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PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION FOR (“LIBERIA”) – GUIDE 3 (November 2017 Update) HOW MUCH WORK HAVE WE DONE NOW TO INFORM AND CONSCIENTIZE OUR PEOPLE ***This is the third of 3 files that feature some kind of summarized account of our Plain Truth Revolution’s efforts thus far, since January 2013, in trying to create massive awareness, education, and consciousness among our people for unconditional change, God willing. This particular effort strengthens our debate that instead of holding some useless and fake Americo-Liberian political elections, as they are now requesting of us to do, as usual, we should instead use this year, 2017, to stage a massive citizens’ get together under the nomenclature, National Rebirth & Constitutional Convention, to be attended by some equal and competent representation from each of our country’s existing 17 ethnic groups, including other social groups we have identified in some of our works, to sit and discuss the burning problems of our home, and come up with radical, honest and lasting solutions. We are saying that our society is so messy with deadly issues and that these issues are so numerous and enormous to continue to be brushed aside every time for some people’s proven criminal, political interests. Since the burden of proof rests upon our shoulders, the Plain Truth Revolution has responsibly gone ahead in 5 round years – through the grace and power of God – to massively gather information to substantiate these claims and to sustain this debate, which now appear on different internet websites, in different groupings or subcategories, as individually summarized below: **Please take as a further note that while any one of these Guides (i.e. 1-3) provides links to all of the work that we have done so far, you are kindly urged to encourage friends to Google out ‘Plain Truth Revolution for (‘Liberia’) Guide’, or any string of these words, to access any of these guides, which will then fully introduce you to our peaceful revolution. And while one of them does this introduction, you are highly encouraged also to access and read all three, in order to better brighten your insight about the Plain Truth Revolution. Thanks, and here we go: I. II.

Our 11 Revolutionary Pamphlets Our 1st Batch of 6 Voice Recorded Files on this general Liberian tale


Our Big 5 Handouts – our ‘Sharables’ or ‘Distributables’


Our 9 Key Speeches



Other Revolutionary Articles All Relevant LPRC-Related Files Our over 400 revolutionary letters to all major stakeholders in Liberian affairs, by constituency, to discourage elections now, and instead, to encourage the idea of an ALL-CITIZENS’ Conference Our 2nd Batch of 5 Voice-recorded, .mp3 files, intended to further expose the danger of the everyday Liberian story, and to keep warning ALL citizens against voting in 2017, but to instead to join us, in demanding a National Citizens Convention now



The 3rd Batch of our Voice-recorded, .mp3 files of 3, also dubbed as “Our X-mas Day Elections Warning in 3 files”, still warning against prioritizing elections in this country Our Plain Truth Revolution’s 7 Great Summaries Our Exclusive Anti-Elections 2017, 22-page Pamphlet The 5 key revolutionary flyers that we have been sharing during this massive Anti-2017 Elections campaign of our Revolution, plus the letter that we sent to the UN, US Embassy, and the Liberia National Police (LNP) on the timing and safety of our antielections civic actions

The constituent members or elements of these 12 main groupings or categories of work or articles are therefore listed below: I.

Our 11 Revolutionary Pamphlets: Note: The 11 elements or members of this group of articles can be found either in their Microsoft .doc format at or in their Adobe .pdf format at, and these 11 pamphlets and their short descriptions are as follows: MAIN PAMPHLETS

1. Why Is This Case Considered A Revolutionary And Game-Changing One For Our Country (‘Liberia’)” – this is Pamphlet #1, a “MUST READ” pamphlet, and it treats in detail how our experience at the LPRC neatly ties in with almost all of Liberia’s 194 year problems. And the experience talked about here is a witch-hunt-motivated dismissal of Roland Kartee from the Liberia Petroleum “Refining” Company on January 25, 2013 with a fake communication. 2. Why Do We Need A Complete Revolution, And Not Reforms, And How Can We Conduct This Revolution” – Depending on the depth of a people’s problems, they can decide to employ gradualist, reformist political solutions, or a complete going back to the drawing board to redesign their state structure. We are now saying that our country must employ that second formula – And Just No If And Then About This, PERIOD!!!. 3. Liberia: A Small, Failed, Dirty Country, Built on the Pillars of Corruption – Here are the proofs” – This pamphlet proves beyond all your doubts – with historical evidence from 1816 to current events this 2017, that the structure or political entity called Liberia, was built on the foundation pillars of corruption and its lieutenants of deceit, ethnocentrism, chicanery etc. and until this structure is theoretically, politically, legally, and psychologically dismantled, no fight against any societal vice in this country will ever succeed. 4. Unspeakable Ethnic Suppression, Liberia’s Original Sin: Who Makes Amends For It Now?” – Liberia had been torn apart by negative ethnicity – the one called ethnocentrism, even before it was established in 1822. With ethnocentrism, one group of people say they are the superior over the rest of the people. And in fact, because Liberia’s part of ethnocentrism is so extreme, as predicted by the US Congress in 1817, that this place would be a land of aggravated mischief, the Americo-Liberians here say they are the human beings, while the rest of the 16 indigenous African Ethnic groups are animals, and


as such, all policies of the Americo-Liberian Government are strategically and tactically geared – mischievously behind the scenes – to uphold this claim and belief. This pamphlet will drill you through how the Plain Truth Revolution has established this bloody reality, and has advanced its solution options in line with Divine principles 5. “How Liberia Sadly Makes Mockery Out Of The Divine Concept Of Justice” – Because the founders and societal frontrunners of Liberia themselves are predominantly criminals, and because they have an inherent hatred for the Natives, justice in this place is a complete mockery. This pamphlet gives you more details. 6. Liberia: A Name Associated with Crime, Curse, Misery, Poverty, and Failure. It Must Be Changed Now!! – Just as Rep. Bhofal Chambers once said, “People change their names at certain times in order to redefine their purpose in life”, our revolution believes that it’s time to change this deceitful and divisive name called Liberia for a new name, as we redefine our country’s main purpose. We believe that the funny name, Liberia, is bent hell-wards, and it’s heavily impacting our good people in a very negative sense, and it must be changed now, as a result. Please access this pamphlet for more details. 7. Liberia’s Justifications For Demanding Reparations From America Now” – We believe all of the mess gravely affecting our society today were primarily imposed upon us by America, and she’s bent on continuing this trend for her economic gains if we don’t bring these NASTY realities to their attention right now, and seek appropriate reparations. Two big weapons America truly uses to perpetuate her hyper-imperialism are POVERTY and IGNORANCE, and she is dug in her heals to ensure that she uses her Americo-Liberians – through their white-collar terrorist organization called government here – to hide under socalled government policies to continue using these two deadly weapons against us forever. This pamphlet adequately proves our argument and urges us to rise up peacefully and demand reparations from America right now!!! ADDENDUMS 8. How Based On Its Origin, And Today’s Realities, The Structure Called Government of Liberia Is A Big Criminal Gang, That Must Be Peacefully Dismantled Now, For A Better One, Based On Better Principles. This is the first addendum to Pamphlet #1. This addendum brings to light how almost all of the activities of the Government of Liberia, from 1822 up to this date, are downright criminal, or, are at least characterized by criminalities. 9. How, Based On Her Ancestry, And All Her Current Performance Profile Thus Far, Americo-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Has Got No Moral Authority Over Any Native Person For That Matter. We now endeavor to establish a new society where national leaders and all those in authority will first be of good moral standing, that’s why we decided to lay emphasis on this Americo-Liberian professedly ‘most educated, and best president’, so that those wanting to serve in our new nation will have the first ugly example to avoid in Americo-Liberian leaders. 10. 17 Solid Reasons Why We Should Demand Independence Now, Rather Than Going To Stand On Line Again In 2017, In Another Stupid Americo-Liberian Elections. – This pamphlet outlines several reasons that we believe, speak to our good people’s senses about


why election now, is not, and we MUST repeat, NOT, a good solution to our country’s huge fundamental problems. Let’s remember that it’s only a stupid group of people who will keep using the same formula over and over again that does not produce for them any genuine results. Please take this pamphlet seriously because we are convinced that God will punish all those who will prove that they are completely out of any more civic or political options in this life, and will therefore still go and stand on line again this 2017 to prolong the sufferings of our people through these fake Americo-Liberian engineered processes to keep our people down forever. This is with all due respect to democracy as a form of government, which we also subscribe to, but has been criminally replaced here by America and Americo-Liberians with a painful “Tyranny of a Huge Ignorant Majority; again, without prejudice to our poor people into whose throats this terrible situation has been forced. 11. If This Is The Best Of Americo-Liberian Leaderships, In Harvard-Trained Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Then What Else Are We, The Natives, Still Waiting For To Constructively Snatch Our Arm Robbed Country From Out Of The Hands Of America And Her Americo-Liberians? We say, the dangers for not acting in this direction right now, are already at our door steps. Note: Everyone, from the honorable Nobel Prize Committee to Forbes Magazine, to a long list of world leaders and opinion leaders, to Americo-Liberian Government officials etc., is lavishing praises on this Americo-Liberian “Iron Lady” as Liberia’s best, and her government too, as Liberia’s best. Yes, we agree with you all, but we are now saying that based upon this fact, it is now clear that we don’t belong to this NASTY state structure called Liberia anymore because we can’t just imagine what their worst leadership and government would ever be like, if this is the best, and we don’t even want to see that happen. For we have been suffering too much in this place since 1822. II.

Our 6 Voice Recording Files: Note: This batch of voice recording or audio files can be found at for either individual or collective download, or simply your easy access. This category or grouping comprises our 5 main voice or audio files plus a bonus one, and all of them can be listed below: 1. Introduction to the Plain Truth Revolution – A closer look at the Liberian supermess and its 3 big parties: In this file, we presented the key trouble being faced by this fake American colony called Liberia, as illegitimacy and a gross lack of independence – all engineered and sustained by the United States’ refusal to honor its divine assignment to honestly develop the human and other resources of this place, and this owes to America’s strong imperialism. This 2 hour 13 minute, 183 MB voice recording located at the site listed above also presents the 3 big parties to this enduring 194 years to 200year-old Liberian embarrassing tale as: (1) the United States of America, (2) the Americo-Liberians, and (3) the Natives/Indigenous/Aboriginals of 16 different ethnic backgrounds of this place; and, it apportions blames to each party for the mess and failure of this country in the order of: (a) America, first, (with about 60% of the blame); (b) the Americo-Liberians next (with around 30% of the blame), and (c) the Natives last (with around 10 to less than 10% of the blame), for why this part of Africa and its beautiful inhabitants continues to remain an embarrassment to God’s creation, a liability in the comity of nations, and thus consequently a huge threat to world peace – a


place due to its huge lack of leadership and governance structures and institutions, has been a terribly exposed place to exploitation, with this reality exacerbated by the day, which qualifies Liberia as a possible ground from where a 3rd World War could eventually erupt if care is not taken, as we are now calling on the United Nations to take the Liberian debacle very seriously. 2. Why must we now employ the positive side of ethnicity or some form of ethnic profiling to make change happen in ‘Liberia’ finally?: This is a 4-hour, 54 minute audio engagement, a plain civic lecture, detailing what Prof. James Ciment of New York describes as Liberia’s “Original Sin” – which is tribal/ethnic marginalization and suppression through what the social scientists refer to as ethnocentrism, as meted out here by the Americo-Liberian social group (the Johnsons, the Joneses, the McClains, the Bernards etc.) against the huge mass of Natives (the Nagbes, the Cherrues, the Ngafuans, the Boakais, and the likes) in different forms. Liberia, since 1822, has no good quality system of education, no good healthcare, no good transportation networks and means etc. as yet, can sadly be more than 95% blamed on the fact that the frontrunners of this society, the Americo-Liberians, have designed their Liberia so that these good things can NEVER happen on any broader or bigger scale because when this happens, it will benefit the indigenous people, who in the social dictionary of the Americo-Liberians, are mere animals and sub-humans, who deserve nothing good out of life. Many proofs of this deadly claim are presented in this audio file along with some judicial actions that our revolution now demands must be taken against the Americo-Liberians to remedy this NASTY situation, including their 100 year ban from all public-sector jobs to help us put our broken pieces together while they get properly rehabilitated since the American Colonization Society failed to do this key job. Further note here that our arguments here are firmly grounded in Statistics and Inductive Reasoning, especially Inferential Statistics’ Central Limit Theorem. 3. Looking a little more into our LPRC January 2013 bogus dismissal experience that proudly gave birth to the Plain Truth Revolution: This audio file delves into a January 25, 2013 bogus dismissal experience we had at the Liberia Petroleum ‘Refining’ Company (LPRC), all because we had refused to be demoted in some criminal scheme designed by our Americo-Liberian bosses in the name of some austerity measure. This scheme was also mainly designed to demoralize those of us that Americo-Liberian LPRC had established didn’t acquire overseas (mainly American) education. This is a 1 hour 54 minutes, 156 MB, .mp3 file. 4. A full recording of our giant Plain Truth Revolution’s speech to the United Nations on the danger of this ever-enduring Liberian embarrassment also labeled, “Plain Truth Revolution’s Massive Briefing To The Un On The Danger Of The Liberian Tale, Owing To America’s Deep Involvement, & The Huge Threat That America’s Imperialism & Hyper-Ambition For World Rulership Now Pose To Global Peace” : As the biggest and longest of all of our audio engagements, this is a 500 MB .mp3 file that spans 6 hours 38 minutes presenting to the United Nations such requests as our desire for independence now; our demand to be mentored now by the United Nations exclusively and no more the United States, with whom our relationship for the past 200


years now has been one of unspeakable deceit, corruption, blood stains etc. and the pitting of one predominantly criminal social group (the Americo-Liberians) against the vast indigenous majority of our homeland. This speech also politely warns the UN to be very careful with hyper-ambitious America, who wants to overthrow the UN from the leadership of the world to impose themselves on the rest of humanity, and that the UN should take this Liberian affair very seriously, as the Americans and their AmericoLiberians’ conduct of human affairs in this criminal save haven called Liberia could plunge the world into a 3rd World War if care is not taken. 5. Our Plain Truth Revolution’s 7 combined speeches to inform and sustain some civic action that we have planned to take at the US Monrovia Embassy: The vision bearer of our revolution, Mr. Roland S. Kartee, along with his family was hit with a raw deal by Americo-Liberia’s so-called Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), which ONLY stores finished products for mainly foreign capitalists and does substantially nothing else. This raw deal was some hastily-orchestrated witch-hunt dismissal action against Mr. Kartee, but ‘fortunately’ done with a very flawed or error-laden communication, with a confused allegation and a clearly misrepresented dismissing authority – faults which the company itself officially recognizes and acknowledges, but insists that Mr. Kartee, a Native or indigenous of this place, must take them (i.e. the LPRC Authority of the Williams, Browns, and Johnsons etc.) to their Americo-Liberian courts for redress. All this long string of criminally strange comportment from the LPRC has led Mr. Kartee and his collaborators to thoroughly research the entire Liberian civic structure and foundation for 4 years, a process which, fortunately for the ever-oppressed masses of this land, has led to lifesaving findings that now form the basic arguments of the Plain Truth Revolution for Mama country. Now, in trying to close this 4-year-old chapter of Mr. Kartee’s quest to have LPRC just to correct his dismissal letter in order to legally and otherwise divorce himself of the company and the entire Government of Liberia, he and his family have established that the best and only best place to go is at the US Embassy, since every research finding of theirs (both historical and current) point to the United States as the one that established their Liberia, continues to run it for its own interests, and thus have unmatched influence over this structure here called the Government of Liberia. This is revolutionary, and also shows a huge respect and love for America because it makes a strong claim and then responsibly and painstakingly takes 4 round years to prove this strong claim. This 391 MB, 4 hours 44 minute audio file exists in two versions – one combines all the speeches into one audio file, and the other presents each of the speeches individually without any ‘prefixing’ or ‘suffixing’ formalities as in the former. The 7 individual speeches and their durations as presented in the second version or disc are as follows: a. Speech #1: “Opening Statement: What are we here for: at the grounds of the US Monrovia Embassy today?” – This 27 minute, 38 MB speech or voice file first off greets the American President and People through their Liberian Embassy, then provides a brief overview of our Kartees’ case with the LPRC, and then finally provides a short explanation of why we feel that America should be held responsible for these


and many more related and unrelated issues in our society, at both the individual and societal levels. b. Speech #2: “Why do we choose the US Embassy as the site for our 3rd civic action?” – This 48-minute, 67 MB engagement throws light on the historical link between Liberia and the US, but emphasizes how cursed this link is, which America is aware of, but continues to sustain it for her own selfish gains. It explains how America doesn’t ever get rid of good people – enough reason to accept that those who America forced out of their society or home to resettle in Africa (today’s Liberia) were predominantly CRIMINAL and UNPRODUCTIVE people – the reason for why our country continues to remain doomed and gloomed c. Speech #3: “Criminal Tricks under the guise of procedural errors – we will never conduce to this one from LPRC, by the grace of God” – A 70 MB, 51 minute engagement, this effort goes into some details explaining about the very criminal trick that is always being employed by the Government of Liberia and its operatives to intentionally steal, corrupt, and commit all sort of crimes under the canopy or cloak of making mistakes and procedural errors d. Speech #4: “What an uncivilized country that stubbornly refuses to right its wrongs” – Taking up 32 MB, and lasting 23 minutes, this .mp3 file logically relates LPRC’s stubborn refusal, in our case, to correct all the grave, unquestionable errors on our single-page “bogus” dismissal letter, including her condescending refusal to correct the dismissal process itself etc. to how the Civic Theory (“Liberia”) continues, shamefully and bloodily to ever correct or make changes to such things as: the fake name of this country, the fake and seggregative symbols and emblems of this country and so forth, all of which have proven long since to be damned well great LIES, or frauds and misrepresented facts intended to deliberately deceive a whole people for eternality – just for the imperialist and commercial gains and interest of the US e. Speech #5: “What is the Plain Truth Revolution, and how did it come into being?” – In 43 minutes, 60 MB voice file explains what the Plain Truth Revolution is, and how it came about in January 2013 in response to some of the massive Americo-Liberian INJUSTICE against the original owners of this piece of land in West Africa, now criminally named by the Americans as “Liberia”, using LIES as their primary weapon of suppression. f. Speech #6: “Why have we (i.e. the Plain Truth Revolution) chosen the principle of blunt and honest truth telling to guide this civic endeavor, and why as such, the name, Plain Truth Revolution” – For 54 minutes, this 75 MB of voice data expounds on why we adopted the name Plain Truth Revolution to tag this peaceful civic effort of ours to redeem Mama Country (“Liberia”) by the grace of God, making reference to Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion as a perfect clue for why our choice of this name. The massive LIES that went into the establishment of Liberia and how these LIES continue to replicate and duplicate themselves in very complex and dangerous ways in the onward sustenance of Liberia is highlighted in this track.


g. Speech #7: “Where does the Plain Truth Revolution stand on the current state of affairs in our country?” – The size of this voice file is 27 MB and it lasts for 19 minutes, explaining the key positions of our Revolution on a host of major national issues at stake in our country, ranging from the continuous, utter lack of independence in this country yet, to the continuous holding of some fake elections here in the name of democracy so as to keep prolonging the agony and pain of our people, to the gross lack of any genuine ideological pursuit in this place, to the very NASTY culture of INJUSTICE that has torn us apart from over a century now etc. 6. Expounding on our LPRC Case to the LACC, and how Americo-Liberia understands the science and art of setting up, nurturing and growing an economy: When LPRC was effecting its criminal action against our vision bearer, Mr. Roland Kartee on January 25, 2013, it presented one criminally confusing allegation as the basis for action. In response to this challenge, during his redress process, Mr. Kartee argued that while his employer had one pitiful and ineptly presented claim against him for corruption, his raw deal, that now took him home and brutally took his attention off career and office matters, thus enabling him to research the company, the government, and the country at large so well, had turned into a blessing in disguise for his country. And so, as one of his key fight back strategies, Mr. Kartee, on behalf of the Plain Truth Revolution, documented a 27-page, 17 count corruption allegation case against the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company’s top management and Board of Directors and took it to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), in March 2014, copying more than 40 national and international stakeholders in Liberian affairs, including the US, UN, EU, AfDB, World Bank, the Liberian Executive, the Liberian Legislature, local Universities’ Student Council leaderships, religious bodies, intellectual centers etc., in line with our revolution’s new-found Collective Action Approach in handling chronic societal problems. This CD or audio file also highlights how Americo-Liberia terribly refuses to produce anything for herself in her part of so-called economic concept or agenda, and as such, thrives on largesse and other financial packages from foreign lands, as poverty kills the so-called government and dehumanizes the citizens in the street and at their homes. In fact, in Liberia, when serious sickness strikes many families, their first and only option is to rush to some radio station or newspaper house to launch SOS calls for help. This file is sized at 495 MB and spans 6 hours 20 minutes. III.

Our Big 5 ‘Sharables’ or ‘Distributables’ - We say, while we have written all these huge 11 revolutionary pamphlets, that take up at least 620 pages in total, and done all these 6 huge voice recording files, spanning up to 2.5 GB of voice data cumulatively, and lasting for up to 27 hours in combined playback time, we decided to summarize these numerous and huge arguments into 5 main circulars (leaflets or smaller booklets as others may refer to them), intended for easy distribution to our people for both ease of reading and ease of access. We purpose also to use these big 5 statements, in honor of the UN’s Big 5 Security Council Members, as loud readout materials during any of our peaceful civic actions, including marches, sit-ins, and other forms of protests, while sharing them out. Again, they are an encapsulation of many of the issues presented in the Big 11 Revolutionary pamphlets and the 6 huge audio files, though not encouraging anyone to use these as an excuse to get discouraged about accessing all these works to


be able to fully understand what’s happening here, and how we all can ably solve them together. These Big 5 statements can be read or downloaded either in their .doc format from, or in their .pdf format from Remember our revolution is a revolution of details. So our Big 5 include: 1. Statement #1: How The Magic Formula: Roland Kartee + GOL + US GOVT. = His fake dismissal case at the LPRC

A Brand new country ALL UNDER UN (replacing Liberia) SUPERVISION

2. Statement #2: The Spiritual Backings Of Our Plain Truth Revolution. 3. Statement #3: Our (PTR)’s Most Celebrated Contributors/Motivators: Our Heroes Of Change 4. Statement #4: Our first statement of National Call to Action – Spreading the Plain Truth Revolution’s Message as a civic and spiritual obligation 5. Statement 5 #: Our second statement of National Call to Action – A time to peacefully disobey Liberia and its power that be, or status quo, in order to fast track change. * Note that this statement has a summarized version which is being placed among ‘our other revolutionary articles’ category. IV.

Our 9 Key Speeches – The print or paper version of all of our speeches as they appear in the audio files described earlier. These speeches can be accessed in their .doc format from or their .pdf format from


Our Other Revolutionary Articles: Based upon our desire to ‘let every cat out of the bag’ regarding all the things that our people must know about this place, God willing, we have tried as much as possible to summarize and re-summarize some alreadypresented facts into more distinguished articles for further clarity, where need arises. As such, 3 files fall into this category or folder, including:

a. About the Plain Truth Revolution – a more organized chronology of this campaign’s origin and actions up to early 2017. b. Quick Reasons Why We Must Now Peacefully Disobey Liberia, or its status quo, if we ever want true change to happen now” – this is a summarized version, as we said earlier, of one of the Big 5 Statements, “Our Second Statement of National call to action – a time to disobey Liberia, or its status quo, in order to fast track change’, and c. 17 Solid Reasons why we must now be speaking independence rather than elections this 2017’ – this is a summarized version of one of our 11 revolutionary pamphlets, bearing the same name. d. Plain Truth Revolution’s Membership Form – this is our Revolution’s membership form, and it can be found at e. What Really Is the Plain Truth Revolution for the Grain Coast (“Liberia”) – this 10 page article summarizes how the Plain Truth Revolution came about and all of its leading beliefs and ideologies.


f. Warning To 3 Parties Dead Set To Sustain Liberia – in 38 pages, this article warns the 3 big parties dead set to sustain Liberia through their fake elections and corrupt financial aid packages, with these big three being the US Government, the Liberian Legislature and the Liberian Executive Mansion. Note that these 3 files can be found either in their Microsoft Office word document format at or in their Adobe’ personal document format at VI.

All Relevant LPRC-Related Files: The case that gave birth to the idea of establishing the Plain Truth Revolution is the Roland Kartee’s witch-hunted and bogus dismissal experience at the Liberia Petroleum ‘Refining’ Company (LPRC). As such, others may take keen interest in trying to follow this very important case to the letter. We have therefore decided to make available a couple of key communications and other documents pertaining to this case. In their .doc formats, you can access them at, while in their .pdf formats, they can be read or downloaded from the address, These selected documents include:

a. A copy of the very flawed and careless dismissal letter communicating our planned employment termination of January 25, 2013 by LPRC. b. A copy of LPRC’s after-action justification for their professed dismissal action. This was dated February 4, 2013, ten (10) days after the professed dismissal. c. A copy of LPRC’s Board of Directors’ letter of commitment to further investigate this supposed Roland Kartee dismissal incident. The Board sent this letter to Mr. Kartee on July 1, 2013, after the action was taken on January 25, 2013, and Mr. Kartee’s first complaint to the Board on this issue presented 5 days later, i.e. on January 30, 2013. d. A copy of Roland Kartee’s response to this July 1, 2013 LPRC Board’s commitment letter for further investigation. This response letter was done on July 3, 2013. e. A copy of the Board of Directors’ concurrence letter with top management’s action against Mr. Kartee, as generated immediately in response to Kartee’s request to be taking pay while the Board foot-drags in their so-called investigation of the professed dismissal scheme in the absence of Roland, the victim and complainant. Note: Roland wrote on July 3, 2013 asking to be getting his regular salary checks while the Board indefinitely went on with their investigation, and he reinforced this writing with telephone calls, the last of which was done on the morning of July 15, 2013 before he was called by the Board Chairman, Rev. Dr. Herman Brown on the afternoon of that same July 15 to be handed the Board’s concurrence letter to conclude this case from the angle of the LPRC after almost 7 months. f. Because all efforts to gain the attention of the highest administrative office of the land, the presidency, in a more civic-minded and civic-aware fashion went completely without any form of response, we knew that more civic actions lied ahead of us, which meant that we had to come across the police many days of our lives now. So in order to let the police high command know what we were honestly out for, well in advance, we wrote the Police Director, Col. Chris Massquoi, at the time, detailing our plight and informing the high


command about how we had decided to use this plight of ours to change our country; in short, through the power of research, or ‘book’, as one may say in our local parlance. This letter was written on January 27, 2014. Of course, the police, in this instance, proved a little bit positively different from other Americo-Liberian institutions by demonstrating some level of responsiveness to citizens than the so-called Presidency or Legislature of this place. We remain grateful to the LNP high command. g. Copies of the two communications we sent to our new LPRC MD, Prof. Senator Sumo Kupee on these same concerns and issues – laying emphasis on how we only wanted our faulty dismissal letter changed by his management since our immediate MD Williams had been relieved by the President, as we maintained that management, administration, and government etc. are all a matter of continuity. The two letters (i.e. the main letter and its follow up) were dated June 3, and June 15, 2015 respectively. MD Kupee blatantly ignored all two, as if these communications never came from a fellow human being, let alone from a fellow citizen and a bona-fide employee, who had been mischievously treated, as the culture is, in Americo-Liberia, especially against an aboriginal. h. All along this process, we had always maintained a clear picture at the back of our mind that we are fighting a national, and not a personal case, thus, we had never lost sight of this bigger picture goal. As such, we prepared a 27-page, 17-count corruption case against LPRC, and copied over 40 national and international stakeholders, in line with our revolution’s Collective Action goal for fighting this country’s endemic corruption. Our argument here was that everything happening at LPRC was just symptomatic of each of the very things happening at all state-owned enterprises and government ministries in this failed Black American colony. This case, whose copy is included here was delivered to the so-called Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) on March 10, 2014, and of the over 40 stakeholders copied, ONLY 3 acknowledged receipt, thanked us for such brilliant effort at change, and expressed their separate desires to follow the process closely, and these memorable 3 in the eyes of our revolution include the mighty US Monrovia Embassy, through Ambassador Deborah R. Malac, the American-based Liberian Journalist, Mr. Jordan Poronpyei, or Jordan P. of online Radio LIB, and the Center For The Exchange Of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) in Central Monrovia. We remain very grateful to this triplet. i. Two handwritten letters we sent to Ambassador, Madam Christine Elder during our revolutionary Kartee’s family 22 petitioning action at the US Embassy:  First Handwritten letter to Amb. Elder during protest.doc/.pdf and  Second Handwritten letter to Amb. Elder during protest.doc/.pdf On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, we again staged a peaceful civic action at the US Monrovia Embassy politely demanding them to intervene into our case to have the GOL and her LPRC to correct our family’s glaringly faulty dismissal letter and hand deliver it to us, since nobody in our opinion, and from our research findings can ever do this kind of intervention in Liberia as compared to the American Government, whose subjects, in the first place did conceive their Liberia in 1816, established it in 1822, and continue to run it for their own benefit and interest to date.


These were the two handwritten communications that we sent to the Ambassador during these 22 days of action, as mentioned earlier, and they both were dated Thursday, March 30, 2017 and Tuesday, April 4, 2017 respectively, hand delivered by ourselves. j. A Somewhat Subjective Admonishment To Jackson Doe – After MD Sumo Kupee had played his part of delayed tactics in handling our issue and we heard about his sudden resigniation and departure, new MD Jackson Doe, being the main foot soldier used to perpetrate the crime against us, in addition to our close connection with him from both an ethnic and religious standpoint, we decided to do and send him this more personal or subjective admonishment letter to both alert and acknowledge him as being the best now to put this long stalemate of ours to some rest. Jackson too shied away from this responsibility. This communication was dated January 10, 2018. k. LPRC Management and Board of Directors (Jackson Doe’s tenure) – to increase Jackson Doe’s chances to act quickly in bringing this case to some appreciable closure with the huge gavel of authority now in his hand by January 2018, we wrote, calling on the Board of Directors of his day, to intervene. This communication, like Mr. Doe’s own, was dated January 10, 2018 l. Cover Letter to Jackson Doe and Board of Directors’ Communication – self-explanatory, and dated the same as the main letters, obviously. m. Briefing for January 20, 2018’s action at LPRC – this was a narrative prepared about the motivations behind our decision to act on January 20, 2018, and was mainly intended to be read out to the press if they they come around. n. Letter to Madam Nyemadi Pearson – with this case being representative of the interest of millions, and affecting past, current, and future generations of our country, for which there is no room for abandoning it by the grace of God – no matter how difficult it is to handle – we engaged LPRC’s new MD, Madam Pearson, of the new government, again, to see reason to lay it to a final rest in every party’s best interest. Another round of foot dragging has again been characterizing the handling of things since Madam Pearson was addressed on March 20, 2018. o. Issues Within Our Current (April To May, 2018) Engagement With LPRC - we summarized all of our key bones of contention with LPRC into 8 points in this 2-page file, intended to ease people’s understanding of what we seek. p. Follow Up to Nyemadi Pearson’s letter – as already self-explanatory, this was a followup to Madam Pearson’s letter, and was dated April 16, 2018. q. Plain Truth Revolution’s New Street Circular – Why We, The Kartees’ And The Plain Truth Revolution Are Back At The LPRC For The 4th Time Since 2013 – in this strongest of terms and emphasis, this 14-page circular provides multiple well-founded justifications for why we are demanding the current conditions, as some matter of compulsion. VII.

Our over 400 revolutionary letters to all major stakeholders in Liberian affairs, by constituency, to discourage elections now, and instead encourage the idea of an ALL-CITIZENS’ Conference


Among these over 400 stakeholders include over 170 local churches, over 30 mosques, all the key universities in Monrovia, all the easily reachable political parties in Monrovia, the Legislative caucuses of each county, the NEC itself, all the key security apparatuses in the country, the head of each branch of the GOL, the EU, the World Bank, the Lebanese Community, the Fula Community, the Nigerian, Ghanaian, Guinean, Ivorian, and Sierra Leonean Communities, the White House, former President Obama, President Trump, the UN Security Council, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, ECOWAS, over 70 US Congressional Blacks, or the entire US Black Congressional Caucus etc., and all these letters and their attachments can be found at VIII.

Our 2nd Batch of 5 Voice-recorded, .mp3 files, intended to further expose the danger of the everyday Liberian story, and to keep warning ALL citizens against voting this 2017, but to instead join us, in demanding a National Citizens Convention now Again, please note that because we know that we are on a revolutionary agenda, by God’s grace, rather than some business campaign, or some academic exercise, our topics, captions, and subjects, are long enough, usually beyond convention and formalities, just to see to it that the messages are clearer, beginning with the very topics. As such, the titles of our 5 audio/video tracks in this series include: a) Liberia’s Widespread Criminal Scams under the guise of carrying out infrastructural rehabilitation – a case study of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company from 2005 to 2017 In this 67 MB, 48 minute audio/video engagement, we highlighted, using the Liberia Petroleum “Refining” Company (LPRC) as a case study, how Liberian institutions, with emphasis on her over 20 so-called State-owned enterprises (SOEs), instead of using conventional business ethics and best practices to massively generate revenue for the sustenance of the country’s fake economy, they rather use their huge state backing to carry on all sorts of criminal activities under the guise of effecting infrastructural rehabilitation. The currently widespread use of this criminal scam stems from the huge need that has arisen for the rehabilitation of already funny structures that were in place here called plants and industries, that either were destroyed during the country’s past 14 years of civil war, or that have gotten dilapidated as a result of the effects of this civil war. In this audio/video for example, LPRC began the very urgent rehabilitation of its old, badly dilapidated 1960s, 43,000 Metric ton Product Storage facility since October 2005, when it struck its first formal post-war rehab deal through some very expensive international competitive bidding or tender process, and from that time to date, it has now signed 4 additional urgent rehab contracts, all in tens of millions of US Dollars, but up to 50% of this already laughable-capacity storage facility has not yet been rehabilitated in these 12 years. The latest million rehab deal was signed in January this 2017.


b) We dare the US Embassy in Monrovia to ever respond to our well-documented claim that the United States is the biggest source of all of our problems in this country – both individual and collective After long years of holistically researching the 195-year old Liberian Horror Tale as an integral part of our search for redress to a January 2013 gross INJUSTICE meted out against our Kartees’ family by Americo-Liberia’s Liberia Petroleum “Refining” Company (LPRC), we firmly established that the United States is very largely responsible for all of our both individual and collective suffering in this country, and as such, any genuine search for solution to our both personal and collective problems must always involve them until there’s a complete U-turn in our country’s current situation. With this kind of strong discovery, and after LPRC and Liberian Administrative authorities kept proving their inability to give us the redress that we deserve, we decided to carry our problem at the feet of America, but rather as a polite demand for their intervention. They have been dodging this responsibility for the past 3+ years now, even though we have been providing them volumes of documents in support of our demand and claim. This 170 MB, 2 hour 4 minute audio/video then advises on what we need to do next in this kind of very difficult situation. c) Why do we, of the Plain Truth Revolution, talk the way we talk, and act the way we act The veteran American Historian Dr. James Ciment describes Liberia, and by extension, Liberians, as a people with a twisted approach to handling the challenges of life. By coincidence, by the time we, the vision bearers of this Plain Truth Revolution started understanding what truly life is, through education and little exposure, we explicitly just established that we were truly not Liberians, a discovery which of course only added more weight to our already inborn inclination of doing things differently from the normal “Liberian” way. This 230 MB, 2 hour 47 minute audio/video details some of the features and perspectives which distinguish our ways of looking at and handling things from the “Liberian” modus operandi, by God’s grace. d) If God allows Americo-Liberian Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to ever author and usher any peaceful, credible, and sustainable democratic transition, then He is mocked, and God forbid, our Almighty God is NEVER mocked One ancient Christian cleric called St. Augustine is known for always admonishing that if we want to excel to whatever height in life, or no matter how tall a building we want to build, we MUST first start off with an HONEST foundation. In applying this NEVER-failing concept to our country’s current situation, we are using this 176 MB, 2 hour 8 minute audio/video track to warn that if we, in this country, are truly now tired with all this hyper-suffering and disgrace that we are persistently going through as a people, and want true change and a brighter future by God’s power, then Ellen Sirleaf should NEVER be that person to preside over the processes that will lead us into this kind of future as she has completely proven to be very dishonest, bloody-handed, tricky, and just morally unfit and thus illegitimate to author any dependable political transition that will yield fruits ahead. For God has given us authority to make these kinds of definitive positions too. This audio/video then advises us what we need to do next in this very difficult situation.


e) LPRC, EJS, GOL, & the US Embassy keep paying death ears to our legitimate demands, exposing the Kartees’ to great danger, and the sad fate of the likes of Michael Allison, Harry Greaves etc., but one inch of harm to any of us, family members, or revolution’s members, would lead to some catastrophic sectional violence of ethnic cleansing proportions, which too would drag into an ultimate world war, to be inflicted by God, not us!!! Because of the long-standing deep and complex collusion between the US Government and the Liberian Government for the sustained protection of this pair’s separate interests of America’s imperialist and economic gains and Americo-Liberia’s unchallenged control over political power, and her unimaginable dominance over the very huge Native African population of this land forever, respectively, any move that appears to this colluding duo like a threat to the status quo, even in the form of exposing this collusion, let alone trying to break it, becomes an important uncover interest to these both parties for possible elimination under the cover of darkness. In fact, that’s why, since 1822, no time in Liberia’s history has she ever been electrified up to 10% because, from reliable sources, while this entire 43,000 square-mile country needs around 700 MW of electricity to be relatively lighted, the highest peak of the country’s electrification happened during the Samuel Doe’s Era when the Mount Coffee Plant managed to put up around 69 MW of electricity. For JUSTICE, the US State Department is on record for reporting every time that Liberia completely lacks JUSTICE and the Rule of Law. Liberia’s police force has no pathologists, and each time (only in high-profile homicide and other death cases for that matter) the Government hires a foreign pathologist, autopsy reports are almost always either suicide or drowning etc. In such a very dangerous environment, since our simple Native African family took a now 5-year running case of to the US Embassy against Americo-Liberia’s excessive INJUSTICE which has now relatively wretched our family, but instead of begging the US for help, we politely demanded their intervention based upon arguments rooted within our long years of careful research that America is the root cause and sustainer of all of our big problems in this country – both at the levels of the individual citizens and the country as a whole – this superpower has been tight-lipped despite the fact that they have so many pictures of our family. The Liberian Government keeps ignoring our case too, while our small, defenseless, and choiceless Native African family, as the case has always been here, keeps suffering this kind of blatant injustice and death ears. In this 2 hour 29 minute, 205 MB audio/video track, we explained this ordeal of ours and the danger attached – to be inflicted by our God – if we continue to be ignored and made to keep suffering, let alone when in this process, we are ever harmed in this very dangerous situation – God forbid. This condition also covers our revolutionary struggle for country. And all these can be found at IX.

The 3rd Batch Of Our Voice-Recorded, .Mp3 Files Of 3, Also Dubbed As “Our X-Mas Day Elections Warning In 3 Files”, Still Warning Against Prioritizing Elections In This Country


Heavily plagued by massive disappointments for resources, coupled with some health problem, but determined to set the records straight by God’s grace, and to keep our feet constantly in the door with respect to our opposition to the status quo, or to the continuation of theoretical Liberia unopposed – no matter how low-profiled that honest opposition is expressed or dramatized, we took to the social media on the 25 th of December 2017, with three anti-election messages since our planned “Thousand-Man Anti-Elections March scheduled for the 24th of December could just not hold, and these strong messages included: 1. Save 'Liberia' by staying away from the ballot box on Dec 26-2017 - This 42.1 MB, 30 minutes-43 seconds voice recording, just like its balance two counterparts below warned fellow compatriots not to go stand on line the next day, December 26, 2017 in the name of going to cast ballots, as the outcome of this fake exercise, just as the many fake ones forced on us in the past have never brought any sustained good to us before. 2. Danger right in the corner - hold your votes fellow 'Liberians' - In 34 minutes-31 seconds, this 47.4 MB voice recording, similar to the balance two elections day warning messages warned fellow citizens not to go stand on line the next day, December 26, 2017 in the name of going to cast ballots, on the basis of the dangers attached to going in this same direction every time as people, when in the end, hardship, disgrace or bloodbath awaits us as the ultimate end result, not because elections are bad, but because the foundation on which ours has been laid, and the intent upon which ours are always being held, have all been cruel, sinister, and thus cursed. 3. Stay out of elections and watch out for your Plain Truth Revolution packages – Since we are in this business to provide a viable civic alternative, by God’s grace, and not just to point out the faults, flaws, and so forth within the status quo, including the dangers of allowing the status quo to endure etc., we used this 30.9 MB, 22 minutes-31 seconds voice recording to, in addition to warning fellow compatriots not to go stand on line the next day, December 26, 2017 to vote, also direct them to the many debates of our Revolution, which are those viable, God-influenced alternatives to the status quo. And all these can be found at X.

Our Plain Truth Revolution’s 7 Great Summaries Considering the same condition presented earlier about the length of our articles, here are our 4 key revolutionary summaries of summaries: 1. Why do we say that Liberia is an illegitimate statehood arrangement that must be legitimized now, before we take any more steps forward as a people, again by God’s grace From reliable sources, to do business as a corporation in the United States for example, an entity must have duly registered with the requisite government agency, have a specified number of shareholders, have a certain number of employees, and be able to generate far more than $2 million per year in revenue, since this amount is the minimum revenue generation requirement to qualify an entity as a small business


instead. In another example, to be called a legal couple, a male and a female must have: (1) satisfied all of the courtship formalities; (2) officially gotten wedded before the relevant authority; and (3) be in possession of all of the relevant documents for proving wedlock etc. But more importantly to all these formalities in the eyes of the law, whether in the case of a corporation or any business entity for that matter, or in the case of a wedded couple, or any contractual agreement, every information provided to make these contracts or statuses possible MUST be TRUE, in order to establish their legality or legitimacy, and truthfulness and honesty MUST be exhibited every step of the way to maintain such legality or legitimacy. In wedlock for instance, a cheating man or woman caught in adultery jeopardizes the marriage contract, and facilitates the illegitimacy of the marriage deal. When a man proves substantially incapable of feeding the home, he also jeopardizes the wedlock and leaves room for a thought of divorce from the woman. When a business lies in its accounting document that it earned certain amount as revenue for the year, when in reality, this is not the case, or when it places a different address on its registration document as its office location when the opposite is true, all this brings into question the legitimacy of agreements, contracts, or statuses etc. Everything here applies to a country. For a country to be considered legitimate for example, every fact presented in its part of registration document (for instance its Declaration of Independence), then its other documents, like its constitution, the symbols, signs, short writing representing it etc. MUST be honest and truthful. Moreover, that country MUST be able to adequately take care of its own people; and responsibly and independently manage its own affairs etc. Anything short of any of the above, then a place claiming to be a legitimate country, or state, or nation, especially claiming sovereignty and independence is just a damned LIAR. This is the sad reality of Liberia. This summary handles what we are talking here, but with reference to Liberia. 2. Liberia”, A Black American Theory Of Massive Human Suppression And Oppression – Reasons For Which It Will Remain A Failure Forever - Unless We Change Everything About It Now – From Name, To Flag, To All Its Theories The actual reason for setting up countries is for these geographical blocks, like a football team can treat its players, to highly cherish each of their citizens, take good care of them, treat them like gold and diamond etc., because at the end of the day, the true picture about things is that every country, like every team in a premium league for instance goes in to sincerely come up as the champ. No true team even goes in a league with the primary goal of taking 2nd place, although when this happens, they take pride, but with the courage to come 1st on the next trial etc. This applies to true countries. This great summary #2 will tell you how Liberia (Americo-Liberia, the Congo People’s Liberia, as sustained by Superpower America’s) part of story is very different and dangerously upside down. For Liberia, only Congo People first, and government employees, to some small extent, in addition to a few foreigners are the real human beings here. All others, especially the huge aboriginal populations are mere puppies,


pigs, dogs, and domestic pets (or as the Congo People say in two big words, savages and sub humans.) 3. The overriding reasons for which people are elected in Liberia; How Liberia understands the science and art of setting up and nurturing an economy – all being reasons for this dull Black American Colony’s untold poverty In Liberia, economics is not about production and the indigenous generation of revenue by, and for oneself, for country self. Rather, economics is about just importing and consuming, then begging for loans, grants, and donations etc. before making any move that requires the use of finance. To be a respectable and top politician in AmericoLiberia, you must know how to engage the NGOs and blow issues and situations out of proportion to get some money from the international donor community, if not, you fail. Any step you hear the Liberian Government take, or any project you hear them undertake, it means some NGO money has dropped, and the sad mode of operation is: When these NGO monies drop, even the loans too, the NGO owners follow it, take about 90% of it, and giver the fools called presidents, lawmakers etc., who claim to be running 21st century government around 10%, and these fools in turn share this 10% among themselves, while the rest of the country dies. Please go into this summary to dig out all this for yourself. 4. The United States and Liberia – Two Geopolitical Entities With Very Similar Founding History, But One (the US) Is An Excellent Example Worth Emulating And Extolling, While The Other (Liberia), Is A Very Horrible Example That Deserves Serious Avoidance Or Just Immediate Demolition Before It Fatally Explodes And Harms The World In life, based on your behavior and your output, you fit into only one of two categories. You are either a good example for people to follow, or you are a terrible warning shot for everybody to escape. Liberia and the US have very similar beginning stories, but just as we mentioned in point #2 earlier, while the US treats its human beings, its citizens with utmost honesty and respect, and place them in the hands of the government like gold and diamond, Liberia, on the other hand “Kicks more than 99% of its citizens every time in the Ass, and even brands them as mere bush animals. As a result, it’s a practical curse to be called a “Liberian”, while almost everybody feels proud being called an American. This summary will give you more explanations about this very sad reality. 5. More convincing reasons why we say Revolution is the only way out for us now, God willing, rather than elections and reforms Because the initiators and torchbearers of this revolution, based on God’s guidance and direction, had established that after 13 full scale bloody civil wars, 4 coup d’etats, and 1 bloody national riot, plus many others national-level skirmishes, all covering more than 40 year of this country’s existence, very dull Liberia’s complex problems don’t require a gun revolution again, but rather a pen and paper type, or a pamphlets revolution, we took the first 3 years of our 5-year-running now, to massively read newspapers, listen to news bulletins, news magazines, talk shows – both national and international; read


history books, economics books etc. so massively, summarizing and re-summarizing these different contents in the midst of real difficult times, as new strings of gray hair grew on our head by the day, while still in our mid to late 30s, with all this exercise intended just to help draw ideas from these different contents to apply them to our country’s problems in an honest search for solution. While almost everybody in our country, from the president to the lawmakers and judges etc. only predominantly pursue their very personal interests and goals each day that breaks in these 195 years now of Black American Liberia’s existence, we had to abandon every personal pursuit – by the grace of God – to make these kinds of solution-seeking narratives and literatures possible. This summary which arranges different speakers and actors (like hearing from the horses’ mouths), under some topical headlines, endeavors to just let us know at the end of the day that nothing other than a full-scale revolution can solve this country’s problems by the grace of God – NEVER the so-called politics we see around, NEVER through any reforms or gradualist approaches for that matter. 6. Why do we say that another danger is already at our door steps, unless we do something radically different together now, to avoid this by God’s grace. There’s an adage, mainly in the computer world that says, “when we put garbage in, our computers will put garbage out”, and stuff like that. It also goes without saying that we shall reap just what we sow. Everything about Liberia, including its very current peace process has been a matter of GRAND DECEIT, DECEIT, and DECEIT. Liberia’s economic growth stories, including GDP growth claims, for instance, all have been deceit to the core, with heavy corruption and unrestrained dishonesty in every aspect of life. As a result of all this, the same conditions that made April 14, 1979, April 12, 1980, November 12, 1985, December 24, 1989 etc. possible are very ripe again, as we speak this late 2017, all because the ACS and US Congress’ claimed promoters of mischief, the Americo-Liberians, are in firm grip of their political power as usual. This summary will list to you some of the many writings on the wall that point to the fact that ever-very-fragile Liberia – the world’s mother of INJUSTICE – will soon break into flames again, unless we rise up now and peacefully drive these “Jonahs” called Americo-Liberians and all their evil collaborators out of our leadership and political governance vessel; grab our independence from the US Government; change the name of our country; do away with all their current emblems and symbols, and finally start at fresh for a sure brighter destination, PERIOD, PERIOD, and PERIOD. 7. The Plain Truth Revolution, Its Roadmap, Plus Governance Plan, For The New Country, And The New Democracy That We Now Demand To Replace Evil, Failed Liberia To make all the great discoveries about Liberia, and impressively present this country’s gigantic problems in theory is one thing, but to do this presentation while also presenting a workable and sustainable way forward is another thing. After having disclosed all the bloody problems holding Mama Country down, this short summary presents the “How To” side to solving these grave problems by the grace of God, through a new leadership and governance design to replace the old useless 1822 ACSAmerico-Liberian design, a design which only feeds and haphazardly educates a less


than 1% of the population and leaves the balance 99% of the population strenuously fending for themselves in a terrible and very savage “Survival of the Criminal or Heartless of Carefree Fittest” situation, or a sad “Dog Eat Dog” situation. And all these too, can be found at XI.

Our Exclusive Anti-Elections 2017, 22-page Pamphlet (the one currently being read) In addition to our 3 giant anti-Elections 2017 revolutionary flyers, this pamphlet digs a little much deeper into the danger that awaits us collectively if we stubbornly ignore this call to stay out of the ballot box in this country for a while, and instead, peacefully clamor along with the Plain Truth Revolution for a different democratic formula this time around in 2017, if we truly want change. And this pamphlet, for its part, can be found at


The 5 key revolutionary flyers that we have been sharing during this massive Anti2017 Elections campaign of our revolution, plus the letter we sent to the UN, US Embassy, and the Liberia National Police (LNP) on the timing and safety of our anti-voting civic actions Here are the titles of our 3 key revolutionary flyers and where to find them on the Internet very easily. We are confident that you will find the captions of these 4 flyers already self-explanatory. a) Please Let’s Demand An All-Inclusive National Get Together Now, And Not Elections, As Elections, Elections, Without Some Serious Debates Here First, Will Only Bring Us More Harm And Sorrows, Than Good!!!!! b) Everything Running Here, From 1822 To Date, Including The Very, Current EllenLed Government, Is Illegitimate, And We Now Demand A Legitimate Forum And Arrangement To Lead Us Into The Kind Of Future That We Want, That’s Why This Demand For An All-Citizens’ Conference Right Now!!!!! c) We Demand A New Democracy Of Ideologies And Principles Now, Rather Than One Of Mere Names And Parties, And We Also Demand A Democracy That Puts Justice First, Rather Than Fake Peace And Reconciliation Talks!!!!! d) The Spiritual, Moral, And Legal Reliance Of Our Revolution And All Of Its Activities And Arguments!!! e) Sufficient Reasons Why We All Must Peacefully Protest The Upcoming AmericoLiberian Inaugural Formalities For The Claimed Winner Of Their So-Called December 26, 2017 Polls All these for their parts too, can be found at

To close, we say, we now encourage ALL of you, citizens of this place, to now take at most, 2 to 3 weeks of your precious time to easily access or download, and go through every article and argument of the Plain Truth Revolution for our homeland. This polite request should


NEVER be taken for granted, as God is watching you. Remember that everybody has a compulsory role to play in deciding where their country goes, and we all MUST first be well informed before we positively play this role. Our failure to play this compulsory role also, we must note here, can cause disastrous consequences for the group, or country as a whole because we can’t allow our destiny to be decided and controlled by only a few people, especially a few, greedy, selfish and cruel people. So for example, if you refuse to take these 2 to 3 weeks of what you may now refer to today as your very precious time, to go through these new ideas for Mama country, to examine them for yourselves, so as to inform whatever your decisions will be, and out of ignorance or laziness we go the wrong way again, another civil war could erupt, which, because of the progressive nature of wars in this place, could last us for up to 20 to 30 years again, since the first one, in the Crown Hill Battle of November 1822 lasted for half an hour, and the 13th one, in the order of the country’s recorded full scale civil wars for now, lasted for 14 closely intermittent years. This is not to mention the bloody national riots, coup d’etats, and demonstrations that have hit this small country also. Then those 2 to 3 weeks that were, or are so precious to us today (to listen to, or read critical issues about our country and be able to make sound collective decisions) because of the claimed importance of our business, school, and work schedules, will unfortunately now turn into, or, your failure to utilize these 2 to 3 weeks in this civic fashion, will translate into 20 to 30 years of massive bloodshed and property loss, in another stupid round of civil war, apart from causing huge embarrassment and disgrace for us among peers in the comity of nations. You may also overlook the fact that taking up exclusive quality time to examine issues pertaining to your country in such an orderly way as is being respectfully requested or even respectfully demanded of you now by our Plain Truth Revolution is a service to God. For nothing about a country is outside of God’s interest because, when you are talking country, you are talking about decent lives for God’s children; you are talking about justice for Jehovah’s creation; you are talking about the redemption of a long string of future generations and stuffs like that. Crafters and vision bearers of the Plain Truth Revolution, mere flesh and blood like all of you out there; stifled by the same abject poverty and gross lack of opportunities as the rest of the 99.9% of this place; having their own worldly ambitions, economic interests, and feeling every pain and humiliation that anyone of you out there can feel when you go out of the things you need and are used to doing etc., have had to stand pains for 4 round years now to put these great ideas for Mama Country together through the guidance and grace of God. For us, it has been more of our part of way of serving God; it has also been our way of telling the United Nations that their billions of dollars of investment here in cash, kind, and blood, to bring about decency and orderliness in this place will NEVER be allowed to lie in ruins to this endemic culture of Lies, Deceit, Laziness and Injustice; it has moreover been our way of showing love for country and fellow citizens etc.; and we now expect you to reciprocate all this by just taking up your time to go through our work for country, using just a matter of weeks, and not the 4 round years, as we had had to endure through God’s power while putting these ideas together. Please keep at the back of your minds as you listen to us, or go through our literatures that we are not professionals with authorities in these knowledge areas; we are not academicians coming to showcase our smartness or aptitude; we are not diplomats, politicians, or


establishment conformists coming to showcase our eloquence and rhetorical skills etc., but rather we are just passionate and concerned citizens and human beings, doing all we can, through God’s power, to ensure change, and change for the better, for our people and our one world. As we the people of this place now find ourselves at the brink of setting another great world record, which this time around will be the greatest, as it will be positive and sustained, and not negative as those set under Americo-Liberian dominance, which could never be sustained, we particularly like to encourage ALL of our friends in the 4th estate, our media friends, our journalists, our newspaper authorities, our radio station authorities, and other media actors, booksellers, printing houses, photo copy centers etc. to take full ownership of this process. Please download all of our documents and spread them through whatever legitimate means possible. Please give this agenda your fullest attention and biggest publicity ever. So for example, as our Plain Truth Revolution’s marches and other civic actions go on, as the one we are doing here today, we expect news and business people to copy and spread our papers and speeches to increase readership and to improve audience. Thank you very much, one and ALL.

Plain truth revolution for (liberia) guide3(1)  

This 22-page article outlines all of the works we have done thus far - both in writing and voice recording - and provides short details abou...

Plain truth revolution for (liberia) guide3(1)  

This 22-page article outlines all of the works we have done thus far - both in writing and voice recording - and provides short details abou...