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Custom Automation IS Built-In Social Distancing


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YOUR MACHINE TOOL BANK Why Shops Choose Banterra Bank Loan products designed specifically for machine shops World-class deposit products including Treasury Management Industry-leading service with local decisions Bank commitment to Made In USA and Made In Arizona values


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ARIZONA DIVISION Machine Tool Finance Office 1600 W. Broadway Rd. Tempe, Arizona 85282 P 480-645-9005 Banterramachinetool.com

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| NTY3-150 • • • • •

Multi-Tasking Turning Center 2.5” Bar Capacity Y-Axis On All 3 Turrets 60° Slant Bed Increased Productivity with Simultaneous Machining • FANUC 31i-B w/Smart-X HMI

| PX30i • 5-Axis High Precision Vertical Machining Center • Large Work Envelope • High Torque Spindle • High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axis • Self-Contained Multi Pallet Stacking System • 323 ATC Standard

Methods | Phoenix 615 West 24th Street, Tempe, AZ 85282 Phone:602.437.2220 Email: sales@methodsmachine.com


Editors Corner


In the Arizona Cardinals’ recent nail biting win over, at the time, undefeated Seattle Seahawks, 2nd year quarterback Kyler Murray remarked after the game, “I knew we would win throughout the entire game.”

This, despite the fact that the Cardinals were never ahead of the Seahawks for the entire regulation game.And the odds were stacked against them, for those who are betting fans, which I am not… at -182 odds, the Seahawks had an implied 64.54% chance of beating the Cardinals, or 50/91 fractional odds. I had the opportunity to interview several manufacturing companies for this issue, including a start-up. And as I have interviewed shops during the past many months since COVID-19 came to the United States, it seems to me that business owners/managers fall into 2 categories.The first category responded to the pandemic by ‘hunkering down’ (e.g. to hide out or remain in a place), and the 2nd category viewed these uncertain economic times as an ideal time to enhance their business. This first category of business owner typically reduced their workforce despite the government PPP assistance, made a conscious decision not to make any major capital expenditures, and braced for an ongoing downturn. The 2nd category of business owner, which clearly falls into the classification of optimists, used the downturn to purchase new equipment, and to upgrade their facilities with automation, certification and even new hires. This got me to thinking about what optimism means for business owners, who by virtue of their role, are entrepreneurs. In most cases, optimism is a very beneficial personality trait. Optimism helps us to deal with problems more effectively by focusing on the solution, rather than ruminating about the problem. Entrepreneurship involves systematically and consistently taking on risk. Optimism produces a tendency to act. Entrepreneurs are faced with difficult choices on a daily basis. Rather than wavering on which course of action to take, optimists plunge right ahead.

Custom Automation IS Built-In Social Distancing... Introducing Delta Technology. Photographs For Cover Article by Takashi Sato Announcements..................................... 6-19 Feature Articles................. 1,34-36, 50-51 More Feature Articles............................58,66 Buyers Guide Equipment............... 73-81 Buyers Guide Processes................ 82-93 Card Gallery................................... 73-93 Index of Advertisers............................. 94

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Kim Carpenter Optimism also facilitates bouncing back after a failure, and to this end, optimists are generally more Takashi Sato resilient. Where failure normally produces ruminating thoughts about how and why it happened, Gene Wirth and what could have been done to avoid it, optimists don’t fall into this trap. Rather, they focus on the task of moving on and starting their next project. Published bi-monthly to keep precision manuThinking positively encourages optimistic people to think more broadly, and this allows them to be flexible and open to new ideas. In a study conducted by economists in Latvia, the researchers found that entrepreneurs’ optimism was associated with a greater increase in their company’s profits a year later. For business owners, being optimistic tends to provide motivation, emotional fortitude and cognitive resilience, all attributes that likely will pay dividends during times like we are facing today with the ongoing pandemic. Also, on a positive note, and again demonstrating optimism, most recent Business Conditions Report from the Precision Metal forming Association noted that while the majority (65%) of respondents said shipment activity was down compared to a year ago, nearly half (~ 45%) said they were expanding their workforce. In one of my interviews, the owner stated his rationale for hiring during this pandemic, “Great machinists are being let go by other companies, so it is an excellent time to secure new talent.” In closing, I wish you the best, and God bless our troops and our dedicated First Responders.

Linda Daly,Publisher A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 2

4 • Nov / Dec 2020

facturers abreast of news and to supply a viable vendor source for the industry.

Circulation: The A2Z MANUFACTURING has compiled and maintains a master list of approximately 8500 people actively engaged in the precision manufacturing Industry. It has an estimated pass on readership of more than 19,300 people. Advertising Rates, deadlines and mechanical requirements furnished upon request or you can go to A2ZMANUFACTURING.com. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for the contents of any advertisement, and all representations are those of the advertiser and not that of the publisher. The Publisher is not liable to any advertiser for any misprints or errors not the fault of the publisher, and in such event, the limit of the publisher's liability shall only be the amount of the publishers charge for such advertising.





high-volume production and unattended operation, the all-new EC-400 is faster, more compact, more rigid, and more capable than ever before. It features a larger work envelope, faster rapids, full 4th-axis pallet indexing, and much better chip management. For extended production and true “lights out” capability, a 6-station pallet pool and high-capacity tool changer are available.

Haas Factory Outlet

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

1610 S. Priest Dr., Ste. 101, Tempe, AZ 85281 HaasCNC.com | 480.968.5877 Sales & Service A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

5 • Nov / Dec



Cassavant Assembly and Processing (CAP) is a Nadcap Accredited Provider Of NonDestructive Testing, Chemical Processing, And Special Processes To The Aerospace, Military, And Commercial Manufacturing Industries. • State-of-the-art MRP Scheduling System • No Surprises! We Meet Our Commitments NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING •‌ Penetrant Inspection - Post Emulsified and Water Washable ‌• Magnetic Particle Inspection ‌• On Site NDT Level III COATING APPLICATIONS •‌ Painting – Application of Aerospace Primers and Topcoats ‌• Dry Film Lubrication – Application of Solid Film Lubricants per Mil-PRF-46010, AS1701, AS5272

CHEMICAL & CLEANING PROCESSES ‌• Pre-penetrant Etching • Nital Etch ‌• Chemical Conversion Coating ‌• Anodize Types I, II, and III ‌• Passivation ‌• Abrasive Blasting • Ultrasonic Clean

VERIFICATION TESTING •‌ High Humidity ‌• Salt Spray ‌• Copper Sulfate •‌ Wet and Dry Adhesion Tape •‌ Coating Thickness ‌• Visual Inspection • AF Clean 5333/Pressure Test • Flow and Target Test

3725 E ATLANTA AVE, #1, PHOENIX, AZ 85040 PH: 602-441-2881 • https://capphx.com

Announcements & Releases Still Saw Cutting And Machining Tubing? Tired Of Waiting Two Weeks Or More For Your Tubing To Arrive From California? Wal-Tek Industries, established in 1997 is proud to announce its new Fabrication Division! Located in the heart of Tempe, AZ we have a 21,000 square foot state of the art facility where we are laser focused on precision sheet metal fabrication and tube processing with our two indexing tube lasers. Our newest machine is a 3000 watt indexing fiber laser with the ability to perform X,Y cutting of various alloys. This is one of the fastest, most accurate machines in the World and it doesn’t discriminate between large and small jobs. With automated change overs and first in class software, we can take your model to part in minutes and that means 3 day turnaround times or less after receiving the material. This is the latest addition to Wal-Tek Industries and it compliments or LT-9 tube laser. With two BLM Tube lasers we are ready to serve our regional fabricators and manufacturers alike. Wal-Tek Industries can process tubing up to 27’ and deliver finished parts up to 20’ in diameters ranging from .5” to 8”. We have the ability to cut round, square, rectangle, angle, channel or custom extruded profiles. With Wal-Tek Industries on your team, you can expect more competitive pricing, shorter lead times and more flexibility, all while supporting a locally owned small business. Give us a call today to learn more A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

6 • Nov / Dec 2020

about how partnering up with Wal-Tek Industries can improve your bottom line. For more information, email us at sales@ waltekindustries.com or call 623-5874611.

Haas Factory Outlet-Phoenix Invites Machinists to CNC Training Mill and lathe classes are scheduled every other month. Each course consists of 3 days of hands on instruction led by a Haas Certified Instructor. Students will learn the basics of the Haas control, operation of machines, and Haas programming using G & M codes. Classes are held Monday through Wednesday from 3:30 to 7 pm. Please join us for an upcoming session of the Haas CNC training. We recommend registering as early as possible as class sizes are limited. Mill Training Class — TBD (Contact us) Lathe Training Class — TBD (Contact us) Training is held at Haas Factory OutletPhoenix, a Division of Ellison Machinery, located at 1610 S Priest Drive,Tempe, AZ. To register or for additional information, call 480-968-5877 or visit ellisonaz.com

Tungaloy’s DeepTriDrill Offers up to 45xD Drilling Depths on Standard CNC Machines Tungaloy has added 35xD, 40xD and 45xD drilling depth capabilities to its DeepTriDrill indexable insert deep hole drills. DeepTri-Drill is designed to provide productivity and application security for drilling deep holes on standard machining centers and CNC boring machines, while ensuring easy tool management by eliminating the need for regrinding. The insert features chip splitters that allows effective chip evacuations enabling extremely high feed rates during deep hole drilling in various materials. High Announcements Con’t Next Page




When It’s Time To Replace Your 1.5mm x 60° Serration Chuck-CALL US!



• Each retention knob is Certified Crack-Free after being INDIVIDUALLY Magnetic Particle Tested by an Independent Nationally Certified Laboratory in the US to ensure material integrity (ASTM E1444-01) • Manufacturing date, batch number and part number are all clearly laser marked on each retention knob • Knobs are made to applicable standards (ANSI, JMTBA, DIN) • Coolant holes are left non-carburized • Made from 8620, heat-treated to RC 56/58 • Pilots standard for better seating and improved concentricity • Longer thread length to lessen the effect of toolholder bulge Is Your Knob • Stronger threads resulting from thread rolling Certified • High quality black oxide treatment to ensure long life “CRACK-FREE”? • Made in the USA

U S Shop Tools

U S Shop Tools

Sales: 800-243-7701 • Fax: 800-342-3311 www.usshoptools.com • sales@usshoptools.com

• STRONG® N200 Series Chucks Are Interchangeable With Kitagawa® B-200 Series Chucks STOCKED IN • Over 30 years of innovative manufacturing experience CALIFORNIA! • ISO 9002 and MCS certification • Rigid inspection process to ensure finished product quality • 2, 3 & 4 jaw and Extra Large Bore chucks • Higher gripping force and larger bore compared to standard chucks • STRONG® hydraulic cylinders, master jaws, chip covers, wedge plungers, threaded drawnuts, chuck wrenches and adapter plates are IN STOCK and interchange with Kitagawa® B-200 Series chucks


MASTER JAWS • WEDGE PLUNGERS • CHIP COVERS • PLUNGER NUTS • DRAWNUTS *Kitagawa is a registered trademark of Kitagawa NorthTech

U S Shop Tools

U S Shop Tools

Sales: 800-243-7701 • Fax: 800-342-3311 www.usshoptools.com • sales@usshoptools.com

productivity and process reliability can be attained in deep hole drilling operations. Inspired by BTA deep hole drilling technology, innovative insert geometry and optimal guide pad allocations on the drill body allow DeepTri-Drill to produce high quality deep holes equivalent to those made with traditional brazed gun drills. In addition to the current lineup ranging up to 25xD, DeepTri-Drill now offers 35xD, 40xD and 45xD drill depths, further expanding its deep hole drilling potential similar to those found in injection mold and large-sized component manufacturing.

Manufacturing Engage 2020 — The Precision Manufacturing Conference NTMA - November 17-20, 2020 NTMA’s Engage 2020 Conference is going virtual, November 17-20. We invite everyone in the precision manufacturing community to Connect and Get Back to Work. More information is available at www.manufacturingengage.org. Take a tour of the virtual world, featuring Engage 2020 emcee Brandon Dempsey, here!

GateWay Community College’s Save the date! Experience what GateWay Community College has to offer at a Virtual Tour & Explore Open House. It’s your chance to learn about programs and ask question, start the financial aid process and even apply. See schedule (https://classes.sis.maricopa.

IMTS Spark Live IMTS Spark is a digital destination where Manufacturing Technologists around the globe will have access to MT-specific solutions by collaborating with IMTS Exhibitors, networking with potential partners & peers, and gaining knowledge through a deep dive study portal. IMTS spark will help you solve your most challenging business tribulations, gain insight from industry experts and give you to the tools to prepare for what is next. Exhibits will run through March 2021! Check out all the resources here! https://www. imts.com/spark/

NIMS Is Excited To Announce Our First Ever Per formance Measure (PM) Competition In celebration of Manufacturing Month 2020, NIMS is excited to announce our first ever Performance Measure (PM) Competition to Announcements Conti Next Page A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

7 • Nov / Dec



245 West Crossroads Square, S. Salt Lake, Utah 84115


We Specialize in Close Tolerance Precision Grinding and Small Parts Manufacturing Celebrating 28 Years In Business

Grinding Capabilities:

Grinding & Swiss Machining Capabilities:

√ CNC Universal Grinding Capabilities of 5” x 24”

√ OD,ID Centerless Plunge and Thru Feed √ We Have 4 Swiss Turning Centers with (OD Between Centers up to 72” L x OD Swing up to 24”) Diameter capabilities up to 32mm (ID - 9” depth x 10” LD) √ CNC Circular Blade Grinding up to 20” Diameter √ Surface, Angled and Blanchard √ Long Bar Grinding for Screw Machines √ We grind all types of Industrial Blades Announcing AS9100

Revision D


WE’RE GROWING! We Added a 2nd Supertech CNC Universal Grinder, We’ve Hired New Machinists and More!

Announcements Continued Announcements & Releases Continued

develop your own hands-on projects to validate performance to earn NIMScustomer credentials in the has focused on providing excellent service, following categories: implementing a system to guarantee a call back within 30 minutes. In 2015 KNUTH Machine 1) Manual Machining Tools service department was acknowledged with 2) CNC Machining and/or Computer Aidedthe Manufacturing (CAM) 3-axis Stevie® Award in the category Best Customer 3) 5-axis Machining or Service Department of the Year. 4) Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM)

Frank Fontana,VP of Sales expressed, “We are proud This means that schools can submit their own projects as part of the PM Competition and get them of our success, believe in our quality and we will approved by a panel of independent Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Then your students can use show our appreciation with a 5 year no cost limited warranty on our 15 best-selling machines these projects to earn NIMS credentials. over the course of the next year. This sets us apart from any other machine tool brands in the country.” Please visit www.knuth-usa.com/5yrs for additional details. What’s even more exciting are the awesome prizes!!!

capabilities forRequirements: new parts. Denver Precision Submission Products continues to upgrade its machining capabilities service our customers. will Specific toproject requirements be discussed in detail dur ing the Forinformational more information, contact: Primrosse webinar and Amy a follow-up at communication 303-469-1771 or visit their website will be sent out on at denverprecisioncncturning.com project specifications to all who register. NIMS reserves the right to collect, keep and publicly distribute all projects H2 Manufacturing Solusubmitted during the competition.


Butchers, Welders And

We are giving away prizes valuedProducts over $25,000 including credentialingNew plans, virtual workshops, Denver Precision Announces Machininstructor credentials, and much more! All winners will also be listed in an industry-wide press release ery Purchases and will receive a FREE copy of the Ultimate Guide to EnhancingYour Training Program ($40 value!)

Heidi Hostetter, CEO of H2 Manufacturing Aestheticians Require Solutions, is one of eleven women honored for In-Person Here’s their achievementsTraining. in business, philanthropy, and How government BizWest’s Women of DisThatat Happens With tinction AwardsCOVID-19 April 18th, 2018.

Denver Precision Products upgraded two pieces of equipment at the end of 2017. We purchased a Miyano BNA-MSY42 and NIMS will begin accepting all project submissions on Monday, November 2, 2020 Submission deadline is Friday, November 20, 2020 a Miyano BNA-42S. These two machines Winners will be announced on Friday, December 11,replaced 2020 our older machines, 1983 Miyano BNC- 34 and 1993 Miyano BND34S-2. Submission Eligibility: All secondary and post-secondary education including: Although our organizations older machines were still Independent school districts holding tolerances of +/-.001, our new Public state controlled high tolerances schools andwith institutions higher education These two machines BNA and machines can hold tighter a CPK ofof 3.30 for +/-.0005. Private high schools and institutions of higher education have also increased our productivity for many of our existing parts and have created more

The elevenat women honored have all Classes GateWaybeing Community College made contributions leadership, are considerable back in session this fall,in and for students in its trade programs, time, and philanthropy to the Larimer orthat Weld meanscommunities. returning toThis hands-on learning county year, nine women after a months longdifferent hiatus brought won awards for nine business,bygovthe pandemic. ernment, or philanthropic categories, along with a “Leading Lady” Award and an “OutOn a quiet September the be standing Mentor” Award. morning Hostetteratwill

Submission Timeline:


8 • Nov / Dec 2020 8 • Jan / Feb 2018

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain •

Announcements Continued Page 10

Announcements Continued Page 10

Affordable High Quality Saws.

Contact a Magnum Salesman for Showroom Machine Availability. H-230A

Automatic Horizontal Band Saw.


Semi-Automatic Vertical Mitering Band Saw.

S-23P Semi-Automatic Horizontal Pivot Band Saw.


P: 505-345-8389 F: 505-344-7167 E: magnumalb@magnumabq.com


P: 915-856-7900 F: 915-857-4700 E: sales@magnumep.com



P: 602-431-8300 F: 602-431-8301 E: sales@magnumaz.com


9 • Nov / Dec


Announcements & Releases Continued Central City location, the air is calm, and the campus remains still. The moment anyone walks through the main door to the campus, a machine automatically takes their t e m p e r a t u r e. F l o o r s are marked with signs encouraging people to stay six feet apart and office staff follow a split schedule. A cleaning crew disinfects everything multiple times a day. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times, and instructors have to conduct a verbal “health check” with their students. GateWay has about 4,670 students this fall semester in its credit programs.The unofficial enrollment numbers indicate that the school is down 7.6% for the college’s credit programs from fall 2019, said Chris Lambrakis, a spokesperson for GateWay. The case is different for what are known as clock programs, because those operate on multiple start dates throughout the year. GateWay has six campuses that sprawl across the Valley, all housing different programs. The college’s flagship Washington Campus hosts the majority of its credit programs, ones that end in associate’s degrees. These follow a regular academic schedule. Source: Farah Eltohamy; Arizona Republic A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

10 • Nov / Dec 2020

Grant Retrains Nevadans For Manufacturing Jobs Even if we have been blessed with good health, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, learn and work. As we have adjusted to the “new normal,” employees have gone back to work and students returned to school. But for thousands of Nevadans, the pandemic has left them without a job to which to return. The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation compiles the number of unemployment claims. As of the week ending Sep. 12, there were 201,448 claims for unemployment in Nevada, with 13,848 claims in Washoe County and 169,970 in Clark County. To put this into perspective, Nevada currently has an insured unemployment rate of 15.6%, second only to Hawaii which sits at 20.4%. Through a new program, Nevadans who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be retrained at no cost to work in high-demand manufacturing careers with a federal grant from Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express Online Certification Prep is offered through Western Nevada College, in a new partnership with Empower America; Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno; and Nevada Industry Excellence. Announcements Continued Page 12


QualiChem, Inc. and Star Metal Fluids would like to thank all of our customers in Arizona and Utah who have responded to the call to help fight the COVID-19 virus. We are aware that there are multiple companies in each state participating in programs that include COVID-19 test kits, personal protective equipment, and ventilator components. While most of these companies do not want to be singled out or recognized by name, we believe it important enough to the local manufacturing community that their contributions not go without thanks. Your friends, your neighbors, your peers, and perhaps in some cases, your competitors, are doing what they can to ensure we get back to a more normal way of life. American manufacturers of all sizes, from all regions and industries, are stepping up to fight this invisible enemy. Whether redirecting resources toward production of open-source face shields, ventilator components, or test kits, Americans are heeding the call. And while we thank these manufacturers, it is more important to acknowledge the real heroes in this battle: the healthcare professionals, the pharmacists, the truckers, the grocery store employees, and all those who remain engaged with the public despite the risks. Together, as Americans in all capacities, we will overcome. Thank you to everyone for doing their share. Sincerely, The management teams at QualiChem, Inc. and Star Metal Fluids

Announcements & Releases Continued The Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express online program will retrain people for a high-demand position with manufacturing companies throughout Nevada. Students will gain foundational knowledge of the fundamental skills needed in advanced manufacturing, including math and measurement, quality and Lean concepts, and an introduction to manufacturing processes. Problemsolving strategies will be developed while learning about simple machines and industrial systems through practice with computer and web-based tools. These aren’t your grandfather’s manufacturing jobs. Today’s manufacturing is cool, clean and advanced, with opportunities for growth, competitive pay and benefits. Program participants will learn high-tech skills in robotics, automation, intelligent mobility and computer interfaces. Job opportunities are in industries such as automotive, aerospace, mining and health care. Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express Online Certification Prep includes two self-paced, online college courses offered through the Automation and Industrial Technology Center at Western Nevada College. Students successfully completing the coursework will have the opportunity to earn their nationally recognized Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certification though three industry certification exams. The first course, AIT 101: Fundamentals of Applied Industrial Technology, is offered Oct. 12-Dec. 18, 2020.The second course, AIT-200: Applied Industrial Technology Projects, is offered Oct. 26-Dec. 18. The program requires basic computer skills and computer access with high-speed internet. The Manufacturing Technician Certification is endorsed by the National A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

12 • Nov / Dec 2020

Association of Manufacturers. To be eligible for free training, you must be a Nevada resident with a high school diploma or equivalency. In Northern Nevada, to learn more about the MT1 program and the steps required to qualify for the retraining grant, contact Aubrey Nelson at the Community Services Agency, 775-786-6023 ext. 1021 or anelson@csareno.org. Jodi Herzik is the Interim Vice Provost for the University of Nevada, Reno Extended Studies (extendedstudies.unr. edu) and NCET’s vice president of Biz Café. NCET (www. NCET.org) is a member-supported nonprofit organization that produces educational and networking events to help people explore business and technology. Reno Gazette Journal; By: Jodi Herzik

2020 Economic Outlook Forecasts Positive Equipment and Software Investment Growth in Q4 After severe declines in equipment and software investment in Q1 and Q2 due to the effects of COVID-19 and the impact of social distancing measures, investment in equipment and software bounced back in Q3 as the U.S. economy began Announcements Continued Page 14

Backed by Okuma’s Industry-Leading Warranty Program

CALLING ALL MULTITASKERS MORE IS POSSIBLE Okuma’s MULTUS U3000 Multitasking Machine offers an ideal combination of power, speed, and process flexibility. A broad scope of machining functions and the ability to complete tasks in a single setup make this machine simple and efficient for producing a variety of parts. Combining powerful turning and milling capabilities, made possible with Okuma’s OSP-P300 control, equals one thing – increased production capacity. Explore all of the powerful features of the MULTUS U3000, including: • • •

Full 5-axis contouring (available as an option) New compact B-axis spindle 240-degree B-axis range

• • •

Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1205 S Park Lane, Suite 2 Tempe, AZ 85281

To learn more, visit: okuma.com/products/multus-u3000

www.arizonacnc.com To inquire, visit: okuma.com/distributors 480-615-6353

30 hp milling motor spindle 12,000 RPM H1 milling spindle Wide range of ATC configurations available (40 to 180 tools)

Okuma. Welcome to open possibilities. • 13 • Nov / Dec 2020 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• Equipment and software investment is forecast to grow between 0 and 10 percent (annualized) in Q4.

3518 E Wood St, Phoenix, AZ 1981 Gavin Court, Chino Valley, AZ 602.437.2426


Services Include:

Anodize Non-Destructive Testing Chem Film Electroless Nickel Paint (Primer and Topcoat) Passivation Phosphate (Manganese and Zinc) Complex Masking Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Magnetic Particle Inspection Pressure Test Assembly High Humidity Testing Salt Spray Testing Fusion Weld Braze Glass Bead Media Blast Shot Peen www.frontiergroupco.com Dry Film Lube

Announcements & Releases Continued to reopen. While there is a great deal of uncertainty given the pandemic, annualized growth appears likely to remain positive in Q4, bringing the annual equipment and software investment growth forecast to the -4.9 to -6.4 percent range. The forecast for the broader U.S. economy in Q4 is less certain, though annual U.S. GDP growth for 2020 is forecast between -3.8 and -4.8 percent, according to the Q4 update to the 2020 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook released today by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. Scott Thacker, Foundation Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Ivory Consulting Corporation, said, “This update is arguably one of the most important Outlooks the Foundation has published. There has been much uncertainty about the actual economic performance in Q3 and also about how quickly the economy will rebound in Q4 and beyond. This Outlook will be highly useful in explaining Q3 results and in giving a hint about how the year will finish. I am encouraged to see equipment and software investment in Q4 being forecast as positive, with nine out of 12 verticals that the Foundation monitors showing improvement.” Highlights from the Q4 update include: A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

14 • Nov / Dec 2020

• The contraction in the U.S. economy in Q2 was unprecedented, with highcontact service industries bearing the brunt of the damage. Although Q3 growth will set records, the unpredictable nature of the public health crisis is clouding Q4 GDP projections. Labor market health and the availability of federal stimulus will be critical factors to watch, as will the pandemic’s trajectory. Growth will suffer if another wave hits • The U.S. manufacturing sector has bounced back more quickly than expected.Though a shade over half of the 1.4 million lost manufacturing jobs have returned and job growth was relatively modest in September, other industry indicators such as shipments and new orders suggest that the manufacturing sector will strengthen in late 2020 and early 2021. • On Main Street, a fork has emerged in the road to recovery. A majority of small firms are managing to get by for now. Some—perhaps 10 to 20 percent— have been minimally impacted by the recession and are thriving. At the same time, a sizable and growing minority of firms are at heightened risk of closing their doors for the foreseeable future. • The Federal Reserve has continued its massive quantitative easing program in 2020, and financial markets have responded favorably. Meanwhile, the Federal Open Market Committee has unveiled a new policy framework that will allow inflation to run above the usual 2 percent target for some time. The Foundation-Keybr idge U.S. Equipment & Software Investment Momentum Monitor, which is released in conjunction with the Economic Outlook, tracks 12 equipment and software investment ver ticals. In addition, the Momentum Monitor Sector Matrix provides a customized data visualization of current values of each of the 12 verticals based on recent momentum and historical strength. Announcements Continued Page 16














Introducing THINBIT



Metal Supply | Roll-Off Services | Metal Recycling | Rags

• Trucks investment growth may have bottomed out and appears likely to improve. • Computers investment growth should remain solidly positive. • Software investment growth should continue to strengthen. The full report of the Momentum Monitor is now available at https:// www.leasefoundation.org/industryresources/momentum-monitor/.

(602) 267-7208


3322 E Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Announcements & Releases Continued Momentum readings are below the five-year average in all 12 verticals, and 9 of 12 verticals are accelerating. Over the next three to six months: • Agriculture machinery investment growth may have hit a turning point and should begin to improve. • Construction machinery investment growth is likely to remain weak, but recent movement is encouraging. • Materials handling equipment investment growth is likely to continue contracting. • All other industrial equipment investment growth is likely to rebound. • Medical equipment investment growth should continue to improve. • Mining and oilfield machinery investment growth may improve, though the global recession is likely to remain a significant headwind for energy demand. • Aircraft investment growth is likely to remain negative. • Ships and boats investment growth is likely to remain in contractionary territory, but recent movement is encouraging. • Railroad equipment investment growth may improve modestly. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

16 • Nov / Dec 2020

The Foundation produces the Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook report in partnership with economic and public policy consulting firm Keybridge Research. The annual economic forecast provides the U.S. macroeconomic outlook, credit market conditions, and key economic indicators. The Q4 report is the final update to the 2020 Economic Outlook before the publication of the 2021 Economic Outlook in December. Download the Q4 update report at https://www.leasefoundation.org/ industry-resources/u-s-economicoutlook/. All Foundation studies are available for free download from the Foundation’s online library at http:// store.leasefoundation.org/.

Takumi USA Is First to Offer Renishaw Set & Inspect Probing for the Fanuc© Control Takumi USA has partnered with Renishaw to be the first CNC machine tool brand to offer Renishaw’s Set and Inspect app for the Fanuc© control. Set and Inspect will help job shops of all sizes be more efficient and profitable by making it possible for anyone with a part probe to immediately add inspection probing to their process and reap the full financial benefit of probing on a machine tool. Unlike traditional programming software, Set and Inspect is so easy to use that virtually no training is required: the software’s intuitive Announcements Continued Page 18


Online pricing at Milltronics.com/ GetPricing




40 X 20 X 20 IN


46 X 20 IN


10,000 RPM


#40 / BIG PLUS®


20 HP / 75 FT-LBS



We offer customers increased productivity with our innovative concept of a powerful CNC control with an easy-to-use operator interface designed around quality-built machine tools for a global market.

Tool Room Mills

Performance Vertical Machining Centers

Tool Room Combination Lathes

Bridge Mills

Vertical Machining Centers

Extra Power Vertical Machining Centers

White’s Niche Products, LLC Casa Grande, AZ 85130 | Phone: 602-290-9402 | Email: WNP-Sales@earthlink.net www.wnpllc.com | Visit Milltronics.com for product specifications.

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Slant Bed CNC Lathes

Methods Your Business Performance Methodsto ToImprove Improve Your Business Performance “We highly recommend Sustaining Edge Solutions. They lead us to formalize our standard processes and procedures and enabled us to become certified within months of our three U.S. locations." Deb Dendy, Vice President of Operations Anokiwave, Inc.

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"Sustaining Edge Solutions gave us the direction we needed to get certified to ISO 9001 in 2008. They have also conducted our annual internal audits. We recently achieved our AS9100 certification with their help. They present what is required in a simple and value added way. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an expert to add to their team." Tom Ferrara, General Manager Lindel Engineering

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Contact us at 888-572-9642 • admin@sustainingedge.com Announcements & Releases Continued interface guides the user through the process of creating a probing cycle, automatically generates the required machine code for the probing cycle, and sends it to the control. Due to the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) of the Set and Inspect app, even inexperienced operators can learn how to use it in 30 minutes or less and immediately create routines to increase production efficiency, decrease operator intervention, decrease scrapped parts, and decrease re-work time with inspection probing. The team at Takumi USA became aware of Renishaw’s new technology in early 2020 and immediately realized the benefits. While Set and Inspect is not loaded directly on the Fanuc control, Takumi engineers came up with a simple solution that provides a seamless integration of the app to the Fanuc control with the FOCAS 2 feature and added a tablet device to the control.With no need to learn macro programming, the machinist can easily program set-up probing routines or inspection routines and send them to the control memory with a single button press. The results are displayed on the same screen during the cycle. They can be used to develop experience data for tooling, track changes to parts, and monitor adjustments to tool wear to determine when the cutter should be replaced. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

18 • Nov / Dec 2020

With minimal training required, the operator jogs the probe into position using the handwheel, selects a probing cycle from the menu, and completes the user input fields. The Set and Inspect app does the rest – automatically generating the required machine code for the probing cycle and sending it to the control, which significantly reduces data entry errors and programming time. Set and Inspect can automate a production cycle by inspecting features to determine tool wear and automatically adjusts the wear offsets. Features are available to define how many parts to inspect before adjusting wear offsets, what percentage of the error to apply as an adjustment, and a function to stop production if results are out of tolerance. Takumi USA and the new Set and Inspect app by Renishaw will drive manufacturing process improvements for customers. This feature is now available on theTakumi H-Series 3-axis high-speed double-column CNC machines, theTakumiV-Series 3-axis box way CNC machines, and theVC-Series 3-axis heavy-duty general purpose machining centers.To learn more, visit TakumiUSA.com.

Doosan Presents the Versatile 5-Axis DVF Series Doosan Machine Tools’ DVF Series of compact 5-axis machining centers is built for a wide range of 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis Continued Next Page

applications. DVF machines are fully loaded to meet customer needs for cutting diverse and complex shapes in one setup. The FANUC 31i-B5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control (all axes feeding at once) possible, giving full contouring capabilities. The DVF 5000 is equipped with a CAT40/BIG PLUS® taper 18,000 r/min spindle, which facilitates high speed metal removal. The DVF 5000 features a 19.7” (500mm) diameter B- over C-axis rotary table with a 24.8” (630mm) option. The machine table is an integrated cantilever style full 5-axis table, which allows for the machining of parts from a variety of angles. Built-in table support holds a maximum weight of over 880lbs and minimizes any table deflection. The rotary table is designed for user friendliness and consummate work efficiency, minimizing interference as the part is machined. Absolute glass scales on XYZ axes and angular optical encoders on B and C axes ensure high resolution positioning and repeatability. The DVF 6500 has the same spindle as the DVF 5000, but is designed with an integrated 25.6” (650mm) diameter A- over C-axis rotary table. Even larger is the new DVF 8000 version, which comes with a 31.5” (800mm) diameter rotary table.There will also be available a special T model of the DVF 8000 that is capable of turning operations., slated for release later in 2020. Each DVF machine comes with a 60-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer that can be expanded up to 120 tools, giving the customer more tooling to tackle complex parts that have varying profiles. An oil cooled spindle controls heat to minimize thermal issues. The DVF Series also incorporates roller LM guideways for speed and added rigidity. Their compact footprint enables installation where floor space is limited or comes at a premium.



DROP OFF ORDERS 24 HOURS A DAY M-F ALWAYS BETTER SERVICE ABS is NADCAP Accredited To Meet Your Heat Treat And Passivate Needs. Since 1960. Fair Prices, Superior Quality, Quick Turn Times And Exceptional Customer Service Are Guaranteed When You Work With Us.



* Honeywell, Boeing, MD Helicopter Specifications


ABS METALLURGICAL PROCESSORS INC. 4313 EAST MAGNOLIA STREET, PHOENIX, AZ 602-437-3008 • ABSHeatTreat.com These vertical 5-axis machining centers can be customized with a diverse range of tailored options that provide automation and convenience features that make them ideal for unmanned machining. One example is an optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Workpiece Changer) for the DVF 5000, which gives you lights out machining capability. The AWC can be ordered in numerous pallet configurations: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 24. The DVF 6500 and DVF 8000 models also come with their own automation options. “The DVF Series is a perfect fit if you’re trying to minimize setups, run production parts overnight or switch over to prototype parts quickly,” said Jim Shiner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Doosan Machine Tools America. To see the DVF Series of compact 5-axis vertical machining centers or other innovative products from Doosan Machine Tools, visit them online at www.doosanmachinetools.com. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

19 • Nov / Dec


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PAS Technologies, a StandardAero Company, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for component processing in metal finishing, including: Nondestructive testing, shot / flap peening, grinding, special processing and paint. Chemical Processing

• Anodize Type I, II, III • Black Oxide • Brush Cadmium • Brush Nickel • Cadmium Plating • Chemfilm/Alodine • Chrome Plating • Copper Plating • Dry Film Lube • Electroless Nickel • LHE - Low Hydrogen Embrittlement • Manganese/Zinc Phosphate Plating • Olive Drab • Passivation • Prime/Painting • Silver Plating • Sulfamate Nickel • Thin Dense Chrome Plating • Zinc Nickel

Metal Finishing & Enhancements • Flap Peen • Glass Bead • Shot Peen Grinding • Centerless Grinding • CNC Grinding • Jig Grinding • Surface and Low Stress Grinding Non-Destructive Testing Services • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection • Magnetic Particle Inspection • Nital Etch

Certifications & Approvals • AS9100D, AS9110C w/ ISO9001:2015 • DDTC Registered • FAA / EASA Certified • NADCAP Accredited - Chemical Processing - Conventional Machining Surface / Low Stress Grinding - Non Destructive Testing - Surface Enhancement Shot Peen / Flap Peen • ROHS Compliant

CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE pnx_custsvc@standardaero.com pnx_quotes@standardaero.com 1021 N. 22nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009 +1.602.744.2600 www.standardaero.com/phoenix

Intel’s $7B Expansion In Chandler Operational, Making It The Chipmaker’s Largest U.s. Factory

saw… tremendous demand, and we got this operation up and running. And, now it is actually running our most leading-edge technology for our key products.”

Intel Corp.’s $7 billion expansion in Chandler is now operational, making the southeastValley semiconductor fabrication factory the chipmaker’s largest in the U.S.

Intel has a shortage of the products now being manufactured at Fab 42, he said. “It has been the last six to eight months that demand has gone through the roof,” Esfarjani said, adding that is partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company calls Fab 42, the fabrication facility that quietly opened earlier this year, the most advanced in the world and one that has been years in the making. Between its two campuses in Chandler, Intel now has close to 900,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Without being specific, he said the fab would be operating at full capacity “in a very short while.”

Intel hired 3,000 workers over the past 12 to 18 months to operate the fab, bringing the total number of employees at the plant to 12,000, said Keyvan Esfarjani, senior vice president and general manager of global manufacturing and operations at Intel. Fab 42 connects to Intel’s three other fabs at the Chandler plant, making the site the chipmaker’s first megafactory network. It uses the 10-nanometer manufacturing process to produce Intel’s latest generation of products, which power everything from microprocessors and data centers to vehicles and 5G networks. The exterior shell of Fab 42 was finished back in 2013, but completion of the project was delayed “to ensure Fab 42 came online when we expected sufficient demand,” the company said in a statement. “We always kept this one as a contingency space,” Esfarjani said. “As demand came in, we wanted to turn it back on, and lo and behold coming into, especially last year, we A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

20 • Nov / Dec 2020

The high-paying jobs created at the Chandler plant in recent years include process engineers, equipment technicians and facilities support engineers and technicians. Intel is now hiring for another 100 positions. Intel didn’t disclose the median salary of employees at its Chandler plant, but globally, the median salary for an Intel employee is $96,300.About 81% of Intel’s U.S. employees’ total direct compensation exceeds the median salary. Intel has invested more than $23 billion to build hightech manufacturing capacity in the Grand Canyon State since 1996. Intel’s annual economic impact in Arizona is approximately $8.3 billion, according to Arizona State University research. Intel’s first silicon wafers came off the production line at Continued Next Page

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whitleymachine.com t www.stp-az.com t 4801 S 35 St, Phoenix Arizona 85040 Tel 602-323-5550 t Fax 602-323-9950 tEmail Cliff@whitleymachine.com Fab 6 in Chandler in October 1980. Fab 6 originally produced microcontrollers on 4-inch Covid-19 Themannequin, fabrication isprocess The recent sledwafers test, conducted with apandemic. 103-pound the latest is performed in a clean room, which sign that the JPO can make good on its promise to finish the three designarefixes cleanerservices than a hospital room, according to by the November, allowing the military to lift restrictions on lightweight Esfarjani said Intel operates and continues to expand in Arizona because state is business the company. pilots flying the F-35. Last year, Defense News first reported that pilots under friendly and there is an “amazing pipeline of talent.” Plus, the state has the required infrastructure 136 pounds were barred from flying the fifth-generation aircraft after testers to support the manufacturing process including low-cost energy and water. letterdamage to customers on March 19, ejecting Intel discovered an increased riskInofaneck to lightweight pilots CEO Bob Swan said Intel factories around A skilled workforce is continuing to graduate from Arizona State University,from University of Arizona, the plane. The US Air Force has also acknowledged an “elevated level the world would continue to operate on Maricopa County Community College and other programs, he said. In of fact, this fall Maricopa risk” for pilots between 136 and 165 pounds. a relatively normal basis. He said teams County Community College District launched the first Intel-designed artificial intelligence continue manufacture, assemble, test and 6 associate degree program in the United States. The prototype helmet tested weighs to about 4.63 pounds, approximately supply chain operations in Oregon, New ounces lighter than the original Gen III helmet, and is designed to ease some When Fab 42 was completed in 2013, it was supposed to manufacture 14nm (nanometer) chips. Mexico, California and Arizona, as well as strain on smaller pilots’ necks during ejection. Instead, it had remained empty until the company decided what to do next. Israel, Ireland, China, Malaysia, Vietnam andtest other and helmet, partner locations Although the test was the first of Intel the new the JPO, around Lockheed In 2017, Intel announced its plans to resume construction and invest $7 billion to complete the the world. Martin and seat-maker Martin Baker have conducted at least seven other tests factory. At that time, the new fab was expected to use the advanced 7nm manufacturing process. with the latest version of the seat, which is equipped with two modifications But because of a series of delays, it is producing 10nm chips. “They working hard to sure a designed to reduce risk to pilots. Theare fixes to the ejection seatmake itself include The first test of a new, lightweight F-35 helmet was successful, customers continue to be successful while switch for lightweight according to thequarter program office,call, a promising sign that theinPentagon In its second earnings Intel revealed issues its manufacturing process for its 7nmpilots that will delay deployment of the main parachute, rate ofsewn on-time delivery “head support a fabric apanel between thecurrently parachute canchips. qualify implement all three fixes toback the jet’s escapeofsystem As and a result, the company is pushing the timing 7nm chips byand six amonths. Last year,panel,”sustaining greater than 90%,” he said. risers that will protect the pilot’s head from moving backward during the said 7nm chips could be out in 2021. bythe thecompany end of the year. parachute opening. Elsewhere, Intel is currently expanding Intel called the Fab 42Air construction project of the largest in the U.S. and points out that it Recently, at Holloman Force Base, Newone Mexico, Lockheed facilities in which Oregon, Thean program office has aboutmanufacturing another 10 tests planned, willIreland use a mix createdF-35 about 10,000 new from start finish. The site features ambitious water Martin’s conducted theArizona first testjobs combining all to three solutions and Israel and investing in new technology of of low-, middle- aand conservation effort. 12-acre waterinjury plant towill treatpilots 9.1 million wastewater day,high-weight mannequins. designed to reduce theA risk of neck F-35 during gallons in a New Mexico facility, according to the according to the company. ejection, according to spokesman Joe DellaVedova. Once the full company. Bythe Erin Edgemon “This initial test had promising results and F-35 enterprise– isManaging on a path to gamut of testing is completed, hopefully by the end of the summer, Additionally, Intel has said manufacturing operations have been minimally impacted by the Editor, Phoenix Business Journal qualify the helmet ... by the end of this summer,” DellaVedova told Defense the JPO can begin implementing the two modifications to the News. “The lighter helmet expected to be fielded by the end of the year is ejection seat and issuing the new Generation III “light” helmet to A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 21 • Nov / Dec 2020 in line with the seat timeframe as well.” the fleet, he said. A Z MANUFACTURING SW t 41 t.BZ+VOF

First F-35 Helmet TesttoAtheSuccess usingLight 1.0-micron technology, according company.



Albuquerque’s Casey DeRaad Advocates To Get Bring More Women Into STEM Occupations

DeRaad left AFRL in 2017. She now leads NewSpace New Mexico, an industry group that is trying to build and promote a cluster of space companies with a presence in New Mexico. The organization’s work includes fostering workforce development.

Years ago, while working at the Air Force Research Laboratory on Kirtland Air Force Base, Casey DeRaad found a problem that needed fixing.

As part of those efforts, DeRaad is trying to involve more women in a field dominated by men. She said she has consistently worked to get young people, particularly women and minorities, interested in STEM fields.Those efforts may steer some toward a career they would’ve not gotten into otherwise.

About 5% of participants in the AFRL Scholars internship program, which allows graduate and Ph.D STEM students to work on research-based projects, were either female or belonging to a minority group, according to DeRaad. To boost that number, DeRaad said she worked with AFRL to allow the internship program to accept students from the Ph.D level all the way down to high school juniors.To make up for a potential skills gap between those at different education levels, the program obtained additional funding to allow high-level students to train those with less experience. After making the change, minority and women participation in the Scholars program rose to about 30%, DeRaad said. Having a mentor can be helpful in navigating the professional world. DeRaad encourages young people to seek out guidance rather than wait for it to come to them. “Ask people [for] their stories so that you can get a vision of yourself,” DeRaad said. “You don’t have to wait for someone to mentor you.” 22 / Dec 2020 22••Nov Jan / Feb 2020


In 2017, less than one third of scientists and engineering employees in the U.S. were women, according to the National Science Foundation. DeRaad, who serves on boards for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce and Altura Preparatory School, has plenty of advice for young professionals. Maybe among the most important is understanding the mission of the organization, and in particular understanding the problems that leadership is trying to solve, DeRaad said.By Collin Krabbe – Technology reporter , Albuquerque Business First

NASA Names Partners To Advance Technologies For The Moon, Mars NASA has selected 14 American companies, including several small businesses, as partners to develop a range of technologies that will help forge a path to sustainable Artemis operations on the moon by the end of the decade.

Precision Die & Stamping, Inc. 1704 West 10Th St • Tempe, AZ 85281 Ph: 480-967-2038 • F: 480-829-0838 • www.PrecisionDie.com

Automotive • Semiconductor • Lockset Hardware • Power Tools • Lawn & Garden Equipment • Aerospace

Since 1964, Precision Die & Stamping has maintained a philosophy that expertly designed tooling and dedication to customer service are number one priorities. This type of expertise and dedication has fostered a reputation of excellence in the tooling and stamping industry. Located in Tempe, Arizona, our 100,000 Sq. Ft. Facility contains state of the art equipment , with production capabilities ranging from simple geometries to complex forms with intricate details. Precision enjoys a world-class reputation supplying a variety of OEMs, managing their inventory levels, and making certain product quality and timely delivery are NEVER compromised. U.S. industry submitted the proposals to NASA’s fifth competitiveTipping Po i n t s o l i c i t at i o n , and the selections h ave a n e x p e c t e d combined award value of more than $370 million. NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate will negotiate with the companies to issue milestone-based firm fixed-price contracts lasting for up to five years. The selections and approximate award values across the three solicitation topic areas of cryogenic fluid management, lunar surface, and closed-loop descent and landing capability demonstrations, are: · Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, $22.1 million · Astrobotic Technology, $5.8 million · Eta Space, $27 million · Intuitive Machines, $41.6 million · Lockheed Martin, $89.7 million · Masten Space Systems, $10 million, $2.8 million · Nokia of America Corp., $14.1 million · pH Matter, $3.4 million · Precision Combustion Inc., $2.4 million · Sierra Nevada Corp., $2.4 million · SpaceX, $53.2 million · SSL Robotics, $8.7 million

· Teledyne Energy Systems, $2.8 million · United Launch Alliance (ULA), $86.2 million Most of the funding will help mature cryogenic fluid management technologies via in-space demonstrations led by small business Eta Space, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, and ULA. Each approach is unique, ranging from small- to large-scale and short- to long-term tests. Future missions could use frozen water located at the moon’s poles to make propellant by separating the hydrogen and oxygen. The ability to store these super-cold liquids, whether they are launched from Earth or produced in space, for an extended period and transfer propellant from one tank to another, is crucial for establishing sustainable operations on the moon and enabling human missions to Mars. Ten of the selections will support the development and demonstration of technologies for the lunar surface in the areas of in-situ resource utilization, surface power generation, energy storage, and communications. Each company must contribute a minimum percent, based on its size, of the total project cost. Combining NASA resources with industry contributions shepherds the development of critical space technologies while also saving the agency, and American taxpayers, money. As part of its Artemis program, NASA plans to send the first woman and next man to the lunar surface in 2024 and establish a sustainable presence there by the end of the decade. The agency will use the moon to prepare for human exploration of Mars. Posted by Eric Brothers A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

23 • Nov / Dec


Small Uptick In Metal Formers’ Optimism, But Challenges Continue Metal forming companies predict a small improvement in business conditions during the next three months, according to the September 2020 Precision Metalforming Association Business Conditions Report. Prepared monthly, the report provides an economic indicator for manufacturing, sampling 109 metal forming companies in the U.S. and Canada. The report shows that 40% of metal forming companies predict an improvement in economic activity during the next three months (a slight increase from 38% in August), 49% expect no change (compared to 45% last month), and 11% anticipate a decline in activity (a decrease from 17% in August). The survey also revealed that metal formers experienced a slight uptick in current average daily shipping levels in September, with 59% reporting an increase in shipping levels compared to three months ago (up from 52% in August), 22% reporting no change (compared to 21% in August), and 19% reporting a decrease (down from 27% in August). The survey also showed little change in incoming orders, with 50% of participants predicting an increase in orders during the next three months (compared to 55% in August), 37% forecasting no change (an increase from 33% in August), and 13% reporting a decrease (compared to 12% in August). A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

24 • Nov / Dec 2020

Only 23% of responding metal forming companies had a portion of their workforce on short time or layoff in September, a decrease from 37% in August. Source: The Fabricator

Daimler, Robotics Partner Test Self-Driving Big Rigs In New Mexico A pair of out-of-state companies have partnered to bring self-driving tractor-trailers to New Mexico roads. Portland-based Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics out of Virginia have been working together for the past year to bring self-driving technology to the world of freight trucking. Torc, which Daimler owns a majority of and is part of its Autonomous Technology Group, have already rolled out their self-driving tractortrailers on New Mexico roads, Torc Robotics CEO Michael Fleming said. The company says the self-driving technology is meant to be used on highways. Testing can take place on a closed course or the open road, said Suman Narayanan, a director of engineering at Daimler Trucks North America. While the tractor-trailers are designed to be autonomous, each test conducted will have a driver and a safety engineer who can take control of the vehicle if the software does not work properly. “We have been in this business for 15 years, and hub-to-hub trucking is

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Infinite positioning and synchronized 5-axis motion provide measurement access at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our newest solution—the RFP fringe probe—expands our family of multi-

sensors further. It adds non-contact structured light inspection to our revolutionary 5-axis measuring system that already includes tactile scanning, touch-trigger, surface finish and vision probe solutions.

www.renishaw.com/revo Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL


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Revo Half Page Final.indd 1 theCMM best business case” for autonomous driving technology, Fleming said.

Daimler is investing more than $570 million for the development of the self-driving platform, Daimler spokeswoman Anja Weinert wrote in an email to Business First. Once commercialized, the company plans to utilize a model where drivers will drive the trucks a short distance to a hub near the highway, which is where the self-driving technology will start to be used. Once off the highway, the vehicle will go to another hub where a new driver will take it to its destination. The southwest in particular presents a good opportunity because there is a sizable amount of cargo transport that occurs in the region, mild weather conditions, relatively low traffic density and an abundance of straight roads, Fleming added.

2:04:17 PM Daimler hopes to have its self-driving trucks ready to4/6/2020 complete basic, small-scale operations by the end of the decade, Narayanan said.

Though some expect autonomous driving technology to phase out semi drivers, Daimler claims drivers will still be needed once its self-driving platform is commercialized. Due to the demand for freight hauling being larger than the current pool of qualified drivers, self-driving trucks will help fill a need in the market, Narayanan said. Drivers will also be able to work in one location as opposed to driving across the country under Daimler’s proposed model, meaning they will be able to return home after a day of work, Narayanan said. Daimler’s pursuit of autonomous trucking is driven by safety, according to the company.

As part of the partnership, Torc plans to set up a testing facility in the Albuquerque area. The company signed a lease for a site that includes a building last month, Weinert wrote. She declined to disclose the square footage or exact location of the site, instead saying it is near the Albuquerque International Sunport.

More than 4,100 people died in 2018 in connection with big rig crashes in the U.S., according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analysis of U.S. Department of Transportation data. The number of tractor-trailer crash fatalities that year was 31% higher than in 2009, according to the analysis.

Weinert also declined to disclose how many positions will be hired for. However, Torc operates a “small test crew” in New Mexico, and is actively hiring for “many positions” in the area, she wrote. Open positions include test engineer, safety conductor, safety driver trainer, site operation and office management personnel.

Daimler says it is taking no shortcuts in the development of its selfdriving technology. “This is something we take very, very seriously,” Narayanan said. “We don’t want to cut any corners.” By Collin Krabbe A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

25 • Nov / Dec


Arizona Applied Engineering

Plastic Injection Molding company and more!

Experience the difference that Arizona Applied Engineering’s commitment to quality will make to your company, with our advanced mold design techniques, equipment and the latest in computer technology.

AAE stands for integrity and quality with over 45 years of business excellence.

From design through delivery, AAE’s experienced team ensures you of maximized profits by taking care of the details and becoming your long-term manufacturing partner. Call today to learn more about all we can do for you! AAE @ 928-772-9887 - TJ or Nick Fisher

Quality Without Compromise Department of Defense (DoD) Awards

Applied Ad_08.20.19.indd 1

Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Tucson, Arizona, has been awarded a $239,113,565 definitization modification (PZ0001) to contract FA8672-20-C-0005 for StormBreaker (SDBII, GBU-53/B) production Lot 6. Work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona, and is expected to be completed Nov. 28, 2023. The current action relates to classified Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and 6.3% of contract value supports FMS. Fiscal 2020 production funding in the amount of $265,281,689 is being obligated at the time of award. Total cumulative face value of the contract is $271,894,434. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is the contracting activity.

2781 N. Valley View Drive Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 www.arizonaapplied.com

AM with each order, with an estimated completion date8/20/2019 of July10:41:52 31, 2021. The U.S.Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal,Alabama, is the contracting activity (W58RGZ-20-D-0098).

TRAX International Corp., LasVegas, Nevada, was awarded a $90,045,872 modification (P00048) to contractW9124R-18-C-0001 for non-personal test support services atYuma Proving Ground,Arizona. Bids were solicited via the internet with four received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 30, 2021. The 418th Contracting Support Brigade,Yuma, Arizona, is the contracting activity (W9124R-18-C-0001).

Boeing Co., Mesa, Arizona, has been awarded a $30,322,385 firm fixedprice, one-time buy contract in support of the AH-64 Apache weapon system. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(2), as stated in Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.3021. This is a five-year contract with no option periods. Location of performance is Arizona, with a Sept. 30, 2025, performance completion date. Using military service is Army. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2020 Army working capital funds. The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama (SPRRA1-20-C-0022).

Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Tucson, Arizona, is being awarded $10,148,177 for modification (P00088) to previously awarded sole-source, cost-plus-incentive-fee Standard Missile-3 Block IIA contract HQ027615-C-0003. This modification provides for additional quality and mission assurance engineering support. The work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona, with start date of October 2020, and an expected completion date of September 2021. Fiscal 2020 procurement, (defense wide) funds in the amount of $9,244,329 will be obligated at time of award. This modification increases the total cumulative face value of the contract by from $2,530,694,883 to $2,540,843,060. The Missile Defense Agency, Dahlgren, Virginia, is the contracting activity (HQ0276-15-C-0003).

Honeywell International Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, was awarded a $258,664,388 firm-fixed-price for overhaul/repair of T55-GA-714A engines for the CH-47 Chinook. Bids were solicited via the internet with two received. Work locations and funding will be determined

A-Tech Corp., doing business as AppliedTechnology Assoc.,* Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been awarded a $12,482,961 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for software technologies. This contract provides for the advance of technologies developed in previous Phase I and II Small


26 • Nov / Dec 2020






(602) 438-4291


Business Innovation Research contracts, and will increase the capabilities of space situational awareness, battle management command and control and defensive counter space. Work will be performed in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, and is expected to be complete by September 2025. The Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, is the contracting activity (FA9453-20-C-0021).

The Boeing Co., Mesa, Arizona, was awarded a $12,539,230 costplus-fixed-fee contract to develop the technologies required to design, build and test a high-reduction ratio transmission that accomplishes a nominal 60-to-1 gear reduction in two stages or less, in a lightweight, compact package. Work will be performed in Mesa, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 29, 2025. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity.

Honeywell International, Tempe, Arizona, has been awarded a $66,988,773 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for M1 Abrams tank parts. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1), as stated in Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-1. This is a five-year contract with no option periods. Locations of performance are Arizona, California and Florida, with a Sept. 29, 2025, delivery completion date. Using military service is Army. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2020 through 2025 Army working capital funds. .

Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Tucson, Arizona, is awarded a $45,260,184 firm-fixed-price modification to previously awarded contract N00024-18-C-5407 for procurement of fiscal 2020 Navy Standard Missile-2 and Standard Missile-6 depot and intermediate level provisioned items ordered spares. Work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona (41%); and miscellaneous locations - each less than 1% (5%), and is expected to be completed by March 2023. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity

Honeywell, Phoenix, Arizona, was awarded a $26,224,706 hybrid (costplus-fixed-fee, firm-fixed-price) contract for program management, field service support, production support and systems technical support for the Automotive Gas Turbine Engine 1500 Engine. Work will be performed in Phoenix, Arizona; and Anniston, Alabama, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 30, 2021. Fiscal 2020 weapons and tracked combat vehicle procurement (Army) funds; and 2020 Army working capital funds in the amount of $26,224,706 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Detroit Arsenal, Michigan, is the contracting activity.

Sierra Nevada Corp., Sparks, Nevada, is awarded a $22,000,000 firm-fixed-price modification to previously awarded indefinitedelivery/indefinite-quantity contract M67854-14-D-2521. The total cumulative face value of the contract is $112,000,000. The contract modification is for research and development of ECPs to develop embedded network communication and improve graphic user interface for the existing Marine Corps Modi Family of Systems, which includes the Modi, Modi II and Mounted Vehicle Power Amplifier II systems and ancillaries. Work will be performed in Folsom, California (75%); and Sierra, Nevada (25%), and is expected to be completed by Feb. 26, 2024. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

27 • Nov / Dec


65,000 sq. ft. corrective leveling (in-house coil processing) precision sheet sales press brake forming shear processing laser cutting plasma cutting turret punching

NXP has had GaN products in the market for the last six years, but the market is quickly accelerating due to the proliferation of 5G-capable phones, Hart said. GaN provides better efficiency and perfor mance overall as the number of cellphone frequencies has proliferated, he said. The technology is helping to reduce the size and power consumption of base stations, more commonly known as cell towers. GaN production will begin next month in Chandler, he said. By the end of the year, the fabrication will be at full scale for the company’s initial phase. “We continue to expand over the course of 2021, and by the end of next year our vision is that this site is capable of sourcing up to half of the total global market for GaN if our market share continues to expand the way we modeled,” Hart said.


50 S. 43rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85009

$100M Expansion At NXP Semiconductor In Chandler Now Operational A $100 million expansion at NXP Semiconductor’s facility in Chandler to manufacture 5G cellphone network transistors and RF power amplifiers is now operational. Some 100 employees were hired to work on gallium nitride (GaN) fabrication — a more power-efficient alternative to silicon — that produces 6-inch wafer size transistors and RF power amplifiers that can be installed into cellular towers to expand 5G networks, according to the company. About 250 employers work on GaN in manufacturing and research and development adjacent to the silicon fabrication facility in Chandler. Netherlands-based NXP Semiconductors N is calling the new production line the most advanced one dedicated to 5G transistors and RF power amplifiers in the United States. NXP made the decision about three years ago to bring the production of GaN in-house and build it in Chandler next door to the research and development teams, said Paul Hart, executive vice president and general manager of Business Line Radio Power for NXP Semiconductors. “(Chandler) is where the talent was within the company for compound semiconductor manufacturing and had access to a large engineering work pool in the Phoenix area,” he said. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

28 • Nov / Dec 2020

More employees will be hired as the production ramps up, he said, but he was unable to provide a specific estimate. NXP currently has at least 16 open positions for a variety of engineers at its Chandler facility, according its website. At its Chandler wafer fabrication facility, NXP Semiconductor employs about 1,500 in manufactur ing, research and development, marketing and other business operations. More than half of the employees are working from home during the pandemic. Only the manufacturing employees are working on-site. The Valley has one of the largest semiconductor hubs in the U.S. Intel Corp has a campus in Chandler and is preparing to open its $7 billion expansion there. On Semiconductor is based in Phoenix while Microchip Technology Inc. is based in Chandler. By Erin Edgemon – Managing Editor, Phoenix Business Journal

Lucid Motors Prices Its Cheapest EVPrompting Elon Musk Taunts And Tesla Price Cuts

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Lucid Motors Inc. started taking reser vations in October for the lowest priced version of its upcoming line of luxury electric vehicles. Tesla Inc. quickly responded with a price cut for its Model S and Elon Musk tweeted a taunt at the Newark company that’s led by the engineer who designed it. Lucid said the base model of the Lucid Air will cost $77,400 — or $69,900 after applying the U.S. federal tax credit. But it won’t be delivered until 2022. The vehicle will be manufactured south of Phoenix in a plant being built in Casa Grande.

Call your local office: COLORADO NEW MEXICO E. WYOMING salesdenver@mmtproductivity.com 303-571-4933 UTAH MONTANA W. WYOMING IDAHO salesslc@mmtproductivity.com 801-886-2221 NOTE: Availability varies by location.

CNC Turning Centers Swiss Machining EDM Manual Machines & Tool Room Equipment High Production CNC Turning & Milling 3D Printing/Additive Mfg Laser Marking Metrology Grinding Rotary Equipment Saws Used Machines R


Musk announced a $3,000 price cut for the Model S to $71,900, the day before Lucid base price Announcements 8 disclosure. Then he Continued tweetedPage that it would go even lower after Lucid revealed its plan. “The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled. Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight!” Musk tweeted on Wednesday. Despite the inevitable comparisons with Teslas, Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson insists that he is aiming for the luxury class of such vehicles as the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz. “People ask me, how can you compete with Tesla?” Rawlinson told the Business Journal last

ROBO F le x


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month. “Well, of course we can compete. We created it. People say we can’t do better. Of course we can. We can certainly do better than what we did 10 years ago.” Lucid is taking a page out of Tesla’s book by rolling out its early more expensive models to help generate cash flow. The two more expensive versions of the Air are expected next year. The Air Dream Edition will be first at $169,000, followed by the Air Grand Touring for $139,000. The company said buyers willing to wait until 2022 can reserve the base model with a $300 deposit. That’s considerably cheaper than the $1,000 deposits the company talked about when it unveiled the cars last month. The entry level model of the Air will have less horsepower and less range than the higher-priced versions. It will run at 480 horsepower instead of the 1,000 horsepower of the Dream Edition. The range of the base edition will be an EPA projected 406 miles, compared to 517 on the top model. By Cromwell Schubarth – TechFlash Editor, Silicon Valley Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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THE CNC PROS PLEDGE Any new machine tool investment made with CNC PROS that requires a service call will have a qualified technician onsite within 24-hours of the first request. If CNC PROS misses the first 24-hour window, the customer will receive a $500.00 service credit for every 24-hour window missed.

CNC PROS will also assist our partners to utilize 100% of their machine tool investment technologies as well as provide lifetime training.

Includes Phoenix area. Certain rules and conditions apply. Contact CNC PROS for additional information. 30Metro • Nov / Dec 2020


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Honeywell Acquires Ballard Unmanned Systems To Grow Unmanned Aerial Systems Business Honeywell International Inc. has acquired assets from privately held Ballard Unmanned Systems as it grows its unmanned aerial systems business. Ballard Unmanned Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southborough, Mass.-based Ballard Power Systems Inc., designs and produces stored-hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems that power unmanned aerial systems such as those used for energy inspection, cargo delivery, and other commercial and defense applications. “Adding Ballard Unmanned Systems to the Honeywell family is another example of our commitment to invest in the growing UAS segment,” Mike Madsen, president and CEO at Honeywell Aerospace, which is based in Phoenix, said in a news release. “We can now begin producing top-quality, scalable power systems for our UAS customers and eventually adapt these systems for other future aerospace, defense and adjacent segment applications.” According to the release, fuel cells “function much like traditional batteries but with a key difference:They don’t run out of power or need to be recharged.” Ballard Unmanned Systems’ fuel cell power systems can run up to three times longer than batteries, the release noted. What’s more, UAS powered by fuel cells “can fly longer distances, are A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

32 • Nov / Dec 2020

Product Manufacturing and Assembly Mobile Fabrication & Welding

quiet and have zero greenhouse gas emissions.” As part of the deal, Honeywell will own intellectual property, inventory and equipment. The fuel-cell team will also join the company as part of the acquisition. Honeywell intends to introduce a family of fuel cell power systems for various UAS vehicles. Honeywell is also collaborating with Ballard Power Systems on broader aviation applications. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, and there is no change to Honeywell’s third-quarter 2020 outlook due to the acquisition. Honeywell announced earlier this year the launch of its new division dedicated to drone systems and urban air mobility.The unit, based in Phoenix along with Honeywell Aerospace, will use the company’s software, services, engineering, sales and certification expertise and will integrate other Honeywell products and services into its mission. Honeywell International Inc., with $37 billion in annual revenue, relocated its headquarters to Charlotte from New Jersey in 2019. — This story is from the North Carolina Business News Wire, a service of UNC-Chapel Hill

Grant Retrains Nevadans For Manufacturing Jobs Even if we have been blessed with good health, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, learn and work. As we have adjusted to the “new normal,” employees have gone back to work and students returned to school. But for thousands of Nevadans, the pandemic has left them without a job to which to return. Through a new program, Nevadans who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be retrained at no cost to work in high-demand manufacturing careers with a federal grant from Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Now open in Phoenix! Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides industrial metrology systems for when dimensional measurement matters. With our new location at 3350 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ we are committed to helping you make it smarter and measure faster with Hexagon technologies. We understand the speed and accuracy needed in today’s manufacturing process. Our sales support specialists are standing by, ready to help you take the next steps towards enhanced productivity.

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The Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express Online Certification Prep is offered through Western Nevada College, in a new partnership with Empower America; Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno; and Nevada Industry Excellence. The Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express online program will retrain people for a high-demand position with manufacturing companies throughout Nevada. Students will gain foundational knowledge of the fundamental skills needed in advanced manufacturing, including math and measurement, quality and Lean concepts, and an introduction to manufacturing processes. Problem-solving strategies will be developed while learning about simple machines and industrial systems through practice with computer and web-based tools. In the second half of the training, students may have the opportunity to interview for hundreds of jobs with companies throughout Nevada that have job openings, including Panasonic Energy of North America and Sierra Nevada Corporation. These aren’t your grandfather’s m a n u f a c t u r i n g j o b s . To d ay ’s manufacturing is cool, clean and advanced, with opportunities for growth, competitive pay and benefits. Program

NA19000-11 A2Z Manufacturing_Phoenix_Half Page_5.indd 1

12/5/19in12:01 PM participants will learn high-tech skills robotics, automation, intelligent mobility and computer interfaces. Job opportunities are in industries such as automotive, aerospace, mining and health care.

Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Express Online Certification Prep includes two self-paced, online college courses offered through the Automation and Industrial Technology Center at Western Nevada College. Students successfully completing the coursework will have the opportunity to earn their nationally recognized Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certification though three industry certification exams. The first course, AIT 101: Fundamentals of Applied Industrial Technology, is offered Oct. 12-Dec. 18, 2020. The second course,AIT-200:Applied IndustrialTechnology Projects, is offered Oct. 26-Dec. 18.The program requires basic computer skills and computer access with high-speed internet. To be eligible for free training, you must be a Nevada resident with a high school diploma or equivalency.In Northern Nevada, to learn more about the MT1 program and the steps required to qualify for the retraining grant, contact Aubrey Nelson at the Community Services Agency, 775-786-6023 or anelson@csareno.org. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Custom Automation IS Built-In Social Distancing David Autor, economics professor at MIT, has called the COVID-19 crisis an “automation forcing event” that will fundamentally transform the economy.

The Robotics & Automation Experts “Today automation is a necessity to

stay competitive, and it’s getting more developed and complex with every passing day. Available choices range from simple fixturing to complex integrated factory automation. As the number of options increase, it’s important to have a partner who understands and adapts. Capex mistakes can be costly, and so we help design the most optimum and robust process solutions to meet specific market demands.” Delta Technology As an owner or leader in your manufacturing entity, intuitively you know that you must adopt automation to your business in order to survive long term. So, what is preventing you from taking this crucial step? There are a number of misconceptions about automation including: It’s too expensive —You might think that you can’t afford to move forward and do this, but in many cases, the reality is that you can’t afford not to do it. Calculating your ROI is the first step. One must look at the total cost of ownership when evaluating an automation solution. Effectively automating your manufacturing process will invariably increase output while reducing costs, mainly in direct labor and overhead. Including these savings in your calculations likely will improve the ROI. Direct labor is often your largest cost. It can account for up to 75 percent of the total life cycle cost of a piece of non-automated capital equipment. Automation is a way to keep labor costs down, with the added benefit of freeing your most valuable asset — your employees — to apply themselves in more efficient and productive ways. The bold leader in your industry who acts now will have the competitive edge moving forward. Don’t be left behind in the automation revolution. I’m a job shop, with low volume, high mix production — Many believe that only high part volumes justify automation. Not so. The reality is that sucMany believe that only high part volumes justify automation. Not so. The reality is that successful and flexible automation improves productivity, which results in higher throughput. And to close the circle, improved productivity can open up new capacity that can be filled with new work, thereby increasing volume, spindle-time, and profitability. Furthermore, numerous changeovers shouldn’t be a reason not to apply automation. Frequent changeovers fuel the need for rapid setups and simplified machine operations, two key benefits that may be realized with a well-designed and flexible automated system. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

34 • Nov / Dec 2020

We don’t want to lose our best employees — More often than not, using an automated system will allow your best employees to apply their skills and talents in areas that are more beneficial to the company. Let automation technology address the routine, repetitive, physically challenging tasks in your plant, and use the highly skilled workers in much more efficient and productive ways. The simple task of moving parts from point A to point B is a perfect example for automation. A physically-demanding task such as this can be done easily with robot or pick-and-place automation, thereby reducing potential employee injury and associated workers comp claims. Automated equipment is too difficult to maintain —Implementing a well-thought-out automated system, one that has a modern control package design, should simplify your maintenance efforts. Whether you are buying an entirely new automated production system or upgrading or retrofitting existing machinery, a modern control package’s features (such as full-color screens, 3-D graphics, and PC-based controls), all help to enable user friendly online training for setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. Intuitive, graphic-laden prompts and images allow operators and maintenance personnel to be more productive than ever before. Proudly introducing Delta Technology. President and CEO Lyle Rusanowski acquired the company, in business since 1997, in 2014. Today, the business has a customer base that spans the world, and has completed nearly 2000 customer projects. It has grown its revenue more than 7-fold under Lyle’s leadership and vision through superior performance

to its customers. Delta Technology’s projects have supported a number of industries in automation, including: Automotive, Semiconductor, Consumer Goods, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and Aerospace. Its management team is comprised of executives who bring years of expertise from automation and packaging companies; and Engineering Fellow Leon Krzmarzick is a leading expert in vision inspection systems, a key ingredient in modern automation. Lyle says, “Over the years, as we’ve interacted with potential clients, we would hear one or more of the objections listed above.” He continued, “People want to adopt automation into their business and they know it is fast becoming a ‘must do’.What we’ve done at Delta Technology to overcome common objections, particularly with respect to the cost perception, is create a business model that enables every manufacturing business, regardless of how small or how large it is, to implement automation. We refer to it as the ‘Delta Technology Platform’.” Today, Delta Technology is segmented into 6 distinct business units: 1) Custom Automation – Delta Technology offers custom automation and consulting services to our clients. Gary O’Dell, Director of Application Engineering, says, “Custom automation is our core business. Through this division, we help our customers develop solutions that are unique to their business.” “We are technology agnostic”, Larry Miller, Director of Engineering, adds, “As an example, there are 10+ leading robotic manufacturers in the market. Manufacturing entities are hard pressed to determine which solution is optimal for their business, and when they bring in sales people from each of these entities, by the nature of the sales person’s role, they cannot receive unbiased recommendations.” He continued, “When they engage with Delta, we analyze their business to determine the best robotic solution for them. There are times when a customer contacts us to help them with a robotics solution, and once we’ve evaluated their manufacturing line, we determine that their application isn’t well suited for a robot – there are other automation tools that would be more beneficial to them. Key to our philosophy is that we customize the automation equipment to our customers’ processes – we don’t change your business; we make your business better.” 2) Delta 4P Consulting – The team saw a need in small to medium-

sized companies that don’t have the resources to have their own automation group. Matt Lanfrankie, Director of Sales says, “Our Delta 4P Consulting program is designed to help those new to automation develop a long-term plan to implement automation into their process. Delta would act as their outsourced CAO, or Chief Automation Officer. This is a truly collaborative effort, a partnership between Delta and our valued clients.” 3) Delta-Semi – located in Hermosillo, México. Lyle - “Even within our Custom Automation division, we recognized the need to segment this into entry level automation versus high level, highly integrated automation.To this end, we have our division in Tempe, Arizona that manages the complex, highly integrated custom automation solutions, and our Delta Semi division is highly capable of supporting entry level custom automation for our customers.” Matt says, “When you think automation, you don’t have to think ‘costly’. Delta is well-positioned to provide automated solutions both complex and simple, from long-term ROI to quick payback… we help your business exactly where you are today.” 4) Machining Solutions – Low volume, high precision machine shop located in Gilbert, AZ that supplies Delta Technology with many of our one-off custom parts for automation projects as well as offering this same high-quality service to other clients. 5) Delta Products – The company has leveraged the knowledge gained from their consulting and custom automation activities to develop standard products for specific applications, therefore adding value to the Custom Automation business. One such example is their Packaging Products Group. This group focuses on pouching, bagging, stretch wrapping, palletizing, case packing, biodegradable packaging, tray formers, as well as many more areas. Paul Soucek, Packaging Systems Sales Engineer says, “Between Matt and I we have nearly 60 years of packaging equipment and materials experience. As a company we made the decision that the more services, solutions, and expertise we can provide to our clients, the better long- term partner we can be for them.” Paul added, “We also designed and launched a comprehensive builtContinued Next Page A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

35 • Nov / Dec


focus your attention on the areas that you can control—your practices and your processes… both of which can be enhanced with automation.” And if you are asking yourselves, where do we begin? Larry Miller says, “When considering the move toward an automated production floor, think incrementally—tackle small, manageable projects at first. There are several good reasons for this, but the bottom line is that you (and your Delta Technology team) want your first venture into automation to be successful. A small project is easier to manage, control, and document than a large project. Also, communicating the benefits of implementing a small project is likely to be easier than doing so for a huge project.” it-your self mac hine tending website. This allows clients unfamiliar with automation to put together their ideal system at their own pace, and immediately see what the estimated cost would be. We’ve seen a huge shift in demand for machine tending applications and users have found that it’s not as expensive or intimidating as they first thought. And they have the entire team at Delta to guide them in their journey to automation.” 6) Contract Manufacturing – Either as an interim or as a long-term solution, Delta Technology offers Contract Manufacturing services to all of our clients. If you are having floor space issues or staffing challenges, Delta will work with you to come up with a solution that solves the problem. Lyle says, “Whether it is a running a custom piece of equipment we build, or putting in a complete packaging line, Delta is open to a program that benefits all parties.” Matt added, “Technology is continuing to drive down the cost of automation, and today virtually any small manufacturing business can take advantage of it. A recent study from The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) reported the cost of automation has dropped considerably and continues to decrease enabling much more widespread adoption. At Delta Technology, our job is to help take the mystery out of automation, keeping it simple for our customers. For those just beginning the process of automation, we help them to ‘dip their toe’ into it without risking their short-term profitability.” He continues, “If you are concerned about displacing your employees, remember that automation isn’t about replacing employees (this is a misnomer), it is about freeing them up from repetitive work and redeploying them to more value-added assignments. And when you find yourself once again advertising for skilled workers that aren’t available, you will be thankful that you implemented an automation strategy that relies upon technology, not workers, for applicable areas of your business. “If you are still telling yourself, ‘We don’t have time to implement automation’. Keep in mind that you can’t control your competitors’ manufacturing practices, so your only recourse is to A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

36 • Nov / Dec 2020

Lyle says, “If you think automation is out of reach for your company, at the very least, give us a call. We’ll let you know how we can help your company automate to remain viable and profitable into the next decade.” He adds, “This pandemic has made it a challenge for workers in a manufacturing environment to practice social distancing and therefore to feel safe. Automation enables many tasks to be handled with less operator intervention and can add in essence, new automated workers who cannot contract or transmit the COVID-19 virus. Matt adds, “Custom automation is built in social distancing.” Large or small, simple or complex... whether your manufacturing needs require simple fixturing and tooling, or fully automatic production lines, Delta Technology can provide exactly what you need. Delta Technology can help take your new product idea from concept stage… to a 3-D solid-model… to a working prototype… to pilot production… right on through to high quality manufacturing. They have provided equipment solutions and services to companies with a single employee, and to multi-national Fortune 500 corporations. To learn more about Delta Technology and find out how they can help your business, visit their website at www.deltatech1.com. You may also reach out to them directly by calling 800-5863272 or emailing info@deltatech1.com

To learn more about DeltaTechnology, visit their website at deltatech1. com. You may reach them directly by calling 800-586-3272 or emailing info@deltatech1.com


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The Hurco Control has the flexibility you need for the high mix of parts that comes through your shop. Equally powerful for NC and Conversational Programming (with the added bonus of NC/Conversational Merge), the Hurco Control reduces setup time so you can make more chips.

Go from “solid to part” seamlessly. Eliminate extra steps.

Whether you’re a baby boomer, a millennial, or a Gen X-er, time is money. Even though Bob (left) and Charley (right) are from different generations, they are both machinists who appreciate thetool importance of CNC technology that’s designed to make shops more » Integrated CAD/CAM and path simulation Hurco’s 3D Import feature includes 3D productive and more profitable. Check out their » No need to enter feature dimensions – simply click and cut video series. DXF technology that now displays all CAD » Transform Planes created automatically for easy 5-sided geometry, including splines and Z-depths. conversational programming no data entry required

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A Well-Trained Workforce Is Manufacturing’s Future For many people, the future of work seems scary.The coronavirus has exposed the vulnerabilities of our modern economy, forcing thousands of businesses to shutter and putting millions of Americans and people around the world at financial risk. As businesses adapt, they are finding new ways of working, including accelerating automation. It leads you to ask – where will the jobs come from? The truth is that there are plenty of jobs. Industry has been adapting and embracing automation for generations – the power loom is an early example – and studies have shown that these efforts can actually create more jobs. A 2019 European economic study found that companies that did not invest in robotics between 1990 and 1998 reduced jobs by 20% between 1998 and 2016, whereas those that did invest from ’90-‘98 created 50% more jobs during the same time period. So, the real question is, “How will we prepare people for the jobs of the future?” The way we train people today is not suited for these new jobs.We need to rethink how we prepare people for the workforce. The manufacturing sector has been dealing with this challenge for a long time, and we’ve built a skilling approach that can shine a path for all industries. First, Businesses Need to Invest Properly in Re-skilling New technologies are transforming dull and repetitive jobs into those requiring analytic and problem-solving skills. Manufacturing is on the front lines of this change – electricians are becoming digital electricians, material handlers are becoming robotically enabled, and assembly line workers are becoming robotics programmers. To train people for these new roles, we need to invest more in re-skilling programs, which many companies are doing, but not well enough. For example, Deloitte reports that only 17% of companies have made “meaningful investments” in reskilling initiatives related to AI, one of the technologies shaping the future of work.We need A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

38 • Nov / Dec 2020

to go beyond providing access to digital learning resources and invest in programs that provide hands-on experience. Stanley Black & Decker has partnered with companies like Ready Robotics and Tulip to automate repetitive tasks at several of our plants, creating programs to re-skill all of our workers who were previously doing that work.These employees now work side-by-side with collaborative robots, becoming programmers supervising their robots and being freed up to spend more time finding ways to increase productivity. Second, We Need to Move Away from a Singular Focus on Four-Year Education The value of a four-year education as a one-sizefits-all solution is more in question now than ever before. Why would we encourage our young students to take on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when there are high-paying careers waiting for them in skilled trades, IT and more? Part of the reason is the lack of viable educational pathways. As businesses, we can create more opportunities through initiatives like apprenticeship programs, so successful in countries like industrialized Germany, where high school students get hands-on experience and build bridges

to opportunities in these industries as they shape their future. Specifically, we need more efforts like the Business Roundtable’s “Multiple Pathways” initiative, which is designed to increase the percentage of underrepresented populations in the workforce, providing economic opportunities and a pathway to long-term professional growth for working adults and students without two- and four-year degrees and from underrepresented populations.

A full service grind shop with an ever expanding list of services and a staff with decades of experience.

In that same spirit, Stanley Black & Decker launched a new Vocational Leadership Program that offers employees the chance to learn the ins-and-outs of manufacturing over a 12-month period, requiring only a high school diploma or GED to participate. Third, the Private Sector Needs to Do More to Sell Certain Jobs Effectively

Centerless Grinding

OD Grinding

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Flat Grinding

Many of the jobs of the future will be in industries like manufacturing, construction, heavy industry and other skilled trades that are often stigmatized – thought of as having limited career potential. During my time as chief scientist of the U.S. Air Force, I learned that mission provides purpose, inspiring people to pursue their path with passion.We need to sell the mission and value of these critical jobs of the future so that young people understand that skilled professions are not like they imagined. They are meaningful, well-paying jobs that are essential to unlocking human progress. Marketing and advertising has the power to inspire new generations, and it is incumbent on the private sector to shine a new light on these careers. That’s why our company also launched an annual Maker Month each October, which celebrates these skilled trades and engages students across K-12 on the importance of STEAM careers. These efforts can also help educate parents and educators guide younger generations toward exciting manufacturing careers. Finally,We Need to Drive the Right Behaviors through Tax Incentives and Grant Programs Supercharging our skilling ecosystem will also require policies that spur the investments we need to succeed. We need more grant programs encouraging students to enter skilled trade educational pathways, including

Profile, Double Disk and Lapping Also Available. Industries we service: Aerospace • Medical Energy • Automotive Defense • Contract Manufacturers

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technical and community colleges. Even though vocational training is often less expensive than a traditional four-year education, it can still be expensive. We need to make it more affordable so that anyone – regardless of his or her socioeconomic status – can build a career. We also need tax credits to encourage corporations to invest in more research and development. Innovation will help create new types of jobs, providing even more opportunity for people to be successful in new ways. The future of work presents immense opportunity, and with the pandemic continuing to threaten our economy, business leaders have a responsibility to chart a path forward for the workforce. We must bring together a wide range of stakeholders at the global and local levels to build united, integrated plans that solve for this skills gap challenge.We call on other companies in the private sector to join us in seizing the opportunity and building a better future together. Alone we can go fast, but together we can go far. By: Mark Maybury, Ph.D., CTO Stanley Black & Decker A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

39 • Nov / Dec 2020

We specialize in: • Custom Metal Stamping • Precision Sheet Metal • Laser Cutting • Press Brake Forming • Deep Draw Stamping • Mig & Tig Welding • CNC Machining • Wire EDM • Tube Bending • 5 Axis Laser Cutting • Wire Forming • Spot welding • Mechanical Assembly • Engineering Assistance MORE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE


companies have the advantage of agility. When they can reinforce their capacity for speed and adaptation by tapping the resources of partnerships, everyone can potentially win: students, entrepreneurs, researchers and customers/consumers/end users. Successful business clusters in places like Boston, SiliconValley and Austin,Texas, all have entrepreneurial-focused universities nearby. At many universities, resident entrepreneurs provide an invaluable learning lab for students planning start-ups as well as those who will apply their creative thinking and business savvy to “skunk works” at aviation and aerospace giants. A co-located research park can be a proving ground for possibilities, allowing the next wave of leaders to gain experience beyond solving technical challenges—learning to maneuver the demands of financing, managing intellectual property, reviews and approvals, marketing and establishing a supply chain. One such innovator, VerdeGo Aero, recently moved to build market share and increase name recognition in a rapidly emerging aviation sector. Company CEO Eric Bartsch and Executive Chairman Erik Lindbergh teamed up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to develop and commercialize patent-pending technology designed to mitigate electric aircraft noise.

Locations in AZ, NC, TX, FL, WI, MN Arizona Facility: 1310 N. Hobson Street Gilbert, AZ 85233 (480) 892-7800 Email: wricoazjb@wrico-net.com

Opinion: Economic Downturn Opens Doors For Entrepreneurs A silver lining glints on the horizon for the aviation industry. In the commercial lull of the pandemic, investors and entrepreneurs are fixing their eyes on the future to seize opportunities to push aerospace technology forward.As industry leaders have pointed out in AviationWeek panels, defense and commercial space innovators are still hiring, and air mobility enterprises have attracted private equity investors. We also see smaller companies aggressively hiring to establish themselves as midtier providers. In addition to producing the workforce of tomorrow, a university’s contribution to our industry’s recovery is to provide an environment where academia, industry and entrepreneurship can create mutual benefit that translates into new products, services and solutions. Smaller, streamlined A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

40 • Nov / Dec 2020

Although electric aircraft promise reduced carbon emissions, fossil fuel use and operating costs, the propellers or rotors can be relatively noisy. Traditionally, electric aircraft rotors can spin faster to gain efficiency while also increasing noise levels, or spin slower and be less efficient but quieter. The technology now being commercialized by VerdeGo Aero would automatically adjust the pitch of rotating propeller blades while also adjusting motor torque to maintain constant thrust. This approach makes it possible to reduce noise or increase efficiency, while maintaining substantially constant thrust, altitude and airspeed. Using the new technology, electric aircraft could be designed to operate most efficiently once they are at cruising altitude, where noise abatement may be less of a concern, then switch over to a lower-noise mode as they descend over urban areas. Another entrepreneur, Reamonn Soto, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was wrapping up his master’s degree when he had a big idea that could save gas turbine operators millions of

dollars annually.To build his business, Sensatek PropulsionTechnology, Soto took advantage of incubator space at Embry-Riddle’s Research Park, which has forged partnerships with private industry as well as local, state and federal policymakers and agencies. The Sensatek business model—licensing patented wireless sensor technology to increase the operational reliability and performance of jet engines and high-temperature process flow applications—proved appealing to an array of investors. Soto’s funding from all sources now stands at more than $4.5 million. His innovation, based on entrepreneurial out-of-the-box thinking, created high-paying new jobs. Universities rely on industry support to help entrepreneurs like Soto achieve liftoff. For example, Launch Your Venture incentivizes Florida university students to refine their best startup ideas for changing the future of aviation, aerospace and engineering. Another competition, the TREP Expo, puts would-be aerospace entrepreneurs on a ladder to success and greater support. In 2017, Soto qualified in the TREP Expo to compete in Launch Your Venture, which he won, garnering a much-needed $10,000 for his business. Businesses like Sensatek andVerdeGo Aero—encouraged by strong industry partnerships— also help add value to graduates as they enter the workforce. Just as engineering is applied science, entrepreneurship is applied talent, fusing technology and business to put ideas at our service. P. Barry Butler is president of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Boeing 777X Engines Win AA Certification GE Aviation said that its massive GE9X jet engine, which powers Boeing’s new 777X widebody airplane, has been certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration authorities.The certification marks an important milestone in the Boeing 777X jetliner program and comes after problems with the engine that delayed the program’s schedule for months.

“It takes the world’s best talent in jet propulsion to create a game-changing product like the GE9X engine,” GE Aviation President and CEO John Slattery said in a statement. GE9X program General Manager Karl Sheldon said company officials are pleased with the performance of the engine following extensive ground and flight testing by Boeing. Eight GE9X test engines completed just under 5,000 hours and 8,000 cycles to win the required FAA certification, the company said. “There is no substitute that can achieve the combination of size, power and fuel efficiency of the GE9X. This engine will deliver unsurpassed value and reliability to our airline customers,” Slattery said. Boeing and GE Aviation said the GE9X engine is designed to consume 10% less fuel compared to the older GE90-115B engines and 5% better “than any other engine in its class.”The big engines also will help airlines cut smog-causing emissions. GE Aviation said its focus remains on working with Boeing to complete the 777X flight test program and entry into service for airlines, which the Chicago-based jet maker recently delayed until 2022.By Andrew McIntosh – Staff Writer, Puget Sound Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Upgrades Their Machining Capabilities With Their Purchase of A Haas 5 Axis UMC-1000 SS To Manufacture Porsche® Performance Accessories

It’s a beautiful thing when your business is also your hobby. And so it is with James E. Patrick III, who founded Patrick Motorsports in 1989. James Patrick (JP) was recently out of college and not yet 25 years old when he opened his business. More than 30 years later, his passion for motorsports overall, and Porsches specifically, hasn’t waned - and this is just one of the reasons the company has excelled. “Long before I launched Patrick Motorsports, my mother was my business manager in my entrepreneurial ventures when I was a teenager”, he says, “and she thought my hobby of rebuilding cars would keep me out of trouble.” James’ father wasn’t as enthusiastic – he was a real estate developer and didn’t want JP wasting his money. James says his father did instill in him a respect for money. “He would say ‘You can come to me for advice but don’t come to me for money’; he felt giving money wasn’t the way to help people.” “In High School, I bought cars to refurbish and my cheapest car cost me $80 – it had no engine.” JP first attended college studying business / economics at the University of Arizona, but left after, in his words, too many girls. When he transferred to Arizona State University, it was a professor, the dean of Fine Arts, who saw the 1962 ragtop Beetle VW that he had restored to original condition, who helped him to realize his love for cars could parlay into a business, James says. In his early 20s, James first went to work for a business owner who dealt exclusively with Porsche 930 turbo cars, and it was at this job he applied what he had learned about merchandising, sales, new product development, economics, and even a little about accounting. The owner and James went in different directions after a few years and JP, still a very young man of 24 years, and self-described ‘hustler’, opened his own business. “Patrick Motorsports would specialize in the Porsche performance aftermarket industry”, he said. More than 3 decades later, Patrick Motorsports is renowned by Porsche enthusiasts throughout the world, and it offers more than 18,000 SKUs in stock, with ~1100 available on their website.The company has formed strategic alliances with some of the largest aftermarket industry leaders, including: Centerforce Industries, Fuel Safe, Setrab, and Petersen Fluid Systems, to name A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

42 • Nov / Dec 2020

a few. It has also designed and commercialized its own branded product line, which includes lightweight and DME conversion flywheels, 3.6L 964, 993 and 914-6 engine conversion products, and a wide variety of Porsche transaxle conversions and upgrades. The company also provides ‘Concours Winning’ restoration services, including in-house interior trimming, complete body and paint services, machined Porsche replacement parts and Dyno tuning. Patrick says, “Our customers are outstanding – they are passionate Porsche owners. They have very high quality standards and they are driven by the performance of Porsches.” He quips, “Most of our customers don’t need their Porsche to get to work.” In the early years of business ownership, Patrick Motorsports employed a JourneymanTool & Die maker. Patrick would come up with new product concepts, and his machinist would use the few manual machines the company owned to manufacture the design. Once the design was finalized, he would send it to a machine shop where production parts were manufactured. Patrick Motorsports has grown, as JP says, “Organically and methodically over the past 3 decades. “We’ve never had a partner or cash influx, though we’ve had an excellent banker and CPA who have been instrumental in our growth.” The company grew over the years from first renting a small warehouse, to purchasing 3 properties, first a 5200 square foot building, then adding a 10,000 square foot building, and most recently designing & developing the state of the art 33,500 square foot ‘showroom and mini-factory’ it resides in today. JP also owns a ¾ acre lot adjacent to its facility to enable future growth. Outsourcing production machining was part of Patrick Motorsport’s business model until ~4 years ago. “We were sending our product designs to Colorado, and within Phoenix

The addition of Y-axis and live tooling allows milling, drilling, and tapping for increased machine capabilities.” Patrick Motorsport’s 2nd machine tool purchase was the Haas VF4SS, which is a 40-Taper highperformance Super-Speed vertical machining center. Joshua says, “The VF-4SS is our best selling medium-sized VMC – the perfect high-production workhorse.” Business growth at Patrick Motorsports has been steady over the past 3 decades and this past year didn’t change this trajectory. JP says, “A few months ago I made a decision to upgrade our machine shop to 5 axis machining. A few machine tool sales people came to see me, including one who sells used machines. He knew that the machine I wanted was a Haas 5 axis machine, and he told me that there were several Haas 5 axis used machines he could find for me.” James continued, “I am not a believer in purchasing used equipment – whether it’s my truck or a machine I am buying for my business.To make the argument for new even more pronounced, this sales guy told me he could get me a machine for X dollars, when in fact this same machine purchased new from Ellison Machinery was not much more money. Again, I get local service, I get a warranty with my new machine; why would I buy used.”

to multiple manufactures, and we just weren’t comfortable with the quality and control. Our manual machine shop was great for making first article parts, but I felt a need to bring production in-house.” He added, “When I purchased the property we reside in today, it was always my plan to build a dedicated machine shop in the facility.” JP did some research on CNC machines and the dealers in the Phoenix market. “I wanted a machine dealer that excelled at service and was local. I also wanted a machine that met my needs and price point as a motorsports manufacturer. Ellison Machinery, dealer for the USA made Haas line, was an ideal match for me. Also, I knew other machine shops who were making great parts on the Haas machines, and these owners gave very favorable feedback on the machines.” He adds, “I knew I could spend more money on a machine, but I felt that I didn’t need to overdo it. Key to my business philosophy is to always pay my bills, and the price point of the Haas machines enabled this.” JP’s first machine tool purchase was the Haas ST-30/Y. Joshua Hansen, Ellison Business Manager supporting Patrick Motorsports, says, “The Haas ST Series high-performance turning centers were designed from the ground up to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability.

Weeks ago, Patrick Motorsports purchased their first 5 axis machine, a Haas UMC1000 SS (Super Speed). Joshua says, “5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts. The larger travels and bigger platter of the Haas UMC-1000 Series Universal Machining Centers make them perfect solutions for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining of large parts. The UMC-1000 SS is equipped with a faster spindle, high-speed tool changer, and high-speed trunnion table to reduce cycle times and boost productivity.” He adds, “When James made the decision to upgrade his machine shop with 5 axis machining, he recognized the added benefit of the options available with the new machine, including: the Wireless Intuitive Probing System, Through-Spindle Coolant, High-Speed 50+1 Side-Mount Tool Changer and the 12 station Chick Tombstone, amongst others.” He adds, “With James’ new product designs, he was largely making them on the lathe with some later operations on the mill. With the UMC-1000 SS, Patrick Motorsports will be able to increase the number of new designs when they are using their 5 axis machining center, and they will be able to reduce the operations necessary.” When asked what advice he could give aspiring entrepreneurs, James answers, “Do what you love to do, develop relationships with your bankers, save money, and the advice you don’t want to hear is what you need most.” Work at Patrick Motorsports is rewarding, challenging, and different everyday. If you have a love of motorsports, and of Porsches, and are an experienced machinist who can program with Mastercam, contact the company. If you have a Porsche you want restored, visit their website at: patrickmotorsports.com Joshua says, “All Haas products are manufactured in Oxnard, California – and it is the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing operation in the United States.” To learn more about the USA designed and manufactured Haas machines, as well as Ellison Machinery’s other fine machine lines, contact Haas Factory Outlet / HFO130, a Division of Ellison Machinery Company, at (480) 968-5877 or visit their website at EllisonAZ.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Honeywell Adding Hundreds More Workers At Phoenix Mask Production Plant

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The hiring of assembly workers has already started and will continue into the coming months as Honeywell ramps up production of N95 and surgical masks for health care workers, emergency responders and government workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Honeywell said it plans to hire more than 700 workers for its mask manufacturing operations in the Valley.

The new jobs are in addition to 500 created when the company first announced plans to produce masks after the onset of the pandemic. Honeywell announced in the spring that it would start making masks and personal protective equipment starting in May, with production to continue for two years. The operation is supplying hospitals in Arizona, while the company also struck a deal in April to supply Los Angeles-area hospitals. The new jobs involve assembly, inspection, production monitoring and quality control.

• 800-686-1679 • info@gmnusa • www.gmnusa.com

Applicants can apply online, and they can also attend Honeywell’s job event this weekend from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 3 at 402 S 36th St., building 101, in Phoenix. Parking is on the corner of 36th Street and Air Lane on the south side of the street. The event will have safety precautions against Covid-19 in place, with temperature checks required before applicants may enter and everyone required to wear face coverings and practice social distancing. By Jeff Gifford – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since Late 2018 U.S. manufacturing expanded in August at the fastest pace since late 2018, powered by growth in new orders that are a bright spot in an otherwise struggling economy. A gauge of factory activity increased to 56 during the month from 54.2 in July, Institute for Supply Management data showed. Readings above 50 indicate expansion, and the figure surpassed nearly every estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists and the median projection of 54.8.


Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is an EEO/AA institution and an equal opportunity employer of protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. A lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the career and technical education programs of the college. The Maricopa Community Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities. For Title IX/504 concerns, call the following number to reach the appointed coordinator: (480) 731-8499. For additional information, as well as a listing of all coordinators within the Maricopa College system, https://www.maricopa.edu/non-discrimination


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The purchasing managers group’s measure of orders, which jumped more than 6 points, reached the highest point since the start of 2004.The increase in bookings, along with declining inventories, should continue to underpin production.The ISM’s gauge of output improved to a more than two-year high, though factory employment remained weak. Improved factory activity, along with strength in housing and auto sales, suggest the fledgling recovery is beginning to broaden. The gradual reopening of businesses and steady improvement in consumer demand that left inventories depleted are boosting manufacturing, helping support the economic rebound amid elevated unemployment and layoffs across



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...And Many Other Value Added Services

3027 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 • (602) 275-1917 industries. “The index was stronger than July but we’re still recovering from the historically low levels of the pandemic,” said Timothy Fiore, chairman of the ISM Business Survey Committee, said on a call with reporters. At the same time, Fiore said he expects the recent strength to continue in September, traditionally a good month for factories. Fifteen of the 18 manufacturing industries tracked by the ISM, the most since March 2019, reported growth in August, led by wood products, plastics and rubber, food and textiles. Comments From ISM Respondents “Business is very good. Production cannot keep up with demand.” – Chemical Products “Current sales to domestic markets are substantially stronger than forecasted.” – Fabricated Metals “Homebuilder business continues to be robust, with month-over-month gains continuing since May.” – Wood Products “Capital equipment new orders have slowed again. Quoting is active. Many customers waiting for the fourth quarter to make any commitments.” – Machinery “We are seeing solid month-over-month order improvement in all manufacturing sectors such as electrical, auto and industrial goods. Looking to add a few factory operators.” – Plastics The pickup in U.S. manufacturing output is slightly faster than Europe’s, according to separate data from IHS Markit. At the same time, an acceleration in new orders contrasts with a slight slowdown in that gauge for the euro area, highlighting uneven global growth. In addition, the U.S. gains aren’t enough yet to bring back manufacturing jobs: The ISM’s

employment index, while rising to a six-month high in August, continued to show factories are cutting staff. The ISM report doesn’t detail the actual levels of improvement in manufacturing since the survey of purchasing managers asks whether activity is increasing, decreasing or stagnant. So the figures are subject to big swings during turning points in the economy such as now. The ISM’s index of factory inventories fell to 44.4 in August, the lowest since January 2014, indicating stockpiles were declining at a faster pace. Customer inventories contracted at the quickest rate since June 2010, the report showed. “The recovery in production is badly lagging the stronger turnaround in spending, with the result that inventories are now looking very lean,” Andrew Hunter, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics Ltd., said in a note. “That points to further gains in production in the months ahead.” The overall manufacturing gauge was also boosted by a slowdown in delivery times, which indicates supply bottlenecks. The ISM’s measure of export orders also rose to the highest level since the start of the year. Bloomberg News; By: Katia Dmitrieva A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Servin manu g Arizona fac over 2 turers for 5 yea rs

rial t s u Ind g yclin s c e R alist i c e Sp

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GE Aviation is Using Additive Manufacturing to Change How Aircraft Longtime Manufacturer Plans To Expand Into Santa Teresa Engines are Manufactured A Wisconsin manufacturer of packaging thelike medical, consumer plans While the tiny town of Cameri may notfor look one ofelectronics the most and beautiful citiesindustries and villages toto dotopen the a new facility in Santa Teresa. Italian landscape (even a local business owner said it was not the prettiest), some would beg to differ. Three years ago, Avio Aero, which designs, manufactures, and maintains systems and components for both civil Prent Corporation plans to invest $12.5 million and create 85 new jobs, the New Mexico Economic and military aviation, opened the most advanced additive manufacturing factory in Europe on the edge of Development Department announced Thursday in a news release. The average wage of full-time employees town, and since then, they have received a steady flow of visitors: not tourists, but engineers, executives, and is expected to be $26.14, and $15.75 for part-timers, the news release said. additive manufacturing professionals. Not long after the company opened the factory, they were acquired by GE Aviation, which is usinginthe technology on-site tohas change how aircraft arefootprint manufactured. Prent, which is headquartered south centralWisconsin, strategically locatedengines its global to supply many of the world’s leading Fortune 100 companies, the news release said. GE is focusing efforts on driving AM, after a disappointing Q4 2016. This certainly seems to be a smart

approach; Dario Mantegazza, Aeroknown manufacturing engineer,made said itsense best,forwhen he its described 3D Santa Teresa, which lies withinan theAvio region as the Borderplex, Prent, senior vice printing “no limitsMark to complexity.” GE Aviation facilities in Germany where they presidentasofhaving manufacturing Rothlisberger said in thehasnews release. It’s an areaand ripeSweden, for innovation and acquired majority stakes in Arcam and in Concept Laser last year. The company has a factory in Auburn, partnership,” he said. Alabama, and also owns AM pioneer Morris Technologies, located in southwest Ohio. But Joyce says the little town of to Cameri, andthe Avio Aero, arewith an important of GE’s overall Development AM business strategy and NewItalian Mexico plans support relocation $500,000 part in Local Economic Act money, will be “at the center of the growth of our additive ecosystem.” the news release said. LEDA money is used as a closing fund to grow existing New Mexico businesses and recruit others to the state. The plant in Cameri is special, because it uses twenty Arcam-developed AM machines, which fuse together layersMexico’s of titanium aluminide using anadvantages electron gun acceleratelike an electron beam.TiAI is 50% lighter “New incentives and(TiAI) our logistical helptocompanies Prent reposition manufacturing to than nickel-based alloys, and is being used in the Cameri plant to 3D print blades for the GE9X engine’s take advantage of new supply chain realities,” Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia J.jet Keyes said. low-pressure turbine. “Santa Teresa with its efficient international border crossing and the Union Pacific Intermodal facility will boost

Prent as it expands its markets and help the state create paying jobs.”ones created with The engineers are able to additively manufacture bladesbetter that are fourmanufacturing times thicker than a laser-powered 3D printer, which is good, considering the GE9X is the largest jet engine ever built; the In addition to the New Mexico Economic Development Department, the Borderplex Alliance, Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance and New Mexico Partnership all worked to bring Prent to New Mexico. A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 28 • March / Apr 2017 2


46 • Nov / Dec 2020

Prent, which of wasthe founded in 1967 diameter turbine itselfbyisJack Pregont Carol Pregont in Janesville, over 80and inches. Wisconsin, will also receive economic assistance from Doña Countyiswith This electron beamAna technique a proposed industrial revenue bond so fast it’s even competing with ordinance goes to public hearings casting, that which is the standard way in thetocoming weeks, the release manufacture TiAInews parts. Thesaid. team is also able to use the same Anmachine industrial revenue allows a to change thebond part shape company invest money create and printtodifferent blades to at the orsame expand through construction or time. additional manufacturing equipment. In exchange, a local government body Aerospace Industry agrees to help the company pay for $146B theSets investment, often Expor by reducingt its property and gross receipts taxes. The Record In 2016 total dollar amount of an IRB refers to Thea U.S. aerospace andtodefense what company expects invest, not industry newinrecord for what it wouldsetbe agiven tax breaks. inter national sales in 2016, ing $146 in a If deliver approved, Prent billion will build exports, the Aerospace Industries 62,500-square-foot facility with the Association announced. capacity to double its footprint in five years.With almost 600 employees, Prent sector facilities have been hasExports opened for fivethe greenfield in the upward for alaid while, laston10anyears, andswing has never off an increasing 52 percent employee in itsby53-year history. over the past five years. Compared to 2015, companies Construction is expected towere beginable as soon sell anare additional $3 billion are as to approvals in place. Operations in products expected to begintoin international fall 2021. customers in 2016, AIA data The majority of parts Prent produces shows. are sterile barrier packages for medical devices. As such, the will be Unsurprisingly, civilfacility aerospace required to pass a detailed audit by the sales made up the majority of the companies receiving from Prent. $146 billion total,product with defense products comprising about 15 The addition of Prent is the The second percent of sales, AIA stated. announcement of a high-profile U.S. military aerospace sector manufacturer coming to in Santa Teresa shipped about $16 billion worth in of theproducts last 30 days. to foreign militaries in 2016 — a 5 percent In mid-September, the stateincrease economic from 2015. Non-aerospace development department announced military companies fared even Xxentria Technology Materials Co. Ltd better, increasing exports almost planned to open an office in Santa Teresa 9 % from $5.6 billion to $6.1 and build a manufacturing and distribution billion. facility on land it has purchased. Europe ted inabout Xxentria hasimpor operations Taiwan,34New percent of US aerospace and Jersey and California, and is a manufacturer defense exports last year, making of galvanized steel and aluminum it the industry’s largest regional composite panels for transportation customer. However, sales to the and architecture industries. It also Middle East are rapidly growing, plans to locate production operations in increasing by 22 percent over the Chihuahua, Mexico. By Chris Keller – past year. Managing Editor, Albuquerque Business First


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Honeywell Aerospace Wins 5-Year Deal To Repair U.S. Army’s Chinook Engines

The Right Waterjet Abrasive Choosing the right abrasive for a waterjet cutting application can significantly improve the performance and profitability of your waterjet operation. BARTON has published an in-depth look at the many factors that impact the cutting efficiency of a waterjet abrasive.

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Honeywell Aerospace will be repair ing a n d ove r h a u l i n g the engines for the U.S. Army’s CH-47 Chinook helicopter fleet for the next five years after the company won a contract. The work on the T55-GA-714A engines will take place at Honeywell’s new facility in Phoenix, where new engine production is also done. “Honeywell remains committed to supporting the T55 engine and the CH-47F Chinook program with improved maintenance practices, expanded repair capacities and engine modernization improvements that will meet the helicopter’s needs for years to come,” Dave Marinick, Honeywell’s president of Engines & Power Systems, said in a statement. “Honeywell’s unparalleled T55 repair and overhaul facility was designed to provide the highest level of support for the U.S. Army’s needs today and in future missions. Every aspect of the layout and design of this new facility was carefully planned to ensure operational efficiency with U.S. Army mission readiness in mind.” The company said having production and overhaul work in the same place will allow resources to be shared and can accommodate a surge output of 20 engines per month. “We’ve made substantial improvements to the shop layout and process flow of the T55-GA-714A maintenance lines,” said Lesley King, senior director, ISC Operations, Honeywell Aerospace, in a statement. “So we can double our capacity in the shop and take advantage of our engineering resources on-site to ensure we are meeting our delivery commitments to the Army.” The CH-47F Chinook helicopter hauls troops and cargo for the Army. TheT55 engine was introduced in 1955, and Honeywell has been making improvements on it since 1961. Honeywell said one of its latest enhancements for the engine increases horsepower that will allow the helicopter to increase its useful load at higher-density altitudes. The deal with the Army is an indefinite delivery contract, which allows for an unlimited quantity of services for the life of the contract. By Jeff Gifford – Phoenix Business Journal

Find Out More About ‘Empower by GoDaddy Main St. Accelerator’ The Better Business Bureau and GoDaddy are launching the “Empower by GoDaddy Main St. Accelerator” to help small businesses scale their success. The live, fully-virtual program is open to Arizona companies looking to take their ventures to the next level. Visit https://bbbempower.com/ for more information. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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New Mexico


25 years of partnership with Doosan 215 S. Rockford Drive, #101 Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-968-3711 Website: adamsmachineryaz.com Email: info@adamsmachineryaz.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Introducing Phoenix Fab and Design... Machining Plus Powder Coating...It Is The New Company You Definitely Want To Meet

There is no denying that the pandemic wrecked havoc with businesses all over the world. In the US alone, according to the New York Times, 850,000 businesses across the country shut down permanently at the end of August. In manufacturing, businesses fared better than in other industries. And there is another bright spot – there are even companies that opened during (and even because of) COVID. Phoenix Fab and Design is a perfect example of a business that opened shortly after COVID hit here in the United States. Ian Geitner, co-owner of the company, says, “We launched our business because of COVID.” He continued, “If there was a positive outcome that came out of our pandemic, it is the recognition that we must not rely so much on companies outside of the USA to manufacture our products.We started Phoenix Fab and Design because we believe in bringing manufacturing back to the USA.” Ian’s partner and founder of the company, Phil Heath, is by all accounts, a serial entrepreneur. He has launched and co-owned many businesses, with the last being sold to a public company. “I wanted one more major business venture in my career”, he said, “and manufacturing seemed to be a worthwhile business, particularly once COVID hit.” Phil says that when he told others he was launching a new business, many told him he was crazy to do so in such uncertain times. “It is actually a perfect time to get busy when others are floundering in the uncertainty”, he replied. He added, “I am a firm believer in ‘If you build it, they will come’.” Phil believes in serendipity, defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. “I wanted to open a machine shop, and I had no background in it. I was introduced to Ian’s brother Elliot, and then Ian, through their construction business called Geitner Brothers Construction. I found them both to be so smart, respectful, and hard working, and today I consider both Geitner brothers family to me.” Phil offered Ian a partnership in the business, and Ian immediately accepted the opportunity. “We didn’t use hiring sites to bring on new employees”, Phil says, adding “They just came to us – from referrals and from chance encounters.”When Phil took one of his off road vehicles to be powder coated, both the service and pricing helped him to decide to add powder coating as a sister entity to Phoenix Fab and Design. “I didn’t know the first thing about powder coating”, he admits. Both he and his brother-in-law are owners of Elite Powder Coating and booked a flight to Nashville, TN, where they would attend a 4-day training class in powder coating. Phil is dyslexic, and by day 2 of the training he had had enough and booked an early flight back to Phoenix. “I took the instructor aside before leaving, and asked him if he had an interest in heading up my powder coating business in Phoenix.” Today, Phil’s former powder coat instructor is the Manager at Elite Powder Coating, co-located in the building with Phoenix Fab and Design. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Back to Ian – he is new to manufacturing as a business, but it has been his hobby for much of his life. “I first learned about machining when in junior high school here in Arizona.The junior high and high school I attending still offered classes like drafting and I had early instruction in CAD software.” Ian would take what he learned in class, and spend evenings building CNC machines at home. He is an engineer by education, having graduated from Northern Arizona University. Ian comes from an entrepreneurial family, so joining a new business during a pandemic wasn’t as scary as it might be for others. His family owns a construction firm, and Ian gained invaluable experience in project management, operations, marketing and even managing team members through the family business. In just about 6 months, Phoenix Fab and Design equipped their new machine shop with an astounding 8 machines, including 2 lathes and 6 Vertical machining centers. They’ve grown from Ian and his partner, to a team of a half dozen today. Ian says, “The majority of our team members have engineering backgrounds, and this enables us to help our customers with the design of their new products.” In addition to machining, Phoenix Fab and Design additionally has skilled MIG/

TG welding in house. “We welcome inventors who come to us with a concept for a new product hand drawn on a napkin”, he adds. Ian says, “Our first couple of machines were purchased used, they were Haas machines, and then the next 6 machines we purchased were all Haas machines and purchased directly through Ellison Machinery, the dealer for Haas in Arizona.” The company also has a small 3D printer in-house, and Ian says this is useful for their customers requesting quick turn prototypes. Today, Phoenix Fab and Design’sVertical Mills include: •Two (2) HaasVF-4SS - 40-TaperVertical Mills • Three (3) VF-2SS – 40 Taper Vertical Mills. Ian says, “ The Super Speed (SS) spindle has the speed to really push a small end mill through aluminum at extremely high feed rates, and the power to remove lots of material with a shell mill.” • One (1) Haas VF-6SS, -40 Taper Mill.This is Phoenix Fab and Design’s largest Super-Speed vertical mill, Ian says, adding, “It’s massive. It has a work envelope with 64” x 32” x 30” travels and comes standard with 30+1 tool capacity and 12K RPM 30HP Spindle.” Additionally, Phoenix Fab has two turning centers: • One (1) Haas ST-20Y & Haas Barfeeder • One (1) Haas ST-30Y & Haas Barfeeder & Royal Rotarack Alex Anderson, Ellison Business Manager supporting Phoenix Fab and Design, says, “These Lathe’s give Phoenix Fab the ability to turn up to 12” diameter or produce high volumes of smaller parts (up to 3” diameter) that can be automatically fed by the Barfeeder and offloaded by the Royal Rotarack. The Y axis and live tooling allows these lathes to also cut features that would otherwise have to be done in a mill in an additional operation. Phoenix Fab can complete your large orders for complicated parts quickly and competitively due to their investment in modern automation.” When Phil and Ian contacted Ellison Machinery, the local distributor for the Haas machine tool line, they were introduced to Alex Anderson. Serendipity rears its head once again. Phil says, “Alex knew one of my race car mechanics.” Alex is the business manager supporting Phoenix Fab and Design. Ian says, “We couldn’t be happier with Alex and the team at Ellison Machinery.The Ellison team is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of machining and they know tooling also.Alex is an engineer himself, and there are times when I call him just to get his opinion about designing or processing – in essence, I bounce ideas off him. I don’t feel like Alex is trying to sell me something all the time – rather he is imparting recommendations to me.” Phil adds, “Alex provides incredible support for our business – there are times I call him multiple times a day, and he always makes himself available.” Phil and the team didn’t check with other machine tool dealers prior to purchasing their Haas machines. “I have heard very good things about the Haas machines, and the Haas machines are

extremely capable machines for our products. Service and support from Ellison Machinery is outstanding.” Ian says, “We were fortunate to secure a few clients before opening Phoenix Fab and Design. One of our clients specializes in Billet Aluminum Classic Car Parts. It was important for them and a requirement to work with a manufacturer here in the United States. We are grateful for their business and we are honored to provide them the solution”. Ian brings a critical management skill set to his team – it’s called teamwork. “Every Friday we host a‘Creativity Workshop’ for the entire team. Each week, a different team member presents something they learned in the past week. It can be a new way to use a tool, or a new machine feature, as a couple of examples.” It is no wonder that hiring hasn’t been difficult for Phoenix Fab and Design. It’s not just the exciting products they make, its also being part of a team that makes coming to work something team members want to participate in. If you are looking for a new machine shop, one that has design capabilities, and you want to do business with a company that is proud to manufacture products in the USA, one that finds manufacturing rewarding, contact Phoenix Fab and Design at (480) 930-9907. Ian says, “We are an excellent option for customers who want to brand their products, ‘Made In The USA’. Haas Automation is the largest machine tool manufacturer in North America, building a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5c indexers. Haas machine tools and rotary products are built to deliver higher accuracy, repeatability and durability than any other machine tools on the market. To learn more about the USA designed and manufactured Haas machines, as well as Ellison Machinery’s other fine machine lines, contact Haas Factory Outlet / HFO130, a Division of Ellison Machinery Company, at (480) 9685877 or visit their website at EllisonAZ.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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8125 N 23rd Ave STE 204 Phoenix AZ 85021 602-595-2227 www.onsite-tech.com We Solve Technology Problems. Whether you have an IT Department or not we can assist. We specialize in supporting Manufacturing companies and are Experts in DFARS NIST compliance. One big difference that sets us apart from other IT companies is that we are ITAR and NIST Compliant. All of our Solutions are geared toward following NIST Framework as well as being ITAR compliant. We understand Our MFG Clients needs and challenges. We work with everything from ERP software and simple accounting systems like QuickBooks as well as able to support older equipment with Serial port DNC transfers.

Here are a few Reasons to Choose Onsite Technical Services to Support Your Computer Network We Support Both On-Premise and Cloud Solutions. In most cases we find that a Hybrid Cloud approach is the most economical way for a business to use technology. We Help you Solve Your Business Problems We have full time Technicians and Engineers on Staff providing Support. Our contracts are simple. We won’t nickel and dime you. We are one of the few Elite Microsoft Partners In the Country that can Provide Software as a Service to our clients. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

security leadership council. “It would be reduced to a small share of the market, producing electric vehicles that are not as advanced and as attractive as those produced by China and by Chinese subsidiaries, and a loss of jobs, industrial depth and technological skill,” he said. China has come to play a leading role in the development of EVs.The US trails it in the extraction of minerals such as lithium, graphite and rare earths, as well as the production of lithium-ion batteries and finished EVs. There were 1.2m EVs sold in China last year, compared to 320,000 in the US, according to McKinsey. “They not only have more electric vehicles purchased in their market, they have more companies, they build more batteries, they have gone around the world for rare earths and other metals that go into these vehicles and locked up or gained preferred access to many of them,” Admiral Blair said. “So they have a jump on the direction that the electrical vehicle industry is going.” According to Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, China produced 72 per cent of the world’s lithium-ion batteries in 2019, while the US accounted for just 9 per cent. He warned in May that the US was falling further behind, as China is building one battery factory a week, while the US builds one every four months.

The US must urgently build up an electric vehicles industry or risk becoming dependent on China for its automotive future, a group of senior military and business leaders have warned.

China “has not just built an entire suite of supersized battery megafactories for its auto industry, but the supply chain to feed them”, he said. “China produces only 23 per cent of key battery raw materials combined. Yet it produced 80 per cent of the next step in the chain — battery chemicals — and 66 per cent of cathodes, 82 per cent of anodes and 72 per cent of battery cells.”

China is in the process of consolidating control of the supply chain for electrified transport — from mineral extraction and battery production to manufacture and sales of the vehicles themselves — according to the group, Securing America’s Future Energy, which campaigns for US energy security.

Still, the US may have a considerable edge over other carmakers in the form of Tesla, the world’s largest carmaker by value. But even Tesla head Elon Musk has expressed worry about a shortfall in raw materials needed to realise his ambitions.

Failure by US authorities to counter Chinese dominance within the next five years risks the “withering of the US automobile industry” and the loss of millions jobs supported by the country’s auto sector today, said Admiral Dennis Blair, a former director of national intelligence, who sits on SAFE’s energy

SAFE — whose leadership council comprises executives from several large US companies, including Royal Caribbean

US Urged To Subsidise Electric Cars On National Security Grounds


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SPECIALTY TURN PRODUCTS 3020 South Park Drive ,Tempe, AZ sales@stp-az.com • Tel: 602-426-9340

STP-AZ.COM We Manufacturing Complex Intricate Parts Requiring Extreme Precision And Quality

Tsugami 5 & 6 Axis Machines

Tornos 6 Axis Machines

We Are Built For High Production Parts And Can Handle Extremely Tight Tolerances

High Precision Swiss Lathe Machining 24x7 New State-of-the-art 12,500 square foot facility ISO 9001: 2015 & AS9100D Certified Our CNC Swiss screw machines can run lights out 24 x 7 Subsidiary of Whitley Machine Cruises, FedEx and L-3 Communications — wants the US to revive and expand federal incentives to buy EVs and develop a supply chain for minerals that avoids China, as well as allowing US companies to work together to counter China’s ascendancy.. By: Myles McCormick – Financial Times

Pipistrel picks Honeywell fly-by-wire controls for Nuuva V300 UAV

autonomous cargo UAV.

Pi p i s t r e l h a s s e l e c t e d H o n ey we l l ’s C o m p a c t Fly-By-Wire system for the Nuuva V300 cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), choosing a modern, lightweight, highly capable s y s t e m w i t h a p rove n architecture suited for their

Fly-by-wire computers act as the brains of an aircraft’s flight controls by operating them electronically. The compact version from Honeywell has features derived from decades of expertise in fly-by-wire systems for airliners, but it’s much smaller – roughly the size of a paperback book. This product is intended for smaller autonomous cargo and urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles and adds stability and performance by driving flight controls electrically, without heavy hydraulics, control cables, or push rods. “One of the toughest challenges logistics companies face today is meeting

the demand for same-day delivery. Vehicles like Pipistrel’s Nuuva V300 are going to be a real breakthrough in the race to solve this problem,” said Stéphane Fymat, vice president and general manager, unmanned aerial systems (UAS)/ UAM, Honeywell Aerospace. “We listened to our customers and built a product that meets the unique needs of this segment, and we’re extremely proud that our Compact Fly-By-Wire system will be guiding these vehicles as they take to the skies.” Pipistrel’s Nuuva V300 long-range, large-capacity, autonomous UAV will take off and land vertically with battery power, without requiring a runway, and has significantly lower operating costs than helicopters. It can carry loads up to 300kg (around 660 lb) for more than 300km (around 186 miles), allowing deliveries to areas traditionally accessible only by helicopter. “After years of excellent cooperation in the UAM sector, we chose to work with Honeywell in the development of the Nuuva V300 as well,” said Ivo Boscarol, founder and CEO of Pipistrel Group. “We see this cargo aircraft paving the way for the passenger-carrying Pipistrel 801, our proposed air taxi for Uber Elevate, as both aircraft share similar architectures. Honeywell’s expertise and the proven capabilities of its Compact Fly-By-Wire system will provide airliner levels of safety for our novel air vehicles.” Posted by Eric Brothers A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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COVID-related supply chain problems. When the pandemic set upon us, suppliers and factories closed abruptly, leaving many with big gaps of availability of materials (raw or processed) needed to produce the products they make.

The Premier Blanchard Grinding Specialists Offering You The Largest Blanchard-Style Grinder in the West We Service all of your Blanchard Grinding work from Smallest to Largest


Servicing Customers in Arizona, California, New Mexico & Nevada

5637 District Blvd • Los Angeles, CA 90058 800.662.0126 • Fax 323.560.7767 E-mail: sales@steelservicesgrinding.com www.steelservicesgrinding.com

When All Else Fails, Make the Parts Yourself

I’ll give you an example—an inspiring tale of a real, creative workaday person that took great change head on and overcame it. The story of Bob Ballantyne, a director of research and development, and his team at Resource West in Grand Junction, Colorado. A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to talk to Bob about the results they were seeing at Resource West. To call it impressive during the current climate is an understatement. Resource West is up about 20%, yearover-year. According to Bob, if he and his team had not taken the actions I’m about to explain, they would be down, big league. But going from negative territory to +20% is a big delta.That’s a job-saving-and-creating positive delta. ResourceWest makes evaporators. Evaporators reduce waste water, which reduces costs and is environmentally beneficial. It occurred to them their technology could also be used to sanitize large public spaces: arenas, gas stations, and convention and conference centers.They found opportunity, dug in, did their research and developed a sanitizing line of equipment. But they didn’t stop there. They faced real shortages in purchased parts, due to supply chain interruptions. So, they hired young engineers from college and redesigned the parts that could be made from composites. They bought six large 3D printers and began to make the parts themselves, bringing a big aspect of the supply chain in-house while simultaneously cutting down on unit costs. Injected plastic parts were also becoming a problem with a backup in mold design and production. In response, the team researched electrical discharge machining (EDM) and began designing their own molds to overcome issues in the supply chain. “The EDM is our next phase,” said Ballantyne. “We tested the theory by pricing the production process out and seeing what the return on investment was—and we’ve decided it is a go. We are now in the research phase of making the correct unit decision.” Ballantyne looks at recessions not as a scary thing, but as time to look at what could be changed and improved—and then do it. He says during flush economic times, you don’t always have the time to

I doubt anyone would argue that the past six months have brought great change for our country, and much of the world. Some parts of our economy were (and remain) virtually shut down. For those fortunate enough to continue to be open and viable, great changes and the need to solve new, large and diverse problems is the new daily reality. I have always admired creative people. People who, when faced with a challenge, approach it with curiosity and openness.When others freeze or panic, these special people keep their calm and boldly innovate through it. I’m not referring to geniuses that bring us big technological breakthroughs like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs or scientific geniuses like Albert Einstein, Linus Pauling or Madame Curie. I mean the unsung heroes, the everyday creative wizards solving real business-threatening problems that pop up fast and furious during times of great change. We’ve all heard about, and maybe some of us have even experienced, A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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MACHINIST WANTED-STEADY WORK Manual or CNC - Part Time Or Full Time Precision Work - Must Be Experienced Located In Eagar, AZ – White Mountains Email Resume To: don@freedomfabricators.com

ISO / AS9100 Services From Do-It-Yourself With Our Templates To Full Consulting To Prepare You For Certification. Need QMS Software? Request a Demo Today! BMSC LLC, A Woman Owned Business • Contact Bretta Kelly Today!

You Have 3 Very Good Reasons To Call BMSC: √ Are You Ready To Simplify Your ISO9001 and/or Your AS9100 System? We Can Help With Do-It-Yourself Templates all the way to Full Implementation Services. √ Working Remotely? Now is the time to implement Continuous Improvement Software (CIS) and have transparency in your Business Management System! Are you ready to get help Maintaining your QMS (Internal Audits Management Reviews)? √ Need Help Maintaining Your Internal Audits or Management Reviews?

Working Remotely? Now is the time to implement Continuous Improvement Software (CIS) and have transparency in your Business Management System! We Can Help! We Have Helped Over 200 Manufacturing and Service Companies. Call to Learn About our Templates - From $3500. Request a demo of CIS Software Today!

Contact BMSC, LLC • bretta.bmsc@gmail.com • 602-445-9400 • www.businessmsc.com innovate.You’re too busy trying to keep up with demand. A recession (for some) provides the time and motivation to innovate and make improvements when you otherwise would not. In other words: innovate. During recessions, you have the greatest opportunity to put more distance between you and your competitors, if you use that time wisely. There’s a silver lining in everything—even in manufacturing. Myron Moser is chairman of the board at Hartfiel Automation and strategic advisory board member, Alliantgroup.

Arizona Manufacturers May Be Eligible For Additional Pandemic Relief Services Arizona manufacturers in need of assistance as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic can apply for support from the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership, or AZ MEP. A one-time allocation of $730,000 from the CARES Act will be used to subsidize services to help manufacturers overcome some of the impact from the effects of the pandemic. Services available include: Strategic planning and identification of new markets Rebuilding customer demand Overcoming supply chain disruptions Financial and cash flow management Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement Staffing, training and workforce development Maintaining a safe workplace in a Covid-19 world

Cybersecurity risk assessment and compliance planning “Many of our manufacturers have been hit hard by the coronavirus and we are grateful to have access to CARES Act funding to subsidize services that will help these companies get back on their feet,” David Garafano, senior vice president of manufacturing programs and executive director of AZ MEP, said in a statement. Applications for services will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Companies will be notified if they have been accepted within a week of submitting their application. Applications can be submitted here. “We’re grateful for this additional support for Arizona manufacturers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said in a statement. “The services provided by the Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership will help ensure this vital industry in our state continues to recover and grow.”By Corina Vanek – Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Your Hometown Community Bank

“We greatly appreciate and value our relationship with Western State Bank. The entire Western team is always very professional and responds quickly to our questions or needs. Dealing with Western is a pleasure and gives us that ‘community’ bank feeling. We recommend Western State Bank to any consumer or business owner.” Jay Sperco & Sam Ater Owners of Roll-A-Shield & Summit Automation

Pictured with Randy Mankin, VP/Business Banking Officer

Contact Western State Bank today for all your commercial lending needs! Scottsdale • Mesa • Chandler Casa Grande • Sun City • Sun City West 480-917-4243 www.westernbanks.com Member FDIC

Major Semiconductor Maker Zeroing In On Phoenix Site For Huge Factory An expansive swath of desert in nor th Phoenix is likely the landing s p o t f o r Ta i w a n Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.’s $12 billion plant, multiple sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed. The world’s largest contract silicon chip manufacturer announced in May that it was planning to build a $12 billion plant in Phoenix and create more than 1,600 jobs.Taiwan Semiconductor, which makes silicon chips for Apple and several other major technology companies, has been evaluating several sites in Phoenix for the factory. The company is expected to officially confirm the location by the end of the year. The north Phoenix site, which extends across nearly 3,700 acres near I-17, is currently undergoing a rezoning through the city of Phoenix, which will create a major employment corridor in north Phoenix. The proposed zoning includes three districts: a technology campus, a technology park and freeway mixed-use development. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

56 • Nov / Dec 2020

The land is owned by the state, but the first portion of the site, a 1,128-acre parcel at the northwest corner of Loop 303 and the 43rd Avenue alignment, will be sold for a minimum of $89 million at an auction scheduled for Nov. 2. An aerial map shows a large swath of state land that the city of phoenix is aiming to prime for an employment corridor. The site being considered by Taiwan Semiconductor is at the northwest corner of Loop 303 and the 43rd Avenue alignment. The portion scheduled to be auctioned on Nov. 2 is proposed to be rezoned as a technology park, which is allowed the same uses as a general commerce park zoning and allows offices, research laboratories, warehousing and manufacturing, and prohibits any type of residential use. The zoning allows for buildings 56 feet in height, or up to 80 feet with a use permit and site plan. According to city documents, 10% of the technology park portion must remain open space. Landing the factory would bolster the Valley’s semiconductor industry, which

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“They are still considering multiple sites in Phoenix and should make a decision before the end of the year,” Christine Mackay, economic development director for the city of Phoenix, said in a statement. In a statement, Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, said: “There continue to be multiple sites under review at this time.” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said in a May statement that theTaiwan Semiconductor project will create 1,600 high-tech jobs, as well as thousands of additional jobs for suppliers. The $12 billion in capital expenditure will take place from 2021 to 2029. has been slowly been bleeding jobs as more manufacturing has taken place offshore. It also will bring a bigger player to the region that includes the likes of Intel Corp., with its Chandler campus employing about 12,000 people as well as ON Semiconductor Corp. and Microchip Technology Inc.

“TSMC could have picked any place in the world to build this advanced manufacturing factory. They chose Arizona for our unbeatable business climate, already thriving tech sector and ready access to an international supply chain,” Ducey said at the time.

Intel’s long-awaited $7 billion expansion in Chandler became operational earlier this year, making the southeast Valley semiconductor fabrication factory the chipmaker’s largest in the U.S. The company hired 3,000 workers over the last 18 months to work at the new fabrication facility.

Taiwan Semiconductor has been working with the Trump administration as part of a White House effort to bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S. and reduce reliance on foreign sources for components sensitive to national security interests.

Phoenix-area officials reached for comment didn’t confirm Taiwan Semiconductor had selected a site, and company officials couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

Construction for the plant is scheduled to begin in 2021 and production is planned to begin in 2024. By Corina Vanek – Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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ISO 9001: 2015 Certification With The Help Of Consulting Group BMSC Enables This High Growth Company To Manufacture Parts For All Precision Manufacturing Industries I believe manufacturing (and perhaps all) business owners fall into 2 broad categories, and it has become more evident during our recent pandemic: those who in the face of an adverse economic climate ‘hunker down’, and those who view it as an opportunity to advance their business. This second category of business owners is bold, optimistic, and calculated in their growth strategy. Nick Jackson, President and founder of Autoline Industries, clearly falls into the 2nd category. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Autoline Industries is an innovative manufacturing and distribution company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts, silicon ASIC hardware, and mil-spec components for defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Originally founded in 2003 on a foundation of motorsports, the team at Autoline set out on mission to raise the standard in racing suspension. Over the course of 17 years, they have realized their founding vision by manufacturing high quality aftermarket automotive products that have been trusted by professional drivers and enthusiasts across the globe. Focusing on street and track ready suspension systems and components, Autoline’s thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship have led to the founding of two well-known brands within the aftermarket automotive sector,Voodoo13 and Ksport.While Autoline and its subsidiaries have become synonymous with quality craftsmanship, Nick also credits some of the company’s success to its continuous product development.The company designs over 50 new applications each year to ensure they stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of motorsports. This aggressive product development, combined with a loyal team and cuttingedge technology, has resulted in Autoline’s astonishing growth. Nick says, “While the Ksport andVoodoo13 brands remain true to their founding missions of designing and manufacturing aftermarket automotive parts,Autoline has evolved to be much more diverse in the industries it serves.We’ve expanded our capabilities and have manufactured a wide range of products from golf training aids to defense system components, as well as Automotive, Firearms, Military, Semi-Conductor, Prototypes, and Molds.We are proud to continue to grow our vast array of applications every day.” When the pandemic first hit, Nick described the sudden halt in business as if someone had turned off a light switch. Lucky, this slow down only lasted for about a month, then “business turned back on for both entities and I even hired a few new employees”, Nick says. Still, Nick felt that the pandemic offered an opportunity for Autoline to expand its business through strategic diversification. “We manufacture superior products for the aftermarket auto industry and through Autoline into other industries, but why not aggressively grow our support in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical and semiconductor.” The company has an extensive machine shop, and it resides in a massive~100,000 square foot facility A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

58 • Nov / Dec 2020

that Nick purchased in 2014 and completed a full renovation on in 2017. “Space to accommodate our growth isn’t an issue”, Nick quipped. Nick says that he had contacted Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC, about 5 years ago. “I felt back then that we would benefit from ISO certification”, Nick says. Though Nick was impressed with Bretta and how she could help his company to certify, the timing just wasn’t right. “We were really busy and had just moved into our new building”, said Nick.When the pandemic hit, Nick felt it was an ideal time to re-engage with BMSC and take the steps to achieve certification. Nick works with the Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Arizona MEP) on a regular basis, and it was through MEP that he contracted with BMSC. Nick began working with BMSC in May and they certified successfully to ISO 9001: 2015 in October. “Bretta and her colleague, Debbie Hart, are amazing; they are very thorough and knowledgeable.They are 2 of the few people who work 24/7 like I do. One or the other regularly responds to emails well into the evening.” Nick says that both he and the entire Autoline team really enjoyed working with the BMSC team. Prior to engaging with BMSC, Nick had hired an individual with quality experience to manage the ISO certification process. “They didn’t work out so it became my job to work with the BMSC team”, he says. Of the experience, Nick says that it wasn’t too difficult – we had many of the processes in place already. He admits that the terminology was different, and it required putting everything the team did into standards. “I feel like one of the greatest outcomes of certification was that it helped our team understand completely the importance of tracking and paperwork”, he adds. “I highly recommend Bretta Kelly’s company (BMSC) to help any company to achieve certification”, Nick says. Autoline’s ISO 9001: 2015 certification was put into place specifically to grow their customer base with new customers. Nick says, “Whether it’s assistance with product design, CNC machining, storage, assembly, coatings or even drop-shipping, we are here to help businesses succeed.” If you are seeking a machine shop that is ISO certified, has a superior team of employees in place and is headed by an aggressive, hard working owner, you should contact Autoline by phone at 480-829-8100 or visit them online at autolinemfg.com. AreYou Ready To Implement ISO 9001:2015 or AS9100D or simplify your current Quality Management System? BMSC owner Bretta Kelly has 20 plus years’ experience implementing and auditing quality management systems for commercial and aerospace companies. Call (602) 445-9400 or visit BusinessMSC.com to learn more.


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 A2LA Accredited calibration using NIST traceable artifacts  Installation  Training  Computer and Workstation  MCOSMOS Software  PH20 5-Axis Touch Probe or SP25M Scanning Probe  2 Year Warranty  5 Years Unlimited Software Phone Support No Software Maintenance Agreement!  No annual fees  Complete support  Eligible for software upgrades

The higher accuracy specification of the CRYSTA-Apex S gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability. 9206 9106 9166 Axis 544 574 776 7106 [9108] [9168] [9208] X 19.68” 27.55” 35.43” Y 15.74” 27.55” 39.36” 62.99” 78.73” Z 15.74” 23.62” 23.62”[31.49”]

CRYSTA-APEX EX 500T/700T/900T The CRYSTA-Apex EX T is the same in terms of measuring range and accuracy as the CRYSTA-Apex S only configured with the dedicated PH20 probe system. Axis X Y Z

544 574 776 7106 9106 9166 9206 19.68” 27.55” 35.43” 15.74” 27.55” 39.36” 62.99” 78.73” 15.74” 23.62” 23.62”[31.49”]


The SP25M is comprised of two sensors in a single housing. Users can switch between a choice of five scanning modules (styli with lengths from 20 mm to 400 mm) enabling configuration by the user to precisely match the application’s needs. The TM25-20 adaptor module is compatible with Renishaw's TP20 range of probe modules. With the mix of scanning modules and TP20 modules, measurement performance wis optimized, ensuring high accuracy and productivity. Accuracy starting at: (1.7 + 3L/1000) μm


The PH20's infinite positioning guarantees optimal feature access, minimizing stylus changes. The 5-axis simultaneous motion allows larger parts to be measured on the CMM by minizising the space required around the part for head rotation. The PH20 automatically aligns itself with the part co-ordinate system, avoiding stylus collisions. Accuracy starting at: (2.2 + 3L/1000) μm


Available in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada from: Ellison Machinery Company 1610 S Priest Dr., #101 Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-968-5335 / www.EllisonAZ.com

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C-10100 OFHC C-65500 Silicon Bronze C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze C-11000 (C110 CU-ETP) C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-62400 Aluminum Bronze C-14500 Tellurium Copper Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate C-17200 Beryllium Copper Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-46400 Naval Brass C-10100 OFHC C-18000 Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon C-63020 Phoshpor Bronze C-11000 (C110 CU-ETP) Bronze hromium Nickle Silicon C-63020 Nickle Aluminum C-64200 Silicon Aluminum BronzeC-51000 C-62400 Aluminum Bronze C-14500 Tellurium Copper 00 OFHC C-18200 Chromium CopperC-46400 Naval Brass Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-46400 Naval Brass C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-65500 Silicon Bronze C-63000 C-10100 OFHC m Copper C-36000 C-17200 Beryllium Copper Free Machining Brass C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze 00 (C110 CU-ETP) Tubes Solid • Wear C-63020• Nickle Aluminum Bronze Plate C-51000 Bronze C-18000Phoshpor Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-11000 (C110 CU-ETP) C -65500 Silicon Bronze hining BrassCopper C-62400 Bronze C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-18200 Chromium Copper C-46400 Naval Aluminum Brass 00 Tellurium C-10100 OFHC C-62400 Aluminum Bronze Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate C-14500 Tellurium Copper C-65500 Silicon Bronze C-67500C-51000 Manganese Bronze C-36000 Free Machining Brass Phoshpor Bronze C-11000 (C110 CU-ETP) C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze 00 Beryllium Copper C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-17200 Beryllium Copper C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-62400 Aluminum Bronze C-14500 Tellurium Copper C-63020 Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-63020 Aluminum C-46400 Naval Brass C-46400 Naval Brass Bronze 00 Copper Nickle Silicon C-18000 Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze Nickle C-10100 OFHC C-17200Chromium Beryllium Copper C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze C-64200 Aluminum Bronze C-63020 NickleSilicon Aluminum Bronze Silicon C-11000 (C110 CU-ETP) C-64200 Aluminum Bronze C-18000 Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon C-18200 Chromium Copper C-86300 Mangunese Bronze 00 Copper C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze TP)Chromium C-89835 Lead FreeBronze Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) C-62400 Aluminum Bronze C-64200 Silicon AluminumCBronze C-14500 Tellurium Copper C-18200 Chromium Copper -65500 Silicon Bronze C-36000 Brass C -65500 Silicon Bronze C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze 00 Free Machining BrassFree Machining C-89835 Lead Free Bronze Bronze CAluminum -65500 Silicon Bronze C-17200 Beryllium Copper C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-36000 Free Machining Brass C-62400 Copper C-67500 Manganese C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-63020 NickleBronze Aluminum Bronze C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-18000 Copper Chromium Nickle Silicon C-93200 C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze C-95510 (SAE660) Nickle C-95510 Alumninum NickleBronze AlumninumBronze Bronze Copper C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-18200 Chromium Copper SAE841Oilite Oilite C-65500 Silicon Bronze SAE841 C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-86300 Mangunese C-95400 AluminumBronze Bronze C-36000 Free Machining Brass Nickle Aluminum Bronze romium Nickle Silicon C-63020 C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Copper C-89835 Lead(SAE660) Free Bronze C-93200 Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze SAE841 Oilite C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-65500 Silicon Bronze ining Brass C-93200 Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-89835 Lead Free(SAE660) Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-67500 Manganese Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Service C-93200 Cast Bronze Your One Stop SAE841 Oilite C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze Center C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze SAE841 Oilite SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Oilite Custom Machined Bushings SAE841 Oilite C-86300 Mangunese Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Chrome Plated Bars

Cast Bronze Bar

Nickel Silicon C-63020 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Cast Bronze Bar C-46400 Naval Brass C-65500 Silicon Bronze Copper Alloys Cast Bronze Bar C-11000 (C110 CU - ETP) C-51000 Phoshpor Bronze Copper Alloys C-14500 Tellurium Copper C-62400 Aluminum Bronze C-86300 Mangunese C-17200 Beryllium Copper C-63000 Nickle Aluminum Bronze Bronze C-18200 Chromium Copper C-36000 Free Machining Brass C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Bronze C-95510 Nickel Bushings SAME DAYAluminum SHIPPING Bronze Bronze Bronze SAE841 Oilite

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Bronze Bushings

Cast Bronze Bar

Tubes • Solid • Wear Plate “Retail sales are up, and sectors such as transportation, logistics, warehousing, and construction are performing well,” Arora Is Additive Ready to Fuelextremely the Smart added. “Right now, business owners are confident in the future of their Factory? firms. August is typically a slow month for loan volume, but that wasn’t the case this year.” One year after assuming the leadership role at EOS, CEO Marie Langer C-86300 Mangunese Bronze discusses loan the additive industry’s smart future. By: Peter Fretty C-89835 Lead Freerose Bronze at regional and community banks as Business approval rates C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze

C-95400 Aluminum Bronzepercent of the funding requests they well. Small banks granted 49.8 Nickle Alumninum Bronze When Dr. Hans C-95510 Langer founded EOS in 1989, it was with a pioneering SAE841 Oilite from July. It represents the highest received in August, up one-tenth spirit and sheer determination to shake up how manufacturers worldwide figure for small banks since November 2014. would approach the often-frustrating prototyping process. In the 30 years


since, company has celebrated numerous firsts including becoming Yourthe One Stop Service Center funds Institutional lenders — pension and insurance companies — the world’s first provider of stereolithography and laser sintering systems. SAME DAY SHIPPING remained unchanged at an Index record 64.9 percent, up one-tenth of Chrome Plated Bars Your One Stop Service Center BronzeSAME DAY Brushings 75K-100K - Induction Hardenedfigure. SAME DAY SHIPPING Bushings a percent from July’s SHIPPING Bushings BronzeSpecial Oil Grooves SAME SHIPPING (in-house) DAY C-89835 BronzeBushings Lead Free Bronze Standard & MetricMarie Sizes Your One Stop Service Center DAY SHIPPING When his daughter, Langer, accepted the challenge and commitment SAME C-93200Center (SAE660) Bronze Your SAME One Stop Cut to Length Bushings Your DAYService SHIPPING One Stop Service Center Chrome Plated Bars C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-93200 Cast BronzeBushings Your One Stop Service Center Your One Stop Service Center to become CEO of EOS almost exactly one year rose ago, she continued to SAME DAY SHIPPING Chrome Plated Bars Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Loan approval rates among alternative lenders to 56.6 percent, SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Chrome Plated Bars Cast Iron Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Your One Stop Service Center ast Bronze SAE841 Oilite Custom Machined Bushings carry forthofaCutsimilar passion, with straight vision forward. Chrome Plated Bars 75k-100k - Induction Hardened Standard and Metric Sizes Length wder Metal Bearings Cast Iron Chrome Plated Bars Chrome Plated Bars one-tenth aTopercent higherarmed than in thea previous month. Bronze

Bronze Bronze Bushings Custom Machined Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings C-93200 Cast Bronze Custom Machined Bushings SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length

C-93200 Cast Bronze Special Oil Grooves (in-house) C-93200 Cast Bronze SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Gray Iron Class 40 SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined BushingsDuctile Iron Custom Machined Bushings 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Cast Bronze Solids • Tubes • Plates Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

Special Oil Grooves (in-house)

achined C-93200Bushings Grooves (in-house) SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings

75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Metric Sizes Cut to Length

75K-100K - Induction Hardened Standard & Sizes Metric Sizes Standard and Metric Cut To Length Cut to Length

75K-100K - Induction Hardened Stainless Steel Standard &- Induction Metric Sizes 75K-100K Hardened

Standard & Metric Sizes NEW - Induction 75K-100K Hardened Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Gray Iron Class 40 Cut to Length Standard & Tubing MetricCast Sizes Tubes Centrifugally Pre-Honed Cylinder

Cast IronBushings Cast Iron

Cast Iron

Custom Machined Gray Iron Class 40 Bushings Ductile Special OilIron Grooves (in-house) Class 40 IronIron Class 40 65-45-12Gray •Gray 80-55-06 Solids • Tubes • Plates Ductile Iron Iron Gray Iron Class 40 Ductile 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Ductile Iron 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 65-45-12• 80-55-06 Gray Iron Class 40 Solids • Tubes • Plates • Tubes • Plates st Bronze Solids

Cut to Length Chrome Plated Bars

SAME DAY SHIPPING Stainless Steel vision is that EOS stays at the cutting edge of industrial 3D Langer’s

Standard & Metric Ductile Iron Cut toSizes Length 300 - 400 Series and Metric Sizes Cut To Length 75K-100K - Induction CutHardened to Length Pre-HonedStandard Cylinder Tubing 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 Standard Metric Sizes Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To&Length StainlessSolids Steel • Tubes • Plates Aluminum 6061-T6511 Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length

Alternative lenders have become a source of quick capital. When small Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Your One Stop Service NEW Center Centrifugally Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing ADDITIONAL Tubesand that the company makes a sustainable contribution Cut to Length Centrifugally CastStainless Tubes printingCast technology Standard &Cylinder Metric Cut Standard Sizes and Steel Metric Sizesto Cut Length To Length Cast Iron business owners, alternative lenders could approve riskier loans via 300 - 400 Series Pre-Honed Tubing MATERIALS Stainless Steel NEW NEWStandard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes ron Available Upon Request towards solving the huge challenges facing theflexibility industry than today.theBeyond Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Solids Tubes • Plates Ductile •Iron innovations in fintech, which give them more banks wder Metal Bearings AluminumStainless 6061-T6511 Steel Chrome Plated Bars Metal Steel 300 - 400Free SeriesAnti Seize 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 ADDITIONAL Standard and Metric Sizes CutDepac To Length ast Iron NEW Aluminum 6061-T6511 chined Bushings 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Solids • Tubes • Plates 75K-100K - Induction Hardened driving economic growth, she wants EOS technology to provide positive ADDITIONAL Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562Aluminum 6061-T6511 to adjust Round ratesBar -and covenants on the deals. This includes an ability to Iron Class(in-house) 40 MATERIALS Grooves Up To 12” Standard & 300 Metric ADDITIONAL Stainless - 400Sizes Series ADDITIONAL Steel Local: (801) 978-0562 le Iron 06 300-400 Series Rectangles, Squaresand and Plates Aluminum Available Upon Request NEW Cut to6061-T6511 Length environmental social benefits. are leaders in this space, making ADDITIONAL Stainless Steel Fax: (801) 978-0623 MATERIALS 5-12 • 80-55-06 MATERIALS accept non-conventional sources “We of collateral, such as real estate and ates Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Round Bar Up To 12” NEWCentrifugally MATERIALS www.westernstatesmetals.comCast Tubes s • Tubes • Plates 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Rectangles, Squares and Plates Aluminum 6061-T6511 Available Upon Request Centrifugally Cast Tubes industrial 3d printing mainstream, and sustainable,” she says. “It’s not only ADDITIONAL 300Round - 400 Series MATERIALS Available Upon Request Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Bar Up To 12” outstanding invoices (h/t Forbes). Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Round Bar Up to 12” 300 - 400 Series Available Upon Request Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, Squares and Plates 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Metal Free Anti at Seize Standard and Metric Sizes Cut Rectangles, To Length MATERIALS Available Request on about sustainability its core, but also connecting it with the smart factory. Squares and Plates Depac Fax: (801) 978-0623UponToll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Can be used at high pressures and temperatures 798Metal W 1700 SFree SLC, UT 84104 www.westernstatesmetals.com Local: (801) 978-0562 Depac Anti Seize Available Upon Request Aluminum 6061-T6511 from -60°F up to 2500°F Aluminum 6061-T6511 Our technology is crucial to enabling smart factories to work in the future Can be used at (800) high pressures and temperatures Fax: ADDITIONAL Toll-Free: 378-0562 798UT W 1700 S (801) SLC,978-0623 UT 84104 798 W 1700 S, SLC, 84104 Free Anti Seize DepacDepac Metal Free Round Bar UpAnti To 12”Seize RoundMetal Bar -- Up To 12” Credit unions approved 40.2 percent of loan applications in August, from -60°F up to 2500°F www.westernstatesmetals.com Cast Iron


Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

300 - 400 Series

300 - 400 Series

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F


Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

Stainless Steel Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, Squares and Plates Can be used at high pressure and temps from -60o F up to 2500 oF Fax: (801) 978-0623 Centrifugally Cast Tubes Can be used at Squares high pressures and temperatures Rectangles, and Plates from -60°F up to 2500°F

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104

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Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562

Local: (801) 978-0562 Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623 Available Request ailable UponUpon Request

300 - 400 Series www.westernstatesmetals.com

Fax: (801) 978-0623 Fax: (801) 978-0623 www.westernstatesmetals.com DepacMetal MetalFree Free Anti Depac AntiSeize Seize

798 W 1700 S SLC, UTwww.westernstatesmetals.com 84104 Aluminum 6061-T6511 DDITIONAL Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 38 • Sept / Oct 2018 Local: (801) 978-0562 ATERIALS www.westernstatesmetals.com

798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562


Can be used at high pressures and temperatures Can be used at high pressures and temperatures from -60°F up to 2500°F

from -60°F up to 2500°F Round Bar - Up To 12” Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623

Fax: (801) 978-0623

ailable www.westernstatesmetals.com Uponwww.westernstatesmetals.com Request 798 W 1700 S SLC, UT 84104

October Rocky Mtn 2018.indd 38 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562

Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Can be used at high pressures and temperatures

from -60°F up to 2500°F Tempe, AZ • 480.967.2501


Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623


• AS9100 Revision D Certified • Full Service Machine Shop • Mechanical Instrumentation • Specializing in R&D, Light Assembly, Sensors • Thermocouple Manufacturing

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LASER WELDING With Our Miyachi Amada (500 Watt 4 axis CNC )

by pushing distributed production much further. a slight drop of one-tenth of a percent from July and a large drop from their all-time high of 57.9 percent in March 2012. By Anthony However, unlike her father, Marie comes from a psychology background Noto – Reporter, New York Business Journal rather than a pure technology focus. Understandably, her skillset affords her an understanding of human behavior enabling her to approach the leadership role from a more strategic angle.

Still, having grown up with the technology, Langer is no stranger12/21/18 to the10:14 AM mystic surrounding additive manufacturing. “Additive has a lot of rumors, frustration and of course a lot of magic.To really grow additive and realize its potential starts with working on the industrialization of this technology,” she says. “Of course, that means having sustainability in processes, solid connections on the digital level and the constantly working to improve usability of additive systems.” Like any maturing technology, 3D printing has enjoyed the benefits of having a lot of early adopters, and innovators who really wanted to understand how the technology could work. This led to significant usage within rapid prototyping as well as establishing a necessary foothold within academia and R&D centers. Of course, moving that momentum to mainstream production environments requires a different level of engineering and, quite frankly, user education. “When Covid-19 entered the global stage, it brought attention to the whole topic of flexible production and dynamic supply chains,” she says. “And as global supply chains collapsed, c-level leaders and companies realized the need to prepare for a world with more localized production as well, not either/or, but as well.” At least initially, EOS saw more interest in its technology, primarily in polymer, because it enabled companies to produce critical PPE parts to address the immediate medical demands. “The pandemic helped many manufacturers realize the technology’s potential in a very intense way,”


60 • Nov / Dec 2020

she says. “I was excited we could provide technology that could help in a very dire situation.”


Local Machining Cuts Your Costs

Covid-19 also opened the door for more collaboration within the industry. “It always helps to have a common enemy – making it much easier to open up and collaborate,” she says. “You start to discuss more and to try to understand how as a group you can be more influential. I’m a strong believer in collaboration and cocreation.”

Cut your machining and transportation costs by using IPE Aerospace, an Arizona company. IPE Aerospace can machine high-tolerance components and provide limited run production parts. High Tolerance CNC Milling CNC Lathe Work CMM Technology Rapid Turnaround

Of course, additive manufacturing has not been immune to the downsides of the pandemic. After all, the global economy is down significantly, which translates to a noticeable dip in capital investments. “Many investment decisions are in limbo just because no one knows what the new normal will be. Our technology can be a solution for this kind of environment,” she says. “If people learn the technology, they can be better prepared for the next crisis by enabling companies switch to more localized production.” Perhaps the greatest opportunity for additive comes when looking at the technology’s potential role within the smart factories of tomorrow, especially considering the trend of mass customization as well as a strengthened reliance on data and digital technologies. “We see the potential to be a core platform provider, from a manufacturing point of view, and really position ourselves at the center of the modern factory,” she says. “We are moving from being additive pioneers to digital manufacturing champions. It is a true mindset shift.” As part of building the digital value chain, EOS has invested heavily in connectivity in recent years. Langer also see business models shifting to pay-per-use and remote service offerings making it much easier to operate in this space. Of course, as business models shift and manufacturers gain a better understanding of how smart manufacturing can work, the transition will also face significant hurdles when it comes to using data. “Not everyone will want to share data,” she says. “However, collecting all this data and aggregating it with machine learning and

Local Arizona Company One Source Responsibility IPE Aerospace can simplify and shorten production cycles and produce precision machined components for your needs. Contact us today or visit our website.


480 967. 3265 800 789. 0074 Toll Free www.ipeaerospace.com

AI to make sure that we build on existing capabilities. Data will also help us offer much better products to our customers including software upgrades to improve production efficiency.” The biggest challenge facing EOS is same one facing the entire industry. Simply put: How does additive reach that next level? Manufacturers are very focused on cost improvements. And, often the cost per part metric is the entry point in convincing companies to invest in additive technology. Unfortunately, as long as additive struggles to reach an attractive cost per part, providing production-based manufacturers with a competitive advantage will remain a challenge.

02/16/10 This is an important metric for the mainstream user,A2Z and Langer sees the it as an opportunity to continue Metalworker pushing additive capability. “It’s really ensuring that this technology is making -a step forward becoming 1/3 page square 5 3/8 x 5and 3/8" a mainstream production process,” she says. “That is the biggest challenge additive has to master. Our goal is to be the company that masters it first.”

As Langer guides EOS into the smart future, she firmly believes in embracing a distributed leadership style, ultimately empowering experts to move the technology forward. As part of a distributed leadership style, she also believes in teamwork with clear responsibilities and accountability. “It is about empowering and really helping employees grow,” she says. “What I have learned over the last year is that I am able to process, quite fast because I love and embrace change. Being a leader requires communicating carefully, thoughtfully and with transparency.” Even in a distributed leadership environment, people still want to look to one person for direction – and Langer is okay with being that person. “I want everyone to be involved, while still providing clarity from the top. Even if everyone wants to sit on the leadership team, very few people have the guts to take a position to drive the company forward,” she says. “You have to be tough with decisions, while still showing empathy and even vulnerability.” Success is about finding the right mixture of those qualities. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

61 • Nov / Dec


Lori Glaze, the director of NASA’s planetary science division, said. “They can provide valuable information about how the planets—including our own—came to be.”

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Daring NASA Mission Touches Asteroid, Awaits Confirmation Of Scooped Sample In one of the most ambitious games of tag in human history, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has successfully reached out and touched Bennu, a tiny, top-shaped asteroid that’s been spinning through the solar system for a billion years. If all went according to plan, the spacecraft scooped up a bit of material during its brief moment of contact and departed seconds later with precious cargo: rocks and dust dating back to the solar system’s birth. Confirmation of a successful sample will take days, but even now, the team knows that the spacecraft touched down on Bennu’s surface within 2.5 feet of its target. “We’re safely moving away from the asteroid’s surface,” said University of Arizona planetary scientist Dante Lauretta, the principal investigator of OSIRIS-REx, after the team confirmed the spacecraft’s sample collection mechanism activated. “We did it, we tagged the surface of an asteroid.” OSIRIS-REx could bring back more material from another world than any other robotic mission, with only the Apollo moon landings collecting more extraterrestrial rock and dust. If OSIRIS-REx has successfully collected enough of a sample, the spacecraft will depart Bennu in March 2021, reaching Earth two and a half years later to eject the filled capsule, which will parachute to the deserts of Utah for collection and study. OSIRIS-REx stands to provide a wealth of insight into Bennu’s history, and perhaps help scientists better understand the origins of water and life on Earth. “Asteroids are like time capsules floating in space that can provide a fossil record for the birth of our solar system,” A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

62 • Nov / Dec 2020

Getting to Bennu has been a hard, 16-year journey for the mission team.Though the mission was first conceived in 2004, NASA didn’t formally select it to fly until May 2011. Mere months later, OSIRIS-REx’s original leader, University of Arizona planetary scientist Mike Drake, died after a prolonged illness following liver failure. University of Arizona planetary scientist Dante Lauretta, Drake’s deputy, stepped into the role left by his mentor, and the mission has been carried out in Drake’s memory. To safely reach the Nightingale sampling site on Bennu, the OSIRISREx team had to map the area’s surface hazards. Green regions are hazard-free. After launching on September 8, 2016, OSIRIS-REx traveled tens of millions of miles to arrive at Bennu in December 2018. Bennu is the smallest celestial body a spacecraft has ever orbited: a mere rubble pile less than 1,700 feet wide on average, barely held together by its own feeble gravity. In such tenuous conditions, even the subtlest forces can nudge OSIRIS-REx out of whack, such as the pressure of sunlight pushing against the spacecraft. As a result, the OSIRIS-REx team has had to model the spacecraft’s behavior and check its orbit to an unprecedented degree. Without regular corrections, errors in OSIRISREx’s trajectory would add up quickly, eventually leaving researchers without an accurate sense of where the spacecraft is at any given time. “We’ve set the world records for smallest orbit achieved and smallest body orbited, and there’s a reason that people haven’t done this before—it’s very difficult,” says Lockheed Martin’s Olivia Billet, a systems engineer on OSIRIS-REx. “It’s a whole new way to operate.”

$100M Expansion At NXP Semiconductor In Chandler Now Operational A $100 million expansion at NXP Semiconductor’s facility in Chandler to manufacture 5G cellphone network transistors and RF power amplifiers is now operational. Some 100 employees were hired to work on gallium nitride (GaN) fabrication — a more power-efficient alternative to silicon — that produces 6-inch wafer size transistors and RF power amplifiers that can be installed into cellular towers to expand 5G networks, according to the company. About 250 employers work on GaN in manufacturing and research and development adjacent to the silicon fabrication facility in Chandler. Netherlands-based NXP Semiconductors NV is calling the new production line the most advanced one dedicated to 5G transistors and RF power amplifiers in the United States. NXP made the decision about three years ago to bring the production of GaN in-house and build it in Chandler next door to the research and development teams, said Paul Hart, executive vice president and general manager of Business Line Radio Power for NXP Semiconductors. “(Chandler) is where the talent was within the company for compound semiconductor manufacturing and had access to a large engineering work pool in the Phoenix area,” he said. A ceremony including NXP CEO Kurt Sievers, Gov. Doug Ducey and other NXP executives to officially unveil the expansion will be streamed online beginning at 8 a.m. on Sept. 29. NXP has had GaN products in the market for the last six years, but the market is quickly accelerating due to the proliferation of 5G-capable phones, Hart said. GaN provides better efficiency and performance overall as the number of cellphone frequencies has proliferated, he said. The technology is helping to reduce the size and power consumption of base stations, more commonly known as cell towers. GaN production will begin next month in Chandler, he said. By the end of the year, the fabrication will be at full scale for the company’s initial phase. “We continue to expand over the course of 2021, and by the end of next year our vision is that this site is capable of sourcing up to half of the total global market for GaN if our market share continues to expand the way we modeled,” Hart said. More employees will be hired as the production ramps up, he said, but he was unable to provide a specific estimate. NXP currently has at least 16 open positions for a variety of engineers at its Chandler facility, according its website. At its Chandler wafer fabrication facility, NXP Semiconductor employs about 1,500 in manufacturing, research and development, marketing and other operations. More than half of the employees are working from home during the pandemic. Only the manufacturing employees are working on-site. By Erin Edgemon – Phoenix Business Journal

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› MILͲAͲ8625 (clear, dyes & hard coat) 

Type II, TYPE IIB, & Type III , CL 1 & CL 2 

ANODIZE:  › AMSͲ2471 (Clear)

› AMSͲ2469 (Hard)

› MILͲAͲ8625 › AMSͲ2472 (Dyed)

(480) 355Ͳ0911

 CHEMFILM……………………………..……...75.00 CLEAR ANODIZE………………………..…...85.00


BLACK ANODIZE…………………...………..95.00 BLUE, GOLD, RED, GREEN……………..120.00

 (clear, dyes & hard BLACKcoat) HARDCOAT…………………...…..130.00


OXIDE……………………………..…..45.00 CHEMFILM:  II, TYPE IIB, & Type BLACK  Type III , CL 1 & CL 2 

CLEAR AͲ2 BLACK OXIDE………………………..….60.00

› AMSͲ2473

› AMSͲ2469 (Hard) BLACK OXIDE:  › AMSͲ2485 › AMSͲ2471 (Clear) PASSIVATION: › AMSͲ2472 (Dyed)


BLUE, PASSIVATE (300 SERIES)………………....95.00



POWDER COATING……………………….100.00


BLACK CERTS…………………………………………....35.00 

› TTͲCͲ490 Type 1

› AMSͲ2473






BLACK OXIDE:  › AAMA 2604 and 2605 › MILͲPRFͲ32348 Type 3 Class 1

BLACK OXIDE CAST………………….……..45.00

PASSIVATE (400 SERIES)…………….....105.00

› AMSͲ2700 & ASTM A 967




› AMSͲ2485


SS BLACK OXIDE………………………….....90.00








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› AAMA 2604 and 2605



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BUSINESS ISO9001:20 CMMC SMALL Over 50 years of manufacturing precision sheet metal and machined products WWW.THEFALCONCORP.COM I INFO@THEFALCONCORP.COM I CAGE COD 7665 EAST VELOCITY WAY SUITE 117 MESA AZ 85212

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Hardware delivered on time, in a cost-effective manner 602.273.7114 nelsonengineering.com FAA Repair Station N4ER838N A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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Tesla Outlines Ambition To Halve Cost Of Batteries Elon Musk laid out ambitious technical plans that he claimed would cut the cost of Tesla’s batteries by more than half and put the company on course to make an electric car priced at $25,000, on par with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, in about three years. The closely watched battery plans included a deeper level of vertical integration that will take the electric car maker into all stages of manufacturing its batteries, including processing the raw materials and even buying lithium deposits still in the ground. The unveiling of the plans followed months of anticipation among Tesla’s growing army of stock market bulls, fed by Mr Musk’s promises of groundbreaking advances. Wall Street analysts and battery experts largely applauded the battery plans, though views differed on how significant the developments would be in enabling Tesla to maintain its long-running advantage over rivals in terms of efficiency and cost. “It’s insane innovation,” said Pierre Ferragu, an analyst at New Street Research. “They’re demonstrating they’ve got a path to maintain their lead for the next decade.” Tesla was so confident others could not catch up that it had taken the unusual step of being completely open about its technical plans, he added.

Gladhill Associates International Tesla already makes the battery packs for its vehicles, and Gladhill Associates International

Mr Musk outlined a plan to go deeper into the technology by also making its own Training - Consulting - Auditing TRAINING - CONSULTING - AUDITING cells — the basic units in batteries which are packaged together in large On-Line — Public — Customized Lead Exemplar Global On-Line/ Public Certifi ed Lead numbers to create the final product. ISO 9001/14001 RABQSA Certified Online/ Auditor Auditor Courses Courses Public Auditor Courses Though it will still buy cells from its supplier Panasonic, Mr Musk said ISO 9001 - ISO 14001Lead - AS 9100 - ISO 22000 the need for huge volumes of cells and the necessity of slashing their costs 18001 Public -OHSAS In-House/Customized Courses had forced Tesla to also design and make its own. Additional On-Line Training Courses

AS9100 RABQSA & AS9110 RABQSA “We’re not getting into the cell business for the hell of it; it’s because it’s

Internal Audits - Human Factors - Corrective/Preventative Accredited Lead Auditor Action - Process Mapping - Management Overviews - Six Sigma - Documentation Implementation - And Much *ISO 9001 -/*ISO 14001 / *ISO More

the fundamental constraint,” Mr Musk said. He said Tesla would consider selling its cells to other battery makers in future, though only when it 9100 was able to produce more than it needed.

*ISO/TS 16949 /*OHSAS 18001 & For More Information Our Website/Call/E-Mail Us: *ISO Visit 17025 Internal Auditing Tesla said it had designed new manufacturing techniques for its cells, modelled on bottling plants and paper mills, that would increase the (* Denotes On-Line and Public Courses Available)


output of its production lines seven-fold, reducing the capital needed to build new capacity as it expands.

Certified Online Training!However, Mr Musk warned the company still faced big hurdles as it tried 719-495-9021 1-719-495-8045 623-939-4412 1-623-939-4412

to scale up the new manufacturing techniques. One important process brodish@gladhillassociates.com Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action — a method of making anodes called “dry coating”, which removes the admin@gladhillassociates.com Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation time-consuming and expensive need to dry the components in giant ovens Documentation - Management Overviews A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 64 • Nov / Dec 2020 ISO/AS Software Modules 2

— was still having teething problems a year afterTesla acquired it, he said. Techniques that Tesla had been working on for years had contributed to many of the advances outlined on Tuesday, and underlined how hard it would be for other car companies to catch up, Mr Ferragu said. These included a method for charging new batteries, and a new way of building a car by casting it in three parts, with the two ends joined by a battery pack acting as a structural element in the middle of the vehicle. Richard Waters – Financial Times

Honeywell Acquires Ballard Unmanned Systems To Grow Unmanned Aerial Systems Business Honeywell International Inc. has acquired assets from privately held Ballard Unmanned Systems as it grows its unmanned aerial systems business. Ballard Unmanned Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southborough, Mass.-based Ballard Power Systems Inc., designs and produces stored-hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems that power unmanned aerial systems such as those used for energy inspection, cargo delivery, and other commercial and defense applications. “Adding Ballard Unmanned Systems to the Honeywell family is another example of our commitment to invest in the growing UAS segment,” Mike Madsen, president and CEO at Honeywell Aerospace, which is based in Phoenix, said in a news release. “We can now begin producing top-quality, scalable power systems for our UAS customers and eventually adapt these systems for other future aerospace, defense and adjacent segment applications.” Fuel cells “function much like traditional batteries but with a key difference: They don’t run out of power or need to be recharged.” Ballard Unmanned Systems’ fuel cell power systems can run up to three times longer than batteries. What’s more, UAS powered by fuel cells “can fly longer distances, are quiet and have zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

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As part of the deal, Honeywell will own intellectual property, inventory and equipment. The fuel-cell team will also join the company as part of the acquisition. Honeywell intends to introduce a family of fuel cell power systems for various UAS vehicles. Honeywell is also collaborating with Ballard Power Systems on broader aviation applications. Honeywell announced earlier this year the launch of its new division dedicated to drone systems and urban air mobility. The unit, based in Phoenix along with Honeywell Aerospace, will use the company’s software, services, engineering, sales and certification expertise and will integrate other Honeywell products and services into its mission. Honeywell International Inc., with $37 billion in annual revenue, relocated its headquarters to Charlotte from New Jersey in 2019. — This story is from the North Carolina Business News Wire, a service of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism

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Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned Galaxy International Certifies To AS9110 With The Help Of Consulting Group BMSC Galaxy International, an FAA 145 Certified Repair Station, is proud to announce that it recently added AS9110 Certification to its credentials. The company, celebrating 20 years in business, used the initial slowdown in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to institute many new upgrades to the business. In addition to certification, the company also is in the process of opening a branch in Miami, Florida, where they will repair landing gear. Galaxy International founder and owner Joe Arismendez was an employee for a Fortune 500 company for almost as long as he has run his own business. “At a large company, you do the same thing over and over; in our small business everyone wears many hats.” Joe worked in many different positions at a company well known in the valley though it went through several changes in name and ownership – first Garrett Aviation, then Allied Signal, and then finally Honeywell. Joe says, “For about a decade before I left, I dreamed of owning my own business.” And so in 2000, when Joe’s employer became Honeywell, Joe took the step of business ownership. He established Galaxy International to provide maintenance, repair, inspection, and overhaul of aircraft parts. Joe knew this business well, as he had decades of experience with his previous employer and he had seen how small businesses throughout the world fit into this business as a supplier to Honeywell. As most new business owners start, Galaxy International launched at Joe’s house, actually on his back porch, with just 2 employees, Joe and one other. Today, the company has 20 employees, and resides in a 15,000 square foot facility, in Goodyear, Arizona. It has a daunting list of parts it is approved to manufacture on its website – the list is 24 pages long. The company differentiates itself from many of its competitors in its ability to test the parts they overhaul. Joe says, “Turn time is a critical for our customers (who often don’t keep inventory of parts).To shorten the time it takes us to ship the part to our customers, we employ Journeyman Tool and Die makers who make the tooling necessary to test the parts.” The company also recently purchased a test stand for flight controls, and they expanded their machine shop, also in an effort to bring more tasks in-house. Joe says, “Our goal here is not only to cut turn time, but also to lower the costs to our customers.” By necessity, the company has long been an approved FAA 145 Certified Repair Station (FAA G0XR924Y, EASA.145.5645). The term Repair Station refers to a maintenance facility that has a certificate issued by the FAA underTitle 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 145 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

66 • Nov / Dec 2020

and is engaged in the maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products. FAA rules are specific on who can perform maintenance and approve an aircraft, airframe, engines, etc., for return to service after maintenance has been performed. Joe says, “To take the company to the next level, I knew that our company and our customers would benefit from AS9110 certification. There was never a question that once we took the step to certify, we would contract with Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC.” Joe has known Bretta for several years, and even worked with her on certifying at another company. Joe says, “Nabil Abduljawad, our Chief Inspector, was our team member who drove the certification efforts internally once we engaged with Bretta and her colleague, Debbie Hart.” Nabil came to Galaxy International with years of experience in the aviation industry, many with International airlines, including in Saudi Arabia. Nabil says, “Our customers are both domestic and global.We knew that certifying to AS9110 would allow us to increase our offerings to our current customers as well as bring on new customers.” AS9110 is the standard for repair stations and is based on AS9100 but adds specific requirements that are critical for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts.This standard is intended for use by organizations whose primary business is providing maintenance or continuing airworthiness management services for civil or military aviation articles and products and by original equipment manufacturers with maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations that are operated autonomously. Nabil and Joe agree that the process to certify to AS9110 is more complex than the process to certify as an FAA 145 Repair Station. “That being said, through Bretta and Debbie at BMSC, we went from start to finish (certification) in ~2 months”, he adds. Joe says, “I think this was one of the quickest AS9110 certifications that BMSC ever did!” Nabil says, “Bretta and Debbie did an outstanding job as our AS9110 consultants. Joe and I would recommend them to anybody – they are both flexible and hardworking. It is very common to receive emails from them at 9 pm.” Joe adds, “They are extremely devoted to their customers, and they are incredibly knowledgeable about certification, particularly for small businesses like ours. They have a gift of making it less complex and they work to take the processes we have in place and work from there.” To learn more about how Galaxy International can help your business, contact them at: (623) 882-2783 or visit Galaxyinternational.com Are You Ready To Implement ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, AS9110C or AS9120B or simplify your current Quality Management System? BMSC owner Bretta Kelly has 20 plus years’ experience implementing and auditing quality management systems for commercial and aerospace companies. Call (602) 445-9400 or visit BusinessMSC.com to learn more.

OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE. UNPARALLELED PRODUCTIVITY. Experience the full potential of simultaneous 5-axis with the MU-5000V

Built with the highest quality craftsmanship, the MU-5000V 5-axis vertical machining center achieves high efficiency and productivity in 5-axis,multisided machining. This process-intensive machine includes features such as: • • • • • •

Multifunction platform in 5-axis machine center and optional turning capabilities High-speed, high-accuracy trunnion table Easily adaptable for APC, automation, or FMS Highly rigid double-column structure Thermo-friendly concept for improved accuracy Okuma’s OSP control functions including 5-axis auto tuning


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Hurco Introduces Practical Job Shop Automation for High-Mix Manufacturing Hurco has developed a streamlined automation package for highmix manufacturing by partnering with ProCobots to make job shop automation practical, which means the automation packages are flexible, easy to program, and easy to move to other Hurco machines without the need for customers to call an integrator each time they need to make a change. Hurco is able to provide seamless integration of automation to Hurco CNC machines due to the development of the Automation Manager control feature. This intuitive control feature includes a setup wizard, job and queue progress bars, a graphical interface between the collaborative robot (cobot) and the CNC machine to facilitate an easy setup process for each job, the ability to run multiple jobs sequentially, and the ability to load and save job sets.

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We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

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A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 68 • Nov / Dec 2020 Boom’s internal studies suggest a demand for as many as 1,800  commercial supersonic aircraft by 2035. But aviation analyst Rich‑ 2

“Hurco was founded on the idea that technology should be easy to 3learn Phoenix Businesses Make ‘Forbes’ Best Small and easy to use and our products and technologies should help Companies job shops be moreList productive and more profitable. We always strive to make sure technology empowers the operator and eliminates The business publication listed Grand Canyon Education Inc., as the bottlenecks.” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for Hurco seventh best small company, while Cavco Industries Inc. came in at No. Companies, Inc. Foods Inc. was 33rd. 13 and Inventure “We know the the struggles experienced Forbes ranked 100 bestshops smallhave companies that hadwith beentraditional publicly automation, especially when it’sannual timerevenue for program or a traded for at least a year, generated betweenchanges $5 million machine transfer. That’s we price formed partnership ProCobots and $1 billion, and had why a stock noalower than $5with a share. The to create were a completely job shop automation system rankings based on integrated earnings growth, sales growth and returnthat on is portable, reliable, easyand to over set up, to program, and affordable. The equity in the past year fiveeasy years. Stock performance over the last year alsoJob wasManager factored into the ranking. Automation software feature on the Hurco control was created specifically for job shops and the machinists who find ways From Oct. 1, 2013, to chaos Oct. 1,of2014, Grandmanufacturing,” Canyon’s sales were to bring order to the high-mix said $641 Smith. million. The for-profit Christian university posted sales growth of 28 percent andtoearnings per share growthofofProCobots, 54 percent “With over the past According Brian Knopp, president compact five years. that don’t require intrusive safety fencing, the UR footprints

collaborative we use work With Cavco broughtrobots in $539that million for the yearsafely endedwith Oct.machinists. 1. The factorythe Practical Job Shop Automation Packages Hurco has put together, built home manufacturer reported earnings per share growth of 88 machinists onbut theonly high-value skills they contribute percent overare theable pastto fivefocus years, a 4 percent increase in return to each job and let the cobots do the monotonous, lower-skilled on equity for that period. tasks, while also being empowered to own the automation process.” Inventure posted $253 million in sales for the past year. The specialty The Practical Job Shop posted Automation food marketer and manufacturer 14 percent products sales growth, and 19 technologies are backed byandHurco with automation percent growth in earnings per share a 12 percent return on equity packages at $49,900. Visit Hurco.com/Automation over the paststarting five years.Source: Phoenix Business Journal to learn more.

CPI Fell 0.3% In November, “The Most Since December 2008

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expects to begin construction in 2021 and hire 35 people before proceeding with development in Chihuahua, the release said. T h e S a n t a Te re s a / S a n Je ro n i m o international border crossing is “the future of the border region,” Xxentria Chairman and CEO Howard Chen said in the news release. “The State of New Mexico has a probusiness climate and is aggressively attracting manufacturing companies like ours,” Chen said in a prepared statement. “Many of our key suppliers will also follow us and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with the state of New Mexico.” The New Mexico Partnership is assisting the company with technical advice, while the state’s Economic Development Department has tentatively pledged $750,000 in Local Economic Development Act incentives, the news release said. LEDA funding is typically granted to local governments to aid expanding or relocating businesses.

Global Manufacturer Announces Plans For Southern NM Facilities A manufacturer with operations in Taiwan, New Jersey and California plans to open an office in Santa Teresa and build a manufacturing and distribution facility on land it has purchased. Xxentria Technology Materials Company Ltd., a manufacturer of galvanized steel and aluminum composite panels for transportation and architecture industries, also plans to locate production operations in Chihuahua, Mexico, according to a New Mexico Economic Development Department news release.

Xxentria’s decision to locate along the New Mexico-Chihuahua border came as a result of a 2019 trade mission to Taiwan attended by New Mexico Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes, Dominic Gabello from New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office and Alejandra De la Vega-Foster, the secretary of innovation and economic d eve l o p m e n t f r o m t h e s t at e o f Chihuahua, Mexico. Manufacturing is an industry the Lujan Grisham administration said it wanted to target, and offer incentives like LEDA.

Xxentria will utilize the Santa Teresa/San Jeronimo international border crossing, which connects the 70,000-acre bi-national community known as “Los Santos” as well as Union Pacific’s intermodal terminal in Santa Teresa, the news release said.

Ot h e r t a r ge t in d u s t r ies inc l ude biosciences, cybersecurity, film and television, global trade, aerospace, green energy and sustainable valueadded agriculture.

For its facilities in Santa Teresa, Xxentria purchased a 40-acre site across from a FedEx facility in the 2,600-acre Westpark Logistics Center, the state’s news release said. The company

By Chris Keller – Managing Editor, Albuquerque Business First


70 • Nov / Dec 2020



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Manufacturing Is Critical to Economic Rebound The U.S. manufacturing sector has established itself as the backbone of economic stability and renewal amid times of crisis or downturn. It is important that candidates in this election, regardless of political affiliation, understand that a strong economic recovery is reliant on a durable manufacturing industry. In spite of the business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier in the year, the future for manufacturing looks bright. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) third quarter 2020 outlook survey, 66% of manufacturer respondents are positive about their own company’s outlook, expecting sales, employment, production growth rate, wages and more to increase at varying levels over the next year. With this in mind, what is needed to accelerate the role of manufacturing in the renewal of the U.S. economy? First, the United States needs to invest in and modernize its transportation and infrastructure systems. The pandemic has placed a spotlight on infrastructure and its critical role to keep supplies moving to meet the needs of Americans across the nation. The current condition of U.S. infrastructure, however, has not kept pace with the growing needs and demand. And, the American Society of Civil Engineers released a report card in 2017 of infrastructure in the country and gave the nation a rating of D+.Without adequate investments, the U.S. is on track to lose 5.8 million jobs by 2040. Investment in a modern infrastructure system has proven ties to job creation and economic stability, demonstrating its importance to both manufacturers and all Americans alike. This needs to be a top priority for candidates in this election as manufacturers are looking for elected leaders to make it happen. Candidates must also support programs that help to increase and diversify the talent pipeline needed to sustain the evolving manufacturing landscape.A study by Deloitte andThe Manufacturing Institute found that manufacturers will need to hire 4.6 million workers by 2028 and that 2.4 million of those jobs could go unfilled if appropriate steps aren’t taken now to prepare more workers for the next generation of jobs. At PPG, we know that the manufacturing of tomorrow starts with the students and workforce of today. Within the walls of our manufacturing facilities, offices and research and development sites, employees are at the helm of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with paints and coatings.When it comes to emerging technologies, our employees are discovering new

ways to utilize advanced tools that are creating nextgeneration advanced manufacturing processes. In order to remain competitive in a global marketplace, manufacturers also need their elected officials to see immigration reform as essential to U.S. competitiveness worldwide and a pathway for developing diverse talent in the manufacturing sector. Candidates must address how employment-based visa categories can better represent a range of employment needs. In many cases, the number of applications received from employers far exceed the number of visas available each year. Updating such policies eliminates barriers to retaining qualified applicants while enabling the U.S. to remain competitive. Finally, candidates must recognize the importance of continuing to advance permanent progrowth provisions in the tax code and continual assessment of competitiveness of the U.S. tax system. With the NAM reporting that two-thirds of its members would need to consider reducing investments in the U.S. if tax reform were rolled back, a commitment to tax reform ensures manufacturers have the opportunity to continue to pay forward the benefits. With the right investments and focus, it will be America’s manufacturers who lead us forward in this historical moment in time. McGarry is the chairman and CEO of Pittsburghbased PPG, a leading global manufacturer of paints, coatings and specialty materials. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

71 • Nov / Dec



72 • Nov / Dec 2020

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NEW MACHINERY Additive Mfg/3 D Printing D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Patrick Ellison DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 CHIP CUTTING Boring Mills D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 CNC Mills Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 CNC Pros____________ 602-332-5815 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 Doosan Infracore America__ 973-618-2500 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com

President T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408 M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com

Haas Factory Outlet______ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Patrick Ellison Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Matsuura Machinery______ 510-685-6151 Makino____________ 602-228-0347 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools_____ 480-773-4080 Patrick Ellison TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 White’s Niche Products____ 602-290-9402 CNC Lathes Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 CNC Pros_____________ 602-332-5815 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach____505-345-8389 Matsuura Machinery______ 510-685-6151 Methods West__________602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com

Savage Machine Tools_____ 480-773-4080 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 White’s Niche Products____ 602-290-9402 CNC Drill/ Tapping Machines Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Haas Factory Outlet______ 480-968-5811 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach____505-345-8389 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 Savage Machine Tools_____ 480-773-4080 CNC Punching Centers Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004

North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 EDM EDM Machines Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Desert Machine Sales_____ 623-826-1025 EDM Network__________480-836-1782 Makino____________ 602-228-0347 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools_____ 480-773-4080 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 EDM Filtration Desert Machine Sales_____ 623-826-1025 Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 EDM: Dielectric Systems/Filtration Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 73 • Nov / Dec 2020 2

8622 N. 78th Avenue Peoria, Arizona 85345


Office (623) 773-1787 Fax (623) 773-9882 www.geigerelectric.com

Christopher C. Choffat Managing Partner

Your AutomatIon Partner 2153 E. Cedar Street Suite 5 Tempe, Arizona 85251 Tel: Fax: Cell: Email:

+1.480.420.9361 +1.267.653.2280 +1.602.751.2070 sales @ fourpac.com

w w w . f o u r p a c . c o m F o u r P e a k s A u t o m a t i o n & C o n t r o l s F o u r P e a k s A u t o m a t i o n & C o n t r o l s

AMERICAN TOOLS & METALS INC. Cutting Tools, Lubricants & Abrasives MANNY LOPEZ Arizona and Las Vegas, NV

O: 520-622-3082 • C: 520-975-3078 manny@atmtucson.com PO Box 26508 • Tucson, AZ 85726 947 S. 48th St, #125 • Tempe, AZ 85281 AmericanToolsandMetals.com


S.L. Fusco, Inc.

 

Jeff Overby

Kevin Savage

Regional Manager

(480) 773-4080 4857 S. 36th St. Phoenix, AZ 85040 Cell: (715) 379-8399 Office: (602) 276-0077 jeff.overby@slfusco.com www.slfusco.com

AMADA / SODICK / YCM / USED www.savagemachinetools.com North South Machinery 2412 W Huntington Drive Tempe, AZ 85282 northsouthmachinery.com

Jim Swartzbaugh Swartzbaugh Jim Mobile: 562.755.3690 800.460.9014

js@northsouthmachinery.com js@northsouthmachinery.com

ELECTRICAL Equip Hookup & Disconnect Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Lighting Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Relocation: Electrical Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Service Upgrades Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 GRINDING Grinding Filtration Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 Grinding Machines ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools______480-773-4080 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Haas Factory Outlet______ 480-968-5877 Haas Factory Outlet_______480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 Savage Machine Tools______480-773-4080 Sawing Machines Grinding Machines, Rotary Surface ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Grinding Machines, Tool D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 Honing Machines Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Savage Machine Tools_____ 480-773-4080 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Saw Replacement Parts Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 Magnetic Drills/Cutters Swiss Screw Machines ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Schenk Intertech_________949-360-1512 Manual Lathes & Mills Tapping Machines ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711

74 • Nov / Dec 2020

Corporate Headquarters Location

D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT Automation & Controls Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Delta Technology_______ 480-867-6320 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 FABRICATION CNC Punching Centers ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 S&S Machinery Sales_____ 602-368-8542 Fiber Lasers Bystronic Inc___________213-309-1694 Gantry Systems, CNC ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Iron Workers ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales_____ 602-368-8542

Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Ellison Machinery Company

patrick ellison

Sales Director

president 1610 s. priest Dr., suite 101 tempe, arizona 85281 Telephone: Cell: Fax: Email:

480-968-5877 480-298-9782 480-968-0522 pellison@ellisonaz.com



Edge, FMB, Lemca, LNS, MTA, SMW/ ATS

Sales Associate CELL: 602-361-3232 PH: 480-775-6462 FAX: 480-775-6540

75 W. Baseline Rd., Ste. 53 Gilbert, AZ 85233 EMAIL: erik@dandrmachinery.com

AMERICAN TOOLS & METALS INC. Cutting Tools, Lubricants & Abrasives WALTER PENA O: 480-689-5493 • C: 480-622-9348 walter@atmphoenix.com PO Box 26508 • Tucson, AZ 85726 947 S. 48th St, #125 • Tempe, AZ 85281 AmericanToolsandMetals.com

Laser Cutting/Proc. Center ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 S&S Machinery Sales______ 602-368-8542 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales______ 602-368-8542 Power Tools Copper State Bolt & Nut_____ 800-603-6887 Press Brakes ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300

Magnum Precision Mach____505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales________480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316 S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Punch Presses Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Shearing Machines ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc____________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Desert Machine Sales______623-826-1025 Flow Waterjet__________ 714-393-3783 Flow Waterjet__________ 415-828-3569

North-South Machinery____602-391-4696 OMAX Corp.__________800-838-0343 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery________602-258-7330 METAL FINISHING EQUIPMENT Anodizing, Plating, Passivation Equipment Americhem Engineering_____602-437-1188 INSPECTION EQUIP 3D Measurement Systems Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______800-327-9735 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced Coordinate Tech___480-921-3370 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Renishaw____________847-286-9953 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______480-377-6422 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______800-327-9735 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coordinate Tech___480-921-3370 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631

Email/Skype jd.wogoman@datron.com

Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Magnetic Particle (NDT) Machines DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 Metrology Instruments Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Renishaw____________ 847-286-9953 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______ 800-327-9735 Optical Comparators Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Renishaw____________ 847-286-9953 75

A2Z MANUFACTURING SW • • Nov / Dec 2020 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW • Sept / Oct 2020


Division of Curran Manufacturing Corporation

200 Oser Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788 U.S.A.


1-631-273-1010 1-800-645-4174 Fax: 1-631-273-1066 1-800-424-2082



Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______ 800-327-9735 Rapid Optical Inspection Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Repair & Certification Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Video Measuring Systems Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc____________ 800-809-3901 USED MACHINERY ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 K D Capital____________ 480-922-1674

Don Loveless Tel: 800-686-1679 181 Business Park Dr. Fax: 860-409-2552 Bristol, CT. 06010 Email: dloveless@gmnusa.com www.gmnusa.com

Methods West__________602-437-2220 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Savage Machine Tools______480-773-4080 TSM Machinery_________ 602-233-3757 ACCESSORIES Abrasives Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 Copper State Bolt & Nut_____800-603-6887 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Stellar Industrial_________800-562-8258 Adhesives S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Stellar Industrial_________800-562-8258 Air Blast Cabinets, Blast Rooms Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Air Distribution Systems Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Stellar Industrial_________800-562-8258 Band Saw/ Blades D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Richard Amy Regional Sales Manager

BARTON INTERNATIONAL cell 951.551.2685 sales 800.741.7756 ramy@barton.com www.barton.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

76 • Nov / Dec 2020

Echols Saw & Supply______ 602-278-3918 Marshall Tool & Supply____ 602-269-6295 Starrett_____________ 949-348-1213 S.L. Fusco___________ 602-276-0077 Bar Feeders Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 BC Barfeeds___________ 562-243-4659 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Edge Technologies________ 951-440-1574 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Bellows Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Blast Abrasives Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 GMA Garnet__________ 882-243-9300 Cabinets, Custom Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Chip Conveyors Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Chip Management Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery_________480-968-5335 Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Chip Removal Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Chuck Jaws Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 Chucks Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Clamping Kyocera Cutting Tools______ 480-244-4758 SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535

CNC Lathe Accessories Von Ruden Manufacturing__ 763-682-0322 CNC Collet Chucks Royal Products_________ 800-645-4174 Collet Fixtures Royal Products_________ 800-645-4174 Coolant Shields Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 Coolant Systems Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 MP Systems__________ 909-282-7463 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Coolant Systems: Chillers MP Systems__________ 909-282-7463 Cutting Tools Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Cutting Tools Consultants____602-277-1342 Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Kyocera Cutting Tools______480-244-4758 S.L. Fusco____________602-276-0077 Von Ruden Manufacturing__ 763-682-0322

Jeff Klimowicz Regional Sales Manager 480.320.0308 mobile jklimowicz@qualichem.com qualichem.com ISO 9001:2015 | All products proudly made in the USA.

Static Tool Holders Live Centers Royal Products________ 800-645-4174 SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Live Tool Holders Tooling Columns SCHUNK____________ 919-452-4535 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Von Ruden Manufacturing__ 763-682-0322 Vibratory Equipment Lubricants / Systems Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Digital Readout Units S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Star Metal Fluids________ 800-367-9966 Vises and Vise Jaws D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Machine Tool Accessories Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Lone Arrow___________480-507-8074 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 New Way Covers & Repair Waterjet Abrasives Draw Tubes & Bars Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Pallet Systems Enclosures fo Machine Tools Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Arizona CNC Equip_______480-615-6353 Waterjet Accessories Fasteners ______ 800-741-7756 Barton International D & R Machinery________ 480-775-6462 Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Parts Washing Equipment Filtration Equip. Waterjet Bricks/Hoppers Ebbco Inc____________800-809-3901 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 ______ 800-741-7756 Barton International Qualichem, Inc._________480-320-0308 Qualichem, Inc_________ 480-320-0308 Waterjet Replacement Parts Star Metal Fluids________800-367-9966 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Arizona CNC Equip_______480-615-6353 EDM Tooling Systems Star Metal Fluids________ 800-367-9966 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 EDM Network__________480-836-1782 R8 Quick-Change Tool System GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 EDM Performance _______800-336-2946 Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 Wipers Filtermist Mist Collectors Robot Accessories Hennig______________909-420-5796 Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Work Holding Gaskets Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 Kurt Manufacturing_______ 763-574-8320 Grippers Sealants Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 SCHUNK_____________919-452-4535 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 CONSUMMABLES Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Stellar Industrial_________ 800-562-8258 Cutting Fluids & Oils Grinders Spindles (Coolants)

Marshall Tool & Supply____ 602-269-6295 Pioneer Distributing Co.____ 602-278-2693 S.L. Fusco____________602-276-0077 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966

EDM Materials & Supplies Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 EDM Network__________480-836-1782 EDM Performance acc’s____ 800-336-2946 Qualichem Inc_________ 480-320-0308 Single Source Technologies__ 602-686-0895 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Garnet Barton International ______800-741-7756 GMA Garnet___________882-243-9300 Impression Materials Roydent_____________ 480-607-1876 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Qualichem, Inc________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Mounting Brackets Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 Solvents & Degreasing Agents Qualichem, Inc________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Spindle Liners Midaco Corporation______ 847-593-8420 GMN USA____________ 800-686-1679 Echols Saw & Supply______ 602-278-3918 Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162


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Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. Since 1946


Fluid Power / Mechanical / Tool Products ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Brandon Anderson President

MOBILE: 612.251.0868 E-MAIL: brandon@vonruden.com

DIRECT: 763.682.0322 PHONE: 763.682.3122 FAX: 763.682.3954

1008 First Street NE - PO Box 699 - Buffalo, MN 55313 USA Made in USA


Driven Tooling for the Machine Tool Industry

Made in USA

Ron Muenchow rmuenchow@upmet.com Mobile 619.871.0002 | Toll Free 888.282.3292 14941 East Northam Street, La Mirada, CA 90638 www.upmet.com

HARDWARE MATERIAL Alloys: High Temperature Aerodyne Alloys_________860-289-3820 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Alloys: Specialty Aerodyne Alloys_________860-289-3820 Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 Aluminum Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___505-345-0959 Ind. Metal Supply________602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Tube Service Company_____602-267-9865 Aluminum Extrusions Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___505-345-0959 Ind. Metal Supply________602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Armor:Commercial Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883 Armor:Military Grade Kloeckner Metals________480-389-2883 Bar: Large Diameter Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___505-345-0959

Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 TW Metals____________ 800-203-8000 Brass Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Bronze Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Carbon Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Cast Iron Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Castings Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Chrome Rod Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Copper Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061

Michael Morace Sales Engineer – Arizona Cell: 602-513-6754 Toll Free: 888-554-8394 Fax: 888-554-8392 mmorace@tungaloyamerica.com

Tungaloy America, Inc.

3726 N. Ventura Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 www.tungaloy.com/us

Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Drill Rod Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Extrusions TW Metals____________800-203-8000 Lead Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Material Sales Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Titanium Laube Titanium___805-388-1050x124 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 TW Metals____________800-203-8000 Metals Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_________ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Davis Salvage Co________602-267-7208 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Jacquet West___________ 310-684-4370

Patti Robison General Manager

120 E. Corporate Place Ste #12 Chandler, AZ 85225 www,portplastics.com probison@portplastics.com


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p. 480.813.6118 w. 800.395.7378 f. 480.813.6183 c. 602.228.5598

Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Laube Titanium____805-388-1050x124 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Sierra Alloys TSI_________ 800-423-1897 Tube Service Company_____ 602-267-9865 TW Metals____________ 800-203-8000 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Metals-Bar & Plate Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_________ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Davis Salvage Co________ 602-267-7208 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Plastics- Acrylic/PVC, Tubing, Nylon, Many Others Port Plastics____________480-813-6118 Titanium Laube Titanium___805-388-1050x124 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Nickel Alloys Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Stainless Steel Jacquet West___________ 310-684-4370 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176

Sean Arsenault

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The World’s #1 Manufacturing Solutions Provider • Production Milling • 4/5 Axis Milling

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John McManus, COO Doctor Inserts, Indexable 623-341-0878 owned Coast Aluminum Sales_____480-797-5162 Doctor BlackLabOptical.com Horizon Carbide_______ 480-968-0957 Driven jm@blacklaboptical.comKyocera Cutting Tools____ 480-244-4758 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Tungaloy America_______ 310-415-4810 1515 W Deer Valley Rd, Bldg A # 105, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Edward Merkle

General Manager

602-978-3130 1-800-689-8665


ttctime2@gmail.com www.ttcroundcutters.com 21640 N 19th Ave, # C-103,Phoenix, AZ 85027

Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 Tool Steel Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Davis Salvage Co________602-267-7208

Cutting Tools Consultants___ 602-277-1342 Horizon Carbide________ 480-968-0957 Kyocera Cutting Tools_____ 480-244-4758 LRW Cutting Tools_______ 602-269-1775 The Tool Crib Inc._______ 602-978-3130 Tungaloy America_______ 310-415-4810 Cutting Tools: Custom B&T Tool & Engineering_____ 602-267-1481 Horizon Carbide_________ 480-968-0957 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810

Titanium & Hastelloy Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Drills Laube Titanium____805-388-1050x124 Cutting Tools Consultants____ 602-277-1342 Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 LRW Cutting Tools_______ 602-269-1775 Tubing & Pipe Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Ind. Metal Supply________602-454-1500 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Tube Service Company_____602-267-9865 End Mills INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Boring Bars Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Cutting Tools Consultants ____ 602-277-1342 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Carbide Cutting Tools Consultants___ 602-277-1342 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 LRW Cutting Tools________602-269-1775 Fixtures Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-629 Form Tools Clamping & Gripping Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Kyocera Cutting Tools______480-244-4758 SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Cutting Tools Consultants____ 602-277-1342 Horizon Carbide_________ 480-968-0957 Cutting Tools B&T Tool & Engineering_____ 602-267-1481 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775

Inserts, PCD/CBN Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Key Cutters The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Reamers & Drills, PCD Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Precision Toolholding Products SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Thread Mills Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Tooling Columns/ Tombstones Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Tooling Systems Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Von Ruden Manufacturing___763-682-0322 PALLET SYSTEMS Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 PRODUCTS Safety Glasses Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420



Director of Business Operations

p. 602.269.1775 f. 602.269.0542 1735 N. 28th Ave #1 Phoenix, AZ 85009

chris@lrwtool.com www.lrwtool.com toll free 877.845.7940

ROBOTICS Delta Technology_______ 480-867-6320 Part Loading Systems Midaco Corporation______ 847-593-8420 CAD/CAM Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)_____480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 Vero Software__________602-359-2530 Software, Inv. Control Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)_____480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 Software, NC Programming Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)____ 480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117

Cutting Tools made in the U.S.A. since 1964

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108 N. 40th St. Phoenix 1245 E. Buckeye Rd.

Production and Design Technology and Precision Machining Education Experts info@gatewaycc.edu Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-286-8050



   

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SERVICES FINANCING » RESEARCH » ADVISORY SERVICES RYAN SARBINOFF Vice President / Regional Manager (602) 687-6700 Ryan.Sarbinoff@MarcusMillichap.com

Calibration: Repair & Certify Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Commercial General Contractor KLM Realty___________ 602-723-3508 Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC______________ 480-445-9400 Elevate Consulting_________480-577-2113 GoYellowbird.com________ 480-229-2272 Mueller Prost____________314-862-2070 Quality Training Consultants__ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Consulting:Business Improvement Elevate Consulting_________480-577-2113 GoYellowbird.com________ 480-229-2272 Mueller Prost____________314-862-2070 Calibration Services Contract Inspection Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Arizona CNC Equip_ _____ 480-615-6353 Contract Programming Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Washington Calibration_____480-820-0506 Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131

Software, Servicing Autodesk_____________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)____ 480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 SERVICES Automation & Controls Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____ 602-272-4571 Banks Alerus Bank & Trust_______ 480-905-2414 Western Banks__________ 480-917-4243 Business Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC______________480-445-9400 Quick Turn Financial_______ 480-385-1220


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maricopaskillcenter.com/machining gatewaycc.edu/industrial

CNC Training Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Gateway Community College__ 602-286-8050 CPA/ Business Advisor Mueller Prost___________314-862-2070 Crates/Pallets Beau’s Crates__________ 480-966-3630 Craters & Freighters_______ 480-966-9929 Crating Technology_______ 602-528-3628 Crating Onsite Beau’s Crates__________ 480-966-3630 Craters & Freighters_______ 480-966-9929 Design Services Fast DMS______________424-FAST-DMS Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Metalcraft Inc.________480-967-4889 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech ______623-780-4137 FAA Repair/ Overhaul Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 FAA Repair / APUs Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 FAA Repair/ Aircraft Components Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 Facility Safety Hennig_____________909-420-5796 Financial Services Alerus Bank & Trust________480-905-2414

Banterra Bank_________ 480-770-0007 Droeg Financial Services___ 480-345-6575 Western Banks__________480-917-4243 HazMat Pachaging & Shipping Craters & Freighters______ 480-966-9929 Heavyhaul Hunter Machine Moving_____602-246-8783 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Insurance Services NFP Property & Casualty___ 480-458-6052 ISO9001 Certification KALOS Certifications______ 480-486-8007 ISO/AS9100 Consulting Arizona MEP___________602-845-1200 BMSC_____________ 480-445-9400 Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 ISO9001 Lead Auditor Training KALOS Certifications______ 480-486-8007 IT/ Network Specialists Onsite Technical Services___ 602-595-2227 IT/ Software Support Services Onsite Technical Services___ 602-595-2227

Lean Green Belt Training Discover new ways to help your business


•  Reduce Lead Times by 80% •  Reduce Work In Process (WIP) up to 90% •  Reduce used Floor Space by 75% •  Improve Quality by 90%


Designed for professionals with little to no experience with Lean Thinking. This immersive fourday course provides the tools and skills to build the foundation of critical Lean concepts and techniques, that will strengthen your organizations bottom line.


Senior Leaders ▪ Middle Managers ▪ Front Line Leaders ▪ Process Experts ▪

General Contractors Kenneth McIntyre, Sr. ROC 213527 ~ ROC 213528


Michelle Tinsley

Group 1: February 03-04 & 10-11

Group 2: February 05-06 & 12-13 Procurement Jackie Lord Group 3: February FOUNDING PRINCIPAL 17-20 Fast DMS_____________ 424-FAST-DMS *Breakfast and Lunch provided daily MACHINE TOOL REPAIR Public Relations Hampton Inn & Suites CNC and Conventional Since 1987 New Angle Media________602-295-1813 Specializing in Haas Machines Phoenix Chandler Fashion Center Tel: +1 480.577.2113 Phoenix, AZ Email: jackielord@elevateconsulting.llc Marketing/ Web Design Fred Blouch • 602-518-6590 www.elevateconsulting.llc New Angle Media________602-295-1813 ATLASMachineToolRepair@gmail.com Enroll Now at 480-327-8949 or Real Estate, Commercial www.isiworld.net RECYCLING Marcus & Millichap_______602-687-6700 Presented By: KLM Realty___________602-723-3508 Barry Metals___________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc.___ 623-931-5009 Reverse Engineering Clients we’ve helped: Davis Salvage Co________ 602-267-7208 BMSC______________480-445-9400 REPAIR/DESIGN Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Bar Feeder Repair Metalcraft Inc._________480-967-4889 Edge Technologies________ 951-440-1574 Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 Atlas Machine Tool Repair____602-518-6590 Machine Tool Rebuilding “ Rigging Advanced Precision _______ 602-525-0156 Bears Fix All___________480-238-3408 C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 API Services___________ 757-223-4157 DM Machine Repair_______480-709-1450 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Bears Fix All___________ 480-238-3408 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 DM Machine Repair_______ 480-709-1450 The Werks C&C, Inc_______602-569-1809 Safety Training GoYellowbird.com________480-229-2272 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 White’s Niche Products_____602-290-9402 The Werks C&C, Inc_______ 602-569-1809 Schools, Custom Training Prev. Maint Programs Machine Retrofitting/CNC Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 AZPMAP_____________ 602-723-8191 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 API Services___________ 757-223-4157 API Services__________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Gateway Community College__602-286-8050 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 Bears Fix All___________ 480-238-3408 Atlas Machine Tool Repair____602-518-6590 Schools, Machining & Contract Programming Training Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 DM Machine Repair______480-709-1450 Gateway Community College__602-286-8050 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 D & R Machinery_______480-775-6462 Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Ellison Machinery_______480-968-5335 Shipping The Werks C&C, Inc______602-569-1809 CNC Training Craters & Freighters_______480-966-9929 Industrial Solutions allowed us to find the potential in ourselves to become problem solvers. The training provided by ISI allowed employees of all experience levels to be empowered and knowledgeable regarding waste reduction and ways to share valuable input from different perspectives. We plan to build upon the foundation they provided and have true enthusiasm regarding the prospective gains to be realized.”

goyellowbird.com Leasing and Financing Alerus Bank & Trust_______ 480-905-2414 Banterra Bank__________ 480-770-0007 KLM Realty___________602-723-3508 Western Banks__________ 480-917-4243 Lean Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC ______________480-445-9400 Elevate Consulting________ 480-577-2113 Industrial Solutions_______480-327-8949 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ _888-572-9642 Machinery Installation C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 IRH _____________800-334-2409 Machinery Moving C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 IRH _ ____________800-334-2409 Machinery Storage C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783

M. Rollins Corporate HR Manager Benefits, Training & Dev. Hopkins Mfg. Corp.

Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Gateway Community College__ 602-286-8050 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech _____ 623-780-4137 Fast DMS_____________ 424-FAST-DMS Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____ 602-272-4571 Maint/Repair Services Working Capital, Credit Lines Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Banterra Bank__________480-770-0007 Advanced Precision _______ 602-525-0156 Western Banks__________ 480-917-4243 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Transportation C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Transportation: Air/Freight/Ground C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409

Repair -Hydraulic Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc______602-569-1809 Repair - Portable Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc______ 602-569-1809 Spindle Rebuilding GMN USA___________ 800-686-1679 Testing, Metallurgical Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 81 • Nov / Dec 2020 2

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes 21622 North 14th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027-2806 www.axiantech.com 623-580-0800

Danyelle Vigari Customer Service

Direct: 623-889-0725 Cell: 623-418- 1831 sales@axiantech.com

Moore Tool & Die________602-909-6697 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Castings: Prototype Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Castings: Production Clean Room Assembly AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Jan’s Inc._____________480-833-7305 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 L&W Fluid____________602-323-2560 COATING

ADDITIVE MFG / 3 D PRINTING AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477

Fixtures: Assembly Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Delta Technology________480-867-6320 BAR CODING

Sensing Solutions Faustson_____________303-420-7422 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Jaguar Precision Machine____505-242-6545 Thermo Couples ASSEMBLY Cleveland Electric Labs_____480-967-2501 AAE_______________928-772-9887 Bending: CNC Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Brazing: Aluminum Dip

Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727 GHT Services___________480-396-1800 Bolts Metallizing - CWST____ 602-244-2432 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325

Arizona Finishing________602-438-4443

Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Chromatic Over Zinc Diecast Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311

Coating: Chem Film CAP______________602-464-9629 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Frontier Group__________928-636-0130 Gold Tech Industries_____ _480-968-1930 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Coating: Black Oxide Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 The Metal Man________ 800-448-9448 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Coating: Dry Film Lube

BROACHING JD Machine___________801-782-4403 Air Gear_____________602-275-7996 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 Apache Gear, Inc________623-934-7144 Coating: Cerakote Coating Technologies______623-242-9575 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 CASTINGS MAKstride____________928-460-6054 AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 WESTERN CAST PARTS LLC Steve Whisel

Field Sales & Engineering

4024 E. Casitas Del Rio Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85050 Phone: (480) 284-6618 Cell: (480) 250-9764 Email: swcastings@cox.net A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

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PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Desert Precision Mfg______ 520-887-4433 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 F&B Manufacturing_______ 602-512-5237 Powder Coating Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 Fine Line Laser Cutting_____ 602-863-3196 Plasma Cutting AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 Coating: Liquid Tube Laser Cutting Collins Metal Finishing____ 602-275-3117 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Tube Service Company_____ 602-267-9865 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 Turret Punching _ ____801-972-2146 Pilkington Metal Finishing__ 801-972-2146 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ _ _________ 480-477-9182 Big O Metals_ Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Coating: Nickel/Teflon DIE CASTING COIL PROCESSING Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Die Casting/Aluminum & Zinc CUTTING Coating: NP3 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Echols Saw & Supply______ 602-278-3918 TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ 480-306-7748 DIES Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 The Metal Man_________ 800-448-9448 Precision Die & Stamp’g____ 480-967-2038 Bandsaw Cutting Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 CNC Router EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 928-772-9887 AAE_______________ Die Cutting PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Coating:Passivation Laser LAYKE, Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300

Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech______________480-921-1665 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 ANEWCO______________520-751-1222 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech______________480-921-1665 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration Ebbco Inc_____________800-809-3901 EDM: Wire 3D Machine LLC_________ 480-239-8254 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 ANEWCO______________520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool________480-813-1002 Auer Precision___________480-834-4637


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Caleb T. Kratz

Simulation Product Specialist Southwest Territory Manager

MOBILE: 713-252-2784



Autodesk, Inc. Houston, TX 77459 www.autodesk.com


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

Patrick H. Stewart II President

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly

21631 N. 3rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 p (623) 492 9400 x215 f (623) 492 9071 pstewart@stewartmfg.com www.stewartmfg.com


3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa




Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa



Aero Tech____________ 801-292-0493


Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly

ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337


AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Powill Manufacturing______ 623-780-4100 Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 Sun Tech_____________ 480-921-1665 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 Wrico______________480-892-7800 ENGINEERING/ PROGRAMMING K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 FABRICATION: SHEET METAL A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_ 623-377-2191 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329

AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 BID Machine, Inc________ 480-892-7304 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182

RM Garrison Machining____ 623-582-6544

Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Group Manufacturing Serv___ 480-966-3952 Aluminum (Medium & Large) JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 Aero Tech___________ 801-292-0493 Fabrication: Custom Metal

Magnum Companies______ 602.272.3600 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 Allfab Engineering______ 602-437-0497

Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 Fine Line Fabricating_____ 602-863-3506 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 K-2 Mfg____________ 602-455-9575 Part Partners__________ 603-831-2771 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625



(480) 316-2893 (480) 477-9182 WWW.BIGOMETALS.COM LINPRYOR@BIGOMETALS.COM 50 S. 43RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85009

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Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625

Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__ 602-437-0339 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Fine Line Fabricating______ 602-863-3506 Whitley Machine_______ 602-323-5550



Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854

Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 TMM Precision ________ 800-448-9448 Desert Precision Mfg______ 520-887-4433 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611

Lynch Brothers Mfg_______ 602-267-7575



3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa



Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Scriven Precision________ 480-961-9775 Creedbilt Inc___________ 623-939-8119 Stewart Precision Mfg_____ 623-492-9400

K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575

Craig Roth President/C.O.O.


Craig Roth

Fabrication: President/C.O.O. Medium & Large Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc. Complete Manufacturing for _ 623-377-2191 A1AFabrication, Precision Metal &Facility Aerospace_ Machining and Assembly 3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Abrams Airborne Mfg_______520-887-1727 Phone: (602)243-4329 (602)370-5777 ANEWCO_____________Cell:520-751-1222 BEL Machining___________480-445-9881 Craig Roth President/C.O.O. Big O Metals____________480-477-9182 Continental Machining_____ Spring & Manufacturing 800-777-2483 Co.,Inc. A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly _ East 602-437-0339 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_3325 Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 602-863-3506 Fine Line Fabricating______ Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777 Fry Fabrications__________602-454-0701 Fine Line Fabricating______ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications__________602-454-0701 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 Magnum Companies______ 602.272.3600 Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 Precise Metal Products_____ 602-272-2625 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 RM Garrison Machiing___623-582-6544 SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES


A Fa







A Fa


ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C

Mike Sniegowski Precision Grinding for the Aerospace Industry since 1998 2821 W. Willetta Phone: (602) 353-8088

Phoenix, AZ 85009



Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 TMM Precision _________ 800-448-9448 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Fabrication: Steel Magnum Companies______602.272.3600 FINISHING Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Louie’s Black Oxide_______ 602-257-0530 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751

Dry Film Lubrication Bolts Metallizing - CWST___ 602-244-2432 CAP _____________ 602-464-9629 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Semiray, A Div of Mistras___602-275-1917 Electro-Polishing Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Glass Bead Clean A2Z Sandblasting_______ 602-716-5566 Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Lone Arrow__________ 480-507-8074 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Gun Finishing Louie’s Gun Finishing_____ 602-257-0530 Passivation CAP _____________ 602-464-9629 Coating Technologies____ _623-242-9575 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____602-275-1917 Polishing EPSI______________714-256-8950 RM Garrison Machining____ 623-582-6544 Sand Blasting A2Z Sandblasting_______ 602-716-5566


Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Masic Industries________ 503-232-9109 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 STP Performance Coating LLC__602-276-1231 Shot Peen PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Stripping Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 FIXTURES Blaze Precision________ 480-584-5227 Exactitude Precision_______602-316-6957 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854 FOUNDRY AATC______________ 602-268-1467 GASKETS Systems Integrators______ 623-434-3136 GEAR CUTTING Air Gear____________ 602-275-7996 Apache Gear, Inc_______ 623-934-7144

GRINDING Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision__________480-834-4637 AzMark_____________480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding_____ 602-353-8088 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 GMN USA____________ 800-686-1679 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 JWB Manufacturing_______480-967-4600 Osborn Products_________623-587-0335 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing______623-780-4100 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Shaw Precision_________480-785-4925

TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Abrasive Blasting Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231

sales@abrams.com A2Z MANUFACTURING •

85 • Nov / Dec 2020

4045 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 267-7575 office (602) 909-5239 cell wayne@lynchbros.com

  

              FAA CRS AI0R143N - EASA.145.4079


 

      

Steel Services Grinding_____ 800-662-0126

Grinding… Double Disc Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Grinding…Gear/Spline Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Air Gear_____________ 602-275-7996 Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 Grinding: ID/OD Grinding, Blanchard Air Gear_____________ 602-275-7996 Steel Services Grinding ____800-662-0126 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 Grinding: Centerless (OD) National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__ 602-437-0339 Ron Grob____________ 970-667-5320 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Grinding:Mattison Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Grinding: Surface Ron Grob____________ 970-667-5320 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Shaw Precision_________ 480-785-4925 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Grinding, CNC/Contour Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing__ ___623-780-4100 Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grinding… Cylindrical Grinding: Tool & Cutter Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 CTE_______________ 800-783-2400 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Gun Drilling Powill Manufacturing_____ 623-780-4100 HEAT TREATING Bolts Metallizing - CWST____602-244-2432 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

86 • Nov / Dec 2020

Controlled Thermal Tech’y___ 602-272-3714 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Heat Treating Bolts Metallizing - CWST____602-244-2432 Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 F&B Manufacturing______ 602-512-5237 Chris Torres - Vice President Andy Severyn - President Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 6503 W Frye Rd #6 Chandler, AZ 85226 www.shawprecision.com Heat Treating/ISO9001/AS9100 Grinding & Threading Rolling Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432 480-785-4925 Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/ Office: Chris - Cell: 602-349-7921 Email: chris@shawsgrinding.com chris@shawprecision.com Andy - Cell: 602-903-7930 Email: andy@shawprecision.com Aluminum Heat Treating Lynch Brothers Mfg_______ 602-267-7575 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 INSPECTION HONING/LAPPING Calibration Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828 Inspection, First Article LAYKE, Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 Total Quality Systems_____ 480-377-6422 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Inspection Services Paramount Honing & Machine_ 480-577-9774 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 HYDRO FORMING Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 F&B Manufacturing_______ 602-512-5237 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Precision Aerospace_______ 602-352-8658 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 Total Quality Systems_____ 480-377-6422 IDENTIFICATION Inspection Services, Welding Labels & Bar Code Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 Mobile PartMarking Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 Tool / PartMarking (Laser) Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 TechMark____________480-820--9444 Silk Screen Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443


Precision Honing Specialists  480.577.9774

 info@paramounthoning.com

771 N Golden Key St Ste A, Gilbert, AZ 85233


ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc__________623-939-4412 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 Quality Training Consultants__928-284-0856 Process Improvement/ Audit BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Quality Training Consultants__928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 MACHINING Machining: 3D 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 Cassavant Machining______602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 MAKstride____________928-460-6054 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Pro Precision__________602-353-0022 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Machining: 5 Axis Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 ANEWCO_____________520-751-1222 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Cassavant Machining______602-437-4005 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Evans Precision Machining___623-581-6200

F&B Manufacturing_______602-512-5237 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 Faustson____________ 303-420-7422 L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Industrial Tool Die & Eng____520-745-8771 Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 JDB Ltd____________ 602-992-9627 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Specialty Turn Products____ 602-426-9340 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 T-N Machining_________ 602-278-8665 Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854 Tech Five Machining______ 480-699-4856 Powill Manufacturing_____ 623-780-4100 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Machining: Aerospace Pro Precision_________ 602-353-0022 AATC______________602-268-1467 Service & Sales________ 480-968-9084 Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 ANEWCO____________ 520-751-1222 Specialty Turn Products____ 602-426-9340 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Uni-Tek_____________602-272-2601

Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 RM Garrison Machining___623-582-6544 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 T-N Machining__________ 602-278-8665 TVT Die Casting_________800-280-2278 Wrico______________480-892-7800 Machining: CNC 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222

Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Machining: Contract ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Cassavant Machining_____ 602-437-4005 Aero Design & Mfg______ 602-437-8080 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 BID Machine, Inc________480-892-7304 Evans Precision Machining__ 623-581-6200 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 Evans Precision Machining__ 623-581-6200 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Flex-Pro_____________623-581-0551 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 GHT Services__________ 480-396-1800 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Infinisys_____________602-276-2276 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__602-437-0339 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____480-503-1283 Evans Precision Machining___ 623-581-6200 JB’s Precision_________ 623-581-9088 Group Mfg Serv.________ 480-966-3952 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943


87 • Nov / Dec 2020

Powill Manufacturing______623-780-4100 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Powerhaus Precision______480-225-8854 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 RM Garrison Machining __623-582-6544 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845

GHT Services__________ 480-396-1800 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 HPMP______________801-619-9850 Infinisys_____________602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 JB’s Precision_________ 623-581-9088 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.__________ 480-804-9541 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 MAKstride___________ 928-460-6054 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Metzfab____________ 602- 539-9591 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 Phoenix Fab & Design____ 480-590-5058 Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 T-N Machining__________602-278-8665 Tech Five Machining_______480-699-4856 Uni-Tek_____________602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg___________480-966-7376 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Machining: Industrial & Repair BEL Machining__________480-445-9881

Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jaguar Precision Machine____505-242-6545 JD Machine___________801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.___________480-804-9541 L&W Machine Co________602-323-2560 MAKstride____________928-460-6054 Metalcraft Inc.__________480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Part Partners__________ 603-831-2771 Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 RMSS ______________623-780-5904 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 Stewart Precision Mfg______623-492-9400 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 T-N Machining__________602-278-8665 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611

Machining: Large Alpha Machine_________602-437-0322 Backerworks Mfg________505-342-2943 Continental Machining_____800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach.____ 480-633-4580 Machining: Milling - Long Part F&B Manufacturing_______602-512-5237 K-zell Metals, Inc.________602-232-5882 HK Machining__________602-278-6704 Machining: MultiSwiss K-zell Metals, Inc.________602-232-5882 Specialty Turn Products_____602-426-9340 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 Machining Plastic Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Blaze Precision_________480-584-5227 JDB Ltd_____________ 602-992-9627 Machining: Milling 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Avtek Industries_________602-485-4005 Machining Precision AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 AAE_______________928-772-9887 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Genesis Precision________602-687-9600 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 GHT Services___________480-396-1800 Alpha Machine_________602-437-0322 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222

88 • Nov / Dec 2020

Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 ATEC Engineering________480-569-3337 Auer Precision__________480-834-4637 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc_______ 480-892-7304 Cassavant Machining_____ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___480-967-2501 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Evans Precision Mach’g____ 623-581-6200 Faustson____________ 303-420-7422 Flex-Pro_____________623-581-0551 Genesis Precision_______ 602-687-9600 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 HK Machining__________602-278-6704 HPMP______________801-619-9850 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 JB’s Precision_________ 623-581-9088 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.__________ 480-804-9541 JWB Manufacturing______ 480-967-4600

Jeff Rozell - President Phone: 602-269-8788 Fax: 602-269-0103 3731 E La Salle St. Phoenix, AZ 85040 CNC PRECISION MACHINING PROTOTYPE • PRODUCTION

CNC MACHINE SHOP - DESIGN - SOLID MODELS - PRINTS 2225 W. Mountain View Suite #4 Phoenix, Az 85021

Jon Schaeffer Office: Mobile: E-Mail: Web:


602-687-9600 602-881-1055 jon@genesisprecisionaz.com www.genesisprecisionaz.com

LAYKE, Inc.____________602-272-2654 Lynch Brothers Mfg_______602-267-7575 Matrix Machine_________ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Powerhaus Precision______480-225-8854 Powill Mfg____________ 623-780-4100 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 RM Garrison Mach’ing____623-582-6544 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Service & Sales_________480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision ___602-438-4670 Specialty Turn Products_____602-426-9340 StarRex Precision________480-834-6344 Stewart Precision Mfg______623-492-9400 Sun Tech_____________ 480-921-1665 Tech Five Machining_______ 480699-4856 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Weiser Engineering_______303-280-2778 Wissota Tool & Die_______480-507-3484 Machining: Production AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 GHT Services___________ 480-396-1800 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627

MAKstride____________ 928-460-6054 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 CNC MACHINE SHOP - DESIGN - SOLID MODELS - PRINTS 2225 W. Mountain View Suite #4 Phoenix, Az 85021 StarRex Precision________ 480-834-6344 Yvonne Schaeffer 602-278-8665 T-NOffice: Machining__________ 602-687-9600 Mobile: 602-430-8652 E-Mail: Tech Five yvonne@genesisprecisionaz.com Machining_______ 480699-4856 Web: www.genesisprecisionaz.com Machining: Prototype AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 AATC______________602-268-1467 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 Backerworks Mfg________ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc________ 480-892-7304 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision_________ 623-581-6200 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 GHT Services___________ 480-396-1800 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jaguar Precision Machine____ 505-242-6545 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co________ 602-323-2560 Avery 5371 MAKstride____________ 928-460-6054 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 Powerhaus Precision______ 480-225-8854 Pro Precision_________ 602-353-00220 RM Garrison Machining_____ 623-582-6544 (General Manager)

RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 Rich Schwab StarRex Precision________ 480-834-6344 Sr. Sales Representative Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 T-N Machining__________ 602-278-8665 www.clevelandelectriclabs.com Tech Five Machining_______ 480699-4856 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 Cassavant Machining______ 602-437-4005 Machining: Quick Turn Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Genesis Precision________ 602-687-9600 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__ 602-437-0339 HK Machining__________ 602-278-6704 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Genesis Precision________ 602-687-9600 Part Partners__________ 603-831-2771 GHT Services___________ 480-396-1800 Powerhaus Precision______ 480-225-8854 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____ 520-889-8325 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 HPMP______________ 801-619-9850 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 Machining: Semiconductor KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 L&W Machine Co________ 602-323-2560 Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 Machining: Swiss Cassavant Machining______ 602-437-4005 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 HPMP______________ 801-619-9850 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Pacific Swiss & Mfg_______ 503-557-9407 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 RMG Machining_________ 623-582-6544 Phoenix Fab & Design_____ 480-590-5058 Southwest Swiss Precision ___ 602-438-4670 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 Specialty Turn Products_____602-426-9340 RM Garrison Mach’ing__ __623-582-6544 StarRex Precision________480-834-6344 RMSS ______________ 623-780-5904 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Ron Grob____________ 970-667-5320 StarRex Precision________ 480-834-6344 Mach: Turning CNC 3D Machine LLC_ _______480-239-8254 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 Avtek Industries_________ 602-485-4005 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 361 South 52nd Street • Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-967-2501 • Fax: 480-967-2530 rschwab@cel-atg.com Cell: 480-375-1437

ISO/IEC 17025


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1826 W. Broadway Rd,# 46,Mesa, AZ 85202 Phone: 480-225-8854 powerhausprecision@yahoo.com www.powerhausprecision.com

Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Machining: Turning: Automatic American Prec. Machine____ 602-269-6298 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Evans Precision Mach’g____ 623-581-6200 HPMP______________801-619-9850 JB’s Precision Ind_______ 623-581-9088 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 RMSS _____________ 623-780-5904 StarRex Precision_______ 480-834-6344 Stewart Precision Mfg_____ 623-492-9400 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Machining: Ultra-Precision Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 MACHINING: LASER Laser Cutting Allfab Engineering______ 602-437-0497 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Big O Metals___________480-477-9182 EDM Tech___________ 602-278-6666 F&B Manufacturing_______602-512-5237 Fine Line Laser Cutting_____602-863-3196 K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 K-zell Metals, Inc._______ 602-232-5882 KLK Ind._____________602-267-1331 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

90 • Nov / Dec 2020

M3 (Modern Metal Masters)_ 623-233-7932 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Southwest Waterjet-Laser___ 480-306-7748 The Metal Man________ 800-448-9448 TMM Precision ________ 800-448-9448 Tube Service Company____ 602-267-9865 Wal-Tek Industries________623-587-4611 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Laser Engraving & Etching Leach Laser___________602-254-1141 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 Perfection Ind Finishing____ 520-434-9090 TechMark___________ 480-820--9444 Laser Marking Leach Laser___________602-254-1141 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 TechMark___________ 480-820--9444 Thread Rolling Ron Grob___________ 970-667-5320 MANUFACTURING AAE______________ 928-772-9887 Abrams Airborne Mfg_____ 520-887-1727 Aero Tech___________ 801-292-0493 Creedbilt Inc___________623-939-8119 Exactitude Precision_______602-316-6957 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Group Manufacturing Serv__ 480-966-3952 K-2 Mfg____________ 602-455-9575 KLK Ind._____________602-267-1331 Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854 Metzfab____________ 602- 539-9591 MoldWORX__________ 480-668-8400 RM Garrison Mach’ing___623-582-6544

RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Scriven Precision_________ 480-961-9775 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Manufacturing: Electrode Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Mfg: PhotoChemical Aero Tech____________801-292-0493 Etching Fabrication Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech____________801-292-0493 METAL FORMING Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 AZMF Precision__________ 602-476-747 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 TMM Precision _________800-448-9448 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 METAL RESTORATION Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 METAL STAMPING High Production Precision Stamping Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 MOLDS AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Molds: Construction AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480

Molds: Plastic Injection AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 Molds: Steel Aero Tech___________801-292-0493 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 OUTGASING Systems Integrators______ 623-434-3136 PAINTING Arizona Finishing_______602-438-4443 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Capital Metal Finishing____ 520-884-7473 Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 CRC Surface Technologies___602-288-0394 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Painting& Blast Booths STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Phosphate Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Wet Paint/CARC Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 Sandblast/Automated Capital Metal Finishing____ 520-884-7473 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Screenprinting & Pad Printing Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090

STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 PLASMA CUTTING Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Marzee_____________602-269-5801 PLATING Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175 Coating Technologies______623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 E.P.S.I.______________714-256-8950 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Precision Metalworks______602-455-9575 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Anodizing AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 CAP_______________602-464-9629 Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Frontier Group__________928-636-0130 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Pilkington Metal Finishing___ 801-972-2146

Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Bright Nickel Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Bright Tin Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Copper Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Electroless Nickel Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Embrittlement Relief E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Gold E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Nickel/ Chrome/Palladium Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Silver Plating Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Zinc Plate Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117

Cody Hukill O: 602-539-9591

C: 602-320-8360

E: sales@metzfab.com W: metzfabindustries.com A: 23012 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Laser Marking Laser Engraving Laser Cutting Waterjet Cutting

T.J. Fisher Owner/ President

2781 N Valley View Dr. tj@arizonaarchery.com Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 928-772-9887 ArizonaArchery.com 928-772-6287 fax

E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 POLISHING Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PRODUCTION Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 PRODUCTS Industrial Thermocouples Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 PUNCHING Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 Fry Fabrications_________ 602-454-0701 Group Manufacturing Serv___480-966-3952 K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Powerhaus Precision______480-225-8854 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 Weiser Engineering_______303-280-2778

SINTERING Western Sintering_______509-375-3096 SPINNING: Metal Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 SPLINES Apache Gear, Inc________ 623-934-7144 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580 SPRINGS Custom Springs Compression/Extension/ Assembly/Torsion Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 Flat and Wire Springs Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113 STAMPING A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 Auer Precision__________ 480-834-4637 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____480-503-1283 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 Precision Die & Stamping____480-967-2038 Scriven Precision_________ 480-961-9775

Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 SAW CUTTING Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

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E.D.M. Specialists Precision Machining


& ENG.

Since 1980

1930 St, #13 1930 E. E 3rd3rd St., #13 Tempe, 85281 Tempe, AZ AZ 85281

(480) 921-1665 480-921-1665 (480) 215-7144 Cell:Cell: 480-215-7144 suntech@suntecheng.net RSHud1@gmail.com

TESTING Testing: Non-Dest/ Pressure CAP ______________ 602-464-9629 Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 FutureWeld___________ 602-437-2426 Pilkington Metal Finishing___801-972-2146 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 TOOLING PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Precision Metal Forming 602-278-6666 EDM Tech____________ Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 Testing: Turbine Instrumentation Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 THERMAL SPRAY K-2 Mfg_____________602-455-9575 Western Sintering________ 509-375-3096 Bolts Metallizing - CWST___602-244-2432 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 TUBING Controlled Thermal Tech’y____ 602-272-3714 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113 Assembly Formed Tubing Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580 Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 Service & Sales_________ 480-968-9084 THREADING Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Formed Tubing Thread Grinding Stamping: Aerospace AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Tube Bending /Fabrication Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_ 623-377-2191 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 K-zell Metals, Inc.________ 602-232-5882 ThreadRolling Stamping: Deep Draw Service & Sales_________ 480-968-9084 Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 Shaw Precision_________ 480-785-4925

MAKstride____________928-460-6054 Marusiak LLC__________ 480-318-8883 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 Metzfab_____________602- 539-9591 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 RM Garrison Machining_____623-582-6544 Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ 480-306-7748 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 Waterjet, 5-Axis Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ 480-306-7748 Waterjet, Multi head Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 Waterjet, High Press. Cutting Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 WASHERS Tube Laser Cutting/ Fabrication TOOL & DIE AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 3D Machine LLC_________ 480-239-8254 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 WATERJET CUTTING AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 WIRE FORMS Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Creedbilt Inc___________ 623-939-8119 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113

Stamping Design SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping Flat Forming SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Precision A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Progressive Whitley Machine________ 602-323-5550 Flow International _______ 800-446-3569 WELDING Die & Tooling Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Wrico______________480-892-7800 M3 (Modern Metal Masters)__ 623-233-7932 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

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Brandon Metzger O: 602-539-9591

C: 602-618-2841

E: sales@metzfab.com W: metzfabindustries.com A: 23012 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Wire Springs ● Flat Springs ● Wire Products www.springworksutah.com sales@springworksutah.com (801) 298Ͳ0113 2261 S. 1560 W. ● Woods Cross ● UT 84087

Welding: Alum. Med & Lg

K-2 Mfg_____________ 602-455-9575

Alpha Machine_________602-437-0322 Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Continental Machining_____800-777-2483 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666

35+ years of quality & service!

Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 L&W Fluid____________ 602-323-2560 Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580

Welding: Precision

ATEC Engineering_______ 480-569-3337 Magnum Companies______602.272.3600 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Continental Machining__ 800-777-2483 Welding: Spot AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Consultation AZMF Precision_________602-476-7477 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 Lynch Brothers Mfg_______ 602-267-7575 Cutting Edge Mfg_______ 480-609-7233 BEL Machining_________ 480-445-9881 Weiser/Mile High Precision___303-280-2778 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 BID Machine, Inc_______ 480-892-7304 Welding: Tig Welding: Enclosures Bolts Metallizing - CWST____ 602-244-2432 Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 Allfab Engineering_______602-437-0497 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Welding: Design Desert Precision Mfg_____ 520-887-4433 Backerworks Mfg______ 505-342-2943 Empire Precision Mach.____ 480-633-4580 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Welding: Heli-Arc F&B Manufacturing______ 602-512-5237 Group Mfg. Serv________ 480-966-3952 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305

Welding: Laser K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 K-zell Metals, Inc._______ 602-232-5882 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575

Welding: Orbital Magnum Companies_____ 602.272.3600 L&W Fluid____________602-323-2560 Powerhaus Precision_____ 480-225-8854 Welding: Precision

Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Precision Metalworks_____ 602-455-9575 Welding: Spot Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 Lynch Brothers Mfg_______602-267-7575 Scriven Precision________ 480-961-9775 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Val-Tech Mfg__________ 480-966-7376 Welding: Tig Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Allfab Engineering_______602-437-0497 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Welding: Aerospace Backerworks Mfg_____ 505-342-2943 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 Cutting Edge Mfg_______ 480-609-7233 Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575 FutureWeld___________602-437-2426 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305

FutureWeld__________ 602-437-2426

Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 K-2 Mfg_____________602-455-9575 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 EDM Tech____________602-278-6666


Your Business Card Here In The Buyers Guide. Vol. 11, No. 6 Nov / Dec 2018

Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, ID, MT and WY)

OLYMPIC METALS’ NEW CENTENNIAL, CO, HEADQUARTERS Olympic Metals Is An AS9100 Revision D Certified Metals Distribution Company A2ZManufacturing.com

Reach More than 27,800 if You Get Into Our 3 Editions! And Just $260 (Per Region) For The Whole Year. 602-412-7696 Don’t Wait. Call Today! a2zmanufacturing.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW•

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3D Machine....................................82 A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace............84 AAE.............................................. 26,91 Abrams Airborne Mfg................................85 ABS Metalurgical............................................19 ACC Machinery................................................73 Accutech...............................................................88 Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.....................93 Adams Mach......................................49,73,96 Advanced Precision......................................80 Aero Spring & Mfg.........................................84 Aero Tech..............................................................89 Air Gear..................................................................86 AllFab Engineering........................................85 Alpha Machine...............................................91 American Aerospace (AATC).................83 American Tools & Metals...................74,75 Americhem Engineering.........................75 ANEWCO..............................................................88 Apache Gear......................................................85 Apache Steel......................................................77 Arizona CNC..........................13,67,73,76,78 Arizona Finishing............................................86 Arizona MEP..........................................68,81 Arizona Tool Steel...........................................78 Arizona Wire & Tool.......................................93 ATEC Engineering..........................................93 Atlas Machine Tool Repair.......................81 Auer Precision...................................................85 AutoDesk.............................................................84 Autoline.................................................................58 Avtek........................................................................88 Axian Technology..........................................82 Ayers Gear & Machining...........................71 AZ Metals......................................................62,76 AZMARK (Imaginetics)...............................91 AZMF Precision................................................92 B&T Tool & Engineering............................79 Backerworks Mfg...........................................89 Banterra Bank.. ..................................2,81 Barton International ............................48,76 BC Barfeeds........................................................75 Bears Fix All.........................................................81 Beau’s Crates......................................................80 BEL Machining.................................................84 BID Machine, Inc.............................................84 Big O Metals...............................................28,84 Black Lab Optical............................................79 Blaze Precision..................................................83 Blue Streak Grinding............................65,85 BMSC...............................................................55,83 Bolts Metallizing-CWST.............................83 Bralco Metals..............................................76,77 Bystronic Inc......................................................74 C&M Rigging..............................................38,81 Capital Metal Finishing..............................91 Cassavant CAP.............................................6,93 Cassavant Machining.................................90 Challenger Aerospace................................87 ChemResearch................................................87 CIS..............................................................................82 Cleveland Electric Labs......................60,89 CNC Pros.........................................30-31,73,75 Coast Aluminum.....................................22,77 Coastal Metals...........................................12,78 Coating Tech............................................ 72,83 Collins Metal Finishing................................83 Consolidated Resources...................46,80 Continental Machining.............................88 Controlled Thermal.......................................86 CopperState Nut & Bolt.............................75 Craters & Feighters..................................47,80 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

Index of Advertisers Crating Tech........................ ...............................80 D & R Mchy..............................37,69,73,74,79 DATRON................................................................75 Davis Metals ......................................16,92 DCM Tech.. ..................................................74 Delta Technology...............1,34-36,74 Desert Precision MFG.. .........................84 DM Machine Repair.. .............................80 DMG Mori..................................................................73 Ebbco Inc....................................................74 Echols Saw & Supply............................73 Edge Technologies................................76 EDM Network..........................................77 EDM Perform Access............................78 EDM Tech....................................................84 Elevate Consulting.................................81 Ellison Machinery.......................5,59,73,75,77 Empire Precision Mach.......................89 Enterprise Manufacturing................90 EPSI..................................................................91 Evans Precision Mach’g......................85 F&B Manufacturing..............................86 Falcon Engineering........................ 63,92 Fast DMS......................................................81 Faustson......................................................82 Field Calibrations....................................79 Fine Line Fabricating Inc....................85 Fine Line Laser Cutting........................91 Flex-Pro.................................................70,89 Flow Corp............................................73,74 Foresight Finishing................................92 Freedom Fabricating...........................54 Frontier Group...................................14,91 Galaxy International......................66,80 Gateway Community College.. 44,80 Geiger Electric Inc..................................74 Genesis Precision...................................89 GHT Services LLC....................................82 Gibbs Precision Machine...................90 Gilbert Metal Stamping......................82 Gladhill Assoc.....................................64,87 GMN USA.............................................44,76 Gold Tech Industries.............................87 Grindworks................................................83 Group Manufacturing.........................84 Hennig.........................................................76 Hexagon.....................................................33 Hi-Tech Machining & Welding........84 HK Machining..........................................88 Horizon Carbide.....................................82 Hunter Machine Moving...................80 Hurco............................................................37 Ind. Metal Supply............................64,78 Ind.Tool Die................................................87 Industrial Electric Inc............................74 Industrial Solutions................................81 Infinisys..................................................83,87 IPE Aerospace...................................61,90 IPG..................................................................86 IRH..................................................................82 ISI World.................................................66,81 ITDE................................................................87 J&W Manufacturing..............................89 J B’s Prec Ind...............................................87 Jacquet West.............................................78 Jaguar Precision Machine..................90 Jan’s Inc.........................................................88 JD Machine.................................................82 JDB Ltd.........................................................86 Jemelco Inc.................................................80 K D Capital..................................................73 K-2 Manufacturing.................................91

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K-Zell Metals, Inc......................................92 Kaiser Thinbit...................................... 15,79 KALOS Certifications.............................81 KLK Inc...........................................................88 Kloeckner Metals.....................................77 Klontech Metrology..............................73 KTR Machine..............................................74 Kurt Manufacturing Co.......................78 Kyocera.........................................................76 L&W Machine Co......................................87 LAUBE Technology..................................77 Layke Inc......................................................83 Leach Laser..................................................87 Lone Arrow.................................................76 Louie’s Black Oxide...........................84,86 LRW Cutting Tools..................................79 Lucy’s Machine Company.................76 Lynch Brothers.........................................86 M3 Metals....................................................93 Magnum Companies.................... 24,84 Magnum Prec...........................9,73-75,95 Makino..........................................................73 MAKstride....................................................83 Marcus & Millichap.................................80 Marshall Tool & Supply........................79 Marusiak LLC...............................................91 MarZee.............................................41,85,92 Mario Pinto.................................................80 Matrix Machine..................................82,83 Matsuura......................................................73 Mesa Machinery................................65,75 Metalcraft Inc..............................................87 Metals Eng & Testing Labs.................83 Methods West.................................3,74,75 Metzfab............................................32,91,93 Micropulse West......................................82 Midaco Corp..............................................83 Mistras (Semiray)...............................45,83 Mitutoyo................................................71,75 MLC CAD Systems..................................80 MoldWORX.................................................91 Moore Tool & Die.....................................84 Moore Tool & Equip...............................75 Morsch Machine.....................................82 MP Systems................................................76 Mueller Prost..............................................80 NAI Horizon................................................63 National Grinding & Mfg....................85 Nelson Engineering........................ 63,84 New Angle Media....................................81 Newport Tool............................................93 NFP Property & Casualty....................80 North-South .........................27,73,74,76 Onsite Technical Services.............52, 81 Osborn Products...............................83,85 Paragon Machining & Design.........89 Paramount Honing Machine............87 Part Partners LLC.....................................89 PAS (Standard Aero).......................39,92 Patrick Motorsports........................42-43 Perfection Industrial Finishing........90 Phoenix Fab & Design.............50-51,87 Phoenix Grinding....................................83 Phoenix Heat Treat.................................86 Pilkington Metal Finishing.................92 Pioneer Distributing Co.......................83 Port Plastics................................................78 Powerhaus Precision.............................90 Powill Mfg....................................................86 PPE Engineering......................................93 Precision Aerospace..............................93 Precision Die & Stamping............23,82

Productivity, MMT.. ............................29,73 Qualichem, Inc...........................................77 Quality Improvement Consulting.......81 Quality Mold...............................................85 R&D Gage.. ....................................................26 Renishaw.. ...............................................25,75 RMG Machining.. .............................. ..10,85 RMSS.. ........................... ..................................90 Ron Grob........................................................86 Royal Products.. ....................................48,76 S.L. Fusco.........................................................74 Samuel, Son & CO......................................78 Sav-On Plating............................................90 Savage Machine .......................................74 Schenk Intertech.......................................74 SCHUNK.........................................................79 Scriven Precision Fab..............................82 Select Machining......................................88 Service & Sales............................................92 Shaw Precision............................................86 Single Source Technologies..........73,77 Southwest Swiss Prec.............................88 SW Waterjet & Laser..............................57,91 Specialty Turn Products (STP)........53,90 SPRINGWORKS Utah...............................93 Standard Aero................................20,85,92 Starrett.............................................................76 StarRex Precision.......................................88 Star Metal Fluids..........................11,76-80 Steel Services Grind’g.......................54,83 Stellar Industrial.........................................75 Stevens Engineering............................... 77 Stewart Precision Manufacturing...........84 Sun Grinding..................................39,78,85 Sun Tech.........................................................92 Superior Grinding.................................8,86 Sustaining Edge Solutions............18,79 Systems Integrators........................................83 TMM Precision......................................82,85 T-N Machining............................................88 T.S.M. Mach. .................................................73 Takashi Sato..................................................88 Tech Five Machining................................ 87 TechMark.......................................................85 The Metal Man......................................82,85 The Tool Crib Inc.........................................79 The Werks C&C............................................78 Thompson Machine................................84 Total Quality Sys......................................... 77 Tube Service................................................. 77 Tungaloy America.....................................78 Turul Engineering......................................81 TVT Die Casting....................................68,85 TW Metals...................................................... 77 United Performance........................71,78 U S Shop Tools........................................7,76 Uni-Tek............................................................ 87 Val-Tech Mfg.................................................84 Valley Machine Works............................85 Vero Software..............................................79 VonRuden..............................................78,80 Wal-Tek Industries.....................................92 Washington Calibration........................74 Weiser/Mile High Precision.................85 Western Cast Parts....................................82 Western Sintering Co..............................93 Western State Bank...........................56,79 Western States Metal.......................60,80 White’s Niche Products....................17,75 Whitley Machine ...........................21,85 Wissota Tool & Die....................................92 Wrico.........................................................40,84 Yellowbird.com............................................81 Zeiss Metrology..........................................74

GIVE US A WEEK, AND WE’LL GIVE YOU A PROGRAMMER Let the ease of use and exceptional productivity of MAZATROL transform new and seasoned operators into proficient programmers within days, not weeks. Standard on all Mazak machines, MAZATROL’s innovative and fast question-and-answer format helps your shop create value from the start. • Built-in, fully customizable libraries automatically set speeds and feeds based on workpiece material and tooling. • Save costly and time-consuming programming errors – see it before you run it by viewing a 3D model of your parts in real time. • Utilize SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions like SMOOTH Engraving, SMOOTH Machining Configuration for high-speed operations, Intelligent Thermal Shield, thread point start compensation and more. • Add SMOOTH CAM RS to mirror your MAZATROL Smooth CNC to a PC, allowing you to manage your machine right from your desk.

Discover how MAZATROL can make a difference in your shop by scheduling a virtual or in-person demonstration today at MazakUSA.com/contact-us.


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THE LARGEST LYNX HAS LANDED The Lynx 2600SY goes bigger while keeping the same great features. Our customers told us, so we listened: “Keep all the good things from the Lynx 2100LSYB, but just make it a little bigger.” Roger that. Introducing the Lynx 2600SY. Same fast linear cross roller guideways, same machining capability for aggressive cuts and enough size so you don’t have to jump up to the PUMA Series if you don’t need to. The Lynx family is bigger and better than ever.


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A2Z Manufacturing Magazines SW Edition Nov 2020  

A2Z Manufacturing Magazines are regionally focused business development tools. Three regionally focused editions for the Western U.S. focusi...

A2Z Manufacturing Magazines SW Edition Nov 2020  

A2Z Manufacturing Magazines are regionally focused business development tools. Three regionally focused editions for the Western U.S. focusi...

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