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AMBA Clean Skin Professional Product Awards Categories HAIR CARE - Best Shampoo and Conditioner pair or 2-in-1 product HAIR STYLE - Best Styling Product. Entries can include:- Styling Wax, Cream or Paste BEARD CARE - Best Beard Care Product. Entries can include:- Oil, Wax, Cream or Paste


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editor’s letter IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY…. That’s right Barbers we are 10 years old this year and in Magazine years that means we are good to drive and legal to drink, so please have one for us and even though we aren’t together, we can feel the Love…Thank You!! We will be celebrating all year with amazing features and exclusives from the World’s Top Artists. We will be shining well deserved spotlights on our own homegrown Australian talent and bringing you the latest Barber News. Get ready for some majors and minors dropping some incredible product ranges on the market, this year, it’s going to be epic! We’ll keep the party going all year with plenty of surprises and we’ll cap the year off with our first Australian Modern Barber Awards! The AMBA’s are now open for entry, get in there and we’ll see you in Melbourne at the awards event in November! Good Luck! Let’s open your first present, shall we? Probably 2 of the most popular and famous Barbers on the planet, Leen and Bertus of Schorem will be joining us for a year as our new European Correspondents! This issue we get to know them a little better as they too, celebrate their 10th anniversary. Restrictions on the way we conduct our businesses, lockdowns and more restrictions…What happens when you squeeze creatives? They find different ways to feed that hunger to be creative and dig deep to find the drive to keep doing business, better. From the Queensland bush to Downtown LA, this issue we talk to some truly amazing barbers who are doing very different things in their quest to keep moving forward. We have a very special treat for your second present this issue, upon winning Collette Saunders first Australian Female Barber Awards: - the prize winner receives a 2-page feature in BarberShop and interview with me but!... I think we are the winners here, as we unearth the incredible talent of Teerapon Pearaponwiput AKA Sunshine! 2021 AFBA Female Barber of the Year!! This Barber of 7 years is an amazing talent and I hope you enjoy her story and love her work like we did, well done Sunshine from all of us here at Barbershop! We can’t change what’s past, we can only adapt and move forward. I’m not going to pretend 2020 didn’t happen it has changed the shape of our lives and the world forever. I wish for us to be a publication you can turn to, for positivity, a smiling happy face and a warm embrace. If a story or feature inspires you or touches you, reach out and connect with that person and tell them,

“loved the story” or “that piece resonated with me.” Make connections and support each other. Most insta handles are at the end of the stories. Got a story? Reach out to me, let’s hear it! The Invisible Network. We will be picking up our socials this year and I have some big surprises there but keep this in mind. BarberShop goes out to 4500 Barber Shops, Men’s Hairdressers and handful of Unisex Salons specialising in Men’s Hairdressing. Each issue is read by around 4 people. So, by default, we drop an issue, we have 20 000 followers, 20 000 likes. That’s a big family and it’s our family, ‘the invisible network’ of Barber people here in Australia (that would be all of you reading this) not to mention the readers we get online from around the world following us, as we connect with the biggest names in the industry, and the next page, the newest and smallest Barber to the scene. We are all equal here at Barbershop. Before the internet there were Magazines!! Read, connect, support each other and love this industry. We’re Old School with the New Tools!! This is Issue 10/1 Enjoy!!

Rex Silver

Rex Silver Editor – Barbershop Magazine Follow me @rex.a.c.silver Share and tag us on Instagram @barbershopmag to get your work, shops and images shared. And if you have a Barber Story to share, please email me: rex@maochapublishing.com.au



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160 minute run time Powerful 7000 rpm Rotary Motor Premium Carbon Steel Blades DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE

American Barber Haircare


(03) 9555 1533 | sales@muimports.com.au | www.muimports.com.au | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia

Proud to be a Barber-Ella WHO: Shella Thornton

WHERE: Clippy Ts 398 Main Rd, Wellington Point, QLD 4160 Clippy Ts 8/9 Middle Street, Clevelend, QLD 4163 Thorntons Barbers 28 Metroplex Ave, Maurrie, QLD 4172 WHAT: Educator-Business Woman-Ambassador-Mentor ANDIS Clippers-I-Candy Scissors-F.E.I.B.I Awards

Spend some time with Shella Thornton and you quickly get the impression this isn’t a person that sits still for long. Her energy towards her craft is evident in the work she does outside of her 3 businesses. Shella’s passion for Barbering and giving back by way of training, educating, stage work and more is a testament to her commitment to our industry. Let’s meet Shella Thornton… I was born in the Philippines and came to Australia with my mother in 1980. I finished high school finding it hard to find a job in the first few months and landed a job at a Barber Shop in Brisbane CBD in 1993. My mother was a hairdresser in the Philippines, but I never knew my birth father and on sign up of my indentureship I required my birth certificate and on that showed that my father was a Barber back in the Philippines (coincidence!)

Realising this, my passion for Barbering grew and found out that not only was I really good at it but actually loved it. I think I found that this was my only connection with my father as I had no photo or leads to finding him over the years.


After finishing my 4-year trade with the same Barber who was a Greek barber and showed me all that he was taught by his father (very old school) I moved around a bit learning more new techniques etc from other Barbers until I moved to Sydney and worked and managed a Barber Shop there for 4 years. I then moved back to Brisbane and was offered to take over a Barber shop in 2010 as he was wanting to retire, which was a scary step, but I thought we can only try and see if it works. I had the first shop for 2 years then started looking for another and found one 10 mins away. After 2 years of having that one I was 10 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

looking again and found my 3rd about 30 mins away. I seem to have a 2-year itch and was looking for a 4th after 2 years of the last and almost got there but backed away as we noticed a shortage of barbers around and I couldn’t be everywhere. As you can see, I’m a very hands-on businessperson which is my weakness, I try to do everything. I have learnt to step back the last couple of years, which does help especially if you have family. Balance is key. My husband then decided to train up as a barber to help the business with staff and after 4 years of having our third we decided to close that shop and open a sister shop focusing more on corporate clientele which is doing really well. We currently have 4 seniors, 1 fulltime apprentice and 3 schoolbased apprentices. Last year we celebrated 10 years in Business and was voted Best Barber Shop in Redlands via an online poll in the Courier Mail which is nice to be recognised in the Redlands area.

Again, I really do love my job and I think that helps and it doesn’t seem like work to me but there is a social side of it as well that I enjoy. Remembering your client’s conversation from their last haircut, watching their children grow up and the trust that they have with you for such a personal service. Clients love the fact that you remember them as well, I mean everyone loves to be acknowledged and remembered. They feel like they are part of something, and they are really because without my clients I wouldn’t be in business for the last 10 years.


First battle was in 2015 in Queensland organised by Barber Konnect in which I placed 2nd. This was the year that my name BarberElla came about as the organisers wanted to know my barber name and seeing the others had one i.e. Clipper Kayne, Barber B etc I thought well my name is Shella and I’m a Barber, so… BarberElla. I was actually going to drop out of it as I found out that I was the only female in the battle with 9 other barbers. My husband encouraged me to enter and to go ahead with it and with nerves and anxiety I did and placed 2nd in Qld. Second battle was the year after in 2016. I got a call from BarberKonnect who organised the Qld Battle and said I was required to represent Qld, because I was in the top 3, for the Australian Title. So, we were in competition with the other states NSW and Victoria. But again, I was the only female Barber in Battle out of the 11 contestants. So down I went to Sydney not expecting to place, I was just hoping someone in Qld took a trophy home, and again I placed 2nd. Even though I see myself as being 2nd, to others especially female barbers, call me The First Lady as I was the first Female Baber to enter and place in Australia. I stepped back a bit after that and focused on the business and training my apprentices and also gained my TAFE IV as there was a shortage of Barber Trainer and Educators

in our industry, which I did for a year before getting back onto the floor and on the tools. Early 2019 I got invited to go to Taiwan and represent and showcase in the Barbering Expo in Taichung which was an amazing experience and one of my highlights to my career and have made an extended friendship with Jackson in Taichung. Coming back from Taiwan I noticed comps were still happening but none for female barbers to register so i thought hey ill organise and hold a Female Barber Battle here in Australia as it hasn’t been done before. So, in 2019 FEIBI AWARDS was born. I know how it feels when entering the other battles with the guys and I did expect some back lash as to why? And my answer was well why not? I felt there needed to be one based on my own experiences. I held it in Brisbane and popped it up on socials with the help of my social page barbettes_aus_ and Collette Saunders from Australian Female Barbers and opened the registration process. I was amazed at the numbers that came through. 25 beautiful Barbettes in total from all over Australia became our finalists for the first event. The event was a success with a percentage of the ticket sales went to Jack Reed Foundation. With the connections with Taiwan the firstplace winner and myself were to fly to Taiwan which where the winner was to compete with Barbers in Taiwan but with Covid it was put on hold.


So, after years in business and adding more to my portfolio, I came across iCandy Scissors Australia looking to network so I just contacted them and after a quick interview became their first Female Barber Ambassador in Australia. I worked with iCandy Scissors and went to Adelaide to showcase with workshops and training. A year after that Mark from iCandy contacted me about Andis and that they were going 11 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

to be at the Sydney Hair Expo and were interviewing potential Ambassadors/ Educators for Australia, so in between working at the iCandy stand I went up to the Andis stand and spoke to Jessica and did a few cuts for them and gave her my card. After a few weeks a proposal was emailed though from the states inviting me to be their Ambassador/Educator and I am in my 4th year as an Andis Global Educator/ Ambassador. We have developed our own range of products by a local supplier as our clients love to support local. We also stock American Crew, Uppercut and Proraso. Proraso is our number one go to for our clients Beard and shaving requirements. Signature service we have instore is just the good old fashion banter we have with our clients. All my staff have their own way of making our clients relaxed and walk out with a smile and of course an amazing haircut. We take pride in all our services we provide whether it’s a short back and sides or a skin fade or beard trim but making that client welcome as they walk in is the main objective at Clippy Ts. Over these years and with the experience I have had with being an employee and an employer and a female Barber in a male dominated industry, I have had my fair share of questioning from both clients and colleagues in the industry about why I chose Barbering and I just reply with, I love what I do and enjoy it and that’s all that counts, and am hungry for more and encourage and support all the Female Barbers current or are just entering the industry to ignore the stigma and to stick to your guns and enjoy your job. Do what you love and are good at. CEO @clippy_tsbs Shella Thornton @s_barberella_ Founder @feibiawards All Star Educator @icandyscissorsaustralia Australian Global Educator @andisclippers Australian Ambassador @zerogappedmagazine

A cut above the rest Adilla Barbers isn’t your normal hair salon for men. Oh no! Colm and Frankie Flanagan, and their team are bridging the gap between hair and skin with an extensive full-service grooming menu and we asked Colm to walk us through Adilla and how they’re helping meet all their clients’ needs, under one roof.


The inspiration came as I found myself jumping from barber to barber looking for something beyond a great haircut. The opportunities for self-care for men were scarce and a luxury barbershop seemed like a good place to start. Increased stress from an accelerating career in growth marketing coupled with a decrease in my want to have a “night out” left me with few options for an experience I enjoyed. I wasn’t totally comfortable in salons although I had tried a few. Something in between was what I was looking for. And so, an idea was born. What if we could combine the look, feel and quality of a classic barbershop with the beauty services and experience of a salon to ultimately create a space where men can feel confident enough to truly relax.


When we opened 3 years ago, we knew we were ahead of the curve in creating a destination for men, so we spent a lot of time educating the market around us. The goal here was to incorporate facials, treatments, skin care and products into our services whilst taking the time to explain the benefits. Although visiting a more traditional salon is fine, men and women do have different skin problems, different needs and require a different frequency of appointments. Salons with colour and extension services have thousands of dollars’ worth of products instore, so a men’s cut is deemed a dead service in a hair salon because the upsell opportunity and average spend is low. Learning this made me realise why I would feel less welcomed in a ‘salon’ environment. Other barber shops on the market, at the time, all had a sailor jerry’s feel. We didn’t want a novelty shop, so our designer’s brief was to come up with something that is modern, relaxing and inviting. All of this was considered when creating the aesthetic, theme and well researched menu at Adilla Barbers.


The change has been quite significant, we have completely shifted our business in the last 12 months. For a number of reasons; COVID related and non-COVID related. Non-COVID related; the market has begun to catch up in men’s grooming and ‘self-care’. We have gone from pitching our deluxe services to clients requesting them regularly. This forced us to push our services even further and to ensure we always offered something different to our clients. Just ask for The Adilla Escape. COVID related; we have seen our traditional ‘busy periods’ dissipate. There is no longer the unmatched desire for a Saturday appointment, it is very much spread across the week quite evenly, for example, revenue difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday dropped by 40% in 2020 vs 2019. Meaning we 12 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

now have more staff on a Monday -Thursday than we previously ever have. COVID also gave us a unique opportunity to slow down and look at our business and what was working and what wasn’t. We could really go through our services, products, team and figure out where our weaknesses were. We obviously had to minimise the number of people in the shop for most of 2020, which affected our total revenue, but we had time to get creative with our numbers and the results were mind-blowing. We have learned that COVID or not, we are taking a break from the daily grind to comb through our business to this level every quarter and annually to a larger extent. Keeping a close eye on our growth, team happiness, productivity, client feedback loops and spending. Due to our square meterage, we haven’t been able to have our full team capacity since March, optimising our rostering and clients has been important. We have had our biggest month ever post

COVID, so I think despite all the closures and restrictions, the demand for our service has actually increased. - Total Revenue dropped by 30% YoY - Gross profit dropped by 30% YoY - Operating costs dropped by 82% - Net profit increased by 2,563% YoY


It’s evolved from men accepting the use of 2-in-1 products to having multiple products for hair, skin and body. The current social landscape and gender fluidity movement has also made it hugely and widely acceptable for men to have their nails done, be pampered, massaged, attend skin treatments and more. It’s all about finding that time for yourself. In fact, there are now just over one million Millennial men (34% of Millennial men) who both use skincare products and also buy some type of skincare product in an average six months. The main reason, according to Harvey Research, is that with the metro return to men’s barbers and facial hair grooming trending, there is a noticeable shift towards manscaping and grooming. The data suggests guys don’t want a suite of products to adopt. We have compiled the high impact services into our menu to ensure its relaxing, memorable and not overwhelming.


A lot of aspects that are team focused, and a lot that are client facing. We take pride in our culture and our approach to internal education. We shut our shops every 6-8 weeks and have a complete team day. The goal here is to share knowledge, feedback and to help each other improve in every aspect of our client service. It’s easy to lose focus or get complacent! As founders, we work for our team, our job is to listen and ensure they are happy, learning, improving and in a position to give our clients a memorable experience every time they visit us. On the client side we have led the market in

terms of service. This hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. We named our hero service “The ADILLA Deluxe’ and since then so many barber shops around us have a ‘Deluxe’ service. A form of flattery! We have since upgraded to The ADILLA Escape and have added extra elements that no-one else has, bridging the gap between beauty and barber. Lots of research, testing and investigation goes into our service upgrades. Our team is incredible and very driven. They are always eager to learn and iterate on what we offer our clients. They spend a lot of time perfecting their knowledge in product so they can always customise their client recommendation.


No major travel, home-schooling, working from home, these are just some of the things pushing people to feeling “trapped”. During COVID we ramped up our knowledge on skin care and created the ADILLA escape. A combined professional hair and skin service giving our clients an opportunity to escape, if even for just an hour. The feedback has been so positive it helped us drive and keep focused during the rough spots in 2020. Our retail sales have increased by 20% YOY, as they want to recreate this feeling at home. We have always had skin care products in the shop, however offering these more ‘beauty focused’ services and with many clients now upgrading to our deluxe and escape packages, our skincare retail has increased noticeably.


For skincare, the most effective things you can do is exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise. 13 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

We have a signature men’s facial, also incorporated into our escape package. Using a professional steamer, we complete all steps which comes with additional benefits: • Strengthening of the immune system • Stimulating of white blood cells • Prevent infections • Destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses The steamer allows us to deep cleanse the skin, teamed with an exfoliator is also removes dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, bacteria and has the benefits list above. We also do a facial massage with oil and finish with a cold towel to close the pores and remove excess product. We also add V76 SPF moisturiser. SPF is one of the most effective anti-aging products you can use, and most people, specifically men, don’t use one daily and in Australia, we need it.


At the moment we incorporate them into our services at the chair. We aren’t sure the market is quite ready for separate treatment rooms, but it is absolutely something that we are looking forward to seeing in the future. We don’t think it’s too far away.


Equality! On the whole men have thicker skin, larger pores and are more prone to oil and blackheads. There is absolutely an equal need for skin care and skin care services for men as there is for women. It is becoming more socially acceptable every single day for men to have beauty treatments, and the younger generations coming through are bragging about it all over social media. We believe this will continue to grow and normalise over time giving men an opportunity to escape for more than just “a haircut”. www.adillabarbers.com


Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has just earned one of the top spots, for destinations Australians are choosing to relocate to from the city’s these last several months. Let’s check out a (super busy) Sunny Coast Barber Shop. It all began for Mark Varga and Adam Vassallo six years ago in March. They have known each other for over 20 years from when they both lived in Sydney. Mark moved to the Sunshine Coast with his family in 2001 and Adam and his wife moved up 6.5 years ago.


“Owning a Barber Shop was something that we both have wanted to do for many years and thought we really need to give this ago otherwise we will never know. We didn’t want to have any regrets as we got older. We started talking about ideas and how we would like our business to be and then a few months later we actioned our thoughts and here we are today with our successful Barber business.”


“It has truly been an incredible journey, we are both proud of how successful this business is as we have never had to source advertisement, as all our business is from word of mouth. We have an amazing team, 4 qualified male hairdressers and one apprentice. We love that they all have the same passion and dedication that we expect from them, which we really appreciate.” ‘We have also trained a few barbers on the coast over the years, which have now gone on to opening their own businesses.’


‘Our highlights would have to be the continual support from our loyal customers, especially the ones that travel from a far to see us. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing our customers reaction and gratitude after their visit. That means more to us than anything else.’ Mark Varga says the one bit of advice he was given from his boss

whilst he was an apprentice was “the best form of advertisement, is what you send out the door!”


‘I think our point of difference to other Barbers (on the Sunshine Coast) is when we did our apprenticeship close to 40 years ago, we covered all styles of hairdressing, e.g. ladies and men’s cuts, colour, perms etc.... we we’re taught how important the initial consultation is, it’s the most important part of the service. Listening to what the customer wants and explaining what you are going to do, so they understand and know what to expect. That way you will also have a happy customer when they leave. ‘


‘We always use Kingbrown Promade as our go to product. We have used many products during our time as hairdressers/ barbers and find these products are top quality and affordable. Although we are always open to trying new products for sure.’


‘This has been an incredible journey, one which we are both proud of. We will always continue to learn and grow as a business, and creatively, for the continual future of The Mad Barbers.’ F/B: madbarbersmooloolaba Insta: @themadbarbers Photography: enzymeproductions.com @lyle_carey

14 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Bringing Barbering Back to The Bush We absolutely love featuring our readers and this story needs to be shared, not only because it’s written in such a way that the story captures the essence of Queensland’s county towns but also because of the rich history of this family’s contribution to Australian Barbering.

16 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

They have brought grooming services to the men of country towns since 1945 and, are still doing it today. ABBOTTS are enjoying there second wind of expansion, by opening more shops, 76 years on, since the first! We have great pleasure in introducing you to, John Abbott who along with his son Sebastian and Father Stan, represent 3 generations of Abbotts Barber Shops going back to 1945. With shops in Aspley, Nanango, Kingaroy, Murgon and Dalby, all trading under the name Abbotts Barber, it’s a pretty busy family business! Stan Abbott, Johns father, began gent’s hairdressing around 1935 in Brisbane and subsequently had shops in various locations in Country Queensland until finally settling in Gladstone. John’s older brother, Ron, began his barbering career as a thirteen-year-old in 1960, ultimately taking over their father’s shop when he retired in 1977. Ron retired in 2006. John began his apprenticeship with his Dad in 1970 at the age of seventeen. After a stint in the army, he opened his own shop in Redcliffe and finally in Aspley. His son Sebastian did his apprenticeship with him, making an impressive legacy now of three generations of barbers. In 2018 John decided to retire in the country, leaving his staff to run the Aspley shop, moving to Nanango. He soon discovered that there hadn’t been a barber there for twenty years, so he opened a shop. “I realised many country towns were lacking hairdressing for men only, so the next thing you know I’m opening shops in Kingaroy, Murgon and now Dalby all during the Covid pandemic. Some people think I’m crazy!” Johns immediate plans are to consolidate these businesses although it seems to us that he is a man on a mission to bring real barbershops back to the bush! We spoke to John about his love for the Australian Countryside and all things barbery!


No not really. They’re just as well informed on the latest styles. I guess the internet makes news travel fast. In 1935 when your father started, men were always impeccably groomed, and here we are again. Do you feel connected with the full circle, men have gone around, with their grooming? It’s interesting isn’t it. Until the Sixties every man had a jar of Brylcream or a bottle of California Poppy. Then before long they were off to the lady’s hairdresser and buying hairspray. Barbershops began to disappear from the landscape dramatically as the world went unisex. Of course, a lot of blokes didn’t bother getting a haircut at all. Products have evolved and their wives aren’t complaining about hair oil stains on the pillowcase.


Customer service from my suppliers is the big factor. Quality and value for money for my customers is also very important. I’m not swayed easily just by a big brand name. Rebecca from M&U showed genuine interest in our business and American Barber is a great product at a price point more in line with my customer demographic.


The quality is equal to the more expensive and possibly bigger brand name that I was running before.


They all have their place I guess; I try to fit the right product for the individual rather than push one in particular. To find on FB and IG simply look for @AbbottsBarbershop

17 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

THE ROGUE TRADIE Trading trades and other careers for Barbering is a common theme. As we all know Barbering feeds the creative and artistic demon inside of us, plus it also allows us to care for others. If you’re this type of person, you realise some jobs just don’t cut it. Seán Hayes shares his journey… I always had an interest in hair growing up and I often wanted to try different things. Looking back at the styles I had they probably weren’t very crazy, I had red highlights once, but I couldn’t get away with much coming from a small village in Ireland. After school I may have gone down the barber route, but it wasn’t really a common trade to do so instead I became an apprentice electrician. I was a sparky for eight years at home and with the recession in full swing I decided to see some of the world and in 2013 I set off and ended up in Australia. When I came to Australia, I quickly realised that I wasn’t going to be an electrician forever, but I was backpacking, so deciding on a career wasn’t high on my priority list. My travels around Oz lead me to the outback in the Northern Territory where I spent four years on and off doing all sorts of jobs at a roadhouse. The closest barbershop was 300km away, so I bought a Wahl Super Taper and that was the start of it. I started cutting staff members, cowboys, guests and anyone that would let me cut their hair. The satisfaction from people complimenting my haircuts was great. Not a lot of people had ever walked past a light fitting I had just installed and admired it but give someone a decent haircut and it’s a different story. After a few years in the Territory our crew decided to move on, and it was the perfect time for me to pursue my barbering career. I paid a visit to Sam Squires (@samthebarberman) on the Gold Coast and fell in love with the place. With a bit of advice, I moved to Cardiff in Wales and attended the Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy (@ thomaslloydbarberingacademy). From the moment I stepped into Lloyds and he gave us our toolset I was hooked. I enjoyed every second of that course tremendously and the more haircuts I completed, the more I enjoyed it. I can’t thank Lloyd enough for his training which has given his students amazing knowledge and a solid base to build on to be great barbers. He’s a legend of a bloke too. I finished at Lloyds and got the opportunity to work with one of my best mates Sam Squires at Backbone Barbershop (@backbonebarbershop) in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. In those 2 years I have soaked up as much info as possible from Sam and other barbers along the way and we have built a strong clientele. With the hiring of an eager and very talented apprentice, Ronan (@barber_ronan), and the legend Dayne (@db_barber), space became an issue and work started on a second location in Miami, Gold Coast. In September of 2020 Backbone Barbershop Miami (@ backbonebarbershopmiami) opened and now we have the task of building the shop up to be as thriving as the Currumbin location. The Miami store has plenty of space, so this year we are looking to do much more education through an academy (@backbonebarberacademy) and in April I will be hosting an Industry Friendly Barber Education Demo. In December I got the amazing news that I was to be a Wahl Australian ambassador for 2021. I’ve always used Wahl since the start and love their products. This is an amazing opportunity I’ve been given, not only to get a bit more recognition in the industry but perhaps one day to be part of the Wahl education team which is a massive goal of mine. It’s been a massive 2 years since I started this journey and hopefully my progression stays at this pace for the years to follow. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. @seanhayesbarber 18 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


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Cool & Contemporary Craftsmen

We put four Barbers, their shops and the products they use in the Spotlight!


OWNERS: Matt Newall & Nick Rehmann LOCATION: Gawler, South Australia


Our first site has been open since the 26th September 2020. We currently have 6 staff not including the owner with 30 + year’s experience. Our demographic is pretty broad. We have toddlers all the way through to seniors and female clientele as well. Our aim is to cater for all. Lagers and Barbers offer all style cuts, skin fades, clipper cuts, beard grooming, children’s cuts and wedding packages. Owners Matt and Nick say, “We want to offer a service unlike any other…a service where father and son can come in together, dad grabs a beer and his sons gets a pop top and lollipop. Lagers and Barbers is about family and providing those special bonding moments between father and son.” The vision of Lagers and Barbers is simple, come for a haircut, have a drink on us. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re taking. If you’ve had a long day at work and need a tidy up, come see us. If you’re going through some stuff in your personal life and want to feel better, come see us. If you’re heading back to work or school and need a tidy up, come see us. We have a broad variety of drinks available including soft drink, water, pop tops and fruit boxes, not to mention beer, cider and spirits too. What makes us different is the size of our stores. We have large stores that can cater for many. We don’t cram huge crowds into small stores, we want your time with us to be an enjoyable/memorable experience. We have up to date music, sports on the tv and a gaming zone for kids as well. WHY YOU DECIDED TO PARTNER WITH MUK HAIRCARE? We partnered with muk Haircare because we believe, hands down, muk provides a broad range of incredible products that are versatile for all different types of hair. Muk also provides value in their products. It’s affordable and caters for a broad demographic of users. FAVOURITE MUK PRODUCT: We love the mr muk range. It is quite popular in our store and is our biggest seller hands down. Our favourite would be the mr muk Strong Hold Gritty Finish Paste. It’s versatile, providing volume, firm hold and amazing styling capabilities where you can rework the hair with grit. WHERE TO, IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS? Lagers and Barbers is growing. We’ve had to increase staff in our first store already and we have our second site opening at Gepps X Home HQ in March 2021. This next site is going to be bigger yet again and we can’t wait. Our aim for the next 5 years is to expand and continue to grow, while providing a comfortable work environment for our staff and a good training ground for upcoming barbers undertaking apprenticeships. SUM UP THE LOVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 4 WORDS: It’s all about community! WEBSITE, IG AND FACEBOOK HANDLES IG @lagersandbarbers FB: lagersandbarbers 20 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


OWNERS: Tony Lordi and Rick Chiarelli LOCATION: 10 Locations around Brisbane, QLD


Established in 1952, Col Nayler Barber Shops have serviced Brisbane gentlemen for over 67 years offering high quality men’s grooming and customer service at premier locations. Col Nayler stands today as Queensland’s leading barber shop incorporating noble traditions and modern appeal. There is no appointment necessary, so come in today to meet our highly qualified and experienced barbers. WHY YOU DECIDED TO PARTNER WITH MUK HAIRCARE? muk Haircare has been a staple in Col Nayler Barber Shops. The products have a good, strong customer following and our barbers enjoy using mr muk on clients because there’s a product for every hair type. FAVOURITE MUK PRODUCT: mr muk Strong Hold Gritty Finish Paste is a crowd favourite. It’s a strong hold reworkable product that most of our barbers and customers enjoy. It suits most hair types and lifestyles. Our customers also love the mr muk Thickening & Texturising Shampoo. It keeps hair looking full and texturised giving you a great foundation for styling products. WHERE TO, IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS? We will continue satisfying our loyal customers with all aspects of barbering while expanding to the right locations. We are joining the iconic suburb of West End with a signature shop at West Village this May 2021. SUM UP THE LOVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 4 WORDS: Satisfying our loyal customers WEBSITE, IG AND FACEBOOK HANDLES www.colnaylerbarber.com IG: @colnaylerbarber


OWNERS: Moe and Bill Hammoud LOCATION: 15 locations around NSW


It’s a family affair at Moe & Co, with the stylish salon first established by siblings Moe (who has been in the industry since the age of 18) and Bill - the head of Barbering at Petersham TAFE and The Australasian College of Health & Beauty, in 2014. With a growing number of franchises regularly opening up across NSW (including the Sydney CBD and uber-funky Inner west locations such as Tramsheds), these barber brothers have worked hard to build a unique brand that positions them as some of Sydney’s best. Moe & Co keep their customers happy by providing a range of services for gents including haircuts, colour, keratin, straightening, beard trims and treatments. They even offer a Men’s Loyalty Card Program to reward repeat visitors with special deals and free haircuts! With a relaxed environment (no appointments are necessary and walk-ins always welcome) and a passionate and professional team trained in trends and techniques, you’ll be sure to end up on the best-tressed list after a trip to Moe & Co. WHY YOU DECIDED TO PARTNER WITH MUK HAIRCARE? We love working with a small family company that has passion, vision and drive and is always innovating. We believe muk Haircare to be the best haircare company in Australia. FAVOURITE MUK PRODUCT: Moe and I love the Filthy muk Styling Paste which is a firm hold styling paste. It’s easy to apply, creates a flexible, gritty texture and smells great. WHERE TO, IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS? Our focus in the next five years is to educate young and upcoming men’s hairdressers and barbers. Not only in the craft of hairdressing and barbering, but everything else they need to know about running a barber shop and being the best version of themselves. How to be self-confident, presentation, hygiene in the salon etc. We want to empower them with knowledge in hairdressing and business. We also look forward to visiting regional Australia as well, offering the same opportunities in education. SUM UP THE LOVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 4 WORDS: Passion, education, drive, happiness WEBSITE, IG AND FACEBOOK HANDLES www.moeandco.com.au IG: @moeandco.official FB: moeandco.official

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OWNERS: Jayden Shirley and Heath Flint LOCATION: Taylors Lakes, Victoria


Grindstone Barbers Watergarden, is one of a number of bustling Barbershops in the Grindstone family, scattered throughout Melbourne. Grindstone Barbers specialise in cutting and styling men’s hair, beard grooming, cut throat face and head shaves, all delivered by experienced barbers. Grindstone Watergardens opened its doors on September 1, 2017 and has been booming ever since. This bustling barber shop, located in Watergardens Shopping Centre, consists of 6 chairs, with a strong team of 7 barbers, who are extremely friendly and technically brilliant. Everyone and anyone is welcome at Grindstone, including females with shorter styles, looking for a different experience and great haircut. We have a female barber who helps cater to this market. Our demographic is everyone and anyone. Located in a shopping centre, means we see dads and their kids, businessmen, teenagers and older clientele looking for a great haircut and friendly experience. So, in any one day we could see a 6-month old to a 90-year-old, all receiving the same service.

WHY YOU DECIDED TO PARTNER WITH MUK HAIRCARE? We decided to partner with muk Haircare due to the awesome range of products and it’s hard to find a company with an all-round great range that comes with stylish packaging. I had also been a muk user in the past and missed using the range so much, I decided to put the range in Grindstone and fell in love with mr muk. I love the cool, contemporary packaging and range it offers with a great smell. FAVOURITE MUK PRODUCT: I love the mr muk Strong Hold Gritty Finish Paste. It gives amazing texture, can be reworked and shaped easily and lasts all day. And it smells fantastic. It’s really hard to find men’s styling products today that can achieve all of this and you are happy with the end result all the time. WHERE TO, IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS? There are currently 13 Grindstone locations across Melbourne with a 14th store opening in Caroline Springs. Caroline Springs will be located as part of an apartment complex, offering residents a unique experience at their doorstep. Over the next 5 years, the group looks to open another 3-4 barbershops and expand its business offering. SUM UP THE LOVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 4 WORDS: Friendship, talent, growth, pride. WEBSITE, IG AND FACEBOOK HANDLES: www.grindstonebarbers.com IG: @grindstone_wg FB: GrindstoneBarbers-Watergardens

22 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


Introducing mr muk, a sculptural collection of authentic grooming products that blend craftsmanship with performance.


Want to know more? Call 1300 768 264 www.mukhair.com


I Love You

With Sofie Pok AKA Staygold

“As we grow up, sometimes we are told to stay on one path, but with all the access we have in the world today, why limit yourself?” - SOFIE POK

24 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

We all know how hard these last few months have been in America and for most, the lockdowns and heavy restrictions would make it near impossible to do your normal routine or anything that resembled it. What do you do when your creative sprits refuse to be put on hold? You pivot, adapt and be diverse, channelling your creativity into something you can do under the circumstances. For our US Correspondent Sofie Pok AKA Staygold this means dropping a new project, a fashion line. We spoke to Sofie about this new love! Tell us about the inspirations behind the range/how you would describe it: “I Love You” capsule was my first collection drop! This draws influence from the 1980s, an era when magazine ads and classic allAmerican media marketing focused on lifestyle, travel, business and beauty. “I Love You” is the mantra I live by. Love is present in everything we do. In the form of intention, obsession and acceptance, taglines like “Dreams Come True,” “Sofie Wuz Here,” and “Staygold Select” represent the calculated elevation of the brand, Staygold LA. “I Love You” is my encouragement to give with intention and unlock the power that lies within. Did you collab with designer? I collaborated with The Lab Studios. They’re a training house for creatives but also their artist development department helped bring the vision to life. One thing you’ve mentioned in our conversations is that with lockdown you have been able to hone more of your creativity in other areas like your photography. What was it like being able to conceptualize a clothing range, design that, style and execute the marketing campaign by being the photographer as well…. It was an amazing experience to trial and error this campaign by shooting and being in it. It actually taught me a lot about the execution and preparation process. Most key thing is knowing you have a team of people to back you up the whole process. My gosh how important it is to capture and document our journey because you never know who it can inspire by you just simply being you doing what you love. You don’t believe creatives should stay pinned down to one discipline as such, can you please expand on that…. There’s a weird stigma that we are supposed 25 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

to stick to one thing but living in the day and age we do; it’s just not seizing the opportunity to do more. With everything being so saturated, I’m starting to notice a need for multi-skilled people. For example, when I was shooting with Usher. They loved my creativity for photography, videography, and my understanding of different social media pages. Having many interests in definitely not a bad thing and I highly encourage everyone to follow theirs! You just never know where it takes you. Let’s talk hair, with the state of the world right now and different regions allowing different things at different times, STMNT has been postponed here in Australia at least for the minute (Stay tuned readers for the Drop!), but that has given you a little time to get some feedback about how it’s been received in the States by Barbers and by the general public…your end users. Share some of that excitement! WOW. The timing of dropping during a pandemic felt crazy but we are so happy to have done what we did. The feedback has been incredible from hairstylist, barbers, and end consumers! People feel connected to our personal stories and that has helped us build a strong brand identity You mix that up with great performance, scent, & customization, it literally is fit for all walks of life. Keep in mind this is a grooming brand and not a “men’s” grooming line because of the importance that women also love going to barbershops and buying product that doesn’t always smell so masculine for them. We have very well-balanced events that you’ll notice right away. First impressions are important! Has developing these different creative skills, clothing design, product design and photography changed the way you look at your hair work or creative approach to hair? Totally yes. It’s opened my eyes to expanding my craft as far as it can take me. 2020 was a year of reflection and appreciation and I’ve been going extra hard ever since. How will we be our best if we’re not truly giving our all every day. Life is short and I want to make the best of every moment I get. @staygold31 @stmntgrooming Sofie Pok AKA StayGold is a BaBalyliss International Educator and Signature Series Artist. Sofie is the American Barber of the Year 2019 USA Influencer Awards and BarberCon Female Barber of the Year 2017 and 2018.




These two don’t need any introduction, they are modem day icons that for many, have set the bar for Barbering standards, as we know them today, worldwide. BarberShop is proud to announce our new correspondents for Europe that we will be following for the next 12 months are none other than LION BERGMAN AKA LEEN and Robert JAN RIETVELD AKA BERTUS


SHOP: SCHOREM, Rotterdam, Netherlands School: The Old School Barber Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands Range: Reuzel, 90 Counties and Counting. In the first of our 4-part series with our new correspondents its customary I open with a get-to-know-you piece. Seeing how most of you will already know these boys, we talk about their 10 years anniversary and a little history, I try and dig a little deeper, and perhaps, we get to know them a little better.

LET’S MEET LEEN AND BERTUS… Guy’s, an amazing journey for you both, please tell us a little about your shared history, I know you have known each other a long time. We met on a beautiful sun-touched day in March back in 95, the air was thick of the smell of blossoming flowers as it was thick of LOVE… And oh my, is there really a better word to describe that moment that would change the lives of the two hormone-filled boys that would become known to the world as Leen and Bertus. One look at each other and they knew they were bound for great things to happen, terrible things sometimes but great anyway! What ACTUALLY happened was me walking into a salon that was owned by the then 16 years (Yes, you read that right) old Leen and his brother looking for a job because I just moved into town because of a certain lady (Looking back, most reasons for pretty much everything involved certain ladies). Unfortunately, they didn’t have a vacant spot but somehow Leen and I DID fall in love that day and it was the beginning of a 31year friendship. I stayed that day for over five hours and I can’t remember having laughed louder ever before. It would take too much time to tell our whole history, we’ve been through a lot (there’s a book called Schorem you can read with a lot of juicy stories but you’ll have to learn Dutch!) but what it comes down to is that we’re still together, little bit older, not too much wiser but still laughing no matter how bad shit gets, everybody should have had a friendship like ours in life, it’s what makes life worth living. Take us back 10 years to when you had the idea for Schorem and decided to action that together, memories of the first day. Hmmmm…. I solemnly swear I have NO MEMORIES of our first day because of the quite legendary party we threw the night before! The idea of

26 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

“Education is the foundation of every craft and every craft should be cherished for generations to come -Bertus Schorem however is wayyyy older than 10 years. It’s (like many of “better” ideas) a joke that got out of hand! I guess it started when we saw Coming to America for the very first time, the scene where Eddie Murphy walks into a barbershop to get the royal braid removed (by Eddie Murphy.) It might be a comedy act, but I personally think that that scene is the epitome of barbershop culture.To walk in and be a part of the conversation no matter if they know your name or not. Leen and I used to joke that we wanted to end like that, wearing white aprons bitching about EVERYTHING, two grumpy old farts, with equally grumpy patrons busting each other’s balls. I think we did a pretty good job! Tell us about the early years and how you navigated through those years, building on the flow of the success you were enjoying along the way. How did you keep steering in the right direction when the car was going so fast? Interesting question, did we really steer in the right direction? I think we nearly crashed the goddamn car several times haha! Success can be a dingy counsellor and you don’t always realise how fast the car is going when you’re inside of it. Many people probably don’t realise that Schorem almost went broke in the first three months. There were many days we didn’t have a patron, probably scared of the whole men-only, only classic cuts, punkrock attitude. You’ve got to understand that although it may have become somewhat of a standard, 10 years ago “hairdressers” did not have tattooed hands and faces, beards, moustaches or wore three piece suits to work. It took a while before we became cool instead of “dressed up puffs” For us it was just combining the styles were into, rock ‘n’ roll, punkrock, skateboarding with barbershop history we got from books and the internet. I guess we did some pretty smart marketing though, especially though Facebook which was quite new back then, posting photos of our haircuts and after a while it got busier and busier till things got completely mental after we went on Dutch television with waiting times up to 10 hours EVERY DAY. People were coming from all over the country and even all over the world after a while. Leen and I started travelling and only then we realised how big it had really grown. It was awesome but also a bit crazy, I think the thing that kept us on the track is the love for the haircuts, we NEVER gave in on quality, we trained our team harder and harder teaching them to never aim to be the best but always try to give their best. Rather than open more shops, you guys opted to open a school and educate, through means not only of the school, but extensive travel doing seminars and instructional videos etc. (This has led to much more in the educational arena over the years.) Effectively, training 100’s of 1000’s of barbers, you have given the global Barber community skill sets that have lifted the level of service and quality of work in Barber Shops, from the smallest towns to the biggest cities in the world, forever. Did you dream you would have that effect and influence? and why does giving back, mean so much? We couldn’t have dreamt any of this. We never expected Schorem to become as big as it got, after all it was just two friends opening a shop to have some fun and throw out a couple of haircuts. Basically, we created the place WE would want to go to if we hadn’t been barbers ourselves. Education is the foundation of every craft and every craft should be cherished for generations to come. When we started our shop the quality of men’s hair was not as high as it should or could be, sometimes because of quantity over quality, sometimes because in male clients were considered less important but more often because of lack of skills, we were on a mission to change that, we wanted to educate our patrons, show them how good they could actually look (You’d be amazed how many guys believed they could only have the haircut they had for the last 10 years.) I’m not saying we changed the standards, but I certainly hoped we were a small part of it. One reason we love barbering is because it’s so technical, and technique is something that can be learned and perfected au contraire to creativity which is a gift.


Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

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We grew up in the pre-internet days of course, I remember Leen and myself having 3 VHS tapes from Vidal Sassoon that we must have watched 1000’s of times. I also remember the skateboarding VHS tapes that I treasured. It’s a bit of a weird thing, I kinda envy the kids nowadays with all the YouTube and Instagram videos, all the information that’s out there, I must have watched Liam Finnigan and Farzad’s shaving videos even more times than the VHS tapes that eventually wore down. HOWEVER, I wish those same kids knew the excitement of a new video, running to the mailbox knowing you were going to learn something new. I know I will never forget that feeling and it’s exactly that enthusiasm that makes me love being an educator so much, knowing I have something that is going to broaden their mind and inspire them, for me that’s is the most humble and rewarding job in the world. I will always be a student and a teacher When did Reuzel become an idea and that idea become a reality? Hahahaha, Reuzel started as a joke too, we thought it would be hilarious to have a pomade called Reuzel which means lard (it’s pretty funny in Dutch, we never expected it to be sold in over 90 countries worldwide) People told us nobody would ever go to a shop called SCHOREM (which roughly translates as Scumbags) and we proved them wrong, somehow that gave us the confidence to create REUZEL. We wanted to create the best grooming product in the world, made by barbers to be used by (gentle)men worldwide. I actually was so naïve to think I could brew it myself so REUZEL literally started in the kitchen of Schorem but it was only after we met our American partners when it became a reality. For me it will always be the product that started in a basement though and those D.I.Y. roots, that whole “learn three chords and start a band” ethos make it what it is today. How much fun has this been, doing this with your best friend? Rob: “I love Leen” Leen: “Who’s Rob??!!!” How did you celebrate the anniversary? Well, honestly, it SUCKED!!! Because of the whole Covid situation we weren’t allowed to throw the huge party we planned for all of our friends at home and around the world. We threw a little online party though inviting some of our most rocking friends to do a live-feed festival which was incredible, it was SO GOOD to hear some live music again after more than a year, even though the crowd was just the two of us. I know a lot of you will be craving some barber words of wisdom and believe me, you will be more than satisfied over the next 3 issues as we follow the boys, but for now, let me share a quote and some food for thought.


@schorembarbier @theoldschoolacademy @the_bloddy_butcher


Favourite Destination in the World: Tuscany (Italy) Favourite Food: Everything Remco has ever cooked, he now owns a restaurant called ‘Bar Berta’ in Rotterdam Favourite Movie: Scent of a woman. All Pacino’s speech at the end is not from this world. What are you listening to? So much, but ‘Fish’ and ‘Willy DeVille’ are always on my list. What are you reading? Keith Richards- Life What are you watching? Lupin, a French series on Netflix


Favourite Destination in the World: Japan Favourite Food: Everything cruelty free/plant based Favourite Movie: Everything by The Coen Brothers What are you listening to? TEN by Pearl Jam but I have a VERY diverse taste in music. What are you reading? A Clockwork Orange What are you watching? The Kingdom (Korean zombies)

28 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Havana GOLD Barber Chair code: 43349


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A Deep Dive into the World of ASH WELLER

We catch up with this HotShot winner and multi-faceted creative talent, at a very precarious time. Still, his grounded nature gives you the impression everything will be OK, and just at a time when most creatives would perhaps give up, Ash finds another way to channel his artistic urges. This seems to be a recurring theme this issue with our creative contributors, a reflection of their make-up and an indication we are dealing with true artists who will keep creating no matter what. As spectators we don’t have to fully understand, just sit back and receive, enjoy and appreciate their artistic offerings. Right here in the pages of BarberShop, you have the best seats in the house. Take it away Ash… Well… firstly I wanted to congratulate all that have held in there and who have learned to adapt to change and uncertainty, what a year 2020 was had for our industry. Multiple Shutdowns (still shutdowns), client retention changing, especially in barbershops. At the beginning of December, I decided to make the hard decision of leaving my home as they decided to put the rent up and, with how much we lost in revenue last year it just wasn’t feasible anymore, as-well, I know what I needed to do to keep my business and staff afloat. To me, that’s what a business owner is, to know when to pull things in and to be able to change your life to what’s happening in and around the shop. Obviously, I have a lifestyle that can accommodate that, I think that was first step into my new outlook for 2021. Going back 8 years ago, I built myself a camper van where

I was going to take off around Australia to cut hair and travel for a year, living in and working out of the van. I always had a fascination with a mobile home with all your belongings in one small space, but a few things changed that year and then boom! The shop was born! I bought my current van a couple of years into owning the shop and have lived in it here and there as life would change, so when it was time to come, I knew I had to start building my new temp home (van fit out). I spent a month selling\giving away all my household items to be able to fund this project. It’s funny the more I sold and gave away the lighter and more freeing I felt! Thankfully my mate and his dad offered me a space, rent free for a while, whilst I built my off-grid home. They supported me when I needed it, and for that I am forever grateful Much love, Cameron Robb and Andy Robb. For me the pandemic has given me time to slow down. I was forced not to tour (which I miss and think about all my friends America all the time) and it has taught me to embrace every good and bad day/week for what it is, because let’s be real, none of our shops are the same, yeah… we are all busy, but in a much different way, And that’s ok! My one and only goal last year was to keep all staff employed and not needing to lay anyone off, I would hate if I had to! It was a team effort on all parts, feel very blessed!

30 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


“True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply, 
that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being part of something and standing alone in the concrete wilderness.” This collection, I have been writing and shooting images of work for, for a few years now, and is actually a big project of mine. This project does not have an expiry date! It’s not just any ordinary shoot. This project was created as a way for me to express myself through the shoot, as I feel for how I want to express my creativity in the theme of this shoot. Females offer something very different when it comes to make up and clothing and I guess being brought up by females, it feels the most natural to me , while taping into people who I have had a past with, that they want to reveal something to the world and overcome perhaps….. there had to be a female in this shoot for it to work for me. It says, don’t be scared of putting it out there and owning the life you’ve experienced. A creative way to show vulnerability, judgment, broken down by society and then rebuild by standing up to it. This last shoot was supper unreal and crazy experience, gave me shivers down my spine and even gave me tears behind the camera! Very powerful for all involved and left my colleague speechless which I’ve never seen! haha Heavy I know... but this is me, RAW... everything black and white, here to express people’s stories through art and fashion, as I really feel a photo is the best way to express emotion when done it the right way We are hoping to name this ongoing project one day, get it filmed as it was so amazing, and would love to share that experience with you all.


Another big thing I wanted to share was my return to my roots and going back to the salon 1 day a week to up-skill my female hairdressing and colour techniques! I’m so happy to be going back to how my whole career started, it’s a big part of who I am and feel I need to keep those skills up to date. I believe in order to make your business grow to the next level you have to be eager to learn/reinvent and keep that team inspired and learning new techniques. There’s going to be a lot of change this year and I’m ready!

HOTSHOT HOUSE Ahh man! I can’t wait to get over there, to the hotshot’s house and create and get inspired by all other winners! It still blows my mind that I get to experience these rewards, I know it’s been super tricky with Covid, but they’ve been amazing at keeping in contact with us through it all. Thank you, team Mocha!! And Thank you readers. Much love, Ash Weller @bornbarbers_collective @wellers_space To enter the 2021 HOT SHOTS Comp go to www.australianhairindustryawards.com.au 31 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


This is the second in our series where we find a Barber who has excelled from the get-go straight out of Barber School. In this issue we meet Tim Miller who changed careers dramatically, went to Barber School, nailed a great job and went Back to Barber School…to Teach!!

TAFE NSW alumnus, Timothy Miller’s love for barbering started with him experimenting on friends and family using a pair of Kmart Clippers. Mr Miller was working as a structural draftsman at an engineering firm in Sydney, when he realised his heart wasn’t in the job. He had been cutting hair on the side and decided it was time to turn his passion into a career by studying barbering at TAFE NSW Granville. “I started off with simple haircuts on my brother which, with time and practice, developed into more complex cuts on friends and then paying customers. I realised then that I had found my passion and needed to turn it into a career, which saw me enrol in the Statement of Attainment in Barbering to upskill. “The hands-on skills I learnt at TAFE NSW provided me with an incredible foundation in my barbering skills that I use every day. I remember showing off my self-taught skills at TAFE NSW, only

to learn that I was holding the clippers incorrectly.” “I committed to one day a week away from my job to complete the course, and as I continued my nine to five job as a structural draftsman, my passion for barbering grew, making my current work become less and less fulfilling.” said Mr Miller. After a weekend away in the Blue Mountains, Mr Miller jumped online to find a job in the area. Almost immediately a job popped up looking for a barber and shop manager to start up a premium barbershop in Lithgow. “I pulled together my CV, cover letter and some of my barbering work, and after two months of planning I handed in my resignation and moved to Lithgow. “Before I knew it, I was on the shop floor cutting hair from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm with my wife, Sarah, serving coffee and managing the administration for the business.” said Mr Miller.

32 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

“Name a trade that you can fit in a backpack and take with you all around the world!” - Tim Miller In 2018 Mr Miller went back to TAFE NSW Granville further develop his skills by completing the Certificate III in Barbering. “I was able to complete the course within three to four months, as I gained credit for subjects that I had completed in my previous TAFE NSW course, and recognition for the skills I was able to demonstrate through my management position at the barber shop.” 4.5 years on Tough Grind Barbers employs six barbers. “Our barbershop is a warm, friendly and inclusive environment, where people come not just for a haircut and a coffee but for a friendly conversation. “We take our trade very seriously and, thanks to the experience we’ve received from TAFE NSW, have high standards for our work at all times.” said Mr Miller.


I began teaching cert 3 in barbering in July 2020. Despite Covid-19, we were able to have face to face classes with a small group of students. I am absolutely loving the teaching, and the opportunity to pass on and even learn new skills from budding barbers. This year I have 3 classes of barbering students.


I attended my original course (statement of attainment in Men’s Barbering) with a number of guys like me, who were looking to change careers and become barbers. These guys were all leaving office jobs, construction and service jobs in search of a job more aligned to their values, and a desire to have a social and interactive job. Barbering is a job where you have opportunities every day to make someone’s day better; that’s pretty awesome.


I would love to know the stats on that. Name a trade that you can fit in a backpack and take with you all around the world! I’ve cut hair in Vietnam and Thailand on trips, I just threw my gear in my pack next to my boardies. I think Barbering attracts those who are relational and social. The Barbering course can be completed in 12-18 months depending on the learner’s abilities, which allows a person to upskill and be in the industry faster than other trades, (but like all trades, the skills take time to develop into a craft).


I wanted to do for others what they did for me, train other barbers entering or improving their skills in the industry. I loved my time as a student at Granville TAFE, and am so grateful to the teachers that corrected, grew and honed my skills as I studied. I knew I had to change industries... My best mate Steve called me out one day when we were catching up for a coffee... “Tim you’re not happy man”. He called it! I knew I needed to make a change, and I needed to ditch the office job and go and do something where I could talk with people as part of my job. I love meeting new people and doing life with my clients. I often get as much joy out of the time as they do. @toughgrindbarbers

33 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Teerapon Pearaponwiput AKA SUNSHINE Collette Saunders founder of Australian Female Barbers had the brilliant idea of holding a competition for Australia’s Barberette’s by way of submissions of images of their work. These images were to be taken by the Barber, in the chair or in the shop, real, raw and unfiltered. Everyone had the same brief 2 models, 3 shots each, one front on, one side on and one from behind, the results exposed …pure talent!! Congratulations to everyone involved and especially the winner Sunshine Teerapon Pearaponwiput AKA Sunshine who we had the pleasure of interviewing and featuring this issue as part of her swag of prizes.


I have been barbering for about 7 years now. It all started in Bangkok, Thailand, where my mum used to work as a hairdresser. I used to try cutting my brother’s hair, but it turns out I had unleashed a mess upon his head. Since then, I have always had this feeling that I wanted to prove myself when it comes to barbering. Time passed by until I graduated from university and worked as a Creative at the radio station in Thailand and then I decided to take barbering seriously. I asked my mum to teach me how, but she told me to attend a specialist school for proper training and simply come to her if I had any questions. In 2013, I attended a barber course taught by a government-funded vocational school that offers free lessons. I eagerly attended the class every weekend and always asked my friends and colleague for a chance to practice. I started offering my services as a part-time job for new clients, while I was working full-time in an advertising agency. I decided to follow my passion to become a full time barber like my mum in 2016. I’m currently working at Another Man Barber & Shop at Caulfield North and Queen Victoria Market. I have been working for a little more than a year; and even though it is not my own barbershop, we work together as a family.


“If I can improve myself every day, I am confident that every day will be a better day.”

I was so happy that I could not stop myself from crying. Coincidentally, the result was announced exactly on my birthday. To me, it was like a dream come true; it was the best birthday present of my entire life. This competition means a lot to me because sadly my family did not support my decision to become a barber in Thailand. So, I moved to Australia to pursue my passion. Winning this award is the best way to prove to my family that I am serious about being a barber. It is what I love, and it is what I am passionate about. I found that being a barber while being a woman of Asian background is difficult. There can be so many limitations at work where people often do not believe that I can be and am a good barber. This award is the best affirmation I could display to prove my skills and dispel any doubts about me. I am so happy and proud to be the first Thai person to win this award. I have received so much goodwill and friendship from both domestic and international fellow barbers. I am so very grateful to have been part of this competition and community.


My submission is inspired by the 2 styles that I personally love: the modern hairstyle and the classic hairstyle. The first submission is what I would call a Crop, textured with mullet hairstyle. I love the mullet because I think it exudes such a sense of Australia and felt that it would combine very well with the Crop Textured style that I like. I thought that if I can pull this fusion off, it will be a masterpiece that can showcase a multitude of skills within a single haircut, namely, scissors clipping, fade cut with a trimmer, and razor texturising. I was also lucky that my model has very thick black hair, which is very suitable for a razor cut since it accentuates his hair’s beauty even more. The other submission is called a Medium Skin fade with Side Part hairstyle. I wanted this second piece to be completely different from the first one. The first piece is modern in style; I tried to return to classic and simple, yet cool and elegant. This is an iconic hairstyle that never gets old, where I can truly showcase my fading skill.


The first person I cannot forget to mention is my mother. She is the person who sparked my interest in becoming a barber. I also personally love Charlie Grey from Hair in Motion, as he inspired me to be the barber I am today. There are also many internationally renowned barbers that I draw inspirations from such as Josh Lamonaca, Menspire Educator, Josh O-Meara-Patel(Barberjosh OP), Alan Beak, Robert-Jan Rietveld (Schorem Barber), Hayden Cassidy, Tori Gill, just to name a few. Everyone really drives me to become better at what I do.


I find it difficult to describe my style in a singular term. I like to mix and match several styles while also trying out new ones. I love all the styles, so I combine them all to create my own unique blend of technique.


Honestly speaking, 5 years is a very long time into the future. I want to make today the best I can. I want to improve myself every day, learn all there is to know about barbering and hairstyling. I want to understand more, learn how to tackle challenges and be the best I can be. If I can improve myself every day, I am confident that every day will be a better day. Could you imagine that in the next 5 years? How amazing it would be by then?! I am very excited to see myself in the next 5 years as well! I am sure it will be a bright future ahead! Instagram: @sunshinesmileyhappyface Facebook: Sunshine Smiley Happy Face Website: www.sunshinesmileyhappyface.com Workplace: Another Man Barber & Shop Caulfield North 162 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North 3161 Another Man Barber & Shop Queen Victoria Market513 Queen St Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 3000 www.anothermanbarber.com Special mention must also go to:2nd Place Winner: Salma Spahic @salmaslays.fades 3rd Place Winner: Stephanie Siljanovski @hairbystephanie.s

Letter To My Younger Self

Steve Salecich Hmm, what would I tell a young Steve Salecich who was about to embark on a barbering career, mate get back to school get your HSC and get a banking job! No just joking how boring would that be? I think I have been blessed with my career which is coming up to 35 years, and I have been so fortunate to have worked under some of the most influential hairdressers Australia has produced. So, it’s not so much as to what I would tell myself because I was always eager to learn and get involved. Education was the catalyst to my career, I still remember those training nights that were long and arduous, you were tired and hungry wanting to go home but you hung in there and made it happen. I still love teaching to this day and passing on my wealth of knowledge to young inspiring barbers. I think sometimes I could be a little harder and less trusting in some of my decisions but hey that would have changed my personality too much, and I really think I haven’t made to many mistakes. It’s funny, I have been burned by a few barbers over the years who I have taught and given them opportunities, looked after them like they are one of my own, only for them to lie, steal and then profess to go and start their own businesses. But hey I am still proud of the fact that I have given them the skills to be able to do it. They are the ones that must live with their decisions. I don’t really know what else I would tell myself, because a lot of the time I wouldn’t change anything that I have gone through, and like I say a lot of times to young barbers, I like it when they make mistakes because that’s when you can show them their error, correct them, and that’s when it gets in. I think I’m the luckiest guy out there because I have chosen one of the most enjoyable career paths one could pick, first it shows off your artistic flare and where else can you get a fix like that with every client. Then chatting to clients all day learning new and obscure things. Loads of laughs, great banter, what fun. Let’s do it again! @grandroyalbarbers



3 comb



ts I N









80 minute run time Powerful 7000 rpm Rotary Motor Premium Carbon Steel Blades DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE

American Barber Haircare


(03) 9555 1533 | sales@muimports.com.au | www.muimports.com.au | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia


You may have seen her amazing images on insta, Pati’s work is pioneering and ground-breaking to say the least. Her attention to detail is on point, and the love for what she does is evident by the joy you can see in her face and the light in her eyes when she is looking at her client mentally preparing one of her out-of-this-world designs….you can’t fake this sort of passion and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by her peers. Pati won the 2020 Up Coming Barber of the Year Award at BarberCon!!

38 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

LET’S MEET PATRICIA PLYMIRE…. Are you Texas born and bred? Please tell us about your upbringing. Yes, I was born in Dallas, Texas but have lived in several different states and was raised in Mexico. I moved back to Texas right before I turned 14. I’ve lived in Austin for 15 years.

3 tips for aspiring braiders 1. Take care of your body. Stretch, get massages, acupuncture and all the preventative measures. (Your body and mind will thank you later.) 2. Take your time and remember details are essential. 3. Stay consistent, nothing was built overnight, learn, practice and learn some more.

When did you start doing hair and braids? I used to try to braid anyone who let me from the age of 6. I would practice of my doll or any friends that would sit still. When did you start Barbering? What inspires you to Barber over women’s hairdressing? I’ve had my barbers license for almost 6 years and cosmo licensed for almost 8. I’m dual licensed but I really enjoy the art of fading and braiding, it calms and soothes me. Your work is so unique, where do you draw your inspirations from and design ideas? I find inspiration in patterns and textures, pictures, colours, feelings, almost anything. I just let what’s in my mind project into my fingers and that’s how most of my freestyles are created.

Rob the Original Loving his Braids!!

I see you have a very busy education schedule, please tell us about that. I think education is really important, it allows growth and growth is elevation. We never stop learning and I feel like I learn in teaching. I want to be able to spread as much love and light through my craft because I feel like that’s part of my purpose. And we need to help uplift one another. We have to keep growing otherwise we become stagnant. BarberCon-NYC Awards 2020, Up-Coming Barber of the Year Congratulations!! It was such a dope feeling getting that award! I’m so grateful for it, and to Lee for seeing my growth and reciprocating my energy. I can’t wait for Barbercon Austin and well, all of them. Please tell us about the companies you are an Ambassador for, @schedulicity and @stlyefactor_edge Schedulicity has been such an amazing family to me. I’m so grateful for the love and support. The booking app helps me stay grounded and in control of my daily schedule. It makes my life so much easier and helps me stay consistent and connected to my clients. My go to product is always Style Factor Edge Booster. They have so many pomades, they have fitting foam, a heat protectant, and so much more. They are also my second family and are very focused in growth and education as well. It’s all about loving and uplifting one another, love and light. @queenofthesouth512 39 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Rhapsody by CarTe

Team CarTe from Norway Barber: Terje Leivseth Styling: Caroline Sund Photographer: Sofie Sund Blonde model: Olander Red hair model: Jonas Dark hair model: Imanol Instagram: @carte007 & @terje1973

by Matt Clarke

Modern vs Rockers

Hair: Matt Clarke Photographer: Vuk Bortnik. Models: Ethan Dormain, Matthew Jackson, Jonothan Lukin and Harry Bauman.

Welcome to the new members of the REUZEL Family

Beard Wash, Refresh and Beard Serum REFRESH

Emergency shower in a bottle! No need for a shower or sink, Refresh is a rinse less shampoo to freshen the beard. For Barbers and stylists – “Wash” your clients’ beard in the chair with Refresh first before doing a beard trim as a service add on. Apply 1-2 pumps of REFRESH to dry beard to freshen, comb through for a clean and soft beard. Key ingredients: Calendula Extract (hydrating). Shea Butter (promotes strong antioxidant activity). Apricot Oil (moisturizing, non-comedogenic “An essential! I use in my daily morning routine. Always feeling refreshed after using it.” Don De Sanctis


Perfect blend of moisturizers for a weightless serum that will not weigh the beard down leaving it with a natural, non-greasy finish. Can also be used as an excellent shaving oil. Apply 2-3 drops of Beard Serum to soften & tame beard, while hydrating the skin underneath. Key ingredients: Argan Oil (Omega 9 fatty acids to repair and promote strength, softening). Vitamin E (antioxidant). Calendula Extract (hydrating). Shea Butter (promotes strong antioxidant activity). Apricot Oil (moisturizing, noncomedogenic) “2 in 1 product! Great tamer for the longer beards and so soothing for the skin when irritated.” Don De Sanctis


Creamy conditioning cleansing wash for the beard and face. Gently removes residue and oil while cleansing and moisturizing the beard and skin underneath. Apply a small amount of Beard Wash to wet hands and massage into facial hair and skin. Lather and rinse thoroughly. Key ingredients: Calendula Extract (hydrating). Shea Butter (promotes strong antioxidant activity). Apricot Oil (moisturizing, non-comedogenic) “So handy and quick for someone who is always on the go, like me! Great smell and feels refreshing. Highly recommend.” Don De Sanctis

To be c ome a RE UZ E L s to c k i s t c o n ta c t T h e Ba r b i e r e C o m p a n y 1 3 0 0 8 3 3 9 8 3 | sales@ barbiereco.com | b a r b i e r e c o . c o m . a u | @t h e b a r b i e r e com pany


6 BENEFITS OF USING BEARD OIL Many beardsmen understand the benefits of using beard oil regularly. Whether it’s to moisturise, style, or soothe - this essential beard product can keep our whiskers looking and feeling their very best. For those blokes still on the fence, perhaps these 6 benefits of using beard oil will change your mind - check them out below!


Let’s kick things off with the basics - what is beard oil exactly? Beard oil is one of the most popular beard products on the market. Essentially, its used to moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath. The formula typically contains a variety of botanical oils - working to deal with beard conditions like beard-itch, dandruff, and dry skin. Beard oil also helps to improve the appearance of facial hair - providing a softer touch with a shinier finish.


What does beard oil do? Ranging from its moisturising benefits to conditioning effects, here are 6 must-know benefits of using beard oil. 1. Moisturise First and foremost, beard oil is a magnificent moisturiser for our facial hair and the oftenneglected skin beneath. A dose of beard oil will work to hydrate our skin encouraging a much healthier complexion in the process. With a hefty platter of nutrients, beard oil can nurture our skin for a comfortable and healthy beard growth journey. 2. Reduce Itchiness Itchiness is an all-too-common condition for guys growing a full beard - often caused by dry skin wreaking havoc beneath our facial hair. New beard can be especially itchy because tips of recently shaven follicles tend to have sharp ends that rub against the skin as the beard begins to grow out. By regularly hydrating the skin with beard oil, we can kick the dreaded beard-itch to the curb. Not only is this a big relief, but it can also stop the condition from worsening to flaking or dandruff. 3. Softens Beard Hair Not only does beard oil soften and hydrate the skin beneath our beards, but it can also work to condition facial hair. By supplying the hair with an assortment of nutrients, beard oil can help to provide your beard with a much softer touch and healthy lustre - improving the appearance of your beard in the process. 4. Control Flyaway Hairs Beard oil isn’t only great for soothing dry skin, but it can also help to tame fly-away hairs and

give your beard a tidy shape. By softening and conditioning the facial hair, beard oil can help to make the individual strands much easier to manage. With a softer beard, styling it into a neater shape becomes even easier. 5. Smells Great One of the core reasons guys will invest in beard oil is because they smell good! Beard oils tend to be naturally-scented with an assortment of botanical fragrances to improve our beard’s “sniffability”. With such a wide variety of aromas to choose from, finding your perfect scent couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re on the hunt for a deeper, woodsy scent or lighter, citrus notes, there’s a beard oil on the market to suit you. 6. Allows you to grow a longer & healthier beard Ever heard of split ends? Of course you have. But did you know it’s not just a girl thing? The beard is also susceptible to breakage as it gets longer. In fact, for many it can actually be more of a problem than head hair. The reason for this is that the beard hair is thick. About twice as thick as head hair to be exact. The way the body keeps this thick hair healthy is to secrete natural oils from the skin which then wicks it’s way down the shaft to help keep the follicle moisturised so it doesn’t dry out & become brittle (which is what causes split ends). But as your beard gets longer, this natural oil has further to travel. At some point it will be just too far and the ends of the beard will start to dehydrate & break down. By adding a little beard oil to your morning routine you can ensure that the follicles remain hydrated & healthy so they get longer than they would otherwise.


Have these benefits of beard oil got you feeling excited? For those guys ready to get cracking with beard oil, we’ve put together a step-bystep guide for applying the product below: 50 50 Barber Barber Shop Shop YearYear 9 Issue 10 Issue 4 1

1. Start With A Clean Canvas. It’s always best to apply beard oil after a warm shower. At this point, your skin’s pores will be open and ready to absorb the blend. Just be sure you’re applying the oil when your beard is damp, and not overly wet. 2. Apply The Oil To Your Palms. When it comes to applying beard oil, you don’t need an excessive amount - less is more. For a short to medium beard, all you’ll need is a few drops. A big beard however, can absorb a bigger dose of oil. Rub your palms together to warm-up the beard oil and to ensure an even spread throughout your whiskers. 3. Start Massaging. Once you’ve coated your palms and the inside of your fingers, you’ll be ready to apply the beard oil. Start by massaging the skin to ensure you get the roots of your beard. From here, you can begin swiping your palms over your cheeks, neck, chin, and moustache. 4. Finish With A Comb. To spread the blend evenly, it pays to have a beard brush or comb nearby. Run it over your beard until the oil is properly distributed. Start by going up against the grain, then style it back down into your desired shape. With all these beard-loving benefits up for grabs, who wouldn’t want to add a delicious beard oil into their daily routine? If you’re eager to get started with beard oil, be sure to ask your barber about a beard oil that’s suitable for you. Dr Benjamin De Campo


2 Ardena Crt, Bentleigh East

BLOG SPOT. WHAT GOES AROUND with Collette Saunders I love the seventies. I ought to, I was right there. Growing up with the best music, the best cars, the best hair. We were throwing perm on our attitude, it was all about streaks, a shag and a good blow dry. I love that the vibe is back in our cutting today. Longer lengths, layers for curly and straight and the textured edges. Nothing I love more than whipping the scissors and razor out and just moving with the hair. One thing I’m seeing moving back into men’s styling is the perm. Use it for root lift, use it for gentle movement. It’s s making longer top lengths look lived in moving away from the slicked back look that’s been dominating with the skin fades and gives a pomp the pump it needs for extra height and hold. Yep, get ready to dust off the curling rods and if you haven’t learned how to do one yet then there’s your cue. Really excited to mention a lil’ competition I ran in November last year for @australianfemalebarbers . AFBA “Her Shot Aus” was born. An online submission of a 2 Piece Collection shot from the chair or in the shop with no professional photography or artistic enhancement. Read about the 1st place winner with her featured article in the pages of this issue. I am very proud of each and every one who entered. So now that you have had a taste of the competition world, having your work scrutinized, I hope that it will encourage you to have confidence to enter it again this year and go on to larger comps; one in particular this year! The inaugural Australian Modern Barber Awards - AMBA. Showcase your personal collection, and/or product label if you have a business, in this newly created event. This year sees the launch of the AMBA from Mocha Publishing (publishers of barbershop magazine and owners of various hair and beauty award platforms) who have created these awards solely for the barbering industry. Entries open 22 Feb 2021 with an Aug deadline. Winners announced Sept and an awards night in Melbourne in November. There is plenty of time to create your Collection and if you have a business product label then submit it, as this is a newly created entry category bringing

recognition to barbering product specifically. And speaking of labels this time of year is the best time to seek out those newbies and locally Australian made producers of hair and beard product. If there has ever been a time to buy local it’s here and now. Aussies ... support your people!!! I hope that everyone has followed @hairfestival with the debut of the newly formed multi-faceted event and revamped AHIA. New venue at Carriageworks on Queens Birthday weekend with a new look and new vibe is brought together by Australia’s best teams in media and publishing. It’s on 13/14 June in Sydney, and by the time it comes around it’s going to be the biggest thing to happen for us all since mid 2019. Get your email updates at the Hair Festival website www.hair festival.com.au Across the pond our industry is still immobilised by Covid, but that has not stopped the ones that are looked up to in our industry from diversifying and creating brilliant content online. I recently had a conversation with Garry Spence of Great British Barber Bash about the newly formed Barber Club. For a small fee of £5 a week they are presenting the best live tutorials on the Barber Club Facebook account. Basic demos for beginners through to live cutting from the best creatives to get your Inspo on. We’re talking about Leah Hayden-Cassidy, Alan Beak, Ollie Foster, Sean Casey and more. Demos and regular focus on photography, social media, business and many other important industry topics. I’ve discovered a UK based Mag called Zero Gapped Magazine. Noticed it late last year and I love the concept. Recent conversations with the Editor, Ruby, reveals her passion for the gap in our industry for a female focused barbering publication. This Mag is not limited to UK female barbers, but features worldwide. The second edition should be available online as we speak. Check it out and learn about what the ladies are bringing to the table and show our sisters around the world some love! 52 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Meanwhile back on the Island we are seeing some brilliant initiatives in the education sector. The Jack Reed Foundation and it’s 99 New Beginnings Project is seeing some real corners turned. They’ve received some solid support recently from Area Academy in Melbourne, whose launch party was a fundraiser for the Foundation with $3500 raised. Eoin McCarthy and Leigh Windsor are powering on with their “Concept” Courses bringing up to the minute cutting techniques for all sectors of the hair industry and combining future Fundraisers for JRF across Australia in 2021. Danny and Laura Banford @heartsandminds_ barber last year opened their education facility above their 2nd Barbershop in Wyong, Central Coast. Their Modern Barber workshops are pulling in passionate people cementing knowledge in a cool chill vibe atmosphere. Very hands on and accessible to the more regional areas on the Coast. Sam Squires @samthebarberman is about to bring the Gold Coast a new concept with his Backbone Barber Academy. Demos, Workshops, Hairdresser to Barber and Group Training. His skill set is one to be sought after with his UK vibe. Secret Fox Education is offering 50% off your first month to get your 2021 started and get connected. They’ve got the curls covered in Feb, Afros in March and Jamie Furlan and Jake Putan booked for April. Learn from the best right from your phone and bring more than just cutting into your portfolio with colour and braiding demos as well. Well, that’s about it from me for now. I’m reaching my word limit here. So cool to be back and into 2021. Feeling fresh and focused and I hope you are too. Stay up to date, fill up your calendar and let’s make this year one of kicking goals. Collette Saunders @collettecutthroats Founder @australianfemalebarbers @afb_recruit Director @jackreedfoundation






Give a touch of luxury this Christmas

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BLOG SPOT. 20 TAKEAWAYS FROM 2020 with Paul Frasca At the beginning of 2020, we launched our 5th birthday issue of The Green Chair Newspaper (the Sustainable Salons publication we circulate to our member salons) and it seems in that issue, Ewelina and I made a prophecy. I know that’s a big call, but this is what we printed in our Founders message: “Sustainability is a ‘living thing’; the needs under People, Planet and Progress are constantly evolving. So we have to be adaptable, cohesive and brave, three things we think our growing movement aces every day.” A month later, all hell broke loose and the needs of the people, our planet, and the progress of all economies and communities across the globe ‘evolved’ dramatically into something we didn’t see coming. What we believed about our Sustainable Salons members then, couldn’t be more accurate now. Adaptable? Holy shit did they ‘pivot’, and still their eco-actions followed. Cohesive? Our network banded together and gave each other the support and stretchiness we all needed. And brave? When times got rocky, our members did not run from the bigger picture of what the sustainability mission is all about, instead, I actually feel like they became more determined and stubborn in their fight to uphold these values. It’s been incredible to watch. So, on that note, I’ve decided to use this page to celebrate and highlight our 20 takeaways from the strange, hard, interesting, enlightening year that was 2020.


Toilet paper is important to people. Very. Important.


Video may have killed the radio star, but now it’s building businesses (ours included) and connecting families and friends.

#18. To all those who said it would never take

off, the inventor of the QR code is finally saying “I told you so”. Therefore, if you believe that your business is valuable to your community, be relentless, be patient, and stay passionate.


It’s important to stop and celebrate the small wins. No exceptions.


Despite our reputation for being stuck in our ‘paper appointment book’, the hair and beauty industries can successfully operate,

innovate and thrive in a digital world (I lost count of the number of salons I saw with shiny, new online shops and social media tutorials amazing!).


It’s possible for one month to feel like it’s taken a year to pass, and a year to feel like it’s gone by in a month... all at the same time.


Only when all salons can’t open, are the true blondes finally revealed. And box-colour fails reach an all-time high.


The planet CAN be healed. By incorporating new habits like more people working from home, less travel and a focus on local instead of global, we tread lighter on our dear Mama Earth and preserve her valuable resources.


We think we want to live the carefree life (you know, Netflix on the couch every day), but home improvement sales and sourdough photos suggest differently. We’re hard-wired to have purpose.


On the flip-side, we now know that R&R is just as vital.

it also forced space and clarity for fresh, new growth. The struggle was real for so many of us, but we hope that your business, like Sustainable Salons, is emerging with renewed vision and a super exciting horizon!


Fashion will inevitably follow function; nothing is off-limits, even PPE.


Necessity IS the mother of invention… and entrepreneurship and leadership and collaboration. Don’t ignore the signs and just ‘make do’; create what you need.

The urgency for a solution to single-use hygiene products has reached critical levels. BUT, there’s always something we can do to lessen the impact in some small way… maybe it’s choosing the biodegradable option or opting for refillables instead of individuals.




Greeting each other awkwardly is the real new normal. Are we still elbow-bumping? Do we just stand and wave at each other? A smile and a head-nod? I still have no idea.


Mental health is an incredibly significant part of sustainability. We’ve been reminded again that empowering strong communities is about providing for physical needs AND enabling inclusive, meaningful connections. Social distancing, ‘lockdowns’ and cancelled events could be our reality for the foreseeable future, so we must get smarter about reaching out and staying connected.


On that note, we’ve also been reminded that the hair and beauty industries are a powerful resource for human connection and wellbeing. And now our governments know this, too.


Even though it might feel unnatural, adding a ‘positive spin’ to a crisis can be effective. The pandemic brought businesses to a halt, but 54 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Be useful. If it’s not possible for you to do what you’re best at, then just do something useful. This simple concept ticks so many boxes!


It’s okay for the focus between people, planet and profit in sustainability to shift. We’re often preoccupied with thinking the environmental problems should always be our priority, but 2020 forced the entire world to bring public health and economical smarts to the forefront.


Perspective is everything. Even when we might have had a tough run, our communities are still ready to sacrifice what we can for someone doing it tougher. For Christmas, we gifted our members a charity donation on their behalf… we’ve never received so many thank-you notes. Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at www.sustainablesalons.org!


The Success behind Work Life Balance with Don De Sanctis Owner of 14 successful Barber Boys stores, I am constantly driven and passionate about the growth and development of my company. But my success has not come easy, while managing over 14 stores with 40+ employees, I am also a devoted husband and father to 3 beautiful children. My brain is relentlessly thinking how to be successful but more importantly happy when it comes to work life balance. To reach your goals successfully; you need to identify and skilfully balance your career and personal life. I have come to the realisation to maximise efficiency and overall potential in life you need to manage the following…


Poor time management is one of the most common causes of an unbalanced life. Unable to dedicate enough time, not just with work and family, but also unable to reach your goals and potential growth. To fix your time management is easy, the first starting point is identifying the difference between work and play. Dedicate a specific number of hours for work and once work is over, do not let it interfere with your other priorities. This can be things such as hobbies, quality time with the family, fitness etc.


As my business is continually evolving, I have realised to succeed with my goals and growth within the company, I needed to follow a schedule. Week by week, I allocate

specific days and times for certain aspects of the company. One day I focus on figures, the other I focus on new projects, other days I focus on my staff and help them overcome their challenges. If I did not have a schedule in place, unintentionally I would be neglecting important factors within my company that would prevent me from reaching my goals. When you schedule your work life, it allows you more free time for yourself and your family.


When I say personal time, I am meaning YOU! How can you take care of your family, business, and employees, if you do not take care of yourself? As a business owner, I have realised that I need to be at my best, mentally and physically. I am aware that if I feel under pressure and have a lot going on, my presence and attitude shows it. That then creates a domino effect; my staff notice and feel my energy, as if it were contagious, they start to feel it. Allowing personal time, I can take time out to breathe and destress, letting me to be in the right frame of mind for my company, staff, and family. At the end of the day, we are blessed to live in this fortunate country, and anything is achievable. We want the best for our families, businesses, and ourselves. Life is too short to be all work and no play. To be successful in work and life, you need to work out what balance is right for you.

55 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1


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7 steps to sharpen your business focus during challenging times BY ADRIENNE VARGA

The year 2020 has delivered incredible challenges to salon owners. Are you wondering if you’ll be forever overwhelmed, frustrated and confused? Unsure how to keep your business alive in these challenging times? I have great news. You have a CHOICE. Choosing to find opportunities when the going’s tough is hard. But choosing to give up and let things go is also hard. Choose your HARD wisely. I’m here to tell you that you CAN keep going. You CAN hang onto the hope that got you into business in the first place. Follow my 7 tips to help sharpen your business focus and harness the staying power you need to come out of the other side with a thriving salon business.

- I am grateful for my healthy body - I am grateful for my family - I am grateful for my morning coffee - I am grateful for my sunshiny day - I am grateful for the people around me who I can trust - I am grateful that I always find the best solution to solve my challenges - I am grateful that things always work out for me Your list is a work in progress and will grow longer and longer over time. Read your gratitude list before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning. Acknowledging these positive aspects of your life will help you focus on ideas and solutions.



Everything is energy and everything is vibrating. When we’re experiencing guilt, powerlessness, insecurity, hatred and anger, we’re connected to lower vibrations can only experience or attract certain things.

Imagine yourself sitting in a café. Your coffee arrives and it’s way too hot to drink. You have two choices: you can wait until it cools down (you may run out of time) or you can ask for some cold milk and an extra cup.

When we’re experiencing positivity, contentment, belief, happiness, eagerness, love and joy, we’re connected to higher vibrations and our experience is very different.

Why the extra cup?

As you know, the same thing can happen to two different people and one will make the best of it and the other will only find excuses why it didn’t work. It’s like tuning a TV/radio channel to different frequencies to find the music, movies, news or documentaries you prefer.

Are you with me?

Your first cup’s full. Before you can add cold milk, you need to empty a little coffee out. It’s the same when you feel overwhelmed. There’s no room left for fresh ideas. You’re too busy with whatever your reality is right now. So, how do you empty your mind? Grab a piece of paper, find a quiet place and write down everything you feel, think and fear. Note down the hurts, the anger, the frustration. Don’t judge, just write. Once it’s down, take that paper, tear it into tiny pieces and either bury, burn or flush it. Release all those negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from finding your solution. You might need to do this exercise a couple of times to get where you need to, to be ready to receive information and create solutions.

You get to choose the channel.

STEP 4: CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK When it comes to challenges in business, salon owners often say to me: I can’t do that It’s impossible Not in my salon Not with my team

There’s no growth without pushing your usual boundaries. Stepping out takes courage and a strong vision. You can do it! Take your first step into ‘fear’ zone. It’s the unknown, the uncomfortable. I call it the muddy water. Don’t look back, take the leap of faith and keep moving. Next step is the ‘learning’ zone where the water’s clearer. Here, you’ll find solutions and through experiences, you’ll learn. Next you arrive at the ‘growth’ zone. Stop and celebrate, enjoy and rest for a while. You’ve DONE IT. Welcome to your new ‘comfort’ zone. You’ll notice it’s very different from where you started. You’re stronger and wiser. You’ve done a cycle and now you need to keep stepping out and up. Keep repeating the cycle and your business will thrive. Step 6: Align with people who are solution focused The people at the same stage you are have the same challenges and have not yet found solutions. In contrast, people who’ve already done what you want to do will help you grow. They can share their path and show you new ways of thinking. Find your tribe.

STEP 7: FEED YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE INPUTS You choose what you feed into your mind. Think carefully about the books you read, what you watch on TV. The social media you digest. Monitor your emotions. If you feel uncomfortable watching certain things, stop watching them.

When you say to yourself that something can’t be done, you’re telling your brain to stop thinking of it as possible.

Your gut feeling will tell you what’s right for you.

Instead, when something is challenging you, ask yourself:

When you focus on good information inputs, you’ll feel motivated, happy, encouraged and uplifted.


How can I do it? How can I solve this problem?

It’s time to see the positive things that are already in your life. They’re still there … you’ve just lost sight of them.

These simple questions command your brain to start working on the solution. You’re in problem-solving mode and you’ll find solutions.

Grab another piece of paper and write a gratitude list. Begin with basics. Don’t pressure yourself. Some examples:

If you never step out of your comfort zone, your business will plateau. You’ll keep doing the same things and creating the same results.


61 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Now, keep going! Build on these 7 steps to focus your salon business smarts on what matters. Soon you’ll find yourself on the other side looking back at 2020 as a distant blip on the radar For more salon wisdom email ZING Coach Adrienne Varga adri@zingcoach.com.au or visit www.zingcoach.com.au

How often should I refresh my brand? BY SARAH GARNER

From the clothes we wear, hairstyles we rock to even the accessories we flaunt, they all change as we grow. Sure, we’re the same person at our core but on the outside? We’ve evolved. The same goes for your brand. As your business matures and evolves, doing the same old thing with your branding often doesn’t cut it anymore. To avoid your biz donning the mullet and hipster jeans (honestly, what were we thinking?!), we’re sharing 3 times to consider a brand refresh.

YOUR BRANDING DOESN’T LIGHT UP YOUR DREAM CLIENTELE Customers in 2020 are smart. Like super smart. They consume hundreds of pieces of media a day to know when a brand is doing their sweet thang and when a brand has forgotten to get with the times. They’re also ultra-quick decision makers and use the face value of your brand to make instant decisions about how they feel about your business. Savage right?! This alone showcases how important it is to be on top of your brand game. A solid brand lets potential customers know who you are and what they can expect from you the moment they come into contact with it. It stands out in the eyes of your customer and feels fresh and attention-grabbing in a crowded

industry. From the look of your logo, emotions evoked by your brand colours to the fonts and taglines used to introduce yourself, these branding elements are all strategic decisions that you can make to reach your dream client. If your dream client is forwardthinking women in their 30’s but your brand is giving them more 1980’s retro chic, then it’s not enough to light them up and win their business over the competition. In a world where your brand introduces you before you even speak, a refresh is a must when it’s not connecting you with the right people.

YOUR BUSINESS IS TELLING A DIFFERENT STORY THESE DAYS It’s very common for businesses in the hair, beauty and wellness industries to evolve and become more niche than they were to begin with. Whether you’re a salon that’s transitioned into offering strictly skin treatments, a business that’s introduced a whole new wellness menu or a hair studio that’s now the go-to for toxin free hair services, these business achievements need to be proudly represented in your branding.

With a change in business focus comes new demographics of clients to target, new messaging to convey in marketing and a whole new visual identity that needs to be celebrated. We cannot expect customers to “just know” when we’ve made significant changes to our business (that we know they’re going to love). They not only have to be able to find out about it through your marketing but sense it through your branding. A brand refresh ensures your new focus is acknowledged in every element of your business, your existing clients are kept up to speed and your new clients know exactly what they’re getting when they walk through your door.

YOUR BRANDING FEELS OUTDATED IN A COMPETITIVE MARKETPLACE Even some of the world’s biggest brands have refreshed their image to stand out against the competition! Think back to the 90’s where we had the multicoloured apple on our bright coloured computer versus today where we experience nothing but clean fonts and monochromatic products when we step into an Apple Store.

Looking at some of your favourite brands, what is it about them that keeps people coming back? How have they adapted and evolved as their industry has changed? Why do they come to mind right now to begin with? Take some time to reflect on your own brand and whether the way your brand is seen by the outside reflects what is on the inside. Is your logo representing your business ethos? Do your colours and fonts speak to your ideal customers? Is your lack of brand meaning you’re getting lost in the crowd? Picking up on these opportunities is a great way to identify whether a brand refresh is needed. Refreshing your brand can keep people engaged and interested in your brand. In a society where we’re constantly scrolling, we want to ensure it’s your brand that makes them stop, read and book. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director at Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your hair, beauty or wellness brand turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website (www.digitalbloom.com.au) or contact Sarah hello@digitalbloom.com.au


Sanitise and service your tools between each use. DISINFECTS* LUBRICATES CLEANS COOLS PREVENTS RUST

Contains pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, known for its anti-microbial action. *Delivers germicide action 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on contact with the blade. Made in Australia. Cruelty Free.

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It is now an embedded part of most of our lives; it lives on our phones, on our televisions, people talk about it at the pub and bring it to the dinner table with them. What’s this intruder into our lives, you ask? It’s social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. This article is going to present a very basic explanation of social media and how it can affect your business. If you think you know quite a bit about social media, still have a read, because there may be some fundamental elements in this article that you may need to revisit in your study of the most powerful interactive medium we’ve ever experienced. Whether one likes it or not, social media has become a part of our lives. It allows us to connect and maintain relationships in our busy lives, use it to do our shopping, vent our viewpoints to an audience (whether they want it or not), and to stay relevant in a world that seems to be moving very quickly. Social media has also brought in another dimension, in particular for business: it allows businesses to connect with current customers and would-be customers and transform the way a business can connect to the world.

HOW HAS BUSINESS CHANGED BECAUSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA? Very powerfully… Social media offers businesses: free marketing; audience engagement; validation of services; visual showcasing of products; education about goods and services; a forum through which a customer can interact, including a means of asking further questions about products and services; as well as a platform for them to make a purchase – these are all now vital prerequisites to the growth, credibility, and above all, sustainability of a business. Add to this the fact that social media provides a stage to deliver a message from business owners as to their credentials as a thought leader in their field. All the above, presented to the public in an aesthetic and engaging way, can generate further interest in the business, product, service or brand. It’s available and achievable at your fingertips, and allows a business to market their services locally, nationally and internationally. Just viewing the basics of social media makes it an extremely powerful tool for business. However, we have just skimmed the surface; there is so much more that can be offered and businesses generating billions of dollars have been built by simply engaging with audiences through social media. Here’s how it’s been (and being) done: Engage through content with your audience directly as you may or may not already know, you can create a specific business page on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to then promote your brand, business, products and services. The advantage of this is: you can then build a following in which people will follow your page. Content you put onto your page(s) will subsequently be viewed by your followers. These public platforms allow you to create content that is engaging with your

followers. In turn, it will create brand loyalty and recognition. The more your followers engage with you, the more likely they are to see your brand or business as a trusted source to engage with. This is a major reason why social media is so powerful; it allows a business to constantly be in front of an audience without the need for huge marketing or advertising budgets. The more engaging, educational, aesthetic and interesting your content is, the more engagement you will receive from your followers and the more likely you will see this turned into revenue further down the track. An example content could be: as a mediator you post on Facebook/LinkedIn about a neighborhood dispute and how it can be easily and cheaply resolved using your services rather than going through the legal system. Someone may be going through a dispute and contact you about this exact topic – basically a free referral using your knowledge to assist people but at the same time promoting your services. Imagine the cost of placing this in the local newspaper? This type of content creation is educational and allows your audience to see your brand as a point of trust as well as a thought leader. It is not a good idea to always promote to your audience and always ask for sales, as your audience will begin to see you as ‘cheap’ and not adding anything of value to their newsfeed. It is better to be more holistic in your approach, educational and engaging. This way you appear genuine, by adding value to the customer and not driven entirely by putting a buck in your pocket. Allow for more specific and precise targeting.

There was a time when social media advertising was print/ radio/TV based, and pretty much hit and miss. You would concentrate your advertising around a certain demographic through a newspaper ad, say, choosing a newspaper that had a main readership of between 35-55 years old, and then put an ad in that newspaper and hope for the best. With social media today, we are able to see what a person likes, what age they are, what their marital status is, how often they are posting, when and how often they are clicking on ads, etc. Advertising today through social media offers incredibly specific profiling and targeting opportunities. Through social media, the option of paid advertising can target people from a specific age group, and/ or specific gender who like certain things, and/or concentrated in a certain area around a specific suburb or city. For example, if you are a mediator specializing in neighborhood disputes you could target people between the ages of 30-60 and who are homeowners/tenants located within 50km of the area you practice in. Pretty incredible! The ad will then only be shown to these people, who are a very targeted audience. These are the people that are most likely to request your services. There is much more to social media advertising than this, of course, in terms of strategy. But at a basic level, this is how it works. Customer Service and Questions Regarding Products and Services Social media provides a format in which you are able to have a page that is similar to a website that you can present to the world your knowledge, products and services. The difference between a website and social media page is that with social media, followers can directly engage with the business through comments, likes, sharing or reviews. All other followers can also view this engagement. While on a website, this is usually done in private when someone obtains contact details from a contact page on your business’ site. Let’s say you have just placed a post on your Facebook business page about a recent promotion you are running – a follower is instantly able to write on that post a question they may have about the promotion. For example, “How long will this promotion be running for?” to which you can respond immediately. Not only will that specific follower see that comment and response, but so will all the other followers and anyone else who visits your Facebook page. This is incredibly powerful from an engagement viewpoint, because it creates trust with the brand. If you were to respond positively, your brand and business will be seen positively. If you respond poorly or not at all, your brand and business could be seen negatively. This gives another medium for people to interact with you other than the phone, website or email. And for a lot of people social media is the preferred source of interaction. Place your audience through a sales funnel. What is a sales funnel you ask? Imagine ‘collecting’ a large amount of your target audience and ‘feeding’ them through a campaign where it steers them towards a specific purpose. This could be guiding them to make a purchase of your goods or services, giving you a call, sending you an email, or having them simply give you their email

address. Essentially this is what a sales funnel is: it is putting your target audience through a series of campaigns, whether they’d be email campaigns, advertisements or through pages on your website, that gets them to a point where you want them to take a specific action. With a well-structured sales funnel, you are essentially warming your leads. Giving them valuable information, education, introducing them to certain areas of your business, and allowing them to feel like they are part of your ‘brand family’. Once you have initiated brand consistency, improved your value in the eyes of your audience, and allowed them to gain trust in your business, brand and products, you can then show them a campaign that allows them to take action, such as a campaign that engages them if they are in conflict or in a dispute. Or a campaign that asks them to make a call to your office for an enquiry. Your sales funnel campaign is one of the most important campaigns in your business’ digital marketing that allows your business to flourish and generate sales, as well as enquiries. A well-thought-out and patiently built sales funnel can be a huge asset to your business online and has made many businesses millions of dollars. Your social media campaigns and your business presence on social media, in general, should be strategic from the outset. It is very important to have an influential reach and be methodical in your approach. Social media has to be a part of any business that is looking to grow and gain/maintain the trust of consumers. It should be the cornerstone of all marketing plans and campaigns. Today, more money is spent on online retail than in the physical retail world. Your presence online should not be taken lightly, and you need an adding-value/substance approach and well-done social media campaign to take your business to the next level in its revenues and growth.

Growth Director, George Hawaa, of leading social media agency, Attention Experts, is in charge of the overall strategy, content, and advertising for 500 clients across 20 industries ensuring a suitable return on marketing investment. For more information and help with your social media book a FREE 30 Minute Consultation by visiting https://www. attentionexperts.com or phoning (02) 8095 9342.

65 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1

Final Say… CHANGING TIMES Our industry took a hit in 2020. Like all dedicated creatives, barbers never let the situation keep them down. ‘Changing Times’ is a publication dedicated to them and their ingenuity, craftsmanship and spirit. Brought about by American Crew – the powerhouse barber brand has launched their very first progressive digital and print magazine. All creatives took a plunge last year, but the hair, beauty and grooming industry was one that was hit the hardest. In this magazine, Australia’s leading barbers and other influential voices share inspirational stories of how they navigated 2020 and how we can re-think barbering and masculinity in our new world. A few of the notable names in the magazine are grooming god David Raccuglia, 2020 All-Star winner Luke Munn and Beard Season’s founder Jimmy Niggles. The magazine was launched to celebrate the annual All-Star Challenge. To view the digital version online: https://issuu.com/americancrew/docs/american_crew_changing_times_magazine here

HAIR FESTIVAL LAUNCHES TICKET SALES Tickets to Hair Festival, the hairdressing industry event of the year, are now available via online registration. The highly anticipated event takes place over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend from June 13 to 14, 2021 at Sydney’s iconic Carriageworks venue. Free tickets giving access to MarketPlace are available exclusively to members of the hairdressing industry via www.hairfestival.com.au. First release ticket pricing is now available for REALtalk, Festival Education Sessions and the much-anticipated Festival Wonderland. More ticket releases will be announced in the coming weeks. The dynamic marketplace of bold industry innovations and must-have products is free to enter with this registration. At REALtalk and in the education rooms, sessions start at $55 per session, different options are available across the two days and a multitude of speakers. Speaker names include celebrated educator Phill Nosworthy, social media expert James Fitzgerald and motivating industry leader Terry Hawkins. The event is supported by the Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative), presented by Mocha Publishing, which take place on the night of June 14. It also partners with The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) and their Schmoozefest event, as well as environmental leaders Sustainable Salons. Networking events and hair competitions complete the agenda for the weekend’s festivities. Hair Festival can be followed on social, media at @hair_festival on Instagram and HairFestivalAustralia on Facebook, where consistent news and announcements, as well as community competitions for luxury prizes, are already updating. Additional speakers, Hair Festival events and brand partnerships will continue to be announced in the coming weeks. The event offers attendees the opportunity to SHOP, LEARN, COMPETE and CONNECT during one dedicated weekend that has always belonged to the hairdressing industry. From 2021, this legacy will be maintained with modern, relevant activities and opportunities that will unite, propel and inspire the hair industry forward. Barberstreet 2021. Men’s cutting competitors are given a specific time to cut, style and shape a male model (clothing on the model to reflect the cut created). Judging will be before, during and after the competition. To register for Hair Festival visit www.hairfestival.com.au

“Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to BarberShop Magazine - 10 Years in 2021! I’m so thankful to be a part of it! Love Sofie!! 66 Barber Shop Year 10 Issue 1



AGE IS JUST A NUMBER when you invented the electromagnetic hair clipper.

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Barbershop year 10 issue 1