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NOW OPEN for our Fall 2020/2021 Recreational Dance Program! Classes begin September 14, 2020

In order to keep our dancers as safe as possible, our class sizes are limited!

Visit boogiedown.ca for more information and to register for in-class dance instruction this Fall! info@boogiedown.ca | 905-633-9804 | @boogiedownstudio | 845 Harrington Court, Unit #1, Burlington, ON

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Sending Your Child to a U.S. School? The IRS Wants to Know


A Parents' Guide: How to Support Healthy Social Media Habits in Children


Wake Up Kate How a School’s Story Can Inform Your Decision


The Invidiata Team Meet the Agents

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Appleby College


Holy Name of Mary College School


Linbrook School


MacLachlan College


St Mildred's-Lightbourn School


Walden International School





Appleby College 540 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON (905) 845-4681 | info@appleby.on.ca

Linbrook School 1079 Linbrook Rd, Oakville, ON (905) 844-2697 | info@linbrook.ca

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School 1080 Linbrook Rd, Oakville, ON (905) 845-2386 | contact@smls.on.ca

Holy Name of Mary College School 2241 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON (905) 891-1890 | admissions@hnmcs.ca

MacLachlan College 337 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, ON (905) 844-0372 | info@maclachlan.ca

2035 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville, ON

Walden International School

(905) 338-6236 | oakvilleinfo@waldenschools.com


During this challenging time our students, parents, alumni and employees have come together to support each other and make a difference in our community, embodying the true spirit of Appleby College’s mission: to become leaders of character, major contributors to, and valued representatives of our local, national and international communities.

IN TIMES OF CRISIS, WE LEARN THE IMPORTANCE THE GIFT OF COOKIES The Gift of Cookies is a fundraising partnership between Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, Appleby Grade 7 student Myra Datta, and Grade 11 students Stephanie Ade-Conde, Basant Dhillon and Nimrit Dhillon to deliver boxes of cookies to health care workers and their families.

CARE THROUGH TECH Care Through Tech is an undertaking by Grade 12 student Nicolas Rocci and his sister, Appleby Alumna Jasmine Rocci ’16, to provide individuals living in isolation centres and shelter homes with a used tablet or smartphone.

THE MASK PROJECT The Mask Project is a grassroots initiative that was started in April by students in Grades 7 through 11 to source and provide surgical masks to hospitals across the Greater Toronto Area.

OF FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY. CONQUER COVID-19 Conquer COVID-19 is a national incubator comprised of physicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other volunteers including Appleby Alumnus Yusuf Ahmed ’15 and his mother Dr. Ruby Alvie, who are working together to ensure frontline workers responsible for the health and wellbeing of Canadians have access to masks, gloves, and other supplies that are essential in treating patients and minimizing the spread of the virus.

APPLEBY GIVES BACK Appleby Gives Back was started by Grade 11 students Kaya Galea and Emaan Sheikh who encouraged students and others in our community to write letters of thanks and encouragement to frontline health care workers in hospitals and seniors homes.


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Sensory play with play dough. Playing with play dough improves fine motor skills, encourages creativity and provides a sensory experience calming the nervous system.

Outdoor or indoor, gather supplies, draw out your plan, have an adult approve it and begin to build. This allows children to use their creative senses and enhance logic thought.

Use various household items in a kiddie pool or bucket and have your child explore heavy or light objects, ask questions such as: “Do you think this will float? Why?”




Create a dream catcher using embroidery hoop and yarn. This skill enhances fine motor skills. Read the book “Isaac’s Dreamcatcher” to hear the history of the dreamcatcher.

Turn your name into crystals using pipe cleaners, fishing line, plastic container borax and food colouring!

Design an obstacle course in the backyard using water- balloon games, sprinkler, sponges, buckets, etc.



Create your own smart phone projector out of recycled materials.

STEM balloon cars, space lander mission STEM challenge, STEM ski lift challenge, catapults challenge.




Take a visit to Pinterest for some easy-to-make delectable baked goods – from cookies, brownies, and bars, to tarts, breads and even pizzas! Remember to check with an adult before baking.

Create your own Digital Escape Room. Choose your theme, plan it out, design a Google Form and create any additional documents/ tasks that you want to link to your escape room. You are able to use videos and photos throughout.

Try a new workout that involves water or in the pool!

WATER GAMES TO BEAT THE HEAT: Water balloon relay; water balloon toss; ice cube melt relay; water balloon dodge ball; t-shirt freeze

Offering custom at-home tutoring in Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and London, ON for Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8; as well as select high school subjects.

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Write the alphabet on a piece of paper and have your children explore your neighborhood or nearby park finding items that begin with the letters of the alphabet. For the younger ones, have them take photos of their findings.

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP AROUND THE WORLD: Download Google Earth, pick a destination and enjoy!

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP THROUGH NORTH AMERICA: Visit landmarks like Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower, the White House, or The Parliament Buildings.

Play freeze dance and musical chairs! This improves focus and self regulation.

Read a book, make an indoor clubhouse, perform a puppet show, have an indoor/outdoor picnic, make a lemonade stand, do yoga, plant a seed and watch it grow, etc.

TREAT DAY: Look at the Canadian Food Guide and plan 3 meals for your family ensuring each food group is used! Set up your kitchen like a restaurant and have some fun! Remember to always have an adult with you when using knives or using anything HOT.

DANCE PARTY: Create a playlist on your favourite streaming device OR put on YouTube and jam to Just Dance.



Travel to Rome, Paris or Greece and take a look at the historical landmarks outside of North America.

Choose a movie based on a book that you have read to watch.




KIDS CHOICE: Go for a hike, pick up litter in your neighborhood, volunteer in your community, re-organize your room, go geocaching, plant a garden, make slime, etc.


KIDS CHOICE: Go paddle boarding at a local lake, visit Royal Botanical Gardens, do yoga, take the babysitter course online, design a video game, tie dye clothes, learn to cook, etc.


KIDS CHOICE: Practice self-care by writing in a journal, design a resume, apply for jobs in the neighborhood, DIY decor, learn to budget and save, learn a new skill, etc.

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. thetravellingtutors.com · rock.travellingtutors@gmail.com


E S T. 19 7 8

We inspire our students with creative vision that promotes entrepreneurial, future-oriented thinking and skills.

CONTACT OUR ADMISSIONS TEAM TO LEARN MORE: 337 Trafalgar Road | Oakville, ON L6J 3H3 T. 905.844.0372 ext. 235 | admissions@maclachlan.ca | maclachlan.ca

Inquiring minds, innovation and why learning should be agile and dynamic!


child born today will be 30 in 2050 and will probably live into the 22nd century along with their children and grandchildren. As educators we need to be designing our schools to be teaching in a way that will help these children to succeed in 2050 and beyond into 2100. No one really knows what the world will look like then but rapid change is a certainty. We are watching, listening and researching intuitively to address the skills that are needed for the 21st century and beyond. We make it our mission to prepare MAC students for what goes on in the real world and what happens in that world is very seldom clean and linear. Education can no longer be just about filling student brains with information. We need to teach them how to make sense of all the information swirling around them, how to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant, true and untrue facts and how to combine these facts to solve real world problems. To deliver on this requirement, our MacLachlan team has embraced Stanford University’s Design Thinking approach. Pioneered at Stanford University, Design Thinking (DT) is a methodology for innovation that promotes the development of non-linear, creative, real world problem solving. DT is a human-centered approach to future ready competencies and learning skills.   By adopting a pedagogy based on design thinking and problem-based learning we are moving away from a framework that relies only on the basics. Progressive schools are

listening to the experts who are highlighting the 4 C’s -Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. These skills teach children how to deal with change and adapt to new learnings and unfamiliar situations. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is critical to our community. PBL is an instructional method of hands-on, active learning centered on the investigation of dynamic, real-world problems.

Some of the defining characteristics of PBL are: • Learning is driven by challenging, openended problems with no one “right” answer. • Students work as self-directed, active investigators and problem-solvers in small collaborative groups. • A key problem is identified and a solution is agreed upon and implemented. Rather than having a teacher provide facts and then testing students’ ability to recall facts via memorization, PBL attempts to get students to apply knowledge to new situations. Students are faced with contextualized, ill-structured problems and are asked to investigate and discover meaningful solutions. At MacLachlan our aim is to educate students to believe that they are the ones who can make the world a better place. These three interrelated problem-solving approaches are fully integrated into our MAC curriculum and are clear evidence of how we re-imagine possibilities.


U.S. SCHOOL? THE IRS WANTS TO KNOW. By Elena Hanson The ability to send children abroad for school can mean valuable learning opportunities and experiences. But if you, or your advisors, aren’t versed on the rules of Canadians attending school in the U.S., it can also mean significant U.S. tax exposure. Without the proper guidance, you run the risk of allowing the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) access to your student’s individual earnings and assets – and possibly your entire family’s earnings and assets.

Once your child gains admission to a U.S. university or college and obtains an F-1 Student Visa or a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa, you’ve met the documentation requirements that allow your student to legally attend school in that country. However, once your student sets foot on U.S. soil, there are things to consider in order to reap the benefits of expanding their educational horizons without triggering U.S. tax obligations. Firstly, you want to ensure that your student retains their status as a non-resident alien. Even if your student is not a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, they will likely be considered U.S. tax residents under the domestic tax provisions by virtue of meeting the criteria for the Substantial Presence test, which is calculated based on the number of days spent in the country over a three-year period. If your student’s number is 183 days or more, they are considered a U.S. tax resident. Form 8843 “Statement for Exempt Individuals” allows students to exclude days of presence in the U.S. from this test, however, they must avoid activities that disqualify their exemption such as obtaining a permanent job or home in the U.S. or marrying a U.S. person. If the student maintains a home in Canada but doesn’t qualify for this exemption, they may still avoid U.S. taxation on worldwide income and certain punitive IRS filings under the CanadaU.S. Income Tax Convention or the “Treaty”.



When a U.S. student exceeds the 183-day threshold without exemption or Treaty protection, they must report their Canadian summer vacation earnings on a U.S. tax return and pay taxes on this income.


When a student receives more than $100,000 directly from their parents, Canadian relatives or a Canadian estate during the year, the amount is considered a “foreign gift” and must be reported to the IRS. Rather than depositing funds for tuition and medical expenses to the student’s bank account, parents should make payments directly to the educational institution or medical care provider.


When a U.S. student is a shareholder of a Canadian family business, there may be taxes on corporate profits under one of several anti-deferral regimes, even when those profits are not currently distributed.


If a student is a discretionary beneficiary of a Canadian family trust, the trust should not make any distributions while the student is in the U.S., or the student may be subject to an annual trust’s prorated or entire income. If the trust owns a Canadian private company, there will be an additional layer of anti-deferral corporate taxation.



As taxation of investment products are not identical, care must be exercised on what is held in investment portfolio(s) owned or co-owned by the student.


Students taxed as U.S. residents are subject to a host of reporting requirements by the IRS, including the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). These students must disclose all non-U.S. (i.e. Canadian) bank accounts owned individually and jointly if the total of the accounts exceed $10,000USD.



Elena Hanson is the founder and managing director of Hanson Crossborder Tax Inc. She is currently doing a podcast series with Darren Coleman, a wealth management adviser with Raymond James, called Two Way Traffic on cross-border tax and financial issues.

Setting children up for success is one of our greatest responsibilities as parents and can be one of our largest financial investments. Pursuing education in the U.S. requires thorough crossborder tax planning to protect your family’s income and assets and ensure compliance in Canada and the U.S.

855.640.1730 or 905.845.1194 mail@hcbtax.com • hcbtax.com

Scholarships and fellowship grants used to pay for tuition, other school fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses are tax-free. However, any scholarship or fellowship grant money that is used towards room, board, travel, optional equipment and other auxiliary expenses are taxable.


How to Support Healthy Social Media Habits in Children:

each Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) is the largest accredited mental health agency in Halton, providing mental health services for children and youth from birth to 17 years of age and their families. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ROCK shifted its service delivery from in-person to virtual in order to continue offering necessary mental health services for children, youth and their families. ROCK understands that now more than ever our young people are being inundated with information right at their fingertips. This quick access to information can greatly impact the way our young people see themselves potentially resulting in low self-esteem, anxiety or depression, and can negatively affect the overall well-being of our youth. One of the biggest concerns that comes from communicating over social media, texting, etc., is that messages, comments and sharing between youth can be quite severe. The cell phone for many youth seems to act as a shield in which cruel comments and posts about peers, acquaintances or even celebrities are shared without a second thought – comments which would likely never be said by these same young people in a face-to-face interaction. In this way, it becomes a vicious cycle. Young people are bombarded with “photo-shopped” images displaying unrealistic appearance ideals as well as glamorous lifestyles that seem unattainable, as well as dangerous, harmful or problematic actions. This can create immense insecurity and low self-esteem in our most vulnerable youth. This insecurity can By Erica Crews PREFERREDPUBLISHING.CA | 13

often show up as cyber bullying or “trolling” which can involve leaving harsh or rude comments or even creating posts aimed at peers or acquaintances in order to feel a sense of acceptance and superiority. For others, this insecurity may show up behind the scenes, with feelings of anxiety. Youth may feel that they are not able to live up to the highlight reels shown on social media. They may feel like a failure for not having a certain lifestyle, or for not receiving enough “likes” or “engagement” on a post. For our young people these “likes” act as an online popularity contest. They are constantly being judged by peers, which is enough to make even the most confident person feel insecure. So, what can we do? It may feel like the easiest thing to do is take away the phone or computer or iPad, but it’s unlikely this will deter youth from accessing their social media platforms in other ways. It may also fracture the lines of communication between you and your young person and they may feel like they can’t come to you when something is really wrong.


Role-Modelling: Children and youth are sponges absorbing and mirroring what they see. If they see the adults in their life constantly consumed with their phones, emails, texting etc., they will likely pick up on this behaviour as “normal.” Media Free Zones: Having media free zones in the home can include an agreement that when you’re sharing a meal together or watching a family movie, everyone in the home is disconnected. This leaves space for meaningful conversations and connection. Media Free Time: You may also want to set aside one day a week where everyone in the home does something active together without technology. This could include things like going for a hike, biking, crafting/creating, etc. Once you are able to build this into your routine it becomes easier and may even be something to look forward to each week. Media Literacy: One of the most important ways to ensure our youth are educated around the impact of social media is to introduce media literacy. This means education around the images they see and the unrealistic nature of them, as well as underlining the consequences that come from sharing some posts online. This also means having meaningful conversations and engaging with your youth about what they are looking at. Showing interest without anger or judgment will promote trust and open the lines of communication.

ROCK offers a few really excellent media literacy, self-esteem and body image programs through a service called Danielle’s Place. This program offers a range of groups for children as young as 8 years old all the way up to 17 years. These programs are a great way for young people to learn more about the information they are consuming and the affect it can have on their view of themselves. If you are interested in learning more about Danielle’s Place offerings, you can check out their website at daniellesplace.org. ROCK also understands that mental health doesn’t take a day off and sometimes our young people need to connect with someone immediately. ROCK’s crisis line is available 24/7. The crisis line offers a safe space for youth to connect and receive immediate mental health support. The number for that line is 905-878-9785.



GOOD PEOPLE At Walden International School, we make good people in the knowledge that from goodness arises greatness. We are dedicated to cultivating and preparing principled, compassionate and confident young people from PK to Grade 8 who will become globally responsible citizens. Walden International School is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the Primary Years Programme and is a candidate school for the Middle Years Programme.

Our balanced world-class education, with a unique focus on wellness, fosters respect and harmony for self and others while empowering students to imagine, explore and achieve a peaceful and sustainable future. To learn more we invite you to call 905-338-6236 or email oakvilleinfo@waldenschools.com.

2035 Upper Middle Road East | Oakville, ON L6H 7G6 | 905-338-6236 | oakville.waldeninternationalschool.com

What is goodness?


wo years ago, when we purchased the former Glenburnie School, we knew that we were acquiring a school with a good reputation. At the same time we recognized that change can be uncomfortable. In particular, we knew that our parent community would expect reassurance that their children would be accorded the same level of care to which they had been accustomed. We were determined to bring to bear our unique and established approach to educating young people. This required much careful thought as we sought to introduce new thinking within an established environment. Our work took on many facets and one of those was determining what was genuinely different about Walden International School. We were fortunate to inherit faculty and staff who were committed to many of the same values we possess. This allowed us to approach change in a spirit of collaboration and community. As we worked through defining our path we learned that central to our core purpose was our commitment to making good people. Making Good People emerged as the school’s reason for being and it raised some discussion about what defines goodness. Since the time of Plato this subject has engaged people in deeply philosophical musings and while the Greeks took slightly different approaches to the definition it is generally agreed that a good person has these characteristics: Virtue: they must be morally virtuous. Health: they should enjoy good health. Prosperity: they should be comfortable. Friendship: they must have good friends. Respect: they should enjoy the respect of others - a person’s qualities and achievements will be recognized by others. Engagement: they must exercise their uniquely human abilities and capacities. Not coincidentally, these characteristics align with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile. Within the IB programme we create an environment and lead students to be, among other things, inquirers, thinkers, communicators,

principled and open-minded people who are caring, reflective and balanced. All of this is wrapped up in our devotion to the well-being of our students by providing the opportunity to actively participate in a thriving culture, community and environment. Much of our time at the school is spent helping students learn how to help each other. Students are encouraged to think independently and critically, try different approaches to learning and take responsibility for their own educational progress. As we’ve learned during the past several months during which the world was turned on its head, goodness prevails and our families have displayed the benefits of a commitment to being well and good. We are so grateful that the journey we started here two years ago is proving to be advantageous to the Walden community. Making clear and direct links between being well and doing well are just part of how we approach our mission to make good people. If you’d like to explore our commitment to goodness we’d love to learn your stories and share some of ours. Be well! Daphne Perugini, BSc, MSEd, OCT Head of School

How a school’s story can inform your decision In 1896 Henry Heinz came up with one of the most recognized slogans in advertising history: “57 Varieties.” This had nothing to do with the actual number of varieties produced. Rather, Heinz was riding an elevated train in  New York  when he spied an advertising placard in the train car promoting “21 styles” of shoes; struck by the concept, Heinz cast about for the perfect number to use for his own company’s version of the phrase. Settling on fifty-seven, Heinz soon put the number to work, and within a week the sign of the green Heinz pickle bearing the words  “57 Varieties”  was everywhere Heinz “could find a place to stick it.”

A selection of stories... You may be wondering what Heinz 57 has to do with selecting a school for your child. It is quite simply this: while all private and independent schools offer excellent academic programs, the manner in which they go about doing so is equally, if not even more important. In a world where virtually every product imaginable has become commoditized something important has happened. It has created a market where emotional connection is critical and this means that stories are perhaps more important than products. At the Wake Up Kate Agency we are privileged to work with the Oakville Independent Schools Association and three of the community’s leading schools - MacLachlan College, St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, and Walden International School. Building on our experience working with the family founders of global enterprises such as Mars, Walmart, Bacardi and, yes, Heinz, we’re able to bring firsttier marketing and branding advice to our clients. Our expertise and passion revolve around working with organizations driven by purpose and a desire to share their stories with the world to make a difference. Stories are important in your search for the ideal learning environment for your children. When you’re seeking the best situation for your child we encourage you to ask the school to share their stories with you.


MacLachlan College: Since its founding, MAC challenged traditional approaches to education. By Re-Imagining Possibilities MacLachlan is re-imagining learning to create a school that provides a Kindergarten to Grade 12 experience that includes challenging students to become change makers, ready to thrive in a world of unprecedented complexity. St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School: For over 125 years this school lead the way in inspiring girls to become empowered women. The SMLS story revolves around the process of emergence. It is a school where wonder, resilience and a love of learning emerges. Where young women discover what already lies within them and gain the experience and tools to become empowered, thriving women. Walden International School: The Walden International School community has a big purpose - Making Good People. It’s a school dedicated to cultivating and preparing principled, compassionate and confident young people who will become globally responsible citizens. Walden is committed to the principle that from goodness arises greatness. As you will learn, among the OIS 13 ‘varieties’ of schools there will be one which ideally meets your child’s specific requirements and personality. We encourage you to ask the schools you meet with to tell you their stories. It’s a great way to understand their core motivation and purpose. After all, one of the best parts of school is story time.

e r e h W ery v o c s i D rges Eme From the moment a girl enters St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School she begins a journey of discovery to emerge as an empowered and thriving woman. From Preschool to Grade 12, we support each girl's interests, talents, learning needs and strengths. And, our Signature Programs help her discover a world of opportunity and the knowledge that makes her a Millie.

She’s a Millie! RACHEL, GRADE 11

1080 Linbrook Road Oakville, ON L6J 2L1 905-845-2386 | smls.on.ca

How providing breadth of opportunity creates deep learning and empowered girls There is a wonderful thing that happens at our school. From the moment a girl enters our program she begins a journey that will take her down many paths. Some of the destinations are planned and part of the regular curriculum. They provide fundamentals and foundations upon which each girl builds her personalized map to emerge as an empowered and thriving women. What’s notable about the Millie’s journey though is how girls from Preschool to Grade 12 experience an enriched academic and co-curricular program delivered by teachers who are experts in educating girls. We support each girl’s interests, talents, learning needs and strengths, and our world-class facility and Signature Programs equip her to achieve excellence in whatever path she chooses.

We are also tremendously proud of our four other Signature Programs. They provide Millies with a breadth of choice to further explore those areas of the greatest interest to them. Millies who choose to participate in the global studies program explore and connect with local and global communities through: • Experiential learning trips • Community engagement and service learning • Cultural exchanges • National and international student leadership opportunities

One of our most remarkable Signature Programs is STEM & Robotics, which stimulates girls from Grades 1 through 12 to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math challenges.

If a Millie is more inclined toward pursuing her interest in the arts, our Arts and Design program offers her boundless opportunities in drama and theatre, instrumental and vocal music, visual art, communication technology, integrative arts and design.  

In the younger years, students use LEGO® bricks to build a model that features a real-world scientific concept to be explored. At the secondary level, girls participate in FIRST Robotics to build and program robots that perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. 

For girls in Grade 11, our unique Professional Internship program provides the opportunity to explore personal career interests in a customized, OSSD credited, 4-week work placement across a wide range of specialized industries.

Perhaps what is most extraordinary about our STEM & Robotics program is its long-term impact on SMLS students and their future career choices. While studies have shown that women are still underrepresented in STEM-related fields of study overall in Canada, more than 50% of our SMLS graduates go on to pursue STEM-related post-secondary education.  

Hands-on work experience provides our girls with valuable insights into potential careers at the right time, as they plan their post-secondary education. We invite you to explore all of the very special avenues our Millies follow as they emerge into the wonderfully capable women they choose to be.






The Oakville based Invidiata Team is known for buying and selling luxury waterfront homes. With over 170 years of combined experience, The Invidiata Team is grateful to have served the Oakville and GTA communities since 1985. They pride themselves on exceptional service, lasting relationships, and providing the gold standard of care to each of their clients and partners.











Having solidified their reputation for excellence when building, growing and promoting luxury real estate properties, Invidiata embraces new expansion opportunities and real estate projects that will provide the lifestyle, amenities and growth opportunities their clientele have grown accustomed to. As an award-winning real estate team, they believe every home, regardless of size, deserves equal care and attention.


The Invidiata Team represents homeowners who are primarily located in the Oakville Waterfront community, a picturesque area they have coined The Gold Coast of Canada. Invidiata has helped shaped the elite real estate market by also listing and promoting iconic Canadian properties in several prominent Canadian cities.








CHRISTOPHER INVIDIATA I would like to thank all of our readers for continuing to provide us with their loyalty, not just now but throughout the last decade. In moments of adversity, as we have faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, one of our greatest sources of hope lies in our faith that the challenges we face today, will lead to a better tomorrow. These times have also emphasized the power in the collective and the positive changes that come as a result of coming together. Our special Private School edition of Invidiata Homes & Lifestyle is a reflection of these sentiments, as it promotes schools and youth - the institutions that nurture and shape the individuals responsible for building our future. We have also chosen to take this as an opportunity to highlight the agents at The Invidiata Team, whom have demonstrated a unique dedication, drive and passion to serve the community. I hope the stories found in this issue provide our readers with inspiration and the reassurance that the best is yet to come. We look forward to continuing to bring you and your family many years of joy, whether it is by sharing our latest magazine or finding you the right home at the right price. We wish you and your family all the best, and look forward to serving you in the future.

O. 905.339.3444 E. christopher@theinvteam.com @InvidiataRealty







INVIDIATA Sales Representative

C. 289.259.1606 E. shae@theinvteam.com @ShaeInvidiata

As a global citizen, Shae believes strongly in giving back and that "every day we have a chance to change the world." In 2010, Shae founded Free-Them, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting Human Trafficking and Exploration in Canada. Since 2010, Shae has been recognized in the community and in Canada for her philanthropic work. Awards and Accolades 2011 Nominee for Canadian Women’s Fashion Magazine Chatelaine as a Top 20 Finalist for “Canada’s Women of the Year 2011” 2011 YMCA Peace Medallion 2012 Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012 National Freedom Award 2016 “Woman of Honour” Honouring Heroes presented by The Joy Smith Foundation 2017 TedTalk Speaker on “The World’s 27 Million Darkest Secrets” Media and Government Free-Them is a Stakeholder to three federal bills that have amended the Criminal Code of Canada and also to the Federal Government’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. Shae has appeared on many national and local media sources, including but not limited to, The Globe and Mail, CBC, CBC Radio, CTV, The Toronto Star, GlobalTV, CityNews and CP24 News. Shae has been a proud member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate since 2013.


With an Associate in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University and Bachelor of Arts from The University of British Columbia, Shae Invidiata joined The Invidiata Team in 2009 and has had the privilege to work alongside her father, Christopher Invidiata, who has been servicing the Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga community since 1985. As a resident of Oakville for 20 years and Toronto for 11 years, Shae knows these markets well along with the community of people that Oakville and Toronto pride itself on. Shae believes that the true value in working in real estate is the people she meets and the relationships that are built.

26 www.invidiata.com

Rimsha Ali is a conscientious Realtor who exudes credibility, commitment, and determination. Rimsha’s passion for real estate is apparent through her excellent communication skills and a warm and friendly approach. She earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice. Rimsha brings eleven years of experience in the real estate industry. Apart from Sales, she also has an extensive professional background in Real Estate Administration and Management. She began her career in real estate in 2009 and since then it has transitioned into a lifelong passion.


As a client, you will benefit from her in-depth knowledge of the local housing market and her “people-first” approach to business. Rimsha takes pride in servicing her clients by delivering exceptional service and establishing lifelong relationships.



Sales Representative

C. 416.616.7467 E. rimsha@theinvteam.com @itsrimshaali

David has been an integral member of The Invidiata Team since 2013. He was born and raised in Oakville and in 2011, he and his wife moved to Burlington where they currently reside. This has given David a wealth of experience in both marketplaces. Constantly striving to help his clients make informed decisions and sound investments, David uses proven systems and unique strategies to show value. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, David, along with The Invidiata Team, can help you obtain your goals and make the process simple, each step of the way.


BAKOWSKY Sales Representative

C.905.510.0363 E. david@theinvteam.com @davidbakwosky

She is a wife and proud mother of 2 whose interests include travel, visiting art galleries, and a strong passion for cooking.

27 www.invidiata.com

Helena has been in the real estate industry for over 7 years. She was born in Slovenia, where she went to school and then lived and studied in London, England for 4 years before moving to Canada. Helena currently resides in the Lorne Park neighborhood of Mississauga where she has lived for the past 15 years.

Helena has a friendly demeanor and is well liked by everyone around her. She is a powerful and effective negotiator and ready to help you with all of your real estate needs.

BRATINA Sales Representative

C. 647.998.4266 E. helena@theinvteam.com @helena_bratina

As a proud member of The Invidiata Team, Mariola contributes a unique blend of business and design experience that enables her to deliver the best in class service to her clients. Prior to her real estate career, she achieved corporate success for 16 years as a senior executive in the telecommunications industry. Motivated by her passion for interior design, she then went on to establish an outstanding small business providing commercial and residential interior decorating services in the GTA. Throughout her career, Mariola has consistently placed client satisfaction as her number one priority and has established an excellent reputation for her integrity, creativity, attention to detail and her goal-oriented mentality.


BRODER Sales Representative

C. 416.573.5499 E. mariola@theinvteam.com

Mariola is a long-time resident of Oakville and Mississauga and currently resides in Mississauga’s Port Credit neighborhood. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, spending time outdoors and is an avid health and fitness enthusiast. She is active in her communities through her volunteer efforts with numerous charities including the Women’s Center in Oakville and Trillium Hospital in Mississauga. Mariola is honored to be an integral part of The Invidiata Team with its renowned brand and reputation, and she looks forward to sharing her expertise with her clients to ensure a positive and successful real estate experience. Her commitment to hard work, honesty, and her strong negotiating skills guarantee her clients' needs are not only met but are exceeded.



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With over 10 years of experience in real estate and property management, Josh Bryan has a passion for building and maintaining rewarding relationships with his clients based on honesty and professionalism. Josh is focused on offering a combination of personable service and sound educated advice. His friendly approach, his solid understanding of market conditions, and his detailed knowledge of the city, ensure that his clients are always comfortable and fully informed.


Resourceful, connected, and respected by his peers, Josh has an extensive network of professionals to assist with his clients' needs. As a real estate investor himself, Josh’s vision and experience offer his clients a unique insight into how to achieve their real estate goals.



Sales Representative

C. 416.735.8447 E. josh@theinvteam.com @josh___bryan

Born and raised in Oakville, with a background in nursing, news and television, Claudia began her real estate career in 2005 with RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage. She joined The Invidiata Team in 2008 and has been a long-standing member of the team. Over the years, she has gained extensive residential real estate knowledge in Oakville, Burlington and the surrounding GTA. Claudia brings a focused, personalized approach to her real estate business. She knows that every client and property are unique and creates an individualized plan keeping with real estate fundamentals and practice for all her clients.


CHOPIK Sales Representative

C. 905.399.7229 E. claudia@theinvteam.com @meetmeinoakville

Taking a step above and beyond while providing excellent service and negotiating skills is the key to her success. From buying your first home or income property, to selling a multi-million dollar residence, Claudia has the expertise, drive, and initiative to assist you with all your real estate transactions.

As an award-winning Realtor, Christina’s knowledge, hard work, compassion and dedication to her clients has allowed her to earn their trust and put them at ease during the often stressful time of buying or selling a home.


CLAVERO Sales Representative

A long time resident of the GTA, Christina is not only passionate about real estate and providing her clients with the best experience possible, but also loves spending time with friends and family, including her husband and two children, practicing yoga and travelling the globe.

C. 416.725.0860 E. christina@theinvteam.com @carlosandchristina

A consistent top producer and award-winning realtor, Carlos has considerable knowledge of the GTA‘s residential real estate market and has developed proven strategies to command the very best results for his clients. Carlos is focused on providing superior customer service and a positive experience to all of his clients whether they are investors, new to the GTA, downsizing, or first time buyers. Passionate about the real estate market and enthusiastic about each opportunity, Carlos puts the needs of his clients before his own. Carlos always looks forward to the challenges of the ever-changing real estate industry and tackles them by using his 20+ years of sales and customer service experience to look for creative solutions.


CLAVERO Sales Representative

C. 416.567.9794 E. carlos@theinvteam.com @carlosandchristina

A skilled negotiator, Carlos received his Business Degree from Seneca College as well as his Canadian Securities Designation, and is one of a select few in North America who has completed the Leaders Edge Training for top Real Estate Professionals which allows him to provide the best experience and outcome for his clients. Carlos is originally from South America and is fluent in Spanish. He enjoys soccer, spending time with his family and friends, including his wife and two young children, as well as staying fit and travelling.


A true professional, Christina has earned her Bachelors’ Degree from the University of Guelph and a Post-Graduate Degree in Human Resource Management from Sheraton College and is always committed to upgrading her qualifications when it comes to the real estate market, hoping to earn her Broker’s license in the near future.

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Christina has combined her 18 years of sales, customer service and real estate experience with her worldwide perspective having lived and travelled all over the world including Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and North and South America. This has also allowed her firsthand knowledge of the complications and challenges faced by those dealing with the prospect of moving or relocating.




Linda’s passion for real estate began shortly after owning her first home at a young age. Several years and ten properties later, Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow, and although she enjoyed a successful career in marketing with Microsoft, she opted to switch gears and use her skills to market a different type of product: real estate. As a Real Estate Broker, Linda is known as a hardcore Evangelist for her clients’ needs. Linda’s success stems from the strong relationships she builds with her clients, while empowering and educating them in making knowledgeable real estate investments. Whether clients are buying their first home, or they are seasoned investors with large portfolios, Linda strives to deliver a seamless and bespoke experience and, most importantly, value to her clients by ensuring that she is delivering unparalleled results in every interaction.


FORD Broker

C. 416.527.3677 E. linda@theinvteam.com @lindafordrealtor


GONIN-BRAUN Sales Representative

C. 416.779.4959 E. debbie@theinvteam.com @debbiegoninbraun

Since leaving the corporate world in 1995, Debbie has been in the business of helping people buy and sell homes, initially with her mother Liliana Gonin, later as Team Leader, and now by joining the most successful RE/MAX real estate team in Canada. From the beginning, Debbie’s approach has been to build long-term relationships with clients by focusing on their needs and treating them like family. The results are unsurpassed; multi-generational loyalty as she is now dealing with the grandkids of clients her mom first helped. What sets Debbie apart is her unique combination of ambitious, results-focused negotiation skills and a down-to-earth approach centered on trust, hard work, and dedication. Sound knowledge of the communities in which she concentrates, along with years of experience and a proven track record, has earned her many professional awards over the years, including the Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards. So whether you are a “first time” buyer or “out-growing” your home and looking to upsize or have recently become “emptynesters,” Debbie is here to help. She has received the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation so she is also able to assist you and your aging family members when the time comes to transition into an independent living facility or a retirement home. Through her real estate career, Debbie has also come to realize the growing needs of the community and makes giving back a priority by supporting a number of charities. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Debbie will be there for you throughout every step of your real estate journey.

Pamela’s love for the real estate profession and passion for people allows her to provide the highest level of personal attention, treating each client as a family member and each home as her own.


GOTTSCHALK Sales Representative

C. 416.605.2004 E. pamela@theinvteam.com

Donna Gray is not only a proud South Mississauga resident, she is also one of the foremost experts in the South Mississauga real estate market. Donna’s successful career in sales has spanned thirty years and multiple locations, including Western Canada and The United States. The highlight, however, has been since 2007 with RE/MAX and The Invidiata Team, serving the Port Credit and South Mississauga market where her hard work and professionalism earned her a Chairman’s Club Designation and membership in the exclusive RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Whether in the company of her husband of twenty-five years, her three grown kids, or her two Great Danes, this avid health enthusiast can often be spotted enjoying the community she loves. Donna is enthusiastic about helping others discover their dream property and has a long-standing track record of working successfully with both prospective home buyers and sellers, and with top-notch developers.


GRAY Broker

C. 416.276.0632 E. donna@theinvteam.com @donnagray_inv

Donna is extremely excited about the continued marketshare growth with The Invidiata Team and continuing to expand THE INVIDIATA ADVANTAGE and its unique brand of excellence into her areas of expertise including Lorne Park, Port Credit, Lakeview, Clarkson, Cooksville, Sheridan, Mineola and the Waterfront Properties.


Her strong work ethic and drive, and simply going that extra mile, have allowed her to build long-lasting relationships with her clients. Pamela's diverse work background and having been involved in many aspects of the real estate business for 25 years allows her to be devoted to understanding her clients' needs and to providing them with exceptional real estate experiences.

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Knowing that owning real estate may be one of the largest and wisest investments one makes, it is important to have a dedicated professional like Pamela who delivers quality service.




Ishrani has a passion for real estate and has been a Realtor at RE/MAX Aboutowne Realtor Corp. Brokerage since 2007. As a high-touch Realtor, Ishrani understands the local housing market and is known for her extensive knowledge, tenacity, and unmatched devotion to her clients. Ishrani’s success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. She earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them honest and candid advice. Ishrani strives every day to exceed her clients' expectations, ensuring the homebuying or home-selling process is an easy and stress-free transaction. Ishrani is known as a self-motivated problem-solver with an engaging personality and attention to detail. Ishrani serves the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Milton areas. Ishrani and her family have been calling Oakville home for the past 18 years.



Sales Representative

C. 905.484.0392 E. ishrani@theinvteam.com

Ishrani is passionate about her community and has built a network of connections in Oakville. Ishrani is a member of the Women’s Giving Collective at the Oakville Community Foundation. She has served as a Director at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, past Director at Halton Multi-Cultural Council, Former Member of May Court of Oakville, Past Chair of 100 Women Who Care Oakville, and CoFounder of 100 Teens Who Care Oakville. She is a supporter of the Oakville Hospital Foundation and a percentage of all her commission is donated there.


Lorne is a multiple award-winning Realtor with over 30 years experience in many areas of real estate that include: custom home building, renovating, home automation, land and subdivision development, home staging, and collaborating with architects and designers. Whether representing buyers or sellers, Lorne’s knowledge, professionalism and passion for Real Estate provides his clients with a level of service few can match.


HOWELL Sales Representative

C. 416.886.0702 E. lorne@theinvteam.com @lornehowell


KOLESAR Sales Representative

C.905.334.3776 E. marija@theinvteam.com @marijadedicatedrealtor

Gary was born and raised in Oakville where he currently resides with his wife and two children. Since 2007, Gary has been a leading Real Estate Agent providing the highest quality of service and commitment possible to all of his clients. He takes great pride in real estate as buying or selling a home can be complex, so making the process as smooth as possible is one of his main priorities.



Sales Representative

C. 905.580.7159 E. gary@theinvteam.com @garylimarealestate

Gary’s clientele work in diverse industries and his business has grown successfully and consistently over the years, thanks to the repeat business of his happy and loyal clients, along with their introductions to family, friends and neighbours. He is a proficient negotiator and providing and delivering his clients with an exceptional level of service, results and an enjoyable experience is what makes this possible. Gary looks forward to the opportunity in helping you and your family with all your real estate needs. Whether it’s getting you from listed to sold for top dollar, or from searching to buying your dream home, he will be there every step of the way!


Marija’s comprehensive knowledge of the changing real estate market and deep commitment to professional ethics characterizes her approach to helping people navigate the waters of buying and selling property. Her knowledge of residential, commercial and custom home sales has been nurtured through years of experience in the fields of interior design, building, and renovating – skills that provide her clients with exceptional service in every aspect of their real estate transaction.

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With passion and vision, Marija has helped her clients realize their goals in real estate for over 20 years with The Invidiata Team, and through the process has created many meaningful and lasting relationships. Marija holds the designation of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and has achieved RE/MAX’s prestigious Chairman’s Club and Platinum Club awards as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards. The care that she brings to her clients assures complete satisfaction beyond their expectations.




Oakville, Burlington, and the GTA are great places to live and work, which is why Lloyd chose to call it home. With roots in Oakville and Mississauga, as a passionate Fisherman, when LLoyd isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find him in remote locations, enjoying time with his friends and family. Real estate is a passion for Lloyd, and with his background in Construction and Custom Home Building, it is easy to see why more clients depend on his sound advice for this particular area of expertise. Lloyd is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and has received top awards for excellence.



Lloyd came to The Invidiata Team over fifteen years ago and has been a Real Estate Agent for over twenty. Bringing proven techniques and strong abilities makes Lloyd a seasoned agent with vast experience. He isn't just passionate about helping families find their dream home but in whatever is needed beyond real estate to help his clients is. Lloyd believes the extra mile makes a client a life-long friend.

Sales Representative

C.. 647.282.4433 E. lloyd@theinvteam.com @lloydstar1

Ping is originally from Beijing, China and has been living in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years. She possesses more than 18 years of real estate experience and has been licensed as a broker for 16 years. Prior to her real estate career, she spent over a decade working for top international IT companies, and has been honoured with numerous awards. Most of Ping’s clients are from mainland China. As an immigrant herself, she understands the needs and wants of this unique demographic, helping her provide a more tailored service to each of her clients.


SHU Broker

C. 416.726.7227 E. ping@theinvteam.com @pingshuoakville

Ping speaks both Mandarin and English fluently and her exemplary service has been highly recognized and recommended by her clients over her years of service. She serves the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas, and is experienced and knowledgeable in the sales of luxury homes, investment properties and new builds. Ping has been awarded the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation in addition to having earned membership within the Million Dollar Guild (GUILD) in recognition of her knowledge, experience and expertise in the luxury home arena. With her dedicated, loyal, and customer-focused work ethic along with her unique expertise in Asian culture, Ping greatly enhances The Invidiata Team. Ping looks forward to assisting you in achieving your real estate goals.



C. 647.377.6097 E. jweatherhead@theinvteam.com @janeweatherhead01

her a unique perspective and global insight. Jane moved to Canada in 2007. She offers a personal understanding of what it's like to stand in her clients' shoes from first-hand knowledge of her own personal experiences, affording her a sensitivity towards her clients' journey. She has bought and sold many homes throughout her successful career, from renovations to new construction, and is seen by her clients as a trusty advisor. Jane’s ability to build rapport and relationships enables her to deliver outstanding customer service.










She graduated from The University of Birmingham, UK and went onto work for high end international real estate agencies Savills and Hamptons International. Her international real estate experience gives

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Jane Weatherhead has specialized in luxury residential properties for 17 years. She has significant experience with South East Oakville properties, and in particular Lakefront and Estate homes. Jane has a variety of experience in real estate from relocation, property development and resale. She has extensive relationships with prominent builders and leading architects offering additional value to clients who are seeking to build their dream homes. Her market knowledge and specialized marketing strategies help clients achieve their real estate goals and serve her clients’ needs. Jane’s approach to real estate is practical and passionate. Her real estate designations include Broker, Master Certified Negotiation Expert (M.C.N.E), Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) and Million Dollar Guild Designation.



Engage. Inspire. Achieve.

Charitable Registration Number 83408 0772 RR0001

At Linbrook, our specially-trained teachers help each student explore his interests and discover his talents within academics, the arts and athletics. Within our bright and supportive environment, we engage boys in new experiences, inspire them to always do their best, and help them achieve their goals every day.


905.844.BOYS (2697) | info@linbrook.ca | linbrook.ca

Q | Describe your students. Appleby College students and families represent a broad and diverse community with students coming from public, separate, and private schools in neighbourhoods throughout Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and the western GTA, as well as from 52 other countries. Our student body is comprised of 800 students (526 day and 274 boarding) in grades 7 to 12 with the ratio of girls and boys almost split equally at 50:50. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? We value original and creative thinkers; teachers who are comfortable and effective in adapting to change; who embrace and promote diversity in all its forms; and, who possess a compassionate and empathetic spirit. Q | In an increasingly competitive landscape for entry to postsecondary education and real-world preparedness, how does a private institution set itself apart from other options available to parents? Smaller class sizes and commitment to educational excellence enables and encourages students to learn and discover independently and collaboratively. Hallmarks of the Appleby experience include our Grade 12 boarding programme, our emphasis on global learning and cultural understanding, and our experiential education programme centred around the S. Bruce McLaughlin Northern Campus in Temagami.


"Breadth, excellence, innovation and caring; this is what defines the essence of the Appleby College experience". – Innes Van Nostrand, Principal

Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school? Appleby’s Technology Classroom offers an innovative space where science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and the arts (STEAM) come together. Students sometimes get frustrated by pursuing studies that they don’t see as having long-term applications. This classroom space addresses this by combining the notions of science with imagination. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? Whether it is those who graduated this past June or those who left 50 years ago, they talk about the enduring nature of the Appleby experience, powerful bonds of friendship, and preparedness for life. Q | What kind of relationship do alumni have with current students? Appleby’s Alumni Mentors Programme pairs alumni who have recently entered the workforce or are in their third or fourth year of study at a post secondary institution, to work one-on-one with an alumni mentor. Alumni Mentors

are established professionals committed to helping those with similar career interests and goals to prepare for the transition to work, further education, assist in strengthening their understanding of their chosen field, and help to expand their professional networks. Q | What role does athletics serve on your campus? Appleby offers 65+ competitive and instructional teams in sports. Through this wide range of offerings, our students are not only establishing the basic fundamentals of sport, and the value of active living, but they are also exposed to the importance of sportsmanship, reflection, support and overcoming challenges. Q | What is Round Square and how does it benefit your community? Round Square is an internationally diverse network of 200 schools in 50 countries on 6 continents that collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences in developing global competence, character, and confidence in students. Students have the opportunity to attend international conferences/ exchanges and participate in International Service Projects which encourage personal development and responsibility in students.

Oakville, ON 905.845.4681 info@appleby.on.ca appleby.on.ca

Q | Describe your students. Holy Name of Mary College School provides a high achieving, university preparatory programme to girls in grades 5-12. Families who turn to HNMCS are looking for strong academics and the ideal student is one who shares our core values, will thrive within a challenging academic atmosphere, and is preparing for post-secondary education. Our students come from across the GTA including Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto, Woodbridge, and Richmond Hill. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? Someone committed to an all-girls education, innovative teaching techniques, a life-long learner, and committed to the whole girl’s growth. Someone who will offer creative and diverse programming, and will challenge the girls of HNMCS to think critically, while taking risks and developing resilience. Q | In an increasingly competitive landscape for entry to postsecondary education and real-world preparedness, how does a private institution set itself apart from other options available to parents? Learning is inquiry-based, and faculty are encouraged to look beyond the campus for instructional and experiential opportunities, all


of which effectively expand the campus and the programs, often into real-world settings; from service experiences, to on-site guidance, to all-girls leadership teams and robotics, through academics and our co-curricular program. Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school? In recent years, roughly two-thirds of the graduates have gone on to math, science, and engineering and technology programs at university. Events like the Engineering Career Night, launched by the Robotics Club mentored by physics teacher Dr. Karen Kozma, who is a professional engineer and alum, brings engineers, both men and women, in to speak with students. It cements the idea that these careers are options—and very real options—for them. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? For most of our graduates, the time spent at HNMCS is one that encompasses a myriad of experiences. Among those that stand out are leadership opportunities, the connected community at HNMCS, and of course their teachers. One of the big highlights is undoubtedly the time spent at overnight outdoor camps. On polling our graduates, some

Mississauga, ON 905.891.1890 admissions@hnmcs.ca hnmcs.ca

“The moral compass that she will gain and develop works to not only help shape her mind, but also her heart”. – Carrie Hughes-Grant, Head of School

of the things they take with them to university are the connections and friendships they’ve made as well as the skills gained that will take them to the next steps on their journey to achieving their academic and career goals. Q | What kind of relationship do alumnae have with current students? Our alumnae love to drop by for a visit, to reconnect with teachers and friends. They do lunch and learn sessions, take part in panels about university, help with admissions initiatives, come to young alumnae events. They are also mentors to current students, working with our University Guidance Office. Q | What is the benefit to your students of being an independent Catholic school for girls? Co-founded by the Felician Sisters and Basilian Fathers, two icons of Catholic education, HNMCS is guided by a

mission to educate young women to their full potential, through a morals-based, positive and supportive education for the development of the whole student. We are a school that lives by our values: Justice, Respect, Compassion, and Transformation. The girls work together to solve challenges and we teach religion from grades 5-12. They know they are supported by all staff and that they have a connection through faith to each other. Q | What advantages does your relationship with St. Michael’s College School offer? We partner with St. Michael’s for our students in social engagements, student government, our teachers and staff visit their school and learn with their staff, the heads of school collaborate. The Basilian Fathers participate in the celebration of masses, reconciliation, prayer services, and joint school activities with St. Michael’s College School including international community service initiatives.

Q | Describe your students. Our students are predominantly local boys from the Southeast Oakville area. There are also students from Mississauga, Burlington, and from many different countries. We are fortunate to have 180 boys in Grades JK – 8 from many cultural backgrounds that reflect the diversity of Canada. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? We look for teachers who are kind, strong at engaging the students in all aspects of school life, and proficient at building relationships with the boys. Teachers also must be curriculum experts and have a passion for the subject matter they teach. Q | In an increasingly competitive landscape for entry to postsecondary education and real-world preparedness, how does a private institution set itself apart from other options available to parents? A Linbrook graduate is prepared for anything that comes his way thanks to a balanced education that allows him to explore his interests and discover his talents within academics, the arts, and athletics. A wellrounded education with access to an abundance of resources and a challenging academic program ensures our boys are ready for the competitive landscape that awaits them.


Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school? In addition to regular STEM and coding (Javascript and Python) lessons, students also participate in school-wide STEM days, use OSMO and Sphero robots, 3D printers, the G-Suite applications, including Google Docs and Drive, to share documents, files and video content. Through the use of our digital learning system, students are able to access lesson materials, submit assignments and find content for all subject areas. We’ve incorporated the latest tools in technology to ensure our boys’ learning is supported in a fun and engaging way. Each boy in the school is provided with an Apple device that is managed by a technology specialist. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? Our students remember the relationships they’ve formed, the high-quality education they’ve received that has prepared them for high school, the variety of activities and sports in which they were able to participate, and the kindness and compassion shown to them by every member of the faculty and staff.

Q | What kind of relationship do alumni have with current students? Our alumni come back to coach, volunteer at many events and afterschool clubs, and present at weekly assemblies. Q | How does a boys-only school benefit the growth of a young man? All boys’ schools understand and celebrate boys and firstly seek to build good men. The boys enjoy being a part of competitive sports teams, a dynamic intramurals program, three recesses, diverse

musical ensembles, leadership opportunities, a variety of extracurricular clubs and programs, as well as whole school concerts, weekly assemblies and special event days. Q | What does Linbrook find important about its numerous charitable initiatives? As a not-for-profit and registered charity ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting the community and other local charities. Our boys have consistently raised funds to support a variety of charities, food banks and programs to support families in need.

Oakville, ON 905.844.BOYS (2697) info@linbrook.ca linbrook.ca

“There was a need to create a new style of school; a school that exudes positive energy and offers a physical environment that suits boys so they love being there”. – Amber Way, Founder

Q | Describe your students. MacLachlan is a day school offering PreKindergarten to Grade 12. Our students are primarily from Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga. We also welcome international students each year who benefit from our exceptional English as a Second Language program. One of the distinguishing characteristics of MAC is our diversity and beginning with our youngest students, our educational philosophy of international mindedness is cultivated. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? All MacLachlan teachers are highly qualified Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT), many with additional Master’s degrees in their subject specialties. They are experienced, dedicated and passionate about their profession and their students fostering a growth mindset at all grade levels. The recent necessity to pivot to remote learning magnified their commitment to leadership, academic excellence, collaboration, and innovation that allowed MAC students to successfully complete their school year with high achievement. Q | In an increasingly competitive landscape for entry to post-secondary education and real-world preparedness, how does your school set itself apart from other options?

We focus on instilling the love of learning and discovery in our students at all grade levels. Beyond a solid academic foundation, we offer opportunities for students to discover underlying talents and passions and foster creativity, resilience, communication, and problem-solving skills. This holistic approach to learning empowers students to be confident and accountable individuals. These skills transcend into all educational, social and professional landscapes. Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school? As an active learning school, we incorporate the use of technologies into most of our lessons at all grade levels. In Grades 1-5 there is an iPad for every student to complement learning and facilitate a dynamic learning environment. Students have innovation classes built into their units of inquiry where planning and collaboration are integrated to teach them about the design process. Whether tasks are focused on coding, building structures, 3D printing or building water filtration systems with Maker Cart supplies, students nurture and develop their problem-solving skills. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? Our graduates value the friendships they formed, the relationships with their teachers and school community, the


“This historic building in the heart of Oakville is much more than a place where your child goes to school, it is an active hub for learning and development”. – Michael Piening, Head of School comradery through school extracurricular activities and ultimately, gratitude for an education that allowed them to achieve their post-secondary goals. Some may reflect on experiences through outdoor education adventures through the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme, many will have memories from international travel and service trips, others may remember debate and public speaking competitions, and it is guaranteed that many still hold rivalries from our incredibly popular floor hockey intramurals. Q | What kind of relationship do alumni have with current students? Each year our alumni return to MacLachlan to provide information sessions to our Grade 12 students who are preparing to enter post-secondary. They provide mentoring and sound advice for students excited about their university experience. Some of the relationships continue over decades in that we have several alumni who have a unique perspective since they were once MAC students and now have returned as teachers at MacLachlan.

Oakville, ON 905.844.0372 info@maclachlan.ca maclachlan.ca

Q | Describe your students. As a day school, the majority of our students come from Oakville and the surrounding areas, including Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, and Milton. We offer a busing program for girls in JK to Grade 12, including both door-to-door and express services. Our student body is made up of approximately 550 girls from Preschool to Grade 12. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? When recruiting for teaching roles, we seek candidates who are enthusiastic, articulate, and creative. They must be able to support different learners and engage in innovative and diverse programming; a critical thinker who demonstrates initiative, integrity, and attention to detail; and flexible and adaptable to changes in the daily needs of a classroom. Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school? STEMR education and technology at SMLS helps prepare girls for a technologically advancing world, and inspires them to pursue further STEMR learning and careers. Every girl in Grade 7 to Grade 12 acquires a personal MacBook Air to

“Our deeply committed and dedicated faculty prepare girls for a strong, inspired future as empowered young women”. – Nancy Richards, Head of School


Oakville, ON 905.845.2386 contact@smls.on.ca smls.on.ca

support her learning. The school continues to introduce new technologies regularly, including 3D printing, virtual reality, and digital design. Our STEM & Robotics Signature Program introduces girls to robotics and coding as early as Grade 1. Our Senior Robotics Team, SWAT771, is internationally renowned for its achievements. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? • Global Students international experiences that have expanded their world-perspective, such as cultural trips to India, Bhutan, Japan, China, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Argentina. • Working with employers in our unique Professional Internship Program. Every Grade 11 Millie has the opportunity to explore her personal career interests in a 4-week work placement that is customized to her personal career interests. • When speaking about the school and its impact, graduates frequently express gratitude for the friendships they made at the school and the continued importance of these friendships in their lives. As our alumnae like to say, “once a Millie, always a Millie.”

Q | What kind of relationship do alumnae have with current students? As part of our Grad Seminar Program, alumnae return to the school throughout the school year to speak with graduating students about the university experience, specific programs of study and interesting post-secondary opportunities, as well as career choices. Annually, SMLS hosts a Speed Mentoring workshop where alumnae speak with girls in Grade 10 about their career pathways. Students have the opportunity to interact with alumnae in small groups and ask their specific questions about their career choices. Q | How does an all-girls school benefit the growth of a young woman? In 129 years we’ve gained many insights into the world of teaching girls. One of the most important is this: girls in single-sex schools are more positive about their own abilities and their control over their lives, have less stereotyped gender role attitudes, and hold higher aspirations for the future. We have found that Millies pursue careers beyond the gender-specific stereotypical professions.

Q | Describe your students. Our student demographic is quite diverse, composed of students local to Oakville. Approximately 25% of our students are from abroad. Countries include but are not limited to Australia, the Balkans, China, Columbia, Dubai, Korea, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and the United States. Q | What do you look for in a teacher? We value faculty and staff who are caring, compassionate, and curious; and, especially those who are willing to embrace the unknown and take informed risks as we work collectively towards transforming education. Q | In an increasingly competitive landscape for entry to postsecondary education and real-world preparedness, how does a private institution set itself apart from other options available to parents? Smaller class sizes enable students and teachers the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other. There is often greater autonomy with respect to governance, programme objectives and delivery, and hiring practices. Q | What does technology—both in resources and STEM courses—offer the contemporary student in a private school?


Technology is often used as a fundamental tool for the contemporary student. It can provide the necessary assistance for students that require additional learning support, and be the gateway to information for students. Q | What do graduates tend to remember most from their time at your school? Graduates often tell us that they miss the smaller classes and overall family feel of the school. They also mentioned specific events that defined their graduating year; most notably, our Senior Kindergarten Graduation Tie Ceremony. Grade 8 students mentor and help younger students with literacy, numeracy, and social skills during the school year which culminates with the symbolic passing of their school tie to graduating kindergarten students. Q | What kind of relationship do alumni have with current students? Through formal and informal “Grad Panels”, alumni have returned to give current students support with the transition to high school. Many have also volunteered their time with helping out with our intramural program, varsity sports teams, and school musical, as well as assisting in classrooms.

Q | What role does being an International Baccalaureate World School play in the school’s pedagogical approach? The framework of the IB Programmes aligns nicely with our constructivist, inquiry-based and collaborative approach to learning. The IB Learner Profile attributes and PYP Attitudes directly support our school’s values and intention of Making Good People and the development of positivity towards others, learning, and the environment. Q | How does volunteerism engage with your school’s philosophy? Service-learning is an integral aspect of our programme. Through our House System, our students research, identify, commit to, and raise awareness and money for causes that are community-based and meaningful to their respective houses. Our promotion of student agency, action, and reflection throughout our programme authentically supports the purpose of service and, in turn, fosters meaningful volunteerism that will hopefully resonate well beyond our students’ years at Walden.

“Our motto, Imagine Explore Achieve, speaks to the potential that we seek in our students”. – Daphne Perugini, Head of School

Oakville, ON 905.338.6236 oakvilleinfo@waldenschools.com waldeninternationalschool.com


ADVANTAGE Stronger Academic Skills Greater Academic Engagement Higher Science Self-Confidence Stronger Community Involvement Higher Levels of Cultural Competency Increased Political Engagement




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The 13 member schools of the Oakville Independent Schools Association will be forever grateful to the students, parents, teachers, staff and front line workers who are choosing to respond with courage and resilience to the challenges of COVID-19. Together we choose strength. Together we move forward united in purpose. EDUCATIONOAKVILLE.COM

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