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Planning for the Next Quarter at Work


An Innovative Alternative to Employee Layoffs - Pa’s Shared-Work Program


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Three Tips for Getting an Accurate Business Valuation


NexTier Bank Nonprofit Spotlight

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Jim Boltz President

For more information on the Chamber’s program of work, please contact:

Annie Cairns Director of Marketing & Events

Melissa Leedy Director of Business Development

Heather Schwartzbauer Membership & Digital Media Coordinator

Amy VanAtta Executive Assistant

Chamber Headquarters

5000 Brooktree Road, Suite 100 Wexford, PA

Cranberry Twp. Office

2525 Rochester Road Cranberry Township, PA P: 724.934.9700 F: 724.934.9710

September 2019

Taking Advantage of your Chamber Membership. There are many benefits to being a member of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber. To make sure that you are taking advantage of the excellent opportunities that are available to you to get the most out of your membership, this is the third of a three part series. In the Jim Boltz first two parts, we covered “Sharing President information to attract new customers” and “Getting the most out of networking.” Part 3 - Taking advantage of other chamber member benefits The number one reason that businesses join a chamber is to promote their business and its products or services. There are other gains that you can realize from your membership. Free benefits with your membership  Ribbon cuttings to get your business off on the right foot  Membership benefits for every employee  Online business directory on chamber website  Business listing in annual community resource guide  Build your network at 5 different connections meetings  Post upcoming events in Member News and on our Mobile App  Promote your business in Member Deals  Small Business membership in The PA Chamber  New member business listing in E-newsletter  Use of bulk mail permits  Expand your reach by being a part of a committee  Lunchbox sessions and educational programming  Validation of Certificate of Origins Education Member Benefits Orientation (free) – Bimonthly program that allows members get acquainted with all the benefits and services of membership in the PNRC. Lunchbox Sessions (free) - Once a month, we bring in experts to talk about topics that are the most frequently requested by our members. Women’s Leadership Roundtable (free) – Once a month, interactive educational presentation regarding topics that challenge your success. HYPE educational series (free) – Educational offerings targeted at the young professionals. Continue on Page 9 Page 3


September 17


Walnut Grill

12087 Perry Highway, Wexford

12599 Perry Highway, Wexford

5:00 - 7:00 pm

5:00 - 7:00 pm


September 12

September 23

Innovation Pittsburgh

Taste of Cranberry

Doubletree by Hilton Cranberry

Pittsburgh Marriott North

5:00 - 7:30 pm

CONNECTIONS Daily networking events for business leaders throughout our Pittsburgh North region. Warrendale: Tu esdays, 11:30 a.m . DoubleTree By Hilton 910 Sheraton Drive McCandless: Thur sdays, 11:30 a.m . Fairfield Inn & Suites McCandless Crossing 901 Providence Blvd. Valencia: Fridays, 7:30 a.m . The Crystal Conservatories 100 Conservatories Court

5:00 - 8:00 pm

Marketplace Lunch Meetings September 4 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monte Cello’s at The Hampton Shoppes 4655 William Flynn Highway Route 8, Allison Park

September 23 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Family Bowlaway Fun Center 540 Fairground Hill Road, Butler

For a complete listing of programs and events and to register, visit us at

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

PNRC Member Ken Scott, RevLocal Jim Boltz, President of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber said, “Ken is a great ambassador for the Chamber. He attends most ribbon cuttings and constantly refers potential members. In addition, in August, through him, RevLocal was a big contributor to our Social Media Conference. That partnership went a long way toward the success of the event.” Heather Schwartzbauer, Membership & Digital Media Coordinator of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber said, “ Ken is a valuable asset to the Ambassador Committee. He attends almost all of the ribbon cuttings, helping to make these celebrations more memorable for the newest members of our community. He is a great connector of people and always willing to introduce guests around at events. The chamber is very lucky to have members such as Ken!" Thank you, Ken, for all of your hard work and dedication to the Chamber.

2019 Board of Directors Executive Committee Philip J. Scolieri, J.D.– Board Chair Scolieri Law Group, P.C.

Gary Basilone—Foundation Chair Basilone Executive Search & Staffing

Andrew Chiapusio—Chair-Elect First National Bank

Steve Diffenderfer—Treasurer Community Bank

Tracy Armstrong– Vice-Chair North Pittsburgh Greeting Company

Mark Prentice—Secretary Healthy Environments, LLC

Ann Gatty, Ph.D.—Past Chair Strategic People Solutions

Jim Boltz—President Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Board of Directors Elizabeth Blakely Link to Visibility

Jim Logan Pgh Repair LLC

Kim Tosadori Petroleum Technical Services

Bruce Goodman CHROME Federal Credit Union

Alyssa Marsico Alzheimer’s Association

Lisa Heller Heartland Payment Systems

Tiffany Nolan i.e. Insurance

John Tubridy Franchise Network of Pittsburgh

Gregg Hill Dollar Bank

Jan Stevens Coldwell Banker

Kathleen Kuznicki The Lynch Law Group

Cynthia Stirling Strawberry Ridge Golf Course

September 2019

Rakesh Unnithan WesBanco Bank Nicky Voynick Sechler Law Firm, LLC

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Planning for the Next Quarter at Work By: Dr. Ann Gatty

The last quarter of 2019 begins next month. Are you on track to accomplish the goals you set back in January? If you are on track—high five. If you need to reset, let’s get started and regain that focus. There is still time to end the year strong, but it requires you to set priorities and design the implementation process that will make it happen. Each quarter of a calendar year gives you 90 days in which to work. Each quarter of work should build on the previous quarter as you move toward your goals. In other words, this becomes a continuous process. Working in 90-day cycles allows you to focus on a specific purpose that you can complete and use that completed work to build upon during the following 90-day cycle.

Working in 90-day increments keeps you motivated on building your business as you provide service and value to your clients. If your long-term vision is to build a highly profitable business, you’re going to be juggling a lot of pieces as you start. Setting small quarterly goals that can produce significant impact allows you to build on your success and sustain long-term positive-growth. Here are my suggestions to clarify your focus, strengthen your momentum and reach the goals that will continue to propel you into a prosperous 2020. Define the Q4 goals. W hat do you absolu tely need to accom plish by the en d o f 2019? Y o u started the year with ideas about what you expected to accomplish. Now as you enter the last quarter of the year, which opportunities should you pursue to continue moving toward those goals and position you for a strong start in 2020? Make a written list that you can reference and remind yourself to keep you on track.

Start by focusing on each day. One at a tim e. W hat ar e you going to do next? Today —after you finish reading this article? Make today matter. Always prioritize your “to-do” list. Set tasks you control. Think abou t w hat you contr ol. Ver y few things, r ight? Can yo u co ntrol when those referrals come in? Can you control when your client sends those rewritten materials back to you? This step can be made easier simply by thinking about what you can do. How can you make the best of each day? How can you improve your work? I suggest you grab a piece of paper and make a daily list of tasks that you can control. It’s easier to experience that sense of accomplishment when you’re in control of your own destiny. Make modifications when necessary. As you work through each month of Q4, you may find that modifications are necessary to achieve the goals you set. It might make sense to try something new. However, if this new tactic doesn’t go as you had planned, you can modify again to bring you closer to your desired outcome. As you slide into fall, there is still time to achieve the goals and revenue levels that you targeted back in January. You need to stay disciplined with focus and purpose. Depending on the goals you set—keep them realistic, folks-- this should keep your business on a positive growth trajectory with accelerated profits. If you want to be successful in business, remember that time is a valuable resource. Use it wisely to get more out of the work you do.

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

September 2019

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An Innovative Alternative to Employee Layoffs - Pa’s Shared-Work Program Pennsylvania’s Shared-Work program is a great tool that that allows an employer to temporarily reduce the work hours of a group of employees while supplementing their lost wages with partial unemployment benefits rather than laying off any employees. Employees covered by the Shared-Work plan receive a percentage of their unemployment compensation (UC) weekly benefit amount while they work the reduced schedule, if they are otherwise eligible for UC. Shared-Work plans empower employers to retain a trained and qualified workforce during periods of slowdown, and quickly ramp up operations without the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. As of fall 2018, more than 200 shared-work plans have been successfully put into action from employers across the commonwealth. With changing dynamics in the modern-day work place, Pennsylvania’s SharedWork program may help your business in its continued success. “As a small company that sells winter heating oil, the Shared-Work program allows us to share the work between employees during the slower, warmer months. The company benefits because it is simple to sign-up for, we save on wages and training costs, and it helps us keep our well-trained employees year after year. “Our employees benefit by maintaining their jobs, pay, and benefits, and enjoy some additional time off during the summer. We are thankful that this program, which we’ve participated in since 2016, has allowed us to avoid annual employee layoffs.” Who is included in the Shared-Work plan? As the employer, you select which employees will be included in the Shared-Work plan. A plan must apply to one “affected unit” which is defined as a department, shift, or other organizational unit. Employers may have more than one plan if there is more than one affected unit. For example, all employees working the night shift may be one unit. All employees in the affected unit must participate; however, an employee who has been employed in the affected unit for less than three months, or an employee who would work 40 or more hours a week under the plan may not participate. There must be at least two participating employees, determined without regard to corporate officers. How much will the employees’ hours be reduced under the Shared-Work program? Once you have identified the affected unit(s), you must select the percentage by which the employees’ hours are reduced, referred to as the “reduction percentage.” The employer determines the reduction percentage based on business needs, but it must be at least 20 percent and cannot exceed 40 percent of the employees’ normal weekly hours. The reduction percentage must be the same for all employees participating in the Shared-Work plan. For example, if an employee normally works 40 hours per week, and the reduction percentage is 20 percent, then the employee’s hours are reduced by 20 percent and he or she would work 80 percent of 40 hours, or 32 hours per week. If an employee in the same unit works 30 hours per week, then he or she would work 80 percent of 30 hours, or 24 hours per week. How are UC benefits determined under the plan? For each week in the plan, an employee receives a percentage of his or her UC weekly benefit amount (WBA) equal to the reduction percentage. For example, if the employee’s WBA is $400 and the employee’s hours are reduced by 20 percent under the plan, the employee would receive 20 percent of $400 (or $80) in Shared-Work UC benefits. What qualifications are required for participation? As an employer, you are eligible to participate in Pennsylvania’s Shared-Work program if you have filed all UC tax reports and paid all amounts due under PA UC Law, have a positive reserve account balance (for contributory employers) and have paid wages for the last 12 consecutive quarters, according to the department’s Office of UC Tax Services. For more information and to view FAQs, forms and the brochure, please visit w w w sharedw ork .

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

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The Social Media Conference – An opportunity to hear from industry experts in a workshop format with unique programming and a keynote speaker. Innovation Pittsburgh - Our educational speaker series that brings in industry and public leaders to discuss current issues and their effect on the region. Connections Meetings – Quick fifteen minute presentations from fellow chamber experts. Member to member specials (Employees of a member company are eligible for discounts and special offerings) Affinity programs – Chamber partnerships that offer special services and pricing to chamber members. Our current partners are Chamber Choice health insurance network, Kinect Energy, Penn National Insurance, North Pittsburgh Greeting Company, Direct Payment Systems, Legal Shield and Treesdale Golf & Country Club. Member deals – Advertised specials from member companies. Unadvertised specials – Offerings from members to other chamber companies and their employees. Association memberships – Opportunities that are offered to special groups. Your chamber membership is one of the best values for your business. If you would like more information about these or any other topics, just contact us at the Chamber office to discuss. Sincerely,

Jim Boltz President Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

September 2019

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Legal Housekeeping By Philip J. Scolieri, Esquire As the calendar/fiscal year comes to close for a company, many people think that Legislative the important next step for their company is reviewing the financials and preparCommittee ing for tax season. Although financials are important to the well-being and health of your company, that isn’t where a company’s year-end plans should stop. Many Corner individuals tend to completely disregard entity formalities especially when that entity is single-member or owned amongst family and friends. This is problematic, especially when failure to maintain those formalities can result in “piercing the corporate veil” and personal liability for members and shareholders. When we contact clients about their entities’ year-end plans we typically go through a list of tasks that should be completed, at a minimum, annually. Hold an Annual Meeting Towards the end of the year, an entity should schedule an annual meeting. This annual meeting should be a time for all members/shareholders/boards of directors/managers to sit down to review the year and make strategic plans for the following year. Even if an entity is a single member entity, that individual should set aside time to review the prior year’s operations. Without truly setting aside time to review the year, in its entirety, a company can miss out on seeing the big picture and what their company needs to alter and maintain to stay in business for years to come. Yearly meetings may only be a statutory requirement for Pennsylvania corporations, but all entities could benefit from, at a minimum, annual meetings. Corporations have an added requirement of keeping annual minutes. These minutes are essentially notes on what occurred at the annual meeting, who the board of directors are, and any other changes that may have occurred to the corporate structure which was voted on during the meeting. These should be kept and maintained in a corporate book with all stock certificates, resolutions, Bylaws, and any amendments or revisions to the corporation that has taken place over the years. Review Company Records and Filings In Pennsylvania a domestic corporation and limited liability company are not required to file annual reports to update addresses and contact information. This does not mean, however, that this should be overlooked. The address you have listed on the Corporations Bureau website, is the address you will be served at should you ever be sued in a court of law. It will also be deemed to be the mailing address should you need to be notified of something from said Corporations Bureau. It is important to know what that address is, and if necessary, change it when the old address is no longer in use. If you use a registered office service provider, be sure that they have all your appropriate contact information should they ever need to reach you otherwise they may be unable to inform you of any service received. One should also review their company records. If you have added members or removed members was that properly documented somewhere? Do you have executed stock certificates or a transfer agreement? Did you revise your operating agreement to properly reflect the member change? You want to be sure that every step you take within your entity is properly documented somewhere. If you sell a substantial asset of the company you should have a signed resolution showing that all members/shareholders agree to that sale and corresponding sales price. If you add a member or remove a member you will want the consideration paid for that removal and addition properly documented and that members/shareholders agreed to that transfer. The more you document, the less issues you will experience when selling your business, taking out a loan, or winding down your business. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal document, but it should clearly explain what change is taking place and that everyone within the entity was informed and agrees.

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Legal Housekeeping continued ‌... Review Contracts and Agreements Should your entity have any agreements (e.g., leases, service contracts, employment agreements, etc.) you should take the time to go through them and be sure that both sides are upholding their end of the bargain. Taking the time to review them and their terms also allows you to think of costs associated with that agreement and the applicable termination terms so that, if possible, you can take advantage of potentially lower cost options for your entity. You will also know when you need to renew if the contract is especially advantageous for your company. Reviewing these yearly, especially if these are older agreements, is a great way to assist you in planning the future growth and plans for your company.

Prepare Financial Information Compile all financial documentation and records and contact a CPA. A CPA will be able to best advise you as to not only your current financial situation and be sure that you are prepared come tax time, but also assist with planning for years to come. Whether it be taking advantage of certain tax incentives, altering the structure of your entity to have a more favorable tax year, or even just assisting with better record-keeping you should be in close contact with your CPA to be sure that you are making the most out of your company. About the authors: Philip J. Scolieri, Esq. is the owner of Scolieri Law Group, P.C. and Jacqueline H. Brangard, Esq. is an associate attorney at Scolieri Law Group, P.C. Scolieri Law Group is law firm which assists business and private clients with real estate, construction, and corporate law. Scolieri Law Group also concentrates its practice in civil and commercial litigation, real estate, zoning, business and appellate law, as well as estate planning and administration, commercial litigation and the financing of private and commercial projects.

Member Accolades Treasure House Fashions

Congratulations to Sally Power on being nominated for our inaugural year of the District 1 Difference Maker awards in 2018 we are continuing our tradition this year by honoring 14 members of our community as District 1 Difference Makers. She has been nominated and selected as a 2019 District 1 Difference Maker award winner. Th ank you for your service in our community!

Turo Family Chiropractic

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Dan Turo of Turo Family Chiropractic published his first book Designed to Heal: Your Guide to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy! This book discusses the concept that we are all designed to be healthy and have the ability to be proactive in our pursuit of health and healing. After reading this book, Dr. Dan hopes that the reader can use the knowledge, guidance and resources within its pages to begin taking steps towards better health. Designed to Heal is available on Amazon https:// or stop by the Turo Family Chiropractic office to snag a signed copy!

Have an accolade to share? Email Amy with any exciting news your business celebrates! | September 2019

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Social Media Conference Our Chamber held our annual Social Media Conference at La Roche University on Tuesday, August 6! We were happy to hear from a variety of speakers and topics which spanned from Google to Blogging, LinkedIn, Digital Marketing and even Podcasts!

Page 12

Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Ribbon Cuttings The Chamber is very fortunate to celebrate the grand openings of new businesses into our growing region. On behalf of our members and Board of Directors, welcome! The Chamber was excited to celebrate a Ribbon Cutting for Macy’s Backstage Event on Saturday, August 10. Stop by and visit them at 1004 Ross Park Mall Drive, Pittsburgh!

The Chamber was excited to celebrate a Ribbon Cutting with Oil & Vinegar on Monday, August 19. Stop by and visit them at 522 Northpointe Circle, Seven Fields ! The Chamber was excited to celebrate a Ribbon Cutting at The Big Salad on Tuesday, August 20. Stop by and visit them at 20012 Route 19, Suite 100 Cranberry Twp.!

The Chamber was excited to celebrate a Ribbon Cutting for Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates on Friday, August 23. Stop by and visit them at 9401 McKnight Road , Suite 105, Pittsburgh!

The Chamber was excited to celebrate a Ribbon Cutting for Cremation Society of Pennsylvania on Thursday, August 29. Stop by and visit them at 11269 Perry Highway, Suite 222, Wexford!

Chamber Connections Meetings Connections Meetings provide the opportunity to meet the business leaders that make up your Chamber membership in a casual networking meeting, Regularly scheduled in convenient locations within the operational footprint, Connections is the ideal way to engage with potential clients and customers. | September 2019

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Three Tips for Getting an Accurate Business Valuation ADVERTORIAL

If you're conscientious about financial reporting, you may already have a sense of your company's worth, but in some instances, you might need a formal business valuation, such as:   

Certain transactions: Are you selling your business? Planning an IPO? Need financing? Tax purposes: This includes estate planning, stock option distribution, and S Corporation conversions. Litigation: Often needed in cases like bankruptcy, divorce, and damage determinations.

There isn't a single formula for valuing a business, but there are generally accepted measures that will give you a valid assessment of your company's worth. Here are three tips that you can use to give your business a more accurate valuation. 1. Take a close look at how your business operates. Does it incorporate the most tax-efficient structure? Have sales been lagging or are you selling most of your merchandise to only a few customers? If so, then consider jump-starting your sales effort by bringing in an experienced consultant who can help. Do you have several products that are not selling well? Maybe it's time to remove them from your inventory. Redesign your catalog to give it a fresh new look and make a point of discussing any new and exciting product lines with your existing customer base. It might also be time to give your physical properties a spring cleaning. Even minor upgrades such as a new coat of paint will increase your business valuation. 2. Tangible and intangible assets. Keep in mind that business valuation is not just an exercise in numbers where you subtract your liabilities from your assets, it's also based on the value of your intangible assets. It's easy to figure out the numbers for the value of your real estate and fixtures, but what is your intellectual property worth? Do you hold any patents or trademarks? And what about your business relationships or the reputation you've established with existing clients and in the community? Don't forget about key long-term employees whose in-depth knowledge about your business also adds value to its net worth. 3. Choose your appraisal team carefully. Don't try to do it yourself by turning to the Internet or reading a few books. You may eventually need to bring in experts like a business broker and an attorney, but your first step should be to contact us. We have the expertise you need to arrive at a fair valuation of your business. If you need a business valuation for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to call and speak to a tax and accounting professional who can help. For more information and tips please visit Holsinger’s website at:

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Community Connections w ill pr ov ide the la test u pda tes fr o m ou r m u n icipa lity partners.

Cranberry Township National Night Out Event Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Meet your local Fire Responders! Parade begins at 6:30 featuring Cranberry and other local Fire, Police and EMS units. Face painting for kids, food, games and raffles, plus FBI Child ID Kits Gift of Hope Golf Classic Thursday, August 8, 2019 the Seneca Valley Foundation, the non-profit fundraising arm of the Seneca Valley School District, has donated thousands of dollars toward elementary and secondary teacher projects, literacy efforts and STEM activities, just to name a few. Funds from this year’s event will allow us to increase our efforts for the benefit of all Seneca Valley students. Touch-a-Truck Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Yes - it's back! The Library's annual Touch-A-Truck. All ages are welcome - especially boys and girls. This year, the Friends of the Library are bringing their tent and grilling hot dogs ($3 for a hot dog, chips and cold water). Watch the Library Facebook page for details as the date draws near.

Pine Township PEARCE MILL TRAIL CONNECTION In its effort to support and encourage biking and walking between the Pine-Richland school complex and Pine Community Park by providing convenient and safe routes, the Township of Pine has begun work on the Pearce Mill Trail Connection trail and culvert project. The 1,900’ long trail will provide a direct connection for pedestrians and bicyclists from the nearby residential area to Pine Community Park. The culvert crossing will provide a safe connection as there will be no conflicts with motorists on Pearce Mill Road. For additional information click here. | September 2019

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NexTier Bank Nonprofit Spotlight Alzheimer’s Association

This month’s Nonprofit Spotlight we would like to give a special thanks to all our nonprofits who participated in our Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, August 24 this year. We would like to highlight each nonprofits Mission and Vision statements as a thank you. We are happy to support such great nonprofits!

InVision Human Services

Mission: W e ar e a fam ily of or ganizations that pr o vide ser vices and products designed to transform the lives of people who are experiencing life challenges. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld pr ovide the ability to provide additional support to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania

Mission: To em pow er you ng people to ow n their eco no m ic success. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld aid JA in helpin g students realize that the education they are getting today will help them to have a bright future tomorrow.

Lighthouse Foundation

Mission: To encou r age other s to find h ope in Chr ist by m eeting their immediate needs while empowering them towards selfsufficiency. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld be u sed to assist in the mission of the Lighthouse Foundation and provide for the needs of our local community and continue to provide hope.

Living in Liberty

Mission: Assisting w om en tr ansitioning fr om a life o f sex tr afficking. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld be u sed to help w o m en exiting from a life of sex trafficking.

Once Upon a Hero

Mission: W ith the h elp of volu nteer s, a nd the su ppo r t o f do nors and sponsors, we bring together the community to raise money to help a local family need. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld be u sed fo r m edical or personal financial assistance. Please visit to see this year’s deserving family.

Rose E. Schneider YMCA

Mission: To pu t Chr istian pr inciples into pr actice thr o u gh programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Benefit to Receiving Funds: Fu nds w ou ld be u sed to help fam ilies in Butler County to have access to YMCA programs and services at a subsidized cost. | September 2019

Page 17

Tossin’ For Good Cornhole Tournament The Chamber’s Young Professionals Group, HYPE, hosted our second Annual Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, August 24 at Adams Township Community Park to raise money for local nonprofits. The winning team chose to donate the proceeds to Junior Achievement. The second place team donated the proceeds to Living in Liberty. We are happy to support and raise money for such great nonprofits!

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Thank you to our renewing members. We appreciate your support!

20 +Years

Borough of Seven Fields Jay Bullie - State Farm Agent

A Comfort Service A.W. Beattie Career Center Advance Sourcing Concepts, LLC Allegheny City Electric, Inc Ashley Homestore Baierl Family YMCA Beltone Hearing Care Center Best Buy Bravo! McKnight Chestnut Hills Dental- Cranberry Twp Coldwell Banker- Brian T. Gierl Compass Self Storage- Allison Park Cranberry Land Abstract, LLC Cranberry Public Library CS Studio Donnelly-Boland and Associates Early Years Child Care ECCA Payroll+ H2R CPA

Nexus Financial Network Sam's Club United Way of Butler County

HEARTH Holiday Inn Beaver Falls i.e. Insurance IL Pizzaiolo- Warrendale Insperity James Hardie Jay Duquette and Associates (Personal Business Adviser) Jeff Wokutch Auto Body & Service Center Inc. Joyce, Inc. Karen L. Vidt, CPA Laura Bitzer Administrative Virtual Assistant Laurelwood/West's Realty Land and Development Co. Lifeline Therapy Mark Mashuda Excavating Inc. McGrannLAW LLC Media- The Creative Agency

Myers, Patsy & Associates, LLC Paracca Flooring Pawlowicz Dentistry PeopleReady Skilled Trades Pittsburgh Magazine Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy Sain Law, LLC Scott Witalis Photography, LLC SportClips SSB Bank Strutz International Team Merchant Terry's Plumbing, Inc. The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School The Pointe at Adams Ridge Treesdale Golf & Country Club UPMC Urgent Care- McCandless West of Mars

Welcome to those who have joined! Lifeline Therapy

James Hardie

AT&T - Wexford

ECCA Payroll+

RE/MAX Select Realty

Pawlowicz Dentistry

PeopleReady Skilled Trades

Team Merchant

The Exercise Coach- Cranberry Twp.


Joyce, Inc.

Mark Mashuda Excavating Inc.

Thank you for your referrals! Calvin Sales New York Life Curtis Brown Jireh Mobile Mark Prentice Healthy Environments, LLC

Page 18

Nick Mazzoleni Pittsburgh Improv Philip Scolieri Scolieri Law Group P. C.

Tracy Armstrong North Pittsburgh Greeting Company Dr. Ann Gatty Strategic People Solutions

Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber | September 2019

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Thank you to our Valued Corporate Sponsors and Chamber Partners

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