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Patio Venue Teras Dharmawangsa

CEO’S Message Dear special guests, friends and partners, Happy New Year to all, and we wish you happiness, health and prosperity in the year 2019! This year will be a special year for Indonesia and Plataran as Indonesia holds its presidential and legislative elections, and we - along with the entire nation - are all hoping and praying for a peaceful, fair and transparent election that is reflective of Indonesia’s indomitable spirit of “unity amidst diversity” and its position as the 4th biggest democratic country in the world. This year, Plataran is proud to celebrate its tenth Anniversary (Dasa Juang). From an initial team of 25 members, our team has grown leaps and bounds and we are now 1200 Indonesian team members strong after a full nine years (Nawa Juang) of pure passion, hardwork, and genuine love for Indonesia as consistently reflected in our vision “For Indonesia and Indonesians”. Looking to the future, we strive to continue enforcing positive impacts of tourism and preserving the unique qualities of Indonesia for future generations. We also launch our #HospitalityWithImpact campaign on social media, to show the world that we are geared towards it. In addition to our numerous awards, recognitions, and praises, we closed 2018 with a loud bang, having been awarded the 2018 World Best Luxury Hotel and World Best Luxury Spa for Plataran Menjangan, Gold Winner in Resort Category by Real Estate Indonesia Excellence Awards (Indonesian Real Estate Association), Certificate of Excellences by TripAdvisor for several Plataran Hotels & Resorts, Sustainable Destinations Top 100 by Green Destinations for Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park, a Gold Tri Hita Karana for Plataran Canggu and Plataran Menjangan by Tri Hita Karana Foundation - Bali, Plataran Menteng as the Best 2018 Restaurant by Now Jakarta and others. Plataran’s success in preserving nature and Indonesia’s culture would not be successful without your unconditional and sentimental attachment to us, and we are ever so grateful for your continuous and endless support. In 2019, we remain steadfast in our quest to continuously improve ourselves (kaizen) and give you the best products and services that are distinctly Plataran, and maintain our well-known position as True Indonesian Icon with exotic locations, products, services and encounters. There will be a number of pipeline expansions and new openings for our Hotel & Resort and Venue & Dining operations in 2019, which we will be announcing from time to time. As loyal guests of Plataran, we are happy to extend you certain benefits and privileges for these openings. Once again, I thank you, our team members and everyone who loves Indonesia - a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Salam Plataran, Yozua Makes Chief Executive Officer



Borobudur Countryside. According to local myth and legend, the Menoreh Hills of Central Java actually depict the sleeping outline of Gunadarma, architect of Borobudur Temple. Like the monument itself, this region is a captivating labyrinth of natural wonders and cultural treasures just waiting to be explored. Stretching from Kulon Progo Regency in the west to Magelang Regency in the east, this region offers up myriad attractions for the curious traveler. The ancient town of Magelang is nestled in a spellbinding landscape of rolling hills, such as Punthuk Setumbu, where you can watch sunrise illuminate the valley and gaze in wonder as Borobudur emerges from the mist at dawn. Borobudur’s sister temples, namely Mendut and Pawon, provide a wider perspective on the architecture, culture and ancient religion that once made this area the epicentre of power and pilgrimage in Java. Today, many fields and villages fan out from the great mandala of the world’s largest Buddhist monument. For guests in the region, this rural landscape provides a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into local culture and discover Java’s distinctive identity through its arts. Whether exploring local villages, taking a ride in a traditional horse cart or learning Javanese pottery techniques, the rich culture and heritage of Java is all around.


World Heritage Sites. Indonesia has been blessed with intoxicating natural beauty and a cultural backstory to match. Framed by the jungles of Java, the white sands of Bali and the otherworldly mountains of Komodo, these landscapes have been the setting for some epic moments in history. Today, vast monuments stand as reminders of civilizations passed, whilst the character and nature of Indonesia is kept alive in its national parks, in the beauty of its wild places and in the captivating intricacy of its cultures. Plataran resorts are nestled in places where this blend of history, nature and culture is at its most vibrant. Living in harmony with these locations allows guests to get a unique insight into their character; for example, by travelling to central Java’s immense Borobudur monument, scaling the crater of mighty mount Bromo, or escaping to nature in West Bali National Park and Komodo Island. In each of Indonesia’s World Heritage Sites, authentic experiences and a deep appreciation can be gained. Each location represents something special about the archipelago, a piece of the puzzle that adds up to a bigger picture; from the cultural heritage and religious devotion of Borobudur, to the tranquil biodiversity of Bali and the explosive power of Bromo; from Java to Komodo, each site is emblematic of Indonesia. The best way to discover these storied locations, and experience them to the fullest, is to delve deep into the soil, coral, jungle and village dust that keeps these traditions so vividly alive.


Hospitality with Impact.

Celebrating Ten Years of Plataran Indonesia As a True Indonesian Icon, Plataran’s vision & mission is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians.

This year Plataran celebrates a decade of operations! As a “True Indonesian Icon” for the past ten years, we have proudly showcased the diverse natural and cultural heritage of our beloved homeland, striving every day to protect and promote this captivating archipelago for the good of Indonesia and Indonesians. One thing that’s extremely important in all of Plataran’s operations is our concept of ROSE Return On Social Effects. This is one of our key indicators of success, especially in achieving our vision & mission, and serves as the founding principle for the continuation of our journey. Looking to the future, we strive to continue enforcing #HospitalityWithImpact, geared towards enhancing the positive impacts of tourism and preserving the unique qualities of Indonesia for future generations. From all of us in the Plataran family, thank you for your continued support - we look forward to sharing more of Indonesia’s magic with you in future!


Heart in Indonesia Plataran’s Social Responsibility Program

As a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose vision is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians by showcasing the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago to the world, Plataran is committed to actualizing long-term values that leave positive impacts to local communities and planet Earth. With our values rooted in Indonesia, we are dedicated to enrich and empower Indonesia as we pour our hearts to causes that can lead to a better tomorrow. Plataran Indonesia’s social responsibility program – Heart In Indonesia – is comprised of five key pillars: Culture & Faith, Education, Environment, Health, and Indonesian Children.

Culture & Faith Plataran showcases the diverse and richness of Indonesian heritage through introducing the grandeur and sophisticated house representing a significant historical period in Jakarta and a curated collection of Indonesian traditional crafts to a wider audience, both international and domestic. Moreover, Plataran contributes to local communities and celebrates the diverse background of Indonesia by providing and developing places of worship for locals. r3VNBI)FSJUBHF+BLBSUB r.PTRVFBU1MBUBSBO#PSPCVEVS r$IVSDIBU4VNCB 


Education Plataran believes knowledge is a gift, and we hope to contribute and enhance students’ journey in education through donating additional facilities in one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. r1FMBUBSBO1BSLBU'BDVMUZPG-BX6OJWFSTJUZPG*OEPOFTJB r1FMBUBSBO1BSLBU'BDVMUZPG4PDJBMBOE1PMJUJDBM4DJFODF6OJWFSTJUZPG*OEPOFTJB r1FMBUBSBO1BSLBU'BDVMUZPG)VNBOJUZ6OJWFSTJUZPG*OEPOFTJB r1MBUBSBO4DIPMBSTIJQT


Environment Plataran continues to be at the forefront of sustainable tourism development in Indonesia by showcasing natural ecosystems, unique local cultures, and sustainable ecotourism facilities to travellers at its destinations. r1MBUBSBOL’Harmonie – West Bali National Park r1MBUBSBO-)BSNPOJFm#SPNP5FOHHFS4FNFSV/BUJPOBM1BSL

Health Plataran facilitates areas in need with access to basic health care in an effort to ensure Indonesian people receive equal and adequate medical care and treatment. r1PMJLMJOJLRumah Plataran Indonesia r3VNBI1MBUBSBO*OEPOFTJB3POBME.D%POBME)PVTF,JBSB34$. r:BZBTBO"OZP*OEPOFTJBm$BODFSGPVOEBUJPOGPSDIJMESFO r:BZBTBO4FOUVIBO,BTJI"OBL*OEPOFTJBm$BODFSGPVOEBUJPOGPSDIJMESFO r1&"*OEPOFTJBm$IJMESFOFWBOHFMJTUJDGPVOEBUJPO

Indonesian Children Plataran’s heart is also for the young minds of Indonesia. We believe that we can broaden the perspective of Indonesian children by inspiring and giving them opportunities. r8BIBOBVisi Indonesia (WVI) – 800 sponsored Indonesian Children r#JOPOHLP0SQIBOBHF r4VNCB0SQIBOBHF r&MTBGBO0SQIBOBHF



Yozua Makes :P[VB.BLFTBOE%FXJ.BLFTBSFGPVOEFSTPG1MBUBSBOBO*OEPOFTJBOIPTQJUBMJUZHSPVQXJUI a clear identity of being a True Indonesian Icon. Come from a unique background, aside from his involvement in the hospitality business, :P[VB JT BMTP B $PSQPSBUF 'JOBODF -BXZFS XJUI NPSF UIBO  ZFBST PG FYQFSJFODF JO the practice areas of Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Investment Laws. #PSOJO+BLBSUBBOEIBWJOHHSBEVBUFEXJUIEJTUJODUJPOGSPNUIF'BDVMUZPG-BXPG6OJWFSTJUZ PG*OEPOFTJB %S:P[VB.BLFT4) --. ..QVSTVFEGVSUIFSFEVDBUJPOJOWBSJPVTSFOPXOFE JOUFSOBUJPOBM TDIPPMT TVDI BT UIF 6OJWFSTJUZ PG $BMJGPSOJB  #FSLFMFZ 4DIPPM PG -BX  "TJBO Institute of Management (Manila), Harvard Business School, and successfully obtained B EPDUPSBUF EFHSFF GSPN UIF %PDUPSBUF 1SPHSBNNF PG UIF 4DIPPM PG -BX 6OJWFSTJUZ PG *OEPOFTJBBOE.BBTUSJDU6OJWFSTJUZ/FUIFSMBOET His passion and love has always been the Indonesian culture and nature. The establishment PG1MBUBSBOXBTBDDJEFOUMZTUBSUFEJOXIFOTQPVTFT:P[VBBOE%FXJDPOWFSUFEUIFJS private villa in Canggu Bali into a small boutique villa resort tagged as “An Exotic Labyrinth of Balinese Luxury “, which features a lush Balinese garden created by the legendary landscaper Michael White and inspired by the forgotten Bali concept, realizing that many hotels and resorts in Bali have lost the true spirit of Balinese culture and ambiance. #FJOHCPUIFEVDBUPST XJUI:P[VBMFDUVSJOHBUUIF'BDVMUZPG-BXPG6OJWFSTJUZPG*OEPOFTJB BOE 6OJWFSTJUZ PG 1FMJUB )BSBQBO BOE %FXJ MFDUVSJOH BU UIF 'BDVMUZ PG -JUFSBUVSF 'SFODI %FQBSUNFOU  PG 6OJWFSTJUZ PG *OEPOFTJB  UIFZ CFMJFWFE UIBU UIF GBTUFTU XBZ UP FEVDBUF Indonesians through non formal education is through tourism in order to achieve their goal of creating Plataran for Indonesia and Indonesians. Nowadays, Plataran is acknowledged as a True Indonesian Icon of Indonesia by domestic and international markets and has won many prestigious awards, Including Sustainable %FTUJOBUJPOT5PQCZ(SFFO%FTUJOBUJPO0SHBOJ[BUJPO 8PSME#FTU-VYVSZ3FTPSUBOE4QB  and Gold Winner in Resort Category by Real Estate Indonesia Excellence Awards (Indonesian Real Estate Association). Further, through Rumah Plataran Indonesia (House of Plataran Indonesia), Plataran engages in many social responsibility programs focusing on (a) Woman $IJMESFO  C &EVDBUJPO  D $VMUVSFBOE'BJUIBOE E &DP5PVSJTN%FWFMPQNFOU i.ZOVNCFSPOFQIJMPTPQIZJOMJGFJTBMMBCPVUIBQQJOFTTEPJOHXIBUZPVMJLF uTBJE:P[VB  in a recent interview with Indonesian Tatler Magazine. “Secondly, it is also very important to live life with a purpose; we are all given the same 24 hours, and they are absolutely not to be wasted,â€? he continued. It is this drive and ambition that has led Plataran on a decade PG HSPXUI BOE EFWFMPQNFOU  CVU:P[VB JT BEBNBOU UIBU UIF NPTU JNQPSUBOU JOEJDBUPS PG achievement goes beyond the bottom line: “While the conventional way of measuring success is a quantitative one, I feel that the qualitative side of success is much more essential,â€? he said. “For me, the definition of that is to build something that many more can benefit from. That, to me, is my biggest success and what makes me the happiest.â€? :P[VBJTBGBUIFSPGDIJMESFOXJUIHSBOEEBVHIUFS BOEIBTUSVFQBTTJPOGPSBOUJRVFDBST


What’s On. Hotels r Resorts r Private Cruises

What’s on.

From authentic Javanese villas to indulging Padma Spa and Patio Restaurant with an unparalleled view of the Borobudur, Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa will allow you to immerse in one of Indonesia’s richest cultural regions.

Borobudur. Villa


Spa M2M Spa Package NJOVUFT *%3 


Flavors of Asia Patio Restaurant *%3 


Rejuvenate and relax with a selection of pampering treatments, each varying in style and approach depending on your body’s requirements. 

Set Menu: Shitake Mushroom Soup | Sotong Sambal Manalagi | Coconut Pannacota From appetizer to dessert, immerse yourself in the unmistakable flavors of Asia, dining in a location that embodies the drama and diversity of the region.

Chinese New Year %/BU*%3  

GPSQFSTPOT January - February &YFDVUJWF 1PPM 7JMMB ]  Y EJOOFS BU 1BUJP 3FTUBVSBOU]YNJOVUFTQBNBTTBHF]%BJMZ breakfast and afternoon tea | Airport transfer $FMFCSBUFUIF$IJOFTF/FX:FBSJOTUZMFXJUI this exclusive offer, combining luxurious accommodation with a range of indulgent spa treatments and signature Plataran encounters, along with transfers and tours to visit Borobudur itself. Stay in the chic and comforting surroundings of Plataran Borobudur, where each day is greeted with spectacular views overlooking the Menoreh hills and the ornate majesty of Borobudur.

Mediterranean Delights Patio Restaurant *%3 


Be Together Always NJOVUFT *%3  



Set Menu: Gazpacho & Grill Tortilla | Mediterranean Beef Steak | Saffron Caramel with Orange Florentine Embark on an amazing culinary journey at Plataran Borobudur’s Patio Restaurant this February, where a taste of the Mediterranean comes to the jungles of Central Java.

Tea Walk *%3  

QFSDPVQMF One of our newest Plataran encounters, plataran tea walk lets you enjoy a ride through the scenic countryside until you arrive at tea plantations resembling an emerald-green patchwork blanket.


What’s on.

Cultivated elegance meets colonial charm at Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel & Spa. Immerse into this beautiful hotel located amid the rice terraces with Borobudur at your doorstep and the Menoreh Hills as your backdrop.

Heritage Borobudur.



Chinese New Year %/*%3  

January - February

A Taste of Mexico Menoreh Restaurant *%3 


VW Cabrio Tour *%3 

January %JTD78$BCSJP5PVS 

Sit back and relax on a Classic Volkswagen Safari Car as you ride through the surrounding area of Borobudur and local villages. %JTDPWFS NPSF BCPVU MJGF JO UIF DPVOUSZTJEF and experience the traditional process of creating batik at a batik home industry, before witnessing the local honey harvest in action.


Set Menu with free Horcata (Traditional drink of Mexico).

5SBWFMCBDLJOUJNFUIJT$IJOFTF/FX:FBS UP a land of monuments, serenity and magic in the Menoreh hills of Central Java.

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Menoreh Restaurant *%3  




Inclusion: Rose Petal and Chocolate

Kanaka Kamala - 90 minutes *%3 


Sate Pojok Pak Slamet Stupa Restaurant *%3 


Open small buffet for types of satay Duck Festive Stupa Restaurant *%3 


Coffee Cake Pairing Langit Menoreh *%3 

January Selection of coffees paired with specially made cakes. Romantic Dinner Langit Menoreh *%3  




Choice of Western or Asian Set Menu with a bottle of wine included.

Java Nadi Massage 60’ Love your face and body skin with the best facial treatment and full body exfoliate. Kama Package NJOVUFT *%3  


What’s on.

Plataran Bromo is a one-stop destination where guests can immerse in the natural beauty of Bromo through authentic cuisine experience, rich cultural entertainment, nature-inspired activities, thrilling sport events, and comforting lodging. Surrounding nature and wilderness allure visitors to get off the beaten track for an unforgettable holiday.

Bromo. Accommodation



Dimsum Night Syailendra Restaurant *%3 

January &OKPZBOFWFOJOHPGEFMJDJPVT%JN4VNJOPVS Syailendra restaurant this January.

Valentine’s Dinner Syailendra Restaurant *%3 

'FCSVBSZ 7JTJUPSTUP1MBUBSBO#SPNPUIJT7BMFOUJOFT%BZ can opt for our special Valentine’s set menu and dine together with their loved one in a truly romantic location.

Chinese New Year %/BU*%3  

GPSQFSTPOT %FMVYF 3PPN BU )PVTF 3FTPSU ]  Y EJOOFS BU 4ZBJMFOESB 7FOVF  %JOJOH ] "JSQPSUUSBOTGFS]%BJMZCSFBLGBTUBOEBGUFSOPPO tea Celebrate a festive holiday together and venture out onto one of Plataran Bromo’s unique signature encounters. The perfect getaway to share with your favourite travel companion, this trip is packed with memorable adventures and magical sights.

Special Duck Promotion Teras Bromo *%3 

February What better way to celebrate the Chinese /FX:FBS UIBOXJUIUIFVONJTUBLBCMFUBTUFPG Peking?

An Apple a Day *%3 

QFSQFSTPO (FUPíTQFDJBM January and February Visit the local farms and learn about the growth cycle of these apple trees and how to care for them. Bring a basket of freshly picked apples to Coban Cemoro Gading Waterfall and refresh yourself with nature’s bounty in a dramatic wild location.


What’s on.

An escape to nature at its most beautifully raw and untouched, in the protected sanctuary of West Bali National Park. For couples, families, nature and adventure lovers alike, Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa offers a truly rare and enchanting experience beyond anything imaginable, with Bali’s untamed wilderness as the most incredible host.

Menjangan. Spa


3D/2N Couple Retreat Package One-bedroom Forest Villa *%3  

QFSDPVQMF Luxury Ocean Villa *%3  

QFSDPVQMF Ocean Mangrove Villa *%3  


Chinese New Year’s Dinner *%3 


%BJMZ Breakfast | Glass of Sparkling Wine & $BOBQFVQPOBSSJWBM]Y4VOTFU$SVJTF%JOOFS ]NJOVUFT4JHOBUVSF4QBUSFBUNFOU]Y Safari Picnic Lunch | Airport Transfers


Plan a romantic getaway under the glittering stars of Menjangan Island. From breakfast with a view of the sun-glittering ocean to dinner on a private cruise during sunset. All set to ensure an unforgettable romantic experience.

Dining Valentine’s Surprise The Octagon Ocean Club February Get a free chocolate lava cake, with minimum PSEFSPG*%3  Add an extra flourish of romance to your travels this February, courtesy of Plataran L’Harmonie - West Bali National Park. Whether staying over or stopping by, let Menjangan’s superb natural scenery form an unforgettable backdrop for your culinary experience.


See in the Chinese year of the pig this February at Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park, with an evening of gastric indulgence that would make the eponymous creature proud.

Valentine’s Dinner *%3 


DPVSTF 7BMFOUJOFT EBZ TFU NFOV ]  DBQQVDJOP   IPU DIPDPMBUF ] $IPDPMBUF praline Make your Valentine’s a night to remember at Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park this February, where panoramic ocean views, rustic luxury and the Octagon’s chic infinity pool form a backdrop for your dinner that’s exotic, romantic and imbued with the beauty of nature.

Spa Beauty RitualNJOVUFT *%3  

QFSQFSTPO January PSHBOJDXIJUFMPUVT]óBXMFTTGFFU] perfect hand express Plan your beauty with our purity organic white lotus facial to improve your skin naturally and restore normal, finish the majestic look with sparkling nails, fit for a queen in the palace.

Spa Sweet Valentine - 90 minutes *%3  

QFSQFSTPO February  #BMJ/BEJ] TBOEBMXood body scrub | Exclusive Foot bath Ritual Pamper yourself and your loved one with PVS WBMFOUJOF SJUVBM VTJOH %FWB FMJYJS PJM UP enchain the mood of love and following by sandalwood body scrub to maximize the feeling of romantic your needs.

What’s on.

Canggu. Villa

Feel the forgotten Bali in a tropical garden paradise nestled in the trendiest area in Bali, Canggu. With its unique landscape designed in the form of a labyrinth, guests can wander off and enjoy their time in ultimate privacy.



Breakfast Picnic *%3 


Rejuvenation and Serenity %/BU*%3  

QFSQFSTPO minimum 2 persons 4JOHMF0DDVQBODZBU*%3  

January - February 0OF#FESPPN1PPM7JMMB]Y4QB5SFBUNFOUBU 1BENB4QBBOE*O7JMMB]Y$IBLSB)FBMJOH]  Y .PSOJOH :PHB ]   Y .FEJUBUJPO  ]   Y $PPLJOH $MBTT  ]   Y #BMJOFTF 4UPSZ 5FMMJOH &ODPVOUFS]Y.BLJOH#BMJOFTF0íFSJOH] Return Private Local Airport Transfers Enjoy three days and two nights tucked away in the tropical oasis of Plataran Canggu, where traditional Indonesian heritage meets the idyllic bliss of nature.

Chinese New Year Set Menu Teras Canggu *%3 


Seasonal fresh fruit | Avocado on Toast | Raw Scrambled Egg | Fresh Bake Pastry & Bakery | Fresh Juices | Coffee or Tea

8FMDPNFJOUIF$IJOFTF/FX:FBSBU1MBUBSBO Canggu Bali, with this delicious four-course feast. Sit back, relax and enjoy Plataran’s superb dining facilities in an equally refreshing destination.

What better way to savor the sunshine than packing up a breakfast picnic. Go old school with a blanket in the yard with a thermos of coffee, another full of milk and bring your breakfast out on a tray.

Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner Teras Canggu *%3 

QFSQFSTPO UI'FCSVBSZ Make this year’s Valentine’s day really special, with a romantic dinner for two in the leafy and luxurious surroundings of Plataran Canggu Bali.

Spa January Special Massage – 60 minutes *%3 

QFSQFSTPO January Padma Marmabyanggam Give your body a boost of positive energy to TUBSU UIF /FX:FBS  XJUI B SBOHF PG 1MBUBSBO Canggu’s signature spa treatments. Be My Valentine NJOVUFT *%3  

QFSQFSTPO February Treat your special someone or show yourself some love with this indulgent spa package.


What’s on.

Capture the essence of this cultural capital of Bali with Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa. Despite its prime location, on the main dining street of Ubud – Jalan Hanoman, the hotel features beautifully manicured gardens and a stunning panorama of verdant rice paddies that represent a true Balinese serenity.

Ubud. Spa

Dining Indonesian Pizza The View Restaurant 4UBSUJOHGSPN*%3 OFU *ODMVEJOHYUSPQJDBMUFB Signature local dishes are wrapped up in crispy, freshly made dough, blending seamlessly the artistry of Italy with the unmistakable richness of Indonesian cuisine. Mongolian Barbeque Dinner The View Restaurant *%3 OFUQFSBEVMU JODMVEJOHYMPDBMCFFS January Plataran brings a taste of the Mongolian 4UFQQFUP6CVE XJUIUIJTVOJRVFBOEIFBMUIZ fusion of Asian favorites, including fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Kebab Barbeque Night 5FSBT6CVE *%3 OFUQFSBEVMU JODMVEJOHYMPDBMCFFS Enjoy a unique & healthy fusion of Asia’s favorite flavors, with Plataran’s very own kebab barbeque. Asian Tacos 5FSBT6CVE 4UBSUJOHGSPN*%3 OFU *ODMVEJOHYTPGUESJOLT Blending the colorful traditions and flavors of Asia with the family fun of Mexican tacos, 1MBUBSBO 6CVE CSJOHT ZPV BO FWFOJOH PG feasting and excitement in the tropical heart of Bali. Sample our signature dining experience, with a unique multicultural twist.


Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Rice Field (reservation highly recommended) *%3  OFUQFSDPVQMF Including a bottle of sparkling wine 'FCSVBSZ]QN %JOFJOTUZMFBMPOHTJEFZPVSTQFDJBMTPNFPOF  during an evening of culinary excellence and exotic ambiance that’s sure to make this a Valentine’s day to remember. Chinese New Year’s Dinner The View Restaurant *%3 OFUQFSBEVMU JODMVEJOHYMPDBMCFFS 'FCSVBSZ] Welcome in a happy and prosperous new year with this exotic and unique culinary adventure. Sample the cooking styles and flavors of Mongolia with Plataran’s unique barbeque, comprising the freshest meat, fish and vegetables.

January Day - 90 minutes *%3 

QFSQFSTPO January Bali Nadi Massage Relaxing your body with pampering selection of massage.


What’s on.

Secluded in a quiet cove on Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa is a true tropical hidden paradise. A luxurious base for indulging in sun-kissed days of relaxation and adventure in one of Indonesia’s most beautiful and untouched regions.

Komodo. Villa


Encounter Explore Komodo National Park 'SPN*%3  

QFSDPVQMF minimum persons required depending to registered cruise. January - February

Romantic Island Escape %/BU*%3  

%FMVYF #FBDIGSPOU 7JMMB ] %BJMZ #SFBLGBTU BOE "GUFSOPPO5FB ]  Y 3PNBOUJD %JOOFS PO UIF CFBDI]YNJOVUFDPVQMFTQBUSFBUNFOU Escape to the tropical paradise where romance abounds by the seashore to spend quality time with your loved one. From a candlelit romantic dinner under the sparkling stars of Labuan Bajo to a soothing couple spa treatment, ensures the moments that would last a lifetime.

Seaside RelaxationNJOVUFT *%3 

QFSQFSTPO January - February Our therapist will arrange a massage in the beach bale accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean and the calming feeling of the wind floating through the trees. &OKPZUIFTPGUTUSPLFTPGBNJOVUFNBTTBHF and just relax.

Enjoy the beauty of Komodo and the surrounding islands in the comfort of our feet of yachts. We offer you the opportunity to visit the world heritage site and the other points of interest in the Komodo National 1BSLSBOHJOHGSPN*%3mNJMMJPOQFSDPVQMF depending on the number of people that register for the cruise. This includes a full day of island hopping accompanied by a guide, a packed lunch and snorkeling equipment.

Rejuvenation PackageNJOVUFT *%3  

QFSQFSTPO January choice of 60’ min massage | coffee scrub NJO]PSBOHFCPEZXSBQ ]&YDMVTJWF Foot bath Ritual Relaxing your body with pampering selection of Massage.

Peace & Tranquil %/BU*%3  

 0OF#FESPPN%FMVYF7JMMB]YNJOVUF4QB ]-VODI]%JOOFS]3FUVSO"JSQPSU5SBOTGFST Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, pamper yourself with a getaway full of tranquil surprises.

Valentine Day Couple RetreatNJOVUFT *%3  

QFSDPVQMF February #BSVOB %BOBZBOUJ NBTTBHF  XJUI TQFDJBM alacarte menu dinner at atlantis on the rock | Exclusive Foot bath Ritual Exclusive selection Treatment to be together UPDFMFCSBUF7BMFOUJOF%BZ

Sunset Private Cruise Dinner 'SPN*%3  

QFSDPVQMF January - February Every sunset in Plataran is majestic and there is no better way to enjoy it than during a cruise accompanied by a glass of wine. This includes IPVSTPGTBJMJOHPOCPBSEBUSBEJUJPOBM1IJOJTJ vessel to Sabolo island, snorkeling along the beautiful reefs, a traditional reflexology treatment, delicious sunset canapés with B HMBTT PG XJOF  BOE B DPVSTF EJOOFS PO board served by your own personal butler.


What’s on.

Family Package

Located in the misty highlands of Puncak, West Java, Villa Puncak by Plataran offers a secluded yet convenient escape from the busy metropolis of Jakarta to relax and recharge with a refreshing getaway.

Chinese New Year %/BU  



$FMFCSBUF $IJOFTF /FX :FBS BMPOHTJEF your family and stay in one of our fivebedroom villas in the leafy highlands of Puncak.

What’s on.

Make your onboard dream comes true with Plataran Private Cruises Liveaboard Experience – the most authentic way to explore the surrounding islands of Flores.

Plataran Phinisi Felicia Scheduled Liveaboard 2018 Rate 4UBSUTGSPN*%3  





Michael Maitth enjoyed our Plataran Tea Walk encounter

Sarah Azka and husband living their best life after got married

Christina Tan enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa

Julie Estelle looking gorgeous in HerWorld Indonesia December issue

Maria Rahajeng found her new favorite paradise at Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa

Ni Luh Djelantik attending Royal Dinner at newly opened Plataran Canggu Venue & Dining

Jelito enjoyed one fine afternoon by the pool at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa


Dining. From Farm to Table

Plataran destinations are perched on nature’s doorstep, integrated with the land and communities that surround them. Ingredients and expertise are sourced locally, so that culinary creations are connected to and inspired by the world outside the kitchen window. This provides our guests with a unique opportunity to venture out and discover the depth and diversity of the landscape outside; from farm to table and from ocean to plate, the natural wonders and cultural traditions of Indonesia add extra flavor to every dish. Following the journey of fresh produce from field to table, guests at Plataran Bromo can now set off for an encounter called ‘Tea Walk’, which takes them on a scenic ride through the countryside of central Java, to the region’s idyllic tea plantations. This emerald-green patchwork blankets the rolling volcanic landscape and produces some of the best tea in Indonesia. Guests can learn about traditional Javanese farming and cooking techniques, whilst also sampling produce at a beautiful location overlooking the land where it was grown. Further east in Komodo National Park, fresh fish is always on the menu. This marine wonderland is a fully stocked larder of seafood, central to the lives of local fishermen and their families. Nothing compares to the taste of fresh fish caught from the ocean and then steamed on home fires or grilled to perfection on a smoky beach barbeque. Guests at Plataran Komodo are able to visit a fisherman’s village to discover the daily lives of the locals, see how they live in close harmony with the sea, and sample the catch of the day with a delicious seafood dinner.



Plataran at Canggu Venue & Dining. 'PMMPXJOHUIFTVDDFTTPGBOFYDMVTJWFPQFOIPVTFFWFOUUIBUUPPLQMBDFPOUI%FDFNCFS 1MBUBSBO$BOHHV JTTFUUPPQFOGPSCVTJOFTTJO%FDFNCFS8JUIJUTUJNFMFTT*OEPOFTJBOBSDIJUFDUVSF UIFSFTUBVSBOUPíFST an atmosphere of Javanese royalty in a chic and comforting setting that’s centred on a traditional Javanese +PHMPIPVTF BHFENPSFUIBOZFBSTPME5IFWFOVFIBTCFFOEFTJHOFEUPSFTFNCMFBUSBEJUJPOBMSPZBM Javanese family compound, filled with rustic charm, surrounded by lush greenery and illuminated by elegant glimmering lights. Alongside the historical Joglo house, The Poolside offers a second venue for private gatherings, tucked away JOUIFNJETUPGUSPQJDBMHBSEFOT*OBEEJUJPO /BSFOESBBOEUIF"VSPSB%FDLQSPWJEFBTQFMMCJOEJOHTQPUUP enjoy the dawn of new beginnings, interspersed with Plataran’s Mini Jungle and Garden area overlooking enchanting views of the grounds. This combination of nature, heritage and artistry epitomizes the Plataran dining experience; picturesque locations in which to enjoy hearty yet refined al fresco dishes. Plataran Canggu has been crafted specially to meet the requirements of private events and opens with large HSPVQTJONJOE5IF+PHMPIPVTFDBOñUVQUPHVFTUT XIJMTUUIF1PPM#BSIBTBDBQBDJUZGPSNPSF "VSPSB%FDLDBOIPTUBTNBOZBTQFPQMF XIJMTU.JOJ+VOHMFBOEUIF(BSEFODBOBDDPNNPEBUFBOE  SFTQFDUJWFMZ


Plataran Indonesia brings its legendary menu to Bali for guests to discover the variety and complexity of its cuisine, presenting dishes carefully selected to complement each other. $VMJOBSZDMBTTJDTBWBJMBCMFJODMVEF%FOEFOH#BUPLPL "ZBN%IBSNBXBOHTB 6EBOH3BNBZBOB  4BMBE1VUSJ%FXJ #SJOKBM$IJQT /BTJ(PSFOH,FMJOH #PMB#PMB$PLSP (VSBNJ5FMPS"TJO 5BIV 5FMPS"TJOBOE(BEP(BEP%IBSNBXBOHTB Combining five-star dining and service with stellar locations and venues, Plataran Canggu ensures that special events such as weddings and gatherings with families, colleagues and acquaintances are delivered with care, craftsmanship and expertise. With a unique blend of exquisite locations, delicious dishes and attentive service, we strive to provide guests with a truly unforgettable dining experience.


What’s on.

High-end Indonesian cuisine meets Dutch colonial architecture in Plataran Menteng. Established in early 2017, Plataran Menteng is not just another restaurant – it is both a dining and event space that can hold up to 300 people.

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Salad Putri Dewi filled with guava, jicama, oven-dried tomatoes with sweet and spicy dressing, is a fresh way to delight your appetite.

Another option for starter is Bola-bola Cokro, chicken squid balls with peanut sauce.

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$FMFCSBUF $IJOFTF /FX :FBS XJUI ZPVS friends and family at Plataran Menteng this February. Terms & Conditions apply.

What’s on.

Designed to resemble a traditional royal Javanese family compound, the restaurant includes a 150-year-old wooden heritage Joglo house, wooden Javanese pavilions, a prayer house aged more than 50 years old, and an elegant glass-roofed conservatory, overlooking a beautiful tempo doeloe style garden.

One of the popular seafood dishes is Kerapu Menteng, a fried whole grouper cooked in mint leaves, basil, ginger flowers, shallots, red onions and lemongrass served with spicy tamarind sauce and ground toasted rice.

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Gurame Mangga is a wonderful Indonesian dish that brings together sweet, sour and spicy flavours.

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Another specialty off the menu is Dendeng Batokok, air dried beef spiced with traditional Sumatran relish.

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Ayam Dharmawangsa, a local take on chicken scallopini, topped with mango slaw, pomelo, and sweet & sour spicy sauce.





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A unique blend of Italy and Indonesia, Patio’s Pizza Rendang is everyone’s favourite. Pair it with Monster - Patio’s dessert that delightfully mixes mango, orange, and tamarillo.

Tastefully designed in modern European style, with private dining rooms, and a stylish bar and lounge, Patio Venue & Dining provides a cozy setting for a romantic dinner, a family celebration or business lunch, and has become a favorite of many Indonesian celebrities and lifestyle enthusiasts. Valentine’s Day Dinner 'FCSVBSZ

Those who prefer to stick to the basic, a plate of Patio’s homemade Nasi Goreng Tinta Cumi Seafood is a perfect choice for your lunch or dinner.

What’s on.

5IJT 7BMFOUJOFT %BZ  USFBU ZPVS MPWFE one to a sumptuous three-course feast courtesy of Plataran. Terms & Conditions apply.

Capelli D’Angelo All’Aragosta, angel hair with lobster, sinful indulgence, beautifully cooked and juicy.

Patio Venue & Dining +BMBO8JKBZB9***/P ,FCBZPSBO#BSV  Jakarta Selatan 1IPOF  



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Besides offering a lively dining ambiance, Patio Venue & Dining also brings a touch of sophistication to private functions and events, from cocktail parties to corporate gatherings, with seating for up to 150 guests, modern facilities and discreetly attentive service.

What’s on.

All kind of dimsum, crab porridge and toast!

Teras Dharmawangsa is the only restaurant in Dharmawangsa Square that opens for breakfast everyday from 8 am. Afternoon Delight &WFSZ.POEBZm4VOEBZ]QNmQN

Tahu Telor Asin – silk tofu with salted egg. It is slightly crispy on the outside and very smooth on the inside.

Mie Char Siu Bebek – Hongkong noodles with pakchoy, sliced chicken char siu or sliced duck.

Pair your coffee or tea with one of our new toasty dishes for the perfect afternoon delight.

Diners can enjoy breakfast one hour early every weekend and public holiday, starting from 7am. Perfect place for breakfast meetings.

Teras Dharmawangsa %IBSNBXBOHTB4RVBSF$JUZ8BML6OJU +M %BSNBXBOHTB 7*  *9  ,FCBZPSBO #BSV  Jakarta Selatan 1IPOF  

 8"POMZ  $BMMPOMZ  Opening Hours : .POEBZm'SJEBZ BNQN 4BUVSEBZ 4VOEBZ  BNQN Public Holiday


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Plataran Bimonthly Bulletin January / February 2019  
Plataran Bimonthly Bulletin January / February 2019