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Confidence is knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be and who you are, at this very moment. Madeline Jones

Photography: Vanessa Bates Model Rebecca Buckman-Winters

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plus model magazine | inspiration + style PLUS Model Magazine inspires the style-savvy, fashion-forward, full-figured woman to embrace her curves. PMM has become a thought-leader shaping the plus size industry and providing a barometer for the season’s latest style trends for curvy women. With a monthly magazine featuring stunning editorials showcasing plus models, as well as ‘How-to-wear’ columns and shopping guides at all price-points, PMM reports on style, beauty and topical news, all while engaging our reader in lively and meaningful conversation on our daily blog and social media. Developed, designed and written by plus women, for plus women, PMM understands and speaks directly to the heart of our reader, because we are our reader. Online since 2006, PMM is the #1 plus size fashion & beauty magazine, blog and social media outlet.

P M M . M AG A Z I N E . B LO G . S O C I A L . E V E N T S . P R O D U C T I O N | jan 2014


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inspiration + style The #1 Fashion & Beauty Magazine, Blog and Social Media Outlet For Plus Size Women MAGAZINE Over 1.5 Million Page Views Monthly BLOG Over 1.65 Million Page Views Monthly FACEBOOK 469,289+ Fans TWITTER 26,870+ Followers ALEXA RATING Global 51,069 . US 10,943 As the most powerful and far-reaching fashion magazine, blog and social media outreach in the plus industry, PMM is an unparalleled tool to help connect you with your curvy customer. Click to contact me today ( to explore collaboration. Alexandra Boos Executive Marketing & Creative Director P M M . M AG A Z I N E . B LO G . S O C I A L . E V E N T S . P R O D U C T I O N

PLUS MODEL What is Plus Size? january 2014 | jan 2014


inspiration + style

Beauty 34 Confessions of a Beauty Editor: Resolutions 38 Tara’s Beauty Tips: Makeup Overhaul 44 Bradlee’s Top 5 Beauty Favs 48 Beauty Q&A

Editorial 74 Ava Svez: One Life, No Rehearsals 82 Changing the Plus Divide

Style 50 The Curvy Girls Engagement Guide 60 Executive Fashion Director 64 Break the Rules 68 Clutter Free Wardrobe


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94 A New Era in Pageantry 100 Women’s Health 111 Model Q&A 116 Spotlight Model Gisela 122 Ashley Stewart Holiday Spectacular

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Alexandra Boos Executive Marketing & Creative Director | jan 2014







inspiration + style

what is ‘plus size’ As PLUS Model Magazine continues to grow, more and more people are asking us the question. What is ‘Plus Size’? In the fashion industry, plus size clothing begins at a size 12. I remember the days when it began at a size 14, but with so many shops not catering to double digits the need was there, and many who began catering to this woman have never gone back. Of course, when you see a woman that wears a size 12 you are not thinking PLUS SIZE, and even the fashion industry does not include her in their sizing all the time. The HOT TOPIC is model sizes. I’m a size 22/24 woman and I find it VERY difficult to shop online because most of the models are very small. Years ago when I started my career in this industry there were models size 18 in campaigns and on the cover of catalogs. As the brands continue to compete for our dollars and mainstream acceptance, they have been hiring and asking the modeling agencies for smaller and smaller models. There are brands that do not use plus size models at all and occasionally will use a size 10 or 12. We do not understand why an industry that is based around selling to plus size women refuses to be SEEN as such. There may be people inside of these companies that love and are passionate about selling to the plus size woman, but if what we are seeing is not speaking to the customer, then why do it?

catherine’s and avenue catalogs from 1990 | jan 2014


inspiration + style

Let’s face it, if you stand outside any plus size brick and mortar store for 2 hours, the size of the women going in and out are mostly size 18 through 24, these are the most popular sizes. Why not market to her? I’m sure most of you will not like the answer I have been given several times: 1) Bigger models do not inspire plus size women to shop/buy. This is what has been told to me by several companies and for MANY years. 2) Plus size women will not invest in their wardrobe because they always think they will be losing weight and it’s not worth it to spend money on quality right now. While this may be true for a certain percentage, I’m sure it’s not the majority. In a survey taken by PLUS Model Magazine in 2010 the results were overwhelming. 1,722 women took the survey 91.3% of women said they would like to see models larger than size 12 in plus size advertisements and campaigns. 94.8% of women said they did not consider size 6, 8 and 10 models to be representative of the plus size market. 64.5% of women said the size of the model affects the way they shop. And click here to see the latest numbers from our 2013 survey on the same subject. A Call to Action To the Plus Size Fashion Industry - If you are a brand or designer offering plus size clothing, you should be proud of that and cater to your customer and stop being so scared of being seen as different, we are not. Plus size women are more confident than ever and we need models, designers and fashion brands to be just as proud as we are if we are going to continue to make progress. To the Plus Size Consumer - Support the brands that support your curves. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion directly to the brands on their social media channels. Brands are watching carefully; if enough of us are heard, they will listen.

Madeline Jones Editor-in-Chief

Letthe cele bra tion

Join PMM on Instagram in celebrating beauty in all sizes as YOU begin YOUR best year yet! This year’s resolution should be to celebrate you. And PMM wants to help you show the world that you proudly embrace your curves, without holding back. Be the woman you are meant to be in 2014. Snap a pic of yourself, upload it to Instagram and tag your photo #CelebrateMySize - We will be choosing 10 images per day to regram. @plusmodelmag


begin NOW! | jan 2014


inspiration + style


PMM [readers react]

We Love to Hear from You! Tell us what you think of your magazine, what you love,


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When will we be able to thumb through the

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2/15/2014. CLICK TO VIEW

Meredith Torres

The December issue was gorgeous and truly a celebration of women. Congratulations PMM!

As someone who has struggled with self-esteem,

Sara George

this magazine has become one of the tools I use to lift my spirits. Thank you for thinking of your readers. Wishing you well in 2014.

I especially loved the Women of The Year

Clara Rivera

feature in the December issue. Great choices and I’m already looking forward to next year. Jane Koth More, more, more! We want to see more curves, | jan 2014

more models and more fashion. So happy to Always a joy to read this magazine, I can’t wait

see what PMM has planned for us in 2014.

to see what you have for us next year.

Renee Boyd

Alana Mistro

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PMM blog

report with blog editor Marcy Cruz

With the holidays in full swing, December was all about getting into the holiday spirit, whether it be shopping for gifts, traveling, attending parties or just spending time with family. We at PMM, are excited for what’s to come in 2014. From the look of things, the important topic of body image is front and center and will continue to be in 2014.


As well as that often asked question: “What is plus size?� As we reported on the blog in December, there are some fearless crusaders out there who are pushing boundaries by using images to get their point across as well as celebrities who are not afraid to speak their minds. A new year means | jan 2014

renewal and with that, we get a do-over. Your story is not over yet. This is just the start of a new chapter in your story. What do you plan to do different in 2014? Feel free to shoot me an email at Be inspired and Happy New Year! ~ Marcy

‘The Selfie Revolution Is A Celebration Of Self’: How Selfies Help Enforce Positive Body Image

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Tells Barbara Walters “It Should Be Illegal to Call Somebody Fat on TV”

Queen Latifah Talks About Weight, Past Alcohol Abuse And Having A Positive Outlook In The January 2014 Issue of Good Housekeeping

Beauty Spotlight: 5 Luxurious Mascaras To Help You Create The Perfect Festive Look This Holiday Season

Model Robyn Lawley Continues To Speak Out On Size Diversity As She Lands Her First Beauty Campaign With Barney’s

‘Fit Mom’ Versus ‘Curvy Girl’: Can You Really Tell What A Person’s Health Is By Looking At Their Size?

“Bodies Aren’t Ugly. Bullying Is.” Photo Series Challenges Us To Speak Out Against Body Shaming

Plus Size Fashion News: Fashion Retailer Eloquii is Making a Comeback!

Beauty Spotlight: 10 Fabulous Lipsticks To Achieve The Perfect Red Lip For The Holidays

Plus Size Fashion Spotlight: 10 Stylish and Functional Coats For The Winter Season

confessions of a

beauty editor by Artemis,West Coast Beauty Editor

Happy New Year PLUS Readers! Resolutions are usually about creating better habits. I want you to think about your beauty routine and see where there is room for you to do better for yourself and have fun with your look. Always strive to be the best beautiful you!

Try th | jan 2014


inspiration + style

I will remove to bed. I a Imagine having within a day, if y see particles h washed ca skin. Those litt pollution. Not w whether or not you will deteriorate y cleaning ritual that an

I will try a new hair look. A very stylish woman told a room of ladies that if you haven’t gotten a compliment on your hair in the past few months, then you have to, “Cut it, color it, or get some more!” I have kept this to heart for the past twelve years, and every so often, I opt for something new and fresh! Try: Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color

I will try a new makeup look. Most women stay in their comfort zone when it comes to their makeup. While it is nice to have a signature look, you should remember that makeup is an accessory and is meant to be changed and updated. Try a new eyeshadow. Check that your foundation still matches your skin tone. Go for a lipstick instead of a gloss. Dare to wear a bright color or if you usually do, try a nude. The cosmetic counters are filled with makeup artists who want to help your find a new look. Try: Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Collection

my makeup before going am going to give you a visual. g gotten your car washed, and you take a close look, you can having settled onto that newly ar. That same stuff sits on your tle particles are an example of washing your face before bed, u have worn makeup, actually your skin. So please choose a t you love and remove the day nd let your skin breathe again.

I will groom my eyebrows to the best possible shape for my face. Visit a professional for a proper shaping, and then sparingly touch them up yourself. Fill them in for added definition!

his: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk I will wash my makeup brushes and clean out my makeup bag. One word: bacteria. Other than germs, your makeup cannot possibly go on right if you brushes are dirty. Also if your cosmetic bag is full of dust from broken powders, or stains from uncapped pencils and has old mascara, or foundations, it is time for a new bag! Also, please toss out old products that have been in your bag since the year one – they have expired. I will protect my skin. Make sure to protect your investment from new damage by shielding it from the UV rays that break down collagen producing cells, cause dark patches on the skin, and of course skin cancer. Try: Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40

Your foundation and concealer brushes should be washed every time you use them. Your makeup brushes every week or so, depending on how much mileage they get from you. Try: Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleaner

We have worked hard to make Elsa’s Curves the highe top of the line curvewear, shapewear, workout and co garment... all in one.

Compression foundation garments go one-step beyon standard lingerie brands. Elsa’s Curves flattens your tu to your bust line, curves your waist and lifts your derr providing upper and lower back support for better po garments are radically different and offer immediate r enhance your curves!


est quality, ompression

nd the ummy, adds rière, all while osture. Our results to

} K

C ff I o L {C 40% r o f

r a u n Ja dec2013


4 1 0

r e Off

tara’s beauty with Tara Taylor

Have you ever felt like a fresh start to your makeup? The New Year is a perfect time to get organized and give yourself a beauty | jan 2014


inspiration + style

overhaul. Here are some suggestions for purchasing the basics and condensing your personal mini kit. My belief has always been that you don’t need eyeshadow to look polished, so I haven’t included it in the overhaul. These are my basics. From here you can expand, experiment and incorporate other products.

Makeup Bags/Cases Staying organized keeps your personal kit clean and your makeup and tools categorized; helping to cut down on your application time.

Sephora Collection The Weekender $38

Luxor Quad Pack $12 | Available at Ricky’s

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 $47 Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup $37

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector $11

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup $27

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm $34

Foundation and Concealer Before wearing your favorite blush or eyeshadow, it’s really important that your skin appears flawless. Some of us will require a little more than others, and that’s ok! The key is having a light hand and building where needed, whether that’s all over or just in certain areas.

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm $38

Sonja Kashuk Geometric Print Roll-up Valet $20

Geometric Print Beauty Organizer $30 | Available at Target

Make Up Forever Professional Lift Concealer $25 Clinique Continuous Coverage Concealer $24 | jan 2014


inspiration + style

Powder After using a foundation and concealer, it’s important to set them so they stay in place. Unless you use a product that dries to a powder finish, this step is necessary.

Cle de Peau Concealer $70

L’Oreal Translucide Naturally Luminous Powder $12

MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder $24

Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder $52

Mascara No matter how much or how little makeup you use, mascara is the cherry on top. Without it, even a touch, your makeup will look unfinished.

MAC Blot Powder Pressed $24

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara $8

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara $7.50

Dolce & Gabbana Secret Eyes Mascara $29

Blush I love blush as a basic for giving that flush-from-within look. Oranges for darker skin tones and peaches for fairer tones is my rule for adding natural warmth to your face. You can even dust a little over your eyelids.

Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara $25

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color $26 NARS Cream Blush $29

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks $25 Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol $50

Eyeliner One of my favorite tricks is to use eyeliner to make lashes appear thicker by running it through the upper lash line. Even if you don’t have a lot of lid space, a very thin line will keep the illusion of thicker lashes without closing off the eye. Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Liner Pen $32

Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner $30

Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner $20




CLARISONIC Mia™ Skin Cleansing System This tool is my absolute favorite for exfoliation and clear skin. Well worth the price.

bradlee’s favs

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna This bronzer provides a natural glow, without looking too orange on my fair skin.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment This oil keeps my hair soft, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free, even in the most humid climates. KENRA Platinum Blow-Dry Spray This mist cuts my blow-dry time almost in half! I’ll never go another day without it.

CLINIQUE Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Provides nice coverage, while still looking natural. It even keeps my skin looking matte during Florida’s summers.

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014

Photographer: Model: Bradlee Fagerberg |

ask tara

with Tara Taylor

Whenever I apply my mascara, I always get it on my lid and under my eyes. How can I avoid that? Teri from Philadelphia, PA

Teri, that even happens to those of us who are professionals. Here is a cheap, quick trick. Repurpose a business card or plastic spoon and place it as close to your lash line as possible. From there apply your mascara. Any mess will get on the card or spoon and leave your eyes smudge-free. This technique helps you to get more mascara on your lashes since there’s no worry of making a mess.

HAVE A BEAUTY QUESTION? Email Tara at and your question might be featured in an upcoming issue of PMM!

e thirls g y t v n r e u c gem e d a i g u n g e

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014

planning your magical wedding day

What an exciting time‌ the proposal has happened, the ring is sparkling on your hand, the champagne has been popped and now the preparations begin! We know that you deserve a magical day, and we have compiled the top 12 books to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. From wedding guides to DIY, budget friendly, one for men, shoes and more, let these books inspire your creativity as you plan your magical day.

The Bride’s Album: An Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake for Planning and Remembering the Wedding by White Star Down That Aisle In Style! The Definitive Guide for the Curvy Bride by Chamein Canton

Bridal Bargains: Secrets To Planning A Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget by Denise Fields

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook: More Than 1,000 Cakes, Centerpieces, Bouquets, Dresses, Decorations, and Ideas... by Carley Roney and Editors Of The Knot

The Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists: For Planning & Organizing Your Perfect Wedding by Joanna Miller and Kimberly Ann Brown The Wedding Planner & Organizer by Mindy Weiss

Wedding Shoes Picture Book for the Bride to Be! By Stacy Lindsey

Chic & Unique Vintage Cakes: 30 Modern Cake Designs from Vintage Inspirations

Milady Standard Updos by Timothy C. Johnson

How to Have the Wedding You Want (Not the One Everybody Else Wants You to Have) by Christine Egan Dude, You’re Getting Married!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Big Day by John Pfeiffer Vintage Wedding Style: More than 25 Simple Projects and Endless Inspiration for Designing Your Big Day by Elizabeth Demos

curvy bridal directory

Cherry Blossom Bridal In sizes 12 to 30 1208 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20003
 (202) 544-2400 Visit

CTO Bridal Boutique In Sizes 12+ 5745 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy #4 Hiram GA 30141 (678) 324-7842 Visit

Sparkle Bridal Couture Solely dedicated to sizes 14-30 3200 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, CA (916) 538-6615 Visit

Strut Bridal Specializing in Brides Size 12+ 542 W. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 252-4414 Visit

Online Vendors Offering Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Bridal Gown Designers

Alfred Angelo David’s Bridal Roz La Kelin Watters

Bridal Accessories Shoes, Handbags and Jewelry

Romantic Honeymoons

Cruises - Expedia Magic - Disney Tropical - Hawaii All Inclusive - Sandals

Coming April 2014...

Plus Model Bridal Issue

Dresses . Lingerie . Accessories . Honeymoon . Beauty

Click for Advertising Opportunities


reah’s letter

with executive fashion director reah norman

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! The New Year is always a time of rejuvenation, reevaluation, shifting focus and making positive | jan 2014


inspiration + style

changes in all aspects of our lives, including our personal style. In this month’s issue of PMM, we are welcoming the New Year with open arms and setting you up for fashion and beauty success for 2014! Shopping & Style Editor, Alissa helps break you out of your fashion rut with “4 Rule Breaking Styles”, and I have shared “10 Steps to a Fresh, Cutter Free Wardrobe” to put you on track with a closet that is refreshed and organized. On a beauty note, West Coast Beauty Editor, Artemis offers “Head to Toe Beauty Resolutions for 2014”, and East Coast Beauty Editor, Tara gives us a makeup upgrade for a fresh start with “Makeup Overhaul”. What styles and silhouettes are you looking forward to wearing in 2014? How will you take yourself “outside the fashion box” with your wardrobe and fashion choices? Adding fresh colors, new textures, layering, trying a new silhouette that is outside your comfort zone… start the year off with a bang and challenge yourself to take chances with your fashion choices! I hope this issue inspires you to “take the bull by the horns” and make the most of the year ahead! It’s never too late to start a new routine, change your thinking, wipe the slate clean and challenge yourself with growth- inside and out… that is what life is all about! I guarantee you will gain confidence and feel like a million bucks!



with alissa wilson

This year is your year to breakout of your fashion rut. No more boring clothes that follow the rules. It’s time for you to start embracing your | jan 2014


inspiration + style

plus size body and wear all of the styles that society says you shouldn’t. I am a firm believer in wearing what you want; the key is just to find what flatters your body shape. Contrary to popular belief, plus size women can wear horizontal stripes, crop tops, boyfriend jeans, and oversized pieces. All you need to do is find what cut and style works best for you. ASOS Curve Jumper Dress $69

Wear Horizontal Stripes Whether you like them wide or thin, horizontal stripes look great on curves. Striped Fold Over Skirt – Torrid $28.50

Soprano Striped Body Con Dress – Macy’s $20.99

Extra Touch Short Sleeved Sweater Dress – Macy’s $20.99

Rock a Crop Top Nakimuli Curvy Effortless Crop Top $65

Zelie For She Cropped jersey shirt $29

Forever 21 Glam Crop Top $13.80

Try Oversized Non-Structured Pieces

ASOS Curve Premium Swing Dress $272.24

Carmakoma Bexhill Dress $217.14

Jibri Shift Dress $160

Go Casual in Boyfriend Jeans

Jag Jeans Nordstrom $89

Torrid Boyfriend Jeans $88.50

Kut From The Kloth boyfriend Jeans Nordstrom $89

Catering to sizes 16-32. Prices start at ÂŁ8. Available exclusively at Join us on Facebook: and Twitter @pinkcloveuk

Affordable Fashion for Plus- Size Women

steps 10 fresh, | jan 2014


inspiration + style

to a

clutter free wardrobe

reah norman

The new year always brings a fresh, new perspective on life, breaking of old habits, creating new routines, and an offering an overall fresh start. January is the beginning of a new life chapter, and a natural time of cleansing, which also means the perfect time to get our closets, wardrobe, and style focus in check for the new year. Here are 10 simple steps to a becoming a perfectly organized fashionista and creating a better wardrobe for 2014.

1. Empty it Out: The most thourough way to evaluate what you have and what you need is to take it all out of the closet and drawers, and separate it into piles by laying it out on the bed.

2. Separate It: Separate your garments into main categories: dresses, tops, jeans, pants, outerwear, shoes, and accessories, then sub-categories, according to season. Have a few boxes and bins on hand that you can separate into, according to what you are going to keep, give away, store, and alter. If you are on the fence about a certain item, create a “second opinion” pile that you can re-visit with a trusted friend.

3. Evaluate the Situation: Wardrobes should always be 100% wearable, which means getting rid of garments that are no longer useful to you and streamlining according to what works for your lifestyle right NOW! This requires complete honesty and willingness with yourself to make necessary changes.

4. Let It Go: The best advice I can give you is LET IT GO! If you have items stashed in your drawers that do not fit, you are completely sick of, or that you have not worn in 8-12 months, get rid of it! Let go of things that are no longer useful to you and make room for things you can use in your life right now.

5. Ask for Advice: Call on a friend or professional that you trust when deciding what to keep in your closet. You may also want to consider hiring a stylist or personal shopper. In most cases they will offer a closet consultation as part of their services, and you can get the opinion of a professional who can help you refine your personal style. Try on outfits to determine fit, based on your body type, as well as color, style, and items that should be eliminated. Go through your “maybe” pile with them to assist you in making your final decisions. Taking pictures of yourself in the outfits can also be helpful.

6. Take Inventory: Now that you have removed everything from the closet, take an inventory of what items you have, including duplicate colors and styles, and make a list of what you need to complete your wardrobe. Be honest with yourself about fashion mistakes (which we have all made), and be willing to let go of things that you have only worn once, or never worn items that still have the tag on them. Keep in mind that there may be loveable items in your closet that can easily be altered to change the fit, length, or style.

7. No Second Guessing: Place items you are not keeping in a box, out of site. Once they are in the box there is no second guessing- stick to your decision! Make a list of basic items that you feel would complete your wardrobe, so that if you are shopping and see one that works, you can pick it up. This will help you stay focused and minimize impulse buys.

or fold at the top of the closet. A general rule is that all “like” items should be placed together.

9. Say Goodbye: You have several options for getting rid of clothing you are purging, and depending on how much time you can devote, you can even make some extra cash on the stuff you are saying goodbye to. After all, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. Donate to a charity, give back to the community, have a yard sale, sell online, or organize a clothing swap or shopping party with women who are about your same size.

10. Shop Smart: Now that you have streamlined and de-cluttered your closets and drawers, be smart about new purchases and wardrobe acumulations. Stick to your list and only add versitle items that you can seamlessly add into your wardrobe and wear now, as well as season after season.

Voila! Now you are ready for the new year. I am sure you will find it refreshing to be organized and it’s a great feeling to know you can now reach into your closet with confidence!


your needs and the space you have. Evaluate what will be best on a hanger, and what you can put in drawers | jan 2014

You have determined what you are going to keep, so now make a plan for the best way to organize based on

inspiration + style

8. Make a Plan:

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014

Photography Isabella Sfez Model Ava Sfez | | Hair and Makeup Ava Sfez

Gold chains, Freedom for Topshop | Plaid pencil skirt, Topshop | “Twerkin for a Birkin” top, Timeless | Jacket, Isabel Marant for H&M | Makeup: Found

interview with ava sfez

dation by MAC Cosmetics in NC15, eyeshadow by MAC in Blackground, lipstick Riri Woo for MAC, eyebrow pencil in Strut for Mac, Mascara Lancome

Fashion: See Previous Page

Maddy: You are beautiful and very talented, but most of all we admire your confidence. How do you maintain your confidence and positive body image? Ava: Thank you, I’ve learned (a little too late in my opinion) that everything starts with self love. If you don’t love yourself nobody will love you and most of all, you won’t be able to love anyone or respect anyone properly. It all starts with self love. Why wouldn’t I be confident? Why would I have to hide? Because society tells me I should be thinner or take up less space? Ever since I adopted this attitude and belief, I’ve been a different person. At any size one should always be confident and be one’s biggest love story. You have one life with no rehearsals, are you going to spend it hiding?

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014 Maddy: The term “plus-size” was the focus of controversy in 2013. How do you feel about the term? Ava: There are many terms that have sparked controversy, “Plus-size” has never shocked me. Having started plus modeling in Paris years ago, I’ve come across so many horrible labels that, “Plus size” seems appropriate in comparison! The one thing I’ll never understand though is all the negative connotations and ridicule the plus modeling world has been subject to. There needs to be less labels, terms, and more open mindedness.

Jumpsuit, Topshop | Makeup: Lipstick in Lady Danger by MAC cosmetics | Foundation in NC15 by MAC cosmetics

wanting to see more models that look like you. Why do you think size diversity in the plus size modeling industry is important? Ava: When plus size brands and adverts show women that are a size 12 and look a size 8, how are plus size women supposed to relate? I understand plus size starts at 12 but there needs to be a diversity in bodies, women who are larger sizes see these smaller models and never think they could wear the same clothing

inspiration + style

received so much feedback from our readers


Maddy: The last time you were in PMM we

size 20 model shows a bit of truth and also proves you can look great at any size. Showing smaller models is fine, but never showing an actual bigger sized model makes the readers feel the way they do everyday, non existent and unappealing. Maddy: Your sense of style is exciting! What inspires you when creating your look? Ava: I’m very inspired by cinema, characters, paintings and I don’t believe in limits! I often see bloggers who just want to follow the trend at the moment and consider that, ‘Fashion,’ I wear exactly what I want and the most important thing in having your look is not caring what people think of your taste. Get rid of fear! I lived in Paris over half of my life and have always been very eccentric. I was bullied all of high school and I still get bullied in the subway when I go there, but I laugh at it, I dress for myself not for men or fashionistas! I will wear nighttime sequined attire during the day and men’s tweed suits at night. Provocation does inspire my look, mixing genders, contrasts, vintage, bold colors and most of all not following the rules. Wear what you feel unique in! Seduce yourself!

Jumpsuit, Topshop | Makeup: Lipstick in Lady Danger by MAC cosmetics | Foundation in NC15 by MAC cosmetics | jan 2014

and pull it off. I think showing a size 16,18 or even

changing the

PLUS divide PMM setting the stage for new rules in defining plus size once and for all

photography andre schneider styling spry lee scott | jan 2014


inspiration + style

Leopard leggings & graphic T shirt by Forever 21; Shoes by Luichiny; Jewelry by Lux | jan 2014


inspiration + style

Blue dress by Calvin Klein; wet look leggings by; necklace by Sophia & Kate; ring and bracelet by Lux; wrap belt by Igigi; Shoes by Guess | jan 2014


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Dress by Carmen Marc Valvo (available at; earrings by Sophia & Kate; shoes by BCBG

Mustard sweater by Alfani; tights by Ashley Stewart; boots by Luichiny; Anita’s earrings by Lux/ Iman’s earrings by Sophia & Kate | jan 2014


inspiration + style | jan 2014


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Jumper by Forever 21; necklaces and bracelets by Charles Klein; earrings by Hey Doll; shoes by Jessica Simpson

makeup by tara taylor hair by daleesa weary models anita marshall iman

A era

new in pageantry

arrived with the official announcement of Miss Plus USA earlier this year. At the head of this mission is the very talented Latasha Haskins who has committed to providing a new experience to her queens. By Colleen Stovall

What inspired you to create Miss Plus USA? My ultimate goal when I got into pageantry was to be in the position to provide opportunities for others. I often say that Pageantry is the microphone to my ministry or my mission. I created Miss Plus USA to mainstream the plus pageant experience and establish respect for the plus pageant industry. I also desired to open up the experience and events I produce to all states, not just the NW.

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Do you think a traditional pageant system will ever crown a plus size queen? I believe the rise in competitions such as Miss Plus USA will force mainstream systems to open up their silently discriminatory criteria; we have witnessed this in the fashion world. After many successful Full Figured Fashion Weeks, New York and many other Fashion Weeks across America and worldwide have begun incorporating plus size fashion and models. My theory is, rather than complaining about the lack of opportunity for plus pageant queens, I created an opportunity, one that can be respected in both the plus industries and mainstreams. I anticipate that my efforts will make a huge impact on the mainstream pageant industry and they will have no other option but to change; and if they don’t, we will still be here! I’m not afraid to stir the pot, stirring only makes the dish taste better anyway! | jan 2014

Colleen: Why do you feel that pageantry is important? Latasha: Contrary to popular belief, pageantry is so much more than big hair, rhinestones and world peace! This is a multibillion dollar industry that has paved the way of opportunity for women since the 1920s. Pageantry is the leading source of academic scholarships for women in America. Women such as Oprah Winfrey, Miss Black Tennessee 1971, Eva Longoria, Miss Florida 1998, Fast & Furious’ Gal Gidot, 2004 Miss Israel, Sharon Stone and Vanessa Williams used pageantry as a launching pad for their now, significantly successful careers!

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014

Who is eligible to compete in Miss Plus USA? Are there any specific attributes or experience you a looking for in a potential participant? Our competition is open to unmarried women ages 14-30 who wear a double-digit size. A Plus USA Queen carries herself with pride, and common sense. She cares about her physical appearance, has a flair for fashion and overall state of health. She lives the kind of lifestyle that could be projected on a big screen without dishonor. She is witty, wellspoken and embraces a cause that she actively participates in. She is willing to set herself aside and become a visual role model to her peers and all who are observing. She is intentional about who she is, how she looks and where she is going. Lastly, she calls herself to a higher standard of living, setting aside the myth that, “Everyone else is doing it.� She is set apart, and proud of it! Tell us about the application process and where contestants can apply to compete. To apply you will need to do a bit of a scavenger hunt! We take our brand seriously, and we do not believe in just sending a crown and banner to every person who pays the fee. So we make you put in some work. The saying goes, anything worth having, is worth working for and investing in! Click here for details on how to apply What prizes will the next queens win after they are crowned? Our Prize Package continues to grow as we bring on more sponsors! Our 2014 National Queens will be promoted to immediate national celebrity status, receive official crown and rhinestone embroidered sash, gift cards, appearance wardrobe, hair & makeup services/ products, media and community appearance opportunities, magazine features, modeling contract with IPM Model Management.* Opportunity to walk in L.A. Fashion Week Haute Curves Show, plus cash and scholarships based on sponsorship contributions and contestant entries! *Modeling contract is contingent on winner being defined as marketable by IPM Model Management standards.

What can guests attending the pageant expect to see? We have a series of silver carpet events planned for our guests and contestants! Kicking off with the Meet the Queens Fashions show sponsored by MODE Seattle Fashion. This show will introduce the public to our contestants who will be rocking the runway wearing uniquely designed fashions by various Northwest designers and hair and makeup provided by the top students of Evergreen Beauty College. The following days will bring a black-tie Sponsor’s Soiree, a community event, the preliminary competition, culminating to the Finale event, The Official Plus USA Competition, which will reveal the top-10 contestants in each division, live entertainment, celebrity hosts and celebrity judges. This event will be epic! For more information, visit online at

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YOU’RE PLUS USA! apply to represent YOUR State or U.S. Territory TODAY

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january 2014:

actionfor women’s

health with Yve Edmond

Dear Readers! We are elated to see you in the New Year. We express our gratitude for allowing us to continue providing you with the pulse of the PLUS community. Last year, we focused on holistic healing and wellness. This year, we will build upon the 2013 foundation with pieces devoted to specific health topics in order to educate and empower our readers…beginning with this months “New Year, New You” issue. January - the time of year when deep introspection, unshackling of proverbial chains, and developing a strategy for the next 365 days occurs. Researcher’s report 1 of every 3 Americans develops a New Year’s resolution. Of this third, resolutions pertaining to health and wellness top the list ahead of education, new jobs, and building better relationships. For 2014, we have in-store many exciting features for your viewing pleasure and hopefully pieces which will improve your health and well-being.

Cervical Health Awareness Month

additional screening tests and vaccines.

January (designated by the United

How can it be detected early? The

States Congress as Cervical Health

traditional test for detecting cervical cancer

Awareness Month) is 31 days dedicated

has been the Pap exam. Now HPV tests,

to highlighting issues related to cervical

which can be performed in conjunction



with the PAP exam, have the ability to

concerning how women can protect

detect the high-risk types of HPV most

themselves from developing cervical

commonly found in cervical cancer.



cancer and/or HPV, while stressing the importance of early detection. Cervical

Where We Need Action:

cancer is the first cancer in women caused almost exclusively by a virus. It is

50% of women diagnosed with cervical

estimated that 70% of men and women

cancer have NEVER undergone a

will come into contact with HPV during

Pap exam and approximately 10% of

their lives. Fortunately, 80-90% of said

women diagnosed have not had a Pap

cases will naturally eliminate itself.

exam in the past 5 YEARS. We need

What is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer

The American Cancer Society

is cancer, which starts in the cervix or

recommends the following:

the lower, narrow end of the uterus. • All women should begin cervical Who is at risk? Unfortunately all women

cancer screenings at 21 years of age.

are at risk for developing cervical cancer, although it occurs most often in women

• Women 21-29 years of age should

over 20 and younger than 50 years of age.

undergo a Pap exam every 3 years. For

Approximately 12,000 women within

this age group, HPV testing should not

the US are diagnosed with cervical

be used for screening but as a follow-up

cancer annually. Most of these numbers

to an abnormal Pap.

are correlated with HPV, as this virus has been directly linked as a main cause

• Beginning at 30 years of age women

in developing it. When detected early, it

should undergo a Pap exam, combined

is highly treatable and associated with a

with an HPV test every 5 years, to be

great quality of life and long survival.

continued until 65 years of age.

Can It Be Prevented? Yes, the good

• Women between 30-65 years of age

news. Cervical cancer is one of the most

could receive only a Pap exam (with

preventable cancers to date. Usually


cervical cancer can be prevented through early detection and treating abnormal cell

• Women with high risks of cervical

changes occurring in the cervix before

cancer (due to suppressed immune

cancer develops. In recent years within

systems) should follow recommendations

the US, there has been a great push for

of their healthcare team.


reproductive healthcare. | jan 2014

Fast Facts:

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more women receiving comprehensive

Assistance to Obtain Screenings:

For 2014, lets band together and take action working towards the common

Although we live in the United States, concerns about quality and cost of healthcare dominates many of our actions and in certain cases dictates if we seek medical treatment/care at all. If you are reading and worried about ways to finance cancer screenings (cervical or

goals of: (1) Shattering the stereotypes plaguing our community (2) Reducing the stigma associated with specific health concerns and conditions impacting our communities

breast) please see the link for the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early

(3) Continued support of events, organi-

Detection Program (NBCCEDP). This

zations, and causes dedicated to educating

program offers early detection testing

and improving the community and

free of cost or of very little costs. It may also assist with covering future testing and treatment costs as well. For more

(4) Continuing to promote and build upon the belief that we are indeed living healthy, beautiful lives at every size.

information please contact the CDC

For 2014, I wish you a stronger, healthier,

at 1-800-232-4636 or check them out

happier year full of new opportunities

online at to

and possibilities of inner growth

find the program closest to you.

changing you for the better. May your

inspiration + style

to women without health insurance,

better version of you. May your new

and why we need action:

year be open to new possibilities, new areas, and more importantly new things

As primary caregivers women tend to

to be thankful for!

neglect their individual health while prioritizing the needs of others such as

For more information on cervical cancer,

parents, significant others, children, etc.

please see the links listed below.

More research studies have concluded the more women take care of themselves; the healthier their families tend to be also. We have to keep in mind ourselves webcontent/003094-pdf.pdf

and our health, especially in times where overtime is mandatory, multitasking is a requirement, exceeding deadlines is expected, and quality time is neglected. | jan 2014

Women’s Health – why it’s imperative


essence be transformed into the newer,

lookwho pmm




“We Love Our Readers!” Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | jan 2014

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PMM, Sep 2013 Issue


Celebrity Make-up Artist





with larissa laurel

now. I am personally ALL for social media, especially since I write for a top on-line magazine; naturally I appreciate and understand the benefits of social media. With that being stated, I do however feel that a lot of etiquette, when it comes to social media, has been thrown out the window.

Firstly, let’s not forget that when you align yourself as a working model you are now a representative of YOU. Your look and work ethic is what someone is hiring when you become “the FACE� of a particular campaign or editorial. The client that hires you will most likely check out your web page and/or do


I have wanted to answer this question for a while | jan 2014

Does social media affect my career as a model?

inspiration + style

a Google search on you. It is unlikely they will check your Twitter or Facebook page, but it is not impossible especially if these links come up on a search. Do you have any pictures or comments that could prevent you from working with a potential client? Let’s hope not. It is always a good idea to do a search on yourself to see what you find. I’m always amazed at how my pictures end up on websites I’ve never even heard of. Fortunately, what I’ve seen so far on my end is mostly fan sites and I’m very flattered and honored with my findings or other fellow plus size model friends.

If you have pictures that are too provocative, or pictures that show you partying with alcohol or drugs I would take those down immediately. If you don’t want to take them down because you are expressing yourself to your friends, then you need to make a separate social media for your personal life and keep it separate from your professional life. Same goes for those of you who use your Facebook, or any other social site, as a rant for or against your political, religious, and ethical beliefs.

Look, your agent doesn’t need to see that you were late for a modeling gig because your Facebook page shows you partying until 4am the night before. People in Corporate America have been fired for incidents like this. Of course, we hope a professional model will not be partying until 4am the morning before a professional gig, but I’m highlighting a real incident that has happened to a colleague and we can all learn from this lesson.

Secondly, if you have met someone or heard of someone in the industry don’t just try to Facebook friend them without a message. If you must “friend” them, then write a little introduction so it stays professional and will not be mistaken as “stalker-ish”. I know some agents who will not friend their models/actors they represent because they want to keep their professional life and personal life separate. Everyone has their own reason and it is a good rule of thumb to respect that.

Thirdly, using social media as a way to showcase your work and

or blackball you. Be smart and remember you are your own small business, therefore you are a “Brand”. How do you want to be seen and remembered? What kind of impact do you want to make. Align your public social media sites to help create the brand you want to become.

Have a STELLAR 2014!


say things about people in the industry that could burn bridges

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talent is an amazing tool. Utilize it to further your career. Don’t | jan 2014

With Curves A’Plenty - Larissa Laurel


machado interview by tiffany bank

Gisela: I’ve always been obsessed with anything that had to do with fashion. I remember when I was younger there was no one in magazines or on television that I could relate to and if it was someone who I considered as being bigger they were always on a diet. Basically I interpreted that as saying that I should also go on a diet, because being bigger wasn’t good/beautiful. This made me question my beauty a lot! Today all I want is to be that role model I was looking for all those years. I want to show my bigger girls (or boys) that they are beautiful and sexy. You just have to work on it and WORK IT! I believe I can achieve that by being a plus size model.Â


size model? | jan 2014

Tiffany: What made you decide to become a plus

inspiration + style

Finish this sentence: The plus industry is… The perfect way to show the world that the word ‘beautiful’ can be defined in many different ways. The word ‘beauty’ doesn’t mean, thin or perfect. For me, it means you simply show confidence in who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Who are your favorite plus designers, models, bloggers and celebrities? Designers I LOVE Monif C.! Her collection is always stylish, sexy, classy and so feminine; she always thinks about what fuller girls like me have to take into consideration with her garments. I also like Zizzi and ASOS Curve. Models The models that I like the most are Anita Marshall, Tara Lynn and Toccara Jones. From my Whom do you look to for curvy inspiration? Well to be quite frank, anyone can inspire me. It can be a celeb like Beyonce, but it can also be an everyday curvy girl on the street rocking her curves! My mom and my sisters are also my inspiration. We have 4 different types of bodies and each one of us show that style has no size. I just love a woman who is not afraid to show her curves. If you’re that woman, you inspire me.

hometown I like Tess Henstra (she’s really pretty). Bloggers Tanesha Awasthi Edith Dohmen Marianne Nykjaer Celebrities My all time favorite curvy celeb is Beyonce. She’s

What is the plus industry like in your hometown? Do you have plans to come to the United States? The plus industry in The Netherlands is starting to evolve. We’re hearing more and more about it everyday. I don’t think it is as big as in the United States, but everybody I’ve met so far has been really supportive and encouraging and it makes me want to try harder to achieve my goals. And yes, one of my goals is to go to the States and try to make it there.

a powerful, curvaceous woman that carries herself with class, but is not afraid to show her sexy side. Where do you see yourself in the next year? I hope to book more clients and get my name out there in the world. Hopefully I can land a nice campaign so I can grow more as a model. And like I said, I really want to be an inspiration for the younger generation and encourage them to be themselves.






stewart &


diva holiday


a meet and greet networking event | jan 2014


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