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From the CBA President Dear CBA Family, In this winter issue, we present examples of similar harmonies, including a unique partnership between two alumni who strive to positively impact their hometown neighborhood; a group of passionate young alumni pursuing medical degrees to live their faith through medical service to others; a young alumnus, grateful for the opportunity to attend CBA, who wants to give back. These stories highlight our amazing students and alumni, reminding us of the vibrancy of our Lasallian Catholic mission. What a blessing it is to witness these stories and share them with you!

On any given day, if you were to visit the W. Dennis Owen Fine Arts Wing, you would hear voices and instruments in harmony, as our student musicians go about their lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Their collaborative teamwork and individual effort help them to master “harmony: the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes...having a pleasing effect.” Throughout our campus, our students seek to master a different type of harmony - a “harmony” that emerges when a student’s faith and talent are synchronized to allow them to live a life of purpose. In our Lasallian charism, faith and talent are interwoven to have a “pleasing effect” on the lives of others. For 121 years, we have been rooted in a faith that inspires the development and sharing of gifts and talents for the purpose of living a life dedicated to Gospel values.

The Annual Report Executive Summary for 2020-2021 highlights the outstanding work of our advancement and finance teams. Despite the many challenges of COVID, our fundraising efforts broke records and our operations team provided all needed services! Amazing financial support and a meaningful mission are examples of “harmony.” Indeed, the beauty of this essential collaboration is crucial to CBA’s success! The entire faculty and staff of Christian Brothers Academy is to be commended for traversing an incredibly difficult academic year with demonstrated achievement in all areas.

In this issue of Brothers magazine, we explore examples of our students and alumni living a life of purpose. Brother Chris Patino, FSC, recently reflected, “Our vocation, our calling, our purpose is about first and foremost tapping into the treasure of who we are…. Embrace this beautiful opportunity to discern how you are to become treasure for a broken world, Gospel witnesses in a fractured Church, and signs of faith in this Lasallian community… It is a beautiful journey, as you seek to discover more of who you are and how you are called to live with and for others.” The stories and pictures on these pages amplify our shared Lasallian harmony, synchronizing faith with the gifts and talents of our CBA Syracuse community.

Enjoy this issue, continue to share your stories with us, and stay in touch — we love hearing from you. May the holiday season bring you much joy! Continued best wishes to you and your families. Merry Christmas,

The cover of this issue highlights our CBA chorus, and senior, Grey Blake. At our opening mass celebration, Grey sang, “Rooted In My Faith.” The lyrics of the song she composed tie into the theme of our school year, chosen by our Peer Ministers. Throughout the writing process, Grey was supported by the brilliance and artistry of CBA Distinguished Alumnus, Bob Halligan ’71, who gave of his time and wisdom to guest-teach a song writing unit. The outcome of the collaboration between Grey and Bob was “Rooted In My Faith,” blessing our community and strengthening our celebration. CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021

Mr. Matthew Keough President, Christian Brothers Academy


Board of Trustees 2021-2022 Chair Mr. Richard Engel ’82 Vice Chair Mr. Christopher Harrigan ’90 Secretary Mrs. Kathleen Wiese Assistant Secretary Mr. John Marzocchi ‘77 President/Treasurer Mr. Matthew Keough Assistant Treasurer Mr. Mark Hettler ‘73 Alumni Association President Mr. Michael Vavonese ‘76 Representative of Provincialate Br. Augustine Nicoletti, FSC Parents Club President Mrs. Erin Lachut Faculty Representative Mr. Dave Marshall ‘02

Board Members Rev. Cliff Auth • Kimberly Boynton • Mr. Charles Breuer ‘01 Mr. William Brower, III • Mr. Donald DeKay ’72 Mrs. Maria Dracker Ascenzo ‘96 • Mr. Thomas Fletcher ’75 Mr. Christopher Fulco, Ed.D. • Mrs. Camille Hill • Br. Joseph Juliano, FSC Mr. Ed Leone ‘74 • Mr. Bryan Menar • Mrs. Holly Morganti Mr. John J. Murphy IV ’90 • Mr. Duane Owens ’81 Mr. Matthew Paulus ‘00 • Mr. Robert Scott, AFSC Mr. John Sindoni, AFSC ’63 • Mr. Vince Spina Mrs. Elizabeth Storinge Sullivan ’89 • Mr. Carl Thomas ‘91 Mr. Robert Waters ’66

Honorary Board Members Mr. Edward Barno • Msgr. Ronald Bill ’49 • Mr. James Breuer ’68 Mr. William Bush • Mr. Paul Drescher • Mr. Ernest Etoll ’53 Br. Gabriel Fiumano, FSC ’47 • Mr. Robert Gang, Jr. ’35 Mr. Kevin Harrigan ’65 • Mr. Alfred Krause • Mr. John Marshall, AFSC ‘67 Mr. R. Daniel McCarthy ‘66 • Mr. Edward Moses ’61 Mr. Daniel Murphy ’65 • Mr. John D. Murphy ’77 • Mr. Anthony Oliva Mrs. Eileen Oliva • Mr. Joseph T. Scuderi ’53 • Mrs. Doreen Simmons

TABLE OF CONTENTS Rooted In Faith – Living Your Purpose: Young Alumni. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-4 Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Fine Arts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Athletics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Campus Ministry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Brothers Football State Champions. . . . . . . . . . . . 9-10 2021 Moms, Dads and Grads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Class Reunion Recaps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Alumni News/Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Upcoming Milestone Reunions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Alumni Notes and Quotes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-18 Alumni Weddings and Special Events. . . . . . . . . . . . 19 CBA Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Class of 2017 – Where Are They Now?. . . . . . . . 21-22 Distinguished Alumni - Reprise. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23-24 Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame Induction. . . . . . . 25-26 2020-21 Annual Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-31 CBA Volunteers 2020-2021. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 In Memoriam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Alumni Association Officers President Mr. Michael Vavonese ’76 Vice President Mr. Carl Thomas, Jr. ’91 Secretary Dr. Leo Massaro ’91 Treasurer Dr. Vincent Sportelli ’71

CBA Advancement Staff Director of Advancement Mrs. Patricia Callahan Associate Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Ms. Meredith Page Director of Special Events and Programs Mrs. Annemarie Mosley Communications Director (Newsletter Editor) Ms. Judy Salamone Database and Donor Stewardship Manager Ms. Natalie Burgwin

On the Cover: Members of the CBA Chorus join songwriter Grey Blake ’22 (front center) at the Grotto on a snowy day. Pictured (l-r): Alex Burnett ’22; Katrina Huynh ’22; Mark Khairallah ’23; Fabrizio Arezzo ’23; Caroline Silver ’22; Josie Hakizimana ’23; and Matthew Craybas ’23. See more of Grey's story on p. 4.

Rooted in Faith – Young Alumni Students at CBA enter to learn and leave to serve. They are Brothers helping others, whether it be during their time at CBA, or after. Their purpose makes a profound impact on the world.

Land Bank was looking for someone to buy and fix up the home, he contacted Esposito. The plan is to redevelop the mansion into a mixed-use building, at an estimated cost of nearly $2 million.

Chris LaBerge ’06 and Luke Esposito ’99

Chris LaBerge '06

Luke Esposito ‘99

Chris LaBerge '06 and Luke Esposito '99 are making an impact on the city that they grew up in. LaBerge, a commercial real estate project manager in Denver, and Esposito, a local contractor and developer, partnered to preserve a 129-year-old mansion on the West side of the city of Syracuse recently. The three-story mansion located on West Onondaga Street had been falling apart in recent years. A fire damaged the roof, and in 2019, the city seized the home for back taxes and turned it over to the Land Bank. When LaBerge learned that the

Phu Thai '18 Perhaps one of the most compelling examples of having a sense of purpose is the story of Phu Thai '18, a rising senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. While at CBA, Thai was the beneficiary of the W. Dennis Owen, AFSC '44 scholarship - an opportunity offered to him when he graduated from Cathedral Academy at Pompei, and one which changed his life. Thai recently received his final cancer treatment and is hopeful about his future, with several exciting job offers pending in the computer science arena. His CBA experience and his battle with cancer have given rise to thoughtful reflection about what is important to him. That reflection resulted in a six-year pledge to offer a tuition scholarship to an incoming 7th grade student who has financial need. The joy he feels about this special gift can be seen in his photo, taken on a recent visit to his Alma mater to tour the new facilities and sign his commitment letter!

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021


Thomas Benz ’15, Julie McInvale ’15, Sydney Lim ’15, Mark Lutz ’16, Sam Martin ’16 and Bella Vlassis ’17 Is there a doctor in the house? How about six! That’s right, six alumni are entering the world of medicine. Their purpose is to cure, to heal and to comfort.

Above: Thomas Benz ‘15 (Williams College) and Julie McInvale ‘15 (Vassar College) were admitted as first year medical students at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. Benz is in the highly selective Bassett track, while McInvale has been admitted to their joint MD/PhD program.

Above: Sydney Lim ’15 (University of Rochester); Mark Lutz ’16 (Hamilton College); Sam Martin ’16 (St. Lawrence University); and Bella Vlassis ’17 (Clemson University) were admitted as first year medical students at Upstate University hospital.

Bob Halligan ’71 Bob Halligan’s purpose of sharing his musical talent inspired students like Grey Blake. Halligan hosted a songwriting workshop for the entire CBA chorus over Zoom in the fall of 2020. He shared his process of songwriting and his story of how he got started. He wrote his first songs while he was a student at CBA and performed in front of his music class. When the whole class cheered for him, it made him pause and think "well, maybe this is something real." After his talk, the chorus students had an assignment of coming up with a snippet of a song. Halligan listened to ALL 50 of the assignments that were turned in and picked out the ones that he thought showed promise. One of those was Blake’s. Blake was inspired to compose songs, and she did so - prolifically! While working at Wegmans, she wrote them on receipt paper. She woke up with songs that came to her in dreams. She shared her original songs with the kids in Bridge to CBA Brothers, and encouraged them to each write a snippet of a song. She listened and cheered on the kids who showed promise. Blake was given the task by her music teacher, Erin Moore to compose a song for this year’s Peer Ministry theme…Rooted In My Faith. Within two weeks, she had written the song and is performing the song at school masses this year. 4

Rooted in Faith – Academics The Brothers spirit was contagious as families learned more about the challenging academic curriculum, fine arts offerings, fun extracurricular activities and outstanding athletic programs. The Open House gave visitors a taste of what a typical day at CBA is.

CBA takes pride in our reputation as a college prepatory institution. Whether it’s in the classroom or participating in an extracurricular activity, CBA challenges and prepares students for acceptance into the finest colleges and universities. A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and ranked the Best Catholic High School in Upstate New York by, a CBA faith-based education is worth the return on investment.

“Growing Your Future…Rooted in Purpose” CBA Hosts Open House CBA welcomed prospective students and their families to the Annual Open House, held Oct. 31.

CBA Open House Student Tour Guides

CBA President Keough fist bumps a prospective student as they arrive for Open House.

The event was an opportunity to learn more about a Lasallian education at CBA and tour the hallways that embody this year’s theme “Growing Your Future…Rooted In Purpose.” Student tour guides proudly shared the beautiful campus and offered their personal perspectives on the CBA experience. Prospective students and their families were introduced to faculty, staff, and coaches.

CBA Social Studies Department is ready to meet Open House attendees.

Chris O'Connor '25 won The Baxter Ball Book Award in the committee of Disarmament and International Security, which is granted to the most researched delegate in committee, proven by detailed solutions and a thorough position paper.

Students Win Awards At Model UN Conference Fifteen CBAMUN students participated in the MPHMUN 2021 Conference. The conference included nine regional high schools and 180 students. The day, which served as a platform to discuss and address some of the world's most critical challenges, provided delegates with the opportunity to hone their diplomatic, critical thinking, and debating skills. The students came away with a new understanding of some of the world's most pressing issues and the life skills to solve them. Max Lachut '23 won The Baxter Ball Book Award in the committee of The Edward Snowden Classified Document Release, which is granted to the most researched delegate in committee, proven by detailed solutions and a thorough position paper. Harriet Dweh '25 won The William Verbeck Award for Strategic Thinking in the committee World Health Organization, which is granted to the delegate who displays leadership and agency by steering the course of debate. CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021

Pictured (l-r): Chris O'Connor, Max Lachut, and Harriet Dweh


Rooted In Faith — Fine Arts Finn, Kate Caruth, Keri Manning, Riley Rickman, and Matthew Craybas. The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young lion who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as King of the Pride Lands; however, after Simba’s paternal uncle Scar murders Mufasa to seize the throne, Simba is manipulated into thinking he was responsible and flees into exile. The cast, directed by CBA faculty member, Tim Davis, included: Liana Thomas, Sebastian Endrigo-Williams, Aubrey Vincentini, Margaret Kuehner, Spencer Perrigo, Dash Page, Addison McCoy, Delaney Greenwood, Lana Bell, Kayla Dinh, Anna Chiodi, Helen Lam, Sophia Bayardi, Edison White, Violet Bezigian, Julia Messina, Sofia Vitsaxaki, Janae Julian, Emily Cardone, Sophia Percival, Nicholas Esposito, Isabella Lance, Lily Beale-Gleason, Biruk Royal,Gianna Streiff, Olivia Duester, Janie Kang, and Zoe Seppi. This year’s Spring Musical is High School Musical 2 and will be performed April 22 and 23 at the Palace Theater. Participation in the musical is open to students in grades 7-12.

CBA students have an opportunity each year to discover, grow and master their acting talents in the Fall Drama, the Junior High Musical, and the Spring Musical. The Performing Arts in particular offer a splendid opportunity to hone unique skills that, when intertwined with ever-present Lasallian values, will serve students, and our world well.

Students Perform In Fall Drama and Junior High Musical Sixteen senior high students performed in the Fall Drama Almost, Maine on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 in the school chapel, while more than 50 students were cast in the Junior High performance, The Lion King, held Nov. 19-21. Almost, Maine is a play by John Cariani, comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine. The cast, directed by CBA faculty member, Robert Michael Calimlim '07, included: Caroline Silver, Alex Burnett, Riley Carroll, Micah Kluesner, Nick Evans, Keira Kennedy, Katrina Huynh, Belle Polanco, Jenna Macaluso, Max Wysocki, Brandon Libertone, Sofia


Rooted in Faith – Athletics Eighty-five percent of CBA’s student body participates in one of the more than 60 teams that are offered on the modified, junior varsity and varsity levels. The CBA athletic philosophy emphasizes important lifelong lessons that transcend the playing field, as student athletes learn about self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship — all meaningful values that will last a lifetime.

Vlassis Wins Division I Tennis Single Sectional Title Giselle Vlassis won the Division I Single Sectional Title, and advanced to the State Championship.

CBA Receives Scholar-Athlete School of Excellence Award For excellence in the classroom and on the playing field, CBA was recently honored with the NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete School of Excellence Award, as all varsity teams achieved a cumulative

Four Student-Athletes Qualify For State Cross Country Championship Four cross country student-athletes fared well in the Sectional Championship to qualify for States. Bella Cannizzo finished fourth in her race to qualify for the girls, while Mike McMahon won the Class B race, and teammates Cooper Groat (third) and Joe McMahon (fifth) also qualified for the boys.

Buddy Wleklinski, Director of Athletics (middle) accepts the NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete School of Excellence Award.

Cooper Groat

Michael McMahon

Joe McMahon

Bella Cannizzo

GPA of 90% or higher. This is the fifth time that CBA has been awarded a School of Excellence Award. The purpose of the award is to unite varsity coaches in challenging their teams to achieve a statewide academic honor.

Seven CBA Student-Athletes Sign National Letters of Intent Seven student-athletes recently signed National Letters of Intent to continue their athletic careers at Division I institutions. Those student athletes (pictured) include: Delaney Hayden (Canisius College, lacrosse); Isabella Cannizzo (Manhattan College, track); Shanti Sapkota (George Washington, lacrosse); Gracie Britton (Syracuse University, lacrosse). Back row (l-r): Louis Percival (Siena College, baseball); Cooper Groat (University of Richmond, track); and Dan Anderson (University of Denver, lacrosse).

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021


Rooted in Faith – Campus Ministry Many students participated in Mass including Nick Evans, Delaney Hayden, and Joe Salvador who did the readings and Makenna Schultz and Mia Merola who delivered the general intercessions. Gift bearers were Declan Landers, Maddy Massa, and Micah Kluesner. Instrumental and vocal soloists, including Tony Zarella, Caroline Silver, Josie Hakizimana, Katrina Huynh, Keira Kennedy, Matthew Craybas, and Grey Blake provided the music for the Mass. Principal Debra Brillante commissioned 36 students to serve as Eucharistic Ministers for school liturgies. Those students include: Sam Bartlett, Georgia Brown, Braeden Burns, Talia Cannizzo, Avery Costello, Caroline Cox, Luke DeLorenzo, Tori English, Lily Genecco, Jack Griffith, Nolan Hammerschmidt, Delaney Hayden, Claire Hulslander, Hana Kang, Nora Kilmartin, Dan Ludington, Mia Ludington, Jenna Macaluso, Jackson Marko, Maddy Massa, Seamus McIntrye, Michael McMahon, Ryan Mulhern, Erin Nardella, Anna Pedone, Joe Salvador, Andrew Schaefer, Mia Schimpff, Makenna Schultz, Emmi Stanton, Mary Sullivan, Katie Uryniak, Nate Vault, Mackenzie Witz, Max Wysocki, and Sara Zdep.

Campus Ministry invites and empowers CBA students to purposefully live the message of Jesus Christ, through involvement in school liturgies, retreats, community-building activities, community outreach service opportunities, and social justice initiatives.

CBA Community Gathers For All Saints Mass The CBA student body, staff, and faculty joined Fr. John Manno, pastor of Holy Family Parish, to celebrate All Saints Mass on Monday, Nov. 1.

Busy Fall For Campus Ministry Campus Ministry was active in its programs and service to the community. Students in Peer Ministry and Lasallian Youth made and handed out sandwiches for We Rise Above the Streets Outreach. CBA regularly takes students to serve at the Samaritan Center, where they operate the Basic Needs closet, hand out food and clothing and prepared food. Peer Ministers organized and ran retreats for the seniors and sophomores. In addition, they hosted a Halloween party for children at St. Vincent de Paul. Peer Ministers plan to visit a nursing facility on a regular basis. Service is an important part of CBA’s mission, and students embrace the opportunity to give back.

“In the words of Pope Francis,” said senior Jackson Marko. “The Solemnity of All Saints confirms that we, too, can have a place with God, not because we are good, but because the sanctity of God has touched our life…We can compare the saints to the Church windows which allow light to enter in different shades of color. The saints are our brothers and sisters who have welcomed the light of God in their heart and have passed it on to the world, each according to his or her own hue. This is life’s purpose: to enable God’s light to pass through; it is the purpose of our life too.”


Purple Reign — CBA Brothers Football Newly

On Friday, December 3, the Brothers capped off their Cinderella season by defeating No. 2 State ranked and previously unbeaten Somers 32-31 to capture the Class A New York State Title at the Carrier Dome! The clock refused to strike midnight for CBA football. The Dome was filled with a sea of purple and gold as the Brothers, who finished 9-3, won their first State Title since 2004. "It's a wonderful group of young men led by a really special group of seniors and a fantastic coaching staff," President Matt Keough shared. "I'm also proud of our entire student body. They packed the stands each week, not to just watch football, but to be a part of a community. It's a football win and a school win." Sophomore Jason Brunson put the exclamation point on the victory picking off a two-point conversion attempt with just 1:19 left in the game to preserve the win. Junior quarterback Jordan Rae threw three touchdown passesincluding a 55-yard completion to junior Amari Pitts; a 36-yard pass to senior Dan Anderson and a 40-yard pass to Brunson. Anderson also scored on a one-yard run. Rae completed 27-of39 passes for 376 yards. Pitts hauled in six passes for 114 yards and Syair Torrence caught four passes for 72 yards. “I’m so proud of this team. I love these guys,” sixth-year head coach Casey Brown said. ”These guys talked about winning

the chip when they were on junior varsity. They believed and achieved. I’m so happy for the team, the coaching staff and the entire CBA community.” After finishing the regular season with a 3-3 record including three straight losses, CBA was a No. 6 seed heading into Sectionals. Playing the role of underdog throughout the postseason, the Brothers defied the odds and rolled past Whitesboro 20-12; No. 2 seed Fayetteville-Manlius 22-12 and upset No. 1 seed and previously undefeated Indian River, 61-26 to claim the Sectional Title. The first stop on the road to the State Title was Vestal where the Brothers blanked Union Endicott 42-0. The following week on a snowy and windy Friday night at Cicero North Syracuse High School, CBA rallied from an 18-8 deficit to defeat No. 2 State ranked and undefeated Jamestown 20-18 and punched their ticket to the Carrier Dome and the big dance. And that big dance had Cinderella wearing purple! 9

Crowned Class A State Champions!

Photo Credit Scott Schild,

Moms, Dads and Grads

21 in 2021! Every year, CBA recognizes its legacy families at the commencement ceremony. In the Class of 2021, there are 21 members whose parent(s) are alumni of Christian Brothers Academy. The tradition of taking a group photo of alumni parents with their graduates continued this year. Not everyone could make it for the group photo, so we have added some individual shots of our most recent grads and their alumni parent. First Row: Erica Speach '92 & Sophie Menar, Katie Yeomans '92 & Anne Kilmartin, Maya & Michael '82 Geiss, Annie & Rob '85 Toole. Second Row: Pat '82 & McKenna Dalton, John & John '78 Bitetti Third Row: Chris '84 & Emma Vignogna, Laura Murphy '92 & Kathryn Nardella, Kylie & Brian '95 Bruno Fourth Row: Christopher & Michael '86 Adornato, Dan '78 & Julia Fletcher, Mark '81 & Matthew Genovese, Robert '86 & Thomas Nolan Missing from photos: Henry '87 & Kodi Dotterer, Taylor '00 & John Papworth, Michael '78 & Michael Jr. Santaro

Chris Harrigan ’90 and Jack

Jim Vlassis ’81 and Benito

Kim (Connors) Roberson ’00 and Bella

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021

Luciano Sintuzzi ’84 and Arianna


John Shahin ’81 and Xzavier

Class Reunions Class of 2001 A group of alumni from the Class of 2001 gathered at Vito’s Ristorante on November 26th for their 20th reunion. The evening was full of storytelling, laughter and the celebration of their lasting friendships made during their time at CBA. Special thanks to Molly Venditti & Brigid Jones for organizing this special event.

Pictured: Joe Casamento, Josh Law, Charlie Breuer, Andrea Nicoletti Marshall, Molly Ringwood Venditti, Elisabeth Sheridan Schoeneck, Jeff Schiano, Jay Venditti, Brigid Jones, Cosimo Zavaglia, Aerin Coyne Kemmerer

Class of 2010 The Class of 2010 gathered for their Ten+1 Reunion at Dinosaur BBQ on Friday, November 26th. The evening was full of reconnecting and reminiscing about their time at CBA. Special thanks to Michele Bullock, Troy Bullock, Andrew Frasier and Jenn Locey for organizing the event.

Front Row: Kristina McCann Galletta, Aubrey Letourneau, Michele Damico Bullock, Cara Peters, Jenn Locey, Spencer Dunn, Alex Horowitch Blau, Ari Romeo Back Row: Troy Bullock, Gale Agbossoumonde, Julia Quigley, Alyssa Primerano, Alexis Mento, Leanne Ockenden, Andrew Frasier, Maggie Fennell, Macky MacPherson, Joe Ehle, Connor Letcher, Kyle Hopkins, Peter Merola, Sars Bowman

Class of 2011 Members of the CBA Class of 2011 gathered at the Pressroom Pub to celebrate their 10-year reunion. Classmates reconnected, stories were shared, and memories were made. Thanks to Greg Thomson for reconnecting and gathering his classmates for this special night.

Class of 2012 you’re up next! Pictured: Natalie Sportelli, Jess Manley, Shannon Morris, Kristina Alvaro, Laura Bulman, Natasha Grant, Laena Frechette, Jack O'Brien, Brian Anderson, Josh Rathbun, Celeste Craig, Dan Patane, Melina Martino, Tully Dugas, Mike Magnarelli, Alexa Darwish, Jasmine Harrell, Nick Welch, Bridget Mullen, Rachel Crawford, Caitlin MacConnell, Alexis Koval, Nick Potenza, Steve Gangemi, Austin McKenzie, Nick Fusillo, Kyle Robinson, Colby Hollington, Dave Hornstein, Jake Mulcahy, Greg Thomson, Lis Webber, Jack Johnston, Conor Suddaby, Andy Drescher and Vince Russo.

Class Reunion Tours Members of the Classes of 2010 and 2011 were treated to a tour of the new campus facilities at CBA on Nov. 28 as part of their reunions. President Matt Keough talked about the new Learning Commons spaces, furniture, and technology, which is now available 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on school days for CBA students. 12

Alumni News Brothers Bounty

Attention Alumni Parents of Current CBA 8th Graders

“Faith in action is love, and love in action is service” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

The CBA Alumni Association offers an annual $500/four year scholarship to rising ninth graders at CBA who have alumni parents. Watch for a communication from the Advancement office regarding details!

CBA Alumni Trivia Night Location: The Saltine Warrior 214 W Water St, Syracuse, NY 13202. Date: January 20, 2022 Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm No need to register; just come and have fun! Feel free to RSVP on our Facebook event page. Dust off those random factoids and brush up on your pop culture because it’s time for a trivia night with CBA Alumni! John Shahin ’81 welcomes CBA Alumni for a night of trivia at The Saltine Warrior in Syracuse (and promises not to play favorites towards the Class of ’81).

Alumni lend a helping hand and have some fun making sandwiches for those in need. Pictured (l-r): Laura (Murphy) Nardella and Katie (Yeomans) Kilmartin of the Class of ’92 kick off a new monthly program for the Alumni Association – making sandwiches for those in need in our community. The event, which lasts about an hour, will be held in the kitchen of the Brothers Residence in the morning or evening, depending on the volunteers scheduled. The sandwiches are frozen and distributed throughout the following week. If you would like to donate an hour of your time to help a fellow Brother, please email

We recommend showing up at 7:00 to grab a seat and order food and drinks, pay as you go, before the trivia starts at 7:30. Be sure to wear your CBA Purple and Gold attire! The event is for alumni and guests. All teams will be entered into the best team’s name contest for a prize! This is a 21+ event.

Mark Your Calendar For These Other Upcoming Events:

The CBA Alumni Association is accepting nominations for the 2022 Purple and Gold Award.

ALUMNI BASKETBALL GAME — December 29, 2021 Tipoff: 5:15 p.m. | John Lunch Gymnasium

This award given annually to a CBA graduate or nongraduate who:

ALUMNI HOCKEY GAME — January 7, 2022

• Promotes and supports the best interests of the students, faculty, and alumni of CBA and/or


Puck Drop: 7:00 p.m. | New York State Coliseum

Alumni Association meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year. To participate please e-mail

• Has dedicated years of service to CBA and/or • Is committed to the ideals and principles of CBA If you know of an individual worthy of this honor, please go to the school website to fill out the nomination form. The Alumni Association is accepting nominations through January 30, 2022.


Milestone Reunions

Save the Date!

The Class of 1972 will Celebrate 50 Years! In honor of this occasion, CBA and the Reunion Committee are planning a weekend full of events exclusively for members of the class of 1972 and their guests which will be held Thursday, June 2 — Sunday, June 5, 2022.

’72 Reunion Planning Committee: M.C. Antil: Steve Burke: Don DeKay: Jed Delmonico: Peter Demlein: Greg Girard: Tom Harris: Chris “Tiff” Hopkins: Mike LaCasse: Bob Morris: Jim O'Hern: Ed Riley: Ed Russick:

Reunions 2022 Come back to reconnect! CBA class reunions bring you back home to your alma mater, as you share a weekend reconnecting and reminiscing with old friends and former classmates. A reunion is the perfect way to celebrate your class and make new friendships, as well as rekindle old ones! Classes ending in 2's or 7's will be celebrating their milestone reunions in 2022.

In need of a place to stay?

Please contact Meredith Page at if you are interested in organizing a reunion or for help contacting classmates.

You will find the information for your online reservation link below. If you have questions or need help with the link, please do not hesitate to ask.

Class of 1997

It’s been 25 years! Contact CBA so we can provide the support you need to reach out to your former classmates and plan a successful event.

Event Summary: CBA 1972 Jubilee Weekend Start Date: Thursday, June 2, 2022 End Date: Sunday, June 5, 2022 Last Day to Book: Monday, May 2, 2022 Hotel(s) offering your special group rate: Marriott Syracuse Downtown for $99.00 USD per night

If you would like to help planning your reunion weekend, please contact CBA Advancement at


Alumni Notes and Quotes



Robert Gang, who at 103 is the oldest living alumnus from Syracuse University’s College of Law, was honored Sept. 25 at the National Veterans Resource Center. The WWII and the Korean War-era veteran attended Syracuse University as both an undergraduate and law school student, and he was a member of Syracuse University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Bob served on the CBA Board of Trustees and is currently and honorary member.


1954 2


Earlier this fall, Sam Vavonese, reached out to CBA’s performing arts department to donate musical instruments from his youth. They included a trumpet with accessories, a ukelele, and a harmonica – all in mint condition and now available to the music department for their use. Sam recalled that he was active in the Marching Band, Senators of Swing, Orchestra, Choral groups, and the annual Musicales during his tenure at the school – 1950-1954. The Music Department is truly appreciative of Sam’s generosity!


When learning that a tree was destroyed by lightning near the Alibrandi Stadium entrance, the Donati family wanted to replace it to honor the memory and legacy of Anthony E. Donati ‘55, a Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame member, who died in 2012. His grandson, Steven Grosso, is a member of the Class of 2025 and active in football, basketball and lacrosse. The Donati/Grosso family also commissioned a plaque that reads, "In loving memory of Anthony E. Donati ’55 and dedicated to the lifelong bonds forged through sport and spirit."

1957 3

Members from the Class of '57 and friends Mike Vavonese '76 and Joe Catrone celebrate Columbus Day at the annual luncheon. Pictured from left: Jim Fix, John Lischak, Nick Pirro, Bill Hurd, Mike Vavonese, Dick Bartolomeo, Benny Alibrandi, Matt Iudice, Len Paduano and Joe Catrone.

1963 5


Congratulations to John Sindoni, AFSC, who was presented with the 2021 Marvin A. Rapp Award for Distinguished Trustee Service. The award honors individuals with outstanding records of dedicated and effective service as community college trustees over an extended period of time. John shares his expertise on the Board of Trustees of Onondaga Community College (OCC). He served as Board Secretary and is currently the Chair, active on the Finance, Audit, and Compliance Committee. He is also a member of the Board of the Housing Development Authority, working on housing OCC's students. John is a Purple and Gold recipient and a long-standing member of the CBA Board of Trustees.


CBA Purple and Gold recipient, Mike O'Connor was recently honored by Aurora of CNY at their 18th Annual Musical Feast for the Eyes and Ears Gala Celebration. Aurora of CNY is the only area non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting independence and opportunity for people of all ages with vision or hearing loss. In his remarks to those attending, Mike highlighted the long history of the organization, going back to Lighthouse, est. 1917, which was one of the first Boards he served on. He sited the great work of the Board and the staff and his admiration of and empathy for those served by Aurora. He also included his pride in his son, Brad O'Connor '97, who recently joined the Board and is serving as its Treasurer.


Seventeen financial leaders from the business and nonprofit sectors were selected as honorees for the 2021 Financial Leaders awards, presented by the Rochester Business Journal. Joe Rulison was presented with the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

1977 8

In July, 2020, Edward Terzolo was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Syracuse. In 2021, Ed is celebrating his 26th year in business with The Terzolo Financial Group, Inc. He and his wife, Shelly (Trytek) class of 1977, Franciscan Academy, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in September 2021.

1978 9

Richard Oparil is a partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP in the firm’s Intellectual Property, Litigation, Food and Drug, and Government and Regulatory practices, and a member of the Dietary Supplements industry team. He is shown here with his daughter, Maria who works on the Hill in Washington, DC as a staffer.

10 When the Covid lockdown came to the Big Island of Hawaii, Mike Carroll was asked to set up an outdoor farmers market in the SE part of the island. They started the first weekend in April 2020 with three vendors, and they now have 48 booths and over 250 customers.


11 Marie Adornato Egnoto was featured on the cover of the July/August CNY Woman Magazine. Learn about Marie's experience as an entrepreneur in the article "Hard work, Perseverance, and Good Moral Character". You can read the article at:


12 CBA Trustee Carl Thomas and his wife, Sam, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Vivienne Lydia on Sept. 30. Vivienne weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and measured 21.5" long.


13 Michael Seeley was appointed as President of the

Lafayette Catholic School System, where he earned his M.S. in Education from Indiana University - South Bend and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame, and began his career in 2000 as an admissions counselor there. Mike’s success at Notre Dame led him to Phillips Exeter Academy, where he served as the Director of Admissions. He most recently served as Director of Advancement Operations for Culver Academies.


14 CBA Distinguished Alumnus Mike Erwin recently released his second book, "Leadership is a Relationship: How to Put People First in the Digital World." This book builds a strong case that one of a leaders' most important responsibilities is to forge relationships with the people they lead – and in their life.


15 Congratulations! Josh Haun and Erich Haun who will be

jointly stepping into the role of Co-Presidents and making Haun Welding Supply and Haun Speciality Gasses a 4th generation owned and operated company. CBA alum Julie August '03 is their marketing coordinator.


16 Congratulations to John Evans who has been named 2021 Educator of the Year by the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. John joined CUI Boulder as a faculty member in 2013. He is an assistant professor and the Jack Rominger Faculty Fellow in the Ann and H.J. Snead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, teaching courses on aerodynamics and finite elements modeling at the undergraduate and graduate level. 17 Anthony Marrone, CEO of the Marrone Law Firm,

has joined the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer's Association Central New York. "I am excited to support the work that provides care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer's and other dementias."


18 In July 2021, Elizabeth Urciuoli Cominolli announced the opening of her law firm with partner Katherine Markert: Markert and Cominolli PLLC.


19 At the November “Virtual Learning by the Lake at Wells College,” Jennie Huling discussed initiatives that are currently working to assist people who are suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, poverty and homelessness to get the resources they need, rather than incarcerating them for low-level offenses. Jennie received her Masters in Community from Wells College in 2008.














Mike Evans 14






Alumni Notes and Quotes

Athletics Fund — SU athletics’ fundraising arm — as Senior Associate Athletic Director, Executive Director of Athletic Development. Mike served in similar roles at the Naval Academy and Ole Miss.

26 Officer John Hillenbrand '13 and Sgt. John Potega

degree in Information Management and Technology from Syracuse University.

– Rochester Institute of Technology Public Safety, were presented with the departmental Life Saving award after coming to the aid of a choking student.



22 Danielle Lemon is currently working in Houston at StockX as a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Analyst. She assesses current diversity demographics and strategizes how we increase our representation of diverse communities. She fosters inclusion through acknowledgment of cultural celebrations and through hosting company-wide candid conversations. Danielle recently launched a global diversity council with her company and will be launching an employee resource group in Q4.


Eight years ago, at the peak of his Le Moyne College baseball career, Pat Wiese, a team captain, learned what he had thought was a bruise, was actually cancer in his leg. This led to chemotherapy and major surgery and changed everything about what he assumed would be the trajectory of his life. In mid-October, Pat - now a teacher, basketball and baseball coach at CBA, in addition to being a husband and a father – returned to Le Moyne to share his story with the Cor 100 class on storytelling, taught by renowned journalist, Sean Kirst. Pat spoke about the moments of chance that brought him to a new and powerfully fulfilling path... and advised the students to allow themselves the time and space and liberty to shape the dreams that matter in their lives.

23 The best news of all is that Pat and his wife Alli

welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Charles Donald on Sept. 3. Charlie weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and measured 21.5" long.


24 Ryan Van Patten graduated as a firefighter from the

27 Alexis Buck received her Masters of Science in

Occupational Therapy and is currently practicing as a critical care occupational therapist at Baptist Medical Center. She works in the Covid-19 and Neuro ICUs with patients, helping them to regain mobility and independence. Alexis shared a photo of receiving her Covid 19 vaccination.


31 Saranya Dadi, a second-year computer science student

at RIT, is conducting research to make machine learning for automated surveillance systems fairer. However, she’s not just focusing on making it faster or more efficient, she also wants to make sure machine learning is ethical. 32 Congratulations to Will Laun and Caroline Dougherty

who are recipients of the 2021 Onondaga County District Attorney’s Advisory Committee Scholarship.


33 Congratulations to Michael Berger and Benjamin

Mustico, recipients of the 2021 Empower Federal Credit Union's Scholarship.


Jared A. Saya graduated from St. John Fisher College in 2020. Jared is a New York State Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Broker and a New York State Licensed Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent.


28 Junior linebacker Sir Vocea Dennis had 12 tackles, two

sacks and two tackles for a loss to lead the Pittsburgh Panthers to a 45-21 victory over Wake Forest, and the school’s first ACC Title this season. Named Second-Team All-ACC, Vossie led the team in tackles with 81. He also blocked a kick and returned an interception 50 yards for a touchdown. His season will continue on Dec. 30, as the Panthers meet Michigan State in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, GA.


Stay connected and share your news by updating your information at:

29 Peter Asaff is studying engineering at Franciscan

University. He was inspired by the robot the Robotics Team built at CBA for the Vex Turning Point competition in 2018-19. He used the model for a project in his dynamics class.





17 11


very rigorous Syracuse City Fire Department Training Academy Class of 2021 on May 7, 2021. Considered one of the most rewarding careers in the world, protecting the lives and property of all those in the community, Ryan has been assigned to Station 9.

Congratulations! Erinn Grover graduated from Johns Hopkins, School of Public Health, Masters Program 2021.

majoring in Creative Industries. She is in her third season with the Bentley Women's Rugby Team, ranked 12th in the nation for Women's Small Schools Rugby. Abby earned the team's MVP Award at a post-season event.


21 Congratulations! Kiki Moore earned a bachelor's

30 Abby Benware is a junior at Bentley University,


20 Mike Paulus joins Syracuse University to head up ‘Cuse

Pennsylvania State University, College of Medicine on May 15, 2021. She is the recipient of the Dr. Irwin L. Baird Award for Academic Excellence. Sarah will be interning at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, followed by a Dermatology Residency at the University of Cincinnati.



25 Dr. Sarah Christina Kitts, graduated from The


9 DED 1














Benjamin Mustico



Michael Berger


Alumni Weddings and Special Events

Tom DiStasio and Mary Peck In June 2021, fellow CBA alumni helped Tom DiStasio '06 and Mary Peck celebrate their marriage. Pictured are Mary and Tom DiStasio, Greg Hadley '06, Matt Kinnan '06, Joe Riccardi '67, Mark Callahan '06, Adam Drescher '06, Pete Giordano '06 and Joe Nicoletti '06. Missing from the photo: Chelly Distasio '02.

Shannon Gross and Benjamin Ervey Shannon Gross ’12 married Benjamin Ervey on Aug. 6 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Syracuse. The reception was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Pictured front row (l-r): Marco Primerano ’12, Sarah Lester '14, Miranda Magley ’12 (Bridesmaid), Shannon Gross ’12 (Bride), Elizabeth Catalano ’12 (Bridesmaid), Michelle Wiese ’12, Sean Lavin ’12. Back row (l-r): John Murphy '77, Daniel Zimmerman ’12, Julia Fiedler '17, David Jared Gross '18 (Brother of the Bride), Peter Gross '82 (Uncle of the Bride), John Glover, Sean Hartnett, and John Reff, all ’12; Molly Reff '15, Mitchell Bower , Stephen Gross '78 (Uncle of the Bride), David Gross '80 (Father of the Bride), Luke Frontale '18, Michael Catalano '18.

Dennis Nave and Kara Pafumi Dennis Nave married Kara Pafumi on Oct. 10, 2020, but was finally able to celebrate with family and friends on Oct. 9 of this year. Joining the happy couple in the celebration: Kathryn Nave '02, Al Cutri '02, Taylor Procopio '11, Dennis Nave, Justin Sayles ’07, Andrea Nave '03, Norm Mingolelli '15, Patrick Abt ’07, Francesca Minale ’07, Allie Speidel ’07 and Jared Sayles '13. Not pictured but joining in the celebration: Kristen Nave '00, Allison Nave '08, John Killoran '07 and Thomas Sayles '75.

Annual Alumni Christmas Celebration

19 11

On Dec. 8th, the CBA Alumni Association hosted its Annual Christmas Celebration, which was a huge success again this year! More than 70 CBA alumni, parents and friends gathered to celebrate the Christmas season at the Hotel Syracuse. Our guests were entertained with special performances throughout the evening by CBA Alumni Phil Markert ’49, The Cosmic Pineapple featuring Sebastiàn Escribano ’16, Caeleb Fox-Lee ’16 & Dan Mosher ’17 and The Al Cutri Trio featuring Al Cutri ’02 & Dan Pugh ’11. A big "Thank You" to Ed Riley ’72 for helping to make this such a wonderful event!

CBA Admissions The Chance of a Lifetime! Regular decision application TIMELINE: Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 8:00 am Entrance Exam (for students entering 7th and 9th grade only) Thursday, March 31, 2022 Application Deadline Friday, April 8 Letters of Decision Mailed April & May – multiple dates “Brother for a Day” opportunities Wednesday May 25 $290 Non-Refundable Deposit Due

Saturday, April 2, 2022

CBA Class of 2017— Four Years Later Where are they now? Our recent alumni are forging interesting and meaningful careers. Below, some members of the Class of 2017 share updates on what has been happening in their lives since their graduation from CBA.

Margaret Engel College and Degree: Hofstra University Triple BA Global Studies, Geography and Drama Post-Grad Plans: "I finished up my final semester at Hofstra by successfully defending my Geography Honors Thesis on private sector engagement in global aid and development, and was the first recipient of the Avedis Melkonian Peace Fellowship for my work with Hofstra’s Center for Civic Engagement. After graduating, I have continued my work with the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives as an intern, where I advocate for demilitarization and anti-nuclear proliferation in the US. I am moving to West Harlem with my sister and best friends to pursue a career in international nonprofit administration (while saving time for my band and theater!)."

Isabella Lay College and Degree: The Catholic University of America, BSBA in Marketing, Minor in Sales Post-Grad Plans: “I am excited to share that I will be beginning my career as an Assosiate Inside Sales Representative at Dell Technologies in Austin, TX."

Kate Benware College and Degree: Lehigh University - B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science with a Minor in Theatre

Matthew Graber College and Degree: University of Maryland, College Park - Majored in and received a BS in computer science, minored in astronomy

Post-Grad Plans: "I am pursuing a Masters in Management at Lehigh University.” Awards: Graduate Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Performing Arts Scholarship, Williams Award

Post-Grad Plans: "For this summer and last summer, I have been interning with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. In the fall I began graduate school at Syracuse University pursuing a Masters in Computer Science."

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021


Milan Gupta

Matt Vavonese

College and Degree: University of Michigan B.S. Data Science with a minor in entrepreneurship

College and Degree: Canisius College - B.A. Political Science - Urband Studies/Affairs

Post-Grad Plans: "I am a software engineer at Snapchat"

Post-Grad Plans: "I was the recipient of the Canisius College All Sports Unsung Hero Award. Named to the All-Championship Team at the 2021 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Men's Lacrosse Championship. I am a leasing intern at Spinoso Real Estate Group."

Augustus Bonacci

Alison Croucher

College and Degree: Villanova University - B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

College and Degree: University of Notre Dame - B.A. Film, Television and Theatre, Minors in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Musical Theatre

Post-Grad Plans: "I work at Lockheed Martin in Liverpool as a Systems Engineer"

Post-Grad Plans: "I cannot express how excited I am to announce that I have accepted and already started a position at United Talent Agency! I will be working as a Client Services Assistant in the Speakers Department in the New York City office."

Kevin Underwood College and Degree: Nazareth College - B.S. in Finance Post-Grad Plans: "I am going back to Nazareth for a fifth year to pursue a masters degree and play my final year of basketball."

Clayton Jarvis College and Degree: Villanova University - B.S. in Finance, Real Estate Post-Grad Plans: Financial analyst at Raymour and Flanigan


Distinguished Alumni – Reprise In 2013, Christian Brothers Academy established the Distinguished Alumni Award to honor outstanding alumni and celebrate their achievements. The purpose of the award is to recognize alumni of CBA Syracuse who have made significant contributions to society and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and/or careers have honored the legacy of excellence at CBA. Classes are inducted bi-annually, alternating with the CBA Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame. Having postponed the 2020 Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony to November 2021, the next planned DAA ceremony will take place in November 2022. Since the award’s inception, CBA has honored 37 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients. These highly accomplished graduates bring pride to the institution and it is our intention to continue to highlight members of this elite group in the Alumni News as often as possible. In this issue, we present four past honorees of the award. To submit a nomination for the November 2022 awards, complete the form on the CBA website and submit it by March 1, 2022. Nominations received after March 1 will not be eligible for the 2022 awards, but will be saved for consideration in 2024. For more information, please contact the CBA Advancement office at or 315/446-5960 x1140. He married Josephine Catalfino in 1951 and the couple enjoyed 62 years of marriage, before her passing in 2013. The Smiths raised four children: John “Cayll” ’68; Jeffrey ’76; Jay ’78 and Joanne. The family has grown to include nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. John, Josephine and John’s three sisters started J.C. Smith Inc. in 1976, offering industrial construction equipment, highway safety supplies, custom made road signs, contractor tools and supplies, and equipment rental and repair. The company has expanded to six locations across New York State, involving three generations of the Smith family, with John, now 90 years old, still operating as an advisor. John still lives in Eastwood.

John C. Smith, Class of 1948 (Inducted in 2015)

John Smith was born and raised in Eastwood, and attended Lincoln Grammar School, prior to CBA. As a sophomore at CBA, John had his first of many volunteer experiences as a coach for the St. Peter’s basketball team. This inspired him to go on to be a Life Boy Scout and a Cub Scout leader. As an adult, John initiated the Eastwood Bears Football and Cheerleading Association, as well as other sports organizations in Eastwood

During his tenure as County Legislator and County Executive, his accomplishments were many and included involvement in the establishment of Onondaga Community College, the 911 Emergency Communications System, county-wide recycling, and the county public library system. Nick and his wife. Patti were awarded the Catholic Charities Lifetime Achievement Award for their community commitment and participation. Nick also earned awards from The Boy Scouts of America and the Post Standard Person of Achievement Award among many others.

Nicholas Pirro, Class of 1957 (Inducted in 2015)

Nick Pirro was born and raised in an Italian, Northside family. He attended Our Lady of Pompeii School, prior to CBA. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Le Moyne College and served our country in the NY Air National Guard 174th Tactical Fighter Wing.

Nick is President of NP Associates LLC, advisor for the Law Firm of Gilberti, Stinziano, Heintz, and Smith, and an adjunct faculty member of the Maxwell School of Public Administration at SU.

Nick began his four decades of government service in 1965, when he was appointed to what is now the Onondaga County Legislature, rising to Chairman. He began his first term as County Executive to Onondaga County in 1988, served five consecutive four-year terms, retiring in December 2007. He is known for steady leadership, strong fiscal management, and a unique dedication to his constituents.

“My CBA education served me well during my entire political career… I learned the importance of responsibility and community service along with the tenets of leadership and teamwork. All played an important role in my service.”

21 23

formed the law firm Briggs and Dwyer in Lake Placid, where he represented many children as a divorce practitioner and law guardian. Matt was involved with the Lake Placid Lions, on the Boards of North Country Legal Services, and Lake Placid Memorial Hospital, and the Essex County Bar Association.

Matthew Dwyer, Class of 1963 (Inducted in 2015)

Matt Dwyer was born and raised in Syracuse, graduated from CBA and the University of Notre Dame, and served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, where he supervised a rice project and built bridges to connect villages. He served in the Army in Vietnam, becoming fluent in the native language as a personnel clerk. He earned his JD degree from Cornell Law School, married Barbara Sheldon in 1975. The couple had four children, Elisabeth, Olivia, Matthew Anna, and Peter.

Matt passed away in December 2003 after a long battle with cancer. He is remembered for his love of family, the law, and the Adirondacks. He was posthumously awarded the Pro Bono Service Award by the NYS Bar Association in April 2007. “Matt would be so honored to be here to accept this award. He loved his time at CBA. He was proud to still fit in his letter jacket. Matt truly felt that his education here, at Notre Dame, and at Cornell Law were gifts to him that he had an obligation to share with others.” Barbara Dwyer

After law school, he was hired to clerk for the Honorable Harold R. Soden, Supreme Court Justice for Essex County, where he wrote the opinion for a case that upheld the Adirondack Park land use zoning laws still in effect today. In 197, he and Ronald Briggs

John has performed service for many causes and organizations including Boys and Girls Club of Newark; Newark’s South Ward Special Improvement District; Medical Aid to Haiti, Kosovar refugee resettlement; Willow Lake Children’s Day Camp; Newark Regional Business Board of Directors; and the Newark Performing Arts Corporation.

Dr. John Brennan, Class of 1977 (Inducted in 2015)

John Brennan attended CBA with his brothers Jim ’80 and Joe ’81, following in the footsteps of his dad Jim ’51 and his grandfather, John ’28.

“Our high school years represent a significant time in our personal development. It is during these four years that we take our first steps toward personal growth. The Brothers’ love of teaching and their enthusiastic desire to impart wisdom to the next generation laid the groundwork of what it means to lead a life well-lived. In the classroom, as well as on the athletic field, we learned accountability, social responsibility, academic discipline, Catholic faith, respect, critical thinking, and a respect for life.”

At CBA, he earned membership in the Brother Adolphus Honor Society and a varsity letter in soccer. He went on to Le Moyne College to earn his bachelor of science degree in biology. From there, he went to Georgetown Medical School, then earned an executive master of public health degree from Columbia. From 1989 to1992, John served in the United States Air Force as Chief of Emergency Medicine for the 22nd Strategic Air Command Regional Hospital in California. He then spent 11 years with Emergency Medical Associates in administrative roles and became Chief Operating Officer in 2002. He moved on to Barnabas Health, where he has had several roles, most recently as Executive Vice President and President and CEO of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey.


Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame Awards One-hundred and sixty-five alumni, family and friends attended the Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Nov. 6 at the University Sheraton Hotel. Established in 2000, the Booster Club sponsored Hall of Fame honors those who have distinguished themselves not only in their interscholastic pursuits while at CBA, but also by their accomplishments in their chosen fields after graduation. These inductees join 73 alumni athletes, six coaches and six teams in the CBA Hall of Fame. A display, located across from Lynch Gymnasium at the school, honors inductees in the Hall of Fame. This year’s inductees included: “I look back fondly on my memories as a high school athlete and the friendships established at CBA. The Christian Brothers instilled values and helped build the moral character I possess today. There is no doubt in my mind that the foundation of who I’ve become was first established at CBA.”

Lenny Basile ’54 A three sport standout (football, basketball and baseball), Basile distinguished himself during his 30 years at NBC as one of the network’s top sports cameramen. He was awarded five Emmy Awards during his career, which included his work on the ’78, ’86 and ’88 World Series. “When looking at the other inductees and those that have been recognized in previous years, I am not sure that I deserve it. But maybe it can be a lesson to some young people that if you always try to work hard and be respectful of others, great thangs can happen to any of us.”

Leanne Ockenden ’10 CBA’s all-time leading scorer in girls basketball when she graduated in 2010 with 1438 points, Ockenden continued her playing career at Marist College, where she was named MAAC defensive player of the year twice and scored over 1000 points during her four years for the Red Foxes. “It is an absolute honor to be here tonight and join the 2021 Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame. The impact Christian Brothers Academy has had on my life is truly indescribable. The memories are beyond endless. My teammates, coaches and teachers all played a role in the woman I have become today. CBA set me up for success in more ways than just basketball, and I am forever grateful.”

Tom Dalton ’76 A three-sport (cross country, indoor and outdoor track) star, Dalton continued his career at Siena College where he was a three-year team captain and MVP. In 1980, he earned All-American honors and is currently a member of the Siena College Hall of Fame.Dalton is a lifelong runner and in 2021 was inducted into the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame. CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021


Greg Paulus ’05 One of the most highly decorated athletes in Central New York history, Paulus led the 2004 CBA football team to the Class AA state championship. Individual honors earned in high school include New York State Mr. Basketball, New York Gatorade Player of the Year in both Football and Basketball and National High School Player of the Year. Paulus played basketball collegiately for four years at Duke University and one year of football at Syracuse University. He is currently the head men’s basketball coach at Niagara University. “As my wife, Megan and I raise our two children, Preston and Whitney, we are looking to give them an experience like CBA. A community that takes pride in positively impacting lives in all aspects. A place where memories will be looked back on fondly because of the people and lessons learned from them. A place that brings people together and instantly connects you to others because of the association and shared experiences. A family – that’s what CBA has been to us.”

1996 CBA Baseball Team In the Spring of 1996, CBA became the first team to win a State Championship and the first team from Onondaga County to win a baseball title. What makes this achievement so remarkable, was that it was unexpected. The team, coached by Tom Dotterer ’53 and assistant coach and current CBA teacher Todd Benware, will go down as one of the greatest to take the field. Members of the team included: Sean Anderson ’97; Marc Cusano ’96: Michael Erwin ’98; Andrew Geyer ’96; Daniel Glover ’97; Ronald Gonzalez ’96; John Hardy ’99; Brendan Harrigan ’96; Joe Leone ’97; Matthew Mantione ’99; Matt Marsallo ‘97; Jeff Segar ’97 and Jeff Tornabene ’97. Pictured: Joe Leone, Dan Glover, Sean Anderson, Todd Benware, Marc Cusano, Tom Dotterer, Matthew Marsallo, Jeff Tornabene, and Brendan Harrigan.


The Fund for CBA Benefits Every Student, Every Day.


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CHRISTIAN BROTHERS ACADEMY 2020-2021 Annual Report Executive Summary *

Your gift is needed. Your support is tangible. The results are excellence. We proudly present the Annual Report for the fiscal year 2020-2021. Please note, gifts to the Our Mission, Their Future campaign, other than gifts to the Annual Fund and Endowed Scholarships or Bequests, are not included in these figures or listings. A separate report, celebrating the success of the campaign, will be presented in Spring 2022.

CBA MISSION: Christian Brothers Academy is a Catholic Lasallian college preparatory high school and middle school serving young men and women of diverse faiths and cultures. The administration, faculty, staff, and the entire CBA family provide students with a safe, nurturing environment that fosters spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. CBA challenges students to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives, encouraging them to live as moral, responsible, contributing, and successful members of society.

Annual Report

2020-2021 Revenue/Expenses 2020-2021 Revenues

2020-2021 Expenses

n Tuition/Fees 77%

n Endowment 6%

n Salaries/Benefits 64%

n Annual Giving 5%

n Other Revenues 8%

n Debt Service from Operation 0%

n Raffle and Auction 4%

n Other Expenses 14 %

n Financial Aid and Scholarships 13% n Maintenance 10%

Annual giving revenue of $520,000 for 2020-2021 includes $409,000 in unrestricted gifts and $101,000 in restricted gifts.

Alumni Top 10 Classes for Participation and Total Giving CLASS YEAR












































21 29

The Christian Brothers Academy Perpetual Scholarship Program a scholarship which will address their philanthropic intent. The school estimates that the invested funds will generate approximately 5% return, based on a 20-quarter average balance. Perpetual Scholarships are awarded to the student for the tenure of their time at CBA. Typically awarded to 7th graders, Perpetual Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain good academic and behavioral standing at the school and to communicate once each year with the sponsor of the scholarship.

CBA awards financial aid or scholarships to more than 40% of its students. The aid typically ranges from $1,000 to more than $10,000. The CBA Perpetual Scholarship Program is sponsored by alumni, families, and friends of the school, who wish to provide the incredible opportunity of a CBA education to those who might not be able to afford it. To name a Perpetual Scholarship, there is a minimum contribution of $50,000 required. The school is committed to working with individual donors to create

Endowed Funds Cregg Family Scholarship The Dr. Leslie Davis Scholarship Fund DeKay Family Scholarship Drescher Family Scholarship Sr. Suzanne Dunn, OSF Scholarship Fund Orie Egnoto ’64 Scholarship Brian Fahey ’70 Music Fund Scholarship Rose Marie Falcone Scholarship Walter Fey ’71 Scholarship Fund Brother Gabriel Fiumano, FSC ’47 Scholarship Agnes Rose and Charley Gradoville Scholarship Harris Family Scholarship Francis J. and Lucille R. Honold Memorial Scholarship Kenny Family Scholarship Kolbas Family Scholarship Fund Duane M. Krull ’55 Engineering Scholarship Fund Charles Krylo III ’86 Scholarship Michael Leone ’59 Scholarship John AFSC ’30 and Mary Louise Lynch Scholarship John Lynch, AFSC ’30, W. Dennis Owen, AFSC ’44, and John P. Sindoni, AFSC ’63 Scholarship Fr. Charlie Major ’51 Scholarship Sviat Makohon ’86 Scholarship Malfitano Brothers Scholarship (Marc ’70 and Christopher ’75) Daniel F. Mathews ’49 Memorial Scholarship Edward V. McCarthy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship R. Daniel McCarthy ’66 Scholarship Fund Marjorie Mishko Memorial Scholarship John P. Murphy ’33 Scholarship

Anonymous Asian Student Scholarship Fund The Barno Family Scholarship Fund Richard Barry Memorial Scholarship Breuer Family Scholarship Alice M. Brilbeck and John F. Brilbeck Memorial Scholarship William and Mary Byrne Memorial Scholarship Virginia G. Carrick Scholarship Robert Carsky ’73 Memorial Scholarship Castro Family Scholarship Cathedral Candle Company Scholarship Brother Connall Clancy Scholarship CBA Alumni Association Scholarship CBA Parents Club Scholarship CBA Lasallian Dinner and Auction Scholarship Class of 1950 Scholarship Class of 1958 Scholarship Class of 1959 Scholarship Class of 1961 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1963 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1964 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1965 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1966 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1967 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1968 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1969 Jubilee Scholarship Class of 1970 Jubilee Scholarship for Bridge to CBA Brothers Graduates Class of 1971 Jubilee Scholarshp for Bridge to CBA Brothers Graduates

Robert E. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Niland Family Scholarship LT Jonathan B. Nolan ’87 Memorial Fund Nortz Family Scholarship W. Dennis Owen, AFSC ’44 Scholarship Fund W. Dennis Owen Scholarship in Memory of Monsignor Charles Brady Peter Pierik Memorial Scholarship Sarah Lombardi Pietrafesa Scholarship for Excellence in Music Joseph and Rose Pirro Memorial Scholarship John Quinlivan Memorial Scholarship Brother James Quinn Memorial Scholarship John J. and Dorothy C. Reinman Scholarship Samantha Saddemi Memorial Scholarship Carmen W. Scuderi Memorial Scholarship Frank Joseph Scuderi Memorial Scholarship Carmen W. Scuderi Memorial Scholarship Joseph Smith ’64 Memorial Scholarship Jeffrey Stelljes Personal Integrity Scholarship Charles R. Troendle ’56 Scholarship I Charles R. Troendle ’56 Scholarship II Thomas Venezia Memorial Scholarship Fund The Waters Family Scholarship Fund The Arve S. Wikstrom Memorial Scholarship The Wikstrom Family Endowment The Willowstreeters Fund (Formerly The Edward Kearney, Jr. ’47 Fund) John Withers Memorial Scholarship

CBA Endowment Growth — June 2011 to June 2021 Thanks to the ongoing generosity of donors, the participation of new donors, a well-stewarded financial policy, and very positive stock market growth, the CBA endowment has grown from $7.5 million in 2010 to more than $18 million the end of June 2021. Investing in the future of Christian Brothers Academy by building endowment, providing increasing support for scholarships and financial aid for CBA families, remains among the highest priorities of the school.

$20,000,000 18,000,000 16,000,000 14,000,000 12,000,000 10,000,000 8,000,000 6,000,000 4,000,000 2,000,000 0

June ‘11

June ‘12

June ‘13

June ‘14

General Endowment

June ‘15

June ‘16

June ‘17

June ‘18

Owen Family Endowment

Unrestricted Endowment


June ‘19

June ’20

June ’21

Annual Report The CBA Lasallian Legacy Society We proudly present those who have included CBA in their will. Dr. Carl Baum ’58 † Mr. Daniel Byrne ’70 Mr. Michael Domaratz ’74 Mr. Michael Kearney ’71 Mr. Michael Loftus ’63 Mr. John Rulison ’68 Mr. Bernard Staub ’49 † Dr. Benedict Alibrandi ’57 Mr. Joseph Bauer ’73 Mr. Joseph DiMento ’65 Ms. Chris Hanley Hon John Lischak ’57 Mr. Walter Martineau ’46 Mr. Harry McCaffrey ’50 Mr. Richard Reschke ’48 Mr. Edward Ryan ’57 Mr. Fred Zuccala ’68 Mr. Michael Zaleski, Jr. † Mr. John Vita ’50 † Msgr. Robert Yeazel ’59

Mr. Robert Gang ’35 Mrs. Annemarie Mosley Mr. and Mrs. John Sindoni, AFSC ’63 Mr. Paul Drescher Mr. Robert Waters ’66 Mr. Ernest Etoll ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pitonzo ’76 Mrs. Antoinette Pitonzo † Anonymous Mr. Ed Leone ’74 Mr. Norbert Nortz ’44 Mr. Leon Bill ’47 Anonymous Mr. Richard Annese ’57 † Mr. R. David Carhart ’48 † Mr. Louis Pascarella ’48 Mr. L. William Eagan ’37 † Msgr. William Young ’62 Mr. Raymond Heigle ’40 †

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kennedy ’42 † Mr. and Mrs. James Carrick Mr. Brian Kennedy ’76 Mr. Orie Egnoto ’64 † Mr. W. Dennis Owen, AFSC ’44 Mr. Lawrence Ryan ’61 Steven Pickard ’98 Kristen Drescher Pickard ’99 Mr. John D. Murphy, Jr. ’77 Mr. Jan Klapetzky ’63 Anonymous Fr. Charles Major ’51 † Dr. Thomas Cadier ’62 Anonymous Margaret Long † Mrs. Louise Flynn Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bowser ’62 Mr. William R. Mowat† Mr. Edward C. Kallfelz ’55† Evelyn Zeller (husband Carl ’43) †

Dr. Ernest Fatta ’55 Bernard and Carol Atkinson ’50 Mr. Michael Falcone ’53 Anonymous Mr. Thomas Croston ’82 Dr. Nicholas Markovitch ’66 Mr. Terrance O’Brien ’65 Mr. Michael Leone ’59 Mr. William Dennis ’69 Mrs. Mudite Paux † Anonymous Mr. Peter DelGiorno ’52 Mr. Donald Jones ’42 Mr. Patrick McAllister ’66 Mr. Richard Stempien, PhD ’71 † deceased members

Auction/Raffle/Fund for CBA 5-Year History 2020-2021 was a year to remember for supplemental revenue!

$800,000,000 700,000,000 600,000,000 500,000,000 400,000,000 300,000,000 200,000,000 100,000,000 0



Auction Net Revenue



Corvette Net Revenue


Between the Corvette Raffle, the Lasallian Auction, and the Fund for CBA, we achieved recordbreaking revenue. All hands were on deck from the Board members who generously gave of their time to produce the “All In” video, to the incredible folks who stepped up with Giving Day challenges on May 25, to the dozens who got caught up in the live Raise Your Paddle for the auction, great effort yielded great results. We are so very appreciative to all who participated.

Fund for CBA (Unrestricted Gifts)


CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2021


CBA Volunteers 2020-2021 We couldn’t do it without you! In a year filled with so much unknown, the CBA family persevered. Among many volunteers who worked hard all year through doing everything from labeling Corvette raffle tickets to finding ways to recognize and thank our faculty members, we present a listing of our helpers. THANK YOU! Auction Committee Auction Co-Chairs: Angeline & Robert Sayles, Michelle & Marc Engle, Kathleen Wiese Kathy Dempf Aldrich Caroline Calimlim Melissa Campanino Christine Demetros Kat Dugas Tiffany Gregory James Kirby ~ Auctioneer Kelly Landau

Kelly Larrivey Valery Lodato Meg Lumia Jenna MacLachlan Carol Marshall John Marshall ~ Emcee Annemarie Mosley Serena Romero

Joan Roueche Heather Levy Scott Lisa Smith Kathy Reuter Sportelli Kim Taylor Kelly Wichmann

Corvette Raffle Committee Office Volunteers Tracy Hann Rev. Jonathan Hood Barbara Howard

Lillian Jeng Theresa Potenza Serena Romero

Tim & Marianne Fraiser

CBA Parents Club Officers Kelly Landau, President Erin Lachut, Vice-President

Kathleen Kanerviko, Secretary Sue VanderMeer, Treasurer

Jenna MacLachlan, Advisor

CBA Booster Club Officers Donna DeRegis, President Erin Lachut, Secretary

Lucille Nicholson and Jim Petrie Treasurers


Jen Timmons, Apparel Chair Donna Burns, Concession Chair

Planning with Purpose: Year-End Planned Giving One of the most important tasks you may have neglected this year is reviewing and updating your estate plans. The end of the year and the beginning of a new year, signals the time to review your overall estate plans, such as a will, living trusts and beneficiary designations.

• You can create a charitable remainder trust and receive variable or fixed income for you and/or other loved ones. You can also delay the start of income to some point in the future. (need to check on website)

Many people include their favorite charity along with their loved ones in estate plans. This allows you to continue the support you have given to CBA during your lifetime and can serve as a legacy to your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Please contact Annemarie Mosley at 315-446-5960 X1132 or to begin this process, to learn how easily a planned gift can be arranged, and how your generosity can be acknowledged.

Through the Lasallian Legacy Society at Christian Brothers Academy, donors and supporters can contribute through one of the many Planned Giving Instruments. Though these programs are supported throughout the year, it can be especially strategic and helpful to our donors and supporters as the end of the calendar year approaches. Examples of Planned Giving Instruments: • A bequest in your will or living trust may be for a specific amount or asset, a percentage, a remainder or a contingency. It may memorialize a family member or the family name. • You can donate up to $100,000 of your IRA (for those who have attained age 70 ½) to CBA and can reduce the taxation of other attributes being reported on your tax return in additional to avoiding the tax due on all or part of your required minimum IRA distribution. • Naming CBA the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy can generate an income tax deduction now for the cash value of the policy, and preserve your charitable legacy for later.

In Memoriam

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Alumni Frank Reith ’43 William Stack ’44 Anthony J. DiCaprio, Jr. ’47 Theodore L. Bertrand ’50 George Fleischmann ’50 John Roshia, Jr. ’52 Francis J. Shaughnessy ’53

Clinton Carr ’55 Gerald Burke ’58 Gilbert Devine ’61 Matthew Zack, Jr. ’63 Roy J. MacDonald ’64 Daniel Driscoll ’66 R. Gregory Damon ’68

Anthony Prince ’68 John Knox ’71 Andrew Rotondo ’71 Dr. Mark Schneider ’71 Dr. Richard Gray ’73 Andrew Elliott ’75

Mary Kearney (Mother of Michael Kearney '71 and Joseph Kearney '74. Grandmother of William Kearney '03, Paul Kearney '05 and Kathryn Kearney '07)

Joseph Petro (Stepson of Alyssa Barker Blazina '99)

Mark Legler (CBA Staff Member)

Lucy “Sue” Pirro (Grandmother of Kevin Bailey '12 and Claire Bailey '14)

Friends Sonny Agbossoumonde (Son of Gale Agbossoumonde '08) Elizabeth Ball (Mother of Daniel Ball '89 and Karen Ball '91) David Brown (Father of CBA Football Coach Casey Brown; Grandfather of Evan Brown '22) Teresa Bunce (Mother of John Zulberti '61) Maddalena Campanino (Grandmother of Zoe Campanino '19 and Nicholas Campanino '21) Anne Carocci (Mother of Peter Carocci Jr. '71) Dorothy Conroy (Mother of Kevin Conroy, Former CBA Faculty. Grandmother of Colin Conroy '04 CBA Faculty) Carmela Corasaniti (Grandmother of Peter Corasaniti '10 and Ashley Corasaniti '13) Josephine Cupelo (Grandmother of Christopher Bombard '99 and Joanna Bombard MacLachlan '05. Mother-in-law to Steven Brandt '75)

Dorothy Grace Link (Grandmother of Luke Ribaudo, CBA Faculty) Edward Little (Grandfather of Webb Little '15, Sam Little '15 and Jack Little '19)

Ellen Romagnoli (Mother of Elizabeth Romagnoli '18)

Magdalene Maffei (Grandmother of Ross D'Eredita '00 and Jess D'Eredita '04)

Ralph Sacco, Sr. (Father of Ralph Sacco, Jr. '91)

Concetta Mangano (Grandmother of Olivia Mangano '21)

Lawrence Stirpe (Father of Lawrence Stirpe '73, David Stirpe '87 and Anthony Stirpe '93)

Gladys Mantione (Grandmother of Jack Mantione III '92, Matthew Mantione '99 and Steven Mantione '03) Louise Marzocchi (Mother of John Marzocchi, Esq. '77. Grandmother of John P. Marzocchi, Esq. '08, Joseph Mortelliti, Esq. '09 and Matthew Marzocchi '13)

Daniel DeBona (Father of Daniel DeBona '09 and Mariah DeBona Alcott '10) Annette DelGiorno (Sister of Peter DelGiorno '52)

Judith McGarvey (Mother of Shannon McGarvey Brinkman '95)

Joseph DiVico (Father of Taylor DiVico ’96)

Elizabeth McGinty (Mother of Caryl McGinty, CBA Faculty)

Alexander Paul Gross (Father of Stephen Gross '78, David Gross '80 and Peter Gross '82. Grandfather of Shannon Gross Ervey '12 and David Gross '18)

Richard Priest (Father of Thomas Priest '05)

Deborah Luke (Wife of Donald Luke '69)

Genevieve Mazur (Grandmother of Sigmund Mazur '95, John Mazur '97, Brittany Mazur '03 and Evan Mazur '06)

George Ehegartner (Grandfather of Nicholas Bremerman '22)

Joseph Picciotto (Grandfather of Luke Ellingworth '12)

Charles McGowan (Grandfather of Brian Roache '07; Father-in-law of David Roache, CBA Faculty) Paul Vincent Messina (Grandfather of Julia Messina '26)

Clare Victoria Grover (Daughter of Thomas F.X. Grover ’69)

Jessie Mingolelli (Grandmother of Norman Mingolelli III '15)

Jesse Henman (Father of Debbie Mitchell, CBA Faculty)

Leonard Morgese (Father of Vito Morgese '73)

Joseph Janowski (Father of Joseph Janowski '83 and Casey Janowski '12. Brother-in-law of Tony Basile '73)

Lawrence Mulhern (Grandfather of Zachary Mulhern '23 and Ryan Mulhern '23; Father-in-law of Brenda, CBA Staff)


Lillian Terry (Grandmother of Joshua Terry ’01) Arthur Vercillo (Grandfather of Meg Vercillo Lewis '01) Theresa Verne ( Former CBA Staff) Paul Weatherup (Father of Mark Weatherup '79) Judith A. Wickert (Grandmother of Kieran Williamson '22, Cameron Williamson '23 and Katherine Williamson '26) Edward Young (Father of Thomas Young '85 and Timothy Young '86) Francis Zdep (Father of Steven Zdep '70 (deceased). Grandfather of Steven Zdep '95 (Stacey Zdep '96), Lisa Zdep Pohlmam '98 and Christopher Zdep '02. Great Grandfather to Sara Zdep '23 and Rachel Zdep '27)


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 3480 Syracuse, NY

Christian Brothers Academy 6245 Randall Road Syracuse, NY 13214

• • • • • • • • • •

CBA Brothers Alumni Magazine Winter 2020


1967 Corvette Convertible 327 Cu In 300HP Engine 4 Speed Manual Transmission AM/FM Radio Power Steering Power Windows Tinted Glass Both Tops Matching Numbers Appraised Value $65,000

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