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e1ne ones Editor-in-Chief It is hard to believe the end of the year has come; a year full of celebratory events, challenges and experiences that helped to shape our lives. In this month 's issue we are featuring, for the very first time, two rising stars in the world of fashion blogging on our cover. Nicolette Mason (Fat Girl in A Skinny World - Marie Claire) and Gabi Fresh (former MTV Twitter Jockey). Both of these extraordinary women have seen incredible success in 2011 and have contributed to the rise of the plus-size fashion movement in main stream med ia. With many of their adoring fans watching them as they continue to grow, this month we celebrate their ind ividuality and journey. It is no secret that I am one of the most outspoken women in the industry when the subject of size diversity is concerned, so I decided to create a special feature that would help us to spotlight some of today's most popular size 18+ models. You recognize them by their work or have seen their images, and you love their passion: the force that drives them to keep pushing forward.

With growth comes change, and this month we say goodbye to one of our contributing writers, Nikeya Young, who has taken a position w ith the Chicago Examiner. We absolutely loved working with Nikeya and w ish her all the best in her career. As we close another year and are bombarded with the pressures of New Year's goals and resolutions, let us remember to be clear about our passions, keep our hearts free to love and be loved, give as much of ourselves as possible, and support the people who have been working so very diligently to open doors and push the envelope in this business. To my incredible staff, words cannot express how much I love and appreciate your support and hard work month after month. You're a team and family I am blessed to be working with. Peace and love, Madeline Jones

'iV c love to hear from you! Tell us what you think of the magazine! W c would love to know what you would like to sec. Your feedback on all things plus size fro111 fashion, to modeling, to television, or just because, share your voice! A special Thank You to Reah Norman for her inspiring words and helping to show the positive side of plus in this months luxury issue of Plus Model Magazine. Reah you are truly an inspiration to plus size women, keep up the great work. Team AdoraOm loves you. - Danielle Line Thank you for includ ing me in your magazine! So exciting to be in the "spotlight" It looks wonderful and your cover is ABSOL UTEL Y FABULOUS. Best yet. - Lily Cummings

Loving this page! Awesome info for inspiring plus size models like M E! - Char Sloan Each issue gets better and better!!!! :J Love it!!! - Angela Rene' PMM November - ANOTHER amazing feat! Just remembered it was live - Bravo! - Sue Rock loved Chasity's editorial! gorgeous work all involved ! - Nicole Le Bris

I Thank you for all that you do! I love this page and your magazine. Nothing is better than curvy girls that are empowered and let nothing hold them back! I am empowered by this page and keep doing what you are doing! - Nichole Jones Russia is buzzing about a new issue of Plus Model Magazine and Queen Grace as one of the brands showcased in the issue! - Queen Grace Collection Wow, congrats on this month's issue's total eye candy, and I love the way it looks in the issuu format. So sleek and polished! Bravo! - Ashley Easton Great November issue! You guys are doing a great job! -Victoria L ewis Wow. That's alii have to say. AMAZING job on the issue and just thank you. I'm in awe - Jessica Kaine


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GET THE LOOK with Tara Taylor

MODEL NICOLETTE Med ium to full coverage foundation (light coverage for those with flawless skin] Conceal under, inner and outer corners of eyes, sides of nostrils, corners of lips and any other blemishes Set foundation and concealer with a sheer pressed powder (for those who need a little extra coverage, set foundation with a medium to full coverage pressed powder foundation] Bronze skin around hairline, under cheekbones and chin, along jaw and the sides of nose with a matte bronzer 2-3 shades darker than skin tone Highlight under eyes, above cheekbones, center of forehead, center of chin with a yellow-toned pressed powder 2 shades lighter than skin tone Pat a shimmery off-white eyeshadow across eyelid from lash line to crease Dot a sparkly, off white eyes had ow in the tear duct area In the crease of the eyelid and into the bottom lashes (drop shadow) , blend in a fiery, rusty orange matte eyeshadow Follow behind the orange with a dark brown matte eyeshadow starting in the outer eye socket and blending softly over the orange going only halfway into the crease and into the bottom lashes Fill in groomed eyebrows with a brow powder or pencill-2 shades lighter than your hair color if you are a brunette, and 1 -2 shades darker than your hair if you are a blonde, have light brown hair or fair skin Highlight under eyebrows with a matte pale cream-colored eyeshadow Apply false lashes of your choice with Duo Eyelash Glue Line the upper lash line thinly with a black liquid I cream I gel liner Line the lower waterline with a white I off-white kohl eyeliner pencil Curl and apply a coat of very black mascara on upper and lower lashes On cheekbones use an orange based bronzer Line lips with a neutral lip pencil Choose a deep orange lipstick, and use a touch of gold shimmer in the center of lip to giv e dimension Note: Keep the cheeks on the softer side to balance the intensity of the eyes and lips

Model: Nicolette Mason Photographer: Luke Jones



Norman Executive Fashion Director

Happy December and goodbye 2011! Wow, hard to believe that another year is behind us! 2011 has been amazing year of adventures, challenges, change, growth, and success, and the plus industry is thriving. Now, more than ever, our voices are being heard and mainstream media is final ly paying attention, even though it sometimes feels like we take one step forward and two steps back. It's a journey, not a destination, and we still have a long way to go! There w ill always be haters, pessimists, individuals with agendas who want to hold us back, and those who believe that plus size people and clothing will never represent "fashion". It is up to us as individuals to make the choice, stand tall, and represent ourselves in a positive, flattering way. Never take "no" for an answer! As my fearless leader and dear friend, Madeline Jones always says, "slow and steady wins the race."

In 2011, we have seen the birth of several new plus size reality shows, plus size models gracing the covers and pages of domestic and international fash ion magazines, a plus size actress win an Emmy, plus size celebrities becoming spokeswomen for national

beauty campaigns, and most of all, the birth of several new plus size clothing companies. As society and mainstream media continue to open their eyes, and we continue to stand our ground and demand what we want as consumers, we will surely see more of what we love ... plus size fashion! This is my favorite time of year to celebrate fash ion! I love to bundle up, and the cooler temperatures mean I get to layer to my hearts content! Boots, tights, scarves, snood neck warmers, hats, tunics, faux leather and faux fur are all my current wardrobe staples and I am having so much fun getting dressed every day! The holiday season always inspires me to slow down, take a step back, and reflect upon the past year and what my goals and dreams are for the coming year. I am looking forward to an amazing 2012 surrounded by positive loved ones who life me up! Wishing you and yours all the best for the holiday season and the New Year. Fill your life with love, friendship, family and joy, and don't forget to "think outside the fash ion box"! XOXO, Reah Norman

Maddy: How did you become interested in blogging?

Nicolette: I started my blog while I was working in a corporate environment and wanted a creative outlet that was ent irely my own vision. At f irst. I focused on design and contemporary art, and it grew organically to be about my life and style!

regardless of my shape, I want to wear what I li ke! Oversized tops may not be the most f lattering on me, but I L OVE the way they look, and I much rather be excited by my wardrobe and fashion than fee l limited or confined to wea r ing what flatters me.

Maddy: Who are your favorite brands and designers r ight now?

Maddy: You have a very unique sense of style, how would you describe it?

Nicolette: I'm incredibly and unabashedly feminine, but I also have an edgy side that I try to balance with my gi r ly-ness. If it has bows, ruffles or sparkles, I love it. If it has spikes. leather or metal accents. I love that too!

Maddy: I identify w ith your freedom of self-expression and allowing yourself to be who you are. How did you develop this level of self-confidence?

Nicolette: I've always stood out or been different in one way or another. Growing up, I was the tallest in my class (until everyone hit puberty and either caught up or outg r ew me!), always been bigger. and was the very artsy type. W hen you stick out, you can either use it to your advantage, or try to camouflage yourself; I opted for the for mer, and it seems to be working for me!

Maddy: It's not always easy as a plus size woman in terms of clothing options, and when you are not an hour glass fig ure, people can be all thumbs. Tell us your thoughts about fashion and dressing for your shape.

Nicolette: To be completely honest, I'm not generally concerned w ith dressing to flatter my f igure. I'm a fashion girl, and

Nicolette: I have to say, while I'm probably ASOS Curves most dedicated and loyal customer, I'm in L OVE w ith what Carmakoma and Damn You Alexis are doing. There's tons in the way of work wear and club wear in the plus market, but both Damn You Alexis and Carmak-

On Her Way to the Top Nicolette Mason and most inspiring brands. designers. and emerging talent in the plus fashion industry. It's incredible how many new companies approach me on a daily basis; I feel a huge responsibility and urgency to help make sure women have access to those companies!

Maddy: You 're an excellent advocate for plus size fashion. What wou ld you li ke to see change in the plus size fashion world?



Nicolette: I'd love to see more mainstream. established designers delve into the world of plus size fashion. I think doing plus size fashion well is much harder to accompl ish; it's a true test of a designers skills when they can make beautifu l clothes for the size 12+ set!

Maddy: While we continue to educate plus size women on fashion, it's also important for women to have confidence in who they are. How do you maintain your self-confidence? oma are making high qua lity, fash ion forward collections that are 100% on par with other contemporary designers - in all sizes. They don't design according to the rules of ful l figured fashion. and I f ind that so empowering.

Nicolette: I'm incred ibly fortunate to have strong friends and fam ily around me. I know. I know- its such a cliche, but its true! Besides that. a quick glance in the mirror or at my resume is a swift reminder that I' m kind of a badass ...

Maddy: You are the NEW Big Girl in

Maddy: Is there anything on the hori-

a Skinny World. What do you hope to achieve in this position? Nicolette: Can I first say that the team at Marie Claire is incredible?! The editors are so passionate about the plus market. and TRU LY care about the success of the column; its so amazing to see it all in action. I'm so thankful to be part of the magazine now and in a position to help promote some of my favorite

zon we should be looking out for? Nicolette: Its hard to say, but I know for sure that this is only the beginning! So much is in the works and its such an exciting time. I can't wait to see where life and al l my opportunities take me. Visit

I was taken overnight from everything fa miliar that I knew. I had to adjust very quickly and being independent in New York City is not easy for anyone. It's a completely new lifestyle that I' m still getting used to. I know I've grown a ton though, and experiences like these have made me stronger. I sti ll miss home.

Maddy: What did you do the day after your MTV job was over? Gabi: I just spent the day lounging around and relaxing. The year was such a busy t ime, it was a relief to sit back and do nothing for a while.

Maddy: Working with eloquii by The Limited must be really exciting. Can you tell us about what you have and will be doing? Gabi: I'm the brand ambassador for eloquii, which basica lly means I' m the gobetween for the brand and my fo llowers. I go into the HQ sometimes and give my feedback about products, and I also tell my readers about what eloquii has to offer. It's been a really fun experience be-

cause I've never worked this closely with a brand, especial ly long term. I really respect eloquii for listening to their customers and staying true to The L imited aesthetic for their plus customers. It's amazing to see how bloggers and brands are partnering more and more and I can't wait to see how our relation ship w il l grow in the future.

Maddy:With so many bloggers out there, how does someone stand out from the pack? Gabi : I t hink as long as people are authentic and not trying to copy one another, then they stand out. Style blogging is all about self-expression, so if you're true to your own style, you will f ind an audience natura lly!

Maddy: Let's talk fashion - do you consider yourself a budding stylist or a blogger who loves fashion? Gabi: Both! I've wanted to be a stylist forever, way before I started blogg ing, and I'm so grateful that my blog opened up doors to do so. Styling is probably my biggest passion, so I definitely hope to eventually work w ith major clients.

Maddy: I love your style, how did you develop the relationship w ith fashion that you have today? Gabi : Thanks! It was a pretty organic thing. I always had a really strong sense of what I liked to wear gr owing up, and it was always rea lly unique. It wasn't what people considered in style, but it was me. In high school, I loved thrift shopping and creating my own really interesting looks. By college, I started getting more into mainstream fashion and I th ink blogging took it to the next level. I was so inspired by other personal style bloggers and street style blogs. Even now, I thin k my style is evolving. I never stay in one

lfs All About Fashion Gabi Fresh


• • • •

place too long and I think getting older has just brought a bit more sophistication t o my clothing. I f ind myself appreciating simple and classic outfits a lot more than I used to. Maddy: Plus size women don't always take r isks, what is your advice to women looking to develop their own sense of style? Gabi: Step one is t ruly body acceptance. The thing t hat holds plus size women back fro m experimenting or find ing their own style is often t he fa ct t hat they think they can't wear someth ing because of their size or shape. Once you accept and love your body, it no longer dictates what you choose to wear and you have so much morefreedomtotake r isks! For example, I'm not ashamed of my body, so I had no problem throwing on a mesh bodysuit for this shoot! Will some people see it and say she shou ldn't be wearing that? Probably...but I don't care. It's all about how I feel in it. not what anyone else thinks.

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. ..

Maddy: Where do you see yourself in five mor e year s? Gabi: That's a hard question for me! I'm such a spontaneous; go-with-t he-flow person when it comes to my career (wh ich isn't a good thing). I definitely need to work on setting concrete goals to work toward. I will say that I hope in five years that I' m f inancially stable and settled int o a per manent home. I'd also love to start a cloth ing li ne eventually. Check out Gabi's editorial in this months issue of PLUS Model Magazine and follow Gabi at


Interview wi~ •

Our "Love Your Body'' Issue is always


one of our most popular, but this year

by Madeline Jones

it yielded an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and it was all due to the editorial featuring plus size model Jennifer Maitland in the nude. I sat with photographer, Victoria Janashvili, who shot the amazing photos and who now happens to be a new fan of the plus size industry. Her story is amazing, and this month, she shares how shooting plus size models changed her life.

Maddy: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Victoria: I was born in Russ ia and raised in London; I grew up there. I came to New York three years ago.

Maddy: Did you always want to be a photographer? Victoria: I planned to become a lawyer or economist. Never thought I could be a photographer because my parents said this was not what people did for a living. It was always an interest for me since I was a child.

Maddy: Totally did not expect that, how did you go from economics to photography? Victoria: I was studying economics in London and was very frustrated; I wanted a different life. I randomly met one of the best photographers in the world in L ondon and he asked me to be an assistant. I took him up on his offer and shared many experiences on set and eventually became his studio manager. At this point I dropped out of school and went to school for photography while I was working.

Maddy: Becoming a photographer is not easy to do and the competition is fierce. Victoria: I learned very early on that what you need to do is be on set, work yourbehind off and soak it all in. For me it took 5 years and watching people do it in order to be able to rea lly understand imagery.

Maddy: The relationship between a model and photographer is intimate fo r those hours they are together. How long did you know Jennifer before she bar ed it all fo r the shoot? Victoria: I'm friends with the models that I have shot. With Jennifer, I knew her through someone else. I had never shot a plus size model before; she was my first. A fr iend asked me if I was interested in shooting her and I said yes, it wou ld be a challenge for me; I was used to f r aming a s ize zer o woman and now I was going to have to learn to frame a size 16 woman .

Maddy: Tell me about the shoot?

Interview with Victoria Janashvili

Victoria: Jennifer came in, had her makeup and hair done, put on her heels and wa lked from the makeup station to the set naked ! It was empowering to see that for me as a woman. She was helpf ul throughout the shoot since this was my first time and exuded the type of confidence that popped right out of the picture.

Maddy: Since then, you have shot several plus size models, right? Victoria: Agencies send me both straight and plus size models, but right now I'm really enjoying shooting plus size. There is just something so much more enjoyable for me. I love the personalities I have met; plus size models just seem to have such confidence in who they are.

Maddy: Do you feel as though you are a part of the movement for model diversity? Victoria: I feel that way. I feel like somehow I'm taking part in bringing focus to the plus size industry. Shooting plus size models changed my life and I r ecently stopped wanting to be skinnier. All my life I wanted to be back to a size two and now I feel like I'm exactly wher e I need to be.

To learn more about Victoria Janashvili Photography please visit:

HowD by Tracie Stern, Model Dev~

There are many facets to modeling. What you need to figure out now is where you'll fit in. Runway, Print, Petite, Fit, Body .. .. All of these are aspects that make up this industry as a whole . Each one offers its own trials and tribulations as well as its own level of successes. This is the part where you figure out where your measurements fit best. Standard plus size models range in height from 5 '8" to 6 ', and wear a size 10 and up. Many I know don't see a size 10 as a plus but we are talking about the fashion industry where a size 0 or 00 is normal. Agents particularly look for models aged 16-30 who wear a size 12-18 (depend ing on the agents market). Plus size models are larger versions of the straight sized world. Attractive, proportioned and toned. Plus size or fu ll figure does not mean flabby. Plus Petite mode ls are between 5'1" and 5'5" in height and a size 10-14. Again , attractive, good proportions are a necessity. This is a very smal l industry and the competition is fierce due to not a lot of agencies who work with petite and an over load of talent looking for work. Runway Plus , this again is a market al l on its own. In the past you would find the same models that were in the print

on the ru nway. Today, ma ny clients a r e looking for larger models to walk the ru nway in their fashions, whic h now opens the door to those who may not get the oppo r tunity to do t he print side. However, standard heig ht requ irements ar e in effect. Fitting Models (a.k.a fit models), t his is the side of t he industry that isn't broadcasted. You won't become famous bein g a f it model however the pay is good. Desig ners use f it models as living ma n nequins. These models aid in confirm ing t hat the s ize, design and cut of the garment to be manufactu r ed meets the desig ner's desires a nd goals. A f it model may become an integra l part of the desig n process by sharin g t hei r comf or t in the clothing, how t he fabric feels etc . Designers may use many different s ized models in t he f it process in orde r to get the sizing of the garment co rr ect. Since this is a case by case s ituation, the mar ket is wide open as

ol •

elopment Director

each designer has a targeted consumer and therefore plus, straight or petite a r e a ll welcome. Body model in g is a nother way to enter into t he plus s ize world . You may not have the heig ht, the face or the size to compete with the gir ls who do, but you may just have the perfect set of legs, butt or breasts to entice a company to hire you to do their bidd ing . Limitations are put o n body models to protect the assets bei ng advertised. If your legs a re your moneymake r s, the n you will be required to give up possible dangerous or damaging activities, such as p laying sports, h igh impact wor kouts, camp ing or mountain cl imbing. Fi nd the right agency to represe nt you and you could f ind your legs modeling a sexy pai r of f ish nets on a company website. Remember, no matter whic h part of t his industr y you are trying to break into you are going to be met w ith obstacles. This is a career choice just like any other and t here will be tests, d ifficulties and challenges. It's how you hand le those c hallenges that will determine your success or failure.

D ecember


By Tiffany Bank



What's the plus size modeling industry like in Oklahoma? The plus size modeling industry is very small and opportunities are often few and far between in Oklahoma. I have had some luck working with a hair show, local designers, and informal modeling for Macy's, but anything with real exposure is rare. It's been kind of frustrating, but has allowed me t ime to get my look completely together and work with designers in the apparel design program at my university. Who are your favorite curvy role models? I was in Dresden, Germany a couple of years ago at the Gemaldegalerie A lte Meister museum and was surrounded by beautiful old paintings of curvy, pale women who were a sign of life, love, and beauty. Seeing them, I was immed iately inspired, and in that moment I fe lt comfortable in my skin and w ith my size. Those women are some of my f irst role models; because they were cherished and respected for their curves and beauty. They inspired great works of art. The f irst true model I looked up to in today's world was Crystal Renn. I was so proud of her for going against what the industry dictated, and just fol lowing her heart. She helped me realize I could do that too. Nowadays, I find myself looking at everyth ing relating to plus modeling I can find, and have become a true fan of Fluvia, Ashley Graham, Denise, Kate Dillon, and Lizzie Miller. These women know how to rock their curves and stand out in the industry. It wou ld be an honor to work among them.

Finish this sentence: The plus their size and told they can't fo llow their dreams. Everyone has potent ial; you just industry is: GROWING! A few years ago, all you have to believe in it! wou ld see in magazines and on runways were girls who were the size of a stick. What are your dreams, desires and Good for them, but it is definitely time goals as a plus model? for a change! Now there are beautiful Well this spot light is definitely a dr eam women like Lizzie Miller showing her come t rue, and hopefully a step towards curves in Glamour, Crystal Renn many great things in the future! In walking the runway for Karl Lagerfeld, retrospect, I hope to soon be signed with and Ashley Graham workin ' it for Lane a bigger agency in New York or around Bryant! This is how it should be. Women Canada, and work wit h as many clients come in all shapes and sizes, curvy as I can. I would love to travel the wor ld, models are just as beautiful and stylish work pr int and runway, and be featu r ed as any other and sometimes we can in Vogue, Glamour or ot her top fashion work the clothing better! Women want magazines. I have always hoped to be a to see other real women wearing the role model and motivator for young girls clothes they love, so why not give them all over the wor ld w ho struggle wit h self that? I am so proud to be a part of the esteem issues because I was once t hat plus model revolution and can't wait to girl. If modeling opens up the opportunity see how far I can take it! to do t hat by speaking at events or working with camp, then I couldn't ask for more! If you could pick the perfect plus modeling campaign for yourself, who would you want to work for? I wou ld love to work with Dove and their Self-Estee m Campa ign. It is all about loving your body and appreciating yourself for who you are! I live that 100% and even preach it to my friends ! There are so many girls now days who just give themse lves and their bodies away. It hurts me to see that because I know they are just looking for a way to be accepted and loved. Every young girl, teen, coll ege gir l, and working mom need to know that they are beautiful for who they are, and have so much to offer the world! No one should be judged by

Photography by: Tony Li

What can we look forward to you doing in the next year? I am currently working as a model with apparel design students at my college, and will be modeling their designs in the spring. In May, I w ill be graduating from Oklahoma State University wit h a marketing degree, and then fulfill another goal of getting my makeup artist's license. After that, a move to New York or wherever I am signed to pursue my career in modeling! Name your favorite store to shop for curvy clothes in your hometown. Sometimes it's hard to find the right kind of curvy clothing because I have an hour

glass shape with a long torso and long legs , so I end up shopping at random places! Overall I am a HUGE fan of ordering from Forever 21 Plus and Levis (for the Curvy jeans and length), then shopp ing at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Target (love their curvy tops) .

Who was the Photographer and Makeup Artist for the photos? Tony Li is a local fashion phot ographer and designer and he did a truly amazing job! The makeup artist was Shannon Schroeder.

If you know your plus-size modeling history or love to refer yourself as a plus-size industry fan, you recognize her face and name. Liis Windischmann graced the pages of MODE Magazine, catalogs and worked with high profile brands for many years as a plus-size model. Her experiences brought her to a perfect union with Ben Barry of the Ben Barry Agency in 2007 and together they are writing a new history for the plus size industry. Recently Liis took her passion to the masses and created On The Curve Events, which launched The Time Is Now on November 15, 2011 in Toronto. The runway event was sponsored by plus size brands and designers, and featured plus size models of all shapes and sizes. We are so happy to see the Canadian market embracing size diversity at the hands of such a wonderful young lady. You've had an amazing career as a plus-size model. Tell me about how your life has changed from model to where you are today? Thanks very much. It has been a natural evolut ion actually. My business partn er Ben Barry and I met in 2 007 and I believe the timing was perfect in ord er t o gradu ally evolve from modelling fu ll time to what we are doing w ith t he Ben Barry Ag ency today. I still model, but my days are mainly f illed pushing diversity in fa shion through vari ous means - through the agency, plann ing events t o showca se diversity, encouraging designers to create larger sample sizes and t hus use our diverse models in their shows, and developing a board of models of all shapes, heights, backgrounds and abilities. It br ings me great pleasure to sign a petite model or a plus model who is outside the current fashion size "norms" and then get her a gr eat bookin g! My passion now is t o creat e a new "norm" that is more inclusive and appreciative of t he fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. I c ouldn't do what I do today w ithout my modeling exper iences. The kn ow ledge carries me t hrough every day whether it be t raining new models on runway and posing t echn iques, what to put in their model bags or planning a runway show based on t he information gather ed fr om having done hundr eds over the years. I may not t ravel as much as before but being able t o experience being backstage with my models before a huge runway show or c elebrat ing w ith them when they land a huge editorial is w or t h its w eight in gold!

Speaking about body image has alw ays been very important to you, w hat are the key points to maintaining a healthy sense of self? I believe the mind-body-soul connection is so key to maintaining a healthy sense of self. If your heart and mind arent happy, you w ill not know how to appreciate your body in all its fabulousness. Too often in our society we fragment these parts of ourselves and lose touch w ith that connection. Someth ing as simple as a quiet yoga class or a long bike r ide in nature can help bring back that connection -a time in which we aren't focusing on weight and weight loss but rather being good to ourselves on all levels health, relaxation, exercise, fresh air, quiet t ime. Most importantly, I don't believe we shou ld own scales! I know my weight from my visits to the doctor. It pains me to see women become slaves to the numbers on a scale and beat themselves up daily. I always say to them, "Would you put a 5 year old gir l on a scale every day? No? Then why do this to yourself?" It is an unhealthy habit our society has created. One small thing every woman can do r ight now to develop a healthy sense of self is this: learn to accept a compliment. And don't fee l you have to return it every time! Try it. You'll like it!

Can you tell me about On The Curve Events and the premier launch? I have wanted to create large scale fash ion shows for plus-size consumers for years. Having participated in and numerous large scale attended plus-size shows which no longer exist, I

wanted to bring back that excitement, the sense of anticipation of a great show starring curvy models in fabulous clothing me and my friends would be able to wear! Upon seeing all the great curvy events happening in the USA around Fashion's Night Out and other themes, it spurred me to act fast hence the name of the first show - The Time is Now. I felt I could not wa it another month to bring some excitement to the curvy market in Canada! On the Curve Events will encompass intimate and large scale fash ion shows, designer Q&A's, fun events, seminars, shopping parties .. .the list can go on and on! I aim to give women sizes 12-20 and 14W-24W+ something to look forward to, events they can excited ly plan to attend w ith fr iends. Our f irst event, The Time is Now fash ion show was a huge success. We some amazing Canad ian had companies represented: Lola & Gig i, Toni +, Gussied Up, Stefanie Bezaire and A llistyle. I can't say enough about the fashions showcased by these 5 lead ing Canad ian companies - a fantastic mixture of all that is right in Canadian curvy fashion! We also had sponsorship from Secret, Laborde Designs, Goldwell and kms californ ia and all models were exclusively from Ben Barry Agency. Each company showcased 9 looks from their Winter 2011 collections and the show was fast paced and so well received. Before the night was over, I f ielded numerous requests asking when the next show will be!

Why is it so importa nt to have events like thi s? There are so many vivacious, fun, curvy fashionistas with no outlet to express themselves. Canada is lagging behind the USA when it comes to events for plus-size women and "in-betweenies" which is why I deem it so important to include both size categories. There are also so many incredible small businesses and boutiques wh o would be unable to stage an event on their own but if done w ith others makes it financia lly feas ible. I want these amazi ng businesses to meet the equally amazi ng consumers with lots of smiles all around. It brings such satisfaction to me when a curvy woman tells me how great she feels in a new outfit from a newly found store. At the end of the day, these events are all about spreading confidence.

I have also created On the Curve Events because then I am able to pick the sizes of the models in the shows. It is my goal to continue to source models in a variety of sizes that reflect the lines being used. My business partner Ben and I have been actively seeking a variety of sizes and want to develop models above a size 16+ which unfortunately is generally the cut off in the modelling world. We had some 18's in The Time is Now and would like larger sizes too. We are also wanting to find some plus petites. At the other end of the spectrum, some of our size 12 models beautifully showcased lines that started at this size. As many companies are now creating sizes to bridge t he gap between straight and plus sizing, we want to honour those ranges and the women in them. Canada lags behind the

USA in size availability so it really needs to change and I am hoping to do my part to help create this change.

What else are you w orking on that w e should be looking out for? I am LOULOU magazine's On the Curve blogger and post twice per week. The magazine has just relaunched its site so come visit - it's incredible! Ben and I are busy promoting Ben Barry Agency and preparing models for incred ible fash ion spreads. We recently had 2 models walk in LG Fashion Week for VAWK and were super excited about that. We actively encourage fashion magazines and compan ies to use our diverse models. And I am already planning what type of event I shou ld do next for On the Curve Events .. .

Thank you for the interview Liis, w e are very excited about everything you are doing in Canada. Thanks very much! Love what you are doing too. Thanks very much for the support & the interview much appreciated. I have so enjoyed watching Plus Model Magazine evolve and grow over the years. It is such a fantastic resource for so many! To learn more or for more information on Liis:


Co dent. Chic. An introduction into the beautlful woYid of

~~ W<-¡4

For those who are Novice Curvy Fashionistas, those who are newly plus size, new readers of The Curvy Fashionista, need direction, or are just trying to sort through the madness of plus size fashion, around plus size fashion , exclusively for YOU! A 10-chapter ebook with •

1mages, resources, designers and an exclusive Fashion Supplement chock full of exclusive shopping deals from some of Marie's favorite designers and retailers!

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

Learn about the new frontier of plus size fashion! The designers, segments, and what to expect from each! Learn your style essentials! The resources to help you get there- the outfit bloggers, plus size fashion bloggers, digital magazines, and social media sites! What to expect when shopping! And so much more!

Want to be taken seriously by clients and agents? Follow these simple steps ...

The key thing to remember about the fashion industry is for every one person who wakes up wanting to be in fashion, there are about 1,000 more waking up thinking the same thing. The competition is fierce. I receive many emails from readers about wanting to grace the cover of Plus Model Magazine and you know what, I want that too. So does every professional model that is out there today. On top of that, ther e are another 500 who just want the opportunity to be discovered and see their face anywhere else but their Face book page. Here are a few tips to help get you noticed and possibly even r emembered when submitting to model searches, agencies or magazines: ••





































Keep it simple! Hundreds and hundreds of girls are going to be submitting themselves; you need to keep it short and sweet. Include your stats: Height, bust size and cup, waist, hips, dr ess size, hair color and eye color. For example: 511, Bust 38DD, Waist 33, Hips 43.5, Dress Size: 14, Hair: Blond, and Eyes: Blue. This tells the client right off the bat if you have the basic requirements for what they are looking. (Do not put a 1x, 2x or 3x as your size. This does not help at all]


























Your photos should be clean, elegant, and clear. NO drivers license photos, no passport photos from Walgreens. Have a friend go outside with you and take some photos in natural light. You do not need to hire a professional. Dark photos, blurry photos, photos where they can on ly see half of you;, these will all just be deleted. Less is more. Limit your photos to your best two or three. Clients do not have time to sift through the numerous pictures to try and make out what you really look like. If you dont care to present yourself in the best light, the client will assume you will treat their product the same way.






., CD CD

•a c ., •-· < CD

Your clothing should reflect the client with whom you are trying to work. For example, if you want to work with Lane Bryant, shoot in cloth ing that reflects their style. Remember, this is not how you want to be seen or how you see yourself, this is how the client needs to see you and that is in their product. Keep it PG and respectable. Clients will delete your submission if it is full of booty shots.

Makeup should be natural, simple. Too much will be a distraction and again, the client does not want to work to imagine your potential. Show it to them r ight off the bat.

NO ACCESSORIES! These are great in rea l life, but when submitting photos you need to be a blank canvas. Big hoop earrings, florescent necklaces, or bracelets, all are all going to distract from what you are selling; which is you.

Agents, retailers, and magazines get hundreds of hopefuls a day contacting them to see if today is their lucky day. The easier you make it for them; the better off you will be received. Tr ust me, if you follow these steps, your photos are guaranteed to be viewed. I cant guarantee you will be chosen, but at least you will be on the r ight track. For every 20 subm issions you make, you may get one call back. Do not be discouraged. Every step in the right direction makes it possible for opportunity to knock.

Good luck!


Working size 18+ models are extremely rare outside of //fit" modeling. This month we celebrate some of our most popular curvy models in the plus size modeling industry. Meet the 18+ working models. Fluvia Lacerda Size 18 Years Modeling: 9


ere not a mo~el, I would be a translator fa the UN in Afr

I've been seen in: Mar & Nua Barcelona,

Torrid, Takko, Monif C., Kmart, lg igi, Benize and Venca. Some of my favorite brands and designers: are Carmakoma, Mar & Nua

Barcelona, Donna Karan, Ca lvin Klein and Gisela Ram irez.

I have worked with: all the urban companies doing fit, showroom, website and catalog shoots: Dereon, Apple Bottoms, Rocawear, Ecko Red, and Luxirie being my most popular. Others include Lee Jeans, Levi's, Lane Bryant, Raffaello, Charter Club, Style & Co., and smaller private label brands. My new favorite is: Levi's because they have two types of curvy jeans that fit like a glove. As far as designers, I love Roberto Cavalli.

Larissa Laurel Size 18 Years Modeling: 10+

f were not a model, I would veterinarian. My acting career goes


hand in hand with my modeling. So, if I didn't do either, I would have become my childhood dream of helping animals and wildlife, and educating society on the importance o,_.__, respecting natur .

Stacey Hiett Size 18 Years Modeling: 4

I I were not a model , I would be

a cop!

Th sp see more women that look like themselves in advertisements and campaigns specifically 18+ I've worked with: Plus Model Magazine

:], Chinoo Designs, Lane Bryant, Just As You Are, W endy Williams, Custom Plus and Sonsi.

My favorite bra ds are: Outf rs , Ta rget an H&M. ,/




Currently, I'm w orking for: Making It Big

[ In the past I have done print and fit modeling for several LA based clothing companies, and have been lucky to grace the cove r of PLUS Model Magazine in 2007.

Reah Norman S ize 20/ 22 Years Modeling: 7

I a a fashion stylist spec:ializing in the plus industry, and the Executive Fashion Director for PLUS Model Magazine, so most days I am behind the camera helping plus size women look their best!

I have a very diverse wardrobe that includes ALL the plus designers and brands! I search high and low for great plus size clothing. I mostly shop at department stores, but will purchase anywhere I can find great styles that are flattering for me and speak to my personal style!

Allison McGevna Size 16/18 Years Modeling: 4

ere not a model, I would be a reporter, which is my day job. I love what I do and feel lucky to work in two fields th make me happM!

I've worked with: Fashion to Figure and Monif C. Plus Sizes. Other brands include Baby Phat, Daphne Larger Sizes and Rocawear. My favorite brands are: lgigi, ASOS, Fashion to Figure and TopShop. It helps me to remember that I am the one in control of my destiny and it doesn't matter if I don't have the same things that everyone else has or what my shortcomings are ... l can still keep fighting and make the dreams I have a reality.

Currently, I'm w orking for: DKNY, Liz Claiborne, Eloquii, Elie Tahari, City Chic, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart to name a few. Designers and brands I love: Carmakoma, Carmen Marc Valvo, Forever 21 +, Monif C., ASOS


Tiffany Bank Size 18 Years Modeling: 3 If I ~ere not a model, I would b).e 8\teacher. I have a degree in Sociology and worked as a teacher and program coordinator with non-profit organizations in California. I would most likely be finishing up a master's degree in counseling and continuing my work with children and young adults. I'm now trying to incorporate my modeling life and what I've learned in the entertainment industry with my passion for teaching. It's never too lat:e! Photographer:

I've worked with: Boutique Larrieux, Chocolate Sushi Couture, Sea led With a most recently Domino Kiss, and Dollhouse. I really enjoy classic designers such as Michael Kors and Ca lvin Klein, but I also enjoy the magica l wh imsy of Betsey Johnson, Alice + Olivia and most recently Domino Doll house. When it comes to shopping, I'm usua lly picki ng up basics from Lands' End and the more trendy stuff comes from Forever 21+, sometimes Torrid, Old Navy and even thrift stores!

Nichole Smith Size 20/22 Years Modeling: 6

It I were not a model, I woulti be a writer or photographer. I enjoy • expressing my creativity through different outlets. I used to write short stories and poetry. Now I run a lifestyle blog for plus size women. As far as photography goes, I tend to find the beauty in everyone and everything. 1•d love to share what I see with the world. Watch out! Soon 1•11 have my own camera and I plan on shomting everything in sig tiit!


··..... .


......... ..

• .;


"t:~ i\.

. '

Shannon Hiett ,.... ,.

Size 18 Years Modeling: 3 f I were not a model, I would frla ~e been an actor or performer of some sort. There·s nothing like the instant gratification of a laugh or applause from a live audience. 1•m a huge fan of entertaining people. It makes me happy.

I have worked with: David's Bridal, Destination Maternity, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Macy's, Swimsuits For All, Just As You Are, La'Dan's Closet, Full Figured Fashion Week, Daphne Larger Sizes, All You Magazine, Iconography Magazine, Tru Diva Designs and Plus Model Magazine. Some of my favorite brands and designers: Rachel Pally, City Chic, Forever 2 1 +, Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson, Calvin Klein and Elie Tahari .


t size As more retaile e that 18+ models an customers continue to voice their opinion, the shift will finally occur so that more customers will be able to relate to the plus size models they see in advertisements. Tess Munster Size 20/22 Years Modeling: 1+


TESS MUNSTER _..__........... _. . , _ . . . . . . -= _,. . . .-::;:::___. ,.,__ ...,. __.... _ .........--- -·--·--.... _ .. ....... .. _, - ......... - ... .... ... ...-·-.. -" _.. ...::-........... ........ ...... '"::;:::.;:._ ... _... _ ... -:::;:,::;:_ . --·---"'":...---------...--:-......----' '.;.;::.....-- ...--.-·-"'"';'.==:--· -... ..·...-· ..":."!. ...":--=--. . . --. . . -·-..:::: . . . -. . . . ·-··· ----· --.::.. ::;_ __-:... ....--·--__ . . --=--k·--.-----·--···-_-.:-.:.:--.. -... .,:::::.;:: .. -!-:::.::::::::;:____ ........--... --· -:...... ..---.. -·.;,::..: . : . : . . ..,_ ........ ..... _.....-..--..-.- .____ ....:..... -.. ___ ......:_._ ..... ... -·--"_ --....----....-....---....-.-------·"' ....... . ·------· ...-..... ..-:::.-::.:.....-....-- ---

--- ____ ,~

--"~~~ · =--"!:'to

I have worked for: Dom ino Dollhouse, Sick For Cute, Evil Pawn Jewelry, Tattoo'-'\.A Zombie Accessories, and recently I ha collaborated with Hips & Curves.





-- - --· _....--=. . :;,_,:- -:-:--= ----------""-""::':--·-




~--·---:=::..--- ';:. -~




I adore Tracy Broxterman of Domino Dollhouse. She has a uniq ue and fresh prospective and is creating clothes that haven't been seen before with plu designers. I also love Mon if C, ASOS and City Chic. They are all so much fun to wear.

Rosie Mercado Size 26/28 Years Modeling: 3

• •

I have worked with: lgigi, Miss, Larrissa Couture, Plus Model Magazine 18+ editorial, Daily Venus Diva Magazine, Paul Oakenfold North America Tour Video, Curvy Girls Nuvo Tv, Telemundo, Curvy Girl Clothing, New Beauty Magazine, Mia Magazine [cover-Las Vegas), Oscar Picazo (beauty editorials), Oscar Picazo Photographs by Oscar (book), Miss Mexico U.S.A., The Best of Brides, Gossip Meets Couture and National Geographic Taboo. Some of my favorite designers and brands are: lgigi, Gucci, Valentino, Hello Kitty, Michael Kors and Chanel.

If I were not a model, I would

Photograhper: Oscar Picazo

cover model • miCO


,. Model tn •


cover model megan

cover models erin & katie




For the LOVE of Shoes... f\..... The Perfect ~ _ Lash Line




cover modei...J maL.r::'v

Picture Pe:rfect Bride l<

Back to Basics Modeling 101

A Valentine's Wish

Love Overdose >'


Sweet Ecstacy

p City Chic T HIS 15SU8. IS BROUGHT TO








PLUSMODELMAG.COM cover model randi


5 years of inspiration fashion models click here


..,_....__ . , _ 11

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