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JUNE, 2020



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Dear Community, Congratulations 2020 Graduates! I would like to recognize the GlenOak Class of 2020 graduates on their accomplishments. You have graduated during one of the most difficult times in our history. Your resolve and perseverance have been inspirational to the entire Plain Local community; this entire paper is dedicated to all of you and your accomplishments. I would like to thank you personally for the example you have set for future classes at GlenOak High School. It is my hope that each class will reflect on your dedication and grit as they experience their high school career. You have completed a journey that no one planned for and demonstrated class and integrity along the way. You are Champions! I would also like to thank the entire Plain Local community for your support and selfless actions during this time. You have supported our students and given back to our families to support them during an uncertain time. I have never been prouder to live and work in this school district and look forward to the future together. We will weather this storm and become stronger and more united as we move forward to the 2020-2021 school year. As one community, we will support our neighbors and continue to provide an exceptional education for all of our 6,000 students. Have a great summer and Go Eagles!

Brent May, Superintendent


We are so very excited for you to start the next chapter in your lives. This year will certainly go down in your life history as one of the most unusual, unexpected, and unprecedented years ever. While it might be tempting to think of the things you lost from the last few months of your senior experience, we encourage you to think of the things you gained. Your ability to be academically, emotionally, and socially nimble has been tested by fire. You have a set of skills, whether you wanted them or not, that no other class graduating from high school has had. You have been forced to think, act, and learn outside of the proverbial box. You have lived with a great degree of uncertainty about what even the following week had in store; you have had to be creative with your time and resources, and many of you have had to take on adult responsibilities before you had planned. While all of this can be viewed as a sacrifice, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to become stronger, more resilient, and creative individuals who are better prepared to tackle any challenges life presents. You are pioneers, Class of 2020, paving the way and setting the example for those who will follow in your steps. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. You are not, nor will you be, defined by a pandemic. Capitalize on this experience and use it to forge renewed strength, passion, and focus. The Class of 2020 will enter the world with unprecedented skills, and although you have great challenges, you have great ability. We believe in you and have hope that your life-work will make our communities better places to be. Always remember: the hard-fought battle brings a sweeter victory! Congratulations, Class of 2020. Sincerely, Mike Babics and Gayle Kimbrough


Brooke Lauer President

Jacquelynn Scheatzle



Vice President

Hannah White President

Shayne Feola Secretary

Carmyn Grubbs Vice President

Olivia Marmon Communications

Mya Montgomery Secretary

Riley Deskin


Kamaria Montgomery Communications Officer


These awards are given to one student each year who has demonstrated academic excellence in the subject area:


Margaret Kingsbury

Taylor Bautista

Claire Foltz

Drew Ely





Gino Moretta Spanish

Chad Brechbuhler

French, Social Studies, Speech

Peter Breckenridge

Erin Hawkins

Instrumental Music

String Ensemble

Grace Watson

Ryan Kintigh

Visual Art

Vocal Music


Grayson Switzer Animation & Graphic Design

Grace Salvino High School of Business

Kagen Eubanks

Automotive Technology

Drake Terry Horticulture

Jasmyn Dressler Commercial Photography

Anna Gladieux Job Training Coordination

Faith Saffell

Owen Valentine

Alaina Provo

Melina Cavella


Teacher Pathways


Theatre Tech

Jamison Myers Light and Sound Technology

Rhys Leach

Health Technologies

Ace Tyler

Video Production



s n o i t a l u t C o n gr a TO THE CLASS OF 2020!



The Scholar Athlete is based on the top GPA in each sport using a non-weighted scale. In addition, anyone who received a 3.9 or better on the non-weighted scale receives an award. If no one meets the requirement in a particular sport, no award is given.

Drew Ely

Boys Cross Country

Logan May

Boys Cross Country

Karley Brightman

Colby Metz

Brandon Jatich

Faith Brown

Spencer Day

Maya Bhatia

Liliana Burlingame

Claire Foltz

Deanna Hay

Hannah White

Sophia Buda

Isabel Biasella

Jordan Marshall

Makenzie Green

Jacob Boyett

Hannah White Girls Swimming

Ella Severson

Girls Swimming

Paige Werstler

Riley Deskin

Girls Golf


Boys Soccer


Girls Cross Country

Girls Soccer



Girls Soccer


Girls Basketball

Boys Swimming

Darrion Williams

Liliana Burlingame Girls Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse

Rhys Leach

Riley Grimm

Karley Brightman

Olivia Ward

Chad Brechbuhler

Olivia Ward


Girls Track

Girls Track

Boys Tennis


Boys Golf

Girls Tennis

Boys Basketball

Girls Swimming

Boys Track






This award is given to the top male and female athlete with the highest GPA and Athletic letters.

This award is given to students who exemplify integrity and service.

Claire Foltz

Drew Ely

Cordell Floyd

Deanna Hay

ARCHIE GRIFFIN AWARDS This award is given is based on character, grades, athletic achievement, and school spirit.

Ty White

Alexis Lemire

COURAGEOUS STUDENT AWARD This award is given students who have overcome adversity in their life and thrived in their athletic career.

Kamryn Vance


Christian Parker

Hannah White

Ryan Riccillo

SYMBOLS OF ACHIEVEMENT The following symbols denote exceptional student accomplishments. ♦

Diploma with Honors – Students receiving a Diploma with Honors have met the required criteria set forth by the State Board of Education.

s National Honor Society – NHS members are wearing gold cords and officers are wearing blue and gold cords. Students met the community service, attendance and academic standards set forth by GlenOak High School for four years. n Four Year Recipient of Academic Letter – Recognized students are wearing a green and gold cord. Students who have earned the Academic Letter have met the community service requirement of 120 hours over four years, attendance and academic standards set forth by the GlenOak High School Administration committee. v Seal of Biliteracy - The Seal of Biliteracy is an award given in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. l Spanish Honor Society - Honoring students who have been inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. ♣ International Baccalaureate Full Diploma Candidates BOLD - 4.0+ Student GPA Italic - Fine Arts Specialization

Jacob Ryan Abrigg

Marah Lar’Shawn Bankss♣

Chad Dean Brechbuhler♦s♣

Lillian Gardner Adams

Brock James Barbato

Peter Aaron Breckenridge

Alec Anthony Adcock

Taylor Faith Bautista♦snl♣

Ty Russell Briggs

Marisa Nicole Adkins

Micah Davon Bazen

Karley Rae Brightman♦sn

Victoria Elizabeth Ady

Zachary Thomas Becker

Brandon James Brinkman

Matthew Aguilar

Cheyenne Mercedes Bender

Faith Lauren Brown♦s

James Kade Akin

Madison Rae Benner

Spencer J Brown

Hannah Faith Elaine Alazaus

Brandon Michael Bergert

Sophia Renee Buda♦s

Elijah Nicholas Albert

Hannah Louise Bergin

Brooklyn Rose Bunish

Ared Josue Albiter

Maya Pearl Bhatia♦sn

Amber Rose Buricks

Haleigh Morgan Alexander♦s

Isabel Rose Biasella♦s

Liliana Noel Burlingame♦snl

Austin David Allbritain

Latrell Elijiah Blackman

Mariya Marquez Bycura

Tristan Gene Allen

Austin James Blair

La’Quann Rodriquez Drevaun Byrd

Chloe Star Allison

Darrin Austin Blanchard

Terra Makayla Byrd

Austin Jason Allman

Hannah Nicole Bloomquist♦n

Aaron Christopher Capocci

Daniel Jacob Almodovar

Josie Renee Board

Ashlyn Rose Capocci

Kori Lee Anderson

Grace Elizabeth Boettler

Jacob Nicholas Cargill

Darcell Lamont Anthony

Jack Ryan Boettler♦

Trevor Lucas Carpenter

Narayana Marie Argenio

Gavin Matthew Bond♦s

Hailey Rose Carris♦s

Tyler Charles Armstead

Isabelle Rose Bosler♦s

Christina Faith Carroll♦sn

Isaiah Edward Arrington

Alyssa Margaret Boyce

David Allen Carroll

Samuel Darrell Backie-Woods

Jacob Reese Boyett♦s♣

Iana Neveah Carter

Hannah Cheryl Bajornas

Jerome Mar’Trez Bradford

Jamison Victor Allan Ball♦

Marissa Anne Bradley

Continued on page 8



Joseph Scott Cooley Jr.

Destiny Renee Elliott

Hayden Lewis Coombs

Dwight Xavier Ellis

Kaitlyn Amelia Cordell

Drew James Ely♦sl♣

Aniah Neva Corner

Zackary Michael Emerick

Olivia Grace Crawford♦

MiKayla Sierra Estelle

Jason Thomas Cary

Mya Rebecca Croft

Kagen Riley Eubanks

Caleb Joshua Catlin♦

Mycbrarity Alyce Crowl

Seth Connor Falcone

Melina Marie Cavellas

Shondalay Cierra Culver

Shayne Elizabeth Feola♦sn

Josser Roney Cedillo-Cantarero♦

Isaiah Raymond Cummins

Madison Grace Flaherty

Audrey Grace Cessna

Ryan David Curry

Samantha Brianna Fleming

Joshua Drew Chappie♦s

Atlanta Rayle Cutts

Colby Alan Flenniken

Max William Charlikowsky

Breeanna Jean Dalton

Ellianna Renee Flinn

Anna Marie Chech

Nathaniel Liam Danks

Cordell DeWitt Floyd♦s

Hershel Ianscott Chenault

Spencer James Day

Sean Andrew Fogerty

Justen Richard Jaquan Cherry

Lawren Zekiaelle Daya♦snl♣

Claire Abigail Foltz♦snl♣

Caelin Anne Clevengers

Coby Allen Dean

Hannah Gabriella Ford

Kylie Ann Cliffords

Gunnar Benjamin Dekowski

Maelani Larin Fowler

William Anthony Dakota Cline

Mickenzie Renee Delillo-McMasters

Shelby Ann Freda

Benjamin Lee Coates

Riley Ernest Deskin♦s

Hallie Esther-Marie Froelich

Kindra Jade Coe

Christian Nathaniel DeVore

Benedetto T Frustaci

Kaitlyn Riley Colelli

London Rae Dickerson

Mariana Garcia

Nikaala Charee Collinssn

Nicholas Joseph DiGiacomo

Jayla Za’kiyah Gattis

Makenzie Ann Compsonn

Vincenzo Joseph DiGiroloma

Zane Alexander Gaume

Alyssa Kay Compton

Janelle Ruth Dixon♦snl♣

Madison Lee Geitgey♦s

Tierney Faye Condict

Elijah Jay Domineck

Anna Kathryn Gladieux

Sarah Elizabeth Conley♦snvl

Jakob Alexander Dreher

Olivia Rose Gliatta

Bryce Matthew Conn

Jasmyn Lyneah Dressler

Rachel Elizabeth Gogolewski

Riley Elizabeth Conn

Dylan Michael Driggers

Maximus Allen Gordon

Eden Brooke Conway

Tobiah Anthony Duffie

Makenzie Marose Greens

Owen T Conway

Reese Vanessa Edgein Continued on page 11

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Each month, every school in Stark county nominated one outstanding male and female student in the areas of academics, athletics, arts and community service. The following students were selected and featured in the Canton Repository for their remarkable achievements across these categories.



Chad Brechbuhler January 2020

Drew Ely

March 2020

Claire Foltz April 2020

Sarah Conley

Logan May

Hannah White


Aleksa ShinaberryTorres Best in Class

Claire Foltz Class Choice

Outstanding Senior Boy

Outstanding Senior Girl

CHARACTER AWARD Each year the GlenOak High School counseling team chooses one student who has experienced a substantial amount of adversity in his or her life but who has persisted through and maintained high achievement.

Paul Webb Counselor Resiliency Award




This year, The Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association awarded several scholarships totaling almost $13,000 to seniors in the Class of 2020. Listed below are individual scholarships of the Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association with the 2020 award recipients.


Olivia Ward

In memory of Florence Barr, an outstanding female athlete and revered educator in the Plain Local School District, this scholarship is awarded each year to a young woman who is an exceptional student athlete. The 2020 Florence Barr Memorial Scholarship recipient, Olivia Ward, will be receiving $1,000 towards her studies at Glenville State College, where she plans to study Exercise Science. Olivia is a 2-year letter winner in track and field and a 3-year letter winner in gymnastics.


Sarah Conley

Honoring 2008 GlenOak graduate, Brian Beck, and his passion for the Plain Local Health Tech program, this award is given to a GlenOak student who will be pursuing a degree in the medical field. Funding for this scholarship is received through the annual “Father’s Day 5k” race, which was created by Brian’s family. Receiving $1,000 towards her studies in Biochemistry on a pre-health track along with a minor in Spanish at the University of Mount Union is the 2020 recipient, Sarah Conley. Sarah was a member of the dance program.

PETER N. CAZANTZES MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP An educator in Plain Local for over 30 years, Peter Cazantzes dedicated his life to improving the lives of those around him. He demanded the most from his students and gave selflessly to his community. The Cazantzes family and friends have established this memorial scholarship to recognize a Plain Local graduating senior who has shown a dedication to his or her community and exemplifies strong moral Caden Riley character. The 2020 recipient of this $1,000 scholarship is Caden Riley, who plans to study Finance at Kent State University. Caden was the Sports Editor of The Eagle and has volunteered 50+ hours as a tutor for young children at the Be a Better Me Foundation.

PLAIN LOCAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION/DRENTA FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP The PLSAA/Drenta Family Scholarship was established to award graduating seniors who are the children or grandchildren of a past graduate from any of the Plain Local high schools or a member of the Plain Local Schools Alumni Association. The scholarship Olivia Ward Sarah Conley also honors Vic and Darlene Drenta, who are both alumni and career educators of the Plain Local School District. The 2020 recipients of a $500 scholarship are Olivia Ward and Sarah Conley. Olivia will attend Glenville State University where she will major in Exercise Science. Her grandfather, Gary Bresson, is an alumni and a 1961 graduate. She was also involved in National Honor Society, track and field, and gymnastics. Sarah will attend the University of Mount Union and study Biochemistry and minor in Spanish. Her mother, Beth Ann Conley (White), was a 1986 GlenOak graduate. Sarah was a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Canton Repository “Teen of the Month” board member.

EVANS/YOHE FAMILY VIDEO ASL Established by Denise (Yohe) Evans (and family), 1982 GlenOak alumni, in honor of her brother, Rick Yohe, who lost his hearing at age two due to spinal meningitis, and Rick’s family. Rick and his wife Gwen were instrumental in getting the ASL classes started at GlenOak, and also support the deaf community in a variety of ways, including the annual Deaf Christmas party that GlenOak students participate in each year. The Shayne Feola Hannah White 2020 winners of this year’s scholarship are Hannah White and Shayne Feola. Hannah will attend The Ohio State University and plans to study Nursing and minor in American Sign Language. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, and a member of the volleyball, swimming, and track and field teams. Shayne will also attend The Ohio State University and plans to study Psychology. She was a member of the dance program, tennis team, Student Council, Ski, Environmental, and Spirit clubs. Continued on page 12


Jonathan Aristotle Harsh

Kijier Ryneir Jenkins

Emily Brianna Hartson

Frank Elijah Johnson

Erin Elizabeth Hawkins♦sn

Jalen Matthew Johnson

Breanne Mae Hawthorne

LeeShawn Alex Johnson

Madison Faith Hawthorne♦s

Cameron Leigh Jones

Gavin Anthony Greenlee

Deanna Marie Hay♦sn♣

Cloe’ Manda Jones♦

Joseph Edward Grimes

Seth William Haymaker♦

Lee Curtis Jones

Riley Charlotte Grimm♦s

Riley Lauren Heald♦s

Logan Lewis Joness

John Kalagidis Grunder♦sn

Miranda Paige Hendershot

Paige Allison Jones♦

Damien Alexander Gupton

Natalia Lynn Henderson

Taylor Elaine Jonessn

Juan Diego Gutierrez♦

Kennedy Renee Herberghs♦sn

Thomas James Stratton Jordans

Andrew Thomas Haidet

Alexander Conan Hillman

Magdalena Teresa Juarez♦s♣

William Richard Hailstone

Hannah Dawn Hindmarsh

Michael Conner Kackley

Brooke Elizabeth Haines♦

Makayla Allison Hinkle

Isaac Daniel Kennedy

Fa’Zhawn James Hall

Aidan Thomas Hobson

McKenna Charlene Kieffer

Jack Austin Hall

Johnny William Hohman

Sierra Rachelle Kieffer

Joshua Allen Hamilton♦

Michaela Lee-Ann Hooten

Jared Kevin Kimberly

Dalton Richard Franklin Hamons

Alanna Celeste Hostetler

Margaret Bernadette Kingsbury♦sn

I’Dayshia De’Shay Hampton

Stewart Lee Hudson

Ryan William Kintigh

Aiden Christopher Hannen

Olivia Ailish Humphreys

Daniel John Klotz

Lydia Maire Harlesss

Logan Raquelle Hunter

Madison Elizabeth Knight

Arianna Michelle Harper

Megan Elizabeth Jacobss

Braden Lee Knoch

Dylan Paul Harper

Alexander Adam Jasser♦

Kylee Rae Knott♦

Joseph Isaiah Harper♦♣

Brandon Daniel Jatich

Kayla Elizabeth Knowles

Kenna Nicole Harrington

Gabrielle Alexandria Jeffries

Evea May Knox Continued on page 12



Eugene M. Cazantzes President Term: 2020-2023 h: 330-456-5787

Dr. Ambrose Perduk, Jr. Vice-President Term: 2018-2021 h: 330-904-4620

Monica Rose Gwin Term: 2020-2023 c: 330-417-5208

John W. Halkias Term: 2018-2021 c: 234-262-0470 h: 330-494-4719

Kristen Donohue Guardado Term: 2018-2021 w: 330-489-3395 h: 330-497-2828

June 10, Virtual Meeting

September 16, GlenOak High School

June 26 (Special Meeting) (7 a.m.), Virtual Meeting

October 21, Glenwood Intermediate

July 15, Administration Building

November 18, Avondale Elementary

August 19 (7 a.m.), Administration Building

December 9, Administration Building All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m unless otherwise noted



PLAIN LOCAL SCHOOLS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - CONT. THOMAS FILICKY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Thomas Filicky was an exemplary teacher, mentor, leader and friend throughout his 44 year tenure in the Plain Local School District. Mr. Filicky was honored with various awards throughout his career, and was passionate about mentoring young people. This annual $500 scholarship is awarded to a GlenOak High School graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in academics, arts, leadership, and community service. Sarah Conley will be receiving the 2020 award, which she will use towards her studies at the Sarah Conley University of Mount Union, where she will study Biochemistry. Conley coordinated The Water Walk and raised $13,000 to drill a bore hole and provide necessities for people in Malawi, Africa. She was also a Palace Theater Usher for the Stark County Hunger Task Force all four years while in high school.

ABBEY E. FOLTZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Abbey Foltz, a 1999 GlenOak graduate, lost her courageous battle to cancer in August 2000. Throughout her illness, Abbey continued to persevere, and was a high achiever in arts and academics. Abbey’s parents and family, all of whom were also Plain Local graduates, have established this scholarship for GlenOak students in order to commemorate Abbey’s love for music and to honor her memory. Receiving the $500 award this year is Brooke Lauer, who will be studying Biology while attending The Ohio Brooke Lauer State University. Lauer was a member of the freshman mixed and concert choir as well as a member of Student Council.

MATTHEW W. FOX MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP After his passing in a tragic automobile accident, Matthew Fox’s family and friends established this scholarship to honor his memory and love of music. Matthew, a 1995 GlenOak graduate, had a passion for writing, performing, and teaching music professionally. He was an active member of the GlenOak Music Program for four years, where his love for music was unsurpassed. This scholarship recognizes a GlenOak senior who shares this passion for music and plans to pursue a major in music at the college level. The 2020 Logan May winner of this award is Logan May. Logan will be attending Marymount Manhattan in New York City in the fall to study musical theatre. He has been a member of Symphonic Strings, several Musicals in lead and ensemble roles, Chorale, Men’s Chorus, Cross Country, Thespian Society, as well as a member of National Honor Society.

THE GLENWOOD CLASS OF 1962 SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is established by the graduates of Glenwood High School Class of 1962, who feel strongly about giving back to current Plain Local students in their pursuit of higher education. Receiving the 2020 awards of $500 each are Sarah Conley and Ty White. Sarah will attend the University of Mount Union where she will major in Biochemistry and minor Sarah Conley in Spanish. She was a Plain Local Saturday Enrichment dance assistant as well as a Just Ty White Plain Dance choreographer. Her mother Beth Ann Conley (White), was a 1986 graduate of GlenOak high school. Ty will attend West Virginia University where he will major in Forensic and Investigative Science. Ty was the captain of the boys soccer team, member of the baseball team, and participated in Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio as a Marketing Specialist of Wood With Purpose. His mother, Nina Knepp (Beddell) was a 2001 graduate of GlenOak High School.


Taylor Bautista

Kaleigh Ramser

This scholarship was established by Plain Township Trustee, Scott Haws, upon his election to office on his promise to give back to the community. The scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who best exemplify excellence in the areas of academics, community service, leadership and athletics. The 2020 recipients of the $500 award are Taylor Bautista and Kaleigh Ramser. Taylor will attend The Ohio State University and will major in Environmental Sciences. Kaleigh will attend Kent State University and is undecided on her major.

JIM HILLIBISH SCHOLARSHIP IN JOURNALISM This $1000 scholarship was established in memory of Jim Hillibish, who worked for the Canton Repository for parts of five decades, writing stories, feature and entertainment articles, editorials, and general interest commentaries, as well as columns on gardening, cooking, and computers. He held various positions at the Canton Repository, such as photographer, reporter, columnist, entertainment writer, feature editor, bureau chief, lifestyle section editor, editorial writer and editorial board memLandon Thorn ber. He also helped to create the newspaper’s entertainment section, and in 1996, designed and launched CantonRep.com. While at Glenwood High School, he studied journalism and became the Editor-In-Chief of the school newspaper, The Eagle’s View, his senior year. The 2020 winner of this scholarship is Landon Thorn. Landon will attend Walsh University and plans to study Communication and Sports Journalism. He was a letterman in cross country and in track. Continued on page 14


Kamryn Renee McCoury

Byanca Noel Palmer

Chase Aaron McDannold

Morgan Alexis Pancher

Kaya Shea McDonald

Christian Jeffrey Edward Parker

Alexis Arlene McMichael

Breauna Lee Paschal

Jake Randolph McQuaid

Breland Jermaine Paschal

Kristynn Blaine Kutzli

Madison Paige Mears♦s♣

Erin Mackenzie Patterson♦sn

Megan Michelle Laliberte♦sn

Marina Peyton Mears

Paige Christine Paul

Ava Rose Lambert

Jacob Thomas Menegay♦

Elena Christina Pergins♦sn

Andrew Michael Lamiell

Shanice Roychelle Mercer

Davin Alexander Peterman♦

Olivia Blyth Lamoreaux

Colby Douglas Metz

Lindsay Kaye Phillips

Daniela Berenice Landino

Natalie Joy Michael♦sn♣

Alexia Maria Phothirath♦s

Brooke Anne Lauer♦sl♣

Joseph Abram Middleton

Alexander James Pimpas

Madyson Nichole Lawson

Damian Angel Milburn♦

Matthew Louis Pinney

Rhys Thaddeus Leach♦s

Joseph Adam Miller

Brandon Leroy Pizzoferrato

Joseph Lee Leatherman

Nevaeh Faith Mitchelln

Alex Armando Ponce

Cierra Lynn Leman

Serenity Jonae Monday

Christian Hernan Ponce

Alexis May Lemire♦s

Haley Elizabeth Monnot

Emma Marie Poorman♦

Vanessa Michaela Lemon

Kamaria Faith Montgomery♦sn

Alaina Elizabeth Provo♦sn

Noah Christopher Leon

Mya Rose Montgomery

Jason Allen Puckett

Gregory Mark Lipster

Bryan Michael Moore

Logan Alexzander Slack Ramos

Brooklyn Danielle Lockard

Giovanni Rocco Moretta♦svl

Kaleigh Ann Ramser♦s

Grace Victoria Lockard

Kaleigh Riain Morley♦

Jamiel Tyson Randle

Riley Elizabeth Lockard

Evan Michael Morris♦

Jawad Munir Rashdan

Elon Antonio Lopes

Carlee Maire Morrison

Amber Nicole Ray

Trevor Andrew Lowery♦

Tae’sha Sera Natae’ Morrow

Mark Anthony Gintz Reale

Justin Dennis Lucks

Ashanti Sharell Mumford

Ryan David Riccillo

Mackenzie Rae Ludwigs

Andrew Connor Murphy

Kindel Da’Jon Richardson

Jaz Marie Lutton

Olivia Jaiden Murphy♦sn

Sydney Lynn Richardson

Jason Patrick Lyden

Hannah Nicole Murray

Caden Michael Rileys

James Edward Madden

Jamison Richard Myers

Lazzon La’Riko Kmar Robinson

Haley Olivia Mageesn

William Atlee Nagy

Jasmin Isabel Rollins

Daniela Nicole Magueyal

Maya Lane Neff

Cameron Tah’Shaun Ross

Ashley Marie Malones

Miranda Lou Negley

Tyler Wayne Ross

Dylan Joseph Marco

Anthony James Newlon

Nickalas Anthony Rossetti

Jared Alexander Marcum

Noah Maxwell Newton

Erik James Rossi

Nicholas Steven Margaritakis

Alexandra Faith Nicholson

Grace Darlene Roth

Mario Giavanni Marion

Zayda Adriana Nickels

Maya Renee Russell

Olivia Grace Marmons

Brian Charles Vincent Nofern

Tyler Joseph Russo

Lauren Ashley Marran

Alexis Victoria O’Connorn

Angelina Rose Sacco♦sn

Jordan Jeshawn Marshall

Colin James O’Connor♦

Faith Elizabeth Saffell

Chloe Elizabeth Mathie

John Edward Oliver

Grace Sarah Salvino♦sn

Logan James May♦sn

Tanea La’Nae O’Steen

Tobias John Sampson

Mason Andrew McCallister

Kylan Alexander Owens

Logan Ashley Sanders

Madelon Lisabeth McCort♦

Jeremy William Palek♦ Continued on page 14



PLAIN LOCAL SCHOOLS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - CONT. SYDNEY KLEPTACH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This $1000 scholarship was established in memory of Sydney, who was a 2018 graduate of GlenOak High School, and a student at the University of Mount Union. She was majoring in both Biology and French. She was a member of the women’s soccer team. In high school, she was the president of the National Honor Society, a student ambassador, a Varsity Soccer soccer player, and she dedicated over 900 hours to community service. She sang in the choir, created realistic drawings, and played musical instruments. Due to Sarah Conley her dedication to education, GlenOak National Honor Society and the Student Council have established this scholarship for students to commemorate Sydney’s passion for life as demonstrated through leadership, philanthropy, the arts, and/or athletics to honor her memory. The 2020 winner of this scholarship is Sarah Conley. Sarah will attend the University of Mount Union to study Biochemistry on a pre-health track. She was the recipient of the International Baccalaureate “Caring” award, as well as a recipient of the Character Champion Award.

BILL MEASE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Dedicated to a former Plain Local educator and superintendent, the Bill Mease Memorial Scholarship honors the man who strived to improve the educational opportunities of thousands of children in the Plain Local community. Bill was the inspiration and driving force behind the concept of a community high school campus among other educational programs that laid the framework making Plain Local an excellent place to learn. This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who demonstrate excellence in academics and at Claire Foltz least three of the following four areas: athletics, leadership, the fine arts and community service. Receiving the $1,000 award is the 2020 recipient, Claire Foltz, who plans to attend Northwestern University to double major in Economics and International Studies with the hopes of eventually attending law school. Claire was a St. Baldrick’s district coordinator, who helped to raise over $35,000 for Childhood Cancer Research, a member of Mas Amor (Spanish service group), tutor at Glenwood Intermediate, and founder of the hygiene drive at GlenOak.

TYDIN MILLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Tydin Miller, a 2005 graduate of GlenOak High School, began with her life as an orphan in Vietnam. Tydin developed a positive attitude toward everything she encountered and, with the help of her family, friends, teachers, and coaches, Tydin became a persevering kid full of hope and happiness. Tydin’s family and friends have established this scholarship to celebrate the life of a young woman who helped others, worked diligently and never gave up. The 2020 recipient of the Tydin Miller Memorial Scholarship, receiving $500, is Kamaria Kamaria Montgomery Montgomery. She will major in Sports Management and minor in Coaching and Exercise Technology while attending Baldwin Wallace University. Kamaria has participated in Student Council, Key Club, and a member of the track and field team.

JOHN AND STEPHANIE NOYES SCHOLARSHIP The John and Stephanie Noyes Memorial Scholarship was started by the Noyes family after their father’s passing on July 21, 2019, then their mother’s passing just a few short months later. John graduated from Glenwood High School where he was a member of the 1966 football team. He was the owner and operator of the Noyes’ Sunoco Service Station on Cleveland Ave. for 37 years. A $1000 scholarship will be given to a student in the automotive program or vocational trades program. The 2020 recipient of the John Jesse Miller and Stephanie Noyes Memorial Scholarship is Jesse Miller. Jesse is a career tech student in the automotive program. He plans to study at Stark State College.

PLAIN LOCAL TEACHERS ASSOCIATION HARRY TIMPE SCHOLARSHIP This $1000 scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who will be entering the education field and who demonstrate the characteristics of an outstanding educator. Harry Timpe was a dedicated and passionate career-educator in the Plain Local School District. The effects that Timpe had on his students were everlasting Mackenzie Ludwig and changed the face of education in Plain Local. The 2020 Harry Timpe Scholarship recipient is Mackenzie Ludwig. Mackenzie will attend Concordia University in Chicago. She plans on studying Education and DCE (director of Christian education). She was a member of Student Council, Symphonic Strings, and the National Honor Society. Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association was established in 1989 to build and maintain a stewardship of community trust and to provide funding for superior, innovative, educational programs which exceed the financial resources of the Plain Local School District. Donated funds support Star Grants for teachers, scholarships for graduating seniors, the Eagle Pride program, and other district initiatives and projects. Over the years, alumni and foundation supporters have contributed more than $1 million to the foundation endowment and scholarship funds to support these programs. Gifts to the Plain Local Schools Foundation provide the opportunity for every Eagle to achieve his or her highest potential. To establish an endowed fund, give a gift to benefit the students of the Plain Local School District, or for more information, contact Anna Bodner, Executive Director of the Plain Local Schools Foundation and Alumni Association at foundation@plainlocal.org, or call 330-491-3870.


Paul James Starkey

Malayah Ann West-Mullen

Jaylin Amir Stokes

Austin James Warmby

Maleva Marie Jo Stone

Dominick Joseph Wheeler

Naleese Rickell Strickland

Andrew Patrick White

Kenneth James Styer

Darius Tamar White

Nicholas Carter Santavicca

Gabrielle Elise Swanson♦sn

Hannah Joy White♦sn

Antonio Dominico Santimarino

Grayson Switzers

Olivia Pauline Whites♣

Sara Theresa Saunders♦s

Hannah Nichole Tapyrik♦sn♣

Ty Anthony Whites

Ian Patrick Schalmo♦

Chayton Russell Taylor

Daemon Clay Williams

Jacquelynn Ann Scheatzle♦sn

Adia Elizebeth Teis

Darrion Jeffrey Williams♦sl♣

Jenna Alessandra Schmaltz

Drake Robert Terry

Demetrius James Williams

Gavin Nicholas Vale Schraggs

Abigail Rebecca Thomas♦♣

Eric Alexander Williams

Leah Rae Schweizers

Landon Anthony Thorn♦

Joshua David Williamss

Avery Grant Scott

Xavier Nathaniel Thornton

Jelani Morton Willock

Madison Nicole Scott

James Tyler Thoevenin

Jayvon Melique Wilson

Adrianna Nicole Seibert

Joseph Thomas Thoevenin

Sophia Marie Wilt

Kylee Lynn Serri

Kaley Anne Tressel

Luke Matthias Wingerter

Ella Christine Severson♦s

Ace Jordan Tyler♦s

Benjamin Daniel Wolfesn

Ja’Mere Shahid Shannon

Kayla Raquel Ujcich

Kayla Michelle Wurgler

Ja’Shon Shaheed Shannon

Jared David Ulrich

Alexander Lee Yarnell

Desmond Lauren Sharpe

Owen Wade Edward Valentine♦s

Michael Lewis Zerby

Riley Anna Shaw

Josean Alexis Valiente-Burgos

Elliot Mitchel Zoldan

Aleksa Anne Shinaberry-Torres♦sl♣

Kamryn Taylor Vance♦s

Amira Maire Zollicoffer

Rachel Allison Sholtis

Jeily Alejandra Varela♦sv

Brandon Scott Shrader

Jalen Eric Vaughn

Trevor Scott Shundry

Terence Samuel Verble

Arianna Rose Sieloff♦sn

Aubrey Elizabeth Villard♦s

Vincent Ross Silvestro

Melina Evelyn Villono

Malcolm Ryan Scott Simpson

Olivia Lane Vranich♦

Braydon Scott Sinclair♦

Jakeb Ryan Wagner

Corbin Eugene Slater

Cierra Rachelle Walker

Emily Hannah Smith

Jordyn Janae Alexandria Walker

Henry James Smith

Jade Wallace

Isaiah William Berend Smith

Hannah Grace Walther♦s


Austin David Snedeker♦

Anthony Edmond Waltons

Of fondest memories

Nikolas Dean Snyder♦

Olivia Anne Ward♦sn

those of GlenOak will last

Aaron Matthew Sommers♦

Eric Ormond Watson

through the years.

Tyler Xavier Soska

Grace Ann Watson♦sn

To thee our loyalty,

Logan Alexander Sparks♦s

Malek Perris Watson

forever and ever endures.

Kaylee Taylor Speaker♦

Paul Roger Webb II

May all the days that follow

Riley Ann-Marie Spears

Andrew Joseph Weber♦s

bring back the memories of old,

Anna Katherine Bei Spilios

Emily Marie Webster

of GlenOak High School,

Kennedy Allan Sprout

Marah Ray Weimer♦s

the home of the green and gold,

Malyia Jon’et Stanley

Paige Lyn Werstler♦s

the home of the green and gold.

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE-FOREIGN EXCHANGE Couderc, Amaury Daniel-Andre Gonzalez-Vega, Dario Rothig, Michelle Ines



GLENOAK HIGH SCHOOL TOP 25 The GlenOak High School Top 25 banquet is an opportunity for our students to recognize the teacher or staff member that had the most influence on their education. Unfortunately the event was not able to be held in person this year but the students still were able to choose the educator who had the most impact on their Plain Local Education. Congratulations to these students and their honored educators.

Aleksa ShinaberryTorres

Chad Brechbuhler Honored Educator: Julie Filliez

Honored Educator: Nate Bodenschatz

Honored Educator: Maria Speakman

Honored Educator: Leticia Cook

Thomas Jordan

Taylor Bautista

Erin Patterson

Deanna Hay

Angelina Sacco

Honored Educator: Pam Dentler

Drew Ely

Claire Foltz

Brooke Lauer

Honored Educator: Chris Schorsten

Honored Educator: Dori Hess

Honored Educator: Megan Leatherman

Honored Educator: Jill Balderson

Honored Educator: Vanessa Board

Magdalena Juarez

Emma Poorman

Erin Hawkins

Liliana Burlingame

Sarah Conley

Honored Educator: Ashley Kessler

Hannah Tapyrik

Honored Educator: Bobbi Scott

Honored Educator: Erin Steinmetz

Honored Educator: Emily Palmer

Honored Educator: Jennifer Austin

Honored Educator: Scott Laughman

Honored Educator: Beth Waseity

Madison Mears

Karley Brightman Honored Educator: Chad Palmer

Honored Educator: Jan Wickline

Giovanni Moretta

Riley Heald

Darrion Williams

Riley Deskin

Isabel Biasella

Honored Educator: Tara Cerrezuela


Grace Watson

Honored Educator: Zach Hawkins

Honored Educator: Ryan Foltz

Honored Educator: Heather Corey

Honored Educator: Bryan Krosse

Janelle Dixon

Honored Educator: Courtney Breon