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The Art of Sailing


Explosive performance under absolute road control: 7, as the speeds of its SportShift III automated transmission. 573 PS, as the power emitted by its 6-litre V12 engine. 330 km/h, as its top speed. 3.9 seconds, as its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Numbers speak for themselves: V12 Vantage S is the fastest and most extreme car ever produced by Aston Martin. ASTON MARTIN MILANO Via Monte Rosa, 91 - 20149 Milan - Italy Tel: +39 02 43510988 Fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions: Fuel consumption (litres/100 km): Urban 24,3 - Extra-urban 11,7 - Combined 16,4 - CO 2 Emissions 388 g/km

Designed, Engineered & Hand Built in America.


W112' | 34M

W125' | 38M

W130' | 40M

WWW.Westportyachts.coM teL +1 954 316 6364

W164' | 50M

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eauty flourishes and multiplies when shared: this was the philosophy with which we embarked on a voyage into beauty with THE ONE Yacht & Design in which we recount the uniqueness of yacht projects that communicate both allure and personality, drawing upon often ingenious but always exhilarating solutions in the process. A year on from its launch, THE ONE Yacht & Design makes a return visit to the Singapore Yacht Show, the gateway to the superyacht world of the Far East. A hugely interesting market where potential new owners are able to make their nautical dreams come true thanks to an international array of beautiful superyacht designs, many of which we feature in this Platinum Issue. Platinum is, of course, one of the least showy but most precious of metals. Like it, the stories we bring you in these pages are tales of heavyweight architectural studios and designers whose wealth of research, knowledge and work produce the kind of megayachts that might previously have been almost inconceivable. Good reading to you all.

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab


Cover 43-metre Pachamama by Baglietto

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Agaist the Wind


Five Questions to...


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Cover Story: Baglietto Pachamama


Jet: Flying High


The Car: Virtual Reality


Creative Minds: Tiziana Vercellesi


Megasailer: Oguz Marin Rox Star




contents PLATINUM ISSUE n째 6 - 2016



Art on Board: Prices Start to Reach the Stars


Mise en Place: Ancient Luxury


Gourmand: Truth on the Plate


Megayacht: CRN Atlante


Trend Setters: Mauro Porcini It's Time to be Timely


Megayacht: Rossi Navi Taransay

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h ave just finished a refresher course on the Manila

the commercial aspect than on actually certifying properly-

Amendments to the STCW 1978 and, to my shock, I

qualified people. The result was chaos and false certificates

realised that these latest modifications were made because the

left, right and centre. Then the whole mess was worsened by

signee states have essentially being interpreting the rules to suit

some nations, Italy included, drawing up different standards

themselves. The whole intention of the STCW (International

for their national certifications. More chaos!

Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and

Now after these amendments, which are mooted to be

Watchkeeping for Seafarers) at its launch in 1978 was sound

definitive, we find that many seafarers (almost all Italians, for

– to create a world standard for seafaring skills that would

example) who did courses and achieved certification in recent

raise the overall level at a time when it was basically a free-

times still valid beyond 2017, will now have to re-sit them

for-all. But the reality for all those involved in seafaring as a

again because their validity will lapse on December 31 2016.

profession has always been different, involving state-hopping

Even more chaos!

to gain certificates that oftentimes didn’t even involve any test

And finally, the individuals affected may mostly be blissfully

of skill at all. This practice came into being thanks in part to

unaware, so that many of them (too many?) will end up having

certain states arbitrarily deciding on different standards or

to do the courses at the last minute simply to keep their jobs….

granting certification authority to bodies more focused on

Still more chaos!

Let’s hope that many will read this article and immediately contact the competent authorities for information because otherwise it will, as usual, be like howling against the wind!


THE VIEW Lugano ... a world of its own!

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MASSIMO PEROTTI PRESIDENT SANLORENZO SPA by Désirée Sormani What’s your take on the Italian nautical sector as it stands? Is the market picking up? If so, why?

In the second half of 2015, there was a pick-up in western Europe after years of contraction. Unfortunately, the crisis in the Middle East, the slowdown on the Chinese market, the collapse in the price of raw materials and tensions around the European banking system caused a lot of volatility on the financial markets at the start of 2016. All that, combined with the recession in the BRICS has produced a particularly complex macroeconomic scenario. We are watching these trends very carefully to grab every single opportunity and continue the robust growth Sanlorenzo has enjoyed for the third year running – we’re now the world’s second largest builder of over-24-metre yachts, in fact. Sanlorenzo celebrated 2014 with revenues of 208

strategic agreement with the area’s leading nautical distributor, Simpson Marine. Last year you also announced a strategic agreement with the American designer Chris Bangle. When will we see the first results of that? Our agreement with Chris put him in charge of the strategic coordination of our Style Centre. We’re using his vision to plan the Sanlorenzo designs of the future and we’ll have news on that front soon! Sanlorenzo is one of the world’s top three megayacht builders. What’s the secret of your success?

Our focus on our clients, a completely open and professional approach to flanking them in tailoring their bespoke creation. Each Sanlorenzo is unique and a superior quality build that will stand the test of time and sea.

million euro despite the crisis. How did you fare in 2015?

2015 was my 10th year in Sanlorenzo and its 57th anniversary. We celebrated by further consolidating our growth with preliminary consolidated results of around 220 million for 2015. Sanlorenzo’s international growth also continues and we’re consolidating our position in the Americas and beginning to push further grown in the Asia Pacific Region, thanks to a new 14

The Nautica Italiana association was founded last year during your presidency of UCINA. Will Sanlorenzo join? No, never. It would be a terrible mistake to have split. While we’re aware UCINA isn’t perfect, we believe in it and we will work to improve it from inside. We want to unite and not further divide the Italian nautical sector which has already been very hard hit by these recessionary years.


WHAT’S NEW A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace


the waves in the near future


by Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani

The West’s largest shipyard, Fincantieri, through it’s megayachts division, Fincantieri Yachts, has joined forces with another Italian design icon, Pininfarina, on the 85-metre “Ottantacinque” luxury megayacht concept in the duo’s first collaboration since the Blue Ribband-winning Destriero in 1991. Simplicity, functionality, innovation and style are the bywords for both Fincantieri Yachts and Pininfarina’s success as are Italian creativity, luxury and workmanship. Needless to say, Ottantacinque delivers each and every one. In short, this is a visionary yacht for a visionary owner. Clothed in elegant, dynamic surfaces that marry style and function, the statuesque five-decker will feature, most notably, a pair of pools almost level with the bulwarks on the main deck which, combined with a raised sun pad, deliver constant, unobstructed sea views. The depth of the pools can also be modified and their floors even be raised entirely to create a huge 160 square metre platform. In the main saloon, natural light floods in through a large skylight too, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that also feels subtly sumptuous.



[ WIP ]



vea is Vitters’ first J-Class sloop and

the yacht’s line, strength and construction plans,

she’s building right now. The aluminium

using the original drawings by Thore Holm from

43.6-metre has the longest hull of the current Js

1937 as a starting point. Also the client’s brief

and a traditional integrated long keel. Her naval

demanded a modification in the original deck

architecture and exterior styling are by Hoek

arrangement to accommodate equipment used in

Design Naval Architects who say she will be very

modern J-Class racing. Svea’s interior, by Pieter

sprightly indeed, particularly upwind. Svea’s hull

Beeldsnijder Designers & Naval Architects, will

construction centres around longitudinals on

be in keeping with her overall character. Vitters

web frames with high tensile frames and Alustar

will start with the fit-out soon and is keeping a

hull plating. She will also sport a 53.75-metre

watchful eye on the J-Class rules to help manage

carbon-fibre main mast. Hoek Design redesigned

Svea’s very delicate weight balance.


SL: 78 - 86 - 96 - 106 - 118

SD: 92 - 112 - 126

SY: 40Alloy - 460Exp - 52Steel - 62Steel

Each Sanlorenzo yacht is conceived by its owner. By his vision of what a yacht should be, and by his idea of the sea. He is totally involved from the planning phase onwards, and his contribution is visible. There are no limits to his wishes. This is why no two Sanlorenzos are the same and why each Sanlorenzo yacht is as unique as its owner.



[ WIP ]


he Custom Line semi-displacement series is to grow by not one but two new models. The Navetta 37 splashes this summer as the new flagship in celebration of Custom Line’s 20th anniversary. For the last two decades, the CL “go-anywhere” Navettas have been delivering superbly stylish and comfortable long-range cruising. The new 37 has a new bulbous bow hull, strikingly sober lines, harmoniously balanced volumes and flawless detailing. It is innovative yet timeless, conveying strength, sturdiness and surprising lightness. Four guest cabins plus the


owner’s suite provide the accommodations. The astonishing Navetta 42, on the other hand, is the first Custom Line over 300 GT and splashes in 2018. Penned by Studio Zuccon Int.l Project in collaboration with the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Committee and the in-house Engineering Dept., the four-deck is fully customisable inside and out, featuring a vast master suite and a choice of four VIP staterooms or five suites. As with the 37, guests will enjoy total privacy and crew complete freedom of movement. It also has a transatlantic range.



[ WIP ]



angusta’s new fast displacement GranSport line marks

the aggression a sporty 30-knot 50-metre needs too. Sleek yet

its debut in the sporty, comfortable, long-range, low-fuel

voluminous in its interior, this is a craft that will eat up the

consumption yet high performance segment. The GranSport

miles briskly and comfortably. Interiors and exteriors meld

moniker, in fact, hints at craft with a thoroughbred spirt but

thanks to large swathes of glazing, mirroring the fluidity and

an elegant, reassuring soul. Alberto Mancini is the pen behind

continuity of the spaces where matt and gloss surfaces and

the series and the first model is the Mangusta GranSport 50,

dark and light materials contrast and reflect the light, lending a

which received its world premiere at the Yacht Club de Monaco

sense of roomy airiness and chilled-out elegance. The Mangusta

last September. The muscularity and dynamism of the craft’s

GranSport 50 has a range of 3,500 nautical miles too.

lines are very much part of the Mangusta DNA and it has all






[ WIP ]


mega Architects’s latest 30-metre delivers a winning combination of clean, sporty lines, a nearvertical bow and a sense of smooth sleekness. Developed for an Asian owner enamoured of the studio’s Storm Yachts series, the emphasis is on protecting occupants from the muggy Asian climate whilst still treating them to 360° panoramic views, thanks to low bulwarks and transparent fashion plates, particularly aft. On main deck, for instance, sliding panels convert the aft indoor dining area to al fresco when necessary. Even then, the remainder of the yacht remains air-conditioned as there are additional doors separating off the lounge section. The same principle is applied on the sundeck. The interior is a hymn to arts and crafts with carved wooden panelling for the main doors and focal points. Overall though, the ambience is one of Asian calm and serenity. A top speed of 25 knots and a 1000Nm range at 14 knots make Frank Laupman’s new beauty ideal for exploring the endless islands of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines too.




[ WIP ]



he innovative resistance-reducing reverse bow on this new

The deckhouse is beautifully glazed with unusual geometric

50-metre sloop from Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

skylights and the exterior cockpit has a 10-seater table protected

will cut smoothly through the waves as her guests soak up the

by a hard top. The two-seater lounge forward of the mast is

sun on her extensive deck areas. An efficient sail plan means

wonderfully private. The 62-metre mast is Panama Canal-

she can also turn her hand to the annual regattas. Eight guests

perfect and the keel lifts to cut the draft to 4.5 metres, ideal

are accommodated in three cabins and the owner’s suite but

for the shallow Bahaman waters. When it is down, a 6.7-metre

that layout can be tweaked to four guest cabins for 10 guests.

draught makes for a stable ride.

There are also three double crew cabins and a captain’s cabin.

Tailor made Italian Manufactory PARQUET and BOISERIE

CADORIN GROUP S.r.l. Tel. +39 0423 920 209 • +39 0423 544 019 31054 POSSAGNO (TV) Italy







[ WIP ]



erri Cantieri Navali and Imperial are celebrating the sale

experienced management team and specialist labour force

and construction of a new full-custom Fuoriserie 50m

in addition to assistance from Imperial Yachts. The Studio

superyacht. Imperial will act as the owner’s representative

Bacialupo penned the design while the interiors will be styled

and construction manager for the project from start to finish.

by Studio Vafiadis. The Fuoriserie 50m has a wonderfully sleek

The new yacht also features an aluminium semi-planing hull

profile that exudes aggression and power and will deliver a

that marks a further technological leap forward for the yard

massively impressive 28 knots at full throttle. No delivery date

and will hail its debut on the world-class bespoke superyacht

has yet been set but an announcement will be made within the

scene. This is the first time that Cerri Cantieri Navali will be

coming months.

embarking on such a large build with the backing of a hugely-


Exclusive A selection of iconic design pieces and new ideas to imbue your floating villa with personality and originality - furnishing accessories and furniture from the finest collections, for an infinity of ideas by Marta Bernasconi



1. Greggio creates a series of articles for the summertime table. In the small bowls the refinement of the silver plated alloy accessories is complemented by with the colours of fruit salad and ice cream

2. Grosvenor is the ‘tête-à-tête’ love seat sofa by Promemoria. Bronze base, velvet upholstery, leather details and silk cushions




3. From the MercedesBenz Style home collection produced by the Formitalia Luxury Group, the bed has dynamic lines, with a wooden frame and anodised aluminium structure with leather or grey fabric covering with

4. The desk, which can be opened and extended, provides a generous leather work surface, and is equipped with drawers of different sizes. Produced by Bernini, an established Italian furniture

5. Bright ideas for outdoor spaces - the Ginger lamp, in

design company that

the floor-standing, table or wall lamp version, has an

specialises in wood working

aluminium frame and shade made of teak strips. By Ethimo

relief stitching



6. Produced by Incipit Lab, Silo is a collection of colourful ceramic containers, with natural colour ash lid/tray. Available in anthracite, blue, white and red


YD 1. 5. 1. High back, ultrasoft leather and silver feet - the Atlantique 629 armchair by Florence

5. Memo is a table intended for a

Collections has a

large dining area - in fact, it’s four

crisp, highly distinctive

metres long. Designed by Piero

personality. In two colour

Lissoni for Lema, the top is in

versions (black and white),

heat-treated oak or pietra

it can be personalised on

lavica with metal frame


4. 2.

4. In the foreground, displayed with Flexform products, the Giano ottoman by Antonio Citterio with a solid wood frame and interwoven leather

2. An interior with an industrial yet refined appeal created by the tactile, solid, reflecting effect of the Laminam walls with panelling from the I Metalli series in ‘oxidised lead’ colour

3. Traveller is the daybed by Porro, a black-varnished metal straddle frame with natural antiqued colour or dark brown leather seat stretched across it. A thin mattress and two cushions complete the comfort look



6. With the 2016 colours and the new shades by Marcel Wanders, HI-MACSÂŽ extends the creative possibilities of new generation Acrylic Stone (a hard-wearing, non-porous, waterproof thermoformable material that shows no signs of joins or grooves)


7. The on-board interior embodies maximum cabin comfort with Vi-Spring’s Bedstead Traditional mattress. Handmade with a layer of bagged springs configured in a honeycomb pattern, it has a Platinum certified cotton and pure British wool stuffing 7.


YD 1. Living Divani enhances its collection with the Inari console table, 1.

comprising four sheet steel elements welded together. Matt black epoxy powder finish 2. EnjoYFLOOR is the new model from the Pasturi company; it is an innovative flooring that combines extruded aluminium inserts with coloured resins 3. The armchair and two-seater sofa in the KabĂ line has a visible frame with a slender painted steel profile and cushions with removable cover, available in the exclusive outdoor fabrics from the Paola Lenti collection 4. From Scandola Marmi, a luxury kit for the table - the Sushimi Collection set in marble comprises three bowls, a chopstick rest, two trays, a menu stand block with slit and two vases to recreate the sakura, or cherry blossom time, all through the year 4.

1. 2




A modern synthesis of the timeless Baglietto designs. With elegant lines, balanced layout and speed, this 43-metre was designed to be a family yacht, offering large shared spaces inside and out for relaxing in the company of friends and kids by Paola Bertelli



achamama has a special importance for Baglietto. It’s the first

the same layout and use the same elements. Only a few materials have been

yacht made entirely (conept, design and build) by the new yard

chosen - teak, leather, limestone - but they are worked in different ways so

after its change of ownership (it was bought in 2012 by the Gavio

as not to become repetitious. Dark brown leather, for example, enriches the

Group). A new beginning that also paid homage to a brand that helped write

master cabin walls, the living area coffee table and all the nightstands. The

the history of yachtbuilding. No upheaval - just the opposite. The new owners

warm colour of teak is always present, sometimes in a chessboard pattern,

chose to remain faithful to tradition, reinterpreting it in a contemporary key.

sometimes making use of the horizontal grain. All the furnishings have

The Baglietto story is made up of fast planing yachts, and the yard’s new

gentle, rounded shapes that soften the interiors.

course takes this as a starting point with this aluminium 43-metre yacht

No concession has been made to excess or ostentation. The layout of the

that introduces the new “Fast” line. A desire for continuity also influenced

interiors commissioned by the owner is very special. The master suite usually

the choice of designer. Francesco Paszkowski, responsible for Pachamama’s

lies on the forward main deck, in an extremely privileged position. Here,

exterior and interiors, has been working with Baglietto since 1992, and

though, the main deck is occupied entirely by the day area - in other words,

he has designed more than 30 yachts for the yard, including the model

conversation and dining areas and kitchen. This has enabled the builders to

that’s regarded as the most representative of Baglietto’s planing designs - the

lavish attention on the social spaces. The full-beam dining area is separated


from the central technical unit and is designed to become a single space with

Pachamama has a fast yacht’s lines, pure, elegant, almost severe. The

the kitchen for informal occasions. A long sliding partition can pulled across

blue livery blends perfectly with colour of the sea and the compact white

to separate the two spaces when greater privacy is desired.

superstructure creates an impression of extreme lightness. The concept of

All five cabins are on the lower deck, but the decision to shun the main deck

dynamic lines, as interpreted Francesco Paszkowski, has been successfully

has not had a negative impact on the master cabin - it’s extremely spacious,

achieved - even when Pachamama is at anchor it still seems to be straining

making use of the yacht’s full width, and is well-lit by large windows.

at the leash. This is an extremely well-balanced yacht, and its interiors and

The external lines are soft but never brusque, and with the streamlined,

exteriors are engaged in a constant dialogue. Uniformity of style and materials

receding aft superstructure they create a blend of speed and elegance in

dominates. One look at all the cabins reveals the truth of this, as they have

perfect Baglietto style.


Bird’s eye view of the Pachamama at speed. This aluminium 43-metre yacht is the first of the new 43 Fast line and promises exciting performance - its maximum speed is rated at around 28 knots. Opposite page, the hydromassage pool forward is a perfect example of the rigorous elegance that characterises the yacht



The flybridge is a huge, 75 sqm open space saloon. Tribu sofas, armchairs and tables harmonise perfectly with the interior furnishings, adding to the sense of balance that pervades the yacht. The two skylights in the floor provide a solution to the problem of lighting the lounge entrance, which is often dark



The dominant colours are warm shades of teak and the white panels and ceilings. This theme is echoed throughout the interiors, from the living area (top left) where the light Flexform sofas and limestone tops of the wall furniture emphasise the airy brightness, to the guest cabins (left) and VIP cabin (above) and the custom-built kitchen (right)



The Exterior Designer Francesco Paszkowski


achamama’s owner had very clear ideas on how his yacht should look. This, together with the fact that our studio has now been collaborating with Baglietto for many years, was a great help in creating the new 43 Fast. We focused on designing a modern yacht that would not betray the yard’s traditions. A yacht that should immediately recognisable as a Baglietto craft. Take, for example, the typical dark window strip running along the superstructure, parallel to the gunwales. As it’s the flagship of the new Fast line, it was essential that the exteriors expressed the idea of speed, and that’s why we wanted to emphasise the yacht’s sleek lines. As a result we chose a slender one-and-a-half deck configuration, and designed a superstructure that, while including a flybridge, is still light and dynamic. The spaces and volumes have been exploited to a maximum. Equipping the area above the forward garage with sunpads has made it possible to create a sizeable relaxation space with hydromassage pool. The pool, set right forward, is in aluminium and is a structural element. This open air area adds to the traditional area aft of the main deck and its equivalent on the flybridge. The flybridge covers 75 sqm, creating a magnificent terrace on the sea laid out with areas for sunbathing, conversation and eating. We’ve also managed to create an aft garage that’s larger than usual and can accommodate a tender up to five metres long.

Francesco Paszkowski has worked with Baglietto since 1992. The central theme he dealt with on the Pachamama design was the social spaces, which the owner specified must always be extremely generous (see the area above the forward garage equipped with sunpads). Left, the helm makes ample use of carbon fibre, and is the result of a collaboration with Lamborghini


Skilful geometries accompany guests from the living area to the outdoor lounge aft. Below, one of the two guest cabins - a touch of colour is provided by the Venini light and the decorative image on the wall. The flying staircase leading to the lower deck is an interesting feature - the transparent balustrade means the steps seem to be floating in the air, but still fulfils its safety function

The Interior Designer Francesco Paszkowski Design and Margherita Casprini


he starting point of the work we did on the Pahamama’s interior design was the owner’s request for a yacht he could use with his family, a yacht

with large social areas to share with guests. We took a precise stylistic line and created a balanced, contemporary and coherent design. The interiors are soft and elegant, made more gentle by the decision to abandon angles and use rounded shapes on floating, backlit furniture. To make the best use of the natural light, we enhanced the effect of the large side windows in the superstructure by adding skylights. They create areas of light and shade that become part of the design. The result is very clear in the filter area, a typical Baglietto feature, before entering the saloon. Reflecting the owner’s wish to emphasise social areas - the living area, dining room and kitchen - we designed a main deck layout that’s not particularly traditional. The area forward of the technical block has been rethought and is now the location for the kitchen and dining room. The two spaces are separated by a long, vertical sliding panel. We’ve gone for extra skylights to brighten up the kitchen. The large living area aft of the lobby is extremely well-lit and has clean lines. Teak sections alternate with white panels and the light, glossy add depth to the space.



The master cabin, a spacious interior that makes use of the entire width of the hull. The large windows, white ceiling and light carpet fill the space with light



The Shipyard Michele Gavino, General Director


achamama represents the yard’s style in its exteriors and interiors, with the typical sleek, aggressive lines of our

brand’s planing yachts. The interiors are elegant and refined, never overstated but sober and contemporary. It’s been a twofold challenge for us - pleasing the owner is always a test, even more so when the owner is a main shareholder. The key to the entire project was to build a yacht with the characteristics of a “family boat”. For example, the owner’s passion for food and cooking has led the dining room and kitchen to be designed as a possible single space. The dinette where the owner likes taking breakfast - has also been included, and fulfils the role of mess area for a crew that is to all intents and purposes considered to be part of the family. In the same spirit the nav station has two small lounges behind the helm. The innovative engine room has a transparent floor, everything is open to view, shipshape and easily accessible. The helm makes ample use of carbon fibre, and is the result of a collaboration with Lamborghini. Another interesting space, which presented an engineering challenge, is the bow area normally occupied by the technical zone - now it’s taken up by the hydromassage pool. For the future, after the launch of the 46 fast in May, we’ll carry on with flybridge and hardtop versions of the 43 metre yacht, to be joined by a 44 metre open, just presented at the Miami Boat Show. The line will be completed by an entry-level model of about 36 metres.


From dreams to great deals

Take advantage of the pre-owned luxury market. Your dreams deserve to come true and we work to make them happen. Markagain is the ďŹ rst italian platform that manages pre-owned luxury assets, selling and buying on the international market. We guarantee a professional, safe and clear process. Markagain oers a privileged way to make dreams evolve in great deals.

[ FLY ]



Honda’s Jet begins its service. The new HA-420 is an innovative, originally-designed light business jet with a 2,100-kilometre-plus range. It can accommodate up to five passengers for a truly unique aviation experience by Sergio A. Barlocchetti ph. Honda Aircraft


[ FLY ]


mall executive jets tend to all look the same. The

in-cabin comfort and reduces drag at the rear of the fuselage

Honda Jet HA-420, however, really does stand

by allowing it to be significantly streamlined. The cabin is

out from the crowd, in good part at least because

exceptionally wide for this class of jet and it is only thanks to

it is the product of a whole new aircraft concept.

that aforementioned reduced drag that it is able to deliver such

Despite bearing the Honda name, however, there is very little

impressive speeds.

that’s Japanese about this new plane as in October 2014,

The Honda Jet HA-420 makes a maximum speed of 420 KTAs

American conglomerate General Electric bought a chunk of

(777 km/h) and has a maximum cruise altitude of 43,000 feet

the company’s assets. That said, the US company has retained

(13,100 metres), figures that will cause a flurry of interest,

the project’s Japanese identity and all the key players that have

particularly given its range of just over 2,100 km and a

worked on its development over the last 25 years from the initial

Garmin® G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system with

creative idea to the first flight. There are three factors that

touchscreen technology that brings pilot and aircraft together

make the HA-420 different: the Over-The-Wing-Engine Mount

in an effortless union. The cabin accommodates the pilot and

configuration of its podded engines, its natural laminar flow

five passengers (four in the classic club configuration plus a

wings, which are machined from a solid block of aluminium,

seat beside the pilot). It is 5.43 metres long, 1.52 across with

making them practically flying sculptures, and the fact that its

1.46 headroom, and also includes a WC. Honda Jet CEO Honda

twin General Electric HF-120 engines were specially made and

Jet Michimasa Fujino has said he is delighted by the initial

certified for aeronautical use with the plane. After all that it’s

response from the market: on January 22, in fact, the Honda

no surprise that Forbes magazine declared it an “Aviation Game

Aircraft Company and Cutter Aviation of Phoenix celebrated

Changer”. On a practical level, the engine position improves

the entry into service of the first aircraft with Honda Motor

Honda’s new jet is an airborne sculpture with a unique over-the-wing engine mount configuration. A choice that improves in-cabin comfort and cuts drag at the rear of the now-streamlined fuselage


[ FLY ] Company chairman Takahiro Hachigo and Honda North America chairman Takuji Yamada both aboard. A further 18 have now been sold and are currently being built. So the Honda Jet dream has officially taken off and competitors Cessna Citation Jet, Embraer Phenom 100 and Eclipse 550 are on alert. If you’d like a HA-420 for yourself, however, you’ll have to cut a cheque for 4.5 million dollars.

An ultra-high tech cockpit for pilot and copilot courtesy of the all-glass Garmin® G3000 touchscreen avionics system. The aircraft has a maximum cruising altitude of 43,000 feet and a maximum speed of 420 KTAs



D’aietti Luxury HanDicraft

Handmade Bas-Reliefs Jewel Walls for Homes and Yachts

[ The CAR ]



From Playstation to reality. Originally designed for a real driving simulator, this futuristic supercar has now actually been built. Although still at the prototype stage, a track debut in the not-too-distant-future would come as no surprise by Diego Tamone


[ The CAR ]


ometimes you have to take a step into the past to understand the future. Looking back in the rear view mirror often provides huge inspiration in the car design world, for

instance. In 1998, a brilliant young games designer and professional driver named Kazunori Yamauchi combined practicality and fun when he launched what would quickly become PlayStation’s most popular driving simulator ever, Gran Turismo. Eighteen years later, it has sold 76 million copies and clocked up seven mentions in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as having a fleet of 1,200 models. It’s became such a classic that even the chi-chi Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance launched a special Gran Turismo Trophy in 2008. It doesn’t get much better than that. But then in 2013, Yamauchi came up with something truly different. He asked the constructors that had been his coprotagonists for so many years to pen a string of concept cars for the start grid of Gran

Turismo’s 15th anniversary edition. Initially, all of the cars were to remain in the virtual

Flowing yet powerfully aggressive

world but some of the constructors felt that confining their efforts to the computer screen was

lines clothe the Infiniti Concept Vision

a bit of a waste. One was Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, which actually built its prototype

GT, lending it an animal-like grace.

and brought it along to the Infiniti Design Night at the Shanghai Motor Show. The product

Nissan’s luxury brand has imbued

of a competition between the brand’s many pens worldwide, the Infiniti Concept Vision GT

the car with an absolutely distinctive

began life as a hand-drawn sketch before being refined on computer and sculpted in the

personality while aerodynamic

form of a classic mock-up to ensure its lines and proportions were just right. A mix of Asian

research has crafted a coupé with

creativity and new-generation genius, the car was subjected to in-depth aerodynamic studies

refined appendages, front diffusers,

that refined its appendages, front diffusers, rear spoiler and even its underbody air flows.

a rear spoiler and cleverly-designed

Because it was conceived as a car of the future, the choice for power fell on an ICE-electric

underbody air flows



[ The CAR ]

solution that coupled a powerful 4.5-litre V8 with a green unit that boosts power using the energy generated from surplus torque at low speeds. From a technical perspective, the Infiniti Concept Vision GT is very much a sports car with a mid-front engine, rear wheel-drive, a transaxle gear box and near-perfect 45:55 weight distribution. A supercar that may yet make it to the track in the not-too-distant future. In fact, this wouldn’t be the first time Nissan made the leap between fantasy and reality. Its Nismo GT Academy has been handpicking talented online PlayStation drivers for years now and putting them on the real-world track. So doing the same with a car would literally be child’s play...


Sporty, futuristic, striking: a mid-front engined super car with rear wheel-drive and a transaxle gearbox. Powered by a twin power ICE-electric power set-up starring an imposing 4.5-litre V8 engine High quality lighting fixtures design and manufacture RAVENNA - ITALY







HAPPINESS by Samuela Urbini - pictures by Maurizio Baldi


Be they yachts or private homes, all of Tiziana Vercellesi’s creations are sublimely exclusive reflections of her clients’ tastes and requirements. She has an excellent network of trusted artists and artisans she can count on


[ CREATIVE MINDS: TIZIANA VERCELLESI ] iziana Vercellesi’s interiors are luxury creations that

based in Marina di Carrara, she has returned to her design roots,

bring together exclusively designed pieces created

working on both yachts and private homes, often for the same clients.

and tailored to suit each of her client’s individual

“In work, quality, function and aesthetics all play an equally vital

requirements. Every new project is a challenge, driving

role. I personally select all the materials and everything is custom-

the architect and her entire team to push conventional boundaries

designed. I also collaborate on checking builds. My experience and

and make the very most of the abilities of each member. The results

network of highly skilled artisans and artists who create special,

can be surprising. “Knowing materials and how they are worked

unique pieces, bring a sense of exclusivity to my projects. My intention

means being able to draw out their soul so that it can be seen and

is always to create spaces where people will feel free and happy”.

felt in the end product”.

Vercellesi has applied that philosophy to perfection aboard the

Vercellesi spent the first two decades of her professional life in Milan

lovely Scorpion, a 46-metre steel and aluminium displacement

and Como, working on luxury homes and a few yachts, but found

yacht launched in 2015 by Sanlorenzo and fruit of a close working

herself particularly liking the latter. In 2006, she moved to Tuscany

relationship with the owner. The style used aboard is Art Deco

at the behest of Sanlorenzo of Viareggio where she was the in-house

Fusion with contemporary elements stylistically harmonised with Art

architect for five years, turning out the interiors for 19 boats. Now

Deco furnishings in addition to William Morris and other early 20th

century art motifs. Close inspection of the detail reveals “complex

and amethyst alternate and meld. “The stairs curves around a glass

furnishings with curves and counter-curves, luxe veneers, unusual

sculpture that was incredibly difficult to make but which the owner

materials and finishes, and metal inserts made by expert bronze

wanted to look like a skyscraper that leads up to the marine world


which sat at the top to represent freedom. It was from him I learned

Every deck centres around the various themes chosen by the owner.

about Aristotelian Eudaimonia or Happiness which defines the

The lower deck focuses on the cities of Paris, London, New York

right action as that which leads to the well-being of the individual.

and Moscow but on the main deck, forests and nature provide the

These concepts will recur in the architect’s upcoming design: “It’s

inspiration. Lastly, we enter a marine world on the upper deck,

a 60-metre yacht in which the personalisation of every element,

enlivened by fish, turtles, jellyfish and a real aquarium. Sea life

albeit in a different style, will be equally powerful and the search for

features in decorative elements such as silver leafed bas-reliefs,

“Happiness” underscored by the presence of a very large wellness

backlit art photos, laser-cut metals, while mother of pearl, agate

area with spa, gym and body treatment equipment”.


This page, a mix of rounded and geometric Art Deco-style forms feature in the dining and living areas aboard Scorpion. That particular style melds with more contemporary elements throughout the yacht creating an unusual yet sumptuous sense of harmony. Opposite page, sketches of the spectacular stairs leading to the lower deck of this 46-metre by Sanlorenzo



A 40-metre ketch that’s the product of a very fruitful meeting of minds between Geneva-based K Architectes Associés and the Oguz Marin yard in Turkey. For a passionate owner that wanted a luxuriously elegant yacht with the heart of a rock star

by Désirée Sormani



he embodies the mastery of the ancient Turkish guletbuilding tradition but also has the modern, high-tech soul of the very latest superyachts. The 40-metre ketch Rox Star is a striking sight as she cleaves through the sea under sail, her dark hull and sails a brooding presence. A cleverly balanced mix of soft and angular lines, she creates a classically elegant picture with a very modern twist. In short, Rox Star is impossible to ignore. Splashed at the Oguz Marin yard in Bodrum, she is the work of architect Alain Meylan of the Swiss-based K Architectes Associés, himself a devoted sailor. Rox Star’s generous main deck is a hymn to relaxation and the joys of navigation. Separated from the twin helm station, the guest cockpit is shaded by a fixed bimini and features a large U-shaped sofa around a 10-seater table in an area that’s brilliantly sheltered from the wind and designed for al fresco lunches and candlelit dinners. The area aft the wheels has comfortable sun pads where guests can laze as Rox Star glides along too while the zone forward of the deckhouse is another great sport for sipping a cool drink. Rox Star’s interiors are both elegant and welcoming yet have a slightly edgy rock star glamour. The saloon is dominated by a beautiful bronze statue by artist Jésus Curià Perez. It also features a large corner sofa and comfortable chairs, all by B&B, in addition to a 10-seater dining table topped by a spectacular three-sectioned skylight that reveals the beauty of the starry night sky once the sun goes down. American oak is used throughout the interiors to create a warm, cosy ambience. The sumptuous owner’s full-beam suite also features another skylight but a very rock and roll painting of a tiger by Dutch artist Van Gulfoss provides the central focus of the room. A stunning steam-room shower with Italian grey marble walls, specifically requested by the owner, enhances the atmosphere of sublime well-being. Although the four double guest staterooms are large but intimate, giant prints of famous rock stars give them an original feel. Right throughout Rox Star, however, the feeling is of incredibly fluidity of space with the layout designed to protect guests’ privacy, essential for both private and charter use. The feeling of constant connection with both sea and the surrounding natural world comes not merely from the architectural and material choices made aboard but from the interior colour palette. There is a recurrent mix of greys, blues and greens with black also used to give a rockier feel. All the furnishings were custom-designed by Alain Meylan and Carolina Gomez of K Architectes Associés. A vast array of woods are used – everything from stained mahogany for the floors to American oak for the furnishings and bulkheads, with stained grains and brushed aluminium accents creating a sense of movement. The beach platform at the transom makes nipping in and out of the water and using Roxstar’s many water toys a breeze too.


Under sail Rox Star exudes a majestic elegance thanks to her contemporary take on classic lines. Her aluminium hull’s dark livery and black sails lend her a mysterious, very rock and roll allure. Opening shot, the side walkway which is completely free of rigging and gear


Left, one of the bathrooms aboard - note the rock starthemed painting, one of the main décor motifs. All the onboard furnishings were designed by K Architectes Associés and made by the yard’s own skilled craftsmen. Mahogany and American oak create a warm, intimate ambience



The Yacht Designer Alain MEYLAN / K Architectes Associés


ox Star came about after a meeting between the owner and the K Architectes Associés studio in Geneva and a huge desire to create a

megasailer that was different – luxurious, elegant and pure in her lines with generous volumes and a focus on boosting performance under sail. When some acquaintances learned we were designing this yacht, they introduced us to the Oguz Marin yard which is based in Bodrum. Our meeting with Ilker Vardar and Emre Oguz was pivotal to the project because you really need to find people you trust won’t let costs spiral out of control and who can guarantee quality and deadlines. The on-site collaboration with Captain Jean Claude Vau was invaluable as he’s is extremely knowledgeable and was vital to the smooth running of the project. The build experience with a small yard in Bodrum was magnificent too both on a personal and a professional level. The owner wanted a very robust powerful boat that could negotiate all kinds of seas. It was also to be suitable for charter and the organisation of the crew service was extremely important. This is how we came to create a passage between the crew and guest areas so that the cabins could be serviced without the crew needing to go through the saloon. Another essential point was that the owner wanted a maximum draft of 3.5m (for the Caribbean) and both shaded and sunny areas so that everyone would be happy both underway and at anchor. It was a magnificent experience, very enriching both for me on a personal level as well as for the studio’s architects to dive into the yachting world. It was an experience and a challenge that we would love to repeat. I’d also like to say a special word of thanks to Ilker Vardar for his helpfulness throughout our two and a half years of very close collaboration.


Rox Star is ketch-rigged with an aluminium mast for blistering oceangoing performance



The Interior Decorator Dominique Angleraud


his was the owner’s first collaboration with K Architectes Associés. His requirements regarding the interior designer were first and foremost to honour the yacht’s name,

which came from a combination of his daughter’s name, Roxy, and his own love of rock and roll. That meant the boat had to have pure, elegant, thoroughbred lines and warm, dark organic colours. Secondly, he felt it had to be the pinnacle of modernity, luxury with a very contemporary spirit. And thirdly, it had to meet the specifications. The interior design has flowing, harmonious, refined lines just like the space itself. I made a huge effort to ensure that water as an element resonated in both the colours and the choice of materials. My leitmotif was to keep things sober, elegant and comfortable in terms of forms and volumes. Everywhere aboard exudes a very unique kind of charm following along with the various times of the day and activities of the moment. That said, my favourite area is the master cabin with its generous volumes, gigantic dressing room, fabulous grey marble steam room shower and dressing table, all of which combine to create a particularly sophisticated effect. Then there is also opening skylight over the king-size bed and, of course, the masterpiece: The Tiger. His intense gaze really grabs you. He has an aura of mystery that attracts us and responds to the deep vibrations of our soul. To me the master cabin is a cocoon-like space that exudes comfort, peace and well-being. For his part, the owner was particularly delighted with the stern section. The anodised aluminium Rox Star logo complete with the big X also underscores the yacht’s rock and roll side.

Every last detail was meticulously designed to create warm, welcoming spaces with a strong connection to the surrounding world. The wood grain was used very cleverly to create a sense of movement together with brushed aluminium inserts


As elegant as any five-star hotel, Rox Star’s interiors are modern with edgy rock and rollinspired accents. There is even an electric guitar aboard


The Shipyard Ilker Vardar, Ceo Oguz Marin


was contacted by Alain Meylan, a famous Geneva architect. He informed me wanted to build a 40-metre ketch using traditional

methods. When I read the file, I was instantly seduced by the project and by the challenge it represented. I was also impressed by the enthusiasm of the owner and the innovative ideas put forward by the architects. The owner was very clear: he set out his needs and his requirements regarding charter use from the very start. The plans submitted by the architects confirmed that. The owner’s main request was performance under sail and elegance. The interior design was created by K Architects AssociÊs and is wonderful. The owner was very particular about the furniture and interior production. Turkish handcrafting skill, our traditional working methods and also the reputation we enjoy around the world for building ships all helped us to be more competitive. The Turkish government is also supporting the industry by providing tax advantages that include VAT exemption so that was another plus. But it is impossible to complete a tailor-made project like Rox Star without collaboration. It was a great chance for the yard to work with a designer and architects from Geneva. We received more than 200 plans to develop this ketch. The energy and attitude that came out of this collaboration was incredible and very productive. For us, Rox Star represents a harmonious blend of classic and modern, engineering and art, elegance and accessibility. She really is absolutely graceful and a fantastic calling card for the yard.


The Captain Jean Claude Vau


he owner decided to involve an experienced build captain in the project right from the beginning to flank the very

experienced Oguz Marin yard and the architects. Bringing together this much broader set of experience made it possible to design and build an internationally-classed yacht. Her first appearance at Marmaris Yacht Charter Show confirmed the right choices were made. Most people think of Turkish-built boats as motorsailer gullets but with this project we definitely demonstrated that a genuine sailing charter yacht can be built there very successfully too. Rox Star brings together modern style and comfort, safety and performance. It was quite a challenge to fit all the equipment aboard while preserving both her interior style and exceptional maintainability. Her interior layout is quite innovative as it allows the crew to discreetly serve all the guests areas from the crew quarters. I must admit it is quite a satisfaction to have so successfully contributed to making the owner’s vision a reality as was getting a very warm welcome from the charter broker community. It was thanks in great part to the very open way Oguz Marin worked with us. Bon vent to Rox Star!





From Fontana to Burri, Manzoni, Morandi and De Chirico, 20th century Italian art is exciting bidders at all the large auctions. We join Wanda Rotelli of Sotheby’s Italy to take the art market’s pulse by Antonella Euli


odern and contemporary Italian art is back in the

the international scene forty selected lots of modern and

spotlight, adding some welcome sparkle to the

contemporary Italian art. We were the first, then Christie’s

market. The comeback has been slow, starting at Sotheby’s

followed suit. Phillips may choose New York, another crucial

and developing into what is now an international movement

centre for the art market”. The figures bear this out - at the

involving Italy’s most illustrious artists. “Sotheby’s has made a

latest big international auctions all the record bids have been

significant contribution to the creation of this phenomenon”,

for Italian works, especially pieces from the 1960s and 70s.

says Wanda Rotelli, head of press and external relations for

Like Fontana’s Concetto spaziale. La fine di Dio from 1963,

Sotheby’s Italy. “Backed by an international team effort

sold at 15,941,000 pounds, and Burri’s Sacco e Rosso from

coordinated by our Italian department of contemporary

1959, which went for over nine million. Works by Manzoni,

art, in London in 1999 we presented for the first time on

Scheggi, Fontana and Burri, as well as the classic Morandi



Contemporary art is attracting increasing attention. Left, the moment at the Sotheby’s auction when Burri’s Sacco e Rosso (1959) is sold. Top, left, Canone Variato by Fausto Melotti and right, Michelangelo Pistoletto as sculptor with Pittura su cavalletto. Opening, Pistoletto as painter with Innamorati and one of the famous Tagli by Lucio Fontana

people acquire works of art has changed a great deal. There’s still room for instinct, but buyers arrive in the sale room armed with a wealth of information. As a result knowledge and competence play a greater role, although there still has to be that relationship of trust with the seller. A new figure has appeared on the scene in recent years, the Art Advisor,


and De Chirico, grace the plush lounges of the new tycoons - on

someone who works in a bank or financial institution and guides the

board yachts, too. “Our Milan auctions in May and November are

wealthiest clients towards the art market to diversify management of

always sellouts, and the client list includes many Italians alongside

large funds”. Where does sculpture stand in all this? “There’s plenty of

international dealers and collectors. It’s a rewarding result that

international interest in this sector, too. Italy features strongly, especially

reflects the strict criteria we apply when assessing a work. Before

Milanese sculptors like the Gruppo Zero - people like Castellani, Scheggi

being included in the catalogue a work must pass an X-ray analysis.

and Bonalumi, or Melotti and Pomodoro.

Above all, it must be of high quality, have a good provenance, be in

The Museum of Montecarlo recently paid homage to Melotti with

excellent condition and have a clearly traceable exhibition history.

a fantastic retrospective. Milan’s Palazzo Reale is organising a show

Only then can the work be assigned minimum and maximum

dedicated to Arnaldo Pomodoro, in the year of his ninetieth birthday”.

estimates and put up for auction. I must say that these days the way

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Videoworks S.p.A. has more than 20 years of experience in the design, realization and installation of innovative audio/video, communication, entertainment, home automation & conferencing systems dedicated to the most exclusive Clients. Our solutions are made in cooperation with all the people involved in the Projects (Owners, Architects, Engineers, Owner Representatives, Technical Departments) and are aimed to meet the most demanding Clients requests, according to the Italian style and the international technologies: EXCLUSIVITY / HIGH TECHNOLOGY / STYLE AND DESIGN / EASE OF USE / RELIABILITY. Videoworks S.p.A. via Albertini 36 E/13, 60131 Ancona (AN) - Italy Tel. +39 071.99513 I I


Ancient Luxury

Representing and updating the pieces that have forged the brand’s history and writing new pages in the story of design. This philosophy, balanced between tradition and modernity, underpins the success enjoyed by Christofle, now synonymous with timeless luxury by Marta Bernasconi

hould tables on board yachts follow a specific set of rules or draw inspiration from a wider variety of sources? In general designing a maritime table setting is no different from creating its counterpart in a restaurant or luxury home. The frame of reference is the same in all these situations, so we demand beauty, value, refinement and originality from all objects that embellish the table, wherever it may be. When we see a lovely table on board we enjoy it with a relaxed pleasure, but it would be interesting to know the inspiration for the design arose, and how a liking for a particular style developed. Perhaps the owner is a lover of contemporary design, maybe he or she travels a great deal and has collected pieces throughout the world. Or perhaps they just love beautiful things, and like to surround themselves with objects that have an intrinsic value, or are valuable for their tradition and


[ MISE EN PLACE ] the history they embody. In this context, the Christofle name conjures up an atmosphere of established luxury, solid elegance and the expertise of generations. The brand was founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle, a child of artisans who specialised in precious metals. He started work at a very young age, and soon launched an international jewellery business, then decided to concentrate on silver. He was granted patents for processes like silver and gold electrolytic plating that until that time (around 1840) had been the exclusive preserve of skilled craftsmen. In the late 1800s he began producing beautiful, highly sought-after silver-plated pieces that soon appeared on the tables of the most prestigious homes, from the residence of emperor Napoleon III to the Tsar

of Russia’s palace, as well as in luxury hotels and on board plush trains and liners. Today the house remains true to its high jewellery-making traditions while also emphasising new developments in technology and production. This approach has led to the brand’s constant collaborations with contemporary designers. Nowadays Christofle is a hallmark of luxury in every sphere, from the table to the home and jewellery, but the brand’s devotion to the art of the table is still its distinctive calling card. The vision of a brand that has created many milestones in the history of quality silverware makes its products a must for the most elegant tables - on board and in the home. Above, the pure, essential shapes of Mood, the new creation by Christofle. It is a centrepiece concealing a set of flatware. A new interpretation of everyday luxury to complement the classic pieces by the house’s master silversmiths


Yacht Management

Via Gen. Guisan, 1 CH-6833 Vacallo Switzerland T. +41 (0) 91 6900065 E.




The pollock is the basis for the “owner’s dish” recommended by chef Kristian Baumann. A deceptively simple-looking recipe with a sophisticated concept and preparation by Antonella Euli


ven those who don’t eat to live are fascinated by the glitz surrounding superstar chefs and restaurants. Ratings, stars

and TV programmes crown kings and queens of flavour, the idols of foodies all over the world. London and Paris vie to offer the longest list of the planet’s best restaurants, but one of the top three is the Noma in Copenhagen. Its name is a fusion - well, we are talking about food - of the words Nordic and Mad (the Danish word for “food”), and the man behind its dizzying rise to the heights of culinary renown is the multi-starred René Redzepi, born in 1977. He is himself a fusion, with a Danish mother and Albanian father. Finding a table in this restaurant, its doors hidden in an 18th century quayside warehouse, is no easy task, and the waiting list stretches almost to infinity - but if you have the patience to await your turn, you will be rewarded by an extraordinary gastronomic treat. This is a purely Nordic experience, light years away from fusion cuisine. The chef redraws the region’s flavour map and blazes new trails, using northern European products and focusing on clean, essential tastes and dishes. The Noma’s menu features Icelandic seaweed, deep sea fish from the Faroes, Greenland musk ox and wood sorrel from the forests of Denmark. The chef and his brigade handle every stage of preparation - salting, smoking and pickling in brine - and offer innovative combinations of ingredients. Passionate culinary connoisseurs know that René will be away from his Danish base until at least the end of April, a justifiable absence as he has flown off to the other side of the world in search of ingredients different from those that provided his original inspiration. After visiting Japan he heads




Kristian Baumann’s pollock fishcakes are a complex, skilful combination of Nordic flavours from land and sea. The perfect partner for a Georges Laval, Cumières Premier Cru, Brut Nature Champagne

for Australia, to a temporary restaurant not far from the Sydney Opera House. Here, from the seafront kitchen in Barangaroo, he will enchant Australians for just under two months. Meanwhile the 108 at Noma opens its doors in late spring, the result of a collaboration between René and the Noma team with chef Kristian Baumann. Beforethis a pop-up version of the 108 will offer, for thirteen weeks, a taster of what it is to come, providing a training ground for Baumann and his team. We asked him to design an exclusive “owner’s dish” for us, and here are his Pollock Fishcakes with mussel and parsley sauce, a deceptively simple-looking recipe with a sophisticated concept and preparation, a triumph of the Nordic approach. “To make the fishcakes you need pollock, kimchi (fermented cabbage), an egg and a pinch of salt. Beat in the mixer until it takes on a soft consistency. Add more chopped pollock, small croutons made from the soft part of a loaf, coriander and parsley. Once the mix is fully blended make small balls of around 25 g each. Cook for two minutes in oil at 180 degrees. Serve on a mussel sauce made with 100 g of mussel stock, parsley and a few finely-chopped mussels. Finish it off with drops of seaweed lees (toasted seaweed and grapeseed oil). Garnish each fishcake with a piece of salted plum”.



Hand-Painted by Alvaro Soler 88 Pieces WorldWide



Excitingly innovative solutions aboard the new gem from CRN whose Nuvolari Lenard penned angular lines mark a break with yacht design convention and contrast with intimate interiors by Gilles et Boissier

by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani pictures by Maurizio Paradisi (CRN Shipyard)


rom her design to the completion of her build, an


by her owner and also the aesthetic feedback we got actually led

incredible 320,000 man hours were lavished on

to a substantial reworking of the design”. Wow moments abound

the 55-metre Atlante. In all, it took 30 months of

aboard, in fact, starting with the dark charcoal grey Grigio Carnico

intensive focus to produce a yacht whose strong,

marble and teak stairs linking the beach club and main deck and

decisive personality breaks with yacht design convention to a

gives a hint as to what is to come in the interiors. Aft on the main

history-making extent. While her dark, brooding livery and unique

deck is a multipurpose area used for stowage for the limo tender

Nuvolari Lenard-penned exterior forms give her a masculine,

and a walkaround, both nine-metres, as well as a five-metre custom

almost military stance, the feeling on stepping aboard is of being

inflatable which are launched using two cleverly-concealed cranes.

instantly embraced by warmth, welcome and intimacy. This in itself

This same area quickly converts to a lounge, a cinema or a party

is unusual given that guests come aboard through the beach club

area, however, and also introduces the sense of flow in the spaces

and wellness area in the transom: a wonderful confection of light

specifically requested by the owner. A sliding door opens in to the

brushed teak and spruce, complete with solarium, sun loungers

main saloon where the owner’s taste is best exemplified. A genuine

and tables. A real invitation to kick back and relax. To starboard

connoisseur, he selected dark smoked oak to create an intimate

is a massage area and steam room while to port is a Technogym-

atmosphere, working on his stylistic choices with Gilles et Boissier,

equipped gym. “The first second the yacht hit the water, we realised

which had previously created the interiors of his homes and a

that we had built something truly innovative,” confirms Atlante’s

large caïque. The French studio brilliantly interpreted his wishes,

project manager Simone Lorenzano. “Atlante was developed on a

even going so far as designing all the furnishings and accessories

well-established CRN naval platform but the layout choices made

including the lovely rose wood sofas matched with pale Loro Piana

Atlante has a very strong stylistic identity that borrows certain elements from military craft. Opposite page, a side view with the gym balcony open to the sea. Opening, the intimate dining area aft (fully flush deck like certain sailing yachts) with updown table


fabrics. The dining area is absolutely original and is the only one aboard, featuring two updown tables on a handwoven Taiping rug. The owner’s suite is also on the main deck but lies forward, preceded by a corridor and lobby with a lift to all four decks as well as a stairwell in white Carrara marble, a material used extensively aboard (20 tons in all, meticulously distributed to guarantee stability and security). The master bathroom is trimmed in Grigio Carnico marble. The suite itself is full-beam and effortlessly combines all the various woods and materials featured aboard: white and brown brushed spruce, black brushed oak, eucalyptus (for the desk and coffee table) and even leather for the panelling. The upper deck is home to the second guest entrance which is used for docking at particularly high wharves. Here guests step into a large cockpit furnished with black teak sofas with light Perennials upholstery and, for casual lunches and suppers, up-down oak tables and director’s chairs. A sliding door of over six metres leads into a theatrically lovely saloon with huge windows that make it feel like a seafront balcony. The sundeck is a small heavenly corner where guests can simply hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Aft are sofas and up-down tables and forward, two sun loungers topped by an electric sliding roof. There is also a gorgeous spa pool with a striking polished steel trapezoidal handrail and glass panelling through which guests can feast their eyes on the sea.


The lounge area in the main saloon epitomises the owner’s personal taste: a warm, welcoming space thanks to the beautiful dÊcor and furnishings bespoke-designed by Gilles et Boissier. The dark oak parquet with marble edging and a natural hemp rug dominate the saloon floor


Left, one of the four cabins available to guests on the lower deck. Bottom, the sleeping area in the owner’s quarters which lie forward on the main deck. Facing page, above, the saloon on the lower deck has L-shaped sofa arrangement and eucalyptus-topped occasional tables and offers unparalleled views; below, the dining area in the main saloon is the only such area in the interior



The Exterior Designer Dan Lenard/Nuvolari Lenard


tlante was born from a blank sheet of paper, an idea that we pursued from beginning to the end. The input was extremely

challenging. The demanding owner was very much at home with brands in fashion and trends. He had been meeting different designers and yards without finding a satisfying response to his project brief: to design a yacht that wouldn’t look like either a yacht, an explorer vessel or a commercial vessel. A craft that, despite a lack of classic yacht canons and elements, would give the sense of a purpose-built luxury vessel whilst retaining a high level of functionality and, most important of all, a strong, even iconic personality. To achieve this, it was necessary to sprucest break with convention: we sketched a 55-metre yacht with a mooring deck in the bow and a double-deck stern, so that there is no main deck aft cockpit. Aft on the main deck, we put two purpose-designed and built tenders of nine


The transom converts to a beach club (which is also the main guest boarding point). Two ports open and make the interior of this multifunctional space which connects to the wellness area feel very airy. The open ports also give the yacht an aircraft carrier-like feel

metres, typical of an 80-metre yacht, behind two stainless

of the seas. This is probably the only car that properly

steel grille doors instead.

reflects the Atlante philosophy - it is military-born with

We then added an upper deck with 2.4-metre headroom, a

specifications second to none, functional to the maximum

glass superstructure, full-height windows, and, of course, by

and yet an indisputably luxurious private car with a classic

colouring eight stainless steel details, we obtained exactly

twist. So it’s no coincidence that it’s also Atlante’s owner’s

what we were aiming for: a Mercedes Puch “Gelëndewagen”

favourite vehicle


The Interior Designer - Patrick Gilles / Gilles et Boissier



e’ve known the owner for 15 years.

was extreme though. Masculine, military, extremely detailed,

He and I have spent hours, listening to each other,

uncompromising.The whole project was a special request.

challenging each other, surprising each other. In fact, I would

From the beginning, I understood this project was a genuine

say he is my best interior design partner/friend after my wife,

direction for him. And little by little, I very happily dived


into the story of this military yet ultra-sophisticated yacht. His

From retail to various residential projects to Atlante, he has

vision of organising his private deck with a total flow from the

always pushed me out of my comfort zone. His brief this time

bedroom to his private living room was unique. But, of course,

Atlante herself is unique as the owner has a very personal and

our past experience and free of any constraints. We were also lucky

strong vision of how to create his lifestyle. From the layouts to the

enough to be part of a great team, CRN, which was also always

materials and to the furniture, he and I oversaw every last detail.

very positive in its response to our requests.

He gave me carte blanche but then we shared every detail.

Atlante is a yacht with a great personality: I would say she is

The owner was willing to have a huge mix of materials. So I

introspective. I particularly love the living room on the main deck –

suggested woods, marble, textiles, all mixed very freely. Atlante was

it’s very open to the sea, very bright, very comfortable.

the first motoryacht for both him and us. We were really buoyed by

We truly love our baby and we are looking forward to a big family!

Right, the lobby, awash with beautiful smoked oak and white Carrara marble, leads into the owner’s quarters forward. Above, the lounge on the upper deck features African sculptures and other objets d’art from the owner’s private collection. Opposite: top Dorothée Boissier and Patrick Gilles; bottom, the multifunctional area which can be used as a cinema, lounge and relaxation area. Underway, it is used to stow two nine-metre tenders and a five-metre custom-made inflatable



hen I decided to have a new boat, the first thing I thought was that I wasn’t going to compromise: I wanted a truly custom-made boat. This was my main aim. And thanks to

Dan Lenard I got exactly what I was looking for: an unusual but functional yacht that matches my own style. The boat had to be masculine and intimate. A personal yacht that avoided all the usual references to the world of yachting: something square, kind of military with very clean and simple lines that, even if it had to include great details, wouldn’t look overdesigned. I wanted to build the boat in Italy and to find partners that would understand, respect and translate my vision perfectly. In Dan and CRN, I found the best partners as they didn’t ask me to negotiate on my ideas, while Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier from the Gilles & Boissier Studio were absolutely extraordinary in helping me to realise a proper made-to-measure project. I enjoyed the creative development process greatly, working closely with all of them. Legend has it that Atlante was Poseidon’s son and I like to think of her as my sea deity vehicle: a contemporary yacht matching my lifestyle, quite classic though because I feel a classic layout is my habit.


The Shipyard Luca Boldrini, Sales and Marketing Director CRN


tlante is the product of the owner’s very specific requirements: he wanted a yacht inspired by an iconic

vehicle, with a very sporty, masculine stance. To meet that brief, the CRN Technical Office worked handin-glove with Nuvolari & Lenard, designing a yacht that would respect all the stylistic quirks the owner wanted. When it came to the interiors, on the other hand, we worked with Gilles et Boissier Interior Design. This yacht is the result of some very good work by several different skill sets, a team of passionate, enthusiastic people who produced this work of art with the yard. Our collaborations with various internationally-renowned architecture and design studios meant we were able to reveal the different aspects of the yard’s soul and CRN’s ability to enter into dialogue with various schools of thought, demonstrating flexibility and quality in developing and producing unprecedented projects. Atlante features a plethora of unparalleled stylistic and design innovations, One example being the multifunctional area designed and built aft on the main deck which converts from a garage to a large sea-front terrace.

The spectacular infinity pool overlooking the sea lies forward on the sun deck, a heavenly spot to relax Facing page, a detail from Atlante’s flanks, showcasing her square-ish lines which feel inspired by those of the iconic Mercedes Puch Gelëndewagen



Joining the multinational in 2012 after a glittering career as Chief Design Officer at 3M, Mauro Porcini (40)has introduced a new design culture to the corporation, involving all the Pepsi brands, a list that includes SevenUp, Gatorade, Tropicana and Lay’s



TIMELY Transforming behaviour, creating fashions and meaningful experiences for consumers and society. That’s the philosophy driving the Chief Design Officer and number two in the American multinational. Backed by an Anglo-Saxon strategy skilfully mixed with an all-Italian personality, he has created a new Design Thinking by Désirée Sormani




ew York is soon to see the opening of its first Kola House, the city’s first kola bar, restaurant, lounge and event space. The venue will bring

together creatives and fans of pop culture and design. The Kola House idea was dreamt up by Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer and number two, alongside his own team and that of musician Lenny Kravitz’s studio, Kravitz Design. In the Anglo-Saxon countries, such strategies are called Design Thinking. “It means using classic design tools like visualisation, creating prototypes and sketching to find solutions and make innovations - and to create meaningful experiences for consumers and society”. Mauro Porcini has already displayed the results of this concept in Italy during the Milan Design Week 2015 with the “Mix It Up” interactive exhibition space. This brought together diverse creations made in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and personalities. One of these is musician Lenny Kravitz, who envisioned the Kola Bar & Lounge, a place to enjoy Cola-based cocktails. Karim Rashid created the Pepsi NSpire Food Truck to distribute snacks and drinks by the PepsiCo group. Vogue Talents and Masha Reva presented a clothing collection, while Lapo Elkann and Italia Indipendent Eyewear offered a limited edition of eyewear bearing the Pepsi name and designers Fabio Novembre and Stefano Giovannoni created two artistic drink fountains. Mauro Porcini is to repeat the experience this year in the Tortona District with new formulas where design again plays the leading role, just as it has done in a variety of sports, music and cultural events where PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer has introduced celebrities like the footballer Lionel Messi and pop stars Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Mauro Porcini is now on Fast Company’s list of the “Most Creative People in Business 1000”, a few years ago Fortune Magazine named him as one of the “40 under 40” and Ad Age magazine described him as one of the “world’s most influential creative personalities”. He is head of PepsiCo’s innovation and design office in Manhattan. From here he coordinates eleven PepsiCo design centres around the world. Mauro loves shoes (“I have a collection of over 180 pairs”), beautiful cars (“I have a Maserati and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and I’ve just bought a Ferrari”), sports yachts (he has recently fulfilled a dream and bought a 32’ Searay) plus, of course, unusual furnishings and accessories. This includes designs by his friends Fabio Novembre and Stefano Giovannoni. His approach to design is a fundamental element in his work. “I have brought my volatile Italian nature, my ability to understand beautiful things and design them, and I’ve played on my accent (I don’t want to lose it), my look - Italian


Above, the “Mix It Up� space at the Milan Design Week 2015 with some of the designers who took part in its creation - Kravitz Design, Karim Rashid ,Masha Reva, Lapo Elkann Fabio Novembre and Stefano Giovannoni. Left, Porcini with musician-designer Lenny Kravitz. Centre, his design team (and bottom, the New York offices). Right and below, right, his Manhattan home full of design objects, a passion of his, along with shoes



Above, left. Lionel Messi at a PepsiCo event and the bar serving Cola-based cocktails. Left, a rendering of the Kola House in New York. Dispensers, coolers, vending machines, various accessories like glasses and bottles, cars and sports products, all bearing the PepsiCo logo. The multinational’s products are not just food and drink, but become a means of changing tastes and creating trends

stylish - adopting a body language that communicates creativity, always seeking to add something different and innovative. So I combined an approach to design that’s closely linked to the making of an object, an Anglo-Saxon approach, more strategic and consumer-oriented, where a multinational’s product’s are not simply “drink and food” but influence customs, create trends. You can create incredible things by mixing the American and Italian approaches. Steve Jobs encouraged young people to be “foolish”. For me a designer should be foolish, should interpret cultural history and social norms in different ways, helping them evolve. Now it’s time to be timely.




A sophisticated displacement craft evocative of the golden age of yachting. But beneath her period exterior beats a modern heart. Crafted by Rossi Navi and the Studio Tassin for an owner with a passion for beauty over fashion by Bianca Ascenti


tep back in time with Taransay, a magnificent gentleman’s yacht built by Rossi Navi for a German owner with an abiding passion for vintage craft. Despite being inspired by the lines of her 1930s George Lennox Watson-designed 1930s namesake, Taransay is, however, very much a child of her own times, discreetly incorporating plenty of 21st century technologies, materials, sail controls, comfort and safety features. Having started life as a 32-metre, she was also subsequently extended to 40 metres with her beam broadened to almost eight under the yard’s supervision. The Studio Tassin crafted Taransay’s interiors to produce an impact that is both aristocratic and exceptionally comfortable at once. That said, all of the signature styling elements of the golden age of yachting have been retained in her guest spaces. The same applies to her exterior, of course – lots of copal-varnished wood, a classic canoe stern, forecastle, wooden doghouse, masts and funnel. Naturally enough, her layout is not open-plan in the least to reflect her period ethos. The upper deck features a saloon with bar and library, a large bright wood-panelled galley (at the request of the owner) with a separate full-beam dining room with a large central table. In the latter, the formality of the space is emphasised by sober colours and beautifully hand-built furnishings specially varnished to give them a period feel as well as look. Taransay’s 10 guests will sleep in five lovely staterooms on the lower deck (including a full-beam master). They will adore the refined décor with beautiful objets scattered about on the solid wood furnishings as well as leather trim, charming silverware, vintage lamps, retro wainscoting, luxury kilims on walls and floors. Most seductive of all is the charming homely ambience of the saloon on the main deck. Evoking the colours of British garden in autumn, the orange tones of the sofas, armchairs and antique rug lend it a gentle oldfashioned warmth while a steamer trunk hints at voyages to come. The Tassin brothers have elegantly mixed the finest Italian handcrafting (Royal Leather for hides and suede and Catalupi for spotlights) with international brands (Turnstyle for the door handles, Samuel Heath for pommels, etc.), all very much in vintage style. The master suite is wonderfully luxurious and includes a sumptuous bathroom trimmed in gold Calaccatta marble. Although the engine room separates the guest accomodations into two sections, noise and vibration have been very efficiently damped too. As she ploughs gracefully through the waves, Taransay feels like she’s just sprung to life from a sepia print, thanks to her classic blue and white striped deck upholstery and lovely canvas canopy. No one would ever guess either that her gleaming brasses are actually made from Nibral, her creamy funnel hides a tender crane or that her pilothouse was built from teak-veneered aluminium to meet MCA certification requirements. A modern heart beating beneath a period exterior.


A canoe stern, wide walkways and a high guardrail lend an instant elegance to Taransay whose high tech solutions are well-hidden: her masts house instrumentation, her funnel the tender crane while her aluminium dogshouse is veneered in teak to mirror her period aesthetic. Her cream and blue colours also have a vintage naval feel



Versatile and very comfortable, the cockpit is as perfect for al fresco dinners as chilled-out chatting. In line with the owner’s brief and Taransay’s 1930s-inspired styling, there is no spa or the like aboard, but comfort is assured by solid wood furniture and sofas, classic pieces that reappear on the other decks


Anticlockwise from left, the corridor, retro lamps, forward dining room, master suite and a guest cabin. The leather and suede trim are by Royal Leather, spots by Cantalupi, door handles by Turnstyle, pommels by Samuel Heath and bathroom hardware by Dornbracht. The master bath is a triumph of gold Calacatta marble. The furnishings have been varnished several times (kiln-dried twice and two coats applied by hand) for a slightly distressed vintage feel and look



The Exterior Designer Riccardo Rossi


he brief was to produce a yacht similar to the 1930 Ocean Glory which the owner liked a lot. However, this yacht is completely different from Watson’s original designs. Taransay has been re-engineered and all her deck details redesigned to meet technical requirements. But any changes, including lengthening her by 10 metres, were made in consultation with the owner, the Tassin brothers and the captain who was also the project manager. In jobs like this, the problems all come up during the design phase. Creating a replica, even though this one was a new design really, demands a long analytical and decision-making process. It was a complex job but a team effort. We involved all the companies we work with in the design process and found very effective solutions together as a result. The masts are a case in point: Taransay’s originals were purely decorative but now they hide all the navigation and positioning systems so they are practical as well as beautiful. We began with a progressive lengthening of the hull. The layout delivers many different spaces, both on the bridge deck and the aft cockpit, that were designed for the classic yacht. But this is a much more comfortable boat than the original. The davits, for instance, are no longer required for putting the tender to sea but now act as supports for an attractive canopy on the flying bridge. The aft cockpit has seating hidden by the forecastle and is very private while the flying bridge is perfect for entertaining friends or hosting parties. Taransay has so many spaces that can be used and experienced in different ways and that’s not so common on a 40-metre. Sun and light rule the roost on deck, of course, and there’s a great feeling of freedom. The interior feels much more enclosed as was typical for boats of that period.

Taransay has a very robust steel hull and aluminium alloy superstructure. All components subject to wear and tear are made from AISI 316 stainless steel. Equally, the bronze components aboard (portholes, single-piece cast bitts and conical stanchions) were custom-made from Nibral, an alloy that looks like bronze but is much tougher and easier to maintain


Project Manager Capt. Marco Santoro


he selection of the yard was quite romantic: we had narrowed the choice down to 10 yards that could do the work but during our “getting to know you” tour of the latter, the owner met with Rossi Navi and that was it - search over! He liked their approach and the fact that he was dealing directly with the people that actually owned the yard. I personally only knew the yard’s name but I’d always heard good things about it. This is the client’s first yacht but he has done a lot of chartering of various yachts including GL Watson’s first original design, the MY Ocena Glory, which I used to skipper. Because he’s a fan of classic lines, he has a particular fondness for the 1930s designs from the GL Watson studio – which along with the C&Ns - were the first yachts designed and built entirely for pleasure use. Right about then, the ICE had taken over from steam power so the lines were a mix of sailing, motor and steam – in fact, they still had two masts. With regard to the interiors, we had to decide whether to go for a classic Victorian look or the big trend in the 1930s, Art Deco-Art Nouveau. The owner opted for classic lines which were lightened in terms of content and colours by Tassin, to pare back the Victorian pomposity which can be a bit too much. Taransay was designed and built so that she could be registered as “unrestricted” and will spend most of her time in the Mediterranean, although a cruise to Northern Europe is planned. The owner is extremely happy with the result because she’s a beautiful yacht and the fact that everyone likes her is proof of that. Taransay will be doing skippered charters. But we’ll be focusing more on quality than the financial side when it comes to guests.


The Interior Designer Studio Tassin


aransay’s owner contacted us after chartering the 1930s motoryacht Ocean Glory several times. She had been restored recently and we did the interiors.

Because he was building a replica of a vintage boat, he wanted classical Britishstyle interiors with some contemporary touches. He also wanted the interior to work with modern technologies to maintain a warm, relaxed atmosphere. We used kilims, soft, flat-woven ethnic textiles that can be hung on the walls or put over windows or draped on seats, and which add a note of freshness. Their geometric designs (rectangular, square or rhomboid) makes them easy to integrate into any space too. We also choose round portholes as they reflect the period, but made them slightly larger and played a bit with chocolate leather flooring, mahogany furnishings but lighter ash walls and ceilings to ensure that the natural lighting below decks was good. One unusual feature is the curved ceilings which follow the structure, for a classic touch, and also deliver superb headroom. Don’t forget either that the whole main deck is solid mahogany and the interior was brush-painted by hand. The big wheelhouse, with direct access to the main deck, provides shelter in foul weather. It is also in perfect 1930s style thanks to its wainscoting and classic wheel. To make the captain’s life easier we also put his roomy en suite cabin beside the bridge. Overall, this was a really exhilarating challenge: the owner played an active part in every stage of the project and the success of the boat is due to that synergy.


The Shipyard Federico Rossi / Ceo Rossi Navi


ossi Navi began life building hulls and we also specialised in mechanical engineering and movement. We have done a lot of classic yacht restorations too so we’re know which areas

of a craft will be most exposed and at risk of damage. Most of all though, we’re a full-custom yard and Taransay is proof of that. Every single bit of her was not only bespoke-designed but also built entirely in-house at the yard. Finding original 1930s hardware and parts on the market is just impossible so we made them ourselves – portholes, bitts (cast in a single piece) and conical stanchions (all numbered). The teak is 22mm, the hull is high-resistance steel, the superstructure light alloy and all the components subject to wear and tear are AISI 316 stainless steel. Even what looks like bronze is actually Nibral (bronze enriched with nickel and aluminium) to ensure it doesn’t lose its shine. We spent quite some time looking at how we could rationalise the layout and, in the end, we did find some great solutions that combine utility with beauty: the funnel hides the cranes, the aluminium deckhouse is trimmed in teak and can be inspected and ventilated to avoid mould, etc. After all those tweaks, the boat is much more poised, well-structured and, thanks to lower centre of gravity, she rolls very little and is extremely stable. Her exhausts are submerged and we’ve also cut noise levels by 35% because the inverter is on a mobile suspension system. The owner’s suite also has a double-floating anti-vibration system. Our passion and experience are paying dividends now as our order book shows: in 2017, we’ll deliver an extreme four-engined designed to beat speed records and it will be followed by an expedition vessel with a diesel-electric power set-up and another 50-metre yacht.


Despite being inspired by the lines of her 1930s George Lennox Watson-designed 1930s namesake, Taransay is, however, very much a child of her own times, discreetly incorporating plenty of 21st century technologies





© Agence VERTU / Photographies : A, Leblanc – J, Kélagopian

6-11 SEPT 2016

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ENLIGHTENING The incredible range of colour, intensity and scenarios now possible lighting on board yachts are the result of the huge progress made, and still being made, by LED units. Quick immediately grasped the importance of this innovative technology - and they were right!

by Fabio Petrone


rchitecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”. Le Corbusier’s words show just how crucial light

is in architecture. If combined with materials, colours and volumes it can take on a myriad forms, and this applies to nautical and naval construction as much

as civil architecture. Quick’s lighting division is a valuable part of a company that manufactures yacht accessories. It was founded in the early 1980s, and has become a hallmark of Made in Italy design and production throughout the world. The lighting division comprises two departments - Quick Marine Lighting (founded in 2007) for yachting, and Quicklighting for the residential market (developed in 2012). Both departments offer a wide selection of solutions for owners and architects seeking to create the right lighting effects for every interior and exterior space on their yachts. “We set off with the aim of making technical LED lighting equipment and this choice has repaid itself with interest”, says Monica Siboni, head of Quick’s creative communications, “Because it’s an area experiencing expansion and evolution. We offer a response to market requirements with ever more efficient products, paying particular attention to the quality of the light, the CRI (colour rendering index), the supplementary optics and the quality of every component. Then we expanded our line with products that can be directly 130

From design to product delivery, Quick’s lighting deploys cuttingedge technical resources that enables them to offer a complete service and satisfy the most demanding clients. The factory has a roofed area of 12,000 sqm and will be extended by another 7,200 sqm this year


linked to the 220V network and various

course, environmental considerations play a

decorative lighting systems like Esse, Ab Jour

role, as the yachtbuilding and civil architecture

and Metroled. Our technological resources

sectors are aware of sustainability issues.”

enable us to offer a complete service, from

Everything is manufactured in-house. “From

design to finished product. Quick’s growth”,

developing the idea to making a prototype,

continues Siboni, “Is based on important

processing the materials, assembly and final

decisions like our acquisition of a metal-

testing, everything is carried out in the group’s

mechanical division, CATT, in 2003. The

complex of facilities in Ravenna. So we can

operational structure boasts high-tech systems

satisfy every requirement, making products to

The factory has a roofed area of 12,000 sqm

measure or adapting existing products from

and will be extended by another 7,200 sqm by

our range. The CATT division has enabled

2016”. Quick concentrates on LED lamps, light

us to enhance quality, respond smoothly to

units and light points. “Yachts are the ideal

custom requests and above all to highlight

environment for LED lighting, because it cuts

Made in Italy excellence. We are proud of our

on-board power consumption, doesn’t heat up,

range. We’ve expanded and made constant

is tough, hard-wearing and above all enables

improvements over the years and now offer

us to create lighting scenarios that would

products that respond to all needs, including

be impossible with other lighting systems,

the recent Challenger series of underwater

by using dimmers and domotic systems. Of




The clean, essential lines of Quick Lighting’s light units combine with outstanding light quality and excellent colour rendering. One symbolic product is the retractable Secret Light, the ideal solution for deck installation - aboard, for example, the Monte Carlo Yacht 105 in these pages




When art meets craft: Oliver Trautlein’s carpets and rugs are the product of a meticulous process that demands complete passion and commitment. Each one is a sophisticated onceoff design made using specialist techniques from luxury materials and will literally raise a space to new heights


liver Trautlein’s hands and the old scars and nicks that adorn them, tell

the tale of a life of craftsmanship. In fact, he has never lost his feel for quality for the very reason that he started out hand-tufting his own carpets. What makes him utterly different, however, is that he combines that skill with an innate artistic flair and, tellingly, genuine dedication to the bespoke ethic. A few years back, Fremantle-based designer Sam Sorgiovanni commissioned Trautlein to create a hand-loomed carpet

by Mary Hegarty

for the dining room aboard the 88-metre Oceanco Nirvana. Instead of sending him a written brief, he took the German for a walk in the Australian rain forest and when they returned, presented him with a pile of twigs and leaves for inspiration. Trautlein quickly realised that the owner wanted to feel like he was walking on the forest floor every time his feet touched his carpet. This is exactly the kind of challenge he relishes. “Bespoke means the chance to create individually create a unique solution with our handmade art carpets based on the client’s situation,” he told us. “We draw on our experience to use colours, qualities, carving, textures and the finest yarns to

All made by hand using luxury natural fibres such as silk, linen and the most exclusive New Zealand merino wool. All absolutely different because they are an expression of the desires and feelings Oliver Treutlein senses from his clients



Today he’s one of the world’s leading carpet designers but Oliver Trautlein made his first foray into the yachting world in the 1980s and his latest major project afloat was 1,600 square metres of carpeting for the 141-metre Yas. A challenge and a project he stuck with until the very last moment….and centimetre…

create outstanding ambiences”. Unsurprisingly, the end products exude a fresco-like beauty. Each is a once-off and naturally, hand-tufted from luxury fibres made from silk, linen, virgin New Zealand merino wood and even precious metals. A keen, lifelong sailor, Trautlein became fascinated by the yachting side of his work early on in the 1980s and it remains his favourite milieu to this day. His creations can be founded aboard craft built by the likes of Abeking and Rasmussen, Lürssen, Oceanco, Heesen, Amels, Feadship, De Vries and Fincantieri, while designers Terence Disdale, Bannenberg and RoweII, Reymond Langton and Eidsgard have all sought his help in adding the finishing touches to their projects. His ultimate aim is always, however, “not only to fit into the upcoming interior, but lift it”, an approach clearly illustrated by his work aboard the likes of Kismet, Galaxy and Galactica Star amongst others. Very recently, OT created 1,600 square metres of fine art carpeting for Yas, a 141-metre dolphin-inspired superyacht for an owner in the United Arab Emirates. Needless to say, Trautlein stayed with the project until the very end, dispatching his team to Abu Dhabi for three months of meticulous fitting. Now that’s real dedication. 136



PARK LIFE Growing up surrounded by giant ships in the South Korean seafaring city of Ulsan gave Chulhun Park a taste for size and power in his yachts with the Valkyrie concept the standard-bearer for his new vision by Mary Hagerty



ith her sweepingly futuristic lines,

sparking his passion. “I was overwhelmed

dramatically-stepped forward

by the enormous ships towering about

decks and gleaming slivery-grey livery,

300 metres over the sea and my heart

the 229-metre Valkyrie concept leaps off

would pound wildly,” he laughs.

the page, her slender bow and layered

“During university in Korea, I realised

angles a promise of razor-sharp speed

that yacht design was the convergence of

and seafaring grace combined. It may

my childhood surroundings, the heart-

come as a surprise to learn that the

pounding experience at my father’s work,

masterpiece of futuristic styling and

and my major in design. I haven’t stopped

technology that provided the inspiration

pursuing my dream since.”



While at graduate school at the Royal

winning SuperSport yachts is the work



College of Art in the UK, Chulhun

not of a Starchitect or one of the yachting

applied for an internship at Palmer

scene’s stalwarts.

Johnson Yachts in Monaco. CEO Timur

The radical trimaran is, in fact, the 2012

Mohamed spotted the talented young

graduate thesis project of a young Korean

Korean’s portfolio and called him aboard.

designer called Chulhun Park who credits

Chulhun was soon working as a senior

visits to his father’s workplace at the

designer for the company and Palmer

world’s largest commercial shipbuilding

Johnson also offered to sponsor his

company, Hyundai Heavy Industries in

graduate thesis. This produced a radical

the coastal city of Ulsan, South Korea, for

new body design that took a year to hone.

Above, a 72-metre Palmer Johnson. At the 2014 World Yacht Trophies, Chulhun was part of a team that picked up the “Most Innovative” and “Best Exterior Design” awards. Below, and opposite page the Valkyrie concept



“I applied deconstructivism to design new types of volume and mass,” he says. “I did not adopt the straight mono hull that is conventionally used for the body of a yacht but went for the trimaran hull for greater stability and efficiency as well as greater possibilities for the exterior design”. Specifically, the trimaran cuts drag while cruising at high speeds and is an astonishingly 50 per cent more fuelefficient. This configuration also results in an impressive 25 - 30 per cent increase in the size of both interior and exterior spaces. Theming Valkyrie as “a floating island that offers new entertainment not only to individual yacht owners but also to the public through its overall concept”, Chulhun has included a casino, theatre, restaurant in the interior. After five years with Palmer Johnson, he has now struck out on his own to specialise in the superyacht sector which he feels is ripe for more of his revolutionary ideas. We couldn’t agree more.


Swooping angular lines, a sleek silver-grey livery and a high-tech bridge lend Valkyrie a visionary feel sure to attract the attention of the market


YOYO is... Fun!


It’s light, easy to handle and can be flown with a sports pilot licence. Its name promises entertainment, and its specs make it ideal for on-board life by Sergio Barlocchetti picture by Photo yoyohelicopter/AndreaColombo


ven this light helicopter’s name - Yoyo - is fun! It’s designed to carry two people for over 600 km

at speeds above 170 km/h to a height of more than 3,500 metres, consuming an average of 26 litres of fuel an hour. But developing it hasn’t been easy. It’s made by the Zecca family in Italy (near L’Aquila) using composite materials like carbon and chrome-molybdenum steel and modern aerospace technology. Its unloaded weight is 329 kilos, so it can be set down on yachts of no great size without the need for a special helipad. If there’s room to accommodate it (its length is 8.76 metres and its height 2.71, with a rotor diameter of 7.66 metres), its emissions and noise do not impose any particular limitations. We think the Yoyo, especially the top-ofthe-range Excel version of the


[ HELICOPTER ] An emphasis on artisanal appeal has led to the creation of interiors with a combination of quality fabrics and leathers with visible carbon elements. The Yoyo features classic analogue instruments with an indicator or a full colour EFIS system with a special programme and screen

222 model, is an original, exclusive machine

only qualification needed to fly it is a sports

An emphasis on artisanal quality has led to

made by Italian technicians and artisans.

pilot licence. The company has lavished a lot

the creation of interiors with a combination

However, it has an American Lycoming O-320

of attention on the interiors, which feature

of prestigious fabrics and leathers with visible

engine producing 172hp. Control is direct

excellent visibility, space for two to sit in

carbon elements. The avionics include an

and intuitive, and its light weight means the

comfort, ergonomic controls and two spacious

innovative touch with the choice of classic

aircraft can be registered as an ultralight. The

luggage compartments.

analogue instruments with an indicator or a full colour EFIS system with a special programme and display showing all engine management and navigation instrumentation. Maximum passive safety is ensured by elements like dual anti-explosion fuel tanks, manual or electronic power control and dual engine and rotor rev counters. All mechanical systems are monitored constantly and the passenger-side controls can be easily removed. At maximum load the weight/ power ratio at take-off is less than 3kg per horsepower, providing excitement and high performance. This toy costs between ₏140,000 and ₏200,000, depending on specifications, and it’s bound to become a vital addition on some yachts.



Visit u s: co Ya c ht S h ow 2016

REINTJES Pod System FORTJES® Freedom for Yacht Designers and Shipyards! The FORTJES® propulsion system has been developed to cope with the highest customers‘ demands and even exeeds latest standards of excellence. FORTJES® provides • Tremendous Space Saving Design • Easy Installation by Plug and Play • Maximum Comfort • Excellent Manouevrability • Improved Efficiency in a power range from 300 to 2,000 kW per pod. Call us today! We have the ideal solution for your vessel, too!


REINTJES GmbH | Eugen-Reintjes-Straße 7 | 31785 Hameln | Germany | Phone +49 51 51/104-0 | |


TRUE LUXURY STANDS TEST OF TIME Dariel and Marino Alfani are the pens behind the favourite seafaring limousines of the jet set. Perfect for all tastes and all yachts. Sophistication guaranteed by Bianca Ascenti


More than just tenders, these two gems fly across the waves at 40-plus knots in sublime comfort. Both also have tops that protect guests from wind and water


hat do Piersilvio Berlusconi, Sheik Mansour bin

the 12 guests aboard probably won’t even notice as they

Zayed of Abu Dhabi and Moody Al Fayed, cousin

will be cocooned in such luxury: a glass top, leather sofa,

of the late Dodi, have in common? All are proud owners

fridge, shower, new-generation audio and video systems.

of a Dariel tender built on the shores of Lago d’Iseo. Each

Prices start at 1,120,000 euro for the standard version.

of these internationally-renowned, lovingly-detailed boats

The 7.2-metre Dariel DCab, on the other hand, combines

is tailored individually to its owner’s megayacht. The top

the pleasure of an open with the comfort of a limousine

of the range model is the Tender Limousine of which two

and is perfect for yachts with lower garage roofs. A special

versions are available.

kit features two fold-down and removable carbon side

The DLimo 9.5 is a contemporary take on the Venetian

pieces that protect the vessel from wind and rain. This

taxi by Dariel & Marino Alfani Design, with a choice of

model is slightly more affordable to with a price tag

three engine set-ups (2 x 370 hp, 2 x 300 hp or 2 x 260

(including kit) of 297,000 euro.

hp Hybrid Drive System) for speeds of up to 48 knots. But


[ TOYS ]

SUP-ERLATIVE FITNESS Nothing complicated, just a board and a paddle, but it’s become a trendsetter. Ideal for keeping fit, paddling off in search of a deserted cove, easy to handle. Moki is a market leader, with boards that combine outstanding structural technology with exciting design by Fabio Petrone


SUP Classic Line is the new range of boards from Moki. Designed for cruising and SUP surfing, they are made of Superlight EPS foam, Epoxy, 3K Carbon and PVC, clad in a bamboo sandwich. The most agile is the Jam model, ideal for wave-chasers, while the Deha is ideal for long distance paddlers


ne of the trendiest new water-based activities is SUP, which stands for Stand Up Paddling. SUP-mania has now become so widespread

around the seas of the world that many have taken it up as a proper sports discipline, with races and championships. The basic principles are simple, although it does demand a certain level of strength and above all balance. It involves paddling while standing on a board a little larger than a surfboard. Paddling exercises all muscle groups, improving tone and posture, and when waves develop riders attempt to build up speed until they are surfing on the crests. Practice, of course, increases boardriding skills, but the equipment - the board - also plays a crucial role, so it’s a pleasure to present the SUP Classic Line from Moki, one of the sport’s most respected board manufacturers. Its shape is modern and harmonious, and build quality is superlative, down to the smallest detail, and the components are also of a very high quality. The board is made using elements like Superlight EPS foam, Epoxy, 3K Carbon and PVC, all clad in a natural bamboo sandwich. Its compact, well-distributed shape and directionality mean that it’s easy to handle but offers exciting performance in calm waters and on waves. It’s the ideal SUP for cruising, long distances and longboard-style SUP surfing. Available in Jam version at 10ft 5in and Deha, at a length of 11ft 7in.


[ The WATCH ]

COMPLICATED VIRTUOSITY Seven hundred perfectly synchronised mechanical components protected by a platinum case make the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon a genuine masterpiece of German haute horlogerie. At the heart of this chronograph is a tourbillon with an escapement in a filigree cage by Paolo De Vecchi


ot everyone is aware that other nations apart from Switzerland are adept at watch-making. Germany is a case in point, not so much in terms of the number of manufacturers but the quality of its products. German output is small but exceedingly sophisticated, particularly in the case of A. Lange & Söhne, a company founded in 1845 at Glashütte near Dresden, and temporarily abandoned when the nation was split into East and West in the aftermath of World War 2. It was relaunched in 1990 and quickly become one of the icons of German watchmaking. Aside from a long and glorious history, A. Lange & Söhne, of course, enjoys a reputation for the superb quality of its watches. Since its rebirth, in fact, it has been developing and making one incredibly complicated watch after another. In most instances, their brilliantly


The new Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon from A. Lange & SÜhne, arguably German’s most accomplished haute horlogerie watch-maker. It has a large 41.5 mm platinum case and a hand-stitched alligator wrist strap also with a platinum clasp


[ The WATCH ] The manual-wind movement in the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon by A. Lange & Söhne is extremely complicated as well as entirely decorated and assembled by hand. It features a chronograph function, perpetual calendar with moon phases, tourbillon and a 50hour power reserve


accomplished movements have been protected

and day, months (regardless of whether they are

by cases made from platinum, notoriously the

28, 29, 30 or 31 days long), the years (leap years

rarest and most valuable of precious metals.

included) and moon phases. The Tourbillon, in

The latest masterpiece to emerge from this

which the escapement rotates about its own axis

Saxon powerhouse is the Datograph Perpetual

once a minute inside a filigreed cage to offset the

Tourbillon. Watch enthusiasts will be able to

effect of gravity on the balance wheel, guarantees

tell from that name alone just how technically

excellent accuracy across the watch’s 50-hour

astonishing this mechanical manual-wind watch

reserve. In short, the Datograph Perpetual

(50 hour power reserve) is. The Datograph part

Tourbillon is an extraordinary triumvirate of

of the watch’s moniker refers to a column-wheel

complications synchronised by more than 700

chronograph with a precisely jumping minute

mechanical components inside a solid and

counter, while the Perpetual refers to the fact that

generously-dimensioned 41.5 mm platinum case.

the calendar can automatically indicate the date


Enjoy a dip out in the open sea with our ultra-light carbon fibre bathing ladder. Its special design and slant make it simple to get into and out of the water. Available in different lengths and widths, as well as in a range of colours. Handmade in Germany.



by Beatrice Galbiati



allis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor,




collector of precious jewellery. She maintained that platinum was the only metal that could possibly be used for items to be worn with an evening dress. Wallis was the wife of Edward VIII, who became Duke of Windsor after abdicating from the throne of the United Kingdom. We think she was right, because platinum has four extraordinary qualities. It is pure, with a natural white colour and shine that never dulls over time. It is rare, and tons of rock must be excavated to provide just a few grammes of the metal. It is eternal, with a lustre and resistance that never fade. A simple polish is enough to restor it to its natural splendour. It is versatile, with a unique range of expressive possibilities for anyone with high levels of manufacturing skills. The most precious metal, atomic weight 78, has always featured in sublime pieces of jewellery - in the late 19th century it was used by Peter Carl Fabergè, jeweller to the Tsar of Russia, to create the piece that Alexander III gave to his wife, initiating the tradition of the legendary eggs. These unique masterpieces are decorated with platinum and precious stones. A museum in Tokyo hosts a wedding kimono entirely interwoven with platinum thread, a priceless garment, and the city is also where Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka has created one of the world’s most expensive bags, made exclusively of platinum with more

1. Platinum with oval, marquise, drop and brilliant cut diamonds for the Red Carpet earrings by Chopard 2. From the Lily Cluster

than two thousand diamonds and a removable strap that

collection, the precious platinum and diamond barrette by Harry

can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.

Winston. 3. Trinity Ruban by Cartier is a platinum ring with brilliant

All in all, from Easter eggs to clothing, bags and jewellery,

cut diamonds. 4. Rigid platinum and diamond bracelet for the new

platinum can fulfil every desire, no matter how precious

collection from Van Cleef & Arpels. Opposite page: A unique piece -

and original it may be.

the platinum necklace Buccellati with diamonds and emerald drops



THE ROYAL OCEAN RACING CLUB This exquisitely English club welcomes only sailors with at least 500 miles of offshore racing under their belt. Its main clubhouse is in London but it also has another on the Isle of Wight. The RORC also organises the Fastnet Race, one of the most gruelling and prestigious sailing events in history by Bianca Ascenti



Royal Ocean Racing Club

the planet. The RORC has changed

(RORC) is dedicated to serious

clubhouse on several occasions and

sailing for serious sailors. While

the current one was officially opened

applying for membership isn’t overly

in 1942 by King Haako VII of Norway.

complicated, the members that count,

Aspiring members must have clocked

so to speak, are the seasoned blue

up at least 500 offshore racing miles

Nautical memorabilia,

water sailors that compete avidly both

and have spent at least two nights at

trophies, half-hulls and half-

in crewed and solo races. The RORC

sea in the five years before they make

hulls greet the members

organises, amongst other events, the

their application. They also need to

of the Royal Ocean Racing

Fastnet and the RORC Caribbean

be proposed by two members or the

Club which is located near

600 and in the past was behind such

Commodore from another club. The

Green Park in the heart

historic races as the Admiral’s Cup

Clubhouse itself is wonderfully British,

of London. The décor is

and the Whitbread (now the Volvo

as befits a Club with the Royal moniker,

elegant and classic with

Ocean Race). It was founded in 1925

without being in the least bit stuffy.

soft, muted colours

by Weston Martyr who had the idea of

One of the two dining rooms is named

organising a long race in Europe similar

after Jolie Brise, a boat that won three

to the 600-mile Bermuda Race. The

editions of the Fastnet, including the

result was the Fastnet, which remains

first. Its décor is classic with a creamy

one of the largest, most gruelling

colour palette, Chippendale chairs and

and prestigious sailing challenges on

an open fireplace. Other amenities




The Royal Ocean Racing Club near Green Park in Central London is an original place to stay while visiting the city. A chance to breathe air redolent of history and offshore racing. Rooms are available to non-members recommended by, or the guests of, an existing RORC member

ROYAL OCEAN RACING CLUB 20 St Jame’s Place, London SW1A Inn United Kingdom Founded: 1925 Royal moniker granted: 1931 Main regattas: Rolex Fastnet Race, RORC Caribbean 600, Brewin Dolphin Commodore’s Cup Members’ berths: none Club colours: blue and white Stations: The Disrespect, Cowes (Isle of Wight) Members: 3350 approx.

include a lounge with bar and reading area as well as guest rooms. Nautical memorabilia is dotted throughout – lots of half-hulls, racing trophies and maritime paintings (many extremely valuable).


Yacht management with tender loving care!

By your side to ensure top quality management for your yacht, from the selection and training of the crew to efficient marketing, maintenance and refitting.

114 The Strand Gzira - GZR 1027 Malta -





long with Cospicua and Senglea, Vittoriosa is one of the Three Cities overlooking Grand Harbour,

Perched on the elegant wharves of

the Mediterranean’s largest natural port. Renowned as a safe haven since Phoenician times, these days Vittoriosa

Vittoriosa, the Camper & Nicholsons-

is mostly home to pleasure yachts tied up in the shadow

managed marina is the most elegant and

marina has wharves and seven floating jetties stretched

best-serviced in the Maltese islands.

of the Fort Saint Angelo. Its Camper & Nicholsons’ out along the western side of the peninsula. It sits directly opposite La Valletta’s elegant Barraka Gardens

The perfect mid-Mediterranean hub

from where a volley of cannon shots marks the start of

for yachts of up to 100 metres

are berthed in the narrowest, deepest part of the inlet

the Middle Sea Race each October. The smaller boats but the brilliantly-served St. Angelo’s Wharf is reserved

by Cristina Griner

for superyachts of up to 100 metres, many of which, including Perini’s Maltese Falcon and Lürssen’s Martha Ann, are based there year-round.



This is hardly surprising as Malta is an incredibly hospitable

a favourite foodie hangout while the Blue Creek (bluecreekmalta.

island strategically located right in the middle of the

com) enjoys a spectacular location on the south-west coast and

Mediterranean, and, importantly, the tax regime is designed to

serves wonderfully fresh fish. Renzo Piano has also been hard at

benefit foreign owners and investors.

work in La Valletta, overhauling its architecture, and the fishing

The marina’s elegant wharf is fronted by a string of bar and

village of Marsaxlokk is picture-postcard perfect too.

restaurant terraces, including the eclectic Don Berto (www.

Other big draws include golf tournaments at the Royal Malta Behind it are the narrow streets and old palazzos

Golf Club ( and the international regattas

of the nicely restored historic centre of Birgu/Vittoriosa, now a

organised by Royal Malta Yacht Club (

trendy destination for well-heeled, discerning tourists. The superb

What more could you ask for?

Thai restaurant, the Blue Elephant at the Hilton in Portomaso, is


The elegant wharves of Grand Harbour are dotted with bars and restaurants serving delicously fresh fish and local specialities. One institution is Don Berto just under the marina and Harbour Master’s offices. Don’t miss the colourful little fishing village of Marsaxlokk and the Blue Grotto either. While ashore, you’ll enjoy the charming little streets of Vittoriosa and La Valletta and the tufa-stone palazzos of the old capital Mdina




xclusive tourism, investment incentives for foreigners, beautifully renovated old palazzos, brand-new designer architecture with the fact that capital Valletta

is European City of Culture 2018 as the cherry on the cake. With so much to offer, Malta is very much on trend right now and offers a fantastic lifestyle that would, of course, not be complete without the sport of polo. Founded in 1868, Malta Polo Club is Europe’s oldest such institution and second in the world only to the Calcutta Polo Club, having opened its doors before even the famous Hurlingham Polo Association was set up. Aside from taking part in the leading international tournaments, the Club has also played host to the world’s top teams over the years and its competitions remain a magnet for players from the big clubs. It’s hardly surprising therefore that several members of the British royal family have played there too. In fact, just last November, to mark the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, the Club played host to the ultra-prestigious Guards Polo Club. Malta’s polo season lasts from the end of October to the middle of June and attracts

Last November, Queen Elizabeth II (above) was

players from all over Europe who do battle on its historic pitches or have their

guest of honour at the Club with Maltese President

skills honed by the Club’s qualified Polo Coach. The Malta Polo Club Academy

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. Aside from competing

provides training for new talent, organising regular training chukkas. It even

in the leading international tournaments, the Malta

caters to newcomers to the sport. Private and group lessons are available as are

Polo Club, Europe’s oldest, plays host to the world’s

tailored intensive courses up to the highest levels with expert HPA instructors.

most prestigious players

The Academy can even arrange the transport of participants’ ponies from other parts of Europe. Like the Royal Malta Yacht Club, the Malta Polo Club is an exclusive haven where Maltese high society and the international jet set meet, mingle and, between one event and the next, talk business.


April 2016 - Marina di Villa Igea - Palermo


ly kers on For Bro



A limited edition of 30 homes buildable anywhere in the world. Marrying luxury with high design, a beautiful finish and leading-edge solutions inspired by the world of yacht design. The result: sea, sun and nature become central elements


hy do superyacht exist whilst Superhouses donis there such a thing as a superyacht

but not a Superhouse? This was a question that spurred Magnus Ström of Ström Architects to plant the first seed for his studio’s concept for this luxury house. A unique project, a distillation of architecture at its purest, it is inspired by the design and finish of the luxury superyachts Ström became fascinated while working in an architecture practice beside Dubois Naval Architects. The similarities and crossovers between the two types of architecture are clear to see from the superb renderings that flank this article. The Superhouse is underpinned by a holistic approach: it’s not


The house is built from in-situ cast concrete to ensure it is durable and can withstand its exposed location. In the external walls, the concrete is mixed with ground white marble aggregate to produce a smooth, hardwearing surface

dbox for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties

that self-cleans naturally in the rain



just architecture and design, it’s a lifestyle choice. The Superhouse

to the wellness area. Sliding screens are used to separate the various

would fit anywhere in the world, but this example was designed for

spaces and connect the volumes. Outside a 50-metre pool stretches

a remote private bay on an undisclosed Balearic island that can only

between the beach and the open-plan living space: when viewed from

be accessed via a long road that winds its way through mountainous

inside the house, in fact, sea and pool seem to meld into one expanse

terrain or by helicopter. The design concept is simplicity personified:

of blue. There is also a sunbathing and relaxation area outside the spa

two L-shaped stone walls cradle the house which comprises two distinct

at the other end of the pool. The house is incredibly sustainable with

timber volumes with different functions. The first volume has service

photovoltaic panels meeting all electricity requirements. The idea is to

areas, such as the kitchen, stores, staff accommodations. The second

build just 30 Superhouses, very much in the vein of a limited edition

volume contains a spa and a gym but a floating staircase also leads

run of art prints, each with its own number discreetly engraved on its

up to the master suite above so that the owner can have direct access



The entire concept centres around space, light, proportions and material. The architect strove to find luxury in simplicity. Sliding screens disappear into the floors and wall, creating different environments as required and improving the functionality and versatility of all the spaces



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