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BRIDAL BEAUTY tara: glowing skin for your wedd ing day artemis: bridal beauty W EDDING FASHION reah: the perfect dress monique: what to wear for my ... marie: complimenting the bride tulin: beachy chic PREPARATIONS busy woman's gu ide to wedding planning EDITORIAL traffic stopper! it's your day ... •


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~'U(/Y(,(: cJ;~ ~Jv-Ut-{3/u:gf

When Tulin and I spoke about creating a bridal issue, we both had different reasons for moving forward w ith it. My parents were married 25 years before my dad passed away, so when I got married at the very young age of 21, I thought it would be forever. It was a 300 guest wedding and cost us thousands of dollars but my fairy tale crumbled when my first husband cheated on me after only four months of marr1age.

I thought "love'' would never be mine again, but eight years later, I met the man of my dreams! He was a photographer and I was his first plus-size model and two years later, we were married at City Hall and celebrated with thousands of strangers at a Yankee Game. In our very first Bridal Issue we are celebrating love, passion, diversity and some amazing stories from our readers. Enjoy!





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r3uac:we !ZJt/tecOJ~v

This bridal issue is a celebration of the plus size bride. The stories were so moving and inspiring that an entire wedding album came to life filled with stories of "I do!" While plus size brides still lack much represenation, who better to tell the story than the plus size bride herself. For me, this issue is dedicated to the wedding that never was, that was cancelled due to my husband's changes in health from his MS. This issues is a little corner in the PMM universe where even I could dream again of the big day!


PLUS Model Magazine/May 12 Bridal Issue



destination weddings in

FRANCE interview with shoe designer






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by East Coast Beaut)

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~ •

Every bride wants to have the best skin possible for one of the most special days of her life: her wedding. Here are some basic rules to follow to ready your skin and combat the causes and effects of wedding stress. Begin as soon as you can!

First things first, drink PLENTY of water; at least 6-8 glasses a day. This will flush toxins from your body and cleanse your cells. Cut down on or eliminate refined sugars, saturated fats, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Eat cleanly, by including as many organic fruits, vegetables and proteins in your diet. Exercise moderately for 30 minutes a day. This will deliver more oxygen to the blood and sweating helps to cleanse the pores. Think, speak and act in a positive way. This will not only reduce stress and make you feel good, but you will attract the same from those around you, creating a cycle of love and kindness. 5-10 minutes of meditation (watching the birds, praying or simply sitting quietly to calm the mind and body) every morning and evening is a wonderful way to begin and close your day with gratitude and positive expectation.

rEditor, Tara Taylor

Mia Amber Davis for Tony Armstrong Photography; Makeup by Tara Taylor


by East Coast Be4

T a r e&


~ •

'0(3-rvv --

Exfoliate- Start by getting a great at-home exfoliating product. Over time our skin cells regenerate at a slow er rate, so we have to help that process along gently. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells to rev eal softer, smoother skin. And all that money you spend on good skin care products won' t go to waste now that they can actually be absorbed!

Know your skin type before buying skin care to optimize your results:

Photo by I<rista Svalbonas & Makeup by Tara Taylor

*Normal- soft shine occasionally on forehead, nose & chin, small pores * Combination - shiny skin especially on the forehead, nose & chin * Oily - shiny all over most of the time, larger pores * Dry - especially around cheek area, usually looks dehydrated, feels tight


3.uty Editor, 1ara Taylor

Cleanse- Necessary at night to remove makeup, suncreen and crud from the day; optional in the morning. Instead, lukewarm water will do the trick and will be enough to remove the oils from the night before. *Note: If you wear eye makeup and cleanser is not enough to remove it, use an eye makeup remover prior to cleansing. Take care not to stretch or pull the skin around the eye. This area has very thin skin and can age quickly if you are not gentle.

Tone- Optional & personal preference and it doesn't have to be fancy.

Witch Hazel is an inexpensive, natural and effective toner to remove the last of any makeup or oily residue.

Serum -The perfect way to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins, antiaging, acne clearing or hydrating ingredients. Serums are applied before the moisturizer and not used to replace it.

Moisturize - Use this stage of skin care to balance and hydrate (even oily skin needs hydration) the skin as well as protect with SPF 15 or even SPF 30; especially in the summer. The sun is the number one cause of premature aging; make sure to slather that moisturizer on the face and neck. Combination to oily skin types would go with an oil free product. Tips: 1. Remember that products are absorbed into the skin and therefore into the blood stream. Please read the labels on items you buy to make sure they don't contain harsh or harmful ingredients or preservatives. The easiest way to avoid this is to go with an organic line. 2.

Start making monthly facial appointments about six months prior to your wedding date.

By the time your special day arrives, your skin will have that extra glow from the inside out.


• Vegetable Derived Skincare



Bye-Bye ChubRu

No Mess Vapor Ru

Bra Chafe Beware

ecr etSh ie

nVJ<> b e layer rJ rna



_. ____

oi~!ll\•11 1i1UUIU 2 oz

No More Bliste Smooth Soft Feet

Starting Fresh Each Day

enous F.

Oot Scrub

Citrus Spt



... lt.,•duli J.s oz.




by West Coast Wh en 1· t COffieS t 0 ffia k eup f Or th e1r · We dd.1ng d ay, · many brides don't know where to start! First, I suggest finding a photo of a beauty look that depicts what you would like to look like on your big day. I always advise hiring a professional hairstylist & makeup artist with whom you've had a previous trial with, which allows your preparations to run smoother, but every once in a while I meet a bride who prefers to do her own makeup. These are the questions that I have come across over the years... /[ r { e/ IJ'!/ ,; s WEST COAST BEAUTY EDITOR

Q: Should I choose a long-wearing lipstick?

A: Long-wearing lipstick is great for your wedding day! I do not favor then1 for everyday-wear because they usually have alcohol in thetn which can dry out your lips. Makeup artists usually fill in lips with liner and put a lipstick on top. I get about four hours of lip wear this way. Gloss adds shine, but don't overdo it because it can look goopy. I recom1nend Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick for flawless all day wear!


PLUS Model Magazine/May 12 Bridal Issue

Beauty Editor, Artemis Q: I was wondering about eyelash extensions. Any tips? A: I 'n1not a fan of lash extensions. They can be quite an invesbnent, especially 103






tti:Jtir11# 113



~Ill\\\~ 120


12 1

with upkeeping then1. When they start to shed and beco1ne crooked, your lashes, which they are glued to, can also co1ne off. Also, you cannot wear mascara with the1n because they will be ruined. False eyelashes are a much easier & affordable option, and they come off when you re1nove your makeup that night


~~~~~~ Q: How do I apply false eyelashes?

A: The trick to false eyelashes is to allow the glue that you apply to the strip to dry just a little so that it becomes tacky. This way it will stick. Ardell Lashes, fro1n the drugstore 1nake some of the best! I also reco1nmend Duo Waterproof Adhesive. The key is to practice and 1nake sure to get them on to the base of your lashes. You can use an orange stick to press the lashes into the right place when you first put theIn on. Apply a coat of 1nascara to the natural lash first, then apply the falsies, and when they are dry, blend them together with another coat of mascara. I recommend Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. Make sure to hide the "sea1n" with black eyeliner. Apply the ?.Oi'(hlOI adhesive eyeliner before you attempt the lashes & then when the falsies have dried, apply a little more liner over the seam to hide the shine of the glue. To re1nove them, a little eye 1nakeup re1nover helps to loosen the 1nascara and the glue. Pull the In right off when you have done that

Q: What does a

primer do and do /need

to use it? A: Prilner is your Inakeup insurance policy. Foundation primer such as Clarins Instant Smooth Primer sn1oothes out the surface of the skin, while an X eyelid primer will keep your eye shadow creaseless. I also 0 love lash prilners too such as Smashbox Lash Primer, _1) because they keep 1nascara fro In flaking c,-at the end of the day. (/)


E (/)

Q: Should I

have airbrush makeup done? A: Airbrush Inakeup is typically used for film & television, and isn't really necessary for your wedding day, however, if you like the way it looks then go for it! I normally recoininend a beautifully blended long-wearing foundation such as S1nashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation, which was created for longtilne wear and to withstand perspiration. I definitely recoininend finishing with an oil-absorbing translucent powder.

PLUS Model Magazine/May 12 Bridal Issue

Q: What should I

keep in my beauty survival kit?

A: Hairspray, extra bobby pins, travel co1nb and brush, blotting papers, translucent powder, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, lash glue, waterproof mascara, nail glue, clear nail polish, nail file, q-tips, eye-drops for redness, 111akeup re1nover pads, facial tissues, dry sha1npoo, fe1ninine hygiene items, toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size of your fragrance, pain killers, deodorant, and breath mints.

MAOf I N ( Ht C)Al 0 AilAIN

NET \Vf 1.76 OZ (5(.):)

. ................... . 路-路. -路路- .. '



Shopping Editor

Draped One Shoulder Dress Eloquii 110

Monique Frausto


• Solid Stretch Dress As hley Stewart $39.50

I f

· ~Gwyneth

• Caftan Dress Rachel Pally Bloomingdale's $268

Dress in Chain Print ASOS Curve $69.08 Beaded Caftan Aidan Mattox Bloomingdale's $320

Lady Bug Polka Dot Dress Forever 21 $27.80 Pleated Pant Jumpsuit Ashley Stewart $49.50

Off-White Crochet Sheath Dress Torrid $68.50

Floral Dress Dorothy Perkins $69 Premium Dress ASOS Curve $145.43 Athena Tie Waist Maxi Dress Rachel Pally Bloomingdale's $282

One Shou lder Ruched Embel lished Baby Phat Macy's $47.99

' Whitley Cut Out Shoulder Dress Monif C. $198

Leopard Print Dress Roberto Cavalli White Navabi $725.90

Surplice Special Occassion Dress Coral Twist Front Dress Forever 21 $32.80 Dorothy Perkins $59

Exposed Zipper Dress Calvin Klein Bloomingdale's $109.50

Jones New York Eternity Gown and Robe Macy's $51 .99 $69.70


Strappy Lace Cup Sheer Ruffle Plus Size Chemise Babydoll Hips & Curves Lane Bryant $44.95 $49.95

Natori 'Adore' Chemise Nordstrom $170 Halter Babydoll with Tie Cups Hips & Curves $34.95

Betsey Johnson ~ /Sw in g'

Slip Nordstrom $79



1 e by Marie Denee If you have been involved in a wedding, attended one, or have glanced at pictures, chances are you notice a specific them, trend, or motif going on! As the bride has excitedly made arrangements for her big day and has requested that you arrive looking fabulous, what does a plus size woman wear? Even if you are with the bride in the planning stages, we have wrapped a few trends and looks for each one of you: The Bridesmaid, The Mother of the Bride, and The Wedding Guest!

Adrianna Papel

There are so many things to think about. The location, the time of day, the color scheme request, how comfortable you are in your curves, strapless, covered arms, maxi, tea length, yes we understand and hopefully, we can help you with this!

--the bridesmaid-Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, choosing a dress can easily have you thinking of the movie "21 Dresses!" But with time, trends have emerged making the old adage of shortening your bridesmaid dress and turning it into a cocktail one more realistic! While there has been a shift to the shorter, bold hued, flirtier, printed, dramatic accessories, and whimsical sorts, there are some standout ideas for you! Take a look at these trends:

r )¡ ~

ASOS Curve


Calvin Klien

Skirted Yes, you heard me right! Instead of the traditional dress, switch up the look by sashaying down the aisle in a dramatic skirt! Black Chic black never goes out of style! For this season, opt for dresses that can easily compliment and accentuate!

........... 0




Mix Matched Colors/Style ~ '"Cl One of my favorites! You have three options ~ here! One color, different dresses; one color in different shades of the color, or for the really bold and eclectic- mix match dresses! Accessories Here is where personality comes in! Whether brooches, shoes, hair, or shoes, letting the bridesmaids express themselves is a fun way to add personality! Even down to the flowers! If they have a favorite flower in the color scheme, let each bridesmaid choose their arrangement!


--the Guest-You've received your invite now what to wear? Dressing for the wedding is a bit different from being a part of it! You are the lucky one who gets to shop from varied places so we will address the TIPS for dressing and attending the wedding!

• • • • •

What does the invite say? Pay attention to the color scheme and shy away from it Never EVER wear white, UNLESS instructed to! You want to look nice, not steal the show! Dress for the location. Some weddings are held in churches, which may or may not have dress codes. • Choose your heels carefully! If the wedding is outside in grass, wedges or flats are a must! You know that sinking in the sand feeling when you wear heels! • When in doubt, ask the bride or groom!

\ Taharai

........... 0

..c: {/)


~ ~

-Mother of the BrideSO you are the lucky one whose daughter or son is getting married and need to find a dress? Well, aren't you in for a little treat! This season's trends for the mother of the bride are quite refreshing! No longer must you fade into the background nor steal the spotlight, elegance has been bestowed upon YOU with trends to surely make you smile!

Bold and Bright Hues Ditch the grays, pastels, and soft tones and step out in bold hues that coordinate in the bride's color scheme! One of the hottest trends to emerge were shades of blue, greens, and coral! JS Collection

New Lengths You? Demure and Shy? Oh no! This season's hem is having just as much fun as the rest of the bridal party! You will see Mother of The Bride dresses in new lengths from right at the knee, tea length, and this season's hi-lo hem! SO if you are playful, foxy, and not afraid to show a little leg, then this trend is for you! Metallic Hues Sparkle and shine is not left from you! If bold jewel tomes are not your style, amp up the glam with metallic details! Copper, bronze, pewter, silver and gold are hues that you will find to be quite the delight! In either a head to shine for black tie or metallic detail for day, you too can have your own bling!

Rachel Pally


bhJ T ulin Reid '\

' Kendra Scott "Trista" Nordstrom

Rachel PallhJ



Tribal tvletal Cuff Nordstrom \


PLUS Model Magazine/May 12 Bridal Issue




A/<WL &- f! J=c ~ w--












•••••••• •••••••••••••••• ••••••• •

Wedding Entrance Song

7n ~ cp/aoo - a&

as pla~ed b~ Vitamin Spring Quartet

• • • • • • • • • • •

~' ;

Bacara Resort and Spa Santa Barbara, Califor ina -~ t.- ~ -

... 0



\ \

' •


,• \ I





•' 0





• •• "/


. .. ....




... 0


. . .





/ I •• 0

;• /





• \




\ ,



. \





I would happily relive my wedding day but never the year leading up to it. I planned our event while juggling class, working 30 hours a week and enduring a sudden death in my husband's family. Needless to say, I was ready to throw my hands up and scream ''I'm done!" during the months leading up to the big day. If this madness sounds familiar, try not to get weighed down by the drama and details of it all. Consider the following tips for saving time and staying sane during the most complicated party you'll ever plan.

e eas1es way o cu own on e p annmg process 1s to reduce the number of things to plan. Prioritize what you and your future spouse really want for the wedding. Do the invitations need to reflect the latest innovations in origami? Are programs really necessary? Weddings are pretty commonplace, after all -- most people know what's going to happen. Not only will this save you time, but it will save you money, too.

_To-Do-L~ lvt~ cv lia-Priorctr

v~ Flor41:


•••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••• •••• Register Online


Online registries are all the rage these days, reflecting the needs and lifestyles of modern couples. Avoid spending your precious weekend in the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond and create a wedding gift registry at The site allows you to select gift cards from hundreds of favorite retailers, restaurants and even airlines. It's as easy as creating a registry, selecting the cards, and sharing the link with friends. •••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• ••• Delegate People close to you enjoy being part of your big day, so let them! I relied heavily on my mom during planning and she was thrilled to be involved. Similarly, a good friend of mine asked me to set up her reception space while she prepared herself for the aisle. Granted, her meticulous instructions took time to create, but ultimately it allowed her to focus on what's most important - getting ready for the ceremony.

PLUS Model Magazine/May 12 Bridal Issue


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Get Pinning


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j •• . ·, . •






. .........

• ,I

,("' ..



•• '


• '


~ _.. .


The days of shopping for wedding magazines and scouring /. ..._.; wedding websites are over, thanks to Pinterest. Ideas ranging from ~ : :: the highly traditional to the totally off-the-wa ll are all available in ~~·. ·') one easy-to-use website. Better yet, there are severa l DIY ideas that ~-. -! help you stay within budget and make your day truly unique. No ;;· . . ·:; time for DIY? Refer to tip three- that's what bridesmaids are for! '- ~. -.·:·.2;;,~:: .'It'!.·· . ~·. ,. ,.. . . · '\ ~; •' ~ ~ ~-·

....................................................... Go All-Inclusive

Depending on your budget, couples might find it easier to select a venue that offers access to music, catering, rooms to get ready in, and all the other details that make wedding planning chaotic. The all-inclusive convenience will likely jack up the price of the venue, but if you can afford it you'll save a lot of time.

•••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••• ••• Keep it Simple Avoid pouring over dress styles and let your girls select their own dresses in your preferred color palette. Ditch the formal dinner in favor of a buffet to bypass seating arrangements and dish preferences. And finally, make the reception as carefree as possible -- the big moment is over and it's time to relax and enjoy time with your guests. •••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••• •••

Think Small It's a fact of life-- it's much easier to organize a small group of people than it is a large one. Keeping the guest list small has multiple benefits, not the least of which is saving you money. After the wedding, send a marriage announcement to everyone in your extended network, thanking them for their well wishes.

•••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••• ••• Stay Local From food to flowers, keeping your vendor selections local will reduce the headache associated with coordinating out-of-town services. It's much easier to have a friend swing by a shop to pick something up than it is to order a lastminute necessity and hope it gets where it needs to be on time.'s Local Vendors page offers easy access to nearby vendors of all kinds. •••••••• •••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••• Kendal Perez is a f rugal fashion ista and bargain shopper who helps fellow shopaholics fi nd hassle-free ways to save money. As t he deals expert for, Kendal has t he resources t o be an ext reme couponer but pref ers a less complicat ed approach t o staying inbudget. Kendal has been quot ed in su ch media out lets as CN N Money, TIME Moneyland, FOX, ABC, NPR and Kiplinger Personal Fi nance. For savings tips and more information, visit .