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Flying High to Success

FALL 2022

Gratitude Through Generations The Shafer Family Charitable Trust has been instrumental in providing financial support to the Masonic Children’s Home for over 33 years. Through their continued generosity, children can be assured of the home’s ability to provide stability and opportunities for decades to come.

Established in 1989 by Lester B. Shafer, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the Shafer Family Charitable Trust is dedicated to supporting “local organizations benefiting all walks of life and ages.”


FALL 2022

Today the trust comprises of Bruce B. Shafer, who serves as the Chairman of the Board, Linda L. Shafer, Susan E. (Shafer) Bartholomew and Dolores E. Shafer. These family members share both a passion for helping others and a family history of Masonic connections, including three Masons and three members of the Order of the Eastern Star.


support they are able to provide to the children’s home, and they urge others to do the same. According to the board, “We encourage others to become a part of the donor program. We are certain you will find it as rewarding as we have.”

Lester was dedicated to supporting the various Masonic Charities, namely the Masonic Children’s Home. That tradition of charity has proved to be generational, as the Shafer Family Charitable Trust has since helped to provide dozens of children the resources they need to be happy and successful. According to the board, “Being able to support the Masonic Children’s Home gives us a feeling of pride and wellbeing. It is a great satisfaction knowing that we are able to help so many.” The family is especially grateful for the thank you notes they receive from the children, as well as being

It is clear the children’s home has a special place in the hearts of the Shafer family, as they are interested in the children’s lives and invested in their future successes.

guests at graduation ceremonies. The most rewarding part for the Shafer family, though, is “watching the students blossom over the years.” The Shafer family has found purpose and gratitude through the

According to the board, “Through the support of the teachers and staff, we are assured the children will achieve their goals and dreams.” To the children, the family has a simple encouragement: “Reach for the stars!” Thanks to all our donors for bringing the stars within our youth’s reach.



FALL 2022

Children’s Home Alum Excels in Aviation Career Thanks to Support Nestor Morales would agree that the biggest blessings come from those who love you, and the Masonic Children’s Home is no exception. Now a proud alumnus, Nestor is grateful for the gift of a future for himself and his family. Nestor was born in Hialeah, Florida, and spent the early years of his life just outside of Miami. After a few years of back-and-forth between Miami and Philadelphia, Nestor moved into the Masonic Children’s Home in 2007 at age 7. Though he remembers being homesick, living in the same cottage as his older brother, Josh, who also moved in that same year, helped with the transition. Their cottage mates were also a big help in making them feel at home, as well as beloved house parent Matt Clouser.


FALL 2022

“The boys had a tradition of doing what they could to make it easier for a new kid who just moved in, and that’s exactly what they did for Josh and me,” Nestor said.


While at the children’s home, Nestor enjoyed playing outside and hideand-seek in the dark, and frequenting Patton and Brossman Pools. “I could probably walk from the cottage to the pool with my eyes closed,” he jokes. As he neared the end of high school, Nestor wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after graduation, but his advisors at the children’s home helped him consider his strengths.

Nestor Morales

“I knew I liked doing things with my hands. I can’t tell you how many things I took apart while I was at the Masonic Children’s Home,” he recalls.

classes geared toward mechanics and engineering, which helped him discern a career path he was already familiar with.

In the Elizabethtown Area School District, Nestor was able to take

“It was my dad who got me into aircraft maintenance. He’s been a

mechanic for most of his life,” Nestor said. “I almost always helped my dad work on cars, so I kept following him.” Nestor was able to shadow his father at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Philadelphia, where Nestor later attended himself. “I still remembered what was talked about that day, which, funny enough, helped me on one of my tests!” he says. “The whole school was a mix of theory and handson work. It was an amazing fit.” Nestor looks back fondly at his time spent at the children’s home and doubts his success would be possible without support from donors and staff. Outside of the classroom, his house parents and mentors were there to teach him the basics of cooking, personal finances and time management, among other valuable skills.

Nestor Morales through the years.

“I don’t think they ever ‘babied’ me or treated me like a kid too much, which I liked because it helped me work on my communication skills that were always a big problem for me,” he said.

Aside from Josh, Nestor has a younger sister, Noelia, who also stayed at the children’s home, which he says helped them bond. She graduated this year. “She also got a good education and a safe place to live while she grew up,” Nestor said. “As a brother, I always wished that for her, and I know she deserves it.”

Nestor is currently working at Doylestown Airport, where he has earned his license in aviation mechanics. In his free time, he enjoys sewing and design, studying game theory and learning to play instruments. For the future, he has his sights set on Phoenix, Arizona, and the large commercial airports it offers. Nestor sends “a HUGE thank you” to the donors who made

these opportunities possible. “Every kid takes something away with them that they will hold onto forever,” Nestor said. “There’s not a day I don’t think about, reminisce or do something related to the Masonic Children’s Home in some way. “I don’t know where I’d be without it.”


“The weight off my shoulders feels amazing,” he said. “It’s one bill I don’t have to worry about while I’m trying to make my life over here in Philly.”

FALL 2022

Nestor is also extremely grateful for receiving his education debtfree, thanks to the help of donors.


Keeping it in the Family Family is everything for Masonic Children’s Home alumnus Danielle Leach. Thanks to the care and support of staff and donors, she has the determination and resources to give back where it matters most. Originally from Middletown, Danielle could most often be found playing outside, coloring and watching TV with her three sisters, Dana, Cynthia and Melissa. Though their world was tumultuous at times, Danielle credits their bond for helping them through the toughest times. “Being together made us feel safe, and it still does,” she said. “They are my best friends.”

Danielle with her sisters (above) and Danielle today (below)

From there, Danielle settled into her new home and soon became accustomed to her cottage mates and their noise, to which she happily added. Her time at the children’s home changed Danielle in more ways than one, as her new “sisters” and dedicated staff became like a family to her.

Danielle, along with her sisters, first moved to the children’s home in 1998. Due to space available, the sisters were separated into two cottages, which was tough for the girls.


FALL 2022

“I remember so much about moving to the children’s home,” she said. “At first, it was very scary.”


Just 8 years old on the day she arrived, Danielle’s fears subsided when she met house parent Diana Reigner, who would become one of her favorite “mothers” at the children’s home. However, Danielle was still nervous about meeting her cottage mates when they returned from school for the day. She immediately noticed she was much — younger and quieter — than the girls who flooded into the kitchen that afternoon. “They were so loud, and it seemed like there were so many, though I think

there were only six other girls,” she said. “They didn’t notice us right away in the hallway, until Ebony turned and yelled, ‘Aw, they’re so cute!’” The following Saturday, Danielle would meet her “second, equally fantastic ‘mom,’” Nancy Harlow, who informed the girls they were watching cartoons incorrectly. “She plopped herself down on the floor on her stomach, with her head in her hands and her feet in the air, and told us to come join her. She was so fun!” Danielle recalled.

“Miss Harlow and Miss Mac would sing on Saturday mornings — they made me a morning person. I loved those Saturdays,” Danielle recalled. “Mr. Shaffer would always take us skating on Friday nights, to Roots on Tuesday evening for fries and ice cream and to the Fudgery in Baltimore to see Dru Hill sing. He was our weekend ‘dad.’” As she neared high school graduation, Danielle wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. A marriage, two kids and three moves later, she found herself back in Elizabethtown in 2018, this time with a family of her own and in need of a job. “I started working at Masonic Village in the environmental services department cleaning some of the new cottages,” she said. “I was just looking

opportunity to include house parents, cottage mates and campus staff among those she treasures most.

Today, Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband, Sam, and their two sons, Sam Jr. and Jeremiah, usually doing outdoor activities.

“I was actually nervous I wouldn’t be able to handle this job, but here I am three years later,” she said. “I’ve grown so much from being a CNA, and now I’m ready to take it a step further and go to practical nursing school this winter.”

“All of my current hobbies include doing things with my family,” Danielle said. “We camp a lot and spend as much time as we can with my sisters and their kids. I know the only people in the world who had the same childhood experience are my sisters, and that has kept us close to each other, even after all these years.”

Since returning to Masonic Village for work, Danielle’s familiar commute reminds her of the family she made at the children’s home.

While Danielle’s own family has certainly grown over the years, she is thankful to donors of the Masonic Children’s Home for giving her the

“I am so grateful my sisters and I had the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy and happy home with so many great resources,” she said. “Now, as adults, we do everything in our power to make sure our children are loved, well taken care of and feel safe and happy.” Danielle is excited for another new transition on the horizon. “My husband and I are also planning on buying our first house soon,” she said. “For now, I’m just hoping to do a good job at raising my children to be good people.”

Give Monthly Change a Life By giving a monthly gift of any amount to the Masonic Children’s Home, you’ll be joining a program that provides you several benefits: •

No cost to you.

No longer receive annual spring and fall appeals in the mail.

Receive a year-end statement for ease of tax preparation.

Cancel your authorization at any time by notifying the Office of Mission Advancement and Development.

Conveniently meet your charitable goals today! Call 1-800-599-6454, email Giving@MasonicCharitiesPa.org or visit MasonicChildrensHome.org/donate-now to join our Cornerstone Circle Program.

FALL 2022

Just a year after joining the environmental services team, Danielle felt ready for a new challenge, where she could take a more hands-on role in assisting and caring for residents. She registered for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class on campus in 2019 and has been employed in the department ever since.

“Driving up the main entrance past all the trees was always like coming home,” she said. “After four years, that has changed a bit — now it’s also the route to work.”


for a job where I could help people, and I figured, why not work at home?”


Thanks for the Generous Donation!


FALL 2022

Special thanks to the Grand Chapter of PA, Order of the Eastern Star for their generous donation, which made possible the purchase of a new passenger van for the Masonic Children’s Home! Every time our youth need to attend an appointment, have to get to a music lesson or sporting event or have the chance to take a day trip, they’ll think of your kindness and generosity. Thank you!


fI you are older than 70 ½ and have a traditional IRA, a QualiThed Charitable Distriub tion (QCD) is usually the number one way to give to the aM sonic Children’s Home. You avoid tax on any amount given from your IRA to charity, which is like getting a free tax deduction. Yes, it’s more complicated than writing a check, ub t once you do, you wil never look back. lP ease contact e aM sonic Charities O ce of iM ssion Advancement and Development (previously known as the O ce of Gi lP anning) for a FREE QCD Kit, then talk to your advisor about dividing up your QCD among your favorite charities, including the aM sonic Children’s Home. Remember, if you don’t need your Reuq ired iM nimum Distriub tion, then turning it into a QCD is an added beneTht. Carol Chew is a aM sonic iV l age resident who decided to create a QCD in support of the kids at the children’s home. Financial professionals suggested a QCD to her, and she decided to donate in memory of her husband, Charles. Charles and Carol met while golThng at aM sonic iV l age, and ew re married for 15 years. Carol remembers Charles yb his generous and sel ess spirit and wanted to honor him. H“ e showed true kindness and was a beautiful person,”Carol said. H“ e had always loved children, having four sons of his own and mentored kids who faced di culties in his free time during retirement.” eW can help you create a QCD to achieve your goals while supporting our mission. lP ease contact us at 1-805964 or visit our ew bsite at a.Mw sonicCharitiesLegacy.org for more information. Everything ew do for you comes with no cost or obligation.




FALL 2022

Whether it’s a trip to Knoebels Amusement Park, an off-campus meal at Five Guys Burgers and Fries or attending the Elizabethtown Fair, youth have the opportunity to have fun and broaden their horizons!


u are older than 70 ½ and have a traditional IRA, a QualiThed Charitable Distriub tion (QCD) is usually the number one way to e to the aM sonic Children’s Home. You avoid tax on any amount given from your IRA to charity, which is like getting a free tax duction. Yes, it’s more complicated than writing a check, ub t once you do, you wil never look back. lP ease contact e aM sonic arities O ce of iM ssion Advancement and Development (previously known as the O ce of Gi lP anning) for a FREE QCD Kit, n talk to your advisor about dividing up your QCD among your favorite charities, including the aM sonic Children’s Home.- Re mber, if you don’t need your Reuq ired iM nimum Distriub tion, then turning it into a QCD is an added beneTht. rol Chew is a aM sonic iV l age resident who decided to create a QCD in support of the kids at the children’s home. Financial profesnals suggested a QCD to her, and she decided to donate in memory of her husband, Charles. arles and Carol met while golThng at aM sonic iV l age, and ew re married for 15 years. Carol remembers Charles yb his generous and ess spirit and wanted to honor him. Building Buddy Benches showed true kindness was a beyears, autiful person,youth ” Carol saihave d. H“ e hadworked always lovedonchildaren,recycling having four sons of his own and For and three project coordinated by Masonic Village resident Sonja ntored kids whoAlcon. faced di cultThey’ve ies in his freebeen time durisorting ng retirement.through ” eW can help youplastic create a QCcaps D to achiand eve your goals while pporting our milids ssion. lP collected ease contact usby at 1-805964 orthe visit ourlocal ew bsite atcommunity a.Mw sonicCharitiesLegacy.toosend rg for moreto Green Tree Plastics in Evansville, Illinois. The company makes ormation. Everythi ng ew do f“buddy or you comesbenches” with no cost or oblout igation.of the recycled plastics for elementary schools. One bench was installed at Bainbridge Elementary School recently, and one at the Masonic Children’s Home. Thanks, Sonja, for leading the effort!





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