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6:30 PM | January 30, 2016 | Harrisonburg, Virginia


5th Annual VCCP Eastern Elite January 30, 2016 | Harrisonburg, Virginia | 6:30 PM

Pano’s Ballroom

Sale Staff Contacts

Greg Sharp, Sale Consultant........... 330-206-5417 Col. John Spiker, Auctioneer............ 304-677-0255 Chirs Wojo, Barns & Ringman.......... 540-292-0841 Bobby Grove, Ringman.................... 540-850-0266 Charlie Strickler, Ringman................ 540-718-7793

Hors D’oeuvers served at 5:00 PM 3190 South Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

Located minutes from the fairgrounds and within blocks of all major hotels.

Sale Executive Committee

Neal Buchanan................................. 540-292-1317 Clint Lyle........................................... 540-292-5953 JT Begoon........................................ 540-430-1716


Cattle will be available for viewing all day on Friday the 29th and until 6:00 PM, Saturday the 30th at the fairgrounds in Harrisonburg.

Ramada Inn...................................... 800-272-6232 Hampton Inn..................................... 540-437-0090 Holiday Inn Express......................... 540-433-9999

Chris Wojo will be available on site to assist viewing of the cattle 540.292.0841


Greg Sharp will be the Managing Consultant on site 330-206-5417

Plenty of parking to the right of the building, follow the signs around to the back of the building.

Internet bidding available online at


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Trucking will be available


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Beyond this point is everything a cattleman needs! We supply a variety of panels, gates, bale and bunk feeders, mineral feeders, fencing needs, and livestock working equipment. Located at Maple Springs Farm in Weyers Cave, Virginia. Contact: Jeff Slaven at 540-908-0421

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2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale VIRGINIA CLUB CALF PRODUCERS

5th Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Welcome

We would like to welcome you to the 5th Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Sale – held in conjunction with the 11th Annual VCCP Winter Classic Show. It’s hard to believe that we are already at year number #5 – The sale committee is excited to offer you what we think is the best set of cattle that we have sold to date. There are donor cows, top shelf bred heifers, a great set of bulls, an elite set of fancy open heifers, and once again – a great set of genetics that will make money for you in the years to come. The present and future of this sale is looking bright as we were pleasantly surprised with the interest from consignors this year and their confidence shown in this sale by bringing high quality cattle. We would like to announce a home run purchase from the 2014 Sale – Bushy Park farms purchased some Irish whiskey eggs out of that sale and just sold a $100,000 resulting heifer calf!! We are extremely proud of this – We hope to see you on sale day and will be glad to answer any questions. Buy With Confidence. VCCP Sale Committee.

Eastern Elite


Success Stories 1



1) In our 2014 Sale – Bushy Park bought a a package of Irish Whiskey eggs out of the Mimms Donor 4267. They sold two resulting heifers for $23,000 and $100,000 this fall – This may be unprecedented in any sale in the country! Congrats to Cory Thomsen and Crew at Bushy Park. Eggs out of this cow sell as Lot #71 and Full Brothers to Bushy Park heifer sell as Lots #42 and #43. 2) In our 2013 Sale – Luke Talley bought (1) package of Solid Gold eggs out of the Mimms Donor 550. He sold a nice gold colored steer this fall to a buyer in Texas for $4500 – Congrats Luke! 3) A heifer consigned by Walter Earle from North Carolina (lot 43) in 2013 ended up as a Division Champion Chi-Maine at Louisville that same year. Congrats Walter!



4) In 2014 – JT Begoon bought Monopoly eggs out of Greg Sharp’s full Sister to Irish Whiskey – The resulting bull calf is a AI quality bull that JT is retaining for use in his own herd. 5) In 2015 – Neal Buchanan bought Optimus Prime eggs out of Greenhorn’s stout Anchor donor and the resulting bull calf sells as Lot #36 in this year’s sale. He will make a great maternal herdsire.


6) In 2015 – Wy Cattle bought the two top selling bred heifers and they have already made their way to the donor pen – Eggs out of these heifers sell as lot #95 and #96. 11

Bred Cow & Heifer Division

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Cooks Proud Lady R 833X Sire: SS Ebonys Premium Blend Dam: Hilco Proud Lady 1107R

3/4SIM 1/4 ANGUS REG: 2543464 DOB: 01/27/10

Red Hot Simmental Genetics! Cooks Proud Lady R 833X is a full sib, flush mate to the 2015 NWSS Champion Percentage Bull; Hilco Turbo Booster 3404A. Top that off with the fact that she is bred to one of the hottest bulls in the breed, WS Revival, that commanded $160,000.00 in “The One” Sale in Denver. These genetics will put you in the driver’s seat this spring. Proud Lady has averaged $6,300.00 on 4 calves thus far. These are genetics you can’t buy everyday. Hold on, this one will be a bargain no matter what she brings. Bred 5/12/2015 - Vet Checked safe to AI sire WS Revival - Vet checked 10/22/2015 - Due 2/21/2016 Exposed to Marker 4 PB SM - 6/1/2015 - 7/4/2015 and CD Torque PB Char - 7/10/2015 - 9/29/2015 Cook Show Cattle | Clayton Cook | 614-327-4323

Full Brother - Power Booster 21XX

Reserve Grand Percentage Simmental Bull ‘12 Denver


Full Brother - Turbo Booster 3404A

Grand Champion Percentage Simmental ‘15 Denver

Service Sire - WS Revival

2016 2016 Eastern Eastern Elite Elite Production Production Sale Sale

I purchased this heifer with the intent of letting her grow up and then flushing her for females. I bought her because of her angularity and femininity through her front end. I also loved how soft legged and sound she was. She has not disappointed in her maturity. She still possesses all of these qualities along with beautiful rib shape. She possesses as much hair as you will ever come across on any Whiskey X Angus. Her first heifer calf by Doc has been retained in the herd and possesses all of the traits that make her mother so easy on the eyes. Her second calf by Smilin Bob sold easily and was recently named Reserve Champion Heifer at a large jackpot show. I never got around to flushing this cow but wish I would have. This cow calves with a perfect udder and milks like all cows should. The work has been done here. Take this cow home. Let her calve to Fu and then flush her. This is one to build a herd around.

2 |

240 Whiskey X 6807 Sire: 240 Whiskey Dam: 6807

1/2 ANGUS DOB: 03/12

Due 2/28 to Fu Man Chu. No exposure Sharp Farm Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417

Reducing our herd numbers is the only reason we are offering this special young club calf momma. Great opportunity to grab onto an Eye Candy young factory. She’s easy to look at, an easy keeper, has great hair and really quiet. First calver, we let her grow a little since she was born in late May 2013. Bred to our Angus herdsire, Silverado Wrangler 3443, a calving ease Coleman Regis son, out of a CPA Bextor Cow. Should make a real cool fuzzball!! P.E. 6/3-7/25 2015, preg checked 11/5 at 5 months pregnant - Due March 2016

3 |


Sire: Eye Candy Dam: Silverado Beauty 9086 (Angus)

1/2 ANGUS DOB: 5/23/13

Silverado Cattle Co. | 540-905-2873 Glenn & Rachel Covington 3 3

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Begoon Banana Pudding Full Brother to Lot 4 This Female is a powerhouse. She big butted and big backed. You will love her bone as well as her color I think she will make them big time show steers! She will be a crowd favorite on sale day! Keeping the right to 8 freezable eggs at seller’s expense. Bred to OCC Paxton Son. Smoke Cow checked 7 1/2 month on 12/8/15.

4 |

Begoon 37

Sire: Troubadour Dam: 91U (Heat Wave X Total Play)

THC PHF DOB: Spring 2013

Begoon Farm JT Begoon | 540-430-1716

NBL Meyer Lady M18 is a product of the immortal Meyer 734 and the $24,000 TRA Forvermore 641 whose dam is the million dollar producing SVF Forever Lady 1120. Lady M18 is the foundation donor cow at NB Livestock that has had a tremendous influence on our herd. We have a total of six daughters either in production or in the keeper pen from this female and have decided to let someone else reap the benefits of her production. She has been flushed four times with an average of 11 eggs per flush. Bred 5-6-2015 - Vet Checked AI Safe to SAV Net Worth – Due 02/12/2016.

5 | 4

NBL Meyer Lady M18 Sire: Meyer 734 Dam: TRA Forever Lady 641


NB Livestock Neal Buchanan | 540-292-1317

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Here is what a club calf momma should look like! Who Made Who x Ali – A pedigree stacked with proven sires – Make sure you look this one up on sale day. Bred to Mike Armstrong’s powerful Believe in Me son. Bred 4/22/15 to Baby Boy Preg checked 12/09/15

6 |

Armsrong WMW Sire: Who Made Who Dam: Ali


Mike Armstong | 540-421-5047

This is one stout, hairy little heifer that is getting sold way too early. This cow’s Dam has produced more champions than any I own. Such as a Kentucky state fair champion, a Kentucky beef expo reserve champion, and no less than eight county grand or reserve champions. She did a great job with her first calf and is set for a good one by Maternal perfection. These Walks Alone daughters make great cows and this one was put here to make show steers. Just look at the hair, bone, and level hip this girl possesses. She’s got the looks and the genetics to make a great one. Due 2/21 to Maternal Perfection Exposed 5/16-7/4 Doc x Friction Probable to AI Date

7 |


Sire: Walks Alone Dam: Loaded Lady (11)

Sharp Farm Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417 TH Status Pending DOB: 3/2013 5

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Really nice, quiet ready made club cow sired by Amen. This young cow has a lot of potential in producing outstanding offspring. Her first calf was sired by our Angus herdsire, that catches every ones’ eye on how affective that breeding worked. So the added value of her next calf sired by a “past embryo package” we bought thru the Eastern Elite sale - a ZKCC Chopper X Collins CVR Meyer R1 bull, should be a real gem. Only parting with this one due to a herd reduction. Great maternal and milking abilities. Dam sold thru 2014 Eastern Elite and Picked by Wojo. Exposed 6/3/2015 - 7/27/2015 to Silverado Wideglide (ZKCC ChopperXCollins CVR Meyer R1). Preg Checked 11/5/15 at 4.5 months pregnant - Due March 2016

8 |


Sire: Amen Dam: Hannibal

CLUB CALF DOB: 04/08/13

Silverado Cattle Co. | 540-905-2873 Glenn & Rachel Covington

This young female is bred to be a maternal powerhouse with 2 shots of Who Made Who in her pedigree. As you analyze her udder quality and first calf by Gold Standard, it is easy to see she is well on her way to success. We sold this female’s Brother to “Gordy” Clark and Matt Lautner Cattle several years ago. Sells with steer calf born 10/11/15 by GCC Gold Standard. Bred 12/29/15 to GCC Gold Standard.

9 | 6

Brookwood Alias

Sire: Alias Dam: 237C (Carnac X Who Made Who)

TH PHA FREE DOB: 05/23/13

Brookwood Farm James Wright | 540-292-7469

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

If you are not in shock and awe when you lay eyes on this cow, you need to reset your sites. This is a true “power cow”. Even at her age, she is as physically fit as any cow in the barn. 300 is a true donor maker. Her Who-Made-Who bred heifer sold in 2013 to Greg Sharp at the Eastern Elite Sale. Two daughters are currently being flushed at BFive Livestock, as well as daughters at Cedar Springs, and 3 Bar W. There is “power in the blood” of F22. A full sib to 300 sold in the 2015 Donors Unlimited Sale for $23,500.00. Bred June 20, 2015 – King of the Mountain.

10 |

Mimms 300

11 |

BFive 5022

Sire: Stop N Think Dam: F22 (Draft Pick X Angus)

Sire: Unstoppable Dam: 300 (Stop & Think X F22)

BFive Livestock Art Bartenslager 304.646.8465 Cedar Springs Farm | Allen Strecker 540.570.7799 3 Bar W | Ray Weaver

DOB: 2003

DOB: 03/04/15

If you are a believer in good genetics then look here. These are built to make cows and this one is no different. With the power of 300 behind her and a full sister who won the Maintainer Division at the W.V. State Fair this past year. I’m not sure what more you could want! But, if you need she also had a full sister win the market heifer division at the W.V. State Fair back in 2014. Bfive Livestock | Arthur Bartenslager | 304-646-8465 Zach | 304-661-6331 Alison | 304-661-6330

12 |

Cedar Springs Katie 301B Sire: Unstoppable Dam: 300 (Stop & Think X F22)

THF DOB: 03/27/14

A daughter of the powerful Mimms 300 donor, this moderate framed, TH free heifer is a member of the most consistent flush we have had, as many full sisters have been in the purple. The full sister, 302B, was successfully shown by Olivia Williams this year and was recently named the Grand Champion Commercial Heifer at the 2015 State Fair of Virginia. It’s hard to part with this one as we feel she has a bright future ahead in the industry. Bred 06/17/2015 to Duff Hobart 8302. Preg checked 10/01/15. Safe to AI. Cedar Spring Farm | The Strecker Family Allen Strecker | 540-570-7799 7

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

13 |

AB Cow

Sire: Heatwave Dam: Who Made Who

Crossbred THC/PHAF DOB: 04/10/11

A young cow, just entering her prime years of production. She’s bold ribbed, big boned, stout made and has enough look and more than enough hair to raise one that can excel in the show ring, her Maternal Perfection heifer calf this year proves it.

AI’d to The Outsider, Likely Safe to AI Due February 14 Pasture Exposed To Maternal Perfection June 1 – July 11

13a |

AB Heifer

Sire: Maternal Perfection Dam: Heatwave X Who Made Who

1/4 Maintainer REG: PENDING DOB: 05/05/15

An attractive made female that you can appreciate whether she’s on the move or stops to strike a pose. Big bodied, smooth shouldered and extremely neat about her chest and neck, this female puts together a lot of good pieces that give me confidence she can have success in the show ring and beyond.

AB Cattle | Alex Bauer | 567-224-5512

AB Cattle | Alex Bauer | 567-224-5512

This female has been special since the day she was born. She will do great in a clubby program and you can bet she will produce show quality calves. Bred to the easy calving Ali Son, she does not miss out on show ring quality. Bred to Ali Son, confirmed bred. Due Date will be announced Sale night

14 | 8

KCF Silver Tequila Sire: Tequila son Dam: 3C Macho

DOB: 09/23/13

Koemer Creek Farm Cindy Jenkins | 703-209-2582

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

This red heifer has the look to raise a great one! These Glenbrook heifers have been raised with maternal traits in mind, going back to the great GAR 2536 and Holly Hill Atlas. Yet power has not been sacrificed, getting her power from Glenbrook’s top donor (Full Throttle X Shakedown), that was a top seller at $10,500.00 in the Shroyer Dispersal. This heifer is bred to calve out, milk and raise hellacious calves with power Bred 6/15/15 to Brilliance. Preg Checked 10/10/15, 4 months bred safe to Brilliance.

15 |

Glenbrook Red Ryder

DOB: 03/13

Glenbrook Farm Glenn Skelton | 540-294-7342

Sire: Glenbrook Mr. T (Integrity X GAR2536 X SSS Full Throttle Donor) Dam: Glenbrook 355 (Holly Hills Atlas X Angus)

Glenbrook has decided not to breed their heifers until they are two and calve out when they are three. This gives heifers plenty of time to mature and gives the Customer Extra Value. Glenbrook knows the advantage of having maternal traits mixed with a shot of power and that is exactly what these Glenbrook heifers have. Bred 6/15/15 to Brilliance. 7/4/15 bred to I80 son. Preg checked 10/10/15, 4 months bred safe to Brilliance.

16 |

Glenbrook Black Chyna

DOB: 03/13 Sire: Glenbrook Mr. T (Integrity X GAR2536 X SSS Full Throttle Donor) Dam: Glenbrook 42 (Final Say X Angus)

Glenbrook Farm Glenn Skelton | 540-294-7342 9

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

An entire book could have been written about this heifer’s mother. If you are not familiar with 138 M “The Emerald Lady” you have not been serious about the show cattle industry. Ohio beef expo grand champion heifer, American Royal Grand Champion steer, Hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from offspring, this cow has done it all . This heifer possesses the shape, look and genetics you need in your next donor female. This heifer’s Dam and Sire are two of the most dominant animals in the show cattle scene. If you are in the business of selling show cattle, pay attention here. If you are in the business of selling bred heifers and cows you’d better sell some of your best and that is why this one is for sale. Due 2/13/2015 to Doc. Probable to AI Date Exposed 5/16-7/4 Doc x Friction.

17 |

438-7 Sire: I-80 Dam: 138M

TH PHA FREE DOB: 01/07/14

Sharp Farm Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417

Woodside Blackcap 4C7 is a powerful bred heifer with cow written all over her. Sired by Connealy Capitalist 028, Capitalist is a wonderful female sire and longtime roster member at Select Sires. Blackcap 4C7 is very correct, strong topped, with a powerful hip. This female traces to one of the breeds all-time greats and top income producing, GAR Precision 2536. Blackcap 4C7 sells bred 11/20/15 to the up and coming ABS sire EXAR Resistol 3710B.

18 | 10

Woodside Blackcap 4C7 Sire: Connealy Capitolist 028 Dam: VAR Blackcap 1301

REG: 18165088 DOB: 09/24/14

Woodside Angus Jason Arehart | 540-290-4251

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

This daughter of the OCC Great Plains has brood cow written all over her. If you like them deep ribbed and body pay attention here. She is double bred to Deja vu on the bottom side. You will love her front end and how smooth her shoulder lays into her body. Bred to OCC Paxton Son. Preg checked, 7 months on 12/8/15

19 |

Begoon 686

Sire: OCC Great Plains X GOB Dam: Deja Vu X Total Play

Begoon Farm JT Begoon | 540-430-1716 DOB: Spring 2014

Virginia Tech


20 |

HSC Rusian


Sire: I Da Man Dam: LCL Rustique

• View/bid online in Real Time • Registration is required. Please register at least one (1) hour prior to sale time at • High Speed Internet is required. Slower speed will not permit you to bid and keep pace in real time. • Terms: Purchasing online constitutes a legal contract and promise for payment of purchases. All purchases must be paid within ten (10) days of sale date and prior to load out or delivery of cattle purchased. • Cowbuyer LLC is a service provider and is not responsible for the activity or inactivity of any technology, internet connection at the sale site or connection and technology of the bidders

For questions or information, contact:

Mass, power and maternal. This cherry red female combines her power with her maternity to make a elite bred heifer. Due to calve Feb 27. Bred 5/22/15 to I-80. Checked and due to calve February 27, 2016 TDB Show Cattle | Tate Bittner | 443-768-0771

Aaron Ray Tompkins – 336/363-4639,

20 20

15 11

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

This young female is sure to make you a great cow. She is a purebred, non registered Angus female that has plenty depth of body and muscling together in a stylish package. Will be confirmed bred to calve fall 2016 on sale day. Plan on breeding early December

21 |

Classic Grace 149 Sire: S A V Brave 8320 Dam: Gambles Lady 3137

Purebred Angus NOT REGISTERED DOB: 10/08/14

- Proudly serving farmers in the Shenandoah Valley, surrounding area and West Virginia -

5256 Spring Hill Rd. Mt. Solon, VA 22843 E: T: 540.810.2857


- Fetal Sexing - Emergency Calls - Reproductive Ultrasound - Ambulatory Herd Services - Breeding Soundness Exams


Classic Cattle Company Matthew & Kymberly Coffman | 540.820.6087

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

This powerful Maine/Angus bred heifer is the kind that flat out get it done in production. Big hipped, long fronted and all the capacity your could ask for. Her Simmental heifer calf will be a valuable asset next fall out of our Jones Show Cattle bred herdsire. In his first calf crop he sired Reserve Champion Feeder Steer at Augusta County Fair and Reserve Division Sim-Solution Heifer at the State Fair of Virginia. 5/7/15 - 8/26/15 exposed to SHHS Prime Time (Sim #2793444). Safe with a heifer calf, due 2/13/16.

22 |

CMTL Minion 10B

23 |

Ruebush Monopoly Money Bred

Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: Max Mess 25Y

Sire: Monopoly Money Sire of Dam: Full Flush 60Z

Ruebush Cattle Company Scott Ruebush | 540-290-4631

50% REG: 451389 DOB: 04/10/14

DOB: 03/14

24 |

Ruebush Thriller Bred Sire: Thriller Dam: Smokin Hot Donor #7

TH FREE DOB: 03/07/14

This heifer was champion market heifer at Jackson’s Mill in 2014. She is sure to be a powerful show steer producing machine for her new owners. Take a look at the hip, bone and shagg she will be passing on to her calves. Sells bred for a Sim-Solution bull calf, similar to the breeding of the Reserve Champion Feeder Steer at Augusta Country Fair, we raised last year.

This full sib to the $3,900.00 high selling heifer in the 2014 Best of the Valley Sale, is sure to demand your attention sale day! This heifer will not disappoint in style and femininity and DNA tested TH Clean to boot. With Thriller semen in short supply, here is an opportunity to add his genetics to your program. Look for a chromed up Sim-Solution heifer calf that will turn some heads this fall.

5/20/15 - 8/26/15 exposed to SHHS Prime Time (Sim #2793444). Safe with a bull calf, due 3/13/16.

5/20/15 - 8/26/15 exposed to SHHS Prime Time (Sim #2793444). Safe with a heifer calf, due approx 4/1/16.

Ruebush Cattle Company | Scott Ruebush | 540-290-4631

Ruebush Cattle Company | Scott Ruebush | 540-290-4631 13

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Here’s a great opportunity a purchase a heifer that has already been in the purple. That’s right, this stout, hairy, big boned fancy bred heifer was selected Grand Champion Commercial Heifer during the 2015 Virginia Junior Beef Round-Up for Adam Hoofnagle. Her dam, Diamond, was shown successfully by Moser Cattle Company, being named Reserve Champion Commercial heifer at the Georgia state heifer show in 2004. Her grand dam was the popular donor cow, K Bar K Precious 558. Power in the blood!! Don’t miss out here. Tested THC AI 5/9/2015 – SAV Bismarck – No exposure – Preg Checked 10/1/2015- Safe

25 | 26 |

Cedar Springs | The Strecker Family Allen Strecker | 540.430.1716

Cedar Springs Miss Diamond 2B

THC Sire: MAB Dam: MCC Diamond (Strictly Business X K Bar K Precious 558) DOB: 02/17/14

Mainstream Amen Bred

DOB: 01/14

Sire: Amen Dam: Heatwave

27 |

Mainstream Sire: Settler Dam: Headliner

About as much volume as we can breed into a first calf heifer. Sired by a registered Angus bull. This heifer is a maternal gem.

This heifer has the ‘power’ and the ‘look’ to raise club calves. Bred 6/1/15 - 7/15/15 to Jesse James Son Checked 11/19/15, 5 months

Bred 6/1/15 - 7/15/15 to Jesse James Son Checked 11/19/15, 5 months

Main Stream Genetics | Larry Morris | 540-246-3200

Main Stream Genetics | Larry Morris | 540-246-3200


Livestock Equipment

Distributor for Pennsylvania, Maryland, NewYork, Virginia & West Virginia

Ed Garber 540-271-3751


Charles Garber 540-271-0412

Let us help you design your cattle-working system!


DOB: 12/13

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Thoughts and prayers to my friend, Mike Armstrong. I appreciate your support.

TERMS: Term of the sale are cash or good check, payable immediately upon the conclusion of the sale and before the animals will be moved. LIABILITY: All animals and merchandise will be at the buyers risk at the fall of the hammer. however the seller will provide for the safety of each animal for a reasonable amount of time following the sale. neither the owners, sale manager, auctioneer, or affiliated personnel may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. BIDDING: All animals will sell to the highest bidder. Any disputes or challenges regarding bidding will be settled by the auctioneer and his decision will be final. ANNouNcEMENTS: made sale day from the block will take precedence over statements in the sale catalog. GuARANTEE: Bred females have been satisfactorily examined for pregnancy, are guaranteed bred at sale time and are assumed to breeders without further guarantee. Due dates listed for bred females are the results of said examination and / or known breeding dates and are intended to be used as estimates of actual calving dates. no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made to the animal’s ability to produce transferable embryos with the exception of those selling as “open and ready to flush.” Bulls and open females are sold to be “breeders”. All embryo packages sell in groups of three or four (3 or 4) and with a one (1) pregnancy guarantee when the work is done by a certified tech. AccIDENTS: All persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk. owners nor any person involved with the sale assumes any liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of an accident or loss of property.

TOM BEGOON 540 - 249 - 8900 SHIPPING: Assistance will be given in making shipment of your purchase after the sale, but no risk will be assumed by the seller. expenses incurred are the responsibility of the purchaser who should furnish shipping instructions at time of settlement. embryo / semen lots, many will be on site to pick up after the sale, those being shipped it is the BUyer sole responsibility to have those shipped and for the cost associated with. A storage fee of $0.50 per day / cane will be applied after 30 days. Genetic lots that aren’t picked up by December 1, 2016 - They become property of the VCCP. ABSENTEE BIDDING: If you would like to invest in the cattle offered but are unable to attend, please contact the farm, sale committee & representatives, or auctioneer as far ahead to the sale as possible. your bids will be handled with complete confidentiality and we can arrange to have the cattle delivered to your farm or ranch. Bidding also contact person | Aaron ray Tompkins 336-363-4639 coNTRAcT: The above terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a contract between buyer and seller and shall be equally binding on both. Animals that are resold following purchase in the sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected there to are not covered by these terms and conditions. REGISTRATIoNS- These need to be transferred between the buyer and seller. Please contact a member of the sale committee if you have difficulty or questions getting your papers transferred. cATALoG: All information was supplied by the consignors and sale Committee and is believed to be correct and accurate Catalog prepared by Prairie Pistol Designs 15

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

When I was looking for heifers for last years show season I called Tim Schaeffer on his fall sale line up. He told me about this heifer who, when you first look at her you may not jump through the roof till you analyze her and realize what she is. Complete. This heifer is the type we all need today. Built from the ground up. This overall package lead her to many champion banners from New Jersey to New York, Pennsylvania and New England. She won the breed shows, and she won the jackpot shows. Just to name a few she was champion cross at the New Jersey state fair. Champion Jackpot female Dutchess County Fair. Champion Cross Colby Classic. The works been done here, Tie into a sure bet that came from a top operation, proved herself in the show ring and did I mention she’s bred to the hot executive bull No Worries? This is one you will be willing to sit in the snow drifts come calving time! Breeding dates and due dates will be posted on internet and announced at sale. Retaining the right to one flush at my expense.

28 |

Ticc Lady 39B Sire: Goet 1-80 Dam: Ticc 12Z

1/2 ANGUS REG: 452821 DOB: 03/09/14

Scarpa Ledge Farm Deanna Arbucci | 860-729-0570

With this pedigree of leaders, this heifer is a sure bet in production. She is soft, deep & loose built with a good hip. Bred Heifer, AI safe to Kessler Front Man AN Due: 3/23/16 to 3/29/16

29 | 16

3J 30

Sire: BC 410 Son DOB: 03/04/14 Dam: Who Made Who, Total Power Angus

Consignor is 3J Livestock Donnie Johnston | 304-881-3149

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale 3J 6 | 30

Sire: Icepick - Total Power Dam: Godfather - Full Flush X Angus

DOB: 03/09/14

A very unique blend of genetics. The angles & hip on this beauty are great with lots of belly. I don’t like that word donor but load up. Bred Heifer, AI safe to Kessler Front Man AN Due: 3/26/16 to 4/3/16 Consignor is 3J Livestock Donnie Johnston | 304-881-3149

| 831

3J 39

Sire: Mechanic Son Dam: Godfather X AN

DOB: 03/16/14

This is a maternal pedigree that will bring rewards, this one you just know will work well. Soft cow kind. Bred Heifer, AI safe to Kessler Front Man AN Due: 3/24/16 to 3/29/16 Consignor is 3J Livestock Donnie Johnston | 304-881-3149

32 |

3J 3

Sire: Walks Alone Son Dam: Meyer

DOB: 09/15/13

This is a high impact female here. She has muscle & style. She honestly is from a good, good cow. Buy with confidence. She has a good blend of power & pattern with hair & movement (Load this One). Bred Heifer, AI safe to I-80 Son Due: 3/9/16 to 3/20/16 Consignor is 3J Livestock Donnie Johnston | 304-881-3149 17

Bull Division

KTM Sooner Than Later is a 75% Maine Anjou March 2015 calf sired by SLC Sooner out of Nowatzke’s lead donor DLB Miss Whiskey 2T (Dam’s sire is Irish Whiskey). He is a full sibling to BNZW Calypso 28Y (2012 Maine Jr Natls Grand Champion & 2012 Grand Champion Maine Anjou American Royal). Full or maternal sibs also include Wade Rodgers AI bull High and Mighty, BNWZ Calypso 403Z the 2013 Supreme heifer at NAILE, Reserve Grand Champion Steer at the Texas State Fair, and a Heatwave heifer sold to the Udell Family for $25,000. Clean of TH and PHA by parental testing. This bull has already been named Reserve Grand Champion Maine Anjou bull at 2015 KILE. He is moderate framed, stout boned, flexible on both ends of his skelton, sound and soft made. Get in on this one “Sooner Than Later”! Retaining 1/4 Semen interest.

33 |

KTM Sooner Than Later Sire: SLC Sooner Dam: DLB Miss Whiskey 2T

75% MA DOB: 03/15

KTM Farms TIna Poole | 301-788-7224

Dam of lot 34

A tremendous pedigree here in a really good Sim-Angus Bull. His dam was very succesful winning Grand champion at the Ohio Beef Expo. A full sister sold for $15,000.00 last fall. Packing a tremendous amount of muscle and thickness into a sensibly sized and sound structure package. Broker 1C will advance your herd in a posititve light. Greenhorn Cattle Company Dave | 937-470-6552 Josh | 937-681-1948

34 | 18

GCC Broker 1C Sire: HOC Broker Dam: Bainridge Beauty U2


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

This 3/4 Simmental, 1/4 Angus bull has a royal pedigree — sired by our bull PVSM Stylish Mooves, and out of our young donor PVSM Freedom to Dream. Stylish Mooves was unbeaten in the showring, Grand Champion at major shows such as the PA Farm Show and KILE. Some of you may remember seeing him on display here at the Eastern Elite Sale in 2014. Freedom was shown successfully as a heifer, and as a cow/calf pair with Freestyle at her side, they were champion or reserve every time shown, including KILE. Freestyle is heterozygous black, homozygous polled, very sound, and has super hair. Check out his calving-ease EPDs and API of 127. PVSM Freestyle will work in many different op- erations. He has the solid pedigree and consistency to work in a purebred or commercial herd, and the style and hair to work on clubbies.

35 |

PVSM Free Style Sire: PVSM Stylish Mooves Dam: PVSM Freedom To Dream

3/4 SIM X 1/4 AN REG: 2995250 DOB: 03/09/15

Powell’s Valley Simmentals Laurie Meyers | 717-350-2516

Take a look at this Maternal Powerhouse! This Bull is the result of an embryo purchase from the 2014 VCCP Eastern Elite and we couldn’t be happier with the results. A product of the red hot Optimus Prime bull owned by Jones’ in Ohio and Dave Greenhorn’s powerful Anchor Donor that hailed originally from the McLemore program in Oklahoma. Keep all of the females out of this bull and you won’t be disappointed. We guarantee this 2015 spring bull to pass semen test this coming spring. % SIMMENTAL

36 |

NLB Prime Candidate - 509 ET

REG: Pending Sire: Optimus Prime Dam: Greenhorn 113 (OCC AnchorXMA) DOB: 03/15

NB Livestock Neal Buchanan | 540-292-1317 19

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

Sale Feature! You can drive a lot of miles to find a bull like this one and don’t often see a purebred Angus bull with this kind of look and mass. Champion Hill Fullback 380 progeny have been winning across the country for the last decade and the 2005-2006 show Heifer of the Year is still at Donor at Cherry Knoll. This bull will work in any scenario – Producing both purebred or % show heifers – or in a commercial operation to add extra look. Buchanan Livestock has collected this bull and will retain 50% semen interest.

37 |


BLC Bombshell 461 Sire: Champion Hill Fullback 380 Dam: YON Hazel M50

ANGUS REG: 18310270 DOB: 09/30/14

Buchanan Livestock Company Jeff Buchanan | 540-292-9678

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

38 |

BLC Gunpowder 468 Sire: S A V Net Worth 4200 Dam: EHF Elba C014

ANGUS REG: 18310269 DOB: 10/04/14

BLC Gunpowder is a SAV Net Worth son out of a long time donor for Buchanan Livestock. BLC is retaining a full sister to lots 38 and 39; if she continues to develop and produce the way she looks; she could very well end up in the donor pen. This bull was a little green at picture time as we were late getting our ET calves in this year – you will be impressed when you see his progress on January 30th. Retaining 10% semen interest. Buchanan Livestock Company Jeff Buchanan | 540-292-9678

| 39 8

BLC Lead 460 Sire: S A V Net Worth 4200 Dam: EHF Elba C014

ANGUS REG: 18310596 DOB: 09/29/14

Here is a stouter Full brother to the lot 38 bull sired by the renown SAV Net Worth Bull. BLC Lead has the look of a breeding bull who adds pounds and dollars to your bottom line. Buchanan Livestock customers have gotten along great with these SAV Net Worth sons – The calves are vigorous, grow really well, and have a great look to them – If you can’t decide between lot 38 and 39, take them both home. Retaining 10% semen interest. Buchanan Livestock Company Jeff Buchanan | 540-292-9678

40 |

SLFA Steeling The Look ET Sire: SVF Steel Force ST01 Dam: Bainridge Beauty U2

5/8 SIM 3/8 AN REG: 3030857 DOB: 03/17/15

Purchased as an embryo from this very sale two years ago, I have smiled since the moment this one hit the ground. They are just the right kind; sound, functional, and just watch this guy track from behind. If you want a Simmental bull that’s going to sire those high dollar sought after females, this is the one. Hit the check list here, Good pedigree? Check. He’s an own son of Steel Force out of a daughter of 138M who’s past show winnings include being named Grand Champion 2009 Ohio Beef Expo. This cow produced a Monopoly daughter that was Champion at the Michigan Beef Expo and another was Reserve Champion at the Ohio Beef Expo for Megan Hunt. Competitive? Double Check. We toted this guy around with us to a few shows where he was always sorted to the top and was admired for how clean fronted and sound built he is. There’s something impressive about a bull calf giving the big boys a run and coming home with the banner. Sell-ability? You may have to beat them off your front door especially when he’s throwing little blazes like his into calves. Not to mention his full brother sold off the side of his receipt dam as a bull with no papers for $4500, covered in an ill aimed excrement on her part. Be sure to check this guy out come sale day, if you missed buying the embryos, here’s a chance at the final product Scarpa Ledge Farm | Deanna Arbucci | 860-729-0570 21

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

41 |

NBL Cerveza Please 508 ET Sire: GCC Cerveza Dam: Rito 9FB3 Fullback


If you could write a pedigree to produce club calf mommas, here it is – GCC Cerveza x Rito 9FB3 Fullback. The Cerveza bull is a direct son of Irish whiskey and was used heavily by Reimann Ranches to make those high revenue females. NBL Cerveza Please 508 is out of our 9FB3 Fullback donor that traces back to the famed Wehrmann Angus Herd. We guarantee this 2015 spring bull to pass semen test this coming spring. NB Livestock | Neal Buchanan | 540-292-1317

| 42 8


Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: Mimms Donor 4267

% MA PHA PENDING DOB: 02/18/15

Here is the one that is bred for maternal greatness but has all the right pieces and a great look to make those high dollar steers. Full brother to Bushy Parks $100,000 heifer! Retaining 1/4 semen interest. Spring Run Farm | Justin Smith | 304-668-9905

43 |


Sire: Irish Whiskey Dam: Mimms Donor 4267

% MA PHA PENDING DOB: 03/19/15

We bought these embryos two years ago at the VCCP Sale in hopes for heifers but we got bulls, so insead of wasting these great maternal genetics we decided to put them back in the sale this year. This bull is big footed, correct and has great power for producting those great long lasting mommas! Retaining 1/4 semen interest. Spring Run Farm | Justin Smith | 304-668-9905


Open Heifer Division

This consignment will be a great show heifer prospect for any youth exhibitor. With her sweet personality and stylish looks, she will not only do good in the show ring but in your cowherd. Photo taken 11/28/15

44 |

Classic Ella 154 Sire: KAH Fullback Andi Dam: Classic Miss Ellie 131

100% ANGUS REG: PENDING DOB: 04/21/15

Classic Cattle Company Matthew & Kymberly Coffman | 540.820.6087

Here’s a Open heifer that is a little older – She is ready to breed to the sire of your choice – Mike Armstrong was going to keep this one, but he decided to send his very Best to the Eastern Elite Sale – Amen x Ali – a Pedigree that offers a lot of flexibility.

45 |

Amen Heifer Sire: Amen Dam: Ali


Mike Armstong | 540-421-5047 23

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

46 |

Baby Boy Heifer Sire: Baby Boy Dam: Angus


For those of you that haven’t seen Mike Armstrong’s herd sire – Baby Boy, he is worth the trip to Mount Solon. Baby Boy is a Believe in Me Son out of an Ali cow. His last several calf crops have been on par with or better than his AI counterparts. Take a look at this fancy heifer. Mike Armstong | 540-421-5047

| 847

I Da Man Heifer Sire: I Da Man Dam: Radio Active


The I Da Man calves are starting to make some noise in the past few months. They are functional cattle that can work in the show ring and in the pasture. Lot 47 and 48 are proof of what this up and coming sire can do. If you can’t choose, take both of them home and breed them in the spring – Then you can’t be wrong! Mike Armstong | 540-421-5047

48 |

I Da Man Heifer 2 Sire: I Da Man Dam: Ali


Here is another I Da Man heifer calf from Mike Armsrong – Mike only bred a few cows this way last year, but he sure wishes he would have bred more that way. He is certainly proud of these two heifers. Mike Armstong | 540-421-5047


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

49 |

SSC Miss Perfect 800C Sire: Monopoly Dam: SCC Miss Perfect (Dream On)

% SIMM TH FREE REG: 3029271 DOB: 05/05/15

Miss Perfect is just that, “PERFECT”, no matter whether you are looking for a great show heifer (that would be in a different division) or a future donor, she will fit the bill. She is well built from the ground up, and has great extension from her nose back. On the top side, here is your chance to get a daughter of the immortal Monopoly, whose semen is getting more and more rare, and more and more expensive. On the bottom side Miss Perfect is out of the great Perfection cow family who has produced well over a million dollars worth of progeny along with numerous Champions for programs such as Hudson Pines, Shick and many others. If you were ever in the market for a % Simmy to either breed up and make some real cool purebreds or use as a clubby donor to add that shot of maternal power, here’s your chance. DON’T MISS OUT!!! Gregg Stewart | 717-350-5235

Registered Maintainer heifer out of the popular I-80. She’s puppy dog tame and ready for her show career.


50 |

SKSW 80S Princess Sire: GOET I-80 Dam: SKSW 106Y

MAINTAINER REG: 457378 DOB: 03/04/15

Slatewind Farm Kevin Stahl | 717-729-7622 25

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

51 |

Hulls Belle 8F734

Sire: DRFF Investor (Tycoon/Carnac) Dam: MaineX (Miss Hannibal/Full Force)

CHIMAINE REG: 380651 DOB: 05/15/15

This April calf brings a lot of eye appeal and power to the table. Out of a powerful Tycoon son she combines his power and style with her dam’s femininity into a package that’s a once in lifetime offer. She gives nothing up in power and remains athletic on the move. She’s one that will work in any program. Marshall Lake Farm | 804-337-1189

| 52 8

CMC Eye Catcher 504 P Sire: Eye Candy Dam: RC Ms Smokster 2405 Pld

1/2 CHAROLAIS DOB: 02/07/15

This stout broody smoke heifer sired by Eye Candy and one of CMC’s top donor Charolais cows will make an excellent addition to any herd. 504 is super sound with explosive rib shape. She is extremely functional and has foundation female written all over her. She will only add to the future of any herd with her calves. Cross Mountain Cattle | Rob Farmer | 540-270-3886

53 |

CMC Lady Irish Smoke 538 Sire: GECG Killarney Dam: CMC Ms Smokin Wind 006 P

1/2 CHAROLAIS DOB: 04/10/15

This fancy smoke heifer sired by GECG Killarney, a show champion son out of Irish Whiskey and a daughter of one of CMC’s top donor Charolais cows, has show winner written all over her. 538 is clean fronted, super sound with tremendous rib shape. Foundation and donor female is written in her pedigree. Smoke heifers are winning shows all over the country; don’t miss out on being part of the winning circle. Cross Mountain Cattle | Rob Farmer | 540-270-3886


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

54 |

Arubucci Heifer

Sire: Lakeview Mountian 2099 Dam: Lakeview Tina 2027

DOB: 03/15

55 |

Adds Up KCF

Sire: Simple Math Dam: Heat Seeker X Simmental

DOB: 03/20/15

This late March heifer is the result of sire Lakeview Mountain 2099, a SAV Iron Mountain 8066 son, known for consistently stamping progeny with abundant muscling, thickness and style, as well as blending the Famous Lady, Enchantress and Madame Pride families. The dam Lakeview Tina 2027 is a daughter of SAV First Class 207, the $265,000 Accelerated Genetics sire displaying tremendous performance, muscle and balance, going back to Pathfinder Sire SAV Net Worth 4200 Burke Ridge Farm I Ellington CT I 860-748-9336 Great show ring future ahead of this one and an even better future in the herd. Lots of hair and a deep body with a feminine look. Koemer Creek Farm | Cindy Jenkins | 703-209-2582

56 |

Clarkboys Liz 504

DOB: 01/27/15 Sire: Unstoppable Dam: Clarkboys Liz Z04 (CarnacXAngus)

57 |

Bfive 5029

DOB: 03/05/15 Sire: Eye Candy Dam: 26T (Northern Improvement X Habanero)

Lot 57 - Full Brother

Clarkboys Liz 504 is the last of our Liz embryos that the boys have shown over the years. This January heifer is moderate, easy moving and super clean fronted. Clarkboys | Jimmie, Tim, Gordon & Suter Clark Tim Clark | 434-250-6635

Certainly one that should have her fair share of success in the show ring, but we think her better days could be as a cow! She has a full sister in blood that sold for $24,000.00 for the Power Up Syndicate. Oh, and by the way she has a brother who was champion middle weight steer at the W.V. State Fair this past year. Don’t sit on your hands! B5 Livestock Arthur Bartenslager | 304-646-8465 Zach | 304-661-6331 Alison | 304-661-6330 27

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

WRB Blackbird Rita 145 never fails to amaze us as she continually develops into this huge footed, big legged female that has the hip structure to back it up. She is soggy ribbed but still has enough look to hit the show ring. In addition, she is super calm and already a veteran to the show ring, WRB Balckbird. Rita 145 was named Junior Calf Champion at the 2015 Virginia Angus Breeders Show. Whatever the buyers pleasure, she would make a new at attribute to any program.

58 |

W R B Blackbird Rita 145 ANGUS Sire: EXAR Upshot 0562B Dam: CSFCC Blackbird 444 9T9 EXT

REG: 18172360 DOB: 01/02/15

WRB Angus and Kaufman Cattle Services Cole Kaufman | 540-292-1265

Irish Whiskey’s are in demand, they make great cows with the Simmental influence from Chopper, this should be good.

59 | 28

B&J Chopper Heifer Sire: Chopper Dam: Irish Whiskey

B&J Angus Donald Michael | 540-421-9973 DOB: 03/01/15

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale B&J WMW Heifer | 60

Sire: Who’s That (Who Made Who) Dam: Who Made Who


Double bred Who Made Who, which should relate to a good breeding piece. B&J Angus | Donald Michael | 540-421-9973

| 861

B&J Monopoly Heifer Sire: Monopoly Dam: Draft Pick

DOB: 03/28/15

This monopoly heifer goes back to a good old school Draft Pick daughter. She will make someone a nice heifer project in the next year. B&J Angus | Donald Michael | 540-421-9973

62 |

Winslow Heifer

Sire: Salty Dog Dam: (Who Made Who X Gambles Hot Rod)

DOB: 05/17/15

This brockle-faced beauty is very attractive, rocket-fronted, and yak haired. She combines a soft middle with a big square hip. She is out of a Who Made Who cow that never misses. This heifer might be young, but she is definitely not one to overlook on sale day. Full Circle Farms | Dr. Josh Winslow | 304-904-1389 29

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale

63 |

FFFC Mercedes 614C 37.5% maintainer Sire: Gamble’s Safe Bet Dam: BPF Mercedes 5A

REG: PENDING DOB: 06/14/15

64 |

BATZ Rita 3C Sire: SAV New Worth 4200 Dam: TCF Rita 7139

100% ANGUS REG: 18220782 DOB: 04/08/15

An own daughter of TCF Rita 7139 who was an up and coming donor in the Cool Springs herd before their dispersal in 2009. I put these 6 eggs in last year hoping for bulls, and got 5 heifers and 1 Bull. Take advantage of this opportunity here, as we are keeping the others back as replacements. These ET sibs are the hairiest Net Worth’s I have ever laid my eyes on. Solid performance, excellent center body shape, and top that off with a great set of numbers. This heifer is ready to show, and will make a great maternal breeding piece for whoever takes her home. Foxfire Farms | JD Battzell | 252-565-3745

This Fancy June heifer is the 1st calf out of our up and coming Donor, BPF Mercedes 5A, a full sib to the one and only “Miley” cow from the Goettemoeller program. Giraffe necked, bold ribbed, plenty of hair, and killer from the side. This heifer is one that you will want to take home to show, but her best days are ahead of her as she is bred to produce. An added plus on this heifer is her attitude; she is kid broke and ready to roll. Retaining the right to 2 Flushes (Min of 6 eggs/flush) at our expense and the buyer’s convenience. TH/PHA clean by pedigree. Foxfire Farms | JD Battzell | 252-565-3745

65 |


Sire: CARD Snap Chat Dam: HMCC Brooke 408A

DOB: 04/26/15

A stylish moderate framed late April daughter of CARD Snap Chat. This star faced heifer is out of a first calf Hummel Cattle Co. Next Step heifer. Effie is cleaned fronted EXTRA hairy attractive heifer you should consider. Wright Family Cattle | Sam Wright | 240-321-1628


66 |


Sire: Steel Force Son Dam: Harriet (Hairy Bear X R53)

DOB: 03/26/15

A moderate framed, hairy heifer with a great disposition. Annie is out of a Steel Force son and a hairy Bear first calf heifer from Granny Creek Farms. With her pedigree this young heifer has potential. Loot at her! Wright Family Cattle | Sam Wright | 240-321-1628

Genetic Offering

This impressive female is the record top-selling female from the Frozen Gold, selling for $65,000 full interest. Nobody does it better than 138M. She has produced the 2013 American Royal Grand Champion Steer that was also Reserve Grand at the 2013 Iowa Expo and the 2014 Ft.Worth Reserve Champion Chi Female that was a multiple winner for the Bart Elder family, TX. Her lifetime average of $9,075 per calf is going up so fast it is hard to track and her daughters are becoming dominant players themselves. Treat yourself to one of the best that has ever been.

Emerald Lady 138M - Meyer X Angus

67 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Irish Whiskey B: Pkg of 3 embryos by New Look C: Pkg of 3 embryos by Silverias Style

Huck Cattle Company 740-434-3689 or 740-749-0939


Have you ever owned a cow that works with everything. I have been lucky enough to own two, 138M and Lily. This cow has sold high dollar calves out of 7 different bulls and all of those calves went on to have very successful show careers. This cow is just getting started and it is just a matter of time before she puts one on the ground that wins a major. Get on board and hold on. This could be fun.

Lily - Storm Chaser X Grizz

68 |

Sharp Farm Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Chocolate Milk - Conventional B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Lone Ranger - IVF sexed male 31

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale SULL Pure Hottie 7033, A DF Vegas 310 x SULL Stockman 898 daughter Grand Champion Shorthorn Plus Female - 2009 NWSS Open Show; Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2009 NWSS Jr Show; ASA ShorthornPlus Show Heifer of the Year 2008; National Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2008 NAILE Reserve Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - 2008 NWSS Jr. Show; Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2008 American Royal Open Show; Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2008 American Royal Jr Show Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2008 Iowa State Fair; 2007 ASA ShorthornPlus Show Heifer of the Year; Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2007 NAILE; Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female - 2007 American Royal

This is an outstanding genetic merger out of the popular I-80 Bull and the National Champion ShorthornPlus female, SULL Pure Hottie 7033. We hesitated to sell these embryos as we truly believe there will be a great one out of this mating. The heifer calves will be dual registered 1/4 ShorthornPlus/ MaineTainer. Whether they are black or blue we expect her progeny to see purple.

SULL Blue Bunny 8112

Sullivan Farms Josh Elder | 402-650-1380

69 |

Goet I-80 x SULL Pure Hottie 7033 A: Pkg of 4 sexed Heifer IVF Embryos

TR PZC MS Ivory Angel 0711

SULL MS Impressive 0641 clone

70 | 32

TR MR Firewater 5792R x SULL Impressive 0641 clone A: Pkg of 4 sexed Heifer IVF Embryos

This is the most proven and elite mating in the purebred Charolais business in the past five years. Numerous National Champions and high sellers are full sibs to this mating, including Ivory Angel, Turton and the recent fabulous Charolais female that we sold with Schaeffer/ Tice this past September. Sullivan Farms Josh Elder | 402-650-1380

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale 4267 - DHD Traveler 6807 X Went 398

71 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Upgrade B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Kadabara C: Pkg of 5 embryos 2 by Dr. Who and 3 embryos by Uproar

• Pay for 3 get 5 • 3 of embryos are grade 2

A true foundation female. 4267 is built the way an elite 6807 daughter should be. Sleek necked, huge bellied and big footed. Cow power is what gets it done in the cattle industry and these will be incredible. Two Irish Whiskey Daughters out of this cow have brought $100,000 and $23,000 respectively in the last few months. There are very few cows in the country that have that kind of track record. Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

146 - GDAR Traveler 6807 X EXT

72 | 8

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Fatt Butt B: Pkg of 1 embryo by Uproar and 2 embryos by Meyer 734

Former show heifer for Gardner Angus and one impressive beast in person. Muscle, balance, bone, and rib shape. These are foundation type genetics – Buy with confidence. AAA# 13973193 Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

550 - Mossy Oak X SimmAngus

73 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Chocolate Milk B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Smokin Bob C: Pkg of Business Done Right

• The stoutest, widest blaze-faced Mossy Oak daughter we’ve ever seen, this cow is delivering some inspiring results as news from her first embryo crop has flowed in from spring shows. • Her first embryo crop in Hereford included 4 steers that each made the Mimms Calf Auction where they averaged $4,850 with a narrow range of $2,800-$6,000. • Those calves included the Champion Light Weight Angus of the 2013 Houston Stock Show and the Cain family’s blaze-faced Solid Gold son that was 3rd at Houston in the Chi’s plus another that was second at San Antonio. • See for yourself but this little blaze is nearly as wide as she is tall with some enormous, correct legs plus great balance and shape. Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016 33

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale 928B - Loaded Cun X 704 Payback

74 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Walks Along B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Believe In Me C: Pkg of 3 embryos by Believe In Me

Get on board while we are still selling these. Her first Al calf won at Sioux Falls and Dr. Mimms reports her first crop in Hereford looks the part. This cow is massive footed, huge bellied, and monster butted. She got the three “B’s” bone, belly, and butt. Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016 Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417

4250 - Meyers 734 X Winfrey 250

8 | 75

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Fu Man Chu B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Fu Man Chu

With the judges now picking sound complete cattle I feel these old school thicker sounder big bellied, Meyer’s, they are the way to go. This cow has hit home runs with multiple sires and sold several heifers over $20,000.00 and many steers over $10,000.00. These are all new matings on this cow and the buyer will have the first of these on the ground. Buy with confidence here. These will bring people to your pastures. Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417 Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

367 - Who Made Who X SimmAngus

76 |

A: Pkg of 5 embryos 3 by Monopoly 4 and 2 embryos by No Surprise

This cow was purchased from Logan Rau and then sold at the top of “The First Class sale” for Wade Rodgers. She was purchased as a 10 year old cow but looked 5. She only had one steer calf in her life and that Heatwave bull brought $26,000 was promoted by Lautner and was named True Blood. All of the heifers are still roaming the Rau pastures. After delivering a $7,500.00 Lone ranger heifer 367 want into embryo production. These two matings are exactly what they are using in the show ring now. If you haven’t heard of “no surprise” you need to look him up. One lot guaranteed 2 pregnancies. Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale TJ401 - T.J (Sim) X Blue Chip X Cunia X AN

77 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Dr. Who B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Dr. Who C: Pkg of 3 embryos by Fu Man Chu D: Pkg of 3 embryos by Whizard

• Wait until you see this beauty! She is the best daughter of the deceased • Donor 401 and one of the quiet sources of big success that make their home in Hereford. • This one is pure feminine power and valuable outcross utility; when was the last time you inspected a female with this pedigree that looked like this one does? We have not gotten a chance to put many of these embryos in so take advantage of this chance to own them before we do. • Donor TJ401 was a very popular heifer calf and she is an even more impressive cow. Her daughters by Tycoon and Dr. Who have been outstanding and there will be more. Mark it down. Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417 Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

78 |


641 - Direct Hit X NFL A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Walks Alone B: Pkg of 1 embryo by Walks Alone C: Pkg of 2 embryos by Walks Along


Resulting mating will be full sibs to “Walk The Line” (pictured), he is the chubby Walks Alone son in the RCC bull line up. Other calves have sold from $3,500 to $7,500. Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417

Lot 78 - Full brother to mating

7063 - Rock On X Shamrock Angus

79 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Heatwave B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Heatwave 5 C: Pkg of 3 embryos by Walks Alone

Some cows pay their way and some cows pay off the farm. 7063 is the latter, don’t let the fact that she is not new and shiny keep you from getting in on these. The list of top selling calves this cow has had could fill this entire catalog. She produced the Champion NWSS fat steer a few years ago, and did it again by topping the Mimms Club calf sale with a $30,000 prospect in 2013. Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016 35

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale 713 - Wasp X Hale Donor 3014

80 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Made Right B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Made Right C: Pkg of 3 embryos by Kalija

• Cut the corner to big success with some frozen hot ones from Donor 713! She’s the world’s best Wasp daughter. This cow is as hot as any in the Texas Hereford steer business with two great crops in a row including spring 2013 calf sales like a steer by Made Right at $30,000, a bull at $12,000, and a heifer at $6,400; you should see the heifers that Dr. Mimms is keeping! • Her first embryo crop contained 5 steers that sold for an astonishing average of $8,580 and her very first calf was a steer by Hale’s calving-ease bull that sold for $3,200. • We sold her first flush in our 2010 Share the Future Sale to Born Ranches, TX, and from it they raised Right Answer 713, the $25,000-valued bull by Made Right that sold one-half interest to Tee & Joan Knox, TX, and his full brother that was Champion Hereford at the 2012 Belt Buckle and later stood third to the Champion & Reserve Hereford Steers at Ft. Worth.

Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

9117 - Heat Wave X Ground Zero x Jack Frost

81 |


A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Chocolate Milk B: Pkg of 3 embryos by Believe In Me


Your first chance at another great daughter of arguably the best club calf cow on planet Earth, here is another set of quick-improvement opportunities from Donor 9117, the double-clean, Heat Wave daughter from the great N-117! This impressive youngster was bred at Mimms Cattle and was a multiple-winning show heifer before she was brought back to Hereford in an effort to replace her mother. Her double-clean status is offset by her shocking foot, bone, and body shape that can only come from one place; she looks like she will be a player for years to come. Mimms Cattle Company | Mike Mimms | 806-344-5016

Goff Donor - Dream On X Strictly Business

82 |

A: Pkg of 3 grade 1 embryos by Fu Man Chu

The dam of these eggs is the elite Miss Business from Goff Show Cattle and Prestige Cattle Company. She has produced many champions and high sellers including the Supreme Champion female at the Simmental Memorial Day Classic, Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Female at the 2015 Ohio State Fair, and Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Bull at the 2015 Ohio State Fair. Goff Show Cattle | Jason Goff | 740-819-8925


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale Bs Miss 307A - Step Up X

83 |

A: Pkg of 3 grade 1 embryos by Revival B: Pkg of 3 grade 1 embryos by Hoc Broker

The Simmental breed without question is as hot as any these days! In search of an elite purebred Simmental donor we found BS 307A at the top of the Burke Sale last spring in Nebraska. 307 constructed with a great deal of elegance and a tremendous amount of stoutness and passes a wide hip and massive rib cage. These 2 planned matings with one of the breeds top Step Up Daughters will put you in the purple and green. Greenhorn Cattle Company Dave | 9237.470.6552 Josh | 937-681-1948 Wilson Farms | 937-681-1948 Hamilton Farms |

Miller Alias 2639 - Alias X Angus

8 | 84

A: Pkg of 3 grade 1 embryos by Hi-Ho-Silver

A favorite Alias daughter that topped the bred heifer in the 2013 Western Elite Sale in Denver. Her Unstoppable steer was a high seller, last fall at $5000.00. Tremendous shape throughout her top and upper rib cage, 2639 is powerfully consistent with that extra look. This mating to the highly rated Hi-Ho-Silver bull will produce progeny as we expect to see purple! Where there is smoke there is fire! Greenhorn Cattle Company Dave | 9237.470.6552 Josh | 937-681-1948 Wilson Farms | 937-681-1948

Red Blooded Pride - Red Blood X Sonny

85 |

A: Pkg of 2 embryos by Unfinished Business.

Our newest member to our Shorthorn donors. This powerful but elegant female was a member of Sull’s Show team. As the Shorthorn Plus program continues to flourish, this unique mating to Griswold’s new sire, Unfinished Business should generate high dollar progeny. Greenhorn Cattle Company Dave | 9237.470.6552 Josh | 937-681-1948 Wilson Farms | 937-681-1948 37

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale 5075 - Heatwave X Glover (Hereford)

86 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Carpe Diem


0575 is the Hereford marked beast of the east. She is an athletic ranch cow that has a large hoof and could walk for days. She is as stout and broody as one can be made and yet remain carrier free. She excels in her level lines, body capacity, natural thickness, and muscle shape. She has hit big with many different types and kinds of bulls. Some notable progeny are a $8,250 Solid Gold Heifer, a Milkman at $20,000, and Made Rights at $17,500, $5,000, and $3,000. The only flush sold on 0575 was sold to Stan Clamme for $7,000. She is a great producer as she averages 14 embryos/flush. Her versatility is a big asset to raise slick shear cattle in the southern market or to raise spring born in the Northern states. We believe the mating options on this cow are endless. That’s one of the main reasons we had to add her to our donor lineup Soehnlen Cattle Company | Stan Soehlen | 330-312-1147

073 - Heatseeker X Jack Frost X Meyer 734

87 |


A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Out Cross (smoke bull - Yellow Jacket x Smoking Bob’s Dam)


Go for quality and color with this freaky Heat Seeker daughter that blends time-tested club calf genetics into fine form. She is one of the hairiest on the place with tremendous bone and belly. Her head shape and neck are just right. She is rope necked and as clean chested as you can make one with that much guts. She is wide based and carriers her power well. She is extremely flexible and mobile for a club calf bred female! Heat Seekers work time and time again. Soehnlen Cattle Company | Stan Soehlen | 330-312-1147

Reward The Rose - Reward X Rosemary

88 |

A: 1 flush with expense responsibility of the buyer, minimum 6 transferable embryos maximum 8 with anything over split and cost prorated.

If you came for something special, here it is. The opportunity to purchases a flush from a dominating bloodline. Shes the full sister to Sara Sullivan’s Denver, Jr Nationals, and Kansas City champion, SULL Roses Are Red ET. Full sister to Sullivan’s lot 1 heifers who fetched 26k and 28k just a few months ago and a 40k lead heifer from last years sale. Full sister to our own heifer, WEIK Run For The Roses who was selected as Res. Supreme female at the Big East, and R Div. KILE Atlantic Major Pace Show. As nice as she looks in her picture, shes better in person. So sound, so deep and a favorite of mine at our place, with an added bonus, she’s as good tempered as they come. We have a lot of kids who stop to visit, and its always ‘Momma Red’ that they can meet. I have high expectations for this female and what she will do in the future. Her very first calf was out of a calving ease Angus bull, not an AI sire, was brought to one show this year. That heifer took home res. Grand champion Shorthorn plus and was our high seller of ‘15. This female was on Sullivan’s personal show string as a heifer, where she led a highly competitive career. Shes a good one, don’t make the mistake of on passing up this opportunity, because the next chance to buy one bred like this will probably be in the double Didgets.

Scarpa Ledge Farm | Deanna Arbucci | 860-792-0570


2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale Champion Hill Georgia 5401

89 |

Reg. # 15391482

A: 1 Purebred Angus Pregancy by S A V Brilliance Reg: 16107774 Due February 2016

C. Wojo Cattle Co. offers an elite Angus pregnancy sired by Brillance and out of a past class winner at the prestigious National Junior Angus Show. Champion Hill Georgina 5401 was a past top selling heifer calf at Champion Hill. Most recently she sold as the top selling female in the Angus Event sale. Champion Hill Georgina 5401 traces back to the famous foundation female LLA Georgina 419 who has been found in more Champion pedigrees than any cow in the Angus Breed!!! Recip is a Sim-Angus female that does a great job!!! Wojo Cattle | Chris Wojo | 540-292-0841

Lot 90 - Maternal Sibling

Destiny - Who’s Destiny X Who Made Who

8 | 90

A: Pkg of 2 grade 1 embryos by Eye Candy and 3 grade 1 embryos by Monopoly 2

A pedigree that needs little explanation! Look at the maternal sib by this donor, CMCK Destiny, produced in 2015 as the top seller in the Cook Show Cattle Black Friday Sale at $27,000. Of course you all know the records that both bulls continue to hold when it comes to wins and sales. Just one calf out of either mating, Monopoly 2 or Eye Candy is sure to make you money! 2 guaranteed pregnancies. Cook Show Cattle | Clayton Cook | 614-327-4323

Dash - Monopoly X Meyer 734

91 |

A: Pkg of 3 embryos by Tusa’s bull - My Kind

Our upcoming donor “Dash” is making a major impact for us after selling “Just Peachy” – (Pictured) that sold for 12,500 and a full sib pregnancy sold for 10,500 in Kastel & Friends Sale this fall. Sired by Tusa’s bull My Kind. Kastel Show Cattle | Josh Kastel | 419-344-3476 39

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale Rachel - Meyer 734 X Full Throttle x Cunia

92 |

A: Pkg of 3 IVF Sexed heifer embryos by Hoc’s Broker B: Pkg of 3 IVF Sexed heifer embryos by Optimus Pride

Eggs by sexed Broker or sexed Optimus Prime. Rachel has stood the test of time and still remains our lead donor at Kastel Show Cattle. Over the years Rachel calves have averaged over $5750 for us in our Kastel & Friends Sale. This past fall we had our first IVF heifers, 5 Maximus heifers that are baldie faced, extremely complete and are heading to our replacement pen. You can’t go wrong with Broker or Optimus Prime. Kastel Show Cattle | Josh Kastel | 419-344-3476

Rosie - Monopoly X Who Da Man

93 | 8

A: Pkg of 3 conventional embryos by I-80


Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on this unique genetic package! For the first time, embryo’s from our newest donor, JSUL Jalynn’s Rosie, who was the Reserve Champion Supreme Heifer at 2014 Ak-Sar-Ben and was the top selling heifer at the ACA Hybrid Advantage Sale at the National Western in 2015 will be offered. Multiple flushmates to this female have commanded over $25K. Buy into this proven cow family with a successful show career. Progeny can be registered MaineTainer or Chi. Embryos will be available for pick-up sale day. Full Circle Farms | Dr. Josh Winslow | 304-904-1389

Goff Chi Donor - Monopoly X Hannibal

94 |

A: Pkg of 3 grade 1 IVF sexed hefier embryos by Maternal Made

Selling (3) Grade 1 IVF sexed Heifer embryos by Maternal Made out of the Reserve Champion Chi Heifer at the 2015 Ohio State. The Maternal Made bull is a Mercedes Benz out of a Irish Whiskey daughter that is now owned by Chad Thompson in South Dakota – He is one of the best bulls on the Market. Goff Show Cattle | Jason Goff | 740-819-8925

40 40

2016 Eastern Elite Production Sale Hulls Red Robin - Unstoppable X Dr. Who x SH

95 |

A: Pkg of 3 grade 1 embryos by Dakota Gold


Here is the first offering from Wy Cattle Company from the High Selling Bred heifer from the 2015 VCCP Eastern Elite Sale. The beautiful red heifer originated in Gene Dellinger’s Mill Creek herd that has been so successful over the past few years with accomplishments such as breeding the AI bulls Harlem Shake and Pillow Talk. Here’s a package of eggs from the hottest colored bull on the Market – Dakota Gold. WY Cattle Company LLC. Steve Wetzel | 540-481-6008 |

Miss Olivia 3414 - Amen X SimmAngus

96 |

A: Pkg of 3 (2 grade 1, 1 grade 2) embryos by General Lee

Wy Cattle Certainly took home two of the highlight lots from last year’s eastern elite as you can see in lots 95 and 96. This is the first offering from this tremendous Amen daughter that traces back to John Whetzel’s genetics at Whetzel Cattle Company. Buy With confidence. WY Cattle Company LLC. Steve Wetzel | 540-481-6008 |

Semen Lots WY Cattle Company LLC. | Steve Wetzel | 540-481-6008 97 | Irish Whiskey | 1 unit X ______ 98 | Meyer 734 | 1 unit X ______ 99 | Ali | 2 unit X ______ 100 | Heatwave | 3 unit X ______ 101 | MAB | 3 unit X ______ 102 | Sulls Roan Blast | 4 unit X ______ Begoon Farm | JT Begoon | 540-430-1716 103 | Troubodour | 3 unit X ______ 104 | Troubodour | 3 unit X ______ 105 | Troubodour | 3 unit X ______

113 | Monopoly Original | 3 unit X ______ 114 | Monopoly Original | 3 unit X ______ 115 | Heatseeker | 5 unit X ______ 116 | Heatseeker | 5 unit X ______ Full Circle Farms | Dr. Josh Winslow | 304-904-1389 117 | Optimus Prime | 4 unit X ______ 118 | Ali | 2 unit X ______

Cedar Spring Farm | Allen Streaker 106 | Gambles Hot Rod 107 | Steel Force 108 | MAB 109 | MAB 110 | Heat Wave 111 | Heat Wave 112 | Heat Wave

Combo Lot 120 4 units Unstoppable 4 units Monopoly Money 4 units Fast Freddy

| 540-570-7799 | 2 unit X ______ | 2 unit X ______ | 5 unit X ______ | 5 unit X ______ | 3 unit X ______ | 3 unit X ______ | 3 unit X ______

Combo Lot 119 1 unit Who Made Who (Original 1 unit Heat Wave (Original)

Sharp Farm | Greg Sharp | 330-206-5417 Combo Lot 121 To Be Announced

179 Almo Chapel Road Greenville VA 24440 Change Service Requested

2016 VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale  

Virginia Club Calf Producers Annual Sale - January 30, 2016