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Dear Friends of CBA, I would like to welcome you to the spring edition of the Alumni Newsletter. This edition focuses on Christian Brothers Academy as seen through the eyes of various people associated with our school, including a graduating senior, alumni and faculty. Each offers their own unique view of what CBA means to them and how their experiences have enriched their lives today. In many ways, sharing one’s perspective on CBA is similar to looking at a multi-faceted diamond with its many varieties of spectral colors. It is quite likely then that you too have your own perspective as to what Christian Brothers Academy means to you and how it has touched your life over these past years. I would like to invite you to consider sharing your thoughts about how your experience at CBA has shaped your life by sending your comments and thoughts to me at your convenience. I hope that you enjoy reading the selections found in this newsletter! Thank you for your continued support of Christian Brothers Academy through your contributions to our Annual Fund, pledge payments to our recent Capital Campaign, “To Be the Best,” participation in our Lasallian Legacy Society, and the many ways in which you make a difference in the lives of our students today! Sincerely,

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At My CBA Coach Tom Dotterer, ’53 Boys varsity baseball coach Tom Dotterer returned to work and the CBA diamond this spring after enduring a brutal robbery and shooting at his liquor store, Salina Liquor and Wine, on January 23. When asked to reflect about his alma mater, Coach Tom Dotterer offered the following response: “For me, My CBA is an ongoing, living, breathing thought: wind-like, river-like, sweeping, rippling, caressing, soothing, advancing onward, forward, weightless, dateless, measureless; ever-expanding, ever-growing, encompassing family, unity, singularity, identity; accomplishing purposeful good.”

After his father died in 1990, Tom Dotterer said the family found the following poem by Edgar Guest in his wallet. It’s called “Two Sentimentalists,” and it details the differences between two neighbors. Two Sentimentalists He was a sentimental man. He’d often shed a tear When someone came and poured a tale of sorrow in his ear And wiping dry his misty eyes he’d say: “I wish I knew A way to end your misery, but nothing can I do.” His neighbor was a hardened case and gruff as gruff could be, He never shed a misty tear where anyone could see. He mocked and jibed at sentiment and sneered at people good But if a poor man needed them he’d send him coal and wood. The sentimental man disliked to look on scenes of woe. He’d talk of wrongs men ought to right, but never strike a blow. The rough and tough old customer who lacked the art of speech Befriended every weaker man who stepped within his reach. I do not think I’m fit to judge man’s conduct on this earth. I know it’s very difficult to value human worth. I merely note this difference, ‘twixt two men, wide apart. The one had pity on his lips - the other in his heart. - Edgar Guest Dotterer asks this question of himself, and all of us: Which one are you?


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

At My CBA Sid Perkins, ’13 My sister drove me home from CBA’s Open House in 2006. I was in sixth grade, and I was crying. It was very difficult to tell her that I did not want to attend the school where both she and my brother had studied, but I was determined to be different. I was determined to stay in public school. I was committed to Tully. Passionate about playing lacrosse and soccer, about participating in student government and about playing the saxophone in the elementary school band, I felt I had created a niche at Tully, and I did not by any means wish to be supplanted. But above all these passions, I was devoted to my friends. I felt that I had grown so strongly connected with them that I was decidedly and stubbornly opposed to any change whatsoever. That is why I cried. However, I was wrong to cry. Not only have I found in CBA an environment in which I have been able to explore my passions, I have also found a loving community of enthusiastic, talented, and considerate students whom I am honored to say I will be graduating with this June. The student body takes on such character and displays such spirit at CBA that it is difficult to enter the school in a bad mood with the knowledge of the interactions to come throughout the day. That is not to say that I have not had my share of bad days—it is, however, consoling to have a support group of 122 other students who can assuage your worries with the quip of a joke or the crack of a smile.

and I greatly respect him for his personality and ability to command a production with a vision of fun, both for the audience and the actors. My track coach, Doug Lewis, has worked with my teammates and me for at least four years and has proved to be not only a kind and knowledgeable coach, but also a funny, personable man. My experience with the teachers in general has been an overwhelmingly positive one. The length to which many of our teachers will go in order for students to achieve a profound understanding is truly amazing. This trait is highlighted in CBA’s French teacher, Mme. Brimelli. Her passion for teaching and for instilling a genuine understanding within her students is vraiment une chose excellente. These are my inspirations: my friends, my mentors, my teachers. Without them, I am certain that I would not have enjoyed high school nearly to the extent that I have. Without them, I would have been without the proper guidance to which each high school teenager ought to be exposed. And without them, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have had as great an opportunity for growth: a growth that has enabled me to be the young man I am so proud to be today. Sid Perkins, son of Jeff and Margaret Perkins of Tully, was named Salutatorian of the Class of 2013. Sid will attend Columbia University in the fall where he will study Biomedical Engineering.

CBA has offered me a place to explore my interests and develop who I am as an individual. While at CBA, my modest appreciation of music has grown to new heights under the guidance of our strings instructor, Mrs. Bodley. My love of service to others and to God has expanded under the leadership of Mrs. Finlay and my mother, Peggy Perkins in Peer Ministry. My passion of serving others through leadership has developed through my participation in Student Senate, and the guidance of Mr. Grilli therein has certainly not gone unappreciated. In drama, there exists no more enthusiastic a director than Mr. Moretti,

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


At My CBA John J. Marzocchi, ’77 CBA provided me with an environment of spiritual growth. I went to a Catholic grammar school and CBA continued to build upon that foundation with its Lasallian teaching mission. We were learning about our God and our faith as young men, not children. I carry the faith-based beliefs and ideals taught at CBA even today. CBA also provided a strong academic experience that would serve me well in college and law school. The Brothers made us study hard so when I graduated, I was not afraid of the rigorous courses of study I would have to take. More recently, I was inspired to get involved at CBA because I wanted my sons (and other young people) to have the same level of education I had. Through my years as president of the Alumni Association and as a Trustee, I realized all the work and effort it took the administration, faculty, parents


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

and alumni to keep the school going. We shared the same goal: to provide the best experience for current and future CBA students in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Perhaps someday my grandchildren can share this experience I now share with my own sons. A memory I will always cherish about my time at CBA was beginning every single class with the prayer: “Let us remember we are in the holy presence of God. St. John Baptist de La Salle - pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts – forever.” We still say that prayer at meetings and events, and the current students continue the tradition before each class. This prayer ties all CBA students and alumni together. It makes us and our CBA experience extremely special because we are all “Brothers.”

At My CBA Grazi Zazzara, Jr., ’02 “There’s nothing you can do to make me go to CBA. I’m not wearing a tuxedo to school every day.” As a wise and all-knowing 12-year old boy, I thought I had made things very clear to my parents when I said that to them. Fortunately, I was powerless and my parents knew what was best for me. A few months later, I was in dress code walking into CBA for the first time. I had no friends and I saw no familiar faces. I didn’t understand why my fellow 7th graders already had circles of friends and knew their teachers. At the time, I was miserable. But little did I know that this was the first day of what would be the greatest impact on my life. I have so much respect for individuals who are smart enough to appreciate CBA while they are current students. At a very young age, they understand that it’s a privilege to attend CBA, and it’s only possible because of the giving and sacrifice of parents, faculty, alumni, and many great people. In the six years that I was at CBA, my parents never got to attend honors night, as I was a C student. (I’m sure there was a detention or two sprinkled in there somewhere, too). It was not until college, and into my professional career, that I began to appreciate CBA. Many people are content with just being average instead of challenging themselves to achieve excellence. Some do not respect themselves or others. Many don’t live moral, ethical, responsible lives. Rather than contributing to society, some selfishly take from it. Some feel entitled, instead of expressing gratitude. Instead of questioning what was wrong with these people, I realized what was right about me. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the CBA environment surrounded by great people who sacrifice so much to ensure the growth and development of each student.

My greatest achievement will always be marrying my wife Maura Kenville Zazzara (’05). I overachieved actually. We share morals, values, and passion for CBA. We give back to CBA, and feel privileged to do so. Maura coaches the junior varsity girls lacrosse team, and I am a member of the Development Committee and the Alumni Association. CBA prepared me for the challenge of working in a commercial real estate company. This business is similar to life at CBA: nothing is guaranteed and compensation is strictly based on performance. With hard work, commitment, passion, and some luck, you may succeed. After five years of dedication and hard work, I had just enough success and courage to found The Icon Companies in 2012, a full-service commercial real estate company. I embrace the challenge to achieve excellence, and I’m committed to growing my company with pride and becoming a leader in Central New York. My CBA created a strong foundation to build upon. My CBA made available all of the tools, resources, and confidence I needed to build and grow. My CBA left it up to me to begin construction, one floor at a time, and to realize that the sky is the limit.

I am 10 years removed from CBA. I can no longer express my appreciation through academic achievements. My parents will never be at honors night. But I can show my appreciation by giving back, and by always striving to meet the CBA challenge to achieve excellence.

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


At My CBA Bobbi Petrocci As a child, my mom encouraged me to “follow your heart.” As a practicing new teacher in San Francisco in 1999, my mentor commended, “You wear your heart on your sleeve.”

potter David MacDonald said, “In order for one to know how to throw on the wheel, you have to have about a ton of clay pass through your hands.”

So when I began teaching at CBA in 2008, I felt at home when I heard De La Salle’s quote, “To touch the hearts of your pupils and to inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform and one which God expects of you.” I am grateful to teach at CBA, where I am encouraged to cultivate creativity, which for me, fulfills my need for freedom, meaning, connection, and relevancy in my life.

Our students are fortunate to experience that process at CBA. One of my fondest memories here was watching a Ceramics class unveil six new potters’ wheels. The wheels were generously donated by the CBA community through “Raise Your Paddle” at the 2010 LaSallian Dinner & Auction. Through the community’s commitment to the arts at CBA, the Ceramics program has grown. We now offer two sections of Ceramics and a new course, Ceramics II. This year, Ceramics students represented CBA again at the 26th annual Feats of Clay event on May 3 where more than 20 CNY schools converged on the quad at Onondaga Community College to compete in several wheel-throwing events.

I’m inspired by connections I make with family, friends, colleagues, students, artists, and nature. For me, learning is at best a visual and a social experience. I have always favored application of new knowledge by building and making. The practice of being creative and of being a maker of new work is a deliberate process that I love to share with students. It’s not all fun and games. An art practice takes time, patience, and persistence. That is why it is not only about the product, but it is also about the process. As the famous local


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

We are proud of our students at CBA. It’s rewarding to see them excel in the Arts. It’s rewarding to work here. I’m glad I listened to my mom and followed my heart.

At My CBA Caryl McGinty The idea of being a teacher was quite appealing to me in the 4th grade, mostly due to the assumed power the position held. My fourth grade teacher’s authority was second only to my mother’s, and trust me, you did not want to buck the system of either of these wonderful women. After receiving an A on my paper, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”, my teaching aspirations were packed up along side my Nancy Drew books and Barbie dolls. My parents had always encouraged me to study something for which I had a passion. In college I loaded up on Humanities classes and felt my creativity expand with possibilities, but my career options, not so much. As a 23-year-old college graduate with a B.A. in Fine Arts and minors in English and philosophy, I was working a job that paid the bills, but gave very little sense of purpose or fulfillment. Carving out studio time was also difficult, and I felt disengaged from all artistic pursuits. As my dissatisfaction grew, I remembered my mother, who had a Doctorate in law, volunteering to teach art part-time at my grammar school. The budget did not allow for a full-time art teacher, and my mother loved introducing the creative process to her 7th and 8th graders. That memory prompted a decision. I would try my hand at teaching art. I had the degree. All I needed was a school. For weeks I made cold calls all over the Syracuse diocese and beyond, but to no avail. My credentials seemed strong enough, yet each school I contacted had an art teacher of long-term standing and no need for another.

Academy, whose enrollment had climbed just high enough that the one current art teacher was not enough to handle the course load. Was I available for an interview? I grabbed my navy blue suit, resume, and portfolio, went in for the interview, and was hired that very same day. This story might not seem that life altering to some. Hey, decide what you’d like to do, go on interviews, and get hired. Simple, right? Well I had passionately studied art without any real hope that I would have that same passion in my career. Christian Brothers Academy provided that hope. Without that phone call, who can say? Nearing the end of my 23rd year, I can tell you that I have remained here not simply because I can teach subject matter I love. CBA is a true family community, so, gratefully, I can marry my love of art to my love of the wonderful young people, co-workers, administration, and staff that make up that community. For that immeasurable impact on my life, I am truly blessed.

Then I got the phone message. I received word that a ‘Brother Stephen’ had called. That was the message, along with a phone number. I almost didn’t return the call, fully anticipating another, “Thank you for your interest, but…” I have never stopped thanking whatever whim prompted me to answer that phone call. Brother Stephen McCabe, it turns out, was the principal of Christian Brothers

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Brothers Alumni Magazine—Heard In The Halls, Spring 2013

Heard InThe Halls Hockey Team Captures First State Title The Christian Brothers Academy and Jamesville-DeWitt High School combined hockey team rallied for three goals in the third period to defeat John Jay of Cross River, 4-2 in the Division II championship game of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association state tournament on Sunday, March 10 at the Utica Auditorium. It is the first state championship for the CBA/JD team in school history. It also marks the first appearance in the state title game since 1981. Destiny was on the side of this year’s team, which started the season 1-6 and was a No. 5 seed entering sectionals. The combined team of CBA/JD student-athletes defeated Auburn, 3-2 in the first round of sectionals, then topped No. 1 seed Skaneateles, 4-3 in triple overtime to advance to the title tilt against defending sectional champion Oswego. The Brothers rallied for three goals

in the final four minutes to defeat Oswego, 4-3 and claim its first Section III title in 32 years.

CBA sophomore goalie Tim Decker had an outstanding day in the net to help the cause, finishing with 23 saves.

The magic continued in the state tournament. After defeating the state’s top ranked team West Seneca West, 4-2 in the quarterfinals, the Brothers scored two goals in the last five minutes–including one with 6.6 seconds left to force overtime and ultimately defeat Beekmantown, 4-3 to advance to the championship game.

CBA student-athletes on this year’s team include: senior defenseman Nick McCreary and senior forward Greg McCann; sophomore goalie Tim Decker, sophomore forwards Kyle Barker and Pete Dziergas and sophomore defensemen Jed Raby, Kane Alletzhauser, Gavin Gray and John Phillips, sophomore forward Drew Brooks, and freshman center Ryan McGuire. Decker and Raby were named Honorable Mention All-Stars.

In the championship game, J-D sophomore Braeden Doust found the goal twice in the third period to erase a 2-1 deficit and take a 3-2 lead. CBA sophomore Drew Brooks put the icing on the cake finding an open net in the final seconds of the game to cap off the scoring on the afternoon and preserve the win. Doust would be chosen as the most valuable player of the state hockey tournament. Defense was the key for the Brothers, particularly in the final period.

2013 NYS Division II State Champion Hockey Team


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

“Every game has been another big game,” head coach Mike McKie who was named New York State Coach of the Year said. “I’m just so proud of the kids for hanging in there. It’s a great story.”

Jed Raby (7) and Tim Decker (G) defend in the title game

Heard InThe Halls Lenten Drive Focuses On Children Of The World This year’s annual Lenten Drive focused on children of the world. The drive was organized by Peer Ministry and raised both awareness and funding for two worthy organizations by educating themselves, and the entire student body about them. The Northside CYO is a neighborhood center run by Catholic Charities on North Salina Street. The area is heavily populated with refugees from Burma, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Congo. The volunteers and staff at Northside CYO help the children and adult refugees to learn English and acclimate to the U.S. They also run an after school and summer program for youth, all of whom were born in refugee camps. Peer Ministers decided to help out the CYO by having the seniors at CBA fulfill the wish list of the program. Senior homerooms collected money and purchased wish list items. While the senior class’ donations went local, grades 7-11 donated to CBA’s twin school in Nakura, Kenya at the Child Discovery Center. At the Child Discovery Center, the Brothers take in street children from the slums of Nakuru, give them a home, and make sure they get an education. Many of these children were either abandoned by families who could not care for them, or their parents had died of AIDS or other diseases. Children as young as age 2 roam the streets of Nakuru, subjected to violence, picking food from the garbage, and sleeping on concrete. The benefit of giving to the CDC is that every penny raised goes directly to the Brothers at the Center to use for water, seeds, uniforms, and other basics. Unlike many charities, there are no administrative costs.

The Lenten Drive officially kicked off the week following winter break. Peer Ministers spoke to each religion class and educated them on the Northside CYO and the CDC.

sectionals and lost to Indian River freshman Sonny McPherson in the title match. Friske finishes with a 31-6 record on the year.

“Learning about the kids and actually getting a chance to work with some of them over at the Northside CYO made it real for me,” shared junior Deshawn Salter, who was one of the Peer Ministers that presented the information to the religion classes. “So many times we have a tendency to think, ‘Oh, those kids are all the way in Africa, they don’t affect me.’ In getting familiar with the CYO and also the Child Discovery Center, our twin school, you realize that these are real humans forced to face challenges 100 times more difficult than the ones we are facing.”

Senior Cole Speidel finished eighth in the 100 butterfly in the state championship. Speidel also beat out 17 other senior swimmers and won the scholar-athlete award. The competition involves judging on an essay the swimmers write, their high school transcripts, and their SAT scores.

“My eyes are truly opened by this experience,” Salter continued. “I’ve actually noticed a lot of the things I used to take for granted. I guess you have to put yourself in their shoes: what’s it like to be them? I think of how they must look at us. Gifted and blessed to be in the situation we are, we have an opportunity to give and change their lives if only we can find a little generosity within our hearts”.

In other winter sports news… Senior JT Romagnoli claimed his third sectional wrestling title to advance to the state championship. Romagnoli, who wrestles in the 145-pound weight class, lost in the first round of the tournament. It was his third trip to the state championship. He finishes his career with a 141-39 record.

Speidel has been on the CBA swim team since the seventh grade. He holds the school record in the 200-yard freestyle (1:43.58) and 100 butterfly (52.41). Speidel signed a National Letter of Intent to University of Penn. He will major in international relations and economics. Senior Marisa Romeo scored her 1,000th career point in a 67-54 victory against East Syracuse-Minoa on January 31. Romeo was named OHSL Freedom Player of the Year. Romeo, along with sophomore Julie Cuomo, earned First Team All-League honors. Freshman Natalie Nardella was named to the Second Team. The Brothers lost to Corcoran in the sectional semifinals. They finished the 2012-13 campaign with a 16-4 record. Romeo will play lacrosse at Harvard next year. Senior Carly Hill was named a First Team All-Star for volleyball and junior Charlie Russo was named a First Team All-League selection for basketball.

Romagnoli will attend the University of Delaware next fall to play lacrosse. Junior Mark Friske also finished off a great year. Friske who was a No. 1 seed entering

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Brothers Alumni Magazine—Heard In The Halls, Spring 2013

Heard InThe Halls Drama Department Hosts Spring Musical This year’s spring musical was “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” The play was about an ambitious young man’s quick rise to the top of a large company. Pierpont Finch is a window cleaner who uses a book on how to succeed in business to get to one of the top positions in a company by doing as little work as possible. On the way to the top, Ponty meets and falls in love with Rosemary, an executive secretary in the company. The main characters included senior Cole Speidel as J.P. Finch aka Ponty;

junior Katie Rivito as Rosemary; junior Brian Jordan as JB Biggley; senior Cara Fusillo as Smitty; senior Olivia Rotondo as Hedy LaRue and junior Patrick Tuohey as Bud Frump. Other members of the cast included: Ethan Tanguay, Keith Huynh, Zachary Taylor, Salvatore Zarella, Camille Cady–McCrea, Joseph Dwyer, Alison Croucher, Brandon LeTourneau, Clarke Cady-McCrea, Aaron Lim, Brennan Carman, Will Brower, Claire Bailey, Julie Assaf, Molly Reff, Jessica Lam, Dana Tuohey, Christine Calimlim, Sara Tucker, Meghan Macri, Kyle Huynh, Samantha Burnett, Rachel Palmer,

Barbara Barrino, Rachel Tanguay, Kate Benware, Ariana Marshall, Sara Boyle, Kenny Huynh, Marella Whipple, Molly Murphy, Brianna Delaney, Bridget Cain, Emily Rivito, Akila McKenzie, Sophie Jiang, Karen Simone, Chiara Corey, Kiersten Kennedy, Breanna Tarnawsky, Theresa Fallon, Dalia McKenzie, Lauren DeLorenzo, Andrea Piston, Madison Doane and Clare Morris. Eugene Moretti was the Director. The Musical Director was Robert Caraher. Choreographer was Christina Ciereck ’96. Technical Director was Michael Caccamo and the producer was Laurie Feldmeth.

The cast of the CBA Spring Musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Heard InThe Halls 46 New Students Inducted Into National Honor Society Christian Brothers Academy held its annual Scholastic Honors Night at Temple Adath Yeshurun on Thursday, March 21 to honor students who have exhibited academic excellence. During the evening, students in grades seven through 12 who achieved High Honors and Honors during the first semester of the 2012-2013 academic year were recognized with certificates of achievement as parents, faculty, and friends applauded their success. The following group of juniors and seniors were inducted into the Brother Adolphus Chapter of the National Honor Society with a candle lighting ceremony outlining the characteristics of NHS members. Seniors: Emma Moran, Philip Parkes Juniors: Connor Agnew, Claire Bailey, Allison Bargabos, Robert Boehlert, John Brower, James Bruska, Abigail Capella, Alessandra Carno, Deanna Cerlanek, Lauren DeLorenzo, Andrew Derrenbacker, Jovan Diaz, Gideon

Dixon, Anna Do, Gianelle Duby, Braedon Gait, Andrew Goodwin, Erinn Grover, Zachary Grzelka, Colin Harrington, Joseph Kelly, Joshua Lacey, Sarah Lester, Samuel Lim, Meghan Macri, Daniel Mantooth, Sarah Martuscello, Molly Murphy, Kelly Oot, Monica Perrone, Megan Pierce, Timothy Pierret, Liam Price, Jessica Prucha, Thomas Reith, Emily Robison, Joseph Rupprecht, Deshawn Salter, Kendall Sangster, P. Lucas Smith, Joseph Stephens, Michael Trasolini, Barnes Werner, Boxu Zhu.

The General Excellence Awards were presented to two students in each grade for outstanding academic achievement. Honorees were:

Several other special awards highlighted the evening. Cole Speidel ’13 was recognized as a National Merit Finalist; and Luke Brown ’13, Ryan Dennehy ’13, Courtney Finkbeiner ’13, Aaron Lim ’13 and Sidney Perkins ’13 were acknowledged as National Merit Commended Students. Finkbeiner was selected as a 2012-13 National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar. More than 25 students received awards from various colleges and universities for outstanding achievements.

• Class of 2017: Eric Little Next in Merit: Chiara Corey

• Class of 2013: Cole Speidel Next in Merit: Aaron Lim • Class of 2014: Alessandra Carno Next in Merit: Lauren DeLorenzo • Class of 2015: Thomas Benz Next in Merit: Kiersten Kennedy • Class of 2016: Brennan Carman Next in Merit: Geoffrey Parkes

The 2012-2013 Lasallian Educator of the Year was presented to faculty member Tim Davis.

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


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Alumni Notes 1965

Michael Mack, MD, has been a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon for 24 years and is the founder of Cardiovascular Specialty Associates of North Texas Physician Group. He serves as Chairman of the Board for the Cardiopulmonary Research Science & Technology Institute, as well as Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services and Director of Transplantation for Medical City Dallas Hospital. Dr. Mack started his practice in 1982, and soon became involved in the creation and development of minimally invasive surgical techniques including video-assisted thoracic surgery. He was also instrumental in the development of endoscopic spine surgery and ongoing research in that area. Dr. Mack is on staff at several hospitals in Texas, has made more than 150 presentations on cardiac and thoracic surgery across the world, and has published 100 plus peer review journals, more than 60 book chapters and edited three books in his area of specialty.

1969 George Prell of Montclair, NJ is a semi-retired professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He is presently Chair of the Brookdale Park Conservancy, a 120-acre park in Essex County, NJ.

1981 Terry Croad traveled to Cleveland, OH from Michigan with his sons Aaron and Casey last August to see the Yankees play the Indians. At the hotel, he noticed a young girl wearing CBA’s purple and gold. The young girl happened to be the daughter of Earl Boyle (Class of 1980). The Boyles were also staying at the hotel!


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013



Kirk Dausman was installed as Pastor of the Rehoboth Presbyterian Church on Maryland’s Eastern shore. The church was built in 1706 to house a congregation constituted in the 1600s, and is the oldest Presbyterian church in the country. Along with his wife Rhonda and their two daughters, Kirk relocated from South Georgia just in time for the first snow they’ve seen in several years.

1988 Beth Horlander-Owens welcomes new baby boy, William Cody Owens, born on January 8 at 2:02 a.m., weighing 8 lbs, 3 oz.

1995 Geoff Silkey married Anny Fyer in September 2010 and the couple gave birth to their first child, Greta, in November of last year. Geoff works as an independent eLearning Developer and IT consultant for Accenture in Rochester, NY.

1998 Jason Meany, former CBA science teacher, is studying respiratory therapy at Upstate and running scuba training and trips to Bermuda, Key Largo and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef through his company, Deep Stop Scuba. Jason Meany (left) and CBA seniors Shane Pfhol, Brad McAuliffe, Dylan Letcher, Ben Fruce and Ben Capella.

& “

Alumni Notes

2000 A 2004 graduate of Yale, Brian H. Kim moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to attend the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at USC’s Thornton School of Music. Since graduating from the one-year program in 2008, Brian has been building a career as a composer, pianist, and singer, most notably composing music and producing songs for the CBS hit How I Met Your Mother (currently in its eighth season, with a recently released album on iTunes) and ABC Family’s drama Switched at Birth. His latest feature film will be premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring. Brian had a career and life highlight recently when he was asked to perform with award-winning recording artist Adele at the 85th Academy Awards (which aired on February 22),


as a member of her choir. “I’m pretty easily star struck, even after living in Los Angeles for six years, so being backstage and onstage at the Oscars was a pretty mind-blowing experience,” he says. “They kept telling us ‘one billion people are watching!’ as if it was a good thing, but all I could imagine was…tripping and falling… in front of one billion people.” Brian’s other big project was the premiere of Switched at Birth carried out entirely in American Sign Language, which aired March 4. He wrote half of the score and conducted the live orchestra for the recording session. “The show had a number of deaf characters, and the episode is told from their point of view. It’s the first time an episode of mainstream television has been presented in this way, and the music plays a huge role, so we are all very excited about it.”

Brian (middle) joins Carter Bays (show creator), John Swihart (composer), Craig Thomas (show creator) and actor Neil Patrick Harris at a recording session of the 100th episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


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Alumni Notes 2001

Jeffrey S. Kirk, MD is now an attending vascular/endovascular surgeon at Montefiore Medical Center and associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

2002 Grazi Zazzara Jr. is founder and president of The Icon Companies, a full-service commercial and residential real estate brokerage. Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, The Icon Companies offers a full line of real estate services, including brokerage, consulting and property management. Maura Kenville Zazzara ’05 is also employed at the company. Check it out at Ben Gaal just started his own strength and conditioning facility called A.P.E. Strength Training (Athletes Perfecting Excellence) on Thompson Road. Ben has been working with the Los Angeles Angels for the past three years and brought his talents back to his hometown. The facility caters to athletes of all ages and skill levels and specializes in baseball and other sports. It operates out of the CNY Baseball Warehouse, which was just opened by his brother Bryan! Check it out at and on Facebook at CNY Baseball Warehouse.

2004 Jennie Huling has been working at the Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency’s Domestic Violence Intervention Program as an advocate and educator since 2008. In her dual position as an educator, Jennie travels to schools and residential centers across Cayuga County, presenting facts about violence. Her dedication and advocacy efforts recently netted her the HopeLine Award from Verizon Wireless.


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


2007 Taylor J. Maher, who graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications, is an associate producer at Otto Media. Otto Media is a local video production company in Syracuse, where Maher has produced dozens of television commercials for the local market. He was also a videographer and editor on a documentary that aired on national television, “The Mysterious Origin of 1000 Island Dressing.”

2008 Caroline Tisdell graduated from Le Moyne College last May with a B.A. in communications and a concentration in advertising. She was recently hired as a public relations assistant at LP&M Advertising in downtown Syracuse. She LOVES her job, and drives by CBA often. “It seems like just yesterday I was starting seventh grade,” she said. “It is crazy how time flies. I can’t believe I am already in the “’real world!’” John Henry Heflin is currently volunteering in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with Syracuse native Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. Chris Webber graduated from Le Moyne College and works as an inside ticket sales consultant with the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. Chris invites other CBA Charlotte alumni to drop him a line on Facebook.

2010 Pete Corasiniti made Dean’s List at Syracuse University in the spring and fall of 2012. He is enrolled in the David B. Falk College of Sports Management. Leanne Ockenden of Marist College was named the 2012-13 MAAC Defensive Player of the Year. Ockenden, a 5-foot-10 junior guard, averaged 2.2 steals per game for the Red Foxes, which was ranked seventh in the conference. She also led her team in blocked shots with 17. Ockenden contributed 8.8 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game this season. She was also team co-captain and was named to the 3rd Team All-MAAC.

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Alumni Notes 2003


Marissa Mulder, a New York Times-reviewed, awardwinning cabaret singer in New York City, has been nominated for the 2013 Mac Awards, sponsored by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs. Marissa’s “Illusions” show at the Manhattan-based Metropolitan Room last year inspired her nomination in the female vocalist category.

Brendan Smith ’12

2012 Marissa Mulder ’03

2012 Dylan Haines, a post-graduate at Saint Thomas More Prep, recently accepted a basketball scholarship to Boston University where he will play for Coach Joe Jones. The 6-foot-11 big man chose from 11 Division I offers, including Dartmouth and Columbia. Dylan made Chancellor’s List/High Honors at Saint Thomas More each semester and is expected to graduate his Prep year at the top of the class.

Brendan Smith won the title of Nationals Champion at the New Balance National Track & Field meet in Greensboro, North Carolina last summer. Brendan won the 2000 meter Steeplechase with a time of 5:55. Hosted by the National Scholastic Sports Foundation, the Nationals are the most prestigious post-season high school track and field championship, showcasing 2,900 of America’s most elite athletes. Brendan is currently running track for University of Pennsylvania.

Dylan Haines ’12

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Alumni News ALUMNI CONNECTIONS Near And Far… REGIONAL ALUMNI RECEPTIONS We kicked off our inaugural CBAin-Florida alumni events in Naples and Palm Beach Gardens at the end of February, drawing more than 65 “Brothers” and friends for two fabulous receptions. CBA is overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to visit our CBA Florida family and offer a free evening of food, fun, and reconnection, thanks to the financial support of the following alumni and friends of the school: John Brilbeck ’64, R. Daniel McCarthy ’66, Alfred Krause, Dr. & Mrs. Edward Carsky, Cristina Lampuri ’93, and Don Valerino ’59. At the Bay Colony Beach Club in Naples, Mr. Brilbeck treated us to a spectacular sunset, cocktails, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and a carving station ocean side.

Thank you for coming Carol LaGuardia (widow of Joe LaGuardia ’66), Mr. & Mrs. Don Valerino ’59, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Martin ’73, Ginny and Ray Lovett ’63, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Morrison ’70, Mr. & Mrs. John Brilbeck ’64 , John Ryan ’55, R. Daniel McCarthy ’66, John Stier ’70, and Mr. & Mrs. Bud Costello. The following day, Brother Joe, Patti Callahan and Jessie Keating crossed Alligator Alley (no alligator sightings, to Brother’s profound disappointment) to visit Sylvia and Mike Kearney ’71 for a glorious buffet lunch at their club in Boca Raton. Then, onward to Carmine’s La Trattoria in Palm Beach Gardens for an Italian extravaganza at this buzzing gourmet restaurant and market. Thank you for coming out Mr. & Mrs. Peter Del Giorno ’52, Sara Taub Batchelder ’99 and her husband, Kim Popyk Gatewood ’92 and her husband, Cristina Lampuri ’93 and Sean Fenton, John Sindoni ’63

Front row (l-r): Dave Ranieri ’88, Sandra Chase (The Convent School) ’64, Sarah Taub Batcheldor ’99, Cil Sindoni, Brother Joe Jozwiak, FSC, and Kim Popyk Gatewood ’92. Back row (l-r): Billy Blum, Joe Charles Jr. ’61, Kyle Charles, R. Dan McCarthy ’66, John Sindoni ’63, Tom Colucci


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

and wife Cil, Tom Colucci and Billy Blum (Holy Cross grads and friends of John Sindoni who may as well be called “Brothers” too), Mr. & Mrs. Peter Culican ’59, David Ranieri ’88, Sam Vavonese ’54, Sandra Chase Convent School ’64, Joe Charles ’61, his son Luke Charles, Mr. & Mrs. Tom St. Denis ’47, Pat McAllistar ’66, and last but certainly not least, the matriarch of the Pietrafesa family, Mrs. Sarah Lombardi Pietrafesa! It was a whirlwind tour, and worth its weight in memories! ALUMNI REUNIONS The Class of 2002 gathered in full force over Thanksgiving 2012 last year to celebrate its first decade out of CBA. Thanks to hard work by organizers Kathryn Nave and Karen Simbari, more than 45 “Brothers” and friends attended the Friday evening event at the Saltine Warrior (owned by John Shahin ’81). John prepared some classic Middle Eastern recipes handed down from his mom, and Al Cutri’s band, The New Day Band, was the perfect addition to the reunion festivities. He’s up for hire, CBA! And can that guy play the sax! The group took a memorable moment halfway through the night to raise a toast to fallen “Brother” Joe MacKool, who passed away on August 31, 2009 at the age of 25. See Joe MacKool article on page 22 regarding a fundraising effort in his honor.

Alumni News 2013 REUNIONS CBA Classes of 1963, 1973, 1988 and 2003 are next on the reunion docket for 2013. If you’ve been out of touch with CBA and want to be included in the festivities, give us a call and make sure we have your updated contact information: 315-446-5960 x1122. Class of 1963 Jubilee Reunion— May 31-June 2 The 1963 Jubilarians have been planning a 50th reunion celebration to stop the presses. Thank you to ’63 Reunion Committee members John Sindoni, Warren Bader, Mike Loftus, Mike Campbell, Jim Finochio, and Ed McManus for their dedication to ensuring the Class of 1963 Jubilee reunion will be a truly wonderful weekend. UPCOMING REUNIONS Class of 1973—June 21-24 Mark Hettler and J. Matt Kianka are planning an early summer casual 40th reunion during the weekend of June 21, which also coincides with the Alumni Golf Outing. Save THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! Look for more information at Class of 1988—July 26-27 Thanks to Jim Battaglia ’88 for rounding up Class of 1988 alums for their 25th reunion. Save-the-date postcards went out last month for the weekend events, July 26-27.

The Class of 2002 gathered in full force over Thanksgiving 2012 last year to celebrate its first decade out of CBA.

Friday night festivities will take place at the King of Clubs in Armory Square, a dinner at Hamilton Inn on Saturday night and golf on Sunday morning. Look for your invitation in the mail! Any questions? Contact Jim at More details at Class of 2003—November 29 Kelly Croglio, Dean Dellas and Julie Schneider are organizing the Class of 2003 10th reunion coming up this November! Contact Kelly with any questions at

CBA is thrilled to help you plan your 10th, 25th, 40th or 50th reunion. Our goal for class reunions is simple: reconnect with old friends at fun and memorable events over the weekend of your choice. We can suggest popular events, or you can get creative. We offer several scheduling options: Alumni Weekend/Golf Scramble in late June; a September/October weekend coinciding with CBA Homecoming; or Thanksgiving weekend in late November. If you would like to help plan a reunion for your class, please contact Jessie Keating at (315) 446-5960 x1122 or at

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Alumni News Alumni Hockey Game The 2013 John Downes Memorial Alumni Hockey Game took place on Saturday, March 2 at the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena, where nearly 20 players suited up for some skate time. CBA offers a huge thank you to the B’ville arena for donating the ice time. It turns out the rink owner lives behind and thinks the world of CBA grad and honorary Trustee, John Marshall ’67. This year’s game honored the 25th anniversary of the 1988 European Tour team. Post-game

festivities at Change of Pace featured free pizza and wings thanks to owner and CBA grad Bob Brazell ’73. We are already planning next year’s game, hopefully in conjunction with a current season game, so hockey alumni can meet the state champs, watch the game, and witness the unveiling of the championship banner. Stay tuned!

Distinguished Alumni Award We have received more than 50 nominations for the inaugural CBA Distinguished Alumni Award. The purpose of this new award is to

recognize a CBA Syracuse graduate who has made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honored the legacy of excellence at CBA. The winners of this year’s award will be well accomplished and reflective of the core values that embody CBA–Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. The main focus of distinction will be through the recipient’s professional achievement and career distinction. The Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented bi-annually alternating with the Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame. The inaugural award dinner will be held on November 2, 2013 at the DoubleTree on Carrier Circle.

Front row: John Hart (Guest Goalie). Back row: Bob Morris ’72, Dan Downes ’91, Scott Jevis ’90, Chris DeCarlo ’04, Alex Kirby ’04, Bob Brazell ’73, John Wegerski ’02, Rich Hart (Guest Skater), Mike Gagliardi (Coach 75-76/93-94), Dan Bronk ’81, Mike Roehm ’81, Scott Sayles ’80, Rick Sylvester ’81, Paul Dober ’81. (Photographer – KC) Attending Post Game - Jeff Bronk ’82, Vinnie Christian ’91, John Paul Kennedy ’92. Euro tour participants - Jevis, Gagliardi, KC, Christian, Kennedy


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Alumni News Alumni Association meetings: Join us! You can make a difference at CBA today. All alumni are welcome to attend our monthly Alumni Association meetings. We gather on the second Tuesday of the month during the academic year. Our next meeting is June 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the CBA library. Get involved in one of Syracuse’s powerful networks and give back to your alma mater. A light dinner will be served! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to reconnect and be recognized.

Mark your calendars Alumni Baseball and Lacrosse games are scheduled for Saturday, June 22, 2013 with a post-game BBQ at approximately 2 p.m., generously sponsored by the Alumni Association. If you would like to help round up players, please call Jessie Keating at 315-446-5960, x1122.

17th Annual Golf Scramble, June 24 It’s almost that time of year again! Get your foursomes and fivesomes together for the 17th Annual Golf Scramble set for the last Monday in June at Tuscarora Golf Club. Look for a flyer in the mail or visit our website This annual event is organized by the CBA Alumni Association and is its backbone fundraiser, providing revenue for many important parts of CBA culture, such as: • The Alumni Association Distinguished Senior Award ($1,000 plus an internship) • 4 scholarships for son or daughter of alumni, one in each grade 9-12 ($500 each) • The Purple and Gold Award ceremony and reception • Homecoming Tailgate • The Alumni Memorial Mass & Breakfast • Alumni athletic contests for football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse • The Robert Carsky ’73 Scholarship Run


Summer Sizzle


Summer Sizzle is back for 2013! CBA will again be offering numerous athletic and academic summer camp opportunities for 2013. Starting this year, registration will be on-line and as in the past, the Summer Sizzle booklet will be available for download, in PDF format, at our website: Click on the Summer Sizzle 2013 link at the bottom of the page, or email:

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Alumni Weddings 1995 Joe Villani and Fallon Fioravanti were married in Albany, NY on October 13, 2012.

CBA wedding guests (l-r): John Villani ’82, John Marzocchi ’77, Joseph Colosi ’72, Amar Suryadevara ’95, Steven Medicis ’95, Stacy Zdep ’96, Steven Zdep ’95, Joseph Villani ’95, Patrick Donnelly ’95, Fallon Villani ’95, James Grady ’95, John Leo ’95 and P.J. Kuno ’95.

1996 Megan Grant and Timothy Ruddy were married on May 19, 2012 at St. Ann’s Church in Manlius. Bridesmaids included Johanna Myers ’96, Mary Gorman ’96, Christine Tracey Julka ’96, and Emily Massey ’96. Megan’s sister, Meredith Grant ’98, served as maid of honor. A reception was held at Shenendoah Clubhouse at Turning Stone Resort in Verona. The couple honeymooned in the Bahamas and lives in Manlius. Megan is a vice president at Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. and Tim is a sales representative for the Duke Company.


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Inspiring Young Alumni Joe MacKool ’02 Joe MacKool passed away on August 31, 2009 at the way-too-young age of 25 after battling Cystic Fibrosis his entire life. He was diagnosed at 8 weeks old and at that time, life expectancy was 19 years for those suffering from the disease. In many ways, Joe MacKool beat the odds. Along the way he built lifelong friendships and a devotion that few people ever realize. He was the person everyone wanted to be friends with. He had a knack for bringing people closer together–with a smile, the right words, a shake of his head, or just a look from his big blue eyes. He embraced life’s smallest moments and turned them into occasions. Joe played sports as a kid, especially basketball, and even earned a brown belt in karate. He attended elementary school at St. Daniel’s and was a regular around the church and school grounds, always lending a hand, with that “Famous Joe MacKool” smile. He may have been small for his age but he was MIGHTY at the game of life! At CBA he played lacrosse and basketball until he was 16, when his disease began to slow him down physically. He graduated from CBA in 2002 and went on to Syracuse University where he lived with fellow CBA grads and continued to live each day to the fullest. At times his illness had him in the ICU, but even that was an experience. As many as 20 visitors at one time were allowed in because even the nurses had a tough time saying no to Joe. In July 2007, prayers were answered and Joe persevered through a double lung transplant, which gave him

new life. In recovery after the surgery, his mom, Val, found him blowing air in and out of his mouth. When she questioned him he exclaimed, “What do you people do with all this extra air?” Joe had a tattoo inked on his upper back soon after his surgery, even though he knew his doctors would be furious that he would expose his immune system to this process. Angel wings and a line from the song Hovi Baby by Jay-Z, “Get it right. I did it different, did it better, did it nice. Did the impossible, then did it twice” adorned his shoulders. It was his way of expressing the renewal he felt after the transplant.

In Joe MacKool’s honor and memory, and inspired by his closest and dearest classmates, CBA has established the Joe MacKool ’02 Fund. Gifts to the fund could help a CBA student struggling with the costs of tuition, books, spiritual retreats, class trips, a tux or dress for the prom, and even lunch money. Or they could be used to provide classroom equipment like a Smart Desk, new Science Lab materials, or upgrades to the Large Group Instruction room, all of which could bear Joe’s name. You can make your gift today at joemackool and you can impact the life of a current CBA student tomorrow.

The transplant gave him many months of “normal” living, but eventually his body rejected the organs. He was in the hospital in New York City for weeks with his family constantly by his side. His sister, Jacqui, and her kids, Jaden and Gianna, were a big part of Joe’s life. As he struggled with his illness, he worried about their future. Joe’s impact on the young lives of his nephew and niece cannot be understated. He was generous to them in every way – with clothes and games and electronics, exciting and meaningful memories and most of all his complete, unconditional love. He was the father they did not have and they were the children he never could. His daily presence remains in their lives through the many memories they created together. Joe MacKool was an enchanting young man with a zest for life. He never complained but fought the good fight and finished the race with dignity and grace. Joe’s spirit lives on in the Class of 2002, in all of our hearts at CBA, and in his family.

Special thanks to Joe’s family: his parents Jack and Joy MacKool, his sister Jacqui, his nephew Jaden and niece Gianna and to Grazi Zazzara ’02 for sharing Joe’s story with us. There is more to share! Look for future articles and postings about Joe and the Joe MacKool ’02 Fund in future alumni news issues and on Facebook.

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


The Alumni Association

Purple & Gold Awards

The Alumni Association Purple and Gold Awards and the Lasallian Dinner & Auction were held on March 23, 2013.

Co-chairs for the 24th annual Lasallian dinner and auction were Bill and Cindy Brennan (pictured left) and Mark ’76 and Renee Pitonzo (pictured right).

Brother Joseph Jozwiak, FSC congratulates this year’s Purple & Gold recipients (l-r): Anthony Oliva, Mike O’Connor ’66 and Br. Edmund Dwyer, FSC.

Many students volunteered at the Lasallian auction including seniors Toni Winderl, Ari Marshall and Jack O’Connor.

The Purple & Gold Award ceremony was held on March 23 in the W. Dennis Owen, AFSC ’44 wing. Purple & Gold recipients past and present include front row (l-r): Br. Gabriel Fiumano, FSC ’47, Br. Edmund Dwyer, FSC, Kevin Conroy, Msgr. Ron Bill ’49, Eileen Oliva and Bob Gang ’35. Second row (l-r): John Marshall ’66, Randy Kinn ’74, John Sindoni ’63, Mike O’Connor ’66, Anthony Oliva and Ed Moses ’61. Msgr. Ron Bill ’49 and his guests at the auction.


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Lasallian Dinner & Auction

Tim Davis, 2012-13 Lasallian Educator of the Year (center) and his family (l-r): Ray (father), JoAnne (mother), Mary Ann (wife) and Kohl (son). Sophomore student speaker Katrina Drury shares a heartfelt story of the importance of a CBA education.

Jay Kianka ’73 and his wife Chris look over the many items in the silent auction.

Junior Mary Hartnett walks around the audience with one of the more popular items in the live auction, a Golden Labradoodle.

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


In Memoriam ALUMNI Thomas Bardenett ’48 Dr. Frank Bersani, Sr. ’44 Mark Corcoran ’66 Charles Dussing ’51 Joseph Geswaldo ’78 N. Mike Jordan ’57 John Mahoney ’55 John O’Neill, Jr. ’37 Michael Quinn ’76 Dr. Robert Stack ’41 Edward Weinheimer ’42

FRIENDS Patricia Baichi (Mother of John ’63) William Beauter (Grandfather of Justin Brennan ’13) Barbara Brennan (Wife of Wayne ’66) Sally Butler (Mother of John ’66; Grandmother of Andrew Fox ’86 & Great-Grandmother of Caeleb Fox-Lee ’16) Kathleen Caliva (Grandmother of Francis, III ’00, Sara ’02, Michael ’04, Kathryn ’06 & Megan ’12) Dr. Joseph Chanatry (Grandfather of Lauren ’01 & Kathleen ’04) Robert Cupelo (Father of Robert ’75; Grandfather of Emily ’05, Andrew ’06, Courtney ’09, Caroline ’11 & Matthew ’13) Philip Driscoll (Father of Charles ’68, James ’73, Richard ’74, Philip, Jr. ’78 & Joseph ’82; Grandfather of John ’12) Rose Duchessi (Mother of Robert ’67) Joseph Fennell (Grandfather of Matthew ’07 & Maggie ’10)

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Suzanne Honald (Wife of David ’61; Mother of David ’94, Robert ’98 & Kathryn ’99; Sister of John Sindoni ’63) Ernest Maffei (Grandfather of Ross D’Eredita ’00 & Jess D’Eredita ’04) Russell Malcolm, III (Son of Russell Malcolm ’66) Anne Marshall (Mother of John ’67; Grandmother of John ’91, Todd ’97 & David ’02; GreatGrandmother of Ariana Marshall ’13) Kiriakoula Masouras (Grandmother of Gabrielle Carni ’13) Anne Marie Panto (Mother of Mark ’84; Grandmother of Kendall Sangster ’14) Anna Pullano (Daughter of William ’82) Vincent Salamone (Father of Judy Salamone, Development Office)

Mr. Ames. – Clarissa Baston ’06

Mr. Ames, Mrs. Wleklinski, Mr. Lovecchio, Mr. Atwood and Mr. Roache. – Maggie Fisher ’05

Any brother, pick a Brother. – Michael Loftus ’63

Brother James Perry for not only teaching me math (which is an accomplishment in and of itself), but also for teaching me about the importance of understanding myself, my role in the world, and the value of cultures other than our own. – Leslie Welch ’96

Brother David who taught English. I remember Brother David having a very subtle sense of humor, like a much gentler Bob Newhart. Also, track coach Jerry Riordan. He was an excellent motivator. – Larry Hoyt ’67 Brother Gabe Fiumano. He actually taught accounting my senior year. – Timothy Quantrille ’96 CBA trainer Randy Kinn. He has been there for 30 years. If you were a Varsity player, Randy has always kept you on the field!! – Kenny Fifield ’88 Mr. Horan, Mr. Moretti, Mrs. Saba & Miss Quilty. – Peter Salerno ’05 Mr. Atwood and Mr. Roache. – Gregory Redmond ’03 YES! Mr. Atwood! – Peter Salerno ’05 Mr. Manning. ’Cause there ain’t no free lunch!’ – Chris Nolan ’90 Mr. Lovecchio, my mother Senora Theresa Pettit, Donna Marie Norton, Coach Tom Dotterer ’53!! – Jordan Pettit ’00 Brother Thomas Zoppo. – Jason Dyer ’87 Martin Manning. He said something profound: “Religion is a way of life, not something you do only on Sundays.” – Stephen Pendrak ’87 Without a doubt, Senora Saba, Mr. Horan, and Mrs. Mannion and of course the ladies at the front desk. Can’t forget my 2nd mama Mrs. Mosley! – Grace Barnard ’07

Why hasn’t anyone said Mr. Martin Manning yet? Smartest guy on Earth. – Kristin Greeley Thompson ’92 So many great teachers…hard to choose. I would have to say Miss Quilty and Brother Gabe. The best lesson that I still remember to this day is “God Loves Me” (Brother Gabe had us write it on every paper in his class. Definitely made it stick!) – Beth Pallone ’96 My mother Sonya Snyder who passed away. She was the CBA librarian from 1988-2004. – Nathan Snyder ’92 CL Smooth and Donna Marie Norton! – Bill Magnarelli ’95 Mr. Roache. – Lawrence Denson ’04 Brother Gabe and Brother Basilian. – Steve Herrick ’94 “St. John Baptist de la Salle, Pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.” That will always be with me. It is hard to pick just one teacher, but I would have to say Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Killion. Both gave me confidence to believe in myself and that I was smart! – Caithlin Lopes ’99 Mr. Manning. “There ain’t no free lunch.” – Reggie Zayas ’89 Brother Gabe, Brother Thomas Zoppo and Mr. Sacco. – Jim Battaglia ‘88

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Spring 2013


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 3480 Syracuse, NY

Christian Brothers Academy 6245 Randall Road Syracuse, NY 13214



31 Mass 7:30 a.m. in the chapel Senior Breakfast and graduation practice Class of 1963 Jubilee Reunion Dinner

CBA Summer Sizzle Sports and Academic Camps*



1 Baccalaureate Mass 7 p.m. – Immaculate Conception Church

1 Corvette Raffle begins CBA Summer Sizzle Sports and Academic Camps*

2 Class of 2013 Graduation 11 a.m. – Temple Adath Yeshurin

13 Alumni Association meeting – 6:00 p.m. Markert Library

11 Alumni Association Election Meeting 6 p.m. Markert Library 22 Alumni Baseball and Lacrosse Games 24 Alumni Golf Scramble – Tuscarora Golf Club

*for more about the CBA Summer Sizzle program, go to

For more information please call the school at (315) 446-5960

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