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Mall no 3 breaks ground Leading JSE-listed company Resilient Property Income Fund last week Thursday officially turned the first sod of what is to become Burgersfort Mall, next to the extension of the R555 to Steelpoort and the R37 to Polokwane. Platinum Gazette attended the ceremony with one big question, as we attended the sod turning ceremony of the Burgersfort Mall next to the taxi rank just a couple of weeks ago. The developers quickly telephoned around as they were also not sure what was going on. After a while they came up with the answer that this will be Burgersfort Regional Mall. In their official press release recived by email after the fucntion, the official name remains Burgerfort Mall (maybe we are set for a brawl of the malls? ed). Whatever the case may be, the developers are quite earnest about the regional aspect of the development, as it will be the largest of the three current major retail developments in town (the of course are the other Burgersfort Mall next to the taxi rank and the Tubatse Mall at Spekboom River Estate on the other side of town towards Lydenburg). The developers say this regional shopping centre is scheduled to open in April 2013. The first phase of this comprehensive centre will comprise some 40 000 sqm, with expansion potential of up to 75 000 sqm. “Burgersfort Mall is to be anchored by Edgars, Game and Shoprite and will feature a well-balanced mix of South Africa’s favourite retailers” reads the official press release. “For the first time quality shopping in a first-rate environment will be available to Burgersfort residents in some 90 stores. The mall will serve Burgersfort and surrounds with top-notch shopping on a level not previously experienced in the region. Retail convenience and variety, highquality finishes, stylish design, excellent

access and superb visibility are combined at Burgersfort Mall to create a shopping centre that will be a real asset to its community, its retailers and its owners”. Resilient is one of the largest retail property investors in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Its investments include, amongst others, shopping centres in Mussina, Tzaneen, Thohoyandou, Mokopane, Burgersfort, Nelspruit and Polokwane. Resilient is also the major owner and codeveloper of the recently opened Mall of the North shopping centre which is currently the largest centre in the northern part of the country. Johann Kriek, executive director of Resilient, said the site for Burgersfort Mall was acquired in 2007 for the development of a regional shopping centre after Burgersfort was identified as one of the major growth nodes in the country. Public transport facilities will also be provided for at the centre and improvements to the surrounding roads will be an integrated part of the development. Kriek also said that the development of Burgersfort Mall has received robust support from the local council.

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Top: An artist’s impresiion of the third mall under development in Burgersfort. Access to this centre will not only be made available at the Steelpoort crossing, but also at the robot at Themba Garage according to the developers. Right: Mr Dave Lewis (left) and Saul Visser, who represented the developer, turning the sod of Burgerfort Mall (regional shopping centre) last week Thursday. Below: The sod turning was a small function with a big bash planned for early next year.

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07 October 2011



7 OCTOBER 2011

Leboeng celebrates old age and culture The aged in the Leboeng area (just before Strydom Tunnel en route from Ohrigstad) gathered at the Thusong service centre on Wednesday under the auspices of the Department of Social Development. The purpose of the day was to celebrate their old age and to show young people their heritage and customs. They also got important information from various roleplayers to make their old age days better. Aspects that received attention were amongst other things, how to too stay healthy, and looking after their diets, as well as their trelationships with younger family members. The Police at Leboeng Police Station also informed them about what to do if younger family members want to take their social pensions. According to the Police at Leboeng it is especially jobless children and grandchildren who harrass old people for their money. On their side the old people feel defenceless and do not want to report this harrassment for fear that their family members may go to jail. This problem was extensively discussed.

Kutullo feedback After Platinum Gazette published an article on 23 September about water problems in Kutullo, the newspaper received the sms below just before going to print.

Various cultural groups comprising of the aged entertained the large number of old people at Wednesday’s gathering at Leboeng’s Thusong Service centre. Various aspects of old age received attention during the day’s proceedings. Afterwards the guests received a hearty meal. In the photograph (right) Ms Joyce Mphaphuli (Leboeng Local Supervisor) and Ms Joyce Mapula Makgolane ( Provincial Coordinator: Older persons and Disability) of the Departement of Social Services dressed traditional for the occasion.

“Mr Swart is Kutullo again. after u published our story they sent us, one watertank which is not enough because it managed one street, and in the other side it only suply section D only , other sections they do not get nothing, in the other side they sent their truck on mondays only,many people they use to drink dirty water from the river. From Kutullo”.

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7 OKTOBER 2011



Modikwa Platinum Mine on Tuesday joined other mines in the country and celebrated mine safety on a grand scale.

All the mine’s employees partook in a march (peaceful that is) on the mine’s premises early in the morning whereafter a formal

Modikwa marches for safety

programme was followed on the terrain of the mine’s central offices. On the programme was the laying of wreaths in comemoration of those who died in mine accidents. A safety video was watched and the employees were treated to industrial theatre. Also on the programme were choir performances and and address by the mine’s Business Leader. Modikwa is currently striving to reach nine million fatality free shifts.

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Do you know exactly what you eat? This is a question your dietitian or nutritionist will ask you if you see him or her about weight problems. Most of the time, people underestimate their food intake. If you’re overweight, it’s essential that you know what you eat in order to determine the most adequate diet or just break bad eating habits. Read the following and learn about ways to evaluate your diet. We’re all liars! If someone asks you what you’ve eaten today, you’ll have a natural tendency to lie about it. Many studies have shown that we undervalue our food consumption and more often than not, this is not even conscious. For instance, we “forget” that we ate between meals. And the more you want to control what you eat and try to limit your intake, the more you underestimate how much you have had. Only protein intake is more or less accurately evaluated. What you need to know Your dietitian or nutritionist will ask about your eating habits in rather extensive detail. In order to evaluate your profile, he or she will explore three essential points: 1. The types of foods you habitually consume and those you like best; 2. The circumstances under which you eat them; 3. Possible eating disorders (snacking, compulsive eating etc.) It is very important to balance your meals at all times and it is necessary to know where you lack. Knowing where you lack will help you supplement your nutrients intake. Note it is important to take your vitamins and minerals and balance your fluid and electrolytes levels.


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7 OCTOBER 2011


The race for completion‘ruk mall’

Mall: Burgersfort Mall Approximate Size: 15 000m2 Anchor tenant: Shoprite and Jetmart Due Completion: Towards end 2012

Mall: Burgersfort Regional Mall Approximate Size: 40 000m2 (phase 1) Anchor tenant: Shoprite Due Completion: Towards Easter 2013

Mall: Tubatse Mall Approximate Size: 32 000m2 (phase 1) Anchor tenant: Pick n Pay Due Completion: April 2013

Pastors against crime Pastors, religious youth workers and residents participated in a campaign against crime on Saturday morning. The group marched from the T-junction to Steelpoort towards Auto Zone, there they preached the gospel and warned people not to buy stolen goods etc. From there they moved to various other places in town singing gospel songs as they went along.

7 OKTOBER 2011


Charlie’s Circus in town Last week Laerskool Burgersfort held their revue with the theme Charlie’s Circus. The colourful affair kept everyone entertained and wondering what will come next.

Part of Charlie’s Circuis




7 OCTOBER 2011

Fabulous Food and Wine Fair for Cansa The Fabulous Food & Wine Fair took place on Friday and Saturday last week. All the funds raised with the event goes towards Cansa. The Fair kicked-off with an evening filled with good food wine and Mr Claude Moller as the guest speaker. The menu included freshly baked bread with jam, fresh home made tagliatelle with an alfredo reduction, oxtail in a shiraz reduction, seasonal vegetables and pumpkin fritters. Old fashioned Cape Brandy pudding with custard and deep roasted coffee. Moller related many stories and lessons during his turn in front of the audience, but essentially gave them the following message to take home:

“Remember, somewhere there is a terminally ill cancer patient who would give everything to have a week of your life�. On Saturday, food demonstrations took place as well as wine tasting and stalls sold home made food, biscuits, jam and much more. An extended power interruption did not prevent the crew from preparing delicious dishes and having lots of fun with those eager for new taste experiences. Ms Elize Ballack thanked everyone who contributed towards the success of the event and plans to make this an annual event so mark it on your calendar for 2012 as not to be missed.

7 OKTOBER 2011



Dalai Lama visum debacle - what do you think? This week Archbishop (emeritus) Desmond Tutu reacted with anger after his friend, the Dalai Lama cancelled his visit to South Africa for the Archbishop’s 80th birthday on 7 October. By Tuesday this week the Dalai Lama have not had surety that his visum would be approved and cancelled the visit. He was due to attend the birthday party, speak at universities and receive the Mahatma Gandhi peace prize in Durban. Tutu on Tuesday warned the ANC saying that leaders such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi came to a fall even though they had great support. “I am warning you that one day we will start praying for the downfall of the ANC government” he said. He lashed out that the South African government did not support the Tibetans “who are being viciously oppressed by the Chinese”. Cosatu stated that it is discrimination to refuse the Dalai Lama entrance to South Africa. The DA, IFP and FF+ all released statements condemning the fact that a visum was not granted in time. The ANC spokesman Mr Jackson Mthembu said that the Archbishop’s comparison of the ANC to the leaders of Egypt and Lybia and the apartheid government is “unfortunate and misplaced”. They also confirmed that the Dalai Lama was not refused entrance into the country by the time he cancelled his visit. We asked readers what they think about the whole issue.

Mr Solomon Mohlala said: “It is his own fault - he applied too late. I’m worried about the Bishop Tutu. The way he acted in the media is not right”.

Mr Maxwell Chihambakwe, Mr Welcome Msibi and Mr Aubrey Mokwena said: “It is an embarrasment for our country. We don’t think the government gave in under pressure to delay or not give him a visum. They were just slow”.

Ms Lizzie Bembane said: “It is an embarrasment that he had to cancel his visit. They should have supported him. Tutu has a right to be mad”. With her is Kabelo Bembane.

Mr David Malepe said: “The Dalai Lama should have submitted his application for a visum earlier. But due to the political environment we find that he is not able to come and visit. There is apparently some issues around it. I am not quite sure if government did this on purpose”.

Me. Ina Burgers sê: “Dit gaan oor die land se beeld. As ander hooggeplaastes vinnig gehelp kan word, moes hulle hom ook help. As dit vir Mandela was, het hulle dit gegee”. By haar is Bianca en Jaco Burger.

Mr Genius Baloyi and Mr Willy Baloyi said: “They were so slow because they wanted him to give up. Hulle moes hom ‘n visum gegee het. Dis ‘n groot embarrasment vir ons. ‘n Grote. He was coming for a good thing - a birthday of one of our leaders”.

Mr Leonard Makofane and Ms Mina Malwa said: “He should have been earlier. The government did however delay things on purpose. It is an embarrasment for our country”.

Mr Phaswane Ratseke said: “They submitted the thing too late”.

Who is the Dalai Lama?

Mr Crosby Masilela, Ms Bianca Mamabolo and Ms Thelma Matlala said: “If a normal person’s application takes long then it is fine that his did too. He should be treated like us. Government would definitely not give to pressure from China or any other government in the world”.

The Dalai Lama has been the spiritual leader of Tibet since the 17th century. According to the religious belief, each Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of the previous one. The current Dalai Lama is 76 years old and his name is Tenzin Gyatso. He is the 14th Dalai Lama. He has been identified as the next Dalai Lama at the age of 3 and started acting in the role of Dalai Lama when he turned 15. He has been in excile since his twenties as he tried to prevent the Chinese government to take over Tibet. In 1989 he won the Nobel prize for peace and travels the world for the advancement of peace, harmony and human understanding.


7 OCTOBER 2011


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Dagboek / Diary To submit your diary entry. Fax or e-mail all the details to us at (fax) 013 231 7147 or (e-mail) This is a free service. Fotografie Klub Die Burgersfort Fotografie Klub se volgende vergadering vind op Maandag, 7 November plaas. Alle lede sowel as belangstellendes is welkom om dit by te woon. Dit sal om 18:00 in Burgersfort gehou word. Daar word elke maand na ‘n ander aspek van fotografie gekyk en die lede leer by mekaar en oefen soms tegnieke. Die maand se foto tema is Blomme/ flowers. Die Platinum Gazette uitdaging is: Capturing catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Vir meer navrae kontak Ruan Kleynhans by 083 276 1643; Daryll Geddes by 083 612 2021; Braam Matthysen by 073 582 3654; Jaco Smith by 079 697 7356 of Mark Geddes by 083 601 6158. Foto’s wat vir beoordeling ingeskryf word, moet teen Vrydag 2 November 2011 na gestuur word. Op-Wakker-Groep padstalverkope Die Op-en-Wakker groep vir bejaardes staan die laaste Vrydag van die maand by die Pure Plaas plaasstal buite Ohrigstad met hul kosverkope. Daar is heerlike vetkoek, pannekoek, gemmerbier, koeksisters, vars gebak en jaffles te koop. Die fondse word tussen liefdadigheid en die bejaardes se toer na Namakwaland verdeel. Laerskool Ohrigstad Damesoggendtee Damesoggendtee te Hanna Lodge (Ohrigstad) vind op 15 Oktober 2011 plaas. Die dag se Gasspreker – Milan Murray. ‘n Ligte middagete sal bedien word. Koste van kaartjies beloop R150.00 Vir besprekings en verdere inligting kan die skoolkantoor gekontak word by 013 238 0020. Steelpoort Akademie Potjiekoskompetisie Steelpoort Akademie hou op 14 Oktober 2011 hulle jaarlikse potjiekoskompetisie. Dit is elke jaar groot pret en ‘n heerlike kuier geleentheid. Behalwe vir die potjiekoskompetisie vind daar ook ‘n kaskarwedren en boeresport plaas. Besighede of persone wat vir die kompetisies wil inskryf kan die skool skakel by 013 230 9341 of Cornelia by 082 9259 101 of Natasha by 079 1811 994. Around the World Golf Day Tubatse Chrome Golf Club will be hosting their annual Around the World Golf Day on Saturday 8 October 2011. This day is always much fun with sponsors at the different holes displaying their products, services and business but also representing a country from somewhere around the world. Golfers are often treated to things from that country and the dressed-up staff from the sponsor creates a fun and informal atmosphere. Tee-off will be at 09:00 at Tubatse Chrome Club. To get more information contact

Martin van Rooyen - 082 816 4833.

The rains are here. No more winter! Kitsgids na jou SAPD/ Important numbers: Burgersfort Ohrigstad Roossenekal Mecklenburg Eerstegeluk Tubatse Sekhukhune Leboeng Maartinshoop

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(013) 2147265 (013) 615 0204 (013) 2317843 082 900 4449 0800 330 022 0860 037 566

Thought for the week “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs (former Apple CEO who died this week)

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7 OKTOBER 2011


Tile Direct opens it’s doors Tile Direct officially opened their doors in Burgersfort last week. At a special launch function on Thursday last week the team were congratulated on their store and wished all the best for the future. Mr Lachlan Harris from their head office expressed their confidence in the growth of the area and the team’s ability to let the store grow and become one of the stores to be reckoned with. Refreshments were served while clients had the opportunity to walk through the shop. This is the second shop in the area. The first one is situated in Lydenburg.

The Tile Direct team will provide friendly service, and a wide range of products. They will also deliver purchases to customers’ homes.

Junior jagters wys hul staal Die Bosbok tak van die SAJWV het verlede naweek hul jaarlikse Oefening Ramkat gehou. Tydens dié oefening word junior jagters se skietvernuf getoets met ses verskillende skietbane met windgewere, .22, 6mm, .270 en twaalfboor haelgewere. Hulle moet ook oorlewingstegnieke aanleer, ‘n roete-mars trotseer en die fynere kunsies van kookkuns in die bos bemeester. Deurentyd word hul uithouvermoë getoets. Die reën wat oor die naweek begin uitsak het, het die toets net

soveel moeiliker gemaak. Die NASP boogskiet het ook deel van die kamp uitgemaak. Die toppresteerders op die kamp was Biance Bell (goud), Kobus Jonker (silwer) en Jonathan van Gent (brons). Die span wat die opleiding gedoen het, het die volgende persone bedank: Piet de Jager vir die gebruik van die boskamp. Dwarsrivier Chroom Myn vir die energie drankies en Laramie Spur vir die middagete.

Vier generasies

Klein Piet Pretorius is die vierde geslag wat die naam Piet Pretorius dra. Hy is verlede week Sondag in die Hervormde Kerk op Lydenburg gedoop. Hier is hy saam met sy pa, oupa en oupagrootjie - ook almal Piet Pretorius. (Foto: Susan Pretorius).


10 10

24 2008 7 OOctober KTOBER 2011


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Betrekkings/Vacancies IGUANA PROJECTS PTY (LTD)

VACANCY: Community Liaison Officer (CLO) 1. Competency Level of the person to be appointed as CLO 1.1 At least a grade 12 certificate 1.2 A good understanding of construction - preferably experience in the construction of commercial building. 1.3 Must not be connected and or part to a specific organization/party 1.4 Knowledge of all roll players in community 1.5 High Level of communication & Negotiation Skill 1.6 Be able to conduct meetings and to take minutes of same. 1.7 Administration of documents & Filing 1.8 Record keeping of resources 1.9 Good time keeping 2. Responsibilities 2.1 Liaison between the Construction & all other bodies as per the Oganigram 2.2 Collection and documented record of all applications (Only applicable trades/ possible employment) 2.3 Evaluation of applications to the set criteria 2.4 Notification to unsuccessful applications/tenders 2.5 Inform all relative parties on a day to day basis of progress made with regards to local utilization 3. Others 3.1 Must operate impartial at all times 3.2 Will be appointed on a service level agreement and not as an employee 3.3 Will not be involved or discuss any financial remuneration both with individuals or companies Interested candidates can forward their CV to or fax: 011 787 0241 (Please mark for attention: Marius van Vuuren, Burgersfort Shopping Centre). Closing date: 11 October 2011

7 OKTOBER 2011



Ferro LAN gaming Last weekend the first Tubatse Ferro LAN took place at Tubatse Chrome Club. The main Ferro LAN tournament consisted of 2 teams: Team and Stealth. Team Stealth won the 5vs5 DotA Tournament convincingly with a score of 3 – 1 each member of team Stealth won a ATI HD Graphics card valued at R3750. Two “Team” members took 1st and 2nd place in the singles competitions and each won a ROCCAT Kone[+] Gaming mouse and ROCCAT ARVO keyboard valued at R1500. W Raith aka “Moist†flesh” won the Call of Duty 2 Tournament with the 2nd place winner 21 points behind him, the battle for 2nd and 3rd was a close one with only a 2 point difference at the end of the match. A Fernhout aka “S1de_Sw1pe” won the Quake 4 Tournament with the 2nd place winner 135 points behind, this allowed winning the overall weekend for their team. Result of the 5vs5 DotA Tournament: Winners: Team Stealth Members: Christian Smit (Lenithius), Derrick Todd (Deathseeker), Jhonny Prinsloo (FrostJack), Jan-hendrik De Winnaar (PiGgYfLeSh) and Brian va der Berg (Sp0nSiE). Result of Call of Duty 2 competition:

Winner: Wiehann Raith aka Mois†flesh. 2nd Place: A Fernhout aka S1de_Sw1pe. Result of the Quake 4 competition: Winner:A Fernhout aka S1de_Sw1pe. 2nd Place: W Raith aka Mois†flesh. “We would like to thank Tubatse Ferro Chrome and their IT department for sponsoring the prizes and network equipment used to host the tournament and LAN. We would also like to thank the Tubatse Chrome Club for letting us use their facilities and for the great service from the restaurant and staff. Also a big thank you to everyone that attended and made it a great weekend and we hope to see you all again!” said Mr A Fernhout one of the organisers of the event.

Kennisgewings/Notices Finals for Twickenham soccer tournament

Financial pressure due to debt places stress on your. Get your life back... Visit a registered Debt Counsellor as soon as your debt gets out of hand to help you make a plan to eventually be debt free. Registered Debt Counsellor & Administrator © Platinum Gazette

The last stages of the Twickenham soccer tournament will be played this week. This weekend Evergreen will take on Tjate Rovers at 10:00 on Saturday. Motene FC vs Marapong will play at 12:00. The final game will take place at 15:00. The losers will play at 13:30 on the same day. The trophy and prizes will be awarded according to merit and all residents are encouraged to come and support the teams playing on Saturday. Managers and dignataries of Anglo Platinum will also be attending the event. Enquiries: aleven Phasha, 082 438 9757. (Compiled by NJ Makola).


Next to Toyota, Burgersfort. Tel: (013) 231 8322 E-mail: (RegNo: No:NCRDC NCRDC487) 487) (Reg




: :


Compulsory briefing session: 18 October 2011 at 10:00 at The Greater Tubatse Old Municipal Chambers in Burgersfort. THE BID COMPRISES, AMONGST OTHERS, OF THE FOLLOWING WORKS: · · · ·

Construction of a 7m wide asphalt road, approximately 220m long with kerbing. The relocation of traffic signals. Construction of a walkway. Construction of a 2 x 1.2m diameter pipe culvert in Madiba street.

EVALUATION AND ADJUDICATION CRITERIA: Bids shall be evaluated and adjudicated in accordance with The Greater Tubatse Municipal Supply Chain Management Policy and in accordance with the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, Act No. 5 of 2000 and either Associated Supply Chain Management Regulations. The 90/ 10 points system will be used to evaluate and adjudicate the bids received on time. CLOSING DATE AND OTHER CONDITIONS FOR THE BID:

Why advertise? “Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face-to-face. But he can't”. - Morris Hite

1. 2.


4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

Bid documents will be on sale as from 14 Oct 2011 till the closing date during office hours 08h00 – 15h00. Contract documentation will not be available at the site inspection meeting. All bids will close and be opened in public, on the 31 October 2011 at 12h00. Bids must be fully priced signed and sealed in an envelope and marked “BURGERSFORT INTERNAL STREETS PHASE 4: NEW ROADS: MADIBA AND RIBA STREETS Mig/LP0887/R,ST/08/10”. Bids must be deposited into the Municipal Tender Box situated at the reception of the Greater Tubatse Municipality, lower ground, 1 Kastania street, Burgersfort, on or before 12h00 on the 31 October 2011. No faxed, e-mailed, telephonic or late bids will be accepted. The Municipality is under no obligation whatsoever to appoint any bidder or reserve the right to appoint bidders individually and/or collectively to execute the contract and negotiate further conditions and requirement with the appointed service provider(s) prior to execution of the task. In terms of the National Treasury’s Regulation, no bid will be considered from persons in service of the state. Only tenderers who have a CIDB contractor grading of 3 CE / 2 CEPE or higher, are eligible to submit Bids. Depending on the nature of the appointment and scope of works, if the bidder to be appointed is outside the area of jurisdiction of the Greater Tubatse Municipality as its determined locality, that bidder shall be required to sub-contract at least 30% of the total scope of works to a locally SMME based contractor registered on the municipal database. Bidders should regard their bids as unsuccessful should they have not heard anything within 90 working days after the closing date of the bid. Enquiries regarding the bidding procedure should be directed to Mr. Osilias N. Mosoma at Tel. No. 013 231 1000/1231 or email Further technical queries may be directed to: Mr. J.L. Venter at Tel. No. 013 755 1190

The Greater Tubatse Municipality PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150 Tel: 013 231 1000

Mr. H.L Phala Municipal Manager


7 OKTOBER 2011

Platinum Gazette

SPORT Borgdag gholfdag “Al die besighede wat gedurende die jaar ‘n putjie borg het aan die dag deelgeneem’ Tubatse Chrome Gholf Klub het verlede naweek hul jaarlikse Borgdag Gholfdag gehou. Al die besighede wat gedurende die jaar ‘n putjie borg het aan die dag deelgeneem en so vir ‘n vol veld gesorg. Die eerste plekke is deur JJ en Desmond met 73 punte geneem. Tweede was Tim Marobane en David Digoro met 70 punte. Derde was Bertus Swart en Derick Ackermann met 67 punte. Hierdie naweek hou die klub hul Around the World gholfdag. Vind meer hieroor uit in die dagboek op bladsy 8 van die koerant. (Uitslae: Martin van Rooyen)

PLatinum Gazette 07 October 2011  

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

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