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Kristina Krizman
Sonya McIntosh


Welcome to the premiere issue of Inspiring You Magazine. I’m so glad you’re here and I want you to stay awhile. e very word inspire means to “breathe”, to “inhale”, to “give rise to”, a “quickening or exalting inuence”. I think you get the idea, so I’ll stop here. Out of all of the de nitions, my favorite one is breathe and here’s why. Nothing can really happen if you’re holding your breath!

Life can be tough. ings don’t always go as planned. It can feel like everything is coming at you all at once. e weight of the world, and “your” world in particular, causes you to hold your breath. Sometimes, you’re not even aware that you’re doing it because it’s become so natural, so comfortable.

All of us at Inspiring You want to be your place to exhale, a place of assurance that you’ll be just ne and that you’re not alone. Every issue will provide you with the tools you need to get your groove back in so many areas of your life, and I’m beyond grateful to present to you the most amazing contributors. Experts that are ready to share their knowledge and wealth of experience. Most of all, they’re ready to inspire you to unleash the greatness within you, and to remind you that there’s always a way. So enjoy this issue, reach out to the contributors, and embrace all of the possibilities with your name on them.

I’m Johnetta and inspiring people is what I do. I’m honored and humbled to use my gifts to make a di erence in the lives of others. Till next time.

Light, Love & Inspiration,



Shemetra Carter is a native of Dallas, Texas. She has a BFA in theater from New York University (TSOA). She has an MA from CAU in African and African-American Studies. Her training includes performing with the historic Negro Ensemble Company, as well as acting, directing, playwriting and producing throughout Dallas, New York and Atlanta. Onion Man Productions produced her 10 Minute Play”Dear Bruh.” Most recently, her monologues were included in “50in50: Writing Women into Existence” at Brooklyn’s Billie Holiday Theatre, Waco Theater Center in Los Angeles and 50in50’s Shattering Glass Ceiling Anniversary.


Certi ed Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist

Jackie Madison is a National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialistand has worked in the medical industry for over 20 years. She is the practice Administrator for Southern Plastic Surgery & Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. It is in the medical industry that she realized her passion for helping people achieve their own personal healthy lifestyle. Jackie’s purpose and passion in life is to motivate and inspire Women and

young Girls to improve their overall health and fitness for lasting lifestyle changes. Through her business and now Non-Profit Organization Glamour Girl Fitness, Jackie closely works with patients and clients to help them achieve their weight loss and management goals by identifying obstacles, managing time and stress, and providing healthy eating techniques. She requires accountability, but will offer strong support and motivation to help her clients achieve success. The focus of Glamour Girl Fitness has expanded from just the individual mom to the mom and child/children. The birthing of the Glamour Girl Fitness‘’ Mommy & Me “motivational program which helps to motivate, inspire and keep moms accountable. Promoting her message of “FAMILY, FUN, and FELLOWSHIP through FITNESS”

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Eichelberger founded and presides over Jennifer Eichelberger Ministries.

Eichelberger has extensive background in Christian radio and television programming. Eichelberger studied Business Education at Marshall University and Public Relations at George Washington University. She is also a graduate of Jericho Christian Training College (JCTC) and Vision Alliance. She has a Paralegal degree from the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and an honorary Doctor of Divinity from School of the Great Commission.

Her professional affiliations include Kingdomwood Women in Films, WIFTA, Black Women Film Network, Women of Power, and Georgia Christian Business Network. Eichelberger is a charter member and the first president of the Gwinnett Section of NCNW. She is a Life Member of NCNW and currently serves on the Good Health Wins Committee. She is the Immediate Past President of the National Council of Negro Women Gwinnett Section and served as State of Georgia NCNW Chaplain 2019-2021; She is proud member of Top Ladies of Distinction (TLOD), North Atlanta Chapter as well as a member of Interstate North Toastmasters where she serves as Vice President of Education.

Rev. Dr. Eichelberger is author of three books and has won numerous awards for her work in television production and in the community; most notably the Life Time Achievement Award signed by President Biden and Vice President Harris. She was also awarded a Humanitarian Award presented by Trinity International University of Ambassadors. She is married to the legendary Dr. Herbert L. Eichelberger, a professor at Clark Atlanta University. They are both active members of First Congregational Church of Atlanta, where Rev. Dr. Dwight Andrews is Senior Pastor. She serves is clergy, member of the Altar Guild and chair of the Women's Fellowship Ministry.

Jackie Madison Jennifer Eichelberger
(404) 274-7586
Jackie Madison
Glamour Girl Fitness,Inc.

Kelly Valentine Jones

Hi! My name is Kelly Jones. I am married to a wonderful man that I do not deserve. We just celebrated 29 years together, and there’s nowhere else I would rather be than by his side! We have two gorgeous grown daughters, one son-in-law (almost two!), and a precious grandbaby boy – we love watching their stories unfold. Currently I am learning all the things about parenting adult children (it’s harder and more wonderful than I ever dreamed) and about being a new grandmama to the most joyful baby on the planet. I am a pastor’s wife, a former Registered Nurse, and I recently left the classroom after 17 years in public education. I loved teaching high school, but it was time for the next chapter of my own story. Stick around to see what’s next!

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certi ed Professional Counselor Supervisor. He is an ordained minister of the gospel and Founder and Administrative director of East-West Psychotherapy in Marietta, Georgia. He is an alumni of Leadership Cobb 2017. He is on the Board of Georgia Metropolitan Dance eater. He has participated in Dancing With e StarsMarietta winning the Judges Choice and People’s Choice Awards all while being paralyzed and in a wheelchair due to a medical emergency in 2013. Ken also sings with e Strand Ole Opry at the Strand eatre in Marietta, Georgia. Ken serves on the Community Advisory Committee for Shepherd Center, Rehabilitation Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Ken is active in his local church congregation. Ken has been married for 38 years to Cathy. ey have two grown daughters, a sonin-law, and two grandchildren. Ken’s relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important thing in his life. Knowing God is in the midst of his circumstances allows him to experience joy in su ering and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Kristina Krizman has been a Licensed Esthetician for over 20 years. She previously owned an award winning Day Spa in Savannah, Georgia and now resides in Asheville, NC. While her earned degree in accounting was put to good use in her early years, she has been interested in the beauty and fashion industry all her life. After having her rst facial at age 14, she spent many years studying on her own. She earned her esthetic license from the International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta, GA and has logged over 100 post graduate hours through the International Dermal Institute based in California.

Kristina has also done runway and print modeling and worked as a nail tech. Now, Kristina enjoys coaching people in good skin care practices, o ering fashion and etiquette advise to friends and family and sharing inspirational messages. In a nutshell, she would describe herself as follows:

Esthetician, Volunteer, Customer Service Professional, Auntie/Great Auntie, Sister, Grams, Flower Lover, Clothes Horse, World Traveler, ‘All ings Positive promoter’, Better Half to my Better Half, Junior Leaguer, Disney Lover … and not necessarily in that order! For questions and connecting, you can reach me via email: kris. . I also have a weekly post on Instagram called ‘Words for Wednesday’ – sharing positive vibes. (kaknc)

Kristina Krizman

Creative, versatile, and passionate about her gift, Sonya is a master cosmetologist with over 20+ years of color and styling experience. She obtained her license at Dudley’s Cosmetology University, in Kernersville, North Carolina, and since then she has been navigating the world of beauty and hair.

While a native of Gainesville, Ga, Sonya has resided in Atlanta, Ga since 1998, where she is the proud owner/stylist of Salon Daisy. Committed to diversifying her experience portfolio, Sonya has also showcased her talents and skills in the television and lm industry. Her latest projects/ lms were Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Fantasy Football (Movie), and Sweet Magnolia’s (Series - Season 2), just to name a few. When she’s not behind the chair, Sonya enjoys fashion styling, designing beaded jewelry, traveling, and spending time with family and close friends.

Her contact Info:

IG: @salondaisyatlanta


Terassah Thompson

I am a Nashville native currently residing near Atlanta, Georgia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an MBA in Strategic Management. I have been dabbling in online and digital marketing since retiring from the U.S. Army in 2013 and am the CEO of All Web LLC, a digital marketing agency for budding entrepreneurs. In my free time, I love exploring new knitting and crochet patterns and creating beautiful, handmade items.

Heaven in Your Home Restaurant Chef Latoya Gamble is your incredible restaurateur, community advocate, and now Host of her own Cooking Show on Inspiration Media Network! IMN 106 Adamson Square Suite B Carrollton, GA 30117 (678) 664-1547

Inspired Health


Have you ever wished you could just press Reset? Of course you have! And, my friend, there’s no better time than the fresh start of a new year! I pray that your hearts are as full as your bellies after a glorious holiday season with your friends and family. We gather for the holidays at our family farm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, and let me tell you – we are the all-dessert family for sure!

ere’s nothing we love better than celebrating with food, and lots of it! But like you, January beckons us with the promise

of new things, new beginnings, and a renewed commitment to our health after all of the holiday indulgences. So come with me and let’s explore three sustainable steps to resetting our metabolism while maintaining our motivation to stay the course and crush our health goals for 2023!

ree Steps to Reset your Metabolism:

1. Help your body return to balance with a metabolic reset. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) God has

created our bodies with the ability to heal from within – as long as we provide ourselves with the necessary elements for healing to take place. Scientists call it homeostasis – the balance of uid regulation and body temperature, the balance of blood sugar levels and a balanced gut microbiome, the balance of reducing systemic in ammation. When we’re in a state of balance, our internal functions are working as God intended and we are more likely to feel our best. Unfortunately, most of our everyday diets are high in sodium, sugar, carbs and in ammatory fats which lead to a sluggish


metabolism and an overall feeling of defeat and frustration. And, as much as we may love the richness of holiday fare, it often leads to the discomfort of excess weight and pu y in ammation.

Here’s the good news: e answer does not lie in specialty weight loss diets that deprive our body, but fail to provide long-lasting results. e answer lies in a metabolic reset that will open the body’s natural detoxi cation channels and clear the path towards balance in both the body and mind.

So what is a metabolic reset? While its roots lie in traditional fasting, a metabolic reset is a nutritionally supported fast. While other fasts are unsupported and require you to abstain from eating for long periods of time, a nutritionally supported fast helps bring your body to the same metabolic state induced by fasting, all while delivering optimal nutrition.

2. Reset your gut. ere is so much more to weight management than eating fewer calories and increasing physical activity. at’s where gut health comes in! Beyond aiding your body’s digestive system, certain microbial strains have been linked to an improved mood, reduced feelings of stress, a healthier immune system and even weight loss. (Pathak, MD, 2022) e best way to reset your gut is through a supported fast, which can help your gut recover from the stress of overeating. When you give your gut the nutrients it needs to thrive, including probiotics and prebiotics, you give it a rest from everything else that might be slowing your metabolism.

3. Change your eating habits. Yes, we need nutrients to thrive, and I’ll be the rst to tell you that I love food! But over the years I learned that making choices for convenience and speed led to some of the worst health of my life. Since June of 2022, I have done four nutritionally supported fasts with stellar results. I have learned to prioritize protein, ber, pre- and probiotics, hydration, electrolytes, collagen, magnesium and zinc. I love having a simple tool at my disposal that I can use regularly to reset my metabolism at the cellular level, to uplevel my body’s immune response, to detoxify and remove unwanted toxins from my body, and to elevate my mental clarity to new heights.

Yes, you are what you eat … but eating too much sugar won’t make you any sweeter. High amounts of sugar in your diet can lead to increased irritability or sadness. A nutritionally supported fast does just the opposite. By cutting excess intake for even just a few days, many people experience a calm, revitalizing e ect and an overall reduction in in ammation, (aka, inches) and pounds. A good reset helps remove the roadblocks that are in the way of your success. With a recharged metabolism and a clean slate, you can feel more con dent that your health and wellness e orts will actually bring the results you want. If you would like more information on the speci c nutritionally supported fast that I am using, please reach out to me at the links provided in my bio. It would be my honor to help coach and support you to your best health in 2023!

Reference/Source: slideshow-how-gut-health-a ects-whole-body


You know, when you nd something that changes your life … you just can’t keep it to yourself! So here I am, being a good friend and sharing about the things that have helped me become the BEST version of me!





FITNESS inspired

It’s that time of year again! e new year has everyone thinking about the future and what they want from the upcoming years of their life. For so many of us, our goals for the future involve the wealth that is strong health, and tness is a key piece of that picture. Of course, no matter how good your intentions are to exercise more and become more t this year, it can be di cult to get started or to keep yourself moving through the years. As a tness coach, I know that struggle well, and I’m here to help you through it. Let’s get inspired to be t together and talk about some of the ways you can make that happen this year.

e Role of Inspiration in Fitness You’ve probably heard time and time again that getting t is a matter of motivation and willpower. In reality, that’s only true to a point. Inspiration plays a part in tness, but it isn’t everything.

Getting inspired to become more t is a fantastic catalyst for your tness journey. No matter what it is that’s inspiring you to invest in yourself and your tness, the motivation will eventually fade. e key is using your inspiration initially to launch a tness routine. When working out becomes part of your regular daily life, just like doing the dishes or taking a shower, it will become something you do without thinking because it’s simply a part of your routine.

Jackie Madison

Fitness Tips to Jumpstart the New Year

Kicking o a new tness journey in the new year but not sure how to get started? I’ve got you covered. Use these tips to set yourself up for success.

1. Don’t Try to Go Too Far Too Soon

You probably see people in your life or in your Instagram feed who are working out for hours every day or who have abs for days, and you think, “I can do that too.” You’re absolutely right, you can do that too, but not overnight.

Start small and work your way up. You don’t need to become a workout fanatic to be t and healthy – you can just start with 30 minutes a few times a week. Taking it slow will help you to get into a routine without feeling overwhelmed and it will also help you avoid injuries.

2. Turn Fitness into a Group or Family Activity

You’re more likely to stick to a workout routine if you’re doing it alongside someone else. You have someone who supports you (and vice versa) and who makes you feel more accountable.

Try planning family workouts or exercising with a friend or two. As an added bonus, this makes your workout more fun too!

3. Find Your Own Inspiration

Everyone is inspired by di erent ideas and thoughts. Maybe you’re inspired by envisioning the way you want your body to look, imagining enjoying a long life into old age with your spouse and kids, or repeating a speci c mantra for yourself. It’s di erent for everyone, so gure out what it is that inspires you to get t and nd a way to access that inspiration when you need it.

Empowering Your Fitness in the New Year

Any day can be the day you start a new tness journey and begin on the road to better health, and that includes today. When you feel inspired to get t, take advantage of that opportunity

and start creating a tness routine that will last. is is your year!


e focus of Glamour Girl Fitness has expanded from just the individual mom to the mom and child/children. e birthing of the Glamour Girl Fitness‘’ Mommy & Me “motivational program which helps to motivate, inspire and keep moms accountable. Promoting her message of “FAMILY, FUN, and FELLOWSHIP through FITNESS”



LookNeyes Photography LLC

Hey Great Peeps it’s your girl Tiffany Sherrell, the Eyes behind LookNeyes Photography LLC. I am a native of Durham NC, the proud mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. I am a creative, a visionary, and a Woman of the Most High God who gets all the Glory for every ounce of my being!!


LookNeyes Photography LLC


Tell us a little bit about you. Who you are, a little bit about your background, etc.

Antoinette (Nettie) CharlesOwen is no stranger to good foodand hard work. She was born in Curacao and spent her youth growing up in Dominica, the Nature Isle of the

Caribbean, prior to emigrating to Canada. Nettie is no stranger to the kitchen, having developed a love for cooking at a very young age. She spent a great deal of time assisting her mother, who was a very good cook, to prepare the family meals and special treats. Today, she still uses her mother's recipes in her cooking, including that for her gourmet hot peppersauces. She worked in the banking

industry for over 40 years during which she held several positions in the branch network including Branch Manager, Small Business Account manager, Sales Manager - Small Business, Business Systems Analyst, and several positions in the Bank's National O ce.

In her last position, Nettie handled very complex client irritants working very closely with senior management and

Antoinette (Nettie) Charles-Owen

stakeholders to ensure mutually satisfying resolutions for both clients and the Bank. From her work experiences, Nettie brings a wealth of customer relations knowledge and sound business acumen to running her company e ciently

What’s your business and when did you start it?

Nettie’s Nah Joke Hot Peppersauce originated in my kitchen in 2013 as the result of a bountiful harvest from a few hot pepper plants I had found at my local nursery and planted in my kitchen garden. Not one to waste and given my love for cooking, I made my rst batch of sauce using the ingredients and the process I recalled, with fond

memories, seeing my mother using when I was growing up. My love for cooking, especially with fresh natural ingredients, lends itself well to my passion for developing quality sauces. Over the years, I have ne-tuned my recipe as well as developed three deliciously hot and delightful avors with a fourth currently under development. Legacy for your family.... It is my intention to build Nettie's Nah Joke Peppersauce Inc. into a thriving business which will remain in the family for generations to come. What’s speci c about it? Many hot sauces lack authentic Caribbean avors other than heat and they contain food additives. Nah Joke Hot Peppersauce contains no arti cial

preservatives, colors or llers and are full of scrumptious spices and avors which enhance any cuisine because the focus is on the avor pro le of each sauce as opposed to overpowering spiciness of the peppers. I have several repeat customers who use words like “amazing”, “great avor”, “the best” when describing my sauces which have made their way as far north as Nunavut, several cities in the U.S., England and even to the Caribbean where great hotsauces abound. Many will buy more than one bottle at a time because they claim to use it on everything - soups, appetizers, sandwiches, pasta, entrees - and do not want to run out.


What was the most challenging aspect of it?

ere has been a surge in the growth of the hotsauce industry and the low barrier to entry makes it challenging to make my products stand out. It also makes it very competitive to get into the large retail spaces. How did you overcome it?

Some of the ingredients I use in the production of my hotsauces are indigenous to the recipes used in Dominica, my island home which was once inhabited by French colonizers and the local Dominicans adopted some of their sauce making skills for which they are wellknown. at being said, I incorporate some of these techniques in making my sauces which serves me well in manufacturing sauces with a di erence that my customers appreciate.

My tag line is “Not just the heat… but the ava!”

What have you learned in the process?

People are very conscious of what they eat and are looking for delicious but clean food products and they do not mind paying a premium for a solid product.

What makes you excited about it?

I am working at building Nettie’s Nah Joke Hot Peppersauce Inc. into a thriving business which will remain in the family for generations to come

Where can your products be found?

My products can be found online at my ecommerce website as well as the following retail stores:

Olli e Butcher Shop – 1197A Yonge St. Toronto, On Taste e 4th Sense – 4 Hachborn St. W, St. Jacobs, On Countryside Farmers Market - 55121 Jackson Line, Stra ordville, ON

I also showcase and sell my hotsauces at selective popupmarkets and community events.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am truly looking forward to seeing my hotsauces in someboutique shops both locally as well as in North America where they will be the go-to hotsauce for the connoisseurs of gourmet hotsauces as well as for new patrons looking for a quality hotsauce.

at being said, I also have the following goals in mind:

• work with the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica to source hot peppers from women-owned farms, which will also serve to create an opportunity to give back to the island where I grew up and create additional revenue sources for the owners of female farmers on the island.

• create a philanthropical annual giving circle where 10% of my pro t will go towards a scholarship fund in an agricultural program

in a secondary school in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Is there a favorite or most requested product?

I am frequently asked this question and my response is that it varies. What I can say is that currently, Nah Joke Hot Peppersauce comes in 5 ounces of three amazing avors:

• REGULAR - the original recipe showcases seasoning and spices married with a medley of organically grown hot peppers which caters to the purist looking for a superior product.

• MANGO TANGO - this is for the adventurous foodie looking for an exotic experience. The goodness of the regular flavor is blended with pureed mangoes which adds a tropical experience to any cuisine.

• MERRY CRANBERRY - a seasonal favorite which complements the traditional Christmas fare of turkey, ham or pork roast, game and vegetarian dishes. The tangy cranberries and spiced heat of the peppers enhance these entrees, making for an unforgettable dining experience in this special season.

pork roast, game and vegetarian



As we glide into 2023 be intentional about your self-care, especially your health. It is so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, soul and spirit, not just when you get sick. Learning to eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly and take time out when you need it are touchstones of self-care and this will allow you to stay healthy, happy and resilient. is article will focus on what self-care is, when you need to take time for self-care and ways to include selfcare your life-style.

e World Health Organization de nes self-care as: “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” While there is no one de nition on self-care, it is often described as performing a series of actions to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

What self-care isn’t!

Knowing what self-care isn’t may be even more important. It is not something that we force ourselves to do, or something we don’t enjoy doing. Self-care is something that refuels us, rather than depletes us. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you certainly need self-care:

• Lack of energy

• Impatient and easily frustrated

• Stress, anxiety

• Di culty falling and staying asleep

• Urge to overeat “comfort” foods

• Reduced performance

• Burnout

• Lack of motivation

Now that we have a better understanding of what self-care is and isn’t, symptoms to be aware of, we can move forward to the di erent types of self -care.

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Eichelberger

ere are four main self-care steps to incorporate in your life: Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Physical self-care includes:

• working out

• grooming

• eating properly, hydrating

• sleep, rest and managing your stress level.

Emotional self-care includes caring for your emotional needs, monitoring your internal dialogue as well as the following:

• Journaling

• Meditation/mindfulness

• Reciting positive a rmations

• Talking to some you trust/or seeking help

• Managing your thoughts and feelings

• Humor and laughing

Spiritual self-care means taking care of your soul—

the essence of being a human. e soul is said to be the mind, will, and emotions where we think and feel. e spirit gives us the ability to have relationship with God.

• Praying and studying God’s Word

• Walk in the park

• Being grateful and thankful

• Meditation

• Practice deep breathing techniques

• Visualization

Self-care is di erent things to di erent people. I suggest doing what makes you feel good. If you are unable to take care of yourself then you cannot take care of families. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup.

A few more things to implement in your selfcare journey:

• Gratitude list

• Relaxing music

• Day at the spa

• Schedule a date night with your spouse

• Enjoy a hot cup of tea

• Turn your phone o for 30 minutes

• Read a good book

• Avoid as much toxicity and negative as possible.

In short, self-care isn’t sel sh, it is necessary and I urge you to start a self-care journey today. Know when to say no and when to step back to take a break!

One nal note on mindfulness—be in the present, slow down and pay attention to yourself!

Byline: Rev. Dr. Eichelberger is author of three books and has won numerous awards for her work in television production and in the community; most notably the Life Time Achievement Award signed by President Biden and Vice President Harris. She was also awarded a Humanitarian Award presented by Trinity International University of Ambassadors. Additionally she has been honored to do opening prayer for Rev. Jessie Jackson at Rainbow Coalition as well as working alongside Ambassador Andrew Young.

She enjoys writing, shopping when traveling to place like, New York, Paris, Istanbul and Israel. She also enjoys Broadway plays, music-jazz, classical as well as playing her ute.


February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day makes us feel good. It conjures up images (sometimes unrealistic) of what love should be like, feel like and look like. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where we are bombarded with images of perfection. e socalled beautiful people are everywhere. You can’t turn on the television or open a magazine without images of perfection in your face. Before you know it, you’re picking yourself apart about all the ways you don’t measure up. e obsession begins over perfect hair, the perfect body, the right eye color, the list goes on and it’s time—to STOP. Take a deep breath, it’s okay. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

is month, the focus is self love. Not vanity, arrogance or conceit, but con dence. I’m here to tell you that con dence is key. It’s your ticket to whatever you want for yourself. It’s how you walk into a room, making eye contact, a rm handshake and a million dollar smile. e rst step is to take a look in the mirror. A full length one so you can take it all in. What do you see? Are your shoulders hunched? Is your head up? What is your posture looking like? Breathe, it’s going to be okay—I promise.

Now let’s just look at your face. What is your favorite feature? We all have one. Is it your eyes? Do you love your lips? Do you have killer cheekbones?

Find a feature that you love and let that be the focal point. Now, what feature are you not so crazy about? Is it your nose? Do you have more than one chin? No matter what it is, I can help you learn to love it.

In my workshops I teach a segment called “It’s Hammer Time!” ey’re a blast and we have a ball. You have got to know that no one can touch your essence, your magic, all of the things that are uniquely yours. Each one of us has gifts and talents that no one can touch, gifts that set us apart. Learning what those things are and then embracing them will make a tremendous di erence in your life, career, at home—everywhere! e image you have of yourself, good or bad, is the one you give everyone else permission to have of you too. Stop comparing yourself to what society says is beautiful. You are more than enough.

I recently saw a poster that said, “You were born to stand out. Why are you trying so hard to t it in?” I think that sums it up. Are you up to the challenge? It’s Hammer Time, and it’s on baby. LEARN TO LOVE YOU!

From e Road to You: e Ultimate Guide to Staging Your Own Transformation

Find the book:


What’s Your Beauty IQ?

Beauty is an experience. Beauty is and should be exciting, fun, and once again, an experience. This issue, we’re starting a conversation by asking the simple question: What’s Your Beauty IQ? Here’s the deal, we really want to know:

• We want to hear about your skincare routine, the products you love and why.

• What’s your favorite lip tip?

• When it comes to your hairstyle, are you curly, straight, or wavy? Any products, tips, all the good stu .

• What was your biggest or worst beauty blunder and how did you recover?

• What’s your funniest beauty story that you learned to love?

ese are just a few questions to get you started. Feel free to expand and enjoy the experience. Go to

Don’t Resolve –REORGANIZE!

Happy New Year! 2022 (good or bad) is out the window and let’s make 2023 a good one!

Don’t jump into the new year with some ‘whizzy bang’ plans for your beauty regimen – instead, SIMPLIFY! You will get more from a simple plan done regularly than a whizzy plan that you do sporadically. Make your plans/ goals – just don’t set yourself up for a meltdown.

No matter the goal – the best way to get started is to get organized! Set aside maybe an hour or so to really go through your products and ‘equipment’.


• MAKE THE PROCESS EASY TO ACCOMPLISH Getting products organized...

1. Pull out ALL of your products! Group them by type (cleansers, moisturizers, masks, eye creams, etc) which will allow you to really see what you have and what you may need to replenish.

2. Clean house! You KNOW there are some items in there that you don’t like, seldom use or are out of date. Perhaps, someone gave you a gift that you really don’t care for and you keep it around because throwing it out makes you feel guilty. Sort out the keepers.

3. Decide if the space you’re using for your regimen is still the best option for ease and convenience. If it’s not worked well for you, consider changing it to something easier and/or more practical – like a di erent drawer, cabinet or counter

may keepers. space.

Analyzing your tools and equipment. Key items should be readily

I can’t say enough about having good ones. Spend a little more money to buy the best you


can. Amazon can be your new best friend for nding them. Nothing is more frustrating and time-consuming than spending three or more tries to pull out one hair! is is a job you truly want to ‘grab and go’.

2. Makeup mirror - Get one with at least 10x power. is allows you to see the ‘ ner’ things that tend to go unnoticed in a lesser power – especially tweezing. It can also reveal if we have our foundation well blended and not accumulating where it shouldn’t be (like in our eyebrows or the creases around our nose). Also, if you happen to wax your own eyebrows – this is a MUST! Cordless mirrors are wonderful for keeping the workspace clutter-free. Simple Human makes a variety – they charge quickly and don’t need charging often.

3. Practical Containers - Organize your skin care and makeup essentials. (brushes, makeup, skin care items, small tools) so you can have easy access to all. Look at your products and determine which size/shape of container(s) works best, ensuring that you don’t have to ‘ru e’ through everything to nd what you need in a pinch.

Organize your containers for ease of use...

1. Choose the drawers, cupboards or countertop that will hold your items. Try to make them all in proximity to one another – not having to walk across the room or into another room to access them.

2. Give priority space to the things you use most. Face cleansing, followed by makeup application are my two ‘most done’ routines. Compartmentalized drawer inserts/containers work perfectly for this. Keep all makeup items / brushes together in one container that you can grab and set on the counter (if not already there), put like items in other compartments in the drawer or under the counter. Don’t forget a spot for your headband to slip on before washing your face!

3. Extra Tip: Keep things in a container if you must keep them on the counter – a neat work area helps you prep more e ciently. I like to keep several face and hair products on the counter using a cute miniature painted wooden crate (4w x 4d x 11l). It’s a size that can easily be stored below and popped on the counter when in use. Be creative. Make your new year regimen – be it short/sweet or more intense – easy to do, so you never miss a beat.


Hair Inspiration- 2023 Your Hair Is Your Garden!

Think of your hair as an exquisite garden that’s filled with plants and flowers! It must be nurtured to grow, bloom and blossom! Essential steps to achieving and maintaining a

ishing the moisture, by applying moisturizing conditioner. Nourish hair on a daily or weekly basis depending on hair texture.

3. Prune the weeds!

1. Replenish/Hydrate It! Whether relaxed, permed, natural, curly, straight, or protective styles, hair (hydration treatments).

beautiful garden: must receive water it!

2. Nourish/Feed

Hair must be consistently fed. Start by cleansing the scalp with clarifying shampoo, followed by cleansing hair with moisturizing shampoo, and replen-

Weeds aka “split ends” suffocate new life and growth and should be removed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Healthy hair gives off energy; it speaks before you enter the room! May you be inspired and motivated to cultivate your garden! Your Hair Is Your Garden!

Many Blessings and a Happy New Year!


When she’s not behind the chair, Sonya enjoys fashion styling, designing beaded jewelry, traveling, and spending time with family and close friends.

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IG: @salondaisyatlanta


Sonya McIntosh

The Faith to Behealed

“I’m praying that you will be healed.” “If you had greater faith, God would heal you.” “ ere must be some sin in your life that prevents God from healing you.”

These are some of the comments I’ve heard as friends, family and strangers try to understand my paralysis nine years ago. I became paralyzed from the waist down due to a medial emergency. e emergency medical team at Emory Hospital in Atlanta were able to save my life but unfortunately, I was left paralyzed. I now use a wheelchair to maneuver around my house, cook, drive a car, and work—to do everything I want to do during the day.

Being a seminary graduate and a Christian Marriage and Family counselor, I understand the importance of faith in my personal salvation story. I also


see how healing can work in a person’s life. However, faith and healing are not simple or automatic.

“I’m praying you will be healed.” I get that comment a lot. People want to pray over me that I would be able to walk again. I never pass up the opportunity to have someone pray for me. It is a blessing and honor to join with someone in prayer to our heavenly Father. But don’t you think I have prayed for my own healing? Many times? I believe from the bottom of my heart that God can heal my paralysis at any time. He has not chosen to do it yet. I have accepted that. I have asked those who want to pray for my healing, “How do you know I’m not healed already?” ey stare at me for a moment before saying, “Well, you’re still paralyzed and sitting in a wheelchair.”

What they have missed is that I have been healed, just not in the physical sense of healing my paralyzed legs. e healing is present in what God has done in my heart, my spirit. I may not walk on two legs, but God healed my heart from anger, resentment and sel shness. He continues to heal me in these things daily. He has given me a new perspective on grace and trusting Him fully in my brokenness. I have found joy during deep sorrow, strength in God to overcome my weaknesses, and a greater appreciation for the little things in life. e most important healing is in the heart.

grappling with the fact that I would never walk again. ey would ask me where my positive outlook came from, even though I was experiencing the profound loss of mobility. What an open-door God provided for me to share the love of Christ with others! I could share that my strength comes from the Lord, and I choose to trust Him. I have faith that God has a better plan in my paralysis. I was able to share that a day would come when I could walk again. Maybe not in this lifetime, but in eternity I will walk again.

“ ere must be some sin in your life that prevents you from being healed.” We all have sin in our lives; every one of us. We are born into sin. is is the whole reason God provided the way out of sin through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. ere is no greater degree of sin that prevents physical healing. Healing comes through the grace of God. When I ask God for anything, I must trust that God will answer my prayer in the best way He sees t. I trust that God knows better than I what is best for me and His kingdom. My faith in God gives me the ability to accept my circumstances with joy amid sorrow. My life in a wheelchair is not an easy one. It is not a life that I searched for. It is the life God has given me so that I need to rely on Him for everything—both large and small. It is the power of God working through this broken body that I can truly nd joy in my circumstances.

“If you had greater faith, God would heal you.” I know most people mean well when I hear this comment. But I believe they can miss the bigger picture of what God has in mind. I have great faith that God can cause me to walk again, but I must be open to the idea that God may have a better plan for me in the short term. If I were able to walk now, and as people see me walking down a street, they may or may not notice me because I look like every other person. But when I roll down the street in my wheelchair, it catches peoples’ attention. When I am con dent and happy in my circumstances, people notice. I remember talking with hospital personnel when I was recovering from surgery. We were all


It is through God that I have found true healing. For more information visit or contact Ken at



It’s the start of a new year, and that means it’s a great time to assess your website and get it on track for what’s to come. Whether you’re launching a new website in 2023 or want to get your existing website ready for the coming year, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure your website is modern and competitive. I’ll cover ve ways to get your website on track for 2023. From optimizing content and improving the design to strengthening website security and o ering a better user experience, these are the steps you need to take to ensure your website is ready for the new year. ese changes can help you get ahead of the competition, increase website tra c, and optimize for better search engine rankings. Let’s get started!


With the new year coming up, you may be looking for ways to make your website better and more successful. One of the best ways to do this is to analyze user data. is will help you understand who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and how to better cater to their needs. User data can be obtained through analytics tools like Google Analytics, which will give you valuable insights about how users are interacting with your website. Knowing this information will allow you to make changes and improvements to your website and ensure that your customers have a better experience.

Terassah ompson


As we settle into 2023, you’ll discover that trends in website design are changing. Take a look at your website and decide if it looks modern and visually appealing. Are there any features you can add to make the user experience better? Consider updating the visuals and making the navigation easier to use and provides the information your visitors are looking for Additionally, using fresh, unique content will help your website stand out from the rest. Finally, promoting your website through social media and other online channels will help you reach a wider audience. With the right design, you can make sure your website is up-to-date and stands out from the competition.


After taking a look at your website analytics, it’s time to conduct a website audit. is review should include a thorough check of your website’s performance, usability, and accessibility. You can use a professional web auditor to comb through every page and document of your site to check for any potential problems like broken links, outdated content, and slow loading times. is audit will help you identify any issues that you need to address in order to improve the performance of your site and ensure the best user experience.


Updating website content is essential if you want to keep visitors engaged and coming back. Outdated or stale content will turn people o , so make sure to review your posts and pages periodically. Take a look at what’s been working, what hasn’t, and what could be improved. Refresh text or images that may have become outdated, or add new content to keep things fresh. You can also add new sections or features to your website to make it more comprehensive. Remember, content is key to building an engaged audience, so make sure to keep it up to date.


As technology continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Mobile devices now account for more

than half of all web tra c, and this is only going to increase in the coming years. To make sure your site can handle the in ux of mobile users, you should make sure your website has a responsive design that can adjust to di erent screen sizes and resolutions. Additionally, you should also look into making sure your website loads quickly on mobile devices, as this can have a major impact on user experience.

Overall, getting your website on the right track for the new year is an important step in providing a positive user experience. Utilizing the ve tips outlined above, you can ensure that your website is up to date with the latest design trends, optimized for performance, and set up for long-term success. Investing the time and energy into making these changes will pay o in the long run and help you reach your digital goals.

Terassah has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an MBA in Strategic Management. I have been dabbling in online and digital marketing since retiring from the U.S. Army in 2013 and am the CEO of All Web LLC, a digital marketing agency for budding entrepreneurs.

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Work Your Dash Off!

We’ve all seen one, stood at a graveside and passed a cemetery. Maybe it’s real personal for you. Perhaps you lost a loved one, a best friend. Let’s take it a step further. Think about all of the eulogies you’ve heard, how many memorial services you’ve been a part of. At every one of these events, we hear about that person’s dash. It’s called a eulogy! Clarity is a beautiful thing, with that in mind, here’s what I mean by DASH. When you look at a tombstone or other marker, the dash is the line you see between the dates of a person’s birth and death.

That person didn’t know when they’d be born, or when they’d die. However, here’s the deal, they were in total control of and owned their dash. The good, the bad, the painful, the joyous, the exciting, the happy, the ugly. In essence, they wrote their own eulogy by how they lived their life!

Hear my heart on this. I’m in no way referring to or talking about the awful things that’s happened to people that were totally out of their control. Things like abuse (physical, emotional, etc.), life happens and it’s not always pretty. Nevertheless, what I am talking about are all of the things that we can control, which is way more than you think. The times we settle for less both personally and professionally. All of the times and ways that we allow others to devalue our very being.

It’s time to own your DASH. To go for the things that are important to you, the dreams you have, and the gifts you’ve been given. It’s okay to take care of you, and to just go for it.

I’m writing my eulogy every day, and so are you. We can decide, and yes control, what will be said about us when we’re gone. So, honey, I’m working my DASH off! What will YOUR dash say about you?


You’re going to LOVE the Conference!!
Your DASH O ”
April 22, 2023
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