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Issue No. 9 Pony Anarchy is aimed at creative, fun and curious folk who enjoy Art, Photography, Fashion, Music and all things lovely! Founder/Editor Kristie Webster Contributors: Breerockbrand, Asher Lilley, Jeannine Tan, Claire Alice Young, Alicia Vega, Lisa Lindoe, Andrea Jankovic, Hana Haley, Rachel T. Fisher, Kelsea Kosko, Mayela Quintanilla, Cover: Photo by Kimberley Ross Advertising: for rates and information on advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways, text links and product reviews please contact us for a media kit. Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

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Artist feature: Kirbee, Bea & Gidget

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Sweet Treats by Jeannine Tan

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Artist feature: Kari Herer

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Some Kind of Wonderful by Claire Alice Young

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Paper Virgin by Hana Haley

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Edgar’s Mission Page 60 Creature Love by Rachel Thalia Fisher

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Photographer feature: Claire Alice Young

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November by Gema González

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Photographer Feature: Hana Haley

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Black Swan by Kelsea Kosko

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A Part of Me Page 84 The Girl & The Unicorn by Mayela Quintanilla

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Editors Note “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” − Anatole France I can only recall two moments in my life when I felt like my heart was actually phsycially breaking; when I was fifteen and my first real boyfriend dumped me and then late last year when my fur-bestfriend Buddy, passed away. Like many things in life, heartbreak is certain, especially when you own a pet. While they may only be in your life for a short time, they often leave the biggest mark. Buddy was my bestfriend for more than half of my life and over that time he taught me about responsibility, love and loyalty. As I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to him when he left, this issue of Pony Anarchy is my goodbye - a tribute to his life and our friendship. Sleep well, boy. I’ll miss you. Kristie x

js utpoia

p.s Besitos

gabby’s bazaar

modern naked

If you’d like some sweet nail art without paying salon prices then we suggest heading over to Js Utopia and grab some of these water transfer stickers! Cute as and a smidge of the price you’d pay for a mani. www.etsy.com/shop/JsUtopia

If you like classic novels and handbags then you’re going to love these chic handmade book clutches by Spanish artist, Jessica Bermudez. Whether you’re into Lolita, Peter Rabbit or Pride & Prejudice, P.S Besitos has them all. www.etsy. com/shop/psBesitos

With a passion for colour, flowers, animals, literature, photographs that tell a story, history and pretty things in general, Gabby’s Bazaar offers whimsical, feminine and just all ‘round fabulous jewellery. We especially love the floral cat brooches! www.etsy.com/shop/GabbysBazaar

Modern Naked is an accessories line founded by Spainish designer, Solange Carneiro. From their quirky rings and brooches to their super cute silk scarves, it’s safe to say we’re a little bit enchanted with this etsy store! www.etsy.com/ shop/modernnaked

i love doodle

Whimsy whimsical

i know


Lim Heng Swee is an illustrator and visual artist living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Through his illustrations and designs, Lim hopes to generate a sense of joy and happiness and of course, doodle a smile on people’s faces! www.ilovedoodle.com

Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods is a series of paper goods inspired by lovely little forest animals, illustrated and designed by Malaysian artist, Yee Von. If you’re looking for some V-Day cards pop over to Yee’s store and pick up one of these lovely fox cards! etsy.com/shop/whimsywhimsical

I Know is a new clothing label by Isabel Knowles. Started up in late 2011, Isabel strives to create fashionable, long lasting & interesting items of clothing from ethically sourced fabrics. Isabel runs the label on her own & every piece is handmade by herself in her little home studio on Dartmoor, England. www.isabelknowles.com

Octopurse is a purse label started by Belgium mother and bookseller, Daphne. After learning to sew only four years ago, Daphne began creating purses as a hobby and now sells her designs for the pure pleasure of meeting new people and doing what she loves. etsy.com/shop/lovestaygold

Flowers &

Whiskers Photography ‒ Asher Lilley Models ‒ Casey Hills & Simba the Bunny Wardrobe ‒ Fabled & True, Blossom Assistant ‒ Kirralee Pavy

Kirbee, bea & gidget Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Kirbee Lawler and I am 24 year old illustrator and designer living in Sydney. I am a collector of many things including old keys, vintage cameras, cute owl and deer figurines and I love to give a new lease of life to many things that otherwise may go un-noticed. How would you describe your work? I would describe the style of my work as being whimsical, natural, quirky, dream-like. I love story telling and especially how art can tell different stories to different people. I like to get as much detail into my art as possible- I love getting caught up in textures and patterns, and love that you can almost feel the fur of an animal and the bark on a tree with your eyes. When I was young i used to love the story books with illustrations that looked so real- but you knew they weren’t real because things like swamp monsters don’t exist (right?) and I like to juxtapose those two things, looking real but at the same time knowing that it isn’t. The theme of my work varies from time to time, but I feel that the main theme running through my work is storytelling and evoking feelings of nostalgia and the past. I love creating whimsical illustrations that allow people to attach their own story to them, but for me creating my illustrations allows me to explore themes that I am curious about, such as the past, family, lost stories, love, loss and raw emotions. A lot of the things that appear in my work have specific meanings to me, like secret messages just for me to see. I am inspired by the Victorian era in illustration, daydreams and nature, and use pencil and digital techniques to create illustrations that are highly detailed and capture part of a story, a glimpse into a world part real part imagined. How and when did Beatrix and Gidget come into your life? Gidget has been our family dog for many years now! She is 7 and still behaves like a puppy! We love her so much, she is very mischievous and naughty, but instead of calling her naughty we like to say that her spirit has not been broken! She is a gorgeous dog, Border Collies are so smart, she makes a wonderful companion to us. I grew up with our Border Collie called Molly and it was a few years between her passing away and adopting Gidget into our lives- but once we had Gidget it was hard to imagine not living with a dog for so long. Animals really can make you feel so happy just by looking at their faces. I had wanted a bunny for so long, I had a little dwarf bunny when I was little, and this time last year I decided it was time to adopt a bunny. I researched different bunny breeds and came across the Rex breed and read that they are the equivalent of a Border Collie in the

rabbit world- very smart and super cute! I found a lady that had Beatrix, fell in love with the photo of her and went to pick her up the next week! I had her name picked out for her before I got her- named after one of my favourite illustrators, Beatrix Potter (and I also thought she looked a little like Peter Rabbit!) and when I picked her up I had never felt anything so soft! She is a gorgeous little (actually she is not so little anymore!) bunny who is loved by my whole family! She is so smart too- more like a cat than a rabbit! I think bunnies make the best pets for adults! Did you have pets when you were younger? Yes! I think it is so important for kids to grow up with animals, it teaches them to respect and care for something. Mum is a vet nurse, so I have always been around animals, from rescue possums to dogs; sometimes our house was a bit of a zoo! Many of your lovely illustrations are of animals; do you think having Beatrix and Gidget around has influenced your work? They have absolutely influenced my work, you can learn expressions and the way they do things, I definitely think my rabbit drawings have improved since Beatrix! It is little things like seeing an expression on their face that will spark an idea for an illustration. Are you working on anything new at the moment? I have been working on lots of new things, from cards and new prints and brooches to an illustrated scarf that I had wanted to do for a very long time! I am also working on an illustrated book, it has been in the works for about a year and a half now, but I am still going on that one! Favourite animal? That’s a hard one! I love all the woodland animals- rabbits, deer, owls – and I think it shows in my work! That is all I seem to draw! But I don’t think I could pick a favourite, it depends on my mood! Animals have been a focal point in art for centuries and are still as relevant as ever today, why do you think that is? I just think that humans have a really strong connection to the animal world. I think a lot of artists are sensitive in the way they pick up on emotions other than their own, and for some people those emotions that are picked up on are animals ones. I think the love that comes from an animal or pet is unconditional- they don’t judge, they don’t hold grudges if you treat them well, and they are so easy to please. I think people can learn a lot from them! What’s your favourite thing about having pets? The feeling of coming home after a bad day and having them waiting there for pats- they really do know how to make us happy! To check out Kirbee’s work head to www.kirbee.net


treats Photography ─ Jeannine Tan Model ─ Belle Perez @ FRM Styling ─ Katrina Vasquez MUA ─ Patricia Mae Eleazar Hair ─ Jessica Del Re

Kari Herer we chat to Portland based photographer Kari Herer about her nature inspired, body of work.

with and start arranging them on top of my drawings. This lasts for a few days while I have the flowers to work with. I shoot from above so that I can arrange, rearrange, and photograph very quickly before the flowers wilt. Everything is fresh and constantly changing from hour to hour. I prefer it this way. Which designers, artists or other creatives are you inspired by? So many artists have inspired my work and the list continues to grow daily. A few would be Cig Harvey for her soul, Richard Notkin for

Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming a photographer, and to

his perfection, Penny De Los Santos for her vision, and Alicia Mordenti for her drive. I’m also currently

creating the style of work you’re currently making? My mom was an artist/gardener and my father

inspired by my two daughters who show me every day that there is something interesting to learn and

a science teacher. Growing up we always had unusual animals surrounding us in our suburban home.

explore. What do you love most about being a photographer? As a photographer I love my lifestyle.

I remember one time we received large frogs in the mail that we kept in a baby pool in our hallway.

I’m so fortunate to have found something that I enjoy doing while creating a career. Mostly I love the

One of my fondest childhood memories was waiting for a monarch’s chrysalis to turn clear and hatch

friends and community I have found. You’ve taken some beautiful portraits of animals – do enjoy

under our kitchen table. In high school my mom gave me an old camera and I was able to gain access

those kinds of shoots the most? There is something really special about each and every shoot that I

to a photo lab. Years later after getting my BFA, I picked up a camera again. It’s always felt natural to

do but yes, I love shooting portraits of animals. They don’t have insecurities that humans have which

combine animals and flowers into my pictures. I see it as a combination of my childhood, my DNA,

let them be vulnerable to the camera. The biggest challenge about shooting an animal is trust. Once

and passion to make pictures. You often work with both illustration and photography - Can you

you gain trust it’s easy. Best advice you’ve been given? I try to always be a better artist, mother, wife,

give us a little insight into your process? I have lived in a cold climate most of my life so usually the

daughter and friend than I was yesterday. What inspires you to keep creating? I always ask myself,

seasons inspire a new series. The magnolia trees start to bloom in late April and peonies come out in late

“could this be better or could have I done better” and the answer is usually – yes.

June with a few possibly showing up in December. Before collecting the flowers, I have new illustrations and my lighting already set up in my studio. I wait until I can get a variety of buds and blooms to work

To see more of Kari’s work head to www.kariherer.com

Some Kind

of Wonderful Photography ‒ Claire A. Young Model ‒ Paige Deery Hair & Makeup ‒ Sheran @ MakyajModel Styling ‒ Kristie Webster

Miss Patina Some Kind of Wonderful Dress $114.50

Miss Patina Great Gatsby Glamour Dress $88.80, I Love Billy Jasmine Wedge Sandals $59.95

Miss Patina Peter Pan Collar Cotton Dress $67.70

Miss Patina Balmy Nights Blouse $69.15, Miss Patina Do you know the way to San JosĂŠ? Shorts $60.10

Kimberley Ross Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Kimberley and even if my name doesn’t sound like it, I’m Italian. I moved from Rome to New York City a year and a half ago to attend a program at the School of the International Center of Photography. After the program I decided to stay and now I live in Brooklyn. How would you describe your photographic style? If I should choose a word to describe it, I would say intuitive. I don’t like to over think my pictures and I hate the idea of having to follow a project. Your images focus heavily on nature, most particularly animals – what makes them so special to you? For as long as I remember I’ve always been in love with animals. I was the kind of kid who would find a wounded lizard in the garden and bring it to the vet. I think I take so many pictures of animals because I find it easy, and in a way it compensates my desire of taking portraits. I’d love to take more portraits, but interacting with people scares me, a lot. But animals are different, I feel instantly connected. And their beauty never ceases to amaze me. What inspires you to keep shooting? My biggest source of inspiration comes from music and films. I listen to an insane amount of music and I go the movies 2-3 times a week. Favourite animal? If I should just pick a random animal I would probably say polar bears, they’re funny and very sad at the same time. But the animal I loved the most in my life is my dog. She passed away almost a year ago. She was in Rome and I was here in New York. It has been the single most devastating experience of my life. Which photographer has had the greatest influence on you? There are many photographers whose work I love and admire, but I find it very difficult to understand if and how they may have influenced me. Right now my favourite photographers are mostly Japanese and women: Rinko Kawauchi, Lieko Shiga, Mayumi Hosokura. I feel a special affinity with Japanese photography. Best advice you’ve been given or wish you’d been given? Try to do what you really love, whatever it is. To view more of Kimberley’s work, head to www.kimberleyross.net



Photography ‒ Alicia Vega Model ‒ Becka Sims Hair & Make-up ‒ Mandy Denson Styling ‒ Splendor Boutique

Emily Winfield Martin is an artist and maker of paintings, books, and other lovely things. With a BFA from the University of Georgia, Emilyblives and works among the giant fir trees of Portland, OR. When she was small, she spent every moment drawing, reading, dressing rabbits in fancy clothes, and having many peculiar daydreams. When she grew up, she began to illustrate those peculiar daydreams, and in 2005, she began selling her work under her label The Black Apple. www.emilywinfieldmartin.com

Ana Elisa Egreja is a young Brazilian artist living and working in Sao Paulo. Ana Elisa paints her local fauna within domestic spaces, giving it human traits and behaviours. With a BA in Visual Arts from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Brazil Ana Elisa combines overlapping patterns and iconic elements to create surreal imagery that is an ode to nature and painting mastery. Ana Elisa has exhibited her work all over brazil and is currently represented by Galeria Leme. www.flickr.com/photos/anaelisaegreja

erin paisley is a self-taught artist and mumma from Milwaukee, USA. When she’s not looking after her two lovely children, Erin makes dreamy, wistful watercolors of animals, windswept girls and fantasy floral motifs. From her paintings to her embroidery, Erin’s work is uniquely identifiable and intricate. All of her work is created on a whim and often inspired by music and her moods. www.erinpaisley.com

julia pott is a young, quirky illustrator and short film-maker. Equal parts English and American, Julia was raised in London and now, after duping the Royal College of Art into christening her a Master of Animation, resides in Brooklyn, NY. Julia employs awkward animated characters to act out her inner confusions and has worked for clients such as Etsy, Toyota & Bat for Lashes. Her adorable films have also been shown at major events like Sundance & SXSW. www.juliapott.com

I’m a bird Photographer - Lisa Lindøe Model - Solveig Aurora


Homako is a feminine and quirky line of felt and fabric accessories by Japanese designer Yoko Minemura Vega. Yoko’s creative journey began at age thirteen when her grandmother first taught her to sew. With a passion for fashion and creating, Yoko then went on to study Fashion Design in Tokyo. She now resides in Los Angeles with her husband and furbaby, Poppin. When she’s not travelling around, Yoko makes unique necklaces and hair clips inspired by some of her favourite things, such as icecream, polkadots, vintage fabrics, and origami. Using lightweight materials in pastel and neutral tones, her designs are bold but comfortable and easy to wear. www.etsy.com/shop/Homako

Scout’s Honour Photography ‒ Andrea Jankovic Model ‒ Isobel Larkin Creative Direction ‒ Rachel Burke Wardrobe ‒ The Hiding Tree

denise nestor denise nestor chats to us about her whimsical & intricate illustrations of furry and feathered creatures.

other artists that have had a significant influence on you and your work? There are so many artists that inspire me, every day I come across someone new. I love Jenny Morgan’s work. I also love Talitta Hoffman and Pamela Wilson at the moment. Klimt and Schiele were big influences on me when I was younger and still are in lots of ways. Your work often includes animal imagery, why is that? Ever since I was a kid I’ve always drawn animals and birds. I grew up in the countryside so nature has always been an inspiration to me. Now I use animals and birds in a more symbolic way, referencing their symbolism in

Tell us a little about your background – What path led you to becoming an artist, and to creating the style of work you’re currently making? I’ve always wanted to be an artist or illustrator, but I genuinely never thought I could make a living from it, I felt that it was something I’d have to do on the side. I studied Graphic Design in college, loved it and I still work part time as a designer, but art and illustration will always come first for me. I think I may have been too cautious when I was younger because it’s entirely possible to have a stable career doing what I do and I’m loving every minute of it. How would you describe your work? I would describe it as being quite subtle work, largely inspired by nature, animal symbolism and mythology. Can you give us a little insight into your process? What materials do you use? I usually begin by researching reference imagery based on an idea I’ve had, it’s a rough way of ‘sketching’ it out and attempting to form the initial visuals. I then roughly Photoshop different images together to get a better idea of the composition and to plan the drawing out. I then map out the whole piece lightly with pencil and then begin to work in the detail section by section with pencil. I usually begin with 5H, then work up to HB, then B, then 2B and then 4B for the darker areas. It’s a slow build up. It can take me a whole week of work to complete a single drawing. Are there any

mythology and also in the metaphorical sense. As well as that I really enjoy the technical aspect of trying to capture their varying textures and details, it seems like there’s a never ending supply of inspiration for me when it comes to nature so I think it will always be part of my work. What do you love most about being an artist? The thing I love most about being an artist is the satisfaction of realizing an idea, being able to recreate an image or thought that you have in your head. It feels so rewarding to actually see it manifest itself on paper and to be able to preserve it in that way and share it with other people. I love being able to slow things down and make an otherwise fleeting thought or idea feel more tangible. Best advice you’ve been given? I’m sure someone must have told me at some point that hard work pays off. I’ve thrown away far more failed drawings than I’ve ever completed, and that can be really discouraging, but you just have to keep working at it and you eventually find your own stlye and a level of confidence in what you’re doing. What inspires you to keep creating? I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it rarely feels like a chore and I feel lucky that I have an outlet like this, I find it so rewarding. See more of Denise’s work at www.denisenestorillustration.com

Paper virgin Photography - Hana Haley Model - Sarah Abney Styling - Thriftedandmodern.com

edgar’s mission Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit Farm Sanctuary set on 60 peaceable acres in Willowmavin, Australia, that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Founded by Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission is named after her first rescued pig and animal embassador, Edgar. The farm now provides life-long love and care to over 250 animals including bunnies, pigs, dogs, horses and more. The aim of the farm sanctuary is to open people’s hearts and minds to what truly wonderful creatures farmed animals really are, rather than merely thinking about them when their lives have ended or the commodities that they can produce. Through education, advocacy and empowerment Edgar’s Mission endeavours to promote compassionate and cruelty free living. Their mission is simple, their mission is kindness. To find out how you can be apart of Edgar’s Mission head to www.edgarsmission.org.au

The Hiding Tree


love Photography & Styling ─ Rachel Thalia Fisher Models ─ Natalia Forsey & Emily Coon Makeup ─ Andrea Kennedy Clothing ‒ LF stores, American Apparel

Claire Alice Young

creatives you’re really into at the moment? I will always be inspired by the online photographic community that is made up of so many talented young photographers; Nirrimi Firebrace, Julia Trotti, Caitlin Worthington, Eleanor Hardwick. I also love the work of Tim Walker, Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz. If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be? I’ve always had a secret dream to meet and assist Tim Walker. He has the ability to create entirely new worlds within his pictures, his imagination must be endless. What has been your biggest hurdle photographically and how did you overcome it? My on-going hurdle has been to finally feel proud of my pictures and I think this past year I have learnt to love what I create. I would sketch an idea down in my notebook and it would be an endless battle to create exactly what I could see in my mind. Now I am bridging that gap between my imagination and my camera, something that only gets easier with practice. Oh and I have the procrastination bug! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? When my mother realised that photography wasn’t just a hobby for me, she told me to always follow my heart. ‘Do something that you love everyday, find a way to make that your career.’ I think it all comes down to this: happiness is greater than money, you will always be wealthy if you are happy. What tips do you have for other aspiring photographers like yourself? Practice! Don’t let a day go by that you haven’t picked up your camera or edited a picture or even scribbled down an idea you’d like to create. Give yourself completely to your passion, don’t let anything stand in your way. You need to take risks to receive results. What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next? I am currently working on props for a shoot this coming weekend, it will be full of magic, dreams and wishes. This year I am planning to push my comfort zone and work on tasks that are new and exciting... and a little bit scary too.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you first became interested in photography? I’m a twenty-year young photographer who made the move to bustling Melbourne from my hometown Adelaide to pursue my burning passion. I live in a ramshackle cottage in a seaside suburb with my love (who conveniently doubles as my personal chef ) and our little rascally rabbit, Arnie. We have big dreams of selling our possessions and beginning a life of endless travel, living on the road with a little van as our home. I first became interested in photography at age fourteen, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the night with only the glow of my computer screen for company. I had discovered the work of young photographers through DeviantArt and I was feeling endlessly inspired. I have always felt the need to create, whether it be painting or sculpting or drawing, but I was always disappointed that I couldn’t create the images exactly how I saw them in my mind. I saved enough money to buy an old second hand DSLR and I’ve never looked back. How would you describe your photographic style? Soft, feminine and full of life. I am trying to capture the moments in between, when the subject is blissfully unaware of my camera. What do you do when you’re not shooting? I’m always creating! Right now I am making sea glass pendants and hand-made dream catchers. I also spend my days sewing and recycling vintage clothes, there is always a creative task going on in my house! What does photography mean to you? Photography is my way of communicating, it is how I express my thoughts and ideas. I’ve never been very good with words so instead I take pictures. Where do you find your creative inspiration? Everywhere and anywhere, I think I am most inspired when I am travelling. I always take my little black notebook with me so that I can scribble down my ideas whenever they appear, on a sunset train ride, or a long car journey through the winding countryside, or watching the sleeping clouds through a plane window. Are there any other photographers or To view more of Claire’s work, head to www.clairealiceyoung.com

november Photography - Gema Gonzรกlez Model - Aina Reig Styling - Gisela Cid Hair - Monica Tasinchana Makeup - Fina Serrano

Hana Haley

we chat to hana haley, one of our favourite fashion photographers, about her work & aspirations. 3 words that describe you. Cartoon-ish, mindful, sarcastic. 3 words that describe your work. Lonesome, lustful, florid. When did you first become interested in photography? I first became interested in photography when I was 15 and I needed to take pictures of myself for MySpace. It began with taking photographs of cats, feet, cake, things like that. I became interested in film cameras when I formed a crush on a male who used one. What are you working on at the moment? Right now I am taking a rest from shooting to focus on my acting studies. Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs? My photographs are like stray eyelashes that have fallen loose from my lids to exist somewhere else-- that’s how personal they seem, anyway. I grew up very quietly in a cabin in the woods when I was young, and I suppose I am always reliving my childhood in my pictures by placing young women in isolated locations. My forest surroundings were rare and unusual, and these are the same surroundings I like to catch in photos. I suppose I am trying to say “I miss my childhood” in all my pictures. What inspires you? Emotions, colours and weather. If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be? Wendy Bevan. Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken? This photo is amongst my favorites. It was maybe the 3rd photo I ever took with my film camera. It was my first time photographing a girl the way I’d imagined. We took this photo at my friend’s grandmother’s home at 3am. We were whispering the whole time as to not wake anyone up, and then we had ice cream afterward. It just reminds me of the beginning! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? “Film your murders like love scenes and film your love scenes like murders.” Do you have a specific goal you’d like to achieve in your photographic career? I would love to shoot more documentary styled photographs. To see more of Hana’s work head to www.hanahaley.com


(1) Marsupials of Australia by Amy Borrell (2) Buck Yourself brooch by Kitschy Galore (3) Picasso Cats scarf by Leah Goren (4) One of us is completely harmless by Allyson Mellberg (5) Darling Elephantine pedestal by La Boom (6) Feathers by Luci Everett

w o n t i m b Su f o t r a p a e b o t 0 1 . o N e u s s I


Swan Photography ‒ Kelsea Kosko Models ‒ Kate @ NEXT, Martina @ Women Direct, Yana @ Muse Styling ‒ Jaclyn Bethany Makeup ‒ Caroline Baribeau & Rachel Mohwinkel

A part of Me is a collaboration between Kajsa Kvernmo and Kate Brook, a partnership bound by a mutual affinity for handcrafted techniques, narrative and the natural world. Each garment has a story and the designers want to introduce a connection between the garment, the wearer and the maker.

the girl & the unicorn Photography - Mayela Quintanilla Model - Jesy Almaguer Styling - Gabriela Bulnes

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.