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Soaring mountains, stunning beaches and a colourful history that harks back to the very dawn of humankind… this is South Africa, one of the most spellbinding places on the planet. It is also one of the most affordable, where the dollar can stretch as far as the views from God’s Window. The extraordinary diversity of tribes, creeds and even cuisine that characterizes South Africa inspired Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu to call it, “The Rainbow Nation”. He could not have chosen a more fitting name. Roughly the size of Ontario, South Africa is a fully-integrated society of more than 50 million strong. Even though it has 11 official languages, most everyone speaks English. People who have never been to Africa often think of it as a homogenous whole, similar to the United States. But nothing could be further from truth. The continent of Africa, which is the size of China, India, the United States and most of Europe combined is made up of 54 very different and separate countries. It is important to note, that while Africa is regarded as a third-world continent South Africa is a first-world country – as well as a top-rated travel destination. The New York Times named Cape Town number one of “52 Places to go in 2014”;

THE NEW YORK TIMES NAMED CAPE TOWN NUMBER ONE OF “52 PLACES TO GO IN 2014” National Geographic Traveler voted it one of “2014 Places of a Lifetime”, and Travel+Leisure proclaimed Cape Town as one of “The Best Places to Travel in 2014”. Condé Naste Traveler, Trip Advisor and other industry authorities continue to bestow upon South Africa numerous prestigious awards. Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest city and carries the distinguished title of The Mother City. Some would say that, with her rugged beauty, she is indeed the mother of all cities. Among her countless charms is the renowned Table Mountain, offering a panoramic view of the city; Robben Island, the once isolated Alcatraz of South Africa’s political prisoners – including Nelson Mandela – and The Victoria and Alfred (V & A) Waterfront, an eclectic jumble of preserved historical buildings housing galleries, dining and shopping venues, perched at the harbour’s edge.





Invidiata Collection Spring 2015  
Invidiata Collection Spring 2015