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Introducing THINBIT



Swift Tool Co. Inc.


INDUSTRIAL TOOL VENDING & MANAGEMENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT solutions custom made to your company needs!

• Reduce down time • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

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• Reduce tooling costs • INCREASE PROFITABILITY

Fastest, easiest TOUCH SCREEN monitors FREE software, NO maintenance charges Powered by intelligent inventory management software Control & monitor multiple machines with a single master 24 / 7 access to supplies keeps your production on schedule Built to withstand the harshest industrial environments Eliminate stock outages and downtime through our large local inventory Customizable for products from inserts & end mills to goggles & hard hats • Cutting Tools & Abrasives • Lubricant, Coolant & Solvents • Tool Vending • PVD Coating • Laser Marking • 5 Axis CNC Tool Remanufacturing • Machining Supplies, Tool Holding • Huge Inventory In Kent & Seattle

Editor’s Corner The Future Is Bright When You Automate Your Manufacturing Manufacturers are looking to a bright future past the current crisis through automation. It’s no surprise that companies around the USA have begun using automated machinery and equipment to support human workers in machine shops, warehouses, auto manufacturing, and on assembly lines. Slow turnaround on jobs can be a deal breaker for many manufacturing customers. Automation lets a manufacturing company process orders faster, reduce setup and production times, maintain a safer work environment, and get the product out to the customer quicker. Computers and machines can do many things faster and more accurately than humans – without making mistakes. LIGHTS OUT MANUFACTURING. An unused manufacturing plant at night is a wasted asset.Yet, the cost of running 2nd and 3rd shifts can be prohibitive. Automating your manufacturing systems puts your biggest asset to full use without the need for humans.Advantages of “lights out” manufacturing include reduced labor, lighting, and HVAC costs while increasing throughput. REDUCE SCRAP AND REWORK. Even highly skilled operators can’t match the repeatable accuracy automation produces on routine or less complex processes. Some automated machines can also perform multiple operations, eliminating the time required to move materials from one work center to another. ELIMINATE PAPER. Paper documents slow down the production process by getting lost, misfiled or sent to the wrong person. With automated document management one can stop shuffling papers and start focusing their human capital on making decisions and creating value.When you digitally send the right data to the right people at the right time, shop floor personnel no longer waste time hunting down routers, drawings, BOMs, POs, or inventory lists. Machines have made jobs obsolete for centuries.The spinning jenny replaced weavers, buttons displaced elevator operators, and the Internet drove travel agencies out of business. One study estimates that about 400,000 jobs were lost to automation in U.S. factories from 1990 to 2007. But the drive to replace humans with machinery is accelerating as companies work to avoid workplace infections and to keep operating costs low.The U.S. shed around 40 million jobs at the peak of the pandemic, and while some have come back, some will never return. As these simple jobs fall by the wayside, they will be replaced by training in higher paying essential jobs.


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Multi-Tasking Turning Center 2.5” Bar Capacity Y-Axis On All 3 Turrets 60° Slant Bed Increased Productivity with Simultaneous Machining • FANUC 31i-B w/Smart-X HMI

| PX30i • 5-Axis High Precision Vertical Machining Center • Large Work Envelope • High Torque Spindle • High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axis • Self-Contained Multi Pallet Stacking System • 323 ATC Standard

Methods | Los Angeles 1980 West Corporate Way Anaheim, CA 92801 Phone: 714.521.2507

Methods | San Francisco 650 Whitney Street, San Leandro, CA 94577 Phone: 510.636.1430


Announcements & Releases MarkinBOX - Patmark - MarkinLASE Marking Systems Here For You! During this crisis, we offer our deepest sympathies to anyone who has been affected by the COVID virus in this difficult time.We wish you good health as we all work together to overcome this and all other obstacles in the future. Know that we are here for you and will continue to remain open for all your marking needs. With 100 years of engraving and marking experience, Tocho Marking Systems has become a global marking manufacturer in the world. Our pride of the long history has been delivering high quality and unique products to every customer. All our Part/Tag marking solutions have been developed based on our varied experience and the most important our concept “simple, creative and original”.We will keep dedicating to the world through traceability technology. The simply traceable, MarkinBOX Electric Pin Marking Systems is unlike other marking technologies. With the various sized MarkinBOX units, A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

6 • OCT - NOV ‘20

you can use our High-Quality Dot Peen MarkinBOX from the moment you install it. Every unit includes the user-friendly software to program everything from; Logos, 2d Barcodes, Alpha-Numeric, Serialization, Barcode input, and so much more. Battery Powered Patmark & Patmark-Mini Pin Marking Units are simply mobile. These units are powered by a lithium ion battery and gives you the ability use at a job site or on the shop floor. Easily programmed through the iOS/Android app. For more detailed marking, our included userfriendly Windows based software makes it easy to create; Serialization, Alpha-Numeric, Date/Time, 2d Barcodes, & more. Our recent edition MarkinLASE Laser Marking Solution is simply limitless. The MarkinLASE is powered by a 20W or 50W MOPA Fiber Dual Wave Power sources. The class 1 fully enclosed, air cooled, & maintenance free system can be used in an office just as easily as on the shop floor. Large Parts? The MarkinLASE has a Class 4 option for open mark. As always,Tocho Marking Systems is here for your marking needs.We are still open, and our hours have not changed. On behalf of everyone here at Tocho, please stay safe and know we are committed to support you however we can. For more information contact us at: 310-214-3367,


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Fahey Machinery Company, Inc. Always Working Hard to Improve Our Service

YOUR METAL BENDING EXPERTS Flex Machine Tools may be a small manufacturing facility among the cornfields of Western Ohio, but we are changing the game with our dynamic and FLEX-ible machine tool offerings. Though we are known for our industry leading tapping arms (the FlexArm), we offer some incredible solutions to your BIG machining problems. The FlexCNC is a game changing, long-bed, vertical machining center designed to tackle a wide array of machining operations. From milling, drilling, and tapping all the way to countersinking, coping, and scribing. With multiple open-faced T-slots lining each of our custom sized machining beds, we are also able to incorporate numerous fixturing options and provide a turnkey machine to your facility. This, in tandem with our “Pendulum Mode”, will allow you to maintain a near 100% spindle uptime while reducing lost time between processing parts. The FlexBEAM is a high speed, efficient beam line machine for processing numerous structural steel profiles with amazing speed and accuracy. Boasting 40’+ of bed length at your fingertips, this machine can drill/ mill/mark your profiles with lightning fast processing times across the board. Whether it’s Flat Bar, C Channel, I Beams, T Beams, Angle, or Pipe…FlexBEAM can replace the slow, manual processes you’re now using and allow you to “FLEX” on your competition with a superior, cost effective beam line solution. Flex Machine Tools is a proud partner with Fahey Machinery Company, Inc. and we could not be more excited to bring our industry leading machining solutions to the Pacific Northwest Region. With over 50 FlexCNC/FlexBEAM machines in the U.S. currently, we continue to grow and serve a wide variety of fabricators and machinists across the country. Whether it’s tapping arms, ergonomic arms, long bed VMCs, or super fast HMCs...Flex Machine Tools can help you FLEX on your competition. Contact your expert at Fahey Machinery Company, Inc. to learn more about Flex Machine Tools! 503620-9031 or office@faheyinc.com

Tungaloy’s DeepTri-Drill Offers up to 45xD Drilling Depths on Standard CNC Machines Tungaloy has added 35xD, 40xD and 45xD drilling depth capabilities to its DeepTri-Drill indexable insert deep hole drills.

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(503) 692-6010 https://www.albinaco.com Located in Tualatin, Oregon A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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CNC AND MANUAL MACHINERY SINCE 1979 New - Used -Appraisals - Auctions

Benchmade Names Son Of Founder As New CEO Benchmade Knife Co. has named Jon deAsis president and CEO. He is the son of founder Les de Asis, who died suddenly in February. Jon deAsis succeeds his mother, Roberta deAsis, who served as president and CEO since her husband’s death. “This is a big moment for our family as Jon takes on the mantle of president and CEO,” Roberta deAsis said in a news release. “Jon had been filling many of the CEO duties prior to the sudden passing of Les and it was our longstanding goal to always be good stewards for Benchmade. I am proud to see Jon continuing to uphold the hallmark reputation that his father started.”


Our Showroom At: 3305 Edison Way, Fremont, CA 94538 Is Open Monday - Friday From 8am To 5pm Announcements Continued DeepTri-Drill is designed to provide productivity and application security for drilling deep holes on standard machining centers and CNC boring machines, while ensuring easy tool management by eliminating the need for regrinding. The insert features chip splitters that allows effective chip evacuations enabling extremely high feed rates during deep hole drilling in various materials. High productivity and process reliability can be attained in deep hole drilling operations. Inspired by BTA deep hole drilling technology, innovative insert geometry and optimal guide pad allocations on the drill body allow DeepTri-Drill to produce high quality deep holes equivalent to those made with traditional brazed gun drills. In addition to the current lineup ranging up to 25xD, DeepTri-Drill now offers 35xD, 40xD and 45xD drill depths, further expanding its deep hole drilling potential similar to those found in injection mold and large-sized component manufacturing. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 8 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Roberta deAsis will become chairwoman of the company’s board. Jon deAsis has been around the business his entire life and worked in various roles, including in management and in the supply chain. He holds an MBA from the University of Oregon. Bechmade is based in Oregon City. As of last year, the company’s employment had doubled to more than 400 in a four-year time span as demand for its high-quality American-made knives increased. Les de Asis founded the company in California in 1979 and moved it to Clackamas County in 1990 in order to be closer to the area’s cluster of knife companies. Jon deAsis said he wants to build on his father’s legacy. “My immediate focus is to ensure that Benchmade continues to produce the finest cutlery in the world while increasing efforts to drive our

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Announcements Continued technological edge,” he said in a news release. “I now have the opportunity to guide this mission, while continuing to uphold my father’s memory and contributions to the knife industry in our core values.” In memory of Les de Asis, the family has established the Les deAsis Makerspace at Clackamas Community College. It will be used to help students learn about knife-making and business By Matthew Kish – Portland Business Journal

Changes In The Manufacturing Industry Post-Covid-19 May Surprise You As we enter the seventh month of business interruptions as a result of Covid-19, the chatter in the manufacturing community has turned from, “What short-term changes do we need to make to adapt to the current environment?” to, “What, if any, permanent changes or trends do we expect to rise out of the current crisis?” While the trade publications offer bold prognostications that things will never be the same, a measure of caution should be read into any of these predictions. The pandemic may in fact bring about sweeping, and lasting, changes to the way manufacturers operate their facilities, but there is an equal, if not greater, likelihood that changes will be relatively minor compared with what some predict. A common assumption is that the pandemic will lead manufacturers to reassess and further enhance their transitions to automation. The thinking being, if machines can’t get sick, when the next pandemic (or other similar event) hits, we will continue to turn out widgets at the same pace. This thinking is flawed for a few reasons. In the first instance, our collective memories are


Ready for an unstoppable money-making tandem? This is the NHP 5000 with RPS. On its own, the NHP 5000 is a powerful 40 taper, 500mm pallet horizontal machining center. But when teamed with the stackable multi-level Rotary Pallet System (RPS), it becomes legendary. With a compact floor layout and vertical structure, the RPS keeps you running lights out—without taking up valuable square footage. And if projects change constantly from month to month, JIT scheduling on the RPS cuts setup times like 15,000 r/min cuts aluminum. The 3-tier, 21-pallet RPS is the perfect partner for the massive metal removal of the NHP 5000. So buckle up, because you’re about to produce day in and night out.




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short; lessons learned by players in finance and banking during the global financial crisis were largely cast aside once a level of normalcy returned and balance sheets regained their strength. S e c o n d , a key va l u e p r o p o s i t i o n o f manufacturing automation is that machines are cheaper than human labor. But in an environment of record-high unemployment, wage deflation is likely on the way, if not already here. The lower wages will erode the value proposition of what is typically a substantial upfront investment required by implementation of automated solutions. That isn’t to say the constant march toward automation will slow down, but rather that the pandemic is unlikely to materially increase spending on these projects, especially in an uncertain economic environment. Continued Next PageGE 10 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

9 • OCT - NOV ‘20

against the likelihood that the Covid-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century event, make it very unlikely that a critical mass of manufacturers will deviate from JIT conventions in any real fashion. The one category of manufacturers that may see some substantial changes is meat processing. As currently conducted, meat processing is nearly impossible to do in a socially distanced manner. The processing plants require large numbers of people, working closely together, to operate. The longer the pandemic drags on, and assuming it will be at least another year before a vaccine with herd-immunity-producing efficacy will be available and widely distributed, meat processors will be at constant risk of outbreaks and disruptions for the foreseeable future. As a result, investments in plant configuration and automation make more financial sense in meat processing than in other sectors.

Available TPI 1/2”




























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In these times, it is a fool’s errand to predict what the world will look like in a week, so long-term predictions are the very definition of speculation. However, it seems unlikely that the pandemic will spur sweeping changes in the way manufacturers operate. By Steven J. Boender – Stoel Rives LLP

US Urged To Subsidise Electric Cars On National Security Grounds

Another common refrain is that manufacturers with global supply chains will rethink their use of “just-in-time” procurement. To the uninitiated, “just in time” (or JIT), broadly simplified, means that inputs to production (raw materials, subcomponents, etc.) are received from suppliers at the moment they are needed on the factory floor.

The US must urgently build up an electric vehicles industry or risk becoming dependent on China for its automotive future, a group of senior military and business leaders have warned.

The benefits of this system include essentially eliminating storage/warehousing costs, and providing the manufacturer with flexibility as demand waxes and wanes.The downside, which we are seeing now, is that when one or more elements of that supply chain are hobbled by a pandemic, the whole system grinds to a halt until those elements are back online.The theory goes that if manufacturers would have had more raw materials inventory available at the time the pandemic hit, they would have been better equipped to keep the lines moving once it did.

China is in the process of consolidating control of the supply chain for electrified transport — from mineral extraction and battery production to manufacture and sales of the vehicles themselves — according to the group, Securing Amer ica’s Future Energy, whic h campaigns for US energy security.

However, a step back from JIT would require a sea change in the way global manufacturers operate. Contracts would have to be renegotiated, there would be a massive need for turnkey warehousing facilities, and costs would invariably go up in a meaningful way. Those downsides, when factored A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

10 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Failure by US authorities to counter Continued Next PageGE 10

Chinese dominance within the next five years risks the “withering of the US automobile industry” and the loss of millions jobs supported by the country’s auto sector today, said Admiral Dennis Blair, a former director of national intelligence, who sits on SAFE’s energy security leadership council. “It would be reduced to a small share of the market, producing electric vehicles that are not as advanced and as attractive as those produced by China and by Chinese subsidiaries, and a loss of jobs, industrial depth and technological skill,” he said.


Full Fabrication Utilizing ALL Materials! From Design, To Laser Cutting, Forming, Welding, To Finishing And Full Assembly

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China has come to play a leading role in the development of EVs. The US trails it in the extraction of minerals such as lithium, graphite and rare earths, as well as the production of lithium-ion batteries and finished EVs. There were 1.2m EVs sold in China last year, compared to 320,000 in the US, according to McKinsey. “They not only have more electric vehicles purchased in their market, they have more companies, they build more batteries, they have gone around the world for rare earths and other metals that go into these vehicles and locked up or gained preferred access to many of them,” Admiral Blair said. “So they have a jump on the direction that the electrical vehicle industry is going.” According to Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, China produced 72 per cent of the world’s lithium-ion batteries in 2019, while the US accounted for just 9 per cent. He warned in May that the US was falling further behind, as China is building one battery factory a week, while the US builds one every four months.

COVID 19 SNEEZE GUARDS, QUICK, SAFE, HIGH QUALITY CALL TODAY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: 503-477-7566 the world’s largest carmaker by value. But even Tesla head Elon Musk has expressed worry about a shortfall in raw materials needed to realise his ambitions.

China “has not just built an entire suite of supersized battery megafactories for its auto industry, but the supply chain to feed them”, he said. “China produces only 23 per cent of key battery raw materials combined.Yet it produced 80 per cent of the next step in the chain — battery chemicals — and 66 per cent of cathodes, 82 per cent of anodes and 72 per cent of battery cells.”

SAFE — whose leadership council comprises executives from several large US companies, including Royal Caribbean Cruises, FedEx and L-3 Communications — wants the US to revive and expand federal incentives to buy EVs and develop a supply chain for minerals that avoids China, as well as allowing US companies to work together to counter China’s ascendancy.

Still, the US may have a considerable edge over other carmakers in the form of Tesla,

The warning comes weeks ahead of the US presidential election. Joe Biden, the Democratic contender, has thrown his weight behind the expansion of the US electric vehicle market, promising to deploy half a million new public charging outlets by the end of 2030 and restore tax credits. Continued Next PageGE 10 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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Your partner for innovative manufacturing

REVO®—the 5-axis revolution

Infinite positioning and synchronized 5-axis motion provide measurement access at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our newest solution—the RFP fringe probe—expands our family of multi-

sensors further. It adds non-contact structured light inspection to our revolutionary 5-axis measuring system that already includes tactile scanning, touch-trigger, surface finish and vision probe solutions.

www.renishaw.com/revo Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL


© 2020 Renishaw plc. All rights reserved.

How Oregon Works: The State Of Apprenticeships In A Covid World Covid Has Forced Furloughs, But Training For Jobs In The Trades Is Ongoing CMM Revo Half Page Final.indd 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has created anxiety in the workplace and limited job opportunities. While apprenticeships also have taken a hit, these programs are needed more than ever to narrow the skills gap and improve the job outlook for future employees while developing the talent essential for an economic rebound. To gain insight into the current state of apprenticeships, we spoke with Oregon Commissioner of Labor Val Hoyle. Since most apprenticeships are done in person, how has COVID affected programs? Oregon apprentice training programs were significantly impacted by the pandemic – new apprentice numbers dropped and programs had to quickly adapt and implement new guidance and regulations to keep workers safe. Many programs were able to quickly pivot to online learning. Others have instituted strict protocols, limiting the number of apprentices in the building at any time, staggering classes to ensure a six-foot distance is maintained, set up barriers in lab settings, provided outdoor training where available, taking temperatures and other safety measures. Can you provide an example? There was a huge uptick in hospitalizations and increased need for isolated care at the beginning of the pandemic, A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

12 • OCT - NOV ‘20

4/6/2020 2:04:17 PM and there was a significant shortage of skilled frontline workers to keep rooms sterile and safe. We worked with Lane Community College and hospitals to quickly approve and register an Environmental Services Certification Pre-Apprenticeship program to help fill that need.

What effect will the pandemic have on future talent? Fewer apprentices entering apprenticeship programs now means that in a few years there could be a shortage of skilled workers. The good news is that apprenticeship programs are very resilient and have a lot of experience scaling up and down as industry needs change. While we have seen a recent drop in apprentice registrations around the state, I’m encouraged to see that efforts to recruit and keep women and people of color in programs, in particular, are paying off. We saw a significant increase in the number of women entering apprenticeship programs in 2019 and those numbers are holding steady despite these difficult times. How will youth from disadvantaged backgrounds fare? What if they don’t have access to computers/virtual learning? School-based programs, youth pre-apprenticeship programs and registered apprenticeships often provide tablets or tablets to eliminate barriers to access, and we’ve seen an expansion of programs that work with youth from rural areas and disadvantaged backgrounds. Limited broadband internet in rural and economically challenged areas is a concern for

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those entering apprenticeship and for all Oregonians.

programs into more geographical areas in the future.

Do you anticipate per manent changes? Yes. I think everyone is learning that some ability to do remote learning provides greater flexibility for employees and trainees. The ability to provide distance/online training has the potential to expand the reach of

• Programs accepting applications: https:// www.oregon.gov/boli/apprenticeship/ Pages/apprenticeship-opportunities.aspx • Pre-apprenticeship programs: https:// www.oregon.gov/boli/apprenticeship/ Pages/pre-apprenticeship-programs.aspx • Programs for veterans: Contact Aaron Unpingco at unpingcoa@boli.state.or.us. By Denise Szott

What’s your advice for individuals interested in apprenticeships at this point? Keep applying! Programs are still registering new apprentices even if it has slowed down. Things will pick up, and apprenticeship programs are a great way to get jobs that pay a living wage.

Daimler, Robotics PartnerTest Self-Driving Big Rigs

What’s your advice for companies interested in apprenticeships? Businesses can join an existing registered apprenticeship as a training agent without having to set up a new program. And if there isn’t an existing program that meets your needs, you can start one. Contact BOLI at generalatd@boli.state.or.us.

Por tland-Based Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics out of Virginia, have been working together for the past year to bring self-driving technology to the world of freight trucking.

Resources: • Apprenticeship programs/ how to apply: oregon.gov/boli/apprenticeship. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

14 • OCT - NOV ‘20

A pair of out-of-state companies have partnered to bring self-driving tractorContinued Next PageGE 10

Intel plansthetocompany license Rivet’s customers as secondary locations are imperative throughout the production lifecycle Once commercialized, plans software to utilizetoa model where trailers to manufacturing New Mexico roads. well as develop new products and build Intel’s Wi-Fi to mitigate risk for products. Many medical device companies, for instance, made this drivers will drive the trucks a short distance to a hub near the highway, Walkertechnology noted that Intel is active in used. developing secondary support a priority for future product development by identifying secondary which is whereportfolio. the self-driving will start to be Once Portland-based Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics out of Virginia the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6, and manufacturing sources for line-down emergencies, or even when they were in need of a off the highway, the vehicle will go to another hub where a new driver have been working together for the past year to bring self-driving advocating forWi-Fi 6 standards. “Intel has been investing bridge-tooling resource. It is critical we continue to build and reinforce our supply chains will take it to its destination. technology to the world of freight trucking. and contributing to the evolution of Wi-Fi for more than with the learnings and partnership from these last few months, as industry ramps up in years, andpresents today we’re excited to announce another the aftermath of COVID-19. The southwest 20 in particular a good opportunity because there Torc, which Daimler owns a majority of and is part of its Autonomous leap forward,” Walker wrote about the deal. sizable amount of cargo transport that occurs in the region, mild Technology Group, have already theirhistory, self-driving tractorWe’re in an unprecedented chapterrolled in our out nation’s and manufacturers offisalla sizes weather relatively low traffic density and of an technology abundance trailers on New Torc CEO Michael Intel has been building out its portfolio are stepping up toMexico help fillroads, a need for Robotics critical medical supplies Fleming and devices. In order to conditions, of straight roads, Fleming added. said. The company says thepartnerships self-drivingbetween technology is meant to be beyond its core chip making to capture more of the overall meet regulatory standards, manufacturers, experienced medical used onmanufacturers highways. and suppliers should be formed—each providing a vital service computing ecosystem that requires data be stored, moved device As part of the partnership, plans to set up a testingare facility in the and analyzed.Torc These so-called adjacencies important and function vital to building medical supplies at the scale needed to defeat COVID-19. Albuquerque area. The company signed astrategy. lease for a sitethe that includes elements to the company’s Within company’s Disruption inevitable, we learn and adapt during journey?Chris Stevens is Testing canis take place but on will a closed course or the openthe road, said a building last PC month, Weinert wrote. She declined the business unit these adjacencies madetoupdisclose 40 percent aSuman seniorNarayanan, research anda director development engineer atatProtolabs. of engineering Daimler Trucks North square footage or exact location of the site, instead saying it is near of year-over-year revenue growth in the first quarter. America. While the tractor-trailers are designed to be autonomous, the Albuquerque International Sunport. Adjacencies include modem, home gateway platform, each test conducted haveAustin a driver and a safety engineerCompany who can Intelwill Buys Networking wireless communications and wired connectivity. take control of the vehicle if the software does not work properly. Intel announced last month that it acquired Wi-Fi hardware and software maker Rivet also declined to disclose how many positions will be hired Weinert “Wi-Fi connectivity has become more essential than Networks in a move that will boost the chip maker’s wireless offerings. for. However, Torc operates a “small test crew” in New Mexico, and “We have been in this business for 15 years, and hub-to-hub trucking ever as we rely on it to work, teach, learn and stay is actively hiring for “many positions” in the area, she wrote. Open is the best business case” for autonomous driving technology, Fleming connected,”Walker wrote. “Fast, reliable and secureWi-Fi Austin, Texas-based Rivet’s products are used to maximize Wi-Fi bandwidth positions use and include test engineer, safety conductor, safety driver trainer, said. connectivity is a necessity for keeping up as we add more optimize network connections. The company’s team is joining Intel’s Wireless Solutions site operation and office management personnel. connected devices and higher bandwidth applications for Group within its PC business.The two companies had already worked closely together to Daimler is investing more than $570 million for the development of gaming, video streaming and content creation, as well as develop the Killer AX1650 Wi-Fi product.“Rivet Networks is a terrific complement to Daimler hopes for to have its self-driving trucks ready complete the self-driving platform, Daimler spokeswoman Anja Weinert wrote processing increasingly larger file to sizes.” Earlierbasic, this our existingWi-Fi products and helps us further our vision of delivering PC platforms that in an email to Business First. Continued Next Page GE 10 month Intel acquired multimodal trip planning app maker power every person’s greatest contribution,” said Chris Walker, corporate vice president Moovit for $900 million. and general manager of mobile client platforms. A Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST • 15 • OCT - NOV ‘20 2


41 • July / Aug 2020

small-scale operations by the end of the decade, Narayanan said.

TVT DIE CASTING Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. Quality, Reliability and Service

Though some expect autonomous driving technology to phase out semi drivers, Daimler claims drivers will still be needed once its self-driving platform is commercialized. Due to the demand for freight hauling being larger than the current pool of qualified drivers, self-driving trucks will help fill a need in the market, Narayanan said. Drivers will also be able to work in one location as opposed to driving across the country under Daimler’s proposed model, meaning they will be able to return home after a day of work, Narayanan said. Daimler’s pursuit of autonomous trucking is driven by safety, according to the company.

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.


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More than 4,100 people died in 2018 in connection with big rig crashes in the U.S., according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analysis of U.S. Department ofTransportation data.The number of tractor-trailer crash fatalities that year was 31% higher than in 2009, according to the analysis. Daimler says it is taking no shortcuts in the development of its self-driving technology. “This is something we take very, very seriously,” Narayanan said. “We don’t want to cut any corners.” By Collin Krabbe

Slingshot Aerospace Awarded $2 Million To Build Space Simulation For Space Force

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Well-designed extrusions can cut machining costs by 60%. We can help! Contact us for a quote today.

Thin, difficult hollow & multi-void hollow shapes Tolerances +/- .001 5" maximum circle size 25 lb minimum order qty Shapes as light as .015 lb/ft CNC machining & fabrication Hard alloys- 2024 & 7075 Soft alloys- 6061 & 6063 Engineering & design assistance

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The company, which has offices in El Segundo, California, and Austin, Texas, has received $2 million to develop the Slingshot Orbital Laboratory. The funding comes from two sources: A $1 million Small Business Innovation Research Phase 2 contract from the Space Force and another $1 million from Austin-based ATX Venture Partners, which has invested in the startup in several previous rounds.

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By Annlee Slingshot Aerospace Inc., which aims to help organizations leverage data from Earth and space with its situational awareness technology, has been tapped to build an immersive space simulation tool for the United States Space Force.

Slingshot is partnering with The Third Floor visualization studio, which has worked on films such as “Gravity,” “The Martian” and “The Mandalorian,” to co-create an interactive space visualization tool based on physics. “Space operators need to understand complicated concepts like astrodynamics, the effects of various items in orbit, and how spacecrafts maneuver among other objects in space — all of which demand more adaptive, interactive and tailorable educational tools Continued Next PageGE 10

than what we are currently using,” said Col. Max Lantz, Commandant, National Security Space Institute, United States Air Force, in a statement. “Building an immersive environment to drive better comprehension of these foundational theories will be vital to support the Space Force.” The Slingshot Orbital Laboratory aims to be be an easy-to-use tool that will teach users — anyone from students to pros — the fundamentals of space domain awareness, including complex astrodynamics. The goal is to provide a fresh and engaging way to perceive, comprehend and predict the relationship between objects in space and orbital scenarios. Under this contract, Slingshot Aerospace will provide space domain and data expertise, and The Third Floor will provide the visualization component. The first version of the Slingshot Orbital Laboratory will be built for personal computers but with multi-platform augmented and virtual reality in mind. The project will leverage Slingshot Platform and Slingshot Orbital products to enable users to govern their own virtual universe where they can learn to make better and faster decisions. For example, the tool will allow students to manage time, adjust the orbital elements of real or synthetic satellites or other objects, and toggle various aspects of the physics on or off. In addition, they’ll be able to explore orbital and satellite parameters in real time, allowing them to visualize and analyze orbit characteristics.

Using the Slingshot Orbital Laboratory, students will be able to create orbits; learn orbital mechanics governed by complex physics; design complex scenarios such as launch profiles and spacecraft-to-spacecraft rendezvous; and connect multi-domain factors such as land and sea coverage and geopolitical influences. “We are designing a tool for the Space Force to better prepare teams for the complexities of space and to maintain superiority in this contested domain,” added Slingshot co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Melanie Stricklan. “The goal of the Slingshot Orbital Laboratory as an educational tool is to help forge the next generation of Space Force leaders, and it will also be designed with real-world capabilities that can help Space Force operational centers nationwide with scenario planning.” Ellingson – Staff Reporter, L.A. Biz Continued Next PageGE 10 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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months (compared to 55% in August), 37% forecasting no change (an increase from 33% in August), and 13% reporting a decrease (compared to 12% in August). Only 23% of responding metal forming companies had a portion of their workforce on short time or layoff in September, a decrease from 37% in August. Source: The Fabricator

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since Late 2018 U.S. manufacturing expanded in August at the fastest pace since late 2018, powered by growth in new orders that are a bright spot in an otherwise struggling economy. A gauge of factory activity increased to 56 during the month from 54.2 in July, Institute for Supply Management data showed Tuesday. Readings above 50 indicate expansion, and the figure surpassed nearly every estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists and the median projection of 54.8. The purchasing managers group’s measure of orders, which jumped more than 6 points, reached the highest point since the start of 2004.The increase in bookings, along with declining inventories, should continue to underpin production. The ISM’s gauge of output improved to a more than two-year high, though factory employment remained weak.

September 2020 Business Conditions Report: Small Uptick In Metal Formers’ Optimism, But Challenges Continue Metal forming companies predict a small improvement in business conditions during the next three months, according to the September 2020 Precision Metalforming Association Business Conditions Report. Prepared monthly, the report provides an economic indicator for manufacturing, sampling 109 metal forming companies in the U.S. and Canada. The report shows that 40% of metal forming companies predict an improvement in economic activity during the next three months (a slight increase from 38% in August), 49% expect no change (compared to 45% last month), and 11% anticipate a decline in activity (a decrease from 17% in August). The survey also revealed that metal formers experienced a slight uptick in current average daily shipping levels in September, with 59% reporting an increase in shipping levels compared to three months ago (up from 52% in August), 22% reporting no change (compared to 21% in August), and 19% reporting a decrease (down from 27% in August). The survey also showed little change in incoming orders, with 50% of participants predicting an increase in orders during the next three A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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Improved factory activity, along with strength in housing and auto sales, suggest the fledgling recovery is beginning to broaden. The gradual reopening of businesses and steady improvement in consumer demand that left inventories depleted are boosting manufacturing, helping support the economic rebound amid elevated unemployment and layoffs across industries. “The index was stronger than July but we’re still recovering from the historically low levels of the pandemic,” said Timothy Fiore, chairman of the ISM Business Survey Committee, said on a call with reporters. At the same time, Fiore said he expects the recent strength to continue in September, traditionally a good month for factories. Stocks maintained gains, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note was little changed and the dollar rose. Fifteen of the 18 manufacturing industries tracked by the ISM, the most since March 2019, reported growth in August, led by wood products, plastics and rubber, food and textiles. Comments From ISM Respondents “Business is very good. Production cannot keep up with demand.” – Chemical Products “Current sales to domestic markets are substantially stronger than forecasted.” – Fabricated Metals

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Homebuilder business continues to be robust, with month-over-month gains continuing since May.” – Wood Products “Capital equipment new orders have slowed again. Quoting is active. Many customers waiting for the fourth quarter to make any commitments.” – Machinery “We are seeing solid month-overmonth order improvement in all manufacturing sectors such as electrical, auto and industrial goods. Looking to add a few factory operators.” – Plastics The pickup in U.S. manufacturing output is slightly faster than Europe’s, according to separate data from IHS Markit. At the same time, an acceleration in new orders contrasts with a slight slowdown in that gauge for the euro area, highlighting uneven global growth. In addition, the U.S. gains aren’t enough yet to bring back manufacturing jobs: The ISM’s employment index, while rising to a six-month high in August, continued to show factories are cutting staff. The ISM report doesn’t detail the actual levels of improvement in manufacturing since the survey of purchasing managers asks whether activity is increasing, decreasing or stagnant. So the figures are subject to big swings during turning points in the economy such as now. The ISM’s index of factory inventories fell to 44.4 in August, the lowest since January 2014, indicating stockpiles were declining at a faster pace. Customer inventories contracted at the quickest rate since June 2010, the report showed. “The recovery in production is badly lagging the stronger turnaround in spending, with the result that

inventories are now looking very lean,” Andrew Hunter, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics Ltd., said in a note. “That points to further gains in production in the months ahead.” The overall manufacturing gauge was also boosted by a slowdown in delivery times, which indicates supply bottlenecks. The ISM’s measure of export orders also rose to the highest level since the start of the year. Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since Late 2018, Source: Bloomberg Newsl By: Katia Dmitrieva

America Makes Receives $1.4M NIST Grant America Makes has received a $1.4 million grant from the United States Department of Commerce’s National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), announced by United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross during a press conference at the America Makes facility inYoungstown, Ohio.The grant will help America Makes continue work to address personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages Continued Next PageGE 10 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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because of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing America Makes to work with small and medium sized manufacturers to better position them for the on-going crisis and future ones. “Since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen additive manufacturers (AM) across the country respond to deliver safe and effective PPE, showing how AM can be the solution to help solve critical supply chain gaps,” said America Makes Executive Director John Wilczynski. “We are extremely honored to receive the NIST grant to continue this important work.” Since March, America Makes has worked alongside the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and National Institutes of Health (NIH) to coordinate guidance for the AM community and provide a vehicle to download reviewed 3D print PPE designs.To date the effort has had the following results: 31 designs have been optimized for clinical use; 28 designs have been optimized for community 499,166 units of AM products have been matched, including 229,995 non-N95 masks and 272,607 face shields Over 95,743 file downloads, and over 1,112,651 views on the NIH 3D Print Exchange A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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• 800-686-1679 • info@gmnusa • www.gmnusa.com “Thank you for your swift action in rebuilding our medical and protective equipment supply chains as a result of the COVID-19 emergency,” stated Secretary Ross during his remarks. “You teamed up with the VA, FDA, and NIH to optimize 31 PPE designs for clinical use, including 28 for production by the additive manufacturing community. This was no small feat, and I congratulate each of you for what you have accomplished here in Youngstown, and across the Manufacturing USA network.” The announcement followed an earlier tour of America Makes and the Youngstown Business Incubator facilities to highlight the regional AM ecosystem. Source: Manufacturing and Design; By: Eric Brothers

Boeing 777X Engines Win AA Certification GE Aviation said Monday that its massive GE9X jet engine, which powers Boeing’s new 777X widebody airplane, has been certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration authorities. The certification marks an important milestone in the Boeing 777X jetliner program and comes after problems with the engine that delayed the program’s schedule for months. “It takes the world’s best talent in jet propulsion to create a game-changing product like the GE9X engine,” GE Aviation President and CEO John Slattery said in a statement.

BIGGER. BETTER. BOLDER. Your One-Stop Shop for Metal Finishing Services PAS Technologies, a StandardAero Company, offers a comprehensive

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portfolio of services for component processing in metal finishing, including: Nondestructive testing, shot / flap peening, grinding, special processing and paint. Chemical Processing

• Anodize Type I, II, III • Black Oxide • Brush Cadmium • Brush Nickel • Cadmium Plating • Chemfilm/Alodine • Chrome Plating • Copper Plating • Dry Film Lube • Electroless Nickel • LHE - Low Hydrogen Embrittlement • Manganese/Zinc Phosphate Plating • Olive Drab • Passivation • Prime/Painting • Silver Plating • Sulfamate Nickel • Thin Dense Chrome Plating • Zinc Nickel

Metal Finishing & Enhancements • Flap Peen • Glass Bead • Shot Peen Grinding • Centerless Grinding • CNC Grinding • Jig Grinding • Surface and Low Stress Grinding Non-Destructive Testing Services • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection • Magnetic Particle Inspection • Nital Etch

Certifications & Approvals • AS9100D, AS9110C w/ ISO9001:2015 • DDTC Registered • FAA / EASA Certified • NADCAP Accredited - Chemical Processing - Conventional Machining Surface / Low Stress Grinding - Non Destructive Testing - Surface Enhancement Shot Peen / Flap Peen • ROHS Compliant

GE9X program General ManagerWhere Karl Sheldon company and officials are to pleased “It’s somewhat logical and intuitive. our livessaid are disrupted we need do with the performance of the engine following extensive ground and flight testing by Boeing. more and more things from our home, we need to ensure we have the technology Eight GE9X test engines completed just under 5,000 hours and 8,000 cycles to at our disposal so things can go on as normal as possible,” Chief Executive Officerwin the required certification, company said. Bob SwanFAA said Thursday in anthe interview with Bloomberg Television. “What that has meant is demand for more and more devices, including PCs, for parents to continue “There is no their substitute achieve the combination of size, power and fuel efficiency to conduct work that and can for kids to continue their education.” of the GE9X. This engine will deliver unsurpassed value and reliability to our airline said. Swan’s company dominates the markets for processors thatcustomers,” run PCs andSlattery the server machines that act as the backbone of corporate networks and cloud-data centers. andand GEservice Aviation said Demand for more expensive server chips is also higher asBoeing companies the GE9X engine is designed providers improve the systems needed to connect work PCs in people’s homes. to consume 10% less fuel compared to the older GE90Companies around the world -- including Intel -- have sent employees home in 115B engines and 5% better compliance with government orders aimed at containing the spread the Covid-19 “than anyof other engine in its pandemic. That shift has provoked a rush to invest in the infrastructure keepsalso will class.” The bigthat engines people working remotely. Analysts and investors are nowhelp looking for signals on airlines cut smog-causing whether that’s a short-term lift that will subside as lower economic activity takes a emissions. toll on corporate and consumer spending, or whether it is a lasting trend.

GE Aviation said its focus Intel is scheduled to report first-quarter earnings on April 23remains and is expected to give with on working projections for the current period. In January, before the virus hadtospread around Boeing complete the 777X the world, the company forecast about $19 billion in revenue for the quarter. flight testMarch program and entry into service for airlines, which The chipmaker was partly prepared for a surge in demandthe because it was already Chicago-based jet maker expecting a strong quarter and had facilities geared up to produce more components, recently delayed until 2022.By McIntosh StaffWriter, Swan said. The Santa Clara, California-based company isAndrew now working hard– to Businessfrom Journal convince governments that its operations are essential and Puget shouldSound be exempt closures, he said. By Ian King

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Albina Co., Inc. “Your Steel Bending Experts” Hello USA, In the ever changing landscape of our current world, we are constantly using the I F / T H E N / W H AT approach to evaluate every situation. Recently, I have seen many amazing projects featuring curved steel on social media, and while I am overjoyed that the market appears to be weathering the storm, I am thinking “Boy, would I love the oppor tunity to bid

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Forged From The Great Fires and Always Adapting To Meet Customer’s Needs.

Hardware and Foundry Co. to The Coeur d’Alene Company in 1960. Today Cd’A Metals is a complete ‘One Stop Shop’ fabricating facility and metals supplier with state of the art metal cutting and metal working machinery, some of which are the largest in the West. Innovation is key to their growth and the leaders at Cd’A Metals are always looking for the best and latest fabrication equipment.

Cd’A (Coeur d’Alene) Metals has a history rich in the gold industry. In the early 1800’s gold was discovered in the northern mountains of Idaho and placer claims dotted the area with many mining camps. Gold mining was an arduous task and sometimes a lot of hard work paid dirt, but sometimes no gold. James Marks and Billy Hart thought there must be a better way to make a living than prospecting for the elusive gold and in 1884 in a meager commercial space in Murray, ID, the two hung up a sign that read “J.R. Marks and Co.”This became the areas first mining supply store for hardware and metals such as copper, tin, and sheet ironware. The gold deposits waned and in its place were found large deposits of silver, lead, and zinc. The gold camps were abandoned and large underground mining companies occupied the Coeur d’Alene mining district. The J.R Marks and Co. business did well and in 1890 they had five stores in camps within the Coeur d’Alene mining district. The headquarters in Murray moved to Wallace in the center of what was referred to as Silver Valley at the time and then to Spokane in 1889 and helped to rebuild the city after what was referred to as the great fire. The company moved back to Wallace in 1892 after assisting in the renovation from the great fire and as they grew, expanded a metal service, processing facility, hardware wholesaler and evolved as a renowned mining equipment manufacturer. They added a foundry in 1913 for mining and mill castings and in 1966 expanded to service multitudes of other businesses and moved again to Spokane, WA to grow as one of the largest metal service centers in an area that covered WA to MN. This monumental move allowed the company to become a bridge builder with the largest of their bridges, winning a prize as what was termed “Most Beautiful Long Span” bridge across the Libby Reservoir that was completed in 1971 and a bridge completed in 1972 across the Dworshak Reservoir. J. R. Marks and Company went through a few name changes along the way and changed to Holley Mason & Marks to The Coeur d’Alene A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

22 • OCT - NOV ‘20

The company has grown under the leadership of Larry Coulson to a modern fabrication center with fiber lasers, tube lasers and some of the largest CNC operated bending machine brakes capable of bending very thick, very long (28 feet) very large gauge steel and various other metal types. Cd’A teams with many metal fabrication companies that do not have the capability to fabricate some of the larger intricate assemblies and they deliver a very wide variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled, and wear resistant steel. They are capable of band sawing metal and also plasma cut, oxy-fuel cut, press brake form and fabricate assemblies complete to print or just furnish raw material to customer specifications. Cd’A furnishes turn key abrasion resistant Hardox 450 and 500 wear plate that is perfect for heavy duty container, dump trucks, excavator buckets, gears, sprockets, cutting edges, and structural heavy load bearing applications. Larry says, “To be successful at supplying parts and kits of parts to our manufacturing customers, we must have reliable and accurate processing equipment. Our five best press brakes were made by Accurpress, a leading press brake and shear company. Our laser cutting machines are Mazak and our band saws are Behringer. We purchase all three of these great brands through Fahey Machinery. We have found Fahey Machinery’s people to have integrity. Their maintenance people prevent reoccurring problems by seeking to solve root causes and their sales and management people have thorough knowledge of the equipment they provide. For decades, Fahey Machinery has contributed to our success.” Larry’s father began buying stock in The Coeur d’Alenes Company in the 60’s when, right out of college, he started with the company. He bought about half of the company stock during his career. Now that he has passed away, Larry’s mother owns his stock. Larry spent his career buying the other half of the company stock from the remaining non-family stockholders. Now, instead of over 2,000 stockholders, the Coulson extended family owns 100% of the stock inThe Coeur d’Alenes Company. Cd’A utilizes self-directed work teams to manage the detail level of

the company. They magnify the production capacity of their team members with intelligent processing equipment, whereby they are able to pay above market rates to get and keep the best people. These days, the greatest limitation seems to be people. The Cd’A business model is laser focused on their customers’ needs and they provide the parts in the form of kits that have exactly what their customers ask for. Cd’A gets it right, in terms of magnitude, much more often than anybody in the business. The customers that know what errors cost them and care about it buy from Cd’A. The customers that focus on unit pricing and ignore their total cost buy from the other guy. Cd’A’s niche is to provide complete kits, on time, every time. That means nothing extra and nothing missing, and all key specifications are confirmed. They do more types of metal processing than anyone else that serves the whole region. They get it right more often than anybody in the industry, and they serve their customers to the nth degree. This includes manufacturers of equipment used in packaging, mining, food processing, transportation, road building, DOD, medical, energy. Cd’A has improved it’s business with intelligent processing equipment and has substantially kept up with available technology. They have their own software that is coded internally, whereby leading the industry on that front.

The future is bright for Cd’A Metals! They are looking at new equipment like a Kinetic plate processor to expand their capabilities into thicker plate and are studying the value of using robots to further expand the production capacity of the workforce. The next phase of evolution for Cd’A could reside in additive manufacturing. The team is avidly looking to this new 3D manufacturing capability to continue to grow the business. In five years Larry expects to be twice their size with their sights focused on the $100 million mark. To accomplish this they must expand the capabilities of Cd’A’s workforce further. Larry says, “In my mind, it’s not the mistakes you’ve made that measure you. Your measure is: what you do about it going forward to reduce problems by finding and

implementing better solutions not just as individual employees, but as a whole team. You might say: We get it. There is no perfect, there is only the honest and continuous pursuit of perfection.”

For more information on Cd’A Metals and how they can help your business contact them at: 8 0 0 - 8 2 4 - 0 5 0 5 , quote@cdmetals.com A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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The Right Waterjet Abrasive Choosing the right abrasive for a waterjet cutting application can significantly improve the performance and profitability of your waterjet operation. BARTON has published an in-depth look at the many factors that impact the cutting efficiency of a waterjet abrasive.

Download a FREE copy: barton.com/WaterjetAbrasiveGuide

some of these projects!” Many companies also make claims in their posts that they are the only company who can produce a bend or work with certain material sizes. While these claims may be true on a local or state level, they are not true on a national level. Hence, my mind once again goes to the IF, THEN, WHAT approach.... IF: You Never Send Us Your Project to Bid


USA/Canada 800-741-7756 • 518-798-5462 • barton.com • info@barton.com BARTON is a trademark of BARTON Mines Corporation.

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THEN:YouWill Never Know ifWe Can Do It , How We Can Perform or What it is Like to Work with Us W H AT: Yo u a r e Missing Out on the Oppor tunity t o R e c e i ve H i g h Quality Bends, at a Fair Price, from a Top Notch Bender/ Roller with a Wide Range of Capacities & Capabilities

For more information on Albina contact them at: 503-692-6010 Ext. 105 Fax: 503-6926020, bsmith@ albinaco.com, www.albinaco. com








BIG DEAL Last December, when Time magazine listed the Haliade-X among the best i nve n t i o n s o f 2019, it was just one in a series of milestones for the mighty machine — the most powerful offshore wind turbine in operation today. Fo l l ow i n g i t s moment in the media spotlight, the Haliade-X proceeded to set a world record by generating 288 megawatt-hours of electrical energy in a single day. Now it’s passed another landmark: Monday GE Renewable Energy signed the first contract for the spinning champion, agreeing

to supply 190 Haliade-X 13 MW wind turbines for Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B, the first two phases of what will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, located in the North Sea some 130 kilometers off the English coast. They grow up so fast: The Haliade-X has quickly become a major player in offshore wind. “The one thing I learned in my career is never doubt the capability of GE’s engineering talent, regardless of the technology,” said John Lavelle, CEO of GE Renewable Energy’s Offshore Wind unit. Lavelle’s team decided to go big, designing a machine with blades that stretch 107 meters apiece, and last year began testing a prototype of the Haliade-X at the Port of Rotterdam. The working prototype revealed strengths of a turbine initially referred to as the Haliade-X 12 MW. The Dogger Bank contract is for a turbine called the Haliade-X 13 MW — the team figured out how to generate one more megawatt than was in their original goals. When the Dogger Bank project is completed — slated for 2026 — it’s projected to be able to supply 3.6 gigawatts of electrical power, enough to supply 4.5 million U.K. households. The road ahead: Lavelle andVincent Schellings, who leads the development of the turbine, say they now think of the Haliade-X as a platform, where they can increase its output without starting from scratch on a new design. Lavelle said the working machine gave GE a “strategic road map to have a sustainable competitive advantage in the offshore wind industry.That’s our goal.” And that’s a good place to be:With the International Energy Agency projecting that global offshore wind will attract a cumulative $1 trillion in investment by 2040, this is an industry with a strong breeze to its back. A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

25 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Contracts Hydraulics International Inc., Chatsworth, California, has been awarded a $377,357,493 firm-fixed-price, requirements-type, indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract for multiple pieces of hydraulic equipment and hydraulic fluid purification systems to be used on multiple aviation platforms. Work will be performed in Chatsworth, California, and is expected to be completed Oct. 7, 2029. This award is a result of a solesource acquisition. Fiscal 2021 aircraft procurement; and future fiscal aircraft procurement funds will be obligated upon availability for task orders. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is the contracting activity (FA8532-21-D-0001). PKL Services Inc., Poway, California, has been awarded a $13,757,191 firm-fixed-price modification (P00008) to contract FA4897-18-C-2002 to continue providing military aircraft F15 SG maintenance and operations training. This contract provides for the Republic of Singapore Air Force training on F15 aircraft, and includes both maintenance and operations on the F15 aircraft. Work will be performed at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, and is expected to be completed Sept. 30, 2022. Foreign Military Sales funds in the full amount are being obligated at the time of award. The 366th Financial Acquisition Squadron, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, is the contracting activity.


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26 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Honeywell International Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been awarded an $11,638,078 modification (P00006) to contract FA9453-19-C-0010 to exercise Option Two for critical design review, providing research options for Space Enterprise Technologies. The contractor shall conduct experiments, evaluate, and perform process development back-end pillar fabrication process. Work will be performed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is expected to be completed April 14, 2022, per Option Two: Critical Design Review contract line item number 2001 and a Military interdepartmental purchase request from HQ0157 Office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force – Acquisition,Technology and Logistics will be obligated to incrementally fund the option at time of modification. Total cumulative face value of the contract is $17,361,381. Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, is the contracting activity. Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Hawthorne, California, is awarded a $149,175,246 firm-fixed-price contract for the Space Development Agency Tracking Layer Tranche 0, Wide Field of View program. The proposal was received and evaluated under request for proposal HQ0850-20-R-0003. The work to be performed under this contract will include on-time delivery of space vehicles and optical wide field of view payloads. Work will be performed in various locations in the continental U.S. Fiscal 2020 research, development, test and evaluation funds (defense-wide) will be obligated at the time of award. The Space Development Agency, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (HQ0850-21-C-0001). FLIR Surveillance Inc.,Wilsonville, Oregon, is awarded a $14,565,377 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a

five-year ordering period for BRITE Star Block II systems, repair actions, data, provision item order, training and engineering services. Work will be performed in Wilsonville, Oregon, and is expected to be completed by September 2025. This contract includes purchases for the Czech Republic under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. FMS Czech Republic funding in the amount of $8,179,077 will be obligated at time of award and will not expire at the end of fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured in accordance with 10 U.S. Code 2304(c) (1); only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana, is the contracting activity (N00164-20-D-JQ51). The Boeing Co., El Segundo, California, has been awarded a $298,369,312 firm-fixed-price contract for the Evolved Strategic Satellite Communications program. This contract provides a prototype payload to develop hardware and software. Work will be performed in El Segundo, California, and is expected to be complete by May 2025. This award is the result of a sole-source acquisition. Fiscal 2020 research and development funds in the amount of $29,447,172 are being obligated at the time of award. The U.S. Space Force, Space and Missile Systems Center, Development Corps, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, is the contracting activity (FA8808-20-C-0047). (Awarded Sept. 30, 2020) DynCorp International LLC, Fort Worth, Texas, has been awarded a $70,743,464 modification (P00042) to previously awarded contract FA4890-17-C-0005 for Air Force Central Command War Reserve Materiel (WRM). This modification provides for the exercise of Option Year Four for WRM services being provided under the basic contract. Work will be performed at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; and the United Arab Emirates, and is expected to be complete by September 2021. This modification brings the total cumulative face value of the contract to $326,492,114. Fiscal 2021 operations and maintenance funds in the amount of $69,799,021 are being obligated at the time of award. Headquarters Air Combat Command, Joint Base Langley-Eustis,Virginia, is the contracting activity. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Bothell,Washington, was awarded a not-to-exceed $24,072,455 firm-fixed-price, indefinitedelivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the purchase of gas generators for use in the suppression system onboard the V-22 aircraft to provide explosion/fire suppression capabilities. The contract will include a three-year base ordering period with no options. Work will be performed in Moses Lake,Washington, and is expected to be completed by September 2023. This effort combines purchases with procurement and ammunition (Navy and Marine Corps) funds (82.9%); ammunition (Air Force) funds (14.7%); and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) funding (Japan) (2.4%) under the FMS program. Funds in the amount of $7,802,197 will be issued for delivery order N00104-20-F-B501 that will be awarded concurrently with the contract and funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. One source was solicited for this non-competitive requirement under authority 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1), with one offer received. The Naval Supply Systems Command,Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is the contracting activity (N00104-20-D-B501). (Awarded Sept. 29, 2020) A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

27 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Catch And Release: This Hybrid System Could Help Reduce Aviation’s Carbon Emissions

By Brett Nelson

The airline industry has come a long way in terms of fuel efficiency. The amount of fuel burned per passenger has dropped 80% since 1960, thanks to new engines designed with tougher and lighter materials. But those savings, along with cheaper tickets, have also fueled passenger growth — to more than 1 billion fliers annually before the pandemic — which has offset the industry’s savings in net carbon emissions. True, the airlines and military have also tested and proven the feasibility of biofuels. But they can be twice as expensive as mineral fuels at this time and haven’t achieved commercial viability, thus sending aviation engineers to seek a different solution. “Now we need something fundamentally different to take the next leap,” says John Yagielski, senior principal engineer at GE’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York.


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That technical challenge is twofold, and both sides are daunting.The first element, part of ARPA-E’s REEACH initiative (for Range Extenders for Electric Aviation with Low Carbon and High Efficiency), focuses on how to convert a cleaner-burning biofuel into megawatts of electricity. The second, under the ASCEND program (Aviation-Class Synergistically Cooled Electric Motors with Integrated Drives), tackles how to turn that electrical energy into enough thrust to fly a 737-class commercial jet. A traditional jet engine ignites jet fuel mixed with air to drive a massive fan upfront, which creates the bulk of the thrust that makes the plane soar and cruise. In the new configuration proposed by the GE team, an electric motor spins the fan to generate thrust. The power would come from a two-step process that combines a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and a gas turbine, with both running on a plant-based, carbon-neutral fuel. (The fuel is carbonneutral because it’s made from plants that absorbed atmospheric carbon. It produces no incremental CO2 when burned.) In this theoretical design, the SOFC will be designed to mix gasified biofuel and compressed air to produce electricity and heat. The electricity will drive the motor spinning the engine fan. The heat exhaust and any excess fuel will do a second shift inside the gas turbine, where they will mix with more fuel to drive the turbine and further help spin another electric generator. “The reuse of SOFC exhaust is akin to a combined-cycle power plant, in which heat expelled from a A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

28 • OCT - NOV ‘20

gas turbine is used to drive a steam turbine,” Joshi explains. The biggest hurdle with this theoretical hybrid design is how to get more power for far less weight. “The overall system efficiency will have to be better and will have to weigh significantly less,” Yagielski says. “We need to develop machines at aircraft propulsion power levels and reduce their specific weight by a factor of eight.” That means bringing various engineering disciplines to bear, he adds: “Our team is working five different technology areas simultaneously to make this happen.” The beauty of the new system is that it will free plane designers from placing large engines under each wing and enable them to come up with new designs that might be more optimal for efficient flight. Drones already use six or more propellers, all powered by wires from a central source. Says Joshi: “The concept is to use 10 or 15 of these 2-megawatt machines to drive an equal number of smaller fans distributed along the wing to produce the required thrust.” The REEACH and ASCEND grants, covering roughly 18 months of research by 17 participants, are just the first leg of a long journey. “It’s about proving the feasibility of a number of these technologies and convincing ARPA-E to invest in building a complete prototype and testing it,” says Yagielski. “This is for aircraft in the 2050s.”

Flatline Fab Versatility

By Stephen Hannemann

When you hear the words fabrication shop, automatically weldments of steel, large trusses, frameworks both architectural and industrial come to mind. Turning that assumption on its head, Flatline Fabrication recently has designed and is producing a new line of wood workbenches that highlight their CNC routing and wood craft / wood fabrication prowess. These light, rigid and portable benches are ideal for transport in vans or pickups to jobsites for light carpentry, finish carpentry, and cabinet installs. Durable for manufacturing as fab and assembly benches in commercial settings they were designed with longevity in mind. These benches will withstand the rigors in a variety of manufacturing environments as well as the home shop. These strong but lightweight benches come as flat packed kits with instructions. Initial assembly takes less than 30 minutes. The rigid 48”x 48” reinforced modular work surface is a box unit, easily removable for transport or storage. When assembled, the bench is a comfortable and ergonomic 34” high. Being modular, two or more benches can be joined together to create larger surfaces such as 4’x 8’ or 8’x 8’ for large projects in a commercial setting.

Precious Metals Plating Co., Inc + Gold Plating + Silver Plating + Nickel Plating + Electroless Nickel Plating + Tin Plating + Heat Treat With Plate + Nadcap Approved Processes + Boeing Approved Processes + Expedited Turnaround + X-ray Fluorescence Thickness Verification + In-House Laboratory With Atomic Absorption (AA) + Expanded Capacity In Vibratory Plating We Are The Noble Partner With The Personal Touch!

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Another feature of these smartly and expertly crafted work benches are the precision 1” diameter holes on 4” centers covering the entire work surface. These holes accommodate work stop drop-in accessory pucks for fixturing and production part placement. Holes are used also as clamping locations for bonding in hard to reach areas. The Flatling Bench will be durable fixtures in any shop, available for $449.95 plus shipping. Quantity pricing for 6 or more units available upon call. Work Stop Pucks are $65.95 for a set of 12.

When ordering use product code SMH 2020. For more information, call 503. 477.7566. Flatline Fabrication Inc., 4322 NW Yeon Ave., Portland, OR 97210. Or call 425.501.7342, SMH Inc., “The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon” A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

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The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon By Stephen Hannemann

Just Imagine

Unemployment numbers are falling, and in many sectors manufacturing is rebounding again in spite of the pandemic, civil unrest, and political turmoil. I look up and say thank you, Lord. Coupled with my belief system, I have a deep love and respect for the resilience of our human spirit and our tenacious ability to overcome obstacles of overwhelming dimension. I think of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in November of 1620. Depending upon the history account you read, only 51 or 53 of the 102 original passengers survived the first winter. Those resilient few survivors were the nucleus of our country, 400 years ago this November. Ah, the human spirit!

with the question, “So, when you woke up this morning, did you roll over and grumble about the day before you? Or did you jump out of bed with excitement and say, ‘I get to go to work today and….’”Are you grateful? Grateful for your bed, your home, your wife, your children, your JOB? Please don’t misunderstand. I do not have a Pollyanna attitude about life. Life can deal us some cruel blows. Life is a hard walk at times. However, hard times can be precious opportunities to grow, to learn, and become stronger. It is during these times that people around us witness how gratitude and positive attitudes inspire, motivate, and elevate the spirits of the people we interact with on our daily journeys. Manufacturing has been my world since high school. But this vocation does not come without a plethora of challenges and heartaches – personnel issues, supplier issues, quality issues, customer issues, and the list at times seems endless. But first thing, when we start our day, think about something that makes us happy, something that brings us joy. Joy and gratefulness will set our countenance. That attitude will spread to all who we come in contact with during our day. At the end of the day when we stop and review our accomplishments, we can take pride in what we provided, to our employees, the community, and maybe the world. Like the Pilgrims of 400 years ago. Just imagine.

500mm Doosan w/ 275 tool capacity, runs high production lights out. Ten months ago, I began a series of articles on continuous personal improvement in an effort to encourage owners, managers, and leads, along with their employees to inspire and mentor by means of attitude. I have stated many times – when we are open and receptive, mentoring can take place from the bottom up as well as the top down. No matter where we are in the company hierarchy, we are most receptive when we are in a good mood and happy. I have opened several of my presentations A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

30 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Photos provided courtesy of Northwest Metalcraft in Marysville, WA. SMH Inc. is proud to shout out the quality and service of NW Metalcraft. To learn more about NW Metalcraft and all the well vetted suppliers represented by SMH Inc., visit www.smhincllc.com, email stephen@smhincllc.com or phone 425.501.7342. SMH Inc. LLC – “The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon”

Swift Tool Co. Inc.


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Hexagon____________________ 206-304-3847

CHARLIE TAYLOR 15600 NE 8th, Ste B-1, #162 | Bellevue, WA 98008 Office: 425.881.1200 | Cell: 503.781.2327 | ctaylor@pmtnw.com www.pmtnw.com

King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Sentry Insurance________ 877-373-6879 LASER & FIBER LASER Rosco Precision Machinery___ 206-818-6813 MACHINES Equipment Financing S.L. Fusco San Leandro_____ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez____ 310-868-1010 MarkinBox_____________ 310-214-3367 MACHINERY/MACHINE TOOLS S.L. Fusco National City_____ 619-477-7733 Additive Manufacturing Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 3D Machines Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Gosiger In WA__________ 937-586-5067 WWW.GANESHMACHINERY.COM 3D CAD for CMM Hexagon_____________ 206-304-3847 Gosiger In CA__________ 714-446-7770 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 CMM Probes Romi Machine Tools, Ltd_____ 480-510-4146 Gosiger In WA__________ 937-586-5067 Boring Mills Hexagon_____________ 206-304-3847 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Gosiger In CA__________ 714-446-7770 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Chevalier USA__________ 562-903-1929 HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436 Rosco Precision Machine ry___ 253-333-2439 Santa Cruz Electronics______ 831-479-5444 Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Selway Machine Tool_______503-314-3165 North-South Machinery_____ 562-690-7616 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Selway Machine Tool______ 425-931-1680 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436 Bridgeport Parts Performance Machine Tools___ 510-249-1000 Hexagon_____________ 206-304-3847 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Selway Machine Tool______ 925-699-2522

CNC Controls & Retro Fits Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Grinders: Double Column, Surface, Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Spinetti Machinery_______ 775-996-3770 Summit Machine Tool______ 800-654-3262 Vertical, Cylindrical CNC Lathes Laser Trackers Chevalier USA__________ 562-903-1929

CNC Lathes-Big Bore Chevalier USA__________ 562-903-1929 Metrology Instruments Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Ganesh Machinery_______ 818-349-9166 Grinders 3 , 4, & 5 Axis CNC Mills Hexagon_____________ 206-304-3847 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Chevalier USA__________ 562-903-1929 Expand Machinery_______ 818-349-9166 Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 OGP ______________ 480-889-9056 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Zeiss Industrial Metrology___800-327-9735 Gosiger In WA__________ 937-586-5067 DATRON_____________ 480-826-3689 Gosiger In CA__________ 714-446-7770 Desert EDM____________480-816-6300 Optical Comparators DCM Tech -----------------------------------800-533-5339 Hexagon_____________ 206-304-3847 HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436 Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Zeiss Industrial Metrology_800-327-9735 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Expand Machinery_______ 818-349-9166 Industrial Surface Grinders Grinders, Rotary

DCM Tech -----------------------------------800-533-5339 Silicon & Quartz

Particle Inspection Mach

KNUTH Machine Tools______ 847-415-3333 Gosiger In WA__________ 937-586-5067

DCM Tech ____________ 800-533-5339 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436

DCM Tech __________800-533-5339


Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741

Punch & Die Grinders

Business Insurance Solutions

North-South Machinery______562-690-7616 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Exclusive provider of OKUMA

Michael Garver Sales Manager

GOSIGER NORTHWEST 21911 68TH Ave South Kent, WA 98032 T 253.826.3921 C 253.508.4771 E michael.garver@gosiger.com www.gosiger.com


35 • OCT - NOV ‘20

The Industry’s Most Trusted Source to Buy, Sell, and Trade-In Used CNC, Plastics, and Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery.

800.922.1674 • Purchase/Resale-Individual Machines/Entire Plants • Auctions • Certified Appraisal Services • Asset repossession and disposition services. • Finance - leases, loans - working capital lines

7918 E. MCCLAIN DR., STE 101, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85260


North-South Machinery_____ 562-690-7616 Current EDM, Inc. ________ 612-840-0037 Summit Machine Tool______800-654-3262 Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Sub Spindle Lathes Laser Marking Machines Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200 HS&S Machine Tool_______ 408-472-2436 MarkinBox_____________310-214-3367 Rosco Precision Machinery___253-333-2439 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 KNUTH Machine Tools______ 847-415-3333 Spinetti Machinery______ 775-996-3770 Swiss Screw Machines Selway Machine Tool______ 503-314-3165 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Spinetti Machinery______775-996-3770 Manual Mills And Lathes Turning Centers Selway Machine Tool______ 425-931-1680 North-South Machinery_____562-690-7616 Ganesh Machinery_______818-349-9166

Selway Machine Tool______ 925-699-2522

EDM Drilling & Micro Hole

HS&S Machine Tool_______ 408-472-2436

CNC 3 & 5 Axis Routing Machines


KNUTH Machine Tools______ 847-415-3333

Horizontal Boring &

North-South Machinery_____ 562-690-7616

Spinetti Machinery______775-996-3770 Used Wire EDM Machines

Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 Current EDM, Inc. ________ 612-840-0037 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 Current EDM, Inc. ________ 612-840-0037 CNC Slant Bed Turning Centers HS&S Machine Tool_______ 408-472-2436 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Desert EDM___________ 480-816-6300 Expand Machinery_______ 818-349-9166 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 MATERIAL CNC Swiss Turn Machines Summit Machine Tool______800-654-3262 EDM Service Aluminum Ellison Technologies_______ 206-669-3578 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324 Gosiger In WA__________ 937-586-5067 Parts Washing EDM Tooling Systems Gosiger In CA__________ 714-446-7770 Desert EDM___________ 480-816-6300 Gosiger_____________ 937-586-5067 Coast Aluminum_________877-398-6061 DIX Metals____________714-677-0788 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 Prototype Machines LMI Machinery Inc.________866-437-7315 DATRON_____________ 480-826-3689 Fry Steel_____________800-423-6651 Equipment Financing Gorilla Metals Inc.________855-516-3825 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 Robotics & Automatics Pacific Continental Bank____ 503-310-3604 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 Ganesh Machinery______818-349-9166 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___818-729-3333 Scottrade Bank Equip. Finance__206-948-0022 Ryerson Corporation______425-204-2601 North-South Machinery______ 562-690-7616 Saw Lubricants U.S. Bank Equipment______ 800-810-0038 Saw Service Of WA_______ 360-738-6437 Sunshine Metals_________760-579-8327 North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Gantry & Bridge Systems Aluminum Extrusions Sawing Machines Custom Design/Build Machines Ellison Technologies_ _ _____ 206-669-3578 Aluminum Precision______ 805-889-7569 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___503-620-9031 Lambie Engineering________509-868-3100 HS&S Machine Tool_______ 408-472-2436 KNUTH Machine Tools______ 847-415-3333 Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324 Dot Peen Markers Kwik Mark Inc__________ 815-363-8268 EDM Automation

Milling Machines (CNC )


North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883

Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 HS&S Machine Tool_______ 408-472-2436 Performance Machine Tools___ 510-249-1000 Service Steel__________ 503-224-9500 Sharp Machine Tool_______ 310-944-8016 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__303-761-3000 Armor: Military Grade Jig Boring EDM Die Sinking Machines Rosco Precision Machinery___ 206-818-6813 Kloeckner Metals_______ 480-389-2883 Desert EDM___________ 480-816-6300 Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384

Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384


Service Steel__________ 503-224-9500 Saw Replacement Parts Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Brass

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Saw Service Of WA_______ 360-738-6437 Bralco_____________ 602-722-3324

EDM Filtration EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782

HS&S Machine Tool________408-472-2436 Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900

Methods Machine Tools Inc.___ 714-292-9384 King Machine Inc._________509-435-6741

Coast Aluminum_________877-398-6061


Coastal Metals__________800-811-7466

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031

Fry Steel_____________800-423-6651

CNC Machine Services______ 206-999-3232 Spinetti Machinery_______775-996-3770 King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741

Gorilla Metals Inc.________855-516-3825


Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439

36 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Richard Amy Regional Sales Manager 8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352 MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM


8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

cell 951.551.2685 sales 800.741.7756 ramy@barton.com www.barton.com


Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031


Jorgensen Machine Tools____ 800-952-0151


Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352






MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

MarkinBox_____________ 310-214-3367 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Laser & Fiber Laser Machines METROLOGY PRODUCTS

Kloeckner Metals_______480-389-2883 Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Rosco Precision Machinery____253-333-2439 North-South Machinery______562-690-7616 CY

Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 Bronze Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 Carbon Steel Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651



Metals: Bar & Plate

Metrology Hardware

8300 San Fernando road Sun Valley, Ca 91352

Production 8300 Machine Tools,road Inc._ 425-881-1200 San Fernando Sun Valley, Ca 91352

Altemp Alloys__________ 800-227-8103 Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

Metrology Software

Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Sequoia Brass & Copper____800-362-5255

Portable Metrology

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

Magnetic Drills/Cutters

Innovative Tool Sales______ 714-780-0730 Material Handling Systems

Sunshine Metals_________ 760-579-8327 Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Hydmech Sawing Solutions___ 714-620-5560 8300 San Fernando road 8300 San Fernando road Metal Marking Systems Sun Valley, Ca 91352 Sun Valley, Ca 91352 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Metrology Scanners Nickel Alloys

Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Kwik Mark Inc__________ 815-363-8268 MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

Altemp Alloys__________ 800-227-8103 Metrology Maintenence Laser Cutting Services, Inc____503-612-8311 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Hexagon______________ 206-304-3847 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 NEW MACHINERY Cobalt Alloys Plate: Wear and Structural FABRICATION United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883 Production Machine Tools, Inc.__425-881-1200 Copper Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031

PHONE (818) 729-3333 fax (818) 729-3377 suNvallEy@IMsMETals.COM www.INdusTrIalMETalsuPPly.COM

MONday - frIday 7:00 aM to 5:00 PM saTurday 8:00 aM to 2:00 PM


Swift Tool Co, Inc._______ 800-562-0900 Notchers Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Plasma/Gas Cutting Tools/Systems Fab - Line Machinery______ 206-972-6215

Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Jorgensen Machine Tools_____ 800-952-0151 Rosco Precision Machinery___ 253-333-2439 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-398-6061 Plate Bending & Rolls Precision Ground Flat North-South Machinery______ 562-690-7616 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 SUN GRINDING_________ 480-334-1005 Band & Cut Off Saws Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031 Jorgensen Machine Tools____ 800-952-0151 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 North-South Machinery______ 562-690-7616 Stainless Steel & Steel Sequoia Brass & Copper____ 800-362-5255 North Western Machinery_____ 206-583-2333 Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200 Power Tools Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Production Machine Tools, Inc.__425-881-1200 Electrical Steels

Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333

Sheet & Coil

Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-6651 Fry Steel_____________ 800-423-665 Revolution Machine Tools_____ 385-355-0316 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Gorilla Metals Inc.________ 855-516-3825 Rosco Precision Machinery____253-333-2439 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 High Temperature Alloys Presses CNC Turret Punches Altemp Alloys__________ 800-227-8103 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___818-729-3333 Bixby Machine Tool Supply___509-534-1208 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883 Muratec______________949-466-8255 Press Brakes Laser Cutting Services, Inc___ 503-612-8311 Laser Cut Material Drill Lines Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Laser Cutting Services, Inc____503-612-8311 Ryerson Corporation______ 425-204-2601 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031 North-South Machinery______562-690-7616 United Performance Metals___888-282-3292 Lead Cold Saws/Saws Titanium Plate, Rod, Bar, & Wire Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ _503-620-9031 Production Machine Tools, Inc._ 425-881-1200 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___ 818-729-3333 Bralco______________ 602-722-3324 Hydmech Sawing Solutions____ 714-620-5560 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Punches 800-227-8103 Laube Technology________888-355-2823 KNUTH Machine Tools_______ 847-415-3333 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-903 877-398-6061 United Performance Metals__ _888-282-3292 Hardware Insertion 800-811-7466 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031 Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 Tool Steel Icon Machine Tool, Inc. OR___ 503-887-1003 800-423-6651 Industrial Metal Supply Co.___818-729-3333 Iron Workers

Material Sales Altemp Alloys__________ Coast Aluminum_________ Coastal Metals__________ Fry Steel_____________


37 • OCT - NOV ‘20

PALLET SYSTEMS Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems


The Buyers Guide Reaches Over 14,000 Decision Makers In The West Coast Region WA, OR, & CA! What you get: FREE PR and 6 Categories with your company name and Phone # Only $260 For A Full Year! Call Now For More Information!

480-773-3239 Kim@A2ZManufacturing.com

Spindle Sales New

Olympus Controls_________503-582-8100

C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.__ 503-691-0955

ROUTERS Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 Rosco Precision Machinery____ 253-333-2439 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems SHOT PEEN MARKING Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 Shot Peen Shipping Solutions MarkinBox_____________ 310-214-3367 Perry Pallet Co._________360-366-5239 SAWS Wood Pallets Band & Cut-Off Saws Perry Pallet Co._________360-366-5239 Swift Tool Co, Inc.________ 800-562-0900 PRECISION TOOLHOLDING PRODUCTS SERVICES Tooling AS9100 Registration Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._ 763-682--3122 Great Western Registrar______ 623-580-1881 Tooling Systems Custom Packaging/Shipping SupVon Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._ 763-682--3122 plies PRODUCTIVITY Alliance Packaging________206-445-5898Productivity Tools and Systems

GMN USA LLC__________ 800-686-1679

Scout Systems_ _________253-329-2460 PROG. SYSTEMS Factory Automation/Logistics

Automatics & Machinery Co.__303-990-6190 MRP Software SigmaTEK____________ 513-595-2022 Nesting Software

Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316

Shearing Machines

SigmaNEST___________ 513-595-2022 Software, Solid Modeling Delcam Software_________877-DELCAM1 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY Santa Cruz Electronics______ 831-479-5444

REAL ESTATE- COMMERCIAL Fab - Line Machinery______ 206-972-6215 Capacity Commercial Group__ 503-326-9000 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 REPAIR Icon Machine Tool, Inc. _____ 360-434-8844 CNC-PROS____________ 602-344-9753 North-South Machinery______562-690-7616

Bar Feeder Repair

Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 Edge Technologies_______ 951-440-1574

Sign & Graphic Cutting Solutions



Ellison Technologies________206-669-3578

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031 Expand Machinery_______818-349-9166 Welding Equipment LMI Machinery Inc.________866-437-7315 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__ 303-761-3000 Ready-Robotics__________833-732-3967 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.__ 503-691-0955


Midaco Corporation_______ 847-593-8420 Manual Lift Off Pallet Systems

Applied CAx___________ 503-962-0287

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.___ 503-620-9031

Robotic Part Loading Systems

GMN USA LLC__________ 800-686-1679

CAD/CAM Software, CAD

Rolling Machines

Spindle Rebuilding/Repair

Midaco Corporation________847-593-8420

North-South Machinery______ 562-690-7616

Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316

Olympus Controls_________503-582-8100

38 • OCT - NOV ‘20

TRAINING Six Sigma Training Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 ISO Consulting/Registration Great Western Registrar_____ 623-580-1881 Lean and NADCAP Consulting Training

Level III NDT Svcs________ 602-578-8109 ISO / AS9100 Certification BMSC_______________602-445-9400 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Productivity Training Scout Systems_ _________253-329-2460 USED MACHINERY

Engineering/Mechanical Design EDM Network___________480-836-1782 Sherpa Design__________ 503-771-3570 Jorgensen Machine Tools____ 800-952-0151 K.D. Capital Equipt_______ 480-922-1674 Financial Services Intech Funding__________800-553-9208 Quick Turn Financial_______ 415-608-5692 Machine Tool Rebuilding EDM Network___________ 480-836-1782 Management Systems Training BMSC_______________ 602-445-9400

North Western Machinery____ 206-583-2333 Performance Machine Tools ___ 510-760-9518 ZACHMAN MachineRY INC. ____602-908-3447 WATERJET CUTTING Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.____ 503-620-9031 Flow Internatil__________ 909-620-5707

King Machine Inc.________ 509-435-6741 Level III NDT Svcs_________ 602-578-8109 Machine Toolworks_______ 800-426-2052 Sustaining Edge Solutions_____888-572-9642 Waterjet & Blast Abrasives, Supply Chain Assessments Garnetentury Sustaining Edge Solutions_____888-572-9642 Barton International______ 800-741-7756 SOFTWARE CAD CAM GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 Machining Waterjet Bricks Applied CAx____________ 503-962-0287 Cimatron________ 248-596-9700 ext. 237 Barton International______ 800-741-7756 Solid Products___________480-206-0330 GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 Spinetti Machinery_______ 775-996-3770 Waterjet Hoppers Mechanical Design Cimatron________ 248-596-9700 ext. 237 Delcam______________ 877-335-2261

GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 Waterjet Replacement Parts Barton International______ 800-741-7756

Sherpa Design__________ 503-771-3570 EDM Performance________ 800-336-2946 NDT III Consulting Services GMA Garnet Group _______ 832-243-9300 Level III NDT Svcs_________ 602-578-8109 WOOD PRODUCTS SPINDLES & SLIDES

Perry Pallet Co.________ 360-366-5239

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes


President bsmith@albinaco.com Cell (503) 997-6464 Office (503) 692-6010

“YOUR STEEL BENDING EXPERTS” www.albinaco.com 12080 SW Myslony St. Tualatin, OR 97062

Scan for Company Directory

The Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon


Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Stevens Tool & Die_________ 503-682-3185

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Ponderosa Ind____ _______303-298-1801 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278

EDM Solutions

Specialty Steel Services______ 801-539-8252


EDM: Wire

Tool & Dies

Clings Aerospace_________ 480-968-1778

BENDING Mandrel Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Speciality Bending


Precision Enterprises Inc._____ 851-797-1000 Micropulse West Inc.________ 480-966-2300 Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Investment Casting-Precision

Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300


Dolphin Investment Castings___ 602-272-6747 Industrial Precision Grinding____310-352-4700 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098

Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 Precision Enterprises Inc._____ 851-797-1000 Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443


Structrual Bending

CMR Manufacturing________ 602-273-0943


Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300

FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634 EDGING

Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658

United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 EDM COATING Tube and Pipe Bending EDM: Dialectric Systems Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432 /Filtration BRAZING-JOINING CUTTING Ebbco Inc______________586-716-5151 Cogitic_______________ 719-473-8844 Bar & Plate & Die Cutting EDM: Drilling Small Hole Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776 AZ Tool Steel____________ 877-795-1600 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658 Precision Casting Repair______ 801-972-2345 Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 Brazing:




EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking)

Stevens Tool & Die_________ 503-682-3185 ELECTRO MECHANICAL Sub-Assembly Builds Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 ENGINEERING/DESIGN Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Extrusions

Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Plastic Extrusion Services FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098 Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033 Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658



39 • OCT - NOV ‘20


Architectural Forming & Fabrication

Passivation Clevland Electric Labs. _______ 480-967-2501 Coating Technologies_______623-581-2648

Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272

FINISHING Advanced Precision Anodizing____ 503-661-6700

Fabrication: Sheet Metal

Frontier Group__________602-437-2426 Polishing

American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Arizona Hard Chrome________ 602-278-8671 Powder Coating Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 American Precision Ind.._______503-784-5211 Coating Technologies________623-581-2648 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 FLATLINE FAB____________ 503-707-9272 CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919

FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272

Industrial Thermoplastics

PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600

NW Metalcraft Industries_____ 888-280-7080 Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Real Axis Machining_________360-723-5386 Mountain View Machine______ 435-755-0500

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Titanium Coating Services______562-548-2550

Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658

Sandblasting Byington Steel Treating, Inc.____408-727-6630 Shot Peen


PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919

Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432

Silk Screening

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 American Precision Ind..____503-784-5211 CLS

Frontier Group__________602-437-2426 Arizona Finishing_________602-438-4443

Medium & Large

Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Fabrication: Custom Metal

Galvanizing: Hot Dip

Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 TMM Precision ___________800-448-9448

American Precision Ind.._______503-784-5211 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878

Glass Bead Clean

FIXTURING Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 GASKETS

FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658 Byington Steel Treating, Inc._____408-727-6630

3-D Plastics, Inc.__________503-720-0572

Group Mfg Serv__________ 480-966-3952 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Coating Technologies________623-581-2648


Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658 Solid Form Fabrication______ 503-435-1400

Liquid Painting SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 Aero Tech MFG____________ 801-891-2740 Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778 Wrico_______________ 480-892-7800 Forming & Fabrication A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

Tube & Pipe Bending Fabrication

AZ Hard Chrome__________ 602-278-8671 AZ Tool Steel____________ 877-795-1600 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175

Frontier Group__________602-437-2426 Cogitic_______________ 719-473-8844

Albina Co., Inc. __________866-252-4628 MPI International__________956-631-6880

Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776

Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600

Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878

• 40 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Shawn Carlin scarlin@gmsaz.com

Rich Schwab

Sr. Sales Representative 361 South 52nd Street • Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-967-2501 • Fax: 480-967-2530 rschwab@cel-atg.com Cell: 480-375-1437


ISO/IEC 17025

Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 Sun Grinding___________ 602-238-9595

Byington Steel Treating_____408-727-6630

Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658

Mountain View Machine______ 435-755-0500 TCI Precision Metals________ 800-234-5613

Controlled Thermal Tech_____602-272-3714

Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700

Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776

Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386

Steel Services Grinding______ 800-662-0126 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864

Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320

Sun Grinding___________ 602-238-9595 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226

Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 Precision Tech___________ 801-285-7288

Phoenix Heat Treating______602-258-7751

Sunshine Metals___________714-225-4972


Treske Precision Machining _____503-625-2821

Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320

Grinding, Blanchard

Grinding: OD

Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320

AZ Tool Steel____________ 877-795-1600 Sun Grinding___________ 602-238-9595 Phoenix Heat Treating_______ 602-258-7751

TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278

Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966 Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700

Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100

VWeiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778

Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432

Industrial Thermoplastics

Diversified Metal Services_____ 801-972-6093

Grinding: Surface

Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 Steel Services Grinding______ 800-662-0126 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Heat Treating/Aerospace

Sun Grinding___________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700

Grinding: Tool & Cutter

Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751

Grinding, Centerless

Superior Grinding_________888-487-9701

Large Capacity Drop Bottom

Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 Swift Tool Co, Inc.________ 800-562-0900


Sun Grinding___________ 602-238-9595


Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630

Grinding, Double Disc

Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776

MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864

Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.___ 805-583-9966



Industrial Precision Grinding___ 310-352-4700 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

Accutech Machine Inc________ 801-975-1117 American Precision Ind.._______503-784-5211 Cascade Engineering Tech ____ 503-266-1300 Clings Aerospace_________ 480-968-1778 Strom Manufacturing________503-447-1021 Treske Precision Machining _____503-625-2821 Machining: Aerospace

Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

• 41 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Machining: 5-Axis

American Precision Ind.._______503-784-5211


• 41 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Passivation, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Hard Chrome, Silver, & Tin Plating. 206-947-4052 geoffs@askogroup.com Clevland Electric Labs. _______480-967-2501 Die-Tech Precision Machining____669-888-3500 Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866 Faustson______________ 303-420-7422

Die-Tech Precision Machining____ 669-888-350

Larkin Precision Machine______831-438-2700 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866

Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866

Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654 Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689

Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689

Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654

Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021

Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300

Newport Tool.____________801-295-7411 Teton Machine __________ 208-642-9344

Strom Manufacturing________ 503-447-1021 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____ 602-352-8658 Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700

Machining: Ultra Precision

SMH Inc LLC_____________360-341-2226 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 Strom Manufacturing_______ 503-447-1021 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing__ 503-557-9407 Teton Machine __________ 208-642-9344 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386

Teton Machine __________208-642-9344

Treske Precision Machining _____503-625-2821 Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320

Machining: Swiss

Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778

Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689


Machining: Ceramics Advanced

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226

O’Keefe Ceramics__________719-687-0888 Strom Manufacturing________503-447-1021 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 Machining: Proto-R & D

Teton Machine __________ 208-642-9344

American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211

Machining: Large

Cascade Engineering Tech _____503-266-1300 Accutech Machine Inc________ 801-975-1117

Accutech Machine Inc________ 801-975-1117

Contract Manufacturing

Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing__ 503-557-9407 AATC________________ 602-268-1467 Teton Machine __________208-642-9344 Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919 Machining: Turning

Clevland Electric Labs. _______480-967-2501 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Accutech Machine Inc_______ 801-975-1117 Newport Tool.____________ 801-295-7411 American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211 American Precision Ind..______ 503-784-5211 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 Cascade Engineering Tech ____ 503-266-1300 Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386 Die-Tech Precision Machining____ 669-888-350 Machining: Medical Ron Grob Co_____________970-667-5320 Faustson______________ 303-420-7422 American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211 SMH Inc LLC_____________360-341-2226 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______623-466-6866 Cascade Engineering Tech ____ 503-266-1300 Strom Manufacturing________ 503-447-1021 Grovtec US, Inc. __________ 503-557-4689 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866 Treske Precision Machining _____503-625-2821 Howard Precision Machined Prod._801-619-9850 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Teton Machine __________ 208-642-9344 Machining: CNC Milling Layke Inc._____________602-272-2654 Machining: Production

Machining: Turning With Live Tooling

Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 American Precision Ind..______ 503-784-5211 Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721 FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Flex-Pro Manufacturing.______ 623-466-6866 G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 Group Mfg Serv__________ 480-966-3952 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700

Portland Precision Manufacturing_503-253-6700 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700

American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211 Accutech Machine Inc________ 801-975-1117 Real Axis Machining________360-723-5386 Teton Machine __________ 208-642-9344 Cascade Engineering Tech _____503-266-1300 American Precision Ind.._______ 503-784-5211 Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Clevland Electric Labs. _______480-967-2501 Cascade Engineering Tech ____ 503-266-1300 =SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 42 • OCT - NOV ‘20


Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144 Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634 Molds: Expertise in Overmold and


Insert Molding

Advanced Precision Anodizing___ 503-661-6700

Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144

ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052

Industrial Manufacturing


ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Savon Plating, Inc__________ 602-252-4311

Albina Co., Inc. _________ 866-252-4628

Surface Mount & Thru Hole

EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Machinists Inc.___________360-202-7342 Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech MFG___________801-891-2740 Custom Airplane to Marine Polishing Metal Polishing By Timothy___ 503-253-5294 Personal Collectables Polishing Metal Polishing By Timothy___ 503-253-5294 Production Polishing Metal Polishing By Timothy___ 503-253-5294

Cascade Systems Technology___ 971-330-8054 Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426 PAINTING


Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Coating Technologies________623-581-2648

FLATLINE FAB___________ 503-707-9272 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Controlled Thermal Tech ______602-272-3714 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Coating: Black Oxide



Coating Technologies________623-581-2648

Custom Plastic Profiles

Advanced Precision Anodizing___ 503-661-6700

PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Custom Plastic Tubing

Coating: Dry Film Lube

Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426 Coating Technologies________623-581-2648

Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600


Custom Thermoplastics

PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome

Controlled Thermal Tech _____602-272-3714

Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033

Black Oxide

Coating Technologies________623-581-2648


Extrusion Die Development

PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033

Bright Tin

Molds: Plastic Injection Plastic Injection Molding_____509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 MOLDS Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144 Arizona Finishing_________ 602-438-4443

Custom Plastic Spiraling

Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Coating Technologies________623-581-2648

Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Leadtek Plating___________503-682-4410

Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Savon Plating, Inc__________ 602-252-4311 Custom Plastic Finishing

Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271


Inline Plastics Inc._________ 909-923-1033

Chem Film

Foresight Finishing_________480-772-0387


Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-253-6700 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311


Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098


PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Frontier Group____________602-437-2426

Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634

3-D Plastics, Inc.__________ 503-720-0572



Plastic Injection Molding_____ 509-531-2634 Advanced Precision Anodizing___ 503-661-6700

ASKO Group_____________206-947-4052

Advanced Mold Technology____ 714-990-0144

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226


Leadtek Plating___________503-682-4410

Molds: Fast Turn Prototype and

Mold Making

AZ Hard Chrome__________ 602-278-8671

Molds: High Volume Class 100

Bridge Molds

Embrittlement Relief

3-D Plastics, Inc.__________ 503-720-0572 EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 EPSI_________________ 714-519-9423 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST •

43 • OCT - NOV ‘20


Savon Plating, Inc__________ 602-252-4311

Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Plas-

Electroless Nickel 1538 E La Vieve Lane, Tempe, AZ 85284

ASKO Group_____________206-947-4052

Metro Metals Northwest ______ 503-819-1284

Foresight Finishing_________ 480-772-0387 Passivation

Leadtek Plating___________ 503-682-4410

Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410

Precious Metal Plating Co.______ 800-481-6271 ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052

Zinc Nickel

Savon Plating, Inc__________ 602-252-4311 Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426

PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410


PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600

Glass Bead Clean


PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600

Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426


Shot Peen

ASKO Group_____________ 206-947-4052

EPSI_________________ 714-519-9423 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 Tin / Zinc Plate

Foresight Finishing_________ 480-772-0387

Leadtek Plating___________ 503-682-4410 ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052 Precious Metal Plating Co.______ 800-481-6271 EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 PAS Technologies__________602-744-2600 Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311

Hard Chrome

tics, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin

Silver Plating

Arizona Hard Chrome________ 602-278-8671

ASKO Group_____________ 206-947-4052 ASKO Group____________ 206-947-4052

G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 PRECISION FORMING Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Pacific Tool, Inc__________ 425-882-1970 QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117

Bin Service Metro Metals Northwest ______ 503-819-1284 Excess Material Handling Metro Metals Northwest ______ 503-819-1284 Full Service Scrap Management Metro Metals Northwest ______ 503-819-1284 Wood Products Perry Pallet Co.___________ 360-366-5239 REPAIR

SpringWorks Utah_________ 801-298-0113 CNC-PROS______________ 602-344-9753 Wrico_______________ 480-892-7800 PROCESSING: METAL Chemical LA Specialties___________ 602-269-7612 PROTOTYPES

ROLLING Albina Co., Inc. ___________866-252-4628 SANDBLASTING Advanced Precision Anodizing____503-661-6700 Byington Steel Treating, Inc._____408-727-6630 Production Sawing

NAD CAP & Boeing Approved

EPSI________________ 714-519-9423

Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc.____805-583-9966


Leadtek Plating__________ 503-682-4410

NW Rapid Mfg.__________ 503-434-8557

Precious Metal Plating Co.______ 800-481-6271 PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 Nickel-Bright

Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271

PUNCHING CLS Fabrication Inc________ 800-426-0721

SEWING Grovtec US, Inc. ___________503-557-4689 SHEARING

Foresight Finishing_________ 480-772-0387 Savon Plating, Inc_________ 602-252-4311

Group Manufacturing Serv____ 480-966-3952 United Performance Metals_____888-282-3292

Leadtek Plating___________ 503-682-4410

QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117

Tin Plating

Precious Metal Plating Co.______ 800-481-6271 Precious Metal Plating Co._____ 800-481-6271 A2Z MANUFACTURING WEST COAST

• 44 • OCT - NOV ‘20


Weiser Engineering________ 303-280-2778 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc.________ 714-373-0098

Bryan Crawford

1847 Elmfield Ave. Long Beach, CA, 90815 562-597-7824 cell: 562-243-4659 becrawford@mindspring.com


SILICONE 3-D Plastics, Inc.__________ 503-720-0572


Aeroform, Inc. __________ 360-403-1919

Ace Wire & Spring Form_______412-458-4830

Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 Milco Waterjet___________ 714-373-0098

Evans Precision___________ 623-582-4776



Precision Aerospace, LLC_____602-352-8658

Western Sintering_________ 509-375-3096

Non-Destructive Testing

Rickard Engineering _______866-845-8838


Frontier Group___________ 602-437-2426 SW Waterjet & Laser________480-306-7748

United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292

PAS Technologies_________ 602-744-2600 United Performance Metals____888-282-3292

SPINNING Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776

Turbine Instrument Testing

Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Rickard Engineering _______866-845-8838



Specialty Steel Services______ 801-539-8252

Bolts Metalizing-CWST______602-244-2432


Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714

Ace Wire & Spring Form______ 412-458-4830


SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113

Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320



Extension/Compression/ Coil

Newport Tool.___________ 801-295-7411

Ace Wire & Spring Form______ 412-458-4830

Wrico_______________ 480-892-7800

STAMPING PRECISION AEI Fabrication__________ 480-733-6594 NW Metalcraft Industries_____ 888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping_____ 480-967-2038 SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113

TOOLING Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Mountain View Machine______ 435-755-0500 Newport Tool.___________ 801-295-7411 Real Axis Machining________ 360-723-5386

Stamping:Design SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113 Stamping:Flat Forming

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

FLATLINE FAB____________503-707-9272


Micro-Machining Rickard Engineering _______866-845-8838 WELDING Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776 FLATLINE FAB___________503-707-9272 Frontier Group___________602-437-2426 Mountain View Machine______435-755-0500 PAS Technologies_________602-744-2600 Precision Aerospace, LLC_____602-352-8658 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778 Weld Metal Works_________ 503-788-5701 Laser Welding and Services Clevland Electric Labs. ______480-967-2501


Robotic Welding


Bending Solutions, Inc.______360-651-2443

Albina Co., Inc. __________ 866-252-4628

Welding: Precision


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Bending Solutions, Inc.______ 360-651-2443 Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776


Stamping: Light

Clings Aerospace_________ 480-968-1778 FLATLINE FAB___________503-707-9272


SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113

EZ-ACCESS_____________ 800-258-8503 Weiser Engineering________303-280-2778

NW Metalcraft Industries_____ 888-280-7080 SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113

Systems Integrators ________ 623-434-3136 Stamping: Production/


Welding: MIG-TIG

Clevland Electric Labs. ______ 480-967-2501 Evans Precision__________ 623-582-4776



FLATLINE FAB___________503-707-9272

Precision Die & Stamping_____ 480-967-2038

Accutech Machine Inc________801-975-1117


• 45 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Index of Advertisers 3D-Plastics...27,39


Portland Precision...42

ABS Metallurgical...17


Precious Metals Plating...29,39

Accutech Machine, inc...43


Precision Aerospace, LLC...41

Ace Wire & Spring Form...1,15,44

Foresight Finishing...44

Advanced Precision Anodizing...41

Frontier Group...22,39

Precision Die & Stamping...14,39

Aeroform, Inc...42


Aero Tech Manufacturing...40


Albina Co, Inc...7,39

Gosiger in WA...34,35

Allied Tool and Die...44

Gosiger in CA...34

American Precision Industries...41


Arizona Finishing...41

Group Manufacturing...40

Asko Group...42


Saw Services of WA...10,33


HS&S Machine Tool...36,37

Selway Machine Tool Co...32,34

BC Bar Feeds...45

Hexagon Metrology...35



Horizon Carbide...36

SMH Inc LLC...30,39



Specialty Steel...40

Byington Steel Treating...41

Industrial Metal Supply Co....22,37

Spinetti Machinery...33


Industrial Precision Grinding...44

Spring Works Utah...40

Cascade Engineering Tech...42

KD Capital...36

Cd’A Metals...1,22,23,

Kloeckner Metals-Temtco...18,33



Landmark Solutions...34

Cleveland Electric Labs...41

Laube Titanium Mill Prod....37

CLS Fabrication Inc...40

Layke Inc...43

Coast Aluminum...33


Coastal Metals...6,33

Lucy’s Machine...43

Coating Technologies...40

Mario Pinto...34

Sun Grinding...39

Controlled Thermal Tech...43


Superior Grinding...40

Curtis Wright...41

MET-TEK Inc...40

Superior Metal Shapes...16,36

Cycle Time Solutions...43

Methods Machine Tools Inc...5,33

Sustaining Edge...35


Metro Metals Northwest, Inc...42

Swift Tool...3,31,32,34

DCM Tech...34

Micropulse West...41


Die-Tech Precision Machine...40

Midaco Corporation...34




EDM Network...19,32

Mountain View Machining...41

TVT Die Casting...16,39

EDM Performance..32,33

MP Systems...35

Edge Technologies...33

Mueller Prost...34

Ellison Technologies...9,32

Newport Tool...44


North-South Machinery...25,32

Evans Precision...45

Northwestern Machinery...35

Expand Machinery...

Pacific Swiss...39

Western Sintering...26,39

Fahey Machinery...,13,33,34, 35,37

Performance Machine Tools...8,36

Wrico Stamping...44


Phoenix Heat Treat...41

Zeiss Metrology...32


46 • OCT - NOV ‘20

Precision Enterprises...41 Real Axis Machining...43 RENISHAW...12,32 Ron Grob...27,41 Rosco Precision Machinery...21,32 Royal products...24,33

Star Metal Fluids...33 Starrett...35 Steel Services Grinding...41 Sterling Saw Blades...29, Strom Manufacturing...39

United Performance Metals...36 US Shop Tools...17,36 Valley Financial Services... Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc...33 Weiser Engineering...41


47 • OCT - NOV ‘20

A2Z Manufacturing West Coast 1538 E. La Vieve Lane Tempe, AZ 85284


48 • OCT - NOV ‘20

grovtecmachining.com 503-557-4689




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