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Issue No. 7 Pony Anarchy is aimed at creative, fun and curious folk who enjoy Art, Photography, Fashion, Music and all things lovely! Founder/Editor Kristie Webster Contributors: Sofie Olejnik, Lauren Carney, Tiffany Dawn Nicholson, Dania Masiero, Tinpan Orange, Louise Wright, Sara Mautone, Scott Laytart, Melissa Chaib, Vivienne Mok, Andrea Jankovic, Vikky Ivie, Gingerlilytea Photography, Davis Sharma, Natalia Lowicka, Shaelah Ariotti, Cat Lane, Sophie Pelligrini, Gwenadue, Sophie Chan Andreassand. Cover Photographer: Scott Laytart Model: Meg Saunders @NEXT Stylist/Designer: Zoe Flood MUA: Sasha Kirstein Araujo Advertising: for rates and information on advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways, text links and product reviews please contact us for a media kit. Contact Website: www.ponyanarchy.com General enquiries: ponyanarchy@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ponyanarchymagazine Twitter: @ponyanarchy Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Email addresses are published for professional communications only.

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Dear ponies, I’ve always been a winter girl but this year my attitude towards the wet and windy season has changed. For the first time in a very long time I’m actually looking forward to the warmer months ahead and what they entail; blue skies, fresh flowers in bloom, longer days and light sun dresses. This issue is jam-packed with blossoming creatives, lovely looks for your spring strolls through the park and of course, comely editorials. We are excited to feature the new spring/summer collection for Remorsk Sleepwear designed by Melbourne’s Sophie Chan Andreassend as well as the new collections from Lonely Hearts and Lady Petrova. For all of you Tinpan Orange fans out there, we chat to frontwoman Emily about the new album and what the band have been up to over the last few years. Simon Filip tells us what he loves most about photography and Lauren Carney talks about her work and what influences those quirky characters.

Kristie x

made by white

pretty used things

Ooooh Stitchy


Run by two creative sisters Lyndsay and Kelly, Made by White sell a large range of wooden, laminate and perspex brooches, earrings and necklaces that are based on original drawings by some of our favourite artists, including Lauren Carney, Mel Stringer and Candy Stripe Cloud.

Pretty Used Things offers you exactly that, pretty used things! The vintage magpies behind Pretty Used Things are passionate about making vintage wearable for all shapes and sizes whether the styles are “on trend“ or not. We’re pretty fond of their collection of shirts and blouses. Swooon!

Ooooh Stitchy is the home of brightly colored embroidery hoops full of pop-culture references and other bits of joy guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Our personal favourite is the “You go Glen Coco” hoop.

Chinapig items are of three categories; on-trend with a yearned for “twist” of assured individuality, classically elegant or hand made with a bit of the above and beyond. Everything in store is absolutely amazing and luckily the prices are too!




good clothing


Ichigo Vintage

Parisian art director, Séverine Monsonégo is the founder of Oelwein; a store that sells handmade creations including tote bags, stationary and other various homewares. Inspired by nature and pattern, Séverines’ work has a strong, poetic style.

Good is a Cape Town based label that offers women of all ages, simple but on-trend styles that are easy-to-wear and flattering. Their aim is to make clothing that makes you feel good and look good.

Nina van de Goor is a 29-year-old Dutch design, art & craft lover & maker with a serious obsession with ceramics. Nina collects mid-century ceramics and tableware and then adds her own little bit of love to them.

For Ichigo Vintage it’s spring all the time! If you’re the type of lass that likes pastels, high-waists, and pretty blouses then we suggest you head to the Ichigo etsy store asap.







Sweet As Candy Photography – Sofie Olejnik Model - Alanah @Modelwerk Styling - Sofie Olejnik

mona In March 2012 a retro kingdom full of super delicious, feminine and classic clothing was born. Run by young designer, Moriah Hemed, Mona pieces are colourful, nostalgic and fun. With an abundance of petite bows, high waist skirts, floral blouses and peter pan collars, Mona is the perfect label for any stylin’ lady. Head over to www.etsy. com/shop/ilovemona to buy your own magical Mona pieces now. Free international shipping... Booo-yah!


lauren carney finds inspiration in her inner dork. Tell us a little about yourself. I am a Brisbane based Illustrator, who enjoys the company of young trendies, and viewing old Kurt Russell Films. I spend my time doing fancy drawings whilst sipping copious amounts of tea. Three words that describe your art: Whimsical, colourful, lovely. What mediums do you generally work with? Moleskin Art Diary, A 0.005 Art-line Pen, Watercolour paints and different textured papers. Then I move to the digital stage, where I scan everything and colour away in Adobe Photoshop. Have you always fancied art? Yes – from when I was about 4 I would draw outrageous pictures, and mini zines, it’s only 20 years on that you can actually make out what the drawings are. Your characters are ridiculously adorable and somewhat cheeky, where do you draw inspiration from? Your own personality perhaps? Hah, I hope this doesn’t come across as pretentious, but I like to think there is a little part of me in every character I create. I can embrace being awkward, messy, nerdy and a little bit odd. It’s something that lots of people can relate to. I want my images to convey a sense of nostalgia, and show qualities that people can connect with upon first glance. I’m on the small side of things, so like to draw my people that way. The girls are cheeky with tiny boobs, and the fellows are always adorably dorky with bow ties and glasses! What are you working on at the moment? Anything exciting? Well I am in the process of churning out a new spring shirt collection, wrapping up a children’s book and finalizing a few collaborations with arty lady Sophie Blackhall-Cain for the Terrible Twos exhibition coming up in Brisbane soon. Are there any mediums or other creative avenues you’d like to explore but haven’t? I would really LOVE to get into murals. I have such a great respect for artists that work on a large scale, and spray painting just seems to blow my mind. I’d definitely love to try my hand at it, with a Master Jedi of the street art world (Like Ghostpatrol, Pierre Lloga or Ceepy) to teach me the tricks of the trade. Are there any other artists or individuals that have had a significant influence on your practice? Dave Collinson has always been my Art hero, and probably always will be. That kid taught me everything I know on Photoshop, and I wouldn’t have been able to shape up without his help during my early days. I also adore everything that Charmaine Olivia, Audrey Kawasaki and Brittany Lee have created. What’s your ultimate goal in terms of your art and designs? Well, to be honest – I’d really like to see my t-shirt label take off on an international scale (sounds a little ambiguous of me, but hey, a goal is a goal, why not aim high?) and to become a resident in Japan for some time, and continue exhibiting and creating over there. What do you enjoy the most about being an artist? I love what I do. Why not get paid to do something that you enjoy? But it would definitely be the way my work impacts on people. There is nothing more delightful then gauging a person’s reaction when they see your art. It sparks a little bit of curiosity at first then a giggle. It’s nice to know that my work can connect with people in that sense. www.laurencarneyart.com

Model - Hayley @Centro Models Makeup/Hair - Loni Hale Wardrobe Styling - Clarissa V. Pierre Photography - Tiffany Dawn Nicholson

tiffany dawn nicholson we pick tiffany nicholsons’ brain about her work and inspirations. Tell us a little about yourself. I am 28 years old and live in Chicago Illinois with my boyfriend Jacques. I’m a pretty simple girl. I work as a freelance photographer and have been solely photographing since the beginning of 2011. It has been a struggle but I’ve found that it continues to get easier and its great to not have my time divided. 3 words that describe you? Easy-Breezy, Quiet and perceptive. 3 words that describe your work? Feminine, youthful and luminescent. When did you first become interested in photography? I was interested at a very early age but didn’t begin to pursue photography until the end of my sophomore year in college. I began college thinking I would end up concentrating in painting but as a Fine art major they want you to take foundation courses for the first two years before deciding. After my first photo class I changed my mind from

painting to photography. What inspires you? I gain inspiration from a lot of different places. The photographers I look up to seem to gain their inspiration through experience. For example Ryan McGinley or Michael Donovan. As obsessed as I am at looking at blogs, magazines and other photographers work, I am trying to reach into other areas of my life and put the researching aside for now. What are you doing when you’re not taking photos? Baking, working out, and cuddling with my boyfriend… I have been somewhat of a hermit outside of photography for the past 6 months but really love music and typically enjoy going to shows/dancing… and that sort of thing. Do you have any weird creative rituals or routines? Nothing really out of the ordinary, however, I do maintain a Pinterest and utilize it for most every shoot I plan. I have boards that I store makeup ideas into, hair ideas into, styling etc. Then when comes to planning a shoot I look through my archive boards and begin building the shoots’ board. What are you working on at the moment? Taking a break. I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had much time to reflect or figure out what I want to do next which is very much an important part of my creative process. As fun as it is to be inspired in the moment I really like to plan things. I think my best works are the ones that I really envision prior. There is always still room to be inspired once a shoot happens but having a clear idea of what you want to do before helps with ensuring the styling, hair, makeup, location and model will all blend together. I also desperately need to update my website. I haven’t updated it in over a year so I plan

to work on that as well as figuring out what I want to do next while taking a break. I’m not sure how long the break will last but hopefully long enough to accomplish what I want to accomplish.Do you have any advice or inspiring words for others looking to start a career in the photography world? Practice makes perfect. The best way to get started is just to get started. Don’t wait around for anyone to tell you how to do it. Just begin doing it. You’ll learn a lot in the process. My favorite quote is by chuck close. This is what helped me get started. “The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you. If you’re sitting around trying to dream up a great art idea, you can sit there a long time before anything happens. But if you just get to work, something will occur to you and something else will occur to you and something else that you reject will push you in another direction. Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down to work, and I find that’s almost never the case.” - Chuck Close www.tdnphoto.com

melancholy Photographer – Dania Masiero Model – Masha Gandzuk @MP management Stylist – Sara Rendina Makeup Artist – Laura Mor Hair stylist - Nicoletta Gauci

dania masiero

we chat to dania masiero about her interest in photography. 3 words that describe you? Dreamer, emotional and passionate. 3 words that describe your work? Ethereal, melancholic and intense. When did you first become interested in photography? I first became interested in photography around seven years ago when I started to work on myself taking self-portraits. A short time later I started to take pictures of some girls and of people who inspired me. Afterwords, I got interested in fashion photography and I started to cooperate with several fashion agencies. I always try to go beyond clothing, statuesque poses, or the stereotypes of fashion. I would really do not like to lose sight of the intimate side of photography. I would like people who watch my photoes to see its soul as well. Film or digital? Digital. I would like to put me to the test with film, though. I like the magic of film, it goes beyond any time and space. What inspires you? Memories, melancholy and beauty inspire me. Watching colours that covey a sense of peace and serenity inspires me as well. What are you working on at the moment? Any particular projects? I have a lot of ideas in my mind that I would really like to carry out as soon as possible, as soon as I will be back from my holidays at the end of August. I cannot wait to catch the light and to write my dreams and aesthetic views on it. I will continue my project on the topic of eternal youth, seen as the memory of it, not as the freezing of youth. Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken? One of the photoes that means the most to me was taken some months ago during “A Shining Desire” shooting. Viktoriia, the model, is sitting on the ground and she is leaning on a tree. Her face and her gaze look at the sky and it seems that Viktoriia is asking the sky to make her dreams come true, yet inside of her there is a great willpower and nothing she can dream about is impossible. This my way to see the world and, in some way, it is my own story as well. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? “If you don’t lie, you’ll never have to remember anything.” What’s coming up next on your calendar? I am planning to collaborate with a clothing collection that I like very much and I am confident it will not be all about fashion... we will try to create atmospheres, suggestions, we will try to tell a story. www.daniamasiero.tumblr.com

cat rabbit Melbourne based textile artist Cat-Rabbit spends equal amounts of time sewing, drinking tea and thinking about owning a pug dog. Alongside exhibiting her work locally and internationally, Cat has collaborated with other Melbourne artists like Ghostpatrol and Isobel Knowles. All of her work is made without a pattern and therefore everything she creates turns out differently each time, giving each work a real unique element. So if you’re like us and dig crazy colourful plush characters and intricate felt jewellery then you should check Cat-Rabbit out at www.catrabbit.com.au

TINPAN ORANGE We had a chat to Emily, frontwoman of Melbourne’s Tinpan Orange. 3 words that describe Tinpan Orange? Adventurous, nostalgic and mellifluous. It’s been a few years now since your last album The Bottom of the Lake was released. What have you guys been up too between now and then? A lot of touring. We’ve been to most corners of the country a number of times; we’ve toured Europe and Canada quite extensively, and played many festivals all over the place. We took some time off because I had a baby last year. We were recording a big chunk of this album when I was 7 months pregnant and we were back doing shows when he was 2 and a half months so I guess you could say, despite not putting out any records, we’ve been keeping busy. We’re excited about the new album here at Pony Anarchy. What should we expect from Over The Sun? It’s different to our older stuff. I feel like my song writing has come a long way. We also worked with producer, Steven Schram, who is a very fearless man. He was not afraid to put our songs in a blender and watch them swirl! Were there any particular influences or inspiration behind this album? Nancy Sinatra meets Edith Piaf who has breakfast with the Beachboys who goes surfing with Martin Scorceses who shares an ice-cream with Leonard Cohen.. Do you have any personal favourites on the album yet? How could you ask such a question? It’s like asking me to choose my favourite child! But I’ll say this, Barcelona makes me happy, Supergirl makes me feel strong, Round the Twist makes me smile and the title track makes me feel sad but in a good way. How has your music evolved since Tinpan Orange first began? Well we started off as a brother and sister playing break up songs on acoustic guitars.. Then we met Alex Burkoy who is an absolute force of nature when it comes to anything with strings.. Then we met Harry Angus who is a mad professor when it comes to most instruments and song writing in general (and the love of my life) then we met Daniel Farrugia, who plays drums like a motherfucker (in the most incredibly complimentary Miles Davis way...) and that brings us to the present day. What do you love about making music? I love playing live. I love listening to my band play, connecting with an audience, jumping around on stage and forgetting about what’s going on outside of this dark room... Are there any particular and possibly hilarious gigs or moments that you’ll never forget? When we were first starting out we played in a tin shed bar in Darwin where they would announce over the very loud loudspeaker when the meals were ready to collected from the kitchen.. We’d be halfway into one of our acoustic guitar, break up songs and we’d hear ‘Order 24!.. Order 24!!!’ crashing down from tin shed heavens. Some hungry punter was happy to hear it I guess. Best advice you’ve ever been given? “If you keep thinking about the worst possible scenario and then it happens, it means you’ve lived it twice”. Actually that guy from Back To The Future said it but I wish I had. What’s next? Do you have any plans for a national tour? Yes, we will be taking ‘Over the Sun’ on the road in October and November and heading back to Canada and North America for their 2013 summer. More info and tour dates at www.tinpanorange.com

nicola rowlands Nicola Rowlands’ art is kitty lickin’ gooood. This multi-talented lass not only illustrates like a boss, she also designs fabrics, cards and gift items which are sold worldwide in stores and online. We’re quite fond of her textile work, tote bags with hipster cats and adorable pugs -yes, please! Head over to her website and have a gander at her fun creations. www.nicolarowlands.co.uk

city dwellers

by uttu

Uttu is a fashion label from Istanbul that we just can’t get enough of! Passionately designed with both distinct and hidden detailing, Uttu garments are made by hand to look unique on each individual. From the stunning designs to the amazing choice in colour, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection is absolutely to die for. www. uttu.com.tr

i think I’m In Love Photography - Sara Mautone Styling - Irene Ghillani & Prisca Maizzi Hair - Michele di Giovanni MUA - Marina Bernacchioni Model - Adrianna Zajdler@Why Not

NKILI N K I L I is a luxury shirt-making brand focused on bringing light to the single most important garment in a wardrobe, the shirt. Created by Tolani Nkili Onajide, N K I L I produce the most beautifully crafted silk shirts for people who value seasonless, quality pieces and attention to detail. Each piece goes on a journey, from design and print to production, nurtured by the highly skilled production team in Scotland. The process of combining tonal hand drawings with traditional silk-screen printing and hand painting techniques on pure silk makes each garment unique. Tolani takes Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe’s minimalist approach of ‘less is more’ by highlighting the garment in its pure form. Without distraction, the craft and beauty of her garments can be seen and appreciated. www.nkili.com


A tea loving illustrator based in Derbyshire Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Louise Wright, an illustrator and printmaker based in Derbyshire. I have just recently started a little business selling my illustrated goodies at craft fairs and in shops. 3 words that describe you? Creative, friendly and chaotic. 3 words that describe your work? Nature, cute and quirky. When did you first become interested in art? I’ve always been interested in art, it just took me a long time to figure out that illustration existed as something I could do, before that I was lured in by photography! What inspires your drawings? Nature is a massive inspiration for me - as you can probably tell! Also, I’ll sometimes get an idea for a story in my mind and then it’s whatever little narrative I’ve got envisioned that spurs me on! What are you doing when you’re not making your art? I’m either taking a time out and walking out in the countryside, running away to Birmingham or at home playing video games/reading. Do you have any weird creative rituals or routines? I read an interview a little while ago from another artist, I can’t remember who, and they said that everyday before they started work in their studio they would turn up the music and have a little dance for 10 mins to loosen up! Taking inspiration from this, I can be found to be signing along very loudly to something from my Power Ballad album while tidying up the studio ready for a days work! Whatever tidying I can get done in the space of a song or two is tidy enough for me! What are you working on at the moment? At the moment I am working on a few things, the main ones being a little series of A3 screenprints, and a new picture book spread...ohhh! Based on your own experience, do you have any advice or inspiring words for others looking to start a career in the art world? I only wish I knew more myself! I would say, try not to work for free I know it’s tempting but your undervaluing yourself. Do your research on a place before sending things in, is there someone you can address it too perhaps? And know that what your submitting in is right. It’s really tough to be rejected but whatever it was probably just wasn’t right for you, do allow yourself a night of sulking and eating chocolate all night, but then pick yourself up and move on. What’s coming up next on your calendar? I’ve got some craft fairs coming up and some of my work will be exhibiting in Allestree Shopping Centre Derbyshire on the 7th & 8th of September. You can keep up to date with anything by checking the events section of my website or following me on twitter (@louillustrator). www.louillustrator.com

Late Bloomer Photographer - Scott Laytart Model - Meg Saunders @NEXT MUA - Sasha Kirstein Araujo Stylist/Designer - Zoe Flood


illustrator, mel chaib chats about her work and gives us some helpful advice.

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Melissa, an illustrator and letterer. I spend pretty much all of my time making art or thinking about art. I wish my life was like a John Hughes movie. I am also obsessed with Woody Allen. 3 words that describe you? Colorful, creative and obsessive. 3 words that describe your work? Semi-autobiographical, quirky and feminine. When did you first become interested in art? I have always drawn. I always knew that I never wanted to do anything else, and with time and freedom I began learning how to refine my drawing skills and develop a more personal style, practicing and not giving up. What inspires your drawings? I tend to draw inspiration from stuff thats going on in my life… Music is a pretty good source of inspiration too. I listen to a lot of 80s new wave while I am working, and traveling helps me a lot too. What are you doing when you’re not making your art? Drawing and making things is pretty much all I do. Even on a Saturday night you will find me sitting quietly at my desk with tons of paper, watercolors and a light turned on all night long. But when I am not doing these things I am sleeping or watching movies. Do you have any weird creative rituals or routines? If so, what are they? I keep a notebook full of quotes, ideas, images, so I usually start by reading through that. I’ve always had a tendency to lock into something for a period of time – a song, film, people and when I go through phases of being excited by things I cannot stop working. What are you working on at the moment? I’m working on a couple of blog headers and lots of new exciting things for my shop (stickers, tattoos) I’m also trying to finish a bunch of illustrations. Do you have any advice or inspiring words for others looking to start a career in the art world? Turn off the tv. Experiment. Work hard and sleep less. Indulge in your obsessions. Be positive and free and always make things that you are happy with and most important have confidence in yourself. www.melissachaib.com

romace is in bloom Photography -Vivienne Mok Model - Alix @Idole Model Management Styling & MUA - Vivienne Mok

lonely hearts ss12 Inspired by Californian surf/skate culture and childhood nostalgia, the SS12 ‘Off The Wall’ collection by New Zealand label, Lonely Hearts is raw and young. There’s an assortment of printed sundresses, pretty pastels, 90’s lace camisoles, loose fitting trousers and even looser fitting jersey tops. Not to mention the three exclusive t-shirts created by an anonymous NZ street artist to add to the pile! www.lonelyheartslabel.com

ETSY FEATURE: hANAKO Feelin’ foxy? Well you would if you had one (...or five) of these adorable brooches made by Alina Bunaciu of Hanako. We’re amazed at how perfect and intricate her craftmanship is! Each brooch is a little felt masterpiece full of love. So pop on over to hanaletters.etsy.com and snag yourself some felt brooches!

simon filip

we chat to simon filip about his whimsical photographs. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Simon Filip. I’m 20 years old, I was born in California of English and Romanian descent, and I’m obsessed with photography and colour. When and why did you first decide to pursue photography? There was never a specific point in time that I can remember deciding to seriously pursue photography. I always enjoyed taking pictures and having a camera around, but practicing nature shots and joining online communities very gradually got me into taking it seriously. I actually started out with the thought that maybe one day I could shoot nature for something like National Geographic, which is a funny thought now. I quickly developed an interest in portrait and fashion photography after much practice and experimentation. It also helped to have a sister willing to model all the time. What do you love the most about it? Fashion photography was never something I saw myself getting into, but I really love how easy it is to tell a story through an editorial. I see myself as a visual person, so the fact that I can create stories simply through images would have to be the best part about it. Are you working on anything exciting at the moment? I am, but it’s a bit of a strange and completely random project. I have lately been into experimenting with color processing, and I decided to create an iPhone application for image processing with filters and textures with my own editing style. It will be available later in the year. It has sadly pushed back a few exciting collaboration editorials, but hopefully I can get going on those later in the year. How would you describe your imagery? I have a hard time describing my style of imagery since it’s simply my naturally developed style, but I try to tell a subtle story with each shoot. It’s always nice to get people wondering and to see someone explaining their own idea of what fantasy a photo is telling. My imagery is usually commented on having a whimsical and dreamy feel. What inspires you to keep shooting and creating? Other than the fact that I will always love shooting in general, the simple act of creating something is enough to keep me going. I’ve been shooting only film for a while now, and that is something that adds to the excitement of shooting a story. My mind has lately been a bit scattered, but anything like a good movie or a good song can click me into an inspired mood to create, which lately has resulted in concept ideas to store for later, or creating new ways to work on color. Do you prefer spontaneous shoots or pre-planned ones? I’d say I like a bit of both. Most of what we’ve done has been spontaneous when it comes to locations and placement, but I’d like to get more into pre-planned shoots. There are so many possibilities creatively when setting up a shot, and I feel like I’ve taken a big step in the preparation process lately. The fact that I now feel like I’m progressing a lot in the act of writing concepts is something that I am happy about. So I’d like to put that to the test soon. I think spontaneous shoots have a nice feeling to them, but pre-planned shoots always have a better outcome. Between yourself and your sister Becky, you’ve got a whole bundle of talent tucked away. Is all of your family creative? Thank you! Yes, my whole family is either musically talented or artistically talented in some way. Do you have any advice for other aspiring creatives? I’m not the best at giving advice, but I’d say never stop learning, even if you think you’ve got everything figured out. There’s always more to discover. Where can we find more of your work? The best way to find my recent work is through my blog simonfilip.blogspot.com, but going to my website simonfilip.com is the best way to see everything I’ve done in the past.

blue magnolia Photographer - Andrea Jankovic Model - Gisele Pletzer @ Tamblyns MUA/Hair - Emma-Louise Diamond

THE WHITE PEPPER The White Pepper is an ASOS boutique that sells charming unique items from vintage and indie designers including handmade detailed items. Their mission in this world is to inspire your daily look and bring you stylish, comfortable and affordable garments and accessories. We adore everything about The White Pepper, rom the styling huge selection of pretty pieces. www.thewhitepepper.com

Secret Garden Photographer - Vikky Ivie Styling - Jaclyn Bethany and Vikky Ivie Model - Antonia @M+P Clothing - Audrey Grace Boutique Head pieces - Rouge Pony

MISALA purses 1. Little Mocha Brown Bear Clutch Purse ($28) 2. Innocent Red Piggy iPhone Kisslock Clutch ($35) 3. Little Dairy Cow Clutch Purse ($30) 4. Little Romantic Pink Hippo Clutch Purse ($28) 5. Little Cunning Red Fox Clutch Purse ($30) 6. Little Silvery Grey Mule Clutch Purse ($28) 7. Cute Cerulean Blue Whale Clutch Purse ($25) 8. Little White Rabbit Plush Mini Pouch ($28) 9. Little Green Frog Clutch Purse ($28) www.misala.cc

Photography & Styling - Cat Lane Model - Amy Verdon @ Profile Make up - Siobhan Drew Assistant - Lily Fulvio-Mason

cat lane

we chat to UK photographer, cat lane about her work. Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Cat and I’m a fashion and editorial photographer from Bedford in the UK, with a never-ending love for wonderful colour, wonderful light and wonderful people. I’ve been passionate about self-expression through art and fashion for as long as I can remember, and a few years ago those passions collided and became my photography. What do you love the most about photography? I can never choose.. I just love the entire process from start to finish. Whether it’s planning shoots, doing them, retouching them or sharing the final result with others, each aspect is fantastic in its own way and I could never choose one over the other. It’s more than just taking the pictures and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What inspires you? I am a strong believer that absolutely anything can inspire an idea - from the old favourites like music and films to just the little things you see in your day-to-day life: the shapes, patterns and colours of the world and everything that comes with it. Some days I’ll be inspired by the light at a certain time of day, some days by a particular colour and some days I’ll find inspired to organise an entire shoot around a single outfit or dress I’ve come across. I love how inspiration is always changing and always different - you never know where your next idea is going to come from! Are there any messages or ideas you’d like to convey through your work? If so, what? I’m not sure if there is a particular message.. with my work I just want to bring the scenes and ideas I see in my head to life. Tell us a little about your thought/creative process when it comes to organising a shoot. My creative process tends to start with a scene I see in my head - not like separate photos, but almost a general idea and feel of how the final shoot will come out, if that makes sense! From there I’ll sketch a fit bits and pieces down, enlist the help of a model and make up artist and set about finding the styling to match. Are there any particular things or people that have had an influence on your art practice? My biggest influences are friends and family and the support they give. I find photographer friends that I’ve met online to be particularly influential as they are a constant source of support, nerdiness and inspiration - we can understand and relate to what each other is going through at both the highs and lows of our careers, and it makes a huge difference. Thank you internet! What are you working on at the moment? At the moment I’m mainly spending my time retouching new work as I’ve shot a crazy amount of pictures over the last few weeks! Aside from that I’m looking into new, exciting ways to expand my business and what I do, and thinking about how I’d like to evolve my work in terms of what I shoot and how I do it. Best advice you’ve been given? I wish I could remember where I found this advice, but I read somewhere once to “do a shoot that scares you”. I first took it on with regards to my shoots, but I’ve found it works for pretty much everything. Doing things that scare you forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and only good can come of that in terms of both your personal and career development. Amazing! www.dismantlerepair-photo.blogspot.com / www.dismantlerepair.co.uk

wild horses by Gingerlillytea Photography


by Colenimo 1. Silk Velvet Collar Check Shirt 2. Beige Amelia Knit Jumper 3. Silk Beige Round Collar Dress 4. Black Plaited Collar Jumper 5. Grey Felt Applique Shetland Cardigan 6. Dark Grey Round Collar Dress

l’ecole des femmes

by David Sharma

SOphie Pellegrini we chat to sophie pellegrini, an aspiring photographer with a poetic outlook on the world and her life. Tell us a little about yourself My name is Sophie, I’m 19 years old. I collect dreamcatchers, write poetry on my grandfather’s old typewriter, and take photographs because it makes me happy and keeps me sane. I hate olives, the void of loneliness, when people use the word “gay” as an insult, and ignorance. I love the moment when a wave lifts you off the ground in the ocean and you can’t feel the ground, Bon Iver, happy endings, constellations, the feeling of loving someone, and a good piece of key lime pie. Three words that describe your work: Honest, nostalgic, fantasy. Your photographs are very whimsical and rather dreamlike. Are you inspired by your own dreams? Sometimes. But mostly in a less literal way - I’m inspired by the things I long for and the things I fear. Are there any artists or photographers that have had a significant influence on your practice? My father, who takes photos and paints himself, because he’s helped me so much along the way and has always fostered my passion. In terms of renowned photographers, some of the first I really fell for were Tim Walker and Sally Mann. Among many other things, Tim Walker showed me there were no limits to what you can photograph and Sally Mann showed me the power of honest, raw photographs. What are you working on at the moment? Anything exciting? I’m not working on anything much right now, because I’ve been busy with work and now I’m on vacation with my family, but I have been taking tons of film photos while I’ve been on vacation here in Hawaii-- it’s such a beautiful place. Mostly, I’ve been planning a lot of projects for when I get back to school in a few weeks. What do you enjoy the most about photography? What I love MOST is hard to say exactly, but I love that something so cathartic to me can create beautiful things. And I love the idea that when people see my work, they may be touched or moved, the way others’ photographs touch and move me. What’s the best advice you’ve been given? To live in love - love for the world, for the things I have and the things I crave, and most of all for the people around me. www.sophiepellegriniphotography.com

Featured flickr photographs 1. Anthony La Roche 2. Ilona Skorobulatova 3. Marcus Møller Bitsch 4. Lisa Smit 5. Yasya Gark 6. Catho de Rore 7. Marina Refur 8. Sarah McLean 9. Julie Lansom

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tetris ss’13 collection

Kelsey Menadue, the creative director behind Melbourne based designs “Gwenadue” has produced a line of clothing that embodies effortless femmechic. Gwenadue designs are beautifully and carefully crafted using fabrics imported from Italy. Inspired by the amazing tapestry look print, the new Spring/ Summer collection Tetris is bold, flirty and fun. The particular combination of colour and print is so striking and mesmerizing, we’re in love. Gwenadue is currently stocked in the iconic Melbourne boutique Lady Petrova so head down to Flinders Lane to see for yourself or head to www.gwenadue.webs.com

fruity drops Photography - Natalia Ĺ owicka Model - Ewa Tokarska Styling - Urszula Zaniewska MUA - Ewa Borowska Hair stylist - Martyna Jadczak

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Rooftop Romantics Romersk Sleepwear SS13 Photographer - Easton Schirra Models - Jessica & Veronica Assistant - Jeremy Pope Stylist - Sophie Chan Andreassend Hair and Makeup - Stephanie Albarracin

Sophie Chan Andreassend on her latest collection, Rooftop Romantics. Rooftop Romantics was inspired by my love for all things romantic and by my patriotic love for all things New York. The collection itself was shot on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York during their summer this year and I could not have had a greater experience working with some of New Yorks youngest and finest talents. This collection is lingerie inspired and stands for all the wonderful moments I’ve been able to experience on some of the world’s tallest towers in some incredible cities and for all the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen from many rooftops around the globe. The fabrics for this collection were sourced on a last minutes trip to Bali with two of my closest girlfriends in February who put up with my oohing, ahhing and intercommunicated bartering for hours over which fabrics were perfect and which were not. I loved every minute of designing, shooting and traveling all over the world to piece this collection together and am proud and excited to release this first Spring/Summer drop which was made here in Australia.

runaway valley

Lady Petrova Lady Petrovas’s latest collection Runaway Valley is a little bit like falling into a icecream cake. It’s soft, delicious and sprinkled with amazing-ness. If you’re looking for an outfit that makes everyone stare you down with envy then you may want t invest in one of the pretty pieces from the collection. We sure as hell can’t say no to pretty pastels, sassy silk and quirky cuts. www.ladypetrova.com

dark lights Photography - Shaelah Ariotti Model - Keely @ Viviens Styling - Alicia Coleman Hair/Makeup - Alex Ouston


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