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1 Welcome to our Revolution of DETAILS, a civic endeavor that seeks to dig out root causes, and to get to the bottom of our country’s deep-rooted social problems, using God’s eternal principles of Love, Patience, Truth, Hard Work, and Justice.

This is the 7th of our revolutionary G7 Summaries. All of them can be found at Thanks for finding and reading all.

THE PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION, ITS ROADMAP, PLUS GOVERNANCE PLAN, FOR THE NEW COUNTRY, AND THE NEW DEMOCRACY WE NOW DEMAND TO REPLACE EVIL, FAILED LIBERIA The Plain Truth Revolution, in summary, is a civic enterprise that seeks to ‘reborn’ our country (the Grain Coast) through a series of well-organized civic processes and actions intended to culminate into a genuine transitional justice process that will redress our incredibly horrifying past, as a people, and then lay for us a new foundation based on God’s principles of Mutual Love, Justice, Honesty, and Hard Work, while overturning the current foundation which is based on Lies, Injustice, Ethnocentrism and Corruption. The conceptual groundwork of our revolution began in January 2013, and fortunately, January is widely known as the month of foundation. But we publicly and formally began on the 22nd of April 2013, as a 5-member Kartee’s family, 1 dependant, and 1 family friend, for a total of 7, in a peaceful sit-in action before the fake Liberia Petroleum “Refining” Company’s Product Storage Terminal (LPRC/PST) on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, to protest Americo-Liberia’s excessive Lies and Criminal Careless in handling all administrative matters in this place, including their unspeakable, systemic INJUSTICE against Native Africans in this country. We currently use the following three revolutionary emblems actively, which are all symbolic of ideas and creeds below: Vision: “To create a new, productive society that will be lighted and sustained by the simple, plain truths” Mission: “To use God’s eternal principles of Justice to wipe the slate clean for a new national foundation” Motto: It’s time to take the two bulls in our lives (America’s imperialism and AmericoLiberian ethnocentrism) by their horns, using the plain truths.” Or, for short: It’s time to take the two bulls in our lives by their horns, using the plain truths.” Objectives: ✓ To employ simple, home truths in a revolutionary fashion to upset Liberia’s entrenched culture of LIES and Mischief Making


✓ To employ simple concepts and theories from general education to make our homeland a livable, progressive, and civilized place Key Methodology: ✓ Massive creation of awareness, rooted from intensive researching and information sharing Major Tools: ✓ History, Civics, Statistics, Pens, Papers, Computers, Microphones, Cell Phones etc., but NOT GUNS!!!! Key Partners: 1. The Student Population 2. The Media 3. Judicial Workers

4.Our Traditional Leaders and People 5. Members of the intelligentsia 6. Our huge down-trodden masses

Means of Propagating Our Revolution and Its Messages: 1. Social Media 2. Civic and Judicial Actions and processes

3. Traditional Media 4. Other Legitimate ways

Our Revolutionary Project speaks for, and represents the wishes and aspirations of seven (7) huge constituencies of God’s children (including past, current and future generations of our country, and all of our well-wishers elsewhere on the globe) to whom we are very proud to always dedicate every work or article we write, and every action we take. Our distinguished constituencies therefore include: (a) Millions in their graves today who have died at the direct cause of AmericoLiberian state-sponsored and state-promoted mischief, mayhem, atrocities and other criminal activities; (b) Millions in their graves today who have died completely unaccomplished, even though they had vast potentials, but these potentials could never be explored and exploited due to America’s imperialist activities here and the Americo-Liberians’ explicit vendetta campaign against us; (c) Millions alive in our country who have missed out, or given up on the realization of their dreams and fullest potentials in life, all because their country works out every policy behind the scenes to stifle such possibility under the guise of running government;


(d) The millions who have suffered untold kangaroo justice at the hands of the ever rotten Americo-Liberian Justice System in this country, and continue to suffer this same fate over and over today; (e) Our entire future generations for whom this cruel national arrangement has laid no foundation, but yet expects all of the magic of nation-building and societystabilization etc. to be performed by them (i.e. these hopeless, “deprived and destroyed in advance” future generations); (f) Our citizens in the diaspora who worry a lot about what’s happening to their country, but are just unable or incapacitated, one way or the other, to impact the situation; and, (g) Foreign friends who love our country, and love us personally as friends, but keep worrying, what the causes are, that this country will not wake up to the true meaning of nationhood, especially for the benefit of all of its citizens etc. With respect to membership strength thus far, while we know that numerical strength seriously matters in this kind of national struggle, and that this is a struggle for country, which as such requires everyone’s input, we are also quite conscious that it does not take big numbers to start, or even execute great ideas or great campaigns, but rather just one, to a few committed persons. We are for example inspired by Margaret Mead’s admonishment that no one should ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; adding, indeed, this is the only thing that has ever happened. So our revolution still yet has a humble size of informal memberships and sympathizers, acquired currently through four means of getting on board or association, two of which include in person memberships, and virtual memberships, of undisclosed amount yet. The following are some of the things we want now, and do constructively demand to happen for our country now, by the grace of God: With our “Liberian” problem perceived and established as the greatest of all social problems in this world, during this 21st century, we do have a 7-point revolutionary agenda that we hope to win souls to help the country pursue very aggressively. We would not have gotten out so publicly, beginning to pull this old bull by the horn, if we hadn’t properly constructed these 7 points, with a game plan on how they can be achieved for our dear country by the grace of God. Our 7 revolutionary points are also referred to as our Septuplet for Total Rebirth (SEPTOR). Although we are of the strong conviction that this country has got everything wrong from the very beginning, and it sadly continues to get everything wrong up to this date, for which a complete revolution is the ONLY way out of our situation, our revolution aims to


first tackle these 7 key issues. As such, we do demand the legitimization and subsequent commissioning of these 7 revolutionary provisions at a proposed, but also demanded National Rebirth and Constitutional Convention (NRCC or NRC2, if you like) to be held as quickly as possible (i.e. between now and the close of 2017, or latest February 2018, at which full and bolder national debates into these issues will be conducted, with results adopted; and that all other new adjustments, provisions, and amendments to our new national framework will be considered for action. Provisions within our SEPTOR, which place more emphases on what today’s scholars call “juristocracy” or the judicialization of politics therefore, are as follows: 1. A national/citizens’ mandate or resolution declaring (or if one may say, re-declaring) our independence. What we have here is NEVER independence. For their economic, imperialist, and other interest, the US Government just clandestinely instructed their racist NGO, the American Colonization Society, to grant some limited sovereignty to their (American) ostracized complaining Black criminals here, while this immorally granted limited sovereignty creates leverage for these deported Black American criminals, the so-called Americo-Liberians, over our vast indigenous African populations here, thus effectively enabling these ostracized American criminals to badly suppress and oppress us, the Africans, as it has sadly, but dangerously been the case since 195 years now. We must gain our true independence from America and her Americo-Liberians right now, God willing. 2. A national/citizens’ mandate for the rewriting or writing of a completely new constitution. 3. A resolution/national mandate for the complete change of name for our country, and a redesign of all of its emblems and symbols 4. A strong resolution for the compulsory and immediate setting up of a Claims Court under the new national arrangement 5. A national/citizens’ resolution mandating the commissioning of some legal proceedings against the United States Government in pursuit of reparations, which must comprise two components: (1) a written apology from the U.S Government for all of the wrongs they have committed, and continue to commit against our country and its people, as shall be authenticated at the proceedings; and, (2) the construction of a new world class capital city, with modern zoning standards, connected to all 15 counties’ capitals with paved 4-lane roads. 6. A national resolution mandating the commissioning of legal proceedings against the Americo-Liberian ethnic group of this country, in pursuit of a 100 year ban from politics and governance for all their cruel activities against the indigenous population and their complete failure to ever put up any form of sound and responsible leadership and self-governance in this country, for which our country can boast of no substantial achievement for its very old age as a professed political entity. These claims plus more will be established and authenticated at the proposed proceedings.


7. A national resolution on the compulsory and immediate setup of a Ministry of Civic Education, to begin operations concomitantly with the coming into being of the new nation. This will be the most staffed and the busiest of all ministries in our new country from the word go, until later, or forever. The last unnumbered agenda item of course, will be Miscellaneous, which will include several distinct points, as follows: One of the miscellaneous points of our NRC2 will be the unconditional replacement of the unproductive Presidential form of Democracy we have now, to a Parliamentary Democracy, wherein we will have some ceremonial president (called head of state), though with reserve powers, and a Prime Minister to head the Government, meaning the Executive and the Legislature. Some of the key arguments that are going into this change include: (a) we want to try out something new, which looks more promising than the old one, for helping us to speedily move forward, as a badly left behind people on this Planet; (b) we are tired with the practice of putting all of our eggs into one basket, especially in a twisted way, as is being done currently, whereby all power just sits in one American Colonial master surrogate, called President in this place, who just does everything here, at their will and pleasure, unchallenged and unchecked. We now want two most powerful persons, a head of state, and a head of government – with distinct functions too – in our country, who also will be accountable to the authority of a 57-member well-educated, principle-minded, and well-organized unicameral Legislative body, representing the cream of the crop of our 16 indigenous ethnic groups, and our other three key communities of citizens by birth (the Whites, the Fulas, and a small, separate group of other Africans). There is a little reservation here on these last three groups with respect to top leadership positions in Government for now, until proper adjustments are made). (c) One of the commonly attributed advantages to the system that we now demand, i.e. parliamentary system, to begin our new nation, is that it is faster and easier to pass legislations, as the executive branch is formed by the direct or indirect support of the legislative branch and often includes members of the legislature, and accountable to the Legislature; (d) In addition to quicker legislative action, parliamentary governments, do have attractive features for nations that are ethnically, racially, or ideologically divided, just as America has heavily divided us in this place now, for the sake of Wall Street (e) In a parliamentary system, with a collegial executive, power is more divided; (f) The Prime Minister is seldom as important as a ruling president, and there tends to be a higher focus on voting for a party and its political ideas rather than voting for an actual person etc. and etc. Please read more of our Plain Truth Revolution’s articles for details.


Some other findings however, according to Wikipedia, that substantiate our claims here are as follows, among many more: (a) In his 1867 book “The English Constitution”, Walter Bagehot praised parliamentary governments for producing serious debates; for allowing change in power without an election, and for allowing elections at any time; (b) Some scholars like Juan Linz, Fred Riggs, Bruce Ackerman, and Robert Dahl claim that parliamentary governments are less prone to authoritarian collapse. These scholars point out that since World War II, two-thirds of Third World countries establishing parliamentary governments successfully made the transition to democracy. By contrast, no Third World presidential system successfully made the transition to democracy without experiencing coups and other constitutional breakdowns; (c) A recent World Bank study found that parliamentary systems are associated with less corruption etc. Therefore, during its concluding stages, the National Rebirth and Constitutional Convention will set up a Revolutionary ad hoc Elections Commission which will later conduct elections among our 19 qualified ethnic groups for a 57-member Revolutionary Interim Parliament immediately succeeding the convention, with all of this coming at the close of the current Americo-Liberian Government of Harvard-schooled Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. And, we are saying here, the more our people delay this Divine revolutionary agenda for the final liberation of God’s suffering children in this place, the more will Ellen and here government hang on to power because the current government must conclude this NASTY, domineering American and Americo-Liberian chapter in our lives by the sure power of our Almighty God. Back to the previous point, our research categorically establishes that the Grain Coast of today, (i.e. “Liberia”) now has 20 defacto ethnic groups – which include the 16 indigenous African Ethnic groups, the Americo-Liberians, a sizeable group of White citizens by birth (predominantly Lebanese), a sizeable group of Fulas, who are citizens by birth, but must be distinguished now as a separate ethnic group, and finally, a Minority Group of other Africans, who are either defacto or dejure citizens here by birth, including some small number of Ghanaians, Ivoirians, Nigerians etc. who will constitute their own ethnic group, with some suitable, generic name. We use 19 qualified ethnic groups above to maintain that Americo-Liberians, based upon all of the available historical and current event realities, are non-political or non-leadership materials until they are rigorously rehabilitated and disciplined, thus making them absolutely unqualified for any effort at self or national governance right now. This is a no-compromise argument of the Plain Truth Revolution. Note: If you really want to know why more emphasis is being laid on Ethnic Groupings in our revolution, then please get the pamphlet, “Unspeakable Ethnic Suppression, Liberia’s Original Sin: Who Accounts and Makes Amends for It Now!!”, which you can find at or You can also please listen to our voice recorded file, Why must we now employ the positive side


of ethnicity or some form of ethnic profiling to make change happen in ‘Liberia’ finally?, a file that can be found at With this clarity made, the first major responsibility of our demanded Revolutionary Interim Parliament, to come into place immediately after Ellen and her UP Government’s tenure, based on the decision from our Sovereign Citizens’ Conference, is the setup of a complete interim government through Parliamentary votes and other processes. What will make this proposed Parliament truly revolutionary is the fact that our ad hoc commission will be instructed to conduct elections from among the 19 qualified Ethnic groups to elect 3 members of parliament (MPs) each, whose qualifications will be restricted to such key things as: (a) At least a proven Master’s Degree and above; (b) Must be able to appreciatively speak the local language which he/she represents; (c) Must have very little or no prior active engagement, if possible, with mainstream “former” Government of Liberia; (d) Must be permanently resident in our country; (e) Must be relatively established, and of good moral and ethical conduct etc. Not to make things difficult for the new Revolutionary Parliament, the Plain Truth Revolution proposes in advance a list of possible Interim Presidential candidates, i.e. the first ceremonial president of our new parliamentary democracy, which the Legislature shall be voting upon. Plain Truth believes in these names because of several reasons, including (a) their established in-depth knowledge of the “Liberian” problem; (b) their deep and proven Ethnic African backgrounds, (c) their very high levels of education or professionalism, (d) their observed strong stances on issues; and (e) their convincingly demonstrated principle-mindedness etc. As such, our possible candidates based on these and many more beautiful yardsticks, for the proposed Revolutionary Interim Parliament to vote upon as Interim Head of State, to lay the foundation of our new country in line with the Septuplet for Total Rebirth (SEPTOR), are as follows, not to waste any time: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Prof. Dr. Joseph Saye Guannue Dr. Tokpah Nah Tipoteh Dr. Yarsuo Weh Dorliae Mr. ‘Tarbarosa Tarponweh’ Imam/Mr. Ali Krayee Pastor/Mr. Solomon T. Juah Cllr. Tiawon S. Gongloe Mr. Rodney Sieh


9. Mr. Thomas Doe-Nah 10. George Manneh Weah (*who could even be elevated to our country’s first King in its Parliamentary Democracy) While we desire to completely break with the past, in terms of such things as Liberia’s usually crowded playing field of candidates that confuse already deluded voters, we are also mindful here that some of the people nominated by our revolution above may decline their nomination, while others, instead of standing, may want to place their support behind another nominated colleague. The Revolutionary Parliament too will also have to do its own due diligence in line with some of its own set of criteria. If all these variables go into place, we may then expect a race of at least 3 or 4, which will make the race competitive. But one thing that the Plain Truth Revolution is assured of, by God’s grace, is that with the criteria set for parliament members above, we will have a very educated, principle-minded and nationalistic Legislature, which will rigorously checkmate the actions of the Interim President that they themselves shall have elected, in line with our SEPTOR. We are also confident that any one of the persons named above, when chosen as President by our Parliament, cognizant of what this country has gone through, and is still facing today, will put aside their selfish interests and serve God’s suffering children in this place excellently. We have chosen them because we believe in their abilities, and not for any favor, and these choices are being made without anyone of the party’s prior knowledge or consent. It is revolutionary. Another interesting thing about our revolution for which we have fortunately, coincidentally come up with 11 main/big pamphlets to massively conscientize our citizens and the world over about this unconditional, uncompromisable change, God willing, is that we envisage a new country, or a new national/civic arrangement that will apply many of the golden principles of modern football – a game that our Plain Truth Revolution considers a great game of life. Here are some of the concepts from football that our revolution has tapped or chosen to apply to our new civic life and body politic. Again, please read all of our articles and listen to all of audio and video recordings for more details on these issues however: 1. We are now fighting for a new country wherein every citizen will be considered equally important just as all 11 players representing a complete football playing team are considered all important. 2. In football administration, no foreigner plays for a national team – no matter how they play to their teeth. To part ways with foolish Americo-Liberia, only original, undiluted, discipline, and full-blooded citizens will play a role in our new public sector.


3. No lazy and dull person can play sound, winning football, so we seek to create a new society of all hardworking and smart citizens (which the government itself will ensure to do); and so, the first challenge or encouragement for engendering such culture of hard work though, is to read all of this current leaflet first, and then all of our Plain Truth Revolutionary articles. They are meant to save our souls, so please read them with love for country. 4. Just like a national football team, for example, will never permit a mixture of 4th, 3rd or 2nd division players, our new form of government, especially our first Branch of Government, which will have a very huge power, that is, the Legislature, will comprise all Master’s Degree holders and above, nothing less, because the higher a people’s responsibilities, the greater are the knowledge and skills required of them. This will also spell a great deal of uniformity and coherence, unlike Dull AmericoLiberia. 5. Just as a team can get relegated/demoted or somewhat barred for poor performance in football, our advocated holistic transitional justice process – covering events about our country from 1816 to date, instead of 1979 to 2003, will see Americo-Liberians completely relegated from politics for 100 years so that we all now work together on their rehabilitation to fit the public space 6. Just as no good coach or no good team will depend on, or employ only one pattern of play, but will have to change formation every time something major changes during the course of a game, like for example, a coach changing from a 4-4-2 formation to a 5-4-1 formation probably because of the need of a crucial last minute goal, or because of the red carding of one of their players etc., we will change the current funny, criminal Presidential Democracy in this fake country to a Parliamentary Democracy of one chamber, or a unicameral Legislature, of all Master’s Degree holders and above, as a starting point, with these MPs, instead of representing electoral districts, now representing each of our overly-marginalized and suffocated indigenous Tribal groups, plus three new ethnic groups that we are demanding legitimizing in this process – that is: (a) the ‘born in country’ White Community, as a separate, legitimate ethnic group, (b) the ‘born in country’ Fula Community, as a separate, legitimate ethnic group, and (c) our ‘born in country’ community of mixed Africans, as a separate, legitimate ethnic group. We will abolish the fake Americo-Liberian electoral districts concept for now. Please read more or listen out on all these. 7. We believe no football team can ever survive, let alone win one game, in their existence, if they only decide to remain on the defensive. This is also in line with God’s concept too, as His children, as a people, as a country etc. In this country for example, we can sit in our houses, our offices, our cozy radio studios, our cars etc., and complain all day long about how America’s imperialism is killing us broad day,


and holding our huge potentials hostage forever; how Americo-Liberian ethnocentrism is ripping apart our society day after day, right before our very eyes since 1822; about how the deeply entrenched culture of corruption continues to disgrace us as a people every hour that comes by etc., once we don’t get up to go on the offensive physically, dramatically, and practically (though using peaceful and constructive means in all) against those who have planted these Bad Seeds and continue to water them in our society, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever change. In fact, things will just continue to get worst off as the minutes come and go. Everyone knows by now how we are at the very brink of a “Dog Eat Dog” situation in this place. That’s why this small group of simple citizens; in fact, more like a single family as yet, just like anyone else out there is encouraging all of us, God’s children, to come together under one religion called TRUTH; one political party called the Truth Alliance, or Truth Coalition, and one football club called the TRUTH United, to go on the offensive against the root of all this evil within our society, and that root is not abstract, it’s not in the skies, it is human beings. According to the great German Academician Karl Marx, you can’t tackle issues without the human beings that are causing and leading the issues. And this does not in any sense mean that we should antagonize people physically and destructively, NO, NO. When a serious and productive people establish sufficiently where the problems or the source of their problem is, just as the police people would do when they discover a criminal hideout, they chase out the problem source or make it to run away from them, but in this case, we can only succeed, if and only, if we honestly employ God’s just principles, because in the end, it is only He who fights, not us. He is the God of Armies. 8. We want a new country that will aspire to be the best, the champ, the winner, the title holder etc. in every positive activity of life that we take part in, and not to be around merely to occupy space, or just to participate in things for participation or formality sake. We will pursue excellence in all worthwhile activities of life, and NEVER aspire to settle down for second best anymore by God’s grace, etc. and etc. Because these are burning ideas whose collective time has finally come, and that trying to fight against them might spell unforeseen inconveniences for all of us, we think it is better that we all ponder upon them, and begin working at them together immediately. But making them legitimate however will require in our reading, and as the best available method, a well-organized National Convention, that’s why we are not willing to compromise any inch on this demand right now. We do request that all citizens of this place MUST have some definite knowledge and position on some of the key issues we have listed below (which are also related to the ones we brought earlier), before anyone ever stands on line in a popular electioneering process again in this place. Some of these lifesaving issues include:


1. Every historical, theoretical, and practical reality proves that our country is not independent, and that what was declared here in 1847 was very fake, and all this was unfortunately engineered by the great United States of America. And so we are saying, if the good people of America, who were at the center of granting this independence in 1847, want to disagree with our argument, then the best place to defend that disagreement will be at that National Convention that we are now demanding. Or, if you agree with us on this key point, then of course we can declare or re-declare our independence in a legitimate fashion, still again, at this same demanded National Convention. But we demand that debates surrounding this claim be logically concluded before anyone ever stands on line again to vote in this place. For America can NEVER be left out of any of these arrangements if we truly want sustained peace and progress in this place. 2. We don’t know what form of government we are currently running in this country, and we equally can’t wait for people from outside to decide this for us, so we are demanding a Parliamentary form of Democracy to take root now for our people. Again, a national conference is needed to debate and legitimize such demand, since we are not dictators or a military junta to impose our wishes through the barrels of the gun. 3. We don’t even know what form of Economic System we are running in this country, and again, we can’t wait for someone else to impose it upon us, so we henceforth now demand a Mixed Economy with more emphasis on socialist/communist principles, but not the STUPID Laissez-Faire Capitalism that continues to enslave and kill us here broad day. The same condition at the close of points #1 and 2 above applies here too. 4. We see no reason why Whites, especially our Lebanese friends and other Whites, then our Fula Friends, and our other mixed African brothers – all, born on this soil – will not be citizens in line with the universal law of Jus Solis and their natural human rights. We also demand that every qualified person from each of these 3 separate groups above be able to stand on line with us in any election in this country henceforth. Again, our currently demanded National Convention is the best place to debate and legitimize this demand. 5. Without fair, all-encompassing, and all-implementable laws, we will NEVER be able to live any peaceful, progressive, and prosperous life in this place. And from all indications, we do not have any such laws as yet, since 1822. The current constitution we have, written under the gavel of blood suckers and myopic elements – without prejudice to Dr. Sawyer and others however – massively promotes Lies, Impunity, and War etc. and we just can’t obey it again to go and stand on line, based on its


instructions. IT must be changed now. Again, where do we finalize the decision to change it, apart from such sovereign citizens’ forum? 6. Our country has a name that insults our tribal forefathers and ourselves, by extension. In addition to this name, the symbols, emblems and official creeds of this country, ALL foolishly ABUSE and INSULT us as “animals or non-humans”. Those whose interests these items seek, are hell bent on maintaining and sustaining them, even with expert opinions pouring in that these items are recipes for chaos and perpetual disunity. Instead of waiting for someone to come from outside to tell us to set things right with respect to these devilish emblems, symbols, or insignias, before taking concrete steps about them, our Revolution is saying we MUST get them corrected before this country takes any steps further etc. and etc. But because there are only two ways of accomplishing all this, which are either through the barrel of the guns, or through some massive sovereign citizens conference, our group is demanding a National Citizens’ Conference this 2017 in place of some fake election. It is at this sovereign citizens’ convention, attended by well-chosen delegates from all ethnic and other social groups in our country (their cream of the crop for that matter), all citizens in the diaspora, and our major international partner, the United States, that will be attending this conference. It will not be conducted by the Government, but by our group, with expert guidance from the world’s most senior authority, the United Nations. We already have many supporters in this direction from among the current government officials and public opinion leaders, including President Sirleaf, Dr. Amos Sawyer, Senator Steve Zargo, Vandarlark Patricks etc., although everyone is suggesting a different kind of some citizens’ or political, or national conference and so forth, based on their understanding of the situation, while we are demanding a National Rebirth and Constitutional Convention as a kind of Sovereign Citizens Convention that will legitimize our country first, before anything else. This means, Madam Sirleaf and her government, no matter what problems we have with them now, must hang on to power while all this arrangement is made to change Liberia because we can’t just continue with the civic structure called Liberia anymore, as none of its founding and sustaining theories can ever hold water any more. Please, let it not take drums to be beaten into our ears before these arguments be taken seriously. For a hint to the wise to the wise should be quite sufficient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued…… Note that these great revolutionary summaries are 7 in number; and one you are just concluding, again, is entitled, “The Plain Truth Revolution, Its Roadmap, Plus Governance Plan, For The New Country, And The New Democracy That We Now Demand To Replace Evil, Failed Liberia”; and the balance 5 include: (1) Why do we say


that another danger is already at our door steps, unless we do something radically different together now, to avoid this by God’s grace; (2) Liberia”, A Black American Theory Of Massive Human Suppression And Oppression – Reasons For Which It Will Remain A Failure Forever - Unless We Change Everything About It Now – From Name, To Flag, To All Its Theories (3)More convincing reasons why we say Revolution is the only way out for us now, God willing, rather than elections and reforms;(4) The overriding reasons for which people are elected in Liberia; How Liberia understands the science and art of setting up and nurturing an economy – all being reasons for this dull Black American Colony’s untold poverty”; (5) The United States and Liberia – two geopolitical entities with very similar founding history, but one (the US) is an excellent example worth emulating, while the other (Liberia), is a very horrible example that deserves serious avoidance immediate demolition before it fatally explodes and harms the world; and (6) Why do we say that Liberia is an illegitimate statehood arrangement that must be legitimized now, before we take any more steps forward as a people, again by God’s grace, and they all can be found at The United States and Liberia – two geopolitical entities with very similar founding history, but one (the US) is an excellent example worth emulating, while the other (Liberia), is a very horrible example that deserves serious avoidance immediate demolition before it fatally explodes and harms the world Note further that, for more details on these lifesaving arguments, and more information about our Plain Truth Revolution, please access ‘Plain Truth Revolution for (“Liberia”) Guides (1-3,); meaning any, and in fact, all of them) at or, or better still Google out Plain Truth Revolution for (“Liberia”) to get these guides, which will take you to all of our works. Thank you fellow citizens, for your sacrifice of time and comfort in helping to change our country.

The plain truth revolution, its roadmap, plus governance plan, for the new country, and the new demo  

This article briefly presents our Revolution's execution and governance roadmaps for our envisaged new country that will immediately replace...

The plain truth revolution, its roadmap, plus governance plan, for the new country, and the new demo  

This article briefly presents our Revolution's execution and governance roadmaps for our envisaged new country that will immediately replace...