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Endurance expedition to the South Pole and his epic struggle to lead his 28-man crew to safety after his ship was crushed in the ice is an incredible story of survival. I’ve also been inspired by J. A. Hunter, a game scout and ranger in Kenya in the 1950s who led many safaris and became a great conservationist. These men were amazing role models – hard men, yes, but they taught me not only about survival but also about how to love the land.” For some, being a hunter may not seem congruent with loving the land, but Shockey explains that hunting is much, much more. For Shockey, hunting is a fundamental part of exploration. “For me, hunting is nothing more than purely living off the land. When you find yourself without enough supplies, like Shackelton, or when you come face to face with huge black bears coming down

Papua New Guinea, the Arctic, the Northwest Rainforests of Canada, and beyond. Shockey has a deep affinity for the untamed and for cultural exploration and discovery. Uncharted turns Shockey’s exploration up a notch, challenging his comfort level and leaving the viewer to question whether he and his team should have turned around when they had the chance. While the show is aptly named “Uncharted” because Shockey and his team truly explore areas never before travelled, Shockey hopes that Uncharted will be much more than just another outdoor adventure show. “The world may be mapped but there are still many uncharted places. I hope that I can illustrate that going to uncharted places is

“EVERY ONE OF US IS THE PRODUCT OF EXPLORERS. EVERY ONE OF US HAS AN EXPLORING GENE IN US.” out of the fog in the early morning to feed off the salmon, sometimes it really is a difference between life and death.” Which brings us to the subject of fear. “I detest fear, I refuse to feel it,” says Shockey. “Our new show, Uncharted, really explores this theme. Each one-hour episode chronicles remote and dangerous destinations – all in the name of adventure and pushing ourselves to the limit.” Produced by Shockey’s son Branlin, who captures both the beauty and rigorous surroundings on video, Uncharted offers audiences a glimpse into the excitement of hunts across faraway locations, such as the formidable mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan. Shockey and fellow traveller, Corey Knowlton, are put to the test as they tackle some element of risk on their journeys through


a personal thing – in can be in your own backyard or something as simple as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Every one of us is the product of explorers. Every one of us has an exploring gene in us. When our show is done airing if all it’s done is inspire people to try something new, explore where they have never ventured before, then it will be a success.”

to embrace a certain amount of risk. To see that snow leopard in situ you have to embrace risk and discomfort.”

Inspiring others to try something new is one thing, but Shockey is also passionate about nurturing another important trait – curiosity. “So many of our young people have no wonder, are not into discovery, and are not willing to gain any type of hands-on experiences. You can Google something, but you don’t learn and you certainly don’t experience what it’s like to feel the wind in your face, to see a snow leopard up close. To do that you have

“There is a Senegalese proverb that has always inspired me,” adds Shockey. “‘The truth lies on the other side of the mountain.’ There’s something innate in me that when I see a mountain or a valley, I want to know what’s on the other side. What lies around the next bend on this trail? You won’t learn and you certainly won’t discover the truth unless you are willing to venture to the other side of the mountain.”

Natural monolith, Shockey stands in reverence before an ancient iceberg frozen into the new ice of Nunavut’s Gulf of Boothia.


Invidiata Collection Spring 2015  
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