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ALL THE LINKS AND WEB ADDRESSES OF THE SEVERAL ARTICLES OF OUR PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION Note that this country’s problem is very gigantic or so huge, all starting from its very foundation in 1816 and 1822, and exacerbating as days come and go. For example, Dr. Amos Sawyer could never have put it any better than when said during one of his classroom lectures at the Indiana University, according to reliable sources, that “The idea of Liberia is FLAWED in conception, design, and implementation.” All this and many other realities mean that we can NEVER succeed, as a people, on this very NASTY Black American colonial national foundation, and that we must therefore break the current “Liberian” foundation down and build a whole new civic foundation, if we really mean business in this life. This is because, as in the words of Mr. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, which is also strongly backed by the Word of God, “A new progressive society can NEVER be constructed upon the [NASTY] foundations of the past, and that we MUST therefore destroy most of what has been built in the past in order to construct a new order of things…..” In the midst of the hugeness of this country’s problems however, there is an adage that people who believe that a problem can be solved do quietly go ahead and begin solving it, even if others will consider them as fools in the process. Accordingly, in line with the lifesaving theory of breaking down NASTY old foundations, as emphasized above, our Plain Truth Revolution has gone quietly ahead, under God’s guidance, to take 5 round years now, to dig out relatively ALL of the BLOODY problems of this country through massive research, and to take the detailed findings of this massive research work to our people, our partners, and our world over, for concerted efforts aimed at finding lasting solutions to these problems once and for all, by the grace of God. During these 5+ years of such massive research work, in order for us to be rock solid in our findings, recommendations, and demands, we have had to put aside all of our fears and other emotions, and to suppress our material needs, including food at times, to peruse a stockpile of documents – both physical and electronic – around 100,000 rough pages of information, in addition to listening to a wide range of audio and video materials etc. – just to produce these lifesaving details for country, with our firm conviction that EDUCATION, using its biggest tool called RESEARCH, is the only most powerful formula for changing any chronic and nasty human situation around, like the nightmare which we are currently faced with in this country, primarily at the hands of America. And to reemphasize the issue of DETAILS as mentioned in the paragraph immediately above, please be informed first of all that our Revolution is more about DETAILS, THEORIES, and DETAILS. For we believe that, for example, in order for Dr. Sawyer’s succinct summary presented above, about Liberia’s long, horrifying, 200 year old story, which always appears like a mere fable, to be adequately judged and accepted by all, every relative detail about this country’s mess must be presented because, people must know the details well before they can judge, or accept the summary, or even construct their own summaries too. It is sad to discover, fellow citizens that, for the past 200 years now, a time during which America has successfully implanted her deadly imperialist weapons of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy in this country, we have cultivated a hatred for reading; and even, for the very few people that try to read, the same American secret, evil deign, has made us to hate going into details, while dangerously


professing to love superficial and sugarcoating summaries, as if people can ever do, or know, or judge, summaries well without a good knowledge of the details. The deadly reality about what’s unfolding however, is that: this is the trick of devil, intended to keep people stupid forever. There’s a wise saying that the Devil sits right within the details; and so, by thoroughly sifting through the details, Mr. Devil is exposed to light, and on the other hand, by dodging the details, people get fooled and ultimately destroyed by the Mr. Lucifer. And so because we are in this battle for God to use us to fight the Devil and all of its deceitful theories that are currently wrecking our lives, and ravishing our future in this country, the details matter so dearly to us. That’s why every article of our Revolution, ranging from the wordings on protest placards, to our flyers, brochures, and pamphlets etc., tries to present some appreciable details, beginning with their very titles, thus requiring your quality time, and not intended for mere skimming through, or glancing at. Fellow citizens, for too long, the almost 10 century old story of this particular West African territory that the Americans decided to arm rob from us and rename as “Liberia” for their personal gains, has been intentionally short-circuited, told short, or abbreviated, just for criminal purposes, and to cruelly benefit only a few always. This long ghastly story of some claimed national existence, we believe, MUST now be fully told to take into detailed honest account such important pieces as for example: when and how did our Native African forefathers start flocking into this place, including issues pertaining as well, to how and why did America decide to dump and impose her criminal Blacks upon us to ravage and devastate our existence, as the case currently is. We believe that the moment we (i.e. the people of this country, on the one hand, and those from other parts of the world that have honest interest in our home, on the other hand) begin to accept the headache of reading and listening well to the actual details of the Liberian horror tale, we will be able to adequately devise the proper solution to our problem through appropriate actions. We are certain however that by keep dodging this obligation, it will mean a perpetual exposure to immense physical and mental pains like what’s currently happening to us in this place. On the issue of theory and theory, we are very seriously opposed to the thwarted argument that mighty THEORY doesn’t matter. We are rather passionate advocates and adherents of the ever-powerful debate that THEORY, and detailed THEORY for that matter, counts so much in our lives, and for everything related to progress. For theory means so much to who we are. We even believe that it is theory that we live our lives for. It is from theory that all things come, including practical and physical things etc. Because the central point of our Revolution is the argument that everything is fundamentally wrong in this country, beginning with the very founding theories of “Liberia”, and continuing to almost all else up to this point, and that we must relatively stop the current way of handling leadership and governance in this place to start afresh, but that all this MUST be informed and foundationed at some All Citizens’ Gathering right now, for which we have taken these long years, by God’s grace, to dig out EVERY major issue that warrants such massive citizens’ discussions etc., we strongly believe that no honest and productive person will ever want to stand in the way of these debates, with God above. If, however, this current demand of ours for an indigenously well-organized National Forum for the objective debate of those many big and bloody issues identified within our Revolution’s colossal research work is sadly ignored or not adhere to, and we blindly decide to continue ‘business as usual’ under the canopy of running country or running government etc. over this present DOOMED America and


Americo-Liberian civic foundation, then of course, we are afraid to announce here that the people of this country should now brace themselves, based upon God’s Words, for even more poverty, illiteracy, lack of any sense of direction, high exchange rates, slavery, insult and collective disgrace due to lack of independence, earthquakes, starvation, Ebola or other pestilence(s), and civil wars, civil wars, and civil wars – sorry to know all this. Let’s pause here on this worthwhile premise. And as a reminder once more, this particular article lists all of our written and voice-recorded works, primarily only by their titles and their web links or addresses. If you want a full listing of each of these research articles again, but with some short details about what they offer, or what’s in them individually, then we encourage you to please access what we refer to as our Plain Truth Revolution Guides 2 and 3, especially Guide 3, with Guide 2 having similar list, but not as detailed as 3. For Guide 2 focuses more on the different civic actions that we, the vision-bearers and adherents of these ideas and debates have been taking since we started in 2013. These both guides can be found at or, or better still, they can be Googled out and found. Finally, a word of both encouragement and caution for you however, so as not to confuse you, or to overload you with information, depending on your interest and capacity, is for you to please skim this list first, then choose the articles or narratives that interest you, instead of trying to read all, especially at once, which may be very difficult. For us, notwithstanding, all these issues mean a whole lot to our current and future lives, and to the lives of ALL of our future generations; and so, we believe and demand that these big issues MUST be debated right now by God’s power. Further, we like to inform you here that these are all drafts, in our opinion, and so we must now debate and validate them, plus take actions about, and against them, at a much bigger forum than our Plain Truth Revolution – that’s why our demand for an unconditional National Convention right now. We believe that this kind of national forum and debate will be fair enough for all those whom have been gravely accused in our work as being responsible for keeping us in this funny, NASTY state that we find ourselves in. Thanks. Here therefore comes that list of our many articles and their links or internet addresses: I.

Our 11 Revolutionary Pamphlets: Note: The 11 elements or members of this group of articles can be found either in their Microsoft .doc format at or in their Adobe .pdf format at, and these 11 pamphlets are as follows, with 7 being considered by us as main pamphlets, and the balance 4 as addendums to the 7 big ones: MAIN PAMPHLETS

1. Why Is This Case Considered A Revolutionary And Game-Changing One For Our Country (‘Liberia’)” 2. Why Do We Need A Complete Revolution, And Not Reforms, And How Can We Conduct This Revolution” 3. Liberia: A Small, Failed, Dirty Country, Built on the Pillars of Corruption – Here are the proofs” 4. Unspeakable Ethnic Suppression, Liberia’s Original Sin: Who Makes Amends For It Now?”


5. “How Liberia Sadly Makes Mockery Out Of The Divine Concept Of Justice”. 6. Liberia: A Name Associated with Crime, Curse, Misery, Poverty, and Failure. It Must Be Changed Now!! 7. Liberia’s Justifications For Demanding Reparations From America Now” ADDENDUMS 8. How, Based On Its Origin, And Today’s Realities, The Structure Called Government of Liberia, Is A Big Criminal Gang, That Must Be Peacefully Dismantled Now, For A Better One, Based On Better Principles. 9. How, Based On Her Ancestry, And All Her Current Performance Profile Thus Far, Americo-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Has Got No Moral Authority Over Any Native Person For That Matter. 10. 17 Solid Reasons Why We Should Demand Independence Now, Rather Than Going To Stand On Line Again In 2017, In Another Stupid Americo-Liberian Elections. 11. If This Is The Best Of Americo-Liberian Leaderships, In Harvard-Trained Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Then What Else Are We, The Natives, Still Waiting For To Constructively Snatch Our Arm Robbed Country From Out Of The Hands Of America And Her Americo-Liberians? II.

Our 6 Voice Recording Files: Note: This batch of voice recording or audio files can be found at for either individual or collective download, or simply your easy access. This category or grouping comprises our 5 main voice or audio files plus a bonus one, and all 6 of them can be listed below:

1. Introduction to the Plain Truth Revolution – A closer look at the Liberian supermess and its 3 big parties 2. Why must we now employ the positive side of ethnicity or some form of ethnic profiling to make change happen in ‘Liberia’ finally? 3. Looking a little more into our LPRC January 2013 bogus dismissal experience that proudly gave birth to the Plain Truth Revolution 4. A full recording of our giant Plain Truth Revolution’s speech to the United Nations on the danger of this ever-enduring Liberian embarrassment also labeled, “Plain Truth Revolution’s Massive Briefing To The United Nations On The Danger Of The Liberian Tale, Owing To America’s Deep Involvement, & The Huge Threat That America’s Imperialism & Hyper-Ambition For World Rulership Now Pose To Global Peace” : 5. Our Plain Truth Revolution’s 7 combined speeches to inform and sustain some civic action that we have planned to take at the US Monrovia Embassy Note: The 7 individual speeches, that form the combined unit above, along with their individual durations, as well, as presented in the second version or disc, are as follows:


a. Speech #1: “Opening Statement: What are we here for: at the grounds of the US Monrovia Embassy today?” b. Speech #2: “Why do we choose the US Embassy as the site for our 3rd civic action?” – c. Speech #3: “Criminal Tricks under the guise of procedural errors – we will never conduce to this one from LPRC, by the grace of God” – A 70 MB, 51 minute all sort of crimes under the canopy or cloak of making mistakes and procedural errors d. Speech #4: “What an uncivilized country that stubbornly refuses to right its wrongs” e. Speech #5: “What is the Plain Truth Revolution, and how did it come into being?” f. Speech #6: “Why have we (i.e. the Plain Truth Revolution) chosen the principle of blunt and honest truth telling to guide this civic endeavor, and why as such, the name, Plain Truth Revolution” g. Speech #7: “Where does the Plain Truth Revolution stand on the current state of affairs in our country?” 6. Expounding on our LPRC Case to the LACC, and how Americo-Liberia understands the science and art of setting up, nurturing and growing an economy III.

Our Big 5 ‘Sharables’ or ‘Distributables’ - We say, while we have written all these huge revolutionary pamphlets that now span thousands of pages in total, and we have done all these huge voice files, taking up to 2.5 GB of voice data cumulatively too, we decided to summarize these numerous and huge arguments into 5 main circulars (leaflets or smaller booklets as others may refer to them) initially, intended for easy distribution to our people for both ease of reading and ease of access. These Big 5 statements can be read or downloaded either in their .doc format from, or in their .pdf format from Remember our revolution is a revolution of details. So our Big 5 include:

1. Statement #1: How The Magic Formula: Roland Kartee +



His fake dismissal case at the LPRC


A Brand new country ALL UNDER UN (replacing Liberia) SUPERVISION

2. Statement #2: The Spiritual Backings Of Our Plain Truth Revolution. 3. Statement #3: Our (PTR)’s Most Celebrated Contributors/Motivators: Our Heroes Of Change 4. Statement #4: Our first statement of National Call to Action – Spreading the Plain Truth Revolution’s Message as a civic and spiritual obligation 5. Statement 5 #: Our second statement of National Call to Action – A time to peacefully disobey Liberia and its power that be, or status quo, in order to fast track change. * Note that this statement has a summarized version which is being placed among ‘our other revolutionary articles’ category.



Our 9 Key Speeches – The print or paper version of all of our speeches as they appear in the audio files described earlier. These speeches can be accessed in their .doc format from or their .pdf format from


Our Other Revolutionary Articles: Based upon our desire to ‘let every cat out of the bag’ regarding all the things that our people must know about this place, God willing, we have tried as much as possible to summarize and re-summarize some alreadypresented facts into more distinguished articles for further clarity, where need arises. As such, the below 5 files fall into this category or folder. We have also included our membership form here:

a. About the Plain Truth Revolution – a more organized chronology of this campaign’s origin and actions up to early 2017. b. Quick Reasons Why We Must Now Peacefully Disobey Liberia, or its status quo, if we ever want true change to happen now” – this is a summarized version, as we said earlier, of one of the Big 5 Statements, “Our Second Statement of National call to action – a time to disobey Liberia, or its status quo, in order to fast track change’, and c. 17 Solid Reasons why we must now be speaking independence rather than elections this 2017’ – this is a summarized version of one of our 11 revolutionary pamphlets, bearing the same name. d. Plain Truth Revolution’s Membership Form – this is our Revolution’s membership form, and it can also be found at e. What Really Is the Plain Truth Revolution for the Grain Coast (“Liberia”) – this 10 page article summarizes how the Plain Truth Revolution came about and all of its leading beliefs and ideologies. f. Warning To 3 Parties Dead Set To Sustain Liberia – in 38 pages, this article warns the 3 big parties dead set to sustain Liberia through their fake elections and corrupt financial aid packages, with these big three being the US Government, the Liberian Legislature and the Liberian Executive Mansion. Note that these 6 files can be found either in their Microsoft Office word document format at or in their Adobe’ personal document format at VI.

All Relevant LPRC-Related Files: The case that gave birth to the idea of establishing the Plain Truth Revolution is the Roland Kartee’s witch-hunted and bogus dismissal experience at the so-called Liberia Petroleum ‘Refining’ Company (LPRC). As such, others may take keen interest in trying to follow this very important case to the letter. We have therefore decided to make available a couple of key communications and other documents pertaining to this case. In their .doc formats, you can access them at, while in their .pdf formats, they can be read or downloaded from the address, These selected documents include:

a. A copy of the very flawed and careless dismissal letter communicating our planned employment termination of January 25, 2013 by LPRC. b. A copy of LPRC’s after-action justification for their professed dismissal action. This was dated February 4, 2013, ten (10) days after the professed dismissal.


c. A copy of LPRC’s Board of Directors’ letter of commitment to further investigate this supposed Roland Kartee dismissal incident. The Board sent this letter to Mr. Kartee on July 1, 2013, after the action was taken on January 25, 2013, and Mr. Kartee’s first complaint to the Board on this issue presented 5 days later, i.e. on January 30, 2013. d. A copy of Roland Kartee’s response to this July 1, 2013 LPRC Board’s commitment letter for further investigation. This response letter was done on July 3, 2013. e. A copy of the Board of Directors’ concurrence letter with top management’s action against Mr. Kartee, as generated immediately in response to Kartee’s request to be taking pay while the Board foot-drags in their so-called investigation of the professed dismissal scheme in the absence of Roland, the victim and complainant. f.

A January 27, 2014 sent to the Liberia National Police explaining our motivation behind the pursuit of this case the way we are going about it.

g. Copies of the two communications we sent to our new LPRC MD Sumo Kupee on these same concerns. h. One copy of our 27-page, 17-count corruption case against LPRC, and copied over 40 national and international stakeholders, in line with our revolution’s Collective Action goal for fighting this country’s endemic corruption. i. Two handwritten letters we sent to Ambassador, Madam Christine Elder during our revolutionary Kartee’s family 22 petitioning action at the US Embassy:  First Handwritten letter to Amb. Elder during protest.doc/.pdf and  Second Handwritten letter to Amb. Elder during protest.doc/.pdf These were the two handwritten communications that we sent to the Ambassador during these 22 days of action, as mentioned earlier, and they both were dated Thursday, March 30, 2017 and Tuesday, April 4, 2017 respectively, hand delivered by ourselves. j. A Somewhat Subjective Admonishment To Jackson Doe – After MD Sumo Kupee had played his part of delayed tactics in handling our issue and we heard about his sudden resignation and departure, new MD Jackson Doe, being the main foot soldier used to perpetrate the crime against us, in addition to our close connection with him from both an ethnic and religious standpoint, we decided to do and send him this more personal or subjective admonishment letter to both alert and acknowledge him as being the best now to put this long stalemate of ours to some rest. Jackson too shied away from this responsibility. This communication was dated January 10, 2018. k. LPRC Management and Board of Directors (Jackson Doe’s tenure) – to increase Jackson Doe’s chances to act quickly in bringing this case to some appreciable closure with the huge gavel of authority now in his hand by January 2018, we wrote, calling on the Board of Directors of his day, to intervene. This communication, like Mr. Doe’s own, was dated January 10, 2018 l. Cover Letter to Jackson Doe and Board of Directors’ Communication – self-explanatory, and dated the same as the main letters, obviously. m. Briefing for January 20, 2018’s action at LPRC – this was a narrative prepared about the motivations behind our decision to act on January 20, 2018, and was mainly intended to be read out to the press if they they come around.


n. Letter to Madam Nyemadi Pearson – with this case being representative of the interest of millions, and affecting past, current, and future generations of our country, for which there is no room for abandoning it by the grace of God – no matter how difficult it is to handle – we engaged LPRC’s new MD, Madam Pearson, of the new government, again, to see reason to lay it to a final rest in every party’s best interest. Another round of foot dragging has again been characterizing the handling of things since Madam Pearson was addressed on March 20, 2018. o. Issues Within Our Current (April To May, 2018) Engagement With LPRC - we summarized all of our key bones of contention with LPRC into 8 points in this 2-page file, intended to ease people’s understanding of what we seek. p. Follow Up to Nyemadi Pearson’s letter – as already self-explanatory, this was a followup to Madam Pearson’s letter, and was dated April 16, 2018. q. Plain Truth Revolution’s New Street Circular – Why We, The Kartees’ And The Plain Truth Revolution Are Back At The LPRC For The 4th Time Since 2013 – in this strongest of terms and emphasis, this 14-page circular provides multiple well-founded justifications for why we are demanding the current conditions, as some matter of compulsion. VII.

Our 2nd Batch of 5 Voice-recorded, .mp3 files, intended to further expose the danger of the everyday Liberian story, and to keep warning ALL citizens against voting this 2017, but to instead join us, in demanding a National Citizens Convention now. These articles are listed below, and can be found at a) Liberia’s Widespread Criminal Scams under the guise of carrying out infrastructural rehabilitation – a case study of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company from 2005 to 2017 b) We dare the US Embassy in Monrovia to ever respond to our well-documented claim that the United States is the biggest source of all of our problems in this country – both individual and collective c) Why do we, of the Plain Truth Revolution, talk the way we talk, and act the way we act d) If God allows Americo-Liberian Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to ever author and usher any peaceful, credible, and sustainable democratic transition, then He is mocked, and God forbid, our Almighty God is NEVER mocked e) LPRC, EJS, GOL, & the US Embassy keep paying death ears to our legitimate demands, exposing the Kartees’ to great danger, and the sad fate of the likes of Michael Allison, Harry Greaves etc., but one inch of harm to any of us, family members, or revolution’s members, would lead to some catastrophic sectional violence of ethnic cleansing proportions, which too would drag into an ultimate world war, to be inflicted by God, not us!!!


Our over 400 revolutionary letters to all major stakeholders in Liberian affairs, by constituency, to discourage elections now, and instead encourage the idea of an ALL-CITIZENS’ Conference


Among these over 400 stakeholders include over 170 local churches, over 30 mosques, all the key universities in Monrovia, all the easily reachable political parties in Monrovia, the Legislative caucuses of each county, the NEC itself, all the key security apparatuses in the country, the head of each branch of the GOL, the EU, the World Bank, the Lebanese Community, the Fula Community, the Nigerian, Ghanaian, Guinean, Ivorian, and Sierra Leonean Communities, the White House, former President Obama, President Trump, the UN Security Council, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, ECOWAS, over 70 US Congressional Blacks, or the entire US Black Congressional Caucus etc., and all these letters and their attachments can be found at or, depending on preferred format. IX.

The 3rd Batch Of Our Voice-Recorded, .Mp3 Files Of 3, Also Dubbed As “Our X-Mas Day Elections Warning In 3 Files”, Still Warning Against Prioritizing Elections In This Country Heavily plagued by massive disappointments for resources, coupled with some health problem, but determined to set the records straight by God’s grace, and to keep our feet constantly in the door with respect to our opposition to the status quo, or to the continuation of theoretical Liberia unopposed – no matter how low-profiled that honest opposition is expressed or dramatized, we took to the social media on the 25 th of December 2017, with three anti-election messages since our planned “Thousand-Man Anti-Elections March scheduled for the 24 th of December could just not hold, and these strong messages, all of which can be found at include: 1. Save 'Liberia' by staying away from the ballot box on Dec 26-2017. 2. Danger right in the corner - hold your votes fellow 'Liberians' 3. Stay out of elections and watch out for your Plain Truth Revolution packages


Our Plain Truth Revolution’s 7 Great Summaries Considering the same condition presented earlier about the length of our articles, here are our 7 key revolutionary summaries of summaries, found in this bundle at or 1. Why do we say that Liberia is an illegitimate statehood arrangement that must be legitimized now, before we take any more steps forward as a people, again by God’s grace 2. Liberia”, A Black American Theory Of Massive Human Suppression And Oppression – Reasons For Which It Will Remain A Failure Forever - Unless We Change Everything About It Now – From Name, To Flag, To All Its Theories 3. The overriding reasons for which people are elected in Liberia; How Liberia understands the science and art of setting up and nurturing an economy – all being reasons for this dull Black American Colony’s untold poverty 4. The United States and Liberia – Two Geopolitical Entities With Very Similar Founding History, But One (the US) Is An Excellent Example Worth Emulating And Extolling, While The Other (Liberia), Is A Very Horrible Example That Deserves Serious


Avoidance Or Just Immediate Demolition Before It Fatally Explodes And Harms The World 5. More convincing reasons why we say Revolution is the only way out for us now, God willing, rather than elections and reforms 6. Why do we say that another danger is already at our door steps, unless we do something radically different together now, to avoid this by God’s grace. 7. The Plain Truth Revolution, Its Roadmap, Plus Governance Plan, For The New Country, And The New Democracy That We Now Demand To Replace Evil, Failed Liberia XI.

Our Exclusive Anti-Elections 2017, 22-page Pamphlet (backing the flyers below) In addition to our 5 giant anti-Elections 2017 revolutionary flyers, this pamphlet digs a little much deeper into the danger that awaits us collectively if we stubbornly ignore this call to stay out of the ballot box in this country for a while, and instead, peacefully clamor along with the Plain Truth Revolution for a different democratic formula this time around in 2017, if we truly want change. And this pamphlet, for its part, can be found at


The 5 key revolutionary flyers that we have been sharing during this massive Anti2017 Elections campaign of our revolution, plus the letter we sent to the UN, US Embassy, and the Liberia National Police (LNP) on the timing and safety of our anti-voting civic actions. Included in this batch is also a copy of the final letter we sent to UNMIL seeking an audience with him, but we were late, and this didn’t work because the Mission was heavily engaged with closing formalities at the time. Here are the titles of our 5 key revolutionary flyers and where to find them on the Internet very easily. We are confident that you will check at or to find all these 5 flyers whose titles, as you see below are already self-explanatory. a) Please Let’s Demand An All-Inclusive National Get Together Now, And Not Elections, As Elections, Elections, Without Some Serious Debates Here First, Will Only Bring Us More Harm And Sorrows, Than Good!!!!! b) Everything Running Here, From 1822 To Date, Including The Very, Current EllenLed Government, Is Illegitimate, And We Now Demand A Legitimate Forum And Arrangement To Lead Us Into The Kind Of Future That We Want, That’s Why This Demand For An All-Citizens’ Conference Right Now!!!!! c) We Demand A New Democracy Of Ideologies And Principles Now, Rather Than One Of Mere Names And Parties, And We Also Demand A Democracy That Puts Justice First, Rather Than Fake Peace And Reconciliation Talks!!!!! d) The Spiritual, Moral, And Legal Reliance Of Our Revolution And All Of Its Activities And Arguments!!!

Note that for sake of laying some emphasis, especially aimed at addressing our different campaigns at a time, we decided to group these same articles into different working


categories, creating separate links for them as seen below. So please note that everything below comes from the same works listed from page 1 – 9 here: SOME OF OUR KEY COMMUNICATIONS THUS FAR: a) Letter to President Donald Trump: or b) Letter to UN Office on Indigenous People’s Matters c) Communication to Congress, mainly Black Congressional Caucus: or d) Letter to President Obama e) Letters to some fellow Africans etc. f) All 5 above are part of a batch of Selected 8 revolutionary letters for emphasis, listed further below, and placed at or SOME OF OUR KEY YOUTUBE VIDEOS THUS FAR, FROM THE SAME AUDIO TRACKS TALKED ABOUT ABOVE:

1. Our massive 6:42 speech to the United Nations warning about how developments in Liberia, with America’s full backings, for her imperialist gains, + America’s own hypergreed for world leadership will soon plunge the globe into a 3 rd world war if UN doesn’t double up on world leadership: Part 1, or 67% of this speech is found generically at; or specifically at, while the 33% rest of this speech can be found specifically at 2. Correlating The Kartees' Lprc Exp N Reality With How Lib-67% = 3. 4. Correlating The Kartees' Lprc Exp N Reality With How Lib-33% = 5. Introduction To The Plain Truth Revolution And The 3 Big Parties To The Liberian Supermess; 6. If God allows Ellen to conduct peaceful elections with good sustained results, then He is mocked, God forbid: 7. We Dare The Us Embassy to respond to our, the Kartee's claim, that they (the Americans) are responsible for all of this country’s problems, both at the individual and group levels. 8. Why we, the Plain Truth Revolution, act and speak the way we do 9. Liberia criminal tricks in the name of infrastructural rehabilitation, a case study of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, from 2005 to 2017 alone: 10. EJS, LPRC, GOL and US Embassy keep paying deaf ears to the Kartee’s genuine call for redress to their LPRC ordeal, any problem with any member of this family, or any member


of their derived revolutionary body, God will come down hard, both on this country and America, which will spill over a major world crisis: - etc. OUR TWO YOUTUBE SITES

1. - plaintruthliberia 2. - Plain Truth INDIVIDUAL ADDRESSES FOR ALL VOICE FILES – BOTH AUDIO AND VIDEOS 1) Case_study_of_LPRC_in_Lib's_use_of_errors_excuse_2_steal_audio 2) Case_study_of_LPRC_in_Lib's_use_of_errors_excuse_2_steal_video 3) Conectin_dots_blw_our_LPRC_exp_n nat'l_econ_realities_audio 4) Conectin_dots_blw_our_LPRC_exp_n nat'l_econ_realities_video 5) Ethnic_Profiling_Good_4_Lib_audio 6) Ethnic_Profiling_Good_4_Lib_video 7) How_a_foundation_laid_by_Ellen_is_very_dangerous_audio 8) How_a_foundation_laid_by_Ellen_is_very_dangerous_video 9) Insted_of_voting_this_2017_listen_2_d_PTR_audio 10)Insted_of_voting_this_2017_listen_2_d_PTR_video

11) Intro_to_Plain_Truth_Rev_audio 12)Intro_to_Plain_Truth_Rev_video 13)Kartees_n_PTR_dare_US Emb_2_respond_2_all_claims_audio 14)Kartees_n_PTR_dare_US Emb_2_respond_2_all_claims_video 15)Kartees_n_PTRevolution's_WARNING_2_LIB_and_USA_audio 16)Kartees_n_PTRevolution's_WARNING_2_LIB_and_USA_video 17)Looking_into_LPRC_Case-Origin_of_PTR_audio 18)Looking_into_LPRC_Case-Origin_of_PTR_video 19)PTR_7_combined_speeches_to_US Emb_audio 20)PTR_7_combined_speeches_to_US Emb_video 21)PTR_massive_speech_to_UN -part_1_audio

22)PTR_massive_speech_to_UN -part_1_video 23)PTR_massive_speech_to_UN -part_2_audio 24)PTR_massive_speech_to_UN -complete_video


25)PTR_massive_speech_to_UN -part_2_video 26)Save_'Lib'_by_staying_away_from_2017_so-called_elections_audio 27)Save_'Lib'_by_staying_away_from_2017_so-called_elections_video 28)The_big_danger_of_voting_this_2017_audio

29)The_big_danger_of_voting_this_2017_video 30)US Emb_spech1-what_are_we_here_for_audio 31)US Emb_spech1-what_are_we_here_for_video 32)US Emb_spech2-why_we_choose_US_Emb_grounds4action_audio 33)US Emb_spech2-why_we_choose_US_Emb_grounds4action_video 34)US Emb_spech3-Lib_criminal_tricks_in_nameOf_errors_audio 35)US Emb_spech3-Lib_criminal_tricks_in_nameOf_errors_video 36)US Emb_spech4-Lib_a land_dat refuses_2 right_all wrongs_audio 37)US Emb_spech4-Lib_a land_dat refuses_2 right_all wrongs_video 38)US Emb_spech5-Plain_Revolution_its_origin_audio 39)US Emb_spech5-Plain_Revolution_its_origin_video 40)US Emb_spech6-Why_use_Truth_in_Revolution's_name_audio 41)US Emb_spech6-Why_use_Truth_in_Revolution's_name_video 42)US Emb_spech7-Our_stance_on_current_nat'l affairs_audio 43)US Emb_spech7-Our_stance_on_current_nat'l affairs_video 44)Why_we-PTR_talking_and_acting_this_way_audio 45)Why_we-PTR_talking_and_acting_this_way_video 46)our_April_19_2017_intended_press_engagement_at_USEmb_audio 47)our_April_19_2017_intended_press_engagement_at_USEmb_video SUB-CATEGORIZING OF OUR REVOLUTIONARY LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS 1) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_d_biggest_Stakeholders_inLib'sAffairs 2) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_d_Liberian_Media_Community 3) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_d_Liberian_Religious_Community 4) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_d_Liberian_Security_Community 5) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_d_Pacific_Garden_Mission 6) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_fellow_Africans etc. 7) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_President_Obama


8) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_President_Trump 9) Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_UN_Office_On_Indigenous_Matters 10)Plain_Truth_Rev_letter_to_US_Congress OTHER KEY RE-CATEGORIZATION WORTH EMPHASIZING:

a) Our 2018 Effort to get final redress from LPRC or or still b) “LPRC Case to the LACC” at or c) Our 7 Great Revolutionary Summaries, please go to or d) Our Big 5 anti-2017 Liberian election flyers + one extended warning message, at or, or better still e) A strong warning message from us to the 3 big parties that continue to sustain NASTY Liberia and its arguments: f) What really is the Plain Truth Revolution g) Our revolution’s membership form: h) All of our Revolution’s links and web addresses, this very piece of work ETC. ETC. AND ETC. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING OUR REVOLUTION OF DETAILS, AND FOR JOINING US FINALLY IN DEMANDING AN INDIGENOUSLY PLANNED AND CONDUCTED NATIONAL FORUM AT WHICH ALL THESE VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS MUST NOW BE DEBATED AND DISCUSSED FOR THE PURPOSE OF RELAYING A NEW NATIONAL OR CIVIC FOUNDATION FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!

Plain truth revolution's links and web addresses in full  

In 14 pages, this article presents all of our individual articles - again, both in writing and in voice recording - including their Internet...

Plain truth revolution's links and web addresses in full  

In 14 pages, this article presents all of our individual articles - again, both in writing and in voice recording - including their Internet...