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Management Review Agenda V3 To comply with ISO9001:2015 clause 9.2.1 Management review inputs 27th March 2018 Present: Lucy Bennett-Poole, Tony Bennett-Poole, Adam Grant, Fabian Makal & Sarah Jaffray

Topic 1.

The status of actions from previous management reviews;

Comments All outstanding items from Management Review held on 5th October 2018 confirmed as completed with comments below: Written process for trade approval now held until the Dynamics launch. TP leads confirmed as not fit for purpose, PWS are now producing our own which is proving a better option.


changes in external and internal issues that are relevant to the quality management system;

Dynamics 365 is being sourced and will have a major impact on the business offering a cross function CRM. James from GCC Ltd completed a scoping exercise at PWS on 26 Mar19 looking at customization of certain areas to suit PWS requirements. Calibration data entered live by engineers has been requested. It was re-iterated that Customer Survey information entry will be key to building an accurate and comprehensive database. Giropes have a UKAS audit 27 & 28 Mar19, if this is successful then PWS will be able to issue UKAS certification for Bostik. Certificates will be issued under EU Law. Dynamics offers a cohesive flow in respect of calibration information with prepopulated previous readings that can be



No further action required

To be addressed upon Dynamics Launch.


Continue producing PWS alternative.

The quote from GCC is expected w/c 01 Apr19 from which senior management will then take a decision.


Giropes to inform us of the outcome of their audit. Brexit legislation changes must be considered.



overtyped and asset information in a dropdown list. 3.

information on the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system, including trends in; a) customer satisfaction and feedback from relevant interested parties; Customer Satisfaction

It was noted that the uptake on customer survey forms has not been successful as it’s believed to be to lengthy. The new job sheet with “smiley faces” have now been distributed to all engineers to promote and use from now onwards.

PWS recognize the satisfaction surveys have stalled but this is being addressed immediately with the new job form and quick tick survey. Going forward with the Dynamics installation a survey can be completed through an App. AG & SS to ensure all engineers highlight to customers and monitor the uptake.



FB to create a new job form in Jot Form as an interim measure. b) Process performance and conformity of products and services;

c) The extent to which quality objectives have been met; 1. Customer Complaints

Q4 conformity issues were reviewed. There have been a couple of issues with Dini supply, but no response received from them yet.

LBP closed out all open items as happy with the resolutions. Dini will be monitored, and an alternative Indicator supplier may well be sourced.

One complaint in Q4 18 from Mason Metals. PWS rectified the issue with the customer whose happy with the outcome.

Cannot be closed out yet as we are awaiting Mason Metals to fill in the pit as advised.

2. Staff Accidents



3. Damage to customer



4. Late Deliveries

National Refrigerants, Dini supplied the wrong part, PWS resolved the issue and the customer is happy with the outcome.

No further action.



5. Non-conforming Product

Q4 items reviewed and closed out.

No further action.

6. Warranty Returns

Q4 items reviewed and closed out where satisfied. One issue with Scaime still ongoing.

Awaiting update from Scaime.

7. Workshop Errors





One incident in Q4 18, action was taken and this has been closed out.

A full inspection of all deliveries upon receipt is now being undertaken by operations staff when in house and engineers when on site.



Up to date and no non conformities arising.

Continuous monitoring.

Carry out Internal Audit Assessment


Potton Delph are causing issues on lead times we believe our orders are being pushed back, though they haven’t disclosed anything yet.

Potton Delph, Turiers and Cognex will be monitored in respect of lead times.

8. Preventative Actions

9. Corrective Actions

10. monitoring and

measurement results;


External audit results;

b. Internal Audit results c.

Internal Audit Assessment


The performance of external providers;


Cognex don’t offer a repair process but SS has successfully dismantled a camera and fixed. HIK could be an alternative supplier. The adequacy of resources; a) Facilities - Office

b) IT / Software

Door entry system problematic with screens failing to display consistently.

New system to be sourced. Initially LBP to ask JSYS for information on their system.


UPS for the comms cabinet required as not all

TBP to source replacement UPS



PWS systems are backing up correctly and is not adequate to support the business growth. A replacement is estimated at around ÂŁ1400 + vat. c) Workshop

d) Vehicles

e) Kitchen & WC Facilities

Nothing major, small purchases will be made when required. In Q4 18 HF63 OAM & WP62 WZX were part exchanged against BT68 UHD. FG64 XWD body work has been repaired following non liability accident in Jan19. The Wildtrak will be sold privately as soon as possible with an aim to this funding Dynamics. A new van has been purchased with delivery Apr19 in respect of new engineer appointment. New fridge to be sourced. Maintenance required in the shower.


AG to get the Wildtrak cleaned. FM to photograph. SJ to advertise on Autotrader.

SJ to source new fridge. Builder to be sourced in respect of shower sealant and pipework repairs.





Sales Figures – a) New Goods

b) Contract

c) Service / Repair


the effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities

Q4 figures proving to be better than Q1 & Q2. Yearend will be completed end w/c 25th so a full report will be presented at the next management review. Q4 figures proving to be better than Q1 & Q2. Yearend will be completed end w/c 25th so a full report will be presented at the next management review. Q4 figures proving to be better than Q1 & Q2. Yearend will be completed end w/c 25th so a full report will be presented at the next management review.

To be discussed at the next management review.

Stock has been purchased in preparation of the Brexit outcome. Implications of leaving the EU

Brexit outcome considered in respect of supply, availability and importing.

Next Review

To be discussed at the next management review.

Next Review

To be discussed at the next management review.

Next Review


(see 6.1.);

have been discussed with the UK Weighing Federation. A disaster recovery plan has been looked at in respect of server failure.


opportunities for improvement.

Detailed skills assessments. PWS branding on scales imported. Dynamics offers the opportunity to finesse procedures.





Next Management Review date: 01/05/2019

Profile for positiveweighing

Management Review Minutes 27th March 2019  

Management Review Minutes 27th March 2019