international customer. The contract includes Paveway™ kits for both GBU-12 (500lb) and GBU-58 (250lb) guided bombs. Paveway™ is a Raytheon-designed kit that transforms “dumb” bombs into precision-guided munitions. The best brand’s, the best service, the best prices.  The contract order was booked in Raytheon’s second quarter of 2013.



             Hyd­Mech Saws 

Jet Airways To Purchase More Boeing Aircraft      Tigerstop Measuring Systems                             Norlok Clinching and Fastening  Bloomberg News reports Jet Airways “is considering an order for Boeing

Co. 737 planes, K.G. Vishwanath, the Mumbai-based carrier’s vice FMB Saws  president of commercial strategy, told analysts. He didn’t disclose the 480­545­0275  number of aircraft or a timeframe.” Bloomberg News reports, “Carriers in India will  1,450 new airplanes worth $175 billion over the next 20 years, Boeing forecast in February.”

U.S. manufacturing technology orders have best year since 1996 December U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $499.43 million according to AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the The best brand’s, the best service, the best prices.  USMTO program, was up 17.8% from November but down 9.4% when Your one stop shop for Metal Fabrication Equipment.  compared with the total of $550.99 million reported for December 2011. With a year-end total of $5,705.58 million, 2012 was up 2.6% Piranha Ironworkers  compared with 2011. Ermak Press Brakes and Shears 

These numbers and all data in this report are based on the totals of actual Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders  data reported by companies participating in the USMTO program. PemSerter Hardware Insertion 

“Finishing 2012 with the highest order total in 16 years certainly confirms the        Retro Systems Plasma  renaissance of U.S. manufacturing,” said Douglas K.Woods, f taf nS O AMT President. “This also shows the resilience of the industry in the face               Hyd­Mech Saws  ech eT vic r e of GDP contraction in the fourth quarter, along with fiscal and political S       Tigerstop Measuring Systems  concerns that have been overshadowing much of the general economy.”                            Norlok Clinching and Fastening 

The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) FMB Saws  report, compiled by the trade association representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, provides regional and 480­545­0275  national U.S. orders data of domestic and imported machine tools.  Analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.


It’s time to shift gears—by combining complex machining processes on standard machines. Revolutionary gear-milling solutions from DMG / Mori Seiki USA enable all types of gear machining with innovative milling programs and off-the-shelf tooling—so you can slash setup times and boost profit.

Machining is believing.

Ellison Machinery Company 1610 S. Priest Dr. #101, Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-968-5335 s




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Are You Ready To Outsource Your Internal Audits And Management Reviews? If you are struggling with any of the following things call Bretta Kelly at BMSC today 602-445-9400 and let us get you scheduled for the next two years of system maintenance:  Not finding opportunities for improvement from your internal audits  Not enough internal resources to conduct internal audits  Do not feel like the Management Reviews are effective or productive  Want a third set of eyes to see where you can improve  Want continued education on the AS9100C/ISO 9001:2008 Standard from RABQSA Certified Lead Auditors  Don’t want to wait until right before the next surveillance audit to get the audits and management reviews conducted!

BMSC is now offering packages to come in and conduct Internal Process Audits and Facilitate Management Reviews to ensure you are effectively collecting data, measuring performance to meaningful and measureable objectives, reviewing the results of internal audits and continually verifying the effectiveness of all actions coming from your ISO 9001:2008 or AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008 System. Contact us today BMSC, LLC 602-445-9400 Orbital Selected By NASA For $50 Million Contract To Build Icon SpaceWeather Satellite Orbital Sciences Corporation announced that it has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to design, manufacture, integrate and test a new heliophysics science satellite that will investigate the connection between space weather storms in the ionosphere, located at the edge of outer space, and Earth’s terrestrial weather. Orbital will provide its LEOStar-2 spacecraft platform and conduct systems integration and test for the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission at its Dulles, VA satellite design and production facilities. Orbital’s contract for the two-year mission is valued at $50 million. The mission, which will be led by the University of California at Berkeley, is currently planned for launch in 2017. The mission of the ICON satellite is to study the interface between the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space in response to a recent scientific discovery that the ionosphere, positioned at the edge of space where the Sun ionizes the air to create charged particles, is significantly influenced by storms in the lower atmosphere. ICON will also help NASA better understand how atmospheric winds control ionospheric variability. The mission, chosen for its scientific value and low-risk development plan, will improve the forecasts of extreme space weather by probing the variability of Earth’s ionosphere with in-situ and remote-sensing instruments. Fluctuations in the ionosphere can disrupt satellite and radio communications from A2Z METALWORKER

58 •July/Aug 2013

low- and geostationary-orbit communications spacecraft, creating a direct impact on the nation’s economy. The scientific findings resulting from the ICON mission could, for example, benefit commercial aircraft, as GPS signals can be distorted by chargedparticle storms in the ionosphere. ICON was awarded under NASA’s Explorer series of lower-cost and highly-productive space science satellites. Orbital has built multiple Explorer satellites for NASA, including the in-orbit NuSTAR, Swift, GALEX, AIM and IBEX spacecraft. In addition, Orbital was recently awarded a $75 million contract to design, build, integrate and test, as well as to perform mission operations, for another Explorer satellite, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The ICON program is being led by Principal Investigator (PI) Dr. Thomas Immel of the University of California/Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory (UCB/SSL) and mission management is performed by UCB/SSL under NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Explorers program. The ICON mission will rely on Orbital’s LEOStar-2 platform, a flexible, high-performance spacecraft for space and Earth science, remote sensing and other applications. The LEOStar-2 series of spacecraft have supported multiple missions for commercial and government customers over the past 15 years. The current LEOStar-2 product line has demonstrated an exceptional record for reliability, with four currently in orbit, another in production, and the TESS and ICON programs to be started later this year.



OKUMA GENOS M560V High-Performance Vertical Machining Center CALL FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNT

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• 59 •July/Aug 2013

Raytheon gets $80M Navy contract to build 200 missiles Raytheon Co., a defense and aerospace technology giant, recently won an $80.5 million contract with the U.S. Navy for the procurement of its Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) missiles, which are a group of airto-ground weapons that use an integrated GPS navigation system and terminal imaging infrared seeker, which guides the weapon to the target. Some of the work will be done at Raytheon’s missile division in Tucson.

Obama Admin. Seeks Applicants for ‘Investing in Manufacturing Communities’ Partnership The Obama Administration announced that it is accepting applications for the first phase of the “Investing in Manufacturing Communities” Partnership, a new initiative outlined in the President’s fiscal year 2014 budget that will help accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing and create jobs across the country.

Phase One of the “Investing in Manufacturing Communities” Partnership: In the first phase of this effort, the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture as well as the Small Business Administration and Environmental Protection Agency will award at least 25 grants of up to $200,000 each to help regions develop long-term economic development strategies intended to create a globally competitive environment that will attract, retain and expand investment and spur international trade and exports. These “Implementation Strategies” will encourage collaboration at the local level to identify the region’s comparative advantages and assets, and plan investments to expand the area’s appeal to manufacturers. Phase Two of the “Investing in Manufacturing Communities” Partnership: President Obama’s fiscal year 2014 budget includes funds for the Department of Commerce to award five to six IMCP “Challenge” grants, expected to be up to $25 million each. These funds are intended to be supplemented by coordinated investments from several other federal departments and agencies.The 2014 challenge will reward communities for having the best long-term strategies for attracting private investment and increasing exports, and should combine many of the elements companies seek when they are deciding where to locate or expand, such as: specialized research centers at local universities; business incubators focused on targeted technology sectors; community college programs to train workers in targeted industries; public works projects to upgrade infrastructure or enhance energy efficiency; viable export promotion plans; well-integrated supply chains; and an engaged community of local government, education, workforce, and business leaders. To apply for FiscalYear 2013 Implementation Strategy grants, please visit:

EVIT adult class trains in-demand precision machinists Few occupations touch our daily lives as much as the precision machinist. Check out everything that may be around you right now: phone, computer, lamp, pen. Every item, every part, was manufactured by machine – and the people who run those machines are in high demand. A2Z METALWORKER

60 • July/Aug 2013

Dedicated to Providing Spirited Service and Unsurpassed Quality FULL SERVICE NDT AND CHEMICAL PROCESSING FACILITY

Announcing Certifications To Bell Helicopter, a Textron Company Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Level III ASNT Certified Nondestructive Testing Services  Industrial Radiography  Ultrasonic Immersion and Contact  Penetrant Inspection  Magnetic Particle Inspection  De-magnization Unit

Chemical, Clean and Paint Processes Chemical Cleaning Passivation  Pre-penetrant Etching  Anodize Type I, II, III  AF5333 Clean Process  Chemical Conversion Coating

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There were 5,295 precision manufacturing jobs nationwide posted in the last 30 days alone, according to a search June 12 on the job website 100 were posted in Arizona. Valley business leaders say they are struggling to find qualified workers to operate the lathe, the CNC machine and other tools of the precision machining trade. They’ve even gone so far as to hire workers from temp agencies and then train them to do the work. So to help meet the demand, the East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa and Maricopa Workforce Connections have partnered to offer a precision manufacturing class for adults. The 11-month class starts Aug. 12 and will be 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday at the Dr. A. Keith Crandell (Main) Campus, 1601 W. Main St., in Mesa. By the end of the course, participants will be prepared for the NIMS (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) certification exam. MaricopaWorkforce Connections is identifying people who could benefit from the training

3027 E. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85034

Special Processes Pressure Testing  Assembly and Bonding Application  Filtered Pressure Flushing  Ultrasonic Cleaning  Solid Particle Cleanliness Testing  Film Duplication  Abrasive Blasting  Descaling & Derusting  Borescope Inspection  Millipore Clean & Inspection  Part Marking / Silkscreen  Flow and Target Testing 

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problem. “People think it’s a dark den with grease dripping on floors, a sweat shop.”

At one point in time, the U.S. had a large manufacturing workforce, but as work was moved offshore, their ranks dwindled, Parker said. Now as workers age, the industry is at a crossroads where it must recruit new ones.

But today’s manufacturing plants are cleaner and more sophisticated. For instance, West Pharmaceuticals manufactures insulin pens for diabetics and EpiPens to treat anaphylaxis.

“There are a lot of opportunities available,” said Todd Kuhn, director of engineering and tooling technology for West Pharmaceuticals Services Inc. in Scottsdale, which recently hired two students who completed EVIT’s high school precision manufacturing program. Kuhn said there’s actually a misconception that all U.S. manufacturing is done overseas, when much of it is still done in the United States. The industry has struggled to attract young people for training “in an age of video games and iPhones.They don’t think about technology in industrial fields,” he said. Instead, he added, they are drawn to video game schools thinking they’ll develop the next Xbox game, when in reality, very few will do so. Parker said manufacturing has also suffered from an image

Kuhn said most precision machinists start at $15 to $17 per hour and can easily double that over the course of their career to $30 to $35 per hour. Parker said the national average pay is about $77,000. Academically, precision machining requires a basic background in math. And, while manufacturing may sound like men’s work, women tend to be particularly good at it, especially the detailed work, Parker said. In fact, someone in a salon who uses a manicure drill is actually doing a type of precision machining. Precision manufacturing is just one of more than 40 adult education programs offered at EVIT. For more information, call (480) 4614028 or visit 61 61••July/Aug July/Aug 2013

2 AA2Z ZMETALWORKER METALWORKER•• (602) 269-7868 • (888) 700-7868 2514 N 33rd Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85009 ISO 9001:2000 Certified AS9100 Certified

NDT and Inspection Services

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Organic Polymers Show Sunny Potential: Groundwork Laid for Block Copolymer Solar Cells A new version of solar cells created by laboratories at Rice and Pennsylvania State universities could open the door to research on a new class of solar energy devices. The photovoltaic devices created in a project led by Rice chemical engineer Rafael Verduzco and Penn State chemical engineer Enrique Gomez are based on block copolymers, self-assembling organic materials that arrange themselves into distinct layers.They easily outperform other cells with polymer compounds as active elements. While commercial, silicon-based solar cells turn about 20 percent of sunlight into electricity and experimental units top 25 percent, there’s been an undercurrent of research into polymer-based cells that could greatly reduce the cost of solar energy, Verduzco said. The Rice/Penn State cells reach about 3 percent efficiency, but that’s surprisingly better than other labs have achieved using polymer compounds. “You need two components in a solar cell: one to carry (negative) electrons, the other to carry positive charges,” Verduzco said. The imbalance between the two prompted by the input of energy -- sunlight -- creates useful current. Since the mid-1980s, researchers have experimented with stacking or mixing polymer components with limited success, Verduzco said. Later polymer/fullerene mixtures topped 10 percent efficiency, but the fullerenes -- in this case, enhanced C-60 buckyballs -- are difficult to work with, he said. The Rice lab discovered a block copolymer -- P3HT-b-PFTBT -- that separates into bands that are about 16 nanometers wide. More interesting to the researchers was the polymers’ natural tendency to form bands perpendicular to the glass.The copolymer was created in the presence of a glass/indium tin oxide (ITO) top layer at a modest 165 degrees Celsius. With a layer of aluminum on the other side of the device constructed by the Penn State team, the polymer bands stretched from the top to bottom electrodes and provided a clear path for electrons to flow. “On paper, block copolymers are excellent candidates for organic solar cells, but no one has been able to get very good photovoltaic performance using block copolymers,”Verduzco said. “We didn’t give up on the idea of block copolymers because there’s really only been a handful of these types of solar cells previously tested. We thought getting good performance using block copolymers was possible if we designed the right materials and fabricated the solar cells under the right conditions.” He said the researchers want to experiment with other block copolymers and learn to control their structures to increase the solar cell’s ability to capture photons and turn them into electricity. Once they have achieved higher performance from the cells, the team will look at long-term use. The National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the

Welch Foundation, the Shell Center for Sustainability and the Louis and Peaches Owen Family Foundation supported the research.

BAE to supply hardware for US Army’s ATIRCM system

missile seeker. Originally launched in 2009, the CIRCM competition covers development and installation of missile jammer on the US military helicopters to increase defence against heat-seeking missiles, such as those launched from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS). Having logged more than 125,000 hours with a field reliability measure in excess of 700 hours, the system is claimed to be represents the most reliable laser-based directable infrared countermeasure technology to have been fielded since 2008.

BAE Systems has been awarded a $68m contract for supply of hardware for the US Ar my’s advanced threat infrared countermeasure (ATIRCM) system. The AN/ALQ-212(V) ATIRCM is a directable infrared countermeasures suite designed to detect missile launches/flights, safeguard aircraft from infrared (IR) guided missiles, while also delivering threat awareness and IR countermeasures using an airborne selfprotection system. Passive warning of a missile approach is being provided using BAE’s AN/AAR-57 common missile warning system (CMWS); it provides passive warning of an appoaching missile by cuing ATIRCM’s jam head to the missile’s location. Upon discovering the missile, the jam head emits an energy beam to defeat the incoming

Arizona congressional delegates tackle state’s manufacturing challenges by Ilana Lowery, Editor-Phoenix Business Journal Education and the need for more skilled workers in the state’s manufacturing sector was front and center at the Arizona Manufacturers Council’s 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Summit held last month in downtown Phoenix. The most interesting part was a bipartisan panel discussion focusing on federal issues affecting manufacturing. Participants included congressional representatives from Arizona, U.S. Reps. Matt Salmon (Dist. 5), David Schweikert (Dist. 6) and Kyrsten Sinema (Dist. 9).

Moderator Aric Newhouse, senior vice president for policy and government relations for the National Association of Manufacturers, led the discussion. It touched on a number of topics including federal funding, tax reform and the frustrations the representatives face inWashington when they try to get anything done. Watch the video above to see part of their discussion. Manufacturing industry experts from across the state also participated on two additional panels: • Arizona MEP (Manufacturer Extension Partnership) of the Future — Helping Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers Grow Organically was moderated by Steve Macias, chairman of the Arizona Manufacturers Council. Panelists included Al Sanders, MEP Program Advisor for the Arizona Commerce Authority and Brian Sherman, senior vice president of business development, also with the ACA. • Arizona Skills Certification — The Next Generation of Manufacturing Employees was moderated by Rick Hansen, associate director, Center for Workforce Development for Maricopa Community Colleges. Participating on the panel were Dante Fierros, president, Nichols Precision; Randy Kimmens, director, enter for Workforce Development for MCC; Thomas Tyree, president of the State Board or Education and superintendent of schools for Yuma County; Carolyn Warner, founder and president Corporate/Education Consulting Inc.; and AlexWright, Coconino Community College. A2Z METALWORKER

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AM General’s BRV-O JLTV readies for government testing AM General is preparing its blast resistant vehicle-off road (BRV-O), which is being offered for the US Army and Marine Corps’ joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) program for government testing at its light tactical vehicle assembly line. Around 22 BRV-O vehicle prototypes are currently being manufactured by02/16/10 the company as part of a 24-month $64.5m JLTV engineering, manufacturing and development (EMD) phase contract A2Z Metalworker awarded by the army in August 2012. 1/3 page square - 5 3/8 x 5 3/8" The vehicles are being developed in two versions: a four-seat combat tactical vehicle designed to support three different mission package configurations, and a two-seat combat support vehicle for supporting a utility mission package configuration for different roles across the full spectrum of military operations. Following the departure of BRV-O vehicles from LTVAL plant, the company will also receive additional mission packages for conversion into a specific mission package configuration, such as the heavy guns carrier. Each vehicle will undergo the company’s break-in and shake-down testing prior to delivery to the US military. Already proven effective in government-supervised blast testing, the multi-role BRV-O is designed to meet or exceed 100% of the JLTV EMD phase evaluation criteria in terms of protection, performance, A2Z METALWORKER

64 •July/Aug 2013

payload, transportability, reliability and affordability. Readily deployable by air, land and sea with a 3,500lb payload, the vehicle is equipped with a C4ISR backbone with open-standard networked architecture and clustered super-computing power, and can also adapt to future changes in US military mission requirements, tactics and evolving threats. Other two JLTV EMD contract recipients include Lockheed martin and Oshkosh Defence.

Harris to supply Falcon II radios to undisclosed foreign customer Harris has been awarded a contract to deliver its range of Falcon II tactical communication systems to an undisclosed country. Representing the next phase of the nation’s tactical radio modernisation programme, the $55m contract covers supply of both line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight tactical communications capabilities. Under the contract, Harris will deliver Falcon RF-5800H high-frequency and RF-5800V very-high-frequency (VHF) radios, as well as related accessories for deployment as part of a larger battlefield communications system. Equipped with automatic link establishment (ALE) and highperformance third-generation ALE (3G), RF-5800H is an advanced high-frequency (HF) manpack radio designed to provide troops with secure voice and data communications in harsh battlefield conditions where line of sight communications are not an option. Capable of providing continuous coverage in the 1.6MHz-60MHz frequenc y band, the software defined MIL-STD-810G-compliant radio ensures consistent, secure communications even in the presence of jamming.


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As Wars End, a Rush to Grab Dollars Spent on the Border Half a dozen major military contractors, including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, are preparing for an unusual desert showdown here this summer, demonstrating their military-grade radar and long-range camera systems in an effort to secure a Homeland Security Department contract worth as much as $1 billion. Northrop Grumman, meanwhile, is pitching to Homeland Security officials an automated tracking device — first built for the Pentagon to find roadside bombs in Afghanistan — that could be mounted on aerial drones to find illegal border crossers. And General Atomics, which manufactures the reconnaissance drones, wants to double the size of the fleet under a recently awarded contract worth up to $443 million. The military-style buildup at the border zone, which started in theTucson area late in the Bush administration, would become all but mandatory under the bill pending before the Senate. It requires that within six months of enactment, Homeland Security submit a plan to achieve “effective control” and “persistent surveillance” of the entire 1,969-mile land border with Mexico, something never before accomplished. For military contractors, that could be a real boon. “There are only so many missile systems and Apache attack helicopters you can sell,” said Dennis L. Hoffman, an Arizona State University economics professor who has studied future potential markets for the defense industry. “This push toward border security fits very well with the need to create an ongoing stream of revenue.” Since 2005, the number of Border Patrol agents has doubled to 21,000, and the stretches protected by pedestrian or vehicle fencing have grown to 651 miles as of last year from 135. But there are still large swaths where people trying to enter the United States illegally have good odds of success, particularly in rural Texas. And with budget cutting in the past two years, money for surveillance equipment along the border has been pared back. Military contractors have not played a significant role in lobbying for the passage of the immigration legislation, which includes $4.5 billion to bolster border security over the next five years. Homeland Security would have to decide, in consultation with Congress, how to divide the money — on long-range cameras, radar systems, mobile surveillance equipment, aircraft or lower-tech solutions like more border agents or physical fences — decisions that would determine how various contractors might fare. “It has been a tough time for the industry: people have been laid off or furloughed,” said James P. Creaghan, a lobbyist who represents a small Texas company, Personal Defense, which is trying to sell more nightvision goggles to Homeland Security. “This could help out.” Northrop has won some important allies on Capitol Hill, who are urging the department to invest more in Northrop’s drone-mounted surveillance system, calledVader. General Atomics, which Mr. D’Amato represents, has so much support in Congress that it has pressed Homeland

Security in recent years to buy more Predator drones than the department has the personnel to operate, so they often sit unused, according to an agency audit.


IC R O OO The specific requirement in the legislation now before the Senate is that Homeland Security must install surveillance equipment or other measures that would allow it to apprehend or turn back 9 out of 10 people trying to illegally enter across all sectors of the southern land border. The department would be prohibited from moving ahead with the “pathway to citizenship” for immigrants already in the United States until this new security strategy is “substantially operational.” TheTucson area, for years the busiest crossing point for illegal immigrants, has served as the testing ground for the federal government’s hightechnology border effort, although even senior Homeland Security officials acknowledge it got off to a poor start. Boeing was selected back in 2006, when the last major push by Congress to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws was under way, to create a “virtual fence” that would use radar and video systems to identify and track incursions, information that would then be beamed to regional command centers and border agents in the field.

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But the ground radar system at first kept shutting down because of faulty circuit breakers, audits found, while the towers installed for the mounting of radar and advanced long-range cameras swayed too much in the desert winds. Even rainstorms snarled things, creating countless false alerts.

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“It should have been pretty simple,” Mr. Borkowski said in a recent speech of the troubled $850 million project. “We weren’t frankly smart enough.”

At at th al

But the technological solutions still have many advocates in Arizona, where Border Patrol officials contend that the equipment Boeing installed, despite its flaws, has fundamentally changed the cat-and-mouse game that plays out every day.

Th te pa Av

“What you see today is like night and day compared to what we had,” said Cmdr. Jeffrey Self of the Border Patrol, who oversees the Tucson region. The Boeing system, along with the surge in Border Patrol agents, has resulted in a major drop in attempted illegal crossings, he said, with apprehensions dropping 80 percent since their peak in 2000, considered a sign of a drop in overall traffic. Homeland Security has been preparing for more than a year to expand this system, under a new contract that would rely on proven surveillance technology.That is why the military contractors vying for the job will be asked in coming weeks to demonstrate their gear. The department also wants to identify a mix of equipment — some on fixed towers, others on trucks for mobility — so that officials can tailor uses to the different needs along the border. Department officials said their choices would be driven by a determination of what the best available tools were for securing the border, not what the defense contractors or their lobbyists were pitching. Customs and Border Protection officials, said Michael J. Friel, a department spokesman in a statement, are “dedicated to continuing this progress towards a safer, stronger and more secure border.”

Fe eel like e a fissh out of wa ater? We e can he elp p. Se ervvic ce matterss! ITT Supportt Hard dware e Sale es Web Desig gn and d Hosting g Custom Software e Deve elo opme entt

www garttma anttechniccal com 602 788 8121 | sale es@garttma anttechniccal.ccom A2Z METALWORKER

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Ac an ve ex on St co re

G br be tr so ol th U Ch pr co is

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In Rosie’s Honor: A Call for More Women in the Growing U.S. Manufacturing Sector By PMA Women in Manufacturing Director Allison Grealis

Last month marked the 70th anniversary of the publishing of Norman Rockwell’s iconic “Rosie the Riveter” painting on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Rosie, with her tools on her lap and strong muscles clad in denim, became a symbol for a movement and the number of working American women nearly doubled between 1940 and 1944. The first generation of Rosies went to work to support the war effort and many took on the factory jobs typically reserved for men, but open to women as more and more men deployed to combat. Many of these Rosies’ stories can be found on the National Park Service’s website dedicated to American World War II Home Front. A favorite story is that of Delana Close. Delana worked 10 hour shifts at a manufacturing company producing 155 millimeter howitzer field guns. She was assigned to a thirty-five foot long boring. A huge pan filled with oil A Z METALWORKER 2

68 • July/Aug 2013


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kept the machine greased and cool. For 10 hours, Delana would balance on the edge of the oil pan so she would be tall enough to see the gun barrel she was working on. From her perch, she would bore out a hole for the gun’s breach lock. Her work had to be perfect. A mistake of one-one thousandth of an inch could mean death for an American soldier on the battlefield. Delana was the only woman to ever work that machine. And, when the war was over, and Delana finished her last shift, her foreman shook her hand and said, “You were the best man I ever had.” When the men returned from war, Delana and many of the other Rosies were pushed out of their factory jobs and returned to life in positions society deemed more acceptable for women. Today, a full 70 years since Rosie the Riveter first graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, the same stigma surrounds American manufacturing jobs. But far from its reputation as dark, dirty and dangerous, manufacturing in the U.S. today is thriving and high-tech. Over the past three

years, the U.S. has added more than half a million manufacturing jobs. Despite recent slowdowns in growth, manufacturers are still experiencing a steady climb and anticipate consistent business conditions. In addition, more jobs are coming from firms who are bringing production to the U.S. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the growing strength of the manufacturing sector including a shrinking wage gap between the US and China, an increase in shipping costs and a surge in shale gas drilling which provides the U.S. with a wealth of inexpensive domestic energy. But one simple reality is that while the U.S. manufacturing sector grows, the number of women working in the sector is not following that trend. Although women hold about half of the jobs in the U.S. economy today, they occupy less than 25 percent of the STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – jobs. In fact, only 30 percent of the estimated 14 million Americans who work in manufacturing are women. These numbers are especially striking when



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juxtaposed with the number of women in manufacturing today who are pleased with their jobs. According to a recent study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, a majority of women in the manufacturing sector report being highly satisfied with their careers. A full 75% of the women surveyed agreed that the manufacturing sector offers interesting and rewarding career opportunities. Importantly, one of the reported reasons for women’s contentment with careers in manufacturing is the ability to balance work and family obligations. This research is a significant step in debunking the long-standing myths that manufacturing is not a suitable career for women and that it is not conducive to family life. And proving these stereotypes false is especially important for two reasons: First, women have a major role in the American workforce today and, secondly, there are many thousands of highskill, highly compensated jobs to fill. A new study by the Pew Research Center shows a major sea change in the role of women in the workforce.Women, the study found, are now the single income or primary


visit us online

breadwinners in 40 percent of American households with children under 18 – that’s a record high. At the same time, Deloitte and others have noted that approximately 600,000 manufacturing jobs are going unfilled in this country. The problem of the “skills gap” – manufacturing sector employers looking to hire, but unable to find qualified, skilled workers – cannot be solved by focusing on only one half of our country’s population. Thus, the compelling combination of the newly high number of women excelling in the workforce, the number of women who are pleased with their jobs in manufacturing and the glut of open manufacturing jobs provides a unique opportunity to attract more top-tier female talent to the manufacturing sector. In honor of Rosie’s 70th anniversary and that first generation of Rosies who ventured into the factories during World War II, we should make a commitment as a nation to support women in STEM education and careers. I am proud to be the program director for the Precision Metalforming Association’s

Women in Manufacturing (WiM) initiative. Launched in 2011, WiM is dedicated to providing a community to support women currently engaged in or considering careers in manufacturing. WiM members share perspectives, gain cutting-edge industry information, develop personal and professional skills in leadership and communication, and participate in mentoring programs and network with industry peers at online and in-person. Last summer, a space rover named Curiosity landed on the surface of Mars. The name Curiosity was suggested by a 12-year-old girl from Kansas who submitted an essay as part of a NASA naming contest. “Curiosity,” she wrote, “is an everlasting flame that burns in everyone’s mind.... Curiosity is the passion that drives us through our everyday lives.” Today, inspired by the legacy of Rosie the Riveter and by the little girl who wrote that essay and who dreams of studying math and science and college, I hope you’ll join us in a commitment to support women in growing U.S. manufacturing sector. A2Z METALWORKER

• 69 • July/Aug 2013

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Lockheed conducts first Bell Boot Camp Grows Next Crop of Engineers multi-target test flight of Bell Helicopter is growing its own. The Textron subsidiary is using its PAC-3 innovativemissile “boot camp” for college engineering majors to keep its talent

pipeline full and to promote aerospace careers. Lockheed Martin has successfully carried outBell a test flight its PAC-3challenged the aviation industry to Last year CEO JohnofGarrison Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) arrest the exodus of its best engineering talent to the likes of Google weapon at White Sands Missile Range, Mexico, US. flight and Apple. Since 2008, Bell has beenNew doing its part inThe thistest effort by included locking two different threat-targets, a tactical ballistic missile conducting an “engineering boot camp” for selected college sophomores (TBM) and BQM-74 cruise missile, before destroying them.real-world and juniors during their spring breaks. Students are given

engineering problems to solve on actual Bell design and manufacturing Two PAC-3 Graduates MSE missiles wereopportunity fired at the to TBM target, with one programs. are ripple given the apply for multi-year missile intercepting it and the second self-destructing according to plan. Bell internships, and some are eventually hired as full-time company The BQM-74 cruise missile target was locked in by a third PAC-3 MSE employees. missile, while further preliminary data confirmed that the objectives of the test were What started as achieved. a small program with about a dozen students and three universities has grown into a national one with nearly 500 applicants Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Bell’s Control PAC-3vice program viceannually, according to Jeff Lowinger, executive president of president Richard McDaniel said that the test flight validated the maturity engineering. of the PAC-3 MSE configuration and that it can enter production stage. The selection process is rigorous. “We focus on their schooling first. We do look forMartin a certain grade point average, but was it is not the end-all. really Lockheed Missiles and Fire Control selected as the Itprime centers around the conversation we have with an applicant.” From 500 contractor for the PAC-3 Missile Segment and MSE upgrades to the applicants, Bell whittles the choice down to phone interviews with 50. Patriot air defence system. “We are looking at how well they articulate, what is their background, what are their interests, and do we believe they areofreally interested in coming The upgrades involved standard integration the Patriot system with to Bell and interested in the rotorcraft sector. Then we want to know PAC-3-MSE missiles, the PAC-3 missile canisters in four packs, how the much they askcomputer about theand company and howlauncher much research they have done fire solution the enhanced electronics system. about it.We look at those things and we also try to maintain a balance.We don’t want toLockheed take too many applicants from threat any oneinterceptors school.The learning Meanwhile, claims the reliable PAC-3 experience of having them integrate with people from different schools and MSE missiles to boost the Patriot air and missile defense system’s makes it more valuable for them,” Lowinger said. firepower. Boot campers arrive on a Sunday for orientation and quickly are

Businesses Awaytours From Defense given training onShifting the Bell products, of the company’sToward design and manufacturing facilities, familiarization with Six Sigma analysis quality Commercial Projects

tools, information in a designated subject matter, and assignment to a teamNew charged with solving problem. The York Times reportsana actual new study by AlixPartners has found that aerospace companies are shifting away from defense contracts and more “They work with that team for an entire week to solve the problem. They toward commercial projects as US wars come to an end, especially in learn how to analyze it, come up with the best alternative approaches, regions like the Middle East and Asia. Furthermore, the article notes make a determination, and, if they have time, prototype a solution.These that Boeing and Airbus are “moving more aggressively to compete with students are up until two or three in the morning every day,” said Lowinger. other companies in the lucrative market for maintaining and updating “It’s an intense week,” he said, with students sometimes working 20-hour the planes” in order to earn even more. days and providing creative solutions to vexing problems, “something we are struggling with,” Lowinger said. As for suppliers, the report found those “with more commercial work will doend better than onesparticipants mostly focused military systems. And all of At the of the week, meeton with Bell’s executive leadership the companies are cutting costs, seeking overseas sales and scrapping team and present their solutions. for positions in new areas like unmanned systems and cybersecurity.” Boot-camper ideas have successfully been applied to front-line Bell products, including the under-development 525 Relentless super-medium Manufacturing Snapshot: Does Social Media twin, where a boot campers’ ideas were applied to the design of the cargo Matter? hold and the baggage handling system design and tooling for the drive Cisco News,By Kerry Doyle system for the aircraft. “These students come up with a lot of different ideas. theuse benefit of having people on the outside looking the in,” Lowinger said. IsIt’sthe of social media tools in manufacturing wave of the future, or simply a pursuit with diminishing returns? We examine why He said today’s engineering students are adept at using electronic increasing numbers of manufacturers aremore looking more closely at the

use of social media. Social media continues to play a pivotal role in day-to-day commerce. It offers shoppers valuable resources, from product evaluations and opinions to advice and trends to watch, but what about social media’s influence in the manufacturing sector, the source of consumer satisfaction? According to a recent survey by the Manufacturing Leadership Council, 13 percent of manufacturing executives plan to digitize their design/ production processes, and social media tools represent an important component. By 2023, that percentage will rise to more than half (53%). What’s the goal of increased social media-based interactions? Manufacturers want to tap into valuable customer opinions, preferences and desires. They also want to encourage collaborations between employees, partners and suppliers in order to create better end products. For example, Frito Lay, the snack food maker, offers one illustration of a manufacturer going directly to its core constituency for critical product feedback. The company collaborated with customers via social media to define and select the most appealing flavor ideas. Such combinations of crowdsourcing—a form of distributive problem-solving—and taste buds represents a novel, and completely different, approach to the use of social media in manufacturing. At the other end of the spectrum, a range of more industrial companies are beginning to employ social media-driven, collaborative tools for their workforce. Aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, offers partners and dealers a range of interactive procurement portals. These platformbased resources enable suppliers to describe their capabilities to Airbus buyers in addition to exchanging requirements and proposals online during the bid process. Such social media trends extend even further. Industrial Mold and Machine in Twinsburg, Ohio makes custom molds for plastic bottle manufacturers. The company empowers its workers by providing an iPad-accessible Social Media platform for production-line quality control, design access and problem-solving.

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Who said: “Too many cooks spoil the broth?” In this, and similar instances, manufacturers are using collaborative Social Media technology to advance their operations through multiple, diverse collaborations.

Survey: CEOs Are More Optimistic About Hiring, Sales Reuters reports CEOs project a pickup in sales and hiring in the next six months as the US economy improves. The AP reports, “The Business Roundtable said that its April-June quarterly survey found 32% of its members expect to expand payrolls in the next six months.” That is “up from 29% in the January-March survey.” In addition, 78 percent expect sales to increase. “That’s up from 72% from the previous survey.”

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MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Patrick Ellison President T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408 M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 922-1674

CHRIS EDGAR PRESIDENT BUSINESS: 602-431-8300 3614 E. SOUTHERN AVE. #1 FAX: 602-431-8301 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 CELL: 505-249-7503


Patrick Ellison President T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408 M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281


Boring Mills Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 CNC Mills Adams Machinery _____480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ____480-615-6353 CNC Machinery Sales ___602-244-1507 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Haas Factory Outlet ___ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Makino _________ 602-228-0347 Methods West ______ 602-437-2220 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Tornos USA _______ 951-695-0342 Tornquist Machinery __ 602-470-0334 TSM Machinery _____ 602-233-3757 CNC Lathes Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Ganesh Machinery______888-542-6374 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach _ 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Savage Machine Tools __ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery ___ 602-470-0334 TSM Machinery ______ 602-233-3757 CNC Drill/ Tapping Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet_____480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Savage Machine Tools __ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery ___ 602-470-0334 CNC Punching Centers Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach _ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales _____ 480-545-0275 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 North-South Machinery __602-391-4696 Tornos USA ________951-695-0342 Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Patrick Ellison President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

Tornquist Machinery ___602-470-0334 602-470-0334 EDM EDM Machines Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 Global EDM Supply___ 480-836-8330 Makino __________602-228-0347 Methods West ______ 602-437-2220 North-South Machinery __602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 TSM Machinery ______602-233-3757 EDM Filtration Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 Ebbco Inc _________800-809-3901 EDM: Dielectric Systems/ Filtration Ebbco Inc_________800-809-3901 Gauging Equipment Osborn Products_____ 623-587-0335 Gear Machinery CNC Machinery Sales ___602-244-1507 ELECTRICAL Equip Hookup & Disconnect Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Lighting Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Relocation: Electrical Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 Service Upgrades Geiger Electric Co _____623-773-1787 ENGRAVING MACHINES Innovative Cutting Systems__480-557-7999

GRINDING Grinding Filtration Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 Grinding Machines ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ___ 480-615-6353 DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery __ 602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Grinding Machines, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 73 73••July/Aug July/Aug 2013




8622 N. 78th Avenue Peoria, Arizona 85345

High Performance Garnet Abrasives

Office (623) 773-1787 Fax (623) 773-9882

Regional Sales Manager


Phone: 951.324.3221 Cell:


Richard Amy



Orders: 800.741.7756

E-mail: Six Warren Street | Glens Falls, NY 12801 |

BUSINESS: 602-431-8300 3614 E. SOUTHERN AVE. #1 FAX: 602-431-8301 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 CELL: 602-377-3283


Tornos US 840 Parkview Boulevard Lombard, IL 60148 Phone 630 812 2040 Fax 630 812 2039

ROBERT SERRANO Regional Sales Manager West California Office Phone 951 695 0342 951 695 0346 Fax Mobile 951 240 0818 E-Mail


Dot Peen Marking Systems Phone 815 363 8268 Fax 815 363 8089

QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Grinding Machines, Rotary Aircraft Brake DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Grinding Machines, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Grinding Machines, Rotary Aircraft Brake DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 QS Machinery ______ 602-370-4733 Grinding Machines, Tool Adams Machinery____ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Tornquist Machinery __ 602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, Tool Punch & Die DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339

Honing Machines Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Magnetic Drills/Cutters ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Manual Lathes & Mills ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 CNC Machinery Sales ___602-244-1507 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Haas Factory Outlet __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S. L. Fusco, Inc. _____ 480-753-5000 TSM Machinery _____ 602-233-3757 Sawing Machines ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 ___ 800-240-2932 D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918

Kwik Mark Inc 4071 Albany Street McHenry IL 60050

Jorgenson Machine Co. ___800-952-0151 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades303-761-3000 Savage Machine Tools _ 480-275-8630 Wayco Sales Inc _____ 562-927-3469 Saw Replacement Parts ___ 800-240-2932 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 Wayco Sales Inc _____ 562-927-3469 Tapping Machines ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 NEW MACH FABRICATION CO2/Fiber Lasers Innovative Cutting Systems 480-557-7999 CNC Punching Centers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Gantry Systems, CNC ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330


74 • 74 • July/Aug • July/Aug 2013 2013


Iron Workers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutting/Proc. Center ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Laser Marking Machines Innovative Cutting Systems _ 480-557-7999 Kwik Mark Inc ________ 815-363-8268 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers ACC Machinery _____ 602-258-7330 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542




10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 ph317.823.6821 / 877.240.2462 cell317.946.1235 / home317.823.8615 fax317.823.6822

SALES ENGINEER BUSINESS: 602-431-8300 3614 E. SOUTHERN AVE. #1 FAX: 602-431-8301 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 CELL: 602-399-0346




Sterling Fabrication____ 855-898-7860 Plate Roll Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 Press Brakes ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales _____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales ___ 602-368-8542 Punch Presses Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Sterling Fabrication____ 855-898-7860 Shearing Machines ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales ___ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication____ 855-898-7860 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Turret Press Murata __________ 704-972-4469

WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems Flow International ____ 800-446-3569 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Flow Waterjet _______ 714-393-3783 Flow Waterjet _______ 415-828-3569 Jorgenson Machine Co. __ 800-952-0151 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 Omax Corp. ________ 800-838-0343 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Waterjet Accessories Barton International ___800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow_________480-507-8074 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 INSPECTION EQUIP Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________ 480-889-9056 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Metrology Instruments Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340

Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration__480-820-0506 Optical Comparators Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Kerley Corp ________ 480-478-9177 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGP ____________480-889-9056 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach 505-345-8389 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Punch Presses Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 SPC Data Acquis.Equip. D & R Machinery _____480-775-6462 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Rapid Optical Inspection Mesa Mach Sales ____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales __ 602-368-8542 Repair & Certification Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 OGP ____________480-889-9056 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems ___ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration__480-820-0506

Shearing Machines ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___800-952-0151 Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales ___ 602-368-8542 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Turret Press Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Video Measuring systems Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 Washington Calibration__ 480-820-0506 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems Flow International _____800-446-3569 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Flow Waterjet _______ 714-393-3783 Flow Waterjet _______ 415-828-3569 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___800-952-0151 North-South Machinery _ 602-391-4696 Omax Corp. ________ 800-838-0343 Sterling Fabrication___ 855-898-7860 Waterjet Accessories Barton International ___ 800-741-7756 Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Ellison Machinery Company

PATRICK ELLISON President 1610 S. Priest Dr., Suite 101 Tempe, Arizona 85281 Telephone: Cell: Fax: Email:

480-968-5877 480-298-9782 480-968-0522


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BRALCO METALS 929 E. Jackson Street Phoenix. Arizona 85034 (602) 252-1918 (800) 544-8052 Fax: (602) 252-7813 Cell: (602) 722-3324



CERTIFIED BY DNV 1509001:2008_



Kevin Randall

Outside Sales Representative

AS9120:2002 -

IInnovative ti Tool Sales Manufacturers Representatives

Rick Berry President

755 East Debra Lane Anaheim, CA 92805

Office: (714) 780-0730 Fax: (714) 780-0735 Cell: (714) 580-7795

KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow_________480-507-8074 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 Sterling Fabrication____855-898-7860 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Integrated Systems Inc __ 928-649-9600 USED MACHINERY ACC Machinery ______ 602-258-7330 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 EDM Network _______ 480-836-1782 Ganesh Machinery ____888-542-6374 Innovative Cutting Systems _ 480-557-7999 K D Capital ________ 480-922-1674 Methods West _______ 602-437-2220 Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 R. Jorgenson Company __ 800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales ___ 602-368-8542 Savage Machine Tools __ 480-275-8630 TSM Machinery ______ 602-233-3757 ACCESSORIES Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Abrasives Barton International ___ 800-741-7756 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000

Aqueous Degreasers Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Abrasive Systems KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Adhesives S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 Air Blast Cabinets, Blast Rooms Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Air Compressors Airtek ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Drying Systems Airtek ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Filtration Equipment Innovative Cutting Systems _ 480-557-7999 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Ball Screws Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Band Saw/ Blades ___ 800-240-2932 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades303-761-3000 Roentgen USA _______847-787-0135 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 _______ 877-501-7297 Wayco Sales Inc _____ 562-927-3469 Bar Feeders Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Edge Technologies ____ 562-597-7824 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Bar Feeder Accessories Edge Technologies ____ 562-597-7824 Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 Blast Abrasives Barton International ___ 800-741-7756 Cabinets, Custom Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Chemicals: Ultrasonic Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Chip Management Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Chip Removal Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Chuck Jaws Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Chucks Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 InnovativeTool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960

Automatic Barfeeds Of All Types A Z METALWORKER 2

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CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-Cook ________877-240-2462 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-Cook ________877-240-2462 Cleaners: Ultrasonic Pro- Ultrasonics _____ 602-938-0603 CompressedAir Piping Systems Airtek ___________480-966-5267 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Coolant Systems Blaser ___________801-722-4095 DCM Tech ________ 800-533-5339 Ebbco Inc _________800-809-3901 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966 Cutting Fluids & Oils (Coolants) Blaser ___________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____800-894-7773 Echols Saw & Supply ___602-278-3918 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Houghton _________602-625-1407 Marshall Tool & Supply _ 602-269-6295 Maxum Petroleum ____602-278-8877 Pioneer Distributing Co. _602-278-2693 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc. _____ 480-753-5000 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966 Cutting Tools Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Innovative Tool Sales ___714-780-0730

An ISO 9001 Company

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  

Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Sandvik Coromant ____480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant ____602-628-4242 Seco Tools Inc _______248-528-5960 Cutoff Tools Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Deburring Equipment S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Digital Readout Units Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711

Mobile: 480‐320‐0308 

D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Door Opening Systems: Automatic Midaco Corporation _____847-593-8420 Dust Collectors Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Factory Automation and Logistics Murata _________ 704-972-4469 Fasteners Parker Fasteners _____ 623-925-598 Filtration Equip. Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____ 800-894-7773 Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 Qualichem, Inc. ______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids _____ 800-367-9966 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 EDM Materials & Supplies Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil _____ 800-894-7773

D & R Machinery ____ 480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 EDM Performance acc’s _ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply ___ 480-836-8330 Qualichem Inc ______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids ____ 800-367-9966 EDM Fluids Hangsterfers _______316-640-2462 Pioneer Distributing Co. 602-278-2693 EDM Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales _____480-816-6300 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 EDM Performance ___ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply___ 480-836-8330 Filtration -Grind Wheels & Belts S. L. Fusco, Inc. _____ 480-753-5000 Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders Midaco Corporation ____ 847-593-8420 Hole Making Products Schenk Intertech_______480-323-6755 Industrial Automation IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446

Industrial Controls IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446 Industrial Electronics IEC Supply LLC _______ 480-455-1446 Lubricants / Systems Canyon State Oil _____800-894-7773 Hangsterfers _______ 316-640-2462 Houghton _________602-625-1407 Maxum Petroleum ____602-278-8877 Pioneer Distributing Co. _602-278-2693 Star Metal Fluids _____800-367-9966


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Bar / Plate 24 Hour Delivery

Delivering Alloy Solutions to the World.

Contact Us for Your Local Representative

Nickel Cobalt. Titanium. Stainless. Patricia Negoro 800.337.3766 x 148 Santa Fe Springs, CA


Serving Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

(800) 543-1566 FAX (513) 242-8988

MachineTool Accessories Ellison Machinery _______ 480-968-5335 Vacuum Pumps &Workholding Schenk Intertech _______ 480-323-6755 Parts Washing Equipment Airtek _____________ 480-966-5267 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration Blaser______________801-722-4095 Vibratory Equipment Blaser______________801-722-4095 Production Tool Co _______ 800-266-3253 Adams Machinery _______ 480-968-3711 Canyon State Oil ________800-894-7773 Qualichem, Inc _________ 480-320-0308 Production Tool Co _______800-266-3253 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Star Metal Fluids ________ 800-367-9966 Vises and Vise Jaws Houghton _________ 602-625-1407 Arizona CNC Equip _______ 480-615-6353 Resolvers Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Desert EDM Sales _______ 480-816-6300 Waterjet Abrasives Production Tool Co _______800-266-3253 Sensors Qualichem, Inc _________480-320-0308 IEC Supply LLC ________480-455-1446 Barton International __ 800-741-7756 Star Metal Fluids ________800-367-9966 Solvents & Degreasing Agents KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Blaser______________801-722-4095 Lone Arrow ________ 480-507-8074 Magnetic Particle Ins Equip. Canyon State Oil ________ 800-894-7773 Waterjet Replacement Parts DCM Tech ___________800-533-5339 Houghton _________ 602-625-1407 Barton International __ 800-741-7756 Milling and Turning Products Maxum Petroleum ____ 602-278-8877 KMT Waterjet Systems __ 800-826-9274 Work Holding Schenk Intertech _______ 480-323-6755 Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Pioneer Distributing Co. _ 602-278-2693 Mist Collectors Production Tool Co _______800-266-3253 Qualichem, Inc _________ 480-320-0308 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Kurt Manufacturing ____ 763-574-8320 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Star Metal Fluids ________ 800-367-9966 HARDWARE MATERIAL Solvents: Vapor degreasing Motors Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Alloys: High Temperature Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Aerodyne Alloys_____ 860-289-3820 Solvents:Hand Wipe Pallet Systems Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Adams Machinery _______ 480-968-3711 Solvents: Mil PRF 680 Alloys: Specialty D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Petroferm Inc. _______ 317-371-8899 Aerodyne Alloys_____ 860-289-3820 Spindles Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Fadal CNC ________ 208-855-9426 Aluminum GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Setco Spindles & Slides_____ 866-362-0699 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply ____ 602-454-1500 Steel Service Center Ryerson ____________ 602-455-3374 Coast Aluminum ____ 877-977-6061


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Diehl Steel ________800-543-1566 Fry Steel Company ____800-423-6651 MarZee Inc. ________602-269-5801 Ryerson __________602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co. ____800-631-9765 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Tolleson Steel ______ 623-936-3325 Tube Service Company __602-267-9865 Aluminum Extrusions Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum _____877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co. ____800-631-9765 Armor:Commercial Temtco Steel ________ 480-389-2883 Armor:Military Grade Temtco Steel ________ 480-389-2883 Bar: Large Diameter Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 TW Metals _________ 800-203-8000 Brass AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466


Fry Steel Company ____ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Bronze AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990 Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Carbon AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Fry Steel Company ____ 800-423-6651 Cast Iron Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Castings Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Ceramics MarZee Inc. ________ 602-269-5801 Chrome Rod Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Cobalt United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 Copper Apache Steel Company __602-323-2200 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990

Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 CPM Powder Metal Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Drill Rod Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Tolleson Steel _______ 623-936-3325 Extrusions Metals-Bar & Plate TW Metals _________ 800-203-8000 Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys _ 800-337-3766 Lead AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Material Sales Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 TW Metals _________ 800-203-8000 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 Temtco Steel ________480-389-2883 Metals Tolleson Steel _______ 623-936-3325 Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Supra Alloys, Inc _____ 805-388-2138 Apache Steel Company __ 602-323-2200 Tool Steel AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Diehl Steel _______ 800-543-1566 AZ Tool & Steel ______ 480-784-1600 Tubing & Pipe Bralco Metals _______ 602-252-1918 AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Coast Aluminum _____ 877-977-6061 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Ind. Metal Supply _____ 602-454-1500 Ryerson _________ 602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Samuel, Son & Co. ___ 800-631-9765 Supra Alloys, Inc _____ 805-388-2138 State Industrial Prod ___ 602-275-0990 Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Tubing: Titanium & Hastelloy Tolleson Steel _______ 623-936-3325 Haynes Intl ________619-449-1584 Temtco Steel ________ 480-389-2883 Supra Alloys, Inc _____ 805-388-2138 Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 GASES TW Metals _________ 800-203-8000 Cylinder Storage/Microbulk Ulbrich of California __ 800-237-2888 Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151 Purification Units United Performance Metals _888-282-3292 (CO2 and Hydrogen) Western States Metals _ 801-978-0562 Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151 Metals-Bar & Plate Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys _ 800-337-3766 Welding and Cutting AZ Metals ________ 602-688-8003 Praxair Distribution ____ 602-269-2151

TOOLING Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Boring Bars Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Seco Tools Inc. _______ 248-528-5960 Carbide Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Helical Solutions _____866-543-5422 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Innovative Tool Sales ___ 714-780-0730 Magnum Precision Mach _ 602-431-8300 Marshall Tool & Supply __602-269-6295 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______480-753-5000 Cutting Tools Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719 Helical Solutions _____866-543-5422 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Cutting Tools: Custom Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 B & T Tool & Engineering _ 602-267-1481 Eclipse Carbide _______ 480-214-3719


• 79 • July/Aug 2013

Manual Rotory Pallet Systems 30 Years Experience Midaco Corporation ____ 847-593-8420 ROBOTICS MIKE SMITH 602-397-4008 Robotic Part Loading Systems Midaco Corporation ____ 847-593-8420 PROG. SYSTEMS Loose Abrasive Grains Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Arizona Machine Tool Service, AMTS CAD/CAM S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 Opening a new chapter in my life, after 30 years, 22 in Arizona as Machinery Sales Drills Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Reamers & Drills, PCDHardinge, Okamoto, Co. Senior Service Engineer, servicing Bridgeport, Cincinnati, Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 and many others, CNC andTool Manual Machine__ Tools, I will continue to Arizona provide service Marshall & Supply 602-269-6295 CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 and repair to Arizona, Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 PrecisionToolholding Products Delcam __________877 335 2261 Thank you Mike Smith Moore Tool & Equipment _ 602-455-8904 Schenk Intertech ________ 480-323-6755 Feature Cam _______602-502-9654 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Thread Mills TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Almar Tools, Inc. _____ 503-255-2763 Software, Inv. Control Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Delcam __________877 335 2261 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 End Mills Feature Cam _______602-502-9654 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Almar Tools, Inc. ____ 503-255-2763 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Software, NC Programming Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Tooling Columns Helical Solutions _____ 866-543-5422 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Delcam __________877 335 2261 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Tooling: Cutting Tools Cus- Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 tom Feature Cam _______602-502-9654 S. L. Fusco, Inc. ______ 480-753-5000 B & T Tool & Engineering ____602-267-1481 TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Tooling Systems Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Software, Servicing Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Delcam __________877 335 2261 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Feature Cam _______602-502-9654 Form Tools Micro 100 _________ 480-495-1454 B & T Tool & Engineering 602-267-1481 Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 TMI (GibbsCAM) ______ 602-618-6553 Tooling Systems Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Seco Tools Inc _______ 248-528-5960 Global EDM Supply____480-836-8330 REPAIR/DESIGN METAL DISTRIBUTORS Inserts, Indexable Bar Feeder Repair Western States Metals __ 801-978-0562 Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 Edge Technologies ____562-597-7824 PALLET SYSTEMS Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Manual & Automatic Pallet Machine Tool Design/ Sandvik Coromant ____ 480-233-0997 Systems Engineering Sandvik Coromant ____ 602-628-4242 Midaco Corporation _____ 847-593-8420 Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Manual Lift Off Pallet Inserts, PCD/CBN Machine Tool Rebuilding Systems Horizon Carbide ______ 480-968-0957 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Marshall Tool & Supply __ 602-269-6295 Midaco Corporation _____ 847-593-8420 Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 A2Z METALWORKER

80 • July/Aug 2013

Rob Schwister

Relationship Manager 480.905.2407

Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________602-397-4008 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 DM Machine Repair ____480-709-1450 EDM Network _______480-836-1782 Jemelco, Inc. _______480-804-9541 Setco-Pope Spindles ____866-362-0699 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 The Werks C&C, Inc ____602-569-1809 Machine Retrofitting/CNC Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 AMTS____________602-397-4008 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 CNC Machinery Sales ___ 602-244-1507 Machinery Moving Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Machine Repair Parts/Filters Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Maint/Repair Services Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________602-397-4008 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 DM Machine Repair ____480-709-1450 D & R Machinery _____480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc. _______480-804-9541 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 State Industrial Prod ___602-275-0990

The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Mold Repairs B&B Tool _________520-397-0436 Stamping Repairs B&B Tool. _________520-397-0436 Prev. Maint Programs Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip ____ 480-615-6353 DM Machine Repair ____ 480-709-1450 D & R Machinery _____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Total Filtration Services __ 602-244-0717 Repair -Hydraulic Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 The Werks C&C, Inc ____ 602-569-1809 Repair - Portable Advanced Precision ____ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc _____602-569-1809 Spindle Rebuilding API Services ________ 757-223-4157 Setco-Pope Spindles _____866-362-0699 GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 Southwest Spindle Service 480-837-0368 Tool Repair, Coating, Treatment Cutting Tools Consultants 602-277-1342 MACHINERY REPAIR PARTS Belts All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Metric O-Rings All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) All World Machinery Supply 815-943-9111 SERVICES Banks Alerus Bank & Trust _____480-905-2407 Bank of Arizona _______480-642-2876 Business Consulting BMSC ____________480-445-9400

Insurance Services Quality Improvement Consulting480-861-7088 Quick Turn Financial ___ 480-385-1220 HUB Intl __________ 602-749-4190 Leavitt Group _______602-264-0566 Calibration Services ISO/AS9100 Consulting Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 Klontech Industrial Sales _ 480-948-1871 American Global Standards _617-838-4648 MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Quality Improvement Consulting480-861-7088 Starrett___________602-790-6073 Quality Training Consultants_928-284-0856 Washington Calibration__ 480-820-0506 Sustaining Edge Solutions_888-572-9642 IT/ Network Support Calibration: Repair & Certify Gartman Technical Services _ 602-788-8121 Advanced Coordinate Tech 480-921-3370 Leasing and Financing MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 Phoenix Small Tool ____ 602-256-7011 Alerus Bank & Trust ____ 480-905-2407 Washington Calibration__ 480-820-0506 Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Quick Turn Financial ___ 480-385-1220 Cash Flow Management Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Lean Manufacturing BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 CNC Laser Calibration MTLC ____________ 602-721-8819 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Computer/Web Services Sustaining Edge Solutions___888-572-9642 Gartman Technical Services _ 602-788-8121 Manufacturers Rep Consulting Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 American Global Standards 617-838-4648 Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Schenk Intertech ________480-323-6755 Advanced Custom Screens 800-992-7936 Rigging/Machinery Moving Quality Advisory Services __602-910-1510 IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088 Recycling Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Barry Metals _________602-484-7186 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Consolidated Resources Inc. 623-931-5009 Contract Inspection Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 MMR,LLC __________ 623-937-0385 SA Recycling _________602-463-8791 Contract Programming Reverse Engineering Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Ellison Machinery ____ 480-968-5335 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Datum Inspection ___ 602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 CNC Training Adams Machinery _____ 480-968-3711 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Ellison Machinery _____ 480-968-5335 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 Rigging Design Services IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Metalcraft Inc.________480-967-4889 Schools, Custom Training Engineering Services AZPMAP __________ 602-723-8191 Advanced Coord. Tech __ 623-780-4137 Ellison Machinery _____480-968-5335 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 Jet Products ________ 623-869-6749 Financial Services Alerus Bank & Trust ____ 480-905-2407 Quality Advisory Services __ 602-910-1510 Services: Network Support Bank of Arizona ______ 480-642-2876 Shop Floor Automations___ 877-611-5825 Quick Turn Financial __ 480-385-1738 Supplier Auditing SBG Capital _______ 480-897-4988 BMSC ___________ 480-445-9400 Heavyhaul IRH ___________ 800-334-2409 Quality Improvement Consulting 480-861-7088

Systems Integration Ellison Machinery ______ 480-968-5877 Testing, Metallurgical Metals Eng & Testing Lab. __ 602-272-4571 ARTL _____________ 602-374-3770 Trade Show Booth Design Fry Fabricators _______ 602-454-0701 Transportation IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Lynden Intl. ________ 602-252-2911 Transportation:Air/Freight/ Ground IRH ____________ 800-334-2409 Lynden Intl. ________ 602-252-2911 Working Capital, Credit Lines Bank of Arizona _______480-642-2876 Quick Turn Financial ____480-385-1220 SBG Capital ________ 480-897-4988 SHOP FLOOR AUTOMATION USB Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Scheduling Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Serial Port Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Software:CNC Networking Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 RS232 Cabling Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825 Virtual CNC Shop Floor Automations _ 877-611-5825

Your Business Card Here. It’s Good For Business.

And Just $260 for the Year. Call 602.412.7696


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Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

WESTERN CAST PARTS LLC Steve Whisel Field Sales & Engineering 9630 N Rock Ridge Trail Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 (480) 284­6618 Office (480) 250­9764 Mobile, email

ASSEMBLY CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Lindel Engineering _____ 520-792-3160 Morsch Machine _______ 480-961-7673 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 Cable/Harness Assembly Bar-S Machine ______928-636-2115 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Clean Room Assembly Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305


L&W Fluid ________ 602-323-2560 BALANCING/DYNAMIC Anmark ____________480-968-3126

Brazing: Vacuum Castings: Prototype Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 AATC______________602-268-1467

Western Cast Parts _____480-250-9764 BROACHING Apache Gear, Inc ______ 623-934-7144 May Foundry & Machine __ 801-531-8931 BENDING Castings: Production Advanced Metal Sales __ 623-434-8343 Ayers Gear & Mach _____ 623-934-6913 AATC_____________602-268-1467 B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 CARBURIZING Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 May Foundry & Machine __ 801-531-8931 Western Cast Parts _____480-250-9764 Bending: CNC CASTINGS Castings: Repair B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 AATC______________602-268-1467 Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 BRAZING Western Cast Parts _____480-250-9764 Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 May Foundry & Machine __801-531-8931 COATING Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Western Cast Parts ____ 480-250-9764 Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595

82 • July/Aug 2013

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. DAVID MORENO BUSINESS: 915-856-7900 12025 ROJAS DR. SUITE A FAX: 915-857-4700 EL PASO, TX. 79936 CELL: 915-892-0797


Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Louie’s Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Perma-Finish ________ 602-278-1733 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 Coating: Black Oxide Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648

Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Louie’s Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Coating: Chem Film Coating: Nickel/Teflon AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Certified Inspection _____ 602-267-0661 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Coating: NP3 Gold Tech Industries ____ _480-968-1930 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Lynch Brothers Mfg _____ 602-267-7575 Collins Metal Finishing ____602-275-3117 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Louie’s Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Powder Coating Treffers Precision ______ 602-744-2636 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707 The Metal Man _______ 800-448-9448 CUTTING Sav-On Plating________ 602-252-4311 Advanced Metal Sales __ 623-434-8343 ___ 800-240-2932 Coating: Dry Film Lube Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Echols Saw & Supply ____ 602-278-3918

Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Southwest Waterjet-Laser 480-306-7748 The Metal Man _______ 800-448-9448 Bandsaw Cutting ____ 800-240-2932 Echols Saw & Supply ___ 602-278-3918 CNC Router Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Laser APMI ____________ 480-668-0024 Faist Greentek LLC ______602-633-0707 Fine Line Laser Cutting ___602-863-3196


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Your Manufacturing Solutions Partner

Precision CNC Machining

Geno Forman

President Tel: 602.454.7385 Fax: 602.454.7389 Cell: 480.710.8420 Email:

3342 E. Wier Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85040 NADCAP Approved Facility


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Com Fabrica



Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Com Fabrica



Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Com Fabrica



Tube Laser Cutting Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 DIE CASTING TVT Die Casting ________800-280-2278 Die Casting/Aluminum & Zinc TVT Die Casting ________800-280-2278 DIES Arizona Wire & Tool ______ 480-813-1002 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995 Precision Die & Stamp’g ___480-967-2038



Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 Notching, Punching, Cutting Dies Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole Arizona Wire Specialists ___ 480-829-6530 Critical Cut ________ 480-785-1316 EDM Tech __________ 602-278-6666 LAYKE, Inc.__________ 602-272-2654 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Sun Tech__________ 480-921-1665 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) EDM Tech __________ 602-278-6666 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Quality Mold ________ 480-892-5480

84 84 •• July/Aug July/Aug 2013 2013

Sun S Tech__________480-921-1665 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration Ebbco Inc _________ 800-809-3901 EDM: Wire 3D Machine LLC_____ 480-239-8254 Arizona Wire & Tool ______480-813-1002 Arizona Wire Specialists ___ 480-829-6530 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Critical Cut ________ 480-785-1316 EDM Tech __________ 602-278-6666 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 PGI_______________505-884-5782


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Com Fabrica


Powill Manufactuing_____623-780-4100 Craig Roth President/C.O.O. Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 SunSpring Tech__________ 480-921-1665 & Manufacturing Co.,Inc. A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly 3325 East Wier Avenue Thompson Machine ____505-823-1453 Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Toolcraft of Phoenix ___623-435-5405 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Whitley Machine ______ 602-323-5550 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 Graphite Services Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995




A Com Fabrica


ENGINEERING/ PROGRAMMING Exactitude Precision ______ 602-316-6957 Hexatron Engineering_____ 801-363-8010 Pure-Logic Industries _____480-892-9395 ENGINES Sport Plane Hexatron Engineering_____ 801-363-8010 FABRICATION Advanced Metal Sales __ 623-434-8343 AERO Spring & Mfg Co ____602-243-4329 Aero Tech ___________801-292-0493 Allfab Engineering ______602-437-0497 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 APMI ______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal_______ 303-427-6419 AzMark ____________480-926-8969 B&B Fabrication & Machine__623-271-6855

Bell Steel __________ 480-833-5538 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 CAID Industries _______ 520-294-3126 CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Continental Machining ___ 800-777-2483 CygnetStamping & Fab ___ 818-240-7574 Creedbilt Inc _________ 623-939-8119 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707 Fry Fabrications _______ 602-454-0701 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Group Manufacturing Serv _ 480-966-3952 Howell Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Nelson Engineering _____ 602-273-7114 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 Phoenix Metalcraft _____ 602-279-4810 Plastic Eng.__________480-491-8100 Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Scriven Precision ______ 480-961-9775 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448 Tolleson Steel _______ 623-936-3325

Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine ______ 602-323-5550 Wrico ____________ 480-892-7800 Fabrication: Certified Mobile PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529

Aluminum (Medium & Large) Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 Fabrication: Custom Metal Allfab Engineering _____ 602-437-0497 Arrow Sheet Metal______ 303-427-6419 CygnetStamping & Fab ___ 818-240-7574 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Howell Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Fabrication: Medium & Large APMI_____________480-668-0024

Arrow Sheet Metal_______303-427-6419 Bell Steel __________ 480-833-5538 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 CGS Technologies ______ 623-869-0600 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707 Fine Line Fabricating ____ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701 Howell Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Precision Metalworks _ 602-455-9575 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 Fabrication: Mining PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Fabrication: Rebuild/ Large Bell Steel __________ 480-833-5538 Empire Precision Mach.__ 480-633-4580 Fabrication: Sheet Metal ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171

David W. Wright ‐ President !"#$"%&$%'%'()( *+'#(,-./0(1-2345(6.784()(975:4./; Arizona 85233 <<<$=>>?<.7@0/$>-A()(Fax 480.892.9799 FAA Repair Station #UWZR525X



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Shawn Carlin 526 E Juanita Ave Suite 8 Mesa, AZ 85204

Tollfree: 866-319-3719 Office:480-214-3719 Fax: 480-214-3954

Allfab Engineering ______602-437-0497 APMI_____________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal_______ 303-427-6419 Bell Steel __________ 480-833-5538 Capital Stainless _____ 480-967-0016 CygnetStamping & Fab ____ 818-240-7574 Faist Greentek LLC ______ 602-633-0707 Fine Line Fabricating _____602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications ________ 602-454-0701 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Jan’s Inc.____________480-833-7305 New Hope Machine ______520-825-7830 Phoenix Metalcraft ____ 602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 Precision Metal Products _ 408-699-5037 Pure-Logic Industries _____480-892-9395 TMM Precision ________800-448-9448 Weiser/Mile High Precision __303-280-2778

FASTENERS STP Performance Coating LLC 602-276-1231 6 LOBE Dry Film Lubrication Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 Sockets Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 Electro-Polishing Tamper Resistant Collins Metal Finishing ___ 602-275-3117 Parker Fasteners ______ 623-925-5998 Finishing: One Stop FINISHING Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Finishing: Ops Cleaning Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Semiray Aerospace Testing _ 623-842-3030 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Glass Bead Clean EPSI______________714-256-8950 Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707 Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Coating Technologies ____ 623-581-2648 Jet Processing _____ 623-869-6749 x117 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 LA Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 L A Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Louie’s Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 Perma-Finish ________ 602-278-1733 Glass Bead Clean Phoenix Heat Treating ___ 602-258-7751 A2Z Sandblasting ______ 602-716-5566 Southwest Powder Coating _ 602-272-0878 Desert Fire__________ 602-268-1511 TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278 Lone Arrow _________ 480-507-8074 Abrasive Blasting Gun Drilling AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171

11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029

86 • July/Aug 2013 86 • July/Aug 2013


Gun Finishing Louie’s Gun Finishing ____ 602-257-0530 Passivation Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 Coating Technologies ___ _623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 Jet Processing ______623-869-6749 x117 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 L A Specialties _________602-269-7612 Semiray ____________602-275-1917 Polishing Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries _____ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties _________602-269-7612 Powder Coating AP Industrial ________ 480-968-1947 Faist Greentek LLC _____ 602-633-0707

Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 FORGINGS R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 Forgings: Titanium R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700

Sand Blasting A2Z Sandblasting _______ 602-716-5566 Byington Steel Treating ____ 408-727-6630 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 Southwest Powder Coating __ 602-272-0878 STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Shot Blasting Desert Fire___________ 602-268-1511 Stripping Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 Semiray ____________ 602-275-1917 Southwest Powder Coating __ 602-272-0878 FIXTURES CJ Mfg _____________ 480-517-0233 Exactitude Precision ______ 602-316-6957 Hogan Manufacturing_____ 623-463-1939


JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 FOUNDRY Lindel Engineering _____ 520-792-3160 AATC _____________ 602-268-1467 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 May Foundry & Machine __801-531-8931 Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing ____ 623-780-4100 GEAR CUTTING Apache Gear, Inc ______ 623-934-7144 RMG Machining _______ 623-582-6544 Ayers Gear & Machine ___ 623-934-6913 Ron Grob Co. ________ 970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding ___ 800-662-0126 GRINDING Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Anmark ___________ 480-968-3126 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Grinding, Blanchard Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 Steel Services Grinding ____800-662-0126 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 CJ Mfg ____________ 480-517-0233 Grinding: Centerless GMN USA _________ 800-686-1679 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869

87 • July/Aug 2013

Osborn Products ________623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding _______ 602-437-8401 Ron Grob Co. _________970-667-5320 Shaw Precision ________480-785-4925 Sun Grinding _________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding _______ 888-487-9701 Grinding, CNC/Contour Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 National Grinding & Mfg ___602-588-2869 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Superior Grinding _______ 888-487-9701 Grinding… Curvic Anmark ____________480-968-3126 Grinding… Cylindrical Grindworks __________ 623-582-5767 Grinding… Double Disc Phoenix Grinding _______ 602-437-8401 TCI Precision Metals____ 800-234-5613 Grinding: ID/OD Anmark ____________480-968-3126

87 • July/Aug 2013 • 87 • July/Aug 2013


Phoenix Grinding ______ 602-437-8401 Quality Mold ________ 480-892-5480 Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding _______888-487-9701 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Grinding: Tool & Cutter B & T Tool & Engineering ___ 602-267-1481 CTE____________ 800-783-2400 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Superior Grinding _______888-487-9701 GUNDRILLING Trepanning Specialties __ 562-633-8110 HEAT TREATING Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Controlled Thermal Tech’y _ 602-272-3714 Desert Fire___________602-268-1511 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 L A Specialties _________602-269-7612 Phoenix Heat Treating ___ 602-258-7751 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Heat Treating/ Aerospace Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 HeatTreating/ISO9001/AS9100 Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630 Solar Atmospheres _____ 866-559-5994 Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/ Aluminum HeatTreating Byington Steel Treating ___ 408-727-6630

Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 Superior Grinding ______ 888-487-9701 Grinding:Mattison Sun Grinding ________ 602-238-9595 Grinding: OD Anmark ___________ 480-968-3126 Arizona Hard Chrome ____ 602-278-8671 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Road Machinery _______ 520-623-8681 Grinding: Surface Anmark ___________ 480-968-3126 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks _________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 A Z METALWORKER • 88 • July/Aug 2013

Mark Musgrove Your Precision Partner

1317 W. 21st Street, Tempe, AZ 85282 p: 480.517.0233 c: 602.763.7811 f: 480.517.0253 Your Precision Partner

HONING/LAPPING Grindworks __________623-582-5767 LAYKE, Inc.__________ 602-272-2654 Road Machinery ________520-623-8681 National Grinding & Mfg __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding _______602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 IDENTIFICATION Labels & Bar Code EPSI______________714-256-8950 Tool / PartMarking (Laser) Ace Laser ___________ 480-924-3232 B & T Tool & Engineering ___ 602-267-1481 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 Silk Screen Arizona Finishing ______ 602-438-4443 Faist Greentek LLC ______602-633-0707 Precision Industrial Painting 602-256-0260 INDUSTRIAL SEALINGS Gaskets:Manufacturing Cupps Ind Supply _______602-269-2301 Industrial Sealings Cupps Ind Supply _______602-269-2301

Packing Cupps Ind Supply ______ 602-269-2301 INSPECTION Calibration Washington Calibration ___ 480-820-0506 Inspection, First Article Datum Inspection ______ 602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol ____ 480-626-8131 Total Quality Systems ____ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Challenger Aerospace ____ 480-894-0802 Datum Inspection ______ 602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol ____ 480-626-8131 Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Total Quality Systems ____ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services (NDT) Jet Processing ______623-869-6749 x117 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray Aero. Testing _____602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Inspection Services, Welding Metals Eng & Testing Lab. 602-272-4571



88 Sept/Oct


ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. ABS Quality Evaluations __ 281-673-2843 American Global Standards_ 617-838-4648 BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc _________623-939-4412 Orion Registrar ________ 303-645-4017 Great Western Registrar____623-580-1881 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Quality Training Consultants _ 928-284-0856 ISO Registrar ABS Quality Evaluations __ 281-673-2843 American Global Standards_ 617-838-4648 Great Western Registrar____623-580-1881 Orion Registrar ________ 303-645-4017 Liquid Penetrant Certified Inspection Service _602-267-0661 Jet Products __________623-869-6749 Semiray ____________ 602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 MAG Particle Certified Inspection Service __ 602-267-066 Jet Products____ ______623-869-6749 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Process Improvement/ Audit BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Quality Training Consultants _ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 X-Ray Certified Inspection Service __ 602-267-066 Semiray ____________ 602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 IRON STITCHING Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 MACHINING Machining: 3D 3D Machine LLC______480-239-8254 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414

Ca Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace _____ 480-894-0802 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 L&W Machine Co _____602-323-2560 Micropulse West ________480-966-2300 Pro Precision _________602-353-0022 Tooling Molds West ______480-921-9939 Machining: 5 Axis Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Clings Mfg ________ 480-968-1778 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng ___520-889-8325 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Industrial Tool Die & Eng 520-745-8771 indel Engineering _______520-792-3160 Metalcraft Inc. _________480-967-4889 Morsch Machine ________ 480-961-7673 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____303-702-1529 Uni-Tek ____________602-272-2601 Machining: Aerospace AATC _____________ 602-268-1467 Absolute Turning & Machine _520-624-5628 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 AzMark ____________480-926-8969 B&B Fabrication & Machine__623-271-6855 Backerworks Mfg _____ 505-342-2943 Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace _____480-894-0802 CJ Mfg _____________ 480-517-0233 Cling’s Manufacturing_____480-968-1778 Continental Machining __ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Machining __623-581-6200 Excaliber____________623-878-6800 Foresight Technologies ____480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine ___480-892-4730 Hexatron Engineering_____ 801-363-8010 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng ___520-889-8325 HK Machining ________602-278-6704 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 JB’s Precision _________623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253

Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 KLK Ind. ____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co _____ 602-323-2560 Las Cruces Machine ___ 575-526-1411 LAYKE, Inc.___________602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering ______ 520-792-3160 Matrix Machine ________ 480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc. _________480-967-4889 Micro-Tronics, Inc _______602-437-8995 Morsch Machine ________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering ______ 602-273-7114 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products ________623-587-0335 PGI ____________ 505-884-5782 Powill Manufacturing ___ 623-780-4100 Pro Precision _________602-353-0022 Pure-Logic Industries _____480-892-9395 R&D Specialty Manco _____602-278-7700 Service & Sales ________480-968-9084 Satowfi ____________480-374-5706 Southwest Swiss Precision __602-438-4670 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____ 303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing ____ 623-582-2261 Trepanning Specialties ___ 562-633-8110 Uni-Tek ____________ 602-272-2601 Machining: Contract Absolute Turning & Machine _520-624-5628 Aero Design & Mfg ______602-437-8080 AERO Spring & Mfg Co ____602-243-4329 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool ______ 480-813-1002 Banner Machine, Inc______ 602-437-4984 Evans Precision Machining __623-581-6200 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___ 480-503-1283 Gilbert Precision Machine ___480-892-4730 Group Mfg Serv. ________480-966-3952 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Hexatron Engineering_____ 801-363-8010 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc.____________480-833-7305

KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 TVT Die Casting _______ 800-280-2278 Machining: CNC 3D Machine LLC_____ 480-239-8254 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Alpha Machine _______ 602-437-0322 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool ______480-813-1002 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 Challenger Aerospace___ _ 480-894-0802 Cling’s Manufacturing______480-968-1778 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Machining __ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 JB’s Precision ________ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 89 ••89 July/Aug 2013 • July/Aug 2013


Las Cruces Machine ___ 575-526-1411 LAYKE, Inc.___________602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering ______ 520-792-3160 Metalcraft Inc. _________ 480-967-4889 Matrix Machine _______ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West ________480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Morsch Machine ________ 480-961-7673 New Hope Machine ______520-825-7830 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products ________ 623-587-0335 PGI______________505-884-5782 PMBC ___________ _602-431-8131 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Pro Precision _________602-353-0022 Pure-Logic Industries _____480-892-9395 Quality Mold _______ 480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco _____602-278-7700 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries ________623-780-4993 Satowfi ____________ 480-374-5706 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab _ 480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing____623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Toolcraft of Phoenix ___623-435-5405 Uni-Tek ____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg __________ 480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool ______480-507-4620 Wire-Tech___________480-966-1591 X5 Manufacturing____ ___602-454-7385 Machining Composites Absolute Turning & Machine _520-624-5628 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Machining: Large Alpha Machine ________602-437-0322 Backerworks Mfg _____ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining __ 800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach.___480-633-4580 HK Machining ________ 602-278-6704 KLK Ind. ____________ 602-267-1331 Mach: Turning CNC 3D Machine LLC_______480-239-8254

Machining Precision 3D Machine LLC_____ 480-239-8254 Absolute Turning & Machine 520-624-5628 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 AATC_____________602-268-1467 Alpha Machine _______ 602-437-0322 AMT-America ________602-443-1403 Arcas Machine Inc ___ 480-632-9414 Arizona Wire & Tool _____ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 AzMark _________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc ______ 480-892-7304 Cassavant Machining __ 602-437-4005 CJ Mfg ____________ 480-517-0233 Challenger Aerospace ____ 480-894-0802 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision Mach’g 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision , Inc. ____ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Howard PMP _______801-808-4106 JB’s Precision ______ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 Jet Products _______ 623-869-6749 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Las Cruces Machine ___ 575-526-1411 LAYKE, Inc. _______ 602-272-2654 Lindel Engineering _____ 520-792-3160 Lynch Brothers Mfg _____ 602-267-7575 Matrix Machine _____ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc ____ 602-437-8995 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine _______ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering ___602-273-7114 Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Machining Plastic Absolute Turning & Machine _ 520-624-5628 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 PGI _____________505-884-5782 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Powill Mfg __________ 623-780-4100

Absolute Turning & Machine _ 520-624-5628 ACME Metal Works ______480-926-4171 Alpha Machine ________ 602-437-0322 AMT-America ________ 602-443-1403 Anmark ____________ 480-968-3126 Arcas Machine Inc ____ 480-632-9414 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 AzMark ____________ 480-926-8969 Bar-S Machine ______ 928-636-2115 Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Continental Machining __ 800-777-2483 Exactitude Precision ______ 602-316-6957 Gilbert Precision Machine ___ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ____ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng ___ 520-889-8325 Hogan Manufacturing_____ 623-463-1939 JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 Las Cruces Machine ___ 575-526-1411 Morsch Machine_______ 480-961-7673 New Hope Machine ______520-825-7830 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products_______ 623-587-0335 PGI _____________505-884-5782 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 RPM Industries ________623-780-4993 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab _ 480-961-3075 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Uni-Tek ____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg _________ 480-966-7376 Wright Prototype _______ 541-619-2760 Metalcraft Inc. _________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine ________ 480-961-7673 St. Vrain Manufacturing ____ 303-702-1529 Uni-Tek ____________ 602-272-2601

• 90 • July/Aug 2013 90 • July/Aug 2013


Pro Precision ________ 602-353-0022 Quality Mold ______ 480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 RMG Machining _______ 623-582-6544 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Satowfi ___________ 480-374-5706 Service & Sales _____ 480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision _ 602-438-4670 St. Vrain Manufacturing ___ 303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing ___ 623-582-2261 Sun Tech_________ 480-921-1665 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg.__ _480-998-2005 Tolleson Steel ______ 623-936-3325 Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix _______ 480-844-0165 Uni-Tek ___________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg _________ 480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Wire-Tech ________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Prototype A A T C ____________602-268-1467 Absolute Turning & Machine 520-624-5628 Alpha Machine _______ 602-437-0322 AMT-America ________602-443-1403 Anewco ___________520-751-1222 Arcas Machine Inc ___ 480-632-9414 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 Bar-S Machine _____ 928-636-2115 BID Machine, Inc ______480-892-7304 CJ Mfg ____________ 480-517-0233 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision _____ 623-581-6200 Exactitude Precision _____ 602-316-6957 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 Howard PMP ______ 801-808-4106 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541

Office: 480.306.7748 4221 E. Raymond Str. Fax: 480.306.7769 Suite #103 Phoenix, AZ 85040 Dennis Reynolds

PH 602-863-3196 17464 N. 25th Ave. Ste B1 Phoenix, AZ 85023

JD Ellen LLC _______ 623-587--0253 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 KLK Ind. ____________602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 Micropulse West _______ 480-966-2300 Nichols Precision ____ 480-804-0593 Osborn Products _______ 623-587-0335 PGI_______________505-884-5782 RMG Machining _______ 623-582-6544 Pro Precision _______ 602-353-00220 R&D Specialty Manco ____ 602-278-7700 RMG Machining _______ 623-582-6544 RMSS ___________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993 Siro Machining ________480-512-1467 St. Vrain Manufacturing ___ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg. ___480-998-2005 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 Uni-Tek ___________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg _________ 480-966-7376 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Quick Turn HK Machining _______ 602-278-6704 Jemelco, Inc. _______ 480-804-9541 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 RPM Industries _______ 623-780-4993

Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Cassavant Machining ___ 602-437-4005 Wright Prototype ______ 541-619-2760 Howard PMP _______ 801-808-4106 RMG Machining ________ 623-582-6544 Machining: Milling 3D Machine LLC_____ 480-239-8254 Ron Grob Co._________970-667-5320 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 AMT-America ________602-443-1403 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg.____480-998-2005 Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Machining: Ultra-Precision Anmark ___________ 480-968-3126 Auer Precision _________ 480-834-4637 Bar-S Machine _____ 928-636-2115 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 Challenger Aerospace _____480-894-0802 Nichols Precision _____ 480-804-0593 Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-177 Machining: Turning: Exactitude Precision _____ 602-316-6957 Automatic Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Absolute Turning and Machine 520-624-5628 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 American Prec. Machine____ 602-269-6298 Hogan Manufacturing____ 623-463-1939 Ayers Gear & Mach _____ 623-934-6913 Infinisys ___________ 602-276-2276 AzMark ___________ 480-926-8969 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Challenger Aerospace ___ 480-894-0802 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 Evans Precision Mach’g___ 623-581-6200 Metalcraft Inc. ________ 480-967-4889 JB’s Precision Ind ______ 623-581-9088 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______602-437-8995 Jet Products _________ 623-869-6749 Morsch Machine _______ 480-961-7673 LAYKE, Inc. _________ 602-272-2654 RMG Machining _______ 623-582-6544 Matrix Machine _______ 480-966-4451 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 RMSS _____________ 623-780-5904 Uni-Tek ___________ 602-272-2601 PGI _____________ 505-884-5782 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 MACHINING: LASER Wright Prototype ______ 541-619-2760 Laser Cutting Machining: Semiconductor Ace Laser ____________480-924-3232 Foresight Technologies ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine __ 480-892-4730 Allfab Engineering ______ 602-437-0497 KLK Ind. ___________ 602-267-1331 Faist Greentek LLC ______ 602-633-0707 L&W Machine Co ____ 602-323-2560 Fine Line Laser Cutting _ 602-863-3196 Satowfi ___________ 480-374-5706 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Siro Machining _______ 480-512-1467 Precision Metal Products _ 408-699-5037 Southwest Waterjet-Laser 480-306-7748 Machining: Swiss Absolute Turning & Machine 520-624-5628 The Metal Man ________ 800-448-9448 Bar-S Machine _____ 928-636-2115 TMM Precision ________ 800-448-9448

Tube Service Company __ 602-267-9865 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting:Rotary Axis K-zell Metals, Inc. ___ 602-232-5882 Laser Engraving & Etching Ace Laser ___________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 Laser Marking Ace Laser ___________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc ______ 480-855-7137 Faist Greentek LLC ______602-633-0707 TechMark __________ 480-820--9444 MANUFACTURING Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 APMI __ __________ 480-668-0024 B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 CJ Mfg _____________480-517-0233 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Exactitude Precision ______602-316-6957 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng __ 520-889-8325 Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Glover Precision, Inc. ___ 480-464-0150 Group Manufacturing Serv _ 480-966-3952 KLK Ind. ____________ 602-267-1331 PMBC ____________ 602-431-8131 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Precision Metal Products _408-699-5037 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 91• •91 July/Aug 2013 • July/Aug 2013


Total Customer Satisfaction Quality Products On- Time Delivery


E.D.M. Specialists Precision Machining

Matthew Carlson Sales Manager

(602) 455-9575. Fax (602) 455-0166. Cell (623) 203-9619 1700 N. 22nd Ave .• Phoenix, AZ. 85009

Stewart Manufacturing ____623-582-2261 Scriven Precision ______ 480-961-9775 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591 Mfg: PhotoChemical Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 Etching Fabrication Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech __________ 801-292-0493 METAL FORMING Allfab Engineering _____ 602-437-0497 B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701 TMM Precision _______ 800-448-9448 Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 METAL STAMPING High Production Precision Stamping Precision Die & Stamping__ 480-967-2038 Thompson Machine ____505-823-1453 METALIZING Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749 x117 MOLDING: RUBBER Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 MOLDS PMBC ____________ 602-431-8131 JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Quality Mold ________ 480-892-5480 Toolcraft of Phoenix __ 623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West _____ 480-921-9939 Molds: Construction JWB Manufacturing _____ 480-967-4600 Molds: Plastic Injection Micro-Tronics, Inc ______ 602-437-8995 Wire-Tech __________ 480-966-1591

Molds: Rubber Toolcraft of Phoenix ___ 623-435-5405 Molds: Steel ChemResearch_________ 602-253-4175 Aero Tech ___________801-292-0493 Coating Technologies _____ 623-581-2648 PAINTING Collins Metal Finishing ____ 602-275-3117 AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Arizona Finishing _______602-438-4443 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 L A Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 Faist Greentek LLC ______ 602-633-0707 Louie’s Black Oxide ______ 602-257-0530 Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749 x117 Precious Metal Plating ____ 800-481-6271 Precision Industrial Painting _602-256-0260 Precision Metalworks __ 602-455-9575 STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Road Machinery ________ 520-623-8681 Painting& Blast Booths Sav-On Plating_________ 602-252-4311 AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 Anodizing Faist Greentek LLC ______ 602-633-0707 ChemResearch_________ 602-253-4175 STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Collins Metal Finishing ____ 602-275-3117 Phosphate Coating Technologies _____623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Powder Coating Brass Plating AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 Sav-On Plating _________ 602-252-4311 Arizona Finishing _______602-438-4443 Bronze Plating East Valley Powdercoat ____ 480-215-2461 Sav-On Plating _________ 602-252-4311 LA Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 Copper Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Perma-Finish _________602-278-1733 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Electroless Nickel Southwest Powder Coating __602-272-0878 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Wet Paint/CARC Embrittlement Relief AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Gold Plating Precision Industrial Painting _602-256-0260 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Sandblast/Automated STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930 Screenprinting & Pad Hard Chrome Printing Road Machinery ________ 520-623-8681 AP Industrial _________ 480-968-1947 Nickel/ Chrome/Palladium STP Performance Coating LLC _ 602-276-1231 Collins Metal Finishing ____ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 PLATING Arizona Hard Chrome _____ 602-278-8671 Gold Tech Industries ______ 480-968-1930

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SUN TECH Since 1980 1930 E. 3rd St., #13 Tempe, AZ 85281

& ENG.

(480) 921-1665 Cell: (480) 215-7144

6532 W Flint St. Ste. 1 Chandler, AZ 85226

LA Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Sav-On Plating_________ 602-252-4311 Silver Plating EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries ______480-968-1930 Tin: Matte Gold Tech Industries ______480-968-1930 Tin / Zinc Plate Collins Metal Finishing ____ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Perfection Industrial Finishing 520-434-9090 Sav-On Plating_________ 602-252-4311 POLISHING Gold Tech Industries ____ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties ________ 602-269-7612 Road Machinery ________520-623-8681 PRODUCT DESIGN Design and Modeling Bar-S Machine ______ 928-636-2115 PRECISION FLAT STOCK Tri-Matrix __________ 480-844-0165 PROCESSING: CHEMICAL LA Specialties _________ 602-269-7612 PRODUCTION Challenger Aerospace _____480-894-0802 Louie’s Black Oxide _____ 602-257-0530 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467 PUNCHING Group Manufacturing Serv _ 480-966-3952 Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701

Phoenix Metalcraft ___ 602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks _ 602-455-9575 Precision Metal Products 408-699-5037 Stellar Machining & Fab 480-961-3075 WC Machine & Tool_ ____ 480-507-4620 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Nelson Engineering _____ 602-273-7114 SPINNING: Metal Nelson Engineering _____ 602-273-7114 SPLINES Apache Gear, Inc ______623-934-7144 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA Accuwright Industries ____ 480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing ______ 602-244-2432 Empire Precision Mach.__ 480-633-4580 SPRINGS Flat and Wire Springs AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 SPRINGWORKS Utah ____ 801-298-0113 Tri-Matrix __________480-844-0165 STAMPING AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___602-243-4329 Auer Precision ________ 480-834-4637 CygnetStamping & Fab ___ 818-240-7574 Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Gilbert Metal Stamping ___480-503-1283 Pacific Metal Stampings __ 661-257-7656 Precision Die & Stamping_ 480-967-2038 Scriven Precision ______480-961-9775 Thompson Machine ___ 505-823-1453 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine _____ 602-323-5550 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Precision Metal Forming SPRINGWORKS Utah ____ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine ___ 505-823-1453 Stamping: Aerospace Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings __ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Bending Pacific Metal Stampings __ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Deep Draw Thompson Machine ___ 505-823-1453 Stamping Design Frontier Metal Stamping __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings __ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ___ 801-298-0113 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Stamping Flat Forming Pacific Metal Stampings __ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ___ 801-298-0113

Stamping: Light Pacific Metal Stampings ___661-257-7656 Stamping: Precision Frontier Metal Stamping ___ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings ___661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah ____ 801-298-0113

Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Service & Sales _______ 480-968-9084 Formed Tubing AERO Spring & Mfg Co ___ 602-243-4329 B&B Fabrication & Machine__623-271-6855 Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Cling’s Manufacturing____480-968-1778 TAPPING Large Diam. Pipe & Tubing Gilbert Metal Stamping ____480-503-1283 Trepanning Specialties ___562-633-8110 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Tube Bending /Fabrication TESTING Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-1778 Testing: Flow / Target Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Semiray Aero. Testing _____ 623-842-3030 K-zell Metals, Inc. ____602-232-5882 Testing: Non-Dest/ Pressure Service & Sales ______480-968-9084 Jet Products __________ 623-869-6749 WATER PURIF/ RECYC. Semiray Aero. Testing _____ 623-842-3030 USFilter _________ 760-525-9930 WATERJET CUTTING THERMAL SPRAY Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys _800-237-2888 Accuwright Industries _____ 480-892-9595 Alpha Machine ________602-437-0322 Bolt’s Metallizing _______ 602-244-2432 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Controlled Thermal Tech’y __ 602-272-3714 Flow International ____ 800-446-3569 Empire Precision Mach.___ 480-633-4580 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 THREADING Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Thread Grinding Jan’s Inc.____________480-833-7305 Blue Streak Grinding ____ 602-353-8088 MarZee Inc. ________ 602-269-5801 Grindworks __________ 623-582-5767 New Hope Machine _____ 520-825-7830 Osborn Products ________ 623-587-0335 Southwest Waterjet-Laser 480-306-7748 Shaw Precision _______ 480-785-4925 Stellar Machining & Fab _ 480-961-3075 Thread Rolling Toolcraft of Phoenix ___623-435-5405 Ron Grob Co. _________ 970-667-5320 WC Machine & Tool _____ 480-507-4620 Whitley Machine _____602-323-5550 TOOL & DIE 3D Machine LLC______ 480-239-8254 Waterjet,3D 3 - 5 AXIS Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 Arizona Wire & Tool ______ 480-813-1002 Waterjet, Multi head Gilbert Metal Stamping ____480-503-1283 Whitley Machine _____602-323-5550 Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 Waterjet, High Press. Cutting Thompson Machine ____ 505-823-1453 Alpha Machine ________602-437-0322 Whitley Machine ______ 602-323-5550 Harschco LLC _______ 602-617-7514 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Innovative Cutting Solutions 623-842-1255 TOOL REPAIR/REBUILD WASHERS Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 AERO Spring & Mfg Co __ 602-243-4329 TOOLING WIRE FORMS CJ Mfg _____________ 480-517-0233 AERO Spring & Mfg Co __ 602-243-4329 Frontier Metal Stamping ___ 303-458-5129 Tri-Matrix _________ 480-844-0165 Hogan Manufacturing_____ 623-463-1939 SPRINGWORKS Utah _____ 801-298-0113 Siro Machining ________ 480-512-1467 WELDING Southwest Tool & Die Services 480-317-9366 ACME Metal Works _____ 480-926-4171 Tooling: Jig & Fixture Allfab Engineering ______602-437-0497 Building Alpha Machine ________602-437-0322 New Hope Machine ______ 520-825-7830 APMI ____________ 480-668-0024 TREPANNING Arrow Sheet Metal_______303-427-6419 Trepanning Specialties ___ 562-633-8110 AzMark __________ 480-926-8969 B&B Fabrication & Machine__623-271-6855 TUBING Assembly Formed Tubing Bell Steel __________ 480-833-5538 B&B Fabrication & Machine__ 623-271-6855 BID Machine, Inc _____ 480-892-7304

Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Creedbilt Inc _______ 623-939-8119 Empire Precision Mach.__ 480-633-4580 Faist Greentek LLC ______602-633-0707 Group Mfg. Serv _____ 480-966-3952 Howell Precision________623-582-4776 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 K-zell Metals, Inc. ___ 602-232-5882 Lynch Brothers Mfg _____ 602-267-7575 Precision Casting Repair __ 800-622-2404 Precision Metalworks _ 602-455-9575 Precision Metal Products _408-699-5037 Pure-Logic Industries ____ 480-892-9395 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Quality Mold ________ 480-892-5480 Scriven Precision _____ 480-961-9775 State Industrial Prod ___ 602-275-0990 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Val-Tech Mfg _________ 480-966-7376 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Welding: Aerospace Anewco ___________ 520-751-1222 Arrow Sheet Metal_______303-427-6419 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 X5 Manufacturing ______ 602-454-7385 Welding: Alum. Med & Lg Alpha Machine _______ 602-437-0322 Arrow Sheet Metal_______303-427-6419 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach.__ 480-633-4580 PVB Fabrications ____ 520-623-3529 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075 Weiser/Mile High Precision _ 303-280-2778 Welding: Enclosures Allfab Engineering _____ 602-437-0497 Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701 Welding: Design Fry Fabrications ________602-454-0701 Welding: Inspection SVC Team Industrial Services __ 602-269-7868 Welding: Orbital L&W Fluid ________ 602-323-2560 Welding: Robotic B&B Fabrication & Machine_ 623-271-6855 Welding: Spot Nelson Engineering _____ 602-273-7114 Welding: Tig Allfab Engineering _____ 602-437-0497 Backerworks Mfg ____ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining _ 800-777-2483 Cutting Edge Mfg ______ 480-609-7233 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Stellar Machining & Fab _480-961-3075


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Index of Advertisers 3D Machine .............................82 CTE..........................................................76 AATC......................................................83 Cygnet Stamping & Fab.......................91 ABS Quality Evaluations......................85 D & R Mchy...........................21,65,73,79 Absolute Machining & Turning.........89 DCM Tech...................................60,74 ACC Machinery.................................7,73 Datum Inspection............................86 Accuwright...........................................85 Delcam..............................................84 Ace Laser..............................................83 Desert Fire........................................87 ACME Metal Works............................91 Desert EDM Sales......................42,76 Adams Mach.......................15,49,73,96 Diehl Steel....................................... 78 Advanced Coordinate Technology..75 DM Machine Repair .......................80 Advanced Metal Sales........................79 East Valley Laser Inc ....................... 88 Advanced Precision............................80 East Valley Powdercoat...................91 Aero Spring & Mfg .............................84 Ebbco Inc. .......................................74 Aero Tech ............................................89 Echols Saw & Supply...................... 73 Aerodyne Alloys..................................78 Eclipse Carbide ............................... 86 AgieCharmilles......................................3 Edge Technologies......................... 76 Airtek....................................................77 EDM Network............................33,77 AIT...................................................27,74 EDM Perform Access...................... 78 Alerus Bank & Trust .....................32,80 EDM Tech.........................................71 AllFab Engineering.............................85 Ellison Machinery ...5,57,68,69,73,75 All World Machinery Supply.............84 Empire Precision Mach. .................89 Almar Tools...................................43,76 EPSI. ..................................................91 Alpha Machine....................................91 Evans Precision Mach’g.................. 85 American Aerospace..........................83 Exactitude ........................................87 American Auctioneers Group .....16,81 Excaliber Precision ......................... 83 AMT-America......................................87 Fadal CNC...................................20,74 AMTS....................................................80 Faist GreenTek.................................87 Anewco................................................87 Fine Line Fabricating Inc................ 85 Anmark ................................................86 Fine Line Laser Cutting ...................91 Apache Gear........................................85 Flow Corp....................................... ,73 Apache Steel .......................................77 Foresight Technologies ................. 83 AP Industrial ........................................92 Frontier Metal Stamping ................91 API Services .........................................63 Fry Fabrications .............................. 82 APMI .....................................................82 Fry Steel Co......................................77 Arcas Machine Inc. .............................88 Ganesh Machinery.....................19,75 Arizona Finishing................................86 Gartman Tech Services .............67,92 Arizona Hard Chrome .......................86 Geiger Electric Inc .......................... 74 Arizona Wire Spec .............................82 Gilbert Metal Stamping.................. 82 Arizona Wire Tool..............................92 Gilbert Precision Machine..............89 Arrow Sheet Metal.............................85 Gladhill Assoc.............................40,87 ARTL .....................................................82 Global EDM Supply ........................ 76 Auer Precision.....................................85 Glover Precision, Inc........................87 Ayers Gear & Mach ............................82 GMN USA......................................... 76 AZ CNC..............8,9,39,53,59,70,73,78 Gold Tech Industries ............47,50,87 AZMARK .........................................83,91 Great Western ...............................80 AZ Metals.............................................77 Grindworks ..................................... 83 AZPMAP.........................................72,83 Group Manufacturing .................... 84 AZ Tool Steel.......................................78 HK Machining ................................. 88 B&B Fabrication & Machine.............84 Hangsterfers ....................................77 B&B Tool .............................................79 Harschco ........................................ 86 B & T Tool & Engr..............................77 Haynes Intl .......................................77 Backerworks Mfg...............................89 Helical Solutions.............................80 .......................66 Helm Precision................................ 52 Bank of Arizona..................................78 Hexatron Engineering.................... 88 Barry Metals..................................22,78 Hi-Tech Machining & Welding...... 84 Bar-S Machine Inc ..............................82 Hogan Manufacturing....................90 Barton International ...................48,74 Horizon Carbide ............................. 82 Bell Steel ..............................................84 Houghton........................................ 76 BID Machine, Inc ................................84 Howard PMP ....................................87 Blaser....................................................78 Howell Precision .......................56,83 Blue Streak Grinding ...................44,85 HUB Intl ...........................................80 BMSC ........................................38,58,84 IEC Supply LLC................................ 76 Bolt’s Metallizing, Inc ........................88 Ind. Metal Supply ......................28,78 Bralco Metals ................................14,76 Ind.Tool Die .....................................87 Byington Steel Treating ....................86 Infinisys ......................................83,87 CAID .....................................................83 Innovative Cutting Tools ............... 76 Canyon State Oil..............................2,78 Innovative Cutting Solutions..........91 Cassavant Machining.........................90 Innovative Tool Sales ..................... 76 Castrol...............................................2,78 Integrated Systems Inc .................. 92 Certified Inspection Services ...........82 IPE Aerospace .................................64 CGS Technologies, Inc. .................... 84 IRH ................................................... 82 Challenger Aerospace .......................87 ISMG ................................................ 73 ChemResearch .............................18,86 IVIS..............................................86,82 CIS.........................................................82 ITDE ..................................................87 CJ Mfg...................................................88 Jan’s Inc............................................ 88 Cling’s Manufacturing .......................84 J B’s Prec Ind.....................................87 CNC Machinery ..................................75 JD Ellen ..................................30-31,87 Coast Aluminum.................................77 Jemelco Inc.......................................80 Coastal Metals...............................10,78 J.K. Tool............................................75 Coating Tech.......................................54 Jorgenson ........... ............................75 Collins Metal Finishing......................83 JWB Manufacturing ........................ 86 Consolidated Resources Inc........26,80 K D Capital ...................................... 73 Continental Machining......................88 Kerley Corp ..................................... 75 Controlled Thermal............................86 KLK................................................... 88 Creedbilt Inc........................................89 Klontech Indus. Sales ................73,79 Critical Cut............................................83 KMT Waterjet .................................74 Cupps Industrial Supply.....................88 K-Zell Metals, Inc. ......................46,84 Cutting Tool Consultants..................75 Kurt Manufacturing Co. ................. 78 A Z METALWORKER • 94 • July/Aug 2013 2

Kwik Mark Inc..................................74 L&W Machine Co. ........................... 87 LA Specialties ..............................48,87 Las Cruces Machine.........................89 Layke Inc ..........................................83 Leavitt Group ...................................80 Lindel Engineering ..........................88 Lone Arrow ......................................76 Louie’s Black Oxide ....................84,86 Louie’s Gun Finishing......................86 Lynch Brothers.................................86 Lynden Intl. ......................................82 Machinery Sales.............................. 75 Magnum Precision ............... 11,73-75 Makino ........................................13,73 Marshall Tool & Supply ..................79 MarZee .................................. 60,77,85 Matrix Machine ..........................82,83 Maxum Petroleum .......................2,78 May Foundry....................................85 MC Machinery ............................31,76 Mesa Machinery .........................56,75 Metalcraft Inc................................... 87 Metal Finishing Systems .................29 Metal Processing Intl.......................89 Metals Eng & Testing Labs .............80 Methods West .................................75 Micro-Tronics ..................................83 Micro 100....................................67,78 Micropulse West .............................82 Midaco Corp ....................................83 Milne.................................................80 MMR LLC..........................................82 Moore Tool & Equip .......................75 Morsch Machine..............................82 MTLC ................................................82 Muratec ............................................76 National Grinding & Mfg. ...............85 Nelson Engineering.............. 28,38,84 New Hope Machine ........................83 Nichols Precision .............................89 Noranco.......................................40,84 North-South ..........................34-35,76 OGP...................................................74 Omax Corp.......................................73 Orion Registrar ................................ 87 Osborn Products ........................83,85 Pacific Metal Stampings.................. 91 Parker Fasteners ..............................85 Perfection Industrial Finishing .......90 Perma-Finish... .................................86 Petroferm .........................................76 PGI..................................................... 87 Phoenix Grinding.............................83 Phoenix Heat Treat .........................86 Phoenix Metal Finishing & Polishing.......86 Phoenix Metalcraft .......................... 91 Phoenix Small Tool .........................79 Pioneer Distributing Co. .................83 Powill Mfg ........................................86 Praxair Distribution .........................85 Precious Metal Plating. ................. ..87 Precision Casting Repair .................83 Precision Die & Stamping...............82 Precision Industrial Painting...........83 Precision Manufacturing.........1,36-37 Precision Metalworks .....................92 Precision Metal Products................92 Premier Precision .......................66,84 Pro Precision ....................................85 Pure-Logic Industries......................,92 PVB Fabrications..............................83 QS Machinery...................................74 Quality Advisory...............................76 Qualichem, Inc.................................77 Quality Improvement Consulting....81 Quality Mold....................................85 Quick Turn Financial........................81 R&D Specialty Manco......................88 RMG Machining..........................25,90 RMSS.................................................90 Road Machinery...............................91 Robar.................................................87 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades........ ..74 Roentgen USA..................................74 Ron Grob...........................................88 RPM Industries..................................88 Ryerson ............................................79

S&S Machinery Sales ........................75 SA Recycling......................................79 S L Fusco............................................77 Samuel, Son & Co..................24,77,78 Sandvik Coromant.......................75,81 Satowfi ..............................................88 Sav-On Plating...................................90 Savage Machine ...............................74 .................................,95 SBG Capital........................................79 Schenk Intertech ..............................76 Scriven Precision Fab. ......................82 Seco Tools.........................................79 Semiray ....................................... 61,88 Service & Sales..................................92 Setco Spindles & Slides ...................78 Shaw Precision Grind’g ....................84 Shop Floor Automations .................80 Southwest Powder ...........................86 Siro Machining..................................91 Solar Atmospheres ...........................82 Southwest Powder ...........................86 Southwest Spindle Service ..............79 Southwest Swiss Precision ..............88 Southwest Tool & Die Services.......84 Southwest Waterjet-Laser ..........45,91 SPRINGWORKS Utah........................92 St Vrain ..............................................89 Star Metal Fluids.........17,74,77,79,80 Starrett ..............................................74 State Technology..............................77 Steel Services Grind’g................. 62,83 Stellar Machining & Fab Inc.............87 Sterling Fabrication Technology.....23,74 Sun Grinding ............................... 12,85 Sun Tech............................................92 Superior Grinding.............................86 Supra Alloys, Inc ...............................79 Sustaining Edge Solutions ...............79 Swisstech Tooling & Mfg.................90 TCI Precision Metals.........................77 TMM Precision............................ 82,85 T.S.M. Mach. ....................................73 Team Industrial Services............ 62,86 TechMark ..........................................85 Tech Mold .........................................61 Temtco Steel.....................................77 The Metal Man............................ 82,85 The Werks C&C ................................78 Thompson Machine .........................84 Tipco Punch ......................................92 TMI (GibbsCAM) ...............................80 Tolleson Steel ...................................77 Toolcraft of Phoenix.........................88 Tooling Molds West.........................88 Tornquist Machinery........................74 Total Filtration Services ...................76 Total Quality Sys...............................77 Tornos ......................................... 41,74 Trepanning Specialties.....................90 Tri-Matrix Mach ................................84 Tri-Plex...............................................36 Trusty-Cook ................................ 29,75 Tube Service .....................................77 TVT Die Casting .......................... 66,85 TW Metals .........................................78 U S Shop Tools ........................... 51,76 Ulbrich of CA................................55,77 Ultimate Machinery..........................89 United Performance Metals ...........71,77 Uni-Tek ..............................................87 Universal Laser Systems...................46 Val-Tech Mfg .....................................84 Visalus................................................52 Washington Cal. .................. 44,86 Wayco Sales Inc ................................84 WC Machine & Tool.........................84 Weiser/Mile High Precision .............85 Western Cast Parts ...........................82 Western States Metal.......................80 Whitley Machine ........................85 Widia .................................................84 Wire-Tech..........................................84 Wrico ........................................... 70,84 Wright Prototype .............................83 X5.......................................................84

We’ve got flex appeal


M42 Band Saw Blade Prices

Discounts for ordering 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 blades. WIDTH 4'-6" 5'-0" 5'-6" 6'-0" 6'-6" 7'-0" 7'-6" 8'-0" 8'-6" 9'-0" 9'-6" 10'-0" 10'-6" 11'-0" 11'-6" 12'-0" 12'-6" 13'-0" 13'-6" 14'-0" 14'-6" 15'-0" 15'-6" 16'-0" 16'-6" 17'-0" 17'-6" 18'-0" 18'-6" 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22’-6” 23’-0”

1/4” & !/2” $15.52 $16.53 $17.54 $18.55 $19.56 $20.57 $21.58 $22.59 $23.60 $24.61 $25.62 $26.63 $27.64 $28.65 $29.66 $30.67 $31.68 $32.69 $33.69 $34.70 $35.71 $36.72 $37.73 $38.74 $39.75 $40.76 $41.77 $42.78 $43.79 $44.80 $45.81 $46.82 $47.83 $48.84 $49.85 $50.86 $51.86 $52.87

3/4" $16.63 $17.76 $18.89 $20.02 $21.16 $22.29 $23.42 $24.55 $25.69 $26.82 $27.95 $29.08 $30.21 $31.35 $32.48 $33.61 $34.74 $35.87 $37.01 $38.14 $39.27 $40.40 $41.53 $42.67 $43.80 $44.93 $46.06 $47.19 $48.33 $49.46 $50.59 $51.72 $52.86 $53.99 $55.12 $56.25 $57.38 $58.52

1" $18.16 $19.46 $20.76 $22.06 $23.36 $24.67 $25.97 $27.27 $28.57 $29.87 $31.18 $32.48 $33.78 $35.08 $36.38 $37.69 $38.99 $40.29 $41.59 $42.89 $44.19 $45.50 $46.80 $48.10 $49.40 $50.70 $52.01 $53.31 $54.61 $55.91 $57.21 $58.52 $59.82 $61.12 $62.42 $63.72 $65.02 $66.33

1-1/4" $20.19 $21.72 $23.25 $24.78 $26.31 $27.84 $29.36 $30.89 $32.42 $33.95 $35.48 $37.01 $38.53 $40.06 $41.59 $43.12 $44.65 $46.18 $47.70 $49.23 $50.76 $52.29 $53.82 $55.35 $56.87 $58.40 $59.93 $61.46 $62.99 $64.52 $66.04 $67.57 $69.10 $70.63 $72.16 $73.69 $75.21 $76.74

WIDTH 15’-6” 16’-0” 16’-6” 17’-0” 17’-6” 18’-0” 18’-6” 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22'-6" 23'-0" 23'-6" 24'-0" 24'-6" 25'-0" 25'-6" 26'-0" 26'-6" 27'-0" 27'-6" 28'-0" 28'-6" 29'-0" 29'-6" 30'-0" 30’-6” 31’-0” 31'-6" 32'-0" 32'-6" 33'-0" 33'-6" 34'-0"

1-1/2" $65.93 $67.83 $69.73 $71.62 $73.52 $75.41 $77.31 $79.21 $81.10 $83.00 $84.90 $86.79 $88.69 $90.58 $92.48 $94.38 $96.27 $98.17 $100.07 $101.96 $103.86 $105.75 $107.65 $109.55 $111.44 $113.34 $115.23 $117.13 $119.03 $120.92 $122.82 $124.72 $126.61 $128.51 $130.40 $132.30 $134.20 $136.09

2" $95.93 $98.79 $101.65 $104.51 $107.37 $110.23 $113.08 $115.94 $118.80 $121.66 $124.52 $127.38 $130.24 $133.09 $135.95 $138.81 $141.67 $144.53 $147.39 $150.24 $153.10 $155.96 $158.82 $161.68 $164.54 $167.40 $170.25 $173.11 $175.97 $178.83 $181.69 $184.55 $187.40 $190.26 $193.12 $195.98 $198.84 $201.70

2-5/8" $117.67 $121.14 $124.62 $128.09 $131.56 $135.03 $138.50 $141.97 $145.45 $148.92 $152.39 $155.86 $159.33 $162.80 $166.28 $169.75 $173.22 $176.69 $180.16 $183.63 $187.11 $190.58 $194.05 $197.52 $200.99 $204.47 $207.94 $211.41 $214.88 $218.35 $221.82 $225.30 $228.77 $232.24 $235.71 $239.18 $242.65 $246.13

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The Advantages of an HMC, the Reliability of a Doosan 215 South Rockford Drive Tempe, AZ Doosan Infracore America 480-968-3711

A2Z Metalworker P. O. Box 93295 Phoenix, AZ 85070

The Advantages of an HMC, the Reliability of a Doosan The Advantages of an HMC, the Reliability of a Doosan Your Hometown Machine Tool Dealer Serving Arizona Doosan America and NewInfracore Mexico Since 1967.

Doosan Infracore America Doosan Infracore America

TheAdvantages Advantagesofofan anHMC, HMC, The theReliability Reliabilityofofa aDoosan Doosan the

...All at Special Reduced Pricing! Designed and built for heavy-duty cutting and exceptional productivity, Doosan Horizontal Machining Centers are available with:

Axis travels: 23.62" x 22.05" x 22.24" ~ 33.40" x 27.50" x 29.50" Rapid traverses: 1574 ~ 2362 ipm

! ...All at Special Reduced Pricing!

B axis: 1 indexing ~ full B axis

Spindle horsepower: 30 ~ 35 hp

ATC capacity: 60 ~ 262 tools

Spindle speeds: 10,000 ~14,000 rpm

Number of pallets: 2 ~ 24

Designed and built for heavy-duty ...All at Specialexceptional Reduced Pricing! ...All at Special Pricing! cutting andReduced productivity,

Axis travels: 23.62" x 22.05" x 22.24" ~ 33.40" x 27.50" x 29.50" B U I L D I N G YO U R TO M O R R OW TO DAY ! Doosan Horizontal Machining Centers Rapid traverses: 1574 ~ 2362 ipm Designed and built for heavy-duty Axis travels: 23.62" x 22.05" x 22.24" ~ are available with: Designed and built for heavy-duty x 22.05" x 22.24" ~ cutting and exceptional productivity, Axis travels: 23.62" 33.40" x 27.50" B axis: 1x!29.50" indexing ~ full B axis cutting and exceptional productivity, 33.40" x 27.50" x 29.50"

...All at Special Reduced Pricing!

Doosan Horizontal Machining Centers Headquarters/Engineering Center, NJ 973  618­2500 Rapid traverses: 1574 ~ 2362 ipm Doosan Horizontal Machining Centers Rapid traverses: 1574 ~ 2362 ipm are available with: ATC capacity: 60 ~ 262 tools Spindle horsepower: 30 ~ 35 hp Technical Center, B axis: 1! indexing ~IL full B847  437­1010 axis 23.62" x 22.05" x Designed heavy-duty Axis travels: are availableand with: built forMidwestern B axis: 1! indexing ~ full B axis ATC capacity: 60Number ~ 262 Western Technical Center, CA tools 714  974­1330 Spindle horsepower: 30 ~ 35 hp of pallets: Spindle speeds: 10,000 ~14,000 rpm cutting and exceptional 33.40" x2 ~ 24 27.50" x ATC capacity: 60 ~ 262 tools Spindle horsepower: 30 ~ 35 hp productivity, @ Number of pallets: 2 ~ 24e-Mail Address Spindle speeds: 10,000 ~14,000 rpm DIA.Sales Number of pallets: 2 ~ 24 Doosan Horizontal Centers Spindle speeds: 10,000Machining ~14,000 rpm

22.24" ~ 29.50"

Rapid traverses: 1574 ~ 2362 ipm are available with: I L D I N G YO U R TO M O R R O W TO DAY ! B axis: 1! indexing ~ full B axis B U I L D I NB U GIBLUDYO U R TO M O R R OW TO DAY ! I N G YO U R TO M O R R OW TO DAY ! ATC capacity: 60 ~ 262 tools Spindle horsepower: 30 ~ 35 hp

July revised issue reduced  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...

July revised issue reduced  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...