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Visibly reduce wrinkles & treat acne scarring, in particular, to reduce the depth of scars and to normalise the skin structure.

• Tilting needle plate for minimal epidermal trauma, increasing client comfort • Adjustable needle speed and depth


• Low vibration and quiet running

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Medical device certification (CE0123) according to MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.

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Reshaping our industry through science and technology, bespoke innovative products and advanced education

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Linda Woodhead


Clare Lamberth

Editor’s Note Editor’s Note


‘Tis ‘almost’ the season to be Jolly!


Christmas time is my FAVOURITE time of year in the clinic. Just ask my staff who have to physically hold me back from blasting Mariah 24/7 from September! I especially love Christmas in the clinic. The Christmas gift sets, booking clients appointments ahead of time and the grand tradition of the great count down of weeks and days till jolly saint nick comes.

Nina Barbara

Kellie Woodhead


Jess Richmond

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One concept I’ve always found so fascinating inclinic is that our mindset seems to magically stop on December 25th. Isn’t it strange that we can rebook a client for 2, 3 4+ appointments leading up to Christmas, but then magically on December 25th we stop? Likewise, we lean into helping our clients with retail opportunities, feeling more comfortable showing them packs, erasing their skin and, of course, shopping for gifts as well. Isn’t it funny we don’t do this ALL YEAR ROUND?! One of our biggest cries in January is “I’M QUIET!” And “How can I get more bookings?!” My tip. You make it happen BEFORE Christmas. Busy and profitable January’s and beyond are possible but are MADE with strategic planning and mindset focus starting right now. Here are my 3 easy hacks to a busy and profitable New Year that you can start right now. #1 - Set yourself a goal. Make it easy, then shift the goalposts to keep challenging yourself more and more till you are booked up! “I will rebook all my regulars not just till Christmas but also in January and February” or “I will rebook 10 clients this week through Christmas and then add on a January and February booking too.” It makes sense that if a client can make a regular appointment every 4-6 weeks in the lead up to Christmas that they should be able to do this beyond this date too. Try it. Start with one client. Heck! I even asked my VIP regular if I can make them a regular monthly appointment for the WHOLE YEAR! They loved that I helped them get organised ahead of time. Don’t worry if they have to move around later on. You’ll text them beforehand and they can let you know then. The point is that they have booked. This repeated over and over again can help you fill whole weeks of your month ahead of time. #2 Fake it till you make it. The biggest obstacle in making January busy is our mindset. It’s only true either way because you have made it so. Your clients cant see your appointment book. Not the way you can. The way I booked my won clinic out in January is I started with one client. Even if my books were empty. “Mary, we are already booking up till Christmas and even through into the New Year. Do we have you booked ahead yet?” When my client’s books up to Christmas I automatically repeat the same interval into the New Year. “Mary, “I’ve added a couple of extra appointments for you into the New Year at that same 5-week interval I know you prefer. We get so busy into the New Year. We’ll text you before each one so you can let me know if you need to make any changes ok?”

#3 - Drive a major promotion in January Why don’t we do major promotions in January? “Because everyone’s spent their money in December” “Because everyone’s away” “Because it’s quiet”. HOGWASH! I say, IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME! Make it exciting. Market the hell out of it with emails and social content. Get a talented graphic designer on board to really make the campaign extra special. Don’t rely on your product companies to give you the offers. Make your own! It could be a gift with purchase or even an event day where clients get a free mini Micro or Peel with the purchase of 2 or 3 skincare products at their event appointments. One year I even moved our Birthday to February, no one noticed, and threw our birthday celebrations just after school went back. You don’t have to spend a lot. What are your cheapest 3 skincare products? How much do they cost you wholesale? Would you spend that money on a Facebook ad or give that kind of discount on a lastminute offer to fill your books if you were quiet? The answer is often “YES!” So why not make your own offer and team the lowest cost skincare products with your top Facial services? After all, aren’t these what we’d love to fill our New Year with anyway? I want to challenge you to think differently. Outside the box. Step out and do something you’ve never don’t before. Especially after everything that’s happened this year what have you got to lose. You’ll never gain what you didn’t step up to claim.

Clare xo

Clare Lamberth, Editor

20 Years of Formulary Expertise Discover innovative delivery systems and patented ingredient technology e x c l u s i v e t o C I R C A D I A ®. O u r f o r m u l a t i o n s c o m b i n e p u r e b o t a n i c a l s , s t e m cell








technology to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. | (08) 6144 0300 |





Carly Knowles is a powerhouse clinic owner, mum of two young children and now a skincare mogul, who’s taken her philosophies and expertise as a Skin Therapist to sculpt a boutique skincare line that’s giving wowfactor results normally only achievable with big name cosmeceuticals. We asked Carly to tell us about her inspirational journey and how she has found herself where she is today…

“I have always been an industry enthusiast. Growing up and having bad skin as a teen, my Mum took me for treatments with a super talented skin therapist to seek answers and results I think the help that therapist gave me all those years ago, was probably one of the major inspirations for me in joining this industry as I was in awe of her knowledge. I am a therapist of just under 20 years, since 2006 a business owner/ entrepreneur, Mum of two maniac toddlers, Miller & Bonnie, and am a country girl from a rural area in Victoria. I have certainly had a busy career jam-packed full of opportunities so far! I was lured to the Gold Coast in my early days to pursue working in the film industry because back then there was so much work happening in QLD. I worked in some high-end clinics for a few years, where I snagged quite a few contracts working with some A-grade celebrities as their private therapist, and also working in the make-up trailers assisting. I opened my first ever clinic, Bella Pelle Body Clinic, on the Gold Coast in Mermaid Beach and had that clinic for 10 years. It was my baby, and I nurtured and loved it like it was my own child. My husband and I then decided it was time to move closer to family, to have our own family, and relocated back to country Victoria where I would then open my second clinic in the small regional town of Yarrawonga. located on the mighty Murray River on the border of Vic and NSW. I ran both clinics flying back and forth between them for about 4.5 years until real baby number one came along and showed me that I could not be in two places at the same time and now have the one clinic in Yarrawonga,


This year, Bella Pelle Body Clinic has just gone through some exciting new changes as we expanded from a 5 treatment room to a 9 treatment room plus Pedi/LED lounge, doubling our floor space to enable us to have a quiet and relaxing zone with a wellness focus for our clients to de-stress and be away from the hustle and bustle of our busy skin clinic. Our clients know us as the place where beauty meets science. They have confidence in our reputation for combining therapies and customizing treatment plans with an emphasis on clinical skincare and advanced technologies, unparalleled service and proven results.

I believe that ongoing education and lifelong learning is the key to success. With extensive knowledge and passion for the beauty industry, and my focus being on all things business, having directed 2 successful skin clinics, one with a 7-figure turnover and now launching my own skincare line. My equally impressive client list has included celebrities and influencers who have entrusted their skin and beauty concerns to me. Our bespoke facials and treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual to deliver a truly beautiful and professional service, combining the latest industry trends along with traditional ‘never-say-die’ favourites. Bella Pelle Body Clinic currently employs 6 therapists who are the most wonderfully strong and resilient women. Together, we encourage teamwork, which enables us to serve our customers more thoroughly. I am forever proud and so grateful for my beautiful hardworking team and as a skincare specialist, passionate about ingredient technologies, I always ensure my team have the latest training to keep their skills up to date and at the forefront of the industry.


Throughout my career, I have trained with a copious amount of skincare companies, coaches and business experts to refine sales improvement strategies, identifying what the barriers to growth are and developing action plans to immediately resolve sales problems. I love our industry and the connections I get to make with people. I absolutely love my clients, and no matter where I go, I always stay connected to the people I have been in contact with. I love keeping in touch with the colleagues I have worked with in the past, and I have been very grateful to have been guided, worked with and aligned myself with some amazing people in our industry who have opened up multiple opportunities contributing to my businesses success. I love that our industry has unlimited avenues. There are so many opportunities and ways for you to gain career advancement by being in this industry. It truly never gets boring. These days I get excited about sharing my skills and unpacking how I set the focus, value and offerings to the clients to drive revenue and improve business performance.


The past 18 months have been tough. Being located in Victoria we have just emerged out of our 7th lockdown and it has taught us all to pivot our business in some way. I had a side project I had been working on for years on and off. It was just a bit of a love project that I had never found the confidence to actually launch or do anything with and so last year, having more time on my hands, and a very encouraging Business coach, I found myself feeling an urge to complete this project and actually bring it to life. This in turn would ensure that I would then have more security, for myself and my team, if and when more shutdowns happen due to the pandemic. So that is the ‘when and why’ Dewy & Lewy Skincare was born; a skincare range, offering powerful formulations, with multifunctional ingredients! We are so proud of what we have achieved with our new brand and I am excited to finally share it. cont’ over page



cont’ from page 11

Each time you open a Dewy & Lewy product you’ll know, with confidence, you’re on your way to obtaining beautiful and healthy functioning skin. Bio-effective ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, peptides, and botanicals are used to create the best results-driven skincare. This innovative skincare range was founded on a set of strict guidelines that ensure results for clear, resilient and beautifully healthy skin. These parameters promise high-performance, proven ingredients at successful levels, combining the wisdom of nature with the power of science, and our methodology based around simple corneotherapy principles. Prevent, Protect and Correct. Prevent by avoiding exposure to barrier-damaging chemicals, products, environments or events on an everyday basis. Protect lipids from oxidation and correct by using barrier repair, hydration and antiinflammatory ingredients I believe caring for your skin should be relatively straightforward, but for a variety of reasons for some, it’s very confusing. There are always new whiz-bang products, and gadgets emerging and a myriad of beauty trends to try so it really has become a complicated subject. We want to keep our range as easy, effective and bespoke as possible. We have created a system where a client can use their products for multiple purposes. Purchase one moisturiser, for example, and then adjust the lipid richness of the cream depending on the needs of their skin by mixing a dose of our dewy drops oils (retinoic oil or lipid love). Therefore, the client has a day and night cream that can be modified to suit the thirst of their skin at any given time. These drops also then double as a skin serum or facial cupping medium. Lymphatic drainage is also important to us and encouraging our customers to do this more often in their routine is a focus. The cupping promotes increased blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, promotes cell repair and aids in draining fluid and toxins. The suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup, which saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes new blood vessel formation. Dewy & Lewy Skincare is very recent so new products, advanced formulations and product innovations will become available as time goes on. We are focused on developing ethical products that are cruelty-free and use the highest quality ingredients that are effective. We are so grateful and completely overwhelmed by the love and support we have already been shown with the introduction of the brand and the feedback and demand from our clients and our industry peers. The results we have seen so far have truly blown me away.” Learn more about Carly and her Dewy & Lewy Skincare range at IG @dewy.lewy.skincare


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MELANIE GRANT By Clare Lamberth

With Skin Studio locations in Sydney and L.A and residences in New York and Paris, Melanie Grant is a celebrity Skin Clinician most would aspire to. At her core, her roots are grounded in client care, healing, tech and skin health, with a fusion of innovative technologies and formulations to treat her client’s skin from all walks of life. We sit down with Melanie to learn more about how she came to grow her empire and how she managed at home during this time.

Tell us about yourself and how you first got started in the industry?

I always knew that I wanted to work within beauty and skincare from a really young age and since completing my qualification in 2000, it’s been my only job! When I was little, I’d play with ingredients from our pantry - things like yogurt, honey and cucumber and make my own masks and treatments. After graduating I first started working in more traditional spas and then moved into a more clinical environment working with lasers and more advanced treatments in a medispa setting alongside Drs/ Plastic surgeons. As our industry is always evolving, and there are always new things to learn, so I’ve never grown tired of the beauty industry. This along with the meaningful client relationships that we create, I feel really lucky and can’t imagine doing anything else!

Can you share with us one of your most memorable client stories?

There are honestly far too many to note. Being in the Studio treating clients is definitely my happy place. I’ve had so many memorable moments with my clients, many of whom have become my friends.

Work/mum life/me-time balance a myth? If not, what does this look like for you?

I think the term “balance” is different for everyone. For me, it means being completely present, wherever I am. If I’m in the Studio, I’m focused on my clients. When I’m home, I try to put emails aside and really enjoy that time with my family. It’s important to be fluid with your time and kind to yourself during busier periods. Even if we’re on different schedules, dinnertime is really special for our family; we always make sure to sit down, connect, share a meal together and speak about our day.

What inspired you to start your very first clinic and describe what it looked like?

I’d always known exactly the kind of space I wanted to open - a place I would want to visit as a client. I combined the things I was most inspired by - design, fashion, photography and above all innovative, resultsdriven treatments that felt just as luxurious as those you’d expect from a world-class spa. When I opened my first space in Double Bay, the idea of “clinical beauty” really wasn’t a thing, but as a Therapist that had treated across both realms, I’d always seen the value in both the traditional spa rituals and innovative clinical protocols and modalities. So, I combined the two and never looked back. 14

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5


What made you decide to branch out into overseas locations?

Opening our Studio on Melrose Place was a dream come true for me. I love Los Angeles and there are so many commonalities between LA and Sydney, especially in terms of lifestyle. I felt as an Australian, I had something unique to offer in an incredibly saturated market, a pared-back, more relaxed point of view when it came to beauty and skin health. Our residencies in New York and Paris came about due to client demand. So many of our client’s travel, live and work overseas, so these cities made the most sense in terms of meeting them wherever they are.

Could you describe for us your signature treatment?

I don’t necessarily believe in a signature treatment, but rather a signature result. Our practice is shaped by a completely tailored, personalised approach towards achieving strong, healthy and radiant skin. For some, it may mean corrective treatments such as laser, ultrasound or needling, and for others a simple course of LED with gentle peels. I actually love LED Light Therapy combined with peels and dermal boosters for most skins and am always impressed with the results even after all these years.

Was it tricky setting up and fitting out a new clinic from across the globe?


It can be tricky managing large scale projects from afar, especially when you’re in different time zones. I’m really lucky to have such a great team to help me carry out my vision - and who share my attention to detail - even when I can’t physically be on site. It has meant a lot of late nights and early mornings, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The Melrose Place studio is everything I imagined it to be - and more!

What are your philosophies around booking deposits and cancellation fees? It’s a tricky one, for sure. I think each business is different and you have to let your clients be your guide. We work with booking deposits because it seems the most straightforward way to manage our priority list, which can at times be booked out months in advance.

What are the 3 key things high-end clients value the most?

I think all clients share the same values - personal service, attention to detail and above all, being listened to and heard.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you see other clinic owners making and how can they fix this? I can only speak for myself here. It’s important to surround yourself with a team whose strengths are unique and varied. I’ve worn every hat in my business and I know what my forte is, so working with talented people who can oversee the other elements is key. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

What processes do you go through when choosing new equipment or new brands for your clinic?

I’m grateful to belong to an industry that values innovation, so there are always new products and equipment to try. For me, efficacy is key. They need to deliver results and our values as client-facing businesses need to be aligned.

What innovations or ways have you pivoted to keep the Melanie Grant experience alive for your clients over the recent challenging times?

We’ve always had an online element - with and Virtual Consults. Recently, we introduced Melanie Grant At Home Facial Kits for the first time. This has been an incredible way to stay connected to our clients and continue their journey of skin health while we can’t treat them face to face in the Studio.

What values do you hold dear in Therapists when looking for new team members?

There are so many qualities I look for when welcoming a new member to our team. Knowledge, experience and a great technical proficiency of course. But more than that I look for those things that you can’t train, that “je ne sais quoi” warmth, maturity and personality are super important!

Any new projects on the horizon?

Always! I’ve been working on product formulations and meeting with many new and exciting brands for our ever-expanding offering at Perhaps a new studio location soon too!

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when lockdown ends?

Holiday with my family! It might sound crazy after being stuck together 24/7 for the past couple of months, but I can’t wait for us all to take a getaway and decompress. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5




BEING YOUR TRUE, BEST SELF Founders of HOMAN, Tasha and Carmody Homan have worked over the years with leading fashion, hair and styling labels from London to New York. They have chosen to raise their family in beautiful South East Queensland and extend their services throughout Australia so that more people can harness the powerful confidence that comes from feeling and presenting your true, best self. As image specialists, HOMAN helps their clients elevate their natural beauty through fashion, hair and cryo beauty services. Whether it’s a little lift or a bold transformation, HOMAN interprets their clients’ beautiful, unique personal stories to help them show the world through outward expression, who they truly are and what they’d like to share. Setting up within two well-known and existing award-winning luxury hair salons on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane – assembly for hair and Togninis - has been instrumental to the brand after this husband and wife duo had initially started working from home when they arrived in Australia.

“Building a team that aligns, not just with our brand’s message, but our core values and belief systems is important to us,” says Tasha. “Creating authentic culture at HOMAN is everything. Being true to our brand message creation services like Red Carpet ready that allows our guests to come in and receive a facial of choice, firming, lifting or cryo glow and finish off with a blow-dry and style has been pivotal. To be able to service that under the one roof has been a great success.” “We have apprentices that we are in the process of training, as the opportunities continue to come our way. Being featured on ‘Hot 91’ was an incredible local boost for us as well as being featured in the Sunshine Coast daily news and Brisbane’s very own urban list featured the Homan brand as the go-to for a natural alternative to botox. These nods to what we have been able to bring from NYC, keeps us pinching ourselves as we never dreamed we would be received so well.” Bringing the insider experience of being a global international model, from the catwalk to private consultations is an added advantage. “Everyone can receive the same VIP treatment as celebrities, because at HOMAN we believe everyone deserves to be the star of their own story, with access to industry expertise straight to the consumer,” says Tasha. “For us at Homan, Cryo beauty was the missing piece to our brand,” Tasha explains. “I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had over the years in dressing rooms that have tugged on body parts or lifted their eyelids while looking in the mirror, sharing their distress, and I couldn’t help them.” Tasha believes that aside from good diet and exercise, which leaves many of us feeling hopeless about what is in fact possible, many people remain disillusioned believing there is only one way to beauty and that is through invasive treatments.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

“This really bothered me,” she says, “as I love helping people look and feel their best. A friend of mine approached me with an incredible Cryotherapy machine that can firm and lift the skin and take inches off your waist, naturally! I tried it, and the rest is history!” Cryobeauty is a sustainable approach to looking naturally like yourself, working on the principle that everything you need for healthy, youthfullooking skin is already inside you, waiting to be lifted, regenerated and restored. “It made perfect sense for me as a Model feeling somewhat responsible for people buying or investing in items they didn’t necessarily need throughout my career. Coming full circle, now I get to personally hold my client’s hands and go on this journey with them. Helping my clients to love the skin they are in, by empowering them to know what they already possess, can be foundational to the rest they would hope to see.” Tasha says that a light bulb goes off every time she shares to her clients that their collagen hasn’t left them and is still there waiting to be revitalized, renewed and restored. The word “cryo” is derived from the Greek meaning cold, using different temperatures depending on the service offered. “My technology uses cold and colour therapy to achieve its results; one of our most popular treatments is the cryo trimming treatment that targets the Adipose fat cells which are more sensitive to cold than other surrounding areas, and undergo a natural apoptosis process of natural cellular death upon contact with below 0 temperatures. Your body deals with this natural cellar death every day naturally. The lipids eliminate from the body through the liver, digestive system and lymphatic system during 15-20 days. This is called the apoptosis process.” Other best-sellers are Cryofirming or Cryolifting.

These involve the cooling of the deep dermis, stimulating the action of fibroblasts in our connective tissues framework by increasing the reproductive synthesis of new collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid with an evident increase in dermal density. While the cold encourages a specific action within the skin there is also a drainage action that happens by stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels which is huge in the restoration process. “Cryotoning is another favourite among our guests, which is aimed at the interchange between the vasoconstriction and the vasodilatation processes. This generates the immune system to improve the tissue, removing inflammation which we call cellulite.” “We believe in a synergistic approach to treatments, using cold and colour, with creams that are also formulated by our developers with active ingredients to ensure success with this process.” Tasha uses Amber for any treatment relating to anti-aging or any skin slackness issue, face or body-related and Purple to remove any adipose tissue, with Blue for all inflammatory, toning issues. “We also use a radio frequency modality alongside our cryo machine that has a ray of additional colours we use as add ons to make sure the overall well-being of our guests are being attended to as well and not just the targeted area of concern. As I have mentioned we use the natural apoptosis process to break down the adipose tissue where other brands use a necrosis process or a cavitation method causing shock to the body by exploding the fat cells, creating stress, fatigue and cellular trauma to the body. There is nothing natural about vacuums or squeezing body parts in between metal plates and using clamps.” HOMAN pride themselves on taking their clients on a healing process to beautify their skin, restoring the integrity of their skin so firming, lifting, toning results are a natural by-product of the skin being restored. Treatments are safe and painless, and results are visible and measurable from the first application. The number of sessions, or action plans provided to guests depend on goals desired and areas of concern the individual may have. “While we are open to all, generally we have three types of clients ;the gen z and millennial that wants to be preventive while being natural, we have the business owner that doesn’t have the time for what doesn’t work and lastly the empty nester, the one who can finally say yes to herself!” Fundamentally HOMAN believe everyone is valuable. “We’ve had beauty editors, 5-star hotel owners to the mom working 9-5 and they all share one thing in common. They ALL want to look great and feel great and they all want to be the best version of themselves.” “We are proud of the fact that we can take care of a number of high-profile clients, which comes naturally as we have worked in the industry for over 20 years with major celebs, on and off global

platforms and international stages. Surrounding myself with excellence is key and being excellent at what we do is non-negotiable. The attention to detail, is a must ensuring all of our clients feel listened to and heard, but most importantly we have earned the right in the consultation process to be a safe place for our guests. As a beauty therapist managing our client’s expectations and concerns with trust and assurance is key.”

to have their faces firmed and lifted. It was a huge success! I don’t know about you but that’s a hell of a Tupperware party! That was strategic for us, moving to a new country with new technology. The proof is in the pudding they say, and I knew gathering us girls would be a sure fit to what we can bring and how we bring it. This service is essential for us and remains a viable business model we continue to build today.

And how have they been able to pivot during these recent challenging times?

“One of the incredible components about our Cryo 21 machine is that it’s portable, at HOMANB community is a huge deal and we treat our guests accordingly. We began our business establishing our community arm, by organising among friends Cryoparties, gathering girlfriends in their homes Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5



derma aesthetics strongly believes in investing in and developing their people. As they continue to grow and expand, they proudly provide strong career pathways and the opportunities to develop within their organisation. They are proud to share the realisation of derma aesthetics’ commitment to career progression with the announcement of their newly appointed General Manager, Brittany Vescio. Brittany is one of derma aesthetics’ longest standing employees having been with the organisation for almost nine of their eleven years in business. With a background in Information Technology & Sales, Brittany was initially hired as IT Support & Business Development Manager in early 2013. Since then, Brittany has successfully worked across all departments most recently as Head of Operations and has facilitated the creation of internal & external business processes that they effectively operate by today. Brittany’s career highlights at derma aesthetics have been securing the distribution partnerships with MT.DERM for the EXCEED medical microneedling device & with Jenacell for epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial masks. Both have become part of derma aesthetics’ core product offerings and perfectly complement their major product range, dermaviduals. Reika Roberts, Co-Managing Director at derma aesthetics says, “We’re so thankful for Brittany’s leadership throughout the years and we’re thrilled to have helping to guide our Leadership Team and company”. Brittany is driven by identifying opportunities for growth and leading the organisation to be part of its realisation. Most importantly, she thoroughly enjoys contributing to the development of talented leaders and their teams, as demonstrated through a stream of recent internal promotions across the company.


Tamara Reid, founder of Beaute Industrie, has been appointed Head of Brand for Timely, business management software serving the beauty and wellness industry. Timely has built a global community of over 50k people across the world and this role is set to power the growth of the Timely community and build the connectedness and credibility of the beauty industry across APAC, the UK and the US regions. “Tamara understands and backs our purpose, to grow global beauty to a trillion dollar industry and increase the wealth of all its participants. She is a community builder with a deep alignment and connection to the industry we participate in and serve, which makes Tamara an outstanding addition to our senior leadership team.” says Timely’s Senior VP of Revenue, Jo Blundell. Beaute Industrie community, launched three years ago, is focused on encouraging the professional beauty and aesthetic industry to collaborate through community, rather than entertain the traditional competitive narrative. “I am thrilled to be joining Timely as Head of Brand and to be able to further support their mission to help grow the value, credibility and connectedness of the global beauty industry. I believe that our industry people deserve great brands supporting them, and as part of Timely I can continue my vision to provide that.” says Tamara Reid. Reid has created highly engaged group of over 8.5k therapists and business owners along with an internationally successful podcast channel, digital magazine, membership portal, industry directory and has hosted a number of networking events across the country – all while setting new standards for the depths of industry conversations to harness progression, inclusivity and diversity. Tamara also co-founded ABIC (Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council for Australia) and now serves on their board.


Last year, as COVID-19 cases spiked and lockdowns became the new normal, here at Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) we were devastated to have to cancel our annual Skin Summit event that plays hosts to our Annual Awards Night Gala Evening. This year, nothing was more important to us than ensuring we could recognise our salon partners with an awards evening – no matter what circumstances were thrown our way. With that in mind, our Salon of the Year Awards went online with PBS hosting their first-ever Virtual Awards ceremony. Held on Monday evening, 16th August 2021, we had over 100 salons, spas and clinic partners from across Australia join us for our virtual awards ceremony, and what a night it was! There were tears of joy, lots of laughter and huge smiles shining through the camera lenses of every attendee. Here at PBS, we were thrilled to take a night to appreciate all our hardworking partnered salons and pay tribute to the amazing success they have had over the last 18-months (especially during the face of a global pandemic). Our partnered salons truly showed nothing but grit, perseverance and strength over the past year-and-a-half, each proving they have more than enough passion and ability to succeed, even during lockdowns, restrictions and financial hardship. With 18 awards on offer, from Stockist of the Year & Hall of Fame to Highest Growth & Marketing Excellence, the night belonged to The Temple Skincare & Spa who were crowned the highest honour - PBS 2021 Salon of the Year. When it comes to choosing our Salon Of The Year winner, we look at several things including sales and sales growth, team passion for our brands, dedication to training, and finally innovation with not only surviving but thriving and growing in a pandemic was also a defining factor. Rene Herald, owner of The Temple Skincare & Spa has created a space of trust for skin, body, and soul, where advanced skin treatments meet holistic wellness...a perfect unique blend of luxury day spa with cutting edge medi-spa based modalities. With 8 treatment rooms, 11 therapists, and 2 client liaisons, this multi-awardwinning advanced Medi-spa offers all the latest treatments and technologies, to help their clients achieve their best results. They currently stock 11 PBS brands including Image Skincare, Dermalux, Bio Therapeutic, Mesopen Pro, Sunecape, Pure Fiji and Bestow Beauty. Rene took to Instagram shortly after her win to share the spas latest achievement - “This is for our clients, for my team, my family...thank you for all your support.”


Energy Rapid Output (BBL Hero) - the world’s most powerful pulsed light skin treatment. Always at the forefront of aesthetic technology, Laser Clinics Australia introduces the future of beauty with the new BBL Hero treatments, the only Australian aesthetic chain authorised to offer this cutting-edge technology. Setting a new standard in treating skin conditions associated with ageing, acne, redness, sun damage anywhere on the body with control, efficacy and speed, BBL Hero is the world’s most powerful pulsed light device in the aesthetic market. The BroadBand Light Therapy treatments heat the upper layers of targeted areas of the skin to stimulate skin cells to regenerate, restoring skin to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother and younger in appearance. BBL Hero devices utilise the world’s most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, producing a tolerable feeling of warmth. This ground-breaking

INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS technology is safe, fast and comfortable, requiring no downtime post-treatment. With results visible from just one session*, this ground-breaking technology is safe, fast and comfortable! The BBL Hero device offers four treatment types tailored to your specific needs - Forever Flawless, Forever Young, Forever Clear & SkinTyte - and LASER CLINICS AUSTRALIA are the only Australian aesthetic chain offering this revolutionary technology. Forever Flawless by BBL Hero is the foundation for and used in conjunction with all other BBL Hero treatments as it targets and eliminates redness and pigment, restoring your skin to its natural state. This treatment is suitable for freckles and pigmentation, age spots, rosacea, and various vascular conditions.

HÜD founder launches Profit + Purpose

Gry Tømte (founder and director, HÜD / founder, Profit + Purpose) together with long time business mentor Omar DeSilva (serial entrepreneur, business strategist and advisor to people like the founders of Frank Body, Linktree and many more) have one wish for the industry’s Omar DeSilva Gry Tømte leaders. To lead with Purpose and make more profit in the process. “Having grown my business to a successful, multi 7 figure business is probably the least interesting part of my story. Much more interesting is all the mistakes I’ve made along the way, giving me the learnings I needed to get to where we are today - a People and Purpose over Profit business”. Gry clarifies: “not that profit is a dirty word - in fact who doesn’t love profit in their business! But it cannot start with profit. It HAS to start with people and purpose. If you get that right, profit will follow”. Omar and Gry had a 2 day fully booked workshop scheduled, but the latest spate of lockdowns saw it postponed. It’s now due to go ahead in October. The workshop will be covering things such as the key drivers of a high performance culture, building a happy productive team, the major mistakes they’ve both made along the way and how to build a purpose driven KPI system. But, in the meantime, with 2 of the biggest states in Australia in lockdown Victoria for 11 months all up and still counting - so many clinic owners had reached out to Gry in despair over the situation they’re finding themselves in during the prolonged lockdowns. So the purpose driven duo decided to put on a mini growth mindset session via Zoom to bring some perspective and positivity to those who needed it. Visit

This year featured 61 speakers in total, including international keynote speakers. Delegates who attended the 2020 ASAPS Aesthetic Breast Course II will be familiar with the robust, user-friendly and interactive virtual set-up. Attendees will have the opportunity to reconnect with fellow surgeons from across Australia via the meeting hub, explore the virtual exhibition and meet with our virtual exhibitors all in one easy-to-use platform. Speaking about this year’s event, Dr Robert Sheen, President of ASAPS said, “It brings us great joy to be able to continue with this year’s Annual ASAPS Conference event. ASAPS’ inception came from the need to offer continuing education to specialist plastic surgeons with an aesthetic interest, and our Society has grown from strength to strength because of our continued commitment to patient care, to our community, and to excellence in education. “The benefits of learning and supporting each other have been most evident in the past year, and this year’s virtual conference will cater broadly, offering sessions in facial, body and breast surgery, including the latest developments in facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, and facial rejuvenation, and with a strong focus on patient care and holistic practitioner education.” ASAPS Annual Conference Scientific Convenor Dr Amira Sanki said, ‘While a confdent, experienced, caring, ethical surgeon is the key to happy patients, working together with a slick, well-educated team guarantees success. Our practice management sessions allow your team to gain efficiency insights and will run in parallel with the conference. The session is aimed at equipping Practice Managers with the tools and information to grow, to not only sustain and evolve their practices.” Virtual guests had the chance to view live presentations, panel discussions, live and interactive Q&A sessions, polling, a virtual exhibition hall, education workshops and even the option to catch up on sessions on demand once the event is over.



Since the first Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Conference in 1978, ASAPS have continued to bring the worlds’ best surgeons and examples of global best practice to Australia and New Zealand, evolved over the last 43 years. By participating in the ASAPS annual conference, specialist plastic surgeons demonstrate compliance with the continuous professional development (CPD) requirements of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), an ongoing commitment to outstanding customer experience and cosmetic surgery patient outcomes. The ASAPS Annual Conference which returned virtually on the 9th and 10th of October, provided attendees with the very latest developments, tools, techniques and insights in the field of aesthetic surgery, empowering surgeons and their practice staff to achieve world-class excellence in all that they do.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have passed a resolution calling on the European Union to expedite the ban on the use of animals in research and testing. A Parliament news story explained, “MEPs expect an EU-wide action plan with ambitious and achievable objectives,” in addition to deadlines for phasing out the use of animals. They expect to end animal testing by reducing, refining and replacing it as soon as alternative methods are available. Furthermore, the MEPs urge medium- and long-term funding to be made available to ensure these test alternatives are quickly developed and validated. They add that scientists, researchers and technicians must also be trained in using advanced non-animal models and in sharing best practices. The resolution on “plans and actions to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education,” was reportedly adopted with 667 votes in favor and four against the proposal. This move follows recent criticisms that REACH amendments could increase the use of animals in testing, as well as a paper published by Unilever calling for the need to “shift the paradigm,” by which chemical safety is assessed.


NEW ZEALAND CLINIC OF THE YEAR Winner: Skin Perfection Runner Up: Bloom Boutique Medispa Highly Commended: FACE Body & Beauty Clinic AUSTRALIAN CLINIC OF THE YEAR Winner: The Clear Skin Experts Runner Up: Asthetique Skin Care Highly Commended: Skintifix NEW ZEALAND CORNEOTHERAPIST OF THE YEAR Winner: Karen Black, Skin Perfection Runner Up: Ashlley McIntosh, Bloom Boutique Medispa Highly Commended: Annalysse Mitchell, FACE Body & Beauty Clinic AUSTRALIAN CORNEOTHERAPIST OF THE YEAR Winner: Renee Petts, Asthetique Skin Care Runner Up: Robyn McAlpine, Skintifix Highly Commeded: Pia Kynoch, Inspiration Place NEW ZEALAND JUNIOR CORNEOTHERAPIST OF THE YEAR Winner: Jessica Carey, A Peace of Beauty Runner Up: Kate Hudson, Studio Eleven Highly Commended: Mishayla Henderson, Spoil Yourself Spa AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CORNEOTHERAPIST OF THE YEAR Winner: Georgia McKenzie, The Clear Skin Experts Runner Up: Ange Warburton, Asthetique Skin Care Highly Commended: Sarah Noble, Skintifix NEW ZEALAND SOCIAL MEDIA STAND OUT Winner: Skin Perfection Runner Up: Createdskin Highly Commended: FACE Body & Beauty Clinic AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL MEDIA STAND OUT Winner: Be U Beauty Runner Up: Solstice Skin Highly Commended: Black Diamond Clinic NEW ZEALAND RISING STAR Winner: Createdskin Runner Up: Soul Skin Highly Commended: Queens Beauty

On Friday the 17th of September, the Australian and New Zealand dermaviduals family came together virtually to celebrate the 2021 dermaviduals Clinic Awards, with a fitting theme of Sparkles & Slippers. The night kicked off with speeches from Co-Managing Directors of derma aesthetics, Reika Roberts & Simone Vescio and Tamara Reid, Founding Director of Beaute Industrie. These speeches all paid homage to the sheer grit and determination that was shown by dermaviduals stockists in the unprecedented times that has been the last 18 months living in a world with COVID-19. Of course, this extends to the wider beauty & skin industry too - it’s no secret how tough all clinics & salons have had it - congratulations on everything that has been achieved with lockdowns, closed doors and so much more! derma aesthetics were thrilled to recognise their amazing partners who share the passion of changing lives, and skin in our industry. One benefit of this years’ Clinic Awards was that it brought so many of the dermaviduals family together and added a little more positivity when we could all do with that! derma aesthetics are so happy to share the winners of their 2021 Clinic Awards, after all, there’s still lots to celebrate!

AUSTRALIAN RISING STAR Winner: Traralgon Beauty Salon Runner Up: Renee’s Beauty Room Highly Commended: Solstice Skin NEW ZEALAND CONSUMERS’ CHOICE Winner: FACE Body & Beauty Clinic Runner Up: A Peace of Beauty Highly Commended: Spoil Yourself Spa AUSTRALIAN CONSUMERS’ CHOICE Winner: Cosmetic Injectables Victoria Runner Up: JK Skin Beautique Highly Commended: Asthetique Skin Care Congratulations to all of the finalists!


Hyaluronic Acid

With the rise of social media marketing and beauty influencers everyone is looking for the next best thing. If you can’t invent it, why not buy it? Last month ASX-listed company BWX (ASX:BWX) struck a $177 million deal with Zoë Foster Blake to sell her beauty business Go-To Skincare. Now Cellmid (ASX:CDY) has inked a $3 million deal to buy beauty and wellness business BLC Cosmetics - an exclusive distributor for established premium beauty and wellness brands. The beauty business is booming and brands are doing all they can to attract the eyes of big companies looking to grow through acquisition. ASX-listed natural products player BWX also has the brand Sukin under its umbrella and called its purchase of a stake from Zoë Foster Blake as a partnership. CEO David Fenlon said, “BWX intends to support Go-To’s growth potential by leveraging our capability, resources and international distribution network.” Cellmid CEO Maria Halasz has similar ideas when it comes to her latest purchase. Maria is an expert in the beauty business and rolling out Cellmid’s expansion through this latest acquisition from fellow ASX-listed company HGL (ASX:HNG). HGL Limited, the owner of BLC, is a diversified investment company with a focus on driving shareholder returns by investing in a broad range of opportunities across private equity, listed equities, funds management, real property, debt funding and other alternative investments and offloading BLC made sense to them. When it comes to business building, it may just be that one entity is better than two. As synergies are realised individual companies can collectively scale in a way they couldn’t before. The key factor is recognising the synergies and maximising them. “The acquisition of BLC will enable us to effectively double our revenue immediately, progress towards profitability and achieve the necessary scale

Zoe Foster Blake

in the market to cross-sell our premium product range in our joint distribution channels,” said Cellmid CEO, Maria Halasz. Halasz also believes buying BLC will create a leading health and beauty tech company with premium brands across both hair and skin care, a global distribution footprint and strong sales capabilities into the professional beauty network in Australia and New Zealand with inhouse ecommerce capabilities. Chairman of HGL Sandy Beard has also backed the deal and affirmed the “highly synergistic transaction”. Beard says the deal, “is likely to far outperform the individual growth potential of either of the standalone companies” and is planning to do all he can to ensure the long-term growth trajectory. Whether you are the brand that is selling, company buying or investor reaping the benefits, there is no doubt the winner is the consumer who is getting their favourite products even faster with synergies only acquisitions can provide.

Hyaluronic Acid holds one thousand times its weight in water, so it can help skin retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in healthy skin by regulating the activity of the skin, including water content, elasticity, and the distribution of nutrients to the cells. HYALURONIC ACID IS SUITABLE FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE Attracts and holds moisture Prevents breakouts by balancing moisture Accelerates wound healing Defends against free radicals Enhances natural barriers Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles Evens skin tone and pigment.

*For purpose of this advert only 2 products have been displayed.



HEALTH, BEAUTY + WELLNESS The aim at Cryoplus, NSW, is to achieve optimisation through science, to maximise the body’s ability to heal and recover. Offering pain relief, fat loss, anti-ageing and general health & wellbeing, the innovative and unique treatments available are designed to help supercharge the body.

Shauna Sharples (r) with therapist Melissa Boardman Directors, Suzanne & Tony Chiha opened the first franchise of Cryoplus in Umina Beach, NSW, 3 years after the first clinic opened in Erina Heights. Motivated by their own personal experience with the powerful pain-relieving effects of Cryotherapy, combined with a passionate interest in holistic health treatment modalities and beauty/ wellness, the Umina Beach location was built. Cryoplus sourced the best scientifically-proven technologies, so they can offer specialised custom treatments to a wide range of clients, all with the same goal of optimising the bodies natural ability to Relax, Recover & Rejuvenate. Catering for clients ranging from athletes wanting to maximise performance to someone seeking natural pain management, to those wanting to help shape their summer body, increase health and wellbeing or just recharge and unplug, Cryoplus specialise in ensuring each client receives the best possible treatment, or combination of treatments, in a welcoming, state of the art facility. The clinics have been custom designed and built for each therapy from the ground up using industry-leading Cryotherapy equipment from Cryo Science, DreamPods (Float pods), Normatec Recovery Compression, Celluma LED light therapy and top of the line Infrared Sauna from Sunstream Saunas.

Recently we spoke to Shauna Sharples, Beauty Therapist at Cryoplus Umina, to find out more about these innovative and scientific services. Can you tell us a little about how Cryoplus came about?

The founder and creator, Renaldo Robberste has a degree in Sports Science and recovery and a passion for natural therapies. His centre at Erina Heights was established in 2018. Suzanne and Tony Chiha sought pain relief treatments for a debilitating back injury, at the Erina Heights Centre. The healing response proved to be so profound that they opened the first cryoplus franchise of their own in Umina Beach in February 2021.

Why the specialisation in Cryotherapy and why do you believe it to be an optimum health service?

Cryotherapy uniquely triggers a natural healing reaction in the body, via the cold shock response. The natural chemicals that are released, combined with the suppression of inflammation and pain signaling, create a powerful change throughout the body in just 3 minutes. The cascade of natural events created by this cold shock response in the body can address anything from beauty/ageing concerns, to all over general pain relief. Not to mention the improvement of athletic performance, athletic recovery, injury recovery, weight loss and immune system strengthening and mental health. There are literally hundreds of natural benefits that can be optimized with regular sessions taken weekly.

Can you tell us about the individual services you offer?

Full Body Cryotherapy treatment is our leading service, creating the most curiosity and “buzz.” In addition, we have Magnesium Float Pod therapy, Far Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy Spot Treatment, and a very unique Beauty Services menu offering “Frotox” cold therapy facials,combined with Celluma LED light therapy. Each of these modalities work through different cellular pathways to reduce inflammation throughout the body. We are also the first clinic in Australia to offer WAVE Body Contouring/Slimming/Facial sessions. This machine uses a combination of cold and hot therapy, plus vibration to shape and contour the face/ body, eliminating excess body fat via the lymphatic system. We are achieving impressive results with our WAVE contouring facials, which are non-invasive and work with the bodies natural response system. We can strengthen the structural integrity of the chin and lower face, jowel and eye area, creating a smoother, tighter and lifted appearance. All of this, without ablating or creating a wound healing response within the skin, with the exception of the adipocyte cells!

Can you tell us a little about your clientele?

The clientele are incredibly diverse. In a single day, we can treat a young horse jockey with hip concerns, to our local Club league athletes and massage therapists that need immediate pain relief support to do their job. There are many physical injuries like broken legs and ankles that need post-surgery healing support, new mothers recovering from childbirth, and others that are just after the mental clarity and anxiety reducing benefits our treatments offer. Some come to lower their toxic load and stress levels in the Sauna, and others come to enhance their creative thinking pathways in the Float Pod. Most surprisingly, and what brings me so much pleasure, is the growing number of clients with skin/ageing concerns. These clients range from 17-80 yrs old and are unique, in that they want holistic, cellular directed skin treatments, without the flare or time investment. They are well researched and come with the intention to strengthen and support their skin utilizing non-invasive methods. We can accomplish so much on a cellular level in just a 45 minute session, making it richly rewarding for everyone! cont’ over page

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Being so specialised, has this come with any challenges and if so, how have you overcome them?

I feel the main challenge we face is communicating the scientific explanation of our treatments in a way that is fun and easy to understand. To remedy this, we try to use analogies and visual imagery to communicate in a story like fashion. We are constantly educating ourselves to stay strong in our own understanding, so that we can stay creative in our scientific explanations. The second challenge we can face is attempting to describe how a treatment might feel for a first time client. This can vary so dramatically, that we have learned to speak from our own authentic experiences! This can be a very powerful tool when managing expectations and outcomes. The solution is, of course, to experience all of our treatments first-hand, and share our own stories with our clients. Nothing is more powerful than speaking from a place of truth. All the therapists at Cryoplus are encourages and championed to look after ourselves and our loved ones, along with our amazing clients. This alone has been the catalyst to very quickly creating a warm and supportive wellness community vibe in our clinic.

How are you coping with lockdown and still engaging with clients? We have been lucky to be able to remain open to provide pain relieving sessions with Full Body Cryotherapy. We have made adjustments to our hours of operation and procedures to stay within Covid guidelines, and it has proven to be the right decision. Our clients are grateful to have access to the many health benefits Cryotherapy has to offer, especially now, as they are experiencing more than average amounts of concern for their health and wellbeing. It is also our normal practice to call and check in on clients post treatment. That has been a wonderful way to offer support and stay connected.

What made you choose to partner with PROLOGIC when it comes to a skin care range?

My connection to PROLOGIC began 11 years ago, when I graduated my first ASA Course with Florence Barret-Hill. The most powerful piece of knowledge I gained was the importance of correcting Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency first and foremost. Florence highly recommended PROLOGIC as a tool to make these corrections in the skin. Omega 3 oil’s ability to put the fire out in the skin and quench the inflammatory cascade was what I was after in a product to bring into our clinic. It’s perfectly synergistic with the way we view and treat inflammation first and foremost, with all of our modalities.

How does PROLOGIC work well with the services you offer?

Our facial treatments are machine based, with Celluma LED, Frotox Cryo Facials, or our WAVE hot and cold treatments. I was after a product that could basically do it all, and help our clients respond quickly and positively to all of our treatments. We know that when you repair the Bilayer of the Stratum Corneum first and foremost, with the addition of correcting EFAD...the positive response to treatment increases dramatically. We can have it all with PROLOGIC, along with a pure, naturally derived, ethical and responsible brand to partner with. The straightforward, scientifically supported products are simple to recommend for homecare, as they mirror the facial treatment goals, which are to reduce inflammation, promote cellular calm, and strengthen the structure and function of the skin. CryoPlus Umina Beach is situated at 6/204 West Street, Umina Beach NSW 2257

For more information on PROLOGIC Please go to 26

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

More than just a skincare range





By Clare Lamberth

Kerry Fulluck has owned Mia Bella, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, for 8 years, originating from the UK having arrived in Australia 13 years ago. Travelling on a Student Visa would see Kerry fall into what would soon be her lifelong love and passion, a career in the Skin and Beauty Industry and eventually a clinic owner herself.

KERRY FULLUCK For the first 7 weeks of her Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Kerry found her mind was blown. She was a 40yr mum, who felt she never “used her brain” since leaving school at 15. Suddenly she was expected to learn, know and remember words she couldn’t even pronounce, never mind remember what their function was! Head down, bum up, Kerry got through the 2 years of study and passed, allowing her and her husband to eventually apply for Permanent Residency and then onto Citizenship. She officially became an Aussie! Kerry’s career as a Therapist started in a predominantly waxing salon while she was still training. It was a great place to start, having strict time frames to work with made Karry nail her waxing skills. Being a perfectionist, she was committed to making sure every wax she performed was as perfect as it could be, and on time, whether that be a brow wax or Brazilian. “During a tour of our local Day Spas whilst studying for my Diploma, one Day Spa really in particular captured my attention and my heart. At The Spa at Noosa Springs Resort, I turned to one of my fellow students and said…. “I’m going to work here!”. I applied with the Spa Manager and started the next week. I worked there for 4 years, even gaining the position of Assistant Spa Manager,” explains Kerry.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

The salon Kerry had originally began her beauty career in came up for sale and after a little (ok a lot) of persuasion from her husband, they bought it. It was in a local shopping centre. The high rents and 7-day trade really took its toll and after 5 years Kerry had had enough. During a business retreat in Bali Kerry had an epiphany. Listening to the other salon owners and learning how much less they were paying in rent. Kerry had to make a change. Her mission when she returned was to find a new space with lower rent. After going to centre management with her concerns she discovered a new space that had just become available on the outside of the centre. The rent was less than half! Kerry closed Mia Bella on Saturday at 5 pm and reopened her new space on the Tuesday. It was the best thing she ever did! Mia Bella flourished into a skin clinic, loved by clients and her team alike. We spoke to Kerry and asked her more about her love for Mia Bella

What do you specialise in?

We specialise in delivering skin treatments. We use Meder Beauty Science and Sircuit Cosmeceutical in our treatments, and we have Dermalogica as a retail product. The results we are achieving with our Meder Skin Treatments are phenomenal. We really are changing clients lives by changing their skin, in a healthy, sustainable way

Can you tell us about your adventures overseas with HairAid helping the women of underprivileged communities?

One of our gorgeous clients is Selina Tomasich, the CEO of Hair Aid, a great organisation that educates and trains third world women caught up in some of the worst scenarios, in hairdressing giving them skills to better their situations and give them a brighter future. After having a chat with Selina one day about her amazing work with Hair Aid, I said tongue in cheek “If ever you decide to take Beauty Therapists with you on your projects, please let me know as I would be super interested. She emailed me that night and said…. “How about Bali in. September?” Fundraising began the following week, we were on the local TV and radio stations letting people know what we were going to be doing and we needed to raise funds to get me and one of my gorgeous girls, Sharni to Bali and be the very first Beauty Therapists to join the Hair Aid team. We raised about 1/3 of the cost and paid for the rest ourselves. I compiled the training manual and before we knew it, we were heading off to Bali to change lives…. Little did we know we would change not only the amazing women we worked with, but it changed our lives too. Probably THE most profound experience of my life!!! We trained women in manicures & pedicures for 5 days so they could make a better future for themselves and their families. These women and


children live in the dump areas and sort through the trash to earn a pittance. Day 5 was graduation day…. Yes, we cried, these women are amazing and to see them so happy to have a “trade” they could use to make money and provide for their families was heart-warming. They each received a certificate and a pouch full of mani & Pedi equipment and you’d have thought we had given them the world… again more tears. We still receive updates and pics from these gorgeous women, not only the work they are doing but also of their families. Sharni and I left Bali with a very heavy heart, we had truly connected with these beautiful souls, and it was so hard to say goodbye, but we promised we would be back…… then Covid got in the way of our plans, we were going back last year to train more amazing women. As soon as we can we will be back.

How have you gone over the past 2 years with your business, your team and your clients?

Covid has really played a massive role in our industry, not only with the strict immediate closers of our business’ but our mental health. To be forced to stop doing what we love and not being able to continue to provide a service to our gorgeous client has been a huge struggle. As nurturers we love the human touch and connection with our clients, so to be denied it is hard. I made sure that as a team we stayed connected via zoom when we were in lockdown, enjoy a virtual wine together. Check-in every day and letting my team know I was there for them is super important to me. The same goes for our clients, I made a conscious effort to be even more visible on social media, so our clients didn’t feel alone and that they knew we were there if they needed us for anything, chat, skincare questions, a laugh or even a cry. I roped my husband into doing funny videos too which our clients loved and even now speak about.

What initiatives have you taken to keep business going during the pandemic?

Stay connected and focused on working with my amazing business coaches, Jay & Marie from The Zing Project, having their support and love during the lockdowns has really been my saving grace, definitely would have crumbled in a corner if I didn’t have them to lean on. We offered facials in a box to our clients during lockdowns along with skin consultations via zoom and always made sure one of the team was on social media every day offering support, advice, hints or tips.


What were the results and have any new innovations come out of the experiences of this past year that you’ve decided to keep moving forward? I truly believe that because of Covid, women now more than ever value self-care, personal touch and downtime. We are busier than ever with our amazing clients taking the time to have their “me time” and really value us as a profession. Amazingly, we can hold space for the women and nurture them and their skin so they feeling confident and empowered.

Christmas is just around the corner. What do you love to do to ensure a successful Christmas period in your clinic?

We love the hectic Christmas lead up. I always make sure I am super prepared with all our Christmas marketing; Christmas packs are ordered and lots of extra Christmas goodies for our retail shelves. I make sure to have lots of healthy snacks for the girls in the kitchen so they can nibble away when they get a minute between clients. I always start with healthy good intentions but as the month goes on it gets naughtier and naughtier, lots of chocolates start to make an entrance and always lots of delicious pressies from clients. We always finish Christmas Eve with a bottle or two of fizz to celebrate the girl’s hard work. Our Christmas parties are always something special. Last year I took the girls to Noosa for brunch on the river then we went to the Spa for a 2 hour pamper package each followed by a delicious cheese board and champagne, I always gift the girls especially thought out pressies too, my way of saying thank you for all their hard work.

Nationwide our industry has struggled with hiring staff. How have you gone with this?

I am super lucky with my team, I have long term therapists with me, one of which has been with me for over 7 years, but when we have advertised to grow our team, I have struggled to employ not only good therapists but therapists that have the right attitude. There is a real shortage of Beauty Therapists at the moment. I think a lot of therapists have left the industry because of the fear factor of not having work or jobs not being available because we are a ‘high risk” industry when it comes to Covid. I think a lot of therapists have pivoted and gone into nursing training, whether that be to work as a nurse or move into dermal therapies. I am currently looking to grow our team and am looking for our next Skin superstar, so far with no luck, but I’ll keep on manifesting… they are out there somewhere!!

Visit to learn more about Kerry and her clinic.





HARBOUR DAY SPA By Linda Woodhead

Founders of Harbour Day Spa, Tracey Ivanovski and Leanne Morris, have been best friends and business partners for over 18 years. For over 17 years, this highly experienced duo has endeavoured to run Harbour Day Spa to the highest possible standards of service. This passion for integrity is matched only by their desire to create the ultimate luxury experience for every single client that enters the retreat.

Tracey and Leanne believe that what truly sets Harbour Day Spa apart, is the level of excellence, authenticity, and detail that is involved in each of the services provided. This idea of high-quality service is what inspired Tracey and Leanne to embark on this journey and continues to drive them to this very day. From ensuring each guest is greeted by attentive and welcoming staff, to organising mini cakes for those celebrating their special day, Harbour Day Spa prioritises building trusting relationships with clients. Having been in the same location for over 17 years, this year, in May, saw a brave new move with a re-location to new premises. Described as exhausting, exhilarating and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment Tracey says, “It surprisingly turned out to be the silver lining to all that we have done over the past 17 years.” “We just love being in the main street of Cleveland. It’s a beautiful village feeling and absolutely feels like home.” says Leanne.


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Devastated that they were only given a month to vacate their 500 sq metre premises with 17 years of history was frightening for this tenacious duo, let alone going through a legal battle to force their landlords to give them more time. Finding new premises, and using every last bit of energy they had to reassure their valuable team that their jobs and security were safe, so they could get through December, the busiest time of the year, was one of the toughest challenges Tracey and Leanne have faced, but face it they did and they have certainly come out the other end shining.

“The move itself came with its challenges and after the legal proceedings we had about 12 weeks to vacate. Getting trades was a huge challenge but we were fortunate to find a great builder and local contacts who were all ready to help. Our new business is a smaller area, 400 sq meters so we had to design our new business around the space we had. It made us look at the profitability of the different areas of our business and make some changes. Covid has changed the way people shop and also the services they need most. We looked at the profitability and adjusted our offerings,” Says Leanne. Their new home on the main street of Cleveland, Brisbane is a beautiful old bank building that came with the large vault still intact. Apparently, the only way to get the vault out was to knock it down, so instead these two innovative entrepreneurs have turned it into a LED light room, now used for skin rejuvenation including healing acne by heightening the skins internal function. Not only can this beautiful space and treatments assist with faster healing for wounds or after surgery it also offers relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety. With both hair and beauty offerings well known at Harbour Day Spa, clients love the nourishing glow hair treatment with LED in the Vault! The stunning spa boasts Hampton style luxury, with a touch of nautical flair and serenity as the team pride themselves on providing a warm, welcoming, professional and trusted beauty environment for their guests. “They should feel like they have walked into their best friend’s home and leave feeling beautiful, relaxed and more confident,” says Leanne Currently employing 25 plus staff (usually depending on pregnancy!) they range from school-based trainees, apprentices, hair and beauty experts through to a nurse and doctor. “Our manager has been a huge support throughout the transition of the move, keeping staff motivated and we also have regular support from other businesses. We have consultants who work with us on special projects, for example at the moment a consultant is working on our sales process,” says Leanne. “We know we miss so many opportunities and whilst we’ve been at it for 17 years, we’ve still not mastered sales. Only 30% of our Clients purchase home care from us so this is an area we are focussed on right now.” During covid however and recognising that their own personalised oil has been their number 1 selling product for 12 years, they have now extended their signature range of products which is an exciting move.

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Skin Consultations. They’re the key to EVERYTHING when it comes to treating skin. They can make or break your results and are essential to building a strong lasting relationship with your clients. Yet so many of us start out like a newborn baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time. Stumbling our way through the consultation, dreading the awkward silences, fearing the retail push at the end, feeling like we’re out of our depth and unsure of how it’s all really going and if the client actually hates us. Whilst there are plenty of courses on skin and science, we are often left to our own devices in how we interpret this information to our clients once were alone with them inside the treatment room. One of the biggest struggles I see in setting a consultation flow is knowing what exactly we are needing to do and how to find out what we need to know. What is the outcome we are looking for and how do we reach it? When we aren’t exactly sure what we’re meant to be doing, we find ourselves falling into the trap of turning a consultation into being all about US, not THEM! How many times have we spent far too much time talking about the business, the brand, our philosophies and why our clinic is different? We share the company founder’s philosophy, we talk about the products we use and we promote the features and benefits of our treatments. We talk all about ourselves whilst the client sits 32

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patiently waiting for when the consultation is going to kick in. The chances are, if that client is sitting across from you, they already like your salon and what it stands for, that’s what drew them to you in the first place. The consultation should be wholly and solely about the client, where they’ve been, where they’d like to go and what they need to do to get there. Not about our business, our fancy products or why we do the fandangled treatments we do. So, if not talking about your products and treatments, what are you actually supposed to do in the consult? Aren’t we supposed to promote the business and convince the client to spend all their money on products? What are you actually wanting to achieve in the consultation process? I’ve been creating a course that supports skin therapists, helping them feel more confident in the process. What I noticed we’re six key points that I use to guide the flow of each of my consultations. These are the six most important things I want to learn about every single client so that I can help them achieve the healthiest skin possible! You might be surprised to learn that I never mention my business These things are great, but what I really need to know in order to get the best results for my client are the following six things:


96% of clients who come in for a consultation with me DO NOT know their skin type. Those that do have often guessed (often incorrectly) or have had a quality skin consultation in the past and the therapist told them. With all of the high tech treatments we offer in-clinic these days, rarely are they skin type dependant. But knowing your client’s skin type is really important when prescribing home care products and ensure they know how to best support their intrinsic skin type. We all know what happens when a client uses the wrong formula for their skin type, it’s often what brought them into our clinics in the first place. Using products for an oily skin type on a lipid dry skin type is actually going to exacerbate a dry skin condition. Each skin type has its own specific protocols of daily care and once we understand the client in front of us we can help guide them in how to care for their specific skincare needs. (Coming up with “combination” as a skin type? If you’ve read my book Skinside Out, you’ll know where I sit with the ‘combination cop-out’.)


(Pssst, Condition is different to skin type!!) It’s important to find out why your client is here and what is their skin presenting with? Do they have acne? If so, what grade? Are they dealing with a skin barrier issue? If so,

what kind? Are there any vascularity concerns? This is where you are going to spend your time understanding what you’re working with. It’s understanding this that will help you start out on the right track and be the starting point to build upon. Knowing the difference between skin conditions like acne and rosacea is really important. Both can present in a similar way but the causes and treatment pathways are VERY different.


The next thing you need to understand is the leading cause of the client’s skin condition. Why is their skin the way that it is? Have they been using incorrect skincare? Is it their work environment? Do they have an underlying condition? Is this something you can treat or do you need to refer on to a thirst party professional? This is going to give you the pathway to repair! Most of the consultation time needs to be spent here, discovering WHY this client’s skin is behaving the way it is. Because without knowing the leading cause, we cannot just throw some professional products at them and hope that it resolves. Yes, it may have worked a couple of times in the past but when we address the cause, we resolve the issue. It’s important to dig deep and figure this part out because if we get this wrong, we’ll be left managing poor outcomes and client disappointment!


Now that we know why our client is here and have established the condition and cause, the next step is helping that client to better understand the condition and how they can support their skin. We are the experts. It’s here that we have the opportunity to teach our clients how to care for their skin. Don’t leave skin education up to the internet. That’s what got our client’s skin into a mess in the first place. Let’s not just assume that because they use skincare that they know a lot about their skin.


This is where we take all of our investigative work into the consultation process and develop a treatment plan and product prescription. When we have a deep skin knowledge base, coupled with our expertise in the treatments we do, we can build a targeted treatment plan that will focus on all of the needs we discovered in the first three key points. If we’ve gotten this wrong, here is where our plan will come unstuck as we might not be recommending the right treatments and products


Naturally, when we’re getting to know a person, we build a connection. We get to know their personality, their communication style and their desires for their skin. Building a strong professional relationship is vital. It helps us to know how to better support someone on their skin journey. The final key that I want to learn in my consultations is what my client needs from me

to be able to achieve the best possible results. Do I need to follow up with referrals to aligned health professionals and are there fact sheets or further information that I can give them? What can I do to go above and beyond to help them feel completely supported in the process? Now that you know the true purpose and objective outcomes of a consultation, you can begin to formulate your own flow to reach the end goal. You can begin to develop the questions you might ask to find the right answers you need to create a well-rounded skin treatment plan. You’ll no longer get lost in the “salesy” distractions that chew into your consultation time and you’ll feel more confident to lead the conversation in a way that gets results! Before you finish your consultation, ask yourself these questions: 1. Do I know their skin type? 2. What is the condition of the client’s skin?

3. What is the leading cause of this condition? 4. Have I empowered them with knowledge about their skin condition and helped them to make the appropriate changes they need to avoid/resolve/support this condition? 5. Have I created a clear treatment pathway? (of home care and clinic treatments) 6. Have I provided further support/ What follow up do I need to provide? If you are looking for a course that will give you confidence in your consultations, come over and say hi! It’s almost ready to release into the wild and it might just be the course that helps you to channel all that juicy skin knowledge you have into a consultation that kicks ass! Questions about up-levelling your consultations? Reach out to Robyn at or .

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By Gay Wardle

There should be a strong focus on the circulatory system during our consultations. When thinking about their circulatory system, most people think of the blood that is circulating throughout their veins and yes, this is definitely one of the systems, however, there are two other systems that need to be understood. These include the lymphatic system and pulmonary circulation. The lymphatic system meanders its way around the body in one direction moving from the toes to the auxiliary region and then through to the cranial region of the body as well as the auxiliary. The pulmonary circulation is where the fresh oxygen we breathe in enters the blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide is released from the blood. These three different circulatory systems are all connected via the blood supply.

So how does it all work? Blood circulation starts when the heart relaxes between two heartbeats: The blood flows from both atria which are the upper two chambers of the heart, into the ventricles which are the lower two chambers. When this happens, they expand. The next stage of this incredible system is when both ventricles pump the blood into the large arteries - this is called the ‘ejection period’. In systemic circulation, the left ventricle pumps oxygen-rich blood into the main artery called the aorta. The blood then travels from the main artery to larger and smaller arteries and into the capillary network. Throughout this journey, the blood releases oxygen and nutrients while collecting carbon dioxide and waste products. The blood then becomes low in oxygen and is then collected in veins and travels to the right atrium and into the right ventricle. Enter the pulmonary circulation. The right ventricle pumps low-oxygen blood into the pulmonary artery, which then branches off into smaller arteries and capillaries. The capillaries form a fine network around the pulmonary vesicles, these vesicles are called arterioles. Arterioles are grape-like air sacs at the end of the airways. This is where carbon dioxide is released from the blood into the air inside the pulmonary vesicles enabling fresh 34

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oxygen to enter the bloodstream. When we breathe out, carbon dioxide leaves our bodies. Oxygen-rich blood travels through the pulmonary veins and the left atrium into the left ventricle. The next heartbeat starts a new cycle of the systemic circulation. The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and acts as the body`s own sewerage system. This part of the circulatory system is important in maintaining fluid levels in our body tissues. It does this by removing fluids that leak out of our blood vessels. This fluid is known as interstitial fluid and transfers to a lymph vessel where it is known as lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. The lymph nodes monitor the lymph flowing into them and produce cells and antibodies which protect our body from infection and disease. The spleen and thymus are lymphatic organs that monitor the blood and detect and respond to pathogens and malignant cells. Another important role of the lymphatic system is the role it plays in the absorption of fats from the intestine. The lymphatic system relies on the blood circulation to move around the body, it needs movement to move as it does not have its own heartbeat. If it becomes impaired in any way, the risk of lymphoedema can increase as well as diseases such as Crohn`s.

So why are these systems so important to us skin nurds? 1. If there is dysfunction to any one of these three systems, the skin will age at a much faster pace than normal. 2. The body relies on all three of these systems to repair itself. 3. If there is a wound or inflammation the body needs all three to be functioning so that it can heal. 4. Scar tissues will increase if any one of these systems is impaired.

Symptoms that can indicate poor circulation! If someone presents to you with puffiness hands, feet, arms, legs and face then ask some of these leading questions: Do you ever feel numbness and tingling in your hands and feet? - This happens when there is restricted blood flow to the extremities of the body. Do your hands and feet feel cold and you cannot seem to get them warm? – If the blood and lymph are sluggish, temperature fluctuations will occur in the skin and nerve endings of the hands and feet. Do you have joint and muscle cramping at night or even during the day? – Impaired circulation may cause pain in the legs, feet, arms and hands. Leg pain is often worse when a person sits or stands for long periods at a time. How do you heal on your legs and feet especially? – Poor circulation affects the body`s ability to heal, which can lead to ulcers in the legs and feet. Ulcers may develop when blood pools in the veins of the legs, which causes swelling beneath the skin. Do you have any varicose veins? – Poor circulation causes varicose veins, these veins make it harder for the blood to continue to circulate. How is your digestive system – do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea? – Your digestive system relies on blood flow so that fatty deposits and bad bacteria does not accumulate in the digestive tract. Do you feel tired and fatigued? – Poor blood flow can impact energy levels causing fatigue.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate and remember things? – Poor circulation can have an impact on brain functioning which could contribute to memory loss and difficulty in concentrating. Does your skin become pale at times? – If there is not enough blood that reaches tissues, the skin may appear pale or blue. If blood leaks from the capillaries the surrounding areas may appear a purple colour.

What are some of the causes? Raynaud`s disease is a condition where blood vessels narrow. When the vessels narrow it restricts the blood flow which can cause numbness, tingling in the hands and feet as well as feeling cold in those areas. The condition worsens over time. Pollution and smoking increase the risk of developing conditions that cause poor circulation. Pollution damages the walls of the blood vessels and causes plaque to build up in the veins. Poor exercise or being overweight increases the risk of blood pressure and could be both poor circulation or increases in blood pressure. Blood clots can restrict blood flowing to or from organs or tissues and in some cases, a clot can completely block the flow of blood and prevent healthy circulation. Auto-immune diseases have a huge impact on the immune system where it becomes sluggish and the body as a whole has major dysfunctions. Although alcohol is a vasodilator, excessive alcohol works as a vasoconstrictor which causes veins to tighten and constrict. Too much alcohol can cause damage to the brain, digestive system, kidneys and even the reproductive organs.

Binge-drinking and long-term drinking can affect circulation severely and impact the overall health of a person.

So how can we help if someone presents with poor circulation? Deep breathing exercises should be essential every day, encourage you, clients, to take part in this valuable exercise. Massaging will help with the circulatory systems though separate the techniques into massaging to move the blood and lymphatic massaging. There are some amazing clinical treatments that can be performed using enzymes and other actives to increase blood flow. Encourage your clients to exercise if they don’t do this already. Drink water to stop the blood from thickening. Gut health should also be on the agenda. Be aware that we are living in a time right now where we have to wear face masks, encourage your clients to change the masks often and wear a clean mask. As skin therapists, we are delivering treatments that are advanced and that do cause inflammation therefore it is absolutely vital that we understand the three circulatory systems. Understanding and recognising impairment with the lymphatic system, pulmonary system and sluggish blood circulation can help prevent abnormal scar tissue formation. For more information on Gay Wardle’s ABIA Hall of Fame award-winning education programs visit or

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By Nancy Abdou

Selling skincare can often feel like a challenge to therapists, but rest assured, prescribing and selling active skincare not only is simple but also extremely beneficial for both you and your client. It’s all about education. Educating clients on the benefits and importance of utilising topical, functional active’s on skin that may be poorly functioning or sluggish is the key to a successful journey for both you and your client. Especially when invasive aesthetic treatments are being performed approaching warmer weather and melanocyte activity is higher and more likely to pose problems. First of all, let’s clear one thing up, not all skincare is created equally. There is a lot of science that goes into creating effective, cosmeceutical skincare so it is important your clients are using a quality professional range to really benefit from their home care products that have been specifically prescribed for their skin. When we are performing a treatment and creating controlled trauma, it’s vital that the skin is functioning at optimal levels to have the capability to create physiological changes, such as stimulating or synthesising collagen, elastin, GAG’s, cytokines, Interleukins and the like - to ensure the desired result, is efficaciously delivered.


There’s an abundance of active’s on the market, performing exceptional tasks, however, the following are my top 6 functional active’s to include in your clients home care routine while prepping the skin.

The damage UV dose to the skin goes far beyond what the eye can see and triggers several inflammatory responses within the skin. If the skin is not protected from UV stress for at least 2 weeks prior to invasive skin treatments, it is more likely to “overreact”, producing excess pigmentation and inflammation leading to possible long term or permanent scarring It is imperative that a physical protector, preferably one containing zinc, is applied regularly each day 4 weeks prior and 6 weeks post-treatment.



Using the AB&C’s of skincare on a daily basis provides the skin with essential nutrition for optimal health. A - building block for collagen, increases cellular turnover and circulation, repairs damage B – plays an important role in inflammatory and immune response inhibits the transfer of melanin to keratinocyte C – essential collagen precursor, tyrosinase inhibitor, a powerful antioxidant Check out Skindividual’s Activate, VitaBoost and Lumen-C for a powerful yet gentle ABC trio ideal for skin preparation.


Including a high variety of antioxidants in your skincare routine is vital to prevent damage caused by oxidative stress. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals preventing them from causing further harm including those we create during treatments designed to deliberately cause inflammation, to instigate the fibroblasts via a controlled wound. The Skindividual Resveratrol Hydrator + is packed with a variety of antioxidants. 36

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Peptides are specially designed, purpose-driven molecules which perform very specific functions or tasks. These outstanding ingredients come with many benefits and can be chosen based on their mechanism of action to enhance the desired treatment outcome and minimise downtime and adverse reactions. Skindividual Eye Radiance contains 2 very different peptides to protect against PIHP and boost the synthesis of strong healthy collagen.


Humectants are a family of hydration such as glycerine or hyaluronic acid which draw and bind moisture to themselves, to increase skin hydration and enhance product penetration. Hydrated skin has better cell-to-cell and layerto-layer communication allowing optimal skin functionality and enhanced treatment results. The Skindividual HyaGlide contains multiple weights of sodium hyaluronate to fill the epidermis with moisture from top to bottom.


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy our cells need to function and boost mitochondrial

activity. When we are young and healthy our cells have an abundance of ATP and are capable of rapidly synthesising more on-demand. As we age and our skin is exposed to damaging environments such as pollution and UV which lead to slower synthesis and decreased stores of ATP. The Skindividual newly reformulated Lumen-C and Eye Radiance contains Ribose, a natural precursor to ATP which boosts the quality, quantity and synthesis speed of ATP within the skin. By including these 6 topical actives into all of your client’s skin preparation for 4 weeks prior to commencing your treatment program you are ensuring; · A stronger healthier skin and skin barrier · Optimal skin function and cellular activity · Improved mitochondrial function, boosting ATP · Reduced downtimes, side effects and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation · Quicker wound healing times and · Superior and enhanced results It’s simple really if the skin does not have the required ingredients and tools to do what it is supposed to do – what’s the point of even performing ANY treatment? There’d be no point really. Further, if the client experiences extended downtime, hyperpigmentation or a reaction, chances are, they won’t consider another treatment. So ensure you are prescribing what the skin needs and deserves, to give your clients superior results they’ll rave about, safely. Nancy Abdou is CEO & Lead Clinical Educator at The Australian Dermal & Laser Institue ABIA 2021 Best Educator Finalist and 2018 Best Education Institution Finalist. Learn more about Nancy and her online learning programs at








Within the aesthetics arena, a vast array of anti-ageing treatments deliver a controlled trauma and/or wound to the skin to stimulate the wound healing model, contract loose tissue and activate natural collagen production. Tissue damage (controlled or otherwise) initiates a highly complex biological response to reassert balance in the body. The degree and nature of damage will determine the extent of response. To fully comprehend wound healing complexities, a professional must have a detailed understanding of the cell, skin science, and systemic factors that mediate and impair this process. So, what treatments cause a wound? At varying intensities and depths, the following widely performed treatments all work by inducing a wound which the skin recognises as a breach and skips into action to compensate for the disruption: • Skin needling • Laser • IPL • HIFU/MFU • Radio frequency • Micro dermabrasion • Chemical peels • Dermaplaning • Plasma pen/fibroblasting • Cryotherapy Of course, the outcome from any given treatment, both short and long term, relies on the client’s ability to heal and repair the damage. Given that no two clients are the same, this outcome will vary. What happens after the wound inducing treatment has been performed? After the treatment has been administered and the tissue is damaged, there is a multidimensional cascade of responses, reactions and processes that unfold. These overlapping processes take place for varying durations and degrees of efficiency. In fact, the complete process of wound healing may take up to two years, during which time the wounded tissue remodels and tweaks itself to regain as much tensile strength as it had prewound. The simple fact is the wounded tissue will never regain its original strength – and this is a consideration when selecting a suitable treatment and the intensity at which it will be performed. The four phases of wound healing see the damaged tissue sealing off the site, removing debris, proliferating a new epidermis and dermis, and remodelling fibres that were deposited in a rush during the early stages of repair, as much for protection as the restructuring itself.


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Coagulation In the case of an ablative wound, the priority in the wound healing cascade is to ‘stop the bleeding’. Coagulation, or haemostasis, is a process that ensures the wound is ‘closed off’ by manufacturing a fibrin plug to reduce blood loss and protect against the risk of infection. It is important to note that wound healing can initiate without the initial phase of coagulation taking place visibly. When blood isn’t drawn, the healing can begin at a faster rate, and with minimised risk of infection. Inflammation Inflammation is one of the immune system’s primary mechanisms of defence against injury and infection, and it sets the stage for the following phases and ultimate wound restoration. The inflammatory phase is generally active for up to 3 days (but can last for up to weeks post-wound) and is characterised by redness and swelling (caused by dilation of capillaries and capillary leakage). During this phase, damaged cells, bacteria, and pathogens are removed from the wound site. White blood cells, lymphocytes, growth factors, nutrients and enzymes cause extra swelling, pain, heat, and erythema. Inflammation becomes problematic if prolonged, excessive and/or accumulative. Proliferation This multi-dimensional phase of healing comprises of re-epithelisation, angiogenesis, the formation of new tissue and contraction. Kicking off approximately 24 hours after the wound, keratinocytes migrate into the bed of the wound in a strategic effort to form a new epidermis and re-establish barrier function. The formation of new blood vessels enables a nutrient supply to the wound site, delivering oxygen which is essential for collagen production. Day five postwound, fibroblasts proliferate new collagen and fibronectin, and replace the damaged matrix with a fresh extra cellular matrix. The contraction phase is celebrated within the beauty and dermal industry; during this response, myofibroblasts begin stretching the edges of the wound together to close off the site. These hybrid cells are largely associated with scar tissue and in certain individual profiles will be hyper-active. Tissue Remodelling As the wound matures, poorly distributed (organised) collagen is replaced with a stronger type of collagen. However, the final strength of this ‘scar’ collagen has been determined to only reach up to 80% of its original strength. This fact alone emphasises the reduced risk associated with aesthetic treatments that only work within the epidermis.

Multi-Modality Treatments It’s common practice within our industry for therapists to perform treatments that combine technology, for example, radio therapy and skin needling, or a peel and microdermabrasion. The theories behind such practice vary, but ultimately modalities are combined to accelerate and amplify client outcomes. The thing to consider is, this approach compounds the wound healing model and is largely unstudied, particularly in the case of long-term outcome and scar tissue development. It may prolong the inflammatory phase (not ideal), impair proliferation of new tissue (definitely not ideal) and increase the risk of scar tissue development (particularly bad news). When delivering a combination of wounds, the skin must have the capacity to handle multiple signals delivered by overlapping thermal footprints, mechanical trauma and in some cases burn wounds. Until such time where clinical trials can be conducted on a broad cross section of population with a long-term system for metering client outcomes, we are essential flying blind when performing multi-modality procedures, relying predominantly on anecdotal outcomes and subjective review. The Wound Healing Masterclass has been designed specifically for beauty therapists and dermal clinicians to better understand the healing cascade and assess a client’s individual baseline loading to calculate risk profile for a wound inducing treatment. To participate in the Wound Healing Masterclass via our online platform, email or visit

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The combined oral contraceptive pill (to be called the pill hereafter), is one of the most prescribed medications in the world. Over 100 million women use the pill globally as their preferred form of contraception, with its highest use being in the Western world. The pill usually contains a combination of ethinyl estradiol and one of several progestins, synthetic forms of the naturally occurring steroid hormones oestrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries. They have been altered to mimic natural oestrogen and progesterone. There is no doubt that the pill has been revolutionary for women. In Australia the release of the first pill in 1961 heralded a shift in women’s reproductive rights. It started out only being available to married women, giving them the freedom to plan parenthood, and enter the workforce. It was considered not only easy to use, but also extremely effective at preventing ovulation, and therefore pregnancy. Today nearly 60 percent of women take the pill for non-contraceptive reasons, which include lighter periods and reduced period pain (dysmenorrhoea). The pill may improve acne and the symptoms associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and endometriosis. It may also reduce the risk of certain cancers such as ovarian and uterine (womb) cancer. Like all medications however, the pill may cause side effects, which vary from woman to woman. Some of these side effects are listed on the leaflet found in the box, while others are not. In this article, I will look at the impact of the pill on gut health. The gut is home to trillions of microbes, made up of bacteria predominantly, as well as fungi, viruses, yeasts and archaea. Collectively, they are referred to as the microbiota, and are found scattered along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract. These microbes are mainly bacteria located in the large colon. Among its functions that include aiding digestion, the absorption of nutrients, and educating the immune system, 70% of which resides in the gut lining, a healthy gut microbiota also regulates hormones which includes the metabolism of 40

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oestrogen. Excess oestrogen and its metabolites are conjugated in the liver in readiness for elimination via urine and bile in faeces via the gut. Some studies demonstrate adverse effects associated with the pill on the gut and its microbiota. It has been associated with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, although the mechanism of action remains to be elucidated. The pill has been linked to gut dysbiosis, or an imbalance in the microbiota. Gut dysbiosis is associated with the overgrowth of opportunistic microbes including bacteria and yeasts. Gut dysbiosis impacts hormone function. Oestrogen metabolism which occurs in the gut is disrupted when there is a loss in microbial diversity due to a reduced number of oestrogen-metabolising bacteria called the oestrobolome. The oestrobolome regulates oestrogen by secreting an enzyme called betaglucuronidase. This prepares excess hormones including conjugated oestrogen for excretion. Diet determines how efficiently this occurs. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report identified that women on the pill showed key nutrient depletions such as folic acid, vitamins B2, B6, B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, along with minerals magnesium, selenium and zinc. A highly refined processed diet, high in sugar and devoid of fibre, has very little nutritional value. This type of diet has been demonstrated to not only drive inflammation, and cause gut permeability, but also results in the production of excess betaglucuronidase which leads to oestrogen dominance. This occurs because instead of excess conjugated oestrogen being excreted in faeces, it is deconjugated by betaglucuronidase and exits the gut via the permeable gut lining, where it is then recirculated back around the body via the circulatory system. This unbound active oestrogen binds to oestrogen receptors leading to various physiological responses. Symptoms linked to leaky gut and oestrogen

dominance include joint pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, bowel changes, difficulty losing or gaining weight experienced by some women. The oestrobolome is also affected by other factors such as the use of antibiotics and alcohol consumption. To mitigate any potential adverse effects of the pill, as well as to optimise the oestrobolome and microbiota in general, a fibre rich, nutrient dense diet is key. Fresh fruit and vegetables are fermented by the microbiota producing metabolites called short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Apart from providing energy to enterocytes, which are the cells lining the gut, SCFAs have a systemic anti-inflammatory effect. They also indirectly assist with gut motility. Regular bowel movements ensure that excess conjugated oestrogen is eliminated and not recirculated. Increasing fibre intake will reduce the amount of betaglucuronidase production. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and meat are all rich sources of those nutrients that may be deficient. Zinc and l-glutamine will also serve to restore the gut lining. Find out more about Chiza’s work at www. References 1. Khalili H. Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Oral Contraceptives and Menopausal Hormone Therapy: Current Evidence and Future Directions. Drug Saf. 2016;39(3):193-197. 2. Kwa M, Plottel C, et al. The Intestinal Microbiome and Estrogen Receptor–Positive Female Breast Cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2016 :108(8): djw029. 3. Looijer-van Langen M et al. Estrogen receptor-β signaling modulates epithelial barrier function. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2011;300(4): G621–626. 4. Mihajlovic J, Leutner M, et al. Combined hormonal contraceptives are associated with minor changes in composition and diversity in gut microbiota of healthy women. Environmental Microbiology. 2021:23(6), 3037–3047 5. Palmery M, Saraceno A, Vaiarelli, G. Oral contraceptives and Changes in Nutritional Requirements. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2013; 17 (13): 1804-1813 6. Zhou Z, Zhang L, Ding M, et al. Estrogen Decreases Tight Junction Protein Zo-1 expression in Human Primary Gut Tissues. Clin Immunology 2017;183:174-180




The importance of balancing the microbiome in our gut with oral probiotics has been accepted and understood for decades. Like the gut, the health of the skin is dependent on the right balance and diversity of both good and bad bacteria. Thankfully, dermatologists and formulating chemists are now focusing on the importance of balancing the bacteria on the surface of our skin. When our skin microbiota is in balance, the skin cells and protective barrier are functioning at their best, so it makes perfect sense to focus on topical products that contain pre and probiotics. The skin microbiome is vital for nearly every skin function, including the strength of our outer protective barrier. Factors such as pollution, solar radiation, climate extremes, antibiotics and mask wearing during COVID-19, can severely disrupt the bacterial balance and skin barrier. Fun fact: we house up to one billion bacteria on every square centimetre of our skin – that’s more bacteria than our actual skin cells! There’s also a huge diversity in distinct species of bacteria and this diversity is crucial for skin health. It’s important to note that, whilst we need to nurture the good bacteria, the bad bacteria are there for a reason and we shouldn’t wipe them out completely. It’s all about one thing: the BALANCE of good and bad. Clinical data supports the positive impact of cosmeceutical prebiotic and probiotic ingredients in controlling and defending general skin health and balance. Both prebiotics and probiotics are beneficial to your skin individually, but when used in synergy, they create magic! I like to use the garden analogy for prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are the fertiliser providing the best food for a healthy garden environment whilst inhibiting the weeds (bad bacteria) and providing nutrition for the flowers (good bacteria). The probiotics are like the seeds that flourish to make the whole garden bloom with health and vitality. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am noticing a steep rise in redness, inflammation, and sensitivity concerns. The skin’s barrier became compromised with elevated stress levels and wearing face masks that often prevent the skin from being in contact with a normal atmosphere or environmental gases and moisture levels. Whilst mask wearing is an important aspect of keeping us safe, using a topical prebiotic and probiotic combo in your skincare routine can significantly reduce symptoms such as dryness, irritation, redness, and breakouts, and assist with balancing and strengthening the skin’s barrier. So, which skincare prebiotics and probiotics are best? Something I have commonly heard is that living probiotic bacteria should be added to skincare formulations. This is a myth! Scientifically speaking, the ideal formulation should not contain live microbes, but rather lysates (chopped-up pieces) of the good bacteria. The lysates contain the pieces of the microbes that reduce inflammation and activate the positive changes in the skin. 42

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

So, why do you need lysate pieces of the bacteria and not the whole live bacteria? Whole living bacteria won’t survive the conditions of the product itself. Some ingredients, particularly the all-important preservatives, are designed to kill the microbes in cosmetic products for the safety of the consumer. These preservatives are usually broad spectrum, meaning they are not selective in what they destroy. They’re not going to decide to keep the ‘good’ probiotic whole bacteria alive and kill the other potentially harmful bacteria in the bottle. So, stick with products that don’t have live probiotic bacteria in them because they will probably be dead by the time you open the bottle! One of my all-time favourite probiotics is the lysate of Bifidobacterium. This active ingredient is excellent at fortifying the skin barrier, increasing strength, and addressing inflammation, which is the root cause of all negative skin conditions. This active probiotic ingredient improves the skin’s ability to fight invaders by improving the immune system of the skin to reduce sensitivity, irritation, redness and dryness. It even decreases inflammation related to skin ageing and helps to reduce fine lines. Clinical studies concluded that the skin of 20 volunteers treated with the probiotic lysate of Bifidobacterium and a known skin irritant exhibited a 50% reduction in inflammation versus the untreated control. Now, let’s look at the prebiotic partner in this incredible dynamic duo. My favourite prebiotic to formulate with is called alpha-glucan oligosaccharide. This provides the ideal nutrient source for the beneficial bacteria, while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria such as some types of Staphylococcus and excess bacteria that causes acne. Prebiotics works to amplify the positive effects of probiotics and the existing good bacteria on the skin. At Synergie Skin, we have harnessed both prebiotics and probiotics in an innovative pre-serum elixir, Dermiotic. This is truly the microbiome booster and as a true skin balancer,

it works on multiple levels to restore the balance of good and bad bacteria on the skin, relieving and preventing signs of skin inflammation. It uses my favourite prebiotic skin food, alphaglucan oligosaccharide, and probiotic ingredient, Bifida ferment lysate. There are also some great ways to boost your prebiotics and probiotics by incorporating them in your diet. To increase your intake of prebiotics, reach for good quality fibre sources. There are many fibrous fruits and vegetables that contain prebiotics such as asparagus, leeks, broccoli, garlic, and apples. My number one form of prebiotic in food is konjac root. To increase your daily intake of probiotics, some great go-to foods are natural yoghurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh. Kombucha is also popular drink at the moment and a great source of on-the-go probiotics, but make sure you always go for the sugar-free kombucha products. I believe that combing pre and probiotics in a topical formulation can be a game changer for all skin types and conditions. Combined in synergy, they provide the optimal environment for microbiome balance, reducing inflammation and restoring your natural glow. Consider prebiotic and probiotic skincare as an essential part of every daily skincare routine for every skin type. Let’s ditch the old fashioned ‘toner’ as an outdated skin balancer and replace it with a quality microbiome boosting elixir like Dermiotic, as your ultimate skin balancer! Terri is the creator and founder of Synergie Skin Skincare. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Monash University, specialising in Immunology and Microbiology. She also attained an additional post-graduate Diploma of Formulating Chemistry and a Diploma of Education in Biology & Senior Science. Visit to learn more about Terri and her range.

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The MG-Collection™ from DermapenWorld™ contains 5 targeted Meso-Glide™ serums for the ultimate microneedling results. We’re zooming in on two serums in the range, MG-HA35 and MGHA35+, to take a closer look at their incredible hydration powers. Dp Dermaceuticals MG-Collection: The Backstory

Did you know that the Dermapen 4™ microneedling device creates up to 1,920 microchannels every second? That process on its own triggers the production of more collagen and elastin. However, DermapenWorld™ is always looking for ways to provide skin specialist and your patients with the very best in synergistic solutions. And that requires infusing the skin with the right formulations and ingredients that can work at the deeper layers of skin. That’s why, shortly after the original Dermapen was created, we developed skincare suitable for microneedling. Dp Dermaceuticals™ was born. At the heart of this range is a patented Hyaluronic Acid formula called HylaFuse™. Fast forward a decade, and we have now created superior serums for use in a professional setting—the MG-Collection.

Bespoke Skincare

Whether your goal is to rejuvenate or brighten, reduce scarring or problematic skin, the MGCollection offers premium formulations in one easy-to-use glass vial. You can use the Meso-Glides on their own or combine 1:1 with MG-HA35 or MG-HA35+ depending on the individual skincare concern. MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ contain an unprecedented concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) at 35 mg/ml. This technology infuses the skin with hydration for visibly plumper, radiant skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How HA Keeps Skin Looking Younger

HA is naturally present in all three skin layers and is a powerful moisture magnet. It helps control, regulate, and maintain optimum skin hydration levels. As we age, the body’s natural supply of HA deteriorates, resulting in drier skin, loss of firmness, and fine lines. As well as premature ageing, acute and chronic dehydration contributes to skin inflammation and sensitivity, leaving the skin feeling tight, irritated, and rough. Using a topical serum to introduce more HA into a patient’s skin can help it appear plumper, smoother, and full of volume. HA helps retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of the skin. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles are diminished, and the skin feels intensely hydrated. 46

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

Molecule Size Matters

Many facial creams claim to boost the supply of HA, but the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin effectively. HylaFuse consists of 3 differently sized molecules to reach deeper skin layers. It effectively delivers water hydration and active ingredients into the skin for up to eight hours after application.

Revolutionary Meso-Glides

Dp Dermaceuticals MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ include several scientific breakthroughs to support anti-ageing. 1. Unprecedented Potency of Hyaluronic Acid at 35mg/ml At 35mg/ml, both the Dp Dermaceuticals MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ contain an unprecedented potency of HA in a topical serum. Thanks to the triple-weighted (that’s the differently sized molecules) HylaFuse formula, it’s able to be safely and efficiently infused into the skin. HylaFuse is clinically proven to be absorbed 150% more effectively than other forms of HA for maximum skin absorption. 2. Dual Dermal Delivery System with Calphasomes™ Both MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ also deliver active ingredients via Calphasomes™. One of the key ingredients in this patented dermal delivery system is Hydroxyapatite – a mineral obtained from calcium and phosphate rock. It also works as a barrier to the hazardous and negative effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It also enhances the penetration of oil- and water-based actives into the skin and promotes rapid skin cell regeneration.

Naturally Imperfect

You might be surprised to see some sediment at the bottom of the vial. This is an expected feature of this “suspended” natural and easily absorbed ingredient. The vials require vigorous shaking before use and contain 2 tiny spheres of sodalite stone for this purpose. As an added benefit, extra minerals from the stones infuse the formula to be absorbed by the skin.

3. Nobel Prize Innovation Geranylgeranylisopropanol (GGP for short) is proven to help stabilise a string of amino acids called “telomeres” in skin cells. This helps prolong the life of a cell. The discovery of how telomeres protect chromosomes was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009. MG-HA35+ includes GGP to repair the loss of firmness and elasticity and enhance the skin’s barrier function. A powerful anti-ageing ingredient, it helps reduces fine lines and wrinkles for younger, healthier-looking skin. Redness and age spots are faded for a more even skin tone.

Boost Hydration & Reverse Sign of Ageing

MG-HA35 and MG-HA35+ are potent ways to add hydration to skin in conjunction with Dermapen Treatments. This range is only available to our Authorised Treatment Providers for professional applications. Head to to find out more.

At 35mg/ml, both Dp Dermaceuticals™ MG-HA35™ and MG-HA35+™ contain an unprecedented potency of HA in a topical serum. And thanks to the triple-weighted HylaFuse™ formula, it’s able to be safely and efficiently infused into the skin with Dermapen Treatments™. The skin is left feeling intensely hydrated — wrinkles and fine lines appear visibly reduced. HylaFuse™ is clinically proven to be absorbed 150% more effectively than other forms of HA.

Exclusive to Authorised Treatment Providers. Want to offer the trusted brand patients look for? Find out more at



SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. INNOVATIVE. Say goodbye to old-fashioned facial steamers.


One tub can last for up to 80 facials, producing the same radiant results every time.

UPGRADE YOUR FACIALS. The beauty world is advancing, don’t get left behind.


Esthetician and skincare expert Michal Meron made Australia home in 2014 but soon noticed she was unable to source products she had relied on in her home country, particularly for the purpose of extractions and skin preparation.

Founding IsMi Cosmetics in 2019, Michal took it upon herself to source and provide innovative product solutions to the Australian market. Her love and passion for the Thermal Plumping Gel and her strong believe in its benefits and results made this product the first of the company, with hope for many more to follow. Thermal Plumping Gel is a unique formulation of alpha-hydroxy acids and herbal extracts that softens and prepares skin for a facial treatment like no other product. For beauty therapists, this one-of-a-kind product is the ideal preparation for extractions, saving you the hassle of using a steamer, making the extraction and preparation process infinitely easier. This gel’s safe, gentle warming effect helps softens skin cells and sebaceous plugs. It works to dissolve dead skin cells and increase blood flow, promoting a more thorough cleanse of your client’s skin and aids with better product penetration.

It has been strongly suggested that “close interaction between therapist and client for a prolonged period of time with minimal ventilation is a prime opportunity for transmission of contagious virus’ and that the additional exposure posed by use of a steamer would certainly not help matters.”* In today’s climate anything that can be done to reduce this risk is obviously a plus!

SO HOW DOES IT WORK? IsMi Cosmetics Thermal Plumping Gel is used after performing your initial facial steps, such as skin consult, cleansing and exfoliation, directly prior to your extraction step. On clean, dry skin, apply a thin layer is used on the entire face, massging for a minute to aid product penetration. Another layer is then applied to make the product thicker and massaged for another minute. Left on the skin for 5-10 minutes, the product will gently warm and provide a comfortable sensation for your client. After removal with a clean, dry cloth, fibrella or tissue, extractions can then be performed.

The Thermal Plumping Gel suits all skin types and contains: • Aloe Vera - contains a natural antiinflammatory agent to heal, cool and soothe skin. • Allantoin - extracted from the root of the comfrey plant. This non-irritating ingredient soothes, heals, disinfects and softens. • Lactic and glycolic acid - helps shed dry, dead cells and increases hydration. • Chamomile – neutralizes skin irritation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. • Salicylic acid – dissolves skin debris that clogs pores, helps acne prone skin heal faster. This stand-alone product can be used in combination with any other skin care brand, is professional use only and depending on the area of application, you should get between 6080 facials from one jar, using around 3-4 ml on each client making the Thermal Plumping Gel extremely cost-effective. Thermal Plumping Gel is not tested on animals. For more information and to watch the Thermal plumping gel demonstration video please visit *Ref: Associated Skin Care Professionals


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5


The product helps therapists perform extractions without the use of steam, with ingredients like BHA, AHA, Aloe-vera, Chamomile, Ginger, Allantoin and Rosemary. Add to your professional treatments for a warming, stimulating and circulating effect! Perfect for all skin types and in combination with any skin care brand.





There is such a huge science and chemistry behind nails, it really is not just a case of making pretty nails. Let’s talk about UV/LED nail lamps. This is an article is based on facts from leading industry scientist Doug Schoon. Look him up! So, nail salons use UV nail lamps to cure gel-based products i.e hard gels, polygel, gel polish and the newest addition to the extension family soft gel tips. There are so many different brands of gel polish, hard gel and polygel type products it’s hard to know the difference. One key component here is that a UV lamp is needed to cure them. The problem is not just any old UV/led lamp will cure every gel. FACT.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

The ingredients, quality of ingredients and quantity of each ingredient will change from brand to brand which will affect how they are cured, which is why using the correct lamp as per manufacturers instructions is crucial to ensure the product is fully cured. Gel-based products contain something called photoinitiators which react with the UV light the lamps produce to set the gel products, without photoinitiators, the gels will NOT cure. Using a combination of a set frequency wavelength

produced within the UV spectrum (known as nanometres) and UV illuminance specified to the specific brand products is what cures the products. It has nothing to do with the wattage of the lamp, as that is just the amount of electricity needed to power the lamp. You could get 10 different 36w UV lamps and the colour and brightness will differ in a lot of them even though they are all 36w, this shows the difference in UV illuminance. LED UV lights are now the main focus in the market of nail lamps. This is still a UV light, it is the bulb that is different, LED is a light-

emitting diode it supplies a more concentrated beam of light, as opposed to the older fluorescent bulb style UV lamps which will illuminate an area rather than a focused beam of light. LED UV lights are much more reliable and also a quicker way to provide a gel service. Now a 30 second to 1-minute cure (depending on your brand) rather than the 2-3 minute cure the older fluorescent UV lights required. Any reputable brand will have its own brand UV lamp which is designed and tested for that specific brand. Techs and salons should be sceptical of brands that state any 36w/48w lamp will do, as that’s simply not true. As mentioned above the amount of wattage power the lamps use does not equate to the output of light in the correct frequency that is needed to properly cure the product. What does it mean if a salon/tech uses a different lamp to a different gel brand, it means clients are potentially being exposed to an uncured product, which can eventually over time lead to sensitivity and/or allergies, unfortunately, once an allergy develops it is for life. It could happen within weeks, months or years but constant exposure can and will eventually lead to sensitivities. Gel/ acrylic products all contain acrylates, so not only does it mean if you develop an allergy you may have to find alternate options for nail treatments or in some cases having to stop altogether, but these acrylate-based products are similar to acrylates used in dentistry and some bone surgeries i.e. replacements, do you see where the issue could be? It could impact and cause issues with other treatments such as these. It is impossible to see with the naked eye if a product is fully cured. A product will harden and look to be cured at 50% polymerization, however, that still leaves 50% of the uncured product remaining. It is at removal clients and techs will be at the most vulnerable when the product is partially filed/buffed off ready for soaking in acetone, as the filing particles come into contact with skin. (Skin contact with any uncured product needs and must be kept to a minimum, this includes gels and liquid and powder acrylic products). For a gel to be deemed fully cured it needs 90% polymerization. Which can only be guaranteed by using the manufacturers

recommended UV lamp. Techs put themselves and their businesses at risk by not using the correct lamps and products, why? If a client reacts and then goes on to claim via the tech/salons insurance, as soon as their insurance company finds out they haven’t been following manufacturers guidelines and the correct lamp hasn’t been used, their insurance becomes null and void. I have said this on numerous occasions, and I may sound like a broken record, but due to the number of techs doing this, I will continue to discuss this until the cows come home! Hairdressers do not mix one brand of a developer with a different brand tint, so why do a large number of nail techs think this rule doesn’t apply to them with brand mixing as well as using a different brand UV lamp, it is something I just do not understand. The other problem with mixing brands in acrylic liquids and powders and gel polish brands whether it is mixing of basecoats, colours, topcoats and lamps is that it can cause product breakdown, nails not lasting, chipping, peeling, looking dull, becoming brittle quickly and breaking and this is all down to incorrectly mixing brands and lamps that are not tested to work together due to different amounts of certain ingredients and quality of ingredients. There are so many factors, that arise from mixing products and lamps. The easiest way to eliminate these potential issues and factors is simple, use the correct lamp to the brand you are using, it is as simple as that. Whilst I agree there’s no perfect brand that offers everything you want, there is a lot that are close! If you are using multiple brands make sure you have the lamps needed for those products, you choose to do this as a profession, this is a business expense that is claimed back during tax time, is it really worth putting your clients and your reputation on the line, because you are doing things cheaply or thinking that the chemistry doesn’t apply to you? Why do techs and salons use different lamps? I feel during our time training and coming into contact with other nail techs online or face to face they pass on their own experiences “with mixing products and not having a problem”, the other issue comes down to lack of education/ knowledge with the scientific and chemistry side

of things and the lack of emphasis from educators during initial education of the importance of using the correct products and equipment, these same issues apply to liquid and powder acrylic and mixing different brand powders with liquids. Again the development of sensitivity to products and allergies does not happen immediately rather over time so they continue to mix brands and equipment believing it’s ok and there are no issues. I also believe ignorance plays a part in this, techs/salons choose to opt for cheaper lamps and products or offering multiple brands due to not all colour bases being covered (which we get there are some amazing brands out there) but using one lamp to try and cure all brands is asking for trouble, if you don’t have the correct branded lamp for that product, its essentially not curing properly, then both tech and client are then put at risk, with overexposure to products, if this happens to a technician, that’s pretty much goodbye nail career. As the rise of allergies increases globally at some point these products that can be quite easily and safely used will become banned due to lack of knowledge and the lack of regulations in the industry. Unfortunately, due to the lack of regulations, some (definitely not all) nail educators are just not knowledgeable enough with regards to the more scientific side of things and don’t fully understand or take the chemistry side seriously and therefore pass on the lack of knowledge to the next generation of nail technician. Nail treatments can be extremely safe when done properly, the key is doing research and knowing what to look for not just in a tech/salon, but also in a brand and education. Education and knowledge is key to anything and everything, and nails are no exception to this. Lauren Burton is a Master Educator and Head Education for Hand and Nail Harmony Australia, distributors of Gelish Gel Polish. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5




SPRING MAKEUP TRENDS Spring has sprung and now is the time to have a look at the next makeup trends for this season!

Australia is the ideal place to follow fashion as we can recreate the hit trends from the European summer and can have a look at the emerging trends from New York fashion week which just happened! With the pandemic and the wearing of masks, our makeup habits have definitely changed. The focus of this summer will be on the eyes, of course, but also joyful, colourful and easy to create looks! Let’s have a closer look at the next big trends to adopt! The blush is the star product of this season! It was already the case from previous seasons, but last spring saw an emerging trend, blush draping! Two options for this season: The blush is not only placed on the apple of the cheekbones but comes as a veil and brightens the centre part of the face, brush up the colour on the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose. You can also use a blush as a contour to enhance the natural features and apply it on the cheekbones and slightly on the temples.

an undertone of pink which can be worn with other pastel shades like a light purple or a green. Medium to dark complexion can wear a peach mixed with bronze and warm brown on the eyes.

colours to pick from for this season!

Tips: For busy mornings, use your blush as an eyeshadow for a monochrome look! To hold the pigments on the eyelids, apply a little bit of cream concealer first and then brush up the colour starting from the centre of the eyes.

Shop: Clarins water lips satin - Ere Perez Beetroot Cheek and lips tints

Shop: Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush in “Cantaloup”. Morphe Pretty in Peach Artistry palette Pastel tones: Pastel tones look to be the next big trend for the upcoming seasons. Seen again on the Armani runway in Paris in July, soft and colourful eyes became a must! Pastel shades can be placed all over on the eyelid but the speciality of this season is to put a light eyeshadow just at the inner corner of the eyes to illuminate. This new trend is super easy to apply and can be created using pastel blue, yellow, purple, pink! Tips: Brush up the eyebrows and keep the mobile eyelid free of makeup. Choose a pastel shade and apply it just at the inner corner of the eyes with a small brush. Coat your lashes generously with mascara to open the eyes.

Tips: Choose a liquid or cream brush or even a tinted lip balm and use a powder brush to blend the texture on the skin, this application technique will just create a veil of colour on the skin for a natural flush effect. Shop: Mecca Cosmetica Hydra cheek tint and illuminating balm duo

Shop: Mecca Max single eyeshadow “Like whatever”. Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadows “Pastel times Nine”

Peachy tones: We announced a colourful summer and peach is definitely the colour to wear! Peach is the ideal shade to illuminate any complexion on the eyes, on the cheeks, or even on the lips, applied with a gloss for a juicy effect. Lighter complexions will suit a peach with

Glossy skin and lips: Hydrated, plumped, fresh, the skin is delicately enlightened with a lightweight texture. Fluid foundations, cream blush and highlighter are the star products for this spring and summer. Lips are also juicy and colourful! Fuschia, coral, and rosewood are the


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

By Charlotte Ravet

Tips: Prefer a lip stain that stays even with a mask!

Blue mascara: Who doesn’t love a blue mascara with sunkissed skin? The ultimate chic and effortless makeup look for warm summer evenings. Bonus: Blue shades tend to make the eyes look brighter! Tips: Work the skin with a bronze liquid luminizer and coat your upper and lower lashes with an intense blue mascara. Shop: Mascara Terrybly Paris TerrybleuShiseido controlled chaos MasacraInk For the more adventurous, you can also have a look at the upcoming trends seen at the New York fashion week Spring-Summer 2022 which happened this past September. Following the colourful eyes makeup trend already seen in 2021, Anna Sui and Proenza Shouler showcased bright and bold colours on the eyes. Grunge definitely makes a comeback with dark lips as seen at the Coach runway. Sweet sixty’s cut creases, liners and beehives, already previewed at the Paris fashion week in July have been seen again at the Markarian and Luar’s shows. Colourful, joyous and bold! The next two seasons are announced to be fun and creative! Time to express ourselves and not only be noticed but also be seen! Contact Charlotte at

OP E N FO R E N T RY 1 / 2 / 2 2 E N T RY D E A D L I N E 2 3 / 5 / 2 2 FI N A L I ST S A N N O U N C E D 2 7 / 6 / 2 2 GALA NIGHT 21/8/22

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ENQU I RI ES : 0 7 5580 5155





When it comes to working with clients, it doesn’t matter if you are the best lash stylist, facialist or brow artist in the country: if you can’t effectively build and maintain positive relationships with clients, they aren’t going to want to come back to you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take pride in your work; naturally I think you should strive to do the best you can at whatever it is you do! It’s important to do a consistently great job at every service you perform every time – but in my opinion, it’s not the most important thing when it comes to working with people. Besides, if your client feels comfortable with you, they’re more likely to feel confident giving you feedback, which will help you grow even more as a stylist or therapist. While it may take you time to learn new skills or master difficult techniques, improving your client relationships is something you can start doing straight away, and it will cost you nothing but a little effort. I believe that smooth and confident client/ therapist conversation is integral to creating a positive client relationship. However, over the years I’ve found that talking to clients is a skill that not all stylists and therapists have learned, so I’ve compiled some of my favourite tips to help boost your success.

Start on the Right Foot

It’s really important to greet your clients in the right way. I believe we should treat every client as though they are a VIP, whether they’re new, a 54

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

regular or not a favourite. Show them that you’re happy to see them, but make sure you match their energy. If they are softly-spoken and reserved, you being loud and excited may make them feel uncomfortable. Be warm and friendly, make eye contact, and smile big under your mask – let it show in your eyes! Keep your voice at a calm pace (don’t rush your words) and speak at a moderate volume: not too loud, but not a whisper either. And if they’re new – please remember to give them directions. Show them where to put their belongings, invite them to sit on the chair or lie on the bed. When people know exactly what to do, they are instantly more comfortable.

Strategies for the Introverts

Maybe you are normally quiet and serious, or by nature not very chatty or outgoing. That’s ok – you don’t need to be! However, it’s important that you make an effort to talk to your clients in a way that you’re comfortable with. Some people find silence awkward and uncomfortable, which may lead to a less pleasant overall experience. · It’s a good idea to have a few open-ended questions that you can rotate through, such as: - What are your plans for the weekend? - What have you been watching on Netflix lately? · Make the conversation about them – most

people love to talk about themselves, so you can start a conversation by asking them general questions. Keep the questions broad to avoid it feeling like an interrogation – you don’t need to know that many details to keep the conversation flowing! · Don’t give fake compliments – only compliment someone when you really mean it. Fake compliments almost never sound authentic and you will lose credibility with your clients if it becomes your routine. · Try to remember specific things your regular clients tell you, such as holiday plans or events. You can even keep notes on their file to help! Remembering specifics not only gives you something to ask them, but it makes your client feel like they are important to you because you remembered something they told you. · Look at your schedule ahead of time to prepare yourself mentally. If you know you have a high-energy client coming in, you can pep yourself up before they arrive. · Talk them through what you’re doing in the treatment. You can educate them about things like their lash growth cycle, tell them the features of a particular product you’re using, or recommend a new treatment that they might like. The added benefit to this strategy is that it’s also a great way to sell products or upgrade services.

Suggested Subject Matter

We’ve all heard the Golden Rule of the topics to avoid at a dinner party, and basically the same rule applies to client conversation. Safe: · Pets (yours or theirs) · Food, Recipes, Restaurant recommendations · Gardening/Indoor Plants (trending right now!) · Holidays · TV shows/Netflix/Movies/Music · Gadgets & Tech · Funny (but appropriate) stories about kids/partners/pets Best Avoided · Politics · Sex · Religion · Diets · Current ‘hot’ topics that can be divisive · Conspiracy theories · Your own personal drama · Anything violent or gory, negative or sad Sometimes, your client may take the conversation in a direction that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s best to try to steer the conversation back to safer areas subtly – you don’t want your client to feel dismissed or rejected. Try giving a vague response, an answer that doesn’t openly agree or disagree, and then immediately ask a question to turn the conversation and discourage the client from continuing. A good question should be openended or ask for more detail about something mentioned previously. This deflection tactic does take some skill, but it is so important, especially if you work in an open salon environment, or if you don’t want to answer questions from your clients about your personal information and beliefs.

Final Farewell

Clients who don’t chat

Sometimes, your client may not want to chat with you, but feel that it’s rude to say anything. Instead, they may give you some signs: · They have brought headphones along with them · They give short responses and don’t ask questions, so the conversation doesn’t flow · Deep breathing, quiet voice, closed eyes · They may say, “I might fall asleep” which in my experience, usually means “I want to nap” If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask! Many clients who are too shy or don’t know what to say will appreciate the simple question: “Would you like to chat during your treatment, or would you prefer a quiet environment to relax?” Alternatively, you might not want to chat – it may slow you down, or be dangerous for your client to be moving their face. Once you’re settled in, you can let your client know that you need to concentrate now by saying something like, “I need to concentrate on your lashes now so I probably won’t be too chatty. Feel free to relax and even doze off if you like; I won’t mind at all. Are you comfortable?”

Whether you finalise payment or leave your client with your receptionist, it’s important to see your client off properly. Sales and rebooking tactics aside, there’s a very simple 3-step formula you can follow to leave your client feeling valued as they leave their appointment. 1. Thank them for visiting. 2. Mention something you talked about during their treatment, such as an upcoming event, and wish them a good time/success. 3. Give a farewell that assumes you’ll see them again soon: a simple “see you next time” is friendly and relaxed. Or, you could combine this with the previous point, for example, “I can’t wait to hear about the wedding next time!” My final point is, whatever way you choose to interact with your clients, the most important thing is to make sure you are authentic and friendly. Above all else, if your clients feel valued and respected, this will leave more of an impact on them than even the most luxurious treatment. Good luck! Learn more about Joy, her award-winning training and her Lash Joy range of products at

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In the world of lash & brow cosmetics the most commonly used make up staple is mascara and finding the lash weapon of choice is abundant when it comes to choosing a mascara that’s right for you or your clients. Mascara has a long history stemming back to ancient Egypt where they used bone and ivory mascara applicators and blended kohl, charcoal or soot with crocodile stool, water and honey to create the first fiber for eyeliner or eyelashes. Mascara began its journey of development through history and gained popularity in the mid 1900’s when Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden made some improvements to the formulations and released their cosmetic ranges that contained a mascara, after the first world war American consumers became eager for new products and mascara gained a huge following in American society. Fast forward to now, in 2020 eye cosmetics was the most profitable segment in the cosmetics industry with over 1.9 billion sales generated and mascara was the leading product line in that sector. Formulation of mascaras has also evolved with many brands incorporating conditioning agents to help keep lashes healthier, especially with daily or extended wear. Some of the ingredients in mascara’s in particular waterproof versions can be drying and even damaging on the lashes if over used for extended periods of time. A topic that is becoming more frequently asked by consumers is what hair conditioning ingredients are the best for different types of eyelashes. This can be a challenging concept for the consumer as there is a lot of simple advice that is given but it can be a little complicated because there’s so many options to choose from. Why are conditioners used? In general they make hairs or lashes easier to brush through, the lashes generally feel smoother and look healthier, conditioners can also help protect from future damage being exposed to certain elements or chemicals. How do conditioning ingredients work? Well there is a couple of ways conditioning ingredients can work. One way is by creating a film on the surface of the hair. This makes the lashes feel smoother when touched, they look shiny and reflect light better, and also allows the current generated when you brush through hair to slide past easily with less friction. The other way a conditioning ingredient can work is by penetrating the hair fiber. This helps by making the fiber more flexible, which can improve manageability and reduces the chance of the fiber breaking. Some ingredients have the additional effect of attracting water to themselves, which can further improve the flexibility and feel of the hair or eyelashes. Lashes are so small though and do we really notice this difference when it comes to conditioning? Well the answer is yes, especially 56

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

if you are having chemical services on eyelashes such as lash lift or perming. The initial chemical process can dry the lashes so there’s huge benefits in applying conditioning agents to lashes after these treatments. They can really help lashes maintain a stronger looking structure and look more styled. The aim for producers is to create a product that will give substantial benefit to the lashes and most mascara’s have 25 – 50 % water in the formula. Then you have a form of wax like Bees wax or Carnauba wax, as well as different surfactants, emulsifiers and polymers to help build the viscosity and stability. Polymers and acrylates can really help with the flawlessness and volume up effect and then you need the extra conditioning ingredients to help prevent dryness on the lashes. Conditioning ingredients like lipids, silicones, cationic surfactants, and cationic polymers help deposit a water-resistant film on the hairs. Humectants are quite popular ingredients in formulations as they are more about penetrating and attracting water to the fiber. Some of the top trending conditioning ingredients for mascara are: Hydrolysed Keratin – Keratin has been a buzz word for years in the hair industry and does offer wonderful benefits for coating the hair or lashes. Research has shown that keratin can increase the strength and feeling of elasticity of hair, the downside with keratin is it’s an animal bi product, the industry is moving away from animal sources and coming up with equivalent alternatives that still give the same benefits but they are from plant or vegetable origin. Soy amino acids – Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and soy amino acids or vegetable based amino acids have become very popular in formulations as a vegan alternative to keratin or lanolin, when these are combined with other ingredients research has shown they can offer excellent properties for helping the hair feel stronger and giving more elasticity and also helping to retain moisture in the fiber. Biotin – Is another star ingredient that is widely used in formulations, the benefits from biotin are to boost the strength and health of hair and nails, however the most effective way to actually get benefits from biotin is to ingest it in your food or with supplements. Panthenol – A chemical substance made from Pantothenic acid, which can be extracted from

plant and animal sources, also known as vitamin B-5 is another popular choice which helps to retain moisture and give a stronger appearance and feel to hair and eyelashes, it can also improve the texture of damaged hair or eyelashes from chemical treatments. Allantoin – An active moisturising ingredient found in in the root of Comfrey or other sources such as sugar beet, chamomile and wheat sprouts. Allantoin can have excellent anti irritant and wound healing effects by encouraging cell regeneration, usually most beneficial for skin applications Allantoin does have excellent hydrating properties which gives lashes a softer and more conditioned feel. Arginine – Another popular ingredient which is an amino acid in keratin, arginine boasts benefits of strengthening hair, minimising hair loss and helping to retain moisture and bind more moisture to the hair due to its molecular structure. If you’re a salon owner offering lash services and you’re looking at ways to help your clientele have healthy lashes long lashes and also boosting your salon profitability, then adding an after care range of lash serums and mascara with conditioning benefits is a great way to help you and your clients. On many occasions if offering Lash Lift you can apply mascara after to show case the added benefits of length, volume with extra conditioning agents and 9 times out of 10 clients love it when they see the amazing results. Follow Elleebana on Instagram to see some amazing tips and formulations that can help you and your clients have lashes to that speak volumes. Otto Mitter is a multi award winning beauty educator, cosmetic chemist and keynote speaker, international judge for lash and brow competitions and global brand owner for Elleebana.





















KLEAR COLLECTION BY DMK DMK’s exclusive acne formulations move beyond conventional acne ingredients for an effective, non-irritating, and elegant scientific treatment combination. The DMK Klear Collection uses highly effective, yet gentle germicides combined with agents that both suppress sebum and help to cleanse the pores of compacted sebum and debris. All five products are 100% paraben, sulphate and most impressively, benzoyl peroxide FREE!

DAILY GLYCOLIC CLEANSER BY DERMALOGICA Daily Glycolic Cleanser allows you to cleanse your way to brighter and conditioned skin – no compromise necessary. This gentle yet effective formula works to unglue and cleanse away brightness blockers that build up on skin daily while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. Get ready to rinse dullness down the drain with every wash.

WHITE VEIL BRIGHTENER BY CIRCADIA® Your secret weapon to fight pigmentation! The CIRCADIA® White Veil Brightener is a silky, fast absorbing lotion containing SepiWhite™ MSH, Chromabright, and ß-White, all clinically shown to illuminate the complexion and brighten hyperpigmented skin.

HYALURONIC DROPS BY FUSION MESO THERAPY A deep moisturising cream formulated with water drop technology. This refreshing cream provides extreme moisture using ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The exclusive water-drop formulation immediately reduces fine lines and plumps the skin. Specially designed for oily and combination skin, the Hyaluronic Drops is an incredible moisturiser. Once applied on the skin the cream releases hyaluronic acid droplets for the ultimate burst of hydration

CRYSTAL CLEANSE BY COSMEDIX This cream-based cleanser, infused with Liquid Crystal Technology, Prickly Pear Extract and Coconut oil, leaves the skin feeling refreshed, refined and hydrated. Its rich lather consistency nourishes the skin while cleansing away poreMG-HA35 AND MG-HA35+ BY DP clogging impurities. DERMACEUTICALS Containing an unprecedented potency of hyaluronic acid at 35mg/ml in a topical serum – a new non negotiable when skin needling. Also featured in the new MG-Collection which are sterile, single use, luer lock compatible vials is the MG-CLR (Ance/Problematic), MG-BL (Brightening/Pigmentation) and MG-R.A.S potent Meso-Glide focused on reversing the signs of Ageing and Scars. EVEN OUT DARK SPOT

CORRECTOR BY SOCIÉTÉ A revolutionary blend of 12 different skin illuminators. This cutting-edge formula utilizes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and antioxidants that work to help even out the visible appearance of skin color for a brighter looking complexion. Even Out also helps improve the visible appearance of sun damage, age spots, uneven skin tone, and aging skin.

EGCG LIPOSOMES BY DERMAVIDUALS Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is a natural extract from the dried leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, commonly known as the tea plant. Unlike your run-of-the-mill green tea products this serum extracts only Epigallocatechin3-gallate from the plant (using a target isolation removal system, which is never steeped) to access abundant healing properties. EGCG Liposomes has potent anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing properties, as well as being a free radical blocker and is extremely effective in treating irritated, reddened, and cracked skin. EGCG Liposomes is also an amazing antioxidant which will provide exceptional extra and intracellular protection for the skin against oxidative stress through the spring and summer months to come!

ULTRADERM KARMA ESSENTIALS CHRISTMAS PACK Containing Skin Karma Cleaner 200ml, Skin Karma Moisturiser 30ml, Face & Body Polishing Cream 30ml and Absolute B3 Serum, 10ml. Made for all skin types and well suited to delicate skin types valued at $202. A set of pampering and nourishing products that are for all skin types perfectly gift boxed for the ultimate gift.

ULTRACEUTICALS CHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS Get the gift of great skin this year as Ultraceuticals pays homage to the Australian Wattle flower for its Christmas gift set theme - available October 4th, 2021 and packed with a range of best sellers for the ultimate festive glow. Presented in seven stylish pack options for various skin types and concerns, the range is made up of recycled plastic materials and responsibly sourced cardboard for a sustainable season. Prices range from $69 to $360

IMAGE SKINCARE LUMINOUS COLLECTION A 4-step brightening routine which includes the Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser (Free), Iluma Intense Brightening Serum, Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser, Ormedic Lip Enhancement Complex, Image Holiday Bag (Free).

ASPECT SKIN HEROS KIT Not all superheroes wear capes! Give your skin the love it deserves with the Aspect Skin Heroes Kit. This limited edition kit is the perfect Christmas gift set which includes Aspect Skincare’s hero products - Purastat 5 Cleanser, Extreme C 20, Extreme B 17 and Phytostat 9 moisturiser. Aspect Skin Hero Kit is the perfect way to kickstart your Aspect Skin journey with confidence!

DERMALOGICA STRESSED-SKIN RESCUE KIT Give stressed looking skin some extra love with this antioxidant-rich routine. This 3-piece set will come in a limited- edition travel bag with exterior fabric made from recycled cotton twill, featuring artwork designed by LA based artist and designer, Marleigh Culver.

PURE FIJI DIY MULTI-MASKING KIT Exfoliate, illuminate and nourish skin with the Pure Fiji DIY Multi-Masking Kit. Includes Vitamin C Foaming Oil Cleanser 30mL, Coconut Water Hydrating Toning Mist 30mL, Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque 20mL, Dilo & Coconut Hydrating Masque 20mL, Applicator Brush, Headband.

“HOME TO THE BEST PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS!” 1. Apraise Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints Eye Opening

Apraise Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints contain Optic Chroma Complex with beeswax to deliver incredibly long lasting, vibrant colour and luminous shine. Up to 40 applications per tube makes Apraise a true eye opener.

2. Xanitalia Soft Wax 1L Italy’s Finest Soft Wax

Sublimely soft, creamy and spreadable. Made in Italy, Xanitalia Soft Wax spreads easily, allowing for a more economical yet comfortable waxing experience. Smoothest wax ever with Xanitalia Soft Waxes in Olive Oil, Blue Shine Azure and Star White.

3. BeautyPRO 1000cc Wax Heater Ultra-Fast Heat Up

No mess, no fuss! BeautyPRO 1000cc Wax Heater features super-fast heat up with adjustable temperature settings. Great for all wax types, this wax heater is a durable, practical and exceptionally easy-to-use companion.

4. Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler Pinch-Proof Precision

Custom made for eyes. Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler has tailored radiuses which are skilfully curved for diverse eye shapes, ensuring no eyelash goes uncurled. An award-winning, ergonomic design with pinch-proof precision.

5. Rubis Evolution Tweezer No Hair Too Fine

With perfect precision, no hair is too fine for the Rubis Evolution Slant Point Tweezer. Made in Switzerland to exacting standards, this resilient tweezer tackles individual hairs as well as larger areas of hair with effortless ease.

6. Hairwell Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Experts

Intensely rich, creamy and longer lasting eyelash and eyebrow tints. Formulated in Germany, Hairwell Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints won’t drip or run during application, creating exceptional results which last 4-6 weeks. The eyelash and eyebrow tint specialists.

7. Hand Sanitisers Kill Germs and Bacteria

One word: Effective. Kill germs and bacteria with a huge array of sanitisers, sprays, wipes and hand washes in a wide variety of sizes. No need to use water, hand sanitisers leave hands clean and refreshed without a sticky feeling. Use anytime, anywhere as needed. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL DATELINE IMPORTS P/L ON (02) 9666 3611 OR VISIT DATELINECITY.COM

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BLOG spot

What Are You Waiting For?

By Julie Cross

In my work, I hear people all the time saying that they really want to do something great with their lives and so I wonder what exactly they are waiting for. I too have been guilty of this, I admit it. And it is especially relevant in this time when some of us have lost our stages/work due to lockdowns. So, what is doing something great and making a difference in the world really look like? Perhaps we have thought that it has to be somehow connected with fame, television, becoming a YouTube sensation, traveling to Africa to feed the starving, adopting a child in need or, for me, being the next Oprah! Ah, but that is not necessarily the case. Sure all of those events and things can make a difference but what I want you to know for sure, you do not need to ‘put off’ making a difference. When the Pandemic really hit Australia I was at a Speaking Convention in Adelaide with many of my speaking colleagues, and suddenly things got very real and the country started shutting down and locking up. There we were, phones out with message after message cancelling our work for the next 6 months at least. There would be no conferences or large events in the near future. I went through the same emotions that everybody would have at some stage… fear… ‘Oh my Gawd, there is a Pandemic, will we all die?’… then, ‘What if I never work again, what will I do?’ And then we settle in and keep moving, one step at a time, staying focussed on what we can do. But then I also started feeling lost… I mean what can I do? With out my way of making a difference in the world, who am I? And this then can start to cause a spiral in our emotions and moods 62

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

in the wrong direction. Then I stopped, and gave myself a good talking too, “Julie, you tell everybody else that we all have a stage to serve the world from, to make a difference… so you may not have your ‘paid’ stage in front of a room full of people right now, but there are stages to be found!” So, I went down to my local IGA that day to get a few things. I noticed the girl in the deli was looking particularly down, and very routine and habitual in her interactions. Perhaps she had been negatively affected by those ‘toilet paper buying fear ridden people’, and they had been giving her a bad time. Or perhaps she was feeling the pain of the pandemic like the rest of us. So, I say, “Good Morning’ with little response and then I ask for 200 grams of ham. Well she grabs the tongs and grabs the ham and throws it on the scales. I look at the scales, I look at her and I look back at the scales… you are not going to believe it… 200 grams right on the money, the first time! Well, I look back at her and I start clapping and cheering and congratulating her. She went bright red, and I said, “Oh, come on, that sure must feel good… how often does that happen, you should have a bell to ring when that happens!!” Then she leaned into me and said, “Well, it does feel pretty good!” Next thing you know everybody in the IGA is running to the Deli to see what is going on. We are all talking, laughing and connecting as I tell them the story. Just what the world needs right now in this time of fear, mask wearing and social distancing. Then the guy beside me looks at her and asks, “125grams of ham please”, and we all laugh again. I may not have been paid in money that day, but I was paid in love and laughter, and karma will have my back. I left with a spring in my step feeling like I had a made a difference that day.

So, if you are not at work at the moment, think about how you can still use the stage you have in your circle of influence and then reflect on how you are going to work that stage that you have in the Beauty Industry when you do open again. Every interaction you have with a client, every time you touch them, converse and consult with them, every time you recommend a product and advise them, every interaction is an exchange of energy and an opportunity to leave them not just looking better, but ‘feeling’ better than when they walked in. And every time you do that, that client will walk out and affect everybody she touches with her energy that day, and so the ripple effect is in action. Please don’t ever play small on your ability to enhance lives and change them, one interaction and touch at a time. Now your work may not end up on television, you may not get public applause, and you may not win awards (Oh, actually I am sure you will win awards!), but that is not really why we should be doing it. I mean that is the ego’s reason and of course there is a part of all of us that enjoys that and delights in the applause and recognition… but we are playing a bigger, deeper game than that. When we truly get this we realise we can start now! No preparation, no waiting required, just go to work and interact with your clients through the lens of a bigger vision, a vision where you see how by affecting your clients with warmth, care, sparkle and concern does really make a difference in people’s lives. In this high tech world, and now this socially distanced world, people are craving high touch more than ever, and you have found the perfect stage to work in that space. And remember, like I had too, if you aren’t at work right now or you still want to do more outside of your work space, well you could write something today that could inspire somebody, it doesn’t have to be a best-selling book that makes a difference, it may just be a poem you give somebody or a FB status Update.

You don’t have to have a stage with hundreds of people in your audience for you to deliver a stirring speech that changes people’s lives… you have stages everywhere in your life. Yes, in your workplace, but also over lunch with a friend, your interaction with somebody serving you, somebody beside you on a train… these are all moments where you can affect somebody positively and make a difference. Please don’t underestimate that when you affect one person, and just one… start there… when you affect one person positively that person then goes on to affect somebody else and so it goes on, you will never know the full extent of that ripple that you caused… you may never see the end result, you may never get the immediate gratification and the applause from the audience, but it will come back around, know that, it will be back… and so we don’t wait, we start now, just with one act today, we start right now, just get started with the clients you have booked in today. Sometimes it is in the smallest of gestures. I notice that some people find it hard to give people a compliment, well just start there even, start with that one gesture that takes all of a couple of seconds and watch the difference it can make. Then notice the ripple as that person is affected… and don’t play small on that, you just did something great. So many people waiting for an opportunity to do something great with their lives instead of realising that they already can do something great, right here, right now, just with the best of you! Let your sparkle shine, the world needs you… now more than ever! Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5


BLOG spot There is Only One Thing Separating You From Your Potential By Elle Wilson Last week I had the privilege of chatting with a beautiful young beauty professional. She reached out to me about my brand, TrueBrow™. I have spoken with many thousands of women over the last 9 years and one thing is glaringly obvious: the only obstacles humans put in their way are their own erroneous beliefs. It sounds cliche, but it’s fundamentally true. There is no by-passing this limitation. This isn’t to say that beliefs, when they are founded on the truth, can’t give us access to our unlimited potential. The potential to love, to grow, to create. However, they also can do the complete opposite, which is to shut us down, deplete us, and take us down the rabbit hole. So, there I was, chatting away and sharing some of the natural brow transformations that my students create only to find confusion in her eyes and her words. “But how, how does the hair grow?” I’m not here to speak about TrueBrow™, but instead to shine a light on the power of our beliefs. Even when a result is seen by our own eyes, if our belief is in the way, we still cannot accept it - the belief prevents us from trusting what we are actually seeing. Crazy, right? Until we are willing to consider that our current beliefs may be incorrect, unfounded, unexamined myths, we are bound to them. Whether they are about the natural brow, how hard it is to build a good team, that love can’t work, that relationships are difficult, that clients don’t respect our time, that I’m not lucky — just to name a few of the beliefs we subconsciously throw around in our everyday lives. As long as we believe them, we cannot escape the implications of those beliefs, and we will continue to experience them. In fact, in a subconscious way, we actually live to prove what we believe to ourselves, whether or not what we believe is actually the truth. In this way you are tremendously powerful. Belief is your most potent natural resource. When growing a brand, a beauty business, or a team, you are at the mercy of your beliefs. There are no lucky people in the world around us. If you focus on the negative effects of your misinformed beliefs, you will be in a closed loop between your conscious and subconscious mind. Nothing will change. The merry-go-round will just keep spinning. Here is the great news: the moment you bring the closed loop and the power it yields for expansion or contraction into your awareness, you have entered a new level. You are no longer asleep at the wheel, feeling powerless, and a victim of your life. One of the most entrenched beliefs I released was the idea that someone, one day, was coming to save me. It was hard for the part


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

of me that wanted to hold on to this belief - this hope - and yet, when I let it go, it was so exhilarating for the part of me that was really ready to fly. We have so many limiting beliefs and often we spend decades trying to find out why, where they come from, and how we can change them. My advice is to stop that all together. That information, however interesting we might find it psychologically, won’t actually help us heal, or change. When we accept how the universe works, we simply can work in flow and stop trying to figure ourselves out. Where did the belief that someone was coming to save me come from? I don’t care anymore. There’s my freedom, and yours. It doesn’t matter where it came from, all I know is that it’s not true, I don’t need it anymore, and my freedom to access a great potential within is before me. Every moment of every day here on planet Earth, we get to see what we use to limit ourselves, own up to it, and decide then and there if we want to repeat the old or step into something entirely new. Understanding comes after. If you need to understand before you can say yes to the new, you will stay in the loop, engaging the old way of thinking while hoping, somehow, to step into the new. That’s just not how it works. It doesn’t matter whether your belief is that brows don’t grow, that your husband never listens to you, or that your clients are always cancelling. From even the tiniest everyday grievances, you have the power to create change. Without that tiny bit of willingness, it’s Groundhog Day. If entrepreneurship gave me one immaculate gift, it was the countless opportunities to grow as a human being, as a woman, as a business owner, and to access more and more of my pure potential with every passing moment. This life, and the opportunities it provides to each of us to grow beyond our wildest dreams - or blindly cherished nightmares - truly is beautiful. Contact Elle via

BLOG spot “I’m fine thank you”! But are you really?

By Will Fennell

I have become very good at saying this to my friends, family and colleagues during this Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions nightmare. But I am not alone. Did you know research has shown that we say “I’m fine” at least 14 times a week, yet only 14% of us mean it? This means most of the time, many of us aren’t being honest about how we are truly feeling. This most certainly applies to me. I am both a salon owner and a skincare distributor and have been, like many of us, deeply affected during the past 18 months. Loss in income was only the tip of the iceberg for me. Add to this, having to let staff go, uncertainty about when this horror all ends and the fear that it will happen again, has led to, if I am honest, depression and anxiety. Hopefully, with vaccinations, we will open and live more freely, but I know the struggle with the pandemic has reinforced in me that everyone should look more closely at their everyday mental health, not just when we are hit with a devastating blow. We need to be honest with our feelings and have the tools to guide and help us when we feel ourselves unravelling. Therapy, and in more extreme situations medication, can both form a part of a holistic approach to helping mental health. But as someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I know that this is just part of the picture. Three years ago, when faced with the ending of a long-term relationship, I took control and decided to take on a life/business coach. Her approach was simple with me. I had most of the pieces of the life pie under control, work, family, money, friends, but I was not practising any sort of wellness routine. We quickly changed that, and she encouraged me to begin doing three quite small things, that would all work together to help strengthen my mental health

MEDITATION Starting to meditate every day was where I began my wellness journey. And oh my gosh, this was the most difficult one to do and then to also adhere to. I tried all sorts of meditation before I found what worked for me, and what finally clicked was “guided meditation”. This is when you have someone guiding you through breathing techniques and the clearing of the clutter in your mind. I personally love the very popular app “Calm”. After a lot of false starts and not adhering to a regular routine, I began to look forward to “taking time out” each day to just be present. Now I do 20 minutes of guided meditation before I begin my day, seven days a week. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a quick fix and didn’t help me instantly, but as I continued my practice each day and improved my technique, I found I was going back to one of the foundations of meditation, which was focussing on your breath when I began to feel anxious. My advice is to start simple. Begin with just 10 minutes each day, preferably at the same time, so you get into a routine. Remember this is not a competition, no one masters meditation, instead we practice each day to just stop, take a breath and be present in the moment.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

GRATITUDE This one seemed simple to me. Each morning when I woke up and finished my meditation, I was to write in my journal three things that I was most grateful for today and how each one made me feel. The first day I began, I just sat there staring at the pages. Simple things like waking up to my rabbit Rocco waiting at the fridge for breakfast seemed silly and trite, but when I stopped to describe how that made me feel, the practice was very powerful. Here is an example. What I am grateful for? I am grateful for Rocco each morning. How does this make me feel? Seeing him run towards me and then skip around and around my feet with excitement until I cuddle him makes my heart swell with the warmest of love. He is my best little mate. At that very moment when you are feeling grateful, it is impossible to still be feeling “poor me”. Gratitude is powerful stuff.

ME TIME I remember smirking the first time she suggested this as a way of aiding my mental health. I mean, I do have “me time”, I am alone at work all the time. Yes, in theory, you might be alone, but this is certainly not “me time”. The plan was for me to schedule into my diary a certain amount of “me time” and make it a firm date and time. For me, it was one afternoon and evening of the week to just switch off my phone altogether. Not put it on “do not disturb”, or on ‘Airplane mode”. To switch the phone to “Off”, take a breath and spend time with just myself (reading, walking, taking a bath, bingeing Greys Anatomy). This was the one I think I struggled the most with but ultimately has become a powerful part of my relationship with myself and my mind. Now I switch my phone off every evening at about 6 pm without anxiety or guilt. I feel better, I sleep better, and I am less restless. Meditation. Gratitude. Me Time. Three very simple changes you can make to your daily life and push you towards better mental health. Yes, I do still feel like the world is imploding sometimes, but now instead of crumbling, I fall back into my breathing, my gratitude and I take time out, without my phone, to live in the absolute moment. Ultimately this helps me to just accept what is and learn to love it. I wish you luck on your wellness journey and remember don’t say “I’m fine”, instead, reach out to your people when you need help, they love you. If you are experiencing depression and anxiety and need to reach out, go to Learn more about Will Fennell @Leskinbar_bywillfennell





By Sarah Garner

From initials on our bags to designing our own phone cases, personalisation has been a trend on our radars for the past few years now but when we’re talking about personalised branding, this never goes out of style. Why? Because it makes the customer feel special, unique and like the only person the brand is focusing on. Like a red carpet rolled out, it’s the small but mighty finer details that can turn a one-off purchase into a lifetime customer. Your branding touchpoints can be so much more than what you share online. Touchpoints can include the way your treatment menu sits proudly at reception, the way your team greets your clients in the waiting room to even your choice of beverage or welcome ritual. Every stage of your customer’s in-person experience represents your brand just as much as your logo. Today, we’re going to explore some of the ways brands are going above and beyond to use those extra brand touchpoints to elevate and empower their customer experience. Turning a team into style icons The team leading your in-person experience are a brand touchpoint themselves. From the moment your team members steps into the salon for the day, they are a representation of your brand so naturally, how they’re presented is an extension of this. Uniforms not only bring consistency to your inperson experience, but they signify your brand’s values and overall essence. In a world where we’re constantly competing for our client’s attention, a uniform can be that memorable brand touchpoint that reminds someone why they chose your business or evoke a memory of their experience with the team member in that said uniform. Pretty powerful, right? Gone are the days of team uniforms needing to be rigid, uncomfortable and well… boring! Many brands within our industries are utilising colours to evoke certain emotions (think green and tranquillity), fabrics to represent quality and even the clothing cuts and styles themselves to represent brand values. Some of our personal favourites showcase how the finer details can elevate an entire team uniform to become synonymous with the brand. Giving us total uniform vibes include: • The blush pink tunics of Love Beauty Skin Clinic in Perth that ooze femininity • The signature bold red lip of team Intherapy in Brisbane • The endlessly cool, casual and chic white tee and jogger pants from HÜD Skin + Body 68

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Taking your first impression from whoa to whoaaaa guuuurrl Nothing quite says personalised touchpoints like a client welcome letter. The most divine first impression as a new client takes a seat, a welcome letter lets them know you’ve truly thought about their impending appointment and are ready to go above and beyond.

Style Icons: The team at ‘In Therapy’

A welcome letter is also an opportunity to introduce a new client to your brand and your in-person experience. You’re quite literally setting the expectation for them! From the thickness of your welcome letter paper, the colours and fonts used to the, you guessed it, personalisation of their name and even service, this finer detail unequivocally elevates the perception of quality and sophistication of your brand. Someone that, in our eyes, absolutely nails the welcome letter touchpoint is James Vivian in Toorak. Pairing exceptionally high-quality printing with personalisation, James’ welcome letter is tailored to feature the client’s name, therapist’s name and what they can expect from their in-clinic experience. It really sets the tone for the overall brand experience and provides a tangible, take-home touchpoint that can be used as part of word-of-mouth referrals. Sipping on delicious brand touchpoints It’s a no-brainer in the hair, beauty and wellness spaces to offer clients a refreshment of some sort during their time in the business. With that being said, are you simply offering a standard tea, coffee and biscuit or is your refreshment offering an extension of your brand touchpoints? Yes! Even the drinks your clients sip before, during and after their appointment can exude your brand. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to somehow create your own blend of coffee (even though that would be totally cool and we’re so on board with this) but consider your brand values and how you can showcase these through your offerings.

• Serving signature cookies or chocolates with your brand logo on the wrapping So, you like my roller? Gee thanks! Just bought it Are their elements of your retail experience that could be enhanced with the magic of the finer touch? This is regularly the opportunity for your client to physically take something home from their appointment that regularly reminds them of your brand. Whilst retail products have their own incredible brands, how they’re packaged and sent home can be entirely up to you. Consider branded bags (bonus points for reusable ones), branded tissue paper and even a branded prescription slip to remind the client how and when to use their new purchases. In a social media culture, it’s likely that these retail items will end up on your client’s Instagram Stories and Snapchats so having these finer details visible means you’re seamlessly enhancing your brand awareness (aka free content!). Taking this to the next level, because we freakin’ love people being extra, is The Skin Fairy in Western Australia. Not only have they ticked all the packaging wish lists we mentioned above but they’ve personalised retail items like crystal rollers, facial brushes and face washers with their signature line drawing logo. Not only can they flex an impressive collection of merch but every time a client uses this item, they’re reminded of the brand where it all began. Talk about an impressionable touchpoint.

• Serving refreshments in cups that exude your brand colours and textures

Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your growing hair, beauty or wellness business turn heads for all the right reasons.

• Selecting a signature herbal tea to evoke taste association with the brand (Endota Spa does a fabulous job at this)

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This could include:




Here we go again …and again ….and again for many salons, spas, and clinics in our industry. Yep, I’m talking about the L-word! As someone that’s a 6th-time lockdown veteran, I know, firsthand, the struggle to rediscover inspiration and find the motivation to put down another season of Selling Sunset (seriously, hurry up with that new season already!) and get back into working on my business. Whilst you can’t be doing what you do best right now, there is an abundance of ways that you can be engaging with your customer base online. From ensuring you’ve got a thriving online store happening to online skin consults, it has been incredible to see many beauty businesses get down to business and ensure their clients can continue smashing their skin goals in lockdown. So, what about the rest of your digital game? Today, I’m pulling out my extra magical Digital Fairy Godmother wand with 3 ways you can adding some sparkle to your online presence during lockdown so that when it’s time to reopen those fabulous doors of yours, you’ll have clients lining up around the street (socially distanced, of course). This is a time for nurturing your existing clients Whether you’re out of action for 2 weeks or 2 months, this is not a time to be ignoring your existing audience, aka your existing paying clients. Why? Because despite them being unable to book in for their regular treatments, they still need support - especially those on a skin health journey such as managing acne. Utilise your social media, email, and blog platforms to regularly communicate with your existing database and remind them that you’re available for support. You may like to incorporate text message marketing into this mix for VIP Clients too. This could look like a fortnightly email with some lockdown skin tips, a link to an informative blog post and a direct link to booking a virtual skin catch up or access to your online store. Maximise the content you’re sending via email by recycling it into social media posts, stories, Crack onto those digital marketing odd jobs Turn a negative into a positive by ticking off those odd jobs you’ve had on your business todo list. You know the ones; the “ugh, I need to get on to that” jobs that seemingly make their way to the bottom of the list each day. If you’re a salon in lockdown right now, I want to set you a challenge. Each day, spend 30

minutes working on that to-do list and start ticking off jobs. When it comes time to reopen and you’re absolutely flat out, you can totally thank past you for your hard work! Now is the time to finally connect your socials to your online store, update your social media bios, get your blog up and running, redesign that email template, learn how to use Canva, design your own social media tiles or even finish off that online store setup. Let’s take this challenge one step further by getting your team involved too. Utilise this closure time to get ahead on your social media and blog content so that when you’re fully booked in the future, your digital content is already scheduled and ready to go. In your next team zoom meeting, brainstorm, and delegate content creation across your team so you can build up a delicious bank of it!

The most seamless way to build up your positive reviews is to maximise the people that already know, like and trust your business – your existing clients! They will be more than happy to support your business. Send a short message to your existing database, via email or text, with the links to your account ready to go – you want to make it as seamless as possible for them to leave that review. You may even like to give your online store a boost at the time same time by offering a thank you discount or gift with purchase for those that successfully leave a review on both platforms. A win-win! Utilise the sh*tty situation to enhance your online presence and watch it pay off tenfold when you’re back on the tools. You’ve totally got this!

I’m talking videos of at-home skincare routines, team members talking ingredients and skin concerns, educational blogs on your most popular treatments for the season ahead, mustknow tips and tricks for carousel posts, and daily stories as part of team takeovers. Not only does this take the pressure off you, the business owner, to create content but you’re giving your audience an abundance of creativity and fresh faces to keep them engaged and excited. Maximise those that love your business Thirdly, give your online presence some extra sparkle during lockdown by building up your glowing reviews on Facebook and Google. Adding additional reviews to your Google My Business account will not only support your SEO efforts but it will ensure your business is at the forefront when potential new clients are searching for someone to attend to their postlockdown brows, lashes, and skin; and let’s face it, we’re all going to need this!

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When you ask any beauty salon, skin clinic or medspa owner what their biggest business challenge is, 9 out of 10 times, it has something to do with employees. Nothing new. A problem that has been burdening the beauty business owner for decades. As we start the journey of re-emerging from the debacle the pandemic presented small businesses with, this problem has accelerated to new heights.


Before the pandemic, it was all about a shortage of ‘great’ beauty therapists. Today, it seems like a shortage of ‘any’ beauty therapist. One would have thought that the supply would have increased with many businesses shutting down permanently, but this has not been the case. There’s been a massive exodus of beauty therapists from the industry. Why is that? (1) The Rise of the Home Salon From fear of losing their job to believing that they’ll make more money and have greater flexibility, many therapists have opted to start their own home salons. Not just an Australian trend but one that is happening all over the world as a result of the pandemic. (2) Career Shift Truth is, the beauty industry is not as glamorous as so many think or in the case of beauty therapists, as so many believed when entering the industry. With the need for late nights and 70

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Saturday work and the lack of flexibility, it impedes on their family and social lives. Gen Y and Gen Z are simply not happy about this and unlike the Gen X and Baby Boomers, they’re not prepared to accept that it’s part of the job spec, so many have left the industry altogether for ‘better working conditions’. In addition, the skill and knowledge requirements of the beauty or skin therapist of today is far greater than it has ever been. There’s so much more equipment technology to learn, more sophisticated cosmeceutical ranges to master. The pressure to perform is high. For many it’s just too much for a perceived low pay and many have opted to leave the industry altogether. Sadly, it’s the experienced therapists that are opting to leave. A great loss and cost to the industry. (3) Lack of Quality Graduates from Beauty Schools The quality of graduates of the beauty schools over the last two years has been very low, thanks to the pandemic. Learning a hands-on skill off campus does not make for a strong graduate. Couple that with the drop in government funding, potential future beauty therapists have been turned off the industry because their career path now includes massive student loans.


Well you need to do a 180 on your thinking about employees, training them and meeting them where they’re at. Chances are a lot has changed since you were a beauty graduate or even employee. Enough with the ‘When I was an employee…’. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Do some deliberate soul searching and answer these 3 questions for yourself. - Who do I really want to work for me? - What do I need to do to bring them up to the standards I need? - What will I need to do to retain them in my business? (1) Who do I really want to work for me? I mean who do you REALLY want to work for you? Understanding this is not as easy as it sounds. It must start with the culture of your business. The ideal employee must fit in with the existing culture of your business. Bring the wrong person in and the threat of your team and culture being dismantled is very real. Great therapists are made not found. Stop looking for a ready-made great therapist. She doesn’t exist and if she did, she’s happy where she is and the chances of YOU luring her away are minimal. Start looking for a great person

to work for you who has the qualifications but needs YOUR training to get them to the level of productivity you want. When I say, ‘great person’, I mean someone with the right attitude, passion, drive, ambition and willingness to learn. Which skills are not negotiable, and which are? The hands-on stuff is easy to train in, but you can’t train the personality and character traits of a great employee. If you want a therapist who will sell programmes of skin treatments and full retail home regimes, then she better be passionate about skin. But REALLY passionate. Passion will drive and speed up their learning curve. No passion will at best produce a mediocre therapist who chugs along, sometimes meets their target, often doesn’t. And as for their learning curve? It’s loooong and never ending. They’re the ones that are trained over and over on the same thing, the ones you send to product school and their product knowledge has barely shifted on their return so you send them again…. and again….and again. You know what I’m talking about. (2) What do I need to do to bring them up to the standards I need? Here’s lies the problem. Many don’t have a comprehensive training plan or even new employee induction plan. Have you ever taken the time to write down EVERYTHING an employee needs to know, be skilled at and capable of? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants, throw them in the deep end and train haphazardly whenever you have time? Have you created your training library of videos, lessons, tests, quizzes? Have you planned out exactly what you want them to role play with you upon their return from product school? Do you schedule in the trainings and measure their progress until they’re ready to be unleashed on to your precious clients? No? Then you need to do this very important work. You know it takes only one negative experience for a valued client to leave your business, never to return. You should NOT be willing for that to happen. Ever. A lost valuable client costs you a few thousands of dollars a year. Invest that time and money into your therapists so that this is avoided at all costs. (3) What will I need to do to retain them in my business? The pandemic has had a HUGE effect on employees. So many have re-evaluated their lives, really thinking about what’s important to them and they’ve come back from lockdown with new wants….some, new demands. · Work less hours · Not work evenings · Not work Saturdays · Switch to casual employment · More money for less hours · More life/work balance · More flexibility So you also have to do a 180 about meeting THEIR expectations. Now I don’t mean pander to their every whim REGARDLESS. No. I mean you need meet THE RIGHT THERAPIST halfway because giving the right therapist what she wants will give you tenfold what you need. So what do I mean by that? Well you should only settle with having the RIGHT therapist in

your employ. Remember? The one with the right attitude, passion, drive, ambition, and willingness to learn. The one that has it in them to be a high performer. The one that will not only meet their targets but exceed them. Often. That’s what you need right? When the right therapist gets what she wants, like greater flexibility in working hours, alternate Saturdays off, working only one evening, a greater life/work balance and earning more money, you’ll get what you need. But what comes first? Meeting your expectations with high productivity or meeting their expectations with a better work/life/money balance? The elusive chicken or the egg paradox. Ahhh, that’s the tricky bit hey? The answer is a stepped give and take. You need to create milestones for employees to reach in order to receive certain privileges whether it’s alternate Saturdays, less nights etc. How about a milestone for no Saturdays, late nights etc.? As for more money working less hours? Well that’s about creating a generous incentive programme that is generous to the employee and very affordable to the employer. One that is based solely on NUMBERS. Tell me this. If one of your employees produced in excess of $7,000 a week, had an 85% rebooking rate with a 90% retention rate and asked to never work Saturdays again, would

you say no? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d say yes and then come up with a way to have your Saturdays covered. But here’s the real skill in it all. Learning to stop wasting your time. You have to be willing to part ways with employees who are not playing or willing to play the give-and-take game EARLY. When a new employee comes on board, that probationary period is critical. Too many let the time pass by without measuring the viability of the employee and before you know it, she stays, mediocre, you resent every ounce of training, money and patience you invested in her. And then…she leaves and you’re even more resentful, so much so that you’re unwilling to give as much as you did to the next prospect. Wrong. Give it your all. The time, the money, the patience but monitor it all and if it’s not happening, move on, rinse and repeat. Until it does. Brigitte Benge is the founder and coach at CREAM Solutions. The creator of Leadership and Management Academy for business owners and the High Performance Academy for beauty, skin therapists and estheticians, two programmes that have catapulted businesses and therapists to unimaginable heights. Don’t miss the release of ‘SCALE, Step Away from the Tools’, a programme transitioning from job owner to profitable business owner, launching early 2022. For more information, go to

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Christmas is fast approaching & if you don’t already have your business marketing plan in place there is still time to start! Ensure your decorations are up early – even if you are in lockdown have your business looking AHHMAZING so you can take photos and share with your clients the shopping experience that will be available to purchase on your webshop! Let’s talk webshops… EVERY clinic/spa/beauty studio by now in 2021 should have a webshop to sell your products/gifts & vouchers & if you don’t… This weekend it’s your job to start setting one up! My online store for a regional medispa this past 18 months took over $200,000 in retail and gift voucher sales – so if you are telling me your clients don’t want to purchase online you are losing sales daily! To maximise Christmas gift voucher sales: Check your gift voucher stock take - have you got enough ready to sell – you should be increasing in voucher sales every year you are open. How are your vouchers presented? Are they looking beautifully presented so you can promote them with photos? If you are selling your vouchers online how do they look when emailed and printed or sent via text? Start promoting gift vouchers now on your socials / EDMS & texts & set up your marketing so it is ready to send for November & several times throughout December as you will be too busy to think about it at Christmas! Talk to other local businesses and start brainstorming on ideas to work together with their business or set up some competitions on social or in-store shopping. Have your decorations up & gift vouchers on display in your business. Set up a VIP customer gift voucher promotion If you are allowed to have a Christmas shopping night event start planning these events & invite lists ( this year you may need to offer several shopping events for distancing or run them completely online ( this is why you need your online store) Start looking at GWPs ( Gifts with Purchases) for guests who spend over a set amount – after lockdown, most business’s in NSW & Victoria 72

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won’t have vacancies for treatments so don’t make your gift with purchase for treatments – it needs to be something that doesn’t need more of your time! Educate your team on recommending vouchers + set a team or individual target – if we reach XYZ we will all go on a wine tour or dinner to a beautiful local restaurant etc. Ensure your vouchers have the correct legal information on them – in NSW we have a 3-year expiry on all gift vouchers and this varies from state to state so know your rules and promote them. Invest in local advertising on social media / local radio/television. You will know what works for your local area- in regional radio and television can still work very well, in a city it might be a local postcard drop targeting your suburbs & get some exercise at the same time!

Social media platforms are continually getting smarter at blocking our posts so you may need to promote your posts to get more views or run it as a competition to get lots of likes & comments to increase the viewing & be sure to always tag your local suburb and location so you show up in your local searches. This Christmas we’ll be busier than ever before! People want to shop small and shop local as much as they can, you just need to ensure it is your business that is front and centre in front of your potential customers. Best wishes for the festive season Need help maximising your Gift Voucher sale this Christmas? Visit to book a 30-minute business power session with Karla.




By Jessica Kidner

A business strategy is a multi-layered guide for running your business. It is a must and helps you plan many areas of your business to ensures your efforts are spent on attracting new clients and retaining old ones, so you hit your goals.

It is never too late to assess where you are and put a strategy in place. Whether you find yourself new to business after losing your position from Covid or realising the strategies you have been using can’t be scaled. Investing time to define and develop your strategy will help you redefine your business. Building a business today in any industry looks different from 5 to 10 years ago, yet most people are still using the same old strategies. These strategies, although tried and tested, need reviewing and updating to include more automated processes that allow you to scale your business and bring in more profit. If 2020/2021 has taught us anything, it’s that business can change within a blink of an eye. Having a strategy that supports you to pivot is also important. I want to future-proof your business to ensure you have different options if needed. Creating a strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. I like to start with a long-term goal of where you see your business going in 5 years. This helps show the smaller actions you need to take each year to get to that 5-year goal. You can then start to strategise how you are going to get there. Use these 6 points below to set up your core values and systems to help develop your business strategy. 1. Have A Clear Objective: When you know what your mission is for your business and

what problems you can solve for your clients, the way you communicate with your clients becomes clearer. 2. Have More Than One Platform: You need to be seen for people to find you. Start with one social media platform and another platform where you own the content is smart business planning. Your own platform could be a website, a landing page or an email list. Using your content on social media to drive potential clients to your own platform allows you to connect with them and gather their information for further engagement. Focusing on these 2 areas first is an easy way to ensure the effort you are putting into your social media is worth it. 3. Map The Journey Before They Become A Client: I’m sure you have the client journey mapped out for a client whilst they’re in your business, but the process a client goes through BEFORE they come into your business is just as important. Having a well-thought-out sales funnel sets you and the client up for a great experience. It also ensures you have a clear plan for attracting the right person for your business and service. 4. Create Offers That Solve A Problem: Have a clear understanding of what problem you are solving for your client and develop the solution to that problem into an offer. You can set up automatic systems to ensure you

are consistently calling out their desires and showing them a solution. 5. Salon Experience Journey: The process a client goes through whilst in your business is key to your client leaving happy with their treatment and overall experience. If you map out the process the client goes through (their journey), it will enable you to consistently provide the same great experience and gain more control over their satisfaction. 6. The Maintaining Of Your Client: Each client has used effort, time and money to get into your business. Letting them walk out of the business with no plan to follow up with them regularly is a huge missed opportunity. Sending a single email or only making one phone call after the treatment isn’t enough. Have a process set up where you are regularly reaching out to your clients, making offers and educating them to ensure they keep you in the front of their mind. Mapping out these main points will help make your strategy clearer and more importantly allow you to focus on what it is you are there to do, solving your client’s desires and in turn building a strong business. Jessica Kidne is the CEO and founder of Beauty CEO Helping women build profitable businesses with the Beauty CEO Method framework.




Whatever you do, don’t drop the clinics meeting rhythm, and here’s why. The clinic’s meeting rhythm is your communication pipe, everything is downloaded from a meeting. A great meeting rhythm is like having a 5 connection. And just like a 5G connection, it is so much better than any other connection you had before. A deficit of structured meetings is like using a pigeon to receive your communication, not at all reliable, and it just isn’t going to cut it in today’s clinics. If you want to attract and keep great team members, it really matters how you communicate with them. Meetings are your best chance of surviving the turbulent climate we find ourselves in today. A reliable workplace and workforce is founded on great communication. It is a foundational piece; it’s how you move forward and achieve what you want for the business and for your team members. When you don’t have a solid meeting rhythm, it’s like someone has put their foot on the pipe, therefor communication can’t flow like it should. If you are finding your team members misunderstand you, or get confused easily, you can almost always trace it back to ineffective team meetings. Explaining things over and over is not a good use of your time and could easily be avoided if you work on your meeting rhythm. For every hour of time you spend in a meeting, 74

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

the value in the clinic is three times. Over the years I’ve had many people come and go through my coaching program, and one of the things I make them promise when they’re ready to flap their wings and fly solo, is that they keep up the meeting rhythm. Unfortunately, some don’t. The two most common reasons are, they were short a team member, or they were “all good” and things were going well. “We had nothing to fix so they didn’t feel that they needed to keep spending that time in a meeting, when it could have been spent servicing a client”. BaBow!! My response is always the same; “so now that you have your business in a position that has great communication, and you feel safe, you’ve decided to give away the very thing that got you there? The meetings are why you got there, great communication! How’s that working for you?” Communication is the foundation of all good relationship, how we communicate with our kids, our partners, our parents and definitely the people we work with. All relationships require great communication and the only way that this happens is if you provide a space for dialog. The best way is to get into a rhythm is to find a chunk of time to discuss what challenges

you face, give and receive feedback, praise one another, and spend quality time with the people that are a part of making your business dream coming true. To not offer them optimum communication, in other words the best opportunity to have a voice and to be heard, is a recipe for disaster. It fascinates me that it’s often the first thing that goes when time is tight. My best advice around meeting rhythms is that you need a combination of both one-to-one, and group meetings and you need to hold them both weekly, yes, every single week! The private one to one meeting allows your team members to have a voice, to have their say privately. Providing a safe space to explain how they feel without judgement, you will find that they will discuss things that perhaps they wouldn’t have the confidence to say in front of their peers, very important in the process of building trust. Then there’s the group. The group is of equal importance because it fosters community, you’ll become aware of different opinions and behaviour styles, different concerns and ideas, and more heads are always better when it comes to solving a problem. The other wonderful thing about group meetings is you can deliver a message once to 6 people that might take you 30 minutes, compared to delivering it six times individually, it would take three hours so

it’s a very efficient use of your time. More frequent meetings with less on the agenda will give you the best outcome. Go deep on the challenge and nail it rather than skimming over many topics. Often salons have a meeting once a month, because they think it saves time. The agenda is huge and none of the tasks get a fair amount of airtime therefore they rush over them, no one really has a chance to ask any questions and yes you guessed it, the message wasn’t clear, and mistakes occur and so the topic will need repeating again next month. All this pulls the bottom out of the morale. Meet weekly for a smaller amount of time and discuss one topic in depth each meeting. I also think that you need some paperwork, sign off on the topic. This is simple to do. One sheet of paper that outlines the topic discussed in bullet point. At the bottom, have a list of team members names that says “sign here when you agree and fully understand this communication”. Things like rolling out a promotion, a change is trading hours or a policy change. Generally, people don’t sign things unless they do understand so it’s your best chance at clarity. One of the challenges with meeting weekly has been not everybody works on the same day so to

have a team meeting is or has been a challenge in the past. Well thanks to the lovely people at Zoom and FaceTime, there is no reason why a person can’t be in your meeting. Meetings can also be recorded and shared for those on leave to catch up. No need to repeat yourself anymore. Team meetings must be fun, there needs to be some wiggle room for silliness, for community and for group banta, the same as it would be if you were all a meeting in person. We are living in uncertain times and so the more community and stability you create the more your people will feel they belong. Sometimes we just need to spend some time together and create a space for community. I also think that it’s a good idea to let other people in the team “chair” the meeting and deliver content, rather than it just always be you. Sharing of the load helps salon team members understand the responsibility that you have as the leader. They will also share the frustration of people who are not always focused during discussions, and you will find that they have a newfound respect for your position. It appears that shutdowns aren’t over any time soon. I suggest that during shutdowns you still have all your meetings. Maybe it’s less structured and more of a social gathering to check-in on each other’s mental health. When you signed up to be

a business owner you signed up to be the leader, and now more than ever you need to lead. Some days you won’t feel like it, that’s okay. Just do your best, share that you are human too, and ask them to help if you need it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a salon team that didn’t want to help their boss. The trouble is most bosses won’t ask. Being vulnerable is not assigned a weakness, I’d go as far as to say is it’s a sign of strength. It’s okay to be real. ZING founder, kick-arse coach, Best-Selling Author and Global Speaker, Lisa Conway leads her team of coaches helping salon owners transform their business. With 30+ years as a hairdresser and salon owner, hundreds of satisfied coaching clients, dozens of speaking engagements and three books under her belt, she’s given the hair and beauty industry quite a shake-up. Lisa is known for her direct, no-nonsense approach, for getting real and challenging people to step-up and take control. She’s worked the salon floor, led her own teams and made her own mistakes. But having known the benefits of business coaching first-hand, she now answers the call, sharing her know-how and first-hand experience. To find out more visit

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By Rebecca Miller

Let’s talk leadership. Gosh, where do I start?! I feel leadership, and its definition is often misunderstood. Leadership is not something you are born with or without, but a powerful skill that can be developed and evolved over time and with experience. True leadership is unleashed through experiences, openness, gaining new insights, taking on feedback and most importantly, embracing personal growth. There is a lot of information out there on leadership and the different styles and I feel it is very outdated. It’s time for Leadership 2.0! I would love to share what leadership means to me. Through my years as a multiple salon owner who leads and inspires big teams, and of course being a Mumma of 3 beautiful children, I can say hand on heart that I haven’t always had it right. I still stumble, but through my personal development, I have learnt how to empower, not disempower, those around me. Long gone are the days of dictatorship-inspired leadership. If this is you right now, that’s ok, you don’t know what you don’t know. Today, I ask you to open your heart and mind to a new way of leading and thinking. Leadership is not about telling people what to do, it’s about demonstrating what to do. Leadership to me is not a title, but a way of being and an attitude. Farewell the idea that leadership is a badge of honour and instead, discover the behaviours that form a great leader. Right now, in our industry, there is no greater time to stand up and lead. Our industry, and world at large, needs leaders that are heartfelt, transformational, and empowering.

The birth of every great leader begins from within. Ask yourself, “how am I leading myself right now?”. Leading yourself encompasses all areas of life. It’s how we consistently care for ourselves, our relationships, our health, our business, and the daily habits we adopt so we can show up in the world as our best selves. Stepping into this high level of leadership takes dedication and self-mastery through development. It is a trained result that only those willing to do the work required will achieve. Great leaders serve as examples to those who are 76

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

watching on, they’re the kind of people our team, our communities, and our children want to follow. Our biggest opportunity is leading our children, the future generation, and inspiring them to step up as emerging leaders themselves. Leaders inspire themselves and others to do, be, and give become more than they ever thought possible.

Ask yourself the BIG questions. Self-awareness and assessment are critical in this process and something I think about each day, asking myself the big questions. Sometimes you must get uncomfortable and that’s okay. “Did I show up as my best self today?” “Did I live my core values at the highest leave?” “Did I inspire those around me to see in limited possibilities?” I encourage you also to take the time to selfreflect each day. Adopting daily rituals, like selfreflection, is part of the inner work towards selfimprovement. If it doesn’t feel difficult, it is not a real improvement. For me, this includes reading inspirational stories, harnessing the support of my coaches and mentors, leaning into the lessons of some of our world’s greatest leaders and a commitment to never stop learning to master my craft. The leaders I look to for inspiration and empowerment include Brene Brown, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek. They’ve been my go-to and they can be yours too.

Next, I want you to uncover your purpose. Great leaders have a compelling vision. Like many aspects of leadership, this also comes with some hard-hitting questions.

“What is my purpose?” “What is my cause?” “Why does my business exist?” “What makes me bounce out of bed every single day?” It all starts with your WHY. Having clarity on why you do what you do and articulating your WHY in such an encouraging way, inspires others to follow you. What is your company mission? This is your 5–10-year BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) so your team are clear and inspired to reach goals with you. Every business should know where and who they want to be in the years to come and know how they’re going to get there. This HOW should always be aligned with your values. Understanding your values and living them each and every day ensures you are consistently aligned to your purpose. This has been a gamechanger in both my personal and professional worlds. For La Bella Medispa, embedding cultural values in our team has created our non-negotiable standards. Our values are a set of expected behaviours that are demonstrated on mass and lived regularly. They create an environment where people will naturally step up. These values will create your culture, support your vision, give your business meaning and invite your team to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to empower others to lead with you. Simon Sinek says, “the value of true leadership is not measured by the work they do but by the work they inspire others to do”. As leaders in our salons, spas, and clinics, it

“I STILL STUMBLE, BUT THROUGH MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, I HAVE LEARNT HOW TO EMPOWER, NOT DISEMPOWER, THOSE AROUND ME.” is our job is to grow more leaders and create opportunities for our team to evolve and empower them with new skills, knowledge, and experiences. When we present them with kickass systems and processes, we are creating an environment where they can truly flourish. With opportunities come a sense of safety and security within our business. We have the greatest opportunity to influence, impact and inspire our people to do what’s possible. We’re able to unleash our teams’ unique gifts and talents to achieve company and personal goals. This is why meeting rhythms are so important. They invite open and honest communication, encouragement to have courageous conversations and to inspire our people to greatness. It’s our daily opportunity to take the time to listen and understand our team’s needs and say thank you regularly. If you are not having 1:1 time each week, I suggest this be your big action item today these are an opportunity for you to grow and expand as a thought leader, along with creating a deep connection to your team.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd! Being courageous to stand out and speak up, even when your voice is shaky. Your noble example will live on long after you’re gone, and you never know who you are inspiring! Dedicating yourself to living your greatness generates beautiful steps towards a brighter world. Step into your power, your creative and compassionate self, and energise the people around you to awaken to their gifts. I am exactly like you and have my flaws! It’s what makes us human. At times, I can feel insecure, unworthy and battle with my ego regularly. Knowing this journey is not about me but the legacy I want to leave behind, the impact I want to have and the value I can deliver to my family, my team and this amazing industry love is what keeps the fire in my belly.

We should never stop opening our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking, opportunities to embrace our spirituality and chances to enhance our emotional intelligence. Individuals that continually expand their way of thinking are welcoming new ways of living a more fulfilled life and leading with even more purpose. This is how Leadership 2.0 was born!

For me, my reason for living is giving and the gateway to living a life of fulfilment. I want to share how contribution plays a role in my life as a modern leader. My purpose has become so powerful that the vision for my life can be even greater than the influence and impact I am already having through my clinical work, my podcast, my speaking, coaching and philanthropy. I want to fulfil my highest, truest expression of myself as a human being. I want to serve and bring value with the gifts I’ve been given. My knowledge and my voice are my tools to give back to the world and encourage all women to live life by design with deep fulfilment and love. A lifelong commitment to contribution runs through my veins and has organically become a huge part of our team culture at La Bella Medispa. Through a deep connection to our values and higher purpose, I am now so proud to have a team that is equally as involved and dedicated to making a difference to others in our community and beyond. In 2020, we set contribution goals for both our business and our team in our planning days. Supporting my 350km run for the Ripple of Kindness project, we raised over $100,000 for deserving charities. This was such an extraordinarily proud moment as a leader as the team initiated many creative ways to contribute to this cause whilst getting our community involved. Executing leadership at the highest level is not something that happens overnight. Even for me, it is a continual journey of growth, development and uncovering the truest version of myself. The best part of executing transformational leadership is that you can start any time and it will always have a life-affirming impact on not only

yourself but those around you. Just remember abundance is a natural consequence of you delivering value and being of service to others. My question to you as the salon business owner are you leading with your heart? Have you articulated your Vision to your team so they are inspired to come on the journey with you? Have you still got a fire in your belly to empower your team and change the lives of your customers? Have you created meeting effective rhythms to create high levels of communication and execution? If your current leadership style is no longer serving you, your team and your business or you’re ready to uncover the true leader inside you, let me hold your hand and lead you to greatness. It would be my honour. Rebecca Miller is a Senior Coach at The ZING Project and has spent 27 years in the beauty industry, where she started as a solopreneur, and now employs over 25 talented team members. She has not only built three successful medispas, but educated herself to become a Skin Expert. Rebecca loves sharing her trials, tribulations, lessons learnt and her recipe for success, so that others can experience the freedom and success from a business that they deserve and desire. Learn more about Rebecca and aligning your values, mission and purpose to your business, along with having a healthy mindset and practicing gratitude.

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HOW TO GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS! By Kara Lehmann, The Beauty Boss VA

Christmas was always my absolute favourite time of the year in my salon. The excitement I had going into the last few months of the year was something I always looked forward to. The push to raise the bar and see how much abundance we could attract was always a fun challenge for us as a team. Christmas was easily a 6-figure event for us and with the right strategies and tools, you can set your business up for incredible success too! Often, I hear how overwhelmed beauty business owners can feel about Christmas and what they need to do in order to bring in abundance for their business. So why do we become overwhelmed? With many of us leaving it until the last minute and hoping for the best? After a difficult year with COVID -19 Lockdowns, the personal care industry is set to soar this Christmas, but that won’t happen by chance. You have to have a plan. So, what is it that salon owners need to do in the lead up to Christmas? When should they be starting their marketing? What type of gifts should they be promoting? Let’s break it down for you right here, right now. So that you can have your best and most relaxed Christmas yet. I recommend starting your Christmas strategy as soon as you can. Having more time to take action and roll out your marketing, the less stress you’ll feel and the more enjoyment you’ll have during the process. The number one thing you need to start with is who is your ideal customer and how are you going to attract them into your business. When you think of your top 10 clients, do they have any similarities? Who do they purchase gifts for and who purchases gifts for them? Once you have a better understanding of this, you can create a strategy for your Christmas marketing that speaks directly to your ideal customers and those who will be purchasing a gift for them (Yep - that’s an important one!) The next step I recommend is setting your goals. How much are you going to makeover the Christmas period? When it comes to setting your goals, ensure you are excited and motivated by that goal. If it doesn’t inspire you, you won’t find it motivating. Set one personal goal (YES, you need to celebrate your own success and reward yourself), and one team goal. Then break it down into measurable weekly and daily targets. You can even break it down further by setting yourself a gift voucher sales target, with a set number of vouchers you’d like to sell. Then you can break down your service target and then a product sales target. If you’re aiming for a figure that you know is safe and you have done before, then it’s time to dig a little deeper and find a way to push your goal a little higher. Once you have your goal set it’s time to review your Christmas sales from the year before. This is vital in knowing where your customers spend their money when it comes to both seasonal services and gift-giving. Do you sell lots of products, gift sets, gift vouchers, pamper packages or a mixture of all of the above? Do you see an increase in your seasonal services? If you find that you don’t see much change at this time of the year, it’s time to get creative and see how you can entice your clients to try something new!

Now not only is it important to look at what went well, but it’s also important to look at what didn’t do well. Did you end up purchasing a bunch of skincare gift packs that you struggled to sell (maybe even 6 months later)? Did you impulse purchase and regret it later?

• Bring some FUN into your business. What can you do to add a little flare and festivity into your business over the Christmas period? What can you do to make your salon experience different to every other business that your client visits?

These are all really important aspects of your business to consider when planning for Christmas. If something went well, don’t be afraid to do the same thing again. If something didn’t work well, then don’t go there again. It’s not worth the time or money you invested in it.

• Host a VIP Party or Christmas Shopping Night. There are so many ways you can host an event, even a virtual event to celebrate is possible. I always like to suggest thinking of it from the client’s point of view and ask yourself, what would I love to experience for a VIP event if I was the client? This always made the planning so much more fun and the event a huge success!

Ask for feedback. Start asking your clients right now what they’d love to see over the Christmas period. Social media is a fantastic way to gain insights into what your customers want from you. Start with some fun and interactive polls around Christmas and gift-giving. Then take this information to help create a plan and strategy for success.

• Showcase your gift-giving experience. Many of us take the time to beautifully wrap and present our gifts in our businesses. Don’t forget to share and communicate this with your audience.

The sooner you can start rolling out your Christmas strategy the better. Now that’s not an invitation to go and spam your clients with salesy content and marketing campaigns before November even hits. Yes, it’s important to create awareness, but we need to be aware of how we are communicating this to our customers. We need to build relationships and show our audience why we can help make Christmas giftgiving easy and fun!

• Create a gift-giving strategy around corporate gift ideas and help to create brand awareness of what you can offer other local businesses and community members for Christmas.

So, what can you do to create a great strategy for Christmas? Some of my favourite ways to create brand awareness at Christmas time are:

• Incentivise your clients to spend just that little bit more with you. How can you increase the average client spend? There are so many creative ways that you can drive purchases up over a certain amount.

• Communicate your offerings. Showcase what you have on offer through beautifully presented marketing material. From posters to social media, create a marketing toolkit that showcases a consistent brand message and offering this Christmas. • Email campaigns - make these fun, engaging and ask your clients to reply and chat with you! Email is one of the easiest ways to build strong relationships within your business. They don’t have to be all about sales and nothing else. Show them how you are going to help them. • Social Media - start mapping out your social media content for the months leading up to Christmas. As the weeks become busier and busier, you will have a suite of scheduled content to use. You’ll feel relaxed knowing you don’t need to scramble to get posts out to your audience when you become busy. Pre-record as much as you can so that you have a library of content to use for stories and reels as well. • Don’t be afraid to go LIVE on your social media platforms and showcase your business to your audience. This can be so powerful, especially when you add value and teach, share and show your audience what you can do to help them.

• Visually communicate the experience of your business and the services you provide. • Collaborate with other local complementing businesses.

Now that we have some really exciting ways to help drive customers into your business, it’s time to keep your team accountable. Start scheduling out time for weekly team meetings if you haven’t already. The team must be aware of what they need to do to show up as their best each day. Help and support them and make sure they are feeling valued. I found when my team felt looked after and supported in reaching their goals, they naturally showed up to a high standard. Success at Christmas time isn’t just a one size fits all system either. What works for some may not work for others. It’s important to understand your business and what drives people to you. Once you understand this, a strategy isn’t difficult or overwhelming to create and if you aren’t sure, there’s always help out there to outsource this to someone who can help you create a strategy for success. Kara has been in the beauty industry for the last 13 years, 10 of those as a salon owner & leader. Kara created Beauty Boss VA to help other business owners get back TIME while taking away some of the pressure and overwhelm of running a business. Find Kara at

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I’ve always been a high achiever. I also used to measure my success by numbers. The goal was “being number one” (whatever that is!?) Making a million dollars in turnover. Then it was two. And so on and so on.... I still remember clear as day, I was working with a coach and my goal at the time was “to make a million dollars”. Silly in hindsight. But that was the goal I had set for myself to know I was a success. If we as a business hit $1m, I’d made it... Even more clearly though, I remember the month we did hit that target. You’d think I was on top of the world right? Celebrating? Ummm. Not quite. I was talking to my then coach, feeling like an absolute failure because we’d had so many cancelations that week! It was early December and everyone on social media was talking about being super busy. And we just weren’t. We’d had a huge amount of cancelations and I really felt low. But when we went through the figures, to my surprise we’d had the biggest month we’d ever had! And, we’d hit the $1m yearly turnover mark. And here I was - I was miserable. Feeling like a total failure. Years later I’ve learnt three very valuable lessons about this experience. 1. Success isn’t measured by “that someday when you hit that particular target”. It’s in the moments along the way. Because when that “someday” comes along, most likely you’ve already set yourself a new goal. And, you might not even know you reached it. 2. The moment you stop focusing on the output (making money, which of course we all need) and rather focus on the input, you’ll, by default, get a better output. 3. Success isn’t always what you think it will be. And, I’ll tell you about that next.

And, as we realised it was going to go on for months, it was just very clear the writing was on the wall. Now, I did have a choice. I could still go pursue opening another clinic. Be a shark - and look for whatever became available on the market. Or, if I wanted to look after my team the way I wanted to, I knew I’d have to reframe my goals I chose to look after my team as best I absolutely could.

When the pandemic hit - it was PRETTY clear that a lot of the goals we had set for our business just wasn’t going to happen.

I invested my time and my money on making sure they were ok and making their wage still and that they were growing and not losing touch with their work.

And I struggled to be ok with that. As a high achiever I had some real lofty goals I had set for myself and my business.

I invested in adding more team members so we could optimise how we work when we get back


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 5

to work so we could look after our clients in the best possible way. I was playing the long term game. I also in the process I had some amazing realisations thinking about my own relationship with success. And, that’s when I realised there’s another measurement; IMPACT. I heard this fantastic talk the other day by one of my favourite speakers, Simon Sinek, which illustrates this absolutely perfectly. Simon was doing a speaking engagement at the Pentagon when he was met by a well known general who took him to the conference hall to do his speech.

Whilst walking, you know, usually there’s a bit of chit chat about the weather - and parking and what not. The general turned to Simon and said “I had everyone read your book” To which Simon said “my publisher thanks you!” The general then turned to Simon and said “no need - they all borrowed my book”. Book sale - 1. But, when he did the speech, everyone there who’d read the book were really engaged and it was pretty clear they had enthusiastically taken onboard everything they’d read. So book sale: 1. Impact: HUGE Vs a big conference where everyone gets a copy but uses them for coasters or looking pretty on the book shelf and never gets read. Book sale: 500. Impact: None. So what does that story have to do with your business do you ask? Well, a short term “obvious failure” (like missing out on selling 500 books) can also be a long term success, like making an impact. Now, I think of business like climbing to the top of a mountain. Except there’s no mountain top in business the road keeps going and going. (unless you’re planning on selling the business - then there’s a definite peak) You need to know where you’re going and what the milestones along the way are. The goal is where we’re going and the KPI’s are what you want to hit along the way so you know if you’re on track to reach your goals. But we’re in 2021 people! In the middle of a once in a century pandemic! So if you’re stuck in the cycle of feeling like a failure because you’re missing your pre covid targets;

not getting to where you wanted to be in 2021; or if you wanted to open 3 more businesses , or buy a house - and you’re just too exhausted or too tapped out of cash? Then redefine the metrics you measure your success on. What if you embrace that the road up that mountain is just a bit windier this year - and instead of thinking you have to get there by November, you’ll get there a bit later. And instead of focusing on the top of the mountain you focus on the little beautiful pit stops along the way? And enjoy those? if you haven’t adjusted your expectations in a pandemic, you’re likely setting yourself up for some pretty dark days. I’ve been there my friend. It’s not fun. So instead, take steps every day that will take you in the right direction of where you want to go - then celebrate those milestones along the way. Don’t miss them because of a once in a lifetime event like a pandemic you have NO control over, f*cked with your business. Reframe that measure of success. I did. And it actually not only brought me clarity over where I want to go, but it also gave me reason to celebrate some successes I’d previously missed because they weren’t my normal metrics. Here’s 5 things I’d love for you to consider when you think about your success in 2021 and beyond: 1. What if, you measured your success on how aligned your team is with your business values and how much they buy into your vision? What would that look like? What could you do to get to where you’d like to be? What milestones could you celebrate? 2. What if, you spend your time OBSESSING over how you can make an even bigger impact on your clients when you reopen (or

any time really!)? If you manage to implement a new client journey or a new treatment that can get your clients faster results or that will make your retention go up? What could you do to focus on that success metric? 3. What if, you sit back and really think about the fact that in the midst of a world wide, once in a century pandemic, you’ve managed to stay afloat? That’s not a small feat. Many haven’t. If that’s you, celebrate it. And celebrate those who helped get you there. 4. What if, you let go of the revenue goals you set for 2021 end of financial year, which is just an arbitrary date - and instead say: “I’ll hit it by December. Or February”. Let that go and rather play the long term game. Be ok with some things being on hold momentarily. What if you focused on doing the best you can to look after those clients who need you, rather than the money you thought you’d make but didn’t? 5. What if, rather than being focused on the numbers you didn’t hit, you’re focused on how you can inspire your team to do their best work and live their best life while they are under your care? How would that look like? How successful would you be? You can make an impact in many ways. The people you employ, the clients who choose you as a business, the clients who haven’t yet chosen you. Your family. Yourself. Other people in the industry you can inspire. For me, I measure my success on the impact on all of the above. Remember, there’s no top of the mountain, so celebrate the pitstops along the way and you’ll experience success. Because success is all about how you frame it. If you’re interested in more follow Gry on instagram @grytomte

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In our experience in working with Tenants to negotiate renewal terms, we often come across situations where a Tenant has an option. Unfortunately, rarely do we see the Tenant fully understanding their rights under the option or knowing that their option expires on a date prior to their lease expiry date. Also, not knowing if they can still negotiate the rent and not understanding what they need to do to formally exercise their option. In this article we demystify the ancient art of Options for commercial and retail property leases and help you understand your rights as a Tenant. 1. What is a Renewal Option in a Lease? An option in a commercial or retail lease provides the Tenant, at their sole discretion, with the right to extend the lease for a further term. If the Tenant elects to exercise or trigger the Option, the Landlord must accept the new lease period and the terms agreed in the option, so long as… a) The Option has been exercised or triggered within the strict time frame defined in the paperwork. b) The Option has been properly exercised in the way set out in the Option paperwork, and c) The Tenant is not in breach of the Lease up until the expiry of the existing Lease. 2. When Should a Renewal Option be used? An option to renew is valuable to a Tenant who has a sustainable business and wants to be in control of the longevity for their future use of the tenancy. Being in the same location for a period of time will continue to grow the good will of the business. From a different perspective, an option might be attractive for a newer business who may require the flexibility of a shorter lease to assess business viability and reduce long term financial liability, while retaining the ability to extend the lease term if desired. Established and fast-growing businesses can also utilise a lease option to have the protection of tenure at the existing tenancy and also have the flexibility to not sign the option to renew if they have outgrown the existing premises.   3. What will the Rent be if I Execute the Renewal Option? There are two key elements to consider when it comes to the rent for a renewal option. 82

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a) A Ratchet Clause or an Automatic Annual Rental Increase Percentage. This is where the rent automatically increases by a set percentage on an agreed date throughout the term of the lease. Typically, this is at the anniversary date on each year of the lease. If the renewal option sets out that the annual increase is to continue at the exercise of the option period and annually thereafter, these increases will be implemented automatically and there will be no opportunity to negotiate. The issue with this is that after one retail renewal cycle, 10 years at 5% annual increases, the rent will increase by 63% and by 108% after two renewal cycles at year 15. If the market rent hasn’t kept pace with the annual increases, the Tenant will be paying above market rent. The other thing to consider, has the growth in sales kept up with the annual compound increase in rent? If the annually increased rent reached a point where it was too far away from the market rent, the Tenant could decide not to execute the option and negotiate a new lease at the current market rent. b) A Market or Independent Rent Review. This is where the Landlord and the Tenant make an assessment of the current market rent and work towards reaching an agreement of an acceptable rent to be paid. If they aren’t able to reach an agreement, then an independent valuer is appointed and the final decision must be accepted by both parties and they must share the cost of the valuer. What is critical here, is to try to aim to agree on the market rent with the Landlord, prior to the date you need to exercise the additional option term. If you exercise the option first, prior to agreeing on the market rent, then you are at the mercy of the Landlord and whether they want to negotiate. They may choose to not engage in a negotiation or be very unco-operative in negotiating, forcing the process of an independent valuer to be appointed, which means you lose control of the negotiations completely and then have to accept the result determined by the valuer, without objection. 4. Does my Option Expire? YES! It does. Our experience in working with Tenants and their renewal options is that the option expiry date is rarely recorded and this date comes and goes without the necessary action being taken. Options typically need to be exercised between 3 to 6 months prior to the end of the Lease. This means that the work required

to undertake the market rental assessment should be completed 4 to 7 months prior to the Lease expiring. If a renewal option expires, the Tenant has lost control of the future tenure of the tenancy and given control back to the Landlord. What this means is, if you are paying rent at below the current market value, which would have been protected under the option arrangement, the Landlord is now in a position to request that you pay the higher market rent and enter into a new lease that may not have been as favourable as the previous one. 5. How do you Execute a Renewal Option? The form and any specific information required to execute an option will be set out in the Lease. Typically, the key steps include: • Notifying the Landlord or the managing agent in writing that the option is to be exercised. It should be signed by the Tenant and set out the address, full name , business name, date of correspondence and noting the date the option is to be exercised by. • Complying with any conditions set out under the option such as, work that may need to be done. This would include improvements to the fitout or shop front, ensuring that all rent and outgoings are paid in full. • Not being in breach of the lease. A renewal option is a powerful tool for business owners to develop goodwill, secure long term tenure, lock in preferable rent and provide a position of certainty if negotiated correctly. They also provide the flexibility for new businesses and fast growing organisations that may be operating in a somewhat uncertain business environment. Over the past 25 years, Your Leasing Co. has negotiated over 1,000 leasing transactions, including new lease negotiation, renewal, and option negotiations. If you would like to get some peace of mind around how much rent you should be paying at renewal time, compared to the market, you can call us on our FREE phone hotline on 1300 356 702.

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Pebble Grey Reclining Chair for Brows, Lashes, Threading & Makeup

Features Reclining Backrest Footrest Pebble Grey Upholstery Sturdy Frame Height Adjustable Hydraulic Disc Base

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Pebble Grey Code: 43332G Black Code: 43332B Dimensions: 69H x 71W x 96L

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