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Visibly reduce wrinkles & treat acne scarring, in particular, to reduce the depth of scars and to normalise the skin structure.

• Tilting needle plate for minimal epidermal trauma, increasing client comfort • Adjustable needle speed and depth


• Low vibration and quiet running

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Medical device certification (CE0123) according to MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.

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! y r t n E or f n e p O Finalists Announced 28th June 2021

Winners Announced at the Gala Awards 29th August 2021 The Star, Sydney

Tickets on Sale NOW www.mochapublishing.com.au/shop The Awards period for all entries is October 2019 – April 2021 – 18 months. This is longer than usual to incorporate pre, during and post Covid times to give all entrants an opportunity of demonstrating their business success in the financial quarter pre-Covid, how they dealt with Covid during restrictions/closures and post Covid coming in to the new year.


THE ABIA CATEGORIES EDUCATOR CATEGORIES Best Industry Educator Individual Best Industry Educator Organisation INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES Beauty Therapist of the Year Salon/Spa Director/Owner of the Year Best Cosmetic Tattooist SPECIALIST CATEGORIES Best Marketing Award Best Customer Care Award Salon Team of the Year Best Salon Training Award Best Business Performance of the Year (non-salon) SALON CATEGORIES Tanning Salon of the Year Best Eco Salon/Spa of the Year Best Salon Design STATE CATEGORIES NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Yea (4 Treatment rooms or Less) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more)

NOMINATED CATEGORIES Hall of Fame Mocha Angels Humanitarian Award VOTED CATEGORY State and National Wholesaler of the Year NEW CATEGORIES FOR 2021 NEW! Best Newcomer Salon of the Year NEW! Sole Operator of the Year (ABN Registered) NEW! Best Educator of the Year (Product/Equipment Company)

AMIA CATEGORIES Bridal/Formal MUA of the Year High Fashion/Editorial MUA of the Year Fantasy MUA of the Year AMIA Make Up Artist of the Year

PRIZES INCLUDE - Beautiful Trophy presented on the ABIA night - Use of the Title of winning category for 12 months - Coveted PR in leading trade magazine Beauty Biz, PR campaign for EVERY winner - Virtual meeting and personalised press releases with Branding and Communication experts Lily Blue Communications


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18-19 derma aesthetics – Global Leaders in Education and Product Innovation


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10 Where Have All The Therapists Gone By Clare Lamberth 12 10 Minutes With Dr. Naomi By Clare Lamberth


20 Touched By An Angel By Clare Lamberth


22 Dermalogica Says Thank You To Australia’s First Responders – Launching the New Smart Response Serum 24 Beware Of Plume By Danielle Hughes

26 Radio Frequency for Skin Rejuvenation By Nancy Abdou 28 Antimicrobial Peptides in Acne Skins By Gay Wardle 30 Are You Getting Enough Education By Robyn McAlpine 34 Do Your Patients Struggle with Acne?




36-38 Beauty Squad House 40 The Ultimate Professional Beauty Event is Back!

54 Fill Them Up BOYS By Will Fennell 56 Shopping The Loop By Paul Frasca 58 The Sneaky Lie that Stunts the Entrepreneur By Elle Wilson 60 Turning the Ordinary into the ExtraOrdinary By Julie Cross

41 A United Voice for the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Industry

62 Why Simply Education Clients Does Not Lead to a Sale By Chrissy Alger 64 Save Money Through Your Commercial Lease By Kelly Cunningham 66 Are You Laser Sharp on your Product Offering By Gry Tomte 68 Making Systems Sexy By Rebecca Miller




42 Are Your Lashes Taking A Lashing By Natasha Creasey 44 Lash Trends for 2021 By Joy Crossingham 46 Nailing Nails By Lauren Burton 48 Inspiring Creativity By Charlotte Ravet

70 Go-To Stock Photo Websites For Your Beauty Business By Sarah Garner 72 Why Facebook Ads Won’t Fix Your Appointment Book By Clare Lamberth 74 Social Media Glow-Up in under 30 Minutes! By Rachel Medlock


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It’s no secret that our industry is experiencing a staff shortage never seen before. Clinics are advertising for quality positions up to 12 months with no results. It seems that no matter how good your culture is, your values, your growth opportunities or incentives program, qualified Beauty Therapists are a dying breed in the Australian Beauty Industry. But where have they all gone? Laser Clinics? Nursing? Home Salons? Mindset of Gen Z? Just left all together? We surveyed the industry for this issues feature “Where have all the Therapists gone?”, and found that Senior Beauty Therapists were in abundance 5 years ago. There was a plethora of qualified and willing staff able to fill positions before a Seek ad could expire. Now ads run for months on end (and have more than doubled in price too!) making the screening process more costly than the induction phase of employment. It’s no secret that a skills gap exists in new graduates to our industry. Our industry has progressed in leaps and bounds with technology and cosmeceuticals common place in today’s clinic. Yet the Diploma still teaches Makeup, manicures and Hot Waxing for legs as a priority over cosmeceutical science, laser light therapies, infection control and peels. The modern-day Diploma-Qualified Therapist needs to be a mixture of industry ready, with the skills and knowledge of the Dermal focused industry even the most full service of clinics finds themselves in. Traditional Beauty Therapies will always be at the heart of our industry. The future and the self-care these traditional services of waxing, massage, spray tans and nails provide, build loyalty and connection with our customers. We need our Therapists to be able to continue this tradition. The skills gap lies in the knowledge and qualification to perform peels and skin needling as well as effectively and accurately prescribe cosmeceutical ingredients and correlating skin concerns straight out of college.

Does the Diploma of Beauty Therapy need to blend with an Advanced Diploma of Cosmeceutical Science to form one high achieve entry level education opportunity? Would an apprenticeship of Beauty Therapy empower Therapists with a more diverse range of industry-ready skills learnt in a real-life environment? Should a Diploma be 2 years full time and involve a more in-depth study into skin concerns, diagnostics, prescriptions and treatment modalities, including practical training in treating said skin concerns effectively? What do you think the solution is? I’d love to hear your thoughts over on the Beauty Biz Magazine Instagram and Facebook Pages @ beautybizmagaizne.

Clare xo Clare Lamberth, Editor clare@mochapublishing.com.au

thermal body treatments




By Clare Lamberth

It’s the cry from our industry at large right now. Resonating most in regional centres who are busy but struggling to grow or replace staff due to a short supply of therapists nationwide. We speak to Therapists and Clinic Owners on the front lines of our industry to hear straight from those effected most where all our Therapists are going, and what the possible cause of this nation-wide staff shortage could be. Nancy Abdou, Lead Education Specialist at The Australian Laser and Dermal Institute. I hear this a lot when speaking to Clinic & Salon Owners. It definitely seems to be increasing. Either employers can’t find the great Therapists, or they lose them to other positions / career paths. Over my 18 years in the industry I have left and re-entered the industry 4 seperate times. Each time was for the same reason, that the industry no longer brought me joy & I was forced to make a decision between my personal life and my career. As a predominantly female industry, we all know that the majority of our Therapists will, at some 10

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

point, embark on some pretty huge adventures & challenges in life. - Marriage - Motherhood - Purchasing a Home - Mental health challenges - Physical health challenges These times in our lives are already so stressful, the last thing we should worry about is how our careers may be affected. Unfortunately, though, many Therapists choose to either leave the industry, or work from home, when things get too hard to manage, or when the working environment becomes unhappy. Not to mention the guilt that can come with letting an employer or your team down. Sadly, this is how many Therapists feel during the happiest times in their lives. “How am I going to tell my boss I’m pregnant, or that I need a few weeks over Spring Carnival to get married!” Equally, every business owner knows the feeling

of finding out your star Therapist is pregnant. It’s one of excitement for them, but also stress and worry of how you’re ever going to fill that void! I wish I had an easy solution, but my only thought is that we, as an industry, need to ensure that we let our valued therapists know (often) exactly how valued they are! Business owners sometimes forget that hard working, loyal therapists still need to know that you would hate to lose them. Let them know that you will support them through their challenges (whatever they might be), and as long as you can make it work for your business, you’ll do whatever you can to make sure they remain happy at work & it fits in with their lives. The Therapists I know who have stayed in the industry, have experienced employers that did this. It creates a mutual respect between Employer and Therapist and is a win win situation. The amazing therapists I know, who are no longer therapists, or work for themselves, experienced the opposite.

Kerry Fulluck, Mia Bella Skin Boutique, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I actually have no idea! I can’t understand where all the qualified Beauty Therapists have gone! I know a lot that are doing nursing training so they can go into Dermal Therapies, and a lot have left the industry completely. But surely there must be Senior Therapists somewhere?! It’s so frustrating and super disappointing I have been looking for a Senior Therapist for my Sunshine Coast Clinic since we came back from the first lockdown last year!! I’m a reputable clinic, I stock great brands, I’m a great boss, I have good values and opportunities for my staff. I have given up putting adverts in Seek, as you get too many randoms (not qualified) applying just for the sake of it. The only Therapists that I get applying now are, girls still at Beauty School, or just qualified, which to be completely honest is a total waste of time. I’m finding new graduates are no where near salon ready! They can’t even wax a leg or underarm! I’ve hired 2 Therapists straight from Beauty School in the past year, spent time, money and effort nurturing and training them for them to either leave to go to laser clinics or leave because they couldn’t handle the “pressure” of the job as it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. Servicing clients, rebooking, educating/ retailing to clients. I know a lot of therapists have set up at home or have the one room salons because they think they are going to make money. It really is a massive problem for our industry that so many of us are struggling with. My business if suffering so much as we are very busy, at 95-100% capacity and utilisation but I can’t grow my business anymore, as I want to, because I don’t have the therapists to service our clients. My business is at a stand still at the moment, which is so frustrating because, since Covid my clients have realised how important self-care and treating your skin is to their mental health. So, they are wanting to come in more regularly for longer treatments. I would definitely consider sponsoring a therapist from the UK if that was an option. Beck Fawcett, Senior Beauty Therapist Endota Canberra I feel that since COVID, and the many lockdowns, Therapists are just unsure if this will happen again and have decided on a complete career change. Also, now Student Therapists have to pay for their Diploma by taking out Student Loans. Study teamed with paying off debt and working a Casual job at the same time means for lots of Therapists they are finding it too hard and unaffordable to study Beauty Therapy any more. It could also be that they decide to do it and drop out part way through as it just seems to hard for them and it’s not what they thought the industry would be like. Possibly a lot are mums and with beauty being a 7-day job for us they may not be able to get a position in a salon with an understanding boss to help with hours around the children.

There is such a big skills gap between what we learn at college, and the rskills Therapists require for the “real world” of Beauty Therapy. I’d love to see a return of the more traditional Beauty Therapy apprenticeships, so Therapists can get real, hands-on-experience in salons. I think they would benefit so much from this. I love the Spa environment and would love to help teach upcoming Therapists to have the same passion I do one day.

Pru Ashe, Senior Therapist & Trainer, Macquarie Medi Spa

Jess Callahan, Clinic Owner, Hush Beauty and Skin.

Home salons have also played a big role in luring Therapists away from traditional clinic roles. There’s no regulation so literally anyone can set up in a spare bedroom. The rise over the last 5 years has been incredible. These makeshift businesses run without the large overheads of a commercial salon. Most do cash only so don’t pay tax, but also don’t always have the insurance and protection for the clients like commercial clinic are required to have. I see a lot of the home salons charging almost the same prices as commercial salons do, but don’t provide the experience.

The training and regulations standards have not caught up with the rapid growth and expansion of, leaving the industry with either low-skilled and poorly trained graduates - or highly intelligent degree educated women with no clear sector in the industry. The training needs of our industry need to be reformed. I’d love to see more definitions and opportunities given to Therapist who advanced their skills into more development. This might help to keep them in clinic who offer these skill sets rather than being lured away to clinics to pay higher and do recognise the higher education. to level 1 beauty adviser, cert 3. level 2 beauty therapist diploma, level 3 advanced therapist, degree with clear definition between all levels students can choose the path they want to follow and study what they actually want to do . I’d love to see a tiered educational system with a larger mix of not he job training. I think level 1 should be at college, then perhaps diploma from age 18 with year 12 pass and a 2 year practical and uni-level training. With practical placement employment at each level gives real life experience and career ready staff!

I feel Therapists leave the industry for a number of reasons. Saturdays have always been a hot topic in our industry. In my own role I have worked hard and been rewarded with more flexible working arrangements, so I am able to be with my children. Compromise is so important in the workplace.

I think Therapists initially chose the home salon path for more flexibility. You get to set your own hours/days to work for you. You can do what treatments you like none of what you hate and use only the products that you want I would say would be the perks. The downfall what happens if your sick there is no body to cover for you and you cancel your whole day and make no money that sounds scary to me. You take the full brunt of a complaint you’re doing the refund it’s just you dealing with somebody unhappy with nobody else to back you up. Sometimes I feel like people just want the cheapest service but my clients always say it’s the total experience we provide at the salon and they would pay anything within reason to have it over and over again. Where do you think all the qualified Beauty Therapists are going in our industry? Have your say over on the Beauty Biz Magazine Instagram and Facebook pages @beautybizmagazine. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




i m o a Dr. N


By Clare Lamberth

From humble beginnings in regional coastal New South Wales, to the soaring highs of a aesthetically fine tuning the faces of Sydney’s elite and a 6 figure Instragram account, Dr Naomi shares with us her journey to where is today, her passion for high quality care for her patients and her new skincare line, Dr Naomi Skin.


Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and what led you to study medicine? I grew up in Newcastle, 2 hours north of Sydney. I was really young i.e. 17 years old when I had to choose my Uni degree and didn’t know what to do. I thought, “I wouldn’t mind learning about the body for a year until I decide what I really want to do” then the years just passed, and I graduated. My second choice was architecture, and I think that was really what I wanted to do. I got to make the world beautiful in a different way by choosing cosmetics though, but I think cosmetic medicine has the same drive as design/ architecture which is a love of transformations and aesthetics. Tell how you first start out in the Aesthetics industry? I was a resident in a hospital having trouble choosing a specialty. I was about to choose psychiatry, but then Botox landed in Australia, I went and had it and knew my future immediately. I was a young beauty achiever; I was made for this career. How did The Manse come to be? After being in the cosmetic industry for over a decade, I started a blog in the early days of social media (2011) and it became very successful, as there was so little quality content online at that time. I really wanted to make social media my fulltime job and I worked towards that goal by opening a cosmetic business. What’s your clinic’s niche in the aesthetics industry? We see the sophisticated beauty achievers in the industry. Those who want the advanced nonsurgical treatments and the highest level of beauty design. We are a clinic focused on excellence in safety, results, service and technology.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

How do you go about trying to find balance between work, personal life and pursuing professional endeavors? I’m a workaholic, and I do what I have to do while working towards doing what I want to do. I mostly love what I do now, which is being the creative director on multiple teams. Your Instagram account has become an infamous source of inspiration, fun, education and insight into your skin and business journey. How has your notoriety online influenced your business? Being big on Insta makes my business more popular with a younger and beautiful patient group, which is fun, but fortunately we have multiple sources of marketing so we get to see a wide range of types and ages as well, which I love. As a clinician, I just feel too much pressure. People have this expectation that I can do some type of magic. As a person, my fantasy is to be irrelevant and a recluse. I don’t really like being notorious much. Congratulations on Dr Naomi Skin! Tell us about the process of creating the line and what led you to it? I have always been into brightening since I had my first cosmetic job 20 years ago prescribing the original brightener (Kligman’s formula). When we are using injectables, lasers or skincare, our focus is on the reflection of light. That is the origin of beauty, so of course it’s my obsession. I didn’t understand why other cosmeceutical brands only had 1 brightening serum or maybe 2. I just wanted to make something that gave results and that people would be addicted to because they were so much happier due to using it.


Who is the Dr Naomi Skin client? Our brand has been developed for our clients whom we refer to affectionately as Beauty High Achievers (BHAs). From all genders and age groups, they’re well informed on latest cosmetics trends, treatments and of course ingredients and formulations. We wanted to have comprehensive range from launch (18 potent formulations and 1 cleansing device) to make sure we would be offering tailored skin solutions to address all major skin concerns, using the latest development in skincare delivery systems (look out for our Drone Peptides that delivers ingredients right where they are needed for maximum efficacy), and of course science backed proven ingredients to make sure our BHAs will be fully satisfied by the level of sophistication involved in our formulations. Any plans to put Dr Naomi Skin in other clinics in the future? At this point in time, we plan to have the range available in my clinics (The Manse Paddington and Uptown) as well as exclusively online on our website DrNaomi.com. As any new business, we want to learn from our customer base and involve our community and listen to their feedback before expanding our distribution, to make sure we delivery at every level. Skin Heaven is in the details! So for next 12 months at least we will keep the brand very tight, but stay tuned for more news when we feel the time is right. How does Dr Naomi Skin sit alongside professional Dermal Therapies (treatments like laser, peels, resurfacing, needling etc) Whilst the range has been developed with a clinical mindset, to enhance treatments performed in our clinics, and to restore skin health post procedure, at this point in time our focus is on retail Direct to customers model. We have worked hard to ensure the range, whilst comprehensive, was also easy to navigate with 3 distinct ranges (EverySkin, Fillerista and Rejuvenate) and clear easy to follow 7 steps to help with the at home application and often tricky layering.

How do you find the line alongside traditional cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care lines? I am proud to say, that we have worked hard to bring a fresh new approach to skin health and Dr Naomi Skin entire range is focused on brightening at its core. Our formulation ethos is based bringing radiance and luminosity to all skin types. Each and every one of our 18 formulas work synergistically to reduce pigmentation, even out skin tone, reduce redness and clear congestion to deliver that sparkle back to the skin no matter what the concerns are. The range addresses Fine line & wrinkles, loss of firmness, sensitivity, dryness and dehydration with our selection of powerful serums, moisturisers and our exciting Super Oils which we all love so much, always keeping in mind our BHAs and ensure that their skincare regimen works to deliver visible results and that radiant Selfie ready skin (without the need for the filter apps). What are your plans for the future for The Manse and for Dr Naomi Skin? Whilst we are keen to have our products out, officially available on site from the 1st if June 2021, after 3 years of development and testing, we have already about 6 other products in the works, so we will keep on adding to our range to ensure we are always at the forefront of innovation in skincare science. As far as our expansion plans go, well we have global ambitions and we are not shy about it, but for now, one step at a time and we could not be prouder to be able to bring this unique range to market and keep on innovating to deliver the best for all BHAs out there. With The Manse clinics, we are focused on opening a third right now. We also bought the site for a 4th over a year ago and will work on that once our third is operational. Discover Dr Naomi Skin at www.drnamoi. com and follow Dr Naomi’s insightful & hilarious Instagram account at @drnaomi1.

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3



thickened which has increased its humectancy to improve application on the skin. All of the existing gold-standard H, E and O moisturising components are still packed into the dual-chamber jar, ready to intensely nourish your skin.


Everyone knows how amazing RefectoCil tints are; however, we have so much more to offer when it comes to lash and brow styling. This year we’ve hit the ground running by focusing on elevating our range, in particular with the introduction of the dual purpose Lash Lift and Brow Lamination kit. This exciting new keratin enriched ‘Pink Power Perm’ delivers exceptional results for both Brow Lamination and Lash Lifts while simultaneously caring for the condition of the lashes and brows. Clients no longer need to worry about damaged lashes and brows which can be caused by over processing. This revolutionary, fast processing formula (6+5 minutes) lasts 6-8 weeks and delivers consistent outstanding results. Although the product is already available at select distributors, RefectoCil Australia plans to officially launch the new dual purpose lash lift/brow lamination kit at this year’s Beauty Expo (August 28-29) along with the retail line of Full Brow Liners and Highlighters. We’ll be performing complimentary treatments and a few lucky volunteers will have their lashes and brows styled by the amazing RefectoCil trainers who also will be sharing tricks and tips to achieve a WOW effect. The stand (L129) is a must visit this year as we will be offering incredible product specials which will be available exclusively to Expo attendees. Follow our Instagram page @ refectocilaustralia to be the first to know about these promotions. Lash Lift and Brow Lamination services have been a triumph and are dominating the lash and brow space right now. If you haven’t already added these services to your salon menu, the Beauty Expo is the perfect platform to experience live demonstrations, meet the RefectoCil team and chat with our Educators to learn how best to introduce this service into your salon. It’s essentially free training… what’s not to love!


Following one of the most popular launches of 2020, Medik8 to pause selling H.E.O. Mask due to a small leak of the dual-chambered jar into the cap area. While this was insignificant to many, to the company thiswas not the standard they require for their customers. Hence, it was taken off the market, and Medik8 have been working tirelessly to find a solution to the leaking problem. The good news is that with a small packaging change, and a formula tweak, the new updated H.E.O. Mask is now back! The fill of the H.E.O. Mask has been reduced to 2x40mL chambers to prevent any leakage, for an improved experience and the blue phase has been slightly


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

The International SPA Association (ISPA) has named 12 winners in the 2021 ISPA Innovate Awards. This year’s awards highlighted solutions and innovations implemented specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in three categories: business practices, philanthropy and technology. From humble beginnings making hand-made soaps and body oil with a team of five working around a kitchen table, Pure Fiji now produces a full skin and body care line and employs over 200 people across 2 factories in Fiji’s capital, Suva. This is in addition to a network of farmers and harvesters from local Fijian villages. Their ability to provide jobs to the community thus changing lives is of the upmost importance and involves as many people as possible to be a part of their production process. While some processes could be automated, Pure Fiji choose to employ more people, believing in the human touch (where there is a hand, there is a heart and soul!). Pure Fiji is a family business and every employee is a part of their extended family. Pure Fiji is honoured to have won in the Philanthropy category for Supporting Rural Communities in times of need. Pure Fiji developed and distributed sanitiser and essential items to groups in need, and provided food, educational supplies and other relief to Cyclone Yasa victims.


Dr Naomi Skin, is the result of 20 years of skin expertise created by pioneering Australian Cosmetic Physician, Dr Naomi McCullum for the Beauty of High Achievers, affectionately known as BHA’s. An industry first-of-its kind, Dr Naomi Skin has brightening at the core of the

RY NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS range across all of its 18 products. The proprietary Brightening Cocktail feature across all 3 product collections in the range - Everyskin, Fillerista, Rejuvenati, and works to target pigmentation, improves clarity and restores a luminous sparkle back to the skin. Known for her patient-centric attitude, Dr Naomi has an intimate knowledge of what people want aesthetically - she knows exactly what goes on behind closed clinic doors, but she also knows there’s no quick fix and believes skin health starts at home and works hand in hand with cosmetic treatments. Inspired by in-clinic cosmetic transformations, Dr Naomi brings the same philosophy to these topical treatments to transform skin now and in the future, by focusing on both immediate results on application (instant blurring and lifting), and long-term skin health. It’s selfie-ready-skin (with no filters needed!). Dr Naomi Skin has everything we’ve come to expect from next gen skincare. Australian made, cosmeceuticals grade, highly efficacious, vegan and cruelty free clean ingredients and innovative technology. “3 years in the making, we have worked relentlessly to create a science-based cosmeceutical range, not only using the most advanced technology and ingredients but also bringing to the a market a truly unique and fresh approach to skincare.” Dr Naomi shares. Dr Naomi Skin is available exclusively at www.DrNaomi.com


Born out of a desire to see Skin, Beauty and Hair salons thrive over closing their doors in Australia’s far north, Dee Moore from Moore Beautiful, has created Fixing Crowns a networking & education event brining big town speakers & education, normally found in major capital cities, to the bush. “This event aims to unify and connect all beauty industry professionals in Darwin. It’s time to put Darwin on the map and collectively show Australia that

yes, we’re a small town, but we have killer talent. Speaking from first-hand experience as a clinic owner herself, Dee knows firsthand need to be proactive and to go and seek opportunities and travel interstate to meet and learn from other salon bosses. Dee explains “The Territory is unique in its own right so let’s create our own community. The Northern Territory has some of the best businesses and most talented workers in the world and I want to begin to support and showcase this through Fixing Crowns.” Simple words of encouragement can make a big difference. Dee Moore Fixing Crowns aims to recreate the “warm fuzzy feeling” when another salon boss comments on a social media post or recommends you, in real life. Taking owners back to grass roots values and know-how mixing with the tenacity and drive only rural business owners possess Dee hopes the event , the first of its kind in Darwin, will unite local business in the regional and create stronger business practices to strengthen the regions presence in our industry. It may be overused but I’m going to say it anyways, collaboration over competition. Come on beauty industry. I don’t want to see more businesses have to close their doors. If we can work together to keep Darwin salons alive and thriving; then my mission here is complete.

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28-29 August 2021 ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour




AfterPay has released its bi-annual trend report for Australia& New Zealand, taking a closer look at what customers are shopping for over Austumn and Winter . This report showcases the top selling products from the online “buy now pay late” giant. With self-care still playing a big part in consumer buying trends, top trending beauty items include brow products, sunscreen. hair oils and nail polishes. Clinics can expect consumers will also be reflecting these trends with the new Afterpay Card feature rolling out national last month. As we’re starting to celebrate big events like weddings again, Aussies are taking this opportunity to get frocked up in gorgeous gowns with beauty trend to compliment this fashion trend. And although we’re heading into the cooler months, as Hailey Bieber has reminded us all, it’s important to continue wearing sunscreen to protect our skin. Colours that represent and celebrate skin tone in chocolate, camel and nude are becoming increasingly popular in real life and on Instagram. While deep olives, jade and mint are also trending and are associated with nature, serenity and being grounded. Lilac blew up when Oprah wore it in her interview with Meghan and Harry, and we predict we will continue to see hints of this hue as we move into the cooler months.


Beauty Expo Australia will once again unite the beauty industry in the country’s largest celebration of all things beauty, at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour on Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 August. With the whole beauty industry at your fingertips, discover and experience over 200 leading brands and products, world-class education, live demonstrations and competitions across one wonderful weekend. Tickets are on sale now with early bird tickets ending July 4, so book now. www.beautyexpoaustralia.com.au


Vida Glow, an early entrant into the ever-growing nutricosmetics market. From day one, has pushed the boundaries of quality and efficacy, promotes optimal skin function, delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the dermis. Recognising that customers scrutinise ingredients and demand transparency, Vida Glow recruited Australian skin experts in early 2020 to educate consumers on collagen supplementation and breakdown the buzz words that

clutter the nutricosmetics industry. The expert panel includes scientist Dr Michele Squire, dermatologist Dr Philip Tong, dietitian Chloe McLeod and skin aesthetician Jocelyn Petroni. Soon, this panel will evolve to have an international influence, consisting of skin and beauty experts at the forefront of the industry, from the UK, USA as well as Australia. For 2021 and beyond, Vida Glow will continue to innovate within the ingestible and skincare category. Challenging global industry standards and exceeding consumer expectations Vida Glow is committed to delivering revolutionary, first-to-market products, backed by science.


The Mocha Group, led by Linda Woodhead, aligned with Samuel Johnson and Love Your Sister in 2018 as an official affiliate fundraiser with a goal of raising $500,000 and by enlisting an incredible network of hair salons, beauty salons, spas and barbershops to help reach that goal are well on the way to achieving this. Salon Registration for the 2021 Love Your Sister Campaign is open for the official Hair/Beauty/Barber Salon Pyjama Day to be held on Saturday July 31st 2021. Fundraising activity will commence on July 1st and continue until August 13th 2021. Having already raised over $150,000, the Mocha Angels hope that this year the hair, beauty and barber community will get back involved with as many activities as possible culminating in PJ Day, after having a little rest in their PJ’s in 2020! The original target of $10 Million has been reached and exceeded by Love Your Sister and there is now a new Breast Cancer Lab at Garvan which costs about 20K per month to operate. Any further monies are directed into general cancer research, including rare cancers. Cancer is cancer and whilst Love Your Sister started as a breast cancer advocacy group, they are now a village that fights all cancers. This mocha angels fundraising page has been set up as an affiliate page to the official LYS page for the entire annual activity so that all donations through-out the year will go directly to LYS and not be held by Mocha or any other third party. As our fundraising activity is specifically related to a specific time of the year, this will also show us how much we raise for specific campaigns. Monies raised during the Pyjama fundraising campaign can be directly deposited into this fundraiser account. This way all monies are seen and all financial activity is 100% transparent. All salons and barbershops are encouraged to raise money from July 1st through to the close off date of August 13th and can do this any way they choose, culminating in Pyjama Day on Saturday 31st July!. On this day it is traditional for all staff to wear Pyjamas to work and raise as much as they can. In previous years the Pyjama Day campaign has seen individual salons between $100-$10,000 each!!! Let’s see what the entire hair, beauty and barbershop industries can do together! Samuel Johnson has said that he will also actively promote this activity as an incredible hair and beauty community initiative, founded by The Mocha Group and gain as much publicity as he can through his media channel contacts. On behalf of the Mocha Angels and LYS thank you for your support! You must register to be involved and to receive your information kit. Please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TYTGR8S

R new smart response serum delivers what skin needs, when + where needed

hydrate brighten soothe firm

Become a Dermalogica stockist, call 1800 659 118 for more information



derma aesthetics

Global Leaders in Education and Product Innovation! derma aesthetics recently celebrated their 11th birthday and after more than a decade in business, they are still just as determined to help better the industry through product innovation, education and industry leadership. derma aesthetics proudly distribute the dermaviduals bespoke skincare range, the globally acclaimed EXCEED Microneedling Device, as well as MTS-Rollers and epi nouvelle+ naturelle products. Their entire product house follows the philosophy of Corneotherapy, which is a preventative approach to skin care that works from the outside in, with a focus on repairing and strengthening skin barrier function.


June 2021 saw the launch of their Education Hub. At derma aesthetics education is at the core of all they do. Their aim is to advance the level of knowledge for aestheticians throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally; to ensure best practice and to train a new generation of engaged and inspired therapists. Their passion to educate and motivate aestheticians has led to the creation of their Education Hub. Their Education Hub has launched with three portals, each of which have their own modules of learning. • Skin 101: The Foundations - Skin Anatomy and Physiology • Practitioner’s Guide to Skin Health: dermaviduals Product Knowledge • EXCEED Medical Microneedling - Theory and Practical


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

Each education portal has been designed to take therapists’ learning & knowledge to the next level consisting of personalised competency-based learning and outcomes regularly assessed via exams & quizzes to consolidate knowledge.

function, the integumentary system, intracellular responses to microneedling, phases of wound healing, consultations & clinical set up, client preparation and best practice for microneedling treatments.

Skin 101: The Foundations - Skin Anatomy and Physiology has been created to provide participants with a sound understanding of the integumentary system, and the cells, systems & layers of this anatomical structure. This course will provide the learner with the fundamentals necessary to feel confident learning about the most complex and largest organ of the body.


Practitioner’s Guide to Skin Health dermaviduals product knowledge is designed for dermaviduals stockists and covers the skills & knowledge required to understand the concept of Corneotherapy, the background of dermaviduals and practical application of the entire product range. dermaviduals is used to treat a vast array of skin types, and more importantly, skin conditions and diseases via a unique bespoke concept. The EXCEED Medical Microneedling course is perfect for any therapist that works with a microneedling/collagen induction therapy device, no matter the brand. This course deep dives into both the theory & practical components of microneedling, including skin health &

dermaviduals have recently released two unique serums in their modular & customisable range - Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes and Complexion Skin Care Liposomes Plus. Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes is more than just hydration; it’s hyaluronic acid reinvented. This product combines the power of hyaluronic acid and the essential building blocks for skin to generate its own hyaluronic acid with an advanced & targeted delivery system. The physiological ingredient N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) in this serum provides skin with the ability to ignite its own production of hyaluronic acid (HA). NAG also increases elasticity & moisture levels in the skin, supports enzyme activity, is an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor interfering with the formation of melanin and has regenerative effects on & within the skin (among a myriad of other fantastic benefits). Not only is Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes able to minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, but it can also make visible & cellular improvements to other skin conditions such as congestion, acne tarda, inflammation

Category: Acne Winner: Samantha Rodgers, EKO Skin Care Spa

Category: Acne Runner up: Christine Tiberi, Be U Beauty

Category: Age management Winner: Fernanda Reuff, Nanda’s Beauty

Category: Age management Runner up: Fernanda Reuff, Nanda’s Beauty

Category: Body Winner: Rachael Walther, CleanSkins Laser Clinic

Category: Body Runner up: Molly Sly, Vanish Skin & Laser Clinic

Category: Pigmentation Winner: Kathleen Klassman, Soul Awaken Skin Therapies

Category: Skin barrier disorders Winner: Cheryl Penna, Urban Sense Wellness Clinic

Category: Skin barrier disorders Runner up: Kate Hudson, Studio Eleven

Category: Under 15 years of age Winner: Seetha Griffin, Seetha Louise Traralgon Beauty Salon

Category: EXCEED Microneedling Winner: Jen Roche, Halo Hair Body Beauty

Category: EXCEED Microneedling Runner up: Jessica Carey, A Peace of Beauty

and pigmentation. This serum actively supports cellular hydration levels, ultimately encouraging a better functioning stratum corneum and surrounding defence systems that are required to make a healthy, functioning skin.

capillaries, ensuing less redness & vascular concerns, in addition to supporting the wound healing process. It also inhibits tyrosinase, which is responsible for creating melanin, resulting in the reduced appearance of pigmentation.

The Complexion Skin Care Liposomes Plus is designed to even complexion and reduce skin redness by inhibiting melanin formation and stabilising peripheral capillaries. Formulated with two powerhouse ingredients, niacinamide & tranexamic acid, this serum is a first in our industry. Vitamin B3 Niacinamide inhibits the transfer of the melanosome to the keratinocyte, which improves skin elasticity, enhances skin barrier function, helps improve skin discolouration and revives the skin’s healthy tone & texture. Niacinamide increases ceramide and free fatty acid content of the epidermis. It also decreases trans-epidermal water loss and increases dermal microcirculation, plus it’s an excellent antioxidant & anti-inflammatory. Tranexamic acid provides intensive care for rosacea and atopic skin conditions. It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, making this active ingredient extremely anti-ageing. Tranexamic acid stabilises peripheral


to industry needs. With enormous respect and support, they proudly back the industry. Facilitators are on hand to support your every need in business and will connect you with expert advice & representation to enable your clinic to thrive.

dermaviduals are proud to be Founding Members of the newly established Industry Council: the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC).

If you’re employed in the aesthetics industry or own a salon, spa or clinic, head over to theabic. org.au to sign up, or phone 1800MYABIC.

They are honoured that their Co-Founder, Reika Roberts, has been elected as Chair, and look forward to collaborating with many great industry voices as they prepare to elevate professional standards, enhance working practices and unify the salon, spa and clinic industry - something derma aesthetics are incredibly passionate about. derma aesthetics have always worked hard to enhance professional standards within their derma family, but now have an opportunity to collaborate and take this so much further to create a better industry for all.


derma aesthetics recently ran a Before & After Competition to showcase the incredible results & skin journeys their partner clinics achieve every day. They are thrilled to share the winners… Contact derma aesthetics to find out more about their product offerings and Education Hub: 1300 420 223 | dermaviduals.com.au enquiries@skincorrection.com.au

ABIC has been established to represent small business with a large voice and respond Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3



l e g n TOUCHED BY A An


By Clare Lamberth

From a chance manicure in the Hunter Valley and a small “start out” space in a Makeup School to a 20 year legacy of excellence in Sydney’s southerns suburbs, Rebecca Daniels from Angel Touch Skin Boutique has a heart of gold and a passion to make our industry a better breeding ground for raw talent. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came into the industry and started your career. 20 Years ago I booked myself in to my local Day Spa in the Hunter Valley to have my nails done for a special occasion, I was an avid Netball player so having my nails done was completely foreign to me and I really did not know what I had booked in for, it was a new type of manicure with a Gel coating called “Bio Sculpture Gel Nails”. I did not know that, that nail appointment was about to change the direction of my life. I connected with my nail girl Michelle who is still a friend to this day and currently owns her own successful salon in Newcastle. It was by divine luck that a few appointments later the owner of the Day Spa overheard part of our conversation of me asking Michelle about becoming a Beauty Therapist and what college she would recommend, she popped her head in and asked if I was a Therapist. I said, “I will be” and she offered me a job on the spot, “come see me when you start your training”. What do you love most about your work? 20

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

I love having a laugh with our clients and I love the smile on their faces when we finished their treatment, whether it be a first time brow tidy or our regular clients for their facial. Tell us about Angel Touch. How did it start, when, how has it evolved over the years what do you specialise in. In 2003 I moved to Sydney and worked for a year for a beautiful lady in a small salon until she sold the business. I had to make a decision to either find another job in a salon or start my own.. Sounds simple huh? I started Angel Touch Beauty in a single room in a building with a Makeup School. Starting out with little money but lots of drive I designed and printed my own service menus and would walk and deliver them around the neighbourhood in between clients to try and build the business, I did this for 6 months and within 2 years I had grown to the point that I was working 6 full days and needed to look for a bigger space and start looking for my first staff member. I found my bigger space in the beautiful suburb of Oatley and I knew the minute I walked in that

I had found my place. Over the years we have evolved from a mostly nails and waxing salon with a beautiful renovation and expansion of rooms and rebranding to Angel Touch Skin Boutique in 2018. Now we are mostly focused on Skin Health with HydraFacial, Skin Needling, LED, Peels and Facials being our main treatments. What does Customer Service mean to you? Customer Service for me is the personal touch to make our clients feel comfortable and welcome. We all acknowledge and say hello to our clients when they come in and always with a smile. Sounds crazy I know but I cannot tell you how many times I have been to personal appointments and the staff do not even acknowledge me walking in. For our facials our beds are heated and the rooms are lit by Salt Rock lamps only, they only have so much time with us and we all know how stressful our lives can be, it’s our job to make them forget their worries and stresses for the time we have them whilst giving them the best treatment possible. When waxing a large towel is laid on the bed so they can cover themselves and be comfortable

when we enter the room. Placing a blanket over our clients when they have a lash tint and tucking their feet in so they are not cold, they are only little things but these things make our clients feel important and cared for and sometimes we are the only people they will see through the day or week and I always walk my client to the door and open it for them when they are leaving, always. This is all along side doing a great job for them also. How do you like to follow up with your customers after they’ve seen you? All follow ups for our procedures are through phone calls to check all is working out the way it should be and to see if they have questions regarding their home care and any concerns. We keep in touch with our ladies through email keeping them up to date with new treatments or products and through social media also. For their birthdays we email them a voucher to come and use in the salon and I cannot tell you how excited they are to receive it, they make me laugh. It is for $10 off any treatment or $20 off any of our top 10 treatments. For years we have had a system where every October I sit down and book all of our clients in for their treatments for the following year. This takes me a lot of time but it assures me a full-ish diary for the following year and it assures our clients that they get the times and dates that they want. It also means we see them regularly. Which signature treatment are you most known for? We have two treatments that are extremely popular for us. Our HydraFacial is amazing and completely obsessive once you’ve had one and see what comes out of your skin. There is nothing like it that compares and our regular facial clients are now substituting every 2nd or 3rd of their regulars facial for a HydraFacial and this works perfectly. Our other most popular Treatment is our Hydropeptide Facials. I just love this brand, it is highly active yet luxurious and this is where we really get to treat our ladies. I did a survey with our ladies and one of the questions I asked was “Do you come for a facial to treat your skin and keep it looking beautiful or do you come for relaxation and to nurture your soul?” 89% said they come for relaxation and to nurture their soul but loved that it came with the benefits of having beautiful skin also. Almost every treatment we do in the salon has an element of relaxation now. How has your business evolved and changed over the years? The evolution of a Beauty Salon over 18 years has been brilliant to watch and work through. Starting out mainly as waxing and nails and the occasional facial then working through the introduction of nails bars and laser clinics that wiped out most of the small salon basic treatments really meant we had to evolve and roll with it. I read every beauty magazine I could to see what the Latest Trends were, (I still do) I went to every Sydney Beauty Expo and tried to be different by introducing new treatments to the salon before most people had

heard of them. When LED was introduced to salons I bought The Max7, the technology was so new to our clients that they did not want to even try it though now we use our Dermalux LED almost daily. Our industry has really struggled to find staff. How do you go about attracting the right team members to your clinic? Finding the right staff is tricky. I do not hire off skill sets, of course you need to know how to perform the basic treatments but I hire based on personality, attitude and passion. Skills can be taught, love of the job and being able to communicate and care for our clients cannot. We work so closely together, if one staff member is not right for the team it can be destructive to your salon. When reopening from Covid I found myself looking for staff. I hired against my own rules and based my hiring on resume’s out of fear of needing help. This was a huge lesson for me so I wrote down exactly what I was looking for in a therapist and did not waver until I found her, lucky for me she was just around the corner. What do you see as being a fix for the lack of Therapists in our industry right now? I had so many resumes coming in when I put an add through Seek so I didn’t have a lack of therapists applying but what I found when talking to so many of these girls was the lack of proper training to get these girls “REAL LIFE” salon ready. Yes they will get training on the job to learn our systems and procedures but… I have a new girl that started with me 3 months ago who is just a delight to work with and she spent $28,000 on her “Private” Beauty training that finished in 1 year and was mostly done online due to COVID. When she and her parents voiced their concern at the end of the course telling them that she did not know what she was doing and she did not feel confident to go and work in a salon, it fell on deaf ears. They were simply told that her course was for a year and it was finished though they were welcome to pay for another course and refresh her knowledge... The sad part about this is her first pedicure training she told me she learnt more in that hour than in the whole year she had been at college. There are girls out there desperate to get into a salon but cannot get jobs because they don’t have experience and we can’t hire them because we cannot afford the time it takes to fully train them especially while we rebuild our businesses after Covid. I would love to see the training standards lift and the hands-on in salon work experience time to complete a course hours extended. What do you have planned for the future? I would love to go and learn to become a Beauty Therapy Teacher and work with the hands on skills and reading the skin. I would be a tough teacher though, no-one passes until it is perfect.. Follow Rebecca’s journey at www.angeltouchskinboutique.com.au and @angeltouchskinboutique



Dermalogica Says Thank You to Australia’s First Responders Launching the New Smart Response Serum

Dermalogica’s latest Australian campaign has recognised and says thank you to the more than 300,000 First Responders in Australia working on the front lines responding to the unprecedented events of 2020-2021 to keep us all safe.


Dermalogica’s latest game-changing innovation, the new Smart Response Serum, provided the inspiration to feature 4 reallife First Responder ambassadors in a photographic shoot. The video provides a glimpse into how First Responders, much like the new Smart Response Serum, respond to challenges under ever changing circumstances allowing us to appreciate the invaluable contribution they make to our lives. Smart Response Serum’s advanced formula is targeted to recognise and address microchanges in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye, effectively addressing skin’s needs in real time. It responds to skin’s signals – intelligently addressing skin concerns and helping to prevent future damage. Best of all, it does all this before you even notice. Thank a First Responder Day was held on June 9th 2021 It is well documented that feeling appreciated and valued is important for our wellbeing. Social isolation and low levels of social support are associated with chronic illness and are a high-risk factor for suicide. Thousands are putting their own mental and physical health at risk to battle a highly infectious disease during a global pandemic; ferocious bushfires that devastated much of Australia’s east coast have seen firefighters, paramedics and police rush into situations most would flee from. The unrelenting nature of their work means many first responders do not have the time or resources to recover mentally and physically from the situations they experience in their line of work. Illnesses such as Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) are common, and the impacts on first responders, as well as their families, can be overwhelming.

The simple act of saying thanks for the challenging, traumatic and dangerous work our first responders do will ensure these brave men and women know they are recognised, appreciated and valued by the communities they protect. Saying thanks will also be a critical step in helping first responders understand that just as they support us, we’ve got their backs too. Dermalogica encouraged Australia to participate in the initiative on the 9th of June by saying two simple words: Thank you. For more information on please visit firstresponderday.com.au Also on June 24th in conjunction with Australia Retail Association First Responders Day, Dermalogica will be offering all First Responders at selected authorised stockists, a complimentary ProSkin30 to say thank you. View the campaign video here! Dermalogica’s proud commitment to sustainability At the end of 2020, 90% of all Dermalogica packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable – and going forward, all paper and cartons will be FSC certified to be sustainable for forests. Additionally, all Dermalogica formulas are manufactured in California, which boasts some of the world’s strongest environmental and consumer protections. In line with this commitment to sustainability, Dermalogica believes that we have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to help keep plastic out of the environment. As part of a commitment to create a cleaner planet for future generations, its new Daily Microfoliant Refill is made with 92% less plastic, 95.6% less oil and 95.7% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the Daily Microfoliant canister, sifter and cap.

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Berrywell Eyebrow and Eyelash tint is designed to enhance the lashes and brows - creating more expressive eyes and voluminous brows. Available in 7 vivid and intense colours: Black 15ml Blue Black 15ml Brown 15ml Light Brown 15ml Blue Blue 15ml Graphite 15ml Chestnut 15ml

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Contact M&U Imports for full product details www.muimports.com.au | Phone (03) 9555 1533

Hairdressing and Beauty Supplies



BEWARE OF PLUME! By Danielle Hughes

WHAT IS PLUME? Plume (also known as surgical plume or cautery smoke) is a by-product of thermal damage where the tissue is heated to a point that it releases cellular fluid as vapour and the cell contents (and surrounding tissue) are released into the air. Every year thousands of health care workers (and of course now aesthetic practitioners) are exposed to plume, along with the cocktail of toxic chemicals, potential bacterial and viral pathogens and particulate matter that result. Plume can be visible or invisible. And if it’s smelt, it’s definitely inhaled. It is major health hazard that all aesthetic practitioners must be aware of, particularly those performing LASER and IPL procedures. You may have even smelt plume at a Beauty Expo whilst watching a plasma pen (‘fibroblasting’) demo – it’s characterised by that noxious odour, not at all pleasing to the senses and dangerous to your health. Not only can plume be inhaled through the respiratory system, it can also be absorbed by the skin, particularly through open wounds/lesions/ impaired barrier and settle on unprotected eyes.

WHAT IS IN PLUME? 95% is simply water. But the remaining 5% of the vapour is where matters become dangerous. There are more than 80 toxic chemicals that make up this 5%. Just some of the headliners include: · Benzene · Butadiene · Carbon monoxide · Formaldehyde · Hydrogen cyanide · Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons · Toluene That’s right, everything from a neurotoxin used in chemical warfare to known carcinogens and unstable molecules that can create free radicals within the body.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

The biological component of plume is known to also contain blood, bacteria and virus such as hepatitis virus and human papillomavirus. Given the recently identified increased role of viral shedding through skin cells, the list of virus that the operator is exposed to demands preventative action be taken to minimise risk and the transmission of disease during an aesthetic procedure.


Ongoing inhalation of plume can create inflammation within the body, most specifically to the respiratory system. By ‘breathing’ in the toxic-plume-infested air, conditions such as pneumonia, bronchiolitis and asthma can also occur from the physical presence of microscopic particles that set up residence in the air sacs. These further result in the transport of biologically unsafe matter around the body. Excess exposure can lead to life threatening issues, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or the potential to cause cancer. It has been published that the ablation of only 1 gram of tissue has the mutagenic effect on the client, nearby staff and operator of smoking 6 unfiltered cigarettes during the procedure time!


ANY treatment that heats skin tissue to the point of vaporisation. The most notable and commonly practiced within the beauty industry include: · Laser hair removal / skin resurfacing · IPL hair removal / skin resurfacing · Plasma skin resurfacing / ‘fibroblasting’


Of course, it is not a practical solution to suggest we just stop performing these treatments! So negating the deleterious effects of plume rests in the best practice of the operator, adhering to health, safety and strict infection control procedures.

According to the NSW Health Department, the control of exposure to surgical plume involves the following key steps: · Use of appropriate personal protective equipment – face mask or respirator that can filter up to 0.1 micron, face shields and eye protection, gowns, gloves and heat and foot covers · Training and education of staff on the dangers of plume, potential cross contamination risks and implementation of effective policies and procedures within the salon or clinic to minimise exposure for both clients and therapists alike · Effective biological filtration through ventilation of the environment where plume is, or can potentially be created. More details surrounding plume evacuation systems and air filtration systems can be found at NSW Health website www.health.nsw.gov.au · Safe handling of biological products and blood borne pathogens According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Safe use of lasers and intense light sources in health care, “all materials used to collect air borne contaminants (e.g. filters, masks and tubing) are considered a bio-hazard and shall be handled and disposed of, using standard precautions for blood borne pathogens”. Forewarned is forearmed, particularly in matters of public health. From owners to operators, clients to expo visitors, everyone is at risk from plume without the correct procedures being observed. Now is the time for the cosmetic industry to comply with the protocols already practiced in medical offices and hospitals when creating plume. As an educator, Danielle Hughes encourages aestheticians to constantly strive to be steps ahead of the growing segment of savvy consumers who ask knowledgeable questions. She stresses that estheticians have a responsibility to be at the forefront of new technologies and research and must be practitioners of authority, in order to counsel, advise, and direct their clients on what is most beneficial to their skin and ultimately, their body.

Your skincare choices can SAVE THE PLANET www.prologicskincare.com.au | @prologicskincare_aus



Radio Frequency for Skin Rejuvenation:

An Oldie, But A Goodie! By Nancy Abdou

Skin ageing is inescapable, due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which lead to a reduction in collagen, degradation by metalloproteases (MMPs) activity and lowered function of epidermal keratinocytes, resulting in wrinkling and skin laxity. This leads us to an increase in demand for results driven skin rejuvenation – without surgery or extended periods of downtime! Radio Frequency (RF) has not let us down, stepping up to the challenge that we are currently facing (excuse the pun!). Utilising controlled thermal trauma, RF is able to overcome this ageing dilemma by inducing neocollagenesis, and contracting lax skin – and quite well too, on all Fitzpatrick skin types, since RF is colour blind! RF energy is a current that can be delivered through various tissue types (ie, skin, fat, and muscle) to generate thermal energy, that has been used in many medical fields including; cardiology, urology & oncology, just to name a few. Initially used in the 1920s as an electrocautery tool, the use of RF to contract collagen isn’t a new concept. For example, orthopaedic surgeons have used RF to contract areas such 26

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

as shoulder ligaments, responsible for instability, for over a decade. Over the last 15 years RF has seen an increase in its diversity, being used in aesthetic surgery. In 2002, the FDA approved the first mono-polar RF device for facial wrinkle reduction and since then other RF devices have evolved such as bipolar, multipolar, and fractional, with even more safety features. Unlike lasers, RF does not target specific chromophores by selective photo-thermolysis. Instead, RF generates heat as a result of different tissue resistance or impedance to the current. This means that heat is produced when the tissues’ inherent resistance, converts the electrical current to thermal energy. 3 mechanisms of action take place when RF

energy is applied to the skin: 1. Splitting of hydrogen bonds in the collagen triple helix causes shortening and thickening of collagen fibrils. 2. Initiation of a wound healing response, triggering angiogenesis, collagenesis, and elastin reorganisation, along with fibroblast stimulation to produce collagen over the following 3-6 months and 3. An increase in angiogenesis, lymphatic flow, increased oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance. Clinical studies show that skin surface temperatures ranging from 39°C to 42°C (subdermally temperatures from 65°C to 68°C) need to be reached for optimal contraction. However, if temperatures exceed a critical heat threshold, there is potential for collagen ablation and full-thickness injury, along with lipolysis (fat

destruction) – so it is vital to stay under 42°C. This is why it is imperative that practitioners utilise an Infrared Surface Thermometer. A common mistake made when performing RF treatments, is to use the clients pain tolerance, or visual and tactile cues (such as erythema and warmth to the touch) as a guide to reaching clinical endpoint. With such a small window of error, why wouldn’t you use such an affordable tool, to ensure you are creating skin tightening and not volume loss, or worse? There are 2 major electrode configurations available in current RF devices: monopolar and bipolar. Monopolar devices deliver a current using one electrode that transmits the current toward a grounding pad. Monopolar RF energy has been successfully used to accomplish non invasive skin tightening of the face, periorbital area, abdomen, and extremities. These devices typically have mild adverse effects, mainly being transient erythema and odema. Bipolar devices differ because they pass electrical current between 2 positioned electrodes. The tissue to be heated and tightened is between these 2 electrodes, and the depth of penetration is approximately half the distance between the electrodes. Therefore, bipolar RF devices offer a shallower depth of penetration when compared with monopolar. However, this configuration does provide more controlled or localized distribution of energy and less discomfort. No grounding pad is necessary with these systems because current does not flow through the rest of the body. Non-ablative fractional RF is available, which typically uses needles to deliver thermal injury to the sub-dermis, while leaving islands of tissue intact in between treated ares. As with fractional laser resurfacing, the unaffected areas serve to expedite recovery time. The fractional energy is delivered in a bipolar fashion with the tips of the needles carrying a positive charge and the faceplate of the disposable handpeice carrying a negative charge. The mechanical puncture of the needles also has been shown to improve skin texture and fine lines. Improvements in skin laxity and elastosis have been shown clinically with different fractional RF devices. RF energy has been shown to be a safe and effective method to obtain soft tissue tightening, in both clinical and histologic studies. We know that younger clients typically respond better to RF treatment. Contraindications are few, but may include elderly patients with thin skin, autoimmune or collagen vascular diseases, smokers, patients taking anti-inflammatory medications (which may impair collagen remodeling), and the presence of a pacemaker or other implantable devices. This is why skin prepping is so important, to ensure efficacious/enhanced results and higher client satisfaction rates, with minimal risks and downtimes. The Importance of Skin Preparation: When performing any traumatic treatment, such as IPL, RF, Plasma Fibroblast, Needing, whether thermal or mechanical we always need to make sure the skin is adequately prepared. This ensures a number of things; 1. First and foremost, we know that the use of active home care, prevents PIHP, especially

in darker skin types where the melanocytic activity is higher than a Fitzpatrick 1-3. 2. Preparing the skin optimises cell functionality, so when we are wanting to stimulate collagen (as we are when performing RF) we need to make sure the cells are working at their optimal capacity. Whats the point in treating a skin that doesn’t have the capability of producing collagen? Ensuring the skin functions the way it is supposed to is vital. 3. Skin preparation and it’s consequent improvement of cell functionality & wound healing, significantly reduces down time and the likelihood of side effects. We can prepare a skin in a number of ways. Firstly through homecare products. A minimum of 2-4 weeks of active ingredients is required, to ensure cells are working at their peak. LED - LED increases ATP levels in the skin. By the age of 50, our ATP productions reduces by 50% which means the cells don’t have the ability to heal properly. Increasing ATP, ensures the skin functions the way a younger skin would. I recommend 2-3 treatments a week, for 2-4 weeks before traumatic treatments. LED can be performed directly before a treatment, but not after. We don’t want to reduce the inflammation after treatment, as the inflammatory response is going to trigger fibroblasts, help increase cytokines and growth factors and contract collagen, we don’t want to halt that process! Perhaps as important as preparing the skin is post care - we don’t want to draw too much heat out of the skin, so stay away from soothing or calming products and cool compresses post RF, again because we want our inflammatory response to play out. We really just want to stick to a gentle moisturiser and SPF. You can lightly fan the client if they need it, however the heat from RF dissipates quickly and clients are generally quite comfortable 5-10 minutes after you reach your clinical endpoint.

as Skindividual’s HyaGlide (which contains both hyaluronic acid for optimal dermal hydration, as well collagen inducing peptides), as part of the clients home care routing and applied underneath your gliding medium prior to treatment, increases RF penetration and results. Clients should be drinking plenty of water leading up to any RF treatment. When delivering RF, we do not want to ‘dump’ heat too superficially into the skin, this means we want to try to reach our target temperature slowly and evenly. We need to avoid reaching our end point so quickly, that all of the heat is in the superficial epidermal / dermal junction. Generally working for 1 -2 minutes per area, results in the heat being evenly delivered to the dermis. The gliding medium you choose will help to achieve this! Not all gliding mediums are created equal or deliver the same results! Who would’ve thought? Conductive gel is exactly that, a conductor that conducts some of the RF energy superficially, which may result in superficial grazing and more epidermal heating. On the other hand, glycerine based gliding mediums, such as the Skindividual’s RF Glyde, are insulators, which insulate and protect the epidermis, ensuring the RF current is delivered to the dermis, enhancing results whilst reducing the risk of grazing, especially when a transducer is accidentally lifted off the skin! At The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute, we specialise in Monopolar, Bipolar & Fractional RF Training with all devices. If you aren’t seeing the amazing results you would like to from your RF device, get in touch with us at info@dermalandlaser.com.au Nancy Abdou CEO & Clinical Educator The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute

Increasing efficacy + Hydration!


RF likes the path of least resistance, which means a hydrated skin will enhance depth of penetration of the current, and allow for deeper and more even volumetric heating = better results! T. The use of a hyaluronic acid, such

B Ed (Sci Major). Dip H Sci. Cert Skin Sci. Cert Dermatology & Scar Repair Laser Safety Accredited

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Antimicrobial Peptides in Acne Skins By Gay Wardle

The Innate Immune System is the first defense system to protect against invading organisms, hence it’s very powerful presence in the epidermis. The skin is a host to normal microflora which is a colonization of bacteria that works with the innate immune system. Having a healthy microflora that works with the immune system protects the skin from invading pathogens that can cause harm to not only the skin, but the body itself. The second part of this defense system are the cells of the skin. The keratinocytes and sebocytes also play a role in recognising invading pathogens by using pattern recognition receptors (PRC) such as toll-like receptors. Once this stimulation occurs, an amazing activation of chemical reactions takes place where the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and anti-microbicidal peptides are released into extra cellular space. This communication between the keratinocyte cells, sebocytes and immune cells is crucial in defending the skin against harmful bacteria that causes skin infections. The activation of pattern recognition receptors by keratinocyte cells and sebocytes is directly involved in the induction of antimicrobial peptides. So, what are Antimicrobial Peptides? Antimicrobial Peptides are crucial in maintaining the immunity of the skin by protecting against pathogens as well as maintaining healthy skin barrier homeostasis. Antimicrobial peptides are a very diverse group of cationic polypeptides that release a large spectrum of cytotoxic actions that destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. During the inflammatory stages, the keratinocyte cells are the main cellular sources of antimicrobial peptides and their levels are equivalent with the susceptibility of skin infections. AMPs contain 12–100 amino acids and are cationic and amphipathic in nature, which can interact with negatively charged membranes of microbes or host cells They work with the immune system! Antimicrobial peptides are part of the innate immune response, they defend against both gram negative and gram-positive bacteria as well as viruses, fungi and cancerous cells. There two main classifications of AMPs, one that targets internal processes and the other targeting external processes of micro-organisms. 28

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

They work by first attacking the outer cell wall which is the lipid layer of a bacteria cell. Inside this lipid layer is what is know as the outer membrane proteins, these proteins are receptors for antimicrobial peptides which begins to break down the membrane proteins. The next phase is to act on the inner membrane which allows the peptides to enter into the cytoplasm of the cell. This part of the action of AMPs will alter and inhibit synthesis of the cell wall, nucleic acids, proteins and the enzymatic activity of the entire bacteria cell. A group of AMPs will then target the DNA of the bacteria by electrostatic attraction which will negatively charge the bonds in the nucleic acid backbone of DNA. This action inhibits all macromolecular synthesis stopping all of the protein synthesis in DNA. The last phase is to interfere with all of intracellular proteins. Once the DNA has been disrupted the AMPs will directly set about destroying all the proteins within the bacterial cell. Proline and arginine are proteins within cells, AMPs release a substance which binds to ribosome subunits that then inhibits protein synthesis. There we have complete destruction of the bacteria cell. Acne & Antimicrobial Peptides Antimicrobial peptides are found to be at very high levels in both acne and rosacea patients/ clients. These high levels of AMPs leads to the realisation that they are important mediators in acne skin infections. Both keratinocyte cells and sebocytes release large quantities of AMPs in response to bacterial proteins such as P.acnes. These groups of molecule peptides attract other classes of inflammatory cells such as T-cells, monocytes and macrophages which when recruited increase the level of antimicrobial peptides hence increasing inflammation. Propionibacterium acnes is a commensal bacterium, which is involved in acne inflammation. Antimicrobial peptide named CEN1HC-Br, which was isolated and characterized form the green sea urchin, has been shown to possess broadspectrum antibacterial activity hence can reduce the inflammation. Antimicrobial Peptides in Psoriasis Psoriasis is a perfect example of an inflammatory condition in which the relationship between keratinocytes, which proliferates excessively and T lymphocyte, that maintains inflammation in the lesion. This represents the basis of a pathogenic process. The disease is actioned by the keratinocytes and T lymphocytes contributing to the development of the lesions.

Psoriasis, a common skin disorder, is an autoimmune condition characterized by aberrant innate and adaptive immune responses, in which T cells, keratinocytes, and dendritic cells play a central role. Psoriasis can be triggered by injury, infections, and mechanical stimulation, especially in patients with a genetic predisposition. In this context, many active immune substances, including AMPs, rapidly increase in concentration in the local skin and initiate the maturation and activation of dendritic cells and T cells with excessive interleukin (IL)-17 expression, resulting in the infiltration of immune cells and an inflammatory cascade. The levels of AMPs, are higher in skin lesions and/or sera of psoriasis patients than in those of healthy patients. The immunoregulatory functions of AMPs in psoriasis have been highlighted in recent decades and there are many studies to support these findings. AMPs activate keratinocytes and innate immune cells, including neutrophils, macrophages, and dendrite cells mainly in a pattern recognition receptor (PRR)dependent manner. The activation leads to neutrophil and macrophage recruitment, neutrophil extracellular trap formation, and dendritic cell maturation.[ In addition, AMPs modulate adaptive immune responses in psoriasis by directly interacting with T cells as autoantigens. Growing evidence supports the role of antimicrobial peptides and their receptors in the development of acne and psoriasis . It is important that we as clinicians have a good understanding of how the skin`s innate immune system functions so that we can effectively treat acne skin and inflammation. We are learning all the time about the impact antibiotics and medications have on the gut. We also need to understand the impact these medications have antimicrobial peptides and the affect that has on the immune system. The introduction in the cosmetic industry of pre biotic creams is very interesting, apart from assisting our skin`s own bacteria, there are further benefits to antimicrobial peptides that could be considered. There is growing concern with antimicrobial resistance occurring world wide with the uptake of anti-biotics yet, more and more we reach for anti-biotics as a quick fix to treat skin concerns and in most cases the end result is exacerbation of the condition. Antimicrobial peptides are an integral part of the first-line defence of a host against pathogens, long term anti-biotics can impact on the immune systems own defence.

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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in our industry. We find what works and we tend to stick with it until we hang up our apron and retire. Unless there’s something that really shakes us up, we can finish our careers exactly the same way we started. So how do we make sure that we are continually inspired and growing in ourselves as therapists? How do we continue to evolve and keep the fire of passion for what we do continually burning and lighting us up? Sure we could float in and out of the industry, we could change jobs as often as we change our underwear but until you find the thing that anchors you, none of those things are going to satisfy! Let me introduce you to my best friend, EDUCATION. Now in the past, that word got me about as excited as the thought of grinding back Aunt betty’s gnarly thickened toenails. Eww! To me the word education just screamed failure, because that’s exactly what I was in the traditional school education system. I wasn’t great at it. I didn’t give my parents brag worthy grades, I was average, below average even. It wasn’t until I discovered the beauty industry and more specifically the skin therapy side to our industry that the wheels started turning and my brain began to wake up and smell the bath salts. I hear it often when therapist come to the ‘skin side’ that they have a kind of ‘reawakening’ that nothing else in the industry has been able to give them. It’s like fall-ing in love all over again. You feel energised and once again excited to go to work. Education is how we grow, how we stoke the fire, how we continue to stay engaged and excel beyond average. Above all it’s the key part to feeling confident in your craft. It’s what can set you apart and it where you hold your power, as a therapist and as an employee. It’s something you can carry with you and it never gets too heavy. It can’t be left behind if you move and no matter what happens in your journey, it will always be there right with you. My DM”s are often over loaded with questions asking how I know so much about skin and what courses do I suggest. I recently did some market research for a project I am working on and I discovered that most participants weren’t self-learning or enrolling in courses because they didn’t know where to begin, what courses were going to be worthwhile and they were hesitant to invest because courses can appear expensive. (Spoiler alert! You want to build your knowledge, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and pay for quality courses!) As someone who has spent over $100,000.00 on my education over the last 16 years, I can assure you that even the not so great courses I did taught me something. Each of them opened

up a door, an idea, a thought and a pathway to bring me to where I am today. But I hand on heart know I wouldn’t be where I am today had I put off learning because I was nervous to pay for courses. If you’ve heard me speak or been following me for a while you’ll know I’m very open in admitting I’m rarely the smartest person in the room. I have left classes almost in tears feeling like a total failure, not grasping a lot of what was said in the room and feeling like the person up the front was speaking a foreign language. Some of my education invest-ment has been in repeating the same courses multiple times. Repetition has been my friend. With all the education I have consumed, I had a few false starts and it’s taken me a little longer than expected to get to ‘expert level’ but you don’t become the best overnight. You become the best by sometimes learning from the worst and by investing in your growth. Education and courses have come a long way since I started 15 years ago. There’s many great industry leaders creating incredible courses, there really is no excuse! Time to get your education on! Think of me as your education fairy godmother. I’m here to help you avoid kissing toads hoping to find your prince. I am giving you a three step pathway to courses and educa-tion that will catapult you into being the best therapist you can possibly be, no amphibi-an kisses required!

STEP ONE, START WITH YOUR DISTRIBUTORS AND SUPPLIERS. This level of education is low cost and a great place to start but will have an instant measurable impact in your day to day interaction with your clients. Now more than ever, distributors are stepping up to become educators first, product wholesalers second. They’ve realised that simply convincing you their products are the best and giving you a sales script is no longer cutting it. It may have worked when we were in college, wowing us all with their special lotions and potions but now, we are a far more curios and like a 4 year old child we are constantly asking ‘but whyyyyyy?’ Consumers are savvier, asking us more in-depth questions. It’s no longer just about features and benefits and a bunch of salesy words! Distributors need to be more accountable than ever in giving us honest, deep answers. No more surface knowledge. A great distributor should be bringing you education on introductory cosmetic chemistry and their product formulation but also introductory biology 101. If they are helping you understand skin and how it works combined with how their product supports skin, you can better implement their product to create exceptional results for our clients.

STEP TWO. NON- PRODUCT ALIGNED EDUCATION. It’s one thing to have a distributor sing its own praises about a product and how it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s also really

important to be building your own, non-biased understanding of skin and how it works. Not only does it keep distributor driven education honest (because you can’t take every word as gospel!), this is where you get to be the master of your own destiny. Non-product aligned education will focus on skin itself, outside of products and brands. This level of education is usually something you will need to invest in as a personal ex-pense, time to put your money where your mouth is! Skin specific education also means you’re bullet proofing the knowledge you will carry with you forever. No matter where you work or what product lines you work with in the future, having a solid base of skin specific education means you can adapt and understand everything based on that foundational knowledge. This is the kind of education that really grows you as a therapist and takes you from good therapist to great therapist. This kind of education gives you credibility as an expert in your own right. You can take this knowledge and step into your own strength and confidence and know that no matter where your career goes, all of this knowledge goes with you!

STEP THREE - COMPLIMENTARY GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Yes, skin is our ‘thing’ right? But it’s connected to everything else inside our bodies. Every organ and system will impact how our skin looks, feels and behaves. Having a general understanding of topics like gut health, nutrition, hormonal health, stress factors and so on, gives us a well-rounded knowledge of all the contributing factors to a client’s skin health. It helps us to see the limitations of our scope and when to introduce complimentary practitioners to support our clients skin journey. I am no expert in gut function or dietetics but I have undertaken a plethora short courses that help me to see the direct impacts of these things in a client’s skin. Not everything can be treated with a moisturiser and a se-rum. Our bodies are complex and having a general knowledge of these things helps me to better serve my clients. Investing in courses that help you understand this will only em-power you as a skin therapist to serve your clients at a higher level. If you’ve lost your drive for what you do, before you throw the towel in thinking you’ve just lost interest, let me ask you, when was the last time you got the brain cranking over by learning a new skill or technique or even the theory behind some of the treatments you do day to day? Whilst in the past it felt like a dirty word, education has become the foundation on which I stand strong. It’s what helps me be the best skin therapist I can be and it’s time to make sure you are getting enough! Robyn’s passion is to help women understand their skin so that they can feel empowered making skin care choices. Find out more about Robyn and her work at www. robynmcalpine.com @expert_skin_therapist

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




Do Your Patients Struggle with Acne?

There are many reasons why your patients’ skin might be prone to acne. Climate, dehydration, hormones, diet, stress, or genetics could all play a role. While it might not be possible to change the underlying causes of inflamed skin, you can manage the symptoms and reduce the appearance of your patient’s acne. Dermapen Treatments, coupled with daily use of Dp Dermaceuticals for acne-prone skin, can help subdue acne.

A JOURNEY TO CLEAR SKIN: HEAR SAMI’S STORY At 17, Sami from Sydney, Australia presented with a severe case of inflamed hormonal acne. She had suffered consistently for about 12 months with acne spread across her cheeks, chin and forehead. Sami’s appearance was affecting her confidence dramatically and, on many occasions, she was too embarrassed to attend school. Initial Microneedling Procedure Sami’s Dermapen Treatment started with a microneedling procedure using a Dermapen with a Meso-Glide mix of HYLA ACTIVE/CLR LOTION. Then the ÜBER PRO Peel was applied. Post treatment, BRITE LITE 3D SCULPTURED MASK, BRITE LITE and VITAMIN RICH REPAIR were used to hydrate, nourish, brighten and help heal the skin. The final step was applying COVER RECOVER SPF 30 camouflage makeup to instantly cool and hydrate skin while covering up any redness. After just one procedure, Sami reported that some of her acne had disappeared with many red and inflamed bumps becoming less irritated and visible. Enhanced Results at Home Sami was given Dp Dermaceuticals skincare to use daily to support her results. She applied 34

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

BRITE LITE for the first four weeks, before switching to CLR FOAM CLEANSER and CLR LOTION. The latter two products have been specifically developed as a powerful acnefighting duo that helps control oil production, remove pore-clogging surface debris, and help kill P. acnes bacteria. Sami was also advised to use CLINIPREP, MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT, RETINAL ACTIVE and COVER RECOVER daily. Complete Transformation Her second and third microneedling procedures in six-week intervals led to further positive outcomes with less visible papules, pustules, open and closed comedones. The end result of the Dermapen microneedling procedures in combination with the three-month prescribed Dp Dermaceuticals skincare regimen was clear skin with very little pitting, scarring or visible signs of acne. Sami was thrilled with her results, happily attending school again and taking selfies of her clear and healthy skin. Dermapen Treatments™ with Dp Dermaceuticals™ transformed Sami’s skin, blasted her cystic acne, and gave her back her confidence. Sami’s story is a must-watch for anyone struggling with acne. Visit DermapenWorld.com/acne-treatment Microneedling Acne & Acne Scars Microneedling is a revolutionary skin procedure transforming the skin and lives of people who’ve been battling their acne. A Dermapen Treatment for acne takes the microneedling experience to a whole new level with the right combination of restorative actives infused into your skin. At the same time, it improves co-existing skin concerns such as acne scars, rosacea, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation.

It tightens and smooths skin for a fresh and clear complexion.. How Does Microneedling Work? Our professional microneedling device, Dermapen 4™, penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing response. The skin is oxygenated, and lymphatic drainage activated, regenerating the acne-affected area. At the same time, your skin is infused with the potent actives in Dp Dermaceuticals to target your individual concerns. Skincare Matters Active ingredients like salicylic acid help unclog pores, while natural ingredients like licorice root can reduce the amount of oil the skin produces. Manuka honey is a potent natural healer and well-known antiseptic. But it’s not just what products are used, but also in what order and what combination. We’ve put together a simple routine your patients can follow morning and night to achieve a glowing complexion with just the right amount of shine. Following an appropriate skincare routine helps enhance microneedling results. Our Skincare Routine Kits for Acne Our goal is to help you achieve the best results for your patients’ skin as quickly as possible. The PROBLEMATIC SKIN STARTER KIT and ACNE SKIN SET are collections of products suitable and effective for oily, acne-prone skin. Take the guess work out of finding the right products for your patients. Clear and prevent skin breakouts and acne by prescribing the right products that get results. Following Protocols ensure optimal microneedling results for your patients. Enquire today about Dermapen 4 and Dp Dermaceuticals for your clinic. DermapenWorld.com

Clear Your Patients’ Acne While it might not be possible to change the underlying causes of inflamed skin, you can manage the symptoms and reduce the appearance of your patients’ acne. Dermapen TreatmentsTM help subdue acne with a combination of microneedling and daily use of Dp Dermaceuticals for acne-prone skin. Dermapen TreatmentsTM visibly improve the appearance of: • Problematic breakouts • Blackheads and whiteheads (comedones)

• Active acne • Acne scars and pigmentation

Follow Sami’s journey to clear skin Witness how Dermapen TreatmentsTM and Dp Dermaceuticals transformed Sami’s skin, blasted her cystic acne, and gave her back her confidence. Sami’s story is a must-watch for anyone struggling with acne. BEFORE

Read more about Sami’s story: DermapenWorld.com/acne-treatment

AFTER 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart



From left Jodi Withers, Jess Galvin, Stacie Dowden and Whitney Gunn



Launched back in 2019 with the 4 winners of the inaugural Australian Beauty Squad initiative being announced early 2020, last year’s Covid Curve ball meant that the main prize of a stay in the ‘Beauty Squad House’ had to be postponed, but we finally got there! This new competition is aimed at the rising stars of the Australian Beauty Industry, so as to assist young beauty therapists, specialists and salon owners on their road to success, and Squad members, Stacie Dowden, Jodi Withers, Whitney Gunn and Jess Galvin were the first to experience a stay in the Beauty Squad House on the beautiful Gold Coast with a plethora of industry visitors and icons in some very special one-on-one sessions. Prizes from our generous sponsors included:• Complete Dermapen starter kit • Cosmedical face and body care • Palladio Hollywood Glam Make Up Pack • Elleebana Brow Pack • Naked Tan Personal Tanning Pack The squad were treated to loads more prizes with house guests bringing in extra goodies for them to fill their suitcases and go over their weight limits when they went home! Over the 3 days in the house, (hosted by Linda Woodhead, owner of Beauty Biz, Beauty Squad, ABIA and Mocha and Beauty Biz Editor, Clare Lamberth), the team spent time with industry greats April Jones, Gay Wardle, Elle Wilson, Kim and Jemma Stergiou - Keturah Day Spa, Nicola Le Leivre - The Red Lipstick Effect/In Therapy, Tamara Reid and Lisa Conway – Zing Project. Spending an hour with each guest, casually on the couch, the team were inspired and keen to learn on all subjects including injectables, education and training, salon ownership, tenacity, never giving up, social media and bottom line profit! So much knowledge in one place and an experience that would be unforgettable. Sponsor visits both in real life and via zoom came in the way of Otto Mitter - Elleebana, Dagmar Rosener – Dermapenworld, Maria Cocciolone – inskincosmedics, Lea Taylor - Naked Tan and 36

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

Rob Tamburro – Bellezza Australia for Palladio, all of whom shared stories with the team on both their personal and professional journeys thus far in their careers with a few surprises and insights. Special activities included a Socail media session with Clare Lamberth, Team Dinner at the stunning, beachfront restaurant, Rick Shores and a night of making skincare and face scrubs from household items and essential oils! Hilarious for Dermal Therapists to be doing that! Fun times!!!

Warrioir breakthroughs with Linda Woodhead

In the final day Linda Woodhead took the team through a series of exercises based around personal development, a bit of Beauty history, workshop on how to deal with the media and get the most out of marketing all culminating in breaking through some barriers with martial art style board breaking. Special mention must also go to our 5th Squad member, beautiful little Marni (Jodi’s 13-weekold daughter) who stayed in the house with us looked after by mum and especially Auntie Clare. What an added treat! All in all, it was without doubt worth waiting for and we look forward to continuing this new era in new Beauty Squad Teams on an annual basis, proudly brought to you by Mocha Group. Stay tuned!

Facemask Fun

Otto MItter, Elleebana and Team

Rob Tamburro, Palladio and Team

Maria Cocciolone, inskincosmedics and Team

April Jones and Team

Team with Lea Tayor, Naked Tan

Gay Wardle and Team

Stacie Dowden, The Skin Coaches “If it’s meant for you, it won’t go past you” Maria Cocciolone I had the absolute pleasure and honour to be a part of the first ever Inaugural Beauty Squad. Entering the fabulous Mansion in Miami Gold Coast on Saturday afternoon, I was full of excitement! I was looking forward to meeting the 3 other Squad members along with Linda Woodhead and Clare Lamberth, who I absolutely adore. We had a beautiful arrival dinner in house, while getting to know each other’s career journeys so far, bonding and creating new friendships. I instantly felt relaxed and connected to them all. Over the next 2 days, the line-up of house visits and zoom sessions with admirable guests and our exceptional sponsors was something I will never forget. To have them all open up and share not only their insights into their career and the beauty industry, but also their life journey so far was so powerful to listen to. I want to thank each and every one of you for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and very useful advice. I have a notebook full of notes of inspiration and information to assist with my future endeavours. I am looking forward to connecting with you all again in the near future.

Dagmar Rosener, Dermapenworld and Team

Lisa COnway with Team and baby Marni

Tamara Reid and Team


Beauty BIz Editor Clare Lamberth with the team

The overall experience of the beauty squad house stay is something I will cherish forever! I have developed special bonds and friendships with Jodi, Whitney, Jess, Clare and Linda. The house allowed us to be our full pure selves with each other, with no judgement just encouragement. A squad of woman building each other up. The true meaning behind this beautiful industry. Jodi Withers, Oi Cosmetics The beauty squad house experience has been a long time coming and man, was it an experience alright. It was a little different to what I had imagined when I won this more than a year ago. Due to COVID delaying the experience I fell pregnant shortly after I won. So being part of the beauty squad this weekend I had to bring a plus one… my little 3-month on baby girl Marni. Linda and Clare were super amazing and very accommodating of us both. Stacey, Whitney and Jess also allowed me to have her there and I will be forever grateful. The experience will be one I will always remember, from the industry leaders we got to chat too, to meeting the incredible sponsors who were so generous with gifts and knowledge. It was amazing hearing everyone’s journeys and I have come away with more knowledge, selfconfidence, an idea of where I want to take my career, but most of all 5 more lifelong friends that

I now call family. Wonder if baby Marni will follow our lead? Thank you so much for the opportunity xx Whitney Gunn, Do You Even Skin and James Vivian Beauty Squad 2020, what a time! I am so full of gratitude, thanks, and probably a little more in love with the industry that I have adored for more than a decade. Like many, covid was a time to re-evaluate what was important and how we execute what we do in business. As a graduate of 2019, 2020 was going to be “the year” I was learning, growing, and developing my skills as a dermal clinician, you know, COVID! So, for me, Beauty Squad was an opportunity to learn more about being a businesswoman, growing a business, and managing teams. Therefore, on day one in the house, I was a sponge to all the incredible people who came in. April Jones shared her successes in managing and training teams and ensuring that the staff you have been working in the right place for your business. I think that is something I have thought about but not really ensured so far and will take forward with me on my career. Gay Wardle, I mean, what an honour, still full of passion after so many decades in the industry. Gay’s passion for education, progression in the industry, and remaining no “BS” hit me right in the heartstrings, cont’ from page 38



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Elle Wilson and Team

Otto MItter

Lisa Conwayt and Marni

Gay Wardle

Nicola Le Livre

Team with Jemma and kim Stergiou - Keturah Day Spa

Nicola Le Livre and Team and I am so excited to take her advice as I progress into an industry educator. Jemma and Kim, just wow! I cannot wait to visit their Spa in Western Australia, a truly inspiring team that survived and thrived during covid. Nicola Le Leivre, thanks for the crabs! HAHA. With a cheeky story and an infectious smile, Nicola, thank you for reminding us that there are some people we need to let go of in life and business to continue our desired path. And, Lisa Conway, my oh my! I don’t know much about business coaches, yet you have shown me so much value in them and the importance of delegating when it’s just not your scope. The key message I took from all the presenters over the three days was to remain authentic, stick to the values you hold, and regularly ensure that your team aligns with you and your business strategies. I was enthralled by all I connected with over the three days and know their guidance will expel my career. I feel incredibly spoiled with all the gifts from the sponsors and hearing their stories of success in different areas of the industry. I am humbled and so grateful to be one of the first beauty squad members and I must thank James Vivian who endorsed my entry and continually pushes me to be a better clinician. It was an incredible, inspiring 38

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

experience to network, reinvigorate and work on positive change personally and professionally. I loved connecting with other young therapists like myself in really different areas! Jodi, Jess, and Stacie – you are three incredible women whose careers I cannot wait to see blossom in the coming years. Thank you to mummy Linda and Clare for orchestrating such a wonderful weekend and nurturing our overwhelmed little brains each evening! Reunion? Jess Galvin, La Bella Medispa It was an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of the first beauty squad house on the Gold Coast. It’s been a once in a lifetime experience to have such an intermit experience with some of the most well-known industry experts and mentors. It’s such a fantastic feeling to be a part of such a diverse industry, providing some many

Gay Wardle & Linda Woodhead different opportunities for career growth. The Beauty Squad visitors all bought their own little piece of uniqueness to every conversation in the most authentic, laid back conversations. I loved listening to every person’s individual journey and story, which has really broadened my horizons on what our industry has to offer. The treatment room is where our original passion originated but there is so much more out there to grow, expand and contribute to this fabulous industry. Linda and the Mocha team have started a little piece of gold in this event and am so thankful to have has this opportunity, with the support of all the amazing sponsors. If your passionate about the beauty industry and are ready to take it to the next level, I would highly suggest entering this fabulous competition.
































H E R E !



This online course is very informative and educational,

Doing the course online with the videos as well as the

I feel confident starting my business from home. I love

written manual was great as you can constantly refer

learning the breakdown of the science of lash lifting.

back to any of the sections and rewatch them to refresh

The ingredient explanation, cost break down, reactions,

your training. Also it was great to have the online

how to take before and after photos, techniques for

platform available during Covid 19 as I would not

different eye shapes.

have been able to do the training otherwise.








THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY EVENT IS BACK! Beauty Expo Australia unites the beauty industry in the country’s largest celebration of all things beauty. Be inspired with this unparalleled opportunity for connection and inspiration with a community of like-minded professionals. And after two years it’s back at the ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour, Saturday 28 August 9am – 5pm Sunday 29 August 9am – 5pm. With the whole industry at your fingertips, discover and experience over 200 leading brands and products, world class education, live demonstrations, and competitions across one wonderful weekend.


The Australian Beauty & Aesthetics Conference - Over 30 sessions of immersive education, including the new Aesthetics stream, providing cutting edge insights, innovations and skills for your business and team. 200+ Leading Brands - Shop from Australia’s largest collection of professional beauty brands and products across 32 categories, including Candela, Medik8, Dermalogica, Inglot, Lycon, to name just a few. Afterpay Main Stage - Watch exciting demonstrations, tutorials, and performances, live and free, right in the heart of the show floor. Speakers involved include Charlotte Ravet, Isabelle de Vries, Rae Morris and many more. Makeup Awards - Marvel at the incredible talents of up and coming make-up artists as they showcase their creativity and passion in a series of live competition categories. Created to be embraced by artists as a supportive and 40

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

inclusive space to put their skills under the pressure of a competition, the Awards provide a platform to grow as an artist at any level. View the competition guidelines on the website.

The Business Couch - Need some one on one time with the industry experts? Book a free half hour consultation with the line-up of specialists in Salon Management, Sales and Marketing, Training & Development on the Business Couch.


With a vision to enlighten, inspire and motivate Australia’s professional beauty industry, the Australian Beauty & Aesthetic Conference (ABAC) is 2 days of feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, case studies and educational sessions tailored around the business of beauty, wellness and aesthetics. A platform to connect and meet with thought leaders and like-minded beauty professionals, the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Conference allows you the flexibility to curate your own program over either 1 or 2 days, based on your personal interest and business needs. You can expect to hear from 40+ industry experts such as Maria Thattil – Miss Universe Australia, Emma Hobson – Dermalogica, Tamara Reid – Beaute Industrie, Carly Knowles – Belle Pelle

Body Clinic, Matt Williams – Professional Beauty Solutions, Daniela Boerma – Bliss Day Spa, Jazz Pampling – Brow Artist, Karla McDiarmid – Macquarie Medispa, Fiona Tuck – Vita-sol, Paul Frasca – Sustainable Salons, Gay Wardle – Gay Wardle Education, Nina Gajic – Skin Virtue, Tina Viney – Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network, Dr Mariusz Gajewski – Star Cosmetic Medicine, Nancy Abdou – The Dermal & Laser Institue, Sarah Hudson – Skin by Sarah Hudson and much more.


This year ticket options, have been streamlined, meaning there is now only 3 to choose from. Whether you want to attend all sessions or just meet our incredible brands, there is a ticket option to suit you. Early bird tickets end 4 July, so make sure you book now and save. Beauty Expo Australia is excited to welcome the industry back to live events in a safe and comfortable environment. The wellbeing, health & safety of our community remains our number one priority and with this in mind Reed Exhibitions has developed a formal Covid-Safe event plan and protocols to ensure a safe return to ‘business normal’ at all of our events. For more information and to book tickets:www.beautyexpoaustralia.com.au



A United Voice for the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Industry More than half of business owners within the Australian professional beauty and aesthetics industry are not currently a part of an industry association. This lack of unison has seen them identify gaps in their knowledge of awards, industry regulations and retaining a champion team as well as feeling underrepresented on the nation’s scale.

The impact of the 2020 Global Pandemic heightened the need for a greater voice within this multi-billion-dollar industry. This tumultuous period sparked a conversation between some of the industry’s most prominent leaders to unite and provide not just support to salon, spa and clinic owners but also clarity, direction and representation. With their vision to be recognised as the trusted, connected and representative body in the professional salon, clinic and spa community, the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was founded. Built on the values of consistency, professional standards and advocacy, the ABIC has been established to provide an authentic, ethical and supportive organisation for the betterment of the professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic and spa industry. Members of the association will find themselves with access to a plethora of expertly created resources that cover key business operations and industry standards. Through exclusive access to members-only templates and fact sheets, ABIC members can seek support and guidance for HR performance

and management, employee relations, professional standards, legal advice and contracts, marketing, WHS and COVID checklists, leasing, mediation and representation. Created for the industry, by the industry, the ABIC qualified every decision during their formation through direct industry feedback and focus groups. Providing the industry with direct input throughout this process ensured that guided by the association’s vision and mission, the industry could rest assure that they were supported how, when and where they needed it most. Ensuring this diverse industry was effectively represented on the frontline was integral when selecting Board Members. Championing education, innovation, business acumen, marketing expertise, people and culture and financial astuteness, ABIC Board Members were chosen thanks to a qualified skillset evaluation and represent a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. Uplifting the salon, clinic and spa industry are the ABIC Board Members: ● Matt Williams, Managing Director of Professional Beauty Solutions ● Emma Hobson, Director of Education (APAC) for the International Dermal Institute

● Reika Roberts, Managing Director and CoFounder of Derma Aesthetics ● Gay Wardle, Internationally celebrated entrepreneur, educator, coach and keynote speaker ● Faye Murray, ABIA Hall of Fame inductee and industry-leading business coach ● Karla McDiarmid, Global award-winning business owner ● Keira Maloney, Industry-specific Human Resources specialist ● Tamara Reid, Founding Director of Beaute Industrie ● Stefanie Milla, CEO and Formulator of Dermalist Skincare ● Greg Ure, CEO of Caronlab ● Maria-Enna Cocciolone, Founder & CEO of INSKIN Cosmedics ● Jahan Kalantar, Managing Partner of Executive Legal The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council is pairing the unwavering passion of small businesses with a large voice. Trusted, transparent and connected, the ABIC invites business owners within this diverse and indispensable industry to join their community and welcome 2021 with the representation they deserve. www.theabic.org.au Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




? g n i h s a L A g n i k Ta


By Natasha Creasey

Finding an eyelash or two on your cheek is no cause for alarm if it is only happening every now and then. However, if you are noticing several eyelashes falling out at a time or bald patches appearing in your lash line – the sirens should start wailing. So much of our beauty routine is centred around maintaining full and fluttery lashes; we curl them, add extensions onto them, enhance them with mascara and put falsies on top. It is no wonder we are quick to panic if our lash line starts to thin with unusual sparseness. Similarly, to the hair on our head, our eyelashes go through phases of shedding, rest and growth. It is when the shedding phase starts to overpower the growth phase that we begin to feel concerned. If the problem persists, it is time to closely examine your beauty routine and overall health so that you can identify any potential triggers. There are a number of reasons your eyelashes may be falling out: · Bad beauty habits. Going to sleep with your makeup on isn’t only costly to your skin, leaving mascara on for long periods of time can actually damage your eyelash hair follicles. Mascara can make your lashes more brittle and prone to breakage, which when rubbing against your pillow throughout the night can be a recipe for disaster. · Lack of proper cleansing. Allowing the buildup of product around your eyes and lashes causes pore blockages, which can lead to infections, bacteria issues, and more. This results in lash loss. · Ageing. Similar to the hair on your head, your eyelashes will naturally thin as a part of the ageing process. · Aggressive face washing. Excessively rubbing your eyes when you are cleansing your face or removing makeup could also be causing your lashes to fall out. · Stress. The hormones in our body that are associated with increased levels of stress can trigger a reaction that leaves our lashes looking thinner. · Allergies. The products in your beauty routine could be causing an allergic reaction that can lead to eyelash loss. Eyelash glue and extensions are common causes for allergic reactions. · Medication. Some medications affect your body’s natural processes causing issues such as hair loss including lash loss. · Hormone changes. Hormone changes affect the body in different ways. Monthly menstrual cycles and life changes such as menopause cause significant changes in hormone levels – all of which affect hair growth and loss. Estrogen levels are at their lowest when your period first start and as they dip, the level of 42

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

iron in your body dips too, causing you to lose more hair than normal. In fact, in some cases, heavy bleeding triggers hair loss and thinning. · Medical and health conditions. Alopecia, thyroid disorders and inflammatory diseases can all cause your eyelashes to thin and should be treated with the help of a general practitioner. Chemotherapy and radiation are also known treatments that can negatively impact your lash count.

As we know, eyelashes follow a natural pattern of growth, rest and shredding at a regular rate, and although this can cause concern, they generally will grow back. However, if you’d like to speed up the growth process, there a number of at-home remedies, and lifestyle and beauty changes that you can implement to promote eyelash growth and combat eyelash loss. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms and are concerned that your eyelash loss may be a sign of something more serious, please consult your GP. Doctors can work with you to determine the exact cause of your eyelash loss and advise you on medicinal treatments. Vitamin deficiencies and other underlying issues can also cause hair loss. Here are number of tips for achieving naturally luscious lashes: 1. Stop rubbing your eyes. A blotting technique is much gentler on our sensitive eye region. Rubbing, scrubbing and dragging are not required to cleanse your eye area – you just need a gentle eye makeup removing product and patting with a towel after washing your face. Your eye area is delicate. Not only will rubbing your eyes lead to irritating your lashes, it can also escalate the ageing process that will result in wrinkles. 2. Be cautious when curling. Medical eyelash curlers are safe to use in small doses, but you must ensure that you are using them correctly. Heated eyelash curlers however should be avoided at all costs – otherwise they will cost you your lashes. When looking for a medical eyelash curler, look for one that is curved to the natural shape of your eye and has a generous pad to press against your lashes. When you clamp down on your lashes you must ensure that you gently squeeze and only lightly pulse for no more than 10 to 20 seconds. Excessive force and tugging can put your lashes in dire shape. Use makeup remover or soap regularly to get rid of any makeup left on your curler and replace the pads every three months.

3. Keep track of your product inventory. Every makeup and skincare product in your collection will have a use-by date clearly stipulated on its packaging. A general rule of thumb, however, is that your mascara should be renewed every three to six months. Products that are not fresh will transfer bacteria from the tube to your lashes, which can lead to lash loss. 4. Never rip off your false lashes. Picking out your lash extensions and ripping off your falsies will traumatise your lashes and take out natural ones along with the faux ones. The best at-home technique for removing lashes is gently tapping an oil-based, eye-safe cleanser onto your lash line and massaging it in. Using a warm cloth, pat the area with water to gently loosen the glue and break down the adhesive. 5. Review your diet. Good nutrition and a balanced diet supports eyelash growth and health. There are a number of specific nutrients that may help boost your lash count: · Protein – A diet that is high in protein is vital to help your lashes remain healthy and strong. · Iron – Eating foods that are rich in iron can help to prevent a number of lashes all entering their resting phase at the same time, which can stagnate growth. Dark, leafy greens, beans, iron-fortified cereals, and dried fruits are all great sources of iron. · Biotin – Nuts, broccoli, onions and wholegrains are all foods that are naturally high in biotin, which support the production of keratin that supports eyelash strength. · Vitamin A and C – Fruits and vegetables support cell and collagen production, which are responsible for eyelash growth. Berries, avocadoes and rich citruses are all high in Vitamin A and C. Natasha Creasey is an Australian entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia and she is the founder and owner of revolutionary skincare brand, AGENCY Skin, a company with a passionate approach to the enhancement of natural beauty and skincare, boasting a women’s and men’s range of skincare. www. agencyskin.com.au

WaxPro Digital

Twin Litre Professional Wax Heater


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Hi Lift Professional Products

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2 021! By Joy Crossingham

As a Master Lash Stylist and Educator, it’s a big part of my job to be across the latest trends and techniques in lash artistry. I spend a lot of time scrolling through images, watching Reels and of course, talking to stylists and clients alike to find out what the industry trends are. This is what I’ve noticed lash clients are wanting in 2021! FLAT LASHES

eyelash extensions, allowing them to still have beautiful lashes without the risk of an adhesive reaction. Or, perhaps they are pickers, and can’t have extensions due to the damage they cause to their natural lashes by picking the extensions off. If they have a lash lift, it’s not really an issue – a lash lift can last anywhere from 5-10 weeks!


We launched our new Ultra Soft Flat Lashes at LashJoy last year, and I’m so excited to say that they have been a huge hit! Stylists all over Australia are loving how much lighter and softer they are, while still delivering maximum impact. Our clients at Brisbane Lashes have been loving them, too! Flat lashes are perfect for those clients who always push you for longer lashes, as they are half of the weight of a standard classic extension in the same diameter. This allows you to extend your clients’ lashes that bit further, without sacrificing fullness or risking damage to the natural lashes. They are also faster to apply, allowing stylists to put approximately 20% more extensions on in the appointment time due to less adhesive being required. What’s not to love?


I’ve noticed lots of our clients lately are looking for a really natural look with their extensions, favouring classic lashes or even 1D & 2D over the dense volume look. These clients don’t want their extensions to look too long or too thick, and I’m really enjoying creating textured, lightweight and shorter sets! I like to mix a variety of diameters when I’m creating these lashes; I’ll use a mixture of 0.085s, 0.10, 0.12 and 0.15mm extensions for a really beautiful, natural look. For these sets, I love to mix curls, too! I’ve also been experimenting with using dark brown lashes instead of or alongside black. Dark brown looks really beautiful on blue or green eyes, and works for those clients who are quite fair or are very particular about not looking too “done”.


We are noticing a huge rise in the popularity of lash lifts. The biggest benefit of a lash lift for our clients is the low-maintenance factor. Clients love that they can continue with their normal skincare routine, or keep using their favourite gel eyeliner. They don’t have to attend appointments as frequently as if they were getting extensions, which is great for those who are time-poor and struggle to schedule us in as they can safely have their lashes lifted every 5 - 10 weeks depending on the lash lift lotions used. Lash lifts are also a great alternative for clients that are allergic to the adhesive used to apply 44

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

In the extreme opposite, volume lashes are also hugely popular right now. These clients want their lashes to be as thick and dark (and long) as possible.

I’ve found that there’s no in-between: clients either want their lashes to look ultra-natural (lash lifts or classics), or super luxe and full (think mega or textured volume). More and more clients in their late teens or early twenties are moving away from classic or hybrid extensions in favour of lashes that get them noticed. Forget about 3D and 4D, though: these clients want their lashes to be SEEN. I’m talking a minimum of 5D, and as dense & long as possible. If you’re trained only in Classics, now is definitely the time to look at upskilling and learning to create your own hand-made volume fans. Using pre-made or pro-made fans is totally fine, but wouldn’t you like to be able to fully customise your volume lash sets? The ability to create fans that look perfect, last a long time and don’t damage the natural lashes is a skill that all lash stylists can master with the right training.


Whether it’s because of a shift in priorities, or access to more disposable income now that international travel is (temporarily) off the cards, I’m noticing more and more younger clients coming into my salon who are happy to pay premium prices for their lashes. They attend their refills on time and will pay more for increased volume or more time having lashes applied. It’s the Beyoncé effect – our clients want to wake up looking flawless, hence the surge in their spending on lash extensions, eyebrow henna or microblading, anti-wrinkle and fillers, and all those amazing skin treatments to boost luminosity and even skin tone. For more information on the LashJoy Ultra Soft Flat Lashes, or to learn more about our Lash & Brow Mastery courses at LashJoy Academy, visit www.lashjoy.com or follow @lashjoy_ and @joylashstylist on Instagram.

RefectoCil is the #1 lash and brow styling brand worldwide and has been the market leader for over 70 years. 2021 has been our biggest and most exciting year yet. Visit us at Beauty Expo Australia to experience our latest innovations including the highly anticipated Dual Purpose Lash Lift/Brow Lamination Kit as well as the elegant new range of brow styling products. Our National Educator, along with the RefectoCil Australia team invites you to join us for live demonstrations and access to exclusive show specials. Keep updated with the offers by following @refectocilaustralia on Instagram.




g n i l i a N Nails By Lauren Burton

One of the things I often hear about is nail technicians having issues with certain clients not getting the recommended wear time from nail products. This can be down to several reasons, maybe nail preparation has not been done correctly, the use of too much preparation product, product getting on the cuticle or sidewalls, too thick of an application with gel, acrylic ratios not being correct, not capping the free edge of the nail with your gel polish products, system products including gels, liquid monomer and acrylic polymer powders being mixed and match with different brands or even another brand UV lamp being used that does not cure the other gel brand being used, over-filing of the product and even of the natural nail, an old UV lamp that may no longer be working correctly, incorrect placement of apex, clients not being given correct aftercare, clients not following aftercare, the lack of a thorough consultation and assessing the clients’ nails have not been done before any treatment application. As you can see, there are so many probable causes of treatments not lasting. Suppose you are mixing gel brands (i.e. one brand of base coat, or another brand of colour gel and a different brand topcoat or just a completely different brand UV lamps). You could essentially be causing these issues due to mixing brands. In terms of acrylic nails, if you are using one brand monomer and different brand acrylic powder with each other, you are setting yourself up for failure as you cannot ever guarantee your work due to mixing different brands, they are not designed to be mixed and matched, you cannot know if they are bonding well together or even fully curing, so one way to reduce this definite issue is using that product system in its entirety, one brand of liquid monomer with the same brand of acrylic polymer powder, an entire gel system with matching lamp, at least then if you continue to have issues you know for sure it is not your products or UV light causing the problems with longevity. I see the main problem is the lack of consultation and assessment of the client’s nails before product application. Everyone’s nails are different, so what product system may suit one person is not necessarily going to work with another person. Not everyone has the natural nails to wear Gel Polish on them; I certainly do 46

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

not. I am lucky to get five days out of my gel polish before it peels away from the free edge of my natural nail. This is because my natural nails are too thin, flexible and very flat, with no natural arch or curve to the nail, so gel polish cannot support my nails and any length that starts to grow, plus that with my lifestyle and occupation. Myself and gel polish are just not a suitable match. Which sucks, but it is what it is. All too often, I see technicians just giving clients whatever treatment the client has asked for without even looking at the nails or asking about the client’s lifestyle to see if that product is a viable treatment for that client’s nails and lifestyle. You are setting yourself up for failure by just allowing clients to have whatever they ask for, remember you are the professional in this situation. They are coming to you for that very reason. Be professional; advise them of your professional opinion. If a particular product is not going to work for the type of nails they have or their lifestyle, tell them. The majority of the time, they will listen and take the advice and have whatever you recommend. If they decide to go against what you have advised, ensure you cover your own back by explaining the consequences of having a product not suited to their nails or lifestyle. These consequences are the product

not lasting the duration and potentially damaging the nails. By just letting the client have whatever they want and not consulting or assessing your clients properly, you are the one who comes off worse. Let’s imagine we let Wendy have whatever she wanted on her nails, knowing her nail type and lifestyle aren’t suited to her chosen product. Wendy then has issues with their nails after you’ve told them how long the product is recommended to last, for they don’t get half of that because their nails and lifestyle aren’t suited to the product, you then become a “rubbish” nail technician according to Wendy and lose her as a client, and potentially future clients from her telling friends and family about the issues she had with your nails. It is vital to provide consultations, assess your clients’ nails and lifestyle before any treatment application, and provide aftercare information upon completion to ensure your client gets the most from their nails. Lauren Burton is a Master Educator and Head Education for Hand and Nail Harmony Australia, distributors of Gelish Gel Polish. Visit www.gelish.com.au



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AAB FASHION - 2 Ardena Crt, Bentleigh East VIC 3165 P: + 61 3 9575 0600 F: + 61 3 9575 0699 W: www.aabfashion.com




y t i v i t a Cre By Charlotte Ravet

What is the hardest part of working as a creative? Creating! Creating means bringing something new to the table, something we haven’t done or seen before, coming up with new concepts. And when creating is our source of income it means we constantly need to produce! With permanent exposure through social media for artists, it has become harder to create something unique. I personally feel that as soon as I see something new, I see it simultaneously on multiple accounts and pages. Information and trends are evolving so fast it is frightening for creatives to follow. So how can we keep inspired, how can we relieve the pressure and also enjoy what we bring to the world? Diversify our sources of inspirations: I can easily spend hours scrolling through Pinterest 48

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

and Instagram looking at all the new trends and work from other artists. What other artists produce inspires me and it is also how new trends are set! But diversifying my sources of inspiration definitely helps me come up with new concepts. For example, I find my concepts often come from colour combinations or textures. I have recently created looks inspired from the colours and prints I’ve seen on Indian Saris. Sometimes, it is something we see which can come up hours or days later like a pop up idea! I feel like it’s making its own space in my brain until the whole idea has flourished and comes

unannounced! This is why I am always writing notes, keywords or a quick draft when it comes to me. To open my eyes as much as I can, I now go to virtual exhibitions or live ones, follow sculptors, illustrators, and conceptual artists. It’s not all beauty related, but I embrace all sources of inspirations. Be open to new technologies and continuous education: As soon as I enrol or follow a masterclass, I want to pick up my brushes and put into practise what I have learnt. I have received the same feedback from attendees to my own

masterclasses. Learning new tips or new skills really keeps me inspired and I often love mixing it with my own application techniques. I also like learning new things. This year, I am trying to learn more about photography. Understanding lighting and composition has really given me a new perspective to look at when I create moodboards or concepts for my shoots. Set up some rules: I feel this is the most important! When we teach creative makeup techniques, we can share makeup rules but not teach taste. I found that setting up rules which I apply to all my looks from the most creative to the corrective ones, has worked like a charm for me. For example, I have set up my rule of three: hair, makeup, clothes, I choose two, I leave one. If the hair and clothes are quite creative, I will keep to a simple makeup, but if the styling is simplistic, I know I can push the makeup. I also apply this rule to myself and for my private clients, it always gives me the perfect balance in my looks. I also like to think first about the structure before working with colours. It’s like sketching before painting. Any creative look requires a frame to keep control of what is happening. The most avant-garde looks always have a structure behind them, this is what makes them successful. Be open to others: This might sound a bit odd, but I personally believe that the best way to help our sadness is to help others and look beyond our own perspective. I feel it also applies when it comes to creating something. I love helping my friends on their personal projects (if I am asked too), I always feel it inspires me and leaves me energised! You probably have felt this way when someone asks you for advice and you feel you are giving really good advice but struggle to apply it to yourself? Well I feel it works the

same way if someone asks me for an idea, I am always inspired by other businesses and struggle sometimes for myself. Helping others without expecting anything in return has actually helped me more than being focused on my own world, it has opened doors I wouldn’t have thought about. Pause: A creative mind cannot constantly create. Creation comes from our own emotions, memories, and current state of mind. It is impossible to constantly produce as sometimes our brain needs to pause. And it is a relief to accept the fact that some weeks, some months are going to be less productive. These periods of time are often the ones where we are actually bringing inspiration back into our lives without even noticing it. We see without observing until the ideas form themselves together. Every time I have a new concept coming up, I now create mood boards using Canva.com. When I have the name and concept finished, I can reach out to the creative team. Operating this way has been really productive for me this year. Instead of just reaching out to photographers and stylists I would like to work with, I contact them with one of my concepts which can match their own style. I have been in charge of the artistic direction on some beautiful shoots recently. I used to work with amazing talents and was too shy to bring my own ideas to the table, or I was waiting for others to come up with their concepts. The truth is, everyone is the same! My advice for younger talents would be, to not be afraid to share and communicate ideas. Photographers are often contacted by makeup artists who want to shoot with them, but if you come to them with a concept, a creative team and model (if they are willing too), it makes a big difference! I have attached a recent series created with Tiphaine

Molinario photographer and Paula Hiibbard for the hair and model Bella Bella Brogestam. The all concept was playing with water, the effect on the skin of the water reflection and the skin texture. You can see that in the series, the model is getting into the water. I used colours inspired by the corals and the underwater world, and nail art kit items to create the shells. I also accept that in my career, part of my creative work is often unpaid, but it is vital to me. I came to this realization last year, during covid lockdown. I was in lockdown for months in my l Parisian apartment, and even though I was working, doing online training at an international level, my biggest fear was that I would not be able to apply makeup on actual people anymore. I started doing moodboards, research and following new classes during this time. It is such a relief to work on shoots and create again! Keeping an opened mind, being curious about everything and being kind to our creative brains is what I believe encourages us to produce. The biggest ideas never come when we are looking for them! Charlotte Ravet is a Senior Makeup Artist and Educator, as well as AMIA winner for Best Educator of the Year 2018. Learn more about Charlotte and her work at www.charlotteravet.com Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3


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BLOG spot Fill Them Up BOYS!!! By Will Fennell

Recently I found myself at a dinner party, looking up around at my table guests and I realised I was the only one that would have drowned if our airplane had actually gone down into the pacific. There was so much collagen in their lips, they would have all floated, well mouth up anyway, like those fish gulping for air. But who am I to judge on something I really know nothing about? I am the first one to try out any new lotion or potion that arrives in my salon. It is important that I can give my male clients an informed opinion on what’s good and what’s not. This story however was different. How was I going to discuss the process of a lip enhancement without going through one myself? For several weeks I had a vision of myself walking out of the clinic after the lip enhancement holding the weight of my lips with both my hands. I had to have another plan. My business partner Peta didn’t need much convincing in helping me. “Oh darling”, she said “Whilst I have never been touched by the surgeon’s knife (eye roll), I would do anything in the name of research and so should you”. So, we made the arrangements by phoning the clinic and an appointment was made for the following week. LUBBER LIPS HERE I COME! Day One: I arrive at the clinic, and I am introduced to the trained nurse who will be giving me my new lips. She explains to me that Restylane is a naturally occurring component of the skin. When artificially injected into the skin it acts as a filler which will plump out fine lines, wrinkles, or in my case my “not happy-Jan” lips. Restylane is non-permanent and is slowly absorbed into the body. She assures me that the results should last six months. I reiterate again and again “ DON’T FORGET, I AM A MAN”. She smiles, well I think it is a smile, she has had so much filler and Botox her grandma might have passed away the day before, but who would be the wiser. As the nurse prepares me for the treatment, she explains that there will be some swelling, but that it should subside after a couple of days. I had already decided to just do the top lip, so a local anaesthetic is injected into the upper lip. The needle disappears into my mouth and my lip is soon numb. The Restylane is first injected into the border of the lip and then into the area underneath my lip to give volume and thickness. The entire procedure takes about thirty minutes. When finished I can look in the mirror and the first thing, I think is that I want to punch Peta. I had bee-sting lips.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

Yes, the devious little witch broke her promise. I am reassured that they were only swollen, and the swelling would settle down. Day Two: My top lip is still VERY swollen. The bus ride to work is an ordeal, as I feel everyone has their eyes on me. I then realise that it isn’t my lips, but I have turmeric froth all over my upper grey moustache, but it’s a small consolation. My work mates get a load of mileage out of this, but I know they will be so jealous in a couple of days. Or at worst unfriend me on social media? Day Three: Swelling is gone, and my lips look fantastic. They have really settled down and I am very happy with the results. However, one thing I would like to say to any therapists encouraging their male client into this cosmetic treatment, is to show restraint when it comes to the size. This is not a porn movie, bigger is not always better. Verdict: Honestly, it’s not for me and I won’t do it again. But don’t get me wrong, we should encourage our male clients to try new things and that is OUR job. We just need to be the experts. It is important to research and know your stuff and then present the information to your client in a non-biased way. Caution: Most importantly is find yourself a really experienced cosmetic filler interested in listening to what your male clients want. Find someone that specialises in men!!!!! Something to note is that some well-respected doctors are now saying that the injection of these cosmetic fillers may preserve your own natural Collagen. We will wait to see if this is fact or fiction, but in the meantime as Goldie Hawn said in the First Wives Club “Just fill them up”! (But, if your client is a bloke, perhaps it’s best you encourage them to say “Just fill em....... half up)!!! Will Fennell is an International Trainer for BIODROGA Cosmetics To contact him @willfennell_leskinbar.com.au www.biodroga.com.au


te Bo t dy Bu















BLOG spot Shopping the Loop

By Paul Frasca

It’s not often we’re treated as the consumer in our own industry (honestly, when was the last time you sat in the chair and had a service end to end at a salon you don’t own or work at?), but for the next few minutes, I’d love you to put your consumer decision-making hat on and walk with me. We’re going shopping. Today, we’re hitting the ‘closed-loop mall’ for a spot of windowshopping into the recycled product process (trust me, it’s all the endorphins without the buyer’s remorse, you’ll see). The loop begins here: separating and collecting. Hopefully by now you know that Sustainable Salons collects salon materials that might otherwise end up in landfill, and recycles and repurposes them into items that can be used again. Well, we’ve just released our latest positive impact stats and we’re proud to say that our network around Australia and New Zealand has now prevented 829,474kg of discarded resources (paper, metals, plastic, hair, chemicals, e-waste and more!) from being wasted. That’s all thanks to the commitment of more than 1,100 salon members over six years all diligently being the source - the ground zero - of our closed-loop process. Without their dedication to separating materials in the salon, we’d have 829,474kg of unusable mess on our hands. That’s kind of what Australia has found itself dealing with in the last few years. When China shut its doors to our waste, we finally woke up to our own mess. So, now that we’re forced to process it ourselves (which is awesome, btw!), we’ve started to look at our waste as valuable materials instead - what can we do with it? How can it benefit us instead of draining resources just to put it in the ground? It’s inspired small businesses, universities, larger manufacturers and governments to start the closed-loop process - many are working together to innovate new ways of accessing single-source, recyclable materials to make new products. Now we’re in the middle of the loop: manufacturing recycled products. Once we have this single, viable, recyclable material, the world is our oyster! The Sustainable Salons closed-loop mission is moving ahead at a rapid pace - so far, we’ve made glasses frames from shampoo bottles in our collaboration with local eyewear manufacturer Dresden Vision, and recently we released 100% post-consumer recycled plastic dog leashes via an awesome partnership with Hi Jac and Sydney-based recycled plastic manufacturer, Defy Design (check out our socials for info on both of these products). It doesn’t stop there, though. We have three more product collaborations almost ready for release, and a huge number in the works. And not just with plastic, either. In 2020, we brought on an in-house innovations team specifically to move this vision forward as quickly as possible because we promised our network real, effective solutions. But we’re not the only ones out there driving awesome products out of recycled materials; hundreds of local manufacturers and innovators are producing amazing things from the stuff we throw away. Accessing the ‘eco’ offering is not like finding a needle in a haystack anymore the shelves are stocked, the recycled products are getting louder and prouder, now they just need YOU! 56

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

It’s time to close the loop with your $$$: buy recycled! You’re researching your options, you’re perusing the shelves - do you reach for recycled? Some of us might like to think we would, and maybe some of you are already following through. But if not, why not? Often it comes down to two reasons: cost and quality. Firstly, we’re used to buying cheap. We’ve been fed low-cost goods from China for as long as we can remember, and our value scale is all out. We once put this to our Sustainable Salons friend and awesome eco-warrior, Kate Hall (known as Ethically Kate on her blog and socials), and she explained it like this: “Anything we buy from China doesn’t represent the true cost. A $5 t-shirt doesn’t add up [when you think about all the costs associated in making the product accessible to the consumer: materials, labour, machinery, merchandising, marketing and shipping] but a $60 one does. ‘Green companies’ suffer with smaller production runs and higher costs because the demand just isn’t there - there is often a premium we wouldn’t have to pay if more people were purchasing.” These local manufacturers and innovators I mentioned earlier, they’ve all taken a huge risk to set themselves up to recycle your goods. It can cost hundreds of thousands for machinery and labour to take what you throw away and turn it into something usable so it stays out of landfill. And that makes us as consumers feel warm and fuzzy because we know someone else is positively taking care of the waste we’ve created. But now we’re inching into unchartered territory. These manufacturers are stocking fantastic recycled goods that people aren’t purchasing, which may prevent them from recycling your discarded materials in the future. If we don’t start buying recycled asap, we could break the loop completely, and then we’re right back to where we started. With an unusable mess. I know it’s tough to move away from what you know and feel comfortable with; changing habits is hard. But we did it with our reusable coffee cups! Think back to when you were grappling with the idea of spending $30 on your first Keep Cup - now, who could live without it? It’s the same journey for other purchasing decisions. The real beauty here is that these recycled products are designed and made locally, which means these brands employ local people, work diligently towards quality (because there’s a traceable face to the product) and are hungry for your feedback on how they can create what YOU actually want, need and like. So next time you’re ‘just window-shopping’, add recycled to cart. It’s 100% guilt-free. Keen to join the movement? Find out more at www.sustainablesalons. org!

BLOG spot The Sneaky Lie that Stunts the Entrepreneur By Elle Wilson

It took thirty-two years of my life to admit to myself that I was obsessed with success. No cost was too high. I had so much riding on the outcome. Twenty-one years old and so much to prove. I didn’t have a mentor back then. I just had me. A young girl with a dream. I dreamt myself way into the ground. This is not uncommon in our industry and there are many reasons for it. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most insidious. It’s sneaky and its consequences can be extremely painful. I was so lucky because I finally came to the realization that it wasn’t really the need for success that was driving me; it was the fear of failure. What would that mean about me if I failed? Somewhere within I believed it was possible to fail. Is it? Every single entrepreneur that has accomplished great things will sing songs about the stuff we did that didn’t work out. It’s actually how we learn. You see, we don’t call them “failures”; we call those situations “learning curves.” We open up to them and we don’t beat ourselves up nor do we work ourselves to the bone to avoid them. Without mistakes, we cannot learn. How many mistakes? Well, that is a different question. Repeating the same mistakes means you are not deeply examining how you make choices and decisions. If you can accept this about yourself, that in and of itself, is a success. To see this and create a change in your destiny… WOW! That’s where the entrepreneurial magic is. That’s what it’s about: Honesty, realization, and growth. There is no entrepreneur on this planet that hasn’t had to accept that fulfilling her desired vision is dependent MOSTLY on her inner development and growth. Honesty is the first step. She stops blaming, projecting, complaining, gossiping, obsessing over her competition. She has a far more powerful perspective. She is finally free of this sneaky little lie that success means that you never fail. It took me years to finally realize that exploiting myself and driving myself into the ground stemmed from my fear of failure. Somewhere I had told myself that lie. I had told myself that I wasn’t enough and only if I achieved my vision would I be worthy. It was a painful time. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t conscious. I wasn’t thinking about failure, only about success, right? The Webster dictionary says: “Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.” But what if these visions we desire and the goals we plan are never enough? We are never fulfilled. We get busier and busier and find ourselves depleted and end up not really liking who we have become. We have little time for our family, we are ravaged with guilt and we have trouble sleeping. Get what I’m saying? What we fail to realize is that the person who started this hoo-ha in the first place was hoping that success would finally complete her. Haven’t we heard that statement before? Whether it’s another person or our vision or our goal that is needed to complete us, we are on the wrong track. 58

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

It seems irresponsible not to write about it and take a closer look. To offer each of us the opportunity to embrace our dreams in a new way. Free of misleading and false beliefs, we find our real strength. We discover an innate power of productivity that doesn’t deplete us. After several years of thinking I hadn’t achieved enough, earned enough, helped enough, made enough people look and feel beautiful… I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. What a blessing! That’s when everything changed! Maybe I was enough and it was literally impossible for me to be defined by my actions? Maybe there was something I was missing? There is nothing normal about exhaustion and becoming a person you don’t even like. There is nothing normal about constantly thinking about your competitors, what they’re doing, how to beat them. That’s not normal; it’s an opportunity to honestly say, “Maybe I am at a learning curve? Maybe opening myself up to a learning experience is what I need?” Our businesses don’t exhaust us in and of themselves. We do. Let me be clear: I don’t work less. I don’t do less. I probably do more, but I am doing it all from a space of inner openness and peace. I have my moments, but my thyroid isn’t off the charts, my adrenals are in good shape, and I am sleeping well. My sharing is about inspiring you with the possibility of there being another way. What is around the corner for you is beautiful. Yes, it will mean that you will have to take in a new perspective about what success is and what it looks like. You will also admit that failure, well, you may have misunderstood what it means, and even take it too seriously. If you do one thing after reading this article, I hope you reconsider that you may be wrong about what failure means. Then you will begin to unravel the unconscious fib that your actions define you. To step up and step into your entrepreneurial shoes, you need a new perspective around success and failure. This is when your desired vision and goals become an exciting adventure where you finally have no competitors to obsess over. You don’t think about winning. You love living, learning, and growing. Say no to exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, and the like. Revisit your purpose for your business, dig a little deeper within and empower yourself. Say yes, to the magicalness of openness, honesty, and authenticity! Revel in the success of others! Become an innovator instead of a taker, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Business and life is about grace. If you can’t find it right now, but you are interested in a new way, you are at the precipice of a learning curve. Elle Wilson is a Brows and Business Guru www.truebrow.com





BLOG spot

Turning the Ordinary into the Extra-Ordinary!

By Julie Cross

We can become desensitised; I mean it happens to all of us. We do a job for a long period of time and then we suddenly have become routine and habitual with the way we work and it can happen without even realising it. This is why as leaders and managers we need to be constantly aware of the little things that may become the ordinary things, and ask ourselves the question regularly, “Are we as a team still doing the ordinary things, extraordinarily well?” Sometimes it gets to the point that we don’t even see it ourselves anymore which is why client surveys are important, mystery clients or inviting people like me to come in and look ‘into’ your business from the outside. So, what ‘ordinary things’ am I referring too... well I am sure you will soon see that they are in fact ‘extraordinary service moments’ that accidently got downgraded to ‘ordinary service moments’. And to go from ordinary to EXTRAordinary it really is just about that little bit ‘extra’, so it’s not hard to do, won’t take a whole lot of extra time or money, just a little bit of noticing, focussing, training and inspiration. Let’s first look at the front entrance, my first impression of your salon, your team and your talent. Ordinary or EXTRA-ordinary? So, your business, and that first impression I get as I walk past, glance in or walk through the door. Walk outside and have a look, a real look. How are the retail spaces looking? Full, clean and organised, are they communicating to me that you are seriously in the business of looking after me? Are they clean? Yes that dead fly that is lying back there has to go and I do not want to be wiping the dust off a product when I pick it up, or rummaging through a disorganised mess to get to what I want? Because if I have to do that it communicates something to me about whom you are and everything you do. And this is something as an 60

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

inspirational leader I would be communicating to your team, “If you can notice the rubbish on the floor at the front entrance and do not stop to pick it up, it is saying something about you” And it is not saying extraordinary! Every time a team member to clean, organise and dust, remind them why we do it, the vision around why we do, what we will get from how well she does it and the contribution to the team in doing it! Suddenly those shelves will be kept clean with a consistency and a passion like never before, so make sure you notice and give praise. And whoever you send to clean those shelves, make sure they have been giving training in how to handle client enquiry’s before you send them to the front. Are you certain that they have the ability to instantly connect with a client with the warmth and welcome that is fitting with your standards? Have you seen this demonstrated? If not, then they are not ready to be sent to clean shelves! They do not have a sign that they wear saying, “Hi, it is my first day, I have been sent up here to clean shelves, so for God’s sake don’t talk to me, because I don’t have a clue about anything else yet!” You need to know they can handle an enquiry confidently, even if just to indicate they will get somebody that can help them. They are a first impression of your team and your talent. Turning the ordinary into EXTRA-ordinary! So, how about the person standing at the desk waiting for their next client or a customer to walk in, they should be here soon, somebody should show up soon to be served… in the meantime as they glance towards the front door people are walking past and sometimes looking in. Are they catching the eye of the people

looking in and smiling, perhaps saying hello? Why not even encourage them to wander out from the desk into the retail area and a little closer to the people walking past so that they can connect. We aren’t given just enough smiles every day for the people that are booked in... Go forth and be brave and throw those smiles around to everybody. Yes, it may feel a little awkward at first, but come on; we want to stand out from the crowd not blend in. And let me tell you what happens, you make a connection with somebody who was walking past, she looks a little startled at first, I mean we are not used to people being nice to us for no reason, and next thing you know she is coming in and having a browse and asking about your services! Oh yes! You just made a great impression and you are on your way to winning a new customer. Every individual has a responsibility to build their business within the business, are your team members empowered to do this and do they take ownership of this responsibility? A little ordinary daily moment of waiting for a customer to arrive turned into something special and EXTRA-ordinary. Now this is an example, perhaps will be able to relate it to your business. Yesterday I went into a beauty salon, not my usual, but I like to do my own little mystery client adventures so I can experience what is happening out there. So, I had booked in for a facial. I walk up to the front desk, the staff member rushes around behind the desk and then says hello... let me give you a tip, you can say hi before you get behind the desk. I say I have an appointment, she then drops her eyes and starts looking at the computer to find my appointment (not unusual perhaps you may be thinking), and then she finds it, and only now makes eye contact and says, come through. Very ordinary. So, here is the thing, if I say I have an appointment the chances are I have, so although we often have some inexplicable, overwhelming urge to see there appointment before we can really welcome them into our space, could we doing that a whole lot better, with the client in mind. So, if she says she has an appointment, now this will be hard, maintain eye contact, don’t

look at the computer as your first move, instead, maintain eye contact and say, “That is great, welcome, come through and I will show you to your seat” Boom... AND then go back and tick that client off! By checking and ticking off first it is almost like you are saying to the client, well I am not sure if you are booked in, and so I am going to check on you, and if you are not, well you are not coming in lady, oh no you aren’t! Adding the little extra to ordinary to create EXTRA-ordinary. Now, let’s talk about all of the little moments, oh how quickly service can be downgraded. It could be the moment as you calculate their sale on the computer… have you made eye contact with the customer? It could be the moment you place their coffee in front of them… have you made sure the saucer has no coffee on it, and have you invited her to enjoy it. How about when a customer leaves your place of business, have you thanked them for their business and invited them back. And then what about when I ring your business, can I feel the smile in your voice and do you sound happy I called! Seemingly ordinary moments where you are invited to step into extra-ordinary. As a trainer and speaker I hear things like this all the time, “We have just spent thousands of dollars upgrading our computer system, we can now take all of our clients details and send out weekly newsletters, as we process their invoices it does an automatic stock control...blah blah blah”, and then when I walk into their business nobody smiles at me!! All of that money spent and you missed what mattered, you missed what takes ordinary to extraordinary, the little things that are ‘High Touch’ in this ‘High Tech’ world will win every time! Inspire your people to understand that this is not just our job we are working on here, this is our life and it all matters and so do they! So often the little bit extra that is required for the upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary is just a little bit more of YOU in every interaction.

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




Why Simply Educating Clients Does Not Lead To A Sale By Chrissy Alger

Are you educating your clients but having them walking straight out the door empty handed afterwards? Frustrating isn’t it? Can’t figure out what you have done wrong? But the industry says, educate and they will purchase right? WRONG!! Hello, and welcome to some Skin and Beauty Industry controversy… It’s Chrissy Alger - Senior ZING Coach at The ZING Project here to deliver you some truth bombs about sales psychology and the art of influence.. I am a Melbourne skin clinic owner, a psychologist and, a hair and beauty industry coach who specialises in sales psychology.. I am hoping to debunk some myths about your consultation process that will have you wondering HOW you never came across this information before… I came from the Allied Health profession being a psychologist, into the skin industry, and it is fair to say that I came with some major assumptions about what skin specialists were doing in their consultation processes, in ensuring the client had everything they needed. I assumed that to make recommendations and provide prescriptions to clientele, a really solid understanding of what the client’s hopes and dreams, pains and fears, barriers and uncertainties was gained prior to doing so. WRONG! I assumed that clients were presented everything they needed to know about their home care needs (including all products they needed to get the results they were seeking) and their path of treatment planning was clearly mapped for them. WRONG! I assumed that equal importance was given to the consultation process in understanding and listening to the client’s needs, and clinically assessing what they needed (the technical consult).. I was WRONG AGAIN! My conclusion was that skin specialists were not seeing themselves as skin professionals. Their understanding of what their purpose was, was not understood or adhered to. This was when I commenced my mission to empower skin specialists to see themselves as health professionals and to understand the role and importance they played in influencing client’s motivation to change habits, and to invest in themselves to get the results they desired. I saw that Psychology played such a big role in influencing change, in getting the client to change habits and form the belief that they could look and feel better if they trusted the Skin Specialist and the journey they were about to embark on. Here is what I know contributes GREATLY to the willingness of the client to commit to the skin

treatment journey… and it has very little bearing on how educated they are on skin product ingredients and the ins and outs of machinery used to combat their concerns..

INTENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TECHNIQUE There are four key essentials to the consultation process that make the difference between a client investing in homecare and treatment planning versus telling you they will “get all of that next time”.. These are the key features of a consultation process that were MOST neglected when I started investigating why clients were walking out the door empty handed. 1. A Thorough Consultation Builds Trust If you do not have the trust of your client, you have nothing. Trust is built on your ability to speak with professionalism and confidence, and also to truly understand what it is that your client needs. This is the consultation that does not focus on what the client did on the weekend, or how many dogs they have, this is the consultation that prioritises above all- understanding the concerns of the client and unpacking their feelings about their concern. What are their greatest hopes in embarking on a skin journey? If they could achieve those outcomes how would it make them feel? What are their biggest pain points when it comes to their skin concern? What has prevented them from investing in a skin journey in the past? There are so many questions that can be asked to explore in more depth, what the client is seeking. However, when I was privy to consultation observations about what was being done in skin consultations, the level of engagement in this manner was superficial at best. 2. The Consultation Works for Both the Professional and the Client As a Skin Specialist, you have needs. Believe it or not, your objective is that the client leaves with everything they need to get results. The client also has needs, often that is to feel listened to and heard, to have a prescription that targets their concerns and gets them the outcomes they are seeking. A lot of the time in consultation, if you ask silly questions and you get silly answers. If the wrong questions are being asked, this prevents most skin specialists from reaching the core concerns of the clients, or making major assumptions about what the client needs in order to achieve results. I have often witnessed there being very little structure to consultation, or consultations being limited to lifestyle and homecare questions- which unfortunately leads to these major assumptions being made that I just mentioned. The client as a result does not see the value, they do not connect with the outcome and leave empty handed. The main reason why a client says they do not have the time, nor the money to invest in skin treatment, is because you have failed to show them the value of the desired outcome. Or, you have attempted to articulate the value in a way that makes sense to you as the skin specialist and not them, as the paying client…

3. The Consultation Truly Targets the Needs of the Client Too often, major assumptions are made by the skin specialist about what the client needs. This is predominately impacted by a lack of exploration into the concern being stated. On countless occasions, I have observed skin specialists ask what the client skin concerns are, which are responded to simply as ‘acne’ or ‘pigmentation’. And then they move on to the next question. But what does this truly mean for the client? What does acne mean? How does it present? Does it get better or worse at certain times? On some occasions I have observed a client state their concern, and very little technical analysis is completed in actually confirming the concern actually exists, or whether the concern is in fact something else. Imagine going to the doctor and stating “I think I have a virus and need some antibiotics” and the doctor simply hands over a script and sends you on your merry way, without even investigating or clinically appraising anything you had just said. It would make you a little nervous wouldn’t it? Clients do not know, what they don’t know. Is it up to you to lead as the professional and analyse what is being said and check if this aligns with the presenting symptomatology. You are a health professional, this is your job. 4. The Service Provides Absolute Value A client books in for a specific service most times. Whether this is their first booking, so they book something that they think they need. Alternatively, they rebook consistent with the treatment plan recommendations. Each and every time your client books an appointment, it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate that they have everything they need, not just keep going with what was proposed 5 sessions ago. Skin changes, people’s needs change, and your objective is to ensure that absolute value is provided by assessing and reassessing what is needed for the client every single visit. They need skin assessments, each visit… They need skin photography, each visit. For every seasonal or lifestyle change, they need a review of prescription or treatment plan. On some visits clients will require additional services prescribed according to what is happening in their skin, that may have not been apparent on the last visits. An LED enhancement perhaps? Or a more customised serum or mask application? Whatever the need, your ability to provide value to the client is directly correlated to how well you continue to evaluate their needs. For more salon strategy, email me at chrissy@ zingcoach.com.au, listen to ‘The Salon Hustler” podcast on all your major podcast platforms and follow me on Instagram; @chrissyalger_zing and Facebook: @chrissyzing

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3





By Kelly Cunningham

A dollar saved, is a dollar earned and with Jobkeeper and other Government assistance coming to an end, it’s more important now than ever to find the easy wins in saving money for your business. One of the large expense categories that most business owners spend very little time on, but is an easy area for significant savings, is the rent and terms of a commercial or retail lease. Tenant Representative, Kelly Cunningham, Managing Director of Your Leasing Co, says “Please don’t sign anything until you have run it past us first”!!! We represent tenants in getting the best rent and lease terms that saves our clients tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars over the duration of their lease. What is a Tenant Rep and What do they do? Being a business owner, the chances are that you’ve probably engaged in the ancient art of negotiating with the Landlords commercial real estate agent, finalised the deal and had that uneasy feeling of… Mmm, Do I really have a great deal for me? Did I leave much on the table for the Landlord? Where do I start to understand if I have a great deal? In an ideal world wouldn’t it be great if you could…. • Hand all this over to a person who understood exactly what you needed and who had negotiated thousands of leases over a 25year career? • Someone who was an expert in finding and presenting you with a video shortlist selection of new sites for you to consider and inspect. Instead of wasting time trudging through 10 or more locations. • Someone who was able to negotiate the best rent based on their professional and market knowledge, giving you confidence that you were on the right side of the deal. • Someone who could organise to have the landlord pay you to move into their property. • What if the fees for doing this work could be 100% covered by the value created by this person! Sound like Mission Impossible? This service does exist and is commonly known as a Tenant Representative, A Tenant Rep or Tenant Advocate. We work exclusively for you, the business owner and we have your interests 100% covered. What You Can Expect from a Tenant Rep Business Like Your Leasing Co? The three most important things we do are… 1. Save Money and Add Value Getting the maximum value from a commercial lease is a bit more than just negotiating the 64

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

lowest possible rent. Most business owners will only get a chance to negotiate a handful of leases in a lifetime and can’t possibly be aware of all the areas that are available for saving or adding tens of thousands of dollars in value. A typical negotiation for our clients could include bundling the rent with a combination of incentives such as: • Leasing Incentive • Fit out Contribution • Rent Free Period • Rental Side Deeds • Rent Abatements • Work Undertaken by the Landlord at their Cost To maximise the best outcome for the tenant it is critical to know what elements are “must haves” and what can be negotiated in order to get the optimum terms for the lease over the next 3 to 5 years and beyond. 2. Relocating or Identifying New Sites A Tenant Representative will take the time to understand your business, who your clients are and where your business should be positioned to have the best chance of maximising your sales. We call this “Building the Brief”. It doesn’t take long, and we do it over a coffee. The next step is where Tenants leverage our 25 years of industry experience and market knowledge. It’s also where our clients save a serious amount of time and energy by us undertaking the searching for them as part of our service. • We use our experience and local knowledge to research both on-market listings and offmarket tenancies that are only available through our professional network. • We meet with the agents and visit the sites to confirm that they fit the tenant’s brief. • We provide the tenant with a short list of video files to review before deciding which properties are preferred. Our clients love this part of the service because it saves them so much time. • Only then do we ask the Tenant to join us in

looking at the sites that best fits the brief. • Then we begin the negotiation to secure the site. 3. Negotiating Renewals A renewal is a natural break in the rent, where we can reassess what is happening in the market and put a commercial case together to negotiate the renewal with the landlord. What does Compounded Annual Rental Growth Actually Mean? After 5 years with 5% annual increases, the rent will have increased by 28% compounded yearly. At the end of the first renewal period in year 10, rent will have increased by 63% compounded and at the end of the second renewal period in year 15, rent will have increased by 108% compounded. The Question is… Has your sales growth kept pace with your rent? Should you Stay and negotiate or Relocate to a better location with better terms and the potential to increase your sales.   Like More Information? Feel free to send us a copy of your lease and call for a chat. You can go to www.yourleasingco.com.au or find us on our socials by searching “Your Leasing Co” and like us on Face Book and Linked In. Or you can just Call us on 1300 356 702 We look forward to hearing from you.

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I have to admit, every time I open an industry magazine (hello Beauty Biz!) I feel a bit like I do when I walk through Mecca - like I NEED to have everything on display! The allure of every new machine, every new ingredient on the market…is… well… STRONG! Over the years I have definitely fallen for the marketing, and the occasional impulse buy of $250k machines (oops!). I mean, I HAD to have it. It was going to be the big thing that set us apart (spoiler alert - it wasn’t…).

not able to keep up with demand, not being able to find people to operate the new machines - and most of all - who struggle to even get a pay check for themselves every week. So I’d like for you to ask yourself: at what point does investing in 3 new lasers bring enough value for it to be worth it? Do you have a TRUE gap in your treatment offering? Or is it simply a way to have the latest and greatest?

The same goes for skincare ranges. When I opened HÜD I had three ranges - and I’d already had one before then. The pull of new and exciting ingredients and delivery systems really got me. And of course, staff are asking for the latest toys to play with so they can have their fun too. There’s always a new shiny ball out there and if we don’t jump on it we’ll miss out.

I can tell you, from my own experience I’ve found the grass isn’t greener on the other side. That one machine isn’t going to be what sets you up as the expert in your field. You are. Your team. Your business. Your purpose.

Right? Ummm. Post COVID I don’t think I’ve ever seen the race to have the latest, brightest and quickest quite so fierce. And all the while I’m hearing from clinic owners

The most common feedback I hear from therapists is that their work place has so many skincare ranges that its confusing what to recommend. And imagine this scenario: a client has a great


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

But let’s leave machines for another time. Today I want to chat about skincare.

treatment and is ready to invest in that amazing vitamin C serum their therapist recommended. They arrive at the front desk only to discover that the serum is out of stock. The therapist say “oh that one’s out of stock but we have another on that’s amazing too”. Don’t you think that client is wondering why the heck she wasn’t recommend that one in the first place if it’s that bloody amazing?? I guarantee it doesn’t build much client trust. At HÜD we tried this. And failed. It was one of the great learnings in my business that helped shape a 7 figure, steady, fully booked business. When we took on our current skincare range DMK, I’d barely heard of it. Of course, it had been in existence for decades already - I just never really heard of it. I had a treatment - the signature Enzyme with a cassia peel that felt like my face was on fire! And thought “no one will EVER want to have this treatment. It’s so uncomfortable!”.

But then again, my skin did feel bloody amazing afterwards. So I was open. But not yet sold. My mind instantly went to a place of “ok, I’ve got this range which has a signature treatment that doesn’t feel very nice (although now of course I absolutely LOVE my enzymes…) and none of our clients have heard of. How on earth will we market this?” I did a lot of research and I found out it was exactly what I’d been looking for. It fit my philosophy of not just exfoliating away the (not so) dead keratinocytes but rather focus-ing on restoring optimal levels of water in the skin to be able to take care of most of the desqua-mation process itself. Of course this isn’t the only way - it was just what I personally believe. And belief is the strongest sales tool. So I decided that we would make our clients fit in with our skincare and treatment philosophy - rather than the other way around. I strongly believed that if my team and I were really passionate about something our clients would feel it from a mile away. And they’d trust us to invest. And we would attract the kind of clients who are passionate about the things we’re passionate about. In the transition we waited till we were low in stock in our other ranges but ended up giving away a fair bit of products to other clinics. I couldn’t in good faith have my team raving about another range whilst selling off our phased out skincare to our clients. So we actually didn’t mention our new range until we one day switched. At the time I remember being very nervous that our clients would go elsewhere because they were loving their current skincare. But I trusted that my team and I were SO excited about the new range that we could educate our clients with honesty and transparency why our new offering would be a benefit to them. I was right. We probably lost a handful of clients - and in my mind we set them free to go and find what they believed in. After all, they’re not our clients. If they don’t believe in what you believe in, they’re better off somewhere else. 6 years later there are MANY new, hot skincare ranges on the market. Some are marketed very well - with celebrity endorsements, making IT and YOU an “it place”. But looking at my own business, what has been a key to our consistently full books, long wait lists and 100% organic (unpaid, unsolicited) influencer engagement is that my team REALLY be-lieve in what they’re prescribing. And clients are more attracted to that then the latest celebrity endorsement. Guaranteed. Celebrity endorsement is great for the short term, don’t get me wrong. But unless you and your team are fully invested and believing 100% in what you’re “selling”, it will be a short lived one.

Because there’s always another new exciting brand with endorsements just around the corner. And often marketed using the same celebrities and influencers. And I truly believe clients are getting a whole lot more savvy, and understanding influencer marketing more and more. Instead, teach your real clients why they should love your brand and trust your judgment. Thats the purpose part. And in my opinion, the most important part (as I’m sure you know if you’ve read anything I’ve previously shared). Now, let’s talk profit. From a stock perspective, imagine having just ONE range of products to hold on the shelf! One range of backbar products. The cost of holding excess stock is probably one of the biggest profit suckers that goes largely unnoticed by a lot of business owners (if you have this under tight control whilst having multiple ranges, well done!). Having 3, 4 or even up to 7 ranges (!!) often means a whole lot of lost revenue in excess stock and even more wages spent on the time taken to count, rotate, track and place multiple orders. What about raining? One range to train in vs 7. That one is fairly self explanatory - we all know the cost associated with training staff. I’d also ask “who am I competing with in the online market?” Often I see the distributor actually competing with their own clinics who they’re meant to be supporting. I know post covid it feels like a must to have a brand with a model which allows for online sales. Trust me - I can sympathise! But here’s the real kicker - you’d be competing against every other business who offers the same product as you. Without the benefit of being able to differentiate your business from the

next. Why would they buy from you? Why not the place down the road that sells the exact same product? And often cheaper? When covid hit our skincare partner allowed all of us to be able to look after our own clients - and meanwhile staying strong in their non internet sales policy. Our clients all had to have a consultation with our team beforehand. And we sent dozens and dozens of clients who contacted us from other areas, to other clinics closer to them. So we managed to stay afloat, support our clients and also support other businesses by doing the right thing. What emerged was a way for us to be able to create a community of clients with the same goal - better skin when people needed it the most. And did we lose any clients to internet giants? Nope. All in all it was a positive for us because we were clear on our purpose and messaging to our clients. We were selling the “why”, not the product. Now, from a sales perspective, well let’s just say that being clear in your offering will attract YOUR tribe of clients. And they will keep coming back because they love you for you - and the results you give them or how you make them feel when they’re with you. Not for your skincare brand or your machines. So when you take a look at your offering, both product and equipment wise, if you haven’t al-ready done so I challenge you to look into whether you make your product fit with your business or the other way around. If you want to learn more about the balance of profit and purpose in your business - and HOW to actually transform your business into a purposeful profit machine, sign up for my 2 day workshop on July 10th and 11th, where I’ll be joined with my long term (and much asked about!) business mentor and consultant to several fortune 500 companies, Omar De Silva. Register here: www.profitandpurpose.biz

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3





Sexy By Rebecca Miller

I bet you never thought you’d hear the words ‘systems’ and ‘sexy’ in the same sentence, right? For me, it couldn’t be truer. Systems and processes have become my thing and have not only welcomed back a tonne of time in my busy schedule but allowed me to celebrate some monumental business wins. Now, it’s your turn. Systems and processes in the past have been the ‘boring part of business that let’s face it, many of us have avoided but what you might not have realised is that they’re actually the gateway to a profitable, productive, and proactive business. From your team, client journey to even the way you plan your marketing, if you’re embracing and actioning a system, I assure you, your business will thrive. So, what’s the difference between a system and a process? A system is a method, procedure, or routine which is created to carry out a repetitive activity in a strategic way. A process is the actions you take to make that system work as hard as possible for your business. Together, they serve as the essential building blocks that support the growth of your business 68

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

and employee satisfaction. The three most important characteristics of any well-performing system and process are efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. When these are applied, the systems and processes become autonomous behaviours of yourself and your team – they feel totally natural!

successful business, you need to have systems and processes that are repeatable. Gone are the days of just expecting our team to know how to run the business and hello to setting them up for success with systems and processes that leave them feeling confident, in control, and ultimately, secure within their role.

The average human makes about 35,000 decisions every day. That is a lot of decisions for any one person. So, you can imagine the hundreds of thousands of decisions being made in your business each day when you add staff members into the equation! Anyone else feeling exhausted?

Think about every time you’ve ever had a Big Mac at McDonald’s. Even though you ate at different McDonald’s branches throughout your life, the burger always tastes the same regardless of where you ate it, right? This is only possible because everyone in the business follows the same systems and processes. The same goes for your own business. Regardless of who is performing the treatment, welcoming the client at reception, or even making a beverage, having a system means that the client has a consistent experience each and every time.

Usually, business owners who can’t leave the business without something potentially going wrong are the ones who do not have the right systems and processes in place. To run a

Let me share my top seven systems and processes with you that have seen our business thrive.


This is a great way to start the day and ignite your team! Daily huddles are an opportunity for your team to share their goals, wins, challenges and embed the values they’ll be showcasing in the business day today.


Does your team really understand your consultation process? Create systems around the questions asked during the consultation, strategies to get to the core of your client concerns, and role play or mystery shop your team to identify opportunities. Once you’ve identified the strengths and opportunities of the current consultation, you can design the one that works the hardest for your business and clients and of course, formalise it with a system. This can then be used as onboarding for new team members to maximise that consistency.


Most salon owners have no idea what their retention numbers are, let alone have a process in place to measure it. If you’re noticing a trend in a particular members’ clients not returning or rebooking, then this could be a sign that they require more training and development. You only find these things out if you have a system in place to regularly measure, compare and act upon your retention numbers. What is your reengagement process for those clients who were attracted to your business in the first place? Can they be saved is the big question?



Can you answer, right now, what your breakeven number is? If you can’t, it’s likely you don’t have systems in place to track and measure this data. Understanding the numbers and knowing exactly where you can access them (at any time) is fundamental to the profitability of your business. In a crowded marketplace, you cannot afford to rely on guesswork we can not measure what we don’t measure. It’s up to you to create a process around it to check in weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even quarterly to truly find out what in your business is bringing home the bacon.


A key system we’ve implemented is our weekly one-on-one meetings with the team. This is independent time for our team to feel nurtured and mentored by our leaders as well as support us to get to know our people on a much deeper level. Your team members need to feel heard, supported, and acknowledged for their efforts, and individualising that process adds even more value to their role. These meetings are also a brilliant opportunity for you to identify what systems and processes in your business are working and where further refining is required. There are no better people to ask than those implementing them!


At La Bella Medispa, we have 18 customer touch-points during a single facial treatment. This might sound like a lot but it’s a system that attributes to our exceptional retention rate. When you define your customer journey, you’re able to truly visualise the steps you as a team needs to take to deliver a flawless experience. Just like your consultation process, your customer journey is a great system to mystery shop. Pretend you’re a customer of your business – from the booking process, pre-visit welcome to the moment you step into the building, take note of the experience you’re having. Is it matching up to the customer journey you’ve proudly defined? Are there opportunities to tweak, enhance or even remove touch-points? Are there inconsistencies between team members? These are the questions to be asking yourself about your system and whether the process of your customer journey matches up.


A system that is going to transform your customer experience, team performance and employee satisfaction is implementing regular training opportunities. Not only does training enhance your in-clinic experience but it equips your team

with the skills they need to deliver incredible value and profitability to your business. A system that is working incredibly well for us is weekly training sessions, delivered by our leaders on topics of their expertise. This encompasses product knowledge, equipment training, customer roleplaying to even leadership and personal development tools. One of the processes that fall under training that you must implement is storing these resources following the session. This gives your team members space to always refer back to, saves a tonne of time searching for lost documents, and also serves as an onboarding tool for new team members. Affordable options include Google Drive, Google Docs, and Trello. So, still, think systems aren’t sexy?! Rebecca is a coach, speaker, multi beauty business owner, and entrepreneur who has not only built three successful medispas, but educated herself to become a Skin Expert. Rebecca’s zone of genius lies within empowering and mentoring teams to maximise performance and team fulfilment. Rebecca has a keen interest in human behaviour and psychology. Learn more about developing your business future with Rebecca at www.thezingproject.com.au Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




Go-To Stock Photo Websites For Your Beauty Business By Sarah Garner

Ever looked at a business and wondered where on earth they get the time to take all of these amazing photos? Chances are they’re actually stock photos. Convincing and compelling imagery is integral when telling your brand story, especially online, and whilst we recommend professional photography (werk it, guuurl) for all businesses, sometimes it’s just not possible. This is where stock photos come in. The most common type of stock photo is a royalty-free one which are a low-cost option when you’d like to make a big visual impact. The “free” in royalty-free doesn’t always mean no cost but instead, means you can use the image without needing to pay additional royalties to its artist. Let’s set the scene. You may find the perfect photo of a facial being performed to utilise in your next treatment menu, *yaaas!*. A royaltyfree image would give you the option to pay a one-off fee to utilise an image without additional ongoing payment.

Using that same image for a brochure or insalon display is good to go because whilst that touchpoint may make you money, the customer is not purchasing something with the image on it (just the good vibes it’s given them). Copyright and royalty-free are two very different concepts so it’s important to know the difference when building up your content collection. When you purchase a royalty-free image, you do not own the copyright to it. The copyright still stands with the creator themselves; they have simply given you the opportunity to utilise their creation without ongoing costs.

Now, we’re going to spill the stock photo tea. Sometimes, the lines are verrry blurry when it comes to how you can use different imagery and want to equip you with the 411. The owners and artists of the images you use have rights over where and how their creations are republished so it’s important to know if you’ve got the right licence for what you want to achieve.

Is it free or paid? All photos on Pexels are free to use.

For example, downloading a royalty-free image from a site such as Unsplash and using it for commercial purposes, like printing it on merch to sell, would be a big no-no. The creator would have the right to pursue an infringement of copyright (eek!).

What photos can I expect? The photos available on Pexels transcend us to an ultra-curated Insta feed or a high-fashion editorial. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous neutral tones, flatlay images, skincare snaps and a diverse cast of models.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

Now that we’ve covered the rules of stock photos, let’s explore some of our go-to sites to curate and create.

Pexels (www.pexels.com)

Be real with me, is it easy to use? Oh yes, very! What’s amazing about Pexels is that you can download the original file or the size you’re chasing! Talk about customisation. What type of license is available? Pexels has purchased the licensing of their photos so you don’t have to pay anything for them or attribute the creator. Whilst they encourage you to get creative with their images, they request that you do not resell the image (such as on another stock photo), use the image as a false endorsement of your product or use the image to sell a physical product without altering it first.

Unsplash (www.unsplash.com) Is it free or paid? All photos on Unsplash are free to use. What photos can I expect? Unsplash has over 2 million high resolution images for you to discover. We’ve explored everything from artsy textures and landscapes to model shots and flatlays. Be real with me, is it easy to use? We’ll admit, you can get lost down a rabbit hole on Unsplash! Keep your search terms generic to widen your image scope. Their collections

feature is helpful to connect you with like minded imagery. What type of license is available? Similar to Pexels, Unsplash photos come with a license that give you a lot of creative freedom. You’re able to utilise Unsplash photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes without needing to pay or credit the creator. Like Pexels, photos cannot be sold on another stock photo platform or sold as their sole image (a poster) without modification first.

Stocksy (www.stocksy.com) Is it free or paid? Stocksy is a paid stock photo resource. What photos can I expect? Stocksy artists have been handpicked by the company to provide you a selection of highly curated imagery. From the moment you see a photo on this site, you can tell just how high quality the image truly is. Be real with me, is it easy to use? Absolutely. We love the search functions of Stocksy that allow you to curate searches based on the age, space, ethnicity, location and orientation of your desired photo. The checkout process is very informative and seamless. What type of license is available? Stocksy offers a wide variety of image licensing and they do a great job at explaining which one you need for your project. Their standard royaltyfree license (up to 500,000 hard copies for advertising, editorial, and promotional projects, unlimited impressions in online, electronic, and mobile publications and applications) ranges from a flat $15 - $125 rate based on the size of the image you need.

You have the option of adding on extended licenses which give you the ability to use the image for commercial purposes or an unlimited print run. Finally, for a much larger fee, you can freeze the image for an extended period of time. This means nobody else can purchase this image until your freeze expires. This currently begins at $1,250.

EyeEm (www.eyeem.com) Is it free or paid? EyeEm is a paid stock photo resource. Photos are available via a subscription or one-off purchase. What photos can I expect? If intricate and let’s be real, artsy AF images are your deal, you’re going to love the selection on offer via EyeEm. In our opinion, compared to sites such as Unsplash and Stocksy, the choice of images is more limited but it’s definitely worth a look. Be real with me, is it easy to use? Yes, absolutely. The search function is similar to most stock photo resources, and it features a similar extended search function to Stocksy. There are only two types of licenses on offer via EyeEm which makes picking what you need relatively seamless. What type of license is available? EyeEm offers 2 licenses for their images – a standard license (for commercial use in web and print for up to 5,000 copies) and an extended license (for commercial use across all platforms). What we did notice is that the price for these licenses varies from image to image so take note of your budget when exploring this site.

Death To Stock (www.deathtothestockphoto.com) Is it free or paid? Death To Stock is a paid subscription-based stock photo platform. You cannot make one-off image purchases via this platform. What photos can I expect? Death To Stock is on a mission to farewell generic, overused stock imagery so their library is loaded with fresh, high quality editorial-style photos and videos. The image library is significantly smaller than other platforms with under 5,000 images available. Be real with me, is it easy to use? Death To Stock make it very clear what subscription you need and once you’ve signed up, you’ve access to their entire library with unlimited downloads. What type of license is available? Death To Stock has created one easy to understand license that you have covered in your subscription fee. Called the “do what you wanna” license, you can utilise Death To Stock images for commercial and standard purposes. Their only request is that it’s only ever for good reasons. Seems like a reasonable deal to us! Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom. A sassy li’l visual branding studio helping evolving hair, beauty and wellness businesses turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website www.digitalbloom.com.au or connect with them on the ‘gram @digital_bloom

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3




Why Facebook Ads Won’t Fix Your Appointment Book By Clare Lamberth

In my role as Creative Director & Salon Social Media Strategist at Social Style, I’m often approached by new businesses about running Facebook Ads to fill unwanted gaps and drive new clients int otheir treatments rooms. online activity and supporting in-clinic marketing I often get an awkward pause before an admission that nothing lies in place. When I quiz them further about what their current overall marketing strategy is for their current Facebook Ads can be a very effective solution for targeting and acquiring new clients. However, they cost ALOT and without a well rounded marketing strategy to keep these clients in your business. Pouring money into Facebook Ads is just like pouring water into a leaky bucket. If you don’t have to hole plugged first those leads and all that money spent on Ads is just going to go to waste. Here’s why I don’t recommend ads as a “goto first option” to drive new leads into your clinic. Facebook leads are “cold” leads. Ice cold, at best. Meaning you’re spending money to market to strangers. Telling someone who doesn’t know, like or trust you to come and spend their money with you. It takes around 13 times longer ( and costs much more) to convert a new lead into a “watcher” and then into a “clicker” and then eventually over time into a paying client, than it doesn’t to work on keep a client you’ve already seen. So it’s no wonder seeing how long this conversion process takes that flicking the “Magic Ads Switch” on doesn’t always deliver the quick results you want. Masking the bigger issue. Often I’ve found the desire to turn to ads is masking a bigger undying issue, or hole in the businesses marketing strategy, around client retention and rebooking. Ask yourself why do you want to run ads in the first place? Then ask why 3 more times and find the root cause of why you really want to run an ad. The answer is along the lines of “I have too many gaps and we need more clients.” Here is the root cause we need to address BEFORE we run ads. Otherwise you are just adding in more clients who won’t rebook and return and so the vicious (expensive) cycle continues. If you run a report of your entire client database I’m sure you’ll quickly find that you DO in fact have enough clients. They just aren’t coming back 72

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

enough, at all or maybe you just haven’t asked them to. Having a revision of your rebooking & retention strategies, including keeping in regular touch with your customers in a real-life human way, shows you genuinely care. This will save you time, money and build your business over time. Here’s 3 other options to help you get new clients for free without having to touch Ads Manager. Refer a friend program. Using the clients you already have to know, love and trust you and then asking them to recommend you to their friends is an ideal way of bringing you more of what you know already works. An internal referral program where your existing “Hot” & “Warm” leads refer your services to their friends, and in return both get rewarded, is an effective strategy with both short term return and long term stability. I mean who doesn’t love a surprise gift just for raving about your favourite places to their friends! Win, win, win! You can give a voucher, hold an event where clients can bring a friend (or three), or put together a package where it’s shared amongst friends. The options are endless. Follow up marketing. Do you have followup marketing strategies in place to check in with your clients after their visit? At least at the 24hr and 1 month mark post visit. If the answer if no, you could have a weeks worth of client sitting right in your database waiting to be booked back in again. These are HOT leads. Meaning they already know, like and trust you and are more likely to convert to a booking than a cold lead on Facebook who has no idea who you are. 24hrs post visit checkin with your clients to see how their treatment was and to make sure everything was ok and they’re happy. If they had a great treatment and were happy these clients are more likely to rebook and come back to you.

These are the clients you want to reach out to at the 1 month mark if no rebooking has occurred to check in, say hi and give a friendly reminder that to maintain best results you’d love to see them again. If you have the first stage in place the recall is so much easier and becomes an extension of your amazing customer service rather than a cold calling exercise. Pick up the phone Be a real human. How many client appointments do you need filled? Pick up the phone calling clients you haven’t seen in more than 6 weeks is a surprisingly easy way to build your books back up. Yes, it sounds daunting at first. What I found through is if you go into it with zero expectation apart from developing your relationship with that client further, you really have nothing to loose. You’re not cold calling them to sell them something. You’re checking in on a valued client you haven’t seen in a while. You don’t have to give them a discount or an offer. Just a friendly check in to say Hi, see how they’re doing and see if there’s anything you can help with. Can go along way. From experience, out of 10 calls you’re bound to walk away with at least 1 new booking. A 10% conversion rate is much higher than a lot of ads deliver. If you’re nervous write yourself a script. And practise makes perfect. Socials Style works with busy business owners to help over come social overwhelming giving you back precious hours in your week to work on and in your business. Follow Clare & Social Style on Instagram @socialstyle_au for more tips and tricks on how to market to your clients with integrity and style online.



Social media glow-up in under 30 minutes? Challenge Accepted! By Rachel Medlock

Without a doubt, creating connections on social media is a marathon, not a sprint. From boosting your engagement, welcoming new followers to transforming them into paying customers, showing up online consistently each day is, in my opinion, worth every moment. Just like we don’t use the same skincare all year round, we need to invigorate our social media presence when it’s not feeling as fresh as it could. A place that always keeps us on our toes, our audience and social media algorithms alike, respond incredibly well to a glow-up. Whether you are brand new to the social game or haven’t given your page some TLC in a while, I’ve got 5 ways even the most time poor business owners can give their socials a glow up. How? They only take 30 minutes or less. Refresh Your Bio Does your Instagram Bio give your dream client a glowing first impression of your business? I get it. 150 characters is not a lot, so you need to be strategic with how you use them. Consider using emojis at dot points within your bio to share short and snappy bites of your biz that can be easily understood. Your bio should tell your audience who you are, where you’re located, your key offering, what you’re most proud of (signature service, awards or brand partners) and easy access to learn more or make an appointment. Boost your ability to show up in searches by switching up your Instagram name. Now, I don’t mean your username but rather the bold text that appears in your bio. You can utilise this section to harness keywords and phrases that your dream client is using to find a business like yours. Insights Data Is Everything! If you’re still posting ‘whenever’ on social media, then you’re truly not harnessing the full potential of your page and your followers.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 3

Spend 30 minutes ensuring your scheduled content is being published at the right time. Both Facebook and Instagram offer valuable insights data to help you decipher who your audience is, where they’re located, how old they are and what time they’re hanging out on social media. The results can be a surprise too! You may find that despite posting your content at 11am each day, the best time for your audience is actually 9pm at night. As your audience grows, these ideal posting times and audience demographics can shift so regularly checking in on your insights is a must. Remember, your most active engagement times on Facebook may differ to Instagram so be sure to avoid complacency and schedule your content to connect with relevant audiences. Tell Us A Story Regular Instagram stories and reels are a must. They are perfect for sharing an insight into your brand’s day to day life, getting up close and personal with your audience, sharing sneak peeks to new launches and even seeking feedback from your audience. Getting infront of the camera on your Instagram stories and reels gives your audience the opportunity to get to know you and feel connected to you. Instagram also absolutely loves them and will prioritise this kind of content on the feed. Spend 30 minutes coming up with new ways to utilise your video on your stories and reels and setting yourself and your team deadlines to film them. This could be showcasing how to apply a product properly, the proper order for a skincare routine, how much SPF is actually needed each day, behind the scenes of a new treatment or getting to know the team.

Be Social On Social Media Fact: you have to be social on social media! Just like you nurture relationships in the real world, social media should be no different. Each connection and follower you gain on social media is a potential customer and a relationship that deserves to be looked after. It is also the gateway to growing your overall audience reach, engagement and size. We cannot expect to gain all these new followers or attain a bunch of new likes and comments if we’re not giving our audience anything back. Spend 30 minutes engaging with other accounts, liking content, commenting and saving posts that inspire you. Be authentic. Gone are the days of commenting the same ‘love this’ on a dozen posts. Be as genuine as you are in real life with your social media audience and craft meaningful conversations. You never know what you’ll come across and you’ll be amazed at the kickback this will have for your own page. Book An Audit Let’s be real. Social media a hustle and sometimes you just need to know what and where is worth your time and energy. That’s why one of the easiest ways to give your socials a glow-up is to book in a Social Media Audit. Seen through the eyes of a professional, our Social Media Refresh gives you a solid overview of what’s working on your page, where opportunities await and how to ensure your brand shines throughout your content. Designed with busy business owners in mind, our Social Media Refresh is broken down into 4 easy to navigate sections with a step-by-step gateway to glow-up included at every stage.


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P: + 61 3 9575 0600 F: + 61 3 9575 0699 W: www.aabfashion.com

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