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biolumin-c gel moisturizer

Year 14 Issue 4

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Visibly reduce wrinkles & treat acne scarring, in particular, to reduce the depth of scars and to normalise the skin structure.

• Tilting needle plate for minimal epidermal trauma, increasing client comfort • Adjustable needle speed and depth


• Low vibration and quiet running

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Medical device certification (CE0123) according to MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.

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A lot of our industry are feeling flat right now after over 13 million Australians were locked down across News South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. It’s fair to say that the excitement of finding new ways of doing business, pushing through and maintaining business during a lockdown has worn thin for so many, and after lockdown number 5 in Victoria, mental health has been at an all-time low. During these times of uncertainty, it’s so important to check in with yourself and put your own mental health first. Taking time to lock yourself down emotionally is ok. Just like rebooting a computer, a shut down is a vital part of helping us grieve the process we find ourselves in during government lockdowns, and to help us get back up when we are able to keep going the best way we can. Here are some ways I personally maintain my own mental health during a shutdown. - Call, email or text every client with a future appointment scheduled during the lockdown and tell them their appointment has been put on pause. Not cancelled, not rebooked, paused. This way you don’t have to deal with a flood of calls and messages if a lockdown is extended. Tell your clients you’ll be getting back in contact with everyone when the lockdown ends to reschedule them then. This way you are able to step away and take a moment of calm for yourself and eliminates extra stress should a lockdown be extended. - Create connection calls with your clients. These can be a group Zoom chats you host with your clients during lockdowns to connect, chat and come together as a clinic community online. You can hold it as an educational session, a Q&A about skin or a product or just a wine and catch up on a Friday night. Make these regular during extended lockdowns so you all have something to look forward to. Product companies are always happy to help out with guest speakers to take the pressure off your running the whole session on your own. - Switch off. Nowadays we are bombarded with constant daily updates, statistics and news stories as we gauge how our daily lives might be impacted by what’s going on in the world.

The overwhelm and mental fatigue is huge right now. We are worn thin and exhausted by both the information overload and the emotional roller coast it takes us on. Feel zero guilt about turning the news off, missing a daily update and just live your life in a way that brings you happiness, calm and joy without this global pandemic hanging over our heads. If you’re reading this from a darker place right now in your own lives, please reach out and get in touch. Connecting with others in our industry and pulling through this together is how we are all going to get through these uncertain times. It’s ok to not be motivated, to be over “pivoting” and please know that I’m only an email away if you ever need someone to connect with and you don’t know where to turn. As business owners we can feel the pressure more than any one else because we have to keep everything going for ourselves, our suppliers, our landlord our staff and our families. The pressure is huge! A burden shared is a burden halved. Please take care of your own mental health during this time and know its ok to be exactly where you are right now in your journey. x

Clare xo

Clare Lamberth, Editor

Why Choose GlyMed Plus Australia? For 30 years, GlyMed Plus has always put the skincare professional first. By advancing esthetic skills and knowledge, combined with advanced and innovative products, it has created innumerable first-rate, highly regarded professionals.


Pharmaceutical grade | 99% pure | Cruelty free | Vegan friendly Phthalate free | Certified organic | 99% Paraben free | Plant derived antioxidants Natural botanicals | Naturally extracted | No synthetic fragrances NEVER tested on animals | Third party tested for quality | Made in USA

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GOLDEN GIRL t t o ig l l E c M n y g e e R From watching her mum having her eyelashes tinted, to running a 21 times award winning clinic in Mt Isa, and now her own make up range Face by R, exclusive sponsor of this year’s Australian Makeup Industry Awards, there’s not much new mum Reegyn McElligott hasn’t done. A shining beacon of positivity and female empowerment, Reegyn, alongside her partner Andrew Heyne, launches Face by R to the industry, with a high quality makeup range based around skin loving ingredients and formulations.

is one of my core values -is consistency. Like most business owners, there are always pros and cons. Living in a remote mining place has come with its challenges – freight costs, travel challenges, high living expenses but in return we have had many loyal clientele and staff. Being heavily involved in part of our community can make the return on business a warm place – you walk down the street in our remote town and know everyone - it’s lovely.

Reegyn shares with us her journey to where she is now, the conception of her new brand and how she has managed to conquer everything from remote North Western Queensland.

How have you gone about finding and training staff in such a remote location?

Tell us a little about yourself and where your passions lie?

My passion started at a young age, I would always wait with my Mum while she had her lashes tinted and her waxing done and would always have an interest in sitting in the salon with all the pretty smells and the soft music. I started studying Beauty Therapy and working at the age of 15 and opened my own salon at 19. My passion always comes back to the way we make people feel – when they feel great, I feel great and know that I have done my job. I could never imagine being in a different industry, even if the tough times I believe our industry will always remain strong – you may be able to buy all the products under the sun online, but a Beauty Therapist won’t be replaced with robots, it’s the caring and personal connection and the way we make people feel that people crave.

You live and work in a very remote town. How have you gone about growing a successful business in such an isolated place? Growing a successful business hasn’t come easy – as most of you know it takes a lot of hard work. When passion drives you though you it is your fuel and the key I have found, which

Like many of us, we have staff issues especially when it comes to hiring qualified staff – this has been a difficult task and we have had to source and train some of our girls from scratch. I think the key is to get your staff involved in the business = keeping the training consistent and the interest and latest trends afloat alongside with the latest trends in the industry. Motivation, passion and excitement in the team leading them with responsibility I feel is the key – no matter where you are located. I think training staff from scratch is also great because you in return can mold them directly how you want them to perform.

Tell us about Face by R. How did it come to be, how long has it taken to bring to life and what inspired you to create the range? I love treating skin, like most of us and I was constantly finding that I was prescribing my clients high quality skin care and performing results driven treatments and then they were buying the skin care, having the treatments and then going home and putting toxic makeup all over their skin after their quality skin care and reversing the hard work. I think your makeup is a part of your skin routine – and a good quality one is essential. I couldn’t find a mineral one I loved – so therefore Face By R was born, a mineral based makeup that is breathable, lightweight and super healthy for your skin! Being so passionate about the industry and supporting other salon owners – FaceByR is available wholesale to salons.

Andrew Heyne and Reegyn McElligott

What is the philosophy of the range and who is it for?

FACEBYR is an Australian made product designed to create a simple, healthy, and gorgeous finish on the skin – that is lightweight, protecting and hydrating. 1. FACEBYR was designed to create breathable make up which supports the skin & aligns with supporting what treatments a Beauty therapist performs on you– making you feel wonderful and giving you the results you deserve. 2. We are Australian owned, created & loved! Supporting our Australian economy and using TGA ingredients that are all safe & extremely protecting for any climate! 3. We follow the latest trends of makeup artists and the industry to ensure FACEBYR products give you exactly what you are after!! 4. Ingredients – we have worked closely to ensure that our ingredients are Australian made to maximize the health & performance of your skin! 5. Vegan – we ensure our products are vegan even our brushes.

What products are in the range?

Our range is simple but has everything your client wants and needs: A Glowy Skin Primer, Liquid foundation (fullest coverage), A Breathable Skin Powder, Easy Skin Tint (for everyday wear), a range of hydrating – non sticking glosses, to a range of hydrating no chapping lipsticks, our defined brow balm, bronzers, blushes and brushes. The range is effortless, simple, clean and super easy for your clients to use for any occasion and we have a colour for every skin type.

I have a lipstick named after your Mum. Have you named other products after

women you know and how did you go about choosing which colours pair with each name?

The whole brand is so meaningful to me and what I do with my clients each day, so when it comes to names of products it was a no brainer for me that the lipstick colours are named after my Mum, her sisters, my Nan (who has passed) and my sister in law Rachael who are all family but the inspiring & supportive women in my life.

What is your favourite product in the range?

Awww.. tricky question.. I am going to say the Powder – it is so light weight and I apply it on all of my clients skin after their skin treatments and brow waxing etc. You can find the perfect colour for everyone and it’s durable, easy to apply, buildable and contains ingredients such as Zinc Oxide, Kakadu Plum Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Bilberry Extract. Finishing my clients skin or beauty treatments with a touch of Breathable Skin Powder completes the experience.

What do you love most about makeup?

I love that it makes people feel great, even if it’s the smallest amount to bring out someone’s confidence, that’s what I love. I will also add that a better way to love makeup, is when I know it’s healthy, breathable & protecting my skin.

What trends, tips and techniques do you see are trending right now for makeup both now and coming into spring summer?

Dewy skins – soft browns, mossy greens, nudes and the red lip are making another comeback for this year’s spring and summer trends. Massive

trends are made up that are antibacterial and light weight – products that aren’t going to be a discomfort or inconvenience when wearing a face mask (thanks COVID) but thankfully FBR ticks all of those boxes!

How do you want your Face by R customers and clinic to look and feel when using your products?

I want them to not feel overwhelmed when it comes to make up, I want them to know that they can have confidence when applying it and when wearing it, there aren’t lots of steps. We are all time poor and if FBR can deliver that it is definitely made for the quick, easy and flawless application that is fuss free. PLUS I want them to know that when wearing the makeup – they have made the right choice in everything that ticks the boxes for their skin.

Is it available for ther clinics to purchase and sell?

Definitely for clinics, we can relate so much to salon owners, make up artists, skin clinics, beauty therapists, brow bars etc to what their clients needs and wants are – we are open to wholesale salons and offer great support to educate and train the therapist and team about how FBR will best support their salons and clients.

You’re a sponsor of this year’s AMIA’s. What does it feel like, to be a part of the awards in this way?

Completely honoured! I am looking forward to being a part of the AMIA’s as a sponsor this year and being in a different seat this year instead of the nominee seat. Except I want to give everyone an award not just the winner as everyone is so well-deserving of an award!! LOL

And Finally...

For the salons doing it tough – to know that the time will pass and that we are always here if anyone needs to reach out x Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4




OLIVE +JULY By Clare Lamberth

Olive and July owner, Chloe Sherrell, was just 23 when she answered her calling to starting her own business. From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom at home, now having two clinic locations, a 5 treatment room Instagram-worthy Subiaco Beauty Clinic and now Perth’s latest luxury Spa, Olive and July Spa.

I sit down with Chloe to learn more about her journey how she juggles 17 staff and how she launched a new Spa in the midst of a pandemic.

Tell us about yourself and how you first started out in the industry?

Chloe Sherrell


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

I am a down to earth person who genuinely loves to care and nurture people. My love language is physical touch and you’ll find me constantly hugging or massaging my loved ones, so naturally beauty therapy was my calling! Helping people feel their best on the inside out is my true passion. I love to create and design beautifully structured brows just as much as I love to massage and bring in some reiki energy to my clients. I do enjoy the finer things in life, so my luxe style has helped me get on the map when it came to my salon designs! I studied beauty therapy at the age of 18 and went on to work in some of Perth’s top spas and salons. After gaining experience and learning my strengths as a beauty therapist I was ready to go out on my own. I was just 23 when I decided to work from home and transformed my spare bedroom into a relaxing, fully equipped beauty room. After 6 short months of working from home, I needed a salon space as the demand was there! I rented a room off a friend who owned a clothing store, I was there for 8 months before I found my dream location next door to my bestie’s hair salon! So I signed the lease on the old doctors surgery and

renovated it into a luxe 5 treatment room beauty clinic, where I have grown my team from myself to 17 wonderful therapists and receptionists! But of course that wasn’t it for me, I was eager to continue to grow my empire and in February of this year, opened Olive and July Spa, our second stunning location!

What treatments do each of your venues offer and specialise in?

Subiaco offers the latest beauty therapy treatments which includes brow styling, brow lamination, brow tattooing, lash lifts and tints, classic, hybrid and volume extensions, All waxing, makeup applications, facial treatments which include medi peels, relaxing, yet result driven facials and of course everyone’s favourite facial massage! South Perth offers the same as Subiaco Clinic (excluding makeup) but with a Spa vibe, When having a facial, you slip into a robe first and relax in our relaxation lounge afterwards. We have added on manicure and pedicures, spa scrubs, wraps, massages (including pregnancy massage) reflexology, epsom salt bath tubs and sauna to our treatment menu.

Where does the name Olive and July come from?

I have a cocker spaniel named Olive who was just a puppy when I started the business and I was born in July, so I named it after her and I! I then adopted a friend for her, who is also a cocker spaniel and named him July! Now I have two fur babies with salons named after them.

Tell us about your team and what makes them so special? I hire staff based on their personality. Each one of my girls are hand picked based on their gorgeous, caring nature and of course,

are all qualified and have ongoing extensive training with the company. Each one of my staff members are special in their own way and I have somehow managed to bring an incredible bunch of women together who not only work so well as a team but support and care for each other. We truly are like a family and have so much fun while at the same time, working together towards the same end goal, which is to make sure our clients receive the best possible service!

What key attributes do you look for in an O & J team member and what do you look for that sets an applicant apart from the rest?

When hiring I of course want to see experience in the industry, however passion and determination is just as important. I have hired people that may not have much experience or are fresh out of study that end up being the most incredible therapists, because that passion is there. Being well presented and well mannered are crucial and I like to see or rather ‘feel’ a nurturing energy. Someone who is willing to work hard to succeed and try their best in all aspects is someone who will stand out to me!

What’s your professional development and training philosophy for your team?

At Olive & July training is a huge part of the company. Any new staff members go through extensive training to ensure they are competent in performing all treatments ‘the Olive & July’ way. We have regular training or ‘up-skilling’ sessions with all staff, even those who have been working in the industry a long time. It is important to have refreshers as a group to share ideas and keep the passion alive! The industry is always evolving and I believe it is so important to keep up with all of the latest trends and technologies to stay at the top of our game!

however it definitely made it a very difficult process. Renovating is always exhausting and then to add in delivery delays due to a global pandemic meant we were delayed by a couple of months. When we were finally about to open in early February we were faced with another lockdown and of course this was heartbreaking. We have since been through another two lock downs and it has been one of the most stressful things I have ever had to face, which I am sure is the same for a lot of people. Having to stand down my staff each time we are forced to close and then having to explain to my staff that we need to run a tight budget when we are operating because we don’t know when we will be forced to shut our doors again is extremely hard. I am now leaning on the side of caution and expecting to have to close again any day which makes it hard for future planning.

Your design aesthetic is exquisite. Can you tell us about the design process? Where you drew inspiration, what you hope your clients draws from their experience of the O&J Spa design and how you went about bringing it to life?

Thank you! I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted the Spa to look and feel like. I spent hours upon hours scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, collecting inspiration of anything that I liked and eventually had a vision board of what colours and textures i wanted to go with. I drew up the designs myself and started the fun part... shopping! I sourced most of the furniture and soft furnishings online and at some of my fave local stores. I knew what I wanted, I knew how I wanted it all to look and when I put it all together, It was just breathtaking! I was so happy at how it all tied


Congratulations on your new O&J Spa property. How did this come to be and how has the process of expanding, staffing, fitting out during a pandemic been? Thank you! Spa therapy is a big passion of mine so I always wanted to create a beautiful day spa eventually. Fortunately I worked hard to create a name for myself which then led to client demand, where I was able to expand to a second location. Instead of creating the same sort of thing I offer in our Subi Clinic, I wanted to create a luxurious Day Spa. After the first lock down, the demand for beauty therapy was huge, so the expansion seemed natural

Beauty Biz cont’ Year 14 Issue 4 13 over page



perfectly together and felt so luxe yet so relaxing. I want all clients to walk in and instantly feel relaxed and calm. I wanted it to feel luxurious, like you’re on a holiday and floating around a stunning, clean and elegant space, being pampered and nurtured.

Explain your clients experience at your South Perth Spa.

The South Perth Spa is truly unique to Perth. I completely designed it top to bottom and created a dream world for not only our clients but our staff as well. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with warm neutral tones and textures. As you step in further, you are pleasantly surprised by the attention to even the smallest details. The light beams through the most glorious stained glass windows and hand crafted chandeliers, as well as archways and stunning original cornices of the old heritage building. Upon approaching the lovely marble reception desk you are greeted by our friendly receptionists. You are then escorted down the beautiful hallway filled with original artworks and statues and brought to our stunning locker room. The locker room features a gorgeous arch mirror, private spacious shower and toilet with stunning gold fixtures. Each locker is filled with a luscious robe and dressing gown for the ultimate luxurious and comfortable experience. Once changed into your robe you are brought into our magnificent waiting area. Every week you will see a different set of enormous flower arrangements, designed for us by one of our beautiful clients. The waiting area also comes with the most comfortable couch and arm chairs to make you feel as if you are waiting on a cloud. Our staff will always offer refreshments while you wait. Once your Therapist takes you to your treatment room, you will experience only the absolute best treatments with intuitive connection. The kind of nurturing connectivity, that I spend so much time instilling in my team. Each treatment room was uniquely designed to bring you the most comfort, relaxation and warmth. Two of the treatment rooms come equipped with a two person tub for the ultimate Epsom Salt Bath experience. After your treatment, you will be brought into our Relaxation Room, which features a built in skylight. Upon gazing up and seeing the bright blue sky and clouds by day, or shining stars by night, you are instantly relaxed. Inside the Relaxation Room you will also find our Cedar 14

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

cont’ from page 13

Infrared Sauna, which can be used as an add on to any treatment or on its own. Each chair is separated by a floaty, elegant privacy curtain so you can sink in and completely unwind. You will then be brought a hot tea and a glorious fresh fruit platter crafted fresh each morning by our staff. Olive and July Spa isn’t just a Spa it is an ultimate euphoric experience.

Any challenges you had to overcome during the process?

Definitely the lock downs have been the hardest. After a large fit out, there’s nothing worse than having to halt business operations. It has not only been financially stressful but emotionally exhausting too.

What sets O & J apart from your competition?

Olive & July is a unique experience. Our team are all so warm and friendly, we go above and beyond to deliver the best possible customer service so this definitely sets us apart from the rest. Not only that, we keep up to date with all the latest trends and are all so passionate for what we do, you can really feel that as a client. We take the time to ensure we understand our clients needs and wants and tailor our treatments to suit that client. There is no one size fits all, every single client is different and we really do try our hardest to deliver the best treatments tailored to them. Plus our spaces are just gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to come hang out at our locations!

Any plans to expand further? Or any exciting projects coming up in the pipeline?

In just four short years I have gone from a home salon to two large locations as well as came out with my own skin care line so for now I feel like I have been running at full steam ahead and would love to just nurture what I have created and really ensure both locations, my staff, my clients and my skin care range gets my full attention! In saying that, we are always evolving and will always jumping on the latest trends and technologies so if anything new appears in the beauty industry that aligns with my vision, you bet we will be offering it!








Gala Awards Night





ENQUIR I ES : 0 7 5 580 5155





This year I will celebrate 27 years in the beauty industry. I know that some of you were not even born when I graduated in 1994, and to those “beauty babies”, I blow you (with affection of course) a huge raspberry, haha! There are only a few things in my life I remember vividly. My first Kylie concert, the first time I kissed a boy and my year at beauty school. Perhaps they are my three best memories? After a somewhat traumatic high school experience, I cherished every moment at college. Sure, I could have done without having my eyebrows dyed black, three girls all waxing my bikini line at once and my nails a permanent “Jungle Red”, but like Dorothy following the yellow brick road, I felt like I’d finally found my Oz. Our industry has evolved so much since then. Better education, superior skin care formulations and machinery that would not be out of place on the Starship Enterprise. But for me all the trimmings that go along

with such changes, also to some degree spelt out the death of what truly made me love my job. The power of touch that goes along with the “simple” facials I learnt at college. European styled treatments with warm oils, delicate fragrances stimulating the senses and out of this world facial massages are fast becoming obsolete as we move towards relying solely on equipment in our client’s continual quest to look younger. I refuse to lose sight of my true passion, so I surround myself with therapists that feel similarly. The following three ladies are icons within our industry. They have successfully blended our past with our present. They are my teachers and my inspiration.

Daniela Boerma Bliss Day Spa How long have you been in the beauty industry? I have been in the industry for 39 years During this time how much has the industry changed? I have certainly seen it all when it comes to new treatments and technology. I entered the world of advanced treatment devices 12 years ago when I returned to studies and completed a Diploma in light energy. The industry was buzzing with permanent hair reduction, pigmentation removal and Radio Frequency skin tightening, all of which have had a place when treating individual clients, but not all. What I have noticed in the industry is the shift back to more traditional treatments and the link between the gut and skin health. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a technology advocate but knowing when a client’s skin is a candidate for advanced treatment is crucial to a successful outcome. I still recommend traditional treatments along with the best skin care on the market. I feel the industry has come full circle concentrating on skincare and inner health supplements, thus optimising skin preparation before undertaking advanced laser or fractionated Radio Frequency. Have you seen a change in training? Training has become an integral part of the industry and without it therapists would fall behind not only in knowledge but motivation. We are so lucky today with online courses and support groups. Social media and international platforms have broadened our education reach, anything is achievable. This is so different from the days of Anatomy and Physiology textbooks with old school face to face classroom educators. We now have the option to learn at our own pace with our busy schedules. Recorded practical demonstrations are so useful allowing students to perfect the application of technology, in the past we relied on notes and memory which was often difficult for visual learners.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Marlo Garret-Johnston Marlo Spa How long have you been in the industry? 34 years, 24 years of owning Marlo Spa During this time how much has the industry changed? So much has changed. Years ago, we used to wax ALL DAY. Waxing was the majority of what took up most of the appointment book. There was no other option. IPL and laser had not been developed in the late 80’s. Demographically at that time, wealth was a minority, so our customers usually had a budget to stick to, so anything more than a wax was a luxury. Then the Epilady came on to the market, and along with the start of cheaper nail salons in the early 90’s, our clients budgets stretched further into facials and purchasing skin care, even throughout the recession. Seriously, we only had two quiet weeks, it proved that women will never forego their beauty regime. Massage and spa treatments became a priority after the recession. Money was booming and client demand along with it. Beauty Therapy training back then covered all aspects of spa and beauty, usually more holistic and European inspired, and although there were not many Spas in Australia, we pioneered the development of them. We slowly turned our salons into Spas if we had the space and diversified as much as possible to grab the ever-changing diverse demographic. From then it became the new normal, most people frequented a salon or spa regularly and salons could then specialise and open with almost a single purpose,

for example, just nails or just Skin/laser or just lashes etc. and this has been made possible with the help of social media as well. Trends can easily be followed and researched now and made instantly accessible. The development of Technology has made specialising possible too, laser clinics and skin clinics are everywhere now. Products have changed as well, the quality and delivery of active ingredients have improved. The demand for organic and/or vegan products has driven a lot of new product lines to appear on the market and more recently all “Australian Made” has become important as well. Have you seen a change in training? I consider all of the salon owners that I know, to be my trainers. I love how our industry has changed in that way, we now share industry knowledge with each other and care enough to be supportive and help each other’s businesses grow. It definitely never used to be that way; salon owners sometimes wouldn’t even train their staff in fear of giving up all their skill ‘secrets’. I think it’s so important to help develop the skills and knowledge of your own team. I’ll train someone even if they meet with me for a job interview! If we share our knowledge, we have better therapists which enhances and helps the industry. I used to get offended as a young therapist when we were generally treated like “beauty school dropouts” when we had the knowledge of a 3rd year nurse and similar skin knowledge to a dermatologist! We are professionals, let’s share and teach and train!

Peta Friend Will & Peta Skin Clinic How long have you been in the industry? 38 years. I trained at About Face Academy with Shirley Strickland in 1983. During this time how much has the industry changed? There have been so many changes in the industry and all of them positive. Back in the day the focus really was on waxing, manicures and pedicures and facials were seen as a luxury, and most of the clients were female. For me the biggest change in the industry started to happen about 20 years ago when male clients started to come through the door. Mind you I was working on Sydney’s Oxford St which was the epicentre of gay culture back then, but flash forward to the present day and Will & Peta Skin Clinic, which is now located in Bondi Junction, has a strong male client base. At least 50% of our clients are male and they take a lot of pride in their appearance. Monthly skin treatments and cutting-edge home care products are now an essential part of their lives. I love the diversity of having both male and female clients. In fact, my youngest client is a 12-year-old boy who, accompanied by his mother, has mini facials with me. Have you seen a change in training? I remember when I came out into the workforce and I started my first job in a little salon in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, I was just so thirsty for knowledge and I really could have benefited from more advanced training, I had no choice but to just learn on the job. Looking back now I feel proud of the fact that I have stayed up to date with the latest techniques and knowledge, training really has sustained my passion for this industry and even though I am approaching 40 years in this industry I love it now more than ever. To have trainers like Gay Wardle, Chiza Westcarr, Andrew R Christie and Nancy Abdou, to name just a few, imparting their knowledge is really inspiring and I have learnt so much from them. In fact, I’m looking forward to another 20 years in the industry, which should take me up to roughly, 80 years of age.

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4



Webb - Olympic Gold Medallist – will be the New Ambassador for Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift™ and Yaffa Zhav Beauty with Nature. BIO Lift ™ non-surgical face lift device has just been launched by Zhav International who did intense research and clinical trials with proven great results. It’s an ideal device that focuses on specific face treatments such as eye lift, neck lift and also infusion of biological serum and LED Light Therapy. Affordable option over expensive machines. Finally, if that wasn’t enough, Yaffa Zhav is proud to also announce the Zhav International has recently become the exclusive major sponsor of the reputable SA Norwood Football Club. For Wholesale Inquiries:


Increased financial support for hundreds of thousands of workers in New South Wales will be available as part of the Commonwealth Government’s expanded national COVID-19 Disaster Payment. Payments will continue to support workers in every state and territory who lose hours due to a state government lockdown or public health order. Eligible workers will receive $750 per week if they lose 20 hours or more of work while those that lose between 8 and less than 20 hours, or a full day of work, will receive a payment of $450 per week. This new level of payment recognises the significant impact that the new COVID-19 Delta strain is having on communities, businesses and workers. The Commonwealth Government will provide financial support to those in a declared Commonwealth Hotspot. The provision of financial support outside of these areas will be provided where requested at the cost of state or territory governments. The new national payment rate will commence for payments processed for the week commencing 2 August and will be automatically updated for those already in the Services Australia system. It will be available from day one of any potential lockdown in the future, with claims made from day eight in arrears for the previous seven days. A weekly payment will then be made for the duration of the hotspot declaration. There will be no liquid assets test applied to eligibility for these payments and an individual does not need to run down personal annual leave. Individuals who currently receive an income support payment through our social security safety net will receive a weekly payment of $200, in addition to their existing payment, if they can demonstrate they have lost more than 8 hours of work and meet the other eligibility requirements for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment. Claiming this payment must be done through Services Australia and myGov and will be a separate stand-alone payment. It will be paid weekly for however long the lockdown and Commonwealth Hotspot remains in place. The Australian Government has renewed its commitment to support Australians facing the economic consequences of extended lockdowns. The Commonwealth Government, through Services Australia, has processed more than 955,000 COVID Disaster Payment claims, paying out more than $490 million to workers in New South Wales and Victoria.


Congratulations to Yaffa Zhav CEO of Zhav International on her launch of her New Yaffa Zhav Natural Anti-aging Oil which is proudly produced here in Australia and taking Australia by storm. Yaffa Zhav turns to nature for the answer to prematurely ageing skin. This powerhouse Anti-Aging Oil penetrates deeper than moisturisers or serums for superior hydration that lasts up to 24 Hours. Plus being CHEMICAL Free & packed with anti-aging vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids it heals and soothes making it suitable for all skin types especially those with sensitive skin. It is ideal to use after Skin Needling, ILP Laser, Microdermabrasion or Peel Treatments. And in more news Zhav International have recently announced that Katrina

US beauty discovery website Cosmetify which showcases over 400000 products, from thousands of brands, directly at your fingertips has just released they list of top-ranking celebrity Beauty brands. Everyone has their own unique beauty routine, it’s something that is very personal and varies from individual to individual. With this in mind, we were curious to know which of our favourite celebrities have found success by adding their own personal touch to the beauty industry. Rhianna topped the list with her globally inclusive Fenty Beauty at $762,551.031, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Beauty Company came next at $300,500,000. Kylie Jenner came 3rd of $200,000,000 with Lady Gaga Cause Laboratories claiming fourth place on $187,265,439.


Queensland based cosmeceutical skincare company, Ultraderm has just partnered with US makeup range, Advanced Mineral Makeup to officially launch to the Australian Market. With 25 years as a Television and Film make-up artist, former specialist aesthetician Annie Mayo, launched Advanced Mineral Makeup in the US in 2009. Used by head make-up artists for shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS, loved by industry experts and skincare lovers, Annie’s ethos for the range is ‘You shouldn’t have to choose between beautiful makeup and quality ingredients’. Advanced Mineral Make up is made with the purest pharmaceutical quality natural ingredients, free from parabens, talc, fragrance and dyes. Australian Distributor & Ultraderm Founder, Pauline Valle, says ‘We are really pleased to be working with Advanced Mineral Makeup as it provides 100% pigment foundations which make it easy to produce the desired coverage from minimum to full coverage, with maximum staying power’. Ultraderm is an Australian skincare company founded in 2009 by Pauline Valle. With her extensive beauty industry experience, Pauline has developed a cutting edge cosmeceutical skincare brand. Ultraderm is ethically formulated with only the best ingredients needed to deliver optimum results to its customers and partner salons around Australia. Advanced Makeup will be available through selected salon partners and via @advancedmineralau


Professional Beauty Solutions announces its new partnership with Seattlebased medical device manufacturer, Bio-Therapeutic. Bio-Therapeutic is a family-owned company based in Seattle, Washington, USA and sold in over 35 countries worldwide. The company was founded nearly 50 years ago on an understanding that the human body is itself an electrical system and sought to bring Eastern concepts of wellness together with cutting edge technology innovation. The company is owned by husband and wife team, David and Dena Suzuki, and is still boldly pushing the boundaries of skin care innovation from their headquarters in Seattle. Bio-Therapeutic is an US FDA registered medical device manufacturer Based in Sydney, Professional Beauty Solutions’ 360 degree approach to salon success has quickly earned it a top spot amongst savvy professionals, as has their emphasis on working with only the industry’s most performance-oriented brands from around the world. Bio-Therapeutic is recognised worldwide as the leader in professional skin care technology and devices, having pioneered the use of micro-current modalities in the industry, and from there become known for its forward-thinking technology, quality education, lifetime support and durability in the rigours of the treatment room. “We’re thrilled to work with Bio-Therapeutic, and to offer our salons the powerful combination of their technology and our support. We see so many synergies between our two companies in how we’re helping the industry truly thrive in these uncertain times... and equipping our therapists with the superb equipment manufactured in a US FDA-regulated facility is going to be a game-changer in an industry becoming saturated with low-quality, low-cost knockoffs. It doesn’t hurt that we’re both husband and wife owned, too!” says Lisa Williams, who cofounded PBS with her husband, Matt Williams Bio-Therapeutic devices and products, as well as its robust education curriculum and world-class after purchase support, are now available in Australia through Professional Beauty Solutions

FRACTIONAL RF MICRONEEDLING FOR ‘DIFFICULT-TOTREAT’ ROSACEA Three sessions of noninsulated fractional microneedle radiofrequency (NFMRF) provided visible improvement for patients with difficult-to-treat rosacea in a 48-week, prospective, observational study, which was published in Archives of Dermatological Research (July 1, 2021). Ben Wang treated 34 subjects with difficult-to-treat rosacea with NFMRF (three sessions performed at two-month intervals). The measured outcomes included therapy efficacy, epidermal barrier function and side effects. Of the 34 patients, 22 reported “excellent” or “good” improvement and 30 were “very” or “relatively” satisfied. Two of the 30 subjects available at six-month follow-up had a relapse at 18 and 20 weeks, respectively. The investigators did not observe any serious side effects and concluded that “NFMRF alone results in visible improvement and has great efficacy for difficult-to-treat rosacea without compromising patient safety or damaging the skin barrier.”


According to an article by Cosmetics Business, new research from beauty tech platform, Odore, has found that digital product sampling can majorly impact customers’ decisions when it comes to new beauty brands. Of the 20,000 consumers that were part of the study, 75% admitted they were more likely to purchase from a brand they hadn’t heard of, if they were given the opportunity to sample the brand’s products. After being sent product testers, users were asked to indicate whether they were likely to purchase from the respective brands within the next three months, as well as if they had prior knowledge of the brands. 85% said they hadn’t heard of the brands they were sampling, but after testing the products, 75% said they would purchase from that brand within the next three months. However, only 33% of the respondents said they would have visited a store to try the product had they not received the sample after requesting it online. Odore believes this points to the potential of smart sampling to help beauty brands stand out in a saturated online market. “Spikes in conversion rates and brand awareness clearly show the role digital sampling can play in helping challenger brands make a name for themselves,” Odor co-founder, Armaan Mehta, said. “Despite the switch to online shopping, customers still want to try products. They want to feel them in their hands, test them on their skin, and make sure they’re making the right choice. This research shows how digital, trackable sampling campaigns can be a vital conversion tool, particularly for new brands looking to make their mark.”


Age element is mesoestetic’s next-generation, 100% personalised anti-ageing system based on the science of epigenetics. It is an integral solution that covers all essential stages of an anti-ageing treatment: from diagnosis to boosting results. Inspired by the most advanced aesthetic technology, age element combines customisation and the most recent scientific advances, to provide a unique anti-ageing treatment formulated with epigenetic active ingredients. Epigenetics is the science which helps regulate our genetic predisposition by means of chemical enhancements and processes. age element is formulated with 3 epigenetic active ingredients to help combat ageing from its origin to assist skin recover its regenerating and proliferating activity, targeting visible signs of ageing helping to provide firmer, more radiant and younger-looking skin. mesoestetic is a pioneer in the development of the complex [meso]epigen system™, the first smart reactivator of the mechanisms of youthful-looking skin. This technology, through three active ingredients with proven epigenetic efficacy, optimises skin condition, helps protect the DNA and improves overall performance. age element allows the professional to design a 100% customised protocol from an exclusive diagnostic tool which adapts the protocol to each individual patient. It analyses the variables involved in the skin ageing process and defines the most appropriate treatment for each patient. age element is based on a protocol made of 5 key phases for optimum results: diagnosis, preparation, stimulation, activation and boosting. it contains four unique boosters designed to be used in combination, based on the needs of each client: • age element brightening booster - brightening and revitalising concentrate for chronological and photo-ageing. • age element firming booster - firming concentrate with lifting and tightening effect. • age element anti-wrinkle booster - multi-corrector with anti-wrinkle action to help smooth skin surface. • age element redensifying booster - concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action for improved suppleness. *The epigenetic efficacy of the treatment is supported by scientific studies under process of publication. Contact for more information.


Distributor Professional Beauty Solutions love nothing more than recognising, celebrating and acknowledging the success of their partnered salons, spas

and clinics. Last year, as COVID-19 cases spiked and lockdowns became the new normal, PBS were forced to cancel their annual Skin Summit event that plays hosts to their Annual Awards Night Gala Evening. This year, nothing was more important to their team than ensuring PBS could recognise their salon partners with an awards evening – no matter what circumstances were thrown their way. Uniting the industry and celebrating their salon, spa and clinic partners– this year’s PBS Salon of the Year Awards have gone Virtual Awards and will recognise the success of our salon partners over the past year. The PBS Virtual Awards t With the coveted “Salon of the Year” award up for grabs once again, a title awarded to the salon that has shown the strongest commitment to growing their business with PBS brands and that has demonstrated excellence in the services they offer, innovative business initiatives and inspiring salon success. PBS will also be awarding “Stockist of the Year” awards for the salons that have delivered unparalleled results with each of their many brands, plus a “Hall of Fame” winner will be crowned, along with some brand-new award categories!


“The Beauty Expo Australia team want to express our concern for everyone impacted by COVID. In the context of the current situation and out of an abundance of caution, we have made the necessary decision to postpone Beauty Expo Australia, which was to be held at the ICC Sydney from 28-29 August 2021. Beauty Expo Australia will now take place on 16-17 October 2021. RX (Reed Exhibitions), organisers of Beauty Expo Australia, will continue to monitor the situation closely as it evolves. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees, industry partners and staff and we will continue to act on the expert advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and local health departments. We fully understand and appreciate the level of planning that is required to participate in an event like ours and we will do our utmost to help all our customers, partners and attendees to prepare for the new dates. We would like to thank everyone for the encouragement, patience and support in the lead up to Beauty Expo Australia and we look forward to working with you to make October a huge success. Ticket holders, we will be in touch very soon in relation to transferring your tickets to these new dates. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 02 9422 2535.” The Beauty Expo Australia Team

WaxPro Digital

Twin Litre Professional Wax Heater


• • • •

High performance heating system Adjustable temperature controls Temperature memory settings Suitable for all wax types

Hi Lift Professional Products

• Independent ON/OFF switches • Independent power indicator lights • Includes 2 x 1Litre inserts


(03) 9555 1533 | | | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia



HYDRATE BRIGHTER Boost Your Brightness Every Day with the NEW BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer by Dermalogica to Hydrate and Brighten Dull, Uneven Skin. The key to consistently brighter skin is a combination of exfoliation, addressing uneven skin tone, and hydration. However, many people struggling with dull skin focus solely on exfoliation and evening skin tone – missing out on the brightening benefits of hydration. The solution? A supercharged daily gel moisturizer that helps to combat free radical damage with Vitamin C and delivers instant luminosity – so that you can hydrate brighter. NEW BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer features a weightless, Vitamin C-rich gel formula that works to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier – and delivers immediate, glowing results. The formula utilizes biotechnology-boosted Vitamin C with re-activation technology, improved potency, and penetration-enhancing ingredients. The formula also helps defend against free radical damage. BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer’s antioxidant-rich formula with Squalane and five different types of Hyaluronic Acid also delivers long-lasting hydration to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Verbascum Thapsus Flower Extract delivers an instant brightening effect. Phytic Acid and Pumpkin Enzymes are known to support skin renewal. Skin appears instantly brighter and revitalized – and over time, the formula restores your natural, healthy-looking glow.

Skincare routine

Build a regimen for brighter skin by using BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer together with brightening, firming BioLumin-C Serum and brightening, hydrating BioLumin-C Eye Serum. Each formula delivers all the benefits of our signature Vitamin C Complex; used together, they can help boost your brightness every day. Dermalogica’s supercharged BioLumin-C formulas are unique, but each one uses our ultrastable Vitamin C complex to deliver the full power of Vitamin C exactly where it’s needed most for ultimate results. BioLumin-C Serum enhances skin’s natural defense system to brighten, firm, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BioLumin-C Eye Serum brightens, firms, and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes as it outsmarts visible premature aging caused by daily eye movements and environmental stress. BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer provides weightless hydration to restore skin’s moisture barrier as it brightens dull, dehydrated skin.

Application and usage

This product can be used for all skin conditions but is ideal for those dealing with dehydration and dull skin. BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer can be used with other serums already in your skincare routine, just as you would use any other moisturizer. After cleansing and toning, apply over face and neck in light, upward strokes. Use twice daily, morning and night. Allow one minute for product absorption. For daytime use, follow with your favourite Dermalogica SPF product.

Not all vitamin c is created equal

There are hundreds of Vitamin C products available on the market today, all of which promise significant brightening results – but many don’t deliver. The dialogue around Vitamin C often focuses on the amount of Vitamin C in the product – but brightening efficacy isn’t all about the quantity. There are two main factors that make Vitamin C products effective: the Vitamin C needs to be highly stable (so that it remains active and efficient), and it needs to be bioavailable (able to get into the skin and work where it’s needed). Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C franchise include formulas that are extremely stable and highly bioavailable so you can enjoy outstanding brightening, firming and smoothing results. Dermalogica revolutionized the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colors and fragrances. Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded. Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand. Dermalogica today is sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and trains over 100,000 professionals per year around the globe. Dermalogica products are available in select skin treatment centers on the recommendation of a qualified professional skin therapist in addition to the brand’s concept spaces located around the world and online at Dermalogica is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer comes in a 50 mL bottle For more information please visit


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

BRIGHTER TOGETHER everything you need to know about biolumin-c featuring our ultra-stable, highly potent vitamin c complex

BIOLUMIN-C GEL MOISTURIZER brightens, hydrates, + renews skin for a natural glow

BIOLUMIN-C SERUM brightens, firms, + helps skin defend itself

BIOLUMIN-C EYE SERUM brightens, firms, + hydrates the delicate eye area

Become a Dermalogica stockist, call 1800 659 118 for more information




As the beauty industry faces more challenging times with lockdowns and continued uncertainty it has never been more important to champion the best in the business around the country. Launched in 2012 by esteemed trade visionaries Mocha Group, the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA’s), combined with the Australian Make-up Artist Awards (AMIA’s), are the trusted national award platforms which provide a benchmark of excellence across both specialist and individual categories across beauty, aesthetics and make-up expertise.

Winners are due to be announced on 26th September at the hotly anticipated gala awards event which will be a welcomed chance to celebrate. Held for the first time on the Gold Coast and after steady awards growth year on year, 2021 entries were up by a phenomenal 30% with many categories receiving record numbers. This year also sees the addition of the Sole Operator of the Year and Educator of the Year- Product/Equipment Company categories to reflect the current market. Mocha’s Owner/Publisher Linda Woodhead understands the pressure these creative entrepreneurs are facing and believes it’s time to shine a bright light on these stand-outs; “Both the beauty and make-up artist industries are incredibly resilient and made up of some of the most hard-working individuals and teams you could ever meet. We hope that their local communities will support them through these difficult times and acknowledge the work that has gone in to seeing them recognised as Australia’s best on a global scale.” The awards were sponsored by some of the biggest brands including Dermalogica, FACEBYR, Inskin Cosmedics, DermapenWorld, Dermaviduals, Dermaplaning Australia, Shortcuts, Beauty Biz, Salon Lane, Biodroga, Kitomba, Prologic, ReflectoCil, Naked Tan, Exceed Microneedling, Gary Wardle Education, The Zing Project, Private Label Dynamics, Sustainable Salons, Professional Beauty Solutions, Elleebana, Comfortel and The Global Beauty Group. Finalists were judged by a comprehensive list of over 30 local and

international make-up artists, stylists, business, media and industry expert judges across the two award platforms included Rae Morris, Becca Gilmartin, Charles Marcus, Alexandra Bilisi, Faye Murray, Julie Cross, Clare Lamberth and Narelle Lancaster.

Tickets for the gala awards night are now on sale at

2021 ABIA FINALISTS Beauty Therapist of the Year Sponsored by Dermalogica Alana Giovenco, Bliss Day Spa Christie Cameron, SSKIN Codie Sense, La Bella Medispa Denise Lowdon, Bare Again Skin & Laser clinic Ellie Day, Oi Cosmetics Hang Nguyen, Face of Man Jodi Withers, Oi Cosmetics Laura Browne, Temple Skincare Lucille Ferreira, Temple Skincare & Spa Mala McAlpin, Sanctuary Skincare/SpaQ Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year Sponsored by Dermaplane Pro Chloe Regan Danielle Archer Georgie Westley Jemma Wood Jessika Brigginshaw June Warry Junie Ye Kelly Inglis Business Director/Owner of the Year Sponsored by Kitomba Bonnie Hayhoe, Beauty Worx Catherine Egan, Beauty On Rose Georgie Westley, Distinctive Features Karen Meiring de Gonzalez, Skin Correctives Laura Franzolini, Willow Day Spa Natalie Arakelian, Euphoria Skin Renae Barkla, Yes Please Skin Clinic Rene Herald, Temple Skincare & Spa Sia Psicharis, Beautyologist Zina Sebastian, Laser Sydney Best Business Performance of the Year (non Salon) Sponsored by Beauty Biz Australian Colour Technologies Inskin Cosmedics Minx Tan Modelrock Lashes & Cosmetics

Best Salon Training Sponsored by Dermaviduals Asthetique Skin Care Bobbie Charles Skin & Cosmetic Clinic La Bella Medispa Sanctuary Skin Care

Customer Care Award Sponsored by The Global Beauty Group Bobbie Charles Skin & Cosmetic Clinic Chloe Regan Cosmetics Euphoria Skin Evodia Beauty Care Infinity Skin + Body James Vivian La Bella Medispa Bliss Day Spa Temple Skincare & Spa Ultra Essence Marketing Award Sponsored by Shortcuts Blue Lagoon Float & Spa Beauty Worx Chloe Regan Cosmetics Eden Spa Infinity Skin + Body The Skin Hub Lashes On Point Salon SSKIN Yes Please Skin Clinic Sole Operator of the Year Sponsored by Salon Lane Amanda Marsilio Danielle Archer House of Samara Jasmin Harley Jennifer Dixon Karen Geiszler Krystah Ranson Laila Sanchez Luminary Melbourne My Skin Boutique Best Eco Salon Sponsored by Biodroga Eco Spa Willow Day Spa Best Newcomer Salon/Spa of the Year Sponsored by Refectocil Blue Lagoon Float & Spa Skin Love Studio Brow Republic and Lash Bar Olive and July Spa My Skin & Body Clinic Peta Autengruber Cosmetic Clinic SSKIN The Beauty Circle


Best Salon Design Sponsored by Comfortel Beauty Effects Bella’s Skin Care Centre Blue Lagoon Float & Spa Browology The Skin Hub Lashes On Point Salon Luminary Melbourne Mirra Skin & Aesthetic Clinic My Skin & Body SSKIN Salon Team of the Year Sponsored by Inskin Cosmedics Asthetique Skin Care Beauty On Rose Bliss Day Spa Bobbie Charles Skin & Cosmetic Clinic Elle Urban Retreat and The Beauty Circle Team Euphoria Skin Evodia Beauty Care La Bella Medispa Lekeyah Skin Rejuvenation Centre Skin Correctives Educator of the Year – Individual Sponsored by Beauty Expo Australia Charlotte Ravet Georgie Westley Isabelle De Vries Jessika Brigginshaw Justine Poniris Joy Crossingham Karen Geiszler Nancy Abdou Educator of the Year – Organisation Sponsored by Beauty Biz Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup Brow Squad Elite Hair and Makeup Academy LashJoy Academy SEIR Beauty School Skin Deep Learning Educator of the Year - Product/Equipment Company Sponsored by Beauty Biz Caronlab Australia Dermalogica Elleebana Inskin Cosmedics The Global Beauty Group Education HUB Zhav International State Salon/Spa of the Year NSW/ACT 4 Treatment Rooms or Less Sponsored by Dermapenworld Bella Spazio Laser Sydney Nua Skin Bliss Salon Ten Ultimate Care Skin and Body Violett Bella Casa


State Salon/Spa of the Year NSW/ACT 5 Treatment Rooms or More Sponsored by Naked Tan Bliss Day Spa Eden Spa Euphoria Skin Face of Man La Bella Medispa Temple Skincare & Spa State Salon/Spa of the Year QLD 4 Treatment Rooms or Less Sponsored by Prologic Beauty Effects Bobbie Charles Skin & Cosmetic Clinic Chloe Regan Cosmetics The Haven Skin and Body Shop Oi Cosmetic Studio Ultra Essence Willow Day Spa State Salon/Spa of the Year QLD 5 Treatment Rooms or More Sponsored by Exceed Beauty Worx Cosmetic Image Clinics and Aquarius Health & Medispa Gloss Skin and Beauty Simply Elegant Soul Skin Spa Yes Please Skin Clinic State Salon/Spa of the Year VIC/TAS/SA 4 Treatment Rooms or Less Sponsored by Professional Beauty Solutions Bare Laser and Skin Evodia Beauty Care Infinity Skin + Body My Skin and Body Skin Co Beauty SKN BY Jane Marshall State Salon/Spa of the Year VIC/TAS/SA 5 Treatment Rooms or More Sponsored by The Zing Project Beauty on Rose Bella Pelle Body Clinic Bespoke Facial & Body Clinic Blue Lagoon Float & Spa Elysium Day Spa The Skin Hub Lekeyah Skin Rejuvenation Centre Vitality Laser & Skin Clinic State Salon/Spa of the Year WA/NT 4 Treatment Rooms or Less Sponsored by Gay Wardle Education Beauty Bar Byford Bliss @ Richmond Quarter Cosmedica Skin Specialists Sea Beauty Eloquent Eyes Brow, Lash & Beauty Specialists Mi:skn Acne + Skin Experts

State Salon/Spa of the Year WA/NT 5 Treatment Rooms or More Sponsored by Sustainable Salons Eco Spa Olive and July Clinic OVERALL AUSTRALIAN SALON/SPA OF THE YEAR 4 TREATMENT ROOMS OR LESS AND 5 TREATMENT ROOMS OR MORE Sponsored by Mocha Determined by highest scoring from State Winners To be announced on the Gala Night HALL OF FAME Sponsored by Elleebana To be announced on the Gala Night HUMANITARIAN Sponsored by Mocha To be announced on the Gala Night STATE WHOLESALER OF THE YEAR WINNERS Sponsored By Private Label Dynamics NSW/ACT - Professional Beauty Solutions QLD - Profile Salon Supplies SA – SA Beauty Supplies VIC/TAS – Global Beauty Group WA/NT Elite Beauty Supplies Overall Australian Winner to be announced on the Gala Night

2021 AMIA FINALISTS Sponsored by FACE BY R Bridal/Formal Make Up Artist of the Year Ann Hassarati Ava Belle Bridget Sophie Nadia Duca Pearlin McCarthy Sue Frey Tanya Golden Tyneale Hahn High Fashion/Editorial Make Up Artist of the Year Christina Rodio Julia Green Lana Barker Lucie Stauff Nadia Duca Shella Martin Shiree Collier Siobhan Kelly




Nicky Tzimas is an entrepreneur and business owner and has been a leader in the cosmetics aesthetics industry for over 25 years.

As the owner, founder and director of Regenerer Medical Cosmetics in Melbourne and the Cosmetic Professional Development (CPD) Institute of Australia, Nicky has built both of the successful businesses as a reflection of the knowledge, experience and passion she has for the industry. Nicky opened Regenerer in 2009 as a place where she could provide a range of injectable and non-injectable treatments to assist her clients with their skin concerns and appearance, under the guidance of doctors and registered nurses, dermal therapists and IPL/Laser specialists.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

As an early advocate of safe and ethical practice and continual educational development in the cosmetic industry, Nicky opened the Cosmetic Professional Development (CPD) Institute of Australia in 2011 where she has been instrumental in shaping the careers of healthcare practitioners and therapists within Australia. Nicky is at the forefront of education in the area of cosmetic injectables and is continually aiming to strengthen the standard for nonsurgical solutions and injectables.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you came to be in the skin and aesthetics industry?

I started nursing in 1991 and was became fascinated with women’s health, mental health, and advocacy for ethical informed consent. The fun of art and creating is what drew me to cosmetic injectables. It is my background in mental health nursing that underpins and drives my values and attitudes in ensuring best practice and evidenced based practice, making patient advocacy and service delivery and outcome my priority. Initially I started by moonlighting in the field as I was reluctant to move into the space full time at that time. The industry was still very new and not many nurses were injecting when started. There wasn’t much guidance or direction for management of adverse events, and that is something that always made me a little hesitant in my early days in this career. I am passionate about cosmetic aesthetics and regularly attend both national and international conferences to expand and update my knowledge, which I enthusiastically share with my team. Ultimately, I believe in continual educational development and this later lead to the birth of CPD institute of Australia.

Tell us about Regenerer Medical Cosmetics and how that came to be?

Regenerer Medical Cosmetics was born out of my desire to have my own space where I could service my clients. I was initially seeing clients on set days out of a small space in Hampton, however as my client list began to grow, I found I needed a newer and larger space! So we jumped across to what is now Regenerer Medical Cosmetics in Moorabbin.

Any special treatment and business philosophies and how do go about translating this with your treatments and with your customers?

Ethical assessment and screening. Ensuring patients provide informed consent and are well educated with what it is they are having, why they are choosing to have the treatment, downtime involved, post care etc. We place large emphasis on patient education and really go through the consultation / client journey in each consultation, looking for the psychological impetus behind why the patient is coming in for treatment, and what they are looking to achieve… I guess that’s my mental health background coming into play.

What types of treatments do you specialise in and what sets you apart from your competition?

We specialize in anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers – my personal favourite is lips. It is the first filler treatment I learnt to do and was told it’s the most difficult! In terms of our point of difference, I think it is definitely the care factor. We are always upskilling and learning new techniques and methods to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

How have the range of non-surgical options changed and evolved since you’ve been in practice?

They have evolved significantly. Traditionally it was just anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers, facials and peels. Nowadays there is a plethora of noninvasive, non-surgical options available which dramatically reduces the need for invasive surgeries for clients looking to address their concerns. I think it’s a great thing, however I also believe clients need to be fully aware and informed prior to any procedure, whether it is invasive or non-invasive.

Your clinic is stunning. What inspired your design concept?

Over the years it has evolved to what it is now – but the mainstay is that it has an inviting and warm feel rather than a sterile clinical setting.

Whats brands do you work with professionally and how did you go about choosing which brands to partner within your clinic?

In terms of skincare, we use a range of cosmeceutical brands curated to suit our clients of all ages. We stock products that our team have tried and loved. We currently stock Aspect, Aspect DR, Dermaceutic, Lumira Candles and Eyenvy. We use a range of TGA approved injectables and these are chosen during in consultation with the patient.

What’s your favourite piece of equipment/technology and why do you love it so much?

To be honest, basic skin care and keeping it simple can do wonders!

How has the last year changed the way you do business as well as the types of treatments you see clients requesting? With social media playing a large role, we have really noticed an increase in treatments like PRP and Skin Needling, as well as dermal fillers.

How have you and your team gone with lockdown #5 in Victoria currently underway? How have you kept business going both emotionally and physically? As a small business it has proven difficult at times during this period. As a team we keep close with our communication and support each other emotionally. We plan for the future and re-opening, and have the most appropriate treatments for our clients at the forefront of our minds.

Any special projects on the go right now or coming soon? Opening of a new site – location to be revealed soon! Stay tuned.

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Chiva-Som, one of the world’s leading wellness brands pioneering sustainable life transformations for over 26 years, debuts in Qatar with Zulal Wellness Resort by ChivaSom. Set to open within 2021, the largest wellness destination in the state will also be the first to introduce a contemporary Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine offering. Chiva-Som is known the world over for its highly personalised approach to wellness. Its first destination, in Hua Hin, Thailand, offers awardwinning retreat programmes that incorporate movement, relaxation and nutrition in a tranquil beachfront setting. Wellness treatments draw inspiration from the region, fusing Thai, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies with modern Western approaches. Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine, or TAIM, is derived from the Canon of Medicine written by physician-philosopher Ibn Sina, or Avicenna, in 1025. Greatly influencing Western medicine, the Canon emphasises restoration and life balance through fitness, diet, mental and spiritual health. Herbs indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula are also noted for their healing properties. Zulal Wellness Resort’s TAIM treatments will include traditional Qatari hamiz, a deeply relaxing massage using circular strokes, Zulal’s signature tadleek oil infused with medicinal herbs, and hot stones to reenergise the body and stimulate circulation and energy flow. The slimming body mask of camel milk, neem and sidr leaves and essential oils delivers heat and enhances metabolism while detoxifying and hydrating the skin. The resort’s extensive hammam facilities will feature a range of Arabic spa rituals that positively impact both physical and spiritual wellbeing. The Chiva-Som places great emphasis on healthy, locally sourced cuisine. With ‘food as medicine’, Zulal’s menu will feature indigenous herbs, spices, minerals and marine flora, and traditional superfoods such as figs, dates, olives and camel milk across the resort’s four restaurants. “At Chiva-Som, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness, drawing on the indigenous traditions 28

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

of each destination”, states Chiva-Som Chairman and CEO, Krip Rojanastien. “Without widespread awareness of the fact, Western medicine has built on the foundations of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine for centuries. Zulal Wellness Resort continues Chiva-Som’s journey of pioneering, bringing a contemporary take on ancient healing practices and incorporating them into the over 400 wellness treatments we offer at the resort for complete healing and life transformation”. Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is expected to open by the end of the year , with two areas, Zulal Serenity for adults over 16 years of age seeking a path of reset and reflection, and Zulal Discovery for multi-generation families. Zulal Discovery’s unique approach to wellness incorporates educational activities, sports and creative arts, as well as wellness treatments and cuisine, that will appeal to all ages while encouraging family bonding. Chiva-Som Research & Development Director, Dr. Jason Culp shares with his experience of the past year, the way it’s dramatically changed the way International Spas operate, and his philosophical musings for the future. Being cut off from our surroundings has undoubtedly yielded a greater appreciation for the environment. With less travel and tourism, we have seen ecosystems slowly recover and with that, a renewed bloom of interest in adventure and the great outdoors. Nature has a positive impact on many aspects of our wellbeing. It not only helps to ease the minds and soothe the senses, but it has also lasting physical benefits as well. A simple stroll through the forest can help to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and relieve physical tension in the body. These effects are so powerful that some doctors have even started “prescribing” nature for common ailments. So, how can nature help to promote your wellness?


The awe and beauty of nature inspires poets to write, musicians to compose, and artists to paint. Nature reminds us of the expansive world and calls to the adventurous side of our spirit. Even mental health imbalances that obstruct our desire to fully engage with life, i.e., anxiety and depression, are improved while spending time in nature. Take a moment each day to observe and, if possible, immerse yourself in natural surroundings, amongst the trees and flowers, mountains, or sea. Breathe in deeply and allow nature to fill you with inspiration.


Our bodies have the inherent ability to restore and return to normal health. However, the immediate environment plays a critical role in the efficiency of healing. Nature seems to hasten the healing process, even for those who suffer from major illness or recovery from surgery. Natural settings help to reduce stress reactions like anxiety, and have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, lower heart rate and blood pressure, induce positive mood states, and even promote healthy immune response. Connection Nature is a conduit for connecting us to the elements, our communities, and even our inner selves. Community gardening projects and farmers markets, eco-charities, and volunteerism bring people together and strengthen social bonds. Being away from the faint but ever-present whirring and buzzing of electronics, screen displays, and man-made barriers from the elements, the world opens, and you reconnect with a living and breathing environment. It is within this dynamic stillness that we may discover a deeper meaning in our own lives and existence. Nature connects us and we grow. So, take time to disconnect from the digital realm and reconnect with nature. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4




ABIC launches Live!

Launching to industry on Wednesday the 16th of June, Channel 7’s Sunrise co-host Na-talie Barr opened and set the tone for a live stream, virtual launch party for the highly an-ticipated Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council, otherwise known as ABIC. Starting with a raised champagne glass, Vice Chair, Tamara Reid proposed toast to the 250+ audience, and to the 14 months of preparation and work that has gone into the newly founded association, before sharing with us the need for voice to government and unity across the industry throughout the pandemic and business closures. Gay Wardle, industry icon and educator outlined the impressive education initiatives ABIC will be plat-forming before turning conversation to Stefanie Milla, CEO of ABIC who shared her vision for the association, as well as the ongoing support of the Foundation Members. Regulation, Human Resources, legal assistance, accreditation and certification were choice topics of discussion from Chair Reika Roberts and Board Members Karla McDiarmid, Keira Maloney and Faye Murray, while the chat room echoed their sentiment of much needed support for both employers and employees. Bringing home the event was an otherwise unlikely duo in Matt Williams, Co-Founder of Professional Beauty Solutions and Marie-Enna Cocciolone, Founder of INSKIN Cosmed-ics who outlined the need for industry collaboration and unity before outlining the three membership tiers available. As if one celebrity appearance wasn’t enough, we were treated to a remade version of ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ by none other than Tina Toner herself, who got us out of our seats and dancing along to the tune.

How did ABIC start? More than half of the professional beauty industry are not covered or supported by an industry body. The other half are scattered across industry and non-industry specific asso-ciations. The lack of unison leaves the industry exposed in the face of challenges with little to no voice when presenting to government. We are not being heard and it’s leaving our indus-try compromised and fighting many independent battles as opposed to one strong one. It’s time for a united front that authentically represents you and your industry. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. If we are to be recognised for the ad-vanced industry we are, then the time has come for all people, across all segments of the Professional Beauty Industry to join forces and be heard. Built on the values of consistency, professional standards and advocacy, the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was founded. Dedicated to providing an authentic, ethical and 30

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

supportive community for industry pro-fessionals, ABIC has been established for the betterment of professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic, spa industry, existing associations and to help the consumer identify quality treatments and experiences. Created for the industry, by the industry, ABIC Board Members are personally invested in the industry. They were chosen thanks to their longterm dedication to the industry, their passion, drive, commitment, their specialised skill sets and their industry network connec-tions that will help build an industry standard, regulation and voice to government. Channelling our Board Members individual expertise, ABIC members will gain access to a plethora of resources to enhance their business operations, boost their professional conduct, transform their leadership confidence and develop team members in order to reach an exemplary standard and consumer awareness. Pairing the unwavering passion of small businesses with a large voice, ABIC proudly provides our diverse and indispensable aesthetic industry with the transparent, trusted and united representation they deserve when it comes to industry awards and regula-tions, human resource and legal support.

Benefits of ABIC membership: The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council is committed to providing an authentic, ethical, accessible and supportive organisation for the betterment of the professional clinic, spa and salon industry. Student Membership As the future of our industry, ABIC Student Memberships are designed for individuals studying at an accredited learning institute. Committed to elevating your career in the

Professional Beauty and Aesthetics Industry, ABIC Student Memberships connect you with industry leaders, reliable industry updates and tailored guidance, training and ad-vice. Professional Individual Membership Our Professional Membership is designed for qualified industry professionals, employ-ees and sole traders working within the Professional Beauty and Aesthetics Industry. Providing you with the sought-after guidance, support and connection many solo opera-tors and employees crave, your ABIC Clinic Membership ABIC Clinic Memberships align you with the resources, support and connections you need, as a business owner, to thrive in our diverse industry. These include: - Reliable government and legislative updates, valuable business development material, advancements in treatments and education - Access to a tailored and comprehensive resource library - Unlimited access to HR advice and support - Unlimited access to IR advice and support - Access to general business advice - Up-to-date industry communication via private member EDM’s - Access to closed social and digital community platforms - Discounts to exclusive ABIC member events and training - ABIC representation to the government - The opportunity to become ABIC accredited - registered with benchmark beauty indus-try council

Visit for more details




C I R C A D I A ® W O R K S W I T H Y O U R O W N N AT U R A L R H Y T H M T O P R O T E C T B Y D AY & R E PA I R B Y N I G H T.


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NEW DATES ANNOUNCED FOR THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY EVENT! After a 2-year absence Beauty Expo Australia is scheduled to return to Sydney this October, reuniting the beauty industry in the country’s largest celebration of all things beauty. Whether you are a salon owner, aesthetics or beauty practitioner, makeup artist, or student, this year’s event is a no-brainer for your business. VENUE: ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour NEW DATES: Saturday 16 October 9am – 5pm, Sunday 17 October 9am – 5pm Following the new date change to October, Event Director Flyn Roberts said “Although the impacts of COVID-19 have been with us for longer than anyone may have originally expected, the last 18 months have shown how resilient our community can be and we remain committed to work together to get Australia’s vibrant Beauty industry back to business in the safest and most engaging way possible”. “We know the overwhelming sentiment from our community is that we are ready to get back to business, and Beauty Expo Australia is excited to be a safe and engaging platform for the industry to reunite in person” says Event Director Flyn Roberts. “Over the two years our team have been working hard to refresh and revitalize the Beauty Expo format. As well as extensive health and safety framework to provide a Covid-safe event in line with government and venue guidelines, we have what we believe to have all the ingredients for an amazing weekend of beauty and we are excited for attendees to experience that first hand.”

What you can expect?

A cocktail of marketplace, education and competitions, Beauty Expo Australia provides an unrivaled opportunity for networking, learning and sourcing. Meet and shop from Australia’s largest collection of professional beauty and skincare brands, equipment and products across 32 categories. Payot, Medik8, Dermalogica, Inglot, Murad, Crown Brush Australia and Advanced Cosmeceuticals to name a few. And if your customers are conscious consumers, be sure to visit Spotlight – Beauty Expo’s new specially curated collection of like-minded brands, which this year will shine a light on the Natural Beauty movement. Spotlight: Natural Beauty exhibitors including Biologi and Waterlily have core values in natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free products. Proudly working with a range of event partners including Zip Business, Professional Beauty, Afterpay, Murad, The Australian Dermal & Laser Instutue, Latitude Pay, Beaute Industrie, Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC), Spa + Clinic, Beauty Biz and the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN).


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What’s new for 2021? The Australian Beauty & Aesthetics Conference

This year sees the launch of a new education offering, The Australian Beauty & Aesthetics Conference (ABAC). With a vision to enlighten, inspire and motivate Australia’s professional beauty industry, the ABAC is 2 days of feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, case studies and educational sessions tailored around the business of beauty, wellness and aesthetics. A platform to connect and meet with thought leaders and like-minded beauty professionals, conference allows you the flexibility to curate your own program over either 1 or 2 days, based on your personal interest and business needs. The simplified ticket options allow you to mix and match sessions across 3 simultaneous streams covering; The Business of Beauty, Dermal Health & Wellness and our exciting new addition; The Art of Aesthetics to build your own personalised education experience.

The Business Couch

Need some one on one time with the industry experts? Book a free half hour consultation with a line-up of specialists in Salon Management, Sales and Marketing, Training & Development at the Business Couch. This new feature area allows you to get personalised advice and help on your specific needs. Available to all attendees, spaces will be limited so be sure to book your place in advance when the line-up is announced shortly.

Face2Face Makeup Awards

The Face2Face makeup awards are back in 2021, recognizing extraordinary makeup artists for their craft, creativity and passion. This is the must-enter competition for any makeup artist serious about their career. Created as a supportive and inclusive space for artists to put their skills under the pressure of competition, the awards provide a platform to grow as an artist at any level. The four categories include Bridal, Body Art, Creative Makeup and Beauty Editorial with Australian based editorial artist and 2014 ABIA Makeup Artist of the year, Becca Gilmartin at the helm as the Awards Creative Director once again.

Book your tickets

With 3 simple ticket options and access to up to 30 sessions at the new Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Conference (ABAC), this is our best value event yet. Early bird ends Friday 10 September, book now and save. Book online at





I’ve had one of those weeks where I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with skin. Some client’s results aren’t what I expected and a couple of cases haven’t responded quite like I thought they would. There’s nothing worse than that sunken feeling when a client comes in to express their concerns over their skin not responding to treatments. I know first-hand that it can shake your confidence and have you questioning everything you ever thought you understood about skin. Now don’t get me wrong, if skin needs ‘a-fixin’ I’m your go-to gal. If a client has multiple failed attempts on their journey before, I know that I am going to be their last first kiss when it comes to having one last attempt at finding skin answers. But sometimes even I doubt my process during those times when I am juggling multiple clients who are collectively in the rocky patch of the skin recovery road. So, what do you do? How do you manage less than amazing results and help your clients navigate their way to glowing, healthy skin? If like me, you’ve had a melt-down wondering, is it them? Is it you? Is it your product? Should you bow out of the skin saving game and make a quiet exit out the back door? Before you tip toe away and let the client go believing this isn’t the right fit and maybe their skin doesn’t like your products, it’s really important that you first ensure you’re not backing down from a battle that is almost won! What do I mean by that? Ever heard that story about the girl who bought land thinking she’d mine for gold? Well, she dug and dug and dug. She digs here, digs there, digs deep, digs shallow, doesn’t find a single sparkly rock anywhere! Thinking she just isn’t cut out for gold mining, she gives up, believing her land is barren and she’s wasted her time. She sells the land off cheap and gives up her dream of finding the gold. The new buyer comes in, sees the all holes and decides to dig just a few inches deeper and a few feet wider. What do you know! GOLD! Often times when it comes to treating skin, it’s like we’ve been digging for gold but coming up with nothing. And so many times I see therapists and clients give up moments before reaching the golden jackpot. So, what do you do about it? Do you go back to the drawing board? Is it you? Is it the client? Have you made a mistake? Is the client just being a pain the a$$? How do you know what role you play as the treating therapist? When a client comes in disappointed, feeling let down, exasperated and stressed out by their skin what do we do?

“KEEP GOING, THE GOLD IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!” What if when a client is losing heart with the journey, we go back to the drawing board? But this time we take a metal detector and a shovel, or better yet, we use all of our treatments, tools, knowledge and experience to find out exactly where to dig? Instead of turning the client away and quitting skin therapy for good, here are my 5 things you need to check to ensure you and your client see success.

One: Listen to hear

Now is not the time to staunchly defend your products or take personal offence to a client baring their fears and doubts. It can be hard for a client to verbalise their complaint and disappointment in a treatment plan especially when it feels like things are getting worse before they get better. Really listening and hearing how they are feeling, then empathising is the salve to the sore spot. We are the venting space because a client trusts us to listen. Now is not the time to find fault in your client or put the blame back on them to take the spotlight off you.

Two: Whoa Nelly!

Don’t jump to a conclusion or be quick to switch up the regime. Often. I see clients start on a new skin care regime and within a week or so, things are taking a less than desirable turn and the therapist is very quick to change prescription or add something new and when that doesn’t show fast results, change it up again. Now is not the time to panic and throw everything you have at it. If you’ve nailed your consult, this little glitch is not necessarily because the prescribed products are incorrect. Sometimes it’s simply part of the journey? Purging in is not to be feared. Whilst you can make an educated guess based on your consultation findings, every skin is unique, how long this process lasts will vary for everyone. And as much as I searched, there’s no crystal ball to tell you what, how long, why and how a skin will respond. Tweak slowly and give skin time to adjust. You’re about to strike gold. Now is not the time to give up or lose hope!

Three: Clarity and confidence

Have a clear and supported way through to the other side. When a client is in a dark patch on the journey, when their skin is unhappy and its taking its toll, it’s important that you can confidently hold space for that client as they walk through with trepidation. It’s here where your experience, confidence and authority as a skin expert is most tested (and often where the self-doubt creeps in)

You’ve taken this step with the client and it’s your role to lead them through the wilderness, holding enough confidence for the both of you during in this time. It’s not a matter of telling a client “suck it up buttercup, see you on the other side” and only swooping back in at the end to claim the credits when you finally strike gold.

Four: Check yourself

When things are bumpy when they should be smooth, it’s important that you go over your prescription and consultation with a fine toothed comb. Was there something you missed? Were you both on the same page when it came to setting expectations? Did you promise the world within a week and now its biting you on the bum? If you know that your acne plan involves things getting worse before they get better, it’s really important to communicate that with your client. Having a real and raw conversation during your consultation helps means you know what the client is expecting and what can realistically be achieved. Setting these expectations from the get go is really important. Building trust and being honest about the process is crucial when dealing with an unhappy client.

Five: Skincare, you’re doing it wrong.

Understanding how a client is using their products can help you figure out a way forward. If a client is seeing sub-par results it’s time to gently investigate how they are using their skin care at home. Perhaps they’re using the right products, but in the wrong order. Or maybe your client is using too much or not enough of the products. My most regular skin issues arise when a client has “supplemented or substituted” their regime with other skin care products that are undermining the work we are doing. Gently investigating how your clients are using their skin care can highlight where things may be going off course and also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your delivery of instructions in a way that your clients can clearly understand. Before you throw in the towel, hang up your apron and feel like a failure when your clients hit a bump on the skin recovery, first take a moment to check you’ve done everything in your professional power to help them reach the other side without losing heart and hope. Start with the skin consultation and collaborate with your client each step of the way to support them in their journey. Keep going, the gold is right around the corner! Robyn’s passion is to help women understand their skin so that they can feel empowered making skin care choices. Find out more about Robyn and her work at www. @expert_skin_therapist

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Translated, Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and refers to a traditional system of medicine, believed to have been passed from gods to sages, and in turn doctors. Originating in India, it is believed Ayurveda dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation. In fact, Ayurveda is most likely the only form of prehistoric medicine still practiced today. Most recently, the field of Ayurvedic Dermatology has evolved with practices being integrated into modern skin management strategies. Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine

The eight branches of Ayurvedic medicine are identified in the Ashtangahrudayam: 1. General adult medicine 2. Paediatrics 3. Surgery 4. Ophthalmology 5. Psychology 6. Toxicology 7. Rejuvenation 8. Reproductive These eight systems relate specifically to the five elements of the human body: earth, water, fire, air, and space (or ether). Combinations of these five elements are bioenergies and it is these bioenergies that govern bodily function. Also known as tridoshas, the three bioenergies that may populate our body are: 1. Vata – space and air 2. Pitta – fire and water 3. Kapha – water and earth 36

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Bioenergies impact our physical and emotional being and each of us has a unique balance of these energies. Some of us are predominant in one, whilst others may be a combination. Ultimately, dis-ease, is described as the end point of living outside the harmony of your unique energetic balance. As an industry, we have relatively recently come to have a heightened understanding of the impact that psychological stress bears on the skin, a connection known as the brain-skin axis. Yet, centuries ago, we see this was already discussed and practiced in medical treatments. Now, it’s understandable that some of you reading may think this is just too alternate or ‘woo woo’ but let’s note there are some recently published reviews of these practices. For example, ‘Advanced in Integrative Dermatology’ published their 2019 textbook with an entire chapter dedicated to Ayurvedic Dermatology.

Ayurvedic Medicine and Skin Cells Ayurvedic practice asserts each of our cells possess their own vital energy, known as ojas. This energy allows our cells to repair and rejuvenate to correct imbalances that disrupt homeostasis. Ayurveda has described the skin as ‘twag sara’ in the Charaka, one of the three notable Ayurvedic texts. Twag sara identifies key qualities that skin should be - smooth, soft, lustrous and a sign of good fortune, happiness, and intelligence. The seven layers of skin described correspond to the seven tissue systems of the body – plasma, blood, muscle, bone, fat, marrow, and semen. Therefore, Ayurveda can identify that when there is an imbalance in blood for example, there is a corresponding response that manifests on the skin.

Bioenergies and Resulting Skin Conditions (Kushtha)

Ayurveda practices characterise certain skin symptoms can be attributed to predominant bioenergies of an individual. • Vata dominance resembles thin, brittle and cracked skin; hair may be sparse and break easily and there is a decreased sebum secretion; the colon (large intestine) is the main seat of vata energy. • Pitta dominance may see increased sebum production, warm and shiny skin, and risk of photosensitivity; excess pita energy may cause balding; nails may be flexible; the small intestine, skin and liver represent the main seat of pitta energy. • Kapha dominance may appear as a waterlogged skin with surface thickness, oil flow and an overall cool thermostat; the stomach and lungs are the main seat of kapha energy. According to ‘Advanced in Integrative Dermatology’, the following skin conditions, commonly seen in beauty and dermal practice, can relate to imbalance of one or more bioenergies: • Dermatitis – can be categorised based on the dominating energy and characteristics will vary from cold, clammy dermatitis (kapha) to red, inflamed, and swollen dermatitis (pitta) • Acne – predominantly pitta, but all three bioenergies are involved • Vitiligo – aggravated pitta • Psoriasis – vata and kapha dominance/ imbalance Age Management has also been described in Ayurvedic texts as the act of ‘arresting’ the ageing process through maintaining a balance between

the tridoshas (bioenergies) and undertaking daily rituals such as the intake of anti-ageing herbs, exercise, and mindfulness.

Management of Skin Conditions based on Ayurvedic Medicine. Disclaimer: Some ayurvedic practices hold significant risk for an individual and must only be practiced after a thorough consultation with a medical practitioner. There are four practices that support cleansing and rejuvenation of the individuals disrupted bioenergies and may therefore yield a positive outcome on resultant skin conditions. i. Cleansing Elimination of toxins through purging and emesis or vomiting, and bloodletting. The initial management of disease starts here. ii. Palliation Prescriptive treatment with herbs and minerals, diet, and lifestyle, supplementing where needed, fasting, yoga, breathing and meditation are then introduced. The focus during palliation is to improve digestion, eliminate toxic waste, and rebalance energies. Ginger is widely used. iii. Rejuvenation and (iv.) Psychotherapy During these practices, an individual must reconnect their mind, body and soul. This is achieved by introducing routine exercise, consistent sleep-wake cycle (up at sunrise), daily stress management techniques, healthy diet supported by herbal medicine and oils and sexual activity.

Practical Take-Homes for Beauty and Dermal Therapists

In conclusion, Ayurveda has existed long before

modern medical practice – deeply rooted in certain civilisations and cultural beliefs. Advances in dermatology are pointing to an integrative approach – combining pharmaceutical with ‘alternative’ methods that have yielded success since ancient times. In fact, within the beauty and dermal arena, we are seeing such an emphasis now on treatments that support mindfulness, breathing, lifestyle, diet, and overall wellbeing as a holistic approach to treating common skin disorders such as acne and dermatitis. With all forms of medicine, traditional or modern, there may be risks and adverse effects. As an individual, it is your responsibility to access the information and make an informed decision about treatment. As a professional, a referral would be needed to safely ascertain an individual’s suitability for certain Ayurvedic treatments. Ultimately, the practice of Ayurveda relates on a connectedness within and between each system of our body, harmony between these systems and our inner energy and homeostasis or balance – and this is something we can all agree, holds significant merit for investigation in successfully managing long term skin health. Danielle Hughes is the owner and founder of education platform Behind the Scenes X and the owner of Skinfaktor Australia who distribute quality cosmeceutical skincare amplified by patented Medilift™ technology. With national and international qualifications in beauty therapy, health science and training, Danielle is committed to furthering her own education and expertise to deliver the most relevant, scientifically supported content for beauty, dermal and aesthetic professionals around the world. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4





We have received several calls from the industry regarding the issue of vaccination and how much time should be allowed before an injectable procedure, such as fillers or a skin penetration procedure should be performed. We are putting this to the Ministry of Health and seeking their advice, as at this stage there are no studies that can confirm a specific timeframe. However, we have been encouraged that all skin penetration procedures such as cosmetic tattooing and dermal needling that create an immune response should follow the same advice as services such as dermal fillers. In the autumn issue of APJ Journal, our editor Dr. Giulia D’Anna presented an excellent article on the issue of delayed hypersensitivity reaction. Here is an excerpt as it addresses key issues for consideration. Giulia starts by explaining the issue of delayed hypersensitivity, something that we may start to experience more of. Delayed hypersensitivity is a reaction that can appear like an allergy, a delayed reaction occurs a week to months after the injection of filler. The dermal filler is usually completely without any concerns or complications at the time of placement, so when the hypersensitivity reaction occurs weeks to months later, it is completely spontaneous and unexpected. The reaction appears to be mediated by T-lymphocytes. There usually appears to be influenza-like symptoms that precede the reaction. It is suggested that the HA molecules in all fillers act as a foreign implant. Since HA molecules are a polysaccharide that is naturally found in the skin, the HA is not thought to be the focus of the delayed hypersensitivity. Instead, all the filler manufacturers need to modify the HA so that it is resistant to breakdown by our body. This provides longevity, structure, and predictability to the filler. The manufacturing process of the HA is where the filler differs from our innate HA, and it is hypothesized that this processing of the filler creates the seed for delayed hypersensitivity as the T-lymphocytes see these structural chains as foreign when the immune system is triggered by influenza. A delayed hypersensitivity reaction is characterised by induration (localised hardening), erythema (redness), and oedema (swelling). It is also very important to remember that more than 2 million of these procedures are performed in the US alone every single year, and many millions more worldwide, but these reactions only occur in an extremely small group of people that develop influenza-like symptoms, and not every time they are sick. All case reports of delayed hypersensitivity reactions contain a very small cohort of patients, and there is variation in the filler brand, position of the filler, treatment undertaken. Ideally, there would be a histological study done, but most patients are understandably resistant to this as they prefer quick and non-invasive resolution. The delayed hypersensitivity rate is believed to be around 0.42% (https://www.sciencedirect. com/science/article/pii/S2352647521000083_) of all patients treated.

Treatment varied in each study, which also makes it difficult to evaluate. Some practitioners will use the Hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve the filler, thereby removing the allergen potential. Others use steroids to reduce the reaction. Others that have patients with milder symptoms simply wait for the immune system to settle down, and the hypersensitivity reaction appears to resolve spontaneously without treatment.


Now, let’s look at how vaccines work and their potential implications for individuals who have had fillers. A pathogen is a bacterium, virus, parasite, or fungus that can cause disease within the body. Each pathogen is made up of several smaller parts, usually unique to that specific pathogen and the disease it causes. These subparts of a pathogen cause our body to produce antibodies in response. This is how we fight disease. Each new pathogen produces a new antibody. The reason COVID-19 has been so deadly is that our bodies have never been exposed to anything like it. No one had. All of a sudden, our bodies are exposed to pathogens with no antibodies to fight them. Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular pathogen, and this will trigger an immune response within the body. So, before you are ever exposed to the actual pathogen, your body has prepared antibodies that are on standby for the real assault. Some vaccines, such as the Pfizer vaccine, require multiple doses so that the antibodies develop and are long-lived. Occasionally, some vaccines have a more widespread effect on susceptible people. Those people react as though they are ill. I am sure that we have all heard people complain that they got the flu after a flu vaccine, and maybe they did. This is their immune system putting up a strong fight against being inoculated with a foreign antigen.


It makes sense that any challenge to the immune system, will raise the level of activity in our immune system, this is an expected and desired sequela to vaccination. This can lead to “chills”, feeling generally unwell, and so on. What has been reported after COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered is that a very small cohort of patients that have previously had dermal filler may have experienced a delayed hypersensitivity reaction in the treated areas. Why do I say, may have experienced a reaction? Because the data at this stage is poor. There are no statistics behind how many people that have had the vaccine have had fillers, and those with delayed hypersensitivity type reactions did not have a biopsy. At present, the presentation of the delayed hypersensitivity reactions following the

COVID-19 vaccine appears to be consistent with the presentation of other virus-initiated hypersensitivity reactions. Those that have had influenza-like symptoms in the past and those with post-COVID-19 vaccination hypersensitivity appear the same. This is not a new phenomenon.


In Australia, we are in the position of being able to see both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines being delivered to overseas populations before it is rolled out here. Again, the data that we are seeing in terms of the rollout delayed hypersensitivity, and dermal filler injections are very sporadic and limited. None of the patients that have been inoculated were asked on the medical history forms whether they had dermal filler. These questions were asked once the hypersensitivity reaction occurred. I am sure that there will be more data that will be disclosed as more of the population overseas and eventually in Australia are treated. There is some suggestion to wait 4-8 weeks between filler treatment and vaccination so that as the immune system reacts to the vaccine, there is no further challenge from dermal filler being injected, and vice versa. Additionally, in the extremely small cohort of patients that have had the COVID-19 vaccine and experienced dermal filler delayed hypersensitivity reactions, the vaccine appears to be effective at the same level as in those that have had no reaction.


At this stage, the advice we have been given is to wait 4-8 weeks if someone has been vaccinated before performing a skin-penetration procedure. This will allow for any potential reactions or delayed hypersensitivity reaction to run it’s course without possible association to the procedure you have given them. If we gain further updates, we will keep you informed.

Tina Viney is a visionary, leading authority and figurehead in the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics industry. She has held leadership positions and served on Association boards for over 27 years. Her most noted contribution is in governance and the development of standards and regulations. Her involvement with the aesthetics industry spans over 50 years. Learn more about APAN at Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4





The current state of the world means many of us are transitioning to working from home or relying more on technology to communicate, interact and execute tasks (usually meaning more time spent indoors than ever before).

Lifestyles have changed dramatically since staying in has become the new black. We’re spending far more time indoors in potentially stuffier rooms. Air quality is generally poorer and we’re getting less natural sunlight than the skin is used to. On top of the environmental differences, changes in our habits and routine are also creeping in. Add to that the extra exposure to technology and you can guarantee your skin might be feeling the effects. Regardless of whether you work indoors all day, are front of a screen constantly, regularly use a mobile phone to catch up on your socials, or are partial to the occasional Netflix binge, for the average person, light exposure is a sign of our modern times. Lucy Macdougald, explains how overexposure to indoor light and blue light can impact the skin.


Many people don’t realise that indoor light, mainly in the form of fluorescent and halogen, emit low levels of UVA light that can be hazardous to skin. In fact, there has been evidence published that shows high-energy visible light (HEVL), which is emitted from energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights, can cause ROS-mediated photoaging (responsible for creating free-radical damage within the skin when it’s exposed to UV light from the sun). Free-radical damage can create a myriad of problems within the skin including acne, pigmentation, eczema and collagen degradation. The indoor light exposure can also cause inflammation in the skin.


A study conducted in 2017 and published by PubMed revealed that blue light (from technology devices like TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting) “could produce oxidative stress in live skin”. Oxidative stress in skin plays a major role in the ageing process 40

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

and can dehydrate cells, cause inflammation and chronic skin complaints, and even lead to skin cancer.

you leave the house in the morning, or keeping your phone on silent at work.


Wherever possible, try to get some time outdoors when you can (wearing sun protection of course) and have a break from screens and indoor lighting. Also don’t forget other great sources of light like candles which can be a welcome change in your home! Turn off lights during the day when you’ve got natural light coming in and make sure you open the blinds if they’re closed!

The same study also concluded that “blue light contributes to skin aging similar to UVA”. Blue light can affect collagen production and damage delicate fibres increasing the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. As collagen production naturally slows with age, blue light exposure is a double whammy for those wishing to preserve their fountain of youth.


Cellular damage caused by blue light can lead to dehydrated cells which can weaken barrier function and cause sensitive skin. So, whilst we know that exposure to blue light rays isn’t good for the skin, the burning question is, in our modern world, how do we avoid it? I recommend a holistic approach:


The most obvious solution to reduce blue light exposure is to limit screen time where possible. Most smartphones have an inbuilt app which identifies how much time you’re spending online, and where. Awareness of internet habits can help reduce time spent scrolling and therefore exposure to blue light. Other ways to limit mobile phone use can include only checking socials at set times of the day, leaving the phone off until



Blue light screen filters are available for most mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Whilst they may only filter a maximum of 60% of blue light rays, a filter can significantly reduce exposure for those who spend their days in front of a computer or laptop. Excessive or even minimal exposure to Blue light can suppress the production of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone), so filtering it out can actually help you sleep better too. What’s more, it will also reduce digital eye strain, so your eyes won’t feel so tired by the end of the day.


While sunscreen protects against the sun’s harsh UV rays, it’s no guarantee it will defend against blue light damage. If you’re looking at sunscreen for this purpose, always choose one that specifically contains HEV light protection.

A Mindfulness Journey A skin, mind and heart treatment experience designed to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mindespecially during these challenging times reminding our guests that “they are enough” and that they have the power to choose their TUDE; their attitude, altitude, gratitude and beautitude!

Offer your guests more than just a serious skin treatment bringing your clinic offer in line with modern day challenges Call INSKIN COSMEDICS on (02) 97128188 for more information



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Another rise in COVID cases has sent parts of the country back into lockdown with borders closing and governments shutting down communities to try and stop the spread of the virus. “The challenge for everyone is that lockdown not only impacts our day to day lives, it also affects our ability to undertake important self-care rituals such as going to the cosmetic beauty clinic to have laser hair removal treatments, or skin needling to treat scarring or skin peels to assist with the management of acne or other skin conditions,” says Dr Vivek Eranki of multi award winning national Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. According to Dr Eranki when people can’t go and get their treatments which are essential for their overall health and wellbeing, they try and perform them at home and this is not only concerning, it is downright dangerous. “Last year during the first round of lockdowns we saw an alarming number of people experiencing significant issues as a result of trying to undertake cosmetic and beauty treatments themselves at home,” Dr Eranki said. “I heard one story of a patient who purchased a laser hair removal machine online and it arrived to her home within a matter of days. Unfortunately, the machine had come from overseas and was not listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The machine caused severe burning and permanent scarring. “I received a number of calls from GPs needing advice about DIY at home beauty and cosmetic treatments gone wrong.” Dr Eranki is pleading with people not to be tempted to try and undertake cosmetic and beauty treatments at home. “While I understand how important it is for people to be able to access treatments that are part of an overall health and wellbeing regime, I am urging people to chat to their local Cosmetic Medical Clinic first. Most are still available even during lockdowns to chat over the phone or online,” Dr Eranki said. “We may be able to put in place a plan to assist our clients to access the services they need or to book in for an appointment with priority as soon as lockdowns are wound back.” Dr Eranki has put together a list of issues to make sure your clients are aware of and to share to your client community. 42

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Overseas products

Overseas products may not be safe. There is no other way to put it. If you order products or equipment online from overseas, there is no guarantee they are safe, in fact, they could be very unsafe. Often overseas products can be very good copies and come with fake endorsements and instructions that have been plagiarised from reputable brands.

Skin peels

Skin peels delivered in a cosmetic clinical environment are applied under strict protocols by trained professionals. The mixture substance is also of high quality. If you order skin peels online, you have no idea what is in them. It could be acid and very dangerous for your skin.

Skin needling

Skin needling involves the use of engineered and sterilised microneedles on a medical-grade roller or pen that is moved over the top layer of the skin to create tiny punctures on the skin. The treatment requires the skill of an experienced clinician as the micro punctures go through the skin creating a painless injury to the deeper dermal layer. This then triggers wound healing resulting in increased collagen and elastin production in the face. While a highly effective and relatively pain-free treatment, it can be quite dangerous if performed using non-sterile equipment or undertaken by someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. Infection and scarring is the biggest issue if not done properly.”

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal should only be performed by a highly trained clinician. It works by focusing concentrated light on the roots of hair follicles, essentially killing the follicles so they don’t grow back. While completely safe when undertaken in a controlled environment, laser hair removal is not something people should be trying at home. While there are at-home devices on the market, I have seen and heard of far too many incidents where women have been burnt and scarred. Devices purchased online from overseas are especially concerning. Dr Eranki’s advice to all clients is, “Please don’t be tempted to try DIY treatments at home. Be patient, speak to a trained professional and work out a solution. This is a better approach than risking your health.” Cosmetique is Australia’s leading cosmetic clinic. With locations in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, they are home to some of Australasia’s most skilful nurses and practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields. They are passionate about providing everyday Australians with exceptional cosmetic and medical services to enhance their body confidence and allow them to feel the way they deserve. Above all, they abide by the principles of professionalism and utmost care to ensure their patients feel the way they truly deserve. Their most sought-after treatments include lip fillers, dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers.

Be a part of Australia’s fastest growing salon brand ✓ Australian cosmeceutical range ✓ Results driven skincare ✓ Select 7 Skin Peel System ✓ Great price point and markup ✓ Easy to use and recommend for retail

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RHYTHMS IN THE COSMECEUTICAL MARKET! An Award-Winning Range Celebrating its 20th Anniversary By Neha Hobson

Did you know that the way your skin responds is affected by a natural, internal clock that is linked to the earth’s rotations around the sun? These natural rhythms are called Circadian Rhythms and are the reason why someone with a specific skin concern such as rosacea might notice flare-ups in the evenings. The skin intuitively knows it needs to go into repair mode once the sun sets.

Imagine being able to work in harmony with this internal system to provide your skin with perfectly-timed solutions for its unique needs. This is what Circadia Skincare provides, as an innovative skincare line celebrating 20 years of international success in 2021.

A clinical range that optimises your natural rhythms A physician-formulated range designed to work in conjunction with circadian rhythms, Circadia Skincare is grounded upon the concept of chronobiology (the study of the sun rising and setting) and its impacts on the skin. This means Circadia is far ahead of mainstream skincare in its philosophy and formulations.

Rachael Starkie, Australian Distributor

A multi-award winner in the Skin Games, LNE & Spa Awards, and Dermascope awards, Circadia’s impressive line-up includes the following achievements in 2020 and 2021: - Winner of LNE & Spa’s Best Acne Treatment and Oxygen Rx Facial System - Winner of LNE & Spa’s Best Facial Mask (Australian Super-Berry Antioxidant Mask) and Favorite Cleanser (Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser) - Dermascope Aestheticians Choice Award for the last three consecutive years including Favourite Cleanser (Amandola Milk Cleanser).

CIRCADIA SKINCARE EXPANDS TO AUSTRALIA Circadia Skincare officially expanded into Australia in September 2020, with Rachael Starkie as the Australian distributor as well as Director of Sales and Education. With professional cosmeceutical and beauty industry experience spanning over two decades, Rachael has worked with one of Perth’s most renowned plastic surgeons, and regularly upskills herself, training under experts like Gay Wardle and Andrew Christie. Always one step ahead, she was one of the first to introduce Dermaplaning over 5 years ago before it was popularised in the Australian cosmeceutical landscape. Having studied dermal therapy at The Australiasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science, and as the owner of My Skin Boutique (an ABIA award finalist for Sole Operator in 2021), Rachael’s business in Perth was Circadia’s very first Australian partner. The successful results Rachael saw in resolving her client’s concerns using the Circadia skincare system, professional peels, as well as oxygen treatments, prompted her to start distributing the brand in the Australian market.

“Our goal is to provide clients with unique skincare solutions, ongoing support, and exceptional training and education from Circadia’s leading industry educators in the US.” -Rachael Starkie, Australian Distributor When using Circadia’s exclusive skincare line, Australian consumers can expect unique solutions to a multitude of skin conditions or concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and of course, ageing.


Dr Peter T. Pugliese, M.D Founded in 2001 by the late Pennsylvanian physician Dr Peter T. Pugliese, who was considered by industry professionals to be the godfather of cosmeceuticals, Circadia boasts three generations of excellence as a family business. Dr Pugliese’s accolades from The Society of Cosmetic Chemists are second to none, including the Maison De Navarre Gold Medal, which honours him as one of the greatest formulators and contributors in the cosmetic industry.

natural states, Circadia Skincare has formulated its day and night products with botanicallyderived stem cell technology, innovative peptide technology, second generation vitamins and antiglycation technology.

Besides having authored professional cosmetology books and aesthetician guides, both Peter and Michael Pugliese have created their own institution of advanced aesthetics for professional industry training.

A focal point of the range is catalysing cell turnover and reversing skin ageing, as well as targeting specific skin concerns relating to flareups that occur in conjunction with circadian rhythms. All these factors are taken into account during formulation, to provide targeted solutions that relieve discomfort, as well as rebalance the pH level of the skin.

Circadia skin treatments include alternatives to chemical peels, advanced induction therapy, oxygen infusions, and patented technology and delivery systems to drive exclusive results particularly for those suffering with ongoing skin concerns.

Created in the US and internationally-recognised, the range focuses on clean, clinical formulas and Ecocert certified-organic ingredients. It does not include parabens or toxins such as synthetic dyes, fragrances, or SLS.

Circadia Skincare Australia is offering partnerships for beauty salons and skin clinics with aligned values, that are passionate about skin health as well as science-based solutions to skin concerns.

Ethics and sustainability are paramount to the brand, which uses eco-friendly packaging and is entirely cruelty-free.

If your key values include education, ethical and sustainable ingredients, and superior quality ingredients and formulations, get in touch directly for opening order information. Special partnership offers are currently available for stockists till September 2021.


His grandson, Michael Q. Pugliese is the current CEO of Circadia. As a skin science expert and globally-renowned educator, Michael has expanded the range to over 30 countries worldwide, now including Australia.


The Pugliese family’s commitment to elevating and advancing the cosmeceutical industry means stockists will receive the highest possible level of skin education, and unrivalled skincare results. Many aestheticians internationally have been recognised with Aesthetician of the Year awards after partnering with Circadia. Circadia does not believe in online or direct to consumer sales, honouring its partners with integrity and providing a superior level of business support.

According to chronobiology, up to 40% of our body’s daily functions are dictated by circadian rhymes. “Circadian rhythms in the skin affect the biology of appearance and also have a profound effect on the absorption of applied treatment products. Regulation of the skin barrier properties, such as transepidermal water loss and skin hydration, as well as skin pH and skin temperature, are under control of the circadian clocks.” Circadia Our skin requires protection above all else throughout the day, as it’s in a natural state of defense against environmental aggressors. In contrast, it goes into rest and repair mode at night, when it naturally experiences moisture loss and low fibroblast activity. In accordance with these


“Throughout our history as a company, our focus has been to honor the extraordinary structure and function of human skin. Education is the cornerstone of our progress.” Michael Pugliese, CEO.

“The Circadia product line began with the awareness that certain biological patterns of the skin may be observed and enhanced. Skin Care professionals should be aware of the time of the day when they make an assessment of the skin or prescribe a specific treatment. A true blend of science and nature, Circadia is the culmination of our research into the aging process and a specialized skill in cosmetic chemistry. We are the pioneers in bringing the concept of Circadian rhythms to the health and wellness industry.” Circadia

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4




! t s r i F s n o l Sa


In 2009, Pauline Valle proudly introduced her new cosmeceutical skincare range Ultraderm to the Australian market. Pauline says “Over 23 years in the beauty industry, I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands of salon owners, and I’ve listened to what they kept telling me: ‘We want affordable skincare with quality products that will support our industry and put salons first’. When I began the Ultraderm journey, this need was always at the front of my mind. I wanted to create a skincare company that not only delivered amazing results ethically but also focused on meeting the needs of the salon owners and therapists who were supporting us.”

Mineral Makeup brand called Advanced Mineral Makeup. We have also employed more staff to meet our business growth.

Twelve years on and Ultraderm’s innovative approach and superior ingredients have proven to be the perfect solution for over 200 leading Australian salons, and it has gone on to become a market leader within the beauty industry. Truly committed to only using proven ingredients that are beneficial in making a positive improvement to skin, Ultraderm regularly evaluates all formulations and introduces new results-driven ingredients as they come to market. Ultraderm delivers optimal results to its clients and prides itself on the fact that every product in their range is ethically formulated with zero animal testing.

We have seen that we have had to adapt our business model to suit the changes in the current environment and encourage our salon partners to do the same.

We sit down with Ultraderm Founder and Creator, Pauline Valle to find out how Ultraderm came to be and how it’s taking the Australian Skin and Aesthetics Industry by storm.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career to date and how you got started in the industry?

I have a medical background and got into the industry by chance when I had the opportunity to purchase a beauty supply business. That started the ball rolling and eventually I became inspired to develop my own range… and so Ultraderm skincare came into being.

What gap did you identify in the market when you created Ultraderm?

We saw that there was a need for an Australian skincare range that was active and could deliver outstanding results, have innovative ingredients, whilst still being affordable.

How has the brand evolved since then?

From a small group of products, we have grown our range to meet the needs of our salon partners and their clientele as we are always striving to be in the forefront of industry trends.

How has Ultraderm gone over this past year and what silver linings have come out of this time for you and your business?

We had bit more time to put our plans on to action, this resulted in a move to a brand new, Purposefully built premises which is our new home for the foreseeable future. And we have also taken on the distributorship of a

Can you tell us about Rezenerate & how it came to join the Ultraderm family? Rezenerate uses the latest nano-technology to increase product infusion to the skin without being invasive and offering superior results. We wanted a complementary modality that would work with our range to deliver tangible results and after extensive research, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for.

What changes have you seen to industry in recent year?

What solutions do you see to help empower businesses to grow during this time?

Using technology to change the way we interact with salon partners and run education and meetings online virtually with Zoom and on other platforms. Support salons with solutions to get their business seen online and to encourage them to stay in contact with their clientele by various means through periods of sudden closure.

How do you see the industry evolving in the next few years?

Whilst we have seen an increase in demand for DIY beauty at home products and services, we foresee the return to nurturing, luxe in-salon treatments

Why did you decide on Advanced Minerals?

It ticked all our boxes in that it’s a minimalist range created by a Aesthetician/Makeup artist who understands the importance of what is applied to the skin has an impact on the skins outcome and has formulated the range in recognition of that by using superior ingredients.

What will Advanced Minerals provide to clinics?

Provides an alternative to traditional makeup in that’s its formulated without fillers, talc, mineral oils and provides antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. This means that therapists can be confident in using it post clinical treatments. It includes nourishing ingredients for bright glowing youthful looking skin.

What’s next for Ultraderm & what are you most looking forward to?

We are looking forward to seeing clients face to face at Beauty Expo as well as looking to growing our Ultraderm product range.

Discover more on Ultraderm at













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L A M I N A T I O N ,









E L L E E P L E X &








REAL INGREDIENTS. REAL RESULTS. After an extensive career in the beauty industry, Prologic founder, Rachel Robertson was ready to pursue her dream of combining her specialised understanding of the skin’s anatomy with her knowledge in cosmestic chemistry. Rachel Robertson

Strongly influenced by current research into corneobiology and by applying the corneotherapeutic principles of repairing and maintaining the skins natural barrier function, Prologic Advanced Innovative Skincare Technology was born. A NZ owned, operated and manufactured skin care range, that is also vegan friendly, natural and places sustainability and ethical processes at the top of its core values. Beauty Biz had the opportunity recently to speak to Rachel as well as Paula Cliffin, the Australian Distributor, who combined form, a powerhouse of experience and love for the beauty Industry.

Rachel, can you tell us about yourself and how you first got started in the industry? I trained as a Beauty Therapist 22 years ago, working both here in NZ and in London. In 2006 I opened my own Advanced Skin Clinic, which I had for 9 years. During this time, I was named NZ Therapist of the Year and my clinic was named Runner Up for NZ Clinic of the Year. In 2009 I started my Cosmetic Chemistry journey, completing post graduate training, and then 2011 Prologic was launched in NZ.

Paula, you specialise in Oncology care. Can you tell us a little about this and how you became an expert in this field? Having worked in the industry as a Skin Therapist for over 30 years, I have always been 50

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

exposed over this time to new and existing clients alike who are on cancer journeys. In my younger days, I used to just freak out to be honest because there really wasn’t much information around about what was beneficial for these clients with treatments and ingredients. Luckily, this has changed immensely over the years, meaning I have been able to gather information, talk to colleagues, doctors and eventually, when training was available – undertake this. I choose to train with Morag Currin, who teaches through Oncology Training International. Before COVID it was face to face, they now have plenty of online courses. Her book is my bible, called Oncology Esthetics – A Practitioner’s Guide (make sure you get the revised and expanded edition). I constantly have my head buried in this book, as Oncology is a massive subject. Working with Oncology clients has changed my life, my focus and the way I work. They have and continue to be my life’s work. I have so much passion for these people, their skin and their souls coming through the other side of their journeys or their passing. You become very much a part of their recovery or passing journey, which is an absolute privilege on so many levels. I often receive the most beautiful notes of thanks from families because we are not just helping them with their skin, we touch them in a non-medical way and make them feel some sort of normal – such an important point to remember.

Paula Cliffin

And what do you wish the industry knew more about when it comes to caring for clients undergoing oncological care?

Someone once said to me “Do cancer people want to look pretty”? Well, I had to really control myself when I explained what I offer has NOTHING to do with looking pretty, everything to do with helping health challenged clients support their skin and microbiome through corneotherapy treatments and products, whilst they are fighting for their lives. Knowing what medical treatments clients are undertaking and therefore what you can offer as a Skin Therapist, needs to be black and white in a therapist’s head. If there is grey, don’t offer it or get more information as we need to do no harm and I do hate to say, that harm is being done. Not intentionally of course, but from not knowing so get educated! Remember cancer is a word, not a sentence.

Rachel, can you tell us about Prologic and how it came to be? Prologic came about for a few reasons, the first was my frustration with the lack of clean formulations in the industry. Studying Cosmetic Chemistry gave me such a big insight into the traditional way of formulating, which was working


with a base product that was full of emulsifiers, silicones, preservatives and parabens. Then adding a small amount of active ingredients to it. This was the opposite of how I wanted to formulate. The other reason was the need for treating Southern Hemisphere skin conditions. What I was seeing with my own clients was a lot of Pigmentation, Rosacea and Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency. The first product we launched was our Omega 3 Treatment Oil to treat EFAD, it is our little cult product. I call it one of my babies, 10 years on and it’s still our number 1 selling product.

And what are the unique points of difference with this brand?

We are a Corneotherapeutic brand, which means our products are formulated with the skin barrier in mind and are very clean. We are proudly NZ owned, operated and manufactured. It was really important to us to support local businesses and have a very strong NZ story. We used local NZ businesses to source all of our packaging, print our labels and boxes, do all of our design work and most importantly manufacture our product. We aspire to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. We are proud to have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation for our boxes and labels, this means they come from a sustainable and fair-trade source. Ink used in printing our packaging is plant based, containing no chemical toxins or poisons. All packaging and bottles are 100% recyclable and consists of aluminium, glass and recyclable plastic. All of our formulations are created with both the skin and environment in mind, all ingredients are eco-friendly and do not have a negative impact on the microbiome of the skin or the environment. Prologic prides itself on ethical processes, a 100% vegan skin care product that stands behind absolutely no animal testing. We work with suppliers that also believe in being ethical companies. Doing the best by their brand, business, staff and customers.

Who is the Prologic client?

Everyone, because we are all about repairing the

skin and getting it back to a state of homeostasis, everyone can benefit from this type of program. Being a Southern Hemisphere range, we of course have a very effective pigmentation range, this is one of our specialities.

Can you tell us about your ingredient selection process and why you’ve been so decerning in your choices for the range?

Rachel: All of our formulations follow Corneotherapy principals, which are very strict about what can and cannot be used. They are formulated with both the skin and environment in mind, all ingredients are eco-friendly and do not have a negative impact on the microbiome of the skin or the environment. I always go back to my original vision with Prologic when I formulate, which was to produce products that were clean, corneotherapeutic, sustainable and produce visible results.

It’s quite unique to have a range that is both natural and also aligns with advanced paramedical treatments. Can you tell us more about this.

Rachel: I felt there was a really big gap in the market, seeing first hand with my own clients, they all wanted the advanced results, but all that was avaible to me at the time were products based on synthetic ingredients. I wanted people to have the choice of still being able to achieve amazing long-term results, without the need for synthetics. We have specific products and protocols for after clinical grade skin treatments. For example, last month we launched our Derma Aid treatment cream, which is for clients to use post Dermal Needling, Laser, IPL and Plasma.

What are you currently working on that we can look forward to?

Rachel: We are always working on news things, that’s the exciting thing about our industry – it

moves and grows so quickly. We have a few new products coming out this year. One in particular that we are super excited about, I believe it will be a world first! Very exciting, what this space!

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WHAT IS DERMAPEN MICRONEEDLING? Erase multiple skin concerns with a natural boost of collagen and elastin. DermapenTM microneedling is an effective, popular and minimally invasive procedure that targets a wide range of skin concerns, not just lines and wrinkles – although it does help keep skin looking younger. Dermapen microneedling targets: • Signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles • Active acne or acne scars • Pigmentation • Enlarged pores • Scars • Melasma • Stretch marks • Hair loss • Rosacea • Unwanted tattoos The professional Dermapen 4™ device offers amazing and long-lasting results by working with your patient’s skin.

Natural Repair

Unlike injectable treatments, Dermapen™ microneedling is a natural process that stimulates the body’s own repair and renewal process to create collagen. Micro-fine needles are adjusted to different depths and speeds to create fractional puncture channels on the skin’s surface. These microchannels carry the Meso-Glide™ actives deep into the skin, increasing the procedure’s effectiveness. A Meso-Glide™ is a serum used during the procedure that’s safe for infusion and chosen to help correct a specific skin concern.

Patient Benefits

Over 3 million Dermapen Treatments™ have now been performed worldwide. But why are they so popular? Precise All areas of the body, including face, lip area, ears, neck, chest, hands, back and scalp, can be treated with pinpoint precision.


Dermapen™ microneedling promotes rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours. It evens out skin tone and texture and diminishes scars and stretch marks. Multiple concerns can be treated in a single session with Dermapen 4™, thanks to the adjustable needle depth and oscillation speed.


There’s no need for numbing cream, thanks to advanced technology that ensures no dragging or tearing. And with up to 1,920 punctures achieved per second, the procedure finished in no time. 52

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Patients walk away with minimal side effects and almost no downtime. It’s a “lunchtime procedure”, making it an attractive option for those with a busy lifestyle.

The Original and Trusted Dermapen

Australian medical developer and DermapenWorld™ CEO Stene Marshall introduced Dermapen™ to the world in 2010, revolutionising the microneedling market. The latest generation of our professional device, the Dermapen 4™, is backed by years of research and prototypes to offer far superior design, comfort, versatility and results.

Is Dermapen Microneedling Safe?

Any treatment that draws blood or punctures the skin requires strict infection control to maintain patient and practitioner safety. DermapenWorld™ places enormous importance on education, protocols and hygiene for that reason.

Anti-Contamination Management (ACM)

DermapenWorld™ goes to stringent measures to ensure any clinic that uses our products has everything they need to provide the safest and most sterile procedures. The ACM™ range helps you achieve this with: • Sterilised needle cartridges with silicone seal and fluid guard to prevent backflow • Hand sanitiser • Biodegradable eco-gloves • Nitrile gloves • Sterile dressing kits to dispense and apply Meso-Glides™ • Disposable DpSleeves that roll over the Dermapen™ device • ACM Protection Sheild that covers your face

Dp Dermaceuticals

This revolutionary skincare line was specially designed for Dermapen™ microneedling. Thousands of practitioners around the globe have endorsed Dp Dermaceuticals™ for safe infusion into the skin during Dermapen™ microneedling procedures.

Dermapen Treatment vs Dermapen Microneedling

A microneedling procedure using a Dermapen™ is just one step in a holistic journey that extends beyond what happens in your clinic. All five stages of a true Dermapen Treatment™ are essential to achieving glowing, radiant skin for your patients. They are: 1. Prepping skin and building resilience with a Dp Dermaceuticals™ routine. 2. Completing each procedure in line with DermapenWorld Protocols. 3. Upgrading the experience and results with boosters such as L.E.D. Light Therapy, ÜBER Peels and Masks. 4. Applying Dp Dermaceuticals™ postprocedure for optimum active ingredient absorption. 5. Equipping your patients with the knowledge and products to support their results at home. When you become a DermapenWorld™ Authorised Treatment Provider, you gain access to the devices and products required to perform Dermapen Treatments™. You’ll also be supported with ongoing education and resources, including our highly sought-after Protocols. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Dermapen Treatments™ are a game-changer for any leading aesthetic clinic.

Erase Multiple Skin Co with Get more details at www.DermapenWorld. com/dermapen-professional

Get the Gold Standard

Erase Multiple Skin Concerns with Get the Gold Standard Microneedling Pen Do you want outstanding results for your patients and clinic? The Dermapen 4TM uses cutting-edge technology to help reduce the appearance of multiple cosmetic skin concerns with virtually no pain or downtime. Visibly improve the appearance of: Fine lines and wrinkles Active acne and acne scars Hair loss Enlarged pores Pigmentation Melasma Rosacea Unwanted tattoos Stretch marks Scars

Erase multiple skin concerns with a natural boost of collagen and elastin, supported by Dp DermaceuticalsTM skincare.

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IMPAIRED ENZYME ACTIVITY NOT “DEHYDRATION” By Kai Atkinson, derma aesthetics Educator

The word “dehydration” is vastly overused within the aesthetics and beauty industry, along with the condition misdiagnosed and at times, treated incorrectly. Why is this? Well, it comes down to understanding the cells and systems involved as to why there is a lack of free water within the epidermis and being able to recognise the link between fast trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and an impaired acid mantle. In order to discuss the lack of free water within the epidermis and how this relates to “impaired enzyme activity,” we first need to understand the role of the circulatory and lymphatic system. These two systems that contribute to immunity are so vitally important when it comes to maintaining balanced hydration and tissue homeostasis, and when compromised, can have serious consequences on the cellular hydration levels of the skin.

The Circulatory & Lymphatic System The circulatory system is a continuous endothelial tissue network that contains specialised cells called haemoglobin. These red blood cells are attracted to the oxygen-rich molecules that we breathe in through our lungs, and in doing so, will support the transfer of these oxygen molecules throughout the body in order to bring fresh oxygen to all tissues, including the cell producing layers of the skin. The circulatory system contains plasma, and this fluid makes up a very large portion of your blood as it is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones, proteins, enzymes, cytokines and growth factors to where they need to go. These metabolic substances play a vital role in supporting sufficient water levels within the skin.

loss (TEWL), and is a normal metabolic process that is required for sustaining tissue homeostasis. The lymphatic system is a complex system that works in unison with the circulatory system. It is responsible for transporting fluids, fats and fat soluble vitamins, dendritic cells and infectionfighting white blood cells throughout the body in order to maintain immunity for host defence. The lymphatic system is also responsible for the removal of metabolic waste that accumulates as cells undergo mitosis, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. The lymphatic system is not continuous, unlike the circulatory system, and for a simple analogy, can be thought of as being a fitted glove on the hand. The glove contains specialised compartments for your fingers, but once your fingers are embedded in the glove, there is nowhere else for them to go. In other words, the lymphatic vessels contain dead end capillaries that rely on the circulatory system to help transport the movement of substances through the action of sympathetic movement. This, in turn, supports cellular hydration levels by keeping all fluids in the body constant and in homeostasis. The lymphatic system together with the circulatory system are invaluable to the health and wellbeing of the body and of course, skin. By supporting these two systems, cellular hydration within the epidermis and dermis will be supported. Let’s now take a look at the “Epidermal Barrier” and how the keratinocyte in particular, plays a major role in sustaining the water levels within the skin.


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Acid mantle/microbiome Is a complex mixture derived entirely from sebaceous gland secretions, eccrine sweat and the multi-lamellar lipid structure. Stratum corneum The end result of the keratinocytes life cycle and is a hydrophobic cell. Natural moisturising factor (NMF) Formed by the enzymatic breakdown of profillagrin and is vital for stratum corneum hydration. Multi-lamellar lipid structure Composed of ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids and is responsible for the permeability barrier function of the epidermis. Let’s now have an overview the life cycle of the keratinocyte and how its built-in defence mechanisms contribute to the barrier function of the skin, in order to maintain adequate cellular hydration levels.

In relation to the circulatory system, the hyaluronic acid (HA) component of the glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s) plays a very important role in contributing to balanced hydration levels and tissue homeostasis. The HA brings in the plasma from the circulatory system down into the extracellular matrix of the dermis, where it facilitates the creation of the dermal reserve. The dermal reserve contributes to cellular protection and hydration as it supports the facilitation and recruitment of immune cells, enzymes, proteins, hormones and nutrients. Part of the dermal reserve (also known as the “extracellular fluid”), will make its way through the perforated connective tissue of the dermal/ epidermal junction (DEJ) in order to nourish the cells and systems of the epidermis, as it contains the oxygen, nutrients, hormones, proteins, enzymes, cytokines and growth factors this tissue requires to function correctly. This water movement is known as trans-epidermal water

leading role in supporting the water retention power of the epidermis, as it creates important lines of skin barrier defence. These defence systems compromise of the following:

As keratinocytes of the epidermis migrate from the spinosum layer into the granular layer, a lot of cellular activity takes place. The cornified cell envelope (CCE) via enzymatic activity begins formation along the interior of the keratinocytes plasma membrane. This phospholipid membrane will eventually be enriched by a lipid envelope known as the “multi-lamellar lipid structure” primarily composed of ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids, that will covalently attach itself to the exterior of the CCE.

The Epidermal Barrier When we use the terminology “epidermal barrier,” as an industry, we are almost always referring to the stratum corneum and its ability to maintain and regulate TEWL. The keratinocyte plays a

Once in the stratum corneum, the CCE contains anchoring protein structures called corneodesmosomes that anchor into the corneocyte. This, in turn, supports cell barrier alignment to ensure a densely compacted and well structured stratum corneum. By having a compacted and well formed stratum corneum,

it will provide physical defence against foreign materials from getting into the skin, but also slow down the evaporation of TEWL that arises from the dermis(extracellular fluid). Together, the CCE and the multi-lamellar lipids provide effective physical and water barrier functions within the skin. Alongside the creation of the cornified cell envelope in the granular layer, is the hydrophilic and free radical scavenging Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). NMF is a combination of amino acids, sugars and salts that are crucial elements for epidermal barrier function. The NMF is released into the keratinocytes cytosol and is stored within the corneocytes upon completion of the keratinization process. The cytosol is an aqueous fluid internal to the plasma membranes and together with NMF, contributes to cellular hydration of a cell. So, what do all of these built-in defence systems have in common to facilitate their successful formation? Enzymes! Enzymes are biological protein catalysts that increase the rate in which a chemical reaction occurs, and any shortage or absence of an enzyme can have a detrimental effect. There are many different types of enzymes found within the skin, but the main ones that are responsible for supporting and regulating epidermal barrier formation are transglutaminases, kinases, caspases, proteases amongst other hydrolytic enzymes. Enzymes that help such reactions require water to function, and any reduction in water will compromise cell formation, viability and repair. If cellular hydration levels were low due to an impaired lymphatic system or poor fluid intake and/or medications with diuretic side effects, these enzymes would be unable to perform efficiently and this would impair the integrity of the skin. Without proper functioning enzymatic activity, the CCE, NMF, cytosol and the multilamellar lipid structure would be compromised, because it is enzymes that are responsible for the formation of a well structured stratum corneum and permeability barrier function in order to slow down the evaporation of TEWL.

Did you know a human cell can contain around 1300 enzymes? Yes! This, in turn, makes these microscopic biological catalysts so fundamentally important for the operation of the body and skin barrier defence systems. Let’s take a look at the leading causes of impaired enzyme activity: 1. Essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) 2. Lipid-dry skin 3. Hormone imbalances (menopause) 4. Impaired lymphatic system 5. Fluid intake 6. Ambient humidity 7. Medications with a diuretic side effect 8. Alcohol and coffee It will be during the consultation process that you will determine any negative connotations that your client may be exposed to that will cause fast or slow TEWL, and in turn, result in impaired enzyme activity of the skin. As we have discussed, water regulates many enzymatic and chemical reactions to sustain balanced hydration and tissue homeostasis, and because of this, gives a very different perspective to the overused word “dehydration.” There are four main factors that determine balanced hydration and they are as follows: 1. The relative humidity 2. The retention power of the epidermis 3. The quantity and quality of water transmitted from the inner to the outer layers of the entire ecosystem of the skin 4. The time span the water takes to move from the inner to outer layers If the relative humidity is low, the water movement from the skin will be faster because there is less water in the atmosphere to slow it down. Drier air also contributes to faster evaporation, so artificial atmospheres such as air conditioning will have a negative impact on TEWL. Understanding the relevance of enzyme activity and balanced hydration as well as supporting defence systems is what needs to be understood when there is a lack of free water within the viable epidermis.

So, working topically, where does one start to improve impaired enzyme activity? When the first three lines of skin barrier defence are compromised, skin has the ability to reflect changes in other cells and systems of the body. Understanding and appreciating this synergy between cells and supporting systems of the epidermis, dermis and body is imperative if one is to improve the water levels within the skin. Many skincare products will aggravate skin conditions that have lost the first three lines of skin barrier defence and require topical formulations that do not contain conventional emulsifiers or other foreign ingredients. Instead, physiological lipids such as phosphatidylcholine (PC) which makes up a large proportion of all biological plasma membranes, should be used, as well as ceramides, cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids which make up the acid mantle and multi-lamellar lipid structure of the stratum corneum. The simple law of physics says that oil sits on top of water, and when this statement is applied to the skin it translates into: epidermic lipids slow down the evaporation of water and this results in better hydration levels of the skin, this is thinking like a chemist. Before throwing a water-based substance such as hyaluronic acid to someone’s skin that does not have a functioning lipid metabolism, it’s important to take a step back and link product composition to the cells and systems affected, so you can move forward with a treatment program that will repair supporting defence systems and enzymes in order to encourage and maintain balanced hydration levels within the skin. To summarise, skin analysis and consultation is key when it comes to establish the leading causes and/or triggers as to why someone is experiencing impaired enzyme activity, because understanding the relevance of enzymes, cellular hydration and supporting defence systems that are required to maintain the water levels within the skin, gives a very different perspective to the overused word “dehydration.”

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Despite what you may read on the lash forums, unfortunately there is no magic adhesive formula that’s going to have AMAZING retention for absolutely everyone who uses it. Of course, there are some eyelash extension adhesives that are better than others, but the truth is: if your techniques are outdated, your knowledge isn’t sufficient or your clients aren’t following correct aftercare, the best adhesive in the world isn’t going to save you. Instead of trying to chase that magic glue, it’s far more beneficial to look at other ways that you can improve your clients’ lash retention. So, here are my top tips!

Preparing the Lashes

• Prime the lashes for every single appointment, and make sure you do it thoroughly: don’t just wet them! Tape up the layers to clean between them if you need to, and concentrate on ensuring the bases of the natural lashes are as clean as possible. • If your temperature and humidity are at the higher end of the recommended working range for your adhesive, but your adhesive is still setting slowly, this means that the natural lash has a barrier on it which is preventing the adhesive from adhering and setting properly. You need to stop lashing, and double cleanse and re-prime the lashes.

Lashing Techniques

• Avoid ‘swiping’ or ‘painting’ the adhesive on the lash prior to placement. You want the adhesive in a bead at the end of the extension so that, when it makes contact with the natural lash, it breaks and surrounds the entire lash and extension base. • Instead of wiping excess adhesive on your eyepads or tape (which is not best practice for client safety anyway), simply redip to get the correct amount. • Isolate your natural lash before you dip your extension in the adhesive – this will minimise the time the adhesive is out of the cup, helping to avoid a ‘skin’ developing around the adhesive before it makes contact with the natural lash. • If you choose to use a nebuliser or nano mister, be very careful that you don’t oversaturate the lashes. I personally don’t recommend using them at all.

Adhesive Storage and Preparation

• Store your adhesive correctly. It should be upright with the lid on tight, in a small airtight container with an oxygen absorber sachet. It needs to be away from temperature fluctuations (such as in a dark cupboard or drawer). Don’t put it back in the fridge once you’ve opened it. • Your adhesive should be replaced every 30 days. Yes, that can be costly, but it’s not going to cost anywhere near as much as all of those free refills you’ll need to do if you use old adhesive! • Refresh your adhesive in a new glue cup every 45 minutes at the very least, and before you notice it thickening/growing tacky. • Ensure you shake your adhesive vigorously

for 30 seconds before dispensing it. If you don’t, it will polymerise much more slowly.

Environment Conditions

• Invest in a quality hygrometer so that you know exactly what your lash room conditions (temperature & humidity) are at all times. • Stock both high and low humidity adhesives, so that you can swap between them as your room conditions change. For example, a rainy day often means higher humidity. Relying on dehumidifiers and air conditioning to change the environment of your room to suit your adhesive is super frustrating and time consuming, not to mention unreliable. It’s much easier to simply change your adhesive formula to suit your environment.

Client Aftercare

• Advise your clients to cleanse their lashes daily, but only with a specialty lash cleanser. Many standard cleansers can contain ingredients that either break down lash adhesive (undoing all your hard work), or leave a residue on the natural lashes that stops the adhesive from properly polymerising. • Some clients may need to cleanse both morning and evening, especially if they are very active (and sweaty) or if they use highstrength or heavy skincare. Sweat, chlorine, sunscreen, moisturisers and oils are lash adhesive enemies!

Looking for a new eyelash extension adhesive? My LashJoy Academy Eagles rave about LashJoy Aquila – available in both a Low and Medium humidity formula. To shop my favourite adhesives, visit, and feel free to ask our friendly LashJoy team for help choosing the right glue for you! Still struggling with lash retention? I have even more game-changing tips in my online course, Lash Retention 101. Check out for more information.

PI SERUM OUR PIGMENT INHIBITOR “Our serums are full of actives. Their opaque, appearance confirms this. If a serum is clear it usually means there’s not much in it. Say no to expensive water.” Ethical. Active. Skincare.

• • • • • • • • • •

4% ATP 4% B White 4% Rumex 4% Lemon Extract 4% Licorice Extract 4% Bearberry Extract 3% Chondrus Crispus Extract 2% Papaya Fruit Extract 2% Niacinamide 2% Vitamin C (MAP) 33% ACTIVE


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UV Gel Polish & The Big Boom! By Lauren Burton

UV Gels first appeared in the U.S and have been around since the early 1980s, but some say they were met with limited success, this was hugely down to the technology available at the time and the lack of accessible training. But, nowadays, if your salon is anything like mine, I have seen a huge increase in gel nail clients in the last 2-3 years and it seems to a service that continues to grow exponentially specifically Gel Polish manicures. Gel Polish manicures are in effect an enhanced manicure that has so many unique and beneficial selling points to a regular manicure. Gel polish is a UV gel product that often has a solvent content this generally makes the gels apply more like a nail lacquer but also makes them easier when it comes to removal, and can also be applied very quickly, therefore being a lucrative treatment to offer. The original Gel Polish product was created back in 2009 by Danny Haile CEO and founder of Hand & Nail Harmony and creator of Gelish soak-off Gel Polish, he revolutionized the industry by seeing a gap in the market for a gel product available in a polish bottle which applied like a polish but had the staying power of gel, this was closely followed by the launch of CND Shellac, and since then a multitude of brands have followed in launching their own gel polish ranges. I started my training in nails back in the early part of 2011 after many months of researching who to train with I remembered reading in a professional nail forum, a thread discussing these new gel polish product ranges created in the USA


DAY 11

that had made it’s way to the UK, in particular, one by a very new brand and I thought wow, a manicure that can last up to 21 days won’t chip or smudge and is completely dry after the service is complete! That’s like crazy futuristic technology stuff. I read as much as possible specifically about Gelish soak-off gel polish product and found out the brand was Hand & Nail Harmony, I read about that company, the people involved, their background in the industry and fell in love with what the brand represented, I found they had a training division in the UK, so off I went to train directly with them in all aspects of nails. When it came to our gel polish training I was just in complete awe of this product, in fairness I’d been in awe throughout my training, I initially only trained to do nails on myself, but my mind was being changed, especially when I saw Gelish in action! I remember straight after my Gel Polish training course in 2011, I did my older sister Carrie’s nails with a stunning Gelish colour “Bella’s Vampire” as it was very similar to her favourite OPI nail lacquer “Lincoln Park After Dark” she didn’t do her nails very often as regular polish just didn’t last and often chipped within a day or two. She very rarely had acrylic extensions as she just wasn’t that keen on them. I messaged her every day to see how they were wearing and the results were incredible a full 21 days of wear, and Carrie was hooked on gel polish, and that made my mind up that I was going to get into working in the nail industry because this product was going to explode, I just knew it! And explode it did! I’ve attached the picture of my sister’s nails I used to market the treatment that created such a huge increase in clients for me back in 2011, but it was

DAY 21

2012 that boomed. 2012 was the year Gel Polish took off, well it did at least in the USA and Europe. About 90% of my clients were gel polish treatments and the other 10% were acrylic/hard gel. I very nearly stopped acrylic and hard gel altogether as the treatments were just taking too long in comparison as I wasn’t that experienced with them and I was very rarely asked for them, however that changed when I moved overseas to the Gold Coast in 2015. All of a sudden my new client base was all about liquid and powder acrylic and rarely did I do gel polish manicures, no matter how I pushed it I only had a few gel polish clients I managed to convert, most of those were gel polish pedicure, the tables had turned. I continued to push but I also pushed my acrylic treatments, as my speeds in that quickened as I was offering them a lot more. But fast forward 24-36 months ago clients started to come in asking for gel polish manicures on their own accord and it continues to grow, especially now with welcomed additions of products such as soak-off builders in a bottle such as Gelish structure gel that provide gel polish manicures with that extra bit of strength and durability. The majority of my clients are gel polish manicures again, I still offer extensions and still have many clients that have them, but a lot more Australians are and seem to be embracing their natural nails and wanting treatments specifically for them, with good reason. Their nails are their own and they can grow them with the aid of a gel polish coating, and they love that! Lauren Burton is a Master Educator and Head Education for Hand and Nail Harmony Australia, distributors of Gelish Gel Polish. Visit


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PMS Cool Gray 10 C

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By Charlotte Ravet

Beautiful makeup often takes time...but not always! As a makeup artist, I am not a huge fan of doing my own makeup and I like to spend minimal time in front of the mirror. It’s important for me to always be well presented for my clients, with fresh and glowy makeup that is easy and simple to apply. If you don’t have much time, it’s important to prioritise. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect base on yourself or for your clients after a treatment, in only 5 minutes!

RULE # 1

Less is more! Often clients tell me, I look very tired today, so you can put a lot on…, the truth is, I do the reverse! Adding thick foundation on skin which is already tired is not going to last and enhancing eyes and lips will accentuate tired look. When we are tired, the skin tends to look more dehydrated, eyes can be irritated and lips dry. I apply a good hydrating moisturiser which will soak into the skin (while I am brushing my teeth, for example) to give me a nice and refreshed base to work on. What should we focus on first? Skin ! Do not start with eyeshadow until you have a clean canvas to work on. I start by applying a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturiser. The job of the foundation is to even the skin tone, so do not worry at this stage if you can still see imperfections. I apply concealer to cover pigmentation, breakouts and dark circles. Under the eyes, I like to use cream or fluid concealer, as the skin is thinner. For imperfections and pigmentation, I go with a wax based concealer which is going to offer more coverage. If dark circles are very visible, I lightly apply a peach toned concealer to absorb the unwanted undertone. If time allows, I use a liquid concealer, a shade lighter and apply on the creases: under the eyes, on the smile lines to give the illusion of plump skin. I use a stippling motion with a brush or dab the product with the fingertips to blend 60

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it. I will then powder using a loose translucent powder applied from the chin moving in an upward motion to avoid any fallouts which can create patches if the makeup hasn’t set yet. Blush and highlights I always prefer cream products which I usually apply before the powder to perfectly set them for the day, but if you prefer powder or liquid blush, it is fine too! Simply apply a fresh pink or peachy shade. The placement of the blush is very important, it can change the look and proportion of features. For everyday application, simply apply on the cheeks but do not go further than the arch of the eyebrows. If you were to draw a line, your blush should not be placed under the middle of your eyes, this will make you look tired. Try to apply the blush in rounded motions to avoid creating a clear line. Finish your blush application on the eyes! Simply brush the colour quickly onto the upper eyelid. A creamy champagne tone can then be applied to the upper cheekbones, just on the middle of the nose bridge and on the upper lips. This will give the illusion of volume. Eyes If you are really in a hurry, simply use the quick tips using your blush and focus on the lashes. Curl the lashes first, if necessary and then apply generously mascara starting from the bottom lashes and then upper lashes to avoid creating a patch on the eyelids. If you have 30 seconds you can use a cream eyeshadow which is set after application. You can now find plenty of choices of pencil cream eyeshadows on the market. Do not apply foundation, or concealer on your eyelids if you use them, start applying the product closer to the lash line and blend it with your fingers on the crease. If you do not have cream eyeshadow a brown or deep nude liquid lipstick will also do the trick! I love using them on the eyes for quick makeup which will last all day!

Eyebrows With an eyebrow pencil, preferably a shade a bit ashy, I start by accentuating the arch first and then only feel the gaps. There is no need to fill all the eyebrows with product, only apply where needed. I will set them in place with a clear mascara. Lips If you have created a nice base and eyebrows, you can use any shade of lipstick! On busy mornings, I like to slick my hair back, create a fresh base with the step above and use a matt red. Always smile with lips closed or ask your client to make sure the lipstick hasn’t been applied underneath the actual lips. Voilà! You or your client are now ready to walk out the door looking amazing! Credits Photographers: Anniss+Barton Model: Kerrara from Chadwicks Stylist: Bianca Rose

NEW DATES 16-17 October 2021 ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour










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MYO-CYTE PLUS ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM BY CIRCADIA® The Myo-Cyte Plus Anti-Wrinkle Serum is your botox in a bottle! This award winning serum contains Matrixyl®, Matrixyl® 3000, Snap 8 and Inyline™, to greatly improve the look of expression lines. The multi-peptide formula helps inhibit specific wrinkle inducing compounds in the skin making this serum the perfect solution for clients with fine lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, and wrinkles.

EXFOLIATION 101 POWER COUPLE BY O COSMEDICS Exfoliating Cleanser (Physical) relies on four different sized particles that, via friction, rid the skin surface of redundant cells. 3-IN-1 Fruit Peel Mask (Chemical) removes redundant cells by dissolving the glue that binds the cells to each other. Combining the two ensures redundant cells are free to move up to the skin surface and be successfully sloughed off for a bright, radiant and glowing complexion!

SO BEAUTIFUL PINK CREAM LUMINIZER BY ADVANCED MINERAL MAKEUP A very pigmented, creamy highlighter. Looks great on cheekbones, eyes and cupids bow as it creates a beautiful highlight that simulates a candlelight effect. Made from the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients, 100% vegan, paraben free, to give high definition/low visibility results and coverage that is light as air. Salon, Spa and Clinic exclusive brand.

EYE RENEW TREATMENT BY ULTRADERM Described by our customers as a ‘miracle treatment’, our Eye Renew Treatment provides antioxidant protection, stimulates collagen production, and strengthens and nourishes the skin around the eyes. It assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the delicate eye area. The treatment formula is a blend of beneficial ingredients, including cell-communicating Vitamin A and nourishing and repairing Rosehip Oil. Perfect for all skin types and can be applied morning and evening.

VITAMIN C HEMP SEED OIL BY O COSMEDICS Liquid gold! Every skin’s essential oil. Rich in Omega Fatty Acids with intense hydration, nourishing and soothing properties, NEW Vitamin C Hemp Seed Oil offers something for every skin condition. This simple yet potent formulation combines two oil-soluble actives to offer an extensive range of skin benefits. Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is the only oil-soluble form of Vitamin C with unique penetrating qualities to even out skin tone, stimulate collagen synthesis and age-proof the skin. Hemp Seed Oil is every skin’s essential oil, rich in Omega Fatty Acids with intense hydration, nourishing and soothing properties.

THREE TEA RITUAL BY GINGER & ME Australian made, naturopathy formulated teas, made using certified organic ingredients to create calm and presence in your everyday. • Face the day with a cup of Brave Tea – Just the right blend of Rooibos, Rose Petals, Cinnamon and Vanilla, rich in antioxidants and minerals. • Enhance your day with a cup of Happy Tea – A burst of energy filled with Liquorice, Lemongrass, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Gotu Kola and Cinnamon. • End your day with a cup of Grateful Tea – Caffeine free blend of Tumeric, Ginger, Lemongrass, Pineapple Pieces and Peppercorn.

ADVANCED DAY ULTIMATE PROTECT BY MEDIK8 Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect is a daily moisturiser that not only helps protect the skin, but it also helps repair DNA damage caused by UV exposure while you wear it. It features advanced sun protection filters combined with supercharged 360 degree environmental defence and encapsulated photolyase, a type of DNA repair enzyme that is derived from plankton extract. Working to help combat visible signs of ageing while nourishing the skin, the beautifully rich daily moisturiser leaves the complexion with an invisible finish, ready to protect against the day ahead.

HYDRATING & SMOOTHING MASQUE WITH HEMP SEED OIL BY YOUNGBLOOD This nourishing masque de-stresses and calms for a relaxed and refreshed complexion. Infused with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil help to reduce temporary redness whilst essential omega 6 and omega-3 acids work to nourish the skin. This masque intensely moisturises skin with deep sea water that replenishes dehydrated skin which helps to diminish water loss to keep skin healthy and nourished. Skin is left feeling instantly comforted and less fatigued. Ideal for sensitive skin types pro to redness.

L-LACTIC CLEANSER BY SKINSTITUT The L-Lactic Cleanser is a deeply hydrating and nourishing cleansing gel that calms any skin type but is especially soothing for delicate, dry skin. Cleansing aside, it also encourages the skin’s own natural exfoliation process, known as desquamation. With regular use, skin clarity improves, as does texture and tone.

PROFESSIONAL ONLY TCA PEEL 15% SOLUTION BY GLYMED PLUS The Gold Standard of Peeling! This 15% solution of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and powerful natural tyrosinase inhibitors is renowned for its results in treating, correcting, and controlling pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. The potent antioxidants vitamin E and retinyl palmitate, in combination with TCA, provide unparalleled results in safe and controlled skin Peeling.

WRINKLE PRESCRIPTION AGE MANAGEMENT MASQUE WITH PC10 BY GLYMED PLUS This treatment masque is the most powerful anti-aging and antioxidant masque for the skin. Its therapeutic level ingredients facilitate the skin’s ability to prevent wrinkling by relaxing the muscles and slowing the mechanism of facial contractions. Active minerals assist in feeding the skin to encourage firmer, healthier skin. Sensitive, dry or impaired skin is no match for this powerhouse.

EPI NOUVELLE+ NATURELLE RANGE BY DERMA AESTHETICS The epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks are made from skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This 100% pure cellulose & water mask, with a nanostructured fibre network, is known as Biocellic+, and is calming and soothing with properties perfectly suited for advanced skin care. Biocellic+ is a high-tech material which was initially developed to help injured skin to heal. Compared to other standard cosmetic mask materials, Biocellic+ excels in terms of performance, quality, purity and moisture delivery. Several scientific studies have confirmed that Biocellic+ can store a high amount of active ingredients and can deliver it in a very controlled manner, deep into the skin. The secret behind this is its unique structure and very high water content. • Also known as a second skin • The epi nouvelle+ naturelle range is Corneotherapeutic • Properties will reduce swelling, redness & itching • Used to improve the skin’s profile & support skin regeneration • Can be used on barrier disordered skin • Perfect for cooling of treated area • Result in shorter downtime of treatments that cause inflammation (these are great after tattooing and collagen induction therapy) • Due to their manufacture via White Bio-Technology, epi nouvelle+ naturelle products are 100% sterile • No preservatives or additives • Pure, natural product • 100% vegan • Pain-free • Can be used in conjunction with active ingredients • Will have strong adhesion to skin & can be easily moulded • Available to use in clinical treatments or as a home treatment • Take home for another application (double use up to 4 hours) • Made in Germany The epi nouvelle+ naturelle range includes: • facial mask • facial pads (for use under the eyes) • eye mask • lip mask • facial overlay (squares that can be placed on any treatment area such as décolletage, arms, etc)

L.E.D FACE BY DP DERMACEUTICALS Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture with non-invasive light therapy. Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ FACE is a comfortable, flexible and fully portable silicone mask that delivers rejuvenating red (633nm) light and also—hard to find in an at-home device—near-infrared (830nm) light, which penetrates deeper than topical skincare can.

NATURAL ANTI-AGING OIL BY YAFFA ZHAV This powerhouse anti-aging oil is packed with a blend of anti-aging vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It’s designed to suit all skin types and especially those with sensitive skin. Contains: Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Geranium, Rose OIl, Soybean Oil, Geranium, Vitamin E. Can be used as an alternative to day/night creams as it penetrates deeper than a moisturiser or serum for superior 24-Hour hydration. It’s Soothing and healing effects make it ideal to use after Skin Needling, ILP Laser, Microdermabrasion or Peel Treatments

FUTURE ADVANCED LINE FILLER BY SKIN VIRTUE Skin Virtue Future Advanced Line Filler is a rapid wrinkle filler formulated with a patented biotechnological advanced dehydrated hygroscopic hyaluronic acid with targeted filling technology. It provides hydration and instant filling effect to wrinkles, helping to improve the look of fine lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds. Skin Virtue is an antiageing and anti-allergen skincare range that has mastered the synergy of clean beauty with cutting-edge skin science.

AT-HOME ENZYME MASQUE BY DMK DMK’s At-home Enzyme Masque consists of two products, Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel, which when combined gives you that salon treatment and feel at home! If you can’t go into your skincare clinic, this is the masque to maintain your skincare results. Foamy Lift supports optimal skin function between DMK treatments and works to purify, strengthen, brighten, and tone the skin. While Exoderma Peel is designed to gently exfoliate the skin leaving it fresh and smooth. These unique formulations utilise messenger enzymes, used only by DMK. These enzymes provide a true form of nourishment to the skin cells to ensure your skin is not only exfoliated but left feeling fresh and soft as well. This versatile masque works quickly at a microscopic level reaching into the pores to remove dead cell material and eliminate impurities.

CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL PIGMENT SOLUTION BY ADVANCED COSMECEUTICALS CALECIM® Professional Pigment Solution contains novel as well as proven technologies targeted to help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, while promoting skin resilience to help prevent future skin discolouration. Hydroquinone-free and nonirritating to the skin, it is formulated to help support the skin’s reaction to inflammation, thus helping to minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the future. It works effectively on its own as well as supports clinical skin procedures by providing a pigment solution suitable for daily use.

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BLOG spot

Lucky Me!

By Julie Cross

Hello friends…In this article I just wanted to talk about YOU! In all of these challenging times that a pandemic can bring we are constantly on high alerts emotionally and mentally. Lockdowns, and rules constantly changing. It is tough, that is for sure. Now is the time we need to fire up our muscles of resilience and remember we are stronger than we know... just look back at all that you have been challenged with already. I call it the ‘Lucky Me’ Principle, and for me it goes a little like this… People talk about luck... it is very easy to look across at somebody else’s life and go, “But it is OK for you, you are lucky you are strong, courageous, have family support” Luck... well I am lucky for sure that I was born in this country Australia, that I know for sure, and I am lucky that particularly for those vital first five years of my life I was so loved and nurtured, I was kept emotionally and physically safe and for that I am so very grateful, and then I am also lucky because... We shifted something like 10 times in the 16 years I was at home, my Dad was always the hired help and we moved where the work was, stability wasn’t an option, our home was wherever the work was, that wouldn’t be considered lucky these days, well would see that as a tragedy for our kids, but lucky for me I learnt that home wasn’t about the house or the address but where the family was, and that change won’t break you, in fact it may make you, and that started to build a foundation of resilience that one needs to live a big life. When Mum left Dad (he lived at the Pub a lot) I was 13, we shifted into a friends Motel, stayed in one of the rooms while Mum cleaned rooms, until she could afford a flat for us. Lucky for us we had an example set that women can be strong even when faced with what seemed like impossible odds, and even when it might have been easier to stay. My sister left to go and live with some friends in Brisbane to repeat grade 12, my brother went to live with my Grandparents. That left Mum and I, I was 16, left school, got a hairdressing apprenticeship, and then Mum left me to go and live closer to my 74

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

little brother, who really needed her more. Lucky that I had the opportunity to live on my own, on $90 a week and learn about budgeting... in that time I also saved up for a trip to Day Dream Island with my friend, we were 17, I saved for it $20 a week, lucky me. This is great stuff for building true self-esteem, the foundation of everything! I then got a job in Brisbane, transferred in my apprenticeship to chase a guy, which was a totally dysfunctional relationship. Got to Brisbane, after a week in the job, my new boss told me I wasn’t good enough and that I should give up hairdressing as I would never be any good... my relationship then fell apart (lucky me!), and I did choose to believe this woman for a while and I worked in a newsagent for about 6 months. I then woke up one day, remembered where I had been and I had resilience and strength and I decided I could do this, went for a hairdressing job and was prepared to start from the bottom and do it all over again, so I did like a 6 year apprenticeship instead of a four year one, but I sure did appreciate it and gave it more than I had to every day... lucky me, look where that got me! Do more than you are paid for then one day you will be paid for more than you do. My manager at my salon I was working at during my apprenticeship the second time around introduced me to my fist personal development book. I used the strategies in that book and went on to win ‘Hairdresser of the Year’, and won a trip overseas. Lucky me... I worked hard, saved more money, and booked a backpacking trip around the world, first stop Africa, no phones, no social media... just trust and a little bit of courage, an emotional muscle that had been exercised and gained strength through what I had already been through. I cried my eyes out on the plane and went on to have the time of my life... lucky me. Fast forward I meet my husband Flash... it was love pretty quickly although the road was rocky for a while. I had no long lists of expectations of what he should look like, the kind of car he should be driving, and the label of suit he should be wearing. I went for kindness, strength, laughter, fun, conversation, common ground

and somebody that just plain and simple loved me back and wanted to make a life with me, oh and loved my laugh... lucky me. I am lucky that my boss at the hairdressing company I worked for told me that I was a terrible leader and that although my salons were smashing their budgets, the staff all hated me. After that conversation I cried a lot and then began my journey of taking responsibility for my own professional development, so began my attendance to many seminars, which of course I paid for. I also read a Jim Rohn quote that said your income will not exceed your personal development and that you should cultivate a great library... I also read the quote that said, we are who we are but for the people we meet and the books we read... so while other people my age were buying shoes and going to clubs I was buying books and going to networking events. I am lucky for sure that I had my beautiful boy Jack... and that my husband said go follow your dreams and I will support you, lucky I picked a man like that. Lucky that I read the book called ‘Speak and Grow Rich’, applied the principles of the book, followed my dream, bought a whiteboard, faced my fears and made some calls with no clue what I was doing! Lucky I took the criticism when I needed to and didn’t let it break me when it could of, lucky I stayed true to myself even though I cried myself to sleep some nights thinking I would ever be good enough. Lucky I had the life I had up till now which formed a foundation for me to keep trying, lucky I stayed true to my style and wore sequins even though I know they laughed behind my back! Then my husband having a stroke... Lucky I got to see the strength of my man that fights back for four years retraining his brain to talk again and to use his arm again so that he could play with his kids... lucky me. Lucky I get invited to sit and meet the parts of me that I don’t like so much and have to deal with. Then my husband passes away and, well this is a tough one... lucky me that I had love like that... maybe some people never do, lucky me. Grief would take me to places within I have never been before and I try and use that place I have been now to help others and that feels good, lucky me... lucky that because of my depths of despair I know the joy in its real and purest feeling and suck the living out of life... lucky me. And then my son diagnosed with Autism... wow, lucky me that I get to visit more places in me that I have never been and didn’t want to go, lucky me that through all of the smashed windows and kicked in walls and punching and screaming, screaming and spitting that I learn about what really matters, and it’s not the stuff and I learn first-hand about what it is really like to walk to the beat of your own drum, all the stuff I talk about... lucky me. I have woken up every morning for the last 16 years (since

my husband had his stroke), wondering how on earth I will get through the year... there have been times financially I have been against a wall and ready to just give up, sometimes because of bad management by me and sometimes because people owed me money, there have been times I have wanted to curl up in a ball and not get out of bed, there have been times I drank so much because I wanted to not remember. Sleep came easily because it was an escape from my life... I have cried so hard and so often. I have shared openly my pain as well as my triumphs, I have never asked for a cent from my parents since I left home at 16, or home left me... I still haven’t. I have had to swallow my pride and ask for help from friends with regards to helping with the boys so I could work... the support I get from my family... well believe me, some of that has been fought for too... lots of heart ache and difficult, and emotional conversations... when life squeezes you it squeezes every relationship around you! But, because we had those difficult conversations and didn’t ignore them we have grown as a family and perhaps I have attracted the amazing people in my life also because of who I have become? And I do have some of the most incredible people in my life, so grateful. Lucky? I give and I receive. I wake every day wanting to give a gift to the world and the people in it, I choose to believe the principles I teach and practice them the best I can, often before I get up on stage I have gone through a whole lot of crap to get there. I have had to open my heart, admit my vulnerabilities, say sorry, accept my shortcoming and make friends with my shame. I have done a lot of what the books said... made vision boards, kept journals, said affirmations... I get up early every morning mediate and exercise, I cry regularly and laugh even more often... I see people doing great that had worst starts than me in life and I see people going through a whole lot worse than me today and I am lucky because I have life itself... any day that I feel like I can’t do it I say, “Julie, there are people in this world fighting just to hang on to life itself... you have that for sure now get up and go and live it, and do it good... and leave a legacy while you are at it, so the world will know that you have been and made a difference!” And then I wake up in 2020 feeling like I had already the climbed the biggest mountains and then there is a pandemic... well lucky us that we got to live through this pandemic because I know for sure we will look back and see and feel the lessons... and lucky us that we have already worked out our muscles of resilience, we are strong and so let’s make sure we get the lessons hiding in a lockdown. Lucky is being born here and being loved and then it’s over to you... and any hardship in your life helps you to appreciate the good times and everything that nobody would do for you gives YOU the opportunity to grow and do it yourself. We have got this… let’s do it together! Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4


BLOG spot Imposter Syndrome: That Broken Record Inside Our Heads By Elle Wilson

“Am I good enough?” “Why did I think I could do this in the first place?” Imposter Syndrome, ladies and gentlemen... At some point, it just hits us. With that said, it is important to realize that most professionals, specialists, creatives, and so on, have felt this — regardless of their position and string of accomplishments. More often than not, you may not even realize it’s hitting you already. Then, there goes a missed opportunity because you thought you were not qualified, disciplined, clever enough. There goes that big chance for you to shine. All because you leaned on your thinking and feeling to guide you. I know this is a huge idea to let in. However, I challenge you to repeat it a few times to yourself before reading on. Imagine humanity’s addiction to thought and feeling — your addiction to it. If I could help you reevaluate, see through and realize as a coach and mentor, it would have to be to undo this damaging, limiting addiction. I want to go a little further into the rabbit hole with you. Why not? We’re grown-ups, aren’t we? When thinking and feeling is our guide, we are handing over our lives, our business, and our decision-making to temporary markers. Let’s call thoughts that arise and feelings that arise markers. They mark a little moment in time. Where do they come from? What is their source? Wow! If there was one thing that changed my life, my relationships, my world, and my business and its growth, it was my relationship to thoughts and feelings. One thing I learned early on in my life but for decades, didn’t actually fully realize the insidiousness of it all, was the destructiveness of believing in second-hand knowledge. Thoughts and feelings are second-hand knowledge passed down to us by our parents and ancestors. Left unexamined, we find ourselves living a false life. A life that isn’t real and true. It was someone else’s life and we are simply on repeat. At this time on the planet, helping women entrepreneurs grow awesome businesses, there is no holding back on my part. I am not here to get women to do more, drown out their fears and their lack of self-worth with more doing, to the point of exhaustion. My role is a little different and I deeply love it. I adore that I get to just speak to another level of honesty in you. One that has the ability to free human beings and allow them, as I did, to live a real life and not a life on repeat. Have you ever thought to yourself: “I never want to live my mother’s life or my father’s?” “I want to be different. I will be different.”


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Or maybe your narrative is that you do want to be like them. Either way, it isn’t your real life. Life happens in real-time and requires no one else’s presence but your own. The Impostor Syndrome can only occur when you are pressing the repeat button of someone else’s choices. Unexamined thoughts that trigger unexamined feelings make for an unexamined life that just simply isn’t your life. Somewhere inside you, you know it and it holds you back. Can the real you stand up, please? Of course, she can. You may ask: but how and where do I begin? First, we all start with deep, clean honesty. Thoughts and feelings unexamined are simply a repeat button. If you have any area of your life that causes you anxiety, suffering, repetitive mental anguish, do check yourself. If you’re a workaholic, always striving, or never satisfied, do check yourself. What is the underlying cause? Maybe you are simply repeating the past. Every microsecond is brand new only if you are prepared to examine those thoughts and feelings that are always on repeat. Start with simply taking a stand, making a new choice. Just because a thought arises about you or anybody else for that matter, don’t believe it. Making that one decision to believe a thought that is not true will open up a Pandora’s Box of feelings — and before you know it, you are down the rabbit hole. Simply, take a moment in time to ask yourself these questions: Is this true? What is its source? Is this the real me? It’s no one’s fault, not even yours. We are not taught how to be with thoughts. The educational system, our parents, and the world tells us over and over to lean into thinking and feeling. They do. It’s the way of this world. Then, later when things are not working out, we listen to others who tell us to fix our thinking and our feelings. To change them. It’s all just another burrow down the same rabbit hole. For your own peace and joy, start checking into thoughts that arise. When you become aware of them next time, just ask yourself if that thought is true. Is it a reflection of the authentic you within, the human being that is good, loving, and kind? The woman whose worthiness isn’t measured by what she does in the world but rather by what she is being... If the answer is no, move on. Shine brightly. Elle Wilson Creator of TrueBrow™





BLOG spot Embrace Your Explorers By Paul Frasca

Last issue we ‘shopped the loop’ together, exploring what it takes and why it’s important (and super cool!) to make and buy products from recycled materials. I mentioned that Sustainable Salons has introduced a dedicated Innovations team to really get this - and a bunch of other cool sustainability projects - off the ground. Well, I thought it’d be fun to take you on a tour of the brain that’s leading this team. It’s kinda like visiting IKEA - every time you go, you buy something unusual that you think you probably don’t need, but now that you know it exists, life feels a bit harder without it. Everyone, meet Anuj Dhawan, our Product Innovation Manager. Paul: So Anuj, why have an Innovations team? Anuj: Innovation asks for a different way of thinking and doing, so by having a dedicated team, you have the freedom to explore and push the boundaries without disrupting day-to-day operations. Paul: Any particular trends in the sustainability sector right now that you’re excited about? Anuj: I’ve really liked seeing the ‘add your own water’ trend - many cleaning products have started to remove water from their ingredients, reducing the packaging requirements and minimising shipping impact. Kind of makes you wonder why a lot of these products had water as an ingredient in the first place! Paul: One of our core focuses at Sustainable Salons is our closedloop mission - what kind of things need to be considered when starting the process to make a circular product from collected salon resources? Anuj: Think of the end at the start. If you’re about to introduce a new product, think of its end of life - can you reduce the amount of packaging in the first place? Is it using the right material? Is it hard to disassemble and process at the end of its life? When we’re deciding what product to make, we’re constantly thinking of it through a customer’s eyes and exploring what products already exist that could be replaced with a closed-loop version. But being just closed-loop isn’t enough - it must also have a good product-market fit otherwise you’re just making more stuff. Paul: What makes this space so exciting for the salon industry? Anuj: The materials are just so good! They’re mostly monomaterial (only one type of material instead of several materials sandwiched or glued together), and usually made to very high quality. But the reality is, you can achieve this same quality in closed-loop systems and products as well; we want our industry to be self-sufficient when it comes to materials - how cool would that be! Paul: Innovation in sustainability isn’t just about making closedloop products though, what else can we rethink in order to make lasting change? Anuj: It’s all about motivation, ability and trigger. Let’s take single-use cutlery at picnics as an example. The entire experience of using plastic cutlery actually sucks - the knife doesn’t cut, the fork prongs break all the time, and the spoons have sharp edges. So the motivation to


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

not use them should already be there. Go into your kitchen drawer, grab a metal knife, spoon and fork, put a rubber band around them and you have your ability. To design a trigger for yourself, why not make a packing list in the Notes app for picnics? Add cutlery, rug, water bottle, reusable coffee cup and tea towel to the list and bam! - you have your trigger, and you’re on your way to another sustainable action. Paul: How will you and your team be doing this at Sustainable Salons? Anuj: We’re doubling down on the ‘system’ side of sustainability - one reason salons love becoming a Sustainable Salon is because of how easy we make it. In fact, we make it hard to do the unsustainable thing! Paul: What’s the research showing about how open people are to adopting new habits? Anuj: It’s funny thinking about what ‘research’ looks like nowadays - it’s getting harder to capture people’s attention and get them to tell the truth. So instead I look at what people are actually doing rather than what they say they do. What I’m seeing is that people will adopt a new behaviour as long as it aligns with their life values - there will always be someone or something cheaper, but if it doesn’t align with values we believe in, we won’t go for it. So focusing less on the price of something and instead focusing on what a customer values is key to adopting new habits. Paul: What’s the key to getting people to choose new innovations? Anuj: Ease. Of. Use. We’re seeing this everywhere now - the moment an experience or a product is difficult to use, we don’t. Paul: What potential is there for the salon industry to be leaders in making sustainability our ‘normal’ way of life? Anuj: Sustainability was originally a very emotional choice, but it is also becoming the rational choice as well. Take renewable energy at the beginning, solar power was expensive and reserved for those who both cared about the environment and could afford it. It has now become cheaper than non-renewable energy sources, so it’s become a no-brainer. The Feel Good Industry (as we like to call it) are already pioneers in capturing emotion. We just need to take all that social capital we’ve built up and direct it to the right place - toward doing good and feeling good. If you’re a Sustainable Salon, have the conversation about all the great impact you’re making. If you’re not a Sustainable Salon, have a chat to someone who is, and ask how it’s changed their lives and their business. Keen to join the movement? Find out more at!




I’ve been a member of a US virtual leadership group now for a few months. The very first week, we were asked to come up with a 90 day commitment. A quick 5 minute simple action that would propel us towards being the kind of leader we want to be. I’ll be honest. I thought there’s no way a simple 5 minute daily task could do anything to further my leadership journey. But I played along anyways... I decided my biggest pain point in becoming the leader I wanted to be and to have the freedom I wanted to have, was my very real tendency to need to control things. To “help”. I’m pretty sure this is something most business owners can relate to. After all, it’s likely that attention to detail that made you the success you are today. So why was it something I wanted to work on, you might ask. Well, because if I ever wanted to a) have a week off without being glued to my phone, or b) create space for people to feel empowered to give a sh*t - then I had to change things up. I realised that I was waaaaay too needed in my business. In my effort to “rescue” those in need, I’d quickly jump in and give away answers like the tooth fairy gives away money. Ie when someone needs help with the printer. Or if a challenging client requires extra input. And you know what happens when you control everything and you give your team the solutions to everything? You can never leave! God forbid 80

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

you go on holidays (when we finally can again!) and the internet drops out...

I’d give myself a couple of fall back questions like: “What are you thinking you might do?”.

3. Asking stacked questions. You’re pretty much asking a question and giving away what you’re thinking the right answer might be all in the same go. For instance: “Do you think we should raise our prices? I mean, you know how important it is that we increase the revenue and the revenue is too low at the moment. Whats in the way of us raising the prices?”. See how that went? Stick to one question, then listen intently to the answer.

Or: “what else can you be thinking about?”. Or: “what have you tried already that worked or didn’t work?”

Slowly, as I started seeing the impact, I started realising that this genuine curiosity is actually a hidden super power!!

When it comes to asking better questions though, there are a few common traps I’ve noticed myself falling into and that was the focus of my growth. There was 3 in particular:

My team started problem solving, and sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it wrong. When they get it right we celebrate the win/ achievement. When they get it wrong, we celebrate the lessons learnt in making the mistake.

So I made myself a commitment. Every day when I got asked a question, instead of rushing to give an answer I would approach the situation with genuine curiosity.

1. Asking teaching/ leading questions. Asking questions as a way to “prove a point” and steer them to your solution. Because that’s very easy to do - in fact I think there’s very few things more painful to a control freak than seeing someone doing something wrong in slow motion but having the strength to let them make the mistake and not say “Aha! I told you it wouldn’t work...”. Instead, ask learning questions. Learn a new perspective you maybe haven’t thought of before. 2. Asking why questions (“I think we should introduce a new treatment” You: “why do you want to do that?”. The implication is that you don’t think you should!

That 5 minute commitment has been one of the most impactful things I’ve done as a leader. The best thing that comes from approaching every situation with curiosity is the margin for growth is THAT much bigger. And you, my friend - can take time off knowing your business is in great hands. If you’re interested in how mindful leadership and leading with purpose can change your business, register on wwwprofitandpurpose. biz and follow me on instagram: @grytomte

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LET’S SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! By Tamara Reid, Founding Director, Beaute Industrie & Vice Chair, Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council.

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say that the e ffects of the 2020 global pandemic have been crippling. Layer the weight of long-term business closures on the shoulders of anyone and you’re sure to witness the pain almost immediately. What we least expected was to celebrate the end of the year and head into a new one, only to experience the same hardships that we thought we had already triumphed over - but that’s exactly what has happened.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

We’ve all heard the saying, “when you purchase from a small business, a real person does a happy dance” but across the professional beauty industry right now, dancing is the last thing on our minds. With lockdown now up to 4.0 for some states, the State Government’s Circuit Breaker Support Package, designed to provide financial relief for businesses has seen only one in seven successfully meet its needs, leaving the remaining businesses without ANY financial assistance while their doors are closed and team are stood down. An industry that is no stranger to the mental and financial stress of lockdowns is ours, the Professional Beauty and Aesthetic Industry where hundreds of salons, spas, clinics and wellness centres have had their doors closed more than opened on them over the past eighteen months. Behind the faces of the smiling beauty therapists, promoting their online stores, consulting via zoom and sharing their innovative at-home facial kits are exhausted individuals fighting for not just their businesses, but their ability to put food on the table. They are parents, siblings, children and carers. They are the breadwinners and for some, the sole income for their family. They’re also the home-schooling teachers, the chefs, the chauff ers, the cleaners and the looming reality of many businesses that won’t reopen once restrictions lift.


I started my Thursday morning like most mornings by checking in with our 8,000+ strong Facebook Group community. Except this morning was the first following the Victorian Stage 3 Lockdown extension and the outcry for support was deafening. Sitting for a while in the space trying to figure out if and how I could help, I went back to basics and absolute necessity to survive and advised the community that if anyone was unsure of whether they could feed their families throughout this lockdown extension, that I would anonymously purchase them a food delivery box - no questions asked, no ifs or buts, we would never mention it again. The response was immobilising. Not just one, but many people reached out in tears completely broken, accepting what they would normally feel too fearful and timid to ask for help feeding themselves and their families. Within minutes of my post, multiple people had taken me up on the o er. Just two hours later I had already sent out eight boxes of food. I knew by this point that there would be dozens more out there that needed this help but were too embarrassed or too proud to ask. This scared me for the safety and wellbeing both mentally and physically of our people. Jumping into a weekly routine phone call with Stefanie Milla, CEO of the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) the conversation was quickly taken over by my morning and a description of what was happening out in our industry and rapidly turned into a brainstorm of ways in which the ABIC as a Non-For-Profit association could increase the support. Loudening the voices of an unheard industry, together we launched an offi cial Go Fund Me campaign to increase the awareness and gain more funds to help those struggling. The

donated funds were being collected with the intention of purchasing shopping vouchers from Coles, as we soon realised that it wasn’t just food that needed to be put on the tables of people, but too, food for our four legged furry friends and for essential supplies such as baby formula and sanitary items.


The combined force of the ABIC Board and Foundation Members and generosity of the Beaute Industrie community saw a whopping $25,000 raised in the space of just 24 hours! Watching the donations roll in and the figure climb from hundreds into thousands gave me tears of joy and relief that the support so many needed was about to be possible. Some of the industry’s most prominent brands helped us reach this incredible figure. Brands including Advanced Skin Technology, Candela Medical, Dermalist, Dermaviduals Australia, INSKIN Cosmedics, MargiFox Distributors, Murad Australia and Professional Beauty Solutions are just some who got behind the cause, donating thousands towards the goal. Calls, voicemails, texts and private messages poured in from a broken industry being put back together slowly and surely with a feeling of hope providing them with the strength they can find the courage to keep going and fighting, knowing that they are being seen, heard and helped. The resounding notion that people ‘had given up until they saw this campaign’ was echoed throughout the continued communication. It was at this time we realised that a simple good deed had turned into a National support campaign and soon thereafter was making waves as the likes of radio, newspapers and tv stations reached out to hear about the support this drive was able to provide to our industry. Elevating the importance of the issue, Stefanie Milla, started reaching out to Political Ministers in government to bring attention to the profound need of Victorians and the industry at large.


With over $30,000 now raised and an urgency to distribute the funds as fast as possible, it was here that we started the call out for people to apply for the vouchers. Understanding that while no amount of money could save people’s businesses, nor provide a complete wage of pay for the multiple people who were stood down from duties without pay, an allocation of $100 per person would see approximately 300 people receiving support. JUNE 11TH Victorian based brand, Synergie Skin, saw the call out for support and open handedly announced to their customers a pledge of $5 from their best-selling Vitamin B serum sold over the long weekend would be donated to the fund announcing, ‘It breaks our hearts to see beauty professionals hurting through this pandemic, in challenging circumstances that are beyond their control. In particular, this last lockdown has hit Victorian small businesses exceptionally hard. Restock your vitamin B serum or visit your

favourite Synergie stockist and help us donate to this cause. There’s no better time than now.’. The pledge saw Synergie Skin contribute an additional $5,000 to the fund, taking the collective total to $36,340 to support the industry - over 350 people able to put food on the table and fill their homes with essential supplies. I always knew this industry to be filled with caring and supportive people, and now we can add generous to the list of traits we associate with our community. What astounded me the most was many people who have contributed to the campaign are too Business Owners, Brands and Therapists who have first handedly faced the struggles and hardship of the pandemic themselves, yet when called upon, they were the first to dig deep and contribute for the support of their fellow colleagues. While we are optimistically holding onto hope for the future to look brighter, due to the unknown nature of the spreadable virus potentially causing further restrictions and businesses to open and close, the future looks distant as to when the world, let alone our industry, will be in the clear. It is with hope that our industry can remain open for the foreseeable future but too with bated breath that we keep open the GoFundMe support drive, as a pool of available funds to continue to pass along to Business Owners and Therapists who are in need come future lockdowns. The more money we continue to raise, the more people we can help. That being said, if you would like to donate, the fund will remain open and you can do so and we thank you in advance. I would like to thank every single person for their donations, big or small, to the brands who have dug deep, to the those who shared the campaign and to those who helped us build this much needed support. The raised funds are yet to exhaust their allocation and funds are still available for distribution should you be in a position where you’re needing support to get you from week to week or to make ends meet. Please head to au/news/melbourne-covid-support-applications to complete an application form and support will be on its way shortly. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4





By Jessica Kidner

The number one way people are finding momentum in business right now is by stepping into the influencer role online. I’m guessing you have seen the type I’m referring to. People that have a particle interest of offering in an area and they are soaring online with followers or sales. The main reason for their success is they are positioning themselves as an expert in an area of interest to themselves and then “niching” down on their ideal follower. The industry has been moving in this direction for some time now, and it’s proving to be very successful. If you’re not doing it in your business right now, let this be the gentle push to get you focused on what it is you really want to do, and start positioning yourself as the expert in that field. How do you do it? I believe business should be something you love doing and lights you up, with the added benefit of making a profit. Isn’t that why you started a beauty business? Your business should inspire you. You should enjoy going to work every day. And you should be confident to know you don’t have to be everything to everyone. But the word ‘niche’ often scares people in business, especially new business owners. I mean, how can you possibly only offer 1 or 2 services in the beauty industry and build a viable business, right? Why would you want to cut out other services and lose out on potential clients? Is it crazy to position yourself as an expert in the beauty industry? Not at all! Let’s explore. You want to know in-depth who you are talking to in all marketing because it will make everything else easier inside your business. That person is now called your “ideal client.” Finding your ‘ideal client’ for your business I know I’ve just told you about niching your business, and yes, now I’m going to reveal why you should also have ‘ideal clients’. I’m not saying you need to eliminate clients who don’t fall into your ideal client category. But, how amazing would it be if you could book out your time with the clients you love working with? Clients who book in regularly. Clients who get the results they love and can’t get enough of your service. When you know who you’re marketing to, you’ll find you can create offers and content they want. You’ll find you start getting more successful as your posts are hitting the market you want. 84

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

And the more your content is shared by those who have come to know you, the more trust you’ll build your business online. And what’s comes with being seen as the expert? You guessed it... More interest in your business and sales. When people want to know about your area of expertise or have a question, they’ll come to you to book your service. Your name will get mentioned more and more online, and people will notice what you do. “ the more your content is shared by those who have come to know you, the more trust you’ll build your business online” Still unsure about positioning yourself as the expert?

3. You create sure-fire strategies If you want business growth, you’re going to need to put a marketing strategy in place. Use platforms like your website and socials to drive people into your email marketing funnels. From there, you can set up a series of targeted emailers to connect with your audience, get to know them, and draw them into buying from you.

4. Opportunities Once you’ve positioned yourself as an expert and you’re seen as a successful CEO of a business, you’ll find people coming to you with opportunities. From guest blogging to presenting at industry events, you’ll be a sought-after expert.

Here are the top 5 benefits of positioning yourself as an expert.

This is another way you can add revenue to your business, start employing others and doing more than just the beauty service itself.

1. Referrals

5. Offers

Referrals are the best form of ‘non-monetary’ marketing you’ve got available. Ask most people how they met their beauty specialist (eyelashes, nails, hair etc.), and they’ll tell you it was from a referral.

Once you’ve niched and know your audience, you’ll find that you can create exceptional offers that your audience can’t refuse. The offers you put together will prove how you solve their issues, and they’ll lap them up.

All it takes is for one friend, colleague or even the person serving in a shop to say, ‘Wow, your nails are gorgeous, where did you get them done?’, for your client to pass on your details.

The beauty of offers is that you start to charge more and quickly justify the cost due to the results you get for your clients.

2. Authority People know they can come to you as you’re an expert. You’ve got the skills, knowledge, and training. And it helps to find superstar staff members who share the same high-quality vision and passion for your niche. They know that working for you means superior training with a brilliant work environment and clients.

And there you have it. It is possible to niche your beauty business and build it up to be a wildly successful venture. I’m a former nail tech/beauty therapist who, without any knowledge of the business world or a fancy marketing degree, grew my salon into a multiple 6-figure business before I sold it for nearly 10x what I paid for it! Want to learn more about Jessica? Head to @jessica_kidner_beautyceo

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Around 10 years ago is when I had my business epiphany. The moment when I truly, for the first time, understood why I was here. Yes, I’ve been around for a long time in business (OMG it’s been 28 years), and believe me, I’ve been through many ups and of course, the downs. You know the ones - when team members leave, working your guts out in the treatment room and trying to manage all the other balls in the air that go with running a business, including making time to really connect with your team. One of my superpowers is my energy, but I was so busy being busy that it felt like sometimes I would get to the end of the day and have achieved nothing. Who can relate to this? I didn’t have a system or process in place, I didn’t have a plan for business and financially, I was kinda swinging by the seat of my pants. If there was money in my bank account, I thought I was going ok. I fumbled my way through for many years and I did ok but I knew I was capable of so much more. I needed to take my technician hat off and become a real business owner. This was the moment I knew I needed to develop my leadership skills and become the leader I was born to be. I found myself a coach and my thirst for knowledge on all thing’s leadership mindset and business. I was obsessed with reading 100s of books, attending seminars, learning everything I could to expand my knowledge, level up my skills, and gain as much experience as to grow and scale my business. When I sit and think about the journey, it has been so worth it, and the results that my La Bella Medispa group has been able to achieve still blows my mind. To go from a single operator working 60 hours a week in the treatment room to growing an empire of 3 clinics, over 22 team members, and a thriving brand and online business with The Skin Whisperer. Whoa, girl, you did it! 86

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

When we start our salon or clinic, it’s normally because we have a passion for the skills part of our business right? For me, it was a skin transformation, especially being a country girl, our skins out here really needed some serious love and guidance from a professional. We have a passion for really making a difference in our client’s lives that choose our business, we love the way we make people feel but there is more to a business than being exceptional at our crafts. As business owners, we are always looking for the magic pill or the secret sauce to creating a business that gives us the freedom of time, an incredible team, and substantial money. Yes, MONEY! It is not a dirty word! It’s the very fuel source that will give you choices in your business. The Number One is a no-brainer - ask for HELP! Get a coach to support your journey, to hold you to the highest standard, and teach you how to really run your business. This will help you lay strong foundations, so your business is safe, sustainable, and enjoyable for you. A coach will help you see things you may not see. Transitioning over to ZING I’ve found my calling and love I am now helping the salon/clinic owner Number Two is planning - the most important part of the business. If you do not have a

strategic business plan in place, you are probably running around like a chook with its head cut off, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and completely exhausted. The reason I know that is because this was me. Number 3 is effective meeting rhythms, and this is what I will be taking a deep dive into today. When I speak to most business owners, they really have no structure around meeting rhythms and might start monthly meetings but are just not consistent or move it around to put clients in. I’m also totally guilty of this. Having effective meeting rhythms aligns you and your team to your organization, creates consistent communication, builds deeper connections, and results in team fulfillment. When it comes to effective meeting rhythms, it all starts with the vision of your business. This is your why. Why does your business exist? Why do you exist? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Your purpose is your fuel source, and your business is your vehicle to deliver it and bring value to the lives of others. What’s your 5 to the 10-year mission? Yes, your big hairy audacious goal. As Bill Gates said, “most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and

“YOUR PURPOSE IS YOUR FUEL SOURCE, AND YOUR BUSINESS IS YOUR VEHICLE TO DELIVER IT AND BRING VALUE TO THE LIVES OF OTHERS.” underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade”. How many people do you want to reach? What are the core values of your business? This is our blueprint. These are your guiding principles, driving behaviors, language, beliefs, and support all of your decision-making. Our values are our standards and are super important if you want to attract the right people to come on the journey with you. Understanding and articulating our vision to our team is what gives our business meaning so they know they are a part of something so much bigger than themselves. Our purpose is the very thing that ignites creativity, passion, and alignment in our team. Being clear of your vision is the key to successful meeting rhythms. The first thing when implementing meeting rhythms, you need to mark out the time the meeting times are scheduled a year in advance. This is a non-negotiable time and our team really looks forward to all meeting rhythms we have implemented. I know when I started, I wasn’t perfect at delivering these meetings, but I just started and got better and better each time. It’s all about showing up and being consistent. The meeting rhythms have been the very thing that has helped really build my leadership muscles. Let’s start with the daily huddle. In my clinics, we start each day right with a daily huddle. Daily huddles are high-energy and the perfect way to engage your team before the day starts with really positive energy. There are so many benefits to the daily huddles. It’s a simple and easy way to implement a powerful habit that connects the team to your business’s cultural values, increases the flow of communication, and provides opportunities to offer each other support (along with a little social pressure to get shit done). In our daily huddles, our team makes a public declaration on the task they will get done for that day. This accountability is a super powerful key to performance but also creates autonomous behavior and complete alignment in our team. When I started the daily huddle process, I had no idea the impact it would have on my team and business. I ran the daily huddles myself for around 6 months to really embed the behaviors, the language, and the energy required to get the best out of my team. So, how does a daily huddle work? For starters, it’s first thing in the morning, 10 minutes before start time. We all stand together and share: 1. What’s our win from the day before? 2. What are the 3 tasks for the day each team member is committed to achieving? These are derived from the big rocks for the quarter.

3. The Cultural Value each team member will live by for that day 4. Any bottlenecks that could potentially stop us from achieving what we set out to achieve and troubleshoot support ideas to help tick our task off. 5. One thing we’re each grateful for as a La Bella Team Member One-on-one meetings occur weekly. This is time for your team members to have a special time with you and to really chat about all things wins and things they can potentially be struggling with. We as leaders must use our intuition to read body language and tones of voice. Remember questions are the answers and we must listen to hear, not to respond. If you are doing all the talking then you are not tapping into your team members. I always start on a positive focus asking what their biggest win has been since last week. Recognizing wins is so important in a business. I always ask so from 1 to 10 1 being shit house 10 being amazing how do you feel being in our business? If it’s not a 10 ask them what needs to change to get them to a 10. I follow by asking what their biggest challenge has been and support the outcome. Look at health check results, the amazing scorecard we use at ZING, and get your team members to identify where they went well and what they could do better. I really echo the impact we are having on our visiting guests and come up with some hot action items together to really amplify the commitment. I check in our culture and identify opportunities for us to do better as a team. Sometimes the catch-ups need to be nurtured if one of your team is struggling so really observe how they are showing and giving them what they need and sometimes it’s just love and support. Weekly team training is non-negotiable. This is an opportunity to up-skill your teams! Weekly tram training is ideal when you have your team altogether on the same day. This is generally 9 am one morning. How we structure our training is: 1. Week 1 – Promotions. Go through up-andcoming promotions so the team are clear, make sure your procedure is written down, role-play how to speak to clients about promotions 2. Week 2 - Skills training 3. Week 3 - Skills training 4. Week 4 - Planning with your team. Checkin on the team big rocks if you have done planning, plan out socials for the next month

These weekly trainings have been a massive contributing factor in the results we achieve with our clients and have built so much confidence with our tea. Our girls look forward to and love this training each week. Sprint driver planning days. We shut our business 3 times a year and plan with our teams. This is where we review and celebrate the 4 months before, identifying our accomplishments, what we did well, our lessons learned, and the things we do not want to repeat. We look at our strengths, our weaknesses, and trends in the marketplace. Then, we reset and map out, and plan our next 4-month sprint. These days are amazing team bonding opportunities by including yoga, meditations, and fun activities to get us thinking and most of all have fun. When it comes to our business, we are always looking and measuring our touchpoints with our clients but for me, your touchpoints with your team are the most important thing you can do as a leader. Our business is a reflection of us, and we need to take the time to know our people at a deeper level. They are a part of your dream so be a part of theirs too. Be the leader you would want to follow. For me, leadership is a privilege. Having the opportunity to impact and change another human being’s life for the better is something that lights me up and this is what being a transformational leader truly is. So, take the time to expand and develop your team personally and professionally. You will see your business change and you’ll discover a more purposeful, happier aligned, and fulfilled team which will impact your customer journey for the better. Most of all, you will create a business that you LOVE. Please reach out if you have any questions, Love and Gratitude, Rebecca ZING Coach Rebecca Miller is a Senior Business Coach at The ZING Project. For more advice for your salon, spa or clinic, join the ‘Salon Smarts’ private Facebook group today or contact Rebecca at

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4





By Kelly Cunningham

Most business owners wear many hats when it comes to running a business, sales and marketing, operations and quality control, human resources and employee management, finance and business administration. Is it any wonder that business owners are time poor and need to spread their time across these disciplines or outsource functions to professional service advisers? Similar to finance, accounting and legal services, retail or commercial leasing is a specialist advisory area that involves large sums of money over periods of time that span many years. Similar to finance, accounting and legal services, retail or commercial leasing is a specialist advisory area that involves large sums of money over periods of time that span many years. Unfortunately, most Tenants approach lease negotiations from a position of limited knowledge of the leasing process and the current market conditions. A Landlords core activity is to lease their property to Tenants. They typically employ a professional commercial property agent and have access to the most current market data. The Landlord generally prepares the lease and asserts a level of confidence in the leasing process. They are aware that time poor Tenants will often negotiate from an inferior position in relation to market information and representation. A Tenant may be more inclined to place more emphasis on convenience above negotiating the best rental outcome and lease terms. Invariably, this results in the Tenant falling short of achieving all the potential value and terms that may have been potentially available. We call this the “Tenants Dilemma”. What can a Tenant do to improve their chances of a great leasing outcome? Create Confidence and Peace of Mind…. A Safe Pair of Hands … Any successful decision results from having all the relevant information and the experience to create a great outcome. With experience comes the confidence of having undertaken a transaction many times over. An educated level of professional and market knowledge leads to commencing a transaction with a reasonable understanding of what a potential outcome could be, before it has even commenced. Your Leasing Co. provides their clients with a “Safe Pair of Hands” in what can be a time consuming, technical and very expensive part of running a business. The trust our clients place in the service we provide is returned by us providing confidence and peace of mind in the commercial leasing result achieved. Experience and market knowledge Industry knowledge and current market experience is the foundation required to creating an optimal lease negotiation with a Landlord or 88

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

their agent. Your Leasing Co. have negotiated over 1,000 retail and commercial leases over the past 25 years and bring our technical and industry knowledge to every deal. We have access to market data that is essential to negotiate with Landlords and maximising value for our clients.

the market.

Negotiating from a position of confidence Armed with the same or better market information and experience than the Landlord may have, we are in a powerful position to negotiate the best possible outcome for the Tenant. Negotiation for a large number of people is a confrontational process, which most people tend to try and avoid. A Tenant Representative like Your Leasing Co. undertakes the negotiation process on behalf of their clients and have an informed understanding of what is generally acceptable industry practice in asking for various incentives and the trade-off in rent payable.

We take care of the boring documentation Your Leasing Co. provides confidence by ensuring that the deal that was agreed, is what is documented in the lease. Knowing what to look for and fully understanding what was agreed at the negotiation stage saves a lot of time, frustration and uncertainty when it comes to reviewing the lease.

Our clients no longer need to have any more uncomfortable or confrontational conversations with their Landlord that could result in residual negativity. We undertake lease negotiations for them from a commercial perspective and with a background of understanding what is within the bounds of generally acceptable commercial leasing practice. Although, this may be stretched from time to time… Access to off market deals Using a Tenant representative like Your Leasing Co. saves time by providing more options to choose from. We are in the market every day and have access to off market deals through our professional property network that Tenants acting for themselves don’t get access to. We develop a document that we call a brief. This is a description of all the tenancy requirements and we discretely circulate this across our professional network. Quite often sites become available for lease, but don’t get advertised because they fit the profile of a Tenants brief and a deal is struck without the property going onto

Simultaneously, we also have our own team of people who actively search the market matching up the criteria from our clients brief.

We are nice guys People like to work with people that they like and share a common goal … We aim to make the whole experience of renewing a lease or finding a new location and negotiating the lease as enjoyable and painless as it possibly can be …. while maximising the value and satisfaction for our clients. Like More Information? Feel free to send us a copy of your lease and call for a chat. You can go to or find us on our socials by searching “Your Leasing Co” and like us on Face Book and Linked In. Or you can just Call us on 1300 356 702 We look forward to hearing from you.








By Karla McDiarmid

When asked to write an article for this edition I wanted to talk about something quite personal for me and many others that never really gets discussed… the elephant in the room... The mental health of our leader , mentors, business owners & managers in the industry. We spend a lot of time talking about our teams but I feel more than ever its time to check on our business owners, suppliers, managers, business development managers & all of the people who go under the radar but help all of us every day. Life is a crazy rollercoaster at the best of times.. but COVID has put a many extra upside down turns and twists like no other rollercoaster that existed in our lifetime. As a business owner myself, I am continually investing in my teams wellbeing with education galore, resilliance training, positive mindset quotes & images, incentives to keep them motivated and happy, outings for breakfasts / meals & gifts when they reach targets –we even have Gucci handbags on offer to our team for our June / July targets. – crazy I know! BUT who is looking after you? We give so much to our teams to keep them in high spirits, we have to come home from work and give our family 200% effort, we check in with our friends , we continually work after hours to help others & are giving our customers another 200% of our attention – how much do time do you actually give to the most important person -YOU? Burn out is real & it can affect anyone. If it is one thing I have learnt about being a business owner during Covid times– YOU have to put YOURSELF first because we cannot continue to pretend we are ok when dep down we are struggling too. We cannot help our family, friends or our team if we haven’t got our own mindset in the right place or our body & gut in good health. Attitude is everything right now, we are either thriving or barely surviving & for the majority it’s the later. Now is the time to really make some big postitive changes to your life. I feel this is easy to say and say ‘yes, Ive got this’ but do we really? For me as an industry mentor, business owner, step mum to four, new wife and loving aunty… 90

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Covid made me take a step back, it made me slow down & realise what was important and make changes to focus on me. The first change to help my own sanity was selling one of my business’s. Realising I needed to find me again & I need to find time for me. I needed to stop spending more time in my car driving then anywhere else & that was a huge turning point. If I wasn’t driving to Sydney to see my family each weekend living out of a suitcase I was driving to another town to look after my two business locations. I became so obsessed with keeping our doors opened and not letting the business go backwards & making sure the team was happy that I forgot about me for many years. If Covid had not happened I may not be here being able to write about it. For me it has been a true blessing in disguise. As a business leader I watch how incredible many of our leaders , mentors & business owners are who have all greatly stepped up to help others over the past 1.5 years. I know so many are exhausted, mentally drained, they too have business’s also financially suffering and have given out so much of their time and education for free, it has been tremendously inspiring but I know many must be at breaking point & hurting right now in silence as well. It took me a long time to realise I cannot keep being superwoman to others. I feel as leaders we need to talk about our own struggles more than to show it all nice & shiny when really its far from glamourous lives we all live. Many of my skin & beauty friends & from all industries are going through tough times right now but to their

families, friends and staff – they would never be able to say or show how they really feel. To keep our industry strong we all need to be strong and come together to say its ok not to be ok, its ok to have crappy days (even when you are the owner) and if you need to change business direction that’s ok too.. People said to me ‘your closing your Medi Spa’ ? ‘no I’m not I said.. I have sold it to someone who has a different business dream to mine & wants to put her own stamp on the business’. Its not a bad thing to let go of the past, its not a bad thing to move on & when you recognise you need to change things & let go to actually change things in your life - wonderful things will happen! To anyone who is a business owner or manager & is unsure which path to take right now .. always know sometimes a door has to close to open another. I felt now more than ever we need to be honest with ourselves, we have given so much to others in the past years that we shouldn’t have to pretend as business owners we are ok. Its ok for us too to not be ok and we must build stronger together to raise our industry further and support our leaders, not just our teams. If anyone is feeling alone or lost please feel free to reach out & most of all don’t be embarrassed or ashamed -we are all in this together. If we talk about it more in these tough times we can make a difference to all help one another. If you or a loved one need support please contact Lifeline 131114




By Nicola Moras

When COVID-19 hit our shores, there was a very fast move by existing businesses to increase (or start) their presence online in order to survive. To add to that, more people have been starting side hustles with some even transitioning a side hustle to their main hustle. The fight to be seen is huge. The game of standing out online has become a lot harder than it was just a few short months ago, with everyone competing for their share of the newsfeed. The good news for you, is there are things you can do right now to make sure that you can cut through the noise and stand out with what you do. Here are seven ways you can start right now.

1. KNOW YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE Articulating your point of difference can trip up a lot of people. Yet, you all have something that sets you apart from everyone else in your industry. It could be the fact that you’re brand new to the industry and you have a fresh vibe. Alternately, perhaps you’ve been in the industry for some time bringing experience and wisdom to the way you do things. Don’t make it ‘clever’! Keep it simple and then own it.


Consumers these days have a very refined BS detector that goes off at the even the tiniest whiff of disingenuity, so it’s important you’re ‘real’ online. This means sharing your face, your thoughts and why you’re doing what you’re doing. This is relevant for both product and service providers. People want to see the people behind the ‘brand’. Let them see you so they can get to know who you are. This helps you to stand out, because many are unwilling to do this.


When it comes to social media and standing out, the things that you least expect to cut through the noise are often the ones that work. When you’re creating content for your social media profiles, make sure you share a mix of ‘business’ posts and more ‘personal’ posts. For instance, share some photos of you doing your work as well as photos of your product or service.


Something that will help you stand out to the right people (your potential customers) is creating content that will help your audience. Every single one of your potential clients and customers have a problem that you can help solve. The content you create should help them with this. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer and you know your audience struggle with colour pallets, you could educate them on how colours work together and how to choose.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4


Far too many people online are trying to play it safe and appeal to everyone. The more you practice sharing your opinions online about both professional and personal matters, the easier it becomes. Many people shy away from these for fear of being judged or the fear of losing fans and or followers. Those that leave because you’ve shared your opinions would likely have left anyway. There are more than enough people who will love that you stand up for yourself and share your opinions. These are the kinds of people who will also buy from you. You can start with something simple such as “morning person or night owl” and share your opinion on that. As you build the ‘opinion muscle’ you can start to share your opinion on issues that may have deeper meaning.


Your audience want to connect with you, your products and or your services and you must

give them a way to do that. Original imagery is the fastest way to cut through the newsfeed and create an impact. This also helps you to be remembered.


The biggest thing that will help you cut through the noise and stand out, is to post consistently and in a way that is on message for your business. Post at least twice a day or more, so that your audience knows when they go to your page, that they have many ways to connect and be inspired by you and what you do. Nicola Moras is an online visibility expert and author of In the Spotlight (Major Street Publishing $29.95), a guides for business owners on how to create a powerful presence online that attracts the clients you want. Find out more at




Many of us begin our journey running a beauty business with a kit full of tools, a heart full of hope and a beautiful vision for our future. And while being a Beauty Business Owner is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take (but let’s be honest, we’re biased!), it also comes with its challenges. If I were to ask a room full of Beauty Business Owners what their number one struggle is when it comes to running their business, I can guarantee that the majority would say ... LACK OF TIME! Can you relate? The industry is facing a severe skills shortage at the moment, forcing many Beauty Biz Owners out of the office, and back on to the salon floor ... making their precious time more scarce than ever before. Not only is your business now needing you to keep up with the ‘Boss Tasks’ like marketing, admin, copywriting, human resource management, business development (the list goes on and on) 94

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

- it’s also needing you to don your apron and get back on the tools. And while this can be fun - after all, most of us got into the industry because we love being of service in this hands-on way - it can also be exhausting and it’s absolutely unsustainable. Many of the Beauty Business Owners I speak with and support are feeling stretched and overwhelmed when it comes to the day to day operations of their businesses. Worst of all, their profits aren’t moving upwards because their energy, as the Boss Babe, is being torn in a million different directions. Firstly, I want you to take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing an incredible job - celebrate that! Secondly, I want to tell you that I have a solution (is that a collective sigh of relief I hear?!)

There is an easy way for you to reclaim your time, step back into taking care of your core Boss Babe job tasks, and increase your joy. I have two words …

OUTSOURCING, BABY! Yes, outsourcing is the answer to all your ‘HELP ME FIND MORE TIME!’ business prayers. As you well know, a business has lots of cogs that need to turn in order for it to run smoothly. One of the issues I see is that Beauty Boss Owners feel like they need to be responsible for keeping all these cogs turning. My friend, you don’t. In fact, the most successful and joyful Beauty Boss Owners I know are the ones who acknowledge that they can’t do everything alone, and willingly put their hand up for help.

I want this success and joy for you too!

Ask yourself ...

is so important.

So, let’s start by getting clear on what outsourcing actually is …

What tasks do I love to do? What inspires me and lights me up? What do I find draining and spend w-a-y too long doing?

Figure out what your weekly budget is, and move forward from there.

Here’s what kinds of support I see my Beauty Business Owner clients benefiting from:

The best outsourcing experiences and outcomes happen when you take the time to find the perfect person/people to support you.

Put simply, I think of outsourcing as getting other people to do the things that I don’t have time for, don’t enjoy doing or just aren’t in my zone of genius. We can outsource LOTS of things in both our personal and professional lives … From meal prep and school runs, to social media and email management - there is someone out there who will do just about anything that you don’t want to do (thank goodness!) I want to pause here and address the obvious question that may be planting itself in your head right now … “Yes Kara, I’d love to get more support in my business, but funds are low!” I get it but here’s the thing … Outsourcing and bringing on support actually allows you to stay in YOUR zone of genius as the Boss at the helm of your business. This in itself helps you bring more money through the door! No longer will your time, energy and skills be stretched to their limits, you’ll be able to focus solely on doing the things that are going to generate more revenue and keep your business growth moving on upwards. It seems backwards - that investing in support could actually make you more money - but I’ve seen it happen time and time and time again. I know it can feel scary to take that leap, but it’s a jump that needs to be traversed if you want your business to have its greatest chance at long term success. Here’s where I suggest you begin your journey with outsourcing … One: Get clear on exactly what kind of support you need Every beauty business requires different support, because every Beauty Biz Owner has different skills and interests.

Support from a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant - to help with social media content creation, scheduling, and engagement and relationship building. Support from a Virtual Receptionist - to respond to emails, answer phone calls, build community via email and SMS, nurture existing customers and follow up with clients who have gone radiosilent. Support from a Copywriter - to write SEO friendly blog posts, update the words on your website and craft newsletters for your community. Two: Understand what kind of support will give you the biggest bang for your buck Outsourcing has the capacity to create massive growth in your businesses revenue!

Four: Find the right people for the job

Just like you’d be intentional with the staff you bring into your salon, so too should you be intentional about the humans you bring into other areas of your business. In my experience, working with people who have an understanding of how the beauty industry works and who you resonate with on a human level, are two important ingredients for outsourcing success. And there you have it my fellow Beauty Boss - my simple but game-changing guide to outsourcing, so you can reclaim your time and grow your businesses exposure, reputation and revenue. Wishing you and your business all the success in the world!

BUT … you need to get clear on which outsourced tasks would give you the biggest bang for YOUR buck (which will be different for every Beauty Business Owner). Outsourcing is not just about freeing up your time, it’s about getting return on investment. Consider where your business is leaking money and get someone in to put a plug in that hole! I want to add here that there is no right or wrong time to start outsourcing. Our businesses can benefit from support at all stages of our journey, it’s simply a case of getting clear on the right support for us. Three: Determine your budget While outsourcing requires an investment, I don’t want you to invest to the point where it creates more stress in your life. Outsourcing is meant to support you, not hurt you - which is why knowing how much you can invest

Kara Lehmann is the founder of The Beauty Boss VA, a virtual assistant agency specifically for the professional beauty industry. Kara is a Mum of 3 who has been a salon owner herself and has worked within the digital space within our industry, over the past 4 years. The Beauty Boss VA has a team of experienced beauty industry professionals, including Qualified Beauty Therapists who know and understand the demands of the industry. Find Kara at @the_beautyboss_va or visit

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4






It all begins with the bio. Think about all the times when you’ve been suggested a new page to follow on Instagram. Where’s the first place you go to learn about them and what value they’ll bring to your feed? Their bio. This exchange of information happens in seconds. If the bio connects with you, you press follow; if it doesn’t, you don’t! Your Instagram Bio is your business card, portfolio, homepage and first impression all wrapped into 150 characters so it’s safe to say you’ve got to make each one of them count. Let’s cut through the noise and maximise every single character to welcome not only brand-new followers to your account but more appointments scheduled by your dream clients.

#1 – A picture is worth a thousand words

I’m not dropping any major truth bombs when I say that your Instagram profile picture should be your business logo. That’s pretty obvious, right? Where many businesses go wrong is that they upload a version of their logo that either doesn’t fit in the Instagram profile picture dimensions or is low resolution. As your bio is that first impression, you want everything to be as high quality as that facial you want them to book. Currently, your profile picture should be fit the size of 110x110 pixels. You don’t want to deviate too far from this as Instagram will then crop it. You can test it out by selecting “Edit Profile” and seeing how it fits before publishing it. If your logo is larger than the required dimensions, consider a submark variation of your logo instead. For example, brands like dermalogica and dermaviduals use their signature “D” submark as their profile pictures instead of trying to fit their main logos in the size dimensions. Whatever final profile picture you choose should be updated on all other social media platforms for consistency.

#2 – The name of the game

Did you know that the “Name” field of your Instagram bio is separate to your username? They don’t have to be the same thing and in fact, you can utilise this section to boost your page’s search power! Incredibly valuable but wildly underutilised, you can use targeted keywords in this field to make your business more discoverable. Consumers are savvy. They often already know what they’re 96

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

looking for so it’s up to us to it’s our business they hit follow (and book now) on. Brainstorm the keywords your dream customer might be using to find a business like yours. This could be where you’re located, a treatment you specialise in or a particular niche you service. Once you’ve found the right keywords, you can put these into your name. For example, if someone searched “Melbourne Body Contouring”, “Sydney Brow Artist”, or “Brisbane Skin Clinic”, the pages that have those relevant keywords in their name will feature higher on the search results list.

#3 – Telling your story (in 150 characters or less)

It’s time to actually write the bio itself. This is the section where you’re able to express your brand personality, showcase your offerings and of course, your ‘why’. The tricky part is you only get 150 characters to do it! That’s where my 4-sentences to bio goals comes in. Sentence one: who is your business? The icebreaker. Introduce yourself to your audience! Sentence two: what do you do? A space to share your key specialisations and even the brands you stock (eg: DMK Experts). If you or your key brands have a signature hashtag, this is a brilliant space to include it. Sentence three: why do they need you? Are you an award winner? Are you the go-to for clearing acne? Are you all about those zen vibes? Share why they should choose you over your competitor.

Sentence four: what do you want them to do once you’ve created the connection? Spell it out. What action are they taking? Include a call to action to your website, appointment booking, online store or even to explore your latest promotion. With this structure, you can seamlessly update your CTA with current promos or must-know info. I love utilising pages like Linktree or Milkshake to get more out of your link in bio. Rather than constantly updating a single link in your bio, these pages allow you to harness multiple call to actions where the user can pick their own adventure and find the solution they’re looking for. As we only have seconds to connect with the user, it’s important to make this section easy to read. I recommend using an emoji for each sentence to not only make the bio scannable and eye-catching but show off your brand’s personality. Remember, not all emojis are bold and bright. There are plenty of more subtle ones that can support your bio whilst saying on brand.

#4 – Check your connection

Wrap up your bio glow-up by ensuring all links and call-to-action buttons are connected. There’s nothing worse than admiring your sparkly new bio only to find out that your address is wrong, or your phone number was entered incorrectly! Provide your dream client a few different ways to get in touch. Instagram offers a contact button for phone and email so don’t waste your 150 characters on these and instead, maximise the buttons. I’d love to see your fresh new bios! DM @doyouevensocial so we can check them out!




HERE’S WHERE TO CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY, WHILST KEEPIN’ IT CLASSY! By Sarah Garner Let’s be real. Copycatter’s suck. When you’ve put so much time, energy, expertise and let’s face it, money, into your brand, it can be so incredibly frustrating for someone to make a ripoff of it in minutes. When someone makes a copy of your brand, or imitates part of it, it says a lot about both parties. For you, it means you’ve got something worth copying so, bravo to that. For the copycatter, it highlights that they’re so out of touch with their own brand that they need to focus on their competitors instead. It also means they lack their own creative confidence, experience, or support team to execute something original. Now, this isn’t to make you feel sorry for the copycatter or to make excuses for them, but it helps you to understand that sometimes, copycatter’s aren’t coming from a place of malice but rather a total fan girl [or guy] moment. To them, imitation is much easier than invention, especially when they have what they feel is the total end goal staring right back at them in your brand. We thought we’d leave out the tricky business that can happen during these scenarios [you know, the ones that require less flare pants and more briefcases which totally isn’t our jam] and focus on some ways you can positively channel your energy into your own brand, purpose and customers.

Copying doesn’t equal brand loyalty

Someone can snag a colour scheme, font and hey, even a tagline but you know what they can’t whip up on Canva? Your brand loyalty. The powerful blend of all the wonderful things that make people choose you time and time again. When you’re faced with a copycatting situation, focus on your customers. We can spend so much time and energy worrying about what our competition is doing that we forget that we’ve still got an abundance of loyal customers that are likely none the wiser. Focusing too much on what others are doing is what drove the copycatter in the first place so don’t put your energy in that same basket. This is the ultimate, you do you, moment! When you work that hard to develop such strong brand loyalty, it takes more than a cheeky copycatter to have your customers jump ship. You must remind yourself that a brand is so much more than its visual identity. It’s also the way it sounds, the way it speaks to the customer and ultimately, the way it makes them feel every time they engage with you. 98

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 4

Are there opportunities for a brand refresh?

Sometimes a copycatting incident can ignite the fire from within to finally refresh your brand or make those tweaks you’ve been considering for a while. Now, we don’t mean completely overhaul your entire brand but consider opportunities to breathe fresh air into your brand and add a little somethin’ somethin’ that the copycat doesn’t have. We think a great place to start is a Brand Audit. A Brand Audit gives you the space to reflect on your brand as a whole and ask yourself the tough questions, especially if you’ve been around for a few years at this point. Has your overall goal changed direction during the evolution of your business? Are you still clearly and engagingly connecting with your dream client? Are your brand touchpoints consistent and communicating that message effectively? To help you get your audit on, we’ve written a whole blog on our DIY Brand Audit that you can check out right here ( shop)

Remember your purpose

Think of it like this. When a brand copies another brand, they might act like they can walk the walk but when we get down to the nitty gritty, they cannot talk the talk. Just like your brand loyalty, a copycatter cannot take away your purpose. Your

WHY drives everything within your business, with every touchpoint leading back to that purpose. People gravitate towards authenticity so whilst another business may visually identify like you, they don’t have that heart, soul, and purpose to back it up. Whilst you should challenge and rise above copycats, don’t allow them to get inside your head and mess around with your purpose. That’s yours to own, grow and evolve as your business does. Hey, this might even be the time you really lean into your purpose and create something completely new and exciting with it! Let’s be real. Copycatter’s suck. When you’ve put so much time, energy, expertise and let’s face it, money, into your brand, it can be so incredibly frustrating for someone to make a rip-off of it in minutes. Copycatter’s come and go but those brands that are deeply linked to their customers, their purpose and their evolution are the ones that will always stand out from the crowd. As old man Suess once said, no one is youer and you. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your growing hair, beauty or wellness business turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website


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Beauty Biz year 14 issue 4  

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