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BLACK Matchmakers & Dating Coaches Emerging From the Shadows

Shared Vision + Love Equals Marriage Success Fall 2022

Issue No. 6



Tamika Michelle Johnson Editor-in-Chief editor's note The culmination of the work that I have been doing in the dating & relationship space for almost 2 years has manifested itself in this issue of Platinum Magazine. The cover story of “Black Matchmakers & Dating Coaches Emerging From the Shadows” is confirmation of that! Connecting men and women together for healthy, long-term relationships is what so many of us are all about. So, I am honored to present and spotlight several professional black matchmakers and dating coaches in this issue. It's all about being intentional in finding and maintaining a healthy relationship, and it is dating coaches, matchmakers, and relationship coaches that can help you get there. Sometimes you don’t know where you are going on your journey, whom you will meet, the opportunities that arise, the mistakes made, and the lessons learned along the way.

Pursuing your goals and passions in your career, business and your love life are not for the weak, but ultimately build character and provide you with clarity to determine what you truly want and desire. There will be moments when you won’t be able to contain your excitement and will be full of peace. Times of frustration and uncertainty. Yet, each of these moments is a confirmation that you are where you are supposed to be on your journey. I’m both elated and thankful for the contributors and features that will be nothing short of a blessing to others. These articles are a great read with insight from experts in their particular specialty. With that being said, be sure to share this and our previous issues for tips, resources, and information about relationships, business, entrepreneurship, health & wealth. Also, check out the 2 new shows that I now host – The “Legal Hour” and The “Business of Dating” – every week on YouTube for even more in-depth discussions about Love & Law! Tamika Michelle Johnson “The Matchmaking Attorney”

But rest assured, it’s not all for naught. This applies in both your personal and professional life. 2

QueVision Photography Portrait & Wedding Photographer 3

Closet Organization For Fall Evonya Easley Certfied Personal Sylist for 15+ Years

Are you confident in the image you are projecting? Does your wardrobe match your executive presence and have you showing up as capable, competent and professional? If you’d like help Download the Styled by Love E app today and enjoy a personal shopping experience with the help of our personal stylists.

The closet is the foundation of your wardrobe. It’s where you go to get dressed. You can’t get dressed out of a mess. I am going to give you all my top closet tips to get you ready for the new season. The fall is coming, and I want you to make sure your closet is ready so you can get dressed and be your best self. My first tip in the closet, of course, outside of cleaning, organizing, and purging, is color coordinate and season coordinate. It’s really important that you separate your wardrobe, that way you don’t have to deal with the whole closet at one time, but you deal with it per season. I like to organize closets according to spring, summer, fall, and winter. That way you only focus on one half of your closet half the year, the other half for the second half. Another essential closet tip is the dry clean method. The dry clean method is a way for you to wear everything that you own. If you’re not wearing it, resell it, donate it, or throw it away, but make sure you purge it from your closet. You can focus on the spring-summer side of your closet first. When you finish wearing something, instead of putting the things back into the rack, you want to put things that you’ve already worn to the back. After I wear something, when I hang it up, I put it on the back of the rack, and I do that every time I wear something. That’s the beauty of the dry clean method. It forces you to wear everything that you own. If you can’t figure out how to wear or style it, you should get rid of it or figure out how to style it. That way you can be certain that you’re wearing all the pieces in your wardrobe. Statistics show that people only wear 20% of their wardrobe because they’re wearing the same 5 to 15 outfits over and over. They’re not wearing the other 80%. The best way to wear everything in your wardrobe is the dry clean method. Wear an outfit and move on to the next. The dry clean method should be implemented with every section of your closet. Ready to tackle your closet clutter? Whether you’re looking to redesign your closet on a budget or building a new walk-in wardrobe, let these closet organization tips help optimize every square inch you have available. Styled by Love E offers a ‘Closet Cleanse’ as part of our services. Let us help you organize your closet and maximize your wardrobe! Visit today for additional information!


THE POWER OF PODCASTING by Jacqueline Smith The Tragedy That Changed My Life Tomorrow is not promised. October 31, 2019, my 22-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. The light bulb moment for me was when the Lord gave me the assignment to support other mothers through their grief journey, especially those who do not know Him and to give them the space to share whatever is on their hearts, as so often society attempts to marginalize and invalidate our pain. He told me to continue to use my voice through this medium. It was a decision. I could have very easily stayed in bed the rest of my life with the covers pulled over my head, but that would not honor God, or Chantal. How My Loss Led to a New Passion It started with a book. My first book, "You Have the Power: Turn Your Knowledge Into A Lucrative HR Consulting Practice." My writing coach told 5

me that following the publishing of my book, people would be asking questions about how I did it, requesting assistance in getting their book published, as well as other related opportunities. While that happened to a certain extent, I was offered an opportunity to host a weekly radio show. I quickly learned that radio, in that format, was not for me. I was required to be in a quiet place, at the same time each week to broadcast the show. My lifestyle really did not lend itself to that schedule long-term. During the year I was broadcasting the show, I started researching podcasting. It was PERFECT! I could record episodes anytime, anywhere, during the day, in the middle of the night while it is quiet, as well as batch record multiple episodes to have in queue. My first few episodes were hilarious to me now that I look back on it. There was no intro, no outro, no music, no nothing just me. As I started becoming more comfortable, I started doing some editing and playing around with other features of my

challenging part is dispelling the many myths about podcasting that is out there. 3 Simple Tips to Starting Your Own Podcast 1) You do NOT need fancy, expensive equipment to start your podcast. 2) All of your podcast episodes do not have to be new recordings. 3) Your podcast episodes do not have to be an hourlong

editing software. Several women in my community asked about what I was doing and requested my services to assist them in getting their podcasts published. I obliged. That then led to not only producing podcasts for others but also coaching on podcast development, strategy, and monetization. I did not start out to create a business. The business aspect developed over time. First, it was just this girl and her podcast. However, watching women use their voices to get their unique brand of God-Given Greatness out into the world through podcasting. My Biggest Challenge Building the business while in the grip of grief. Self-care can sometimes be a challenge. With deadlines to meet, clients to assist, and events to plan, I must be conscious about setting boundaries and caring for myself, in all areas.

How I Help Women in Podcasting We offer different levels of services for our clients. For those who want a done-for-you solution, we will take their content, plan, launch, and maintain their podcast. For those who want to learn how to do it themselves, we have virtual solutions to meet those needs. We offer a weekend-intensive solution for those who need individual podcast development support. We also offer quarterly podcast planning retreats. LSW Media Group established Christian Women Podcasters of Color. This is a community of aspiring, emerging, and seasoned podcasters with a goal to collaborate, motivate, educate, and inspire. We invite ministry leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to become part of our mission to unleash the GodGiven Greatness in each one out into the world through podcasting.

On the technical side of the business, the most

We will be celebrating International Podcast Day


with our First Annual 24-hour event, Friday, September 30, 2022. We are looking for podcasters, sponsors, and advertisers for this event. ABOUT JACQUELINE: Jacqueline J. Smith is a wife, mother of two, a 23-yearold son, and a daughter who resides in heaven (forever 22). Jacqueline is also a speaker, podcaster, podcast producer, and podcasting coach. The tragic passing of her daughter in October 2019, led Jacqueline to become an advocate & support specialist for bereaved mothers. Faith is the fuel that sustains Jacqueline in building her business, even in the midst of unimaginable grief. Her company, LSW Media Group assists aspiring podcasters with the development, production, promotion, and publication of their podcasts The problems she solves for her tribe are planning, producing, promoting, and profiting from their podcasts. When she is not changing the world, Jacqueline can be found connecting with her Aquarian roots near any body of water. Jacqueline enjoys photography, and watching planes defy gravity. To find out more about Jacqueline Smith and LSW Media Group, visit: You can also follow Jacqueline on: Instagram: @christianwomenpoc Instagram: @triumphthroughtears



Shared Vision and Love Equals Marriage Success by Cynthia Greene In 2014, I was laid off from my job. I must say that I was not all that surprised or upset, since there were numerous layoffs, and I was the last one hired in my department. They sent me off with a big, fat severance check, and I wondered what my next step in life would be. My love and passion for seeing successful marriages and the fact that I 'hate' divorce fueled my fire to do what I knew God called me to do. That calling was not only to help eradicate divorce, but it was a bigger mandate. My husband and I are called to impact the world in a bigger way, by helping couples, but also by letting the world know that marriage is not a lost cause. Everyone does not end up in divorce, and there are great marriages out here and anyone can have one if they are willing to do the work. The work is focused on yourself and your marriage. On the third day of being laid off from my job, a 9

friend called to see what I was doing. When I shared with her that I had lost my job, she got excited and told me that now I could follow my passion. She reminded me of what I always talked about and got excited about. She told me that this was my destiny and my dream. She happened to be a Pastor and a Life Coach. That day, I hired her as my Business Coach and she helped me visualize and manifest my dream. My purpose is to help people. My passion is helping busy professional couples create shared vision and goals so they can get unstuck and not feel alone, but build a strong and powerful union in their marriage that lasts forever because they are always forward-focused. I started the process of what is now my full-time entrepreneurial journey of helping couples. But the vision is bigger than that. The vision is to impact the world and how they view marriage. We want the world to know that there are healthy,

I miss socializing, connecting, and business networking. I have my husband, who is a partner in the business, to bounce ideas off of and I have a small team, but for the most part, I am at home working alone. The other challenging part has been having a great idea or vision and not always knowing the right way to make it manifest, prosper, or make a difference. I take my work seriously and I only want to implement something if it's a 'God' idea and not just a 'good' idea. I want to see impact. TIPS FOR COUPLES successful marriages and everyone can have one if they do the work. The work doesn't always have to be hard. There is some fun work involved too. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT OUR BUSINESS The best thing about my business is that I get to see transformation take place in couples' lives. I get to see the light come back into a wife's eyes or a husband feel a great burden released from his shoulders. I get to see a broken relationship turn into a beautiful and loving union. I get to take couples from where they are right now to where they desire to be. I get to give people hope that they can have a happy, successful, loving, and prosperous marriage, home, and family. And every day, I see couples moving in the right direction. BUSINESS CHALLENGES The most challenging part of my business has been working alone most of the time, especially during the pandemic. I am a very social, outgoing person. I get my energy from people sometimes. I miss being around people working towards the same goals, performance outcomes, and purpose.

With that being said, I would like to give 3 tips to couples who are married or desiring to marry. 1. Invest in Your Marriage. Don't wait until you have spent all of your money to get married or until it's all over and you have to hand thousands over to a lawyer. There are great Coaches and Counselors and events out there. Find one that you feel is perfect for you and your personality and do the work! 2. Invest in Each Other. Be a student of your spouse. Study them. Watch them. Pay attention to what they like, don't like, need, and want. Be there for them. 3. Make Time For Them. Communication and date nights are profound keys in any relationship. Learn to allow your mate to trust your heart. Learn to be a great listening ear for them. Let them see that they are a priority by spending quality time with them. OUR CLIENTS We work with busy, professional couples. We believe that no couple has to do this thing called 'marriage' alone. There are so many options out


there to help you. Don't be afraid to explore the many options open to you to grow your relationship. It is important that you develop a plan for Success in your marriage. We help you do this by helping couples create a shared vision and goals for their marriage so you don't stay stuck, but you're always building and moving forward to create that powerful, prosperous, loving and inspired relationship that you deserve. OUR SERVICES Our company offers diverse services to clients. It depends on if you want to DIY (Do it yourself ) by taking one of our online courses, Do O-O-O (Oneon-One Marriage Coaching with us, or if you like group events such as our membership program, The In Love and Loving It Couples Academy. We offer online courses such as The Marriage Formula Success System, virtual workshops, and challenges, such as The K.I.S.S.S. Challenge. We do individual (couple) coaching and group coaching/workshops, both in-person and virtual. We do marital coaching and pre-marital coaching sessions. I also do wife coaching.

Coach and in-demand Speaker. Her passion is her husband, traveling, reading, and long showers in the dark. For additional information about Cynthia and her services, visit:

We have annual conferences and events that are both fun and educational, like our upcoming conference CouplesFest2022 (September 23-24). You can also join us every Saturday morning at 11 am EST on our Facebook Live and YouTube show called Pillow Talk Lounge with The Greenes. ABOUT Cynthia Greene Cynthia Greene is on a mission and makes no excuses about it, to let the world know that there are great marriages out here and you can have one too! She is a Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategist and the founder of Marriage Built 2 Last, LLC. Her goal is to help couples see what Gods sees for them by helping them create vision for their marriage and set goals that set them on the destiny to achieve their greatest dreams 11 and have a successful marriage. She is 2x Best Seller

"Burn the Cape" "Strategies to PURSUE Your PASSIONS While PROTECTING Your PEACE" Wife



Publisher CEO




Tamika Michelle Johnson Work-Life Strategist & Speaker Learn how to incorporate specific work-life balance strategies for: Pro fess s r u e ion n e r p als Entre U nde rg Pos radua te & t Gr adu Stu ate den ts

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Power Podcasts Business

Market Mondays Podcast On Market Mondays, Earn Your Leisure and Stock market expert Ian Dunlap discuss strategies to make money in the stock market under any circumstance. During Market Mondays, they also answer a variety of investment questions from live callers. Market Mondays is a new, exciting look into the world of investing and money management. To listen or for additional information, visit all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more... 13

Power Podcasts Relationships

Dear Future Wifey Podcast Journey with me, Laterras R. Whitfield, as I discover, uncover, and recover love. From interviews with singles, married, divorcees, and maybe even those in polyamorous relationships, we promise every episode to be L.I.T. (Living Intentionally and Transparently). To listen or for additional information, visit all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and more...


Black Matchmakers Emerging From the Shadows

Felisha Kay

Jennifer Hayes

Eric Main a

By Tamika Michelle Johnson When I first heard about and saw the trailer for Bravo’s "Love Match Atlanta," my first response was, “This is great! Matchmaking for black professionals is finally being highlighted!” But immediately thereafter, my thought was, “I just hope the drama of the show doesn’t overshadow the true VALUE of black matchmaking.” At the end of the day, Bravo capitalizes on drama – that's their job, and they have done extraordinarily well in creating some of the biggest names in reality TV and I respect that. Each cast member on the show has undoubtedly been a part of the catalyst in black singles embracing matchmaking in their own lives! It's important to note though, that despite black matchmaking being a relatively new concept within our community, matchmaking has been around for centuries. Additionally, Dating Coaches have also become increasingly popular over the years. If you are single, then you know that it is hard out here on these dating streets. I repeatedly tell clients and audiences that to be successful in dating and relationships, it is vital that you INVEST in your personal life to the same degree that you have in your education, career, business, 401k, property, etc. 15

Black Matchmakers Emerging From the Shadows

Jaida Pervis

Bryan Thomas Chi Love

Janelle Dawsey

Now, matchmaking may seem like the answer if you find it challenging to meet compatible partners. However, if you’ve been unsuccessful in relationships, then you need to work with a Dating Coach as well. It doesn’t matter how many swipes you make, matches you’ve made, or blind dates that you go on, if you don’t transform the way that you approach dating and relationships, then you will continue to have unsuccessful experiences. As the CEO of Platinum Connections Matchmaking, I recognize the value of coaching and matchmaking for clients. The Global Love Institute FKA the Matchmaking Institute is one of the most prominent organizations that certifies both matchmakers and coaches and is a wonderful community of both those industry professionals. Within the matchmaking community, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several incredible Matchmakers and Dating Coaches of all races who have been in this industry for years. So, if you are single and frustrated with subpar dating options AND you are truly ready for a better dating experience overall, then check out these relationship experts and professionals to get you closer to your “Happily Ever After” today!


Jennifer Hayes South Carolina Matchmakers Occupation Matchmaker & Dating Coach Location Houston, TX Experience 25 Years

Clients: Age(s): 24 -85 years old Race(s): All Gender(s): All Location(s): South Carolina & Southeast US Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker & Dating Coach? I started in the industry in 1998 after completing my degree in clinical psychology at the University of Houston. I had always been a shameless fan of all things happily ever after, and the belief that love and the right relationship is the best thing you can add to your life. So, being a matchmaker just felt right to me. My dream was to be a professor and teach but after 2 years in the industry, I realized that I was teaching, just a different subject. I was actually showing people how to prioritize something a lot of people take for granted - their love life. As a matchmaker, it is super rewarding to see two people that were matched together become successful as a couple and an even bigger reward 17

is being a relationship practitioner because I help people overcome those things that might be hindering them from moving forward with the right person. One thing I have learned in my 25 years of doing this is, that no matter what someone has gone through, when it comes to relationships and love, if they are reaching out to us, their desire to find a lasting relationship outweighs any fears they might have. Why should singles invest in a Matchmaker and/or Dating Coach? Why hire a matchmaker? Because we live in a time where we outsource everything. For many people, going to a professional who is dedicated to helping them find a lasting connection over a mainstream dating app, has everything to do with a personal touch - humanizing the experience of making connections and the added benefit of varying perspectives of a person that not only has the education, expertise, and knowledge but also has a successful track record at bringing people together.

"Put your heart into everything you do and watch your dreams happen." - Jennifer J. Hayes Hiring a dating coach can really help them in so ABOUT JENNIFER : many areas, from dating to equipping them with tools that promote individual growth and As a professional certified matchmaker, dating coach, and relationship practitioner, Jennifer J. Hayes positive change in all aspects of their life. What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? Be open to a different way. Sometimes people are so fixated on this idea or dream of what it is supposed to be or how the right person is supposed to show up in their life, that they have tunnel vision and they are not receptive to anything else or another way. Be open to nonconventional avenues and people that might not be your typical type. My advice would be to keep an open heart & mind.

understands the challenges facing men and women who are seeking the right person to date, commit to and eventually marry. Jennifer teaches you how to prepare for love and how to break free from the barriers that block the desired goal of a lasting relationship. Jennifer's 25 years as a matchmaker highlight the key factor to attracting the right person: emotional and mental readiness. This is one of her specialties. Extending oneself to meet a variety of new people is a portion of the process, but it is not the primary factor. Many people desire a good relationship but have not worked through the challenges that sabotage their intimate relationships, and those areas are the focus of her coaching sessions. For additional information about Jennifer and her services, visit:


Felisha kay Luxury Love Agency Occupation Matchmaker & Dating Coach Location Denver, CO Experience 15 Years Clients: Age(s): 40 -60 years old Race(s): All Gender(s): Men Location(s): United States & Internationally Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker & Dating Coach? The light bulb moment for me was that there were so many asks over the years, and both women and men trusted my ability to help them find quality partners who would value them. My husband, being in the wealth management industry, and private pilot communities, he is often asked if I have any friends or recommendations on how they might meet someone. His clients, and associates of many races, have expressed great interest in being matched with Women of Color (WOC.) This also inspired my idea to specifically serve WOC. 19

Why should singles invest in a Matchmaker and/or Dating Coach? I believe a single person who is serious about finding a quality partner should invest in a matchmaker or relationship/dating coach to help guide them through the process rather than spending lots of time on dating apps. My matchmaking clients have shared that they either have limited time or they are burned out from dating apps. My coaching clients invest in having the support of someone who helps them go deeper into why they have not found their ideal partners, or why they may not have attracted healthy relationships in the past. Many are looking to transform their mindsets, look deeper into what their true core values are, and gain a deeper understanding of how these play a role in attracting the right partners.

"Love is a Luxury that everyone deserves. Value yourself at the Highest Level in Life and in Love. " - Felisha Kay What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? My biggest piece of advice is to be openminded and flexible. Also, focus on the quality of the person and not the long list of attributes that they must possess.

What demographic do you specifically serve? My demographic is professional, High-Net worth (7-8 figures+) males, between the ages of 40-60. They are of all races; however, my clients are open-minded to professional Women of Color, whom I purposely serve and have in my database. My boutique agency serves 5-8 clients max so that we can focus on top-quality matches.

For additional information about Felisha Kay and her services, visit: Website: Instagram: @felishathediva Facebook: TikTok: @felishathediva


Eric maina Requite Love Occupation Matchmaker & Dating Coach Location Texas Experience 20 Years Clients: Age(s): 35 -60 years old Race(s): Black, African & Causcasian Gender(s): Men & Women Location(s): United States & Internationally Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker & Dating Coach? Back in the 90’s, I set my best friend up with a girl that I had a crush on. Even though I liked this girl, I knew they would be a better match. The satisfaction I felt in helping two people find love and happiness in each other has guided me to this career and keeps me going every day. It never gets old—that satisfaction. That feeling that I’ve made a difference in people's lives. Why should singles invest in a Matchmaker and/or Dating Coach? People are so busy these days and the internet has added even more complexity to 21

finding a partner. How does anyone have the time to navigate all the resources and options available to them? Matchmakers, like myself, aim to bring simplicity back to dating. To filter through the noise and present you with only good prospects for you based on shared personality traits and life goals. We take so much of the guesswork out of the search process so the individual’s only job is to enjoy their dates and find love. What is the significance of the name of your matchmaking agency? The name of our company is Requite Love. Requite means to return or reciprocate. And that, in very simple terms, is what we try to do. To find highly compatible partners who will return all the love you give. We want our pairings to be life-long matches that bring joy and fulfillment to our customers’ lives. To me, there is no more important business than that; I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

"Love is a real-life miracle. I strive every day to be a miracle worker." - Eric Maina What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? The most important piece of advice is to stay open to the process. It can be so easy to get discouraged when relationships don’t work out, but truthfully, if you’re seeking a forever partner, only one will succeed for the rest of your life. Trust that the relationships that don’t work out aren’t the ones for you and that your true soul mate is still out there. But you have to keep an open heart and an open mind and keep looking. Don’t let the setbacks close you off to the possibilities of true love that are still out there for you. What demographic do you specifically serve?

females between the ages of 35-60— mostly busy professionals. We help those people who want a fulfilling love in their life, but maybe don’t have the time to find one. The most important quality in a Requite Love client is a willingness to commit to the process. Additional Information: For additional information about Eric Maina and his services, visit: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Pintrest:

Our primary customers are both males and


jaida pervis Flirting With Forever Occupation Matchmakerh Location Washington, DC Experience 10 Years Clients: Age(s): All Race(s): All Gender(s): Men & Women Location(s): East Coast & West Coast (US) Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker & Dating Coach? I believe in love! Knowing that you are the one responsible for bringing two people together and being a part of their journey is not only exciting but rewarding as well. I chose to switch gears, and step away from my 10-year career in Higher Education, to direct my passion towards a career that enhances the lives of others. Why should singles invest in a Matchmaker and/or Dating Coach? For most busy professionals dating can be quite time-consuming and looking for dates may not be the greatest use of your time. 23

Finding a date on your own requires traveling to venues, and sometimes other states, to meet people or spending time on dating apps constantly swiping left or right. With many of the apps, you must wade through hundreds of potentially terrible matches before you discover one possible match! When hiring a matchmaker, the screening, and vetting is done for you, and the quality is much more critical to matchmakers than the quantity. What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? Love yourself first and get in touch with your emotions! Before you enter a relationship, one of the first things to do is know how to confront the negative thoughts inside your head that are preventing you from living a happier life. Use this “single” space as an opportunity to understand your mind, gain an unbreakable sense of self-confidence, and anything else that could help you to improve

"If love is the destination, let me be your guide" - Jaida Pervis

your dating life. What demographic do you specifically serve? I choose to focus on curating matches and meaningful connections for professionals, who are selective, successful singles that truly value their confidentiality. Having experienced the heartbreak of my own divorce, I bring personal insight to working with those who want to change their mindset and narrative around dating after divorce.

h t i W g n i Flirt ver Fore

For additional information about Jaida Pervis and her services, visit: Website: Instagram: @jaidap_matchmaker Facebook: LinkedIn: Email:


Chi Love N.Y.A Love Occupation Matchmaker Location Seattle, WA Experience Since the 5th Grade! Clients: Age(s): 28 - 68 years old Race(s): Black & African Gender(s): Men & Women Location(s): United States

you may not be aware of. I advise singles to try it out and be open to the experience. Singles should always be honest about who they are and what they're looking for.

Why did you decide to become a Matchmaker & Dating Coach? The light bulb moment for me was when I had my heart broken. I felt a lot of pain, anger, and resentment and I began to wonder how many other people felt this way. I wanted to remind people that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is always hope. That's why I got into matchmaking and decided to help others turn their pain into power and learn to love again. Why should singles invest in a Matchmaker and/or Dating Coach? Try something different! Maybe there are some limiting beliefs or mental blocks that 25

What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? If you're single, get out there! Go to singles events, join a singles database, try paying for a dating app while vetting correctly- you never know who you could meet. Most importantly have FUN and trust the process! Manifest the type of love life you want and make it happen. Be proud of your growth and be honest about your wants and needs. Date with intention. For those struggling in relationships be sure to compromise. Listen not just to respond but to understand. Be respectful and reciprocate. Expressing gratitude is very important. Relationships have a better chance of success when both are happy, respected,

"Our Honest Intentions, Your Natural Connections" - Chi Love oldest database member is 74.

acknowledged, and appreciated.

I don't discriminate! All I ask is that you are emotionally available, marriage-minded, I started my Matchmaking journey in the 5th honest, patient, legally single, and Grade. I was matching my classmates, passing entanglement free. secret love notes back and forth, and giving dating advice in elementary school! My passion carried throughout middle school and college. I saw the movie "Hitch" a few years back and knew this was my calling. I was certified officially on February 12th, 2020. It's been a crazy, beautiful, chaotic, and amazing For additional information about Chi Love and her journey. I wouldn't change a thing! services, visit: When did your journey in matchmaking begin?

Who are your typical clients? I typically work with Black and African singles all over the USA from ages 28-68 but my

Website: Instagram: @nyalovebychi Twitter: @nyalovebychi TikTok: @nyalovebychi Clubhouse: @nyalovebychi


Janelle Dawsey Occupation Licensed Therapist & Dating Coach Location Atlanta, GA

Experience 8 Years Clients: Age(s): 28 - 55 years old Race(s): All Gender(s): Men & Women Location(s): Southeastern United States Why did you decide to become a Dating Coach? After working with over 350 people as a mental health and couples therapist, I’ve become an expert in human behavior as it relates to relationships. Many of my clients who have seen me as a couple have highlighted the need to have an expert help them prior to getting into a relationship to help them with better success in their relationships. Why should singles invest in a Dating Coach? In my experience, I’ve noticed three key issues singles have: 1) They get stuck dating the same type of person;

3) Most importantly, they do not have a clear understanding of what they need in a partner so they can have a healthy, long-term relationship. Having a dating coach will help ensure singles have success in dating the right person! What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? It’s essential to take your time in dating. Rushing into a relationship without understanding your needs could create long-term challenges. What other professional endeavors would you like to share? I wrote a book entitled "The Mommy Makeover of the Mind," which is a book to assist mothers to manage their mental and emotional health during motherhood. You can find and purchase this book on

2) They feel exhausted with the current dating pool; and 27

Changing the way you love, one date at a time!" - Janelle Dawsey


For additional information about Janelle Dawsey and her services, visit: Instagram: @Janelledawsey Facebook: @Janelledawsey Linktree: Email:


"Greatness and success are reserved for those who are willing to learn, not those who are lucky" -Bryan Thomas Clients: Age(s): 20' -40 's Race(s): All Gender(s): Men & Women Location(s): 48 Continous United States Why did you decide to become a & Dating Coach? I decided to become a relationship/dating coach because I have a passion for helping individuals navigate through the complicated complexities of not only building relationships but also maintaining and growing in those relationships for the future. It takes a certain patience and skill to help anyone navigate through their feelings to get to the desired outcome. My goal is to help every client unlock their relationship potential. Why should singles invest in a Dating Coach? I believe a person who is single should invest in a dating/relationship coach because it gives that individual an opportunity to gain quality perspective about how to view relationships. When you have healthy perspectives and accountability, there is no limit to your ability to 29

Bryan Thomas Championship Caliber Connections Occupation Dating & Relationship Coach Location Atlanta, GA Experience 3 Years

grow. What advice do you give to singles struggling in Dating & Relationships? 1 . Be intentional about your life before expecting someone to be intentional about yours. Learn to invest in yourself and you will appreciate people even better. 2. You can only control your actions but the actions of others are their responsibility. 3. Relationships are a journey, not a moment, you will have many moments but it's all a part of the journey. What demographic do you specifically serve? My demographic is usually single men and women from the ages of 18 and up. In 2022, my demographic of late has been late 20’s to early/mid ’40s. For additional information about Bryan Thomas and his services, visit: Website: Instagram: @CoachBT316 TikTok: @CoachBT316

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ABOUT: Bree Jenkins specializes in helping people become empowered and break negative dating patterns. She uses her skills, honed from a background in coaching, therapy, and personal styling to help clients clarify ideal compatible characteristics in partners, identify key behaviors to improve, form a plan of action to increase chances of meeting matches, discovering, and implementing ways to transform their love lives. Additionally, Bree helps clients change habits, attract better matches, and enjoy the journey to a healthy and fulfilling love. She’s helped numerous clients of all backgrounds into happy marriages, relationships, and in finding healthier empowered romantic lives. If you’re ready to transform the way you approach dating and say yes to healthy dating, then say yes to date coaching with Bree and visit for additional information!


How Motivational Speaking Enhances Self Development by Monica Anderson, DDS Self-development starts with the desire to change. It requires dedication and discipline to transform personality traits, habits, and behaviors. However, self-development also takes plenty of time and lots of motivation. Motivational speakers can use their unique experiences to help put things into perspective. Their words and stories encourage introspection and help people achieve specific goals. They also instigate consistent effort through focus, accountability, and real-world proof of efficacy. How can mere words have such an incredible impact on a person’s life? What are the benefits of listening to motivating stories, and are your expectations realistic? Here is what you need to know. What Is Self-Development?

behaviors to increase or enhance your capabilities. Many people pursue developmental activities to build wealth, boost employment, or improve their quality of life. Developing oneself usually depends on how motivated you are. Life is full of ups and downs, but genuinely motivated individuals can progress despite the setbacks. The self-development process ensures a positive or productive response in most situations. Well-developed people cope with stress better than those who don’t work on themselves. Expanding your horizons is never a bad thing. Broadened perspectives and deepened understandings can help you realize dreams and achieve your aspirations. Many motivational speakers focus on teaching new skills instead of directly solving problems. They use thought experiments to help people reach conclusions independently.

Self-development is sometimes called personal development. It consists of different habits and 31

Part of self-development is improving confidence through practical exercises and mindfulness. You must accept your shortcomings while nurturing your talents. Define your needs, choose your goals, and then predict the impact. You can monitor your progress to see how much you’ve grown and elevate your self-esteem before the next obstacle. Self-development helps you cultivate the best parts of your personality. It can also flip some flaws in your favor. The process uses tailored practices to uncover hidden abilities and improve known talents. It might even reveal strengths and weaknesses for closer consideration. Self-development is crucial because it gives you time to process information and determine an appropriate response. Activities such as reading, meditating, and working on hobbies can double as stress relief. Developing yourself can look like many things, including personal pampering and uninterrupted “me time.” Confronting your shortcomings and improving on them can revolutionize your life. Experience tremendous growth while enhancing your skills and discovering new abilities. Then keep yourself on track with mantras and affirmations from a motivational speaker. Deciding to work on self-development should be priority number one, especially if you have specific goals. The more you practice skills and witness achievements, the more confidence you’ll have for future endeavors. The benefits are why motivational speaking is such an essential element to success. DID YOU KNOW: Many Fortune 500 CEOs follow motivational speakers to help manage workplace challenges.

What to Expect While Developing Your Sense of Self Self-development isn’t all fun and games as some of the outcomes are downright discouraging. Not everyone will support your new expectations, ideas, and boundaries. You must determine what’s important, then create a standard you won’t break. Motivational speakers can’t solve all your problems but can help you choose the best solutions. They also don’t guarantee success or promise positive results. Many people who work on self-development face adverse responses and unexpected turmoil. Some onlookers can’t stand seeing you happy, healthy, or whole. Witnessing self-development is particularly challenging for manipulative individuals. Most manipulators dislike when their target becomes more self-aware and confident. The changes in habits, behaviors, goals, and boundaries can lead to disputes, jealousy, and resentment. Becoming more aware of your surroundings through self-development can change many aspects of your life. Challenging situations are the reason why listening to a motivational speaker helps. Influencers see the problem clearly without an emotional lens, providing a fresh perspective and proven strategies for overcoming stress. How Motivational Speakers Can Help with SelfDevelopment


objectives. Motivational speeches aren’t just for helping you accomplish enormous feats. You’ll need inspiration throughout each phase of success. Even the smaller milestones require fuel to reach. #2. We All Need a Change in Perspective Sometimes Motivating conversation can transform the way you look at a situation or problem. It can also help you remove negative self-talk or Motivational speeches can play a critical role in unproductive thought patterns that prevent personal fulfillment and self-development. They help success. Change how you see the world and inspire people to do better, think differently, and create a new dynamic in your personal life. Or chase their dreams. Speakers generally use personal boost your career with better intuition. experiences to explain problems and outline Discuss topics with more compassion and practical solutions. Their unique outlook on life can empathy when you work on self-development. reshape the listener’s point of view. Use motivational speakers to learn new ways of doing things. Then perceive the hurdles as Hear life stories and receive advice from someone lessons and challenges instead of loss and with a similar background to consider possibilities roadblocks. you might have ignored. Meet people who share your history and have valuable things to say about #3. Find Fresh Ideas and Practical Solutions your present situation. Motivational speakers understand your struggle and want to help. Motivational speakers focus on guiding the Benefits of Motivational Speakers for SelfDevelopment Self-development isn’t always easy. It takes practice, and you will likely never be perfect. However, you can still benefit from motivational speeches in several ways. #1. Even Small Tasks Require Motivation The motivation to move takes energy, and energy requires purpose. Even seemingly insignificant tasks can be challenging to complete when you lack enthusiasm. Massive goals become even more difficult if you can’t fulfill the tiny 33

listener to a tailored conclusion. They only offer opinions and facts, never judgment or condemnation. Unlike counselors and loved ones, motivators and influencers have no stake in the game. Their pure objective is to share information and inspire others. Discover unheard-of solutions to everyday issues or learn how to solve problems using intuitive techniques. You can listen to speeches for updated information on trends, brands, and products that simplify your life. Selfdevelopment with motivational speaking provides a customized approach to your cognitive ecosystem.

#4. Give Your Goals a Burst of Energy Add fuel to the fire of your favorite dreams when you work on self-development with a motivational speaker. Their presentations will likely provide practical steps for making things happen. You’ll also feel pumped up while getting prepared for immediate action. Motivating words can create a surge of energy through meaningful inspiration. Speakers use descriptive details to foster empathy and encourage positive momentum. They present speeches in an uplifting atmosphere to help people get on their feet and stay there. However, you can also enjoy a motivating speech at home alone. #5. Improve Your Performance Complete tasks like a pro and stay ahead of schedule when you feel more motivated. Selfdevelopment requires you to remain consistent while improving your weaknesses. The right words can help you determine progress and measure the quality of your work. Motivational speakers give you something to compare your performance to, with alternative outcomes you can consider vicariously. They offer real-life examples of trial and error and cause and effect. Many also provide tips on how to avoid specific consequences, problems, and pitfalls. #6. Eliminate the Fear Reduce your apprehension about personal and professional challenges with motivating words that make sense. Evoke feelings of pride and bravery instead of shame and fear. Selfdevelopment begins when you get out of your head and away from your comfort zone. Motivational speakers can help transform

unfamiliar territory into recognizable terrain. They use realistic examples and demonstrate their everyday struggles to encourage others. Their words give audiences something to draw upon when they feel overwhelmed. #7. Learn to Value the Good and Bad Motivating speeches can provide valuable insights into the positives and negatives of specific events. Self-development also helps teach you to appreciate success and failure. Consider the most significant innovations in history. Then think about how many mistakes happened between start and finish. Conclusion Self-development involves multiple steps, but it also provides several advantages. Motivational speakers can help you stay inspired through challenging times. Their words encourage dedication by demonstrating outcomes with real-world examples. Do you already have what it takes to achieve your goals, or do you need a push? Build confidence, create a network, and establish healthier thought patterns with targeted selfdevelopment. Monica “Dr. mOe” Anderson, DDS, DBA is a bestselling author, licensed dentist, serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and mOe-tivational speaker. Dr. mOe has spoken to audiences across the United States and abroad. In addition to being a former newspaper columnist, she is the author of seven books and hundreds of articles focusing on her passions: education, communication, and emotional well-being. Her book “Success Is A Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, and Selective Amnesia” has been called a “roadmap to self-improvement.” She has launched numerous community initiatives, most recently founding Drop The Drugs, a 501c3 nonprofit working to combat the opioid epidemic. Her latest book “Launch Your Self-Publishing Journey” is now available in eBook and paperback. 34

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How to Invest in Airbnb Properties by David Leroux

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Love, Relationships, and Sometimes, Just Letting Go by Reginald Smith Are you seeking to nurture a budding romantic relationship and would you like guidance that can help you to reach your goal? Are you in an existing relationship and want to prevent challenges because you love your person and you love your relationship? Are you grappling with whether your relationship has reached the point of possibly letting it go? Author Reginald D. Smith (Coach Reg) wants to share his relationship coaching principles with you in this original and engaging new book. Through skillfully-crafted narratives, stories, scenarios, and examples, Coach Reg gently guides the reader through relationship joys and struggles. His advice, wisdom, and personal storytelling style lead the reader along a wealth of paths that can help to sustain or strengthen a relationship. He also gracefully guides anyone who feels that navigating his or her relationship is no longer working. This book is raw and real, with chapter topics that relate to everyone. The universal appeal makes this book a real page-turner. Visit to purchase your copy of "Love, Relationships, and Sometimes, Just Letting Go" today!


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Dr. Jo celyn Slaug hter, M.D.

Implications of Abortion Bans Dr. Tonja Jacobi Professor of Law


Recently I attended a discussion about Dobbs v. Jackson, the Supreme Court case which overturned the monumental Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. There were 2 panels that convened for this discussion – a Legal Panel and a Medical Panel. Both Dr. Tonja Jacobi, a Professor of Law at Emory Law School and Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter, M.D., the owner of several “Healthy Women” medical practices and the OBGYN Department Chair at a major Atlanta area hospital, spoke on these panels. While neither of these women asserted their personal opinion about abortion, both expressed the significant effects of the Dobbs decision on women’s lives. As a Supreme Court scholar, Dr. Jacobi speaks on how inconsistent this decision was with longstanding precedent. Dr. Slaughter continues by sharing how drastically different physicians now care for their pregnant patients, with some wanting to avoid treating expecting women at all, even if her life is in danger. 37

Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter, M.D. Physician & OBGYN Chair

Below is an excerpt from both Dr. Jacobi and Dr. Slaughter from this discussion addressing how much the Dobbs case has limited women’s rights, not only as it pertains to abortion, but overall, as women’s rights have been reduced in the United States. What’s next? (and with the current Supreme Court, there will be a next.) The banning of contraceptives? The right to travel? The reversal of gay rights? What rights will the Supreme Court take back next?

LEGAL DISCUSSION Question: With the overturning of Roe v Wade, in the recent Dobbs case, talk to us about the Supreme Court’s majority opinion and reasoning in the case and to what extent it broke away from prior Supreme Court jurisprudence? Dr. Tonja Jacobi: Dobbs was radical in a lot of ways and was inconsistent with precedent, both with

Creator: Chip Somodevilla | Credit: Getty Images

direct cases on point, and also the overall approach of the Court to the Constitution. First, and most obviously, in terms of the outcome, it was the first case where the Supreme Court had taken back the constitutional right that it recognized. There is a general and overwhelming trend towards expansion of rights. If you think about the franchise, for example, the franchise started off as being for white property male owners, and gradually was extended beyond property, to different races, to women, to people under 21, except that there's always been an expansion of rights. Dobbs is the first case that came along and said, we're going to actually take back a right that has been recognized. And it wasn't a right that was recognized recently, it was a right that was recognized almost 50 years ago. That's really important, because it says important things about the Supreme Court and about whether they change their opinions on major issues of constitutional interpretation, with just swings in personnel. It also has a huge effect on women throughout the United States. This ruling has had a massive effect on women's lives, and that's something that was meant to be considered in terms of whether a precedent is followed. Dobbs not only overturned Roe vs. Wade and Casey, but Casey set out the grounds on which a major case like this should be overturned. One of the factors is, “Is there significant reliance (on a constitutional right)?” Women have been

relying on having freedom over their bodies, freedom to work, and being part of the economy because they have control over their reproductive rights. Women had control over whether they choose the most fundamental thing of whether they had a child and when, and that's all been taken away. That's going to massively affect women's well-being, not just in the short term in terms of the sorts of procedures women are going to have to face otherwise, but also their ability to participate as equals in the economy. In the very first paragraph of Dobbs, Justice Alito writes that some people believe that women's participation in the economy, women's right to control their bodies, and to be free and independent, essentially, is going to be adversely affected by them not being able to obtain an abortion. Alito continues by saying, that other people believe fervently that life begins at conception, and some people believe something in between. Throughout the opinion, Alito weighs these two things as if they're somehow equal and we can have differences of opinion on whether people have a right. That's not how constitutional analysis is undertaken. If you disagree with whether I have a right to a gun, and whether I should have a gun, that doesn't affect whether I have a right to a gun. And the Court didn't say, we recognize the right to have a handgun, but we also recognize that people want to live and not be shot, and so, therefore, that's going to restrict the rights of the gun owner. This Court picks and chooses how it's going to apply its analysis. They’re not supposed to define people's rights according to other people's opinions about whether they should have those rights or exercise those rights. Additionally, women's ability to be free and equal is a question that has been addressed empirically and well established. It's not an opinion. Its weighing


I'm also the chair of our OBGYN department at a hospital. There are several things that have changed, specifically with the passing of the GA House Bill 481, also known as “The LIFE Act,” for a lot of us. what has been well established against the opinion as to whether I think you should be able to have an abortion. And that's not generally a consideration that's taken into account. The final thing I'll say is, even if you agree that life begins at conception, that doesn't answer the question about whether the Court can then come in and say, okay, life begins at conception, and therefore we're going to take this other person and make them risk their life and their health and their well-being because we recognize that life exists. Even if life begins at conception, the question is, what do you do about it? Should you impose the burden of protecting that life on a different person? We don't require people to agree to organ transplants, so we have more respect for the dead over their bodies than we do these days for women and their bodies. At the end of the day, the Dobbs decision is radical in terms of constitutional interpretation, in terms of the outcome, and in terms of the significant number of decisions that are being overturned.

MEDICAL DISCUSSION Question: How has the Dobbs decision impacted your medical practice and how has it changed the way you interact with your clientele? Dr. Slaughter: So, I own a couple of medical practices called the “Healthy Woman” in Georgia. 39

First, as far as talking to patients, we no longer offer certain contraceptives, because they do not meet the criteria of law in Georgia. But let me walk you through a few scenarios that have changed for us. An ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy implanted outside of the uterus, is allowed to be surgically managed. However, you can also have a pregnancy that is in the corner of your uterus, which can still be life-threatening. Now physicians are becoming scared of how to manage these types of pregnancies. Not only the physicians but the pharmacist too. So, if I have a patient that needs to have their pregnancy stopped through medication, I am having some pushback from pharmacists who are wanting more information before they disseminate a medication like Cytotec. Also, radiologists. If we as doctors determine that a pregnancy is not in the right place, the radiologists are the ones that make that call. Radiologists are sometimes nervous, and it is sometimes confusing for them to determine whether this pregnancy is in the tube or in the corner of the uterus. At hospitals, we are also having challenges with physicians being afraid to call a pregnancy abnormal. That can be life-threatening because if it is not treated, a woman could have a serious outcome. Now, more documentation from physicians is needed to call abnormal pregnancies abnormal and for medical emergencies. Georgia law does have caveats. We have the opportunity to say that a termination is medically necessary to help in preventing universal damage or the death of a woman. But that can be very

subjective for physicians. We were trained as OBGYN doctors and surgeons that if a pregnancy looked like it was going to harm a woman or result in her death or infection, we could ask that woman, do you want this pregnancy? And if she said no, then we were more likely to treat her and stop the pregnancy. Those are things that have definitely changed in medicine. The training that we have now is different. It's not about if you want to continue this pregnancy, it's about do we think the pregnancy is going to actually hurt you or kill you. And that can be a difficult thing for physicians. We also have to determine if the pregnancy is medically futile. That's the thing that I think a lot of people don't really talk about regarding abortion. It’s not just, I don't want to be pregnant. There are pregnancies that are abnormal, and science has allowed us to figure out which ones are abnormal before they actually come out. Patients can have different types of abnormal chromosomes, including Trisomy 21, Trisomy 18, and Trisomy 15. Some of these are compatible with some life. Some of them are compatible with no life. They're also cases where things are wrong with a baby's brain. Again, science has given us the ability to determine if a pregnancy is going to look a certain way and the choice that women had to stop that pregnancy has been taken away. As physicians dealing with this loose language of what is a medically futile pregnancy is something that has changed for us. We now have to decide if we think a pregnancy is actually medically futile, and if it’s medically futile, having to produce the documentation, knowing that I could be challenged and possibly be legally liable if somebody else doesn't think it was. Finally, as a physician, I'm worried about my patients' care in other physicians’ hands because physicians who have other specialties are afraid that if they do something to save a woman's life, it could also end a pregnancy. Georgia law states that there is a defense if a physician ended up,

unfortunately, stopping a pregnancy to save a woman's life who was, for example, in a terrible car accident. What if they do a surgery and they hit the uterus while they were trying to repair something else, but ended the pregnancy? That could be a defense for that physician, but maybe that physician doesn’t want to treat pregnant patients. Maybe they're not going to want to do a procedure on them to help save their life. Maybe they're not going to do a procedure because they're afraid of injuring a pregnancy. So, I am concerned our patients may be suffering and physicians are concerned they could have some type of legal ramifications if what they do helps the woman but hurts the pregnancy. Even though it is a legal defense, they still don't want to be involved.

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