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Dear Reader, It is with great pleasure that we invite you to enjoy this launch edition of our wonderful new luxury lifestyle magazine, targeted to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. You share our love for excellence, for the utmost, for the finest there is. You are well-traveled, well-cultured citizens of the world who demand and are used to the very best. Our story is your story. Like you, we have picked up all kinds of magazines, claiming to be chock-full of interesting articles on highend products, services and inspirations. Yet, we always felt there was something really missing in most of the magazines out there. We flipped through their pages and then left our copies in our airplane seats or private jet, lounges, limousines, yachts and hotel rooms. We knew there was an opportunity to offer a beautiful, elegant and equally entertaining, comprehensive and well-written magazine. So we brainstormed, planned, toiled, talked to journalists, editors, graphic artists, advertisers, distributors and other strategic partners, working page by page, over and over again.

PUBLISHER Project Luxury Ltd., Bergstrasse 25, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland www.projectluxury.com EDITORIAL Publisher – Managing Editor Ina Dederer

This is our end result, Project Luxury & Art. We hope that you will find it as refreshing, fun and inspiring as we have during its creation. Enjoy!

A Special Thank You to our Team: Karin Mugnaini, Marika Adorna, Robin Dürrwaechter, Vanessa Taingco, Alice Maurer, Barbara Schött, Bettina Widmer, Polina Chizhova and Achim Langner (C. Maurer GmbH & Co. KG) General Advertising Enquiries +41 79 380 84 23 info@projectluxury.com The Project Luxury & Art Magazine is published quarterly in English. Project Luxury & Art is a brand of Project Luxury Ltd. and the entire content is copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine, including text, photographs, illustration, advertising layouts or other graphics may be reproduced in any way without prior written consent of Project Luxury & Art Magazine. The Publisher and Editor are not responsible for unsolicited material and it will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication subject to Project Luxury & Art Magazine’s right to edit. Copyright 2016, Project Luxury Ltd.

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Toshy has created his own personal story with art – seductive climaxes, quotes and facts from the lives of well-known and lesser known people of the world, combined with a technical, recognisable and brilliant display of imagery.

Toshy was born in Breda, The Netherlands in the 1970s. Encouraged early on by his family to pursue his talent, Toshy was taken to various museums in Paris and Amsterdam as a young boy. During this time, Toshy was inspired by icons such as Erwin Olaf, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein. He soon became a talented pencil artist with a passion. In the 80s, Toshy was inspired by sexy visuals used in fashion and combined them with graphics and animations. He identified with the ‘smiley’ symbol. During these times, pop icon video clips with stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and

Depeche Mode instilled a strong vision in how creativity could be portrayed in the world. Halfway through the decade, the street art culture emerged. Soon, graffiti was no longer seen as a nuisance, but rather, as a talent and was rightly recognised by the media. Today, graffiti is a legitimate artform practiced around the globe and sold at auctions and in galleries at often sky high prices. At just 16 years of age, Toshy was spotted by the media and interviewed by diverse newspapers and magazines. But Toshy’s talent was not only street art – his work

had grown and developed, further stimulated by his creative studies. Toshy took his talent to another level and began his own creative agency. Street art remained strong in his heart, and around late 2012, Toshy blended his graffiti skills with typography and photography to create a new style of art. His first canvas, “Sade”, triggered a sea of emotions from its client. Shortly afterwards, Toshy was warmly received at his first exposition in Amsterdam. Toshy’s portraits, which he describes as “odes”, show the world the depths that lie within people as individuals.

Black Beauties


Love Me - Hate Me

Toshy aims to trigger and inspire via his artwork. He sees the world as a podium to display art as a form of communication without limitations. Each canvas is personally signed with the motto “The world is your stage”. Today, Toshy keeps busy with a never-ending stream of new projects, and recently launched a global campaign called “Love Now”, combining upbeat graphics about love with a “do good, be kind, help change the world” type of energy. “Love Now” includes street art, canvases, videos, installations, fashion and merchandising and is spreading quickly throughout top cities worldwide. He is also working on some corporate commission proposals to paint aircraft, luxury automobiles and motorcycles. Toshy is writer, photographer, illustrator, painter, but above all, he is a storytelling artist. In the following interview, he lets us peek into his past and work processes.

COULD YOU TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT THE IMPACT THAT THE 80S HAD ON YOU AS A TEENAGER? As an 80s teenager, I was inspired by different urban cultures like hip hop, graffiti, breakdance and house. I am an explorer and an adopter of new things. The eighties brought me the “new” with music, fashion, computer games and art. As an explorer, I started with graffiti in the streets, followed later by commissioned graffiti art. I became influenced by the early beginning of acid house and remarkable pop stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode. I felt impressed by artists like Keith Haring and Jeff Koons, and at that time, I was completely addicted to the House culture, mainly because of the sound, but also because of the visuals and experiences. EXPLAIN TO US WHAT YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS IS LIKE? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE SUBJECTS FOR YOUR WORKS?

I choose my subjects out of media trends, actual topics, opinions or odes to people I admire. With the subject in my mind, I start to research facts, figures and stories. With all this information, I mix them up to a new story with a message. With the energy I feel and the meaning of the words, I decide where it ends up. I do not even think about what typestyle to use, what colour and size or where to write it. It all just happens.

WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR INSPIRATION? How people behave, act and react in their life inspires me. The world of models, musicians, artists and actors intrigues me. It is dynamic and not always what it seems to be. For every story, there is another story. It inspires me to look further than the first impression and create new stories. A good example is my iconic series‚ “Love me, Hate me” in which I show the world how famous people become icons for fans and haters without


Kate Rocks!

really knowing them. In my visuals and colours, I find my inspiration in specific periods of fashion and music. Also, economics can inspire me. At the moment, a lot of people are in need of better financial times. That is why I often use the colour gold. It has the message, “Go for Gold!”

WHAT WOULD YOU DESCRIBE AS YOUR BIGGEST ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT? I am really proud of the collaboration and results of a charity auction for “Free a girl”. I created a piece of artwork in collaboration with a famous Dutch singer/songwriter (Thé Lau) and celebrity photographer (William Rutten). The artwork is an ode to Thé Lau. He meant a lot to the Dutch music industry. Unfortunately, Thé Lau is sick and does not have long to live. The artwork yielded EUR 12,000 for the charity. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? I would be extremely happy and proud when my 20 metre (65.6 feet) high three-dimensional storytelling sculpture will be realised. It would be amazing if it would become a famous landmark in a city like New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Actually, I am not a dreamer – I am working on getting things done. FINALLY, WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ART FOR YOU? With my art, I can communicate, inspire people and get them excited. I proclaim messages. I make people understand that there are possibilities always and everywhere to create your own stage and make it happen. My overall message is: “The world is your stage!” www.toshy.nl






A wonder boy‘s wish

Inspired by Jackson Pollock and disturbed by the increase in gun-related violence, the now 13-year-old artist from Los Angeles creates works that throw colour and beauty into harsh contrast with dangerous weapon replicas on canvases.


“My feelings about guns are that they are scary and dangerous. When I make one of my pieces, I create a background and then I camouflage the gun to make it almost invisible. The gun is still there, but it’s hard to see it or you don’t see it for what it really is. Hopefully my art will get people talking about guns, gun safety and gun violence. I wish guns were only in an art gallery.” - CHARLES GITNICK, JUNE 2012 (AGE 10)

We can see artists from all over the world exploring different sides and shades of contemporary art these days. For art, age does not matter. It is something that comes from within. Art is the conscience that nudges an art lover to use his imagination and portray his dreams in material form. Art is often also a form of conversation that the artist can ignite and use to communicate his thoughts and feelings. Such is the case with the 13-yearold artist Charles Gitnick, whose work includes replica guns. He portrays the dangerous, life threatening weapons in ways that make the viewer think of them as camouflaged and disappearing, or he associates them in surprising and startling ways with images and colours of youth or purity. In other works, he depicts weapons in a counter-intuitive pairing to spark the poignancy of his message. Although Charles Gitnick fears the consequences that the misuse of weapons has posed on human lives, he is certainly not opposed to self-defence, police and military duty, and sport.

The young artist wants society to realise that guns should not be used except with respect to assure the safety of people. He wants to say that children like him are frightened because of many dreadful events that have shaken them badly. Gitnick also wants to convey that he is affected by mass killing and wants to see an end to it. Charles’ career started with a sidewalk sale in Venice Beach, where he sold his first creations to curious, yet inspired, bystanders. From this point on, Charles dedicated himself to his art and was determined to find his vengeance and focus. Charles Gitnick was inspired by the work of two renowned artists, Jackson Pollock and Jean-Michel Basquiat. According to Gitnick, after studying their art, he has been able to think deeply about his own work and of the possibilities he can work into it. So far, Charles Gitnick has sold over 82 of his very impressive and inspiring art pieces. Not only does he have fans all over the United States, but also worldwide. Golden Flower


In a personal interview, the young artist lets us take a look into his exciting world:

DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE ARTIST/ROLE MODEL? Warhol, Basquiat and Pollock by far are my favourites. In art and in everything. They were original and courageous. WHERE DO YOU WORK? DO YOU HAVE A STUDIO IN YOUR PARENTS’ HOUSE, A SPECIAL ROOM, OR DO YOU JUST CREATE YOUR ART WHEREVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT? I have a huge work room where the art is prepared for painting. The guns are mounted. The base coat is sprayed on. The studio I work in is good sized – it is my parents’ old dining room. It is all tarped. I have a sink and music. Drying tables. Lots of paint bottles. I have used the floor tarps as backdrops in my shows.

DO YOU PERSONALLY PREFER TO LET YOURSELF BE LED BY INTUITION OR REASON? The pieces people like best are the ones that have both intuition in the use of colour and in my feelings, and reason in the techniques, message and titles chosen. DO YOU HAVE VISIONS ABOUT FUTURE ART PROJECTS? WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS? I really just envision the projects we are working on. I do not know about five years, but I will hopefully be working on projects and growing my audience. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? Original. Unique. I think it looks cool.


Beautiful Blue Blaster





I am always doing something with my art. If not in the studio, I might be traveling for a show or planning a project or taking an interview. Accidents are part of the process in my art. I have thrown away so much work just to get it right.







No comment. (laughs)


I have had a few. Learning about hard work. Long hours at hot summer shows. People not being true and other let downs. Learning to live with both admirers and haters.





Young people love the look. Everyone loves the message.


Hang out with friends. Swim. Watch Netflix. Play with my dogs.





I have a supplier that I am so happy to have found. We really work together because they understand that I only want accurate replicas of real weapons.


They really treat me the same as everybody. I like it that way. I keep my art activities pretty low key. Many of my classmates have their own thing too.


Paris. Or Bora Bora. They are both so beautiful and amazing. I love walking in Paris and shopping, seeing art and design and architecture. I loved jet ski riding in Bora Bora and swimming with sharks and fish. OF WHAT CAN YOU NEVER GET ENOUGH?

Sleep. I love swimming. I spend as much time as I can with friends just hanging out.


Eyes on You

Pair Pollock Uzis


That would not have happened, but without art I might have done something in fashion. WHAT











Probably Instagram and I really like rap music. WHAT





No guilt. Fashion and footwear. www.charlesarts.com


THE BLUE RENAISSANCE The trademark of world renowned artist Conor Mccreedy’s work is his bespoke Mccreedyblue colour - a scientific engineering of five blue pigments on a myriad of materials including Belgian linen. Characterised equally by audacity and heritage, his works are powerful, dynamic and genuinely hypnotic. Art critics have described the Mccreedyblue colour as having an “unspeakable effect”. He has extended this unique pigment creating his own natural glow pigment known as “Illuminatus” which explodes light particles in the darkness. The incredible reaction can be seen in a mesmerising collection of paintings as well as a luxury coffee table created as its own piece of art.


INSPIRED IN AFRICA Growing up in the heart of Africa, Mccreedy developed an intimate knowledge and acute awareness of the movements of the ocean and animals on safari, not only with his foundation to protect African lions but also hundreds of species. Whether it is a pride of lions, an Olympic downhill ski racer or a spiralling revolution, you can feel and experience the exhilaration of being there in an instant. Named the most famous artist in South Africa and on the continent, he has the eyes of an eagle and the brilliant ability to capture these movements in his original creations.



TABLES, CANDLES AND TIMELESS SCULPTURES When Mccreedy created The “Illuminatus” Table, it was the first time phosphor had ever been liquidised into the Mcreedyblue pigment. His trademarked technology combines hand crafted Swiss seamless design and perfectly cut angles, creating a revolutionary art experience, much like the precision behind Swiss made watches and Formula One™ cars. A one of a kind painting is created in each unique table. Mccreedy is extending this technology into Timeless Sculptures in a mega oversized hour glass design as a lawn sculpture. Filled with the Mccreedyblue Illuminatus pigment, it will make for a sensational launch at an upcoming summer lawn party on the private estate of one of his collectors in Sussex, UK. His art is carried through to an aromatic candle (The essence of Mccreedyblue), evoking the mighty oceans of the southern tip of Africa and the calm breeze of the Mediterranean.

Mccreedy’s pioneering style is redefining the way contemporary art is collected, created and perceived. Based on Mccreedy’s successful contemporary art creations, he and his team are creating the world’s first luxury art brand. The paintings, drawings, tables, candles and sculptures are only the beginning as there is much more to come in the form of a digital art app called ArtTell, as well as collaborations and partnerships with innovative brands around the world. CONORMCCREEDY SA was founded as joint stock company in 2015, and the company has completed a first round of investing to provide a strong platform for future brand expansion. In late 2014. Bloomberg Markets TV conducted an interview and described Mccreedy as the next luxury brand.




You can feel the excitement and energy surrounding the launch of the new flagship atelier at Schipfe 2/8 in Zurich, where Mccreedy has set up his headquarters. The exclusive VIP opening will take place in summer June 2016.

Born an Aquarius in 1987 in Johannesburg, he is also a Fire Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

The bold new atelier is located on the banks of the famous Limmat River, alongside many of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Favourite quote: ”Once you have tasted flight, you shall walk the earth with your eye skywards, for there you have been and there you shall long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci Mccreedy‘s greatest inspirations: Picasso, Chanel, Armani, Magritte and his family.


EXHIBITIONS AROUND THE WORLD Mccreedy has produced sold out shows around the world from New York, to Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Zurich.

GIVING BACK Founder of the Protecting African Lions Foundation (PAL).

His work can be found in major US, South African, German, French Swiss, British Australian and Asian private collections. He sold the record number of paintings for any single artist at the Kunst14 Zurich art fair.

Getting away: His Botswana game lodge amid the exotic palm trees that are always in his drawings. CONTACT DETAILS atelier@conormccreedy.com Schipfe 2/8 - Zurich 8001 +41 44 221 93 38



BOTH GALLERIST & ARTIST INA DEDERER, known for her colourful posterised art, leads a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Zurich. Its exclusive location enriches the local art scene by regularly presenting exhibitions that feature Swiss and international artists.


GALLERY INA DEDERER & FRIENDS This contemporary art gallery in the heart of Zurich boasts an attractive modern space for talented international artists who are currently growing their presence on the diverse art scene. Ina Dederer, devoted gallerist and artist, brings the best art from around the world to Switzerland’s biggest city. Representing talented artists has contributed to the gallery’s rapid success, as it highly values the quality and diversity of the art shown. By organising exceptional exhibitions regularly, the Gallery wants to show the best of contemporary art to its visitors. Building a fair relationship with its artists is of equal importance to the gallery. Artists become “friends”, a concept that best explains how Ina chose the gallery’s name.

In its relatively short history, Gallery INA DEDERER & FRIENDS has hosted many separate shows, featuring 25 artists from dozens of countries around the globe. It participated in different major international art fairs and proudly boasts a strong website, newsletter and social media following. The gallery also cherishes excellent relationships with local, regional and international media, as well as multiple network associations.

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST Ina Dederer, a painter with Russian roots, spent her childhood in the northern German city of Bremen before moving to Zollikon in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007. Her drawings and oil paintings were already being exhibited and presented in her school days at the educational institute where she was enrolled. Today, the paintings of this internationally-active artist are emerging in studios in Spain, Monaco and Switzerland. Inspired by her many travels to world museums and always on the lookout for creative new techniques, she creates works whose themes are the beauty of human evolution, the grace of nature and the art of great masters. With some of her works, she reminds us that absolute perfection does not exist in reality.



Ina Dederer developed her own painting style over the years as a pop artist, for which painters like Maltzman, Klimt, Richter and Picasso were her creative inspirations. Her innovative works are, however, shaped above all through her own individual dramatics. The artist’s works include forms of a deliberately experimental procedure, as well as artfully combined style influences with elements of reproduction art, pop surrealism, art nouveau and modern classical. We grabbed the occasion to meet the artist and gallerist to ask her a few questions about her works, her gallery and her plans:

THE GALLERY SEEMS TO BE DOING WELL AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN OPEN FOR OVER A YEAR AND A HALF. WOULD YOU SAY THIS IS THE CASE AND TO WHAT DO YOU ATTRIBUTE ITS EARLY SUCCESS? We represent talented artists and of course this has contributed a lot to our rapid success. The quality of the art shown in our gallery is very important to us. By organising exhibitions regularly, we want to show the best of contemporary art to our visitors.

We think that it is important to build a fair relationship with our artists as well. They should become “friends”, which explains the name of the gallery.

For my series “Beauties”, which was exhibited in Zurich in the beginning of 2015, I was highly inspired by Pop Art artists such as Andy Warhol, Frank Stella und Roy Lichtenstein.

WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION BEHIND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF YOUR OWN GALLERY? I used to work as an art dealer, organising exhibitions of modern art at our private gallery. I had been travelling a lot for work and discovered incredibly talented artists whose works I would love to show to the whole world. Unfortunately, our private gallery did not have any more available wall space, so I felt the need to have a second place to be able to show more contemporary art.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIECE OF WORK THAT YOU HAVE CREATED? I cannot pick one favourite. I love every one of them.

WHAT EVENTS CAN WE EXPECT AT THE GALLERY IN THE UPCOMING MONTHS? We are always planning lots of interesting events! (laughs). You can stay updated by regularly checking our website: www.gallery-inadederer.com WHICH ARTISTS OR WHOSE WORK IS RESONATING WITH YOU AT THE MOMENT?

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON AT THE MOMENT? Over the past few months, I have been focused on the gallery, even though I remain active as an artist. I am currently finishing a new series of paintings. My last exhibition was a success and we sold almost every work from the series. I am not able to paint more than 10 - 15 artworks a year, since each of them requires several weeks of intensive work. If you wish to discover more about the artist and see her paintings, visit her website: www.inadederer.com




ART AT THE PARK A Collection of 92 art pieces is shown in the nobel public spheres of the Park Hyatt in Zurich. The main selection can be termed “classic modern art”. Works of notable artists as Sol LeWitt, Heinz Mack, Gunther Uecker, Eduardo Chilliada, Piero Dorazio, Serge Poliakoff Hans Hartung, Ted Scapa, Ossip Zadkine and many others. In total, 70 of the pieces are on view on the ground and mezzanine floors. by Barbara Schoett These act as an “appetizer” for the stunning 49 square meter mural in the reception hall. This piece was specially commissioned from Sol LeWitt and complements perfectly the three-storey reception area. The dark stone surroundings of the fireplace in the lobby lounge is enlightened left and right by two white relief-style sculptures by Gregor Frehner / Katharina Henking. The artistic glasses in the two credenzas either side of the fireplace are by Venini of Venice. From the lobby lounge you have a perfect view of another commissioned piece; the nine square meter Heinz Mack painting. Situated above the display table, this single artwork can be seen from both the lobby lounge and the reception hall. In “Parkhuus”, the hotel restaurant, the wine-library and in the private dining area, works by Gunther Uecker and Hans Hartung are on display. Even the restrooms and vestibules throughout the hotel are decorated, perhaps appropriately, with cartoons and caricatures. These humoristic messages are partly originals by Ted Scapa and partly limited.


Sol LeWitt, Irregular Wavy Collor Bands, Wall Drawing No 1133

Park Hyatt‘s director of Marketing & Communication, Ms. Laura Amanzi informs us about the exclusivity of their art collection: HOW LONG DOES THE ART EXHIBITION AT THE PARK HYATT EXIST? WHO INITIATED IT? The Art Exhibition exists since the opening of the Hotel. The art on exhibit was chosen together with Dr. Fritz W. Meyer. The private collector accompanies the Park Hyatt project since a stroll he had with the founder of the Hyatt hotel group in 1989 from Bürkliplatz to the Escherweise parking area, on which the hotel was built today. Dr. Fritz W. Meyer, formally mainly Manager and Investor, collected art for more than 50 years. His private collection was shown at St. Gallen’s Museum of Art in 1994 for three months in the exposition “From Jean Arp to Keith Haring”. He consulted the Park Hyatt Zurich as art coordinator and has conceived the brochure “Art at Park Hyatt Zurich”.

WHAT IS THE CONCEPT OF YOUR EXHIBITION? WHAT IS YOUR SPECIAL FOCUS? Our hotel offers the utmost in comfort and exclusivity. In all public areas of the Park Hyatt Zurich exquisite art objects are displayed in accordance to a carefully prepared program presenting an ensemble of representative modern and contemporary art pieces. The concept focuses on elegance and beauty as well as on wit and irony. HOW DO YOU COMBINE THE ARCHITECTURAL STYLE WITH YOUR EXHIBITED ARTWORKS? In total we have 92 pieces of art of various formats and techniques on view and every artwork should be suitable to the hotel. It should be alluring and exclusive, and fit to our brand.


JÜSP (Jürg Spahr), La Gioconda

WHICH OF THE ARTWORKS WERE COMMISSIONED ESPECIALLY FOR THE PARK HYATT, AND WHAT WERE THE GENERAL CRITERIA FOR THE ARTWORKS AND THE ARTISTS? An example is the 53 m2 mural by Sol Le Witt which the artist painted specifically for the foyer of the hotel. With its dynamically flowing bands that change constantly like passing clouds, the work magnificently establishes a natural counterpoint to the functional elegance of Marcel Meili’s architecture of the building. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘AN EXHIBITION WITH HUMOR’? We have many cartoon art pieces in the hotel. One example is our modern Pygmalion of JÜSP, who created Mona Lisa herself but could not help himself not to give her smile a little change. Or art pieces by Ted Scapa. Caricature is the ability of leaving out the non-essential. A genial talent for drawing does not make a caricaturist; it is merely the vehicle of expression. HOW DO YOUR CUSTOMERS REACT? Our guests enjoy being surrounded by so many art pieces. WHAT CHARACTERISES THE PARK HYATT COMPARED TO OTHER HOTELS? Intimate and residential in style, Park Hyatt hotels promise gracious service on a personal scale. Located in many of the world’s premier destinations, each Park Hyatt combines elegance with distinctive regional character. We are masters of detail and creators of lifetime memories. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? We are delighted to announce that we will receive a very special and unique art piece in the next month, done by a local artist. A great new addition to our exhibition in a prime location.

Wassili, Lithography 1973



Famous Artworks

and their History

There are numerous paintings and artworks created and shown all over the world and yet only a few of the artworks are recognised by people of all backgrounds and ages. These famous paintings and sculptures have left vivid impressions in the minds of the audience for centuries and will do for many more to come. And still only the minority of spectators know the mysterious stories that moved artists to the creation of the masterpieces so well-known today. Here‘s a list of the most popular artworks and their stories:

1. THE LAST SUPPER - LEONARDO DA VINCI Tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic, 460cm x 880cm, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, 1495-1498

The famous mural painting is situated in the Convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazia in Milan, Italy. It shows Jesus with his twelve disciples at the Last Supper as it is told in the Gospel of John 13:21. It depicts the apostles’ reactions when Jesus told them one of them would betray him. It was originally created with Jesus’ feet visible at the bottom. But in 1652, builders sliced the bottom of the painting while installing a door. There are several symbols hidden, such as in the figure of Jesus himself; his body forms a triangle with its outstretched arms, the sign for deity. The piece is revolutionary because of its perfect central perspective., a technique that had not been mastered back then.

Marble statue, Galleria dell‘Accademia, Florence, 1501-1504

“David” was sculpted in the Renaissance. He is more than five meters (16 feet) tall and therefore the first freestanding colossus statue since Roman antiquity. The figure derives from the Christian history of David against Goliath in the Old Testament. The statue stands in Florence and is seen as the town’s landmark. Michelangelo was the first artist able to portray David so true to life. This is because his proportions had been altered, to perfect a realistic image for observers on the ground. If he lay flat on the ground one would notice that his head is too big.

1. PD-Switzerland-photo 2. © leonardo1



3. MONA LISA - LEONARDO DA VINCI Oil on poplar, 77cm x 53cm, Musée du Louvre, Paris, 1503-1506

One of the most famous paintings in the world was believed to be an impression of the artist himself in drag but researchers have concluded that the portrait probably shows Lisa del Giocondo, a wealthy member of a Florentine Family. La Gioconda (in English, the cheerful) as “Mona Lisa” is known in Italian, shows a mysterious smile, which gives her an arcane expression. It is difficult for the observer to comprehend the smile, due to the Sfumato (in English, smoke) special technique which Da Vinci used. It is generated by drawing innumerable deposits.

4. THE CREATION OF ADAM - MICHELANGELO Fresco, 280cm x 570cm, The Sistine Chapel, Rome, 1508-1512

Situated on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the artwork was painted by Michelangelo over the course of four years. All this time the artist was standing on a scaffold and painted from this position on the ceiling. The fresco is part of a complex iconographic scheme and is chronologically the fourth in the series of panels depicting episodes from Genesis. The piece “The Creation of Adam” shows the moment when Adam, whose left arm is extended in a pose mirroring God’s, receives the spark of life. This legendary artwork is in addition to Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” the most replicated religious painting of all time.


3. 4. 5. PD-Switzerland-photo

Oil on canvas, 44.5cm x 39cm, Mauritshuis, The Hague, 1665

The painting shows an unknown girl in front of a black background. The pearl earring is particularly noticeable, as is the interaction between model and observer/artist. She is looking directly out of the painting; her mouth is slightly open and her expression seems sensual and maybe teasing. This has led to lots of speculation and makes the painting highly controversial. Tracy Chevalier dealt with the topic in her novel The Girl With A Pearl Earring, published in 2001, which Peter Webber turned into a movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth in 2003.


6. THE THINKER - AUGUSTE RODIN Bronze sculpture, Garden of Rodin Museum, Paris, 1880-1904

Though there are now dozens of casts of Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture “The Thinker” around the world, it had a much smaller origin. Rodin originally created a 70cm version in 1880 as the central component to a bigger sculptural work called “The Gates of Hell.” Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the piece which was first called “The Poet”, was conceived as a representation of Dante himself. The re-dubbed sculpture was exhibited on its own in 1888 and then was enlarged in 1904 to the depiction we know today.

7. THE STARRY NIGHT - VINCENT VAN GOGH Oil on canvas, 73.7cm x 92.1cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1889

The painting depicts the view from the east-facing window of Van Gogh’s asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de Provence, just before sunrise. It is regarded as being among Van Gogh’s finest works and one of the most recognised monuments in the history of Western culture. “The Starry Night” is the only nocturne in the series of views from his bedroom window of the psychiatric hospital. The artist suffered from episodes connected to depression and mania. In one outburst he cut off his own ear and sent it to his friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin.

8. THE SCREAM - EDVARD MUNCH Oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard, 91cm x 73.5cm, National Gallery, Oslo, 1893

9. BROADWAY BOOGIE WOOGIE - PIET MONDRIAN Oil on canvas, 127cm x 127cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1942-1943

The painting was completed in 1943, shortly after Piet Mondrian moved to New York in 1940. Compared to his earlier work, the canvas is divided into a much larger number of squares. Although he spent most of his career creating abstract work, this painting is inspired by clear real-world examples: the city grid of Manhattan, and the Broadway boogie woogie music to which Mondrian loved to dance.

6. © Andrew Horne - 7. 8. PD-Switzerland-photo - 9. U.S. Copyright Office

The artwork has five separate versions, two of which created using tempera and crayon are located respectively in the National Gallery and the Munch Museum, both in Oslo. The third version is privately owned and was created using pastels while the fourth is a black and white lithograph. The final version is also hanging in the Munch Museum and it made headlines in recent years for being stolen in 2004 and recovered in 2006.


10. AMERICAN GOTHIC - GRANT WOOD Oil on beaverboard, 74.3cm x 62.4cm, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 1930

The painting exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago was originally envisioned using Wood’s mother. However, the artist used his sister to pose for him along with his 62-yearold dentist. Some observers have suggested that the man pictured is meant to be a farmer but others say he is a preacher, using his pitchfork as a prop to rail against the devil and evil. Might the window’s curtains hide a secret? Do the geranium flowers in the background signify melancholy? Who is Wood’s sister meant to symbolise? A wife, a daughter? Her dress reminds us of values of former times. Wood never cleared up any theories on his work so the mystery and debate over “American Gothic” rage on decades after the artist’s passing.

11. NIGHTHAWKS - EDWARD HOPPER Oil on canvas, 84.1cm x 152.4cm, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 1942

10. 11. PD-Switzerland-photo

Hopper was inspired to paint the late-night diner scene by an intersection in the Greenwich Village area of New York where he lived. The painting shows three customers lost in private thoughts. There is no social interaction. The characters seem as remote from the observer as they are from one another. Hopper depicted the anonymity one can feel in big cities. He modelled for the males in the painting while his wife Josephine sat for the female. She also gave the painting its name.



Over the past 20 years, street art has transformed from a practice of tagging and train-painting to a commercialised success that has taken the art world by storm. Once artists such as Banksy popularised the artform, the sale and purchase of graffiti became common practice, with street artists duplicating their works onto canvas for private enjoyment. But how does one go about buying these works of art?



The two main reasons to buy art are because you like it and because you hope to make money by reselling it in the future. If you are buying art as an investment, it is best to buy near the beginning of the artist’s career, just as they begin to move from the streets to the galleries. If, however, you are buying a piece out of love for the artform, you have a much greater variety of choices.

Street art comes in many different shapes and sizes, but some of the most common forms to look out for are murals, stickers, stencils and wheatpasting.

Look at what you are interested in, what you like, and what will look best in your home. To make an informed decision, it Is best to learn a little about the various techniques involved in the creation of street art and decide which is your preferred type.

Murals are large-scale works, often taking up all or most of the wall they are painted on. They have grown in popularity since the introduction of legal walls, where artists are allowed to paint without fear of intervention by the police. This allows an artist to paint a much larger, more ambitious piece without having to rush or paint in the dead of night.


BE FREE is one of Australia’s most recognised street artists. Based in Melbourne and active for many years, Be Free stealthily delivers playful splashes of colour via the adventures of paste-up girls. Walking the streets, you’ll discover her watering plants, sitting peacefully under an umbrella, holding up a rainfall, or just making a real big mess with her latest paints. Combining paste-ups, acrylics and spray, found objects and perfectly chosen locations, Be Free has travelled all around Australia, and to New Zealand and Spain.


MR CENZ is a London based graffiti artist who has been scribbling on surfaces since 1988. His distinctive work can currently be seen all over streets of the world, especially in his hometown of London. It features layers of intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work, which are abstracted in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. His style is full of funk and movement and fuses different skills together such as realism and graffiti letterforms. His work is open to individual interpretation and has been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”.

© MR CENZ - BANSKY (Hang-Up Pictures) - LOUIS MASAI

LOUIS MASAI has been living in London since 2010, bringing his fresh approach to nature and animals to London streets, galleries and homes. Louis’ works includes murals, prints, works on reclaimed wood, interior objects and sculptures. His central focus on animals is developed through themes such as land, water and air.

BANKSY Based in England, graffiti artist Banksy is also a political activist and film director of unverified identity. He brings satire and subversion into his artworks, combining at times dark humour with his now distinctive stenciling. His political and social commentaries have appeared on streets, walls, and bridges of cities around the globe. Inspired from the Bristol underground scene with artists and musicians, Banksy has boomed into a street art phenomenon. He displays his now highly recognisable art on walls and self-built prop pieces.







PR E V I E W: ( B Y I NV I TATI O N O N LY ) M O N, 10 AM – 2 PM PU B L I C V E R NI SSAG E: M O N , 2 – 7 PM


Stickers and wheatpastes are preproduced works of art, allowing artists to distribute them quickly, easily and subtly. Stickers can be reused name tags and labels or specifically produced prints on adhesive vinyl. Wheatpastes, meanwhile, are posters that are stuck to the surface using a mixture of wheat flour and water. Both styles produce bold images that can be duplicated and distributed easily. No list of street art techniques is complete without stencil painting, the preferred medium of Banksy, who is arguably the most notable street artist of our time. Stencil graffiti is created when stencil designs are cut out of paper or cardboard and transferred onto the surface using spray paint or roll-on paint. This method produces sharp images that can be reproduced numerous times with the same stencil.

BUYING THE ART Once you have found the styles and artists you like, you are ready to actually buy the art. Websites such as Graffitistreet.com, whose primary focus is the sale of street art, and Saatchiart.com, who carry street art amongst its offerings, are useful for browsing a range of artists and styles. If you know whose work you are after, however, you may even find the pieces you are looking for on websites like eBay by entering the artist into the search bar.

PEETA also known as Manuel Di Rita, is a graffiti artist since 1993 currently living in Venice. He is a member of Italian and American crews and has participated, over the years, in jams, festivals and art shows all around the world. His work explores the potential of sculptural lettering, both in painting and in sculpture. Peeta breaks letters from their generic typographical form, stylising them with shape and volume beyond its mere semantic function.

If you are more interested in actually looking around a gallery before you buy a piece, there are a number of noteworthy galleries to consider, such as Urban Spree (Berlin, Germany), which has represented artists such as Julia Benz and Broken Fingaz, StolenSpace Gallery (London, England) with artists like Shepard Fairey and D*Face, and Urban Artroom (GĂśteborg, Sweden), boasting artists such as INKIE and Pablito Zago.


Buying art is not always easy, especially when that art is designed to reside on the street and not in a house or gallery. But if you know what you are looking for and where to look, the search becomes a little easier. AKSE is a French graffiti artist of Vietnamese origin based in Manchester, UK since 1997. Although Akse started by writing letters on his works, he quickly specialised in characters, and also freehand photo-realistic graffiti portraits. He was commissioned by the Football Association to paint a portrait of Wayne Rooney for Wembley Stadium to commemorate his goal-scoring record for England. Akse paints both murals and canvases.





Marrakech Biennale 6

MIA (Milan Image Art Photo) Fair

until May 8th, 2016 Various Locations

from April 28th to May 2nd, 2016 The Mall, p.zza Lina Bo Bardi 1


Los Angeles Paris Photo Los Angeles

until June 5th, 2016 Various Locations

from April 29th to May 1st, 2016 Paramount Pictures Studios 5555 Melrose Avenue

Š Art Basel

Biennale of Sydney


New York Basel Frieze Art New York


from May 5th to May 8th, 2016 Randall’s Island Park

from June 13th to June 18th, 2016 Markthalle, Viaduktstrasse 10 Design Miami / Basel from June 14th to June 19th, 2016 Hall 1 Süd, Messe Basel Messeplatz, 1


LISTE - Art Fair Basel the Young Art Fair from June 14th to June 19th, 2016 Burgweg, 15

Berlin Biennale

Art Basel

from June 4th to September 18th, 2016 Various Locations

from June 16th to June 19th, 2016 Messe Basel Messeplatz - Halls 1/2



Manifesta 11

Photo España

from June 11th to September 18th, 2016 Various Locations

from June 1st to August 28th, 2016




A dedication to the extraordinary, a devotion to beauty and a passion for rock and roll are the strong character traits that have compelled Philipp Plein to give rise to a brand notorious for both unbridled luxury and edgy style. Philipp Plein was born in Munich in 1978 and educated in Switzerland and Germany. His strong interest in art, architecture and foreign cultures was shaped early in life through the extensive travels of his family, providing exposure as a child to the world’s most important museums and cultural exhibits. In 1998 he entered the world of design by producing exclusive furnishings in steel and leather initially for family and friends, which soon became a full time professional activity, demanding enough for Plein to abandon his law studies. His involvement in leather craftsmanship led him to experiment with leather garments and accessories, and finally to launch his own fashion brand in 2004. The company continued to grow, and two major milestones were reached in 2008 with the opening of the first flagship store in Monte Carlo and the first commercial showroom in Milan.


As the young, affluent consumer continued to discover this fresh unconventional brand, Philipp Plein concentrated on creating a world class production network, thereby guaranteeing the unsurpassed level of luxury demanded by his discerning clientele. The market has applauded this insightful collection that combines young, rock and roll style with impeccable quality. The world of PHILIPP PLEIN is enjoying a phenomenal success today with showrooms in Europe and North America with 80 stores, over 600 retail clients worldwide, a double digit rate of expansion, and currently a turnover of over EUR 100,000,000.

Philipp Plein lives by his creed of breaking rules and barriers, accomplishing the unexpected, while never ignoring the main objective of having fun and enjoying life. According to Franca Sozzani, editor in Chief of Vogue Italia, “Philipp Plein is unique because he has a joy of life. He doesn’t want to be a fashionista, he makes fashion because he loves women. This is a specific, special attitude because he is one of the few.” PHILIPP PLEIN events around the world, whether a local store opening or a major fashion show, are unforgettable experiences. An expert at identifying and interpreting international trends in culture, lifestyle and amusement, the designer uses this talent to develop spectacular and bold entertainment for his guests; from classical concerts to rap extravaganzas, urban jungles, circus performances and Las Vegas style casinos, to a women’s show featuring an unprecedented all black cast. Another demonstration of Philipp Plein’s keen intuition regarding international trends is the brand’s sponsorship of one major Italian soccer team (AS Roma), and the appointment of brand ambassador, striker and captain of Inter Milan, Mauro Icardi. The designer, a confirmed soccer fan, recognised the opportunity for a perfect synergy in dressing these highly visible global superstars: “I want to use my style to render each team member a modern gladiator, with a new image that will make him attractive, invincible and admired by all, both on and off the field.” When he is not circling the globe managing his empire, dividing time between the corporate headquarters in Switzerland and his estate in Cannes.



CONCEPT & PHILOSOPHY Independent and self-financed, Plein operates on the principle of “never spending more than one can afford,” which he learned from his parents.

The huge dazzling skull, encrusted with 500,000 Swarovski crystals, was the flagship store‘s standout element and has become the characterising feature of his boutiques.

In the early stages of his career, Plein designed steel and croc-printed leather furniture and homeware in a rainbow of colours that immediately caught the attention of interior designers. He then transformed the colourful croc leather into a capsule collection of bags, also an instant success that led to his fashion foray of personalised utility and military garments.

The Monte Carlo unit marked the beginning of an ambitious retail push of freestanding stores, set in motion after five years of wholesale from which Plein learned a lot. He is staunch believer that to raise a brand’s visibility and to control its image, you need to invest in your own retail network in prime luxury shopping destinations.

At the same time, he developed his bestselling and iconic motif, a Swarovski Crystal-encrusted skull.

His aim is to also increase the selling surface to better display the entire product range.

Today, the 80 Philipp Plein stores worldwide include flagships at impressive addresses such as via Montenapoleone, Rome’s Piazza di Spagna, New York, Rodeo Drive. The design concept is minimal yet luxurious, highlighted by a harmonious palette of white, black and gray, and artful matte/glossy finishes. Murano glass chandeliers, hard wood floors, sleek furniture and geometric display cases delineate the various selling areas.



top designers & trends



Akris stands for state-of-the-art fashion that makes perfect sense to the needs of today‘s women. True creativity and innovation segue into wearability. Fabrics play a crucial role for Akris’ creative director Albert Kriemler, and are one of Akris’ most important sources of inspiration. Akris is a quintessentially high-end fashion house for women of authority, appreciated by such clients as H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco. In addition to the Akris Collection, Kriemler creates the Akris Punto line and the accessories collection. Showcased on the runway in Paris since 2004, Akris is distributed worldwide in some 600 high-end stores in addition to flagship boutiques in major cities throughout Europe, the United States and Asia.



DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER Dorothee Schumacher and team design collections which anticipate the spirit of the time, and intuitively apprehend the needs of every woman. Artwork, embroidery and signature prints are developed exclusively and internally – visionary tailoring until perfection is achieved. Every favourite piece is sketched and draped until the SCHUMACHER heartbeat is palpable. Schumacher presents per Season, a pre- and a main collection, accompanied by accessories, shoes and bags as well as an exclusive jewellery collection. With 14 showrooms in key fashion capitals worldwide, and 600 retailers in 46 countries, Dorothee makes women shine.





Shanghai Fashion Week

London Collection’s Men

April 8th to April 16th, 2016

June 10th to 13th, 2016

Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Resort 17 May 15th to 20th, 2016

Milan Milan Men’s June 18th to 21st, 2016


Paris Paris Men’s

Fashion Week

June 22nd to 26th, 2016

August 10th to 12th, 2016

Couture and Haute Couture Fall Winter 2016/2017 July 3rd to 8th, 2016

Berlin Fashion Week June 27th to 30th, 2016

New York New York Men’s July 13th to 16th, 2016



FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach July 13th to 19th, 2016

Stockholm Fashion Week August 29th to 31st, 2016



SIHH and Baselworld, the world’s two most luxurious watch exhibitions, both take place in Switzerland. And it’s no wonder. Switzerland produces 95% of all watches sold worldwide at prices over CHF 1,000, with brands from Swatch Group, Richemont and Rolex accounting for 45.8% of the global watch market. Switzerland’s strength in historically producing solid brands comes from its diversity and capacity to innovate. Quality, precision, reliability, durability and innovation are cherished by numerous Swiss firms, even beyond watchmakers. Bloomberg Business recently announced three main trends for the watch industry; crazy complications, hitech and lower prices. We fully agree. Montblanc has received a bit of attention over the last few years by offering more affordable options of usually expensive complications. Other brands are following suit. IWC is revamping its flagship line of pilot‘s watches, including a new entry-level pilot watch aimed for under USD 4,000. Panerai and Jaeger-LeCoultre are expected to also launch lower-priced versions to get new customers on board. Smartwatches and wearable technology accessories are also a 2016 reality. Tag Heuer has released its Android Wear smartwatch, with Breitling going hi-tech too through its connected watch, Exospace B55, a sort of hybrid traditional watch and gadget. Watch market experts are predicting more launches of watches with a battery and a Bluetooth connection from the luxury manufacturers. On the “to-watch“ list are IWC Connect (a small strap-worn device), version 2 of the Montblanc e-Strap, and possibly Baume & Mercier or Cartier.

This year’s SIHH, hosted by luxury conglomerate Richemont included 25 exhibitors – the usual “biggies” plus some minority stakes brands and independents. Nine small independent watchmakers – Hautlence, MB&F, Kari Voutilainen, Laurent Ferrier, H. Moser & Cie, HYT, Urwerk, Christophe Claret, De Bethune – are worthy of attention with new complications, handfinished movements, and funky designs. Montblanc, IWC, Roger Dubuis, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, A. Lange & Sohne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier, Piaget, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Parmigiani Fleurier, and Greubel-Forsey were also in full force. Take a look at:



Cartier Crash Skeleton, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in yellow gold, and MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual with its revolutionary timing system. March’s BaselWorld Exhibition, the world’s largest fine watch and jewellery exhibition, was where we saw our favourite and one of the show’s starlets – the Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono.

3. ADRIATICA: 1193.5213CH



Samsung Gear S2

4. CHOPARD: L.U.C Lunar One Rose gold


The brands reported, “The watch shows off Samsung’s best and most intuitive technology and de Grisogono’s glamorous design and craftsmanship expertise. The smartwatch is transformed into smart fashion with rose gold, over 100 black and white diamonds

and a bracelet studded with de Grisogono’s signature galuchat. The diamond-set gold bezel turns freely around the dial, allowing consumers to access the Gear S2’s library of applications and features, including notifications, activity logs.”


The latest fashion megacollaboration launched a limited edition jewellery watch designed and sculpted in gold and precious jewels using Samsung’s Gear S2 technology. It will be available for purchase starting this summer through both Samsung and de Grisogono’s retail channels.

ler, ny Zeid -Tuska Kraupa Berlin exico City bda, M Labor, LambdaLam da * Lambna Pristi nica, Modica a nn ro * Lave uel Layr, Vie York Eman ewis, New L David ello, London s c Limon e Alix, Pari ll Marce ne Martins, li Jaque ulo w York São Pa , Berlin / Ne ilan w Mathe sca Minini, M France r, Rome ris Monito arpentier, Pan, Dublin h Mor C s Tankstatio r‘ e Moth Centeno, as * Múri n/Porto Lisbo lte Brücke, Neue A rt o.t.M. , Frankfu sBlanchard ra Nogue /Barcelona il u d q ri Mad Guaya ssels ínimo, ru * Nom Baroque, B s Angeles Office in & Co., Lo ant, u fo rd e In rm Ove t Nativ Projec n Londo

Rome Frutta, de Stampa, l Gaude Paris ubai tries Green Art, D erlin 4 coun 3 m o unn, B o fr G s n e a ri D e ir 79 gall March 2016 yfair, um, Ca : * Gypse Haines, Ma Status LISTE Bruc at w e n n * Londo , Paris rt High A Oslo es, VI, VII, ivia Benavid o c 80M2 L Francis Lima Siegel, San , Altman n Andersen a Christi agen nd, h Copen a Space, e Hofla n n Jeanin am n te An rd , Londo o te y s i k a m o h A ardens Shang a / Meguro, T on bush G ossman, y ll o d H n m Aoya Missa, Lo s son M ri ia Hopkinnd Arcad Hertling, Pa Aucklaof Gaga, Balice rd, Zurich House City ha o * Bern , Cape Town Mexic s Huber, Blank ng, Zurich ndon a a Andre BolteL shikawa, Lo e /I Vienna stner, Pragu Carlos g, unt Ka de Visión, n H ls ri e a s s le C to ork/Bru Institu New Y œur, Paris Bogota s, Cologne ow Crèvec lsen, Berlin p a sg K ie * Jan eAstner, Gla Croy Ne Bruijne, Kopp erlin Ellen d am B els rd KOW, Amste ance, Bruss d Dépen ent-Art, Docum Aires s Bueno Donahue, et * BridgYork New g, Dublin ork Y Kin * Ellis Street, New Essex a Ferreyra, n ti Agus an San Ju aples k, N Fonti, an Fitzpatric Freedm eles g in Los An edrich, Berl Lars Fri




ta, raviole tos Ult Proyec ala City ki, GuatemRadziszews Dawid w a Wars Warsaw klyn Raster, e Arts, Broo in Real F Cluj-Napoca Sabot, rown, Berlin B y d n moni, Sa h Scha Debora h ic Mun uppe, Berlin h c Silberk Staiger, Zuri , rg r Grego Van Doesbu r Stigte am , rd Amste ova & Kasela Temnik n Tallin thens ondon eder, A L The Brenday Painter, u , S e * Th ael Thibault * Mich ngeles nces, Los A nd Conseque Truth a , Milan a Genev o Vavassori c Federi



APPLE HERMÈS CO-BRANDED BEAUTY Great concept, right? Clever co-branding without a doubt. Is the Apple Hermès watch truly the latest “can’t live without” accessory? These two great names joined forces, and a match was made in heaven. all the gadgety aspects of Apple’s launch in the watch market.

elegance, timeless and minimalistic sophistication.

The two companies got together in autumn 2015 for a partnership that reflects their synchronised thinking on functionality and class, a united vision and a great deal of respect for each other. The Apple Hermès watch is an extraordinary timepiece that captures both utility and beauty. Artisans in Hermès’ French ateliers designed and produced fine leather straps which were then coupled with Apple’s reinterpretation of Hermès’ watch face, creating an end result of

The calf-leather wristbands come in Double Tour, Single Tour and Cuff. The extra-long band of Hermès’ iconic Double Tour wraps twice around the wrist, and the watch comes in a 38mm stainless steel case with bands in four colours: fauve, étain, capucine, and bleu jean. The Single Tour option is the classic Hermès design whose buckle recalls those on the straps of a horse‘s girth, and is also packaged in a stainless steel case complete


Apple Watch first shook the luxury watch market with its cool, techie and expensive Apple Watch offering, and then continued the hype by rolling out luxury models with the chic house of Hermès. As the most recognised brand in the whole world, Apple is known for innovation, user-friendliness, simple yet advanced functionality, and integrated marketing. Hermès instead evokes historical excellence and uncompromising craftsmanship, not just in leather but in high-quality materials in fashion, accessories, gifts and houseware. The Apple Hermès watch retains


with Hermès leather bands in 3 colours: fauve, noir or capucine. The Double and Single Tours have stainless steel buckles. The Double Tour can be purchased in 38mm length, whereas the Single Tour exists in 38mm or 42mm. And the Cuff model (“Manchette”) has a palladium-plated etrivière buckle. The Cuff version, 42mm in length, also embodies Hermès’ equestrian tradition and imagery. Hermès’ signature leather in this option

houses a watch which is adapted to allow the heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist. Available in fauve, it comes in a stainless steel case. The classic white stitching on the leather is visible, giving the wearer the enduring Hermès image of being both sleek and sporty. Every Apple Watch Hermès includes an exclusive watch face you can customise with three typefaces (Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace), three numeral displays (12, 4, 1), and three complications;

stopwatch, date, and world clock. So you can personalise your Apple Watch Hermès to suit your style or mood. All of the watches are of sapphire crystal with a retina display. We think this fabulous twosome takes watches to new heights as modern tools for daily life. And you will look great with them too.


Exclusive Dental Clinic in the heart of Zurich! Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your facial attractiveness. Therefore we don’t make signature dentistry, we create customised and individual smiles that you can be proud of. The Clinic is an expression of client focused dentistry.

This means listening attentively to the wishes and needs of our patients and offering them customised treatments. As an exclusive dental clinic, Eram Dental Health Clinic is known for its attention to details in dentistry and extraordinary hospitality services. The clinic caters to individual tastes.

The unique interior design ensures that the patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay. This focus on details and on your individual needs makes your stay at Eram Dental Health Clinic a pleasant experience.


Zahra Eram, Founder Eram Dental Health Clinic


Eram Dental Health Clinic is committed to excellence and quality. We have a clear focus on selected dentistry treatments.

Each of the doctors and hygienists are carefully selected to offer the patients only the most effective and reliable treatments in dentistry.

The outstanding work of our dental team has made an international reputation for offering the very best in aesthetic and preventive dentistry.

Eram Dental Health Clinic is perfectly located in the heart of Zurich and surrounded by the most luxurious and best hotels, banks and law firms in town. Due to the flexible opening hours, we adapt your visit to your everyday life.

The Clinic provides the highest standards of dentistry skills, state of the art technology and a wide range of specialties.




Have 2016 be the year you make skincare a priority and invest in some of these luxurious new treatments that will leave you glowing, beautiful and relaxed.


The Glow Medical Spa and Beauty Boutique in Savannah, Georgia, USA, has utilised the multi-masking technique for quite some time. The most popular facial at the salon is the Get Glowing Facial, which lasts around an hour. For USD 100, they cleanse, tone, exfoliate and clear your skin, before applying a variety of masks customised to your needs.


This hot new trend is one you can do at home, or you can leave it to the professionals and relax while they do it for you. Multi-masking is the use of multiple masks on different areas of the face, depending on each area’s needs. For example, if you have an oily t-zone, you can apply a clay mask to the area to dry-up excess grease, but if your

cheeks are dry, you need a highly moisturising mask to bring the area back to life. You would usually need a separate, more delicate mask for your eyes, and perhaps another mask again for any acneprone areas. The beauty of having a professional do this for you is that he or she will be able to assess your skin and know exactly which products will work best.

L’Intégral Anti-Âge The new Sisleÿa Sisleÿa Global Anti-Âge. A worldwide success, the star Sisley anti-aging cream. 2016: Sisley reinvents this cult cream by integrating a major technological breakthrough. A cocktail of innovative active ingredients to work against the visible signs of not only genetic and environmental aging, but also, now, aging due to lifestyle and habits. In one single product skin is smoother firmer, denser, glowing. Visibly younger looking.




It is possible that you have already heard the term ‘K-Beauty’, which refers to skincare products created in Korea. The term signifies the popularity and excitement that surrounds Korean innovations in beauty. The latest treatment to come from Korea is Aquafilling. This refers to the use of creams and lotions containing natural ingredients that give your skin a hydrationboost. One of these ingredients is Tremella, a mushroom that can hold more than 500 times its weight in water. When applied to the skin, it provides intense hydration that will banish dry skin and help to plump and smooth complexion. It is set to be the biggest thing in skincare this year. So where can you get your mushroom fix? Professional spa treatments are currently only available in Korean clinics, but keep an eye on your local salons as this treatment will be popular this year. Meanwhile, you can Aquafill your skin at home with products containing the Tremella mushroom from the Earth’s Recipe line.

Also known as dry salt therapy, Halotherapy is an ideal treatment for those suffering from allergies, dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, stress, asthma and bronchitis. It is also good for those wishing to improve the condition of their skin. Patients are taken to a room known as a salt cave, which is full of a highly concentrated saline aerosol, where they are expected to sit for 45 minutes. As they breathe in the antibacterial salt spray, it works its way through the respiratory tract and dissolves bacteria and pollutants. It is then either coughed up, or it makes its way out through the natural sweating process. The salt also works to neutralise negative energy in the body, making it a very relaxing treatment. Experience this service at The Salt Cave, London, UK.




ABOUT FREUNDE AM KOCHEN Finally there is a company producing healthy food products with loads of vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbs only. The food comes without any preservatives, other artificial additives nor added sugars. So even if you don’t have time to cook for yourself, you may benefit from the healthiest foods available. The recipes and meal plans are being elaborated by nutritional professionals, the food is being cooked by a top chef. Freunde am Kochen’s customers can be sure to benefit from the healthiest and tastiest food at the same time, whilst being sure that their bodies are getting all the nutrients, proteins and healthy fats they need. The cuisine is inspired from recipes from all over the world. Yet local favourites such as “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” can be found on the menu. Freunde am Kochen even caters to specific needs such as diabetics and people with high cholesterol levels. Collaboration with renowned companies such as the Hirslanden Gruppe, Medbase, Migros Fitnessparks and Toppharm pharmacies prove the success of Freunde am Kochen’s unique offering. Freunde am Kochen offer the following products: • Low Carb menus, single meals (from CHF 21) or cures for 2 or more weeks (from CHF 322 per person and week).

These are suitable for people who want to loose weight, keep the weight off or who are just looking for a healthy low carb diet. • Low carb meals or cures for people with (pre-) diabetes and high cholesterol levels • Healthy green superfood smoothies and healthy drinks • My Coach programmes for healthy lifestyle change: customers cook for themselves based on elaborate meal plans and recipes. Supported by health professionals and nutritional coaches. All ready made healthy meals and drinks are: • Freshly prepared from scratch • Free from additives and preservatives • Free from added sugar • Low carb • Lactose- and gluten-free • Frozen right after production. So customers can easily buy ahead and always have healthy food or drinks available whenever they need it. (Freezing is the best

www.freunde-am-kochen.ch service@freunde-am-kochen.com Tel. +41 (0) 44 586 15 51

preservation method available with hardly any vitamins and nutrients being lost). Freunde am Kochen delivers Swisswide, by bicycle courier within Zürich and by Swiss Post within the rest of the country. Food and drinks come deep frozen for the most convenient storage at home.



Our top picks for this year‘s delicious discoveries. As consumers, we are getting smarter and more hands-on. The past year has taught us that sugar is the enemy, and that smoothies are an excellent source of nutrition. The NutriBullet, a powerful nutrient extraction blender, was one of the most popular kitchen appliances last year, and we learnt to make noodles out of vegetables with the help of our handy spiralisers (razorsharp cutting devices). Our home-cooking habits may have improved, but this year we will be looking to South America for recipe inspiration, just in time for the Rio Olympics. Get set for the summer of 2016 when we will all be tucking into Peruvian delicacies and Brazilian barbeque treats. Over the past few years, Peruvian restaurants have been quietly popping up all over Europe and North

America. Award-winning chefs such as Martin Morales, Gaston Acurio and Adam Rawson have brought unique and inspirational flavours to the masses. This summer, we will see more restaurants jumping on the Peruvian bandwagon, and maybe even a Peruvian section wedged in the supermarket aisles. We have even heard that UNESCO is being approached to list Peruvian cuisine to be listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

staple delicacy throughout the Rio games. Gadget-wise, the hot-buy for this summer is a home smoking kit. Perfect for cooking flavour into fattier cuts of fish, this is actually easily made by placing a few woodchips in the bottom of a roasting pan, covering with foil and a metal tray and then fitting with a lid to keep the smoke in. Or save yourself the hassle and treat yourself to a fish smoker.

As the short-lived barbeque season approaches, Brazilian foods will appreciate a renaissance. Spicy chicken wings, marinated in chili, paprika, tomato, honey and mustard, is sure to become your new favourite snack. And when enjoyed alongside a refreshing caipirinha, the combination will become a

Food smokers are available for cold or hot smoking, indoors and outdoors. Shrug off caloriecounting, and throw out your sugarladen processed foods. This year is all about real foods and new ethnic flavours.






Established in 1812, Champagne Laurent-Perrier is one of the most distinguished family-owned Champagne Houses. Based in the heart of Champagne, in Tourssur-Marne, Laurent-Perrier has a pedigree for innovation, handcrafting a diverse and pioneering range of fine champagnes that are produced with traditional, time-honoured methods. The House was acquired by the Nonancourt family in 1949 and for 50 years Bernard de Nonancourt dedicated his life to innovating and perfecting Laurent-Perrier Champagne. Bernard de Nonancourt had prepared his succession for several years, handing over to his daughters Alexandra and Stéphanie who respectively joined the House in 1987 and are now members of the Management Board – a promising international Group, dedicated exclusively to the making of champagne. Today, the House of Laurent-Perrier is

one of the great success stories in Champagne, and is now the largest independent champagne brand worldwide. Under Bernard de Nonancourt‘s leadership, LaurentPerrier achieved many firsts: in 1959, the House introduced the first multi-vintage prestige cuvée, Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier and was also the driver of the evolution of the rosé category, when LaurentPerrier Cuvée Rosé was first launched in 1968. Then, in 1981 Laurent-Perrier was the first House to reintroduce the concept of brut nature champagne with its LaurentPerrier Ultra Brut. Laurent-Perrier continues to apply an environmental policy in all its activities, takes major steps in managing its business in a sustainable manner and has implemented its environmentally-friendly policies in all fields of its activities. For example, vineyard activity at the Laurent-Perrier House is based on sustainable grape growing, respect

for the environment and natural resources, and attaining a balance between biological and human factors; the 150 hectares of vines owned directly by Laurent‑Perrier are all kept with environmentallyfriendly methods.


HATO takes its guests into an inspiring world of exquisite delights that are characterised by fine ingredients and exotic flavors. Delivering this creative Fine Asian Cuisine, that has yet to find a peer in Zurich, is Executive Chef Nathan Dallimore with his eight-member kitchen crew. Nathan previously made a name for himself in London’s “place to be” Novikov. Highlights of the restaurant are the integrated Fish Market, the open show kitchen that features an exclusive Josper grill oven and a sushi station. It‘s worth a visit!

HATO also offers its guests a luxurious Private Dining Room with Lalique interiors, a wine cellar for private parties and a 60 seat summer terrace to enjoy in lovely weather. HATO’s international award winning chef Nathan Dallimore and

his crew prepare the finest panasian cuisine for their guests, by using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our famed bartender specially created creative cocktails for HATO, which have been one of the restaurant’s additional draws.

The founders of HATO have applied all their passion for hospitality and gastronomy to create a new and unique dining experience for HATO’s guests and all their senses. www.hato-restaurants.com

Nathan Dallimore, Chef




SASS CAFE Since 20 years, the SASS CAFE proposes a unique concept in the Principality of Monaco: Restaurant, Piano Bar and Club.

Inaugurated in 1993, the SASS CAFE owes its name to the owner “Sassa”, is a must of the Monegasque nights. In a refined décor with subdued lights, you can appreciate a traditional Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Every night, Sassa, Yolande and their son Samy, the owners, welcome you in this exclusive and mythical place, in a distinguished and elegant décor.

Discover a refined menu with Mediterranean and Italian dishes… It all seems peaceful... But at the dinner‘s end, the SASS CAFE spirit works and the metamorphosis begins... The musicians arrive, voices start to warm the atmosphere and the live music accompanies you… Then, our resident DJs begin their eclectic mixes to lead you until the end of night. Mythical place in the Principality of Monaco, the SASS CAFE is internationally known for its exclusive parties!



11, Avenue Princesse Grace - Monaco - +377 93 25 52 00 www.sasscafe.com - sasscafe@mac.com


Boca Do Lobo Boca Do Lobo is a world renowned furniture design company that was founded by designer Amandio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhaes in the year 2005 in Oporto, Portugal. Over the years, the company has metamorphosed and it is now part of MeninaDesign Group. Boca Do Lobo designs are a unique psychological experience felt through a heart rendering touch of exquisite art. Portuguese designer Amandio Pereira’s story begins the way most gifted artisans do; as an eccentric child, construction and deconstruction of objects was a hobby which soon developed into an obsession for design. Immediately after graduating from ESAD, Escola Superior de Artes e Design em Matosinhos, he and a close confidant, Ricardo Magalhaes started Menina Design Group and in 2005 they founded Boca Do Lobo alongside designer Pedro Sousa. The brand name originated from the Italian expression IN BOCCA AL LUPO, literally translated in English as “IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF”. Boca Do Lobo is recognised for its distinctive and exquisite art works like its Diamond Cabinet and Soho Sideboards. Every handmade piece of furniture is a blend of diverse materials, such as transparent car paint on a shinning leaf. Its collections now includes a range of specially made limited edition furniture that combines futuristic vision with ingenious creative techniques.


The designers aim to promote astonishing insight into art by conjuring alluring spectacles inspired, crafted and brought to life by a group of infinitely talented staff. Their designs are modeled to stir emotions and romantic nostalgia in people - you will love what you see.


A PLACE WHERE EMOTIVE CREATIVITY MEETS TECHNOLOGY The creators are an embodiment of talent. They possess an indisputable skill for designing pieces that resonate and raise strong sensation in their admirers. The elegant art output is achieved through accumulated wisdom honed over the years and ultimately instilled with love and affection in the art they perform.

Boca Do Lobo present the very best within the bounds of art and designs. Each work of art takes you on a journey to origins of pleasure you may have forgotten and take you places you never have been before; a trip to the world of Boca Do Lobo, where emotions run high.


KNOX by Boca Do Lobo With design traits and details very similar to those found on the world famous Fort Knox gold vaults, this luxury safe features incredible finishes and detailed work. Its interior is fully customisable, with fittings for watch winders, jewellery drawers, and even cigar humidors, making the Knox Safe the right place to keep your valuables, with a guaranteed design experience that only Boca Do Lobo delivers.


Newton Black & Gold Dining Table: Measures: 365cm x 140cm x 78cm Finishes: Black Laquer & Gold Plated Suggested Retail Price: EUR 61,400

WHERE CAN WE FIND BOCA DO LOBO PRODUCTS? DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORE? We don’t have our own store. Our products are sold in majority online and we have some showrooms and representatives worldwide. We also participate in several interior design fairs where our pieces can be seen and bought. We have offices in the UK and USA too.

HOW HAVE YOU BEEN COPING WITH ALL THE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES IN ART AND DESIGN? A dynamic process of innovation, of both technology and design, forces us into a continual reinterpretation of the brand. Aspects of our philosophy also remain constant: the high quality of the final product is always a priority. All this is translated into our consistent search for anything that can bring more value to our pieces, adding in and reinventing new contexts to provide the best. We ally new and innovative technologies with the tradition and the legacy of Portuguese heritage and manufacturing techniques.


WHAT ASPECT OF DESIGN DO YOU ENJOY MOST? Design is our reason for being. Each Boca Do Lobo piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention detail. HOW DID BOCA DO LOBO COME TO EXISTENCE? Boca Do Lobo was born by the passion and the will of two young winning designers in the world of design, taking Portugal’s name and Portuguese design into the world of luxury, glamour and irreverence when it comes to interior design. With the Soho Sideboard, we understood that it is possible to create our identity, image and design in an exclusive and bold way. WHAT INSPIRED THE NAME BOCA DO LOBO? The brand name comes from the Italian expression, in bocca al lupo, which Italians say to each other prior to exams to offer ‘good luck’. Translated literally to Portuguese, it becomes ‘na boca do lobo’ and in English, ‘in the mouth of the wolf’, as seen in the company’s logo. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE WITH BOCA DO LOBO? We are working to continue the path to share the Portuguese heritage always side by side with the ultimate techniques.

We will continue to innovate, to launch new collections and new pieces and to participate in the major interior design fairs. Our focus to the times that are coming is our participation in a Christies’ auction with the first version of the Symphony Sideboard that was part of the design set on Fifty Shades of Grey film scenario.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR DESIGNS? Design is our reason for being. Each Boca Do Lobo piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention to detail. WHAT CHALLENGES ARE YOU FACING IN THE INDUSTRY? Strong competition, but our design and commitment is more and more recognised worldwide. We are betting and investing in investigation and development when it comes to the materials that we manufacture, and we are always aware of what is being done, new products and materials. WHAT SHOULD A POTENTIAL CLIENT EXPECT WHEN HE/SHE VISITS YOUR STORE? We are passionate about what we do and this inspires us to create. We believe our pieces should have distinctive and individual character. Through our love and dedication to Boca Do Lobo we offer the highest level quality and thus form lasting relationships with our public.

This passion is what we want to share with all of our enthusiastic appreciators.

WHICH PIECE IN YOUR COLLECTION IS THE MOST POPULAR AT THE MOMENT? Definitely, the Symphony Sideboard. After being in the apartment of Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, it is now on auction with the most prestigious and recognised name in the world. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE COMPANY IN ABOUT 10 YEARS? We want to open unique and single brand stores in the major world capitals. We will focus on Asian markets so we can grow in this important and fundamental section of the global market. Another goal is to open a hotel with our own name in New York. WHAT IS THE MOST MEMORABLE MILESTONE IN THE HISTORY OF BOCA DO LOBO? Definitely, the participation in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie as a big part of the decoration’s in the movie’s main character’s apartment. It gave us huge visibility, a large recognition worldwide, and was a big subject in social media all over the world. WHAT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PIECE YOU’VE EVER PRODUCED? All of our pieces our customisable. We strive to always meet our customers desires and wishes and to leave him/her the most satisfied possible. So the most expensive piece we’ve ever produced was a Newton Black & Gold Dining Table (pictures & stats on left page).




SUNSEEKER 155 Thanks to their iconic styling and unmistakable design, it’s possible to recognise a Sunseeker at a glance.


The flagship Sunseeker 155 yacht (48m) demonstrates an impressive fusion of engineering perfection and truly breath-taking design. The yacht features a classically elegant interior throughout, with large expanses of living and entertainment spaces, and boasts an impressive six cabins for up to 12 guests to stay in ultimate style and luxury. Her forward lower deck area can also accommodate up to ten crew with a separate captain’s cabin located adjacent to the wheelhouse. The upper saloon features a stunning full-length

stone finished bar and an additional secondary dining area, which offers a less formal dining experience than the principal arrangement located on the main deck. Yet another highlight is the spectacular port-side balcony, which offers uninterrupted views from the lower saloon. The 155 yacht sees Sunseeker taking the concept of series building with personal customisation one step further and, through its modular

build approach, owners can directly influence not only the interior design and layout, but the actual superstructure of the yacht. The first of these majestic models was launched in 2014, reflecting the build time of approximately two years. The new yacht will be powered by impressive twin 16V 4000 series MTU M93 engines, delivering an increased top speed of up to 24 knots.




THE FAIRWEI A Gray Design & Ronn Motor Group collaboration that will take you golfing This yacht has a well elaborated golf theme and also houses a lush green area where those on board can enjoy the game.

The interior will also house an indoor swimming pool and a modest spa.

The 105 Fairwei yacht, which has a beam of 18m, will be powered by a hybrid propulsion system with lithium-ion batteries and caterpillar generators running electrically powered screws. For the fun seekers who love to have a nice time riding the waves while basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying the game of golf at the same time, the Fairwei is the yacht for you.


Fairwei provides a vast amount of space for guests on board to enjoy a short game. This is evident from the drive at the top of the flydeck, to the elegantly constructed green spaces on the side wings and the rear section of the superyacht.

The designers have also revealed that Fairwei will host an expansive living space large enough to accommodate 10 guests and 24 crew members, and it will be decorated in a very uncomplicated style using basic colour schemes with clear detailing.


The golf theme of this yacht will give you the feeling of being in a golf tournament on top of the ocean. You simply must love the view. Speed thrills many, and this is what you get in abundant dose while on a ride in the Fairwei yacht. The combination of a hybrid propulsion system and a Caterpillar generator gives this yacht an unprecedented edge in terms of velocity. If you want a rich and emotion filled adventure seeking experience on top of the waves, the Fairwei superyacht will meet your expectations with an elegant design, super luxurious amenities and top speed to match.



At Geneva’s International Motor Show, French luxury brand Bugatti celebrated a world premiere by unveiling its spectacular Bugatti Chiron. The Chiron is described as the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and exclusive production super sports car.

100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds. But interested buyers, or Veyron owners dying for something grander, need to reserve quickly. The Chiron is limited to a series of 500 units with the market launch date set for autumn 2016. The basic price is EUR 2.4 million net. We hate to break it to you, but advance orders have already been received for one third of the total production units. Bugatti, based in Molsheim, has a long tradition of

manufacturing excellence in the automotive industry. The result of the legendary and unique eight-litre W16 engine has been newly developed by Bugatti. Together with the four new, larger turbochargers that are controlled by Bugatti’s newly introduced twostage turbocharging, and many other technical refinements and innovations, maximum performance is available throughout use and can be easily controlled at all speeds.


The Chiron, a completely new development for Bugatti, is the latest generation of the ultimate super sports car. Features include a power output of 1,500 HP, a torque of 1,600 Nm between 2,000 – 6,000 rpm, maximum performance with outstanding control in all speed ranges, and a maximum speed of 420 km/h, limited for road travel. According to Bugatti, the Chiron, ready to set a new world speed record, can accelerate from 0 to


And we don’t think Bugatti will stop here. The company is clearly making a statement about innovative leadership. With its new carbon fibre monocoque, a newly designed adaptive chassis, tyres developed especially for Bugatti and other envelope-pushing technologies, the Chiron also retains its agile handling, guaranteeing you maximum driving pleasure. Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., proudly states, ‘The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better...’. Establishing new paradigms have brought this Bugatti wonder to life.

And we aren’t just speaking about impressive improvements in driving, but the Chiron is a true eyecatcher. Its design is said to be a mix of ‘beast’ with a very high level of ‘beauty’. Its marketing and positioning suggests exclusivity, comfort, confidence, strength, and daring with a huge dose of power. And this wonder is sure to bring a strong contribution to the Volkswagen Group’s results.


PUSHING THE ENVELOPE ON A WHOLE NEW ROAD Faraday Future revealed its version of the future electronic automotive solution



The FFZERO - Revolutionising the way we drive Faraday Future is an electric motor company based in California, USA. The company started working on conceptual electric cars almost two years ago. Over the years, Faraday has showcased some of its other ideas at various trade events and has gained attention from all over the world. At the latest Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Faraday Future revealed FFZERO1 as their vision for their company’s production of supercars. FFZERO1 originated from a sketch by the head designer of the company, and the Vice President of Product R&D quickly decided that this design was the pictureperfect opportunity to show-off the company’s strengths. FFZERO1 is a single seat superelectric car with an exquisite appearance and a speculated

1000 horsepower engine that will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds! Moreover, the top speed this supercar can achieve will exceed 200 mph. A helmet that will provide oxygen and water will be made for the driver. Other fancy features to be included are the ability to incorporate a smartphone into the steering wheel (“the smartphone will be the steering wheel”), full autonomous drive, track driving assistance, four independent electric motors to power the car, and a super lightweight carbon body. On the outside, there is no question that Faraday’s Future FFZERO1 is the most exotic looking concept car. With its sleek carbon fibre body kit and a vehicle height just a few inches above the road, this conceptual electric car has curves in all the right places, as well as the strength needed to perform.

The front headlights are joined in a curved tube shape, which also gives the car a unique stance. FFZERO1 looks like no ordinary car. As the company states, “The world is ready for a new way of looking at mobility”. Ideally, this conceptual supercar will not be the first production car that Faraday Future exhibits. The future will hold more chances for the company to introduce their new car concept for market priced models having more than one seat. Faraday Future has attempted, and succeeded, to get into the all-electric vehicle market that is currently ruled by Audi and Tesla.


THE MOST PROMINENT MOTOR SHOWS 1. FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW (Frankfurt, Germany) The leading and largest automotive event on the planet, the Frankfurt Motor Show or IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) takes place every two years in odd-numbered years, and solely hosts vehicles destined for passengers, from runof-the-mill production cars to the latest supercars. There are more than 10 different exhibition halls, and the halls are so large that it takes 10 minutes to cross from one hall to another. The themes of the halls change each year, as you may find high tech displays with dynamic lighting one year and something very different the next.


3. INTERNATIONAL GENEVA MOTOR SHOW (Geneva, Switzerland) This fair is one of the most important in the world, with more that 700,000 annual visitors. It is held every year in March in the Swiss city of Geneva at the Palexpo Convention Complex. Its success is explained by the fact that Switzerland does not have its own car industry. This allows for a neutral event that does not favour any national brand. The fair often plays host to the debuts of many new production and concept models.


The oldest motor show in existence, the annual Paris Motor Show, takes place in a surreal location – the fabled capital of France. Usually taking place around September or October on even years (when the IAA does not take place), it represents a vital meeting place for industry specialists, established brands and start-ups, and is the perfect backdrop for local production and concept vehicle unveiling.


4. NAIAS – NORTH AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW (Detroit, Michigan, USA) Also known as the Detroit Auto Show, NAIAS is one of the most outstanding automotive events in North America and around the world. This fair is organised annually in the heart of Detroit, known as the Motor City, as it was a major centre for manufacturing motor parts for over 100 years. The NAIAS is the traditional platform for many of the United States’ auto makers to show off their stuff. The show also plays host to award ceremonies for the North American Car and Truck of the Year, giving it even more clout on the international stage.

5. AUTO SHANGHAI (Shanghai, China) The Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition is one of Asia’s stars when it comes to representing the automotive industry’s finest creations. Also holding the record for China’s oldest car show, it is organised every two years. Auto Shanghai alternates with the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (or Auto China), so as to showcase national progress and not remain stagnant in this ever-evolving industry. Numerous manufacturers, from home-grown brands to international heavyweights, come to this auto salon to showcase their most ostentatious automobiles.

6. DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW (Dubai, UAE) The single most important automotive event in the MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) region, the Dubai International Motor Show, is a relatively young fair when compared to its other counterparts, but do not let that fool you! Recognised as the most outlandish location around the globe, Dubai is an automotive rapture, for exhibitors, innovators, automotive specialists and admirers alike. Expect exotic marques, affluent buyers and an unrivalled experience.


TERRAFUGIA TM TFX Terrafugia answers a question which has plagued scientists since the beginning of the 21st Century: “It’s 2016. So where is my flying car?”

Up until the turn of the century, popular depictions of the 2000s often showed the people of the (then) future zipping around in flying cars – flying cars that we have not yet seen. While the twenty-first century has seen developments such as Facebook, electric cars and the ability to print 3D items for any number of practical uses, we still seem to be unable to let go of the idea of a flying car.


In a long awaited realisation of this obsession, the TFXTM is intended to be a flying car, which is appropriate for use by the general public. With a focus on convenience, safety and simplicity, the project is intended to be completed within 12 years, so we could all be flying around within our lifetime!


A street-legal aircraft with fixed wings, the TFXTM will run on electricity while driving on the ground and during takeoff and

landing, recharging either from electric car charging stations or its own engine, so it is a leap forward with no steps back regarding sustainability. As with a standard GPS system, the car’s driver will enter the destination ahead of departure, including both a primary landing zone and a backup landing zone in case of emergency. Importantly, the TFXTM will be able to calculate its own energy reserve and land the car safely of

its own accord, so drivers need not worry about falling out of the sky unexpectedly. With a range of up to 500 miles, this vehicle will truly allow you to travel from A to B with minimal interruptions. Perhaps most exciting of all, Terrafugia hopes the TFXTM will be available for a similar price as that of most luxury cars, so it could potentially be afforded by people other than the rich and elite, provided we save up for long enough!


GADGET GOODIES How does one stay up-to-date on the latest gadgets? There are, of course, multiple sources for information to assure that one is getting the newest inventions – from advice gleaned from fellow “tech toy” users, to blogs, industry magazines, news reports, and trade shows, amongst others.

CES in Las Vegas is always a good place to start for an overview of the latest launches in consumer electronics, as well as the IFA show in Berlin for more glitsy and successful premiers of new devices. For business solutions and products, the CeBIT show in Hanover is a must, as well as Computex. In addition, a cursory view on the Internet will bring out numerous other fairs involving innovation – from Hong Kong and Shanghai, to Dubai, Barcelona and Moscow. We took a look around and found that this year’s CES watch list, which includes electric cars, drones, sensors and cameras that can be embedded into everything from clothes to home appliances, and of course, virtual reality.

Here are a few highlights that we have selected: 1. Adidas Smart Ball


For the football fan or sports buff, not to be missed is the Adidas Smart Ball(1), which tracks how good you are at football. The ball uses a sensor integrated in its core that records strike point, speed, spin and trajectory to tell you exactly where you are going wrong, or right! This latest gadget from Adidas is an excellent training tool for placing kicks, making it so that you do not need your private trainer or coach every time. Kick data get sent instantly to a companion app. It is compatible with iOS 7 and later and Android 4.3 and later devices with Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Get one and perfect your technique for power bend and knucke balls. Watch out Ronaldo! Oculus Rift(2) virtual reality glasses,


amongst other cool cyber glasses, are also the talk of the town. The Rift itself offers an extraordinary experience of true immersion and presence for your favourite game, VR movie, an exciting travel destination or spending VR social time with friends. Using stateof-the-art displays and specially designed optics, the Oculus Rift boasts a high refresh rate and lowpersistence display work, assuring wonderful visual fidelity plus a wideview field. Advanced display technology combined with a lowlatency constellation precision tracking system facilitates the feeling of presence, so much so that you can really feel that you are there.

Underwater bliss means no longer needing to worry about ruining your favourite gadgets while you are at the beach or poolside this summer. Fortunately, some of today’s tech gadgets and hightech devices are actually designed to be splashed or submerged in water, without any risk of damage. These include the Fugoo(3) waterproof speaker, OtterBox Resurgence waterproof iPhone 6 battery case, Phantom Aquatics premium waterproof backpack dry bag, GoScope GoPro HERO(4) Telescoping Pole, LifeProof Frei Phone 6 Case, and the BOOM swimmer waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker. Whether you are listening to your MP3 player

out and about or at home with your high-end stereo, headphone choice is absolutely critical. This year, take a look at Sony’s MDR1A, Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0, the wireless series from Beats Studio for Bluetooth, on-ear Beyerdynamic T51, QuietComfort 25(5) by Bose, and the V-Moda flagship Crossfade M-100 headphone options. Not to be omitted are HiFiMan’s HE-400i high-end audiophile headphones.

5. QuietComfort 25 by Bose

4. GoPro HERO Telescoping Pole 2. Oculus Rift

3. Fugoo waterproof speaker


ZURICH‘S DOCTORS DANCE, DINE AND DONATE Since 2010, the 4th Zurich Doctors’ Ball biannual event has brought together doctors, politicians and businessmen, not only for an entertaining evening but, more importantly, to raise money for social or medical projects for children. This year‘s donations will support the work of the IKS (Institut Kinderseele Schweiz), a Swiss Foundation for the wellbeing of children and youths, in their project aimed at children whose parents have a mental disorder and who suffer as a result of their parents’ psychiatric diseases. Their problems are often neglected by the media and the medical

industry, and have therefore been so far underpublicised. Often, these children suffer from violence or from the depression of their parents. This IKS project will organise psychological help especially suited for these children, including prevention, early detection and treatment. As they have a distinctly higher risk of



Dr. Urs Stoffel, Prof. Susanne Walitza and Dr. Roger Wanner

developing a psychiatric disorder themselves, it is critical that they, like their parents, receive valuable psychiatric and social assistance, and intervention. The organiser of this benefit gala on the last three occasions has been the very enthusiastic young doctor Dr. Roger Wanner, a highly experienced Swiss gastroenterologist with a great personality. This year, he decided to obtain assistance from Samira Hübler, a heart surgeon from Berlin

who moved to Zurich four years ago, with her husband, paediatric heart surgeon Prof. Michael Hübler. She organises humanitarian missions to developing countries, where every year she and her husband perform heart operations on poor children. One of Samira Hübler’s colleagues at the Berlin Heart Centre is the spectacular DJ for this gala night, DJ 2xm, aka Martin Shaw, who is, by the way, also a heart surgeon! With the charming organisers and

presenters Dr. Roger Wanner and Samira Hübler, a heart surgeon as a DJ, and the rest of the spectacular programme, this night should be big success for a good cause: the children. This year, the 4th Zurich Doctors’ Ball (4. Zürcher Ärzteball) will take place on May 21st at the famous Dolder Grand Hotel, located on a hill above Zurich, with a breathtaking view of the lake, an uplifting and appropriate setting to raise funds for the brighter future of mental health promotion for young generations to come.

Samira and Prof. Michael Hübler



The Monaco Grand Prix circuit is world famous. 3,337 kilometres in length, it curves spectacularly through Monte Carlo’s coastal streets, skyscrapers and dramatic barriers for a total of 78 laps, bringing its race distance to 260,286 kilometres. It has been around since 1929 (as pre-championship) and 1950, and even today still represents everything that is great about Formula One™ racing. This year’s competition starts on Thursday, May 26th and finishes on Sunday, May 29th. Armco barrierlined circuits will test the world’s best talents, leaving them with no margins for error and only with the primary goal of concentrating fully, perfectly through braking and overwhelming downforces.

All-time greats have flown and skidded through Monte Carlo; Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill, Stirling Moss, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart and Philippe Streiff. But the greats of driving are not the only ones you will see in Monaco during Formula One™. Monte Carlo fills up with beautiful people, VIPs,

celebrities, models, and of course the paparazzi, from all over the globe, all divinely dressed and who rush in to catch the buzz and glamour the week has to offer. The occasion allows its spectators to partake in fabulous events from pre-parties to its famous afterparties on both land and sea throughout the city’s luxury hotels, restaurants and bars, and on yachts and sailboats harboured in the port and surrounding bays. Exclusive apartments and private houses are available for rent.

Similar to the Indianapolis 500 in the US, or France’s Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix combines precision driving, technical excellence and sheer bravery, all mixed with tints of camera-blitzing dare, prowess and performance. And every driver dreams of winning this one.

Experts claim that the “Portier Corner” is key to achieving a good lap time, and also getting the “Loews Hairpin” right, which ironically is the slowest corner in Formula One™. “The Tunnel” comes next with its rare flat section.



PHILIPPE STREIFF Former Formula One™ race car champion Philippe Streiff has turned his racing success story to new directions and applaudable pursuits in racing rallies and road safety.

Philippe Streiff is a former racing driver from France. He participated in 53 Formula 1 Grand Prix™ from 1984 till 1989. He achieved one podium and scored a total of 11 championship points. Project Luxury & Art was able to grab Streiff for a few quick questions about his amazing career and his now very full, very mindful life.

How many Formula 1™ Grands Prix have you participated in? I have raced in 53 F1 Grand Prix™, from 1984 to 1989, on four teams: Renault F1 (Test-Driver in 1983 and Driver in 1984), Ligier-Renault in 1985, Tyrrell-Renault in 1986, Tyrrell-Ford in 1987, and AGS-Ford in 1988 & 1989.

What has been keeping you busy since you finished competitive racing? The passion for automobiles… karting (Indoor Masters) and road safety (my mission now in the Interior Ministry)!

And what has been your greatest recent joy?


Doing HandiSki, in Val d’Isère, two weeks ago ! Handiski, or “Ski Assis” in French, is a way to

discover or rediscover the joys of skiing when you are a person with reduced mobility. Bascially, you ski seated... It’s so much fun!

You have been involved in organising all sorts of fantastic ventures, rallies, competitions, supporting various challenges and charitable projects. What has been your biggest accomplishment in this area? The ten Karting Masters of ParisBercy, with more than 100 Formula One™ drivers coming, including Ayrton SENNA, Alain PROST, Michaël SCHUMACHER, Damon HILL, Jacques VILLENEUVE, etc… Great racing, great people! My children and myself (with our family company, Streiff Consulting) decided to organise the event we did in 2011 again, with 100% electric

go-karts, the ERDF Masters… We invited Sébastien LOEB, Sébastien OGIER, Romain GROSJEAN, Jules BIANCHI, Jean-Eric VERGNE and many drivers winning their own World & European Championship… It was a great success!

What is your favorite part about the Formula 1™ in Monte Carlo? The atmosphere, first! But the town’s track is very technical and the drivers need a F1™ with full downforce, because of the twisty curves which are in fact the streets of Monaco… So, the two-days (Thursday and Saturday…) of testings are very important to starting ahead of the Grid.




JEWEL IN THE CROWN VILLA ST. STEFANO IN JAVEA In Spain’s Alicante province, during recent travels southwards, we found an unspoilt exclusive area and this magical property. This vast domain stands high on the cliffs of Costa Blanca and will take your breath away.


The Balcon am Mar area is exactly what its name describes – a virtual “Balcony by the Sea”. The spacious property, Villa St. Stefano, stands in splendour on the Balcon am Mar, high on the cliffs of Costa Blanca, solid and magnificent in its dramatic maritime surveillance. We discovered the fabulous property in Javea whilst traveling leisurely around Costa Blanca. We were mesmerised from the first moment. For anyone looking for a special place of tranquillity, this villa estate by the sea is certainly the perfect place.

Staff can be housed in the groundlevel suite with separate entrance.

The rooms of the villa have been generously furnished with a great deal of technical sophistication. Recently fully renovated, all interiors have been perfectly outfitted and the outdoor area was also fully finished in loving detail with elegantly placed lighting elements in the courtyard and garden. The security system is state-of-theart and guarantees you thorough protection throughout the property.

You will see that this part of Costa Blanca, despite the region’s relatively high level of tourism, is a real and peaceful find. Located near Valencia, Spain, Costa Blanca offers visitors over 200 kilometres of coastline, spectacular views and wonderful weather.

The property includes the generous villa plus a two-bedroom guest house, which is served by a separate entrance. Both houses are connected by a floodgate (doubledoor system). The guest house also has its own pool.

The calm waters and white sand beaches, along with nearby mountains and landscapes full of


Enjoy fabulous amenities, such as eight spacious bedrooms, two generous dressing rooms, three pools, a gym, an office, and a jacuzzi, coupled with modern

and high-quality interiors. Let your soul unwind with the fantastic 180 degree view over the rocks in this wonderful mediterranean climate. The main villa’s two large pools await you – choose between the indoor or the infinity pool. The indoor pool provides the same magnificent view as other points throughout the house.


fruit and palm groves are part of the villa’s magical setting. Nearby, delicious restaurants, lovely marinas and yacht clubs, charming villages and the Spanish social scene welcome you. Thanks to the area’s infrastructure, you are within easy reach of shopping facilities and entertainment options. Javea is divided into three parts – the old town, the port area and the main beach area. Javea’s whitewashed buildings, Gothic church, town square and food market are a great stop. The port stills functions as a fishing port and also hosts moored yachts and sailboats from all over the world next to its promenade, open-air restaurants and bars. And if you would rather be by the sea, you can choose between golden beaches and rocky cliffs. Javea’s temperate climate, sunny days, and mild breezes ranks it among the best relaxation spots in the world. The charm of its small harbour town is bustling and alive, all within a relaxed Spanish pace. Its romantic bays and spectacular rocky backdrop are what caught our attention. Perched and enthroned upon white rock near Javea, the Costa Blanca beauty sits splendidly awaiting you with peace and privacy 24/7. Thanks to the area’s infrastructure, you are within easy reach of shopping facilities and restaurants should you be in the mood for entertainment and good food. Like us, once you see this jewel, you will not want to leave. For more information, visit our website: www.projectluxury.com.




Luxurious and modern Cote d’Azur comfort within a short distance of glamorous hotspots such as Nice and Monaco.


Cap Martin, short for RoquebruneCap-Martin, is a stunning commune in southeastern France situated between Monaco and Menton. “Roquebrune” refers to the light brown-coloured rocky coastline and “Cap” symbolises the sublime location’s coastal peninsula. Today, this area is comprised of several villages and towns, and has practically become a suburb of Monaco, although its natural beauty and treasures make you feel like you are still in your own very special place. This magnificent villa is located in the posh peninsula itself. The picturesque Cap Martin is famous for its artists Claude Monet and Le Corbusier, amongst others, who drew their inspiration from the Hameau region and its splendid colours; blue sea, bright sky, and lush green mediterranean vegetation. Here at the Cap Martin villa, we can see why. The unbeatable property is located in the heart of Roquebrune Cap Martin. The Villa Céphée, bearing the stamp of a renowned architect whose talents are on display throughout the property, combines mediterranean ambiance with modern architecture and workmanship. Situated directly on the Cote d’Azur, the living area alone amounts to more than 550 square metres. The finest materials were used on each floor and in each room. Access to the villa is granted by two different entrances. Each of the four floors, as well as the eight vehicle garage, can be conveniently reached by elevator. With its three


bedrooms, five bathrooms and one apartment, Villa Céphée offers a great space for family and guests. The large and light reception area makes any visitor feel at ease and relaxed. This Cote d’Azur gem includes an integrated kitchen equipped with high-end furniture and mod cons, which is any chefin-the-making’s dream come true, in addition to a sauna, fitness room, outdoor parking spaces, and a security system that meets the highest standards.

We fell for Villa Céphée’s quiet, luxurious setting and breathtaking sea views. Yet as heavenly as you feel whilst lounging in the garden, throughout the 1,471 square metre grounds, or extensive unique indoor and outdoor pool, you are a hop, skip and jump away from the sophisticated flair of Monaco and Nice, as well as shopping, dining and other fabulous excursions and activities.

Accessible from Monaco in only 10 minutes by car, or a comfortable 30 minute drive on the motorway from Nice, the villa is convenient and relaxing. As we did, you can spend endless hours here, taking in the fascinating landscape, romantic bays and the overall drop-dead beautiful coastal environment. For more information, visit our website: www.projectluxury.com.


RESORT AND RESIDENCES DUBAI It is no longer news that Dubai is a great place to be on holiday. This area is raking in revenue from tourism because of the great number of people who visit all year round. The Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai is going to be one of the best hotels in the region, and a great destination to go in Dubai on completion in 2017. It will be located on Jumeira Bay Island, a private island off the most prestigious beach stretch in Dubai. It will occupy a total land area of 1.7 million square feet.

The Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai is being designed by Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners (an Italian architectural firm). This firm handles both the architectural and interior designs of all Bulgari Hotels worldwide. The luxury of the Bulgari brand has been translated with the help of this firm’s close attention to small details. The

main aim of the Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai is to see that a perfect harmony is created with nature through its unique architectural design. The resort will be sitting in an adjacent position to the Bulgari Residences Dubai which is going to be masterpiece. According to the description of this residence, it is going to be one of the best residences in the world. It is going to have 15 mansions, 8 penthouses and 165 apartments. It will be another quality work from the Bulgari Group in partnership with Meraas. Meraas is a Dubai-based holding company with operations and assets in the UAE.


The Bulgari Resort Dubai at Jumeira Bay Island will be the fifth Bulgari Hotels and Resorts property in the world and will comprise twenty hotel villas, one hundred and

one suites and rooms in the main building as well as many luxury hotel facilities. The architectural design of the hotel will reflect the style and design of the surrounding area and will be a blend of both modern and traditional themes. This harmony will be achieved by the mixing of both conventional and new architectural styles.





With guests that include heads of state, royalty, billionaires and celebrities, the world’s most exclusive hotel suites offer their clientele unbridled luxury in decadent, opulent surroundings. Here are our top five. THE TY WARNER SUITE AT THE FOUR SEASONS, NEW YORK The ‘suite in the sky’ is one of the world’s most extravagant penthouses. It features unique artwork, specially commissioned décor, the latest technology and rare, unobstructed views of Manhattan. The suite also comes with a host of complimentary services, including a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom.



THE ROYAL PENTHOUSE SUITE AT THE HOTEL PRESIDENT WILSON IN GENEVA. As one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. The suite encompasses the entire top floor of the hotel and includes 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, a full terrace and gym. It is also fully equipped with ultramodern technology, a private collection of art and literature and boasts a full-size Brunswick billiards table and a Steinway grand piano.


THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE AT THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL IN PUDONG, SHANGHAI This suite offers a unique space in which to relax and entertain, marrying together traditional Chinese style with sophisticated modern design. The two rooftop gardens and huge 50m² bathroom grant guests spectacular views of the city, river and the Pearl Tower. The suite also includes a wine cellar, bar and butler.





THE VILLA LA CUPOLA SUITE AT THE WESTIN EXCELSIOR, ROME Spanning two floors, this is the largest suite in Italy. It features a memorising frescoed Cupola in the lounge, vaulted ceilings, marble staircase and a Romanesque spa room. Guests can also enjoy a private cinema, wine cellar, fitness room and seven terraces from which to admire the Via Veneto.

THE ROYAL SUITE AT THE ST. REGIS SAADIYAT ISLAND RESORT, ABU DHABI As the biggest duplex suite in the United Arab Emirates, it combines bespoke design with contemporary style to create a luxury oceanic paradise. The spacious master bedroom spans the entire lower floor and includes a large terrace that affords extensive ocean views. The suite also features a private pool, game room, terrace bar and spa.




Marrakesh is known as the Red City, due to its splendid pinkish red buildings and palaces. The city is certainly Morocco’s most precious gem. Morocco’s Arabic name, al-Magrib al-Aqsa, stands for “the extreme west”, referring to Morocco as the westernmost country in the Arab world. Morocco is only eight miles or 13 km away from Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar, but feels a lifetime away. Marrakesh, whose name originates from the Berber words Mur n akush, meaning “land of god”, does at times feel blessed. Steeped in history, mystery, and glamour, Marrakesh (or the French spelling Marrakech) is an oasis of magnificent palaces and rihads, sacred ruins, luxurious spas, challenging golf courses, and charming local souks (or handcraft markets).

Djemma el Fna Market

Marrakesh was founded in 1062. It is broken up into two distinct areas – the Old City (referred to as the “Medina”) with its souks or market area, and the Modern City, containing a commercial quarter (Guéliz) and residential area (l’Hivernage). Marrakesh is quite liberal in comparison to its African and Middle Eastern neighbours, but it is still an Islamic, male-dominated city. As is the case anywhere in the world, it is important to travel wisely and mindfully. Start your visit in this exotic and vibrant city that mixes the medieval and the modern (great hotels and restraints) with an adventure that begins in the air.

A fabulous hot air balloon ride at sunrise, which takes in the Atlas Mountains, is followed by a Berber breakfast and desert camel ride. This is a fine way to begin a trip to see Marrakesh from above and in its desert setting, and it will take your breath away, setting the context for moving on to a tour of the city itself. Private tours with a hand-picked professional guide will take you from the most renowned of mosques, The Koutoubia, 69 metres high (225 feet), to the 12th century old Menara Gardens and then to the major, exquisite site of Islamic art, the Saadian Tombs.



TIME FOR MORE ADVENTURES A visit to the souks for unusual gifts completes your ‘tourist Marrakesh’ and it is time for more adventures. However, if markets are not your thing, Marrakesh is witnessing a rise in small, high-end local designer shops and all the luxury hotels have wonderful boutiques full of both modern and traditional products. Surfing, or sand-boarding, in the desert is probably one of the most unusual activities to participate in around Marrakesh, but there are also overnight trips to Taghazout on the coast, where you can surf, in water this time, with a qualified instructor, sample authentic cuisine and stay overnight in a beach-side hotel.


Hammam, Palais Namaskar

You can also head for a swim in the pools of Paradise Valley and lunch at the Banana Fields for another interesting day excursion. If you enjoy sheer luxury, this is THE opportunity to do something really unusual – the Moroccan hammam. The atmosphere puts you at ease as you enjoy massage, bathing, exfoliating, wraps, and Moroccan refreshments. This is a pampering of the body and soul. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else on the planet. The Majorelle Gardens on the Rue Saint Laurent were acquired by the late great designer Yves St Laurant and his partner Pierre Berger in 1980 to pre-empt it being turned

into a hotel. Often staying here themselves, they have maintained the charm of the original villa and its founder and artist Jacques Majorelle, also keeping the building’s vibrant cobalt blue shade, Majorelle Blue. Parts of the gardens are open to the public and inside, the only Berber museum in Marrakesh, celebrating Berber art, costume and culture, was established. If you want your senses to be bombarded with colour, perfumes, vocal babble and eye candy, and activities that are found nowhere else, followed by restful moments in plentiful gardens and modern hotels, then Marrakesh is for you.

Swimming pool, Palais Namaskar



Etihad’s The Residence is the world’s most luxurious living space in the air. With a living room, separate bedroom and en-suite shower room, it is the only threeroom suite in the world on a commercial airline.

A truly unique and bespoke travel experience designed for two people traveling together, The Residence is delivered with complete discretion and limitless hospitality. Etihad’s new livery is inspired by traditional Emirati design patterns, the landscapes of the desert and the geometric shapes found in the modern architecture of Abu Dhabi. The Residence’s living room has a luxurious double-seat leather sofa and two dining tables perfect for

an intimate meal or to watch a 32inch flat-screen TV through noisecancelling headsets whilst dining. The hallway leads to a bedroom with a 6-foot 10-inch double bed, with designer Italian bed linen. In the bedroom, you can relax, watch a movie on your 27-inch flat-screen TV with noise-cancelling headsets or enjoy breakfast in bed among the clouds. Before landing, freshen up in your en-suite shower room with full-height shower, luxury amenities and bathrobes. A vanity unit with magnifying make-up mirror and

hairdryer lets you complete your preparation for arrival. Etihad offers its VIP Travel Concierge service to take care of guests booked into The Residence from the moment of reservation through until the end of stay with Etihad. From a luxury chauffeur to private check-in and lounge, Etihad has designed every part of the travel experience to be seamless and discreet. Other advantages include a Savoy-trained Etihad Butler to ensure a tailored experience from


take-off until touchdown. The inflight Chef can prepare a personalised dining experience using the freshest ingredients. Choose from a range of gourmet menus or ask for a favourite dish. Established by Royal (Amiri) Decree in July 2003, Etihad Airways commenced operation in November 2003 and has developed into one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation.


Etihad provides airline hospitality with an Arabian flair and aims to challenge the established conventions in the air. The Residence is proof – case in point.



The ‘sharing industry’, illustrated by businesses such as Airbnb and Uber, persists in turning established outfits upside down, even for the luxury sector. Forming a connection between unused services and individuals looking to use them is wiping out vast amounts of entrenched commercial agents and their investors. Private aviation is not going unchanged either, transformed in ways just as extreme as other hospitality and travel sectors. Progressive new businesses now offer solutions to the private jet industry’s most problematic issues surrounding efficiency; empty legs and unused aircrafts. Newly developed search and booking apps for private jet travel address such wastefulness, news which is fantastic for travellers with flexible schedules and jet owners alike.

Unfortunately, in order to take advantage of the best savings possible, travellers will have to plan their flights according to the availability of the equivalent aircraft. On the bright side, more people will start using these apps as they become more common, so more flights will become available. In short, this is an example of Internet efficiency at its best. The following are some of the apps in question, which will revolutionise private air travel internationally.


Acting in the interests of travellers, financial experts assisted in alleviating these issues, but their charges and limited access to client data meant this system was not overly reliable. These problems are no longer an issue. Both prices and costs are being forcibly reduced, potentially to a similar price as commercial first class travel as a result of the perfection of the accumulation of flights and the matching of the largest possible supply to a similarly large pool of demand.


BEACON Beacon services a number of airports on the eastern coast of the US, with prices ranging from USD 1,750 to 3,000. Higher monthly prices offer guest passes and minimise the likelihood of a flight being sold out by offering customers the option of holding several reservations in advance. BLACKJET BlackJet, a company launched by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, also allows passengers to book seats on private planes that have extra seats or are out of use. At first, the service will only cover two routes – New York City to south Florida and Los Angeles – but this number is expected to increase as the company expands. It is slightly

more expensive than some other similar companies, however, with flights costing around USD 3,500.

JETSUITE A Southern-California based company, JetSuite caters to travellers looking for short flights, offering instant online quotes. Unlike some similar companies, JetSuite possesses a fleet of its own, consisting of Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna CJ3 aircraft, all of which have WiFi. Another useful feature is the SuiteDeals program, which alerts customers to empty legs that still exist at the last-minute. You do not need to be a member to use this service, but added perks are offered to members, such as time allowances if you are running late and discounts.

BLUE STAR JETS Blue Star Jets allows its users to reserve flights in one click through its app. The company even has a customer service team at hand 24/7, theoretically allowing customers to fly anywhere worldwide within five hours of booking. Available on Android and iOS, the app even allows users to choose from a fleet of jumbo jets, air ambulances, turboprops, helicopters, and corporate and cargo jets. VICTOR Based in the UK, Victor believes that customers deserve jet operators that are more transparent about costs. As a solution, the company’s main selling point is transparency, an ideology that has allowed them to race to number 15 of the 100 fastest growing private tech companies in a list compiled by The Sunday Times.





Take to the skies – whether taking off, landing, or in transit, here is the guide to the global picks on ground. Inspired by Skytrax, the leader in air transport research, well known for distributing the “Oscars of the Aviation Industry”, we have included some highlights of our own research for your review.

Jewel is a mixed use development that is located in the heart of Changi Airport, comprising a variety of lifestyle offerings such as gardens and play attractions, retail, food, beverage, and a hotel as well as facilities for airport operations.




The South Asian airport shines as the world’s best airport for the third time in a row. The airport boasts impressive attractions, such as the world’s first airport butterfly garden, Singapore’s tallest slide, the Fish Spa, a Balinese inspired rooftop pool, entertainment lounges, a free cinema theatre and an open-air sunflower garden, offering its visitors a one of a kind experience. The airport itself is a hub for more than 100 airlines with routes to around 300 cities in 80 countries worldwide.






Munich Airport holds its position as number two in the world’s best airports for the second time in a row. Staying true to its Bavarian roots, the airport has its very own brewery and beer garden called “Airbraeu”. Art lovers can visit the “in-house” gallery, which features Munich’s upcoming artists. Parents will be glad to know that Munich Airport is especially child friendly with kids’ corners scattered across the terminals to keep them entertained.




Targeting 44 destinations on the Chinese Mainland alone, the former winner of multiple prestigious World Airport Awards, this airport is one of the busiest hubs worldwide with many attractions worth visiting. The airport is home to an Imax theatre for a multi-sensory cinematic experience. Roaming around the terminals, one will discover monthly changing exhibitions. Hong Kong International Airport has a rich program of cultural events including musicals and concerts.





At the world’s fourth most popular airport, one can experience Japan’s innovative culture. Thanks to its employed work-assist robots, the airport has been dubbed the second cleanest airport of 2015. The airport, formerly known as Tokyo International Airport, also hosts a restaurant that doubles as planetarium where one can enjoy a meal underneath twinkling stars.




Switzerland’s biggest airport is one of the world’s most accessible hubs for public transportation. Zurich Airport’s biggest attraction is its observation deck, with the world’s first observation walkway, allowing visitors to watch the pilots in the cockpit. The sleek and easy to understand architectural design of the airport lets its visitors navigate easily from the shopping facilities to the terminals.



There are many online platforms out there that can help you trade stocks, indices, commodities and currencies, but few are based on ‘social trading’ in the way that the eToro platform has managed to develop.

The latest trend in sophisticated investing is not being pioneered by a trail-blazing hedge fund manager or celebrity stockbroker, but rather by a Fintech platform that is revolutionising how people trade, and it is all based on being social.

ETORO eToro calls itself the world’s leading online social trading network, and with over 4.5 million users in 140 countries, it would be hard to argue. It all started in 2007 when CEO and founder Yoni Assia decided to create a trading platform that would set out to revolutionise the way people access the financial markets. He aimed to make people’s trading experience more social, simple, fun and open. It was

a novel idea, especially given how many financial centres act like very exclusive professional clubs, with a language and custom all their own. In response, eToro created a global social platform, regulated in Cyprus and the UK, which takes financial trading and turns in on its head. It’s the very opposite of secret, which might irritate some, but has proven attractive to millions of people.





For the first time, eToro has exploited the idea of community and encouraged its members to not only communicate, but also collectively harness the wisdom, successes and failures of others. In addition, eToro is similar to many other trading platforms in that it allows you to trade stock markets, stocks, indices, currencies and commodities, all via what is known as Contracts for Difference (CFDs). A CFD is basically a contract between an investor and the person who offers prices in whatever you want to trade. So, if you say that a stock will rise, you buy at one price and then if it rises, you sell when you wish, pocketing the profit. Likewise, if the price should fall, then you are out that money. It is charmingly simple (to make and lose money) and the big advantage is that you could trade up as well as down. This means that volatility is your friend and you do not have to fear the falling market.

eToro is different from its rivals in that it exploits the community element. You can make friends on the site, in addition to following key traders and deciding to copy their trades, a formula successfully introduced by the Forex trading platforms (known as trade copying). The big difference is that if your trades are copied when you get a following, you get paid for the privilege. For a newcomer to the eToro site, one of the attractions is that you are not only presented with the prices of individual stocks, currencies, or whatever strikes your fancy, but you are also presented with how people on the platform are trading. You can see, for example, that 77% are selling the UK100. This gives you some confidence when making a trading decision, as you are doing the same as the ‘crowd.’ When you see that 99% are trading in one direction, then it is very difficult not to follow suit. Of course, the cynics amongst you might point out that following the herd is not always the best policy when it comes to trading, but it is hard to dispute that it adds a very useful layer of visibility to your trading decisions. For those that are contrarian investors and like to move away from the pack, then it is doubly useful.

Trade copying is also one of the huge advantages. How often have we listened to the trader who always seems to get his timing right and come out on top? How many times are we tempted to ask them to give us a call when they are about to make a trade and give us a heads up? With eToro, you can opt to follow the most successful traders and hang onto their coat tails for as long as they continue to be successful or until they fall by the wayside.

LAST WORD Investing money has never been so easy, which is why, although it is a good idea to have fund managers to watch over most of your portfolio, if you feel inclined to have a go yourself, then trading on a platform such as eToro is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Furthermore, it just might widen your social circle.



It’s the latest development in the financial services sector, but will the use of robo-advice worry investors who would prefer to have a human being make the decisions about their investment portfolio? Okay, let’s start by saying that the Terminator has not started a lucrative side-line and become a financial advisor.

These algorithms started to come to prominence with stock market trading when it was discovered that clever computer programmers could write code that was better at trading stocks than human traders. Hence, there has been a move away from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, and traders such as the legendary (and fictional) Gordon Gekko of the 1987 film Wall Street are fast becoming a thing of the past. Latest figures show that some three-quarters of stock market trades on the US indices are now automated. The ‘big mouths’ of the

And from there, it’s not hard to figure that complex algorithms can be used to run an investment portfolio. After all, the big advantage with a computer is that it has the ability to think big. It can handle the vast amounts of data available out there, and it can make quick decisions based on its ability to spot trends and react far more quickly than any human. The computer investment programme is a massively complex and sophisticated tool, and whether we approve or not, they are here and are being used extensively.


trading floors are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Your fund manager is not about to be replaced by a machine that does not wear a nice suit and forgets to offer you a cup of Lapsang Souchong when you visit the office. Robo-advice is a somewhat derogatory term for computer algorithms that are designed to provide an alternative to the human decision-making process behind an investment strategy.




HUMAN ADVISERS LOSE THEIR JOBS RBS was one of the first major UK banks that came out and said that those customers who have less than GBP 250,000 to invest will be given robo-advice. Some 200 human advisers have lost their jobs as a result. This trend is occurring at the lower end of the market and is being driven by cost. Once a computer algorithm is developed, it can be used at a fraction of the cost of using traditional stock brokers and fund managers. But, this is just the start. Let’s be honest: one of the reasons for the

increasing use of robo-advice is that many human fund managers are not that good. Research suggests that almost 90% of traditional funds in the US have underperformed over the last five years when compared to their benchmarks. It’s already likely that your investment adviser uses computers as a foundation for investment planning. It’s not just cost and their success that drives the development of computers into investments; it’s also because computers are learning how to be better. The advances in artificial intelligence mean that computers

adapt way faster than humans. And what’s more, they don’t come with emotional chips, meaning that they don’t have bad days at the office and don’t have mood swings!

LAST WORD So, when you hear the phrase roboadvice, rid yourself of the Arnold Schwarzenegger image and think computer code; in fact, forget all that, just sit back and let the humans act as intermediaries, telling you what their wonderful computer has done for your portfolio. As for what might go wrong, that’s another story!


BANKING AND A GLOBAL FASHION QUEEN? Innovation is a necessity Sound culture means constructive critique and free thinking, and we need to cultivate both in the traditional world of finance.

In banking, innovation is at times sadly viewed with suspicion - the word itself can point to an “unusual” and

In banking, we avoid the term “creativity”, opting for expressions like “outside the box” thinking, which is basically the same. Terms like “intuition” are often associated with non-proven assumptions and are considered inappropriate for business. Ella Thuiner is a supporter of COLAIE (“Circle of Local Ambitious Innovative Entrepreneurs”), whose aim is to bring investors together with innovative entrepreneurs, enabling faster innovation in finance. Send Ella your innovations: thuiniers@banksofthefuture.ch


Like fashion guru Wintour, the authors imply that creative intelligence is the underlying differentiator between today’s envelope-pushing executives, and that includes those from the banking world. Wintour encourages fearlessness, embracing change and significance.

Today’s world of finance has to deal with many unnecessary limitations. Behavioural finance demonstrates what human biases are, but although there is proof that mindfulness enables better decision making, it is unfortunately often avoided in everyday banking so as to be seen as “professional”.

maybe unnecessary change. The term “project” is often preferred, implying a necessary change, sometimes an extended solution of what we already have and know.

American Vogue’s Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour encourages the next generation to avoid becoming specialists. The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators from Harvard Business Review also supports thinking broadly, listing association, questioning, observation, experimenting and networking as five key skills.

Banking has evolved through values and principles over time, making the adoption of new thinking, unhindered creativity and new approaches particularly challenging. Tunnel vision is no longer useful in our rapidly changing world. We need curiosity, and not only in instances of harmony with our values from the old days. Innovation should be unexpected or shake the status quo.

Unparalleled performance, for all of life’s roads. Bentayga.

Introducing the extraordinary SUV. Visit Zuerich.BentleyMotors.com or call +41 (0)43 211 44 42. Bentayga fuel consumption – EU Drive Cycle in l/100 km: Urban 19,0; Extra Urban 9,6; Combined 13,1. CO2 Emissions 296 g/km. Efficiency class F. The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2016 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Bentayga.





PROJECT LUXURY & ART 126 Apple Store - 3rd St. Promenade Santa Monica


Apple Store - Pudong Shanghai

Apple Store - Fifth Avenue New York City



Senior Vice President, Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts is Apple‘s senior vice president of retail and online stores, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Angela is responsible for the operation and expansion of Apple retail and online stores, which have redefined the shopping experience for hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Apple retail stores set the standard for customer service with innovative features like the Genius

Bar, personal setup and one-to-one personal training to help customers get the most out of their Apple products. Angela joined Apple from Burberry, where she served as CEO and led the company through a period of outstanding global growth. Prior to Burberry, she was executive vice president at Liz Claiborne Inc., and earlier in her career she served as president of Donna Karan International.

Apple Store - Grand Central New York City

Angela holds a Marketing and Merchandising degree from Ball State University in Indiana, where she was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2010. She is also a member of the UK‘s Prime Minister‘s Business Advisory Council and was named honorary dame commander of the British Empire in April 2014.




Houmard has been Member of the Board of Directors and Group CEO at Maincons since 2014, and was also involved in the set up of the company’s Swiss based headquarters. Maincons is a multinational innovation-oriented company, uniquely servicing diverse sectors in the areas of consulting, investment and execution. Maincons is active through 8 divisions and carefully selected partner companies with more than 130 experts around the world. In parallel to his work with Maincons, Houmard is also independently involved with confidential partners on a green-energy project in the racing-boat offshore business. Houmard loves to improve decision-making processes and to change the mindset and behavior of his clients, partners and projects. He is regarded as being very intune to the concepts of individual needs, safety, excellence and profitability. Since December 2015, he has been Member of the Board and CFO of Lucibello Ltd., a company active in the luxury travel business.


Thanks to his family tradition of successful entrepreneurship and his own steady flow of inspirational supervisors (including officers from army school), Houmard has developed a comprehensive understanding for a wide variety of business sectors. Houmard did a short stint studying construction and project management, after which he took courses in business economy – general management and law. He then expanded his knowledge, experience and competence in general and risk management, finance, strategy, law, leadership, team building, and also interdisciplinary, innovative servicing. He likes to share his knowledge with others and enjoys working with new people on innovative projects.

World traveller Fabrice Houmard has been around the globe, teaching business to people from all different cultures. Every culture and every person is unique for him. Houmard enjoys innovation in practice and thought, and he serves clients and partners in these different cultures with a great sensitivity to their varying needs. Each time, his honest, straightforward, cost-conscious personality shines forth, along with an energetic entrepreneurialism, bringing success to both parties. Fabrice Houmard is well connected, with membership on different boards and councils, including the Responsible Jewelry Council and SWISS Care-Team, Special ASO-Team (A Star Alliance Member), as well as SWISS VR and SIVG (Swiss Institutions for Member of the Boards). In these capacities, when he’s convinced of honest intentions and strong opportunities, he happily matches the right companies to the right clients.


DAW N A striking, seductive encounter The new Dawn has arrived – a Rolls-Royce like no other. A striking true four-seater, it captures the exhilaration of open-top driving with an interior crafted in anticipation of unforgettable moments between friends. Anything is possible. Contact us to start your journey.

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Profile for Project Luxury & Art

Project Luxury & Art - Spring 2016  

Project Luxury & Art is a luxury lifestyle magazine, published in English, and available both in print and online. Project Luxury & Art stri...

Project Luxury & Art - Spring 2016  

Project Luxury & Art is a luxury lifestyle magazine, published in English, and available both in print and online. Project Luxury & Art stri...