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“ Your support provides comfort during unstable times and gives us all hope for a brighter future.” TABLE of CONTENTS


Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation


Masonic Children’s Home


Masonic Villages


Financial Report


Thank You to Our Donors



a note from

R.W. GRAND MASTER JEFFREY WONDERLING As a reflection of the values of Pennsylvania Freemasonry, our Masonic Charities help improve the lives of others. With the challenges of a worldwide pandemic continuing to impact everyone, we’ve been able to count on our donors to keep others’ needs at the forefront. Your support provides comfort during unstable times and gives us all hope for a brighter future. The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania continued preserving the architectural, ornamental and symbolic significance of the Masonic Temple, sharing Pennsylvania Freemasonry’s past, present and future with members and the public alike. Through this institution, the contributions of Pennsylvania Masons are showcased to the world so everyone may understand our shared obligation to “Do Good Unto All.” The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation enabled educational and social programs to continue for youth and adults despite challenges due to COVID-19. Youth groups led community service projects to help their neighbors in need. Deserving youth were able to accomplish dreams of a post-secondary education through the scholarship program.

The Masonic Children’s Home gave 37 youth the love and support they needed to reach their full potential. On the outside, our cottages look like any other home, but on the inside, warmth, encouragement and respect abound, propelling youth to be their best and enjoy success in life. The Masonic Villages focused on maintaining the highest quality services for close to 3,000 individuals, giving them peace of mind at all stages of life. Care and attention went above and beyond to offer services like music therapy, caregiver support groups, spiritual care and volunteer opportunities for residents to make a difference in their community. The Masonic Outreach Program continued to be a lifeline for Pennsylvania Freemasons, their wives, minor children or widows facing hardships. The good works of our Masonic Charities are only possible because of YOU. Thank you for supporting one or more of our charities in 2021 and spreading the light of Pennsylvania Freemasonry on those in need. Keep reading to learn more about those impacted by your gifts. We are all connected through the broad reach of Freemasonry, and the Masonic Charities succeed because of YOUR support and belief in the fraternity’s mission.




“ It’s a tribute to Pennsylvania Masons that they recognized the need to preserve their heritage.” As both a Freemason and a retired librarian, Brother Carl Doan is very aware of the benefits of the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania. “It’s important to preserve Masonic history, with Freemasonry being the oldest fraternal organization in the world,” he said. “We have such a great and long history, it’s both natural and necessary for Masonry to have a museum to store and display artifacts, as well as a library to hold our written legacy. We celebrate our past and should do everything we can to preserve it.” 4


Carl lives in New Jersey now, but he grew up in Pennsylvania. While a student at Elizabethtown College in the 1970s, Carl catalogued historic homes and buildings in Marietta, PA, for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Last year, Carl was contacted by a professor at Elizabethtown College who was teaching a course where students worked with Marietta officials to recognize historic structures and promote the town. The students found some of Carl’s earlier work and reached out to him.

“One of the students found an old tavern and thought maybe there was a tie with Masonry, but he couldn’t find any direct connection,” Carl said. “Since I lived near Philadelphia, I figured I could find out. There was a lodge in Elizabethtown that had closed its doors and moved to Marietta.”

“It’s a tribute to Pennsylvania Masons that they recognized the need to preserve their heritage and the core of what they believe in, which is housed in that building. It’s a treasure very few states have. They should be very proud they’ve been able to maintain and keep it.”

Carl contacted Masonic Temple librarian Cathy Giaimo. Together, they located the lodge register, names of lodge members and a list of bylaws. He learned the Square & Compass Inn was the original meeting place of Lodge No. 116, until around 1825. He sent his findings to the students. Calling the library an “invaluable resource,” Carl also appreciated that Cathy was accommodating in letting him use the materials.

As the Masonic Temple was periodically closed for tours and Masonic lodge meetings due to COVID-19 in 2021, we undertook important maintenance and restoration projects, as well as organized our archives and enhanced our online reach. The Illumination Project, which will light the Masonic Temple alongside other landmark cultural institutions on the Avenue of the Arts, was successfully funded, thanks to generous supporters.

“It’s very refreshing to have a friendly atmosphere and access to documents,” he said.

Thank you to all who continue to help us share the light of Freemasonry.

YOUR SUPPORT in 2021 • Garnered


in views on Masonic Temple’s YouTube page • Catalogued

4,500-5,000 OBJECTS in the archives

• Added


• Answered


• Catalogued


Carl has worked for the Burlington County (NJ) Library and was a librarian in New Jersey Governor Tom Kean’s office. A self-proclaimed “history buff,” for him, the Masonic Temple will always be a highlight. “It’s a magnificent place,” he said.



“ You get to make lifelong friends who are always going to be there for you.” It’s true that some people have a greater fear of public speaking than of dying. Thanks to his involvement in DeMolay, Cole Summerfield has gained the confidence to let go of this fear and become a leader. Cole joined Chester Pike Chapter through a close friend, and seven years later, he’s the Region H Representative of the southeastern region of Pennsylvania DeMolay. His role is to bring together and help plan events for the four different chapters in the Philadelphia area. “I have more responsibility with this position, so it keeps me busy,” Cole said. “I’m learning leadership skills, 6


and this organization has helped me with being more social in general.” Cole also has the opportunity to mentor and teach the younger members in the organization, which is very rewarding. In addition to having meetings every two weeks, the group participates in a variety of service and social activities. “We went to a park and cleaned up trash. For Thanksgiving, we helped the homeless. We do everything from fun things to serious things,” Cole said. Cole is thankful to use the skills he’s acquired through DeMolay to give back to the community and build friendships with other members.

You get to make lifelong friends who are always going to be there for you,” Cole said. “I get to see them going to events. It’s enjoyable.” Cole plans to stay involved with DeMolay throughout college. He is attending Cabrini University to study criminology and will apply what he’s learned from DeMolay to his college experience. His mother, Beth Haney, has been a chapter advisor for DeMolay for seven years. Her role is to supervise the members and ensure they’re each reaching their potential. Getting involved has taught her a lot about her family and the Masonic fraternity, and she is now a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. She’s thankful for the friends she’s made. “I’ve met people from all over the state and people who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Beth said. Most significantly, Beth is thankful for the unforgettable impact DeMolay has had on her and the members’ lives. “It’s been a really great learning experience for everyone,” Beth said. “I’ve watched the boys develop leadership skills and grow into incredible young men.”

which impact youth throughout the Commonwealth. In its 40th year, the foundation’s programs have grown, but its vision has remained constant. Support has deepened for the Masonic youth organizations in Pennsylvania, including DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Knights of Pythagoras, Rainbow Girls and Ruth Mitchell Tucker Girls Youth Department, which foster the values of Freemasonry and give youth a place to develop and succeed. Collaborations have increased with educators and school administrators to identify behavioral challenges and offer training workshops. Giving scholarships to encourage college and career aspirations of hundreds of young adults continues to be a priority. New in 2021, the foundation offers career and vocational scholarships to help provide for training, tools, certifications and other costs incurred when pursuing an education in the trades, an increasingly essential career path.

YOUR SUPPORT in 2021 • Delivered

6,250 MEALS through

the Food for Friends initiative for those in need • Granted

$23,500 to youth-led

service projects throughout the Commonwealth

1,978 INDIVIDUALS at virtual

• Trained

and in-person Educational Institute workshops • Awarded


in scholarship funds • Empowered

1,500+ YOUTH

through leadership development programs

With your support, the next 40 years look bright for the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation.

Beth’s oldest son, Sean, is a Senior DeMolay and in the United States Army. Her husband is also an advisor. Through the generosity of donors, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation facilitates programs 1-800-599-6454



“ I feel like I get a chance.” “Why can’t basketball players go on vacation? They can’t travel.” One of Rudy’s favorite things about living at the Masonic Children’s Home is joking around with his roommates. He has no problem thinking of jokes, like this one, on the spot. “I like making people smile and laugh,” Rudy said. He has been at the children’s home for three years, and said he’s enjoyed it ever since he stepped foot on the campus. “I was excited to come here. My friend, Tony, helped me visit, and he’s a good friend,” Rudy said. “Then I realized that he was in the same cottage, so I was really excited.” 8


Forming friendships is important to all the children at the children’s home. Rudy said he spends a lot of time hanging out with his cottage roommates, who have become his best friends. “We like to play outside and play football, basketball and soccer,” Rudy said. “I get to practice sports with people better at them than me. I get to watch them and learn how they play.” Rudy is thankful for the opportunity to play sports alongside his friends because he already knows he wants to be a professional athlete when he grows up. He’s not sure yet which sport, because he likes

them all, but being at the children’s home helps him to grow closer to achieving these dreams.

out of the recycled plastics. The project will provide two benches for Bainbridge Elementary School.

He also likes math and is able to practice it frequently at the children’s home with the help of in-house tutors. Practicing helps him feel better prepared for school.

Rudy is thankful for everything he is learning at the children’s home and all the opportunities he has now that he didn’t have before.

“I wasn’t good at math until I got here. The teacher here taught us a lot, and now I know my multiplication and division tables,” Rudy said. Aside from gaining academic and social skills at the children’s home, Rudy is also learning to grow up with kindness and compassion. He said the house parents’ actions show him how to treat others. “The house parents can sometimes be strict, but they teach us to not be disrespectful and to use manners,” Rudy said. “They teach us to be good gentlemen.” The kids are provided chances to make a difference in the lives of friends and neighbors through volunteering and community service. One project had them sorting through plastic caps and lids collected in the local community to send to Green Tree Plastics, which makes benches

“It’s a good place to be,” Rudy said. “I feel like I get a chance.” At the beginning of 2021, we said goodbye to Virginia Migrala, director of children’s services, who retired after 42 years with the children’s home. Life for the youth continued uninterrupted as we welcomed Mark Kurzenknabe to the position. New to the role of director, Mark is not a new face at the children’s home. He has served as assistant director since 2004. Last year, in addition to providing essentials, education and purpose for our youth, donors, like you, stepped up to help them participate in extracurricular activities, including sports, to encourage kids like Rudy to find their passion and win at life.


•C ompleted

1,482 hours of in-

service staff training •C heered

on 10 KIDS in sports

•W elcomed


•S upported

7 STUDENTS in college

•C elebrated




You helped residents enjoy meaningful moments and ensured families peace of mind. While the pandemic continued to affect everyday life across Masonic Villages in 2021, residents, staff and families were able to experience renewal and joy. Seeing families reunite after long periods of time apart were the most rewarding moments for everyone. Staff remained creative and diligent in ensuring residents felt connected, cared for and dignified. With the proper education, equipment and protections in place, we’ve learned to actively live with COVID-19 precautions and are prepared to adjust to changes in the future.



While not every event and activity looked as it did two years ago, we were excited to host our annual Veterans Walk to honor those who’ve served, a balloon volleyball competition, concerts with the Mummers and other programs, as well as celebrate holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Residents were able to embrace these experiences without safety or financial concerns. Most people living into their 80s, 90s and even 100s, had not considered the longevity Americans now face. Statewide, more than 50% of Masonic Villages’ long-term care residents cannot afford the care they receive.

Your support allows us to deliver the highest quality care without regard to residents’ financial means. This peace of mind is priceless and one of the cornerstones of our Mission of Love. Not only do residents receive the best care, they enjoy unique, integrative therapies at Masonic Villages. Awardwinning music therapy programs, pet therapy, massage, aromatherapy, recreational programs and safelydesigned outside courtyards complement the high level of health care designed specifically with each resident and their family in mind. Dementia is a challenge faced by many families in increasing numbers. Through specialized programming and stimulation, made possible by donors, we help residents receiving memory care find meaning and love in every day. We also assist their families in coping with feelings of helplessness and ease the guilt they may feel from being unable to care for a loved one alone. Our staff are the hands which deliver the care, and our donors are behind every personal interaction and loving touch. We know, with our donors by our side, we can overcome the biggest challenges together.

YOUR SUPPORT in 2021 • Provided a home to


• Supported • Made

2,286 STAFF

$36.1 MILLION*

in charitable care possible

•E arned a

$172,268 in Home Assistance through the Outreach Program

• Provided


for Overall Quality from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for health care centers across the state

• Cared for 356


HOSPICE and their families

This includes residents of nursing, personal care and memory care areas; retirement living residences; the Bleiler Caring Cottage; and the Masonic Children’s Home.


13,000+ WIDOWS through the

• Supported

Masonic Widows’ Program

•P rocured and administered

6,800+ FULL DOSES of

COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for residents and staff •

$6.4 MILLION – net cost

of COVID-19 response, including lost revenue and unplanned expenses (supplies, screening, testing, enhanced pay, etc.) after government payments for COVID-19 relief.

* This amount consists of approximately $10.1 million (at cost) of free care and services and $26 million (at cost) for care and services above the amount reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and other third party payers.



“ I am so thankful to be here. It’s a beautiful place, and everyone is wonderful.” Resident Jane Smolinski has been a social butterfly her whole life, and living at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown allows her to continue to spread her wings. “I absolutely love living at Masonic Village. When I’m here, I get to meet new people all the time,” Jane said. “The residents come from all over. It’s wonderful.” Meeting new people isn’t out of the ordinary for Jane. Most of Jane’s life revolved around socializing with unfamiliar faces, as she spent years as a Welcome Wagon hostess in Elizabethtown. 12


“My job was to welcome new people, new babies and newly engaged women to town. I’d have a gift for them and talk to them,” Jane said. “I used to know everyone by name, and they’d know me by name.” Though Jane is originally from Conshohocken, it’s evident she has planted her roots all throughout the local community. She and her husband initially moved to Elizabethtown to raise their daughter and son, who still reside in Elizabethtown today.

When Jane moved to Masonic Village five years ago, she especially looked forward to socializing and forming new friendships. She said Masonic Village provides her the opportunity to do so by offering a variety of activities and services. “If there’s anything going on, I’m involved. There is so much to get involved with here, and I love that because I’m a people-person,” Jane said. “It’s so good we can provide for people with lots of different interests. There’s really something here for everybody.” She loves attending weekly church services, and part of the services include singing, another one of her passions. “I’ve always loved singing, and I’m an alto,” Jane said. “I love singing with my friends and anything, like church, that has to do with getting together with others. I get to do that a lot here.” Jane also spends her time swimming, walking and knitting children’s clothes. At Masonic Village, she has the option to do these alone or with other residents.

“I love to try new things, too, which I can absolutely do here,” Jane said. “The best part is I can do them with the friends I’ve made. I have lots of good ones, and everybody here is so friendly and nice.” Despite the abundance of activities residents can participate in daily, Jane said they can move here if they’re just looking for a place to relax, too. Whatever ways residents want to experience their time at Masonic Village, Jane knows it’s very important and helpful for Masonic Village to receive the support of donors and the community. “I am so thankful to be here. There’s no complaints,” Jane said. “It’s a beautiful place, and everyone is wonderful.” Donors, like you, enable residents, like Jane, to keep pursing their passions and new friendships. She can live in comfort and joy without concern for expenses or where to turn if she needs assistance. YOU ensure residents can spread their wings and soar.



Your gifts made an immeasurable difference in 2021 in the lives of those in need. Your continued support will help the Masonic Charities enhance the lives of countless men, women and children in 2022 and beyond.


of your gift directly supports charitable work less than


is used for administration and fundraising

Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania Condensed Statements of Activities Without Donor Restrictions for the years ended Dec. 31, 2021 and 2020



Operating revenues



Operating expenses
















Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission* Gifts and Bequests Contribution from Masonic Villages Contribution from Grand Lodge Contribution from Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Charity Foundation Investment income and realized gains earned on accumulated past support from the members and friends of the fraternity Excess (deficiency) of revenues, support and gains over expenses

Any excess of revenues and support over expenses is reinvested so the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania can continue to provide services.

*Losses incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission are historically covered by the following support from members and friends of the fraternity: gifts and bequests, contributions from our affiliated 14


organizations, investment income and realized gains. Any excess of revenues and support over expenses is reinvested so the Masonic Charities can continue to provide charitable services.

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation Condensed Statements of Activities Without Donor Restrictions for the years ended Dec. 31, 2021 and 2020



Operating revenues



Operating expenses














Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission* Gifts and Bequests Contribution from Masonic Villages Contribution from Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Charity Foundation Investment income and realized gains earned on accumulated past support from the members and friends of the fraternity Excess (deficiency) of revenues, support and gains over expenses

Any excess of revenues and support over expenses is reinvested so the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation can continue to provide services.

Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania Condensed Statements of Activities Without Donor Restrictions for the years ended Dec. 31, 2021 and 2020 (Dollars in thousands) 2021


Operating revenues



Operating expenses



Contributions to other Masonic charitable organizations



Loss incurred in the fulfillment of our charitable mission*









Gifts and Bequests Realized gains earned on accumulated past support from the members and friends of the fraternity Excess (deficiency) of revenues, support and gains over expenses

The operating expenses of the Masonic Villages have historically exceeded operating revenues. Through the generosity of Freemasons and friends of the fraternity, contributions and bequests enable the Masonic Villages to cover this deficit. The bequests, which have been generously donated to the Masonic Villages, have been invested, and the investment income earned on these funds allow Masonic Villages to continue its “Mission of Love” and caring for those in need. Any excess funds will be invested, so Masonic Villages can continue to provide charitable services to our residents and to the community in the future. On Jan. 1, 2020, Masonic Villages became the sole member of Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation and the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania. As a result, the financial activities of these two organizations are now included in Masonic Villages’ condensed statements of activities for 2021 and 2020.




Paul and Carole DiCicco

Mary D. Landers

Alfred P. Doyle

William R. Letcher

Joan T. Ellis

Jack E. Llewellyn


George W. and Carla S. Fishel, Jr.

Lodge No. 009

Ronald E. and Ardeelou A. Adams

James Joseph Fitzgerald

Juanita D. Lundie

Mary E. Alban

Arlene S. Flohr

Heath and Holly Mackley *

Marie V. Andrews

Katherine L. Frederick

Theresa E. Marek

Aristotle Capital Management, LLC

Robert H. and Marianna H. Gillespie

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown

Charles H. and Bernadine C. Armstrong

Robert W. Glenn

Charles A. Baltzer

Robert C. Glunt *

John C. Mayers

Bernzott Capital Advisors

Goldman, Sachs & Company

James J. and Virginia McCall

Betty A. Rowe Charitable Fund of Gulf

James M. R. and Betty W. Gotta

George R. and Elaine L. McLaughlin

Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania,

Donald A. and Linda A. McMillan *

Coast Community Foundation Kenneth W. and Elaine K. Bleiler

A. Lucille Meissner

Boyd Watterson Asset Management

Grand Court Order of the Amaranth

Melita Lodge No. 295

Clarence A. Brockman

Anne K. Gratz

Rosemary M. Merwin *

William L. Bronstein

Carol P. Gumto

Mill Creek Capital Advisors, LLC

Stuart L. and Barbara G. Brown

Larry Q. and Sandra K. Hall

Richard A. and Diane M. Miller

Harold J. and Jill E. Bucks

Frank and Ruth Hall, Jr.

Verna S. Minehart

Kenneth F. and Janet F. Burd, Jr.

Paul R. and Marcia R. Heckman

Isabel Carmen Moore

Roger L. and Anne L. Burkhart

Bryan L. and Eileen H. Hill *

Karen Most

Sarah E. Burkholder

Deane W. Hillegass

Mozart Lodge No. 436

Karl D. Buus *

Magdalena K. Hoffman

Joseph E. and Barbara A. Murphy

Carleen and Robert Grossman

Eleanor P. Homisak

Murray S. Cashdollar, Jr. and Wayne

Charitable Fund

David L. and Judith L. Horst

G. Cashdollar at the Community

Jackie Carter

Wendell R. and Carol A. Hunt

Chandler Lodge No. 227

Infinity Lodge No. 546

National Investment Services, Inc.

Carol E. Chew

Irem Shrine Center - Grand

Frank W. and Judith M. Nikischer, Sr.

Larry R. Christenson


Order of Eastern Star, Inc.

Residents’ Association

Lodge Golf Tournament

Foundation of Tampa Bay

Oakdale Lodge No. 669

Christenson Investment Partners

Ivy Lodge No. 106

Octoraro Chapter No. 463, O.E.S.

Concordia Lodge No. 067

Kelly Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Susan R. Ostermueller *

Mason A. Crawford

Gerald E. and Patricia A. Kemmerer

Palestine-Roxborough Lodge No. 135

Charles E. and Carol C. Curry

Sally A. Kinzey

William J. and Kathy W. Prazenica

Helen M. Cyzio

Harry C. Kirchhoff and Dolores M. Miller

Nancy R. Preis

Mary Dearden

Richard L. Knoebel

Martin E. Ray

William J. Decker

E. Thomas Kuhn, Jr.

Raytech U.S.A., Inc.


*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

Samuel L. and Joyce A. Reed

Peggy E. Wheeler

Beverly R. Bowman

Frank Reid

Widows Sons of PA Temple Guard

H. William Brady

Retirement Living Craft Group

Margaret E. Wilkes

Richard E. Brandt

Richard Vaux Brotherhood Lodge No. 126

William E. C. and Mary Dearden Foundation

Frances H. Breakwell

Richmond - Solomon’s Lodge No. 003

William L. Elkins Lodge No. 271

Breidegam Family Foundation

River Road Asset Management, LLC

Herbert C. Winward

Charles F. and Donna H. Breneman

Bruce A. Robinson

Carol Lee Wolf

Ronald W. and Evelyn G. Brown

David L. and Janice E. Rohrbach

Justin Wolgemuth *

J. Kenneth and Pamela K. Brubaker

Rooster Woodshop

Donald S. Wood

Lee S. and Alice M. Brubaker

Daniel A. Rutkowski *

Edith P. Yeager

John K. and Nancy R. Brunner

Sally E. Law Charitable Fund

Luther A. and Kimberly A. Zarfoss II

Daniel E. and Gretchen Cale

Frederick P. and Mary Jane Sample

E. Wayne Campbell Ronald L. and Karen J. Campbell *

Thomas F. Shott


Willard A. and Lucille C. Snyder


Carlisle Lodge No. 260

Thomas M. and Sarah S. St. Clair

5th Masonic District School of Instruction

Carlyon Charitable Trust Fund of the

Lester G. Sutter *

8th Masonic District School of Instruction

Joan K. Terwilliger

47th Masonic District

Robert R. Carthew *

Teutonia Lodge No. 367

Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682

Robert R. and Christine J. Cassel

The Norbell Foundation

Glenn R. and Gaile M. Achey

Clark Mechanical Services, Inc.

Theodore R. & Lillian S. Helmbold Fund

Grace M. Adkins

Cigar Lodge Club

Donald E. and Jeanette F. Altrichter

Nancy M. Cline

Herbert Y. Thomas

Anthony and Linda R. Ambrose

Carla L. Cox

Donald W. and Rose Marie Thompson

James E. and Lisa H. Andrews

David E. and Clara O. Cranmer *

Nancy L. Toothaker

Ann and Frank Cahouet Foundation

Joseph P. Crawford *

Mark A. and Judith R. Townsend

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C. Deforrest Trexler

Alfred M. and Gloria A. Asheuer

Ruthanna Dahlheimer

University Lodge No. 051

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William H. and Beverly A. Walter

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Barbara K. Degyansky

Washington Lodge No. 156

James M. and Helen S. Berry, Sr.

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Kristine H. Webb

Leona A. Berzowski and Family

Ronald E. Dowell

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Chris Robert Dunlap *

Virginia E. Weismantel

Robert G. and Barbara A. Boone, Sr.

Jacqueline R. Eakin

Allen E. and Nancy Wenrich *

Ellen Both

Marjory M. Eby

Shafer Family Charitable Trust Foundation Shekinah-Fernwood Lodge No. 246

of The Pittsburgh Foundation

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

Thomas N. and Romaine R. Campbell Raymond Cardona and Jean M. Cairns

Schuylkill Area Community Foundation



Frank W. and Lois C. Eiler

Mary E. Hansen

Jay A. Kriska

Raymond T. and Darlene W. Fairfax

Grace C. Harkins

David K. and Judith P. Kurtz

Joel L. and Yong Soon Farwell

Gary W. and Sandra J. Harrier

Glenn R. and Barbara J. Kurzenknabe

M. Ray and JoAnn H. Ferguson

William R. and Carol A. Hawthorne

Charles R. Latimer

Joseph M. Fisher

Helen F. Heidelbaugh

Dr. Donald E. Leisey

Richard H. and Barbara D. Fogarty

George E. and Elizabeth A. Heinly

Mrs. Amy Leonard

Pamela S. Formica *

Herbert Groskin Foundation

Paul D. Lesser

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Phoebe J. Herrington

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Michael J. and Leigh Frailey

Donna N. and Scott M. Hershey

Warren L. and Margaret M. Lewis, Sr.

John R. Frazier

Judi Hindes

Lodge No. 062

Yvonne M. Frey

Margaret E. Hoffmann

Logan Lodge No. 490

Carl E. and Cynthia R. Frysinger

Virginia S. Holladay

Engracia Mack

Galen and Nancy Dreibelbis Charitable Fund

David L. and Jane J. Hollinger

Donald E. and Patricia A. March

Wayne M. and Nancylee Garafola

JoAnne Hollinger

Alan A. Marfin

Jules B. and Patricia M. Garfunkel *

Richard L. and Marge Horn

Mary Commandery No. 36, Knights

M. Susan Garton

Margaret A. Hummel

Mary S. Gassman

Alan Hummler

Karin E. Genova

Lisa Hummler

Raymond T. and Wendy A. George

J. Michael Ickes, Sr.

Masonic Village Piecemakers Quilting Club

Dolores Gift

Jeffrey L. and Mary L. James

Masonic Village Travel Club

Larry R. Glessner

Jerusalem Lodge No. 506

Brian A. and Kristin M. Maxwell

William M. Glose III

Brian and Traci Jones

Matthew R. Mayo

Robert C. Glunt *

Denise G. Kanelos

Lisa M. McBride

Randall M. Gotwalt

James N. Katsaounis

Kevin C. and Susan McCann

Norman and Elizabeth A. Gough

Shirley M. Kaupp

Brian L. McCombs

Grand Guardian Council of

Mary Jane Keim

Helen D. McCurdy

John W. and Mary A. Keister, Jr.

Michael B. and Maria C. McKee

Greensburg Lodge No. 225

Jeanne R. Kelly

Michael D. McKee

Robert G. and Margie M. Gregoire

Kensington-Kadosh Commandery No. 54

Ronald A. and Judy A. McKnight

Robert F. and Jean L. Grim

John C. Kern and Deborah A. Hughes

Martha J. McNutt

Benjamin F. Griscom IV

Richard J. and Susan C. Kirk

George W. and Beverly R. Mehaffie *

Gerald W. and Jacqueline H. Groff

Ronald R. and Susan R. Kirkland

Donald C. Meyers *

Merle B. Growden

Kenneth N. and Sharon E. Klahr

Meyersdale Lodge No. 554

Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 019

Frederick N. and Theresa T. Koehler *

Donald L. and Lois M. Miller

William C. Hall

Jack Koehler

Frank S. and Linda K. Miller

David E. and Nancy S. Halliwell

Barbara Kolchin

Thomas F. and Betty A. Miller

Dennis and Elaine Hamm

Dallas L. and Diane J. Krapf

G. Edward Morelock

Richard S. Hamm

Baird P. and Marion H. Krecker

David R. and Becky J. Morgan

Pennsylvania, IOJD



Templar of Pennsylvania Masonic Village at Sewickley Retirement Living Association

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

Harry A. and Audrey M. Moseley, Jr.

Martin H. Schneider

Howard A. and Rose M. Treser, Jr.

William S. and Joan F. Moyer *

Beverly J. Schreadley

Ruth E. Turpin

W. Scott and Lynette Muller

William C. and Nancy A. Schreffle *

William H. Underwood III

Richard F. and Michelle Montgomery Muth

Karren E. Scott

Rev. A. Preston and Brenda Van Deursen

James A. and Constance L. Nassif

Gerard R. and Julie A. Sealy

Debra J. Vanek

Elwood G. and Nancy J. Nentwig *

Joan Seiders

Delores Dengler Vitas

Newtown Lodge No. 427

Terry L. and Lori A. Seiders

Donald A. and Betty J. Wagner

Ronald L. and Barbara L. Nicarry

Seligsohn Foundation

M. Louis and Janet K. Wahl

Larry E. and Lorna B. Nolt

Julia L. Shaw

Waymart Lodge No. 542

Doris M. Novinger

Herbert S. and Barbara Shear

Donald H. Weaver

Thomas L. and Margaret E. Oakey

John H. and Georgiann H. Shertzer

Sara A. Weaver

Robert C. and Linley F. Oberman, Jr.

Michael Shone

Catherine H. Wentz and Family

Steven O’Neal and Jessica Hoenich

Richard E. and Nancy H. Shortuse

David R. and Pamela Whitenack *

Opus Magnum Lodge No. 815

Twila E. Shreffler

Peggy A. Whittington

Paladin Partners LLC

John and Cindy Sibole

Widows Sons Motorcycle Assoc.

Ruth A. Pavelik *

Norman Edward Sidler

William G. Pearce

Julia L. Siipple

Barbara Wightman-Freeman

William G. and Nancy A. Pearson *

Matthew L. Silfies

William Slater II Master Mason’s Club

Perkiomen Lodge No. 595

George R. Simms *

John D. and Paula S. Williams

Pilgrim Lodge No. 712

David and Veronica Sims

Williamson Lodge No. 307

Robert S. and Alice S. Pinnock *

Jay W. and Nancy E. Smith

Williamson-Corinthian Lodge No. 368

Laura A. Michener-Pladus and

Kenneth R. and Helene J. Smith *

Carl J. and Carol D. Willis

Jane M. Smolinski

Richard E. and Kathy Wise

PNC Institutional Asset Management

Joseph M. Sobeski

Larry J. and Carol S. Wolford

Marlin E. Potteiger and Kathryn Blair

Southampton-Radiant Star Lodge No. 806

Erika Wollenhaupt

Pulaski Lodge No. 216

St. Alban Lodge No. 529

Charles T. Wright

John W. and Anne D. Rich

Richard P. Stacy

Roland E. and Joyce R. Yunginger

Shirley G. Rich

Robert F. Stark

Robert T. and Mary A. Zacharias

Robert Burns Lodge No. 464

Phyllis E. Stevens *

Virginia M. Zimmerman

Raymond G. and Sheila C. Roeder

Shirley R. Stevens

Marcia Zinkel

Lillian J. Rothwell

Steven N. Stitzer

Royal Arch Chapter No. 3

Jeffrey S. and Kristina K. Strayer

Harry B. and Carolyn D. Rutter, Jr.

Carl L. and Beverly J. Swope

Michael N. and Judy A. Rutter

Temple-Melita Royal Arch Chapter No. 183

John S. Savickas *

Ralph W. and RoseAnn C. Thompson *

Gregory M. Schaeffer

Thrivent Financial Choice Program

Henry F. Scheck, Jr.

Ray E. and Annette Tierney

Thomas J. and Linda Schmidt

Franklin E. Timm, Jr.

Michael J. Pladus

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

Sons of Abiff Chapter




Shirley Jean Brown

Patricia Ann Dyson

Stuart Lesley and Barbara Garrett Brown

Virginia M. Ecker


Lee and Alice Brubaker

Paul L. and Ann R. Edinger

Barbara E. Adams

Richard H. Brumbach

Frank W. and Lois C. Eiler

Ellis C.L. Adams

John K. and Nancy R. Brunner

Ruth H. Eissler

Mary E. Alban

Edsel S. Bryner

David E. Elliott

Kathleen M. Albert

Hack and Jill Bucks

Doris Davis Engles

William Cameron Anderson and

Bro. Kenneth and Janet Burd

Shirley H. English

Frank and Laraine Callom

Richard B. Ernest

William T. Archibald

Anthony and Victoria Canzonieri

Bob and Lois Fackler

Robert G. and Adele R. Argot

Robert Carthew

Robert L. Falzone

Ronald A. and Norma J. Aungst, Sr.

Richard L. and Shirley F. Chamberlain

Hilbert Felton

Don and Sue Bachman

Carol Chew

Lucille A. Fetterolf

Herbert D. and Marion Bailey, Jr.

Gary K. Clabaugh

Jean Fey

Captain Donald L. Baker

Ruth E. Clavier

J. Melvin Fisher

Charles and Nancy Balmer

Nelson E. Clements

Vera G. Fittrer

George J. and V. Jane Balsley

Maureen Cornell

Kathleen Fleming

Larry C. and Judy K. Balthaser

Elizabeth G. Corsner

Arlene S. Flohr

Arthur R. Bartholomew

Edwin P. and Margaret M. Cover

Pat Flowers

Fred E. Basehore

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Coxe

Calvin K. Flury, Jr. and Pennie Jo Flury

Robert and Joanne Bateman

Joseph P. and Darlene R. Crawford

Dr. Irwin and Marcia Forman

Gabriele M. Bayer

Mason Crawford

Marilyn D. Forney

Shirley M. Becks

Michael W. Crim

Robert C. Forney

Ann K. Berger

Marvin A. and Rosalie M. Cunningham, Sr.

Norman A. Fox

Bro. James M. Berry, Sr. and Helen S. Berry

Ted B. Cunningham

Robert A. Frantz

Raymond Betz

Charles E. and Carol C. Curry

Catherine Margaret Frasca

Harold C.W. Birth

Michael L. Curtier

G. Emory and Kay A. Freet

Jack and Mary Grace Blair

Helen M. Cyzio

Evelyn Fries

Imogene Blatt

Jay E. Davis (MH ‘58)

Robert E. Gabosch

Kenneth W. and Elaine K. Bleiler

William C. and Susan L. Davis

Thomas and Cheryl Gamon

Alvin H. and Diane S. Blitz

Bro. Earl A. and Betty L. Deibert

Stephen and Patricia L. Gardner

Harry and Joan Bohlman

Joan M. Dellinger

Bro. Jules B. and Patricia M. Garfunkel

Jane M. Bonsall

Frank J. DeRosa, Sr.

Marilyn Elizabeth Gaynor

James R. and Dorothy J. Bowen

William and Bette Detterer

Walter K. and Sally Gerber

Bob and Patsy Bowman

Vasant P. Dhopesh

Dean M. Gettemy

Nancy B. Brain

Judith L. Dick

Robert H. and Marianna H. Gillespie

Miriam L. Braun

Raymond and Lynn Dietz

Brother Richard and Sandra Gillie

Rev. Raymond L. and Louise J. Brown

Leona M. Dilliplane

Vicki L. Gillmore

Richard C. and Louise J. Brown

Ruth Dunkelberger

Eleanor Gingerich

Alberta Danks Anderson



*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

George E. Ginther

Shirley M. Kaupp

Roy and Jeannine Gish

Jeanne R. Kelly

William Gottschalk

Gerald E. and Patricia A. Kemmerer

Abram McClune

Anne K. Gratz

Frederick F. Kepner

Lois V. McDevitt

John O. and Donna M. Gregson

David H. and Janet S. Ketterer

Mrs. Jay E. McElravy

Benjamin F. Griscom, IV

C. Wilson Kile, Jr.

Ann B. McFadden

Carol P. Gumto

Blanche Kinch

Thomas E. and Cheri H. McFate

Georgia H. Haigh

William L. and Maureen H. Kingsbury

John and Marguerite McKelvie

Mark and Karen Haines

Sally A. Kinzey

A. Erna McKevitt

Clarence E. Hall

Bro. Harry C. Kirchhoff

George R. and Elaine L. McLaughlin

Frank and Ruth Hall, Jr.

William and Patricia Kitt

George W. and Beverly R. Mehaffie

William C. and Joan H. Hall

Mary Anne Klemkosky

George P. and A. Lucille Meissner

R. Joe and Shirley S. Hartman

James H. Koch, Sr.

Marian Metroka

Charlotte M. Haun

Frederick and Terri Koehler

David and Joyce Michelfelder

Mrs. Frank Haven

Barbara Kolchin

Mrs. Carl L. Miller

Jim Heckman

Christian H. Kopp

Dean R. and Brenda L. Miller

James Heidler

Bro. Scott W. and Marianna B. Kopp

Larry Miller and Rhonda Miller

John P. Held

Emery L. Koszoru

Richard A. and Diane M.E. Miller

Sandra G. Herb

Sally and George Kraus

Jeanette M. Milos

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Herring

Bro. William E. Kuebler

Verna S. Minehart

S. Eugene and Sally Herritt

Reynold L. Lackey

Deanne Molinari

Beatrice Hess

Nancy L. Lawson

Donald B. Morgan

Robbie Hoffman

Marvin S. Lebby

Larry M. and Connie A. Morris

Ken and Deb Holler

C. W. Lentz

Roland B. and Jill D. Morris

S. Jean Hornsey

Paul D. Lesser

Mary G. Morton

David L. and Judith L. Horst

Ivor F. and Mary Ellen Lewis

Bill and Joan Moyer

Thomas and Judith Host

Frances R. Light

Jeffrey S. and Susan R. Moyer

Mary D. Houts

Julia E. Holeczy Linn

Joan Muffler

Bro. Bruce E. Howarth and

Jack E. Llewellyn

Joseph E. and Barbara A. Murphy

Bro. George L. Lyter, Jr. and O.E.S.

Richard and Michelle Muth

Ethel Joan Howarth Evelyn Hunter-Longdon

Sister Carrie M. Lyter

Bro. Blaine McCamant and Christine Caruthers

Judge Edwin E. Naythons

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Iannuzzi

Engracia Mack

Bro. Carl E. and Cynthia K. Nell

Carol L. Jacobson

Prudence P. Mann

William M. and Bette K. Norris

Kim W. Jeffreys

Herb Marder

Carol H. Northey

Albert E. Jochen

Theresa Emily Marek

Doris M. Novinger

Kenneth W. and Marcia J. Johnson

Phyllis B. Masenheimer

William R. Oberholtzer

Clayton J. and Theresa Karambelas

Linda and Michael Mattes

Robert and Tricia Ochotny

Nelson M. Kauffman

Linda J. Matthews

Bro. Barry Q. Olley and Joyce Olley

Paula K. Kauffman

L. F. McArthur

Virginia H. Orchard

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)



Mark A. and Eileen M. Pagano

Dennis K. and Janice L. Schmuck

Thomas K. and M. Joan Sturgeon

Paul J. Palko

Alexander M. and Maria L. Schrader

Jack W. and Mary Ann Sucro

Fred Pansing and June E. Hencelman Pansing

James and Catherine Val Jean Schwirian

John B. and Jennifer L. Sweigart

Bro. William G., Jr. and Nancy A. Pearson

Bro. Terry L. Seiders and Lori A. Seiders

Harlon H. Talley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pencak

Dr. Elizabeth F. Severino

Mary Ellen Tarman

Rick and Heather Peterson

Gary L. Shafer, Sr.

Robert W. Taylor

Howard E. Phillips III

Deborah K. Nale Shaffer

Jack M. Temsey

Robert S. and Alice S. Pinnock

N. William Sheff

Bob and Joan Terwilliger

Trudi Prath

James B. Sheffer, Jr.

The Yeakel Family

William and Kathy Prazenica

Jane Shepard

Raymond E. and Annette M. Tierney

Evelyn E. Preiksat

J. Jack Sherman and Grace S. Sherman

Edward S. Topper

Harry W. and Nancy R. Preis

Grace Shaffer Shields and C. Edwin Shields

Patricia A. Topping

Clarence F. and Karen L. Redman

John W. and Gail G. Shupe

Mark A. and Judith R. Townsend

Mary Steward Reeser

Carole Sieber

Roberta Traynor

Judith Twesten Rehm

Antonio J. L. Simoes

C. DeForrest Trexler

Captain Robert W. Reichard

Shirley Sinclair

Joan D. Turns

Gregory Repice

William Slater II

Joyce Umbaugh

Brother Christian B. Reynolds

B. Jane Smith

Robert H. and Roberta A. Vaiden

Herman S. and Margaret H. Richard

Jay W. and Nancy E. Smith

Barry W. Van Rensler

Herbert W. and Nancy Lou A. Ridyard

Karl H. Smith, Sr.

Al Vaughan

Fred D. and Carol A. Rissinger

Samuel Chambers Smith

Stanley L. and Arlene Von Nieda

Bruce A. Robinson

Geraldine R. Snyder

Joseph J. Wable

F. W. (Robie) Robinson

Harold R. and Monica R. Snyder

Harold E. Walchli

Rich and Bette Rodibaugh

Ivan and Hannah Snyder

William H. and Beverly A. Walter

Raymond G. and Sheila C. Roeder

Joseph and Mildred Sobel

Linda H. Wasserman

Don and Sandy Romberger

Marvin G. and Shirley M. Speicher

Richard H. and Iris J. Watkins

Ronal Roth, P.M.

Clinton D. Spiegel

Edward Weisser

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rouke

Elsie Stackhouse

Bro. Gary P. Wendt

Shirley S. Rowley

Nancy Standish

Allen and Nancy Wenrich

Beth Rudy

Dr. James W. Stark, Stark Family Trust

Arlene S. Wentle

Bro. Daniel A. Rutkowski

Robert F. Stark

Arthur and Dorothy Wert

Joanna B. Sadler

Glenn A. Stef

Ginny Whitsel

Frederick P. and Mary Jane Sample

Richard J. and Carol A. Stemmler

Bryan S. and Jean Marie Windham

John S. Savickas

Phyllis E. Stevens

Harold and Jane Wissinger

Anthony and Cheryl Schafer

David W. Stewart

Larry J. Wolford and Carol

Doris C. Schaffner

Francis D. and Mary H. Stillman

Sally Sue Scheidemantel

Mrs. Mary L. Stock

Jeffrey and Sharon Wonderling

William F. Schieber

Marie D. Stringfellow

Donald Steele Wood



Spangenberg Wolford

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

Howard and Lois Wright


Paul A. and Nancy Yanushis

Evelyn P. Barlet

Barry C. Yingling

Ralph Burton

Mona L. Yingling

Richard Cahoone

Luther and Kim Zarfoss

David Irving Deutsch

Barbara K. Zell

Frederick DiCriscio

George E. Zimmerman, Jr.

Jean Fales

Marcia L. Zinkel

Ronald J. and Katherine R. Frishmuth

Laetitia Clark Woods Carolyn M. Wright


Marion W. Grochowski Amanda Hallman Matthew Tyler Langer Hirsch


Benjamin Hoenich

Bro. Glenn R. and Gaile M. Achey

Michael H. and Kristin L. Jervis

Timothy M. Anstine

Charles S. and Jean G. Johns

Robert (Bob) Brain

Eugene Kline

Roger and Anne Burkhart

Jacob Lohr

Joan T. Ellis

Phyllis Masenheimer

Bro. William and Carol Hawthorne

Richard A. and Julie D. McGeary

Paul Heckman, PM and Marcia Caliendo

Charlotte Myer

Donald J. Kugle

LaVerne Poussaint

Mary D. Landers

Eric Quidort

Roy D. Landers

Richard and Cindy Schroeder

Steven H. Landers

Edward and Diana Stumm

J.F. (Rick) and Dotti Miller John M. and Shelley H. Monti William H. and Linda L. Schuchman Thomas F. Shott Herb Y. Thomas Raymond and Geraldine Vaughan Helen E. Scott Wheeler

*Members of Cornerstone Circle (see back cover)

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