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PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION’S WARNING MESSAGE TO THE THREE BIGGEST SUSTAINERS OF THE HORRIBLE LIBERIAN THEORY – THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, THE LIBERIAN LEGISLATURE, & THE LIBERIAN EXECUTIVE MANSION **Note that this message was intended to be separated and taken to these 3 big entities individually by us, in persons, and through some civic action, right before the Americo-Liberian December 26, 2017 so-called Presidential Run-off elections, but due to unspeakable obstacles, we could not. However, as we are now bent on using History to reborn our country, God willing, we are never deterred to still present the message as it was originally intended, as follows:

We first appreciate the United States Government through the United Nations, for all of the sacrifices done here, especially beginning with UNOMIL (i.e. the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia) in 1993, then next, UNOL (the United Nations Peace Building Office in Liberia), in 1997, then an enhanced UNOL, up to 2003, and finally, UNMIL (or the United Nations Mission in Liberia), and all of its sacrifices here – both in materials and blood. The United Nations, we understand from our history, is a shared brainchild of a US President and a British Prime Minister – in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill respectively. In addition, the United States has consistently played significant roles in the sustenance of the UN since its very establishment in San Francisco, on the 24th of October, 1945, to date. As we speak, in addition to hosting the UN headquarters in New York, the US Government, according to BBC, also shoulders 22% of the United Nation’s regular administrative budget, in addition to 26% of the organization’s peacekeeping budget etc. All this makes Liberia’s problems very complicated to handle, as the key actors, presumably, on the problem side, and those most probably on the solution side, in addition to the many domestic actors themselves, are all interconnected, and hugely interrelated. Notwithstanding this confusion and complication, true children of God must be patient, longsuffering, objective, and bold enough to discern issues, and to distinguish between sources of problems, and sources of solutions – all, in an effort to resolve difficult situations.


Having said that, because of the debt of gratitude that we, the people of this place, do owe the UN for all of the priceless sacrifices that it is making here in order to afford us the opportunity – once in our lifetimes – to say and do things, that we have NEVER said and done here before, sacrifices intended to help put our national life and house in order once and for all, and sacrifices which have never before, been done in such a direction, and at such a scale, in the 195 year history of this place etc.; and conscious of how strongly interrelated the US and the UN are, and how significantly critical America is, to this world body, we also come to appreciate the United States for how far our country has come, as a result of all of this collective effort. All of this effort of the United Nations, as we mentioned earlier, beginning officially with UNOMIL, then UNOL, then UNMIL, whose costs – intrinsic, physical, and otherwise – can now count multiple tens of billions of US Dollars, as everyone can bear us witness, has been primarily for the purpose of bringing peace, peace, and peace to this country, and for peace to take its rightful place in this society once and for all etc., but we come to let you know sadly that we all are still getting certain highly essential things very terribly wrong; and for this reason, this peace, every honest person can see, is still too far-fetched in our country, even though there are no sounds of gunfire around. And this very essential thing mentioned earlier, that all of us are still getting terribly wrong, including all of you, the 3 biggest sustainers of Liberia, the unequivocal master stakeholder in this country’s affairs – the United States, the Liberian Legislature, and the Liberian Executive Mansion, which we come to boldly let you know about, is no other reality than what the revered American Islamic cleric, Mr. Louis Farakhan Mohammed tries to bring to our attention, when he says here with slight paraphrasing, that: “There really can be no peace without justice, and there can be no justice without the truth, while there can be no truth too, unless someone rises up, or some people rise up, to tell the truth.” This big campaign of truth telling of course, which is intended to free us from the current hell in which we find ourselves in this place; a campaign that we can NEVER allow the United Nations to leave before beginning aggressively to make it spread across our country like wild fire, or even a campaign that we must ensure that the United Nations remains around to see it beginning to yield its desired fruits etc., must start by first off


exposing and discarding the first 4 GREAT LIES that laid the 4 cornerstones of Liberia’s very rotten and cursed foundation, which from credible sources including: Wikipedia, Joseph Saye Guannu’s Liberian History Up To 1847; Catherine Reef’s “This is our Dark Country: The American Slaves that settled in Liberia; Hezekiah Niles’ Weekly Register etc. are as follows: A. LIE #1: Dangerously influential and criminal Black freed slaves, when systematically weeded out of the American Society, and dumped forcibly – if that’s what it takes – on some spot on the African continent, can form a state by themselves, and then begin to ‘Christianize’ and ‘Civilize’ the whole continent of Africa from this spot B. LIE #2: American Colonization Society (ACS) Agent Eli Ayres and US Naval Lieutenant Robert Field Stockton had lied to our tribal forefathers that they were settling their hardcore criminal Black slaves, the occupants of their Elizabeth the Mayflower, the Nautilus etc. on our Cape Mesurado for a while, to trace their rightful locations on the African continent before taking them to their final destinations, since it will be grossly stupid to rationalize that all those troublesome Black slaves systematically rounded up from America did come from this particular Western spot on the African continent. C. LIE #3: Again, ACS Agent, Surgeon Dr. Eli Ayres and US Naval Lieutenant Robert Field Stockton of New Jersey, after pointing pistol at our tribal forefather’s head to surrender our land, Cape Mesurado, went further, as part of some professedly formal deal for this land, drawn out of coercion, to promise our people some unspecified sum of money, to be brought later for this land, after insultingly giving our people some smoke fish, salt, old shoes etc. from their ships, as so-called part payment for this land. The promised cash payment, to be brought later to our ALWAYS badly cheated, defenseless, and choiceless tribal forefathers, became a great LIE in the end D. LIE #4: The criminal Black Americans had claimed to the whole world that when they arrived here on January 7, 1822, they NEVER met any human beings, but rather, all that they met was a vast wilderness, inhabited to some extent by wild beasts or savages, and that they began to transform these savages bit by bit into human beings.


This bloody claim is being tightly embedded in the name, symbols, emblems, and holidays of Liberia, all of which continue to be vehemently defended and sustained to date by America and her Americo-Liberians against the blood and well-being of the vast indigenous African majority of this place. As the Greek Philosopher once declared that the least, or single deviation from the truth will multiply itself later a thousand times, everything about Liberia, from the very treacherous foundation of LIES in 1822 to date, is just multiplied LIES, LIES, and LIES, lies that are either easily recognizable right on the surface, or lies that require some extra effort to discover. And the most painful thing at present is that these great lies and deceit continue to reign supreme, after one of the biggest and most expensive of a recorded United Nations’ intervention in a given place at a given time, to offer a window of opportunity for genuine change had come, and is about to go, in 14 round years. A part of this expensive UN mission has included helping to bring relief against some terrible acts of INJUSTICE and atrocities committed in this country, covering a partial 25 years of bloodbath, for a country that has experienced multiple decades and dozens rounds of wars and carnage, as a result of this same foundation of GREAT LIES and DECEIT. It beats anyone’s candid imagination that after all of this expensive UN effort to clean up our country, with UNMIL alone, exhausting over US$600 million in annual budget for sustenance in 15 years now, according to several reliable sources, not to mention what UNOMIL and UNOL incurred, including what each of their exclusive, one-time deployment costs amounted to etc., our country still bears the very lying, divisive and cursed name, “Liberia”; this place still flies a lying flag of 11 funny stripes with a mischievous lone star in a blue field; our country still subscribes to a very deceitful and bloody motto and seal, in 195 years now, although professedly claimed as 170 years; our homeland is still masquerading with a criminal and invalid Declaration of Independence document etc. In addition to this barrage of mess, the very professed organic laws of our land, the Constitution, as we speak, is a very messy instrument, with several lying provisions right on the surface, including the likes of Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 21, 26 etc.; several articles that promote unquestionable racial and ethnic discrimination like Article 27(b); and those that squarely promote gross impunity and cruelty like Article 97 etc.


All this is happening in a land, or a theoretical country, that claims to be a child, or as other normally put it, a step child of America; a theoretical country, which US President Grover Cleveland did acknowledge in his 1886 speech to Congress as a proud offshoot of America, or the American system; a professed country, whose citizens, another US President William Howard Taft, did pledge America’s moral obligation to, in 1909 while having an engagement with Congress too etc., when the motherland, America, which this “Liberia” claims to come from, continues to demonstrate, from its very date of independence in 1776 to date, to be a very dynamic country at change, a country so dynamic and flexible with change, that it even appears to be 1 step ahead of our entire world’s terribly fast moving times. That’s why, for example: 1. As dull, criminal, lazy, and colonial Liberia, 195 years on, still prides itself in a cheating and bloodily divisive name, “Liberia”, a name given to it by US Congressman Robert G. Harper of the State of Maryland in 1824, a name which favors only the Americo-Liberians over the vast indigenous majority of this land etc.; the United States of America, we are told from history, rather takes pride in the allinclusive, land-descriptive, and exploration-based name, “America”, in honor of the Italian Explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, who was favored over Christopher Columbus, for this great name, America, in his part of discovery work of the New World. Greek Proofreader Mathias Ringmann and his counterpart, German Mapmaker, Martin Waldseemuller coined this name, America, in honor of Amerigo, and placed it on Waldseemuller’s map as far back as 1507. We are told that for the all-inclusiveness and impartiality of this name, America, the lone, surviving copy of this 1507 Waldseemuller’s map was purchased by the US Government for a record $10 million when it accidentally surfaced in a German museum in 1901. The Library of Congress displays this map as America’s birth certificate and the most important document of all times. 2. As dull, criminal, lazy, and biased Liberia still takes pride in a Susannah Lewis and others-1847-made flag of 11 stripes, a blue field, with a lone star, as was suggested to the Americo-Liberians by Harvard Law School Professor John Simon Greenleaf, at their crazy talk shop called Constitutional Convention of June to July 1847, with the 11 stripes representing the 11 Black American criminal freed slaves that signed onto


their so-called Declaration of Independence; a dark-blue field representing the dark continent of Africa, to them at the time; and a lone star representing the professedly only independent republic in dark Africa, again, at that time etc., when in reality, none of these is true today; and this criminal Black American Colony has refused to change this flag, mainly because it favors the less than 1% white-collar, criminal Americo-Liberian minority over the 99+% indigenous masses of this place etc., the great United States of America, on the perfect and exemplary side of history however, we are told, began in 1777 with a flag, nicknamed variously as the Old Glory, the Star-Spangled Banner, the Stars and Stripes, the Grand Union, the Continental Colors etc. of 13 stripes and 13 stars, with the 13 stripes representing the original 13 British Colonies that declared their independence from Great Britain in July 1776, and not personalities, and these 13 stripes remain so today. In an effort to consistently demonstrate inclusiveness notwithstanding, history has however told us that every time a new state was added to the original 13 United States of 1777, a new star was added to the United States’ flag, and the old one discarded or preserved for history. As such, as we speak, the current design of the US flag is its 27th change, with the original design having been officially changed 26 times now, since 1777. The 26th version, and longest lasting version of the US flag is the current 50-star flag designed by 17 year old high school student Robert G. Heft of Ohio in 1958, and ordered into effect by President Dwight G. Eisenhower on August 21, 1959, though finally adopted July 1960, to replace the 47-year-old, 48-star American flag, with this new 50-star flag symbolizing the addition of two new states to the United States of America, which were Alaska, on January 3, 1959, and Hawai, on August 21, 1959. The essence of this 27th design of 51 stars, which is still in the making, or has not been officially adopted yet, is the anticipation of Puerto Rico joining the United States anytime soon, as the 51st state. 3. While dull, biased, and unprincipled Black American Liberia will still move on, in over 170 years now, with some funny seal, only depicting the coming to this place of the Johnsons, McClains, and Weeks, and a bloody motto that paints us, the indigenous and the original owners of this land as non-humans or animals, portraying only Americo-Liberians as the human beings, with calls coming from left, right, and


center for this funny seal, and bloody motto to be changed, but the mischievous Americo-Liberian so-called political elite, backed by America, will not agree to change these items, mainly because they favor the Congo boys and their collaborators over us, etc. and etc., History tells us that on the perfect contrary, the United States of America has, as the main image on its coat of arms, the clearly neutral bald eagle, as the national bird, and the national motto has changed hands from E Pluribus Unum (or Out of many, One), in 1776, to “In God We Trust” in 1956. 4. Then comes Liberia’s funny Declaration of Independence, as reportedly designed by Harvard Law School Professor John Simon Greenleaf, and left with less-intelligent Americo-Liberian Hilary Teage for final drafting. While the US 1776 Declaration of Independence, as cleverly drafted by Thomas Jefferson without any outside help or interference, did complain against British Colonial rule and clearly spelt out America’s determination to totally split from Britain to stand on its own two feet, and to install a new form and design of government, and America did all this truly, like for example, embarking on 3 different campaigns – two bloody ones, and one fiercely diplomatic one – to flush British influence out of the American Society etc. and etc., Liberia’s lying and dirty Declaration of Independence, one of its beginning paragraphs which states that all the citizens of Liberia are originally from the United States of North America, went ahead, rather lazily and pretentiously using the American style of Declaration of Independence, to complain against mistreatment in the United States. But sadly, unintelligently, and foolishly, after Liberia’s Declaration of Independence had complaint against America’s cruelty, and expressed Liberians’ desire to split from America, to the point of even barring fetus or baby Americans, born on Liberian soil, from ever becoming Liberian citizens etc., dirty Liberia then went back to adopting facsimile copies of almost every American symbol and emblem, as hers. Liberia’s name, the name of its only key city, including all of the few streets within this funny city, and many other communities within the country, are proudly named by, or in honor of Americans, and the very personalities that insulted and drove these criminal Blacks from the American soil for that matter. On an even cursed note, one must further bear an American surname, and/or place themselves in the separate class of people who live and feel like a pioneering


American Community in Liberia, before ever experiencing life to some small extent, based on the Live For Today standards implanted into this place by these criminals, as sustained to date by their master, the United States. 5. Still further, while America’s official Pledge of Allegiance, as originally written in August 1892 by the Socialist Minister Francis Bellamy has gone through more than 3 changes in wordings, with the last change yet to it, approved by Congress and adopted on Flag Day 1954, incorporating the new wordings, “Under God”, after ‘one nation’, dull Americo-Liberia, since it stole and adopted these same wordings, in their earlier versions more than multiple scores of years back, as its Pledge of Allegiance, has never added or subtracted a word from this stolen art work yet. 6. From “Hail Columbia” to “My Country Tis of Thee”, to the Star Spangled Banner, composed by 35-year old lawyer Francis Scott Key in 1814, with music provided by, or set to the tone of John Stafford Smith’s Anacreontic Song of the 1780s, the American National Anthem has gone through a whole lot of changes like America’s other awards. Even this final anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, which actually comes from Mr. Key’s 1814 poem called the “Defense of Fort M’Henry” and finally approved as the National Anthem by a Congressional resolution on March 3, 1931, and approved by President Herbert Hoover, continued to receive additions to it from 1814 until its final adoption in 1931, with, for instance, its 5th stanza added in 1861 by Mr. Oliver Wendell Holmes. On the bad side of history however, since Liberia’s National Anthem was jointly produced by Americo-Liberian Daniel B. Warner and African American Cleveland Olmastead Lucas in the mid 1800s, we are told by history that no change has ever been made to this piece of artwork yet. 7. Then last but not the least comes the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. Because of dull Americo-Liberia’s unimaginable refusal to make any substantial changes to anything else, no substantial change was made to Liberia’s 1847, Harvard Law School Professor-designed constitution until it was pretentiously abrogated through the barrel of the guns in 1980 in an apparent US-Liberia maneuver to get rid of Productive President William Tolbert, as alluded to, today, by many credible sources, including Prof. Neil Hahn of the London University School of Oriental and


African Studies. And even with the second constitution, written under the reign of blood and terror, or in the midst of mischievous and deadly disappearances and beheadings in the name of politics, as usual, which still maintains all of the basic arguments of the first, or the 1847 Constitution, no substantial changes have ever been made to this bloody 1981-86 Constitution yet, in all these 30+ years. The only memorable amendment being made so far to this immoral 1986 instrument was when the ever-criminal Americo-Liberian elite, just for their personal advantage, forced the National Elections Commission to conduct a referendum around 46 days prior to their 2011 elections; that is, on August 23, 2011, just to change the absolute majority requirement for Legislative candidates to a simple majority. Even though this entire referendum took into account 4 exclusively political and self-interestseeking amendments to Liberia’s funny constitution, which included: an amendment to augment judges’ tenure, an amendment to adjust elections’ schedule, an amendment to reduce presidential candidates’ residency/domiciling requirements, and an amendment to require simple majority for Legislative candidates in elections rather than absolute majority, the National Elections Commission declared on August 31, 2011 that none of the 4 amendments ever gathered the required 2/3rds majority necessary for any ratification. But Liberia being a land of mischievous political maneuvers in the name of practicing the rule of law, saw an intriguing Supreme Court’s ruling 20 days later, on September 20, 2011, that NEC had erred in its calculation of the votes, and that only Proportion 4, concerning simple majority requirement for legislative candidates had passed. As far as our knowledge can take us therefore, this has been the only major amendment forced into Americo-Liberia’s 1986 Constitution in 30 years, a situation synonymous with Liberia’s first 5-articled constitution of 1847 that lasted for 133 years. On the very positive side of history however, and to conclude this section of our argument, the United States, we are told from history, has this one, and only one constitution, in fact the oldest of a modern republic in the world thus far, adopted on June 21, 1788, and placed into operation on March 4, 1789. In these 227 years, however, the United States has officially ratified 27 key amendments to its constitution, with the first 10 of these 27, adopted and ratified simultaneously in


1791, which are collectively known as the Bill of Rights. Approximately 11,539 proposals to amend the US Constitution have been introduced in Congress since 1789. Collectively, members of the both chambers typically propose around 200 amendments during each two year term of Congress. As we speak, 6 amendments now been agreed upon by both Houses of Congress, are now with State Governments for ratification etc. and etc. Ladies & Gentlemen, making this kind of small discovery in an ocean of startling facts, one would then wonder, why would a mother (in this case, the United States) be so open and flexible with change, but then the professed step-child to this stepmother (in this case, Liberia), will be so stubborn and adamant to change. Is there something sinister here at play, resisting change to all this length? Is there something so bad about change that is keeping this stepchild from changing etc. and etc.? But we come to remind you of a statement made by one Publius Cyrus that it is only a very bad or wicked plan that will refuse to admit any modification or change. Actor Harod Crick, in his play/movie, Stranger than Fiction” also admonishes us that when we do the same things in exactly the same way over and over for years upon years, we lead a completely dull, extremely predictable, and uninteresting life. That’s why we, of the Plain Truth Revolution do believe that, whichever group of people, or whoever in this life that desires constant success must be able to make changes in their lives that match with the times; we believe that change is necessary to keep us moving… to keep us growing…., and to keep us interesting. We also believe that each change in our lives is a turning page in our situation. We know that each change in our lives is about closing one chapter and opening another one. We are conscious that changes will bring us new choices for happiness and fulfillment etc., and that’s why Charles Darwin proudly said once that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but instead the ones which are most adaptive to change.” The truth of the matter however is that Liberia has something under her sleeves, which is responsible for all this uncompromising resistance to any change in this ACS-Liberia design of the early 1800s, which in summary is: being dead set or badly determined to keep the vast indigenous majority as animals or slaves, and the Americo-Liberians and


their few collaborators as the so-called master-class, and America is the biggest backer and sustainer of this very sinister agenda against God’s children, an evil agenda which the Liberian Government keeps sustaining through great Lies and Deceit, in the name of designing and implementing government policies. If you think that these strong claims of ours are ever unfounded, then we’ll like to leave a few clues here with you about these claims as follows, before proceeding to other aspects of this engagement: a) Dr. Charles Johnson of the League of Nations wrote, “Liberia [is] a nation conceived solely as a haven for freed American Slaves at the detriment of the vast indigenous majority ( b) According to the World Street Journal, New York-based Professor of History, Dr. James Ciment narrates that the Americo-Liberians have fought to recreate a social order like what they saw and left in the antebellum South of America, He said that the Americo-Liberians have tried to recreate a social order like the antebellum America’s South, setting themselves up as the master class and the vast indigenous population as the slave class. c) Sir John Simon of the British Foreign Service wrote on May 29, 1934 that it would be a NEGLECT of the [West’s] duty to civilization if the misgovernment of the Native tribes of Liberia [by the Americo-Liberians] was allowed to continue ( d) The League of Nations, in its 1931 report on Liberia concluded, “The Government of Liberia is systematically fostering a policy of gross intimidation and suppression of the Native in order to prevent him from asserting himself in any way whatsoever, for the benefit of the dominant and colonizing race, although originally the same stock as themselves” e) Prof. Dr. Ibrahim K. Sundiatta of the Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, once warned in his analysis of Liberia’s fate, that it is only the idea of a reform-minded, Western-educated Native Liberian leadership and Republic that will provide the much-needed solution to this country’s problems. But he claimed the


international community unfortunately [keeps] opposing this idea [in favor of the socalled Americo-Liberians]. ….” ( etc. and etc. Based upon these crude and savage realities, everything that our huge indigenous African majority of this place has been getting from this evil collusion between the United States and the Americo-Liberians, as engined and powered by great Lies and Deceit, with the GOL as the key conduit, has been either painful deaths, using different formulas, or the wanton exploitations of our natural and even human resources in the name of business deals, again, all powered and engine by great LIES, with the ever-cruel Government of Liberia and its policies, as the favored conduits that you use. As children of God who wouldn’t like to make strong claims without leaving behind some clues or proofs, let’s quickly provide you two summarized narratives against these two claims of ours about how your US Government-Americo-Liberian collusion has concomitantly worked against our lives and our resources, as follows: 1. Apart from America’s Naval Lieutenant Robert Field Stockton and his USS Alligator’s use of gun to seize our tribal land for the dumping of their unproductive and criminal Blacks, and the official use of the US Naval vessel, the Schooner Shark, to begin supplying military style arms and ammunition to the Black Americans to use against us, right from the beginning of Liberia in the 1820s, history also discloses to us the formal use by the US Government, of different American war vessels such as: the USS Alaska (1876), the Goronommah (1893), the USS Chester (1915), among others, in military might against our poor, defenseless African tribal forefathers on behalf of the Americo-Liberians. In addition to this terrible story, every experience of collective misery, bloodshed, massive loss of life, and mental pain etc. that has befallen the 16 indigenous African communities of this place since that ACS founding meeting at the Davis Hotel in Washington DC in December 1816 to date, in 2017, including the dozens of civil wars, coups, national riots, and even Ebola etc., have all had American root or backing, one way or the other – with everything cruelly serving the interest of the Americo-Liberians and their Monrovia Governmental elite, at the bloody detriment of the vast indigenous majority.


2. Since President Abraham Lincoln cleverly indicated the essence of recognizing Liberia’s Mickey Mouse independence to be merely for having ‘upper hand’ in the exploitation of this country’s rich economic resources over European counterparts, after America had refused to do this recognition for 15 years on grounds that the breed of Blacks inhabiting Liberia was criminal, and lacked every iota of selfgovernance, according to a number of sources, including the New York Times, Wikipedia, Liberian History Up to 1847, among others., the ever-cruel US-Liberia Collusion to unthinkably loot or pillage first, our natural resources, then next, our human beings themselves, began getting formal and public, with the infamous Firestone Contract of 1926, when American Government-backed businessman, Harvey Firestone stroke a very criminally exploitative deal with the AmericoLiberian Monrovia-based elite for 1 million acres of our fertile land, at 6 cents per acre, for 99 years, with such insulting and damning contractual terms and conditions as: (a) no compensation for the so-called savages or indigenous people – the original land owners – evicted by force, using the Liberia Frontier Force, to make this investment happen; (b) Labor recruited forcibly using this same LFF from among the already tormented, oppressed and evicted indigenous, and made to work for 10-15 strenuous hours per day, initially free of charge for long years, then later placed on an insulting salary of around $3 to $4 per month, planting, maintaining and tapping rubber; (c) no tax obligation to the Liberian Government initially for years, then later, 1% tax per ton, on the value of rubber exported and self-reported by Firestone; and finally for now, (d) Firestone, in addition to being entitled to planting and harvesting rubber on this huge acreage of land, was also entitled to every valuable mineral resource underground, and so on, ( and other sources.). Upon getting some green light for the final signing of this devilish Firestone Deal, Mr. Harvey Firestone is reported to have remarked, “We are trapped in a maneuver for British imperial advantage….We can minimize the immediate cost to America by meeting an invading nationalism [i.e. from Britain], with a defending nationalism [ meaning, from America]….” And right after the deal was finally signed, he remarked, “…The greatest concession of its kind ever made has now been realized…”; while,


on the other hand, the lead Americo-Liberian Firestone surrogate, Maryland County Senator, key crafter and sponsor of the Firestone Concession bill in the AmericoLiberian Legislature, also serving as Firestone Private Lawyer at the time, and then subsequent President, and in fact, the longest serving Americo-Liberian President, as a reward for all these roles of his, in the Firestone Deal, Mr. William Vanarat Shardrack Tubman, remarked, 30 years on, in 1956, concerning their 1926 Firestone Deal, in a letter to a New York Publisher, rationalizing that the terms of this very corrupt and bloody Firestone Deal, including its famous K-Clause were accepted for political reasons. In addition to this remark by Tubman, several key US Government officials like Secretary of State Robert Kellog, Assistant Secretary of State William Castle etc., all confirmed the US Government’s explicit vested interest in this kind of NASTY deal. This kind of picture has characterized America’s exploitation of rubber from our country for the past 100 years. Similar to rubber, iron ore mining started in Liberia with American Company, Bethlehem Steel in 1945, when the Americo-Liberians, using their GOL, gave 3 million acres of land, rich with iron ore deposit to this American Company, to mine iron ore primarily, and then to also extract other valuable mineral resources underground free of charge for 80 years from Liberia’s Bomi Hills. Liberia, according to credible sources, received an encumbered $0.16 on each ton of iron ore exported and self-reported by Bethlehem Steel, when iron ore was a hot cake at the time, costing between $10 to, as high as $2,000 per ton, depending on grade. The Liberian Government is also reported to have been paying “Depletion Fees” to Bethlehem Steel as the ore deposit depleted, and this depletion fee was rather deducted from Liberia very criminally laughable $0.16 royalty per reported ton. Today, according to, pig iron now costs around $80 to $90 per ton when iron ore is no more in hot demand. This too has characterized all of how America has been pillaging Liberia’s iron ore for the past 80 + years now. Then comes the last known, and most precious of our natural resources for now, which is Oil. According to a Monday, August 13, 2012 edition of the Daily Observer Newspaper, Liberia has 30 concessionary oil blocks, with 17 being deep water, or easily accessible, and the balance 13 being ultra-deep water, or more difficult to


access – all based on water depths. In some further analyses from the Liberian and American Press, including the National Chronicle, the ProPublica, the FrontPage Africa etc., by early 2013, 10 of the most lucrative of the country’s 17 deep-water blocks had been sold by the largely TRC-convicted Government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, another Americo-Liberian, for pure peanuts, with around 8 or more out of these 10 oil blocks going exclusively to American companies including Chevron, Anadarko, and Exxon Mobil. But speaking of how the first 10 most lucrative of these precious oil blocks were sold, in his May 8, 2012 letter to then Speaker Alex Tyler, Rep., and current Speaker Emmanuel Nuquaye wrote, as excerpted below ….“We established through NOCAL’s report that all of the existing production sharing contracts violate sections 3.3, 3.4, and 3.7 of the Petroleum Law of 2002. Hon. Speaker and members, we are confronted with a situation wherein 10 production sharing contracts GROSSLY and FLAGRANTLY violate our Petroleum Laws….” (National Chronicle Newspaper, May 9, 2012). The insulting national benefit story for these first 10 most lucrative Liberian oil blocks according to a careful press analysis is that… considering 100% as our overall percentage mark, Liberia, for her first 10 most lucrative oil blocks, will be receiving a shady 3% out of an already laughable 20% for Equity Ownership; she will receive 0% out of an already STUPID 10% stock buying rights in the companies currently drilling her very rich oil; and she will be receiving a bloody 0.083% out of a total, funny 18% required as royalty fees payable to the Liberian people from companies operating her own oil wells in her own backyard. The grand total benefit from all these 3 regular sources of oil money, in Liberia’s part of case thus far, considering our 100% mark, will be 0.081% gains in ALL of the first 10 oil blocks; AS: Where Liberia was entitled to 20% as National Equity Ownership, she, sadly, got 3%; Where she was entitled to get 10% Stock Purchase Right, she sadly got 0%; and Where she was entitled to get 18% as Royalty Payment, she mischievously got 0.083%. Now, the sad result of all this in the end is WAR, exacerbated poverty, and earthquakes right in the corner – whether we like to hear this or not – unless we rise up peacefully now and do something very strangely and radically differently about these kinds of very bloody realities.


Meanwhile, according to a December 7, 2014 Ministry of Information Press Briefing on State Radio, ELBC, National Oil Company of Liberia boss, Dr. Randolph McClain disclosed that oil drilling had started officially in Liberia, and revealed the names of two American firms that were actively drilling, with partial reports from their wells proving that Liberia does have an ACTIVE OIL ENVIRONMENT. Just like in the case of rubber and iron ore, with respect to US-Americo-Liberia collusion, at the ‘under-the-cover’ signing of the estimated $10.7 billion-worth Oil Blocks 11, 12, and 14 combined deal for example, with American Chevron, US Ambassador to Liberia at the time, Madam Linda Thomas Greenfield is reported to have celebrated just like Harvey Firestone had done in the 1920s, when she remarked, “….Embassy intervention and advocacy assured a level, open, playing field that resulted in Chevron signing a US$10.7 billion [sic] contract. This constitutes the largest concession in Liberian history.” Then in another related development, according to a local daily, the FrontPage Africa, in mortgaging the richest of all these oil blocks thus far, which is Block 13 reportedly, to another American firm, Exxon Mobil, Americo-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, celebrating this deal at a cocktail reception held at the residence of then US Ambassador Deborah Malac, commented, “… It took a lot of work. There were many times when we went into hitches, but we are glad that it is now over. It has been a great adventure, and we are so happy that this great adventure came to a successful conclusion with Exxon Mobil being a great partner to Liberia.” Then finally for oil, for now, around mid-December 2014, the Insight Newspaper reported how another four (4) of Liberia’s rich oil blocks had been sold illegally, when former head of the National Oil Company, Mr. Christopher Neyor accused the ever-criminal GOL of clandestinely selling these 4 additional blocks of our country’s oil in the name of seeking funding to fight Ebola. In his direct words, according to the Newspaper, “…It is a pity that not only were these oil blocks sold in the midst of the Ebola epidemic, and against the opposition of a cross section of the citizenry, but the entire sale process was illegal under the prevailing New Petroleum Law of Liberia adopted in June 2002.”


Even our fertile land itself, including its rich forest resources, are being cruelly ravished or destroyed for profit by Americo-Liberians as if they are on a mission to damage our future quickly, and then return back home to America. For example, current Americo-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf alone has managed to sell out more than 57.5% or 5.6 million hectares of our country’s physical land to foreign capitalists of some American interest. Just in September 2014, as a case in point, the Norwegian Government had to put stop to what appeared to them as Ellen’s very senseless, but criminal depletion of our logs in the name of looking for development money, and Norway therefore had to offer her government US$150 million to stop this kind of savage destruction of the forest. All these are according to several sources including the UL’s SUP, Dr. Othello Brandy, Chairman of Liberia’s Land Commission, the Business Report, January 2013, Wikipedia, among others) etc. and etc. But even if these few accounts and many more that we are providing here about how America designed their Liberia in 1816 were wrong, and our claim that this American design badly works against the wishes and aspirations of millions and millions of fellow human beings on this side of the globe, and their generations upon generations were also wrong too, etc. and etc, then, what is about the practical and theoretical statistics on ground? What do these practical realities demonstrate, that either validate or disprove our huge claims? The answer, strangely, negatively, is that from the foundation of this fake Liberian state to date, JUST TO MAINTAIN, SUSTAIN AND UPHOLD ALL OF THESE DIRTY DESIGNS, AS OUTLINED ABOVE, INCLUDING EVEN MANY MORE nasty realities, including the Americo-Liberians’ exercise of absolute control over the huge indigenous majority, their use of the coercive force of government to perpetually suppress our people, and nothing else;

their criminal and unproductive design of

government as the only industry for employing citizens, and the only place that the Americo-Liberian people must be, but nowhere else, etc. and etc., America, sadly has been promoting and sustaining these vices since 1822, and is still terribly determined to continue this support. According to careful statistics, for Liberia’s 170 years of Mickey Mouse Independence now, it has had 22 presidential administrations, but 21 physical


presidents. Out of these 21 physical presidents, 10 are reported to have been born in the United States before emigrating to Liberia, and later assuming their presidencies, while out of the balance 11, 9 are of American descent, locally called Americo-Liberians, with the only two Native ever recorded to assume this country’s presidency, only serving for 10 years and 3 months respectively, not forgetting to mention the bloody nature through which the 10 year service Native did assume the presidency, and how the 3 monthservice Native, only went in to complete someone else’s term, and moreover how both Natives’ reigns were characterized by Americo-Liberians’ active involvement with driving the policies of the day, and doing all of the sinister political moving and shaking the same way. As we speak, America continue to promote and sustain this failed design of Liberia, using that failed set up called government here, to do her dirty work, for which presidents of the GOL must dance to their tone, or play to the American gallery, in order to live above every citizen here, and even above international laws, doing anything they wish, or amassing any wealth they want, along with their other big officials, at the detriment of the majority population, and going scot-free, once they perform their jobs according to America’s dictates. That’s why for example, in the midst of all that the United States has done for the current Americo-Liberian President, meaning Ellen Sirleaf, whom they pull by the nose, ranging from how they helped her execute all her seditions and bloody rebellions – most probably beginning in November 1985, with the Quiwonkpa story, to December 1989, with the Taylor’s NPFL narrative, to 1991 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, taking into account the United Liberation Movement for Democracy in Liberia (ULIMO) endeavor, to the Liberians United for Reconciliation & Development (LURD) effort in February 2000 etc., and how, in addition to all the praises in this world, including praises from American Presidents and prominent people, and institutions etc. went to this AmericoLiberian Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 195-year Liberia still possesses the worst conditions and descriptions in this life, a few of which can be outlined as follows: 1. Because, in addition to Ellen’s own criminal nature, based on ancestry, she must serve America first before turning to her own citizens, Liberia remains the only place


on the Planet during this 21st century where people still use flashlights and lanterns in public health facilities to perform delivery services on women due to the lack of electricity; women still deliver broad day on people’s porches, in market places, and in the streets; referral hospitals in entire counties of hundreds of thousands of people still operate without electricity and ambulances; pregnant women in some parts of the country still have to walk for up to 2 days before reaching a nearby poorly-staffed and ill-equipped health clinic; and the physician to population ratio still dangles at 1 physician to 100,000 citizens etc. (Heritage Newspaper, April 29, 2014; Sky FM News, September and October 2014; ELBC, October and December 2014; National Chronicle Newspaper, April 29, 2014 respectively) 2. Because of the same condition in (a) above, America’s Liberia under their very celebrated Harvard School graduate and World Bank Economist in 12 years of presidency still remains a place where, in the area of education, the following very savage and unthinkable things still happen: (1) Pigs share class room with pulpils, and these animals sometimes violently disrupt classes (2) Goat urine and feces flood dilapidated classrooms in which children take lesson on the bare floor. (3) Due to lack of latrines and water facilities/supplies, big-sized girls in school, in many parts of the country will have to seek permission to go home – no matter the distance – to use restrooms and return to class any time later (4) When rains are heavy, school children will have to go home, or find a shelter nearby, then return later, clean up ditches of rainwater before resuming lessons (5) In whole sections of the country comprising 2, 3 counties etc., there are no Math and Science Teachers (6) In whole budget years, the Legislature allots $2,000 (i.e. Two Thousand Dollars) for developing Science and Technology across all public schools in the entire country etc. (ELBC, May 6, 2015; Farbric FM., June, July 2015 etc.) 3. America’s 195 year-old Liberia, of 43,000 square miles of land, only has less than 300 miles of clumsily paved one-lane roads, with only about 45% of households having access to an all-seasons road within 5km (or 3.5 miles), from their homes, while majority of the country is cut off from the 1822 capital of Monrovia during the rainy season (Executive Mansion Sources, Ministry of Finance Report, others). And


Monrovia continues to be graded by the UN and others as the World’s Most Uncomfortable and poorest city. 4. Poor quality, but very expensive, diesel-machine-generated and intermittently supplied electricity reaches around 0.0024% of the population, only mainly in Central Monrovia (“) 5. Government-provided housing, since 1822, has not yet been able to touch the lives of up to 0.002% of the population (NHA, Executive Mansion Sources etc.) 6. Pipe-borne water, like electricity, only reaches an unimaginably few, very far less than ½ of 1%, and mainly in Central Monrovia too etc. and etc. Even though it surely hasn’t been strange to the United States all along that their Ellen’s Liberia would eventually maintain these NASTY qualities above, and even much worse, the foundation of LIE kept America still lavishing all the praises upon her from the start of her administration to the point of closure that we have reached, just as the US does for all Americo-Liberian Presidents who totally dance to their tone without slipping. We recall for example: 1. President Bush, in 2007 described Ellen as “someone having the tough mind of a natural born executive, and the gentle instincts of a mother” while awarding her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, according to the New York Times 2. President Obama praised Ellen that she took office under the most difficult of circumstances, but that she had moved fast to consolidate democracy, improve governance, and to fight corruption etc., for which he offered that he would ensure that her GOL won some prize money from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (ELBC, March 2, 2015), and behold, before year’s end 2015, very corrupt and cruel GOL had won for herself US$256.7 million in prize money from what we are supposed to know as a very objective and reputable MCC, qualifying Liberia for performing well in 17 indicators of good governance and fight against corruption.


3. A small group of professors from Harvard University constructed and presented a portrait of Madam Sirleaf to her in July 2014, demonstrating their institution’s pride in her performance at governance in Africa (ELBC) 4. The prestigious Fortune Magazine in May 2015 rated Ellen as its 16th greatest world leader etc. and etc. What none of these great American actors will come to our aid in pinpointing however, which, when not boldly pinpointed, will keep us as ‘living deads’ and ‘collateral damages’ for other’s gains in this place forever, is that Ellen, like any other AmericoLiberian President – with the exception of Tolbert, to some larger extent, and Doe, to a little extent – is a great LIAR, a hoax, a deceiver, and a failure, as appropriately described by the Global Witness in their 2015 report on Liberia, called the New Snake Oil, who comes to dupe her victims enough, a people whose fate has ALWAYS been to be duped by rogues acting on behalf of America and her Americo-Liberians in the name of politics, and by the time they (i.e. these citizens) come to themselves, she shall have already left. What Americans wouldn’t help us pinpoint is that Liberia itself is a great LIE in theory, and is criminal in character, for which its presidents must either be born criminals, or tutored criminals etc., in order to succeed in the Liberian sense. That’s why for example, even though the United States saw, and it continues to see all of those ‘good qualities’ in Ellen, just like the few, expressed in big praises by American presidents and institutions that we mentioned above, America has not been bold enough, the same way around, to tell us for instance that: (a) After 12 years of power, Ellen and her government have done nothing fundamentally different yet from anything else that was ever done here in the very NASTY past; (b) that they have done nothing yet to substantially solve any of the trillions of entrenched structural problems that have been holding this heavily plagued society down since 1822; in fact, as (American) agents of colonialism and imperialism, Ellen and her government have only fought to embellish, fine-tune, and as such, only exacerbated the same, age-old bloody problems of the past. So, in our local parlance for example: (1) wherein corruption wore boxer and underwear, and took to the streets, in the past, Ellen and her government have only tried to put a nice long pants, and a sparkling Georgia Boutini shirt on corruption, and put it back into the


streets; (2) wherein Injustice, in the past, visited our colonial court houses with a pair of shower slippers on, Ellen and her government, strongly backed by the United States, have fought to put a decent, imported shoes on Injustice’s feet to make it appear more appealing; (3) where human trafficking once appeared somewhat funny looking, with an old hat on, Ellen and her government, with America’s unqualified support, have just taken off this funny looking hat and placed on its head some shinny face cap, and so on. In short, like how the Devil does her operations and plays her tricks, what Ellen and her government have criminally, sadly done here, for these 12, almost all wasted years, in many respects, is to dress all of the deadly, old problems of the past in nice and appealing clothing and outfit, or apparels, and costumes etc., to match 21st century fashions, and then unleash them back on an already lifeless and defenseless society, then leave for their comforts back to their first home, America, or some of them Europe, and a few decent African countries now. For Ellen and her government have just sadly wasted the country’s great opportunity for change in the huge presence of the international community, to their inherent criminality and greed, and have, as such, thrown the country far back again for another 200 years, once more, with America’s huge explicit backings. With a very heavy heart, fellow counterparts of the human family who may want to dispute these claims or consider them as harsh, but believe, on the contrary, that this Americo-Liberian Government has made progress, with some even claiming tremendous progress, we like to ask: a. For what is change and progress, on the part of Ellen and her government, as claimed by either selfish or criminal sycophants, including even Americans unfortunately, when, these people came to power in 2005 and met a messy, faulty Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution, but have refused to either completely change this constitution, or to even revise this all-encompassing and lifesaving instrument in 12 unbroken years; b. What is progress on the part of Ellen and her government when these both conscious and unconscious criminals came to power in 2005 and met a very deceitful, insulting,


divisive, and therefore, very bloody set of national symbols and emblems, but in 12 straight years, they have refused to change or even revise any of these deadly recipes for continuous injustice, bigotry, oppression, corruption, and ultimate bloodbath; c. What then is progress on the part of these people when they came and met a body politic that thrives only on people’s personal and party names, but sadly not ideas or ideologies, and in 12 years, they have contributed to this mess, and have even exacerbated it as they leave? What’s about a country that justifiably has no trust in its government, and within the 12 round years of these people’s reign, this lack of trust in government has even sadly worsened? d. We go on to ask, what is progress, let alone, a tremendous one, as claimed by gravy seekers and potential rogues, on the part of Ellen and her government, when these high-class American trained criminals came to power in 2005, and learned that Dull Liberia, since 1822, runs an economy that has no stock exchange or stock market mechanism; an economy that mockingly only depends on the criminal exploitation and export of crude iron ore, gold, diamond, and rubber, extracted at that rate, by foreign capitalist; an economy which imports 99.9% of what it criminally consumes, but sadly produces Nothing in return; an economy that has more than 20 state-owned business enterprises, empowered by state laws to carryout commercial and profitmaking activities to generate billions in revenue, but yet, ALL combined, contribute nothing substantial to the country’s budget, but instead, exploit and prey on the country’s already meager resources while government only knows how to criminally extort monies out of a highly impoverished and financially strangulated citizenry, in the name of taxes, taxes, and taxes; and an economy whose annual budget, development, and health, completely depend on foreign capitalists or foreign sources etc. and etc., but have done nothing to change any of these very NASTY situations, including many more that we just can’t outline right now. The harsh truth however remains that even if Ellen and her government were not Harvard School and Wall Street-trained criminals, as everyone, including they themselves, now clearly know, and these people sincerely had the intentions of achieving any of these great imperatives before coming to power, or achieving them while in power, they just


could NEVER have succeeded owing to two big reasons, including: (a) Liberia, from 1822 to date, was NEVER set up to pursue any of these kinds of beautiful all-inclusive goals or objectives, but rather for seeking selfish, criminals gains, while prosecuting a badly misplaced revenge against a defenseless population of very deprived and poor Africans – our Native population, and all this agenda is intended to benefit imperial America in the end; and (b), which is related to (a), is that Liberia is NEVER an independent country yet, so the structure called government here owes its first obligation to colonial master, America, before turning pretentiously to its professed subjects, who are the victims in the end. The big and troubling news we have relating to all this, is that, if a different approach other than Elections, Elections, is not adopted to handle all this difficulty that has reached a tipping point of serious trouble now, a different approach like what we are now demanding or championing, the next government after elections this 2017, will be completely worse than the current Ellen Government. And until Heaven and Earth pass away, once we don’t think for ourselves and come to our senses indigenously or independently about those key problems that are killing us here, nobody from outside will do it for us. For example, until we establish this bloody fact for ourselves, nobody will tell us that the entire theory of Liberia and its reality on ground depicts a very chronic US-Americo-Liberian conspiracy against the huge indigenous majority, just for resources and profits in the end, for these both parties. Nobody will ever tell us that this is our own land, and that the name Liberia, given to it by America is a bad theory that we must get rid of first, before we start tackling other issues, and before we start making any progress as a people, if not, we remain in a terribly vicious cycle till Christ returns. Nobody will tell us that until these very bloody and divisive Americo-Liberian emblems and symbols, flying over our productive land, are peacefully torn down, every change of political administration will take us from bad to worse. Nobody will tell us that even the claim of independence that the ACS imposed on her Black American criminals here, is a huge LIE that we must battle head on, in order to experience true life in this place etc. and etc.


And as we said above, all this is NEVER the job of the UN or the EU or the World Bank. They are all the civic and spiritual duties of us, the original owners of this land, especially those of us that claim to have faith in God’s children, and claim of having faith in Him. Here are some examples of how critical voices within the international community keep nudging us into this kind of thought: 1. Former UN SG Annan alludes to our argument here, when in 2003, in one of his releases, he said, “…..The transfer of power of 2003 and the signing of the Accra CPA offered a unique window of opportunity to end the suffering inflicted upon the people of Liberia, and to find a peaceful solution to a conflict that had been at the center of instability in the [West African] sub region”, adding, “while the United Nations and the international community at large stood ready to support the Liberian peace process, the effective and successful implementation of the peace agreement remained the primary responsibilities of the Liberian parties [or the Liberian people] themselves.” 2. Mr. Peter Graaf, leader of the UN Intervention Team in Liberia once said during the Ebola crisis, let it be (meaning for example, let this Plain Truth Revolution) be a matter of communities taking responsibility for their own future – not waiting for the government; not waiting for the United States; not waiting for the United Nations or the international community, as our current leaders have made us to believe, to be the ONLY way out, in this life. 3. During her independence day speech on July 4, 2014 at the US Monrovia Embassy, Ambassador Deborah Malac assured the people of this country that one of the American Government’s major roles in helping us out of our ugly situation now will be to advocate for an atmosphere that will tolerate and promote alternative and dissenting views, including public discourses characterized by civility and mutual respect. This is according to ELBC, July 4, 2014 4. US Liberia Embassy Official, Madam Sheilla Paskman, in July 2014, in what our revolution considers the most important admonishment ever received by the people of this land, directly offered her candid advice to us that, in order for us to attend to our huge societal problems of today, we will have to use our current potentials, instead of


waiting for some other people to come in the future to do so. But she said the road to achieving this, however, is not, and we repeat here NOT, by waiting to hold some public office first, but instead, by putting up some form of community or grass root leadership (local radio news on July 26, 2014) Because we have sadly refused, although with some conditions attached; or, because we have been suppressed so as not to seriously acknowledge this huge civic responsibility of ours to take matters into our own hands in fighting to attend to these deeply perennial problems adequately, conditions within our home continue to turn worse and worse with the passage of time, and with the professed change of political administration. As we speak, for example, here are some proofs of this claim of ours here that things continue to turn worse by the day, even in the midst of all the tens of billions of US Dollars that the United Nations has invested here for the past 14 years now to change this place – all because we keep doing and saying the same things over and over while expecting change: 1. The UN Security Council, at its September 2015 sitting, did express several concerns about Liberia’s situation as the United Nations withdraws from the country. These are just 3 of those grave concerns, as presented through individual resolutions: “… (a) “Noting with concern the potential for conflict over Liberia’s natural resources and disputes related to land ownership and also noting that issues related to corruption continue to threaten to undermine stability and the effectiveness of government institutions……(b) Expressing concern that the Government has not provided predictable and sustainable funding to shoulder the costs of deploying and sustaining its security personnel and resources throughout the country, including to operate and maintain the LNP and BIN outside of Monrovia….(c) Determining that the situation in Liberia continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region…etc. – ( - 17 September 2015) 2. According to the, Mr. Farid Zarif, head of UNMIL, in an August 2016 briefing at the UN, did express serious concern about the lack of progress in addressing the underlying causes of the divisions and exclusions in Liberia


3. Just 3 months ago, that is, in June of this year, 2017, Mr. Zarif expressed serious concern again that steady budget shortfalls in the national resources to support Liberia’s transition, and to consolidate peace, would now be experienced even more acutely in this country as international assistance currently declines. This is according to the document: SC/12887 at 4. Mr. Olof Skoog, Chairman of the Peace Building Commission, Liberia Configuration [Team] of the United Nations just said this June 2017 that while some progress has been made in Liberia, the current situation in the country means that fragility continues to exist, including insufficient progress in needed legislation to address root causes of Liberia’s past civil conflict, a weak economy etc., and that, while there was a clear picture of what would be required for the UN to support his peace building commission when UNMIL finally leaves in March next year, it is worrying to know that the UN would face a ‘cliff’ (serious shortage, in layman terms) with respect to resources, capacities, and expertise to provide this support, etc. and etc. Fellow stakeholders in this country’s affairs, when things become so chronic, difficult, and dangerous to tackle like in our case, people are normally left with only two key options in finding some solutions, which are: (a) to either revert to the barrel of the guns, or (b) to indigenously design and convene an all-citizens forum of much bolder and detailed debates into the key issues at stake. That’s why our Plain Truth Revolution is demanding, and not requesting or appealing for this Sovereign Citizens’ Convention to now take place here between this late 2017 and early 2018 before the departure of UNMIL, a convention at which all of our ethnic groups in this country will send at least 3 delegates each, of their best educated and morally strong brains, so that we can sit together and look at this country’s deep problems together, and come up with some genuine solutions, God willing. For example, delegates to this all-important National Convention will also include the same number and qualified candidates representing the Religious Community, the Political Parties Community, the High School Confederation, the Tertiary Institutions’ Community, all of our citizens in the Diaspora, to be represented by this same equal and qualified number of candidates from each continent, and then delegates from our two biggest international stakeholders, which are the United States Government and the United Nations. At this Convention, we will be handling a


whole range of all of the deadly issues holding this beautiful place down since 1822, including our sorrowful lack of independence and sovereignty yet from the United States Government, and obviously, our lack of any common national vision yet, the entrenched lack of JUSTICE in this place, which if not radically handled, we will NEVER make any progress etc. A whole range of other major issues, which have the potential to keep inviting poverty, illiteracy, and war etc. on us, that NO amount, and number of Political Elections, especially Americo-Liberian thwarted and twisted Political Elections, can EVER correct, even in a billion years’ time, will also be brought to the table for bolder debates during these demanded all-citizens conference of 2017, by God’s grace. For we are truly tired and fed up with the theories and everything about Liberia, and want God to help us use this All Citizens’ Forum to constructively dismantle Liberia and all of its civic theories, and it is our prayer that nobody, no power, not even America should try to impede this process or throw some monkey wrench into it, in a cruel move to keep prolonging the agony of the vast majority Africans of this land, in the name of protecting and sustaining Liberia. For Liberia is a failed project that all of you must know by now. For Liberia is a sad idea so flawed in conception, design and implementation (as argued by Prof. Dr. Amos Sawyer); a very horrible warning to the entire world, and a demonstration of America’s ugliest example with the affairs of slavery (according to Prof. Dr. James Ciment of New York); Liberia is a parabola, according to our high school algebra, which, from the beginning of its construction in 1822 up to this 2017, has NEVER held water, because, all the outcomes of its part of y = a(x-h)2 + k equation, are far less than zero (0); that is, a<0, for which it must always open either leftwards or downwards; Liberia is a misconceived design that keeps proving its 1816 designers very wrong; a country still struggling in vain – to live up to the true meaning of its [cheating] name, but doing so through the practice of some defacto Black Apartheid (as in the reading of revered Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe some time ago); and Liberia is a criminal, invalid Social Contract that keeps producing more and more distrusts among its contracting parties, as the days come and go etc


In addition to this kind of succinct depiction of the Liberian tale, we do also have a whole pamphlet, entitled, “The United States and Liberia – Two Geopolitical Entities With Very Similar Founding History, But One (the US), Is An Excellent Example Worth Emulating, While The Other (Liberia), Is A Very Horrible Example That Deserves Serious Avoidance Or Immediate Demolition Before It Fatally Explodes And Harms The World”, found at, as part of our Revolution’s Great 7, or G7 Summaries, which orderly delineates between a good America and a bad Liberia, with the key point responsible for this marked difference mainly being how the both countries care for, and respect each one of their citizens’ worth and dignity. That is, while for Liberia, 99% of its citizens are animals (dogs, pigs, and savages etc.), or mere sub humans, to say the least, sub humans who largely become a little more important during electoral seasons only, for the United States, its human beings are like pieces of ‘gold and diamond’, which are very expensive and cherished, for anyone of which, even a baby, the US Government is prepared to kill multiple thousands of none-Americans, to begin with. As a result, Liberia is a very horrible warning to the rest of the world for the purpose of emulation, while the United States is a relatively excellent example for those who want the best out of this life. We now believe that with these kinds of strenuous efforts made by our Revolution thus far to draw such lines of demarcation between what is considered a good example that must be supported and allowed to endure, and what is considered an absolutely bad example that must now be halted and dismantled, never to be allowed to endure, our listeners and audience, like you, should now be convinced about why in parts of our works, including this particular engagement, and in one of the flyers with emphasis too, we are saying that the Liberian theory is a terribly failed project that must now be unconditionally discontinued. We come here today to remind you of a long list of concerns and requests that we made both to the United Nations and the United States more directly, and more specifically about changing our country some 7 months ago, or discontinuing this fake, but dangerous Liberian theory, while seeking your buy in, when we went to the US Embassy


in a nonetheless difficult mood, using a somewhat different and uneasy approach however. We keep warning with all of our efforts and very meager resources, that this country, by keeping to vote, with all your unbending support (i.e., you: the US Government, the Liberian Executive, and the Liberian Legislature) , on this kind of cursed civic structure; or, by keep changing administrations on this kind of cursed civic structure, will NEVER do the sort of constructive and indispensable breakdown and rebuilding that we are now demanding to give Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s children some sigh of relief in this place once and for all. For us, it makes no sense to keep trying with this Liberian theory, when everyone knows by now that civic theory has got its arguments all wrong from the very beginning, and that Liberia keeps going like a lost ball in high weeds among the comity of nations, since 1822. For it is NO more a secret that this theoretical Liberia and everything attached to it, that keeps supporting and sustaining it, including both its compulsory elections, that must be held even when an epidemic is raging and wasting the blood of the very voters in the eye of the world, and its relationship with America, which keeps 99.9% of the people garbage picking for survival while a 0.5% and their American masters enjoy the spoils, must now come to a close through some massive dialogue that we are now demanding in place of elections. For the past 195 years of this funny countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existence, some of the Nastiest records of human actions, reasoning, and results are being harvested repeatedly on the overall, for this name, Liberia, but individually, these NASTY records continue to be generated by each one of these two big legs that are sustaining and moving Liberia, which are: (a) this cursed American tie or connection, and (b) Elections, elections, and elections. We believe that Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anger can be provoked when a people keep allowing one thing, or one aspect of their lives, to keep exposing them to disgrace and even wasting their blood, while they continuously cherish it, or continuously approach it the same way over and over. In this regard, and with respect to one of these two big legs holding cursed Liberia and keeping it moving, which is, as we keep emphasizing, continuous, stubborn elections, without first fixing the foundation of our country and setting up genuine systems etc., the following 10 bloody narratives are some of the deadly records, which


are about to repeat themselves, since, with America’s support, this place has refused in 195 years, sadly to find another constructive option of placing itself on the right trajectory of life, other than fake elections and elections. Here we go: 1) Liberia used to hold elections every two years; she made sure that money was always available for these biannual criminal events, whether there were contenders or not, but could keep the country’s only University closed for up to 5 round years for professed lack of money (A Short History of the First Liberian Republic) 2) In the 1927 Americo-Liberian elections, there were about 15,000 registered voters, but the Elections Commission announced that incumbent President Charles D. B. King won his archrival Thomas J. R. Faulker at the STUPIDLY CRIMINAL margin of 235,000 votes to 8,922, and this election went down into the Guinness Book of Records’ 1995 version, page 432, as the Most Corrupt Election ever held on the Planet. (“) 3) In their 1951 elections, Tubman’s most outstanding rival, Mr. Dihdwo Twe, after having been flogged and dragged repeatedly in the streets, was reported by the Elections Commission to have lost to incumbent President Tubman, who the Commission said won these polls with over 200,000 votes, when Mr. Twe, the main contender’s name, was omitted from the ballot paper (“) 4) For the election of 1955, the main opponent to incumbent President Tubman was Samuel D. Coleman. During that very year of the election, an allegation came up against Opposition leader Coleman, and when the country, and the world woke up on the morning of June 27, 1955, the only news in the air was that Samuel and his son, John’s bodies were being dragged into the dirty streets of 1822 Monrovia (“) 5) There’s no much record again about elections being held between this 1955 and 1985, especially as America’s wonderboy William Vanarat Shardrack Tubman was very active in between there, and was reported to have amended the already funny constitution, to remain President for life, with America’s support, as usual. But for the 1985 elections, Tolbert’s killer, another America’s wonderboy for some time, and military junta leader, Samuel Doe played even broad day ass out of the process,


when, after having being advised by the international community to step aside, and allow a short-term civilian interim body (i.e. the Interim National Assembly), to organize an election body, and work with that body to run these elections, which Doe himself could be a contender in, Mr. Doe mockingly remained in his military uniform and position, and told the world that he had changed to a civilian man, and as such, became head of the INA along with all of his fellow coup plotters or junta members, as they set up their own commission that ran the elections of 1985, which they themselves (meaning, Doe and his bloody colleagues) won in the end. These are some of the meanings of Liberia, or meanings of being a Liberian. 6) As a result of the ‘Ass’ that was made out of democracy in 1985, a 14 year fratricidal bloodbath broke out in 1989 that took away the lives of over a million people, whose fate, as was being determined by the TRC process, was sadly dumped into the dustbin by Ellen and her government, not to mention other damages and sufferings that ensued. But just in between time, some elections were held in 1997 based on the cessation of hostilities at the time. In that election, the cursed demonym, “Liberian”, made strange history again, when people calling themselves “Liberians” chanted “You kill my ma, you kill my pa, I will vote for you”, and overwhelmingly voted the acclaimed murderer in this cursed song to power 7) Then came 2005, when, before a very huge international presence, the first of its kind in this country’s history, little sanctity was added to this beautiful democratic exercise – election – that has now been cursed so badly by Liberia since 1822. But even at that, a partner-in-crime to the 1997 election victor, a key founder of most of the warring factions in Liberia’s latest 14 year-civil crises, and a murderer equally too, was elected after some painstaking effort to suspend certain parts of the already bullied constitution of Liberia, to make this happen. In the midst of all this effort, the winner is on record for boastfully telling the world that her victory was also possible because many aged citizens, or parent voters in the country had to seize their opposing subjects’ or children’s voters’ card, in order to reduce the opposition’s score. This goes without mentioning what happened in the vote counting hall itself.


8) In the 2011 elections, one of the two key contenders is now on record for claiming that many American Government Officials phoned him to back off from the race because they favored the incumbent, the 2005 victor, for which he had to back off, and give that lone contender an easy ride (Public Agenda Newspaper, May 22, 2017) 9) In 2014, while American capitalism-engineered Ebola was killing people in the streets and corners of Monrovia, and even all across the country in their multiple hundreds by the day, as the government pled with the UN, other humanitarian organizations and friendly countries etc., for everything needed to fight Ebola, from hospital equipment to drugs, to workers’ stipends and salaries, to sanitizers and rubber gloves for active health workers etc., the ever-evil Liberian Government was able to quickly raise US$15 million within the very center of the crisis to conduct Special Political Elections for 15 senators, and strangely one of the aspirants in these elections, Mr. Robert Sirleaf, son of the sitting president, after having threatened citizens “to extract their intestines from their stomach, and to make them bleed just like the Ebola virus”, to the cheers and applause of supporters, for holding placards against him, according to Voice FM, the same citizens against whom these remarks were made, while struggling to survive Ebola, still cued up on Elections day in December 2014 to vote their candidates including the same Rob. 10) Then finally for now, in the ensuing October to December 2017 elections, in addition to the bloody fact of the US Embassy in Monrovia, having ‘openlyimperially’, or ‘openly colonially’ invited all of the participating aspirants to go to the Embassy for some meeting with American officials that will be closed to the press, a meeting during which these aspirants will have to submit their party platforms and priorities to their American masters, according to several credible sources, a looming danger again, has to do with the only two remaining contenders in these polls, a win to either one of which will spell further greater doom for the country, not because the two individuals or their followers are bad, but because the national situation keeps worsening for our unfortunate collective refusal to put first things first, and these two contenders sadly are: (a) a leading political figure in the country whose supporters have aggressively argued from 2005 to date, that sound education, let alone good experience, is never an indispensable requirement for leadership, much less


leadership in this Age of the Silicon Valley, when for example, Veteran educators and authorities like Prof. John Kotter of Harvard University etc., are warning the world with emphasis that, the more the pace or speed of change in this world accelerates, (as demonstrated in such things as innovation and technology etc.), the greater the degree of sound, educated, and effective leadership, is climbing by the hours, and not even by the days; and (b) a politician, who, in addition to being currently second in command in a government which he himself confesses has [‘criminally’] squandered all, or majority of the country’s opportunities to ever rise up to its own feet, is also known for the evil fact that he was petitioned for the presidency in some stage-managed fashion, when sorrowfully, he had gone to sympathize with badly grieving families in his home county, who were in tears as a result of massive human losses that they were mourning from Ebola, an epidemic which his government now finds a permanent place in history, for conniving with Western Capitalist to inflict upon the ever-suffering and ill-treated people of this country, for personal gains etc. And to add insult to injury, because this country (theoretically) belongs to the Americo-Liberians, and none of their names appear in the top two for the runner’s up, with two ‘Yarkpawolos left in the race, even though being their stooges, or likely stooges; but as humans, could change their minds at any time against them etc., the ever-criminal and lawless Americo-Liberians, have now turned to so-called “Rule of Law”, using their forever-unprincipled courts, as a mechanism through which to manipulate their rotten electoral and political system to facilitate some kind of arrangement that will give them back their corrupt political power and dominance assuredly, since the current electoral pendulum seems to be snatching such corrupt privilege from their hands directly. This ensuing stalemate of course seems to have already pushed this ever-fragile, criminal Black American Colony at the brink of another huge conflict, even though these Americo-Liberians could still manage to choose the more easily manipulated of the two runners up “Yarkpawolos” and lean on his side just to act under the pretext of love for democracy, while they figure out, what sinister thing to do next to snatch back their evil political power – the only thing that Americo-Liberians know in their entire lives.


With respect to the second leg sustaining this “Liberia” that we now yearn to theoretically break down, by God’s grace, which is America’s relationship shown through aid, including aid to support elections, we think it needless to even expound on this any longer, as we have done so adequately, in the former parts of this engagement, but the overriding picture however remains that, this is a relationship that cruelly favors a tiny portion of the population over the huge 99.5% rest, and a relationship dead set to continue forever. And the interesting thing is that this second leg, as we tried to indicate above, is used actively to support that first leg, which is election, all again, for the benefit of a few, including master America herself. Dear fellow human beings, for what is the essence of keeping to sustain a relationship in which one party keeps bending, bending, and bending, to the point that they are now closer to their ultimate demise – whether consciously or unconsciously, but must keep going this same way, all because a tiny few are benefiting, along with their master? For we do think that it is now time to break with all this embarrassment, and ask ourselves what we really want out of this life. Are we here to satisfy and serve other human beings, or we are here to seek God for ourselves, and flourish like others too? Can we achieve this without some independence, like what’s happening to us? For us from religious background, our Bible and Quran have instructed us to do some painful separation during certain times of our lives for our common good. For example, Matthew 5:29-30; Mark 9:43 etc. – all instruct us to even (figuratively) cut off our legs or arms, and plug off our eyes, and so forth, if we establish that any of these body parts are causing us continuous trouble. For Liberia, its two legs of fake elections and bloody American relationship (shown through aid and all sorts of largesse) are all causing us continuous problems in this life so much, from one generation of ours to another, starting more than even two centuries back, and it is now time to break all of this yoke, God willing. Because of the complexity of this scenario, and the urgency of this obligation to save even badly stifled generations ahead, that’s why our revolution is now asking that we put aside everything right now, including Elections, World Bank Loans etc., to sit around the table and discuss, as a family, before it gets too late, and something badly beyond our country’s imagination sparks again. That’s why of course we deem it necessary again, through this medium, to warn the three of you: the US Government, the


Liberian Legislature, and the Liberian Executive Mansion, the 3 big parties that keep sustaining Liberia, to now put some halt to your efforts, and instead please listen to our Plain Truth Revolution, which is humbly asking you to break the mold in demonstrating your love for this country, if you truly love the people of this country more than their natural and other material resources. We are also politely asking the UN to help us in this process of calling on you to listen to our Revolution. History bears us witness that for this stubborn refusal to put first things first, like for example, to change our country’s name to something that reflects all of our common interest; to change our country’s flag to something that will, for example, show all of our counties or ethnic groups, instead of one whose stripes represent only 11 AmericoLiberians; to change to our motto, holidays, Declaration of Independence, Constitution etc., ALL of which relate to JUSTICE, including other key bloody issues that we continue to sweep under the carpet, while bringing only STUPID POLITICS to the front burner, this funny, divisive name, “Liberia”, from the very year of its foundation, that is, 1822 to date, 2017, according to careful statistics and accounting, has tasted over 18 recorded bloody crises (including 13 full scale ‘Uncivil’ wars, some of which lasted for 8 consecutive years; four (4) recorded coup d’états, and one major national riot) – all of which cumulatively have taken away over 30 years of what could have been this country’s productive time. Moreover, between 1871 and 2006, the country disgracefully ran up to 7 intermittent interim governments or administrations, all in search of peace, reconciliation and stability, things which are still far-fetched in this country, sorrowfully owing to lack of JUSTICE, and lack of putting first things first. During 1990 to 2003 alone, this stupid name called Liberia shocked the world when just to conclude a domestic (‘Uncivil’) War, the last thus far, of its 13 full-scale “Uncivil Wars”, Liberian so-called political leaders sat in 21 different internationally organized peace accords/conferences (each of which cost Millions of United Stated Dollars) of other country’s tax payers’ money, just fussing over how to share ministries and government agencies based on their perceptions of which of these institutions generated the most revenue. In the same token, just in 27 years (i.e. 1989-2016, according to our own carefully conducted research and tally, over Forty-five billion United States Dollars (US$ 45 billion) have been lost both directly and indirectly to the effects of war, or both


in physical and intrinsic costs, with over 90% of this money coming from international government’s coffers. But as we said earlier, this peace and reconciliation dream behind which all this sacrifice is being made in all these long years, is sadly still an illusion because this country has refused to confront its UNRESOLVED PAST. As a single case in point demonstrating the continuous danger hanging over the country due to this stubbornness at change, just early 2014, on a Power TV presentation, one Evangelist Charles of the Bethel Cathedral in Monrovia prophesied and warned the country that if the current President (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) didn’t resign along with her Vice President (Joseph Boakai) [apparently to create room for better discussions to decide the fate and future of the country], the next round of blood bath to be experienced by Liberia will be beyond measure. Meanwhile, Evangelist Charles particularly attributed this looming dark cloud to the hot air of ethic or tribal marginalization and oppression that continues to overwhelm the country. Moreover, the Fund for Peace, through its Foreign Policy Magazine’s “Failed or Fragile States Tracking” has already categorically warned that this little failed, rogue, West African State, called Liberia, is far from stability and could rupture into conflict at any time. One of their reports in this direction was republished in the Concord Times Newspaper’s July 19, 2013’s edition. In fact, we do have a whole pamphlet on all the signs of these many dangers, which are now at all of our doorsteps, if we keep refusing to accept these lifesaving changes, some of which, with repeated emphasis include change to our country’s name; change to our country’s constitution; change to our country’s Declaration of Independence; change to our holidays, and the list goes on, whether people like to hear these or not. This summarized pamphlet on the current dangers that this country faces, which too is part of our Revolution’s Great 7 Summaries can be found at For we believe that this call should no more be resisted now, as it is becoming impossible for us to set these lifesaving records straight, with the continuous passage of time; with the continuous holding of elections; with the continuous contraction of World Bank and IMF loans and USAID grants etc. In the words of one American businessman, Charles E. Wilson, when we keep putting off an easy thing, we make it difficult, and when we keep putting off a difficult thing, we make it impossible, while President


Kennedy has said that when we resist a peaceful revolution, then we invite upon ourselves some future event that blows up in everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face, and causes us untold, collective shame. Let this not be our fate or portion, or, let us not be tempted to feeling that this is impossible because of our contacts, support or might. For thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Someone above all of us that can design and inflict anything on any human population or human being, including any human power, just at any time He wishes. Finally and finally, it is an ALL-CITIZENS Conference that we do demand right now, and prefer to anything else, at current, in this country, whether the Americo-Liberian socalled 2017 elections are held or not. For we are tired with all of the 1822 designs here, and let it not take drums to be beaten in our ears before we come to this undodgable realization that nothing designed by the Americo-Liberians and their Master, America from 1822 to 1847, coming forward to this 2017, will EVER take us to our befitting destinies. Thanks.

Warning to 3 parties dead set to sustain liberia  

This 38-page article strongly warns the 3 biggest parties that continue to strongly sustain evidently failed and bloody “Liberia” only for t...

Warning to 3 parties dead set to sustain liberia  

This 38-page article strongly warns the 3 biggest parties that continue to strongly sustain evidently failed and bloody “Liberia” only for t...