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CHARLIE MAYFAIR We chat to brisbane’s charlie mayfair about their latest song and what’s coming up next for the indie-folk quintet. Give us the low down on Charlie Mayfair – how and when did the band form? The band formed in early 2010. We were all introduced through mutual friends, our singing teachers, uni and work and decided to get together and make some noise on quite folked up songs that Dave and I had been writing. We have changed a lot since then and we’re now all playing each other’s instruments and writing stories and songs together. Still making a lot of noise too. For those who haven’t heard your lovely music before, how would you describe your sound? That’s a tough one for most bands I think but I guess I’d describe our sound as epic, uplifting but melancholic. It’s reminiscent of the melodic beauty of artists like Bon Iver and Feist mixed with the intensity and rhythmic nature of bands like The National and Radiohead. Tell us about your latest single, ‘Waste Me’. Is there a story behind it? It’s basically a song about heartache, and more specifically when you realise that just because someone wants you, doesn’t mean they necessarily care about you. But sometimes getting something from someone you love is better than nothing at all and so you let yourself be used. And the video? It’s pretty brutal! Brutal but

strangely beautiful in a way I think. We wanted a dark clip that told the story of a ruined and unbalanced romantic relationship. Our producer and friend Jefferton James (Boy & Bear, Avalanche City) really delivered something intense and amazing with that in mind. It was shot over 2 days in the Southern Highlands in an actual settler’s cottage. I really love it and I love how dark and creepy it is. You guys have supported the likes of The Panics and Husky. That must have been a cool experience? So, so very cool. The Husky boys are lovely people and we really enjoyed playing with them and partying with them on the tour. The Panics’ support was pretty surreal. We’d been in Melbourne the night before for a show and flew home that day so it was a bit of a whirlwind weekend. We really respect both those bands and their careers so it was an honour to play alongside them. Funniest moment or incident whilst playing a gig? Our guitarist yelled “Shut the f*** up” at some people side of stage at our last gig when they were heckling at the beginning of a quiet and important song. I guess that was pretty funny. The Australian music scene is getting stronger every day, how does it feel to be a part of that? Feels pretty frigging great! And hopefully I can be a part of it forever and ever. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band? Um... do it now! Also, make sure you have a girl (or two) in the band because we’re the best. What’s next for Charlie Mayfair? Any recording or tour plans? We’re planning a tour with a couple of other bands for September this year so that’ll be sick. We’re also back into writing mode so we can get into the studio again as soon as possible. We’re getting really excited about our new songs and can’t wait to get them into the world. Oh shit yeah.


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