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When will the shoe fall? We’re in a recession, or are we? Is it here or is it coming? True, it is highly unusual to see positive economic indicators paired with historic labor and supply chain challenges. According to the Institute for Supply Management, the manufacturing economy is forecast to keep expanding for the rest of 2022, at the rate of 9.2 percent. That is 2.7 percentage points higher than a December 2021 forecast of 6.5 percent.

J.M. Grisley’s Team of Automation Experts Help Customers Use Technology For Success Announcements/Releases...................................6-12 Cover Article.................................................................20-22

Okay, you might say, these are forecasts, and they may not match what happens in reality. But when you look at the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25), which reports economic activity from a cross section of the $1 trillion equipment finance sector, it showed their overall new business volume for September was $10.2 billion, up 11 percent year-over-year from new business volume in September 2021. Volume was up 16 percent from August.

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ELFA President Ralph Petta said, “Third quarter new business volume in the equipment finance industry is exceptionally strong, indicating that the economic contraction projected by many economists has not yet arrived. Another data point supporting this is that end users of commercial equipment continue to make on-time payments to their finance providers.”

A2Z Manufacturing

The Deloitte report says that optimism in revenue growth is held in check by caution from ongoing risks, most notably supply chain instability and workforce shortages. More than 1/3 of executives surveyed rate the workforce issue as their top priority for 2022. Manufacturing businesses must proactively put plans in place to lessen the workforce shortages risk. Our cover article story demonstrates how businesses, regardless of their size as well as their mix of products (low volume, high mix included), can automate. In fact, the shop interviewed in Idaho has nearly a 1:1 ratio of employees to Cobots. It can be done.

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Interestingly, there may be a silver lining to the workforce shortage postpandemic. Plans to enroll in a four-year college are declining, with a 14% drop Published bi-monthly to keep precision manuin teens saying they plan to enroll at a four-year university compared to before facturers abreast of news and to supply a viable the pandemic. NPR says that more than 1 million fewer students are enrolled vendor source for the industry. Circulation: The A2Z Manufacturing has in college now than before the pandemic began. If they are going to work, and many are, they are often going into positions like service or distribution. And while these industries have raised wages, likely they will not pay what a person can make in manufacturing over time. As an industry, we need to rethink our approach to hiring if we want to attract talent today. Staying the course could be devastating for manufacturing industry and the U.S. economy. The Deloitte study found that younger workers don’t view manufacturing as a sector that allows for flexibility. Maybe we’re going to have to offer options like flexible work hours. And pandemic has helped companies see that your work can still be done at different times than the 9-to-5 we’re used to. Automation will help, but there will always be a need for a workforce, albeit a smaller one. I think those that embrace flexibility will win the smaller available talent pool. Until next issue, I wish you the best, and as always, God Bless our Troops, our healthcare providers and our First Responders.

Linda Daly, Publisher A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •


Nov / Dec 2022

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Announcements & Releases

KD Capital Equipment Welcomes Bill Bursik To Their Team!

KD Capital Equipment is very excited about the addition of Bill Bursik to our team. Bill brings a wealth of experience and professionalism in particular in the area of specialty cnc turning applications where for many years he was in charge of overseeing engineering and turnkey projects for major machine tool manufacturers. In addition, his technical expertise and 31 years of sales management experience for a major machine tool distributor will no doubt provide our organization and the used machine tool marketplace a tremendous resource for equipment values and manufacturing solutions for our valued customers. Please feel free to reach out to Bill for your CNC Machining or Fabrication machinery needs. Welcome to our team Bill!

Machine Shops Are The New Sexy! By: Matt Wardle; JD Machine Workforce Development Chair

I ran across an article in CNBC about a startup that raised $90M A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

6 • Nov / Dec 2022

in private equity money to get in the machined parts business. You can check out the article here. I’ve shared this article with a few of my NTMA buddies outside of Utah and it’s been an interesting discussion point. I think Chris Power is a very charismatic salesman but I do believe he made a good case for investing in U.S. manufacturing. Some of his points are flat out demeaning and I can’t wait to see how it will all play out when he tries to spin up an entire company doing job shop work. I wonder how patient his customers and investors will be as he brings on hundreds of new people, equipment and customers. There are so many things that can go wrong with each job we run. The complexity of this business cannot be underestimated and developing the culture, systems, brain-trust, etc. is not for the faint of heart. One takeaway is that people with a lot of money to invest are betting on the future of our industry. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

55 • Nov / Dec 2020

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

7 •Nov / Dec



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Announcements & Releases Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25), which reports economic activity from 25 companies representing a cross section of the $1 trillion equipment finance sector, showed their overall new business volume for September was $10.2 billion, up 11 percent year-over-year from new business volume in September 2021. Volume was up 16 percent from $8.8 billion in August. Year-to-date, cumulative new business volume was up nearly 6 percent compared to 2021. Receivables over 30 days were 1.5 percent, unchanged from the previous month and down from 1.6 percent in the same period in 2021. Charge-offs were 0.17 percent, unchanged from the previous month and down from 0.35 percent in the year-earlier period. Credit approvals totaled 77.3 percent, up from 75.2 percent in August. Total headcount for equipment finance companies was down 2.4 percent year-over-year. Separately, the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s Monthly Confidence Index (MCI-EFI) in October is 45, a A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

8 • Nov / Dec 2022

decrease from the September index of 48.7. ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta said, “Third quarter new business volume in the over-$1 trillion equipment finance industry is exceptionally strong, providing fresh evidence that the economic contraction projected by many economists has not yet arrived. Another data point supporting this relatively benign economic scenario is extremely low delinquencies, indicating that end users of commercial equipment continue to make on-time payments to their finance providers.”

Compact Footprint


Hollis Bufferd, CEO, Star Hill Financial LLC, said, “Despite All CMM LK Metrology's ALTERA C coordinate continued challenges in the supply chain, op�ons measuring machine is perfect wheninflationary floor pressures and rising space interest rates,or the industry is limited only availableand at aour finance availab premium company continue to grow. Like our peers, we have continued expectations for the balance of 2022, as end-users plan for year-end capital acquisitions. Charge-offs Integrated Tech and delinquencies Mul� remain at historic lows. The probability of continued Fed Integrated controller and PC are tucked away interest rate increases on the horizon creates uncertainty,Tac�le, under the CMM granite table,some with op�onal integra but we are seeing increased demand for fixed rate leases and pla�orm monitor and keyboard arm available loans to support our clients’ capital expenditures. With an eye on global economic disruptions, I am cautiously optimistic.”

Contact us today at (810) 263-6100 or

The MLFI-25 is the only near-real-time index that reflects capex, or the volume of commercial equipment financed in the U.S. TThe MLFI-25 is a financial indicator that complements the durable goods report and other economic indexess.


or precise dable price!

RA C 7.7.5 with r Arm and

Pictured on right: ALTERA C 10.7.5 with PH10T Probe Head


M so�ware packages and s available from LK Metrology are ble with ALTERA C

�-sensor Technology

, op�cal, and laser sensors are ated into a single measurement m

L3Harris’ RASOR EDGE As the U.S. military builds more and more complex mission-enabling technologies, individual components become tightly coupled in these systems-of-systems, which adds unneeded complexity when looking to insert new capabilities into the architecture. Traditional development strategies degrade the ability to rapidly adapt to changing battlespace dynamics. As such, the U.S. Department of Defense is moving toward a modular system approach to promote interchangeability and interoperability with capabilities from a wide variety of sources. Modular Open System Approaches (MOSA) are gaining traction within the DOD, with requirements aligned to MOSA being included in new industry requests for information and proposals. Further, the individual military branches are beginning to converge on agreements regarding best practices and standards to increase total-force alignment.

“If you think of the war of yesteryear and the next peer-topeer conflict – where the United States will go up against highly sophisticated adversaries that might have the ability to challenge or defeat our communication capabilities – our military needs to rapidly adapt in the field to meet new requirements,” said Brendan O’Connell, president of L3Harris’ Broadband Communications business. Additionally, 70 percent of typical procurement costs are reserved for outyear support and sustainment; a modular approach significantly reduces the financial burden of these considerations due to the on-the-fly insertion capabilities it offers. RASOR aligns to major U.S. DOD and industry-adopted technical standards and embraces an innovative design to enable rapid technology insertion and capability deployment fit for the near-peer fight and Joint All-Domain Command and Control operations. There are numerous complex integration challenges involved in designing open systems architecture, according to Matt Tuttle, L3Harris Product Management manager. One step toward mitigating the complexity is L3Harris’ RASOR development concept as a system within a system that empowers and enables third parties to interface with the company’s ecosystem. Continued page 12

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

10 • Nov / Dec 2022

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

11 •Nov / Dec



Trustworthy technology fo measurement at an afford

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified AS9100 Rev D Certified Serving The Front Range Since 1977

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Announcements & Releases RASOR leverages a tight form factor with a reference architecture and design that can be easily manipulated to meet unique requirements in manned and unmanned aerial, ground and naval platforms. “Because of our design approach, we have been able to truly minimize the time in which we can customize RASOR to meet bespoke requirements,” Tuttle added. The L3Harris RASOR chassis, known as RARE™ (Rapidly Adaptable Ruggedized Enclosure), bring a highly innovative additive manufacturing approach leveraging various advanced-manufacturing technologies, such as 3D-printing. RARE can scale from three to 12 slots with customized modules, which include L3Harris-proprietary technology as well as third-party solutions. The individual modules provide a wide breadth of cross-domain capabilities with multi-level security, from resilient line-of-sight and beyondline-of-sight communications to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Command and Control, Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing and Electronic Warfare. The company is “quickly pacing to become” the industry leader in providing cross-domain security and encryption, an imposing challenge for modular systems, according to Tuttle. Moreover, the innovation in the adaptability in the chassis design is “very pivotal” and is strengthened by the core ecosystem software known as Dynamic Software Capability A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain•

12 • Nov / Dec 2022

Orchestrator, or DSCO™.

DSCO brings the entire ecosystem of once dissimilar capabilities together through task, chassis and resource management functions, Tuttle added. The innovative approach also enables rapid capability insertion via software development kits and open-source Docker and Kubernetes, which empower third parties to leverage L3Harris’ hardware and ecosystem with a software approach that “containerizes” native code and runs it through an agnostic process to So�w Compact deploy or undeploy at neededFootprint scale. LK Metrology's ALTERA C coordinate


monitor and keyboard arm available


RASOR is building uponmachine a strong pedigree of earlier op�ons measuring is perfect when floor generation open space systems, such as the Advanced Signal availab is limited or only available at a premium Processing Engine (ASPEN™), fielded on the U.S. Army UH-64 Apache, and several programs within the classified space. L3Harris started fielding Tech open systems last decade Mul� Integrated and continues to build off of the lessons learned while Integrated controller and PC are tucked away Tac�le, integrating new industry under thestandards. CMM granite table, with op�onal integra

The company invested internal research and development into studies on how to implement the technology and conducted rigorous studyatand analysis to battleContact us today (810) 263-6100 readiness. The company is also leveraging best practices from its long-standing relationship with the U.S. National Security Agency in developing RASOR’s security architecture, he added.


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RA C 7.7.5 with r Arm and

Pictured on right: ALTERA C 10.7.5 with PH10T Probe Head

Pictured on le�: ALTERA C 7.7.5 Pictured on le�: ALTERA C 7.7.5 withwith Keyboard Monitor Keyboard and and Monitor ArmArm and and PH10M Probe Head PH10M Probe Head

Pictured on le�: ALTERA C 7.7.5 with Keyboard and Monitor Arm and PH10M Probe Head Pictured on right: ALTERA C 10.7.5 Pictured on right: ALTERA C 10.7.5 PH10T Probe withwith PH10T Probe HeadHead

Pictured on right: ALTERA C 10.7.5 with PH10T Probe Head


M so�ware packages and s available from LK Metrology are ble with ALTERA C

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All All CMM so�ware packages andand CMM so�ware packages op�ons available from LK Metrology areare op�ons available from LK Metrology measuring machine is perfect when floor available with ALTERA C space is limited or only available at a available with ALTERA C space is limited or only available at a , op�cal, and laser sensors are premium premium ated into a single measurement All CMM so�ware packages and LK Metrology's ALTERA C coordinate m op�ons available from LK Metrology are measuring machine is perfect when floor Integrated availableTechnology with ALTERA C space isTech limited or only available at a Mul�-sensor premium Integrated controller andand PCPC areare tucked away op�cal, andand laser sensors areare Integrated controller tucked away Tac�le, Tac�le, op�cal, laser sensors under thethe CMM granite table, with op�onal intointo a single measurement under CMM granite table, with op�onal integrated integrated a single measurement monitor and keyboard arm available pla�orm monitor and keyboard arm available pla�orm

Compact Footprint

Integrated Tech

Integrated Tech


Mul�-sensor Technology

Mul�-sensor Technology

Integrated controller and PC are tucked away Tac�le, op�cal, and laser sensors are under the CMM granite table, with op�onal integrated into a single measurement Contact 263-6100 oror and keyboard arm available Contactusustoday todayatmonitor at(810) (810) 263-6100 pla�orm

launches on nine of ULA’s Atlas V rockets and another 38 using the Vulcan Centaur rocket that ULA is developing as its launch vehicle of the future.


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Amazon Project Kuiper Satellites Join Debut Flight Of United Launch Alliance's Vulcan Rocket The first flight of United Launch Alliance’s new Vulcan rocket won’t just take a startup’s lunar lander into orbit when it launches in early 2023, it’s going to carry two satellites for Amazon’s Project Kuiper in orbit as well.

“ULA is scheduled to provide 47 launches for our satellite constellation, and using Vulcan Centaur for this mission will give us practical experience working together ahead of those launches,” Project Kuiper said. The main payload for the maiden Vulcan launch remains the Peregrine lunar lander being built by Pittsburgh-based startup Astrobotic. The Vulcan launch deepens the connection between ULA and billionaire Jeff Bezos. Bezos founded Blue Origin, a space manufacturer based in Kent, Washington, and with offices in Highlands Ranch, that makes the BE-4 engines ULA is using to power Vulcan rockets off the launch pad. ULA has been waiting for the first flight versions of BE-4 engines to be delivered so it can build the first Vulcan rocket and launch it. Each Vulcan uses two BE-4 engines to provide 1.1 million pounds of lift for its booster stage. One engine from the first set has been delivered by Blue Origin, ULA said, and another is on its way to final acceptance testing.

The Centennial-based rocket company and Seattlebased Project Kuiper, the Amazon offshoot aiming to build an internet service using thousands of satellites, announced that two small test satellites for the internet service will launch as a secondary payload aboard the first Vulcan Centaur rocket expected to lift off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the first quarter of 2023.

The 2,500-employee rocketmaker expects to finish assembly of the first Vulcan in its Decatur, Alabama, factory and deliver the rocket to Cape Canaveral next month. The Vulcan will go through test fueling and a test firing in December and, barring issues, is expected to be ready for a first-quarter launch.

Project Kuiper has become a major customer for ULA, having already contracted

The switch to Vulcan for the

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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Announcements & Releases Continued

from the U.S. military. prototype Project Kuiper launch has advantages, said Rajeev Badyal, vice president of technology for Project Kuiper.“Using the same launch vehicle why Haas is and will be your partner in affordable manufacturing In taking just such an approach here at Mazak, we for our prototype mission gives us a chance to practice payload integration, had been launching Atlas V rockets solutions. revamped our ULA workforce development program by processing, and mission management procedures ahead of those first full-scale and Deltakey IV Heavy rockets military focusing on some aspects. Thosefor included Some of thelaunches,” Haas Machines commercial he Demo Day 2022 we will be missions, fulfilling a national security job descriptions, compensation and business featuring will be the New VF-2SSYT with 3+1 PALLET POOL, mandate that two distinct rocket types vulnerabilities along with our efforts in recruitment UMC-500SS a Collaborate VF-4SS Vulcan Super-Speed The timing ofwith Vulcan's first flight is Robot, key for ULA.The rockets are contracted and retention. provide redundancy for “assured CNC Mill, ST-28Y withU.S. A2-5 Finishing Sub-Spindle + to flyVertical its first payloads for the military — ULA’s core customer, historically access to space.”But the Atlas V rockets other machines. — in late 2023.To be able to carry national security payloads, Vulcan must first In evaluating job key isengines to determine aredescriptions, powered bythe RD-180 made win certification by completing two prior launches. the necessary inskills and talents needed for each Russia, which ULA bought from NPO Haas Factory Outlet - Phoenix, a Division of Ellison Machinery position as wellEnergomash, as any necessary training, then focus a manufacturer with Company, visitlaunch or call (480) 968-5877. The Astrobotic and a launch of the debut Dream Chaser cargo spacecraft, on the individual employee. When doing so, the connections to the Russian government. built by Louisville-based Sierra Space, are civilian missions ULA booked goal is to to also identify future potential leaders within Mazak Puts the Strategy in payload Strategic certify Vulcan. ULA has designed a dummy it can launch to ensure company. Musk and others, after Russia's 2014 it gets flights completed to keep certification on schedule, but the company Workforce Development annexation of Crimea and subsequent indicated Wednesday it doesn’t expect that will be necessary. Part of our planning was not onlycampaign to look at succession, destabilization in eastern but also to realize business vulnerabilities per each Each month 3 to 4.5 million Ukraine, successfully agitated to end the ULA has been designing Vulcan Centaur rockets to be affordable enough to department. These can include things like age, lack employees quit their jobs, U.S. military’s reliance on Russian-made win commercial missions to low-Earth orbitcosts but capable of launching payloads of talent and how to overcome them. Thissatellites. then leads which their employers to launch military with enough velocity and precision to reach any orbit or destination into the solaractionsengines what have already been taken, if any, and about 33% of the worker’s system customers are likely to want.annual salary to replace what actions will be planned and executed. Development of Vulcan rockets is them. Fortunately, the meant approach to give ULA launch vehicle ULA is contracted to handle 60% of the Space Force nationalfor security Not launches taking a strategic is likeaplugging a hole bulk of the reasons that uses American-made engines and over five years, with Elon Musk’s SpaceX handle the rest. in a dam as opposed to evaluating the whole dam to such contracted employee to turnover is affordable enough to compete with find out why the hole developed and how to prevent i s p re v e n t a b l e w h e n The U.S. military relied exclusively on ULA its sole launch provider from SpaceX’s lower-priced 9 rockets. others from developing. You have toFalcon ask where are companies take ahad truly strategic approach to as their workforce 2006, when Lockheed Martin and Boeing Co. merged their rocketry divisions By Greg Avery – Denver Business the weaknesses and where do we need to reinforce. development programs. into a joint venture to form ULA, until 2016 when SpaceX won its first contract Journal Announcements Continued Page 12 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

10 • Sept / Oct 2022

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

15 • Nov / Dec 2022


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Recycling Metals, Conserving Resources, Since 1961 Medtronic To Spin Off Monitoring, Respiratory Intervention Businesses Medtronic plans to spin off its patient-monitoring and respiratory intervention businesses into a new company. The two businesses together account for about $2.2 billion in annual revenue, or about 7% of Medtronic’s total revenue of $31.7 billion, and about 8,000 employees. The patient monitoring group includes business lines such as Nellcor pulse oximetry products, a brain-monitoring system called BIS and HealthCast, a platform that gathers medical information from devices and feeds it to either electronic medical records or to physicians, including in real time. The respiratory intervention group includes Puritan Bennett ventilators — a business that saw a surge of sales early in the Covid-19 pandemic, when ventilators were one of the few treatments for the disease. Medtronic said that the two businesses had revenue growth and gross margin profiles that were slightly lower than the overall company, but an operating margin profile that is slightly higher. Medtronic’s financial advisers on the transaction are Perella Weinberg Partners and Goldman Sachs & Co. Its legal advisers are Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom; and A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

16 • Nov / Dec 2022

Baker McKenzie. In a statement, Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha said the move would boost growth prospects for both Medtronic and the still-unnamed new business (dubbed “NewCo” for now). “This separation will allow Medtronic to focus our company and our capital on opportunities better aligned with our long-term strategies to accelerate innovation-driven growth, and will position NewCo to unlock value,” he said. In the past few years, the company began a restructuring aimed at tailoring the company’s growth in key areas. Earlier this year, for example, Medtronic and Denverbased DaVita Inc. said they would form a new company using kidney care operations from both businesses. Medtronic said that the latest spinoff could be completed within 12 to 18 months, though there are still some big questions — including who will lead the new company. Currently, the respiratory intervention business is led by Ariel Mactavish; Frank Chan leads the patient monitoring business.

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Copper Alloys

C-10100 We s t e rC-11000 n OFHC S t a t e s C-46400 M eNavaltBrassa l s There’s also the question of a headquarters for the new C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze (C110 CU-ETP) We p r i d We e our sesl ve s on o ur s e r v i ce a n d q ualit ye C-62400 Aluminum t e r n S t a t e s eproduc a lBronze Cast Bronze C-14500 Tellurium Copper We s tCast e r n Bronze SC-63000 t aM tBar stBronze M etsst a l s Bar company. Medtronic is legally based in Dublin, but its Aluminum Copper We p• rSolid io deu rour s ona n o ur serNickle vice quduc ali t yt prod Tubes • sWear Plate We pr id e oC-17200 ur seBeryllium lve s on eser lve v ice d qu al it yand p ro s uc t s C-63020 Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-18000 Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon Copper Alloys Copper Alloys p r ide ou r se lve s our on o ur seCopper r vi ce quality a n d qu al i tSilicon y pAluminum rod ucBronze ts executive leadership in is Fridley, Minnesota. C-64200 WeWe pride ourselves on service and products C-18200 Chromium We s t e r n S Ct-36000 a tFree e sMachining M Brass e t a l s C-65500 Silicon Bronze C-46400 Naval Brass C-10100 OFHC


We s t e r n S t a t e s M e t a l s Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate

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CastBar Bronze Bar Copper Alloys Cast Bronze But neither of the two business lines is based in those C-18000 Copper Chromium C-10100 OFHC Copper Alloys Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate Copper AlloysC-63020 Nickel Silicon Nickel Aluminum Bronze Cast Bronze Bar Cast Bronze Bar locations. Both business leaders are based in Colorado, C-46400 Naval Brass C-65500 Silicon Bronze Copper Alloys Cast Bronze Bar CopperC-11000 Alloys (C110 CU - ETP) C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze where Medtronic is building a 400,000-square-foot Copper Alloys C-14500 Tellurium Copper C-62400 Aluminum Bronze campus to consolidate teams in the region.By Mark Reilly Bronze C-86300 Mangunese C-17200 Beryllium Copper C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze Bronze C-18200 Chromium Copper C-36000 Free Machining Brass – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal Bushings C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Bronze Bronze C-95510 Nickel Bushings SAME DAYAluminum SHIPPING Bronze Bronze Bushings Bronze NASA Buys More Artemis Spacecraft SAME DAY SHIPPING Bronze

From Lockheed Martin Space

SAE841 Oilite

Your One Stop Service Center Brushings SAME DAY SHIPPING Bushings Bronze SAME DAY SHIPPING Bushings Bronze SAME DAY SHIPPING BronzeBushings Your One Stop Service Center DAY SHIPPING SAME Your SAME One Stop Center Bushings Your DAYService SHIPPING One Stop Service Center Chrome Plated Bars C-93200 Cast BronzeBushings Your One Stop Service Center OneDAY Stop Service Center SHIPPING Chrome Plated SAME BarsYour Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Chrome Plated Cast Iron Your One StopBars Service Center Pre-Hone Custom Machined Bushings Chrome Plated Bars 75k-100k - Induction Hardened Cast Iron Chrome Plated Bars Chrome Plated Bars Bronze Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Stainless Steel Standard & Metric Sizes Pre-Honed CylinderPre-Honed Tubing NEW Cylinder Centrifugally Cast Tubes Tubing Cut to Length Chrome Plated Bars Cast Iron Bushings Cast Iron Cast Iron SAME DAY Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing SHIPPING Stainles Custom Machined Bushings Special Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings

C-93200 Cast Bronze Custom Machined Bushings SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house) C-93200 Cast Bronze Special Oil Grooves (in-house) C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Gray Iron Class 40 SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined BushingsDuctile Iron Custom Machined Bushings 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Cast Bronze Solids • Tubes • Plates Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

Oil Grooves (in-house)

75K-100K - Induction Hardened C-89835 Lead Free Bronze Standard & Metric Sizes C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Cut to Length C-95400 Aluminum Bronze 75K-100K - Induction Hardened C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze Standard & Sizes Metric Sizes Standard and Metric Cut To Length SAE841 Oilite Cut to Length

C-93200 Cast Bronze NASA has finalizedSAE841 a Powder Metal Bearings Stan Custom Machined C-93200Bushings 75K-100K - Induction Hardened $1.99 billion contract Gray Iron Class 40 Special Oil Grooves (in-house) SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Standard & Metric Sizes Ductile Iron Custom Machined Bushings 75K-100K - Induction CutHardened to Length 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 ordering three more Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Cast Iron Standard &Aluminum Metric Sizes 6061-T6511 Gray Iron Class 40 Stainless Steel Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Solids • Tubes • Plates Your One Stop Service NEW Center Centrifu Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing ADDITIONAL NEW Cut to Length Ductile Iron Centrifugally Cast Tubes Orion capsules from Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length Cast Iron Stainless Steel Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing MATERIALS Stainless Steel 65-45-12• 80-55-06 NEW NEWStandard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length C-93200 Iron Cast Bronze Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Cast Available Upon Request Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Jefferson County-based Solids • Tubes • Plates SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings AluminumStainless 6061-T6511 Steel Chrome Plated Bars Metal Free Anti Seize Steel ADDITIONAL Standard and Metric Sizes CutDepac To Length Cast Iron Gray Iron Class 40 NEW ADDITIONAL Alu Custom Machined Bushings 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Lockheed Martin Ductile Space Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Iron Gray Iron Class(in-house) 40 MATERIALS Special Oil Grooves Aluminum 6061-T6511 Standard & Metric Sizes ADDITIONAL Stainless Steel ADDITIONAL Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 300-400 Series Aluminum Available Upon Request NEW Cut to6061-T6511 Length ADDITIONAL as the space agency Stainless Steel MATERIALS MATERIALS Solids • Tubes65-45-12 • Plates • 80-55-06 Depac Metal Free Anti Seize NEW Centrifugally Cast Tubes MATERIALS Solids • Tubes • Plates Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Available Upon Request Centrifugally Cast Tubes ADDITIONAL sets a target launch 300 - 400 Series MATERIALS Available Upon Request Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Round Bar - Up to 12” 300 - 400 Series Available Upon Request Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length MATERIALS Available Upon Request Cast Iron Rectangles, Squares and Plates Depa time for a test flight of Ca W 1700 SFree SLC, UT 84104 Depac7986061-T6511 Metal Anti Seize Available Upon Request Aluminum Gray Iron Class 40 Aluminum 6061-T6511 ADDITIONAL the spaceship. Ductile Iron ADDITIONAL Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798UT W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 798 W 1700 S, SLC, 84104 Free Anti Seize DepacDepac Metal Free Round Bar UpAnti To 12”Seize RoundMetal Bar --Up To 12” 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length

75K-100K - Induction Hardened 75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length Standard & Metric Sizes

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Gray Iron Class 40 Ductile Iron Iron Class 40 65-45-12Gray • 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates Ductile Iron

Cut to Length 300 - 400 Series

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Gray Iron Class 40

Round Bar - Up To 12”

Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Rectangles, Squares and Plates

65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Gray Iron Class 40 Solids • Tubes • Plates Solids • Tubes • Plates

300 - 400 Series

Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates

300 - 400 Series

300 - 400 Series

Round Bar - Up To 12” 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562

300 - 400 Series

Local: (801) 978-0562

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Fax: (801) 978-0623 Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates Round Bar - Up To 12”

Can be used atRectangles, high pressures and temperatures Squares and Plates from -60°F up to 2500°F Local: (801) 978-0562

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Fax: (801) 978-0623

Stainless Steel Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Local: 978-0562 Can (801) be used at high pressure and Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 NEW MATERIALS MATERIALS temps from -60o F up to 2500 oF Fax: (801) 978-0623 Centrifugally Cast Tubes Local: (801) 978-0562

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104

65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562

Can be used at Squares high pressures and temperatures Rectangles, and Plates from -60°F up to 2500°F

Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623 Available Request 300 - 400 Series The new order lets the aerospace company start taskingAvailable UponUpon Request Fax: (801) 978-0623 Fax: (801) 978-0623 DepacMetal MetalFree Free Anti Depac AntiSeize Seize suppliers for long-lead items needed to build the sixth, Can be used at high pressures and temperatures 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Can be used at high pressures and temperatures 798 W 1700 S SLC, 84104 from -60°F up to 2500°F Aluminum 6061-T6511 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 from -60°F up to 2500°F ADDITIONAL seventh and eighth flight versions of Orion that NASA Round Bar - Up To 12” Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, Squares and Plates Local: (801) MATERIALS will need for future Artemis program missions to and Fax: 978-0562 (801) 978-0623 Fax: (801) 978-0623 Available Upon Request around the moon.

Depac Metal Free Anti Seize

NASA had, under previous contracts, paid for development of the spacecraft and the first three production version of the capsules. The latest contract keeps Lockheed Martin Space working on Orion capsules for moon missions later this decade.

TVT DIE CASTING Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623

Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing.

“This order includes spacecraft, mission planning and support, and takes us into the 2030s,” said Lisa Callahan, Lockheed Martin Space vice president and general manager for commercial civil space. “We’re on the eve of a historic launch kicking off the Artemis era and this contract shows NASA is making long-term plans toward living and working on the Moon, while also having a forward focus on getting humans to Mars.”

Quality, Reliability and Service

Lockheed Martin Space has been the prime contractor leading development of Orion capsules for NASA since 2006. It’s considered the first spacecraft developed for deep-space astronaut flights into the solar systems and is built with the goal of one day reaching Mars. But in the nearer term, it’s the centerpiece of NASA’s program returning people to the moon.

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

A test-flight version of the Orion capsules flew a successful mission in late 2014, but NASA hasn’t flown one since. By Greg Avery – Denver Business Journal ITAR Registered

800 280 2278

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Department of Defense (DoD) Awards Lightforce USA, Inc., Orofino, Idaho, was awarded a Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quan-tity (IDIQ) order (H-9240322-D-0009) with a value of $17,674,500 for Squad-Variable Powered Scopes (S-VPS) and Precision-Variable Power Scopes (P-VPS); both standard and long range. Along with these scopes, USSOCOM will have the ability to procure parts. This contract will fulfill the full operational capability (FOC) requirements for all U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) components. Fiscal year 2022 opera-tions and maintenance funds in the amount of $1,085,462.00 were obligated at time of the award. The contract was awarded in accordance with 10 USC 2304 (c)(1) as imple-mented by FAR 6.302-1 Only one responsible source. Lockheed Martin Space of Littleton, Colorado is awarded a $350,400,000 cost-plus-incentive-fee and cost-plus-fixed-fee unpriced letter contract modification (PH0008) to a previously awarded and announced unpriced letter contract (N00030-22-C-1025) for program management, engineering development, systems integration, long lead material procurement, and special tooling and equipment procurement in support of missile pro-duction. This contract award contains option line items. Work will be performed in East Aurora, New York (26.2%); Simsbury, Connecticut (19.3%); Denver, Colorado (19.0%); Magna, Utah (13.8%); Orange, A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

18 Nov / Dec 2022

Virginia (4.2%); Sunnyvale, California (2.6%); Seattle, Washington (2.4%); Bristol, Pennsylvania (1.3%); Andover, Maryland (1.1%); Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1.1%); Boonton, New Jersey (1.0%); Downers Grove, Illinois (1.0%); North Tonawanda, New York (1.0%); and various other locations (less than 1.0% each, 6.0% total). Work is expected to be completed on November 9, 2026 once the contract is definitized. Fiscal 2021 research, development, test, and evaluation (Navy) funds in the amount of $2,850,000 will be obligated on this award and will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. Fiscal 2022 research, development, test, and evaluation (Army) funds in the amount of $24,276,383 will be obligated on this award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract is being awarded to the contractor on a sole source basis under 10 U.S.C. 2304(c) (1) and was previously synopsized on the System for Award Management online portal. Strategic Systems Programs, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity.

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J.M. Grisley’s Team of Automation Experts Help Customers Use Technology For Success The manufacturing sector fared significantly better than most industries during the pandemic; U.S. manufacturing employment lost only 1 in 20 of the overall jobs that went away during the period. In fact, many shops were able to remain open, as they were deemed essential businesses. That momentum has continued into the post-pandemic economy; since the pandemic ended, the manufacturing sector has added around 1.3 million jobs, just about as many as it lost. The resurgence of the domestic manufacturing sector stands out as one of the U.S. economy’s bright spots, and the nearterm outlook for the sector remains optimistic. Today, many manufacturers continue to report significant order backlogs that will drive their business activity into early 2023. There is a ‘But’, which is that virtually all research indicates that labor shortages remain the greatest long-term obstacle to growth. Lars Grisley, president of 4th generation machine tool dealer J.M. Grisley, says, “Our customers are located in the Rocky Mountain region, including the states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Outside of cities like Salt Lake City and Denver, many of the machine shops we support are based in rural areas, and it isn’t unusual for our customers to live in towns with less than 1000 people. There just isn’t an available labor force to draw from, and this hasn’t improved since the pandemic ended – in fact it has just gotten worse.” Stuart Gill, Regional Sales Manager for J.M. Grisley says, “At J.M. Grisley we help our customers to grow their businesses by facilitating automation in their shops, which helps to alleviate their need for more employees. J. M. Grisley offers two categories of automation. The first, we term ‘hard automation’, and it includes systems that physically connect to one machine. These include pallet and gantry systems. The second is Robotics Automation. We have seen a huge increase in ‘Cobots’ as they are often referred, and they are designed to work alongside humans. Cobots can be used by a number of machines, as they are not tied to a specific machine.“ Dan Wall, Head of J.M. Grisley’s Automation Lab, pictured on the next column, adds, “The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated the need for resilient supply chains and human-machine collaboration at work. Despite labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and other production challenges, manufacturers still have to meet their customers’ production needs. To bring the best of both worlds – human creativity and robotic precision – we are helping our customers adopt automation that can reduce human interaction and accelerate production cycles.” He continues, “Cobots can revolutionize production, as A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

20 • Nov / Dec 2022

they improve human capabilities in performing tasks with greater strength, accuracy and data capabilities.” The J.M. Grisley team is seeing unprecedented adoption of automation from their customers, both with pallet/gantry systems and with robots, both collaborative and Industrial. Asked about the adoption of automation solutions in the precision manufacturing industry outside of their customers, Stuart says, “There are robot companies out there that are promoting their specific robot or cobot solutions. What differentiates J.M. Grisley from many of these other companies is that we have a complete understanding of the machines the shops are using, the process of machining, and how to integrate robots into the part making environment.” He added, “When you go into a shop that has a cobot sitting unused because nobody knew how to install it, it was likely purchased by a standalone cobot company that just wasn’t equipped to integrate it with the machines. Our machine tending knowledge is invaluable to our customers implementing automation.” J.M. Grisley is also capable of providing flexibility and options when it comes to Robotics. As an Authorized Fanuc Robot Integrator and a stocking Doosan Cobot dealer, as well as having partnerships with companies like Schunk, 5th Axis and Air vice for work holding, they can offer the best platform for each project.

Gantry and Pallet Systems Stuart describes the pallet systems that the team at J.M. Grisley installs for its customers. “Gantry systems are, in essence, workpiece changers. They are installed exclusively on lathes (~30% of DN Solutions’ lathes are spec’d with a gantry pallet as an option), and they load piece parts directly onto the lathe. Like gantry systems, pallet systems are ‘hardwired automation’ because you set them up on

of the mundane work that happens in a shop, including part loading.” Stuart adds, “Our Automation Lab is extremely valuable to our customers who are installing robotics, as all proof of concept happens with the help of our team.” Dan says, “At one of our customers, they were deburring ~10,000 of a particular part each month. Naturally it was tedious for the machinist. When we put a cobot in place to do the deburring, we freed up the machinist to run parts on a machine. He is so much happier with his new role today.” He continues, “With another customer, they had a part that required a caustic chemical. Those who were involved in the chemical process had to wear special clothes and breathing apparatuses. As you can imagine, nobody wanted to do this job. Once we installed the cobot, human contact is almost completely eliminated and the cobot solved the labor issue.”

one machine and they will be used exclusively by this machine. With a pallet system, you are loading parts onto the pallets versus loading parts directly onto the machine. The benefit to gantry and pallet systems is that the machinists do not have to change the way they are making the part in any way. With a pallet system, the efficiency comes from setting up a new pallet while the machine is working on another product on another pallet or in the case of the gantry system, of loading parts automatically.” He adds, “Also, pallet systems can be installed on older machines, whether they are 3, 4 or 5 axes.”

The J.M. Grisley Automation Installation Experience

He continued, “Pallet systems as a step in automation are popular because they are super easy to implement…they are the low hanging fruit. Pallet set up is identical to what the machinist is doing today, only they are setting up the parts on the pallet offline. There is no extra machining to do, no learning curve, and it is a really safe way to get into automation. Depending upon the number of pallets and cycle time, the machine can often run unattended.

Dan says, “If we are installing the automation with a new machine, we typically do the integration at our shop and then we bring it out to the customer’s facility. We will then come onsite to provide training to get our customer up and running as quickly as possible, typically within a week of training.”

Dan says, “We have a number of customers who are implementing automation solutions in conjunction with the Doosan (now DN Solutions) machines we have sold to them. In particular, we have customers who are doing automation with the DVF 5000, DN Solutions’ newest line of 5 axis machines. Since the DVF 5000 rotary axes are a cantilevered B and C configuration, pallets move in and out thru an automatic sliding door on the right side, allowing the operator full access to the front of the machine and CNC controller.”

Stuart adds, “We offer as much installation support as our customers want. We can offer as little as technical support for customers who have inhouse capabilities all the way to turnkey, where we even make the initial parts for our customer. Turnkey means providing everything, including the grippers and vices, the relays and solenoids, and we will do all the electrical installation. At J.M. Grisley, our Automation Lab team is expert at ensuring that our customers are up and running quickly and are maximizing the benefits available with their new automation equipment. With J.M. Grisley installs, you won’t see cobots off in a corner of the shop unused.”

Robotics Dan says, “While gantry and pallet systems are easy to introduce into a shop since they require no major changes in the way the machinists operate with the part and with machining, cobots change the way in which parts are made. Cobots are so different from what machinists are used to and there comes the fear of not just how to run the cobot but also will this work me out of a job.“ He adds, “The more tech savvy the machinists are in a business, the more likely they will pick up and embrace the use of robotics. Like with gantry and pallet systems, cobots can reduce much

Lars says, “Contrary to perceptions, automation can work well with older machines, whether they are 3, 4 or 5 axis. In fact, we do installations on older machines, even those from other builders. Additionally, many people believe that Continued Next Page A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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automation works well only in production (high volume, low mix) environments. While it works well in these environments, it can be extremely beneficial in low volume, high mix shops maximizing your skilled labor time and efficiency.”

Hear From J.M. Grisley Automation Customers Visser Precision’s Adoption of Technology Makes It A Cool Place To Work “Our founder loves manufacturing and embraces new technologies, and automation is a huge part of that. Our newest acquisitions, procured from J.M. Grisley, are the addition of 2 DN Solutions’ DVF 5000s, which are 5-axis machining centers. We purchased both machines equipped with the Automatic Work Changer (AWC). Each DVF 5000 has 12 pallets. For a specific Nascar job where we are machining suspension components, we are effectively doubling our spindle capacity. We are running the parts throughout the night so when the operator comes in the next morning, there aren’t inprocess parts; they are all finished. Our DN Solutions (Doosan) DVF 5000 with the AWC means has so many benefits: • less operator interaction • increased machine to operator capacity • increased predictability of each and every part; if we set it up right, every part will come out perfect • improved spindle utilization There has never been such a dearth in the availability of human labor, and automation is literally the only way to increase productivity while minimizing the need to grow our team. Further, automation allows us to reduce mundane tasks like loading machines, allowing us to free up our team to do other things. If you don’t have automation, you have no choice but to have an operator doing the work. We just finished installation of the AWCs, and the experience was absolutely outstanding. The J.M. Grisley person showed up on a Friday to train us. One of our programmers and I attended the training; our J.M. Grisley trainer showed us how to use the AWC and I jotted it down on my phone. The control on the AWC is so intuitive it took us 10 minutes to learn. I liken it to how you can add new apps to a smart phone, and you can learn and do it with almost no direction. At Visser Precision we are technology driven and people powered. We don’t settle for old technology and we don’t ever feel that what we have is ‘good enough’. J.M. Grisley is a highly skilled partner in our automation process.” Patrick, Manufacturing Manager, Visser Precision A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

22 • Nov / Dec 2022

Machine Shop In Montpelier, Idaho Uses Cobots To Take Over Tedious Mundane Tasks “A few years ago we were doing some repetitive work on one of our machines when it crashed. A technician from J.M. Grisley happened to be at our shop when it happened, and he said, “You should get a Cobot.” Shortly after, we did buy a Cobot from J.M. Grisley. When it arrived, I was thinking how am I going to get this thing running. J.M. Grisley has an automation specialist, I call him Robot Dan. Dan was at our place to help set up the Cobot. Dan is outstanding - he is so smart. The next year we bought another Cobot, and this year we bought our 3rd. One is used on our lathe and it does the 2nd operation. The second is used on our ‘blow off station’ and the 3rd Dan retrofitted to do our hand filing. We’re ready to buy our 4th shortly. Everybody thinks a robot/cobot moves faster than a human arm - it doesn’t. You watch it and you will think it is not super fast - but what you get with a Cobot is steady and consistent, so in the end it definitely saves time. I bought my first machine from J.M. Grisley when I opened my business in 2006, and I have only been buying from them since. They are awesome and I am super happy with their customer service and their expertise.” Gordy, Shop Owner, Walker Machine

Interested In Automation? Whether you have machines from J.M Grisley or not, and you recognize the need to automate, yet you want the help of automation experts, contact J.M. Grisley. Their Automation Team will help make your automation experience outstanding. Visit: or call 801.486.7519

Honeywell Business Aviation Outlook Shows Strong Growth

wave of first-time users and buyers due in part to changing habits brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Honeywell Aerospace President, Americas Aftermarket, Heath Patrick. “The business aviation sector is expected to recover to 2019 delivery and expenditure levels by 2023, which is much sooner than previously anticipated. Demand for new business jets is as high as we’ve seen it since 2015, and we expect high levels of demand and expenditures for new aircraft for several more years.” Key findings in the 2022 Honeywell Global Business Aviation Outlook include:

Honeywell’s 31st annual Global Business Aviation Outlook forecasts up to 8,500 new business jet deliveries worth $274 billion from 2023 to 2032, which is up 15% in both deliveries and expenditures from the same 10-year forecast a year ago. This year, surveyed operators reported new jet purchase plans on par with 2019 levels, with fleet addition rates doubling from last year’s reported intentions. Respondents’ feedback in this year’s survey aligns with industry reports of sold-out business jet production lines for the next several years. “The business aviation industry is greatly benefitting from a

• New business jet deliveries in 2023 are expected to be 17% higher than in 2022. Expenditures are expected to be 20% higher. • Five-year purchase plans for new business jets are up three percentage points compared with last year’s survey; this reaches 2019 levels and is equivalent to 17% of the current fleet. • Fleet additions are up for the second year in a row, doubling 2021’s rate and topping 2% of Continued next page 23 •Nov / Dec 2022

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Upgrade Your Waterjet with HYDROBLOC® Experience cleaner, quieter cutting and produce better-looking parts with HYDROBLOC Superbricks. Their flat, even, honeycomb surface keeps parts from falling into the tank and drains water away to minimize splash back. The laminated highdensity polyethylene layers are welded and screwed together for unrivaled durability. • Cleaner Cutting • Recyclable • Quieter Operation • Better-Looking Parts

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likely attributed to COVID-19. At times in 2022, flight activity met levels not seen since 2007, which was the busiest year ever for business aviation. Concerns about exposure to pathogens and the reduction of premium class airline services helped drive recent growth in business and private aviation. The 2022 Honeywell survey sampled first-time business aircraft owners who have made their purchases since 2020 and operators who are capturing first-time private aviation users. • Nearly 74% of surveyed new users of private aviation expect to keep the same level of flying in 2023 as they did in 2022, which is 10 percentage points above the whole fleet average. Only 4% expect to fly less in 2023. • Nearly 85% of first-time users operate in the Americas. • Within the Americas, 80% of first-time buyers operate in the United States; the rest mostly operate in Brazil.

BARTON INTERNATIONAL USA/Canada 800-741-7756 518-798-5462 • • • The BARTON logo and our brands are registered trademarks of BARTON Mines Corporation.

the fleet. • New jet deliveries and expenditures throughout the next decade are projected to grow at a 2% average annual rate, in line with expected worldwide long-term economic growth. • One-third of those surveyed expect to fly more in 2023 versus 2022; 64% expect to fly at least the same amount, and just 4% expect to fly less. • Large, long-range aircraft classes are expected to account for more than 70% of all expenditures of new business jets in the next five years. • Just 2% of surveyed operators plan to dispose of an aircraft without replacement, which is half the rate expressed in 2021. • Five-year purchase plans for used jets remain high, totaling 28% of the current fleet and on par with last year’s results. High demand for used jets will keep pressuring the already low inventory of jets available for sale. New users of business and private aviation The business aviation industry is benefitting from waves of first-time private aviation users and buyers, which is A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

24 • Nov / Dec 2022

• Business turboprops and small cabin jets each make up 35% of the fleet carrying these new users, followed by medium jets (18%) and large long-range jets. Sustainability in Business Aviation Honeywell is committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2035 in its operations and facilities and to driving aviation sustainability with a wide range of ready-now solutions that will support a more sustainable future for the sector. This year’s survey features a dedicated section on operators’ current and future plans to reduce their carbon footprint during operations. • Half of this year’s surveyed operators report currently implementing at least one method to reduce their carbon footprint, which is 30 percentage points above last year’s survey. • The most frequently mentioned current method to reduce carbon footprint is “fewer or slower private jet trips” (20%), followed by “increasing passenger capacity” (17%). • Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the third-most mentioned current method to reduce carbon footprint (14%); however, operators cite challenges with SAF availability. • More than 60% of operators plan to either adopt or increase methods for more environmentally friendly operations in the future, and 37% cite SAF as the most common way to achieve this goal. • The survey asked the remaining 40% what would

compel them to adopt any methods to address sustainability in the future, and 57% of these operators cited economic incentives such as tax benefits or operating cost savings. Making an impact on business decisions The Global Business Aviation Outlook reflects current operator concerns and identifies longer-cycle trends that Honeywell uses in its own product decision process. The survey has helped identify opportunities for investments in sustainability solutions, has expanded propulsion offerings, innovative safety products, services and upgrades, and has enhanced aircraft connectivity offerings. The survey informs Honeywell’s business pursuit strategy and helps consistently position the company on high-value platforms in growth sectors. Methodology Honeywell’s forecast methodology is based on multiple sources, including macroeconomic analyses, original equipment manufacturers’ production and development plans shared with the company, and expert deliberations from aerospace industry leaders. Honeywell also uses information gathered from interviews conducted during the forecasting cycle with 152 nonfractional business jet operators worldwide. The survey sample is representative of the entire industry in terms of geography, operation, and fleet composition. This comprehensive approach provides Honeywell with unique insights into operator sentiments, preferences, and concerns and provides considerable insight into product development

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needs and opportunities. Posted by Eric Brothers

Two Denver-Area Companies Won $376 Million Worth Of Work Building Dozens Of Experimental Small Satellites For The U.S. Military The Space Development Agency, the technology procurement arm of the U.S. Space Force, awarded contracts for satellite development to Denver-based York Space Systems and Boulder-based Ball Aerospace. The awards are for two separate projects, but both set prices at developing small satellites and building them for deployment in low-Earth orbit at about $17 million Continued next page 25 •Nov / Dec 2022

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

manufacturing as a way to reduce costs for government and private-sector buyers. Earlier this year, York was among a trio of companies awarded larger contracts to build satellites that will make up the core of the Tranche 1 Transport Layer. Those contracts brought $1 billion worth of work to local companies. The earlier contract with York covered building 42 satellites. Now it will build another 12 satellites for the project.

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per satellite, a low cost that helped each company win SDA bids. Denver-based York Space Systems won a $200 million contract to develop, build and deploy 12 satellites that will augment the SDA’s Tranche 1 Transport Layer, a low-Earth orbit constellation of small satellites being fielded as a new kind of tactical communications network relaying data among satellites and down to military users on Earth or flying in planes. York’s proposal for building the dozen satellites provided the best value among the companies bidding for the work, said Derek Tournear, SDA director. “York was selected among many other competitive offers, reaffirming there is a healthy stable of solution providers,” Tournear said. “We remain committed to provide regular opportunities through our spiral development model to promote a marketplace of industry partners that match our value system.” York Space Systems is a small company focused on standardizing satellite A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

26 • Nov / Dec 2022

The SDA plans to launch the York Space Systems-built satellites and others for the Tranche 1 network on a Space Force launch slated for 2024. United Launch Alliance, the Centennial-based rocket maker, was previously awarded the contract to handle that launch. The SDA selected Ball Aerospace to develop 10 satellites the agency will use as a testing ground for military payloads designed for future deployment in small-satellite networks, what’s being called the Experimental Testbed for the National Defense Space Architecture, or NExT program. The prototype agreement with Ball Aerospace covers development, manufacture, deployment, launch and operations of the space vehicles, plus their mission-enabling ground systems, the SDA said. “NExT is an exciting program that has a lot of tie in with our mission partners and will help to advance future tranches of the National Defense Space Architecture,” Tournear said. “We’re confident that selection of the Ball Aerospace team provides the best overall solution to de-

THE NORTHERN UTAH CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL TOOLING & MACHINING ASSOCIATION Established in 2010, the NUNTMA is a gathering place for machine shops in Northern Utah.

The Annual Meeting & Roundtable Discussion Thursday, November 10 11:30 am-1 pm DTECH Barlow Building, Room 110

December 13: NUNTMA Holiday Social All NUNTMA Members, Associates at +1’s are invited to attend! Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2022 Time: 6-8 pm

REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR ALL EVENTS. VISIT: NUNTMA.ORG/UPCOMING-EVENTS liver NExT, including payload integration and launch.”

Dahl at chapterexec@NUNTMA.ORG

Ball Aerospace will integrate experimental payloads with small satellite bodies and operate the NExT satellites from the company’s Colorado facilities.By Greg Avery – Denver Business Journal

To learn more about how High Peak Machine can help you with your machining needs, contact Chad Jones at: 801.791.9188 or email:

NTMA Is Pleased To Announce Its Newest Member, High Peak Machine! Hill Aerospace Museum Celebrates Construction Of Third The Northern Utah Chapter of the National Tooling & MachinGallery ing Association (NUNTMA) announces the addition of its newest member, High Peak Machine. High Peak Machine is located in Centerville, Utah. Chad Jones, GM for the company, says, “We are a new company, less than 1 year old, but I have been in the industry for more than 25 years. We are now ISO certified, and we provide high precision milling and turning to our customers, most who are in the Aerospace Industry.”

He adds, “I joined the NUNTMA because in my previous employment, we were members of the association and I recognize the benefits of networking, education and group discounts for our industry.” Established in 2010, the NUNTMA is a gathering place for machine shops in Northern Utah. Its mission is to help members achieve profitable growth and business success through advice, camaraderie, education, networking, information, advocacy, collaboration and services. For more information on NUNTMA, contact Maddie

Officials gathered last month to celebrate the work underway on Hill Aerospace Museum’s new, 81,000-square-foot gallery. Aaron Clark, Hill Aerospace Museum director, said the expansion will drive a major reorganization of the entire aircraft collection. The museum began in 1984 as a 12,000-square-foot warehouse with five aircraft and a handful of artifacts. With the help of the U.S Air Force Heritage Program and the creation and support of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, the museum has expanded to 145,000 square feet of exhibit space under two galleries and a 34-acre outdoor airpark. A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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Millennials’ Technology Expectations AHow Feeling of Belonging Key to Employee Can Help Save Manufacturing Attraction for CoorsTek

WE OFFER WORLD CLASS THREAD ROLLING CABABILITIES YOU CANNOT FIND ELSEWHERE CNC Swiss & CNC Vertical Mill Machining Thread Rolling Lead Screws OD & Centerless Grinding

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OIL MIST AND SMOKE IN YOUR SHOP? Low-Cost, HighlyTool? Efficient Why Contact Faustson • We are a leader inMist 5 Axisand Manufacturing Technology Technology, Smoke Collectors including 5 Axis Milling and 5 Axis EDM.for Designed Specifically • We have 30 Years of Experience Servicing Customers. the Metalworking Industry • Fauston Tool is a Woman Owned Small Business. • Our customers span the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Semi-Conductor, Energy and Aeronautic industries. 1-800-645-4174 • Our certifications include: ISO 9001:2000, JPL Flight Certified, Ball Flight Certified, MPC Flight Certified, LASP Flight Certified, ITAR Certified Ball Aerospace: First ever delegated supplier

Call Today. Now Introducing Our 3D Metal Printing Services! • 303.420.7422 A Z Manufacturing Rocky Joyce Mountain • 28Street, • Nov / Dec 2022 6803 Ste A Arvada, CO 2

Millennials’ technology expectations have been shaped by smartphones, The 6,000-person company hired 2,000 people last Facebook and digital media – in other words, by easy and ubiquitous year at a time when many manufacturers struggle to It’s not surprising, then, that traditional manufacturing fillconnectivity. their workforces. systems can seem as retro as waiting for dial-up internet to connect. that’s bad for the manufacturing sector, because skills gap is IsAnd a family-owned company, now run by the fifthits generalooming tion, onelarge. that would attract employees? Well, it seems answer to thisInstitute question yes, asConsulting CoA joint study bythe the Manufacturing and is Deloitte orsTek, founded in 1910 by Adolph Coors, was able projects a surge of nearly 3.5 million open manufacturing jobsto created hire new employees year and is looking over2,000 the next decade. Some of last the empty slots will come bytoway of hire that baby many more this year. Andare forrelated a company, which creretiring boomers, while others to new positions manufactures technical ceramics for a wide range of the ated as a result of natural business growth, the report found.What industries, hasAs 6,000 employees, it’s2 no small report also that predicts: conditions stand now, million of feat. those jobs will go unfulfilled. In other words, the need for the manufacturing secAttracting that many employees, in a very tight labor tor to appeal to Millennials – the generation typically defined as those market is unusual, but the company believes that its born between and for 1997 is both critical andfamily a verycomtall order. culture is the 1981 reason its–success. “As a

pany, we have always looked out for the whole person,” Indeed, manufacturing has a negative image among younger genexplains Chief Peoplestill & Systems Officer Irma Lockridge, erations, experts say. In a 2015 public perception of manufacturing “and this has been a differentiator when we approach study, alsoemployees.” by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, respondents potential ages 19 to 33 ranked manufacturing as their lowest preference in terms Toofensure success, the company introduced potentialcontinued career choices. CoorsTek Academy. After two years of development, the company image decided its isheadquarter location inbased Manufacturing’s problem complex and in, some aspects, Golden, Colorado, was an ideal location to train future on false assumptions. But one real obstacle is that some manufacturing and current employees itsit’s primary area in systems can seem antiquated,asand an issue factories that many manufacturers the area. and related organizations are already addressing.

“The academy was designed to be a world-class trainModern tech engagement and exceling centerand thataccessible drives growth, lence in our manufacturing environment globally,” says Lockridge. And companies to drive this Academy Forward-looking and excellence, organizations the in the manufacturing focuses on new hires as well as reskilling current team sector are working to update systems so they better align with the members. “We wantoftouser optimize the productivity of our ease and accessibility experience so pervasive with personal new talent, advance development that increases technology. Traditionalskill manufacturing platforms – for example, productivity, safety culture, promotes a qual-– are manufacturingensures executiona systems and supply chain applications itybeing mindset in all we do to ensure an environment of and redesigned with new mobile interfaces, cloud capabilities continuous growth.” modern-day learning dashboardsand to make what has historically been perceived as arcane into something far more friendly and familiar to a tech-savvy The most important aspect of new hire training, which is audience. done over a two-week period in a dedicated building, is sharing the company’s culture. “In the training, we “As Millennials movea into manufacturing environment, there’s a cover everything newthe team member needs to know certain expectation that the technology they are interacting with about the company beyond the job they will be doing will work thethey samefitasin, what grewour up with,” saidand Matthow Wells, product but how canthey impact success they general manager for automation software at GE Digital. “The can grow with us for the long term,” explains Lockridge.entire generation expects that data be availableastonot them “We want them to view thewill opportunity justanytime, a job anywhere, even outside of the plant. If they need access to information, but a long-term career.” they don’t want to call someone; they want to pull out their phone One waywhat’s to build long-term career is to make sure and see going aon.” that the new hire is in a job that best fits both their skills and towith contribute. is access on soft Onewhat way tothey gain want traction MillennialsEmphasis is to provide to tools skills and technical aptitude and pairing that with jobWells they want to use, not simply those required to do their ajobs,

said. “Millennials want to work in organizations that are reflective of

that matches the employee’s talents and the company’s culture.

of training and advancement,” says Lockridge.

The company has an interview team and a resource manager that helps with placement based on skills and business needs. Candidates are introduced to a variety of career paths and then are placed in a job that best matches their interests. And the process doesn’t end there. “We established dedicated trainers and ambassadors that help them through the learning process and ensure their success,” explains Lockridge.

Given the continued demand for the company’s products, and the continuing shortage of workers, the company is placing a great deal of effort on ensuring that its current workforce sees the Academy as a way to both upgrade, but also to explore different parts of the company. This effort has been working and this year the company was able to reduce its turnover rate by just under 10%.

As to how the company finds potential employees, CooksTek uses a number of strategies: CoorsTek has hosted several open houses with local high schools, trade schools and universities. In these open houses, we give a tour, discuss careers with CoorsTek and have a Q&A session with alum for the schools. CoorsTek partners with Denver Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships to high school students. Partnered with DSF to host a resume writing workshop for high school students. Annually CoorsTek sponsors and judges science fair projects for students interested in STEM careers The other mission of the Academy is to reskill current team members. With the increase of automation, new skills are necessary. “For those employees who have been with the company a long time, and weren’t sure how to move up, the Academy offers a clear path

This reduction of turnover is based on a strong value proposition that CoorsTek offers, says Lockridge, which includes good pay, benefits and operations. “But hands down it’s our people,” that is the reason people want to work here.” She cites the company mottos, for five generations now, of Better Today, Better Together, Better Tomorrow. In tandem with creating a better tomorrow, the company aims to make the work measurable better. “We make products that touch every industry in the world, and we want to do that responsibly and sustainably,” says Lockridge. “We want new and existing team members to help us with our ability to deliver on that promise for years to come. Manufacturing is a critical industry for the world, and we want future generations to join our effort.” By: Adrienne Selko A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

29 •Nov / Dec



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ISO9001: 2008 //AS9100 C Certified Certified ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100 Revision Revision D Flex-Pro, LLC, an ISO9001: 2008/ AS9100 Certified company, manufactures highly complex precision machined components. Our manufacturing team has on average 20+ years of manufacturing experience, and our machine tools are state-of-the-art. Call for our superior service and very competitive pricing.

The Army is budgeted in its five-year plan to start a competition for the radar in

Tech Financial Services New Employee, Equipment fiscal year 2017. Finance Partner, and Tax Credits The analysis considered the baseline option of a Patriot system with an AESA radar,

by Mark AESA Charlton a Patriot radar with three antenna arrays (enabling Patriot to see behind itself), a multifunction fire control radar (MFCR), an MFCR with a surveillance Tech Financial Services, a industry-leading radar, and the Marine Corps’ Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) made equipment finance company, introduces by Northrop Grumman. Mandy Leman. Mandy joins the Tech with 15 years’ experience the The Army looked at the risk andteam the cost associated with each alternative ininorder industry andAir willand lead marketing to fully integrate them into itsbanking future Army Integrated Missile Defense initiatives. (AIAMD) Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS). Northrop Grumman is developing and will field IBCS — the brains of the future missile defense system “Tech is a family owned and operated — in fiscal year 2019. company whose values of honesty and advocacy with myagainst own And the analysis considered thecustomer growth potential for each align option to defend values, toI the knew right away I wanted to an evolving lower-tier threat, according slides. work at Tech,” says Mandy. Mandy has an entrepreneurial andit passion for To focus the study, the Army made several assumptions.spirit For one, assumed that financial education, “sharing the benefits that financing equipment any alternative could be fully integrated into the AIAMD network. Raid vignettes can forto growing established businesses is just one of the weremake designed representand a single battery’s capability. many responsibilities we hold at Tech.” The Army also evaluated the cost based on 91 procured radars — four prototypes Tech Financial is assets more— than Finance company, we’re and 87 production and an 485Equipment launchers consisting of four prototypes and a481 financial partner. We’re set on helping manufacturers, distribuproduction assets. tors, and resellers at every stage of growth by offering personalized service and flexible payment plans. The service figured the program schedule would reach initial operational capability ideally by fiscal year 2026 and procurement quantities would stay at 15 battalions Growing shops need to maintaindecision. profit margin: a tradiA Z MANUFACTURING SW • 72two • Jan /lenders Feb 2019 development as described in a Nov. 7, 2014, materiel tional bank and an equipment finance company. Leasing through a To assess capabilities, alternatives were weighed against the most stressing tactical A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 30 • Nov / Dec 2022 ballistic missile threat to the front, according to the document. 2


Overall, the Army determined the baseline Patriot option finance company allows you to preserve your had the highest operations and maintenance costs. However, lines of credit with your bank and gives you the the Patriot upgrades stay within the Army’s cost target and ability to treat your monthly payments as a busiwould show improvements over the baseline option in adness expenses versus company debt. A finance dressing threats. company also allows you to leverage borrowing capacity. We offer a variety of payment and Replacement alternatives with X-band interceptor communibuyout options, as well as tax incentives. Most cation arrays were determined to be the most costly, exceeding importantly, as an equipment finance company, Army cost targets. But they “have the most improvement” over we have machine knowledge, so our leases ofthe baseline Patriot, according to the slides. fer purchase options that best fit your company needs and growth. G/ATOR’s average procurement unit cost is between $147 million and $254.6 million, MFCR is predicted to cost $223.9 As year-end rapidly approaches be sure to take million per copy and the MFCR with a surveillance radar is advantage of tax deductions like Section 179, estimated to cost $326.4 million. an immediate expensing of qualified asset purchases. Qualified equipment purchases made The G/ATOR system — which would need 118 months to before January 1, 2023, may be eligible for a move through the acquisition cycle — was assessed as having 100% first-year immediate deduction. Please high schedule risk in both the technology maturation and risk consult with your accountant to confirm eligibilreduction phase (TMRR) and the EMD phase. The program ity for tax benefits. could see schedule slippage, the Army predicts, anywhere from to 18 months. Tech14 Financial makes the equipment financing

process easy and hassle-free. Please join us in The Army concluded that andand replacement welcoming Mandy toupgrades the team be sure radar to options nearly the samewhen amount of timeto to financfield. The think oftake Tech Financial it comes baseline Patriot would reach initial operational capability ing your equipment. in fiscal year 2027, upgraded Patriot in early fiscal 2028, For more information visit, MFCR and MFCR with surveillance capability in late fisphone 414-224-0242, email cal ‘28. G/ATOR would take longest to reach initial operational capability, according to the slides, reaching the milestone past fiscal 2029.

Autoliv And POC Join Forces To Reduce Cyclist Head Injuries - A Helmet With An Integrated Airbag

quences of an impact.

Autoliv, Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, and POC, a global leader in snow sports and cycling protection, have joined forces to study and develop bicycle and e-bike helmets equipped with airbag technology to improve head protection and reduce the conse-

Head injuries alone account for half of the deadly bicyclist injuries. Although it is established that helmets are beneficial to head safety, the latest Bicycle Safety report by Swedish insurance company Folksam makes the case that helmet absorption efficiency could still be greatly improved, especially when collisions occur with a car at speeds above 20 km/h (12 mph). POC and Autoliv have been working together to assess the potential of using airbag technology in helmets. The airbag would act as the initial energy absorber while the underlying helmet would be the following energy absorber. After conducting a pre-study, conclusion from the Autoliv research team is that a cycle helmet with an integrated airbag can significantly improve protection and reduce the consequences of impacts to cyclists. The combination of both absorbing technologies enables a reduction of the peak linear head acceleration and significantly reduced head injury risk in impact tests. The pre-study also showed that the protection improvements could be reached without critically compromising the design, weight, or comfort of a helmet designed with integrated airbag technology.

Tech Financial has been providing best-in-class financing to the Machine Tool Industry across the USA and Canada for over 20 years! We are committed to providing: •Hassle-Free Equipment Financing •Fast Approval Process •Flexible Financing Structures and Terms •Unmatched Industry Knowledge Contact our sales team today so we can help you get the equipment you need, when you need it

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The pre-study showed that the addition of airbag technology on top of the helmet can significantly contribute to enhanced safety performance, especially in linear impacts. It is estimated that the risk for a bicyclist to sustain moderate to fatal head injuries is reduced from 80% to 30% in a 20 km/h (12 mph) impact. “Together with Autoliv, we have embarked on a development journey with airbag technology, asking ourselves what could be done to excel in current test scenarios and push the envelope towards even more shock absorbing capacity” says Oscar Huss, Chief Product Officer, POC.

Sara Charlton, MBA 262-844-7571

solutions help you navigate the complexity of becoming CMMC/ITAR compliant. We support our customers’ initiatives in creating policy, building infrastructure, developing processes, and securing IT.

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Phreedom Technologies is a leading IT service provider for business 602-336-3450 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

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S Specialty Specia ialt lty Steel Steel Service, S Inc.

“Small Sma l enough en ugh tto care, are La Large enough to serve.” Lar We stock a large variety of the metals you need.

-Tool and Die steels -Alloys and Carbon -Aluminum Plate As well as being the authorized distrubutor of Precision Marshall and Latrobe Steel products.

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Once connected, use your peers. Learn from their mistakes and benefit from their wins. Ask questions. Be interested in other people’s stories and journeys. Find ways you can help each other. Be willing to consider all available resources. During my years of running a manufacturing business, I was unaware of the valuable services and programs certain organizations, groups, and government agencies offered — many of which are free or have incentives to offset costs. We live in a great state that is considered very business-friendly. Our Labor, Commerce, and Workforce Development groups are all committed to helping Idaho businesses grow and thrive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use the community! Odds are, someone else has had the same problem and can help you navigate to a solution. IMA has a sourcing needs/ member requests section in our monthly newsletter that handles a lot of this. Equipment needed, equipment for sale, business systems user group needs, hiring, suppliers or parts needed, etc. Spread the word. Manufacturing is a GREAT industry! Share with people in your circles all the cool things made in their backyards. If you need help learning about who some of those companies are, let us know!

Are You Leveraging Resources Offered By the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance?

What are some services the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance offers that would be helpful for product companies/ manufacturers in this state?

Are you an Idaho-based product company/manufacturer that is poised for growth, but hampered by an equipment problem, supply chain issue, or labor shortages? There aren’t always easy answers to these challenges, but getting in step with the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (IMA) — and Idaho’s greater manufacturing community — is a great place to start.

SJ: Our 401k Association Retirement Plan, TalentSorter hiring platform, Nice Healthcare program, and some on-demand safety training offerings (coming soon) are something all manufacturers should be looking at. These programs all help in hiring, employee attraction/retention and offer great savings for members.

Recently, we had a conversation with Sheri Johnson, Executive Director of the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance, who shared with us the many ways the organization is holding up its three tenets: to connect, support, and promote manufacturing in Idaho.

We currently offer both an HR and IT Cohort call each month. Those have been very valuable for manufacturing members to help problem solve in a safe, small-group environment.

What tips you would give to Idaho manufacturers looking to grow, get involved, and find connections in the industry? SJ: Build relationships. Take the time to get out of your business and meet others in the industry, whether that’s through attending an IMA event, getting directly connected to others in your role, or intentionally seeking to meet the other manufacturers in your neighborhood or city, etc. These connections and conversations will be incredibly valuable! A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

32 • Nov / Dec 2022

As product companies/manufacturers work to find answers to new business and economic challenges, the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance continues to offer resources, connections, and support. “No one has all the answers,” says Johnson. Her advice? “Leverage the knowledge that members of the manufacturing community can offer. Your business — and life — will be richer for it!” The Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (IMA) is a membership organization that creates benefits for the manufacturing industry and community as a whole.By: Sheri Johnson

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Equipment and Services M a rk S m i t h , CMTSE Vice President & General Manager Main Cell

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4925 SOUTH SANTA FE DRIVE | LITTLETON, CO 80120 303.571.4933 | 800.947.8665 | MMTPRODUCTIVITY.COM

Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. Fluid Power / Mechanical / Tool Products ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Since 1946

Brandon Anderson President

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1008 First Street NE - PO Box 699 - Buffalo, MN 55313 USA Made in USA

Driven Tooling for the Machine Tool Industry

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ACCESSORIES Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 Abrasive Products Barton International_____ 800-741-7756 Chemtool Inc.________ 815-957-4140 Bandsaw Blades Roentgen USA________ 847-787-0135 Bar Pullers Accudyne Corp________ 303-991-1500 Edge Technologies_______ 951-440-1574 Boring, Grooving, Milling, Turning Tools Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550

Sales Director

Clamps & Grips SCHUNK__________919-452-4535 CNC Collet Chucks Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 CNC Lathe Accessories Von Ruden Manufacturing_ 763-682-0322 Collet Fixtures Royal Products_______ 800-645-4174 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 Compressor Systems Ingersoll Rand______206-472-0826 Coolant Systems Chemtool__________ 815-957-4140 Chipblaster_________ 310-502-4184 MP Systems_________ 909-282-7463 Qualichem, Inc._______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Coolant Chillers Chipblaster_________ 310-502-4184 MP Systems_________ 909-282-7463 Custom Tools Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550

Industrial Supply Company

INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY COMPANY 1635 SS 300 1635 300WW• Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Salt Lake City, UT 84115

800-288-3838 TF: 800-288-3838

1639 E Miraloma Ave Placentia, CA 92870

Michael J. Sullivan, CMTSE President

Scott Cottrell Manufacturer Rep Wyoming, Utah

P: 714-863-6019 F: 714-996-1812 www. ww

Direct: 801-230-6794


Chris Hand

Manufacturer Rep Colorado, New Mexico Direct: 720-837-3232

Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 EDM: Tooling Systems THINBIT___________888-THINBIT Cutting Fluids & Oils Chemtool__________ 815-957-4140 Chipblaster_________ 310-502-4184 Qualichem, Inc._______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Dovetail Cutters & Fixtures Cutting Tools Dormer Pramet______801-230-6794 Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550

Horizon Carbide Tool___480-968-0957 Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 SCHUNK__________919-452-4535 THINBIT___________888-THINBIT Von Ruden Manufacturing_ 763-682-0322 Drilling/ Threading Tools Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Dormer Pramet______801-230-6794 Dormer Pramet______720-837-3232 Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550 Drills Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550

Division of Curran Manufacturing Corporation

200 Oser Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788 U.S.A.


1-631-273-1010 1-800-645-4174 Fax: 1-631-273-1066 1-800-424-2082

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A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN • A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • •Nov / Dec


Don Loveless 181 Bristol Park Dr Bristol, CT 06010

LK Metrology, Inc. 12 Goodyear, Suite #105 Irvine, CA. 92618 Email: Mobile: 760-978-7091 Office: 949-716-4440 Website:

Scott Collier Metrology Solutions Business Manager

…we are metrology

Tyler Acheson

Territory Sales Manager

FANUC Master Certified Service Engineer Council Bluffs, IA | Waukesha, WI | Huntington Beach, CA

402.650.8132 844-4-ACIETA

MOBILE PARTS & 24/7 SERVICE Delivering Tomorrow’s Automation Today

Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 Dust Collectors, Filtration Equip. Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 EDM Materials & Supplies Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network________ 480-836-1782 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 EDM: Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 End Mills Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550 Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 Filtermist Mist Collectors Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 Gage Blocks Starrett____________ 949-382-4123 Garnet Abrasives Barton International_____ 800-741-7756 Knives: Replacement Superior Grinding______ 801-487-9700 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain•

Lifting & Material Handling Systems Ingersoll Rand______206-472-0826 Live Tools Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 Lubricants / Systems Chipblaster_________ 310-502-4184 Qualichem, Inc.______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Machine Tool Accessories Dormer Pramet_____801-230-6794 Dormer Pramet_____720-837-3232 Industrial Supply___ 800-288-3838 SCHUNK_________919-452-4535 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 THINBIT___________888-THINBIT Von Ruden Manufacturing_ 763-682-0322 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration Chipblaster_________ 310-502-4184 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Milling and Turning Products Dormer Pramet______801-230-6794 Dormer Pramet______720-837-3232 Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Von Ruden Manufacturing_ 763-682-0322 Parts Washing Equipment Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Power Tools Ingersoll Rand______206-472-0826 R8 Quick Change Tool System Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 Robot Accessories SCHUNK___________ 919-452-4535 Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 Solvents /Degreasing Agents Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Hasco Oil__________ 562-595-8491 Star Metal Fluids______ 800-367-9966 Spindles GMN USA__________ 800-686-1679 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 Surface Plates Starrett____________ 949-382-4123

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Tel: 800-686-1679 Fax: 860-409-2552181

Toolholding Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Vices and Vice Jaws Desert EDM Sales______ 480-816-6300 Sulli Tool & Supply_____ 714-863-6019 Waterjet Cutting Abrasives Barton International_____ 800-741-7756 AUTOMATION Acieta___________ 402-650-8132 DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 Bystronic Inc__________702-340-6964 Fiero Automation ______ 303-431-3600 Automation ControlseAcieta___________ 402-650-8132 CALIBRATION SERVICES Advanced Coord. Tech ____ 303-469-6161 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 Total Qual. Syst._______ 480-377-6422 GRINDING Grinding Machines Moncktons Mach Tools__ 303-571-4933 Manual Lathes & Mills AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266

Sharp Precision______ 310-370-5990 Pedestals for Grinders Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Sawing Machines Moncktons Mach Tools__ 303-571-4933 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__303-761-3000 Saw Replacement Parts Rocky Mountain Saw Blades__303-761-3000 INSPECTION EQUIP Advanced Coord. Tech ____ 303-469-6161 Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488 Klontech Indust. Sales____ 480-948-1871 LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 Total Qual. Syst._______ 480-377-6422 Zeiss Industrial Metrology__ 800-327-9735 Barcode Scanners KEYENCE______ _____720-614-9241 CMM Probes Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488


2835 S. Raritan St Englewood, CO 80110 303-991-1500 (Ph) 303-991-1921 (Fax) Web: E-Mail: THE


IMS Innovative Measuring Systems


521 S 48th St. Tempe, AZ 85281

Helping You Find The Right Solutions For Your Measuring Needs


Ken Lambert (602)527-5488

Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953

IMS Innovative Measuring Systems 1711 W. 17th St. Tempe, AZ 85281 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 Ken Lambert LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 (801)673-4783 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 Moncktons Mach Tools__ 303-571-4933 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 Selway Machine Tool___ 888-735-9290

Laser Marking Systems KEYENCE______ _____720-614-9241 Measurement Systems KEYENCE______ _____720-614-9241 Starrett____________ 949-382-4123 Metrology Instruments Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488 KEYENCE______ _____720-614-9241 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 Total Quality Systems____ 720-338-2581 Starrett____________ 949-382-4123 Zeiss Industrial Metrology__ 800-327-9735 Total Quality Systems____ 720-338-2581 Gauging Equipment Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Zeiss Industrial Metrology__ 800-327-9735 Microscopes Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488 KEYENCE______ _____720-614-9241 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 Optical Comparators LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 Innovative Measuring Systems_602-527-5488 Starrett____________ 949-382-4123 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871 Helping You Find The Right Solutions For Your Measuring Needs

Total Quality Systems____ 720-338-2581 Sensors: Contact & Optical Zeiss Industrial Metrology__ 800-327-9735 Video Measuring Systems Gage Lab Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech Industrial Sales_ 480-948-1871

35 • Sept / Oct 2022 Legrand, North America 3555 Kettering Blvd. Moraine, OH 45439 C2G® | ORTRONICS® | QUIKTRON® RAPIDRUN® | WIREMOLD®

Total Quality Systems____ 720-338-2581 LILY SALAS HARDWARE Horizon Carbide Tool___480-968-0957 805-388-1050 x 120 Utah Metal Works, Inc.__ 801-364-5679

METALS & MATERIALS AZ Tool Steel LLC_______480-784-1600 Coastal Metals______ 800-811-7466 Erickson Metals______877-543-6061 Laube Titanium___ 805-388-1050x124 Olympic Metals______303-286-9700 Ryerson__________303-227-6310 United Perform. Metals_ 317-946-0025 Western States Metals__801-978-0562 Aluminum Affiliated Metals_______ 800-748-4711 Olympic Metals_______ 303-286-9700 United Perform. Metals__ 317-946-0025 Armor: Military & Commercial Total Quality Systems____ 720-338-2581 LK Metrology________ 949-716-4440 TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN •

P: 888.668.6818 C: 937.479.5381

Brass Coastal Metals_______ 800-811-7466 Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Bronze Coastal Metals_______ 800-811-7466 Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Carbon Coastal Metals_______ 800-811-7466 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Copper Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Garnet Abrasives Barton International_____ 800-741-7756 Metals: Bar & Plate AZ Tool Steel LLC______480-784-1600


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Jeff Klimowicz Regional Sales Manager 480.320.0308 mobile ISO 9001:2015 | All products proudly made in the USA.

AlIen Webb Sales Associate

KNUTH Machine Tools USA, Inc. 590 Bond St. Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Ph: (847) 415-3333 x260 Fax: (847) 415-2402

Coastal Metals_______800-811-7466 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 TW Metals_________ 800-203-8000 Mold Steel AZ Tool Steel LLC_____ 480-784-1600 Nickel Alloys AZ Tool Steel LLC_____ 480-784-1600 Ryerson__________303-227-6310 TW Metals_________ 800-203-8000 United Perform. Metals_ 317-946-0025 Plate-Precision Saw Cut Erickson Metals______877-543-6061 Pre-Honed Tube Western States Metals__801-978-0562 Stainless Steel AZ Tool Steel LLC_____ 480-784-1600 Coastal Metals_______800-811-7466 Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 United Perform. Metals_ 317-946-0025 Steel AZ Tool Steel LLC_______ 480-784-1600 Coastal Metals_______800-811-7466 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain•

Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Ryerson___________ 303-227-6310 Ryerson___________ 303-227-6310 United Perform. Metals_ 317-946-0025 Titanium Laube Titanium___805-388-1050x124 METAL DISTRIBUTORS Erickson Metals______ 877-543-6061 Coastal Metals_______ 800-811-7466 Laube Titanium___ 805-388-1050x124 Olympic Metals______ 303-286-9700 Ryerson___________ 303-227-6310 TW Metals__________800-203-8000 United Perform. Metals_ 317-946-0025 Western States Metals__ 801-978-0562 NEW MACHINERY 3D Metal/ Additive Manufacturing Machines Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Renishaw__________ 847-286-9953 CHIP CUTTING CNC Drilling/Tapping Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 CNC Mills Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 DMG Mori_________ 801-561-2001 Doosan__________ 973-618-2500

36 • Nov / Dec 2022

Hurco___________ 800-634-2416 J.M. Grisley________ 801-486-7519 J.M. Grisley________ 208-861-8991 KTR Machine_______ 623-202-7177 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 MMT Productivty_____ 303-571-4933 Romi Machine Tools LLC_ 859-647-7566 Sharp Precision______ 310-370-5990 Smith Machinery Co___ 801-263-6403 Tornos USA_________ 951-695-0342 Triad Machine________ 303-424-0268 CNC Lathes Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 AME, Inc.__________ 303-922-9266 DMG Mori_________ 801-561-2001 Doosan___________ 973-618-2500 Foothills Machinery_____ 303-466-3777 J.M. Grisley_________ 801-486-7519 J.M. Grisley_________ 208-861-8991 Hurco____________ 800-634-2416 KTR Machine________623-202-7177 Methods West________ 602-437-2220 MMTf Productivty_____ 303-571-4933 Smith Machinery Co____ 801-263-6403 Triad Machine________ 303-424-0268 CNC Swiss Turn Machines AME, Inc.__________ 303-922-9266 Methods West________602-437-2220

MMT Productivty_ ____303-571-4933 Tornos USA_______ 951-695-0342 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Machines AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Methods West_______ 602-437-2220 MMT Productivty_____ 303-571-4933 Smith Machinery Co___ 801-263-6403 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 EDM Perform. Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply____ 480-836-8330 Manual Mills & Lathes KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 NEW MACHINERY FABRICATION Multicam__________ 970-218-9046


S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutters Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718

Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Band Saws KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Ultimate Machinery_____ 480-966-2000 Bar Feeders Edge Technologies______ 951-440-1574 Bending Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 Cold Saws Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 CNC Punching Centers S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 CNC Routers Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Drill Lines Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Fiber Lasers Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Grinding Machines DCM Tech_________ 800-533-5339 KNUTH Machine Tools____847-415-3333 Multitool USA_______ 800-660-0880 Iron Workers Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN •

Shearing Machines Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Vacuum Tables DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 OTHER ACCESSORIES Grinding Accessories Multitool USA_______ 800-660-0880 Tooling Systems Desert EDM Sales______ 480-816-6300 USA EDM Supply______480-836-8330

Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 KNUTH Machine Tools____ 847-415-3333 MMT Productivty_____ 303-571-4933 PALLET SYSTEMS Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Automatic Pallet Systems S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Midaco_ __________ 847-593-8420 Triad Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Magnetic Particle (NDT) Automatic Door Opener Machines Systems DCM Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers Manual Rotary Pallet Systems Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Robotic Part Loading Systems Plasma Cutters Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 PLASTICS Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 KNUTH Machine Tools____ 847-415-3333 Acrylics And Polycarbonates Multicam__________ 970-218-9046 Laird Plastics_______ 303-292-1687

Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 Press Brakes Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Bud’s Machine Tools____ 385-271-6718 Bystronic Inc_________ 702-340-6964 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Rotary Surface Grinders DCM Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Sawing Machines Action Machinery _______888-289-9100 Fullerton Tools_____ 989-799-4550 Production Machine Tools__ 425-881-1200

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PROTOTYPE MACHINERY 3D Parts To Go________801-380-7935

RECYCLING Recyclable Metals Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 Scrap Metal Recycling Iron & Metals, Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Acieta___________ 402-650-8132 Integrated Systems Inc__ 928-649-9600 Robot Accessories Acieta___________ 402-650-8132 SCHUNK___________ 919-452-4535 Robotic Repairs Plastics: Fabrication Acieta____________ 402-650-8132 Laird Plastics_______ 303-292-1687 SERVICES AS9100 Certification Graphics Materials Laird Plastics_______ 303-292-1687 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 BMSC___________ 602-445-9400 Mechanical/Engineering Material MEP ___________ 801-863-7001 Laird Plastics_______ 303-292-1687 Business Forms/ PROG. SYSTEMS Custom labels/Brochures CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD Pryntink___________ 855-675-1444 AME, Inc._________ 303-922-9266 Calibration Services Delcam (Autodeck)_____ 877-35-2261 Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 MultiCAM_________ 970-218-9046 Klontech Industrial_____480-948-1871 SolidCAM_________ 530-863-0461 Quality Measurement Services_970-413-2438 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN •

37 • Nov / Dec 2022

MadisenDahl Training & Recruiting NUNTMA Chapter Exec. w 801.337.7097 m 801.710.5535 Benjamin Johnson ASNT Level III #210316 602-578-8109

ASNT, NAS 410, ASME Nadcap, ASTM, RT, UT, MT, PT


Office: 801-463-3597 Cell: 801-979-3361 Fax: 801-294-3319

The Industry’s Most Trusted Source to Buy, Sell, and Trade-In Used CNC, Plastics, and Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery.


Level III NDT Consulting Services, LLC Training, Certifications, Nadcap Approvals, Responsible Level III, Aerospace, Petrol Chemical


Mike Mills , Manager Arizona Office Cell: 480.694.9919 Email: Machinery Bought & Sold • Auctioneers

Quality Measurement Services_970-413-2438 Experts in Equipment Finance Lean Consulting Direct: 402-639-0475 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 Yvonne Newman Business Development & Marketing MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 Office: 303-639-9001 Direct: 720-626-5458 Logistics/Freight R&R Transportation ____801-747-2607 Western States Calibration_ 801-466-1700 Metrology Services MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 Consultant,Operational Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Consultant, ISO Reverse Engineering Hexagon __________ 303-859-7159 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 Advanced Coord. Tech ___ _303-469-6161 BMSC___________ 602-445-9400 MEP ___________ 801-863-7001 Klontech Industrial_____480-948-1871 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Quality Measurement Services_970-413-2438 Klontech Measure Sol__ 480-626-8131 Contract Inspection Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Western States Calibration_ 801-466-1700 Rigging & Transfer Klontech Measure Sol___ 480-626-8131 Process Improvement/ Audit IRH ____________801-972-5581 Quality Measurement Services_970-413-2438 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 R&R Transportation ____801-747-2607 BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Education Transportation Ogden-Weber Tech College_801-395-3795 X-Ray IRH ____________801-972-5581 Electrical: Breakers/Switches/ Certified Inspection Service__602-267-0661 R&R Transportation ____801-747-2607 Starters ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. Consulting/Engineering Denver Breaker Supply __ 855-4UR-BRKR BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Engineering Services Platinum Registration_______ 303-639-9001 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Orion Registrar ________303-645-4017 SPINDLE REPAIR Financing RMS Assembly & Mfg___ 303-777-3064 ISO Registrar Tech Financial Services_____ 414-224-0209 Platinum Registration_______ 303-639-9001 TOOLING Univerity Federal Credit Union_ 801-463-3597 Orion Registrar ________303-645-4017 PrecisionToolholding Products Machine Tool Rebuilding First Article Inspection Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 EDM Network_______ 480-836-1782 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 Nadcap Approvals - Consulting Heavyhaul _ Tooling Systems IRH ____________801-972-5581 Level III NDT Consulting_ 602-578-8109 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Injection Molding 3D Parts To Go______ 801-380-7935 Level III NDT Consulting_ 602-578-8109 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 Inspection Services Live Tool Holders Process Improvement Advanced Coord. Tech _____303-469-6161 BMSC ______________ 602-445-9400 Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Chris Frans


2 A Rocky Mountain Mountain •• A2Z Z Manufacturing Manufacturing Rocky

38 2022 38 •• Nov Nov/ /Dec Dec 2022

Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 Static Tool Holders Industrial Supply____ 800-288-3838 Von Ruden Mfg______ 763-682-0322 TRAINING MEP Center________ 801-587-0713 CAD/CAM Training Blackwing Machine_____ 801-645-4485 MultiCAM_________ 970-218-9046 Machining Software MultiCAM____________ 970218-9046 USED MACHINERY Action Machinery ________888-289-9100 DATRON____________480-826-3689 EDM Network_________480-836-1782 K.D. Capital Equipment____480-922-1674 Methods West_________602-437-2220 Resell CNC___________844-478-8181 S&S Machinery Sales_____602-368-8542 WATERJET CUTTING MACHINERY Action Machinery ________888-289-9100 Global EDM Supply _____480-836-8330 Machinery Resources_____480-694-9919 Multicam___________970-218-9046 Abrasives/Blast Media Barton International______800-741-7756

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

368 West 600 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Phone: (801) 531-9922 Fax: (801) 531-9944 Cell: (801) 301-1160

Andy Martin The CNC Pros, Inc. 3329 W 2555 S West Valley City, UT 84119 PHONE: 801-973-0800 CELL: 801-637-8806

SHELLEY TERRELL Owner & President

(623) 670-3406 SHELLEY@A1PMA.COM


Owner & VP

(623) 377-2191 JACK@A1PMA.COM

Precision metal fabrication and sheet metal design A1PMA.COM


3D SCANNING The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 ADDITIVE MFG/ 3 D PRINTING Faustson___________303-420-7422 SolidCAM_________ 530-863-0461

BAR CODING Coating: Liquid Western Sintering______ 509-375-3096 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146

Maverick Mold & Machine__970-535-4604 Micropulse West________480-966-2300 Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome Prec. Mach’d Products_____ 970-482-7676 BROACHING Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 EDM: Wire Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Precision Mach’d Products_ 970-482-7676 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 EDM Express_______ 800-780-7075 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Specialty Steel Services___801-539-8252 Innovative Precision______ 801-334-6317 Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 CASTINGS Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Aluminum Casting Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 COMPOSITES Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 S.A. Composites_________970-776-3877 Micropulse West________480-966-2300 Die Casting MTI______________ 505-247-4276 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 DESIGNCAD/CAM Die Casting: Aluminum/Zinc CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922 Paramount Machine_____801-886-2755 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 The Toolroom Inc._______ 801-773-6331 DIES CHEMICAL PROCESSING Thompson Machine______505-823-1453 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 PAS Technologies_____ 602-744-2648 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 EDM COATING EDM: Drilling Small Hole ENGINEERING/DESIGN

ASSEMBLIES Advantage Manufacturing__ 877-727-0281 CAID Industries________435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922 Dayton Rogers______ 763-717-6303 JD Machine________ 801-782-4403 Mountain View Machine_ 435-755-0500 Pillar Machine________ 801-965-1900 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Wrico____________ 480-892-7800 Electronics Assemblies LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Coating:Black Oxide Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-7270281 CAID Industries_______ 435-890-8823 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Coating:Chemfilm Welded Assemblies Weiser Engineering_____ 303-280-2778 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Innovative Precision____ 801-334-6317

Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc__ 801-531-9922


39 • Nov / Dec 2022

Paramount Machine Office: 801.886.2755 Fax: 801.886.2759

Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame Tel: 303-420-7422 Fax: 303-420-7551 6803 Joyce St, Suite A Arvada, CO 80007

EMJD Corp_______ 303-761-5236

Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 FABRICATION A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493 Auburn Tool & Machine_ 303-278-8769 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design___801-531-9922 Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EMJD Corporation______ 303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Mountain View Machine __435-755-0500 MTI_____________ 505-247-4276 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Custom Auto/Truck/Bike H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Fabrication: Filament Winding S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Fabrication: Composites S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 40

Fabrication: Enclosures Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Fabrication: Medium & Large CAID Industries______435-890-8823 EMJD Corp__________ 303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Group Mfg Serv______ 480-966-39528 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Fabrication: SheetMetal A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EMJD Corporation______ 303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Group Mfg Serv_______480-966-3952 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Pillar Machine______801-965-1900 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Fabrication: Steel Bandsaw LLC_________303-744-7181 CAID Industries______435-890-8823

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • • Nov / Dec 2022 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN • • Sept / Oct 2022


FINISHING Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 CPCS_____________303-438-8328 Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Precision Mach’d Prod____ 970-482-7676 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Superior Grinding______801-487-9700 TVT Die Casting_______800-280-2278 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Anodizing/ Passivation Focused on Machining_____303-922-307 Dry Film Lubrication PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Finishing: One Stop Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648

Sandblasting Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 Shot Peen PAS Technologies______602-744-2648

Aluminum (Medium & Large) Aero Tech________ 801-292-0493 FORMING A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Glass Bead Clean Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Dynamic Design & Mfg____ 303-652-0431 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Iron Phosphates Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 FOUNDRY Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Passivation Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 GAS NITRIDING Coating Technologies____623-581-2648 Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 GEAR CUTTING

Photochemical/Etching Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 VACCO Industries______ 626-443-7121 Specialty Steel Svcs____ 801-539-8252 Gear Hobbing Powder Coating CPCS_____________303-438-8328 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Metals Finishing LLC______801-718-7969 GRINDING Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 AzMark___________480-926-8969 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Wasatch Powder Coating__ 801-718-7969 GMN USA_________ 800-686-1679

Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Prec. Mach’d Products__ 970-482-7676 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding___ 800-662-0126 Superior Grinding______801-487-9700 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Grinding, Blanchard Auburn Tool & Machine_303-278-8769 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 Steel Services Grinding___ 800-662-0126 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding, Centerless Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Grinding, Cold Saw AA Carbide________ 801-486-4881 Grinding: OD AzMark___________480-926-8969 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Superior Grinding______ 801487-9700 Grinding: Tool & Cutter BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 Exact Tool Grinding_____ 801-712-2720 Machine Tool & Cutter Grinding_ 435-512-4416 HEAT TREATING Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Controlled Thermal_____ 602-272-3714

Phoenix Heat Treating___ 602-258-7751 Pilkington Metal Finishing__801-972-2146 Quick Turn Machine_____801-334-6800 The Toolroom Inc.______801-773-63311 HONING/LAPPING LAYKE, Inc._________602-272-2654 IDENTIFICATION Industrial Labels TUFFLabels_________855-855-8833 INSPECTION Inspection, First Article Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Inspection Services Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 LASER CUTTING Advantage Manufacturing____877-727-0281 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Kustom Koncepts______ 307-472-0818 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Pipe&Tube Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392

MACHINING Advantage Manufacturing___ 877-727-0281 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CNC Machine & Design Inc_________ 801-531-9922 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 GL Manufacturing______ 801-634-5894 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 TVT Die Casting______ 800-280-2278 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Machining: 5 Axis Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117

AzMark___________480-926-8969 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Faustson___________303-420-7422 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 MTI_____________ 505-247-4276 Paramount Machine___ 801-886-2755 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Machining: Aerospace AzMark___________480-926-8969 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Flex-Pro___________480-773-3239 41 41

A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain 2022 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN • • Nov• /Nov Dec/ Dec 2022 2

GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Paramount Machine____ 801-886-2755 Pinnacle Precision____ 435-563-2722 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision Mach’d Products_ 970-482-7676 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 RD Machine & MFg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Machining: Automatic StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 Machining: Ceramic O’Keefe Ceramics______ 719-687-0888 Ceramic: Sapphire, Alumina, Silicon, Aluminum, Quartz O’Keefe Ceramics______ 719-687-0888 Machining: CNC A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 DMSI___________801-972-6093 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg________970-535-4540 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 GL Manufacturing______ 801-634-5894 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627 A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 Leading Edge Machine__ 435-563-9425 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Maverick Mold & Machine_ 970-535-4604 MTI_____________ 505-247-4276 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Quick Turn Machine____801-334-6800 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Electromechanical Design RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Star Precision________303-926-0559 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Wrico___________ 480-892-7800 Machining: Composites Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Machining: Contract American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 Paramount Machine____801-886-2755 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Electromechanical Design Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 Machining: DoD CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Machining: Laser AzMark___________480-926-8969

42 • Nov / Dec 2022

Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Gerome Mfg________520-622-8402 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 L.A.R. Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 Southwest Waterjet-Laser__480-306-7748 VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Machining:Medical A&L Machining_______303-373-1540 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995

Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995

Machining: Mold Base Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Maverick Mold & Machine___970-535-4604

Machining: Production Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Elite Machine________ 801-710-7891 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Machining: Milling Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 CNC Machine& Design__ 801-531-9922 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 DATRON__________ 480-826-3689 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Paramount Machine___ 801-886-2755 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 GL Manufacturing_______ 801-634-5894 Precision Tech________801-285-7288 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 Radtech____ ______303-789-4247 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Machining: Prototype Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 MTI______________ 505-247-4276 Accutech Machine______ 801-975-1117 Pillar Machine______801-965-1900 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862

Denver Precision______ 303-469-1771 Faustson___________303-420-7422 Flex-Pro ___________ 480-773-3239 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 Innovative Precision___ 801-334-6317 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 Leading Edge Machine___435-563-9425 Mountain View Machine_ 435-755-0500 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Skydandee Mfg______ 801-774-8031 S.A.Composites______ 970-776-3877 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 The Toolroom Inc._____ 801-773-6331 Machining: Precision Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 CM Manufacturing____ 406-543-4450 Cornerstone Machine___ 801-731-8862 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 Focused on Machining____303-922-3076 A2Z MANUFACTURING ROCKY MOUNTAIN •

GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Kings Peak Manufacturing_ 801-337-5926 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 MTI_____________ 505-247-4276 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Ponderosa Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Quick Turn Machine_____801-334-6800 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Precision Machined Prod.__ 970-482-7676 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 TVT Die Casting_______800-280-2278 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995

Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 LV Swiss___________435-635-1482 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344

Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778

Machining: Ultra-Precision Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 MANUFACTURING A&L Machining_______303-373-1540 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Machining: Turning CNC Machine & Design Inc__801-531-9922 American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 Group Mfg Serv______480-966-3952 Apex Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 Precision Enterprises___ 731-642-8709 AzMark___________480-926-8969 Electromechanical Design Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 CAID Industries______435-890-8823 Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 EPOCS Mfg_________970-535-4540 Composites Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 S.A. Composites_______ 970-776-3877 GroveTec Machining_____503-557-4689 Manufacturing: Electrode HPMP____________ 801-619-9850 Wire-Tech_________ 480-966-1591 Machining: R & D Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 Production American Machine & Eng.__ 801-973-0494 JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493 Dynamic Design & Mfg___ 303-652-0431 Flex-Pro___________ 480-773-3239 LAYKE, INC__________602-272-2654 EMJD Corporation_____303-761-5236 Robotic CNC JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Leading Edge Machine___ 435-563-9425 Machinists Inc_______ 800-244-4130 DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Jaguar Precision_______ 505-242-6545 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Routering CNC Jensen Precision_______ 801-866-0175 Mountain View Machine___ 435-755-0500 DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 MTI_____________ 505-247-4276 Skid Manufacturing Precision Enterprises____731-642-8709 Precision Enterprises____ 731-642-8709 ENS Welding Service__ 208-670-0538 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 RD Machine & Mfg____ 801-977-0447 Small Part Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 RP Machining_______ 719-550-1724 Pinnacle Precision____435-563-2722 StarRex Precision_____ 480-834-6344 Machining: Swiss Turnkey Product Services CNC Machine & Design Inc_ 801-531-9922 The CNC Pros________801-973-0800 Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493

43 • Sept / Oct 2022

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

43 •

Nov / Dec 2022

Wire Springs ● Flat Springs ● Wire Products (801) 298-0113 2261 S. 1560 W. ● Woods Cross ● UT 84087

PROCESSING: METAL Chemical PAS Technologies______602-744-2648 Etching/Photochemical VACCO Industries_____ 626-443-7121 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY 3D Parts To Go_____801-380-7935 PUNCHING JD Machine_________801-782-4403 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Weiser Engineering___303-280-2778 RECYCLING

METAL STAMPING A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Hi-Production Precision Stamping Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__ 480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453

Recyclable Metals Iron & Metals, Inc____ 303-292-5555 Utah Metal Works____ 801-364-5679

REPAIR Bearing Surface Richards Fab_________ 801-409-0392 Denver Machine Shop___303-295-6000 Painting CARC Hydraulic Cylinder Frontier Group________ 602-437-2426 Denver Machine Shop___303-295-6000 PLATING Rolling: thread Blanchard Metals Proc.__ 801-972-5590 Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Ron Grob Co.________970-667-5320 Scrap Metal Recycling MOLDS Anodizing Blackwing Machine____ 801-645-4485 Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Iron & Metals, Inc____ 303-292-5555 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Utah Metal Works_____ 801-364-5679 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Maverick Mold & Machine_ 970-535-4604 Copper Integrated Systems Inc__ 928-649-9600 Molds: Plastic Injection Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 ROUTERING, CNC LTM Plastics_________303-592-9548 Electroless Nickel Micropulse West_______480-966-2300 Maverick Mold & Machine__970-535-4604 Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 SERVICES Molds Steel Nickel/Chrome/ AS9100 Certification DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 ABS Quality Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 Copper Aero Tech_________ 801-292-0493 Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 BMSC___________ 602-445-9400 Loveridge Machine Co.___ 801-262-1414 Calibration Services Tin Plate PACKAGING Advanced Coord. Tech ___ 303-469-6161 Foresight Finishing_____480-921-0000 Tymar Industries______ 719-548-8995 Klontech Industrial_____480-948-1871 POLISHING Western States Calibration_801-466-1700 PAINTING PRECISION FORMING Coating Technologies______623-581-2648 SAW CUTTING Richards Fab________801-409-0392 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093 CPCS___________ 303-438-8328 SHOT PEENING Frontier Group_____ 602-437-2426 Thompson Machine_____505-823-1453 PAS Technologies_____ 602-744-2648 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Pillar Machine______801-965-1900

44 • Nov / Dec 2022

SINTERING Western Sintering_____509-375-3096 SPINNING: METAL Metal Spinning Solutions_ 480-899-0939 SPLINES Specialty Steel Services_ 801-539-8252 SPRINGS Custom/Compression/Extension/Assembly/Torsion Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 Flat & Wire Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 STAMPING A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191 Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Thompson Machine___ 505-823-1453 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 High Production PrecisionStamping Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Aerospace Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping:Deep Draw Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Thompson Machine___ 505-823-1453 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 Stamping:Design The Toolroom Inc.______ 801-773-6331 Stamping:Flat Forming SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping:Foil Forming Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping: Light SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Stamping:Precision Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080 Precision Die & Stamping__480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

44 •Nov / Dec


Stamping:Prototype Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Stamping:Short Run Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________ 480-892-7800 SWISS SCREW MCHG. Denver Precision Products__ 303-469-1771 TESTING Testing: Non-Destructive Blanchard Metals Proc.___801-972-5590 Pilkington Metal Finishing___ 801-972-2146 TOOL & DIE Thompson Machine_____ 505-823-1453 Wrico____________480-892-7800 Tool & Cutter Grinding BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303 Exact Tool Grinding_____ 801-712-2720

Able Machining & Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Advantage Manufacturing___ 877-727-0281 Dayton Rogers_______ 763-717-6303 Denver Machine Shop____303-295-6000 ENS Welding Service____208-670-0538 H& S Machine_______ 801-755-7627

SPRING WORKS Utah____ 801-298-0113

JD Machine_________801-782-4403


Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500 N. Utah NTMA________ 801-337-7097 Pillar Machine______ 801-965-1900 LATE BREAKING ADDITION Quick Turn Machine_____ 801-334-6800 INSPECTION EQUIP Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392 Star Precision________303-926-0559 Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778 Wrico__________ 480-892-7800 Pre-Fabricated Pipe Welding ENS Welding Service__ 208-670-0538


Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392

TOOLING Mountain View Machine__ 435-755-0500 Western Sintering______509-375-3096 Custom Tooling

Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392

BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303

Advantage Manufacturing_ 877-727-0281

Tool Coating/ Refurbishing

Richards Fab______ 801-409-0392

BC Tool & Cutter Grinding__ 713-638-0303

Weiser Engineering__ 303-280-2778

Welding: Pipe ENS Welding Service__ 208-670-0538 Welding: Precision

Welding: Robotic

WATERJET CUTTING Auburn Tool & Machine__ 303-278-8769 Diversified Metal Services__ 801-972-6093

Frontier Metal Stamping__ 303-458-5129 Metalcraft__________888-280-7080

Leading Edge Machine___435-563-9425

Welding: TIG

Mountain View Machine__435-755-0500

Mountain View Machine___ 435-755-0500

Southwest Waterjet-Laser__480-306-7748


WELDING A1 Precision Metal_____ 623-377-2191

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Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large Welding: Orbital

Barcode Scanners, Coordinate Measuring Mach., CMM Probes, Gauging Equipment, Optical Comparators Video Measuring Systems Hexagon __________ 303-859-7159

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Southwest Edition (AZ, NV, and NM)

Ellison Machinery Continues To Serve You With Their American Made Haas Machine Tool Line...And Expands With New Product Offerings

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Ace Wire Spring & Form__ 412-458-4831 • Nov/ Oct / Dec2022 2022 4545 • Sept

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“Technology Solutions For Competitive Manufacturing” “Technology Solutions For Competitive Manufacturing” ompetitive Manufacturing” “Technology Solutions For Competitive 41 West GuestCity, Ave,UT Salt Lake City, UT 41 West Guest Ave, Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT 41 West Guest Ave, Salt Lake Cit 801-263-6403 801-263-6403 6403 801-263-6403


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An ISO 9001:2008 ed Company An ISO 9001: 2015Certifi Certified Company An ISO 9001:2008 Certifi ed Company An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Com

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1977-2017 1977 - 2022



Building CNC InYears The U.S. For PARTNERSHIP NC Machines In TheMachines U.S. For 43


1977-2017 Building CNC Machines In The U.S. For 43 Years SMITH MAZAK Building CNC Machinery In The USA+ For 46 Years 43 Years SMITH + MAZAK PARTNERSHIP PARTNERSHIP Smith Machinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The Opportun

Year, The Company Is Celebrating Our 40th Year In Partne e Opportunity To Serve You! This Smith Machinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The To Serve You! This achinery Co. Thanks Its Customers For The Opportunity ToOpportunity Serve You! This ar In Partnership with Mazak!

Year, Is The Company Our Is Celebrating Our 40th Year4th InGeneration Partnership with Mazak! Clark Smith, of the Family Business, Say The Company Celebrating 40th Year In Partnership with Mazak!Smith

have sold more than 700 new Mazak machines to our customers

siness, Says, “Over the years we We have also sold 80 Mazak 5-Axis Machines. Our experience Clark Smith, 4th Generation Smith of the Family the customers in the Mountain States. us years apart. ”we ith, 4th Generation Smith of the Family Business, Says,Business, “Over theSays, years“Over we sets Radtech...59 have than 700 new Mazak machines to in ourthe customers the Mountain States. experience with 5-Axis machining more thansold 700 more new Mazak machines toRadtech...59 our customers MountaininStates. RD Machine...60

ResellMachines. CNC West...31,54 WithOur Smithexperience Youwith Get Consistency And Superior Service We 80 have also sold 80Machines. Mazak 5-Axis 5-Axis machining ResourceMfg...29,56 also sold Mazak 5-Axis Our experience withMachinery, 5-Axis machining ResourceMfg...17,56 Richards Fab...56 Relationships With Their Suppliers. Richards Fab...56 sets apart. ” RPM CNC Precisionus Machine...55 sets us apart. ” RMTMA...48 RMTMA...47 .59 RD Machine...60

Rocky Mountain Blades...52 erior Service From Their Long Term Rocky Mountain SawSaw Blades...52 hine...60 Roentgen USA...52 e...60 Roentgen USA...52 uppliers. Grob CO....57 And Superior Service From Their Long Term NC West...31,54 With Smith Machinery, You Get Consistency RonRon Grob CO....57

g...29,56 Royal Products...38,49 ith Machinery, You Get Consistency AndRoyal Superior Service From Their Long Term Products...18,49 Mfg...17,56 b...56 Smith-Neotech: ready to serve & service your machines! Ryerson...15,49,51-53 Relationships With Their Suppliers. 14 Years With Smith Ryerson...17,49,51,52,53 Fab...56Machine...55 Relationships With Their SA Suppliers. Composites...61 ecision SA Composites...61 Machinery A...48 S&S Machinery...50 7 S&S Machinery...50 Samuel & CO..5,23,52 ountain Blades...52 Samuel SonSon & CO..7,43,52 tain SawSaw Blades...52 Sandvik...49 nSA...52 USA...52 Scientific Cutting Tools...32 10 Years With Smith b CO....57 9 Years With Smith Seco Inc...50With Smith O....57 5Tools Years Seco Tools Inc...50 Machinery oducts...38,49 Machinery Sentry Insurance...54 cts...18,49 Setco Spindles & Slides...50 Machinery Setco Spindles & Slides...50 .15,49,51-53 Shop Tools, Inc..10,50 14 Years With Smith 10 Years With Smith ,49,51,52,53 Shop Tools, Inc..18,50 30 Years10 ars With Smith 20 Years With Smith Years With SmithWith Smith 17 Years With Smith Skydandee Mfg...55 posites...61 tes...61 Machinery Machinery Skydandee Mfg...55 Smith Machinery...49,63 Machinery Machinery Machinery Machinery hinery...50 Machinery Smith Machinery...49,63 ery...50 SolidCAM...20,54 onCO..7,43,52 & CO..5,23,52 Specialty Steel Serv....30,56 Specialty Steel Serv....30,56 & SPRING WORKS Utah...60 SPRING WORKS Utah...60 St. Vrain Manufacturing...59 St.Vrain Manufacturing...59 Cutting Tools...32 m...5 Machine & Tooling,...34,55 StarStacy Metal Fluids...13,49,50,51 9 Metal Years With Smith ls Inc...50 Fluids...13,49,56 ® With Smith nc...50 9 Years StarStar Precision...56 3 Years With Sm Machinery 15 Years With Smith surance...54 Star Precision...56 Services Grinding...57 es & Slides...50 Machinery SteelSteel Machinery Services Grinding...57 Machinery ndles & Slides...50 Steen & Sons Machine..58 11 Years With Smith 15 Years With Smith nc..10,50 Steen Grinding..8,57 & Sons Machine..58 Superior ols, Inc..18,50 30 Years With Machinery Machinery Smith Mfg...55 Superior Grinding..6,57 Superior Metal Products...60 17 Years With Smith ® With Smith36 Years With Smith ee Mfg...55 Sustaining Edge Solutions...50 inery...49,63 ® Acer, Sharp, Machinery Sustaining Edge Solutions...50 Smith Machinery’s Other Fine Lines: CurrentEDM, Co Machinery Machinery achinery...49,63 TAPIT All Lubricants...50 hinery TAPIT All Lubricants...50 20,54 TCI Precision Metals...51 11 Years With Smith Steel Serv....30,56 TechLeader Tooling...36 Serv....30,56 3elYears With Smith 11 Years With Smith Machining...58 TCITeton Precision Metals...15,40-41,51 WORKS Utah...60 Machinery RKSMachinery Utah...60 The ToolRoom Inc...61 Machinery Todd Machinery...18,49 Manufacturing...59 Todd Machinery...1,26-29,40,49 nufacturing...59 Thompson Machine...57 chine & Tooling,...34,55 Thompson Machine...57 Tornos...9,49 uids...13,49,50,51 Tornos...11,49 al Fluids...13,49,56 Triad Machinery...39,50 n...56 7 Years With Smith 3 Years With Smith Triad Machinery...39,50 entEDM, Coherant Laser, Renishaw Trusty Cook...11,54 15 Years With Smith ision...56 10 Years With Smith s Grinding...57 3 Years With Smith Trusty Cook...11,54 15 Years Years With With Smith Smith Machinery TVT Die Casting...44-45,55 21 Machinery vices Grinding...57 Machinery Die Casting...46-47,55 s Machine..58 Machinery TWTVT Metals...52 Machinery Machinery Machinery Sons Machine..58 TW Metals...52 Universal Laser Systems...22 inding..8,57 U.S. Carbide...43 Grinding..6,57 United Performance Metals...27,53 etal Products...60 Universal Laser Inc...16,52 Systems...22 Utah Metal Works, g Edge Solutions...50 dge Solutions...50 United Performance Metals...43,53 Smith Machinery’s Other Fine Lines: Acer, Sharp, CurrentEDM, Renishaw Visser Precision Cast...1,30-31 Smith Other Fine Lines: Acer, Sharp, Coherant Laser,Laser, Renishaw llbricants...50 Lubricants...50 hinery’s Other FineMachinery’s Lines: Acer, Sharp, CurrentEDM, Coherant Laser,Coherant Renishaw Utah Metal Works, Inc...14,52 Von Ruden Mfg...49,51 ision Metals...51 Von Ruden Mfg...49,51 Wasatch Laser Forming...59 Tooling...36 Wasatch Laser achining...58 Weiser/Mile High Forming...59 Precision...61 n Metals...15,40-41,51 Weiser/Mile High Precision...61



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