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Vol. 14, No. 1, Jan / Feb 2021

Vol. 14, No. 1, Jan / Feb 2021

Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, MT, WY, ID.) Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, MT, WY, ID.)


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Congratulations to our customer, Weller Racing, and Corry Weller for winning the 2020 Turbo UTV Championship in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Nationals. Corry is now a 17-time Series Champion!





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Editors Corner I was talking to a business broker recently and in conversation I asked about his experience selling small precision machine shops. When he said these were difficult to sell, I thought that the reason they were more complex sales was the amount of capital equipment that unavoidably was part of the business sale, and that this would make the business inevitably more expensive than its cash flow multipliers in other industries would use. That wasn’t why precision machine shops were difficult to sell, this business broker explained. He said that too many of the businesses he was asked to sell in our industry had a very common dilemma: too few customers. He further elaborated that this over-dependence on too few customers would lower the value of the company. There are advantages and disadvantages to both high and low concentrations. Supporters of high concentration point to the ability to develop long-term relationships with fewer large customers and contractual agreements that can be tailored to each client. Customer service can be focused on fewer clients, so more resources may be applied in getting to know and meeting each client’s needs better. Often, large customers will provide valuable input to a supplier to improve products or services because of a vested interest in supplier success. Some companies and their largest customers function similarly to partners in many ways. On the other hand, high customer concentration carries substantial risks that can far outweigh any benefits in the long term. Of course, it is difficult to turn away business from a large customer, especially in the growth phase of a new business, but the risks involved should be understood before committing to such an arrangement. In fact, a recent issue of Forbes Magazine called high customer concentration one of the greatest risks to the business. Industry standards (or a rule of thumb) say that no one customer should represent more than 10% of your business revenue. The business broker shared some interesting information on small, often family owned precision machine shops. I too have heard from owners in the industry that they do not need to advertise, as they have as much business as they can manage. But when I ask them how many customers they have, too often the answer is 2-3 big customers comprise the majority of their business. And even more risky is that often these 2-3 big customers are in the same industry! What can you do to mitigate the risk of customer concentration? You and your team should evaluate your strengths and determine how you can leverage these strengths to new customers in the industry(ies) you serve. Then, you should determine other industries that you could expand to. If your customers are heavily or exclusively in the aerospace industry, proactively marketing to the medical industry might be a plan. Unless you are planning to close your business, you should always be actively adding to the sales opportunity funnel. Attend trade shows in the prospective industry(ies) you want to enter. And while you are actively looking to expand your customer base, find ways to secure multiple points of contact within the organizations you are currently selling to. It is imperative that your customer relationships aren’t tied to just one person in the company. I believe many precision machine shops have weathered the Pandemic over the past year, often because you are making essential products, and these products are high quality. Still there has never been such a need to carefully evaluate your business, to grow your customer base, than there is today. Until next issue, I wish you continued success in 2021. I hope you proactively seek out new customers, and as always, God bless our troops and our Front liners. Linda Daly, Publisher A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •


Jan / Feb 2021


Superior High Tolerance Grinding Plus Swiss Machining All Done InHouse And Now With The Latest In Inspection Equipment Announcements/Releases..........................6-10 Feature Articles........................................1, 20-22 Buyers Guide Equipment..........................33-38 Buyers Guide Processes..............................39-45 Card Gallery.................................................33-45 Index Of Advertisers........................................46 Editorial...........................................Throughout

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CONTRIBUTORS Kim Carpenter Gene Wirth Published bi-monthly to keep precision manufacturers abreast of news and to supply a viable vendor source for the industry. Circulation:The A2Z Manufacturing has compiled and maintains a master list of approximately 6500 people in the Rocky Mountain states actively engaged in the Precision Manufacturing Industry. It has an estimated pass on readership of more than 18,000 people. Advertising Rates, deadlines and mechanical requirements furnished upon request or you can go to www.azManufacturing.com. All photos and copy become the property of A2Z Manufacturing. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for the contents of any advertisement, and all representations are those of the advertiser and not that of the publisher. The Publisher is not liable to any advertiser for any misprints or errors not the fault of the publisher, and in such event, the limit of the publisher's liability shall only be the amount of the publishers charge for such advertising.

AIM HIGH FOR LOW PROFILE PARTS. The PUMA VTR1012F was born for your large aerospace parts. Aerospace. We’ve got this. The PUMA VTR1012F easily holds 4-ton workpieces thanks to the rigid structure provided by box guideways and a fixed wide column. Perfect for lower profile titanium and nickel-based alloy parts. The RAM type head allows for quad type tool holders and generates 11,441 ft-lb of Z-axis thrust, and a 24-tool automatic changer is standard. The PUMA VTR1012F. Aerospace elevated.


Contact Us At: 215 S. Rockford Drive, Suite # 101 Tempe, Arizona 85281

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Proudly Representing DoosanInc. Machine Tools JM Grisley Machine Tools, for Over 23 Years!

www.jmgrisleymachine.com Follow US on Instagram: #adamsmachinery 801.486.7519 Web: www.adamsmachineryaz.com Serving Utah, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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Announcements & Releases January 2021 Business Conditions: Metalformers Express Some Optimism for Improved Economic Activity Metalforming companies expressed optimism that business conditions would improve during the next three months, according to the January 2021 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report. Prepared monthly, the report provides an economic indicator for manufacturing, sampling 120 metalforming companies in the United States and Canada. PMA’s January report shows that 39% of metalforming companies expect an improvement in economic activity in the next three months (compared to 34% in December), 54% forecast no change (compared to 49% in December), and 7% anticipate a decline in activity (compared to 17% in December). The survey also revealed that metalformers expect a rise in incoming orders in the next three months, with 50% forecasting an increase in orders (compared to 41% in December), 41% predicting no change (up from 39% last month), and 9% anticipating a decrease in orders (down compared to 20% in December). “Metalforming manufacturers continue to make the products essential to keep the engine of our economy running during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said PMA President David Klotz. “While members expressed optimism that business conditions would improve, great challenges remain, including the current record high prices for steel and supply-chain problems that are causing low steel inventories as supply tightens. PMA calls on the Biden administration to terminate the Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs as quickly as possible. Our members compete in the global market every day and we are only asking that the domestic steel industry do the same.” Current average daily shipping levels improved in January, with only 12% experiencing a decrease (compared to 24% in December), 50% reporting no change (compared to 35% last month), and 38% reporting an increase (compared to 41% in December). Twelve percent of responding metalforming companies had a portion of their workforce on short time or layoff in January, a decrease from 14% in December. In January 2021 , companies reported similar numbers, with 13% of their workforce on short time or layoff.Full report results are available at https://www.pma.org/public/business_reports/pdf/ BCREP.pdf.

COOL Solutions, a Blaser Swisslube Distributor, Is Pleased To Announce The Start Of Their 4Th Year In Business Our staff has over 70 years in the metalworking manufacturing industry and we are here to support your metalworking fluid needs. Our A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

6 Jan / Feb


focus is on coolant and related products, with Blaser Swisslube as our primary product offering. Our goal is to have what the customer needs when they need it. And to be able to support our products with our technical knowledge. COOL Solutions remains a small and focused distributor so we can help take the stress out of our customer’s coolant management. We provide excellent environmentally compatible products and first-class service. We help manage the customers usage needs by tracking their usage and sending out friendly reminders. We have a no cost lab available for specific testing of fluids. And because we are centrally located, we offer free delivery to most locations up and down the front range. Please contact COOL Solutions and let us help you stay on track with all your coolant needs. For more information: Cell: 303-981-1542; Office: 303-840-5997; Email: Mac@COOLSolutionsLLC.net or visit their website: www. COOLSolutionsLLC.net

Manufacturing Adds 38,000 Jobs Despite Overall Employment Loss The United States Census Bureau released its official employment situation report for December on January 8.The latest figures showed that total nonfarm payroll employment fell by about 140,000 in December while the unemployment rate remained constant at 6.7%. The employment rate for manufacturing increased slightly from November, as it added 39,000 jobs in total last month compared to 35,000 in November. Most December layoffs were in the leisure and hospitality sector, which lost 498,000 jobs. Durable goods manufacturing as a whole added 25,000 jobs. Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing added 6,700 people while the transportation equipment sector as a whole added 5,200. The nonmetallic mineral products manufacturing workforce grew by 6,100 people, and the next largest gain in absolute numbers was the machinery industry. Nondurable goods contributed 13,000 new jobs. Plastics and rubber products saw the strongest growth, with 6,900 new hires, followed by growth in food manufacturing (5,500 new jobs) and apparel (4,000). More jobs in most nondurable goods sectors was offset, though, by substantial losses in the “miscellaneous nondurable goods manufacturing” category, which lost 11,200 people. Announcements Continued Page 8

Make Your Next CMM Multisensor. When Results Matter. FlexPoint Multisensor Coordinate Measure Machines from OGP - the makers of SmartScope 3D Multisensor Measurement Systems - usher in a new generation of large format multisensor CMMs. FlexPoint systems are available in a range of sizes to handle a variety of different sized parts, and feature VersaFlex - the patented sensor array offering up to three simultaneously available sensors on an articulating head. Measure your parts with trusted scanning probe, telecentric optics, and 1 µm accuracy TeleStar interferometric laser - without the downtime of exchanging sensors and constantly recalibrating. Powered by ZONE3 - the world’s most comprehensive metrology software - users experience the complete flexibility for multisensor measurements, with or without a CAD model. Proudly designed and built in America and ISO 10360 compliant, now is the time to join the new CMM generation. Visit www.ogpnet.com/flexpoint to learn more.

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We Specialize in Close Tolerance Precision Grinding and Small Parts Manufacturing Celebrating 28 Years In Business

Grinding Capabilities: √ OD,ID Centerless Plunge and Thru Feed (OD Between Centers up to 72” L x OD Swing up to 24”) (ID - 9” depth x 10” LD) √ Surface, Angled and Blanchard √ Long Bar Grinding for Screw Machines √ We grind all types of Industrial Blades

Grinding & Swiss Machining Capabilities:

√ CNC Universal Grinding Capabilities of 5” x 24” √ We Have 4 Swiss Turning Centers with Diameter capabilities up to 32mm √ CNC Circular Blade Grinding up to 20” Diameter

Announcing AS9100

Revision D


WE’RE GROWING! We Added a 2nd Supertech CNC Universal Grinder, We’ve Hired New Machinists and More!

Announcements Continued The unemployment rate, which was unchanged from last month, is still almost twice as large as it was in February’s survey, before the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that accompanied attempts to control it. The latest report is only the latest sign that employment recovery from the pandemic is slowing. While the overall economy has yet to recover almost 10 million jobs lost since February 2020, the latest report shows the manufacturing sector currently employs 12.3 million people in the United States compared to 12.8 million in February. Data for the December survey was collected, as is typical of the Census Bureau’s employment reports, during the middle of the month, and notably would not include any jobs added or lost after December 27, when President Trump signed the latest COVID stimulus bill sent to him by Congress. That bill includes $600 in individual payments similar to the CARES act of spring 2020 and $284 billion in new allocations for the Payroll Protection Plan. In a statement, the National Association of Manufacturers praised the bill for what it said were a number of manufacturing-related priorities.

J.M.Grisley Machine Tool, Inc. Named As Distributor For LK Metrology LK Metrology, Inc. is pleased to announce that J.M Grisley Machine Tool, Inc. of Salt Lake City, UT. has joined the distribution network for A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

8 • Jan / Feb 2021

LK Metrology, a renowned CMM hardware and software solutions provider recognized for its innovation since its beginning in 1963. J.M. Grisley Machine Tool has long been a fixture in the machine tool industry, providing high quality machines and expertise to their loyal customer base. The LK Metrology line will be added next to an impressive list of brands that J.M. Grisley currently represents. Led by President Lars Grisley, J.M Grisley will champion LK Metrology sales efforts in the Rocky Mountain states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. According to Scott Collier, LK Metrology’s Regional Manager “with offices and staff in Salt Lake City and in Denver, J.M Grisley is strategically positioned to promote sales and support customers in the Rocky Mountain states, a region important for our continued growth as a CMM provider. We look forward to working with Lars and his team to promote LK Metrology solutions to the diversified market that is the Rocky Mountain states.” For more Information: Email: scott.collier@lkmetrology.com Mobile: 760-978-7091 Main Office Telephone: 810-263-6100 Website: www.LKmetrology.com Announcements Continued Page 10

The measurement revolution for precision components

REVO©-2 head


MODUS software TM

ALTERA 5‐axis multi‐sensor CMM

SCANtek 5-axis technology is a measurement revolution for manufacturers of precision components. Unprecedented measuring speed, the flexibility of multi-sensor technology and improved metrology have boosted measurement throughput, shortened production lead times and provided a more complete awareness of product conformance.

…we are metrology

Contact us now to book your SCANtek demonstration

REVO© and MODUS™ trademarks of Renishaw plc.

www.LKmetrology.com LK METROLOGY Inc. | 29550 W. K. Smith Dr. Unit B, New Hudson, MI 48165 | 1-(810)-263-6100 | Sales.US@LKmetrology.com

Announcements Continued

NUNTMA Welcomes Newest Member Fox Machining

The (NUNTMA) Northern Utah Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association is pleased to announce its newest member, Fox Machining. Fox Machining is a CNC Machine Shop in Ogden, UT.The company specializes in providing rapid prototyping, short-order runs, and production tooling and fixturing. Established in 2010, the NUNTMA is a gathering place for machine shops in Northern Utah.The (NUNTMA) Northern Utah Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association’s mission is to help members achieve profitable growth and business success through advice, camaraderie, education, networking, information, advocacy, collaboration and services. Please RSVP to Maddie Dahl, NUNTMA Chapter Executive, Email: chapterexec@nuntma.org; Note: All Events Are Virtual

Utah Grants & Tax Credits Opportunity The Targeted Business Tax Credit (TBTC) program encourages private investment and the creation of jobs in rural Utah counties with populations less than 25,000. The program and its application process open annually on Jan. 1. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

10 • Jan / Feb 2021

What is the incentive? GOED may award up to $300,000 in tax credits — with no more than $100,000 being allocated to one project — to businesses with eligible Community Investment Projects (CIP), leading to significant capital investment or significant new job creation. The TBTC is a post-performance refundable tax credit. Upon completing a CIP (the capital investment and high-paying jobs commitments are met), a company awarded a funding allocation may claim the TBTC tax credit certificate. See the ORD website for the application link, individual information, and instructions sheets located under each program tab. If you have questions, please contact goedruralprograms@utah.gov.

Introducing a NEW Workholding Solution from MIDACO. Automated Vise and Fixture Clamping WITHOUT HOSES With the NEW Hydraulic Docking System on a MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer, fixtures and vises are automatically clamped and

Announcements Continued unclamped on the pallet and sent into the machining center WITHOUT the need for any hose management.

When new parts are put onto the pallet, the Hydraulic Docking System locks fixtures or vises into place via the touch screen control panel on the Automatic Pallet Changer, and the pallet enters the machining center WITHOUT HOSES.The clamping fixtures or vises will STAY CHARGED on the pallet while in the machining center.When a pallet comes out of the machining center, it locks back into the Hydraulic Docking Station and automatically releases fixtures or vises allowing parts to be quickly replaced. This is an ideal solution for unattended robot/ cobot applications. Features: • Hydraulic clamping WITHOUT HOSES • Hydraulic power unit provides 3000 PSI at 1 GPM • 2HP 230/460 3-PH motor • 4 ports in, 4 ports out • Quick disconnect system • Au t o m a t e d c l a m p i n g through the Pallet Changer control panel Note: fixtures and vises are not included Application Engineers are available to help select the right Automatic Pallet Changer model and Hydraulic Docking Station for your application and our service department is here to answer any questions once your Automatic Pallet Changer is up and running. Whether machining lot sizes in the 1000’s or doing small lot prototype work, MIDACO has the solution to eliminate unnecessary spindle downtime.



The Hurco Control has the flexibility you need for the high mix of parts that comes through your shop. Equally powerful for NC and Conversational Programming (with the added bonus of NC/Conversational Merge), the Hurco Control reduces setup time so you can make more chips. Whether you’re a baby boomer, a millennial, or a Gen X-er, time is money. Even though Bob (left) and Charley (right) are from different generations, they are both machinists who appreciate the importance of CNC technology that’s designed to make shops more productive and more profitable. Check out their video series.

Watch the series at Hurco.com/mygeneration Double Column

Boring Mills


3-Axis Vertical


Double Column Bridge

Turning Centers

(303) 466-3777 FoothillsMachinery.com Hurco Companies, Inc. | One Technology Way | Indianapolis, IN 46268 | 800.634.2416 | info@hurco.com | HURCO.com | Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice.

Visit MIDACO at WWW.MIDACO-CORP.COM to see how to KEEPYOUR SPINDLE RUNNING! Contact MIDACO at (847) 593-8420 for complete information. A2Z-Foothills-Machinery_Hurco_Every-Gen_November-2020.indd 1

10/1/2020 10:06:37 AM

THINBIT® Angled Round Toolholders

THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company Inc., introduces ANGLED ROUND TOOLHOLDERS. These toolholders are designed for CNC, conventional and end working positions on Swiss Screw Machines. The new ANGLED ROUND TOOLHOLDERS position the insert at 30°, 45° or 60° angles for reliefs, undercuts and angled OD and face grooves.

Announcements Continued A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

11 • Jan / Feb


ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified AS9100 Rev D Certified Serving The Front Range Since 1977

7956 South Potomac St. Centennial, CO 80112

Announcements Continued Round shank sizes are available in diameters of 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 20 mm and 25 mm. The ANGLED ROUND TOOLHOLDERS are for use with THINBIT® inserts in grades for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Inserts are available in sizes .004” to .150” in .001” increments coated with TiN,TiAlN,TiCN, diamond film or uncoated. See pages 2-9 & 2-10 in the THINBIT® catalog. Modifications can be provided on any of our tooling. Due to the potential complexity of configuring these toolholders, we recommend calling 888-thinbit for assistance. Visit www.thinbit.com to view the Angled Round Toolholders and our complete line of tools.

Introducing Tech Financial Services Tech Financial Services has been an industry leader since 2003. Over the years, we have built our reputation and expanded our expertise to offer the best financing solutions to the finest manufacturing companies in the US. We proudly serve machine tool distributors, manufacturers, and end-user customers by providing a wide range of financing and leasing options. Given our experience, combined with our knowledge of the economic and organizational issues confronting our machine tool customers, we are able to provide the most competitive financing alternatives, and differentiate ourselves from traditional lending sources. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain•

12 • Jan / Feb 2021

Chris Frans, VP (Denver, CO) has been with Tech Financial Services for over 8 years and has provided financing to thousands of customers around the US. He has a great understanding of the manufacturing industry, the equipment, and what is needed in order to meet each individual customer’s needs. Please reach out to Chris with any financing inquiries that you might have. Email him at: chrisf@techfin.net

Star Metal Fluids Team Adds Ben Rafiner To Its Team! We are pleased to welcome Ben Rafiner to the Star Metal Fluids Team! Ben has previously worked in the manufacturing industry and brings with him knowledge and understanding of metalworking processes and the effects of metalworking fluids in those processes. Ben resides in the Lehi, UT area and has a beautiful daughter. Ben is ambitious and ready to help! If you have a minute, please feel free to send Ben a warm welcome, b_rafiner@ metalfluids.com.”

CONTROLLED THERMAL TECHNOLOGY (CTT) 2617 West Cypress Street • Phoenix, AZ 85009


Normalizing • Annealing • Hardening • Cold Treatment • Stress Relieving • Precipitation Hardening - Aging


This is the most widely employed carburizing process. The carbon needed for diffusion is derived from a gaseous furnace atmosphere .


This is a surface hardening process in which nitrogen is allowed to diffuse into the ferrous components. Gaseous Nitriding is the earliest form of Nitriding which is still used today.


This is a ferritic nitrocarburizing process. This process is preferred for improving properties of ferrous components and improving fatigue strength.


Thermal spraying is an overlay process and materials used for spraying are principally in the form of powder, rod or wire.


Our Abar Ipsen H4848 furnace is a two bar quench, with high vacuum capabilities

that reach the .1micron range. We can process large or odd shaped parts.

Please go to our web site for more information on CTT: Tim Johnston Cell: 602-499-7279

Web: www.cttaz.com tjohnston@cttaz.com Office: 602.272.3714 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

13 • Jan / Feb



How Much Is My Metal Worth?

Tollfree: 866-434-5679 Local: 801-364-5679



now to find out!

At Utah Metal Works, recycling industrial-related scrap metal is one of the things we do best. You simply won’t find more knowledgeable, capable partners for your scrap handling and recycling efforts anywhere. We are known in the industry for our honesty and integrity, and you can be sure you are always getting a competitive return along with superior service. We make it easy for you to cash in on non-ferrous metals from:

Industrial/Manufacturing Scrap • Punchings • Solids of any metals • Turnings and borings

• Skeleton plate • Machine Shop/Fabricator • Solids of any size or type

Aircraft/High Temperature Alloy Scrap Stainless, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, cupronickel, aluminum;state-of-the-art metal analysis conducted on site; Mixed or contaminated items are accepted and sorted Easy Access To I80, I15, and I215 Detailed Directions On Our Website 805 West Everett Ave • Salt Lake City, UT 84116

maker of solar arrays and other satellite technologies, and Deep Space Systems, which remains based in Littleton where its 100 employees develop gadget-level space technology and software. Redwire bought Highlands Ranch-based spacecraft design company Oakman Aerospace Inc., its sixth acquisition, on Jan. 19. Companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is fully vertically integrated from rocket launch to satellite development, show there are other ways to succeed, attracting investors and entrepreneurs to the industry.

Now that its situation has changed, Roccor expects to hire more than 40 people in the coming months. Being part of Redwire will mean doing so with shared administrative resources and deeper financial pockets. “It’s allowing us to really accelerate now,” Pearson said. Redwire isn’t alone in space dealmaking; Denver’s Voyager Space Holdings has been similarly acquiring companies to achieve a bigger scale. The business is helmed by space industry angel investor and former real estate executive Dylan Taylor, its CEO. Voyager Space launched in 2019 and began by buying Broomfield-based Altius Space Machines, a company creating systems to service satellites in orbit and build things in space. Voyager has since struck deals with four other companies, including a transaction last month to buy the majority stake in the parent company of Nanoracks, a Houston-based provider of small satellite services from the International Space Station. Voyager Space aims to go public and issue stock through an IPO later this year, accessing even bigger capital market to fuel more deals, Taylor said.

Business niches like space tourism, in-orbit satellite refueling, manufacturing in space and lunar mining show there’s a potential for money to be made in ways that previously haven’t been possible.

Voyager Space hopes to buy businesses with the key technologies in spacecraft building, antennas for communication and, eventually, launch to orbit, too, he said.

And as a result, merger and acquisition deals are pooling the unique capabilities of different startups to create businesses with economic scale to take advantage.

The biggest defense contractors —

A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 2

For acquired startups, being bought offers a chance to fly higher without burning out, said Chris Pearson, CEO of Roccor.His company doubled its staff in the past two years and plans to grow by 50% again this year, he said. Before being acquired, Roccor had been investing its profits back into the business to be able to fund growth.

14 • Jan / Feb 2021

Your partner for innovative manufacturing

REVO®—the 5-axis revolution

Infinite positioning and synchronized 5-axis motion provide measurement access at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our newest solution—the RFP fringe probe—expands our family of multi-

sensors further. It adds non-contact structured light inspection to our revolutionary 5-axis measuring system that already includes tactile scanning, touch-trigger, surface finish and vision probe solutions.

www.renishaw.com/revo Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL


© 2020 Renishaw plc. All rights reserved.

Lockheed Martin Space, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman and The Boeing Co. — are the only companies capable of taking on the design and manufacturing needed for the largest aerospace projects, and being in that position means they can capture the majority of contract value and subcontract to others the specialized aspects that aren’t the prime contractor’s forte.

CMM Revo Half Page Final.indd 1

Taylor likens it to the automotive industry.Thousands of businesses contribute to the supply chains of carmakers, but the big names — Ford, GM, Toyota — have the scale to bring it all together and make money, he said. In the space industry, there’s been enough growth in private commercial space that there’s room now for mid-sized companies to tackle complex projects and make money, he said. By Greg Avery – Senior Reporter, Denver Business Journal

Department of Defense (DoD) Contracts Haight Bey & Associates, West Haven, Utah, has been awarded a $35,888,778 firm-fixed-price and cost-reimbursable, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for AN/TMQ-53 Tactical Meteorological Observing System contractor logistics support. This contract provides spares, repairs, obsolescence management, engineering change proposals and special projects in support of the TMQ-53 system. Work will be performed in West Haven, Utah, and is expected to be completed July 2027. Fiscal 2021 operation and maintenance

funds in the amount of $578,060 are being obligated 4/6/2020 with the first 2:04:17 PM delivery order at the time of contract award. The Aerospace Management Systems Division, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, is the contracting activity (FA8730-21-D-0003). HHI Corp., Ogden, Utah, was awarded a $16,279,996 firm-fixedprice contract for support of the F-35A Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter staging area at Hill Air Force Base. Bids were solicited via the internet with three received. Work will be performed at Hill AFB, Utah, with an estimated completion date of April 14, 2022. Fiscal 2021 military construction,Army funds in the amount of $16,279,996 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento, California, is the contracting activity (W91238-21-C-0008). Merrill Corp., doing business as Mission Support Inc., Clearfield, Utah, has been awarded a $10,123,784 firm-fixed-price contract for B-52 strut repair. Work will be performed in Clearfield, Utah, and is expected to be complete by Dec. 28, 2021. The award is the result of a sole-source solicitation. Fiscal 2020 operation and maintenance funds in the amount of $2,885,422 are being obligated at the time of the award. The Air Force Sustainment Center, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, is the contracting activity (FA8119-21-C-0001). Vectrus Systems Corp., Colorado Springs, Colorado, was awarded an $882,485,046 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for operation, maintenance, and defense of Army communications. Bids were solicited with five received.Work will be performed in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

15 • Jan / Feb



Call us first for FREE containers

We set containers for: • Machine, welding & fab shops • Manufacturing facilities • Demolition projects • One-time clean-ups • Containers: 1 to 60 yards • Flatbed, cargo trailers, rolloffs • Small boxes on wheels • Locking Lids • Leakproof boxes

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Recycling Metals, Conserving Resources, Since 1961 Colorado Electric Vehicle Maker Inks Big Factory Expansion Deal As It Preps For IPO A northern Colorado electric vehicle manufacturer has inked a deal to lease hundreds of thousands of square feet in a former computer hardware campus so it can expand after becoming a publicly traded company in the coming weeks. Loveland-based Lightning eMotors leased an additional 107,000 square feet in a former Hewlett Packard technology campus and has the option to add another 500,000 square feet there in coming years, the company announcedThursday. It also plans to hire dozens of staff members this year after making its stock market debut. Electric vehicle and battery companies have done well with investors in recent months, and commercial vehicle buyers are just starting to decide they should go electric. It makes Tim Reeser, Lightning eMotors founder and CEO, optimistic about expanding. “There’s a lot of interest,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Denver Business Journal. “We think it’s a very good time to do this.” Lightning eMotors, formerly known as Lightning Systems, installs electronic drivetrains and power systems in commercial vehicles and builds complete electric delivery trucks, cargo vans, tow trucks, ambulances, buses and other large fleet vehicles. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

16 Jan / Feb


Lightning eMotors will go public by merging into GigCapital3 Inc., a special acquisition company, and have publicly traded stock listed using the symbol ZEV.The transaction is expected to raise $273 million. It should be complete by the end of the first quarter, likely less than 45 days away, Reeser said. The new real estate deal brings the company’s total manufacturing space in southwest Loveland to 231,000 square feet now. The expansion will allow the company’s employees “to work both faster and smarter, with more testing equipment and automation” and give the company facilities to attract topnotch engineers, said Keith Lehmeier, Lightning eMotors director of research and development, in a statement. The space the company has leased will allow the company to produce 600 vehicles this year and then hike its output to 3,000 vehicles in 2022. Lightning eMotors expects its production to grow nearly sevenfold over the three years after that, reaching 20,000 vehicle in 2025. It will need to add a lot of automation in its manufacturing to reach that output, Reeser said. It’s also hiring dozens of people in coming months to fill virtually every kind of position at the business and its staff is expected to reach 250 employees. By Greg Avery – Denver Business Journal

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Cast Bronze Cast Bar Bronze Bar The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (the Foundation) releases Copper Alloys Cast Bronze Bar Copper Alloys Copper Alloys the January 2021 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry (MCI-EFI).The index reports a qualitative assessment of both Bronze the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as Bushings reported by key executives from the $900 billion equipment finance Bronze Bronze Bushings SAME DAY SHIPPING sector. Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is 59.6, unBronze Bushings Bronze SAME DAY SAE841 SHIPPING Bronze Oilite SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze changed from the December index and in line with pre-pandemic levels. Stop Service Center Brushings Bronze Custom Machined BushingsYour One SAE841 Oilite C-86300 Mangunese Bronze Chrome Plated Bars Bushings Bushings Bronze

C-95400 Aluminum BronzeSAE841 Oilite C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze SAE841 Oilite

SAME DAY SHIPPING SAME Oil DAY SHIPPING Bronze Grooves (in-house) C-89835 Lead Free Bronze Your One Stop Service Center DAY Bushings C-93200 Cast Bronze SAME SHIPPING C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Your SAME One Stop Center Bushings Your DAYService SHIPPING One Stop Service Center SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Chrome Plated Bars C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-93200 Cast Bronze Your One Stop Service Center Bushings OneDAY Stop Service Center Custom Machined Bushings January 2021 Survey Results:The overall MCI-EFI is 59.6, unchanged SHIPPING 75K-100K -Cylinder Induction Hardened Chrome Plated SAME BarsYour Pre-Honed Tubing Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Chrome Plated Bars Standard & Metric Sizes Cast Iron Pre-Hone Your One Stop Service Center C-93200 Cast Bronze C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Oilite Custom Machined Bushings Cut to Length from the December index. Chrome Plated Bars 75k-100k - Induction Hardened Metal Bearings Stan SAE841 Powder Metal BearingsSAE841 PowderBronze Cast Iron Chrome Plated Bars Chrome Plated Bars Special Oil Grooves (in-house) C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined Bushings Special Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

SAME DAY SHIPPING 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length

75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length

C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Gray Iron Class 40 Custom Machined BushingsDuctile Iron Custom Machined Bushings 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Bronze Solids • Tubes • Plates Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

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75K-100K - Induction Hardened Stainless Steel Standard &- Induction Sizes 75K-100K Hardened Standard &Metric Metric Sizes NEW 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Gray Iron Class 40 Cut to Length Standard & Tubing Metric Sizes Tubes Centrifugally Cast Pre-Honed Cylinder Cut to Length Standard and Metric Sizes Cut ToChrome Length Plated Bars

Custom Machined C-93200Bushings Cast Special Oil Grooves (in-house) SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings

Cast Iron Standard & Metric Sizes Ductile Iron Cast IronBushings Custom Machined Bushings Cast Iron SAME SHIPPING Stainles 75K-100K - DAY Induction CutHardened to Length Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 • When asked to assess their business conditions over the next four Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Cast Iron Standard &Aluminum Metric Sizes 6061-T6511 Gray Iron Class 40 Stainless Steel Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Solids • Tubes • Plates Your One Stop Service NEW Center Centrifu Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing ADDITIONAL NEW Cut to Length Ductile Iron Centrifugally Cast Tubes Standard &Cylinder Metric Sizes Cut to Length Cast Iron months, 33.3% of executives responding said they believe business Stainless Steel Pre-Honed Tubing MATERIALS Stainless Steel 65-45-12• 80-55-06 NEW NEWStandard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length C-93200 Iron Cast Bronze Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Available Upon Request Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Solids • Tubes • Plates conditions will improve over the next four months, up fromCast 27.6% SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings AluminumStainless 6061-T6511 Steel Chrome Plated Bars Metal Free Anti Seize Steel ADDITIONAL Standard and Metric Sizes CutDepac To Length Cast Iron Gray Iron Class 40 NEW ADDITIONAL Alu Custom Machined Bushings 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Centrifugally Cast Tubes in December. 59.3% believe business conditions will remain the same Centrifugally Cast Tubes DuctileSpecial Iron Gray Iron Class(in-house) 40 MATERIALS Oil Grooves Aluminum 6061-T6511 Standard & Metric Sizes ADDITIONAL Stainless Steel ADDITIONAL Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 300-400 Series Aluminum Available Upon Request NEW Cut to6061-T6511 Length ADDITIONAL Stainless Steel over the next four months, a decrease from 62.1% the previousSolids month. MATERIALS MATERIALS • Tubes65-45-12 • Plates • 80-55-06 Depac Metal Free Anti Seize NEW Centrifugally Cast Tubes MATERIALS Solids • Tubes • Plates Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Available Upon Request Centrifugally Cast Tubes ADDITIONAL 300 - 400 Series MATERIALS Available Upon Request Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Round Bar - Up to 12” 300 - 400 Series Available Upon Request Standard and Metric Sizes Cut Rectangles, To Length MATERIALS Available Upon Request Cast Iron Squares and Plates Depa • 33.3% of the survey respondents believe demand for leases and loans Ca W 1700 SFree SLC, UT 84104 Depac7986061-T6511 Metal Anti Seize Available Upon Request Aluminum Gray Iron Class 40 Aluminum 6061-T6511 ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798UT W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 798 W 1700 S, SLC, 84104 to fund capital expenditures (capex) will increase over the next four Free Anti Seize DepacDepac Metal Free Ductile Iron Round Bar UpAnti To 12”Seize RoundMetal Bar --Up To 12” Stainless Steel 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, Squares and Plates Rectangles, Squares and Plates Can be used at high pressure and Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 NEW MATERIALS MATERIALS months, up from 27.6% in December. 59.3% believe demand will Solids • Tubes • Plates Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 temps from -60o F up to 2500 oF Fax: (801) 978-0623 Centrifugally Cast Tubes Local: (801) 978-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623 Available Request 300 - 400 Series www.westernstatesmetals.com Available UponUpon Request “remain the same” during the same four-month time period, an increase Fax: (801) 978-0623 Fax: (801) 978-0623 www.westernstatesmetals.com DepacMetal MetalFree Free Anti AntiSeize Seize www.westernstatesmetals.com Depac Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from 55.2% the previous month. 7.4% believe demand will decline, 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Can be used at high pressures and temperatures 798 W 1700 S SLC, UTwww.westernstatesmetals.com 84104 from -60°F up to 2500°F Aluminum 6061-T6511 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 from -60°F up to 2500°F ADDITIONAL down from 17.2% in December. Round Bar - Up To 12” Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Gray Iron Class 40 Ductile Iron Iron Class 40 65-45-12Gray • 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates Ductile Iron

Cut to Length 300 - 400 Series

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Gray Iron Class 40

Round Bar - Up To 12”

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Rectangles, Squares and Plates

65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Gray Iron Class 40 Solids • Tubes • Plates Solids • Tubes • Plates

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Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates

300 - 400 Series

300 - 400 Series

Round Bar - Up To 12” 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562

300 - 400 Series

Local: (801) 978-0562

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Fax: (801) 978-0623

www.westernstatesmetals.com Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates Round Bar - Up To 12”

Can be used atRectangles, high pressures and temperatures Squares and Plates from -60°F up to 2500°F

www.westernstatesmetals.com Local: (801) 978-0562

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Fax: (801) 978-0623


Local: (801) 978-0562 MATERIALS

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Fax: (801) 978-0623

Fax: (801)www.westernstatesmetals.com 978-0623

Available www.westernstatesmetals.com Upon Request • 18.5% of the respondents expect more access to capital to fund equipment acquisitions over the next four months, down from 24.1% 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 in December. 81.5% of executives indicate they expect the “same” Local: (801) 978-0562 access to capital to fund business, an increase from 75.9% last month. Fax: (801) 978-0623

Depac Metal Free Anti Seize

TVT DIE CASTING Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F


• When asked, 25.9% of the executives report they expect to hire more employees over the next four months, down from 31% in December. 66.7% expect no change in headcount over the next four months, a decrease from 69% last month. 7.4% expect to hire fewer employees, up from none in December.

Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. Quality, Reliability and Service

• 51.9% of the survey respondents believe that U.S. economic conditions will get “better” over the next six months, a decrease from 55.2% in December. 37% indicate they believe the U.S. economy will “stay the same” over the next six months, an increase from 34.5% last month. 11.1% believe economic conditions in the U.S. will worsen over the next six months, up from 10.3% the previous month. • In January 22.2% of respondents indicate they believe their company will increase spending on business development activities during the next six months, a decrease from 34.5% last month. 74.1% believe there will be “no change” in business development spending, an increase from 62.1% in December. The COVID-19 Impact Survey of the Equipment Finance Industry will be reported on a quarterly basis in 2021. If you wish to participate, please contact Stephanie Fisher at sfisher@leasefoundation.org to determine eligibility for inclusion in the survey.

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

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The company partnered with a team comprised of Boulder-based Ball Aerospace and Falls Church,Virginia-based Northrop Grumman, and separately with Raytheon, to develop instruments for the satellites, known as the Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared geosynchronous satellites.The companies passed a design review for the instruments on the satellites last summer. “Next Gen OPIR is a critically important program for our nation, providing advanced missile warning capabilities with a new level of resiliency that can keep us ahead of rapidly evolving threats,” said Tom McCormick, Lockheed Martin’s vice president for Overhead Persistent Infrared Systems. “A space program of this size — which includes developing two entirely new missile warning payloads — has never moved this fast.” Northrop Grumman is the prime contractor building two polar-orbiting OPIR satellites that will be paired with the three geosynchronous ones Lockheed Martin Space is developing.

We offer a variety of services, including:

-Production Cutting -Aluminum Plate Cutting -Cold Sawing - Delivering to Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties everyday

The U.S. military is preparing for a future in which Russia, China or other nations have fleets of non-nuclear missiles that cruise faster than the speed of sound and give little advanced warning.

334 W. 800 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Toll Free 1-800-890-5950 Telephone (801) 539-8252 Fax (801) 539-8311 Email Scott@specialtysteelservice.com

Lockheed Martin Space Wins New $4.9B Contract To Build Missile-Detection Satellites Lockheed Martin Space has a new contract worth as much as $4.9 billion to build three advanced missile-launch detection satellites for the U.S. military.

In contracting the Next Gen OPIR satellites, the Air Force also sought to buy satellites that are more resilient against space-based weapons in orbit than previous generations of satellites have been. Lockheed Martin Space has long experience building large, sophisticated satellites used by the military to detect missile launches from virtually anywhere on the planet and track their trajectory. It built the Space-based Infrared System, or SBIRS, satellites for the Air Force, four of which have been launched into orbit in the last decade and are flown from Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora. Two final SBIRs satellites are expected to launch soon, one this year and one in 2022. The original contract for the Next Generation OPIR geosynchronous satellites replaced the expected final two satellites of the SBIRs fleet. The Air Force “urgently” sought missile-detection orbiters that would be harder to attack in orbit.

The U.S. Air Force contract modification, announced Monday, covers ground control systems and launch vehicle adaptations in addition to the trio of geosynchronous missile-detection satellites the Jefferson County-based space company began developing in August 2018 for the Air Force.

The OPIR satellite development is on track to make that first launch deadline, McCormick said.

The new contract, with a maximum value worth $2 billion more than the original, calls for three orbiters to be built and launched by 2028.

All three next-generation missile-launch detection satellites are expected to be complete by 2028, the new contract award said.

The satellite construction is based at the Sunnyvale, California, campus of Lockheed Martin Space, a 21,000-employee division of Bethesda, Maryland-based defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp.

The contract obligates $99 million to Lockheed Martin Space in the current federal fiscal year. By Greg Avery – Senior Reporter, Denver Business Journal

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

18 • Jan / Feb


Lockheed Martin Space at the time was deemed the sole contractor capable of having the first such satellites ready for launch by 2025.

L3Harris Technologies Demonstrates Antenna Technology for US Space Force Satellite Communications L3Harris Technologies has successfully completed a technology demonstration, under a Defense Innovation Unit prototype contract, for the U.S. Space Force satellite communication system to improve communications with the agency’s growing number of satellites.


L3Harris developed a Multi-Band Multi-Mission (MBMM) phased array ground antenna system and integrated it with the Space Force’s Satellite Communication Network system in order to demonstrate multiple simultaneous satellite contacts. Traditional parabolic or radio antennas can contact only one satellite at a time.

3D metal printing + precision machining = • Improved efficiency • Increased durability • Lifetime cost savings On the Cutting Edge...Literally Now with 3D Metal Printing Capabilities

The MBMM system’s all-digital architecture established 16 simultaneous contacts during the demonstration. The system can scale up to support hundreds of concurrent satellite connections from a single phased array antenna system, reducing the physical footprint needed for ground antennas and lowering the infrastructure cost per satellite contact. “L3Harris developed an all-digital phased array antenna technology to meet the enormous ground system capacity demands created by the increasing number of satellite missions,” said Ed Zoiss, President, Space and Airborne Systems, L3Harris. “This successful demonstration from L3Harris readies our nation with a satellite communications approach today for the further proliferation of satellites in the near future.” The L3Harris demonstration successfully confirmed live contacts with Space Force satellites across multiple orbital regimes at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado.

WE ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! 303.420.7422 | www.faustson.com hhosttetter@faustson.com | A Woman-Owned Company “The MBMM demonstrations were a complete success that showcased the advancements in phased array technology and relevance for satellite command and control with live DOD systems. It has reinvigorated interest in the MBMM program as a key part of the overall space architecture,” said Col. Wallace “Rhett” Turnbull III, Director, Cross Mission Ground and Communications Enterprise, Space and Missile Systems Center. “Capabilities like those recently demonstrated may play an important role in meeting the growing demand for satellite control capacity by providing more affordable and resilient access to Space Force satellite systems.” L3Harris performed the successful demonstration with support from Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. and Mercury Systems. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

19 • Jan / Feb


Precision Swiss and Grinding Under 1 Roof AS9100 Revision D Certified Woman-Owned Certified Business Designated Hub-Zone Latest In Quality Inspection Equipment Intuitively, every small manufacturing company recognizes the need to invest in continuous improvement. While all owners know that this is an absolute must for their business longevity, actually committing the time and money to doing this is much more of a challenge. And then add a pandemic, with all the economic uncertainties that accompany that, and I would wager to guess that a very, very small percentage of small businesses made significant investments in their businesses this past year. Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining did just that. The Woman-Owned company, located in a designated HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Zone, celebrated its 3rd decade in business last year. The company specializes in production runs of pins, shafts, and small aerospace and medical parts. And during this past year, a year that can only be described as horrific, Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining made some major upgrades to their Quality Department, including the acquisition of a Hexagon CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) as well as a Keyence Measurement System. They additionally certified to AS9100 Revision D, and their audit resulted in an astounding and unheard of ‘0’ findings! Wendie Flitton isn’t a machinist, or a grinding expert. She did have experience working as an office manager in a machine shop as a very young lady, though, and her financial acumen was exceptional for such a young person. Wendie’s employer closed its doors, but in Wendie’s role as office manager, she was privy to the company’s finances, and she recognized that the unprofitable company had one area of its business that was profitable, their grind shop. And so when the business closed down, Wendie made the decision to open her own grinding company, which she named Superior Grinding & Sales. One employee from the closed business joined Wendie in the start-up, Bryant Bennett. 30+ years later, Bryant still works for and is an incredible asset to the company! A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

20 Jan / Feb


I mentioned that Wendie isn’t a machinist, but Wendie’s husband Jeff Flitton was introduced to the trade while in high school.When Superior Grinding first opened for business, Jeff supported the Flitton family with a steady income, employed as a fire fighter. When the business could afford it, ~ 20 years ago, Jeff left his employ to join the family business, where today both he and Wendie co-manage the business with their team. Wendie, a member of Goldman Sachs’ Small Business Association, has an uncanny ability to pivot in business to ensure its ongoing success. The company launched as a service business, sharpening blades for the printing industry. It enjoyed success in this industry in the early years, but Wendie recognized that the printing industry’s need for grinding would decline. Before this occurred, Wendie and her team had the foresight and confidence to launch the manufacturing side of the business, where the company offered grinding to machine shops. Jeff says, “With our grinding capabilities, we began supporting customers in Aerospace, Defense and Medical.We offered every type of grinding to our customers, including CNC ID/OD, ID, OD, Angled, Surface, Blanchard & Centerless Grinding. We additionally offered honing and lapping for our customers’ very tight tolerance requirements, and we have a mill and lathe to support specific machining requirements.” He adds, “Over time, we recognized that particularly with our customers’ medical parts, we needed a better way to manage the lengths and diameters of the parts we were grinding. In 2014, we invested in our first Swiss CNC machine, a Tsugami.” Wendie adds, “With our Swiss CNC machining capabilities, we were now able to reduce the steps for our customers’ outsourcing needs.We were able to buy the material, grind it, machine it, send it out for heat treat, and then finish it with OD or Centerless grinding. Additionally, the Swiss CNC machining enabled us to cut up to 1.250 diameter materials, and we were able to reduce the costs on many parts that needed to be machined and ground.” Swiss CNC machining has been such a value add for their customers

that today the company owns 4 high precision Swiss CNC machines. Jeff says, “With our grinding and Swiss CNC capabilities, we can offer high production, as most Swiss CNC shops do, but with our grinding capabilities, we can support our customers’ much higher tolerance parts. We can take a job in and measure to +/-.0005 tolerance.” Part of continuous improvement, and a key requirement for entrée, Wendie says, was certification. In 2010, as they ramped up their customers in the Aerospace, Medical and Defense industries, they took the critical step of certifying to ISO 9001.Wendie says, “We’ve continued to certify to ISO 9001, then in 2018 we added AS9100 Revision D to our list of certifications.” Continuous improvement extends to all areas of Superior Grinding, Wendie believes. “A couple of years ago, I started losing my enthusiasm with the business – I just didn’t know how to take it to the next level”, she says. Wendie says that when she and a long-term customer (and a friend) were talking about this shared experience in their businesses, Wendie’s customer recommended she apply for a program sponsored by Goldman Sachs, called their Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Business Program. Wendie didn’t believe she’d have a chance, “I didn’t have a business educational background behind me”, but she applied anyway. Many months later,Wendie was accepted into the 11-week crash ‘MBA on steroids’ program. “It gave me so much more business knowledge, and it boosted my level of excitement for the business”, she says. In the program,Wendie was tasked with developing and presenting to her colleagues a business plan for her company. She adds, “Two years later, we now host Monday meetings with the entire team. These meetings are not only used to allow the team to discuss their business needs and issues for the week, but we also talk about fun things they did over the weekend. It’s a bonding experience, and we are building our culture” Wendie says prior to the program, she wouldn’t have know what ‘Building Culture’ was, nor of its importance in team building. When asked what factors the Flittons partners view as most critical to their success, both Jeff and Wendie agree that their employees top the list. Jeff says, “The majority of our team (~ 2 dozen) has been with Continued Next Page A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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us for more than 7 years. We are blessed to have the first employee Wendie started the business with, and our daughter Kellie Addington and her husband Sam offer business continuity as the next generation for Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining.” Wendie adds,” Our long time employees are efficiently skilled, pay attention to detail and take pride in our high quality work. They set us apart from the competition by specializing in the ability to hold exceptionally tight tolerances.” Wendie and Jeff recognize the role their employees play in their success, and as such they provide 100% medical benefits to their employees, a 401-match retirement plan, paid vacation days as well as a competitive salary. Wendie and the team at Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining recognize that careful selection and retention of their customers is key to their ongoing success.Today, with the expertise of long term employee Rhonda Butrick, the company is officially an ‘ Approved Government Supplier’, and they have annual contracts with a number of their customers. Jeff says thankfully they didn’t experience significant cancellations or push outs on contracts during the Pandemic. “Our ongoing contracts and our loyal customers helped our company during what could have been a real hit to our business; in fact with our new acquisitions plus our certification to AS9100 Revision D, Superior Grinding had a record year in 2020.” Wendie says, “At Superior Grinding, we recognize that we are more valuable to our customers when we offer a niche that others in the industry aren’t offering. We clearly understand how critical it is to keep up with technology, and as such, we make technology investments regularly. Our latest investment in our Quality Department with our Hexagon CMM and our Keyence measurement system has resulted in immediate quality improvements. With the Keyence, each of our operators can do their own measurements; they can easily print these out to evaluate. This frees up our Quality Control Brian Jaensch to become a true Quality Manager, and in fact our new equipment eliminated our need to hire an additional person for our quality department.” Jeff adds, “With our Hexagon and Keyence, we are now measuring to .00025 (anything closer than that would requirement a laboratory environment), and when we can essentially do measurements in 3 seconds, we now have the ability to increase the sample size of our parts measured. We have fewer corrective actions, we’ve reduced waste and we are nearly eliminating ‘escape defects’.” Superior Grinding’s roots hail from sharpening blades, and true to their loyalty to customers, the company still offers these services.Wendie and Jeff’s daughter Kellie Addington, says, “We sell and service all types of industrial specialty blades- metal shear blades, granulator blades, Guillotine (fassco f-3000), book binding, & sheeter blades.We also sharpen recycling and metal cutting blades, punches and dies, circular blades, slitters and perforator blades, planer and jointer blades, and many other types of cutters. We are additionally carbide blade grinding certified, and we distribute band saw blades for the Amada and Wikus brands.” Wendie says, “We are committed to constant improvement and exceptional quality output to our customers.” Jeff adds, “We recognize that we are far more valuable to our customers when we do what we say we will do.” To learn more about how Superior Grinding & Swiss Machining can support your precision machining needs with exceptional quality, contact them at: (801) 487-9700 or visit their website: www.superiorgrinding.com Kellie adds, “Want a job where you don’t have to work out in the elements? If you’re mechanically inclined, have any machine shop experience, surface grinding a plus or CNC Fanuc controls, dependable, willing to learn and work hard. Come join our team! Drop off your resume and take a tour of our shop. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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24,000 vehicles last year to 100,000 electric cars and trucks by 2023. It foresees electric vehicle use as quadrupling again to more than 450,000 by 2030, it said in its plan submission to the PUC.

The Right Waterjet Abrasive Choosing the right abrasive for a waterjet cutting application can significantly improve the performance and profitability of your waterjet operation.

The company had sought PUC approval for putting aside as much as $30 million Xcel would use to offer its customers rebates on new electric vehicle purchases. The PUC approved a scaled-back rebate expansion that will start a $5 million pilot program meant to help lower-income customers buy electric cars that cost less than $50,000. Utilities are racing to get more than 80% of their electricity from wind, solar and other renewable fuels, meaning that encouraging electric vehicles has the double benefit of reducing greenhouse gas creation and driving sales of more electricity.

BARTON has published an in-depth look at the many factors that impact the cutting efficiency of a waterjet abrasive.

Download a FREE copy: barton.com/WaterjetAbrasiveGuide

Vehicle electrification plans are also seen as crucial support for Gov. Jared Polis’ goal of having 940,000 electric vehicles on state roads by 2030. State regulators’ approval of Xcel Energy’s transportation electrification plan drew praise. The infrastructure investment and rebates for low-income vehicle buyers approved of in Xcel Energy’s plan were called an important combination by climate policy advocates.


USA/Canada 800-741-7756 • 518-798-5462 • barton.com • info@barton.com BARTON is a trademark of BARTON Mines Corporation.

Xcel Energy Is Charging Ahead With $110M Electric Vehicle Plan Colorado regulators have approved Xcel Energy spending $110 million to get new electric vehicles on Colorado roads and increase carcharging infrastructure in the Denver metro area. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission this week approved the power company’s first transportation electrification plan covering investments it will make over three years to encourage electric vehicle adoption in the state. The plans are required of power utilities under a state law passed in 2019. Xcel Energy Inc. is the state’s largest electrical utility, and it has embraced Colorado’s push to get more people driving electric vehicles as a way to reduce climate-damaging combustion of fossil fuels by traditional engines. Its transportation electrification plan is its biggest step toward encouraging electric vehicles The plan will also include investments encouraging fleet vehicle electrification by businesses. The utility, which serves 1.5 million customers mostly in the Denver metro area, forecasts quadrupling electric vehicles in its service area from about A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project pointed to studies showing that widespread electrical vehicle adoption drives down electricity rates. It predicted that, in addition to the environmental and health benefits of reduced pollution, consumers will reap billions in cost savings across Xcel’s service territory over the next 30 years if EV adoption takes off. A lot of the cost benefits of electrification accrue when utilities base rates on time of use, something that Xcel Energy has separately sought approval for from the PUC.The company proposed an electrical rate structure allowing it to charge different rates based on the time of day, allowing the utility to encourage vehicle charging at night, when demand is low and the strain on the electricity grid is lessened. Xcel last year won PUC approval to start new rates for fleet and public electric vehicle charging, pricing that went into effect Jan. 1. By Greg Avery – Denver Business Journal

Silver Was the Top Performing Commodity in 2020. Will Copper Be Next? What a way to kick off the new year. If you happened to watch the storming of the Capitol unfold live on TV, you might have mistaken it for a movie adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel. Despite the turmoil, stocks have incredibly continued to trade up. Such spending seems even more likely now that the Democrats have managed to gain control of both chambers of Congress, following Georgia’s special Senate election. I’m not sure if a 50-50 split constitutes the “blue wave” we kept hearing about in the months before the election, but it provides the Democrats with just enough political capital to realize at least some of the policies on their wish list, including green renewable energy. If nothing

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else, this should be positive for gold, given the potential for greater government spending and, therefore, inflation. Remember: Government policy is a precursor to change. We liked renewable energy stocks well before the election, and I believe investors would be missing an opportunity if they overlooked them now that the sector may get support from the new Congress and administration in the coming months. 2020 in Review: Commodities - That brings me to the main topic: commodities. Precious metals did well overall. Silver stood as the top performing commodity, up nearly 48%, its best year since 2010, when it rose over 80%. The white metal benefited not only from haven demand, fueled by unprecedented money-printing, but industrial demand as well. Among other applications, silver is a crucial component of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are found in solar panels. Precious Metals Were On Top -Copper prices were up in 2020 for very much the same reason. The world’s transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles is driving global demand for the highly conductible metal. Up 26% for the year, copper is poised to be a top performer in 2021 as well. China

has historically been the world’s largest importer of the metal, but now that its economy has largely recovered from the pandemic, the country has been buying it at a record clip. But China isn’t alone. According to research firm Wood Mackenzie, 2021 is expected to be a record-breaker for renewable auctions in Europe. Copper and other industrial metals should also get support from the strengthening manufacturing sector in the U.S. The ISM Manufacturing PMI registered 60.7 last month, marking its highest level since September 2018. December was also the eighth straight month that the gauge of manufacturing activity held above 50.0. All six of the biggest manufacturing industries expanded, including fabricated metal products. Manufacturing Fastest Pace Our favorite copper stock remains Ivanhoe Mines, which is my top pick for 2021. The company is in the process of building three mine development projects in Southern Africa. Among them is the world-class Kamoa-Kakula high-grade copper project, which is only six months away from scheduled initial production, according to a company presentation from last month. Frank Holmes A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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Ball Corp. Reveals Location For A New Aluminum Can Tops Factory Ball Corp. will build yet another new factory to supply its growing aluminum can production. TheWestminster-based company chose Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the company’s fourth North American “aluminum ends” plant, a factory that will make the tops of aluminum cans for beverages. Ball expects the Bowling Green plant to open in 2022 and then invest in expanding its capacity in following years.The company isn’t disclosing how much it plans to spend building the plant yet. Having another “end” plant helps the company match its expanding capacity to produce can bodies at other plants.

The company is adding new can plants in Pittston, Pennsylvania, and in Glendale, Arizona, to build up production and meet the demand for can bodies. Ball Corp. had forecast adding 6 billion cans of increased annual manufacturing capacity, but last year it indicated that number is likely to grow because consumption of canned beverages has grown even faster than expected. Companies moving away from plastic containers for their drinks products and favoring the more recycled and readily recyclable aluminum cans has been the driver of long-term growth Ball foresees, the company says. Cans have also grown in popularity among craft beer makers and been the container of choice for hard cider brands. Ball Corp. will operate more than 20 North American aluminum can factories once the new plant in Pittston Pennsylvania opens later this year. Expanded production in Glendale, Arizona is expected to come online earlier this year. Ball Corp. also opened a plant in Rome, Georgia, recently that make its recyclable aluminum cups, a product it hopes will grow in popularity, too. By Greg Avery – Senior Reporter, Denver Business Journal

“These investments will align our end production with our beverage can capacity investments, and are supported by numerous long-term customer contracts to serve the unprecedented demand for sustainable aluminum packaging,” Colin Gillis, president of Ball’s beverage packaging in North & Central America, in a statement.

50% Of Manufacturers PlanTo Secure Backup Suppliers In 2021 – Supply Chain Dive

Ball currently makes can tops, or ends, at its plants in Golden; Findlay, Ohio, and in Monterrey, Mexico.

The 2021 BDO Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey found that 50% A Z MANUFACTURING SW • alternative 55 • Nov / Dec 2020 of middle-market manufacturers plan to identify or backup

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Please RSVP to Maddie Dahl, NUNTMA Chapter Executive, Email: NUNTMA.org/upcoming-events; Note: All Events Are Virtual suppliers this year to overcome disruptions wrought by the pandemic.

idential administration will have, before companies morph their supply chains to improve manufacturing and distribution capacity.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of those surveyed plan to relocate their supply chains to another country in 2021. Europe was listed as the most stable market outside of the U.S. Only 10% said China was a stable location for long-term sourcing.

One area the data shows they have not hesitated is to integrate technology into their supply chains. A December ISM report found 65% of U.S. manufacturers focused on reevaluating their use of data and analytics to stabilize processes during the pandemic. That technology gives more visibility so that companies can have a better understanding of what’s happening end to end.

Of middle-market manufacturers surveyed, 22% reported plans to address supply chain weakness by reshoring to the U.S in 2021, following years of geopolitical tension, tariffs and labor expenses. Manufacturers weathered the struggles of 2020 by being agile and resilient, maintaining relationships with suppliers, finding new sourcing options quickly and implementing technology to shore up needs for remote work and keep up with the increased use of e-commerce. Companies must remain vigilant in 2021. “Everyone is more sensitive … [with] a lot of decisions being made on short-term cash needs,” said Eskander Yavar, BDO’s national manufacturing practice leader.Yavar said many companies are rethinking their sourcing because of tariffs and high shipping costs. For reshoring to the U.S., it may take time to see what impact the new pres-

Digitizing the supply chain is a strategy companies see as an investment priority to ensure more agility and stability long term. More than half (52%) of manufacturers in the BDO survey said they intend to invest in supply chain technology this year to improve and increase efficiencies, end-to-end visibility, and flexibility and responsiveness. Still, with concerns about the economy, and some manufacturers struggling to pay debts as is, every company can’t justify quickly making the technological switch. If the investment will not be covered in the final product price, there likely isn’t a compelling business case. “Can they make it up in price? And the answer is probably not today. They can’t make up that ROI on that capital expenditure that they need to make for all the technology and all the automation in price immediately, so those CFOs are pushing off investing in that value because they didn’t think they can get the return in today’s environment,” Yavar said. He suggested that this year, in particular, companies have to carefully weigh their short- and long-term goals when deciding which immediate direction to take. As companies consider alternative suppliers and evaluate reshoring to mitigate vulnerabilities in the supply chain, the BDO report advises that they meticulously examine their global network footprint and factor in all the trade and tax implications. Source: www.supplychaindive.com – A.B. Brown A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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of opportunity that accelerates the number of women entering STEM professions,” said Susan Podlogar, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at MetLife. “The key is to remove roadblocks so that top talent can enter, stay and flourish in STEM careers.”

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While increased interest in STEM is promising, there are still barriers to overcome. Among the survey respondents: •

• • • •

Only one-quarter of women feel that STEM professions are supportive of women and their career advancement, compared to nearly twice as many who said the education industry was supportive. Nearly half (44%) of women credit uncertainty as the biggest barrier to pursuing a career in STEM. Almost 25% of women said they were deterred by a lack of skills or lack of mentorship.

However, the survey also discovered several employer-offered programs that would encourage women to pursue careers in STEM, with more than one-third citing “returnship” programs – which help experienced professionals who left the workforce for an extended period of time re-launch their careers – and nearly 40% pointing to digital accelerator programs.

Pandemic Leads Women to Consider Career Change; 2 in 5 Looking at STEM

“By understanding the obstacles women face, companies can develop solutions to make STEM a more attainable career choice,” said Bill Pappas, executive vice president and head of Global Technology and Operations at MetLife. Source: IW Staff

Which States HaveThe MostVeteran-Owned Businesses?

“The key is to remove roadblocks so that top talent can enter, stay and flourish in STEM careers,” says MetLife study. The economic fallout of COVID-19 has had a severe impact on women in the workplace. In fact, 58% say COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their careers., according to a new survey from MetLife examining the barriers women are facing amid the pandemic. Despite this disruption – or perhaps because of it – roughly 1 in 4 women have been considering a career change since the pandemic hit. Many women are looking at STEM fields, specifically, with 2 in 5 noting that they are interested in pursuing a career in STEM, an industry forecasted to grow at a greater rate than non-STEM industries in the years ahead. “We have an opportunity to turn this moment of crisis into a moment A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 2

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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than nonveterans. While every state has veteran-owned businesses, they’re more common in some places than others. According to a national directory from the website VeteranOwnedBusiness.com, Alaska has the most veteran-owned businesses per 1,000 residents. New Hampshire, Florida and Colorado are close runners-up. Florida is the state with the most veteran-owned businesses, followed by Texas and California.Those states are also the three U.S. states with the largest populations. Although the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data on veteran-owned businesses comes from 2012, much of that information tracks with the VeteranOwnedBusiness.com data. California, Florida and Texas were the states with the most veteran-owned businesses in 2012, and Alaska and New Hampshire were two of the five states with the largest percentage of veteran-owned firms. The other three states were South Carolina,Virginia and Mississippi. By Lea Konczal – St. Louis Business Journal

2021 Economic Forecast In 2021, we expect to see robust economic growth and consumer spending, lower volatility in the financial markets along with lower-than-average returns and no new Federal Reserve activity. I’m sure many of us are glad to see the calendar pages turn. 2020 experienced an unprecedented economic event; yet in many other ways, it was just average.


In 2020, the economy witnessed one of the swiftest cycles seen in history.The contraction in the second quarter was truly unprecedented – the U.S. has not seen an economic contraction of that magnitude since the government started keeping records in 1947.

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The good news is the 2020 recession didn’t last long. For the calendar year, we estimate the economy contracted by 3.5% which, believe it or not, is close to average in periods of recession. Since WWI, the average economic contraction in a recession is 3.0%. The actual data is surprising, because this contraction surely didn’t feel average.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Tesker Thread Rolling Machine

The financial markets have been telling a different story. Back in 2019, the financial markets had a stellar year. The S&P 500 posted a return of 31.2% – much higher than the 5-year average return of 11.7%. In fact, in 2019, most asset classes did better than their 5-year average. In 2021, we expect robust economic growth; specifically, a 4.1% increase in real GDP, which is better than average. The average real GDP after the Great Recession, from 2009 to 2019 (a period we call the Great Moderation), is 1.8%. 2021 will be much better than that for the following reasons: 1. The economy will still be in recovery mode. As we have cited previously, history tells us it has taken two years to recover from material economic events. Following are the U.S. total GDP numbers (total economic activity, annualized): a. Fourth quarter, 2019 – $21.747 trillion b. First quarter, 2020 – $21.520 trillion c. Second quarter 2020 – $19.520 trillion d. Third quarter 2020 – $21.157 trillion e. Fourth quarter 2020- $21.400 trillion (estimate) You can see that we are still in recovery mode, with total GDP lower than that seen in 2019. Given our forecast of 4.1% real GDP growth in 2021, total GDP will be $22.3 trillion at the end of the year, passing the GDP high-water mark set back in 2019. At the beginning of the crisis, historical evidence suggested it would take two years to recover, and lo and behold, it looks like it will be average, as we forecasted.

8466 E US Hwy 34 970-667-5320 PO Box 1417 Fax: 970-667-5322 Loveland, CO 80539 Toll Free: 866-667-5320 haroldh@rongrob.com 2. 2021 may go down in the history books as the year the world beat the COVID-19 virus. Even though we will enter the year with spiking cases and new restrictions on activity, vaccines are being broadly distributed. Pent-up demand along with a high savings rate will boost consumption beginning in the second quarter of 2021.

Contact Faustson 3. StimulusWhy will continue to drive economic activity.Tool? • We are a leader in 5 Axis Manufacturing Technology Technology,

It’s amazing what $5 trillion can do to an economy.The CARES act, passed including 5 Axis Milling and 5 Axis EDM. in March 2020, gave the economy a $2.2 trillion crutch. A second $900 • We stimulus have 30program Years of Experience Servicing Customers.and billion (4.3% of GDP) will support consumption • Fauston Tool is a ifWoman Small Business. economic growth in 2021, approved.Owned Regardless, President Elect Biden supports more stimulus if required. • Our customers span the Aerospace, Defense, Medical,

Semi-Conductor, Energy and Aeronautic industries.

Due to COVID-19, vacations were canceled, we couldn’t go the to the movies in general, discretionary was curbed.JPL That Flight resulted in • Our –certifi cations include:spending ISO 9001:2000, an Certifi additional $1.3 trillion of savings, just waiting to support consumption ed, Ball Flight Certified, MPC Flight Certified, in 2021. LASP Flight Certified, ITAR Certified

Ball Aerospace: ever delegated supplier 4. Monetary policy remains First accommodative.

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The Federal Reserve (Fed) has demonstrated that it is willing to support Nowmarkets Introducing Our 3D Metal financial regardless of the disruption. The FedPrinting has telegraphed its intentions to keep rates close to zero for as long as needed to get the Services! economy back on track and indicated three factors that will influence its • 303.420.7422 decisionwww.faustson.com to change interest rates:

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The Army is budgeted in its five-year plan to start a competition for the radar in

Overall, the Army determined the baseline Patriot option

Utah Governor’s Office Provides Input To PPP fiscal year 2017.

coronavirus website.https://utah.us19.list-manage.com/ had the highest operations and maintenance costs. However, track/click?u=bba6a146af0b05baf49fa8719&id=025e2b65

The analysis considered the baseline option of a Patriot system with radar, The Economic AidantoAESA Hard-Hit a Patriot AESA radar with three antenna arraysSmall (enabling Patriot to see behind Businesses, Nonprofits itself), a multifunction fire control radar (MFCR), MFCR surveillance andan Venues Actwith is a a$325 billion radar, and the Marine Corps’ Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) made aid package providing additional by Northrop Grumman. assistance to the hardest-hit small businesses, nonprofits, and venues struggling to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Army looked at the risk and the cost associated with each alternative in order to fully integrate them into its future Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense The act provides funding for a second round of forgivable loans through the Paycheck (AIAMD) Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS). Northrop Grumman is Protection Program for small businesses and nonprofits experiencing significant developing and will field IBCS — the brains of the future missile defense system revenue losses. We’re calling the second wave PPP 2.0. — in fiscal year 2019.

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PPP the 2.0 analysis includesconsidered other improvements, like grantsfortoeach shuttered and against emerAnd the growth potential optionvenues to defend gency enhancements tothreat, other U.S. Small Business Administration lending programs. an evolving lower-tier according to the slides. Together the Utah District WorldTradeFor Center GOED’s To focus with the study, the SBA Army made Office severaland assumptions. one, Utah, it assumed that new Executive Director a webinar PPP any alternative could be Dan fullyHemmert integratedhosted into the AIAMDyesterday network.discussing Raid vignettes 2.0 other business support programs. wereand designed to represent a single battery’s capability.

Thecan Army also thewebinar cost based on 91 procured — four prototypes You view theevaluated 34-minute on GOED’s Facebookradars orYouTube channels. We and 87you production assets — and launchers consisting fourthe prototypes and invite to share the webinar with485 others who would benefitoffrom information. 481 production assets. We encourage all hard-hit Utah small businesses to review the program’s criteria and The service the program would initial capability prepare theirfigured documentation now,schedule so they’re readyreach to apply foroperational the forgivable loans. ideally by fiscal year 2026 and procurement quantities would stay at 15 battalions A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 72 •to Janhelp / materiel Feb small 2019 development Information and businesses anddecision. nonprofits, even sole proas described in a resources Nov. 7, 2014, prietors and independent contractors, apply for PPP 2.0 are available on the state’s To assess capabilities, alternatives were weighed against the most stressing tactical A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 30 Jan / Feb 2021 ballistic missile threat to the front, according to the document. 2


the Patriot upgrades stay within the Army’s cost target and dressing threats.

Six Manufacturing Tech Trends To Replacement alternatives with X-band interceptor communiLook Forwere Indetermined 2021 to be the most costly, exceeding cation arrays Army cost targets. But they “have the most improvement” over

In the early days of the pandemic, manufacturers were hit the baseline Patriot, according to the slides. hard with forced shutdowns, production slowdowns and serious questions about whether companies navigate G/ATOR’s average procurement unit cost could is between $147 the disruptions. Manufacturing indicators had shown early million and $254.6 million, MFCR is predicted to cost $223.9 2020 momentum, but the US MFCR industrial in March million per copy and withproduction a surveillance radar is registered a month-over-month decline of 4.5%, followed estimated to cost $326.4 million. by a deeper decline of 11.2% in April.

The G/ATOR system — which would need 118 months to What did increase in 2020, however, was the speed of transmove through the acquisition cycle — was assessed as having formation. Companies made swift moves towards Industry high schedule risk in both the technology maturation and risk 4.0, or the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing reduction phase (TMRR) and the EMD phase. The program and industrial practices. There is no time to waste: mancould see schedule slippage, the Army predicts, anywhere ufacturers looking to stay competitive need to serve their from 14 to 18 months. customers in new ways; become more agile and flexible; and attract the right skills and talent. The Army concluded that upgrades and replacement radar taketonearly amount to field. The I options reached out leadersthe andsame experts acrossofthetime manufacturing baseline Patriot would reach initial operational industry spectrum and asked them what technologycapability trends in fiscal yearwould 2027,emerge upgraded Patriot in early fiscal rec2028, they thought this year in manufacturing MFCR and capability late fisognition that MFCR speed iswith of thesurveillance essence. Here’s are sixintrends cal ‘28. G/ATOR would take the longest to reach initial they say will stand out in 2021: operational capability, according to the slides, reaching the milestone past fiscal 2029.

Move to Glocalization As Covid-19 continues to shut down international borders and dampen business travel, companies will focus on balancing localized and globalized business options in order to stay competitive. “They will be a renewed effort to discover the technology solutions that can improve the resiliency and efficiency of critical supply chains in localized regions,” says Adzmel Adznan, partner and operating manager of Piva Capital. “Optimizing and strengthening these supply chains will present viable opportunities for emerging countries to advance their economies and stay competitive.”

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Shift To the Edge Agility will be critical in 2021 and in the post-pandemic era. For example, cobots, or collaborative robots, require manufacturers to become better equipped to respond to changing situations, since cobots make real-time, complex decisions during the task they work on with humans.To get there, computing power and data processing must shift to the “edge,” or closer to where the data is being created, in order to reduce latency and boost processing. “Moving to the edge will protect the safety and security of the workforce,” says Flavio Bonomi, board advisor to Lynx Software Technologies. “At the same time, it helps manufacture goods in a more agile, efficient manner.”

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Surge in 3D Printing According to the Association of Supply Chain Management, Covid-19 gave the world “a glimpse into how 3D printing can be used temporarily to alleviate the strain on supply chains during demand surges and shortages, as it did with medical equipment.” Inventors are combining 3D printing with traditional processes creating unique combinations of parts that perform better with lower cost that can be manufactured closer to the customer, all while being more sustainable. “The supply chain disruptions of 2020 pushed many companies to radically rethink their design & manufacturing strategy,” says Brad Rothenberg, founder and CEO of 3D printing software company nTopology. “The application of advanced manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing and other digital processes, will enable the most advanced products to enter the market — design will, once again, become the differentiator for companies releasing better, more sustainable products.”

In 2021, remote work will continue, social distancing requirements will remain, and supply chains will continue to face disruption. According to George Young, global managing director of Kalypso, this means companies must find new ways to operate effectively, from the product to the plant to the end user. Artificial intelligence will be the standard for addressing these challenges, but AI will fail if companies don’t consider how humans interact with and leverage these new autonomous systems. “In 2021, enterprises will take a human-centered approach to AI initiatives, understanding user needs and values, then adapting AI designs and models accordingly, which will in turn, improve adoption,” he says.

Supportive IT Infrastructure

Increased Investment In IIoT

Organizations need to prepare their IT infrastructure to support the sped-up digital transformation leading manufacturers to industry 4.0, particularly in the middle market, says Jason Alexander, principal and industrial products senior analyst at RSM. “That requires a comprehensive IT infrastructure platform that is scalable, flexible and adaptable to the relevant requirements of the organization,” he says. In traditional IT, the interface with production is restricted to the provision of services and data, engineering and the necessary enterprise resource planning and product data management systems. “New technologies such as IoT are revolutionizing machinery, which need to be able to communicate with each other cost-effectively,” he says.

Integration is critical for answering the $77 billion need for the industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, according to Keith Higgins, VP of digital transformation for Rockwell Automation.With the IIoT market expected to grow from $77.3 billion in 2020 to $110.6 billion by 2025, 73% of manufacturers plan to increase their investment in smart factory technology over the next year. “As IIoT sensors produce 1.44 billion data points per plant per day, IT/OT integration is critical to improving operational efficiency while accelerating success through digital transformation initiatives,” says Higgins. “It will directly impact whether enterprises remain or become more competitive in the global manufacturing landscape.” Forbes Magazine

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Aviation Startups Making Progress, But Can They Disrupt The Industry? The concept of a minimum viable product is not new to aviation. It is how the industry started. But as aircraft technology has advanced, customers have come to expect more than a minimum capability. Along comes SiliconValley’s startup culture, with its drive to find a foothold from which to launch a new technology—a less-than-perfected product that can be developed quickly to disrupt or create a market. How well is that going for aviation? From autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) to hybrid-electric and hydrogen propulsion, is there a viable product taking shape that can perform a valuable mission? Autonomy - The vision: unmanned cargo aircraft plying the skies to meet the ever-growing express logistics needs of the e-commerce giants. The reality: a pair of startups that are converting the Cessna Caravan into a remotely piloted regional cargo aircraft as a first step. The goal is that supervised autonomy would enable several aircraft to be managed by one remote pilot on the ground, increasing utilization and reducing operating costs. Reliable Robotics and Xwing plan to operate their aircraft manned initially, the autonomy advising the pilot while accumulating the experience required.The companies hope to begin commercial flights by 2022. There are plenty of startups pursuing the express logistics market with unmanned cargo aircraft, but by targeting an existing market—several A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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hundred Caravans fly as freight feeders for package carriers—and modifying an already certified aircraft introducing autonomy, these two companies hope to lower the certification hurdles. Artificial Intelligence - The vision: automated aircraft flown by machine-learning algorithms that replicate the skills of human pilots but not their mistakes. The reality: The initial approach is to use AI to help the pilot in high-workload phases of flight, such as landing. Swiss startup Daedalean is developing a camera-based system to provide safe landing guidance for general-aviation aircraft and vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles. By tackling one well-defined subtask of visual flying, and proving the system can be safer than human piloting, Daedalean hopes to create the path to certification of AI for safety-critical applications. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency, which has been working with the startup to frame the rules, expects the first AI applications to be certified in 2022. Hybrid-Electric - The vision: propulsion systems that overcome the limitations of batteries to deliver the economic and emissions benefits of electrification in larger, faster, longer-range aircraft. The reality: Starting small, startups Ampaire andVoltAero are testing power trains in converted Cessna 337 Skymasters. Ampaire’s route to market is to modify existing aircraft, beginning with the Skymaster as the four-seat, 200-mi. Electric EEL but moving on to the 19-seat de Havilland Canada Twin Otter. France’s VoltAero, meanwhile, is taking the clean-sheet approach with plans for a family of hybrid-electric aircraft with up to 10 seats and 800-mi. range. Delivery of the initial four-seat Cassio 330 version is planned for 2023. While batteries have improved enough to make pure-electric urban air taxis feasible, longer ranges are still out of reach. But there are startups working to field all-electric nine- and 19-seat aircraft within just a couple of years of the first hybrid-electric types. Hydrogen -The vision: zero-emissions flight for aircraft of all sizes and ranges. The reality: adapting automotive fuel-cell technology to modify regional turboprops and kick-start the market for green hydrogen as an aviation fuel. ZeroAvia made the first flight of a six-seater with a fuel-cell power train from Cranfield, England, in September and plans a 300-mi. demonstration flight. The startup’s route to market is to modify existing 10- and 20-seaters to hydrogen-electric propulsion, aiming for its first certification within three years. Universal Hydrogen is more ambitious, targeting the 50-seat de Havilland Canada Dash 8-300 for conversion to hydrogen fuel-cell propulsion for market entry by 2024. Introducing a new fuel to aviation is an infrastructure issue. By starting small, the startups believe the challenge of producing green hydrogen can be made manageable. But to have an impact on aviation’s contribution to climate change, hydrogen needs to be scaled up to larger and larger aircraft as quickly as possible. Source:AviationWeek

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Doosan__________ 973-618-2500 Foothills Machinery____ 303-466-3777 J.M. Grisley________ 801-486-7519 J.M. Grisley________ 208-861-8991 Hurco___________ 800-634-2416 KTR Machine________623-202-7177 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivty_303-571-4933 Selway Machine Tool___ 888-735-9290 Smith Machinery Co___ 801-263-6403 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 CNC Swiss Turn Machines AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivty_303-571-4933 Tornos USA_______ 951-695-0342 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Machines AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivty_303-571-4933 Smith Machinery Co___ 801-263-6403 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300

EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Manual Mills & Lathes KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 NEW MACHINERY FABRICATION Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Angle Rolls Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Band Saws Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Ultimate Machinery_____ 480-966-2000 Bar Feeders Edge Technologies______ 951-440-1574 Bending Bystronic Inc__________213-309-1694 Cold Saws KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 CNC Punching Centers S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 CNC Routers Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Drill Lines Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Fiber Lasers Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Grinding Machines DCM Tech_________ 800-533-5339 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Multitool USA_______ 800-660-0880

Iron Workers Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutters Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Bystronic Inc__________ 213-309-1694 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 MMT, A Div of Productivty_303-571-4933 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Magnetic Particle (NDT) Machines DCM Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers Bystronic Inc_________ 213-309-1694 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Plate Rolls Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Plasma Cutters Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bystronic Inc__________ 213-309-1694 KNUTH Machine Tools____ 847-415-3333 Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Press Brakes Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718

Sawing Machines Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Shearing Machines Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bystronic Inc__________ 213-309-1694 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Vacuum Tables DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 OTHER ACCESSORIES Grinding Accessories Multitool USA_______ 800-660-0880 Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales______ 480-816-6300 USA EDM Supply______ 480-836-8330 PALLET SYSTEMS Automatic Pallet Systems Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Automatic Door Opener Systems

Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Bystronic Inc__________ 213-309-1694 Manual Rotary Pallet Systems Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Rotary Surface Grinders Robotic Part Loading Systems DCM Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN •

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Madisen Dahl Training & Recruiting NUNTMA Chapter Exec. w 801.337.7097 m 801.710.5535 Benjamin Johnson ASNT Level III #210316 johnson80120@gmail.com 602-578-8109

ASNT, NAS 410, ASME Nadcap, ASTM, RT, UT, MT, PT

CHRIS FRANS Vice President

Level III NDT Consulting Services, LLC Fast Approvals · Low Rates Excellent Customer Service

Training, Certifications, Nadcap Approvals, Responsible Level III, Aerospace, Petrol Chemical

PLASTICS Acrylics And Polycarbonates Laird Plastics________303-292-1687 Plastics: Fabrication Laird Plastics________303-292-1687 Graphics Materials Laird Plastics________303-292-1687 Mechanical/Engineering Material Laird Plastics________303-292-1687 PROG. SYSTEMS CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 Delcam (Autodeck)_____ 877-35-2261 MultiCAM_________ 970-218-9046 SolidCAM_________ 530-863-0461 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY 3D Parts To Go________801-380-7935 RECYCLING Recyclable Metals Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 Scrap Metal Recycling Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Acieta___________ 402-650-8132 Integrated Systems Inc__ 928-649-9600 Robot Accessories Acieta___________ 402-650-8132 SCHUNK___________ 919-452-4535 Robotic Repairs Acieta____________ 402-650-8132 SERVICES AS9100 Certification ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 BMSC___________ 602-445-9400 MEP ___________ 801-863-7001 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Business Forms/ Custom labels/Brochures Pryntink___________ 855-675-1444 2 A Rocky Mountain Mountain •• A2Z Z Manufacturing Manufacturing Rocky

Denver, Colorado Direct: 414.224.0209 Cell: 402.639.0475 chrisf@techfin.net



Calibration Services MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Orion Registrar ________303-645-4017 Klontech Industrial_____480-948-1871 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Western States Calibration_ 801-466-1700 ISO Registrar Consultant,Operational Orion Registrar ________303-645-4017 Consultant, ISO Lean Manufacturing ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 BMSC___________ 602-445-9400 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 MEP ___________ 801-863-7001 Machine Tool Rebuilding Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 Contract Inspection Nadcap Approvals - Consulting Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Level III NDT Consulting_ 602-578-8109 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Education Level III NDT Consulting_ 602-578-8109 Ogden-Weber Tech College_ 801-395-3795 Process Improvement Electrical: Breakers/Switches/ BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Starters MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 Denver Breaker Supply __ 855-4UR-BRKR Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Reverse Engineering Financing Advanced Coord. Tech ___ _303-469-6161 Tech Financial Services_____ 402-224-0209 Diversified Metal Services___ 801-972-6093 Univerity Federal Credit Union_ 801-463-3597 Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 First Article Inspection Rigging & Transfer Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 IRH ____________801-972-5581 Heavyhaul Davis Applied Tech College_ 801-593-2483 IRH ____________801-972-5581 Spindle Rebuilding Injection Molding GMN USA__________ 800-686-1679 3D Parts To Go______ 801-380-7935 Transportation Inspection Services IRH ____________801-972-5581 Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 Consulting/Engineering Lean Consulting Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 SPINDLE REPAIR MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 Process Improvement/ Audit RMS Assembly & Mfg___ 303-777-3064 TOOLING ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 PrecisionToolholding Products BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Sustaining Edge Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 X-Ray Tooling Systems Certified Inspection Service__602-267-0661 _ Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322

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Office: 801-463-3597 Cell: 801-979-3361 Fax: 801-294-3319 mdenison@ucreditu.com www.UcreditU.com

The Industry’s Most Trusted Source to Buy, Sell, and Trade-In Used CNC, Plastics, and Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery.



Live Tool Holders Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 Static Tool Holders Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 TRAINING MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 CAD/CAM Training Blackwing Machine_____ 801-645-4485 Davis Applied Tech College_ 801-593-2483 MultiCAM_________ 970-218-9046 CNC/Conventional Machining Davis Applied Tech College_ 801-593-2483 Machining Software Davis Applied Tech College___801-593-2483 MultiCAM____________ 970218-9046 USED MACHINERY Action Machinery ________888-289-9100 DATRON____________480-826-3689 EDM Network_________480-836-1782 K.D. Capital Equipment____480-922-1674 Methods West_________602-437-2220 S&S Machinery Sales_____602-368-8542 Selway Machine Tool_____888-735-9290 WATERJET CUTTING MACHINERY Action Machinery ________888-289-9100 Global EDM Supply _____480-836-8330 Multicam___________970-218-9046 OMAX Corp________ _800-838-0343 Abrasives/Blast Media Barton International______800-741-7756

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

368 West 600 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101 zdenek@cncmach.net

Phone: (801) 531-9922 Fax: (801) 531-9944 Cell: (801) 301-1160

Andy Martin The CNC Pros, Inc. 3329 W 2555 S West Valley City, UT 84119 PHONE: 801-973-0800 CELL: 801-637-8806 andy.martin@cncprose.com www.thecncpros.com www.facebook.com/thecncpros

BAR CODING Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Western Sintering______ 509-375-3096 Frontier Group________602-437-2426

3D SCANNING The CNC Pros________801-973-0800

Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 BROACHING PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 COMPOSITES Precision Mach’d Products_ 970-482-7676 S.A. Composites_________970-776-3877 Specialty Steel Services___801-539-8252

DESIGNCAD/CAM CASTINGS CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922 Aluminum Casting ADDITIVE MFG/ 3 D PRINTING Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 DIES Faustson___________303-420-7422 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Die Casting SolidCAM_________ 530-863-0461 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole ASSEMBLIES Die Casting: Aluminum/Zinc Advantage Manufacturing__ 877-727-0281 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 CAID Industries________435-890-8823 CHEMICAL PROCESSING EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922 PAS Technologies____ 480-487-1906 Innovative Precision____ 801-334-6317 COATING Dayton Rogers______ 763-717-6303 Maverick Mold & Machine__ 970-535-4604 JD Machine________ 801-782-4403 Coating:Black Oxide Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Pillar Machine________ 801-965-1900 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Prec. Mach’d Products______970-482-7676 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Coating:Chemfilm EDM: Wire Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Frontier Group________602-437-2426 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Wrico____________ 480-892-7800 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 EDM Express_______ 800-780-7075 Electronics Assemblies Innovative Precision_______801-334-6317 Coating: Liquid Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-7270281 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 CAID Industries_______ 435-890-8823 Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Welded Assemblies Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Paramount Machine_____ 801-886-2755 Weiser Engineering_____ 303-280-2778 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 The Toolroom Inc.________801-773-6331

Thompson Machine______505-823-1453 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 ENGINEERING/DESIGN Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Reverse Engineering Precision Tech________801-285-7288 FABRICATION Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493 Auburn Tool & Machine_ 303-278-8769 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design___801-531-9922 Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EMJD Corporation______ 303-761-5236


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Paramount Machine

www.paramount-machine.com sales@paramount-machine.com Office: 801.886.2755 Fax: 801.886.2759

EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Mountain View Machine __435-755-0500 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Custom Auto/Truck/Bike H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Fabrication: Filament Winding S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Fabrication: Composites S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Fabrication: Enclosures Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Fabrication: Medium & Large CAID Industries______435-890-8823 EMJD Corp__________ 303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Group Mfg Serv______ 480-966-39528 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Fabrication: SheetMetal Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EMJD Corporation______ 303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Group Mfg Serv_______480-966-3952 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Pillar Machine______801-965-1900 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Fabrication: Steel Bandsaw LLC_________303-744-7181 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 EMJD Corp________303-761-5236 FINISHING Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 CPCS_____________303-438-8328 Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Precision Mach’d Prod____ 970-482-7676 Star Precision________303-926-0559

40 • Jan / Feb 2021

Superior Grinding______801-487-9700 TVT Die Casting_______800-280-2278 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Anodizing/ Passivation Focused on Machining_____303-922-307 Dry Film Lubrication PAS Technologies______602-744-2600 Finishing: One Stop Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Frontier Group________602-437-2426 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Glass Bead Clean Sandblasting Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Shot Peen Iron Phosphates Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Silk Screening Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Passivation Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 Aluminum (Medium & Large) Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493 Frontier Group________602-437-2426 FOUNDRY PAS Technologies______602-744-2600 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Photochemical/Etching GAS NITRIDING VACCO Industries______ 626-443-7121 Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Powder Coating GEAR CUTTING Arizona Finishing______602-438-4443 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 CPCS_____________303-438-8328 Specialty Steel Svcs____ 801-539-8252 Frontier Group________602-437-2426 Gear Hobbing Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 GRINDING Star Precision________303-926-0559 AzMark___________480-926-8969 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093

GMN USA_________ 800-686-1679 Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 PAS Technologies______602-744-2600 Prec. Mach’d Products__ 970-482-7676 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding___ 800-662-0126 Sun Grinding________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding______801-487-9700 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Grinding, Blanchard Auburn Tool & Machine_303-278-8769 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Steel Services Grinding___ 800-662-0126 Sun Grinding________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding, Centerless Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Sun Grinding________602-238-9595 Grinding, Cold Saw AA Carbide________ 801-486-4881 Grinding: OD AzMark___________480-926-8969 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Sun Grinding________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Sun Grinding________602-238-9595

Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding: Tool & Cutter BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 Exact Tool Grinding_____ 801-712-2720 Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 FORMING Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Star Precision________303-926-0559 HEAT TREATING Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Controlled Thermal_____ 602-272-3714 Pilkington Metal Finishing__801-972-2146 Quick Turn Machine_____801-334-6800 The Toolroom Inc.______801-773-63311 HONING/LAPPING LAYKE, Inc._________602-272-2654 IDENTIFICATION Industrial Labels TUFFLabels_________855-855-8833 Silk Screen Arizona Finishing_____602-438-4443 INSPECTION Inspection, First Article Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Inspection Services Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131

Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Sustaining Edge Solutions__888-572-9642 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting Advantage Manufacturing____ 877-727-0281 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Pipe&Tube Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 MACHINING Advantage Manufacturing___ 877-727-0281 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc__801-531-9922 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 GL Manufacturing______ 801-634-5894 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130

Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Teton Machining_____ 208-642-9344 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Machining: 3D Faustson___________303-420-7422 Machining: 5 Axis Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 AzMark___________480-926-8969 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Faustson___________303-420-7422 GL Manufacturing______ 801-634-5894 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Paramount Machine___ 801-886-2755 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 41 41

A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain 2021 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN • ••Nov•/ Jan Dec/ Feb 2020 2

The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Machining: Aerospace AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Flex-Pro___________480-773-3239 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Paramount Machine____ 801-886-2755 Pinnacle Precision____ 435-563-2722 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision Mach’d Products_ 970-482-7676 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Teton Machining_____ 208-642-9344 Machining: Automatic StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 Machining: Ceramic O’Keefe Ceramics______ 719-687-0888 Ceramic: Sapphire, Alumina, Silicon, Aluminum, Quartz O’Keefe Ceramics______ 719-687-0888 Machining: CNC Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 DMSI___________801-972-6093 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg________970-535-4540 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 GL Manufacturing______ 801-634-5894 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 Leading Edge Machine__ 435-563-9425 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Maverick Mold & Machine_ 970-535-4604 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Quick Turn Machine____801-334-6800 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Electromechanical Design RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Teton Machining_____ 208-642-9344 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Wrico___________ 480-892-7800 Machining: Composites Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Machining: Contract American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 JD Machine_________801-782-4403

42 • Jan / Feb 2021

Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Paramount Machine____801-886-2755 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Electromechanical Design Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Machining: DoD CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Machining: Large Diameters GL Manufacturing_______ 801-634-5894 Machining: Laser AzMark___________480-926-8969 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Gerome Mfg________520-622-8402 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 Southwest Waterjet-Laser__480-306-7748 VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Machining:Medical A&L Machining_______303-373-1540 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Teton Machining_____ 208-642-9344 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995

GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Pillar Machine______801-965-1900 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Machining: Mold Base Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Maverick Mold & Machine___970-535-4604

Machining: Production Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Machining: Milling American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Elite Machine________ 801-710-7891 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 GL Manufacturing_______ 801-634-5894 Newport Tool________801-295-7411


Paramount Machine___ 801-886-2755 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Radtech____ ______303-789-4247 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Star Precision________303-926-0559 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Machining: Prototype Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Denver Precision______ 303-469-1771 Faustson___________303-420-7422 Flex-Pro ___________ 480-773-3239 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 Leading Edge Machine___435-563-9425 Micropulse West______ 480-966-2300 Mountain View Machine_ 435-755-0500 Newport Tool________801-295-7411 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247

RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 S.A.Composites______ 970-776-3877 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 The Toolroom Inc._____ 801-773-6331

Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Machining: Precision The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Machining: Swiss American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 CNC Machine & Design Inc__801-531-9922 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Teton Machining_______208-642-9344 Newport Tool________801-295-7411 Machining: Turning Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 Quick Turn Machine_____801-334-6800 AzMark___________480-926-8969 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Precision Machined Prod.__ 970-482-7676 Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 TVT Die Casting_______800-280-2278 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Machining: R & D American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654

Leading Edge Machine___ 435-563-9425 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Mountain View Machine___ 435-755-0500 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 Teton Machining_______208-642-9344 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Machining: Ultra-Precision Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 MANUFACTURING A&L Machining_______303-373-1540 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc__801-531-9922 Group Mfg Serv______480-966-3952 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Precision Enterprises___ 731-642-8709 Electromechanical Design CAID Industries______435-890-8823 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 Composites S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Contract Teton Machining_______208-642-9344 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech_________ 480-966-1591 Production Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

43 •

Jan / Feb 2021

SERVICES AS9100 Certification ABS Quality Evaluations_702-371-7591 BMSC__________ 602-445-9400 MEP___________ 801-863-7001 Sustaining Edge Solutions_ 888-572-9642

Wire Springs ● Flat Springs ● Wire Products www.springworksutah.com sales@springworksutah.com (801) 298Ͳ0113 2261 S. 1560 W. ● Woods Cross ● UT 84087

Electroless Nickel Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Nickel/Chrome/ Copper Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Tin Plate Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 POLISHING PRECISION FORMING Richards Fab________801-409-0392 Thompson Machine_____505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800 PROCESSING: METAL Chemical PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906

EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Robotic CNC DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Routering CNC DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Skid Manufacturing ENS Welding Service___208-670-0538 Small Part Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493 METAL STAMPING Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Hi-Production Precision Stamping Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__ 480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 MOLDS Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Maverick Mold & Machine_ 970-535-4604 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Etching/Photochemical VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 Molds: Plastic Injection PROTOTYPE MACHINERY Maverick Mold & Machine_ 970-535-4604 3D Parts To Go________801-380-7935 Molds Steel DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 PUNCHING Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Arizona Finishing_____602-438-4443 Group Manufacturing Serv_480-966-3952 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Star Precision________303-926-0559 PACKAGING Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 RECYCLING PAINTING Recyclable Metals Coating Technologies_____ 623-581-2648 CPCS___________ 303-438-8328 Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Frontier Group_____ 602-437-2426 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 PAS Technologies____ 602-744-2600 REPAIR Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Bearing Surface Richards Fab_________ 801-409-0392 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Painting CARC Hydraulic Cylinder Frontier Group________ 602-437-2426 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 PLATING Rolling: thread Blanchard Metals Proc.__ 801-972-5590 Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Scrap Metal Recycling PAS Technologies______ 480-487-1906 Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Anodizing Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 Frontier Group________602-437-2426 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Integrated Systems Inc__ 928-649-9600 Copper ROUTERING, CNC Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300

44 • Jan / Feb 2021

Calibration Services Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Klontech Industrial_____480-948-1871 Western States Calibration_801-466-1700 SAW CUTTING Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 SHOT PEENING Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 SINTERING Western Sintering______509-375-3096 SPINNING: METAL Metal Spinning Solutions__ 480-899-0939 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services__ 801-539-8252 SPRINGS Custom/Compression/Extension/Assembly/Torsion Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 Flat & Wire Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 STAMPING Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Thompson Machine___ 505-823-1453 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 High Production PrecisionStamping Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Aerospace Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping:Deep Draw Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Thompson Machine___ 505-823-1453 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 Stamping:Design The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Stamping:Flat Forming SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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your waterjet cutting specialists

Stamping:Foil Forming Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping: Light SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping:Precision Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Stamping:Prototype Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Stamping:Short Run Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________ 480-892-7800 SWISS SCREW MCHG. Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Screwing: Lead Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 TESTING Testing: Non-Destructive Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Pilkington Metal Finishing___ 801-972-2146 Testing: Thermal Spray Controlled Thermal_____ 602-272-3714 TOOL & DIE Newport Tool________801-295-7411 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800

Tool & Cutter Grinding BC Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 713-638-0303 Exact Tool Grinding____ 801-712-2720 TOOLING Mountain View Machine__ 435-755-0500 Western Sintering_____509-375-3096 Custom Tooling BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 Tool Coating BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 Tool Refurbishing BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 WATERJET CUTTING Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Leading Edge Machine___435-563-9425 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Robo-Jet___________208-391-7575 Southwest Waterjet-Laser__480-306-7748

WELDING Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Advantage Manufacturing___ 877-727-0281 Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 ENS Welding Service____208-670-0538 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 Pre-Fabricated Pipe Welding ENS Welding Service__ 208-670-0538 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392

Welding: Orbital Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Welding: Pipe ENS Welding Service__ 208-670-0538 Welding: Precision Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Welding: Robotic

Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Welding: TIG Mountain View Machine____ 435-755-0500 WIRE FORMING Flat & Wire Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 ASSOCIATIONS N. Utah NTMA________ 801-337-7097

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“Technology Solutions For Competitive Manufacturing” “Technology Solutions For Competitive Manufacturing” ompetitive Manufacturing” “Technology Solutions For Competitive 41 West GuestCity, Ave,UT Salt Lake City, UT 41 West Guest Ave, Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT 41 West Guest Ave, Salt Lake Cit 801-263-6403 801-263-6403 6403 801-263-6403 www.smithmachinetools.com www.smithmachinetools.com



ertified Company


An 9001:2008 ed Company An ISO ISO 9001: 2015Certifi Certified Company An ISO 9001:2008 Certifi ed Company An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Com

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1977-2017 1977 - 2021



Building CNC InYears The U.S. For PARTNERSHIP NC Machines In TheMachines U.S. For 43


1977-2017 Building CNC Machines In The U.S. For 43 Years SMITH MAZAK Building CNC Machinery In The USA+ For 46 Years 43 Years SMITH + MAZAK PARTNERSHIP 4th Generation Smith Machinery Company Celebrates 60 Years In PARTNERSHIP Smith Machinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The Opportun Business!

Year, The Company Is Celebrating Our 40th Year In Partne e Opportunity To Serve You! This Smith Machinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The To Serve You! This achinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The Opportunity ToOpportunity Serve You! This ar In Partnership with Mazak!

Year, Is The Company Our Is Celebrating Our 40th Year4th InGeneration Partnership with Mazak! Clark Smith, of the Family Business, Say The Company Celebrating 40th Year In Partnership with Mazak!Smith

have sold more than 700 new Mazak machines to our customers

siness, Says, “Over the years we We have also sold 80 Mazak 5-Axis Machines. Our experience Clark Smith, 4th Generation Smith of the Family the customers in the Mountain States. us years apart. ”we ith, 4th Generation Smith of the Family Business, Says,Business, “Over theSays, years“Over we sets Radtech...59 have than 700 new Mazak machines to in ourthe customers the Mountain States. experience with 5-Axis machining more thansold 700 more new Mazak machines toRadtech...59 our customers MountaininStates. RD Machine...60

ResellMachines. CNC West...31,54 WithOur Smithexperience Youwith Get Consistency And Superior Service We 80 have also sold 80Machines. Mazak 5-Axis 5-Axis machining ResourceMfg...29,56 also sold Mazak 5-Axis Our experience withMachinery, 5-Axis machining ResourceMfg...17,56 Richards Fab...56 Relationships With Their Suppliers. Richards Fab...56 sets apart. ” RPM CNC Precisionus Machine...55 sets us apart. ” RMTMA...48 RMTMA...47 .59 RD Machine...60

Rocky Mountain Blades...52 erior Service From Their Long Term Rocky Mountain SawSaw Blades...52 hine...60 Roentgen USA...52 e...60 Roentgen USA...52 uppliers. Grob CO....57 And Superior Service From Their Long Term NC West...31,54 With Smith Machinery, You Get Consistency RonRon Grob CO....57

g...29,56 Royal Products...38,49 ith Machinery, You Get Consistency AndRoyal Superior Service From Their Long Term Products...18,49 Mfg...17,56 b...56 Smith-Neotech: ready to serve & service your machines! Ryerson...15,49,51-53 Relationships With Their Suppliers. 14 Years With Smith Ryerson...17,49,51,52,53 Fab...56Machine...55 Relationships With Their SA Suppliers. Composites...61 ecision SA Composites...61 The Machinery Smith Machinery Team, From Left to Right: AJ, David, Lucas, Clark, Klaus, Olivia, Sue,Thi And FurrA...48 S&S Machinery...50 7 Friend Camera-Shy Cade S&S Machinery...50 Samuel & CO..5,23,52 ountain Blades...52 Samuel SonSon & CO..7,43,52 Smith Machinery is celebrating their 60-year anniversary! Clark tain SawSaw Blades...52 • Mazak – 43 years Sawblade.com...7 Smith and everyone at Smith Machinery and Smith Neo-Tech, Sandvik...49 nSA...52 USA...52 • Marvel – 33 years Inc., say a big “Thank You” to their loyal customers. “You are the Scientific Cutting Tools...32 10 Years With Smith • Star CNC (Swiss) – 17 years Sawblade.com...5 b CO....57 people that create wealth and great jobs, by manufacturing world9–Years Seco Tools Inc...50 O....57 • Shigiya 16 years With Smith 4 Years With Smith Seco Tools Inc...50 class products here in the mountain states!You make our country Machinery • Romi -14 years oducts...38,49 Machinery Sentry Insurance...54 better and play an important role in the future of this great nation. cts...18,49 Setco Spindles & Slides...50 Machinery Setco Spindles & Slides...50 Our success is only a reflection of your commitment and talents.” • Mitsubishi EDM – 13 years .15,49,51-53 Shop Tools, Inc..10,50 14 Years With Smith • ANCA – 12 years Smith 10 Years With ,49,51,52,53 Shop Tools, Inc..18,50 30 Years Years With Smith ars With Smith 19 Years With Smith Smith10 Machinery attributes its With longevity and customer loyalty to 16 Years Smith • HydMech – 5 years With Smith Skydandee Mfg...55 posites...61 tes...61 Machinery a number of factors: Skydandee Mfg...55 • Machinery Milltronics – (their newest partner) 1.5 years Smith Machinery...49,63 Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery hinery...50 Machinery Smith Machinery...49,63 ery...50 1. The Machine Tools Builders they represent. SolidCAM...20,54 Clark says, “We are proud to have represented Mazak line for the last 43 years. onCO..7,43,52 & CO..5,23,52 Specialty Steel Serv....30,56 Specialty Steel Serv....30,56 & Clark says, “We are proud to have represented the Mazak line for the last 43 The Smith Machinery team offers their customers superior and SPRING WORKS Utah...60 years. Mazak was the pioneer of Multi-Tasking machine tools and has extended e.com...7 unique platforms that enable unattended operation, advanced SPRING WORKS Utah...60 the concept to true DONE-IN ONE® production.Today, with 5-axis HYBRID St. Vrain Manufacturing...59 multi-tasking, 5-axis machining, EDM, as well as Swiss-turning, St.Vrain Manufacturing...59 Cutting Tools...32 Multi-Tasking, they produce single machines with the productivity and capaHigh-Speed milling and visual inspection.They carry a full line of m...5 Stacy Machine & Tooling,...34,55 bility that once required entire production cells, including subtractive, additive Star Metal Fluids...13,49,50,51 9 Years With Smith quality products that most machine shops need, including sawing, ls Inc...50 and joining techniques.” He continued, “Mazak believes there is no limit to the Metal Fluids...13,49,56 grinding, milling and manual/CNC combination lathes.They are ® With Smith nc...50 9 Years StarStar Precision...56 sales Smith of machine tools, as long as new products are more and more 3efficient Years With Sm Machinery 15 Years surance...54 particularly thankful for the long-term relationships they have With Star Precision...56 Steel Services Grinding...57 es & Slides...50 productive.” As a family business, Mazak plans and invests with a long-term Machinery with the builders. For the customer, this means better quality Steel Services Grinding...57 Machinery commitment to future generations.This year Mazak is celebratingMachinery their 100th ndles & Slides...50 Steen & Sons Machine..58 11 Years With Smith 14 Years With Smith and consistency of the sales and support needs you will have, for nc..10,50 year in business. Steen Grinding..8,57 & Sons Machine..58 the life of the machine. Superior ols, Inc..18,50 30 Years With Machinery Machinery Smith Mfg...55 • 26 Nov / Dec Superior Grinding..6,57 35 Years With Smith Superior Metal Products...60 16 Years With Smith ® With Smith ee Mfg...55 Sustaining Edge Solutions...50 inery...49,63 ® Acer, Sharp, Machinery Sustaining Edge Solutions...50 Smith Machinery’s Other Fine Lines: CurrentEDM, Co Machinery Machinery achinery...49,63 TAPIT All Lubricants...50 hinery TAPIT All Lubricants...50 20,54 TCI Precision Metals...51 11 Years With Smith Steel Serv....30,56 TechLeader Tooling...36 Serv....30,56 3elYears With Smith 11 Years With Smith Machining...58 TCITeton Precision Metals...15,40-41,51 WORKS Utah...60 Machinery RKSMachinery Utah...60 The ToolRoom Inc...61 Machinery Todd Machinery...18,49 Manufacturing...59 Todd Machinery...1,26-29,40,49 nufacturing...59 Thompson Machine...57 chine & Tooling,...34,55 Thompson Machine...57 Tornos...9,49 uids...13,49,50,51 Tornos...11,49 al Fluids...13,49,56 Triad Machinery...39,50 n...56 6 Years With Smith 3 Years With Smith Triad Machinery...39,50 entEDM, Coherant Laser, Renishaw Trusty Cook...11,54 15 Years With Smith ision...56 9 Years With Smith s Grinding...57 3 Years With Smith Trusty Cook...11,54 15 Years Years With With Smith Smith Machinery TVT Die Casting...44-45,55 20 Machinery vices Grinding...57 Machinery Die Casting...46-47,55 s Machine..58 Machinery TWTVT Metals...52 Machinery Machinery Machinery Sons Machine..58 TW Metals...52 Universal Laser Systems...22 inding..8,57 U.S. Carbide...43 Grinding..6,57 United Performance Metals...27,53 etal Products...60 Universal Laser Inc...16,52 Systems...22 Utah Metal Works, g Edge Solutions...50 dge Solutions...50 United Performance Metals...43,53 Smith Machinery’s Other Fine Lines: Acer, Sharp, CurrentEDM, Coherant Laser, Renishaw Visser Precision Cast...1,30-31 Smith Machinery’s Lines: Sharp, Laser, Coherant Laser, Renishaw llbricants...50 Lubricants...50 hinery’s Other Fine Lines: Acer,Other Sharp,Fine CurrentEDM, Coherant Renishaw Utah Metal Works,Acer, Inc...14,52 Von Ruden Mfg...49,51 ision Metals...51 Von Ruden Mfg...49,51 Wasatch Laser Forming...59 Tooling...36 Wasatch Laser achining...58 Weiser/Mile High Forming...59 Precision...61 n Metals...15,40-41,51 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain

Weiser/Mile High Precision...61


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Rock Mountain Edition of the A2Z Manufacturing Magazines Jan-Feb 2021  

A2Z Manufacturing Magazines are regionally focused business development tools. Three regionally focused editions for the Western U.S. focusi...

Rock Mountain Edition of the A2Z Manufacturing Magazines Jan-Feb 2021  

A2Z Manufacturing Magazines are regionally focused business development tools. Three regionally focused editions for the Western U.S. focusi...

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