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years after first launching tractors to the Australian market, United Heavy Industries continues to grow its range >> Page 12 Turbo TIME
Sawquip’s telehandler saw makes aerial McIntosh & Son thriving with




For the farmer

22 Brandt providing seamless access to John Deere machinery

25 Sawquip’s telehandler vegetation saws make aerial work easy

28 A EH Group runs Miller Nitro sprayer demos

For the owner

31 CST enters Australian truck tyre market

35 McIntosh & Son thriving with Merlo products

43 DLL Group supporting ag industry’s finance needs

In the spotlight

38 A griFutures invests in boosting Australia’s sesame production

46 Charles Sturt University devotes $50 million to ag research

Event news

56 Machinery highlights from Farm World

60 Experts to speak at FutureAg

Trends and data

51 H igh horsepower tractor sales lifted in February, while WA was also strong, TMA’s Gary Northover says


52 WAFarmers CEO Trevor Whittington looks at the family farm’s future in Australia

Dealer news

61 On-Trac Ag to sell Case machinery

62 New TMA dealer sentiment survey

64 FAE expands flail mulcher range

65 JAC Motors debuts first local ute

Regular items

4 Editor’s note

54 Calendar of upcoming events

73 List your item for sale!

81 The only way is up Set to turn 30 in May, Skyreach is a true pioneer of Australia’s Access Hire industry, with equipment available for a number of sectors.

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to the latest edition of Farms & Farm Machinery

It is always interesting to look ahead to the future of Australian agriculture, something Farms & Farm Machinery aims to do in each edition.

While we wrote about that in our last edition, we have gone into more detail about what all of this will look like, and how it could all reap benefits for the sector.

The inaugural FutureAg Expo in Melbourne – which depending when you read this will either be taking place, or have already happened – will bring much of this technology, innovation and ideas to the forefront.

More extensive coverage of this event will feature in our next edition, both from machinery and industry news perspectives.

While always looking ahead, we should never lose sight of the here and now – which is why it was interesting to take a look at the TMA’s latest dealer sentiment survey.

The overall consensus was one of cautious optimism, with modest increases in the number of respondents who thought the next six months would be positive.

ABARES has also released its latest industry outlook, predicting the big picture for both the next financial year and next five years.

This too gives reason for optimism, although nothing can ever be taken for granted as anyone in the agriculture industry will know well.

While much of the growth will rely on Australia’s core industries, perhaps investment into new sectors will provide additional ways of utilising farmland and boosting overall output.

In this edition, we delve into the sesame industry – one which AgriFutures has identified as one of four ‘emerging industries’ – and learn more about its presence in Australia.

Perhaps boosting the nation’s agriculture output will come from investment in technology and research, something which Charles Sturt University has done on a large scale.

Despite all of this, machinery news is still this magazine’s forte.

We discover Sawquip’s range of telehandler vegetation saws – a simple but innovative concept which is providing considerable safety and efficiency benefits for farmers.

On the cover, we talk about the growth of United Heavy Industries’ tractor range, which has proven to be a success since hitting the local market – prompting the latest expansion of models.

We profile John Deere dealership group Brandt, discover how the relationship between Merlo Australia and McIntosh & Son is thriving, and talk about everything DLL Finance can offer farmers.

Miller’s Nitro sprayer range is highlighted in this edition, along with the latest player in the tyre market – CST.

Farms & Farm Machinery attended the Farm World field days in Warragul, Victoria last month and has brought readers an extensive wrap of the machinery being displayed there.

It has been another busy month, and no doubt the next one will be the same.

4 Farms & Farm Machinery FROM THE EDITOR
Image: dudlajzov /

introducing the first zero emission Electric machine to australia

Unleash the future of farming with the revolutionary ECR25 Electric compact excavator and L25 Electric compact wheel loader from Volvo.


Proven performance

• Same performance as a diesel equivalent

• Outstanding visability and operator comfort

• Range of Volvo attachments

Innovative battery technology

• Lithium-Ion 48V battery - 40kWh

• Fast Charging possibilities

• Theft protected fixed battery

Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care

Less maintainance

• Maintenance-free electric motors featuring auto shutoff to save wear

• Easy ground access to lubrication and maintenance points

Zero Emissions

• No power consumption when machine is not working

• Low noise level

• No emissions locally



Smart choice

New Holland has debuted the latest iteration of its SmartTrax tractors to Australian dealerships

New Holland’s latest series of SmartTrax tractors – the T9 with precision land management (PLM) Intelligence – has been shown to dealership staff at a preview in Victoria.

For the first time, the T9 SmartTrax with PLM Intelligence will be available in five models – T9.520, T9.580, T9.615, T9.655 and T9.700, which New Holland says will provide more options to farmers.

“The enhanced T9 SmartTrax models

traction with less slippage, particularly in lighter soil conditions where wheeled tractors tend to struggle.”

Another design feature aimed at providing versatility is the multiple track belt options available on the T9 SmartTrax, along with 30-inch (76cm) and 36-inch (91cm) width choices.

Smith says farmers will also notice improved speed and manoeuvrability while operating the SmartTrax range.

New Holland’s T9 SmartTrax was shown to Australian dealers in Victoria. Image: New Holland

saved keeping the operation moving more efficiently between paddocks that aren’t necessarily linked together is a bonus.

“Productivity is central to the T9 SmartTrax. We’re cutting down on non-productive tractor time, like field-to-field movement and breaks to refuel, to maximise operator efficiency in the field and minimise time spent on the job,” Smith says.

Twin rear saddle tanks are also included, which New Holland says will offer a 1,700L fuel capacity – 47 per cent greater than the previous model.

The SmartTrax tractors are designed with a lower profile, while its automatic track tensioning system eliminates manual adjustments and can help lengthen a track’s lifespan, New Holland says.

Hybrid hero

Sprayer manufacturer Croplands will introduce a new autonomous product together with tech partner, NZ-based Robotics Plus

Croplands has become the exclusive Australasian distributor for an autonomous vehicle designed for horticulture tasks such as spraying.

The vehicle, Prospr, is designed by New Zealand-based Robotics Plus and is described as a “robust autonomous, multi-use hybrid vehicle platform for horticulture crops” with its capabilities including automated intelligent spraying.

Robotics Plus says Prospr’s “unique modular architecture accommodates multiple interchangeable tools being developed, including newly released tower

“The new models will deliver an increase

sprayers for grapes, apples, or tree crops”.

This means Prospr can be adapted to various crop types and applications for year-round usage, while multiple units can collaborate in a fleet.

“We have developed an automated, effective spraying and attachment solution with the smarts to not just do the job but to keep doing it better,” Robotics Plus CEO and co-founder Steve Saunders says.

“Prospr customers in Australasia will now benefit from Croplands’ large distributor network, spraying expertise and customer support.”

Another key feature is the new swinging cab entry steps that automatically pivot as the tractor is articulated, keeping the ladder from extending beyond the tracks and allowing for safer and easier entry and exit from the cab.

Orders for the T9 SmartTrax can now be made through New Holland’s dealer network, with first deliveries expected at the end of this year for the model year 2025 units.

Croplands will exclusively distribute Prospr to the local market. Image: Robotics Plus

Prospr has an all-electric drive system plus an onboard Tier 4 diesel generator, to allow the vehicle to operate for extended periods without charging or refuelling.

With electric steering and independent motors, Prospr can travel down rows spaced 1.85m wide and can turn on its rear axle with a minimum headland requirement of 7.1m for row-to-row turning.

A range of sprayer configurations is also available, thanks to the Q Series sprayers developed by Robotics Plus in conjunction with Croplands, using its dynamic Quantum fans.

The Q4 and Q6 sprayers have two or three fans per side and suit either vine or tree crops while the larger Q8 sprayer has four fans on each side and suits tree crops.

Jobs can be logged in advance and viewed in real-time, while multiple machines can be managed simultaneously by one or two operators from a single remote control via a fixed or mobile console.

Croplands general manager Sean Mulvaney says he is proud to partner with Robotics Plus on the sprayer modules to integrate with Prospr.

“Our focus on bringing emerging solutions to the market continues,” he said.

6 Farms & Farm Machinery

Versatile Telehandler for Demanding Applications

Turbo Farmer 50.8

Moving forward

Cattle production values are tipped to bolster Australia’s agricultural output in 2024-25. Image: William /

ABARES has provided its latest agricultural outlook, with reasons for optimism about the year ahead

Australian agriculture is set for a positive financial year ahead, with average farm cash incomes tipped to rise considerably in 2024-25, along with a boost to the nation’s overall agricultural production.

These are just two of the findings from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences’ latest agricultural outlook.

After broadacre farm cash incomes took a major hit this financial year, ABARES is tipping the average to increase by 47 per cent in 2024-25.

Potential improvements in growing conditions for winter crop production, along with predicted increases in beef and sheep prices, are described as drivers for this income boost.

This forecast would mean an average income of $192,000 per farm, although ABARES notes this is still more than 50 per cent below the record levels of 202021 to 2022-23 in real terms.

Elevated input costs, lower crop production volumes and lower livestock prices are cited as reasons for average incomes not returning to these previous levels despite the predicted spike.

National lift

ABARES has tipped the nation’s agricultural production value to increase by about 6 per cent during the 2024-25 financial year, or about $5 billion in real terms.

This would represent a national output of $85 billion – or $91 billion once fisheries and forestry is included.

The National Farmers Federation has previously stated a goal of reaching $100 million in farmgate output by 2030.

According to ABARES’ five-year projection, much work still needs to be done in order to realise this ambition.

ABARES tips an initial increase in production values, followed by declines in 2026-27 and 2027-28, before another increase to reach $84 billion in 2028-29.

“This is brought about mainly due to the assumed climatic conditions in each of the forward projection years driving the level of domestic production, with assumed wetter years likely to support higher crop production and pasture growth for grazing,” the ABARES report says.

“The true pattern of change and ultimate production outcomes over the medium term will be determined by the realised conditions.”

Australia’s national production for the current 2023-24 financial year is tipped to be $80 billion – or $86 billion if fisheries and forestry is included – which represents a 15 per cent drop on the previous financial year.

Crop chop

While many of these figures represent a significant year-on-year drop, ABARES says they also need to be considered in comparison to longer-term numbers.

Drier conditions last winter and in early spring are expected to have reduced Australia’s 2023-24 national winter crop by 32 per cent, creating a total output of 46.7 million tonnes.

Despite that, this figure remains on par with the 10-year average, while Australia’s summer crop is above average despite a 17 per cent year-on-year fall.

The total summer crop is tipped to be 4.3 million tonnes, more than 20 per cent above the 10-year average of 3.5 million tonnes.

Better than expected seasonal conditions during late spring and summer in Queensland and northern New South Wales have provided a boost, and meant

ABARES revised its forecast up from the previous quarterly outlook.

Crop production forms more than half of Australia’s total output, contributing an expected $48 billion in 2023-24.

This figure represents an 18 per cent drop on the previous year.

It is then expected to rise 2 per cent to $49 billion during 2024-25, with increased production volumes tipped to offset lower expected prices.

Stocks rise

Much of Australia’s expected production value increase in 2024-25 is tipped to come from livestock.

Prices are forecast to rebound next year, ABARES says, returning close to long-term averages.

This rebound in saleyard prices is expected to drive Australia’s livestock production gross value to a $36 billion result in 2024-25, a 12 per cent increase on the previous year.

Cattle and calf production value is forecast to increase from $11.6 billion to $14.6 billion, prompted by a 21 per cent annual price increase.

Sheep and lamb prices should return to 2022-23 levels in nominal terms, according to ABARES, with the production values tipped to increase by $758 million to reach $4.3 billion overall.

Wool production is tipped to increase as well, with strong international demand triggering higher prices and causing production value to rise by about $130 million to reach $3 billion.

Pig and poultry meat, plus egg production, is tipped for a 2 per cent increase which ABARES says is broadly in line with population.

Milk production value is forecast for a fall of $420 million to $5.5 billion, as relatively low export prices reduce farmgate prices.

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Future forecast

Early signs of optimism for grain growers and cattle producers, while sheep meat and wool prices seem volatile, according to a report released by ANZ

ANZ’s Autumn edition of the Agri InFocus Report has made forecasts for key sectors in the industry including the prices of sheep, wool and cattle, as well as dairy production and grain crops

Sheep Prices

The Agri InFocus Report says lamb and mutton prices have remained volatile in the first three months of the year, despite trading well above the lows experienced in the spring of 2023.

Higher than expected prices were short lived, as heavy supply in February pressured the market, ANZ says. Both lamb and mutton indicators reduced by 15 and 25 per cent respectively, from the January peak.

ANZ agribusiness associate director Alanna Barrett says 2023 was record breaking for the Australian processing sector and 2024 numbers are already looking promising.

“2024 lamb slaughter remains well above 2023 levels, which given the volume of lambs processed last year, is particularly significant.

“Last year was record breaking for the Australian processing sector, with the total number of lambs processed in Australia just shy of 25 million head, up around 16 per cent from 2022.

“This leads many in the industry to query winter supply this year, whether there will be a tightening and corresponding price peak prior to new season lamb hitting the market,” she says.

Wool Prices

Prices of fine micron wools have eased, with eroding premiums through the 2023/2024 season, the report says.

Producers of 17-micron wools can expect a premium of just above a 300 cents per kilogram over 21-micron wool, a stark decline from the 800 cents per kilogram

premium they were receiving this time last year.

ANZ says in the last six months, broader categories of 19-micron wool have seen lower premiums compared to 21-micron counterparts, down from around 200 cent per kilogram this time last year.

“A decline in demand for finished quality wool products across the Northern Hemisphere has caused the erosion of the premium for fine micron wool,” Barrett says.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) recently conducted a survey which revealed 49 per cent of producers are concerned about a lack of access to skilled labour, including shearers.

This, combined with a lack of price incentive, may lead to uncertainty about the direction of the ewe base in Australia, Barrett says.

Cattle Prices

Steady improvements in cattle prices since late last year can be attributed to improving confidence over the weather outlook as the season has progressed, according to the Agri InFocus Report.

Higher numbers of cattle for sale at auction, which have stemmed from the larger national herd, have added to industry confidence, ANZ says.

“While saleyard prices continue to fluctuate, the general improvement in sentiment has come primarily from farmers’ realisation that the season has held up better than expected,” ANZ head of agribusiness Mark Bennet says.

“While the summer period saw national yardings down slightly on the September quarter, yardings are up 20 per cent year on year, indicating a strong start to beef sales for the year.”

MLA predicts domestic consumption of beef through 2023/2024 will decline to 20.8kg per person, with consumption

ANZ’s Agri InFocus Report has released key findings on a range of sectors in the industry. Image: Steve Lovegrove/

forecast to continue to decline over the next five years.

Due to this, Bennet says the export market will continue to grow in importance to the domestic industry.

Grain Crops

The report states there are early signs of optimism for the grain and oilseed supply chain ahead of the 2024/2025 harvest.

A combination of good summer rainfall across cropping regions and a La Niña forecast for 2024 could set the scene for a good winter crop.

“The most recent 2023/24 national harvest, including all grains, oilseeds and pulses, is set to be the sixth largest ever recorded, despite being around 30 per cent lower than the previous year,” ANZ head of food, beverage and agribusiness insights Michael Whitehead says.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has forecast a rise of approximately 9 per cent in national crop volumes, based on overall trend growth in the past three decades.

All of this said, global factors including a rise in Russian wheat production – and, the report said, “the fact that Russia appears to be pricing its wheat lower than its competitors” – is putting downward pressure on global grain prices.

Dairy Production

Whitehead says the dairy industry is continuing to go through a period of structural change, which may see milk production fall to a 30 year low within the next two years.

Production has not fallen below 8 billion litres since 1992, but ANZ says there has been a downward trend in the last decade.

“Many Australian farmers are choosing to leave the dairy industry, with many making the shift to beef or sheep production,” Whitehead says.

With this trend becoming common and the national milking herd shrinking, ANZ expects output to keep falling.

“The big query for many across the entire dairy supply chain, is when the industry is likely to see production levels finally plateau.

“The Australian dairy industry remains an innovative sector with great opportunities, and as we have seen from other agri sectors, this phase of the cycle will even out at some point. The question is, when.”

10 Farms & Farm Machinery INDUSTRY NEWS

Fire detection

An Aussie invention that can predict power line faults is helping to prevent bushfires in North America, Europe and Australia

An early fault detection (EFD) system which was designed at RMIT University can predict power line faults and therefore help prevent bushfires.

RMIT University says the EFD system can be installed on single-wire earth return powerlines, of which there are about 200,000km across Australia currently.

The potentially life-saving technology can cover up to 5km of power lines with two units, and the university hopes to roll out the EFD system across all of these nationwide over the next 10 years.

“The EFD system can detect and locate faults on a powerline before they happen,” lead RMIT researcher professor and IND Technology CEO Alan Wong says.

alert when it thinks there’s a certain risk in the network.”

IND Technology has commercialised the innovation and is seeking funding from the federal government to assist with a nationwide rollout.

RMIT says the EFD system is included in several wildfire mitigation plans in the USA and Canada, where the Australian-made innovation is in high-demand.

Already 2,500 units of the EFD system have been installed worldwide, monitoring over 12,500 kilometres of powerlines and preventing more than 750 failures, RMIT says.

“According to a report by Adept Economics that we commissioned, every

Wong says.

Wong says the patented sensing method processes radio frequency signals along powerlines using a data processing algorithm he says can identify the location of expected faults down to a 10m section of a powerline.

During a trial of the technology, RMIT says the EFD identified a failing conductor on a property in Victoria’s Porcupine Ridge, enabling a quick response to the problem.

“We always tell people that this technology can potentially save lives and prevent fires, I think in this example it captured all this essence. It has prevented a potentially catastrophic fire,” Wong says.

Pressurized cabins as low as 1.74 m. narrow as low as 1.05 m. Our Range reaches 110 hp manual or true Hydrostatic! NO COMPROMISE on power!

your closest
Antonio Carraro tractors made in Italy since 1910. The perfect tractor for orchards, vineyards and steep terrain Constant 4WD, oscillating chassis give the tractor amazing stability and traction Reversible seat position.
RMIT university has designed an early fault detection (EFD) system that can predict power line faults. Image: RMIT University

Turbo TIME

Two years after first launching tractors into the Australian market, United Heavy Industries continues to grow its range

United Heavy Industries has further established its position as a value-packed option for Australian tractor buyers, adding an extra model to its range.

The 90 horsepower T904 is also the first UHI tractor to offer a turbo engine, adding an extra advantage to a tractor range which already appeals to farmers seeking a straightforward, efficient and affordable tractor with reliable back-up service.

UHI has been a familiar name in Australia’s earthmoving industry for several years, supplying wheel loaders, excavators and skid steers since its inception in 2018.

The locally-owned company has been on a growth trajectory since, establishing

its national footprint with service and parts branches in all five mainland state capitals along with Darwin and Townsville.

The company’s expansion has also been global, with UHI opening three branches in Canada to take its overall number of locations into double figures.

Another aspect of UHI’s growth – the part most applicable to farmers – has been the addition of tractors to its local range.

The first of its tractors – the T454 – was debuted to the Australian market in mid-2022 before an expansion to add extra models later that year.

The T904 further grows what is available for Australian farmers, with UHI also say-

ing another new tractor will soon be added to the line-up.

UHI’s range is primarily aimed at smallscale farmers and those seeking an affordable workhorse tractor with the versatility to handle a range of tasks – but without the extreme horsepower – and price tag – of some broadacre beasts.

While not tackling the broadacre market with its tractor offering, UHI has still looked to expand upwards as it grows its range.

Its original tractor – the T454 with its 45hp engine and 1,870kg machine weight – is now the smallest in the UHI family.

At the top end, the T1004 has a 100hp engine and 4,520kg overall weight, while

12 Farms & Farm Machinery
Images: UHI. The 454 was the first UHI tractor model offered in Australia

UHI’s newest tractor is also the next biggest, with the 90hp T904 named for its horsepower.

This naming style applies to all models in the tractor range, including the remaining models T754 (75hp), T654 (65hp), and T554 (55hp).

Full offering

United Heavy Industries aims to make its tractors attractive to farmers through more than just the technical features which impact an individual’s day-to-day operations.

The first way it does this is through the value for money – and value adding – the company offers to customers when a purchase is first made.

All UHI tractors are sold with either three or seven attachments included in the purchase price as standard.

Farmers who purchase the full attachments package will receive a four-in-one bucket, slasher, bucket, grader, forks and grass stick, auger, and backhoe.

With UHI’s core customer base being farmers seeking to maximise what they can do with a single machine, this range of attachments provides considerable versatility.

“You can do every job – digging, slashing, using a grader or auger for fencing. For any job around the farm, you can use this tractor,” UHI says.

“We have video instructions on the website to show a customer how to install

all the attachments. They are delivered like a flat pack, so these instructions show a customer how to put them together.”

UHI sells its products factory direct, which means savings can be passed on to customers without any compromise in the tractor’s quality or reliability.

As a result, customers can get a complete tractor – with the seven attachments – for under $30,000.

The T454 is available for $29,990 including GST, while even the largest model on offer – the T1004 – is available for $53,990 including GST with the full attachments package.

Prices quoted are correct at the time of publication, however are subject to change.

UHI’s 654 tractor has a 65hp engine

Comprehensive service

Despite its primary objective being to provide affordable and reliable tractors, UHI has not compromised on the parts access or after-sales service required to provide an ongoing positive customer experience.

Fully stocked spare parts warehouses exist in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and can be quickly accessed for repairs either under warranty or further down the track – meaning less downtime.

All of UHI’s customer service officers are also trained mechanics, meaning customers have access to a wealth of knowledge whenever any specialised questions arise.

Technical issues are rare though, UHI says, adding that a major drawcard for customers has been the manual control of its tractors.

This similarity to a car’s operation makes them easier to use, while the simplicity of its overall design makes it easier for users

to identify and potentially fix any issues that arise.

Feature packed

Tractors are ultimately judged by how they operate in the field, and UHI’s attachments package goes a long way towards ensuring farmers get maximum bang for their buck by enabling many tasks to be completed.

Feedback from existing users has been positive, the company says, and the initial popularity of the T454 was what inspired the expansion of its range.

A heavy-duty chassis is a standard feature across the UHI range, helping to ensure the durability of the tractors, while additional grunt is also offered through the turbo engine on the new T904.

Other standard features across the suite of tractors includes 4WD, a dedicated hydraulic pump, power steering, a flat and clear deck with side placed gear selectors, double action clutch and Euro quick hitch

connection for the four-in-one bucket.

The front-end loader attached has a standard rated load capacity ranging from 500kg on the T454 through to 1,200kg on the T1004.

Hydraulic flow is consistent across the range at 40L per minute.

One area of distinction that may help customers choose between the models is the cabin or ROPS option.

The T454 is only available with ROPS, while UHI’s next-smallest tractor – the T554 – is available with the choice of ROPS or cabin.

All the larger tractors – the T654, T754, T904 and T1004 – offer farmers a full cabin with air-conditioning, heating and a monitor.

UHI’s full range of tractors – along with its other equipment – can be purchased online through www.

The 754 forms part of UHI’s tractor range
The UHI 554 is a versatile tractor UHI’s 1004 tractor is the largest offered to customers

Succession plans

Agribusiness owners are urged to start making succession plans for future generations as Australian agricultural land values continue to increase

The growth of Australian farmland value has significantly increased in recent years, with the average price per hectare of broadacre farmland having grown at an average annual rate of 10.09 per cent over the last 10 years to 2023, according to the Commonwealth Bank (CBA).

Due to this, agribusinesses are being encouraged to think about succession planning and inheritance for the next generation.

At Farm World 2024, CBA hosted a panel session focusing on succession planning and planning for future-proof farms.

With CBA noting that most producers are family-owned and operated businesses, CBA regional agribusiness banking general

most important aspects of farm management, but it can be challenging to know where to start,” he says.

“Succession planning is all about safeguarding your financial security while looking after the next generation and securing a strong future for the farm.”

CBA says on average succession plans for a family farm will take 12 to 24 months to execute and too often this only occurs when business owners are ready to retire.

Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen at any time, and is why CBA encourages agribusiness owners to start these plans early – ensuring a smooth transition when the time comes to pass on a business to family members.

Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) says succession plans can help sustain farms for future generations. Image: FiledIMAGE/

Westendorf says planning communication must be clear so all family members know how they will be impacted, even if they aren’t continuing in the business.

“Clarify what your future role will be. For example, you might retain some level of ownership but step back from everyday management, take a lesser role with fewer days or decide to make a total exit on a particular date,” he says.

Transition periods may also be helpful for family members that need time to prepare for new roles. Providing guidance and support in this period can ensure new owners are better prepared to succeed.

“Ensuring the transition is seamless is also important to those external to the business, including customers and suppliers, and helps them adjust to any new faces or ways of doing things,” Westendorf says.

“All these issues should be discussed and documented. Where there is more than one family member seeking to be part of the business’s future, a fair transition of ownership and clearly defined roles will be critical to the ongoing success.”

Westendorf says accounting that accurately reflects business performance will help family members better understand areas of current success, potential growth and future capacity.

Longerenong College has upgraded its student accommodation and teaching amenities. Image: Agriculture Victoria

“We are proud to be investing in our future farmers and the quality of their educational experience by prioritising the modernisation of our great Victorian agricultural colleges,” agriculture minister Ros Spence says.

Suite home

Accommodation for 45 students has opened at Longerenong College in Victoria, part of the state’s Agricultural College Modernisation Program

accommodation capacity.

Situated 14km from Horsham, Longerenong College used its portion of the funding to upgrade its student accommo-

A suite of independent and communal facilities is also provided, including a 100seat conference centre, shared lounge rooms and an outdoor common area.

Having a current capacity of 110 students and most residing on campus, the college offers full-time courses in agriculture and agronomy – now being able to provide newer facilities for its students.

Longerenong College delivers courses to over 70 apprentices and hosts targeted training events for universities and high schools. According to the Victorian Government, over 250 high school students attended agriculture immersive camps in 2023.

The Victorian government also contributed $2.5 million to the building of a 30 bedroom facility at Marcus Oldham College and another $11 million to the construction of at least 85 new student ensuite bedrooms at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus.

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Rebounding confidence

Aussie farmers have begun the year with confidence on the back of better-than-expected summer conditions and positive signs from key commodity markets

Rabobank’s latest quarterly Rural Confidence Survey has found national farmer confidence has returned to ‘positive’ territory for the first time since June 2022.

Net national rural confidence rose signif icantly from a reading of -41 per cent in the last quarter of 2023 to 15 per cent in the first quarter of 2024.

Rabobank country banking Australia group executive Marcel van Doremaele says one of the key reasons Australian farmers have moved confidently into 2024 was due to better-than-expected seasonal conditions through summer.

“This, along with expectation of positive farm margins for the year ahead – has driven the most significant turnaround in confidence we’ve seen in several years,” he says.

Van Doremaele says the last two years have seen farmers hold pessimistic views on the future due to falls in the red meat market, higher interest rates and rising input costs.

Returning to a more positive outlook, the survey found that nearly a third of farmers across the nation (31 per cent) expect the agricultural economy will improve over the next 12 months – more than double the last survey (14 per cent).

Rabobank says farmer confidence has returned to positive levels. Image: Bits and Splits/

Net confidence of beef producers jumped from -40 per cent at the end of 2023 to 29 per cent now, while net confidence in the sheep sector bounced back from -45 per cent to 27 per cent.

The negative outlook continued to prevail among grain growers due to falling commodity prices and rising input costs, although confidence did increase this quarter from -38 per cent to -15 per cent.

“Although grain producers are likely to remain under pressure as a result of plentiful global and local supply, there’s a silver lining as farm input prices for fertilisers and plant protection products are forecast to be below last season,” van Doremaele

There was also a significant drop in the number who anticipate conditions will worsen, down to 16 per cent from 55 per cent at the end of 2023.

The latest quarterly survey found summer rainfall topped up sub-soil moisture in many cropping zones, delivering a boost to the feed base across grazing regions.

Because of this, farmers who believe the agricultural economy will worsen were less concerned about drought – nominat-

There has been a drop in those concerned about falling commodity prices. This is now a factor for 45 per cent of farmers who expect the agricultural economy to worsen over the next 12 months, after spiking at 64 per cent in the previous survey.

“Although agricultural commodity prices remain well below the highs we saw in 2022, the outlook is more positive for this year,” van Doremaele says.

“In particular, beef and sheep prices are set to be above the lows we saw last year, and that has driven up the confidence of red meat producers.

“This, combined with useful rainfall in many grain-growing regions, sets growers up to more optimistically plan, compared to the same period last season – for the upcoming planting period for winter crops such as wheat, barley and canola.”

Dairy farmers’ confidence increased as they look ahead to the new season milk price, with their net confidence level lifting from net -42 per cent to -7 per cent.

With an increase in confidence for the year ahead, Rabobank says farmers intend to make more investments.

Investment and income

Rabobank’s latest Rural Confidence Survey found 21 per cent of farmers are looking to increase investment in their business in 2024 (up from 15 per cent in the previous quarter) and only 12 per cent intend to decrease investment (down from 29 per cent).

“Farmers took a very conservative approach to spending last year, mindful of reduced incomes and the uncertain summer forecast, but they now have more confidence to boost their budgets following improved seasonal and economic outlooks which underpin positive farm margins in key agricultural sectors this year,” van Doremaele says.

Of those planning to increase their investments, 61 per cent plan to invest in on-farm infrastructure, which is a 9 per cent increase on the last quarter.

Around a third of those farmers (34 per cent) are looking to increase their livestock investment, up from 20 per cent.

“Farmers have emerged from a period of eroded confidence and reduced income, so it’s encouraging to see a lift in positivity about what the year ahead will bring,” Van Doremaele says.

18 Farms & Farm Machinery INDUSTRY NEWS

Lunar harvest

NASA has announced that astronauts will cultivate and return lunar grown plants to Earth during a mission that will see humans take their first steps back on the moon after more than 50 years – with Australian researchers involved

NASA’s Artemis III mission, planned for a September 2026 launch, will see astronauts collect plant growth and development data – helping scientists understand the use of plants grown for both human nutrition and life support on the Moon and beyond.

Known as Lunar Effects on Agricultural Flora (LEAF), the project will also see the first human steps on the moon by humans in more than 50 years.

A plethora of partners who will pioneer this initiative includes a core group from the Australian Research Council Centre of

quartered at the University of Adelaide.

The project is led by Space Lab Technologies and involves the University of Adelaide, La Trobe University, NASA Kennedy Space Center, all P4S partners, the United States Department of Agriculture, University of Colorado Boulder, and Purdue University – with additional analysis to be conducted by the P4S unit at the University of Western Australia.

“This research will be a pivotal step toward understanding how we might use agriculture in space to support human crews, paving the way for sustained lunar exploration and even missions to Mars,” project lead and Space Lab vice president Christine Escobar says.

Associate professor of plant synthetic biology at the University of Adelaide and P4S chief investigator, Jenny Mortimer, says the mission will explain how plants respond in

fully contained environment can be built –that allows them to thrive.

“The data we capture from the mission, both from the lunar surface and what we learn when we analyse the samples upon return, will help us to design the lunar and Martian crops of the future,” she says.

Professor Mathew Lewsey of P4S and the La Trobe Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and Food says the seeds sent to the moon will be monitored through a remote camera and grow in an enclosed capsule.

“Our team of scientists will collect data on the plants as they grow on the moon, monitoring their size and morphology, then conduct genetic and metabolic analyses of individual cells when the plants return to Earth,” he says.

“We can then apply this knowledge to improve plant resilience to radiation and other environmental challenges.”

SUPPLIER OF QUALITY EARTHMOVING MACHINERY, PARTS & ATTACHMENTS. For over 50 years. 1343 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road Woongoolba, QLD 4207 P 1300 0 DIXIE (34943) W NASA has announced its Artemis III mission will involve cultivating and returning lunar grown plants to Earth. Image: Artsiom P/

The Largest Range of Australian Made Farm Machinery

Australia’s No1 locally built mulcher for the last 25 years. Available in Low Body or High Body models in various sizes. Great for clearing up paddocks and bush blocks.

The best value for money Front End Loader mounted post hole digger on the market. Standard with Eurohitch connection with other styles available. Various augers sizes and types available

Large range of linkage and trailing disc ploughs to suit all tractors and applications.

Australian made aerators using the Shattertine technology. Great for cracking open hard ground and rejuvenating pastures.

Australian Made slashers with 5 year gearbox warranty. Various sizes and models in single and twin rotor set-up. Great value and strength. Also available in galvanised.

10 ‘ & 12’ Trailing Grader Blades. 2000kg in weight Best value for money blade of its type

Huge range of linkage models available also.

BERENDS Contact your local Berends dealer for more information or call direct on (03) 9791 2494 |

Price point

A different approach to marketing fruit and vegetables is being trialled to change perceptions around affordability, with a goal of increasing consumption

Two Victorian universities have collaborated with a supermarket chain for a trial of per-serve pricing on fresh fruit and vegetables.

The trial aims to show consumers how much an individual serving costs, rather than just per kilogram pricing, with the aim of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

Monash Business School researchers and Deakin University have teamed up with Melbourne independent grocers Ritchies Supermarkets for the per-serve pricing tool.

“Per kilogram pricing doesn’t communicate how much is needed for a healthy serve,” Monash Business School lead researcher and associate professor Fiona Newton says.

Info generation

Southern Cross University is seeking the opinions of farmers for a regenerative cropping survey

Grain farmers’ perceptions of regenerative agriculture and their farming practices and goals is the focus of an online survey being led by Southern Cross University.

The survey is supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation as part of its recently announced ‘Regenerative Agriculture: Understanding the intent, practic es, benefits and disbenefits ’ project.

The trial aimed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption through per-serve pricing. Image: Africa Studio /

“If shoppers overlook this aspect, the purchase may not seem like good value for money, which could flow on to their purchase decisions.

“For example, green beans priced at $12.99 per kilogram may initially seem steep. However, this perception may change when shoppers see that the cost of a single 75g serve is only $0.97.”

The trial was inspired by ABS data which revealed only 6.5 per cent of Australian adults eat the recommended number of vegetable serves, with more than half of adults also eating less than the recommended fruit servings.

Evidence linking affordability perceptions to fruit and vegetable consumption led researchers to question whether only using per-kilogram pricing was best.

This per-kilogram pricing shows shoppers what it would cost to purchase 13.3 serves of vegetables or 6.67 serves of fruit, Newton says.

similar transaction volumes, prices, and affluence group share.

Introducing per-serve pricing information led to an increase in loose fresh vegetable purchases, the trial found.

“Per serve pricing offers consumers a straightforward way to gauge how much it will cost to meet their daily vegetable and fruit servings,” Newton says.

“We found adding per serve pricing increased loose vegetable purchases by 6.2 per cent, while fruit saw no significant impact.”

Australia’s standard vegetable serve is 75g, while a serve of fruit is double the size at 150g.

This could have implications on value for money, the researchers believed, which prompted another per-serving price trial in the UK where both fruit and vegetable servings are standardised at 80g.

A follow-up online study involving 803 UK adults found that per-serve pricing cues

It is seeking 500 crop farmers from around Australia for a short online survey, with 75 farmers to be selected for a broader, three-year farm monitoring project.

“This survey aims to understand farmer goals and their alignment with practices in the regenerative agriculture toolkit,” Southern Cross University researcher and survey lead Hanabeth Luke says.

“We seek to gauge current perceptions of regenerative agriculture amidst diverse farming systems.

“This research will help establish the what, as well as the why or why not, of regenerative agriculture in Australian grain production.”

cruited for the broader survey which aims to establish effective ways of monitoring the potential benefits or disadvantages of regenerative agriculture in Australian cropping systems across a range of agronomic, soil health, ecological, social, and economic indicators.

“This research will play a key role in providing clarity around the use of environmental, social and agronomic indicators for grain growers wanting to assess and monitor their progress towards the various regenerative goals they may have,” SCU project lead Adam Canning says.

GRDC’s investment in the survey aims to provide clarity on the integration of regen-

tices,” GRDC’s sustainable cropping systems south manager Giacomo Betti says.

“This will enable the development of a balanced dataset and facilitate the drawing of meaningful conclusions.”

GRDC says the multi-disciplinary team from SCU’s Faculty of Science and Engineering – which includes experts in soil health, agronomy, ecology, rural sociology and natural capital accounting – will ensure impartiality and provide independent scientific rigour throughout the project.

The online survey can be viewed at SV_3HKnIKYYq3ZhT0i

Southern Cross University’s Hanabeth Luke and Adam Canning in a corn crop. Image: SCU

Safe hands

John Deere dealership group Brandt knows no boundaries and promises to be there wherever the job takes you

John Deere specialist Brandt has consolidated its network, encompassing all 15 of its dealerships across southern Victoria and South Australia under a single brand.

This move ensures seamless access to a wide range of equipment necessary for various jobs, but Brandt’s commitment does not end with only providing equipment.

Its products are backed by a dedicated support team which it describes as the hardest-working and best-equipped in the business, and which is available every single day.

In addition to its extensive equipment offerings, Brandt also specialises in providing top-notch used equipment options.

All Brandt dealerships offer a carefully

curated selection of high-quality, reliable used machinery, providing cost-effective solutions for customers without compromising on performance.

As a privately-owned and family-run business with over 90 years of experience, Brandt possesses the autonomy and expertise to invest in delivering unparalleled value to each customer.

The company’s reputation has been built on offering reliability and value, and continually striving to evolve.

Brandt says its team is committed to ongoing learning and growth, ensuring that its knowledge is constantly updated and shared with its valued customers.

Central to its ethos is understanding its customers’ needs better than anyone else in the industry.

With more than 200 qualified and professional service technicians in the field, including specialised technicians for small and large engines, as well as pre-delivery and precision technology, Brandt’s network ensures prompt and efficient support for its customers.

Moreover, Brandt invests heavily in the training and equipment of its technicians.

With parts warehouses strategically located in both Australia and Canada, its support teams can swiftly supply almost any part within a day or two, minimising machine downtime.

Even if a technician does not have a part on hand, it can be promptly ordered in, ensuring uninterrupted service for customers.

Brandt technicians are not only

22 Farms & Farm Machinery
Images: Brandt. John Deere’s 6125R tractor with a H340 front loader

equipped to handle a variety of issues but are also prepared to spring into action when their customers need them.

This ensures maximum efficiency, reduces downtime and gets its customers back to work swiftly.

With demands on equipment being constant throughout the year, keeping machines in top condition is crucial.

Brandt’s technicians are ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring customers’ equipment is always ready for the next job.

With unmatched after-sales support, and a commitment to being with customers every step of the way, now is the ideal time to consider used equipment from Brandt.

Brandt’s Victorian dealerships are located in Ballarat, Colac, Hamilton, Knoxfield, Leongatha, Lilydale, Maffra, Pakenham, Sunshine, Terang, and Hastings, while the South Australian dealerships are in Bordertown, Keith, Naracoorte and Mt Gambier.

To explore its comprehensive offerings and learn more about its used equipment options, contact your local Brandt team on 1800 237 887 or visit

Brandt specialises in John Deere equipment of all sizes Brandt dealerships have expert knowledge to help farmers For more info, check out our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page under JN&R Engineering FFM-FP-5145966-TS-404 Leopard Ejector Cut Sizes 3.0, 3.2, 3.6, 3.9 & 4.2m -Rips -Carries -Cross Levels -Laser Levels Lion Ejector Cut Sizes, 3.2, 3.6, 3.9 ,4.2, 4.8 Rips – Carries – Cross Level – Laser Levels
Bucket Cut sizes 3.6m & 4.2m -Rips -Carries -Cross levels -Laser levels.
Cut sizes 2.7, 3.0 & 3.2m-Rips -Carries -Cross Levels -Laser Levels.
Honey Badger
Features an adjustable moving arm for feed out control and on road transport, capable of carring two bales.
Bale Bull Square
DA Cut sizes 1.8, 2.1 & 2.4m -Rips -Carries -Cross levels -Laser levels
Introducing the LP8000, 8 meter or 6 meter width Land Plane, twin mast independent for lift precision, dragging capabilities of approximately 5 cubic meters.
The DG Series is currently being manufactured in 3.6m or 4.2m width Drag Grader has independent lift for laser precision. Dragging capabilities of approximately 3.5-4.5 cubic meters
Honey Badger
LP Series
DG Series
The BBR maintains a strong robust design capable of handling the heaviest bales. This machine is capable of carrying two bales and feeds on both sides. It is one of the only machines in the market that is able to feed the toughest of silage bales 23 McCormick Road Kyabram Victoria 3620 / Ph: 03 585 22 444 /

Air cut

Sawquip’s telehandler vegetation saw is a unique product that offers a simple solution to an otherwise tricky job for farmers

Manufacturing in-house can bring many benefits around production schedules and delivery times.

It can also lead to new opportunities for innovation and the creation of new products, particularly when the manufacturer is engaged with its customer base’s needs.

This is the origin story of Sawquip’s unique telehandler vegetation saw – the BranchBuster 900.

“It was actually very customer driven,” Sawquip’s technical sales manager Troy Pilcher says. “We’ve done saws for excavators, and we had a few customers

coming to us saying ‘I’m interested, but I’d be keen to put it on my telehandler for this application’.

“We thought it was a very good concept, so we did a prototype product for a customer and they loved it. We’ve just gone from there.”

Like all Sawquip products, the BranchBuster is designed and manufactured completely within Australia and is supported by local backup from a company with almost two decades in business.

Its concept is simple, but its impact for Australian farmers is significant.

Sawquip’s BranchBuster 900 works with existing telehandlers

The BranchBuster easily attaches to any telehandler with appropriate auxiliary hydraulics, Sawquip says, meaning its benefits can be enjoyed with very minimal effort.

“The whole concept is a bit of a game changer when you’re trying to chop high tree limbs and maintain property boundaries like fence lines, roadsides, driveways and so forth,” Pilcher says.

“Especially when you’ve got long and straight stretches and a lot to do, this makes the job a lot quicker and takes a lot of manual handling out of it as well.

Images: Sawquip.

“If you didn’t have something like this, you would be relying on a chainsaw, which is a very slow and tedious way of doing it, whereas on a telehandler it’s very easy and saves a lot of time.”

on whatever vegetation needs maintenance around a farm.

It is also built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring its reliability and longevity even in Australia’s harsh conditions.

it also requires 60L per minute of hydraulic flow.

The ease with which it can be attached to a telehandler means farmers can easily enjoy the real gamechanger of the BranchBuster – the height at which farmers can cut.

“The height and the reach of the actual saw is quite a good thing,” Pilcher says.

“Obviously a telehandler has got an extended telescopic boom, which will give you at least six metres of height depending on the individual machine.

“This is a significant advantage when you’re talking about doing long stretches, maintaining driveways, maintaining fence lines, and maintaining roadsides,” he says.

“Vegetation is always growing and it’s just a constant need every couple of years to cut it back, especially if you have got trucks driving past or vegetation intruding on fence lines and so forth.”

“It’s going to be a significant time saver for them and a labour saver as well – they would be the two main reasons that farmers are pretty keen on it.

“Most have already got the equipment as well – the majority of farmers would have a telehandler or loader – so it’s very easy to just get an attachment rather than trying to find a very application-specific machine for the job,” Pilcher adds.

26 Farms & Farm Machinery
Sawquip’s telehandler saw makes working at height easy The BranchBuster provides a safe alternative to chainsaws

The BranchBuster also features full guarding and is fitted with a safety rundown check valve to ensure operators have peace of mind when using it.

Sawquip also produces firewood bench saws and excavator saws, both of which are popular with farmers and rural contractors. Its Australian-made products can be delivered nationwide.

The full range can be viewed online at

Go Shell for leather this autumn

Stock-up on Shell Rimula R4 L, Shell Rimula R4 X or Shell Spirax S4 TXM (as tabled below) from a participating distributor and enjoy the rewards. Great Rossi rewards from Shell Lubricants

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By using the telehandler’s reach, farmers can cut at a safe distance

Nitro next-gen

AEH Group customers and dealers learned more about Miller’s Nitro sprayer range at recent demonstration days

To maximise protection of their crops, farmers across Australia rely on a topquality sprayer.

Miller’s Nitro range provides exactly that, as Agricultural Equipment Holdings Group dealers and customers from New South Wales and Victoria found during the group’s recent demonstration days.

Miller Nitro sprayers are perfectly suited to farmers seeking high productivity thanks to their excellent capacity, along with a host of standard features and precision technology options to maximise daily operations.

The self-propelled sprayers are packed with power and extra capacity for Australia’s broadacre farms, offering up to 434hp peak power and tanks with 6,100L capacities.

Miller’s Nitro range is known as the 7000 Series, which is split into three models – the 7310, 7380 and 7420.

Having multiple models available allows farmers to choose their ideal horsepower option, tank size and boom width, while also having a four-wheel steering option if required.

Whether required for an intensive spray application program, or to spray thousands of acres each year, Australian farmers have long counted on the Nitro to meet their spraying needs.

Miller Nitro sprayers can comfortably handle the big jobs, with even the smallest model and configuration (the 7310) offering a 4,500L tank and a minimum 27m boom.

Configurations are available with boom sizes between 27m and 48m, providing optimum versatility for individual needs, while the two larger sprayer models (the 7380 and 7420) both have 6,100L capacity tanks.

The three models are rated for 285hp, 322hp and 372hp respectively, but can each produce peak power of 310hp, 382hp and 434hp respectively.

Inside the cabin, operators benefit from practical features such as two chassis monitoring systems, which are mounted in the roof lining so as not to disrupt the operator’s line of sight to the boom, along with two spraying monitoring systems –including one mounted on an adjustable swing arm.

Miller Intelligence improves the spraying process through seamless connectivity and real-time data access.

The 30cm SprayView 12 display lets operators control sprayer functions and access vital data on-the-go, and when fitted with the factory option Raven Viper 4+, all spray data is seamlessly transferred to the office via the Cloud.

Climate control, footpegs on the steering column, dimmable switches, push-button start and Bluetooth compatibility help to ensure operations will be comfortable while inside a Miller Nitro sprayer.

A 50-50 weight distribution and fourwheel independent HydraLink suspension also help to minimise soil compaction and increase the smoothness of the ride.

Operators can set four pre-programmed customised speed ranges, with common examples being a slow creep range of up to 8km/h for manoeuvring in tight spaces, a road transport range and two ranges for working in the field.

Sprayer technology is fast evolving, and operators are increasingly recognising the

28 Farms & Farm Machinery
Miller’s Nitro 7420 sprayer

importance of targeted spraying to both maximise their efficiency and reduce their input costs.

Miller Nitro sprayers are fitted with IntelliSpray, an exclusive pulse nozzle system that maintains droplet size as the speed of the sprayer changes.

Miller says its IntelliSpray system offers six modes of operation and up to 2.5 times greater accuracy than comparable systems.

Once a nozzle tip is selected, based on application rates, chemical droplet size and travel speed, IntelliSpray automatically controls the flow to meet targeted application rates.

This results in both better coverage and reduced drift as the speed of the sprayer increases.

During the AEH Group demo days, attendees also learned about the WeedSeeker 2 and Bilberry spot spraying system which work with Miller Nitro.

WeedSeeker 2 uses “advanced optics and processing power” to detect and apply herbicide precisely to weeds, with the

manufacturer saying this system reduces the amount of chemical required by up to 90 per cent.

The WeedSeeker 2’s sensors automatically adjust to changing temperatures, light and backgrounds to ensure they are accurate in all conditions.

Importantly, it works with any existing ISOBUS-compatible display.

The lightweight sensor has an expanded coverage area, matching the industry standard 50cm spacing of spray nozzles This means even the largest booms, such as the 48m Miller Nitro options, can be fitted with WeedSeeker 2.

A quick release bracket kit allows WeedSeeker 2 to be easily installed and removed from a Nitro boom.

Bilberry’s spot spraying system uses an embedded camera network, artificial intelligence and deep learning software to identify weeds in crop.

Firstly, the camera analyses the field and provides continuous pictures to the embedded computer.

This computer uses a combination of

artificial intelligence and other programming to provide fast and accurate weed detection analysis in real-time, generating weed identifications and cell activations on the spray map.

In the sprayer’s cab display, the operator gets full control of the system and can select the weeds to target, the crops to protect and configure the system’s accuracy.

The console also allows for individual nozzle control for more precision.

Bilberry works on a subscription basis and is also compatible with Miller Nitro’s IntelliSpray – allowing operator to switch between blanket and spot spraying from inside the cabin without removing the system.

Miller Nitro sprayers are available at all nine of AEH Group’s nine dealerships in New South Wales and Victoria.

AEH Group’s full list of locations, along with its entire range including Miller Nitro sprayers, can be viewed online at

The 7310 is one of Miller Nitro’s 7000 Series sprayers

New choices

Australia’s tyre market is set to get a new player, with CST about to launch its first truck products locally

Australian agriculture requires many specific tyres – for UTVs and 4WDs to move around the farm, for tractors to do the grunt work, and for trucks to carry and transport the end product.

It is this latter category in which the newest entrant to the local tyre market aims to have an impact.

CST is owned by the Cheng Shin Rubber Group, a company which hovers around

the top 10 global manufacturers by sales value and which also owns the Maxxis brand popular with Australian farmers.

“We are excited to launch CST into the Australian market with a range of TBR product,” Australian representative Davvyn Mason says.

“The initial range will be launched with approximately 15 products that are suitable to our market.

“We have another 10 products in final development stages which we expect to be released over the remainder of 2024.

“From there, the range will continue to expand over the next 12 to 24 months to cover the complete requirements of the Australian market.”

Mason, who also represents the Maxxis brand owned by Cheng Shin Rubber Group, believes Australian customers

The CST CR170
Images: CST.


– including the agricultural sector – will benefit from CST’s points of difference.

“The most exciting thing for us is the value the CST range of products represents, especially when considered on a cents per kilometre measure,” he says.

“The product quality is excellent and we are confident that both the research and development and manufacturing processes are not just in line with other brands but will exceed the expectations in the market.”

Just as a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be applied to tractor tyres, or even passenger car tyres, CST’s range has been

carefully curated to ensure the variety of all truck tyre needs is accounted for.

Some of its models are designed for long distance driving on freeways, while some of its other models are particularly suited to regional roads, along with tyres that are best equipped for the rough road or offroad usage which agriculture demands.

One all-round tyre being brought in by CST is the CR600 in the 295/60R22.5 TL size, which is designed for use on freeways, urban and regional roads.

Four circumferential grooves and central ribs with a fine groove design deliver a comfortable ride and excellent handling

stability, the manufacturer says, while a wider tread area and deeper groove design improve tyre life, as does the new curved groove walls to increase stone and debris rejection.

Another model being added is the CR297 in 385/65R22.5 size, which is designed for long distances at higher speeds on good roads.

Four zig-zag circumferential grooves with a strengthened shoulder structure on this tyre deliver excellent stability and smooth handling, the manufacturer says.

Designed to provide outstanding steering stability, comfort and safety for

32 Farms & Farm Machinery
The CST CR600A

long journeys, its low heat generating compound and special carcass structure delivers extra-long life.

Two sizes of the CR170 trailer tyre will also be initially brought to Australia – the 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5.

Their wide tread with deep grooves offers an extended lifespan, while a special tyre structure is designed to provide superior durability.

A low flat ratio design makes this tyre ideal for heavy cargo transportation, while the staggered notch design of the groove walls promotes efficient stone and debris ejection.

While CST might be a new player in the Australian market, the fact it has the same parent company as the existing Maxxis brand is advantageous to customers.

This will allow farmers to tap into the knowledge of Australian conditions already available to Maxxis buyers, and ensure the perfect tyre for individual needs is sourced..


33 LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Like to know more? visit or Ph: 1300 522 232 3.99%* FINANCE! HURRY OFFER VALID UNTIL 28TH JUNE 2024 p.a * Only available to ABN holders through CEA Financial Services, provided by De Lage Landen Pty Ltd ABN 20101692040. 3.99% p.a. based on 30% deposit followed by 36 monthly repayments commencing 1 month after settlement, and is only applicable to the base unit. GST paid back in month 4. Subject to credit approval, terms, conditions, and fees apply. Offer available to all new sales of JCB 4220 iCON Haulage, 4220 iCON and 8330 iCON Fastrac tractors on approved purchases retailed and delivered between the
of April 2024 and the 28th June 2024 through participating JCB Dealerships.
The CST CR297
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Perfect pair

Machinery dealership group McIntosh & Son represents the Merlo range across four Western Australian branches and one in Queensland, and continually invests significant resources to the Merlo brand ensuring the partnership continues to flourish

In a country as large as Australia, a machinery brand’s success can rely on the dedication and commitment of its dealer network.

For Merlo Australia, one dealer which has fully invested into its range of products is McIntosh & Son.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship, with the “significant resources” dedicated to Merlo products by McIntosh & Son leading to it becoming a “massive part” of the multi-brand dealership’s business.

“From the Perth branch perspective, it’s significant,” McIntosh & Son Perth general manager Mike Foskett says.

“The Merlo range is an integral part of our business and so we ensure we can support our customer base and the range with staff and infrastructure required.”

Two important examples exist which show the resources McIntosh & Son has devoted to ensuring the Merlo brand thrives.

McIntosh & Son has an experienced product specialist (Joe Cox) along with a field service technician (Barry Murphy) who are dedicated to Merlo products, while the company also has a workshop exclusively devoted to the brand.

“Joe has been working with Merlo

products for over 30 years, and Barry has a long relationship with the brand as well,” Foskett says.

“While our all of our sales team have access to supply the Merlo range, we believe it is important to have a dedicated product specialist in Joe, as his depth and breadth of knowledge is invaluable to our customer base.”

technical support on the road, and we’re looking to add another Merlo-dedicated technician as well.

“We rotate the apprentices through that workshop, which is a dedicated workshop only for the Merlos.

“We don’t put any other products through that particular workshop, so there’s definitely a commitment and dedi-

Merlo’s Panoramic P72.10 telehandler
Images: Merlo


ian-made telehandlers, targeted at both the agricultural and construction sectors.

Its telehandlers include the Panoramic and Turbofarmer ranges, both of which combine to offer farmers a variety of configurations from compact models with 2,700kg lift capacities and 6m lift height, up to a 12,000kg lift capacity model with 10m lift height.

Merlo’s most unique product is the Multifarmer, which combines the dual benefits of a telehandler and tractor.

Two Multifarmer models are imported to Australia – the MF44.7 and MF44.9.

Both models offer a 4,400kg maximum load capacity and maximum reach of 1.7m while at capacity.

along with its one interstate branch in the Queensland town of Dalby.

Foskett believes interest across the Merlo range is evenly spread, speaking of the popularity of the different models.

“It’s pretty well spread through a lot of the models,” he says.

“That’s the beauty of the Merlo – there are plenty of options to suit what people have in terms of different needs.

“They definitely have some features and benefits that value add for customers, but also the support we offer makes a difference.

“We are able to support the customers and they’ve got confidence that we can back them up.”

impressive factory I’ve been to,” he says.

“I was impressed by the quality, the cleanliness, and how organised they are.

“They do everything in house, basically the only thing they don’t manufacture there are the tyres.

“They even own a glass factory, so even the glass is all made on site.

“Even the way they do their parts distribution is all fully automated. They’ve invested a lot of money into how that’s done and it’s quite impressive.”

The benefits of a dealer having experienced a manufacturer’s factory and global headquarters first hand are numerous, and will no doubt reap long-term benefits for McIntosh & Son and its customers.

The ongoing relationship between McIntosh & Son and Merlo Australia is also important, and once again Foskett views this relationship positively.

“It’s a good relationship and if anything, has even improved over the last two to three years,” he says.

“We get good support from Merlo Australia. The relationship is positive and we’ve got a really collaborative approach with them at the moment, so that can only help.

“What’s important for us is being able to sell the product with confidence knowing that the relationship is healthy.

“It’s always good in a dealer-supplier relationship for it to be positive and collaborative. It makes everyone’s job a lot easier, there’s no doubt about that.”

McIntosh & Son has branches throughout Australia and its Merlo range can be viewed online at www.mcintoshandson.

Merlo Australia’s head office is at 120-124 Toongabbie Road in the Sydney suburb of Girraween, with the company’s full machinery range viewable online at

Merlo dealer McIntosh & Son, Perth. Image: McIntosh & Son Merlo’s Multifarmer 44.9




















Open sesame!

AgriFutures Australia is investing $2 million into a five-year national research program that aims to scale-up production of sesame. Jackson Haddad caught up with the program’s research leader to find out what the future holds for the high-value crop

More than just a few seeds on top of a hamburger bun, leading Australian researchers see real potential in the future of sesame as a crop to be grown Down Under.

Research and development corporation AgriFutures Australia has identified the oilseed as a high-growth potential crop which can be grown in Australia.

The organisation predicts the global sesame market will reach $26 billion by 2025 – but most of the whole sesame and sesame products consumed in Australia are currently imported from Africa and Asia.

While many associate sesame consumption with the seeds, it has a range of uses. Sesame can be processed into sesame oil, used as flavour in confectionary, used in baking and even made into tahini paste.

AgriFutures says that due to sesame’s antioxidant content, it can also be used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

To increase understanding of what might be involved in developing an Australian sesame industry, AgriFutures has invested in a national program of research led by Central Queensland University Australia (CQU).

CQU will collaborate its research

with other universities across state and territory governments, commercial seed companies, farm machinery and seed processing businesses and farmers from across the country.

Also supporting the research is the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA), on a project called Great Northern Spices. Seed company AgriVentus Technologies is also funding and supporting the research.

Lack of growth

CQU research leader and senior lecturer Tieneke Trotter says that while sesame hasn’t traditionally been an Australian crop, recent research and new support means the country now has an opportunity to start its own domestic market.

“Over 20 years ago there was research done in Darwin and the Northern Territory that looked as sesame as a crop, but they couldn’t get the market support behind it,” she says.

“They also didn’t have the same genetic varieties or the lines that we’ve got access to now.”

There are two different types of sesame when it matures, shattering and non-shattering.

When the plant pods are full of sesame seeds and it starts to dry out, the pods shatter and drop seeds onto the ground. With non-shattering sesame, the pod pops open just a little bit, but the seed isn’t released till it goes through a harvester.

“When there are significant harvest losses through the shattering sesame, it meant that the crop was less viable financially,” Trotter says.

“At that time 20 years ago, there were also issues getting a market for Australian grown sesame, either domestically or to export it.”

Sesame’s richness in oil is one of the benefits that Trotter says is held in high esteem by customers.

“With an increase in different types of styles of cooking and the use of more Asian flavours, things like sesame are going to be increasingly used in in our cuisine and in cuisines across the world,” Trotter says.


With t he potential to be grown in hot climates such as northern Australia, CQU is also looking at the prospect of growing sesame in southern Australia as the oilseed becomes a more in-demand product.

CQU is currently investigating if sesame

38 Farms & Farm Machinery
Sesame has been identified as a highvalue emerging crop in Australia. Image: Neha/

can be grown in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland and then potentially in the Moree region of northern New South Wales.

Some of Trotter’s colleagues at Charles Sturt University are hoping to investigate sesame growth even further south, in Wagga Wagga.

If sesame can be grown in more southern areas where it is colder and there is shorter season variety, it will allow the crop to further expand its footprint across the nation.

Trotter explains season variety as more distinctive seasons in southern Australia, compared to the north when temperatures are more consistent.

“The reason why it’s good to have a shorter variety for southern areas is because you can capture that summer period really neatly,” the university researcher says.

“With shorter varieties, we’re essentially looking at lines that will grow anywhere

between 90 and 110 days.

“You can plan end to finish harvest a crop in that summer season and capture the full benefit of the summer heat.”

Another benefit of sesame is that it doesn’t need as much water compared to other crops, which can be useful in times of drought.

“Sesame can get by with a little bit less water than cotton as an irrigated crop, and so it provides different alternatives for producers to be able to work into their farming system,” Trotter says.

“It is a fairly drought tolerant crop as long as there’s moisture there to help with establishment and pod filling.”

CQU is also looking at the potential of using modelling systems to help predict where sesame can be grown.

“Modelling systems will help inform us whether or not sesame could potentially be grown in, southern South Australia or southern Western Australia in the future,” Trotter says.

Like any agricultural crop, sesame has some basic requirements for it grow to its full potential.


Sesame thrives in hotter climates but can also grow in areas that stay above 8 – 10 degrees Celsius, according to Trotter.

“It’s a really good summer crop, potentially right across Australia, but certainly in northern Australia,” Trotter says.

“It can also be a winter crop, the further north we look. We can grow sesame in the winter in far north Queensland, in the Northern Territory and in places like Kununurra in Western Australia.”

In terms of soil requirements, Trotter has seen sesame grown in anything from red sandy loam soils to black cracking clay soils – performing well in most areas.

“It doesn’t necessarily like to have its feet wet for too long, so there’s an initial water requirement at the start of the season to help emergence,” she says.

Sesame can be consumed in a number of different ways, including being made into tahini paste. Image: chandlervid85/


“Either planting into moisture in the soil or having an opportunity to do an early irrigation can help seed establishment.

“Available moisture towards the end of the season when the pods are filling with seeds is also really important, which will help with yield.”

Trotter says sesame crops typically require 80 units of nitrogen fertiliser applied to the soil, to help the crop grow optimally. Another import element for growing sesame as well as other oilseed crops is sulphur.

In the early stages of growing sesame crops, weeds need to be managed.

“If the crop grows to a point where it can close canopy, it’s quite competitive against weeds,” Trotter says.

“Weed management in the first six

weeks of the crop is really important, but we do have some chemicals available for that. Other options include inter-row cultivation to help dig the weeds out.”

Sesame crops also can face the challenges of pests such heliopsis stem balls, aphids and green veggie bugs. Despite this, the biodiverse crop can also house a lot of beneficial insects as well.


Whilst sesame crops may attract pests such as aphids, Trotter says they’re often matched in number by ladybugs and lacewings that eat aphids.

Heliothis caterpillars have also been known to live in the crop, but Trotter says she has seen lots of wasps carry the pests away.

“There’s a lot of beneficials that really love to live in the crop.

“We’ve got lots of spiders and different wasps, and it’s pollinated by a number of different insects. This includes wasps, native bees, blue banded bees, cuckoo bees and then of course, European honeybees.

“It’s a crop that’s alive with biodiversity and if that’s the case, we wouldn’t spray it with a chemical if the insect biological control is doing what it should to take care of things like heliothis caterpillars or aphids.”

Trotter says chemicals are available to get rid of sesame related pests If biological control is not playing its part.

Another challenge that sesame crops face, is being susceptible to diseases. Research is currently taking place to learn how to tackle them.

40 Farms & Farm Machinery
CQU is investigating if sesame can be grown in southern Australia where the climate is colder. Image: AgriFutures Australia

Disease research

CQU has been collaborating with Dante Adorada at the University of Southern Queensland to do soil tests.

Using a DNA-based soil testing service, known as ‘PreDicta B’, research growers can be informed of any diseases that are pre-existing in the soil.

This information can then be used to decide if sesame would be a viable crop to plant into that soil or if seed treatment or managing soil moisture would be beneficial.

“We have done some seed coating to help prevent disease at the emerging seed stage,” Trotter says.

“If the soil has got a high level of pythium in it, then we would suggest the producer to control the moisture in those early stages, so don’t let the paddock get too wet.

“Irrigate a little bit later instead, to help the crop establish better.”

For more information on AgriFutures sesame research program visit www. sesame/

Financing the Future of Farming

As a global �nance provider for over 50 years, we understand the unique needs and challenges of the food & agri industry. By o�ering �exible and tailor- made �nancial solutions, we help agricultural asset and input manufacturers, dealers and end users better manage cash �ow and risk.

CQU research leader and senior lecturer Tieneke Trotter. Image: AgriFutures Australia * Based on stock items for sale as at October 2021 RESEARCH • COMPARE • BUY • SELL FARM MACHINERY MARKETPLACE* AUSTRALIA’S #1 Powered by

Financial solutions

DLL Group provides the agricultural industry with financial solutions for a range of machinery, inputs and diverse assets – setting itself apart from its competitors

As a subsidiary of Rabobank, DLL has been providing financial solutions for more than 50 years across more than 25 countries.

The company has an asset portfolio worth over A$65 billion, cementing itself as a significant global asset finance partner.

DLL has been serving the Australian and New Zealand market for over two decades across various industries, including Food, Agriculture, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Document Imaging and Technology industries.

Its food and agriculture business unit is key to DLL as it encompasses over 55 vendor relationships, in Australia alone.

Food and agriculture

DLL’s core work is in vendor finance, where it partners with equipment manufacturers or distributors to provide

finance solutions to their end customers.

“We’re quite a large business but historically, our go to market strategy has been in conjunction or in partnership with a lot of our distributors and manufacturers of equipment via private label or undisclosed programs,” Asia Pacific food and agriculture regional sales manager Scott Bremner says.

DLL provides the capital to finance both new and used agricultural assets, whether it be a tractor, harvester, baler or other farm machinery.

“If it’s got a serial number there, we will always support the farmer and the dealer network to fund it,” DLL food and agriculture country sales manager Brett Coates says.

DLL can also assist with inventory finance for equipment manufacturers and dealers. From the moment inventory hits Australian shores, DLL can help through to

retail and placing that stock at a branch or dealership.

Not only does DLL finance new inventory, but it can also provide funding for the business end user too if there’s an opportunity for the asset to be sold second-hand.

“If there’s any second life or used opportunity, whether it be a commercial private sale or dealer, we can provide funding for that as well,” Coates says.

DLL creates an opportunity for manufacturers where they don’t have to own and manage their own captive finance arm.

Bigger original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can run their own finance arms as they don’t have to raise their own form of capital.

“These bigger OEMs don’t have the cost and compliance that comes with the finance arm, and the collections that come with having your own portfolio as well,” Coates says.

DLL’s financial solutions cover a range of assets, from machinery to inputs. Image: DLL


With farm machinery prices increasing tremendously in recent years, another benefit of DLL is the option to rent instead of owning.

“Historically it hasn’t been a popular financial product for farmers, however for the larger farming operations it is now becoming an attractive alternative,” Coates says.

Funding machinery is indeed a big focus, but DLL also has vendor partners in inputs and livestock – creating a diverse asset portfolio.


Setting itself apart from the competition is what DLL strives for, looking at providing financial solutions in a range of different ways.

“We’ve got a really strong appetite to continue to support the agricultural sector,

whether that is through finance of core agricultural assets or new emerging technologies that more farmers are investigating. DLL takes a holistic view when it comes to the solutions that we’re building with our dealers and rolling out into their customer network,” Bremner says.

DLL also has a key focus on sustainability that Bremner believes is driving the business forward.

“We have historically financed a lot of carbon intensive assets and we’re very conscious of that. A significant part of our strategy is identifying new sustainable solutions and emerging technologies and helping our customers access these through competitive financial solutions,” he says.

Having deeper conversations with clients, Bremner says the business has seen an increase in the need for and interest in

sustainable solutions, including farm solar, precision agriculture robots, bio digesters and waste management systems on farms.

This allows DLL to provide more diverse financial solutions rather than just providing funding for a tractor, as an example.

“DLL is committed to partner for a better world and therefore we are always looking at developing solutions with our partners that have a focus on sustainability,” Bremner says.

“We expect that by providing financial solutions on these new assets, or via second hand sales and the circular economy, our farming customers can access the technology that will assist with helping reduce carbon emissions and waste.

“That’s what sets us apart from our competition, we’ve got a strong credit appetite for the agricultural sector and we’ve been working with these customers for over 50

44 Farms & Farm Machinery
The business sets itself apart from its competition by providing diverse financial solutions that go beyond funding machinery. Image: DLL

years. We finance deep and we buy long.”

Bremner emphasises that the business is here to help the industry and with DLL planning on attending many industry events this year, the group is looking to raise awareness across the industry of its capabilities.

Industry events

Spanning from April 17-19, DLL will be an exhibitor at the FutureAg expo held at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Victoria.

Born out of Agritechnica in Europe, FutureAg will provide DLL with an opportunity to gain more brand exposure and remind the market that it is here to help.

“As a big supporter of Agritechnica, we’re really happy to be partnering up and supporting them with their FutureAg launch in Melbourne,” Coates says.

Attendees will be able to visit DLL at

“Recently we have attended Wimmera field days in Horsham, Victoria, as well as Farm World in Warragul – also in Victoria. It’s the typical regional field days that we’ll be going to.”

PROUDLY SAWQUIP TIMBER PROCESSING MACHINERY AND ATTACHMENTS 03 5443 9846 For more information on DLL’s financial solutions, visit or call +61 2 9113 5000.
Belinda Perrett, business support team leader for the Food & Agriculture business unit, attending a recent field day. Image: DLL

Agricultural investment

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is devoting more than $50 million to agricultural research projects and facilities. Here, Jackson Haddad takes a deep dive into the various investments.

CSU’s history lies deep in educating students and farmers, with the university’s origins dating back to 1895 when an experimental farm was established in Bathurst, New South Wales.

Since then, the university has grown considerably by establishing new centres of learning and research, merging with other education providers and partnering with industry and government.

That dedication to learning continues with the recent investment of $50 million into agricultural research, to be facilitated through its Agrisciences Research and Business Park (AgriPark), as well as key industry and government partners.

Founded in Wagga Wagga, NSW, AgriPark is an innovation precinct that has been established within the university.

The precinct currently runs across multiple campuses, integrating agricultural technologies and science with university students – allowing them to further their learning.

When asked why such a significant amount of money was invested and facilitated through the precinct, AgriPark executive director Nick Pagget says it came down to a gap in the industry.

“We saw there was a gap around the adoption of technology and understanding the implications of technology and science, in an agricultural and commer-

cial context,” he says.

“There’s a gap in the industry, understanding the impact of the sectors that we have invested in.”

Educating students with agricultural technologies is a form of learning that Pagget says can’t be replicated with just a textbook.

“We are the largest agricultural educator in Australia, and we want student cohorts to be able to use the latest technologies and operating systems,” he says.

Pagget says AgriPark aims to bring the outside world into the university, to partner and work on various agricultural tasks.

“We also want the industry to come and see these technologies so we can showcase activities that they may not have seen before,” he says.

Global Digital Farm

This approach will be led by the largest of the various investments, a $22 million contribution over three years for projects at AgriPark’s Global Digital Farm.

Located at CSU’s Wagga Wagga campus, Global Digital Farm is a 1,600-hectare commercial farm, showcasing the latest available agricultural technologies.

A key focus of the commercial farm is to test and validate new technologies in a research and commercial setting.

“Our farming operations have been saturated with the latest available technologies, such as autonomous tractors, drones, soil sensor systems, methane sensors, cattle remotes and autonomous cattle feeding systems,” Pagget says.

Global Digital Farm also tries to find and expand on new technologies, putting them into a farming operation to understand how they work and how useful they can be.

$22 million will go a long way in the next step for the commercial farm, which is to simulate multiple technologies and variables occurring in a digital sense, and then replicating that in a physical sense.

“We want to understand what impacts nutritional supplements have on methane, but also the weather conditions in which we’re operating – all of those variables coming together into a simulation model.”

Renewables in Agriculture Program

A further $20 million will also be invested over three years into the Renewables in Agriculture Program.

There are two aspects to this program, with the first focusing on how agriculture can produce raw materials for energy production.

But rather than focusing on solar and wind power, the program is researching

46 Farms & Farm Machinery
Charles Sturt University (CSU) is investing in agricultural technologies. Image: CSU

if waste streams such as manure from feedlots can be turned into energy such as hydrogen, biogas or biodiesel.

“We want to work out if there is a way to get hydrogen production at a scale that can operate on individual farming operations,” he says.

The second aspect to this program, he adds, is finding a use for any energy produced, such as tractors being powered by hydrogen.

“The intent is if we’re going to produce hydrogen in a regional context, then we’re going to use it, so what would we use it for,” he says.

“We’re probably going to use it in the transport fleet, but that’s pretty much the trucks that go up and down the highway and there’s companies already working on that.”

investment decisions to change their operating models to adapt more circular activities.”

According to Pagget, there are already hydrogen tractors in Europe and one of the reasons they aren’t yet established in Australia is because of a lack of hydrogen production facilities well-established to support it.

The Renewables in Agriculture Program will look to create a production site as part of the investment with the possibility of bringing the first hydrogen tractor to Australia in the future.

Currently, this program is looking at covered solar, with CSU installing solar panels across its vineyard operations to look at dual-use activities.

“This solar will be used to create hydrogen, not just electricity. The tractor would be an example of a hydrogen generator which are currently driven from solar electricity or diesel,” he says.

“We want to know what it would look like if we had an alternate fuel source, such as hydrogen and how would you then use a hydrogen generator.”

Circularity Centre of Excellence

Continuing the renewables theme, CSU will also invest $8 million to go towards a circularity Centre of Excellence being developed in Wagga Wagga.

The aim of this centre is to create a circular ecosystem that takes outputs from one sector and integrates it into inputs for the same or other sectors.

“A lot of what we do in renewables, is looking at taking waste streams out of an animal processing facility or a feedlot, and converting that into energy,” Pagget says.

As part of this investment the centre will look to identify where there are opportunities to create a circular environment.

“The circularity Centre of Excellence will support the research and demonstration that enables the industry to make

Cool Soils Initiative

Rounding out the investments is $10 million to support various projects in the Cool Soils Initiative.

Cool Soils is essentially a greenhouse gas calculator that looks at scope three emissions – those indirect emissions created off-farm that arise from various aspects of a company’s supply chain, travel and other related activities.

Paggett says scope three emissions are becoming a mandatory component of reporting for export market access, as well as for future regulatory requirements.

“A lot of businesses are going to have to declare their scope three emissions in the

coming years,” he says.

“This is why we’ve established a calculator that looks at the Australian conditions and calculates scope three emissions for agricultural businesses, based on the inputs.

“What’s important to this calculator is that we’re not just looking at recording the rating, because that’s just a single snapshot in time.

“What we’re working towards is a facilitated program to support practice change, within agricultural producers to actually reduce their emissions,” he says.

Pagget would like to see an industry that is able to achieve net-zero emissions through practice change as opposed to buying offsets.

As part of this program, supply chain partners are actively involved such as

Global Digital Farm tests and validates new technologies in a research and commercial setting. Image CSU AgriPark is an innovation precinct that allows students to further their knowledge in agriculture. Image: CSU


Kellogg’s, Mars, PepsiCo and Manildra.

“They’re all key partners in this program because their requirement is to show a reduction in scope three emissions from their supply sources.”


In addition to these investments, CSU’s Red Meat Innovation Centre is developing a feedlot of the future for sheep in Wagga Wagga.

The AgriPark executive director says that feedlots continue to be a large growth sector the red meat industry. To date, these types of feedlots have only been developed for cattle, according to CSU. AgriPark plans to open a contained,

fully automated feeding facility that can house 1,500 sheep.

With this volume of sheep, the facility won’t be able to be covered due its sheer size, but shading will be provided.

As part of the Renewables in Agriculture Program, AgriPark wants to bring a hydrogen tractor to Australia. Image: scharfsinn86/

to have the latest available agricultural technologies.

Pagget says the facility will have digitised measurements to check weight gains of the animals.

“It will also look at methane and other gas production systems, measuring things like runoff and waste streams so that in times of drought we can understand how to switch to a contained feeding model for a sheep farm,” he says.

Using the principles from the Global Digital Farm, AgriPark is also looking at developing feedlots of the future that aim

“We’re looking at digital systems such as facial recognition for sheep which will enable us to tackle traceability without tags, but also in understanding the animal behaviours relative to the conditions they’re living in.”

Looking ahead, Pagget would like to see AgriPark showcasing technologies to students and the industry that may not have seen before – setting them up well for the future.

“We’re trying to bring the best technologies into the precinct and create an environment for our students to learn and conduct research activities,” he says.

CSU says feedlots have only been developed for cattle to date, but they plan on developing one for sheep. Image: Jacy/

48 Farms & Farm Machinery


Heavy lifting

High horsepower tractor sales had another boost in February, the TMA says, while Western Australia was the only state to record an overall increase

There were approximately 800 tractors sold across the nation in February, which was 18 per cent less than the same month last year.

This continues the trend of recent months as activity returns to more normal levels after the hectic years of 2021 and 2022.

Of interest is the ongoing boost in sales for large horsepower tractors which has pushed retail turnover 50 per cent ahead of the same time last year in dollar terms.

Sales of the 200hp plus (150kW plus) range were again higher nationally, this time by an incredible 130 per cent on the same month last year.

This brings the year to date sales figure to a level 140 per cent ahead of the opening two months of 2023.

The small, under-40 hp (30kW) category was down by 40 per cent for the month to be 38 per cent behind on the year to date, while the 40hp to 100hp (30-75kW) range was also down 31 per cent and is now also behind 31 per cent for the year to date.

Lastly, the 100hp to 200hp (75-150 kw) category was down 29 per cent compared to February 2023, and is 23 per cent off for the year.

Looking at the state-by-state picture, Western Australia reported another lift in

February of 3 per cent, to be 12 per cent up on the same time last year.

Queensland was down 10 per cent against the same month last year to be 12 per cent behind for the year to date.

New South Wales was down 19 per cent for February and is now 25 per cent behind for the year, and Victoria was off 31 per cent on the month to be 22 per cent below last year’s figures.

South Australia was down 32 per cent for the month and is down 16 per cent for the year to date.

Tasmania was off 16 per cent for the month with sales in the Northern Territory finishing 10 per cent down.

Sales of combine harvesters are yet to materialise, while baler sales finished in line with the same month last year and are 20 per cent up for the year to date.

Finally, sales of out-front mowers were again up, this time by around 54 per cent in the month.

The TMA’s Dealer Business Sentiment Survey has also just been completed. With well over 100 responses received from around the country, the mood of dealers is certainly more subdued than what it was 12 months ago.

Overall satisfaction levels are downalthough there has been a slight uptick

He can be contacted on (03) 9813 8011 or at

in expectations for improved tractor and combine sales - while high levels of inventory for both new and used machines are being reported.

Interestingly, dealers are still forecasting an increase in workforce numbers going forward, which is perhaps a reflection on how stretched the industry has been over the past few years.

The full report can be viewed in the TMA website

This year’s TMA conference is scheduled to be held on Thursday July 18 at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, a venue the association last visited in 2017.

Details regarding the event will be announced during the next few months with ticket sales likely to commence in April.

This promises to be another great event, so please save the date.

50 Farms & Farm Machinery
Gary Northover is executive director of the Tractor & Machinery Association of Australia (TMA). Big tractors continued to be the shining light in February’s sales figures. Image: CEA

Modern family

With industry-wide consolidation, Trevor Whittington looks at what the future holds for the family farm

They’re rough numbers, but by my calculations some 18 million hectares of Western Australia’s grain belt is currently being used as farmland.

Back in 1970, that land was used by 20,000 farmers and their families, working properties with an average size of 900ha.

Today, in the same area, we have 4,000 broadacre farmers working properties with an average size of 4,500ha.

The 200,000ha sold in 2019 by Western Australia’s then-biggest grain farmer, John Nicoletti, included 30 former properties across 66,000ha plus 127,000 leaseholds.

That’s 30 families that came and went in the past 100 years across the eastern wheatbelt in aggregation.

Not that Western Australia is unique. In the USA, Simplot, still owned and run by members of the Simplot family, reportedly grows more than a dozen crops on about 33,000 hectares of cropping land, among the more than 179,000 hectares of US land it owns.

But that pales into insignificance compared to the more than 900,000 ha controlled by privately-owned Russian sugar producer Prodimex, most put

together in under 30 years since the end of communism.

This is followed by the 583,000 hectares of cultivated lands controlled by Brazil’s Bom Futuro Group and the Ukrainian sunflower oil producer Kernel’s 363,000 hectares leasehold under farming, among many others worldwide.

While it might be tempting to think the family farm is the future of Western Australia, I urge you to think again.

The mega global family farms are on the march and so are corporate entities. Both have cracked the formula for running large complex cropping farm operations –with many owning and operating seeding and harvesting rigs.

Since the turn of the century, over 100 global corporates have piled on in the race to take up millions of hectares of cropping land globally – many focussing specifically on new land farms in Brazil.

This march of the sovereign investment funds and superannuation funds into agriculture was supercharged by the global financial crisis of 2007 as many groups sought to spread their capital risks.

In Australia, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and the Quebec Deposit and

Investment Fund (CPDQ) have been major buyers of farmland, alongside groups from Saudi Arabia and China.

According to data released by Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board in 2022, the percentage of land owned by foreign buyers sits at 12.3 per cent. However, the amount of that land that is high value grain production territory – as opposed to pastoral country – is slowly growing.

China remains the biggest offshore investor in Australian farmland, according to that data, with a 2 per cent holding (7.8 million hectares), alongside 750,000 hectares of freehold farmland, while investors from the Netherlands, the US and UK own more freehold land in Australia.

I recently went for a 1,200km drive along the back roads this side of the Rabbit Proof

52 Farms & Farm Machinery
Farms across the world are expanding in size as families move on and corporate interests take over. Image: Scott Donkin/ Trevor Whittington is CEO of WAFarmers

Fence, from Ravensthorpe to Kalbarri, to get a feel for how big the farms are out there and how many have a corporate name on the front gate.

It’s another world, often owned by another country.

It’s sobering to think that established Western Australian farming families have managed to buy each other out at the rate of 3 per cent every year over the last 60 crops. This is what was done to drill the number of farm businesses down to just 20 per cent of what there was back when the Beatles broke up.

So then, you can imagine what’s going to happen over the next 60 years, particularly if Australian farms continue their trend of being high producing assets in difficult global conditions.

Many of today’s family farms face a significant challenge of surviving another two rounds of succession planning to double and double again in size, particularly when up against the competition of global investors with deep pockets.

In fact, the big families that survive could well divide up the state’s 18m hec-

tares into 180 farms of 100,000ha each. Or, if the global corporates get hold of it, it could end up being 50 farms of about 400,000ha each.

The proof that corporate entities can run farming properties at that scale is already here – not just beyond the Rabbit Proof Fence or half a world away in Brazil, the USA, Russia and Ukraine.

To face this challenge, young farmers wanting to maintain a family farm will need to consider what the future holds –whether expansion is possible, whether it

all your

is practical and what it might look like.

The idea of pooling resources with a neighbour, maybe even going into business with them, shouldn’t be off the table. And, of course, should a big buyer come along, it might pay to have a serious discussion about what the ideal offer would be well before it eventuates.

The future family farm might look a little different than what was once considered the ideal, but whatever they look like, it won’t mean they’re any less real – or less loved by the families that run them.

53 For family farms to continue as they are in Australia, high quality succession planning is essential. Image: Caseyjadew/ HORSEPOWER: 12 Hp TO 360 Hp - We have the best range in Australia We also stock an extensive range of spare parts for PTO shafts and gearboxes Call Toll Free 1800 932 113 | | BYPY Transmissions-Australian Distributor of Bondioli & Pavesi and BIMA FULLY STOCKED WITH EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED FOR THE SEASON BYPY TRANSMISSIONS PTO Shafts and Gearboxes For
power transmission requirements

Events Calendar

Here are upcoming field day and agricultural events for 2024. Information was current as of going to press.

FutureAg Expo – Melbourne, Vic

In its inaugural event, the FutureAg Expo will bring together exhibitors with cutting-edge agritech solutionsfrom precision farming to AI-powered analytics and robotic automation. With interactive demonstrations, expert-led panels and presentations and many networking opportunities, FutureAg 2024 will be a ground-breaking event.

When: April 17-19, 2024

More info:

Toowoomba Royal Show –Toowoomba, Qld

The Toowoomba Royal Show has showcased the best in entertainment and agriculture displays on the Darling Downs since 1860. Every year has new entertainment so bring the whole family and enjoy world class acts, competitions and exhilarating rides in sideshow alley.

When: April 26–28, 2024

More info: au/royal-show/

Coffs Harbour Agricultural Show – Coffs Harbour, NSW

Organised by the Coffs Harbour Show Society, the Show has trade exhibitors as well as competitions and rides.

When: April 26-28, 2024

More: au/

AgFest – Carrick, Tas

Agfest is a multi-award-winning event and offers an excellent opportunity for your business to showcase its products to thousands of people. Operating for over 35 years, Agfest is a Tasmanian success story that injects millions of dollars into the local economy annually.

When: May 2-4, 2024

More Info:

Tocal Field Days – Tocal, NSW

Tocal Field Days showcase a range of livestock and animal handling and husbandry skills to landholders and the community. The site also features a large land management area with information on caring for our environment.

When: May 3–5, 2024

More info:

Riverina Field Days – Griffith, NSW

Held at the Griffith Showgrounds each May, Riverina Field Days attracts over 5,000 people each year and showcases what’s new in farming, best farming practices and new technology, and forms a networking opportunity for farmers across a vast range of industries. When: May 10-11, 2024

More Info: www.riverinafielddays. com

Bellingen Show – Bellingen, NSW

Begun in 1881, the Bellingen Show is a yearly event that brings together members from throughout the community providing a venue for both young and old to showcase their unique skills and talents through traditional agricultural events, the exhibition of agricultural produce, arts and crafts, and top class local entertainment.

When: May 11-12, 2024

More info:

Primex Field Days – Casino, NSW

Positioned as being ‘Australia’s sustainable farming expo’, Norco Primex Field Days has evolved from a localised event to one of the country’s leading primary industries expos. It now boasts more than 1,000 different companies on show and more than 25,000 visitors

across the three day event.

When: May 16-18, 2024


Mildura Field Days – Mildura, Vic

Mildura Field Days are two full days of the best that the region has to offer as well as the latest in agricultural machinery and innovation. Agriculture focused exhibitors are joined by new exhibitors forming a wide range of appeal including local food & wine, health & beauty and more. Events include live music, presentations and kids’ activities.

When: May 17-18, 2024

More Info:

Casino Beef Week - Casino, NSW

Casino Beef Week is an annual celebration of this iconic Australian industry and the rural way of life. Taking place over 12 days, the festival provides entertainment, education and an authentic country experience for the whole family. With over 100 vibrant events to enjoy, there is no shortage of fun things to see and do.

When: May 18-26, 2024


Agritechnica Asia – Bangkok, Thailand

Agritechnica Asia focuses on Asia’s largest agricultural buyers from across the region, emphasising agricultural engineering solutions that are relevant and important to the development of agriculture in Asian markets. Agritechnica Asia will be held in conjunction with Horti Asia, the region’s largest trade exhibition for smart horticulture in Asia, and the special exhibition Systems & Components Asia. When: May 22-24, 2024


54 Farms & Farm Machinery
Prime Creative Media.

Hort Connections – Melbourne, Vic

Hort Connections is an opportunity for networking, education and business for the entire fresh produce industry. Speakers and exhibitors will showcase the latest research, technologies and innovations to offer new perspectives on the future of Australasian horticulture.

When: June 3–5, 2024


FarmFest – Toowoomba, Qld

Elders FarmFest is Queensland’s largest premier primary field day. More than 2,500 individual companies and organisations will come to together to exhibit everything from ATVs and boom sprayers to harvesters and rock pickers.

When: June 4–6, 2024

More Info: Visit

55 Contact Dieci Australia on 1300 888 479 or visit AGRI FARMER 3.0 tonne 6.35 - 8.70 m AGRI PLUS 4.0 tonne 7.00 m HAYMASTER 4.0 tonne 7.00 m MINI AGRI 2.5 tonne 5.78 m AGRI MAX 7.0 tonne 9.50 m NO MATTER WHAT YOU NEED TO MOVE OR LIFT
There will be plenty of equipment on display at the Primex Field Days in May. Image: Orion Media

Wonderful world

This year’s staging of Farm World in Victoria’s Gippsland region again provided plenty of machinery highlights

Lardner Park near the Victorian town of Warragul was the place to be last month as Farm World 2024 took centre stage.

Held over three days between March 22-24, thousands again flocked through the gates to check out a wide variety of farm machinery.

Here is a selection of what manufacturers and dealers were showcasing at Farm World:


John Deere dealership group Brandt had a wide selection of green machinery on display, along with the yellow of Deere’s construction equipment.

Brandt won the event’s Best Overall Site award for 2024, with one feature being a maize crop set up alongside the 9600i forage harvester.

The 9600i has a 616hp (459kW) engine and a driveline designed to deliver optimal crop flow when the engine is operating in its efficiency sweet spot.

The forage harvester was one of many

As a multi-brand dealer, Clark Equipment had a wide selection of equipment for visitors to check out.

Along with its McCormick tractor range,

farmers can get maximum value out of their machinery through easy implement connection.

Farm Implements

As the company’s name suggests – Farm Implements presented implements from the Kanga, Cosmo, and Cosmo Bully ranges it distributes.

One prominent piece was the 6m Kanga folding pasture harrow rake, which is also available in a 4m version.

Designed for tractors between 50hp and 120hp, the 6m rake is manufactured from durable angle steel and ensures long-lasting performance and protection against corrosion.

Importantly, the hydraulic folding mechanism allows it to fold up and fit easily through a 2.4m gate, enhancing both its versatility and manoeuvrability.


Another dealer showcasing products from the multiple brands it represents was

Crowds at the first day of Farm World
Images: Prime Creative Media.
New Holland tractor with Abimac Avantime rotary rake Deere’s 9600i forage harvester

Gendore Tractors and Machinery.

The likes of Pöttinger and Hustler machinery featured alongside the New Holland blue for which Gendore is best known.

One exhibit paired a New Holland T7.210 tractor with an Abimac Avantime 7510-13 rotary rake.

Gendore’s machinery was spread across multiple sites at Farm World, with New Holland’s tractor range holding particular appeal for visitors.


Inlon is another company which deals with multiple brands, and its Farm World exhibit showed how these brands can seamlessly combine.

One combination presented was a Strautmann Verti-Mix 2401 Double Auger feed mixer paired with a Landini Powerfarm II 120 4WD cabin tractor.

The Strautmann mixer, which has a 24 cubic metre capacity, is designed to work well with the Landini Powerfarm.

Features of the 111hp tractor, which is a new addition to Landini’s range, include a four-cylinder 4.4L Perkins engine, which has 416Nm of torque and offers 36 forward and 12 reverse speeds up to 40km/h.


Farmers have a choice of tractors and telehandlers to suit their needs when looking through JCB’s selection.

Represented at Farm World by dealer Michael’s Group, the Fastrac tractors were on display along with Agri Super telehandlers.

JCB’s construction machinery was also on display, demonstrating the breadth of Michael’s Group’s range.

John Berends Implements

Victorian implement manufacturer

John Berends Implements had its 2000

Grow-Master aerator as part of the Farm World display.

tines with a slight twist to crack the ground in a sideways and downwards motion, plus double rollers which are angled in opposite directions.

This feature reduces sideways drag on the tractor, while each roller can be adjusted for various degrees of angle.

The Grow-Master is available in 2m, 2.4m, 2.8m and 3.2m working widths, with a minimum of 35hp required to operate the 2m unit.


Plenty of machinery was being showcased by French manufacturer Kuhn, with some machines even opened to allow visitors to see their inner workings.

One such machine was the VBP 7160 baler-wrapped combo. This model sits alongside the VBP 7190 in the manufacturer’s range, with the 7190 having previously been named 2023 Machine of the Year for its category at SIMA in France.

The 7160 can produce bales between 80-160cm, while the 7190 offers between 80-185cm.


Merlo telehandlers were represented at Farm World by its local dealer Melbourne Tractors.

Kanga folding pasture harrow rake Clark Equipment’s Bobcat range Michaels Group showed a JCB Agri Super telehandler


One model on display was the agriculture-focused Multifarmer MF44.9.

This is the larger of two Multifarmer models sold in Australia, with the machine combining benefits of both tractors and telehandlers in one machine.

The MF44.9 has a lift height of 8.8m and maximum load capacity of 4,400kg, plus a 170hp four-cylinder engine.

Muck Runner

Muck Runner travelled from Mount Gambier in South Australia to showcase its products at Farm World this year.

One product on display was its 10 cubic metre Pichon MK10 precision

John Berends Implements showed its 2000 Grow-Master

manure spreader.

This unit is fully galvanised with a 6mm thick chassis and 3mm thick sides, sprung drawbar and a one-piece gearbox.

It also features 150mm side extensions for extra capacity and forms just one part of Pichon’s spreader range available through Muck Runner.

Rata Equipment

New Zealand company Rata Equipment continues to make an impact on the Australian market.

Evidence of this came via a ‘sold’ sticker on the display unit of its popu-

lar Power Claw, merely hours into Farm World kicking off.

The Power Claw is designed to be an all-rounder on Australian farms, lifting hay bales and removing debris such as logs and rocks.

It is available in compact, mid-range and standard models, with designs to suit different sizes of tractors plus other machinery such as skid steers.


Victoria’s Gippsland region is one of TTMI’s heartlands, which is also partly why the dealership group took part in a demonstration day after Farm World.

Held the following week, the day allowed farmers to get behind the wheel of plenty of its seeding and tillage machinery.

TTMI specialises in Case IH machinery; however it was not the only brand represented during Farm World, with the Bednar Terraland TN 3000 HD7R chisel plough also on display.

This unit has a 3m working width, features two rows of legs followed by tandem spiked rollers and requires 220-280hp to operate.

Kuhn showcased a VBP7160 balerwrapper combo Muck Runner’s Pichon MK10 manure spreader Bednar Terraland TN3000 HD7R chisel plough from TTMI The Power Claw is one of Rata Equipment’s best sellers

$66,000 inc GST


2016. 41312 bales. Good condition. Contact Jamie or Andrew at Naracoorte for more details.

$24,200 inc GST


2010. Mower conditioner. Contact Jamie or Andrew for more details.

$104,390 inc GST



2021. 10,500L capacity, w/50m spread range. Aged stock in great condition. Variable sized cones.

$25,300 inc GST


2017. 3.1M woring width. 1000 rpm pto. 80 impellers on conditioner. Fast fit blades.

$30,998 inc GST



2022. 38 HP. 207 hrs. As new, serviced and ready to work. Warranty until Dec 2024. C/w FEL & bucket.

$75,020 inc GST



6203 hrs. IVT transmission, 6,203 hours, 4 hyd remotes, front weights, workshop inspected.

$17,050 inc GST


Mower conditioner. New cutter bar 100HA ago. Rollers in fair condition.

$42,900 inc GST



2016. 4 ft bales. 540 RPM. PTO 1000. Surface wrap only. Megawide pick-up.

$52,250 inc GST



2019. 3000L. 24m boom. Full rate control, chem hopper, mudguards. Ready to work.

$10,450 inc GST



2021. Aged stock. 1.9m working width. Med/ hard brush choice. Adjustable pitch angle.

$49,500 inc GST



2022. 3.3M working width. Coil tyne. Cast baker boot. 6” spacing.

$18,000 inc GST



2021. 540 rpm PTO. Low power - 25-60hp. Hydr feed in rollers. 150mm dia branches. 3 yr warranty.

$66,220 inc GST



2019. Would suit new buyer. Precut knives. Auto oiler & grease bank well maintained.

$18,749.50 inc GST



2014. 43 HP. 2994 hrs. 4WD. Rear roller power brushes. In good reliable condition.

$50,600 inc GST



2006. 125 HP. 4232 hrs. High clearance row crop & adjustable rims/tyres. MFWD.

$4,400 inc GST


Disc mower. Contact Jamie or Andrew at Naracoorte for more details.

$6,600 inc GST


2000L. 12m Aluminium man fold boom. PTO pump. Foam marker & elec controller. Avail May.

$99,000 inc GST



2018. 2344 hrs. Front & Cab sus. Weght scales. No attachments. Great deal, get in fast.

$88,000 inc GST


2008. 110 HP. 2799 hrs. Quicke FEL, bucket & forks. 540/1000 rear PTO. MFWD.

$29,700 inc GST


2023. 25 HP. 5 hrs. As new aged stock. C/w warranty until 2029. FEL & bucket. NARACOORTE 08 8760 1800 HAMILTON 03 5572 3522 SUNSHINE 03 9363 8100 LILYDALE 03 9735 0166 KNOXFIELD 03 9763 8255


Centre stage

A two-day conference with expert speakers attending will give visitors to FutureAg plenty of opportunity to learn about the industry’s future

The inaugural FutureAg expo will feature talks from many of the industry’s brightest minds.

In addition to the expo itself, an Expert Stage will feature three full days of sessions, with speakers covering a range of key topics, including agricultural technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as sustainable farming practices, data and skilled workforces.

Case studies and insights on products and developments will give visitors an additional channel from which to learn about the industry’s future.

Some of Australia’s leading agricultural researchers will speak from the Expert Stage at the event, including Associate Professor Chao Chen, a leading agricultural robotics researcher from Monash University.

JOHNDEERE5080R 2009,Airconditioned cab,3rdfunction loader,Multidocon loader,16-speed four-speedpower shifttransmission, Frontpivoting mudguards.S787. TA1205524. $63,940

Charles Sturt University’s Jon Medway will present on the future of precision agriculture and automation, while attendees will also hear from Australian Agritech Association president Tim Neale.

“Our Expert Stage will feature some of Australia’s leading agricultural innovators and experts, as well as university researchers, giving those who attend a unique and exclusive opportunity to hear from them first-hand and a taste of what the FutureAg two-day conference has to offer,” Hannover Fairs commercial director Mike Nissen says.

The Expert Stage will run for all three days of the FutureAg expo, which takes

KUBOTABX2370D Immaculatelowhour machine,Quickdetatch loader c/w counterweight,towhitch withsprayunitmounted, 2rangehydrostatic4WD c/wdifflock,Folding ROPS,60"mowerdeck. S797. TA1216549. $22,900

KUBOTA M7152STD DELUXE 2023, 150hpdiesel engine,50k powershift transmission.S759. TA1190033. $218,000

VICONRV2160 2008,low29000 bales,balewrapper combination,wide pickup.S615. TA1134225. $37,990

KUBOTARTV-X1100C 3-cylinderdiesel,2 rangehydrostatic4WD c/wDifflock,Full air-conditionedcab, Heater,Power steering,Hydraulic tippingtray .S795. TA1216509. $26,990

KUBOTARTV520 Variable Hydrostatic Transmission,2 cylinderKubota engine .S791. TA1207848. $20,990

place between April 17 and 19.

A ticketed two-day conference will also be held during FutureAg Expo 2024 and will explore seven key pillars: sustainable agriculture, energy, innovative machinery, supply chains, biosecurity, agtech and smart farms, and the human connection.

“The free Expert Stage and paid conference program will delve into specific agricultural domains and topics and offer practical advice and guidance for farmers and producers,” Nissen says.

FutureAg is powered by leading German event Agritechnica and will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from April 17-19, 2024.

FORDSONMAJOR CRANVELLOADER Palletforks, Veryheavyduty machine, Runsanddriveswell, Stronghydraulics. S798. TA1216973. $6,990

FORD3910 2wd unit,Powersteering, Underbellyand wheelweights,4 postroof,PTOand3 pointlinkagework well,goodstrongold machine.S800. TA1216976. $10,990

KUBOTADSM1100 Hoppercapacity 1100-2000litres, hydraulicshutter control,leftand righthandside seperateclosingof thehopper.S704. TA1177848. $12,490

60 Farms & Farm Machinery (03) 5134 1422 RAY MASSARO 0417 887 718 LUKE MASSARO 0448 024 461 Located at 497 PRINCES DR, MORWELL VIC 3840 Large range of New & Used Machinery in Stock TRACTORS AND FARM MACHINERY HAY EQUIPMENT
Monash University Associate Professor and Expert Stage speaker Chao Chen has been involved in a cobots project. Image: Chao Chen Melbourne will host the inaugural FutureAg expo and conference. Image: anekoho /

Right track

More parts of New South Wales will have access to Case IH machinery after On-Trac Ag announced an expansion of its offering

On-Trac Ag is adding the Case IH brand to its three dealerships in the New South Wales centres of Orange, Mudgee and Bathurst.

The dealership’s history is based around New Holland, however bolstering its lineup with another CNH Industrial brand was inspired by a gap in the market.

“We’re really looking forward to welcoming Case IH to our dealerships,” On-Trac Ag director Peter Russell says.

“For quite some time there has not been a local Case IH dealer in these areas, so we’re thrilled to be able to support the brand.

“We also welcome the opportunity to offer all our customers a wider choice of

machinery and to offer Case IH customers the service and parts access they deserve.

“On-Trac Ag is built on the highest standard of service, with our team committed to going the extra mile for customers when it comes to servicing needs, parts and advice.”

On-Trac Ag was founded in 2006 when Warwick Westcott and Ben Brown bought an existing New Holland dealership network.

Russell joined as a director five years later, having previously worked for the business that preceded On-Trac Ag.

This February also marked 45 years in



45maluminiumboom isobus,oneowner,in excellentcondition,will beworkshopserviced.

S47. TA1174680. POA

On-Trac Ag directors Ben Brown, Warwick Westcott and Peter Russell. Image: Case IH

the agricultural machinery industry for Russell.

On-Trac Ag’s expanded offering has also been welcomed by Case IH’s Australian general manager Aaron Bett.

“On-Trac Ag is the perfect fit for Case IH in the Orange, Mudgee and Bathurst regions and we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers a Case IH dealer where they can have their machinery purchase and after-sales needs met,” he says.

“We wish them all the best and are pleased to welcome Peter, Warwick and Ben, and their dedicated team, to our Case IH dealer network.”


Oneowner,lowhours, Dualsallround,3PLand PTO,inexcellent condition,GPSfitted.

S49. TA1205614. POA

61 COBRAM FARM EQUIPMENT PTY LTD Ph (03) 5872 1722 or (03) 5872 1265 A/H (03) 5865 8262 Lot 3, Murray Valley Highway • PO Box 26, Cobram, Vic 3644 ACN 086 668 108 COBRAM FARM EQUIPMENT PTY LTD FFM-HH-NMAI-5012666-A SPRAYER HARDI COMMANDER 10000 LT 45 MT ALUMINIUM BOOM WITH NORAC BOOM HEIGHT CONTROL ISOBUS AND HYD PUMP DRIVE POA TRACTORS CASE 290 MAGNUM 290 HP DUALS ALL ROUND one owner low hours POA MASSEY FERGUSON 8260 210 HP A/C CAB FRONT END LOADER POA CASE MXM 190 190HP FWA A/C CAB FRONT END LOADER POA CASE MXM 175 177 HP FWA POWERSHIFT one owner POA MASSEY FERGUSON 6445 90 HP A/C Cab One owner tractor in excellent condition POA CASE MXM 175 177 HP FWA POWERSHIFT one owner POA MASSEY FERGUSON 6265 105hp FWA A/C Cab Burder Loader POA MF390 85HP Loader 4WD Shuttle Shift POA DEUTZ AGROTRON 90 MK3 90HP FWA A/C cab and F.E.Loader POA MF590 80HP, A/C cab, engine rebuilt POA ISEKI SX 75 A/C cab, FWA, linkage one owner POA MF 394-4 Orchard Tractor, 80HP, Konig A/C cab POA DAVID BROWN 880 with F/E loader POA MASSEY FERGUSON 6150 95 HP A/C Cab Front end loader Going through workshop SQUARE BALERS MASSEY FERGUSON 1840 late model small square baler POA MASSEY FERGUSON 2270 XDTC 3X4 rotor cut tandem axle one owner fully serviced POA MASSEY FERGUSON 190 4X4 going through workshop has 2190 crank and reduced height chamber POA NEW HOLLAND 1210 3x4 Square Bale POA MF 185 3x3 Square Baler POA CASE 8580, 4x4 Square Baler POA MOWER CONDITIONER MASSEY FERGUSON 1372 12 FT STEEL ROLLERS CENTRE SWING LATE MODEL POA MASSEY FERGUSON 1345 12 FT STEEL ROLLERS CENTRE SWING POA TAARUP 4232 3.2 mtr roller conditioner POA KUHN 350G 3.5 MTR steel flail conditioner, swivel hitch POA TAARUP 4036 3.5 MTR flail mower conditioner one owner POA VICON EXTRA 632T 3 mtr fiail mower conditioner linkage mount POA TAARUP 307 3.2 MTR flail mower conditioner POA MOWERS TAARUP 2832F 3.2MT FRONT MOUNT DISC MOWER late model POA CLAAS 260 DISCO disc mower going through workshop POA ROUND BALERS FENDT ROTANA 160V 5X4 ROTOR AND KNIVES INOCULANT TANK one owner POA NEW HOLLAND ROLL BELT 180 CROPCUTTER one owner POA KRONE COMPRINA CV 150 XC baler wrapper combo one owner low bales excellent condition POA VICON 1601 5X4 ROTOR FEED NET POA MCHALE V660 5X4 ROTOR FEED ONE OWNER POA WELGER 520 6X4 ROTOR FEED AND KNIVES GOOD BALER POA CASE 528 5X4 rotor feed net wrap and knives POA CASE 628 6X4 rotor feed net wrap POA CLAAS 280 6x4 roto feed string and net POA JOHN DEERE 467 6x4 Round Baler roto feed and net POA CLAAS 280, 6x4 roto cut, string and net POA GRASSLANDS, 6x4 Silage Baler, wide pick up POA JD 590, 6x4 Round Baler, going through workshop POA HAY RAKES CLAAS 780 PROFI 7.8 mt twin rotor rotary rake POA GENDORE 6500 6.5 twin rotor rotary rake POA KUHN GA 7301 7.5 mt twin rotor rotary rake POA KUHN GA 6501 5.8 mt twin rotor rotary hay rake POA

Health check

The Tractor and Machinery Association has released its latest dealer business sentiment survey, with a near-record number of responses received

After overall confidence about tractor sales and turnover took a hit when the government’s instant asset write-off ended last year, TMA’s latest survey has shown signs of optimism are returning.

TMA’s survey received 111 responses, with dealers from all six Australian states represented. While overall confidence remains cautious, the figures reveal dealers believe the next six months will be better.

When asked what they expected the rate of new tractor sales to do during the next six months, 22 per cent of dealers said they expected them to increase –compared to just 9 per cent during the TMA’s last survey in August 2023.

The percentage that expects tractor sales to remain unchanged was at 35 per cent, an increase from 17 per cent last time.

Optimism around self-propelled sprayer sales has risen, according to TMA’s latest dealer survey. Image: Hardi

This means the percentage of dealers who expect sales to decrease during the next six months is 43 per cent, down considerably from the 74 per cent who thought that during the last survey.

There was a similar optimism increase when dealers were asked about turnover expectations for the next six months.

Increased turnover was expected by 17 per cent of dealers, almost double the 9 per cent who were optimistic last time.

Unchanged turnover was anticipated by 47 per cent of dealers, again almost double the 24 per cent last time, while 36 per cent of dealers expect reduced turnover compared to 66 per cent before.

Several sectors also showed big increases in optimism, specifically among sellers of self-propelled sprayers, balers and hay

tools, and implements.

Of the respondents, 41 per cent believe new baler and hay tools sales will increase in the next six months, compared to 23 per cent who thought that previously, while just 16 per cent expect a decrease compared to 35 per cent last time.

Self-propelled sprayer sales are tipped to rise by 30 per cent of dealers, up from just 12 per cent last time, while a decrease is predicted by only 17 per cent, compared to 42 per cent in the last survey.

Increased new implement sales are expected by 30 per cent of dealers, up considerably from just 9 per cent last time.

There are now also 31 per cent of dealers who expect used equipment sales to increase in the next six months compared to 25 per cent last time.

Rocky River Ag Services

62 Farms & Farm Machinery FFM-HH-5012302-A
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JCB526S 2006,2006Model526STelehandler,Bucket&Pallet Forks,newenginefitted.. TA1208540. $55,000

MERLOP34.7 2006,2006MerloP34.7Telehandler,excouncil machine,5434Hrs,100hp.Telehandlercomeswithasetof solidrubbertiresand5pneumatictiresaswellaspalletforks &4in1Bucket.. TA1206493. $49,500

MASSEYFERGUSON6713S 2019,480/65R28600/65R36 tyres,130HP,dynaVTtransmission,topconx30screen,top conguidence,UHF,CabSuspension,4hydremotes,PTO,3 pointlinkage,MFFrontendLoader(noattachment),3170hrs WelllookedAfter1operatormachine,ADBLUEDELETED,Will GoThroughWorkshop. TA1217668. $121,000

CASEIHUNKNOWN2130 2021,12 row StackerPrecision Planter,12 row on30or40inchspacing,Pneumatic downforce,pneumaticclosingwheels,Vset2seedmeter electricdrive,ResidueManagers,Liquidinjection,Onlydone 190hectares,Updatingtobulkfillhopperunit.Contact IntersalesGriffith. TA1190410.


CASEIHUNKNOWNMaxxum135 OneUsed2021CaseIH Maxxum135Tier4BMulticontrollerUltimateSpecTractorwith approx.800Hours&theTractorisstillwithsome Warranty. 480/65R28FrontTyresat90%&600/65R38RearTyres.... TA1184273.


AGRI-SPREADAS2220T 2022,22m3,approx.25tonnelime, tandemsuspensionsteerableaxle,650/65/30.5tyres,3Mt centres,scales,ISOautoratecontrol,limeandureadiscs, gratesintank,hydraul.... TA1209336.


CROPLANDS4024 CroplandsPinto4024,BT40/24XP/1512, BA7000controller,PTOdrivenpump,5sectionboom,granni pot, r/h fencelinenozzle,goodcondition. TA1197426. $60,500

CROPLANDSPEGASUS6000CroplandPegasus6000L 2020, 30mBoom.Boughtfromusin2020,greatcondition,needs newsightglasstubeandgoodcleanbutpresentsreallywell readytogobacktowork,boomsstraight,breakaway.... TA1198167.


AGRISPREADAS150T 2016,Tandemaxle,ISOcontrol,Hyd drive,FertandLime/Gypsumdiscs,Loadcells.Locatedin Temora. TA1208530. $132,000incGST

HORSCHAVATAR12SD 2021,12mwidth10spacings48 row units,Rowcleaners,Discsat75%,350Kgmaximum row unit downforce,3bin5800L50/50split,300Lsmallseedsbox, DickeyJohnseedflowmonitors,Electricautomatichalfwidth shutoff,Electricdrivemeteringunits,IsobuscontrolorHorsch monitor,BincamerasandlightsExternalrearlightbars,3m transportwidth,6800hacovered. TA1207087. $330,000

KUHNAXIS50.1W 2014,3pointlinkage,PTOdrive,Home madehopperextension,manualfoldingcover,KUHNQuantron E-2monitorwithRauchsectioncontrol,newvanes, ladder, onespinnerhasbeenreplaced,319hrsoninspec.... TA1213075. $30,800

FFM-FP--5011483-D - Hado Pty Ltd ATF Intersales Unit Trust ABN 64 160 069 925 / ACN 001 373 726 80 Hoskins St, PO Box 178, Temora NSW 2666 Ph: 02 6977 1933 270-272 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Ph: 02 6921 5515 8-14 Oakes Road, Griffith NSW 2680 Ph: 02 6962 6831 5 Kendall St, Wodonga 3690 Ph: 02 6061 4390 FFM-FP--5011483-D - ABN 64 160 069 925 / ACN 001 373 726 80 Hoskins St, PO Box 178, Temora NSW 2666 Ph: 02 6977 1933 270-272 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Ph: 02 6921 5515 8-14 Oakes Road, Griffith NSW 2680 Ph: 02 6962 6831 5 Kendall St, Wodonga 3690 Ph: 02 6061 4390 - Hado Pty Ltd ATF Intersales Unit Trust ABN 64 160 069 925 / ACN 001 373 726 80 Hoskins St, PO Box 178, Temora NSW 2666 Ph: 02 6977 1933 270-272 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Ph: 02 6921 5515 8-14 Oakes Road, Griffith NSW 2680 Ph: 02 6962 6831 5 Kendall St, Wodonga 3690 Ph: 02 6061 4390 FFM-FP-5011483-A

Expanded line

FAE has expanded its line of flail mulchers for 1.8–6.8 tonne excavators with the new PML/ EX family

The Italian manufacturer’s new PML/EX range is suited for 1.8–6.8 tonne excavators and replaces the PML/HY, PMM/HY and the previous PML/EX lines.

FAE says the new PML/EX can mulch light vegetation, shrubs and trees up to 5cm in diameter. Its light and compact nature make it the perfect tool for managing and protecting wildlife habitats and maintaining commercial parks and sports grounds, FAE says.

The head is designed for high productivity, durability and easy installation and maintenance.

The PML/EX’s Direct Drive motor minimises maintenance and allows for a small-

er machine body for better manoeuvrability. With a flow regulator valve built into the motor and a thumb bracket integrated into the frame, the head maintains a clean profile and compact build, FAE says.

The hydraulic motor is compatible with excavators that do not have a drainage

line, making the head easier to install. This feature makes the head a plug-and-play piece of equipment.

The new PML/EX can be equipped with PML hammers or Y-flails and is available in operating widths of 75, 100, 125, or 150cm.

DEALER AVAILABLE NOW Croplands Pegasus 4000 18 metre boom | 4000 litre Location: Echuca Pottinger 8.91 HIT 8.6 mtr working width Location: Echuca
MK3 Renovator 3.5 mtr working width Location: Echuca Duncan MK3 Renovator 3.5 mtr working width Location: Echuca New Holland TT4.55 55 HP | Quicke X36 Loader Location: Echuca New Holland T7.190 150HP boost to 190HP 2174 Hours Location: Cobram Or find us at SCAN THE QR CODE TO SEE OUR FULL RANGE OF USED MACHINERY OR FIND YOUR NEAREST DEALER
The new PML/EX can mulch light vegetation, shrubs and trees up to 5cm in diameter. Image: FAE

JAC Motors has entered the Australian ute market with a model it describes as an affordable workhorse

The latest ute manufacturer to hit the Australian market has debuted its first

Chinese company JAC Motors, which promises to be a jack of all trades developer for customers seeking a new workhorse, launched the JAC T9 ute at a special event in Sydney last month.

The manufacturer says the T9 delivers on form and functionality without breaking the bank, believing it combines style, comfort and performance in a practical

Powered by a 2L, four-cylinder turbo diesel engine paired with a smooth automotive transmission, the T9 produces 168 horsepower (125kW) and 410Nm of torque at a fuel-efficient 7.6L per 100km.

The ute also features a 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity, making it easy to tow a

DEUTZAGROTRON180 2016,7LEngine 24/24Syncrotransmission 540/1000PTO 3PointLinkage CabSuspension Frontpivotingfenders Trainingseat 4setshydraulicremotes fittedwithTrima&5.1FELwith a210Eurobucket TopconX25console&AES-35 electricsteeringwheel. WSXCI20200LD10150. TA1205557. $104,500

The T9 is ready to handle the needs of Australian farmers. Image: JAC Motors

size pallet, plus a 1,000kg payload, helps to ensure this ute will be as handy on the farm as it is on road.

Quilted leather seats, wireless phone charging and a 26cm touchscreen entertainment system complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity ensures farmers will be comfortable while spending time inside the T9.

JAC Motors has a presence in 132 countries, with the T9’s introduction marking the brand’s launch into the local market.

“Not only is this an exciting moment for JAC Motors, it’s an incredible step forward for the Australian automotive industry,” JAC Motors chairman Michael Jiang says.

“We know that Aussies have a huge appetite for new vehicle options that deliver

HARDI7036 COMMANDER 2009,forceFTZboom, upgrade464pump, 6sectionEFCfluid system,filteredfresh waterfill HC5500controller, 60litrechemicalhopper 20.8-42Tryes.1002779. TA1167795. $55,000

CLAASLEXION770TT 2017,enginehours1956 Separator1350 Specialcutspreader 735terratrac 4XLauger,13,500Lgraintank CEMOSauto Sep,clean,cropflow,cruisepilot Guidanceunlock 2017MACDONFD7545' w/trailer.102818102819. TA1168771. POA

CATIT28F 1997,Caterpillar3116DIT (97KW)130HPDiesel EngineTier Tyres20.5/2560% 189LFuelTank Transmission-CatPower Shift4F/3RSpeedranges Topspeed38km/h Generalpurposebucket withboltonteeth. IJL00344. TA1198089. $90,750



The T9 will be exclusively distributed by LTS Auto, which is backed by a network of more than 40 dealers nationwide.

“We’ve put this ute through its paces, making sure it can handle our harsh climate and rough conditions and the feedback has been fantastic,” JAC Motors Australia deputy managing director Danny Lenartic says.

“The diesel T9 is just the beginning of what we have in store, so Aussies should keep their eyes peeled for more news soon.”

The T9 is available in two models – the base model Oasis and top-spec Haven – and both are backed by a seven year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

2008,FTZforceboom8 sectionEFCwithtriplet nozzles,2yearold464 hydraulicdrivepump,35 litrechemicalhopper withdirectchemical suction,3"banjofresh waterfill,HC5500 controller,102837. 0406001437. TA1164910. $55,000


2017,635mmTerraTracSystem CEBISIISystemwith8.4" Screen CEBISyieldmapping CEMOSAutoCruisePilot C-MotionJoystick 12,500Lgraintankw/foldinglids 3XL130Lminunloadauger V8Mercedesengine,16Lair compressor 13.7m/45ftflexdraper(no trailer).102830-102831. TA1171737. POA

CASEIH9230 **HeaderOnly** Cursor13Tier2 4speedhydrotrans 12,300Lgraintank AFS Pro 700 Mavchopperspreader 600/70R28steertyres 620/70R42driveduals Chaffdecknot included.102825. TA1178603. $297,000



12m53tyres,230mmspacings,fittedwith WS-80rootbootpoints,2021Simplicity30 seriestowbetween,2binaircartX35control, 10'auger,5000lliquidtowbehindcart,liquid systemcontrol.102746-102747. TA1126262. $539,000

Website: | Email: | 4-8 Goldsworthy Street, Kadina FFM-HH-5012311-A-A4 Phone 08 8821 1188 Colin Adams 0429 941 331 Gary Kotz 0427 868 191 Jamie Mullan 0418 824 054 Phillip Rowntree 0428 859 027 Stuart Cole 0475 519 537 SECONDHAND MACHINES IN STOCK FARM MACHINERY FOR ALL SEASONS PRICES ARE INC GST, CONDITIONS APPLY

New Model Shantui 19 Tonne Grader

The new model Shantui SG21-B6 grader is available from official Australian dealer/distributor Cobra Equipment Sales. The reception of the new model at trade shows and field days has been enthusiastic. The air-conditioned ROPS/FOPS cabin is of a new design that with a rear camera gives a 360-degree field of vision around the machine. With the operator experience in mind, the adjustable suspension seat is of a high standard and provides daylong comfort. In the cabin all controls are simple to operate and are within easy reach. The proven Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C215 six-cylinder engine provides ample power of 160kW (217.5 hp) for the most challenging projects, is easy to service, with all filters easily accessible, and is backed by a Cummins Australia warranty. Access to the engine compartment is aided by plenty of grab handles and well-placed steps. The transmission lever is a breeze to use and highlights the super smooth six speed transmission. 17.5-25PR12 tyres offer great traction. Fitted with a 4.27m (14ft) blade, other options for the grader include a front blade and rear mounted ripper/scarifiers. Cobra Equipment Sales currently has a fully optioned SG21-B6 grader in stock and ready for immediate delivery. This grader has been fitted with a UHF radio, battery, starter isolators and external E-stops. Cobra Equipment Sales, founded in 2005, has long focused on supplying top quality, well manufactured new earthmoving equipment. Chinese equipment can vary wildly in quality – and we are only interested in the best and most reliable product. We provide parts and labour warranties to trust.

$218,000 plus GST = $239,800

66 Farms & Farm Machinery VALUE
WORK 07 3379 9419 0437 007 111 Est. 2005 and Shantui authorised dealer since 2018 Pricing may vary due to the exchange rate and the options / attachments selected.
AT RESEARCH • COMPARE • BUY • SELL FARM MACHINERY MARKETPLACE* AUSTRALIA’S #1 * Based on stock items for sale as at September 2021 Powered by

Openpumpimpeller,chopper device,stainlesssteelplates, heavydutyjockeyjacks,hand primeroneffluentpumps,pto shaft,heavydutyframe


From10hptoto 200hp. VEL14307. TA10926. Pricesstartingfrom$130



Tinytach for dieselenginesgives adigitalRPMreadingregardless ofthenumberofcylinders.A transducertakesapulsereading fromtheinjectorlineSimplybolt thetransducertotheinjectorline, supplya12-24VDCsupplyand awayyougo!Itevenhasa built-inhourmeter,service functionandmaxrpmrange. S22. DPLIn27532. $264

INDUSTRIALRADIATORS 20hp$275 40hp$360 60hp$585 120hp$820 S11. DPLIn27501. From$275

PERKINSGENERATORS 6,8,10,13,15,20and30KVA generators,singleand3-phase, poweredbywater-cooledPerkins heavydutydieselengines,keyor remotestart,fueltankbase,full engineprotection,500hours serviceintervalsIdealbackupor primepowerCall for yourspecial price!.AW54939-ST190912. DPLIn27583. POA


Partsavailable for small Japanesediesels. AW54939-FM077-060-07. DPLIn27496. POA


To fit smallJapanesetractors. From$8.80eachincGST. AW54939-FM077-060-08. DPLIn27497. $9

STVEL54441. TA10770.

andhandprimingpumpThe Pluttoexhaustprimer automaticallyprimesupyour pumpwhenyousarttheengine Primingkit.S18. DPLIn27578. $490

IRRIGATIONHOSEHOSE SuctionanddeliveryhoseCall for yourspecialprice!. AW54939-FM077-043-01. DPLIn27516. POA

SELFPRIMING4PUMP 4selfpriming,beltdrive. AW54939-FM077-043-02. DPLIn27541. $654

VELDONAS 9 Wright Street, Sunshine Victoria 3020 | Phone 03 9312 0888 • Fax 03 9312 0999 • Mob 0417 709 200 Specialising in industrial motors and pumps BUILT TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS FFM-FP-5011411-B-A4 TRUCKMOUNTED12" TRANSFERPUMPSET TRANSFERPUMP Truckmounted12"Transfer pumpset. Askaboutotherspecialised applications S13. TA11062. POA
TIMER TM6Oil/TempWatchdogwith wiringdiagram$240+GST TMTOil/TempWatchdogwith shutdowntimer&wiringdiagram $460+GST Solenoidsandrackpullersare extra.S37. TA750757. $240+GST/$460+GST YANMARDIESEL6XSELF PRIMINGPUMP With25hpYanmardiesel. S12. DPLIn27519. $6,310+GST KUBOTAZ600 2cylinderdieselpowerpack Electricstart.PM045-072-02. DPLIn27529. $1,925 PLUTTOPUMPPRIMER Turnyourcentrifugalpumpintoa self-primingpumpWiththenew easytoinstallPluttoexhaust primerthrowawayyourbucket

TOSCANOMULCHERH/D 2023,H/Dconstruction,doubleorsinglesidelinkage, optionalhydraulicsideshift,sizesfrom1.5to4mtr

SAMMUTTRUCKTRAYS H/DAustralianmade.3mmor5mmfloor.Custombuild. Chassismodifications.Newandusedtrucksavailable. S360. TA1025472.

SAMMUTHARDOXTIPPERBODIES H/Dbuild. Onepiecesides,2waygate.Optionalwell hoistortwinunderbody.Optionaldropsides.Custom build.Colourofchoice.Sandblastedandfinishedin

UNITEDIMPLEMENTS(USA)NEWTRAILINGBOX GRADERMADEINUSA 2022,MadeinUSA,heavydutybuild Hydraulicliftwheels,hydraulicangleadjustment 1800mmto3600mm.S363. TA1025493. Pricefrom$6,900+GST

GEARMASTERTRAILINGTURFMOWER 2020,Buydirectfromthemanufacturerandsave.We havebeenmanufacturingmowersinAustralia for over 25years!Australianmade,onepiecestainlessdeck, fullgeardrive,stainlessdeck,75HPgearboxes,3plor trailing,sizesfrom1.5mtrto12mtr,suitable for Turf farms,golfcourses,councils,contractorsandmore. S364. TA1025498.


SAMMUTSPREADKING5000ORCHARD/VINEYARD SPREADER 2020,H/DAustralianbuild,frontorreardelivery.Sizes from2m3to18m3,optionaltelescopicconveyor, optionalendrotororendspinner,custombuilttosuit

SAMMUTMILLMUDSPREADERS,AUSTRALIAN MADE 2020,H/DAustralianmade Fullhydraulicdrive,singleor3row Frontfeed,Singleordoubleaxle,optionalrear spinners Sizesfrom8m3to30m3.S365. TA1025500.



2020,Extraheavyduty Hydraulicliftroller,geardrive Anti-panblades 2200mmto3200mm.S369. TA1025532. Pricefrom$17,900+GST


2020,H/DAustralianmade,fullhydraulicdrive Wecancustombuild.Optionalfrontfeed Optionalsidedelivery.Chainorbeltfloor Sizesfrom2m3to30m3.S367. TA1025524.


TOSCANOSPEEDDISC 2022,Buydirectfromtheimporterandsave! Heavyduty,Hydraulicliftcrumbleroller,560mmdiscs ,3plandtrailing,2.5mtrto6mtr(trailing).S368. TA1025525.



2020,Hardenedbinandfloor,H/DComerItalian gearboxes,sizesfrom3m3to30m3,scales,incab controls,ptionalfoldingconveyorwithoptionallength, reductionbox.S371. TA1025537. From$25,000+GST


2022,BuyDirectfromtheimporterandsave!From5 toneto30tone,heavyDutyconveyorchain,slurrydoor, incabcontrols,twinverticalbeaterswithbottom spinner,suitable for allyourhardtospreadproducts etcWetcowmanure,mulch,greenwasteetc,18TONE MACHINE(ASPICTURED).S373. TA1025543. From$69,000+GST

For more info please visit us at

FFM-FP-5190448-A-A4 All the latest gear and greatest innovations Phone: (02) 4579 6511 Mobile: 0414 423 680 Fax: (02) 4579 6522 Email: 67 Joshua Road, Freemans Reach NSW 2756

KUBOTAL405TRACTOR diesel,4wheeldrive, power steering,3pointlinkage,rollframe&roof,double clutch, approximately38horsepower,goodworkingorder,as traded,asis.7301. TA1200484. $11,900INCLGST

CONNORSHEASEEDERS 14 row trailingseeder,tyne baker boots,seed&super,withsmallseedsbox$16,950inc. ConnorShea18 row seeders,linkage&trailed,super& seedboxes,readytogo.7107. TA1141898. POA

SAMEDELFINO35TRACTOR SameDelfino35Tractor,4 wheeldrive,3pointlinkage,approximately35 horsepower.

NOBILINOBILI/SILVANVKD230FLAILMOWER sideshiftto therightwithhydraulicsideshift&heightcontrolisbyan adjustablefullwidthroller,withnewspareblades&bolts,3 pointlinkage.7250. TA1184478. $11,650INCLGST

JOHNDEERE1585TERRAINCUTRIDEONMOWER 4 wheel drive,reardischarge,diesel,airconditioningcab,72" mowerdeck,yearapprox2016,1,497hoursasindicated, excellentunit,readytogo.7116. TA1150886.


wheeldrive,frontendloader,ROPS&roof,91 horsepower approximately,PTO,withfrontweightframe(no weights), approx.1,900hoursindicated.7089. TA1133372.

JOHNDEERE5525FWATRACTOR yearapprox2005-2008,4


CATERPILLAR428CBACKHOE 4cylinderturbodiesel, with trenchingbucket,front4.1bucket&forks,showing2,300 hoursapprox(wethinkgenuine),tyres90%allround, exceptionalcondition.7152. TA1166753.


MASSEYFERGUSON240TRACTOR 2wheeldrive,newtyres allround,extrahydraulicpump,powersteering,45 horsepowerapproximately,newroof.6893. TA1070342.


KUBOTAK008-3MINIEXCAVATOR 1,800 hrs approx,3 cylinderdiesel,2xbuckets:-450mmGP,900mmtilting mud bucket,SWL65kg,folddownrollframe,hydraulictrack adjustment,newrubbertracks,excellentcondition,readyto go.7062. TA1121629.

JOHNDEERE315CBACKHOE JohnDeere315CBackhoe,4 cylinderdiesel.7314. TA1217240. $29,650INCLGST

KOMATSUFD45T-5FORKLIFT KomatsuFD45T-5 Forklift, hydraulicsideshift,approximately6.275 tonne, specificationsattached,goodoriginalmachine,diesel,2,600 genuinehours.7308. TA1209335. $18,000INCL GST

LoaderwithForks,Rops,Roof,Windscreen,72 horsepower approximately,immaculate,approximately5,280 hours. 7122. TA1155052. $37,000

FORD5610TRACTOR Ford5610Tractor,4x4,FrontEnd


CASE3230TRACTORFRONTENDLOADERFORKS& BUCKET 4wheeldrive,QuickReleasefrontendloader,forks &bucket,rollframe&roof,approximately1,600hours/60 horsepower,immaculate,withbooks.7262. TA1190218.


NEWHOLLANDTN55DTRACTORWITHBURDERFRONTEND LOADER 4in1bucket,4wheeldrive,3cylinderdiesel, with remotes,aircab,approx.1,466hours,newlugtyres all round,60horsepowerapprox.7249. TA1182872.

indicated,rearextenderboom,3xbuckets,nooilleaks. 7135. TA1159450. $98,000INCL GST


ABBEYVF2000SD 2023, 22m3AbbeyCattleFeed Mixer.Includes3.2mPVCBelt Elevator. H/D8mmthickHardoxwall Lining.H/D20mmthick flooring.HydCabcontrolsfor dischargedoors,INSTOCK. QLD. DIY1216104. 1300 230 492. $148,500

CFMOTOCFORCE600EPS 2020,CFMOTOCForce625EPS,SWB,only travelled491km,asnewcondition,CVT transmission,Selectable2WD/4WD,Electronic


2019,AsnewcleanC227rubbertrackloader74 HP. IncludesNorm4in1bucket.2speed transmission.Housedundercoversincenew withrecentservicestatingperfectmechanical orderOnlyprivatefarmusage.,000471278.VIC. DIY1215074. 0407 316 199. $60,000

DAKENSL4051.5 2021, slasher.approximately10 hoursuse.Excellent condition,926. NSW. DIY1209701. 0458 173 525. $2,500ONO

KINGHITTERSERIES2I This Sidemountedpostdriver makesfencingquickand easyinallconditions., S2i360. VIC. DIY1206314. 03 7044 1940. $25,602


awardwinninginnovativetrenching machinedesignedandmanufactured hereinAustralia.Ourpipelaying systemisanadditionalaccessory designedtomakepipelayinga continuousprocess,idealforbig projects.Callforcurrentprices.for moreinformationgoto, TM150.NSW. DIY1211265. 0407 240 393.


72 Farms & Farm Machinery 1300 362 272 PRIVATE Advertising
The publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses incurred by a buyer responding to an advertisement in this magazine. Buyers are solely responsible for their own negotiations and transactions with advertisers. Prime Creative Media advises buyers beware of negotiating by email only; of paying deposits to private advertisers for goods unseen; of transferring money (for example via Western Union) interstate or overseas. Buyers should contact Prime Creative Media customer services on 1300 362 272 if they suspect an advertisement may be fraudulent. In the event that a buyer suffers financial loss as a result of responding to a private advertisement in this publication Prime Creative Media shall not be held liable or responsible. 1300 362 272 PRIVATE Advertising Powered by 1300 362 272 PRIVATE Advertising PRIVATE Advertising MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. Phone $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. Phone $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. Phone $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. Phone $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE 1300 362 272 SELL YOUR FARM MACHINERY VISIT THE WEBSITE OR CALL 1300 362 272 MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE MAKE AND MODEL 9 metre cut, quick release, folding wings, V8 twin turbo, REG. STATE. DIYXXXXXX. PH $PRICE JUMBO GLOSS GLOSS MONSTER NEWSPRINT GRAND GLOSS PREMIUM NEWSPRINT VALUE MEGA GLOSS 1300 362 272 To select your advertising package, go to Each package includes 1 print issue in Farms & Farm Machinery and until sold on Value Pack $35 Online Value ✔Standard ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/36 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour Jumbo Pack $130 Online Value ✔Premium online ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/18 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour Premium Pack $55 Online Value ✔Premium online ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/36 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour Monster Pack $280 Online Value ✔Premium online ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/6 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour Grand Pack $85 Online Value ✔Premium online ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/18 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour Mega Pack $750 Online Value ✔Premium online ad ✔Ad listed until sold Print Value ✔1/2 of a page ✔1 issue ✔Gloss Colour 1 item per ad space regardless of ad size ADVERTISEMENT DEADLINE Issue: 437 Deadline: Fri 26/04/2024 5pm On Sale: Thu 16/05/2024 Issue: 438 Deadline: Fri 24/05/2024 5pm On Sale: Thu 13/06/2024



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950, 1050, 1130, 1140, 1640, 1750, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2120, 2130, 2140, 2250, 2450, 2650, 2850, 3010, 3020, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3350, 3640, 3650, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4040, 4050, 4055, 4230, 4240, 4250, 4255, 4430, 4440, 4450, 4455, 4555, 4560, 4620, 4630, 4640, 4650, 4755, 4760, 4840, 4850, 4955, 4960, 5010, 5020, 5310, 5515, 5300, 6030, 6110, 6170R, 6200, 6220, 6300, 6310, 6320, 6330, 6400, 6410, 6620, 6630 Premium, 6810, 6820, 7210, 7330, 7510, 7520, 7600, 7610, 7700, 7800, 7810, 7920, 7930, 8100, 8200, 8285R, 8300, 8310, 8330, 8345RT, 8360RT, 8370RT, 8400, 8400 TRACK, 8410, 8430, 8440, 8450, 8520, 8520T, 8530, 8630, 8640, 8650, 8760, 8770, 8850, 8960, 8970, 9400, 9410R, 9420T, 9430T


7840, 8430, 8560, 8870, 8970, 9482, 9682, 9860, 9880, 9882, 9482, 9484, G210, G240, L85, L95, T6020, T7030, TG230, TG235, TG255, TG285, TJ375, TJ425, TJ450, TL70, TL90, TM125, TM135, TM195, TN55D, TN95F, TS100, TS100A, TS110A, TS125A, T9060


KP525, KP 1350, KP1325, KP1400, BEARCAT 3 & 4, COUGAR 2 & 4 CM250, PANTHER 2, PANTHER 3 ST310 & ST325, PANTHER 4 CM325, TIGER ST470,


500, 700, 800, 835, 836, 855, 875, 895, 900, 935, 945, 946, 950, 956, 975, 976, 1150, 1156



02 6725 4617 337 Oakwood Road, Inverell NSW 2360 ABN: 48 053 335 667
Wrecking largest range of tractors in Northern NSW Parts available for the following
of tractors
WRECKING FFM-FP-5211221-TS-402 Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with new stock that’s regularly coming in @ruralwrecking 

FLEXICOIL2640 2009,Quadcastor,260 Bu/9000Li,auger.AS1564. TA1168172. $55,000

HORWOODBAGSHAWSCARIBAR 1999, 36'@12",presswheels..AS1599. TA1168171. $44,000

HORWOODBAGSHAWUNKNOWN4000 Streamline 1984,2bin,4000litre,spur geardrive..AS1250. TA534881. $27,500


JCB 155-65 FASTRAC, 150hp, 3PL, 5500hrs

JCB 155-65 FASTRAC, 150hp, 3PL, 7300hrs

JCB 155-65 FASTRAC, 150hp, 3PL, 8000hrs

JCB 185-65 FASTRAC, 185hp, 3PL, 4900hrs

JCB 185-65 FASTRAC, 185hp, 8000hrs

JCB 3185-65 FASTRAC, 185hp, 3PL, 8700hrs

JCB 3220-80 FASTRAC/SPREADER, 220hp, 11200hrs

JCB 3230-65 FASTRAC/SPREADER, 230hp, 5825hrs

JCB 3230-80 FASTRAC/SPREADER, 230hp, 11000hrs

JCB 7230 FASTRAC, 230hp, 3PL, 6900hrs


IHC 5088, 150hp, 4750hrs


CASE IH MX170, 161hp, Fr & Rr 3PL – pto, 9500hrs

CASE IH MX200, 200hp, 3PL, 8750hrs

FORD 6640SLE, 85hp, 3PL, 5100hrs

FORD 7710, 100hp, 3PL, 8650hrs

JOHN DEERE 6210 / FEL, 90hp, 3PL, 6700hrs


BLIGHTY ENG’ 30’ Rubber tyre Roller

BROONS Combination Roller


CASE 480E Loader, a/c, 10000hrs

CASE 580E Backhoe Loader

CIH MX 460/85R42 dual kit (80% tyres)

JCB 2CX-4WS Backhoe Loader, a/c, 2050hrs

JCB 3CX-2WD Backhoe Loader 7900hrs

JCB 3CX-2WD Backhoe Loader, 12745hrs

EZEE-ON3550 2003,40'@10"..AS822. TADPLIn107338. $53,900

DIECIDEDALUS28.7 2005,PoultryPro, hydro,aircond',6.3metrex2.8tonne,3676 hours..AS1477. TA970216. $65,450

JOHNSHEARER2175 1992,(EeezeOn),5 tonne2bintrailedtrike,SSB,auger.. AS1178. TA357690. $16,500

JCB 4CX Sitemaster Backhoe Loader, a/c, srs, 5600hrs

JCB 8018CTS Excavator, 1.6T, 1100hrs

JCB 8025ZTS Excavator, 2.6T, 705hrs

JCB 55Z-1 Excavator, a/c, 5.5T, 2150hrs

KOMATSU PC78MR-6 Excavator, 7T, 3600hrs

KOMATSU WA300-3E Wheeled Loader, 16000hrs

SIMPLICITY Small Seeds Box suit 8200TB3

VICTORY VL200 Wheeled Loader, 1385hrs

WCM 30 Wheeled Loader, 2800hrs


CONNOR SHEA 14 Row Pasture Drill, coulters, roller


GASON 50’@10” Scaritill, Kelly rotary harrows

JANKE F500 UDD Planter, 40’@12”, coulters, p/wheels

JOHN DEERE 735, 40’@10”, p/wheels


BOURGAULT 8810 / 5295, 40’@12”, 3 bin, 10500 Li, auger

CIH PTX600 / ADX2230, 48’@9”, 8100 Li, SSB, auger

GASON SWRP / 1890RT, 52’@12”, auger, p/wheels, banding






SIMPLICITY 9000TQC2, auger



DIECI DEDALUS 28.7, a/c, 315hrs, 6.3m x 2.8t

DIECI 30.9 AGRI, a/c, 3200hrs, 9m x 3t

JCB 525-58FS, 6000hrs, 5.8m x 2.5t JCB 525-67FS, a/c, 7000hrs, 6.7m x 2.5t JCB 526-55, a/c, 2950hrs, 5.5m x 2.6t JCB 526-55, a/c, 10675hrs, 5.5m x 2.6t JCB 527-58 AGRI, a/c, 1800hrs, 5.8m x 2.7t

JCB 527-58 AGRI, a/c, 5650hrs, 5.8m x 2.7t

JCB 527-58 AGRI, a/c, 6775hrs, 5.8m x 2.7t JCB 527-58 T4i AGRI PLUS, a/c, 1000hrs, 5.8m x 2.7t

JCB 527-58 T4i AGRI PLUS, a/c, 2525hrs, 5.8m x 2.7t

JCB 530-70, a/c, 6000hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70, a/c, 6200hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70FS, a/c, srs, 3000hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70FS, a/c, 6250hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70FS, a/c, 7500hrs, 7m x 3t JCB 530-70FS, a/c, srs 7000hrs, 7m x 3t JCB 530-70FS, a/c, srs, 10000hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70FS SUPER, a/c, srs, 5500hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 530-70FS SUPER, a/c, srs, 6000hrs, 7m x 3t

JCB 531-70CE, a/c, 5900hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70CE, a/c, 7200hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70CS, a/c, 6850hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 3350hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 3800hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 4200hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 4500hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 4900hrs, 7m x 3.1t

MORRISCONCEPT2000 2002,Concept, 35'@9",p/wheels..AS1248. TA509568. $44,000

NEWHOLLANDSC180 1998,180Bushel/ 6343Litre,2bin,castorquad, auger.. AS1355. TA739946. $53,900

SIMPLICITY4000DTR 1991,5700Litre,2 bin,towbehind.AS1382. TA984613. $20,900

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 4900hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 5600hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 6300hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 7400hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 8300hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, 11600hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI, a/c, srs, 6300hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3400hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6000hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6940hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7000hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7100hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7160hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 9800hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 T4f AGRI PRO, a/c, srs, 3200hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 1300hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 4750hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6800hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 531-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7200hrs, 7m x 3.1t

JCB 532-70 AGRI-FS, a/c, srs, 3100hrs, 7m x 3.2t

JCB 532-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 2750hrs, 7m x 3.2t

JCB 535-95, a/c, 4500hrs, 9.5m x 3.5t

JCB 535-95C, a/c, 3850hrs, 9.5m x 3.5t

JCB 535-95 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6700hrs, 9.5m x 3.5t

JCB 536-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6240hrs, 7m x 3.6t

JCB 538-60 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3100hrs, FFM-FP-5011792-A-A4 DONALD Ph. 5497 1203 Terry 0427 971 203 Clinton 0407 108 407 BALLARAT Ph. 5336 4145 Andrew 0429 364 745 TRARALGON Jon 0499 957 007 MOAMA Ph. 5480 0731 Brad 0428 300 883 Terry 0427 971 203
9000 FEL Kit – JCB 8250
SUPER, a/c,
AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3050hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 5200hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 5700hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 6100hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7250hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 8100hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 2400hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3900hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 541-70 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 7100hrs, 7m x 4.1t JCB 542-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 5350hrs, 7m x 4.2t JCB 542-70 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 5360hrs, 7m x 4.2t JCB 550-80 AGRI PLUS, a/c, srs, 2250hrs, 8m x 5t JCB 560-80 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3400hrs, 8m x 6.0t JCB 560-80 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3500hrs, 8m x 6.0t JCB 560-80 T4i AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 3600hrs, 8m x 6.0t JCB 560-80 UN3 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 2600hrs, 8m x 6.0t JCB 560-80 UN3 AGRI SUPER, a/c, srs, 2700hrs, 8m x 6.0t JLG 4013, a/c, 7700hrs, 13m x 4t MANITOU MVT628T, 4400hrs, 6.8m x 2.8t MANITOU MT728-4, 7800hrs, 7m x 2.8t MANITOU MLT731, a/c, 4200hrs, 7m x 3.1t MANITOU MLT731, a/c, 6000hrs, 7m x 3.1t MANITOU MT732, a/c, 4300hrs, 7m x 3.2t MANITOU MLT741-120LSU, a/c, 7100hrs, 7m x 4.1t MERLO P40.7, a/c, 2800hrs, 7m x 4t NEW HOLLAND LM630, a/c, 9600hrs, 6m x 3t NEW HOLLAND LM435A, a/c, 3000hrs, 6.8m x 3.1t NEW HOLLAND LM732, a/c, 5000hrs, 7m x 3.2t
6m x 3.8t JCB 540-70FS
7m x 4t JCB 540-70FS
a/c, srs, 6300hrs, 7m x 4t JCB 541-70
WANTED CONNOR SHEA SEEDERS ANY CONDITION. NAPIER 24 DISC WHEEL OFFSET MASSEY-FERGUSSONPLOUGH3CYL DIESEL JF 6 DISC MOWER/ CONDITIONER GCS2800 22' LOXTON MOWER SLASHER (GREEN SERIES) 2 TONNE SEYMAUR BELT SPREADER GREAT PLAINS TRIPLE DISC COULTER PRESS WHEEL TEN RUN SEEDER 3 PT LEAKAGE AIRWAY AERATOR 8’ 15 RUN AGRO SEEDER WITH COIL TYNES BAKER BOOTS & COULTERS CRONE 4FT NETWRAP ROUND BAYLOR CONNOR-SHEA 7’ COIL TINE BAKER BOOT DIRECT SEEDER TONUTTIE 10 WHEEL V HAY RAKE 5' CONNOR-SHEA 3PL DISC SEEDER (LATE MODEL) 7 TYNE AGRIPLOW SUB SOILING 3PL FORD 4600 DIESEL TRACTOR 60HP 3PT LEAKAGE WITH POWER STEERING 12FT LANDPRIDE FOLDING WING SLASHER SOUTHERN CROSS 350 TRAVELLING IRRIGATOR LILLY 4FT 3PL FORAGE HARVESTER AND CART 8' PAGE 3PL HG SLASHER 8FT BERENDS HIGH BODY MULCHER AMAZON 3PT LEAKAGE ZAM1500 SPREADER FORD 7000 90HP WITH FRONT DOZER BLADE 2 TONNE AGWARE SPREADER 16 PLATE BERENDS 3PL OFFSET DISC PLOUGH ACRES OF NEW & USED MACHINERY & SPARES COMBINE AND SEEDERS Shea 5' & 7', 3PL disc seeder Seedling planter (Ellis) rotary 6' & 8' roller seeders 9' Connor Shea disc seeder trail C seeders Ellis and Sons 4 row seeders Inter 24 run combine MF 55 12 run combine 7' Ezy-Sow seeders 3PL $2,900 HAY EQUIPMENT Small square balers: NH 317, NH 275, NH 69, MF 12. Claas Mower con - in stock MF 3PL roller bar NH 339 double chop forage harvester Hay Feed out buggy (Pearce) Baler, rakes, mower, handlers, elevators and spare parts. Rakes, finger wheeeled 3PL, 3PL roller bar, tedder & rotary. MISCELLANEOUS Buttsworth scoops 1 yd 3 tyne Moorehouse ripper, 3PL. Harrows cover, diamond, pasture & stump jump. Bait layes 2, 3 & 5 tine rippers. Harland irrigation pump, PTO. Daken 3PL forklift Piston pump 5" x 4" (DGM) 3PL stick rakes 6' to 10' new & sh Forage harvesters & carts, NH Gehl & Tiki Rollers (Cambridge), culti packers, stones
hammermills, roller mills, grain gristers. From $595 3PL,
trail, 8-14
chisel ploughs From $795 Irrigation pipes, pumps
motors, travelling irrigators. Scoops, 3PL, silt blades, carryalls and rippers. 2nd hand tractor tyres, belt pulleys, PTO From $195 2nd hand new tines Augers, 50' x 6" & 8", pencil 14' x 4" new and 2nd hand. Harrows all types From $45 Boom sprays, 3PL, Hardi and Silvan, 400 & 600ltr. Power Harrows 3PL Lely 15' Crump (Kurrajong 1000) 1 tonne trailing Manure-lime & super spreaders Super spreaders ground drive, ½ - 4.5 tonne. 9' Roto wiper, new & secondhand Vicon spreaders 10 to 30 bag, Hardi 1200 ltr boomspray trail, foam & PTO. OFFSET/DISC PLOUGHS Grizzly 20 424 disc Gibbons Rawlings 28 plate SCARIFIERS & TILLERS Ferguson scarifiers 3PL 19 tyne Bagshaw scarifier towable SHEEP AND CATTLE Feeders (hay & grain) Cattle Scales Feedout bins and trailers. Shearing plants, grinders, lamb cradles, handlers, wool pressers, bail heads, crushes, wool tables, hyd woolpress. SLASHERS 8’ slasher 3PL (superior) 2.3 high body Nobili mulcher TRAILERS HYD Tipping 10' x 6' Freighter 4 wheel trailer Tipping trailer 8' x 6' From $975 TRACTORS Ford 3000, 45hp, 3PL, P-Steer. FE Loader. Fergie TEA20 petrol **DELIVERY ARRANGED AUSTRALIA WIDE** SPARE PARTS: NEW AND S.H. AVAILABLE FOR MOST EQUIPMENT WANTED: Tractors and Machinery, any condition, anywhere Call Selwyn on 0427 105 180 Hume Highway, Bookham (YASS) 2582 • OPEN 8 TO 5 MON-FRI 5 & 10 CF 3PL TEAGLE CONCRETE MIXERS
7' to
5-9 tine
**DELIVERY ARRANGED AUSTRALIA WIDE** SPARE PARTS: NEW AND S.H. AVAILABLE FOR MOST EQUIPMENT WANTED: Tractors and Machinery, any condition, anywhere Call Selwyn on 0427 105 180 Hume Highway, Bookham (YASS) 2582 • OPEN 8 TO 5 MON-FRI
Forklifts, Machine Tools, Pumps, Generators & Industrial Equipment After 30 years in business, Skyreach is still offering new solutions for any challenge thrown its way More at Only way is up Aus-Rack Installations needed narrow electric scissorlifts for a big job – and Skyreach was able to provide what was needed. Image: Skyreach 13,609+ items for sale in print & online $17,600 out. Batter sprays. 4" hyd PTO pump • SA 0427 436 442 $8,000 lift height, power steering, LPG • NSW 02 8279 7073 $16,500 ISSUE 376

HYSTERH650C 6newContinentaltyres, Cummins6CTenginethisbudgetpriced forkliftisready for work.Option20'or20x40 toppickcontainerspreaders..R3712. TA1216675.


KALMARDRT450 2014,SOLD-Another Available.Only11081hourswithoriginal Cumminsengine.Stack45,000kg1strow 31,000kg2ndrow.ReadyNow.R3603. TA998021.


HYSTERH10.00XM 2006,Cumminsengine. WideForkPositioningSideshiftCarriage wouldsuitlongloadse.g.pipe..R3689. TA1216676.


HYSTERH12.00XL Hydraulicforkpositioning andsideshift.8'forks,8,000kgat1200mm loadcentreabletostack20'GPcontainer3 high..R3664. TA1124218.


OMEGA16-12W Idealfurnitureremovalist solutionRated12,000kgwithELME558 sidesliftabletostackuptofourhigh20and40 footcontainers..353AUFL443. TA1154000. ForSaleorHirePOAFreeCall1800688788

PRENTICEFORKLIFTRAMP Container AccessRamp7500kg.SaleorHirePh1800 688788.R3249. TA38155. $18,000plusGST=$19,800

HYSTERH18.00XM-12 2008,stacks12,000kg highcube20'&40'3high.ELME55820x40spreader withtopentrytwistlocks.Frontlineunitreadynow. R3547. TA829125.


MOBICON33T loadunloadandtravel 33,000kg20'and40'shippingcontainers.For sale&wanted.R3299. TA148664.


HYSTERH18.00XM-12 2008,17500kghighcube 20'containers3highwith2440forksonfork positioningsideshiftcarriage.Option12,000kgwith ELME558Sideliftframe3high20'and40'highcubes. R3282. TA511086.


KALMARDCF370-12 2012,only1148hours, rated37,000kg,has2,440mmforks,fork positioner&sideshift.Option20x40container spreader.Minesitespecs.R3548. TA828696.


KALMARDRT450-65S 2013,Stacksladen 20x40containers5high.CumminsQSM11 dieselengine.Dana15.5HR36000 transmission..H10300280. TA1153805.


PRENTICE7,000KGSWL forklifttruckramps (8)topickfrom.Ideal for shippingcontainers. Forsaleorhire.R3274. TA96974. $12,000+GST=$13,200ForSaleorHire FreeCall: 1800 688 788 Email: Contact: Michael Carlin 0418 299 555 Stock located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth FreeCall: 1800 688 788 PET-FP-5011476-B

The only way is up

After 30 years in business, Skyreach is still offering new solutions for any challenge thrown its way

Founded in the Brisbane suburb of Geebung by current managing director Rod Leech in 1994 and set to turn 30 in May, Skyreach is a true pioneer of Australia’s Access Hire Industry.

When it first started, access equipment providers were thin on the ground in Australia, and the vast majority of the machines then in the rental market at the time were second hand units from the USA.

Skyreach product and training specialist James Nightingale says the company set out to be different, purchasing brand new machines that provided customers

with the latest safety features, offered simplicity of use, versatility on site and also increased productivity for the operators.

Today Skyreach is one of Australia’s largest rental providers of access and material handling equipment such as telehandlers, forklifts and elevated work platforms – including manlifts, scissorlifts and boomlifts.

It has branches all along Australia’s East Coast, in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane (with branches in Caboolture and Yatala), Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

Skyreach’s Elevating Work Platform range encompasses:

• Single Manlifts from 12ft (3.6m) to 26ft (8m),

• Scissorlifts from 13ft (3.8m) up to 105ft (32.2m),

• Boomlifts from 45ft (13.7m) to 156ft (47.7m),

• Knuckle Booms from 34ft (10.6m) to 156ft (47.7m).

The company also offers:

• Track Mounted Scissors/Booms – some able to operate on slopes up to 16 degrees

• Speed Level Scissors – which can operate and drive on slopes up to 14 degrees

• Xtra Capacity Booms – able to carry 450kg or three people and operate on slopes up to 7 degrees.

• Hybrid Booms & Scissors – can operate as fully electric machines and can be recharged from the machine’s own onboard generator during operation

• Light Weight Boomlifts – specialised light weight machines for suspended slab jobs

• Outrigger Boomlifts – Boomlifts with outriggers working on slopes up to 19 degrees

• Spider Lifts – Light weight Boomlifts running on rubber non-marking tracks for indoor applications and also utilising outriggers to operate on uneven ground outside (these machines also have the ability to switch between diesel and electric modes)


Skyreach is able to source many types of machine, in this instance, narrow electric scissorlifts with a very high reach. Image: Skyreach

The company provides equipment to a broad cross section of industries and sectors including construction, civil, industrial, manufacturing, mining, defence and film and entertainment.

Nightingale says Skyreach has a simple philosophy when it comes to the equipment it purchases.

“We have been successful because we stock the brands and types of equipment that we consider to be the best in each particular product segment,” he says.

“We ensure our equipment is fitted with the latest up-to-date safety features and we will even source specific machines to provide solutions for our customer’s specific project requirements.”

A good example of this principle in action is when the company was approached by Aus-Rack Installations to provide safe access for them to build the racking for two major supermarket warehouse construction projects (one in Brisbane and one in Sydney).

The extreme height of the racking, the weight they needed to lift and the limited width between racks meant that Aus-Rack needed special narrow electric scissorlifts that would reach 31 metres high.

“No one had machines like these in Australia,” Nightingale says.

“We then investigated what products were available internationally and were able to source electric scissorlifts from a specialist German manufacturer that provided the reach, weight lifting ability and narrow footprint that our customer required.

“We provided the customer with a 1.4m wide machine and a 2.4m wide machine, both of which were able to lift 750kg up to the required working height.

“Over the course of both projects, these machines remained on site for over two years – to this customer and to other subcontractors.”

Skyreach can also offer Yellow Card training and Verification Of Competence (VOC) training on its equipment on site.

“This ensures that our customers are correctly qualified to operate our equipment and the VOC training provides make and model specific training on each machine they are using on site,” Nightingale says.

To find out more, contact Skyreach on 1800 457 145 or visit

1300 438 3675 6/220-230 Barry Rd, Campbellfield (03) 9357 6291 Contact us for a deal on a wholesale package of quality used equipment.


2.5TonneBrandNewManual.PALLETJACK. DPLIn53187. $523

2.5TonneLPGForkliftWith4.59MetreLift ClearviewMast..P040. TA1207778. $13,200

EnforcerWalkie-ElectricTowTug(NO42).NO42. TA1198251. $5,500

2.5TonneLPGForkliftwith4.3MetreLift ContainerMast.P003. TA1206087. $13,200

HysterLPGForkliftsForHire! AsLittleas$100+GSTPerWeek!.D017. TA644792. $110

1.2tonneelectricwalkiereachtruckwith4.27 metrelift.N054. TA1178245. $13,200

viper. TA1160389. $21,450

6.9MLiftHeight.TBA. TA1216746. $11,000 EUROPALLETJACK
TA1027566. $7,700 NISSANAP702A250STUBBIE

19-29 Curlew Cresc Tamworth NSW 2340

FIATALLISM100C Justinfordismantling,Allis10,000 seriesengine,wetengineclutch,transmissioningood order,Moldboardpitchcylinders,allparts available, PhoneBrendan0267624466.S175. TA1162783. POA

ALLISCHALMERSM65GRADER JustinforDismantling, 10FootMoldboard,D262Engine,GoodRunning Gear, TransmissioninGoodOrder,AllPartsAvailable,Phone Brendan0267624466.S179. TA1198862. POA






PARTS FOR Dozers, Loaders, Drotts, Graders, Scrapers


ALLIS-CHALMERS: Model “M”, HD5, HD6B,E, HD7W, HD7G, HDIIB, EP, HD15-16, HD16DC, HD16DP, HD19-21, HD41B

FIAT: 451C, 555, 605, 50CI, 70CI, AT7C, 8B, BD10B, FD10E, BD20

HANOMAG/MASSEY: 2244, 200, 300, 3366, 400, 500, L400C, L600C, D600D Super, D700C

JOHN DEERE : 1010C, 850


ALLIS-CHALMERS: TL12D, TL14, TL20, 545, 605B, 645, 745B,C


LD3, LD5, LD7 & LD9 Scoopmobile

HANOMAG/MASSEY 22,33C,44, 55, CL55C,66C-D, 77 GRADERS

ALLIS-CHALMERS: D, DD, M65, 65B, AD30-40, 45, 145, M100A, B, FG95

DRMCO/CHAMPION 562, 600, 720, 740

JOHN DEERE 570, 570A, 670A, 770, 770A, 772A


AC D17, D19, D21, XT190, 7000, 7010, 7020, 7040, 7060, 7080, 8010, 8050, 8070, 7580, 8550, 440


Track Chains, Rollers, Idlers, Sprockets

Various 4-1 Buckets, POA

JOHNDEERE670 justinfordismantling,startsrunsand drives,6414Tengine,8speedpowershifttransmission, rearrippersandscarifiers,12footmoldboardwithnew edges,goodrubberallround,allpartsavailable,phone Brendan0267624466.S176. TA1181375. POA

ALLISCHALMERSDDGRADER JustinforDismantling, 10FootMoldboard,D262Engine,MidMountScarifiers, TransmissioninGoodOrder,AllPartsAvailable,Phone Brendan0267624466.S180. TA1198863. POA

84 Farms & Farm Machinery * Based on stock items for sale as at October 2021 Powered by TRUCKING MARKETPLACE* AUSTRALIA’S #1 EMM-HH-5132462-B
A/H: (02) 6762 4466 Ph: (02) 6762 4466 Fax: (02) 6762 4555 Mobile: 0429 624 144 Allis Chalmers • Fiat Allis • Hanomag • Massey • JD Industrial


LKDiesel 52 Woodlands Drive Braeside VIC 3195 Ph: 03 9588 6900 Web:
+ Large capacity fuel tank (28L)
longer continuous operation on a single tank Speak to LK Diesel today. Prepare for Bushfires | Lowboy 3 | GL9000 PET-FP-5188110-CS-310
During the bushfire season you can rely on Kubota diesel generators for back-up power + 2-Pole/Single Phase + Capacity of 8kVA at
+ Super quiet operation


1996,ACRA1196160TONNEBRAKEPRESS,LENGTH3800mm *Comeswithsometooling *Worksingoodcondition,705296990.NSW. DIY1216534. 02 6969 4500. $30,800

MGEH420E 1998,4RollHydraulicPlateBending/Rolling Machine.4100mmwidex410mmdiametertoproll. Variable side&bottomrollaxisforconingcapabilities. Moveablecontrolpanelwithdigitalreadouts.Overhead andsidesupportsincluded,98080.QLD. DIY1213434. 0417 730 130. $110,000


UsedKohlerKDW1003LombardiniLDW1003excellentrunning conditionlocatedburleighheads,2346347.QLD.


1999,PricedforaQuickSale(NoGST)LINDEH45t-600Dual front-wheeldrive.TruckislocatedatLindeserviceyardRoville off E-Linkcurrentlybeingassessed.InterestedpersonscallJeff, 1300 362 272 PRIVATE Advertising * Based on stock items for sale as at October 2021 RESEARCH • COMPARE • BUY • SELL INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT MARKETPLACE* AUSTRALIA’S #1 Powered by

SKYJACKSJ12 2012, 12'ElectricManlifts,plentytochoosefrom.227kglift capacity,allingoodcondition.LocatedinMelbourne,

SKYJACKSJ45T 2014, 45'DieselStickBooms.4unitstochoosefromandall are stillintestuntilJuly/August.Allmachines are fitted with7kVaon-boardgeneratorsandtheOEMSecondary Guardingsystem.TheseuniqueBoomliftshavedrive sensingsteering,whichallowstheOperatortoalways steeranddriveforwardsinthedirectionthemachineis

SKYJACKSJ3219 2014, 19'ElectricScissorlifts,severalmachinesoffered. 227kgliftcapacityallingoodcondition.Locatedin Brisbane,Melbourne&SydneyandintestfromJune untilDecember2024.Various. TA1019568

SKYJACKSJ46AJ 46'4WDDieselKnuckleBooms.4 unitsavailable,allwitha227kgliftcapacityandin goodcondition.MachineslocatedinMelbourne, Townsville&Newcastle.Allmachines are nowoutof test.KB4639-KB4647. TA1160082


SKYJACKSJ66T 2014, 66' DieselStickBooms.4unitstochoosefromwith2in testuntilMayand2intestuntilDecember.These uniqueBoomliftshavedrivesensingsteering,which allowstheOperatortoalwayssteeranddriveforwards inthedirectionthemachineisfacing.Theseunits are locatedinSydney,BrisbaneandTownsville. B6629-B6632. TA1216665


DENYODCA-25ESK Silenced20kVaDenyoGenerator, 2016model,1availableinexceptionalconditionwith lowhours.Thishasinternalfueltanksandismounted onadualaxletrailer.Ithasforkpocketsandtoplifting lugssoitcanbemovedonandoffthetrailereasily.Itis equippedwithahighlyfuel-efficientKomatsudiesel engine.ItisaRentalSpecmachineandcomeswith singlephaseandthreephaseoutletsandislocatedin Brisbane.G2002N. TA1201354


DENYODCA-60USH2 Supersilenced50kVaDenyo Generator,2016model,1availableinexceptional conditionwithextremelylowhours.Thishasaninternal fueltankandisskidmountedwithforkpocketsandtop liftinglugstomoveitaroundeasily.Thisisequipped withahighlyfuel-efficientKomatsudieselengine.This isaRentalSpecmachineandcomeswithsinglephase andthreephaseoutlets.LocatedinBrisbane.GS5001. TA1201338


DENYODCA-125SPK3 Silenced100kVaDenyo Generators,2016models,3availableinexceptional conditionallwithlowhours.Thesehaveinternalfuel tanksand are skidmountedwithforkpocketsandtop lifting lugstomovethemaroundeasily.All are equipped with highlyfuel-efficientKomatsudieselengines.These are RentalSpecmachinesandcomewithsinglephase andthreephaseoutlets.2locatedinBrisbaneand1in Melbourne.G100001-G100003. TA1201334

29500+GST$32,450 PET-FP-5126550-A 0457 110 110
GENIEGS2669BE GeniehybridDiesel/Electric

The Dieci Cotton Pro has been custom engineered to meet the needs of the Australian Cotton Farmer.

Max Capacity: 7,000kg

Max Lifting Height: 9.65m

Max Power: 125hp (93 kW)

Max Speed: 30km/h

Industry leading safety features include:

A fibre sock wrap around the alternator

Protective mesh cover on the air conditioning unit

Special temperature shutdown feature

Contact Dieci Australia on 1300 888 479 or visit

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