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Plain Truth Revolution Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia April 9, 2018 RE: SECOND GENERAL COVER LETTR

Even though most of the key events against or about which majority of the articles within this package talk, have come and gone, the essence of our relentless effort to ensure that these packages still reach you, their originally intended destination since been put together in 2017, can be explained as follows: 1. Yes, most of the physical events highlighted by our work have come and gone, but the burning issues within them still remain active like fresh, deadly wounds on a people’s bodies. For these issues have badly affected us for the past 195 years now, and they still stand ready to increasingly embarrass us full force, for the rest of our national sojourn, unless we ask God for courage to do something more drastic and remedial about them right now. 2. The physical events discussed within a good number of the articles enclosed here may have come and gone; yes, but again, we want the issues flagged within these articles to form the very foundation of our Revolution’s engagements with you henceforth. We want history to judge us for championing the CAUSE of getting all these arguments to you as organic as they are, for our collective action upon them, so as to save ourselves, our country, and our one world. 3. According to some recent US State Department report, the subject of this work, “Liberia”, is so impoverished and unsophisticated to the point that access to the Internet is still a huge problem, with SADLY more than 95% of this country’s population still LACKING access to the Internet in this day and age. Ever since the completion of these huge revolutionary communication packages intended for ALL fellow citizens first, we have been finding ways to dispatch them through electronic means, most economically and otherwise preferably, including use of the email, but more than two months on, we have only been able to succeed at dispatching less than 30% of them, with sadly another 99% uncertainty as to whether these 30% will even be read. We still feel badly indebted and obligated to those without email addresses that we haven’t served yet, and those whose email addresses we didn’t get from the onset, and that’s why this latest effort to reach many more, both domestically and outside.

4. Writing huge communications that explain our country’s perennial problems in clear details, and dispatching them to recipients, our beloved citizens first, then to all of our well-wishers and other stakeholders both within and outside of this country next, in such a revolutionary fashion, is in line with our Collective Action Approach, no matter the age of the issues under discussion; and this Approach is a stronghold of our Plain Truth Revolution. 5. Our determination to attach continuous, unbending importance to issues embedded within the recent past national events, like for example, the past Americo-Liberian 2017 so-called political elections and inauguration etc., not taking them to be belated, as people normally take things in this country, but rather still considering them as issues that deserve our unqualified attention if we truly need change in this place, God willing etc., demonstrates our strong resolve to use mighty History as that final, more powerful tool, next to Love, to be employed in bringing ultimate change and relief to ourselves and our country once and for all. 6. We highly likely, would love to forward this particular batch of communications to you as reminders at regular intervals, depending on how the issues championed within them are being considered or addressed by this society – sometimes probably adding slight updates here and there to match the changing times. For we remain very resolved that the key issues argued herein MUST form the foundation bricks and cornerstones for the new country that we desperately seek to establish as a possible replacement of dirty, old, failed, and bloody “Liberia” by the grace of God. So please don’t get inconvenienced or embarrassed by seeing this package, especially in huge brown envelopes from us regularly. For it is well-intentioned for our common good in the end, God willing etc. and etc. With just these 6 justifications, as we have them countless, we are sure that: instead of unfairly considering this work, or the issues enclosed herein to be stale, belated, or outdated, you will rather attach more patriotic and ‘humanity-first’ importance to every article provided here in an effort to put you in the right frame of mind for the next and final ALTERNATIVE that is now sweeping across our land (“Liberia”), an ALTERNATIVE which is now poised to take all of us (in this place) to our final, befitting destination, as a people, by the grace of God. We hope, as such, that you will appreciate this courageous effort of ours. Finally, because our Revolution, just like all other revolutions across this world must capitalize upon, or leverage the fever of small civic actions to propagate its huge messages etc., in continuation of our many public actions since we were initially [launched] on Monday, April 22, 2013, the Plain Truth Revolution is again, by the grace

of God, on the edge of taking another huge peaceful civic action this April or very early May 2018, still in radical pursuit of redress to its very contentious foundation case, meaning the case involving its vision bearing family and the Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, if the current path that we are treading with LPRC for redress to the UNJUST treatment of our vanguard African Kartees’ family, and thus the Plain Truth Revolution by extension, is not respected or adhered to. And as you will discover all through this intellectual engagement, we have decided to accord a game changer status to this badly UNFAIR or UNJUST treatment of the Kartees’ family mentioned above because of how this treatment in question completely epitomizes the everyday plight of almost all Native Africans in this country since 1822. We therefore encourage every interested person across our globe to please grant keen attention to these new emancipation efforts and developments in West Africa. Thank you very much, fellow distant Christians, for reading everything herein, and politely relating to us on them. Very truly yours,

RSK Roland S. Kartee Head/Plain Truth Revolution Cell#: 0886761008 Email:

Plain Truth Revolution

Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia December 11, 2017 RE: FIRST GENERAL COVER LETTER (Updated) After five (5) solid years of researching the 195 year Horror tale of Liberia as part of a revolutionary search for redress that we fortunately embarked upon in response to some personal ordeal with this country’s excessive INJUSTICE in 2013, as appreciatively explained in some elements of this package, we like to politely divulge to you, through this medium, some of the basic findings from this massive research work, which we are now confident, can direct and influence our true drive for final independence in this country, God willing. Based upon our conviction that this personal ordeal of ours at the so-called Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, including all of its narratives, does strongly represent every vice or evil holding this society down for all these 190+ years of our somewhat formal existence as a people, the essence of this engagement with you, beginning with this very cover letter, is to first of all acquaint ourselves with you, then before going ahead, as mentioned above, to unveil a little portion of our huge research findings about this place (“Liberia”), this place that belongs to all of us equally etc., and then finally, to solicit your input into the kind of solution approaches that our small civic group – the Plain Truth Revolution, an offshoot or product of this 5-year long research effort too – has now been able to proudly adopt for trying to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems of this country by the grace of God. But before you begin your reading experience however, we would appreciate were you to please go through these key introductory notes to put you into the right frame of mind for the sort of issues addressed in this package; and here we go: 1. While the main communication in this package delves entirely into our country’s big issues, and the kinds of solution options that we must apply to them now, by God’s grace, the first few paragraphs in this cover letter lay emphasis on some personal experience of the vision-bearing family of the little civic group that is trying to champion this revolutionary cause, by the grace of God (i.e. the experience mentioned in the first paragraph above) and such emphasis, we like to clarify here, is not in any way intended for personal aggrandizement, but rather to enable you to do the following things, first off, before continuing your revolutionary reading experience: a. To help you discover and appreciate how all these ideas came about; or, to help you discover and appreciate the origin of our Plain Truth Revolution so that we all can establish, or remind ourselves, if we already know, how everything big, or everything imaginable in this life, does start off with just single individuals. For we believe that this kind of narrative too will encourage each of us individual citizens in this place, or

well-wishers, never to overlook ourselves that real change can start with any one of us at any time, God willing. b. To help you discover for yourself how excessive injustice can truly lead to ultimate independence, as in the words of the French writer Francois Marie Arouet, A.K.A. Voltaire c. To help you bear witness with the Greek Philosopher Plato, when he says, “Excess [in anything for that matter] generally causes reaction, and produces change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.” d. For you to know that the radical pursuit of this seemingly personal case, which is still ongoing, as we speak, is also part of our revolution, as we turned this case over to our country ever since January 2013, when the raw deal in it was meted out to our family, while looking up to this case to be that right springboard for final change, or that ideal launch pad for the final independence struggle for our land, God willing. But its pursuit has have to be suspended a few months for us to more forcefully push the Anti-Americo-Liberian Election piece of our revolution, a much bigger national goal, which has been at the heart of our revolutionary debates all along. 2. While we honestly planned initially that these communications got out before the 10 th of October 2017, the many handicaps of our society, and most importantly, for God’s best reasons however, they did not. The actual story notwithstanding is that the whole idea of doing this kind of massive communication to numerous, if not all of the national stakeholders in this country’s affairs at once, including the process of starting to scribble down what the key arguments in such revolutionary communications would be, as such, was hatched in August this year, and the first draft took its actual form the next month, on September 11, 2017, a date which we vowed to maintain on these letters earlier, with a firm determination that all of them would get dispatched before October 10, 2017, although again, this projected date for dispatch was just not possible. But fortunately, and on the one hand, our country still stands, while rather on the other hand, even though on a sad note, the bad conditions before October 10, 2017 are still the same, and will even worsen by the day if we fail to make the necessary civic and national adjustments, as demanded by this Revolution, and we instead, keep ‘STUPIDLY’ casting ballots. In fact, as we speak, the current stalemate within the Americo-Liberian ensuing criminal electoral process, as it has always been criminal, also adds impetus to this binding civic and spiritual obligation of ours to spread these great, strange revolutionary messages, as the writings on the wall keep proving that God is about to actively intervene into this country’s terrible problems. That’s why our Plain Truth Revolution has mustered the courage to just edit these communications a bit more, and then finally send them out, no matter how much time has passed, as we are now doing, by God’s power.

3. Our Plain Truth Revolution is a REVOLUTION OF DETAILS. We believe that every group of people, or every country for that matter, MUST first live through their ‘Age of Details’ before ever progressing to their Age of Summary, an age which our revolution normally breaks down into what we call the ‘Elevator Pitch Age’, that must precede the current global age, which we also call, the ‘Twit Pitch Age.’, as in Twitter. This funny home of ours (“Liberia”) hasn’t even lived its ‘Age of Details’ yet, ‘much less’ to talk about its Age of Summary. For example the 18 th to 19th century academician and clergy, Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, in giving title to the 4th edition of his Population Economics book in 1824 called it, “An Essay On The Principle Of Population, Or, A View Of Its Past And Present Effects On Human Happiness; With An Inquiry Into Our Prospects Respecting The Future Removal Or Migration Of The Evils Which It Occasions”. This book has a huge impact on today’s economic realities. No one during Rev. Malthus’ days ever considered this topic as stupid, as the essence of its length, just like in many writings during those days, and even now, was to clarify concepts as much as possible. This is a stage (i.e. a stage of details, or an age of details) that MUST be lived through, if we are to ever make any progress. In addition, because we love our country so much, including all of its human beings, every detail about our country and its human beings (from the one day old fetus, to the over 100 year old Grand Ma) matters so dearly to us. Further, because we are in this battle to fight the Devil and its deceitful theories that are currently wrecking our lives, and ravishing our future, the details matter to us very dearly because, as the common saying goes, “the Devil hides itself right within the details.” Therefore, every article of our Revolution, ranging from the wordings on protest placards, or posters, to our flyers, brochures, and pamphlets, including this very cover letter, and the main communication enclosed here, require your quality time, and is not intended for mere skimming through, or glancing at. 4. One essence of this massive writing, voice recording, and the huge blame casting in our work is to trigger some huge, constructive crisis of theoretical and intellectual debates and disagreements – both at the national and international levels, that will force an ultimate and urgent national round table, God willing. 5. Most similar to the immediate point above, because of the deepness, complexity, and danger of our country’s problems, we establish that we need to more aggressively apply the concepts of education or book, in handling these troubles that no one else can handle for us. The extra-mile strain placed upon us, as a result of this reality, makes us appreciate President John F. Kennedy a whole lot when he says, “Conformity is a jailer of progress, and the enemy of growth.” Based on this harsh reality, we have come to the realization that without some constructive deviation from what is considered by many as the norm, or as formality, or as convention etc., we will never experience anything called change in this place. As such, you will discover

for yourself that our topics, titles, captions etc., are much longer than normal, so as to ensure that all these strong, timely, and strange messages of ours, are made clearer even from their very beginning, by God’s power. For something keeps telling us that, by always thinking, that our sentences should be restricted to one or two lines; our cover letters must be limited to only single pages; our main letters must never exceed 3 pages; our pamphlets must stop at 15-20 pages, and the likes, is another form of laziness that is making nothing to change in our country; because, when others have burning issues elsewhere, they do muster the courage to span far, far above traditional formalities, especially when they are not speaking ordinary business, but revolutionary or lifesaving matters, as this very cover letter and its enclosed communication do demonstrate. So please brace yourself for some interesting, innovatory reading. 6. At the close of the day, we are so eager to make sure that we send out these messages, as strangely as they are, or as strangely as our approach may seem, or as lately as they may appear to be going out etc. because we are feeling afraid that, not only are we responsible, or are to be held accountable for the things that we do, as human beings, as citizens, as patriots etc., but that we will, or are to also be held responsible or accountable for what we could have done, but did not do, either owing to fear, selfishness, or other emotions. The punishment for such inaction is so huge, as: while God is holding us responsible and punishing us on the one hand, the harsh pages of history will be holding us responsible for damages to our future generations on the other hand. We don’t want to be caught up into this kind of trap, and we equally don’t want fellow compatriots to be, that’s why all this great effort to make these very lifesaving messages spread like wildfire by God’s power. 7. We believe that God will soon strike this place hard through any of His several formulas again, owing to both our lack of genuine faith in Him, and then our collective stupidities, that have become so glaring and indisputable, and which continue to disgrace us day by day, as a people, while sleepwalking us to ultimate disaster. 8. We need real, solid change in this country, and every 1 million miles must begin with some simple, one step. For us, since no one knows exactly by whom, where, how, and when will that particular, true one step be taken, we have asked God so that this be, that particular, one, true step, to our country’s 1 million miles to actual independence, and all of its many dividends, including the much talked about peace and reconciliation, stability, and economic prosperity etc. 9. The great German-Swiss-American Albert Einstein did say that if we really want change, then our tolerance must go beyond provisions of law on our books. If what he has said here is true, which we are confident is true, then there’s a big challenge out

there now to Liberia and her government vis a vis our Plain Truth Revolution whose arguments defend a 99.9% of our population’s interests. Everybody in this country, including those holding the biggest political positions and wielding the biggest power and influence in this society knows that the GOL has been insulting, and continues to insult us in the face, unchallenged, in this country; and so, if we have reached a point that all the down-trodden masses of this place, through the Plain Truth Revolution, have decided to constructively fight back, but breaking the mold of always sugarcoating and mincing words, to rather deciding to use the harsh, healing truth, and you, or people in government consider this to be insulting, then you, or they still, are under obligation to observe what Mr. Einstein has said above if we really want lasting positive change to happen here for all of us in the end, by God’s grace. Thanks for going through this long prelude that gives you some of the basic principles, views, and modus operandi of our Plain Truth Revolution, and welcome on board the reading of your actual cover letter. In this package, apart from this cover letter and our main 23-page communication addressed directly to you, there are four separate sets of documents, bounded with paper clips or staples, for those whom we are addressing through hard copies, or labeled in a special way for easy identification and attached electronically for those whom we are addressing electronically, for your convenience, which include: a) Our Revolution’s Anti-2017 Americo-Liberian Elections Materials (5 big flyers + 1 extensive, 22-page revolutionary warning message against standing on line to vote in 2017). *Note that we are providing you Flyers 1 and 4, plus the 22 general warning, and leaving you with the polite challenge of downloading the others from their web locations. This will be labeled Set 1. b) Just two of the summary pamphlets of our over 20 Plain Truth Revolutionary handouts/pamphlets, for your quick perusal. These two concern Liberia’s illegitimacy and the wickedness that characterize its overall civic theory, leaving you with an appeal to get the other interesting rest. This is labeled Set 2. c) Some (i.e. between 7 and 11) short communications/documents from among countless, relating to the now 5-year running administrative and revolutionary search for redress by Employee Roland Kartee against Employer, Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, for his criminally bogus January 2013 dismissal, a deadly Americo-Liberian INJUSTICE that has cruelly wretched – in some respects – the Native African Kartees’ family’s lives for 5 straight years now, with the full knowledge and implicit backing of the United States Government. This case, we repeat, is a proud catalyst and launch pad of our Plain Truth Revolution. These few instruments - starting with the very fake employment termination letter of January 25, 2013, and ending with our most current effort at redress from the new management

and government – have been marked in some chronological order for your convenience too. This is labeled Set 3. d) A 38-page warning from our Revolution to the 3 biggest sustainers of the wicked civic theory of Liberia through fake elections and bloody foreign aid. We labeled this as Set 4., and then added our October 5, 2017 letter to the Liberia National Police and a March 22, 2018 communication we sent to the head of the UN Mission in Liberia. a) A 20-page article we call our guide, i.e. Plain Truth Revolution Guide 2, which provides some kind of narrative or walkthrough for all of the various civic actions that we have been taking thus far under the auspices of the Plain Truth Revolution in pursuit of some genuine redress to this raw deal, this proud springboard of our Revolution, ranging from actions taken at the family-level, to those taken at the national level, or with bigger national agendas. Of course, this last one is labeled Set 5. **Please note that each set is attached in two versions – both in a .doc and a .pdf format. Thank you for going through this package to know about the Plain Truth Revolution and to buy into our arguments and debates for the final liberation of our country from the forces of untold LIES, DECEIT, CORRUPTION and MISCHIEF, to its befitting destiny of true independence and prosperity using God’s eternal principles of JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE, and equally the rest of the other Godly principles. Yours gratefully,

RSK Roland S. Kartee Head/Plain Truth Revolution

Plain Truth Revolution Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia December 11, 2017


Dear PGM: Greetings to all of you Christian brothers and sisters at the Pacific Garden Mission there in Illinois from the Grain Coast (“Liberia”). On my way to central Monrovia one Saturday Morning in a taxi cab, while the driver kept struggling to catch an FM radio dial to have us, his riders entertained, he momentarily played Radio ELWA at the time your program, UNSHACLED, was being relayed. Then fortunately, having caught the program at its tail end already, the few minutes of slowness or groping exhibited by the taxi cab driver in search of another station of his choice was enough for me to have learned about your prayer request feature, and to have quickly copied the address to which such request could be sent. I use all this language of luck or fortune here because unsophisticated Monrovia has managed, of late, to offer us, FM radio listeners in this country, over 20 stations, but in actuality, one would be able to clearly catch less than 10 on their transistor radio, and where I live in one suburb of Monrovia, I really cannot catch ELWA clearly, thus, this Saturday Morning was a privilege. Having said, I like to wholeheartedly appreciate you, on behalf of my group, which you will get to know later, for extending your beautiful radio programming, especially in Christian teachings, to this dark side of the globe. Since that April 2017 Saturday Morning, I have been trying to catch ELWA whenever I am in a coverage area outside of home. I however, as said earlier, took down your address, that Saturday morning and thought to bring it to my group so that we send you our prayer request, for all of us, one Christian family, no matter our locations apart, to pray for our country, the Grain Coast, or “Liberia”. But before presenting our request, we are pleased to use this medium to introduce ourselves, the Plain Truth Revolution, a small, God-fearing, conscious, and peaceful group of indigenous people of this place, determined through God’s grace, to use a single case of injustice affecting the family of our, now vision bearer, to bring decency, sanity, righteousness, and independence to our country; again, by the grace and power of our Almighty God, since it has now been overwhelmingly proven that in 195 years, those

whom we look up to as the so-called societal frontrunners, the elites, the politicians, the business tycoons, the big international partners etc. of this place have completely failed to do any of the above, and we also, with all due respect to the international world, can NEVER depend on anyone else in the outside world – be it the UN, the US, Britain etc. – to change our terrible national situation for us. For we have now learned sufficiently from the Bible that it is only God’s children, using His eternal principles, who can ever build sustainable national, social, institutional and other human foundations. We have also now established through Biblical teachings that it takes nothing less than honest endeavors at keeping righteousness alive in the public space to make social progress and stability possible etc., and so, we have decided to take the lead in fighting to change a very difficult and dangerous situation with American imperialism and Americo-Liberia’s true colors of mischief and corruption that are horribly working against us, mainly the aboriginals in this country. Please now, accept these three counts, immediately below, as our prayer requests, before we continue with other discussions and explanations ahead: 1. Please pray that God protects us against America’s deadly imperialist maneuvers and their effects here, as implemented through her numberless agents, including the CIA, Americo-Liberia’s bloody mischiefs under the canopy of running government or implementing government policies, unspeakable sycophancy, horrifying tyranny of a huge ignorant majority etc., as God needs living testimonies to draw people’s attention to what unqualified faith in Him can accomplish in this life. Everybody in this country, if not the whole world, does believe at present that we, Blacks, on this side of the globe, as uneducated, undereducated, unsophisticated, badly marginalized by America’s imperialist designs etc. as we are, will NEVER be able – even in a billion years’ time – to EVER constructively take America to task for our ultimate freedom and independence, as God’s children too. But our small family is praying to live beyond such pettiness by leading the process for bringing genuine change and ultimate, befitting independence and sovereignty to our badly cheated country and people, by God’s grace. As we speak, our family and small revolutionary group’s safety and security is seriously at stake as we begin this leadership process. For instance, in one of our engagements of constructively and peacefully going on the offensive against this wellestablished, biggest culprit of all of the Hell ravishing our lives in this place, which is America, by going in person to their Monrovia Embassy to politely demand their intervention into our family’s ordeal with Americo-Liberia’s excessive INJUSTICE against us, the Natives of this land, our family’s photographs were taken massively by both Embassy elements and their Americo-Liberian security collaborators, and this reality of course badly exposes our family now to too much of danger. This action took place from March 29 to April 19, this year, 2017. Our engagement with them for

their politely demanded intervention into this seemingly personal case of ours with our employer, the LPRC, as mentioned in earlier paragraphs above, has however been placed on some pause, as we currently shift focus for a while, to another bigger national issue, which is the issue of vague and cursed so-called political elections in this country, as you will be briefed about adequately in this package. Please keep us in prayer. 2. Please pray for God to avert the looming danger coming to our country through some heavily-abused and misused exercise that we call political elections here again this 2017, a process coming from out of an illegitimate and bloody constitution, and an exercise which will be administered under very divisive and deceitful national symbols and emblems. Instead, let Him, God, make our demand for a National Citizens Conference to change these deadly realities around come to pass by His grace. 3. We now demand a complete change to our current social contract, if one even exists. We are saying that ALL of the civic arguments and theories proffered by the AmericoLiberians at the founding of their “Liberia” in 1822 are now outdated, and ALL must change now; if not, no soul will rest here again. Christian friends, in this direction, we ask that you please petition God for us, to prevail upon the two parties fighting to maintain this old, cursed, and faded social contract and its status quo in this place, which are the United States and her Americo-Liberians, to please quickly buy-in to our demand for a prompt Sovereign Citizens Convention in place of elections this 2017. It is at this Convention that we wish to redo the current failed Americo-Liberian Social Contract to draw up a new one that will match every citizen’s interest while using some form of transitional justice process to make amends for every major past crime since 1816, crimes whose legacies continue to hold us down for centuries now, and will do so for even countless centuries if something holistic is not done about them right away. For as God’s children, especially when trying to convince those who want to resist such change, one of our biggest arguments, you will bear with us, can be drawn from II Timothy 3:16-17. 4. And, like an encapsulation of the previous two, we ask that you please pray with us, that, as we embark upon our part of our independence struggle, this exercise should go on peacefully without a drop of blood. With our 4 count-prayer request outlined above, we say to you, Christian friends, that we, the people of this place, especially conscious in God, do have a whole lot of embarrassing and dangerous realities and situations to see and live with, on a daily basis. While our Creator has said that He wishes for our welfare and for all the good that He placed in us, in terms of potentials, talents, and the likes, to be unleashed big time, on this dark side of

the globe, it is unfortunately a different, sad, story for God’s children. We ask therefore that you please keep us in prayer for change, and change, for the better. The unfortunate culprit in all this however, according to our revolution’s findings, is that: when, out of fear, a whole people refuse to think and act for themselves; to achieve their own, rightful independence; to seek God’s face for themselves just as the Bible has encouraged every group of people to do etc., they can lead a very NASTY and sorrowful life – like what’s happening to us in this country. Imagine that the biggest reaction from almost everyone in this place, in response to all the NASTY things going on here has almost always been: “Nothing you can do about it, we must just fight to do it, and live it, only according to how America wants it.” As a result of this Americo-Liberian societal perception, we the human beings here are nothing better than a bunch of domestic animals that America can send to collect and slaughter in any number, and just at any time. And this is what Marcus Garvey, for example, once said, can happen to a group of people who think that they can ever possess and build their own country out of fear. One thing that makes us call this peaceful civic endeavor a revolution is because we are all out, or all bent, on demanding answers and pushing people’s feet to the fire for answers to the many big questions that no one, mainly out of fear, wants to ask in this place, questions whose answers our lives and progress do hinge upon so explicitly. We believe it is only God that we should not be able to demand answers from because He has told us for instance in the Book of Deuteronomy, that it is not everything that He has revealed to us, which makes a whole lot of sense because, come to think about it, if we were to know everything about Him, then He would not have been our Almighty God – God forbid!! But this kind of fear or inability to demand answers, we believe, should not be extended to flesh and blood like ourselves, no matter how advanced they may be, more than us, especially when we need such answers from them on issues that explicitly border upon our lives, our destinies, and our happiness etc. Take for instance the issue of Justice. All Books of Scriptures, including the Bible and the Qur’an have said that once we play with the issue of Justice, we will NEVER enjoy the land which our God has given us. But look at how Justice, sadly, is being mockingly handled here by the Americo-Liberian Government, and their master, the United States of America. Let all of you out there, Christian friends, please join our small group in asking the rest of our fellow compatriots and the government here, no matter how illegitimate the government here has proven to be from our research etc., such questions as: why should we, the people of this country, not be brave enough to demand answers from America, about several key issues that history resoundingly exposes them, the US, of being responsible for, to our country, including, but not limited to the following: 1. As established by law, who killed President William R. Tolbert and his officials, and why should their killers not be brought to justice as yet, when this very productive

man and his officials were killed during peace time, but Colonial Master, America, keeps selectively pursing people for crimes committed during war time, like Charles Taylor for instance? 2. Why should the constitution written by the people that claimed to kill Tolbert say that no one should ever be brought to book for killing him and his officials? Is this then a true constitution; should an organic law, or the supreme law of a land, ever be championing such broad day impunity? Were Tolbert and his officials not human beings too, not to even mention their being human beings in national leadership positions? 3. Who killed President Samuel K. Doe, and why was Doe killed right in the hands of peacekeepers during a reported time of official ceasefire? Was this not a serious war crime committed by all the parties involved, and their backers? Should no one ever answer to these kinds of heinous crimes now? Can partial justice ever hold water? 4. Why would Chuckie Taylor go to jail in America for 99 years, pay around US$22 million in damages – all for alleged or even proven torture that he committed in Liberia, when the millions of people who died here, or whose lives were badly set back in Liberia during this same time, have nothing to point to, as some form of reprieve or reparation through our country’s TRC process, under the watch of this same America, that claims and behaves like the small god in everything done in this Liberia? And in fact, there are accounts that there’s an American hand – through one KRL International of Washington D.C. – working with their heavily backed President Sirleaf, to kill the entire multiple million-dollar TRC process. What is the fate of this TRC process now? If it is hard to be implemented today, will it ever be easy to implement it tomorrow? 5. Why would Taylor be jailed for 50 years only for what he did in Sierra Leone, when he, along with a long list of people, all backed by this same America, or by American elements, did far worse things in Liberia than even in Sierra Leone, whose impacts will live with us forever? Are we not human beings too? etc. and etc. We will pause here, only on current event questions, as those from history, beginning with the ACS’s conception of Liberia, the arm robbery of our land by Captain Robert Field Stockton of the American USS Alligator Warship, the killing of our people in 1822 to designate the date of such massive atrocity as National Thanksgiving Day etc. are so many, and handled in other articles of our Plain Truth Revolution. But the point we are making here is that if we can’t get answers to these kinds of questions, and many bigger ones not mentioned here, as said above, then what good will ever come from out of us as a people? If we can’t get answers to these kinds of strong questions, which directly impact our survival and progress, then why run court houses

around here? Why even run a country in the first place, if justice will be mocked to this kind of unimaginable extent? Christian friends, as a harsh, but undeniable fact, America can order or aid and abet the killing of any number of persons – from the one-day old baby, to the so-called president in this country – just at any time they wish. Typical examples with the top-most persons in this country who America just messed around with, at will, without anyone ever taking them to task include the ‘now known today’ masterminded killings of Presidents Tolbert and Doe. See for example again, how America demanded current President Sirleaf to disgracefully turn over her predecessor, Charles Taylor, to get subjected to some Kangaroo justice, and to go to jail for 50 years because Ellen claims she needed some quick development money. This is according to Nicolas Cook of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. Now, the world is watching how this same America may well mastermind the public disgrace, or even killing of Madam Sirleaf if care is not taken, because she knows too much of their secrets, again in criminal dealings. These, sadly, are the biggest ‘fruits’ that the people of this place can ever enjoy from their relationship with the world superpower. Our dear brothers and sisters of the human family, the very horrible handling of human affairs in this country by the Americo-Liberians through something called government, heavily assisted by the United States – both officially and unofficially – which continue to make life so unbearable and miserable for God’s children on this side of our one Planet, this funny American colony called Liberia, could soon spark up an altercation that could plunge the whole world into a 3rd world war, so we urge you to please accord these communications coming from the Plain Truth Revolution all of your attention, and let us all pray about this situation, since prayer is our biggest tool as God’s children. It may interest you to know that our peaceful revolution is now of the firm conviction – through research findings – that what is obtaining in our country here, with respect to America and her Americo-Liberians’ treatment of us, the Natives, is a form of genocide, and some other big crimes against humanity. For example, according to Article 2 of the 1951 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, genocide happens in several different ways including: causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of a group; deliberately inflicting on a group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part, and forcibly transferring children of one group to another group. For this last condition, we say to you our fellow Christians from the Pacific Garden Mission, that the Americo-Liberians have, since 1822, been, and continue to use psychological force and duress to make our tribal people to change their parents’ name to American surnames before ever receiving some “Live for Today” quality of education and some minimal quality standards of living. Thus, some of our citizens have now lost their God-given traditional surnames, and thereby causing their parents’ name to sadly disappear from the surface of this Earth forever.

So as it is now becoming clearer and clearer to you through these narratives, America continues to flirt with our lives and blood in different forms in this place, and they continue to dangerously hold our destinies hostage, just for the sake of Wall Street’s capitalist gains, but she (America) deceitfully strings everyone along by putting us and the world under the impression that Liberia is independent, and is running a democracy; when in fact, none of these two is true. The United States’ two biggest tools or weapons used to implement her imperialist and colonialist agenda against us are illiteracy and poverty – all of which are being germinated and nurtured by the instrument called Government of Liberia here, through their policies. That’s why America’s hands must be in everything in this funny colony – ranging from the mocking provision of primary education, to the theoretical alleviation of poverty, and to the conduct and handling of elections and elections results – all of which are now so predictable and dangerously funny to be true, as they are only making things worse and worse for us here, with our country consequently positioned to continuously remain a major threat to world peace. Since it is good to always back strong statements with some prima facie proof, imagine Christian friends, that during this Golden Age of the Silicon Valley, the US Embassy in this country is still asking so-called political party heads and aspirants here to carry their platforms to the Embassy for review. Please get this paraphrased excerpt, as enclosed in square brackets below, from a Liberian Media outlet for your information. A May 10, 2017 story in the Liberian Listener ( entitled, “Why is the US Embassy inviting presidential aspirants?” narrates: [While Congressional leaders in America are appalled by the interference of Russian hacking, and in essence, Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, the Liberian Listener is shocked to hear that the US Embassy is inviting Liberian Presidential candidates for private discussions. In a press release posted on its website, dated May 5, 2017, the Embassy said in its statement, “We congratulate the government and people of Liberia for their vibrant democracy and their successful registration process. We are inviting a series of private discussions with presidential aspirants of political parties who wish to engage with the US Embassy.” The statement goes on to say, “The first dialogue took place [a few days ago] with Cllr. Dr. Jallah Barbu of the New Liberia Party. The US Embassy will continue these dialogues in the weeks that follow in order to better understand the platforms, priorities, and philosophies of the aspirants. We wish Liberia a successful election that is free, fair, open and peaceful. US Embassy meetings with political aspirants will be closed to the public.” The Listener questions whether this move was sanctioned by the State Department and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The Liberian Listener notes that America’s involvement with Liberia’s transitions and elections has a troubling boomerang, especially in the 1985 election which it gave a passing mark while Liberians were crying in the streets. Calling the polls “Acceptable By African Standards”, even as their support to Doe became more unflinching and unacceptable, arming him and supporting him with monies

to suppress his own people, just to protect America’s interests. Liberia went to war primarily because of the fraud perpetrated in 1985, backed by the US and Washington.] Being conscious of our spiritual obligation of going on the offensive after fully establishing the root cause of our problem, or after having established who our true detractor (though some may say enemy) is, our vision bearing family, on behalf of the bigger revolutionary group, which is still being structured, has managed to date, through God’s grace, to start engaging each of the major stakeholder in our country’s problem, one way or the other. Since America is the biggest party in this Liberian Trouble, being the author and sustainer of this nightmare since 1816, and since we are only counting on God to do the miracle here, we decided to furnish America first with all the terrible findings of our 4 years of research on this country’s 200 year old hullaballoo. This happened Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the date our family began her peaceful petitioning of the US Embassy here to intervene in saving us from the deadly effects of AmericoLiberia’s unspeakable, ubiquitous injustice – with our part of injustice being experienced, and still yet ongoing, at the hands of the so-called Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, as you will discover when you delve deeper into our other articles. On this March 29, we turned over to the US Embassy 27 hours of voice recordings on 6 CDs – 6 .mp3 files – of our research findings, along with 5 giant pamphlets of our over 15 revolutionary pamphlets, handouts and other articles. We had told the Americans that it was based upon those narratives that we mustered the courage to take our seemingly ‘domestic’ complaint to their doorsteps. When they responded after 3 weeks of our peaceful family protest that they were not intervening, we sent some 5-page communication, which includes links to all of our works, to the officer that met with us earlier, copying 5 additional top officials of the Embassy, including Ambassador Christine Elder herself. All this interprets to the fact that America is now well informed about all of the arguments, wishes and aspirations of our Plain Truth Revolution for Mama Country. Christian Friends, one additional key reason why we decided to fully furnish America first, with all the big arguments, plans, and wishes of our revolution for our country before taking them to our own people is because America is very notorious at undermining genuine revolutionary change in other countries or territories once those changes promise to temper with Wall Street’s exploitative interests in the economic resources of that place, and no people suffer this sad fate on Planet Earth equal to us, in this country. Now, our revolution has the most workable and sustainable solutions to the enduring and mammoth problems of this place because its solution options and arguments are all deeply rooted in God’s eternal principles of Love, Justice, and the Truth. However, because we have all the proofs that this America is the single biggest underminer of progress and stability in our home since her decision in 1816 to round up hardcore criminals and dump them on our soil through their so-called American Colonization Society Project, and this America has all the potentials, and is in fact, dug in

her heels to kill every good dream in this country for the greater good of our huge indigenous or tribal population, who constitute over 98% of this country’s human beings, our revolution decided, through God’s guidance, to throw in this challenge to their conscience by fully furnishing them first with all of our lifesaving and well-intentioned plans for the final delivery and independence of our ever-fooled and suffering people. The rationale is that with such bold honesty with this America, knowing her unmatched influence, both negative and positive in every affair of this country, any threat to our Plain Truth Revolution – whether to its ideas or its human torch bearers – will now be squarely blamed on America by our entire world. On the other hand, we do also believe, as a challenge, that if America has some remorse of conscience and true fear of God, with the kinds of things that we have furnished them with, about the ultimate resurrection and salvation of our country which has been killed by them since 1816, they would surely do all they can – even if it means underhand – to support our endeavor all the way to success, God willing, and we are confident of this latter possibility. This is the position of our revolution, and that’s why, apart from making America to know all of our intentions for our dear home, we have also let the United Nations know so that she can carefully observe these new developments, and where necessary, and possible, she can quickly intervene, since UN is the only legitimate world referee and arbiter of all human affairs in this life on Earth, as far as the Plain Truth Revolution is concerned. All this, even though, does not suggest or mean that America is bad, or Americans are a bad people, NO, NO, but these facts simply confirm that the relationship between us and this great nation is cursed, and the Bible and Quran say, anything about us that we find cursed, with the potential of bothering us for life, we MUST CUT IT OFF, no matter how dear or darling it may deceitfully seem to us, Period!!! The foundation of this friendship or relationship we have with the United States is so NASTY and DIRTY, based on big LIES, DECEIT, and HATRED etc., and as such, nothing much productive will ever come from out of it because God is NEVER mocked. These are very strong remarks, but they are nothing more, or less, than the plain truth, which we must face now, truths that normally can be too hard to come to terms with, but we MUST. Fellow Christians of the Pacific Garden Mission, we know that our relationship with America and her Americo-Liberians have now become so intimate, and sometimes serve as a testimony of pride, but realistically, this is not the case, as especially this iniquitous relationship with America has been the source of almost all of the troubles that we face in this place today. Take for example just these 3, sour accounts, of the foundation of this relationship from history and other sources, as follows, which may appear as a recap of some of what we have already touched earlier. We therefore ask:

1. What good will ever come from a relationship in which, the key initiator, the Americans, confusingly and deceitfully, after having used the four dangerous adjectives of: Morally Lax, Mentally Inferior, Criminally Oriented, and Promoters of Mischief, as descriptions for their Blacks, qualified to be deported to Africa

through the American Colonization Society’s Project, still went ahead, dumping such characters on our soil, in the name of these people coming to “Christianize” and “Civilize” our home? In addition to this argument, how on Earth will this relationship ever yield any kind of good fruit, when as credible, reliable, and powerful as the US Congress is, after acknowledging these descriptions above (of their qualified Blacks for deportation to Africa, our societal frontrunners), had to instruct that where these people will be dumped should never be closer to the shores of the United States, as they, Congress, foresaw MISCHIEF being carried out in such place at an even more aggravated level? Please read our other articles for more details on this very striking point. 2. What good dividends or productive fruits will ever come from a relationship in which the Americans had to approve their Naval Captain Robert Field Stockton’s use of his pistol (handgun) to arm rob our land, Cape Mesurado, from our poor Bassa, Dei, and Gola etc. forefathers, just to dump their unwanted criminal Blacks - the Johnsons, Joneses, Bernard’s etc., according to history? 3. What good will ever come from out of a relationship like the one between us and America, when every major War, Bloodshed, Calamity etc. that has stroke or befallen our poor people in this country since 1822, to this very point in history, has taken root from America, or has had direct or indirect link to America? In addition to this argument, what good will ever come from this relationship when every account of how our precious natural resources and now other forms of resources, like human beings, have been looted broad day, or criminally exploited, points to America, or elements of American attachments? Again, please read our articles for more details. In the midst of all these and many more HORRIBLE realities fellow Christians, we, the Natives of this country, still sadly remain stuck to America and her Americo-Liberians, still feeling, out of fear, that without a radical separation from them, our future can ever get loosened up, and get brightened with the passage of time – something which the Plain Truth Revolution concludes is ABSOLUTELY wrong and impossible, as again, God is NEVER mocked. We must constructively confront this Bogeyman and radically face this Beast, this Elephant etc. for some constructive separation, or else, ABSOLUTELY nothing will work for ourselves, our people, and all our future generations. Our revolution stresses that we must now engage this elephant in the room right now by the grace of God. We know that it’s hard to get separated from someone or a people that we’ve gotten so used to, but to really gain our rightful place in this life, we must do some harsh, caustic separations at times, including separation from our own parents, let alone a relationship whose fruits continue to be so disastrous for 99.9% of our people - only in the end, to benefit less than 1%, at the expense of all the rest. We can cry out in this country for the next 1,000 years from vices and pains, such as massive corruption, untold deprivation, unhindered ritualistic killings, unspeakable jungle justice, unheard-of undevelopment, and a terrible suffocation and stifling of our good people’s huge Godgiven potentials for the benefits of the children of the McClain’s, Tubman’s, Johnson’s

etc., nothing will EVER happen, or change, unless this exploitative and iniquitous relationship between us and America is terminated, and unless the Americo-Liberians are relegated from our public space. This decision, we know, is troubling, dangerous and very difficult, but it is possible, with the collective prayer of all of God’s children – no matter our locations apart and our religions. In fact, all books of Scriptures including the Qur’an, the Bible etc. instruct some painful separation for the sake of our common good. For example, Matt 5:29-30, Mark 9:43 etc. - all instruct us to even (figuratively) cut off our legs, our arms, or plug out our eyes, and so forth, if we establish that any of these body parts are causing continuous trouble for us. This is where Faith comes in, and where we urge you, fellow Christians on that side of the globe to pray with us to muster the true spiritual courage that will lead us to the exercise of such faith by God’s grace. Remember without Faith we are nothing, both before God and before man. One religious commentator put it this way, that: “our faith is not really tested until God asks us to bear what seems unbearable; to do what seems unreasonable, or to expect what seems impossible”. Our brothers and sisters in Christ from the PGM, we have decided to go this great length into some details because we of the Plain Truth Revolution, being one of yours in Christ, do now feel very obligated to clearing the debris in this society, by the grace of God, since no one can ever do it, and do it better, than God’s own children. For example, in our reading, when Psalms 11:3 asks, if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? We believe that Isaiah 58:9-12 excellently answer this big question, especially in verse 12, when it says in summary that the righteous, God’s children, must repair or correct faulty or damaged foundations. For we feel a moral, legal and spiritual obligation to constructively disobey proven illegitimate entities and authorities, whether or not the world around us agrees, as some of the activities involved with uprooting a treacherous, failed foundation to build a new and better one. Please keep us in your prayers strongly. The point of either staying away from, or disapproving the outcome of the ensuing, always fake Americo-Liberian electoral process, as we mentioned in our long subject or reference line, is in line with Biblical and Qur’anic principles too: that we are under obligation to discontinue complying with, or obeying well-established immoral or illegitimate authorities and designs for our lives and our relationship with God. We can’t keep obeying a design that is bent on working against us, and our future generations, especially due to its bad foundation. Fellow brethren, we want you to please pray with us to take seriously the sad reality that we unfortunately have a very dirty society that can NEVER remain this dirty, for anything good to flourish within it. While perfection is impossible for us as human beings, and as human societies, excellence achieved in relative cleanliness, MUST be the objective and goal after which all serious people must seek. In our case here, because of the age of our problem, its complexity, and very deeprooted nature, plus the kinds of parties involved, this indispensable societal cleanup process has become very huge and dangerous, but the harsh fact is that we must face it as

a collective challenge in our common existence, as every group of people have got their part of collective challenge in life that they must overcome in order to flourish. Christian Friends at the PGM, to demonstrate true conviction that the very burning issues currently at stake in this country are not about a particular Liberian government or a particular set of individuals within its fake governance arrangements, but that these great issues are instead about a whole wrong structure that was put into place here since 1822 in the name of national government, along with its entire modus operandi, that needs to be radically overhauled before true independence and all of its dividends of: peace, security, stability, economic prosperity etc. can ever be realized in this country, please pray with us, and bear us witness, that we are not limiting our call, or this national civic injunction to fellow citizens here, only to abstaining from these 2017 elections alone. Instead, wherein their elections are still held – which is very highly possible in the midst of all the current calls against these fake polls, since holding fake elections, in fact, is the only primary means through which the United States Government and their surrogates, the Americo-Liberians, do sustain their Liberia and its NASTY theory, a theory saturated with bloodletting, corruption, imperialism, and ethnocentrism etc., we still herewith call on all of our well-meaning citizens and friends elsewhere to join us in disapproving this fake electoral process and all of its outcomes by peacefully protesting and resisting their so-called inauguration as well. Again, this action is, or will be necessary not because we hate the professed winner (s) from this illegitimate process, but because we too are under obligation to exert some reasonable force or pressure in averting a bad future, a bad collective fate etc., since this country does belong to all of us equally, and as such, we can’t always sit by and continue to allow only a less than 1% of the population, calling themselves some politicians, or some elite, to keep manipulating us in the fake name of politics or governance. And so, our beautiful beginning point is to do everything constructively and civilly possible, to obstruct anything called the inauguration of another Americo-Liberian president, another Americo-Liberian political administration, another batch of both conscious and unconscious agents of American imperialism and neo-colonialism; another batch of both conscious and unconscious criminals etc. to continue the Americo-Liberian culture of corruption, corruption, and corruption, and the unhindered, unchallenged marginalization and suppression of our huge Native African or tribal populations of this beautiful land, one way or the other. No, no, we will civilly resist all this to the letter, by the grace of God. Instead, we do demand, and will ensure, with all of our blood, sweat, and tears, that all road in this country lead to a Sovereign Citizens Convention between now and the end of February, or latest, mid-March, before UNMIL finally draws down. For us, it is not about who wins or who becomes president of this place that is still under the Americo-Liberians’ twisted, criminal civic theory, no. It is about what foundation is that person coming to build upon; what culture and leadership traditions are they coming

to build upon, and things like that. The main point is that, we just don’t believe in this foundation of Joseph Jenkins Roberts; we don’t believe in Tubman’s foundation; we don’t believe in Doe’s or Taylor’s foundation etc., neither do we believe in a foundation laid by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. For we do demand an opportunity now, before UNMIL leaves, by God’s grace, to lay for ourselves a new foundation; to create for ourselves a new, 21st century civic foundation and tradition – and never those laid or created by the Americo-Liberians in 1822, which are surely what Boaka or Weah will be coming again to sustain. For anything that is of the Liberian foundation, theory, and status quo, we do vehemently detest, not even oppose; and so, allowing ourselves to inaugurate Weah or Boakai will just interpret to agreeing to join with evil forces (both conscious and unconscious) to intentionally prolong the sorrowful agony and sufferings of our good people. Additionally, as a strong piece of information for fellow citizens, especially those of pure Native African backgrounds, who now feel some sigh of relief that the Natives are beginning to take over their land, we say with the saddest of heart that instead of taking over their land, the Natives are rather enhancing the Americo-Liberian design, and proving the ACS arguments right, all of which will continue to prolong the sufferings of our already strangulated people. The election of one George Weah or Joseph Boakai through an Americo-Liberian electoral process will never be that desperately desired and needed equivalent of Natives rightfully taking over their country from the foul-smelling hands of these mischievous Black Americans, and the deadly imperialist claws of the United States, neither will it even be a small liberation of the huge suffering masses of this land from the shackles and yoke of abuse, poverty, devastation etc. as it has been since January 7, 1822, but instead, such election will sadly be a prolongation of all these very NASTY, existing realities, one way or the other. With a George Weah or Joseph Boakai presidency over a fake statehood called “Liberia”, still bearing this same name given by an American Congressman in the early 1820s for selfish, colonial, and bloodily ‘seggregative’ reasons; a fake statehood still flying this same red, white, and blue flag with a blue field, within it a lying single star, divisive 11 stripes; a fake nationhood arrangement still running with this same bloody motto that reads, “The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here”; a funny American Colony still honoring a conflict-ridden seal that depicts the coming onto this place, of only the criminal and most mischievous breed of Mixed Blacks Americans from the United States; and a lying West African statehood theory still obeying a very bloody constitution of lies and all sorts of dualities, etc. and etc., we highly foresee the rise to power of another Samuel K. Doe, this time in clean clothes. We sadly see a newer, 21st century Samuel Doe, who, after being savagely and criminally manipulated again by the Americo-Liberians in the name of politics, will be ultimately destroyed by them and their always US allies and elements, all for personal, selfish gains, with devilish “Liberia” and all of its messy theories still intact. We foresee

this kind of unsavory development culminating again into funny Liberia’s rupturing into conflict, or plunging itself and the sub region, including the world over, into another huge crisis of blood etc. Finally, while this current effort has led us to addressing more than 400 national and international stakeholders, with all of these communications systematically organized into some categories and posted generally at, which you are encouraged to review and find out for yourselves what we are telling the other stakeholders about this same subject, if you will have the time, with some of these communications however having the same content almost etc., in order to narrow the scope of your perusal or review however, we have decided to set apart 6 stakeholders’ communications, or stakeholder groups’ communications from among the more than 400, which we believe, will be of great help or interest to you than the rest, and have thus placed them at a separate Internet location or site. These 7 communications as such, include those we sent to: (1) the big stakeholders in Liberian affairs; (2) President Trump; (3) the UN Office on Indigenous Issues; (4) the Security Community in Liberia; (5) the Radio Stations in Monrovia, and (6) Congress, and these 6 are being posted at To get any further information about us, or about all of our documents and articles, kindly proceed as follows:  To find out every major step we have been taking in search of redress for the personal ordeal of ours that we mentioned from the onset, the proud springboard of our revolution, we encourage you to please go to what we call our Plain Truth Revolution’s Guide 2 at or, which, in addition to giving you some detail on each civic action that we have been taking thus far, also gives you a detail listing of every article we have ever written since this case surfaced in January 2013, to guide, inform, and execute our revolution for Mama Country  To get a summary of all of the basic debates we (i.e. the Plain Truth Revolution) now have on the table for the redemption of our country, the summaries that we refer to as our 7 Great Revolutionary Summaries, please go to  To get some of the many artilcles that we have done to articulate the current state of affairs in our country, please go to: Our 5 key Anti-Americo-Liberian 2017 Elections Flyers at  You can also go to our Facebook fan page at for more information and links about this very nascent peaceful African Revolutionary Movement.

 Googling out “Plan Truth Revolution for (Liberia) could also be of help leading to our Guides. Guides 2 and 3 in this series will be too helpful for you, but better still, they can be obtained from the link: or We entreat you to kindly follow these arguments and developments now in “Liberia” with the keenness of your attention and interest. We can be reached at any time on cell numbers 0886556498 (Pastor Kringar); 0777611656 (Z. Kartee); or 0886120985 (P. Kartee), and we will be glad were you to call us any time at your convenience for any clarities or inquiries. You can also get to us through email at any of these addresses:;; and Our twitter handle is @plaintruthrev. Thank you very much Pacific Garden Mission, for doing a Godly probe into all of our big issues, praying along with us for their ultimate, peaceful, and objective resolution, and relating to us appropriately, where necessary. Yours with Godly Love, The Plain Truth Revolution Signed: _____________________ _____________________

Approved: RSK Roland S. Kartee, Initiator and Vision Bearer of the Plain Truth Revolution

Pacific garden mission  

This is our Plain Truth Revolution's letter to fellow brethren in one faith to God, the Pacific Garden Mission, seeking their active recogni...

Pacific garden mission  

This is our Plain Truth Revolution's letter to fellow brethren in one faith to God, the Pacific Garden Mission, seeking their active recogni...