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Vol. 6, No. 6, Dec / Jan 2016-2017 Front Cover Story Pages 28 - 29

West Coast Edition For WA, OR, CA From Concept To Creation, Pesznecker Brothers Maintains Highly Skilled Craftsmen With State Of The Art Tools

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1 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

FREE CONFERENCE AND EXPO Register Online: co-located with

APRIL 12 & 13, 2017

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

Northwest Machine Tool Expo, the ONLY machining and metal manufacturing event in the Pacific Northwest, will be held on April 12 and 13, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center. Mark your calendar for this unique regional event that offers a convenient and efficient way to gain exposure to customers and prospects, generate leads, close sales, and introduce new products.

For exhibiting information contact Joyce Lortz at 800-827-8009 x4424 or

Editor’s Corner “Don’t give in to complacency and cynicism. Don’t ignore what is bad, but concentrate on building what is good. Don’t take America and the values reflected in our form of government for granted. And never forget that in our democracy, the government is not ‘them’ -- it is ‘us.’” John Glenn John Herschel Glenn Jr. (July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016) was renowned as the first American to orbit the Earth and the fifth person in space. But many do not know he was a hero in World War II and also fought for his country in the Korean War. He was also a politician. During WW II, Glenn started a combat mission for the Marshall Islands and flew 59 combat missions bombing Japanese positions. He was hit by anti-aircraft 5 times and was awarded many medals. His quick rise in the military continued as he joined the VMF-218 based at Nanyuan Field near Beijing in 1946. Glenn finally came home in 1948 and became a flight instructor at NAS Corpus Christi,Texas. In 1951 he was sent to the Amphibious Warfare School in Virginia and posted as part of the staff of the Commandant, Marine Corps Schools. In 1952 Glenn was ordered to South Korea for the final stages of the Korean War. He flew 63 combat missions and gained the name Magnet Ass because of his ability to attract enemy flak. After years in the service, Glenn completed the first supersonic transcontinental flight in a Vought F8U-3P Crusader from California to New York. The flight took 3 hours, 23 minutes and 8.3 seconds. Glenn received his fifth Distinguished Flying Cross for this mission. In 1958 the newly formed NASA began recruiting from a list of 100 test pilots for astronauts. In 1959, he was selected as one of the Mercury 7 and the task force was later moved to Houston in 1962. Glenn’s success continued after entering politics, defeating Ralph Perk, the Republican Mayor of Cleveland, in the general election, beginning a Senate career that would continue until 1999.


This Month’s West Coast Cover,

Pesznecker Brothers Maintains Highly Skilled Craftsmen With State Of The Art Tools

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Glenn also ran for President of the USA. He never gave up supporting the USA and his dream. In short he just never gave up and was a role model to us all.

Published bi-monthly to keep precision manufacturers abreast of news, contracts, trends, and to supply a viable supplier source for the industry.

Glenn lived the American dream and seemed to have the luck that comes from preparedness. He always pressed ahead to his next level of personal success. He made his goals, studied, and won his next goal. Even though he was never our President, all Americans honored him.When one would ask if you knew John Glenn you would likely say, “Oh yes that great Astronaut.” You could dig deeper and find out he was a very great man.

Circulation: A2Z Manufacturing West Coast maintains a master list of over 14,000 decision makers consisting of fortune 1000 companies, small manufacturing companies, engineering firms, DOD & Scientific Lab facilities, machine shops, fab-shops, and secondary source businesses. It has an estimated pass on readership of more than 25,000 people. The majority of our readers are based in CA, OR, WA area!

I think outstanding examples are everywhere in our cutting edge USA, but if you were to look at an inspiring man that beat all the odds through determination and perseverance you would find a role model in John Glenn, a great leader, an inspiring man, and a proud patriot of the USA. I would like to encourage you all to take a lesson from a great man.You may get shot down, you may get shot at, you may study and work your whole life, but never give up! It’s how you live your life that makes a person. If you continue to move forward in your dreams and goals you will live in greatness, and never regret that you lived your life, your way! In closing I would like to ask you all to look forward, and press forward to a successful 2017. Don’t give in to complacency and cynicism. It will continue to be great for the USA, because we will all push forward, and live our dreams and goals and we will never give up! We are Great!

Kim Carpenter

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• 4 •DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Long Products – a sampling of what we offer Carbon Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Tube

• • • • • •

• 304 SQUARE TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 12"SQ X .500W • 304 RECTANGLE TUBE – 1/2" X 1" X .065W THRU 12"SQ X 8" X .500W • 304 ROUND TUBE – 1/2"OD X .065W THRU 6.0"D X .375W • AVAILABLE IN MILL FINISH AND 180 GRIT POLISHED

CF1018 ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 6" CF1018 SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" CF1018 FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 3-1/2" X 6" CF1045 ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 6" CF1144 STRESSPROOF ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 4-1/2" CF12L14 ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 6"

Alloy Steel Bar • • • •

CF4140ANN ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 4-1/2" CF8620ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/8" THRU 4-3/4" CF4140HT ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 3-1/2" HR4140ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/2" THRU 24"

Aluminum Bar

Carbon Steel Tube • ERW STEEL TUBE – 1/2"OD X .049W THRU 6"0D X .188W • ORN STEEL TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 4"SQ X .120W • STRUCT STEEL TUBE – 1-1/2"SQ THRU 6"SQ X .250W (INCLUDING RECTANGLES)

Stainless Steel Bar • • • • •

303, 304L, 316L, 17-4 ROUNDS – 1/8" THRU 12" 304L, 316L PLATE CUT FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 1/2" X 8" 303, 304L, 316L ROLLED BAR – 1/4" X 3/4" THRU 1-1/2" X 2" 304L, 316L ANGLES – 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" THRU 4" X 4" X 1/2" 304L, 316L CHANNELS – 2" X 1" X 1/8" THRU 6" X 4" X 3/8"

• 6061 EXTR & CF ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 12" • 6061 EXTR SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" • 6061 EXTR RECTANGLES – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 4" X 8" • 6061, 6063 EXTR ANGLES, CHANNELS, BEAMS • 2024 CF ROUNDS – 3/8" THRU 4"

Tube & Pipe • 6061, 6063 EXTR SQUARE TUBE – 3/4"SQ X .065W THRU 8"SQ X .500W • 6061, 6063 EXTR RECTANGLE TUBE – 3/4" X 1-1/2" THRU 2" X 8" X .250W • 6061 EXTR ROUND TUBE – 1/2" X .125W THRU 8"OD X .250W • 6061 EXTR PIPE – 1/2" SCH40 THRU 8" SCH80


Carbon & Alloy Plate We routinely stock: • Carbon from general purpose to structural, PVQ and improved machining grades. • Alloy in construction, case hardening, PVQ, aircraft quality and abrasion resisting grades. Plate processing: Oxy-fuel Cutting Plasma Cutting Shearing

performed, even for services of our extended fabrication network. We screen and audit all of our sources.

Ryerson simplifies customer manufacturing and procurement. From one-of-a-kind components to parts in production quantities, our one-stop shopping reduces overall costs and streamlines operations.

Increase Flexibility Test new designs and prototypes without tying up machines or employees. We know fabrication and materials and recommend the best for customer applications.

Lower Production Costs Trim outsourcing handling costs and inspection points. Eliminate scrap handling costs and inspection points. Minimize capital expenditures. Our ready-to-assemble parts reduce customer work-in-process inventory.

Meet Demand Fluctuations Eliminate bottlenecks. Avoid capacity overloads. Eliminate capital tied up in underutilized equipment. We help customers focus on core competencies and meet processing requirements.

Aluminum Plate We routinely stock: • Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate • Standard thicknesses to 16” • Widths to 60.5” • Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288” • Diamond Tread plate

Consolidate Supplier Base Save transportation and administrative costs. We’re responsible for all work

Plate processing: Sawing Band Saw Cutting Shearing Cutting to Length

Stainless Plate We routinely stock: • All standard grades • Plate up to 4” thick • Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide • Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thickness Plate processing: Plasma Cutting Sawing Shearing Cutting to Length Precision Leveling

Portland: 6330 Basin Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 503-247-2300 Local | 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Seattle: 600 SW 10th Street, Renton, WA 98057 206-624-2300 Local | 800-562-9067 Toll Free Boise: 6759 S. Supplyway, Boise, ID 83716 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Spokane: 207 N. Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99202 | 800-541-6365 A Z509-535-1582 MANUFACTURING Local WEST COAST • 5 • DEC 2016 Toll / JANFree 2017 2

Announcements & Releases Stuart Hasman Joins The Albina Co., Inc. Sales Team

compliance to industry standards and customer requirements. By awarding this accreditation for laser processing, Nadcap recognizes Rolled Alloys’ commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality.

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our Sales team, Stuart Hasman. On November 7th, Stuart “Stu” Hasman joined Brad Lund, Aaron Hughes, Nathan Marker, KC Lesch, Brian Smith and Mark King in Albina’s Sales department. Stuart will be a Regional Director of Sales and will be covering all our various regional customer s in conjunction with Brad Lund. Stuart has years of experience in sales and customer service, in fact, over the last 8 years Stuart has headed a very successful domestic and inter national sales campaign for a local Por tland business. Stuart has developed an outstanding reputation in the Portland metro region, you may already have a solid working relationship with him. Stuart possesses a comprehensive work ethic and will service Albina’s customers just as you have grown accustomed to from the other members of our staff.

“Compliance via Nadcap accreditation is a milestone in demonstrating manufacturing excellence.” said Joe Pinto, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute. “By obtaining Nadcap in nonconventional machining, Rolled Alloys have proved to the industry that they are committed to quality and aerospace safety.”

We are confident Stuart’s commitment to quality, customer service and his integrity will make him a valuable resource as our company and your business continue to grow. You can contact Stuart or any of our other existing sales staff at 503-692-6010. Stuart’s email is shasman@

Rolled Alloys Receives Nadcap Reaccreditation for Nonconventional Machining Rolled Alloys has successfully retained its Nadcap accreditation following a surveillance audit, demonstrating a continued investment in resources to meet stringent industry and customer requirements. The aim of the Nadcap program is to assess process capability for A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

6 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

One of the largest suppliers of stainless steels, duplex, nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys, Rolled Alloys maintains 13 locations across North America and Asia. For additional information about the company, please visit

The New AS9100D And ISO 9001:2015 Standard Released - Do You Need Help Upgrading From BMSC? For Packages that include internal audits and a management review, pay in full before the end of 2016 and get on our calendar for Q1 2017 and receive a $200 discount! Bretta Kelly, BMSC, LLC 602-445-9400 AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Standard Released! AS9120 November and AS9110 in December, are you ready to upgrade your system to the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard or AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Standard?

Business Management Systems Consulting (BMSC, LLC) has templates and upgrade packages available! Call or email today and let us know when you are ready for your upgrade. 602-445-9400, or For Current BMSC, LLC Clients that are documented to either ISO 9001:2008 or AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008 two packages available: $3,000 – Upgrade Manual, Procedures, Flow charts and Forms to new Standard and review, mark up an update of new system with consultant (Debbie or Bretta) $5,000 – Upgrade Manual, Procedures, Flow charts and Forms to new Standard and review, mark up an update of new system with consultant (Debbie or Bretta). Full round of internal audits of the processes against the newly documented system and facilitate one management review of the audits and update. For non-BMSC, LLC Clients that are documented to either ISO

Announcements Continued 9001:2008 or AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008 two packages available: $3,500 – Complete Electronic QMS System/ Templates (do it yourself) and 4 hours consulting – Manual, Policy, Required Procedures, example Flow charts for some processes, internal audit program, management review program (including forms), competency / training program, objectives training template, risk training and how to document a corrective action training PowerPoint’s $4,500 – Upgrade Manual, Procedures, Flow charts and Forms to new Standard and review, mark up an update of new system with consultant (Debbie or Bretta) $6,500 – Upgrade Manual, Procedures, Flow charts and Forms to new Standard and review, mark up an update of new system with consultant (Debbie or Bretta). Full round of internal audits of the processes against the newly documented system and facilitate one management review of the audits and update.

Methods 3D Opens Additive Manufacturing Labs Methods 3D, a subsidiary of Methods Machine Tools, is opening seven additive manufacturing laboratories across the United States. The labs are staffed by teams of sales, application engineers and service technicians, and are located in Methods Machine Tools’ technology centers in Sudbury, Massachusetts; Detroit, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; and Los Angeles, California.

Cimatron is now part of 3D Systems THINGS ARE GETTING BIGGER AND BETTER As one of the early pioneers developing CAD/CAM software for manufacturing, Cimatron will continue its 33 year legacy going forward as part of 3D Systems. Look forward to new opportunities for


For more information go to: |

Each of the additive manufacturing labs is outfitted with 18 printers including direct metal printing (DMP), select laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA) and Multi-Jet models running 14 different materials. A full complement of postprocessing equipment such as EDM, CNC machining, automation and inspection is also onsite and each location is fully staffed by a team of sales, application engineers and service technicians. “Our new additive labs are ideal for manufacturing professionals to consult our experts and explore ways to design and produce their components using the latest 3D technology integrated with conventional machining, automation and more,” says James Hanson, chief operating officer for Methods 3D. “Engineers have been bringing their application challenges to us and we have been working with them

to implement this technology into their manufacturing operations.” Source: Additive Manufacturing

Sav-On Plating Proudly IntroducesTheir New Automatic Zinc Plating Rack System! Chris Timino, member of the family-owned business, says, “Sav-on Plating would like to introduce our newest production line. As part of our expansion we have included an automatic Zinc Plating Rack System. This addition will add higher capacity as well as continuation of our top quality and competiveness. In doing so the introduction of this new line will help our continued improvement on turnaround time.” He continued, “Sav-on has specialized in Zinc Plating since 1969. We

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7 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

3305 Edison Way Fremont, CA 94538


SINCE 1979

contact them at (602) 252-4311 or visit


Flex-Pro Manufacturing Acquires New TESA CMM To Enhance Quality For It’s Customers

PH: 510-249-1000 FX: 510-249-9265

Largest Inventory In Northern CA & NV New - Used - Service - Training -Financing - Applications

TESA MicroHite 3D Dual CMM Flex-Pro Manufacturing, an ISO 9001/ AS9100 certified precision machine shop, is pleased to announce that it has added a new CMM to better serve its customers.

Showroom Open Monday - Friday From 8am To 5pm Announcements Continued push to stay one step ahead of our customer’s needs. As we continue to grow and offer the best quality possible, we are now working on an automated Zinc Plating Barrel System. This will also add higher capacity to Sav-on, and our continued efforts to stay competitive.” Founded in 1969 by Jose Trimino in the City of Paramount, with only one truck, a handful of employees and a few customers Sav-on Plating has been able to carve out a name through hard work and dedication. Sav-on Plating has always been a family owned business, the current owner Joseph Trimino purchased the business from the founder in the early 2000’s.The continuous expansion’s under JosephTrimino now totaling over 62,000 sq. feet in facilities. Sav-on Plating distinguishes itself from its competitors through quality, service and pricing. Specializing in barrel and rack plating. SAV-ON PLATING’s automated lines can handle all of your plating needs, with its success in the metal finishing industry. With multiple national recycling recgonition award to our credit, Sav-On Plating is always working Environmental Friendly by recycling all of our hazardous waste. To learn more about Sav-on Plating, A Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST 2

• 8 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Kim Carpenter, who supports the company’s sales and marketing, says, “The new micro-hite 3D Measurement Station enhances our traditional manual measuring tools and provides automatic data collection and analysis for a variety of shop floor measurement and inspection applications. Every great shop will continue to measure most components after each operation right off the CNC machine with hand tools to maintain accuracy. The CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine is a highly productive tool to maintain constant measurement of high tolerance components consistently.” He continued, “The simple design and operation of micro-hite 3d allows our shop personnel to perform 1, 2, and 3D measurement routines quickly and easily without the need for computer keyboard entries.” Some Features: Air Bearing System, All Aluminum Construction, Fine Adjust on all Axes (optional), Z-MOUSE, Intuitive

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Announcements Continued Operator Interface with Graphical Display, Manual Scanning and Reverse Engineering, Smart Card Program Storage, Program Re-Play mode wit Graphical Roadmap, and Report Printout and RS232 output. For More information contact: Kim Carpenter,

Manufacturing Tech Orders Skyrocket in September on IMTS

Angle Beam Channel Wide Flange Plate Rolling Tee Bar Round, Square, Rectangular Pipe & Tube

Manufacturing tech orders surged in September on sales related to the IMTS trade show, the Association for Manufacturing Technology said in a monthly report. Orders for machine tools and related equipment skyrocketed 56% to $497.25 million from an adjusted $319 million in August, AMT (McLean, VA) said.The orders were up 52% from September 2015 levels of $327.1 million. AMT produces and organizes the International ManufacturingTechnology Show, held every other year in Chicago.The group dubbed the order surge in September the “IMTS effect.” At the same time, AMT cautioned a sustained recovery in manufacturing tech orders has not yet arrived. “This year’s uptick in orders indicates manufacturers are eager to see and confident enough to invest in the latest manufacturing technology,” Douglas K. Woods, AMT’s president, said in a statement. But he added, that “the momentum will slow heading into 2017.”


For the first nine months, orders slid 6.4% to $2.91 billion, according to AMT. The figures are based on companies participating in AMT’s US ManufacturingTechnology Orders program. Pat McGibbon, an AMT vice president, said in the statement the group expects full-year 2016 orders to fall 8% compared with 2015. Auto Sector Gains in orders were widespread among industries with one notable exception — the auto industry. Until recently, the auto sector was one of manufacturing’s strongest performers. AMT said September’s activity “supports news that the strongest market over the past 20-month downturn has hit the pause button due to a shift in consumer demand from cars to trucks.”


US sales of light vehicles are hitting a plateau after a record 17.47 million deliveries in 2015. For the first 10 months, car sales have plunged 8.9% while truck sales increased 6.9%, according to Autodata Corp. AMT has previously said it expects a sustained recovery for machine tools in the spring of 2017. Source:

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CALL (503) 692-6010

Announcements Continued

Zeiss Industrial Metrology Opens Detroit Area Tech Center

Making Precision Machined Parts Since 1974

Zeiss Industrial Metrology opens a new facility inWixom, Michigan, dedicated to the latest developments for the process chain in car body metrology and automated inspection.

Howard Precision Machined Products Davenport and CNC Machines Prototype to Production Up to 3.00” Diameters

“This center helps us illustrate how to make production more efficient in line, in the measuring room, and in-between. This means production and quality can find solutions to problems anytime, from anywhere in the manufacturing facility. Zeiss also showcases solutions for robotic inspection, quality and process data mining, plus measurement planning and offline programming,” states BobWasilesky, key account manager for automated inspection at Zeiss Industrial Metrology.

776 West Honda Park Drive, Bluffdale, Utah 84065 801-619-9850

Precision Precision Ceramic Ceramic Machining Machining

“This facility provides a one-stop shop for customers to come in and see the full range of ZEISS automated inspection solutions first hand,” Wasilesky says. “The design focuses on learning, with dedicated stations highlighting the interaction of ZEISS technologies in the process chain.” The Zeiss AIBox features a fully enclosed measuring cell, bringing traceable coordinate measuring technology close to production. The Zeiss AIMax digital-optical 3D sensor and AIMax Cloud optical 3D sensor are the new benchmark in robot-based 3D Revenues inline metrologyExpected for compositeTo and sheet 3D-Printing Market metal processing, welding, and car body construction. For portable 3D Skyrocket By 2020 metrology, the Zeiss Comet L3D 2 and T-Scan offer great flexibility, a high measuring speed and impressive performance.

Customers can see in action and learn about networking inline, at-line and offline. Zeiss PiWeb software connects each station, combining measurement Since Since data from multiple systems into graphical part stories, SPC charts, quality 1984 1984 documents, and dashboards. Zeiss engineers at the new facility are available to show the benefits of these technologies, provide consulting, custom • Forsterite • Alumina • Alumina • Forsterite •• Zirconia’s MgPSZ & YTZP • Machinable Ceramics (MACOR) Zirconia’s MgPSZ & YTZP • Machinable Ceramics [MACOR] programming and specialized training. •• Silicon SiliconNitride Nitride • Mullite • Mullite • Sialon Sialon • Ferrite Global EDM Announces Expansion and • Ferrite • Silicon SiliconCarbide Carbide • Quartz • Quartz • Aluminum Aluminum Nitride • Zirconia Toughened Opportunities For Employment in Southern Nitride •• Boron BoronNitride Nitride Alumina [ZTA]Alumina (ZTA) • Zirconia Toughened CA and Arizona • Sapphire • Sapphire

845 Research Drive, Woodland Park, CO 80863 • Ph: (719) 687-0888 Fax: (719) 687-0889 ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

The additive manufacturing industry is poised for a boom between now and 2020, according to International Data Corp. Global EDM is expanding, and is seeking qualified sales candidates for the Southern and Arizona markets. The value ofCalifornia the worldwide market for 3D printing is expected to jump

to $35.4 billion by 2020, more than double the $15.9 billion forecast Global EDM supplies EDM technology across a wide range of top for the end of 2016, IDClatest data shows. quality EDM machine brands, EDM consumables, providing turnkey

The compound annual growthPage rate between Continued 11GE 102015 and 2020 is 24.1%,

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systemthe IDC said.


10 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

“While 3D printers and

Announcements Continued application solutions for your specific electric discharge machining requirements. Global EDM Consumables sells over 3,000 different EDM Parts & Supplies, from all the top OEM suppliers and manufacturers including wire, filters, wear parts, resin, fluids & lubricants, electrodes, we are committed to providing advanced technology EDM consumables at competitive prices backed by outstanding technical support and customer service. Interested candidates should contact Tom Kucharski at 800-290-7573 or via email at

Mazak VC-500A/5X Delivers High Accuracy, Affordable Full 5-axis Machining Made in Kentucky, the VC-500A/5X Vertical Machining Center has a trunnionstyle rotary/tilt table that allows for the accurate, cost-effective processing of small complex parts via full 5-axis machining. The machine also features the MAZATROL SmoothX CNC that allows for easier programming and faster part cycle times, in either EIA or MAZATROL conversational. The VC-500A/5X comes standard equipped with a robust, high-performance CAT-40, 12,000-rpm spindle that delivers exceptional metal removal capabilities in all common materials, including steel, aluminum and cast iron. Optional speeds of 15,000 rpm and 20,000 rpm are available to address a variety of part production requirements. Now with 60-tool capacity, the new tool magazine on the VC-500A/5X helps reduce set up time, allows for redundant tooling and provides more unmanned uninterrupted operations. In tandem with the magazine, the machine’s automatic tool changer provides fast tool exchanges for an overall reduction in non-cut times.

Furthermore, reliable tool monitoring on theVC-500A/5X maximizes production efficiency and lowers operating costs via early problem detection. Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothX CNC on theVC-500A/5X makes it easy to generate programs for highly complex parts production. It has several advanced functions that allow it to ensure the shortest possible machining cycle times, especially in fine increment programs for simultaneous 5-axis operations and free-form die-mold machining. These functions include High Gain Feed Forward Control, Fast Rotary Axis Speeds, Variable Acceleration Control and Intelligent Pocket Milling. Ergonomics also play an important role in the functionality of the MAZATROL SmoothX CNC. A large 19” display presents all of the critical machine data within a single page view, while the tilt control panel allows for optimum positioning based on operator height. An intuitive multi-touch screen, which is similar to that of a smartphone, enables fast and smooth programming operations. An SD card allows the CNC to store up to 32 GB of data. For more information on Mazak’s products and solutions, visit A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

11 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Four Bay Area Cities, SFMade Join Forces To Save Manufacturing Western precision Products, Inc., has been in the machining business for over 30 years. As a second generation familyowned business, we make it a priority to listen to our customers in order to provide the best ser vice exper ience. WPP employs state-ofthe-art precision CNC machines. We offer support of prototypes through production. Contact us today:

5 Axis Mill/Turning

21101 SW 115th Ave.
 Tualatin, Oregon 97062

We Offer Personalized Service

Phone: (503) 786-8923
 Fax: (503) 786-5042

Between beer brewers, car makers, sewn goods and metal workers, the manufacturing sector in the Bay Area is flourishing. In 2015, the region outpaced both the nation and California in manufacturing growth and today supports more than 8,000 manufacturing companies with 300,000 jobs, according to a report from by SFMade. But with rising rent, stiff competition for space and often unfavorable business conditions, the Bay Area is at risk for having its manufacturers flee. In light of this, the region’s four largest cities – San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Fremont – have joined forces to launch the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative (BAUM), a three-year project to develop a well-defined and interconnected regional ecosystem to support, grow, develop and protect the area’s manufacturing sector. “Our four largest cities are saying, ‘Let’s seize this moment, break down barriers and work together to create a stronger, more resilient, inclusive, interconnected local economy,’” said Kate Sofis, CEO of SFMade, at today’s Summit for Urban Manufacturing. Source: San Francisco Business Times

Siemens Sacramento Train Factory Scores Third Order In Three Months Siemens AG’s train factory in Sacramento won its third major order for its new S70 light rail cars in three months. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System has ordered 45 new Siemens light rail cars for just under $188 million, said Rob Schupp, spokesman with the transit agency. This adds to the transit system’s existing inventory of 128 light rail vehicles, which were also built by Siemens. Orders have been rushing in for Siemens’ new updated S70 light rail cars. In September, the Siemens plant announced it received a $554 million contract to build 122 new S70 light rail cars for Sound Transit of Seattle. And more recently, the Sacramento plant landed a $118 million contract from The Metropolitan Council to build 27 of the S70 light rail vehicles for the Twin Cities’ Metro Transit. The additional contracts will not demand the plant hire more workers, said Annie Satow, spokeswoman with Siemens.

503-557-4689, INFO@GROVTECMACHINING.COM 12 EC 2016 12•D • DEC 2016/ JAN / JAN2017 2017


“Siemens has been continuing to add to its workforce over a number of

years in order to meet our commitments, and we now have 1,000 people working at our Sacramento plant,” she said. “The orders we’ve been fortunate enough to secure will enable us to fully utilize our manufacturing capabilities and seamlessly transition our workforce into the new projects.” Siemens has manufactured heavy rail and light rail trains in Sacramento for 30 years.Source: Sacramento Business Journal

Maximize CNC Lathe Performance! CUSTOM SHAPES & SIZES!


Car Innovator Henrik Fisker Boasts New Battery Will Help Take On Tesla Electric car innovator Henrik Fisker said his team is moving toward powering vehicles with graphene supercapacitors, rather than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Fisker called the technology the “next big step” in charging electric cars. “Our battery technology is so much better than anything out there,” Fisker told Business Insider. “Our battery technology is the first battery technology that has taken the major leap.”

CNC Spindle Liners Made Fast, Economically And In Any Shape Or Size! Don’t turn away jobs because your spindle liner technology won’t allow you to bar feed them! Visit our website, email or call toll free (877) 240-2462 for more details about our polyurethane CNC lathe spindle liners.


10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 Ph: (317) 823-6821

Knowledge of graphene has been around for some time, but its use is limited due to the high cost of production. Fisker Nanotech is patenting a machine that could produce as much as 1,000 kilograms of graphene at a cost of just 10 cents a kilogram, according to the report. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Fisker was building a new electric car under his new banner, Fisker Inc., with a range exceeding 400 miles. Currently, the high-end Tesla Model S has the longest range of commerciallyproduced electric cars, getting 315 miles on a single charge. Fisker is best known as the designer behind iconic autos such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9, but his first attempt at an electric vehicle was

Fx: (317) 823-6822

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a disaster. Fisker Automotive built an electric hybrid, the Fisker Karma, back in 2012. The $100,000 vehicle had battery problems that forced the car maker to recall more than 600 Karmas. In addition, some Karmas burst into flames due to an issue with an engine component. Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013. Fisker will reveal his new electric car in late 2017 and claimed the consumer-friendly electric car would be in “an even lower cost segment of both the [Chevy] Bolt and the Model 3.”“We will have the lowestcost electric vehicle in the world,” Fisker told Business Insider. Fisker will face stiff competition from the likes of Tesla, which unveiled its lower-priced Model 3 earlier this year. Tesla received more than 400,000 deposits, even though the $35,000 car will not hit massproduction until 2018. Tesla is also offering up competition in the battery sector. The company is building what it calls the Gigafactory to produce low cost batteries for its electric cars. If everything goes as scheduled by 2020, the factory will produce 35 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity each year, more than the entire world’s lithium ion battery production in 2013, according to The Verge. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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“Morgan Hill provides NxEdge with an integrated offering to its customers aimed at reducing cycle time and providing a single point of accountability within an otherwise fragmented supply chain,” said NxEdge President and CEO Jackson Chao, according to the press release. Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal

CFO Survey Sees ‘Trump Jump’; Optimism About US Economy At Highest Level Since 2007

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Electronics manufacturing company Flex Ltd., formerly Flextronics, has sold its Morgan Hill facility, according to a press release. Boise-based semiconductor company NxEdge Inc. acquired the machining and assembly facility. According to county records, the building at 925 Lightpost Way is 155,353 square feet.

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Boise Semiconductor Company Acquires Morgan Hill Facility

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Optimism about the U.S. economy among the nation’s chief financial officers is at its highest level since 2007 after taking an unprecedented leap in the latest quarter, according to a new survey. Consider it a “Trump jump,” said John Graham, a finance professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and director of the CFO survey the school has conducted for more than two decades. “I don’t believe that it’s just that CFOs are a bunch of Trump supporters, necessarily,” Graham said. Rather, anticipation that the incoming Trump administration will cut corporate taxes and streamline regulations is spurring the sunnier view. The CFOs’ bullishness isn’t just of academic interest. A jump in the Optimism Index, calculated by asking CFOs how they would rate their outlook for the U.S. economy on a scale of 1 to 100, has proven to be a leading indicator of growth in jobs and the gross domestic product over the coming year. The Optimism Index rose to 66.5 in the latest quarter, up from 60.6 last quarter. The survey also found that nearly two-thirds of the CFOs were more optimistic about the U.S. economy in the latest quarter, compared to 27 percent last quarter. At the other end of the spectrum, just 16 percent were less optimistic, down from 33 percent. Nearly 1 out of 5 CFOs said their companies plan to increase hiring and spending based on anticipated changes ushered in by the Trump administration, Graham said. “However, just to be clear, nearly half said they are in a wait-and-see mode,” he added. “There is still a lot of uncertainty.”

The survey also found that CFOs in Mexico are anticipating “a Trump slump” because of the president-elect’s stated goal of stopping U.S. manufacturing jobs from migrating to lower-cost countries and imposing punishing tariffs on companies that do so. The Optimism Index among Mexican CFOs fell 16 points to just 47. The survey of more than 1,000 CFOs around the globe, including 367 in North America, was completed lastmonth.

Getting To The Nub Of California’s High-Speed Rail: Will Private Sector Invest? California’s high-speed rail system is now less than a year from addressing one of the biggest financial questions in its future: Will the private sector invest? When the California High-Speed Rail Authority board voted Tuesday to solicit qualifications from commercial operators for an early consulting and operating deal, it started the countdown toward choosing one by summer that should bring some cash to the project. “One of the things that will lead to a very robust competition for the early operator is that — if they’re smart — they will see that, while [cash] doesn’t give them a guarantee, it certainly gives them an inside track to being the ultimate operator,” board chair Dan Richard said.

“They have to perform, but certainly that’s one of the benefits of doing it. It enhances their ability to compete for the long-term operator of the system.” This initial step toward the operational phase of the project — the first trains are supposed to begin serving San Jose in 2025 — came on the same day that the board authorized the steps necessary to spend $3.2 billion in Prop 1A bond money authorized eight years ago by voters. While some bond funds have been spent on environmental work and administrative costs, this is the first time bond funds will be spent on construction.The money will be spent finishing the federally funded construction now under way in the San Joaquin Valley and electrifying the Caltrain tracks along the Peninsula that the system will use for its trains between San Jose and San Francisco. Acknowledging the public perception of the project as a snail crawling toward an unreachable goal — “It’s a meme now for high-speed rail,” Richard said — he cited the operator vote and bond spending as important for turning that perception around. “What happened today is important because what it says to people is that regardless of all those other things, regardless of what they’ve heard, there is real momentum. California is building high-speed rail. There are almost a thousand people working directly on the project right now.” Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

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What Is The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)? What is the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider? To answer that question, the Wave Glider from Liquid Robotics Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., is an autonomous, unmanned surface vessel (USV) that is powered by wave and solar energy. TheWave Glider system has two components -- a surface vehicle about the size of a surf board, and a tethered submersible with moving wings that dangles underneath the surface vessel to harvest wave energy for forward propulsion. It can travel as fast as 3 knots. The Wave Glider USV can operate individually or in fleets to deliver real-time data and act as a data communications relay for as long as one year with no fuel. Wave Glider instruments, working together, can provide fleets of networked wavepowered ocean robots for military, oil and gas, commercial, and science applications. Key to the Wave Glider is its’ ability to harvest energy from ocean waves to provide essentially limitless propulsion to provide persistent surveillance at sea.Wave Gliders run on wave and solar energy for propulsion, communications, navigation, and computing. Related: Coast Guard looks for unmanned ocean vehicles to hunt smugglers, poachers, and icebergs Wave Gliders operate at the surface of the ocean and can travel across great expanses for a year at a time without returning to port. They can monitor coastlines and connect the subsea world to shore, air, and space.They can survive and operate through some of the ocean’s most severe conditions, such as hurricanes. The Wave Glider is composed of two parts, the surf board-size float, and a sub with a wing rack. Connected by a 13-foot umbilical tether, the float is on the surface of the ocean where conditions are the harshest

while the sub is below the surface protected from the severe conditions. This two part system enables the Wave Glider to get its’ propulsion by harvesting the up and down motion of the waves converting this energy into forward thrust. The Wave Glider is equipped with computers for navigation, communication, and ocean sensors. Wave Glider sensors can measure weather, sea conditions, water quality and chemistry, bottom topography, and currents. Acoustic microphones and arrays enable real time communications from subsea to space and can detect passing ships and capture vocalizations of whales and monitor other mammals. For military applications the Wave Glider is branded as the Sensor Hosting Autonomous Remote Craft (SHARC), and integrates sensors and communications from the Boeing Co. Boeing officials announced on 6 Dec. 2016 that their company is acquiring Liquid Robotics. Source: A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

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Intel Computer VisionTime Company Aimed At WhyBuys December is a Great to Review Your Self-Driving CarsBusiness Plan Intel istrying beefing its While December is a busy time for small businesses to endup the year computer and vision skills on a high note, it should also be a time for introspection review. After the acquisition of San all, December is National Write a Business with Plan Month! Francisco-based Itseez Inc. You might think this occasion is reserved for new, aspiring business owners. terms of idea the todeal But a business plan is so crucial for success While that it’s also a good take disclosed, looks time to review your plan on a regular basis.weren’t This month is a greatittime for like the company will be part that. Here’s how to review your business plan to prepare for success in the of the chipmaker’s Internet of Things business, which has become a key coming year. focus for Intel. 1. Set aside one hour to review your business plan Itseez specializes computer algorithms implementation for Yes, you can makeinprogress in vision just one hour! Setand aside quiet time to read products such as vehicles, security systems and robotics. The company’s through your business plan — no matter how old it is — cover to cover. founders include a pair of Intel alums: President Victor Erukhimov and Don’tSergey be hard on yourself if your current business reality isn’t the same CFO Molinov. as your plan projected. Celebrate your successes, of course! But your real Itseez, which consultingyour services, 2005. task here is toalso readprovides and contemplate plan.was Payfounded attentioninto howThe you company playsand a key inany OpenCV OpenVX, seek to feel as youalso do this, jotrole down ideas orand thoughts that which come to mind. create standards for computer vision technology to work across platforms. 2. Step away from your plan for a short time As the rush Internet Things market grows, the needyouforfinish standardization Don’t to anyofconclusions or judgments when reading your also Intel to gain strong footholds plan.grows. Set aside thewants document. Take a walk. Get backintothose worknew for astandards. few hours. See what thoughts bubble up about your plan. Do any ideas spring to mind Intel announced the acquisition to improve your business plan? in a blog post by its head of the Internet ofAThings business unit Doug Davis. Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 18 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017 2


80 • May / June 2016

If youacquisition find yourself feelingIntel’s frustrated step,market remember that your “This furthers effortsduring to winthis in IoT segments like business planand is avideo, livingwhere document that can changed at perceive any time.and No automotive the ability to be electronically plan is set inimages stone unless wantfor it to be.innovation and opportunity,” understand paves you the way new Davis wrote. 3. Set goals for 2017 He time added Itseez beWhat a “keydoingredient” Intel’s Internet of It’s to that set goals forwill 2017. you hope tofor accomplish? Do those Things strategy. goals fall in line with your original business plan, or is it time to draft a new version? The Internet of Things business unit has become more prominent for the chipmaker as itways broadens its focus plan beyond shrinking PC market and One of the best your business can the guide you in setting new goals embraces computing everywhere. The company’s broad restructuring is by reviewing your weaknesses. announced last month emphasizes investment in the growth areas of data centers and Internet of Things. Your business plan includes a SWOT analysis, evaluating the strengths,

weaknesses, andtechnologies threats for your own the business compared Intel wants itsopportunities chips and other to power connectivity of to your competition. Go back to the “weaknesses” portion of that report. every device plus run the data centers behind those devices. Do you still agree with what you listed for your business? Are those weaknesses still true your business? added skills and Itseez technology willforplay a critical roleWhether in Intel’syou’ve portfolio of products strengths to yourvehicles. business endeavor or you’re still struggling, think about for autonomous how you can grow — or ask for more help — in 2017. Davis, in his post, noted the Internet of Things evolution is occurring in three phases: by making every object “smart” then When you’re finished, you’ll probably have a lotbyofinjecting ideas forsensors, your business adding connectivity to those objects and, finally, adding intelligence for 2017 and years to come. The beginning of the year is a great time to to allow objects decisions —how which requires set up those a meeting withtoamake SCORE mentorintoreal talktime about to help your being ablegrow. to “see.” business Anxious to get started right away? Don’t wait! Volunteer mentors work all year round — including around the holidays — to “This is thesmall ‘autonomous and machine and computer vision support business.era,’ Source: SBA.Gov,learning By bridgetwpollack, Guest will become critical for all kinds of machines — cars among them,” Blogger Davis wrote.



19 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Congress Wants A-10 vs. F-35 Flyoff Lawmakers want to make retirement of the U.S. Air Force’s beloved A-10 attack aircraft contingent on a flyoff between the Warthog and the new F-35, as well as completion of the fifth-generation fighter’s final test period. The move is a win for A-10 champions on Capitol Hill, who have been sparring with the Air Force for years over the service’s plan to sunset the venerable Warthog to move precious resources and maintainers to the F-35. It also fuels speculation that the Air Force will give up trying to retire the A-10 for the foreseeable future, a move several top service officials have recently alluded to in interviews with Aviation Week. In the compromise bill, unveiled Nov. 30, House and Senate negotiators adopted a provision that would mandate the Pentagon’s top weapons tester complete comparison tests of the F-35 and A-10 performing the Warthog’s primary missions: close-air support (CAS) of soldiers in the heat of battle, combat search and rescue, and airborne forward air control. The chief weapons tester must report to Congress on the results of this test, as well as the findings of the F-35’s final test period, called initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E), expected to begin in 2018. The Air Force may begin divesting the A-10 only after the secretary submits a report to lawmakers on the results of IOT&E and the flyoff, a plan to address any concerns about the F-35’s capability, and a strategy to preserve the service’s ability to conduct the missions, according to the text of the reconciled bill. The House expects to hold a floor vote on the bill on Friday, with the Senate following early next week. At the very least, this likely means that the Air Force can’t begin to retire the A-10 until 2019 at the earliest. Although the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) is optimistic IOT&E will begin in early 2018—already a delay from the planned start date of August 2017—the director of operational test and evaluation told Aviation Week recently that the final test phase could be delayed until early 2019. Pushback from Congress and the public has successfully forced the Air Force to postpone the A-10’s retirement date year after year, most recently outlining a plan to begin drawing down squadrons in fiscal 2018. The decision to sunset the Warthog was purely budget driven, the Air Force has said, with leaders stressing that they cannot afford to keep flying both the A-10 and the new F-35 in the current fiscal climate. While government planners hammer out the details of if and when the A-10 will go away, the Air Force depots, at least, are preparing to keep the Warthog flying well into the future.


20 •DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

“They have re-geared up, we’ve turned on the depot line, we’re building it back up in capacity and supply chain,” said Air Force Materiel Command chief Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski. “Our command, anyway, is approaching this as another airplane that we are sustaining indefinitely.” Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Fahey Machinery Co. Inc. A Proud Accurpress Dealer Accurpress offers a selection of press brake, shear, and turret punch models unparalleled in the industry. We sell into the highest of precision sheet metal shops and the heaviest of fabrication shops throughout all of North America, and have been doing so for almost four decades.

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Three Seattle-Area Aerospace Startups Compete For A Slice Of $200M Starburst Venture Fund Six Washington state startups were under review to participate at the Starburst Accelerator event, but only three made the final cut to pitch at the day-long event, held at the Museum of Flight.

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Starburst Accelerator aims to identify promising startup companies and link them to its larger partners, which include aerospace giants like Boeing , Airbus Group, Raytheon, General Electric and NorthropGrumman.

PANTONE Process Black PC R:35 G:31 B:32 C:70 M:67 Y:64 K:74

50% PANTONE Process Black PC R:145 G:143 B:143 C:45 M:38 Y:38 K:3

30% PANTONE Process Black PC R:189 G:188 B:188 C:26 M:21 Y:22 K:0

PANTONE 364 PC R:43 G:117 B:58 C:84 M:31 Y:100 K:19

The startups couldn’t be pitching at a better time. Starburst on Tuesday announced the creation of its $200 million Starburst Ventures fund to invest in the companies it develops and introduces to aerospace giants.

PANTONE Yellow PC R:255 G:238 B:0 C:3 M:0 Y:96 K:0

Starburst Accelerator co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Van Espahbodi said the San Francisco-based fund will back up to 35 aerospace startups by 2020. Investments will include Series A financings for between $3 million and $5 million, with larger follow-up deals possible, Espahbodi said.

Z Mfg.1/4 pg.3.2015.OUTLINES.indd 1


WE OFFER WORLD CLASS THREAD ROLLING CABABILITIES YOU CANNOT FIND ELSEWHERE CNC Swiss & CNC Vertical Mill Machining Thread Rolling Lead Screws OD & Centerless Grinding

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Tesker Thread Rolling Machine 8466 E US Hwy 34 970-667-5320 PO Box 1417 Fax: 970-667-5322 Loveland, CO 80539 Toll Free: 866-667-5320 A Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 22 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017 How Millennials’ Technology Expectations 2

and related organizations are already addressing. Espahbodi said the Seattle-area startups are eligible for a piece of the 6:33 AM $200 million fund if their presentations garner enough interest. Modern and accessible tech The three Washington state competitors are: Forward-looking companies and organizations in the manufacturing sector are working to update systems so they better align with the ease and MatterFab, the Seattle maker of a 3-D printer for metal parts and offers accessibility of user experience so pervasive with personal technology. training and education in the additive manufacturing sector. GE Ventures Traditional manufacturing platforms – for example, manufacturing exeand three others invested in a $5.75 million Series A funding round cution systems and supply chain applications – are being redesigned with announced in May 2015. new mobile interfaces, cloud capabilities and modern-day dashboards to make what has historically been perceived as arcane into something Aerostrat Software, a developer of heavy maintenance resource organizer far more friendly and familiar to a tech-savvy audience. software that helps airlines boost operational efficiency. Eight airlines are testing the Seattle startup’s product, organizers said. “As Millennials move into the manufacturing environment, there’s a certain expectation that the technology they are interacting with will work RBC Signals, a Redmond provider of global satellite communication the same as what they grew up with,” said Matt Wells, product general service infrastructure to players in the low-Earth orbit spacecraft market. software GE Digital. entire generation Itmanager is backedfor byautomation an unidentified angelatinvestor and“The venture capital fund expects that data will be available to them anytime, anywhere, even outand earned its first revenue this summer. side of the plant. If they need access to information, they don’t want to call someone; they want to pull out their phone and see what’s going on.” The trio of Seattle startups will be joined at the Starburst event by executives with nine other companies from California, Michigan, Indiana, One way to gain traction withU.K. Millennials is to provide access to tools Massachusetts, France and the they want to use, not simply those required to do their jobs, Wells said. “Millennials want to work organizations that are reflective of their Boeing, the Washington State in Department of Commerce and the Frenchthought processes and paradigms,” he explained. “There is an expectation American Chamber of Commerce helped underwrite the event’s costs. of having immediacy of information available for whatever they need Source: Pugent Business Journal to do. Providing that can be a competitive tool for attracting new talent as baby boomers retire.”

Esco Corp. Wants You To Know It’s Alive And Innovating In Portland In the w a ke o f n e w s reports earlier this month about the closure of its Por tland M a i n Plant, Esco Corp. is battling a perception that company’s entire operation is winding down in Portland. Not so. Esco continues to manufacture products, like the Ultralok Mining tooth system, at its Plant 3 in Portland. “We’ve actually been looking to hire folks for openings we have, and yet we’ve come across this misunderstanding that Esco is shutting its doors,” said Shannon Huggins, manager of corporate affairs and communications for the company. Some of the openings are for engineers, working on new “smart” products that the maker of mining equipment believes can help it grow again. “It’s a bit of a new direction for us here,” Huggins said. On the last day of October, Esco told the state that it was cutting 168 jobs in Portland. The filing was the shoe finally dropping after a November 2015 announcement that the Portland Main Plant, which opened in 1913, would close in a year or so. In the filing, the company said it was “closing its entire Portland Main Plant production facility,” and said the jobs would be eliminated beginning Jan. 2 and running through June.

A2Z_Metalworker_NW-EPP.indd 1

The word “entire” played prominently in a lot of news reports, as did the phrase “completely shut down.” True as far the Main Plant went, but Esco’s headquarters remains in Portland, and the company continues to operate its Plant 3. After the Main Plant closure is complete, Esco will have about 350 employees in Portland, Huggins said. A2Z_Met-MAX5-PLUM-Ad.indd 1

10/3/2016 2:53:28 PM

Esco made large pieces at the Main Plant, like components in giants buckets used in mining. “Those are being made elsewhere now, but we’re still making smaller parts at Plant 3,” which employs about 60 people, Huggins said. The company had cited a “protracted downturn in our markets” when it announced the Main Plant closing last year. This year brought stabilization, Huggins said, and Donald Trump’s election has given commodities markets a bump, spurring some optimism. Esco believes it’s developing innovative products that can take advantage of any new opportunities that do open up. Source: Portland Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

23 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Tormach: Enabling Your Ideas With Personal CNC Machines

in the late 1970s, and began to put together a list of design criteria for a PCNC. These included:

At Tormach, our mission is to empower people who make things. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally engineered small CNC machines, tooling, and related products with best-in-industry technical support and customer service. Our focus is to help our customers turn their concepts in to reality by providing the tools and information that help them be successful with CNC. Our flagship products are our PCNC, or Personal CNC, series of machine tools. PCNC mills have become the CNC machine of choice for inventors, small/boutique manufacturers, garage entrepreneurs, product developers, hobbyists, educators, and people who make things around the world.

Capability to meet/exceed typical machined part tolerances: a PCNC Mill should not sacrifice the end result part quality. Machine frame rigidity and position resolution are critical; if needed, compromises can be made in spindle power, and maximum motion speed –attributes that affect throughput, but not product quality Affordable to justify occasional, as needed use: a PCNC mill must not need to be constantly producing to pay its own carrying costs. It is not designed as a replacement for a production capability, but rather as a CNC tool to assist with R&D, Design, and Product Development Open-source, user serviceable architecture: PCNC mills should be based on simple and robust machine architecture for minimal maintenance and repairs. PCNC mills should not require specially trained service personnel, and repair components must be obtainable and affordable. Expandable, modular design: a PCNC Mill should minimize upfront investment with options that could be added on an as-needed basis – 4th axis,AutomaticTool Changer, Coolant Kit, etc. Components such as tooling, etc. should be sold on an a la carte basis to allow customers to pick and choose exactly what they need. Minimized delivery charges – hidden delivery/installation fees can be over 25% of the sales price of a conventional CNC machine. A Personal CNC is designed to minimized acquisition fees – even to residential addresses. Tormach Personal CNC Design Story

The Personal CNC Story Our company has grown quite a bit from modest beginnings. Like many of the businesses that use our PCNC machines, Tormach was started in garage – not too far from our current shop near Madison, WI. Back in 2001, two friends had a series of casual conversations, basically maligning how there were no good small CNC machines available for inventors, R&D professionals, or small manufacturers. Both had expertise in manufacturing automation: one of the two owned a specialty tool company, and the other was general manager of a technology research company. Both agreed they could really make use of an affordable small CNC machine – whether for prototyping products or for specialty manufacturing – if only such a machine existed.They came up with the concept of Personal CNC – paying homage to some of the same ideas that spawned the personal computer revolution A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 24 •DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Not long after, the 2001-2002 recession hit hard on technology companies. When investment pulled out, the research company shut its doors. About

that time, the tool company owner called up the former research manager and reminded him about those first conversations concerning thePersonalCNC Machine and that the time might be right to do something more than just talk about it. That was the start ofTormach LLC. Fast forward 10 years and several thousand CNC machines sold. Tormach has seen much success – with a staff of experienced engineering and manufacturing professionals, dedicated to creating unsurpassed value in CNC machines – and grown significantly because of it. Now, the company is 100% employee-owned and known as Tormach Inc. through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP. Employee ownership keeps Tormach on its already successful trajectory while allowing the employees to take greater leadership in the organization. Mission Driven Tormach was started because we felt there was a real need among entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, and hobbyists for affordable small CNC machines, what we called personal CNC machines or PCNC machines. If we seem to know what you want, it is probably because we have been in your shoes. We’re a company of engineers, machinists, and “tool guys”, just like our customers. At Tormach, we also feel that the best method for sustaining and developing the manufacturing base of a nation is through a wide spread understanding of manufacturing processes. Trade barriers and factory subsidies pale in comparison to the potential of thousands of entrepreneurs with ideas, ambition, and smaller scale machinery to bring their ideas to life. Tormach applauds the innovators among us and is dedicated to providing the affordable small CNC machines (PCNC) and other tools they need to support their ambitions. Combining Quality andValue Prior to the release of our PCNC Series of CNC milling machines, there were no suitable options for affordable small CNC machinery. Companies associated with low cost CNC machine tools, such as Grizzly, Enco, or Smithy, are essentially resellers of machinery made in China.They may select the color and a few options, but they do not have an engineering staff that truly controls the design of their CNC machines and tooling.The cost is low and quality is variable. In contrast, CNC machine tools, such as those from Hardinge, Mori Seiki, and others, are highly engineered products, designed and manufactured by companies in USA, Germany, or Japan.This provides high quality but at a tremendous cost. In creating the PCNC mill, we pioneered a new way, working closely with

asian factory partners to provide the best value in CNC machines to our customers at an affordable entry point. Our experienced USA-based engineering team guides every detail of product design and development, while our independent China-based QA team inspects all products prior to shipment.This combination of western technology and Asian manufacturing provides quality and value that is unmatched anywhere. Full Spectrum Tormach is dedicated to helping people enter the world of CNC manufacturing, by providing affordable small CNC machines (personal CNC machines) and related products. But that is only a part of what is needed to accomplish that. Through our website, engineering documents, manuals, training, software, tooling, and engineered accessories, we are working to make CNC machining easy to learn and productivity quick to achieve. There is a learning curve, but it is not a brick wall, and Tormach makes the process easier! A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 25 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Could This Be Oregon’s Next Big Wind Farm? A big wind farm proposed for Eastern Oregon now has the permit it needs to go forward from the state’s Energy Facility Siting Council. That doesn’t guarantee that the 399-megawatt Saddle Butte project, in both Morrow and Gilliam counties, will be built. Proposed projects, even permitted ones, regularly linger or even vanish, and a wind farm approaching Saddle Butte’s scale hasn’t been completed in Oregon in more than four years. But this is a project that does appear to have some factors working in its favor. First, Portland General Electric is hoping to put 500-plus megawatts of new renewables out to bid next year, and while the company has said it will consider all kinds of green sources, on cost, wind figures to be tough to beat.There are other approved wind projects, but Saddle Butte is now in the mix. Alternatively, at least some of Saddle Butte’s power could be attractive A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

26 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

to a corporate buyer. Nike, after all, recently agreed to the direct purchase of wind power from three existing Columbia River Gorge wind farms owned by Avangrid Renewables. Avangrid also landed an unnamed corporate buyer for 56 megawatts of solar that it’s building in Crook County. Another thing that could work in Saddle Butte’s favor is the incentives likely to be available to the project from the federal government. Wind projects have a choice: They can take a production tax credit that pays 2.3 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated during the first 10 years of operation — a big sum with wind energy going for 5 cents or less these days — or they can take an investment tax credit worth 30 percent of the cost of the project. There’s a twist, though:The incentives are only available at those levels for projects that are under construction before the end of this year. Next year, the PTC falls to 80 percent of its value, and the ITC ratchets down to 24 percent of a project’s cost. Source: Portland Business Journal

Boeing Declares Victory In WTO Ruling Against Washington State Subsidies Boeing is looking on the bright side after the World Trade Organization ruled that the aircraft manufacturer illegally benefitted from state subsidies from Washington state related to the production of the wide-bodied 777X

aircraft. Chicago-based Boeing said the decision was a victory in that the WTO rejected all but one of the claims from the European Union saying the the incentives were anticompetitive and unfair to rival Airbus.

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While the EU claimed Boeing had received $8.7 billion in subsidies, the WTO “found future incentives totaling no more than $50 million a year to be impermissible,” Boeing said in a statement. “The WTO found that to date Boeing has received no benefit from the 777X rate incentive, and will not until 2020, because the first airplane will not be delivered until then.”

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Boeing General Counsel J. Michael Luttig called the decision “a complete victory” for Boeing, Washington state and the U.S.

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“The WTO found in September that Airbus has received $22 billion in illegal subsidies from the EU and that without these subsidies neither Airbus itself nor any of its airplanes would even exist today,” he said in a statement. “By contrast, in rejecting virtually every claim made by the EU in this case, the WTO found today that Boeing has not received a penny of impermissible subsidies.”

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“The WTO has repeatedly found that Airbus is entirely a creature of government, and they must now bring themselves into compliance with the international laws or risk massive sanctions.” The WTO ruled against Washington’s efforts to keep Boeing’s 777X assembly in Washington state. In 2013, the state Legislature passed $8.7 billion in tax incentives through 2040, which was pivotal in Boeing’s decision to assemble the aircraft – and its high-tech carbon fiber wings – in Washington.Source: Puget Sound Business Journal


Apple Signals A Lane Change For Its SelfDriving Car Project Apple confirmed its interest in developing self-driving software, although it is still doubtful the company will delve into actual automaking. Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity, indicated in a letter to U.S. transportation regulators that Apple is focusing on building the software to manage a self-driving car, according to the Wall Street Journal. Per the letter, the company is “investing heavily in machine learning and automation” for many purposes, “including transportation.” This is the first time Apple has publicly said anything about Project Titan, its ultra-secretive self-driving car effort. An Apple spokesman told the Journal that the company provided comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of its investments in automation and machine learning, a type of software.










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From Concept To Creation, Pesznecker Brothers Maintains Highly Skilled Craftsmen With State Of The Art Tools In 1905 out of necessity, a small community called Estacada was formed about 30 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon as a camp for workers building a hydroelectric dam on the nearby Clackamas River. It was to supply Portland with electricity. The river was inaccessible by road, forcing the Oregon Power Railway Company to build a railway to the vicinity of the river to transport crews to the river for the construction of the dam.After the construction of the Hotel Estacada, the town became a weekend destination on the railroad line for residents of Portland. During the week, the train carried freight and work crews to and from Portland. Following the development of the dams, the city became a hub for the logging industry. This era was a wild and adventurous time in a young thriving town with many opportunities for business. About 100 years ago Pesznecker Brothers opened for business as a full service garage. Fullservice meant the same thing it means today for Pesznecker, whatever the customer wants, that’s what they did, from pumping gas to repairing cars and farm implements. Leo Pesznecker was very enterprising and ambitious; he would create, design, and build machinery that would help the business fashion metal that other shops were unable to fabricate. Some of his original creations are still present and functioning at the company today. Perhaps this was the strongest part of Pesznecker’s reputation, they were always able to build whatever the customer needed. A true one stop shop just like they are today. In 1939 after many years of serving the Estacada area, the Pesznecker business moved to southeast Portland and formed the company today known as Pesznecker Brothers. Leo’s passion for creativity and hard work was passed down to his sons Dick and Don. When Leo retired in 1968, Dick and Don along with partner Don Ford took over the business. These ambitious men were at the forefront of manufacturing motorcycle sprockets that were sold in racing circles throughout North America and Europe. The sprockets were a big part of the business for many years, but Pesznecker had also established a reputation A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

28 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

for high quality craftsmanship with any endeavor or business opportunity.The small shop on Ogden Street was occupied until 1971 when it became necessary to expand.They purchased several acres in Clackamas and built a 33,000 sq. ft. building that is today the main manufacturing facility and the corporate facility. For nearly 100 years the Pesznecker family has maintained ownership of the business supporting their customers, their 57 + employees, and the community in which they live, work and play. The legacy philosophy of hard work, dedication, creativity, and craftsmanship, is thriving today.The company continues to grow with the acquisition of new state of the art tools like their new 6K fiber laser technology with higher wattages delivered by similar CO2 laser cutting machines, and the expeditious processing of thinner materials, which affords Pesznecker a very competitive edge. Pesznecker’s new Mazak OPTIPLEX 4020 6K fiber laser far exceeds the performance delivered by a Co2 laser for most applications. We interviewedTim McPhee the General Manager for Pesznecker and he said, “Our company has A+ for delivery and an A+ for quality. We might not always be the cheapest but we will always do whatever our customers want us to do including assembly and setup.” I asked Tim if Pesznecker was a great place to work. When asked about the experience of working at Pesznecker, Tim says, “Pesznecker is a pretty cool place to work, we’re laid back, we treat our employees very well, and share the profits every year. People generally don’t leave once they start here.The general tenure here is 15 to 20 years. Our employees are like family and we want them to succeed so we have a lot of on the job training.We also receive a lot of training from our machinery distributor Fahey Machinery. We buy most all of our fabrication equipment from Fahey Machinery and when we buy a Mazak Laser machine we send a group of our guys to the training sessions and keep them educated and up to date on the most recent machine tool and software changes.” Tim continued, “In October of 2013 we opened the High Desert Division located in Harper Oregon.At this location we have CNC machines,

a water jet cutting machine and a complete metal fabrication shop. The facility works with local farmers and ranchers and also does work for customers in Boise, Idaho and Bend, Oregon and other areas in the region. Today we have 3 locations one in Portland (8 K Sq. Ft.), Harper location (15 K Sq. Ft.) (is close to Boise, ID), and Clackamas (33 K Sq. Ft.) Pesznecker is not just a job shop for fabrication, machining, welding, water jet cutting, certified welding, and assembly. They also build machines, crane systems, and do installations for their customers. They never say no, and they always get the job done to customer satisfaction. An example of this is when their largest customer shuts down for the holidays and they need cranes put in or furnaces set up or any major task completed prior to them coming back from the holidays, the Pesznecker team will come in with their expert team and quickly and precisely get the systems set up and make sure they are operational. Pesznecker is backed up with an Project Management team that utilizes the latest in manufacturing software (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MasterCAM) and project managers who keep customers happy by following every detail through the manufacturing facility to competition and customer satisfaction. As this team of highly motivated craftsmen enter the next phase of their manufacturing growth, they are planning on the possibility of building boats. President Dan Pesznecker got his start in the fabrication business as the founder of Mid-Jet boats. Tim said that the new fiber laser system and the new 500 ton press brake system they purchased from Fahey Machinery has made them much more efficient enabling them to be more competitive for boat fabrication and manufacturing. Also, the architectural designs industry is another passion for Pesznecker and they will add this to their vision of growth for the future.The sectors they serve are:Aerospace, Commercial, Fishing, Marine, architectural and many more. Pesznecker has over 1200 customers and they

continue to get great reviews from all of them. Here’s what some of the Pesznecker Brothers customers have to say about them: “If you are searching for a company that offers quality custom metal fabrication services, I would highly recommend Pesznecker Bros. Pesznecker Bros. is the most capable and affordable source to get the job done RIGHT, they will go over and above to deliver quality, service and product on schedule. I have great respect in their ability and would recommend them for any work they are willing to take on.” GARY LOUIE,PCC STRUCTURALS “Pesznecker Brothers attention to detail, timely deliveries, and the ability to work as a team is key to the success of our projects, big and small. I could not expect more from them.” J E F F D O N A L D S O N, B T B SOLUTIONS “Through the years, I have relied on Pesznecker to build, fabricate & machine many items for many projects and it’s been a great partnership. I can’t say enough about their work ethic and craftsmanship. I look forward to many more years working with Pesznecker and more specifically Don Anderson who has been an immense help on so many jobs.” J O H N C O L E M A N, P C C STRUCTURALS

For more information on how Pesznecker Brothers can help your business contact Tim McPhee at: timm@, 503-655-5128. For information on state of the art machine tools and fabrication tools contact TJ Hatfield with Fahey Machinery at: 503-620-9031. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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Virginia. Positions in Huntington Beach will move to El Segundo, Long Beach and Seal Beach in Southern California, as well as St. Louis and Huntsville. Officials said “many” positions in Kent, Washington, will move to nearby Tukwila. “Making better use of our facilities will enhance efficiency and promote greater collaboration,” Caret said. “This will help drive our global growth in Boeing’s second century.” As part of the effort Boeing Defence Australia, Boeing Defense Saudi Arabia and Boeing Defence United Kingdom will continue to operate independently but will be “aligned and managed” as part of a new global operations group, officials said. Source: St. Louis Business Journal

Teledyne To Buy Industrial Gas Monitoring Equipment Maker Industrial technologies company Teledyne Technologies Inc. has agreed to buy In USA Inc., a Massachusetts-based maker of i ndustrial gas monitoring instruments, for an undisclosed sum. Thousand Oaks-basedTeledyne said itsTeledyne Instruments Inc. unit will acquire the assets of In USA Inc., based in Norwood, Mass., a maker of a range of ozone generators, ozone analyzers and other gas monitoring instruments using ultraviolet and infrared-based technologies. 3/31/15 Boeing Moves 500 Jobs From Huntington Beach, Adds 1,600 To L.A. County

PAC-089_A2Z_Manufacturing_3.875x5.125_AprMay2015.indd 1

12:18 PM

Boeing Co. is moving 500 jobs to its St. Louis operations from Huntington Beach, California as part of a facilities consolidation for its Defense, Space & Security business, which is based in Hazelwood, Missouri. The company said Tuesday it is “taking steps to operate its Defense, Space & Security business more efficiently through facilities consolidations and work movements,” the result of which will add jobs in not only St. Louis, but 1,600 positions in Los Angeles County and 400 in Huntsville,Alabama. “In order to push ourselves farther and win more business, we need to make the most of our resources and talent,” Leanne Caret, president and CEO, Defense, Space & Security, said in a statement. “These steps will help us be a stronger partner for our customers worldwide.” Boeing will cut facilities space by about 4.5 million square feet by the end of 2020, officials said. The company said it will close its sites in El Paso, Texas, and Newington, A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

30 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Teledyne said it expects the deal to close later this month, subject to customary conditions. Founded in 1988, In USA’s gas sensors and monitors are designed for use

across several industrial process applications in the semiconductor, water treatment, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Teledyne said it plans to relocate and consolidate manufacturing into the new, owned facility of Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation in San Diego. Teledyne Chairman, President and CEO Robert Mehrabian said Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation is one of the company’s strongest performing units, and the acquisition of In USA will add complementary products, sales channels and applications expertise to its existing industrial ozone instrumentation.

Why You Might Soon Get A Better Price On A Private Jet Honeywell International is forecasting that private-jet sales over the next decade will be 7 percent less than what it predicted a year ago. The forecast is part of the company’s annual global business aviation outlook and is based largely on data gathered from more than 1,500 business-jet operators around the world. Honeywell pointed to sluggish economic growth and what it calls “political uncertainties” as the main reasons for its downward adjustment. The projection of 8,600 new business jet deliveries from 2016 to 2026, totaling about $255 billion in sales, compares to Honeywell’s forecast from last year calling for 9,200 planes and $270 billion in sales in the coming 10 years, according to a Bloomberg report. There’s a pricing-side component to the sales prediction. According to the Bloomberg report, manufacturers have announced they will cut back on some jet production in order to help keep already sliding used-jet prices from falling further. Bloomberg quoted Shawn Vick, an executive with aircraft financing firm Global Jet Capital, saying, “We’re clearly in an environment where there has been oversupply.” Honeywell does project that demand will pick up in 2018 after slack sales in 2016 and 2017, due in part to new models of airplanes hitting the market in late 2017. The company added that jet operators appear most interested in “larger-cabin aircraft classes, ranging from super midsize through ultralong-range and business liner.” Over the next five years, Honeywell said, buyers are expected to direct about 85 percent of their expenditures toward these larger jets. Earlier this month, Honeywell forecast lower sales for itself after enduring a particularly weak period for business-jet sales. The conglomerate has a wide range of businesses, but Bloomberg noted that Honeywell struggled in the third quarter to sell jet engines and other aerospace parts, with its aerospace sales dropping 6 percent for the quarter. Source: LA Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

31 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017



and self-driving trucks. While promising, experts say we need to be patient. Flying cars face numerous obstacles, including cost, regulations and public acceptance. Uber paints an optimistic picture, suggesting that flying cars will be similar in cost to its UberX service. Others expect flying cars, often referred to as VTOL, as in vertical takeoff and landing, to be far more costly. “In the short term, the technology will be exotic and expensive,” said Brandon Keene, the chief technology officer of Blade, a startup offering on-demand helicopter rides that has researched VTOL.

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As Uber Makes A Pitch For Flying Cars, Transit Hype Jumps The Shark Even George Jetson looks like a Luddite compared to the transportation utopia Uber envisions. Sure, Jetson had a flying car, but he still piloted it with a joystick. Uber described the potential of autonomous flying cars to free frustrated commuters from the wretchedness of clogged highways. Uber believes that within a decade it will be possible to build a network of affordable, electric flying cars that take off and land vertically at speeds of up to 200 mph. Uber doesn’t plan to build its own flying cars, but wants to collaborate with companies, governments and communities to push the nascent field forward.This is reminiscent of when Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a 57-page plan in 2013 for a Hyperloop, a futuristic, high-speed train that he did not intend to develop. Uber’s report is the latest example of mounting hype surrounding tech’s impact on transportation, ranging from autonomous taxis to flying cars A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

32 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Bahrami believes the flights will likely have to be autonomous to be affordable. It’s expensive to train and pay a human to be a pilot. Uber expects flying cars will initially have human pilots, until the autonomous technology is proven to be safer than humans. It’s also unclear where the flying cars will land, and if the “vertiports” will be convenient. Uber mentions that parking garage roofs, existing helipads and open land at highway interchanges could be used. After landing, some commuters might need to hail an Uber to complete the last leg of their journey. It also remains to be seen if the public will tolerate the noise of flying cars.The smallest drones can sound like a beehive. Uber believesVTOLs will be half as loud as a medium-sized truck passing a home. “If you got a whole bunch of them making that noise, that could be problematic,” Bahrami said. For Jason Orr, an attorney at O’Melveny & Myers, the biggest obstacle to flying cars will be regulations. Local, state and federal regulators will need to coordinate management of the flying cars, a complicated, lengthy process. The FAA has already taken a cautious approach with small drones. It is sure to be even more careful when heavier flying cars are carrying human beings. Uber raised the topic of flying cars just days after it announced that one of the self-driving trucks it owns completed a delivery of 50,000 Budweiser cans. The company released a remarkable video of a Budweiser truck cruising down a highway with an empty driver’s seat. The footage made the rounds on news sites and social media feeds. While remarkable, it was a case of technology presented in the very best light. In truth, Uber’s self-driving truck completed the trip in the dead of night, when traffic would be light. The truck wasn’t driving directly behind Colorado drivers, but was tucked in a convoy of seven vehicles that closely watched it. Officials were prepared to abort the test at any moment. It’s possible that within 10 years self-driving trucks will still be quite

limited. Flying cars are an even bigger challenge, and fewer people are working to make them a reality. The future can be awesome, but it’ll probably take longer to arrive than it seems. Source: CNN Tech

DIUx: Will Carter’s Innovation Unit Survive Trump? “My hope and sense is that innovation is not a partisan issue,” said Raj Shah, who runs the Pentagon’s outreach to the tech industry, the Defense Innovation Unit (Experimental), DIUx. “I would encourage the next administration to continue to enable, not just us, (but) several innovation efforts that the department has done.” Shah, a reserve fighter pilot turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has led the unit for just six months. Now he’s got just two months before the departure of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, the man who created DIU(x) last year, who hand-picked Shah to overhaul it after early problems, and to whom Shah reports directly. Also departing is Deputy Secretary Robert Work, who sits on DIU(x)’s steering committee and with whose Third Offset Strategy project Shah coordinates “very closely.” Team Trump has shown only contempt for the outgoing administration’s initiatives and personnel. But rather than packing his bags and stealing office supplies, Shah is planning to expand DIU(X) with more contracts and new locations around the country. “We have a slew of different projects that are currently underway, and contracts will be let in the next weeks and months,” Shah told the Federal Times CyberCon 2016 conference this morning. DIU(x) has already signed some $36 million worth of contracts and tens of millions more are on the way. Much of the money comes, not from DIU(x)’s modest budget, but from co-sponsors in the four armed services, whose support will be crucial to DIU(x)’s long-term survival. Ultimately, it’s up to the services to pick up DIU(x) prototyping projects and actually buy things in bulk for troops to use. “Transition, obviously, is central to success,” said Shah. “A prototype is nice but it doesn’t help solve the problems.” Transition is much easier now thanks to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, Shah said. Under the new law, if a service wants to buy something prototyped through DIU(x)’s Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) contract vehicle, it can go immediately to sole-source, full-rate production with the original vendor, without having to go through the full all-comers competition that’s normally required. This statutory fast-track is “critical” to DIU(x)’s long-term success, said Shah. Equally crucial is DIU(x)’s staying power is its ties with the tech community. From the parent office in Palo Alto, DIU(x) has expanded with an East Coast office in Boston and an outpost in Austin. DIU(X) Austin is weird: Rather than have its own, expensive office space and

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Plating & Metal Finishing: • Gold • Silver • Copper • Bright Nickel • Electroless Nickel • Sulfamate Nickel • Matte Tin • Tin/Lead 60/40 • Chemfilm • Passivation • Polishing • Chrome We Are a Precious Metal Plating Facility covering the Southwest specializing in Gold and other plating.

permanent staff, it’s housed in a tech incubator and mainly manned by rotating teams of reservists. That’s the model Shah wants — and can afford — to replicate across the country. “The key untapped resource we have as a nation and a department is our reserve forces,” said Shah. “We have reservists working in technology companies of all sizes…across the nation.” Rather than uproot themselves to deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq for months on end, these reservists will work in their home states during their 39 days of mandatory annual training. Rather than work as tank drivers or staff officers, they’ll work with the same tech community they do the rest of the year. This model could allow DIU(x) to extend its reach to tech hotspots nationwide — if it’s still around this time next year. A source close to the Trump transition team pooh-poohed DIUX and voiced no support for Work’s Third Offset effort. They’re doing what we should have been doing all along, the source said. Besides, the push to bring large tech companies into a closer embrace with the Pentagon is simply unlikely to happen for market reasons, the source added. Instead, if Trump’s new defense secretary — who looks likely to be Sen. Jeff Sessions — wants to, he can jaw-jaw tech leaders and push the science and technology community to work more closely with the military, effectively what Ash Carter has been doing, without any special offices or offsets. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •


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Prepare for Takeoff: ‘Extraordinary Demand’ for Pilots Provides Lift to Aviation Students Ty l e r H o l m e n o f Redmond,Washington, knows what he wants to do in life. The 18-yearold aviation student at Central Washington University wants to become a pilot. “Flying has just always fascinated me,” he said. “I kind of settled on it at an early age. It’s kind of a dream come true here.” He and his classmates could hardly have picked a better time to become professional pilots. The Boeing Company is forecasting “extraordinary demand” worldwide for airline pilots and technicians. In a recent analysis, the jet maker said the world’s airlines will need 617,000 new pilots during the next 20 years. Boeing expects the greatest demand will come from Asia and North America, because of economic expansion and swelling airline fleets. Gage Geist graduated from Central Washington earlier this year. The 22-year-old is now giving flight lessons to undergrads in the program, which helps him accumulate the flight hours he needs to qualify for an airline job. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

34 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

A first officer, or copilot, slot awaits him at his chosen Horizon Air as soon as he logs 1,000 hours at the controls. “By the time I graduated, I had three conditional job offers,” he said. He estimates his starting pay would be in the $30,000-$35,000 range.A few years ago, a freshly minted copilot at a regional U.S. airline might have earned less than $25,000 per year to start. As cockpit crew members gain experience and move up the career ladder, their pay soars into the six figures. The stepped-up recruiting by various airlines led local union official Mark Niles to observe, “It’s almost a game of one-upmanship right now.” Niles, a veteran Horizon pilot, said he had heard of rivals offering bonuses in excess of $20,000 to get new pilots in the door. Job offers can include a combination of signing bonus, a later retention bonus and advancement preferences to command bigger jets. The competition for pilots “is a perfect coming together of growth within the industry,” according to LaMar Haugaard, director of pilot development and recruiting at Horizon Air in Portland, Oregon. He points to the beginnings of an anticipated wave of mandatory retirements from the major airlines as pilots turn 65. In addition, military cutbacks and the rise of drones mean air forces no longer produce as many pilots as they used to. So now Horizon and other regional carriers are making deals with university aviation programs to ramp up pilot development. A recently

signed pilot development deal between Horizon Air and Central Washington University included one-time $7,500 “stipends” for up to 17 aviation students per year. In addition, Horizon donated a $10,000 desktop flight simulator. Another regional carrier, SkyWest, signed a deal this fall with Southern Utah University that offers $10,000 tuition reimbursement. In exchange, those students commit to fly with a certain carrier for at least two years once they’re qualified. Universities from Florida to Alaska foresee major enrollment growth in aeronautics to meet industry demand. Sundaram Nataraja, who used to work for Emirates airline in Dubai, now chairs the aviation department at Central Washington University. Nataraja says parents still get wide-eyed when he explains the cost of a professional pilot education. It runs $80,000 to $100,000 over four years, chiefly because of fees for one-on-one flight training.That’s not quite as much as it costs to become a doctor, but it’s close. A typical student may graduate with considerable debt. But thanks to the newfound, stiff competition for aviation graduates, entry-level pay at regional airlines has risen significantly over the past year. And hundreds of foreign novice pilots at private flight academies across America have a debt-free pathway to the skies. International airlines, mainly those in China, are paying for all of their pilot training. But that deal comes with an expectation of committing to the sponsoring airline for the duration of their career.

CRP Group and Krone Golf Combine Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing Techniques To Create The World’s Most Advanced Golf Driver The engineering behind a great golf driver involves optimizing thickness of each surface, controlling total weight of the head, and tuning the center of gravity of the assembly. It’s a balancing act to get

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dge Technologies is a leading productivity solutions provider to the precision metal working industry. We offer the full lines of FMB and Edge bar feeders for Swiss Turning and Fixed Headstock lathes. Edge Technologies is made up of a group of dedicated professionals, a team with nearly 25 years of experience, who stand ready to pounce on any problem and resolve it immediately. The Edge line of “Economical Excellence” magazine bar feeders and short loaders are the new industry standard for quality at affordable prices. FMB magazine bar feeders are smartly designed, robust in construction, built in Germany to the highest quality specifications, and all of them are a bit on the hefty side. As a matter of fact, some of them outweigh the competition as much as two to one. That’s “Heavy Metal.”

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everything right.

7/29/2016 2:35:30 PM

The USGA and R&A (Rules Committee for Professional Golf) have placed limitations on the maximum size and volume that a golf driver can be – so engineers are constrained to design within a certain “box”. This has held back innovation and lead to the major golf club manufactures to design product that is all very similar to one another. “In our working experience with CRP so far – stated Marc Kronenberg, Krone CEO – we have not had any of mentioned issues. The part quality, consistency, and accuracy from both their CNC Machining and 3D Printing Departments has been outstanding“. The collaboration between Krone, CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica led to the creation of KD-1. It is a composite driver clubhead where the different materials have a specific function and structural competence.Source: The Engineer A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

35 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

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Northrop CEO: Company To Ride Pentagon’s ‘Recapitalization Wave’ In Years Ahead

Northrop Grumman Corp. CEOWes Bush told analysts that the company is positioned well in the years ahead to get in on the Pentagon’s long-stalled but soon-to-be-aggressive efforts to recapitalize and modernize. “It is an interesting time in that it’s clear that there’s a significant recapitalization wave that’s underway across a number of our customer communities,” Bush said. “Quite frankly, it’s one that’s been deferred for quite a long time.” He added, “They’re facing the need to address a number of not only recapitalizations of older, existing assets…but also the need to address what’s going on around the globe in terms of the emergence of more aggressive threat profiles.” Bush first mentioned the T-X program. This is an effort to replace the twin-engine, two-seat, supersonic T-38, a jet used to train bomber and fighter pilots at the Air Education Training Command. The plan calls for 350 new jets. Northrop is the builder of the T-38, and the Air Force is expected to release a request for proposals in December. An award is expected late in 2017 or early in 2018. Currently, Northrop is teamed with BAE Systems and L-3 Communications Corp. and is up against teams led by The Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Raytheon Co. “T-X is obviously a very interesting one,” Bush said. “We expect this to be A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

36 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

quite an interesting competition and one that we’re looking forward to participating in.”

AeroVironment Launches Quantix Commercial Drone System Unmanned aircraft systems manufacturer AeroVironment kicked off this year’s Drone World Expo in San Jose, California, by unveiling its new commercial Quantix drone and Decision Support System (DSS).The package includes the Quantix drone—a vertical takeoff and landing multirotor, multi-sensor system—with the company’s DSS cloud-based analytics platform. Quantix is targeting the agricultural, energy and transportation markets, and AeroVironment is offering the system to customers in versions that include hardware only, hardware plus DSS or flight services that the company can provide for customers who don’t want to operate their own drones. The Quantix drone is equipped with four rotors, two on the ends of a single wing. A central fuselage is fitted with two cameras, one an RGB color camera for photographic image captures. Operation of Quantix is automatic. Users interface with the drone via a customized tablet computer, by drawing the flight parameters on the screen. “It’s one-touch planning,” said Quantix product line manager Tom Stone. “If you can draw a box on a screen and push a button, you can fly Quantix.You don’t have to learn how to fly it, how to land it, and it’ll take off automatically, plan the mission automatically, fly that mission automatically, come back and land, and you can take the data card and put it in this tablet and you can look at the results immediately.” Quantix is designed to operate from small spaces, thanks to its vertical takeoff and landing capability. The drone’s four rotors pull it straight up into the air, then it transitions to horizontal flight for mapping operations. Elevons on the wing trailing edge are used to control pitch when in horizontal flight mode.Yaw is controlled by varying the speed of the rotors. Endurance is about one hour, and 45-minute flights are typical. For landing, Quantix reverts to vertical mode and touches down on rugged fixtures built into the aft fuselage and wingtips.When power drops, Quantix will automatically return to the departure spot. If power is lost completely, it can glide and land with minimal damage. Stone explained that AeroVironment didn’t design Quantix by starting with a drone and adapting it to customers’ needs. “We started with the customer and built it backwards,” he said. “The entire system is focused on providing data that’s valuable and useful and interesting to the customer to help him run his business. “By designing the whole system end-to-end, we were able to optimize the system to make sure that it was easy to use, highly efficient and that it provided immediate information.” Source: AIN Online

New Dinox 350 Installation Machinists Inc. From single parts to complete manufacturing systems, MI is your global 24-hour-a-day problem solver The working envelope is 98.4 x 137.8 x 51.2 inches. The automatic tool changer holds 30-to-60 tools. The feed rate is 1,575 in/min. The Dinox provides versatility, from small to very large parts. all with extremely high accuracy.

Machinists Inc. From single parts to complete manufacturing systems, MI is your global 24-hour-a-day problem solver. ASSEMBLIES

The Dinox 350 is a high speed machining center where the part remains stationery while the machining head moves around the part. The new machining center uses the latest machining technology. It is self calibrating, creating less downtime. Outside experts are not needed realign the machine with lasers. The Dinox requires less set up time than conventional 5 axis milling centers. The Dinox 350 provides machining of five faces, including inclined surfaces on a block of material. Typically, 3-to-5 operations are reduced to two operations. The new Machining Center makes MI more competitive and efficient. Accuracy is assured by stiffness. It is expansion management with dimensioning of the structure to assure stiffness and thermosymmetric design. Expect machining precision by a special FPT device with a continuous check of machine geometry as to the workpiece and relevant zero-setting. Dinox 350 accessories include automatic geometry re-calibration system for the milling heads. The Dinox 350 is temperature sensitive, also monitoring and compensating for temperature changes in the machine and environment. Training was provided by FTP at the MI plant in Seattle. MI machinists were also trained to use the control systems in Chicago. Software updates are automatically installed via the internet, where FTP can upgrade firmware and fix major problems remotely.



Call us about your project or for more information about our services. 206 / 763 0990, 800 / 244 4130 P. O. Box 80505, Seattle 98108

The FTP main factory is near Venice and Padua, Italy. For 44 years, FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. has been manufacturing CNC milling and boring machines for the mechanical and die & mould fields. Machinists Inc. has more than 50 years of experience. Machinists Inc. provides ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication, welding, CNC Machining, finishing and assembly. We operate the largest precision machining shop in the Northwest and have the ability to react quickly to our customer’s needs.We get large, complex projects completed on schedule.

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37 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

L-3 Communications Wins $500M Satellite Comms Contract

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L-3 Communications Corp. has won a $500 million contract to support the Army’s satellite communications capabilities. Under the cost-plus-fixed-fee contract, L-3 Communications will provide the Army with common data link and satellite communications support services, the Defense Department said in a release. The contract was contracted out by the Army Contracting Command in Aberdeen, Md. and work is expected to wrap up in October 2021. For more contract awards, see our WT Insider-exclusive Contract Award Database, featuring every award we have covered since January 2013.

Barton International USA/Canada 800.741.7756 email: web:

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NADA Economist Predicts 17.1 Million Auto Sales For 2017 Steven Szakaly, chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association, predicts sales of 17.1 million new cars and light trucks in 2017. “We are headed toward a stable market for U.S. auto sales, not a growing market,” Szakaly says at an economic briefing ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show. “The industry has achieved record sales, and pent up demand is effectively spent.” The vehicle segment mix will continue to favor light-truck sales, which are expected to ac-count for 60% of the market in 2017, and continuing the upward sales trend. With seven weeks remaining in 2016, new-vehicle sales are on pace for 17.4 million, which would be a slight decline from the all-time record set in 2015. Sustaining the auto sales momentum established this year, Szakaly added that the overall economic outlook for 2017 remains strong with projected gross domestic product (GDP) growth at 2.6%, employment growth between 150,000 to 180,000 jobs per month, and the price for regu-lar-grade gasoline at less than $2 per gallon. “It’s important to recognize that there are some political unknowns, but the economic outlook for 2017 looks extremely positive for auto sales, particularly light trucks,” Szakaly says. “New-vehicle sales will likely level off in response to the U.S. market maturing, not as a result of the election. If increased infrastructure spending happens and certain tax cuts materialize under the new administration, it will mean a better long-term outlook.” Szakaly adds that an additional benefit to the economy could come with the easing of regulations relating to fuel economy.


38 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

“New-car shoppers can expect a year with slightly higher interest rates on auto loans, but those increases will likely be offset by rising automaker incentives,” Szakaly adds. “Rising inter-est rates could also increase pressure on leasing, which for many car segments is already suffering from declining residuals and used-car values. Leasing is still expected to rise in 2017, but not at the same pace we have seen over past few years.” In addition, NADA forecasts that new-car dealerships will retail 15.3 million used vehicles in 2017, compared to an expected 15.1 million used sales in 2016. The total used-vehicle market will exceed 40 million retail sales in 2017. NADA, founded in 1917, represents nearly 16,500 new-car and -truck dealerships, with both domestic and international franchises. Source: National Automobile Dealers Association

Alaska Airlines Completes Commercial Flight Fueled by Wood Waste The jet fuel used in last month’s flight was a 20 percent blend of biofuel made from discarded forest waste. Alaska Airlines flew a cross-country flight on a newly developed biofuel made from discarded tree limbs and wood scraps from forest projects in the Pacific Northwest. The company said the flight using the 20 percent biofuel blend emitted 70 percent less carbon dioxide than conventional petroleum jet fuel.The flight

took a Boeing 737 from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. The Seattle-based airline didn’t have to look far for the sustainable resources it used for its alternative jet fuel. Excess waste from forest harvesting in Washington, Oregon and Montana that would have been burned or left on the forest floor was converted into alcohol and made into biofuel by the Washington State University-led Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance. Reducing the amount of wood waste that’s burned and clearing the forest floor for replanting also helps environmental and sustainability efforts, Alaska Airlines said. The wood-based blend is not the first renewable jet fuel Alaska Airlines has tested. Earlier in the year, the airline tested a similar biofuel made with corn. Forest residuals, however, don’t compete with food production. Renewable jet fuel is still much more expensive to produce than petroleum-based fuels, and Alaska Airlines hasn’t made any commitment to implement biofuels on a grand scale. The company did estimate that if it were to replace 20 percent of its fuel supply at Seattle-Tacoma with biofuel, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 142,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which would equal taking 30,000 cars off the road. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

39 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

OIL MIST AND SMOKE IN YOUR SHOP? Low-Cost, Highly Efficient Mist and Smoke Collectors Designed Specifically for the Metalworking Industry 1-800-645-4174

Additive Prospects Growing In Aftermarkets 

 A d d i t i v e manufacturing for maintenance of commercial aircraft will likely increase competition in aftermarkets, predicts Thomas Saquer of Frost & Sullivan’s aerospace, defense and security team. “However, before it is used regularly for aftermarkets, additive manufacturing will have to be accepted in line fit, particularly for part manufacturing.” But Saquer says additive repair systems like those developed by BeAM and Optomec could be used much sooner, especially for large, expensive titanium parts. Additive manufacturing of plastic parts that are not in flight-critical systems are likely to be approved easily by the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Saquer says the challenge here is cost-effectiveness of the part. “For very small production runs, [additive manufacturing] could easily be cost-effective. But for standard production, injection molding and casting seems more likely to be cost-effective.” Some currently forged metal parts could become a good candidates for additive manufacturing, with part size depending on how the process develops. Components include those in landing gear, engines and control surfaces. According to Saquer, these parts are mainly made from titanium and thus expensive to produce, and that additive manufacturing could lower costs. Highly complex shapes and sub-assemblies are also ideal candidates for additive manufacturing. “Often these would save weight, scrap and cost if additively manufactured,” Saquer explains. Finally, some plastic parts in cabins and air-management systems are good candidates. The Frost consultant says it is hard to predict when additive manufacturing of aftermarket parts will be realized, but sees it “in the 2020 horizon.” The best technique for additive manufacturing of plastic parts depends on which ones are selected. Saquer notes that fused-deposition modeling from Stratasys will be used for early-phase projects by quite a few OEMs and suppliers. For metal parts, the best techniques depend on intent and what is being made. “Size, material, simple repair and many other factors can dictate the choice of technology,” Saquer notes.


40 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

And he reiterates the importance of convincing the FAA and EASA of the conformity of additive processes. “The process that first convinces the airworthiness authorities will be the winner,” he adds. Source: Aviation Week


41 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Precious Metals Plating Co., Inc Specializing in Aerospace, Military, Electronic & Medical Since 1957

Federal background checks for new gun sales rose 14% in November from a year earlier, the 19th consecutive monthly rise, despite receding concerns about tougher gun laws following the Republican election.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation said background checks totaled 2.56 million in November, compared with 2.24 million a year earlier, surpassing a record that included a huge surge over the 2015 Black Friday shopping period. Checks over this year’s Thanksgiving period were up 0.2% on last year.

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Heightened fears of terrorism activity in the U.S. and concerns over personal protection also drove higher sales, notably of handguns and semiautomatic rifles, which are branded by the industry as modern sporting rifles.

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Gun-Sale Checks Climb Post-Election

42 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Checks rose 16% in the month when adjusted for seasonal factors and differences in the way states collate data, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group. Checks for handguns climbed 12% from a year earlier and rose 17% for rifles. Donald Trump’s election victory and Republican control in Congress has eased concerns among gun-rights activists about tighter controls that have helped fuel sales over the past eight years. The FBI background checks, a closely watched proxy for actual sales, rose almost 10% a year throughout the Obama presidency, compared with 2% during the terms of President George W. Bush.

Gun makers such as Smith & Wesson Holding Corp and Sturm, Ruger & Co. also point to the increasingly popularity of shooting sports, such as target shooting. Shares in both companies fell sharply after the election result but have since made a modest recovery that continued Thursday, with Sturm, Ruger up almost 3% and Smith & Wesson more than 1% higher. FBI background checks in the first 11 months reached 24.8 million, passing last year’s record annual total of 23.1 million even before December’s traditional peak. Source: WSJ

DOD Contracts The Boeing Co., El Segundo, California, has been awarded a $23,477,634 modification P00015 to previously awarded contract FA8819-15-C-0007 for Space Based Space Surveillance Work will be performed at El Segundo, California; and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is expected to be complete by June 20, 2022. This award is the result of a sole-source acquisition. Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, is the contracting activity. Pride Industries, Roseville, California, has been awarded a $12,886,532 firm-fixed-price contract for facility maintenance and services. Contractor will provide facility maintenance operations and engineering and environmental services. Work will be performed at Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, California; Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California; and Defense Contract Management Agency, Carson, California, and is expected to be complete by Nov. 30, 2021.This award

is the result of a sole-source acquisition. Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, is the contracting activity (FA2816-17-C-0001). King Technologies Inc., San Diego, California, is being awarded a $52,503,043 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee, multiple award contract to provide shore networks support to include in-service engineering support, design, accreditation, integration, production, sustainment, and life cycle support for non-integrated shore systems, network components and network service solutions for Navy and joint Department of Defense shore units worldwide.This three-year contract includes two one-year option ordering periods which, if exercised, would bring the potential value of this contract to $88,566,021. Work will be performed in San Diego, California (40 percent); and various locations inside and outside the continental U.S. (60 percent). Work is expected to be completed Nov. 27, 2019. No contract funds will be obligated at the time of award. Funding will be obligated via task orders as they are issued using operations and maintenance (Navy); other procurement (Navy); and Navy working capital funds. No contract funds will expire at the end of the current

fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via a request for proposal published on the Federal Business Opportunities website and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command e-Commerce Central website. Eight offers were received and four were selected for award. Space and NavalWarfare Systems Center Pacific, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity (N66001-17-D-0032). Raytheon Co., El Segundo, California, is being awarded a $9,610,155 cost-plus-fixed-fee, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to provide engineering technical services and field services for the AN/APG-65/65(V)/73/79 Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar, associated systems, and support equipment in support of the F/A-18, EA-18G, and AV-8B aircraft. Work will be performed in North Island, California (50 percent); and Oceana, Virginia (50 percent), and is expected to be completed in November 2021. Fiscal 2017 operations and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $201,522 are being obligated at time of award. This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1). The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, California, is the contracting activity (N68936-17-D-0007). A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

43 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

The combination of Harman’s brands and audio capabilities and Samsung’s expertise in consumer electronics will deliver enhanced customer benefits and elevate user experiences across Samsung’s complete portfolio of consumer and professional products and systems.








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Samsung Buying Harman For $8 Billion Samsung Electronics is buying automotive electronics company Harman International Industries Inc. for about $8 billion.The transaction will immediately give Samsung a significant presence in the large and rapidly growing market for connected technologies, particularly automotive electronics, which has been a strategic priority for Samsung, and is expected to grow to more than $100 billion by 2025. Harman is the market leader in connected car solutions, with more than 30 million vehicles currently equipped with its connected car and audio systems, including embedded infotainment, telematics, connected safety, and security. Approximately 65% of Harman’s $7 billion of reported sales during the 12 months ended September 30, 2016, are automotive-related, and its order backlog for this market at June 30, 2016 was approximately $24 billion. Harman’s experience designing and integrating sophisticated in-vehicle technologies, as well as its long-term relationships with most of the world’s largest automakers, will create significant growth opportunities for the combined business by enabling it to leverage Samsung’s expertise in connected mobility, semiconductors, user experience, displays, and its global distribution channels. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

44 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Samsung expects the combination to deliver significant growth opportunities a n d b e n e f i t s t o c u s t o m e r s by leveraging Samsung’s and Harman’s complementary technologies. Source:

Hoffman Construction Company To Begin Building Its Greater Seattle Roosevelt Station The system’s Roosevelt Station will serve Northgate Link Extension trains when the line launches its light-rail service in 2021. The $152 million contract includes constructing civil, structural and architectural designs for the underground station and includes the installation of elevators and escalators, mechanical and electrical equipment, fire protection and emergency ventilation systems, and surface features and landscaping. The $1.9 billion Northgate Link project will extend light-rail service 4.3 miles north from the University of Washington, allowing riders to use the Roosevelt Station to the local downtown area and to the Sea-Tac Airport.

Trump Could Add 100 Battle-Ready Fighter Jets To Air Force Fleet President-elect Donald Trump says building up the US Air Force is a key priority and that his administration supports a fleet of at least 1,200 fighter aircraft, about 100 more than are currently mission-ready. Trump also cited the age of the B-52 bomber as a top concern. Source: Air Force Times



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ALBUQUERQUE OFFICE 8448 Washington Place N.E, Albuquerque, NM 87113 P: 505-345-8389 F: 505-344-7167 E: EL PASO OFFICE 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite A . El Paso, TX 79936 P: 915-856-7900 F: 915-857-4700 MAZAK CORPORATION |E: (859) 342-1700 | Florence, KY | MAZAKUSA.COM

CNC MACHINE SERVICES, INC. 7808 184th Street SE, Snohomish, WA 98296 Tel: (425) 788-4500 Toll Free: (866) 788-4500 Product images are for illustration purposes only and may not be exact representations of the product. Mazak reserves the PHOENIX OFFICE right to change product images and3614 specifications at any time without #1, notice. E. Southern Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85040

P: 602-431-8300 F: 602-431-8301 A Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 45 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017 E: 2

GA-ASI Offers Unmanned Aircraft To Support Humanitarian Efforts, Deliver Humanitarian Rations To 3,400 Daily General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI), a manufacturer of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) systems (also known as unmanned aircraft systems, UAS, and drones), radars, and electro-optic, and related mission systems solutions, announced that it can provide a company-owned aircraft to support humanitarian relief efforts.

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“Angel One,” an aircraft based on the jet-propelled Predator RPA system owned and operated by GA-ASI, is c a p a bl e o f deliver ing 8 , 5 0 0 pounds of Humanitarian Daily Ration packets (HDRs) for 3,400 people each day. This capability could ensure urgently needed food and medical supplies reach those otherwise inaccessible, such as victims of war or following natural disasters throughout the world, officials say. Using a specially designed internal bay door release mechanism, which allows for two separate drops of aid per mission, the field is evenly distributed with HDRs, increasing the likelihood of civilians successfully retrieving needed aid, and ensuring greater delivery success over more traditional “pallet” aid drops. “Angel One” can fly up to three missions of three hours each per day for as long as humanitarian relief is required. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., an affiliate of General Atomics, delivers situational awareness by providing remotely piloted aircraft systems, radar, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide.The company’s Aircraft Systems business unit is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable RPA systems, including Predator A, Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper, Gray Eagle, Predator C Avenger, and Predator XP. The company also manufactures a variety of state-of-the-art digital Ground Control Stations (GCS), including the next-generation Advanced Cockpit GCS, and provides pilot training and support services for RPA field operations.The Mission Systems business unit designs, manufactures, and integrates the Lynx Multi-mode Radar and sophisticated Claw sensor control and image analysis software into both manned and remotely piloted aircraft. It also focuses on providing integrated sensor payloads and software for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft platforms and develops high energy lasers, electro-optic sensors, and meta-material antennas.

The Internet Of Electricity: GE And Exelon Are Crunching Data Generated By Power Plants by Dorothy Pomerantz


Every day, Exelon energy company produces up to 32,700 megawatts of electricity that supplies power to millions of customers across the United States. But the Chicago-based company produces more than just power. Its turbines and generators also spin out megabytes of data that different software programs then digest and comb for insights. “They gather massive amounts of data across their generation fleet to solve complex energy issues, but they needed a single platform to look at these systems at a higher level to further enhance the value of that data,” says Sham Chotai, chief technology officer of GE Power Digital Solutions. That’s why Exelon and GE Power, the GE division that makes powergeneration equipment, decided to collaborate on ways to better leverage data for the benefit of Exelon and its customers. Using Predix, GE’s cloudbased platform for the Industrial Internet, GE Power’s software team started looking for new ways to gather insights from Exelon’s data. The first steps took them far enough that the companies have now launched a six-year agreement to use GE Power’s suite of software across the entire Exelon power-generation portfolio, ranging from wind farms and solar projects to hydropower facilities and nuclear power plants. The analytics, in the form of new apps, are designed to help the power company predict when its systems will need repairs, allowing operators to schedule maintenance and ensure parts are maintained in a timely fashion. With the company’s nuclear plants already running at high reliability, Predix helps Exelon further improve efficiency in its power-plant operations. During a pilot of the technology, new optimization algorithms crunching data from Exelon’s wind farms helped boost annual energy production from its wind turbines by 1 to 2 percent, Chotai says. “We know there’s always more we can do,”



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COATING@SWIFTTOOL.COM SWIFT COATING CENTER 800-562-0900 says Brian Hoff, director of corporate innovation at Exelon. “With this big analytics platform, we can continue to improve our operations at our generation facilities.” Exelon is now working with GE engineers to write new software apps it can use internally and also eventually commercialize and market to other companies.


47 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon SPE Columbia River Chapter Honors Local Mold Maker With Lifetime Achievement Award Kyle Tarr, President of the Society of Plastics Engineers – Columbia River chapter presented Dan Jamieson, owner of Jamieson Tool and Design, with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given annually in recognition for exemplary contributions, dedication, and service to the plastics industry.

to introduce Dan for the award presentation as well. Working with Dan over the years has dramatically improved my knowledge of the injection molding process, mold configuration, and polymer applications. For these gifts I am grateful. Thank you, Dan! The Society of Plastics Engineers is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and education for all plastics professionals. Founded in 1942, SPE today is home to over 20,000 members in the United States, with chapters in more than 70 countries around the globe. SPE is the go to organization for pertinent information, training, networking, and knowledge-sharing among scientist, engineers, and technical personnel engaged in the development, conversion and application of plastics. It is the most well-known plastics professional society in the world.

God created Dan Jamieson with a large void in his brain needing to be filled with knowledge. He’s been gifted with an incredible curiosity igniting a lifelong quest for learning what, why, how which has made him a standout in his chosen vocation. This is not a self-serving trait but a genuine thirst to understand why and how things work – insights which he freely shares, making him a great mentor and asset to the mold making and injection molding community.A gifted mold designer For more information and craftsman, Dan has been a about SPE, to research From left to right: Kyle Tarr, President of SPE Columbia River Chapter; Daniel Jamieson, fixture in the plastics injection specific polymers, apmold making industry since plications and processes, Owner of Jamieson Tool and Design; Stephen Hannemann, President of SMH Inc. he opened Jamieson Tool and or to become a member Design in 1992. He researches of the world’s largest and analyzes every facet of a plastics society, visit: part or project until a plete understanding of all contingencies have been addressed. Then and only then the mold design and tool building begins. Every injection molder SMH Inc. is proud of our involvement with the injection molding and in the Northwest has directly or indirectly benefitted from his dedicated mold making industry. For information about all manufacturing services involvement in the industry. represented by SMH Inc., visit or call Stephen Hannemann – 425.501.7342. Dan Jamieson has been a friend and colleague for over 20 years and it was SMH Inc. – “The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon” my honor not only to be invited to the Annual Holiday Social event but also A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

48 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Swift Tool Co. Inc.


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49 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

TVT DIE CASTING Precision aluminum and zinc die casting,

5machining Founding Principles Of TVT Die Casting: and finishing. 1. Impeccable Quality Reliability and Service 2. Quality, On-Time Deliveries 3. Our Integrity In The Promises We Make 4. Fair Pricing 5. Superb Customer Service

A Job Is More Than a Paycheck We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design andpresidential assembly. election, I’m starting to rethink one In the aftermathtooffinishing the 2016

By Noah Smith

of my basic beliefs about the economy. For a long time, I’ve believed that what most for economic well-being was money. Median income, ▼ 800 280 2278 consumption, wages -- all theISO things I cared about most were measured in 9001:2008 Certified dollars. Because of this attitude, I’ve supported lots of policies aimed at boosting the amount of money in the average person’s pocket. I’ve called for Japan to liberalize its markets, and for the U.S. to encourage workers to move to places with better opportunities. And I’ve often assumed that a dollar of government redistribution is just as good as a dollar of wages. I’m starting to think I was wrong. Maybe not completely wrong, but I did ignore a big, important source of economic well-being: jobs. In most of economic theory, a job isn’t treated as something inherently valuable -- it’s just a conduit through which money flows from employer to employee. But most people probably care not just about the amount of money they get, but how they get it. If they see themselves as having earned their daily bread, they feel better about themselves than if they got a handout. A job also probably has an important symbolic value -- it sends a message that society cares about you and has a place for you. I say “probably” because this just isn’t something economists think about much, so it doesn’t appear in the research literature much. To most people, the idea that jobs give people dignity and a sense of self-worth seems laughably obvious. Sociologists have probably researched this too, which supports my contention that the U.S. needs more input from sociology and less from economics. But among economists, there remains a relentless unwillingness to consider the importance of dignity and social respect. There are a few exceptions. David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald have measured the impact of unemployment on happiness, and found that having a job is an important determinant of how satisfied people are, regardless of how much money they have. Meanwhile, some of the little sociology research I do know about shows that job status is important for keeping marriages together. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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Call Us Today For A Competitive Quote! 800-280-2278 Meanwhile, out in the real world, Americans are hurting from a lack of jobs. A number of deep dives into the mindset of Donald Trump voters, both before and after the election, have focused on the loss of status and self-respect that less-educated men in decaying industrial regions have suffered as jobs have been lost and replaced by government benefits. One way to see this is in the decline in the percentage of men in the U.S. labor force: The dramatic Democratic loss in the Midwest in the 2016 election should be a wake-up call. The Democrats have been the party of the social safety net, and have long wondered why so many working-class Americans don’t seem to appreciate those benefits. Trump, meanwhile, sailed to victory in the Midwest, in part by railing against globalization. Economists David Autor, David Dorn and Kaveh Majlesi have found that regions that experienced more Chinese import competition were much more likely to vote for Trump. Other studies by Autor and Dorn have found that that same import competition was responsible for throwing lots of Americans out of work and that nothing else replaced those jobs. So it seems that many voters in the Midwest didn’t want checks in the mail -- they wanted work. And they voted for a candidate who promised them jobs, even if he was very vague on his plans for doing so. What kind of concrete plans would address Americans’ hunger for jobs? An easy step is to promote demand-based policies that keep employment high, like fiscal stimulus. A more drastic measure would be a federal job guarantee. Although many such jobs would pay low wages and would contain some element of make-work, it’s probably better to have unemployed people doing something marginally useful. A third option is to focus on slashing regulations that make it more costly and difficult to hire employees. Perhaps the deepest change would be to tweak U.S. corporate culture, restoring the value of long-term employment. Obviously, it’s easy to go too far in this direction -- witness Japan -- but it could be that U.S. labor arrangements are simply too short-term and insecure to provide the social benefits that workers in Japan, South Korea and much of Europe enjoy.Tax incentives for long-term labor contracts, or for labor hoarding during recessions, could put the government’s thumb on the scale in favor of employment over pure dollars.

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Edison’s Heir: Bob Hall’s Invention Lit Up The Future By Todd Alhart

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Haven, Connecticut, Hall became an inventor at an early age and was tapped to attend the California Institute of Technology on a scholarship. We are in a full job shop, providing After several interruptions hisservice education, including a stint at GE during as much or as little project involvement World War II, he finally joined the company full time in 1948. as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

You could argue that the future was born in GE’s labs in 1962. That was the year Robert N. Hall demonstrated the first semiconductor laser, which made possible everything from price code scanners to CD players to the 3D printing of metal parts for jet engines. It was a heady time for inventors in Niskayuna, New York, the headquarters of GE Global Research. Ivar Giaever’s groundbreaking work on semiconductors in 1960 would eventually earn him a Nobel Prize. Nick Holonyak Jr. invented the first visible LED later in 1962 and also furthered Hall’s work by demonstrating the red-light semiconductor laser. But it was Hall’s work that has perhaps the most visible impact today. “There is so much in our lives we take for granted today that traces back to Bob’s diode laser,” says Marshall Jones, a principal engineer at GE Global Research and another laser pioneer. “Nobody could get the photons out of the semiconductor crystals,” Holonyak told GE Reports. “But we used a process called stimulated emission to get them out. We knew that in 1962, and Bob is the next person I would have given the Nobel Prize.” Hall, who obtained 43 patents in his more than 40 years at GE, died on Nov. 7. He was 96. Bor n in New

Hall’s early work at GE focused on PIN rectifiers, which are components that control power transmission inside systems. In 1962, he learned about ▼ 800 280 2278 research studying emissions of invisible infrared light from a material ISO 9001:2008 called gallium arsenide and realized he could Certified use it to build the first semiconductor laser. “I came up with a structure that we could build and I thought might work and rounded up a group with the necessary talents to tackle the job,” Hall said in an oral history compiled by the Semiconductor Museum. As with most significant inventions, the laser had many inventors. The first functioning laser had been created at Hughes Research Laboratories, in Malibu, California, in May 1960. A team at IBM was also working on similar semiconductor-based technology in 1962, but Hall’s team beat them by just two weeks. Hall’s work on lasers was notable because most laser applications, including CD players and price code scanners, use diode lasers derived from the one he created in 1962. Lasers are also inside the most advanced 3D printers. GE introduced the first 3D-printed parts on commercial jet engines earlier this year and recently announced plans to build an entire standalone business around additive manufacturing. One of the big reasons additive manufacturing has taken off is because of advances in laser technology. In 3D metal printers, lasers are used to melt or etch layers of metal powders precisely into the shape of a part being made. When asked how it felt at the time to have made such a big discovery, Hall remarked that he wasn’t sure he would live to celebrate it. His patent was awarded during the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the threat of nuclear war looming. He later worked on silicon photovoltaic technology and invented the “polka-dot solar cell.” He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1994. Hall retired from GE in 1987. “Nobody knew how to turn the semiconductor into the laser,” Holonyak, told GE Reports. “We arrived at the answer before anyone else.” A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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3.5M Manufacturing Jobs Need To Be Filled – Will Millennials Step Up To The Plate? By Jennifer McNelly, Executive Director,The Manufacturing Institute With a looming manufacturing skills gap that’s expected to lead to 2 million unfilled jobs, the industry is trying to recruit today’s youth and Millennials. How are they doing it? It turns out inviting students and communities to see what manufacturers actually do is the first step, according to Jennifer McNelly, executive director of The Manufacturing Institute. Manufacturing has undergone a makeover.Today, manufacturing is modern. It is about adapting to new technological advancements, tackling big issues, and making the world a better place with the creation of products we use every single day. But manufacturing is facing a serious problem. Over the next decade 3.5 million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled, and the skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs being unfilled. Manufacturing needs people, and reaching the next generation of workers is a top priority for those of us in the industry. What Millennials may not realize is A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

52 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

that modern manufacturing is full of cutting-edge technology. We make lifesaving medicines, we make cool cars, and we are problem solvers on a global scale. National Manufacturing Day helps showcase how manufacturers truly design and build the future. Designated as the first Friday of every October, Manufacturing Day invites students, parents, teachers, and the community into their local manufacturing facilities. Without fail, those same students, parents and teachers leave the day with a changed view of the industry – and we have the data to prove it. This year,The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte released a perception survey for Manufacturing Day. The survey was distributed to more than 2,700 Manufacturing Day hosts, and the impact was evident. After Manufacturing Day: 89 percent of students surveyed were more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities. 90 percent of educators were more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are both interesting and rewarding. 89 percent of employers thought there was value in participating in the event. 71 percent of students we re m o re

likely to tell friends, family, parents or colleagues about manufacturing. Industrial TurnAround Corporation (ITAC) hosted the 3rd Annual Dream It Do It Manufacturing Technology Camp for area high school youth July 29 August 1 at its facility in Chester, VA. The camp is sponsored by area manufacturers, the Hopewell/Prince George Chamber, and school systems in the City of Hopewell and the counties of Prince George and Dinwiddie,Virginia. The camp, one of seven in the state, provides a free hands-on learning opportunity for rising 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, says Rachel Pest, project manager at ITAC.Attendees will learn how technology is applied in manufacturing and skilled trades through field trips and through the curriculum they will learn about career paths to these jobs. Students had an opportunity to win a scholarship to a post-secondary educational institution. Scholarship funds are made possible by area manufacturers such as DuPont Teijin Films, Service Center Metals, GDF Suez Hopewell Cogeneration, Gerdau, and others. The Hopewell Manufacturers Association is a principle benefactor of the machining equipment and software for the program. Becky McDonough, CEO of the HPG Chamber of Commerce, says,This camp is an eye opener for students as it provides an education on the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods in a team environment.

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It connects what the students learn in CNC WEST April/May 2015 math, science, technology, engineering, marketing, business classes to the real world in our region. Several of the camp sponsors have been in the news recently for new investment, expansion, and renovation.They include Ashland, Service Center Metals, Honeywell, and WestRock. Whats not immediately apparent to those who do not work in the manufacturing and skilled trades sector is that manufacturing has evolved into a more technology intensive sector and offers new opportunities and challenges. Another factor that is not evident is the competitive pay and benefits for these jobs, says Pam Allen of Accel Above: Industrial TurnAround Corporation hosted the 2016 3rd Annual Dream It Do It Manufacturing Technology Camp for high school youth at its facility in Chester, VA, in the summer. Top image: Many future manufacturing jobs will involve additive technologies like 3D printing. Here, additive manufacturing engineer Brian Adkins in full gear at GE’s Center for Additive Technologies Advancement (CATA) in Pittsburgh.


We can see the shift in attitudes surrounding the industry and the excitement that stems from Manufacturing Day. Students, and their influencers, come out with a better understanding of manufacturing and more assured that these jobs are well paid, sustainable and offer unlimited opportunities for advancement. By illustrating the career opportunities available in advanced manufacturing environments, the industry is making positive progress in changing the perception of manufacturing. Visit US at

While it’s great people are noticing the manufacturing makeover, so Booth #2403 much more still needs to be done. Manufacturers need to reach out to their communities and engage their local schools to help attract the next generation of workers into the industry. Manufacturers cannot fix this gap alone. They need all facets of the industry to come together to help build our workforce. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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foreign direct investment surged, investors who’d bought into emergingmarket stocks were rewarded with much higher returns than were available in the broader market: That trend, which began to falter at the beginning of last year, is now being reversed. In the week ended Nov. 16, a record $6.6 billion flowed out of emerging-market debt, according to data from EPFT Global, halting 18 consecutive weeks of inflows. In the second full week of November, exchange-traded funds that buy emerging-market securities saw withdrawals around the world worth $1.4 billion. While the surging dollar would seem to help emerging markets by boosting their exports, that is more than offset by other negatives, such as rising interest rates that are sucking money out of those economies.

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Trump’s America First protectionist plans may soon add to the pain. He has promised to abandon the tariff-cutting Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement between the U.S. and most Asian nations. He may force changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement that will hurt America’s southern neighbor, Mexico. On the campaign trail, he branded China as a currency manipulator and talked of a 45 percent duty on Chinese imports. Even though he’s toned down that rhetoric, investors are wary.

BaNd Saw BladeS aRe ouR SPecialty Our team is constantly researching and writing articles that are aimed at bringing you one step closer to knowing your band saw machine. We are looking to grow into a community that leaves its mark on the band saw industry, and for that we invite you, our readers to contribute actively for the development Comment! Write! Develop! Critique! Be critiqued! We offer you the opportunity to leave your own mark on the band saw blades industry.

But not all emerging markets are equally vulnerable.Those that can weather a protectionist storm and higher interest rates are those with currentaccount surpluses, including the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia,Taiwan, China and Poland. Their foreign-currency reserves provide the money to fund any outflows of hot money without provoking a collapse in their own currencies. China’s reserves, for example, are down 22 percent from their mid-2014 peak. Emerging Market Winners and Losers After Trump

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By A. Gary Shilling

Donald Trump’s electoral triumph has stoked expectations for a fiscal stimulus that will propel U.S. economic growth and spread to the rest of the world. For emerging markets, though, his presidency ends a long party. For some of them, it’s about time economic reality hit home. For others, the future looks a bit brighter.

The losers are those emerging markets without that crucial buffer -- Brazil, India, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey.They 8:47 PM have current-account deficits, so are importing capital to fill the gaps and have to take stringent measures as foreign money flees. Their foreignexchange reserves tend to be slim, about half the size of those of the first group in relation to gross domestic product. In contrast to the healthier emerging market economies, the deficit countries have currencies that have been falling against the dollar for the past five or six years, spectacularly so in chaotic Argentina. Economic growth among the deficit economies has also been weak except for India, which may in time join the healthy group if Prime Minister Narendra Modi succeeds in curbing corruption, eliminating economy-distorting subsidies and reducing business-retarding regulations. With inefficient economies, slow growth and more entrenched corruption, the deficit economies also have much higher inflation levels than the surplus economies. And, with inflation problems and pressure to support their currencies, all except India have seen central bank rate hikes in recent years, in contrast to rate declines in the healthier group.

Early in this economic recovery, investors leaped into emerging-market stocks and bonds as those economies and markets promised faster growth than in the developed world. There was plenty of money to do so as the Federal Reserve and other central banks flooded the world with liquidity. In 2009 and 2010, those economies grew much faster than the U.S. As A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

54 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

All emerging-market leaders aim, of course, to spur economic growth and curtail foreign capital flight while controlling political and social unrest and avoiding the effects of increased global protectionism. The International Monetary Fund estimates that a surge in global protectionism could reduce global GDP by more than 1.5 percent over the next several years. That would make the job even harder and helps explain why emerging markets are out of favour. But investors would be wise to differentiate between

those nations best able to weather the storm, and those whose participation in the good times was less justified.

Ten Good Pieces of Economic Data From All Around the World by SidVerma

In the euro-area, joblessness fell to 9.8 percent in October from a revised 9.9 percent the month prior, the lowest level since July 2009, fueling hopes that an improving labor market in the single-currency bloc will incent consumer spending in the coming months. In Canada, third-quarter growth surprised to the upside at 3.5 percent. The best quarterly growth rate in two years was driven by household spending on services.

U.S. jobs report. The data is expected to highlight a robust labor market that will pave the way for the Federal Reserve to hike rates this month. According to a Bloomberg survey, employers are expected to have added 180,000 workers, compared with 161,000 in October, and the unemployment rate will hold at an eight-year low of 4.9 percent. If these predictions come to pass, it will cap off a good week for the global economy, just as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to usher in a new regime for global financial markets,

In South Korea, exports rose 2.7 percent year-on-year in November, after a 3.2 percent decline in October. That figure underscores resilient global demand and bolsters the case that external aggregate demand, a weaker yuan, and strong consumer spending in the U.S. will all buoy Chinese exports in the coming months, given the correlation between Asia’s integrated supply chains.

China’s manufacturing purchasing managers index rose to 51.7 in November, above market expectations. The index, which is the official gauge of factory output in Asia’s largest economy, matched a post-2012 high, driven by monetary and fiscal stimulus.

In Japan, corporate profits have rebounded by over 11 percent year-onyear, underscoring “a broad pattern around the world (U.S., China, other countries as well) that has seen the ‘earnings recession’ driven by higher dollar and lower oil/commodities start to roll off without an economic recession,” according to a note by Bespoke Investment Group.

Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded in November at the fastest pace in five months, underscoring the healthy outlook for domestic consumer demand. Sentiment among U.S. consumers has held close to the highest level of the year, a boon for spending prospects, according to the weekly Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index.

What’s more, soft manufacturing data this week highlighted a broad-based positive story. As Bespoke points out, PMI readings by IHS Markit for Austria, the Netherlands, and Russia are both at the highest levels since the financial crisis. Meanwhile, purchasing managers indexes for Spain, Italy, France, and Germany are slowly, though, unevenly improving. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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S.L. Fusco San Leandro_____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City_____ 619-477-7733 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._763-682--3122 Western Sintering________ 509-375-3096 Vises & Vise Jaws RyansDovetails.com_______ 253-876-9981 Workholding Applications Specialities_____ 253-872-0305 Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 MESCO_______________626-303-5680 APPRENTICESHIPS & TRAINING Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships AJAC_______________ 206-737-8342 Machining Apprenticeships AJAC_______________ 206-737-8342 Precision Metal Fabrication Apprenticeships AJAC_______________ 206-737-8342 Training & Education AJAC_______________ 206-737-8342 BANKING Quick Turn Financial______ 415-608-5692 Pacific Continental Bank____ 503-310-3604 U.S. Bank Equipment______ 800-810-0038 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Vision 33 _______ 303-937-6543 Ext. 353 CAD TRAINING CNC PROGRAMING TRAINING

VIision 33____________ 206-456-5185 Business Management Software Solutions VIision 33____________ 206-456-5185 FINANCING Pacific Continental Bank____ 503-310-3604 U.S. Bank Equipment______ 800-810-0038 FORK LIFTS Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 GARNET GMA Garnet Group _______832-243-9300 GRINDING Custom Machines Campbell Grinders Co._____480-370-3800 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Sharp Machine Tool_310-944-8016 Grinding Filtration S.L. Fusco San Leandro_____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City_____ 619-477-7733 Grinding Machines Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 CNC Machine Services______ 425-788-4500 DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Gosiger______________937-586-5067 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Performance Machine Tools____510-249-1000 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders DISIGN FOR MANUFACTURABILITY Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 3-D Plastics, Inc._________ 503-720-0572 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 DOOR SYSTEMS Aircraft brake rotor Automatic Door opening Systems DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420

Grinders, Rotary


CNC Machine Services______ 425-788-4500

58 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Punch & Die DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 INSPECTION EQUIP King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 206-818-6813 S.L. Fusco San Leandro_____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez____ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City_____ 619-477-7733 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 3D CAD for CMM Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 CMM Probes Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056

Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Laser Trackers Metrology Instruments Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Optical Comparators Perceptron____________ 734-414-6100 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056

Al Statz - M&AMI,ASA,CBA

Carlos R. Lugo Sales Manager

Exit Strategies Group, Inc.

Business Sales, M&A and Valuation Services

531 E Washington Street Petaluma, California 94952 707. 7 78 .204 0 707. 292. 275 0 cell 707. 2 38 .1415 fax

CA I D# 01338013

Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Particle Inspection Mach DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 INSURANCE Business Insurance Solutions Sentry Insurance________ 877-373-6879 MACHINERY/MACHINE TOOLS Boring Mills Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Bridgeport Parts Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 CNC Controls & Retro Fits Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 CNC Lathes Chevalier USA__________ 562-903-1929 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Gosiger_____________ 937-586-5067 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Romi Machine Tools, Ltd_____ 480-510-4146 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Santa Cruz Electronics______ 831-479-5444 Selway Machine Tool_______503-314-3165 Selway Machine Tool______ 425-931-1680 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Summit Machine Tool______ 800-654-3262 3 , 4, & 5 Axis CNC Mills Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc_303-990-6190

FAB-LINE M ACHINERY, LLC Robert Herling West Coast Regional

1-866-466-8298 Sales Manager OFFICE 630-587-0505 CELL 206-972-6215 1900 EAST TYLER ROAD E-MAIL BUILDING 800 ST. CHARLES, IL 60174 USA



1222 S. Weller St. Seattle, WA 98144

Doug Banks Sales Manager


Cell: 503-351-8692

(206) 583-2333 Fax (206) 583-0698 Cell (206) 898-6900

Office: 800.523.2549 Fax: 503.620.1911 17605 SW 65th Ave. Lake Oswego, Or. 97035

Bixby Machine Tool Supply___509-534-1208 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Gosiger_____________ 937-586-5067 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 EDM Automation LMI Machinery Inc._______ 866-437-7315 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 ONA EDM USA ________ 602-328-0881 EDM Die Sinking Machines North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Romi Machine Tools, Ltd____ 480-510-4146 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Santa Cruz Electronics______831-479-5444 ONA EDM USA ________ 602-328-0881 Selway Machine Tool______ 503-314-3165 EDM Filtration Selway Machine Tool______ 425-931-1680 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 CNC 3 & 5 Axis Routing Machines EDM Machines Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Current EDM, Inc. _________612-840-0037 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Gosiger_____________ 937-586-5067 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 LMI Machinery Inc.________866-437-7315 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 EDM Drilling & Micro Hole Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Machines North-South Machinery______253-333-2439 CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Current EDM, Inc. _________612-840-0037 Custom Design/Build Machines Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Lambie Engineering________509-868-3100 EDM Service Dot Peen Markers EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Kwik Mark Inc__________ 815-363-8268

Since 1922

ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Brandon Anderson

Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. MOBILE: 612.251.0868 E-MAIL:

DIRECT: 763.682.0322 PHONE: 763.682.3122 FAX: 763.682.3954

1008 First Street NE - PO Box 699 - Buffalo, MN 55313 USA Made in Italy

Driven Tooling for the Machine Tool Industry

Made in Italy

ONA EDM USA ________ 602-328-0881 EDM Tooling Systems

Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782

Global EDM Supply_______ 800-676-7336 Equipment Financing

Pacific Continental Bank____ 503-310-3604 Scottrade Bank Equip. Finance__206-948-0022 U.S. Bank Equipment______ 800-810-0038 Gantry & Bridge Systems Ellison Technologies________206-669-3578

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines (CNC )

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Jig Boring

Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Lathes Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Desert EDM____________ 480-816-6300

King Machine Inc._________ 509-435-6741 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439

Summit Machine Tool______ 800-654-3262 Manual Mills And Lathes Exclusive provider of OKUMA

Michael Garver Sales Manager

GOSIGER NORTHWEST 21911 68TH Ave South Kent, WA 98032 T 253.826.3921 C 253.508.4771 E


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We Buy & Resell CNC, Plastics and Sheet Metal Machinery


James Peterson

Regional Service Technician

11600 Adie Road Maryland Heights, MO 63043 main: 314.692.8388 x3927 cell: 951.440.1574 fax: 314.692.5152

A2Z Mtlwkr WEST Coast BC ad.indd 1 | 800.922.1674 AUCTIONS | APPRAISALS | LIQUIDATIONS

8/10/2014 4:20:05 PM

Kwik Mark Inc

United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292

Dot Peen Marking Systems

Metals: Bar & Plate Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665 Kwik Mark Inc 4071 Albany Street McHenry IL 60050

Phone 815 363 8268 Fax 815 363 8089

Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601

Aluminum Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Coast Aluminum_ _ _______ 877-398-6061 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016

Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052

Summit Machine Tool______ 800-654-3262 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Cobalt Alloys Swift Tool Co, Inc.________800-562-0900 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 Aerodyne Alloys_________ 800-337-3766 Gosiger______________937-586-5067 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Sawing Machines Copper Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 Sunshine Metals_________ 760-579-8327 Bralco______________602-722-3324 Parts Washing

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232

Aluminum Extrusions Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Aluminum Precision_______ 805-889-7569 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Armor:Commercial North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601

Sequoia Brass & Copper___ 800-362-5255 Sunshine Metals_________760-579-8327 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Nickel Alloys Aerodyne Alloys_________800-337-3766 Fry Steel_____________800-423-6651 Marzee Inc.___________602-269-5801 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Plate: Wear and Structural Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883 Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Precision Ground Flat DIX Metals____________714-677-0788

Performance Machine Tools___ 510-249-1000 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Sequoia Brass & Copper____800-362-5255 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Service Steel___________ 503-224-9500 Electrical Steels

Sheet & Coil Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601

Rosco Precision Machinery___ 206-818-6813

Stainless Steel & Steel Aerodyne Alloys________ 800-337-3766

Armor: Military Grade

Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883

Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651

Saw Replacement Parts High Temperature Alloys CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Service Steel___________ 503-224-9500 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Brass Laser Cut Material SawBlade.com__________800--240-2932 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Saws Lead Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____503-620-9031 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Machine Ready Blanks Sub Spindle Lathes Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Turning Centers

Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Material Sales Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061

CNC-PROS____________ 602-344-9753 Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 DIX Metals____________ 714-677-0788 Bronze Used Wire EDM Machines Current EDM, Inc. _________612-840-0037 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Desert EDM___________ 480-816-6300 Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782


DIX Metals____________714-677-0788

Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665 Gorilla Metals Inc._______ 855-516-3825 Industrial Metal Supply Co.__ 818-729-3333 Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883 Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Ryerson Corporation_____ 425-204-2601 United Performance Metals_ _888-282-3292 Titanium Rod, Bar, & Wire Aerodyne Alloys________ 800-337-3766 Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324

Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311

Tool Steel DIX Metals____________714-677-0788

Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Sunshine Metals_________ 760-579-8327

Industrial Metal Supply Co.__ 818-729-3333

Carbon Steel

Business insurance solutions for the precision manufacturing industry 1-877-373-6879


Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324

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Delivering Alloy Solutions Worldwide Patty Negoro (800)337-3766 ext. 148



11:48:58 AM




Phone: (360)366-5239 Email: Web:

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352

Sales Manager

 Serve your pallet, crate & lumber needs  Heat-Treat (HT) for export shipment

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

O’Neal High-Performance Metals

Delivering Alloy Solutions Worldwide


Bill Voden (800)337‐3766 ext. 152



Y PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 E-Mail: suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM Tel: 989-799-4550 800-248-8315 Fax: 989-792-3335 Cell: 303-478-3497


Regional Sales Manager

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

Jeff Bridgett

For No. CA, OR, and WA publication Northwest Edition Nickel Cobalt Titanium Stainless

Tool Company Inc.

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 121 Perry St. • Saginaw, MI 48602

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM






Cold Saws/Saws Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.__ _503-620-9031 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____ 800-952-0151 Hydmech8300Sawing Solutions___ 714-620-5560 San Fernando road 8300 San Fernando road Power Tools Sun Valley, Ca 91352

Sun Valley, Ca 91352

Hardware Insertion Icon Machine Tool, Inc. ______360-434-8844 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR____503-887-1003 Tooling Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Iron Workers Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Presses NEW MACHINERY Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 Welding Equipment FABRICATION Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Press Brakes Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Bixby Machine Tool Supply___ 509-534-1208 Jorgensen Machine Tools____ 800-952-0151 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 PALLET SYSTEMS Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 8300 San Fernando road 8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 Sun Valley, Ca 91352 Laser Cutting Machines Fab Line Machinery_______ 206-972-6215 Manual & Automatic Gladwin Machinery_______ 360-448-0951 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Gladwin Machinery________ 360-448-0951 Pallet Systems Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Gladwin Machinery_______ 360-448-0951 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. ______360-434-8844 Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____800-952-0151 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR____503-887-1003 Manual Lift Off Pallet North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 North-South Machinery_____ 253-333-2439 North-South Machinery______ 253-333-2439 Systems Band & Cut Off Saws Magnetic Drills/Cutters Punches Midaco Corporation______ 847-593-8420 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-903 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems Hydmech Sawing Solutions____714-620-5560 Material Handling Systems Gladwin Machinery________ 360-448-0951 Midaco Corporation______ 847-593-8420 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Hydmech Sawing Solutions___ 714-620-5560 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. ______360-434-8844 Shipping Solutions Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 Metal Marking Systems Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR____503-887-1003 Perry Pallet Co.________ 360-366-5239 Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 Kwik Mark Inc__________ 815-363-8268 Rolling Machines Wood Pallets North-South Machinery______253-333-2439 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Perry Pallet Co.________ 360-366-5239 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Notchers Shearing Machines PRECISION TOOLHOLDING Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Fab - Line Machinery_______ 206-972-6215 PRODUCTS CNC Turret Punches Plasma/Gas Cutting Tools/Systems Tooling Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Muratec_____________ 949-466-8255 Fab - Line Machinery______ 206-972-6215 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. ______360-434-8844 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._763-682--3122 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Drill Lines Tooling Systems North-South Machinery______ 253-333-2439 Plate Bending & Rolls Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._763-682--3122 Sign & Graphic Cutting Solutions Perceptron____________ 714-595-6040


MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

Don Klein - Vice President 415.491.4456 direct 415.902.5302 cellular

Stacy Bohms - Relationship Manager 503.603.2745 direct


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Global Leader in Garnet Abrasives

Andy Wells n

Regional Sales Manager

B A R T O N I NTERNATIONAL sales: 800.741.7756 cell: 253.988.5934 email: web:

PRODUCTIVITY Productivity Tools and Systems

Alliance Packaging_______ 206-445-5898- GMN USA LLC___________ 800-686-1679 Barton International_______800-741-7756 Engineering/Mechanical Design Setco _______________ 714-222-6523 GMA Garnet Group ________832-243-9300

Scout Systems_ _________253-329-2460 Sherpa Design__________503-771-3570

TRAINING Facility Expansion/ Six Sigma Training PROG. SYSTEMS New Construction Sustaining Edge Solutions_____888-572-9642 Factory Automation/Logistics Campbell Corp__________800-997-9996 ISO Consulting/Registration North-South Machinery______253-333-2439 Financial Services Great Western Registrar______ 623-580-1881 CAD/CAM Software, CAD Intech Funding_________ 800-553-9208 Lean Consulting Training Applied CAx___________ 503-962-0287 Campbell Corp__________ 800-997-9996 Automatics & Machinery Co.__303-990-6190 Quick Turn Financial_______415-608-5692 Delcam Software________ 877-DELCAM1 U.S. Bank Equipment______ 206-948-0022 Lambie Engineering________ 509-868-3100 Lean Engineering MRP Software Campbell Corp_ _________ 800-997-9996 SigmaTEK____________ 513-595-2022 Machine Tool Rebuilding ISO / AS9100 Certification EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Nesting Software BMSC_______________ 602-445-9400 SigmaNEST___________ 513-595-2022 Management Systems Training Sustaining Edge Solutions_____888-572-9642 Software, Solid Modeling BMSC_______________ 602-445-9400 Productivity Training Delcam Software________ 877-DELCAM1 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Scout Systems___________253-329-2460 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY Supply Chain Assessments Santa Cruz Electronics______ 831-479-5444 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 USED MACHINERY REPAIR EDM Network_ __________480-836-1782 SOFTWARE CAD CAM CNC-PROS____________ 602-344-9753 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____ 800-952-0151 Machining Bar Feeder Repair Applied CAx___________ 503-962-0287 K.D. Capital Equipt________ 480-922-1674 Edge Technologies_______ 562-243-4659 Cimatron________248-596-9700 ext. 237 North Western Machinery_____ 206-583-2333 Delcam______________877-335-2261 Performance Machine Tools ___ 510-760-9518 ROBOTICS Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Solid Products__________ 480-206-0330 ZACHMAN MachineRY INC. ____ 602-908-3447 LMI Machinery Inc._______ 866-437-7315 WATERJET CUTTING Mechanical Design Fahey Machinery Co., Inc._____ 503-620-9031 Cimatron________248-596-9700 ext. 237 Robotic Part Loading Systems Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 Delcam______________877-335-2261 Flow International_________ 909-620-5707 Sherpa Design__________503-771-3570 King Machine Inc._________ 509-435-6741 ROUTERS Post-Processor Software Machine Toolworks________ 800-426-2052 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Sherpa Design__________503-771-3570 Waterjet & Blast Abrasives, SAFETY Garnetentury SPINDLES & SLIDES Fire Protection Systems Barton International_______800-741-7756 Spindle Rebuilding/Repair Rotarex North America_____ 480-689-8756 C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.__ 503-691-0955 GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 SAWS Waterjet Bricks GMN USA LLC__________ 800-686-1679 Band & Cut-Off Saws Setco ______________ 714-222-6523 Barton International_______ 800-741-7756 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 GMA Garnet Group ________ 832-243-9300 Spindle Sales New SERVICES C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.__ 503-691-0955 Waterjet Hoppers AS9100 Registration Great Western Registrar_____ 623-580-1881 Business Appraisal Exit Strategies Group______ 707-292-2750 Custom Packaging/Shipping Supplies

62• 62 • FEB •D / MAR EC 2016 2016/ JAN 2017


Waterjet Replacement Parts Barton International_______800-741-7756 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337

EDM Performance________ 800-336-2946 GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 WOOD PRODUCTS

Perry Pallet Co._________360-366-5239 WELD CLEANING SYSTEMS

Capital Weld Cleaners______ 480-967-0016

The Buyers Guide Reaches Over 14,000 Decision Makers In The West Coast Region WA, OR, & CA! What you get: FREE PR and 6 Categories with your company name and Phone # Only $260 For A Full Year! Call Now For More Information!


Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes JEFF TOMSON

CELL: 360.202.7342

P.O. Box 80505


7600 5th Ave. S. • Seattle. WA 98108


Fax 206.763.8709

The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon

3D TOOLS 3D Printing Proto & Production NW Rapid Mfg.__________ 503-434-8557 Ultimate 3D____________503-848-8227 3D Scanning NW Rapid Mfg.__________ 503-434-8557 Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Ultimate 3D____________503-848-8227 Tube and Pipe Bending SLS (Selctive Laser Sintering) Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Ultimate 3D____________503-848-8227 BRAZING ASSEMBLIES dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 PLASTEEL_____________ 480-491-8100 Precision Casting Repair______801-972-2345 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 BENDING

CABLE ASSEMBLIES Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 CASTING AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Investment Casting-Precision AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Tool & Dies Dolphin Investment Castings___ 602-272-6747 Micropulse West Inc.________480-966-2300 Plastic Injection Molding_____509-531-2634 CHEMICAL ETCHING DEBURRING PMA Photometals_________480-773-3239 Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 CUSTOM CREFORM ASSY. EDGING PLASTEEL_____________ 480-491-8100 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 CUTTING EDM Bar & Plate Cutting EDM: Dialectric Systems AZ Tool Steel____________877-795-1600 /Filtration

Brazing: Dip Mandrel Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 Bending Solutions, Inc.______360-651-2443 Brazing: Vacuum SW Waterjet & Laser________480-306-7748 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 DIE CASTING BROACHING Speciality Bending SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 Ponderosa Ind____ _______303-298-1801 DIES Specialty Steel Services______801-539-8252 Structrual Bending

Ebbco Inc_____________ 586-716-5151 EDM: Drilling Small Hole Layke Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 Stevens Tool & Die_________503-682-3185




    

Abrasives/Superabrasives Cutting Tools Indexable Tooling Precision Measuring Tools Workholding

1237 S. Shamrock Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 Ph: (626) 303-5680 Fax: (626) 303-1752

Providing metal working solutions since 1990!

Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________206-762-2117 Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 SMH Inc LLC___________ 360-341-2226 Valley Machine Shop, Inc.____ 425-207-5951 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 EDM: Wire QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117 Fabrication: Custom Metal Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 Solid Form Fabrication______ 503-435-1400 Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 Group Mfg Serv_________ 480-966-3952 Tube & Pipe Bending Fabrication Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 PlaSteel_____________ 480-491-8100 Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Stevens Tool & Die_________503-682-3185 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________206-762-2117 EZ-ACCESS_____________ 800-258-8503 ELECTRO MECHANICAL SMH Inc LLC___________ 360-341-2226 FINISHING Sub-Assembly Builds Valley Machine Shop, Inc.____ 425-207-5951 Arizona Finishing_________ 602-438-4443 Cascade Systems Technology___503-640-5733 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 ENGINEERING/DESIGN Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Cascade Systems Technology___503-640-5733 Forming & Fabrication Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Hexatron Engineering_______801-363-8010 Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386 Lambie Engineering________509-868-3100 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 Galvanizing: Hot Dip FABRICATION EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 TMM Precision __________ 800-448-9448 Architectural Forming & Fabrication Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Glass Bead Clean Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Medium & Large Byington Steel Treating, Inc.____ 408-727-6630 Fabrication: Sheet Metal AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 AEI Fabrication__________480-733-6594 Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 CLS Fabrication Inc_______ 800-426-0721 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Liquid Painting Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 CLS Fabrication Inc________800-426-0721 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740

Gold Tech Industries_______ 480-968-1930 Polishing Arizona Hard Chrome______ 602-278-8671 Powder Coating Aero Tech MFG__________ 801-891-2740 CLS Fabrication Inc_______ 800-426-0721 Sandblasting Byington Steel Treating, Inc.___ 408-727-6630 Silk Screening Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 FIXTURING Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386 GASKETS 3-D Plastics, Inc._________ 503-720-0572 GRINDING AZ Tool Steel___________ 877-795-1600 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966 ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ Industrial Precision Grinding__ MESCO______________ Mountain View Machine_____ EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Group Mfg Serv_________ 480-966-3952 MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 Ron Grob Co___________ Passivation Gillaspie MFG___________360-921-3973 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Sun Grinding__________ NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Coating Technologies______ _623-581-2648 Superior Grinding________


• 64 •DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

503-240-0878 310-352-4700 626-303-5680 435-755-0500 970-667-5320 602-238-9595 801-487-9700

Shawn Carlin


Grinding: Surface Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966

Employee Owned

Grinding, Blanchard AZ Tool Steel___________ 877-795-1600 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966

Grinding: Tool & Cutter Superior Grinding_________888-487-9701

Swift Tool Co, Inc.________800-562-0900

Electronics Contract Manufacturing

Director of Business Development

Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 Superior Grinding________ 801-487-9700 TCI Precision Metals_______ 800-234-5613

cascade systems technology

Steve Daniel

ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175

TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613

Cell: 971.330.8054 23176 NW Bennett St. Hillsboro, OR 97124

ISO 13485:2003 Certified ISO 9001:2008 Cer tified UL-796 Certified ITAR Registered

Thermal-Vac Technology______714-997-2601 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/Aluminum Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Central Valley Machine______435-752-0934

GUN DRILLING MET-TEK Heat Treating_______503-519-9864 Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Faustson______________303-420-7422 HONING Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 HEAT TREATING Grovtec US, Inc. __________503-557-4689 MESCO______________ 626-303-5680 Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 Byington Steel Treating_____408-727-6630 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____425-207-5951 Howard Precision Machine____ 801-619-9850 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Controlled Thermal Tech_____602-272-3714 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700 HYDRAULIC REPAIR Superior Grinding________ 801-487-9700 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Arizona Hard Chrome_______602-278-8671 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 MESCO_______________626-303-5680 MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864 INJECTION MOLDS Grinding, Centerless Phoenix Heat Treating______602-258-7751 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 NW Metalcraft Industries_____888-280-7080 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966 PlaSteel______________ 480-491-8100 INJECTION MOLDING Thermal-Vac Technology_____714-997-2601 Ron Grob Co___________ 970-667-5320 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 Cryogenics Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 LASER CUTTING Phoenix Heat Treating______ 602-258-7751 Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 Grinding, Double Disc CLS Fabrication Inc________800-426-0721 Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Byington Steel TreatSunshine Metals__________714-225-4972 Industrial Precision Grinding__ 310-352-4700 ing______408-727-6630 SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 Treske Precision Machining ____503-625-2821 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Phoenix Heat TreatTVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 TCI Precision Metals________800-234-5613 ing_______602-258-7751 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Grinding: OD Thermal-Vac TechnoloWrico______________ 480-892-7800 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 Arizona Hard Chrome_______602-278-8671 gy______714-997-2601 Laser Cutting: 3D Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.__ 805-583-9966 Heat Treating/Aerospace SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 Diversified Metal Services____ 801-972-6093

Precision Tech__________ 801-285-7288 Ron Grob Co___________ 970-667-5320 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 801-487-9700

Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630

LEVELING United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292

Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751

Machining: 5-Axis Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117

MACHINING Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644

Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Clings Aerospace_________480-968-1778


• 65 • OCT / NOV


65 65 DEC•2016 FEB // JAN MAR2017 2016


Scott FerguSon

Marketing & Sales Manager


Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__ 360-735-3763 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Western Precision Products, Inc.__ 503-786-8923

Founder / CEO


480.733.6594 480.733.6596 1113 W. Birchwood Avenue Mesa, Arizona 85210 (503) 625.2821

treSke.coM ISO 9001:2008 | AS9100C (2013) | ITAR

Machining: Aerospace AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. ______ 661-294-0644 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115

Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs._ 360-735-3763 Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Machining: Large Central Valley Machine______435-752-0934 dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 Faustson_ _ ____________303-420-7422 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Newport Tool.___________ 801-295-7411 Industrial Machine Svcs______503-240-0878 Flex-Pro Manufacturing._____ 623-466-6866 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 dtiEXACT______________ 360-866-1337 PlaSteel______________ 480-491-8100 Gillaspie MFG___________360-921-3973 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Layke Inc._____________602-272-2654 Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 Industrial Machine Svcs______503-240-0878 Machining: Medical Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Savage Machining Inc.______ 805-584-8047 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Layke Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Micropulse West, Inc.______ 480-966-2300 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Western Precision Products, Inc.__ 503-786-8923 Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923 Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386 Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 Machining: Ceramics Advanced Machining: Production Machining: CNC Milling O’Keefe Ceramics_________ 719-687-0888 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. ______661-294-0644 Savage Machining Inc.______805-584-8047 Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Machining: Horizontal Boring Strom Manufacturing_______503-447-1021 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Sunshine Metals__________714-225-4972 Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Machining: Proto-R & D Al Hirth Machining, Inc. __ 661-294-0644 Alpha Cascade Engineering Tech ____503-266-1300 Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__360-735-3763 Precision Machining, Inc. _____ 253-395-7381 Central Valley Machine_____ 435-752-0934 Treske Precision Machining ____503-625-2821 dtiEXACT______________ 360-866-1337

66• •66 FEB / MAR 2016/ JAN 2017 •D EC 2016



• 66 • OCT / NOV



a MISUMI Group Company

Kevin Benson Die Components Marketing Director

39830 Grand River Ave. Suite B2 Novi, MI 48375

DAYTON Lamina Corporation a MISUMI Group Company

Phone: (248) 489-9122 Cell: (708) 203-6684 Email:

Layke Inc._____________602-272-2654 NW Metalcraft Industries_____888-280-7080 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 Savage Machining Inc.______ 805-584-8047 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226

Flex-Pro Manufacturing._____ 623-466-6866 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850

Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 TVT Die Casting__________800-280-2278 Western Precision Products, Inc.__503-786-8923

Molds: Fast Turn Prototype and Bridge Molds Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144

Industrial Manufacturing Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Molds: Expertise in Overmold and Turnkey Product Services Insert Molding Strom Manufacturing_______503-447-1021 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__360-735-3763 PC BOARDS Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Custom Airplane to Marine Polishing Surface Mount & Thru Hole Western Precision Products, Inc.__ 503-786-8923 Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294 Cascade Systems Technology___ 971-330-8054 Personal Collectables Polishing Machining: Ultra Precision PLASTIC MACHINING Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing__503-557-9407 Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294

Larkin Precision Machine____ 831-438-2700 Newport Tool.___________801-295-7411 PlaSteel_____________ 480-491-8100 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Production Polishing Strom Manufacturing______ 503-447-1021 Machining: Turning With Live Tooling Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 Metal Polishing By Timothy____503-253-5294 METALIZING Western Precision Products, Inc._ 503-786-8923 Machining: Turning Large Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 Machining: Shaft Turning METROLOGY Machinists Inc.__________ 360-202-7342 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Machining: Swiss Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________928-636-2115

Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144


Part Probing & Inspection Blum Novotest __________ 909-670-8411

PlaSteel______________ 480-491-8100 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700

PLASTIC MOLDING 3-D Plastics, Inc.__________503-720-0572 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226

Contract Manufacturing AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Production Metrology AEI Fabrication__________480-733-6594 Blum Novotest __________ 909-670-8411 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Tool Measurement Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Blum Novotest __________ 909-670-8411 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Tool Breakage Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Cascade Systems Technology___971-330-8054 Blum Novotest __________ 909-670-8411

Mold Making 3-D Plastics, Inc.__________503-720-0572

CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 MOLDING: RUBBER Machining: Turning Columbia Manufacturing Svcs.__ 360-735-3763 Molds: Plastic Injection Al Hirth Machining, Inc. _____ 661-294-0644 dtiEXACT______________360-866-1337 Plastic Injection Molding_____509-531-2634 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________928-636-2115 G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 MOLDS dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 Aero Tech MFG__________ 801-891-2740 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 Larkin Precision Machine_____831-438-2700 Advanced Mold Technology___ 714-990-0144 Flex-Pro Manufacturing._____ 623-466-6866 NW Metalcraft Industries_____888-280-7080 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Rickard Engineering _______866-845-8838 Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634

Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387

dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 Grovtec US, Inc. _________ 503-557-4689 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850

Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Ron Grob Co___________ 970-667-5320 Teton Machine _________ 208-642-9344 Western Precision Products, Inc._ 503-786-8923

Larkin Precision Machine____ 831-438-2700 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344

Molds: High Volume Class 100

Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 PLATING ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 Anodizing ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Bright Tin Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271 Chem Film

Passivation, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Hard Chrome, Silver, & Tin Plating. 206-947-4052 67 • 67 • D• EC OCT 2016 / NOV / JAN 2016 2017


TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 PUNCHING Silver Plating AEI Fabrication__________ 480-733-6594 Gold Tech Industries_______ 480-968-1930 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-772-0387 EPSI________________714-519-9423 Group Manufacturing Serv____ 480-966-3952 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271

ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052

Savon Plating, Inc________ 602-252-4311 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Precious Metal Plating Co._____800-481-6271 RECYCLING MATERIALS Savon Plating, Inc_________602-252-4311 Chrome/Nickel/Palladium Gold Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Plastics, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin Tin Plating Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 EPSI_______________ 714-519-9423 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Precious Metal Plating Co._ _ ___800-481-6271 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-772-0387 Metro Metals Northwest _____ 503-819-1284 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Bin Service Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Coating Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Hard Chrome Coating: Black Oxide Arizona Hard Chrome______ 602-278-8671 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 Coating: Dry Film Lube

NAD CAP & Boeing Approved Processes Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Nickel-Bright Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos.

Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648

Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries_______ 480-968-1930 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-772-0387 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 Precious Metal Plating Co.____ 800-481-6271 Copper Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Tin / Zinc Plate Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 TFC Plating____________ 503-771-0969 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 EPSI_______________ 714-519-9423


ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410 TFC Plating____________ 503-771-0969

Savon Plating, Inc________ 602-252-4311

TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Embrittlement Relief Passivation EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311 ASKO Group___________ 206-947-4052 Leadtek Plating_________ 503-682-4410

Electroless Nickel

TFC Plating___________ 503-771-0969 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Excess Material Handling PLASMA CUTTING Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 Full Service Scrap Management PRECISION FORMING Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Scrap Metal Prrocessing Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 Calbag Metals Company _____ 253-283-8657 Pacific Tool, Inc_________ 425-882-1970 Waste Metal Management QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Calbag Metals Company _____253-283-8657 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 Wood Products Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Perry Pallet Co.__________360-366-5239 PROCESSING: METAL REPAIR Acid Pickle CNC-PROS_____________ 602-344-9753 MPI International________ 956-631-6880 ROLLING Chemical Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 LA Specialties___________602-269-7612 SANDBLASTING MPI International________ 956-631-6880 Byington Steel Treating, Inc.____ 408-727-6630 Plating Alodine MPI International________ 956-631-6880

SEWING Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689 MPI International________ 956-631-6880 SHEARING PROTOTYPES United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Cascade Systems Technology__ 503-640-5733 SIGNAGE & DISPLAYS NW Rapid Mfg._________ 503-434-8557 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098 Phosphate

Nick Hochuli Sales Engineer

Cell: 937/503-4708 Office: 937/885-1878 E-mail: Wohlhaupter Corporation 10542 Success Lane Centerville, Ohio 45458

• 68 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017 68 • OCT / NOV 2016


Production Sawing Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966


SILICONE 3-D Plastics, Inc._________ 503-720-0572 SINTERING Western Sintering________ 509-375-3096 SLITTING United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 SOFTWARE Machining Delcam______________877-335-2261 Mechanical Design Delcam______________877-335-2261 SPINNING Evans Precision__________623-582-4776 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services_____ 801-539-8252 SPRINGS Ace Wire & Spring Form______412-458-4830 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 SPRINGS: CUSTOM Extension/Compression/ Coil Ace Wire & Spring Form______412-458-4830 STAMPING PRECISION AEI Fabrication_________ 480-733-6594 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113

Stamping:Design SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 Stamping:Flat Forming

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Lambie Engineering______509-868-3100

Evans Precision__________623-582-4776

Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 Newport Tool.__________ 801-295-7411 Real Axis Machining_______ 360-723-5386

Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Welding: MIG-TIG


G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069

CUTTING FAB Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628 Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443

Evans Precision__________623-582-4776

Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 WATERJET CUTTING Stamping: Light Accutech Machine Inc_______801-975-1117 Gillaspie MFG__________ 360-921-3973 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 NW Metalcraft Industries____ 888-280-7080 dtiEXACT_____________ 360-866-1337 SpringWorks Utah_________801-298-0113 Marzee Inc.___________ 602-269-5801 Stamping: Production/ Milco Waterjet__________ 714-373-0098 Precision Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038 SW Waterjet & Laser_______ 480-306-7748 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Cascade Systems Technology__ 503-640-5733 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Columbia Manufacturing Svcs._ 360-735-3763 Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 TESTING Micro-Machining Testing: Corrosion, Product Stress, Rickard Engineering ______ 866-845-8838 THERMAL SPRAY WELDING Controlled Thermal Tech ____ 602-272-3714 Custom Metal Fabrication____ 503-788-5701 TOOL & DIE DESIGN G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 Newport Tool.___________801-295-7411 Evans Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 TOOL Cutting & Grinding Mountain View Machine_____ 435-755-0500 Powerhaus Precision______ 480-225-8845 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Weld Metal Works________ 503-788-5701 TOOLING Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 NADCAP Welding

EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503

EZ-ACCESS____________ 800-258-8503 Industrial Machine Svcs_____ 503-240-0878 WIRE FORMING Ace Wire & Spring Form______412-458-4830 Evans Precision__________623-582-4776

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Clings Aerospace________ 480-968-1778 Robotic Welding Bending Solutions, Inc._____ 360-651-2443 Welding: Precision G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069 A2MANUFACTURING Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST A 2Z WEST COAST •

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Flow, 56 Foresight Finishing...66 Fry Steel...58 Fullerton Tool...34,61 Gartman Technical...52 Gillaspie...66 Global EDM Supply...57 GMA Garnet Group...22,59 GMN...27,58 Gold Tech...33,65 Gorilla Metals Inc...18,58 Gosiger...58,59 Group Manufacturing...64 Grovtec...12,63 Hangsterfers...56,58 Helical...59 Horizon Carbide...58 Howard Precision Mach. Prod...10,68 Hurco...23 i3D...46 Icon Machine Tools, Inc....57 Industrial Machine Services...66 Industrial Metal Supply Co....14,61 Industrial Precision Grinding...68 KD Capital...60 King Machine...61 Kloeckner Metals-Temtco...31,57 Lambie Engineering...59 Larkin Precision...67 Layke Inc...66 Layke Tactical...66 Leadtek...68 Machinists Inc....37,63 Mario Pinto...59 Mazak...45 MESCO...65 MET-TEK Inc...64 Methods Machine Tools Inc...57 Metro Metals Northwest, Inc...66 Micropulse West...65 Midaco Corporation...58 Milco...68 Mountain View Machining...65 Newport Tool...69 North-South Machinery...15,56 Northwestern Machinery...59 NW Machine Tool Expo...2 Okeefe Ceramics...10, 63 ONA EDM USA...61 Optical Gaging Products Inc...59 Pacific Swiss...14,69 Pacific Continental Bank...30,61 Perceptron...61 Performance Machine Tools...8,60 Perry Pallet...61 Pesznecker Bros...1,28-29 Phoenix Heat Treat...65 Pinnacle Precision...65 PLASTEEL...63 Plastic Injection Molding...64 Portland Precision...66

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Precious Metals Plating...42,69 Precision Die & Stamping...64 QUAL-FAB, Inc....63 Real Axis Machining...66 Rickard Engineering...63 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...61 Roentgen USA...57 Rolled Alloys...19 Romi Machine Tools...60 Ron Grob...22,64 Rosco Precision Machinery...23,56 Rotarex...62 Royal products...40,57 Ryerson...5,56 S.L. Fusco...71 Santa Cruz Electronics...25 Sav-On Plating...55,69 Savage Machine...27,63 Saw Scotttrade Bank Equip Finance...61 Selway Machine Tool Co...56,58 Sentry Insurance...60 Sequoia Brass & Copper...62 Setco Spindles & Slides...61 SigmaTEK...60 SMH Inc LLC...48,63 Southwest Turbine...42 Specialty Steel...64 Spring Works Utah...64 Star Metal Fluids...57 Steel Services Grinding...65 Strom Manufacturing...63 Summit Machine Tool...44,56 Sun Grinding...64 Superior Grinding...26,63 Sustaining Edge...59 Swift Tool...16,47,49,57,60 Teton...66 TFC Plating...65 Thermal-Vac...66 Tool Technology...61 Tormach...25 Treske...20,66 Trusty Cook...13,56 TVT Die Casting...50,51,63 Ultimate 3D...64 UNIST...3 US Bank Equipment ...61 US Shop Tools...41,60 Valley Machine Shop...65 Vision33...59 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc...57 Weiser Engineering...65 Western Precision Products...12,63 Western Sintering...40,63 Wohlhaupter...68 Wrico Stamping...31,63 Zachman Machinery....62 Zeiss Metrology...56

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

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Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

S.L. Fusco’s three locations: 2102 Adams Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 1 510 895 9000 Serving Northern California & Northern Nevada

1966 Via Arado Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 1 310 868 1010 Serving Southern California

2530 Southport Way, Ste. D National City, CA 91950 1 619 477 7733 Serving Southern California A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

71 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

A2Z Manufacturing West Coast 13442 N. 50th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85254


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72 • DEC 2016 / JAN 2017

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