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Video testimonials from Ken Robinson’s clients

How do you know that the author knows how to make money quicksmart? How do you tell whether the person sharing their expertise should be trusted? Many authors, speakers, trainers and coaches share their stories of how they went from bread and water to a Maserati, as though all they had to do was roll over in their sleep. In their online video promotions, they feature themselves living in multimillion dollar homes living a lavish lifestyle. They promote the idea of the rags to riches story that they achieved with little or no effort. To gain credibility in your eyes, they present testimonials from students who have just completed their course, but you never see evidence months after the course has finnished showing you how their students implemented their teaching and achieved success. We believe that the real test is whether the author has helped people earn cold hard CASH. Before you read another word of this book, let us examine whether the author Ken Robinson can present real proof that his clients have made money using his approach. To give you that proof that Ken’s approach has worked, over the next two pages are featured two letters from Managing Directors of Australian firms, sharing how Ken Robinson’s copywriting approach proved to be an excellent investment. What did Ken achieve for his two clients?

Ken wrote a boardroom presentation that helped Merlot Construction secure a $1.75 million contract Ken helped Skycool Roofing secure 32 x $40,000 sales slashing his client’s selling time by one year

$1.75 million contract secured

32 x $40,000 contracts

This book contains a plan that has helped me earn a six-figure income


ou have an idea that could transform your livelihood, but for some reason, you are finding it hard to turn your idea into a six-figure income. If that’s you then this book is for you! This book is going to show you the one part of the puzzle that will determine whether your idea remains a pipe-dream or a money making venture. This book is going to show you how to win work, quick smart. Better still, I am going to share how in my first week of running a business from a spare room in my small apartment, I earned ten thousand dollars without any prior experience in my chosen market. I had no portfolio of samples, nor did I have reams of testimonials proclaiming me as a musthave copywriter/marketing specialist. Actually, if you had checked out my schooling, you would have quickly found out that I had failed English multiple times. My High School English teacher had told me, “You want to be a writer. Forget it. You don’t stand a chance!” But what we both know, is that copywriting is salesmanship in print, not excellent prose. It is the ability to use words to emotionally connect with a reader so that they become so motivated they can’t wait to purchase your product or service. I didn’t learn copywriting or how to win business in school. My knowledge and experience comes from the school of “hard knocks.” The problem for most small business owners is not their ability to create and deliver a product/service. It is the ability to generate an income. Over the years, I have hired lots of writers that leave my copy for dead. What they don’t know, and what I will show you in this book is a simple plan to regularly generate new work that brings in an annual six-figure income. I know it works. This plan has helped me earn over $4,000,000 plus as a copywriter!

How I earned $10,000 in my first week of starting my own business


hen I first started my small business, some 23 years ago, I found it extremely tough going as I tried to carve out a niche in the marketplace for my business. There was not a week that went by where I wasn’t trying to break into new ground. I would spend hours brainstorming various ideas, hoping that at least one segment of the market would run with what I was proposing. Luckily for me, my wife Wendy was working for a corporation earning a salary, which enabled us to keep paying the mortgage and for the most part, live a very good lifestyle. But now and again, I would feel the icy chill from my wife as she started asking questions about when we would start making money from at least one of my new ideas. Like all great entrepreneurs, I reassured her that everything would be okay and success was only a week or two away. I wish! One day after work, Wendy arrived home with the most exciting news, “We are having a baby.” Before I even had a chance of getting over the shock, Wendy delivered an even greater shock: “And by the way, I have handed in my notice telling my boss that the week before the baby is due, will be my last week,” said Wendy. “Ken, that gives you eight months to make a success of the business. It’s now up to you!” It is incredible, how time flies, one-week became one month, one month became eight months and still no real success. Finally, the eight months

had passed, and unfortunately for us, not one of my ideas had taken hold. With one week left at work, Wendy’s income was about to disappear. A month after our son was born, not much had changed, still none of my ideas had taken hold. We were in the car when Wendy let fly. Being the ever warm and caring husband, I noticed that Wendy had tears rolling down her cheeks. “What’s wrong darling? Are you feeling okay?” said I, trying to show as much concern as possible. “Do you realise that we have one week’s savings left. Do you realise that we have $8,000 in bills to pay within the next month? What are you going to do? You have had nine months to sort out this business, and still, you can’t make a go of it,” said Wendy. Luckily for me, we were driving past the area where some good friends of ours lived. I thought they may be able to help us sort out the mess I had made. Our friends had had similar struggles in trying to build their business years prior and now owned a successful company that marketed their product worldwide. More importantly, to help my wife, my friend’s wife happened to be one of the pastors in our local church. Hopefully, she would be able to help Wendy cope with the current situation. When we arrived at my mates home, Wendy sat down with his wife, and she shared how she had fared in the past. At the same time, my friend sat me down and asked the following: “So Ken, you must have thought of some thing by now that will it least make you a little money,” said my mate. I then shared an idea. My friend wondered why I hadn’t put the idea into practice. All I could think of was that I didn’t know if it was the right time. My friend responded quite distinctly: “Ken, you are about to go broke. I think now is as good a time as ever, don’t you???”

The key to earning $10,000 in my first week came from an idea I had put off for over a year My idea was to publish a monthly newsletter exclusively for one real estate agent per postcode area, which was titled Property News. Each issue’s cover story would share a success story as to how our client had sold a local home for a really good price. The power of the newsletter is that it was written like a third-party independent source reporting on my client’s success. It just happened that each month the stories in the newsletter would only focus on the same real estate agent. After several months of publishing these newsletters in the same suburb, the perception would be created amongst the residents that our client was the top agent in the local area. That would then lead people to consider only selling their home with our agent instead of the competition.

To illustrate my point, here is an example of Property News from agents based in Australia & New Zealand:

Why did I think Property News would work? The reason I felt that Property News would work, is that the majority of marketing by local real agents focuses on how good they are instead of how they help their clients successfully sell their property. Remember, if I’m a homeowner, selling a property, I’m looking for information that will point me to the most successful agent in the local area. If you receive Property News month after month, and each issue shares how another home had been sold by the same agent you start to believe that this is the agent you should be using to sell your home.

But how did I sell something that didn’t exist? How did I convince the first agent to sign-up when I had no runs on the board? What’s more, I didn’t even have a career in real estate to fall back upon. But having had a sales career going back to when I was 17, I had learnt over the years that people buy you first and then buy your product or service. That’s why face-to-face selling will never die out. People need to have trust in the salesperson before they can trust what you are selling. You need to present with so much conviction, that the the prospect is left with the feeling that what you’re proposing is a foregone conclusion, whether they buy it or not.

How I prepared for my first sales pitch That night after I left our friend’s home, I got to work immediately developing a mockup of what the newsletter I was proposing would look like. Having worked on the layout that night to 11pm, I then turned my attention to writing a sales proposal, plus the contract, that I would need them to sign. Finally, at about 2am, I had developed all I needed for the first presentation, now all I had to do was to get my first appointment with a local real estate agent. But how did I do that when I had no track record in real estate?

How I won my first sale on the first day selling All of this was achieved in the first 24 hours

The next morning at 8.30am, I telephoned the Principal of the first agency having found his mobile number on his website. Mentally I prepared myself so that no matter what the agent said to me when I cold-called him, I knew that I was going to sell my program to at least one agent. Looking back now, having sold Property News to well over 400 individual real estate offices across Australia over the past eight to nine years, my initial attitude to that first phone call was the key to my success. Even over the telephone, people sense whether what you are saying is true or not, purely by the tone you have as you deliver your pitch. I conveyed right throughout the conversation, not only by my choice of words but by the intensity of my voice, that by the end of the day only one agent would be lucky enough to secure the rights to Property News.

To help you learn my approach, I would like to share with you the key points I try to make with every telephone sales call: Ken:

Mr so-and-so, I am a former Fairfax publisher, and I’m planning to launch a new publication in your market titled Property News. Unfortunately, only one agent will have access to this publication in your postcode.

If you happen to be lucky enough to secure the rights to Property News, each month my journalists will be writing a success story about how you have sold a home locally for the best price in the shortest possible time. As I said, unfortunately, we can only sell our programme to one agent in your area.

And as your profile matches the type of agent we feel will gain the most value from having a publication like Property News, I wanted to give you the courtesy of reviewing this program before another local agent in your postcode takes it.

You can imagine the positive response towards an agent whether it be L. J. Hooker, Ray White or your office if they start publishing 20,000 copies of Property News each month.

Now I’m going to be having meetings with agents for most of today, and so before the program is sold, I wanted to touch base with your office in case you could see yourself using it.

Mr so-and-so, I will be having meetings this afternoon with two agents, when can I meet you?

PLESAE NOTE: Every sales call I have made is different, so the above is purely the key points I try to get across in each call to a real estate agency prospect. Depending on the prospects, each call runs differently as they respond with either interest, indifference or many questions. But at least the above outline shows the key messages I try and communicate in each and every call. You need a list of your own key points, presented in an order that will interest the prospect enough to start a dialogue.

How did they react to his phone call? By the end of this initial phone call my positive attitude had been transferred onto my prospect. The agent sounded truly excited by the finish of the call, sharing how he had always wanted to do something different to all the other agents. When I met with the agent that morning, I carried my upbeat outlook right throughout the meeting. Every time he came up with an objection, I countered by coming back to the same point: Ken: Mr so and so, what if another agent noted the same objection as you have just mentioned, but for whatever reason decided to put the objection on hold and went ahead with the project.

Imagine they started publishing 20,000 copies every month. Local people would be reading stories, issue after issue, about your fiercest competitor selling home after a home for top prices in the shortest possible time.

What type of influence Mr so-and-so, do you think that agent would have in the local community simply because he was able to look past the objections you’re having right now and press ahead with Property News.

The result? I didn’t get to meet any of the other agents that day. My first meeting sealed the deal. My new client could see themselves reaping the rewards from using Property News and signed on the spot!

How to make use of this method? If you find yourself in this new position, take the following steps: Firstly, create such a good case for a potential buyer taking up your offer that they can’t afford to say no. Create a simple package that offers high value for low dollars and sell it to everyone you can reach. In my case, I had researched the real estate market extensively, and knew that from the agents I had researched, that there was a gap in their marketing strategy that could be filled by my publication Property News. When you present your key selling points you must make sure that there are few, if any holes in your argument. Secondly, as though you were playing a movie in your mind, you need to picture yourself achieving the outcome. With that inner belief will come forth the conviction and communication that will play a great part in convincing your prospect to say ‘yes.’ From the moment I made the decision to go ahead and present my new selling proposition, there was not a moment that I did not envisage the outcome I was looking for. By the time I’m made my first telephone call, I could see the agent on the other end of the phone agreeing with my points and willing to go ahead. That strong belief comes across the telephone and gives you that courage to deal with any objection the prospect brings up. Thirdly, it is helpful to present a call to action. What does your call to action look like? It may be that your new proposition is only available for a short period of time. On the other hand if a prospect acts today they can receive a financial incentive like a discount. In my case, I used an exclusivity factor, I was only going to work with one agent in an area. This approach enabled me to appeal to their competitive spirit. You will find that most real estate agents hate the thought of another local competitor getting the better of them.

How do you start earning a better than good living?

Why have I shared a story that happened over 23 years ago when I first started my copywriting business? I shared my first week in business, to prove to you that you can start winning business without having a business card (I did not), a website (I did not) or a robust social media presence (I did not). I regularly run a two-day workshop, where I teach people how to start a business ASAP. They soon learn that you don’t need to have a welldesigned business logo to start making sales. Many of the participants who entered these two-day Boot Camps, were focused on things that mattered to them, but make no difference when it comes to a client deciding to sign with you. Take, for example, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines. He had no aviation experience; in fact, his sum total of business experience was establishing a successful record business. He actually laid out his business plan for a multi-billion-dollar airline on a napkin flying London to New York. Did he know the airline business? NO, but he knew what customers were missing out on and set out to meet their needs. Before you start worrying about your corporate colours, Sir Richard Branson didn’t, develop a strategy to win business and get to work.

If his approach for the establishment of a multibillion-dollar airline worked, What’s stopping you from starting a copywriting business, making a couple of sales on your first week? Nothing, so let’s get started! This small, but to the point book, shares a strategy that was the backbone of our business that has developed over 23 years to service over 600 clients. Our longest standing client has used our monthly services for 14 consecutive years and has given us so many testimonials I have lost count. This book had to be small because if you need to make money by Friday, and its Monday, you do not have the time or luxury, to ponder, plan and implement a strategy contained in one of the many popular 300 page plus small business manuals. No, you need to take action today!

But there is more... Instead of you taking 23 years to learn what I have, I can help you fast track your business growth by offering you the opportunity to join my five-week Sales Booster Boot Camp. This gives you weekly access to my persoanl coaching approach, so you can ask any questions you may have as each week as you seek to win new business. When I first started teaching this material, I thought my students would be able to create their own materials. I soon found out that they were wasting a lot of time trying to reinvent the wheel and it was far more quicker for me to give them examples of what had worked for me in the real world. So as a part of the Sales Booster Boot Camp, I provide you with a series of templates. I show you what needs to be on your website. I provide you with a set of sales letters and a proposal that has helped me consistently win business.

Your bonus... As you have invested your time in reading this material, I would like to offer you a 20% discount on our next online course. Because I’m involved in the weekly coaching calls, due to limited time, I only run two of these online boot camps a year. So cut the time it takes to you to get your business off the ground, and head immediately to to secure your position in this hands-on training program today.

This book shares a proven step-by-step plan that helped me earn $10,000 in my first week If you need to get new work for your business in the first week then this book is definitely for you. This book is short, to the point, and shares how the author Ken Robinson started a business with no experience in a market, no references and started selling the first day he opened his doors. He didn’t wait for business cards, a new website, he got straight down to business and so can you! That first week he started his journey to an annual six-figure income for the past 23 years, Ken signed several clients for $10,000 in total. He created one offer and pitched that offer to as many people who would give him the time of day. This book is deliberately short and to the point. It’s twelve pages map out exactly what Ken did to earn that first $10,000 in five days. This started a journey leading to a six-figure yearly income in a completely new market he had never worked in. Once you understand what constitutes the most straightforward approach to winning business, you will be too busy signing up clients to be worried about reading large sales books, but you will be glad you took the time to read this one. Ken Robinson, Master Sales Strategist and Trainer. He will show you how to make a sale in 48hrs. If you are about to make a major sales presentation, he can help you improve your sales pitch, prepare your boardroom presentation and coach you step-by-step on how to deliver it successfully. At the age of 24, Ken convinced Australia’s leading media group J.B. Fairfax to 100% financially back him in his own magazine business with print-runs of 700,000 magazines per issue. Now age 54, married for 23 years with four children, Ken works with small business owners and creative freelancers showing them to step-by-step how to grow their business. To seek Ken Robinson’s help, please visit: