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editor's note After graduating from the University of Georgia in my early 20's, I quickly came to realize that for educated women, especially women of color, that dating and relationships were a bit challenging. So before attending law school, I created a framework for an exclusive dating agency for professionals but put it on hold for some years. In the back of my mind, I thought that it would be easier to find a compatible life partner once I became an attorney. That could not have been further from the truth. For both myself and my professional friends and peers, it has been nothing short of a struggle and a disaster for many of us in the dating arena. Experiencing my own personal relationship woes as an attorney and single mother, I eventually went through a life-changing transformation that changed my approach to dating and relationships as a high-achieving woman. That transformation led me to marry a great guy and have 2 children, all over 40 years old!

Tamika Michelle Johnson Editor-in-Chief

Now I have a renewed passion to connect other accomplished and successful men & women together for long-term, healthy relationships. And as Certified Matchmaker I do just that! This magazine is all about making Platinum Connections with like-minded professionals, and I am sure that you will find our articles and features beneficial to you both personally & professionally!


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Question: Thanks for joining Tinzley! Let's just start off by telling our readers how & why you became a Relationship Coach. Tinzley: So it actually started some years ago, many years ago, back in 2008 when I had a blog called "And You Wanna See My Feet." I talked about guys who were always judging women's appearance all the time while they weren't, in my opinion, up to par or have any room to judge if you know what I mean. So I would write these funny quirky blogs. And I'm like, can you believe this guy looking like this had the nerve to 5 ask to see my feet or asked to see if I had

a flat stomach? You know? So the blog got a lot of traction and attention and I started to comment on people who were like in the same business as me on places like Twitter, you know, back then, I don't even think we had IG and all of that. So I would be on Twitter and I would do some YouTube videos. After that I eventually turned my blog into a book. So it was like a blog to books slash my own personal experience, being a single mom raised by a single mom and watching my daughter go through the same things I had gone through in dating, which was dealing with a lot of not so good situations when it came to relationships.

toxic behavior. So I went ahead and wrote the book where I started talking about signs to pay attention to so that you won't end up with the wrong mate. And that's what made me become a coach, just my own experience, observing my family experience and of course people around me in the world's overall experiences in dating.

Tinzley Bradford So I said, you know, I'm tired. It was clear as day that my daughter was going through it, I went through it, my sister went through it, and of course, my mom who ended up being divorced from our father went through it. And I said, what is going on in this world? Why are so many women ending up in these unhealthy relationships where they are not making the best decisions?

Question: Why do you believe many successful women have challenges in dating and relationships?

Tinzley: You know, many times women are either single moms and so we're having to go to extra mile wearing both the father and the mom's hat in this upbringing of the child or children. And I think that a lot of women do deserve to be in a situation where there's someone there to help them to get over the hurdle. It's not always necessarily, "I want you to just take care of everything for me, dude. I want And I'm not putting the blame only on you to pay all my bills, dude. I want you women. But I ask that question all the to pay my car note. I want you to put time. So it led me to believe that there me in the house. I want you to just was a confidence or a self-esteem issue pamper me." It's not just about that. A or many times we were just dealing lot of women are very independent. with trying to have a mate in our life so They have their own, they have their we wouldn't feel like we were by own money. They have their own ourselves and it made me wanna house. It's just a feeling of being educate women more on not allowing accepted for who you are, loved a hundred percent for 6

who you are by the right mate who's looking for the same thing you're looking for, which is to settle down with one good person who he's aligned with. And I think we deserve that. We deserve to be in a relationship that's committed, that's dedicated and loyal to just one woman, which is us, by a man who knows that that's what he wants and he comes and he gives it to us. And he doesn't mind giving us the extras because he loves us and wants to make life easier for us, you know? Question: Why do you believe many successful women settle in relationships? Tinzley: A lot of women are so good at so many different things. You know, I even say that about myself. But when it comes to discernment and what they're gonna allow in their relationships, unfortunately they just don't. They see themselves sometimes as a mother figure, women are nurturers. We are always trying to nurture. If you go to most companies, the woman is always the administrative assistant or the executive. She's always handling the ordering. I had that role before, twice for jobs in 7

my life. We're always the ones trying to make sure the meals are ordered. You know, even at home, we're making sure lunch is done, meals are cooked, the man's clothes are washed, my clothes are washed, the kids are taken care of. We're always nurturing. So when we meet a man, the first thing that comes to mind is, I'm gonna show this man that I'm that girl. I'm gonna make his life easy. If he's trying to run a business, I'm gonna play executive assistant there and help him grow that business. I'm gonna be the one to help him iron his clothes. I'm gonna show him he doesn't have to ever worry about anything to eat, cuz I'm gonna cook a hot meal every day. So we put ourselves up here to prove our value and our worth and a lot of times the man is not bringing anything in that relationship of worth to us, but we see so much potential. Oh, he's so cute. He got that good, good. You know what I mean? And we want that. So sometimes we'll deal with that because, well, at least it's good and I'm not by myself. You know, we'll settle

not settling around here anymore. Not for less than we deserve. Question: Absolutely! Now as a Coach, what services do you offer?

Tinzley Bradford just to have a man, because someone said, you're at a point where you need to be settling down. What is wrong with you? You know, we're always blaming ourselves and asking what is wrong with us. So we just accept and allow anybody, even if he's kinda like verbally abusive to us, if he's not attentive, you know, if he's constantly belittling us, not making us feel good, not doing all the stuff I just told you. I'm ready to come into his life and just be his world. He's coming to my life giving me mediocrity. But I allow it because I saw that little bit of ounce of potential. So a lot of women do that. So that's why I said I'm not settling anymore. Settle free dating method for women, we're

Tinzley: Some women have experienced devastating breakups and they just need to heal from that devastating breakup. They need to make wiser dating choices, which is where I come in. Because if you leave one relationship, why are you gonna fall for the same kind of behavior? So I come in with helping them to not make those bad decisions again and what they need to be looking for. I nurture the spirit. I help clients to find peace within their relationship lifestyles like the personal challenges that they may be going through in relationships. I help them achieve their individual life goals for that relationship. For more information on Tinzley Bradford, visit or follow her on: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

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When you graduated from college, landed your dream job, started your own business, and became financially successful, who would have thought that it would be this hard to find a compatible mate? I’m guessing you didn't, but here you are anyway. You’re constantly being told that when the time is right that the "one" for you will come into your life. However, after years of in the dating game, your patience is wearing thin, and you question whether you will ever meet the right person. You are happy for those around you who have found love, but when will it be your turn? Sooner than you think if you start dating S.M.A.R.T.! There is a systematic process to dating effectively and efficiently, and the S.M.A.R.T. Model of dating can absolutely fill your dating calendar with great potential quality partners for healthy relationships. How do I know this? Because if you are or have been successful in business and your career, then you can be successful in dating & relationships. 9

makes sense, because if you only go on a handful of dates a year, you’re not going to be efficient at it. Furthermore, you are going to try to immediately attach yourself to the first person who shows an inkling of interest, even if it’s only for sex. Men are way more efficient in dating and many women need to learn how to be more efficient in dating as well.

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The S.M.A.R.T. Dating Model particularly resonates with high-achieving individuals because we understand the importance of implementing systems and processes in our professional lives. Yet, many of us rarely apply some of those same processes to dating and relationships. Despite relationships being primarily emotionally based, there are great business principles that you can use in your personal life for better dating results. Better dates increase your likelihood of getting involved in a healthy relationship to start. Once you accept the fact that you should treat dating like a business, everything else will fall into place. The most important thing to understand is that dating is like sales on several different levels. First and foremost, the more you do it, the better you get at it. And that

Now you may be thinking that approaching dating like a business is, well, too much like business. To that I say, yes it is but don’t focus on the word business. Instead, focus on learning the process of dating S.M.A.R.T. to minimize wasting your time. We have the same routine when we get out of bed, shower, or brush our teeth in the morning, and that’s a process. In business there is (S)elling, (M)arketing, (A)ttending Events, (R)esearching, and (T)raining. That is the S.M.A.R.T. Dating Model that I created, and it works to attract the type of potential partners that you desire. You must implement all those systems to have a successful career and/or business. Now take those same principles and apply them to dating. Additionally, the benefits of S.M.A.R.T. Dating are referred to as the three (3) C’s: 1) Control - Control of your dating calendar because the more connections you make, the more opportunities you have to go out with a variety of people; 10

2) Competition – Competition results in earlier Commitment as many suitors step up their game if they feel like they may lose you to someone else; 3 ) Chooser – You put yourself in the position of being the Chooser instead of amongst the ones desiring to be Chosen. Of course, there are several methods and techniques within each step of the S.M.A.R.T. Dating Model, but you should already be able to see how planning and strategizing your personal life is just as important as it is in your business, education, and career. So, if you are tired of swiping, clicking, and mindlessly meeting random people who are not even close to aligning with your values, consider S.M.A.R.T. Dating so you can dominate and succeed in your personal life just as you have your professional life. Tamika Michelle Johnson, AKA the “Matchmaking Attorney,” is an Attorney, Speaker & Owner of Platinum Connections, an exclusive matchmaking agency for highly successful professionals. For additional information, visit



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KELLY RAGIN WHALEY A few years ago, while attending an event, I ran across an old friend. She shared with me the sad news that she had just gone through a divorce. I honestly, was shocked and saddened at this news. Then...she abruptly said, " So, I need you to teach me how to flirt again." I and another friend were tickled pink by this bold request. We made a big joke out of it for the rest of the evening. Now, on a serious note, I had to take a back seat to figure out why she thought I could teach this class. Personally, I think that I can do and achieve most things (based on the speech I received as a kid every morning from Mom). By the time I got home....VOILA! I had an entire seminar developed. In my head. Of course, it didn't take long before I started revving the engine. As I replayed the thought of the title for the class, this was the result. MASTERING THE ART OF FLIRTING. But I needed more substance. It was at that moment that I received my answer.... and so , HERE WE GO!! 13

ley Kelly Ragin Wha

I truly believe that flirting is a natural reaction when there’s chemistry between 2 people.

Now that we've listed the ground rules (and I'm positive that there are more), let's get this degree in FLIRTING!

I also believe that it should only be done if there's a TRUE genuine attraction to the other person. Naturally, there are boundaries and deal-breakers.

Here are 8 Tips to get you going:

The first thing that comes to mind is NEVERRRR flirt with a person who is married or already in a committed relationship. This is a big NO-NO! I understand that we're all human and can EASILY be attracted to multiple people--but that's NOT a reason to go for the GUSTO! It's quite disrespectful to the other person or spouse or even to yourself.

1 .Know Your Intentions Know YOUR intentions before you get started. Then, set your intentions once you've started. By this, I simply mean " be careful what you ask for!" 2. Be Authentic In my coaching world, I’ve heard from countless numbers of men who say, this is what attracts them and keeps their interests. BE YOU! This way, if it works out, you’ll never have to worry about keeping up a charade. 3. Dress The Part NO. I definitely do not mean that you should dress scandalous! However, if 14

person looks, how tall they are, or whether or not they’re wearing namebrand clothing. As long as they are wearing confidence, it’s a “go!” 5. Give Great Body Language IF YOU REALLY LIKE HIM/HER.... Loosen up. Relax! Lean in during conversation to show “I’m into you!

Whaley Kelly Ragin

are single and hope to catch the eye of a potential need to bring it!! Just remember this! 1) Hold out, like you start out--- dress in YOUR style. If things work out and you switch back to that homely chic or dude, it could be a turn-off. So-look cute! Just be yourself doing it. 4. Always Show Confidence No one likes the weak link. So, I get that you’re not interviewing for a corporation, but I believe that EVERYTHING a person does, he/she should give it their absolute BEST; including flirting! When a person walks in a room with confidence, it shows in their countenance. It shows in how they walk, and especially in their talk. Expressions of confidence are the firestarter! It doesn’t matter how a 15

6. Give Eye Contact This is NOT the time to be shy! Lol 7. Smile Often You want to give off positive energy. OH! And invest in teeth whiteners if you can. A physical, beautiful, and bright smile goes a long way! 8. Ask questions This shows that you are actually interested. Keep it light. If it appears that the conversation is getting too serious....pull back!! First impressions are lasting, so make it count! Save the serious questions for later; like after 2 to 3 months of dating. Kelly Ragin Whaley AKA The "Lovepreneur" is a Certified Relationship Coach and Author of multiple books. Contact Information:

Meet Kelly Ragin Whaley Author, Publisher, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Relationships Coach Ms. Kelly Whaley of Atlanta, Georgia- Founder of KellyKares, Empowered Events--serving a higher purpose to change lives. Kelly is also the Founder and Publisher of MyStory Publications, LLC offering digital/print magazines, books, articles, blogs, and personal stories. As a Certified Relationships and Life Coach, she writes articles and offers sound advice on relationship matters to inspirational stories, as well as Business Success.

​ Meet Perry Whaley Author, Empowerment Speaker & Certified Mentor. Mr. Perry Whaley was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He attended Virginia State University where he majored in Public Administration. Today, he is the Founder of the Non-profit organization called, Vitiligo Man of Action. His organization helps raise awareness for the skin condition called Vitiligo and also provides Mentorship programs for youth who are struggling with the skin 16 condition. He also offers mentorship to at-risk youth boys.

Failing to Plan for the Inevitable


Several years ago, I prepared a simple Will, Power of Attorney & Healthcare Directive for both of my parents, who were married for over 50 years. My mother, who is uber-conservative when it comes to saving, credit, and paying her bills on time, immediately had her Will executed. However, my dad, the highly respected father, uncle, friend, and abominable undefeated bid whist player, made every excuse in the world to not have his executed. 17

This puzzled me to no end and was quite frustrating, especially the last year of his life when it was clear that he had a serious infection in his legs and feet rendering him immobile and no longer able to clean himself or even wipe his own stools. He had Type 2 Diabetes and was relentless in asking me to get him a coke whenever I came over, to which I always refused. Despite his physical limitations though, my father still spoke with authority, and he constantly insulted

By this point, both of my parents were beyond stressed, depressed, and resentful of one another. My mother would often seek solace by spending nights at my house just to clear her head. Only to return home with the foul stench of urine and feces overwhelming her when she walked through the door – and she was the one who had to clean it up while my father was falsely yelling at and accusing her of laying up with some man for days my 72-year-old mother, even though when she was literally at my house. she cooked and literally cleaned him daily. My father had also fallen On the other hand, during the last few several times during the last year of months of his life, my father asked me his life to the point that he was to help him out in handling the paying unable to get back up on his own. My of taxes for a few properties that he mother stopped trying to assist in had been informally managing for lifting his 200+ pound body as she deceased family members who died previously injured herself years ago. Yes, years ago. attempting to do so in the past. There were at least 6 occasions The taxes for my grandmother’s estate when my mother called a male hadn’t been paid in years, and out of 3 neighbor or the paramedics to help of my grandmother’s still living sons, my father up after falling. my father was the only who even attempted to keep up with the financial If a properly executed Power of responsibility and maintenance of the Attorney had been in place, we could properties since before her passing. have at least been able to apply for inBoth prideful and paranoid, dad was home services to assist my father very guarded and secretive, and asking physically. True to form though, he was for my help was very telling of how bad stubborn and vehemently insisted that my father was doing physically. You he could nurse himself back to health. see, my father’s walking had become He could not. 18

I thought he would have been around for many more years to come as well.

more debilitating by the day for the last several years. A blow to his ego, no doubt. Needless to say, I paid the outstanding taxes to get them current without hesitation. Unfortunately, less than 3 months later, my father was gone – 1 day before his 77th birthday. No life insurance. No significant savings. None of his affairs were in order and the daunting task of organizing the clutter that my father amassed was left primarily to my mother. I love my father with all of my heart, he taught me great life lessons, and he was a great man in many ways, however, it was extremely irresponsible for him to not have had his affairs in order and information readily accessible in the event of his death. He thought that he was going to live forever. Truth be told, 19

Within months of my father’s death, I began the probate process for both my father and grandmother. Of course, drama ensued because at least one person will inevitably seek property and/or money whenever someone passes. Tempers flare, anger ensures, family ties become strained – all because conversations were never had, and proper estate planning and disclosure wasn’t done. As an attorney, I have always encouraged everyone that I meet to at least have a Basic Estate Plan, no matter your age. Provide generational wealth. Protect your wealth from unnecessary taxes. Avoid probate. Save your loved ones the additional time and expenses associated with probate costs, bonds, filing inventories & returns, and other fees. Plan for aging parents. Not to sound like a broken record, but if my father executed a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive before his health significantly deteriorated, we could have applied for services to help care for him and to help alleviate the mental, emotional, and

continuing Estate Planning series as next month I will share the “5 Basic Estate Planning Documents” that every adult, whether single, married, with or without children, needs.

physical stress that both of my parents suffered trying to care for him for the last 2 years of his life. It would have also provided additional companionship for my dad because you know our elders love telling their life story to others and we have already heard it many times already. If any of this sounds familiar to you or you can see this happening to you or in your family, then I strongly encourage you start having those difficult yet necessary conversations with your spouse, adult children, parents, financial advisor, life insurance agent, and attorney. The next step is to start planning.

If you don’t want to wait that long though, and you live in the State of Georgia, you can always book a consultation at for guidance on what planning best suits your needs and the peace of mind of creating your legacy, your way. Tamika M. Johnson has been a licensed attorney in the State of Georgia for over 15 years and assists clients in Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Healthcare Directives, Property Transfers, and Deeds.

Now, if you are unsure of where to start as it relates to Estate Planning, no problem. Be sure to read the next issue of “Platinum Magazine" in this 20

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Dating and relationships have their rewards, but if unsuccessful, they can leave us wounded with lifetime scars. Thankfully, "Stronger Every SINGLE Day" is a phenomenal and relevant guide for today's singles. It provides practical and powerful tools for any single person that has ever experienced heartbreak and is unsure of how to break loose from its snare. Jessica uses her personal challenges and triumphs as a single Christian to connect with the realities of her readers. She also sheds light on how to deal with the blows that dating and relationships so often give. Implementing these tools will yield positive results so that you will discover how to defeat heartbreak, become stronger every SINGLE day, and live a life of genuine fulfillment. Purchase "Stronger Every Single Day" on Amazon today!


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Kick fear-based living to the curb and discover exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams! Is there another level of life that you want to live? Are there goals you’ve been struggling to achieve? It’s time to stop settling for excuses and start achieving excellence! With nearly two decades of experience working with high achievers globally, peak performance expert Delatorro McNeal II is passionate about teaching people how to live life full throttle. As a motorcycle enthusiast, McNeal uses powerful biking metaphors to vividly illustrate how to reject the monotony of living on cruise control. Packed with interactive exercises, compelling questions, and thought-provoking analogies, this book teaches you the methodology and the psychology to bring the best out of yourself! Purchase "Shift Into A Higher Gear" on Amazon today!


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"The Self Love Fix" Podcast, hosted by Beatrice, is an embodiment coach, teacher, and mentor, and founder of The Self Love Over Codependency Program. Life changed for Beatrice after questioning the origins of her behavior instead of blaming myself for them. From then on, she promised to live out her passion and mission for embodying her true essence and to teach others to do the same. This show is all about helping you shift from shame, people-pleasing, codependency, low self-esteem, and self-doubt and into alignment, expansion, and unapologetic self-trust through spirituality and healing the inner child. Visit: for more information.


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