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Year 15 Issue 5

TrueShades Demi Permanent Colour


Ammonia & PPD Free Vegan Avocado & Jojoba Oils


4.0 Brown

6.0 Dark Blonde

6.01 Dark Natural Ash Blonde

7.01 Natural Ash Blonde

7.0 Blonde

8.0 Light Blonde

9.0 Very Light Blonde

Natural Ash 8.01 Light Natural 9.01 Very Light Ash Blonde Natural Ash Blonde

Intense Ash


7.11 Intense Ash Blonde

8.11 Light Intense Ash Blonde

9.11 Very Light Intense Ash Blonde

7.13 Beige Blonde

9.13 Very Light Beige Blonde

Pearl Violet Ash

Pearl Violet 8.2 Light Pearl Violet Blonde

9.2 Very Light Pearl Violet Blonde

7.21 Pearl Violet Ash 8.21 Light Pearl 9.21 Very Light Pearl Blonde Violet Ash Blonde Violet Ash Blonde

Ash Brown

Intense Violet 6.22 Dark Intense Violet Blonde

8.22 Light Intense Violet Blonde

European Blonde

5.71 Light Ash Brown

7.71 Brown Ash Blonde

6.66 Lava Red

9.62 Blush

Red 9.72 French Blonde

9.73 Danish Blonde


Clear 8.44 Copper Flame

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9.14 Autumn Blonde

Clear Gloss


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9.71 Very Light Brown Ash Blonde


REGULARS 10 Editors Letter 22 Industry News 68 Hair Shop 70 Dateline City FEATURE 12 Mr Alternative – Tony Rizzo 14 Turning A Vision Into Reality – Frank Apostolopoulos 16-18 Miss Independent – Charlene Fernandez 20 Getting to Know Kerrie DiMattia 26 10 Minutes with Peter Dorio 28 Healthy Habits with Ngarino Tumai 38 A FLAiR For Avant Garde By Paul Graham 42 Nadia Seminac – A Story Teller 44 The Open Eye with Robert Masciave – Anne Veck

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AHIA 2021 Australian Hair Industry Awards – Business, Finalists Announced! PROFILE 32 A Mecca of Colour & Styling – Willomina 34 New Beginnings By Liz Stokes 48 Colouring Tips For Different Hair Textures By Kristie Kesic 56 Cutting Hair, Creating Connections EDUCATION 50 RTO Select By Anthony Gray 52 A Commitment To Education – L’Orèal Digital Academy PRODUCT PROFILE 60 The Colour of a Rose – muk haircare 62 Restyle – EVY Professional 64 ‘Love In Full Colour’ Igora Royal Campaign – Schwarzkopf Professional 66 Hotel De Lorenzo Spring Summer 2021-2022 Collection – De Lorenzo


BUSINESS 74 What’s Your Story By Sandy Chong 84 5 Things To Know About Options to Renew In Commercial Leases! 86 The Rise Of Mums In Leadership By Estelle Carroll 88 What Are Your Numbers Telling You By Kym Krey 90 Leadership By David Watts 92 The Circles Way By Sharleen Lee 94 The Influence of Scent when Crafting A Memorable Brand By Sarah Garner 95 How To Work Smarter, Not Harder On Social Media By Rachel Medlook 96 Mindset Matters – Part 2 By Angeli Marie Shaw BLOGS 76 The Biggest Psychological Hurdle By Jenni Tarrant 77 Kindness, Fun & Positivity By Gary Latham 78 Personal Life Values = Healthy Boundaries By Dario Cotroneo 79 Coming Clean About Sobriety By Clive Allwright 80 Managing Client Expectation By Brodie-Lee Tskinaris



Combining the best of nature and technology to deliver superior Australian made, vegan certified hair colour. Novacolor is the only professional colour range on the market today manufactured on site in Australia specifically for our climate. It provides a full spectrum of low ammonia based, permanent hair colour shades designed for truer, richer, longerlasting colour, complete grey coverage and unmatched shine.

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“We don’t have to be scary when we are scared. Let’s choose awkward, brave and kind. And let’s choose each other…” Brené Brown. I chose to open with this quote as I wanted to remind you all that we are all in the same storm, but just not in the same boat. We are all enduring stress in one way or another and I worry because I can see the 3 B’s being created out there, so I wanted to talk about these today in my letter to you. Some have become desperately “bored” after being mostly trapped for months in their domestic surroundings. Others are facing “burnout” because they have been toiling insanely hard, on open-allhours digital platforms; sometimes combined with navigating kids and home-schooling. Then there are those grappling with a more serious B: “breakdown”, sparked by the type of depression and anxiety that can be unleashed by job losses, financial pain, isolation, relationship stress — or a fear that this pandemic has no obvious end. Many have used this peculiar period to build closer relations with their families, enjoy time in beautiful locations or relish the freedom of doing their jobs without a long commute.

mocha publishing

This magazine issue is centred around “The fourth B ” which is “blessings”.


There is a tonne of rawness and vulnerability in this issue, I suggest you take your time in reading this, maybe find a nice quiet space, or run a nice hot bath and take this mag with you. I know there will be many of you who will relate to one or more of the stories in this issue.

HAIR BIZ, Beauty Biz & Barber Shop Hair Biz is published four times a year by mocha publishing ABN 65 091 846 189 No Part of the publication may be reproduced in any manner or form without written permission. Hair Biz does not accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, transparencies, original artwork or other material. The views expressed in Hair Biz are not necessarily those of the publisher. No responsibility will be accepted if the publication is delayed or prevented by factors beyong the control of the publisher. No responsibility will be accepted for errors in copy, or for any loss arising from the failure of an advertisement or any part thereof to appear. © 2021 mocha publishing All rights reserved.

Whilst this issue is about Blessings, it’s also about celebration. The AHIA Business Finalists were recently announced, and to say we are excited for the Gala Event is an understatement! We decided that the show must go on, even if our borders do not open. We must celebrate the people of our industry and for all their efforts and hard work that they put in to entering the business awards. Before I sign off, I just want to say that we are all in this together, so please look after each other, be patient with those around you, be kind, and be gentle with each other.

Lou x Louise May, HAIRBIZ EDITOR

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TONY RIZZO Despite over four decades of experience and enviable success at the top of his game, no one could have been more surprised when the honour of International Hairdressing Awards Legend in 2021 was bestowed than Tony Rizzo himself. Remarkably modest about his achievements and his phenomenal contribution to the industry, Tony is recognised globally as one of the most renowned British hairdressers, building his name from consistently promoting Sanrizz to the professional hairdresser and of course his role as ‘Mr Alternative’. PRIMARY JOB

Recognised the world over as one of the British hairdressings’ best, Tony’s primary job is Managing Director of Sanrizz. After 40 years in the hairdressing industry Tony retains a relentless passion for artistic progression with a huge creative drive to put the name Sanrizz throughout the hairdressing industry. This means his time is splintered to accommodate show and seminar work, international exhibition appearances, photographic shoots, the Sanrizz Academy, and education development as well as running the business.


Sometimes however, Tony’s other passion overtakes his full time profession. For the past 40 years Tony has dedicated his time, energy, and love to Alternative Hair – revered for its awesome creativity and mammoth fund raising now in excess of nearly £13million for Leukaemia Research.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

In 1983 Tony and his wife Maggie lost their first-born child, Valentino to leukaemia at the tender age of 2 years and 7 months. Deciding to hit back at this vicious disease in the best way they knew, they engaged their many friends in hairdressing and created a new charity fund raising event. The Alternative Hair Show, staged at London’s Camden Theatre in October 1983 was a huge success, raising a then enormous £7,500 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, the UK’s leading blood cancer research charity. The shows have grown into one of the most exciting and sought-after events in the international hairdressing calendar. The flagship London show now in its 38th year, went on to be hosted by the Royal Albert Hall before going ‘virtual’ due to covid restrictions these past two years. There have been shows in Chicago, Bologna, Vienna, Moscow, Seoul, proceeds of which have been donated to leukaemia and lymphoma research in their host countries.


In January 2012, to mark the 30th anniversary of this unique fund-raising initiative, it was decided to set up The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is a grant making trust committed to funding charities with established experience and expertise in the advancement of research into and the treatment and welfare of people suffering from leukaemia and related cancers of the blood. So far, its declared aims are to support the outstanding work of leukaemia and lymphoma research, which truly is making a real difference to the outlook of children with leukaemia. The Foundation is also working with world-renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital to extend the benefits of research to more children, taking the fight even further afield through their partnership with World Child Cancer, which strives to bring the successes in treating childhood leukaemia to less fortunate parts of the world. Energetic and engaging and an irrepressible optimist, Tony is filled to the brim with Latin flair famously equalled by a classic Latin temperament. Tony claims his success is down to sheer hard work and an unremitting intent to succeed and to be the best.


immediate access to the key ingredients that have created 40 years of enviable success for Sanrizz. The company’s education excellence, outstanding hair collections and marketing materials are all accessible to a Sanrizz Network Salon. “It’s a great way to motivate teams and achieve business excellence, an opportunity for salons to trade on the back of our established, proven success, to increase their salon profile and their profits,” explains Tony.

“All over the world current competitive trading means you must be ahead of the game to attract and secure your clientele. The best way to do this is by being equipped with polished skills, creative thinking, and a determination to achieve the very best. It’s the very essence of what we teach in our award-winning Academy.”

Similar to being a franchised salon but without any contracts or royalty fees its aimed at salons wanting to quickly and easily achieve a better level of trading – and save time and money while they are at it – capitalizing on the award-winning formula.

Tony spearheaded the advancement of innovative cutting and styling techniques that continually deliver the characteristic Sanrizz stamp of distinction. Sanrizz is synonymous with precise styles that are vibrant, polished, and perfect. “No matter what level of experience or how successful your business, it is paramount to continue developing skills, think up new concepts, invent fresh techniques,” says Tony.


And ‘walking the talk’ – Tony’s newest passion is the Sanrizz Network Salon Concept – a business building opportunity that offers external salons

Aiming for perfection, sharing knowledge, and promoting creativity to the widest possible hairdressing audience is an enduring focus that equals respect and success. Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5




Frank Apostolopoulos began his hairdressing career at a young age and with influence and mentorship by Pavlos Divitaris, he instantly fell in love with the craft of cutting, styling and colouring hair. Frank’s love, passion, and dedication to the art of hairdressing, in addition to his gifted hands, has led him to have a very successful career in business as well as the creative side of the industry thus far. Throughout his career, Frank has also consistently prioritised nurturing and supporting his colleagues and young hairdressers in their journey. He is passionate about producing highly skilled, and highly motivated artists, and takes it upon himself to raise the standards across the industry. In addition, he is always looking for ways to improve himself. He finds his own inspiration through travelling, hip-hop music, raw photography, and other elements of life outside of the industry. Frank and Pavlos share a Biba product line that is sold in all Biba salons nationwide. The products were created to fulfil the need for natural yet effective and restorative products that do not sit on the hair and weigh it down. The products were created with an apothecary concept in mind which is reflective in its smell and the original packaging. The product formulation has remained consistent over the years, however the packaging evolved into a more streamline design with pops of colour that’s unique to each individual product. Frank religiously incorporates Biba products into the in salon and at home treatment programs he prescribes for each individual client. 14

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Frank has embraced all components of the hair industry over the course of his career from entering and winning multiple hair awards, to Creative Directing a plethora of hair and fashion shoots, to cutting in his salons. He currently spends most of his time seeing clients at Biba Gertrude St, as well as dedicating as much time as possible to building and educating his current team which he feels is one of the most rewarding components of his career. In the foreseeable future, Frank will also resume his travels, to reignite and further embrace his creative fire. Editor Louise May was excited to be able to chat with Frank recently and ask him about his journey in the hair industry to date.

Tell us a little about your career prior to opening your salon.

I began hairdressing when I was 15 with no hairdressing experience or knowledge. I grew passionate about hairdressing through being around people that lived and breathed all things hair. Their passion was so contagious that it sparked my ongoing love of hair. I then began to take hairdressing very seriously and bought into my first salon at the ripe age of 23.

You expanded your brand by developing your own line of Haircare products, what made you decide to formulate your own brand? And how has that impacted your business? I got inspired by developing products that represented the core values of the Biba brand with an authentic feel for wash and wear


hair. I wanted to make products that don’t coat the hair with silicones and other artificial ingredients, I prefer to feel and work with the natural hair in its most natural state. The products have created a cult following of clients who want to embrace all elements of the Biba Brand they trust with their hair services.

Was business ownership always a priority for you?

Yes, I really thrive in environments where I can freely express my creativity. What better place to do that than in your own business!?

Share with us some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the journey and how you overcame these/ What’s the most challenging aspect? The most challenging aspect of my journey is my desire to keep the brand relevant, whilst staying true to my values and personal taste. As the industry evolves, it is an absolute priority that both the staff and clients genuinely understand that delivering naturally beautiful wash and wear hair, is far more important to me than getting fancy with trends.

Who were your industry heroes in your early years and who inspires you today?

Paul Divitaris, the founder of Biba was my very first boss and mentor and is therefore someone that I have looked up to from the very beginning of my hairdressing career. Paul introduced me to the Vidal Sassoon philosophy which was a major influence in the development of my personal cutting and colouring style. Another one of my big industry heroes is Eugene Souleiman. Until this very day, a large deal of my creative inspiration comes from him.

What do you enjoy most about your business, team, or clients?

I enjoy the realness and rawness of my staff

and clients. My overall hair philosophy is to create wash and wear hair, that does not need to be excessively styled on a daily basis and for it to look captivating. The standard I expect of my staff is to be technically capable of understanding how to turn a vision into a result that the salons clients are satisfied with. I thoroughly enjoy the process of getting everyone on the same page, so these results are effortlessly achieved with every single client.

What are your secrets for building a happy and high performing team?

Treating the staff with genuine respect and providing them with support in every stage of their career. I believe that having happy and fulfilled staff is one of the utmost important parts of any business. Happy staff equals happy clients.

What are your secrets to juggling the demands of running a busy salon and large team?

Biba has always based itself on precision cutting and colouring and allowing clients to easily maintain their hair between salon visits. Biba salons prioritise clients’ individual needs and always placing suitability to the individual.

I believe the key to running a busy salon and large team lies in the team culture as they need to feel like they can rely on one another throughout the day, and their overall time within the company. It is important that nobody feels alone in juggling a full column of clients and that everybody receives support from all angles.

What specific qualities or characteristics do you look for when selecting potential staff for your salons?

What has been your greatest lesson or piece of advice along your business journey?

What do you feel is so unique about the Biba Brand?

I look for people that are ambitious, humble in nature, willing to learn regardless of the stage of their career they are in, who work well in a team, are open minded and have the ability to deal with a variety of different people.

Share with us your philosophies around staff selection and development. How do you find, keep, and grow high performing staff?

We keep and grow high performing staff by prioritising quality training, both in groups and one on one. This develops the technical ability of our staff as well as builds team spirit and community amongst the staff. Our training style is unique in the way it caters to the individual. We recognise where each individual hairdressers’ strengths and weaknesses lie and tailoring their education program to their needs.

To prioritise ongoing growth and never become complacent. The moment one stops striving for better, is the moment growth is capped.

What advice would you give others who dream of building an impactful brand?

Identify exactly what it is you believe in and never letting anything, or anyone lead you astray from your core values. It is often very easy to get influenced by external factors and lose sight of why you started in the first place.

What’s on the agenda for the future?

I really hope to be able resume my travels soon, alongside continuing to build the business and in salon team. I source almost all my creative inspiration from my travels, different cultures, food and architecture and fashion around the world. Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


MISS INDEPENDENT Charlene Fernandez By Louise May

Working out of her Armadale space, Charlene Fernandez is the industry’s most dynamic independent stylist and winning AHIA Independent Stylist of the Year 2021 is a testament to her incredible work. Formerly Creative Director of a large Melbourne salon group with over 200 staff, she is now busy making her mark on the industry with her inimitable style.

She has had the opportunity to work backstage at NYFW assisting the best in the business, including being entrusted to give Gigi Hadid’s hair a final once over, working on set at campaign and editorial shoots as well as working to help to educate the next generation of hairdressing talent. A powerhouse of technique when it comes to all things cut, colour and style, she is certainly a name to watch. Charlene was born and raised in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne. Her parents migrated to Australia from Karachi, Pakistan in 1984. She falls in the middle of 2 sisters and has all the complexities, she says, that are usually associated with the middle child. She has a huge extended family with her mum being one of 7 siblings and dad one of 10. This means dozens of aunties and uncles and hundreds of cousins. The average family party would usually consist of up to 100 people gathering to eat, dance, laugh and celebrate. Editor Louise May caught up with Charlene recently and got an insight into what inspired Charlene to choose Hairdressing as a career and what makes her a truly unstoppable force. “My life has always been full of people and my family is the reason why community is such a significant thing to me,” says Charlene…. “My family are the reason that I am able to love so many different types of people. They taught 16

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

me so much about relationships, communication and connection. At the same time as gaining a huge sense of belonging from my family, they have also been a contributing factor to some of the insecurities that I carried into my adult life. When I was younger things just were what they were but as I grew up and started to be my own person, I realised how conflicting it was at times having migrant parents. This influence, teamed with a large and opinionated family made it challenging at times to express myself how I wanted to. I was always too loud, often called an attention seeker and was just too damn sensitive. I spent many years trying to change myself and erase these labels to finally come to the realisation that these attributes are perhaps my greatest gifts after all. I was always a big being. A chubby baby, a fat girl and now a large, full-figured woman. The ‘fat’ wound took me a long time to even address as something that needed healing. I teetered around it for years cos I thought it was just me, feeling sorry for myself. I thought, people have been through so much worse, and I was just a young fatty, I need to just get over myself. It was only in the last few years that I realised what was at the core of my fat girl story, and that was the deeply engrained belief that I was not good enough to exist.

I had a big bubbly personality through my whole childhood. I subconsciously used this bigness of personality to deflect from my pain and my sadness. I remember I would cry at night and pray really hard for God to just allow me to wake up, skinny and pretty and white. For the most part this suffering was kept hidden. The sensitivity would come out though, when I was teased or told how fat I was. The calling out of my size came in many different forms. Sometimes it was mean kids at school, other times a family member but each time it stung and just confirmed the ugly narrative that I did not belong. Along with the comments there was also the fact that clothes never fit me, there were certain rides I couldn’t go on and I was almost always on a diet from a very young age. I can look back now and see that I just felt so wrong.

I loved my apprenticeship. I finished a 3-year apprenticeship in 14 months. I used to come into work on my day off just because I loved it. I was so keen to get my modules completed. I loved learning and understanding the why and how behind hair. I needed to know how I could push it. I wanted to create. The salons academy was in the heart of South Yarra, and I absolutely loved venturing into the city. I’d have all my models and then some. The family coming through once again. Hair was good for me. The minute I knew I had a gift in my hands, my passion just grew and grew. This felt like the first thing I had ever been good at. It probably was to be fair… That, and my ability to make people feel good.

Entering a salon for the first time was really intimidating. I remember that first week just feeling like ‘wow, these people are so cool’. They dressed cool; their personalities were out there. Each person adorning their own individual style. I was mesmerised. The other thing that instantly swept me off my feet was just how much everyone knew what was going on.

I moved through my career in a constant and steady incline. It was important for me to move and grow and be challenged. I wanted to be the best and our industry had it all on offer for me to go out there and get it. I remember being at my first comp and feeling so at home in this mad circus. My parents wondering what in the heck was going on and why would people want to wear their hair in such outrageous styles. My parents were quite devastated when I told them I was going to be a hairdresser. Where they came from, hairdressers were always of a lower class. It didn’t help either that my older sister was studying to be a lawyer. They migrated to Australia to give us greater opportunity and my chosen career path was not part of their plan. It wasn’t till my parents attended my first apprentice competition that things changed. It was a Headmasters State competition and I won about 8 awards. I was literally coming back to sit down and then having to run back up on stage to collect my next trophy… I was elated, and even more so when I saw my darling Dad in the audience shedding tears of happiness. He was so proud, and he got it. Safe to say my parents have been my number one fans ever since. I know how hard they have worked in their lives just so I can live out my every dream and making them proud is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

There was a senior apprentice that I worked with who I just wanted to be like. Her name was Candice, and she just knew what was up. I was very blessed with a multitude of incredible teachers where I worked, but this young gun was my first most memorable teacher. She taught me initiative and showed me what proactive looked like.

I was qualified for only a year before I began teaching classics to my peers. I loved educating just as much as I loved learning. My skill and knowledge and interest just continued to peak through this next phase. I naturally became a leader in salon, my Leo roots wouldn’t have it any other way. I was the yes woman! The humble grateful people pleaser. I wanted all

My high school years were spent at an allgirls Catholic college. I found more realness in my personality without having to navigate worrying what boys were going to think of me, however this posed a separate challenge and meant I didn’t really know how to act around them. I was the funny friend. All the girls boyfriends loved me, and they were allowed to love me because I was not a threat whatsoever. Subjects wise, I excelled in arts and drama and pretty much all the other subjects that were scaled down. School was probably more about the socialising for me and I was known to get up and belt out a tune to my year level and the whole school on occasion. I’ve always loved an audience.

the opportunities, was the first to get there and the last to leave. It was this attitude that helped me get chosen time and time again. My career is so well and consistently lit up. I have always given my all to my clients, my team and my peers. The last year and a half has been a wild ride to say the least, I do feel blessed to be able to reflect back at both ups and down. In March 2020, after 14 years working for someone else, I became a business owner. 2 weeks later, COVID entered and before we knew it, we were living in the most locked down city in the world. I’m a sensitive soul, so the weight of the world can hit me hard. I not only feel my sadness but feel a responsibility to take on the heartache of all those around me. A turning point in coping with the lockdowns was just to surrender to what is and do so without judgment of self. Easier said than done, but a helpful practise that got me through. The slow down gave me space and thinking time. I was able to actively invest in my healing. I took meditation courses and workshops to gain awareness of my feminine strength, I saw a personal trainer 3 times a week. Did yin yoga, kinesiology and saw my psychologist regularly. All the above via zoom. I found a sense of peace within myself that I had never really known through this time, but I can proudly say that I worked really hard to get there. In 2021 I shot my first solo collection. It was such a moment for me to do so. It was a time for me to tell my story through these images and express to the world what my flavour looks like. • cont’d over page

• cont’d from page 17

I was telling a story with this collection, a story of triumph and enlightenment. I was so proud of myself for the work that I produced and even prouder and just blown away to have won an award with this collection. I became AHIA’s Best Independent Stylist of the Year. This meant so much more to me than just an award. This was validation that I made the right move to go off on my own. It was a reminder that I am unstoppable, and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. This accolade was the universe telling me to just keep going and it gave me a feeling that this is only the beginning! Heading back to the salon after such a longforced pause was intense. We all went from 0 - 100 in an instant. In October I made the dumb move of going back to 7-day weeks to try and get all my clients in. This was a terrible idea and a huge lesson for all the lockdowns that were yet to come. Now when I go back in salon after an extended period, preservation of self is my number one priority. As a sole trader, I am doing everything. Scheduling clients, cut, colour, looking after my client at the basin, sweeping, end of day cleaning, ordering stock etc. Being a one-man band definitely has its perks, but it is in no way easy to do what I do. Along with preserving ourselves physically it’s imperative to protect ourselves mentally and emotionally when we are going back into the salon to care for people who have been through such a turbulent time. People are going through so much healing with downtime giving us space to think about our past wounds. It’s heavy. We need to work on holding space for our clients without absorbing too much into our own being. A helpful practise is to get home and have a shower straight away. It helps me Reset and I literally imagine the shower washing away all the other energies and letting go of the day that was. There are so many practices that I have adapted to help me get through the ups and downs of the last few years. Hairdressers have got quite the reputation. Everyone knows we work hard, but we all know just how detrimental this can be to our own health and longevity. Urine infections, stress, body injuries, dodgy eating and sleep patterns, long unpaid days of creative work, the list goes on. Coming out of lockdowns gives us a unique opportunity to correct these wrongs, challenging, yes, because from a business point of view we have so much to make up, but we have to see this as a long game. We need to make changes to how we do things. We must consider balance in our lives and not just submit our life and health to our job like has been glorified in the past. These 18

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

changes are necessary for the future of our industry. It is how we will attract more youth into our magical and fulfilling craft. Our industry is about making people feel good. Lifting them up and showing them value. We need to make sure the same thing is happening in our salons and amongst staff. I look forward to when I once again work in a team of people. I am very passionate about educating and growing people to live up to their greatest potential, whether it is the best thing for my business or not. I feel we are moving towards a brighter, more empowered industry and am so inspired by all the women I see running business with grace and strength and resilience. History tells women that their place is behind or beside a man. The future is being reframed. The future sees powerful and unwavering women running the whole damn show and I am here for that!!! We are no less but in fact so much more. Deep and wise and knowing. Healed but always healing. Inspiring to all those around us wanting to make change. We all have a worthiness story, no matter your gender, skin tone, shape, or size. If you know this is you, go there! It’s important to remember that the brutal society in which we live in, doesn’t lend itself to us loving ourselves. It’s up to us to make this change and it all starts with us accepting and loving who we are first. Baby steps are fine so long as you are moving forward because you are so very worth feeling your own kinda love xxx”

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To stock the collection in your salon, contact your local milk_shake distributor on; To stock the collection in your salon, contact your local milk_shake distributor on; QLD + NSW: Conceptual Brands _ 1300 110 032 QLD + NSW: Conceptual Brands _ 1300 110 032 VIC: K Two & Co _ 0409 596 771 WA: Ultimate Salon Supplies _ 08 9204 2200 VIC: K Two & Co _ 0409 596 771 WA: Ultimate Salon Supplies _ 08 9204 2200 SA: Beautopia Hair & Beauty _ 1800 635 545 TAS: AJHS _ 0409 014 070 SA: Beautopia Hair & Beauty _ 1800 635 545 TAS: AJHS _ 0409 014 070

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Over 40 years of taking part in everything from Fashion week to Main Stage at Hair Expo, writing content for magazines, newspapers, and online blogs, educating for major product companies all over Australia, producing outstanding collections which have been featured in industry magazines worldwide, and now finalist in 4 categories of the upcoming 2021 Business AHIA, Kerrie DiMattia certainly has made her mark as a powerhouse in the Australian Hair Industry.

Growing up in Sydney and like a lot of hairdressers, school just wasn’t my thing! Says Kerrie… Hairdressing was all I ever wanted to do! To be honest I can’t remember ever wanting to be anything else. I remember as a kid going to the salon with my mum weekly, it was evident to me even as a kid that the environment was always a happy one, people wanted to be there and there was an energy that just felt upbeat! I started fresh out of Year 10 in 1982 in a busy Shopping Centre salon in Sydney that was a ‘Fair Work nightmare’ before its time! That lasted

6 months, not the best introduction to the industry, I can still remember the boss telling me that I’d never be any good and I should just work in a supermarket! 6 months working retail (selling cash register rolls…Not exactly riveting stuff) and I was ready to give it another shot. This time applying at a small suburban salon run by a beautiful man and his wife who treated me like one of their own and taught me the core skills I still have today, including how to treat people with kindness and build them up, something my first boss (like so many) sadly lacked. I have ALWAYS lived to do hair! I don’t think there has been a time over the last 40 years that

I’ve considered doing anything outside of this industry, I just love it. I love working alongside my team and I love looking after my clients! but like so many salon owners I thought being able to do hair and deliver a great client experience meant I could run a business! - insert face-palm here! I thought I had a great business… I had a fantastic team, we were really busy, turning out great hair, our clients loved us and kept coming back, the salon was thriving… But there was no profit! So, as we do, I worked harder, longer hours, advertised more and so on… This went on for years and all I had was a good job! I constantly felt like an imposter amongst other salon owners who had there shit together and I know I’m not alone there, so many talented stylists struggle with the business side of salon life, and so many don’t survive it. It took around 30 years of being self-employed and just working my butt off for me to realise that I had to ask for help, I had to face my greatest fear of looking stupid and get myself a business coach! I started out with Carl and Belinda Keeley and believe me I was probably that one student that they will always look back on wonder how I survived the first 30 years in business without going broke ha-ha, I was (in Carl’s own words) like a deer in the headlights when it came to Metrics. Thankfully I retained enough of what he taught to make changes to how I ran the business, but I still had a lot to learn.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Fast forward another few years and I approached Julie Piantadosi who I had followed for years to help me with my team and everything including what I thought I didn’t retain from The Keeley’s, fell into place! I bought my first salon at the age of 23, I had no experience in business. I had only worked in three other salons prior including that nasty first 6 months of my apprenticeship, but I was good at hair and even better with people, and I guess I thought that was enough to succeed in business… I sold my first salon after 7 years for the same price I bought it for, I definitely made a lot of mistakes, but I learnt a lot also. I always knew how to keep the money coming in and keep the clients and my team happy… But I also knew how to spend ha-ha! and there lay the problem! I had absolutely no clue about stock control, and I think I was a product company Reps best friend.… I’m sure so many small biz owners can relate. My husband, myself and our 3-year-old daughter left the city life behind and moved to rural NSW where my parents had moved to, I built a small home salon, raised two beautiful girls, did some freelance wedding work and settled into life in a small town…. Until boredom set in! After a few years I really missed salon life and took the plunge yet again and opened a small studio salon in town with the intention of just doing a few days a week on my own. This lasted 6 months and I had taken on my first apprentice, then another and then we moved into the large 140sq foot space we still call home today. There has and will always be challenges in business, the high and lows are how we grow…. Each year of owning a salon has taught me something, not just about being a stylist and employer, but about embracing change! The industry could not be more different to when I stared 40 years ago. Its worlds apart - the culture, the language, the technology, and the way we communicate. It’s a vastly different landscape than when I started, and it can all be challenging, but that’s a good thing! change is good, growth is good, its necessary, but what I love about being my age and still active in the industry is that I get to combine the best from both worlds, and I see that as a win! I like to think I’m 100% involved and immersed in our industry! I just love every aspect of it. Over the 40 years I’ve taken part in everything from Fashion week to main Stage at Hair Expo,

written copy for magazines, newspapers, and online blogs, I’ve educated for major Product companies all over Australia & attended and trained at major Industry events overseas, I’ve done several collections which have been featured in industry magazines worldwide, trained too many stylists to count including my two daughters and I’m a very proud member of the AHC… but most recently I have overcome yet another of my Fears and entered the AHIA Industry awards which I think may just be my greatest achievement yet! I also like to say I have G.A.S. - I truly GiveA-Shit! I care about my team, their careers, and their wellbeing. I care about our clients and community and the service we provide. I am passionate about the culture we create and impression we leave on people.


My goal is to create cohesion and loyalty in my team by showing I care; I’m invested in them. Their growth is important to me, and I like to think I’m leaving a legacy; to know I’ve grown exceptional artists (including my two daughters) who are incredible ethical Stylists with a passion for our industry, a love for making people happy and an intention to take what they’ve learned and share it.

Being rural, finding qualified staff is tough, especially these days, I mostly grow my own from the ground up! I’m a huge fan of the school-based apprenticeship, it’s a great Segway into a fulltime career while breathing space to really know if this industry is for them. I feel communication is the key to a great team culture, I like to think that despite being in my 50’s I relate to my guys really well, I believe they all feel heard and valued and I try to be inclusive of the whole team, with any decisions concerning the day to day running of the salon, after all they are the ones with their finger on the pulse of what consumers are shopping for AND how they are doing it! (I am struggling with Tik Tok though) there are only so many new tricks you can teach an old dog ha-ha! Our team is mentored and cheered on to achieve their targets each week. We encourage our stylists to see their column as their own, their business within our business, educating and empowering each team member in every aspect of what it takes to drive a successful column, gain, and retain clients through building a brand, having

incredible technical, customer service, marketing skills and most importantly, consistency of care. We often hear in our industry that we should “charge what we are worth” and I fully agree! But as a regular exercise for our team, I like to flip it and ask, “Are we worth what we are charging?” It starts and finishes with your Salon Culture! Build a great team, treat them well, teach then your values, be the steppingstone for their success and they will help you build a great business! Value your customers, deliver a great experience, treat them as your Hero’s and lastly be worth what you charge! There will always be high and lows, but you grow from these and you get stronger, whether it’s a business coach or someone in business you look up to, don’t be like me and wait 30+ years to reach out and ask someone to help guide your journey. Move with the times, keep evolving, learn the new technology, learn the new trends and most of all learn the new language of your people to stay connected! This industry doesn’t stand still…If you stand still, it will run right over the top of you! Soon a second salon will be born! 18 months ago, I purchased a small commercial property on the ground floor of the building that DiMattia & Co is in, and work starts on that very shortly which is super exciting! When I’ve got that up and running, I would love to try my hand at sharing my experience with other salon owners, I’ve developed one or two skills in growing a successful Salon Culture over the years and I’d love to help others do the same. Kerrie xxx Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



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The free awards eNews bulletin, the Awards Gasbag has had a name change to the Awards Pipeline. Editor and Managing Director of Siren Marketing, Leanne Cutler said that it was time for a new name that even more aptly described the service, awards news all in one spot. To-date the digital publication has been a real success in keeping salons informed about what’s new and what’s next in the awards world. “With so many local competitions and many relatively new international categories, it’s really handy for this information to be in one place so salons can select, plan and time their entries,” Leanne said. She said that the hairy animal branding will remain the same. “We look for animal images that are fun and to keep readers curious for next time. “This branding is great at gaining attention and symbolically representing hair in a light, more humorous way.” Anyone wishing to subscribe to the free Awards Pipeline monthly eNews, should email leanne@ or follow and DM @sirenmarketingaustralia on Facebook or Instagram.


Tamara Reid, founder of Beaute Industrie, has been appointed Head of Brand for Timely, business management software serving the beauty and wellness industry. Timely has built a global community of over 50k people across the world and this role is set to power the growth of the Timely community and build the connectedness and credibility of the beauty industry across APAC, the UK and the US regions. “Tamara understands and backs our purpose, to grow global beauty to a trillion-dollar industry and increase the wealth of all its participants. She is a community builder with a deep alignment and connection to the industry we participate in and serve, which makes Tamara an outstanding addition to our senior leadership team.” says Timely’s Senior VP of Revenue, Jo Blundell. Beaute Industrie community, launched three years ago, is focused on encouraging the professional beauty and aesthetic industry to collaborate through community, rather than entertain the traditional competitive narrative. “I am thrilled to be joining Timely as Head of Brand and to be able to further support their mission to help grow the value, credibility and connectedness of the global beauty industry. I believe that our industry people deserve great brands supporting them, and as part of Timely I can continue my vision to provide that.” says Tamara Reid. Reid has created highly engaged group of over 8.5k therapists and business owners along with an internationally successful podcast channel, digital magazine, membership portal, industry directory and has hosted a number of networking events across the country – all while setting new standards for the depths of industry conversations to harness progression, inclusivity, and diversity. Tamara also co-founded ABIC (Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council for Australia) and now serves on their board.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



UK born Amy Gaudie is known as much for her professionalism, positivity, and calmness under pressure as she is for her extraordinary artistic skill. Arriving in Australia in 2005, full of ambition and drive, Amy set about bringing her vision of worldclass service, ambience and quality work to life and hasn’t looked back. An outstanding cutter, colourist and stylist, Amy has enjoyed her previous roles as a WELLA Pro Creative Artist and a WELLA EIMI Guest Educator and is a veteran of several local and International Fashion Weeks. She is a multi-award-winning Stylist and Business Owner with a proven track record who can be relied upon to deliver outstanding quality, every time. Amy is passionate about hair artistry, her clients and developing her team, and prides herself on her attention to detail and now joins forces as an Ambassador with AMAZING HAIR and excited about using these top-quality extension as part of her repertoire both in salon, on shoots and in education. Amy and Urban Chic have been recognised across several awards platforms including winning 2021 AHIA Creative QLD Hairdresser of the Year, 2020 AHFAs QLD Hairdresser of the Year, 2020 WELLA Trend Vision Silver award, Finalist for 2020 AHIAs Salon Director/Owner & Best New Salon Design, Winner of the Australian Hair Industry Awards Best Salon Marketing twice, Digital Business Innovation and Quest Business Hall of Fame and placed as Finalist seven times in the WELLA Trend Vision Awards. Amy’s intricate creative work and attention to detail has been lauded in local and international press, reinforcing her ability to initiate and interpret trends with a unique perspective, taking the reader on a hair journey that stimulates and evolves different ways of thinking. Working alongside some of the industry’s leading talent, Amy remains at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques, ensuring her clients receive the very best results possible. “I LOVE MY NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH AMAZING HAIR AND BEING APART OF THE AMBASSADOR TEAM. KNOWING I HAVE AMAZING HAIR TO WORK WITH ON MY SHOOTS AND IN SALON KEEPS ME CONFIDENT THAT I CAN ACHIEVE AWESOME RESULTS FOR ANY STYLE” AMY GAUDIE


Having already raised over $120,000, the Mocha Angels, a division of mocha group, went ahead, despite challenges across the country with their annual fundraising campaign to raise money for much needed research to find a cure for cancer alongside the well-known charity LOVE YOUR SISTER. “This year we had approx. half the number of salons sign up however we are totally aware that many of them have been unable to do anything due to lockdowns,” said Linda Woodhead. PJ day still went ahead for those that could join in on 31st July and some salons have decided to name their own days with the fundraising period being extended to the end of the year. So far with LYS penny boxes, money raised by salons and friends and family of the mocha group, the total raised so far is a massive $16,000 and growing every day! “This is an amazing effort with approx. 30 salons still wanting to do something later in the year so fingers crossed we will continue to pile money in as it comes in. It’s not our usual $50k but in the current circumstances I am beyond proud of everyone that still participated,” said Linda.



By Louise May

In 1987 Peter Dorio opened Sochi with one main motivation - to do great hair with a ‘keep It real’ attitude. 34 years later nothing has changed. In the past 20 years Peter’s expertise has been sought after by numerous international companies having him feature heavily for both national and global hair shows and packedout advance cutting workshops. Hair Biz Editor Louise May spent 10 minutes with Peter Dorio to hear first-hand about his journey throughout his hairdressing career, what he has been up to during lockdown, and his love for food and fast cars.


Unfortunately, at the moment and including the last 18 months due to Covid lockdowns there really hasn’t been a lot for me to do both in the salon and external education. However, I have had to take my own and one of my greatest mantras “when there’s nothing to do, there’s plenty to do.” I have literally filled three books of notes, ideas and anecdotes. I have used these lockdowns to seriously reflect on our industry and its ever changing personality. I have also used this time away from the salon to plan and prepare educational classes of advance cutting motivation and rebooting hairdressers’ careers and lives. Helping them to peel away the layers to expose the hairdresser they were when they were originally obsessed with our craft.


I grew up in a working-class suburb with working class parents having migrated from Italy in the 50’s. My father worked six days a week and up to twelve hours per day in plastic

factories. He absolutely loved his job right up to his retirement at 70, and never once in all my years did I ever hear him complain about work. My mother worked mostly in retail. She also loved her work and it seemed she went to work for a catch up with friends. Mum with her gift of the gab loved a good old chat and I can see where I got that from, being the eldest I had two younger siblings. We literally had nothing superficial, a lot of hand me downs from older cousins, even our bikes were a mish mash of old bikes painted with house paint by Dad. There was no way in our lives that we were ever bored, especially being surrounded by up to twenty cousins. Sunday nights we were at our grandparent’s house with all cousins attending, and a big weekly feast. In our lives we were completely surrounded by loving family, lots of laughs, great food and never felt that we didn’t have much. Family was everything!

got an apprenticeship set up and I’m going to earn more than you ever have in your lifetime”. ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE! In 1981 Australia went into recession and my guaranteed apprenticeship disappeared with it. “Go out and get a job,” my parents said, so we asked friends and family for any type of job I could get. My cousin’s hot fiancée said they needed a helper at the salon she worked in, and I was not at all interested. Well I’ll be buggered. I thought I’d give it a try for a couple of weeks, an easy job wearing funky clothes (it was the 80’s). Making coffees, sweeping hair, washing hair, earning tips and the best of all surrounded by twelve hot female staff members and for a sixteen-year-old kid in the 80’s life couldn’t get any better. I half-heartedly signed on as an apprentice, it was definitely just a plan B for my career. However, my obsession with our amazing industry didn’t really start until my second year as an apprentice.



So, my whole young life, I was obsessed with wood and becoming a carpenter. My uncle Bill was an amazing “old school” builder and there was nothing he couldn’t do and in turn he promised me an apprenticeship as soon as I finished school. BIG MISTAKE! I mucked up at school and never really did any good at the academic subjects, ironically only wood work and art got me A’s. Teachers were constantly telling me that I would get nowhere in this world without an education. I used to brag to them “I don’t need to pass; I’ve already

Wow, where do I start? I have been blessed with so many different achievements both personally and professionally which I am extremely proud of. Nothing has ever come easy and I have worked my arse off with everything I have achieved. Personally the thing I am most proud of is my family. My best friend and sparring partner, my wife of nearly thirty years, Lorraine. She has always supported me with everything I have ever wanted to do, and also has reigned me back in on times I needed to be slowed down or stopped for my own good. Two absolutely amazing kids who are killing it in their own chosen professions. Apart from teaching them manners, respect, humility, being honest and team players, I brain washed them to choose a career that they love and are obsessed with, no matter how hard

they had to try. Now me professionally, wow. So proud of many things especially running my own business ‘Sochi’ for thirty-four years. It has been a home that has produced so many successful hairdressers, who have gone on to so many different parts of our industry and beyond. But definitely the proudest is the honour of educating. I have hosted hundreds of classes both here in Australia and have been involved in many shows globally. I have never taken for granted the influence that one could be, when it came to the education and the sometimes changing of people’s lives.


I definitely would be either a chef or a carpenter. The attraction of cooking is very similar to the emotion of pleasing someone in the salon. I love the planning, the prep, the cooking and in turn the pleasure food gives people. However, hate cleaning up. I still harbour a love of carpentry and building and over thirty four years of trading at Sochi I have constructed most of all the building and renovating of four different salon locations.


Definitely my industry, the love of cooking as well as cars and car racing. My son and I race together in amateur racing.


In winter, being forced to stay inside doing couch duties. In summertime, being outside gardening, general house maintenance and a kick arse barbeque with family and friends.


To drag our caravan around Australia and enjoying life in our own backyard. Visiting the birth towns of my parents in Italy and try to work out why the hell they left. Owning a 1974 Ferrari 365. Sadly, I really don’t have a massive bucket list owing to the fact that I have achieved so many of them already.


To be honest, I cannot believe that my Gen Z staff are obsessed with so much retro music that I am constantly listening to their playlist on Spotify.


Sadly, I can’t mention the nicknames from my youth, in fear of being politically incorrect. However, later in life and since I opened the salon doors in 1987, I am known as Sochi, Soch, the soch, Mr sochi which is hilarious because there are many people out there that don’t know my name’s Peter.


Helping people get the best out of themselves and how to enjoy life.


I have already mentioned cooking, there is nothing I won’t try and love to be challenged. However, my specialty is wood fired pizza’s. The other thing a lot of people don’t know is I love fishing. I have owned my own boat for many years and just love being out on the water - whether I’m catching fish or not and for me it is a way of stepping off earth and drifting with mother nature.


1. Keep it real 2. This too shall pass 3. Life’s success is the destination and not the journey 4. If it aint broke, break it and rebuild it


Usually myself, however I am a massive fan of comedy. My two favourites are George Carlin and Mel Brooks. I really do enjoy creating different characters with weird accents and I thoroughly enjoy taking the piss out of myself.

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR? 1. Being ordinary 2. Being normal

3. Not getting the best out of life 4. Fear of failure 5. Heights


Professionally, at the age of 40 I purchased a pair of left handed Fuji scissors. My thought at the time was if I was ever to indulge in a pair of these amazing blades, it had to be there and then. Personally my greatest indulgence is the best wine, with the best food, with amazing people and with me cooking the meal.

WHAT TRAITS DO YOU EXHIBIT? Positive: 1. Passionate 2. Loyal 3. Positive 4. Generally laughing all the time 5. Inspiring 6. Motivational Negative: 1. Easily bored 2. Procrastinator 3. Addictive personality 4. Crammer


Second year TAFE teacher, Oscar, who recognised that I was not misbehaving or disturbing the class, I really wanted to know ‘why’, not just ‘what’. My first boss taught me all there is to know on being the best people person, and in hindsight he’s probably the worst hairdresser I’ve ever seen. An ex apprentice of mine, Tim, who now is a great brother of mine in the industry, with his obsession of gaining better skills… even at our age. Benni, for teaching me on how to be true to myself and to always be myself. Last but not least, current Gen Z staff who have shown me that I am still relevant at the top end of our industry and that I still have a lot of professional capital.



After Ngarino Tumai completed his apprenticeship 1992 and purchased his first hair salon that same year, he sold it two years later to start a career in dancing. Touring New Zealand for two years with a dance troop, Ngarino then moved to Australia in 1996 to pursue a career with Manpower Australia. He toured the world for 10 years, and eventually retired from the stripping world in 2007, and bought his Sydney salon in 2008. To date Ngarino is the owner of salons and their freehold, in Sydney and New Zealand as well as building a new café business during lockdown in Sydney. Ngarino is a keen businessman, however he is just as much a keen health and fitness man! So much so in fact, that his health comes first before all things. As much as that may seem harsh, says Ngarino… the truth is this

NO HEALTH, NO ME… no health no energy, no energy to do the things that I need to do throughout my vigorous day, no energy for myself, my fiancé, my business, my staff, my clients. This is why HEALTH is at the top of my list Hair Biz Editor Louise May spent some time recently with Ngarino to ask him some questions around his health journey and how that impacts his business and personal life.

HAPPINESS What does happiness mean to you and how do you find it in everyday life? Happiness is finding what makes you happy and filling your life with that, in every way from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, even if you are striving for a certain something in life make sure that the journey is just as much fun as the destination, for the destination or goal post always moves and the journey becomes the lesson.

BALANCE What do you do to maintain balance within a busy lifestyle? I make sure that my mind body and soul are all on fire. The mind must be first as it’s the one thing that can trick the body into believing it’s not tired, the body second if the body is firing on all cylinders, you have the energy to achieve more throughout the day. The soul is lit when your purpose is clear it’s the driving force the inner spark needed to keep turning up and never quit balancing all these 3 together gives us the best chance at longevity.

FOOD AND EATING Do you have any specific dietary habits or preferences? Yes, I do it’s all about input verses output, if you fuel up on the right food your body will love you and respond like a well-oiled machine but if you fuel up on the bad stuff you not only feel sleepy straight away, but you feel heavy, sluggish, and unmotivated. For me I eat between 1pm and 7pm at the latest, I’ll have no more than 3 meals a day sometimes only 2. It’s mainly protein, salads and veggies and I also take my daily dose of vitamins minerals and antioxidants.

EXERCISE Do you follow an exercise program? I have trained in a gym all my life, my sporting background runs deep, from rugby union to 28

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

rugby league to touch football where I played for New Zealand in the 2019 world cup, I love pretty much any sport with a ball. I play about 3 games of touch football a week and training in the gym about 5 days a week. If your body is strong, it’s not only great for your physical health but your mental wellbeing as well.

CONSISTENCY Are you consistent with your healthy living habits or do they start and stop depending on what is happening in your life? I’m very consistent… in fact, a normal week is what I stated above, but in touch football rep season I lift my exercise regime to a whole new level.

HABITS What habits have you developed that set you up for success? I get up at 5am every morning. I have set out a weekly schedule for each day and I try my hardest to stay on course in my daily schedule. I have my personal time and that means exercise, meditation, and journaling 3 key areas to check in with myself before I attack my daily business duties. What’s one habit that you’d like to break or change to be healthier or happier? I have already changed a couple, and that’s limited to no alcohol, limited to no fatty food and this makes me very happy. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your own health or happiness? Staying fit, even at the ripe old age of 50 years old in January I’m fitter and stronger now than I was in my 20s.



THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN SANITATION + DISINFECTION! Launched in 1947 in New York and has represented the industry standard for safe services in salons and barbershops for more than half a century BARBICIDE® is the market leader in its category.

because of it’s impressionable performance and effectiveness.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic and recent lockdowns have emphasised is the safe practices of cleaning disinfection and sterilisation, including our tools salon equipment and workplace/space. The reality of how easily germs and viruses spread Professionals have used the vibrant blue through communities and how quickly our normal BARBICIDE® to protect themselves and their lives and occupations can be suspended in an clients over the years. instant should only highlight to any barber/ As a recognized American classic and the hairdresser/beauty therapist how extremely original symbol for professional beauty and important choice of product is when it comes to barber disinfection, BARBICIDE® is even featured an effective highly regarded disinfectant keeping in the permanent collection of the National everyone safe. Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Confidence in a product is incredibly important! in ­ Washington, DC.

An iconic brand, BARBICIDE® has maintained its position in the hair and beauty industry worldwide

Please don’t be mislead by thinking all disinfectants in your wholesaler are effective or equal to the iconic BARBICIDE® as they are NOT! M&U Imports are the exclusive Australian distributor for Barbicide® and Clippercide®. For product details contact or (03) 9555 1533.

2021 AUSTRALIAN HAIR INDUSTRY AWARDS - BUSINESS ANNOUNCES FINALISTS FOR BIGGEST YEAR EVER With so much of Australia’s hairdressing industry facing lockdowns and uncertainty, never has been a greater need to cheer on and support the best of the best. Monday 23rd August saw Finalists announced for the 2021 AHIA Business categories on social media as entrants watched on with anticipation. For these hard-working individuals, it was time to celebrate their wins over an incredibly challenging 18 months and look ahead to what is shaping up to be an exciting awards gala. The 2021 awards marked the largest number of entries ever received in the AHIA history, with the Salon Team, Salon Newcomer, QLD State Salon, Salon Design and Business Director/ Owner categories marking an unprecedented number. Launched in 2014 by esteemed media company Mocha Group, the AHIA Business are the trusted national award platform which provide a benchmark of excellence across specialist, group and individual categories. The awards are aligned

with some of the biggest names and brands in the industry with partners EVY, Timely, Wella, L’Oreal, Salon Lane, Excellent Edges, Revlon, Redken, Zing Project, Schwarzkopf, Shortcuts, Sustainable Salons, Kitomba, KMS, Goldwell, Private Label Dynamics, Hot Tools and DNA. The comprehensive list of expert judges includes Charles Marcus (Canada), Ruth Hunsley (UK), Anna O’Gorman, Faye Murry, Julie Bellinger-Gibb (UK), Julie Cross, Narelle Lancaster, Bianca Boulden and Alexandra Bilisi (Switzerland) as well as media including Nicole Healy - Melbourne Hair Blogger, Samantha McMeekin - Beautyheaven, Amy Starr - Freelance Beauty Journalist, Louise May - Hair Biz and Clare Lamberth - Beauty Biz. This year’s judges all agreed that the calibre of the entries was outstanding. “What a line-up of entries! I’ve been so impressed with the quality and how many amazing submissions

there were this year. It is refreshing to see how many salons are going well despite, these challenging times, working together as a team and looking after their staff with a determination I have never seen before.” Ruth Browne, Box Hill Institute “What an incredible standard all of the entries were. It was not easy judging, that is for sure! I was so impressed and so excited for our industry and the people choosing this industry as a career ... it sure is in good hands! It was such an honour to be involved.” Julie Cross, Motivational Speaker Winners will be announced at the 2021 AHIA Business Gala Night of Nights which is scheduled for Sunday 28th November at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre as a longawaited opportunity for the industry to reconnect.

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Proudly owned by Chris and Kass Hunter, Willomina is based in the heart of Woollahra Village and is a specialist in both women’s and men’s styling, and a mecca for influencers and media. The salon, with its beautifully raw industrial aesthetic, will now offer Goldwell Color and the KMS Styling range to its discerning clientele. Chris and his talented team are known for their expertise in colour and are renowned for bringing fashion trends to life. Aligning with Goldwell brings this creativity to a new level, opening up a new world of color opportunities – from Goldwell’s core Topchic and Colorance lines through to the patented technology of Goldwell’s color morphing, direct dye additives in @Pure Pigments. “When we decided to look at all the color brands on the market and what would suit WILLOMINA the best, Goldwell and KMS was a cut above the rest. The pure quality of the Goldwell color range was more than enough to convince us to become a salon partner, but it just so happened we were aligning with KMS too. We have a very strong cutting and styling ethos at WILLOMINA and needed a range of products that would really highlight that.” “The Kao Australia team are also a bunch of legends. Working with a big brand can sometimes be daunting, but they really treat you like an individual Salon, not just another account,” said Chris Hunter, Owner of Willomina. Always creating and pushing the industry forward, Chris has also launched a side hustle called CoMMMunity Events, which is an ongoing calendar of educational sessions for Hair Stylists designed to stretch and challenge creativity, featuring masterclasses from leading stylists from around the country. 32

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Editor Louise May recently caught up with owner Chris Hunter, to find out a little more about Willomina.

Willomina has a fantastic reputation and strong influencer/media following. What’s your secret?

Keep it real. There is so much noise in the hair and beauty market driven by the internet and social media, hairdressers are forgetting about the major task at hand - their clients. Without a strong loyal Clientele there would be no influencers or media following.

Where did the name Willomina come from?

Wilhelmina Curzon was Chris’s great Granny; she was a hoot of a woman and would have loved having a salon named after her. We had to slightly alter the spelling for SEO purposes and came up with WILLOMINA.

Who is the Willomina client?

In short - ANYONE. Team WILLOMINA is so well versed in all areas of hairdressing. We have specialists in Dry Cutting Curly Hair, lived-in colour, precise bobs, men’s hair, scalp lightning, long layers.

You recently moved your Woollahra Salon. What were you looking for in the new space?

WILLOMINA was born in the back streets on Surry Hills in 2017. It wasn’t long before it gained a cult following and we needed a bigger space. Queen St WOOLLAHRA is such a beautiful place and was the perfect spot to open WILLOMINA 2.0. My wife Kassy designed the new salon. We were given the most gorgeous, exposed brick walls and black framed windows and doors. She continued that theme throughout, whilst adding soft pastels, woods, and nature to soften with a few personal touches. I must make a mention of Bryan Wareham our landlord, he has been such a dream to work with throughout the past year in challenging circumstances.

Willomina has just become a Goldwell Salon Partner, bringing on board the Goldwell Color portfolio & and also the KMS range. What motivated you bring these brands to your salon?

When we decided to look at all the color brands on the market and what would suit WILLOMINA the best, Goldwell and KMS was a cut above the rest. The pure quality of the Goldwell color range was more than enough to convince us to become a salon partner, but it just so happened we were aligning with KMS too. We have a very strong cutting and styling ethos at WILLOMINA and needed a range of products that would really highlight that. The Kao Australia team are also a bunch of legends. Working with a big brand can sometimes be daunting, but they really treat you like an individual Salon, not just another account.

So why Goldwell Color? And what are your favourite Goldwell Color products so far, and why?

Goldwell color does everything we need it to, in an amazing way. SilkLift is the best lighter on the market, Topchic has got all the shades we need to achieve perfect grey coverage & Colorance checks all the boxes for our toners and semi-permeant colours. My favourite product so far is the @Pure Pigments. These are customisable color drops we can put into our tints and semis to make our clients’ colours even more personalised.

What is CoMMMunity Events?

CoMMMunity events was set up so we can offer our team more opportunities and education in a different kind of way. It’s an ego free collaboration with different hair artists and salons from all over Australia. CoMMMunity

1 was held at WILLOMINA and went off featuring 4 of Sydney’s top hairstylists. We were due to host “Bob’s Ya Uncle” - a soiree on colouring and cutting short hair before Sydney went into lockdown - featuring 6 Hairstylists cutting hair at a run-down warehouse in Alexandria. Think Music Booze Good Times and Hair Education.

Colouring or Styling, what’s your preference?

I love cutting and styling, as an apprentice I always found it a lot easier than colouring

What keeps you creative? And in turn, how do you keep your team creative?

Were in such a fortunate position at WILLOMINA, having a team of 15 incredibly talented hairdressers you don’t need to look any further than the chair next you to be inspired and to see something new. I don’t want to harp on about Instagram too much, but I love watching Adrian Panayiotis @mr_d_hair cut hair outside in Melbourne.

Who in the industry (or outside of it!) inspires you?

Alana Dunphy pushes me into new areas of hairdressing every day. She is such an incredible hairdresser with an eye for hair I have never seen before. I’m also passionate about old motorcycles and Agave Spirits, think Mezcal/Tequila get on it.

What’s on the Willomina playlist? Early 90s Bangers

What’s your favourite thing about the hair industry?

I love everything about what we do. I genuinely really enjoy making people feel good about themselves and working with an amazing team

What do you think the future of hairdressing in Australia looks like?

This is a really interesting question. With the rise of dedicated freelance salons all of a sudden, it put business owners on notice. Not to mention Instagram hairdressers, who run their business through a photo sharing app. I know one thing

for sure, gone are the days of greedy businesses overworking their staff. I’m also a big believer in a 38-hour work week spread over 4 days for any hairdressers working on the floor. It keeps energy levels high and improves team morale.

What next for Willomina? What are your plans for the future?

WILLOMINA WOOLLAHRA is still so new, we’re striving to make it run as perfectly as it possibly can, remember keep it real and eyes one the prize. Once we have achieved perfection then we can really talk about what’s next.

Can you share any favourite Goldwell & KMS products?

@Pure Pigments are the future of hair color. KMS HairPlay Sea Salt Spray - this reminds me of an old school sea salt spray, great for prepping up-styles, blow-dries and foundations of men’s hair styling.

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



I’ve been a salon owner now for over 12 years, starting out in a tiny studio wanting to change the industry. I had worked for a few “bad bosses”, knew what I didn’t like about the industry, and had a dream to change it. I had always believed even as a young apprentice that the one thing we do as hairdressers that no one else can do in a short time frame is change people’s lives. It’s a magical thing we do. When I decided to open my first store, my intentions were clear, to make my guests feel amazing and to create a legacy of making people feel better. 12 years on, I’m still doing that, in ways I’d never ever dreamt of back then. However, it hasn’t always been glitter and rainbows… The end of 2018 and 2019 was the time my life and career would change forever. At the height (or so I thought) of my career and business success, I had opened 4 salons and had a huge team. Loving life and loving my Job, I had my first heart attack 3 weeks before Christmas. I struggled with many hurdles including being taunted and sexually harassed by people I depended on in leadership roles, staff not exactly doing the right thing, my family screaming for my love, travelling at all hours and times of the day to keep the peace in each place, and my heart constantly having issues. I’d drop (hypotension blackouts) at least a few times a week for the duration of that entire year. I lost my spark, and I lost the ability to lead, worst of all my marriage suffered and so did my 3 gorgeous girls. No doubt with the amount of stress I was under trying to juggle everything, stay the strong entrepreneur I was, not let anyone else take what I’d worked for, and try my best to stay afloat and be there for my

family… What a mess hey! This whole time I thought I needed to stay in control, I needed to stand strong and hide how I really felt, (lost, scared, broken, uncertain, unloved) so many horrible feelings, yet I spent my whole career and life making others feel good. I absolutely pretended everything was okay, when so many around me knew I wasn’t. Long story short, I had been trying so hard to keep ‘the dream’ alive… and then that day happened, the one I barely ever talk about… Turns out, that day was to be one of the best days of my life! Why? Because that’s when the weight lifted, that’s when I saw the brightest light and I began a new journey to find myself and my love, and that’s when I found my health and happiness was the most important thing to look after. That’s when I saw that little 19-year-old self again, and I realised something! She was still here, more than that …SHE WAS BACK! I changed my whole lifestyle, and I found a new happy place. One in which I will never give away the magic. My place, The Hidden Hare - Hair Wellness. I found the time to work and live. I think they call that ‘balance’. I have time now to watch my babies grow and be a good wife to the most amazing man a girl could wish for and still create an energy to teach and learn every day and do what I love.

Let me explain “The Hidden Hare – Hair Wellness” (my happy place) Hidden – Escape from those things that we need to be away from at times – to our happy space that not everyone knows about – it’s like a little secret oasis that’s just ours! Hare – The Rabbit (I was born the year of the rabbit) A Hare resembles so many things. Change and strength plus new beginnings and freedom, as well as nature and wellness. Cruelty free and super powerful. Hair Wellness – Wellness is in everything I do. A holistic approach to hairdressing using only high-performance natural goodness made from plants and flowers by Aveda. This salon isn’t just your average salon – it’s a place to escape, to breath in the natural goodness, and to love yourself in ways of true selfcare and enrich your journey a bit at a time by the services we offer. While I believe in self-worth it is important and we need to see ourselves as heroes, we also need a few caped crusaders along the way. Young me, looked up to my parents, although I really haven’t told them enough. I have seen pain through their eyes. Seeing my Mum and Dad struggle financially, having 7 great but crazy children (2 with autism and another with muscular difficulties). They have fought sickness and been through the most horrible situations but the one thing they never neglected to show


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

us was Love. For that I will forever be grateful. For that, no matter what situation I face in my life, I still hold so much love in my heart. Dianne & Gerald, you are my heart. Then, there were a few people in my career I absolutely admire and could call heroes! Suzanne Ross – My apprenticeship days were tough wearing high heels every day and playing “Dress up Doll” to my boss Suz (She was this woman that reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada). She had this energy of height and a tough exterior of strength and wisdom, inside the softest loving person ever (even though you never actually saw it – you knew when she was proud) This woman showed me the values of standing up, not being the “poor little” girl, I was, but instead, to be able to step into anyone’s shoes and be “proud and strong.” Sounds funny when I read this back, but she taught me how to “fake it till I made it” but also to make sure I scrubbed in between the tiles with a toothbrush! Because of her guidance, I found the ability to be whomever I needed to be, for whomever I needed to be there for. Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t fake anything. I am me and that’s it, however she gave me some of the best guidance in my whole career and I will always be proud of the time I spend with her. Sometimes life gives us opportunities to grow and learn in ways that bring love and light to our lives – Aveda gives me that. The support and love by the team (in particular Mathew and Mimi) brings an absolute wholeness to my life with our shared love for the products we use every day as well as the support and training they bring to my staff and myself to grow our business to the next level. They keep us motivated, treat us with good products and spoil us with new stuff while providing holistic love and wellness. Julie Piantadosi is another one of my hero’s. This woman moves mountains and creates

magic where there is darkness. For several years I’ve had Julie as my coach and mentor, prior to that I just watched and listened in awe. She is someone that is so special not only to me, but hairdressers and business owners all over. She is not only my accountability coach, but someone who pushes me to do better, believe better and continue to grow but also, to be a better me. I was with her in Bali when Covid took its hold on our earth, that day I watched her bring the level of madness of 150 hair and beauty professional stress heads to a relaxing halt, knowing we were there with her, and together. She is one of the most magical people I know and I feel so grateful to call her my friend and mentor. Leadership and Philosophies My mission is to make an environment for people to grow, to learn, to be better and feel better. Whether it be a staff member or a one-time guest – everyone who walks into my walls are super important to me, and I want to help them in their journey. That is my mission. To leave a legacy of love and wellness while creating beautiful hair and memoires. My leadership style is to grow the people around me and helpsthem up. You know the saying “grow them to leave but treat them so well they want to stay” that’s my leadership. I want everyone to grow, learn and love what they do – even if it means they take over me and be better then me. That is magic right there! Staff We all know there is good and there is different – but if you think about it carefully, not everyone belongs in your circle, some stay for a minute, some for a while, and some forever – and I see that ring true in the way staff come and go. Right now, I am growing and teaching two amazing young women in their hairdressing apprenticeship. They both started with me at similar times and have by far made me the proudest leader ever. I love watching them become amazing hairdressers, and as they reach halfway through their apprenticeship,

I find myself wanting to hire two more and expand their knowledge to teach the younger team under them as well. And so on and so on... It’s about creating my own little leadership pattern and network. What a dream. This is the stuff our industry needs right now – apprentices shown love, lead well, taught thoroughly, so we can watch them recreate what we did for them, for others – THAT’S LEADERSHIP. Right at this moment, I have one small salon and two apprentices, but as I write and dream of the future, I realise something special – while finding myself through the hurt and battles that were before now, I am stronger and wiser and won’t settle for anything less than what makes me happy. And with that, I announce that I am moving to slightly bigger premises to allow room to teach. An amazing salon suite downstairs and a second level to train and become a mentor for young people in my area. A passion that started with my hairdressing career but now a determination to help others grow. I’m going to help as many people as I can, become a better version of themselves, a better leader in their own time, and give them the guidance and understanding to create their own pathway on their journey to success. Wherever that may be. This is my new legacy. So, who am I? I am Liz Stokes, I believe peace, love and leadership are things we need to learn. I am no expert, I am still an apprentice in life, learning everyday myself, but through my past experiences, and the love that surrounded me to get through, I believe I am worthy and look forward to helping so many amazing people do what I do now. Learn, live, hold love, share love, teach and be alive in all moments present! To be an amazing Mum, wife, and leader in all the things I do, and all the places I go, and to leave a legacy of love, understanding and commitment to help all that cross my path, and most importantly – Myself! If I had to share one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to be humble and keep within your vision. Do not let anyone else bully you into a vision that doesn’t suit you. I may have learnt the hard way and you may have seen me fail – but finding my way back to who I am has by far brought me to the best life possible and a future of things I can’t wait to learn… WATCH THIS SPACE! Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5





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Ultra-fast 110,000 RPM motor provides exceptional drying power Simple to use by holding the dryer handle or dryer barrel for overhead styling. Avoids wrist strain Almost half the weight, at 294g, of regular dryers. No more sore arms or shoulders Perfectly balanced with the motor located above the handle Innovative Oxy Active, anti-bacterial technology with

an ionic generator Auto-Clean Technology reverses the motor to clear the rear filter when required

• • •

Auto-Diagnosis System detects any operating issue Memory function recalls previous setting 12 possible speed/heat settings and cold air function

Dryers will never be the same. The future is here. Exceptional performance & technology in a ultra-light, easy to use compact design is truly a market disruptor. Professional only


For stockists call Dateline Imports P/L on (02) 9666 3611 or visit /DatelineImportsAustralia



A FLAiR FOR AVANT GARDE By Paul Graham, 2021 AHIA Creative Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year

When you ask the internet, why is Avant Garde significant? The answer is quite clear, Avant Garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm. This explanation perfectly sums up why I am drawn to Avant Garde hairdressing and how this has led to a very satisfying and financially rewarding hairdressing career. When I was 21, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to become a hairdresser. I had dabbled in various other pursuits, but I could see the career opportunities hairdressing presented and how this industry would satisfy the artist in me. That being said, I was reluctant to leave financial stability behind to become a 1st year apprentice so, I needed to sort out other ways at succeeding in my goal. I did my research and discovered that the most coveted institute in gaining your hairdressing qualification at the time was the Wynne-Hoelscher Academy in Brisbane. I visited the college on an open day and didn’t want to leave, the college offered a full-time fast track course at a cost of around $14,000, but also offered one lucky student a full scholarship every year. That’s when I knew I was going to become a hairdresser! I was going to win that scholarship, and I did. Part of my scholarship was an all-expenses paid trip to Hair Expo in Sydney where I was first introduced to the world of competitive hairdressing and the importance it played on career and business. I remember seeing all the photographic collections and being blown away by the sheer genius of them all. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in lots of competition work.


The reason why I’m sharing this story is because over the years I’ve heard many hairdressers say “I can’t afford to compete in the hairdressing competitions because the people that win them spend tens of thousands of dollars” so they don’t even dare try. I feel certain that this is true for some, but it certainly wasn’t the case for me. I set about entering competitions as a creative outlet, to unleash the artist within me, but also to give my career an edge. I learnt quickly that potential

employers value your skillset just a little more when it’s accompanied by an accolade. Accolades are not only a testament to your own hard work, they provide you with the grounds to negotiate more favourable working conditions and pay. The more prestige you can bring to your career and salon, the more sort after you can become as a hairdresser. Early on in my career I met a hairdresser who would change my life forever, that hairdresser was Geoffrey Herberg. I was a junior hairdresser entering the competition world all on my own, when Geoffrey, a highly regarded and awarded hairdresser in his own right met me and said, “come and work for me and I will show you how to win” He was true to his word. Through Geoffrey I met artisan Richard De Chazal and so began my love for all things Avant Garde. Under Geoffrey’s tutelage, I won my first competition, but beyond that, I was able to see how Avant Garde ideas gave way to more opportunities in placing at competitive hairdressing. Whether it’s a cut or colour shoot, an up-style shoot, a photographic competition, or a live competition, there has always been an element of the Avant Garde in all of my work. While my friends were out spending their hard-earned money on big nights out or weekends away, I was trawling though op shops and flea markets buying clothes and costume jewellery in prep for my next competition or photoshoot. When other hairdressers paid large sums of money on professional stylists and editorial photographers, I took on the challenge of styling shoots myself and nurturing the careers of a local photographer and make-up artist at a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t afford to drink alcohol, but I would still hit the nightclubs in Fortitude Valley almost every Saturday night with friends, always keeping an eye out for my next hair model. I recall drinking coke from a short over iced glass, passing it off as bourbon and coke so I could at least appear like I was drinking with my friends when I was in fact saving my money to reinvest it in my future. While winning an award can be quite glamorous, the process of trying can be less so. Like the story of Kylie Minogue’s iconic gold hot pants purchased at a flea market, all of us are capable of finding something seemingly unremarkable and creating something amazing. Money goes a long way in creating something sensational, but it can’t replace good old-fashioned talent and perseverance. Winning the AHIA title of Australian Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year was the greatest professional achievement in my hairdressing career to date. It was such a special achievement because not only was the category significant to the style of hairdresser I am, but the photographer that shot my collection, is that same local photographer I began shooting with over 10 years ago, and that make-up artist is the same make-up artist I began working with 10 years ago. Our careers have come a long way since first meeting. My Photographer is now the Publisher of a quarterly magazine, and my make-up artist has cemented herself as a very sort after make-up artist in the bridal and events industry. We have all contributed to each other’s success and that we have earned our seat at each other’s priority table. When either of us needs the other professionally we make it a priority to support the other. It is wonderful when someone can afford to employ the big fashion photographers of the time, but it also goes to show that if you take a chance on someone starting out at a fraction of the cost, all parties can flourish on your joint journey to success. I believe the key to success is knowing your competition and doing better. • cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


• cont’d from page 39

Bethenny Frankel recently said in an interview “most people don’t work hard, and most people don’t work hard and smart” This is my understanding in knowing your competition and doing better. You may not always walk away with the trophy, but you can hopefully turn heads in the process. The hairdressing Industry has universally (and unfairly) acquired the reputation as being ‘low paid’ or less likely for financial success as compared to other industries like law or medicine. I have always had the belief that if you’re good at something you’ll succeed at it. I have poured so much passion and love into my relationship with hairdressing and it has certainly loved me back. I have owned multiple salons over the years with my wonderful husband, purchased my dream home with my husband as well as investment property, travelled the world, lavished on an extravagant wedding, and financed a surrogacy journey to parenthood. All financially significant milestones to me and only a few of the more important achievements of my life. I would have none of these blessings if it weren’t for a chosen career in hairdressing, but especially a career in hairdressing competitions. My creative process when forming a collection starts with a cohesive colour palette, satisfying to the eye. There are certain colour combinations that visually when married together in the right volume, can appeal to the eye more. I place a lot of importance on this. It wouldn’t matter how fantastic the hair is, if it’s not presented in the best colour setting, it’s getting lost in the wrong one. This is particularly challenging when forming a photographic collection of 6 stand out images. Many of us may resort to black and white photography in this instance as it can be easier to hide the flaws of an image and enhance the good points. Black and White photography is also the simplest way of forming cohesion in your photographic collection. I often prefer colour and I’ve learnt not to stay comfortable and to take risks. Who would’ve thought that a bubble gum pink infused collection would take out two wins at the AHIA? but I believe my colour palette choice played a big part in winning these awards. My advice to anyone thinking about entering a competition like the AHIA’s (AND SHOULD) is to always follow your instinct and take risks. If you see everyone doing much the same thing and you think you might do something else, do the something else. If you follow the crowd, you’re likely to achieve a watered-down version of someone else’s prior success. Over- complicating a process does not place more value onto it, and over complication is not the same as improving upon something. My career and passion for competitions and creative work has seen me travel the world, seen myself and my work featured in dozens of magazines and online publications, as well as made channel nines 7pm news on two separate occasions. I started out in this industry wanting to forge a career and life I could be proud of, but since becoming a father it’s been all about showing my daughter where hard work, and smart work can take you. My 2021 winning FLAiR collection is mainly inspired by her, and every young girl like her. As beautiful and as fun as it is being the father of a little girl, I’m also met with bouts of concern. The world wants her to grow up too quickly, and the future for girls doesn’t always look good. Society and social media often misrepresent a woman’s importance with impossible beauty standards and overtly sexual content. I wanted to imagine what a redefinition of femininity would look like. The result was FLAiR. You can be beautiful without the expectation of being naked, there is just as much beauty in innocence as could be in sexiness. The soul of this collection is rooted in the bubbly personality of my little girl, dressed up in vibrant high fashion style. It’s an homage to young girls and young women everywhere being seen for who they are and what they can be not what certain parts of society say they should be. Not all important messages need be dramatic or imposing, sometimes all you need is a little FLAiR.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



Colour safe and UV protection


Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free




Repairs and strengthens dry frizzy or brittle hair

Locks in moisture and repairs damaged hair


Organic Argan Oil and Australian Lilly Pilly Extract





Nadia Semanic is an enigmatic storyteller, an engineer of exquisite characters who exist in the wonderlands of her imagination. The fabric of her narration is hair, a fiber that she first became aquatinted with, as an acclaimed stylist in a high-performing salon, before finessing her hair fashion aesthetic with international super-brand TONI&GUY.

Nadia is an Australian born, Melbourne based artist. She is internationally recognised, with five awarded Avant Garde collections and a total of 30 works in her repertoire. She is continuously working on new collections while her volume of work grows. From the very beginning of her career Nadia was earmarked as an inventor. She was an artist with colossal creative force whose insatiable thirst for original colours, textures and composition led her into the world of Avant Garde. Whilst keeping her feet on the salon floor she began to explore hairdressing as a true artisan, an artist who felt most content within the realms of handmade and hand-crafted design. With an inviolable fixation on intricate detailing, Nadia spends hours hand knotting her own wigs, as well as hand crafting and designing fine art head wear, always with her detailed sketches at hand to guide her. Always evolving and constantly developing her skills with the medium of hair, Nadia is an artist who is creating a new and unique form of art pushing the boundaries of what this material can do. With a

personal M.O focused on obtaining equilibrium between artistic experimentation and current cultural relevance. Whilst maintaining her role as an Art Director and National Artistic Team member for TONI&GUY, Nadia commences her venture into the broader art world as a multi award winning artist, expanding her invitation for collaboration to Art Exhibitors, Costume Designers and Creative Directors in Fashion, Theatre and Film who are seeking a sculptor of hair. Whilst the early years were spent playing without parameters, in 2014 after a successful dabble with the Californian born RAWards claiming the title of RAW Artist of the Year, Nadia introduced her work to the international stage via the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Her inaugural collection Parasomnia won her a spot on the finalist podium and perhaps more importantly a creative introduction to Avant Garde pioneers Angelo Seminara and Indira Schauwecker. It would be a meeting that would not only assert her position as an indisputable visionary but would also light a beacon for Australia on the world stage.

In 2015, Nadia took a definitive path into what may now be recalled as her ‘Whimsical period’ where her overriding aesthetic was heavily infiltrated by organic textures and effervescent framing. Nadia’s collection Mortale est revealed a pre-occupation with the Renaissance period as well as an explicit use of symbolism, in this instance to relay themes of mortality. Nadia’s collection captivated the judging panel and saw her awarded with her first AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Award. Whilst Nadia’s aesthetic continued to exist in a world of the uber-tactile and multi-dimensional, her quest to create new shapes and patterning moved into top gear. Observing the inundation of flocking and embossing into a multitude of fashion houses, the courageous artist set to work on bringing these trending techniques to life via the medium of hair. The Enchanting struck an exquisite balance of fairytale meets fashion, composed by an artist who was now providing not only spellbinding images but sophisticated commentaries on popular culture via her ideation reveal. The Enchanting provided Nadia with a consecutive win as AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year and cemented her as a leader in innovation at the age of 25. Nadia’s 2017 collection Subterrenea was a collection produced by an artist with ‘unfinished business’ in the realms of her previous body of work. Still drawn to the palette of the Baroque / Renaissance period, the strong use of carmine, azurite, vermillion, and carbon black permeated the earthy storyboard. The collection was stronger in shape via the use of geometrical shapes yet in contrast included delicate manipulation of hair through advanced stitching and weaving techniques. This collection also included other materials accompanying the hair including the delicate use of gold leaf and stained glass, which was prompted by Nadia’s love of Alexander McQueen’s current RTW. The collection was nominated as a finalist but missed out on first place, this brought the end of Nadia’s whimsical period, and a new phase began.

Apollinaire marked a bold move into a new epoch for Nadia who approached her fifth collection with a high fashion meets high art creative direction. Named after the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire, the collection pays reverence to his artistic collaborator Pablo Picasso, and stylistically salutes Dutch designers Viktor and Rolf. Displaying clear themes of cubism and surrealism within the hair design, complimented by relaxed tailoring and soft drapery by local Australian fashion label et al, Nadia maintains total respect for artistry whilst revealing a firm grasp of Haute Couture. Nadia was more recently fortunate enough to be a hair technician on the latest Thor film that was shot at Fox Studios at the beginning of the year working with the studio doing hair work for the creatures and prosthetics in the film. She also recently designed an Avant Garde headpiece for Emma Stone in the Disney film Cruella, a focal crown made entirely out of hair, having been contacted by the Head of department for this film through her skills in Avant Garde work. Nadia is also presently creating one off bespoke pieces for The Residency Experience, which is an agency in West Hollywood LA that caters to the fashion and entertainment industry. She is handcrafting and designing naturalistic hair and facial pieces, as well Avant Garde wigs and head pieces for their showroom, and recently made pieces for numerous international fashion magazines and campaign shoots. She is currently working on lots of films that are in production at the moment doing a whole range of work from wig making, to hair work for practical effects “I have always loved hair,” says Nadia. “It is something I feel just runs through my core. I am fascinated with what hair does how it can change the way a person or thing is perceived and the effect it has on characters on the big screen.”

THE OPEN EYE with Robert Masciave

ANNE VECK Hair Biz are proud to be the host of Roberts’ journey as he interviews fellow connoisseurs of the avantgarde in a series of features – in this issue he meets multi award-winning Anne Veck. I’ve known Anne for many years she’s charismatic, motivating and creative – she’s also a hairdresser with a mission! Her mission being, to make hairdressing more professional, ethical and sustainable and she is certainly making her mark on the UK hairdressing scene. Creative Director of her carbon neutral salon Anne Veck Oxford, she also enjoys the roles of Hairdressing Ambassador for the National Hair and Beauty Federation, Brand Ambassador for Easydry and Green Libertine for Green Salon Collective. She is also proud of her title of Fellow with Honours of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing and Alternative Hair Master Educator. Anne and her team are 18 times finalists and twice winners at the British Hairdressing Awards. The Anne Veck Artistic Team is honoured to have presented at The Alternative Hair Show on ten occasions including the 2020 virtual edition “Imagine”. Her avant-garde work was shown at The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art / Hairdressers’ Journal International exhibition in St. Petersburg and at Oxford Art Weeks 2020. Her video “Toxic Fashion” was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and has won an Excellence Award at the Videography Awards and a Platinum Award at the Muse Awards, all in 2020. Anne’s passion is sharing her skills and creativity with her peers. She presents and teaches online and at shows, academies, and salons throughout the world. While best known for her avant-garde and long hair styling, Anne is also an expert colourist, cutter, and extensions specialist. We find out more in her own words… 44

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Celebrating 21 years as founder of Metropolis Hairdressing – a true destination for some 3,000 clients Robert Masciave’s love and passion for the avantgarde has also earned him international acclaim. “Outside of the salon I have always used hair as a form of expression that in turn makes sense of what I do with hair. Over the course of the next few months, I will be speaking with like-minded people and asking them to share their experiences. I am curious to see what their point of view is, what they have learned from it – did it notice the way that they see things? Does it make them think outside the box? Does it increase your problem-solving skills? Does it make you more creative? I know what it did for me, I know what it does to me, I know the benefit I just want to find out if it is the same for everyone.”


Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by Thor, Loki, Norse mythology, Valkyries, etc. So, a few years ago, I created a collection inspired by the Valkyries myth. Strong women without a doubt!


I wanted to create a collection all about femininity merging with fashion. Inspired by classic English summer events such as weddings, Ascot, Henley Regatta, and a hint of vintage fashion the hair almost resembles beautiful hats and accessories completing the entire image of an elegant feminine silhouette. I have 2 passions bordering on obsession, when It comes to hair. One is intricate plaiting, the other one is Finger Wave. This picture from A Day at the Race took 3h to do with 3 stylists working together. I love the precision of the work.


Coquillage is French for shellfish or shells and my inspiration for this collection was the delicate beauty of sea creatures and happy memories of collecting seashells on the beach when I was a little girl. For this picture, I use a series of small knots to create a texture resembling the coral reef.


My creativity thrives when faced with the challenge of creating inspiring, timeless collections. For this collection I felt a desire to pay homage to the stylish impact of French haute couture and, in particular, the inspiration Alexandre de Paris has had on my work.

“THE PROCESS OF CREATING ART ENGAGES BOTH THE BODY AND THE MIND AND PROVIDES US WITH TIME TO LOOK INWARD AND REFLECT.” Therefore, I harnessed my energy to create iconic and extreme images in black and white which focussed solely on the hair, featuring textures, shapes, and styles within the shadows.


I have created a photo collection and video called Toxic Fashion in which I try to express my horror and outrage at the damage the fashion industry is doing both to the environment and to people’s lives. I aim to encourage people to look at hair as a canvas to create inspirational and awe-inspiring artworks. Avant-garde hairdressing pushes the boundaries of hair colour, texture, and styling in order to deliver a powerful and important message. I shot this collection in a scrap yard and the intention is to shock and to bring to the attention of the hairdressing industry how destructive the fashion world is to people and the planet. Each image illustrates a theme, e.g., the cotton industry, ghost fishing, overuse of plastic, pollution of our rivers by chemical discharges. To achieve the looks I incorporated waste materials including daubing the hair with paint, melting plastic into the hair, and plaiting the hair with wire. Look 1 Ghost Fishing. The model is trapped, caught in her hair, dying, suffocating like millions of birds and fish in fishing nets. Look 2. Denim This image shows the hands of the modern slave! The hair is blue to mimic the highly toxic Indigo Dye used to produce the colour of your jeans in a sweat shop somewhere in a developing country



A 3-dimensional world shattered into a million black and white pieces, litters and fills the rolling hills of Shropshire. Horses run wild and models hang from trees, contorting into shapes of morphed masked shadows as oil paint drips from their fingertips. Slender high fashion skywalkers rule and roam the fragmented fields of a Huxley dreamscape.’ A weekend camping project to create a video for The 2020 Alternative Hair Show involving a fabulous team of creatives with this collection and video as the results.


This was my first AG collection, and it was shortlisted for BHA Avant -garde Hairdresser of the Year back in 2007. I wanted to create a collection which was beautiful but where the model looked like an alien. I was so pleased with the result. Marie & Marco Loumiet, the team I worked with at the time, really captured the vibe I wanted to create.

Rolling back the years, when did you first take a walk on the wild side and enter the world that is avantgarde?

I did my first collection back in 2007. I wanted to get away from the day-to-day stuff at the salon, so AG is a way to escape. • cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


• cont’d from page 45

What made you delve into this creative side of hairdressing?

I love expressing myself through my hands. I’m patient and impatient at the same time so working out intricate things calms me down. So, you could say I got into Avantgarde as therapy!

Did it make you feel any different to how you generally felt about hairdressing?

Yes, I realised Hairdressing is ART. I truly believe Hairdressing is Art. I love creating images, it’s another medium to express, Ideas , Vision, thought and emotions that can be difficult to say with words.

What do you think avantgarde has taught you?

To be patient and to solve problems. I’ve also learnt how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded creative artists. It’s only with the right team that you can make magic! If it’s Avant -garde, I usually work on different textures first then try to link it together with a storyline. The Avant garde collection is definitely a team effort where the photographer, make-up artist and stylist are working closely together to create an image.

Whose avantgarde work do you most feel inspired by – hairdressing wise?

Difficult to say as different people inspire me for different reasons. I really like the work of Laetitia Guenaou from Haute Coiffure Francaise, in fact I found all the HCF team very inspiring. You can feel a real passion in their work. Social media is great for inspiration as you now have access to images and tutorials of other hairdressers from all over the world. I love the guys from X-pression in Spain, they break boundaries and are not afraid to take risks. Charlie Le mindu...Totally bonkers. I’m also a great fan of Alexandre de Paris, classic, timeless beauty. And I love the work of “mon copin Robert Masciave”, totally different from mine but a true trailblazer.

Where do you get your inspiration outside of hairdressing?

It’s all around you; it could be the lamp shade in a hotel lobby or a flower in the countryside, or a building. I try to have an open mind and expose myself to things that 46

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

I don’t particularly like but can spark an idea, like going to see a wide range of exhibitions. So, as well as things I love, it’s also about getting out of my comfort zone for an intellectual challenge.

Do you think it’s an invaluable asset to have?

You need to walk before you can run. It’s the same with hair. You need your classic base and your foundation before you can learn to defy gravity, but once you know how to break the rules you can tackle any challenges in the art of avant-garde hairdressing!

I personally feel that my job as visagiste really does come into play with avantgarde hairdressing – do you agree?

Yes, as for me AG is not just creating a texture and plonking it on the model’s head. It must go with her face shape and looks like it’s her hair not a hat. It remains vitally linked with the purpose of hairdressing which is to make your client look and feel beautiful.

How important is it to teach avantgarde – what role does it play in the national curriculum?

Usually there are some very interesting participants in the classroom so it’s never boring. I love sharing my passion with likeminded fellow hairdressers and like I said above If You can do AG hair you will be able to do any hair. In the UK, avant-garde as a subject is taught in film and theatre degree courses and the techniques are covered in the apprenticeship curricula, especially ( in England) The Advanced Hair Professional Standard.

If you had to choose what is it that you most like about avantgarde hairdressing?

Losing myself in intricate technique, and creating beautiful images, so when other people look at them, they are wondering how it was done. Creating or experiencing art can relax and sooth us. I know for myself when I work on a really intricate hair piece I get into a zone, and I find this really therapeutic. The process of creating art engages both the body and the mind and provides us with time to look inward and reflect.

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COLOURING FINE HAIR Everyone with flat, fine hair longs for va-va-voom volume! Luckily, colouring fine hair can be extremely beneficial when it comes to making the hair look and feel thicker than it actually is. Hair colour swells the hair shaft which makes it appear visibly thicker. So, for those clients with natural hair that find it’s always falling flat, explaining the benefits of adding colour to the hair during your consultation is a really worthwhile exercise. The best tip I can give when it comes to colouring fine hair, is to add highlights. Highlights will add instant volume and, by using varying shades, can create dimension that gives the optical illusion of movement and volume. However, if you colour the hair too light it can have the opposite affect, appearing thinner. Always remember the following four tips when colouring fine hair; 1. Less is more 2. Add in lots of dimensions 3. Avoid going too blonde 4. Add in a plex for extra protection Highlighting fine hair is a great technique to subtly elevate the colour, resulting in a natural, fresh finish, and it gives the bonus benefit of thicker locks.

COLOURING CURLY HAIR Curly hair naturally needs a lot of moisture, so you need to be extra mindful that you take this into consideration when consulting your curly hair clients. If the hair is too dry, adding colour will change the natural shape and texture pattern of the curl. The biggest tip you can follow when is comes to curly hair, is to work with colours that will add moisture and shine, rather than make the hair appear dry and brittle. Semi permanent colours are great for achieving this. Semi’s coat the outside of the hair cuticle, smooth it down and help the curls appear bouncy and shiny. No frizz here! My next tip is simple, don’t reach for the bleach! We all know bleach isn’t bad, but it’s not a curly client’s best friend, so reach for an alternative. If the hair is natural, try using tint colours to lift the hair only a few shades rather than striving for an intense blonde. If you need to use bleach to achieve the desired result, lift using the rule; Low & Slow. Low level peroxide, slow processing time. Freehand options are great for this and allow you to personalise visual placement of the colour. Don’t forget to add in a plex for extra protection.

One of the most effective tricks for curls if you decide you want to foil the hair, is to use a thicker weave than you would when colouring fine hair. A thicker weave in curly hair will help ribbon colour around the curl, whereas a fine weave will get lost. Lastly, keep it simple! Our curly hair clients can absolutely play with fun, fashion colours, but keep in mind when you look at curly hair there is already a lot going on with all that texture. Don’t overdo it, keep the colours and shades within the same tonal family or take the ‘less is more’ option if you are creating contrast.


Now I’m a very experienced colour specialist but when it comes to afro textured hair there are extremely talented hairdressers with more knowledge than me. So, for this one I called upon Chrissy Zemura. Chrissy owns Zemura Hair and is a passionate educator who is currently campaigning for the hairdressing curriculum to be changed to include afro textured hair education. Chrissy has kindly offered up some exert tips, as well as a few things to steer clear of, when colouring afro hair. According to Chrissy, the biggest mistake most will make when preparing to colour afro hair is thinking it is extremely strong and difficult to colour. The reality is quite the opposite. Afro hair is the most fragile hair type, and it is therefore the easiest to damage. So, the first thing you’ll need is a change of mindset, remember afro hair it is actually very fine and fragile. With that in mind, a thorough consultation is a must. Apart from accessing the quality of the hair, it’s important to understand its history. Understanding if natural hair dyes like henna have been used on the hair is really critical. Henna dyes are quite commonly used in some cultures to colour this hair type, but when mixed with other products you could be in for a real hair disaster. Henna is a particularly hard substance to colour, adding bleach will turn the hair green for example, not cute. Chrissy’s best advice with this is to do a strand test. Remember, it’s not up to the client to know exactly what product their previous hairdresser has used. So, if in doubt, ALWAYS strand test.


When it comes to colour for afro hair types, Chrissy’s go to technique for a soft, natural, sun-kissed effect is to use a 9-10 level tint in foil and a balayage in between with a high lift tint. (Note, there’s no mention of bleach in that sentence!) Remember fragile, fine hair = avoid bleach wherever possible. Now we can’t share all of Chrissy’s handy advice in one article, and it would be totally naive to think everyone can understand this incredibly textured hair with just this advice, so if you would like to learn more, Chrissy offers in-salon training and workshops in both colour and cutting. Contact Chrissy via email for 2022 training dates: Also follow her great work on Instagram; @chrissyzemurahair @zemurasalon As mentioned, Chrissy is campaigning to have afro textured hair incorporated into the Hairdressing Certificate Qualification. I wholeheartedly stand with her on this cause and you can too, sign the petition;

We’ve only briefly touched on three different texture types here, there is so much more to share but for now, remember the biggest take away; each hair texture is different and requires a different colour approach and technique to ensure the best colour result. Consultation and knowledge is key. Keep educating yourself in order to give each client the best results possible!

To learn more about colouring fundamentals and specialised techniques with Kristie Kesic face-to-face, check out Flawless Education; @flawlesseducation @cobellecreative Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


RTO Select


Once you have recruited an apprentice, one of first decisions that you need to make is which Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to partner with. This partnership is important, as quality training will mean the difference between a profitable and valued team member and the struggle that comes with underperforming employees. In order to make the choice about which RTO to partner there are a number of ways to look at what is the best fit for your business. The federal governments Myskills website has information that helps make comparison but outside of ensuring the RTO in complaint with government regulation it can be difficult to know. As with all decisions it is important to ask those who have used or have heard about the quality of the education of the RTO’s in your region. Alternatively calling the RTO and arranging a visit to the facilities is a great way to get a feel for how the RTO is run. While the considerations are many another way to feel confident about your choice of training provider is to look to an accreditation system that is quite unique to the Hair industry.

STANDARD 1: Education Leadership This standard looks to ensure the RTO’s business strategy, vision and mission are aligned to the industry.

The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) through its RTO Select accreditation program assesses and benchmarks quality RTO against the gold standard of Hairdressing training. RTO Select recognises quality education and provides a signpost for employers. It provides comfort so that the employer can feel that the RTO they are about to choose is one of the very best in the country.

STANDARD 4: Training and Assessment Resources Resources that are current and engaging and relate to the salon experience

The AHC has a membership of salons, product companies, RTOs, individuals, associated industry suppliers and businesses that share a united vision to promote and protect the industry. The AHC is an important voice for industry with 4 central pillars - Educate - Raise Industry Standards - Connect - Connecting Our Industry - Inform - Voice to Government - Support - Supporting Business RTO Select was born out of this mission to educate, connect, inform and support. RTO Select has a set of 7 standards that a Hairdressing RTO must reach in order to be accredited. The RTO accreditation stands alone with no other trade in this country offering a comparable accreditation process on which industry can rely. These standards have been developed by salon owners and industry to raise the standard of formal education in Hairdressing. 50

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

STANDARD 2: Recognition Does the RTO provide recognition of in- salon, product company and prior training as part of the process when educating an apprentice? STANDARD 3: Communication and Industry Engagement Ensures quality communication with salons and apprentices which includes systematic and ongoing engagement with the Hair industry.

STANDARD 5: Currency of Trainers A top level of Hairdressing skill combined with VET knowledge and skills. STANDARD 6: Salon Design, Operation and Clients The college is designed for high end professional training and provides a real salon experience. STANDARD 7: Environmental and social responsibility The college actively supports awareness and participates in environmental sustainability at the college and in industry and to the next generation. As an education business to be recognised as gold standard by the industry you train in the highest accolade you can hope for. MIG is one of 17 Registered Training Organisations in the country to have the gold star from the RTO select accreditation program. We have been RTO Select for the past 7 years since its inception and we proudly display this accreditation in all our digital media and on the glass as you enter our college.

The AHC and RTO Select are closely aligned to what we value the most which is the growth of an industry which has given us so much. But most importantly it is about enjoying the journey and providing comfort to the salons we work that they are working with an RTO who is connected and has their best interests at heart.


L’Oréal Digital Academy

L’Oréal Professional Products Division’s commitment to positioning digital as a true partnership differentiator in a highly competitive environment, drove the advent of the “L’Oréal Digital Academy”. An online school with the purpose of elevating participating salons in the social, digital, and online space with the objective of attracting new customers.

The Beauty Industry continues to accelerate digitally, and it’s L’Oréal PPD’s role as the industry leader, to be a key driver of this transformation. Having a dedicated program specialising in upskilling salons to improve and enhance their digital footprint, allowed them to attract new consumers and engage like never before with existing ones. The Digital Academy program ensures that the latest digital touchpoints and technologies relevant to new and emerging trends in consumer interactions are maximised to inspire all stakeholders. “L’Oréal as the global beauty leader, has access to consumer, media and business insights, tools, resources, and digital platforms that no other company does,” says SYLVIA STEWART, HEAD OF DIGITAL & EDUCATION L’ORÉAL PPD AUSTRALIA. “Sharing this with our salon’s is a privilege and instrumental in teaching them to operate optimally at the forefront of our industry. The biggest strength in the program and a key success factor was launching at a time when salons were needing to innovate in all aspects of digital and education.” The health situation of 2020 not only demonstrated a need for digital acceleration and upskilling of salons in order to relevantly communicate with consumers, but also showed that there was an appetite for education in various digital formats. “Success of the program was evident in the overwhelming and ongoing participation from our salon partners,” Sylvia said. “Over 1000 salons were audited on their digital presence and consequently recommended a bespoke education journey based on their needs.
Key 52

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

performance indicators of the success of the Digital Academy from a participating salons perspective are increased social followings and consistent presence, improved star rating and elevated search ranking, just to name a few.
 The Digital Academy team designed the automated salon audit process to determine a salons existing social, digital, and online footprint, leading to the determination of the right learning pathway, through to creating bespoke educational content relevant to the Australian landscape, all whilst delivering the curriculum in inclusive and innovative ways for all levels of learners. Providing an end-to-end process and solution our sales and education teams could include in their repertoire of business building tools that they proudly share with valued salon partners. The L’Oréal Digital Academy is not only for salons! The L’Oréal PPD sales and education teams who were instrumental in delivering this powerful business building tool, needed upskilling as well - and there was no better platform to educate them, than the L’Oréal Digital Academy.
 “The L’Oréal Digital Academy provides learning opportunities for internal team members of the L’Oréal team, just like it does for salons. The entire national field, and head office team were trained in February 2020 on the salon auditing tool as well as provided with an experience of the learning content that would be taught within each of the Modules, to be delivered to participants through the L’Oréal Digital Academy.” They were also invited to all of the client facing sessions to experience the curriculum and

Sylvia Stewart, Head of Digital & Education, L’Oréal PPD Australia

key outcomes that they would then be able to follow up back in-salon with their salon partners. The objective of this parallel learning model was to elevate all stakeholders equally, to enrich the outcomes and allow continuous evolution in the fast moving, everchanging digital landscape. The internal teams also had exclusive access to the L’Oréal Digital Academy “Insider’s Edition” series. Conducted by industry experts, discussing content and principles relevant to their field, our internal teams gained valuable insights, both empowering them and honing their new skillsets and enriching their knowledge banks. “The purpose is to elevate their ability to consult with their salon partners on all things digital to complement the learnings gained through the L’Oréal Digital Academy,” says Sylvia. “The series is delivered quarterly, each time building on knowledge gaps and delivering on requested topics we receive via feedback expressed by our internal teams. Such areas of expertise include SEO, Facebook, Geo Marketing, E-commerce and Social commerce. Future sessions’ content will include Augmented Reality and even AI!” For more information contact your L’Oréal Professional Products Division’s representative.



C o n t a c t S a b re C o r p o n 1 3 0 0 7 6 4 4 3 7 o r s a le s @ s a b re - g ro u p . co m *




CUTTING HAIR, CREATING CONNECTIONS Short Back & Sidewalks is a free hair-cutting service for members of the community in need. They work alongside service providers across Australia, providing friendly and attentive hair-cutting experiences with some of Australia’s best hairdressers and barbers as their volunteers.

Short Back & Sidewalks currently operates in Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Victoria. Their service goes beyond just giving free haircuts; they create meaningful connections through conversations with clients and create visibility for some of the most marginalised community members in Australia. Short Back & Sidewalks started in Perth, WA, in early 2015. The first haircuts took place in a car park behind a shopping arcade in Northbridge. It was a simple set up for a simple idea that has gone on to grow, help and inspire across Australia. Over time, they developed relationships with a number of service providers, and started delivering haircuts onsite at their premises. They have found that meeting their clients in safe, familiar spaces, and tying in with existing service providers, is the most effective way to engage. In 2017, they expanded their services to Sydney, working in a similar onsite delivery model alongside Orange Sky Laundry in Martin Place and Rough Edges in Darlinghurst. In 2018, they began delivering services to the Northern Territory, where they were invited to participate in the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture in North East Arnhem Land, providing free haircuts for festival attendees. And so, their new community engagement model was born. The following year they returned to Garma Festival and also began a new school holiday program with the Mutitjulu Community in the Northern Territory. In 2020, they were invited to give free haircuts to community at the One Day In Fremantle Festival, WA, and are set to expand their services into Melbourne, VIC, in collaboration with HoMie, later in the year. Short Back & Sidewalks have grown from a small local team of three volunteers when starting out, to a national team with over 200 volunteers and are always on the lookout for new volunteers and new partners.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

“Dig a little deeper and you’ll see we do a lot more than this, “says founder and CEO Craig Hollywood. “We’re building positive connections and creating visibility for some of the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our community. Through the act of giving a haircut, our volunteers build a connection with our clients. We offer a time and space in which our clients are not defined by their circumstances; they are seen, heard, and valued by our team” “We often see homeless young people prioritising matters that need immediate attention,” says Aaron D’Vaz, a Youth Worker at Passages Youth Engagement Bub, WA. “As our clients are extremely transient and vulnerable, they are often focused on accommodation and food needs. This means things like their appearance take a back seat. Passages are very lucky to collaborate with a service like Short Back & Sidewalks as it fills a gap and provides an awesome vibe in the facility when they visit. I notice, first-hand, the improvement in clients’ moods and general wellbeing after receiving a haircut from the crew. Young people often complement each other on their new looks and the positive energy in the service on those days is a nice change and distraction for those facing turmoil on a daily basis.” “One of our young people is currently transitioning from female to male and was lucky enough to receive a haircut from SBSW and was elated with his new look. He returned later to communicate that he had been called ‘sir’ and seen as a male for one of the first times in his journey. I think it’s a perfect collaboration. Passages has the space and the clients with the need and Short Back & Sidewalks are able to fill a gap that otherwise would not be considered as pertinent to a young person’s happiness & wellbeing.”

SINCE DELIVERING THEIR FIRST SERVICE IN MARCH 2015, SHORT BACK & SIDEWALKS HAVE: Given over 5,900 haircuts Spent 11,736 hours building community Grown from two to 200 volunteers Expanded from Perth to National “On the streets of Perth, there are 1,000 people sleeping rough every night, 8,000 people sleeping inappropriately, and 17,000 on the waiting list for social housing,” Craig said. “In a world after COVID, these numbers are only going to increase, and so will the demand for positive connections due to the increase in mental health stresses. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19, and especially people who are experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.” Hairdressers and barbers only need to give as little as two hours per month to provide free haircuts and positive connections to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. Short Back & Sidewalks works on location, attending the premises of service providers in WA, NSW, NT, and VIC. At all times the clients’ needs are considered the number one priority, so they operate in familiar, safe, and inclusive spaces for all. If you are a service provider and would like Short Back & Sidewalks to visit your service, please get in contact via the information below. Short Back & Sidewalks are always on the lookout to start services in new locations with new teams and volunteers. Head to the volunteer link on their website to get involved. Website; Email; Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


cover story

get the gloss We all want hair colour that is effective and easy to use and for that, liquid formulas simply can’t be beat. When creating the gloss — our innovative liquid, low pH, demi-permanent hair colour— we took it even further by ensuring our latest colour product would also be extremely versatile for use in the salon and beneficial to the hair’s overall health.

This ammonia-free liquid formula allows you to create custom colour services for clients with high levels of added shine. The gloss can be implemented in four different service types and leaves hair in better condition than before it was coloured. By focusing on keeping pH levels low, we created a colour that improves the integrity of the hair shaft, allowing for longer-lasting colour and HD shine.

Why pH levels matter

It’s no secret that keeping pH levels balanced is one of the foundations of healthy, beautiful hair. While a client’s daily routine is key, salon services can often throw even the most balanced haircare regimen off-track. Typical colour services often use a high pH level to lift the cuticle in order to deposit colour onto the shaft. However, the low pH levels of the gloss actually counterbalance this damage by causing the cuticle to constrict and lay flat. This not only locks in moisture—another benefit of an oil-based colour—but it also helps the hair shaft to lay smooth. This reduces frizz and increases shine. The gloss is a true acid-based colour. When mixed with the activator, this gentle but powerful demi-permanent hair colour has a pH level of 6.7. This ensures amazing colour tones without modifying the hair’s natural structure. While its foundation is in respecting the hair’s

natural integrity, the gloss delivers superior grey coverage (up to 50%!) and corrects and tones chemically treated hair. After application, the gloss’s effects last through 15-20 washes.

Natural Ingredients for Added Benefits

The gloss incorporates several powerful fruit extracts, to infuse hair with added health benefits. Both the colour formula and activator are enhanced with Prickly Pear extract, a naturally powerful antioxidant. This super fruit is also high in natural sugars, pectins, minerals and Vitamins C and E. Our state-of-the-art extraction process reduces fruit waste and uses naturally occurring hyperfermentation which increases antioxidants and flavonoids by more than 50%. This aids in the reduction of harmful free-radicals, preserving the health and integrity of the hair. The gloss also includes our amino acid complex, to aid in keratin production, along with blueberry extract for nourishing phytonutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The colour formula also contains sunflower seed extract, for additional emollient properties, and the activator incorporates our patented Integrity 41 complex, for additional hair health benefits. All of these natural benefits result in hair that is nourished, radiant, and full of life.

testimonials: “Absolutely thrilled to welcome this new launch to our Milk_shake family.Being a perfectly neutral “Acidic” colour, it will bring us as colourist’s a whole new platform to play on. Using it in conjunction with Milk_shake Illuminate is creating endless possibilities to the creative colourist, it makes my mind so excited to think of the tones I can create.” Kirsty Richey, National milk_shake educator. “With the industry evolution of lived in colours especially for blondes there’s a trending demand for an ammonia free gel based colour / toning service and of course milkshake delivers the goods. Our colour portfolio is now stronger than ever with this true semi permanent addition.’’ Sarah Jan Van Daalen, National milk_shake Educator.


“We are super impressed with the new gloss range , we love using it for a root melt for a seamless lived-in blonde. It gives the hair an incredible shine and makes it feel amazing! We are using less colour too which is fantastic! A little bit goes a long way “ Lujo Studio, Teneriffe, Brisbane.

The gloss fits well into any salon service menu and can be used in combination with other milk_shake colour products for a total of four unique services. colour gloss Use the gloss after a lightening service to tone, modify or intensify a desired shade. hd shine Use the special Neutral shade in combination with milk_ shake integrity reconstruction fiber sealant to deliver high shine without additional colour toning.

gloss and colour Combine milk_shake smoothies conditioning semipermanent colour with the gloss for additional grey coverage and unbeatable shine and softness. hd colour When you apply the gloss in conjunction with a milk_ shake illuminate pure pigment colour service your colour toning results will be greatly intensified. Use this combination for high-definition custom colour.

For more information IG @milkshakehair_aus

the colour of a rose

Rose & Crown is a place for friendships, love and a whole lot of creativity! Just a few years ago Katrina Richards had a vision to own her own hair salon when weekly blow-dries were her go to. Creating a successful business, in just a few years, Katrina is set to expand her first location to double the size and is celebrating her second salon ‘Pavilions’, both of which are forging ahead in leaps and bounds. “The success of Rose and Crown Hair is humbling, and we are so excited to see where the journey continues,” says Katrina. Toned 15g 8.32 + 15g 88.0



In-salon colour educator, stylist and manager of the Pavilions salon, Jodie Higgins absolutely values and lives for hair with muk Haircare becoming her favourite professional colour range to work with. We asked Jodie and fellow stylists/colourists Bri and Alyssa to tell is why they also love muk!


muk Haircare professional colours are so versatile and straight forward. You can create such a wide range of colours and I love they are cool based. Fav combo. 10.21 with 1g 6.5 for a champagne pearly blonde. 7.32/88.0 for a beautiful bronde. Can’t go past 9.2 ,10.7 and clear for a bright clean blonde.


muk Hybrid Color - 30g 7.4 + 10g 88.0 + 1g 55.62



I’ve worked with a lot of colours and muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is really straight forward and universal numbering system. Very easy transition from another colour. The muk Clay Additive is something new to work with. It’s been great as we do work in a fast-paced busy environment, so the clay helps us to work quickly without jeopardising bleeding. Clay gives us more control for balayage and free hand painting. Fav combo. Adding 000 to my formula to bring through the ends for copper. 8.32 is the perfect blonde of warm and creamy!


muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is all round the best colour I’ve ever worked with, everything is better than the others! I do really love the texture of the toners. It’s really workable into the hair to create beautiful results! Fav combo. Love milk biscuit cocktail (30g 10.0 + 2g 8.43 + 1g 7.45) and my go to always 9.21 and 10.21, as we are such a blonde salon!



=7 =7

Colour correction from black with blue vivid roots. Pre-lightened with muk Ultra Lift Bleach + 20 Vol to a level 7. muk Hybrid Color roots 15g 7.0 + 15g 6.35. Ends - 7.21.






Mineral Infused Technology

The EVY RESTYLE Hot Brush effortlessly restyles and recreates your blow wave, delivering a total “I’ve just walked out of the salon” look, every time! Designed for styling dry hair, and equipped with heat resistant nylon bristles and Mineral Infused Technology, you can also create waves, curls or smooth dry hair in minutes - the ultimate true time saver and restyling hero!

I’ve found the EVY Restyle Hot Brush really easy to use, I love how it holds your hair firmly which makes it easy to roll your hair around the barrel. The Restyle Hot Brush is a winner for re vamping yesterday’s blow dry style, our customers are going to absolutely love it! Kim Astro, Chroma The best thing about the EVY RESTYLE is that you can now have a big blow dry style at home. You will never achieve that same result with a tong, now the Restyle helps perfect that beautiful blow dry result super efficiently. In salon it’s perfect for smoothing and finishing dry hair before doing any up styling or tonging, so saving us time and not washing in a lot of cases. Clients want great hair daily more than occasional hair, and the Restyle will be their go-to every morning to have great hair styled super easily and quickly. Watch this space… way less mum buns! Sam James – SJ Establishment

The EVY Restyle is a classic Hot brush that’s light and very easy to use and very quick leaving the hair super shiny. I think it will become every client’s favourite tool at home to restyle their hair after the salon visit and help them recreate daily volume, wave or smooth hair as if they just walked out of a salon. My clients cannot wait to get their hands on the hot brush as we educate them on how to look after their hair at home. That’s part of our salon culture to have our clients be in hair heaven and feel fabulous every day! Marie Ricupito, Marie Nahas Salon

For enquiries visit Or email


• Hot brush for effortless restyling • Heat resistant nylon bristles • 38mm lightweight ceramic barrel • Mineral Infused Technology for inner hydration and ultimate shine • LCD display for precise temperature control 130-230° C • Cool tip for safe use • Thumb rest for easy balance • Sleep mode/auto shut off after 60mins • 3-metre professional swivel cord • Universal voltage 100-240~ V /50 /60 Hz • 24 months warranty




Colours 9MR









7MV: Blonde Metallic Violet 8MS: Light Blonde Metallic Silver 9MR: Very Light Blonde Metallic Rose 7.12: Ash Pearl Blonde 8.12: Light Ash Pearl Blonde 9.12: Very Light Ash Pearl Blonde 10.12: Platinum Ash Pearl Blonde 12.02: Special Blonde Lilac 12.12: Special Blonde Ash Lilac 1SW: White 4.77: Chocolate Brown 4.003: Medium Natural Brown





Colour Chart Code: CCSL

*Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour finish, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Joiken will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Joiken, you agree to accept the risk that there will be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website.

A : 8 9 Perci val Rd , Smi t hf i eld N SW 2 1 6 4 |

P: 02 8 7 8 1 01 2 3 |

W: www.joi


To inspire Australian and New Zealand colourists to explore every aspect of their creativity, Schwarzkopf Professional continues its three-season strong partnership with Romance Was Born, to unveil the ‘LOVE IN FULL COLOUR’ IGORA ROYAL campaign. Given the freedom to explore every aspect of their imagination, Schwarzkopf Professional ANZ Guest Artists Natalie Anne, David Wieselmann, Dylan Hooper and Cassie Kavalieros, along with National Ambassador and Australian Hairdresser of the year, Dee Parker Attwood, were directed by Romance Was Born to capture bridal looks without definition for their Forever Bridal shoot. Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of Romance Was Born continue to push boundaries and hope to inspire. “Our collection Romance Was Born Forever, has been crafted almost entirely from RWB dead stock and preloved vintage pieces. We’ve created a treasure trove filled with doilies, lace and sequins, and repurposed discarded wedding dresses that are rich in memories to bring out a new-age bridal collection. We love to watch the models change hair colour, dress up, and transform,” Anna and Luke say.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

With Romance’s love of rich, intense colours and nostalgia, four bridal trends emerged and were coloured to life using IGORA Royal: Modern Nostalgia, Floral Wonderful, Magical Whimsy and Ethereal Romantics.

Professional Guest Colour Artist, Cassie Kavalieros. The new look IGORA Royal provided the colourists with more sustainable packaging, a simplified portfolio and the same trusted formula, superior performance, and reliable and luminous results.

With more than 140 true-to tuft shades, IGORA Royal brings true colour in high definition with uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention. The colour brand was heroed in the campaign - and used to reveal each model’s individual beauty in the colour transformation process.

“The more the merrier with colour – I say! Since picking up IGORA Royal I’ve been obsessed with it. The results speak for themselves,” says Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Colour Artist, Dylan Hooper.

New guest artists, Dylan Hooper and Cassie Kavalieros could be the colourist they wanted to be, with everything they need, inside the IGORA Royal portfolio. “Brides are often going to go for more subtle changes and look enhancements in their colouring. If they’re going for a natural or enhanced colour, we often add highlights to create some added depth and texture to transform the look or make their existing colour richer!” says Schwarzkopf

The two brands aligned in both creative vision and values, with both the hair and gowns stemming from recycled materials. IGORA Royal is now available in sustainable packaging, including 100% recycled aluminum, as a conscious offering to clientele, encouraging all to do their part for the future of the planet. When creating the campaign, Schwarzkopf Professional had one key objective; to inspire the future of the hairdressing industry, to stick with their profession, to stay enthusiastic and to keep creating with confidence.

TREND 1 – MODERN NOSTALGIA ...tells a tale of past and present – this is nostalgia repurposed for today. Schwarzkopf Professional ASK Advisers Chrissie Biesiek and Olivera Cirillo customised colour with IGORA Royal and Fashion Lights ranges to create flaming reds, ice-whites and sand blondes, creating iridescent depths in movement and a modern take on vintage colour. For styling, Dee Parker Attwood brought a contemporary twist on the defining decade of the 80s, with a nod to nostalgia, big blowouts, and a refined elegance to keep the looks revised for today.

TREND 2 – FLORAL WONDERLAND ...celebrates gender fluidity, dream-like light-heartedness with a soft-serve floral finish. A budding dreamworld with a quirky aesthetic that modernises and reinvents the long- established floral wedding hair styles, for the future. All-out natural texture was embraced in styling these looks created by David Wieselmann (Curly-Undercut), Natalie-Anne (Soft Pastel Curls) and Dee Parker Attwood (Blooming Natural Curls) respectively. For colour IGORA Royal helped achieve a rich chocolate brown on Zoran.

TREND 3 – MAGICAL WHIMSY ... Whimsical styles embrace grace and sophistication and release the freedom of naturally undone elegance. The collection celebrates the spirit of fluid movement and understated power, by fearlessly reimagining classic forms. Redefining the ‘traditional bride,’ bringing inspiring looks born from soft-focus Victoriana, which always comes to fashion in moments of challenge and change. Natalie Anne created a modern-yet classic romantic wet-look embellished chignon, creating high-shine using BLONDME and OSiS+ Sparkler and intricate hand-flowers to customise the final look on a buttery ethereal blonde soft-curled base. Natalie-Anne’s softened approach continued with modern maiden braids, floral- jeweled accessories for a costume-like feel, with a gorgeous sand-blonde coloured by Cassie Kavalieros. Multi-dimensional Silver White curls were enhanced via David Weiselmann’s styling on Bindy. Classic and timeless, embracing texture. IGORA Silver Whites celebrates mature hair and emphasises silver accents and grey tones to add nuanced tones, and help the hair take on a fresh, new shine.

TREND 4 – ETHEREAL ROMANTICS ...weaves a magical world of bewitchment, illusion and beauty in everything. Dee Parker Attwood created flat-ironed waves on a dark chocolate base. Long, brown hair shows that it can still delivers multi-dimensional, shiny, and utterly sensational looks. This dark chocolate base is sliced with subtle shades of copper for a waterfall of rich warm brown, shimmering with softer hues. A modern, tone-on-tone look created by Dylan Hooper and Chrissie Biesiek, styled by Dee Parker Attwood. Finally, a Farrah Fawcett inspired flip fringe was a stand-out by Dee Parker Attwood, complimented with an IGORA Royal brightened bold red delivering huge-impact.


DIRECTION Anna Plunkett & Luke Sales of Romance Was Born PHOTOGRAPHY Daphne Nguyen BTS PHOTOGRAPHY Jack Henry & Lidya Nada MAKE-UP Nicole Thompson & Kelly Bowman MODELS Billie Adams, Suzanna & Uma at Priscillas + Zoran Jevtic at Priscillas Monique at Kult Models + Bindy at Silverfox MGMT Frenchie Thompson




Hotel de Lorenzo The dream of beautiful holiday destinations, surrounded by colour, sand and surf – which we are currently all yearning for – is captured within the De Lorenzo Spring Summer 2021-2022 collection – Hotel de Lorenzo. A collection with a modern retro twist capturing different colours and styles and evolving into characters which represent them so well.

The dream of beautiful holiday destinations, surrounded by colour, sand With Hair Director and Brand Ambassador, Brad Ngata once again

and surf – which wemagic, are currently all yearning for – isperfectly captured within creating hair the Spring Summer 2021-2022 collection captures where imagination meets reality by the pool!

the De Lorenzo Spring Summer 2021-2022 collection – Hotel de Lorenzo. A collection with a modern retro twist capturing different colours and



styles, and evolving into characters which represent them so well.




With Hair Director and Brand Ambassador, Brad Ngata once again creating hair magic, the Spring Summer 2021-2022 collection perfectly captures where imagination meets reality by the pool!

The Flight Attendant

Sexy and sophisticated, our Flight Attendant likes to let her hair down when she’s not flying, opting for va va volume and tantalising texture in her curated signature waves. This look encapsulates a beautifully blended colour of rose golds and blondes, to her Natural 6 base, created with Supanova, a combination of Natural, Gold and Auburn tones and Bond Construct 1. Styling. Apply Bond Defence Extinguish to damp, detangled hair, before applying Elements Motion from roots-to-ends for added volume. Blow dry with a large round brush to create movement and additional volume. Curl with a mid-sized tong, before leaving each section to cool, and then brush out with Essential Treatments Absorb at the roots for added texture. Spray ends with Elements Sandstorm and finish with Elements Quicksand to piece out.

The Chameleon

A stunning copper and yellow concoction, our Chameleon embraces her styling versatility with her waterfall of textured waves and blunt fringe, opting for either a sleek style or a high ponytail. Her luxe, rich colour was created using concentrated Yellow, Copper and Titan tones. Styling. On towel dried hair, spray Elements Densify into the root area and comb through before applying Elements Barrel Wave to mid-lengths and ends. Blow dry with a large round brush, creating movement, and to finish apply a spritz of Elements Sandstorm through the ends for texture and final hold.

The Hotelier

Honey, creamy blondes and golden hues deliver a sophisticated subtlety and a beautiful sun-kissed feel to our Hotelier’s Natural 7 base, and her tousled waterfall of relaxed waves. The natural beauty in this colour is created using Supanova, with a combination of Natural, Warm, Gold, and Titian tones and of course Novaplex Bond Construct 1. Styling. On towel dried hair, apply Elements Densify to root area and comb through. Apply Elements Motion from mid-lengths to the ends. Blow dry with a round brush to create volume and movement, before tonging with a medium curling tong. Use Elements Sandstorm on each section and let cool.

The Infamous Musician

Sassy and oozing attitude, our Infamous Musician wears her hair tousled and fuss-free - Rock Star Curls - preferring a low maintenance style in her hectic life of concerts and travel. Her understated brunette base is created using warm natural hues, with this look showcasing a quiet confidence in embracing natural curls and being the individual that you are. Styling. On towel dried hair, apply Instant Satur8 from mid-lengths to the ends and comb through. Apply Elements Titanium throughout mid-lengths and ends, twisting each section and diffusing dry. Spritz Elements Densify all over to set, before piecing out and polishing ends with Instant The Ends.


Total Results Unbreak My Blonde By MATRIX

The latest innovation in bonding and strengthening hair. Designed for even the most dramatic blonde transformation, this three-step strengthening system guarantees shine, smoothness, and strength. Unbreak My Blonde is a 3-step strengthening system which includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and a nongreasy Leave-in-Treatment, each formulated to repair and revive the locks of those with lightened, bleached, and chemically treated hair. The formula, infused with citric acid, reinforces weakened bonds, and revives sensitised hair, leaving and chemically treated hair soft, shiny and strong. This sulphate free three step process is highly conditioning to leave har 3 x stronger. Included is the new Total Results Bleach Finder – say goodbye to patchy bleach applications with this professional shampoo that turns pink if it detects any lightening residue in the hair, guaranteeing an even lightened result every time!

Reusable Biodegradable Ecotek Gloves. By AFFORDABLE ECO SOLUTIONS

Save your hard earned $$$ and fight the war on waste with our super strong disposable and REUSABLE biodegradable Ecotek gloves. • 100 black gloves per box • Biodegradable - environmentally friendly • Dermatologically Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance • Great for skin allergies • Industry first reusable disposable glove • Super strong and thick • Latex & Powder Free Nitrile Glove • Cost effective, very hard to break • No chemical residue ensures gloves do not stick together in packaging 100 Pack $37 + gst We offer bulk buy savings. Purchase 10 boxes and save $40


An intensive, new professional regime that provides instant strength and resilience for weak fragile hair that is prone to breakage. Dualsenses Bond Pro is a full range of technologically advanced hair formulas suitable for all hair types prone to breakage. It instantly reinforces and restructures hair from roots to ends proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that strong is the new beautiful. Peptides and amino acids penetrate into the hair cortex, targeting the damaged areas. Compounds of red and brown algae extracts form ionic and hydrogen bonds, embedding these peptides in the inner cortex, making the hair fibre stronger and more resilient. The Collection Includes: • New Fortifying Instantly delivers structure and care for weak fragile hair while its Goldwell exclusive FadeStopFormula minimizes color fading with every use. • New Fortifying Conditioner Immediately creates stronger hair with visibly less breakage while protecting against further mechanical damage when combing or brushing. • NEW 60Sec Treatment Instantly strengthens hair fiber by up to 100% in 60 seconds, to prevent breakage and split ends and seal the cuticle for smoothness, combability and protection. All without weighing down the hair.


Davroe is delighted to introduce a curl specific range of products, to maintain and manage wavy, curly and coiled hair types. Best of all, it meets the Curly Girl Method standards by excluding silicones, sulphates, and drying alcohols. Davroe have carefully formulated their CURLiCUE Range to embody effortless, manageable curls through a selection of luxurious products. Fortified with rich botanical oils and extracts, CURLiCUE leaves curls soft, hydrated, defined and voluminous. Creamy Avocado Oil provides intense hydration that nourishes the hair shaft from the inside out; smoothing coarse texture and strengthening the hair. Nutrient-rich Kakadu Plum Extract protects the hair against damage whilst moisturising to leave dull, coarse hair silky and glossy. Revitalising Lotus Flower Extract improves overall hair health by hydrating and repairing to add strength, shine and body, while restoring the hair’s natural lustre. This unique blend of hard working ingredients defines a range that leaves kinky, coily, or curly hair feeling and looking its best. DAVROE’s CURLiCUE range includes a Cleansing Clay, Deep Conditioning Rinse, Hydrating Hair Oil, Curl Balm, Curl Activator and Rapid Dry Hair Wrap, a soft, absorbent hair towel that minimises frizz and reduces drying time by 50%. Curly Girl Approved: Free from Silicone, Sulphate, and Drying Alcohols.

Styling Chair Back Protective Cover By Joiken

Protective sleeve for your styling chair protects chair back from salon chemicals. Easy to install-slip over chair back cover. Easy to wipe clean with hemmed edges for added strength. Size 52 x 40cm (side gusset 12cm) and made from PVC Also suitable on the following styling chairs: • Goldie • Estelle • Meghan • Bardot • Belle• Taylor • Charlie • Cressida • Julia • Audrey • Ruby Code: 43303



Launched in 1947 in New York and representing the industry standard for safe services in salons and barbershops for more than half a century BARBICIDE® is the market leader in its category. This iconic brand has maintained its position in the hair and beauty industry worldwide because of its impressionable performance and effectiveness. If there’s one thing that the pandemic and recent lockdowns have emphasised is the safe practices of cleaning disinfection and sterilisation, including our tools salon equipment and workplace/space. The reality of how easily germs and viruses spread through communities and how quickly our normal lives and occupations can be suspended in an instant should only highlight to any barber/ hairdresser/beauty therapist how extremely important choice of product is when it comes to an effective highly regarded disinfectant keeping everyone safe. Please don’t be mislead by thinking all disinfectants in your wholesaler are effective or equal to the iconic BARBICIDE® as they are NOT! M&U Imports are the exclusive Australian distributor for Barbicide® and Clippercide®. For product details contact or (03) 9555 1533.


Introducing the vibrant Colorful three step routine from JOICO which includes an Anti-Fade Shampoo, Conditioner, and Glow Beyond Serum. Rich in antioxidants the Joico Colorful range delivers strength, repair, and fade-fighting protection to each strand of hair to protect the longevity of color and shine. This brilliant trio will upkeep your clients salon do, and keep them true-to-hue with vibrancy boosting technology. The Range Includes • Colorful anti-fade shampoo for color longevity • Colorful anti-fade conditioner for color longevity • Colorful Glow Beyond Serum for color longevity



The mindful choice for hair. Echos Maqui3 Vegan Hair Care is a caring, compact hair care range powered by antioxidant-rich superfood, the Maqui berry. 100% vegan and made in Italy.


The power of gold. In gold finish with 24k gold laminated ring, Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer in Gold is ultra-lightweight with 2250 watts of potent power. Antibacterial technology.


New look, new scent, same incredible results. Reintroducing Design.ME Fab.ME Multi-Purpose Lotion and Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo in Light Tones and Dark Tones. A fresh take on essential timesavers.


With Silver Bullet, seconds count. Silver Bullet Sonic Speed Clipper is ultra-efficient, ultra-fast and ultra-high performance. 9,000 rpm AC linear motor with lithium-ion polymer battery for 2 hours cordless runtime.


All black, all performance. With hand-honed blades, Iceman Blaze Hairdressing Scissors are designed to cater to all cutting and barbering techniques. Stainless steel blades from 5-7”. Ultra-chic black with gold.


Exciting 2021 additions to the popular BaBylissPRO Influencer Collection. Introducing GreenFX Skeleton Outliner Trimmer by Pat Regan, PurpleFX Outliner Trimmer by Frank Soto and RedFX Outliner Trimmer by Carlos Estrella.


A brush is not just a brush. At HH Simonsen, every brush is designed with full attention to function, form and premium quality. Designed by leading Danish hairdressers for hairdressers.


Blue Wash Shiatsu Blues Styling Chair Features Blues is a styling chair with hydraulic lockable pump, with 5-spoke base.

Features Blue Wash Shampoo station, single unit + air massage system and electric footrest. Black upholstery

Clust Black Styling Chair

Mambo Wash Shiatsu

Features Clust is a swivel armchair with hydraulic lockable pump, with 5-spoke base. Padding in polyurethane resin and black upholstery.

Features M ambo Wash shampoo station, electric footrest and air-shiatsu massage system.

*Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour finish, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight diff e rences in product finishes over time and other factors. Joiken will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Joiken, you agree to accept the risk that there will be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website.

A : 8 9 Perci val Rd , Smi t hf i eld N SW 2 1 6 4 |

P: 02 8 7 8 1 01 2 3 |

W: www.joi


By Sandy Chong, CEO of the AHC

I was recently invited by Business Women in Heels to write a chapter for a book called “Rise Above…. Beyond Ordinary”. Eight chapters by eight women. All real stories. Each tale very different. Lessons learnt in every one. For my chapter I wanted to elevate our industry’s image to the readers. I wanted them to see hairdressing through my eyes, what hairdressing meant to me, why I chose to become a hairdresser, and paint a picture of the industry in the most positive way. My chapter is called “It’s more than keeping up appearances “ and my opening paragraph is this... “The look on her face matched mine. Shock, horror, disbelief. The only difference was she had a bloody nose and I didn’t. OMG, did I really do that!?” Okay, this may not paint a good picture of the industry - or me - but it does have a place in my personal story. It was during the pandemic that I wrote my chapter. In doing this, I encourage you to write your own chapter. What’s your story? What have you had to rise above to become who you are today? What have you achieved so far in your career or life? How have you become beyond ordinary? If you asked me these questions, I would find the answers hard to come by at first. Writing your own chapter, you recognise your journey of achievements, big or small. Writing your own story helps you see how and why you are the person you are today. Trips down memory lane are a reminder of the opportunities you embraced and challenges you overcame. 74

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

You’ll be surprised at what you’ve achieved, moved on and forgotten how well you’ve done. You’ll also remember those who supported you and those who didn’t. Have you ever felt misunderstood? Overlooked? Betrayed by those you thought were friends? At the time it’s hurtful, but I’m sure has contributed to your growth. Looking back is insightful for how your history of experiences have influenced how you think and act today. In writing about a small part of my history, I realised so much about myself, my business, and my life purpose. Life is a rollercoaster at the best of times. The pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has been the lowest time for many in our industry. Owning a business is stressful. Owning a business during a pandemic has been a challenge mentally and financially, no matter how successful you are. The emotional swings and moods of the industry have been unpredictable, as so much is at stake. We all dream of success, but the pandemic has made us unstable with uncertainty. We’ve experienced emotions we are not used to…. anger, despair, frustration, sadness, and fear. So, in this time of uncertainty, I encourage you to write a chapter about yourself. It doesn’t have to be published; it can be just for you. In times of uncertainty, it’s important to recognise how far you have come and regardless, still dream, aspire, and believe that there is so much more to expect and experience.

Think about when you first decided to be a hairdresser. My answer to this is simply that my cousin and aunt worked for Vincent De Lorenzo. They had pageboy haircuts, wore miniskirts and high boots. I thought they were the coolest people on the planet. They were on TV supporting Mr De Lorenzo, so I thought they were movie stars too. They were happy, always laughing. I wanted to be part of that world. I’ve achieved everything I set out to do, and now I have so much more to do for the industry. For the rest of my story, I guess you’ll have to read the book…. but instead, I highly recommend you write your own and discover just how successful you really are.


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THE BIGGEST PSYCHOLOGICAL HURDLE By Jenni Tarrant The global pandemic is obviously the greatest threat to our health and businesses than we have had to deal with in living memory. The second biggest, in my opinion, is our mental health epidemic - particularly among the generations below my own. This is a subject very close to my heart. I have significant mental health issues as do many family members and numerous salon team members, both past and present. And I know I am not alone in struggling with how to solve this challenge within the salon environment. With 38 years in the hairdressing industry and 17 years owning my own salon, I can’t recall any period where brain health has been such a pervasive and pressing issue. The greatest challenge for me as the leader of my team is how to navigate the personal within the professional environment. Where is the line? I can honestly say that I have often gone waaaaayyyyyy over the line in my attempts to ‘fix’ or prevent the problem. I have supported; cared for; empathised with; invested in; and provided for so many team members in the past that it has sometimes created a ‘very messy dynamic’ for all parties. So, what is the answer? Am I an employer or a nurturer? Can I be both those things and still be effective in the way I operate my business? Am I an enabler or am I being too tough? How do I strike the right balance when dealing with such different personalities at different levels of brain health? Where can I get help when mental health resources are at maximum capacity? How do I continue to provide excellent technical and customer service when so many team members need to be away from work? There are so many questions and so few guidelines available to follow. 76

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

I recently discovered a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy template from the Australian Hairdressing Council which I have amended for my own business. It has allowed me to clearly communicate my care and support to team members who have voluntarily identified themselves as having mental health issues. It has helped me discover the line because it formalises the communication process. Having said that, a document can never be enough to deal with the seemingly daily in-salon issues ranging from heightened anxiety through to dissociative episodes - and everything in between. And I am saying that as a trained and experienced LifeLine counsellor, and accredited practitioner in various personal development techniques. The place where I am now finding my peace is in recognising that my role is to ultimately provide a safe environment for mental health, just as it is for the physical health and safety of my team. If a crisis occurs, I can handle the situation in the best interests of those involved at the immediate time, but beyond that it is not, and should not be, my responsibility.

To step in before I have been asked to, robs the individual of their opportunity to problem solve. It stunts their ability to build resilience and muddies the water between the personal and the professional. My role is to model how to present your professional self when at work. There are times when outside help is needed but they are few and far between in the scheme of things. I no longer jump in to ‘save an impending situation’. Instead, I have on-hand contact numbers for crisis support and can direct the team member to the entry for professional treatment. In essence, the line for me is to help my team members battling mental health issues to find their own line within the salon. Viewing things from that perspective puts the responsibility back on the individual and empowers them to make their own choices. Even the literal meaning of the word empowerment: “To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights” is a big and positive step towards a healthier brain and team. More power to you and your salon, Jen xxx



By Gary Latham

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Iron Mike Tyson With the Olympics, lockdowns, and my brain surgery everyone is thinking about thinking, or at least how to cope. In the past month the buzz word’s been mindset. Largely a sporting term, borrowed by the world of business, employed across life in general. Measuring performance in sport is easy because there is a scoreboard to do exactly that, but scoring brings pressure. The vogue mindset is to ignore the scoreboard if you want to end up on top of it. Strange really, it’s a bit like being a Buddhist in order to make a million bucks. The old school theory was success came to those who thrive under pressure. I was brought up on the phrase “pressure makes diamonds”. Now the special ones ignore it. It’s easy to handle pressure if you don’t see it. So how do we handle pressure? I listened to an interview with Ben Crowe a mindset coach whose client list is headed by tennis Ace Ash Barty. While Ash works hard and smart with her team to ensure she is prepared for competition, perfect practice makes perfect, it is her mindset that draws the highest admiration. Confident in her team, generous in success and most of all she is having a great time. This the pressure free road she has built to success. Crowe mentions that Roger Federer lives his life by three words. Humility, Gratitude and Humour. Fiercely competitive Federer rarely is seen stressed and even now as he ages and no longer dominating, he is still a winner. Challenges and loss can be seen as adventures and rewarding with the right mindset. What is my mindset? While I never set out to condense my outlook into three little words, but it was done for me by Timely CEO Ryan Baker. Kindness, Fun and Positivity. Kindness took the longest to learn and was the hardest to put into practice. Yes, in my early days I could be a real shit. One of my few gifts is emotional intelligence but I wasted it too

often on making others feel bad. I finally realised that if I could make someone feel bad, I should be able to make people feel really good. Same power and effort but a much better result. What really cemented the switch to kindness was dealing with younger staff. As the age difference grew so did my compassion. I also believe the earlier in life/careers you can make a difference in people the bigger the difference will be. Fun is probably the easiest to put into practice. Who doesn’t want to have fun, why wouldn’t you. We spend so much time chasing things that will bring us happiness why don’t we just start by being happy. Positivity is my pick of the three as I find it the most useful. It gets me through so many things. Please don’t think for one second think I don’t have dark times and periods of doubt. I just chose not to dwell there. Many people have told me how brave I am. They forget bravery is only discounting about what might happen. Outcomes are rarely as bad as our expectations. It’s better to save your energy to deal with it then waste it worrying beforehand. The secret to positivity is acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean rolling over and giving up. Shit things happen to me, my family, and friends. Some we bring on ourselves, some we deserve, and others are just totally random. I have a three-step process assess, accept, and action. There are times when we have every right to be sad, regretful, or remorseful. Honestly assess the situation and turn things around. In extreme times and cases this is easier said than done so slow things down before you turn things around. Mediate, relax, exercise, and eat well. Sometimes you just have to look after you. Find acceptance and move on to better brighter days. Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5




I have been chatting to fellow mate’s interstate in Melbourne, keeping informed of their situation and it seems a common factor after a lockdown period ends, is clients oversharing and overstepping the client vs professional boundary. So, I thought I would share what I have learnt from experience, about this important topic. I have been chatting to fellow mate’s interstate in Melbourne, keeping informed of their situation and it seems a common factor after a lockdown period ends, is clients oversharing and overstepping the client vs professional boundary. So, I thought I would share what I have learnt from experience, about this important topic. Hairdressing requires a level of trust and intimacy that is unique to other industries. In a single day, hairdressers touch, speak, console, cheer-up, and listen to several clients. That’s no small feat in the professional world. The client-hairdresser relationship is a unique one and may be difficult to navigate at times. The following is to bring a fresh awakening to your role and learn how to avoid overstepping both personal and professional boundaries. Setting boundaries helps you prioritise your needs over other people’s wants. We all have boundaries. These are the rules that govern how we interact in our relationships with others, indicating what we find to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Everyone’s boundaries are different. Knowing what your boundaries are, comes from a personal sense of self-worth, and your personal values in life. Setting boundaries, is not always easy. It is a skill that can take time to get right. I think now is the best time to reset yours, given what everyone is experiencing with Covid. Professional boundaries are rules and limits that prevent the lines between yourself and the client from becoming blurred. Professional boundaries are a framework to maintain a safe working environment for both parties. Some examples of professional boundaries may include: • Not discussing a client’s personal information with others. 78

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

• Not performing additional favours for clients, outside of the scope of your role. Personal boundaries may be less explicit than professional boundaries. They may include physical, emotional, and mental limitations, which hairdressers can adopt to protect themselves from being drawn in or becoming overly invested in their client’s lives. Personal boundaries allow hairdressers to maintain psychological safety for themselves and their clients. Some examples of personal boundaries may include: • Not discussing your personal problems with your client (such as relationships). • Not worrying about your client once they have left the salon and you have gone home. Realistically, boundaries will occasionally be crossed or blurred at various points in a hairdresser’s relationship. This could be due to a particularly difficult situation, stress, bad luck, or manipulation by a client. In these cases, it is your responsibility to avoid boundary crossings from becoming a pattern and damaging the professional relationship. Examples of boundary crossings include: • Inappropriately disclosing personal information. • Confidentiality about you and other clients. • Inappropriate verbal abused (bullied) and aggression.

1. What is my role in this situation? E.G. Are you acting as a professional hairdresser or a friend? 2. Am I sharing personal information for my benefit or for the benefit of the person I’m helping? Sharing information about yourself can significantly help the engagement process (building trust), however it depends on the information and the context of the sharing. 3. Are my emotions clouding the issue with the person I am looking after? Sometimes we develop a strong liking or dislike for a person we are helping (transference/ counter transference). If your emotions are clouding your judgment, step back and if possible, consider having another person step in. 4. Are the other person’s emotions clouding the issue with me? If you are getting strong (positive or negative) emotions in the person you are looking after, you might want to consider passing them to someone else, particularly if the person you are helping is aggressive toward you. 5. If in doubt, don’t! If you’re not sure whether to share a story about yourself, don’t. From my 32 years in this beautiful industry, I have learnt to find my own boundaries that benefit myself, colleagues, and my clients. Saying No to what doesn’t align with my values and saying YES to what does, assists me to remain mentally well, honest and maintain healthy, lasting relationships.

The key to managing many of these boundaries is understanding the difference between a professional and a personal relationship and ensuring that your behaviour always remains on the right side of the line.

I hope you can find your boundaries! Remember you can be a good person with a kind heart and still say NO.

If you are unsure if what you are doing is crossing a boundary, ask yourself these five questions:

Founder and Educator DCI Education

Stay safe! Dario x



I have contemplated writing about this subject for some time. Because it’s extremely personal to me and could possibly be confronting for some people. My name is Clive and I am an alcoholic and addict in active recovery. I feel now is a good time to share my story, as some of you may also be facing similar challenges. Due to the fact that as I write this. Most of our country is once again in some level of mandatory lockdown. Many of us hairdressers are struggling with our mental health, or drinking too much, anxiety, or financial fear, addictions and shit we didn’t even know we cared about. For the past 2 and something years, I am proud to say, “I am clean and sober from alcohol and drugs” It’s been and extremely tough journey. I finally accepted that I am powerless against alcohol and drugs. I have learnt so much on my journey of recovery. About myself, my addiction patterns and most confronting of all. Why I constantly turned to alcohol and drugs as my coping mechanism. I never imagined it could or would be possible to live my life without them Addiction doesn’t discriminate and you don’t have to be drinking at breakfast or homeless to be an alcoholic or addict. Most of us hairdressers are highly functioning professionals. Juggling our businesses, family, marriages, parenthood, friendships and now lockdowns, it’s like we are constantly spinning plates. Who doesn’t deserve a bottle of wine or two to help relieve the pressure? I now understand that most of us are affected by some level of trauma. Which can unexpectedly coax some of us slowly into addiction. The list of these horrific circumstances is endless. These continued lockdowns are traumatic. They could easily send the most intelligent among us running for the nearest bottle of Chardonnay or sleeping tablet to stop the anxiety.

The opposite to addiction is connection. We connect with business coaches that built successful salons. Personal trainers that know how to get us fit. So why are we so reluctant to seek help from people who managed to quit their addictions? Maybe because some of us can’t accept we might actually have a problem. The reality for me was one glass was too many, and 10 wasn’t nearly enough.

My relationship with alcohol and drugs has changed. I no longer need them, depend on them, turn to them when I am scared. I still think about them often, but I no longer fantasize about them. I except I am only one drink away from where I left off or worse. Addiction will always wait patiently for us to reconnect, because they’re cunning, baffling and powerful.

It’s ridiculous that alcohol is the only drug we feel the need to make excuses for. If we confessed to giving up meth or cocaine, gambling or heroin our decisions would be celebrated, probably with a celebratory drink. But if we are brave enough to announce our separation from alcohol. We often hear “Really? Your so much fun when your drunk! How long? Yeah right! Why?

I stupidly believed taking drugs and alcohol made me feel great. The reality was they were slowly taking a little bit of me until there was nearly nothing left. Lockdown’s have taken our freedom our choices, independence, and sadly lives.

Below are my top 10 personal sobriety reasons/wins • I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired • I no longer have hangovers with crippling anxiety • My physical and mental wellbeing has dramatically improved • I save more money • I make better choices for myself and my family, my friends and our business • I have more quality time with everyone/ everything • I am reliable • I have natural highs and lows. Its ok to have a bad day • I understand what gratitude is • I look and feel younger Would you like some of the above? Breaking up from any long-standing relationship with anyone or anything is always going to be painful. I couldn’t have done this alone. Without encouragement, love, and support from the people closest to me.

I am eventually living my life on life’s terms, one day at a time. No matter what Gladys throws at me next. I am fitter, healthier and have a clear head, free from alcohol and drugs. Life would be so much worse if compounded under large hangover with an extra dash of fear and anxiety to taste every morning. I am stronger now, still the same old crazy Clive. I am always up for a laugh and a joke. But I drive home and remember what I said and where I went. Remember people that drink in moderation, don’t need to moderate their drinking. We work in the fashion industry and the most fashionable global trend right now is the explosion of alcohol-free drinks. Maybe try one sometime? Stay safe and cheers to that! If anyone is effected by any of the above and wish to discuss in confidence, how I got help please feel free to contact me directly via or IG/FB @ Clive Allwright If you need urgent help contact or call 131114 Alcoholics Anonymous 1300 222 222 find an AA meeting near you today Narcotics Anonymous Or call 1300 652 820 Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5




Now more than ever we are faced with clients having unrealistic expectations. Instagram is our best friend but also can be a worst nightmare! Nailing a thorough consultation and getting to what they actually want is always important, but now it’s next level. We use references such as photos, trends, or influencers as hairdressers but now we need to look at what filters or enhancements are happening to those images. Lighting can change everything, so we need to empower our teams with the knowledge of these factors, but also to let them know that they are supported and backed at all times. People fall in love with the way that a person looks and comes across to them rather than the actual hairstyle, or the way the hair Is sitting. Break it down, expectations versus reality, it’s a constant battle between the hairdresser and the client. Then we are faced with the client feeling what they’ve paid for hasn’t been achieved and the hairdresser sometimes over explaining themselves. We should always under promise and over deliver at our services because truth is we never know what is underneath and what we are working with especially when lightening. My tips for training your team to have the confidence to manage unrealistic expectations. • Communication training - have them thoroughly understand the difference between open and closed questions. • Talk Instagram - train your team on what’s achievable and what’s a filter. • Test strands. - When doing a big job or trying to lift from dark to light, taking a test strand to show and explain to the client, can be your best friend. • Quote pad - can you use this to help the client understand the value and commitment to colour. • Talk about how you deal with that client who has unrealistic expectations, so your team feel you have their back when dealing with these situations. The more we can understand managing unrealistic expectations, the more we can empower our team to feel confident to step in and say that’s not achievable. To be achievable it will take X amount of sessions and the value (major keyword) of your investment will be $$$. Dario from DCI Education is the most amazing educator when it comes to consultation, he goes deep into body language and the why it’s an investment in your team that’s truly worth making. If we can empower our teams to be better with managing these difficult situations of difficult clients, we not only avoid the messy situations in salon but also the anxiety that that the colourist feels when confronted with a situation. Train them, empower them, support them. Until next time, Brodie x







5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT OPTIONS TO RENEW IN COMMERCIAL LEASES! DEMYSTIFYING THE ANCIENT ART OF OPTIONS FOR COMMERCIAL AND RETAIL PROPERTY LEASES In our experience in working with Tenants to negotiate renewal terms, we often come across situations where a Tenant has an option. Unfortunately, rarely do we see the Tenant fully understanding their rights under the option or knowing that their option expires on a date prior to their lease expiry date. Also, not knowing if they can still negotiate the rent and not understanding what they need to do to formally exercise their option. In this article we demystify the ancient art of Options for commercial and retail property leases and help you understand your rights as a Tenant.

1. What is a Renewal Option in a Lease?

An option in a commercial or retail lease provides the Tenant, at their sole discretion, with the right to extend the lease for a further term. If the Tenant elects to exercise or trigger the Option, the Landlord must accept the new lease period and the terms agreed in the option, so long as… a) The Option has been exercised or triggered within the strict time frame defined in the paperwork. b) The Option has been properly exercised in the way set out in the Option paperwork, and c) The Tenant is not in breach of the Lease up until the expiry of the existing Lease.

2. When Should a Renewal Option be used?

An option to renew is valuable to a Tenant who has a sustainable business and wants to be in control of the longevity for their future use of the tenancy. Being in the same location for a period of time will continue to grow the good will of the business. From a different perspective, an option might be attractive for a newer business who may require the flexibility of a shorter lease to assess business viability and reduce long term financial liability, while retaining the ability to extend the lease term if desired. Established and fast-growing businesses can also utilise a lease option to have the protection of tenure at the existing tenancy and also have the flexibility to not sign the option to renew if they have outgrown the existing premises.

3. What will the Rent be if I Execute the Renewal Option?

There are two key elements to consider when it comes to the rent for a renewal option. a) A Ratchet Clause or an Automatic Annual Rental Increase Percentage. This is where the rent automatically increases by a set percentage on an agreed date throughout the term of the lease. Typically, this is at the anniversary date on each year of the lease. If the renewal option sets out that the annual increase is to 84

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

continue at the exercise of the option period and annually thereafter, these increases will be implemented automatically and there will be no opportunity to negotiate. The issue with this is that after one retail renewal cycle, 10 years at 5% annual increases, the rent will increase by 63% and by 108% after two renewal cycles at year 15. If the market rent hasn’t kept pace with the annual increases, the Tenant will be paying above market rent. The other thing to consider, has the growth in sales kept up with the annual compound increase in rent? If the annually increased rent reached a point where it was too far away from the market rent, the Tenant could decide not to execute the option and negotiate a new lease at the current market rent. b) A Market or Independent Rent Review. This is where the Landlord and the Tenant make an assessment of the current market rent and work towards reaching an agreement of an acceptable rent to be paid. If they aren’t able to reach an agreement, then an independent valuer is appointed and the final decision must be accepted by both parties and they must share the cost of the valuer. What is critical here, is to try to aim to agree on the market rent with the Landlord, prior to the date you need to exercise the additional option term. If you exercise the option first, prior to agreeing on the market rent, then you are at the mercy of the Landlord and whether they want to negotiate. They may choose to not engage in a negotiation or be very uncooperative in negotiating, forcing the process of an independent valuer to be appointed, which means you lose control of the negotiations completely and then have to accept the result determined by the valuer, without objection.

4. Does my Option Expire?

YES! It does. Our experience in working with Tenants and their renewal options is that the option expiry date is rarely recorded and this date comes and goes without the necessary action being taken. Options typically need to be exercised between 3 to 6 months prior to the end of the Lease. This means that the work required to undertake the market rental assessment should be completed 4 to 7 months prior to the Lease expiring.

If a renewal option expires, the Tenant has lost control of the future tenure of the tenancy and given control back to the Landlord. What this means is, if you are paying rent at below the current market value, which would have been protected under the option arrangement, the Landlord is now in a position to request that you pay the higher market rent and enter into a new lease that may not have been as favourable as the previous one.

5. How do you Execute a Renewal Option?

The form and any specific information required to execute an option will be set out in the Lease. Typically, the key steps include: • Notifying the Landlord or the managing agent in writing that the option is to be exercised. It should be signed by the Tenant and set out the address, full name , business name, date of correspondence and noting the date the option is to be exercised by. • Complying with any conditions set out under the option such as, work that may need to be done. This would include improvements to the fitout or shop front, ensuring that all rent and outgoings are paid in full. • Not being in breach of the lease. A renewal option is a powerful tool for business owners to develop goodwill, secure long term tenure, lock in preferable rent and provide a position of certainty if negotiated correctly. They also provide the flexibility for new businesses and fast growing organisations that may be operating in a somewhat uncertain business environment. Over the past 25 years, Your Leasing Co. has negotiated over 1,000 leasing transactions, including new lease negotiation, renewal, and option negotiations. If you would like to get some peace of mind around how much rent you should be paying at renewal time, compared to the market, you can call us on our FREE phone hotline on 1300 356 702.

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CATEGORIES Photographic and Submission Australian Modern Barber of the Year Australian Modern Barber Business of the Year NOMINATED CATEGORY Special Recognition PHOTOGRAPHIC ONLY Best Men’s Collection Classic Best Men’s Collection Freestyle Best Team Collection Best Men’s Collection Junior

BUSINESS CATEGORIES Best Director/Owner of the Year Best Customer Care Best Men’s Educator of the Year Best Barbershop Design of the Year

CLEAN SKIN PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT AWARDS CATEGORIES HAIR CARE - Best Shampoo and Conditioner pair or 2-in-1 product HAIR STYLE - Best Styling Product. Entries can include:- Styling Wax, Cream or Paste BEARD CARE - Best Beard Care Product. Entries can include:- Oil, Wax, Cream or Paste

ENTRY DEADLINE 6th September 2021

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 20th September 2021

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By Estelle Carroll

It’s important for you to know before you start reading this, that embedded in my message is not a hate of men or quest for women to burn their bra. It’s a message for you to consider to create balance in Leadership representation. For a long time, I thought to be a great leader you needed to be louder, firmer, more masculine in behaviours and language - and it is simply not true.

nose with a straw because you feared they couldn’t breathe (ok - that’s a little extreme, they have tools for that... but I know you would).

And in amongst it all you became overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.

If you have feminine qualities you are created with some key qualities that will make for a great leader in business, community and your home.


You took what worked for you from what you have learnt and also created your own ways.

As a Salon Owner, Business Coach and Mother I want to share with you the qualities you have if you too are a Mum in Business.

But YOU don’t have to be, and you certainly don’t need to be to be a great at what you do.

It’s possible you haven’t embraced them, celebrated them, nurtured them or developed them in fear that they were inadequacies - but let me tell you, you have so many things to be proud of.


Hands up when cleaning poo off a nappy, floor, walls, your outfit, you’ve gagged and kept going? Who’s sucked the boogers out of their child’s 86

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Successful leaders are often seen as cold hearted, black and white dictators and masculine energies. And some can be.

It takes deep humility and emotional empathy to understand and address the wants and needs of a small person who cannot communicate yet. This skill can help cultivate talent and shape the morale of your whole team.


It’s possible that when you first became a parent you were given advice from your mum, mother in-law, midwife, maternal health nurse, every client you looked after friends…. everyone.

Then - you adapted.

You realised that this pattern worked for a short time, then you had to alter to another and another. Why? Because the children grew, and their needs changed. Just when you thought you had mastered it, it changed and you realised quickly this change model was the only thing that didn’t change. So, you allowed yourself a moment or two to think “What the?!” Then regrouped - reset and kept moving forward. Well done.


Everyone experiences some sort of setback at some point. What makes you successful is your ability to get back up quickly. Instead of being rigid like some, you realise that you need to be more flexible to move things forward. You have GRIT to keep going through nighttime feeds, temper tantrums and burnt toast. You realise that stomping your feet or falling down for too long doesn’t serve anyone - including you.


With 15 million things on your to do list, because let’s face it everyone else has tried to squish their agendas on to yours…. Kids, teachers, partners, your team….eeek! - but somehow you find the cleverness to prioritise what’s urgent and important in a matter of seconds. How much can you get done between breast feeds? If I put this in the slow cooker I can have a cuppa and rest for 15mins. And how many times have you got to work at 9am after you have; - got the kids sorted and off to childcare - Been to the gym - Made breakfast and lunch for everyone - Put dinner in the slow cooker - Washed and blow dried your hair - Makeup styling on point …. on 4hrs sleep? Yep - YOU did! It’s hard in the younger years and you realise you just have to pull your socks up and do it. Just like in Business - in the younger years you have to stay up late, start early, put that client in, reduce that lunch break you have to do it to build the foundations. You get it!


To be a great Leader you need to be able to also be a great problem solver. As a mother how many times have you had to change plans due to illness of a child, or homework that needs to be done by tomorrow? You think quickly, get it done, delegate and empower for results.

Hands up who had a nappy bag all organised and water spilt on it - therefore no clean clothes - YOU! You just wrapped them in your outfit with hair ties, or quickly popped into the shops for an emergency outfit.


Although you may feel you don’t have one at times, your muscle of patience is strengthening day by day. In your salon you are working with adults, but you can appreciate that in the same environment, with the same instructions - it can be confused and misinterpreted so you create visual aids, verbal instruction, reminders, videos, training to improve skills and habits. You Set Expectations - and don’t change the rules of the game A feminine leadership style emphasises on empathy, humility and relationship dynamics in business. Embrace your qualities as that is what can deliver greater results in your business than trying to adapt a harassing demeanor.

As you know, being a parent there are times when you need to set firm boundaries and there are consequences. Ultimately, it’s for the growth and safety of everyone involved. Set expectation, set consequences and then be fair - that’s how to be firm without being a contemptible person. Why? Because it ensures that everyone is on the same page and accountable for their work. It also builds trust in the relationship - because what you mean - you do. Some of these qualities you formed in the salon and strengthened in motherhood. It’s what has shaped you to be a great Leader in your business. Go you Mums in Business who have embraced their feminine energies/strengths to grow themselves, their families and their business. If you need help on developing your skills in leadership, connect with me as a Leadership and Business Coach in the Hair and Beauty Industry. You won’t turn into monster as you succeed you will just flourish and so will those around you. Estelle Carroll The ZING Project

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



As creative professionals, numbers, reports, and financials aren’t usually our jam. In fact, most hairdressers would rather do almost anything else than spend an hour with their computer reports, hoping that if they just don’t pay attention to the numbers, everything will just magically be OK. (P.S. that’s no way to run a business!) But within these simple numbers lies a fascinating insight into your business.

Think of them as the Scoreboard that measures how well you’re doing what you do every day.

Your numbers tell the story of exactly what is being done well in your business, what is being ignored and what really needs your attention!

Not how fabulous your foils are or how beautiful your blowdries…. your scoreboard measures the impact and effectiveness of how you’re delivering your service.

They literally point to specific issues and say “Hey! Look at this!” The problem is that so many of us don’t take the time to learn what they’re trying to tell you and instead, end up running their business virtually blindfolded, making decisions by guesswork, repeating the same things over and over again, stabbing blindly in the dark. Year after year of exhausting 12-hour days and missed lunch breaks, squeezing in every client we can and trying desperately to make ends meet. Does that sound familiar? It’s not the picture you had in mind of how business was going to be, right? The great news is that numbers don’t have to be complicated, and they certainly don’t have to be boring. 88

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Let’s break it down: The most common numbers or KPIs (key performance indicators… think important numbers!) you need to measure include: - Average client $ spend - Retail % of total income - Rebooking % - Client Retention % - Productivity per hour But what are each of these numbers really telling you about how well you do what you do? Average Client $ Spend: Links directly to the quality of the consultation and measures how your clients are responding to each Stylist’s consultation.

It measures their ability to expand the conversation beyond the basic maintenance services the client has booked and inspire each client with possibilities they never even knew existed for them. Consultation is not just finding out what the client wants done. How on earth could we possibly expect them to know exactly what to ask for? We’re the highly trained professionals! That’s like going to the doctor and being expected to know exactly what tests and medications we need to be prescribed! We don’t know. All we know is that we have a problem and don’t know how to solve it…. that’s why we’re going to an expert to guide us. Consultation measures the Stylist’s ability to spot issues and problems that can be improved and explain ideal solutions to help that client get closer and closer to their ‘dream hair’. It also measures their ability to inspire and encourage freshness and change, rather than getting stuck in the dreaded ‘Same again?’ rut. Overall, to me, it measures mindset, effort, and presence.

Mindset: Do I see myself as a hairdresser does cuts and colours or a skilled professional entrusted with the responsibility of helping their clients look on the outside how they want to feel on the inside? • I am a problem-solving professional and my mission is making dream hair possible! Effort: If I really can’t be bothered, I’ll start each consultation with “What are you having done today?” and “Same again?” so I can get this client out as fast as possible and get to the next one… and the next one. My day will be a blur of regrowths (but leaving faded ends) and quick cuts with no blowdry, styling or education (which means bad hair days for clients at home!). If I really want to help my clients look their absolute best, and have a lot of fun along the way, I’ll be full of ideas and clever suggestions, even taking 5 minutes each morning to look through client histories and plan a few ideas for each one before the busy day begins. • To me, this may be one of many appointments today, but to my client, this is a big deal, booked weeks ahead and eagerly awaited. I’m not going to let her down. Presence: Am I truly focused on the human sitting in my chair who is paying for my time and expertise, listening carefully to understand what it’s like for them to live with this hair every day? Or am I distracted, giving only half my attention while I listen in to the conversation behind me or try to catch that staff member’s eye to get them to rinse my colour? Listen to understand. If you can get a good sense of what it’s like for that client every morning struggling to style their hair, with your experience, you’ll know exactly what to do to help, enhance or make the whole thing easier. If you’re distracted, you’re in ‘Get ‘em done and get ‘em out’ mode which is highly disrespectful to your guest and highly damaging to your business. • Example: You have one Stylist averaging $145 per client and another averaging $89 per client. The difference in the experience they are delivering for your clients is HUGE and your clients are voting with their wallets. Address this ASAP! Retail %: (The % of total income that comes from recommended retail). I call this ‘Care Factor’. It measures a Stylist’s ability and willingness to teach and share their knowledge. To spot problems and match them with clever solutions then help the client to understand and master them. A true professional accepts that their responsibility to each client extends far beyond when they leave the salon and that no matter how gorgeous they look today, it’s how they look next week and next month that indicates how well I’ve done my job.

It’s not about trying to upsell or make money. This is an act of giving. If your client never purchased a product from you for the rest of your life, your job is still to teach, help and educate, because that’s the level of professional you are! • Your knowledge is only useful to a client when you give it away! Rebooking %: This indicates an ability to develop trust and build relationships- to turn a one-off transaction into a long-term trusted connection. It’s about thinking ‘bigger’ and planning for the future. “What will we do next time?” “What’s our plan for the next 2-3 visits?” This is also about demonstrating leadership and authority with your clients, moving from ‘Would you like to make another appointment?” (PLEASE tell me you’re not saying that!) to “Here’s what I think we need to do to move closer and closer to your ideal”. Also….. your rebooking conversation begins in consultation, and is finalised in the chair, cape on, while they’re still in your ‘’professional bubble’ …..NEVER AT THE DESK IN FRONT OF YOUR EFTPOS MACHINE! Client Retention %: There’s no point constantly marketing to fill your Stylist’s columns if the majority of those clients never come back! If she’s been with you for over a year, is still nowhere near her target and seems to have gaps on the regular, it’s time to find out why. A 32% retention rate means that out of every 3 clients you place in her chair…. she loses 2! If each one is potentially worth $10,000 to you over the next 3 years…….. that’s a massive loss of business. Time to find out why! Feedback calls to her clients, mystery clients in her column to give you an insight in to what’s really happening in that chair and why they’re not coming back! Productivity per hour: Most of you will have set weekly and hopefully hourly targets for your team, but if they’re not meeting them consistently, how do you know what the problem is?

This could indicate anything from: • The Stylist takes far longer to perform the service than your pricing allows • Appointments are ‘stretched’ in the appointment book, resulting in expensive wasted time • Your pricing is too low to enable the Stylist to hit their target at reasonable productivity • Undercharging. Services are being done but not charged for (e.g. the ‘dry-off’ that looks just like a blowdry… except the client didn’t pay! Or extensive back-to-back foils for double the time but your standard price) • Gaps. Whether it’s last-minute cancellations, no-shows or just failing to build a consistent clientele, there’s a lot of time not being spent with paying clients. The beauty of knowing what each number is telling you is that now you know exactly what to address if you have a problem in that area. As a Manager, your role is to get the right people doing the right service actions to the right standard and your numbers will tell you when that goal has been achieved. Until then, it’s all about closing the gaps between where they are and where you need them to be. If you do the right actions consistently, you’ll get the right results.

Want some help turning your numbers around? Kym Krey is your go-to gal! A highly experienced and qualified mentor and business coach with the runs on the board to help you get real results. Get in touch. ww.kymkrey., or find her on socials. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn…. and definitely make a lot more money!


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5


LEADERSHIP [ NOUN ] The action of leading a group of people or an organisation. By David Watts

When there is so much you cannot control it can be quite overwhelming to pay attention to the things you can. While trying to keep sane and hold things together during these crazy times, one of the critical chances you have is to lead your business through the changing landscape. Leadership is a subject that has been comprehensively written about, yet it is something that many salon owners find confronting, which makes perfect sense to me. Everyone sees leadership through a different lens and despite a sharp dictionary definition, how to action it is as clear as mud. Bosses, politicians, colleagues, sport coaches, teachers, friends or stars throughout your life have been leaders to you. There would have been some who inspired, motivated and encouraged you, just the memory of them probably brings back amazing feelings. Unfortunately, we all remember those who were the opposite, you probably rolled your eyes at them and felt awful every time they spoke, to you they were anything but a leader. Your growth as a leader is heavily influenced by these past experiences. Subconsciously you will have adopted some of these behaviours and will be using them when working with your team… yes, the good and bad! The other dilemma at play is the salon owners who have developed a hesitancy of asserting leadership, this reluctance is destroying accountability as owners fear the impact on relationships with their team. A lack of accountability in your salon is toxic, it will ultimately create numerous difficulties. It is important to remember the good and bad feelings you have experienced from other leaders as these are identical to the feelings your team will have under your leadership. Salons are a fastpaced environment under pressure, this atmosphere often leads to poor leadership decisions. I want to note that I do not know any salon owners who get out of bed each day and tell themselves “Today I will be a crappy leader,” that is extremely far-fetched, luckily, I do know plenty of owners that say, “How can I be better?” This is where the magic happens can happen, a desire to grow and embark on a new leadership journey will see your salon and team thriving. If it is your time to up your leadership game let me begin by being bold, it cannot be

learned from a book, it is essentially up to how dedicated you are to make changes. You can read about any topic and gain knowledge but to truly master something you must action it in your salon daily, you will require a high level of commitment to growth. A hairdresser cannot buy a new pair of scissors and miraculously become an award-winning stylist, so you cannot expect to read this article and become a celebrated leader.

journey. As a leader you must focus on the future and how your salon is going to make things better. This vision needs to be shared, your people need to be on the same page, it needs to match their hopes and desires. If you work with team to create this vision, they will embrace it and enthusiastically show it in their work. You need to make sure everything that happens in the salon has a reason, people will feel responsible for working towards the vision.

Create a judgement free workplace.

Head, heart or gut? How do you make decisions?

Our workplaces are creative, full of fresh ideas and bold personalities, combined with good structures this is a recipe for success and beautiful work. Now throw in a strong salon leader and you become unstoppable, the culture you build needs to eliminate blame, perfectionism and shame; this will give your team the confidence they need to be innovative.

Don’t be perfect, be real. Communication with your team is valuable, however, to be a good leader you must be a good listener, instead of listening to answer you must listen to understand. A powerful secret weapon for you is to ask more questions, this will encourage better conversation and allow your team to feel valued. You should compare how much telling and asking you do then ensure you are questioning more.

Your team is craving honesty and authenticity, you need to welcome and encourage direct feedback. Your ability to build confidence in your team will create excellence among them. Great leaders take responsibility for bringing out the best in others. Your team will often need assistance to see how they can improve and develop their skills, being more capable in their roles is a great builder of confidence. You do not need to be their coach, mentor, trainer or counsellor you are their leader, someone who takes pieces of those roles to develop stronger people.

Make your dream your destination. Every business large and small needs to know where it is heading, for your team this allows them to find their place in the

Emotional intelligence is about identifying and handling emotions in yourself and others, without a doubt you need this as a leader. Where you can supersize your leadership is to push yourself further and explore emotional health, understanding more about yourself and what make your people tick, how they make decisions and the impact this has on their work. We are in the service industry, without doubt salon owners are people who like people and stronger relationships will make your job easier.

Your quality will be set by your standards. Your team will ALWAYS be guided by you, if you are not displaying leadership qualities, they will quickly begin to slip. Consistency in your actions, conversations and enthusiasm guide your people every day. To assist with this, I encourage you to define your values and then live by them, share them and explain why they are important to you. Our teams are desperate for leadership and a sense of certainty, they are human and one of our basic needs is a sense of belonging. There is a mammoth opportunity for you to provide it and help your business in the long run. Be the change your salon needs. David XoX A salon owner and business coach with a diverse background in sales, marketing and operations David is passionate about improving the professionalism of the industry. Contact David via email or DM on Instagram @davidwattscoach

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5




Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

Well, this is it guys! My last column. It’s been so incredible connecting with everyone in these pages and I have loved hearing from so many salon owners and managers about how they can navigate these trying times and do the best things for their team, their business and themselves.

with industry support is something which makes me so happy. Our industry is full of independent, strong, powerful and positive women and I love to mentor them throughout their journey wherever I can.

We have covered off many of the topics I think are most important and I genuinely hope that I have been able to assist people with a few little pearls of wisdom! I also wanted to give everyone the chance to ask me any other burning questions, either about me, Circles or anything hair related. Thank you so much for sending in your questions! I have chosen a few below and wanted to answer them to sign off my column.

Learn it, know it and embrace it. Don’t be intimidated by it- you need to step up and give it a crack and start somewhere. We all allocate time to learn new hair and colour techniques, and this is just one more element you need as part of your education. There are so many free resources to learn and see what other people in the industry around the world and around the corner are doing online so jump on and get studying. You also need have a clear and consistent branding message and focus on quality over quantity. Don’t get too caught up in follower counts and the glitz and glamour of influencers if you aren’t ready yetdo you! Then, when you are ready and have the budget get some professional help to be consistent in your marketing and, most of all, be patient. Results don’t come overnight. It takes time and determination.

Where do you get your work ethic from and how do you pass it onto your team?

My parents both have a European background and were middle class workers and they inspired me to work hard and always give it my all. I have always had strong personal and work goals from a young age and wanted to achieve my own success without depending on somebody else. When I set my mind toward a goal, I will always try to achieve it no matter what, irrespective of how big or small it may be-I won’t stop! I think the best way to pass this onto your team is to show them by doing not by saying. My team see me working hard literally every day and that pushes them to rise to the occasion. You can’t expect your team to work harder than you when you are the one reaping the biggest rewards.

What is the single best business decision you have ever made?

From a young age I had always wanted to buy my own property, but I ended up buying my commercial property before my first house which I never expected. After having had a few nightmare landlords I was keen to not have to deal with that anymore, so I was stoked in 2004 to buy my first commercial property and, in 2008, finally moved Circles into that property. Being my own landlord means I can make my own decisions based on what is best for the business plus it was also a great financial step as I no longer need to pay someone else’s rent and I was lucky to see the property value increase substantially. It may not be an option for everyone, but I strongly encourage every salon owner to thoroughly investigate it as an option as there can be plenty of pros.

What is your favourite part of the industry?

The people! I am most certainly a people person and I love that this is an industry full of the most creative people which give us all the chance to be our true crazy selves. Also, the opportunity for women to start their own business and grow it at their own pace

What is the best way to overhaul your social media and marketing strategy?

What salon software and tools do you recommend?

Honestly, I feel that software for our industry could be more advanced and have more capability for automation, but we use Shortcuts as it offers us the most integration of our in-salon database and booking system with our digital strategy and online marketing goals. We also use Google Analytics a lot to help us track the progress and direction of our strategy. Both of these just take a little time to learn so I recommend jumping online and doing some tutorials to make sure you are maximising them.

How do you deal with staff leaving to go to a competitor?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business for, it’s always hard losing a great team member to a competitor. My advice is to take the hurt out of it so you can leave the door open and always part ways on good terms because you never know what will happen. I have actually had 8 staff members come back after leaving and it turned out to be for the best as it allowed them to realise where they wanted to be. Of course, this all depends on how the team member leaves and if they leave with respect and with the right attitude. Personally, I would rather have someone leave than have them stay and be unhappy! Keep the emotion out of it and use it as a learning experience- was there an issue? Can I fix that issue, so it doesn’t affect other staff? Our industry is transient, and you never know when your paths will cross again so go with positivity. Everyone has their own personal goals, and we need to respect that as salon owners.

How do I get started in entering industry competitions?

Firstly, you need to have a good understanding about yourself and your business and understand why you want to enter and what you would like to achieve. But the best advice is to just start! There are great ones to ease into for you and the team where you can focus on just one image before trying collection shoots and larger salon focused entries which can take more time and commitment. Just don’t be too intimidated- every salon needs to start somewhere. Tell them in the submission you are just starting and reveal who you are by being authentic and telling them what winning would mean for you.

We are struggling keeping our salon afloat during COVID and it is incredibly stressful. Any advice?

Mentors can play a huge role when dealing with difficult and stressful times and could lead you to thinking differently about your business which can be really helpful, as can talking to other salon owners to see what is working for them. Things like taking tips to restructure your salon costs could be just what you need. The AHC has great industry specific resources that may help too, so be sure to look into what they can provide you. Personally, I am also often looking outside the industry for inspiration from other sources, so I am always listening and reading about business strategy and success to see what I could perhaps apply to my own.

How do you get your staff to attend all the training that I would like them to do?

This is crucial and about team culture and it should be clear from the moment they are hired that it is non-negotiable and essential for their own growth and the growth of the salon. If they don’t want to learn and are not enthusiastic about it, this isn’t the career for them. Make sure though you are setting clear KPIs and that there are not any barriers to learning which you might not be aware of. At Circles we keep the team training fun and use that as a point of difference. We love sharing and growing together as a team and we always love a few cheeky drinks and a catchup to finish up and help the team to bond. So that’s it! I hope that this last Q&A has provided you with a little more insight into how I run Circles and please know that I am always here for advice or a chat. I love connecting with all of you and if there is any way I can help you keep your business on track, I’m here. Saying it is a difficult time to be running a salon is an understatement so look after one another and your communities and stay safe. Sharleen X Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5



Remember, that part in Legally Blonde when the professor takes a copy of Elle’s baby pink resume only to discover it’s scented? “It gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?” she explains to her professor. If we put our branding hats on when watching this scene (yep, we’re those people), we learn that Elle was in fact creating an olfactory logo for her brand. An olfactory logo is ‘branding speak’ for scent branding – the process of creating a custom scent that is directly associated with your brand. The scent embodies the characteristics and values of your brand and like a traditional graphic logo, is used wherever your brand is present. Moving from the courtroom to the real world, olfactory logos are used by a multitude of major brands across a variety of industries. Leading examples are Peter Alexander with their burning ‘A Tahaa Affair’ Caramel Glasshouse Candle burning in every single store across the country, endota spa’s ‘Signature Blend’ essential oil of rose geranium, lavender and patchouli and even Disneyland who pump the smells of fresh popcorn and baked goods through vents down Main Street. Whenever we come across a similar smell, we’re drawn to our memories with those particular brands. The more a customer is exposed to this smell, the stronger the memories, feelings and emotions become. This is because studies have shown that you’re 100 times more likely to remember the smell of something versus what it looked, sounded, or felt like. The sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that is directly linked to the part of our brains that store memories and emotions. The other four senses are processed by the part of our brain responsible for thinking, instead of feeling. When it comes to creating your olfactory logo, it’s more than just choosing a scent that smells nice. Just like the perfumes we wear ourselves, it’s all about creating a signature scent that works to strengthen the bond between your customers and your brand identity. Think of it like our attraction towards particular colours and fonts that evoke certain emotions; smells do the exact same for our brand. When deciphering what makes up that signature scent, we must lean into the same information we used to craft our brand voice and brand identity. Who is our dream customer? What are we wanting to communicate? What experience do we offer and how do we want our brand to be remembered?


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

For a day spa that is incredibly feminine throughout their colours, fonts, furnishings, and touch, we naturally gravitate towards floral, soft and comforting scents like gardenia, vanilla, or peonies. On the opposite side of the scent spectrum, a bold and energetic hair salon boasting neon colours, loud music and cheeky copy throughout their touchpoints leads us to much stronger and perhaps unisex concepts such as floral contrasted with woody notes. Once you’ve identified your olfactory logo, it’s now about finding the perfect balance of customer exposure without total sensory overload. In a salon business setting, the most popular way of engaging in scent branding is to ensure the scent is distinctly recognisable in the business entrance and retail space. This is the first and last place a customer will travel during their time with your business, so this is your opportunity to create a memorable and lasting impression. Candles, diffusers, regular spritz of a room spray or wax melt are seamless ways of incorporating your scent in this space that can be managed by your reception team. As your client moves into a waiting space or relaxation zone, you want this scent to travel with them and subtly arise as they take their seat in this secondary location. This is particularly impactful in a day spa setting where these relaxation spaces are their first moment to truly unwind and get ‘in the zone’ of being in your business. Retail items of your signature smell are a powerful branding touchpoint that brings your

brand experience into the homes of your devoted customers. If we revisit the examples of Peter Alexander and endota spa, both of these brands have maximised their scent branding by actually selling the smell they’re famous for and you can too! When your customer purchases your signature smell, in whatever form, it’s an absolute tick of approval that your scent has made them feel something. They’ve connected with the smell so much that they want to take it home with them to well… continue smelling! What a power move for your brand! These items can become beautiful touchpoints in your new client welcome packs, as part of your seasonal hampers and even as beautiful gifts to your VIP clients. With every inhale of your beautiful blend, they exhale admiration for your brand. So, what does your brand smell like? We would la-la-Luuurve to see (and smell) your brand’s olfactory logo. Use our tips to craft your own blend and tag us on Insta so we The Bloom Fam can give you some love! Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your growing hair, beauty, or wellness business turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website or contact Sarah at


You know I like to keep it real with you all and today is no different. If you keep saying you “don’t have time for social media”, then it’s not going to work hard for your business! Right now, especially those of you navigating lockdowns, should be harnessing your online platforms to not only keep your clients engaged but have them ‘adding to cart’ on the regular. Now, I get it. Social media eats time for breakfast. We say we’ll spend 30-minutes on it and #nekminute, it’s been 3 hours and we’re down a rabbit hole of tutorials and cat videos. When it comes to using it for marketing, it’s all about working smarter, not harder, to ensure that maximising every online connection doesn’t become a burden or total headache for you and your team. By this point, you might be thinking, “well that’s easier said than done, lady!” which is why I’m here to share my tried and tested ways of working smarter, not harder on social media. These are strategies I implement in my own business, as well as the salons I support, to ensure that when it’s time to create, schedule and reap the benefits of engaging copy, we’re left feeling empowered and in control of our marketing game plan.


You wouldn’t skip on a Body Pump class you’ve got booked in your diary, right? Okay, bad example but the point is, book your social media planning in your calendar so that the time has already been allocated. Working smarter on social media begins with being accountable to yourself and your business. Fondly named the Social Media Scheduling Date, I choose a day and time each month to plan, produce and schedule my content. Doing this monthly means I only need to block out one chunk of time in my calendar that is totally dedicating to setting myself up for success. There’s no rule for how frequently you do this but however you book in your scheduling dates, make sure you bring you’re A-Game. It’s a time to step out of the day-to-day of your business for even a few hours and think about what promotions you have coming up, any seasonal events you need to cover, any products or packages you’re wanting to push that month and go through the likes of before and after pictures, client reviews and team photos that you’ve accumulated on your phone. Before you know it, you’ve got a month’s worth of posts ready to roll and you can get back to doing what you do best!


Just like you invest in the right styling, cutting, and

colouring tools, investing in the right online tools can make a huge difference. For me, the priority is a social media scheduling app. Investing in a scheduling tool is an absolute game changer when it comes to working smarter, not harder on social media as it allows you to upload your content (written during your social media scheduling date), and have it automatically posted. It means you don’t have to worry about remembering to post when you’re flat out on the salon floor or winding down after a massive Saturday trading day. I love using Planoly as my scheduling tool as it allows you to also store and schedule your hashtags. This means, when you’re scheduling all your posts for the month, you can select from your collections of hashtags and have them automatically publish as the first comment. It’s incredibly affordable and can auto-schedule across the two main platforms you’re operating off - Facebook and Instagram. If you love a freebie, Facebook Creator Studio is where it’s at. Whilst it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like hashtag scheduling, it is a free way to auto-schedule your content on Facebook and Instagram.


If you haven’t looked at your Facebook and Instagram insights, I highly suggest getting familiar with them. Your insights take away the guesswork of how you think your pages are performing and instead, give you clear data of how they’re actually performing. I recommend pairing your Social Media Scheduling Date with a visit to your insights as this is a sure-fire way of sparking content inspiration. Why? Because your insights will tell you what your audience is vibing with the most! Both Facebook and Insights allow you to see both your best performing content and when your audience interacted with your page the most. For example, if you jump into insights and discover that your best performing content is tutorials or styling videos and your least performing content is inspirational quotes, then you know what direction your content needs to take. Furthermore, if you’re posting at 9am but your insights tell you that your audience is actually hanging out on socials at 8pm, then you can harness this data and tweak your posting times.

Together, these two pieces of data point you in the direction of better performing pages and have you working smarter, not harder on social media.


I get it. Not everyone loves putting pen to paper. I’m passionate about businesses still running their own social media platforms because that’s where the magic of authenticity happens but there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing the elements that you just can’t stand! Social media support options such as caption copywriting, hashtag research and even overall content strategies are available to set you up with the right foundations to work smarter on socials. If you’re not ready to hand these over to a thirdparty, consider getting your team involved in the planning of your social content. This could be part of your weekly team meetings or a larger strategy day where you collectively come up with a list of content ideas and task each team member with what they’re responsible for creating. You never know what amazing ideas they’ll come up with that haven’t even crossed your mind! Let’s make our friendship #official. Connect with do you even social? on Facebook and Instagram via @doyouevensocaial.


By Angeli Marie Shaw

In the last issue, I discussed our powerhouses (our brain) and shared how we can gain a better understanding of how it works. Through this understanding, comes a degree of power, so how can we tap into this power to facilitate growth? And how can this improve our mindsets and assist us in making decisions to take better care of ourselves, our health, and our business? I said it in Part 1 of this article, any step you take, no matter how big or small is an investment in YOU. And now that you’ve made the decision to grow, where do you begin? Priding myself on taking a holistic approach to all that I do, the options out there are endless which whilst promising, can also create confusion and uncertainty when making decisions. Firstly, let’s look at some practical tips to adjust that mindset, then work with that momentum… 1. How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. Start off with a positive affirmation, or some positive self-talk in the mirror, no matter how silly it feels. Statements like “Todays going to be a good day” or “I am capable of whatever I set my mind to” is a good start. 2. Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Sometimes the negative talk slips in so easily that we hardly realise it, but these thoughts can turn into internalised feelings and can cement your conceptions of yourself. If you catch yourself doing this, 96

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5

replace the negative with positive. Turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can try’. 3. No matter how small, focus on the good things. There’s no such thing as a perfect day. For example, if it begins to rain as your heading out for a walk, think about the time you now have to watch a movie you’ve always wanted to see or start that new book you purchased. 4. Turn your failures into lessons. You’re always going to make mistakes, so instead of focusing on what went wrong, think about what you’ve learnt and how you’ll do it differently next time. 5. Surround yourself with positive people, friends, and mentors. Try your best to eliminate the negative influences in your life and replace them with positive ones. Not only with their positive influence rub off on you, but the on-flow effect is priceless. The positive influence will impact your line of thinking, which then influences your words, and then your actions. Just as surrounding yourself with positive influences has a great effect on you, your positive influence can have a great effect on others.

Got some momentum now? Looking at ways to further enhance and grow? This is where so many can get stuck, resulting in procrastination, stagnancy and an ‘I can’t do it’ attitude. Don’t be hard on yourself if you get stuck here. We’ve all been there (including me) but through exploration, curiosity, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll soon find your way, and continue the momentum. Making real change in your life means taking the necessary actions, and then remaining consistent, after all, everything takes time. Now let’s have a look at the different options available to you whilst tapping into your power to make the changes you desire. Below is a starting point of some things to consider… Physical health - one of many factors that contribute to our overall wellbeing, looking at your physical health and making positive changes can have immediate and longterm health benefits. It reduces your risk of developing disease, increases energy levels, and improves your quality of life overall. Physical activity also improves mental health and can change the levels of chemical such

as serotonin, endorphins, and stress hormones in the brain. Depending on your circumstance, consider joining a gym and participating in classes (online if you cannot attend in person). Head outside for at least 30 minutes a day and explore your neighbourhood, even better if you can do it with a friend. Make use of what you have around you and choose the staircase instead of the lift or ride your bike to the shops down the road if only grabbing a few things. Remember, any physical activity is better than none. Start small, then gradually build on what you’re doing. Another thing to consider is what you’re putting into your body in regard to nutrition. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true and impacts your physical health in many different ways. Get educated on what certain foods are doing to your body and if you need help, seek it by chatting to your doctor, dietician, nutritionist etc. Sometimes Dr Google just doesn’t cut it, trust me. Mental Health - Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being and affects how we think, feel and act as well as how we relate to others. Unfortunately, many of us live with mental health disorders without even knowing it. Mental health is important as it helps us maintain healthy relationships, contributes to happy living and assists with our physical health. Whilst some are unaware that they need help, the stigma surrounding mental health is enough to prevent some from seeing their general practitioner. Talk to your doctor and allow them to make an evaluation then give their recommendations. Go you for taking this step! Wellbeing – Fundamental to our overall health, feelings of wellbeing enable us to overcome difficulties and achieve what we want out of life, leading to a number of better life outcomes. It can be defined as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy’. There are many ways we can take care of our wellbeing. One way is connecting with others which helps us build a sense of belonging and allows us to support others and find support for ourselves. Connect with friends and family, arrange to see a friend, or have lunch with a college. If this isn’t possible make the most of technology to stay in touch with these people, however, don’t rely on technology or social media alone to build relationships. Try learning a new skill which can help with boosting confidence and raise self-esteem, but don’t feel pressure to learn something if it doesn’t interest you. Try acts of giving such as thanking someone for doing something for you, but also be mindful of not giving too much away. And finally, pay attention to the present moment. This can also be called mindfulness. Mentors/Coaches – We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the array of coaches and mentors available. From business, life, money, industry specific and beyond, there’s seems to be a coach for everyone. So how do you choose

one? Like any service, do your research and be open minded. Look at their website, their social media, any links you can access online. Look for testimonials to review feedback from those they have worked with. See if they have mailing list, or perhaps they have a group you can join on Facebook. Some coaches offer free discovery calls, book it, it’s free, you have nothing to lose. Now, being a coach myself, you may be inclined to think that my opinion on if you need a coach is bias, but the truth is most coaches have their own coaches and even we can see the benefits of having someone on your team that you can turn to, confide in, learn from and have them keep you accountable. In fact, if you find the right coach and work well with them, the changes you will experience are not only profound, but life changing. Just get clear on what outcome you’re after and once you’ve established that you’ll find it easier to find what you’re looking for. Still having trouble deciding what to do? Exercise! What diet? Should I see my doctor? Which coach? Help! Here are some tips to assist you in making up your mind… 1. Talk to others that have made similar decisions. Amongst your network, there would be a range of people that have taken the various paths you may be considering. Ask them to speak honestly, and although their situation won’t be identical to yours, there is a lot that can be taken and learnt from what they have to say. Want to ask anonymously? Reach out to the admin of one of your Facebook groups that have members in a similar situation to you. 2. Ask yourself ‘what would I do if no one else cared?’ Sometimes without realising it, we base our decisions on what we think others would think. If you fall prey to these thoughts, remember that we each walk our own path, and you’re in charge of what direction you take.

3. Don’t let fear be the driver, but don’t ignore it either. Whilst fear protects us from danger, irrational fears do the opposite, and keep us stuck in a fear state. Keep your fears in check as you make your decisions. After all, you’re doing it for you! 4. Give each option a test run. Take advantage of free discovery calls, complimentary classes, and webinars. This allows you to see how you feel about the situation, and if you feel better then you may have found a winner. 5. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop thinking about it for a while then come back to it. This point may appear counterproductive but ruminating over a decision can drive you a little crazy. Distract yourself for a little while then come back to it with fresh eyes can assist you in making a clear decision. 6. Accept that there may be no perfect solution. It’s called trial and error. But also remember that any decision you make to better your situation, be it physical health, mental health, or business help, you’re taking steps in the right direction. So, how’s your powerhouse going now? A lot to take in, eh? As mentioned in part 1 of my article, the human brain is by far one of the most complex objects known to man, so when working with it and everything it entails, treat yourself with a great degree of kindness as along with yourself, we’re all navigating a new, unknown, and currently uncertain way of living. Take each step at your own pace, pause when you need to, then dust yourself off and remember, you CAN do this, as always, I believe in you. Love & Bliss, Angeli xxoo Angeli is a Holistic Empowerment Coach, Mindset Mentor, and founder of The Bliss Coach. To find out more and get in touch visit or follow us on our socials @theblisscoach Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 5