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P L AT Y P U S O U T D O O R S GROUP We have worked hard to showcase some of our capabilities in this guide, however Platypus Outdoors Group through the PLATATAC brand pride ourselves on challenging ourselves and our equipment. So challenge us! Engage with our team and see what we can offer.


We have some unique skills and knowledge to share with Australia and the World. Through the need to constantly adapt and solve issues identified by military, police and emergency services end users we strive to develop, trial and bring to life world class products that will not fail.

PLATYPUS OUTDOORS GROUP 6 Westpool Drive, Hallam, VIC, 3803 Australia PH: FAX:

+61 1300 PLA TAC +61 3 9796 3844

OUR MISSION To be the first choice for Australians seeking a mature and professional company to provide high quality, innovative, fit-for-purpose equipment and associated services in the Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Outdoor Enthusiast space.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT We have the in-house capability to take a concept and rapidly turn it into a reality. With our progressive and innovative approach to continually improving our product with direct user feedback our customer centricity is the cornerstone of our success. Our design team is highly trained and possesses industrial design capability allowing us to animate, pattern, sample and trial-manage an extremely broad bandwidth of product. Every product we design is driven by a specific customer need and with a “solution based” approach; we challenge our customers on every detail they are able to share. Such details include application, area of operations and equipment’s with which our product needs to work with. We know from years of experience that the more we understand, the more we can assist. Although our design team is geared to develop new concepts inhouse, they are also skilled in conducting test and evaluation of leading technologies that are commercially available. Rather than utilised resources to “reinvent the wheel” we prefer to partner with other leaders in the pursuit for delivering on requirements specified by our customers. We have a specific sub-contractor assessment process which is used to aid us in the decision to partner with an organisation and this process assesses many aspects of the prospective partner including product integrity, company track record, and their approach to quality and backup support. On average, we complete two to five new designs (specific to a customer need), each week on top of developing new product for our retail range under the name of Platatac™.

Platypus Design Hub is a company dedicated to the design and creation of custom merchandise. We have the capability to produce everything from apparel and webbing through to PVC patches and plaques. We can embroider, screen print, mould, carve, sand‌you name it and we can probably do it. Yearly we complete over 5000 design jobs for a range of customers worldwide including civilian, Military, Police and other special agencies. We can provide a never-ending array of custom merchandise. Be that for official use or morale boosting. Contact us with any merchandise requests and we will get back to you with a quote and an estimated time of production.



(03) 9024 7535

SMAC 2 ARMOUR CARRIER One of the best known PLATATAC plate carriers is the SMAC, designed and manufactured in response to a SOCOMD requirement. With adaptability being key and without sacrificing comfort for durability, the SMAC 2 features the same simple and well thought out design as its predecessor, with some added benefits. It’s a lightweight, low profile and versatile platform and with molle attachment points on entire vest profile and the addition of the rifle mag insert and integrated hydration/ MOE tool carrier, this allows the user to significantly increases load carriage options. The SMAC 2 shares commonality with the ASAD PDS armour carrier ballistic -

- protection accessories, giving the user the ability to up armour and rapidly change out the suite of velcro in/out cummerbunds to suit mission requirements. The SMAC 2 has integral padding against the body which provides added comfort if stand-alone hard armour plates are being worn. Internal plate holders allow for various sizes of hard armour inserts to be used. The SMAC 2 comes standard with a MOLLE mesh cummerbund, padded shoulder pads and rifle mag insert, which can be used in the integrated kangaroo pouch or clipped to the front of the SMAC 2 as a low-profile chest rig.

PALS webbing from MOLLE attachment front and back Velcro loop fields front and back to attach flags or other ID panels Accepts various HAI and soft armour inserts Integrated hydration/MOE tool pocket on rear Integrated drag handle Manufactured from 500 denier tactical nylon with ITW Nexus hardware

ASAD ASSAULTER PROTECTION SYSTEM The ASAD is lightweight, low profile and ergonomic base platform that can be worn through a range of operations due to the scalable and adaptive design. With a wide range of accessories and up armour potential, the carrier can be utilised from discreet level operations through to deliberate action in a Law Enforcement or CT setting. Through the design phase of the ASAD, emphasis was placed on reducing the load burden as well as overall bulk to increase wearer mobility. The flipside of the -

Made from 500 denier tactical nylon (ITW Nexus hardware) Outlast Phase Change Material Removable front MOLLE Panel Integrated cable and hydration management Front and rear PALS for the attachment of MOLLE Pouches

- design task was to provide a system that can be scaled up at the commander or user’s discretion, but still be lightweight and not overly cumbersome. The use of weight reducing materials, coupled with the cut of the carrier, ensure that it is as light and comfortable as possible, without compromising durability. On top of this we have incorporated Phase Change Material to aid with the thermal regulation of the user. The ASAD, provides you with the options you need.

Accepts various sized HAI and soft armour inserts Platatac CHICOM compatible Rear zips to attach assault panels Optional extras to boost load carriage and protection

SR JUNGLE PA C K The SR Jungle ALICE Pack was developed as a specific user requirement for use during jungle operations. A slim tall design with low profile sides ensures easy movement through close terrain. Numerous advanced features make this a highly versatile and modular platform to attach additional pouches for extended operations.

50 litre main compartment made from a single piece of 500d Nylon with roll top closure Full length side zippered pockets to stow gun stakes or tripods Accepts ALICE, 1606 and TYR Frames PALS sides and top front for the addition of extra pouches i.e. Admin and long pouches Removable lid for OP Kit/Go Bag with 1� web tape shoulder strap

C R A B S PA N E L MK II The Platatac CRABS (Chicom Rifle and Bombs) panel has been designed to work as a standalone low-profile chest rig or it can be connected to a plate carrier via quick release ITW clips. The thin profile of the CRABS is perfect for vehicle mounted, jungle or urban operations. It provides a versatile platform to carry the essentials and with two molle fields on each side it allows the addition -

- of extra pouches as the mission dictates. The full velcro field on the rear allows the rig to attach to plate carriers or incorporate the CRABS molle side panels or other Platatac velcro accessories for additional storage capabilities. I.e the ASAD Dump pouch. The Chicom Lo Pro suspenders come standard and the CRABS will work seamlessly with all Chicom accessories.

5 x Rifle magazine shingle with elastic shock cord retention 2 x Pistol magazine elastic sides pouches with removable flaps and elastic shock cord retention 1 x small pouch with velcro closure Lightweight and low profile Integrates with CHICOM armour carrier clips to be fitted to any MOLLE armour carrier Can be worn standalone with all CHICOM harness options and accessories

BULLOCK ECHO MK II Based on the Echo Hydration Pack, the Bullock Echo Mk2 was born from an ADF requirement for a small assault/combat sustainment pack that could be mounted to in the in-service armour carriers. Much like the Echo Hydration Pack, the Bullock Echo Mk2 bridges the gap between hydration carriers and small assault packs. The integral adjustable cargo cradle is designed to carry your combat helmet on admin moves or to quickly stow a cold -

Internal Bladder Sleeve with Velcro tab to hold bladder upright Removable internal zippered mesh admin pouch Lightweight and strong ULTRAcomp back Fixed cargo cradle for helmet or additional gear carriage External zippered pocket on cargo cradle 2 x zippered side utility pouches 150x75mm loop field for Flags, IFF or nametag

- weather jacket in an FUP. The external zippered pockets and MOLLE areas allow for extra items to be carried. The Bullock Echo Mk2 can be directly mounted onto your armour carrier, field pack, be used as a grab bag with the removable Echo shoulder straps or attached via MOLLE to other platforms, via the compatibility Platatac MOLLE on zips and Platatac short assault panel.

Reinforced carry handle Drainage eyelets in main compartment and side pockets MOLLE at rear to attach to other platforms Double stitched and bar tacked on all major seams Made from 500 denier nylon with an ULTRAcomp back NSN 8465-66-160-4474 (Multicam)

152 RADIO POUCHES The PLATATAC range of tactical communications pouches give users multiple versatile options to securely carry a Harris AN/PRC 152 radio with GPS module. The drop-down option allows easy access to the radio -

- control panel. The Left and right sided cummerbund options allow the radio to be worn under the front flap of the carrier. They are padded to provide comfort when worn against the body.

Lightweight Height adjustable for use with battery splitter Elasticized sides to accommodate data cable One wrap velcro cable keepers Made with Blue Force Gear Ultracomp 500D nylon used on cummerbund pouches ITW Nexus hardware

PEACEKEEPER MK IV The Peacekeeper Mk IV has been designed to be a standalone low profile chest rig or to be worn over body armour systems. The PK4 has a large carrying capacity due to the multiple pouches. Also with multiple MOLLE fields, it allows the user to scale up or down, to carry the gear required of for almost any mission. The PK4 boasts a large magazine carrying capacity with three double 5.56 magazine pouches at the front. Behind the magazine pouches is a kangaroo pocket to insert a SMAC triple shingle for extra mags. Two PALS fields either side of -

4 x MOLLE Rows 2 x MOLLE Columns (x2) 2 x medium sized zippered pouches with front zip pockets 3 x 5.56mm Double magazine pouches 1 x Horizontal zippered pocket with cyalume/antenna loops (under magazine pouches)

- the mag pouches allow the user to attach an additional magazine, grenade or first aid pouches. Below the magazine pouches is a long zippered pouch for misc. mission essentials such as a weapon cleaning kit, cam cream or a few ration pack items. A Velcro sandwich between the layers behind the bottom pouch allows the ASAD Modular dump pouch to be attached to dump spent mags or boost the carrying capacity of secondary ammunition or dems.

3 x External mesh pockets on rear 1 x Internal Velcro pocket Sewn drainage holes Built from 500 Denier Multicam Cordura nylon fabric YKK Zips with Paracord pulls

3S B E LT M K I I The PLATATAC 3S belt pad Mk2 is a low profile, versatile and lightweight gunfighter base belt which bridges the gap between a modular rigger’s belt i.e. a SICC belt and a full belt kit setup. The full molle exterior allows the user to move some items from the plate carrier to the hips to -

- access first line essentials. The drop pass throughs allow the user to affix offset holsters or thigh rigs directly from the belt. Internally the belt pad has a plastic stiffener to provide a rigid load carrying base and to retain the belt pad form when fewer pouches are mounted.

Integrates with the PLATATAC range of SICC belts GripTac sections against body to stop movement when worn 3 x rows of MOLLE exterior to attach pouches Internal skeletal stiffener provides a rigid platform for load carriage whilst staying flexible Vertical pass-throughs for mounting drop and offset holsters or leg rigs Slits between first and second MOLLE panels to thread pistol belts Sewn loop locks to attach suspenders or harness Multicam, and CBK are NSN’d

SICC B E LT M K I I The PLATATAC SICC Belt Mk2 provides a stable platform to use as a first line tactical /riggers /gunfighter belt, whether worn stand alone or in conjunction with our SRO inner belt or padded molle 3S belt pad, the SICC belt allows the combatant to integrate multiple platforms with one belt. Made with rigid mil spec webbing and with two rows of 1/2� MOLLE webbing, the belt provides a highly -

- versatile mounting platform for MOLLE pouches, Tek Lok attachments or belt loops. It will not sag with pouches and holsters attached. The SICC belt has been tested and meets Australian Standard: AS/NZS 1891.1 1995 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices, Part 1 Safety Belts and Harnesses.

Constructed with high strength 1.75� Type 13 webbing Thick, Rigid, Layered web tape ensure holster stability Lightweight, quick release aluminium Cobra Buckle Reinforced loop for pistol lanyard or helo strop 2x rows of MOLLE for easy attachment of pistol mag, frags or small admin pouches. Compatible with 3S Belt and the SRO Inner Belt Available in SML - XXL sizes

FA L C O N PA C K The Falcon Pack has been designed in conjunction with Australian Special Operations Engineer Regiment (SOER) members to carry the in-service MineLab F3 Compact Mine Detector and related ancillaries. The Falcon Pack also doubles as a combat sustainment pack, SSE bag or casevac platform. The TAC EVAC stretcher stowed in the rear means every member has a rapidly deployable lightweight stretcher attached to them.

Molle fields on front and sides to attach in service pouches Various QR accessories to attach to plate carriers SSE pocket / Helmet cradle with 8 compression straps Internal hook and loop holders to vertically secure the F3 MineLab 1 x Kangaroo pocket with hook and loop to allow the insertion of our triple shingle insert

1 x Mesh pocket on inside of helmet cradle Elastic loops to carry 8 C-cell Batteries Elastic loops to suit AA batteries or similar sized items Mesh pockets for hook and line kits or other task specific items Pull out TAC EVAC stretcher with reinforced handles Reinforced grab handle

K9 ITEMS The PLATATAC range of K9 items have been designed with the input of Special Operations, Army Engineer and Law Enforcement handlers. The complete line of CAD, MWD and search harnesses, collars, adjustable leads, camera mounts and viewing platforms, daypacks and -

- various other items are combat proven and in use with numerous Defence and Police Tactical units. Harnesses are custom made from mil spec load bearing materials for use in hoisting/ lowering, climbing, fast rope and parachute operations.





C O O L U N D E R TA C T I C A L SHIRT (CUTS V2) The CUTS V2 is specifically designed to promote cooling when using body armour in warm environments or whilst conducting strenuous activities. The CUTS differs greatly from a regular BDU shirt though the use of lightweight, moisture wicking fabric in areas where body armour contacts the body, such as the torso. The fabric maximises air flow and heat dissipation where it is required. Furthermore, the shoulders are constructed from 3D air mesh allowing maximum comfort when using load bearing equipment. The elbows of the CUTS have -

- been redesigned to accept the D3OÂŽ Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Elbow Pad (sold separately). The sleeves are constructed from a heavier weight fabric ensuring maximum durability. The sleeves feature upper arm pockets with pile tabs allowing the attachment of multiple IFF patches and include a webbing flap allowing the user to either hide or display an IR Square with minimal effort. The pockets also feature an additional smaller zippered pocket on top of the original pocket.

2x Velcro Pockets on Sleeves with Hook and Loop for Patches and IFF and; Zippered Pockets for smaller items Accepts the D3OÂŽ Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Elbow Pad (sold separately) Airmesh Shoulders to promote cooling and enhance comfort when using packs/armour carriers Zippered Collar Velcro Cuffs Available in MultiCam 100% Cotton and AOR1, Black and Navy NYCO


Designed to Integrate with D3O® TRUST HP Internal knee pad (sold separately) Will accept D3O® Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Knee Pad Dual knee cinch adjustment Low pro elasticized take-in tabs on the waist Zippered fly with Velcro closure Rear pockets with Velcro flap Front utility pockets placed higher on front of the thigh

Large thigh pockets with angled flap for ease of access Lower leg pockets for survival , E and E kit Tapered but roomier cut for athletic fit and performance Padded biased cut waist for increased user comfort Use of 4-way stretch fabric in crotch, knees and lower back Reinforced at the seat and pant cuff to reduce wear Double stitched and bar tacked in major stress zones NYCO Multicam® and AOR1 Fabric

ILAV The Integrated Light Armour Vest (ILAV) was developed in response to the specification set out by the largest Law Enforcement Agency in Australia and one of the largest in the English-speaking world. Due to the large geographical area of operations covering multiple different climate zones, Platypus Outdoors Group have developed a solution suite which is aimed to enable members to comfortably conduct their job in a wide range of operational conditions. Particular emphasis was -

- placed on thermal regulation, comfort and weight reduction at the design phase. The result is a lightweight Soft Armour Carrier, which includes integrated comfort and safety enhancements via the use of Fire Retardant, lightweight 500D nylon and technical stretch fabrics which are strategically located throughout each garment, coupled with Phase Change Materials to assist with thermal management.

Fire Retardant 500D nylon and stretch fabrics Outlast Phase Change Materials PALS compatible for the fitment of accoutrement pouches Velcro fields for the fitment of agency or unit insignia Microphone loops and cable management Hydration compatible Front pocket provides the ability to up armour with a Front Ballistic Plate

I L AV PA C K Designed to seamlessly function in conjunction with the Integrated Light Armour Vest (ILAV) or as a stand-alone small hydration/day pack. The pack is designed to be quickly attached or removed from the ILAV when required. The pack is designed to provide a lightweight platform to carry water, first aid and additional equipment for members conducting foot patrols, bike patrols, public order, searches or other work were access to a vehicle is not immediately available.

Lightweight Hydration Compatible Low Profile Immediate Access Pocket

LE COMFORT SYSTEM The LE-PB (Law Enforcement Patrol Belt) Comfort System, has been designed to reduce user fatigue and muscular skeletal injuries related to belt worn equipment. The belt is designed to offer a stable and comfortable platform for belt worn accoutrement. The increased rigidity of the belt, coupled with adjustable and -

- removable padding for the hips and lumber that assist with balancing and distributing loads on the hips. The lumbar support pad also assists with aiding posture whilst seated in vehicles, by filling the void between the back and the seat of modern vehicles.

Dual locking safety buckle Inner SRO Belt Rigid 500D Nylon Duty Belt 2 x Hip Support Pads 1 x Lumbar Support Pad

T. O LBV The T.O LBV is an improved variant of the same LBV design that is provided to the Queensland Police Service. The LBV is constructed of Fire Retardant Mesh to promote cooling and airflow, whilst providing a carriage platform for members working in the hot and tropical -

- climates experienced in Queensland. PALS fields are featured on front and rear as well as cable routing through-out the vest via button holes. Velcro fields on the front and rear panels allow for unit or agency insignia to affix with ease.

FR Mesh Adjustable Shoulders Horizontal PALS Mesh construction to promote cooling and air flow Front and rear PALS fields Belt attachment loops

QPS LBV The Queensland Police Service Load Bearing Vest is the current in service KBV for the service. The LBV is constructed of Fire Retardant Mesh to promote cooling and airflow, whilst providing a carriage platform for -

- members working in the hot and tropical climates experienced in Queensland. The LBV features a combination of vertical and horizontal PALS field to provide a greater range of pouch fitment options.

FR Mesh Adjustable Shoulders Horizontal and vertical combination PALS Mesh construction to promote cooling and air flow Belt Keepers Internal Cummerbund

AERO MEDICAL CREW UNIFROM Designed in conjunction with Aeromedical Teams throughout Australia, Platypus Outdoors Group have developed a feature rich uniform that is designed to meet the requirements of modern Air Crew and Rescue Teams. This is not just a flight suit with a couple of extra pockets. This is a lightweight and breathable uniform -

Pants: Fire Resistant Dual front pockets for shears and J knife Thigh pockets with secondary top pocket for your phone Oversized lower calf pocket Hi-visibility Tape Stretch panels in knee and yoke for greater range of movement Designed to be worn in conjunction with harnesses

- that has been designed around the user and their operational requirements. The layout has been designed to provide greater access and storage of key equipment. Key high wear areas have been reinforced and excess material removed in others to reduce weight and thermal burden.

Shirt: Fire Resistant Low profile upper bicep pockets with Velcro for fitment of insignia Lightweight, breathable moisture wicking body Hi-visibility tape on forearms Chem light holders on forearm to aid in night operations signaling

PATROL PANTS The Patrol Pants are a comfortable heavy duty uniform pant with generous storage space. Each pocket is designed and placed for ease of access and comfort.

12 Pockets Slot for internal knee pads Will accept D3OÂŽ Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Knee Pad Reinforced crotch Elastic drawstring blousing 60mm belt loops with lanyard locations

Zippered fly with button closure Double stitched on major seams and bar tacked where required ATACS AU NYCO fabric 52% NYLON/48% Cotton MultiCam 100% Cotton fabric Fire-retardant fabric Navy Ripstop NYCO

INTERDICTION SHIRT The Interdiction Shirt is a cost effective cut down version of our best-selling CUTS Shirt. The comfortable shirt is designed to provide a more uniform appearance, yet maintain its comfort and function factors. Available for Custom Uniform Requirements.

2x Zippered bicep pockets with pen slots Hook and Loop for Patches and IFF and; Double layered elbow sections for durability Zippered Collar Velcro Cuffs Made from FR Fabric

DANNER DESERT TFX G3 8” TAN (ADF ISSUED COMBAT BOOT) NSN’D Designed for speed and constructed for stability, the G3 is built on Danners lightest weight and most versatile TFX platform, the Danner® TFX-8. The Desert TFX G3 also features a durable, rough-out leather upper with lightweight 1000 Denier nylon.The Vibram® Striker® Torrent outsole is designed with a pentagonal pivot point lug pattern for grip in all directions.

DANNER ® In 1932 Charles Danner opened his boot making business risking his future on a stubborn belief that, regardless of the economy, superior craftsmanship mattered. While much has changed since the first Danner boot was made, our dedication to crafting a superior product has not. Hold a Danner boot in your hand and you’ll notice the hand-crafted precision. Try it on and you’ll feel the difference. Test it against the elements and you’ll appreciate the value of a product that is built to last. A Danner boot is a mark of unwavering quality. It has been since 1932 and will be for years to come.

B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ IR / Visible Laser The B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ represents a true paradigm shift in laser system design. It is a full featured infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser for individual carbines.  Offering improved ergonomics, interface, and performance, the MAWL was designed from the ground up around the evolved needs of the warfighter.  The original MAWL-DA is a ground-breaking laser system.  Now, it is being made available for individual purchase in the form of the MAWL-C1+.  The MAWL-C1+ breaks as much ground in performance as the physical form does in function.

B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc ™ B.E. Meyers provides leading-edge tactical lasers, non-lethal lasers, sights, night vision, and weapon accessories to military and law enforcement customers worldwide.

BROWNING ENSEMBLE HOLSTER USED BY ADF Platypus Outdoors Group and Platatac are proud to announce that our BLADE-TECH ™ USA made holster system has successfully been selected to be the ongoing in-service holster for ADF. This gives a stable and safe side-arm carriage solution for those who serve. More Blade-Tech products will be made available for private purchase, we encourage any government agencies requiring tried and tested systems to engage your relevant sales team.

BLADE-TECH ™ Blade-Tech Industries is the leading manufacturer of custom, production thermoplastic, injection molded tactical holsters, knife sheaths and magazine pouches. Blade Tech also produces its own line of high quality field knives. You will appreciate the integration of cutting edge technology and fine craftsmanship. Bladetech is a PROUD USA manufacturer. Platatac currently supplies Bladetech holsters to the Australian Defence Force. For the browning 9mm and H&K USP.

TRILOBYTE HELMET LIGHT The Trilobyte is the next generation of Tactical Beacon that builds on the venerable VIP Tactical Beacon, and continues what Adventure Lights has accomplished since Day 1: Combat proven features asked for by the operators providing customizable visual and Near Infrared spectrums that synchronize in a user friendly, rugged, compact AA Battery powered light able to withstand extreme environments.

ADVENRURE LIGHTS ® Adventure Lights Inc. is a Canadian company whose products are recognised for their extreme durability and outstanding performance. “Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions®” is more than just our trademark, it is part of our mission statement - to make versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance.

VIP QUANTUM FX CHAMELEON The Quantum FX represents the pinnacle of our use controlled and field programmable lights. This light series is our flagship product line and gives the user control of up to four light spectrums (including IR) and the ability to field program both the light signatures of each color and their respective intensity. To top up the feature set, preprogrammed sensors are built into the light to activate specific instruction sets when triggered remotely by IR, Laser, or RF signals. This last feature has a multitude of uses, IFF and fratricide reduction being one of the most important. The Chameleon like its namesake features the ability to both adapt and interact with its environment.

BLUE FORCE GEAR MARCO MARKING LIGHT DISPENSER Gone are the days of 100mph tape, 550 cord, and the frustration of your marking light bundles. Envisioned after many wasted hours of prepping traditional 4” and 6” marking lights, the MARCO™ Marking Light Dispenser is an incredibly efficient and compact way to carry marking sticks for room clearing and many other applications. These disposable marking stick dispensers take seconds to prep, rip open the foil packaging and slap the MARCO dispenser into the belt, MOLLE or Kydex carrying pouch.

BLUE FORCE GEAR ® Since our beginning in 2004, we strive for excellence in all we do and to exemplify that excellence in our products and design. We are devoted to those we serve to deliver innovative gear with superior quality. Blue Force Gear is not satisfied with making the same thing as everyone else - merely changing the colour or style. We design by a code of advancement - if we can’t make something better than what is currently available, we don’t make it. By continually innovating, our products will always be different. We are proud to have pioneered technological innovations that have revolutionized load carriage and weapon carrying establishing the world’s standard in weapon slings and the world’s lightest, MOLLE compatible load carriage. Of course we are not stopping there. We are continually improving our gear lineup and looking for more ways to improve the tactical gear industry and ultimately the warriors here at home and worldwide.


SYLYNX® Silynx Communications (“Silynx”) is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of tactical, in-ear headset systems. Silynx in-ear headsets provide advanced hearing protection, hearing enhancement, and communications capabilities. Field-tested and combat proven for nearly a decade, Silynx headsets are used by elite US and international warfighters, all levels of law enforcement, including federal, state, and local, and international public safety and security forces. Silynx headset systems protect against impulse and steady-state noises while enabling the user to hear ambient noises, via “hear-thru” functionality, and maintain 360° situational awareness. Working closely with end users, Silynx integrates feedback from the field into all of its solutions. Compatible with standard military and law enforcement radios and available with a broad range of unique accessories, Silynx headsets can be used in any mission setting, mounted/dismounted, maritime, airborne, or low-vis operations. Silynx solutions provide users with an unparalleled operational edge, enhancing lethality and situational awareness. Silynx is committed to constant innovation and improvement of products and ideas to meet the continually changing requirements of operators.

AKU PILGRIM GTX BOOTS Exclusive to Platatac (in Australia) and developed from the hugely successful AKU Navy Seal, the Pilgrim GTX is completely waterproof with increased breathability and quick drying. EVA foam cushioning offers added impact absorption and the increased ankle height provides stability and support. A brand new sole unit with a deeper tread provides traction on varying terrain. This GTX model is perfect for any situation that demands total waterproofness and enhanced breathability. With a 3D fully taped Gore Tex booty lining and Air 8000 uppers the Pilgrim GTX is 30% more breathable than conventional Gore Tex lined boots.

AKU FOOTWEAR Ž AKU, an Italian company, founded by Galliano Bordin, which has grown from a small workshop into an industry, has more than thirty years’ experience in the design and production of high quality trekking and outdoor footwear. The AKU collection ranges from mountaineering boots to active free time footwear and behind each model lies a genuine love for manufacturing, built on the age-old prestigious tradition of Italian workmanship. Research into new technologies, together with the design and production of the AKU trekking and outdoor footwear collection top models, take place at the production plant in Montebelluna, Italy in the province of Treviso, famous for its sports footwear. The second production facility is in Cluji Napoca, in Romania, where part of the AKU models are manufactured. Ongoing investments in materials research, technological designs, and production craftsmanship have made AKU the undisputed leader in comfort and fit for all applications of outdoor footwear.

CRKT M16-14DSFG TANTO FOLDING KNIFE In the process of developing our line of Carson special forces G10 M16® models, it became apparent that there was a demand for these models from coalition forces serving in desert environments. These models have Desert Tan blade and scales. The M16®-14DSFG Big Dog G10 is our hefty utility version, with a 3.875” (98 mm) dual grind Tanto blade and full-size handle with butt pommel. It weighs 5.9 oz. (167 g). Just like its black tactical counterpart, this knife shares a unique design offering a combination of Carson SF series features requested by military procurement specialists. It has a combined Razor-Sharp and patented (1) Veff™ Serrated edge. The open build allows two Carson Flippers to be incorporated, resulting in a true hilt— up to now rare in folding knives.

CRKT® Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®), a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories was founded by Rod Bremer in 1994. CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose driven designs. The most innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry have created our knife, tool and accessory products. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use at affordable prices. All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available. Our purpose is to provide useful improvements, and entirely new product concepts, that embrace our historic core company values of quality, innovation, and value.

BLUEGUNS® Ring’s Manufacturing originated from our parent company Ring’s Studio Gun Rental Inc., which was established in 1989. Providing weapon related props and accompaniments to the Motion Picture and Television Industries. In the mid-90’s Ring’s purchased a molding facility from the Los Angeles area and moved it to the East Coast. Refining the craft, Ring’s has provided urethane foam stunt props to those same industries. In the late 90’s Ring’s began receiving inquiries from the Law Enforcement communities to manufacture a quality training aid. After considerable research Ring’s has crafted the most detailed and durable training weapon available in today’s market. Ring’s training weapons, known as “Firearm Simulators” or an adopted name of “BLUEGUNS “, are so exact in size and dimension that many holster, grip & laser manufacturers use them to display their own products. Ring’s believes that in order to get proper safe tactical training you need to use a training aid that has the look and feel of your personal weapon. Blueguns are not to be used for anything other than their intended use. Modifying or painting training aids in any colour other than Blue or Red may cause public alarm and is unlawful. Please ensure that you check your local legislation pertaining to the purchase and use of Blue Guns.

SOFTIE 9 HAWK SLEEPING BAG If you’re planning a number of expeditions in different conditions, you need a versatile sleeping bag that will do a great job no matter what the temperature. The Softie 9 Hawk is a multifunctional, three season sleeping bag that covers temperatures down to -10°c, and can be easily increased to a four season bag by adding a Snugpak liner. This is also one of our incredibly lightweight, micro size packs at just 19 x 21cm when fully compressed, making it the ultimate easy carrier. The Softie 9 Hawk enjoys all the benefits of the Softie range, including the Softie filling and lining giving great insulation and comfort, reflecting and trapping heat; the mummy-style shape which is designed for warmth and comfort and the snugfit hood with its adjustable cord to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, even when the temperature drops.

SNUGPAK ÂŽ Snugpak is a true, pioneering British company that offers world class cold weather clothing and camping equipment for both military and civilian application. Pioneers of the SoftieÂŽ insulating filler, their sleeping bags and ECW solutions can handle any subzero environment on the planet and have been used in every conflict since the Falklands war.


EBERLESTOCK J51 WARHAMMER PACK The J51 Warhammer is an offshoot of Eberlestocks popular J79 Skycrane II, but has more generous side/main butterfly compartments, so in effect the Warhammer has more standalone capacity. However, the products are very similar in function, and use many of the same components. Whereas the Skycrane II system includes the G1 and LP1 packs, these can be purchased separately when building a J51based pack. The Warhammer is built around the U.S. military’s beloved ALICE, a tried and true pack frame. Using the frame as a core structure, Eberlestock has developed an entirely new style of pack that has amazing utility and versatility. It takes advantage of the ALICE’s compact size, and take-anythingyou-can-throw-at-it toughness, and incorporates features and qualities that have made Eberlestock packs famous. Because the frame is fully wrapped in the structure of the pack, more along the lines of an internal frame than an external frame, Eberlestock has eliminated frame noise, and built an exceptionally comfortable and well ventilated pack.

EBERLESTOCKÂŽ Eberlestock are specialists in military and hunting packs with integrated weapon carriage solutions including long barrel rifles, shotguns and bow hunting equipment. Their build quality is exceptional and their designs are both comfortable and functional resulting in excellent all round tactical and hunting field packs.

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We have worked hard to showcase some of our capabilities in this guide, however Platypus Outdoors Group through the PLATATAC brand pride our...


We have worked hard to showcase some of our capabilities in this guide, however Platypus Outdoors Group through the PLATATAC brand pride our...

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