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I think what I love most about writing this particular Editors Letter, is being able to welcome everyone to a brandnew year.. and happily, say goodbye to 2020! 2021 brings a new start for all of us. We get to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Now is the time to set your intentions for the year, map out those goals, have a planning day and put the steps into place to set you up for a successful year. Also, make sure you get in early and book your accommodation and travel as the debut of Hair Festival 2021 will be held over the June long weekend in Sydney! How exciting! Held on this iconic weekend, Mocha are also very proud to be launching this year, the new CREATIVE Australian Hair Industry Awards. Taking up the space left from the now closed and well-known Hair Expo awards we are honouring the legacy and bringing our own experience and knowledge of the industry and awards to all those who wish to showcase and compete in this creative arena. With over 100 judges, never before has an Australian Hair Industry Awards had so much reach! With 2 rounds - photographic and written, this truly is the holy grail of hairdressing awards. Entry Site is now open so head over to www. australianhairindustryawards.com.au for all rules, regulations, criteria and categories. This Inaugural event will be held on the evening of Monday 14th June following the new Hair Festival and will be held at The Star, Sydney. The well-established AHIA (Business) will be held on October 10th on the Gold Coast, QLD. The only business awards for the Australian hair Industry, also proudly owned by mocha will be open for entry in February 2021. Stay tuned. So, get your diaries out, and start planning, it’s going to be a great year ahead!

We have asked some of the best minds in the Industry to share their thoughts and ideas on what you should be doing to get off to a successful start for the year ahead and make sure that you have a great 2021. We also have Sharlene Lee from Circles Of Hair, the winner of the AHIA Australian Salon Business of the Year 2020, joining us this year and sharing her strategies around business, leadership, growth and how she created a stellar, award winning salon! We get up and close for 10 minutes with Tom Donato, learn about Sheree Knobel’s Healthy Habits, and have so much more goodness ready and waiting for you to read. So, grab your favourite beverage, put your feet up for a little and enjoy the very 1st edition of Hair Biz for 2021. Have an amazing year everyone! Much love, Louise May x

L ou ise M ay Louise May, HAIR BIZ Editor





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BLOGS 78 Mindfulness By Dario Cotroneo 79 A New Year By Julie Piantadosi 80 Upon Reflection By Kobi Bokshish 81 20 Takeaways From 2020 By Paul Frasca

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ALL ABOUT EVES It’s hard to think of a hairdresser who has had quite such an illustrious career as TRISTAN EVES. Yet these days he has left behind the fast pace of London life and brought his own brand of Mayfair hair to a luxurious base in Sussex The smart, historic and somewhat serene Sussex town of Petworth may not seem the most obvious location for a hairdresser more accustomed to the glitzy London high life. But, in a departure from his days of glossy magazine shoots, tending to celebrities, working with some of the most prestigious names in the hair industry and a stint as a top TV expert, Tristan Eves says he couldn’t be happier here. His eponymous salon, Tristan Eves, has set out to bring a slice of Mayfair luxury to its style-conscious clientele. And the formula is working. But then again, Tristan Eves is not what you may typically expect of a ‘Mayfair hairdresser’. For starters there’s the distinctive, gravelly voice - his accent undoubtedly picked up from his parents’ East London roots. Plus, there are no airs and graces. Tristan tells it like it is (“I don’t get impressed by people unless they’re actually impressive,” he witheringly declares). And - as you’ll soon see - his route to the most prized postcode in hairdressing was hardly straightforward. 8

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Tristan describes his background as “modest”. His family moved from Bethnal Green to the Northamptonshire town of Rushden when Tristan was young. His father was from a military background and Tristan was surrounded by male role models who had careers in the RAF and the army. “I was all set to sign up for The Royal Marines,” he confides, “I was convinced I’d go into the army.” Instead though, Tristan found himself pursuing a different path. A friend signed him up to sweep the floor at the local hair salon during the summer holidays, but he was soon cutting ‘flat tops’ instead – all the rage at the time. Rather than continue with A-Levels, Tristan ditched college and took a full-time position at that same local salon. No surprise really that the family’s first response to Tristan’s unexpected career choice was less than impressed. “My family just laughed and expressed their distaste when I told them I was going to be a hairdresser and feature in all the magazines,” Tristan recalls. Undeterred, Tristan moved to the Midlands

and what followed was a heady and hectic lifestyle where he was building both a name for himself as a promising hairdresser, but also DJ-ing at night on the vibrant clubbing scene. Tristan was taken under the wing of fellow hairdresser Ross Wormington who had trained at legendary salon, Mantini’s (its owner, Paolo, known for his work on many top movies, including The Remains of the Day and The Avengers) and underwent a swift and significant learning curve. “I was taught so much by Ross – how to cut hair with a razor, feather cuts, how you can cut with any blade if you understand how hair moves.” It was only a matter of time before Tristan had secured a role at Leicester’s biggest name – Remy Hair Salon – and then, craving a change of scene, he headed for the South of France where he spent the summer cutting the hair of the super elite at Hotel Byblos in in St Tropez. Homeward bound after some time out on the beach in Barcelona, Tristan couldn’t imagine working for anyone else back in Leicester, so he decided to set up on his own. It had been a breathless few years and yet he hadn’t even turned 23! Salon Velvet was all of Tristan’s most fanciful ambitions – tropical marine fish tanks, rust velvet on the walls and parquet floors. Sky magazine even named it ‘The coolest place to get your hair cut’ that year. But, perhaps inevitably, London had to feature in Tristan’s pathway at some point and when a friend told him about a position going at renowned Soho salon Fish, it felt like his destiny. He had to go. “That was a brilliant time,” Tristan recalls. “I was rammed – fully-booked and working non-stop, but it was where things started to really take off.” Over the next five years, Tristan gained a reputation as an exceptionally talented cutter. As well as inventing iconic looks (he claims the 90s Mohawk as his own creation), he was gathering a raft of celebrity clients and became the go-to for Universal Music Group, looking after artists such as Robbie Williams, Kylie and

Joss Stone. “I’d be backstage at the Brits, the Mercury Music Awards and the MOBOs - I’ve forgotten more of the famous faces I’ve worked with than I can remember,” Tristan confides. It’s clear to see why Tristan looks back at these times with a slight sense of wonder, “It was a real peak for me,” he admits, “I thought at the time, ‘I love this job – it’s the best ever.’” To call his career illustrious even at this stage would be an understatement and yet there was plenty more to come. While working at Fish, Tristan had caught the eye of hairdressing’s highest ranks and he was head-hunted by John Frieda to go and work for its well-established team. And so, eventually, he’d landed the prized Mayfair role, which would become his future trademark. It almost goes without saying that these opportunities don’t come by without a huge talent to back up the reputation. Tristan has been lauded as an amazing cutter and someone who possesses a rare instinct. For Tristan, he describes his approach to haircutting as something quite visceral. “I suppose I’m able to see balance,” he explains. “A great haircut is all about great foundations – it should grow out just as well as the first day it was cut. I see it like sculpting water, which continually moves and flows. You have to understand how hair moves before you can know how to cut it.” With his notoriety at its peak, Tristan was put forward to be an expert on new TV show ‘Queer Eye for a Straight Guy’ and got the part. He was involved for a hugely successful two series and there was even talk of him joining the US cast, although it wasn’t meant to be. Tristan had also left John Frieda and opened the second of how own salons - this time under his own name - on London’s Petticoat Lane. Maybe it’s unsurprising that years of working flat out, coupled with a lifestyle of partying, and networking even harder had left Tristan feeling exhausted. He needed to slow down the pace and so, after three cont’d over page



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years, he stepped away from running his own salon and took up a couple of less highprofile roles – one at Jo Hansford. When he was ready to make a ‘comeback’ he opted for the comfortable surroundings of Stuart Phillips in Covent Garden. Describing it as the sanctuary he needed, Tristan negotiated a new start, “no celebrities, no fuss, I just wanted to come and cut hair,” he confesses. He’s eternally grateful for the next 10 years he spent at Stuart’s salon and describes Phillips as a “great guy with a really brilliant salon. Not only is he good at putting teams together, he also gives you the freedom to be yourself.” Perhaps Tristan would have stayed for longer, but then along came Michael Smith – Tristan’s partner and the man who would become a pivotal player in the next stage of Tristan’s hair career. Ex-Director of a London Ad Agency, Michael was based in Petworth and offered the level head and stable lifestyle Tristan had been searching for. “Suddenly I was re-connecting with a more wholesome life and somehow I found my ambition again,” Tristan admits. Relaxed weekends were spent in the Sussex countryside and he’d started cutting hair for local friends while sat at the kitchen table. Word spread and soon everyone in the area wanted their hair cut by Tristan Eves. Over the next three years his regular client list had grown to around 160. It was time to quit London for good. And the search for a salon in Petworth began. A run-down former Chinese restaurant provided the perfect premises and with Michael at his side, Tristan Eves, Petworth was born in July 2016. A success from day one, the salon soon attracted 1,000 regular clients through word of mouth alone. Its ethos is to provide London-quality hairdressing in a stunning space. Firstclass hairdressing and exceptional client care is top of the agenda, and Tristan has recruited a coterie of talent to guarantee the high standards are consistently met. The hand-picked pool of talent includes former alumni of Charles Worthington, Jo Hansford and Errol Douglas. Artistic 10

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Director Jaclyn Smith is one of the industry’s most revered colourists, while Caron Beaumont-Decker is a L’Oréal Colour Trophy winner. It’s testament to Tristan that they all unequivocally chose to come to Petworth. He describes them all as his “founding bricks.” Tristan is dedicated to nurturing fresh talent too. In new stylist Millie he has found something of a protegé, “She’s surrounded by the best cutters, colourists and stylists and she’s really shining. I’m going to make her a superstar,” he beams. Perhaps most significantly, Michael, as Director manages the day-to-day running of the salon and arguably keeps Tristan ‘on the straight and narrow’. “As a combo we are dynamic,” Tristan enthuses. “Almost everything about us is opposite – where I’m spontaneous, he is measured; his calm business mind balances my creative spirit. Overall, he has experience and forethought.” Michael has been instrumental in creating a beautifully designed salon space and making sure that every aspect of the Tristan Eves brand identity – including an impressive website – is finely tuned. Such is the success of the salon, Tristan was named Business Personality of the Year at the Southern Business Awards in 2020. It’s hard to think of any other hairdresser who has had such a lively and high voltage career, but in the end, for Tristan, it all comes down to one quite simple motivation. “To me, it is just about creating good hair. A great haircut should be guaranteed – it doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re really skilled at what you do, the clients will come.” Indeed, they’ve flocked to Sussex and while the smart streets of Mayfair are long behind him, he’s created his own piece of luxury in Petworth.

Hair By Dee Parker Attwood. Photography By Andrew O’Toole





Pauline McCabe




Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Suzie McGill is the Artistic Director for Rainbow Room International, owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston Salon and a Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador. Suzie educates throughout the UK and takes part in seminars and shows within the UK and overseas. Suzie is renowned for her incredible photographic and creative work, which has won her a number of awards including the British Hairdressing Awards Scottish Hairdresser of the Year category three times, now placing her in the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame.

If you had to name one skill that has got you to where you are today, what would it be? Definitely Visualization.

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

Being entered into the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame for winning the Scottish Hairdresser of the Year category three times. I feel so proud and grateful to be in the Hall of Fame amongst some of the industry’s top talents.


Can you share with readers a time when you overcame a challenge?

In my career I have always been a creative hairdresser/Creative Director but one of my biggest challenges had to be taking on my own salon/business and learning a whole new set of skills.

How would you describe your hairdressing style?

The object is to always make the person feel beautiful, whether it be salon work, shows, shoots or seminars. If the hair is long, short, classic or a dressing it would

always be the same goal, to make the client look and feel beautiful.

What three words would you use to describe your ideal environment? Creative, Stylish and Fun.

What excites you most about your work?

The most exciting thing for me about being a hairdresser is being able to share my knowledge and watch people grow in confidence in skill. Education is key!

What three habits will improve your life?

To be more organised, to take more time to exercise and to spend more time with family.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful? My family and friends.

If you could do the hair of one person alive or dead, who would it be? Louise Brooks.

What’s been the best gift you’ve ever been given?

My beautiful Granddaughter, Nola Rie.

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TOM DONATO By Louise May

Hairdressing is truly Tom’s life. He considers the team his family, the clients his friends and the work his passion. He has had an incredible journey of forming connections, creating showstopping looks, winning awards and travelling the world. As the ultimate mentor he has carefully guided so many hairdressers behind the scenes to become industry leaders and has passed on his extensive knowledge to countless others. During Lockdown he wooed us online from his kitchen with his culinary skills and made us laugh until our bellies hurt with his funny jokes and his witty humour. I don’t think he realises it, but his empathetic ear and sound advice got many people through a really hard time.


I have been in the industry for 43 years I started the day before my sixteenth birthday. Today I still love what I do and still work on the floor 3 days. Thursday 10-9pm Friday 9.30 -8 pm and Saturday 8-5 pm. Monday - Wednesday are my days to do admin work and meet with the teams in the five salons. I love both sides of what I do and would happily keep doing it till my body tells me otherwise.

What was life like, growing up for you?

I came to Australia, from Italy, as a fouryear-old with my mum. My Father had already moved here to find a job and save up money to bring mum and I over to start a new life. I have a vivid recollection of the day the ship pulled into Port Melbourne and my mother burst into tears as she held me up so that dad could see me. There were so many men waving white handkerchiefs and I asked my mum which one was my dad. I had heard about him so much but couldn’t remember what he looked like as he came to Australia when I was one. I grew up as a normal son of immigrant parents in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The first things I learnt was that if someone said “what’s ya name mate?” I had to say “Tommy” and if they said “who do ya barrack for mate” I had to say “Collingwood”! Slowly I learnt to speak English at school and made friends with other Italian kids, as they were of the same culture and had the same lunch as me, so we weren’t alone when the Aussie kids laughed at what we ate. Usually, two massive slices of Italian bread with homemade salami and mozzarella cheese slabs in between them. Sometimes we

would hide behind the shelter sheds to eat and not get laughed at. I believe those Aussie kids in their old age now pay $65 pkg for the Prosciutto they laughed at me for eating. HAHAHAHA! who’s laughing now?

How did you first get involved in the industry?

At the age of 15 I was invited to attend a driving school in Shepparton with some other year 10 students as part of a training program. Whilst we were there the bus driver pointed out that the local hairdresser had pulled up beside us. There was a beautiful Red Ferrari. My friend at the time was attending Hair College and had told me that hairdressing was a great way to meet girls as there was no competition, as all the other guys were gay. WOW I was really shy at school and this was really appealing. I left school three weeks later to start hairdressing. I married the first girl I met and still married to her 40 years later. I found out the hairdresser with the Ferrari was Rodney Wayne and just recently told him that story! We bonded and had a drink together, he’s a great man.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what alternative career would you consider?

I really wanted to be a Formula 1 racing driver. 16

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

If they have a competition for fat old men, I’m putting my hand up!

Three things you’re passionate about? My family My business My team

What’s on your bucket list?

There are so many things on my bucket list at the moment that it’s just not funny. COVID Lockdown has brought out the dreamer in me. Would love to travel to some of the more exotic corners of the world. Cruising through the South Pole taking photos of some of the Glaziers and visiting Machu Picchu and the Amazon River. Safari through some of Africa’s wildest jungles seeing the amazing wildlife. Some day!!

How would you describe your ideal Sunday?

Love going out to breakfast or brunch with people I care about, be it family or close friends. I also like to cook, so Sunday night dinner at mine is always a special event.

What’s the craziest, funniest or most unusual thing you’ve ever done?

One of the craziest things I have done, I have now reclassified as downright stupid. Climbing out of a moving train, over the roof and under the power line and in the other door. In the days when I thought I was Evil Knievel and Bruce Lee rolled into one.

Do you have any pets?

Don’t have a pet at the moment, but my last pet Indie the Hungarian Vissler sadly had to be put down after being hit by a car. Broke my heart.

What are you binge watching at the moment on Netflix or Stan?

I Love shows like Suits and Fargo on Netflix, but my favourite is Somebody feed Phil on Netflix, I absolutely love this guy. I relate to his sense of humour and the man can EAT!

“WORK HARD. NOTHING GETS GIVEN TO YOU. BE PATIENT AND KEEP TRYING!” What was your nickname as a child and how did you get it?

As a youngster I was always known as TOMMY but once I left school, I introduced myself as Tom and that’s what stuck.

If you could leave this industry having achieved just one thing, what would that legacy be?

I think it was Leonardo da Vinci that said the Master must always train their apprentice to be better than him. That’s what I live by, that’s what I hope to leave.

If you could invite 4 people, living or passed, to a dinner party at your place, who would you invite? Robin Williams Frank Sinatra Marilyn Monroe J.F Kennedy

Do you have a motto or signature life philosophy?

Get the f@#k up, dust yourself off and get the f@#k on with it.

What does contentment mean to you? Family. The happiest moments of my life are at the dinner table with my family.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If I was just a little taller and just a little thinner!

What makes you laugh?

I love a good joke and a practical joke. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes.

What’s your greatest fear? Losing a loved one

Your greatest indulgence?

CHOCOLATE, COGNAC and CIGARS and all at the same time!

What’s something interesting or quirky we might not know about you?

I like to learn new languages or at least how to say things in different languages. I have been caught out overseas ordering a whole meal in Greek, perfectly! …only to have the waiter pull up a chair and start a conversation in Greek. My Greek friends laughed the entire holiday.

What achievement are you most proud of in your life or career?

The most valuable achievement in my whole career was standing next to a young man that started his apprenticeship with me some 18 years ago and now as one of my business partners was recently crowned AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2020. Jamie Furlan! What a proud moment for me having held his hand as a youngster and watched him grow into a true champion.

What are your secrets to developing a happy and high performing team?

The secret to developing a happy high performing team is to lead from the front. Genuinely care about the team and everyone in it. If one bucks the trend and doesn’t want to play ball act before they disrupt the status quo. Care enough about everyone and they will care about your brand.

What has been your greatest lesson or piece of advice along your business journey?

The greatest piece of advice was… It’s never about your turnover it’s always about the leftover. In business it doesn’t matter how big your turnover is, if you can’t pay your bills you don’t have a business. You have to make sure you spend less than what you bring in otherwise you won’t survive.

What advice do you give to others who dream of building an impactful brand?

My advice is work hard. Nothing gets given to you. Be patient and keep trying. When people say put it out there to the universe, they don’t mean just think about being successful, they mean work at being successful. Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



needs. In 1990, Donna became the Victorian distributor for Paul Mitchell®. Her knowledge and experience in the industry helped her in bringing great success to this new role, successfully positioning Paul Mitchell® as a prestige brand within professional haircare market. In 1997 Donna co-founded Headmasters Advanced Training Academy, a Vocational Training College for hairdressers providing training to apprentices and to students studying hairdressing in the full-time mode. In 2010 Headmasters was acquired and Donna stepped away from her role in the business. We would never say she retired, as Donna would never ever give up her career title. A Hairdresser to the very end.


DCI Education and Dario are elated to receive 2 awards in 2020 for recognition of outstanding education to the hairdressing industry. Awards received; AHIA for Best Individual Educator and AHFA Excellence in Education. Once again, it’s a testament that what DCI educate is highly regarded within the industry. DCI continue to educate face to face in Sydney and Canberra, DCI took a new direction for their student’s interstate by educating hairdressers online. Dario has enjoyed teaching and connecting with the yearly mentoring student’s, keeping them motivated and updated with their skills. It’s been a welcome relief especially for the Melbourne students. For 2021 DCI’s face to face 1 Day workshops and the popular Elevate & Mentor yearly programs will also be offered as Live Online workshops. Students who cannot travel to a class will continue to have access to inspiration and a new direction in hairdressing, regardless of what 2021 throws at us. The Live Online format is great for those who require structure and assistance in their learnings from an educator. For those who wish to learn in their own time, DCI have an abundance of online education via their extensive streaming video library. Info and bookings for DCI’s 2021 education calendar is available on the DCI web site. Don’t forget! The DCI Scholarship 2021 is open for entries now! This year the scholarship is open to all levels of hairdressers who wish to be mentored throughout 2021. Entries close 30th January 2021 and full details and entry form are available on the website. www.dcieducation.com


Donna Gannon has sadly passed away after a 5-year battle with breast cancer. Known industry-wide for her passion and energy, Donna has championed the hairdressing industry for over 58 years – and loved every minute of it. She will be missed by so many. Donna commenced her hairdressing apprenticeship in 1962 in one of Melbourne’s leading salons in the fashionable Collins Street, Rene Henry. On completion of her apprenticeship, Donna worked for a highly successful salon group before opening her first hairdressing salon in 1972. Donna went on to operate a string of successful salons in various eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 1985, as one of Melbourne’s leading salon owners, Donna was invited to join the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association, the governing body for the hairdressing industry in Victoria. During her ten years as a director of the association, Donna served on the Hairdressing Industry Training Advisory Council which provided advice to Government about the industry’s training 18

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

On the 10th November, 2020 the AHC launched the inaugural LOVE YOUR HAIRDRESSER DAY. Hundreds shared posts and we received thank you messages from so many salons, showing images of clients saying thank you with flowers and chocolates. We asked the public to support your business by giving a 5-star rating on social media, or sending a lovely message, or buy a gift voucher to support your business. LOVE YOUR HAIRDRESSER DAY is a day of appreciation, acknowledgement and respect for the industry and all in it. A day to celebrate and give recognition, a day to say THANK YOU. 2020 was a challenge for our industry and our businesses, and also a challenge for our clients. Mental health and self-esteem have been recognised as what a great haircut, style or colour, or a visit to your favourite hairdresser can do for you. Visiting a hairdresser was seen as an escape from the reality of a very difficult year. For years we have wanted to feel acknowledged and appreciated as an industry, and it took a pandemic for this recognition. In 2021, Love Your Hairdresser will be held on Tuesday 9th September and there will be lots of assets provided for salons to use. Media activation will be ramped up here in Australia and NZARH in New Zealand is also going to join us all. So put this date in your diary...let’s promote hairdressing and uplift our industry’s reputation, credibility and image, and your business too! www.theahc.org.au


The global family of TONI&GUY collectively got together on Sunday 29th November for its inaugural global digital event, CONNECTED, a celebration of inspiration, education and hair with over 5,500 attendees. The one-hour spectacle took you on a journey around the world, as teams from Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, China and the UK presented the TONI&GUY 2021 campaigns Utilitarian, Keep it Real and Reverie all under one brand education umbrella called CONNECTED. Not stopping there, Fashion Week presentations were given from the major cities of London, Milan and Beijing, with the event concluding on the brand’s amazing Avant-Garde creations. Connected celebrated not only the hair heroes from around the world, but all TONI&GUY champions including education and business partners, across the

INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS brand who have made TONI&GUY what it is today, each sharing their own secrets of success on what it takes be successful – from New Zealand to the UK via India, China, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden and Italy. International teams from Tokyo, Sydney and Milan, each presented their own unique techniques that will be exciting clients for months to come, keeping TONI&GUY at the forefront of the fashion industry.


This October, Foil Me™ continued its support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) as a Corporate Partner with their 4th Pink October Campaign - #TenTilNeverAgain - organised to raise awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research. With the help and support of the hairdressing community, Foil Me has raised just over $34K for the Pink October #TenTilNeverAgain Campaign! All funds raised for this campaign go directly to the NBCF towards vital research to ensure they reach their goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.


HJ’s Jayne Lewis-Orr with host Rylan Clark-Neal

Sally Brooks

In a year that introduced us to lockdown and social distancing, and hair professionals proved their weight in gold, the very best of British hairdressing talent was celebrated last night at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards 2020, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional. HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards celebrate the people producing the very best hairdressing work across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For the first time in its 36 year history, the ‘Oscars’ of the hair world could not be held in person at the Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel, and instead went live and virtual on Monday 30th November – giving an opportunity to celebrate the success and talent within the industry, and share the prestige and excitement of the event to an even wider audience. Finalists were each given ‘tickets’ for their very own virtual room where they could watch and celebrate with their teams, friends and family while the industry and clients could also show their support by tuning in to a live stream of the event which was hosted by television personality Rylan Clark-Neal on the Hairdressers Journal International Facebook page. Winning the ultimate accolade of the night was Sally Brooks, co-owner of Brooks & Brooks Hair in London, who was announced British Hairdresser of the Year 2020. Her winning collection, ‘2020 WTF’ was styled on hairdresser doll heads and was Sally’s way of proving that the hairdressers can find a new way of working, creating something that is creative and unique, no matter what comes their way. Hall of Fame 2020 for winning the same category three times were: • Mark Leeson, Mark Leeson • Martin Crean, MODE Hair


Blonde specialist salon, BLONDEE, is well known for mastering the art of all things blonde as well as its gorgeous interiors and divine salon experience. The Brisbane-based salon has built a strong reputation in a short space of time and now, it’s about to get even better thanks to a clever business decision. Announcing the salon extension, Founder and Director of BLONDEE Faith Williams reveals, “I am so thrilled to unveil our new extended salon space today as we celebrate one year in business – and what a year is has been!” Speaking about the original thinking behind the luxe salon design, Faith says, “When I first opened BLONDEE, I really wanted to create a boutique space that looked different to the traditional salon. Pinterest was my best friend when I was coming up with designs! I sought lighter neutral tones with an earthy feel to suit the theme of a blonde specialist salon. The salon has such a nice warm feeling when you enter with beautiful arches, earthy tones, olive tree, and oak features. I would say it has a slight Mediterranean feel to it.” BLONDEE has grown extremely fast in a short 12 months from zero to nine employees and over 400 people on a waitlist, so Faith decided to take over some extra space behind the salon and extend. This year there has been many changes with life and ways of working, so instead of replicating the same layout and design in the new section, Faith decided to create a slightly different look in order to accommodate more people from the waitlist as well as the emerging of needs of clients in a post-COVID world.

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From being a graduate of Pivot Point Australia’s first-ever cutting program in Melbourne to 14 years as a key member of the Pivot Point Production and Development team in Chicago, Vic Piccolotto is ahead of the education technology game making him the perfect new team member in Hairdressing at Box Hill Institute. He was seconded to Pivot Point US for one year to train the trainer in Competency Based Training. Then later, he was invited to join the production team in 2007 where he created education from scratch in video, online and book formats. Box Hill Institute Executive Director of Educational Delivery, Jane Trewin said that Vic has contributed to the many new training initiatives designed and developed to be rolled out in 2021. “I like being back in the mix of teaching because a) I can see how Pivot Point resources work in the classroom and b) I really like the interaction with the students,” Vic said. “After working with the students, I keep getting ideas about how to improve delivery methods. These learners are digitally native, self-taught thinkers, are speedy online and simply, pick up information faster, so education has to be created to match the way that they operate.” There are exciting times ahead at Box Hill Institute as Vic harnesses his experience into new training methods for young people new to the sector, as well as the industry. And when Vic is not teaching at Box Hill Institute, he is still working with Pivot Point Australia which is a savvy marriage that will benefit both organisations and even the hairdressing industry overall. Welcome home to Australia, Vic!


As our industry adapts to the new ‘normal’ our challenge is to figure out what motivates us, as industry professionals as well as our clients, about returning to a salon environment with enthusiasm and confidence. Lash & Brow tinting and styling has been an integral part of beauty services for many years. These treatments are still very much on trend and the team at RefectoCil Australia wants to help hairdressers and barbers elevate their styling by offering lash, brow and beard tinting. By introducing these creative services, you can enhance your client’s overall look in a convenient and cost-effective way. For a minimal cost of 55 cents per treatment, lash and brow styling is one of the most profitable add-on services. 20

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Whilst hair colour is processing, offer to style their lashes, brows and/or beards with a 10-minute custom blended tint to compliment a new hairstyle. Additional services can be easily added and the clients haven’t moved from their chair! The RefectoCil Lash & Brow Bar and Basic Starter Kit includes everything needed to master classic and on-trend styles. There are 8 colours in the RefectoCil Oxidative tint range and the RefectoCil Style book details how to best blend together for a completely customised colour. It’s important to note that tints must be activated with a stabilised 3% oxidant to protect the hairs and ensure no damage occurs. Purchase any RefectoCil kit in January 2021 and receive access to a complimentary Creative Colour Blending online master class held via Zoom with RefectoCil Australia National Educator Hayley Sultana. Drawing on 16 years’ industry experience, Hayley wants participants to feel excited and confident performing a RefectoCil lash and brow styling service. When a client walks into your salon and requests a complete hair transformation from a natural shade to a vibrant ravishing red, why not enhance her new look further by lightening the brows using RefectoCil Blonde Brow and then re-tint her brows RefectoCil Red to create a dazzling look. These are some of the useful tips and tricks you will learn during a master class! Hayley’s interactive training also touches on hints to maximise tint longevity by incorporating RefectoCil aftercare products which can be retailed. Fall in love with tinting and expand your service menu by registering for the RefectoCil master class at refectocil-australia.com.au/education. Hayley is also available to discuss tailored training programs for hair salons. Contact RefectoCil Australia now to discuss your requirements. 02 7200 8452 sales@refectocil-australia.com.au | www.refectocil-australia.com.au


An extension of owner Megan Panozzo’s passion and love of creative colour, Adelaide’s In Awe Salon has unveiled a wonderland of colour and texure! In other words, the salon screams MEGAN! Originally opening its doors in 2012, In Awe has always evoked a free-spirited feeling, with colour and personality imbuing every aspect of the salon interior, welcoming clients into a space where they could be themselves and feel cherished. Fast forward 8 years, and, finding they were at client capacity, with 7 chairs always full and the salon feeling like it was growing smaller in size, In Awe Salon 2.0 burst onto the hairdressing scene in August, a colourful offering of pastels, bright hues and inspired tiling and materials. “I wanted to create a space that was still a colour speciality salon with a uniquely modern interior - something that was different to anything else being created at the moment, that felt high end with a twist.” “We don’t have a dedicated retail shelf”, says Megan, “We have a display table where we create a merchandising space, allowing us to talk about home haircare and retail before we start the service.” “I also made the choice to abandon the traditional idea of a reception desk. I am fully connected to my clients throughout their visits; we share so much, and I follow a really heart-led experience for them.”


With Guava Fruit Extract & Evening Primrose Oil

MEET OUR DAMAGED-HAIR HEROES • Instantly 2X stronger hair* • Improves elasticity & manageability

#iconichair TO ORDER, CALL SABRE ON 1300 764 437 OR EMAIL SALES@SABRE-GROUP.COM *Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo

joico.com.au HAIR Larisa Love


PHOTO Hama Sanders





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Eoin McCarthy is a 27 year old Hair Stylist from Cork, Ireland who is a relative newcomer to the industry after a career as a professional cyclist in Europe. When retiring from pro cycling Eoin took interest in the world of hair inspired by his mother Mairead who is a very successful hairdresser. Although influenced by hairdressing, Eoin focused fully on men’s hair and in his first year cutting he was awarded the title of 2016 Irish Barbering Apprentice of the Year. After 1 year of working in Ireland, Eoin set his sights on Australia and found himself a job at Area Studio. Eoin then had an opportunity to expand his skill set and find his unique style of men’s haircutting in a multi-talented international team of stylists at Area Studio.

Clan and Denzel Curry as well as many Australian sporting stars. Most notably cutting hair at Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, The Weekend’s Starboy World Tour and Post Malone’s World Tour.

Within his time in Australia he has picked up many more awards including the Victorian Barber of the Year for 2017 after placing 1st in the Victorian/SA Live Barber Battle. He placed two times second place at the 2017 HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championships in the Men’s Trend and Men’s Sport live cutting competitions and contributed to Area Studio winning the HBIA Independent Salon of the Year for both 2017 and 2018, and was most recently Runner-Up in the 2019 HBIA Men’s Trend Competition.

2020 saw the creation of AREA Academy in which Eoin is Director and Co-owner. This was a longterm ambition of Eoin’s and being so passionate about having a positive influence on the industry, we spoke to him about his role with Andis as well as his career in general and what the future holds.

Almost 5 years into his career Eoin is now an International Educator and Brand Ambassador for Andis Clippers and Brand Ambassador for Osaka Scissors in Australia. Eoin actively educates and demonstrates at many hair exhibitions in Australia and Worldwide such as the Asian Hair Expo (China) 2018 as well as having been a part of Hair Expo Australia’s Education Programme presenting his ‘Perspective’ seminar helping thousands of other hair professionals to learn and grow. Eoin has worked with many celebrity clients such as music artists such as Raekwon from Wu-Tang

In 2020, Eoin has had his introduction into the editorial side of the industry by creating his first collection ‘Unity in Diversity’, which featured in internationally renowned magazine Estetica as well as multiple magazines in The Netherlands and the UK. In 2020 Eoin was also nominated as Finalist for the International Visionary Awards, World Barber of the Year, Irish Best of the Best and AHFA Industry Choice Awards.

What made you make the move to Australia?

It came about somewhat accidentally. I have family in Adelaide and due to my previous lifestyle, I never had the chance to come and see them. My cousin was getting married, so I thought it was a good opportunity to come over. At that point I felt like I’d reached my potential at home, so a change was welcomed. I applied for a working holiday visa, did my research and Melbourne was my destination of choice.

Tell us a little about how you landed a job with Area Studio?

I got the job at Area Studio through a big inspiration of mine, Josh Lamonaca of Menspire. I did one of Menspire’s courses before coming to Australia and I knew that they had just been here for Hair Expo, so I asked Josh’s advice. He

immediately contacted my now boss and business partner Jordon McKenny and I was in Area Studio 6 weeks later. Since joining Area I’ve had the most amazing opportunities to work with some of the most diverse and best barbers/men’s stylists in the industry. It’s been amazing! Now in the strange year of 2020 we founded Area Academy. This was an ambition of mine since the Menspire course in 2016. I’ve found myself in an up-skilling educational role for the last 3 years and now we are ready to take it to a new level.

What do you love about educating?

I genuinely just love helping other people in discovering and reaching their potential. I don’t feel achieved unless someone else is on the journey with me. Educating puts me in a position where I am surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about our industry and have a growth mindset without ego. I also love the fact that whilst I am educating, I am always growing and learning myself. When you teach something, you learn it twice... So, get involved people! You are helping yourself ultimately.

How does education differ overseas to Australia?

I guess education is quite a universal thing, however I feel like the context changes depending on language and culture. The internet and especially Instagram has helped us create more unity in our industry worldwide therefore I feel like it doesn’t really differ too much overseas.

What is it you love about competitions and awards in the industry?

I love the creative thought process behind them. I try not to think about it from a competitive standpoint but rather a deadline for personal growth and creativity. Just a medium to give me a little push in the right direction. Quite obviously, there can be a lot of ego associated with the awards and competitions, but it’s never really felt like that for me. I used to cycle full time and I think I’ve exhausted my competitiveness through that. However, it is nice to be recognised for hard work and I think it adds credibility to what we are now trying to do with the Academy.

Tell us a little about your recent collection.

‘Unity in Diversity’ showcases diversification within current and upcoming male hair trends and the sense of unity within the multicultural society of Melbourne. It is a concept of unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation, that shifts focus from unity based on a mere tolerance of physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological and/ or psychological differences towards a more complex unity based on an understanding that difference enriches human interactions.

How did you get involved in being part of the crew for The Weekend and Post Malone tours?

The owner of Area Studio, Jordon McKenny, has built a reputation of being Melbourne’s goto celebrity barber and he tends to cut a lot of big names when they tour in Australia. Due to learning his trade at an Afro-Caribbean barber shop in London and his meticulous attention to detail, he has built a network which enables him to land gigs such as these. Working at these shows really opened my eyes to the possibilities within hair. Being so close to some of the world’s biggest names in music seemed impossible whilst living in Ireland. It just shows, you can really direct your career in any way you desire.

How did the Ambassador role for Andis come about and what does it involve?

My role with Andis came about at Hair Expo in 2017. That’s where we first met the team from America, and they were setting up Australia’s first ever education team. I was thrown in the deep end and had my first experience demonstrating my work on their stand before then doing some more online trials. Shortly afterwards I was offered a place on the Global Education Team which comes with the Ambassadorship also. I now actively educate, demonstrate and showcase my work as a representative of Andis across Australia and Internationally.

What do you love most about the Andis range?

It’s diversity. You can’t build a beautiful house with only a hammer; you need a lot of different tools to achieve different results. In saying that, I like to keep it relatively simple.

What is your Andis go-to tool of choice and why? Tough choice, however, I got to say the Supra ZR with the 00000 ceramic blade. When doing a high volume of skin fades, I like to use the Supra to create my skin line and clear out bulk. It’s high power and efficiency helps me save time on each haircut.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

If my next 5 years is anything like my last, who bloody knows! I may not even be cutting hair! Visas can be difficult to attain these days, but I would hope to still be in Australia and have the Academy built to a reputable point where it’s my full-time job. Ultimately, I would just hope to be in a place in my life where my partner and I are happy. Our happiness is all that really matters.

Some fun…

Favourite destination: The west of Ireland (when the sun rarely shines) Favourite drink: Jameson Dry and Lime Favourite Meal: Can’t beat a good Pizza...

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MID-FADE UNDERCUT Shorter hair on clients with a petite frame can be beautifully classic while still showing off an outer strength. This mid-fade undercut from the Andis® Fluid Collection delivers not only a sleek look that accentuates fine features, but also fierce face framing with loads of texture and movement achieved with slightly different styling.

Part hair down the middle to ensure a symmetrical balance and pull hair taught to connect the transition vertically.

Cut to the top of the ear.

Create pie-shaped 90-degree sections throughout the crown.

Tilt the head forward. Taper the hair lower while removing length and bulk.

Use the Andis Slimline® Pro Li trimmer to blend from skin to hair for a seamless transition. Clean up any additional stray hairs.

Refine your blend by tilting the head forward and using the c-stroke technique. Refine each panel prior to moving to the next. Repeat on the opposite side.

Using a quick c-stroke motion, or fanning technique, helps eliminate a line of demarcation. Finish this look with a pomade to bring out the texture for an effortless look or to go smooth and sleek.

Pull the ear down to connect the front to the back using your guide. Make sure to comb hair after each cut to refine.

Hair Artist: Whitney VerMeer | Editorial Photographer: Peter Phung | Technical Photographer: Gunnar Cook

Using the Supra® ZR II clipper with CeramicEdge® size 1 blade on high speed, section off the parietal ridge to ensure a balanced shape. Start the cut on your dominant side – create a guide.


Andis Supra ZR® II clipper

Andis Slimline® Pro Li trimmer

A brand new initiative giving men’s hairdressers and barbers a platform to showcase their creative and business skills







20 21

CATEGORIES Photographic and Submission Australian Modern Barber of the Year Australian Modern Barber Business of the Year PHOTOGRAPHIC ONLY Best Men’s Collection Classic Best Men’s Collection Freestyle Best Team Collection Best Men’s Collection Junior BUSINESS CATEGORIES Best Director/Owner of the Year Best Customer Care Best Men’s Educator of the Year Best Barbershop Design of the Year NOMINATED CATEGORY Special Recognition

AMBA Clean Skin Professional Product Awards Categories HAIR CARE - Best Shampoo and Conditioner pair or 2-in-1 product HAIR STYLE - Best Styling Product. Entries can include:- Styling Wax, Cream or Paste BEARD CARE - Best Beard Care Product. Entries can include:- Oil, Wax, Cream or Paste OPEN FOR ENTRY 22nd February 2021

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 20th September 2021


AWARDS NIGHT 7th November 2021 Plaza Theatre, Melbourne






REWARD & SUCCESS 2020 has been a year like no other and its’ given us all the opportunity to assess our future. One brand that has truly embraced this is the Oscar Oscar Salon group who have developed a new strategy that is set to disrupt their future and further celebrate their people. From one Brisbane City salon opening 30 years’ ago, to now 14 salon locations nationally, the group is building a culture of re-invention as they are set to explode in further key locations. It’s more than the name and prestigious locations in high streets and black-label shopping centers that makes Oscar Oscar a success story. As clearly, as the words are written on the walls of their head office, it is the culture and people of Oscar Oscar that are the foundations to the group’s success story.

So what makes Oscar Oscar salons so unique? From the burgeoning beginnings of a first-year apprentice through to qualified stylists, their education, training and mentoring is paramount. The quality craftsmanship sets their benchmarks for excellence with an empowering career pathway designed for all levels. Every team member receives constant opportunities to learn new creative concepts and it’s a playground in where creativity and talent is applauded and rewarded. By becoming a part of the Oscar Oscar team, the growth and rewards are countless. All stylists are instantly busy with a clientele that is attracted to this luxury brand, so with above award salary and an extremely lucrative commission structure

For those who fit the culture, skill set and work hard, there is further opportunity to partner with the ever-expanding Oscar Oscar group. It’s a rewarding position unlike other salon groups as the business model exists to empower and provide on-going support across education, marketing, operations, finance, payroll and HR. Basically you have your own business with incredible support to accelerate your career and secure your future. The everyday support is positioned to elevate a Salon Partner to success and to give the tools to nurture and grow their teams as well as financially reap the rewards from being a part of a successful salon group. Within each of these thriving salons, the culture and environment remain consistent. A silent promise to care for each guest by giving a full circle of service within a luxurious haven where everyone works as a team and support and care is paramount. This is a truly incredible brand that celebrates its people with an exciting future ahead. Is it time for you to boost your career and futureproof your pathway to success?

Leilani Gardener

With a new collaboration between renowned celebrity stylist and brand Founder, Oscar Cullinan, with industry icon and General Manager, Tracey Hughes, this brings dynamic leadership along with their incredible Salon Partners to boost the business.

the financial benefits are outstanding. The heritage of the brand is well respected, and the business model is pioneering, yet the future is disruptive as they supersede many others and drive new trends to inspire all stylists through education like no other.

“I love being an apprentice in the OO family because the training is absolutely brilliant. Having great mentors and educators, along with the support of my salon partner and team constantly inspires daily. Knowing one day I’ll have my own clientele is really exciting. I see OO as a prestigious brand and with salons in different states it doesn’t tie me down to one location so I can potentially relocate elsewhere one day, or even become a partner myself in the future!!” Leilani Gardener – Apprentice, Oscar Oscar Robina

Oscar Cullinan

Cathy Devlin “We are a family. When anything goes wrong, there is someone always there to help. When everything goes right, there is always a celebration. We all lift each other. Growing our people and watching them become confident and competent provides deep satisfaction knowing you are making a difference to their lives.” Nathan Armagnacq, Salon Partner at Oscar Oscar Salons, Chadstone

Discover more at oscaroscarsalons.com.au/careers

Nathan Armagnacq

“I have been with the Oscar group for six years, starting as a stylist, progressing to management and then transitioned into salon ownership. I have grown personally and professionally, which is not always easy; however, it is the support of our OO team that has empowered me to succeed. I am grateful for the opportunities that this company has given me and certainly strikes my dreams and more.” Cathy Devlin, Salon Partner, Oscar Oscar Salons St Kilda

“I was honoured and super proud of the Oscar Oscar brand on its celebration of 30 years. What excited me the most, was how young and fresh the brand is today, and how vibrant it remains in a world that changes so fast. My salon partners and HQ team continue to champion Oscar Oscar, as in many ways, it’s theirs too. We will continue to grow and develop over the coming years on this great journey that started back in 1989.” Oscar Cullinan




• • • • • •


Ultra-fast 110,000 RPM motor provides exceptional drying power Simple to use by holding the dryer handle or dryer barrel for overhead styling. Avoids wrist strain Almost half the weight, at 294g, of regular dryers. No more sore arms or shoulders Perfectly balanced with the motor located above the handle Innovative Oxy Active, anti-bacterial technology with an ionic generator Auto-Clean Technology reverses the motor to clear the rear filter when required Auto-Diagnosis System detects any operating issue Memory function recalls previous setting 12 possible speed/heat settings and cold air function

Dryers will never be the same. The future is here. Exceptional performance & technology in a ultra-light, easy to use compact design is truly a market disruptor. Professional only


For stockists call Dateline Imports P/L on (02) 9666 3611 or visit datelinecity.com /DatelineImportsAustralia



HEALTHY HABITS Sheree Knobel By Louise May

Bixie Colour is an award-winning specialist hair colour salon with a team of hair colourists, stylists and cutters selected and trained by owner Sheree Knobel, colourist for Jen Hawkins and one of Sydney and Australia’s most respected and in-demand colourists.

The art of hair colour has had a hold of Sheree’s heart since, at the age of 21, she put down her scissors to focus exclusively on developing her colour expertise. In the years since, Sheree has foiled, balayaged, and zone-toned her way to building a reputation as an authority on blonde, and lived-in colour in Australia. In 2015, after spending years learning from some of the industry greats, Sheree spread her wings, opening her own rapidly expanding Sydney based hair salon, Bixie Colour. Together with her hand-picked team of expert hair colourists, cutters and stylists, Sheree creates and innovates lived-in perfection every day. The birth of Bixie was a career highlight for Sheree, and more amazing opportunities have snowballed in the years since. With a busy home and work life, Sheree was perfect for us to approach regarding her worklife balance in our regular series “Healthy Habits”, not to mention finding out more about her most recent personal goals she has smashed in terms of a healthy lifestyle with the help of a nutrition coach! Inspirational to say the least!

HAPPINESS What does happiness mean to you and how do you find it in everyday life?

Happiness is a juggling act. For me, it’s worth accepting that it’s impossible to be happy 24/7, but I do see value in knowing the things that spark joy for you. For me, I’m happiest when the people I love and care about are happy. Spending time with my family and loved ones in the sunshine would be my happiest moments. 30

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

BALANCE What do you do to maintain balance within a busy lifestyle?

I exercise four times per week; usually a mix of cardio and weights or resistance training. Working out is my chance to put my phone down and chill out. I love it. I get so much value out of exercising; it honestly makes me bounce out of bed in the mornings. I would do it more if I could, but I have learnt that rest and recovery is as important to health as the work out itself.

FOOD AND EATING Do you have any specific dietary habits or preferences?

I try to live by the 80/20 rule in terms of my dietary habits. For the most part, I think of food in terms of its nutritional value. I’ll ask myself “is this fuelling my body?” or “is this just adding more time at the gym working it off?”. Of course, I think it’s important to treat yourself every now and again, and I definitely do, just in moderation.

What would an ideal day’s meal plan look like for you?

At the start of 2019 I worked with a nutrition coach who tailored a meal plan to my needs and lifestyle. I followed it religiously and lost 13kgs! The plan required me to eat regularly and to measure my food. I found the weight fell off me easily and I was never hungry. Since then, I’ve tried to stay as close to the meal plan as I can, but I still order what I like if I’m out for a nice dinner or catching up with friends. For breakfast, I will usually have a protein shake or scrambled eggs with vegetables or

Greek yogurt with fruit and nutty granola. I’m a huge breakfast person and wake up starving. Lunch is meat with vegetables, usually with chicken or fish. Throughout the day, I’ll snack on fruit and nuts, often working in a can of tuna in the afternoon for some protein. I tend to eat lunch late due to being busy on the floor with my clients, so I’m often not that hungry at dinner time. I’ll usually just have meat and vegetables, but dinner is always something healthy. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I don’t eat dessert either. After snacking and eating mindfully throughout the day, I find I’m generally too full anyway.

EXERCISE Do you follow an exercise program? If so, tell us all about it, what you do and why.

I do group, circuit-style work outs four times per week. I enjoy the comradery of exercising in a group and the variety of a circuit-style work out. The routine of having a scheduled session to attend is also a great tool to keep me accountable.


CONSISTENCY Are you consistent with your healthy living habits or do they start and stop depending on what is happening in your life?

This year I decided to get my fitness under control, so I have been extremely consistent and hit the gym four times a week. I also go for walks and hikes on the weekends. I love it. I find I’m a better wife, mum, and business

owner when I’m feeling fit and healthy. Of course, all my travel has stopped this year, so it’s been easy to go to the gym and eat well. I’m determined to keep this up once I’m travelling and living in hotel rooms again. lol

HABITS What habits have you developed that set you up for success?

I invest in myself, so I have a business coach who I’ve seen for a few years. I’m also constantly listening to podcasts or attending seminars that I know will benefit me in business and in life. You never ever stop learning.

What’s one habit that you’d like to break or change to be healthier or happier?

Oh, that’s easy: social media. I’m completely addicted to my phone. I still run all our social media accounts, which I pride myself on, but it is very time-consuming, and I find it hard to switch off. In an attempt to tackle my addiction, I have initiated the habit of turning off my phone at 8pm. It definitely helps me to let my mind wander and allows me to destress.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your own health or happiness?

I am not afraid to seek help from experts. I got a nutrition coach to get on top of my diet, I consulted a fitness coach to get in shape, and I am constantly working on myself and my business with the help of my business coach. Ask for help in the domains where you need it! Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1





CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2020 AHIA and HOT SHOTS WINNERS Hairstylists and business owners across the country, celebrated this year in a very different way by taking to their own screens across salons, hired vejues and homes nationwide, to discover if they were named winners of the 2020 AHIA in the first ever live version of the awards. With over 4500 views across Facebook and YouTube, the champagne flowed as the hair industry pulled together, put on their party outfits and cheered one another on!

We believe in providing hairdressers with the most advanced technologies based on skincare inspired ingredients for simple yet beautiful hair. Thank you to Hair Beauty Co-Op and of course Mocha for this award and also for continuing to drive engagement, creativity and business growth within the industry through the AHIA awards” Gina Thomas, Head of Education ANZ – Schwarzkopf Professional /Indola /Alterna Henkel Beauty Care Professional

All winners were given ‘zoom’ time with Lily Blue Communications, the awards partnering PR and Brand communication company, as well as personalised press releases, a new addition to the prize pool and one that has seen a plethora of publicity across various media channels for the winners and the AHIA


2020 AHIA and HOT SHOT Winners have now received their trophies and we asked them to film an acceptance speech which has now been shared across various social media channels. Please enjoy our special tribute to the 2020 Winners.

CARE, TREAT AND STYLE AWARDS Sponsored by Hair Beauty Co-op


BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Shampoo + Conditioner By Schwarzkopf Professional

ACTYVA Nuovo Fibra Cream By Kemon

A leave-in reconstructing treatment enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC), which leaves the hair instantly silky and soft from mid-shaft to ends, making it easy to detangle during drying. This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan with its packaging made of Green Polyethylene. “I am honoured to accept this award on behalf of the amazingly talented KEMON Italy Product Development teams that created this stunning Treatment. This award win is a testament to this superior leave-in reconstructing cream treatment and how much it is loved by so many stylists and their clients across so many countries. The fact that it is also born from a sustainable, vegan and recyclable KEMON philosophy is the icing on the celebratory cake for this Stunner! Thank you to the judging panel who appreciated the brilliant performance of this Winner! Kylie McLeod, Marketing Director, Sabre Corp


PURE Styling Cream By PURE Haircare

A moisturising micellar shampoo for normal to dry, brittle or curly hair and a weightless hydrating conditioner for normal to dry hair, which improves combability, strength and elasticity of the hair. “Schwarzkopf Professional are excited to receive the award for Best Care Shampoo and Conditioner pair. ‘BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Shampoo and conditioner’ 32

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

A versatile spreadable styling cream for medium hold to create shape and natural shine. The UV, thermal and humidity defence protects against over exposure to sun, swimming, chemical treatments and heat styling. Contains certified 100% organic extracts as well as being Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

“At Pure Haircare we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to enter such a prestigious AHIA award and are honoured to now accept this award for Best In Style for our Pure Styling Cream. Our product is loved by many and we are so grateful for Pure Styling Cream receiving this incredible accolade and further recognition. We would like to personally thank Linda and the team at Mocha Publishing, the amazing judges as well as sponsor Hair Beauty Co-Op.” Luke Weber, Pure Haircare


Kellie Handricks - Elysium Hair Brisbane

As an Apprentice at Elysium Hair Brisbane, Kellie has certainly made her mark on the Brisbane hair scene thanks to her passion for fashion and beauty and keen eye for both hairdressing and make-up. She has already been recognised by the industry through her inclusion in the competitive ‘Rising Stars Showcase’ at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. “I’m still pinching myself, winning Australian Apprentice of the Year at the Australian Hair Industry Awards. I love hairdressing so much and put everything I have into my apprenticeship, so this is the best feeling. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me and inspired me. My family, my Elysium team and the outstanding educators who have helped me gain all the skills I need to be the very best hairdresser and make a difference. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams because anything is possible in this incredible industry.” Kellie Handricks


Elle Schoemaker Cobelle Creative

It came as no surprise that Cobelle Creative’s Artistic Director and Cutting Educator Elle would make her mark on the awards. As the




current 2019 AHIA Senior Stylist of the Year, she was thrilled to make it back to back wins with her 2020 award, taking out this key award for the second year in a row. Elle is a supremely talented hairdresser and seen as an exciting name to watch within the industry after experiencing unprecedented award success over the past couple of years. The glamour of hairdressing is not all that matters to this high achiever however, she also dedicates her time to helping to give back to those less fortunate. She has worked with Spasifik Cuts Barbershop and Hair Aid providing charity haircuts for her local community to those who can’t afford them and provided industry education to support the ‘Hair Raiser’ initiative which raised funds for mental health awareness. “What a privilege to be named the AHIA Senior Stylist of the Year 2020! My aim has always been to continue learning, maturing and evolving within my role as a stylist, colleague and industry member. I strive to grow and surpass my own benchmarks in order to be the most valuable stylist I can be. To receive this award amongst a Covid climate really reiterates the importance of our role as salon stylists, and the value we bring to our team, clientele and community.” Elle Schoemaker


Jessica Kane - Tigerlamb King Street

With thriving salons in Bowen Hills, West End, Coorparoo and Hamilton, it was difficult enough for Tigerlamb Director Helen Owen to decide on the internal manager who stood out to enter this award, but the AHIA Salon Manager of the Year 2020 was presented to the friendly face that visitors to the King Street flagship location love to interact with - Jessica Kane. Not only is she the leader for the busy team, she also manages her own full client list which is regularly booked solid. This former Toowoomba local spent several years training in Canada and working at salons around Queensland before settling into her hair home among the four Brisbane Tigerlamb salons. The glamour of hairdressing is not all that matters to this high achiever, she has also spent time giving back to a South Brisbane based community support centre, helping men who needed help getting back on their feet, providing complimentary haircuts and a friendly person to connect with. “For me, it is an absolute career highlight to receive this AHIA award for Salon Manager of the Year! I’m so thankful to be a part of a company

that has nurtured my passion and supported my growth to be the leader I am today. This acknowledgment supports the other nominees and most importantly myself in knowing I am doing the best for my team. RAHHH! - Bring on 2021!!” Jessica Kane


Ali Holmes, Wild Life SoGo

Ali Holmes is renowned as one of the most talented hairdressers in Sydney for her exceptional trend focused technique, welcoming nature and 26 years of experience with the acclaimed Wild Life salon group. Starting her career under the careful tutelage of industry icon Jayne Wild, she created the indemand Wild Life Sogo outpost 12 years ago. Wild Life Sogo is a warm, modern and urban space situated in the heart of inner-city Surry Hills and home to an award-winning team of 12. Her industry reputation has taken her all over the world, working in the UK and Australia as part of the GHD Artistic Team, backstage at Fashion Weeks in London, Sydney and Melbourne, and she is currently a KMS Global Artist travelling regularly for campaign shoots and education presentations. “I’m truly honoured to be named AHIA Business owner of the year! When my name was called out, I was shocked. As a business director you never know if you are doing the right thing as there’s very little feedback. Well... what great feedback I’ve just had!! I’m truly blessed to have a fantastic team at SoGo. This award has motivated me to grow on my ideas and keep the team striving forward.” Ali Holmes



Telleish Hair Studio

This sleek New York style loft space merges fresh modern design with a fun 70’s twist, in a unique split-level mezzanine style. Featuring plenty of space, highlights include a lounge area where clients are encouraged to catch up with friends as well as the highly coveted Business Hub. The hero of this must-see spot is the

incredible 3.5m long Magnesia Quartz Stone table which is equipped with USB ports, high speed internet and plenty of room to work. In what is also a surprisingly revolutionary concept, the team introduced the option of mirror free stations allowing guests to look at outdoors through the stunning 7m tall floor to ceiling glass windows. They also haven’t forgotten local mums with their special dual level layout providing a hidden oasis downstairs for them to truly relax. “The feeling of winning salon design of the year was one of pure joy in a tough year for our business and the industry in general. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into the design and construction of Telleish 2.0, after a wonderful 10 years in a smaller space. This award is a beautiful pat on the back from our amazing industry. We would like to thank 8 projects and We are tribe for the help on the build. Also, a big thank you to Linda and the team at Mocha for putting on the awards night in very different times, and KMS for our stunning award trophy” Chantelle and Jason


Dario Cotroneo

Owner of the acclaimed DCI Education, Dario Cotroneo has created hairdressing education for over 26 years. Providing quality education for the industry is truly his soul passion and he is continually giving back. Chances are that he is the reason why you left your local salon and loved what you saw. A multi-award winner, Dario has worked on fashion weeks, worked across magazines and TV, partnered with the most high-profile brands in the industry, travelled to over 15 countries to educate and that’s just a few of the highlights. He also still puts his expert skills to work taking bookings at the exclusive Public Salon. “Winning the AHIA was a total surprise. We had planned to watch the awards online however we got caught up with family dinner mayhem. All of a sudden, my wife’s phone started beeping and she said ‘You just won Best Educator for AHIA’. The whole family jumped on line and we all watched the awards live. It was such a treat to cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1





cont’d from page 33

share this amazing experience with my wife and 2 girls all together. It made it truly special. Thank you, Linda, for bringing some joy and excitement to our industry. We needed some love after the year everyone has experienced and thank you Tracey Bazzano Lauretta from EVY Professional, for the kind words mentioned in the presentation of the award. I am truly grateful and honored that my education continues to inspire the hairdressing industry.” Dario Cotroneo


The Secret Fox Education

Known as the industry’s secret weapon, The Secret Fox prides itself on salon friendly education. Amazingly, they are Australia’s first subscription based, online, live stream education company and they continue to revolutionise the industry. As a true social media expert, owner Mia DeVries understands the lure of great content and has created a platform which appeals to everyone from the most experienced hairdresser in the country to the Wollongong local who wants to increase their hair and make-up skills. With training by industry icons including UK superstar Tabitha Coffey, Renya Xydis, Rae Morries, Jose Bryce Smith, Jaye Edwards and Richard Kavanagh they are the leading names in ensuring our local hairdressers know their stuff. “I am so proud and excited to be the 2020 Australian Hair Industry Awards Best Educator of the Year – Organisation. This is a HUGE WIN for the Secret Fox! Thank you so much to my brother Lee, my good mate Andres, beautiful Redelyn and of course ALL of our wonderful subscribers for your support during this CRAZY year! HUGE shout out to our AMAZING guest educators. THANK YOU for so openly sharing with us and also for learning how to live stream yourself at the 11th hour when the ‘Rona closed our borders... As they say, the show must go on and because of you it did! All my love to my favourite, Marcel and kisses to my Fox Family at the salon for allowing me the freedom and the foundations to build something very special for our industry! What an EPIC year for online education! Forced by Covid you guys #finally get it. We CAN learn from any place at any time and on any device! You can join live or rewind and rewatch later - It’s so freakin’ cool! Massive Thank you to Linda and the Mocha team for putting together a wonderful online event! I understand and can fully appreciate the work involved. And my last thank you is to Paul - so good to see a #sustainablesalon REPRESENT!!” Mia DeVries 34

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



Elysium Hair Brisbane

At Elysium Hair Brisbane the goal is to provide the very best experience of their client’s day thanks to their unique and individualized approach to customer service. With over 220 glowing Google reviews and several national accolades under their belt, it is no surprise to see these Brisbane hair superstars making waves yet again. Asking lots of questions and spending time understanding each client has led to them being recognised as some of the best hairdressers in Australia. They also don’t hold back with the special touches with VIP gift bags, rewards program, free hair and make-up sessions, hair prescriptions plus access to the very cool PIIQ digital mirrors and in house ghd’s to use for a quick personal style all the norm. “Winning Australian Salon of the Year for Customer Care at the Australian Hair Industry Awards makes us feel proud, humble, and all warm and fuzzy inside. Our hearts are full. We know that the standard of customer care in this incredible industry is exceptionally high, and we take our hats off to everyone who entered. To all the other finalists: congratulations, together, we’ll continue to elevate the standards and standing of the hair industry to create a bright future for our wonderful industry. We are very proud of our Elysium team (our hairy family) and dedicate this award to them. We thank our customers for choosing us, and we never take it for granted that they do.” Kate Henderson



While training is generally seen as a behind the scenes activity that happens at the start of a hairdresser’s career it is actually an ongoing and lifelong commitment to ensure that every client is taken care of with the leading techniques, equipment and service. Tigerlamb pride themselves on providing one of the best salon experiences in Australia and this commitment to education is testament to that.

“We are beyond excited at Tigerlamb, and honoured to receive this AHIA award for Insalon training. There was a lot of dancing! … especially from our educator Kellie. We have a strong purpose of offering opportunities, bringing new talent into the industry, training them and treating them well to play a part in ensuring the future of our industry. This is within many of our businesses capabilities to play a part in. It’s my personal passion and having the acknowledgement of this award helps us know that along with all the other nominees we are on the right track. We are so proud and grateful and look forward to picking up the pace again in 2021! “ Helen Owens



Salon Kiin

For Director Maria Unali and the team, marketing means more than just in salon promotions and social media, it is about making an impact on their Western Sydney community. From using two local clients in their beautiful salon campaign and capturing their natural beauty to creating VIP Masterclass sessions for guests throughout the Penrith area to take a little bit of Salon Kiin knowledge home, they understand what their audience want. “We’re honored to win Best Marketing! Our brand is 100% consumer focused. With more clients becoming interested in having an authentic connection to their stylist, we feel so lucky to have built a community. We’re excited to be able to give back to the industry too. The end of 2020 will see us launch Kiin Education—including 1:1 Business and Marketing Mentoring. Stay tuned!” Maria Unali



ECOHEADS is a unique brand with a philosophy focused on the needs of every stylist while being green and sustainable, bringing innovation to salons in Australia and globally with unique products that make a difference. With functionality, superior quality and eco-friendly designs, ECOHEADS strive to identify and generate previously unknown




needs in the market and supply those needs with innovative products and processes. Constantly inventing and improving as well as being ambitious in their business goals, they have positioned themselves as the hair industry equivalent of Apple or Tesla. Well known for their Ecoheads Shower head, the Ping Colour Blender and Bang Face Shieds all of their tools speed up old processes, improve outcomes, client experience and help the industry grow. “We are thrilled to have been awarded AHIA Best Business Performance of the Year 2020! It’s been our mission to focus on developing cult products that meet the needs of stylists, whilst being sustainable and good for the planet. We feel humbled that the Australian hair industry has also recognised this passion and our dedication by providing us with this award. As an Aussie brand that’s managed to spread its wings globally, we’re so proud that we can keep delivering both our professional and environmental messages both here and around the world.” Benny Risher and Kobi Bokshish

clients. This award highlights how well this team does that and the incredible work they do day in day out for our salon community and our industry. Without this incredible teamwork we wouldn’t have the kind of salon we do. I am thankful every day that each of these women are part of our Cobelle Team and as we grow i can only hope this award will help attract even more amazing staff members to our team.” Kristie Kesic


SJ Establishment



Cobelle Creative

Cobelle is owned by expert colourist Kristie Kesic and is home to a young and innovative team of nine. The AHIA Salon Team of the Year is awarded to the overall salon team who have shown themselves to be the most talented in working together inside and outside of the salon, so it’s fitting then that this award should go to a salon whose name means “a beautiful collaboration”. The team are all expertly trained by some of the best in the industry and have helped put Toowong firmly on the global creative map with their photographic collections and work at industry events. This huge achievement is testament to the mark Cobelle Creative have made on the local community as leaders of the Australian hair industry. “Winning this award is particularly meaningful to me and my team. A year ago I rebranded the salon because I wanted to build a brand and a salon identity that represented the importance of team work and collaboration. It’s why the salon name means a beautiful collaboration. So now to win this award that celebrates each and every member of our team and recognises the importance each member plays in our collaboration is beyond. We all have our own roles within our team but as the owner I believe it’s my job to make my team feel valued and respected and in turn they will value and respect themselves, each other and every one of our

Sam James was already a renowned hairdresser in the Australian industry, so it’s no surprise her new salon has already made its mark. It was designed with the ultimate client journey in mind, whether the time-poor professional, busy mother or cool young fashionista. The stunning salon is located in Adelaide alongside some very cool boutiques and cafes and from the moment you walk inside, you realise you are in for a special experience. Gone is the old fashioned check-in desk, instead guests are welcomed into the space immediately to feel part of the fun and relaxed vibe. There is also more to it than perfect cuts, colours and styles, the team are also passionate about giving back. They are proud to have joined forces with the local community centre, to cut the hair of those less fortunate and they have also become the first Salon Fringe Venue and will continue to host events with SALA as they work to cement their role as local ambassadors. “Being the privileged winner of the AHIA Newcomer Business Award 2020 is the head start that all new brands wish for. Having the title allows us to market confidently as a worthy trusted brand and build confidence amongst a new audience whilst growing our clientele and team. The process alone of taking the time to evaluate, gather data and talk systems within your business to put your submission together is such an incredible growth tool in itself. I was so thankful to be a finalist and now completely overwhelmed being the Winner.“ Sam James



Little Birdie Hair Co

Brisbane salon Little Birdie Hair Co. took the industry benchmarks in this area and reinvented them, setting themselves apart and becoming industry leaders. The salon was constructed with every detail considered for eco-friendly alternatives. From the way the towels are washed, the hair is recycled, the fit-out was created, the materials used day to day, right through to the way the staff and clients are educated around sustainability. With staff who are genuinely passionate about playing their part, ecoawareness is a way of life for this salon. Their impact can be seen in the 55 litre bags of hair which are donated to their local community garden each month, their compostable single use items, the plants used in the space, reduced energy lighting, zero plastic policy, vegan food and drink options, no aerosols and much loved Sustainable Sunday community events. But above all, they also create some of the best hair in Queensland using their eco-friendly products. “Winning the Best Eco-Salon award is not something I or my team take lightly. Providing my staff and our clients with a healthy and sustainable solution to hair care has been a passion of mine for a long time. After experiencing chemical poisoning during two of my pregnancies, I knew enough was enough and I made a commitment to start a business that would turn the industry on its head. The pride I feel, knowing that my dream has become a reality fills me with so much joy. I gave birth to my fourth child, Frankie, just the other day - so this month has been a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. For Little Birdie, this recognition will take us to new heights in the scope of our offering, it has re-energised me into thinking ‘what more can we do?’ and ‘how can we make a bigger impact?’ I want us to be the best that we possibly can be and make our community proud. Thank you to my team for sharing my passion for sustainability, to our clients for acknowledging the efforts we make to keep them safe, to Mocha Publishing for recognising us with this prestigious honour, DNA Organics for sponsoring this award and my babies, Ava, Ruby, McKenzie and Frankie - I started this for and because of you, thank you for being my inspiration always.” Tenille Lawrence cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1





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Royals Hair

Royals Hair have been creating some of the best cuts, colours and styles in Sydney for over 10 years at their flagship salon in Westfield Castle Towers, the jewel in the crown for husband and wife team Adam and Mary Alamine. Highlighting the legend of Moroccan hospitality and vibrancy, each salon is stunning. The Castle Hill interior has a fresh and light urban feel set against elaborate and colourful lanterns to whisk every client away to somewhere luxurious and exotic. Director Mary is the acclaimed face of the brand and has enviable experience with some of the most exciting local and international names, having directed hair at New York Fashion Week, Sydney Fashion Week as well as campaign shoots for brands including P.E. Nation, AJE and Bassike. “We’ve entered the AHIA awards for many years now and we’ve watched the awards grow into what they are today. To be quite honest, we’re always excited to be announced as finalists, but winning an award in the AHIA awards is obviously a huge achievement and something we’re so proud of. Our team get so excited and even our clients get in on the action and are buzzing in the salon after we win. It brings everyone together and gets everyone pumped like nothing else. I like to think the benefits from a marketing point of view are obvious, besides the fact we get to brag for a whole year! (Just kidding. Kind of hahaha...)” Mary and Adam Alamine, Royals Hair


Epic Hair Designs

As one of the largest forces in the local industry, Epic Hair Designs are known throughout the state for offering the most highly skilled and trend-setting stylists available. With 16 locations across 36

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Brisbane and the Gold Coast they are experts in cutting, styling and colouring and they are particularly proud to employ more Master Colourists than any other salon group in the country. The first salon was established 11 years ago in Kenmore by Director Brendon Mann, and now joins the flagship Fortitude Valley salon and others as some of the most popular salons in the state. Every location provides luxury services with affordable prices in a relaxing atmosphere with light modern decor, signature air fragrance and curated playlist. And for this busy hair empire, it’s also about giving back by supporting charities and causes locally. They are able to provide some assistance to the growing issue of homelessness through both Share The Dignity and OrangeSky where they provide complimentary haircuts and friendly conversation, whilst also providing funds for local sporting teams. “Our team are thrilled to win AHIA Queensland Hair Salon of the year, this is a huge milestone for Epic Hair Designs. The success of our business is based on our passion and commitment to innovation, our  effective in-salon training programs  to encourage personalized, luxury services at affordable prices. Since opening the first Epic Hair Designs Salon in 2008 our vision of enriching the hairdressing industry with the most accomplished, highly trained and empowered team of stylists has only grown. This award recognises the hard work our entire team has dedicated to the craft of hairdressing. Their unwavering loyalty has reaped the reward they deserve”. Brendon Mann


Rubi Hair Richmond

Since 2012 Rubi Hair has continued to stand apart from the rest. These mindful stylists create high end hair in a progressive and sustainable salon as part of the salon group of three locations. One of the reasons they are so loved by the Richmond community is their refreshingly down to earth approach. Led by Director Michelle Klesman, the salon is a welcoming space free of any judgements and where everyone is treated as an equal. Many of the team come from regional towns and they aim to create an environment with a small-town feel, yet all the professional and luxurious touches, in the heart of bustling Swan Street. As part of this community focused

feel, they have been proud to support causes including fundraisers for Yarra Primary School, Stonnington Children’s Centre, CBC St Kilda and The Lighthouse Foundation, along with raising over $11,000 for the January bushfires. “What a privilege to be announced Vic/Tas State Salon of the Year. This award for our team is reassurance we are continuing to evolve and push ourselves. Entering the awards is a rewarding way to reflect on our achievement, analysis our business and identify areas for future growth. 2020/2021 is gong to be an even bigger year for Rubi Hair Richmond. We have already relocated to a larger location, survived a pandemic and a forced closure of 12 weeks. Massive thank-you to the Mocha Team.” Michelle Klesman



For 25 years this Adelaide salon has continued to stand apart from the rest. ORBE has been the leading creative visionary space for hair and, even after all these years, owners Ida Tirimacco and Joe Cimmino continue to strive for perfection. Located in Norwood amongst a thriving fashion and lifestyle hub, this sophisticated getaway is the go-to for a who’s who of entertainment identities including Samantha Harris, Kate Cebrano, Julia Zemiro and Prinnie Stevens. Consistent national award winners, the team cater to a style conscious clientele and create everything from edgy to classic styles. The team has been proud to support causes including the “No Strings Attached” event where they provided over 300 haircuts for people in need, the “Ponytail Project” alongside the girls from St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School and their ongoing partnership with Essentials for Women SA. “Thank you, Mocha, for your continued dedication and support of our awesome industry, we are very humbled to receive SA STATE SALON OF THE YEAR, looking forward to a bigger and better 2021” Ida Trimacco and Joe Cimmino





Hair Beauty Co Op

It’s 1944. A group of professional hairdressers sat around a table of the Master Hairdresser’s Association of SA AGM. It started like every other meeting and ended with a collective vision - To launch a cooperative to support hairdressers, with discounted goods and services. But through equal ownership, with all profits returned to its members – hairdressers, barbers and beauty artists. Operating a cooperative (that’s owned and run, jointly, by its members) has the same challenges every business does but one thing that did and does exist is a collective spirit. In their 75-year history, they have remained true to that original vision: staying member-owned, free from corporate agendas and returning all profits back to our members… via discounts, loyalty programs, member’s-only content, education and free technical support. Most importantly, every member owns a share in the Co-Op… and an equal vote. Today, Hair Beauty Co-Op is still Australia’s only hair and beauty cooperative wining back to back the 2019 and 2020 AHIA National Wholesaler of the Year Award. “We are delighted to win the AHIA 2020 State and National Wholesaler of the Year for the 2nd year in a row. We appreciate the support from our members and in turn, love that we continue to support them in the Hair and Beauty Industry in every way we can. We love too, that AHIA gives recognition to so many talented Individuals and Salons across Australia. “ Victoria Lewis


Sandy Chong, CEO – AHC

Sandy has been at the helm of the AHC, hairdressing’s most respected and trusted industry body, for 10 years whilst dually operating her veteran salon Suki in Newcastle, which she has managed for 36 years. Over the years Sandy has worked tirelessly to create relationships that move the hairdressing industry forward and look towards innovative solutions. Her role as CEO of the AHC has established better business practices,

training and education to ensure we are building sustainable careers for future generations within this crucial Australian industry - a particularly crucial role at this pivotal time in our history. She is a Director of COSBOA, the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia, and acts as a voice to government to represent hairdressing at a state and federal level. In 2020 Sandy was recognised as one of the nine most influential women in business by Minister Michaelia Cash and Kate Carnell, Small Business and Family Business Ombudsman. She has done nearly 40 radio interviews this year plus been featured in The Financial Times, The Age, The Australia, Smart Company, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald as well as prolific television programs The Project, ABC News and The Drum. “Thank you to Linda Woodhead and the AHIA for recognising my work and the work of The Australian Hairdressing Council with the Special Recognition Award. There are many who have supported the AHC and our industry during this challenging year who deserve a mention. I would particularly like to mention Jenny Burns who ensured the industry was informed up to the minute - day or night. Thank you to the AHC Board of Directors, Faye Murray, Dwayne Hawthorne and the AHC facilitators and my PA Bekk Ngatoko. This Award to me signifies hope. Hope that we will all rebuild stronger businesses, hope that our craft will be stronger and hope for a stronger industry.” Sandy Chong



Circles Of Subiaco

Circles of Hair are no strangers to the limelight thanks to their work with celebrity Katherine Langford, providing her with a showstopping copper makeover that made headlines around the globe including Elle, Girlfriend, In Style, MTV, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29 and W Magazine. They are also the go-to salon for Perth’s social set for special events and festivals and their work with local influencers. This exciting accolade comes hot on the heels of their most recent success at industry event Hair Expo and their back to back wins as Hair Expo Salon Business of the Year 2019 and 2018. Whilst clients of the Fitzgerald Street and Subiaco locations are well aware of their legendary status, the industry is also left with no doubt

that the this award winning salon led by the legendary Sharlene Lee is at the top of their game and can quite rightly boast that they have raised the benchmark of excellence in business success. “Being a salon owner in 2020 certainty had its challenges! Winning Australian salon of the year couldn’t have come at a better time, we have all had our ups and downs but winning this is definitely the hi light of the year for the Circles team. The support and love our team showed this year was simply outstanding and as a brand we were fortunate enough to have strong positivity, stability and growth in 2020. I absolutely love a good challenge when it comes to growing and surviving in business and that’s why I fight for my dreams every day. We will use this win as a huge marketing campaign tool to grow the salon business even further. Entering AHIA will set you apart and you will be among the best of the best you could possibly ask for. Thank you AHIA I will keep this close to my heart and I will never forget 2020.” Sharlene Lee


Sponsored by ghd, Goldwell, Excellent Edges and Amazing Hair

Amberley Gittings Alannah Read Ashleigh Weller Elie Kashi Amberley Gittings Rubi Hair Richmond

Amberley is a Principal Stylist with Rubi Hair who loves creating unique and exciting looks for her clients. Over the past year she has worked as part of the ghd Style Squad Team across the country, worked backstage at Sydney Fashion Week, presented onstage to the industry and more. But, for this exciting hairdressing individual, her work is about more than just the glamour of hair. She was also proud to organize and lead her second World’s Greatest Shave event for the area, having raised a total of over $5,300 for this worthy cause. “Winning a place on the hotshots team has been the biggest highlight in my career to date. I am so excited to learn and upskill under the guidance of some true industry legends. In an industry that never stands still I can’t wait to share and inspire my team mates and younger staff and help them grow as hairdressers. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what we collaboratively create.” Amberley Gittings cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1





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Alannah Read – Ella&Jade

Alannah is a Master Colour Expert which she expertly juggles along with running her stunning salon in Brisbane’s south-east. Having taken over the much-loved salon from her mother, she has guided the team to become one of the most exciting businesses in the industry. She has had an incredible year including the chance to assist icons Renya Xydis and Nick Irwin backstage at New York Fashion Week. With clients who travel from all over Brisbane to experience her exceptional skill, the team are excited to have just added a second salon in Woolloongabba. “I am feeling so honoured to be a part of the Hot Shots 2020 team with 3 other incredible hairdressers. 2020 has been a testing year for everybody, but to be able to still celebrate the AHIA awards and be a part of this team is something I have always dreamed of and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. I am so excited to meet the other 3 members and begin our journey together and can’t wait to bring everything that I learn back into my salons to share with my team.” Alannah Read

Ashleigh is the mastermind behind the Born Barbers Collective where he has created a place where you can feel like you have gone back in time, away from the daily grind of life, kids, stress and work. Come in, have a beer or an inhouse rum and enjoy some laughs and a good old chat. But on top of that it has provided him with a place for Adelaide locals to experience his unparalleled barbering skills and technique and own unique style. Whilst already a local legend, he has also seen some exciting global experiences over the past year, presenting at BarberCon NY and both performing and cutting hair backstage at the Austin City Limits festival, working on the likes of Artic Monkeys, Gang of Youths, Deaftones and the Bahamas. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard my name get called out on the live AHIA GALA EVENT! In that moment I felt all sorts of overwhelming emotions and happiness. It made me go on a trip down memory lane of my career over 16 years. All the hard work, long nights, training courses, betting on yourself! most importantly all the support from family, friends and especially my rad clients! We wouldn’t be anywhere without you all. The biggest highlight of my career this far! Much love.” Ash Weller



Ashleigh Weller – Born Barbers Collective

Elie Kashi – Royals Hair

Elie is a Master Colourist and Style Director at Royals Hair in Castle Hill and he brings with him an incredibly rich and multifaceted history. Beginning his hairdressing career in Syria and working in Lebanon, this talented colourist has come a long way to his current salon home in the Hills District. Arriving in Australia as a refugee at age 21, Elie worked his way up from scratch to prove his incredible talents yet again. He is now just as comfortable working backstage at Sydney Fashion Week as he is on the salon floor with his loyal clients. Being named as a 2020 HOT SHOT has firmly marked him as a local hairdresser to watch! “I’m so thrilled and grateful that I made it to be a member of the 2020/21 HOT SHOTS Team. It’s an incredible achievement that wouldn’t come true without the support and motivation from my team. A massive thank you to all mocha team that made all this come true and get all of the hair community together. This great opportunity not only motivates me to become better but also makes me keep aiming higher and never give up. Thank you!” Elie Kashi

l i a r G y l Ho OF THE THE


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HAIR FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES EXCITING NEW VENUE FOR QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND The Queen’s Birthday weekend 2021 will host the inaugural Hair Festival, set to launch into the national salon industry scene, with a marketplace, education, competitions and networking events– meaning you can shop, learn, compete and connect all in one place.

The venue now been named, with iconic Sydney venue Carriageworks announced as the location of choice for the dynamic industry epicentre. The well-known venue is familiar to the hair industry as the site of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney as well as various runway shows and high profile beauty events, constantly lending its storied halls to the progress of hair, beauty and fashion, while also hosting spaces for art, cuisine and must-attend festivals, markets, private events and soirées. The urban locale offers a myriad of dynamic spaces to host the multitude of events in store for Hair Festival. Hair Festival and the Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative) are taking over the weekend space left by Hair Expo and the Hair Expo Awards, ensuring the June long weekend continues to belong to the hair community. Leading media and event experts, BHA Media (a subsidiary of The Intermedia Group, publisher of INSTYLE magazine and styleicons.com.au) and Mocha Publishing (HairBiz magazine and Australian Hair Industry Awards), will join together in this collaboration over the 2021 Queen’s Birthday. Taking place on Sunday and Monday June 13 and 14 2021, the events will offer all of the activities the community has come to expect from its dedicated hair weekend with Hair Festival at Carriageworks and the new AHIA Creative at The Star, Sydney. Presented by BHA Media, a two-day marketplace will showcase exclusive innovations from a variety of hair and beauty industry brands, acting as a refreshed, product-focused and industry-specific buying experience. Returning with a program that guarantees to create conversations that matter, Real Talk 40

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

creates a profound new level of connection in the hairdressing industry. Powerful, ambitious hairdressers, salon owners, brand representatives and business people are searching for a deeper level of success and connection in a crowded world, and Real Talk has been customized to elevate the experience for every business. “As testament to the industry’s need to get together no matter the salon level or cause, Real Talk breaks down barriers and cultivates ego free conversations that matter,” said INSTYLE editor, Cameron Pine. Top line presenters include Terry Hawkins, Phill Nosworthy and James Fitzgerald as well as three panels; Salon Culture and Leadership, Salon of the Future and Technology.


The 6 essentials to creating an inspired and productive team. Starting with 1) SELF 2) TEAM

Phill Nosworthy Full Stack Resilience

Phill promises a moving session that will teach us to become Anti-fragile in business and in life. Phill will discover new levels of emotional resilience and intelligence for a more successful life.

James Fitzgerald Social Media Marketing Beyond Vanity

James will prove that social media delivers little demonstratable real world benefit for hair and beauty business. Get beyond the fluff of the regrams and start REALLY moving the business

needle. A ‘festival style’ evening event on the Sunday night will prioritise industry networking and the celebratory nature of the weekend. “The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) is excited to be a part of The Hair Festival,” said AHC CEO Sandy Chong. “After a challenging 2020 we will finally get to meet with all our favourite industry friends, make new acquaintances and Schmoozefest with everyone!” The announcement of the 2 day broad agenda and venue has garnered a wealth of excitement amongst the industry, who are following along to find our more reveals as the event draws closer. After a difficult year, the industry is ready to celebrate, learn and be inspired on a weekend that’s always been heralded as significant and sentimental for the community. On the Monday night, the reinvigorated Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIAs, Creative), presented by Mocha Publishing, will allow hairdressers to compete in creative awards categories, inspire attendees with trending looks and ensure the industry can revel in the glamour of Australian hair’s night of nights. Follow the Hair Festival Instagram - @hair_ festival - and Facebook – HairFestivalAustralia - pages, or register online, for all the upcoming info about the hugely anticipated June 2021 Sydney event, as well as future competitions and other goodies to start the festival a little early. Until then, write Carriageworks in big letters in your diary. For more information visit www.hairfestival.com.au

Shop. Learn. Compete. Connect.

Sunday June 13 & Monday June 14 2021

Carriageworks - SYDNEY

hairfestival.com.au Sponsorship opportunities now available Jo Cowan +61 410 594 189 jcowan@intermedia.com.au Kym Cowper +61 410 570 467 kcowper@intermedia.com.au BROUGHT TO YOU BY:


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s k o o r B y By Sall

2020 British Hairdresser of the Year


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Sally Brooks, well-known hairdresser from London, UK, has won the ultimate accolade in UK hairdressing, crowned British Hairdresser of the Year 2020 at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional. Making it a hat-trick, the co-owner of Brooks & Brooks in Holborn, secured the title once again after previously winning the award in 2017 and 2018. Sally claimed her status as the best hairdresser in Britain after showcasing phenomenal original hair work which not only demonstrated technical skills, but insightful, creative vision. “I have always wanted to shoot a collection with these beautiful swan neck mannequins and 2020 seemed like the perfect year to do this. With so much of our beautiful industry struggling this year, my 2020/WTF collection is made with a limited budget and a belief that if we think outside the box, then anything is possible!” Sally Brooks, British Hairdresser of the Year HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards went live and virtual on Monday 30th November – giving an opportunity to celebrate the success and talent within the industry and share the prestige and excitement of the event to an even wider audience. Delighted with the win, Sally said: “I am so shocked! We’ve just proved as an industry how resilient we are and every challenge we have been faced with has been smashed.” “I don’t think this award should just have my name on it – it should have ‘Hairdressers United’ on it, as I really believe 2020 is the year hairdressers’ united. We have all been amazing in this time. Massive thanks to my photographer Jenny who always delivers something incredible. My team is so supportive and a massive thank you to Jamie who always stands by my most bonkers ideas.” Hair: Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks, London Photographs: Jenny hands @brookshair @sallybrookshair

Wella Professional TrendVision Awards 2020

Mikey Forster - Horse Meat Disco Salon - GOLD Colour Specialist

Mikaela Campbell Ukiyo Salon and Co GOLD Colour Artist

At the end of last year, Wella celebrated the best in hairdressing and emerging talent across Australia and New Zealand with its annual TrendVision Awards. Three winners were selected from 18 talented finalists, following hundreds of entries from both countries across three different categories: The colour specialist category is focused on balayage technique, demonstrating a multi-tonal effect with a transition from a deeper root to enhanced or lightened ends. A cut and styling category for the best transformation look that expresses the model’s true self, celebrating the unique beauty and look of every individual personality. Hair colour that is inspired by what is trending in colour now yet considers and compliments the personal beauty of the model and their unique style. Held exclusively online for the first time ever, the winners of the prestigious awards were announced as part of the ‘World of Wella’, a new event showcasing the latest in hair fashion and future trends. Brought to life by Wella ANZ’s creative directors; Renya Xydis, Frank Apostolopoulos, Uros Mikic, Marie Uva, Richi Grisillo, Jack Morton and Brad Lepper. ‘World of Wella’ transported viewers into a world of colour and craft, in a celebration of creativity and hair fashion.

Sky Srisukpolluck - The Black Studio - GOLD Craft Artist

The winner of Color Specialist Gold Award is Mikey Forster of Horse Meat Disco Salon; the winner of Color Artist Gold Award is Mikaela Campbell of Ukiyo Salon & Co; the winner of Craft Artist Gold Award is Sky Srisukpolluck of The Black Studio. All three of the NTVA winners now have an exciting and action-packed journey ahead of them, which will involve participation in the International TrendVision Award Creative Retreat Experience in September 2021, where they will be mentored by a number of #changemaker Wella global artists. Over three days, the winners will

learn, share ideas and challenge themselves to create a bespoke trend collection in collaboration with fellow winners from around the world. Wella’s Education Leader Australia & New Zealand, Ludmila Hlinovsky, comments: “TrendVision is and always will be, a celebration of craft and creativity. 2020 has been a year like no other, yet despite the challenges, we at Wella are continuously inspired by the level of passion, commitment and resilience from our wonderful hairdressing community. TrendVision is an integral part of Wella’s commitment to celebrate and elevate hairdressing talent, so we were thrilled to be able to adapt and move our awards online this year. Congratulations to our three winners, you have an exciting year ahead and I can’t wait to see the magic you will create at the Creative Retreat Experience. The standard of entries and level of talent we have in Australia & New Zealand never ceases to amaze me, and I want to thank everyone who participated. I am so proud to be part of such an inspiring industry.” Max Amen, General Manager Wella Australia & New Zealand comments: “More than a competition, TrendVision is a platform that unleashes the creativity and passion of the best colourists and stylists across the world. Reaching such a high level this year demonstrates once more the leading role that Australia and New Zealand plays in this industry. I would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who entered, as well as the judges for generously giving us their time in support of the competition.”

Silver Color Specialist: Kylie Hayes (Moha Hairdressing) Silver Color Artist: Jodi Nicholson (The New Black Industries) Silver Craft Artist: Andre Faiva (Revolution Hairdressing) Bronze Color Specialist: Layla Hambley (Toni & Guy Perth) Bronze Color Artist: Sarah Culliford (By Frank) Bronze Craft Artist: Jaimee Smith (Ukiyo Salon & Co) @wellapro_anz #askforwella #wellalife #wellafamily #trendvision2020 #ntvaanz





EVY Professional

evyprofessional •evyprofessional.com • Tel. 1300 760 165


Becoming a new member of the AHIA Hot Shots team is an honour truly deserving of that title and beyond. You talk to a lot of world class achievers in our field and they say our profession is a craft, not an art. I believe that for the most part, but my opinion is changing. Let’s turn to music, Dave Grohl had a vision in his mind for his first album and music, so he played every instrument, to have his vision realized. Artist we still call Prince was the same with his art. I’m not comparing, just drawing parallels. You’ll see what I mean. The guy we are about to meet has many, many layers and over the next 4 issues, just as we follow our international correspondents, we are going to follow this Amazing Australian for a year and peel off the layers to get a truly open and honest look into the amazing mind that is Ashleigh Weller, our first Australian Correspondent. Ash, at just 30, is an already accomplished entrepreneur, expressing his passion for hairdressing through a broad spectrum of modalities. Founder of Born Barbers Collective, advocate for the hair industry, educator, public speaker, avid photographer, and recently announced as one of the 4 new team members of the of 2020 Hot Shots Team. For Ash, success is not just a monetary goal for him, his values and mission are rooted in community and freedom of self-expression for all he comes in 46

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

contact with. One thing that sets him apart is his ability to see life through a macro lens and inspire people in his expression through his various modalities. Ash struggles with dyslexia which made learning the traditional academic way difficult, however it’s clear that this is a challenge that he has harnessed and utilised throughout his career, by exploring different avenues to learn and expand his own knowledge and in turn educating and inspiring others. One thing is for sure, Ash walks to his own beat, blazing his own path forward building a supportive and eclectic community along the way, Ash’s story is one that demonstrates the ability to overcome challenges and embrace authenticity: Born and raised in Adelaide, he grew up in a tough neighborhood and was also under very hard and challenging family circumstances. Hardships were the norm for not just his family, but everyone he knew had a tough but interesting story. Drugs, drug dealing, crime and vandalism were prevalent in the community.

As a child Ash had a lot of energy and a curiosity of how things function, he was known to take things apart and put them back together and was one to stand out in a crowd with his sense of fashion after being introduced to punk rock music at a young age. Throughout the challenges growing up, Ash had one driving force and that was hairdressing, for an already eclectic punk kid, expressing his love for fashion. Hairdressing was not an easy thing to openly talk about, but at the age of 10 he watched Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton for the first time and the spark of passion was lit, although he kept this to himself for some time, it was exactly what he needed to inspire him to embrace being unique and make something of himself in an industry that thrives on creativity and selfexpression. Exploring deeper in the industry he discovered men’s barbering and was consumed with the history, dating back to the BC’s! Fascinated that during the “Egyptian times men were makeup artists as well as face groomers,” he discovered. The craftsmanship and mechanics inspired him further and during his research he discovered Vidal Sassoon, an idol in the industry who he could relate

to having a challenging childhood, and a drive to push boundaries within the industry and a unique perspective on life. Ash did his first training at the age of 14 at Marion Hair and Beauty, Adelaide, completing colour training, creative cutting training and up styling, this is where he entered his first Wella up styling competition. And so the story began.


Barbershops are renowned as a place of community, conversation, family, trust and respect; all things Ash has created at Born Barbers Collective. Born Barbers Collective is an inviting and creative place where you are taken on a journey through the traditions of classic barbering and hairdresser fusion techniques for both male and female. “A place that offers the highest of quality cuts for all age groups, genders and walks of life that walk through our doors and on a mutual ground. The word “Barbershop” which has been replaced with “Collective” is a statement of togetherness, team, community and collecting stories through all four chairs.” Ash says. “Our little old shop in Adelaide has a well-known reputation for its strict appointment only policy, 45mins -1-hour slots to aid consistency and high customer service that make people feel they are a part of something bigger.” “I’ve always enjoyed how salons operated and flowed so I added this into my shop as a very unique element to our space, especially how much it was needed at the time for progressive men’s hairdressing.” International travel and the impact that experience has had on Ash has certainly helped shape him into who he is now personally, professional and creatively. The time line went something like this…


“My overseas travel has been one of the most unreal experiences of my life! It all started when I was heading to NYC for my first time, and, like I did when I travelled Australia with Wahl, I never wanted to travel without doing a show or guest spot to learn different techniques and to network and meet other like-minded people. So, I hooked up a show through MUK for Long Island NYC. I will

admit it probably wasn’t my best show as it was the first time having their coffee black and their sizes are massive, and I was so hyped up I felt like my cut was done in 15 minutes! Ha-ha but man did I talk!”


”Yeawolf (the rapper) put out on Instagram that he was in need of a guest artist for his shop “Slumerican” in Nashville TN. I jumped on it and replied to the post not thinking anything would come from it. I got a reply with let’s do it! I couldn’t believe it! I decided we would throw a party called ‘Get us to Nashville’ in our shop, putting bands on and a fully licensed bar with a donation bin. We couldn’t believe how much our community supported the idea of getting a little Adelaide shop recognised overseas and helped raise over $5000! From there we made a lot of friends that worked in either fashion or hair, which lead me to meeting Steve Viliot (Eminem’s Barber). He approached me, noticing my cutting style was very different to what he’d seen in the US, we enjoyed a cigar and stared planning! From there we started touring under his label called Barber Authority. We started at the country music festival awards (out the front of Johnny Cash’s museum) in Nashville, and he topped it off by taking us backstage at Bonnaroo festival where he showed us a lifestyle, I never thought was possible.”


“Steve Viliot flew me back out to Austin Texas a few months after for Austin City Limits Festival where I got to meet and cut the legends from The Gang of Youths, Arctic Monkeys and hang out and chat with Peter Keys, Deftones, Metallica etc.! Again making sure I got to experience the most I could. While I was in Austin I got to meet some of my biggest inspirations in the barber world like Danny Amorim (aka-succsessaddict)(BarberShop 9/3), Chuck (aka-whosyourbarber), Mathew (akamrrazorsharp413) they were there working for a brand called GIBBS GROOMING where I met even more crew on the next weekend for round two of the festival and made long life friends with!”


“Back in Australia for a couple of months, they asked me back to be in Orlando TN for premier Salon Expo where I was introduced to others in the industry and finally got to see my man Danny Amorim do his very famous inspirational speaking and cutting seminar!! Massive highlight of my trip!”


“Heading from Orlando (very hungover) I landed in NYC where I was doing a demonstration for GIBS GROOMING. Two sold out classes with my sister (from another mother) Gabrielle Davies and one inspirational speaking seminar for anti-bullying/abuse. I got approached to do this seminar as they heard a bit about my story and it was one of the most confronting talks I’ve ever done, but when the crowd reacted to my story, it was a feeling I haven’t felt before. This is why I now add a part of this to all my shows. All this was at BarberCon Brooklyn NYC. I couldn’t believe it when I was given the list of educators on the bill and thought, how the hell did I get on this list, with some of the top leading barbers and stylists around the world!”


“Ahh south Korea! One place that holds a special place in my heart. My brother was getting married to his Korean partner in Souel and of course I was going to be attending! But I didn’t want to end my guest spot/show streak! So, I put out some feelers to say that I was heading over and would love to find a shop to guest at, I finally got a response from the famous Billycats Barbershop! This team were such beautiful and respectful souls, making sure I was always ok and comfortable. But man did they get me working! They booked me out for 3 days straight and booked the shop out for me to educate my style of cutting. What I took more from them, than others before was their level of customer service. The warm and inviting barbers and space had such amazing traditions. I love that I still get to speak with them regularly and can’t wait till I can get back over to see my brother MR.Buggys new Barbershop!” cont’d over page...

cont’d from page 47

“In all my travels there’s one important thing I have learnt. It’s not social media that gets you far, but the purity and honest content and connections you build. The energy you put out there is what gets you noticed not the numbers.”


“I first heard about the Hot Shots Team at Hair Expo in Sydney where I did my first (unknown) huge demonstration at the age of 21 for Wahl. It was the first time I was on the same bill with my biggest inspiration Peter Dorio! We went together. I had heard about the 4 team members winning the award, which allowed them to collaborate together in a house. I was all about it and hoped one day I would be able to get to that point in my career. When I was told that I should enter by friends, as this would be my last chance due to the cut off age, I had to. I’m not one to put myself out there in the sense of boasting but it was something I felt I needed to try. And here we are! I’m really excited to be starting this journey with the other unreal winners to collaborate and more importantly get inspired and learn!!“ “My philosophy in hair is to always push the boundaries, with teaching and learning the classic techniques and styles but also adapting modern styling and high fashion techniques. To work hard and always be on the lookout for the right team and or making an environment for a team to flourish. I’m a big believer in evolving and growing as a person, in work and in life and to always treat people equally in a team. A lot of my collections are an expression of past and present, overcoming and becoming what’s going on in the world in all forms i.e. people, music, street style, architecture, nature, light and shadow, vintage photos, environmental climate. Once you open your mind past the thought of ‘just a haircut’ or ‘just another photograph’, the world is an endless treasure trove of inspiration and possibility, you just have to take the time to stop and look around and find the macro beauty.” “What drives me to share my knowledge is knowledge. I was fortunate enough to have mentors that gave me all the time in the world to educate me in the craft which actually educates 48

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

you on life. This industry gives back so much. I really feel it’s my duty to express this and to pass it down especially to the younger legends of the industry. To put myself on stage in front of the world is always daunting as hell, but I do it to keep the fire burning, it’s how I get the kick out of education, for myself through educating others.”


“The collection of images I did for the HOT SHOTS comp, were really an array of different characters, looks and styles that come into the shop daily, they were all real customers and I thought that was a perfect way to show what we are about.” “Putting them into an editorial look was a very different experience for them. It was a really enjoyable collection and I really wanted to show that using barber techniques in female hair can still look soft and feminine, also using hairdressing techniques on men can also still give you a masculine look. It was an expression on how I’ve been feeling a bit stuck, being known for just ‘barbering’, but would love for Australian to know I love all aspects of hair and don’t want boundaries in my career.” Ash has a growing passion for photography and this has grown in the past year especially with a pandemic, closing the shop for 7 weeks in total. “I decided to get my film cameras back out, and to go out shooting to get away from the noise of the news and negativity. It sparked my love for photos and how it makes you look at the world in a positive way even though the world is in mayhem.” Ash went on to build his first darkroom at his house to start developing and printing his own photos, researching portrait darkroom work and loving how they looked on film and then printed. “In my past two collections I’ve done all the studio photography on digital as well as on film” says Ash. “It’s a process that I’ve found that adds another element to my creative side. Editing a photo in the analog world has me feeling connected with the collection and feel I can put more detail and emotion to the photo. The process is a big one, mixing chemicals (reminds me of perm

development), long nights under a red light but manually working on the collection, It’s a lengthy process, about a 4-hour process from start to finish for about three different looks, as each step is a mindful experience with that captured moment.”

2021 PLANS

Due to Covid, and cancelation of all of this years and next year’s tours, Ash has already got some ideas in the works. “I’m putting my energy into creating new, exciting and quite eccentric collections! Utilising both skills in hairdressing and barbering, I’m really homing in on my photography work, and collaborating with other hair colourists, and stylists in Adelaide. And of course, all the exciting new adventures to enjoy with the Hot Shots Team! I have no idea what will come from all of this, but I know that I’ve been on a career transition and feel it’s panning out how it should. My mind is open to it all!”

60 SECOND SPEED DATE WITH ASH WELLER. Favourite place in the world Too many to choose but I’ll say Japan Favourite Food Anything coeliac friendly... Nachos Favourite Drink Red Wine. Favourite Movie Lawless What are you watching? Brooklyn99 What are you reading? 1000 Images you must see before you die What music are you listening to? 70’s Rock, my Fav Band Deftones new Album What podcast are you listening to? Darkroom Chemistry.

Hair By 2020 HOT SHOTS TEAM Winner, Elie Kashi

OPEN FOR ENTRY // OPEN FOR ENTRY // OPEN FOR ENTRY Finalists Announced // MONDAY 19TH APRIL Winners Announced at the AHIA Creative Gala Night // MONDAY 14TH JUNE 2021 Queens Birthday Weekend. The Star, Sydney

Over $20,000 worth of prizes including packs from all sponsors, A stay on the Hot Shots House, Photo Shoot with Andrew O’Toole and a creative activity during the tenure. Creative Director – Jayne Wild

Full information kit, rules and regulations, criteria and judging details available at

www.australianhairindustryawards.com.au Mocha Publishing are the owners of Hairbiz, Beauty Biz and BarberShop Magazines. Hot Shots & Beauty Squad, Australian Hair Industry Awards – Business, Australian Beauty Industry Awards, Australian Make Up Industry Awards Australian Modern Barber Awards.

For stockists call Dateline Imports P/L on (02) 9666 3611 or visit parlux.com.au

IT'S VERY SIMPLE... 2,250 Watts, 456 grams, 23 litres of air per second, 18,000 RPM AC motor, low, medium and high heat and airflow settings and curved ergonomic handle. A perfectly balanced dryer, used and admired by hair stylists worldwide. In addition to these important advantages you can also comfortably hold the dryer by its insulated barrel for easier, convenient styling...

Nothing more needs to be said!


Proudly owned by Kirby Lago, this Cronulla salon opened in August 2020 and is already the jewel of the Shire. The chic and minimalistic European inspired space has interiors to envy - all earthy tones, curved walls and textures. A mural on entry, a magnificent wall mounted dry floral arrangement stretching close to 2 metres and the custom-made centre piece table designed by a friend of Kirby’s, with hand selected pebbles to compliment the salon tones. This is salon interior design at its finest. Pélo by Lago is just one of the latest salons to partner with Kao Salon Division, known for breakthrough innovations in the salon industry with strong sub- brands within Goldwell such as TopChic Colorance and Elumen as well as high performance care and styling products, Kerasilk, DualSenses, StyleSign and KMS. “We’re so excited to welcome Pélo by Lago to the Kao Salon family. In launching Pelo by Lago, Kirby has created a fantastic salon destination and we look forward to supporting Kirby as she continues to grow her quality reputation and business.” said Justin Anderson, General Manager Kao Salon Division.


Sophisticated design is matched with outstanding service as Pélo by Lago sets itself apart from other salons with a personalised customer journey. The Pélo Bible breaks down the customer experience, ensuring all team members offer clients a first-class standard of service every visit, all leading to an unforgettable in-salon experience. “Pélo by Lago is known for enhancing natural hair and creating low maintenance, lived in hair colours and cuts that won’t compromise hair health” explains Kirby. “For me it’s all in the detail and in every foil around the hairline. The technique is so seamless, and it just gets better and better over time. Using superior colour and care products from Goldwell ensures quality colour that lasts the distance.”


I’ve been hairdressing since I was 14 years old and now just turned 31. I actually picked it for my work experience in high school.

Can you tell us a little about your hairdressing journey?

I opened my first salon when I was 19 years old. I had multiple salons over the past few years in locations such as Surry Hills. I sold my last salon to focus on growing my family whilst freelancing and building my vision for Pelo.

What inspired you to open Pélo by Lago?

I just had this idea of building a salon that not only created beautiful hair but made people feel a certain way whilst they were getting their hair done. I wanted to perfect that culture and vibe.

The interiors of Pélo by Lago are quite amazing, did you work with anyone in particular and what inspired the look and feel of the salon?

In the leading month I had a salon Pinterest board and had already decided on a few things I would be doing before I had even found a space. I had a few close people helping me make some of the big and little decisions. But no designer.

The customer experience is very important, how did you develop the customer journey?

I put a lot of thought into this. I really worked out what I wanted and then I created a “Pelo Bible” that goes over every detail of how we do things at Pelo so each client gets a consistent result and experience.

Your career has also seen you working in LA, tell us about that?

I had followed Johnny Ramirez forever. I loved his work and his vibe. So, it was a must for me before opening my salon that I flew over to LA and learnt from the best.

You juggle your career with 3 young children, how do you make it work?

My husband and I decided after having our third child he would be the stay-at-home Dad. He is amazing at it. Especially seeing our youngest is only 6months old. I work four huge long days so I can have three days “off“ with my family. It has been a sacrifice for both of us. But everyone has to make some kind of sacrifice when deciding to have a family. Ours just looks a little different to most.

What is it about blonde work that you love so much?

I’m obsessed with how hair moves. So, I love creating these beautiful lived-in colours as I get such great dimension and texture. So sexy and femine. Love it!

What do you attribute this success to?

Vision, planning and execution. No luck involved here. Every single detail of Pelo by Lago was thought out and purposeful.

What advice do you have for other stylists thinking about opening their own salon?

Timing is everything. Make sure you’re in the right headspace. Have clear goals and enough energy to give to your new space. Know what your brand is about so clients can relate and want to be a part of it.

What do you love about the salon industry?

I am so impressed and proud of our industry. It is a fantastic time to be a hairdresser.

Who do you most admire in the industry?

Of course, Jaye Edwards. He has done amazing work on lifting the level of respect and acknowledgment of what we do and how much that is valued.

Advice you live by?

Keep investing in yourself. Whether it is hair courses, business coach, life podcast. The more you grow in yourself the more you can achieve. Surround yourself with people you admire and respect and be mindful of what you give energy and focus to.

How did you choose your salon brand partners? Goldwell to me just means quality. The colour work I can create with Goldwell I don’t believe I can create with another brand. It was a no brainer for me. I want to create healthy beautiful colours that last. Goldwell ensures I can do that.

Favourite Goldwell products and why?

Silk lift lightener is definitely my favourite. This is one luxe lifter!! You can tell the immediate difference when lifting with this product. The result is so much more stable and healthy.

Who do you think has amazing hair and why?

I have always loved Jlo’s hair. She seems to always get it right. Perfect combination of sexy beautiful hair that compliments and enhances her natural. Everything Pelo by Lago is about!

And finally, if you weren’t in the hair industry what would you be doing?

I would be helping transform people in one way or another. Whether it was physically, professionally or emotionally. I get so much fulfillment from it.

e v i t c e l l o C n o The Sal

By Louise May

As well as being a great salon with an outstanding reputation, Cowra’s Salon Collective is just a very cool place to hang out. With it’s cool & eclectic vibe, and their commitment to providing only the best client experience, it’s no wonder they have received so many accolades to date.

Starting her apprenticeship as a mature apprentice at the age of 20, salon owner Alicia Ball completed 12 months in a Sydney salon, before moving back home to Cowra after being offered a position at a gorgeous new salon “Ambience Hair” in her hometown. After completing her apprenticeship, Alicia went on to purchase the business. Starting solo on her own, she grew to a team of 5 and then to 7 in no time. In 2017 Alicia began working with a salon mentor as she wanted to really level up and create a space that really represented her values, her vision and her “Why”. She loved her existing business, but it was somebody else’s vibe, the name was once someone else’s, and it just did not feel right to Alicia.

This is when The Salon Collective was born! At the same time as the rebranding was taking place, an old building that Alicia had always admired, became available for lease. It has much more space and totally fitted the whole look and feel of the vibe that Alicia wanted to create. The salon just exploded, with the new name, new branding, new look and totally awesome vibe... The Salon Collective just went from strength to strength. It has been so wonderful to be able to express who I am and who we are as a team, and what our mission is also for our clients and our community, says Alicia. I wanted a name that represented my team... “a group of likeminded people working together toward the same goal” the salon collective was born - The salon I dreamt of was now my reality... Since the rebranding and the move, both the salon and Alicia have won multiple business awards, including Local Business of The Year, Outstanding Business of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of The Year, Business Leader of The Year and nominated as Finalists in Regional Awards also. In 2018 Alicia opened her 2nd salon business, Brother Fox Barbershop - A place where boys & men can come and sit and have a good yarn with great blokes. The concept of Brother Fox Barbershop came from my passion of men’s mental health. Brother fox was in fact named in honour of 2 important men in our lives, who are no longer here, but who mean the absolute world to me, says Alicia. In 2019 once established, Alicia sold Brother Fox to one of the amazing barbers at Brother Fox Barbershop, who is also a very dear friend, to focus

Alicia Ball on future growth for The Salon Collective, and to this day they continue to work very closely together as brother - sister salons. Also, in 2019, Alicia was extremely fortunate enough to train under the one and only Lorraine Massey (the curl queen herself) and the Curly Girl Method & dry curl by curl cutting was introduced to the salon collective. “I will be forever grateful to my dear friend Kimberley Marks, from Yeah The Curls in Seaforth Nth Sydney, for this career changing opportunity and educating & training my team. As a curly girl myself to be able to offer this service to all curly girls in the entire Central West of NSW has been a game changer, so much so, to keep up with demand the entire team at The Salon Collective has now been certified in dry curl by curl cutting, Says Alicia. We are excited to launch in 2021 as a curl specialist salon.” “I have been blessed with my time in business to work alongside so many amazing Hairdressers & barbers that have made my business what it is today. Says Alicia. They are all a part of our journey and will forever be a big part of the heart of the Salon collective. I have qualified 6 apprentices in my time in business, and there’s nothing I love more than my volunteer work. It is the most rewarding part for me, in my 17- year career I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into many organisations to meet their gorgeous clients and I am forever grateful to my dear friends at the Cowra Information & Neighbourhood Centre for gifting me the opportunity, as that is where it all began. I have been more than blessed in my career with a team that is now my family, their passion is so incredibly inspiring I am truly honoured to work alongside these women each and every day. We have some huge plans for The Salon Collective and I look forward to our next chapter, it’s going to be huge!”

The De Lorenzo family have been passionate participants and supporters of the Australian hairdressing industry for ninety years – as mens’ barbers, ladies’ hairdressers and as manufacturers of salon only professional and retail haircare.

Still proudly family owned, De Lorenzo Hair Care is dedicated to remain Australian made, and stays committed to supporting Australian jobs and the local economy. As an exclusively salon-focused brand, it saddens us to learn that a small number of chemists have been selling a very limited range of De Lorenzo products online. We are currently investigating this matter very seriously, including how the products were obtained. De Lorenzo maintains its unwavering commitment to the professional haircare industry and is NOT responsible for supplying any of our products to these businesses.

1800 800 347




It’s the salon with the crazy name…Horse Meat Disco Salon…which is actually owner Mikey Forster’s favourite London DJ, as well as the brand of his beautiful boutique salon in Stones Corner, Brisbane. Since entering the Brisbane hair scene in 2012 and growing organically over the past eight years, today the Disco team is a creative collective of passionate and talented stylists who completely love what they do. As a new generation young salon owner, Mikey had a strong vision for what he wanted to present to the marketplace when it came to launching his own brand. A business that was cool and edgy, but never pompous or elitist. A welcoming hub for individuals seeking quality yet attainable hair. A playground to showcase creative aptitude upon a foundation of exceptional education and technical skills. A fun, family-like culture with outstanding client service. A salon where hairdressers loved to work and grow. A destination to BE, not to be seen. Sticking true to his vision, the Disco (as it is affectionately known) has a sterling reputation amongst industry and clients alike. Education plays an important role, with Mikey holding the role as an Australian Colour Ambassador for Wella Professionals in Australia and New Zealand. His own professional development and that of his team is paramount in keeping themselves ahead of the game.

“Education is how we all grow as professionals,” Mikey tells. “I pay for all of my team’s education and I’m happy to do so, as I know it’s progressing them in their careers, plus our clients and team members are benefiting from their knowledge as well. Education opportunities for the team have included international education at the Sassoon Academy in LA, the DCI Mentor Program, Wella Master Colour Expert and Not Another Academy. These are just a few of the educational platforms we invest in.” Mikey takes a holistic approach to education which helps to keep his team happy and motivated. “We recently just had a wellness day incorporating a presentation on hair psychology and consultations followed by a beautiful VinYin style yoga class. It’s important to look after ourselves and our minds, so doing something like this I find very helpful for the whole team. It also creates a great team environment.” Horse Meat Disco Salon has been working with MIG Training since February 2017 growing the apprentice team to 4. “We left our previous RTO as the communication we had with them was zero and the content the apprentices were getting taught we felt was dated,” Mikey says. “Since changing to MIG our training is on track and we work closely to ensure that together, we are helping our apprentices as best as possible.” MIG’s relationship with its salon clients is very much a partnership. Bespoke education programs are created to suit the apprentice as well as the salon schedule and can be a mix of college and in-salon training depending on each business’s requirements. “My directors and I have recently created a full training schedule from start to finish for our junior stylists,” explains Mikey. “We work very closely alongside MIG to ensure we are both on the same page with training and how the apprentices are progressing. For example, we will work on solid form for approximately three weeks in in-salon training, then once deemed competent, we move them on to the next stage. If they are stars and they are competent quicker, then we progress them


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

faster. We don’t hold anyone back.” When it comes to looking for apprentices, Mikey says he’d choose personality over skill every time. “Finding an apprentice at the moment is the hardest it’s been for me since I opened the doors eight years ago. I’m looking for someone with an outstanding personality, and that can be tough. It’s our job to make you an amazing hairdresser, but I can’t give you a better personality or make you fit in with the team more smoothly. I have 4 apprentices at the moment, 2 of which are mature age. The mix is great. While mature age apprentices cost a little more, what they bring to the salon is life experience, knowledge on how to work hard and common sense.” So what advice would Mikey have for salons to optimise their relationship and outcomes with their chosen apprenticeship provider? “Flexibility and communication! What we love about MIG is that we were able to take training into our own hands and do it (mostly) ourselves under their guidance. Every Tuesday evening we have in salon training nights for all of our juniors. We work closely with MIG and reference our training plan so that we are working on the same things around the same time. Once a month or so, Nicole from MIG will come to the salon and assess the team on what they have been working on. We love the way this works for the salon and couldn’t think of a better way to be training or with a better RTO!” Mikey has recently delivered the Blonde Specialist and Trends Masterclass for Wella. Along with his long-term team member Darby, Mikey also deliver colour education workshops called ‘Creating a Disco Queen’. These workshops showcase the signature Disco colour techniques and incorporate look and learn with hands-on sessions where the duo help students to create their own Signature Disco looks on their models. According to Mikey, the feedback has been incredibly positive…which no doubt means there’ll be more Disco education on the cards in 2021. And why not? We all need a little more Disco in our lives, don’t you agree?


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Topics covered: Choosing your team Concept creation Talent selection Maximizing your investment Download your copy using the QR code or visit https://ab-makingthecut.getresponsepages.com/ “Informative, educational and lighthearted. A must for all hair dressers entering the awards this season.” Joe Habbaki - TONI&GUY Armadale

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Chayanne Neale started her hairdressing journey at the age of 12 years old. She worked as a ‘tea & tidy’ in her step mothers salon, who was a colour technician and educator, and even in the early years, accompanied each other to many late night education seminars and sessions knowing the importance of continuing education and skills outside of traditional and initial training, feeding Chayanne’s hunger for more knowledge, which only ignited her passion for hair even more. After leaving high school Chayanne pursued a 4-year apprenticeship in an inner city salon in New Farm Brisbane, finalising her apprenticeship at Chemistry For Hair in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Chayanne involved herself in competition work regularly and continued to explore editorial and commercial work with the inclusion of photo shoots and further competition work. This certainly was the peak in her hairdressing career with exciting and new territory to explore and develop. As she moved through her career, she became a mum, and decided to establish herself and her hairdressing in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. “This was convenient whilst my boys were young and as my boys began to grow older, and be a little more independent, I welcomed my next challenge which was covering 5-star aged care salons around the north of Brisbane.” said Chayanne. “This position was such an honour. Uplifting the residents and giving back to the older generation. A totally gratifying experience” With the COVID-19 pandemic, arriving in 2020, the impact on many and especially in aged care 58

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

facilities is well known and so Chayanne had to rethink her plans, conquering another yet challenge on her mind. “With 18 years under my belt turning 30 in 2020, and after much contemplation, I went out on my own and started “Hair with Chayanne”. I’ve not looked back since my clients love the one on one personal service and privacy a home salon can offer” “I’m very proud of my achievements past and present as my business is booming! I work my own hours, at my own pace. I’m not dealing with high over heads and it just feels like freedom. Freedom I thought I’d never achieve. It just feels good!” The core of Chayanne’s business model is to strive for simplicity. For example, her salon menu is designed around her own hairdressing expertise, focusing on her colour knowledge and techniques she has developed over the years. Having previously being exposed to many brands throughout her career, both high end and economical, her decisions on salon product preferences have also been chosen very carefully ensuring she is offering affordable and progressive products at all times.

Chayannes Products of Preference are…

1. The Diva Glam styler for all my smoothing, curling and waving work. It offers me the best finish on my clientele and is the latest model on the market. 2. Blondes are a big part of my business and I’ve been very happy with my decision to place Hi

Lift True Colour and the Hi lift Cureplex bleach into my salon mechanics. I’m also excited for the launch of the Hi lift True Shades gel colour range coming soon. 3. The retail aspect of my business is mixed as not one range will ever cater for all your needs, it’s just not possible! Therefore, I’ve chosen Keratherapy retail line for luxury care and maintenance ability. It is made and manufactured in Miami, providing similar climate and environmental conditions to ours here in Australia. So that was a no brainer for me! The range suits our lifestyle and hair needs and wants. It also offers a variety of formulations for many hair types and conditions. 4. I’ve also recently introduced Trueplex to my clients. This range offers a world first, stand-alone Plex treatment (no.1 and no.2 intermixed), ready to go in a tube with no mixing required. Again, breakthrough technology as this will enable a client to also perform a rebonding service at home, a massive breakthrough for salons to offer this retail line, very handy for that Gold Coast blonde or double processed client. 5. American Barber takes care of my male clientele. The American Barber antidandruff shampoo is insane for my guys that have flaking, and the styling is water soluble. Such a great feature here in Queensland. An finally Chayanne sums up, “If you’ve been contemplating what life would be like out on your own, remember whatever you have invested in your career supports you through and enables you to move forward with your dream. If I can do it so can you!”



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ts I N









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American Barber Haircare


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By Kristie Kesic Hair by Lyndal Salmon and Marylin Guarino - Biba Academy

WELCOME TO 2021. TIME TO COLOUR YOUR WORLD. As hairdressers and colourists, we are taught first in our careers that the colour wheel is the holy grail of all things colour. If you can learn to understand the colour wheel, utilize the reflect system within your brand and where it sits on that colour wheel, you’re halfway there. But there is so much more to colour than just where it sits on colour wheel. Colours create moods, feeling and emotions. Each person will see colour differently, and each colour will resonate differently with that person. Colour is all around us. It’s in your hair, in your clothes, in your house and on the car you drive. The colours within your salon décor can enhance a clients’ experience and the colours in the clothing of your clients can tell you a lot about them.

Hair by Jack Morton -Toni & Guy


First of the three primary colours. Red is a very powerful colour and a colour of extremes. It is known as the colour of love, passion and strength as well as danger and sacrifice. Red is one of the most visible colours to our human eyes, and therefore is utilized in the paint of fire trucks, emergency signs and is the international colour of choice for stop signs. Big brands such as Coca-Cola are very clever and use red because it’s the first thing your eye will see. It is common that if you are drawn to liking red you are more of an extrovert and an optimist. You have drive and determination. Red captures attention. If your client doesn’t like attention, then a bright red colour probably isn’t the colour for them. A red hair colour is best supported on a level 3-5 because of the supporting underlying red pigments. If you put a red over a level supporting an orange or yellow Hair by Kristie Kesic - Cobelle Creative 60

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

underlying pigment it will turn out more of a golden red, which we know as copper. Many young people witnessed the ultimate red-head hero in Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Missy Elliot have turned heads with their fire red looks. Example of red hair colours: Deep red, vibrant red down to a soft pink toner.


The second primary colour, yellow is another eye-catching colour. It is the brightest colour of the visible spectrum and the first colour the human eye processes. Yellow is said to be the colour of happiness, optimism, sunshine and creativity. It promotes cheerfulness and increased mental activity. If you like yellow you are normally happy, cheerful and fun to be around. Yellow is a light colour and can vary from bright yellow through to slightly deeper versions including golds, mustard, and cream. But you will never look at yellow and think it’s dark. Yellow is the colour of the famous New York taxis and made famous in the hair world by Lady Gaga and Sophia Hilton. Blonde haired beauties are often very boisterous in either liking, or hating golden tones, and this is often where complexion and undertones come into play. Golden yellow colours will always appear lighter in the hair then cooler colours. Golden yellow tones are open to interpretation, and for a blonde client who hates yellow it’s important to understand what cool means to them (it is usually an overtone grey). Example of yellow hair colours: Bright yellow to golden caramel and buttery blonde hues.


Blue is the final primary colour and statistically the favourite colour of most people. It is the colour of the ocean and sky. Blue is a calming colour that has opposing symbolisms; A deep dark blue signifies, trust, dignity, intelligence, and authority. Bright blue signifies cleanliness, strength,

dependability, coolness. Light Blue signifies Peace, serenity, ethereal, spirituality. If you like blue colours you are said to love harmony, are reliable, sensitive and like tidiness and most of all love stability. Blue hair has been made famous by Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner it can be seen as an attention seeking hair colour. Blue being a cool tone will make colour appear darker. In pre-lightened hair it is important to pre-tone any warmth out of the hair before applying blue colour. When referring back to the colour wheel, remember blue applied over existing yellow tones will produce a green result. Blue applied over existing orange pigment will only produce a neutral or matte result because the blue will only counteract the orange. Some grey-ash toners will make the hair appear blue, because ash is made up of a blue pigment. Examples of blue hair colour: Blue black, navy blue to light blue and more commonly in recent times, soft denim tones.


Orange is a vibrant secondary colour, created from a combination of red and yellow. It’s seen as a hot or flaming colour and can be considered fruity and engaging – but can also be interpreted as abrasive. The many variations of orange symbolise energy, vitality, excitement, adventure and good health. It is said that a pure orange can be brass and suggest a lack of intellectual values and bad taste. I guess bad fake tan and brassy hair can fall into the bad taste category. If you like orange you are said to be warm, spontaneous, generous, optimistic and extroverted. You are typically more lighthearted and less intense than people that love red. In nature orange is symbolic of autumn, the colour of sunsets and fire. In the celebritysphere some well-known natural copper haired figures include Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry and Nicole Kidman. Some enhanced copper tresses belong to Isla Fisher, Blake Lively at times and taking it all the way back to the 90’s, Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice. Copper will sit best on a level 7 hair because the existing underlying pigment of that level is orange. When referring back to the underlying pigment chart, when copper is applied to darker levels of hair, the result will appear more red copper. When it is applied to lighter levels of hair, the result will appear more golden copper. Example of orange hair colour: Deep copper or bright copper, through to a soft peach or rose gold.


Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. This could be why purple is associated with supernatural energy and the spiritual cosmos. Purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality and creativity– and it evokes

all of these meanings more so than any other colour. When referring to hair colour application there are three distinct purple variations, it is a colour that can swing either warm or cool. Firstly, is red purple; which is warm, purple; which is neutral and blue purple; which is cool. if you like purple you are considered too be sensitive, compassionate, understanding and supportive. You are more often than not a gentle and free spirit with a good mind and ready wit. The most iconic purples haired beauties are Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie, whom both sported cool violet hues. Purple if swung to the cool side will always make the hair appear darker. In most cases adding a purple reflect to a colour will make the hair darker. Referring back to the colour wheel, if you apply a violet over an existing yellow pigment it was only counteract it. To achieve a violet tone on blonde hair you need to first neutralise any yellow, then overtone the hair violet. Examples of purple hair colour: Deep plum, mahogany or iridescent violet.

Hair by Sam James - SJ Establishment


Green is no longer just a colour. In modern times it is the symbol of ecology and a verb. Green is universally associated with nature and symbolises growth, rebirth and fertility. In a recent trend in response to our global climate and environmental crisis, many companies are striving to introduce and uphold ‘green’ policies or accreditations. These often refer to products or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy or prevent contributions to pollution. If you like green you are said to be a practical, down to earth person with a love for nature. You are stable and strive for balance. Alternatively, green is often associated with envy, or can describe someone being new or inexperienced. Green is the colour of emeralds, limes, wasabi and most plants, due to the process of photosynthesis. A young Kylie Jenner was one of the first celebrities to experiment with green by wearing her teal hair colour. Billie Eilish recently made traction with her famous fluoro green roots. Green hair colour is a hard colour to achieve because of its toning capabilities. Put green over red or orange hair and it’s going to first and foremost want to counteract the warmth. Examples of green hair colour: Green can vary from Fluro slime green to a deep teal colour to a light mint green.

Hair by Adrian Rotolo and Michael Piastrino - Ibiza Hair

Happy colouring! Kristie is the owner of Cobelle Creative based in Brisbane Hair by Stuart Bane - Valonz

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1




Technology is changing the way we live our lives by influencing social culture and fashion trends on a mass global scale. One subculture that has emerged from the digital world are the ‘e-girls’. If you haven’t heard of this term before, an e-girl (or electronic girl) is an emerging subcultural identity popular amongst young female adults. They spend most of their time on the internet creating their online persona’s across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitch and have a social reputation as being youthful, trendy and fun. The e-girl trend has taken on a unique style, drawing influence from Japanese anime characters and 90s manga culture. Some of the most recognisable fashion traits these girls exhibit across social media is messy, boldly coloured hairstyles and make-up matched with statement hair accessories! The online e-girl community has become increasingly popular amongst millennials throughout this year, especially when it comes to coloured hair inspiration. Here is a rundown on our favourite e-girl hairstyles that have dominated our feeds this year.


One of the most popular e-girl emerging hair trends this year has been colour contrasting. Currently the two most popular styles are faceframing and half-half colour splits. Although these hairstyles both exhibit colour contrasts, they focus on different aspects of your head and shoulder region, either complementing your facial features or your hairs cut, length and/or style. This colouring technique has been recreated by many high-profile celebrities such as Beyonce, Dua Lipa and Sia. To create the face framing look, separate two approximately 5cm wide sections of hair from around your face on both the left and right side, then with the remaining hair tie it up at the back so it is out of the way. Evenly apply colour through the front sections of your hair with the shade of your choice. You can make this look as dominant as you would like by altering the strength of the contrast between the coloured and natural hair. The half-half coloured hairstyle can simply be achieved by sectioning your hair in halves, either vertically or horizontally, depending on where and how you want the colour contrast to be seen. Then colour both halves using the two contrasting tones of your choice.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1


The Instagram hashtag #unicornhair displays hundreds of tagged images and videos of pastel rainbow coloured hair – the ultimate e-girl expression. This permanent crown of colour takes on the epitome of a fictional or magical figure, which relates back to the identity associated with e-girl culture. In order to achieve this look, the hair must be pre-lightened to a level 10 blonde to ensure all colours lift through the process. Then apply the pastel tones in precisely positioned sections so they will seamlessly blend together. When considering this hairstyle, seek advice or receive professional treatment due to the complexity of the colouring process and the high maintenance required.


Playing with pastel tones is a great way to add soft colour variation into your natural or block colour. Both rainbow and pastel-coloured hairstyles have been sported by rap artist Nikki Minaj and Cardi B. Similarly, to the pastel rainbow colouring hair technique previously mentioned, remember to pre-lighten the hair to a level 10 blonde before applying the pastel colour. This style is an easier application alternative to the rainbow hairstyle because as the colour fades over time, it creates a new look, therefore colour fade is less noticeable and touch-ups less frequent. By recommending colour shampoos, conditioners and treatments, you can extend the longevity, as the products will keep the colour vibrant for longer.


The e-girl fringe is a facial statement inspired by Japanese anime characters and is usually cut short and blunt. This cutting technique makes the individual’s face appear childish, enhancing the perceived size of their facial features, particularly the eyes. Since it is a statement feature, it is usually boldly coloured and styled to stand out from the rest of the person’s hair. Fringes aren’t as popular as the cutting techniques among the e-girl online community, however for girls with shorter hair it is a great colouring alternative if you don’t have much length to work with.


Lastly, no e-girl’s look is complete without a few statement pieces! Hair accessories are back and bigger than ever across the entire hair community. The typical e-girl hairstyle includes a few coloured accessories that add a fun, childish vibe to any simple hairstyle. The most popular hair accessories amongst the e-girl community are clips consisting of all shapes, colours, size and styles. Headbands with cat ears or a glittery halo attached solidifies the manga-inspired look and allow girls to project personality into their hair with ease. If the bold hair accessories look isn’t your style, simply adding glitter to your roots or spot-styling with hair chalk or coloured spray are simple and cute e-girl styling tips.










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Foil Me is an Adelaide based company, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello. The company was curated from the desire to help colourists have an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon, with each collection being unique and varying in size, thickness, colour, style and graphic designs. Since fruition, Ili and Emily have been and continue to be both disruptors and innovators; when you choose Foil Me, you become a part of a movement; one that is forever evolving to support you, the latest trends and the transforming hair industry. “The idea came about when Ili saw foil in my hair at the hairdressers and asked me about it when I arrived home.” Says Emily. “My best friend, Amy, was/is a hairdresser and we asked her what she thought about a pre-cut foil. After she said it was something she would use, we went ahead with creating the first Foil Me foil by ‘interviewing’ other hairdressers in our local area about what they wanted and needed in a foil. We collated this information, got in touch with our manufacturer and here we are today!” Of course, the foil now supplied is not the same as when they began as it has taken years to perfect with the right alloy, micron and embossing composition. “Ili wanted to be ‘the foil king’ and supply the cheapest foil in Adelaide, however I had other ideas and wanted to turn foils into a luxury essential where hairdressers could be proud of the product they use and where their guests would eventually know and want our foils to be used on their hair. I wanted hairdressers to use tools they deserve.”


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Social media has played an integral part in the growth and almost 7 years later, Foil Me consists of an incredible team, distributors internationally and nationally, ambassadors in Australia, NZ, CA, UK and the USA, Foil Me movers all over the world, exquisite brushes from a collaboration with Sheree Knobel, and other products in the works. “The one over- arching component that is at the heart of our evolution”, says Emily,”is transcendental meditation which has enhanced our creative vision. Without this, we’d simply be another foil and hairdressing supplies company.

HAIRBIZ SPOKE TO EMILY IN A LITTLE MORE DEPTH ABOUT THIS INNOVATIVE BRAND. How does fashion/trends influence the Foil Me brand and product design?

I am an artistic person where I have an appreciation for art and fashion, in particular, art and luxury brands that have a story behind their design and you can see and feel the craftmanship. Hairdressers should have products that they deserve, not just ones that do the job. So, as Creative Director, I began incorporating art and an artisanal feel into our products and packaging. Every product we produce just gets more and more luxurious in the feel and craftsmanship; evolving with each year.

You have amazing ambassadors and foil/brush design collaborators, and distributors around the world. Was global domination always on the agenda? How do you choose your distribution points around the globe?

Our ambassadors developed very organically. It is imperative that our ambassadors love us as a

brand and have been using our products for at least a year before they become a part of our inner circle. The collab with Sheree to create brushes was a no brainer for us. We know Sheree is an expert in her field so when she suggested we make a brush together that would meet hers and now thousands of others’ needs, we didn’t hesitate. We choose our distribution points based on what our movers want and when we are approached. Their customers ask for Foil Me and they can see the value the Foil Me brand can bring to their business. We do however, have strict ethics and code when it comes to agreeing to a distributor too.

Where do you see the brand heading in 2021 and is there anything new on the horizon?

We’d love a USA distributor to be on board, more master distributors being chosen and DEFINITELY new products! We are also going to move premises into a bigger office that allows for growth with two new staff members coming on board in 2021.

Finally, what’s it like to be life partners and business partners?

Haha! Good question! Ili and I have been together for almost 20 years. As is the case with any longlasting relationship, it is important to have trust, respect, honest communication, mutual core beliefs such as spiritually (meditation and giving back to the universe/community), and laughter. We don’t always agree with each other, but we have learnt that it is important to communicate about why we believe something is a good idea and to trust that the other knows what is the right course of action. www.foilme.com.au


FEATURED: The Knobel from The Designer Collection







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What does a traditional salon model mean to you? What did your apprenticeship look like and feel like to you? Is your past experience what a salon should be like today? My apprenticeship spanned over four years and I worked with 35 other staff in a Sydney city salon. We did very little training except attend college for a full day once a week. Whilst there, I learnt finger waves and perming and ‘streaks’, pulling hair painfully through holes in a plastic cap. Where I worked was the coolest salon - busy busy busy, strict and well run with systems. I loved the music, the vibe and the people, even though I’d worn down my finger and thumb prints from winding perm after perm. I trained on the weekend in my own time. Is that a traditional salon? I left there after 3 1/2 years and worked in a smaller salon where their focus was lots of cutting training two nights per week unpaid. Is that a traditional salon? My own business over the years was committed to training, photoshoots, Awards, working at Fashion Week in Australia and overseas and educating others. We volunteered our time for everything that came our way including travelling two hours to work behind the scenes at Hair Expo each June long weekend. We did this for years….is that what a traditional salon does nowadays too? We served biscuits in our salon and paid a fortune for international magazines. Does that make us a traditional salon? Traditional salons years ago didn’t have social media. They didn’t have the luxury of free marketing via Facebook and Instagram. We measured our success only by our return clients and not how many ‘likes’ or followers 68

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

we had. Building a brand was having a website. Despite its flaws, overall social media has been wonderful branding for businesses worldwide. Traditional salons didn’t have staff turnovers. Quite simply we lived on our own salon island, physically and mentally….until social media changed our world. Business changed as we knew it, training changed as we knew it, marketing changed as we knew it. The industry has a plethora of coaches, educators, social media gurus and pretty much everything and anything that you can think of possible in hairdressing is on social media. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly… pages of positive mantras but also negative venting and whinging, bullying and inciting hate in private messages or openly on social media. Is this now how we traditionally work as an industry? Mental health and domestic violence have been highlighted this year more than any other. The pandemic has brought so much anxiety to the surface. Anger, frustration, bullying, sadness and loneliness have been discussed more than ever. Did we always have this in our society? Or has social media escalated how we really are, how we feel and exposed what we fear most? It seems we are judged all day, every day. The AHC has been observing over time the changes in the industry and the changes in a ‘traditional salon’. The changes in employees and what they need and how many employers don’t keep their staff. Changes in the mental health of staff and their lack of resilience. Changes in how easily staff can get themselves into unhealthy debt. Maybe we need to consider that technical training is not all that is needed in

education for our industry and our businesses. Maybe we need to look at what employees need to be happy, to be successful, to be financially secure, to be more confident. Launching this year is AHC Pathway Connect. The AHC is rebranding Youthworx, its youthoriented platform for hairdressers and barbers. Why? We’ve simply been identifying what support our salon owners and industry needs, because things have changed and evolved. Heads have been put together for months to bring this exciting program to life and create projects that will help lessen the gap between a salon owner and employee to encourage a culture of working together towards ONE goal….success and happiness, financial security and confidence. The core strategy of Pathway Connect is based on four principles: H.E.L.P. H = Happiness (mental health, management, personal growth) E = Elevate (creative skills) L = Logic (tax and financial management) P = People (a blueprint on how to create a career, true success stories, role models and mentors) Sounds hopeful? Everyone needs hope and a little HELP…thank you to Pete Walstab, Mia De Vries, Tom White and Pete Koziell for bringing this project together. www.theahc.org.au

STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS. HERE’S HOW! Hi, Leanne Cutler here. You might know me best through ‘Hair Shots 2 The World’, but our other brand Siren Marketing which has been successful for even longer. We help salons, educators and product companies with marketing communication and PR. The best bit is that we combine social media, PR, marketing and advertising into one strategy for the biggest bounce for your buck. This is important as social media advertising gets increasingly expensive. Some of what we can offer you: • Awards coaching • Awards submissions • P ress Packs • P R campaigns • Podcasts • P hoto shoots • S ocial media strategy • R esumés • C ontent management • D igital publishing • E vent planning - digital and actual • e DMs • Websites • C offee table books

Whatever you need, we are dedicated to making your business standout.

Please call me directly to discuss: M: 0400 790 060 or email: leanne@sirenmarketing.com.au


IS THERE A HAIRDRESSER OUT THERE? By Anthony Gray Now that we have hopefully put 2020 into the rear-view mirror the road to recovery brings into sharp focus the difficulty all salon owners face in finding staff. The statistics don’t lie. The numbers of Hairdressing Apprentices in training have been trending down for the past 10 years.

This is born out in the steady decline in the number of apprenticeship commencements and completions over the same period. The Australian Skills Committee snapshot provides a sober visual of the decline over the past decade.

Source: Australian Industry Skills Committee (April 2020)

This slow decline is also at a time when the demand for hairdressers has grown steadily over the same period. Around 50 000 hairdressers were employed in Australia in 2010, growing to approximately 77 000 in 2019. With the National Centre for Vocational Education Research predicting the demand for Hairdressers to top 80 000 by 2024 we are digging a whole that is becoming increasingly more difficult to crawl out off. While the numbers speak for themselves the impact of this trend is being born out in industry on a daily basis. At MIG, over 20% of all the salons clients we work with are currently looking for staff. The results are mixed across 70

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

these salons but the consistent message we receive is that while salons are able to attract apprentice applicants many are unable to get even a single application for a qualified hairdresser.

3. Partner with a college

As a salon owner and employer there are 4 key actions you can take in order to buck to this trend?

Consider graduates or those who are part way through a course. Forming good relationships with the best hairdressing colleges ensures that you can access the pick of the graduates and even access those who are part way through their qualification and looking for work. Offering work placement and industry trials to your college partner can also allow you to try potential employees before you buy.

1. Optimise your talent

4. Grow your own

Focus on your current stylists. Identifying how the skills of your team could be used differently and then developing targeted training across all of the technical skill areas will ensure you do more with less. Identifying the work that is high value for your senior hairdressers and removing the low value work which can be undertaken by others is key to this process. As a by-product staff retention and satisfaction improve exponentially.

2. Hire for behaviour and train for skill

While finding the complete package when recruiting is the nirvana, a new team member who is 80% of the way there from a technical perspective but has all of the key personal skills is a keeper. These key skills include teamwork and communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, self-direction and creativity. Gaps in technical skill can be addressed with training.

For many salon owners the cry is “NEVER AGAIN” when the word apprentice is mentioned but there has never been a better time to revisit the apprenticeship option. Government incentives mean that the time is now. As part of the federal government’s economic response to COVID the $1.2 billion boosting apprenticeship commencements wage subsidy is incredible. Any salon that engaged an apprentice after the 5th Oct 2020 may be eligible for a 50% subsidy of the wages paid to that apprentice. This support is capped at 100 000 new apprentices across all trades which means that these places will quickly become oversubscribed. With demand for apprenticeship places expected to double as a result of this subsidy the 100 000 allocation could be exhausted as early as March 2021. Combined with flexible training options and access to quality training providers these key actions develop quality teams. A quality cohesive team is the only way to achieve the business and lifestyle freedoms successful, profitable salon owners enjoy

It’s all about the detail...


Styling Chair




• Dusty pink Upholstery • Panelled Curved Detail • Height Adjustable

• Black Upholstery • Panelled Curved Detail • Height Adjustable


Hydraulic Options

Hydraulic Options

also available • chrome 5 star hydraulic code: 42253F-CH • chrome disc hydraulic code: 42253D-CH • black 5 star hydraulic code: 42253F-BL • black disc hydraulic code: 42253D-BL • gold hydraulic code: 42253D-GO

also goes with...

SALON INSPO For further information or for your nearest call 02 8781 0123 or visit www.joiken.com.au


also available • chrome 5 star hydraulic code: 42252F-CH • chrome disc hydraulic code: 42252D-CH • black 5 star hydraulic code: 42252F-BL • black disc hydraulic code: 42252D-BL • gold hydraulic code: 42252D-GO

B l ack - T u rbo S to o l

Mid nigh t T rolley



Apotecari’s renowned capsule and powdered formulations now come in a new range of pouches, set to ‘replenish’ not only the brand’s signature biophotonic glass bottles with the nutrition that Australians’ daily lives may be lacking, but the environment. Apotecari’s Replenish Pack range now offers the wellness and planet conscious a one month ‘replenishment’ of Mane Event and Hair Food, designed to be poured into their biophotonic glass bottles, and for the travellers, a one week supply of the brand’s signature Hair Food powder. The brand’s specialised scalp supplement Crowning Glory is set to follow in early 2021, in a one month Replenish Pack. The Australian luxury hair care brand has nurtured scalps and strands back to health with its plant-based supplements since the brand pioneered the ‘edible hair care’ space back in 2017. www.apotecari.com.au


American Barber Cordless Clipmaster – Heavy duty lightweight powerful rotary clipper designed with high quality carbon steel blades for all hair types. Can be adjusted to zero gap 160-minute run time. American Barber Cordless Zerogap – Ergonomic powerful rotary trimmer features high quality easy clean detachable carbon steel blades. Super quiet operation ideal for precision cutting, detailed outlining and trimming 80-minute run time. www.muimports.com.au

FLATTER ME – The Knobel Collection By Foil Me

Custom-designed for Australian Foil Me Ambassador Sheree Knobel of Bixie Colour salon, these carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing Pastel Pink foils feature Foil Me’s premium signature embossing with a stunning flat lay design. Flatter Me – The Knobel Collection: • Saves you time: our signature embossing prevents slipping and assists with quicker processing time. • Convenient: the sleek Foil Me ‘shoe-box’ design allows for neat dispensing without sticking. • Love your work: pink is from the primary colour red, the universal colour of love; it is also a proven colour that increases productivity. You, your staff and clients will naturally fall in love with your salon and their hair. #pinkliveshere • Elegant: a sleek and luxurious design that suits any salon décor. • Choice: two sizes for a variety of application techniques. • Environmental: our foils and packaging are 100% recyclable AND they are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium like all foils. Available in Wide (12.5cm x 27cm) and Extra Wide (15cm x 27cm). www.foilme.com.au


KMS introduces a duo of products designed to give you the ability to perfect your look, giving you start, style, finish control. THERMASHAPE Straightening Conditioner: This customizable breakthrough conditioner gradually straightens hair when combined with hot tools. This innovative formula with KMS TRIfinity technology deeply nourishes and smooths the hair while protecting it from heat and humidity. MOISTREPAIR Hydrating Oil: This innovative formula is made with a select blend of ingredients, of which 99% come from natural origin and are vegan. Further, the formula is free from preservatives, silicones, and mineral oils. MOISTREPAIR Hydrating Oil seals and smooths the hair’s surface, providing a lightweight hair feel and protection against humidity www.kmshair.com

NUWAVE - The reinvention of waves By Goldwell


This extensive 2021 diary has everything a salon owner or hairdresser needs to drive their business forward and keep their goals on track throughout the year. Is a collaboration between Mia De Vries of The Secret Fox/The Fox & The Hair and Hayley Mears from Six Underground Media. They have created over 260 pages of tools, resources and calendar prompts to make sure you are guided through the year with all their secret tips, tricks and hacks! www.sixunderground.net.au/ products/2021diary

Effortless waves are more than just a summer trend. It’s a go-to for stylists and trend-setters. Discover NUWAVE – GOLDWELL’s incredible new innovation in texture and shape change. It’s revolutionary! NUWAVE is the first semi-permanent shape-change service for effortless waves and smart process control. Thanks to a new generation of technology, perfect wavy styles are possible for up to 3 months! Be it classic beach waves, bouncy voluminous waves, loose and sexy waves or messy textured waves. Enjoy total freedom of styling! The best news of all? The hair will feel as good as it looks. To reinvent waves, GOLDWELL first of all had to reinvent the technology. The new SMART CONTROL BOND SYSTEM ensures that when waves reach the shape, the process stops. The new generation of technology is even suitable for highly damaged and bleached hair. For hair that doesn’t only look good – but feels good! STYLESIGN Curls & Waves styles the most beautiful, perfect wavy looks. The new Soft Waver is a Lightweight Wave Fluid for softly shaped, natural-looking waves with easy movement. It helps to activate and support the NUWAVE look. www.goldwell.com



The EZ FOIL group have teamed up with Owner and Creative director Michael Piastrino, who is the AHFA Victorian hairdresser of the year and Technical director Adrian Rotolo who is 2 x Hair expo Australian colourist of the year. The team have created their very own IBIZA BLACK EDITION, the foil comes in two sizes either flat pack or pop up. The team at IBIZA HAIR have been using the foil for a long time now and they would never use anything else. The thing they love the most is the foil is strong, the quality is amazing, and the delivery is so quick with stock never an issue. If you would like a sample of EZ FOIL, please contact them on 1300 933 219 or via website www.ezfoil.com.au

Revlon Professional have recently launched their new brand run which was just in time for summer! The Eksperience Sun Pro range offers a range of products that protect the hair against sun, chlorine and salt and that helps moisturize and nourish the hair after sun exposure. Eksperience™ Sun Pro offers a comprehensive range of products for use before exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt to protect, moisturize and nourish the hair. The Sun Pro Range Includes: MARINE PROTECTIVE CREAM A cream formula that nourishes and protects the hair. It contains UV filter and protects the hair against sun. To be applied before sun exposure and reapplied during (just like sunscreen for the skin!). INSTANT TWO-PHASE HYDRATING CONDITIONER A leave-in conditioning spray that helps to detangle hair, nourish and protect it against UV rays. To be applied before sun exposure (to protect against harmful UV rays) and after to nourish the hair. MARINE SHOWER HAIR CLEANSER A cleanser that delicately cleanses the hair after sun exposure. WATER BASE HAIR WAX This styling wax is ideal for use before and after exposure to the sun. It creates a wet look finish. Contains UV filter and Glycerin. www.revlonprofessional.com

, g n i l y t s ir a h t s “Home t o t he be d n a ls o o t g n i m o o r g personal hair ” s t c u d o r p d e t a i c o s as NEW & INFLUENTIAL

Exciting 2021 additions to the popular BaBylissPRO Influencer Collection. Introducing GreenFX Skeleton Outliner Trimmer by Pat Regan, PurpleFX Outliner Trimmer by Frank Soto and RedFX Outliner Trimmer by Carlos Estrella.


Tame frizz, restore shine and neutralise brassiness. Keratin Complex KCSMOOTH Heat Activated Smoothing Treatment delivers maximum manageability in less than 2 hours with 2 step heatactivated, in-salon system. Zero downtime.


Parlux Alyon Hair Dryer in Midnight Blue and new MagicSense Diffuser, the power couple. Alyon: 2250 watts of potent power in deep, gorgeous blue. MagicSense: Perfect airflow/temperature for beautiful curls.


Perfectly smooth platinum and white hair. Jean Paul Myné Keratin Plus Infinity Ice Keratin Treatment delivers impeccable smoothness for up to 5 months, even for glacial blondes. A first for smoothing treatments.


Wave hello to unrivalled versatility. Go big or go small, Silver Bullet Ocean Waves Deep Waver delivers easy, effortless and fast beachy waves with adjustable wave height.


Perfectly smooth platinum and white hair. Jean Paul Myné Keratin Plus Infinity Ice Keratin Treatment delivers impeccable smoothness for up to 5 months, even for glacial blondes. A first for smoothing treatments.


Silkier, shinier styling with Brushworx Virtuoso Collection. With gorgeous rose gold finish, Brushworx Virtuoso Radial Brushes are available in small, medium and large, as well as Mixed Bristle Paddle Brush. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL DATELINE IMPORTS P/L ON (02) 9666 3611 OR VISIT DATELINECITY.COM

l i C o t c

e f Re

No look is complete without beautiful brows and lashes. By offering creative services including lash and brow tinting, you can customise and enhance your client’s look. For a minimal 55 cents cost per treatment, lash and brow tinting is one of the most profitable add-on services and your clients will love the makeover. The RefectoCil Lash & Brow Bar and Basic Starter Kit include absolutely everything you need to master classic and on-trend styles. Purchase any RefectoCil kit in January and receive access to a complimentary Creative Colour Blending online master class with RefectoCil Australia National Educator Hayley Sultana. To redeem this offer, contact RefectoCil Australia directly. +61 2 7200 8452 sales@refectocil-australia.com.au www.refectocil-australia.com.au *based on the recommended retail price of RefectoCil tint and crème oxidant.

For stockists call Dateline Imports P/L on (02) 9666 3611 or visit datelinecity.com

ADVANCED CLIMATE CONTROLÂŽ Our Anti-Frizz Nano Technology penetrates hair with silk protein, Sericin, sealing the cuticle with a protective barrier that locks in moisture and prevents frizz. Hair is left silky-soft, shiny, and with frizz-free definition.




BLOG SPOT. MINDFULNESS “Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think” Buddha Looking back on 2020 one can only think, “Thank God it is over”. We are living in a “new” world where the past life we used to live is something that feels so long ago, and we tend to not think about what the world will look like in the future. From experience, I find future thinking leads me to being more anxious, as I am not in control of it. I’d rather be present with each day and experience the NOW. Which leads me to Mindfulness. I have personally found that mindfulness has helped me develop in many ways, such as learning to find my calm and appreciating the present moment. To live mindfully is to “reawaken oneself” to the present, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. To be mindful is to observe and label thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the body in an objective manner. Mindfulness can therefore be a tool to avoid self-criticism and judgment while identifying and managing difficult emotions. The benefits of mindfulness include lowering stress levels, reducing harmful ruminating, and protecting against depression and anxiety. Research even suggests that mindfulness can help people better cope with rejection and social isolation. I learnt that Mindfulness in Western culture can be attributed to Jon Kabat-Zinn. KabatZinn developed a program called, “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” to treat chronic pain. He discovered that patients would often try to avoid pain, but that avoidance would lead to deeper distress. Practicing mindfulness was a more successful approach. As mindfulness shifted into mainstream science and medicine, it became a pivotal therapeutic technique.

Mindfulness encompasses awareness and acceptance.

- Awareness is the knowledge and ability to


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

focus attention on one’s inner processes and experiences, such as the experience of the present moment. - Acceptance is the ability to observe and accept, rather than judge or avoid. This is so important for us as hairdressers to learn, because we deal with so many different personalities on a daily level. To cultivate awareness, observe your thoughts and emotions and explore why those specific ideas might be surfacing. To cultivate acceptance, avoid judging or pushing away unpleasant thoughts. Emotions are natural and everyone has them acknowledging them can help you understand yourself better and move forward. Mindfulness can take place through breathing techniques and/or meditation sessions. For example, you can begin by sitting down and taking deep breaths. Focus on each breath and the sensations of the moment, such as sounds, scents, the temperature, and the feeling of air passing in and out of the body. Or whilst meditating, shift your attention to the thoughts and emotions that you’re experiencing. Allow each thought to exist without judging it or attributing negativity to it. Sit with those thoughts. The experience may evoke a strong emotional reaction. Exploring that response can be an opportunity to address or resolve underlying challenges. Mindfulness can help bring you into the present moment throughout the day. As you wake up, you can focus on your breathing and the way your body gradually becomes more energised. You can

incorporate a brief meditation into your workday, perhaps on your lunch break, and focus and appreciate the experience of eating during meals. The goal of mindfulness is that you have no goal other than to spend more time in the present moment with acceptance. I hope this has awakened you to become a little more mindful. When you learn and practise mindfulness brilliant things happen in a calm mind, and a calm mind brings inner strength & self-confidence, which is great for our health. It isn’t difficult, we just have to remember to do it. As this is my final BLOG for the year, I wish to thank Hair Biz for this opportunity. I have enjoyed sharing a few of my thoughts with you and in turn I hope it has helped you in some way. I am looking forward to 2021, without being too future focused ;-). Take Care and be Mindful. Dario X Founder and Educator DCI Education www.dcieducation.com



A NEW YEAR! I just love a new year! A new diary a new calendar a new perspective of life and business. Looking back at 2020 I’m sure we would all agree has been one of the most challenging years we’ve had to endure. But for many salon and spa owners 2020 has been the year of acceptance, realisation and gratitude. That is definitely what I’m personally taking with me into 2021. Gratitude and lots of it. This is also the time of year where we set our goals and outcomes and clear direction for ourselves and our team. And this is what we call our purpose. The reason why we get out of bed every day, the reason why we work hard, the reason why we pick ourselves back up again off the floor when we’ve been knocked down. For the purpose, our purpose. The reason we do what we do. This is also a really important time of the year to make sure that our staff are aware of what their purpose is every day when they show up to work. Our purpose is very different to passion because passion is often overrated, we are more passionate when other things in our life are going our way therefore our passion can be inconsistent, but our purpose keeps us grounded and reminds us of why we do what we do.

in the organisation was led through a process to name their purpose and to identify how to live that purpose more fully at work. Everyone from the senior partners on through the ranks went through this activity.

I have spent much of my life and career focused on helping leaders create purpose focused organisations that add value to society, while also succeeding as an organisation. To do this, one of the prime tasks of a leader (or a business owner or a parent, teacher, or coach for that matter) is to discover their own purpose and to help others discover and activate their individual purpose. But how do we help others find their purpose and how does it change our leadership once we know their purpose?

What is most interesting is what happened in the weeks that followed. Lisa said she found a new passion for her work as all day she looked for ways to live her purpose in small but meaningful ways. Harold, her manager, suddenly found it easier to recognise Lisa living her purpose at work and commenting when he saw it.


One of my favourite experiences was when we were working with a major banking institution on refining their purpose. At the start, each person

Lisa was the main receptionist at the HQ of the company. When it came time to share her purpose, she said this: “I have never really thought about purpose, but having done this exercise, I now realise my purpose. All my life I have been a happy, optimistic person. I’m not sure why, I just am. But many people are neither happy nor optimistic. My purpose is that every person who interacts with me all day long, for three seconds or three minutes, gets a shot of happiness and optimism and feels a little better about the world than before they met me.”

The other thing that happened, which we have witnessed in hundreds of organisations, is what happens when everyone identifies their purpose, shares it with the team, and they all begin to think about how to live it more fully at work.

Three Questions to Help People Identify Their Purpose Ever wonder how to help others (and yourself) find your purpose? Here are three powerful questions that can help you name it: 1. When you come to the end of a day, and really feel it mattered that you got up in the morning and that you contributed, what is it that gives you that feeling? 2. If you were missing from your team, your salon, or family & friends, what would people really miss? What is the way you uniquely contribute? 3. What did you love to do as a child say when you were ten years old, and what really irritated you about the world? And as you probably know, research shows that when we live with purpose as we work and conduct our personal lives, we are happier, we have stronger immune systems, we live longer and perform better. So, let’s make 2021 our best year ever let’s not focus on our passion, but rather let’s focus on our purpose and let’s talk about our purpose with our team every single day and make them each aware of their own purpose so we can be more happy, healthy and grateful. Julie Piantadosi Cognitive behavioural coach Total coaching Academy www.totalcoachingacademy.com


BLOG SPOT. UPON REFLECTION… Reflection is something I have been doing a lot of over the last few months, there has been so many negatives this year, but also on the flipside, there has been many positives. This year, the world experienced something that we have never seen before in our lifetime, and the impact that this awful virus had, has been devastating globally. Countries started to lockdown one by one, and we as a nation went into lockdown, but somehow our industry was classed as an essential service. There was so much panic and uncertainty, so I called it… and decided to close our doors to keep our team and our family and clients safe. It was my choice. I didn’t have to, but I live in Bondi, and Bondi was at the time a hotspot! I shut my business for five weeks and was at home with my family and doing stuff that I usually don’t do. I opened a Facebook group with Adam Ciaccia, called the Aftermath Hair Ed, which delivered free education, to help our industry. Lockdown forced me to stop and have time out. But also made me reflect and look at what I had been doing and how crazy my life had become. I used to work four to five days a week on the floor in the salon, then finish Saturday afternoon at 5 o’clock and go home. See my kids, go out maybe for a drink or two, then Sunday morning tit was off to the airport. Come back Monday night, usually around 11 o’clock, and the family was already asleep. Back on the floor in the salon on Tuesday and work until nine o’clock. So basically (as a creative director for matrix) I was traveling most weekends throughout the year, and then on top of that between 40 to 50 hours on the floor and then

doing the paperwork and all the other business stuff. Being the co-founder of Eco Heads also has been huge, as the last 3 years has been super busy! And as I am a creative person, there was always something going on, whether it be a photo shoot or filming etc, I loved every second of it. I really enjoy what I do. I really love what I do. I’m really passionate about my craft, but I got so caught up in what I do, that I really lost a lot of time and missed out on a lot of things that are really important to me… like my family. My two kids are growing up fast, my daughter is 13, my son is 10. I missed my wife and my friends, and I have realised that I didn’t really have enough time for them. So early May came, and we reopened Intershape. Because of the restrictions, we were not all working full-time together. I worked three days a week on the floor and I found out that I had a hell of a lot more time. I found that balance that I needed, and I am now still working Tuesday, 11 hours, Thursday, 11 hours, and Friday eight hours. And that’s it on the floor. I’m booked out weeks in advance with my clientele, my clients are rebooking. They always rebook. I am delegating more clients to my team.

So, the business is actually taking pretty much just as much money, and I am working less. I have more time to reflect on my business from the outside, whereas before, I was too busy working in the business. I was so surrounded by the business that I couldn’t see what was happening inside. So, now I find that I have more balance, I have more time to spend with my family and also on new projects for the industry through eco heads as well as doing plenty of online education. I keep playing my part in the industry and keep my passion alive but have more work/life balance. I honestly feel like COVID did a lot of good things for me. And, you know, we can all sit here and complain about it and I’m sure a lot of people got hurt heavily, especially the ones in Victoria. But I am trying to look at the positive side, and what it did for my business, my family and myself personally. For me, I feel like I’m more balanced, I’m chasing less and I’m really enjoying that right now. I’m trying to cherish this moment and look at it from a very positive perspective. We can sit down and continue panicking, or we can continue doing what we were doing, or we can reflect on life and our business in a different way and put the steps in to place to create the change that we really desire. I chose and embrace CHANGE …for the better! God bless to you all. I hope 2021 is a positive year for everyone, and if you would like to know what changes I have made inside my business to give me a good work/life balance, please reach out. Much love, Kobi




At the beginning of 2020, we launched our 5th birthday issue of The Green Chair Newspaper (the Sustainable Salons publication we circulate to our member salons) and it seems in that issue, Ewelina and I made a prophecy. I know that’s a big call, but this is what we printed in our Founders message: “Sustainability is a ‘living thing’; the needs under People, Planet and Progress are constantly evolving. So we have to be adaptable, cohesive and brave, three things we think our growing movement aces every day.” A month later, all hell broke loose and the needs of the people, our planet, and the progress of all economies and communities across the globe ‘evolved’ dramatically into something we didn’t see coming. What we believed about our Sustainable Salons members then, couldn’t be more accurate now. Adaptable? Holy shit did they ‘pivot’, and still their eco-actions followed. Cohesive? Our network banded together and gave each other the support and stretchiness we all needed. And brave? When times got rocky, our members did not run from the bigger picture of what the sustainability mission is all about, instead, I actually feel like they became more determined and stubborn in their fight to uphold these values. It’s been incredible to watch. So, on that note, I’ve decided to use this page to celebrate and highlight our 20 takeaways from the strange, hard, interesting, enlightening year that was 2020.


Toilet paper is important to people. Very. Important.


Video may have killed the radio star, but now it’s building businesses (ours included) and connecting families and friends.

#18. To all those who said it would never take off, the

inventor of the QR code is finally saying “I told you so”. Therefore, if you believe that your business is valuable to your community, be relentless, be patient, and stay passionate.


It’s important to stop and celebrate the small wins. No exceptions.


Despite our reputation for being stuck in our ‘paper appointment book’, the hair and beauty industries can successfully operate, innovate and thrive in a digital world (I lost count of the number of salons I saw with shiny, new online shops and social

media tutorials - amazing!).

#15. It’s possible for one month to feel like it’s taken

a year to pass, and a year to feel like it’s gone by in a month... all at the same time.


Only when all salons can’t open, are the true blondes finally revealed. And box-colour fails reach an all-time high.


The planet CAN be healed. By incorporating new habits like more people working from home, less travel and a focus on local instead of global, we tread lighter on our dear Mama Earth and preserve her valuable resources.

know, Netflix on the couch every day), but home improvement sales and sourdough photos suggest differently. We’re hard-wired to have purpose.

brought businesses to a halt, but it also forced space and clarity for fresh, new growth. The struggle was real for so many of us, but we hope that your business, like Sustainable Salons, is emerging with renewed vision and a super exciting horizon!

#11. On the flip-side, we now know that R&R is just

#5. Fashion will inevitably follow function; nothing is


#4. The urgency for a solution to single-use hygiene

#12. We think we want to live the carefree life (you

as vital.

Necessity IS the mother of invention… and entrepreneurship and leadership and collaboration. Don’t ignore the signs and just ‘make do’; create what you need.


Greeting each other awkwardly is the real new normal. Are we still elbow-bumping? Do we just stand and wave at each other? A smile and a head-nod? I still have no idea.


Mental health is an incredibly significant part of sustainability. We’ve been reminded again that empowering strong communities is about providing for physical needs AND enabling inclusive, meaningful connections. Social distancing, ‘lockdowns’ and cancelled events could be our reality for the foreseeable future, so we must get smarter about reaching out and staying connected.

#7. On that note, we’ve also been reminded that the

hair and beauty industries are a powerful resource for human connection and wellbeing. And now our governments know this, too.

#6. Even though it might feel unnatural, adding a

‘positive spin’ to a crisis can be effective. The pandemic

off-limits, even PPE.

products has reached critical levels. BUT, there’s always something we can do to lessen the impact in some small way… maybe it’s choosing the biodegradable option or opting for refillables instead of individuals.

#3. Be useful. If it’s not possible for you to do what you’re best at, then just do something useful. This simple concept ticks so many boxes!

#2. It’s okay for the focus between people, planet and

profit in sustainability to shift. We’re often preoccupied with thinking the environmental problems should always be our priority, but 2020 forced the entire world to bring public health and economical smarts to the forefront.


Perspective is everything. Even when we might have had a tough run, our communities are still ready to sacrifice what we can for someone doing it tougher. For Christmas, we gifted our members a charity donation on their behalf… we’ve never received so many thank-you notes. Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at www.sustainablesalons.org! Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss is a great colour solution for clients who want to experiment with hair colour. Colour chameleons will fall in love with TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss as it will allow them to swap tones and colours. It is the perfect tool to change your client’s hair seasonally with little impact on the hair structure.



DAMAGE PREVENTION With Tahitian Garden and Amino acids, the formulation helps protect the hair fibre.

CONDITION The Coconut Oil and Xylitol in our Copyright Care Complex helps control fibre alignment for smooth, manageable hair.




The Beeswax works like glazing, improving colour reflection and vibrancy.





up to

75% use with 5, 8.5 & 20vol activator

up to 1 level

(when used with Activator 20vol/6%)






High performance demi-permanent haircolour creme that delivers a tone-on-tone, low commitment colour for your clients. The range is both compact and creative, making it affordable, ‘store-able’ and customisable; which is why it’s so popular with TIGI partner salons.


There’s something about a brand-new year that makes us want to clean off that whiteboard or crack open a new diary and start making plans, right? Whether 2020 was a great year or a challenging year for you in business, you now have the opportunity to turn the page and get cracking on making 2021 a year of solid progression- even wild success! But that doesn’t just happen automatically. Closing your eyes, crossing your fingers, doing what you’ve always done and hoping that things will miraculously change is just not going to cut it. You’ll need to get clear on what you want to achieve, recognise what isn’t working anymore and be courageous enough to step forward and make the changes your business needs you to make. That’s where I come in. Every January, I walk each of my clients through a process where we look back and learn, look forward and dream and then fine-tune the pants off the process to get us from here to there.

“Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.” ~ Sumner Redstone So many of our greatest lessons are learned when things don’t go to plan. That’s where a lot of the gold is hidden. Remember, Edison failed more than 1,000 times before finally inventing the light bulb, but to get the benefit and be able to use those experiences to propel ourselves forward (or ‘squeeze the juice out of it’ as I say), we need to be brave enough to admit what hasn’t worked as well as we’d hoped and stop doing it or improve it!


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Then, it’s about imagining your business as you want it to look and working backwards from then to now to identify the steps needed to make it happen. If this is where I want to be by December, then where do I need to be by September? By June? By March? By next month? Next week? Etc. To get you started on this essential process, here are some of the questions I’d be asking right now, to get you thinking creatively, constructively and on track for success.

LOOKING BACK ON 2020: 1. What were the 3 most successful things you did in business last year?

E.g.: Did you…. • Correct your pricing (finally!) • Deal with a problem staff member/have that breakthrough conversation you’d been avoiding • Pay down your debt • Finally address the skills issue causing your senior to run over or ‘stretch’ all her foiling appointments, costing you a fortune!

2. What are 3 things that you wouldn’t do again?

E.g.: Did you…. • ‘Dump’ your social media on your 2nd year apprentice, expecting her to just know what to do, rather than create a structure, delegate/train thoroughly and follow up • Allow a client/employee to disrespect your boundaries & take advantage • Burn yourself (or a key team member) out because you struggle to say ‘No’

3. What did you learn from managing your business through Covid-19?

E.g. • You can survive tough times. You’re more resilient than you think • Consistent income is not guaranteed in business & things can change quickly • You need to be decisive, make tough decisions and act quickly, not ‘wait and see’ • You really missed your clients/team, came back way more heart-centred and want to keep that approach at the core of your business moving forward

4. If you had that time over again, what would you do differently?

E.g. • Have a ‘cash stash’- put money aside for emergencies • Cut expenses faster to conserve cash and minimise the damage • Keep in touch with my team/clients • Use the time more productively (update systems, schedule social media, re-do website etc)

NOW, LOOKING FORWARD TO 2021: 5. Imagine that it’s 31 December 2021how do you want your business to be different?

E.g. • I’m working 1 day less on the floor and prioritising time developing my team • My long-term seniors enjoy a 3-day weekend every week • I’ve grown a key employee into a 2IC role or 2IC into full management • I’m credit card debt free

6. What are 3 financial goals you’re committed to in 2021?

E.g. • I’ll save all GST, employee PAYG tax, super, annual and sick leave entitlements weekly into a separate account so they’re available when required. (Goodbye sleepless nights!) • Set up a weekly direct debit into a training/ education fund for my staff and myself • Correct your pricing and finally become profitable or pay your staff more • Draw $x personally/buy your freehold building/save for a holiday

7. What are 3 new things you’d personally like to learn in 2020?

Remember… YOU are the greatest asset in your business! • How to lead my staff confidently and positively • Social Media marketing/paid advertising • Computer skills (Excel, or even Canva & updating your website) • Yoga/new language/painting/cooking!

8. What are 3 habits you’ll commit to starting/stopping in 2021?

E.g. • Weekly yoga/meditation/morning walk • Cut out caffeine/sugar/alcohol/smoking etc • Locking in morning huddles, weekly team meetings and staff one-on-ones for the year • STOP moving your/staff’s lunch breaks to fit in clients who won’t rebook!

9. 3 things you want to do, just for fun!

You’ll be a much better manager if you’re happy! E.g. • Roller skate/learn to sing/tap dance/Zumba!

• Plan quarterly dress up/theme days in the salon (even raise $ for charity while you’re at it!) • Do a team fun run or volunteer as a team for a day to support a great charity

10. Staff development milestones:

Write down at least 2 x progression goals/ milestones you will commit to achieving for each staff member. List each staff member individually, then write 2 goals/commitments for each person) E.g. Stacey • Get ½ head foils under 60 mins (inc. consultation, mixing, application)- By 1 March • Master short hair ladies cuts- By 30 June Belinda • Competent in long hair/upstyling e.g. wedding- By 30 April • Master men’s fades- By 1 June Tim • Confidence in colour theory/colour correction- By 30 June • Competent in Balayage/Ombre/Freehand colour- By 1 May Amanda • Competently applying all regrowth/global applications- By 31 March • Competent basic men’s cuts- By 1 June


Now: 1. Look back through your answers to the above questions and rate each of your goals/ commitments as an A, B or C in importance or urgency to you. 2. Now, put the A’s, B’s and C’s in order of

importance, e.g. A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 etc 3. Decide how long it will take you to achieve each goal or how much time you need to allocate to get it done 4. Grab your diary. Schedule all of your A’s into your diary, allocating a block/s of time dedicated to that task, just as you would a client appointment. Don’t take it out! 5. When all of your A’s are done, schedule your B’s and so on. 6. Do not get distracted by a ‘bright, shiny C object’ before you get your A’s done and dusted! The key to time management is not getting everything done. In fact, you’ll rarely get everything crossed off your To Do list, so the key is to get the right things done. Stick to this and you’ll be on track to make great progress in 2021. P.S…..If you want a fancy-schmancy version of this planning tool, shoot me a DM or email to kym@kymkrey.com.au and I’ll send you a link to the full planning document….. (but don’t tell my clients I did that for you) When it comes to getting your business into shape or showing you how to build a team that really performs, there is no one better. Kym Krey, The Salon Mentor, is a highly experienced coach with the proven runs on the board to get real results. If you’re determined that this is the year you finally take action, get in touch. www.kymkrey.com.au, kym@kymkrey.com. au or find her on socials. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn…. and you’ll definitely make a lot more money! Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



By Angeli Marie Shaw

As we head into 2021 with feelings of anticipation and hope, I’m sure most would admit to the occasional head turn back towards 2020 followed by an almighty shudder; swiftly turning forwards again. It was meant to be a year of beginnings; new year, new decade, new you, but that was extensively disrupted, and as covid-19 spread across the world and the global pandemic began, everything we had hoped for, planned and mapped out came to a holt. Some of us were able to pivot, and adjust ourselves to the everchanging landscape, while others struggled adjusting to our new normal. But one thing that has come out of all of this is that we really are all in it together, but it all starts with you. It was only last year, in 2019, that I myself had recently gone through my own crisis. I was launching a coaching business whilst running a salon and juggling a newborn, and then some harsh new realities hit. Sure, the situation wasn’t the end of the world, but it wasn’t until I was hit with my own health crisis, that I was forced to pivot in my own life, landing me where I am today. You see, we all have a choice on how we handle a situation, and whilst most of our responses or reactions come from our prior conditioning, we also have a choice how we proceed. I made that choice last year, and it was through inspired action that I find myself where I am today. So how does it start with you? We’ve all heard the saying ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’ but in order to create real change, we first must go within. We all hold an infinite amount of personal power, but where we get lost is when we get caught up in our external world, neglecting our internal one. The news, press conferences, social media and the internet; more often than not we find ourselves triggered, and before we know it, we lose our way. This is where we get caught up externally. We observe what others are doing, saying, 86

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

how their acting and how they’re showing up. Especially now, people are showing up the only way they know how, and for the majority, it’s from a lower vibrational place. So how do we shift our perspective and raise our vibe? And how do show up from a more internal place? One way is to find balance. Balance involves finding harmony between your external and internal worlds. When we feel unbalanced, it’s often because we’re not conscious of managing our internal and external behaviour, so the key is to be fully engaged in both. From this place of balance, we can then define our values. These are the attributes that shape you as a person. They identify what is important to us and how our time can be spent to make us most fulfilled. For example, if you value community, then you need to look at how you’re living externally to create synergy with those internal values. In the words of Tony Robbins ‘life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you’ This is why it starts with you! As we enter a new year, now is the time to decide how do you want to enter 2021? What you take with you, and what you leave behind. By taking the needed steps, one at a time, you’re moving forward. Progress is progress!


- Take a moment to reflect on 2020. After a heavy downpour comes a rainbow; seek out the good, don’t ignore the bad and take out the lessons from them; they’re gems! Choose to see the light in the dark corners and redirect your power towards what you desire - Practice gratitude and positivity. Choosing to see the good or keeping a positive perspective is not a sign that you haven’t experienced hardship or pain, nor is it a sign of ignorance. Perhaps it’s a sign that you’ve consciously decided to see the good; now that’s a great choice! - Purge! Now is a great time to get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy. Tidy up your space, clean out your socials and let go of

the people that aren’t your tribe anymore (remember to do that one with kindness) - Forgive. Forgiveness transforms anger and hurt into healing and peace. It’s about making a conscious decision to let go of a grudge. It’s about setting yourself free so that you can move forward in your own life - Grow. Every day we are presented with opportunities. Ones that can either cause you suffering or contribute to your joy. Where our choice lies is how we perceive it. Evolve or repeat, the choice is yours - Last but not least, fill your own cup FIRST! You can’t give from a place of lack. You’re in the driver’s seat of what sparks you joy! Once your cup is full then you can share overflow to others. Discussing mindset can be a lot like going down the rabbit hole, but I hope I’ve managed to shed some light in an area where you may be experiencing some darkness. Keep in mind, a bad situation is the best time to be good to each other. We’ve all had our battles this year; show love, compassion, kindness and understanding, nothing less, the world needs it right now and always will. Whether you’re at peace, or in pieces, we can all take inspired action to make our world, and the world of others a better place. Focus on the good, the good gets better, I promise. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking” Albert Einstein

Love & Bliss, Angeli – The Bliss Coach www.theblisscoach.com.au







ts I N









80 minute run time Powerful 7000 rpm Rotary Motor Premium Carbon Steel Blades DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE

American Barber Haircare


(03) 9555 1533 | sales@muimports.com.au | www.muimports.com.au | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia

y a W s e l c r i C e Th


By Sharlene Lee, Winner of the 2020 AHIA Australian Salon Business of the Year

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR FRIENDS! When I was planning out these columns I knew we needed to start here. As COVID impacts client acquisition and retention in a way none of us could have predicted pre-2020, it’s a bloody scary time. Will my clients return? Have they decided home colour is effective enough? Will they stretch out appointments? Are they not going to book for blow dries? It’s enough to give us plenty more grey hairs, and that irony is not lost on me! Asking our clients to stand by us has been such a shift in dynamic. We’ve always wanted loyalty, but never with such an urgent sense of basic business survival. This vulnerability should have caused us all to reaffirm our customer focus and ensure we are making our customer experience unparalleled in our own unique way. Circles is synonymous with fun loving luxury and a premium service offering that truly transforms and we are looked to as business innovators. Our namesake ‘circles’ are key to our approach and represent the client experience with us as a continuous 360 degree journey. I love that it is right there in the name, constantly reminding us of what is important. We also focus on creating for our key demographic- confident Millennials looking for a complete transformation every visit. They force us to come up with fresh ideas and refine our customer touchpoints at every opportunity, all while backing it up with an aspirational customer experience. 88

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Pre-COVID we pushed for client acquisition through targeted communication which resulted in an increase to an average 300+ enquiries per month (+27% YOY). This success was also seen in a 22% growth in online bookings, particularly key for our target market. But we also managed to maintain our client retention as well. How do we do it? We ask, we listen, and we give them what they want.

They want to interact digitally….

…so we open up channels. I love talking on the phone, anyone who knows me knows you will have a hard time getting me off, but I’m increasingly in the minority. Our customers want to engage online from booking to beyond. All our Facebook, Instagram or email enquiries are responded to in less than 30 minutes with our Live Chat 24/7. Zero exceptions. That’s a big commitment, but it is essential. We have 33k Instagram followers and 6.5k Facebook fans. We may not break records, but engagement is our focus. We also have access to an additional 1.7 million+ followers via Instagram ambassadors. While the influencer world can feel impenetrable, we have worked hard to build quality relationships with people who want to work with us. @graciepiscopo has over 975K followers and uses us for all thing’s hair, all for the cost of service. 30% of our clients have found us directly via our influencer relationships. 30%! Find your local influencers who value quality over quantity, start a relationship and watch it evolve.

They make decisions online….

…so we are there to meet them. Online reviews will never fully eliminate WOM, but they have a hell of an impact! The Boost review system plays a big role for us as they highly influence client acquisition as well as positively impact our SEO and rankings. Clients are asked for online reviews through automated triggers for a Boost review when leaving the salon actively driving new customer confidence and enquiry. With so much consideration before that first point of contact, we place an emphasis on website mobile responsive, optimum loading speed and website updates for Google’s parameters. We have also maintained Page 1 Google ranking for ‘Perth Hair Salon’ and ‘Perth hairdressers’, and while I’d love to sit here and say it is my marketing prowess that got us here, truth is I highly recommend working with an SEO Manager as it’s impossible to be an expert at everything. Yes, it’s expensive but so is your time and sanity, so look for someone who has proven results and manage your investment.

They are concerned about environmental impact…

…so we set the standard. We were WA’s first Sustainable Salon which put us at the forefront, but this is such an exciting area which is ripe for new thought leaders to make their mark. In order to leverage our position, we created a downloadable ‘Guide to Eco-Friendly Hair Care’ alongside a free in-salon consultation based around service education to show our dedication. This e-book also acts as a reassuring brand tool for potential clients and, of course, provides us with access to powerful marketing data.

Online shopping is essential…..

…so we expanded into eCommerce. This has been a carefully considered strategy for us as we have been lucky in that our clients love the retail shopping experience and factor in budget on top of their service, but we knew we needed to be more flexible. Big applause for those who stepped out of their comfort zones during COVID and gave it a try! For those still thinking about it, test the waters with selling gift vouchers and hook up Zippay and Afterpay to your back end, then make sure you know your numbers. We track every month to check if they are new or repeat customers so we can communicate effectively. Our use of Woocommerce and integration with Google Shopping are capturing a new market and sales have continued to increase.

They want the latest and greatest….

…so we find the best. Our clients are more savvy to trend and technique than ever before. Providing a compelling product offering to engage new customers and upsell existing is a must. We have worked closely with Showpony extensions for ages now after becoming an expert salon and, because I never manage to do things by halves, I also became a Showpony

Educator/Ambassador. Look, I know there are plenty of you out there avoiding the extras. Extensions, keratin treatments etc etc. But I guarantee you that if you ignore them, you are losing dollars every single day. When you say no to these services you are creating a golden opportunity for another salon to take your valuable client away. Don’t be naïve enough to think that they will go back to you for their colour and then somewhere else for another service you don’t offer. They won’t and they don’t.

They expect the unexpected….

…so we think outside the box. I’ll delve a little deeper into our second salon expansion in a follow up column, but at our Fitzgerald Street location we knew we had a unique opportunity. If I’m not enjoying a glass of champagne, I’m having a skinny cappuccino so why not the Circles XPRESSO coffee bar? We now offer toasties, muffins, slices and protein balls and our little outpost has driven more potential clients to the salon. From a business perspective we are breaking even, but my next focus is on changing something up for growth in the future and to really see that profitable ROI. Obviously that champagne would have been an alternative choice, so perhaps Circles Bar is just around the corner!

They want to be transformed….

…so we make them feel amazing every visit. In the salon we have all the standard special touches but we also take it further with our incredibly detailed client profiles. We are happy to pop to their favourite Japanese down the road to get lunch, we ask about their new niece as we noted their impending birth last visit and we know they’ll want the braids from our latest blog for the festival that’s happening tomorrow. Of course, every hairdresser is trained to offer a detailed consultation, followed by exemplary service with confidence in our products, but it’s the delivery by a happy, motivated and engaged team member which counts. I will dig deeper into the importance of this soon, but it’s important to keep in mind that you can have the best customer service training in the world and the best technical abilities on the floor but if the staff member isn’t in the right place, your business is in trouble. I hope that you have all had that warm fuzzy feeling that your clients have your back this year and that you know that your business is secure. But if you don’t, it’s time to ask, listen and give them what they want. Next month I’ll dive into how we have taken some of these successful marketing ideas from creation to implementation to results. Much love, See you in the next issue of HAIRBIZ! www.circlesofhair.com.au IG @circlesofhair FB / circlesofhair Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



Just recently, Instagram dropped the mic on a BRAND-NEW feature - Instagram Guides! I bet you’re thinking, oh no, not something else I need to learn, I just got the hang of consistently posting and showing up on my story once a day - a new thing I need to learn?

BREATHE! There is never a time limit on how long it should take you to learn, as we all learn at different paces over here in the hair world and being tech savvy wasn’t something we were told to learn when we did our hairdressing apprenticeship 20 years ago. But in 2021, this is obviously something that will come easier to the younger generation of Hairdressers, as they have grown up with technology and I would assume every brandnew hairdresser never lived in a world where we didn’t have the internet or smart phones handed to us like its apart of life - so its ok if you find all this social media stuff a foreign language! I just showed my almost 70-year-old dad how to create an Instagram this morning, and just for him to able to log in to Instagram for him was hard, so because posting on Instagram is easy for some, just logging in is hard for others! Let’s face it, Social Media takes patience to learn what to do. Now, let’s chat Instagram Guides - Picture what guides are, think that you’re reading Hair Biz or a reading a Blog, see an Image of a product mentioned that you would like to try — be able to tap on it and boom, you can go straight to that product if it’s set up via Instagram Shopping, go to the website and add to your shopping cart! SEE / READ / SHOP & BUY! 90

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

Not only is this a fabulous new resource and tool for your Salons Online Business - what an incredible tool for customers to be able to pitch your business to their audience also!


A location guide will work by sharing a post in which you have used the Location Tag on your post in that location or even a previous post that someone else may have created to be able to talk about a Business / Location you have visited - think of this like a Blog or when I was having some creative ideas, I was thinking how fabulous this is for restaurants - where people often “check into” on Instagram which is one of the most popular topic on Social Media as a whole which is FOOD! Who doesn’t love sitting down at a safe and its 100% guilty of once snapping a shot of their delicious brunch before you dive in and eat that mouthful of heaven! - Restaurant’s become so popular because of Food Posts of their menu on Instagram as this trend has literally made their businesses come alive! Now how do we translate this method into a Hair Salon? How can we get customers to leave almost “Food Blog Reviews” about their salon experiences with Images to boot. Do you have a client who is an incredible blogger and is amazing at words? Perhaps they

write a Guide about your Salon Experience via a Guide on Instagram, sharing not only their Hair but the beverage they got, the salon interiors, product recommendations and branding of your business. This could be a new way of “Influencers” visiting. Not only now do they have to take a photo in your salon, share some stories, get your said influencers to write a guide on their Instagram to share a blog about your business without having to leave the Instagram Platform!

PRODUCT GUIDES - Recommend Product you love and be able to recommend them

Product Guides would be for you to share products you have available on your Online Store and step up via Instagram Shopping - in product guides this will allow you to recommend products you sell - allow customers to recommend products they love on your online Instagram shop and write about what they love about it! Think about Beauty Blogs you read - you can now create your very own with products you stock - holy hashtags wow wee!

POST GUIDES - Recommend Past Post you have created or others that you have saved.

In post guides, imagine curating a category about posts, segmenting them into their own

category of a topic or posts from other accounts to recommend something they have previously posted about which you can then “Save” that post and share as a reel. I created 2 guides just today, One on My Favourite Apps I love to use on Instagram - in which I saved posts from my favourite apps Instagram accounts and adding them to my guide, to allow my followers to be able to these apps accounts and learn more about them. Using previous posts, I had used about Hashtags, I was able to create another Reel on “Hashtag Tips” - the beauty of creating curated guides, is you can then continue to add to them over time by tapping edit guide.

Right now, you can see how important it is to use Instagram with purpose for your business so not only you have kick ass Socials, you add SO MUCH VALUE to your customers, where it’s so easy for them to build trust with your business because you educate them on their problems time and time again and able to able problem solve their hair needs in the tap of an Instagram Post.

3. Is this content so valuable that my audience will be likely to share this with a friend? 4. Did I solve their problems with a tip in this caption? Once you have problem solving in your captions, this is easier to be able to create curated guides for your audience as guides are here to educate our audience and people who buy from our business further.

Further takeaways from this article would be make sure when you write a caption that you think of these three things 1. W ho is the person I am talking to? 2. What value will they get from my post?

If you enjoyed this article, check out my Social Salon School Membership for Hair and Beauty Professionals with weekly lessons on Social Media inside my members only Facebook group www.melbournehairblogger.com.au/plans



Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

The year 2020 has delivered incredible challenges to salon owners. Are you wondering if you’ll be forever overwhelmed, frustrated and confused? Unsure how to keep your business alive in these challenging times? I have great news. You have a CHOICE. Choosing to find opportunities when the going’s tough is hard. But choosing to give up and let things go is also hard. Choose your HARD wisely. I’m here to tell you that you CAN keep going. You CAN hang onto the hope that got you into business in the first place. Follow my 7 tips to help sharpen your business focus and harness the staying power you need to come out of the other side with a thriving salon business. Are you with me?

STEP 1: EMPTY YOUR CUP AND WRITE A RELEASE LIST Imagine yourself sitting in a café. Your coffee arrives and it’s way too hot to drink. You have two choices: you can wait until it cools down (you may run out of time) or you can ask for some cold milk and an extra cup. Why the extra cup? Your first cup’s full. Before you can add cold milk, you need to empty a little coffee out. It’s the same when you feel overwhelmed. There’s no room left for fresh ideas. You’re too busy with whatever your reality is right now. So, how do you empty your mind? Grab a piece of paper, find a quiet place and write down everything you feel, think and fear. Note down the hurts, the anger, the frustration. Don’t judge, just write. Once it’s down, take that paper, tear it into tiny pieces and either bury, burn or flush it. Release all those negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from finding your solution. You might need to do this exercise a couple of times to get where you need to, to be ready to receive information and create solutions.

STEP 2: WRITE A GRATITUDE LIST It’s time to see the positive things that are already in your life. They’re still there … you’ve just lost sight of them. Grab another piece of paper and write a gratitude list. Begin with basics. Don’t pressure yourself.

Some examples: - I am grateful for my healthy body - I am grateful for my family - I am grateful for my morning coffee - I am grateful for my sunshiny day - I am grateful for the people around me who I can trust - I am grateful that I always find the best solution to solve my challenges - I am grateful that things always work out for me Your list is a work in progress and will grow longer and longer over time. Read your gratitude list before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning. Acknowledging these positive aspects of your life will help you focus on ideas and solutions.

STEP 3: CHANGE YOUR WORDS Everything is energy and everything is vibrating. When we’re experiencing guilt, powerlessness, insecurity, hatred and anger, we’re connected to lower vibrations can only experience or attract certain things. When we’re experiencing positivity, contentment, belief, happiness, eagerness, love and joy, we’re connected to higher vibrations and our experience is very different. As you know, the same thing can happen to two different people and one will make the best of it and the other will only find excuses why it didn’t work. It’s like tuning a TV/radio channel to different frequencies to find the music, movies, news or documentaries you prefer. You get to choose the channel.

STEP 4: CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK When it comes to challenges in business, salon owners often say to me: I can’t do that It’s impossible Not in my salon Not with my team When you say to yourself that something can’t be done, you’re telling your brain to stop thinking of it as possible. Instead, when something is challenging you, ask yourself: How can I do it? How can I solve this problem? These simple questions command your brain to start working on the solution. You’re in problem-solving mode and you’ll find solutions.


If you never step out of your comfort zone, your business will plateau. You’ll keep doing the same things and creating the same results. There’s no growth without pushing your usual boundaries. Stepping out takes courage and a strong vision. You can do it! Take your first step into ‘fear’ zone. It’s the unknown, the uncomfortable. I call it the muddy water. Don’t look back, take the leap of faith and keep moving. Next step is the ‘learning’ zone where the water’s clearer. Here, you’ll find solutions and through experiences, you’ll learn. Next you arrive at the ‘growth’ zone. Stop and celebrate, enjoy and rest for a while. You’ve DONE IT. Welcome to your new ‘comfort’ zone. You’ll notice it’s very different from where you started. You’re stronger and wiser. You’ve done a cycle and now you need to keep stepping out and up. Keep repeating the cycle and your business will thrive.

STEP 6: ALIGN WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE SOLUTION FOCUSED The people at the same stage you are have the same challenges and have not yet found solutions. In contrast, people who’ve already done what you want to do will help you grow. They can share their path and show you new ways of thinking. Find your tribe.

STEP 7: FEED YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE INPUTS You choose what you feed into your mind. Think carefully about the books you read, what you watch on TV. The social media you digest. Monitor your emotions. If you feel uncomfortable watching certain things, stop watching them. Your gut feeling will tell you what’s right for you. When you focus on good information inputs, you’ll feel motivated, happy, encouraged and uplifted. Now, keep going! Build on these 7 steps to focus your salon business smarts on what matters. Soon you’ll find yourself on the other side looking back at 2020 as a distant blip on the radar For more salon wisdom email ZING Coach Adrienne Varga adri@zingcoach.com.au or visit www.zingcoach.com.au


So often as a business coach I am introduced to a salon owner who is seeking help and guidance to get their life back. - I’m exhausted - I am not getting any time off - The rest of the team need to be busier. - I don’t have any time to manage my business - I am so busy, but I have no control - I am not making enough money for the hours and effort I put in Do you recognise some or all of these points? Many salon owners will. You have created a very successful salon that is totally YOU focused. You have become irreplaceable. How can you manage the situation and make some changes so that you can embrace the words? ‘My business is successful and can operate efficiently without me”

STEP ONE - YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE You need to accept that it is time to make changes. Some of the changes may not be always easy to implement and manage. It is much easier to manage change with other people. You are now talking about change within yourself. Some focus areas: - You need to reduce the number of hours you spend actively working with clients - You need to maximize the number of hours your team members spend working on clients - You need to have quality time to manage your business - You need to get a balance between work and play - You need to not feel guilty about the changes you need to make A good management strategy when looking to implement change within a salon business is recognise that you need to “mini manage” to get the end result you need. Identify the bite size pieces that make up the big plan and start to work on each area. It won’t happen quickly. If you look at the big picture it will seem to be too difficult to achieve and you won’t know where to begin. One step at a time. 94

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

STEP TWO - REDUCE THE NUMBER OF CLIENT HOURS This is where you need to be strong. Imagine your doctor advises you to reduce the time you spend working on clients. They tell you that the consequences of not doing this will affect your long-term health. Good reason for taking action. You would most definitely take the steps that were appropriate. You need to apply the same level of commitment to your decision. My suggestion is that you allocate…. not try and allocate, you actually put this into a system, one full day a week to work on your salon business. If you are a small business half a day might be all you need. I give this a name. It is called Business Development time. Do no apologise for taking time off to your team or clients. This time is just as essential as you doing a full column of clients for a day. You might need to set a date a few weeks out to prepare for this to happen smoothy.

Update your client history

Go through your personal client history and add all the little details that you carry in your head. All the special things you do for your clients. That way your team member you hand over to will be totally aware of what the client’s expectations are and you will avoid the comment “she is not as good as you”

Create Systems

Every professional salon should have a system and structure for everything that is done in the salon. From the way each hair service is done to the way each client is offered personalised service touch points. Consistency will always be the key to developing a great salon reputation. Remember your aim is to develop a “salon” reputation not just yours as the owner. The development of a salon policy and procedure manual is a great first step. If it is not written down it can become grey. This is a big investment of time but well worth it long term.

Plan for the Future

You now have time to plan and think about positive changes you need to make in your salon. You have now become the ideas person and if you manage it well you will delegate the action needed to implement new fresh ideas. Your clients will benefit and your team will love the new fresh changes.

Inspect What You Expect

When you step away from doing all the handson tasks and start to delegate, you need to learn to check to make sure that things are being completed as you would like. Don’t be impatient if, when you do check you find it is not quite to your satisfaction. Again, explain what you require and remember to come back and check again. Eventually it will be done well. Lose the “it is easier to do it myself” attitude. The difference between a leader and a manager Do you want to be a leader or a manager? Management is a position you are given. Leadership you earn. If you want to know which style you are following in your business, here is a simple test. If you look behind and your team is following you are a leader, if no one is following and you are doing it all alone you are a manager, and your team will resist rather than get excited in their day-to-day work. A leader will always get result through their people. Without people you are not a leader. Ask these two questions - Are you a leader in your salon? - Are you replaceable in your business? The answers need to be both “Yes” for you to have great success in coming years and enjoy what you do. For more information about business coaching and the services Faye Murray – Your Coach offers contact her on 0409 342 653 www.yourcoach.net.au


By Caitlyn Menzel

Here we are at the end of what has been one of the most difficult years that some of us will ever face but guess what – YOU DID IT! And do you wanna know what else? The likeliness of ever seeing another global pandemic is seriously slim to nil. F##K YES! So, what’s your big 2021 dreams? Where is your life headed next year and beyond? Where is your business going? Time to get over what’s happened and get focused on the future. Here goes with the ol’ cliché – “Failing to plan is planning to fail” I know, cringey but also #realtalk. I break planning down into three major steps… First bit - set the goal (der!) And before you let that ego takeover your brain and tell you that you can’t, you need to decide that you can, dream big and aim big. Triple your staff? Yes. Multiply your salon? Yes. Step off the floor? Yes. $5 million beach house? Yes. Round the world holiday? Yes. Lambo? Yes. Whatever gets that stomach churning with excitement and anticipation…that’s the one you need to go for. When I first meet my clients, I ask them what they want to earn per week and what their dream wage is, and you have no idea how often it’s “$5,000 per week, no, wait, $2,500, no, hang on, is that too much? Maybe just $1,500 a week. Yep, that’s what I want!” …that little bastard; that voice in your head that says, “you can’t do that!”, “you don’t deserve that”, “impossible!”, “imagine what XYZ person would say about you” …yeah, that; that’s your ego! You need to not let that slippery little sucker slither its way on into your head. Because it’s those anxious thoughts and beliefs that are the things that will stop you from achieving everything you want. Don’t buy into it, its fake. You deserve everything you want.

So set the bar high, be clear on exactly what you want, write it into past/present tense and put it out to the universe. Don’t be fluffy either – don’t do the “I want to lose weight”, do “I lost 20kg” or “I wear a size 12”. Understand? The next bit cannot be skipped. Have you ever met those people that are like “I want to win $10 million in the lottery” but they never ever buy a lottery ticket? Or those people that do absolutely f##king nothing but then call you ‘lucky’ because you work like a trojan and achieve and grow constantly? Yeah? Basically, where I am going with this is inaction = no result. It’s all well and good to say you want a first-class European holiday, but if you don’t buy the ticket, you’re likely never going to get there. So yes, be bold, aim high and dream bigger, but be prepared to put in the work. The best way to define the action steps is to work backwards from the goal, to where you are now. Example – I want to turn over $20,000 a week in revenue, I currently turn over $12,000. That’s $8,000 more than where I am now. $8,000 sounds like a lot, but break it down, that’s 2X full time seniors, yeah? What do you have to do to get there? That’s where you define your action steps. If I was working towards $8,000 a week extra in sales, my goal would look like Feb 2020: $14,000 per week March 2020: $16,000 per week April 2020: $18,000 per week May 2020: $20,000 per week If that $2,000 extra a week still seems out of reach, look at it this way, average client value $250 means eight clients a week will get you there. So. Damn. Doable!

And I would be tracking that weekly, and celebrating every milestone reached. I would also not be bashing myself if the March 2020 goal was pushed back a month. Some things don’t happen as planned but you still get there in the end. You never know, if you work hard enough you might catch up the following month and be right back on track. The last step here is to set deadlines. I, like a lot of people, work best to deadline. I do my absolute best work on deadline day, and I also know that if I don’t have a deadline, I will still be working on whatever project it is four months after its due. That’s why I put dates to those goals above, it’s easier to manage, keeps you on track and breaks everything down into a more realistic goal. If you need someone to give you a strong kick up the butt and help you with direction, slide on into my DM’s because I would love to guide you through and celebrate with you. Before I end this, I will say one thing, the hair industry is full of wildly creative, usually spontaneous and unstructured humans. Not all of us, but the majority, we’re all same-same but different, really. What that means is that goals can change, dreams can change, and direction can change in an instant. I am hands down one of these people. Just because you set a goal doesn’t mean its set-in concrete, you can change it if you want to, hell, I visit my goals every three to six months because my vision and direction is constantly changing (I am literally so effing annoying) but what is important is that you are always working towards something, because it gives you a reason to get out of bed, do better and work harder. And the feeling is so much sweeter when you smash your goals, and you earnt every bit of it. Plan your 5 years, 3 years, 1 year and 6 months and #werk – you got this. XX Caitlyn Menzel Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1



By Sarah Garner

From the clothes we wear, hairstyles we rock to even the accessories we flaunt, they all change as we grow. Sure, we’re the same person at our core but on the outside? We’ve evolved. The same goes for your brand. As your business matures and evolves, doing the same old thing with your branding often doesn’t cut it anymore. To avoid your biz donning the mullet and hipster jeans (honestly, what were we thinking?!), we’re sharing 3 times to consider a brand refresh.

Your branding doesn’t light up your dream clientele Customers in 2020 are smart. Like super smart. They consume hundreds of pieces of media a day to know when a brand is doing their sweet thang and when a brand has forgotten to get with the times. They’re also ultra-quick decision makers and use the face value of your brand to make instant decisions about how they feel about your business. Savage right?! This alone showcases how important it is to be on top of your brand game. A solid brand lets potential customers know who you are and what they can expect from you the moment they come into contact with it. It stands out in the eyes of your customer and feels fresh and attention-grabbing in a crowded industry. From the look of your logo, emotions evoked by your brand colours to the fonts and taglines used to introduce yourself, these branding elements are all strategic decisions that you can make to reach your dream client. If your dream client is forward-thinking women in their 30’s but your brand is giving them more 1980’s retro chic, then it’s not enough to light them up and win their business over the competition. In a world where your brand introduces you before you even speak, a refresh 96

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1

is a must when it’s not connecting you with the right people.

Your business is telling a different story these days It’s very common for businesses in the hair, beauty and wellness industries to evolve and become more niche than they were to begin with. Whether you’re a salon that’s transitioned into offering strictly skin treatments, a business that’s introduced a whole new wellness menu or a hair studio that’s now the go-to for toxin free hair services, these business achievements need to be proudly represented in your branding. With a change in business focus comes new demographics of clients to target, new messaging to convey in marketing and a whole new visual identity that needs to be celebrated. We cannot expect customers to “just know” when we’ve made significant changes to our business (that we know they’re going to love). They not only have to be able to find out about it through your marketing but sense it through your branding. A brand refresh ensures your new focus is acknowledged in every element of your business, your existing clients are kept up to speed and your new clients know exactly what they’re getting when they walk through your door.

Your branding feels outdated in a competitive marketplace Even some of the world’s biggest brands have refreshed their image to stand out against

the competition! Think back to the 90’s where we had the multicoloured apple on our bright coloured computer versus today where we experience nothing but clean fonts and monochromatic products when we step into an Apple Store. Looking at some of your favourite brands, what is it about them that keeps people coming back? How have they adapted and evolved as their industry has changed? Why do they come to mind right now to begin with? Take some time to reflect on your own brand and whether the way your brand is seen by the outside reflects what is on the inside. Is your logo representing your business ethos? Do your colours and fonts speak to your ideal customers? Is your lack of brand meaning you’re getting lost in the crowd? Picking up on these opportunities is a great way to identify whether a brand refresh is needed. Refreshing your brand can keep people engaged and interested in your brand. In a society where we’re constantly scrolling, we want to ensure it’s your brand that makes them stop, read and book. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director at Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your hair, beauty or wellness brand turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website (www.digitalbloom.com.au) or contact Sarah at hello@digitalbloom.com.au



C o n t a c t S a b re C o r p o n 1 3 0 0 7 6 4 4 3 7 o r s a le s @ s a b re - g ro u p . co m *uk.fudgeprofessional.com






www.salonsales.net.au | 1300 366 521

Benchmark Salon Sales are the only salon dedicated business brokers in Australia with outstanding brokers in each state delivering over 500+ sales for clients around the country. We continue our series of articles from some of the specialised business brokers to get you salon sale ready!


In our final article of this series on Salon Sales, Nikki Katz gives you her top tips on BUYING a salon!


Decide on the type of clientele you want to attract and put your salon smack bang in the middle of the suburb where they live. The website www.abs.gov. au is a great resource to find out the demographics in a particular area. Another great website to look at is google/suburb salon search. It will tell you how many salons are located in that area.


Look for cheap rent vs. good location. This may seem obvious but it is the number one reason why salons don’t make money. The rule of thumb is: rent must be around 10% of turnover in strip shops, 15% in shopping centers and below 7% if it’s out in the ‘burbs. Work out how close the salon you are considering buying is to reaching these benchmarks using this formula: Rent ÷ Turnover x 100 = Percentage Rent


Make sure you have the money to act quickly when the deal needs to be done. Establish the value of equity in your home, the amount of cash you can raise then take 25% off that total and you have your purchase price for that salon. This will leave you with a little in the bank for the tough times and to pay your lawyer for the transfer of the lease and general business which goes with buying a salon.


The price is rarely the price. Just like when buying real estate or a car, you need to negotiate - and hard! Don’t be scared to put in offers on a few salons to see if you can pick one up within your budget. Remember, the bargain of a century can come along at any time and you need to be ready to jump in quickly.


Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 1


Understand your budget and stick to it. If you overcommit on the purchase price you’ll find it very difficult to make the business return enough to get back your investment. A good way to measure this is: net profit by a multiple of 1-2 plus stock and also depending of a multitude of factors. E.g. Salon 1 nets $50K in profit the year above owners earnings would be worth around $75-$100 + Stock. Salon 2 nets $50K includes owners wage then business may only be worth $50-$75K + Stock).


A salon with no lease and no option to renew or extend is worth next to nothing. A salon with a long lease is an asset, but not too long eg 10 years is too long. A 3x3 or a 5x5 year lease is good and it’s ok to be part way through these terms.


When you decide on a price for the business you must take into consideration of the depreciation of the plant and equipment. A business may have a $200K fit out, but if it has been in operation for 3 years, the value of the fit out can depreciate so it’s only worth $120K. Make sure you are considering this in your offer.


“Stock at Value (SAV)” means the stock will be paid for by you in addition to the agreed sales price. Make sure this is within your budget or that you negotiate to only take a certain amount of stock. “Walk in walk out” means stock is included in the agreed sales price (WIWO). Neither is better than the other. It really just comes down to good negotiation. You need to decide whether you want to keep the current product supplier in your new salon. If you do then make sure you can receive the same vendor credit terms and discounts offered to the last owner. If you don’t, then talk to your desired supplier before signing the contract to see if they will buy out or swap your unwanted stock for their stock.


Often sellers will try to bargain with you based on the amount of cash they’re taking in the business and not declaring to the tax department. We all know that the cash cow is regularly practiced in the industry but fortunately you don’t have to pay a premium to get this little hidden bag of goodies. I always view this cash component as a surprise bonus if it even exists at all. After all, without clear book keeping proving the amount of cash taken, you can’t trust a seller isn’t exaggerating about the extra $50K they’re skimming off the profits. Never negotiate on this hidden commodity.


A key factor in the price of a business is the team attached to it. Bigger salons with more than 6 people in them tend to get a higher sale price than ones with less. Always do a secret shop on a potential salon (keep it very confidential- DON’T MENTION ANYTHING TO THE STAFF) to see where they can improve and whether there is a sense of camaraderie and strong team work skills. Bigger salons offer a more stable structure if someone leaves under the new ownership. This reduces a new owner’s risk level. Another component to consider in the sale price is outstanding staff leave entitlements. These can are often adjusted or negotiated upon contract preparation, so make sure you keep an eye open for these little surprises.


Some salons sell for quite a lot over the multiple of net profit rule because they have the x factor. This could include a good computer system with very accurate data, fully managed so the owner is not required to work in the business, award winning, business plans, proven tested marketing, killer location and very cheap rent, chain of sites, accurate financials, quality policy and procedures, and good supplier discounts due to volume. I would easily pay an extra premium for these kinds of business assets. Call Benchmark today – 1300 366 521 or check out their website at salonsales.net.au




10.0 FL.OZ.(300ml)

Crème traitement nourrissant de Rose

Rose Nourishing Treatment


Organic Ingredients:

10.0 FL.OZ.(300ml)

ROSE: The rose essential oil is the most expensive in the world, known as “the queen of essential oils” or “liquid gold”. Blended to be used on hair to create an alluring and elegant look. Its lingering fragrance leaves infinite love and romantic imagination.


Crème traitement nourrissant de Rose

Grapefruit Straighten Treatment


Organic Ingredients:

GRAPEFRUIT: Rich in nutrients, grapefruit has precious vitamin P, C and soluble cellulose. A perfect fruit not only for disease prevention but also for beauty. Now we use it into hair care products to create straight beauty for your hair.



For further information or for your nearest call 02 8781 0123 or visit www.joiken.com.au

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Hairbiz Year 15 Issue 1  

HAIR BIZ is the only magazine of its kind which offers a comprehensive look at both the business and image side of the hair industry. We pro...

Hairbiz Year 15 Issue 1  

HAIR BIZ is the only magazine of its kind which offers a comprehensive look at both the business and image side of the hair industry. We pro...